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The Keremeos Chronicle Apr 16, 1909

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 The Keremeos Chronicle
Vol. II.
No. 4
Notary Public.
Agenl for :
London & Lancashire Fire Ins.  Co.
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.
Kkrkmkos,  B. C
Contractor and Builder,
Residence at Old Townsite, or Inquire
at this olliee.
Kstimates  Furnished.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
LO. L. No. 1770
Meets Tuesdav on or before
lhe full  moon  in each Month
in     Keremeos     Toivn     Hall
Visiting memhers cordially invited.
I". L Ci-Mminus, W, M.
I).   Mill kdv.R. S.
Stage Lines.
Fi.ikr Btaok.
Leaves Keremeos daily, exeepl Sunday,
at noon, arrives at lledlev 3 p.m.
Leaves Hedley daily, exeept Sunday,
at 8 a.m., arrives at Keremeos 11 a.m.
Only through connecting stage between
Penticton, Keremeos, Hedley & Princeton.
D. Giluespik, Proprietor.
Kkkkmkos Hkiii.ey Mail Staok.
Leaves Keremeos daily, except Sunday,
at 1 p.m.; connecting with all Mages east
and west, arrives in Hedley at 5 p.m.
Leaves Hedley ilaily, exeepl Sunday, al
H a.m., arrives in Keremeos at II a.m.
D. J. Innis, Proprietor.
Kkrkmkos Pknticton Mail Staiu-:.
Leaves Keremeos for Penticton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at noon.
Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays al f> a. m., arriving in
Kereineos at noon.
W. V.. Wki.hv, Proprietor.
Keremeos Directory.
Board of Trad.— George Kirhv, President; U. 11. t'armiehael. Secretary.
Similkameen Farmers   Exchange—J. J.
Armstrong, Presidenti W. M. fifth, Secy.
Public School Board    George Kirby, R.
Elmhlrat, I). J. Innis Secretary.
Customs' Olliee W. M. Frith, Sub-C'ol-
Preslivlerian I'lmreh Rev. A. II. I '.micron. Pastor.
Constable and Deputy Game  Warden
M.  H. F.wart.
Coroner and   Medical   Health  Ollicet
Dr. M. 1). McKwcn.
Justices of the Peace -T. W. Coleman,
Frank Richter.
Postmaster and Telephone Agent—Geo.
Member of Parliament —Martin Burrell,
C.rand Forks, P. 0,
Member Provincial Assembly—L. W.
Shatford, Penticton P. O.
Town Hall- J. J. Armstrong, Nf*.
Oreal Northern Ry—Daily train, arrives
I0:.W a. in., leaves at 2 p.im, W. O. Stevens,  Agent.
Mails Daily from the west via lledlev
Stage; Irom east via G. N. Ry.; Tri-iveek-
lv via Penticton Stage from the north.
(For Mercantile and other Business institutions see  idiei-tieineiils Iii this paper.)
Easter Ball.
The ball on Easter Monday with
which the new hall at the (.'outre
was opened was in every respect an
entire success, although there was
some disappointment at the non-arrival of a number of people from a
distance who had signified their intention at being present and had
even bespoken rooms for the day.
The spacious hall was profusely
decorated with fla^s, evergreens
and Chinese lanterns, while upon
the Stage were crossed a Union
Jack and Stars and Stripes, a Canadian custom of courtesy that no
amount of flag-intolerance on the
other side of the line seems to affect. The Boor was in perfect condition. The music was furnished
by Prof. Remington, a finished artist on the violin; Mrs. J. Ci. Irving,
pianist, and Frank Bartell, cornet-
ist, who fulfilled   well   the   promise
ofthe management to provide "the
best music to be obtained." In thc
course of the evening an excellent
supper was served at the Central
hotel. The guests numbered about
150—mostly from the town and
vicinity, though there was a fair attendance from Hedley -and a highly enjoyable time was spent by all
till the small hours of thc   morning.
Dooley on Prize-Fighters.
"In th' old days 'twas diff'rent."
said Mr. Dooley. "Thin a prizefighter had to nrurruh fr a livin',
an' a poor livin' it was. Me was
called Jem, ho was pathronized be
a jook an' he wint into th' ring iv a
Choosdah mornin1 an' niver come
out till Satutdah night, lie fought
wilh nawthin' on his hands an' whin
he got through th' on'y way ye cud
tell he had a face at all was he oh*
sarvin' that it was opposite to Ih'
back iv his head. In his declinin'
years he kep' a tavern thai th' jook
give hiiT.
"lu thlffl times there was no hard
feelin' exeipt a  desire   t'   slay   each
other between lighters.   Nowadays,
be hivens, th' chainpcens are sech
inimies that they seldom   meet.     It
takes as long to arrange a fight as
it does lo gel up a European wai.
First there is a challenge, thin a
year's engagement ikippin' th' rope
an' makin' (aces at a lookin' ^lass
in a variety theaytre; thin th' challenge is BCCJpted an' th' ehampeen-
go on th' road fr another engage*
ment; thin a number iv our leadin'
bankers are called in tfl finance th' i
encounter. This takes another
year; arrangements thin have to be
made fr th' cinnymittygraft, an'
finally whin both old gentlemen can
no longer dhraw nujiencei to th'
tlieavtres they meet an' jaw each
other till wan iv thim gets a slap in
th' face, an lies down on his back
fr two seconds an' starts a saloon."
Some of our citizens tire busy
gardening. Others are not doing
much in that line, as they anticipate
being so actively engaged in mining this summer that they will have
no time to spare for gardening.
Then are two or three claim-
owners here who expect to have
their claims visited by prospective
purchasers some time during the
Coming summer. Let us hope they
will not be disappointed.
George Ham returned here on
Monday from the Boundarv, where
he has been working during the
winter. He will commence doing
assessment work on his claims on
Independence Mountain as soon as
the snow permits. This will probably be earlier than usual as the
snowfall at the summit was not
particularly heavy this winter.
Jim Corrie and Jack Elliott arc
outfitting for their trip to Fort
George, Cariboo, and expect to
leave early next month. They will
go the whole distance by wagon
Word has been received from
Jim Black, who left here for Prince
Rupert about a year ago, saying
that he intends coming back in a
few weeks' time. He expects to be
on hand when the Apex starts work.
John Buchail has gone out to his
ranch on Trout Creek, where he intends to spend the next two Of
three months.
Some of that S<>0,000 is being
spent on the wagon road between
Keremeos and Olalla. A row of
shade trees each side of the road
would make a tine boulevard. The
men are making a good job of it.
Between fifteen and twenty Olal-
laians attended the grand Easier
ball at Keiemeos Centre on Mon- j
day nic'ht. All of them are of the
opinion that the event was the top-
notch of anything yet seen in the
Smith Curtis, of Rossland, Liberal candidate for Kootenav in the
recent Dominion election and also
Liberal candidate for the Similkameen riding iu the Provincial election   of   February,   PX)7,   passed
through on the stage for Pcnlicton
on Wednesday.
Mrs. Jas. Critchloy and children,
of lledlev, were thc guests of her
brother. C. V.  Prosser, this week.
Florence Zoo, infant daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Cerald (.'lark, (ireen
Mountain, died of la grippe on
Thursday, April 15, aged 2 months.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Edmunds of
lleillev paid a visit yesterday to the
letter's uncle, P. Bromley. Mr.
Edmunds expected to receive a carload of cattle from Alberta, but it
failed lo arrive.
Keremeos gained a new household at the expense of Kelowna on
Wednesday when Malcolm C. McAuley, one of our popular citizens,
was united in marriage to Lillian
Maud Bower, only daughter of Mr.
D. I). Bower, at the latter's residence in Kelowna. The ceremony
was performed at 10 a. m. by Rev.
Mr. Wright, Methodist minister.
In the afternoon the happy couple
left on the steamer Okanagan for
Penticton, and yesterday morning
drove over from the latter place.
Last evening a number of their
friends gathered at Mr. Keeler's
and enjoyed a wedding supper.
Mr. and Mrs. McAuley were the
recipients of many presents and
congratulations from a wide circle
of friends in the Okanagan and the
Similkameen. They will take up
their residence in the Keremeos
Land Co. building on Seventh Ave.
The Mexican Route.
The shipment of wheat in quantities to the Pacific seaboard brings
into prominence a trade route hitherto little known to Canada—that
across the Tehuantepec isthmus in
Mexico. At present the grain is
nearly all shipped in sailing vessels
by the enormously long Cape Horn
route, which takes nearly half a
year, but even at that is cheaper
than the long rail and water hail
across Canada and the Atlantic.
The Tehuantepec route will, it is
said by the owners, soon be in a
position to offer better rates even
than the Cape route. Also, it is
shorter by many hundreds of miles
than even the Panama canal route.
When the canal is opened there
will be three competitive routes,
which ought, with the competitive
railway lines soon to be in operation across B.C., draw westward a
large proportion ol the prairie output that now Mows eastward.
The work of turning the water
into the irrigation canal is proceeding satisfactorily. It is of course
let in gradually lor a lirst trial, in
order to pie the piping time to
tighten and to test the ditch bottom
at every point. By yesterday morn
ing the water was in the last stretch
o( big piping, which extends to the
edge of the Keremeos bench, and it
is expected that to-day it will enter
the last stretch oi open ditch
in the canal. The fine earth, once
it is soaked, holds in the water remarkably well, though, as was to
have been expected, an occasional
soft spot sinks a little anil has to he
tilled. Provincial and General.
Summerland board of trade asks
the town council for $500 for publicity purposes.
F. Marion Crawford, the novelist,
died on the 9th Inst. Algernon
Charles Swinburne, the poet, died
on Saturday.
Alfred SwensOO, a San Francisco
merchant, was shot down in his
own office early Saturday morning
by a policeman who mistook hitn
for a burglar.
The C.P.R. are putting on a
daily boat service on Okanagan
Lake commencing May 1st, and
will during the summer consider
the advisability oi continuing the
daily service during the winter
Tacoma is to have three women
policemen. One of them vvill meet
all boats, another Milwaukee railroad trains, and the other interur-
ba.i trains, and look out for the interests of unattended girls entering
the city during the A.-Y.-P. exposition.
J. Stanley, editor of the Fernie
Ledger, has been indicted for contempt of court.    Speaking of a case
Vigilant Cunningham.
Tweniy thousand fruit trees were
brought to Vancouver in one load
by J. Niblock of Notch Hill, who
telegraphed Mr. Thomas Cunningham, provincial fruit inspector, asking him to be prepared to inspect
them. Every fruit tree that comes
into the province must first pass
through the fumigation process in
Vancouver, where each tree is given a separate and careful inspection
before the owner is allowed to take
it away for planting. It was necessary on Saturday last to destroy
about 5000 infected trees, and about
652 on Tuesday.
Mr. Cunningham says that greater quantities ot nursery stock are
coming in this spring than ever before. Trees are closely watched
for what is known as European
scale, which is similar to the San
Jose scale. The gipsy moth and
the brown-tailed moth are also
close'y watched for. The gipsy
moth is the most dangerous of all,
as it not only attack?; fruit trees,
but trees of almost any species.
According to a late report of the
inspection department of New
Hampshire, this gipsy moth strips
trees as bare as in winter. The
fumigation process and   careful   in-
1 Shatford Estate
We have lately acquired that level tract of
land lying west of and adjoining KKRKMKOS,
and under the Armstrong Ditch, and comprising
and known as the
tried   bv   |udge   Wilson,   he   said :   spection to which Mr.   Cunningham
"If VOU belong   to   secret   societies   subjects all trees has thus   far   SUC*
and are of the right shade   of  poli-
cessfully fought against the   spread
ofthe  moths.    Mr.   Cunningham's
tics you can commit any crime with excellent work is recognized abroad,
the certain knowledge that yon  vvill and the New Hampshire agricultur-
he acquitted." a' college recently wrote him a high
compliment for his work in keeping
The City of Vernon's application ,|,js proviIK.0 ra free from this men*
to be allowed to   expropriate   water ace.    -Province.
from Long Lake has   been   granted ——————^—————————
J£ This excellent tract of Fruit  Land,  which is
J{J    admitted  to   he  the  cream   of the   Similkameen
X    Valley, is now subdivided, and we are offering it
for sale in from
by the Executive, though not to the
extent asked for. The city wanted
100 i iches, and was granted 50.
The right to the water in question
has been held b\ Price Ellison, M.
P.P., and associates, for many
A Review representative was told
a yarn yesterday which is hard to
swallow, and yet the narrator has a
reputation for veracity. The story
goes that new settlers in the district
p anted a lot of trees last year and
planted s large proportion oi them
upside down. Thi* spring they
carefully pruned the roots and are
al a loss to know why the trees are
not thriving.     Summerland Review.
After locking Bll Brown, the porter, in an icebox in the basement,
where he was held for two hours a
prisoner, two armed aud masked
burglars robbed the cash register
in the Tavern saloon, Spokane, of
$17(> at an early hour in the morning. The burglars entered the
room and surprised and overpowered Hi own, who was cleaning up the
saloon. At the point of a revolver
they drove him to the basement and
locked him in the big refrigerator
which was filled with ice. Had he
not been discovered it is believed he
would have succumbed to the cold
within a short time. He kept himself warm by burning matches and
cigarette papers, but the smoke
from these nearly smothered him.
Keeler's Restaurant g One tO Ten Acre Plots
Vou can get
Meal  Tickets & Bread Tickets.
Twenty-one Meals for Six  Dollars.
Hereafter our loaves will Ih-   of regular
uniform weight which art will sell as follows
One for ten cents.
Three for twenlv-tive cents.
Fourteen for one ileil.n.
I'ies,    Cakes,    Doughnuts   or    Hiscuits
made when onleieil.
*._. G. KEELER.
All  kinds ol Sheet   Metal   Work  in
Tin, topper, Sheet Iron, etc.
Plumbing.    I'ipe fitting and cutting.
Pumps repaired.
Don't Throw Away
Your old granitcw are.     Have it  re-1
paired.   Vol Peek Granite Cement vvill fix the holes and   make :
il as good as new.
H. B. Meausette,
|Over Keremeos Hardware Store.]
Thii   unquestionably   is   tlie   best   fruit-land
proposition offered in the district,  on account of
its location .md the quality ofthe soil, free as it is    X
from rock and timber. X
Come and make your selection while there is W
yet a choice, as it will be all sold inside the next 9g
o. a. Mcdonald, keremeos, b.c.
P. D. & D. N.  McTAVISH, Room 9, Clarence block, CALGARY
_^KXKXXXXXXXHK>0€KKXXKXKX Provincial and General.
Joseph Garner of Phoenix was
sent up for two years for stealing a
watch from a pal.
Mav wheat soared in Chicago to
11.25 last week. James A. Patten, who bought at $1.04 is said to
have cleared nearly $2,000,000.
Fred Clyde, the well known prospector, who has been at the franklin camp for some time, has gone
to Northern B.C. to try his luck in
the new country.
(i. A. Harris, of the Vernon
Okanagan, has been appointed
Trade Commissioner at Yokohama,
Japan, to succeed VV. T. R. Preston who gott to Holland.
A sale of 25,000 tons of oats vvas
put through by Calgary elevator
men, for shipment at once to the
state of Washington. Weekly
shipments of Alberta grain lo the
western seaport towns are now an
established fact.
Dog Lake is the name of the
newest townsite in Okanagan, ami
James Ritchie is the promoter.
Some 2,000 acres will be put under
irrigation at this point which is
seven miles south of Penlictun on
the Okanagan river.
The Kootenav is in the throes of
a great evangelistic revival. Simultaneous meetings are being held
at Nelson, Kaslo, and in the Crow's
Nest cities. The campaign includes
the Baptist, Anglican, Methodist
and Presbyterian churches.
Fred Galipeau,  an employee of
the (iranby smelter, met with a
serious accident last week by being
Caught between one of the electric
charge cars and an ore chute. One
of his legs vvas broken, and the
knee vvas also badly crushed.
A hurricane in Ontario last week
caused damage exceeding half a
million dollars, while two lives
were lost. Wm. Tunks, fanner,
near London, was killed by a falling
tree. Many buildings were wrecked in the vicinity of Chatham, I il-
bnry and Dunnvillc.
While walking through brush
near the loot of l-ong Lake, Isaac
Johnston, a logger, was bitten by a
three-foot rattlesnake, but was
saved from fatal results by his
heavy mackinaw trousers. Johnston says that since he has been log*
ging on that section of thc lake he
has killed hundreds of rattlers irom
little creatines out of the egg to
monsters three and lour feet long
and as thick as a man's wrist.
The  baseball   magnates   of   New
Westminster have followed the example set by the lacrosse men, and
have decided to issue free ti.kels to
all lads under the age of 14, so that
they vvill not have to climb the
leu. e ihis year, as many of lhem
have been in the habit of doing during' past seasons. The resolution
passed vvas to the ellect that all
tans with short trousers would be
given complimentary season tickets.
That Canada is carefully "hand*
picking" her new population is proven by the statistics of the Immigration department for the fiscal year
just closed. The deportations for
the year exceeded 1,700, as against
855 in the preceding twelvemonths.
The number of immigrants rejected
at ports of entry exceeded 5,000
compared with 1,272 in the previous
year. Another interesting fact is
that while in the previous fiscal year
7,452 Japanese entered Canada,
last year by virtue of agreement between Lemieux and the Tokio government less than 500  Japs   landed
in Canada.
When the Agassi/ train vvas pulling into Vancouver on a recent
morning about I I o'clock a bullet
was fired through the windows of
llie rear coach by one of a number
of supposedly drunken Japanese
who were on the Powell street rail,
loafing along the   track   side.     The
bullet  fortunately  injured  none of
the passengers but tore its way
through the woodwork ou the opposite side of the car and if any
person had been sitting close lo the
window through which it passed he
would assuredly have met instant
death. The Japanese consul vvill
be requested to use his influence to
stop further acts of this kind.
That the several varieties of tooth-
s >me plums now known to fruit
losers are destined to be relegated
to the list of forgotten delicacies, is
the belief ot Luther Hurbank, the
plant wizard. "I an' now experimenting with 517 distinct varieties
of plums," •ays Huib.uik, "any one
of which, I believe, is superior to
any plums now known to the worlil.
For the past lew months I have
been working and experimenting
with this Inni and in taking an inventory of the results I have found
that I have on my ranch at least
517 plums of which the layman has
Many Handsome Dinner
Sets Given Away
Did You Get Yours?
A±3*gP' Kvery user of Royal Standard Flout
receives a coupon in each 4Mb. sack which entitles the holder
to a chance to win a beautiful china dinner set. Ten are given
away free each month to the users of this famous bread flour.
Duplicates of the coupons placed in the flour sacks are placed
in a sealed receptacle and ten are drawn each month. The
winning numbers vvill be announced in this space. Compare
your coupons each month with the lucky numbers as announced, and If you find you hold one of the duplicates, send it to us,
aud we will at once forward you a beautiful I0() piece china
dinner set free of all charges.
Vancouver Milling* & Grain Co. Ltd.
Keremeos Commercial Co., Agents.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
Hurbank   has   re-
i    live-leaf   clover.
never   heard."
cently   evolved
and stales lhat anothei   leaf will  be
forthcoming in the near future.
The Chronicle
to a friend
It may help
Keremeos, B.C.
Subscribers to the
Chronicle in good
standing may
for a limited time
secure an extra
subscription to be
sent to the east
at half price.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract ratei to camps.
Orden tor Cured  Meats,  Fish und Poultry promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
GEO. CAWSTON. Local and General.
John Knud-on has just received a
carload of cedar posts, which are on
sale at 20 cts. each.
The annual meeting' of the Parish
of St. John's was held in the Keremeos Land Co's office on   Saturday
afternoon. Last year's officers
were re-elected for the ensuing year,
namely, Messrs Coleman and Frith
wardens, and Messrs Elmhirst  and
Carmichael, vestrymen.
Mrs. 1'!. I.owe received on Saturdav a consignment of plants in payment of a prize won at the Spokane
apple show. The prize vvas to have
been $50 worth of rhubarb roots,
but as this was not a desirable kind
of plant in such quantities there
was sent instead a quantity of rasp-
berrv bushes and other plants to
the amount oi the premium.
An altercation between V. J. Rose
ofthe Hotel lledlev and Constable
Sproule last week led lo a fight and
afterwards to a police court trial of i
the former. The difficulty arose
from the constable having warned a I
man to leave town whom he considered an undesirable citizen—an
action that Rose resented so far as
to confer a black eve on the officer.
The magistrate imposed a tine ot
$100 on the hoteJ man.
A. K. Waits, J. P. of Wattsburg,
spent a whole day taking evidence
in camera charging a great, strapping young man with attempting to
entice a very young girl. The culprit confessed when confronted with
the evidence. Mr. Watts gave him
the choice of the lash or prison—he
chose the lash. At Wattsburg is a
great flag staff. The culprit was
not tied but commanded to take off
his coat and vest and place his
bands on the post, while Mr. Watts
per-onally applied the lash, the
stripes calling forth yells for mercy.
The fact that there are so many
Chinese now coming on the inbound
steamers is creating the impression
anion!; those who do not know that
there is a great influx of Orientals
into this province. As a matter of
fact the $500 tax is quite prohibitive as far as coolies are concerned.
Most of those arriving are people
who went home to celebrate the
Chinese New Year. Usually the
one or two new immigrants are
boys or girls who are the children
of merchants now living here, and
who have been living with their
mothers in China. Now and then
a Chinese merchant decides to come
here, but this is an uncommon
thing. The Oriental immigration
is a thing of the past as long as the
present regulations are in  force.
When In
stop at the
Central Hotel
Special attention to
Commercial Men,
ami Land-seekers.
Headquarter! for ill
Stag*s Rentes.
Livery Stahlc
in connection.
Oood table.
Large, any aad
comfortable room ■ .
l'ree  hus to anil from
all trains.
Tweddle & Elmhirst,  - - Proprietors.
Notaiy Public.
OlUCK    ...    -      KllKKMKOS, H.l'.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Mr. and Mrs. Cieorge VV. Cooper
have returned to their home in
Winnipeg after B short stay in Keremeos, during which thev purchased a ten-acre plot  in  tbe  Shatford
subdivision. It is their intention
after winding up their affairs in the
prairie province to take up their
residence  here.     II.    I'.    llih-on   oi   [^      S^QMLEY,
Alameda, Sask., another of the
party of land seekers who recently
came in vvith G. S. Lawrence, has
bought a tract ol about seventy
a res Irom the li.C. l-'ruit Land Co.,
and intends to make bis home at
Keremeos atler this summer. At
the rate at which our fruit lands are
being taken up by actual settlers
since the completion ot the irrigation works, this part of the vallev
will soon be fully peopled.
The annual meeting of the shareholders and directors of the Keiemeos cemetery, held on Saturday,
was well attended. The directors
elected for the ensuing year were :
P. Richter, chairman; C. A. StOCSS,
secretary-treasurer; l\. Elmhirst, J.
A. Brown. NN'. J- Manery retired
from the board. It was decided to
put a fence around the lot at once,
at a cost of tboul $0f). Woven
vviie will be used, to be supplied hy
]•'.. M. Crooker, and Jas. Mruce has
volunteered to put up the fence
when the materials are on hand.
Further subscriptions are required
to meet the cost of the Knee. Subscribers are entitled to lots in proportion tO the ainouiil of their subscription, and may make their
choice either now or ;rt their future
convenience. A plan of the ceine-
I. iv may be -ecu   at   the   Chronicle
Our   entire   stock.      Call   and   buy
while the BARGAINS are on.
Place your spring   orders   now   for
Get your harness repaired or else
throw it away and gat a new
set from the
(Corner opposite B.C. I.ivory Stable.)
Keremeos, B.C.
The Bia: Store.
Alfalfa, Timothy, Clover and Lawn
Grass. RENNIE'S SEEDS, in package and bulk, guaranteed fresh and
Our summer stock of Ladies', Gents'
and Children's boots and shoes contains a wide range for selection.
Our    leader,     THE     CANADIAN
Great variety of Prints, Ginghams
and light summer wear. Full and
complete stock of Notions.
A carload of choice, fresh Groceries
just placed on the shelves
"Royal Standard" Flour.    Rolled
Oats.    Bran.    Shorts.    Feed Wheat.
A pleasure to show our goods.
Keremeos Commercial Go Tfn Keremeos Chronicle.
l\iMish,-.l every l-'ritlai at tin- otli.e.
K.Tfin.sis, It.C.
Siil,s,ripti.>n $.'.1*1 a fOttt, SI.00 lor six month.,
in  a.lv.-nuv.
AdtottUbtg Rati'.. VttftS ttaWott, t.V pt'r line
lirst ins.Tti.ui. I(V pjer lint' r.u-ll Mifttequant insciiion,
I. unl u.'tuvs Certificate! of iin|m'Vrin,-nt,.'t,\, $H.OO
fnr nOnl.-iv notiees. $5.0(1 for .VCI.iv nettoot. Cnntr.iet
itispla. tdywrtdtmg. We. per in.-h per utvk. Tr.-.n-
sifiil .i.hci tiMi-.i, nts, Mkh as l.osl. Pound,  W.ml.tl,
■tr . nnt miniHiii min Imti. S1.Q0 lirst liimtlmi. or
thnv insertions tor $..'.1X1. Loral ri'.-ulinir notiees.
Wtt 1ST line lirst insertion. t.V. eaeh subsequent insertion.
J. A. HROWN, I'liMislu-r.
does not sound like the voice ol the
C.P.R., the road that is accustomed
to lead. It must be that it tails to
realize the importance of the subject. If so our Fruit Associations
should do some pointed talking in
the right quarter.
KRIPAY, APRIL 16,  1"0<).
Refrigeration in Transit.
Castro, the little tyrant of Venezuela,   is   now    providing    food    for
mirth to the nations which   he   was
wont to defy from his secure shelter
I behind pestilential swamps and  the
i Monroe doctrine.     True,   he   is   as
waspish as ever, and must be handled with gloves, but so  long   as   be
is kept out of his nest   he   is   harm*
| less.     Forbidden his own  land  and
turned back even from Hritish   soil,
The fame of the C.P.R. for enterprise is well-earned and worldwide. Not only has it ventured into   vast    unpeopled    areas,   but    in
peopling   them   it   has   done   much
, , .he has now been expelled   Iroui  I he
more than perform its primary duty j ,    r
, ,. . ,.',•! rrench colony ot I ort de   France
as   a   pubic   carrier.      In   inducing
settlement,   in   building    steamship
carried bodily by   policemen   like   a
lines, hotels and elevators, in advertising on a great scale,- in actually
Creating the trade which it is its
business to handle it has perform
ed services to the country at large
that atone for many oi its sins. One
of its recent moves is to list the
towns or townsites on its routes
where there are opportunities for
the establishment of new enterprises, giving in each instance the
particular industry that is adapted
to or needed at that particular
point,- thus collecting and disseminating data hitherto to be obtained
refractory child. The amusing part
of his antics is his intense indignation at the gentle coercion oi the
powers whom he has insulted and
defied. In his own land, in the
days ot his might, he vvas accustomed not only to order whom lie
chose to "get off the earth", bul lo
help them off by the shortest route;
and gieat is his wrath at not being
allowed to resume his malign sceptre.
epemeos Hardware
Spray all your fruit
trees with the famous Myers Spray
We have them in
different sizes for
the large and small
trees at the lowest
Turpentine and Gasoline always on band.
Strayed   to the premises   of  the   uiuler-
signeil about  lour  years  ago   one  brown
aiare, branded with diamond 5 on left hip.
onlv by much personal   hunting   by   If net claimed within thirty dayi will be
. ■   . .    , sohl for expenses.
tne persons interested.
Iii view of the   company's   record
in other matters, it is disappointing	
to Ind it so slow   and   apathetic   in STRAWBERRY PLANTS.
performing   its   share    toward    the      |.lMisvii    Strawberry Plants.    Prolific
development  of   the   fruit   trade -a   variety, excellent flavor: 50 cents per 100.
trade that is destined lo   be   one   oi,
the most profitable kind to the  railways  when   the   carrying   of  grain
to the Pacific ports and   the   return
H. A. Rirci io.
Kereineos Centre.
R.  \V.   XORIUKV,
Olalla, aC.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY  MARKS     -      -      PROPRIETOR.
Pasture To Let.
\   I   p.isiure   lot   horses,   on   the   Alex
r     •    . .•             e i-                        r   ■   .             .    i 'VI    pasuue   ie
freighting of fruits are fairly   est;,..- ,,,„,, ,,„',,,,, .,,,,,,,.
lished.     In the face   of   our   protective duly, lhe Pacific states   are  es-	
lablishing a strong hold on the fruit Notice.
trade of the   prairies.      The   longer Notice la herehy given that, thirty days
the delay in making a thorough  or- after date, I intend to apply  to  the Sup-
." erintetiileni   of  Provincial   Police,   V.   s.
ganization of the   home   trade,   lhe Hewey, of Victoria, fer renewal of a retail
more difficult ewill be the task oi re- -*WOt license for ihe Alkasar Hotel, beat*
eii at Keremeos Station, H. C
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
gaining control of a market that  is
essential to the permanent prosperity of thc growers oi B.C. The
same methods are required that
have brought to their present profitable   basis   and   greal   volume   the
Pi ki v Masks.
Kereineos Station, B.C, April Is. I'm'
Notice is herein   iriven that, thiriy dayi
afterdate, I intend lo apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, I-'. S. lius-
butter trade of Denmark, the poul- ^y, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail
try trade oi Fnnice and the cheese Bauer license for the Hotel Kereineos. located ..t Kei.ineos Station, H.l .
trade ol Ontario. hven greater ,;,,„,„,, Ku<nv.
cue i, required for fruit than lor Kereineos Station, H.l.'., April I.i, 1909,
these, as well as  a   more   elaborate   	
for Teams
Prompt attention to all customers.
I.aiul-seekers and Tourists invited to give ns a trial.
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
d. j. mms,
Organisation and a higher executive
ability; factors that, if  present,   en-
llussev, of Victoria, fer renewal of ■. re*
tail liquor license lor lhe Ventral Hotel.
located al Ketvwneos Centre, B.C.
TWBDDDB & Klmhirst.
Keiemeos Centre, H.l.'., April   15,   1909,
Notice is herehy given thai, thirty ilavs
•   l    - -.1      u...    .1..:..    ..I-.     after date, we intend to appli  to the   Sup-
stire a  rich   reward,   but   their   BO* .   '       ,.  ., ' > .-, ,.        ..    K
ennteiulenl    ol   Provincial   Police,   1-.   S.
■ence means failure.
Vice-President Whyte, speaking
of the steps to be taken for the re-
frigeration before and during transportation of   fruits   and   other   cold
storage commodities,  savs:    "We
are not doing very much along that
line ourselves, lhe Southern Pacific-
is making extensive tests and ex-
perimentS, and will furnish us   with
ihe  results."     Such   a   statement
Builders and Contractors
Noliee is herehy given that, Ihini   days
after date, I Intend to anphr to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, I". S. Ilussev, of Victoria, fora retail liquor license
for the Olalla hotel, located at Olalla, IU'.
Anhkivv Mov Is.
Olalla, Ha'., April li, 1909,
l.ime, Cement, Ceewnl mocks ..mi Brick for sale.
Plastering   Masonry   Painting   Paper-Hanging
Estimates given for .ill anil every kind of lenient Work
ami Building generally.
Write us for prices. Distance no ohjecl.
Mrs. \Y. II. Cameron arrived ill
Kereineos yesterday from Calgary
tO join her husband. A carload of
their effects is on the way and expected to arrive soon.
Hermann Ulrich of Calgary, who
some time ago purchased SO acres
on the north side ot the river, at-
rived yesterday with a carload of
effects and is taking up his resilience here.
T. S. Drennan, of Alameda,
Sask., is looking over llie lands
hereabout this week, and will prob-
ablv become a purchaser and settler. If he does he will be the
third Citizen hailing from   Alameda.
A meeting wi 1 be held next Monday evening, April 19, at 8 o'clock,
in the Town Hall, to consider details of a celebration on the 24th of
May. This is a matter in which
every citizen should take an active
interest, and it is hoped that there
will be a lull attendance.
G. S. Lawrence and 1'. P. and
Donald McTnvish of Calgary, members of the B. C. Fruit Land Co.,
arrived here yesterday via Penticton, accompanied by nine land-seekers from the prairie provinces, who
will view the lands of llie Similkameen with a view to making purchases.
|. S. Chinn of Col ville,   who  has
lately been stationed at Spokane,
arrived here this week to act as rebel hit: agent at the G.N.R. station.
After the company's auditor, who is
now here, completes his duties,
Mr.    and    Mrs.    Stevens   expect    to
leave to-morrow for a trip to Ho -
ton,  Mass.
In an item in last week's Chronicle regarding piping for the irrigation canal, we referred lo "Mr.
Bogart, of the firm of manufacturers," being under tbe impression
thai Mr, Bogart'a brother was as*
sociated with him in the business.
We are asked to slate in correction
that Mr. I'.. L. Bogart is Ihe firm,
not "ot the linn."
A customer in a local store
bought a purse the other day and
Was surprised on opening it to find
a dollar tucked neatly into one of
the compartments. How the dol-
l.ii got there Could not be accounted lor, unless some zealous sales-
iiian bad put it in on the theory that
it would give the purse a realistic ,
appearance      and     make     it     RlOfe
Harry Williams, who has at late
been in the employ ofthe Daly Reduction Co. at    Hedley,   is   making
extensive Improvements this upting
on his pre-emption   up  the  vallev,
near Coldwater creek, including
substantial fences for about 150
acres and tluming to bring water
for irrigation from Old Tom Creek.
Some thirty or forty acres vvill be
put under cultivation this year.
Mr. Williams also intends to put up
substantial buildings later on.
The date set for spring assizes at
Greenwood is May 25.
Well attended Easter services
were held in the church on Sunday
by the Anglican and Methodist congregations. On account ol a misunderstanding both had announced
services for 11 a. in., but later the
hour for the Anglican service was
changed to 9 a. nt. and as many as
possible of the members notified.
An evening service was also held
by Archdeacon Beer. All the services were well attended, and the
special music prepared for the occasion was excellent.
The next ten-cent tea under the
auspices of thc Ladies' Guild vvill
be held at the residence of Mrs. R.
Elmhirst on Wednesday afternoon,
April 28th, from three lo Iii e
On a charge of obtaining money
under false pretenses, IL M. Stevens vvas arrested al Okanagan falls
on Saturdav by Constable Kwart
and brought to Kereineos. Recently Stevens was a guest at the Hotel
Keremeos, and the charge against
him is that in paying his hotel bill
he presented a cheque for more than
the amount ofthe hill, received tbe
change in cash, and left; and that
on Mr. Kirby presenting the cheque
for payment there were no funds to
meet il. The accused, brought before Magistrates Coleman and Richter On Monday morning, asked for
a postponement till Saturday, which
vvas granted, in order that he might
engage counsel.
Teacher of Pianoforte and Accompanist
(certificated Royal College of Music, London) open to engagement for acconpan-
intent*!    Term on apptic&tiofi-
Eastern Townships Bank.
Head Omcs,
Capital and Reserve,
Shikmooki, Quote.
Transacts a general banking- business, and oilers everv   facility   to   meet
the requirements of depositors consistent with
conservative banking  principles.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits  of $1.00 and   upwards  received,   subject   to  no  delay   in   withdrawal  of all  or  any  portion.
Keremeos Branch. R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting Manager.
Your   Patronage  Solicited.     Sat*
isfaction Guaranteed,
Cumming's Old Stand.
(Kereiiiens Centre.)
VOU RI M-:xt   AT   till-:
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A. J.  SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
w. j. Mammy.
Subscribe for the Chronicle.
Walk-ffiver Shoes
BADE WIS ffil!':
It's a matter of business
to look as well as possible.
It's a matter oi business
to be as comfortable as you
It's a matter oi business
to get full value for your
Therefore it's a matter of
business to  wear WALKOVER shoes.
Aiul it's a matter of pleasure as well.
WALK-OVER shoes are
made for every ilay oi the
week, anil for every week.
Frank Richter & Co.
Druggists ancfl Stationers
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Freighting, Praying, ami General Livery Business.     Grain and Hav.
The Most Favored Valley of the Similkameen and    jj
of British Columbia.
length o/~Ditch: SMi/es	
IrrigiO/e t/2rea 2000 acres _
Plan showing the line of irrigation installed by the  Keremeos  Land  Company,  Similkameen  Valley, B. C.
The Keremeos Land Co., in announcing the completion of their irrigation system that will cover their
entire properties with an unlimited supply of the purest of water yet brought to the home of an irrigated
country, feel that the properties offered by them are
such as will command the attention of all homeseekers.
Situated as Keremeos is on the main line of the
Great Northern Railroad now being extended to Vancouver places her on the direct highway to the far
East and West.
Having a climate that is distinctly her own, it
stands today   unexcelled   for   its   sunny   climate   both
winter and summer and has proved itself as being particularly adapted to the raising of apples, peaches,
pears, plums and cherries, grapes and melons, while
vegetables exceed all conditions usually obtained both
in quantity and size.
In competition at Spokane the only exhibit sent
took first prize, while at the Provincial Fair at New
Westminster out of 100 pounds of assorted fruits Keremeos captured some 23 prizes.
The upper portion of the valley, including Hedley
and Princeton, both rich in their mining industries,
offers the local market means of disposing of all produce.
The  properties  are   being  offered   in   1,  3,  5 and   10  acre   Blocks  with   a   wel
now doing an active business.
Our terms are liberal.    One-third cash.    Balance in 3 payments at 7 per cent.
Acreage properties are from $200 to $300 an acre.    Town lots from $100 to $300.
laid   out townsite
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
lake notice thai I have received objection, in writing to the undermentioned
persons' names being retained on the list
of voter, for the Similkameen Electoral
Nmm »t"
Bailey Frank
Bailey Walter H
Hall Charles Mu
Browne Thomas 1*
Holer Henry
Bouley Henry Onesime
Bragg Peter Frank
Broadfoot Arthur
Brook. Stephen
Brown Charles A
Broadfoot William J
Hrun John Hren.lt
Burk.tead Christopher
Caldwell John
Cameron Frederick W
Cayonette Joseph
Cameron Duncan A
Carmichael John
Christjobnson Peter A
i 'a'..- l>eorge B
Cobb Ambrose P
Connolly James
Culling Thomas J 1"
Crane George A
Dawson Arthur J
Daimpre Isidore D D
Dalrvniple Semoiir
Dav iilsen Jamas
Oioie Jesepli
Diinsmore Edward J
Downey Denis
Da rr.i. 11 Hu^li
Eastwood Ernest E
Edwards Francis I'
Edward. I loses S
Eunaon Robert
Ewing Henry James
EUerington William J
EUerington Robert
Findlay Matih. iv
Flanders I'la
l'reeliette Francis V
Finn James Kilvv;iril
I'ortii r Jam. s A
Fowlie John
l-'ovvlie William
Garbutl William J
GaOagker Patrick
GiUis Allan
Gibson Hugh MeM
Gibbon John Elmslle
l.illis John
Glendinning Fred
Gladden Frederick W
Gre n Harry Arnoil
Mills George
Hill William Chas
1 lislop James
lli..it Percj George
I lenderson Geoi ge
Henderson Thomas
Jacobs James V.
Jameson Janes
James John Thomas
Jeffrey John K
Johnson I larrv
I ...st   Kliai, 11
Reck Creek Mt
Nlckel Plata
Tulameen Otty
Camp McKinney
Rock Creek
Camp McKinney
i.unp McKinney
Nickel Plate
Camp McKinney
Rock Mm
Ken mi-os
Nickel Plate
Nickel Plate
Nickel Plate
Saw Mill l reek
Ko.k Creek
Camp MeKinnev
Pi imeion
S Mile Creek
Sidle) Min
Kennedy Benjamin Stone Princeton
Keen loseph
Kelsey Daniel s
Kelsey Charlei Ira
Kennedy William T
Kelly lames
Kelly Sylvester P
Lacey William
l.eonh.uilt Christian 11
Leak Allan P« i ^iisen
I.von l-'r.-il. i ick
VI.,   mOaorge Lear
M.,!...„ ,   M.,ii   i ■
.i.urn iv,m ..-I ll
.1,   -  ... I-i   n .
M t.li. II   |.,ln, I-
M   .lan   1,1 ,-l  S
VI,.nr..am i. M. i ...i  \
M ■  pllj l    Pain.
M    Vims  lalin
M iia.i.'vv ii i:
M.-l lan.lid Jalm
M  II il.! latin II
M.llan.ild Al   v
M. 11, .ii il.l  Villus
Mi K.i.i.  Willi.nn II
M.lnlli. Iln,,,.,,   V
M Intyn  I.nn,- V
M.-K.o  \oe\raa
Ml K. n/i,   l>. ar_i-
McUod |i..,,.d,l
M.Ka. John
M.Kmnan  .\n_ns
Mi Leod Vniai-
Ml LcoJ |. lin llai.,,1 I
.M.-.Mi.l..i*..| Charln N
Mi Phadi ii VI, undei
McQuade ii.i.
M,ll, th  lain,
McDonald Oaa W
McNeill Williaoi
\„..1.1,.Im \
Nn,iinl.l   Willi;.Ill
O-Hani Wafer
Onlliill   hums
Paul  Tliain.is
1   ilnur las. pll
i'liil, is fahn
i I ..ink S.iiiiinl
l',„,   l.iiins
1' a, s Qeorire
I'.ir.U Wm VV
1,1,,,-nn.a ill.- Wilfrid
Reid Peter
KallinK William
I.OI   Or'll  Tp.   Ul
lamp MeKinnev
Granite Creek
Fain lee
Kilpoola Lake
Camp McKinney
, tan
ram lea
Kali. k*a
II.,,I. ,
I ,ni, i,.,
I   imp VI, Kinn.-.
I Lu. aa.
I  ail \ i, *
i amp vi. Kinn, \
l amp Mi Kinni .
11, .11. v
Rock (
Ok.an,nan la,Its
II, .11..
I .in i ii a
11. .11. ,
l'i in,-1 lan
l   nun Vh Kinn...
Nickel I'l.I.-
Nickel Plate
H.ii.tni i.in_ li,, I,
White Laai
K. u'in. as
I iiLinniii
Camp McKinm .
Nickel Plate
l .imp M. Kinn >
I -nr.ii I*
I airnVw
Su .in l.ilkr
A Chance For All.
To Celebrate the inauguration of
their irrigation system the Keremeos
Land Co., Ltd., offer as a bonus to
the first 25 buyers of their 10-acre
tracts the cost of their transportation
from their home in any part of Canada they may reside.
This Offer Holds Good For 60 Days
F-.OM AP3IL 1 st, 1 909.
Keremeos Land Co. Ltd.
0Y I***
Keliins,.,, Kali, . I
K I, liat ils Jas, |,1|
K.iid.m A B
K.o.nsl, ,   Villlirasa
S.inlv.rn San.I, is A
Sauve Italia ll
Sliins.-ii li.-ara..
Snnpsan  Arllllir
Stall, ri John
Smith h.i.i.i
Snudfraaa Willi,,m J
Sml.l.s Mian Win
Siilli.an Kug*jne
Swan Ah ...iniii
Swanaun Victor K
su,, tl.md Oeorwe
S„ ml mn   Vli,   '
Si, iiil'iirn I-1, d W
Sin,in Jalm ll.tlis
S|_..,rilin liuslavu*
T.ni_.nl  VMsil
kubrrt Mi K
Id.sn Henri 11
I ■ anil'l. .  AIk I
In .lilll. \   Tliain.,. I.
Thompnua Ni il
V ,,n.:l. in v'.vil  Viilini
Vivian lain, linn
■vs.....1. II .|.,i.„ -
VV  1,1,  ssl, I   I ,1,1.1. 11, s    V
\Ali. .1., William II, "i.
VVinkli 11,, urge I .In mi
VV ild, i Jamee
VViu'ln Id ni,   V
VV.   Kiel .i.i J
VI inn I I. ... ll.,, I"
VI .,lk,, Hugh
VVil ,...„  lain,   V
VV illi.iins .,i Jamca llale
Ami lake   noliee   that   at    llie   loint   of
Revision, lo lie   held   on   Ihe   .tul   il.i.i    ot
Mai,  I'".I'l, at the l.oi.-i inn. nl ..Mi. . , Fair*
view, al HI o'clock a. m. I shall he ai and de-
termine ihe s.-une, ami unless the) orsesas
olhei    I'uniiuial   voter,   on   their   behalf,
satisfy ae thet the objection is not  well
banded,  I shall strike lhe    names   ott    the
said Register,
Dated tins Ith day of April, viv 1909.
JAMBS u. hkow tt,
Registrar oi Voters
Similkameen Electoral Diatrict.
I.as!   Kliei. II
11. .11,.
Nickel 11 ite
l .unn   VI, kinn. \
I'nni, lan
II,  ill,   V
i;,....,i<. II
in l-'.ilN
Wt  tl rUift
I ul.in i
i  hum .1, Kinnr)
t. amp M< Kin in*)
l .imp M. Umiii v
Hull.   ,
I .in v n n
\\ , sll ■■*
•   \l,l.     .
1    .lit   »   ll    »*
Null, *
i amp Mi kinni i
I   !.,!.•
S   il.v
I' • t,.ii
ki '. nn -"-
I .
Builders' Supplies.
Contracte For Work.
I.ami  scrubbed  or anv  kind  ol
work taken l\v  contract   at   reasonable rates.
Spring Trade
Choke (.'oilar  Posts.     10c   oiiili.
Kstiinates of coel clieorliillv furnished to Intending builders.
Contracts  tor all  kinils of buildings in town anil emintry  promptly
Contractor ami Builder,
Kl'KI Mills,   ll.C*.
lYs.fd itOCk, Si-.ils tot I.u in,
nrd_Nl or rtMist'i v;iioi \, ln»in
bewrt fgrowtdtn In  Kn^liiml,  Ht*U
i.uul, li.iiHt', United Si.iit-s .uui
lotal jQFOt*t**9**i *•
HmM I'hown I'mil iiiul Oni;i-
nit'fitat   Tiffs, Sin ill I iuiIs.
(•Yrtitizris,  Htv   Supplit-s,
S|>i;iyinje;  Pumps .uui M;it-
fii.il,   (.'ut     l-'Ituvi'is.   ttC.
l.S7-p.t^i- OlUUofpM fivr.
M. J. Henry
liiritl  1 liuisis. iiiul   Sii'J
xio wi:sr.Mi\sii;K ROAD
Vancouver    -    -    B.O.
HriitK'h Niirscrii'*!    S.  \ amtnivrr.


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