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Keremeos Trumpet Feb 19, 1909

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 Keremeos Trumpet
Vol. I.
No. tf
Board of Trade Organized.
A thoro'; ;lily representative meet*
iiii; rt citizens of Kereineos and the
surrounding district vvas held in the
office of the Kereineos Land Company on Saturday afternoon when a
board of trade was organised. Following is a list ot tbe names of
those present, all of whom subscribed their names as charter members
of the organisation :
|. J. Armstrong, J. A. Hrown,
George Cawston, K. M. Crooker,
\V. M. Frith, A. Ford, R. Klmhirst,
D. J. Innis, G. t">. Keeler, John
Knndsoti, Geo. Kirby, P. Marks,
Etra Mills, John Mattiee, Wm.
Ring, \. Robertson, '". Schhelder,
J. R. Shaw, F. C. Sorge, A. J.
Saunders, VV. H. Quant, Y. Wilson, J. M. Young and K. II. Carmichael,
Election at officers resulted in
Geo. Kirby being appointed president. Wm. Ring vice-president and
R. II. Carmichael secretary-treasurer. The following were elected
hv ballot as an executive committee:
|. R, Shaw, John Knudson, J. A.
Hrown, VV. M. Frith, J. J. Armstrong, R. Elmhirst, P. Marks and
A. Robertson.
The membership lee was lived at
the nominal sum of SI.00 per year,
it heinj,r decided that in special
cases requiring funds these would
be raised bv assessment. lhe executive was asked to prepare a constitution and set of by-laws ttt submit at the next general meeting to
be held on Saturday,  February 27.
Although the meeting had been
called only for the purpose of organ*
iatng it was felt that some immediate action should be taken toward
hastening the commencement ot
work on our promised school. It
leaked out that the member for Similkameen, I.. VV. Shatford, vvas
expected in town (Ml Monday and in
Order to make the most of Ihe opportunity, Geo. Kirby, Win. Ring
ami R. IL Carmichael were appointed a delegation to wait upon him
anil press   our   claims   both   in   the
matter of ■> school building and for
arork on our leading  streets which
are sadly in   need   of  grading   and
graveling,    lhat Mr.  Shatford al*
tared his mind abOUl coating over
Iti Kertmeoa is a little unfortunate
tor Ihe delegation was well prepared to meet him and anticipated   big
results.    However, they will  now
have recourse to the mail service
and hope M accomplish their purpose through its agency.
I he Keiemeos Hoard of Trade
has certainly been launched under
a ispicuoua circumstances and has
a wide field of usefulness   before  it.
The only danger lies in the possibility of the  members  waning in
their enthusiasm and interest, Otherwise success is assured.
as smoothly and easily as a well
greased wagon running down hill.
Imperfections there were, but as
an amateur performance, for which
those taking part found but scant
time for rehersal, it vvas most creditable. Much of the credit is due to
the individual effort of Mr. Kirby,
who superintended Ihe Bxtng of the
stage, rustled the program, acted
as  stage   manager   and   chairman
and, as Mr. Sprij,rt,rins, sustained
Ihe leading part ofthe play.
"Ici On Parle Francais" is a
simple little play and does not afford
much scope either in the elaboration
of lhe different parts or in the costumes used, to attempt to embellish
it is to detract so much from its cited ivoness. Mr. Spriggins was at
course the central Bgure and the
many embarassing situations iii
which he constantly found himself
in pursuance of his mercenary
scheme created much amusement in
the audience.      Miss   l-'ergusson,   in
satin  gown  and   ringlets,   gave  a
Faithful pailiaval of the part of Mis.
Spriggins, a lineal descendant of an
rendered and loudlv   applauded,   the        •  . .■    r      -t i i   ,- .
1 ■ aristocratic Family, whom cruel rate
singers responding to the encore hv  ,    , .-       , .   ,, '• ..   , .
, . "   hail Forced to the ignotny  ot   doing
returning   and   repeatini?  the  last .       . .
house work anu dancing attendance
Successful Entertainment.
That Keremeos, when it comes
to the t,entle art of entertaining,
can produce talent not often found
in places of this size, was amply
demonstrated on Friday evening,
12th inst., at the entertainment
given in the town hall under the
auspices ofthe Ladies' Guild of St.
John's Parish.
The program was divided into
three parts. The lirst was a musical treat; lhe second a laughable
farce in one act entitled "Ici On
Parle Francais" and the third the
inevitable dance, without which an
evening's entertainment in the Lower Similkameen is considered about
as incomplete as an Irish wake
without any whiskey.
The musical entertainment opened with a pianoforte solo by Miss
Lowndes ot lleillev, whose kindness
in assisting with the concert was
greatly appreciated by the Keremeos peop'e. The duel, "O Weil
Thou in the Cauld Blast" by Mrs.
Prilh   and   Mr.    Milburn   was   well
lo ihe best  possible  advantage  for
the limited space but the fixings
are of a permanent nature and will
greatly facilitate the f,iv int,' of future
entertainments of this kind, of
which vve hope there will be more
in the not distant future.
Teacher of Pianoforte aiul Accompanist
(certificated Royal College of Music, Loo-
ditni open to eruragcwenl lor accoojpaa-
intents.    Terms on application.
Hkdi.kv, B.C.
Notary Public.
oi ih i       -   -   -    Ksaauros, n.r.
Notary Public.
Agenl lor :
London & Lancashire V'm* Ins. Co.
Ocean Accident .mil Guarantee Co.
Kkkkmkos. It. (.'.
Contractor and Builder,
verse. A comic song by Mr. Joseph WigmorC was next   announced,
bui Joe had evidently forgotten the
engagement ami the vacancy on lhe
program vvas filled by Mr. Kirby,
who wa~ acting chairman at the
lime, singing "Knocked Kim in the
Old Kent Road." So well did this
take   with   the   audience   that    Mr.
upon lodgers.
Miss Violet Kirby   vvas   the   real,
genuine  mald-of-all-work,   not   as
seen in this country, but common
enough in the old country, where
the scene of thc p!uv  is laid.
Miss     Rita    Kirby    looked    very
sweet as Angelina, the daughter of
the bouse, whose loudest hopes of a
Kirby had  to   return   to   the   stage   ■•-    •      ,,    ■ ,
hie in Pans were so soon to he
and sing "Our Little Nipper."
George Herald won fresh   laurels
for himself by his able  rendering of  .   • i      t \t   ■      n   .
•     ,     __ s.       bride ot Major Rattan, on a   trip to
"The Midshiptnite," a   song   which
sailed his rich bass admirably well.
Miss  Kennedy,   as  the  youthful
In "Twickenham Ferry" Miss l\r-
gusson also appeared to excellent
Next followed a humorous teci*
tation by Fermin Sauve, whose
striking costume and  broken  Bug*
thc seaside,   appeared   to   excellent
advantage in a light traveling costume. She was winsome, self possessed and quite at ease in the part
taken. One could almost forgive
the Major for his unreasonable
Mr.    Frank    Reynold's    make-up
lish   exactly   suited    the    part    and   ,•     ., .      ,•   .,' ■       ,,   . ..
1 tor the part   ol   .Major   Rattan,   ihe
brought down the   house.      "Sweet   •     , ,      .       , *_
s jealous  husband,   was   a   trifle   loo
Dreamland" by   Mrs.    prith,    "The ., ,■ ,        ,        , .. ,.   ,
youthful and perhaps it  would  have
Vagabond"   bv    Mr.    Milburn   ami   i ,, • .■,. ■,        ,    ,,
* been as well if the uniform had been
"Roses" by Mrs. Brown were  each   ,  .-,    , ,      .     .       .    ■< ,      . . .
left at home on a holiday tup to the
well received, Mis. Hrown respond- .,     , ,. ,      ....   ,     ,
1 seaside, bul otherwise he   filled   Ihe
ui'j     lo     an     encore    by    singing       .    .     .      ,      ,
n ,   .      ' role to good advantage,   appeanng
"Smiles."    The violin solo,  "Slav- ■,   ,       ,,
as excited and ferocious as the luiil-
onic Dance" by Win.  Daly,   accom-   • ___._.   ___._. .    ,    ,- , ■
ing    himself separated   From   Ins
panied bv Miss Lowndes,   proved a                  .   •■ , ,   ,   .
1 - ' young   bride, under   what   he COO*
much      appreciated      number     and   Mfni    M1>pi,;ol|s    ,ir,limM.,„,,S|
brought an enthus.asMe encore. wo(||J „,.,„.„„.
"Ill OM   I'AKI.K   I'KAM.MS." .,       .. .     .. .
Mr.  I'ortntn Sauve gave a   clever
lhe   greatest    interest    naturally interpretation of the   part   of   Mon*
centered in the presentation   of   the sil.ur   Victor   Dubois,   thc   effusive
above play and   the   audience   must |.'iviu|,man, or perhaps it   mi^ht   be
be pardoned   for   the   slight   impat- MK| ,|la,  fa   .ole   was   one   which
knee they manifested in the   appar- did not require any great amount of
enlly unnecessary long delay in   the "acting" on his part, being   exactly
raising of the curtain.    Once start- sujicd to him.
| ed, however, the performance   went lhe Stage was not only   arranged
Residence at Old Townsite, or inquire
al this olliee.
Estimates Famished.
H nils man ship (hi.ii anli'i.l.
U. O. L. No. 1770
Meets Tueadaj on or before
lite full  moon  in each  monlh
" injja'f*0  n>    Keremeos    Town     Hall
Vimting members cordially invited.
C L Cl viviiv.n, \\. M.
D.   Melt Kitv.l.. S.
Stage Lines.
I'l It K    Sl Vt.l.
Leaves Keremeos duly. eacepl Sunday,
at noon, arrives al Medley 3 p.in.
Leaves Hedlej daily, eaeept Sunday,
ti ■ a.m. arrives al Keiemeos n a.m.
Only through connection ttnge between
Penticton, Keremeos, Hedle} .v Princeton.
li iiii 11 mu . Proprietor,
KSSSMSOS linn t\  Mvu Si via ,
Leaves K. ussrns daft. escept Bands).
.a t p.m.| connecting arwh al stages easl
.mil steal, arrives tn rledtej sl S p.m.
Leaves Hedlej daily, eacepl Sunday, sl
Ha.m.. arrive* in Kere*aeo»a( II am.
I). J. Invis, Proprietor,
Kl HI VII,ts    l'i Sill   ION   Mvu   Sl Vt.l
I.i ■.ins Kiifineits for Penticton oa Mon
.l.os. Wednesdays «nd Fridays, al soon.
Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Than
days and Saturdays at 6a. at., arriving la
Keremeos sl noon.
\V. K. Wki.hv, Proprietor.
uh'kk KKXT at  tm
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A. J. SAUNDERS,   Prop'r. NEW WATER ACT     ii,,ld ;ict!iiisition **" -**-*** *****need-
j eii by riparian owners for   domestic
purposes    comes    fust;     secondly,
Outline  of the   Water Act for. w.lU,r reeded for municipal  purpos-
Britiah   Columbia   Which    ia  es, including the supply of water by
When In
atop at the
Central Hotel
Now Engaging thc Attention
of Our Legislators at Victoria
The Water Act, described as "An
act tO declare the rights of the
crown in respect to water and water
power, and lo amend and consolidate the laws ofthe province relating to the diversion, acquisition and
use of water," was introduced into
the local legislature last week by
the chief commissioner of lands. It
is a comprehensive attempt to deal
with the whole water question, and
in many important respects differs
from former legislation
i company for domestic purposes;
thirdly, irrigation of land for agricultural or horticultural purposes;
fourthly, steam, including water for
making steam for all purposes save
the production of electricity; fifth,
power, which means the use of any
water for any other purpose except
minini,'; sixth, mining, which includes the use of water for any purpose in that connection; seventh,
clearing streams for driving logs.
There is an entirely new part relating to the storing of water inserted
to meet difficulties which have arisen
in practice.
The   act    Bppee/a    to   be   clearly
One ofthe salient features of the drawn, and even the layman should
act is what amounts to a revolution J |,aVe hut little difficulty in ascertain-
in regard to water records. A water j-jg his rights from a perusal of the
record of the old kind will no longer ] appropriate sections,
be obtainable, a license to take and The act provides for the naming
use water being substituted there- of all creeks in the province with
for. The object of this is to ensure j official names, thus putting an end
that no man should control more] to the confusion which at present
water than he can, and does use. exists. As it is now, some creeks
Municipalities and companies sen- |lilVl. mora than one name, while
ing municipalities with water are others have none at all. There are
placed in a .somewhat different cate- „lanv other points which cannot be
gory, but the ordinary consumer noticed in a hasty review, but the
will no longer be allowed to tie up whole act gives the impression of a
water for future or spe^u'ative pur-, determined attempt to grapple with
poaaa. j a complicated problem and to   solve
The acl also makes great   admin-  {•   M|0ng   the   lines   of   a   carefully
istrative changes.    Por water pur- thought out plan.
poses the province   will   be   divided
into districts, with one  chief   water!
commissioner for  the who'e prov-        Bridesville Robbery Case.
ince, and Other water commissioners for each district. These com- ]-->* lli,r,t ******r remand in the
missioners are intended to have the Hridesville hold-up case, appeared
direction, control, management and hefore Police-magistrate Hallet on
distribution ol waier. and for that Moodkj afternoon and was commit-
purpose   have   considerable   powers ted for trial at the May assi/es.
B HfflfflT
i.. . *
■/■<' '• ■■•" ■
Special attention to
Commercial  Men.
anil Land-seekers.
Headquarters lor all
Staj,o Routes.
1.ivory Stable
in connection.
Oood table.
Largs, airy and
comfortable room s.
Free  bus to and from
all trains.
Tweddle & Elmhirst,  - - Proprietors.
granted to them.      There is   an   appeal provided to the lieutenant*gov.
ernor-in-council or the   chief   water
commissioner, as the case mav be.
Mart verified his previous COnfes*
sion in the matter and had nothing
further to say than that he had giv-
An important feature of the'enact-   •" ■ tul1 •** truthful   statement   of
ment is the establishment of a  tri- the affair.
buna), called a board of investigation, consisting of the chief water
commissioner and such other persons as the lieutenant-governor may
from time to   time  appoint.     There
The evidence of Mrs. Ravenscratt
as given before U.S. Commissioner
Pyne at Oroville, was sworn by her
to be a complete and honest account
is no appeal  from   this   body,   save   of all she knew regarding the   mat-
for acting vvith  excess   or   want   of  tcr and   is   a   corroboration   of  the
jurisdiction. The    duties    of   the
board will include lhe determining
of priorities and generally the settling of disputes which arise between
beneficiaries nndei  the act.
Provision is made for cases in
which water records have been held
in the past   without   being   utilized.
confession made by Hart which de-
clares Hill and Clove Newman to be
equally guilty with Hart in the robbery under arms of Chester Charlton at Hridesville, H. C, on the
night of December l'> last.
Hill Newman has   been   taken   to
ll is recognised   that   such   record
holdfrs are entitled to some consid-   Federal gaol  at   Spokane   and   will
oration, and they are given   a   year   fight extradition to Canadian   torri-
wilhin which to establish a right to
such quantity as, iu the opinion of
the bOWtJ, they are entitled to.
Power is also given to extend the
time under special circumstances.
lory, whi!e Clove Newman is again
at large having been let go by constable Jack Myers of Oroville.
This is an unfortunate   feature of
the affair which is greatly  regretted
Having obtained a   license   under   by   Chief   Hunhury   and   Constable
the new system the licensee is expected to promptly proceed lo lake
steps to make use of the water
granted. After the necessary preliminaries he will apply to the water
commissioner for his approval of the
Macdonald who had spent some
weeks in rounding up the Newman
brothers and Hart. federal warrants have been issued and the capture of Clove Newman is looked for
proposed   works,   though   in   cases   i„ a vorv short time as it is  said   to
where more than four cubic loot per L, impos>il,|L. ,or |,im u, go, away.
Second Will  be   used,    the   approval I
of the lieutenant-governor-in-council
will be required.
In figuring water taken, tho unit
of measurement lor flowing water
is one cubic foot per second, and
for quantity, the acre foot, or the
amount of water which it  takes  to
cover an acre ol land a foot deep.
In regard to priorities in  the   use
Humors and stories concerning
the desperate character of the accused men have been current sine
the arrest ol Harl, but locally it is
not thought that they were implicated in the more desperate deeds
recently perpetrated in lhe Houndary.    Greenwood Times.
The Big Store.
Spring will soon be here and v. ith it
our stock of goods for the new season
In order to make room we are offering exceptional values in what is left
of our winters' stock, including Dry
Goods, Boots and Shoes, Gents' Furnishings. Big value for every dollar
spent here now.
"Royal Household" Flour   Ogilvie's Best Brand.
Rolled Oats.     Bran.     Shorts.     Feed Wheat.
A pleasure to show our floods.
Keremeos Commercial Go
i The Keremeos Trumpet
Publish,-,! it.ry IVi.l.iv ill Wt .ifliiv.
Kttwtttot, U.e.
SulisiTiptiitii SJ.'Xl a jvar,   $1.01) lur six   nntnllls,
in advaiuv.
Adwftttia*/ K.tii-s. -Lnjai eoWmti Wc pt'r Am
tir.st iiiM-rliitn. 1(V prr lini' i.'uh Mihsi'iiucnt insertion.
I.aiid nutiivs Ci'rliHi'.'ili'S uf iiiipriivi'ttiint.i'tr., $H.OU
for MMay notion, $5.00 for .tUtlat notitvs. Contract
display ailtfrtisinvf, 2.V. pt-r inch prr itivk. Tr.-in-
sii-nt ailttTtisi'mi'iits, stii-h as Lost. Kitunit, Wanted,
ili'., nut oteaoWoM nne iniii, $1,00 tirst insertion, or
lliiii' nisfi lions lor ,J.OO. l.iH'a] ri'.uling notices,
2.V. [XT lim- lirst insertion. l.V. i-arh siihsti|iifiil insertion.
J. A. BROWN, Pultlisher.
part of someone. There is neither
rhyme nor reason why it should
have been done, and efforts should
immediately be made to have the
mistake corrected.
Assessor Turner has issued the
notices for school taxes for lhe current year. The rate is two and
two-fifths mills for the Keremeos
school district.
A.-Y.-P. Exposition.
Replies received by the secretary
of the Keremeos Fruit Growers'
Association from the secretaries of
the boards of trade at Princeton and
Hedley anent a joint exhibit for the
Similkameen at the A.-Y.-P. Imposition are not very encouraging.
Our neighbors up the vallev are
concentrating their energies upon
making as good a contribution as
possible towards the Dominion
government's proposed exhibit of
minerals but courteously decline to j
enter in any arrangement for a joint
exhibit for the vallev.
While we do not under-estimale
the general advantages to be gained by fhe Dominion exhibit vve
fear that in such an exhibit the
identity of our valley vvill be lost
sight of. Our exhibits will necessarily be separated, .tnd, classified
with a multitude of others, will be
lost sight of, whereas, if grouped
together and propei y displayed, a
magnificent showing could be made. I
Supplement this with appropriate |
printed advertising matter, a man
in charge to hand out full information concerning the resources and
possibilities ofthe entire valley and
something tangible in the way ot
results may be expected.
It appears to be an opportunity
that should not be missed but, to
be taken full advantage of, co-operation of all the interests in Ihe valley
is necessary. Other districts in the
province are co-operating with the
same object in view. Why not the
Similkameen ?
Keremeos School District.
Ity means ofthe school tax notices received this week attention
has been directed tor lhe first time
to what constitutes the Keremeos
School District as defined by the
Department of Education hist October. The descriptions of the
Olalla (assisted) .tud Keremeos
school districts appeared in the B.C.
tia/ette last October and were
copied by the Trumpet for the information of our readers. Kit her
from a lack of interest in the matter or because they were not sufficiently familiar vvith the numbers ot
sections and lots in this district to
follow intelligently the boundaries
of the districts as set forth, our
ratepayers failed to notice, at the
time, that our district had been reduced on the north side; the old
townsite having been placed in the
Olalla district.
This is evidently a blunder on the
The B.C. Farmer and Fruit Grower is the name of a new journal
published at Vancouver and devoted to the interests of agriculture
and fruit growing in the province.
There is a splendid opening for just
such a journal in Hritish Columbia
today and we wish the promoters
the greatest possible success.
Through the officiousness of an
over-zealous Dominion immigration
officer down the line a large hunch
of foreigners, principally Italians,
intended for work in the construction camps here, were rounded up
at Marcus, Wash., and forced to
turn hack. Had they been Japs
they would have received the glad
hand. As it is we must view with
what complaisance we can the
obstacles thus placed in the way of
the railroad's progress by these nice
distinctions on the part of the immigration department
All kinds ot Sheet  Metal  Work in
Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron, etc.
K VVKTKOllUIIXi;    X   Sl'Klt.M.TV.
Plumbing.    Pipe fitting and cutting.
Pumps repaired.
Don't Throw Away
Your old granitevvare. Have it repaired. Vol Peek Granite Cement will fix the holes and make
it as good as new.
H. B. Meausette,
[Over Keremeos Hardware Store. |
Our  entire   slock.     Cad   Md   buy
while the BARGAINS are on.
Place your spring   orders   now   for
Get your harness repaired or else
throw it away .tnd get a new
set from the
I Cot mi opposite B.C. l.iverv Stable.)
Keremeos, B.C.
eremeos Hardware
Spray all your fruit
trees with the famous Myers' Spray
We have them in
different sizes for
the large and small
trees at the lowest
Turpentine and Gasoline always on hand.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY  MARKS     -     -      PROPRIETOR.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
for Teams
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers ami Tourists invited to give us a trial.
Builders and Contractors
Lime,  Cement, Cement   Weeks Md  Hriek tor sale.
Plastering"   Masonry   Painting   Paper-Hanging
Kstim.ttes *gt*t99 for nil and every kind of Cement Work
and Hinl.linn (.'literally.
Write us foi priees. Pistanee no objeet.
G. MILBURN. Sidewalks.
The rapidity with which improvements, onee under way, can he earned through in Keremeos has heen :
well demonstrated hy the laying of
onr sidewalks. Last week vve reported that walks on either side of:
Main Street were an accomplished
faet and expressed tlie hope that j
the link required to Connect them
with the post olliee and depot would
■000 follow. The forms were
scarcely off the press when we
learned that a Subscription was he-
iltg taken up with this ohjeet in
view. For the sake of the cost it
vv as at first proposed to make the
walk along the west side of Sev ent li
Street only four feet wide but it
was readily seen that this would be
false economy, as such a walk
would very soon have to be replaced by a wider one, and an agreement was soon arrived at between
the    citizens    and     Townsite    Co.,
whereby each put up a little more
and an eight*foot walk of the same
substantial nature as the rest vvas
There now remains only a few
crossings to he pal in and our town
will be admirably equipped with
walks which vvill not only add great*
ly to the convenience and  comforts
of the citizens themselves and enhance the value of their properly
but will make a most favorable impression on visitors and investors
who are constantly happening along.
Moth the citizens and the Town-
site Co. are lo be congratulated on
the enterprise they have shown. 11
has cost the latter a considerable
■um but it has heen money well
spent ami vve have no doubt vvill be
quickly recovered in lhe increased
values of the ii tide lots.
Effects of Air Drainage.
It is stated that the peach crop
in the Niagara peninsula and other
districts of Ontario will likely he a
total failure this   season,    owing   lo
the thawing and freezing  to  which
the trees have heen subjected. In
our own district il is now relieved
that the damage from frost will not
be as great as anticipated. The
primers aie now working among
the trees and it is found that only
in orchards sheltered from the wind,
and where in consequence the ther-
ntometei diopped lower, do the
fruit buds show ev ideitce of   Injury.
This is hut another prod   that  the
wind, of which we hear so many
complaints, is not an unmixed evil.
"Ait drainage" or a free circulation of the air among the trees ot
an orchard is just as essential as
proper drainage of lhe soil. Some
are disposed to think that the wind
must prove injurious lo growing
trees and to the fruit while it is
maturing but not so; it is a provision of nature that plants and trees
vvill adapt themselves to the conditions hy which they are surrounded.
Trees exposed to the wind are prepared to resist its fore*.
Local and General.
The Misses Rita and Violet Kirby
visited friends in Penticton this
week and attended the Firemen's
ball there on Monday night.
The Kelowna Farmers' Institute
has endorsed the candidature of J.
I). Hunt of Winnipeg for the vacancy on tne railway commission.
Longboat, the Indian runner, defeated Shrubb in the l.i-mile race at
Madison Square on Monday. Well,
vve guess Tom can hang the Englishman's scalp to his belt any time
Mr. Geo. F. Wilier, President of
the Universal   Finance and   Realty
Corporation of New York, which
recently purchased the Apex group
of mineral claims, writes asking to
be placed on our list of subscribers.
Enclosed with the letter is a prospectus showing an excellent view of
the Similkameen valley and some
very good views of the scenery
around the Apex claims. It is the
intention says Mr. Willey to begin
operations on the Apex group on an
extensive scale in the spring. Mr.
Willey is personally acquainted with
Keremeos, having made several
visits here. He is an old newspaper man and a writer of considerable
note of books of fiction. Our
thanks are due him for a compliment a it copy of "Solitarie" B spicy
little    tale   of   mountain    tragedy
and romance in the wilds of Pennsylvania, which has heen read with
much appreciation by us.
Similkameen Land District.
nisikiii of rata.
lake notice tliat I, William Ring, land
a>reiit, intend lo apply for permission lo
pun-li.ise the follovvintf described lands :
Commtncing at a posi planted 20 eliains
west ot the south-west eorner of lol 172,
thenee north 20 ehains, thonee east 20
ehains, thenee south 40 ehains, thenee
west 20 ehains to the point of coinnicnce-
nient, Ih'Iii^ about the area within whieh
lies an island beliveen lots 172 am! 27o anil
Ihe Siinilkaineen river and containing
about 3s aeres to whieh this application
William Rom,
Keiemeos, B.C.,  IV. ember 17, MM,
Carriage BuiLOINO,   Repairing AND Painting
Builders' Supplies.
Opposite the Central Hotel.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Apex Mineral Claim.
Situate   in   lhe   Similkameen    Division   af
Yale Mining Dislriet.       Where   located     Ou Manery   Mountain,   adjoining
Ihe Kelipse group on Iheeasl.
"TV\Kr   NOTH V. lU.it the   Eclipse   Min-
•*       inj; 9* Milling Company, Eiee Min-
ci's   Certificate   No.   1110,2.12,   intend,   Nl
davs treat the dale hereof, to apply  to Ihe
Minnie, Recorder for a   Certificate   of   Im-
piovei,iciils, for Ihe purpose   ol   obtaining
i Crown c.tant of the above claim.
Ami further lake noliee that action,
ui.dor section .17, must be commenced Inline Ihe issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this |M day of December, 100K.
Eii.irsi: Mimm, vm> Mii.i.im; COMPANY,
Strayed to the premises of the undersigned, da or about Uth of January, IW1,
one 2-year-old bull, black spotted, branded   on  left   hip.    Owner   is   request ed   to
prove property, paj eapeaeei ami remove.
W. J. Mankkv,
Lower Similkameen, Ichruary 6th, 1000.
Estimates of cost cheerfully furnished to intending builders.
Contracts for all kinds of build*
ings in town and country promptly
Contractor and Builder.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for  Cured   Meats,   Fish   and   Poultry   promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
GEO. CAWSTON. Keremeos Property is
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 180 miles of Vancouver.
Prices of
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
7th & 8th Ave. :
$250.0  each
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch ofthe C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Fruit Growers' mooting tomorrow
afternoon  at 3 o'clock.
Ci V. Prosser annnounces big reductions In tlie price of harness.
George Loudon and Nigel Kwart
wore passengers to Oroville yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. Thurburn-Conn of Princeton
is spending a few days in Keremeos
the guest of Mrs. J. A. Brown.
Mr. Hurt and family intend leaving for Alberta next Wednesday.
They expect to locate in Calgary.
Olalla school is temporarily closed on account of a number of mild
cases of scarlet fever in the district.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Richter are visiting friends at Spokane and other
points. They may go to California
before returning.
P. H. Parsons, who has been
•pending tbe past couple of months
with friends at Paterson, N. J., returned to Olalla on Tuesday.
Rev. Mr. Conn of Princeton and
Rev. Mr. Cameron of Keremeos
left via Penticton stage on Monday
to attend a meeting of thc Presbytery at Revelstoke.
The weather during the past few
days has been very suggestive of
spring hut it is scarcely likely that
winter vvill step down and out without another struggle.
The Ven. Archdeacon Peer vvill
hold two services in the Keremeos
church on Sunday 28th inst. Morning prayer and holy communion at
11 a. m.     Kvensong at 7:30.
I'p to date 12 cars of steel rails,
2 of angle bars and tie plates, 3 of
ties and 2 of spikes for the G. N.
construction work have been delivered here. Six more cars of steel
are at Oroi iile.
Though the subject of Mr. Conn's
address for Monday evening has
not been announced those who have
heard this gifted speaker on former
occasions will not fail lo be at the
church al eight o'clock.
Residents of Keremeos and district vvill learn vvith regret that our
popular station agent, Mr. \V. O.
Stevens, is soon to quit the service
of the G.N. We trust, luuiiiii,
that Mr. and Mrs. Stevens will con- \
tinue their residence in Keremeos.
II. H. Meausette, our hustling
tinsmith, is making a specialty of
repairing old graniteware these
days. Don't throw away your pots
and pans becHttse they have holes in
them; leave them at the hardware
store and Marry will fix the holes
for you so that they vvill wear long
alter the pans are worn out.
Two set vices will be held in the
Keremeos church on Sunday, Rev.
Mr. Hibbert of Penticton occupping
the pulpit in the morning and Rev.
Thurburn-Conn of Princeton in the
evening. On Monday evening
Rev. Mr. Conn will deliver   an   ad
dress under the auspices of the
Ladies' Aid in the church. Admission 35 cents.
A post card received from Mr.
Hugh Walker asks to have his copy
of the Trumpet forwarded to Fair
Grounds, Marion County, Oregon,
where he has purchased an improved ten-acre fruit lot. Fair Grounds
is a suburb of Salem and Mr. Walker's home is within five minutes
walk of the street car line and depot
of the Southern Pacific.
We are in receipt of a brief note
from Harry Tweddle saying that he
arrived at Carlisle, Fug-, on January 25th, is having a "chawming"
time and expects to be home about
March 1st or 2nd. Times, he says,
are good there and that he is going
out rabbit shooting the next day.
"Met lots of old friends, not anything like my Keremeos ones.
Things are so different here." Was
he thinking of his friends from the
upper reserve? or contrasting the
bovs in chaps with those in leggins
and "oi-glosses?" A copy of the
Trumpet (published some days after
he left here) was delivered him the
day that he arrived in Carlisle.
Eastern Townships Bank.
Head Omn,
Capital and Reserve,
SmxmooKt, Qumc.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received,  subject to no delay in  withdrawal  of all or any portion.
Keremeoa Branch. R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting; Manager.
F. Richter & Co.
Dealers in General Merchandise.
Thermometer Readings.
Feb. 11
IS above
10 "
10 "
12 "
27 "
26 "
30 "
32 above
.12 "
34 "
38 "
43 "
45 "
47    "
You will save money bv dealing here during the year 1909.
Our stock is complete and carefully selected. Our prices are
as low as the lowest.
Our specialty Five Roses Flour
Boys' Clothing
Ladies' Hose
Shirts and Overalls
Boots and Shoes
Acclimatized   Tested Stock.
Seeds, Trees. Plants for the
Farm, Garden Lawn
or Conservatory.
Reliable varieties al reasonable |>r ires. No borers, no seale, no fumigat-
ion lo damage stock. No windy agenl
lo annoy you.
Kxtra ilinii i- lot ol fruil trees now
Coming on for lhe fall trade, emulating
of .S0,<>00 I'each, Pear, Hum and Cherry; 70,000 Apple in leading varieties;
I'OO.OOO small fruit plants. Strictly
home grown without irrigation and our
own propagation from bearing stock.
Tons of Bulbs for fall planting. Choice
grass anil grain seeds always in stock.
Fertilizers, Hee supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying materials, Cut Flowers, eli. Oldest established nurseries
On thi* mainland   ot   H. C.     Catalogue
On house:    .1010 Westminster Road.
Branch nurseries:    S.   Vancouver.
Druggists and Stationers
Model Livery. Feed and Sale Stables.
Frsifrhtinf, Praying, and General Livery Business.      Grain and Hav.
D. GILLESPIE, Proprietor.


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