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Keremeos Trumpet May 15, 1908

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Array Kereme
Vol. I.
No. «
Water From the Ashnola Will Be Brought Down  By Pipes,
Ditches and Viaducts to Supply the Lower Valley.
The big irrigation works now I wered the purpose, but though the
under construction by the Keremeos i volume of these streams is consider-
Land Co., whose purpose is to bring able, their course is so swift that
water from the Ashnola   river down  without damming and   forming res-
This view Mas taken al a poinl a short distance north of the townsite.  The Company's
lamls lie lo the rijjhl anil the Richter ranch lo the left.
the valley ofthe Similkameen, both
for the company's lands and for
other prospective customers, are an
object of interest to sight-seers
throughout their course. To conduct water such a distance, across
streams, over hollows and through
ridges, maintaining a uniform grade
throughout, while it is not a great
engineering feat, yet calls tor a
good deal of skill and ingenuity to
earn  it out to the best advantage.
When the company purchased its
lands, the townsite and adjacent
properly, the details of the plan of
irrigation had not heen worked out.
It was known, of course, that there
was an abundance ol water to be
had from several sources, but which
one should be utili/ced was left for
future decision. Four different surveys were made before the present
plan was adopted. It was proposed at first tO get water directly from
the Similkameen, the nearest source
available, either by ditch or by
pumping or by a combination of
ditching and pumping. This would
have been lhe least expensive way
so far as the first cost was concerned, but it had the drawback of involving a considerable annual charge
for power, which in the case of the
higher bench lands would necessitate a heavy lax. Then several
tributary streams were examined,
any one of which might   have  ans-
ervoirs they could not be fully depended upon in the dry season for a
constant supply of 1000 inches, the
amount the company is undertaking
to deliver for its own land and for
other customers. Finally it was decided to tap the AshiK.ia near its
confluence with the Similkameen,
and conduct the water down the
valley by pipe, flume and ditch a
rather formidable and costly undertaking, but one that ensured a
permanent, unfailing and satisfactory service, and one requiring no
artificial power.
The waier is taken directly from
the Ashnola, about half a mile above
its mouth. Karly in its eight-mile
course the viaduct encounters two
serious obstacles the Similkameen
river aiul Ashnola John. The big
river is to be passed by means of a
bridge-viaduct, and the big chief
Dog-in-the-manger to be  passed bv
authority of the Government, since
diplomacy has been of no avail with
him. Just what style of bridge will
be used to carry the pipe across the
Similkameen will depend upon
whether the Provincial Government
will co-operate with the company in
putting up a traflic bridge. If the
Government will share the expense
the bridge will be built with the pipe
in the middle and a driveway on
each side or with the pipe on one
side and a single   driveway.     Since
there is to be a station of the V.Y.
& R. near the mouth ofthe Ashnola,
a traffic bridge will certainly be needed there before long, but whether
the Government will be willing to
make any further appropriations for
the Similkameen district this summer is open to question.
At any rate the bridge will be a
substantial structure and will be
eight feet clear of extreme high
Of the total length of about eight
miles, two miles of the viaduct will
be of pipes from 30 to 40 inches in
diameter, and the remainder open
ditch. The pipe is of wood, bound
with wire, of Vancouver make. At
the source a 40-inch tube will belaid and carried from there to and
across the Similkameen. The next
two miles are open ditch, then
comes half a mile of 36-inch pipe,
then Vi of a mile of ditch, then 4,-
000 feet of 30-inch pipe, and the
remainder open ditch tothe east end
of the townsite. The work might
have been done with less piping, but
for quite a distance the course lies
along the foot of a mountain, where
it was considered better to have it
closed in order to avoid the risk of
having the water cut off by avalanches.
One considerable advantage in
bringing the water over so long a
course is that it will be well wanned before reaching its destination.
Any one who has had experience in
watering plants must have noticed
that cold water applied on a hot day
i is almost fatal. An incident that
illustrated   this    came    within    the
< writer's ken in Ontario a few years
ago. It was in a district where irrigation was unknown, but in this
particular summer there was such a
prolonged drought that all the crops
were blighted and all the wells went
dry except one. The owner of ihis
exceptional well was a selfish individual and he refused to let his
neighbors partake of his water even
tor their own drinking and for watering their cattle, so that they were
obliged to drive manv miles to a
river lo gel a supply. He pumped
up bis water industriously and pouted it over his potato patch. The
ice-cold water totally ruined his potatoes, while his neighbors, who
expected nothing, got a fraction of
a crop. In that case at least, greed
met its proper reward.
The amount of water the company has registered to he taken
from the Ashnola is 1000 inches,
which is equivalent to about 25 cubic feet a second. This is plenty and
to spare for the 2000 acres for which
it is recorded.     It is commonly sup-
! posed that an inch to the acre is the
Iamount required for irrigation in the
Similkameen, but this supposition
arises from the fact that an inch to
the acre is the amount that the law
allows to be recorded. As a matter
of fact, much less than that is required.
One of the commonest mistakes
in irrigating orchards, especially
with beginners, is to overdo it.
The grower knows that an adequate supply of water is essential to
growth, and he is apt to think "the
more water the more growth". In
the growing season, when he is not
busy with other things, the temptation is strong to keep turning on
the water. Experienced fruit-growers find that a couple of good flooding! in a summer is enough, and
that more than that is injurious.
The work on the irrigation ditch
was commenced last year and it is
expected will be finished by Nov ember of this year. The pipes, as has
been said, vary from 40inches down
to 30 inches in diameter, and the
open ditch is from 2 to 2'_. feet in
depth and from 4 to 6 feet in width
at the bottom. The grade is as
much as 5 feet to the mile in the
pipes, and in the ditch tWO feet to
the mile.
The original estimate ot the cost
of the work waa $80,000, but it m
found that the ultimate cost will be
about $100,000. The charge tor
use of water on the lands being sold
by the company will be from $3 to
$5 an acre, the price for the water
service being a condition of sale in
the deeds of the lands. The price
to other users will be a matter of
future agreement.
As no power will be required, the
water coming Ihe whole wai bv
gravitation, the cost of maintenance
will be comparatively light. The
chief item of expense will be the
pay of a patrolman, who will be employed constantly to see that the
system is always in working order
throughout its length.
Motion Pictures to-niirht.
Church Services.
I'm sin 11 Kl vs Uiv ine service attentats
Sundays, Keremeos Town It.ill ll a. m.,
School Houae 1p.m. Rev. A. 11. Caawrea,
MllHi'lilst Puine sot vice .illetn.ito
Sundays, Keremeos Toim Hall II a.m..
School   Mouse   7  p. in.     Kev.   Mr.  Joins,
\m.i Ii vv Service-as .imioiitlieil from
lime lo time.
si sun School md Bibls oiss.
Ill Ton ii Hall each Sunday al 10 a.m.
Mrs. J. K. Shaw, Siipci'ititctiilciil.
LO.L No. 1770
Meets Tuesilav os ot before
the lull  moon  in each  month
in   Keremeos School  House.
Visiting members cordially Invited.
I), j. buna, w. m.
P.  HcCl Rl>v,K. s. FROM FAIRVIEW.
On Monday morning, May 4th,
there passed to her eternal rest Mrs.
Eliza Bassett, of Okanagan Falls.
She was born in Port Adelaide,
South Australia, on August 29th,
1840,was married March 31st, 1868,
in Adelaide, to James Bassett, of
Kent, England, who died August
7th, 1896, in Costa Rica, Central
America. She was seized with paralysis in March, 1905, aad has been
an invalid ever since. She leaves a
family of four sons and one daughter to mourn her loss. The funeral
took place 00 Tuesday forenoon and
was largely attended. The Rev.
Jas. Lang held a service at the
house of the deceased and a memorial service was to be held on Sunday
May 10th in the schoolroom. A
large number of friends from the
Falls, Fairview, Myers Flat, Green
Mountain and other places attended
the funeral. The pall-bearers were:
Mr. McLellan, P. Mclntyre, S. D.
Hine, P. Gallagher, Colin McKin-
non and D. Gillespie.
On Monday night Dr. White and
Mr. Bullock Webster paid a flying
visit to Fairview, going back to
Penticton on Thursday forenoon.
On Friday evening Mr. Wood-
burn from Vancouver, Mr. Munroe
from Nicola, and Mr. Hustin from
Penticton came in. Thev are mak-
ing a tour of inspection of telephone
lines, poles and instruments. They
left this (Monday) morning.
Russell    McGilvrey   is    now   in i
charge of the North Thompson river
mission.      There are eight preaching
Mrs. Allen, with her daughter,
Mrs. C. B. Martin, returned from
Phoenix to the Stemwindet camp
last week.
Mr. DeardorfT, superintendent of
roads, was in town on Saturday.
The melting of the snow in the
mountains has not interfered much
with the king's highway in this
The citizens of Fairview will he
more than pleased lo learn that
work at the Stemwinder mine will
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen
for Commercial Travelers and
Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
Ranche For Sale.
1100 acres choice bench, bottom and
range land, River frontage. 12 miles
from Keremeos, 2 miles Irom Dolniar Station. Will sell all or pail. Good comfortable building; plenty of water for all the
land; immediate possession if desired.
For particulars write R. C or Joseph
Armstrong, Keremeos, B.C.
The l.oomis (Wash.) Prospector
says: "Dr. Cross, a veterinary surgeon from British Columbia,-is a
visitor in town plying his profession.
A genial visitor is the doctor, and
readily makes friends wherever he
The Imported French Coach Stallion
I'ri/c-winncr at  Ihe   Great   Central  Show
at  Paris,  1<XX>.
ib>4 hands hii.li, weiglit 1360. Dark
h.n, star, snip, both hind feet white.
Foaled May 26. 1903. Bred by M. I.ouis
Besnard, Department of La Manehe.
Sired by the Government stallion Taver-
iii. dun Brunette by Colporteur, 2nd dam
l.iselle hi Orpine, N dam by Nicanor.
Route lot Masse of 190H :
Monday Noon at Wm. Manerv's, night
al Riehtei's l.oiveJ Ranch.
Tuesday Noon al Kinip, night at Fair-
Wednesday Noon at Tracers', Myers'
I'l.it, night al Okanagan Falls.
Thursday    Night al Hiram Ingle's.
Friday Afternoon and evening at 1). J.
Innis' ham,  Keremeos.
Saturday Noon at Charlie Allison's,
night at I). J. Innis's hain, lledlev. Back
lo lleadi|iiat'teis, I). J. Innis' barn, Kere-
tneos, Sunday night.
TKKMS. To in-iiri". $20 ($.V at linli' of sriiitvl.
Swuson $12 ($5 il.mil. halnn,,- nl mil ol MMSRp
Sin^l, matt $t* t.i.li Season an.! insiirniitv marr.
inn.I ts returned rrffularl) during- Iln- season or
tlit'l Hill Is ,li.ir_iil lull In windier ill lo.il or not.
VI .in . .it ... ii,ts' risk.
Similkameen Valley
French Coach Horse Assm iiilion.
Martin Cats, ..11. *a, Qtwotst,
Druggists and Stationers
Builders and Contractors
Lime,  lenient,  Cement   Blocks and  Brick for sale.
Plastering   Masonry    Painting   Paper-Hanging
Kstimates given for all and every kind of Cement Work
and Building generally.
Write us for prices. Hist.une no object.
Dry Goods
Men's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes
Hardware, etc.
Fresh Fruit
& Vegetables
Wishes to take advantage of this opportunity in
these columns of thanking his many friends and patrons
for their generous custom in the past, and hopes to merit *i
continuance of their support in the future.
Our stock is a wide and varied one, our store centrally
located, our prices reasonable.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for Cured  Meats,   Fish and  Poultry promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
Billiard Parlor in Connection.
And Builders' Supplies.
In dealing in   Building Lumber and all kinds oi
Building Material we have the advantage oi getting
our supplies direct from the mills, and can therefore
retail at most favorable prices.
Estimates of Cost Cheerfully Furnished to
Intending Builders.
A large stock of Rough and Dressed Lumber, Dimensions, Lath, Shingles, Sashes, Doors, etc., etc.,
always on hand.
Contracts for all kinds oi buildings jn town and
country promptly executed.
Oontractor and Builder,
Material Arriving and Work To
Commence as Soon as Water Subsides.
I. I.. Deiirdorff, road supervisor,
was in Keremeos on Monday, and
had with him a hlue print showing
the plans of" the hridge to be built
here this summer. Material for the
bridge is already arriving from the
coast and as soon as the high water
is over the work of construction will
commence with H. R. Swan of Medley, an experienced bridge builder,
in charge. The bridge will be a
substantial structure nearly 900 feet
in length with the floor raised 8 feet
above hitfh water mark.
The channel on the north side of
the river will have three spans of
103 feet each and that on the south
side two spans of the same dimensions. The intervening space across
the island, which is submerged during high water, will have 18 spans
of 20 feet each.
In the selection of a site for the
new bridge the department has been
guided entirely by the wishes of
those whose interests aie to be served. A threat Mving in cost could
have been effected by going a few-
hundred yards farther up the river,
but in other respects the site would
not have been suitable. The bridge
will be built at the foot of the lane
on the west side of the townsite.
Voting Contest.
The Vancouver Saturday Sunset
with characteristic enterprise is
launching an advertising scheme
which should be the means of securing a greatly increased circulation
for this popular weekly throughout
the province.    Twenty JTOttng ladies
representing every part of British
Columbia and elected  bv   ballot   bv
' I
subscribers of the Sunset are to  be
given a free trip   to   California   and
Mexico, their expenses   being   paid
by  the   proprietors  of the Sunset
Amonj,'- the nominees an. Miss May
Smitheran and Miss Annie Innis of
Keremeos, for district No. 14, which
comprises the mining districl ofOs*
moos. Voting in the contest commences this week and we bespeak
for the fair candidates from Keremeos a place near the top of the
A Giant Apple Tree.
A. I.. Hopson, Washburn, Tcnn.,
sends to the Fruit Grower an account oi the death of an apple tree
in that country which will illustrate
how lar^e apple trees will grow
where conditions are favorahk-.
This tree had been blown down by
a storm, and had been sawed up
for firewood. One block measured
40 inches in diameter, and six feel
above the ground the tree was tf
inches in diameter the narrowest
way. At the time the tree WWt
blown down by Ihe storm it was
perfectly sound and vigorous. It
was over 80 years old.
The best one-horse cultivator on
the market, only $10. F. Richter
& Co.
Remember the regular meeting of
the Fruit Growers' Association on
Tuesday evening next.
It is understood that G. Bruce,
formerly of Kamloops, is to open in
the drug business here in the near
The work of repairing the hijjh
flume at James Klmhirst's house,
wrecked by the gale of April 24th,
was completed on Tuesday.
Two hours solid enjoyment is
guaranteed those who attend the
stereopticon concert in Keremeos
town hall tonight. Tickets 50 cts.
Children 25 cts.
On Monday, Alex Chrtstie, of
Niagara Falls, went from here by
Wclby's Stage to Penticton, where
he will spend a few days with his
nephew, A. J. Christie, before visiting other places in British Columbia.
S. Horner, advance agenl for the
Enterprise Stereopticon Company of
Grand Forks, was in Keremeos on
Tuesday making the necessary arrangements for an entertainment
here this (Friday) evening in the
town hall at 8 p. m.
The lots selected for the new
church are It) and 17, block 36,
These lots will be cleared of sage
brush this week. John Knudson's
tender for lumber for the church, to
be delivered on the church lots, was
accepted by the building committee.
The present arrangement in regard to the delivery of mail at Keremeos, while entirely satisfactory to
the people of the lower town, is not
so favorable for those who get their
mail at lhe Centre and a petition is
being circulated asking to have the
mail sorted at l'enlicton.
Efforts to krct into communication
with friends of Fred Jackson, who
was killed here last week, proved
unavailing, and in the absence of
any instructions the remains were
interred in the Keremeos cemetery
on Friday afternoon, Rev. Mr.
Cameron conducting the service.
We   direct   the   attention   of our
readers to the announcement of
Messrs, Crooker and Meausette in
ihis issue. They are now open for
all kinds of work in the tinsmithing
line and expect to have their hardware stock all up in place ready lor
business by the lirst of next week.
W. J. Stover, though a comparatively new comer in the Similka*
meen, is likely to make the old-timers look to their laurels, when it
conies to early gardniag. Last
■reek he left on our desk some choice
tender radish and Oniom and promises in the very near future lo supply us with some (jreeu peas and
new potatoes, all grown in the open
garden without hot-bed or other artificial aid. The Keremeos Trumpet
PiiMislusI mrj I'ri.Ln .it ih,- aWen,
laawtmsotto, ll.C.
Sul.s, riplu.n $_'.(X) a foot, $1.(10 tor six months,
in .'ulvain-f.
Advertising Rati*. Lisjml in<lkvs. IV p,T lim-
nnt insertion, IIV |vr lim- c.u'h subsequent insertion.
Land notion Certificates of improvement.etc., |7.00
lor to-day toUett, S5.li) tor .iiWav noti.-.-s. Contract
oapU) advertising, J.v. per incfc pat irsak. Transient sdvertiaemsnts, sudi as Lost. Pound, Wanted,
am., net at nasllne one inch, lt.00 lirst inaertioa, or
three   insertions   for  $.'.tX).     Local   ISSllillS   notion,
Ba |H'r lin,-.
J. A. BROWN, PaUUur,
FRIDAY,  MAY l.S,  1908.
Notes and Comments.
Now thai we are to have a daily
boat service on the lake and a daily
Mage between Penticton and Keremeos, will the daily mail follow ?
Ihe additional expense would be
trifling, the convenience greatly appreciated.
Residents of Keremeos should lose
no time in getting together and acting on the suggestions of "Citisen"
found on another page of this issue,
■nent the selection of other grounds
for a cemetery. The present grounds
will never do and lhe change had
belter be made now than later on.
journeying about, nine out often
not seeing one percent, of desirable
and   available Government   lands,
and Anally drifting into the cities
and securing such employment as
could be found. This might be
overcome by the appointment of
Government guides to take Intending settlers to the places desired.
Or, if not that, at least a pamphlet
giving full information as to the
character and location of available
lands would be a great help to the
Rumors of trouble come from
Greenwood as likely to follow the
reopening of the B. C. Copper Co's
mines and smelter, the miners being
unwilling to accept the scale of
wages laid down for the district,
under the terms of the l.emieux act,
bv Judge Wilson last December,
while the company claims that with
copper al 12 or 13 cents it cannot
afford to increase wages. It is generally thought thai the miners would
be unwise to press the matter now, j
and if they did the company would
have no difficulty in getting all   the
give us all a farm." At that time
Canada lost many of its best citizens. Some of these ex-Canadians
are coming hack to the western
provinces, SO thai a portion of the
"splendid citizenship" which we are
getting never did properly belong
to Uncle Sam.
A car load of cedar shingles.     F.
Richter & Co.
Notary Public.
Agent for :
l.uiulon & l.atK-asliiri- l-'itv Ins.  Co.
Oeess Accident ami Guarantee Co.
KliRl mios,   H.  C.
Contractor and Builder,
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Estimates Parnlabed.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
For an Easy Shave
and a Clean Bath
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A. J.  SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
Motto :   Boost, but Don't Knock.
In his budget speech, referring Io •**** '' ***—**
the old age pension scheme, Mr.
Asquith said it had been decided lo
rule oui all Contributory schemes
and provide the pensions from the
national treasury. The rate of pension will he |1.25 a week to persons
over 70 years v*f age whose incomes
are under $130 a year. The estimated cost is $..0,000,000 a year.
It is announced that the Japanese
of Vancouver intend to form labor
unions, exclusively Japanese, of mill
Workers, loggers and miners. The
domestic servants have already organized. A meeting of the servants' union was held the other evening, at which one ot llie speakers
volunteered the  surprising  inform-
a Specialty
The Mav number   ot "Westward
ation   that    even    those    capitalists
who   welcomed   |apanese   labor  to
I lol    |itst   io   hand,   contains   more    ,,,.,. •   a ,
. . . the Pacific coast  ate  not   influenced
than Us usual uuantttv   ot   interest-   , , ,     , «•.,,-»•
1 bv personal fondness tor the  Orien-
ing  features.    It   is especially rich    ',    .       ,       ,      , ,-      .
.    .,, . ... ' tals,  but   bv   the   desire   tor cheap
in illustrations, including a  striking   ,  , ,    ' , , „ .
.   . s   labor.     Another   speaker,    Rev.  A.
series of Views ot Hremerlon   Xavv   _ ,,■,,•        , ,
. ■    Sasaki, a  Huddlnst  clergyman,  de-
l ard,    and   contains    several   well-     ,,,..• ,      , ,
dared  thai  his   countrvmen should
writen articles on Ivnieal  phases   of I. r , •      •
be   careful   to   maintain    a    proper
western life. The publishers announce that the June issue will be a
"Homeseekers' Number."
degree of self-appreciation and self-
love a piece of advice that is about
as  much  needed   by   Japs   as   it is
by Scots.
Among the latest arrivals on our —o—
exchange table is the Dawson News,        ||K. Chicago   Tribune,   speaking
a   bright   and   enterprising  journal   of the emigration from the States to
published at the Arctic capital     In Canada,  says:   "The outflow of
an accompanying note   the publish- population is more spectacular than
er says :     "Klondikcrs are   incpiir- fa Inflow.     It causes alarm  in the
ing about your district."     Which is minds of many,   because   it   is  the
another indication  of  Ihe   fact  that same   sort   of  movement    lhat   ac-
tha Similkameen is coming more complisbed so much in the develop-
and more to be recognised as poten- ment of the  United  State*   The
liallv    one   of   Ilk     richest    min,-i.,l 'West'   in   changing   localities  was
regions in lhe wesi. largely built up by settlers from the
o 'Bast,' this latter term also  being a
At a recent meeting   ol llie    \ an- movable   one.       The   hiss   of  good
couver Hoard of   Trade soma ret")   American stock is to be  regretted,
sensible suggestions were made lor bul lhe movement means progress,
improvements in the methods of It means harmonious relationship
dealing with new settlers. ll is between the northwestern states
pointed out thai many desirable set-   and   the   Canadian   northwest.      It
means betterment of conditions by
thOSS whose lathers and grandfathers sought  the   same   thing   by
We wish to announce to the people of the Similkameen
that we have opened ;- Hardware and Tinsmith Shop at
Kkrkmkos, where we will carry a full line oi
Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Builders' Hardware,
Paints and Oils,
Orchard and Garden Tools,
Miners' Tools,
Tinware, Stoves, Cutlery, etc.
Ttnsmithing in all its branchef a specialty.   Give us a
trial.     We guarantee satisfaction.
tiers are coming into the Province,
who on arriving find it almost impossible to obtain easily the inform*
ation thev require as lo available western migration. In this instance
I,mils, and the best way to reach lhe United Slates loses as the older
them. It often happens lhat sit- slates lost before." Not so long
tiers experience many discourage- ago there was a popular song in
ments, falling into tht hands Of land the east, the burden of which was
agents, losing nea. Iv all their money ^ that "I'ncle Sam is rich  enough  to
Harness, Boots and Shoes, and all
kinds of Leather Goods.
Of Harness, Boots and  Shoes, and all kinds of Leather
Goods Done Neatly and Promptly.
is^^i   . iT-r-1-:-. •
Keremeos Property
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 185 miles of Vancouver.
Prices of
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
7th & 8th Ave.:
$250.00 each
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch ofthe C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
C^A. McDonald   made a nip   tip       (J#    ]_     CUMMINGS,
Carriage Building, Repairing and Painting
tlu- Okanagan lake this week
A car load of Five Roses flour
just arrived Try a sack. F. Richter & Co.
Rumors of a May wedding come
from the Centre, hut our reporter is
Unable to gel particulars.
For sale at a bargain    a  numher
,  ,   .    , . , ,        ,     ' STANDi
ot   truit   lots   with   trees  planted
Keremeos Land Company. Opposite the Central  Hotel
Joe Armstrong and his ditch kr;l,,r\r
are moving camp up to Cold Creek,
five miles farther up the valley.
C. L. Gumming* has just rea
a shipment ot running  plates and is
Osoyoos Division of Yale Land
C. L Cummmgs has just received       District.   District of Yale.
Take notice that   I,   K.   li.   Hankinson,
now prepared to plate horses for the et Ifistiiiwos.  B.C.,  occupation book.
r_t_m keeper, intend, to apply lot pormission In
purchase lhe I'ollovvin),   described   lamls:
A. Osborne Is now   local   express   CoaMMndag at  a  post   planted at   the
, e ,    , ,     r „ south-east comer of  Lot   tOO,   thenee   20
agent lor parcels brought Irom Pen-  t.,,.lins   sinilhi   ____   _,0   ohains   Met,
tictOO l\V staj,rC and   destined   either   thenoe 20 ehains north,  thenee 20 chains
,. .     , ,      oast to poinl of commencement.   South of
tor   Keremeos   or   farther   up   the   __ loojwest of Lot 42, north aad east of
Valley. OsOVOOS Lake.     Containing twenty acres
more or less.
S. C. Mitchell, lumher dealer,  of: KmmtTH GaaBBT Hankinson.
Oroville,   was   in    town    yesterday      April 2l>, l'X)8. 14
looking up new business.     He was
accompanied hy Contractor  Porter     Similkameen District.
of Spokane. Take notice lhat I, John Angus McDon
ald, of Olalla, occupation miner, intend to
A meeting of those  interested   in   apply for permission to purchase ihe fol-
... ii,, •       towiiur described land i  Commencing at a
trap shooting was held laat evening pi,sl %_,__ ;il „„. „„,„,_„.,.„, ,„,,,,,-ol
lor   the   purpose    ot   or^ani/inj.f   a  lot number I1*)1*,  thanes north 5 eliains,
,   ,        4,       .    _. . . thence   easl   7   eliains,   thence   south   .1
Club.    Already there  .s a   member-  l.h l|ns t|ll,mv „vst ,  _„__ u< |H,|nt  rf
ship of twelve and some f^ood sport  coauniiiiimssa,   and   eontains  ,t  aerea,
•   .       ..•.,.,. , .,        nioro or loss.
is anticipated in this line during the , ,OIIN Ani:i s _r_\mt_Ul
coming season.     Arrangements are Locator.
■                                       • i       •  .        Dated April I Ith, 190N.                   II
under way to arrange with neigh-	
boring teams for an annual shoot        Yale Land District.
here on Victoria Dav.
Max Mass,   general  immigration Take notice that Frank Richter, of Ker-
■gent, and  K. C. Leddy and   |. ti. "twos, Rancher, intend* to apply far per.
,.                                     *. mission to purchase ihe following describ-
Moooey,     traveling     immigration edlandi    Coouaenclng at a post planted
agents for the Great Northern, were ;" llu' »ortb-weel comer ef Lot dd, thence
east (i0 ehains,   Ihonee   north   10   ehains,
iii    Keremeos    yesterday    securing  thenee mm* h0 chains,  thonee south  10
data  for   a   descriptive   write-up  of  ehains   to  poinl   of  eommonooment,   and
. containing di) acres,  more or less, aad
the valley tn the bulletin which the including that piece of land lying north of
company  issues   annually   for  tbe  ********. west of Lot 233,south rf Let 41,
. ' .        and oast ol Osovoos Lake.
guidance ot   nomeseekers  and  in
Groceries, Hardware,
Men's Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes.
Oranges, Lemons, and all kinds of
Fresh Groceries constantly in stock.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY  MARKS      -      -      PROPRIETOR.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
vestors.    All were greatly pleased
with the appearance of  the  valley,
and   a   favorahle   mention   may   he
1'kvnk RicHTia.
April 18, 1'XW.
...... ...',.      Notice is hereby given that,  thirty davs
OOked lo. in the next edition ot _*__.m^ if George Klrbv, of Keremeoa
their bulletin, which will appear Station, B.C., intend to amy to tha Sin.
,      . .,     ,. .- .. , erintendenl  of  Provincial   Police,   P.   S.
Hussey, of Victoria, lor renewal of a retail
liquor license for tlu- Hotel Koronn-os,
located al Ki ranees Station, B.C
(it OBQI  KlKHV.
ihottt the first of September.
Notice of Forfeiture.
T''h;,n,_:,i:;:"n.::-,!';;;::;,,.;;:j'',:,;.:-j'',::";.;   *•«■ ■**< ■.cTA^uTTwa
"III.UK   Dumond    mineral   claim,   iftuatrd   in ,.  . |
Ol.tll.t Camp, in tlu Oaoyooa Diviaion of  ■ .ii< ■*■    *■_
dm, i Notice.
\*i^r .M.  K.t. It,   rwouired I.- take sotios tli.tt  1        v   .• i       , .,   .    ....     .
■    hsn i sni n.lssl fur ssiisiiiiisiiI snil fm mini Jiuu        [Notice to hereb) given that,   thirtydays
. .-■ uii. -it, ,,l arorii ntt the abov,> aamej ctsim 1101 .Si l, allot  il.lto, wu,  II.  TweiMIt-  ami  J.   Reith,
being the ripenditurs sii-min   to eaaale sh to of Keremeoa Centre, B.C., inlend to apply
ltnl.1  s.i i.i  . I.iii,,.  .im.I   v..    i,,t,'.\   required  , - ,     ,,      .. , r ,»       -      -   , i,   ,-    '
contribut, raw si..,, ,i,.,_,.!„,„ ol suchesnersb.   lo "."' Superintendent ol Provincial Police,
tun. t.-K- ii'., with all costs of advorUsnuj,   it >,.,i   I*, s. Hussey, of Victoria, lor renewal of a
I...I.,, r.,.._. ,.. tributi   such amount,  including   retail <iquur licrnae for the Central   Hotel.
;,d\.rt,si,i„, witlnii nm, I \   ,'*!, ,!.i\- .'I   tif-t   l.nltli..,-     . ,      , '       . - . • ..  , .
i, i ti„, ,„.,., ,„ u,. k, „■„„■„. i at Mi-, i. ,    located al Kersssses . setro, HA .
interest will b „   - I ,n  n,.-   ,...,.  ,.. .«n.-r Iwinnti   ,\  I.nut.
Mil,,,      tl,,'     IM..\ ,.„„ls     .'I     ttlf     " M,,,,,.ll       V.t     .111,1 ,. . ,,..,,,'      u.u,
\„„,„i„k. \,i, Keremeos Centre, H. i... April I.i, I'KW.
Datel mis 14th da) ,•! Ms) IMiK
Ih,- Imported Percheron Stallion
4U1I   |5H'M7|
Will niak.- tho foUoWhag   stands   in Ih
\TOV sn aotaW  saaaJnaJ t„ t..k, Msisi that I   •Similkameon lh,s soason :
*   hsta etaaoAan fat assaaaiiiniii anil fnr rrniriting      Al Koyer o stable, Keremeos, afternoon
oartificaU of work ao Wm ahora asaisit claim 1KB. W   and evening, Mav Jl,  ,M), Juno '),   IH,  27,
bainf thaaspandttureoacaaasry toaiuusansttohisd    Inlv 7   II,  2S
said claim, and you an haraby naauirad to oontributo   •>   f'l_   '   ".   , _, ,
raur shara or proportion of such aspenditurs, srhich Vltn.tlla,  niaht,   Mav 22,  31,  June  10,
smounl to data b savsnty^hraa doUara («7100) to-   |9, _>K, Julv S, |7, 20
nthar with all coats of advertiaina;.   If yoa fail or       'i-,.,.,,,,     ***- <	
refuse to contribut.  such amount.  ,m,I.„I,„„  .,,!,„■     .  I""--     ''  insure,
ii„„_. withinalnat) (W)days ,.t Aral publication ,,l   single leap, *10.
tins notice in the K,, sn TBI «r«T, tour Mtarnl , tm_   s     tii,.kv   ,,K ._ ... ,v    Bsnaran u.iv
will become rested in me. foot ca-awtm, uaaasrlhs BWUTMBBa   V KVN.Vt.VN    Ikrhiikon
pro, is of tha "Mineral \,, aad Aim-nJuiu Acts.   , Hoksi    \ssoi i v i ion.
":'; mJolmAV.m,    t    Mlyin Ut J. T. IVa.her, Ciroom.
Comfortable and commodious stabling for teams.
Good  rij/s and careful drivers.
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers and Tourists invited to fijive US a trial.
J> l   vi  Lraa
Notice of Forfeiture.
To Cnaslss RlcHTSS aad aai person Of aaa-aaaai Ul
ulii'iu lie ni.o have tr.instill,.I  Ills oitc-thir.l in-
iiT.-st in the "Kldurado minaral ,l.imi. iltuatad
in tha Olalla Canut, in tha Oaoyoea DrvWoa nf
Vale Diatrict.
$20 ;  soas,in,  $15 ;
Speeial attention tii Commercial Men, Tourists and Land-seekers.
Headquarters for all Stage Routes.
Livery Stable in connection.
Ciood table.       LuFgW, airy and comfortable rooms.
Free   bus to and from all trains.
Tweddle & Reith,
A despatch from Prince Rupert
states that George R. Naden, M.
L. A., of Greenwood, has established an office at Prince Rupert and
will make his home there. Comments from Lowery o' the Ledge
are now in order.
Duncan Woods, of Summerland,
passed through last week on his
way to Hedley. Mr. Woods has
taken quite a long trip in the east,
but is returning with the intention
of hanging on to and developing
his property in the Hedley district.
The humiliating confession must
be made—the Union Jack has been
hauled down in Keremeos. It has
been flying proudly over the customs
office, but has now succumbed before the assaults of King Boreas.
It has been suggested that a sheet-
iron flag should be put up which
would at least be economical if unconventional.
Greenwood (eels now about as
proud as Ladysmith did after its be-
leaguerment by the Boers. Greenwood has endured a six-month's
siege of idleness, but its plucky business men, stimulated and encouraged by the one and only Lowery, have
hung on and stood off their creditors and come out triumphant. The
mines have been re-opened, and
now the Greenwooders propose to
show us what long enduring hearts
can do.
Having come as far as New York
on a business trip, a Washington
man took a run into Connecticut,
where he had lived in his childhood.
In the place where he was born he
accosted a venerable old chap of
some HO years, who proved to be
the very person the Washingtonian
■Ought to answer certain inquiries
concerning the place. As the conversation proceeded the Washington man said : "I suppose you
have always lived here?" "Oh, no"
said the native. "I was born two
good miles from here."
Sweet potatoes for planting are
not sold by any Canadian firm.
The sweet potatoes that you purchase at your grocers, probably in
your own town, will do. This crop
is not grown commercially in Canada, although some persons have
had good success with them in private gardens. The tubers may be
started in an outdoor hot-bed early
in spring. In a few weeks lhe buds
will sprout and, by the time all danger from frost is past, a dense
growth of slips will cover the bed.
These are removed from the tubers
and set by hand in the field or garden three or four feet apart,
in the rows. They seem to thrive
best in a warm soil, which should
be deeply cultivated and well enriched.     Canadian Dairyman.
Two pilgrims marched through
Keremeos on Sundav, whose appearance brought such vivid recollections   of   Sunday    school   books
that they were recognized as Hindoos at the first glance. The many-
folded turban, curled beard and
swarthy complexion of the typical
Sikh soldier of the Empire showed
up so plainly, according to the pictures, that one was inclined to go
forth and take the wayfarers by the
hand. But no one did so. The
Sikh in the flesh was not so impressive as the pictured Sikh. He was
small and black and not at all so
formidable looking as the old-
fashioned wood-cuts would have
you suppose. The wanderers passed on without stopping to make
The Dominion government is
starting a vigorous campaign for
the improvement of Canadian tobacco. Two vears ago a tobacco expert,
Mr. Felix Charleau, was brought to
sec what were the possibilities of
Canadian tobacco culture. He has
been continuing careful experiments
in Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia and has found high grade
tobacco can be grown, but the methods of producing and curing followed were defective. Recent
changes in placing Canadian leaf on
a par with imported leaf were made
for the benefit of Canadian growers.
Now the government will prosecute
a campaign of education for his benefit. M. Chevalier, an expert from
France, in growing and curing tobacco, has been secured to assist
Mr. Charleau. An English-speaking expert will be appointed for Ontario and next year an expert for
British Columbia. Demonstrations
and lectures on the best methods of
tobacco curing will be given on a
large scale.
Per tine printing with new and perfect
type leave vour order with the Tri MI'KT.
c. a. Mcdonald
The Keremeos Graveyard.
To the Editor of Ihe Trvmpkt :
Dear Sir, -When the citizens of
Keremeos selected the ground now
used for a cemetery, it was understood from the examination made
and the reports given that the soil
as well as the location was in every
way suitable for it, but from the
strong evidence now before the public would it not be advisable for the
citizens Io re-consider this question
before spending more money on this
lot ? On Friday two men were
nearly a day and used a considerable quantity of dynamite in making ii grave 4 feet deep. This lot
was given free by the Government
for a cemetery on our request, but
if every grave should cost at this
rate and blasting of boulders have
to be done, the gift is certainly not
desirable. The location is fine, but
the large boulders in the gravel and
light soil make it anything but suitable for a cemetery. The writer of
this note is ready to admit that he is
responsible with others for the selection of the lot, but he is convinced that a mistake was made.
Over Two Thousand Acres of Choice
Fruit Land
In the Keremeos District,  the
Hub of the Similkameen Valley
We have subdivided the WEBSTER HOME RANCH
opposite Keremeos, and are now offering it for sale in 5 to
10 acre lots and upwards. If you would consider changing
your location for a home in an ideal climate, let us interest
you in one of our 5 or 10 acre Fruit Lots right opposite the
Town of Keremeos, where you have the best of clear spring
water for domestic purposes.
In the Wenatchee Valley, in the State of Washington,
under exactly the same climatic conditions, a 20-acre fruit
lot produced a revenue of $35,000.00 last year, and American fruit-growers who have sold at fabulous prices are now
looking to the Similkameen for re-investment.
If yourself and neighbors are desirous of locating together, we will be pleased to quote you special prices on
tracts oi 100 to 500 acres.
Now is your opportunity, as the limited amount of fruit
land in this, the earliest and mildest fruit district in Canada,
will rapidly advance with  the  influx  oi investors  from   all
parts ofthe Dominion.
And buy to the best advantage. We will be pleased to
furnish you with full particulars, description, and general
information on application.
Beautiful Valley Land Go.
Good Program  of Sports For
Celebration on May 25.
Arrangements for the celebration
here on  Victoria  Day,   Mav  25th,
are now about completed, and a
good program of sports is assured
all who attend, Feature* of the
day will be the baseball tournament,
for which a purse of $t(X) is offered,
and a trap shoot among teams from
neighboring towns, for which some
suitable trophy will he offered.
Following is the program of athletic
sports and horse races :
100 yard dash, open     $.i 00 $-' M
-l-CTsMi nun    .i 00    2 50
Sack race  5 oo   2 30
Veteran* race [open to men of 50 jrean
.uui an er)
(Special b) B.C CigarCo. oi Naa WmeRssatar,
I ho* of Old S(>.'ri osjan.)
Running  high jump   5 00    2 50
Running long jump  5 oo   2 50
Hop.  step .unl lump   5 00    2 50
1'iittinj, shot    5 00    2 00
'.. mil,-,  open ! I..—1 2 in I). .$25 00     15 00
■+  mill-,  pony  race,   opon  (host
2 in .1)   20 00    10 00
s.uiiiv bone, owners up, open
to horsos BOVOr enli-red
in .in\ pivvious raoo   10 00       5 00
Cow beg race  io oo 5 oo
K.-i.u race  25 oo 15 oo
Klootchmaa'i race [racehoraea
barred)   10 00 5 00
Entrance fee, 10 of 1st money ;
at least o" to enter and 2 to start,
lu the relay race each competitor
will require three hoi os ; each horse
in lurn being -.addled and ridden a
quarter mile ; no restrictions as to
the boraea uaed in this race.
Sports   will   be   commenced   at
10:30 O'clock sharp, and run   off  in
the order indicated, with   the   ba-e-
bail and trap shooting interaperaed.
Gnnd ball in the Keremeos town
hall in the evening. Train for Oroville will be held mer so as to permit of returning home alter thj
Eastern Townships Bank.
V •
Stereopticon Views
consisting of.i Mammoth Collection of
Magnificent Photographic Tranepervnciea
Illuminated by powerful condensed light.
A liberal sprinkling i*f Wit, Wiadoai ami
Humor has been carefully interwoven
throughout the program. Among the in-
tereating aubjecta in motion pictures are
ihe Bucking Broncho Contest, Race Track
Series, Lady Barber, Blind Beggar. These
animated cartoons need onlv to In- soon to
be appreciated.
In Viows an have iuch popular subjects
as  tha   Shuns   of  the   (iie.il   City,   Hollo
Central Give Me Heaven,  Mr.   Bowser's
Difficulties Willi an Auto.
Town Hall, Keremeos,
Friday Evening, May 15
At I O'clock.
Cobm aad see u*..     We will interval you.
tome anil have a good laagh.
Soo the Irishman catch the hi;, See,
Admission 50 cents.       Children 25 cents.
Head Omcs,
Capital and Reserve,
SiiKKHKooKi:, Qusssc.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and  upwards received,  subject   to no delay in  with
drawal  of all or any portion.
Keremeos Branch. J. A. R. ROME, Manager.
Five   Roses   Hour   is   the staff of
life.     F.  Richter * Co.
C. P. Law oi Vancouver, whose
last \i-it to this district was three
years  Ago.    when   he    effected    the
transfer of the Coulthard estate to
ihe Keremeos Land Company, has
been   here   lor   tIn-   past    two   days
noting improvementi and otherwise
posting himsell on the progress of
the \allc\. He leaves to-d.i\ for
Heai Creek, where he has some
valuable interests in iIk- COal mines.
Do not be deceived ask for Five
Roses llour.     I-".  Richter ft Co.
VV. I-. Wolhv, proprietor of the
I'eiiticton-Keremeos mail Stag*, has
purchased two lots from the Keremeos tOWOaite company, and is erecting thereon a stable for the accommodation of his   horses   at    this
end of the journey.     Commencing
the first of next week Mi. Welby
Will put on a daily Stag* between
In ie and Penticton, the daily boat
service on the lake batting been resumed.
When in Penticton you are
invited to Call and see our
stock, ll is ftrst-clasi and
up   to  data   in   every line.
Watches, (.'hains. Brooches, 1'ins, Clocks,
Engage men! Rings,  Wedding Rings,
Diamonds, Bracelets, Cut Glass,
Mcerachaum Pipes, Silver ware,
Sterling Silver Toilol Sols,
ami General Jewelry.
Optical   Work   In   I In-  latest   ..ppli-
ancea known to the profession.
Watch-making, Jewelry  Work  aiul   Repairing a specialty.
I soiii'it yoiu patronage.
nAnnlO       Penticton.
Shoe Sale!
We have 250 pairs ot Men's Heavy Shoes going at
cost. Thii line must be cleared out to make room for our
new stock.
Such values will never be offered again.
Do Not Delay
For this sale will only last one week and vou will never
have another opportunity of getting such splendid values in
■hoe leather.
Full Line of Saddles, Harness, Chaps, Bits, Spurs.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Stage Lines.
I i ii | Si \..i .
l.oavos Keremeoa daily, except Sunday,
al noon,  .iniws.it  Heillo\   3 p.m.
Leavea Hedley daily, eacepl Smut.,,,
ai I a.ni., arrivei al Keremeoa II  < m.
Only through connecting st.i^,- between
Penticton, Keremeoa, Hedlej A Princeton.
J. f, Korea, Proprietor.
Kl ai mi na Hi m i v M ui si uii.
(Ia . i .11, i  sfd I. Mi i
l ■ i -.. s Keremeoa daily, eacepl Sunday,
al  I  p.m.; aunts in ||iiil,\  at i p.m.
Leavea Hedley daily, eacepl Sunday, al
7 a.m., arrive! in Keremeoa al II a.m.
I). I. Inms. Proprietor.
Ki hi mi ,-s |'i \ i ii roa M Ut Si vi,i.
Leavea Keremeoa for Penticton on Mon
ila\s, Wednesday! and Friday*, al noon.
Leavea Penticton on Tueadaya, Thara■
ii.n s ami s.iiiii.i,,, s ai ii a. in., arriving in
Ki ii'in.os at noon.
W i . Wi i m, Proprietor.
\. \ . \. I.. train arrival daily, eacepl
SiiiuI.i, , at I0..K) a.m.
Leavea daily, eacepl Boaday, al d p.m.
Keremeoa School board.
R.    Rl Mill   MT, (,|,.      KlHIIN.
I). .1. tssts, Bec.Traaa,
May .uui Grain Store in connection.       Seed Wheal aad Barley for sale.
J. F. ROYER, Proprietor.
Workmanship and lit guaranteed.
Spring samples just srrivsd.
See ns before placing your order for a Spring Suit.


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