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Keremeos Trumpet Oct 30, 1908

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Array eremeos Trumpet
Vol. I.
No. 32
Teacher Wt Pianoforte and Accompanist
(certificated Royal Colters of Music, Louden) gives lessons in Ksiemsos Station
Town Hal' every Friday and Saturday,
and is open to engagement for accompaniments,   Term., on application.
Hanuv, B.C.
Nursing Sister E. A. Hancock,
A.N.S.K., C.M.B., Loo. Kni..
Will receive s limited number of eases
requiring nursing on and after tlie 15th of
Telephone 33, l'enlielon.
Notary Public.
Agent for :
London & Lancashire Vim Ins. Co,
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.
Kxatmoa, B. C
Majority Will be About 50.    Conservatives Gain in
Nova Scotia, Manitoba and British Columbia.
Liberals in   Prince Edward  Island  and   New
While complete   returns   are   not   Ralph Smith, liberal, had   won   out
vet available, enough has   heen   re-  and   spoiled   the   chances    for    the
ceived to indicate that   Sir   Wilfred   magic number.
Laurier has heen returned lo  power
hv a majority of somewhere  around MARTIN   BURRELL
fifty.       The   Winnipeg   l'ree   Press
Addresses the Electors of Keremeos at an Enthusiastic
Contractor and Builder,
al Ihis ollii
it OM Townsite, or inquire
Estimate! furnished.
Workmanship Guaranteed,
Notary Public.
OFFICE    -   -   -   -     Kkrkmkos, B.C.
summary is Liberal 132, Conservative 81, The Winnipeg Telegram
Liberals II'', Conservatives PO, Independent 2. The Montreal Star
summary is as follows :
Quebec 52 Liberals, II Conservatives; Ontario, 38 Liberal, 48Con-
■creative; Nova Scotia, 12 Liberal,
(1 Conservative; Now Brunswick, 11
Liberal, 2 Conservative; Manitoba,
3 Liberal, 7 Conservative; Saskatchewan, 7 Liberal, 2 Conservative;
Alberta, 4 Liberal, 3 Conservative;
P. K. I., 3 Liberal, 1 Conservative;
British Columbia, 1 Liberal, 3 Conservative.
Later returns pub'ished hy the
Nelson News claim thai in Manitoba
sight seats have gone Conservative
and only two Liberal and that in
Brandon Sifton'* majority is only 16
with 47 protested ballots. In Saskatchewan Lake holds the only Conservative seat.
In Nanaimo the announcement of
llavvthorthvvaite's election was pre-
Last evening an audience, taxing
the seating capacity of the town hall,
Local and General.
Five political meetings in Keremeos. What a waste of good
time ! Pity the candidates couldn't
be persuaded to hunch them into
one rip-roaring event.
Arthur Reith of Princeton returned home on Sunday afler spending
a few days with his brother James
at the Central Hotel. We arc-
pleased to he able to report that the
latter is recovering nicely alter his
recent severe illness.
The electors of Keremeos have
now heard the liberal and conservative candidates .ind on Monday
evening next wi I have an opportunity of bearing Ihe socialist candidate. They should then be in a
position to decide who is the man
for Yale-Cariboo
James Riordan came   down   from
Riordan Mountain last Saturday
and returned to camp o.i Friday.
Jimmy says he is quite comfortable
in his cabin altho Igh there is about
ten inches of snow on the ground.
The altitude i-- close oa 7000 feel
and he is too busy uncovering a
rich copper find he recently made
to pay any attention to the state of
the weather.
Charles Bunting, Socialist candidate for Vale-Cariboo, vvill addre-s
the electors of Keremeos in the town
hall on Monday evening, Nov. 2nd
at 7.o0. Parker Williams, member for Newcastle in the provincial
house and Geo, E. Winkler oi Pen-
SIMILKAMEEN maUire' -***J*-t ***** changing the
'            result to a majority of over 200   for listened with rapt attention and Ire- ticton, vv ho contested the  riding   at
Ralph Smith. Liberal. quant bursts of applause to the pol- the last provincial election, vrill also
Meets Itifsilav on or before r ;,; ,   ,      • , .   .,     . ■     ,, ..      ,
ln Victoria Banardsmajority over "•-•" :"Jdres. ot Martin Burre l, ihe be present and address the meeting.
Templeman   is   only five   and a re- CO"*»fva_lve    candidate    for    Yak Ladies especially invited  to   attend.
the lull moon in each month
in Keremeos Sehool House.
Visiting members cordially invited.
0, J.  Innis, VV. M.
I). UcCuaov.R. S.
count will be asked for as   will   also  Cariboo.       Mr.    Burrell    in   his   re-   Opposition speakers invited.
Stage Lines.
I'i.ikr Stack.
Owing to the veiy short notice
there was hut a small congregation
Ht church on Sundav morning to
hear l\ev. Dr. While, Superintendent oi Melhodist Missions in H. C.
be the case in Mrandon,   where   Sif- ******   set  ****** ■<•   ■"-•-■   ***-   000-
tOOS majority is only 16. vincing   manner   his   claim   to   the
In both parties the heavy-weights sllPPort -*"***** electors.   He intimat-
have all heen returned,   Templeman -*- ***   *******   -*W   *****   polling
Leaves Keremeos daily, except Sunday,   being   lhe   on'y   defeated    Minister. B*Jr ***■*   ridi,1K   wi"   "•   ',K>   *****
St noon, arrives at lleillev 3 p.m. ' H,,r.l,M,    ind   I  -inrier    were    eieh    el ground  Ol" IliailV hii'    gillis,   such    as
I    ..... .      11 ..II ...      it .   .     ..     t"     . I    . Im'TIIL II   illlll    l<i|liriu      UUI      liltll     U* n • r»     n i
l.e.ives   lledlev   daily,   exeepl   Sundav, Ct'.AteaM **i\ft •,.,    "II,,,.,   I ,!,.,'•   iiii      I he doctor was on Ills way to   Medal 8 a.m., arrives at Keremeos 11 a. m.         ected In two constituencies by large \*-*-*-** -tt-tOW,     Honest John     Oh- V
Only through connoc.in,. s.aKe between .     .. ' ver and  I "rank Oliver in the i„U,, •        **7 ********** **if Wt\m   UU    amv.,1
Penticton, Keremeoa, lledlev ft Princeton.      '■ ** L/Mr   u ,    , ,,- I,'re   and   learning   that   the pulpit
D. Guxaarra, Proprietor. Apart  from  genera   results  th» « Mr. Roue nnd of eotne of hie own .    s
' ' * iv; ,.,.i     r u. . i   r        wu ■ not occupied on Sunday   niom-
  ..|,.i;.v,   li..'d   iniiiv   snrnrises    ind Ineiuts   Irom   the    coast,   including
KiKiv.ros IIkiii.kv Mvu. Sivuk. WOCOOO   BOM   manv    sinpiis.s,  and s
i l- ii . m I sii.mod •! disnosilion on the rvirt    of ■"''•   Hawser,  who Vet    intends   mix-
l.eaves keremeos d.ulv, except Sundav,   snowcu .1 disposition on ine pari    at J
at t p.,.,.; arrhrei,,, Medley ai ! p.m.        fa ghKtor, to be dis-satislied with '"f -*** Duo*" 0" huadnga.
Leaves lledlev daily, exei'pl Sundav, al
7 a.m., arrives ill Keremeos al II a.m. their   representalives   regardless   ol
I). J. Innis, Proprietor.      w,lic|l partv fay supported.     In   P. ,     Charles  Rennie,   who   has   spent
ing that arrangements lor set vice
were made. J. R. Hrown oi Summerland accompanied lhe doctor on
his trip.
Ki kimios I'kniu'ton M vn. Si vi.r.        E.  I. I he reversal was coinplet c, t he   lhe greater portion ot  the   summer
Leaves Keremeos lot I'eniii ton on Mon-   three conservative seats   going   lib-   in Keremeos,   left   on   Monday   for
Mr. Andrew Moves of the   Olalla
hotel, who left hurriedly   last    week
days, Wednesdays and Fridays, al ii,i,iii.
Leaves I'entieton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at (i a. 9t,, arriving in
Keremeos al noon.
W, v.. Wki.hv, Proprietor.
eral and the one liberal   seat   going   Llkhorn, Man., where he was form- \* ****** *• funeral of his   brother
conservative.     In   New   Brunswick   erly employed In a  hardware   store
Notice is hereby given that, thirty davs
afterdate, I, Andrea Moves, at Olalla, it.
C< intend io apply lo the Superintendent
of Provincial Police, v. s. Hussey, of Victoria, for a retail liuuor license for the
Olalta holel, located al Olalla, B.C
Anuki vv Movie,
olalla, u.e, October Ith, t'xw.
the conservatives lost three seats
where a gain of at least that number was confidently looked for.
In Hritish Columbia, on   first   reports, it looked as if the   solid   lih-
the management of which he will
now assume. During his residence
here Charlie made many friends
who vvill regret his departure and
would welcome him   back.     He   re
el, il seven were to be supplanted by ' tains an interest in Keremeos, hav-
an equally solid conservative seven, ing purchased a ten-acre lot, which
but later returns announced that in he intends having planted in fruit
the three-cornered fight in Nanaimo   trees next spring.
at   Edmonton,   returned  home on
Tuesday via Penticton. Mr. Moves
si.tiesiii.it typhoid fever,   oi arhich
di ease his brother died, is almost
epidemic in Edmonton and is generally ascribed to impure water. The
deceased was married only a few
months ago, and after winding up
the estate the young widow will
come to Olalla. Fruit Men in Parliament.
The current issue of the Canadian
Horticulturist has the   following   tol
say in regard   to   the   candidacy   of
Martin Burrell in Yale-Cariboo:
More horticulturists should be in
Parliament and in our Legislative \
Assemblies. There is need for men
who know something about fruit
growing and kindred pursuits.
The enacting of legislation that has
to do with the progress of our fruit
industry requires the support of
men acquainted with the business.
It is with pleasure, therefore, that
we learn oi lhe nomination of Mr.
Martin Burrell to contest the Yale-
Cariboo constituency in the next
Dominion election. Apart Irom
politics (and we do not know the
party that he supports), Mr. Burrell
is eminently filled for a place in Parliament, no matter to which side oi
politics he belongs. Mis long experience as a fruit grower, the excellent work that he did at the
Dominion Fruit Conference in 1906,
the manner in which he performed
his duties as representative for
Hriiish Columbia at the fruit shows
oi England and the great interest
he takes in the development of the
fruit industry of Canada, make him
highly deserving of the Confidence
of the electors. Furthermore, the
retirement of Mr. E. D. Smith, II,
P., the Conservative member for
South Wentworth, Ontario, and the
tact that Mr. A. A. Wright, M. P.,
the Liberal member for South Renfrew, vvill not be a candidate at the
next election, both of whom have
done valuable work in the interests
of our fruit industry, demand the
election ot one or more men to con
tiniM the work.
C.P.R. Nicola-Midway Line.
During a recent visit to the coast
Sir Thomas Shaughnossy, president
of the Canadian Pacific railway,
predicted that the financial depression which has heen felt during the
past two years is virtually over and
that good times are practically here
once more.
He is also credited with a few remarks in regard to the building of
the Nicola-Midway railroad, which
would indicate that the line will yet
traverse the lower Similkameen.
Bread Always On Hand
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
(Opposite  Keremeos  Land  Coy's Oflic
Builders' Supplies.
Mrs. T. R. Powers of (irand
Fork*, B. O, relumed home on
Thursday, after spending a week
with her sister, Mrs. J. (i. Wallace
at Olalla.
Last work   the   prairies   were   In
grip ot winter.     In   Alberta  and
Saskatchewan in places over a tool
ii| snow fell, and driven by high
winds formed drills ten feel deep.
Train service was demoralised and
thousands of sheep perished on the
ranches.        Neat      Maple    Creek    a
rancher named   Harry   Martin  was
fro/en to death,      The   same   storm
raged  throughout  all  the  country
east oi the Rockies and south lis far
as Wyoming.
It will pay to see our line if you have not
purchased your rubbers for the Fall and
We are telling at cost.
Our stock is complete aiul up to date.
Our large stock oi Dry GotxU and Groceries are unexcelled in price and   quality.
H F. Richter & Co. I
Dealers in General Merchandise. X
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Estimates of cost cheerfully furnished 10 intending builders.
Contracts for all kinds at buildings in low u and country promptly
Contracted mil ItiuUIrt.
Kkrbmios, B.C.
Nam* ot  IVkson
N ittt at Ci mm
Druggists and Stationers
SALE OF MINERAL CLAIMS for unpaid Uses ia the Kettle River As-
si ssim-iit Districl, Province ef Briti.li Columbia. I hereby give notice thai on
Monday, Ih. Ind d ly at Novwaber, IMS, sl th. Cowl House, Fairview, H.i .,
ai tin- bear Wt ten o'clock in lb. forenoon, I shall sell by public suction the
Craws Granted Mineral Claim, hereinafter nt out,   for lhe delinquent  taxes
then-en, as set nut in tin- lisl lu-n in, being unpaid Sl   llns   dale,   together   with
tbe eesta sad sspeases tt advwtlMfuj, unless the amount du. is seeaer paid.
I..it      Til. Am,una
No.      Dm     Ci»*Is     Jim*
$ 10 OU
.1 50
tS 00
14 75
14 75
15 00
It 00
15 00
14 75
11 Oo
12 SO
14 25
It 00
3  75
(. 75
15 00
f4 00
14 75
14 50
,1 75
I-'. Darrsgh st al Boston  2S45
I', ll. Thurston H. A. Fraction  1357
K. II. Thurston Carmi 2.152
J. I), leases Independence 144')
J. iv Breese Ore Kino 1448
l.enuin Oold Mitiiuc, Co. .... I.etiuill    750
Owen M, lien Hunter MM
Kavctlo Harris Highland Chief    2Ms
J.  K.  Devlin War Kagls 1H79
Hriiish I.ion O, M. Co Hritish |')S7
Hritish Lion G.  M. Co Hriiish Lion 1'IHH
A   K. Ash, roll, et. al Hilda 2H47
W. Blase Jewell ITU
J. I'. Killv, el. al Jiiuihe Fraction 312H
II. W. Vales Mt. Adams 1445
UII.   Ih„in.is    Niekerson 190.1
S. M. Johnson, St al Myrtle |(,S4
S. M. Johnson, et. al Logan 2793
Chas.  I'hipps, el. al Henri,Ha    _'7'U
U. Kinl/, el. al CJu.-enol' Sheha       .1127
II. A. TURNER, Pepsi) ftsssssnrand Coflactor.
Kan new. He., Oct 2, lion. Keith- Kiwi AasssssMnl District
$ H 00
t 50
t.1 00
13 75
12 75
1.1 00
9 00
i.i 00
12 75
1.1 00
10 50
12 25
9 00
1 75
4 75
IJ 00
12 00
12 75
12 50
t 75
$ 2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 (Kl
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00 The Keremeos Trumpet
Pul'IIslu-,1 ,-vi-r) I'rul.n nt tin-ellt,-,-.
KMssa li.c
SufawripUon S2.no ., ytat, $l.()0 lor .ix months,
in iidi.in,,-.
A.U.-rtisin,. K.il,-s. l.,_;ul neti.vs. IIb |Ht line
lint insertion, HV ]ier line e.-u-h Mih«equefl1 insi-rtien.
I.aiul notice!    I'irtitieiiti-s et inipreveim-nl.eti.. tpl.lt)
im n_j.iv notion, $?.'*) lur Xkdw notion,  Contract
display advertising. 2.V. jht ini-li per wis-k. Transient advertisements. Mcfi M l.esl. l-'einid. Wauled,
i-ti-., net exii-i-iliiie ene itn-li. SI.IX) lirst insertion, or
three insertions for $2.00, Load reading notion.
_'.V, per line lirst insertion. 15,-. earll   Milist,|iu-nt   in-
J. A. BROWN, PuMUmt,
that, the coast constituencies having elected opposition members, if
this constituency wishes to benefit
at their expense, it may do so by
returning the liberal candidate Duncan Ross, to wit.
The Elections.
The elections are over and by the
will of the people as expressed at
the polls Sir Wilfred Laurier is given another five years lease of office.
The returns are still too incomplete
to enable us to give the exact standing oi the parties, but in the general
result Sir Wilfred's majority will be
but slightly reduced, if reduced at
In Hriiish Columbia, the only
province in which there were anv
real issues, the electors have declared in a most emphatic manner
for "belter terms" and the exclusion
ot Asiatics. In the eastern provinces there were no issues, and in
the absence oi such, the advantage
which always rests with the party
in power enabled them to retain the
lar^e majority which they held.
In the best interests of the country it would undoubtedly have been
better had the government's majority been reduced and the opposition
strengthened. A good strong opposition is no less essential to good
government than is an efficient administration. To Sir Wilfred is
allotted the task of guiding Ibe destinies of the country during the next!
five years, and to Mr. Borden the
no less important duty oi watching
and sale-guarding the country's interest from the benches oi the opposition, where during the past years
he has rendered valuable service.
To pretend that the result of the
elections in B. C and throughout
the rest of Canada has no bearing
upon Um situation in Yale-l'arihoo
and other constituencies in this
province where the elections arc deferred, is to ignore a fact.
British Columbia has claims vv liicli
must be insisted upon and Ihe tact
that three members in accord with
those claims have already been returned in the province should stimulate  the electors  oi Vale Cariboo,
Kootenay and Comox-Atlin toclcvl
three more champions of the cause.
The plea that a member of the government vvill he able to secure more
for the COnstltuenC) than one in opposition is tOO sordid to contemplate and is about as honest as it is
honorable. What could be expected of the liberal candidate in Yale-
Cariboo on the questions of "Better
Terms" and "Asiatic Esclusion"
were he returned to Ottawa } He
has definitely stated that he is not
in sympathy with either claim. As
for the rest, the intelligent voter
should, and no doubt vvill, resent
the coarse attempt at bribery which
is liehl out in the veiled   suggestion
On Thursday, Nov. 12th, the electors of Yale-Cariboo vvill have an
Opportunity of expressing their
opinions on deferred elections.
Which is more to be desired by the
residents of the Similkameen; one
more of a majority for Laurier at
Ottawa, or a member whose thorough knowledge of and extensive
experience in the fruit industry
qualify him so suitably to represent
this important constituency in our
legislative chambers ?
Situation Wanted
By an American cook. First
class in hotel or camp. Open for
engagement about Dec. 1st Moderate wages expected. Strictly sober. Address C B. rlender.hot,
Keremeos, B. C.
Acclimatized Tested Stock.
Seeds, Trees, Plants for the
Farm, Garden Lawn
or Conservatory.
Reliable varieties at reasonable prices. No borers, no icals, no luminal -
ion to damag. stork. No windy a>reiil
to annoy v ou.
Kxlra choice lol of fruit trees now
coming on for Ihe lull trade, consisting
of 50,000 Peach, Pear, Plum sad Cherry) "0,000 Apple in leading varieties;
100,000 small truit pl.inls. Strictly
home glims vvilliout irrigation aiul our
own propagation from baariag stock.
Tons of llullis lor fall planting. I'hoice
gras. aiul pain seeds always in stock.
Fertilisers, Bee supplies. Spray
Pumps, Spraying materials, Cut Flowers, etC.     Oldest established   nurseries
on the mainland ot H. c*.   Catalogue
Greenhouse.   **010 \Ws.mins.t*r Road.
Branch nurseries)   S. Vancouver.
All kinds ol Sheet  Metal  Work  in
Tin, Clipper, Sheet Iron, etc.
Havi:ikoii.hi.m; a Spi-a i.m.ty.
Plumbing.    Pipe lilting and cutting.
Pumps repaired.
Estimates furnished  on application.
Leave orders at
Keremeos Hardware Store.
H. B. Meausette,
Keremeos, B.O.
If eremeos Hardware
Buy your Machine Oils ;tt  the   Keremeos  Hardware
and save money.
Buy a  " New Century" Washing Machine   and
save mother.
"Paroid" Roofing,
the most easily and quickly laid, most durable, and altoget I
er the most desirable roofing material to be had.
The price is low for the value.
A full line oi "(bottix" Paints and Oils—none better.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY  MARKS     -     -      PROPRIETOR.
Boosters Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A. J. SAUNDER8,   Prop'r.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
for Teams
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers ami Tourists invited to give us ,t trial.
Builders and Contractors
l.iiiie, I emenl, lenient   Weeks end  Brick  lei   sale.
Plastering   Masonry    Painting    Paper-Hanging
Kslitnales jjivc-n fer all and every kind of l enient Work
snd HnilditiK *meneraJty,
Write us for prices. Pistanee no object.
A meeting ofthe ladies Interested
i i the Sundsjf Sehool met at the
home of Mrs. J. K. Hrown on Saturday afternoon when it was decided by an unanimous vote to keep
the sehool open. The following
officers aiul teachers were appointed :      Supt.,    Mrs. C. de B.   Green;
teachers, Mrs. |. R. Brown, Miss
de I!. Green and Mr. Coristine; sec-
trees., Mrs. s. n. Hioe, The
classes will meet in the church every
Sunday al 1 I a. m. The prospects
lor the school are bright.
Mr. Rippen of Park Ranch is
putting BOIIM line fruit on the market. His apples, for color and size,
are winners.
At the residence ot Mr. Morris
there was a marriage at nine o'clock
on Sunday morning, Allien Piper
and Emms Smith having to do with
the interesting event. It was the
first Sunday marriage lor the pastor,
Rev. Mr.   Cameron,   .md  the  Bret
marriage which the groom had ever
attended. Mr. and Mrs. Piper will
reside here.
lhe Rip Van Winkle story, published in the Trumpet of Oct. lb, is
so far from the mark that the only
satisfactory conclusion I can come
to is that Mr. Riii;,' was dreaming
when he wrote it.
In the public school our teacher,
Mr. Auld, reports 30 scholars on
the roll and an average attendance
ot about 24.
Alter a day's notice by three post
cards, there were twent}-eij,lit persons it servde he'd in the church at
eleven S. m. last Sunday. The oi-
fertotv was $3.ttt), or an average of
twenty cents each. N'ickles do nol
count here.
"Murphy" is an important member of the sporting club but a wag
hints ih.tt on account of a >;reat
number of false alarms he looks
Tbe latest arrival iii Fairview is
Baby Carmichael.
Plague of Rabbits.
San Francisco, tal., Oct. 24.—
Jack rabbits are said tO be so numerous in the Antelope valley of California that the ranchmen are in
despair. The animals are becoming
so fierce that they are actually
breaking down the fences around
the adjacent fields and eating crops
down to the roots. Not content
with this, they are swarming into
the desert towns and invading front
yards of the dwellers.
Citizens of Lancaster turned out
recently and made a round-up. They
put a fence across the road between
fences surrounding fields on each
side and in a short time drove in
and killed with clubs 500 jack
People of the valley are considering tbe advisability of inviting l.os
Angeles to join in a general slaughter. They think several hundred
men and boys on horseback mijjlu
be able to kill 40,000 of the pesky
And Watchmaker.
Complete stock including
Optical  Goods.
nMrt mo   pe„ticton.
Registrar ol  Marriage I.ieenses.
Camuaoi Building, Rkiwir-
im. wo Painting
When in
stop at the
Central Hotel
Tweddle & Reith,
Special attention to
vVoninuTcial Men,
aiul Laiul-seokt'i's.
Ile.nli|iiarlers for all
Stags Routes.
I.ivory Stable
in connection.
Good table.
Large, aire anil
comfortable rooms.
Vtee 'hus to ami from
all trains.
Opposite the Central Hotel.
Hell and Prank Keith, who had
been wired tor on ace,null of their
lather's illness, arrived from Winnipeg *on Tuesday, after spending
eight days on a trip which ordinarily only requires three. Coming
through   Saskatchewan   their   train
encountered a severe snow storm
near Maple Creek ami slow travel*
Ing wild frequent long delays resulted.
While driving into town on Won-
il.iv afternoon Joe Armstrong, foreman of the Keremeos l..uui Company's ditch t,ran^,r, left his horse
Standing on the road foi a moment
while he crossed over a short dis-
tauce to speak to some ol the   men.
A bunch oi p.i. k horses happening
along with considerable noise aod
clatter, caused ii to lake fright  and
run avv.ty. In doing so it crossed
over some tt*m**A, rocky country
with the result that it not   only   de-
molis k',1 Ih.- i:. b it broke one ol
its own lags and  had to be shot.
Notice is hen in given that, thirty ilavs
■ it'., .1 ilo, I int. nil lo apply lo tlie Superintendent ot Provincial Police, P. S.
Hussrv. of Victoria, lot rsncsrsl of a retail
h.|u,M ticetn. fa tin- Aik.i/.tr Hotel, located sl Kit. linos Station, Hi.
I'l Hi V    M VKKS.
K-I, in,'os Station, B.C., Oct. I.s, I90S.
Notice is lirri'liv given thai, iliniv day.
iii.i date, I inn-nil io .i|i|>l\ to the Sup-
irinii'iiilini  oi   Provincial   PoUc,  V.  S.
Ilussov. of Vii'Ioii.i, lor renewal ol ,i i, tail
liquor license lot lb. Hold KanMMos,
located.! Kercmco. Station, K C,
Keroin.-os Station, B.C., Oct. 14, 1908.
Non,,' ,s ii, i, in given that, iMrtj ilavs
•iiu _i date, sre, II. Tweddla .unl J. Reith,
et Kiiviinos i mil,,, B.C., lateen loanph,
io ihe Superintendent oi Provincial Police,
I. S. Hussey, of Vii'Ioii.i, for renewal of a
retail h>|iioi  Hone, fol  tho (.Villi.il   llolol.
i.u .ur,I .0 Ken mros Centre, B.C
I  IV I MIU I    .V    Kl II It.
Ki'iom.osCentre, iu. Oct 19th, IWH.
The Big Store.
wish to announce to their many-
customers that they are here to
stay and will protect them with
the best  prices going.
" Royal Household " Flour   Ogilvie's Best Brand.
Rolled Oats.     Bran.     Shorts.     Feed Wheat.
Look over onr stock and gel prices.
Keremeos Commercial Co
M!_IM--__i_i^^^!M^if|^W^^^ Keremeos Property is
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 185 miles of Vancouver.
Prices of
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch of the C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
7th & 8th Ave.:
$250.00 each     | LOCAL NOTES.
Cranberries, Tokay grapes and
cocoanuts at \V. A. Haininy's.
Nova Scotia's apple crop will aggregate t»00,000 barrels this year,
establishing a new record.
A car load, each, of groceries,
"Royal Household" Flour and kerosene just arrived Kereineos Commercial Company.
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Coleman returned on Tuesday from Oroville,
having accompanied Mr. and Mrs.
Cavers, who were leaving for Ten-
essee, that far.
John Oliver, member of the local
legislature for Delta, will address
the electors of Keremeos in the
town hall on Saturday evening,
Nov. 7th, in the interests of Duncan Ross.
The Palmer Mountain Prospector
remarks that the same old election
predictions are beinjj indulged in by
the democrats, while men with
sporting blood, who are not swayed
Mrs. I. A. Brown leaves for I'en-
tlCtOfl to-day on a short visit.
The price without a peer. Kocene
Oil $4.00 per case here.- -P. Richter & Co.
Molson has now a newspaper,
The Leader, a five column quarto,
published weekly by H. L Mooney.
F. J. Gillespie, provincial manager of the Excelsior Life Insurance
Co.. spent a few days in town this
week and wrote a number of policies.
Mrs. H. Walker and her son
Jack left yesterday for Vancouver
where the latter will undergo treatment in the hospital, his legs having
been troubling him for some time.
Lost -On Saturday night, between end of track and Armstrong's
warehouse, a double snap front,
kharki, horse blanket. Finder
please leave at Commercial Coy's
A. Osborne left on Monday for
the Okanagan and expects to proceed from there to the coast. He
has not yet struck a business propo-
hy    sentiment    hut    regulate   their j sition that appeals to him   or   fallen
actions by cold figures, are   betting  in love with a place in which to live.
In Grand Forks the board of
police commissioners have given
hotel keepers notice that profession-
5 to 2 on Taft.
J. H. Kennedy and wife were in
town this week from Keremeos.
Mr. Kennedy does not know when I al gamblers are not to be allowed
tracklaying will begin. As engin- on their premises and that all gamb-
eer of construction he may shortly i ling must cease on the premises,
be obliged to remove his headquart- [ otherwise the licenses will be sus-
ers to Princeton.     It is   understood ' pended.
he has a residence in   view   here. ,t js stated fa- fa Do,phin mine
Princeton Star. j near q^,^ wi„ sQon restart     The
Hut for a technicality in the new fact that last week three mining
liquor act, local option would have ; men examined the property, one of
been submitted in 62   municipalities   them an expert, lends color   to   the
rumor, although no authentic information is to be obtained from
the owners.
in Manitoba in December. In 1(>
cases only it was found that the requirements of the law had been observed and the notices fvled in time.
Temperance workers are now asking !
for legislation to abolish   bar-rooms   |P        a3 ^*Cr Mrl L^L  B
and treating.
London, Oct. 23. - - W. Bruce
and the Scottish farmers who toured
Canada told the Dalkeith agricultural society that while the Dominion was worth consideration by
young   farmers,   he  did   not advise
farm servants to take up home- Horse-shoeing a Specialty
steads. J. If, Dobbie agreed, and
said that Canada was a place for
faith, hope and sinew, and principally sinew.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Freighting, Draying, and General Livery Business.     Grain and Hay.
D. GILLESPIE, Proprietor.
Eastern Townships Bank.
HlAD Ohick,
Capital and Reserve,
Sherbrooke, Quebec.
Saving's Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received,  subject to no delay in withdrawal of all or any portion.
Keremeos Branch. R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting; Manager.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for Cured   Meats,   Fish  and  Poultry promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
In Harness and Saddles.
You need a Saddle or Harness.   We
need the Money.    Our necessity is your opportunity.
Look at these Prices :
$62.00 set team harness
50.00     do       do
45.00     do       do
50.00 set democrat harness
50.00 do double driving harness
27.50 do single      do        do
52.00 stock saddle for
45.00   do      do
36.00 saddle
28.00    do
16.00   do
9.00 pack saddle, full rijrjred
26.00 chaps
25 per cent, discount off all other stock,
whips,  hits'
spurs etc.
Similkameen Saddlery Co.


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