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Keremeos Trumpet Jan 1, 1909

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Array Keremeos Trumpet
Vol.. I.
No. 41
Notary Public.
Agan) for :
London & Lancashire Lire Ins.   Co.
Ocean Accident ami Gnamntee Co.
KhrI'MI'i-i,  H. C".
Contractor and Builder,
Death From Exposure.
Death from exposure in a climate
such as tho Southern Okanagan enjoys seems almost incredible but
such is reported to have heen the
sad fate of two negroes on the road
between Summerland and Penticton
Ofl Christmas day. A third negro,
the companion of the two who perished, managed to make his way
back to the hotel at Summerland,
more dead than alive from horror
and exhaustion, anil gave an incoherent account of what had occurred.
The three negroes were employed
as menials at the Summerland hotel
and on Thursday were allowed leave
of absence to visit  Penticton on   the
which   the   smallest   child   can   appreciate.
The distribution of presents fur-j
nished still more fun and was of
course the event of events. We
regret, however, to have to say that
many packages, under the guise of
presents, were permitted to go on
the tree, which were neither in good
taste or in keeping with the spirit
of the occasion. Another year
those in charge of the tree would
do well to guard Bgainsl a repetition
of the same offense.
Proceeds of School Concert.
Residence at Old Townsite, or Inquire
at ihi> Wftee.
  understanding thai they  would  be;
back by two o'clock on   Friday,   or
Kstimates  Kurnislu'il.
Workmanship toiaranteed.
Miss FergUSSOn has handed us
for publication the following statement of receipts anil disbursements
in connection with the   school   con-
in time to prepare Christmas dinner.   ***** ****-** ;l ******* *** ***** *****
They made the trip on horseback,
side of $30.'>0, which  will   be   used
 - ._ ■  .a :..: .i in purchasing prizes for the pupils.
appear lo nave  passed   a    convivial        ' m - '    *
night at Penticton and left for home nki kipts.
at eleven o'clock the next  morning. Owm ot tickets $67 25
L.O.L. No. 1770
Meets Tuesday on or before
llie lull  moon  in  eaeh  inoulh
in   Keremeos School  House.
Visiiine; members cordially invited*
I). J.  Isms, W. M.
I).   Mi V I■riiv.R. S.
As  the   distance   between   the   two   0*-* of programmes
places is only 17 miles   this   should   Hire of hall (returned)
have allowed them ample time under
ordinary    circumstances    to   reach
home by the specified hour.     In the
Stage Lines.
10 00
10 00
Total 87 25
Hire of hall    $10 00.
blinding snow storm which  set   in, Printing  10 00
however,  they   must   have   become Enlarging stage  12 00
confused.      Their horses   either   es- Mr. Nesbitt  5 55
caned from  them   or   were   allowed The Crescent  <> BO
to go and the men, heing clad   only Ribbon  2 20
in light summer clothes, were   soon Sateen  2 00
wet to the skin by the soft   melting Boracic  I  00
snow.     Two appear    to   have   sue- Masks  M0
Climbed at an early Stags is their
bodies were found within two or
three    miles    of     Penticton.       The
i-i iKR nan*.
Leaves Kereineos Amity, except Sunday,
al iu*on, arrives al Hedley 3 p.m.
Leaves Hedley   doily, except!  Sunday,   other, with   more   grit,   and   better
at Ha.m., arrives a I Keremeos II a.m.
Only ilirouifh eoiuie, ting ata_9 between
Penticton, Keremeos, Hedley A Prinoeton.
I). Ouxaana, Proprietor.
50 55
protected than  his   comrades   by   a
p.tii of chaps which he   wore,   kept
lhe quietest Christmas in Olalla's
going and finally managed to reach  histoTr>-   .\_"_*mt Vs __*!*' __*
iv   in   a   pitiable   con-
home nexi
The above details arerc given us
by R. W'olverton, who has been en-
gaged OH the Staff of the Summer-
laud   Review   and   passed   throughI^,,
Kkk. m. OS l'i s i s M in. St.....:.      I here on  ' Hl'sda.v *** htM ***** *** >***   ** tMCtty.     It may.     But   before
..    .,    ... ,.        his father at Spokane.     Further de*   we can he sure on that   point   we'll
Leaves Kereineos lor Penticton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Sl noon.
Kkkkmios Hkiii.kv Man. Si.u;k.
Leaves Keremeos daily, exeepl Sunday,
ai I p.m.; arrive* in Hedley sl 5 p.m.
Leaves lledlev daily, exeepl Sunday, al
7 a.m., arrives iu Keremeos al  II a.m.
I). J. Innis, I'roprielor.
populated by the number who visil
ed outside points, a partial list of
whom I [five below. There is an
old poem the refrain ot which is :
"The one who goes is happier than
those   he   leaves   behind."       But    I
tails may be forthcoming which will   have to wait  till   the   other   fellows
Leaves I'.niieion on Tuesdays, Thins- explain much in connection with the
dav s and Saturdays ai 6 a. m., arriving in | tragedy that at present seems al-
Keremeos al noon t jncon,prthensihlc.
W, K. \\ ki.hv, Proprietor.
line team tt work horses, weight about
IJ CWt each. Harness and SSHJJM, i"
■rood condition. Enquire at this olliee or
of  J.   K.   Coulter,    W.    II.    Armstrongs
lower ranch.
Christmas Tree.
The   Christmas   tree   anil    enter-
gct   back    and   that won't    be   this
It was ideal Christmas weather.
Old Mother GOOM began plucking
her gosling! about ten in the morning, and until dusk Ihe beautiful
white leathers came floating down
slowly, silently, clothing the   rough
lainment   given   in   the   church   on   I;ia.  0f   \;„uie   with
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A. J. SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
Thursday evening of last week
proved a most enjoyable event.
Neither was the merriment restricted to the more youthful element for
whose especial benefit the occasion
had been arranged bul was heartily
shared by the patents and other
grown-ups present.
Preceding    the     distribution     of
piesiiits from the tree by Santa
C'arle  a   short   and   spicy   program
a   soft,   pure
mantle of white.     In   the   slums   of
the big cities
"C'ov tring the gutter where garbage
is piled,
Visiting the scenes of gaunt   (.inline and woe;
Kissing the cheek of the lone, homeless child
Who   loves    while    it    fears    the
beautiful snow."
The remnant   of  Olallatiians   loft
Iwo weeks ago Frank   Thornton   •>■« rendered, the pastor, Rev.   Mr    at home honored the grand old   fos-
I       ...-....—    -. .- -m. ..—t .-.—.-.-...■   .-.      ll. ,l..t..-.- ,t ,.. . ...II. ...       . I, •!•       tll.lll- I       ,.        il      if   I,
isfortune   to   fall   from   a
Cameron, performing the duties   of tival pretty much   as their   forefath
ers across lhe sea used to do in   the
davs when the hollv and the  misile
had the nus.or.une   to   ,a„   ■ „.„.   „ c)l.(;rm.||,  j,,   h;s   UM,.,|   ,,.,pp).    .m_
eragOfl and severely injure his   arm. |)umoro,,s    stv|c.      \    number    of
On Wednesday last the  doctor was recitations by tbe smaller  children, toe, the wassail bowl and the   u.nis
called in and found that in   addition a chorus by lhe senior   girls   and   a were deemed indispensable  features
,o a bad sprain the bone   had   been oniple of selections  by   the   church of Christmas-tide.     We feasted   on
.... choir weie ably   rendered   and   well home-grown turkey and vegetables,
fractured just above the wrist.     Ihe .^^-j,       Then   followed   a    little plum pudding will, cake, fruits   and
re-setting of the hone alter such   an VMtjcly   |„   fa   ■ -.,-.   0(   nftoc.n    or mils o.tlote, not  entirely neglecting
interval was difficult and   extremely twenty minutes spent vvith the HMgk "the cup that cheers."
panful                                                         I lantern,   a   form    of   entertainment,      Mr. and  Mrs.   J.C.   Wallace   of
"Th     Cottage"   had    a   small   but
select dinner party.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Moves, of the
hotel, had a number of invited
guests around their bounteously-
spread table, among whom was
Mr. Cieorge London, manager of
Richter ,V Co.'s store at Keremeos
Centre, wiio came up on the mail
stage. It is quite unnecessary to
mention that our village holds a
great attraction for Cieorge.
None of the bachelors or grass
widowers "bached" lhat day except
Pete who stuffed his own turkev and
excellently done it was too. Kven
the dogs fared well. I saw one racing along Main Street with a pound
of butter in his mouth.
J. H. Hay s and M.Alexander went
to Spokane. Jim vvill return Jan.5th
bul Mat will stay with friends in
that city till the Bullion starts up a*
gain some time in February,
Mr. and Mrs. J, A. McDonald returned on Wednesday from a short
visit to friends at Kelowna.
I.. M.l.yon went to visit his brother near Seattle; J. C. lxeilley to Penticton mi the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Barnes; Pal Murphy to Cotur d'al-
ens, Idaho; F. A. Parsons to Pater-
son, N. Jersey, where "Somebody's
Waiting, Waiting."     George Price
obeyed the "call ot the wild" and ate
his Xmas dinner (roast marten) in
his cabin up C'eilai Creek;'! im Lynch
and his pup went up to Billv Slilt's
ranch, but the latter came down 'loving day to help Pete tackle a big
demijohn. John Pritchard and John
Buchan took Christmas dinner at
the Central. Jimmy Riordan well
Jimmy didn't go anywhere, not even
up the hill "To see how deep the
snow was about his cabin door, Or
if those pesky bush rati were carrying off his ore."
An effort was made to secure a
party of ten to drive to Princeton
and attend the masquerade ball being held there this evening, but, tho'
Messrs. Tweddle and Elmhirst generously offend 10 provide the most
Comfortable and expeditious transportation possible, free of charge,
a suflicient number could not be
found who would face the long
drive and the effort had to be abandoned. Since then an impromptu
dance has been arranged for this
evening in the town hall.
Jack Evans, nurseryman of Omak,
Wash., was in town between trains
on Monday, having come up this
far in the interests of the fruit growers of his llistrict to have a look at
a new variety ot apple wliich Mi
Kichler    has   grOWII   on   his   lower
ranch.    He was  greatly delighted
with Ihe new specimen and prophesies a brilliant future for it on  our
market. He was no less pleased
vvith the appearance of the vallev
as a fruit district and broadly intimated lhat vve don't appreciate
what a good thing we have here.
He urges thai a fumigating station
for fruit trees should be established
in southern ll.C. so that fruit trees
may be imported from the neighboring slates. As an inducement he
says the nurserymen there would
undertake to delray all expense in
connection    vvith    establishing   and
maintaining such i station. ANOTHER LETTER.
W. J. stover Writes From California. Says That Keremeos
Can Hold its Own With That
Which are not Tropical.
an   old   Wyoming   friend   of   mine
whom I knew at   Sheridan.     I   am
going out to  his  place,   about   18
miles from  here,   to  spend a  few
"San DiegQ  is   a   city   of  about
Favored   Country   for   Fruita  4S0OO      ,   m   qoh-   ,os,   in   it
Grapes are selling  at   two  pounds
for five cents and peaches   are   also
We are in receipt of another letter from our old friend W. J. Stover, who is now basking in the sunny
south. In places the writer's
thoughts appear to run in advance
of the more tardy pen and, combined with a chirography that is at
times puzzling and was no doubt
acquired in the practise of law in
earlier days, forces us to jump at
conclusions occasionally. In substance it is as follows :
San DiegO, Cal.,
Dec. 16, I90&
To tlie editor ofthe Kereineos Trumpet I
"During my two days' visit in
Boyne River Valley, Oregon, I had
a good chance of viewing the country. It is a fine fruit and farming
district, but farms and fruit lauds
are too high priced. Ashland is a
splendid place for a rich loafer to
"I had a splendid view of the
mountains in Northern California.
The highest peaks reach an altitude
of 14,000 feet and are snow-capped.
I reached  S:1'-vmento   on   Sunday.
on the market. Kxcept for tropical
fruits, however, California can't
beat Keremeos. Wish you all a
Merry Christmas."
W. J. Stover.
Will Petition The King.
Mr. Dan McCurdy, than whom a
more zealous Orangeman never
wore the colors, was in Keremeos
last week securing signatures to a
petition wliich, through his efforts,
is to be circulated throughout all
the lodges in Canada. The petition
is addressed to His Majesty, the
King, and sets forth :
"That whereas organized   efforts
are   heing   made   to  set   aside   the
laws of the  church   and   realm   of
' England, as defined  by   the  crown
• in   council,   by   bringing   back   the
; vestments, peculiar to   and   distinc*
* tive of the   Mass,   which   were   set
aside bv the Reformation and   have
, never   since   been   worn   until   the
. i     :       u  .    i      ',, middle of the last centurv etc.," the
It was foggy and rainy, but cleared , ' '
,  . iiii 1 r  .i petitioners   humbly   prav   that    the
later and 1 had a good Mew   ol   the ' .
a ii c u i king will "Refuse to   sanction   rev-
SacrementO   valley.      Saw   8-horse        *
, ', .     .   olutionarv changes which encourage
teams plowing  and   sowing   wheat
When in
stop at the
Central Hotel
B BffllT
Speeial attention to
Commercial Men,
and Land-seekers.
Headquarters for all
Stage Routes.
Users Stable
in eonneetion.
deed table.
Large, airy and
I'otnfortable rooms .
I'Yeo 'bus to and from
all I rains.
Tweddle & Elmhirst,  -  - Proprietors.
fields.     Some fields   of  grain   were
the restoration of mediaeval   superstitions with which the use of these
up and pasture fields were as green
■■  ,,,        . ,i,    _,     ' vestments is inextricably bound   up
as   tOOSC   ol   the   north   country in ■
, I bv the associations of 800 years."
June. • 3
,„-, -, iii       The petition wasiirculatedthroug-
"On   every   SHM    were    splendid ' s
,      , .'  f i •., out the lodges   In   the   old   country
orchards and   l.trm   houses   with   a K
c c i i   and Mr. McCurdy's attention being
town every lour or   five   miles   and | ' s
., '    ,     , c ...        , drawn to it he conceived the idea ol
cross railroads st frequent intervals,
t-. ,. • , iiii having    it    circulated    throughout
The vallev is wide and level and one * ...
c_,    .. .,,      ...     v.      , Canada thereby increasing its weight
ot the hnest on earth.    On  Monday
I had a day run   between   l.os   Angeles and San DlegO.      There   was
and    influence.      The   approval   of
Or.   Sproule,   the   Supreme   Grand
Master, was secured and   copies  of
bright sunshine  and   tor   miles   the
road ran along the sea shore through '- ■*lWoH rcad-v for ***n********
groves ot lemon, orange and olive ■» ***** ***** **"* h-v *• ********
trees loaded with the golden fruit. ******** to all the lodges in the
The gardens were looking fine   and ;counlr>-
full   of   cabbage,    tomatoes,   peas,   	
etc.     Saw corn in   tassel   with   the
ears ready lor roastin'   and   flowers
blooming in every yard,   the   gentle
breeze coining   from   the   sea   at   a
temperature   of about   (>0   degrees,
and rolling the white   caps   against    ,„  -.-.^ __{  ^^   Ml,tll,  Work  ;,,
the shore.
"Here   is   the   Harden   of   l.den Tin. Copper. Sheet Iron. etc.
sure.     It is not iu Palestine now as o
of old   for   the   god   of   nature   has        fU,*a*mwm*MW*  --  Sri.......TV.
transplanted it to the sea-washed
shores of California. The squltor*
ial Japanese current h as driven Jack
Frost entirely out of these regions.
If there is any place on earth that is
paradise or heaven it is here.
"I am staying at the Corona
hotel in the business part of the
town and find it no more expensive
than living in Keremeos. Yesterday while I was in a cafe a man IT R iyr . .
came up to mc   and   extending   his     *■*■'     *****     "ACctUJSCLLC,
Plumbing,    Pipe fitting and cutting.
Pumps repaired.
Estimates furnished  on application.
Leave orders at
Keremeos Hardware Store.
hand said 'Hello Stover.'
He   was
Keremeos, B.C.
*. jr>i s e*j**ffe«# ta^fe*e i_.iti -t 9^*m*m~t ^^WtomW *^^tmmm ^mmfm^ *^**ft*a* %mmt*—a ^^m^—m ±^m^ ^^wm^ m^mtaam ^^mm^ t_^m^ i__fs _e
The Big Store.
We wish to thank our friends for
their generous patronage since we
have opened business in Keremeos
and to wish them one and all
and a
" Royal Household" Flour   Ogilvie's Best Brand.
Rolled Oats.     Bran.     Shorts.     Feed Wheat.
A pleasure to show our goods.
Keremeos Commercial Go
!^MMM_ll-8MMi_l_Bl_8_l_i_li_MlSSi The Keremeos Trumpet
Published M) Krid.o *J the t/ttOi
Subscription $2.00 a year $1.00 tor six months,
in .iilvan ,-.
Advertising Kates. I.e,rHl notii't'jf, IV per line
first insertion. 10c per line eaeh subsequent insertion.
Land notiees Certilieates of improvenient.ete., $H.OO
for 60-day notiees, $5.00 for .10-day notiees. Contraet
display advertising. 25c. per ineh per week. Transient advertisements, such as host, Found, Wanted,
etc., not exceeding one inch, $1.00 lirst insertion, or
three insertions Tor $2.00. lava] reading noliees,
25e. per line first insertion. l.V. eaeh subsequent in-
J. A. HROWN. Publisher.
Notes and Comments.
A Happy New Year.
Resolve to  be   a   booster  during
the year I'XW.
1909.       Will   our   public   school
building be erected this year?
Nominations for the   by-elections
in Nanaimo and Revelstoke will   be
held on January ')th.
Two   seperate   departments   now j
exist   in   British    Columbia    where I
formerly it was   the  department   of
lands    and    public    work.       Hon.
Thomas   Taylor is Minister of Public Works and lion.   V. J.    Foulton
is   Chief  Commissioner   of   Lands.
Parlies having occasion for   correspondence     with    the    government
should note the change.
Three promoters of mining   companies in Ontario   have   been   fined
recently   for   issuing   prospectuses
not in  accordance   with   the   facts. |
The same measure might be applied
with good effect   to  the   issuers  of]
certain fruit land  booklets   in   B.C.
It is at best a fool policy which only
the desperate vvill undertake, but   it
makes the public wary and   reliable
concerns   find   it   more   difficult   in
consequence to do business.
Another two weeks and our local
legislature will be in session.    Now
is the time for the fruit   growers   of |
the inland districts to get busy   and !
urge the establishing of fumigation I
stations at points which will  permit
of nursery stock   being   brought   in ]
advantageously    from    either    the
States   or   Eastern   Canada.       The ,
present arrangement is alright  for
the coast, but simply rotten   as   far
as   the   inland   districts    are   concerned.
A recent re-adjustment of the
police districts, which takes effect
Jan. 1st, places the Similkameen in
a district with Cirand Porks and
Greenwood, with C. J. Buiihury,
formerly of Kamloops, as chief,
with headquarters at Greenwood.
It is to be hoped that vvith the new
arrangement   a   better   surveillance
will  be   maintained,   though   we
doubt if there will be much improvement until such time as the authorities see their way to establishing a
mounted corp for the boundary district.
Hon. R. Ci.  Tatlow,   minister  of
finance   and   agriculture,   who   has
returned after a ten weeks' trip to
the old country, brings back the
news that British Columbia is so
well advertised in Great Britain
that it is now one of the best known
of the provinces of any of the colonies. He came across a large
number of people who are investing
here and others who are forming
companies for investment purposes,
and he expects that the demand for
fruit lands will be heavy during the
coming year.
ITeremeos Hardware
The Kelowna Courier presumes
to read the Nelson Wews, the Keremeos Trumpet and the coast papers
a windy lecture in its last issue for
what it chooses to call "sectional
jealousy revealed in all its nakedness," because they did not enthuse
over Kelowna's success at the Spokane lair to an extent suitable to
our erudite friend.
The Trumpet does not have to be
shown its duty by the Courier. We
have always urged the great advertising value to any fruit distriet of
exhibits at outside fairs, and in the
present instance have not sought to
belittle the grand success of our
friends to the north. But because
we chose to devote our limited
Space to dealing vvith features of the
lair that would prove interesting
Bod educational to residents of our
own district, instead of in fulsome
flattery of those so capable of tooting their own horn, is another
A far better instance of "sectional jealousy revealed in all its nakedness" is the Courier's tirade against
the "Province" because it inadvertently mentioned Mr. DeHart as
hailing from the Similkameen instead of the Okanagan. Ihe mistake was excusable in view of the
close proximity of the two valleys
and the greater prestige which fruit
from the Similkameen has won at
the coast. The Courier should get
out of its glass house or cease
throwing pebbles.
The organization of a Farmers'
Institute at Myncasler has been
authorized and tomorrow the farm
ers of thai district meet at the Myn-
caster Hotel for the purpose indicated.
Second hand Kootenay Range cheap.    Good as new.
Call and see it.    Also see our Heaters.
Hand made Stove Pipes.—The only safe kind.
Turpentine and Gasoline always on hand.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS      -      -       PROPRIETOR.
B. C
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
for Teams
«■      ' l  • ' .     V ' ll
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Boys' Clothing
Ladies' Hose
Shirts and Overalls
Boots and Shoes
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers and Tourists invited to give 111 a trial.
'   Builders and Contractors
I.inif, CSSSMI, I'rini'iit   Hecks and  Brick lot   s.ilr.
Plastering   Masonry    Painting   Paper-Hanging
Ksliinalt's (fivcti for all anil every kind of Cement Work
and lliiil.lm^ ^morally.
Write ns for prices. DiStaaM no object.
At Okanagan Palls the new year
will be ushered !,. with a ball.
"Jumbo" has to fight wild cats
for possession of the Stemwinder
camp. For this season he has two
of their scalps in his belt.
Mr. and Mrs. Stone have moved
from John Burnett's ranch to their
homestead near the Dominion Mine
and Mr. Ilurnett is now living in his
own house.
Mrs. J. R. Hrown  will  entertain
tbe Sunday school scholars and
officers on Wednesday evening at
her home.
After the Christmas eve entertainment Mr. Corstinc missed his gold
watch and chain. Later he found
it in the snow near Shatford's
Constable W. B. Haynes, Osoyoos, was in town on Saturday.
Mr. Piper has the lumber that
was in the house on the east end of
Mr. Morris' lot piled and ready for
loading. It will be used with the
large quantity taken from the
Strathyre camp for a house on his
For a few days at the Golden
Gate Hotel "John" held up the
liberal cause with wonderful courage. He is 80 years of age but has
the vim and fire of a young politician.
A special baptismal service will
be held in the church here by the
Rev. Mr. Cameron on Sundav, Jan.
31st, at 11 a.m.
C. de ll. Green spent Cnriatmaa
and Sunday at home. He is suffering a little from the effects of an
accident that dates back to the days
ot his college games.
llie Christmas tree and entertainment given in the Golden Gate
Hall on Christmas eve passed with
the eclat of the most pioperous
Jays of Fairview. It was a decided
success and speaks volumes for the
three young lassies who had to do
with it. The program was the
tight length and well rendeied.
There were two quartette* by
"grown tips" with carols, solos and
recitations   by    young    folk.       Mr.
Corstinc, as director ol ceremonies,
filled the bill most acceptably, and
Santa Claus in distributing his gifts
gave perfect satisfaction.
llie Rev. Mr. Cameron came
from Keremeos by way of the Steni-
w/inder pass on Saturday. He re-
potts ten inches of snow at the
summit of the trail.
A New Apple.
As the result of an experiment
made years ago while living at the
lower ranch Mr. Frank Richter has
originated a new variety of apple,
and one which, on account ot ils
beautiful color, delicious flavor and
symmetrical shape is destined to
take a place among the leaders on
the market.
The parent tree is one of seven
which grew from ISedi ol the Red
Astrachan.     Five of the trees  prov*
ed unproductive and the fruit of the
other producing tree is entirely unlike the apple here referred to. Mr.
Richter has been calling the new
variety the Winter Banana but it
does not iu the least resemble the
fruil ordinarily known by that
What is a proverb? A proverb
is a short sentence drawn from long
The Hook of Proverbs, containing
three thousand, was written by
Solomon. They were exhortations
to fear God and believe his word.
Many proverbs of a different nature
have been added to those written by
Solomon, as the following :
"Home is where the great are
' often small and the small are often
"Better dry bread at home than
bread well buttered abroad."
"One's own thistle field is dearer
to him than his neighbor's garden
Of roses."
"An empty purse and a new
house make a man wise, but too
"If you have anything good to
say about a man, say it while he is
living, for no doubt his hearing is
better now than it will be after his
Lumber and
Builders' Supplies.
Carriaob Building, Repair*
inc. and Painting
Opposite the Central Hotel.
P   .BROMLEY.       Lumber
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Estimates of cost cheerfully furnished to intending builders.
Contracts for all kinds of buildings in town and country promptly
Contractor snd BoiMsr.
Kkrkmkos, B.C.
Kettle River Assessment
VOI li K i* li.ivlu ***beoo that Courts of Revision
'        .in.I   \p|v,tl. muliT till*  provision* ol"  tlu'  "As-
.. ssimnt Alt   will Ix- hrlil its follow* :
;.. i. imk lloi.-l, K.vk Ciwk. Jmean nth. HOT,
.it -' p. in.
Sidle*,    Tost   Olli.v,  SUK-y.   January   7lh.    IW
at _' p. m.
Const.Mat Olli..-.   K.nuii'os.  January   8th.   ISW.
at 2 p. nt.
Court House. Kairvu'tt, January 11, 1909. at 2 p.m.
Il.ili-J at Kairviiw, B.C., tills littli dav   of   IV,, inner. A.I).. |s)OH. Hhskv Nkltoisos.
JuJk'v' of Court of KYvisi.m and AfJp**J,
Similkameen Land District.
Tike noliee that I, William   Mag,   land
SSJSSS,   intentl  In apply for   permission   to
pmvii.tse ihe IfaBowlaaj described lands :
CoaMBeactfl** Sl a posi  planted   20   ehains
west et the south-west corasr of lot  172,
theme north 20 ehains, theme east 21)
ehaina, thenee smith 40 ehains, thenee
west 211 chains to lhe poinl of eotiiineneo-
ment, bsissj about the area   within   whieh
lies an bland between lots 172sad276and
Ihe Similkameen rivet and containing
aboat SS SCfSS 10 whieh litis appheation
Wit t I \M Uisti.
Keremeos, B.C., December 17, I'KM.
Apex Mineral Claim.
Situate   ill   llie   Similkameen    Division   of
Vale Mining District.      Where   loeal-
ed     On Manery   Mountain,   adjoining
tin1 Kelipse group on lhe i'.ist.
"TMKK NOTICK that the   Kelipse   Min-
*      ini{ and Milling Company, Free Millet s   lerlilieale   No.   119,232,   intend,   60
da*S Itom thi' date hereof, lo apply  lo the
Mining Rocordsr for a CertiAcuta of lm-
prov. ments, tot the purpose   of   obtaining
a Crown I'itanl ofthe ahove elaim.
And further lake noliee lhat aelion,
under seetion .17, tiiusl lie eoinmeneed BONUS the isstianee of sueh C'ertitieale of
n.ued ihis Urd day of Deosssher, 1WH.
Ki i irsi MiMM. ami Mu.i.iNu Company.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special COtMrad rates to camps.
Orders for  Cured   Meats,   Fish  and   Poultry  promptly
and aatisfactorily filled.
GEO. CAWSTON. Keremeos Property is
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 180 miles of Vancouver.
Prices of
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
7th & 8th Ave.:
$250.00 each
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch ofthe C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
. Christmas.
Christinas day passed off  quietly
in Keremeoa, die weather man having thins*! pretty much his own
way. Arrangements had been made
for some skating On   tbe   river   hut
the heavy fall of soft snow  whieh
set in about eleven o'clock and continued most of the afternoon, while
putting a beautiful mantle, appropriate to the occasion, on Mother
Earth, effectually checked all attempts at outside sports.
In the evening the Central Hotel,
under the new management, entertained. About 40 guests sat down
10 a sumptuous Christmas dinner
after which the spacious dining-
room was cleared and, others arriv-|
ing, dancing was commenced and
continued, under the most agreeable
conditions imaginable, until a late
hour. The hotel had been tastily
decorated tor the occasion and presented a cheerful and hospitable appearance, while no detail was overlooked that would add tt' the comfort ofthe guests; the sending of a
conveyance for parties from the
lower town, and taking them home
afterwards, being a special mark of
thoughtfulnees. May the hosts and
hostess of the Central long be spared to dispense such liberal hospit-
Local and General.
D. P. Jelly left on Wednesday on
.1 business tup to Vancouver'.
Mrs I.owe entertained last evening Bt the Ranche in honor of her
son Dick.
Sen ice as usual in the Keremeos
church Ml Sunday eveoiog next,
followed by the Sacrament of the
I. ud's Supper.
Remember the annual meeting ol
the fruit Growers' association in
the Keremeos I.aud Company's office on Monday evening next at 7;
30 p. m. '
A serviceable calendar with large
igurws   is  the um  issmd  '. \   am
Manitoba Assurance Co. for l'K)').
Call at this olliee and yet one while
they last.
f, II. fait weather, ol the K. T.
Hank stall at (irand Forks, arrived
on Wednesday   and   is   temporarily
Ming O. I.. Clarke's position in the
office here.
The afternoon tea al the residence
of Mrs. J. J. Armstrong, Maple-
hurst, on Wednesday afternoon,
was well patronised and resulted in
a substantial increase in the binds
of the (mild.
It was thoughtful of the l.ieulen-
ant-liovernor to proclaim Saturday,
Dec 16th, and Jan. 2nd, public holidays,    ln  two days  it   should  be
possible to fairly test the New   Vear
resolutions or considerably reduce
lhe worst swelled head.
For 1'XW the Norwich Union Fire
Insurance Co. ha\e Issued a handsome calendar,   in colors,   with   an
apt illustration showing a tire engine rushing to the rescue of a
burning building. While they last
you may secure one of these at  this!
In reporting the school concert
last week we represented  Mrs.    W.
II. Armstrong as having given the
hall free of rent. In doing' so we
unintentionally made a mistake
which we hasten to correct. The
hall was not given free of rent. It
was rented and paid for in the usual
way and the amount of the rent
afterwards refunded as a donation
to the fund for the purchase of
pti/es for the school children.
By an order of the Lieutenant-
Governor in Council, to-morrow,
(Saturday) has been proclaimed a
public holiday. Last Saturday
was also proclaimed a holiday and
was observed as such by banks and
other institutions generally throughout the province. In Keremeos it
was either not generally known or
else the people did not feel the need
of a day in which to sober up, as,
with the exception of a few gentlemen ot leisure, everybody proceeded with the every-day routine of
business. Tomorrow this olliee,
the hank and a few of the other
over-worked business places around
town  intend  taking advantage  ot
the proclamation and will close
shop, hut WC trust our readers will
refrain from making any   unfriendly
Eastern Townships Bank.
HkAI)   Oll'IlK,
Capital and Reserve,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and  upwards received,  subject  to no delay  in  withdrawal of all or any  portion.
Keremeos Branch. R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting; Manager.
Merry Xmas
Happy New Year
1F. Richter & Co. I
5 per cent, off for eaeh.
Dealers in General Merchandise.
Acclimatized Tested Stock.
Seeds. Trees, Plants for the
Farm, Garden Lawn
or Conservatory.
Reliable Varieties ,ii reasonable pi ires.       No burns, no BCSls, tto   lumiy.tl-
km to daassge stock*.    No wind) agenl
IO MHO)  vou.
I'xir.i choice lot of falll KfSSS --.*-.
coming on for the tall trade, constating
ol 50,000 Peach, Posr, Ptusi sad Chsc-
ryi 70,000 Apple in leading varieties.
100,000 sin.,ii ir ni stasia. Strictly
boom grown without irrigation sad one
own propagation from bearing stock.
Tons of Hull>s for fall planting* Choice
gi .iss .unl grain ■soda stwsi ■ in stock.
Fertilisers, Bee supplies, Spray
Pumps, Spraying materials, Cut Rowers, rir.    Oldest established nurseries
on tlu* mainlaml   of   H. (.'.     CstSaOgUC
m. j. henry,
Oreenbouset   .WIO Westminster Road.
Breach nurseries!   s. Vancouver.
Druggists and Stationers
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
freighting, Drayin**, and General Livery Business.     Grain and Hay.
D. GILLESPIE, Proprietor.


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