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Keremeos Trumpet May 29, 1908

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Array Keremeos Trumpet
Vol. I.
KLREMFOS, B.C.,  FRIDAY,  MAY 29,  1<X)8.
No. 10
Stage Lines.
Ki.ikr Stage.
Leaves Keremeos daily, except Sunday,
at noon, arrives at Hedley 3 p.m.
Leaves Hedley daily, except Sunday,
at 8 a.m., arrives at Keremeos 11 a.m.
Only through connecting stage between
Penticton, Keremeos, Hedley it Princeton.
J. K. RoVKR, I'roprielor.
Kkrkmkos HBBLSV Mail Stack.
(In a** on and after April t, 1908.)
Leaves Keremeos daily, except Sunday,
at I p.m.; arrives in Hedley al 8 p.m.
Leaves Hedley daily, except Sunday, at
7 a.m., arrives in Keremeos at 11 a.m.
D. J. Innis, Proprietor.
Kkrkmkos Pknticton Mail Stai.k.
Leaves Keremeos for Penticton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, al noon.
Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 6 a. m., arriving in
Keremeos at noon.
W. E. Wklbv, Proprietor.
A Large Crowd in Attendance
Evente Well Oontested   Oroville Wins Baseball Tournament   Wind and Dust Interfere   Ball a Grand Success.
V. V. Al. E. train arrives daily,
Sunday, at 10.dO a.m. H	
Leaves daily, except Sunday, at d p.m.
Keremeos School Board.
K.   El.Mlll RST. t'.KO.   KlRBV.
D. J. Innis, Sec.-Treas.
Church Services.
PRKSRVTKKIAN Divine service alternate
Sundays, Keremeos Town Hall II a.m.,
School House 7 p.m. Kev. A. II. Cameron,
Methodist Divine service alternate
Sundays. Keremeos Town Hall I' a. in.,
School House 7 p. in. Rev. Mr. Jones,
Anglican--Services as announced from
time to time.
Sindav  School  and   Biblk  Class.
In Town Hall each Sunday at 10 a.m.
Mrs. J. R. Shaw, Superintendent.
L.O.L. No. 17 70
Meets Tuesday on or hefore
the lull moon in each  month
in   Keremeos School  House.
Visiting members cordially invited.
D. J. Innis, W. M.
d. ItcCimov.R. s.
Notary Public.
Agent for :
London & Lancashire Eire Ins. Co.
Ocean Accident anil Guarantee Co.
Kkrkmkos, H. C.
Contractor and Builder,
Estimates Furnished.
Workmanship Cmarauteed.
For an Easy Shave
and a Clean Bath
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A. J. SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
Motto :  Boost, but Don't Knock.
It cannot be said that the sports
held here on Monday were in every
respect an unqualified success. The
difficulties attending an initial celebration were too great to be entirely smoothed away. A new race
track and baseball field had to be
cleared, local clubs organized to
compete in the various events, and
numerous other details, which will
not present themselves on future occasions, all had to be dealt with in
a limited   time.    Besides  this,   the
f weather man took a hand and did
what he could to thwart the efforts
of the committee for it day's enjoyment. All day long a stiff gale
blew down the valley and stirred up
a cloud of dust on the athletic-
grounds that greatly inconvenienced both contestants and onlookers.
For days previous the weather had
been of the   made-to-order  variety,
■ and it was unfortunate that it
should have chang-ed just when it
However, a little wind and dust
cannot dampen western enthusiasm
when on pleasure bent, and early in
the forenoon load after load began
to arrive from the surrounding district and neighboring- towns.     Hed-
j ley contributed a handsome quota
including a gun club and baseball
team, the livery men of that town
and Keremeos having all the passengers their combined forces could
accommodate. Fairview was over
en masse while the V.V. & K. train,
which brought baseball teams and
their supporters from Oroville and
Nighthawk, was packed to the
At the station a number of vehicles were in readiness to convey visitors to the Centre, where a matched race for large stakes was being
run by horses owned by Thomas
and Armstrong. In the meantime
the draw for the baseball tournament was made and resulted in
Hedley being drawn against Night-
hawk and Oroville against Keremeos.
Hedley and Nighthawk took the
field first, the former team looking
spink and span in their neat blue
uniforms and putting up a game at
the start that made them look like
winners. Keremeos had difficulty
in collecting a nine, and the team
that finally faced the Oroville professionals on the diamond were at
the disadvantage of having had absolutely 00 practice  together.     The
new ball ground proved a little slow
on account of the light sandy nature
of the soil but otherwise was in
good condition. Following is a list
ofthe players and a summary of the
Knoll P. Hetrich
Pooler C. Boh ner
McDaniels 1 B. Jackson
Jordan 2 B. Campbell
Myers 3 B. Lawrence
Oty S. S. McLean
McDaniels R. F. Revely
Barry C. F. Corrigan
Hernden L. F. Murphy
M. C. Schalm, umpire.
•com hv innings.
Nighthawk 00 3  1000    4
Hedley 1010000    2
T. Daly I'. Smith
Bouillard C. Fruit
Brown I B. Keve
Phelps 2 B. Bartell
Herald 3 B. Saline j
Carmichael S. S. Bartell
Buck R. F. Davis'
! W. Daly C. F. Wilson ]
Armstrong L. I'. Blacker
VV. Pooler umpire.
score by Domras,
I Oroville 1401021    9 |
Keremeos 0 000100    1
Immediately upon the  conclusion
' of the g line   with   Keremeos,   the
, Oroville  team  took  on the Night-
', hawkers  in   the   final  game.    The
line-up of both teams was the same
as in their preceding games.    In the
opening innings neither side  scored
I but in their half of the second   Oro-
j ville bunched their hits and assisted
by a pass and a few juicy errors got
three men over the plate, enough to
win the game and to spare.
Oroville 0 3 0 0 2 0 0    I
Nighthawk 0000000   0
J. A. Brown umpire.
Though the new track was not
one on which records were likely to
be smashed, there was keen interest
shown in the races and most of the
events, the cowboys race in particu-
| lar, were keenly contested. The relay race and several minor events
were not pulled off until the next
dap.     Following are the  winners :
Open race H. Richter (Ciinty)
Charley Allison (Johnny).
Saddle horse (owners up) 11.
Richter, A. Huphrer.
Cowboy race S. Terabasket, I..
Ladies' race May Smitheran,
Violet Kirby.
Named ladies' race -Florence Sinclair, May Smitheran.
Klootchman's race Mary Aim
McLaughlin, Mile. Terabasket.
Cireen race James Robinson, 11.
Turn coat race !•'. Brant, S.
100 yard dash F. Brant, H.
50 yard dash, for box of cigars,
special by B. C. Cigar Co.—P.
High jump H. Brewer, M. Wit-
Long jump Charley Loudon, H.
Three teams, representing- Hedley, Fairview and Keremeos competed at the traps for the trophy to be
donated by L. VV. Shatford. By-
special request we refrain from publishing the scores, except to say
that Hedley, with 64 out of 100,
have the right to first possession of
the trophy, while the best individual score was made by F. French,
with 19 out of 25. The competing
teams were as follows : Harris,
Rolls, French, Boeing, Hedley;
Dalrymple, H. and C. Jones, Aulds,
Fairview; Kwart, Traub, Meausette,
Frith, Keremeos.
The winners are subject to chal-
ledge at their own town by any team
in the Electoral Division of Similkameen after the expiration of thirty
days or at any celebration held in
the towns represented by teams
which enter the competition.
The dance given under the auspices of the Athletic Association in
the evening was very largely attended and in every way a complete
success. Princeton, Hedley, Fair-
view and Oroville were all represented and, spacious as our town hall
is, for once it was crowded. Oroville orchestra supplied the music
and refreshments were served by-
Mr. and Mrs. Keeler at fheir new
d. S. Lawrence, of the Beautiful
Valley Land Co., with a party of
five land-seekers from the east, arrived in Oroville on Saturday evening, where they were met by a
livery team and driven on to the
Centre on Sunday. The party consisted ot Rev. Ci. II. Cicrkhe, Winnipeg, Superintendent of Herman
Lutheran Missions ; V R. Bruches,
of Bruno, Sask.; VV. H. Burrows,
of tioderich, Ont. ; August Petly,
of St. Jean Baptiste, Man.; and
BdW0Itl Burt, of Moose Jaw, Sask.
Rev. Mr. tierkhe is interesting
himself in forming a (ierman colony
in this valley. We understand that
Messrs. Burrows and Pedy purchased while here, and that Messrs.
Burt and Bruches will in the near
Teamsters wanted for ditch gang.
Keremeos Land Company. LOCAL NOTES. c_h&^
a*, -Walter
A car load of cedar shingles. 1".
Richter & Co.
Keremeos has the material   for a
good baseball   nine.     All   the   boys •
need   is   practice    lots    ot   it    and
Fred l'rosser arrived from Virden,
Man., on Friday, and has taken ■
position in the harness and repair
shop of his brother C. V.
The beautiful residence of Mr.
and Mrs. F. Richter was the scene
of a pleasant gathering on Friday-
evening last, the occasion being a
surprise party by the young people
of the Centre.
Rev. J. A. Cleland, English
church clergyman, of Penticton,
will hold divine service in Keremeos town hall on Sunday next. Matins and Holy Communion at 11 a. I
m., evensong at 7 p. m.
On Saturday evening last the '
members of the Keremeos school
board met Mr. J. J. Armstrong,
manager of the Keremeos Land Co.,
and effected a deal whereby the
trustees got the deed for lot 12,
containing 2.7 acres, for the site of
the new school building, Mr. Armstrong taking the old school site as
part payment on the purchase price.
It is understood that building will
be commenced forthwith.
D. F. Jelly has received an appointment as assistant immigration
officer by the Great Northern, with
a free pass over the Company's lines
throughout the province. The appointment will prOVS of great value
to Mr. Jelly, who is secretary ofthe
Fruit Grower's Association, iu looking up the most favorable markets
for the produce of this district, and
incidentally in directing home-seek-!
ers tO the valley that offers tbe
greatest inducements of any in 'be
province. The appointment is but
further evidence of the willingness
oi the G. X. tO assist the people of
thi valley and will be duly appreciated.      It is up tO Mr. Jelly to make
the utmost host of his opportunities.
Tore Down Wrong; Pier.
(irand Forks, May 22 After securing'   permission   from  the citv of
Grand Fork* to destroy the north
pier at the old Firs! street bridge,
the Y.ilc-Co'timhia Lumber Company put men tO work, ami vv hen
the job was AnUhed it was ascertained that the> had destroyed the
wrong pier,   bting the  south  pier,
and not the one intended to li.ivc
been removed. The workman who
removed   the   wrong pier  says that
he  received orderi from some of
the aldermen lo do the work. By
the removal of the w rong pier damage tO the extent of $35,000 was
done, and the prospect for a new
bridge al the foot of First    street   is
'PIIK atU-nlinn of t'u'  l.amlt, aiul Works  lVp;irt
*    nn-rit bavins; baan diractsd to the f;u-t that town
K>ls  in   ;i  LmiiMU-   natiK-il   Prime   Ku|>crt.  Mllfl a
subdivision of Lot tA2, Rooms 5, Coast District,
Mtuau\l oo tho mainland balwaaa tlu- mouth ot urn
Skt-i-iia Kivi-r anj Kaifli Island, arc bsMS oftatwi
tor sal,-, it has tvi-n Wtttood msvssary to warn th,'
public that tho aaid townafea is not siliialad al tin-
terminus of tha Orand Trash Paettc Railwa>. and
is not the townsite which is ownad jointly bv the
Government of Itritish Columbia aiul the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway Company.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lauds and Works Department,
Victoria, H. C. May 1st. PKH. II
Osoyoos Division of Yale Land
District.   District of Yale.
Take notice that I, K. 0, Hankinson,
of Keremeos, H. C, occupation bookkeeper, intend to apply for permission to
purchase the following described lands :
Commencine; at a post planted at the
south-east corner of Lot 100, thence 20
chains south, thence 20 chains west,
thence 2U ehains north, thenee 20 ehains
east to point of commencement. South of
l.ot 100, west of Lot 42, north and east of
Osoyoos Lake. Containing twenty acres
more or less.
Kkn.skth GlLBSST Hankinson.
April 29, 1908. 14
Similkameen  District.
Take notice that 1, John Angus McDonald, of Olalla, occupation miner, intend lo
applv for permission to purchase tlu- following described land : Commencing at a
post planted at the north-west corner of
lot number 1909, thence north 5 chains,
tbence em 7 chains, thence soulh d
chains, thence west 7 chains to point of
commencement, and contains d aeres,
more or less.
John Asia s McDon.vi.ii,
Paled April Uth, 1908. II
Yale Land District.
Take notice that Frank Ricl.ter, of Kcr-
I'lncos, Kanclu-r, intends to upplv fov per*
mission lo purchase the following described land : Commencing al a post planted
al Ihe norlh-wrst corner ol Lot 4.1, thence
east n) chains, thence north 10 chains,
thence west 00 chains, thence south \0 ,
eliains to point of commencement, and i
containing  JO  acres,   more   or   less,   and
Including that piece of lead hrtaff north of
Lot 4... west of l.ot 113,  south  of  Lot  41,
and east ofOvOJTOOM I.akr.
Frank Ku'iitkk.
April IH, I90S.
Notice of Forfeiture.
TO K. M. Stack nnd ain mm Bff MOM Oo whom
lir Ng haw tran.slrrrrJ ;inv interest in the
"BUwfc Diamond" mineral claim, situated in
Olalla Camp, in the OoOfOam. Division of Yah
V'Or art* herehy required to take notice that I
1 have expended tor a-sesMiient and tor recording
certificate ol work on the above n.siiied claim SKL'.N),
rs-iiiK the exrviuht HI t HMMf] to eiiahle im- lo
hold said claim, and you arc hereby required to
contribute vour share or prop* trt ion of such expenditure, toti.-tlter with all eosls ol ad\ erhsin^. If urn ■
l.xl .-I refuse (o contrihute such amount, iitclujin^
adxerliKin^. within ninet> i'*M daya of first publication ot this notice in the Keremeos Tki MI'KT. your
interest will Ivvomr tesUsl in me. >our co-owner,
under the pro\ iiion* -of the "Mineral Ael HM
AjbmuUm Acts."
Dated this llih da. ol  Ma.  I***.
20 L M. Lvov
Do not he deceived     ask for Five
Roves flour.      F.   RU liter ev Co.
Notice of Forfeiture.
1,'i. lUMlrs Ku illtK and an\  MM or MfflMM to
whom he ma\   have Iran .(. rred   his one-third  in-
U-n *>l m tin      l.ldotad.i    mineral claim,   liluah-d
in tlie Olalla vamp,   iu  lhe OmjtOM   Pi.ihuwi  .<(
Yale Ihslnd.
V'OC  are   In reh\    required   t.»   take   notice   lhal   I
li,.v.  MMaMl fof UBMMRenl Hlld l.>r recording
i . • til.  .ii.   ..I vurli ..n the ihlli named claim $l(U..V)a
Is inc. tin  exjs ii.liture necessary   to eu.iltle tile to hold
said i l.iitn. aud you ate herein   t. quired to . on! nlnite
\our sli.in- oi |tro|vu turn ol su, h expenditure.   « hieh
anioiiu I.it,   .*  s. v,nt>-lhr.s- dollars   |J'( -'fli  t..
K.lllci   v. illiall  cost,  ,i|   ad\erti..nn        ll    IM   tail   or
t. lus, tO Contribute   such   amount,    in, hiding   ad\ti-
ttatag, whhlti ninrtj i'*"d.n-. -«t tiist  puUlflBtiaii d
tins notlCC in 1 fl.    K. reineos   I'm I  Mel  I .   unn    in ten st
Willis-    .r*.t, d jn   iu,      \our  eit-.iv, u,i.    undo   the
P'i'Mi - ->l tii.     Mm. I  il   \, I aiul   MMtMsMJ A. ts
Dated tins 14th da. P_ \U\, I40K.
I.   M. Lvov
The Imported IVrchoroi. Stallion
4I..IK    |.SS'M*|
Will in.ikr lha iOsVtwisg stamls in thi-
Similkamtvn this soason :
Al Rejrw'l -.Lililf, Kiiiiih-os, afli'inoon
aiul i-vi-iiiiik, Mai Jl, .10, Jun.- 9, IH, J",
July 7, It., U,
Al OtetU, nhrttt, Mav 22, .11, Jura- 10,
19, 2H, |„lv B, 17, 21,.     '
Trims.     I,, in,,,,,., $20;  si-asun,   $15;
■ingle leap, $10.
Iiii    BOVTMBBII   OKAMMAM    I'khi iiikon
HoKM   \ama umw
•<> J. T.  I'ratlni, C.iooni.
Groceries, Hardware,
Men's Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes.
Oranges, Lemons, and all kinds of
Fresh Groceries constantly in stock.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS      -      -      PROPRIETOR.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
Comfortable and commodious stabling for teams.
Oood rigs and careful drivers.
Prompt attention to ail customers.
Land-seekers and Tourists invited to jrive us a trial.
Spoci.il attention to Comtm.-ri.-i.-il Men, Tourists and Land-seekers.
Headquarters for all SttfjV Routes.
I.iverv Stable in connection.
(iood table.       I.arjje, airy and comfortable rooms.
l'ree 'bus to and from all trains.
Tweddle & Reith,
Proprietors. Murray Comedy Company.
Advance advertising matter is out
for ■ tbree nights' engagement  of
tlie Murray Comedy Co. in tbe Keremeos town hall, commencing Mondsy evening next, June I. Delightfully VSglM are posters and lithographs, giving neither repertoire
nor prices of admission, two points
upon which tbe public like to be informed.
A letter from Mr. Murray, however, conveys the information that
the company carry an abundance of
ily shipped, Willi brick and lire
clav, stOIW, cement, limestone and
timber there is no lack of building
material in this section ofthe Similkameen.
I.. 1'. Gow, of Rossland, is preparing to engage in the niannfac-
j ture of brick. For that purpose he
has bought lots on Harold Avenue,
near the Tulameen river, and will
soon have a kiln burning.
c. a. Mcdonald
of a
Lifetime !
The eminent character comedian with the
Murray Comedy Co.
For Protection of Orchards.
San Francisco, Cal., May 22. -
Alter a remarkable quest in the Far
East for the natural enemies of
pests that infest American orchards,
George Compere, entomologist, ar-
rived here on the liner China last
night, successful. He left in Western   Australia   a parasite   that   was
1 Once in a lifetime    sometimes more than once    Oppor-
deducting the ravages ol truit fly to
I a noticeable desree tunity knocks at nearly every man's door, and if he is wise
i     .    .    '        . ! ' . '
This parasite was discovered five  he loses not an instant in opening the door, for Opportunity
years Biro in India, but previous at- ■• i ■ ,    ., ,_       wrt
■ ' never lingers and never returns with the  same gift.    VV hat
tempts    to   introduce   it   into Aus- "
trails failed on account of the op- slu' is offering to-iluy in the Similkameen is an ideal home
posite seasons. Hy putting the
bugs to sleep in India with ice,
Compere got 100,000 of them to
Australia alive. He woke them up
In the Australian winter. The parasites,apparently thinking they were
still in India, went to work with a
[will. Three generations of native
born bugs saw the light before Compere  left   the  Antipodes.    He also
easily secured.
We are her agents.
A Few Lots Left.
The Webster Home Ranch, tin-
large estate which tve divided
into lots of a sit.,- suitable for fruit
plots, has already commended itself so well io home-aeeken that
a large part of it has been taken
up. We still have, however, s
number at choice S and 10 acre
plots. They are really choice
■a good aa any ei thos,- already
disposed ot bed they sre going
fast,   tf vou delay in selecting
one vou mav Ih- too late.
took tO Australia a   parasite   which
... , •   ,    swept like lire the Cabbage  aphison
their   own    KCenery,    present    high ' K    asjsmaswsi
class comedy plays with  up-to-date   ''
-,..,', , Mr. Compere bas broutrht to Cat-
specialties between acts, and   never ' *
,-•■,,„,  ,; ifornia  a  parasite  to destroy   the
i.ul to please audiences. '
•■-, ,•   .i .   mealv bug, a pest that causes great
rhe company is further represent-     . ;
,,•,,",, ,.        ,    trrief to  the  orange  growers.     He
ed as being the Dominion  Comedy s ...
,. , • , , •   ,,•• '   discovered   this   friendly   buif   in
c ompany, which organised in \\ in- s
nipog last fall, and are now playing J-'P'"1-
under the above name  without   anv |_OCal  and  General.
change in the personnel    If this  is .... .      •r**m___m
,, .       ,., ,       Next month there will be launch-   Who Are Coming
the case we can heartilv recommend
them to our readers and assure them ** in tho li,,k' Nov" ***** Port of
that thev will get an evening's en- NVu Glasgow the first steel .ailing
tertainment well worth their money.   ■** eVW bml1 ,n C;madil-
Another industry has been started
Brick-making; at Princeton. at Grand Forks by L Hanson and
The Similkameen Star says : ■OUS,   ranchers    a   sawmill   with   a
Another industry that gives rtas- capacity of 15,000 faet daily.
onahle   expectation   of   success   in       \\    v.    |.-j.s|K.r,   of   London,   has
Princeton  is  that   of  brickmaking. broken the world's  record for road
It has long been known that agOOd cycling, covering   a thousand  miles
brick clay was to   be   bund  in  this |B t,« |unirs |Q mjmiU.Si  heating the
•action.     Blkk  has been   mule  by petvioUS record by   12 hours.
different parties in sufficient quanti* ,                           ,   .
 ,        , Arrangements are being made bv
ties to supplv local needs.     It.it   the ....         ,,        ... .,.     .     ,.
. _                            ,          , ., ,    , the Nelson Hoard ol   hade   lor  an
COSt, 150 per   thousand,    prohibited
tbe use ot them   in   any   but   small
quantities,    When the coal nf manufacture can be  brought   to vvilhin
elaborate display of Kootenav fruit
at the Calgary exhibition. A large
space at the show will be devoted
to exhibits of fruit.
One prime factor in Making i
community desirable ov the rovers,' as a place of residence is
tho kind of people who Inhabit it.
In that respect the Similkamaen
is   second   le   none   in   America.
The people now here and those
constantly coming ht ar* large!)
C.iu.iilians or Sri tons ot a high
type, and mostly people et some
moderate   means.        There   is   no
assisted immigration no "colonies'' at taiii.isik eastern Kara-
neaiis sack as mike parts of lha
Northwest undealrable to live in.
The Inflow Increasing.
It is an ,,iii saying that  satisfied
Customers are lhe hest advert isc-
meiit lot any business. Thai is
the ease with us. Did vou ever
hear ol' anv om- who boaght a
truit ranch from tis who regretted
it '!     Tin-   only   regret   they   are
ever heard to express is thai thev
did not know sooner what a glorious   opportunity   was  awaiting
lhem here.
Tested and Proved.
The Sitnilkainecn s status as a
fruit   country   par   excellence    is
thoroughly well established,   lhe
,|ualilv of its  product!   has   been
proved ai national and international exhibitions, iu competition
with the world, to be absolutely
For Parties.
A special rate is given bv lhe
C. tt, R. Sad C I'. K. lo home-
aeeking parlies of tee or more
visiting Ihis diatrict. .\nv such
group wishing to settle in one
neighborhood can secure froan us
tracts of land of suitable aise on
most favorable terms,
limits which will enable  builders to
_uje them in construction, then there     |,-lt   Burns,   the   western   cattle
will in all likelihood be a ready and sin* "i,s secured tbe contract for
increasing demand fix brick. There supplying the construction camps
is also tire clay and cement in and 0* the O.T. P. with meal. The con-
around Princeton. A good quality H»Cl is a big one and will run into
of lire clav has been found in clos,. several hundred thousand dollars,
proximity to the coal mined by the The C.N.R. report of crop proa
Vermilion Forks Co. Cement has pact! in the Northwest is most opti-
been found at th Ronnie mine, j mis-tic. It says in brief: "The
which ). O. Coulthard has hail test- crops are coming Ml splendidly.
ed and found tO contain the proper Prospects good. Weather very
ingredients. It is right on the line favorable. I.ate rains were bene-
of the V. V. 0 Iv. and will  be read- ficial."
Ami buy to tho best advantage.   Wo will be pleased to
furnish you with full particulars, description,  and general
information on application.
Beautiful Valley Land Go.
KEREMEOS, B.C. The Keremeos Trumpet
MSaMmr) 1-iiA.n. .n tfcsosW
Karasaaoa, ll.C.
Subscription $-'.(10 ;i  font,   $U«' tor sU   ineiitlis.
in advaacs,
Advardaiflg Rataa, Lagal notieaa, lie per line
first iiiMTtiim. HK' |vr line each BubaaaiMMil insertion.
Land notices Certificates of tmprovement.atc, ss.iio
forOdaj notices, 13.00fot X_da) notices.   Contract
ilispl.'iy .,,lvert»sin_r. 2Sc> pef incfe per greek. Transient ailvaillsaiiieiilB. men -is Loat, Pound, Wanted,
»'t,\, not i-xeeeilinu nm- ineh. SI.1*! lirst insertion, or
three insertions lot $_\(ll). l.,v.ll n-.ulin_. notiivs,
33c. per line.
.1. A. BROWN, I'..Misher.
FRIDAY,   MAV _>•>,   1408.
Notes and Comments.
The new election law in Saskatchewan includes Chinamen along
with lunatics, convicts, etc., among
the classes not entitled to vote. As
a large number of Chinamen in the
Province are naturalized, it is not
unlikely that  they   will   dispute the
validity of the act.
Hitherto it has been the policy of
the owners of the graal turbine
steamships, Mauretania and Lusitania, to maintain secrecy as to
details, especially of power and coal
consumption. Lately, however,
some figures have been given out,
which show that tbe Lusitania, the
greatest and swiftest of all liners,
with a speed ot about 30 miles an
hour, develops 68,850 horsepower.
'Phis requires almost  exactly   1000
tons of coal a day, so thai the leviathan weighs 5000 tons less at the
end of a voyage than at the beginning in itself tbe weight ot ■ big
chip's cargo.
One reason why foreigners are
preferred on public and other works
to English, Scotch and Irish was
given by Crown Attorney Corlev ot
Toronto in the police court. Wm.
Plewes, foreman for Kelly \- Co.,
contractors, was charged with fraud
in having accepted from a number
" Italians a dollar each to give
them work, and then having discharged them, after they had worked lor a short  time.     Crown   Altor-
nev Corley, said all foreigners were
in the habit of paying foremen to
obtain  their jobs.     British   subjects
would not do this, sii that foreigners secured the preference. Magistrate   Kingsford    remarked   that   it
looked very crooked.
11 is announced thai President
Roosevelt has signed the bill directing the restoration to gold ami sil-
v ei coins ol the motto  " In Cod we
trusts"   ordered   bj   him   stricken
from the gold coin, some months
ago, on the ground thai lhe law did
not authorise its use. The President's action in lirst ordering the
erasion ol ihe mono raised quite a
furor for a time ; and il is worthy
of note that the arguments both
pro and con were nearly always
based on tbe same ground that no
one  worth   mentioning   advocated
the elision from atheistic motives,
iuch as have impelled Ihe French
lo ignore systematically all acknowledgment of  the   Creator   in  public
affairs.    On the contrary,  it  was
rather from regard  for   the   sacred-
ness ofthe name that objection was
made to its constant and mechanical use in common and often sordid
affairs. On similar grounds many
good people object to the too facile
"Sti help me God" used in petty
law affairs. Bul lhe V. S. Semite
in its wisdom has decreed the
restoration of the motto on the
i coins, with the assent of the President and apparently ofthe people.
The Manchester Guardian, vine of
the most influential of the great
British dailies, comments thus on
tbe Manitoba Hag act : " An outcome ot the self-conscious patriotism which is universal in Canada,
and which so often strikes the British newcomer as something forced
and unreal, is a curious law lately
passed by the Province of Manitoba
ordering the Union Jack to be
hoisted over all public schools during lhe hours of work. If any
school diatrict neglects to Ily the
national Hag it will lose the grant
from the government a serious
penalty. One result ofthe law will
be thai the hauling down of the
Union Jack will have the most
agreeable associations in lhe minds
of lhe children."
So many hot-country plants have
been successfully tested in Southwestern B. C. that the experiments
in lhat line have gone to extremes.
A test is being made at the Coast
in growing cotton, from a tree that
has proved successful in South
Africa. Warm valleys, with light
sandy soil, are required for its
growth, inst such it soil as is found
in the Similkameen. In Egypt this
variety ofthe cotton plant is grown
on an   enormous   scale.     As it    will
nearly always grow where peaches
grow, there appears to be no reason why the Similkameen should not
be tilled for it.     But   as  the   vallcv
is so well adapted to other profit-
abie pursuits, it is likely that cotton-glowing will be left to the tropics for it while yet.
Chief Justice Meredith of Ontario,
addressing the grand jury at Brampton assizes,   made  some emphatic
remarks on the character of part of
Can.ula's immigration. There seems
to be a unanimity ot opinion, be
said, that the people such as are
being dumped into this country are
oi a different character and will not
blind well with the people ot this
COUntry.     The door should be closed
ugainsl the Introduction of degenerates, Recently a prominent physician pointed oui to  him  thai  over
id) per cent, of these immigrants
are afflicted with dementia-precox,
which means that their mentality is
exceedingly low and of the degenerate type. They are the most incurable class; and likely to live a
number of years al  ibe expense of
the country. The judge hoped the
grand jurors would speak out at
every opportunity, aiul that the
Dominion and Provincial Governments would redouble their efforts
lo keep out this elass.
Now Open for Business
will   oXOrC  is now ready tor action, and wo arc
"at home" to visitors. You are cordially invited to
call and see our new goods whether you have present
need of purchases or not.
Ulir otOCK includes Groceries, Boots and Shoes,
Overalls, Caps, Shirts, Stationery, Fruit and Confectionery, Flour, etc.      Doors and Windows (cedar).
Our Restaurant
is  now open,
wholesome meal (rive us a call.
■or a  crodl
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. KEELER.
(Opposite tin- Krivnu'ON I.mul Company*! Office*)
a Specialty
We wish to announce to the people of the Similkameen
that We have opened a Hardware and Tinsmith Shop at
KEREMEOS, where we will carry a full line oi
Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Builders' Hardware,
Paints and Oils,
Orchard and Garden Tools,
Miners' Tools,
Tinware, Stoves, Cutlery, etc.
Tinsmithing in all its branches a specialty.    Give ns a
trial.    We guarantee satisfaction.
Harness, Boots and Shoes, and all
kinds of Leather Goods.
Of Harness, Boots and  Shoes, and all  kinds of Leather
Goods Done Neatly and Promptly. Keremeos Property is
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grau.iig on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 185 miles of Vancouver.
Prices of
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
7th & 8th Ave.
$250.00 each
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch ofthe C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
4-th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
It will pay tO inspect Shaw's shoo
stock before purchasing.
A car load of l-'ivc Koscs flour
just arrived. Try a sack. P. Rich-
tor & Co.
Nails, from 2'.. inches up, 6c por
Hi. or $5.50 por keg at Keremeos
Hardware Store.
("■oo. London left by the \'. \'. 0
E. on Friday for Spokane, where he
intended spending a few days.
Mr. Smith, of the Daly Reduction
Co. staff, Hedley, passed through
Keremeos on Tuesday on his return
from a trip to Spokane.
K. C. B. Frith, postmaster, and
D. A. McDonald, assistant collector
of customs, of Greenwood, spent
from Saturday till Monday in town,
the gueiti of the former's brother,
\V. M. Frith.
For hard wear try tho I.eckie
shoos at Shaw's.
H. Armstrong, who will have
charge of the Keremeos Commercial Co.'s store here, returned on
Tuesday from Vancouver, where lie
has been selecting and purchasing
his stock. Tho goods are already
arriving and will be placed in position as soon as the shelving in the
store is ready to receive thom.
The best one-horse cultivator on
the   market, only S10.     F.   Richter
t Co.
Mrs. Kennedy left yesterday for
Toronto, where she will visit friends
for a time, and  on   her   return   will
bo accompanied by her daughter,
who is attending a ladies' college
in the east. Mrs. Middleton of St.
Thomas, Out., who has been visiting her granddaughter, Mrs. Mc.M-
pin, returned to the east in company
with Mrs. Kennedy.
Full range at men's, Lulus' and
children's shoos at Shaw's.
It has boon suggested that our
baseball players moot for tcain practice one afternoon each week. The
idea is o^hhJ, and we hope it will be
put into effect. Willi a little faithful team practice our boys can put
up a nine equal to any iu the \ alley,
and by arranging home*and-home
games   with   neighboring    towns
some good wholesome spoil would
Complete line of staple aud fancy
groceries always on hand. J. R.Shaw.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen
for Commercial Travelers and
Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
Ranche For Sale.
1 loo acres choice bench, bellow aiul
range hmd. River frontage. 12 miles
freet Keremeos, 2 miles irom IVlmar Siat-
Ion. Will soil all or pari, Good comt'orl-
,tl>lf building; plenty of water for all the
laiul: itliineilialo posse.sion it tlosiroil.
For particulars write R. C. or Joseph
Armstrong, Keremeon, u.e.
Tin- Imported French Coach Stallion
l'i i/i'-winnrr al tin- Graft! CVntral Show
al I'.i.is. vm.
.<>'.. hands Ugfc, uvitfht \M*0. Park
ba\, star, snip, both hind fri't whito.
Potted May id. 1901 Broil bv M. Louis
Brsiiard, IVpat tun-nt ol Ul M.tiu lie,
Brad bv tho (.iov,Turnout stallion Tawr-
n\, tl.nn Hnuu'lto bv I'olporlour,  2nd dam
l.ist'ito b\ Orphesf. 3d dra bj Ntcanor.
Routt' tor season ol  l*>0H :
Moiulav Noon Al Win. Mam-n s, nlgfel
at Riohter's LOWOJ  Kanoh.
Tuesday Noon at Kinip, nijfhl at Kair-
Wednendft) Noon .it Traviis'. Myors
Klllt, nighl at Ok.ma^an Kails.
Thursda.     Ni^ht al Hiram Ingle's.
Krida\    Afternoon ami evening at P. J.
Innis' barn,  Krtemoos.
Sain-il.i\ Noon at ChaHic Allison's,
ni^bt at I). J. Innis'n bain, llodloy. Maok
lt> lira.U|uat let's, |). J. Innis' barn, Kito-
inros, Sunday night.
IKKMS. ...insm,. $g_ (fltf Inn, ,.f s.r...e..
S» .t •.. >n St.' i$> il,- i ii. Ii.i I,i iu i .a (ii.i ol m Hi h
Sinylr le.tp $S , ,i-h        NraMHI    •• li«.I   ihsih.hh ,    t it. ins
must l«   nt nt it. ,1 rtytiJarl)   during  tha immchi of
tin-,   will hr eli. i rifts I lull tft- *» Iniii,r   mi   K>.il   I.
M.tr , s  .ll   ,i.» Mi is    p I «k
Siiiiilk.itneeti Vall.-v.
I'lonoh Cuiitli lloisf Associulton.
M,n t in _ .us, .till ii   ( x.ti'tii
Druggists and Stationers
Shoe Sale!
We have 250 pairs of Men'i Heavy Shoe* going at
cost.    This line must be cleared out to make room for our
new stock.
Builders and Contractors
l.iini',  Coim'lll,  Crmrnt   Hloiks ami   Brick  tot  salo.
Plastering   Masonry    Painting   Paper-Hanging
l.stillialos ffiw'll lor all ami rvtl v kilul of I Vim-nl Work
ami Htiililin^ generally.
Wrili- ui for aHcSS,
Dist.mor no objot l.
Such values will never be offered again.
Do Not Delay
For this sale will only last one week and you will never
have another opportunity of getting Mich splendid values in
shoe leather.
Full Line of Saddles, Harness, Chaps, Bits, Spurs.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry, etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for Cured   Meats,   Fish  and   Poultry   promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
Billiard Parlor in Connection.
And Builders' Supplies.
In dealing in Building Lumber and all kinds of
Building Material we have the advantage of getting
our supplies direct from the mills, and can therefore
retail at most favorable prices.
Estimates of Cost Cheerfully Furnished to
Intending Builders.
A large stock of Rough and Dressed Lumber, Dimensions, Lath, Shingles, Sashes, Doors, etc., etc.,
always on hand.
Contracts for all kinds of building! in town and
country promptly executed.
Contractor and Builder,
How the Forests Go.
600,000 Acres a Year for Railway Ties Alone.
Railroads of Western Canada are
consuming vast quantities of material at present. C. B. I'ssher, assistant passenger traffic manager ot
tlie C.P.R., Winnipeg, estimates the
animal expenditure on ties, etc., at
about fifty million dollars. Mr.
I'ssher states that in the construction of new track and for renewals,
the steam and street railways used,
in \'KX>, over one hundred million
cross-ties. The average price paid
was 48 cents per tie. Approximately three-fourths of the ties were
hewed, and one-fourth sawed.
Oak, the chief wood used for ties,
furnished   more   than   44 per cent.,
nearly one-half of the whole number,
while   the    southern    pines,   which
rank second, contribute about   one-
I sixth.     Douglas fir and   cedar,   the ,
j next two, with approximately equal
| quantities, supply less   than one-fif-
I teenth   apiece.     Chestnut,  cypress,
Western pine, tamarac, hemlock and
redwood are all of  importance,  but
no one of them furnishes more than
a small proportion.
Oak and southern pine stand high-
\ est in both total and average value;
the average value of each is 61 cts.
Chestnut ranks next, followed by-
cedar. Hemlock, at 28 cents, is the
cheapest tie reported.
More than thtee-fourths of all ties
are hewed; and with every wood
from which ties are made, except
Douglas fir and western pine, the
number of hewed ties is greater
than the number sawed.
About ten times as many Douglas
fir ties are sawed as are hewed. Of
the oak ties a little over one-sixth,
and of the southern pine ties, less
than one-third are sawed. In contrast to the southern pi ■*> is the
western pine, of which mc- than |
I one-half ties are sawed. In gener-j
al, when lumber has a relatively
i low value, the proportion of sawed
ties increases because the market
for ties is always active, while that
for lumber is frequently sluggish.
All western species are affected by
this conditiod, for stumpage is abundant and its value relatively low.
Ten per cent, of the ties purchased were treated with preservatives,
either before they were purchased
or at the treating plant of the railroad company. At least ten railroad companies are operating their
own plants for the preservation of
their construction material.
Of the many forms in which wood
is used, ties are fourth in cost, sawed lumber being first, firewood second, and shingles and laths third.
It has been calculated that the
amount of wood used each year in
ties is equivalent to the product of
oOO.OOO acres of forest, and that to
maintain every tie in the track, two
trees must be growing.
With nearly 300,000 miles of railroad trackage, and approximately
2,80(1  ties   to   the   mile,   there are
over   800,000,000   lies   constant'y
subject to wear aiul decay.
The railroads report that in the
form ol ties, cellar lasts I 1 years,
cypress ten years, and redwood nine
years. These woods, however, lack
the desired weight and hardness,
When it is considered then, thai
the service ot the longest lived tie
timbers in general use chestnut,
white oak, tamarac, spruce and
Douglas fir -is but seven years,
while with some, as the black oaks,
it is but four years,whereas a treated tie with equipment to lessen
wear will last fifteen years, it is apparent how much the railroads can
save if preservative treatment of
ties is universally adopted. The
laving in the drain upon the forests
is of even greater moment.
Thi- talented leailing lady with   llie Murray Comedy Company.
Local and General.
Free miners' licenses expire at
midnight May 31.
Five Roses flour is the staff of
life.    F. Richter & Co.
Advices from lla/elton, B. C,
state that placer gold mines in the
Findlay river district are yielding
$30 per day per man. Flour is
worth $75 per sack.
The Mother Lode and Oro Den-
oro mines of the British Columbia
Copper Co. are now shipping ore
regularly to the company's smelter
at Greenwood. The Dominion
Copper Co. is expected to resume
operations soon.
A report of the Granby mines at
Pluvnix states that in their pros-
peeling operations they have drilled
nearly six miles of tunnels in their
searches for ore. Probably nomine
or group of mines in British Columbia has had so many bore holes
made, and consequently not so
thoroughly prospected as the Granby and yet with the hill practically
riddled with these apertures, and
with cores taken out that would approximate six miles in length, the
work goes steadily on by Bovlcs
Bros., the contractors, who have
done it all for the Granby   company
for nearly four years, LOCAL NOTES.
People who   can't
shouldn't bet.
stand   to   lose
D. F. Jelly left on Wednesday on
a trip tO Boundary points.
The Murray Comedy Co. Three
jolly nights, commencing Monday,
June 1st, in Keremeos Town Hall.
Miss Armstrong of Vancouver,
who has been spending the past few
weeks with friends here, returned
home to-day.
Mr. and Mrs. McAlpin accompanied Mrs. Middleton as far as
Oroville yesterday on her way east.
They return to-day.
The Keremeos Commercial Company are building an addition, 16
by 30 to their store, which will be
used for storing flour.
The purse of $100 looked small to
the manager of the Oroville baseball
team on Monday evening when he
came to pay off his professionals.
Mr. and Mrs. Worth of Hedley,
and Mr. and Mrs. Linton and family
of Nighthawk, have been the guests
of Mrs. Daly during the past week.
The Murray Comedy Co. were at
Oroville three nights this week, and
those who attended their performances speak of them as high class
in every respect.
Dr. McEwen was called to the
Centre yesterday to attend Barney-
Donnelly. We regret to hear of
Barney's illness and trust that his
recovery will be rapid.
Attorney General Bowser and Jos.
Martin, K. C, passed through Fair-
view on Monday on their way from
Vernon to Greenwood. Assizes are
now in session at the latter place.
A. Robertson   left   yesterday   via
turning over the reins to Jack McKenzie. Mac is not a new man at
the job, having driven the stage a
year or so prior to Nelson's taking
on the job.
J. R. Campbell was retained by
the Hedley baseball club to play in
the match at Keremeos in Victoria
Day sports and left on Saturday
with that veteran rooter and all
round baseballist, Dell Young.
With such a strong "pull" of course
Hedley will win.     Princeton Star.
On Wednesday Mr. W. J. Stover
received a telegram announcing the
death of his wife at their former
home in Sheridan, Wyoming. He
left via the V. V. & K. the same.
day to attend the funeral. Mrs.
Stover had reached an advanced age
and had been an invalid for a number of vears.
Eastern Townships Bank.
Hkai) Omci,
Capital and Reserve,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received, subject to no delay in withdrawal of all or any portion.
Keremeos Branch. J. A. R. ROME, Manager.
For sale at a bargain—a number
of  fruit   lots   with   trees  planted
Keremeos Land Company.
A picturesque figure at   the   Victoria   Dav   celebration   was   Chief
Teacher of Pianoforte and Accompanist
(certificated Royal College of Music, l.on-
Ashnola John,   who  came in   with | don) gives lessons in  Keremeos Station
some wagon-loads  of   squaws   and i To;v" £** VZ  l>idav,af,ul  *£***
m *t and is open lo engi^ement tor accompan-
papooses, and   a number   of young   iments.    Terms on application.
bucks with their cayuses. John has
become a veritable patriarch among
his people, but still looks spruce
and skookum for his age.
Some time ago it was announced
that when the boats on the Okanagan began making daily trips a
daily stage would be run from Penticton to Keremeos, but as yet there
is only the tri-weekly service. It is
understood, however, that if a contract for daily mail can be secured
Mr. Welby is prepared to run the
daily stage.
The matched race at the Centre
on Monday between horses owned
Thomas ttnd Armstrong resulted in
a decision for Thomas. Betting on
the result was carried far beyond
the poinl of prudence and now it ap-
IIkpi.kv, B.C
When in Penticton you are
invited to call and see our
stock. It is first-class and
up to date  in  every line.
Watches, Chains, Hrooclics, I'ins, flocks,
Kngagement Rings, Wedding Kings,
Diamonds, Bracelets,  lut  Glass,
Meerschaum Pipes,Silverware,
Sterling Silver Toilet Sets,
and General Jewelry.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Optical Work by the latest appliances known to the profession.
Watch-making, Jewelry Work and Repairing a specialty.
I solicit your patronage.
Registrar of Marriage Licenses.
the Ci. N. for  his   former   home   at   pears that the loser is unwilling   to
abide by the judges' decision and
threatens to make it awkward tor the
stakeholders. Better to take the
medicine even if it is nasty, and
look as cheerful as possible.
Medicine Hat, Sask. He will bring
a car load of effects back with him
and will be accompanied by Mrs.
Mr.   Moffat,  of Greenwood, has
been in town the past lew days soliciting subscriptions lor a health
magazine, and handing ont some
free informal ion in regard to sanitary conditions lu-re.
Two hundred and seventy samples
of British Columbia canned salmon,
collected in all parts of Canada,
were analyzed by the staff of the
inland revenue department and
even one was found good.
The Dominion Pair is to be held
at Calgaiy this year, commencing
June 2'»th. It is time our fruitgrowers began preliminary preparations if the Similkameen is to be
represented    Md it should be. HoKSKSIIOKING
II.    P.   Nelson,   who for the last   CaMUAOI BUILDDIO,   Rl-PAIK-
true.     A
stitch in time saves
Manv a
boot has heen saved
bv a h
alf sole.
C. V
do the
soling q
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Hav and Grain Store in connection.
Seed Wheat and Barley for sale.
J. F. ROYER, Proprietor.
vear and a half has driven the Welby stage from Penticton to Keremeos, and until recently to Hedley,
and who was so punctual in his
trips thai residents along the route
of the stage used to set their clocks
by his going and   coming,   is   now
inc. AMD Painting
Opposite the Central Hotel.
Workmanship and fit guaranteed.
Spring samples just arrived.
See us hefore placing your order for a Spring Suit.


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