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Keremeos Trumpet Jun 19, 1908

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Array Keremeos Trumpet
Vol.. I.
No. 13
AjlV Teacher oXPianoforte ami Accompanist
^j   (certificated Royal CoUem of Music, hon-'
j^ivofj.lolsons   in   Kcrvim'os   Station
I   I laH-vvlriv   I'Yklay   and   Saliudav,
is open io|on£a£on.ent for ai'i'oinpan-
its,    'iQQ'nJs on application.
ssNWrdLby, B,
^  /  £H0. KIRBY,
q /      Notary Public.
R l"..\0^r.\TK. MIN IIS.
\gunlAtfi I
lSjnd/11 & l.ai
JlstTid/ii & Lancashire Kite Ins.  to.
*svcdan Accident sad Gnarantas Co.
Kkrkmkos, n. C
Contractor and Builder,
Estimates Psrniehed.
Work in.uisliip Guaranteed.
Member and  Supervisor on a
Tour of Inspection.
L VV. Shatford, M.l\l\, and I.
L. Deardorff, supervisor of roads,
paid a vistt to Keremeos last Friday, on their way west. Mr. Shatford is making his annual trip of examination over the roads of his
large constituency, learning the
conditions and needs of the various
sections -one ofthe most import-
ant duties of his   position,   and one   proteaU by vofca and   pen   ,
to which he devotee a good deal oi .scttll.rs   ot-   Vdlow   ,..,ke   district
time   and   study      He   is   suffering  h.,ve   be,n   un|-.lir,v   „vaU,d   in fa
just now from an attack ot   hay fev-1 matte,   of  ,oad   mMmg.       There
are, he claims, a group oi 19   properties in that district,   on which are
ion requiring irrigators to keep their
water away from the King's high-
way and providing a penalty for
non-compliance.       Mr.    Deardorff
would he very unwilling to invoke
the law in any such cases, hut it is
his duty to see that the roads are
kept clean, and he requests all owners of irrigation ditches to stop
without delay any   leakages to   the
* *
James Grant of  White   Lake has
for a long time protested,   and  still
Residence Si Old Townsite, or  inquire
at this office.
L.O. L. No. 1770
Meets Tuesday en st before
the iu!l noon in sack month
"•' i jjirf"0   in   Keremeos Sehool  Mouse.
Visiting members cordially Invited.
I). J.  Innis, W. M.
1).   Mcl/i itnv.R. S.
B. C. Government Arrange For
Fruit Exhibit.
Since our last issue Mr. Jelly has
received a letter from Mr. Palmer,
secretary ofthe B.C. Board of Horticulture, stating that it is the intention to have an exhibit of such
B.C. fruits as will he ready, entered
at the Dominion Fair at Calgary,
and inviting this district to join in
the enterprise. The only varieties
of fruit that Mr. Palmer considers
can he shown at such an early date
are cherries, strawberries, currants,
and gooseberries, it being deemed
inadvisable to exhibit anything that
is not perfectly mature. As we
understand it, the government is
meeting all expenses iii connection
with the exhibit, even to paying for
the fruit at market prices ; the executives of the various fruit growers' associations being Only asked
to see to the careful selection and
proper packing of the exhibits.
It is to be sincerely hoped, now
that the way has been made so
easy, that Keremeos will be represented by an   exhibit   that   will   do
the  valley   full  justice.     It   is   Mr.
taken is that the present   road   was   .„.,_,,   i,;tontion   to   try    ;lnd    visit
gratilving   recoirmtion   ol   the   nn- ,\„. .r,, i , , ,u , ...,^,„.,,. i ., .,     ... r    J }
■        ,  .    " diverted to the east waul  to connect   everv fruit ranch in   the  vicinity in
portance ol the town   as a commer-   wilh „,, road u, F,,lrvi,w.     l„ vicw
cial centre.    The  largest items  are
er, but as is usual with those afflict-'
ed with that ailment it is an annual
seasonal affair and conies to be regarded as a matter of course.
living   11 settlers,   who   are practically   two   davs   from   town,   when
The   supervisor,   Mr.   Deardorff, witM a ,cw mi;es of IUMV   road   fay
has more ot his attention than usual wouU be   wilnj|) 0|K,   ^  of Uwn
directed   this   year   to the  Similka- Such ., road would not on,y .,LVOm_
meen, the works   projected   for  the moda,e    ,he    Yc;|ow    ..^^    bu,
summer in this district   being of ex- ^ shorl0|, fa dis,.,IK.c and  im.
ceptional extent.     The   appropriat- provc fa RraJc bMMm   Kcrenu.os
ion for the Similkameen   for 190H is .mt,   |Vnticton.     ,,,   ,.Mimatcs   the
about $70,000, most ofit, of course, ^ .„ $2500.     It   is,   in  fact,   the
for roads and bridges,   and   of that ^ |oMsih;e rouU. botweon ,ho  |wo
amount one-third is to   be   expend- UnvnS)   ;md   fa roason   |, wa-j   no,
ed    in    Keremeos   and    vicinity    a
Stage Lines.
Pusa STAoa.
Leaves Keremeos daily, except Sunday,
al noon, arrives nt Medley d p.m.
Leaves lleillev daily, except Sunday,
.it S.i.m., ,n riles al  Keiemoos 11 a.m.
Only Ihningh connecting ntnge bstsvaes
Penticton, Kereaeos, Hedley * Princeton.
J.  I'. Kovkr, I'roprielor.
Kaaamos Haoun Man. Btmm.
tin tWaet m .imi WAm April l. iws.)
Leaves Keremeos daily, except Sunday,
at 1 p.m.; arrives in Hedley al 9 p.m.
Leaves Hedley daily, eaeeet Sundsy, si
7 a.m., arrives in Keremeos at 11 a.m.
II. |. Innis, Proprietor.
Kkrkmkos Pkmuion Mail Srauk.
Leaves Keremeos lot Penticton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at noon.
Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Tears
days and Saturdays at (> l. ill., arriving in
Keremeos at noon.
\V. K. Wki.hv, I'roprielor.
Miss Prances Daly and her cousin, Ellen Cornwall, who have been
attending school in Spokane, relumed home on Friday lor the
summer vacation.
Frank Richter left for Spokane
on Tuesday and is expected to return to-day accompanied by his two
daughters who have been attending
the Academy of Holy Names.
Although written offers for the
carrying of mail between the station
and KersmeOS Centre have been
called for since the fust of the
month, no offers have yet been received.
order to gel the best samples  avail-
of all this, Mr. Grant  contends that Mtt      *_   enounced   in   our   last
tor   he new pub.ic school and tor the  h, a|K,  lm   ,K.if,hbors   „,   iU^,.y ^
bridge across the nver .^       M,.    ,Wolfr ;llld   Mr. jconsid,r   sllitable   |or   fa   p,rpJc
A tew years ago the Similkameen   sh;(t|o,.d   ;„ ^-^ ^ ,o ^^ comMUni,lK. with Mr. Jt,K,
was the most notoriously  neglected   mcnd fa   worki   ^   u   ., riMM,n
part ofthe riding, and justly com- that fa cxp0IH|jnlr0, wh;,h Mr. New Power Company.
plained of being shut out of a fair Deardorff estimates at $4000, would Harry Bahrs is in town making
share of the public funds, much in | he greater than is warranted bv the arrangements to start work on Unfile same way that the Province v>f; benefit that would accrue. It was Gladstone Tunnel and Power Coin-
Is. C. has been unfairly treated by admilu.d|v a mistake not to run the p uiy's big project down the valley.
the Dominion. In so far as Mr. road by way ol VcI|0VV |.ake in the lhe project, for which Mr. Bahrs
Shatford has been instrumental in flrst pU-e, bul now there are two claims to have the necessary capital
bringing about a more equitable \ established roads to Penticton and subscribed, includes installing a big
state of affairs, he deserves the „ lhj|.d t|„.ol,^|, rouU. _ lu„ ncodcd, power plant at the Susap l-alls and
hearty I hanks of his constituents.       wl)iv fa j^ noi,d a, Ydtom Lake using the power developed in pKM*
The member and supervisor reach-   is rca|lv urgent in   the case   of only ciiting development work on  avast
ed Keremeos   again on Wednesday   famottitW  settlers.     When   more scale at  the   Gladstone   claim   near
on their return trip   down   the  Val-  mUkn come in the   road   will   cer- bv.     Mr.  Bahrs   also   contemplates
ley, and after a short stay continued   ,.liniv   bo   bui|ti   but they   consider generating   enough    electricity    to
on their way   to   Oroville.      While   fa,  ()u.  ,jme js not u>, n|V (or j, supply the whole of the   lower   val-
here Mr. Shatford swelled the base-   So fa „,„ stands, and   il   appears Icy, including Keremeos,   with light
ball club's fund for uniforms   tothe   fa, fa yellow Lakers will have lo and power.     He is also most  confi-
extent of a \'.     <#                                   possess   their   souls in   patience for dent that in their development wot k
*                                   a   while   yet   before    gelling    their they will sti ike   large   quantities of
In quite   a  number   of  places   in   mllc|, „eeded road. rich ore.    So mole it be.
the   Valley,   hut   especially   in    the! ,,                    .
i   u     l-                   /■      i          Do   not   wail   unlil   havinir time "Roval   Household"   flour, Ogil-
part   served   bv   Keremeos    Creek,       l'°   lu'   "'"               "•'J,Ms  ****** i                                            ._
.i            ii           u                •       i      •       starts hi'fore huvine machine extras lie's   best   brand,   lor  sale at riirht
the roads  have   been   seriously   in-   statis in ion nuv uif, im.u. nnu i xuas. h
jured in a number of places   by i, ri-  Tall us your wants and we can sup- fttt es.     lhe Keremeos Commercial
gation water being   allowed   to run ' P<>'****'     *' ****** ** l"°- Company.
over the surface.     In some cases   it j     The   Bullion   mine   at  Olalla   re- Do not be taken by surprise.    Buy
courses across the highway in what   started yesterday alter a  shut down >' screen door and be ready for them.
is to   all   intents   and   purposes   an   ol two years.     Six men are employ- VV«    have   diflerent   designs.       f,
open ditch.    The injury is onlv loc-j ed under   L. M. Lyon   as   foreman. Richter & C o.
al, and will cost little to  repair, but   The trails are being cleaned  up and S. Clark of Manchester, Kngland,
while the   conditions   that   cause  it   improved and a new bridge   will re- who is   making  a   tour of  the fruit
are allowed it  is a   standing   incon-  place the one   near lhe   Chase  resi- v illeys of B. C, w ith a view to   in-
veniencc and obstruction   to travel-  deuce.    As usual, the supply of men vestment, spent a   few days in Ker-
ers.      The law has a special   provis-   is greater than the demand.
entOOS this week. FAR AND NEAR. ion, all the members of which agree
I to do all they   can to   keep   out the
Every Province in Canada reports  Hindus,  refusing  to  sell  or lease
splendid harvest prospects. land to them   and to   boycott   them
Jurors' pay in  Ontario   has   been   out of the section  in every   possible
increased from $2 to $2.50 a day.     i manner.
The Okanagan Mounted Rifles at
Vernon,   recently   organized,   is 88!
Sir Charles   Hibbert   Tupper  announces   that   he is out   of  politics
Tenders for Meat.
Tinders lor meat supply for the Nickel
Piste mine for one year commencing July
1st, I90H, will he received hy the undersigned up lo Saturday, June 20th.
Daly Reduction Co.
Hedley, B. C
for good.
Ironmakers   both in    Britain   and   0^°°* D,v,s,on of  Vale  Land
the U. S.   announce   a  general   re-
District.   District of Yale.
Take notice that I, K. G. Hankinson,
duction in the price ol iron SIM I of Keremeos, B.C., occupation book-
steel. I keeper, intend to apply for permission to
purchase Ihe following  described   lands :
B.   F.    Blakeslee,   a   Bute   Inlet: Commencing at a post   planted at   the
south-east corner of  Lot   100,   thence   20
ehains south, thenee 20 chains wesi,
Ihenee 20 ehains north, thenee 20 chains
east to point ef commencement. South et
Lot 100, west of Lot -12, norih and easl ol
Osoyoos Lake. Containing twenty acres
more or less.
April 24, 1W8. 14
logger, while hunting mistook his
partner, Richard Orummett, for a
hear, and shot him fatally.
May view, Mo., wants a vinegar
factory. Lots of orchards about
May view, and the growers want a
market for their low-grade apples.
VV. Baskerville of Neepawa, aged
19, eloped with Mrs. Addie Williams, aged 40. He took the woman's three children also- stole the
whole family.
A man named Birch was sent
from Coldstream Ranch, in the
Okanagan, to the insane asylum,
when it was found that he had escaped from there four years ago.
Japanese and Russian troops met
at Port   Arthur   on   the  11th at the
 :i:..._ .r     „ .   , «_     emeos, Rancher, intends to apply for per-
unveiling ol a  monument erected bv i i       .,    r ,, ,       -,
* sv.vu    _,   ssjsjsjoa te purchase tbe following descnb-
the   Japs   to    the    14,000   Russians   ed land :     Commencing at a post planted
who lost their lives in the defense of
the fortress.
It is announced   that   the   White
line   has   contracted   for    two
Similkameen Land Diatrict.
Take notice that I, Percy Marks, of
Keremeos, hotel keeper, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the following
described lands : Kighty acres. Commencing at a post planted at the northeast corner of lol 2993, Ihence south -10
chains, thence east 20 chains,Ihenee north
40 chains, thence west 20 chains to poinl
of commencement.
I'krcv Marks,
Local er.
Dat.il June 17th, t«WR. M
Groceries, Hardware,
Men's Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes.
Oranges, Lemons, and all kinds of
Fresh Groceries constantly in stock.
Yale Land District.
Take notice lhat Frank Richter, of Kor-
at the north-west corner of I.ol d3. thence
east 60 ehains, thence norih 10 chains,
thenee west 60 chains, thence soulh 10
chains to point of commencement, and
containing 30 acres, more or less, and
including lhat piece of land  King norih of
Un 4.1, west of l.ot 233, easts of l.ot 4t,
steamships each 1000 teet   long and   __ east of Osoyoos Lake.
ot about (>0,000   tons displacement. '' Frank Ku-htkk.
GrCal speed  will   nnt   hn   ■_____*_ APril 18- ,90H-
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS      -      -       PROPRIETOR.
not   be   sought
about 20 knots.
Notice of Forfeiture.
Penny   postage   between    United   '" *}■ "• Sta1k """ *'" ■"*!■ "r HV* u'.who,m
1 n *-M lu-  may   halo  tratisli-rnsl   any   iiiLti-sI   in   the
States and   (ireat   Britain   will   be-        ;V,"nlk,l,,i"",;"d.i "Vi"'™1 '''I','"- -'"'■","' '/'
I'l.tll.'i C .imp,  in tht* Ot.oyi*v.  Division  of  i ale
COItlfl effective ou October 1st.     The        [J™*
\'Ol' art- herehy   required   to   Utkr  0ttm\00   that   1
Tate   Will   be     tlie     same     as     between ha\eexj>endts.l for assessment and for reeordini;
„ , Iit hii. ate CN work M thi' iiKm  muntil elaim $1 (>.>.,S.J,
Cireat nritain anu her   colonies, one   1v'"k ***** f*pfiutiiure n_v_*.*sar> to enaMe mt* to
hold   said   elaim.   and   you   ure   herehy   required   to
penny.  Or  tWO  Cents,   per  Ounce. eontrihute \otir ahart- or proportion of muh e\|> ndi-
lure, toother with all eosts of advertising.      tf you
\t*ar  I ;ultu,r    B    (*      'i   PKlnamafi    tail or retune to oontrttmta  siuh  amount,   im luJiiikr
nwm* i-auiur,  n. v., a t nin.un.in   ;idll.rlU;llBi Hitl,:n 11111t.l> ,«„ li;ivs (lf (trs. |niMl,|.
was found dead Irom   exposure and   l,"n"' ,,,,:vn;,t,-v ,n *• ICwnmm Tki-nm-t, rata
* * interest will MUM   \esl,d   in   ine,   vour   OfrOWMT.
starvation, alter havintr been unable   *nJt'r ..tnt _*___\¥^lom of **-*  ^L********  ******  ;i,ui
" Amending Acta.
tO procure work for some months.
So said the coroner's jury but
there must be a mistake somewhere.
was   fnvd   in a
Dated fail 11th mm} Of Mm} 1908.
,  M.   LVDN.
Notice of Forfeiture.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
Comfortable and commodious stabling for teams.
Good  rijjs and careful drivers.
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers and Tourists invited to give us a trial.
To I'n Mil is Ki. im k .unl MM pMS ,»r psnossj t„
Paul's    CathollC     Church,     ill olii'in In i»" li.iv,' Ir.in-l", rn-,1 lit. ,MM'-lliirJ in-
U 1*1 si in llii' "BMondo' 'mineral il.iim,   situated
Moablt,    (icrmanv,    was   lireil    in a '"t*1*OWUCamp, In ths Osoyoos Division of
TSM llislntl.
dOMfl places bv a desperate inceiidi-   yor ,,r,- mmtt taawWot U mkt naWm Wmf i
h'l     iu/u\ •  , • s*mo*metttmo tot aasssamant and for reoofdinf
ne iM«i persons were within.   ..■ i;i,..,1...» «..ri,....,i,, ,u.^, umaddaimtiofctf
A   _______ ,                                                 ,        ,       Ih-hik th* expenditure necessary toenaMeme tohou
lri){lltllll   paniG     Was     BVerted Only    s.iij.l.iiiii..in.l, ire hereby required to COntributl
...              ,              c .,     c                 ,.             esss. stasia or proportion ofauch expenditure, which
By the coolness ot the (anions Doni-   aaou data I. levcnty-tlirei doSari (S7J.0D) i^
inican   monk   Bonavanturi,
church Wits partly destroyed.
Moose in \c«- Mrunswick haVfl
throtlfh protection become so plentiful that they are a plague to farmers, some of whom are applying lor
licenses to kill them in defense of
their crops. On several occasions
moose have been seen in the fields
faading with cattle.
Ilccaiise the Hindus have formed
an association   to purchase   land  in
When In
atop at the
Central Hotel
K< tlier with .ill ,,isls of iidwitisin^.     If  you   f.iil  or
I he   Must- tocuntributc eueh Mnount.  induding  ftdvrr-
tisittK. »i0iiii nini-t\ r*»)d.i\s of Aral pnMn .tlion of
tins ii,itt, , in til* KmVHMsM IkIMI'I-I. fOAtt inl,T,-st
will Ihhhii.   v, strd in  tne.   \otir CUOW—f,   under tlie
lim. is tm of the "Mint 1.11 A, i .111,1 \in,iuliii^ Acta."
D.tted (Ins Hilt d.i\  ,<l  M., . .  |'*_K.
*• I.    M    UN,
Thr Importi'il I't-rehfron Stallu>n
4l.tlS    |SH'M7|
Will in.'ikr  llu-  Uss*Srlag   si.in,I
Similkameen ihis season :
Al Komi's stable, RSTSSMOS,   afternoon
sndeveninf, Ms) 21, 30, June 9, IK, 27,
Jul) 7, ItS, Is.
II Ol.ill;,, nhfht,  May 22, .1),  Juno  10,
19, 2H, July H. 1>, 2(>.
Tsrass    To Insula, $-'u | isasoa, $15;
Chilliwack   and   slitrt   there   ■   big   ilnflc leap, $10.
community hrm, landowners ofthe ' *** *** ««« ^uaJN «os
district have loiiued   M   or^aiii/iit -1     li, J. I. I'i.uIi,., Oroom.
SrH-cial alloulion to
Caauasrdal Msa,
and l.anil-set-kors.
llrailquat 1,-rs for all
Sta^e KouU's.
I.ivorv Slalilo
in connection.
tiood ladle.
LargS, airy nnd
comfortable rooms.
'bus to and from
all trains.
Tweddle & Reith,
Proprietors. Tong War at Nanaimo.       for   Indian   reserves   by   Sir James
Douglas, and they also asked for
long warfare is being waged j the removal of restrictions on their
fiercely in Nanaimo's Chinatown, a I hunting and Bshing.
Chinese volc;ino smouldering for] Sir Wilfrid replied that ha would
weeks without exciting the suspic- have their reports looked into by the
km of the white inhabitants, becom- department. Subsequently, Chief
ino violently eruptive in the early Capilano, the moving spirit of the
hours   of  Sunday    morning,   when   delegation, called upon Mr.  Pedley,
sum. The SottgheeS very properly
refused to take part in the visit,
which has been a failure.
If you use Five Roses  Flour vou
will alwayi have good bread.    P,
Richter 0 Co.
deputy superintendent of Indian affairs, in connection with this matter. He was asked by Mr. Pedley
for particulars of the land which the
Indians said had been taken from
them, but the chief was   wholly un-
caine a pitched buttle between the
local police and a mob of upwards
of 200 knife and bar-armed Orients
;ils, 18 of whom were arrests '
The casus belli is occidental
rather than oriental, the trouble originating iii a shrewd hind spjeulat- ' able to furnish an) evidence.    Chief
Capilano w. ., informed that nothing
could be done   by   the government
unless he was able to show where
the land had been taken from them. I
They   left   for the   West   last night
without having seen the Governor-'
General, who has been absent from
ion by which one party of tbe Chinese sought to gel rich qi ic i at the
cost of their compatriots. The resultant feud culminates in the perhaps unprecedented police charge
of "theft of certain hot sea", 'lobe
more explicit, the Chinese were ar-
rested for removing a building in I the city, and without accomplishing
this old Chinatown tO which it is al- | anything.
leged they had BO right, and remov-       The opinion here is that Capilano
ins il to the new Chinatown. is deceiving the other Indian   tribes
The history of the trouble goes mto the belie! that they have arrongs l
back six months.    Tl e   old   China- ; which he can tfet redressed,   but he
town eras built Oil   the   property   of  haa had a pleasant  trip   which   has
the coal  company,  the Chinamen I coat  him and  his friends  a large
building the shacks and  paying the
coal company ■  monthly   ground
rental. Recently some wealthy
Chinamen got together and purchased the land from   the   Western
Fuel company. Just what the new-
owners told their fellow countrymen, the tenants did not relish it,
lor those who had any money and
there were many of them and who
were not in the combination, got
busy and purchased ii   large section
of land opposite the old Chinatown
and soon the sound of saw and hammer was beard, followed shortly by
the rise of a new and greater Chinatown. The (actional war was on in
earnest and has been waged mer-
i ily fot weeks.
There have been all sorts of rumors about strange encounters between Ihe tWO gTOUpS of fren/ied
financiers. Much money haa been
spent by both parties to gain ■ van-
Builders and Contractors
1-11111*,  (.Ytncnt,  CVmrnt  H locks and  Brick  for .salt'.
Plastering   Masonry    Painting    Paper-Hanging
Kstimalc-s jfiwn for all aiul i*vot v kind of (.Vim-nt Work
ami Building generally!
Write us tor prices. Distance no object.
Cakriaoi Building, Rkpair-
nra .\xn Painting
Opposite the Central Hotel.
Ths liiipoii<'il French Coses StaWon
Pi i/i'-\\inner si  Ihs   tiiv.il   CYnlral  Shew
at   Pans.   1906,
tags point.    Lawyers hare been en- ,,,,, __mtim*», ««Mm IMX   Dart
inured on both sides  and   preparat- bay, star,   snip,   both   Und  taei  white. ,
.             ,  ___           •. ui    .         i foaled May -><>.190J.    Brad by M. Louis
ions nii.de lor the inevitableslrui^lc. Besaard,   n.T.„in„„t    of   La   Manche.
Meantime, the public saw no tan-  tAmA by the Government  stallion Taver-
., ,       . , ..., . n\, darn Brunette by Colporteur, -'ml dam
gibM evidences ol the  Struggle, ex-   |isi,,u. ,,v o,Pl„v, '..I dan by Nfcaaor.
cept that the  new  Chinatowa  was     Rente wr ssssowof l«Mi
,       ,       ,   , ,.      Monday    Noon si Win. Manory's, iiiirht
■going ahead and the greater part ol .„ ,.„.,„,.•,.•„ |.lUV,.,. K...ui..
the old Chinatown was preparing to Tussday   Neon si Kbriss nigtK si Fair-1
move into the   new   quarters   when Wednesday    Noon at Travels',  Myers'
ready,    The   first   serious   collision Plat, night at Okanaanui Palls.
Thursday   Ni^ht at Hiram lesrle's,
came when an attempt was made to |.lu|.u   .Afternoon sad evening si D. J.
remove it building which   the syndi- laals' bam, Keremeos
cats alleges to be attached to the
land.       The   Chinese   iii rested   arc
OUt on cash bail   of  $5000 and   lhe
Saturday    Noon  si   Charlie   Allison's,
nijjlil at I). J. Innis's barn, Medley.    Hack
to headquarters,   D. J. Innis'   bant.  Here-
moos, Sunday ni^lit.
TERMS,   rota ,$.ii ntatstai ot mrttttA
eturned laanlail.
ili,,  w ill Is . h.ir„i-,l lull t, .   «li. Iln i   in   t... it or mil
musl  Ih
ir.un<■ man ■
lurhaj tlie lesaaa
battle haa  been transferred to  the  •*£•£>, .»"&.*"" s£iSr.'«3 """
Indian Chiefs Returning.
s .a en nen risk.
Similkiinieeii Valley
l-'reiiiii Coach ileise Association.
Mailin C.l's, .,11, n, 1 i.......>
i.o to i in-:
Ottawa, June 12. Twenty-two
British Columbia Indians interviewed the prime minister yesterday and
presented a petition regarding grievances which they wanted redressed.
They Claimed that they had not received all the hinds allotted to them   A.   J.   SAUNDERS,    Prop'r.
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
The Big Store.
The Keremeos Commercial Co. announce to the
people of Keremeos and the Valley generally that  thev have  now
got their stock in place and are ready for business.
Believing that the development ofthe Valley now demands a
more complete and up-to-date mercantile service than has yet
been available, we are putting In  ■  stock  IO complete,  BO  varied
and of such quality as to satisfy the most exacting.
This stock comprises the following depart ments :
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Agricultural Implements of all kinds.
Our Prices are strictly moderate.. With adequate resources, and buying In large quantities, arc are able to kret goods
on the most favorable terms. Our customers will gel the full
benefit of these terms, lor we WH not here to make a stake in I
hurry, but tO establish a large and perm.ment business.
"Royal Household" Flour   Ogilvie's Best Brand.
Rolled Oats.     Bran.     Shorts.     Feed Wheat.
Look over our stock ;uul get prices.
Keremeos Commercial Go The Keremeos Trumpet
PstlsMevsrs toWni m WmttAm,
KssjMOl, li.c-.
Subscription $_'.<»i .1 foot, It.OO lee tkt nmiillis.
in advance,
Advertjelng Rataa. -Lesral notice*, lie p,-r tine
Real himTtit'ii, I(V |ht line each subaequenl insertion.
I..uui notices Certificates ofimprovenient,etc., S-s.1"1
I.u -hi-, I.i, notices, $9.00 for X_da) notices. Contract
.lisjil.ii savertiaitigt, Mc. pef [ncn pi-r ,,,-i-k. Tr.m-
si.m .uK, iiis.-tariiis. siuli as l.,.st. Pound, Wanted,
.■ic. not exceeding one inch, SlU" fine, insertion, nr
thnv Insertions lor $_'.(U Local reading noticee,
We. iht line.
J. A. BROWN, Publisher,
FRIDAY, JUNK ll>, 1901
Notes and Comments.
It is stated that Ihe nonunion
Government's measure for tbe extension of the boundaries of Manitoba is about ready for presentation
to Parliament, and that it will give
Manitoba a somewhat  larger slice
of Keewiitin than has   been hitherto
supposed. It will give the ocean
port of Churchill, the principal port
on the west coast of Hudson Bay,
to Manitoba. The "prairie province" par excellence will hardly
know itself as a maritime province.
A letter dated al Oroville, signed
"The   roan    pack-horse   backers,"
and dealing with the matched race
held here on May 25th, has been received at the Tkimi'kt office. The
letter bristles with such epithets as
"thieves", "crawlishers", and "liars", hut contains nothing in the
amy of argument It concludes :
"I hope you will have man enough
in you to   print this,   being   as you
have already put your foot  in it."
Certainly a person who will write
an abusive anonymous letter OUghl
to be .111 authority on what is "manly," but we tiike the liberty of differing from him. If those who
were interested in that unlucky race
choose to continue to (strangle about
it forever they may do   so    but not
in the columns ot the TRUMPET.
Rev. W. T. Gunn,  of ihe Congregational  Union of Canada, in
Speaking   of  mission   work   in   the
West,  s.iys:    "iii the  Northwest
there will he no rapid self-support.
\\ I need to create dcnoininational
enthusiasm, which we have not been
supplying. Church union has interfered with the progress of our work
in the West."    That is  to  say,   the
stimulant  of esprit de  corps and
rivalry is needed   in   order   to   spur
tlu- people to interest     It  may be
so : but it is open to question whether the success to be achieved by
these means is  really  a  Success for
religion, lhe spirit of Christianity
i- not rivalry, but unity ; and to
foster the former and discourage
the latter, while it may appear to
produce activity in church work, is
to hinder rather   than   promote   the
Kingdom thai is sought
Twj yeara ago when a Socialist
candidate in Toronto polled   a large
vole, running well Into the thousands, Britiah Columbia Socialists
made much of the incident. They
did not understand, of course, that
the Toronto people who voted for
the Socialist candidate on the occasion in ijiicstion, wcic merely vot
ing against the other candidate who
happened to be a prominent Conservative. If there were any doubts
as to how the Socialist party stands
at the present time in Ontario, the
result on Monday hist should make
the matter clear. Iii not a single
instance did any of the do/en or
more Socialist candidates save their
deposit It rather looks, does it
not, as if in Ontario they decline to
consider the Socialist party at all
seriously? Nelson News.
Comparatively little interest is
taken in the Republican nomination
convention now in session at Chicago, because the selection ol Talt
as presidential candidate is ii foregone conclusion, the only uncertainty being its to who shall be chosen
as his running mate. It is thought
that his election is also nearly assured though, as Sir John Macdonald once said, the most uncertain things in the world are horse
races and elections. Many things
may happen before November, and
ii trifle sometimes suffices to turn
the w hole current of public opinion.
A single indiscreet remark, the
famous phrase " Rum, Romanism
and Rebellion," coined by an over-
zealous supporter, ruined James ti.
Blaine at a time when his prospects
were  brightest,   and   at   this   early
stage in the campaign Taft haa
already been guilty of one "blaring
indiscretion" in referring in a public
speech to General Grant's one-time
addiction to liquor. While the odds
are greatly on Taft just now, it
would not he wise to go the limit
on him.
A matter that deserves the attention of our local orchardists
is the possible injurious influence of
the Cottonwood on fruit plantations.
It has been proved beyond question
that where insect pests have secured a footing, one of their most Impregnable strongholds is the cot*
tonWOOd, which when it sheds its
cotton scatters their larvae far and
wide. In the older districts of
Washington the tree has gained an
evil reputation, and in certain districts the edict has gone forth that
it must be destroyed whether the
owners wish it or not. In this new-
district we iire so far exempt from
pests, but we cannot reasonably expect permanent Immunity. "An
ounce i'l  prevention,   etc.,"   and   if
our growers are properly lore-handed they will not wait for the enemy
to gel within lhe walls before dealing with him. We arc not rich in
deciduous trees in It. C.; in this locality the Cottonwood  is practically
the only one, and we should be
loath to cut it off Irom the landscape. But (here should he no hesitation in doinj,' so if injury threatens from it.     And there   appears to
be no good reason why many other
beautiful and desirable ornamental
trees without iis objectionable qualities should not be naturalised in tbe
dislricl .is easily as the splendid
fruit trees not native here arc introduced. We commend this matter
to the careful attention of the Pruit
Growers' Association.
Now Open for Business
UUr OTOTG is now ready for action, and we arc
"at home" to visitors. You arc cordially invited to
call and see onr new goods whether you have present
need of purchases or not.
VelUr  otOCK includes Groceries,   Hoots and Shoes,
Overalls, Caps, Shirts, Stationery, Fruit and Confectionery, Flour, etc.      Doors and Windows (cedar).
KJUf -"lGSlcll-l TcinX is now open. For a ^rood
wholesome meal jjive us a call.
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. KEELER.
(OppOtitC  tlu'  Kt'ivnu'cts  l_.nul  Company's 0006*)
a Specialty
We wish to announce to the people oi the Similkameen
that we have opened a Hardware and Tinsmith Shop at
Kkrkmkos, where we will carry a full line oi
Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Builders' Hardware,
Paints and Oils,
Orchard and Garden Tools,
Miners' Tools,
Tinware, Stoves, Cutlery, etc.
Tinsmithing in all its branches a specialty.    Give us a
trial.    We guarantee satisfaction.
First-Class Harness.
Easiest of Saddles.
Harnessmaker and Shoemaker.
Largest Stock In the Valley. Everything In the Harneea Line. ■
Keremeos Property is
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
1-3 Gash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 185 miles of Vancouver.
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
struction and is expected to be completed this fall.
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch ofthe C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
Prices of
7th & 8th Ave.:
$250.00 each
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
KEREMEOS. B.C. From Fairview. I,
On Saturday Mr. Rippin of Park
Ranch lost ■ |250 hone. He fall
over a cliff ami broke his neck.
Pauline   Campbell   on    Monday
wont with the Rev. Mr. Cameron to
Olalla, to spend a week   with   Mrs.
The plate collection at the service last Sunday evening breaka all
the records ofthe past.
Mr. Atkins at an early date will
audit the hooks of" the Stemwinder
tiold and Coal Minini; Co. The
■udit will cover a period ot over
two years.
Thomas Ellis, Victoria, ami F.
II. Latimer, Penticton, were in
ton n on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell left here
on Monda;, for Hamilton, Ont.
Harry Jones drove them to Penticton.
Mr. Lee attended the meeting of
the S. ti. 0 C. Mining Co. at Penticton last week.
.At a meeting of the Southern Okanagan I.aiul Co., held at l-'airview
lately, a dividend of 23 was declared. It is not known to outsiders whether the Company will put
water on their bench lands in this
district next year.
Straw berries are on the market at
25 cts. per lh.
The solo given by Mrs. |. R.
Brown on Sunday evening was listened to by the congregation with
pleasure   and   profit.     Mrs.   Turner
was the organist.
On Sunday Josiah Graham went
to Keremeos. He will spend a day
there with his brother who is section foreman on the V. V. 0 K.,
and will then go to his mining
claim, near the Nickel Plate, to do
work c<n it.
Mr. Putman and son have made
considerable improvements on their
ranch west ofthe Stemwinder Mine.
Their horses ,ind cows, after a lean
winter, are now in good order.
Mrs. Russell presented the Sunday School wilh a few suitable
books to form the nucleus of a library.
|. K. Robinson, withcavuse, dog
aiul supplies, left here on Sunday
for the west.
The auditors' report of the accounts of the Church Building Committee was not presented lo the
congregation. The auditor found
that the papers and documents on
hand were insufficient, and  that ap-
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen
for Commercial Travelers and
Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
plication would have to be made to
the parties responsible for the nec-
essarv documents. 'The report will
be given soon.
Do not accept a substitute for
Five Roses Flour.   F. Richter A Co.
On the sloop Pat Mullen, near
Vancouver, the white owner and
his Indian wife were murdered  by a
negro,  who escaped.      Both   had
their throats cut with a sharp knife.
The nefjro was since captured.
c. a. Mcdonald
of a
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Druggists and Stationers
Lifetime !
Once in a lifetime sometimes more than once Opportunity knocks at nearly every man's door, and if he is wise
he loses not an instant in opening the door, for Opportunity
never lingers and never returns with tlie same gift. What
■he is offering tO-day in the Similkameen is an ideal home
easily secured.     We are her agents.
And buy to the best advantage. We will be pleased to
furnish you with full particulars, description, and general
information on application.
Beautiful Valley Land Go.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
MR.  STOVER'S TRIR  lothera,  he thinks  thai  the rule of
"the greatest good  to the greatest
A Rough Experience In Storm- j mimbl'r"   should   apply   to Sunday
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for Cured   Meats,   Fish  and   Poultry  promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
Swept Western States.
After it trip to Sheridan, Wyoming, whither he was called hy the
death of Mrs. Stover, Mr. VV. J.
Stover returned to Keremeos last
week. The journey w-as full of
thrilling experiences.
When he reached Sheridan, about
May 30th, the Northwestern States
were in the grip of the series of violent storms which wrought such
immense havoc toward the end of
last month the time when we ungrateful Similkameencrs were cussing the Strong and persistent but
harmless winds, which were onlv a
reflex ofthe devastating disturbances in the south. At Sheridan, for
instance, on two days.   May 20 and
observance, and that the benefits of
a break in the train service vm Sunday are greatly outweighed by the
inconvenience it causes.
Mr. StOVef was offered handsome
inducements by his former law partner in Sheridan to rejoin him in
business, but he is bent on an open-
air life. Moreover( after travelling
2000 miles, much of it through
fruit country of hitfh repute, he is
more than ever convinced that he
made a wise choice in settling at
Keremeos. He has seen no other
district that he likes so well. He
finds, too, that a surprisingly large
number of people in the Northwestern States are interested in the
1 Similkameen district, and manv inquiries were made of  him as to the
Billiard Parlor in Connection.
At the Trumpet Office
every kind of
To Deport 1000 Hindus.
21, rain or   its   equivalent   in snow ____________________
,. ,,           ,,.-,.,                , conditions ot getting land here,
fell to a depth ot 4 j _.   inches,   roads |
were blocked   with   drifts,  and   the
leaves on the cottonwoods had hees^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
killed with frost. Advices from   Vancouver   are   to
On the return journey,   the train ********* ***** ***** *>-** immediat.
was   composed   of  four   large  sec- 'b'^ taken by the   Dominion gov-
tions, heavily loaded with emigrants *"*****■ to  *****>*> ***  *ouaand
bound westward.     This was stalled Hl,K,,,s   *•***■*   «»<   of work and
for 24 hours at   a place   called   Mil- V*-*-*-*-**   **   ****'   **•   Vancouver
lings, (so kawled in onner  uv josh ***-  -***-   Westminster and   other
the  vewmorist), and, finding   il im- P:,r,s   ***    Hnl,sh    CohimWa.       Of
possible to continue   on   the   direcl ***** *"*** :,,v lh,vo   to****   **-*■
line,   was   despatched    to   Helena, *«»■•*'■■ »"> to 0* *****   ** -+
Mon.ana,   and   on   to   Spokane    a dta wi,h   a"   *******      T,K'-V wi"   ***
detour of 400 miles.     But   even   bv guided up lirst, and  then proceed-
this flank movement the  train itself '"•** ui" -** -™***>*-*t   ***** **•-
did not  manage to get   through, '""W™"0" *--*■ -° ***** -**  *■
though the passengers did.   Aftei -***" hundr*d -*-****>
crossing Flat Head Pass thev found \    W' L ***---***** King, the com-
that Fiat Head river,  ordinarily t mlsaioner who haa been  inveetigat-
small mountain stream, had become -** *• Oriental riot claims and the
a   raging   torrent   and covered   the Oriental question generally in H. C,
track.      lhe fust   section   made the ****   for   t,K>   c',sl   *****-***7-     It   is
passage Ul  safety;   the   second,   on understood that he will  recommend
which Mr. Stover was riding, at- t,K' ******* •>***•***-> * *** t******
tempted to plow through   the water
ment, and it will be carried   out
but got beyond   a safe   depth;   and   ****-****/•      The    C.P.R.   will    be
is done promptly and properly.  **\Y***0-° backup was prevented by
forced to carry the Hindus back to
.washout. Then the pleasant dis- Hongkong, and the Dominion gov
coverv was made that the track was   »»■»•"« **** W *• transportation
Lumber & Builders' Supplies
In dealing in Building Lumber and all kinds of Building Material are
have  the  advantage of getting oar  supplies direct  from  the  mills,  and
can therefore retail at most favorable prices.
washed out for live miles ahead and
from there to Calcutta
live   miles behind,   while   the  train p|onty of Work at Rupert.
stood like an island   in   the rushing %   ,,-    .    n    .    ,   ,•       ,  ,
a .\ prince K iperl dispatch sa\s :
torrent, in momentary danger of be- ,•   ,,; ,  ,; ,       ,.
' . is i Continued   line    weather   during
\ng swept away.    The beleaguered
iii a   bitter   cold   rain,
 B>e   week    has    greatly    facilitated
passengers,   ,„ a   hitter   COM   ram.   pr0Rrcss   ;„   cvcrv   ,,,,,„,,,   0|   ^
escaped up the railway embankment   M|.lu.lil,„ uorl, on fa (;ralR, Tnmk
by means of a bridge   contrived   by   p.K.ific   (Vom   |vi|K.0   Rl||V|.,    .^
I i&m-
Estimates of cost cheerfully furnished to intending builders.
the train crew from the top of the
train, and then proceeded by foot
OVeY pack trails on the hills for a
distance of live miles to the end of
the Hooded district. Here they
were met by the down train, which
bail ot course been blocked, and
w hi, h backed up north with lhem.
Finally, after many further dclav -
and   discomforts,    and   by   dint    ol
much contriving on the part ofthe
railway, they were landed   safely in
Spokane on Saturday the sixth.
Afler   all   their    unavoidable   de-
CootraCtS for all  kinds of building's in town  and country promptly   lays Mr.   Stover   thought   il  rather
waul, and while the contracts have
not all been signed, it may be staled
thai Foley, Welch 0 Stewart have
sublet all of their 100-mile contract,
with ihe exception of about 15 miles
north of Grat eyard Point.
Conditions have very  materially
changed in labor circles during the
jiast ten daya, and there are now
practically no idle men in town.
Men who know how to do station
', work should come to Prince Rupert
where there is 100 miles of railway
grading, most of whi,h can be done
by station men to good  advantage,
tough   luck   that   he   should   reach        •, •    . ,, • ,,,.   . .-.,:.\.. i     , ,
" as it is considered latny heavy rock
Spokane   on   a   Saturday,   and    so ,
1 t worn.
through lack of a Sunday   train   be
Contractor and Builder,
obliged to spend three days more in
getting to   Keremeos.     Like   many
Bran,   shorts   aiul   wheat   at  the
right price.     F.  Kichler 0 Co. LOCAL NOTES.
Day after to-morrow (Sunday) is
Midsummer Dav.
A social dance is being given in
the town hall this (Friday) evening.
C. V. Prosser was the winner of
the gun club button at the weekly
trap shoot on Monday.
We are pleased to learn that Mr.
Kennedy is recovering from his recent short hut  severe indisposition.
Pete Douglas was in Keremeos
on Friday, but did not say whether
he would hit his ranch or work on
30-Mile  Creek.
Ci. McKinney of Nighthawk was
in town on Monday. Mr. McKinney is a noted dealer iu and breeder
of horses, and while here took 0C-
Caston to do a little horse  business.
The Orangemen of Keremeos
have extended an invitation to their
brethren in Penticton to join them
in a basket picnic at some intermediate point between the places on
the glorious Twelfth
Miss Lowndes is giving a concert
at Hedley on Tuesday evening at
which some Keremeos talent will
assist. Later v*n it is Miss Lowndes'
intention to repeat the concert in
the Keremeos town ball.
The meeting of the Truit (irowers' Association announced for Tuesday evening was not held owing to
the serene indifference of members
who do not consider it worth their
while to attend such meetings.
On Wednesday evening', June 17,
there was a pleasant gathering of
the Sunday school teachers and
their other halves at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Shaw. It
marked the birthday of   Kev. A.  11.
Residents of Keremeos and the
Lower Valley who are not intending
to take in First of July celebrations
at any of the outside points are arranging for a basket picnic on thai
day at a suitable point on the road
between here aiul l-'aiiview.
Major Megraw, editor of our esteemed cotein. lhe Hedley Ca/ctte,
arrived in Keremeos on Friday in
time, but onlyjusl in time, to catch
the V. V. ,V E. train as it pulled out.
The Major, who is   an   enthusiastic
Free Mason,  was 0,1 his way to
attend (irand Lodge now in session
at Victoria.
The Keremeoa baseball club is
passing around the hat to raise
funds to defray the co- t of new uniforms and other necessary espendi-
tures. lhe boys are practising
faithfully now, and with a little encouragement from our citizens will
make a creditable showing before
the season is over.
The ladies of the Church of Kngland held a meeting at Mrs. Armstrong's on Saturday last and organized "A Church Woman's Guild"
with the following oflicers : Mrs.
Lowe, Hon. President; Mrs. Coleman, President; Mrs. Armstrong,
Vice-Prcsidenl;    H-*»     Armstrong,
Sec-Trees. The next meeting will
be held at Mrs. Coleman's on Thursday, June 25th, at 3 p. in. A cordial invitation is extended to all
church ladies.
Get our prices for flour, rolled
oats, bran, shorts, etc. We buy in
carload lots and our customers get
the benefit. Keremeos Commercial
Another case of scarlet fever has
developed at the residence of Mrs.
Farrefl at the Centre, her little
eight-year-old daughter Frances
having contracted the disease. As
a consequence the public school has
been closed and will not re-open till
alter holidays. The fever is not of
a virulent type, and both patients
are doing nicely.
John Love of Hedley, who has
been combining business with pleasure on a trip to the coast, passed
through Keremeos on Wednesday
on his return home. Among other
functions which Mr. Love attended
was the visit of the I'. S. Atlantic
fleet at Seattle. For a time at least
he will probably find life in the valley a trifle slow.
As was announced in last week's
Tki Mfir.a meeting ofthe residents
of Keremeos and vicinity will be
held in the town hall to-morrow
(Saturday 20th inst.) for the purpose of discussing the matter of a
new graveyard. The hour was lirst
fixed at 2 p.m., but it has heen decided to change it to 7.30. Make a
note of the hour.
lhe Province of Tuesday says :
Mr. and Mrs. F. II. French, whose
marriage occurred last Wednesday,
the bride being Miss Anna Hrovvn
of New Westminster, came over
from Victoria on Sunday and went
on to New Westminster yesterday.
They will leave to-day for their
home in Hedley, where Mr. French
is manager for lhe Shatford Co.
If you are planning a trip to the
mountains this summer be sure and
take a sack of Five Koses Flour and
you will be happy.    I-'. Richter A Co.
Eastern Townships Bank.
HlAO Ol Ml t:,        . . .. Siikriirookk,  QvOK
Capital and Reserve,
When in Penticton you are
invited to call and see our
slock, ll is first-class and
up  to  dale   in   every  line.
Watches, t'li.iins, ittiuu-lirx, Pins, Clocks,
Engagement Kin^s, Wedding Hn,--,
Diamonds, III.,.. I. is, t'ut Glass,
MiviN, haunt Pipes,Silverwai a,
■tsWflng Silver Toilet Sets,
snd Oeneral Jewelry.
Optical Work he the latest »p|<ii-
Becei kaewa l» the profession.
U.iiiji-in.ikii^, Jewelry  Work ami  Repairing a sp,.,ialiy.
I soli, it your patronage.
nAnmo   P.„ticton.
Kegisiiir „| Marriage Licenses.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received,  subject to no delay in  withdrawal of all or any portion.
J. A. R. ROME, Manager.
Keremeos Branch.
Frank Richter & Co.
Dealers in General Merchandise.
We have the most complete stock in Keremeos, and are able to supply your wants at bed-rock prices.
Dry Goods,
Miners' Supplies
Coppley, Noyes & Randall's Clothing,
The Leading Brand of Clothing in Canada.
!C*W It is less than a month since we received our  last  car  of
:_WW Five Roses Flour, and  are  will have another car on
*_***" order due to arrive about the first  of July.     This speaks
tm- ll,r ''self.     Fl\»e  iioses  leads all others.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Hay and drain Store in connection. Seed Wheat and Barley for sale.
J. F. ROYER, Proprietor.
Workmanship aiul fit guaranteed.
Spring samples just arrived.
See its before placing your order for a Spring Suit.


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