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Keremeos Trumpet Jan 29, 1909

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Array Keremeos Trumpet
Vol. I.
Teacher ot Pianoforte .uui Accompanist
(certificated Royal Colloiro ol' Music, Loudon) open to sngssjessiai for sccompan*
imonts.    Terms on application.
Hsautv, B.C.
"What Isn't What."
Local and General.
Notary Public.
Office   ....    Kkrkmkos, Ha'.
 v     .
Notary Public
Agent for :
London & Lancashire I'ire Ins.  fix
Ocean Accident ami Gnsnuttee Co,
Kekkmkos, B. C.
A   party   of   Hedley    "hridgers" ;     Following  the   cold   wave   there
consisting   of Mrs.   (Dr.) Whillans,   has been an   epidemic   of weddings
Miss McLean, Miss Myrtle Mcl.ean
and Messrs MacHaffie, Hincks and
Gladden, drove down to Keremeos
on Saturday and registered at the
Central Hotel. As the Gazette
modestly put it they were down here
at Princeton and Rev. J. Thurbum*
Conn is kept pretty busy tying the
nuptial knot.
The road o\er the hill to Fairvievv
is reported to be impassable and in
going oxer there this week to   con
to    show    the    Keremeos    players  duct scn kQ Rcv_ Mr_ Citmerw ,,.,,
'what's    what    or    find   out    what
to drive vis Oroville.
Contractor and Builder,
Residence at Old Townaite, or inquire
at this office.
isn't what."
Thev were met bv an sq.tal num- Tho ,v-",ar ******** »••*•"* <*t
her of alleged plavers from Kere- St •'0,,"s' C,n,rch Guild wi" he
meos consisting of Mrs.   Elmhirst. \***** at Mrfc &>**«***'•  <*   *******
Miss Fergusson, Mrs. Hrown and -*»9- ■*****> 4,h- *** 3 *> m' A tu"
Messrs Carmichael, H. Armstrong *****-*--**- requested,
and Hrown. A preliminary canter , Rev. J. A. Cleland of Penticton
by way of an appetizer was played will conduct Church of England
before dinner, after which Mrs. Elm* service in the Keremeos church on
hirst turned her hand over to Miss Sunday next. Holy communion at
Armstrong SJtd the play proceeded 11 a. in., evensong at 7:30 p. m.
till the clock gave   a/anting   of  the
Kstimates  Furnished.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
approach ofthe Sabbath.
Fortunately for the reputation of
the Keremeos team the score card
was lost, but a brief but eloquent
note received by a Keremeos lady
from one of the lleillev ladies gives
:i fair idea   of  what   happened.     It
M.vkkikp At the residence of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Bromley, (near Princeton) Kliza A.,
only daughter, to Mr. John Edmonds of Hedley. the Rev. J. Thur-
burn-Conn officiating.
Thd birthday party announced   in
L.O. L. No. 1770
Meets Tiu'sdav on or before
tin' Cull  moofl  in em*  month
in    Keremeoa     Town     Hall
Visiting laeuiberi cordially invited.
C. L. Cl MMiMis. W. M.
D. McCusdy.R. S.
Stage Lines.
Turn ST.MiK.
I SSI— Keremeos daily, except Sunday,
at SOOU, arrives al lledlev 3 p.m.
Leaves Medley daily, exeepl Sunday,
at H a.m., arrives at Keremeos tl a.m.
Only through connecting attge between
Penticton, Keiemeos, Medley "< Princeton.
V). C.I I i.kspik,  I'roprielor.
Kkkkmios IIkdifi   M mi  Sim.k.
Leaves Kereineos daily, except Sunday,
ai I p.m.; connecting with all atagsa rail
and wesi. arrives In Hedley at 1 p.m.
Leaves Medley daily, exeept Sunday, al
H a.m., auives in Kereineos al II a.m.
I). }, Innis, Proprietor.
Kikimios  l'i mu ion M mi  Sim.i.
Leaves Keremeos lor Penticton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, al noon.
Leaves Penticton on Tsssoays, Thursdays and Saturdays al d a. m., arriving in
Keremeos al noon.
W.  K.  Wfi.iiv,  Proprietor.
read:     "Wl arrived home   at   5:30 these columns last week to he   giv-
on Sunday evening   kold   but   ItOO* '" *7 *•*■ ladies' Aid   will   be   held
tented." '" the 'own hall on Tuesday evening
The    Keremeos   contingent    will nest,    Feb.   2nd.      The   object   for
giv* thtir Hedley   friends   a   return which the concert is given is deserv-
malch some time later on and in the '"«_   and   **   -**-*-   '";|t   the   ladies
interval will   devote   more   of   their will make sacks of money,
spare time lo the intricacies   of   lhe       Grading   is    expected    to    begin
gains, hoping tO   be   able   to   make within the town limits of   Princeton
the next encounter more interesting. m   t|)e    ntf;ir   fawn    .i|u,   ||k,   S|.|r
BUggastS that the occasion be   cele-
Not a Poor Man's Country.      heated  in   some   appropriate   way
such as ;i sun dance  and   the   sing*
A little German girl named Heber   .^ of „WiM.^ y^ WMngn   or
died   very    suddenly   on    Saturday
morning. She resided with her
parents in a miserably small shack
near the saw mill. She suffered
from a slight cold on Friday, hut
the   ailment   appeared   trivial.      Al   -'ire, who has been blind  since   las.
by   lhe   unveiling   of  a    statute   in
eulogy of Uncle Jim.
Charted     Moore      Hacklcy,     the
young Muskegon Michigan million*
an early hour on Saturday morning
she woke her mother by asking   for
a drink of water, gave a gasp or
two and then expired. The air in
the 10 bv 12 shack, which sheltered
summer, declares that he will give
I$2,000,000 to any one that will restore his sight, and isro to work as
a COmilKM laborer for the test of his
life.     He lost his eyes last   summer
One learn of work horses, wrivrhl ahoul
IJ CWt each. Harness and watfon, in
good condition. Enquire al this olliee or
of J. E. Cosltsr, W. M. Armstrong's
lower ranch.
you'kk nkxt at tiik
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A. J. SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
four persons, was described by lhe   b>   *•   *********   **V*****   *   ;1
physician who was called  in   as   in-  •** ** *-T******>
discrihably foul, and it is his opinion       The January number ofthe  Fruit
that the child simply   smothered, in   Grower has  been   late   in   reaching
its ailing condition, for lack of pure  our desk hut   has   at   last   arrived.
t air.     It would be well for the health j The number is devoted to   spraying
authorities of the city to inspect   all   and contains a   wealth   of  inlormn-
. I . .      .
shacks and see thai there is a sullic-1 tion   in   regard   to   this    important
ient supply of fresh air for each person living therein, otherwise there
may he other fatalities. It does
not take much to kill a child, or
even a grown-up person, when the
throat is slightly congested by a
cold.     Kelowna Courier.
Sleighs were used   on the Penticton stage line this week.
feature of horticulture. We heartily recommend the Fruil tirower to
our readers and can assure them
that a single number like Ihe current one is in itself well worth the
yearly subscription price of one
Last Saturday Mr. A. Robertson
left on our desk a sample of "l>o-
licious"   apple   which    he   obtained
No. 45
from Spokane. It was vastly sur-
perior to the previous sample we
had seen and was as attractive in
appearance as it was exquisite in
flavor. We do not wonder that
people who can afford it readily
pay five dollars a box for these
apples in preference to buying others
at lower prices. Mr. Robertson
has ordered fifty trees of this variety
for spring planting.
J. J. Marks ofthe "Golden Zone"
mine of Hedley, passed up the valley yesterday on his return from
Nelson, where he has been in consultation with his brothers, arranging for the sale ol" stock and the
working of the mine on an extensive scale. Mr. Marks is inclined
to credit tht" rumor that M. K.
Rogers, with J. J. Hill as his right
bower, is negotiating for the purchase of the Nickel Plate. He is
most optimistic over the immediate
future of this valley.
Hedley citi/ens complain ofthe
high express rates which they have
to pay on parcels coming via Penticton, and fondly hope that once
lhe steel reaches their town that the
hold-up will be over. Such has not
heen the experience in Keremeos.
Most ot our parcels continue to
come via Penticton and we have lo
whack up and look   as   pleasant   as
possible.    Once the   Dominion  ex-
I press get their BngSTS on a parcel
•hev are extremely loath to turn it
over to another company, no matter what the cost or inconvenience
to the public. The redress, as suggested hv the Gazette, lies in using
the mails whenever possible and in
educating business houses on the
outside to he c.i rclul and ship via
G.N. express or, if necessary, via
Dominion aiul G.N. express.
H. Yardley of Bstevan, Sask.,
and J. StdCktlM of Calgary, Alia.,
arrived in Keremeos via the V. V.
•V ]■'.. on Tuesday. The latter is
not an entire stranger in the valley
having heen here last tall when he
Purchased a COUple Of lots from   the
beautiful Valley Land Co.    He will
spend a few weeks here on his
present trip anil get better acquainted with the country and climate.
Mr. Yardley is looking for an opportunity for investment .and passed
on up the vallev on   Wednesday  to
Hedley OH his way to N'icola and
Vancouver. On his return he intends coming down the Okanagan
to Fairview   and   thciue    here.      He
is very favorably   Impressed with
our valley aiul met an old acquaintance here in the person of Rev. A.
H. Cameron, whom he knew well
in southern Manitoba.
Thermometer Readings.
fanuary 22
21) above
.iS above
14    "
3H    "
10    "
34    "
|<>    "
30   "
28    "
3-t    "
24    "
Mi    "
M     12
Palmer Mountain Prospector
Ceases Publication Some
Plain Facts About Mining;
The Palmer Mountain Prospector, (Loomis, Wash.) one of the
brightest, newsiest, most readable,
local papers that has heen coming
to our exchange table ceased publication last week. Editor Dallam
in his valedictory says : "We do-
sire to state that the suspension of
the Prospector is in DO way a business failure. It is simply a case of
abandoning a field where the support does not warrant a continuance
end moving to another and nearby
locality, where a living at least is
promised for the labor performed."
He re-affiims his faith in the bright
future of the camp in whose interests he has labored so faithfully for
the last eleven years without adequate compensation, and in closing
{jives his views on the mining
methods which have prevailed in
the camp.
"People at a distance" he says
"should not feel for a moment that
vve have lost faith in the mineral
richness of this immediate locality
because the paper has ceased publication. Our belief in the present
presence ot mineral and the ultimate
production of the precious metals
in large and paving quantities is
just as firm now as it has always
been since first becoming familiar
with the surface and underground
showings that can be seen by anyone who will take the trouble ot
visiting the many claims and prospects  in  this  neighborhood.     We
have seen ledges where thev crop,
we have seen lhem when cut at
depth, and we have seen lhem iu
shaft and tunnel where exposed.
We have had assays made at our
own expense. We have heard the
opinion eapreseed by men who have
spent years of their lives following
mining, both as miners working
for wage, and as promoters and
operators, and hence (eel that we
are in a position to speak with some
knowledge of the subject. It is
doubtful if stronger ledges, more of
lhem, anil battel showings ,,111 be
found anywhere in Ihe west. Mote-
ovei the values are present. Gold,
silver, Clipper and lead exist in the
Surrounding hills, anil, as this paper
has so often insisted, the lime will
come when these ores will be SI*
tracted in lafgS quantities yielding
large fortunes lo lhe operators.
This can only be expected when
mining is carried on intelligently hymen who know the business of mining, which has not been lhe case in
years past.
"The sin and pity of it to us, as
we look back "pon the years since
our arrival in the county, is the ignorant methods ot operation that
have been in vogue, resulting in a
frightful waste ol mono, which,
had it been propcil)  applied,   would
have developed mines. Ignorance,
resulting in the woeful waste of
capital contributed by eastern investors, is little short of criminal,
and there are monuments to the
folly of intrusting such expenditures to men without knowledge of
mining to be seen on every hand.
Companies are organized to open
up certain mining properties, and
then men who never saw a mine
are intrusted vvith the work. Nothing but failure could be expected.
It would be simply a miracle if a
mine could be made under such
conditions. This stupidity has done
more to bring' discredit upon mining
in Washington than any other
cause, and so long as it continues
to prevail failure only can be expected. Our sympathy goes out to
the man who has been induced to
invest his means, too often all his
little horde, in mining stocks, to
have it thrown away by incompetent operators. As stated above the
mineral is here only waiting system
attcts research hy men who know
the business to produce weajth for
those so fortunate as to be interested. From every indication we
believe that much will be accomplished this year toward making producing mines. We believe that in
the future greater eaie will be taken in selecting managers, and if it
is success is sure to follow. We
are as sincerely confident in the
richness of the country, though
forced to leave the immediate vicinity for a time at least through circumstances over which we have no
control, as at any time during our
long residence in it."
When In
etop at the
Central Hotel
Special attention to
Commercial Men,
and Land-seekers.
Headquarters for all
Slajre Routes.
Livery  Stable
in connection.
Good table.
LafgS, airy and
conifortahle rooms .
Free 'bus to anil from
all trains.
Tweddle & Elmhirst,  -  - Proprietors.
8 per cent, off for cash.
Boys' Clothing
Ladies' Hose
Shirts and Overalls
Boots and Shoes
The Big Store.
TOCK-TAKING time will soon
be here and we must clear out the
balance of our goods left over from
the Christmas trade in order to make
room for the new stock.
This will be done at greatly  reduced
"Royal Household" Flour   Ogilvie's Best Brand.
Rolled Oats.     Bran.     Shorts.     Feed Wheat.
A pleasure to show our gOOill.
Keremeos Commercial Go
MMMM_a_I_I_il!_g!_i__i_ii__ii!y r,iMisliiil tea— Friday »l Ike ttteo,
Ki-rt-on-ns.  It.C
Subscription $-'.00 :i your, $1.00 tor six montlm,
in .uh.imv.
AJliTlisinK Hull's, l-egnl noliii's, IV per line
first insertion, t(V per line gach Mibst-inn-nt insertion.
Land notices Certificates oiimprovement.etc., $S.(II
for 60slay notices. $5.00 for .Kcl.tv notices. Contr.-i.-t
display advi'rlittintf. We. per inch per week. ^ Transient advertisements, such as Lost, Found, Wanted,
etc.. not onttoWest OUt inch. $1.00 tirst inwrtion. i>r
three insertions for 12,00. XjOBtd reading notices.
We. pot line first insertion, 15c. each subsequent insertion.
J. A. HKOWN. Puhlishcr.
The Coming Season.
With  the   assurance   that   track-
laying will be commenced as soon
as spring opens and that the steel
vvill be pushed into the mining
camps of" Hedley and Princeton
during the coming summer months,
1909 promises  to  be  a   red   letter
The Keremeos Trumpet Tm*** °''•»•»*•«'«. *•con-
sider him duly qualified to represent
this province on the Board of Railway Commissioners.
He it resolved that this association, now assembled, do hereby endorse the candidature of the said
Mr. John I). Hunt for the position
on the Board of Railway Commissioners, madi vacant by the death
of the late Hon. Thos. Greenway,
and that a copy of this resolution
be forwarded to the Hon. George
I\ Graham, Minister of Railways,
The secretary was also authorized to communicate with the secre-
| tary of the association at Revelstoke in reference to co-operation
in presenting to the railway commission, at the time of their meet-
year in the   history   of  the   ^'milk-! i,,jr there, as stronj, a case   as  poe*
ameen. sible on behalf of the fruit growers
The upper valley with its untold | of British Columbia,
mineral wealth has been but NTsitsag : Auction was directed to a mat-
Ihe advent of the iron horse to „. nhkh „■*, be pri.sentej by fa
■pring into mining and industrial Greenwood board of trade at the
life. Now the time is at hand and meolinfr of fa assocjated boards to
residents of the lower valley should L, j^y .„ Trai| next mon,h. )t
not fail to reoognias the bearing\fHmm to the discrimination against
which this vvill have upon their Canadian points in the freight and
Fortunes, ' express rates of the Great Northern.
The upper valley with its wealth "fN, W1(S fo]* to be a matter of COO*
ofgoM, copper, iron, coal and other sj.|o,able import to the fruit grow-
minerals, is capable of giving em- ,r„ ,,, fa similkameen and the
ployment to thousands of men in nu.n1rH,rs of this association intend,
mines, mills, smelters and factories. ,|mn|l,h ,|iejr secretary, to supply
The lower valley with its broad fa secretary of the Greenwood
acres of fertile soil   and   its   adapti-   hoard of trade with all the evidence
bility for producing fruits,   vege* fay Ciin Sl.r;ipi. together.   This will
tables and cereals of all sorts is the afterwards be used   by   represent*
natural source   tt  supply   for   food ,iVOs of the associated boards when
stuffs   for   the   upper   valley.     Our fay nK.ot fa r;li|w,lv   commission.
citi/ens need not worry over a mar- ors'.„  Trail next month,
ket for their produce.     Unless  they       |, is -rfgwiag t0 noU.   fa   or,,an.
look sharp they will find   a   greater j^.,, business-like manner in   which
demand for produce of  the orchard fa fnli, powers'   associations  and
and garden than   they   are   able   lo hlMrJs o|  Ir;lj, j„ Hritish Columbia
till.      The railway   construction   go ari. preparing lo   meet   the   railway
ing on vvill   create   a   good   market eonimissioners.      It   often   happens
this year and with railway facilities. ,|iat owin.- to   Uick   0,   preparation
enabling the products lo be deliver- j and , poor presentation of  the ii.se
ed at a   greatly   reduced   cost,   the ,,,.„ „u, hos| reM,|ts are not secured
If eremeos Hardware
Cook Stoves
and Heaters.
Turpentine and Gasoline always on hand.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS      -      -      PROPRIETOR.
consumption   will  be considerably
Increaaed among the residents of
lhe upper vallev.
from opportunities of this kind.
In   giving   what   assistance   thev
can to the candidature of Mr. J. I).
Hunt for the vacancy   on   the   rail-
John D. Hunt for the Commission   way commission our   local   association of fruii growers show an ap-
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
At a well attended meeting of the
fruit growers Of this district held in
lhe   office   of  the   Keremeos   Land
Company   on   Saturday   afternoon
the following resolution, supporting
the candidature of J. I). Hunt of
Winnipeg for the vacancy on the
railway commission vvas unanimously passed :
"That vvheieas, Mr. |ohn I). Hunt,
solicitor, of Winnipeg, Manitoba,
is a member of this association.
And whereas, the said Mr. Hunt
is a prominent holder of fruit lands
in this district, and is therefore
closely identified vvith the fruil industry throughout the province.
And whereas, being thus closely
connected   and   familiar   with   the
needs of the  fmit   growers,   and
knowing the greal necessity of
proper and adequate  transportation
necessary for the successful (level*
for Teams
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Prompt attention to all customers.
I.anil-seekers and Tourists invited to give us a trial.
puliation   of  their   own   interests.
If there is one class of producers in
Canada to-day who need a champion '
of their interests it is the fruit grow* I
ers of B.C.,   and   Mr.   Hum,   as   sj
member of the board of commission*
ers, would be the rij_rlit man   in   the
right place.     His professional train-
Lng eminently fits him for the   position and his personal interest  in the
development Of the fruit interest  in
B.C. would ensure his   best   efforts
to secure for  the  growers  of this
province what is so sadly   needed
more   favorable   transportation   for
their produce.     In Mr.    Hunt   both
the wheat growers ofthe plains and
the fruit growers  of  B.C.   have   a' m • u —,*•*.* n li
ma,, ,,pon who,,, .hey ca„ agree, Plastering   Masonry    Painting   Paper-Hanging
and it is lo be hoped that when   the
time comes to till the   vacancy (and i
it should soon   come)   that   he   will!
he given the consideration to which
his many qualifications so eminently
Builders and Contractors
l.ime, Cement, Cement  Blocks ami  Brick I'm   sale.
Kstnnales gh***n tor all aiul everv kind of Cement Work
and Kinltlme, vrenerally.
Write us lor prices. Distance no object.
entitle him.
G. MILBURN. Distribution of School Prizes.
A very enjoyable evening was
spent at the school bouse on Friday
evening, the occasion being the distribution of prizes among the children. Though the capacity of the
school house was fully taxed there
was accommodation for all, extra
seats having been provided.
Willi the exception of a tableau
the program was a repetition, in
part, of the one given earlier in the
town hall. lhe presents showed
excellent    taste   and   judgement    in
selection and comprised  something
lor each pupil. They were handed
lo lhe happy recipients by Mr. !•'.
Richter, whose   patriarchal  bearing
and affable manner added  effect  to
the ceremony. Hatlie Innis and
Maurice Paly each received prizes,
voted by the children ofthe school,
lo the most popular girl and boy.
Following the distribution of
prizes was a neat litte speech by
Mr. Stoess, eulogistic of the excellent results accomplished by Miss
PergUSSOO as teacher and thanking
her on behalf of those present for
the splendid entertainment provided.
The floor vvas then cleared and the
customary dance indulged in until
lhe "witching hour." Two four-'
horse   sleigh loads   of   people   from
tenderfeel who, without any   know*
ledge of the country or experience
in mountaineering, are tempted to
gO alone on exploring trips in thc
hills.     The Courier says :
"Frozen limbs are rarely heard
ot in this locality, but a case occurred on Bear creek last week which
mav cost lhe sufferer a loot. A
young man named Lister, who lives
some distance up the lake, took a
walk in the direction of Bear Creek
on Wednesday and lost his way.
He spent until dark trying to find
the trail homewards, and then had
to walk round all night to keep from
freesing, as he had no matches.
He spent next day in the same manner, and, becoming exhausted, lay
down to sleep at ni^ht and his feet
froze. He did not seem to be
aware of what had befallen him and,
after he had succeeded in reaching
Mr. Cliilders' house at the mouth of
Bear Creek on Friday, he incautiously subjected his feet to thawing
out by heat. Mr. Childers had no
boat and was unable to take Lister
across the lake till Saturday, when
he vvas removed to the hospital, and
at last accounts was doing well,
though there is danger that he may
lose one foot."
Carriage Builoino, Repair*
iNi; and Painting
Builders' Supplies.
Opposite the Central Hotel.
P    .BROMLEY,       Lumber
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Estimates of cost cheerfully furnished to intending builders.
Contracts tor all kinds of buildings in town and country promptly
Contractor and lluildcr.
Kkkk.mkos, B.C.
the lower town attended and thoroughly enjoyed tlu evening's outing.
Fire at Penticton.
About 7:30 on Wednesday even*
ini, a lire broke out in IC. S.   Lake's
photographic studio above hia grocery store in the l.ee Block. The
whole inside of the upper Hat was
aflame before the fire vvas discovered and all efforts at Extinguishing it
prov ed of no avail.
lhe sounding of  the   gong   soon
brought a large crowd of willing
workers, and also a large crowd of
those not so willing. Attention
was turned to saving the stock of
groceries and to removing the furniture from Mr. and    Mrs.    Malcom
Campbell's home which adjoined
the l.ee Block. Both buildings
were completely destroyed. Nothing was saved Irom lhe photographic studio anil only pail  of   the
grocery stock was got out.
Water being close at hand, the
bucket brigade was enabled to ilo
very effective work, and lo its efforts
arc undoubtedly due the fad that
ihe Penticton Hardware as well as
the Cariees ami   Rathvon  building
still stand. As it was the intense
heat totally Wrecked the (,rlass  front
of the latter building.
The loss is partly covered bv Insurance.
Pire protection will he the most
■erioUS problem the newly elected
council vvill have to face. Penticton Press.
Lost in the Hills.
k* _;,.__-:-*».*= ?.£^!_H^i_A^
Kettle River Assessment
ItJOTICE is hereby given  that,  la ac-
*** eorilaiice with Ihe Statutes, Provincial Revenue Tax anil all assessed taxes
ami income lax, assessed ami lev ied under
the "ASSESSMENT ACT" sad amend-
ment* thereto, are now due ami payable
fer the vear  I'XW   to   the   undersigned   at
ihe Government  Olliee.   Fairview,    This
Notice, in tenSS of law, is ecaiiv-lent   lo  a
persona] demand by me spon all persons
liable tor taxes.
Haled at  fairvievv,  H.C., this    '1st   dav
of January. AD.,  1909,
ll. \. TURNER,
Similkameen Land District.
DISTBM I   Of   v.vt.i-:.
Take notice thai I, William   Wag,   land
agent,   intend  10 apple Ciii*   permission   lo
purchase ihe following described landa :
Commencing-At a poet planted -'0 chains
weat of tbe aouth-weat comer of lot I7_>,
thence north _'() chains, theme eaal 10
chaina, thence tooth *B chaina, ihenee
west ji) chaina to Ihe poinl of commencement, being about the area arithin which
lies an island between lota I72snd276and
the   Similkameen   rivet   ami   containing
aboul 33 aetes te whieh this applie.it ion
Wii.i i vm Rum.
Keieim.is,  It.l ..  IVeeinhe,   17,   1900.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
The experience of a yotiOg Kit*
Iflishman Up at Kelowna last week
.should act  as   a   vvarnini,   to   other
Apex Mineral Claim.
Situate in tin- Similkameen Division Wt
Yale Mining Diatrict Where located On .Manery Mountain, adjoining
Ihe Kelipse gTOSp on Ihe east.
"TMKK NOTICE that ths  Eclipse  Min-
*•      ini. and Milling Company, l'ree Miner's Certifies!* No.  sl9,U2,  Intend, <>0
davs from Ihe dale hereof, lo apply  lo thc
Mining Recorder for s Certiflcate of Improvementa, for the purpose of  obtaining
a Crown tii.ml ofthe aliove claim.
Ami  further take notice   ih.it   action,
under MCtion .'7, mual he commenced   he-
lure the   issuance   el    such   Certificate   of
Haled Ihis 23rd day of December,  1900.
Kci.ii'si Minimi wu Milling Company.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orden for Cured  Meats,   Pish and   Poultry promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
Keremeos Property is-
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 180 miles of Vancouver.
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
Prices of
7th & 8th Ave.:
$250.00 each
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch of the C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
4-th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
A ladies' aid society has heen
formed at Princeton.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Stevens have
quitted the cottage and are occupying rooms at the depot.
Hedley public school vvas expected to open on Monday last vvith a
Mr. Cameron in charge.
Now is the time to invest at the
Keremeos Commercial Company's
store.     Kig returns for your money.
Dr. Jackson of Penticton arrived
on Tuesday and has been spending
the interval at the Hotel Keremeos.
Twenty tons of powder vvas exploded in one blast at Prince
Rupert last week. No wonder the
people at the coast had a "shock."
Stock-taking is now over and vve
find some remnants and odd lines
that must be cleaned out. Price no
object.    Keremeos Commercial Co.
Mis. George Loudon and children of l.oomis, who have been visiting at the home of the former's
daughter, Mrs. F. Richter, returned home on  Tuesday.
The Penticton stajje failed to ar-
tive on time again yesterday, b'.-t
whether it was owing to the steamer being delayed or to other causes
is not known at the time of writing.
Ur. Rankin, medicine man lor the
ci. X. construction camps up the
valley, who has been on a holiilav
trip to his hor.i* in Halifax, returned on Tuesday to i .sume his duties.
R. G. Shier of lledlev passed
through Keremeos on Monday,    lie
i- taking advantage of the comparative quietness in the camp for a
visit to his wife and family at the
Mi. li. M. Murphy and daughter
of Carberry and Mrs. G. C. Armstrong of Winnipeg arrived via the
V.V. 0 l'.. on Saturday, and altera
couple of weeks' visit with friends
here will proceed to the coast.
Several sleigh loads of VOUItg
people, and others, numbering iii all
between titty and sixty, paid a
"surprise" visit to the home of
Mrs. Daly on Wednesday evening
and spent a most enjoyable time at
cards and dancing.
A large crate ot choice fowl ar-
lived by express ycslcidav and was
"assed on up to the Central Hotel
where they will form part of the
menu at the swell dinner to he ^iv •
cu by the Chin.mien to their friends
tomorrow evening.
Ihis is the "between" season in
mercantile business; between thc
winter trade and preparation foi the
spring. It is usually dull and for
this reason vve are offering exceptional values as an inducement to
trade.     Keremeos  Commercial Co.
Mr. K. I.owe, after an extended
visit with his mother, left for home
at Victoria last week just in time
to be held up en route by the  slides
on the (i. N. track near Seattle.
Hick might just as well have remained here a few days longer and
had another rubber or two.
It is not too early to begin plans
for an exhibit at the big Alaska*
Yukon-Pacific fair at Seattle next
summer and for any other fairs that
come within our reach. If the tide
of settlement is to be directed to
our valley this year vve must carry
on extensive systematic advertising
Mrs. I.owe has received the
diploma awarded her exhibit of
apples at the Spokane fair and is
naturally very pleased with it. Included vvith the award, however, is
a prize which is to say the least a
little smbarrasing. It is $50 worth
of Burbank'l rhubarb roots, or
enough, we should surmise, to
pretty nearly plant the whole vallev.
Sundav   evening   Rev.   Mr. lea
Eastern Townships Bank.
Hk.MI   OtllCK, . . SlIKKHKllOKK,   QUIIK.
Capital and Reserve, $5,000,000.00
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and  upwards received,  subject to no delay in  withdrawal of all or any portion.
Keremeos Branch.
R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting; Manager.
1F. Richter & Co. g
Dealers in General Merchandise.
Cameron, during his discourse, gave
his congregation a brief outline of
the work being done and the methods employed by "Billy" Sunday,
the baseball evangelist, whom he
had the privilege of hearing during
his visit to Spokane. "Billy's"
methods are certainly heroic and he
knows all about plaviiif, to the
You will save money by dealing here during thc year 1lXW.
Our stock ii complete and carefully selected. Our prices are
as low as the lowest.
Our specialty Five Roses Flour
All  kinds ot Sheet   Metal   Work  in   9W
fin. Copper, Sheet Iron, etc.         ■/% 09
KavI-TKIU l.MIM.    V   Sl'Kl I.M.TV.           90 90
' »w«f. 'ip *******-cutting. XXXXKXXXXKXXX XX^XKXXXKXKX
Pumps repaired.
Estimates furnished  on application.
l.eav e orders at
Keremeos Hardware Store.
H. B. Meausette,
Keremeoa, B.C.
Acclimatized Tested Stock.
Sccdi, Trees, Plants for the
Farm, Garden Lawn
or Conservatory.
Ui 'liable varirlirs ,tl   t rason.ililr |>n.
rs.       No bOTSISi SS sr.ilr, no   RnaqgSt*
ion to daaaajs stock.    No windy agent
If .ItlllOV   V Oil.
l-'Ml.l I lionT   lot    of fruil    Hits    MOW
coming on tot the i.ill trade, consisting
ot 50,000 Peach, Psar, Plum and. hn-
iv: 70,000 Apple in loading varietiesi
100,000 sn..,ii r,,,n pi,,„ts. sm.iiv
iioino (rows vviiiiout srlgatioa uui am
own propsffstion from bearing sto* k.
Ions of Hiillii for fall planting.  Choice
i_i iss ami pals sssds always bi stock.
rerttlisers,    Bee    supplies,    spiav
I'imips. SpTSylng materials, Cat now*
ere, etc.    Oldest established nurssriss
on llif  mainland   of   It. t'.     Catalogue
OrMflboUWl     .Mill) \\Y*.tminslrt  U.-ul
Branch nui mi irs:     S.   V.HH'iuivo .
Druggists and Stationers
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Freighting;, Draying, and General Livery Buaineaa.     tirain and Hav.
D. GILLESPIE, Proprietor.


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