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Keremeos Trumpet Dec 11, 1908

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Array Keremeos Trumpet
Vou I.
No. .18
idler of Pianoforte and Accompanist
fieau-J Royal Cottage of Music, Lon-
irives  lessons   in   Keremeos   Stalion
ri   HaP every   l-'riil.iy   anil   Saturday,
nd is open to enwagetttenl for sccoinpan-
nents.     Terms on application.
Ill IM.KV, H.C.
Notary Public.
Agrnt for :
London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co,
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.
Kkrkmkos, R. C
Contractor and Builder,
Residence sl Old Towsaite, or Inquire
.il Ihis oHiee.
Estimates Eurnlahsd.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
Notary Public.
Omca   - Ki ki mi os, u.e.
L.O. L. No. 1770
Meets Tuesday on or beftsra
llu* full moon iu i-.uh month
in Ketvnn'Os Sehool llousr.
Visiting members cordially invited.
11. J.   Isms,  W. M.
D.  Mill kiiv.R. S.
Stage Lines.
Kum Si vi.k.
Leases Kereineos d.iilv. escept Sunday,
.ii noon, bi lives .ii Hedley 3 pm.
Leases lleillev   daily- eacepl  Sunday,
at Ka.ni., anius al Kereineos It a.m.
OnU ihtou)_h connect ins stage between
Penticton, Kereineos, 11, ,11,-\ \ Princeton.
D< On i nm, Propttetm,
Ki ai vn os  Hi in i v   M \n  Si sit
Leaves Koreilioos il.ulv. aSVSBl Sunday,
.il  I p.in.; .nines iu HhW)  al 5 p.m.
Leaves lleillev daily, exeepl Sunday, al
7 a.m., arrivi-s in KcTSSMOS at  tt a.m.
I). J. Isms. Proprietor.
Kl HI Mil's   I'l \ in tOW   M vn   Sl Vi.i.
Leaves Keremeoa for Penticton on Mon*
ilavs, Wednesdays snd Fridays, at noon.
Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Tlnus-
il.iv s   unl Saltiiilav s al li a   in.,  aiming   in
Kririneos at noon.
W. K. Wki.hv, I'ropriolor.
Hindus Balk.
It would appear as it' the Dominion authorities were not going to
get rid of the indigent Hindus as
expeditiously and smoothly as was
expeeted. Their suspicions have
been aroused owing to alleged
shady work in connection with the
investigation of conditions at Honduras and the report submitted
thereon. Kast week they refused
to receive the report of commissioner Harkin unless he would deliver
it in Ihe inner, saered recess of
their temple, which he rightly refused to do. It is now expected
that the government will resort to
the emigrant act and export as many
as possible of them as undesirables.
'>ur ii-.uii ol woik  horses,   woighi  aboul
ti«l.   eaeh.      Harness   ami   wagon,   in
gooil condition.    Enaulre sl this ones or
of J. v.. Cosher,   w.   ii.   knastrong'i
lower ran. li
ia)   I"   I III
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A. J. SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
Registers With Thumb Mark.
Tacoma,Wash., Dec. 8 Through
a new ruling of the Indian department Henry Taylor, a Puyalhip Indian, to-day registered his name, or
"mark" in a peculiar fashion, using
the impression of his thumb after
having daubed the member vvith
green ink. He is the lirst Indian
in Washington to register his identity by a thumb mark.
In a recent ruling by tbe Indian
bureau it was deemed necessary on
account of forgeries to change the
method of identification of persons
who could not sign their names, especially among  the Indians.
Origin of the Devil.
The term, printer's devil as applied to the boy who does the chor-
ing around the printing office, -ays
Printer Ik Publisher, has a peculiar,
romantic history. In the early days
printing was styled the "black art"
and printers were supposed to be in
league vvith Satan. But it was in
the time of Aldus Minutius in Venice that matters took a serious turn.
This was the famous printer who
first published the tireek and Roman
classics. He took into his employ
a negro boy vv ho was homeless on
the streets of Venice. The people
supposed the hoy was an imp vif
Salan and helped in the printing.
Molis collected aboul to wreck it
when the boy was brought forward
aiul exhibited and shown to be llesh
and blood, but, he was still called
the "printer's devil" and every boy
in his position ever since has heen
called so.
A Jaw Twister.
There was a voung man named
Who dined with his girl at 8:08.
As Tate did not state, I cannot
What Tate at his Tete-a-tete ate
at 8:08
Company Offer Reward of $3,-
OOO for the Arrest and Conviction of the Bandits.
yesterday morning the local
agent of the Great Northern received a dispatch from superintendent
Morgan of Spokane stating that
No. 4, eastbound, which leaves
Spokane at eleven o'clock, had been
held up at Hillyard, a few miles out
of the city, and that the company
would pay the reward indicated
above for the capture and conviction of the persons engaged in the
No details are given, but it is apparent that the desperadoes turned
the trick in professional style and
1 were no amateurs at the job. The
prompt manner in which the company are getting alter the bandits,
together with the substantial nature
of the reward, would suggest that
the hold-up was one of considerable
import to them.
Men of sufficient ingenuity to
successfully engineer a coup of this
nature, however, are not likely to
expose themselves along the branch
lines of the company's roads or even
take to the wilds where their capture would be almost certain. They
would he far more likely to mingle
with the crowds now attending the
fair at Spokane, where their presence would not be noticed and their
chances of apprehension greatly reduced.
Up Against It.
Editing a paper is a nice thing.
If vve publish jokes, people say we
are rattle-brained. If vve publish
original matter they say we don't
give them enough selections. If
we give them selections they say we
are too lazy to write. If we don't
go to church we are heathens. If
vve go vve are hypocrites. If we remain in the office, we ought to go
out and hustle. If vve go ont, then
vve are not attending to business,
lf vve wear old clothes they laugh at
us. If we wear good clothes they
say that we have a pull. Just as
likely as pot sivio one will lay u/i
stole this from an exchange. So
vve did.
Work on the Ditch.
Alter many long delays and much
disappointment in getting lumber
from the saw mills, the Land ("ompany have at last got all the material they need and the Hume work
will soon he in the completed list
vvith the pipe-line, head-gates and
bridge. 'There vet remains a little
open ditch work to do, but good
progiess is being made and it will
soon be completed. Should present
temperatures continue it is altogether likely that the bringing down of
the water and the testing of the
pipes will be left till the opening of
spring as a satisfactory test could
scarcely be made now.
[I'almi-i    Mountain  PlKSSSaSSSf.]
On Saturday, Nov. 21, R.J. Armstrong, the widely known and old
j time resident of the Similkameen
vallev, just across the line in Hritish
Columbia, and Miss Gertude Shohe,
ol Gashere, Indiana, were married
at Oroville. 'The marriage was
much eif a surprise to Mr. Armstrong's friends, who had no suspicion of the happy event. The
groom has resided in this vicinity
many years, and has a wide circle
of friends on both sides of the international line. 'The bride is a very
attractive, intelligent and charming
young lady. The Prospector joins
vvith other friends and acquaintances in wishing the couple a King anil
happy life.
Prom  reports  appearing in  the
Spokesman-Review, the  big  apple
show at Spokane is proving a tremendous success, both in point of
attendance and magnificence, and
extent of the fruit displayed. So
striking are the exhibits from Canada that the directors are agreed
that the fair should have been international in name as it is in fact.
On Tuesday the heavy mist that
had enveloped the valley for several
days condensed and fell in the form
of a light covering of snow. Since
then the weather has recovered its
usual brightness.
H. W. Conkling took advantage
ofthe   reduced   rates,   now   on,   to
visit Spokane this week. Before
returning he may go to Portland to
consult an oculist in regard to his
eves, which hav e heen troubling him
Rev. A. II. Cameron is negotiating with the I.anil Cc for an exchange of his ten-acre lot on the
bench for a three-.icie one on the
flat. The deal will be one of convenience to both panics,  Mr.    Cam*
eron having decided thai ten acres
is rather loo much for him, and the
Land Co. requiring right of way for
their ditch through the lot now held
bv Mr. Cameron.
Eastern Excursions.
Cheap rale tickets to eastern Can-
ada, good for three months, ire be-
Ing offered by the Great Northern.
The tare from Keremeos lo Montreal or Toronto and return is 096.S5.
No excursion 'ales are offered to
points in Manitoba. A Splendid Number.
The December number oi Westward Ho! fully equals if it does not
surpass the sanguine announcement
of its publishers. Its Christmas
greetings are suffused with thai
glow of hope which is sure to awaken a responsive chord in the patrons
and friends to whom they are addressed. The greetings with the
artistic colored design are altogether chaste and unique. The reproduction oi views oi the T'ranco-Hrit- \
ish Exhibition, which are most interesting to Canadians, is certainly j
superb and well worthy oi preservation as a memento.
The fiction stands high, and exhales the spirit of Christmas in such
plentitude that it transports us into
the joys and raptures of the season.
But good as it is, in respect of deep
and abiding and soul stirring pathos
it is transcended by the poetry. |
Mrs. Blanche K. Holt Murison's
three poems, "Christmas Day,"
"Ave Maria" and "The Message oi
Christmas" are not only exquisite in
style, and elevated in sentiment but
they are of that order which pronounces them as the offspring of the
Mens Divinior. What, too, could
be more seasonable and sweet than
Mrs. Agnes Lockhari Hughes'
"Holy Sprays," or more provocative
of mirth and of a full hilarous laugh
than the poetical of "Wiggs' Pig"
by J. C. Harris and its adroit illustrations }
The story by Arthur Davies "The
Lady oi the Mannion" is specially
written for this number, and its best
commendation is to say, it fully sustains the reputation of the author.
"The Expiation of John Reedham"
by Anne S. Swan is continued, and
grows more intense in its interest
as it unfolds. 'Two Othei stories
have also been specially written for
the Christmas issue : "As the
House of Dreams" by Mrs, Agnes
Lockhart Hughes, and "'The Christmas That Was Nearly Lost" by
Mrs. Ethel G. Cody Stoddard. Oi
Mrs. Hughes it is unnecessary to
eulogi/e, for she towers high among
the writers of fiction and poetry,
and Mrs. Stoddard has written a
story that is equal to her best.
"Out ofthe Night," by Douglas
Leader Durkkl, is a pathetic tale oi
the Russian peasantry, of their down
trodden condition vvith happily a
glimmer Of thai self emancipating
spirit that is now kicking off the accursed tyranny undei which the
nation groans. Billie Glynn as
usual sweeps us along vvith the
romance of his tale, "The Girl He
Left Behind Him," while "Love and
Honor" are pathetically counter-
painted by Nigel Toumeur.
Spoil, pastime, travel and description are represented by "A 'Trip
Down the Saskatchewan," by I).
I). Ross; "Fishing and Exploring
up the Checamus," by Frank Burnett; "The Marble Caves of British
Columbia," by C. H. Mackintosh;
"The Orchard City," by Walter R.
Pooley; and "The Chilliwack Valley," by H. O. Lamb.    Simon Kras
er, the   renowned   explorer,   whose   When in
name and achievements are so dear Keremeoa
to the West, is further  revivified in stop at th
memory    by   an   admirable    article
from   H.   6.   S.    Schollield,    while
Bishop J.   Carmichael   is   presented
in   an   able   panegyrical   sketch   by |
William Blakemore.
.Central Hotel
Owing lo ibe tlis-solution ofthe partnership hitherto existing bet ween H. TwooMlo
ami Jas. Reith, all accounts owing this
firm must be settled on or before Dee. 15
next. Parties having claims against the
same lirm are requested lo present same
to the undersigned on or before above date.
Keremeos, B.C., Dec. 1st, 1'XJK.
And Watchmaker.
Complete stock including
Optical   Goods.
I'l Mrt mO       Penticton.
Registrar of Marriage Licenses.
Speeial attention lo
loiiiiiierei.il  Men.
;mil l.anil-siH'kers.
Hsadqnsrtnri for all
Slaije Routes.
Liven  Stable
in eoiinection.
Good talile.
I.aikje, airy anil
eoinforlable rooms .
Kree  bus to anil from
.ill trains.
Tweddle & Elmhirst,   -  - Proprietors.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Carriaok Building, Repair*
inc. and Painting
Opposite the Central Hotel.
5 per cent, off for cash.
The Big Store.
You will be acting SANTA CLAUS.
This is the place to outfit. Our stock of
Christmas novelties offers a wide range
for selection.    Something for everybody.
We have taken over the stock oi the
Kereineos Fanners' Exchange, including
canned tomatoes, prunes and peaches,
which we are clearing at vcr\ low prices
in case lots.
" Royal Household" Flour   Ogilvie's Best Brand.
Rolled Oats.     Bran.     Shorts.     Feed Wheat.
A pleasure to show our goods.
Keremeos Commercial Go
-**-*•*>**—- *r*tr-.*t-*tr-.t*t*te**a •*****-. «-V» r~»»H»'i>*^<»_^S^»-*>*'S^>«*»^^ «*****«*<-*» «*V*^-*<*-»
I The Keremeos Trumpet
PukUshad ,-,,-r*. Pridai sl ths uaVa,
KsfWUsos,  ll.C
Subscription SJ.'JO .1 \,-.ir. $i.ik) i,„ tht smiths,
ni atl\an,v.
Uvartisjim Rstcs. Lsfal sutfaiB, Iflss iht line
tirsl ins. tti.in. Ill,- psr lint'.-.uh lllbiequent inssrtioa.
I.uiul notices Certificate, nf impn>vement,etc., 18.00
l,.r 60*Ja* soticss, 1100 for 30_Uj noticss. 1'. ntrsd
.lispl.iv eutvwt*th*iog, We. pot in.-li per week. Iraa.
slsnl sdwrtissssmts, sues as Lost, Pound. Wsntsd,
etc., oat rsresdfasj one inch. $1.00 lir.i inssrHoa. or
thriv   insertions   for  $2.(11).     LOesl   nodtog  notices,
We. p*t Has Hrst insertion. l.V. faili subsequent in-
J. A. BROWN, I'lihlisl,,,.
Value of Land Grants.
While in Winnipeg on his trip
cast Mr. K. Hurt purchased from a
broker a warrant for a South African veteran land tfrant. The price
paid was in the neighborhood of,
$500 aud is an indication ot the
values which the South African
hoys are placing on their donation
from the federal government.
According to the act, each veteran, on fulfilment oi the ordinary i
homestead duties is entitled to a
grant ot 320 acres. This does not
infringe upon his right as an ordinary individual to homestead, so that
any veteran, who is in a position,
and frilling, to perform the homestead duties, may acquire three
quarter-sections of land absolutely
free of charge. Should he also take
advantage ofthe new regulationi in
regard to pre-empting, he mav secure another quarter-section, making a whole section, or fi40 acres
in all.
If ordinary judgment  is  used  in
the selection of this land, at the end
of    three   years    the    homesteader
sliould hold a title to property worth
from $15 to $20 per acre or upwards
of $10,000 in all.     It is an   alluring
proposition   to   anyone,    and   one
which any young man   of moderate
means, not otherwise tied  down   in
business,   should   contemplate   well
before disposing ol  his   opportunity
for a few paltry hundreds.
Though the act does not permit
of a veteran hav ing the homestead
duties performed by a substitute, it
does permit of the transferring or
selling of the warrants, the party
purchasing becoming possessed of
all the advantages pertaining to the
grant. The wise provision in reference to the actual performance of
homestead duties effectually removes the grants from Ihe grasp of
speculators, bul we have strong
suspicion that brokers and middle*
men are making handsome commissions by finding purchasers for the
warrants of such veterans as are in
a hurrv tO dispose of their holdings,
The writer is himself a holder of
one i>f these wan,mis anil would
advise his COmradei to be in no
haste to dispose of what is most
certainly a v aluable assel.
With the completion of the big
irrigation scheme now well in Hgbl
and Ihe consequent placing on the
market of a vast ivimber of the
choicest fruil lots in Hritish Columbia, everything points to new life in
our district next season. In order
to lake full advantage  of  the   tide,
when il comes, citizens ot    Keremeos   should    get    together   ami   form
some sort of organisation initeadol
each pulling in his own way, and at
odds and ends   vvith   his   neighbor.
Hut ing the comparative lull   of  the,
ensuing winter months much in  the [
way of preparation   can   be  accom-
With this object in view the!
Trumpet some time ago suggested
the forming of a board of trade as
being the most convenient form for
such organization to take. It is
unnecessary at this stage to again
point out the influence which such
an organization could be made to
exert. It is sufficient to say that
now appears to be the time to act.
A satisfactory explanation of why
our school building was not erected
this year is not forthcoming. Estimates for the purpose were passed
and tenders invited. At least two
were received and thev were as low
as was compatible vvith good workmanship and the price of material
at this point. In comparison, however, vvith the price paid Yor similar
buildings, at or near the coast, these
tenders appeared high and were
turned down by the department.
The announcement was then made,
and the assurance given our school
board by the member of this constituency, that Ihe department
would undertake the work itself and
that it would be pushed to completion without any unnecessary delay,
so that the building would be ready
for use by the first of the year.
This, Mr. Shatford claims, was
the understanding between himself
and the chief commissioner of lands
and works, when the former !*ft on
his trip to Nova Scotia. On his return he was much surprised to learn
that nothing had been done, absolutely nothing.
Apparently there was a breach of
faith somewhere, either between the
department and Mr. Shatford or between the latter and his constituents in this school district, but,
whether the delay is the result of
deliberate intention or of culpable
neglect, it is all one to the people
of Keremeos who have to put up
with the inconvenience.
It is now too late to accomplish
anything this year but it is to be
hoped that our school board vvill
wake up, shake themselves and see
that everything is in readiness to
commence the work at the eailiest
possible moment next spring. It is
indeed a question if their apathy
was not largely responsible for the
delay this year. While it may be
argued thai it should not have been
necessary, a little pressure, or at
least simie slight flicker of interest
on their part might have supplied
the necessary stimulus to the officials at Victoria. So far as vve can
learn they never once wrote to inquire why the promised work was
not being commenced, but passively
allowed days to pass into weeks
and weeks into months until the
season was past. With such cool
indifference on our own part we begin to wonder if, after all, we have
any real kick coming.
Iferemeos Hardware
Secottd hand Kootenay Range cheap.     Good as new.
Call and see it.     Also see our Heaters.
Hand made Stove Pipes,    'llie only safe kind.
Turpentine and Gasoline always on hand.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY  MARKS     -     -      PROPRIETOR.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
for Teams
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers and  Tourists invited to give us a trial.
Builders and Contractors
I.im,', lYmeiit, Cement Blocks nnd Brick tot vile.
Plastering   Masonry    Painting   Paper-Hanging
l'.stiiH.ilts g\**f*sti for all aiul t*9ff kind of t. Ymrnt Work
.uui Building i;ini rally.
Writ*.* us for priivs. DfatMMM no objtvt.
a MILBURN. Local and General.
The Dominion parliament will
meet on January 13th.
W. A. Haning haa ;t ahiptnent of
oysters due to arrive tomorrow.
Have you  purchased  ticketa  for
the school concert in the town hall
on Friday evening, 18th inst ? It'
not, why not f
Members of the Vancouver hoard
of trade are convinced that the
scheme    of   shipping    wheal     Irom
Albert:! to England  via  Vancouver
is perfectly feasible and preparations leading to its accomplishment
are ahead)  under way.
Judge Grant  of Vancouver has
laid down the law that wholesale
naturalization of Japanese on formal
affidavits   must   cease.       In    future
persons certifying to   the   qualifications of applicants must   have   personal knowledge ofthe   correctness
of the facts.sj
Rev. Mr. Hibbert occupied the
pulpit of the Kereineos church on
Sunday morning last  and   pieacln- 1
in Hedley in tlu- evening. Arrangements have been made for a Methodist minister from the Okanagan to
visit these appointments once every
four weeks. The next visit will be
from Rev. Mr. Nixon who is well
and favorably known around Keremeos.
YV. J.  Stover   bade   good-bye   to
Keremeos friends on   Monday  .ind
left for Siin DiegO County, California, where he purpose* spending a
comfortable winter among the birds
and (lowers vvith some old college
chums of his. Prior lo his departure he nade arrangements with
Wm. Maitice to take charge of his
lot during his absence. He may or
may not return to Keremeos in the
Herman Illicit of Calgary has
just purchased a ten-acre lot, No.
l'i, in block 45K, from C. A. McDonald. He ia very favorablj Im*
pressed vvith the Siinilkameen, both
from its horticultural and agricultural possibilities and its mineral resources.     Mr.  I'lrich will   settle   up
his affairs in Calgary and move into
Keremeos in tin' Spring, adding one
more   to    our    list    of    active   fruil
growei s.
Our     Okanagan     neighbors    are
fully alive to the publicity gained
and advantages resulting from exhibiting their fruits abroad aiul
never miss an opportunity, Last
week Messrs. W. |. Ross and Win.
Simpson of Summerland were in
tOWtl vvith about 70 boxes ot .apples
which they were sending to the Spokane fair. Tho fruit was brought
across here in spring wagons and
shipped from this point in preference
lo Bending   it   round-about   by   the
Following their leader, 210 kheep
out of a baud of 500 went over a
canyon    west    of    North     Yakima,
Wash., on Saturdav   and  ueie    kill
ed. The band was being driven
from the hills to the valley to pasture when one of them made a short
turn on the trail and went over the
Cliff. Before they could be stopped
the others followed blindly, did the
same and were either killed or
smothered. Many thai went over
fell on their companions and escaped
uninjured.     The loss is over St ,000.
The Globe Kire Assurance Company of Regina is insolvent and unable to pay any portion ofthe S()0,-
000 liability incurred by the Fernie
fire. It transpires that the company
was doing business on a paid up
capital of $3,000. It is a severe
blow to many business men in Kernie and the Ledger administers a
well deserved rebuke to insurance
agents who represent companies of
whose financial stability thev are
not assured. Armstrong Dean of
Regina, promoter and principal
shareholder ot the Globe, has beeu
arrested and vvill be prosecuted for
obtaining money under false preten-
Lumber and
Builders' Supplies.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry, etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for Cured  Meats,   Fish and   Poultry promptly
aiul satisfactorily tilled.
Rough Lath
and Shingles
Dressed Sashes
Lumber Doors
Estimates ot cost cheerfully furnished to intending builder*.
Contracts  for  all  kinds of buildings in town and  country prompllv
Contractor anil HuiMri.
Ktaamoa, B.C.
Acclimatized Tested Stock.
Seeds, Tree*, Plants for the
Farm, Garden Lawn
Or Conservatory.
Reliable i.mi'iii'. ,il   reaeOfiabte pliers.     No borers, no scale, no fauugat-
ien to daraagu stock.    No •rind) ngeni
lo .11111,H   v ou,
Extni Choice  let   Wt fruit   Irees   now
cooling ..ii fm iln- tall trade, consisting
of 10,000 Peach, Poor, Phaa sod Cher.
i\;    70,000 Apple in leading  varieties)
100,000    mm.ill    liuil     plants.        Stiirlh
bone giuwa without Irrigation and our
own propagation from bearing stock.
Tons of linlhs for Tail planting. Choice
kt.ins ami grain seeds slwava In rtock.
Fertilisers, Hot- supplies, Spraj
Pumps, Spraying materials, Cut now.
ers, etc. Oldest established nurseries
on iln- buiInland af H. C   Catalogue
Greenhouse;   3010 Westminster KojuI.
Branch nurnertau    S,  Vancouver*
For the next thirty days I will sell the following goods at a Reduced Price.
Mens' Boots.
Regular   | S SO S 4  50
do 4 50 1 7S
do 4 00 -23
do 3 50 ■ _> 75
do 3 00     2 50
Boys' Boots.
Regular   S 2 50 S 1 (HI
do 2 00        I   50
do 1   75     1   55
Ladies' Boots.
Regular  I l 23 $ 3 50
do .! 50 1 00
do 3 00      2 50
do 2 50     2 <M>
do 2 00      I 65
■ »n ■■■ i   n    ■   ■*———! —*■■■*  ma     mp************m_*_.»».
Children's Boots.
Regular   S 2 00 SI   <>(!
do I   75     I  45
do I   50      I  55
Five per cent,  discount on all   groceries except Sugar and Flour.
G. Go KEELER. Keremeos Property is
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 185 miles of Vancouver.
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at t^e present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch ofthe C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
Prices of
7th & 8th Ave.:
$250.00 each
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
4-th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
KEREMEOS. B.C. Local and General. the trip and  gave readers of tbe
Gasette an interesting and  graphic
Open oeaaon for deer cloaca on cJosi-ripuo.i of the  wonderful  cloud
Tueeday next, 15th inst effocUl In the valley as viewed   from
Two   weeks   till   Christmas    and   above,
three till the end of leap year. ,<<Wf. evonil^s :illd   rospiu.   ,rom
Curling enthusiasts in the   Okan-   the strenuous duties of life such   as
agan are organizing for   a   honspiel   residents of Keremeos are   at   present enjoying are conducive to merry
making bul the hilarious mood does
Eastern Townships Bank.
Head Office,
Capital and Reserve,
Shkmbrookb, Queue.
not appear to have struck our community vvith any great force.
this winter.
Albert   and   Arthur    Mattice   are
among the visitors to the big  apple
show at Spokane.
r.   „         , ,           , .                   <•'     Mr. Wm.  Ring  left   on   Monday
Q, Reynolds  took advantage of:                           s
.           i '     ,       .. ••, I to attend the big apple show at Spo-
the   reduced   railway rates  to visit \                             .
,.,.,., i kane and to visit a   number   of  the
Spokane Ihis week.
more   renowned    fruit    districts   of
Pure oil is  clear.       Don't endan-   Washington with a view to   acquirer your life by  using cheap yellow   ;        Information   which   will   be   of
— _. n
practical utility to him in   his   work
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and  upwards received,  subject  to no delay  in  withdrawal of all or any portion.
Keremeos Branch.
R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting Manager.
oil.     We have the  pure   at   S4   per
case.     !•'. Richter & Co.
The boards of trade in the Oka,.-,      *jp   ■„    ]h,,Wy   fa   poopV,   havo
agan   are   co-operating   with   the ,roub|os of „K.ir 0WM.    Wood is a
view to bavin- the  daily   boat   ser- : hllminR    ■■■.^{[.-l,-    Omttk    lights
vice resumed on Okanagan Lake.      | h;(vo   ^..^.j   ,0   Mnt>   w,K,n   fay
Mr.  Edw. Burt has   MTWlged  lor are   most   needed,   and   water will
the   purchase   of a   veteran's    land soon be  retailing   at    so   much per
grant and as soon as the warrant is drop.     There is still plenty   of free
available will go east and locate. oaone.
The l.oomis   Prospectoi   remarks       Xo.   it   Vol.    1,   of   the   Orchard
lhat Ihe days are so short   that   the   City Record is to hand.     It is an 8-
COCk hardly gets   through   crowing
page, 6-COlumn journal, neatly print-
before it is time for   him   to   go   to ed on good   paper   at   Kelowna   by
bed again. Chas.  H.  Loathly.     In  the   field   of
Official election returns for   Vale* Politi^s -* **-*■ espouse the   cause of
Cariboo,   which   should   have  Kvn ' conservatism, hitherto  unrcpiv-cnl-
armounced on the 3rd, were delayed -*- ** ■*** **-*****0 <A-7*
a week owing to returns not having        Mr   :lnd Mrv ,,•   RidlU.r   |cf,   on
come in fro.n a few polls. Monday to attend the   big   national'
The   Women's   Auxiliary   of  St. apple show now in progress in SpO*
Savior's church, Penticton,  took  iu kane.     Mr. Richter   hopes   to   pick
$-'55   at   a   bazaar,     There   is   still up some new  ideas in regard to  the
money   lying  around   loose   if  you "king ot  fruits,"   particularly   with
prospect in the right way. reference to the  merits   of  different
varieties.      They   vvill    be    gone   a
| Christmas Suggestions! |
90 Manicure   Sets,    Toilet   Set.s,   Military
Brushes, Shaving Sets,  Filigree Cigar
Jars, Jewel Cases, Ink Stands, Albums,
Bonnet Brushes, Ra/.ors, Pocket Knives
Skates, China Sets, Cake Plates, Japanese Silk, Kimonas anil  Ties.
We have a big range of mens' silk ties
in all shades. Our line of toys cannot
be surpassed. Look at others and then
buy here.
NOW    is   the   time   to    buy    your
.. ,•,.••■ ■• week.
Xmas presents lot* friend* at a distance.     We Offer a wide   range   for        A new departure   is   being   made
selection.      Something   for   every- by the Canadian Pacific   Railway  in
body.     Kereineos Commercial Co. the construction of a   series   of  ob-
Mt.  H.  Hurt, who has   been   east sc-rvation and library cars   for   their
disposing of some property   he   had transcontinental set vice.    The plans
at Cartwright. Man., returned home *■*■ *°* f** Complete and il    will   be
on Sunday, having come to   Pentic- ****** ***--» ■**** *~*y   ** P"<
ton via the C.P.R. and driven across «■ *** ****** hl" ■■ ■* ****** '•'■" ***
b\ special ***' **n w'" **   ***   ■***'   °'   ''H'ir
kind Otl the   continent   and   will   be
Rumors from lledlev  have reach-   ,    ...    ,   .      , . ,    vl
built at the Angus   shops   al   Moiled ihis ranee o\ nocturnal   visits   to
wood piles, feminine   trepidation,  a
searching investigation by the chief
of police and a sensational arrest.
No prosei ation.
The Penticton Press is endeavor*
big to reform the police aervice m
Vernon. Penticton must he an exemplary lown if the editor ha- to
go so far from home to find in.ileii.il
for a reform campaign.
On Wednesday evening a party
of Keremeosites went bv li. X.
special down tO Ml» Lowe's ratuh
where they took full advantage ol
Ihe bright moonlight nighl tor a
delightful skate on the pond.
lhe tramway irom the Dafj Re*
duction Company'a mill at   lledlev
furnishes a convenient elevator ser-
v iee for anyone wishing to as, end
lo the upper sloiies of the Nickel
Plate.     Last week the Major   made
x F. Richter & Co. i
Dealers in General Merchandise.
Druggists and Stationers
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
All  kinds ol  Sheet   Metal   Work  iu
Tin, Copper, Sheet iron, etc.
_ wi- I KOI I.HIM,    V   Sl'l-.l I vi  I \
Plumbing.    Pipe fitting aud cutting.
Pumps repaired.
Estimates furnished im application.
Leave orders at
Keremeos Hardware Store.
H.   B.   MCelUSCttC,      Freighting, Draying, and General Livery Buaineaa.     drain and Hav.
Keremeoa, B.C. -**  GILLESPIE, Proprietor.


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