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The Keremeos Chronicle Jul 30, 1909

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 The Keremeos Chronicle
Vou II.
No. 19
Notary Public.
Agent for :
London & Lancashire Fire Ins.   Co.
Ocean Accident anil Guarantee V'o.
Kkrkmkos,  11. C
Contractor and Builder,
Teacher af Pianoforte and Accompanist
(certificated Royal Collage ef Music, Loo-
don) open to engagement  for accompan*
un, nls.    T,Tins ou application.
11 ini. KV, H.l'.
Notary Public.
Oi i ick   ....     Kkkkmkos, B.C
A full line of repairs to farm machinery in stock al I-'. Richter & Co's.
Mrs. Galloway of Chicago and
Mrs. Clark of Nelson are guests of
their brother A. B. Moves of Olalla.
Harold Cowan of Montreal, on
llie way to Ihe Seattle fair, stopped
Over at Keremeos and is a guest at
J. H,  Kennedy's.
Dr. Simmons, dentist, ot Greenwood, was in town on Tuesday on
his way to Medley. He will be in
Keremeos for a few days next «\o.
for the practice of his profession.
Owing lo a break down of the engine, the daily train has been running under difficulties Ihis week.
On Tuesday she limped in several
hours late and with only one car of
Almost everywhere the grain crop is
a good one and promises a large
yield. A fair average is indicated
rather than a bumper crop, and it is
undoubtedly late, so thai the growers will have an anxious time of it
toward the end of the season.
The Ladies' Aid held a very successful ice cream social in the church
on Wednesday evening, though it
was not strictly ice-cream weather
on that day. About S-VS was realized. The ends of benevolence were
also served indirectly by some persons unknown carrying away a
quantity of cakes thai were in store
for the occasion.
Mike Sedich, the  Austrian   miner
who was accidentally  shot  at   the
Golden '/.one last week, is reported
to be in a precarious condition.
The   wound   was   not   originally   a
Estimate! Pumiabed.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
Stage Lines.
very serious one (a .22 calibre bullet
Or.  McEwen, I". II. Parsons, Jos. p0not rated his leg between the knee
Bromley, Mrs.  P.   and   Miss   Ethel a,u| :inkle), but there was consider-
Bromley,  Mr. and Mrs.  Henry   liar- ;,blo delay afler lhe  accident   before
cclo, Thos.   Smitheran and   Misses fa   Wl„mc|   was   properly   dressed,
I.ily and May Smitheram are spend- and gangrene Ml   in.     At   last   ac-
ing a couple of   weeks   camping   at counts il was thought to be  impos-
ihe Ashnola. sible lo save his life even   by means
II.   It.   Meausette,   assisted   by of amputating tbe limb.
Duncan Campbell,   is   painting   the A   meeting  of   the    Similkamee
wagon   bridge   west   of  the   town.
I'l UK   Sl U.I.
Leaves Ifiiemiina daily, eacepl Sunday,
al noon, .min's al llcilliv 3 pun.
Leavea Hedley dailv, eacepl  Sunday, Kenneth Mcl.eod, who was to have
■t 8 a.m., arrives at Keremeoa II a.av .       , ,
On,, through connecting .laRe between ***** -**■ -** *&*' **** ****-**** ■ ****   l
Penticton,Keremeoa, Hedle) A Princeton, permanent engagement at the Apex,
P. I.iii hsi'll . I'roprielor. .
and has taken that instead.
ibout a
After spending
Kkkkvios IIkiuuv MaILStAOB,
I.,.m's K, ri'inri's daily, except Sunday,
,ii I p.ai.| connecting wall all ataajee easl a hall at Keremeos, on the   stall   ot
and west, arrive, inTIedley at $p.aa. ■    Oikoni  i.i:, George  Herald   left
1.eaii-s Hedley daily, except Sunday, al "
s .i.ni., .iirii.s in Keremeoa al 11 a.av on Wednesday for hi- home in Win-
P. J. Untie, Proprietor, |rfp-J      |„ order to   take   his   place
Kkkkmkos PnmCTOM Man BTaOB. ou lhe stall'Carl Keeler is grapp'ing
Leavea Keruawoa for Penticton on Mon- u - it la the mysteries of the art pre*er»
.Ins. Wedneadayaand Pridaya, al noon.
Leavea Penticton on Tuesdays, Thara- native.
daya and Salurdayaal a a. an., arriving in .        .    Hro,„|ov   tf   Kairview   is
Keremeoa al noon. *       •                     '
W. V. Wki.iii, Prepriutor, spending ■ few days   in   lown.      He
~ —  says that Fairview has  nol   enjoyed
Keremeos Directory.
the fragments of coast ueulher that
have strayed into lhe Similkameen
this summer, the intervening   range
having served apparently lo preserve
a sCOia ol  I.I to 5, would like lo play
Board el  rrade   Geonp   Klrbv, Piesl
ilenl; R. II. I .iimiehail. So, t.-i.u |.
Similkameen Parmera' Eschanae   J. .1
tnastrotur, President i W, \l. I'riih, Sen.   its usual dryness.
Public Sehool   Board     Geofife   Kirby, ... ,    ,  ,„ ,     ,       .    ,,   .
V.ti.i Mills. K. EVmbirut, Secrrlary. ■ ** ********  ******   baasball   learn,
Customs' Olli, ■•    W, M. frith, Sah Cot    hai ing walloped lhe Hedley nine by
I'lisliiUri.in I Inni'h     RaW,  A.  Ill   UB
eion, I'.isior.
Constable and Papal) Oaeai Warden
M. It. Kwari.
Ceeaaw   Dr. M. D, MeEswn.
jiisii'is ofthe Peace   T. W, Ceaaaaa,
Pranh Richter,
I'osini.isii'i .mil Tetephone Agent Ceo.
Member ef Parliament     Mn lin   Uiinvll,
i., ma Porks, V. O.
Member   Pwvlaclal  Assembly   L  W,
Shallonl, IViiiielon I'. O.
Town Hail   J. J. Areaaioag, Mgr.
geiesiiiiis Mail   Gee. Leadea, Mgr,
Oreal Northern Ry   DbH) tiata, arrives
Kh.lll .,. in., leaves at 2 p.m.,    J. S. (. hinn,
Malta Dallj Rreai Ihe wesi vie Hedlej
Stagei ii om i.isi iia O. N. Ry.iTrl sreeh.
K i  i Penticton siag.- from lhe earth,
i   i Mercantile aad ether  Baelaeaa in
sl ill     .MIS   Sl','
Farmers' Rxchange waa held in thc
Keremeos Land Co's olliee  on   Sat-
forenoon,   immediately   after
the school meeting.     The only  subject under consideration was the op-
...  _      , ,   eration of the cannery for this   seas-
\ ear   anil *
on. While no definite arrangement
was made, it is prob ible that i isteud
of itself operating the cannery this
year, the Exchange will lease il for
the season to Wm. Mattiee. It is
an oil vear for those products thai
are specially adapted for canning,
COnseq lently the pack will be com
paratively light, and it is considered
best under the circumstances lo
lease lhe plant to Mr. Malliee lor
the season on easy terms.
A. Waring Giles ot Vernon, underwriter of the Imperial Underwrite
era Corporation, was in town this
week in the interests of his company. The Imperial Underwriters
is chiefly a lire insurance  company,
and as il is a local company, with  a
Princeton   or    Keremeos    for    from   ^ ^nrd of   directors   who   are
.... _- -  .   . .... .      . ***
$230 io |300 a side. Nothing  loing
so far as Keremeos is concerned.
The learn here has relapsed into a
stale ol innocuous desuetude, as it
usually does after the 2llh of   May.
(i. S.  Lawrence returned to Kere-
p Tsona'li acquainted with central
ll.C., the district in which they operate, its prospects are bright for a
successful career. The head olliee
is   in     Vernon.      VV.    T.    Shatford,
manager of the S.O. Land Co., Pen«
meos on l-'ridav after spending some ticton, is the managing director,
weeks in the prairie country. Our- the Other members ol the board being his nip he traversed the three ing Price Ellison, M. I- A., G.
provinces, going east as far as Win- Alei s-l lankey of Vernon, f. W.
nipeg and making several journeys Stirling of Kelowna, W. C l-icardo
tO the north and SOUth Of lhe main of tbe Coldstream Ranch, !•'. Hill-
line, and his observations of the con- ings of Vernon, and A. Waring Gil-
ditionofthe country agree in the os ol Vernon. An agency will prob-
main   with   lhe    reports    that   have ably   be   established   in     Keremeos
idmllaaisata In this faprr ) 1 ■**-—'   from   the   principal    centres,   soon.
School Meeting.
The adjourned meeting of ratepayers to consider school matters,
held iu the Keremeos Land Co's office on Saturdav forenoon, was better attended than the regular meeting called ten days before, and considerable interest was shown in the
affairs of the districl. It was decided to call for a sum of $760, or
about the same as last year, which
il is expected will meet all probable
requirements. Hut while the rate is
sufficient, the board is in the position so common with municipal bodies ot being obliged to make its expenditures before receipts come in.
It is practically a year behind.
Though a levy is made about the
beginning of a calendar year, it is
well on toward the end of the year
before the bulk of the collections
come in- Thus of the 1909 levy
(about $780) the secretary of the
board has only received SSel from
the collector, and lo keep Ihe pot
boiling Mr. Innis has advanced
about an equal amount of his own
monev for current expenses. The
remainder of the levy will about suffice to reimburse him and to make
the lirst payment on the new sehool
grounds and fence them. The levy
tor 1910, just struck, will, after pay-
ing the district's proportion ot the
teacher's salary, be u ,-d chiefly for
making the second and last payment on the school site, plowing'
and leveling 'he grounds, building
a stable, and for fixtures and furnishings for the school house. For
the time being the present seats and
desks will be used, but it is intended to replace them by more modern
ones    in    the    not    distant     future.
Much of the outlay for  the  coming
year will be in the nature ot permanent works, and will not need to be
repeated; but it cannot very well be
postponed, and lhe board will require to do some financing in order
lo carry on its business until tux returns come in.
Fruit Growers' Meeting.
A meeting under ihe auspices ol
the ll.C. Fruil Growers'Association
will be held at 2 p. m. on Wednesday, Aug. 4, in the lown hall, Keiemeos. Chas. I'. Spioll, ol Hiirna-
bv Lake, will talk on lhe "Cultivation oi Small Fruits," and W. J.
Brandrith will talk on   "Spraying."
Everybody w elcome.
The track-laying force are expected to have their work completed today as far as the second crossing ,-l
the Similkameen. From there they
can now continue without interruption to Twenty-mile Crash at Hedley,
which point they should reach by
the 15th of August, THE SIMILKAMEEN.
It Is Coming to the Attention of
the Prairie Folk.
The Winnipeg Kree Press, perhaps the most widely circulated and
influential publication in the three
prairie provinces, contains the following article in its issue of the
19th inst :
The story of economic progress
in Canada is punctuated with surprises in every paragraph. Step by
step those unexplored outworks of
civilization have been revealed aud
it has invariably happened that the
unexpected either blocked the way
for a time or opened up a vista that
promised a reward "beyond the
wildest dreams of avarice." Quite
recently the name of the Similkameen valley was but a name and
rarely quoted beyond the borders of
its own rock-bound radius. Now
it is almost a household word in
every fruit market and mining exchange of two continents.
G. S. Lawrence of thc B.C. Fruit
Land Co., Ltd., has recently visited
Winnipeg in connection with important developments his company
is making in this valley as well as
in the interests of the mining and \
irrigation affairs of the district. \
Seen by a l'ree Press represents-
live, Mr. Lawrence in very emphatic
language denied the Statements
which had been fulminated with re-;
gard to the freezing out of fruit
trees at this point during the past
winter and spring. "There is no
doubt thai quite a number ot trees
were killed," said Mr. Lawrence,
"but these were o'd warriors of 23 or
30 years fruit-bearing, whose days
of usefulness had reached the zenith
of their influence on  the  profits of
the orchard ten or twenty years
ago; or they were very young trees
which had been excessively irrigated late iu the fall and not been sub
jected to clean cultivation. Wherever the orchards have enjoyed lhe
protection of a cover crop, they escaped, and I invite any one to come
and compare our orchards with
those ol the Wenatchee valley and
Hood river. It will be found that
we have suffered no less and lo no
greater extent than at those points
which are generally supposed to enjoy a perfect immunity  from every
caprice of climate, and We are  posi-
lively •-iiii more fortunate in this
respect than many of our neighbors
in the Okanagan and Kootenav val-
leys to lhe north of us.
"While our fruil indusirv has
been making- rapid strides,   il   is   le.
the immense mining possibilities of
the entire valley we  raise   our   tyea
for the immediate future. Ai lleillev Camp and Princeton there continues a daily output of high grade
i re of which the outside world
knows little, but which has added
fuel to the energy of our liaiisport
companies, who are keenly alive to
anything of the kind that can be
tapped to their profit.
"The Great Northern, as you
may know, brings a dailv service
from Spokane lo Keremeos, and the
continuation of the grading right
through the vallev to Hedley and
Princeton is all but completed, Pur-
ther, the C.P.R. not lo be beaten
out of ils own field has filed its
maps wilh, and obtained permission
from, the railway commission to extend its main line through the Nicola valley to the Similkameen.
"At the present moment, the
I irge and daily increasing population of the two mining towns to the
west of Keremeos provide the very
best market for our vegetables and
small fruits and with the simultaneous development of our orchards
and the transportation facilities, it
is a certainty that in Ihe most natural sequence of events, we are not
likely to be superseded in any fruit
market at home or abroad for the
character and .keeping qualities of
our fruit.
"We believe that a day's sojourn
in our valley, -- beginning say at
Keremeos — on the part of any of
your people who are taking advantage of the fifty-dollar stop-over
ticket to Seattle and Portland,
would provide them with more
cause for surprise and wonderment
than anything they have seen at the
world's fair. Something tangible
is the only satisfactory rock on
which faith in human flesh can be
built. We can exhibit on the town-
site of Keremeos and at scores of
points within a radius of three or
four miles, some ofthe richest vegetation and fruit yields one can see
in any of the states to the south.
Sunshine, soil and moisture are absolutely needful (and in abundance
too) for a crop of fruit ofthe highest
grade and that may he confidently
expected as the seasons come round.
We have little rain, a daily round ot
sunshine, the finest soil in the province and the most complete and effective system of irrigation (not merely in prospect bui actually installed
and operating.) We are promulgating a still more extensive scheme of
irrigation to meet the growing' necessities of the large numbers who
are locating in the valley. To this
end (one ofthe most important elements in intensive fruit cultivation)
we are giving up the best of our
lime and experience, believing as'
we do lhat were it our purpose lo
advertise the district we could not '■
do so more successfully than through
the voice or pen of those who have
made their homes on lhe spot and
who are not likely to speak of things
around lhem otherwise than as they
find them."
When in
stop at the
Central Hotel
Special attention to
Commercial Men,
ami I anil ssi sera
Headtjaartera for all
Stage Routes.
Livery Stable
in connection.
Oood table,
Lar|e, airy anil
comlortalili' I wins
l-'iee   Ims ti> anil lieni
all trains.
Olliee oftt.C. Fruit
I.anil Co.
Tweddle & Elmhirst,  - - Proprietors.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
All  kinds ot Sheet  Metal  Work  in
Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron, etc.
Ku KTRori'.HiNi; a Simx i.vi.tv.
Plumbing.    Pipe fitting and cutting.
Pumps repaired.
Don't Throw Away
Your old granitevvare. Have it repaired. Vol Peek Granite Cement will fix the holes and make
it as good as new.
H. B. Meausette,
[Over Keremeoa Hardware Store.]
The Big Store.
Summer Specialties
received from the oast a consignment of cloth-
ing, wliich added tO Our already wide assortment will ensure your getting just what vou
want al the most reasonable prices.
BOOTS AND SHOES. In this department
we are doubly stocked, and offer many tempt-
ing values to the careful buyer. It will pay
vou to look it over.
recently opened, it equipped to meet all household needs.
FLOUR of two brands and several grades   the
Vancouver and Calgary brands. Moth are
A 1, and can not fail to please the most
exacting housekeeper.
FRESH FRUIT just to hand from California Ripe Tomatoes, Peaches, Raspberries,
Logan Berries.
J. R. SHAW. Cut From Contemporaries.
[From the Oroville Gazctta.]
No more mention is made in the
daily press of the arrest and fining of
cigarette smokers. Like many
another law on the statute books
this anti-cigarette law seems to be a
dead letter. In this county smokers of the peg continued the practice openly, and there was no one to
say them nay. It is certain that the
unwise enactment as drawn up accomplished no good, and equally
certain that in its breach is created
disrespect for even those laws that
are for the general weal.
[From the Lades,]
There is one railway train In the
Boundary run solely forthe convenience of the train crew. One day
last week the train was stopped
twice for an hour to allow the crew
to go fishing. The passengers stayed in the coach fighting mosquitoes.
[From the Dawson New..]
Jack Brown went swimming at
the D. A. A. A. with a $50 bill in
his pocket. Jack put his pipe in his
pocket while he undressed. The
pipe had fire in it, and when Jack
went to get his clothes, the fire had
consumed the fifty and the west end
of his trousers. He started home
in a barrel, but was halted by a
friend who went out and bought him
a pair of overalls.
was that Father McKinnon was
thrown so heavily on the roadway
that he was badly bruised and
shaken up.
In a moment he was on his feet
and in a few seconds later he was
at the bedside of the dying man.
He had won the race against death.
The last rites of the church were
administered to Amicon at 11:30
and three minutes later his spirit
passed away.
Father McKinnon found that his
journey from Rossland had been
made in the remarkably short time
of nineteen minutes.
Another stage in the advance of
aerial navigation was achieved last
Sunday, when Louis Bleriot, a
French aviator, flew across the English channel from Calais to Dover.
The same feat was attempted by
Hubert Latham, an Englishman, a
short time ago, but vvithout success,
his motor stopping in mid-channel
when he was about 500 feet in the
air. Latham would probably have
succeeded but for hastening his
preparations in order to get ahead
of his rival.
A Healthy Life
A Happy Home
in the British Columbia Southern; Columbia
and Kootenay and Columbia and Western
Railway Companies' Land Grants. Farm
Lands eminently suited for the raising of
may be purchased in these  Grants at low
figures for cash, or on Easy Terms, from
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for sale
in blocks of from 640 acres upwards.
A Race With Death.
Nelson B. C, July 23. —Father
McKinnon, the earnest and popular
pastor of the Catholic church, had
an exciting and sensational race
with death and won by a very small
margin on Wednesday morning. An
employee of the Trail smelter, named Amicon, fell into a tank of sulphuric acid. He was so badly burned that it was evident he would live
only a few minutes. The unfortunate man vvas taken to the Trail
hospital and it was decided that he
should receive the last rites of the
Catholic church.
Father McKinnon was communicated with by telephone and told of
the urgent necessity of haste- in order to reach the dying man before
the spark of life had fled. Hurrying to Henderson Hrothc.s' livery,
he asked for the fleetest hom in
the stable. Oregon John, a racehorse, was placed at his disposal.
A moment later he was hurrying toward Trail, seven miles away.
When Oregon John reached
Quota street he tried to run away
and went about as fast as he could
out through the city limits by way
of a new road. Father McKinnon
kept partial control of the mettlesome animal as far as Floyd's ranch.
At this point Oregon John bolted
for good, descending the slopes
with thc speed of a bird.
At a point between the Catholic
and Anglican churches the horse
sw,   ied to one side and   the   result
Royal Standard
And Why it is a
Better Flour.
\Vf use seleeleil wheat from llie hesi
wheal ptodmoTmg rafllMM of tlie Canadian Wesi, whore tlu- sunshine is loaf,
where the soil is rich, giving to the
wheal that quality of gluten which
makes the very finest Hour. This is
faelor No. t.
Scientific milling which follows the
wheal slop hy stop, MleCtltag only the
host anil puresl portions of the wheal
grain anil making il inlo llu* most perfect flour.    This is factor No. 2.
Can* exorcised in storage anil mar-
kcliu^ so that Ihere is no possibility of
deterioration from the lime Ihe Hour
li-.ill's uur handa until it reaches vou.
This is factor No 3.
Now isn't Ihere a reason why you
ihwild ask for Royal Standard Flour?
Anil hcsiilos, in every 4l)-lh. sack their
is a niimhereil coupon antitihtg you lo
a chance to win one of ten beautiful
dinner sols jriven away eaeh month.
Vancouver Milling
& Grain Co., Ltd.
J. R. SHAW, Agent.
Good Shipping Facilities.      Easy Transportation.
For Maps, Application Forms,   Regulations
and Literature apply to
Asst. to 2nd Vice President,
Desk 8, Calgary Alberta.
B. C. Land Department.
Druggists and Stationers
For a luxurious Shave,
Hair-Cut or Bath go to
booster's Gonsorial Uterlor
A fine line of Cigars and Tobaccos,
Fruit and  Confectionery.
A. J. SAUNDERS, Keremeos. The Keremeos Chronicle. th*» "■";Vi,,;i;n- .*? T"^
mav tax   the   nonunion,   the   prov
l'uWM„.,l aver)  I'ri.l.ii al Dm olli.v.
Ki-ri-nii'iis, ll.C.
Subacriptkx K.00 n yonr, M.00 lac -ix nooth*,
in ailiiuin'.
Advertising Rata* Legal acatcaa, ISc par line
lina insertion, |0c per line aach ButMquenl inaertion.
Land noticea Cfrtificatea uf improvcment,atc *HI"
tortOn—i notices, (3.00for3Msi notices.  Contract
Jwpl.i, .ijiirtisin^, 2Sc< paw "mil 1st iii'ik.   Traa-
sunt advertisements, sueli ;is Liist, Pound, VV.mt.il.
ete.. net exii'i'ilinif ene iniii, SI.IK) lirst Inaertion, er
three insertions ter 12.00,   Local rending neti.es.
We. pee line first inaertion, l.v. each aub—s]inrit la.
J. A. BROWN, Publisher.
FRIDAY, J I'l.V 30, 1909.
In a speech which he recently
made in London Earl Grey had this
to say ofthe so-called American invasion :    "We are told in to-day's
ince, the municipality, the railway,
or anv of them, in such proportions
as it thinks right This its first decision is to pul the whole cost on
the railway, except tor the contribution ol' the Dominion, There
mav of course he some special consideration in regard lo this particular crossing that would make its
protection more obligatory on llie
railway than in ordinary cases, hut
it is reasonable to assume Irom the
tact thai the municipality anil the
province are let out altogether  that
eremeos Hardware
the commission is disposed  to   COn-
newspapers that B0.000 Americans Bjder it chiefly the duty of ihe  rail-
with $80,000,000 of capital are (JO- ,„   ollmilKltL.   ,1k.   j.,,,,.,.,    tf
ing to enrich the Dominion of Canada. We are glad to receive lhem
all. Next year vve shall probably
welcome a still larger number, and
il' this year's harvest proves, as
there is every reason to believe it
will, to be as fertile as the harvests
which have preceded il, ihis entry
ot so,(XX) into the Dominion this
year is only an instalment of a
greater invasion shortly to follow.
I would have you remember that
the Americans are greatly in debt
to Canada. It is a fact, which is
no; so well known as it ought lo
be, that at the time ol the gre it
civil war the Dominion of Canada,
witb only 3,000,000 of population,
sent -40,000 young Canadians to
help lhe north to achiev it-, national
unity, and that number vvas a larger Dumber than fought under lhe
Duke of Wellington al Waterloo.
That fuel may (five vou some idea
of the sort cl assistance thai the
Dominion of Canada would he prepared lo make lo the British crown
it ever the British crown had lo
Bghl to maintain its supremacy.
The last census published in Washington showed there were in the
l'nited States ..,(KK),<K>i 1   people,  or
2,800,000 io be accurate, of Canadian birth and Canadian descent,
whose labor and industry were contributing lo build up lhe prosp.iilv
and  the   greatness  of the   United
Stales.     We have lo receive a  veiv
Tlie most important development
ofthe week in regard to the mining
industry of the interior vvas tlie announcement that the Hriiish Columbia Copper company's smelter at
Greenwood and ita mines in different parts of lhe Boundary will resume operations this week. The
labor troubles in the (.'tow's Neat
Pass, the company's source of fuel
supply, have been definitely settled,
coke is arriving in substantial quantities, and (ireenwood union has accepted     the     Company's     scale     ol
wages, ao that   the  resumption  of
th.- big Bound.iry copper producer
is a matter of bul a few days.    Last
week  the   company  submitted   its
scale of w.i^os lo the vireenw ood
Miners' union, which the latter have
voted to accept, The company has
accorded the union the same recognition as obtains with other companies elsewhere in the Boundary.
Greenwood has been almost killed
hi disturbed industrial conditions,
and it   is good   news   to   hear   that
brighter    days    are   in    prospect
tot  her.
Buy your Hardware
At the Hardware Store
And save Money.
Just arrived   A tine assortment of
Including all kinds of
Preserving Kettles
At the lowest prices.
Call and see our stock and yet prices before purchasing.
Turpentine and Gasoline always on hand.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
for Teams
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers aiul   Tourists invited to
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
ofive us a trial
States before thev   have  repaid  to
Canada the adv ance   which   I an.uiu
inude to them in the paat."
large number back from the United Quassia Chips and Whale Oil
Arsenate oi Lead.
I'r.'l'.u, ,1 ready tm nam,i
Pendray'l     Improved     Lime
Sulphur   Solution.
All of above sure  killers  lor   Aphis.
Dreaaauaking ami Bawlaari
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Kl Kl Ml OS Cl N I HI ■
The Iii st   draft    upon   the   putlia-
mcutun appropriation for the protection of the public at level crossings was made last week by the
railway commission bv the order
thai X) per cant, of tha coal of the
gate* al Raglan street crossing, in
the town of Renfrew, be taken from
the fund and lhe balance be paid bv
the C.P.R.   If ihe commission's de*
cision in ihis case mav be taken us
ail indication of their probable
course in future cases, the municipalities of the country vvill hail it
With satisfaction and relief. The
commission's power in assessing
iik• cost of protecting crossings is
limited by only one condition that
the Dominion will tlOt pay more
than 2D per mil. ol the cosl.    With
Orders promptly attended to.
In ordering   repairs   please   state
number    of    piece    and    make    of
in.i nine,
Contracta For Work.
Land    scrubbed   or   any   kind   ot
work taken by contract  al   rsjaaoo*
able rates.
Spring Trade
Tested sluck, sccils  far   luin,
c..mi-it or conservatory, 1mm
brat )rruwers in England, II,>l-
l.uul. lu.ine. United Stale* .unl
ic. .u gtrman 11
11 om,- I'uouii Iniii .unl Ornamental Trees, Small I't nils.
I'crtilijcts,  H, c   Supplies,
Spi ii mi; I'ninps .mil Material,   I lit    I'l.nveis,   etc.
lilapngt Catalogue free.
M. J. Henry
l.t,  ,   II    II.ML.   .   .111.1     S, 111
II,        .....
.min UTsi vii\sii i; ROAD
Vancouver    •    -    B.C
11,.,,,, I,   \,n». ,„  .     S    V .,„ in
Keeler's Restaurant
ViMl i .til   W*g\
Meal Tickets & Bread Tickets.
Twenty-one M» iK foi  Si\ Dollar*.
IIt-iv.tiUT ,mu loaven will be of regular
uniform weight which we will noil as foltowi
OM Km   ti-ii   . . Mis.
I hi r.    foi   I w till \ -fivO it'llls.
Fourteen foi one dollar,
I'ii's,   Cakes,   Doughnut*
made «!i»'n ordeied.
i :	
All personi having  sccounti  with  thc
Keremeos Cotntncstcial Co* sre requested
to call .mil .uljust  aaid accounts sl  ths
office oi   thc   Kfiriiit'os   I,aiul   lo.,    M.un
Street) Kereineos.
i7-i        Ki ki mi os Com mi rci u. Co.
Transfer of License.
Notice is hereby given that tlie liquor
license far Ihe Central Hotel at Keremeoa
Centra farmer!) held bj Jas. Reith and 11.
Pweddle It,is been transferred to 11.
Tiicilillc .iii.I J.is.  Klinlui sl.
Ta i nm i iv Elmhirst.
Keremeos Venire, Julv 5.   I'll'1. K.-l The Most Favored Valley of the Similkameen and
of British Columbia.
The Keremeos Land Co., in announcing the completion oi their irrigation system that will cover their
entire properties with an unlimited supply of the purest oi water yet brought to the home oi an irrigated
country, feel that the properties offered by them are
such as will command the attention of all homeseekers.
Situated as Keremeos is on the main line of the
Great Northern Railroad now being extended to Vancouver places her on the direct highway to the far
East and West.
Having a climate that is distinctly her own, it
stands todav  unexcelled   lor  its  sunny  climate  both
winter and summer and has proved itselt as being particularly adapted to the raising oi apples, peaches,
pears, plums and cherries, grapes and melons, while
vegetables exceed all conditions usually obtained both
in quantity and size,
In competition at Spokane the only exhibit sent
took lirst prize, while at the Provincial Fair at New
Westminster out oi \W pounds of assorted fruits Keremeos captured some 23 prizes.
The upper portion of the valley, including lledlev
and Princeton, both rich in their mining industries,
offers the local market means of disposing of all produce.
T'.i'   properties   arc   being   offered   in   1,   3,   5 and   10   acre   Blocks   with   a   well   laid   out  townsite
now doing an active business.
Our terms are liberal.     One-third cash.     Balance in 3 payments at 7 per cent.
Acreage properties are from $200 to $300 m acre.      Town lots from $100 to $300.
For full particulars apply to
v Keremeos Land Co., Ltd. J
Eastern Townships Bank.
established 1859
Head Okpicb, ..        Shbkbbookk, Qubbic,
Capital and Reserve,
Transacts a general banking business, and offers every  Facility  to moot
the requirements of depositors consistent with
conservative banking principles.
Savings Bank  Department.
Deposits ol 81.00 and upwards received, subject to no delay in withdrawal ot ail ei  any portion,
Keremeos Branch. R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting Manager.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Freighting, Draying, uml General Livery Business.     Grain ami Hay,
D. GILLESPIE, Proprietor.
War, 'it 90 •\0\0'*t^90909090909 0\0a0i 090909090 9090\0\O Oil 9 0
«_i«_.>_ ;t_l.k__A_k»».«>>'>.    v.>>.«.«i.«<«_.....'
** 90
| Dr. Moody's Remedies |
5; The   Royal   Medicated   Stock  "
j? Food Co., Vancouver.
List of Our Goods.
Slock  food
Poultry Pood
Condition Powders
I loot Ointment
Salve (Healing)
Liniment for Man or Beaut
I li uv c Rented)
Corn i '■
Gall luiv
Colic Cure
lilisici Finish
Dr.    Moody'
Spat iu Cure,
great   ilt~> ot ei j,
These goodi are guaranteed and patented in
England, the Unit il States and Canada.
£ The   Royal   Medicated   Stock CJ
.; Food Co., Vancouver.
JJ J. R. SHAW, Local Agent.
KXXXittXXXXXXXXXXXXYaXXXXXXX Provincial and General.
Sheriff Thorp of Oroville, while
looking at ■ baseball game at Walla
Walla, had his jaw hroken by a foul
(ireenwood claims to have more
saloons in proportion to the population than any place on earth.—
Grand Forks Ga/ette.
At the Liberal convention held in
Golden last  week J.   A.   Buckham
was nominated to contest the riding
of' Columbia in the ne\t provincial
Ninety per cent of the sawmills in
the interior of British Columbia are
now in operation, and the demand
tor lumber is very heavy east ot the
For his able handling ofthe Pake
incendiary case at Knilcrby, Provincial Constable Gardom vvas tendered the thanks of the town council
and an honorarium of $100.
lien. Otter and other officers have
examined lhe harbor and environs ol Prince Rupert with a view lo
preparing plans of defense. Doubt-
Icss the plans vvill wait till there is
something there to defend.
While removing rock-slide debris
from the railway track near Fife last
week, the workmen brought down
another slide and were buried.    One
Hungarian,   Huchma,  was   killed,
another, Okoksky, vv as seriously injured, and a third is missing.
One W. R. McKinnon  smuggled
a valuable   thoroughbred   stallion
known as the Earl of l-'ifc from ll.C
■Cross the line. The animal was
seized by customs ollicers and sold
at auction, an Fllemeh.im rancher
getting il for $335.     It is said tu be
worth $1000.
A new post olliee was opened at
Matron Lake on the 16th inst. with
Win. Smythe Parker as postmaster.
As a consequence Mr- Wolhy's contrail for Carrying mail lo that  point
has terminated, and Mr. Parker car.
ries it irom Okanagan Palls to  that
point.     Penticton Press.
I'.. I-. Mortimer, aged 3K, who
has worked around Vernon since he
vv us a hoi , niel a sudden aud ten iblc
death lust Friday.    He waa at work
at l.umbv driv in),' a hay mower vv hen
the team ran awav   tud he was jeik-
sd from his scut in front ofthe s wift.
Iv moving knives. His body was
terribly cut up, the head being almost severed Irom lhe body.
Chas. M. liet/ham of Saskatoon,
■gtd 22, an ex-bamardo boy, took
H quarter ounce of CTystaHasd strychnine and died at the penitent bench
of the Salvation army, of which he
was formerly a member. The de-
i eased, who was a steady, honesi,
industrious JTOUng man, dropped
from the Salvation army on taking
up vvith a ),'irl who was not a member. Thiy were Mflf«d hut had a
couple of tills last Sunday morning,
she refuting to see him when he called, liet/ham thereon bought the poison and went to  lhe   aiuiv    [Mating. j
Just before the call for penitents vvas
made he left the hall and took the
poison, returning in time to die.
A rancher on the West Arm has
just gathered and shipped to market 54 eight pound boxes of Black
Tartarian cherries off one tree, or a
total yield of 432 pounds. This at
the price, 15 cents per pound, makes
the crop worth $d4.80, a convincing
proof of the valuable asset contained in a cherry orchard. The tree
in question is now fourteen years
old. — Nelson News.
A mechanical feed for the lead
furnace at the Consolidated Company's smelter has just been put into
operation. This new machinery will
do awav with the serv ices of 12 men
and will mean a saving of at least
$12,000 a year. On Friday, July
If), the lead furnace at the Consolidated Company's mines smelted 250
tons of lead ore and produced 130
tons ot bullion in 24 hours. This is
the banner amount of ore and bullion for a tingle lurnace in Canada.
Repairers and Makers of
Harness, Boots and
Shoes, Etc.
Whips.   Bits,  Spurs,   Bolts,  Etc.,
kept in stock.
A reliable local   salesman   wante,I   le np-
Canada's Oldest & Greatest Nurseries
In KEREMEOS .uui adjoining country.
\W havr been shipping Mock foi Thirty Year* io Britiah Cohirabta Mid ■•>
.mr litis .nv yrown on limestone soil they
are Acknowledged b) experienced firull
■rowan to '>*■ Longer lived iiml hardier
ili.in Coast grown Mock.
\ permanent intuation lo r%tri nu
a ttli territoi \ i csei \ • d.
I\.\ Weekly. live Oinlit.
\\ i itf lot piiiu ul.ti v
FontMII Nurseries.
(Licensed l>\ ll.C Govarruaent.)
TORONTO      -      -      -      >    ONT.
M \i mini in   Ki i' um
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
Builders and Contractors
I-itite, CtmtmtA, Cement  Hlocks ;uiil Brick for sale.
Plastering   Masonry    Painting   Paper-Hanging
Estimate*] ghpsjn for all and every kiml of Cement Work
ami Building generally,
Write us tor prio's. Distance no object*
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS      -      -      PROPRIETOR.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry, etc.
Similkameen Land Division.
Msl HU I   Ol   N U.K.
TAK1 NOTICI thai t Wflsasi Mssaaeai n.un-
* fattf. min.-r, SgSal fof Kenmtli Carlton Howl
littli.,.1  KiTtni. i>v   It A    , mt, ml   \o   BSei)    lor   f**r-
suaeios t.< purehsM t'i<' follow ins deaenned land* i
I mnfflfiv ing it .i post pi.nit. J ,il th. S I i.ni. i
of Indian Kwarvi l ...i \,> .. thanes was) stems lha
Indian Raatrva X) chaina,  tnsnci touth   I
lit. ii,,  . .ist *0, li.tins, tii. ii. i' north .il.MHf I hi'   InJi.'in
Rsssrvs Let No. $ to ssW af itaftinaj, oontainini
So .1, t, s m,-r.   ..i |. -•_
W, A I ■ uaiaoi
\,,. t t..i K« min tii Carlton Boyd Frith.
k.,, mm**, iu., jui> ta, IW».
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for Cured  Meats,   Fish  and   Poultry  promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
The time for dividing the MFLON in the Similkameen has come at last.
For many long years the vast mineral richness of Gold, Copper, Silver, Coal, Platinum and other economic minerals has been developed, and for over 30 years 30,000 to 40,000 acres ofthe choicest fruit land in the
Dominion has lain dormant or been given over to cattle grazing, si mpy waiting the entrance of railway to
make it the most noted fruit producing district in Canada and one ofthe greatest mineral zones in the World.
"Jim Hill's" Coast-Kootenay Railway is now here and being pushed to the Coast  giving  the   valley   a
short, direct all-rail route to Coast and Prairie markets.
The opportunity for home making and profit taking is now ripe.—Will you seize it, or let it slip by?
\**lm^s7*^^^' .
^^"^         ^H                                                              ^^W. mj
**                                      Jtm
w                                                 ■***
\\                                                                                 Miisv***t—_  —**tmt*~aear-~t . -   - •mtatStOwOAa*
*y                                              --•*_*•■
^L                                                                                                                                                                                                                                "ii-***' '
tt. C Kruit Laad Co'i property Adjoining loam of Kmobmoo.-  Opon tmgt braak i.-uui.
0 We are bringing the merits of the vallev before the people of Western Canada  and   a   large   movement
90 has commenced.
X Level prairie land ready for the plow, ample water for irrigation by gravity systems, large areas   of tim-
X her tributary and modern saw mills, cheap lumber and fuel.
M No stumps, pests, strenuous winters or deep snows, or mud.    A   vast  local   mining   market to  absorb
X our products.
c; We grow almonds, peaches, apricots, peanuts, melons, sweet potatoes,   apples,   prunes,   pears   and  all
0 varieties of berries and 4 crops of alfalfa clover a season.    A dry sunny healthful climate where life is a pleasure.
X Write for free booklet, photo views of valley and particulars of our twice a   month  excursions   from  all
X prairie points via the Okanagan route.
ROM  THE  FAST. —(ta) C.P.R. via the Crow's Nest route to Nelson and on to Midway, then Great Northern Railway to Keremeos.    (2.) C.P.R. Main Line to Sicamous  Junction,   then
south through Okanagan valley to Penticton and stage   to   Keremeos  (a   superb
outing trip.)
'ROM THE WEST.—C.P.R. Main Line to Sicamous June, and Okanagan route via Penticton to Keremeos.
ROM THE SOUTH.—Great Northern Railway via Spokane to Keremeos.
B. C. FRUIT LAND CO., Limited.
Room 9, Clarence Blk., CALGARY, ALTA., and KEREMEOS, B. C.
C. A. MCDONALD, Local manager.
ixKXK^:o:_^>Qooraxx:o<_K_^ LOCAL NOTES.
Mrs. J. A. Brown left on Wednesday to spend a few weeks with
friends in the Okanagan.
Missing and broken parts of your
farm machinery can be quickly replaced at F. Richter & Co's.
Frank Green, surveyor, of Nelson, went up on Tuesday to do some
survey work in the region ofTenass
Joe Wigmore has returned to
duty on the Flier stage after taking
a few days off to repair a smashed
J. P. Gordon, who is at present
stationed at Fairview, has been
spending a few days in Keremeos
this week.
Contractor Madden, who recently
finished his grading contract and
made a trip to Spokane, returned
up the valley on Thursday.
Wm. Spier of Sherbrooke, Que.,
inspector of branches of the Kastern
Townships Hank, was in town this
week on duty, leaving on Wednesday.
Among the homasaakara who visited Keremeos during the week
were G. J. Timms, a prominent baker of Winnipeg and his wife, Mr. G.
H. Hovvev a!aO of Winnipeg and E.
M. Shepard of Wyoming State.
Constable Max Kwart returned
home on Wednesday from the coast,
having made a successful trip and
disposed of his horses to good advantage, lie traveled both ways
by the Hope trail and found the
trail in good condition. On his return trip he met a pack train carrying supplies tor C.P.R. survey par-
lie-, who it is said are working in
the Coquahalla valley.
An Italian laborer at Camp 5, between I ledley and Princeton,was killed on WeiliK--il.iv by a fall of earth.
He was working along with others
in a "trap" un excavation into
which cars are run for easy loading
in making a cut when lhe undermined earth slid down and buried
him, and before he could be dug out
he was smothered. Rev. Mr. Cameron was culled of yesterday to conduit the funeral service.
V. |. ROM and Paul llrodhagen
ol I ledley were in town ou Thursday, the former on his way to Spokane and the latter going to Pair-
view to transact some business ut
the government oiiicc. I.ike nearly
every one from up the valleys who
has to do business vvith the I.mil office, Mr. llrodhagen considers it is
up to the government to locate an
office at a more convenient point,
Keremeos being the choice ot a majority.
The fast thinning ranks ol the old
argonauts or goldhunters who came
to B.C. in the early days was lessened by one on Monday night in the
death of Charles DeHarro, at the
home of his old friend, I). McKay,
Otter Valley. lhe deceased was
one of the first placer miners on
Granite  Creek  and   struck   it   rich.
He went to South America and
South Africa in search of bigger
diggings, spending most of his little fortune, returning to Granite
Creek in broken health, which he
never regained. He was a man
whose word was 'as good as gold'
and had many friends. Little is
known of his early life or relatives.
He was about 60 years of age.—
Princeton Star.
One of the flumes on the Keremeos Land Co's property on the upper bench vvas broken down on
Wednesday night, apparently by a
driver who had missed the road and
was cutting across lots to find it
again. Two sections of the flume
were broken, leaving the water to
run loose and flood the ground.
The company offers a reward of $5
for information as to the name of
the trespasser. The breaking of a
flume unless immediately repaired
might do v cry serious damage, especially if the water reached land
under crop, and in any case a bill of
costs is incurred. It is a frequent
practice too for drivers to cut across
unoccupied lots, and even where
this appears to be harmless it often
causes trouble by breaking down
stakes and in other minor wavs.
Any driving upon their lands will be
treated by the company as trespass
and a cause for prosecution.
Here is one of the greatest chances to make money
ever offered in the Similkameen.
Our entire stock of Dry Goods and Hardware going at
John Griffith vvas severelv burned
by an explosion of hot metal at the
Grand Forks smelter.
A large cucumber shown was the
cause of much embarrassment to
Mr. Howarth, who was in charge of
the Salmon Arm exhibit at the Calgary Exhibition. One lady refused
(0 believe that it was really natural,
claiming she had seen such artiticul
cucumbers before. To convince her,
Mr. Howarth cut the specimen in
two, afterwards placing the parts
close together. Still another lady
cume along who needed convincing.
And she wasn't. She had heard of
two cucumbers having each an end
cut off and then being placed together to resemble only one_—Salmon
Arm Observer.
We mean just what we say and if you want bargains
do not wait until it is too late. The follow ing are
a few of the lines we are clearing out:
Knglish dress prints, unfadeable, in many colors, 8 yds tor $1.00
Warranted pure Indigo duck, 8 yds for SI .00
Fancy frilling reduced from .15c. to    25c.
A Full Range of Swiss Embroideries and Lace at
About Half Cost.
Ladies' fast color seamless cotton hose 1 5C.
Ladies' white cotton vests reduced from 75c. to 50c.
Ladies' white cotton vests (cheaper quality) 25c.
Cingalee bath towels in three colors reduced from (>0c. to 40c.
Ladies' shoes reduced from $3.50 to S2.75
Girls' shoes reduced from $2.50 to    $1.85
Men's shoes reduced from $5.00 to S3.75
We Have a Wide Range of Mens Shoes at
all Prices.
Men's W. G. & R. Shirts 90C.
Men's suits $8.00   $10.00   SI 2.00
Harvest Tools and Machine Oil.
Ha) torks of all kinds, three tine double strap     65c. to 75c.
Old's warranted solid steel shovels 85C.
A full line of
China and Glassware.
SIMILKAMEEN       ^e anticipated an advance in flour and laid in a
L.O.L. No. 1770
Meets TiK'siluv un or befort
llie full union Iii e.ielt  month
ill     Ki'iviiii'os     Town      Mull
Visiting members eonlinlly imitoil.
C,   L   I'l   MMIM.S,  W,   M.
I). McCvaov.R. s.
The price is just the same.
The fruit season is here and we have
WM   DALRYMPLE    * *°°* ^uPP'y of "Schram" Sealers.
Your  Patronage Solicited.     Satisfaction (iua ran teed.
Cumming's Old Stand.
(Kereineos Centre.)
ver 150 million in use. There is no better sealer on
the market to-day and the price is right. Do not
experiment with other jars but get the best.
Vou cannot afford to miss this sale as it will save you dollars.
Plows, Mowers, Rakes, Harrows, Cultivators, Wagons and Hacks at Actual Cost.
We are always jflad to show our floods and quote prices.


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