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Keremeos Trumpet Nov 6, 1908

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 Keremeos Trump
Voi.. I.
Teecher of Pianoforte and Accompanist
(certificated Royal Ci41qp.il Wt Music, London) gives lessons in Keivmoos Station
Town Hal' every Friday and Salurdav,
and is open to cnirai_oinotil for accompaniments.     Tonus on application.
Ili:iu.i;v, B.C.
Nursing Sister E. A. Hancock,
A.N.S.R., C.M.B., Lea. Kng.
Will receive a limilod number et cases
requiring nursing on and after the 15th of
Telephone 33, IVnticlon.
Notary Public.
Agent tor :
London Ac Lancashire Pin Ins.  Co.
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.
Kkkkmkos, B. C.
Contractor and Builder,
Socialist Meeting.
The electors of Keremeos and
surrounding district turned out en
masse, as is their custom when
there is a political meeting on, to
hear the addresses of Chas Bunting,
socialist candidate for Vale-Cariboo,
and his right bower, Parker Williams, M.P. P., for New Castle, in
the town hall on Monday evening.
There was a good representation
from Olalla when   the   propoganda   insurance.     Fortunately Tor the rest
Fire at Penticton.
Penticton had its lirst (ire on Sunday last. It originated in the dwelling rooms above IV aeroy's confectionery store ind extended to
Kent and Sons' harness shop and
McMullin's bakery, all of which
were campletely destroyed though
considerate ! of h' contents were
saved. The loss will aggregate
about $4,000, f;ni y u _•!! covered by-
has effected more of a hold than
elsewhere in the district. That only
a small percentage of those present
were socialists was evidenced bv the
applause,  which    though   frequent,
of the town the nind was blowing
from the south towarda the lake.
Considerable anxiety was felt owing
to the fact that lyi.ig at   the   wharf,
J. F. Rover
in Greenwood.
J. J. Armstrong
trip down the li
All   bach.' ir-.
shoul.l attend the lecture  on   Monday night.
Two Americans from near Chopaca were in Keremeos on Wednesday seeking information in reference
to homestead lands in B. C.
With the thermometer hovering
around the temperate mark all day
and only dropping a little at night,
it is difficult to believe that this is
really November.
From reports received   so   far  of
Residence at Old Townsite, or inquire
al this office.
KsiimaU's  Furnished.
Workmanship duaranteed.
directly in line with the smoke and
was feeble. Many attended out cinders from the burning buildings
of mere curiosity. : and no great  distance  from   them,
Both speakers were fluent if not was a large con .ignment of powder
oratorical and much of the criticism for the Daly Reduction Co. which j the elections in the States, it ap-
which they showered upon the two had just been unloaded from the pears that Taft is making as big a
political parties   was   well   merited.   Aberdeen. . sweep for the Republican   party   as
Duncan Ross was picked   to pieces did Laurier for the Liberal   party in
and   the   pieces   ground   to atoms. , Where to Vote. Canada.
Martin   Burrell   fared   no   better at u        .r.
the hands of Parker Williams, who, FoUo-ftaf is a list of the polling j ™*_ Th°\ *******- *******
rightly or wronglv, loaded upon ***** -* the electoral Jivision o(l ^ the board of railway commissmn-
him, what he considered all the sins Similkameen. Parties whose names ers' "^ _*** ***** ?[<" ,0 >«"
of omission and commission, of the   ** « *• -****** ** voters for  Si- | P^m.er of Manitoba, died at   O.ta-
conservative Par,v at Victoria,   and \ *0****** ***** vote a, any  one   of  *V" ******     ***** w;ls   due   *°
■_ i   ,    '   L th.._s   -*        ,r,i;„„   f>    __,    asthma and pneumonia alter a three
then proceeded to chastise   him   tor   -**-■-*   plates,     according   to   continue sins. venience.
Mr.      Bunting     contends     that, '•     Beaverdell.
Notary Public.
Omca   ....     Kkrkmkos, B.C.
L.O.L. No. 1770
Micis I'ursday on or before
the full moon in each moiilh
in Koromoos School House.
Visiting Members eordiallv  invited.
D. J.  Innis,  W. M.
D. MCCl Riiv.R. S.
Stage Lines.
Fun stm.k.
Leave! Korcmoos daily, flff Sunday,
al noon, arrives at lledlev .1 p.m.
Leavea Hedley daily, except Sunday,
al Ha.m., arrives at Keremeos II a.m.
Only throiiLfh conii'Vliiikr ttW_9 hot ween
Ponticton, Keremeos, Medley \ Princeton.
O. Cill.l Ksi'ih, Proprietor.
Kkkkmios Hhii iv Mvu  Sim.i
Leavea Kmreataoa dailv, except Sunday.
al I p.m.; arrives in lleillev al 5 p.m.
Leave. lledlev daily, eacepl Sunday, ai
7 H.m., arrives in Keremeos al II a.m.
D. J. Innis, Proprietor.
Kikkmkos Pkniuiun Mm. Sim.i.
Leavea Karaaaaoa for Penticton on Mon.
davs, Wednesdays and Fridays, al noon.
Leaves Penlieiou on Tuesdays, Thuis-
days and Saturdays al 6 a. in., arriving in
Keremeos al noon.
W. V. Wk.i.hv, Proprietor.
whether we will or not, socialism is
the next step in the evolution of the
human race and the only plausible
solution for the dire times, which he
claims, already threaten the white
race and will soon overwhelm it.
Much that he advocates is good
politics and rational doctrine, but a
good deal more is incendiary in
nature and calculated to appeal to
the discontent and dis-satisfaction
in man's nature rather than to the
higher intelligence.
Broke His Neck.
[lint nn.ssl Ltsl^.f. ]
Asa or Kara Eddy last Friday
was driving a team hauling lumber
for E. L. Sleeves near West bridge.
Hugh McKinnon, who was driving
a team about 75 yards  in   advance,
2. Westbridge.
3. Rock Creek.
4. Myncaster.
5. Brideaville.
6. Sidleys.
7. Camp McKinney.
8. Osoyoos.
9. Fairview.
10. Okanagan Falls.
1 I, South Penticton.
Green Mountain.
White Lake.
Granite Creek.
Tulameen (Otter Flat.)
weeks' illness.
Vcstcrday was Guy Fawkes day
and members and friends of Keremeos Loyal Orange Lodge celebrated the frustration of the gunpowder plot of lft03 by attending a
lecture in the town hall given by
Rev. R. J. Mclntyre, provincial
grand organize! of the Orange
C. V. Prosser left on Tuesday for
Princeton, his brother Fred having
recovered sufficiently to enable him
tii resume the management of the
business here. It is C. Vs intention 10 return to Keremeos in about
a month's time or as soon as he has
the branch at Princeton fairly established, when his brother will take
charge of it.
J no. I.yhurn appeared before mag-
Notice is herein- given that, thirty davs
afterdate, I, Andrew Moves, of Olalla, B.
I'., intend to apply to the Superintendent
of Provincial Police, K. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for a retail liquor license for the
Olalla hotel, located al Olalla, B.C.
Aniirkw Moves,
Olalla, B.C., October Uth, 1908.
F. W. McLaine,   oi  Greenwood,
_WMrtforCP.lt  Lands, spent from j ******   Coleman   and    Kichler   on
Saturday till Monday in   Keremeos.   Wednesday on a charge  ol   assault
saw hun tail Off the front part ol Ihe   ,,o w.|s o|) ^ {q p%otkUm ^   and   battery,   preferred   by  Joseph
load near the horses. Me pulled afJ|g|, ^^ ^ ^ 0k;|n 1Mi Wine, and was lined ItO aod costs
Eddy from underneath the wagon i chcMni, up >;,|o> o( lim|u,r M amounting in all to lift John is a
and loft hurt on the side ol the  road _ brawny Scotchman   and   apparently
and then hurried to Westbridge for        m !
assistance.      Returning with A. D
Broomfield   they   found   him   dead
Coroner Black held M   inquiry and I ,riPs wi" **- 'ri-weekly on the same
Dr. Spankie testified that Eddy died | da>'s as *******
from a broken   neck.     The  deceased was about   sixty   years  old  and
came from   Aylmer,   near  Ottawa,
last daily trip for the season to Penticton   this  week.       In   future  the
The appearance of the Keremeos
Hardware Store has been greatly
improved by a metal covering.
Doc. Jermyn, Dominion Veterinary Inspector, was in town this
week and drove out to Win. Grant's
at Yellow Lake to inspect some
horses reported to have the glanders. It proved a false alarm and
a case for a dental surgeon rather
than a government inspector.
could not resist the temptation when
ever opportunity afforded, of taking
a rise out of Joe, who is his inferior
in avoirdupois by several stone.
The rather primitive team which
the latter drives appears to have
drawn more ridicule from our highland friend than the circumstances
would warrant and as 'he same pair
is a rather sensitive subject with
Joseph a mix-up ensued in which
the plaintiff was rather roughly
handled. No Retaliation.
"What action, in your opinion,
would be taken by Japan if the Canadian government should enact absolute e\Jusion against the Japanese?" ,vas asked of Mr. R. Y;is-
hiro, a rear-admiral in the Japanese
navy and recently an attache ol the
Japanese Embassy at Berlin, while
in Vancouver last week. "Would
he [apaneae government retaliate
: nil would Japanese merchants enforce a boycott against Canadian
;,ooils .' "
"Neither one nor the other" said
Mr. Vashiro. "The Japan See gov-
emment would not retaliate and the
onlv loss ol trade to Canada would
be the rice and oth *r foodstuffs,
clothing, etc., that would be forwarded to the additional Japanese
who would be here were there IM
harriers. This slight loss, ol course,
would hardly he noticeable.
".Apart from this there would   be
no effect. The Japanese govern*
ment would endeavor to continue
its friendly relationship with British
Columbia, just as Japan is at the
preaent time endeavoring to main-
lain a friendly basis with all powers.
"Let me also emphatically state
that Japan has no territorial ambitions, despite the reporta concern*
ing Manchuria and the Phitlipines
and the even more nonsensical    war
bet areetf Japan and the l'nited Satee.
Japan desires to grow industrially
and commercially and in order to
achieve thia ambition her govern*
ment can harbor no thought at wai
with any nation.
The Last Election.
The last Dominion election in
Vile-Cariboo   occurred   November
22, 1*XM. In that contest there
were 4,442 ballots cast, of wliich
48 were spoiled and 2d rejected,
leaving 4,348 ballots counted. In
detail tlu results for each party in
the eight provincial ridings in Yale-
Cariboo were officially reported as
follows :
Burrell   Ross  Mills
Con.      Lib.    SoC.
Cariboo  15-5 1<>4 1
:.i.md Fivks.   .. Mfl 199 163
lirec.vi. v         . 140 212 180
Kamloops  382 422 23
Lillooet  142 98 4
Okanat,         S09 5.10 47
Similiter, _en, 126 192 49
Sale     140        IK4 H
Totals 1890   2011      487
A stud) ofthe above table shows
that Mr. loss had only llil majority
out of a total of 1.33S voles counted.
Harold .Velson and his company
of  i    i  Is, numbering lil'leen   in   all,
arrive* via the V.V. Ik K. on Friday
morning .md   drove   to  Penticton
where they piesented the "Holy
City" to a large and apparently well
satisfied audience. It reminds one
of old times to see Harold again and
regret "Vt>a eapreaaed  that  he did
not pla;   tu Keremeos.
Attorney General Assaulted.
Winnipeg, Oct. 2K. An aftermath of the bitter election contest
in this city took place this afternoon
on Main street, when Kdniund L.
Howell, a son of chief justice Howell, attacked Hon. Colin H. Campbell, attorney general for Manitoba.
The matter arose from a conversation over the telephone between
Howell and the attorney general
late on Sunday night, when the
former demanded admittance to bail
Of the tWO liberals who had been
arrested and placed in the provincial
jail On bribery charges. Howell
stated that the attorney general
called him a "blatherakite" in the
course of the conversation. Mr.
Campbell was walking down Main
street when Howell stopped him
and asked him to apologize. Mr.
Campbell refused to do BO and Howell struck him several times. Howell was arrested later and released
On bail.
When in
atop at the
Central Hotel
Tweddle & Reith,
Special all ent ion to
Commercial Men,
and l.and-seekers.
Headquarters for all
Stage Uouies.
Livery SlaMe
in connection.
Oood table.
Large, airy and
comfortable rooms.
tree  bus to and from
all trains.
S per cent, off for caah.
Keremeos,  Hedley
and Princeton.
Situation Wanted
Hy an American cook. l-'irst
class in hotel or camp. Open for
engagement about Doe. 1st Moderate wages expected. Strictly sober. Address C. K. Hendcrshol,
Kereni "is,  H, C.
N'otici ii hereby given that, thirty dayi
a .er dale.  I inlend to   apply   tO   tlie   Sup-
Iirinteiide.it  of Provincial   Police,   I-'.  s.
I Huss. i, of Victoria, for renewal of a retail
li.l'.or license for the Alkazar Hotel, loeal-
e.i ai Keremeos Station, H.i .
I'l Id V   M VKKS.
I      Keremeoa Station, Hi'., Oct IS, IMS.
.Mitice is herein   e,neil lhat, Ihirlv   davs
afli l dale, I intend to   apply   to   llie   Sup-
eii iteiideni   of   Provincial   Police,   V.   S.
llussei. ot Victoria, for renewal oltt ret.nl
lii|iior   license   for   the   Hotel    kereineos,
lo, aled.it Kereineos Station, It. C.
Gaoaot Kiaav,
Keremeos Station, B.C, Oct IS, fXW.
N'oliee is Ini. In given that, thiriy  days
all, i   dale, ue,   II.   Tweddle and J. ' Reith,
ol Keremeos Centre, B.C., latend toapply
to ihe Superintendent of Provincial Police,
I*. S. Hussey, of Victoria, for renewal ola
retail liijiior license for lhe Central   Hotel.
located at Keremeos Centre, Ha'.
I wi inn t: fc Kuril.
Keremeos (.'entre, IU'. Oel. 15th, I'JOH.
The Big Store.
Our Fall and Winter stock oi Dry Goods,
Children and Ladies' wear is now arriving, and we would bo pleased to have
vou call and inspect same. No further
need for mail orders now.
We are overstocked in this line and must
reduce at any cost. A wide range for
selection at prices which cannot be duplicated elsewhere.
"Royal Household" Flour   Ogilvie's Best Brand.
Rolled Oats.     Bran.     Shorts.     Feed Wheat.
A pleasure to show our gOOdl,
Keremeos Commercial Go
mmmhmmwmmmmmmmmm The Keremeos Trumpet
I'uMisliixl rvrry Fri.lni .it tlu olliiv,
KlTfllllll!*,   ll.C
Surraeriptiotl $2.00 .1 year,   $1.00  lor six   months,
in advuinv.
Aill i'l I l^lll,;     Kall'K.       I   . 'JT.ll    Illllil'l'S,    l.V    |V|     llll,
lirit inncrtiiin, I0e Mr line I'.uli Mibsequi'iit IllssllilSI.
I.an.I notices Certificates of improvement,etc., $H.(J0
for (tO-Jny notices, $5.00 lor 1ft At] notices. Contract
display advertising, -**t* P*'r i*ieli per ivccli. Transient advertisements, such aa Lost, Found, Wauled,
$1.00 lirst insertion, or
l.ival reading notices,
■ach  subsequent  in-
etc.. nut exceeding one inch
thrrr   insertions Tor  $2.00.
2.V. prr line first insertion, Insertion.
Notes and Comments.
William Sloan, liberal nominee
for Comox-Atlin, has been elected
by acclamation. It is announced
that the portfolio of inland revenue
and mines, rendered vacant by the
defeat of Hon. Wm. Templeman, is
to be given to Mr. Sloan. Just
how it can be handed to Duncan
Ross, Smith Curtis and Ralph
Smith at the same time will prove
an interesting stunt in legerdemain.
There is one fact that should   not
be lost sight of in   connection   with
the   election   in   Vale-Cariboo  and I cies have given   them,   the   liberals
that during the past four years
socialism has gained new adherents
in Yale-Cariboo, but it must be remembered that the population has
increased vastly and with it the
number of names on the voters'
lists. In 1904 Mr. Mills, the socialist candidate did not poll half enough
votes to save his deposit and it is
extremely doubtful if the socialist
gains since then have any more
than kept pace with the increase in
population. If Candidate Hunting
saves his deposit he will surprise
most people; that he should be
elected is beyond the shadow of a
possibility. The contest lies between Martin Burrell and Duncan
Ross and those inclined to be swayed by the arguments of Parker Williams or his principal into casting a
vole for the socialist party should
remember that by so doing they
will but help to that extent the man
they are most anxious to see left at
Suffering under the well-deserved
reprisal which the coast constituen-
V eremeos Hardware
Buy your Machine Oils  at  the   Keremeos  Hardware
and save money.
Buy a  " New Century" Washing  Machine   and
save mother.
"Paroid" Roofing,
the most easily and quickly laid, most durable, and altogether the most desirable roofing material to be had.
The price is low for the value.
A full line oi "ItooeilX" Paints and Oils—none better.
that is it is no longer a party tight.
None but the most partizan would
wish to see the government's majority    increased    by   another   voting
appear determined to make a dead
set against Yale-Cariboo and Kootenay in the hope of snatching these
ridings and partially vindicating tbeir
machine. There is great danger to stand on the question of Asiatic Kx-
any government in too large a elusion. As a result a horde of
majority. Had the election here liberal spell-binders, with the dis-
been held the same day as in the credited Clifford Sifton at the head,
rest of Canada, while the result was Mie touring the country in the instill in doubt, every man would have terests of Ross and Smith Curtis,
been justified in supporting his party No use. Fair-minded liberals are
and seeking to place it in power, none too well pleased already at the
Now the Laurier administration is undue advantage these candidates
strongly entrenched and electors have taken of their opponents and
are free to vote for the best man. will resent men such as Clifford Sit-
in view of this fact many staunch ton presuming to teach them their i
liberals are pledging their support [ duty. Hribes and threats will not ;
to Martin Hurrell, and that without stampede them into deserting the
compromising    themselves   in   the just claims of the province.
least.     Their party is safe and   they  	
realise that even in opposition a
man of the Martin Hurrell type can
accomplish much more for his constituency than a mere voting machine
on the government side.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS      -      -      PROPRIETOR.
A member of the government can
And Watchmaker.
Complete slock including
Optical   Goods.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
accomplish more for his constituency    U APPIC  Tho JEWELE"
and province only when that gov
eminent and province are in accord.
What did the "solid seven" accomplish for B.C.P The only member,
J. B. Kennedy, who raised his voice
in behalf of the province was
promptly knifed by the machine.
The rest considered that silence was
the better part of valor. Of the
same doughty seven only four had
the audacity to seek re-election,
liven with the prestige ol a portfolio,
one of these went down to well merited defeat; one lias been returned
in a three-cornered light and the
others depend upon the success of
their party to carry them to victory.
Just how it will help the cause of
socialism to put up a candidate,
who is certain to meet with overwhelming defeat, is difficult to see.
We do not question   the  statement
Registrar ol Marriage Licenses.
for Teams
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
Acclimatized Tested Stock.
Socda, Treee, Plante for the
Farm, Garden Lawn
or Conservatory.
Reliable varieties .it reasonable prices. No borers, no scale, no liiiiiivr;at-
ion lo il.im.iK>' sli'CK. No Wind} ai-ent
lo annoy yon.
Kxtra elioice lot of fruil Irees now
romiiikr on for lhe fall trade, constating
el .SO.IKKI Peach, Pear, Ham ami (.'berry; 70,000 Apple in leading varieties;
100,000 small fruil plants. Strictly
home irrown wit bout irrigation ami our
own propagation from bcarine, stock.
Ions of Hnllis for fall planting Choice
vrrass anil irratn eta* always in stock.
Fertilizers,      Hee     supplies.     Spray
I'limps, Sera) lag materials, im Hew.
ers, ele.     Olilesl established   nurseries
on lhe in.mil.mil   of  R. l\     Catalogue
Oraaaboaaei   .WI0 Westminster Ko.nl.
Rraneb nurseries;    S.   Vaneouver.
Prompt attention to all customers.
I.and-seekers and  Tourists invited to give ns a trial.
Builders and Contractors
Lime,  Comcul,  Cement   Mecfcl and  Hrick  for sale.
Plastering   Masonry   Painting   Paper-Hanging
Kslimales given for all and every kind of Cement Work
and RuilduiK generally.
Write us for prices. Distance no obi, el.
VV. 11. Armstrong of Vancouver
is expected in to-day.
At Princeton the manager of the
skatiner rink is preparing for business.
Show enough interest in the affairs
of the country and the district to
poll your vote on Thursday.
Mrs. E. D. Boeing and Mrs. J. D.
Brass, who have heen visiting friends
at points in the east, were passengers to Hedley by Saturday's stage.
K. M. Crooker and Dune Campbell are spending a few days in the
hills south of here in quest of venison. A roast off the hind quarter,
not too low down, is our choice.
Lost On Saturday night, between end of track and Armstrong's
warehouse, a double snap front,
kharki, horse blanket. Kinder
please leave at Commercial Coy's
He would he a hardened partisan
indeed who would refuse a good
wish and a kindly thought for that
veteran of Canadian political life,
Sir Charles Tupper, who in his
eighty-eighth year was sworn in the
other day a member of the King's
Privy Council. — Toronto Presbyterian.
Parker Williams says that in dividing up the C.P.R. system among
the people John Oliver, facetiousiy
dubbed "Honest John," should
have a locomotive steam chest and
whistle. From what we had heard
of the gentleman we had concluded
that thev would be quite superfluous;
that a safety valve vvo.ild be more
in order.
During the week l>. K. Jelly
made a trip to Nelson and other
points in search of a market for
apples. He reports that little is to
be hoped tor in that direction, as
owing to the ridiculously low duty
of about ten cents a box the market
is flooded from across the line, the
American growers usin^ these markets to dispose of their surplus
On Thanksgiving evening, Nov.
'»th. Rev. Thurburu Conn of Princeton will deliver an address in the
new church on "courtship and marriage", a subject which the rever-
ened gentleman, Ir view of his recent experience, should he able to
handle in masterly style. The lecture is given under the   auspices   ol
tin Church Aid Society and the pre*
ceeds will go toward providing a
pulpit for the church. Admission
3S cts., children 15 cts.
Brandon, Man., Nov. 3. It is
now evident that Hon. Clifford Sifton will have the light of his life to
hold Brandon. A search warrant
has secured missing ballot papers in
one of the polls and the returning
officer is accused of altering the
books. To-day there was an adjournment until Friday in announcing the official  returns.     With   101
rejected ballots, and the fact that
Mr. Sifton'* appointees naturally
pissed many ballots for him which
a court will throw away. Hon.
Mr. Daly's friends are confident
lhat a recount will lose Mr. Sifton
his seat.
tins Quiet, a Swede 24 years of
age, left McArthur's wood camp
near Boundary City fifteen days ago
to come into (ireenwood after some
goods, and since then he has not
been seen. Five men from McArthur's camps searched the country
for days without finding a trace of
the missing man, and last Saturday
41 men from the city prospected the
mountains for a trace of Quist but
without success. He has disappeared as completely as if the earth
had opened and gulped him down.
— Ledge.
Carriage Building,  Repairing and Fainting
Opposite the Central Hotel.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
All kinds ol Sheet   Metal  Work in
Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron, etc.
V. \\ VTROUMUNfl   A   Sl'KClAl.TV.
Plumbing.    Pipe fitting and cutting.
Pumps repaired,
l'.stimates furnished   on application.
Leave orders at
Keremeos Hardware Store.
H. B. Meausette,
Keremeos, B.C.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry, etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orders for  Cured   Meats,   Fish and   Poultry  promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
For the next thirty days I will sell the following goods at a Reduced Price.
Mens' Boots.
Regular   | I 50 $4  50
do 4 50     ..75
do 4 00     3 25
do 3 50 "•■    2 75
do 3 00     2 50
Boys' Boots.
Regular $ 2 50 $ 2 00
do 2 00     1  50
do 1  75     I  35
Ladies' Boots.
Regular S 4 25 $3 SO
do 3 50     3 00
do 3 00     2 50
do 2 50     2 00
do 2 00     | 61
Children's Boots.
Regular I 2 00 $ I tt)
do I  75     1  45
do 1  50     1  35
Five per cent,  discount on all   groceries except Sugar and Flour.
G. G. KEELER. Keremeos Property is
a Good
Safe Investment.
Ready for
Per Acre
8 and 10 Acre
Per Acre
Shut in by the mountains and only to be
reached by stage, the Valley was not known. Now the Railway is completed to Keremeos and they are busy grading on
to the Coast. When completed this will place the Valley
within 185 miles of Vancouver.
We have laid out a Town Site at Keremeos, and the surrounding land in 3, 5 and 10 acre plots. A
COMPLETE SYSTEM OF IRRIGATION is under construction and is expected to be completed this fall.
Prices of
7th & 8th Ave.:
$25090 each
5th Ave.
$200.00 each
1-3 Cash,
Balance in
3 Payments at
7 per cent.
Now is the time to come and get a piece
of this property while it is going at the present price, for
when the water is running on the ground it will double in
Home-seekers or excursionists from the
East have a choice of routes to Keremeos. The Great Northern Railway, which taps the Prairie Provinces at numerous
points, furnishes a quick, comfortable and convenient means
of reaching the Similkameen at rates the same as to corresponding points on the C.P.R. Or excursionists may come as
far as Midway over the Crow's Nest branch ofthe C.P.R. and
the remaining 90 miles over the Great Northern.
4th Ave.:
$100.00 each
Half cash,
Balance in
one year at
7 per cent
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
A* &_____*_>	 Local and  General.
For bargain! see Keeler't ad.
Mrs. ChietM Of Princeton is the
guest of Mrs. McAlpin.
Cranberries, Tokay trrapes and
cocoanuti at W. A.  Haining'e.
Fred Revely of Hedley returned
home on Saturday after a month's
visit at Vancouver and other coast
Fred Lane, who recently returned from his trip to the coast, is
spending the week at Princeton on
A car load, each, of groceries,
"Royal Household" Flour and kerosene just arrived Keremeos Commercial Company.
Master Hubert Frith entertained
his young friends (and a few of the
older ones) at a Hellow'een party
at "The Poplars" on Saturday evening.
Geo. F. Winkler of Penticton accompanied Parker Williams and
the socialist candidate, Chas. Bunting, on their political tour through
the Similkameen.
The winter time card on the C. P.
R. takes effect this week. Trains
on the main line going west will
now reach Vancouver at midnight
and noon respectively.
Snow drifts and blizzards on the
prairie-; rain and Hoods at lhe
coast; bright sunshine and warm
weather in the Similkameen. This
is sure the place to live.
Arrangement*   have  been  made
for Mr. Hibbert of Penticton, or
some other minister from the Okanagan, to hold service at Hedley and
Keremeos tune a month.
Mr. Oberlin London of l.oomis.
Wash., is visiting at the home of
his granddaughter, Mis. F. Richter. Mr. London is hale and active
at the advanced age of 78.
Dr. and Mrs. Whillans of lledlev
write   that   they    reached   Tofield,
Alia,   just    in   time   lo   gel   the fu
benefit   of   the   snow   storm   there.
The Similkameen lor ours.
It is said  that    \Y.  W.  I!.    \K li*.
ncs, iiu- defeated  liberal candidate
in the   Vancouver   election contest,
has been offered, and will likely accept, the nomination lor the Yukon.
J. IL   Kennedy,  C. F.,  made a
trip to Princeton this week. He
has no immediate intention ol i hang*
in), his residence lor lhe upper valley and will likely spend the uinlei
In view of the fact thai the appropriation was made, and assurance pfiven, that the Keremeos
school house would be completed
this vear, it is, to M) the least,
strange there is yet no sign of work
commencing. A little pressure
brought to bear by our school board
on the commissioner of lands and
works would be in order and Blight
pro\e effective.
Keremeos Poll.
Apparently without giving the
matter much consideration, arrangements have heen partially made for
the holding of the Keremeos poll at
the school house on Thursday next.
As we understand it, however, the
arrangements are not definite, and
as a suitable place in town can be
secured, which would appear to be
more convenient and would obviate
the necessity of interrupting the
school work, we would suggest that
the matter he re-considered, and if
possible the polling held here.
Eastern Townships Bank.
Geo. Loudon returned yesterday
from a trip to Looinis.
Customs receipts for this port of
entry for the month of October
again exceeded all former records.
The books show : Free goods $2,-
687; dutiable |6,95ij duty collected
Ci. li. Keeler, whose store has
been practically closed for some
time owing to illness, is again
in the ring and is offering some attractive bargains. Read his ad. on
another page of this issue.
The Fernie Ledger announces
that two social evils which exist in
the new town will receive attention
in its columns until such time as
they are remedied. They are tinhorn gamblers and "women of the
restricted district," who persist in
parading the town at all hours. Public sentiment should render any
town too hot for the former and
plainly intimate to the other, that,
if their unwholesome presence is to
be tolerated, they must keep in
their own back yard.
Head Optics,
Capital and Reserve,
Shkkhrooke, QlKUKl'.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received,  subject to no delay in withdrawal of all or any portion.
Keremeos Branch.
R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting Manager.
It will pay to see our line if you have not
purchased your rubbers for the Fall and
We are selling at eost.
Our stock is complete ami up to date.
Our large stock of Dry Goods and Groceries are unexcelled in price and   quality.
| F. Richter & Co.
*• Dealers in General Merchandise.
Builders' Supplies.
Druggists and Stationers
Fsthn.itcs of cost cheerfully furnished to intending builders.
Contract* for all kinds of buildings in town and country promptly
Contractor iiml Buttdor.
Ki:ki;mi:os, B.C.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Booster's Barber Shop
and Bath Room
A. J. SAUNDERS,   Prop'r.
Freighting, Draying, and General Livery Bueineu.     Grain and Hay.
D. GILLESPIE, Proprietor.


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