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The Keremeos Chronicle Sep 3, 1909

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Array The Keremeos Chronicle
VOL.    II.
No. 24
Notary Public.
Agenl for i
London li Lancashire Fire Ins. Co,
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co,
Kkrkmios,  It. i".
Ccntractor and Builder,
readier of Pianoforte snd Accompanist
(certificated Royal College of Music, l.nn-
ilent open to engagement for aeeompau
intents.    Terms on application.
Ih tu iv. B.C
Notary Public.
tl) I li I      -    -    -    -      KlKKMIOS,  B.C.
Estimates Pui niahed.
Workmanship Guaranteed.
Stage Linns.
Puss si h.i .
Leaves ereaieos daily, except Sunday,
.it noon, nit\,s.ii Hedley .'p.m.
Leaves Hedley daily, except Sunday,
.ii 8a.m., ii. .es.it Keremeos 11 a.ni.
Onlj through connecting stage between
Penticton, eremeoa, Hedh*) ,v Princeton.
I), lin i i spii . Proprietor.
Ki iu vn lis Hi ni i v  \l vn  Si vi.i.
I , iv,-s Keremeos daily, i xcepl Sunday,
ii I p.in.i connecting with all stages  raal
.uui v., -a.  irrivcs in 11, -.11, ■ \ at 5 p.ia.
Leaves Hedlej daily, except Sun,I.u. .n
s .i.m., arrives in Keremeos sl 11 a.iu.
D, .1. Isms, Proprietor.
Kl-KI VII,is    I'l S I ll   i.lS    \l III    Sl '.I.I .
I.e.i\,s Keremeos for Penticton on Mon-
,l.ns. Wednesdays and Fridays, .it noon.
Leaves Penticton on Tuesdays, Thurs-
,11\ s and Saturdays st 6 a. m., arriving in
Kereineos sl tieeti.
W. V. Wi LBV, Proprietor.
Keremeos Directory.
Board of Trade George Kirby, President! K. II. Carmichael, Secretary,
Similkameen Farmers' Exchange J. J.
Armstrong, President) W, M. Pnth, Secy,
Public s, heel Board Georgs Kirby,
Esrs Mills. R. Elmhirst, Seen lary.
lii-tenis  Olliee     W,  M.  Frith, Su'i-l ,.|-
IYesliileri.nl I  Inn, h      ReV.    V   II.  lani-
eiou, raster.
Constable and Dr put) Game Warden
If,  It.   I'M.lit.
Coroner   Dr, M, l>. UcEsn n.
Justices of the Peace T. W, Coleman,
Prank Richtei.
Postmaster snd Telephone \_,eni Geo,
Member of Parliament Munn Burrell,
Grand Porks, P. O.
Member Provincial Assembly I \\.
Sh ni,ml. Penticton P. O.
Town ll.ill   J. .1. Armstrong, Mgr.
Keremeos Hal   Geo. Loudon, Mgr,
(neat Northern Rj    Dell) li dn, an Ives
111:.in a.   Ml.,  leaves Sl   1 |i.lll..    II. A.   I nek.
Mails Dailv linill Ihe wesi sin lleillev
StSgel from easl  via  G,   N. Ry.| Tii-week
Iv via Penticton Stage from the north.
ilei Mercantile and other Business la*
siiiuiiens s,e advert laments la this paper, i
Dry, dean poplar, two years
seasoned, $3 a cord,  S4  delivered.
Kereineos Land Co.
Jas, Reith went up to Princeton
on Tuesday to  spend  a couple  ot
weeks in the upper vallev.
All members of the baseball team
are requested to turn out at 5 p. in.
sharp to-day (Friday)  for  practice.
I\ev. A. II. Cameron will hold
service at Keiemeos next Sunday,
Sep; 5| ai 7.30 p. m. On the same
day he will hohl service at Okanagan Falls at  I I a. m.
The livery men are summoning
all their resources in readiness to
convey passengers to am! from lleillev  on   Monday.    If required  rigs
vv ill go up on Sundav.
Kev. Mr. Cameron lefl on  Friday
lor lhe eastern   pari   of   his   circuit,
and after holding services at hair-
view and Okanagan halls, attended
the Presbytery   meeting  at Vernon
this vv eek.
Miss B. Shaw of Greenwood, after
a visit with her aunl Mrs. Frith,
returned home on Monday. Miss
Ket,i Kirhv accompanied her to
Greenwood anil will remain there
lor a visit
Mrs. Gallowa) ot   Chicago,   who
has been visiting her sister, Mrs.
lieo.   London,  lefl lor her   home   on
Mo:,dav. She was accompanied as
far aa  Spokane  by   Mrs.   Loudon,
who will remain there on a visit.
Kev. |. Thurburn-Conn was in
town a short time on Friday, greeting old acquaintances.     He was on
his wav lo Kelowna, where he eon-
dueled  services on   Sunday, going
from ihere to Vernon lo   attend   the
Presbyter) meeting.
The season lor deer-shooting
opened on Wednesday, and
many riflemen took the warpath
bright and early. Hans Richter
was probably the lirst  one   lo  draw
blood he returned home with a
vistiiii before 6 a.m.
The engine m) the passenget train
met  wilh one   ol'   its   ftequciit    little
mishaps on Wednesday a broken
tire ihis time and the train cruv I d
in about 2 p.m. lhe work engines
also have their tribulations al times;
on Monday evening two of them
were obliged to tun down to Chop-
aea, one hauling the other, tor a
supply of water, the lank here being
temporarily out of commission.
ti. W. Silv email and Dora FrOBt,
of Riverside, Wash., came tip on
Monday's train   lo   take   advantage
oi ihe superior marrying facilities
afforded  by   Britiah  Columbia.    It
happened llial Kev. Mr. Cameron
was away al the time attending   the
meeting   of   Presbytery,   but    thev    QJ-JORT      ROUTE
were fortunate enough to catch Rev.
Mr. Cleland jus,   as   he   was   aboul   MR    KENNEDy.s    RE.SUR„
to leave on the I'entieton stage.    Mr.
Cleland slaved   and   performed   the !   V   « M-    '. I« »|"_,   I   INI'
ceremony for them, and   the   happy
couple returned south   in   the afternoon.
Hedley Station
The proposed change  of   location
for   the    lledlev    station    from   lhe
.■st side of the t
own   to   thc
tear the stamp mill, has been  cans-
rood de
ot  anxiety   to   the
It Will Cut off Many Miles
From the Route at First
Established No Pause to
be Made at Princeton.
J. II. Kennedy, G.N.R, engineer,
has returned to Keremeos after his
trip to the Coquahalla valley, the
object of whii li was t.v make  a   fm ■
people ofthe lown, who feared that
it    meant   the   plotting    of   a    rival
e railway sur-
llier examination of th
vey over the mountains and And,   if
townsite at the smeller flat.
ssible, a shorter and easier   route
staled    bv    the    mini
however, that   they
intention, and that   tl
much more dang
1   no   such
ere would he
ir of another town-
site if the station were placed at lhe
west oi the town where Ihere
would be more room for a site. At
the smelter llat most of the land
nol taken up by railway   yards   will
be required hy the mining company
for its own purposes     for   ar
Irom Princeton to Hope than that
which was adopted in the registered
plan. The result of his labors has
been to locale an alternative roule
for   part   oi   the   distance     a   route
V   SO
I lo obtain, would   vet    he
w as hoped
an enormous improvement on the
one first adopted in the way ot re-
une   and  lessening
->• ihe   disi
slime   pit   lhat will soon    be
lhe grade.     ll is 30'.. miles shorter,
and ils greatest elevation is 67S leet
leeded, and for   olher   uses.
less than thai oi the old survi
eastern site would have beeu chosen
tor a station In the first place but
for some difficulty over land titles,
anil now thai thai has beeu obi ialed.
vvo ih1., however,   involve
struction of a tunnel eight  miles  in
in e
length at
I ween live am
itimated  cost   oi be-
-i\   million   dollars.
d Ihe
uiv untai
supply of water and
nl lo the railway
orablc terms, tbe
that the latter wil
I light
coin enient
route   strikes   ou
it  fro
ulameen   ri
ver   al    titter   lake
company   on   tav-
u p
Oiler   Cn
IS     lilll
Creek summit.
tke I
ie change,
Over and up
toss to   Coldw alei
the Coldwater  to   Ce-
even though il lias been at considerable expense in preparing station
grounds at the west end.     To make
not   at   the
quahalla summit, aei o^s
il betler for the   town,   the
site as now proposed i-
mil and down the Coqunhalla.
By the new route   it   is   proposed
to go from Tulameen on up theTul-
stern end ot lhe flat, but
ameen river
short distant
lo E
IglC  creel
nearly opposite M. K. Rodgers'
house, convenient alike to the town
and to the minini,' works.
K.  W. Ti
mayor   o
I   Y
aiddenly al  Kamloops  on
hove lhe mouth of
lhe creek to drive a tunnel northwesterly  straight   through  to   the
Coquahalla. My this route the distance from Tulameen to the Coquahalla is l'i' miles iS of lhem bv tun-
nel) as againal -17 miles bv the
The elevation ol
2945  feel    as
roundabout wav.
I the proposed tunnel is
\ weekly paper, the   N'icola    Val-   againsl 3620 feel at the  t
ei Advertiser, has been  started  al  summit,
Middlesboro, lhe eoal   town   ot   the
it.tin mass through or be-
Nieola.    The Advertiser  is  of the p^th which the tunnel will be driven
same si/e as the l MKOMiii, andal- ,-jses to a height   of   71(H)   tec!.      Al
n_oet as good-looking.    In a region the weatern end the rock le Wt  -ol-
of such sure proepecu of growth as i..1|)k. ,;„.,„,,,ilM1.     pw ,lK„,t   live
lhe  Nicolt,    the    new    journal,    ,1    il ,,,11^ 'n the central part it is fjninite.
aims to live up to its sub-title,    "lhe A, fa eastern end il is mineralized,
paper   that    prints   ihe   facts,"   has .|lu| |o|. ,,  eonside, able  distance  the
good reason to anticipate a auccess- tttQnc| would run  directly  mulct  ■
lui career. promising mineral   claim,   with the
• ~—— incidental  possibilit)   of   revealing
FOR   SALE. ore deposits ot value.     Ample watei
The  bluest   snap   in   the   Similka- power for the  dev elopnient   of elee-
meen  Valley    Ranch  containing trie powei is to be had from   Eagle
over 300 acres, almost all bottom Creek at one end and the Coquahalla
Und,cutting al present about 100 „, ,|u. („|ut    ThfM          ,.s CO(l|il
Ions ot  hav,   can  easily   be  made ,                                  ,
to cut 300 tone.  For sale on eaay **    -***>******    **   **   **    ***
by L R. - M -WW,Olalla, B.C.
ont inued on iwxl pi^. SHORT  ROUTE.
[Continued from preceding page]
driving the tunnel and afterwards in
hauling trains.
As it would require probably live
v ears lo complete the tunnel, il is
proposed to build a temporary road
over the height, a feasible route for
such a road having been roughly sketched.
Such, in brief outline, is the programme now laid before the G.N.R.
authorities for their consideration.
The tunnel project is a formidable
one, bul il would hardly be recommended by such a capable railway
man as Mr. Kennedy if il were nol
considered lo be within the hounds
oi good policy to undertake it.
Two oilier tunnels of considerable
length are required on the line, one
of aboul a third of a mile jusl west
of Princeton, and the other ol
half a mile,  a short  distance   from
Hope. The latter, however, may
possible  be replaced by a loop.
In the vallev of the Coquahalla
Mr. Kennedy nut Mr. Bassett's C.
P. R. survey p.uiv which is also
running a line up the Coquahalla for
iis Hope-Penticton link. Mr. Bassett's task is a difficult one. The
G.N.R., having its plana filed,   will
demand of its rival lhe same conditions as the latter es acted when
their lines paralleled in the Houndary country a space ol J j feet from
centre to centre oi tracks when they
are   on    the    same   level,   aud    more
than that when they are on different
levels.    In such a narrow  defile   as
lhe   Coquahalla   il    will    be    almost
impracticable for ihe second comer
io build Miuler these conditions. A
more likely outcome is an arrangement for joint running rights over
the rails of lhe G.N.R,
The common impression that the
G.N.R, contemplates or contemplated stopping at Princeton is, savs
Mr. Kennedy, entirely wrong,    Not
only vvill the work go on. hut it will
140 on speedily. The company cannot afford to risk the forfeiture oi
iis surveyed and accepted route, as
it would do if ihe work of construction were nol pushed forward continuous!) on a scale lhat could leave
no 100111 lor doubl oi ils bona  tides.
For   much   of the  distance  the
Work is eulirelv   rock-wet k, and can
quite  well   be   carried  on   in   the
winter.      It  is 1 iinoinl lhat th.,011-
tract for one section above Prince,
ton has  alread)   been   lei    al   an)
rate there is one ready to be let.
The track-layers are now pressing
at lhe bills ol the graders above
lledlev, and likelv to overtake lhem
unless the latter put iu seme extra
licks. The track was compl ' d
across  20-tnile  Creek  on  Monday
.md it is expected vvill be at the
next   crossing   of  the   Siniilkanuen
by nexl Monday. After this no-sin^ lhe road keeps to the south
bank till Princeton is reached, and
encounters only a few small crossings on the wav, none of wliich
will call a halt for n.oie than  half a
d.l\    ,  I    so.
Local and General.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier states that it
vvill be impossible for him lo visit
the west this v ear.
The   chief   cement   companies   oi
Canada have combined in one merger with a   capital   oi   S,S(MK.)O,000.
Geo, Girty, an old time and well-
known miner who has been engaged 11 placer mining ou the Similkameen for a long tine, died yesterday
forenoon al his cabin on the claim it
short distance   west   of   Oroville.
Hob Weeks, an old miner and
prospector living near Nighthawk,
! has become demented, wading in
the river and walking aimlessly in
the hills. Search parties are afler
him, as it is feared he will come to
Daniel Mcl.eod was run over by
a train betw ecu Vernon aiul Okanagan Landing last Friday afternoon and instantly killed. He was
45 vears of age and had worked as
a millhand for the past two years,
coming from Prince Fdward Island.
lie was sitting 0:1 the rails in an intoxicated condition,
I.uke Page and James Pickens,
miners of Globe, Arizona, are read)
to meet any team iu the wot Id for
drilling championship and a • tb-
siuntial side l-et.   Page aid Pickens
sustained their championship claims
bv defeating a pair ol drillers  from
Cobalt, Onl. h; 15 minutes thev
drilled tin >Ugh 43j . inches of  solid
granite, defeating tin visitors bv I.i
inches. This performance is beliet ed
lo be a record lor lhe southwest,
s.i 1. Pierre, the Indian bad man
who raised  ructions  al  Oroville  a
lew   Week* ,1140 and  e oaped    to   the
hills,   distinguished   himsell
last week in an encounter with a
constable's posse. Deput) Sherifl
Mills, Marshal Case ami a third
parly, learning that Sam was in tlie
neighborhood, started oui to hunt
for him. Unexpectedly Sam popped up in the brush a few  feel   It 0111
him. The thr, 1 cons) ibles bombarded him with rifle, ahotgun and
revolver, firing eleven shots, but be
goi aw ay in the brush,
The crown lands department of
New Brunswick hi- made important new regulations for lumbermen
en     1 low n    laid-, ll    is    piw ided
lhat in futUI e op 1 ,n ,,,-, \, ee-- -hall
be sawn down in the swell ol Ibe
roots insle.nl ol b in:; , hopped
down, anil that a saw be used instead oi ihe axe in.iilim; the trees
into lengths, lhe tree shall he
topped oil as sin. II a    live inches   in
diameter, ami the lower limbs oi
ever) fallen lice shall be lopped oil
si that lhe lop will he flat on the
ground to lhe root. No spruce or
pine trees shall he u-ed for skidding
or building roads, and, if   such   are
used, they will become a charge
against the lieeit e. No portable
sawmill   will   he   set   up   ofl   ctown
land v\ ii hn,ti first obtaining a license from the department.
When in
stop at the
Central Hotel
1 *^-j .
m JpsS'   ,Jj
i                                    J-'*^**t^ammtFa7*''
Special ,tin ntioii lo
Commercial Men.
'I ouriati
.unl Land-seeker*.
I [cadquartera for all
Stage Route*,
Liver) Stable
in connection,
Good table.
Large, air)  and
comfortable room*.
Free 'bui tc* and from
.ill Mains.
Olliee of IU . Fruil
Land Co,
Tweddle & Elmhirst,   -  - Proprietors,
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Minini;- is certainly looking up in
this district. The sale of the Nickel Plate to   the   Stool   Trust    means
great things for the camps ;it the
summit.    It is almost  a certainty
that tho   new   owners   will   build   a
smelter tor treating their base ores,
and it follows that they will need
other ones for fluxing. Already engineers from tho Nickel Plate have
Obtained samples from Riordan
Mountain and other camps in the
Vicinity, Riordan Mountain ore is
an ideal smelting oro, eelf-fluxing,
and  very  desirable  as  an  aid   to
smelting refractory ores, and above
all, it carries good values in gold,
silier and copper.
Jimmy Riordan is uncovering
some splendid copper oro on the
Billy Goat, ore that will run all tho
syay Irom .i lo 10 por cent. The
gold values have gone as high as
SI-'.00 while the silier usually averages 4 ounces. Jimmy is wearing
a smiling countenance those days,
aiul he has good cause, for tho
greater pari ol the mountain appears
to be ore, probably a blanket load,
but one oi great thickness. It is
not going beyond the domain of fact
to say there are thousands oi Ions
"in sight."
On the llomeslake wliich   adjoin.
the Billy  Goal  on  the  south,  thc
owners, Northey and Hayes, have
, -'ended the tunnel twenty feet.
and have   now    about    fifty   ton-   of
good grade ore on the dump.    The
last sample assayed went SIO in
gold, 3 per cent, copper and 4 OX.
sili et. The ore is precisely ihe
same as that on the Billy Coat
brown and green garnetite earning
visible yellow copper and white iron,
in which the gold and  silver   values
are found.    They  had  to build  a
heavy cribwork on the mountain
side to hold this ore, and as there
is no room for any more during the
last few days of working they were
compelled lo send il down the
waste dump.
Anew discovery on the Home-
stake was also opened up and samples brought down for axaay. These
samples are green garnelite thickly
studded wilh white iron, some mis-
pii kel and llecks of yellow copper.
It is not expected to assay as high
as the tunnel ore, but no doubl values will improve as depth is gained,
Colin McKinnon   has   been   doing
assessment   work  on    the   Grand
View, vv hii h adjoins the Billy Coat
and Homeatake on lhe southwest.
lie has a good showing on the
claim, and further work should
show up just as good ore as on the
other claims on lhe mountain. Colin is now working on the upper
toad wilh Neil McLean's gang, who
is clotting it out from  Fish Lake  to
the Nickel Plate.
The Apex is to install machinery
right awav. The men al the mine
Were put  to work on   llu-   road   and
finished it in good style,   right   into
camp. lhe Ural machinery to be
put lo work vvill be a diamond drill,
and Ihe property vvill be thoroughly
tested before any further minim;
work is done. The power of the
compressor will be ten drills, suflici-
ont for lhe needs oi lhe mine for a
long time to come. The rock is
hard, and hand drilling' is too slow
for anything like satisfactory results. There are several good
claims close to the Apes, and the
use of the diamond vvill he a boon
lo several claim-owner-.
William I). McMillan, the chief
stock-holder in the Apex, vvas up at
mine recently, and is probably there
now attending to business connected with the programme oi development
J. ti. Wallace, who has been
Working at the Apex for the past
two monlhs, came down this week,
as no more mining is to be carried
on until the machines are in operation. Others will eoine down at
the end ot tho week.
There will be Iwo teams from
Olalla to contest foi lhe big drilling
prize al lledlev on Labor Day.
Danny McEachren and A. Samp-
field are practising daily and are
doing a Stunt that will surely make
the spectators sii up and lake no-
[Continued en page s|
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J. A. BROWN, Publisher.
The driving of an eight-mile
tunnel through the Hope range,
now under consideration, seems at
first thought to be a disproportionately heavy piece of work for such
a road as the V. V. & E.; but not
too heavy, perhaps, when it is remembered that this line is from its
situation bound to become a main
trunk line. The gate through the
Hope will bo the most vital point
of communication in the whole
province, except the gates to the
Rockies. British Columbia without this line to Hope is in a position
somewhat analagous to that of
Canada without the C.P.R. The
two richest and most populous portions of the province the Coast
district on the one hand, and the
Similkameen, Okanagan and Kootenays on the other are barred from
tach other by the Hope Mountains,
as in former times eastern aud
western Canada were barred by the
Rockies, and the eyes of each division turned perforce to the south,
instead of east and west to each
other. This line now building will
be in its way as truly a bond oi
nationality as is the C.P.R., and its
importance to the province as a
trade route will be in many respects
as  great   as  that of   the   big  line
The coroner's jury on the Okanagan hotel lire at Vernon had at last
accounts not yet reached a verdict,
but much evidence to atouse
suspicion and censure has been laid
before it. Alex. Smith, who was
under suspicion, disappears and
leaves an enigmatic letter RCCUling
some person unnamed. Sigalet,
one of the hotel mon, accuses Al-
bers, his partner, of having hinted
at "setting a match to it." Alhers
is found to have rushed to save his
horses while his guests were perishing. The hotel men "didn't know"
what the law required in the way of
fire protection. The chief of police
and the other policeman "didn't
know" that tho law required them
to make inspection as to such appliances. The three license commissioners "didn't know" what
their duties were as commissioners.
How many other hotel men, constables and license commissioners
are there in the province who
"don't know" their duties and won't
know them until a massacre of the
innocents reminds them of it ?
series of letters written this summer
by Mr. Kranz Schneider and published in the German newspapers ot
Edmonton and Winnipeg, the chiet
German papers of Canada. These
letters are written by Mr. Schneider
on his own initiative, and are a
form of contribution to the welfare
of the community that might well
be adopted by others of our settlers
— telling the people of their old
homes what the new country is like.
Mr. Schneider, however, has the
unique advantage of reaching an
audience lhat extends over all western Canada and that could not very
well be reached otherwise than
through the medium ot tho German
language. Ihe readers of his letters tire as a class notably good settlers, thrifty and enterprising. The
letters, too, are   much   more   likely
to command careful attention than
similar ones in the more voluminous output of publications in the
English language. Mr. Schneider
deserves the thanks of the community for his public-spirited work.
keremeos Hardware
Buy your Hardware
At the Hardware Store
And save Money.
Just arrived—A fine assortment of
Including all kinds of
Preserving Kettles
At the lowest prices.
The program agreed on by the
naval conference has boon given
out.     Subject  to the  approval of
Parliament, Canada is to make a
start by building cruisers of the
Bristol class and destroyers oi the
river class, making use ol both
Pacific and Atlantic ports tor construction work. Ncu Zealand and
Australia are to present the empire
with vessels ofthe Indomitable type,
to form part of the Pacific Heel.
Hon. Mr. Fisher, Minister at
Agriculture, while al uicouver,
expressed his abhorrence       motor
cars, and said that he had t distinct
and undying prejudice . si them.
Perhaps he   was   trying -quare
himself  with   the    good    people   oi
Kelowna, whose ho piuility he
■lighted by remaining        the boat
when they were u u i lo lake
him for a joy-jaunt.
Call and see our stock and get prices before purchasing.
Turpentine and Gasoline always on hand.
Livery, Feed & Sale Stable:
for Teams
Good Rigs
Careful Drivci t-
of all kind:
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers and  Tourists invited to give us a trial.
so itenay
ly over
. i   hotel.
ite   and
IJ    ol   Its
11 petit or.
In appraising the various ways
and means adopted to advertise the
Similkameen to the world, a very
high place must be accorded to the
Nelson and   the   out
towns are squahhli i
the proposed C. P. R.
Each (own oflers .1    1 i .
bigger inducements th.,
neighbors.      Private  h
are not pleased at .i
to bring in a   bonus, ,.
In the interest of pe.,, c     ie   railway
company    should      n   .   .     up     and
choose a site.
Toronto has been   i    ig  oil  twc**
Cessfully to oxeiiotiK no dust
nuisance on the to md the
Kamloops Standard l a tl ial
of the method in thai However, it is doubtful ii IN enough
oil in North America ep down
the dust in Kaniloop
It   is   said   that    i t ,,lou     Sir
Wilfrid    Laurier's .   nent    is
suggested   as   Ciotei , i    South
Africa, where a man ot conciliatory
and diplomatic temperament is required. Apparently Sir Wilfrid's
reputation lor sunny Ways still lives
in England.
Dressmaking ami Sewing.
Satisfaction C.tiarantec.l.
KsSI Mhos Cl MKK.
IH'l.HS from llu Ivit l\>ir.>nv;in and Japan
HOMI I'-KOWN (nnt .iml MMMtsI tM
Kro»n .mi iipl.iHil wi] wiihont irrigation
in tlir pajj   pari .i| tin- American cnliiunt
nut mil—tid with San Joss, seal*
li.itd.n. I u Ul .m.l I l.'w.t N,-«-Jvt. *ti-,1 stink
fri-ni llu- Mai k'.mv, ts in M world,
Wo,    I'm, ni« .iti.l GatS*        Spt.i\   l'iitii|i«-.
I. Mili/irv    H.« Stipplu-v    (.'ui Plowara.
Spi.i MiiK Maleti.tU. ttt.
\\ im.- laaot aahr,
.57-p.iK_' MtAaflfM five.
M. J. Henry
Grtvn Moiis.s and Sivd
Vancouver     ■     -     B.C
Mt.in.li Nurwrii'i    S. Vani"ou\ it.
Keeler's Restaurs
Yon can gel
Meal Tickets & Bread Tic. .
Twenty-one Meals (nr Six  Doll t -.
Hereafter OUT loaves will be   el   rc_,u
uniform weight which we will sell as I,,
One for I en cents.
Three for twenty-five eenls.
fourteen let one dollar.
I'ies,    takes,    Doughnuts   or    BlHCi
niaile when ordered.
All persons having account! with ti,
Keiemeos Commercial Co. are requested
In call .nut adjust said aeeotmls at th.
office of the Keiemeos Land Co., Main
Street, Keiemeos.
17-4 Kkrkmkos Commkkci.m. Co.
Contracts For Work.
Land scrubbed or any kind of
work taken by contract at reasonable rales.
KEREMEOS. In the Heart of the Similkameen
The Garden of British Columbia.
1 HE accompanying illustration shows a sec-
lion of the 8-mile conduit
through which the water
of the Ashnola River is
led to the irrigated lands
•i the K Temi'os Land
Co. Rn ery fool ol these
l_,entl\ sloping lands the
wai t reaches by gra. ita-
i n. The lands ,.i\ all
ir, ha\c a perfect nat
ural  grade,  lie close to
the railway, and arc in
every way all ready for
the settler, who may
choose a lot of any size
to suit. In all the Province there is nol a tract
to equal tlie Keiemeos
lands for quality, situation, and every  element
lhat makes for successful
The properties  are  being  offered   in   I, 3, 5 and   in acre   Blocks with  a   well  laid  out townsite
i doing an active business.
Our terms arc liberal.    One-third cash.    Balance in 3 payments at 7 per cent.
Acreagt properties are from $175 to $300 an acre.    Town lots $100, $200 and $300.
For tui! particulars apply to
UL.  ;
Keremeos Land Co., Ltd.
KEREMEOS. B.C.      ________________ .(|
Wells Is Appointed.
W . C. Wells oi   Nelson   wi
the    nexl    lieutenant-governor     i
British   Columbia,   according   to  a
from Victoria.    I Ion. James
Dunsmuir, the  present   incumbent,
Rsked 'Ome two m mills ago   lo   be
• I,   anil   it    is   likely   thai    his
re intuition will take effect in about
another month. Mr. Well* was
commission i of lands and works in
the Dunsmuir anil Prior govern-
ments from 1901 to 1905.
Tiienev. lieutenant governor is
well known in political circles in this
province.    For some years lie  was
i resident ol Palliser, near Golden,
where he was Ihe proprietor ol '.01110
large I mber mills and timber limits.    In   ilie  provincial  election  of
1 lie contested the Columbia rid-
i d was defeat   lb)    19 votes
l \ VV, ti. S'eilson, who, however,
iliJ nol live to lake Ins *eal in the
house. Mr.Wells in the bye-election,
which followed, wai elected ami
n is 1.;.lie, successful iii I'mo, when
lie won out againsl Armstrong and
Burnett. In the election ol 1903
Mt.   Wells  wa*  elected   by  accla-
1 I,Ml.
I! v, as given rank as a cabinet
mie 1.1 mi,1.1 the Dunsmuir regime
in I mis. T'nJ, as cliiei commissioner ol I.mils ami Works snd continued in that position uniler the Prior
ministry, which was formed in
November of the name year,     lie
resigned in May, 1903.
From thai time until about is
mo.uii- 1 > he lived at Palliser,
managing his liimbet business, lie
s,-lil ihis, together with his timbei
liiniis .mil in 1907 wenl to reside ul
1 lumen ood i inch.
The City Man Makes Good.
Eastern Townships Bank.
Ill  Ml   Ol I Ic I .
Capital and Reserve,
Sherbrooke, Quebec.
I 1 be Fruit Urosrer, |
In getting out in the »arious fruil
districts we have been surprised   to
Iiml that the city man. as a rule,
makes good in horticulture. Most
of the cit)  men  who move  to the
Country    have    a    natural    love   Im
fruits and Rowers, and when they
have opportunit) to grow them on
a larget scale they usually succeed.
One reason, perhaps, is thai the cit)
man has an open iniiiil and is willing
in leat n    and too many fat mei< Bra
not.      When    the   eily    man    is   tolil
thai his fruil trees thould be  spray-
eil al a certain time, he goes aiul
sprays   them.      In   loo   many   cases
the   farmer remembers  thai  years
.i:;e perfect apples grew without
..praying ami he is likelv to in to
grow them again in the same way.
I he C< P. l\. has aw auleil a contract tor a conveying ami lacking
plant  on  iis  uh.tt i  nt   Vancouver
which   will   handle    100   bushels   ol
grain a minute, or si\  carloads an
Transacts a general banking business, ami oilers every  facilit)   to  meet
the requirements of depositors consistent with
conservative banking principles.
Savings  Bank  Department.
Deposits oi si.(hi .mil upwards received, subject to no delay in withdrawal  of all  oi   any portion.
Keremeos Branch. R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting Manager.
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Z7   —s^s_e.
freighting, Draying, ami General Liven Business.      Grain ami Hay.
[Kelowna Courier. |
To the surprise and disgust ol
those who had gone to much trouble to make arrangements for bis
trip bv automobile to Vernon on
Monday, it vvas learned that the
Hon. Sydney Fisher, Minister of
Agriculture, did not choose to leave
the luxurious ease of his berth on
the "Okanagan" to inspect the diatrict that has brought to Canada so
much tame both in the Old Country
and the United States for ils superb
quality of fruit.
The Minister went down the lake
ttnd spent over Sunday at   Suinmor-
land, but on tho return trip on Monday be was not in evidence, putting
toi w ard as his representatives Lieut.-
Governor Bulyea,  of Alberta,  and
Senator Bostock, who made the
journey to Vernon b) car as arranged. Following similar action by
Hon.  Mr.   Pugsley,   who   upset   all
the carefully worked out details oi
an excursion by the same means of
conveyance and remained peacefully
slumbering on the boat, the feelings
of the local Liberals and of the officers of lhe Hoard of Trade received a rude shock, from which it will
lake   some   time   to   recover.      We
could afford to let Mr. Pugsley sleep,
for after all he is only Minister of
Public Works, but when the Minister of Agriculture finds his own indulgence   of   lazy   morning   habits
his usually by no moans small family to settle where they will not be
lost to the British Empire.
[Vancouver Province. ]
There seems every reason to suppose that vve are on the eve of considerable mining activity in British
Columbia. Our mineral riches are
so greal that it has all along been a
mere question of time as to when the
full awing of development should
come. The favorite expression oi
orators on our resources, to the
etl'cet lhat our mineral wealth has
boon "merely scratched," is not
mere rhetoric. It is founded on solid geological fact. It must be borne in mind that neither fish, field nor
forest, large U are the potentialities ot the three, promises such an
output of wealth to British Columbia as her mines do. Minerals are
the final basis of the onward pro-1
gress of this province. It seems idle to forecast the future, but it must
be apparent to thinking men,  that
forests will one day bo exhausted
here as they have been exhausted
elsewhere; that fisheries, unless due
conservation is exorcised, mav decline; and lhat agriculture in Hritish
Columbia is a subsidiary industry,
Our mines, however, will be of ex-
baustless continuance.
A  st i.ctsl YD  REMEDY.
[Oroville Gasette.]
It the regular legislature last winter was a comedy the extra   session
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
Builders and Contractors
Lime, Cement, Cement BKvk*>
ml Brick for ia
Plastering   Masonry    Painting    Paper-Hanging
Estimates given lor .til aiul everv kind of Cement Work
and Building generally,
\\ rite us for pri
iu1 object.
preferable to visiting a districl that iusl ,llKOl, „,ls ;| .creaming farce,
has won tor Canada the highest EvMently it ts leaking through the
horticultural honours over achieved, C1,lniums p( t)lis fearru||y ;lIKi  won.
,,s tbeunkinilest cut ol all. derfullv constituted   boilv   ot   legia-
Good Liberals aa we are, we only lmton lha|  ,,K,  1^,1,,^ tf hob.
hope that Mr. Martin Burrell Mill hies into lausmavsatisfv the van-
give tb« Hon.  Mr.  lisle,  the  heck-   \u ,if those who  rule   hobbies   with
ling of his lite next session ..nil ,. hip ami spur, Imt hardly meets the
probe the depth of knowledge of .pproval of thow compelled to live
under and submit to those laws.
While ostensibly called to probe the
Schively crookedness, the extra session    has    devoted    sonic    lime    to
amending and patching up the laws
passed at the regular session. ll
would bo wise, if legislators   are   to
be nominated in the future  bv  ihe
direct primary, lo amend the constitution SO as to provide I'or two
sessions   ol   ihe  legislature  a few
months apart, the lirst to give the
member with an idea consuming
him an opportunity tO mould that
idea into a law , and the second lo
eon eel the tool legislation ot the
lu sl.      ll  a Mild   bo   cxpensii e,    hut
would reduce the life of Freak  laws
it 0111 tWO voars to a lew weeks, and
heiK 0 would bo  worth   the   money
Kelowna that be acquired from be
hind the curtains ol his berth.
I Montreal Star. |
Of Course, vve wain all tbe American Immigrants we cm get. It
would be Kupreme lolly to think of
Ceasing to encourage   their   arrival.
Thev  are the next   best   material   to
in, 11 no bine Hritish. In a generation or two we hope to make them
as enthusiasticall) Hriiish as most
of thom .no now optimistically Canadian. Hul surely il is plain thai
vve should make special efforts to
leaven   iln-   lump   with   a    Vlgoroui
stream of Hritish immigration.  And
it is, if anything, plainer that the
men  "at homo"   who   cm   influence
tb* direction ol   British  emigration
should do their Utmost to direct it lo ***
this country where its effect on the      Kelowna   is  having tough link
future ol the empire may be so do- wilh its electric light and power
cisive. If lhe Britiah Isles are lo plant. On June .id the plant was
lose those people in anv event     if it   burned.     It was re-iustalloil, and on   an(_\ satisfactorily filled
la merely a question of whore  they Aug.  21,   after  running   only ton
will go    then Hriiish statesmanship, davs, the machinery went to   smash
if it   can   bond   its   attention   to   so from some   unknown   cause,   invol-
small a mailer as  the   future   home (ring a further heavy expense and   a
ot a poor man and his family, might delay   of  at   least   a   month   before
well exert all the ingenuity ii can light and power can be turned on
command to  induce   this   man   and   again.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS      -      -      PROPRIETOR
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry,etc.
Special contract rates to camps.
Orden tor  Cured   Moats,   Fisli  aiul   Poultry   promptly
GEO. CAWSTON. Spent Night in Haystack
A story from Greal Palls, Montana, lolls that a hard-hearled senior one nighl lasl week refused
Louis \\'. Hill, son of James J.
'Hill, and president of the Groat
Northern railway, a bed in his home
and the young railroad king vvas
forced to spend lhe nighl in a
Hill was making a trip from
Helena to Great falls in his motor
car when the machine stuck in the
mud near fort Shaw. After trudging several miles for help, Hill came
upon tho homo of a settlor in tho
dense forest. When Hill asked for
assistance in Freeing the machine
from the mud Ihe man replied that
ho was loo busy to leave thc house.
Hill argued ami  pleaded  with  the
man until it was too late to look for
assistance from other so irces.
Then he asked lor a bed fev llie
"Ihe only bed you vvill gel at tin
place," said the farmer, "is the
haystack. You will find lhat onlv
half a mile down lhe road."
When Hill told lhe farmer lie was
prrsidenl of the Great Northern,
the farmer via. skeptical and re-
fnse.l to bcliei e him.
As there was nothing else for
him to do he spent the night in lhe
haystack, where searching parties,
worried bv his Icmg absence, found
ihe railroad magnate sleeping
peacefully iu lhe Ini.
An  Indian Centenarian
New Westminster, Aug. 25,
What is believed to be a record for
longevity in Hriiish Columbia has
come to light among the Indians of
New Westminster. Down on the
Indian reservation in the west end
of lhe city on the banks of the
Not ih Arm of the Fraser was nn
Indian woman who had been living
there   for   some   years.       She   died
this  afternoon about   one  o'clock.
She was the head ot lhe Chehalis
Indians, anil once was all-pow ei fill
in that tribe now divided into s nail
bands. Over a century SgO she
lived in lhe country lying «i'M ol
Harrison lake, with hundreds of
stalwart braves sro md re id)   to go
10 war or on the bunt.    Lately she
has been liv int; in a lowly but on
the banks of the Fraser, ipcechless
and unable to raise a hand, Waiting
for the last summons to tho liuppv
hunting ground.
I let'niece, now 70 years ol SgS
herself,    veats    BgO    married    Win,
Vianen, better known as Dutch Hill,
lhe oldest   while   fisherman   oti   the
Fraser.     Fifty   yeara   age   Dutch
Hill, then in the prime of his manhood, used to fish on the 1'iasei.
His    death    occurred    about    three
years ago.
No other ease ot anyone living al
stteli an age i* known in Ihis province, as this Indian w onian a tribute 10 the beneficial effects oi life
in the open air. The present race
ot Indians eannol compare wilh lhe
old stock in ibis respect
R Would You Be Interested
«« In a place that offers an a^ieeahle occupation, a perfect   climate,   an
^J assured income, and is in a word an  ideal  home land?
■ _ These conditions arc found in the genial Similkameen Valley, now opened   up by
I- '
the Great Northern Railway Coast-Kootenav route.
Home-Seeker, Business Man, Fruit-Grower, or Farmer.
" I lived in Ontario and Saskatchewan for many
voars, as well as in the Stale of Washington and the
Kootenays, and after carefully looking over the Okanagan Valley I was led to decide that tho Similkameen,
from the variety and quality of its products, was superior iu every way, and here  I  located.     10 say the least,
this is Canada's California for climate ami fruit.  It is the
healthiest and best money-making country I ever saw."
X Your Chance for a Free Trip to Seattle Fair and a *J
Visit to This Rich Valley.
9 0\0
Write for particulars, free photos, booklets, etc., to
122 8th Ave. West, CALGARY, ALTA, or KEREMEOS, B.C. jj
0w.09a-90i\090i09r   »*»»*%»»»»»»090*. 0909090**»»r»_r»#v*v*0900.0 tola*aaaaaataaaoaoaoa
Provincial and General.
\i Greenwood lasl   week  Judge
lb own sentenced tiabriel AtlgUSte,
an Indian, to one vear al haul labor
in Nelson Jail for horse-stealing and
trying to pass ,t forged cheque.
The building of Prince Rupert is
making great headway. It is stated
ih.,i 500,000 feel of lumber ara discharged each week on the wharves,
being soul from all points ol the
compass, the largest shipments being from Vancouver and the Sound
T. H. Strutheis of Forme, whose
store was burned on lhe evening ol
■ \ug.  17th, has boon   arrested  on   a
charge ot incendiarism, lhe most
suspicious  circumstance  was   thai
on h,0g. I Ith he applied lor SKXio
extra insurance, at a time when his
slock was lower   than   ever   before.
According to his  own  valuation  it
only amounted to some 1800.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Similkameen Land Division.
nisi ku i oi v vi.r.
'I' VM   NOTICK thai I. WBKmh Uaaandi    Hain
I minet   ,ii . ni   fen   Kenneth Cartton  Boyd
Frith, "i Keremeoa, H.l  , intend '>• appl]   foi   par*
mitMOn in pm, li.im tlu follow inn >l, icnni .1 landi:
i ..Mini. n. mn nt o port planteoat the8  1     eomci
,,i Indian K'. lervi  I ,■' V.   I. thenc weat •Ion* th.-
it.   ik. ". ili   I" ,li tin.,
  ili, ii.,■ ii.-eli along tin   Indian
i i   i v.   it,, jv-nit ,-t  vi.,,i,„r. containing
SI .,. ii     in.'i.   .■
W    V   11 IlltlSO,
Carlton Boyd Frith.
B.C., ji i "'
t reliable local Mlesmas  wanted  to represent
Canada's Oldest & Greatest Nurseries
In KEREME08 .md iiilieinini; country.
We li.ne been shipping ttock lei Thirty Years lo  Itritisli Columbia   snd  as
out   lie, s   it,   grown oil limestone soil tliei
.ii-     lekneu i.,le-il   In   experienced   fruit
(rower* to be longer Im,I  .md   bardk-i
111,in I'.i.i-l RTOWn sleek.
\   pel ili.nietit    silii.iluMi    to    ui;lil    itt. ti
with territoi i renei i ed.
Pa) Weekly, tVsa Omni.
Write for p.it tu ill ti s.
Fonthill Nurseries.
(Licenced b) B.C. Government.)
TORONTO      ....     ONT
M.Vi him i;\   Ki i' MM p.
W. J. Stover returned from California on Monday and is attending
to his  ranch.
For assaulting Jas. Reid a few
days ago, frank Connors was
brought to book on Tuesday and,
pleading extenuating circumstances,
was lol oil with a   line   of   SI5   and
lhe ladies' saddle horse t ace to
be held at  lledlev  on Labor   Pay   is
exciting a good deal ot interest
among the lady riders of Keiemeos.
The first prize is a beautiful solid
mounted Sower bowl, and there arc
also second and third prizes consisting of very line gold and silver medals.
" Western Life," a neat and well
edited little magazine   published    at
Vancouver, is launched as a continuance of "Marino Life," on a
broader  basis.      It    now    has   as   its
Held, as the name implies, tho various aspects ol  life in  lie west,  bv
land as well as by sea. As a journal for lhe homo ii is a credit to the
publishers nnd lo the   province.
One result of the proposed change
in tho silo of Hedley station has been
to make considerable   alterations   in
iln  relative values ol lown property.
It is understood  that   the  town
company    advanced   lhe   prices   on
many of its Iota al the beginning of
the month. One of those who anticipated an advance in prices and
l.ne tailed il was A. |. N.cinders tf
Keremeos. \be had a hunch that
prices were going up, so he   bought
two lots near the Grand Ini.". hotel last week lor   S.i.sli   each;   ho has
since refused $500 each for them.
Provincial and General.
Sit Richard Cartwright is al Harrison Hot Springs.
lhe estimated apple crop of Canada and the United States this   leal
is 35,000,0 <> barrels, or 12,000,000
more than in |9l 18, I li ■ v I Id in
llie -Mst is heai ier than uwual h it
the quality lower, while in the   west
the yield is lighter   bit    the   i| uililv
Fourteen   hundred   anil   perhaps
mote    people    poii-lnd    on    bridal
'■I  and  S it'll da)   iu a HoO<l  w Inch
swept  a large portion  ot    Monl e
■ I  icico.     Conservative    eMimatex
i ihe piopeiiv damage al   si_',.
000,000,    Fifteen  thousand people
homeless. Mote than 65* I bodies  hn e   beet,   I e.    ',      ed.
\n Indian brouglii  lo   Kamloops
pita! lor treatment met injury  in
a most peculiar wav  at his home    in
the Nieola vallev.      lie    w U    s;
Ing at a bush tail ial which was  infesting   bis  cabin  and   the  charge
slrtick a pie ' of dv n,unite win, h
was lying oil in one corner and
whi.ll had beefl Kit there bv the Indian's brother. lhe roof ol tht
, ibin was Complete!) blow ll oil .nul
nails were dtiven  into   the    Indian's
bod) m several ptaceajnal like darts.
lie is recovering nicely.
[Continued Irom page ,'|
lice, even if they do not carry oil
first prize. J. A, McDonald has
for a partner \V. Trow holla, a Corn-
ishinan, who I hear is a veiv terrier
lor drilling. They are both up at
Apex now, aiul I am not able to
make anv statement as to their
speed. Jack was down lasl Sunday
and bought V arils and yards ot ~k
Fletcher IL Parsons and Arthur
Smithernm are out at Trout (.'reek
after big game.       'Ihere are others.
In your description oi the Apex
lhe other day vou were in error in
calling the mountain which adjoins
Independence Mountain on thc
north "Stray Horse" Mountain.
Ku! Mountain, sometimes called
Northey Mountain, from N'orthey's
camp, is not Strav Horse Mountain
at all. Riordan Mountain, two
miles north oi Independence Mountain, is the real Stray Horse Mountain, ll was so named by James
Riordan, who in 1896 was camped
near where the Nickel Plate now is,
and one dav lie was searching for
his pack horse which had sir,tied
BWay from camp. lie found him
on tho  grassy   southern   slope oi a
■mall double mountain on the eastern shore oi 20-mile lake. litis
mountain he named Stray Horse
Mountain, but before returning to
camp bo found good "indications"
and later on located the Ram's
Horn now the Hilly Goal on
Stray Horse Mountain. Hut Str.n
Horse was too much of a mouthful
and prospectors look io calling it
Riordan Mountain, just the same as
Im v p.. ulm e Mountain is more often called Pearson Mountain, alter
Nil Peat on, the firsl man to ha> e
a permanent camp there Some
day when I have more leisure I will
Liivc you a little bit oi the history
of the upper Valley camps.
Mr. an.I Mrs. Fermin Sauve wish
io express through the columns of
the Chronicle their sincere thanks
tothe friends and neighbors who
performed so many acts of kindness
and assistance towards them on the
occasion ot their recent bereavement.
VYKSTKRN IIII   .in.!   ii i   .s ., .,, i    in
1 ■ Vddre**, Tin
L'itiitffi t*i i > ■
y- it.'.
»  t
Campbell's Clothing. 8
0090 noaoaaaoaat. »x«»»n»» <u«.wuu«_ _.«».»<_ 09*0 **> a 90 *■■
■ IS
We have inst received over 500  fall   and   winter   patterns
of Campbell's Clothing in all the latest designs and colors.
The styles are the latest from Paris and Now York.
If you are not satisfied with the In and the quality ol
goods and workmanship von are under no obligation to accept them. A well pleased customer is the best advertisement we can have.     In order to assure you   oi   a   perfect   Bl
we have engaged Mr. FRED WHITMAN, a tailor oi many
voars' experience, tO submit you the samples and take vent
measure. What a man knows about clothing is shown by
the kind he buys.    There is no money  in  buying a cheap
"hand-me-down" suit thai is perhaps shelf-worn and out ol
date. We are living in an age when appearance counts a
great deal, and if vou wear a cheap suit you will be rated as
a cheap man. Wear clothing that has a mark ol refinement.
The field is full at competitors, but Campbell's CIc
lakes the lead and is recognized by all good tailors as the
best in Canada. Mr. Whitman will be pleased to quote von
pi ices and show you samples.
„9lt X\g>J,r9r<9r 909K 9090 909090^.1-W0* 0 9091-909091:90-ifV.K
0Z.Xe_*90\±09r,\.090909U90909 090\.09**090*.09090909.t.9.09
ViMIU     -   i
N ■ .   1,.  ili.
f I'l
.I II1H1 I .H Ken m,,.-_,, ttt 1,,
M     1 1   1 ti,,. s   Krith  to   II.
1 1
II    I
pROMH nuii m,!. about  Mai  Int 1909, * ink
'      i'i ii Ij   t'l.i. U i m.it.    '* yean   A.\ ■. n lui.
■trip on face,  i'i!.   nhtti   In'i.I   foot,   i.til  . nt   ■foprt,
K. « nrd .ii this ■ ■ ...it,...i |« .,,!■■
Certificate of Improvements.
V.V.i   I   ,   li'iisw   litii   ,nul   Kimmii    Mineral
I the Out) oa* Mininu  *'
of Vale District    When  located;    Near Susan
T U.I    VH 11 I    thai  I,   R   II   Pari >m.  fmm
1 .st., rtificatc   No nd,   wat)
dayi fromdat. hereof, to appl)   Ui  tht    Mining;  Re-
I     ■ if* ate*  fl   Improvi ments.   for  tht
purpose of obtaining Crown  Granti  *M  tit.   above
i lams.
iki "'-tii i thai .!■ tion. undei v,, tion
-'7. ttiii-i h.     n11mi nn j before the issuance ot such
It ol Improvi ment*.
I da) d vusruat  \ l>  190*.
it. II. Pamuxbom.
Mending and repairing neatly don.-.
Leave orders at The l>i^ Stt
MRS.  F.  J.  SAUVE.
All  kinds  ol  Sheet   Metal   Work   In
Tin, Coppet. Sheet Iron, etc.
K iv i ikoi GH1.VG   v   Sn i i vi i v.
Plumbing.   Pipe littine and cutting.
rumps repaired,
Now  is the  time  to  repaii
your sioves read}  for winter,      lie..'eis   ol   all  kinds
relined on whortesi notice.
H. B. Meausette,
[Ovrr K.'ivnn o% I l.n dm ,i .■ Store*]
I I'l IK RE AS m
.thai .t ahall b
Lieutenant-Governor in Cotincfl Iran tinn- to time
' ' ttions, not in
ii.i pro. Won iof tht*  V <   foi
It is lu t, In ordered In   Ili*. Ilonoi
■ |
live* I, in  |
1 !
I  to vn
v of Yak   •"'•'   ***** tfminsti r
ahall be prohibited
i -« t to th.
and tha  Islai I then to,  shall
be i. tmnt .1 from iln   lai  da)   ol  S ,
■ lb   daj   ol   i
■lilies as to tl 0
>i afl kin hi U w. \*t   Prairii   *. ba .-. nl  sitl
pi Bast and Want Kooti aa) ■■
and the I I "  '-   ■ > ■ovnd
- 0
rth da) i im lutivn.
b tides .t- t.< ii !' i
the Main.
n        .
I  .ii th h '■• «ii   ml
M land       dl  Iv rwnuvd  Iron tin   1st
Brpli-n-bii, '■■'*■ - i) ol Nov* al
- .nl, .,...
v .;.;> %N WILLIAMS,
i ■ nn,   V'   u.ii ii.
L.O.L. No. 1770
Me. Is   I in Mia)  .'.. nt  I'eleti
1  llie lt.!l   on  ut i.i. li  month
7$*°   hi      I., t.-ill. .»      I.'« n       I I 'II
Visitim; nn nil'e.s eonli .Mi  invited.
I  .   1 .  I   I  \l\ll\es, \V .   M.
I',   VI,i i tu.i.K. 8
Repairers and Makers of
Harness, Boots and
Shoes, Etc.
Whips,     liils,    Spins,    Hells.
kepi  in Stock.
Your  Patronage Solicited.    Sat*
isfaction Guaranteed.
Cumming's Old Stand.
I KeiellH is letiti.


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