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The Keremeos Chronicle Jul 9, 1909

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Array The Keremeos Chronicle
Vol. II.
KERKMEOS,  B.C.,  FRIDAY, JULY 9,  1909.
No. 16
Notary Public.
Agenl for :
London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Co.
Kkrkmkos, Ft. C.
Contractor and Builder,
Resilience at Old Townsite, or  inquire
at this olliee.
Estimates Furniihad.
Workmanship liuanuiW-ril.
L.O.L. No. 1770
Meets Tuesday on or before
lhe full moon in each month
in    Keremeos    Town     Hall
Visiting memhers cordially invited.
D. MeCvanr.lt s.
Stage Lines.
Ki.ikr St.vuk.
Leave. Keremeos daily, exeept Sunday,
at noon, arrives al lledlev d p.m.
Leaves   lledlev  daily,   exeept   Sunday,
at 8 a.m., arrives al Keremeos II a.m.
Ol ll through cornecting at****, between
Penticton, Keiemeos, Hedley & Princeton.
D. GlI.l.KSPIK, Proprietor.
Dominion Day Sports.
Progress on the Road.
KKKKMKOS-HKni.KV   MAll. Staok.
Leaves Keremeos daily, exeepl Sunday,
at 1 p.m.; connecting with all stages   east
and west, arrives in Hedley at 5 p.m.
Leaves Hedley daily, except Sunday, al
8 a.m., arrives in Keiemeos at It a.m.
D. J. Innis, Proprietor.
Kkrkmkos Pknticton Mail Stai;k.
Leaves Keremeos for Penticton on Mon
d.ivs, Wednesdays and Fridays, at noon.   I
Leaves Penticton  on Tuesdays,  Thurs- |
d.ivs and Saturdays at b a. in., arriving in
Keremeos al noon.
\V. E. Wki.bv, Proprietor.
Keremeos Directory.
Board of Trade George Kirby, President; R. H. Carmichael, Secretary.
Similkameen Farmers' Exchange—J. J.
Armstrong, President; W. M. Frith, Secy.
Public School Board George Kirby, R.
Elmhirst, D. J. Innis Secretary.
Customs' Olliee \V. M. Frith, Sub-Collector.
Presbyterian Church Rev. A. II. Cameron, I'astor.
Constable and Deputy Game Warden
M. B. Ewart.
Coroner    Dr. M. D. McEwen.
Justices of Ihe Peace T. W. Coleman,
Frank Richter.
Postmaster and Telephone Agent—Geo.
Member of Parliament —Martin Burrell,
Grand Forks, P. O.
Member Provincial Assembly I.. W.
Shatford, Penticton P. O.
Town Hall    J. J. Armstrong, Mgr.
Kereineos Hall -Geo. Loudon, Mgr,
Greal Northern R)—Daily train, arrives
I0:.W a. in., leaves at 2 p.m., J. S. I hinn,
Mails Daily from the wesi via lledlev
Stage; from easl via G. N. Ry.; Tri-weekly via IVnticlon Stage from the north.
(For Mercantile and other Business institutions see adverliemenls in Ihis paper. |
A fairly {food attendance is reported at the Dominion Day celebration at Princeton, Including
quite a few from Keremeos, and the
program vvas very similar to those
of former years. An item not on
the printed program, but which furnished a vast amount of entertainment to the spectators, was a spirited fight in which a couple of ranchers and several navvies engaged,
the latter getting decidedly the
worst of it. Following were the
principal sporting events:
Boys' race—1st Chas. Allison, 2d
3-legged race—1st V. Ryder and
Geo. Good, 2d Hans Richter and
Lome Coleman.
Girls' race—1st M. Norman 2d
Mary Timmrod.
Sack race—Tom Terabasket.
Married men's race—1st Alfred
Allison, 2d VV. Martin.
Free-for-all horse race -1st VV.
Garrison's, 2nd Hans Riehter's
Pony race—1st Riehter's Black
Beauty; 2nd, Geo. Allison's Tenny.
Cowboys' race —1st Frank Garrison's, 2nd VVichie Allison's.
Saddle race   -Luke Gibson.
The baseball match announced
vvas not played.
In the cowboys' race George
Allison's horse stumbled through
the interference of a dog, and
though he kept his seat he was
obliged to pull out. Believing that
he would have come in ahead, he
challenged the winner, and in the
matched race that ensued won without much difficulty.
In the trap shoot there were only
two teams entered, Hedley and
Princeton, and the visitors won by
a rather close score. The score-
was :
Pkinceton. Hkpi.ev.
Waterman . . .23    Harris 19
Irving 16    Rose 17
Lazier 12    Whillans ...15
Lumsden .... 12    French IS
63 66
The ball in the evening is reported as an exceptionally good one,
vvith excellent music.
Ollicials of the Interior Department at Ottawa have been in the interior of British Columbia lately
making enquiries as to the advisability of making homesteads on
Dominion lands only 40 acres in extent, and reserving a portion that it
in.iv be considered advisable to retain for forest reserves and the conservation of water supply. The department has also withdrawn from
entry all lands in the railway belt
east of Range 13, which is about
three miles east of Shuswap, until
further notice.
The railway builders got their
track-laving machinery started on
Monday morning. As yet the crew-
has been short-handed, comprising
about 40 men where 55 are required, and the full track-laving equipment has not been put into use, so
that the average day's work has
been about three-quarters of a mile,
instead of the mile-and-a-half or two
miles of which the plant is capable.
However, requisitions have been
sent in for more men and more
equipment, and full-speed laving
may be expected soon. Additional
men are arriving by each train;
about twenty came in on Wednesday. By Sunday it is expected the
raits will have reached Ashnola.
Here there will be a stop of perhaps
ten days until the 800 feet or B0 of
pile-driving in the Ashnola is completed. Pile-driving will be going
on at the same time at the next
crossing of the Similkameen, this
side of Bradshaw's, so that there
will be little or no delay at that
point. G. F. Votaw, who has been
appointed trainmaster ON the work,
arrived in Keremeos on Tuesdav.
Change at the Station.
J. S. Chinn, who has been here
for some months as G.N.R. relieving station agent, has been himself
relieved of the arduous duties now
attached to the post here, and went
on Wednesday to Chopaka, where
he takes charge of the office while-
Mr. Oly is taking a holiday trip to
the east. Mr. Chirm's successor,
II. A. Cook of Springdale, Wash.,
arrived on Saturday with C. C.
Thome, the company's auditor, aud
two days were spent in making an
audit of Ihe station records.
The business at the station has
been greatly increased of late,especially since the resumption of construction work, so that Mr. Chinn
has heen obliged at times to put in
two days' work in one. Consequently he is not unwilling to make
a change, though otherwise well
pleased with Keremeos as a place of
residence. A few weeks ago it was
found imperative to put on an assistant in the person of Roy Miller, who
will remain on with Mr.   Cook.
Miss Fergusson, teacher of the
public school, leavea to-day for Vernon, where she will spend the
Among recent specimens of fine
fruit brought to our notice were
some cherries grown on W. H.
Armstrong's ranch, left on our desk
hv Wm. Ring. For si/e, appearance and full-flavored soundness it
would be hard to find their superior
al anv exhibition.
A quiet wedding was celebrated
on Wednesday, the 7th inst., at 3
o'clock p. m., at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Richter, when
their son, John Richter, was united
to Florence Sinclair of Chopaka, in
the presence of a small assemblage
of immediate friends ofthe contracting parties. Lome Coleman acted
as groomsman, while the bride was
assisted by her sister, Miss Ruth
Sinclair. The happy couple left
soon afterwards for Penticton,
whence they will make a tour of the
coast cities, including Vancouver,
Victoria and Seattle. Returning,
they vvill take up their residence at
Keremeos. The Chronicle unites
with their many friends in extending congratulations.
Local Notes.
Harold B. Parsons of Horten-
bui ;, Alta., in company with Levi
Stickley of Dedsbury, Alta., arrived
here Friday and after looking carefully over the vallev with C. A. McDonald ofthe B.C. Fruit Land Co.,
have each purchased a plot of fruit
land. Mr. Stickling, with his wife
and family, has been located at
Kelow na for some time, but after
looking over the Similkameen valley
at once appreciated the great advantages of the Keremeos district
on account of the variety of its products, facilities for transportation,
and the excellent market for our
produce in the mining towns ot
Hedley, Princeton and the boundary
country. Mr. Parsons is returning
to Alberta and vvill move in this
fall, while Mr. Stickley will in all
probability move to Keremeos in
the next ten days.
Jas. Beck of Vancouver, a member of the Royal Medicated Stock
Food Co., was in town on Monday
and made arrangements with J. R.
Shaw for handling thc firm's goods
in this district. The company's announcement in another column of
this issue vvill be of interest to owners pf horses and other live stock.
The special foods and remedies they
manufacture are those that have
been standard in the British army
I for upwards of 65 years, having
hem adopted on thc advice of Dr.
Moodie, consulting veterinary officer of the army, and may now be
said to be standard throughout the
world, under patent rights held in
Britain, Canada and the l'nited
States. The company holding the
rights for B. C. have I manufactory
in Vancouver where the different
articles are produced strictly according to the registered formula;, and
confidently expect their goods to be
as univcts.illv popular here as in
other British countries. Provincial and General.
II. D.    Lunisilcn,   chief  engineer
for the government oa G.T.P. construction, has resigned.
Chas. Gerhard has sold his group
of claims on Palmer Mountain to
Chas. II. Brooks of New York,
and vigorous development is promised.
At the visit oi the Premier and
Hon. Thos. Taylor to Kaslo last
week, Mr. Taylor announced that a
marble court house would be built
at  Kaslo.
After the failure of the latest attempt to round up the remainder ol
the herd of buffalo in Montana purchased by the Canadian government,
it has been decided to abandon the
animal, and turn lhem over to the
U.S. government.
The federal government is planting out groves oi hardwood I -m
eastern Canada in parts oi British
Columbia and if successful large-
areas may be thtt. planted in districts where lumbering or lite has
ilesitoved the natural woods.
The Prussian minister of public
works issues figures showing that
the railway mileage of the world,
exclusive of street and other light
railways, is nearly bOO.OOO miles,
nearly half oi which is in North
America. Awakening China built
4<>4 miles last  year.
The Enderby Truit  and  Produce
Association, one of lhe local companies lhat suffered from the collapse ot the Central Exchange, has
filed papers of assignment. The
immediate cause of the assignment
is in the fact of the Central failing
lo pay $3300 due on produce sold.
Before the end of this month
Greenwood will he deserted by its
three medical practitioners. Dr.
Oppenheimer will open an olliee iii
Spokane in the course of a few
davs; Dr. Sp.inkie, senior, has se-
C I red ottces in Vancouver and will
move lo that city, while Dr. Sp.inkie, junior, has decided to locate   in
Calgary, Alberta, for the practice of
his    profession.        This    will     leave
Grc mood without a medical
iloi lor.
The .bOfta(N ol potatoes this
spring has been felt far and wide.
Says the l.elhbrige Herald: "Nearly
all Canada has heen scoured lo get
potatoes enough to feed the 'spud-
eateis' of the Lethbridge district.
Aire,uiv carloads have been Import*
eii from Vancouver, Manitoba, Ontario,    Quebec,     New     Brunswick,
Prince Edward Island and   Nova
Scotia.      But   today   a   carload   ar-
rlvedfrom Cambridge, Minnesota,
1'. S. If the new crop does not
hurry the Paddys will have to import a shipload direct from 'Brill go
of British Columbia in succession to
Hon. James Dunsmuir, remarks the
Province. These are T. W. Stirling, the Scotch millionaire and the
founder and builder of Kelowna,
VV. C. Wells, former commissioner
of lands and works, and T. VV.
Patterson, former Liberal mcmbei
for the Islands in the local legislature. While it is generally conceded that all three have the qualifications for the high post and also the
wealth lo uphold its dignity, the
feeling in political, legal and social
circles inclines to F. C. Wade as
the popular choice.
That the train-robber who shot
and killed Constable Decker at Ashcroft has committed suicide by
drowning in the rushing waters of
the Thompson river and that his
companions have scattered so that
any trace oi lhem will be difficult,
is the opinion of some of the detectives. Superintendent W. Macleod,
of the Thiel detective agency, called into the case by the railway company, is inclined to believe thc suicide theory. He points out that it
is impossible for the desperado to
have lived this long without food
and declares that such a close canvass has been made among the
farms of the district lhat it is impossible that any provisions could have
beetl stolen without the police becoming aware of the fact.
When in
•top at the
Central Hotel
Special attention to
Commercial Men.
anil 1.anil-seekers.
1 loaili|uarlers lor all
Slage Routes.
Livery Stable
in eonneelion.
Good table.
Large, airy anil
comfortable rooms.
Free 'bus lo aiul Item
all trains.
Office of B.C. Fruit
Land Co.
Tweddle & Elmhirst,  - - Proprietors.
All kinds ol Sheet Metal Work in
Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron, etc.
Lvvi-TKorciiiM; .v Si-kciai.tv.
Plumbing.    Pipe fitting and cutting.
Pumps repaired.
Don't Throw Away
Your old granilcvvarc. Have it repaired. Vol Peek Granite Cement will fix the holes and make
it as good as new.
H. B. Meausette,
(Over KmMOI llaitlw.uv Stoiv. ]
Keeler's Restaurant
You can ^,-1
Meal Tickets & Bread Tickets.
Twcniv-one Meals lor Six Dollars.
11,tc.titer oui loaves will be   of  regular
uniform wel*fbl which wa will sell as follows
One for ton  cents.
Throe for twenty-five cents.
fourteen for one dollar.
I'ies,   Cakes,    Doughnuts   or   Hiscuits
■ad. when ordered.
In Liberal   circles   at   Vancouver
three names, in addition to   that   of  Q     Q     Kl laRi
!•'. C. Wade, K. Cm are mentioned
lor the olliee ol   lieutenant-governor I KEREMEOS,   B. C.
The Big Store.
Change of Management
HAVING completed the purchase of the
good-will, fixtures and stock in trade of the Keremeos
Commercial Co., and taken possession of the same on
lhe 17th inst., 1 take this opportunity of announcing the
change and of soliciting the continued patronage of the
Customer, of this store as well as that of the customers
of my former store.
It is intended to close the shop on  Sixth  Ave.
in which I have hitherto been doing business, and to
transfer the bulk of the slock now there to the Big Store,
thc two stocks combined making up the best and most
varied assortment of goods yet shown in Keremeos. A
further advantage to the public will be that the larger
volume of business combined under one roof will enable
it to he done at a smaller margin ot profit than heretofore, and It will be my aim to so adjust prices that the
business cannot fail to hold its own and steadily increase.
llu- stock has been newly assorted and arranged, and contains the latest out in summer goods. Vou
are cordially invited lo call and inspect it.
Olalla, July 1st.
The heal and the mosquitoes are
the two most prominent topics at
present under discussion here. Never before in the history of the camp
has it been necessary to burn smudges to scatter the pesky insects.
We used to take great pride in sav-
ing that there were no skecters in
Olalla. Alas, that proud boast is
ours no longer.     As they   appeared
almost suddenly let us hope they
will depart in like manner.
There is some foundation for the
belief that that versatile railroad
magnate and all round capitalist
James J. Ili'l is about to become interested in one of our highest mines
(in embryo) up at the summit.
Hut at present '-mum's the word."
One of the chief trouble, mining
men have to contend with in this
district is the  surface   displacement
and consequent broken condition c*f
the ore ledge., In the South licit
In Rossland camp precisely the
same condition, prevail, and for fifteen year, have prevented anything
but spasmodic attempt, to open up
that bell similar to lhe North Melt
in which are situated the famous l.e
Rot, Centre Star, War Magic and
l.e Roi No. Two. Now from the
latest issue of the Rossland Miner
I see they have solved lhe trouble in
the ca*C ofthe Blue I Tud aud 11.mie
Hrown. The lessees of these prop,
erties are taking out ore at a highly
profitable rale and from now on thc
South Helt will forge ahead, as capital is being invested Io a large extent now lhat the Hlue Bird has
shown the way and made good.
In this camp, as in the Rossland
South Belt, the trouble is more
financial than anv thing else. Thc
ore is here all right, but being broken up and displaced by surface disturbances, capital gets timid and is
afraid to go down, as it would 'cost
awful' if there was no actual guarantee that the ore would be found below in paying quantity. There is
hardly a prominent mining district
in the northwest but has this soil
of thing to settle. The only thing
thai will settle it is money to go
down below tbe plane of disturbance
and then more money.
We have a good example   of   the
efficacy of lots of money in making
a mine in the Nickel Plate, wluie
over B million dollars went   into  the
ground   before   anything   in   the
shape oi dividends came out.   Now,
ii is probably thc best paying  nold
mine on the American continent.
1 was over the new aragOfl road
tO the Apex last week and also
went along the right of a/a) as pegged out by Foreman McEachern, I
musl confess I was very agreeably
surprised at the line condition of the
portion constructed last year anil
the neatness and substantial appear*
ance of lhe cutwork and bridges.
'The grade is not at all excessive lor
a mountain road, in no case exceeding 10 per cent,   and   for   long   dis
tances only 2 to 4 per cent, and
where the conformation ot the
ground permitted it quite level.
The road goes around the end of
the Apex spur and negotiates a big
rock slide in a very satisfactory
manner. There is a lot oi heavy
work yet to be done, mostly in the
shape of side hill cribbing, and it is
barely possible to complete the work
to the Apex cabin this vear.
C. O. Trench of Princeton was in
town on Wednesday on his way toI
Coeur d' Alcne, Idaho, where lie
proposes to try his luck in one oi
I'ncle Sam's big homestead lotteries. 'There are three Indian reser-,
cations to he thrown open to entry,
one in Montana, one in Idaho, and
one in Washington, comprising
hundreds of thousands of acres for
which the lucky applicants vvill Invito pay only SI.23 to S7 an acre.
Some of the land is said to be
worth $150 or $200 an acre. Applications are shaken in a box and
those fust drawn have first choice
ot location. The number applying
lor these homesteads, and therefore
the number to be disappointed, is
expected to be enormous.
A Healthy Life
A Happy Home
in the British Columbia Southern; Columbia
and Kootenay and Columbia and Western
Railway Companies' Land Grants. Farm
Lands eminently suited for the raising of
may be purchased in these   Grants at low
figures for cash, or on Easy Terms, from
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for sale
in blocks of from 640 acres upwards.
Winners For June
Ha\e vou drawn one of these numbers I'roin a saeli of Royal Standard
i'loiu I
I I .7_'<>l> 42072 41763 70303
49379 48273 01404 51347 4S13B
If Ma have, fO. art entitled tO a
10>-piece   chin,    dinner    set.       Kacli
month from the duplicate, of coupon.
placed In llu- saeks of Royal Standard
flour leaving BUT mills, we draw ten
numbers. If you were fortunate
enoufftl to seeure one of (lies,- \eu   are
entitled to. dinner set.    There have
been many sueeessf'ul ones vou maybe nexl.
Royal Standard Plow is the bed and
purest household  (lour   In   the   West
made from lhe lines! selected wheat by
sp,, ial ma, inn, rj watched through
ner) procen   ga.rded uatU h r—ch
es your table. ll is |vrl,vlion ilsell m
a Hour,     Ask your dealer for it.
Vancouver Milling
& Grain Co., Ltd.
J. R. SHAW, Agent.
Good Shipping Facilities.      Easy Transportation.
For Maps,  Application  Forms,   Regulations
and Literature apply to
Asst. to 2nd Vice President,
Desk 8, Calgary Alberta.
B. C. Land Department.
Horse-shoeing a Specialty
Your Patronage Solicited.    Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Cumming's Old Stand.
i Keremeoi Centre.)
For a luxurious Shave,
Hair-Cut or Bath go to
booster's donsorial flterlor
A fine line of Cigars and Tobaccos,
Fruit and Confectionery.
A. J. SAUNDERS, Keremeos. The Keremeos Chronicle, p****************************
may have no relation to the stale ot
INilalksli.-il i-xi-ry Prldu ;tt llu- oAc«.
Subscription $*i.00 a year.   $1.0) tor six   months,
in aJvuncc.
.Vkt-rtUintf   Kitl.v     l.cgn\   notices.   l.V   iht   lim-
tiist insertion, UV per li'u- each iuh>eqmt.i< insertion.
Land noticei Certificate ■ of improvement.etc.. $s.oi
for flMaj notice*, 15.00 for 30*4m notices. Contract
ilispla\ advertising, 23c. per Incn per srask. li.m-
sieni advertisements, stub as Lost, Found. Wanted,
ru-.. notasceedinff oiminch, $1.00 firs) insertion, or
three Insertions for IXOOl Local reading notices,
_9c. per line ftrat insertion, lie. each wibsequent it>-
J. A. BROWN, INiNisWr.
FRIDAY, JULY 9, 11><'1>.
it has.
but  it is to   be   feared
eremeos Hardware
That ;i steam   vessel   capable   ol
carrying 60,000 pound, of freight,
sixteen passengers, anil a crew ol
five men can make the passage ol
the Fraser river from a point above
Tia.u canyon below Quesnelle
through to Fraaer lake, and also up
the Stuart river to Stuart lake, ami
Absentee landlordism is always a along Up Tacla river to the head of
drag and a blight on B community. Tacla lake, lias been proved by N'ic-
Its evil effect on agriculture arher* ola. Clarke, formerly a minini; man
ever it prevails is almost proverbial, ol Barkerville anil the Cariboo elis-
In the case of urban property its in- ■ trict, but now engaged in the .team*
lluence is less obvious because ecu- boat business between the points
dicationi are more complicated, ! mentioned. The importance of the
real and potent,  discovery can hardly be realised, as
of Prince Rupert i il proves that with the exception of
a portagtj of about live miles around
the canyon mentioned, the Fraser
river   is   navigable   almost   to its
source. Frelghl rates lo the Hulk-
Icy valley have already been materially reduced as a result.
Buy your Hardware
At the Hardware Store
And save Money.
Just arrived—A fine assortment oi
Including all kinds of
Preserving Kettles
At the lowest prices.
nevertheless it   i>
Yet the founders
in their wisdom have chosen to
launch their city in a way thai   arltl
fasten upon it the curse of absentee
ownership in the very highest degree. The whole world is urged
and invited and drummed up not
to come tO Prince Rupert lo live and -o.
do business, but to buy the power |, has been decided tO appoint as
Of taxing others for the privilege of a forestry commission the Hon. F.
doing business there.    A  more ef* j.  Fulton,  chief commissioner   of
•he   hinds; A. S.   Coodeve,    M.  P.,   and
;      Mr. A. C Flumerfelt,  of Victoria.
Call and see our stock and get prices before purchasing.
Turpentine and Gasoline always vni hand.
commission  will  take up all
questions connected with the forests
and  will en-
reliable  infor*
fective     system    of  fettering
town's growth could hardly   be
vised.      The Prince   Rupert    Empire '("li
thus expresses the view of the resi
dents:   "Who is to do the boosting 0r i.riti^h Columbi
for Prince Rupert now that Van       - deavor    to     secure
ver real estate manipulators boost* ,„ation  as to the actual area   of
ed the prices of lots    so    high   thai standing limber and the best means
there can be no   great   turnover   of lo   preserve   it   from   lire.      It   will
property for the   next   three   years? ;,|.„,   examine   the   fiscal   questions
The men who purchased what  the) nrising out  of the  timber license
considered the choice business   lots ..Vstem.    Evidence will be given by
are not residents of Prince    Rupert, mi'.lcnvners, loggers and   holders of
and are not likely to be.     If they do license, and leases.
any boosting for Prince   Rupert,   it „^ 	
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables
for Teams
Good Rigs
Careful Drivers
of all kinds
will be at long range.    Real  estate
Can only be boosled whet there are
buyers in si^ht and when the price.
ate such that a turn-over can be
made at an adv.nice. Rovers will
not gel farther than Vancouver, for
there thev will be shown thai l'i in c
Rupert real eatate is so high that
there can be no appreciable advance
until     the     railway     is    completed
through to  Edmonton,  which  will
take three v ears' lime."
Mining    towns    more    than
others are subject to vicissitudes and
violent lip. and downs, and   in
respect Greenwood has been a   co
spicuous   sufferer   ol   late    yeara,
Sttikes,   lock*OUt.,    collapsed   markets,    stoppage    of   coal     supplies
through strikes   scarcely has one
calamity subsided or been overcome
when another succeed, il. Just
now il is a strike of miner* for le
OgnitiOO of their union. Although
the business men of the camp have
held on tenaciously through periods
of stress, there appear to be si^ns
ot a disposition on the part ot MMM
of them to give it up as a hopeless
case. Not so long BgO the Ledge
made a balk toward pulling Out,
bul held the ball. Now il is an-
DOUOCed thai all the doctors   in   the
A motor car has been presented
to ihe Pope bv a number i'l Americana. His Holiness is said lo be
annoyed by the gift, which it is suspected hides an advertising scheme.
Similkameen Land Division.
nisi uu t  oi  v ii.i .
'I-VKK NOTICE that 1, ttotooo IV  McBjraa, "i
Ki r, in, ..... pli\ siii.in   inUiul ta   iippl,   l.ir   pi.
mi _i..,i 1,1 pur, haae ih,- folloartntf descrim ,1 lanus:
i . at a fmat planted20 chaini south and
10 chaina weat of tha s,.,ah-,.. a corner ot II. x.u.l •.
ii,-,nipt' \  ili K) chains, thsaea
ins, thencv north i) chaina, themes mat
10 chains ta point of comm, na mant* cootalnrni W
acts* mora or baa.   Purpose n Hiirod
Mon ios Ii. .vi. Km i.s.
\i. ; I th, 1909.
Prompt attention to all customers.
Land-seekers and Tourists invited tO give us a trial.
Prfttitwhltig Hiul Sewing.
S.iiisl.ution I in. i fa nt.'.-il.
Kl Kl Mla>n Cl M KK
Contracts For Work.
I.and .cr ibbed or any kind oi
work taken by contract al reaaon*
able rales
HENRY'S—p. Schneider
Spring Trade      general blacksmith, j
Repairers and Makers of
Harness, Boots and
Shoes, Etc.
Whips.    Hits,   Spurs,    Melts,    Etc.,
kept in stock.
'lesletl sleek, s,-,,ls for  latin,
sard., or  conaci \ Mot \,   fi em
best gfoatet --    ii    I  n_,l.iml,    Holland,  I'l.uie, , United Slates ami
loeal yrewei i
Heme 'hewn I , ml aiul Ornamental  Trees, Sin.ill l'i nils.
I ,-llili/eis,   II, i     Supplies,
Spraying rumps ami Mat*
etial.   Cut    1-lov.ers,   ele.
llit**pa_e catalogue tree.
M. J. Henry
In. , II   ll.'USl s .111,1    S,,.,l
.-no wi'.st viiNsn!l ROAD
Vancouver    -    -    B.O.
Hranch Nurvru-a   S, Vancouvri
All kinds of Blacksmith work.
M ii iiim uv   Ki-i-viui-.n.
Repairing  plows ami lann Implement, a specialty.
Buggie. and wagon,  repaired  and
S V I |slM HON   tif VKAMI I 1<.
KEREMEOS. Keremeos
The Most Favored Valley of the Similkameen and
of British Columbia.
The Keremeos Land Co., in announcing* the completion of their irrigation system that will cover their
entire properties with an unlimited supply of the purest of water yet brought to the home of an  irrigated
country, feel that the properties offered bv them are
such as will command the attention of all homeseekers.
Situated as Keremeos is on the main line of the
Great Northern Railroad now being extended to Vancouver places her on tlie direct highway to the fat-
Mast and West.
Having a climate that ia distinctly her own, it
stands today   unexcelled   for   its   sunny   climate   both
winter and summer and has proved itself as being particularly adapted to the raising of apples, peaches,
pears, plums and cherries, grapes and melons, while
vegetables exceed all conditions usually obtained both
in quantity and size.
In competition at Spokane the only exhibit sent
took first prize, while at the Provincial Fair at New
Westminster out of 100 pounds of assorted fruits Keremeos captured some 23 prizes.
The upper portion of the vallev, including Hedley
and Princeton, both rich in their mining industries,
offers the local market means of disposing of all produce.
The   properties   are   being   offered   in   1,   3,   S and   10   acre   Blocks   with   a   well   laid   out townsite
now doing an active business.
Our terms are liberal.     One-third cash.     Balance in 3 payments at 7 per cent.
Act tag ■ properties are from $200 to $.>00 an acre.    Town lots from $100 to SoOO.
For full particulars apply to
I Keremeos Land Co., Ltd
Old Age Annuities.
The revenue up to ilate lion,   the
Canadian government »y.tem of old-
age pension,  totals $160,000 and
receipts show a steady increase now
lhat the department la getting down
to work and the system is becoming   better    known.     Oi    late    lhe
average revenue haa heen  $20,(XK)
per week and one day recently $10,-
(>>i w is taken in. The branch
started operations on the first of
September last and the first lew-
months were necessarily occupied
largely with organisation.     When
this was completed, more active efforts were put forth and   a   number
oi lecturer, and  agent,  appointed.
There     is    o ie     lecturer   and    two
agent, in Ontario,  two in Quebec,
and one each in Nova Scotia .md
New ilrunswick. fhe western
provinces have not yet been Organ*
i/ed. fhe applications so far lor
annuities total 22H,
The department ia aboul to take
up  with the  large   manufacturing
con, ems of the country the question
of encouraging their employee, to
pur, base the gO\ eminent annuities
or to co-operate with them in doing
so. It is urged that this would be
an effective method for employers
rewarding   fidelity   of    service.     In
connection with the annuity system
and the propaganda ol education,
the strong and vital feature  empha
sized is the absolute security oi  the
Inveatment, being backed as it is hv
lhe credit oi the country at larj,re.
Alfalfa Story From Kansas.
A Garden City, Kansas, dealer re-
cently paid $2,631.13 for one wagon
load of alfalfa seed. lhat is one of
the largest amount, ever paid for a
wagon load of products from the
farm. When the local paper printed a story about it, Secretary !•". 1).
Cobum, ofthe Kansas' board ol agriculture, could hardly believe it.
He Immediately took steps to ascertain the fads.
llu- seed was produced on the
Menke alfalfa ranch in the Arkansas
valley near Harden City. Determined lo break all records for a
high priced load of country products,
Col. Dallas, manager of the
ranch, piled 19,733 pounds of alfalfa seed on one of his big wagons
and hauled it fo town with six horses. Ihis was equivalent to 328.53
bushels, or a trifle under ten tons,
fhe Med was sold at $f per bushel.
This is a striking example as to
what is being done with alfalfa in
the west. The seed was gathered
from HH) acres of alfalfa. Besides
that two crops of hav were secured,
besides the straw from the seed
crop, which is eagerly eaten by live
slock of all kinds.
x x
| Dp. Moody's Remedies |
K The   Royal   Medicated   Stock   ii
^ Food Co., Vancouver.
List of Our Goods.
Stock  Food
Poultry Pood
Condition Powders
Hoof Ointment
Salve (Healing)
Liniment lor Man or Beaal
Heave Remedy
Corn Cnrc-
Call Cure-
Colic Cure
Blister Finish
Di.     Moody's    great    discovery,
Spavin Cure.
X Tin-so goods are guaranteed ami patented in
X England, tlie l'nited States ami Canada.
X w
£ The   Royal   Medicated   Stock  ;;
;: Food Co., Vancouver.
ll J. R. SHAW, Local Agent. LOCAL NOTES.
Remember   the   baseball   match
this evening, and the ball in the
town hall. Also, don't forget to remember the Orange picnic at Ashnola next Monday, July  12.
At the annual meeting of the
Church Aid, held on Wednesday
afternoon, the following officers
were elected: President, Mrs. Robertson; vice president, Mrs. Crooker; secretary, Mrs. Keeler; treasurer, Mrs. Brown. 'The treasurer's report showed that during thc past
year the amount of money received
was $224.33, amount paid out
$183.39, leaving a balance of $40.-
Jimmy Jameson, the Indian desperado of one of the upper reserves,
who distinguished himself last summer by attempting to eat a constable and performing other remarkable stunts, broke out again at
Princeton a few days ago and is
again in the clutches of the law.
Por his exploits last year he was
sentenced to a long term, but vvas
released on parole when his sentence had still some fourteen months
to run. For this year's performance he was taken before a magistrate at Princeton and committed
to Kamloops, where he vvill probably be awarded the unserved remainder of his prior sentence and something in addition.
Provincial and General.
'The Kamloops Sentinel announces that beginning next week it will
be issued    dailv.     Bully   for   Kam
W. J. Henderson, proprietor of
the. hotel at Otter Plat, died on
'Tuesday. He was a sufferer from
locomotor ataxia, and had been out
to tbe coast for medical treatment,
but returned a short time ago little
improv ed.
Pound guilty of bribery, twenty
members ot the Japanese parliament
were given prison sentences varying
from three to eight months. In addition to this, each man will be compelled to pay a fine proportionate to
the amount of bribe money he recei v ed.
Cine of the local Italian colony
who recently went home lo gel married, had a real Jacob and Rachel
experience.    He  was  reised  upon
bv thc authorities anil will be forced
to serve three years in the army he-
fore he can come back with his
bride.     Revelstoke Mail.
The   latest   gold   stampede  is   in
Saskatchewan.    Rich deposits have
been found north of Prince Albeit,
and are attracting a crowd of fortune-hunters.       A   mild   flurry   has
been caused at  Vancouver bv    a
strike of pay dirt on Seymour Creek
within a few miles of the city. "A
silver find rivaling Cobalt" is reported on the property of the Stewart Mining Co. at the head of the
Portland Canal. At Tasso Harbor,
the new copper-gold camp on the
west coast of Moresby Island, 100
men have been put to work and
great results are  expected.
Okanagan Falls.
Mr. Stevens' steam launch is the
latest addition to the aquatic attractions of Dog Lake.
The Rev. A. H. Cameron, of
Keremeos, held divine service in the
school house here last Sunday forenoon. The attendance vvas encouraging and Mr. Cameron intimated that services would be held
by him on the first Sunday in every
month unless after due notice to the
Visitors as well as residents consider this an ideal location for a
summer resort. Boating, fishing
and hunting, no mosquitoes, and
delicious fruit are on the docket.
A gasoline pumping outfit for Mr.
Stevens is on the wharf and will he
established on his ranch this fall.
Mr. Gillispie is cutting his alfalfa.
It is a good crop.
Miss Hazel McKenzie spent Sunday with Miss Bassett.
Hay making by the S. O. Land
Co. will begin this week. There-
will be a force of 30 men.
Fruit trees promise good returns.
Prattlers orchard at White Lake,
Cody's at Vasseaux Lake, and
Mathison's here vvill convince visit-
tors oi what may he accomplished
by fruit growers.
Mr. McLennan jr. and a friend,
of Summeiland, spent Sunday here.
The way to Myers Plat by way of
Green Lake is now open for traffic.
Headquarters in the Lower Similkameen for Commercial Travelers and Mining Men.
Keremeos, B.C.
Builders and Contractors
l.iiiU', CYmcnl, CVinent   Mocks aiul  Brick for Ml**
Plastering   Masonry    Painting   Paper-Hanging
1- stim.lies given for all anil every kitul of Lenient Work
ami building generally.
Utile ns lei prices. Distance no object.
T.   S.   Drennan   intends   leaving
shortly   for Vancouver,     He will
drive via Princeton and Nicola.
Transfer of License.
Notice is hereby given llial the liquor
lieense for the Central Hotel nl Kereineos
Centre formerly held hy Jas. Keith and II.
Tweddle lias been transferred to H,
Tweddle and Jas. Klmhirst.
Tar sums \ Bumiaar.
Kereineos Centre, July S,  1909. lb-4
Similkameen Land Diviaion.
'iwki-: NOTICB that I■llni RabMM Qm
ot Olalla. I*'arm,T, inlcmls lo applv tor  p, rniis-
si.tn to purihas,- tin- following ,1,-s, i ils-,1 lamls
Comnaniinn at a post pl.intnl at ths. north-*,-..!
liirner ot .W.I. thcniv north 10 ,-hains. tln-n,, wwtt 6
, li.iins, llu 11, ,■ south lOchaina, thwSS cast 6 ,-hains,
ami containin_ *i\ ai-ros more or 1,-ss.
Mai  1.1. IW.
Alkazar Hotel
Keremeos, B. C.
PERCY   MARKS      -      -      PROPRIETOR.
Noliee is hereby given that till son,
Haplisle Surprise, is nol authorized lo sell
any  of tin   eallle   Ihr.uuled   "S"   on   hit
sidei or horses (branded "8" on left Up)i
also I hai I will not hi* responsihle   foi   MM
debts contracted hv said Haptiste Surprise.
Kereineos, June 9, 1909. 12-4.
Choice Fresh Meats,
Cured Meats, Fish, Poultry, etc.
Notary Public.
OllICK     ..--       KlKKMlOS,   H.C.
Teacher at Pianoforte and Aeeoinpanisl
I, etiitiealed Royal College of Musie, l.on-
donlopenlo engagement    for   aieouip.iii
iinenis.   Terms on application,
11 KI >I I v, U.C.
Special contract rales to camps.
Orders for  Cured   Meats,   Fish  and   Poultry   promptly
and satisfactorily filled.
Q The time for dividing the MKKON in the Similkameen has come at last.
M For many long years the vast mineral richness of Gold, Copper, Silver, Coal, Platinum and  other econ-
X OOlic minerals has been developed, and for over 30 years 30,000 to 40,000 acres ofthe choicest fruit land in the
09 Dominion has lain dormant or been given over to cattle grazing,  simply   waiting  the  entrance  of railway   to
Q make it the most noted fruit producing district in Canada and one of the greatest mineral zones in the World.
"Jim Hill's" Coast-Kootenay Railway is now here and being pushed to the Coast   giving  the   valley   a
short, direct all-rail route to Coast and Prairie markets.
The opportunity for home making and profit taking is now ripe.—Will you seize it, or let it slip by?
B. C. Fruit Land Co'. property adjoining town of Keremeos. -Open sage brush land.
We are bringing the merits of the valley before the people of Western Canada  and a  large   movement     90
has commenced. j^
Kevel prairie land ready for the plow, ample water for irrigation by gravity systems, large areas  of tim-    X
ber tributary and modern saw mills, cheap lumber and fuel. 0
X      our
No stumps, pests, strenuous winters or deep snows, or mud.    A   vast   local   mining   market to  absorb
0 We grow almonds, peaches, apricots, peanuts, melons, sweet potatoes,   apples,   prunes,   pears  and  all
90      varieties of berries and 4 crops of alfalfa clover a season.    A dry sunny healthful climate where life is a pleasure.
X Write for free booklet, photo views of valley and particulars of our twice a   month   excursions   from   all
X     prairie points via the Okanagan route.
FROM THE EAST.—(1.) C.P.R. via the Crow's Nest route to Nelson and on to Midway, then Great Northern Railway to Keremeos. (2.) C.P.R. Main Line to Sicamous Junction, then
south through Okanagan vallev to Penticton and stage to Keremeos (a superb
outing trip.)
FROM THE WEST.—C.P.R. Main Line to Sicamous June, and Okanagan route via Penticton to Keremeos.
FROM THE SOUTH.—Great Northern Railway via Spokane to Keremeos.
B. C. FRUIT LAND CO., Limited.
Room 9, Clarence Blk., CALGARY, ALTA., and KEREMEOS, B. C. $?
C. A. MCDONALD, Lqcal manager. 0
:xx>cao<xxxxxx_c<xxx:}0€X xx Incidents of the Chase.
Melting the Mountains.
One- result of the Ducks train ^s :l ***** **- -*■- unusually
robbery and hunt for the robbers heavy rainfall, the mountains in this
has been to make   it   very   uncom
fortable for rural pedestrians in
the valleys of the south, whatever
their errand may be. The many
constables, regular and special, who
are engaged in the quest, hold
every stranger in suspicion unless
he is clearly beyond suspicion.
They are quite right in doing so,
but sometimes it involves hardships or brings about absurd situations.
For instance, a man from Mission named Kelly was arrested in
Chilliwack, locked up over  Doiniu
vicinity have been dropping rocks
down their sides quite freely during
the last few days. Slides of considerable magnitude have occurred
at several points. Such dislodge-
ment of pieces of rock is generally
attributed, no doubt rightly, to the
action of frost, but in the present
instance it is due entirely to the
direct action of water.
Perhaps the worst of the slides
occurred yesterday morning on the
north side of the valley a couple of
miles west of town. At this point
a huge rock, estimated at 50 to 100
Eastern Townships Bank.
established i8s9.
Head Office         Sherbrooke, Quebec.
ion Day, and the following day vvas I tons in weight, bounded down the
conducted in triumph to Mission \ mountain side and on its way down
jail between two officers who were j hroke the stave-pipe of the irri-
confident they had captured a real ****** hue, though the pipe was
desperado. And now Mr. Kelly supposed to be safely covered. The
doesn't    like   to   hear   his   friends | torrent of water   that   followed   the
mention Dominion Day.
An innocent rancher near Ashcroft, carrying home a shotgun,
was the means of bringing out a
posse of police on a long chase for
him, having been reported by a person who saw him and not unnaturally took him for a bandit. After
trailing him for half the night he
vvas found to be a false alarm.
Reports of  arrests   and   releases
break washed the hillside and the
road considerably before it could be
checked. On reaching the foot of
the slope the huge boulder bounded
across the road and ended its career
of destruction by breaking down
several sections of irrigation flume
on the Shatford block.
At the Nickel Plate, when the
heavy rains came on the precaution
vvas taken of turning off  the   water
Capital and Reserve,
Transacts a general banking business, and offers every   facility   to   meet
the requirements of depositors consistent vvith
conservative banking principles.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received,  subject to no delay in  withdrawal of all or any portion.
Keremeoa Branch. R. H. CARMICHAEL, Acting Manager.
would make a long list if con piled. *** -h- ,1umes leading to  the   power
One occurred at   Keremeos  yeeter* house.    The flumes were broken by ;
day morning, causing quite a Hurry houlders, but as they were empty at
for a Mule while.    The day before Ith*   *****   ****  0*-**t*   ****   "-■*
a man started   to   walk   over   from | senous
Penticton and got a lift part of the "-** rains swelled the volume of
way from Hob Innis, who was driv- lhe river considerably, causing some
ing over. Arriving in the evening, apprehension of damage from drift-
he .Ought work on the railwav con- wood to the piling of the railway
struction, and spent the -right at hridges, but at latest accounts the
the camp. The same evening ar- river is *oi*J down and danger
rived Special  Constable   Hewitt   of from that source is   thought   to   be
Penticton. who, having learned that P-lst-          ^_   	
the man in   question   had   left   that Local Notes
town on foot, suspected him   to   be
one ofthe Ducks gang aiul   started       Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoyd  left   on
in pursuit.     Furthermore Mr. Hew- Tuesday   for  Alameda, Sask.     Mr.
itt determined to play a   lone   hand ******* -** ******* **-€****- during the
and undertook his search here with- summer with T. S.  Drcnnan in pre*
out notifying the Chief or   the   resi- paring his fruit land, hut is  obliged
dent offiJer.     Later,   mcetinc; these <° return for a   while   to   Alameda.^
two, he was called upon to   explain ***** he has some interests  requir-
his errand, and early  next  morning ing attention.     He expects to come
Chief Bunbury located  the  suspect- * Keremeos again in the  early   fall
ed man at the  railway   iamp.     The or winter.
latter, it turned out,   was   an   inoffensive Cierman   laborer,   who   was
Penticton had  a   large   crowd   of
visitors and a good day's sports   on
able to give a satisfactory   account Dominion Day.     One of  the   land*
of himself, nnd era. allowed bj tbe lag event, wa. the ten-mile  Mara*
chief lo retain his  liberty.     Immcd- thon, which was won by  Jo  Marsel
i.ttelv  upon this Mr.  Hewitt stepped in "-' minute-, with W.  Kruger half
forward and arrested the man   on  a a lap behind.     The   other   competi-
chargc of vagrancv,   preferring   the tors were Hell,   Stirling,    Denniston
charge    himself.       Whereupon   the and Manuel, all  of   whom   dropped
chief stopped the  proceeding,   gave out at different stages ot the race,
the    over-officious    special    officer       Geo.    VV.   Cooper,   who    bought
MOM much needed   information   Ofllfrofll the H.C. Fruit Land Co. some
the proper duties of an officer,   ami month, ago lot 28 of  the   Shatford
ordered    him    back
subdivision, has just added lot 20 to
his holding, linking together a fine
block with a long river frontage.
He has commenced the construction   of his   dwelling,   a    handsome
The next tea given by St. John's
Cuild will be held at Mrs. Moves', ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Olalla, on Thursday, July IS, from two-story bungalow 32x32, to be
I to 6 o'clock. A cordial invitation i built under the supervision of Frank
is extended to all. | McLean.
We Want the
Attention of Every Woman
Who Reads This Page
Bread is the staple food of the world. Hread is made
from flour, and flour from wheat.
If you get the best wheat and it is milled in the very best
way, you will get the best flour, and your bread will be
light, sweet, nutritious and wholesome.
Hut there is more in flour than wheat and the milling of
it.    There is character and reputation.
A flour may start out well enough and then decline in
quality unless there is honest determination on the part
of the miller to keep it up to its best standard.
In Purity Flour there is best wheat, best milling, and
honesty. There is a reputation back of it. Xo woman
need fear inferior quality when she says to the grocer,
"Send ine a bag of Purity Flour."
Will vou order a bag of Purity Flour the next time you
buy? Will you test it by thorough trials? If you do
vve know you will find it the Vi y best flour in every respect that you have ever used.
Frank Richter & Co.
Druggists and Stationers
Model Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Freighting, Draying; and Oeneral Livery Business.     Grain and Hay.
D. GILLESPIE, Proprietor.


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