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Industrial World Feb 10, 1900

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 »-*"• .►-».»
Devoted to tho Interests of Organized Labor.
Kudorsod by the Trades ui.'l Labor Council.
Official Organ of Diatriot Union, No. (i, W. F. M.
The Big Store,
Ftiim 10,!.,liars
Up lo 20 dollars,
The Vulitfi is ever visible to the crowds that visit our Store.
In  all   Clothing  handled   by   us each  garment is   thoroughly'
inspei'te.l before put In Stock.
Wo buy only from tb, makers who gntmntoo tho workmanship
which in tho' Ii --.i Roeouimundation wo can offer.
The Big Store Hunter Brothers
I-kAaaAAAAaas SAAaaaaaa j
We bave just revived   a  cutn-ignment nf Men's,   Buys,'
Y. ut ha' Early sp ingJSuit.-. which we are wiling
From S4.50 to $17.00.
I'Iu-m- soils it.- marked "Right."   Not OTSS 8-0 00, now 813.Do I >
llways Ibo Mime prior,, and (but (be Lowest l'n.v.iblo. .
We hiive also reserved some   uf our  Spring  (Shirts,  n   few   of; >
.■Inch are shown in our window. '• >
Wo Solicit tour io-pi-ctiuu.    No trouble to show goods. , |
EMPEY BROS.. The Furnishers!
'.inter Columbia Avcu. and Spokane Street.
W.F. McNeill,
Next I't.sii dice.
No Isncv prices, hut Ihe best value lor
your money. We handle only first class
got all.	
Ewert Brothers,
Hen and Complete Stock of
Next (o (he KooteiiBV Hotel.
.Whenever you see S man nhner eyes »r*
bright anl si.p elas'lc. and who walks along sa
ihonah he owned half lh. loan, you can decide
lhal be iin'i «eik iu bis Kidneys.
>l*r.  von  lhal   l.iirguldnreeling or B Weak
It ck?    Ii io, dm.'l berbaie.
Dr.   Fsil jay's
Kitncy  Pills
Have cured ..there ind will .nre you.
T R Morrow
The Strand
Tho Most Elegant aud Luxurious
Fitted Bur in Oanadn.
A Full Line ol the Cboiceit
Liqueurs and Cigars
KI». WATSON. Proprietor.
IsGaiued by  tho   Western Ped.tr-
I iiiiun of Miners.
. ^__
On Saturday evening, Feb. 3, a
ineotiug un i bold at thu Russell
hotel fur thu |iurpo8'of ciuisideHiig
tbe udvisabil.ty of organizing a
mining engineers' local iiiirrui.
Forty-three) engii ours were present, and after soon, discussion it
was determined ' tu organize a
nriincli uf the order and affiliate
with tlio Western Federation of
Miners. This makes two local
branches of the Western Federation of Mini-re' iu Rosslaud.
This youngster, born on (ho third
inst. will never bo expected to attain tbe gigantic proportiois of its
big brother, nevertheless it will boa
valuable ally to oiganiz»d labor,
especially to the miners' union.
Though comparatively small iu
numbers, the Mechanics' union.
Western Federation of Miners,
the name under which he brituch
is orguiiized, is not circumscrib d I
18   VERY I
Eighteen Fosslau.l Men will Probably be Chosen.
Nun-iron men have "'me to  Nol-
.son foro.v: nination, witn ibe hope..
of being '.uruig tho number chose,i
logo to  So.  Africa,    following i I
a list:—Messrs.  D.ckiuson,  Allen,
Mackintosh, I. | pan, Webster, Bui-
M,   w. A.Cai'lvh'. foiiiieib   rU. »**.   r«*ell,   Crafler,  McDonald,
periuteadout of the H. A. C. mii.eo!Lewta-    8Uu,ey*   Cronyn'    John"
st uie, Kobson,  Daly,  l'riiilboiuiue,
But tho Eight-Hour Law Lli.uiod
for Present Unrest.
represeiitiitivi, of the
Gazette, previous to his leaving
I,,iiiilun for his field of work in
Spain. Tho interview was publis'i.ed
in the local eveuiug paper in the
early part of tho week, and tlio",.h
iu it he unjustly criticises tbe sight-
hour law, aud bbiuu-s the law l'..r
i's effect on trade ami business,
instead uf laying the bl.tuie where
ii rigb I ly belongs, he, at the same
time gives a. must hopeful view uf
the outlook for tho country Si I
pitya high tribute to its riclinoss.
In iinsiver to the question if labor I
in  knowledge,  and  its success Is |troubles weraro.Urdiiigilevolopmf.it
In this city, was int.-mewed by ni
Canadian ' costelluin, Grngan and Thompson.
leapt. '""' .'in says there is no ".awni
'.it which he is aware •>. .  all  but
the lust named should not i.-ily
pass the exitminutiiiii, (he only
tiouble with Mr. Thon'oson being
defective eyes. The first six men
urc i icii.l..'is of Ibo local eimpauy
making ten altogether eulering
active service from the Roe.-land
Riti i. If another call coined US
many more equally good moil
stand 11-aily to offer their services,
in.I prove their patriotism.
assured. We take pleasure iu extending to them u hearty welcome,
and prophecy that tbeir affiliation
with (he W. F. M. will prove a
benefit both to tluuisolvcs, ' the
ct'inmuuity and oignuized labor in
At another meeting, held Friday
evening, eleven candidates wore iu-
mated. aising (ho in.'uilii i .bij, :...'.4.
Long live the Ml'., W.F. M.
The Mntter Now Reals With Uie
Miners' Dates to Decide.
A meeting nf business inen and
reeitleiitH uf tin, Sh.caii was held in
Sandon, I uo.v'uv cvnnin •; the tilb.
i. .li., uss the labor trouble and endeavor (o arrauge a satisfactory
-etileiiienl. 'Ihe trouble was discussed fn>m evrry standp i-.l, and
il was decided that f,mudalioul.ss
i..|..ut-> were largely to blame fur
the continued misunderstanding. A
oniiiiiuiiee of five gentlemen from
the different camps was appoiu'cil
tn confer with boil, tbe mine owu-
cra and miuers aud endeavor lo
bring nl..mi a sclllouient. Both
sides were visited, and tbey eaeh
met the eoinuiilto" in a fiieiully
iu inner. The mine uwuers made
another   pro posit ,,u    (o    the    IUOII
An   b tare.ting  md    compreheniive
view ol  Ibe liluation immeilutely preceding   tb.   . lilt.r.T'iiielil   ol    tb.  eight-
bour i: I Buses in the smvinlmeut ol thr
"Act for lei.i.uig  tb*  i.i.ii ml  c... ,1
l.s.lll, ol woikmen engaged in or .boot1 W,"0,, "'^ w,» U,8CU88 l""™*"1"')'
ihe .it-i.ilileroiis rnin** uf lb* I'lovlue* *'"• accept  or  reject according to
ol llriiiih Culuuibii," ... preieulwl lo the action takeu  al  their regular
the Pmrtiirial h-gislBinr* lh.  mat   of  meeting,   but a seJtlement ia con
Ink  week  hy  Hon. J.  l-r.-l   Humeol
Best wearing, Best filling nnd best looking
In Men Women's and Children's
C O. Lalonde
The Election of City Officers
Il over.   Now coispi fhsi gr.s, qs»s.|nnl Wliere can we fSnl genuine bargain.
in MttRCHAeTDIfsE. (XOfUfNU. «110 K I*, mil other Good*?   The ins.er
(rom the people Is: Tiy RosslsBd'l 1 .ivotite beading place,
The One Price Store.
211-A- i» H'OlvANE SIRI'.ET
N.leon. The returns contain no leu
than sii'y corniaanicaiinni Irom ss
many parlies, nut those Irom the Kin-can
diatriot alone -,.,■ i-t —h-1 or threatened
trouble il the law waa eu'orced. These
letters aud lele/rami alio* lhal the
eff-cl of th* law waa fully and freely
.-.tiv.tr I and dlecutied belor. it wss
•nforcrsl, ind lurthurmure proyri thai
lh. mlii.ri ibrooghoiit both knew aid
asked lla p****g*.
Many nf the men laid off by tho
War Eagle and Cent.o KUr mines
have left town to seek work iu other
The opera-house was so cold for!
Ihe first  night's entertainment by
the t'oontowu Four  Hundred   that
it wss likened to a pokor game of
liilently uiilicipated by many, as il
is now in the bauds uf the uuion to
Rossliind's annual winter carnival commences Tuesday morning,
the 13.h, and continues through
the week. It promisi-n to be the
most successful *Ot hold iu (his cily.
The people .ay il is the best store In lh.
course, wl.i.t   ihe  people -iv  mnsl  he true,
friends, yours lor further bargains '
Kootenays In  trade,  and  nf
Thanking all, . -).,-.,. I:.   old
G.O. UibNoii'&'Co.
A five hundred ilnllnr fire occurred' nn Wednesday evening in
Owen's terrace, Tbe building was
about half wick...I by fire and
water,    Tho loss  i.   fully eov.-rt-.l
Mi.io  and BatsltOf Close Owing t ,
Eight-Hour In,
The Nelson Miner is authority
for the slat'-nieut that the Hall
Mines' smeller and Ihe Silver King
mine .'l.i-.-.l flown on tbe Kth insl.
because of the night-hour low. They
cla'.n (he law has seriously inlei
ISrod with mining operations in
West Kootenay. The silver King
m:n. was the first start of Nelson,
and when the smeller was con-
. tt acted was the mainstay of the
camp. The (wo iudiislries have
been important factors in building
up tbe city, nnd their shutdown is
looked upon with consiiternbln
V.'.'ly and  Patriotic Speet:hei--Ke*olu-
tioni ol Loyally Pasted.
A representative gathering of th*
citiiine of rl'iilind was that draw a lu-
gelbar by the tna-i meeting nn Wedo**-
day evening In "idc-V nul «n h ill,which
waa crowd,-, tu the doon Pitrijlio
loyalty was tbe watchword ol i'.,< ere.
mug .n I th. ii is on i-'.loii all ib.
sp. echel and r. ..lutioui 01 lh J tUMliug
Were built.
U yni QuudOvT, the ehiirmin of tb.
meeiiog, «-ii .pportinl by Hoo. C. H.
Mackial »,,   Hon.   T.   May ie   Daly,
M-- r, ' , lander ,-i.a T .' I. lor Melia,-,
A.C. tialt, Dr.H.,*.., W. K. Ullv.r,
. If andrrJl.ck, Capl. '. .Mnb. Forin,
I. .loiide, Dr. SincUii. K. W. Holt
ud John I1 ..ii.
.tpe.cl.»s were ttiade hy aeveril ol lb*
i,i ng cilil-ni. all ixprrssin. tb*
biar.ieil rympalby with tb* molber
ing: "It was su.roptitiously hurried j country aad pledging their lupport (a
Ihruugh during the clusi.-g hours,.f(JhsatrugglB lo protect b.r mb^ tain
the sosBiou. and has done very great. S ^ ^^ rMO,allon,i movw, toJ
harm to the Prov.nce, iu that il has j brooded by th* varioui ips«k*ri ol tb*
aiTit.scil a htrung fueling of uureel . v.-ni-,,-. wne unanimously adopted, lb-
between the employers and the em- j "bole an Hence rising sa one man, and
ployed, which did not exist bofuro-  w,,,,oul PronlP«'0«. «hen the Brit wai
;   ..        .,   .   ,      .,      ..       ,   .        pit', to vol. hy lh* chairman:
a fooling  that for the tune being!    |{ .0,Tr(,,Ti..i,h.citl..naol Roland
may lead to a serious disturbance j „n»nimo„«ly lend.r ibsir hurllilt iym-
,„ milling wurk alllunigli, after all,' naiby   to the  mother  country In tbeir
il is not likely that tb is trouble will I ell.-rta    to    establith     i tmiltuilonal
last for any serious length of time. I "' hod, ",d «>"*' ri•1,,, "'"agbout
However,  this In v   lots done the
Province    iuoalculirMe    harm  au-ljih, empire, ind view with prld* th •
hsn checkotl mining work at a very   rtate.manhka policy adop'exi by l.n.l
unforluuiite tiine in lU hi torv." '     s*.'b.iry and   Hi*   Kighlllon.Jos.pl
lu bis ii.xt StotOmeol  us to  the l;',«mta rl.ii, during a  gray,  criil.   iu
.     ... . ....        "rl ilk itialr*.
oiiibink fur the I'ruviuce,   Air. ' ,k
tu any extent, he said: "In lln
si,....in district, where there aro now
many line properties prududillg high
grade silver-load ores, work bus
b.'on t .m.-i.b'iablv rctar.le.l fluring
the past year through labor un.-
uudu.sUudiugs, and litis district,
oerUinly uno of the boat in the
Province, is inoro or less at a
sUndslill. Ou the resumption of
wnrk the shipm. nts ofors will certainly be in..ell greater than ever
la-fore. A consiiicrablo amount < f
work is being doue iu other p^rts of
the province with mure or less success, but the ro-iilU of this work
cannot yet be felt."
Ho iii.iitituiN the manner of tin
P0SSS8JS of the eight-hum bill, nsv-
8.„itn    Allies.     r'tirthermore,   ».   ar.
cji.vinovd  ol    t>.   ullunale Irlomph ol
lylo m ikes nu a— t turn lhal fails
lo barninairi- with his declaration
thai lb,' law bus done "incalculable
ha, in IL- -■ mi nine- "I may say,
however, lhal the null,ink fer niiu-
Hwsrirad, Thst apart from Ilia right-
Mt'i'jis* ol thi ci'um, lh* present strug-
t-tu In •', bib Airica is of vaal importance
to lb* D .minion ol Canada, ai forming
.n lotsgfo) part ol lb* empire.
'v*d.   riiat tb* cilia- u* of  Knils' I  lolly ealimal* not Jonij th   imi   r-
ing in   Hriliab  ("oliiinbia is a very J u,no., i,-,i tb* duty ol each t  <mbwru(
bright one,  if
itoii'de  cun   be
devrlopniHiil  ol
any  serious  labor jib.  British  eirplr*   eootribm   ;   it*
erlud.    Fur (ho 1" '** '••■■ »"l* i.i-ntuig In  vind a* Ins
.  resourcs, tlioir'!"^   ¥*»***    •n'1    onloutoiiig
,    r liitb rtiprimicy in Hnuth Africa.
l'i..v in.'-' is now favorably situated,
a.   it  is very easy  of  Hccess. The \
I to asnetion the railing ol  10,000 troopi
joi Canada'a coDtribatina to the *inp.r.
The l.e Roi is closed down for a
few diiys on account nf a break in
the I,oist. The shutdown gave riie
lo mure wild stories thai (he mine
had closed uu nccnuul of (In- eight-
liuur law, etc., but Ibe fact is it is
only u breakdown, and everything
will   be iu running order ugniu tho
,by a six hundred dollar insurance,  first of next week.
i ,..ir-i, Tint w* baartily reciprocal*
..in patriotic lenlini.nn expr*i**d at
dill'itreul dislru-ta are being rein-lied | (. .'-i, nieviingi Ihrongboul HtlK li
by railwaya iu coujunclion wilb the Ol   >mbi..   Y irtheru or*. w« lako t ill
 tw..l.'iwavs,ai.dtbecli.uat« >"™*<u? «'   eirrassi-.. ih.nk. to
■J.sir.'h .nt lor i I, splindU pstri-
ia very fsvnrable. lher., is an .,„.,., lD .qtlppiu^ . contiug.ni Irom
abiindancooflueland water, ag-iKl ,h, ,,„ (o. ,trtllM ln g,,^, A(rlM>
elans of labor is available, uml the And w* do, 'n sll seriousness .1 ri'.ixsns,
facilities for cheap mining and' ■'■iiish ni'.jact* of Her Mijsity th*
treat.nont of o.-os are aa favorable 'J'1"'B' "r»# "* 1)>mi"i°n P»li. -..nt
as can now Is, found in any
mining centro in the world." ; iur|,lf , rurioU 0f gloom ,„,■ ir).|e,y.
Now if it bo true—and almost' llesolved, ibal bia Wunhip th* Mayor
every mioiug expert will say Urn '•* suthoriiBd to Ulegriph tb* fouilh
Bsmo-tbat the "facilities for cheap  •**»«<•■■ to tho ipe.ker of ik„ I, ■„,..
, of roti.t.. un.   III.   |,tenner,   Kir   Wilful
in.n.ug and treatment olorw are as LiUflfr(   ,,.   Kjf   0hir|#t    ^^^
favorablo aa can  now   be fouud iu Kurihermor* that eopiea of all thaw*
any    other   mining  centre  in   tho r,    '-IIleal be lirwir.le.1 to th. c. 1 > nl
world'-and   it  is » well-known t*srotsfy sod Lord Saalhooos.
fact that manv of the other mining :    "   "I"-1' T"'),h'' '°llo;,n« «», •••
,'       ,      ,  ,      , ' poiolw.1 ■ commlti*. to ileal will, all lh*
d.HtncU work only o.gl.l   hours a >(Kj<     i|r,ll,|y     inbtcrlb(H,   ,„,.„,,
day, with a scale  of wage as high  .aaiiting the came in 8 mth Alrici: lln
and higher than   lhal asked in the   Worship th* Mayor,   Hon.  T. Ma, no
K-sitonavs, how can the law, or ths  •Wi    ,,OB-   C'   H-   M.ckinlosh  ind
i  .„     * si     i.—   i      ..is   i Mrisn.  W. J. Nelion, C. O.  I.ilontlo,
proinoleis  of  the law, bo  hold   to , ,                „ ,„  „   '   „  „ .   ,.       '
K              ,              _       '.    . John Dean,   r. W. Uolt, P. M b. Korln,
a....mil for the effect  of llutt law? w   T   ()|lWi K, W. Ward and Al.i.
Mr.   i'arlyle iu  that   ststameut Hbirp.
practically   acknowledges that the Th. meeting doted »bo il 10:10 with
^-~~~~—-~-^-~->^--,^^.^v——, h.arty  cheers I'-r tynr 1 S ra'bcoaa aud
C:n'|..ie.l on t ur'h l'a8e. hv l)-i in, THE   INDUSTRIAL   WORLD,   FEBRUARY    10,    1900.
es-Li.v   COITION.
]'ubliahr,l al No 11, Waslilugtun street, Kotilautl,
In the interest ol organistd lal'^r tn British
D. L. Ki.vst   -   -   K lltor and Manager.
Office at Miners' I'nion Hall,
Payable Invariably in Atl,-ancr.
Our year  $ 1 co
Sii Mnalh.  I ij
Three Month.      1\
Adtlreu .11 Communication, lolhe lniluslrial
World, 1-u.luSicr Boa 36*. Klaslin.l, B. C,
The Indu.lriil World I. for s.l. in Koulan.) In
Ihr lln.ign Cigar Store: SltuiMon'e Newt Stand:
II. S. Wtlltcr't atationrry .lore; I'm! Office
News Stand. I.intou Bros., M.li,,n.o Store
Btrr'sClfsr Store slid hy newsboys.
de.Jibe.ately cut off ils income for
tho purpose of striking a blow at
labor. Again, if it was the eight
hour law und organized labor
against which il wished (o buck, it
is II com puny that would fcarb-rsly
assume a line position ami illllke
ilst-lf known.
Wild rumor, nmong oilier things,
claimed to have it from "(ho best
authority" that the B. A.C. properties were also to immediately suspend operations, but when the subject was broached to an official of
the company it ull came to bun as
it complete turpi ino.
There certainly seems to be On
reason to doubt the statements published le.in the cumpiiuy or tu discredit their good faith, anil while
the Situation is nut pleasant in any
light, • it is not necessary to exa •;
gernte it or mako it worse ton
it re.IIi uro.
All cheek! may be made payable to
t)>* M u ..ce, or ibe Secretary ul the
Minus' I'uiuu.
Those who desire a change In Iheir
adverli-. uie.il thou'd have the ropy lor
the sa-i.e st this , the- not laier n.au
the rvrning h. lore publication day.
SAIUKDAY.    PEIttit'AKY   10,   1900.
A large amount of capital has
been nnido by ihe pessimists of
Rosslnnd over tho sudden shut-
ilown of the War Bogle and Centre
Star mines, on Tuesday morning,
nnd they have been kept very busy
surmising Ibis, that and (be ulbcr
evil, nml sagely wagging their beads
over the situation. Why some
otherwise rittioniil human beings
will always seo trouble in everything th.it huppeiis. no mutter whnl
its nature, has, is. and ever will DO,
a source of wonder to the world u.
large; but it is n fact. And this
temporary suspension of work has
given the... n splendid opportunity
to blink knowingly, cninpicss Iheii
lips ami ...utter: T told you so,"
und that much-abused eigbt-ho...
law. they tell us. is the ciuise uf il
It is a well-known fact Hint the
electrical plant nt the War Ragle
mine has never given niitisfact.. n
j-iiicu its installaliou, and il Inn,
been prophesied again ami again
'but some change must be made
before Ihe mine could accomplish
all  that might   justly bo expected
from it. Itut now. notwithstandingI
the explanation given by the manager, Mr. Kirby, tu the company at
Toronto -mid surely there lSU.be
no reason to believe that his letter
to (be company is other than il
appears,—fairy tales and stories
galore have been circulated nuti I
one would be led to think that the
tympanies thcmsclvias did not really
know wi),, tbey bnd suspended
In his letter to the companies,
under ditto of Jan nary Hi, Mr. Kirby
fully explains tin- matter, lie ssjsi
"The evils that could not Is- avoided
were the fulling behind of ilcvclnp-
ineiil moi k anil tho excessive csl
ol mining, and (but tbe ore opened
Up bus been entirely exhausted The
Shottagg of hoisting capacity ami of
air for Ibe steam drills made il impossible to limit tain the tonnage
and at the -.no, time kiep up the
neeessaiy shafts, u[ raises an.I
heading--. The ground is not properly i.pe.u .1 out for economical J
sloping, the mnehincs nre tOO
crowded nnd ventilation nnd tim-
berii.g    cannot   be   maintained,
Under these Conditions the li.nn-
Bger tdviSOd the company lo rinse
down until new machinery could
be installed. The Centre Star, Mr.
Kirby explains, is obliged (o shut
down also, as it is depoudiuit on the
War Fugle for power, its own tnu-
cbinciy In ing entirely i.iuileqtind,
lo supply the minimum tonungo of
ore required nt the smeller. Ils new
machinery hns been delayed, but us
soon ns it arrives nnd can be put
in place operntinns will continue.
No mnn uf intelligence will cut
off bis i.use to spile his face. And
(ho War Eagle Company, if it could
possibly continue work, would not
The effect or labor saving niacin
nery on tbe labor mm ket is it subject
that hits bothered the bruin of many
a wise man stnOB its llrsi introduction and is a question still to he
discussed. There is much to lie si id
in its favor, but there is more to be
.-aid in disfavor under existing cir
OUmslannsg, In tho curly days ol
tlio introduction of mechiiuical devices to do the work uf men, Ibe
laborers thus displaced found employment in Ihe building of this
machinery, or in the factories ami
mills which sprung into exi tenee
because of the increased demand
lor the productions of this new
mentis of manufacture, and not
leeling (he loss of work because (I
the inert-used ilcinmiil in utlii-r li es,
the explanation from unthinking or
intentionally deceiving me... thai
the building of this machinery gave
employment to the men tlisplm ,-ii
by its use, was ncceptcd 08 a fncl
mid went iinqiiestioued Now, however, when 11 .-amis, yes. bun,'ml
nl iii.iii-anils. boil themselves dis
placed and sec nothing to whicl.
they can turn, they ask why it ir
that the building of (bis miicliiiiety
lines not   Still   give   flllploVlUl'Ut   It.
the laborers thrown out of employ
meiit by its use, und tho explanation COI.ies lhal  marl.iiif,  |1|W ,.,„„
into use to build the iron or steel
worker that has oousm) the .lis
placement. Hut (hats il nut requite
meu In build this new iin.dui.cn'.'
No, that is also ib.a.• by machines,
nud no ou one wheel within
another. There aro enough lac
bn n-s n.ul iii.iniil.Ti'turii's HOW to
supply tho deiuaud, and lliousa ids
of displaced laborers find Iheuiselvc-
idly wondering where ihey aro at.
I li.-y have not uoti<mv! tltO increase I
use nf in.-chut.i.»il ilevioua to do the
work of the hiinihcialsineu. but n
glance nt some of (hu Inventions
used iu business hou-os will help to
explain (he siuniio...    lu outton
spinning. OI1U milt, uml (WO boys
can do the work formerly done by
one lion.-ami spinners, ami one
...uu can do the work of lift "weavers,
in the -leel imliistry three men will
do the work which required one
hundred and fifteen men until some
seven years ngo. In priming, our
...nu .an today do thu woik on ,,
machine ibine by six or ten uiitb'i
hiind woik. In mining, one steam
or com pressed u r dull will do the
work in a day form, rly requiring
six or eight men. A now can-
inakiug tlevii'.' bus been perfecled
which miiy be operated by a child.
a'.l turns out its many cnns in a
ihty Has. venty live men could make
by luii.il. Iu eg. nu 11 n ■,-. one binder
throws from 111 teen to twenty men
out of employment, und bo on
through nu endless list of labor-
civing inventions and .1.'vices.
Thousands, even millions, of lab
erers iu all branches of trade nre
being displaced mid deprived of a
livii g every day by this labor-Having, medium,mI competitor, and
what is to be done? Machines that
will lighten tbe drudgery of the
workingman are good in themselves.
It is not against them ll at we
should direct our displeasure, it is
againsl th- system under which
they aro worked. Rev. Chas. H.
Vail seems to have struck the keynote in the solution of tins problem
iu one word, namely, "aerial ism"
If society expects   to enjoy the
I'liui-.ii median on! inv uliou those
instruments iniisl be socially owned, j, embodied in the faot that the
Under socialism, m.iehinory would workiugmau has to have recourse
rcultiu a blessing to all. Meol.au- to the non da plpme, iu order to
teal Inventions would then serve present his side of the question,
labor instead of con.peiiug with it \ye have had a lesson a ong these
as it does today. When the tune jj,le. very recently wheu a protni
name through the introduotiot. of' nunt workiugmau of this oommuuiiy
new inventions, that >.ll the needs determined to assert his mauhood
of the people were supplied '.,;>. ny Kjvj„g teaiimony before the gov
iibuiKlaiice, thou further improve- eminent commissioner, Mr. Ciuie,
menbi would buappliexl to reducing wjth the result that ho has been
the hours of labor.    The only w i,y j seeking a uew job ever since.
Now, I am led to believe that the
miter's reasons f r assuuiiig this
that machinery will be of service to
labor is for labor to own the iniiebi
nery, which seems to be tbe only  exidtotl attitudu is Uwauso ho is not
solution of the problem. „, nversuut wiih the facts, and, like
iiniiiy of his profession, elands le.uly
to eondeuiu ou the evidence of the
pn .sedition,  utterly  ignoring   that
j of Ihe defo. co,  thus  following  tie
Isyoursub-criptio-, totho auHi.t. ,.,„lrHr)  pursued   by   UU  prototype
run o .t?   If so, and .he pop, r is of j„ tll0 ^Tr,wnuul Review, who has
use lo you or your cause, rouew it mueaak«d every avenue iu oearch
at once. of evidence in eniuleuiiiatitin of the
Wunlner riuturs, aud who has
never uttered a word except iu
laiiilatii.n uf a government that hits
pernii ted   fur   years   thu   Bunker
P. Burns & Co.
Wholesale Markets.
Rosaland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revehtoke, Greenwood,
Grand Forks and Vancouver,
RETAIL MARKETS—Hosilanr.. Trail. Nelsan, Tmlr,
Ka.lo, Siiiuloii New Denver, Silverton, f'sBoad* City. Grand
Kick., tirei.nivi.n,i. Phoenix, Midway, Camp MoKiuuey, lteval.
•toke, FergiiBon and V ncouver.
Fish, Game nud Poultry in Season, Sausages of a'.l Kinds.
William Donald Manager Ro slsrd Pronch
♦ HT4>THTrTlttHIHTtlHT(fmtTHWytr4Tr|H4H^
If all corporations, syndicates.
eoinpanies ami individual employers  were to  take    the   stand
in.*iatt.lined by the lhinsniuirs—te-   ',,,, ,    ■,   ,,.  ' ,     .,
' . II II uml .Sullivan uml  other coin
fusing employ,„cnt or recognition
to organized labor, mid demanding
only the cheapest lubur tu be hud,
we won.lor would they ull find a
Every man has it perfect right to
refuse Iii give employment In any
uinn or class of meu he cho-en,
but it seems as though something
migli be d .ne tu make Unionism
the eiliieainr of (he labor p ople, »
i-fCugniv.iMl right nf all men. and in t
it just excuse for being turned
IIamor, Iboiinrt ind ed a strung
h.'d, inure marvelous than Ibe
mocking bird which inimiceth al
other feathery f'rnizens of the
f.-iest F..r tl.on not only atriketb
different liules, but so constantly
change)h thy form und plumage as
tn appear strung,. I - even those
most familiar witb thy origin.
A lady nf s»dal p sltlon w m
plained most IdtloHy some time
ago, Ihmtigh the eolin,ins of one •>'
Ihe p..pillar Indies' .....gi.r.ines, nt
Ihe fact of their being no ignorai t,
illiter-te    peosanlry    in   Anicici..
putties to trample upun the laws of
Unit state by openly discharging
and blacklisting miners fur daring
lo enforce, their lawful rights of be-
com ng members of a minera' union
Iu conclusion, I say that 1 have
over st ....I ready t» condemn the
actions ol tho Illinois in Wa.dner,
hut lint >io... not prevent mv realizing the fuel that such exploits aie
the nuti.nil results of the ooutliti ns
Slated above, and (hut these things
will continue to occur in interval,
until wt! a e prepared lo enforce
upon ull alike, thu | line am! tin
puu.ier, the principles l.i it I .Inv n by
Juiier, (be gieai Greek lawyer,and
endorse.I by Jefferson u, (1 eiiii>..uic,l
in th,-1 oust 11 uiion of ey.-ry civiliz d
stale, tbat an injury d mo tu the
linn blest clizuu should const il in e
nu insult lu the whole uutiun.
Mainland and British Lion Cigars
Strictly rint-' lisa I'nion Cigar.
Manufactured by Wm. I.ieljen.   I arcotirer.  B   C.
'Ihe ('. I*. R. has been instructed
tu | luce gates ut nil the railway
crossings Mi.bin the pity limit-., by
old r 1.1 ihe c.ly it in.cl ut is l„si
inc. ling.
I ho • xuct number of men laid oil'
ui Ibe  War Bogle und Centre Slur
mines is SOld to Is- 868.  Alxiut 'Jin.
What  nsdy sympathy she might  m Mut wmk h ,,,., ltmmbm
find with tbe 0 ml bar..., of Victor a.  (|oj       -,„,,.,,,,,.,., „.,rk.
the promoter of this s >-much in-lx--
desirod class.
Me,chains nml business meu who
are uutngonietic (o tbe trade union
movement nre antag ni-lic to their
own interests. Liw wages and long
hours don't wl'.-y"'!. gmA.s.e,, ., I,y
lift yon in-ge Ihem'.' Or, if yon comply with Ihe demand fur the shorter
.voikiiig day nud increased wages.
why do it so gi.uliiigl,'.' About
M.eh a per cent, of the wage o.i ino. I
will come your wny, lie it greal or
small, "hen you feel like throwing
mud al n man. or a clast, In, sura
ihey don't know who does it, for
Ibey might retaliate. It's human
nature, you know.
Ktlllor litdu.trlil World.
Sir: Thursday's Record contained
a  short    paragraph,   in which tbe
writer donee..,la from the lofty poroh
i» the editorial department to ad*
minister a kick to Citizen for da. mo
to question his infallibility.
Ihe Ko-eland hookey team defeated the Bouudury team by a
SC I cl three to I wo. at (ir. one no,
last Satuiday. It was a cIiom, game
tbrougboul und a pi,.-.! victory fur
Ihu  wii"'.g   team.    'Ibe  visilors
Wile    tentli'lctl   U   li.lil.pit l   at   the
I'aeilic btiiel alter tbe game.
Morrison and Brycnton
Have just received a Consigu.ne.it of
Fish, Canned  Good*,   Hams and Ba~on,
Fruits and Vegetables
Fr. sh 1'ggs, Teas and Coffees a Specialty
Polo Agent iu R-udaud for  ■ I.MPRESS TEAS."
•Phone IOH-I.Y I'iOCidtiiiihia Ave.
He tells us in effect that he ulsso-
lulrly refuses lo cross pens iu ndis-
ft.ssion of this question with an
individual so cowardly as it, assume
a nun do plume in such discussion.
Iu reply. I would -t it,, lhal il would
appear Unit the writer feels secure
in his job.    I du nut.
1 must admit that I am so obtuse
of understanding that it is not quite
clear to my mind why a fact should
be ignored simply because the discoverer or expuuuder of that fact
was either too modest. Joy even too
cowardly, to disclose his identity,
realizing, as he does, that it might
seriously interfore with thequauti'y
and character of the necessaries of
life that he would be able to consume between now and spring.
I du nut kuow of a better aigu-
inent in ihliTisi' of the course pursued hy Mr. Brye, or iu paliuth n
id  ibe  luwlossucss.n Idaho, which
from Ik- UerR.au of wolfa.i| Mullrr.
There waa oner, a count, su 1'v. lie..r.i it
Who Ml ihat his end drew near ;
At.d hu called hit mm is-lore bis oral,
To pari lln tn hi. nouns aud gear.
lie called  for  his  pleigh, ha vailed Iur
bia aaur. —
Thai k ilUi.t, ..ssl and brave—
riiey brcuglil tbcui bulb al.heir lalbe.'i
Aud thus In bia bl.ssiug gavt—
' M   llrnhi.rn Mill, my pride and might,
i). ile.ti my iword leiam,
Mv e.slie uu the h.n.ly height,
Au.I all un broad Uuiu.lu.
"In thee, my well-beloved younger buy,
I      Mv plo.lg , I e'en bwBWW [
1 A peav, fnl lile thou matt enj >T,
Special Bargains
M. J. O'Hearn is giving Special Bargains
in all Lines during ihe month of February
The Clothier
In the quiet Vale lad >W."
Ci.'iirn ed lank tb* .ire to irit,
Nt. i I. was a,v.-ti aw.y;
Ihe sous haul true bis |**l b belt
K'efl to their oyuig day.
' Mow tell in what cam* of tbe sle.1 uf
Of Ibe eaill* and in knight;
Aud l, ll u* wn.it came ul  ihe vale lu
And the bumble peanut wight."
Ohl ask not ol  me what the end may
Alk ul tbe country n.nn.l;
The castle is oust, the sword is rust,
The In,.In hu. deterl ground.
But the Vale ipreadi wide, in the golden
011ii.- autumn aunllght now ;
Il o-eiii. and It ri, t-i.s far and wide,
And   th.    lienor    abides    with    tbe
Subscribe    Iur   tho   Imusthhi.
vVtrUaO ami  Support tin,   cm.se uf
Urn writer so justly condemn*, thai)   "b*1"1^ •wWTi
Having decided to Sell out my entire Stock of
Millinery, Ladies' Furnishings, Etc.
and with the object of .Selling out as soon as pos-ible. I will
Sell st unheard • f prions In g l rid of the entire stock.
50 Per Cent. DISCOUNT
or, in other  words, everything goes at HALF   PRICE.
C. F. Eagles '
Opposite the Bank of Toronto.
Kossland, B. C.
The Industrial
World.   j
Dayton, Ohio, baa over 6,000 trade
In Colorado's legislature tb. iu are
seventeen union men and tbe lieutenant
governor ia ■ trade unionist.
The cooks ami servant girls of Altoona,
Pa., hive formed a combine by which it
is tbeir intention to try lor better
The Hrocfon Journal Is the mime of a
new paper that will make things hum
(or tbe souiildemocratic parly ami trade*
unionism In Massachusetts,
Miners, mine laborers and mill men
are hereby n.uilit-.l that tbe labor Irou
bice in Weal Kootenay are not yet settled, all re|toiin lo the contrary notwith-
Slay away fmm tbe Sandon, Silverton,
Whitewater, Nelson anil Ymir districts
until official announcement ia issued
i through ihe press of b II oil Settlement
hv the District Hoard ul the Western
Federal inn of Miners.
By order nf ,he
if the  District  Buard   o(   tbe  Miners'
Unions of the W. F. M.
The average formation of one new
union dally for the past three in inlhl la
the record of the II .iihuth sal ol Oir-
iwnleri tn.l Joiners lor thai lime.
The O. 0. t). Grocery Oo. has put in
■i new, Ir, sit stock ol goods at the old
i niiel on Washington street, where tbey
will carry a c....u>lein line of Hril-clais
grooer'SS and provisions. They ask all
....I i iiHiotii' is, as well as any new onei
lhal may be looking Iur good goods, 10
cull and examine Iheir stuck and gel
All bridge aud etucliiral iron woikert
in ibe I' ui>wi States who lashing lo labor
organisations will ssk lor an im reals in      •'   •''  Clarke, ibe popular Washington
.ages of live.'ems per huur on Much l.i street Subtler, bens leave to call your attention lo Ibe fact thai In, has tbe finest
line uf harness and saddle! in the conn-
The London K misty  uf compositors  try-   Hive him a call.
offers  tu I,,...   tbe   N.-.v   York priuleis
lltl.UlW to wage their   tibial  against  Ihe
Sun.   The  1. .nd   ,.( the iulei u .tioualii,
of labor ii growing itrouger.
Some .'10,100 ration and woolen spinners and tbeir helpers, iu D.uiileu, .Scotland, base received an advance o( live
per cent, in wages, due lu the revival ol
trade niaoe the urike uf t»u tuuulhi
Alter a coolest extending over Iwu
yean ind characterized lit feelings ol
i.ueiise bitterness on both sides, aud iu
which inj iiu'ii'.u proceedings pl.n.-. a
iro.uuieiu pail, Ihe trouU. bel.eeulm
Kverybily is (-nil of money, and kl
cull I passess it i( they knew how to
...on.nn r.'. Everyone estimitOB what
i.is mill ,y will he throughout the yeai
(or clothing, shoes, blankets, etc. A
Working imin, fur inst.ii.ee, expends on
these   ailifle. Ilolll Sl'iO lo el'lBl.    Sure!,
they could gut the same stuff, and of a
heller qualily, al half tbe money by
purchasing uf us, aud Ihui save from
>.'i io linn yearly. The majority do it,
hut there are uthvrs lhal tU> nut, ami
i hen-lore It Btanda to reason that they are
ie.iii-.li and will nut liBleu to common
sense. Practical and smart men km...
however, the value uf m,.in-y and aha
go id USB tTey cau  out   It to, and  ll.ry
Buffalo Kxprili  and  ths lypugraplucal I realise il only   when  tbry   purchsm u
union lias h-eii B.lj.i-ied. 1 class.   It isrlaiid  Auction  H use,  12 Kiai
___ Columbia  aveouH,   n.st door  eaii  ol
||Tbo bidding  trade* of Seattle have
t ............   avenue,   nest door  eaii
0. P. li     I'. I.-graph  OlHce.   U. lia i ,
been granted a nn-e iu wages uf AU .... -
per day, mil, the exception of tl.a brie •
liters,   who  .nl   I.e. IVe  |l.    The   lu-1
cress. In wages w.isaeked he cause ,.| the!
i icra i.ed i- ,.i ul living iu  the ciiy, and >
Wil grauled ailbout leriuui o j ctluus.
'.* a-*   K 11,.slug Is s list ol iho.e who silver
Ai a resell ol d Hharglng ,„ n for bs ;l"'''" "'" '""•"""•"I *•*"»'■
l.o.giug  lo a  Iran,  uuiuu, ih. bcyile,     IV. F. M X..ip, .S.nw Stu-e.
work ra auiuu ul  Cued >, tl, har itruok '    Hunter Uru*,, gsnaral uierchai.diie.
agt.iiBt the r.alirdu IuIm c'tiiiipaoi. Ho.,       K up-v llios, itrui'erirl and  g.uta Iur
as wtsll aa (Vi.u-ylvauis, liavila.a tynitiu   iibblng*.
F inak. It a  ndeilt-aillrauor   I..   ....  . i,,,'      I'   K   Jlorraw, dmgglll,
U.U  l.tloitl
0    0.   IMIISOII
ud iaoliii.il.
M.ny changes   in   the  Paobsylvaola      "   W'M ".....hardware.
ra.lrua.1 iwmpauy   were made IU* uihe,       '■ "'ou Ur*»-« u'"1" *"J •lallonsry.
day uaaug io the pining uu ihe-inu-ioi, |    U B.n.tl, c.oihiiig.ele.
b.n.la large nuu I, i ul eiuph,..«..   U.u I    Cm-en. Dry 0 aids,  furnishing*, dry
oi Ibe WJU reiired Uiere w ..• man* ch.ri  a""1' *1"' ""'"'long.
cl*rks. BUp*iv,surs   ami oUluf ecu woo      ><""is.... A Brfentan, gr-icerie*.
held pru.n.nei.i poem...-,..    Il.rw uc«s-       "" '• {)'tia"u- cUhier and Halter.
wiih a  worker.' right  lo j uu ui ......
ti.d.a uutuus.
, Blni., store.
A   Oj ,   g.uta' >■!..iliiu.
(on their Prescriptions
Filled by the
Gel their
Filled by
Rossland Drug Co.
A Hull I.lneol Bvery thing In Our Line.
Give Us a Call.
Gobiinbia Avenue,  next  the  Bon Ton
Linton   Bros.
Hook Htore,   .'Hi Columbia Avenue.
Le Roi Stables.
Heavy Transferring.
First-Class Sad-'le asd pack Horses.
Telsphiuis No. M, I-. 0, Bos ISi
Kossland Hotel.
rim, Whiskies and   Imported   Cigars.
Jerry Spellninn, Proprielor.
Our. Spoken. S net aud Clumnia Ave,
lull li.hr.l lu Kw.al.,,,1. II. C in |g*J
Wm. R. BE A IT Y
let. pttoii. No   ,9,
rita'.ed a general pruuiouuu tliruiighuul
Ihe coin pi..v.
Kiagiri K.iis,n v , ihoai masrksUs.
growth 10 tr.de. uuluui.    II..1.111,00.1..-'
sfO the town boaaied o( three oigauise
num. ToJiy it hai iweuly-tau iu .cure
.iprrstioii, and several mure ''getting up
amain."     Tula  rapid   lUvuii.piueiii   is
baled on two fiOIS   Ilia turn, tl giuwlug   tObSOSOSi
industrially and ih. workris no growing     '•■ Phillips, contractor.
Paulson Bros., groceries.
STm,   l.i.-'jii.   cigar    minnfactur.r
Van-nurer, 11. 0.
Taylor A \I.-Q iirrl., tailor*
The ll-. 11 1.0 ins, .,1 01
The li lobe Hieingi and I .... ('..
Clerkiind Sateam.ns' Union.
l'...-iiii- Tei Co., ten mil eofT-es.
M. W, Siinpion, newt, ilalionery and
Tbe Ohio miners bare declared for
H cialisiu. To. Asaocisted prs.s sup-
preise.1 th* nrwi. They declared 10
favor ol "ha,1110lining with the economic eniancipatlon movement ol me
world, whereby, dually, through political and legal lueana tn. present pl.nl. ,1
pr.t.l.i. 1 ui, in lu-iiiai warfare aud ... lal
disoru.r la lu he substituted hy the cooperative 1 ,tn anwealih, and all Ulaai.a
of production iluil be owned collectively
and operated snrnliihally by lh. people.
Tom Maan, the well-known b'ngliib
trad, unionist,aayalbat iu (.10.11 lln.am
them are to-day 1 ,t)'jU,OJ(l irade unionists, 25 to 30 per cent, ul whom are S>
cialial*, and yet eighteen years igu 1 here
WM not a ilngle Socialist willnn Its
rank. There ar* I.oni.inni trade uui-
0.lists in France, ihr.-e fourths of who...
may be claued ai Socialist.. luUer-
many there are about 7lW,iWU trade
uiiioiiislB, W.'i per cent, of whuiu ate
Socialist*. In Belgium, Holland aud
Italy the aame condilioni may be said lo
I' - atiiii hi II .iel anl Bar.
0. K. Baths.
Meirup.llisn II del and ll,r.
li ...luel Dining It .on.
Ha ii ■ .1 A   French,   contractor*   and
I. Ill'leri.
Th. 01<* Bakery.
McAiibff, Uilor.
H. Ol nit, lurnilnr..
W. B. and On. wn ((rant e.gtn.
Kohinoor Hatha.
Oregon li-tls tra-tt.
Paciflc Bir, wines au I llquori.
Kufiner A M.Uunigle, grth'.ri.i.
II If.,, in II .11..;..ml Bar.
K nlgn Cigir Ntore.
I... ltd Sublet ind Tnnifer.
Dyeing and  Cleaning Works,   Wash-
ing'on alreet.
J. C. If no ,s, grocer.
l-iniels A Chambers, paintl, oil*, etc
1. . itenav Cigar Store.
W   It. Butty, undertaker.
II ■ -le 1 1 A V.'rlgbt.
Dr. A. Milloy, demist.
Kwsrt Bros,, jewelers.
.I.VV  tS .ring, j'Weler.
The C'..b Uirber shop,
A large proportion ol Ibe political
prisoner! not to Sibeiia are woraiug-
men. wbo are frequently traniported
(or very trivial offences. A case of this
kintl occurred not very long ago at Vilua,
wbere a business man wbo 1 >■-. . ,1 the |
monopoly ol tbe chimney ssrevpiug ir.de'
wis Injured by having a Hash uf viir.nl
thrown over him. Th* culprit was be-
lisveil to heune of his own men, but .b
the authorities could not flud the cum-
Insl, tb* authorities adopted tbe Simula
expeslient of lending *ll lb. chimney
gweeperi in hit employment iu s.Ucu. ,
Miners' Union
Dining Room
Dominion Hotel.
Oil, Union II-b Ktnpl- y,,i
Regular Hoard, p<-r week
Meals ...
85 25
Fintelnss Har in .onnec'.ioti.
KchVOD a McOASKii.b, r   p .
Hid Mc Laanirr
Voiie but   WtlllS help   einploye.l.
Notify us.    Wo call and deliver
Coliiuibia Avenue, near Poatoffloe.
.wrorruiuiiiMfiii^-itiiogt,... iQuiadiaD Pacific
second and tburth Tuesday In each month' at
-30 p. m in Miner*'Union hall. O.W.Wilson,
—   John McLaren, Prea.
KNIGHTS OP J.VBOR- Rossl.nd Aatembly Ns,
ItSS, me. UtheS.at au.t UU ,1 rridaya of etch
month I 7: v> p m. lu Miners Uuion hall. Ju.
Wllkei, Sec.; Wru. O'Brien, Frri.
Specials This Week.
every Frlilay o. each week at 7:10 p. ru in
Mluera' Union hill. r. R. sicDonafil, Prea a
A J. MeUonald, Sec.
Freeh Tomatoes
Green Onions
Kippered Herring
tl Columbia Are., aext door Is 1.1'onde'i.
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
11 tini.enKi) a HKBBINO.
ta!U Diiiii in!
fk Nrltil, !l lull fir H, tii nf liili.
Hlr>l<laaa»enHe*and good coo'iinaja specialty
,l»in%nr room attached io otusra Hotel.
Waahtnjiton sunt.      The Mh, miviiy fropa
Kstlmates given on all  kinds of Brkk fttone
Su>l    Wuod    a.iik        Lollagra    an"    all    klnda'rtf
dvrllin ;a a MKmaitjr.   tn.i.p iu -rs. .1 cornir ol
ii..!--    and Vta.HuiRd"! street, Mosalaud, ■ ».
Coffee House.
Opposite the Iuternatioual   lintel
Inmb.M of every description.
Courteous treatment and the beat
the DSrilOt afTonla. Open day nnd
night,    (live us a trial.
The  Headquarters,
Car. Wsat.ii.tinn SI. and flr.1 Av*.
W. B. HU8I1AND Proplelor
Ths,' II,.Isles.I & Wright'" new store,
corner First .vrnne and M'-sbing.nn
.Irons, has received one hundred dnten
of Ibe latest productions In men'* neckwear, slsoa big lineof stamped linen Infancy work, A new Hn. of plaid -birls.
Their clothing siock I* all new and well
tas.r .ed. A complete line of staple and
feicvilrv goods, BlothlM gii-l fumieli-
lug*,    Ih-y h \, tx.'-hciil values.
Lending Library.   Lite*! Nav.li.
Oilier Sunol.es, Kle.
The City Bakery
Washington Htr**l.
Il Ul. ipot lo find ge-od   things lo   *a*
'it reasonable prices.
Try our goods, and mate life easie.t
for your w.le.
The American  Tailor snd  (tenia'
Furnishing limit-.-.
Iii 1 osh li sriVr. Siliifuim Gurules.
No. I, rim nii'ii
8. GLA/AN,
Car. Kim Are   sail *p.kssc si
litf.in.ls -rstnn h.nH gonl..   Ol.swtBsan
II will uai   t,..,
-«0 TO-
Wishinglon Htraet.
iipisisile Hank ol Montreal Chamber*.
TBR BHT SH.fl! 01 ItllR flT II IflSUill.
JACK BsstTatnSB, Proprl*lor.
MINKKS' UNION NO 31 Western Pederstlon
of Miner.—Meets every Wcdnesdly evtv ng it
7J0 o'cloc I. Miners' Union hill 1st. Oc-
vine. Sec., A. I. Iloiuloa, Prei.
the litt Suntlnv of a-ach in.iulli it Miners'
Union hill. |. p. s.ikaoll. Sec : B. M llllsad,
Pres. •
Mtet the ant sad third Tuesday of each
month l. I p. n In Bialty'a hall. P.O.Box
Ul. J. 8. KobiMB, preslatut; Wm. Cos.,
COOKS ft WAITKKS' UNION, No as. W. t. U.
—MeeU every H.turdSy evening at lijo o'clock
ia Mi ers' llolun hall. P o Bob 41. I'aul
J.iSu.-r. Sec.   Geo. Cun.l.ghsm. Pres.
Subscribers to the W0Ki.11 who
preler Hi do so may leave tin ir
names St Miners' I", ion ball, where
they "ill rOOSIVS (luir papers without delay Saturday 'ifieruoons.    "*
That our Teaa and Toffee* are the CROICRST
sold In Kuitslsn.1. Today, when teaa and coffees are pushed to hard, it la abaolutely nec-
<saaty to have an article of unusual merit.
Yon will find It here. Glaaawarcgivasi away
to cuatomera.
Pacific Tea Co.
St. Charles Hotel.
Il.oo a Day Houis.
Nop* but Union Help Employed.
W, Columbia Avr . ju.t around thr BlulT.
Wkoleaaleand retail dealers in Palnla. Olla,
Varnishes, nrushe*. Wall Pmish and Palntars
ftufpl'ca. Conlracta taken for paper haniitig
and decorating, office «nd tore i*anUls A
Chambers >tock. it (.'u.umhia a~r nudir Uotnln
on Kaprtma iui. ofice.
Canadian snd Kentucky
r«ourbon Whiskies.
Railroad snd Miners' Check! Csihed.
Harry Mcintosh
Ensign  Cigar  Store,
CAPT. SHAW Proprietor.
Corner Columbia are.. Washington al
The Alliambra.
Besr. 5c. 'all and all 5c.
OA1e*ov*r H n.k nl Toronto, Rosalind
J C. H-imes,
The Popular Grocer,
Corset Beenn.l ...... asd U.e.1. Bli«sl
Nrlaon A Fort Hh*pp*rd Railway
Red Mountain  Ry.
Th. u.ly  Ibreri  K .uu  lo   Nalson.
Ki.l .,  Kootenay l.ats aad
Hlocaa I'olnli.
Every day in th* mr  b*lw**n Hpo
tine. Ronland and Nilioa.
I.BAVB ...IT .Silts
8:15 a.m. • • Ppoitn* • • « 14 p.m.
2:16 p.m. • • Nnr.hpwrt • 18:80 p.m.
Arrive3:10p.m. Ronlind by. II :8Sa.oi.
And 800 Line.
New Fast Dally 8„rvice.
Fint-cliii 8l**B*rs *■ all Tralas,
Tourist Cars
Pa** Rivelitoke Daily lor St. Paol,
Thariday* for Hontraal and Bialoa,
Tuesdays ind Saturdayi (or Terons*.
Dyeing and Cleaning Works.
Opposite M.rtln Brother..
I ear clean or .Ive an, hint in lirUrt' .nd
I nllrmen t w*tr.   Oire air t call ind be Co*
I rlnrrd
The I.'est ,.n.,ro- ed martlne-r .nd rt-ttra-a...
enaldr me to tn.r.  ..- Ihe re.. ..ret delleetv ..f
i alien!- -.    Work will l>e railed for and dellrerrU
In any ndd* ..
MKS. F.   rt'BBIK. Pirititiirrrsa.
Nn change of can between Spokane
and li..-aland.
Tieketi on uie all over Ih. world.
Clow* rnnrertiow* st Nelson with
,iriii"ii for Kstl'i and all Kootenay
lake points.
Passengers (or Kettle river, Boundary
e.mp i id Hnindary crevk connwt at
M .reus snd B »ihnrg with  ilig* daily.
E. W. Rose, A*»nl,
It '•- ••   '   H   C.
H-Avi.B A Dswib, item.,
H. A lAcaao.O P  r   I..
Spates*, w»Bh.
For rots* and (nil inloranalion iddrm
th* asarBst Local Agent, or
City Tick*l Ag»nt, Kostlsnd.
Acting Agent, Rowland.
VY. F. Anobbbon, T. P. A., Neli.n.
E. J. Co, it,  A. 0. P. A., Van*oov*r.
Northern Pacific
Tb* Dining Car Ronle via Yillowiten*
Park.    Ha lest and Ileal.
Kipiipped with
I'l'l I.UAN   I' ,1 Al* CABS,
Elboant Disrso Cabb,
Moobbb Day Coacaas,
Tocbist Hi siriN* Cass
Throngh ticket* lo all pei.iT la lb*
Coiled Htatra and Canada.
Steamship ticket* lo all put* el tbe
Tirkels lo China and Japan via Taecma
and Northern Pacific Hl.amship 0*.
Tiaina depart Irom atoSSOSO:
No. I, W**i li.uiul, *t 9:88 p. m., dillr.
Nn. 8, K.sihounil, at 7:80 a. m., dallt.
For inform num. Has* cards, snip!
aad ilckrti apply to lb* agents ol Ik*
Agt. R. M. Ry., Hot-it... I, B. C.
General Agent, Spoken., Wish.
A  D ril.M.I l,iN.
A.b'i Gsb. 1'aas.Dg.r Agsal.
Oa* Year (-
8li Montbi
♦8 08
AdHr.ts All l' imniunic.linns
->•>-»♦♦->-,♦♦♦*-»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» THEIR DEMANDS AGREED TO.
Tbe demands ol the men on the Ureal
'Northern railway have caused the head
official! to are Ihe jjslness ol their
claims, aud the announcement is made
by tbe chairman ol the protective board
ol the Ureal Northern Brotherhood ol
Locomotive Firemen tbat the grievances
of tbe fireman and engineers hail been
adjusted . The (Ju-.it Northern ou December 21 informed the firemen tbat all
tbe firemen on the system would have
their pay increased, and that Ihe rubs
proposed hy the firemen bearing on
running time would be granted. The
assurance uf tbe management, he Said,
had been rea iied Jauuary 1. and the
fireman bad uo other giievanco aguiusl
the road. IU iiiidms.oud also that the
demand of lh. eagiueen had Iwen con
ceded, and thai they, too, bad no com
plaint at tbe prelect lime.
lie bad heard ol minora thit the
trainmen were Hi.I tinnanslied. By
traiumen be included conductors, brake
men and switchmen. Hu believed, however, that their demands would be met
by tbe management.
Continurd From Kim Page.
wage scale should bo as high,  and 	
.,.,,, , .,      '   Now that il iaunivetially acknowledged
thoday sabor as short as ituy other t... ..*       _   ...   .
' J i that   my   patent i.ppliauueB   positively
mining centre, by his statumunt that | CUBE8 RUPTU UK nnd sre guaranteed
the conditions aro aa favorable,but to give ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION,
ho does not lay tho bla.no whero it ! I invito the vnry worat cases nl Iulants,
bolongs. It is not the lawmakers OblUlrsn and Adults, no matter ho.
nor   tho   men   benefitted   by   the
bad yon may be etliictel
I will pay your fare both ways il you
cau force the Hernia down ill nny position with my netv Ki.lniuer on.
shorter day who were responsible
for tho drag in tho milling industry,
Ijait it Is ull to bo justly attributed
to tho Bullish greed  of those indi- j What Our Leading Physicians Say:
vidiinls who want it all, and aro j 	
not willing to gr.u.t anything to
those men who by constant hard
delving build up it hirtunn for lln,
employer and gitiu a scant livelihood for themselves,
Tb* Standard oil trust cleaned np
180,000,1X10 iu profile oo ita $1,000,0011 ol
capitalisation lu IS1..-.*, Bays the Pueblo
Courier. Mr. Rockeleiler, the pious, wss
uiaBa'.isliist mill the ahowiug, and alter
B little iitue spent in bis payer closet,
railed tbe price ol oil Hires ceuli a
gallon. Mr. Rockefeller says that God
gave bins bil w.slih and that he baa
received order* Irom bemlipiariera lo
make iU0,000,0lX) thai year. Hu, mints
and Burners, come ye all, till your lamps
witb Siaudard oil, and "let your light
so shiue before men, that ibey may see
your good worki mil glorify your Father
which il in beiven," and llkewile hu
holy servant who live! In Ohio. This ii
a ilivine c.iuiii.ii.I; bred il Irtt ye b»
damnad,        _______
Spokane ministers rr.-cnih hu.l a ban
quel at the only reitauraol in that city
boycotted bv labor, says Ib. Sralll*
I'nion Record. W* eupposo that Ibis
action ol ih* mlnlal.rs wai a carryiug
out ol their "brotherhood ol man"
policy. Is it any wonder that churches
are becoming th. show places ol wealth
and are losing tn. reiprcl ol l.h .i V
The trades and lubor council of
Vancouver bare pasted resolutions
oxpiassing sympathy for the miners
Of tlio slocan, pledging their support in any way it can puen-ibly be
8t. George's Church, on Earl and
Kootenay streets. Services al 8:30 a.tn
11 s.m. and 7:30 p.m. Suuday School
ai 2:30 p.m.
The Methodist Church, Washington
slreet, Oeorge H. Morden, Pa*|or. Ser.
vices al 11 a m. and 7:30 p.m. S.t'.hall,
School and Bible Class at -:.li> p.m. En
worth League ol C.E., Monday at S p m
The Masiey-Harria m itil.lcr. are Hill
nn -ink... ll an givrn out that .he
Ilrantlord men may ilrike i...i
Theoniooiol Uutle, M-mi., ar* raising
a cry niloit lb* patronig* ol th. Chi
as.alann.lrit., .hen work can bn don*
aa cheap by wh.u- tabor. There are
many girls in lb* cily who bav. learned
lh* laundry trad* and would gladly
work St It, hat ar* lorovd luto idlenesi
by Chine** cob petition.
Tbe O. O. D. Grocery Co. ha* put in
a new, Ireala stock of goodi al Ihe obi
■land on Washington Itreri, where Ibey
will cany a couipl..* lino ol Ursl class
groceries and p...visions. They ask all
old customers, as will as any new ones
that may be I.-, king for good goods, to
call and examine their stock aud get
Till) bi-t  liable blVlI'll  (O be bed in
Kossland ia lo ls> got nt tbe Russell
hotel. Everything 1b first BBSSB in
every respect, l'ronipt uml altun-
ti»e service.
The following ar* tb. miner* reported on the sick list Friday evening,
rehrnsry 9: John MvPhersoD, t'lairle*
W. J»l.asa.n,J..hi. Hiuaon, Adam lliller,
Jstust buiirr, John Grsy.
Harry K.lilts.
J.C. II.........
John 4abm.
Sick r.ui.iiol lee.
Subscribe for tho Imiihui.
WoKi.t, nud support the cause of
irgnnizcd labor.-
It will psy you io rail at Eagle* lor
millinery god ladle*' lurnlshinga ol all
II yon win! tb* beat loncb to Is* had
lor your iw.u.ey io tbe cily go io th*
Huteri Hotel. Horn* cooking and Ural-
i lias ssrvnr.
W. F. McKeill. lh. *bo* ds.hr, ll r*
calving duly ron.lgnnirlil. of new Iprlng
goodi. II. ha* Ih. moat couapUl* ■•>..i
merit of children's icbool and Mn. lho.1
to b* louad oo lb. I'm iliti coist. Goodi
gladly ibown.
Tb* dmini room al Ihe D .minion
bol.l wai started up on lb* I'm. Inst, by
MasJSSs McLaxriaad M.Ckiii. It will
Ins known as the Miner.' I'l.ion dining
room, and will b* run ei.t i.ly ond.1
anion priailpl**. It deseivet lib*r*l
Msttan ol Otosral Interest From Every
Wm.Go*b*l, ol Frankfort, K.y., the
eonte*tanl (or th* governorship ..I that
Hate, who wai ihot hy an unknown
■tiiitin  oo Jiinitrr  30,   on  th* stale
bouse grounds, pawed  quietly  a.ay on
tb* 3rd, inn.
Th* tramporl Ohio, which arrived In
Ban   Frim is,«  Saturday, Fehrniry  8,'
brnnght  13S lo.Het   Irom  Ihe  Phillip-
plmt.   Rtlillves ind rliiminti of th. ,
deed   will r«reive Ihe holies at I'retidio. -
Tb* bn includ** volonl**rs Iron Washington, Idaho, i ..rgnn And Montane.
Ream, oerlb     8 to 7
Itroomi, each      85 to 80
Butter, per Ib 30 to 36
rt.cnn, hesl. per Ib        10 to 17
Bulk Oil, per gal  50
BlKiiiis, lancy, per lb. ..A A... tb lo 46
Cheese, per 11.  20
Chocolate, per Pa...   4.1
Ceo*, pel  Ibl     8510 411
Cornmeal, per 101b lack  40
IXBse, ptr lb    SO to 60
Crackers, sodas,per Ih     .     .    It), MJfj
I'orn, per nn  12-,
Canneil Irulli, per i*aa   35 In 36
Canned pras, p*r can        l-.tf.B6
Canneil beans, per can   .  . )'."...
Oodfitb, per biick    26
Dried Irulli, per Ib  10 t - A.
Eggi, per dos 26 to 40
Floarpsr rack ...1.*. 1.50
> tranila.t.1 sugar, 14 Ib lor         1 00
Hams, per II.         17
Horsey, comb, parol.  25
Imperial oil, 6 gal. can         2IW
Url.il" pail  6."
I a.aa.-lrv soap, per bar 6 and 0
Liverpool salt, per 501b **ck... t*
Macaroni, per lh     15 1.  M
M da-art per gal  76 lo |1
Null, per lb  26
Rolled oils, ner 101b sack ... 46
Pickles, miied, per quart.  20
Rice, per Ib  8
Salt bacon, per Ib   ..       1'.",
S.go and tapioca, 11,10.8 Ib*. (or 25
Slock Mil, per 501b lack  76
Syrup*, per hill gal. lln  60 lo 95
Tomatoes, per can  45
Teas, per Ib  35 lo 66
I'..!...-.... per Ib   .. BO to 1,25
Vineglr, per gal   ..*._  80 lo 66
Wheat manna, pkgt, 20, hulk per Ib. 7
Ottawa, Deormbtr 2n, 1899.
I l..»e much pi.-.is.ne iii testifying t"
J. I,. A' in.trong's ability in the mechanical tie.iu-,Tii of ll. nil* or Kuplu'e
II . i. an very BiiccesBiully treaail patients
of mine ranging in age from a le a
ni.uillis to till years ol age. M .al ol
n etw patient! were ulib Ted Willi Ven
Ulgei uiiniaiiiig. able llerlliil, which
failed to be rrlitVml by all Ihe trusses
tried. The principle ol this patent a)-
ph.it.ce arviiiB lu Iw pen.,-i. The support ia directed HgaiiiBl the seat ol ihe
rtlpl tire only, and cun he iii-intpul mil to
retain arc.irately. I ui.hrsitailugly nc-
olllllll-lltl Mr A. in-troi k to Ihu Colisitl
cralion of ihe prolessioii snd the public.
IIknuy p. Waraor, Ml).,
103 Elgin tS.reet.
O'.ta.l, December 18   ISsn
J. I.. Armstrong, l.-,|., OltBWSI
Onar So : lu my practice I necei'ir ly
iii.fi witn uainy cases of Hernia oi Rupture. D Bring the past niiielt.a IBSrs 1
have had occasion lo use irur.sesot many
pattern., with the mil I results obtained
Iroiu l.t-li and spring irii.e.-s, vis,, f*r)
u.iralisl.tctiiry. I'.nil I ri-coauiuen.lr.i
your paient appllkn.Hi silj leted h)
yourself, all have been little ii-jlter thai
HSwImSS,    1 voluntarily   ra-a',.iu.iiei.tl  an\
 ■ i 111 • tied mih Hernia lo apply toy....
ul ..net-, and I have no dotihl that rv.n
itilehlg.nt   phyiieiau,   as   la.   Iiecome  |
aware ul your, It lily   t,  car*   aiipiiiir.
will gladly   ircoiiioieinl   you In  his p.  I
lieuia. A. A. Ha.NncRo.is, M 0.
414 Allsert Mint.     •
Lansing & Newman,
Sucoenor to A. C. FRY.
I Living purchased the A C. Fry Stock uf Groceries, Etc., we w'ah to sn-
noiiiiiT. to our many friends, as well as those oT"Mr. Fry'i, that we are very
argely increasing our Block, and Irani Ibis linn, forth will carry a muoh
wider variety nf goods Iban Ibe old firm, lu f.ici you will he able toobtain
all staple and fancy grorerlsB from us, Tbe public will quickly discover that
our prices are what they shnu'd he, and u.uishictio,, is absolutely guarantesd.
V. & N. Telephone 7.       No. 39 Columbia Avenue.
McGonigle & Co.
Spokane street Grocers.
Miners' supplies, Fruitp, Cigars and Tobaccos, staple
aud Fancy Gnceik-s, Etc:
Dei ember 15, 1889
1 bav. iaa leh p'.'i'oaat II, r. COUIIIiel.il-
nigloihe rtttciillon ol the piolt-a-ioi. ..
Il-ini*SnppoHer, llieli.vriiil.an ,.l J. I..
Armslioi.g id Ihlsri-y. Aller rep. aled
trials ol ihe iunrumen*, I am sali.tlisl
that it il the moat eiticiriit trust in Uu
Ii..inn i .ti As rrgartts iiusl. ol up;.lie.
lion and res.ills, it suit Is shin. .1, ll.l-
country, emboli, ang Ih* prim-ipl* .1
tiled mi.put, not lu i.y (.it-sure in the
ire. nn'.ti nf henna, avctxitaititag aa II
does Ih.t ill. rtqil.lt. pare.neat le
sffor.le.1 by Ihe w.ai   ol   lb*   . I.l-m. n
v. u,. nu...   c. it onum II. M D
I hav* the privilege ol referring  y m
I.,..t'.t.i ..i th.  inosi  relUbts i.ii .
. uri-.l  by my applitncel,  niclutling thr
wile ol  a proiiaiu.nl  niuiisiar ul   tb,
Uospt-I,   wile   of   a   prominent lawyer,
n iv. s ol two merrhant* ami nthars, in
rlu ling* LADY US YEARS OLD,   and
... . I. ■>  ul ma. ot our  o.i.ai prouaines
.-i.er, li ml.     Tue*. ladi.a Save not wort
1 j
any support Iroa one to I • ir years, ano
most ol litem lltrrr year*. ,
Testimonial! thi.-h fill ton macl.
space) lo th* . ih, i. to > ol my appliances,
above a|| others lr....i lh* I II .wing re
specUUI* irildeitti ol Vidorli, B. 0.,
V t :
L. i....-,i.i. ,.-. E q., i) i. en'" Mokrl
purveyor lo II. M.'i N .vr, corner Gov
eminent aial J dinean S r-il.; li Htm
iTSTa i I.C. I ,3gielsecStrr»i; J C.
Elliot', - ,-rt-iB,, Hoard ol Fire U.,al«r
writers, II. Minull, Esq., men hint,
08 Government S:r*«t; J. (bscouib.-,
miner, Fort Street.
Industrial World
Is the medium
by which the
reaches the
w'orkirt smart,
and the
canvKnow his
friends by
subscribing for
The Industrial
I will bB at tbe Allan Hoase
.. Tlrarsday. Friday and Sal-
° day. Feh. 15,16 and 17.
J. L. Armstrong, H.S.
Grand masquerHde ball, Feb. HI.
given I.y the trade* nnd lobar
council ut Miners' union hall. A
novelty iu the west. Many prises
given.    Hent lemon en tniisqiic, II
■wJi'pE iib::        •: r"nd!!UHie" -n ma^w'(™- *i**UKon
,:, 50 cents,
J. E. Clark*, th* popular Washlnglon
street Hsddler, begs l.av. to call your alien.Inn to lb. lacl that h« has (he lln. s.
lln* ol hirness ind saddles In lb* country.   Glvs him a call.
Celery, per bunch	
0*bb.ge, per lb Itf lo 3      „ A v„1(1|ltlnn f,,r fivrr>. |tt,|V) 8m|
Urspee, per  Laskel  115               ..       . .                         .,'
Umom. p.r do,   80, 3.5 a "wo"' he*rt hr PVrr'V   B-"tl«""n»
Onions, peril,  3 to 4 ought to draw a crowded   DOtMS   lo
1'ean, per Ih  10'ths Valentine Social, given   by the
Potatoes, per 100 lis* 1.26 lo I'M Ladies"   Aid,   in     the     M..tbodist
Riditl.es, 2 bunches for 6 Church, on Monday  evening  next,
-quish, p«r lh . ... ,.,      , ,.
Bwset pnistoei, per lb... „ (bs-d pr.rgrsmn.e. w.ll.  short   ,.,lk
romai.ses, |*r Isii       j ,„ by lb., pastor   on   L v.\  Coiirlsli.p
Inrulps, per Ib 33 and Muffing''-
Subscription $2.00 per Year.
Orders Solicited
And Delivered
Raymond Sewing Machines.
Heat   00   Ibe   Marks!   and. all   Litest   Iuiproveineiili.        Eaiy   Running
Drop Ilea I.      Cannot 1st. Heal in Price and Quality.
PRICE #40.00
Taylor & McQuarrie,
18 Cobimbis A.'..,ne, K'lsslaml, B 0. R .lo Aeenls.
G. W. McBride
Hardware  Minc'r Supplies'Stoves an 1
Ranges, Etc. Etc.
^fM-f W& ^W WZ
T I! KM KM <)l S ItlQ RjpDVCnpiSe IN
Mens Furnishing
Crescent Dry Goods S;
Advertising Rates Furnished
on Application.
International Music Hall.
WKF.K OF KEHItl'AltV 12th.
And during week (Sunday al Splerl),      M ....,.,■. S ittirdsv al 2:.10.
Finl |,.o lu.tion on my ilage ol Ztun A Oaiii ly'i M.isinil;CinnaJ*, with j
* plot ipiiertiining to ths War, in. Four A.-ls, Entillad,
{ New and Brilliinl 8cenlc EIT-cti
('•"I nines. It diets, ElO.
Simpson and Jones
A Complete flock of Oroi-erics nlwayn on Hnnd.    Also a Full Line
of Fancy BvspOtated Fruits just receivctl from California.
V-& K.Telephone Hfl     - d Ave., Opposite 0. P.R.Depot,


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