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Industrial World Jan 27, 1900

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VOL 1, NO. IB,
Devoted to tlio IntereHta of Orfliuiixed Labor.       Eudornod by tho Trades iuid Labor Council.       OfBolal Organ of Dlstriot Uitiim, No. 0, W. F. II,
The Big Store,
goad  suits
From 10 dollars
Up to 20 dollars,
The Value ia ever visablo to the crowds ihst visit our Store.
Jn. nil   Clothing  bniiilled   by   ua each  garment  Ih   thoroughly
loipeptml lit-fore put in Stock.
W« buy only from tin, makers who guarantee the workmauship,
w.Moli U (he U"-i  Ii'. .i.iiiii.n.l.i i ii.i we can ullbr.
The Big Store Hunter B)others
♦*,♦♦♦♦*««»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦< ******>* **** «♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«
Spring Suits.
We bo. e just received a consignment nf Men's. Roys' and
!' Youths' Knriy Sp in,- Suite, whieli «.• aro selling
Prom $4.50 to $17.00.
These Mills era marked "Right."    Not WO* 130 00, BOW 113 B0
hvnys ihe • 11 iii,> price, and lhal Ibe Lowest I'o sible.
Nor Oonoode tin, Right of Labor to
Organise If They Wish.
Forty-Three Imported Men Strike
—Claim They Were Deceived.
Victoria, Jan. 26.—Mr. G. W
Armstrong, of  Seattle, general  or-
Spetlsl to Io.lo-.ttt il Wtiil,1.
Sii.vkrton, Jan. '23.— Forty-three
men have laid nil' here rather than  Mr. lloyee mid Mr. (lumpers Shown
go  to work under lain reprisent;,- ,'„ „,. HonoraWe Mim.
W.F. McNeill,
Next Pelti like.
N'o fancv prices, Inn Ibe best value lor
your money. We liaudle un.y Ural class
Ewert Brothers,
linn. They were bound from Vancouver to (ho Enterprise mine, ou
Ten Mile creek,  under  the super- . '
gaunter for the American Federation I vision of .1. Roderick Robertson of I
of   Labor,   arrived   in  tho city lust | Nelson-      Tho   car   iu   which   tho  " '   l"VH-1"  «"««MntJ between
week, piesnmsbly to take advan-
i;.i nu Industrial World
Sir: Gousidorlng the strainer] re-
(age of the "admission" of Mr. .Lis.
Dunsmuir, on the floor ol the legislative assembly, that he had uo objection to his employees organising.
Mr. Diiiisniuir refused to say anything ou the matter of organising
the miners of Wellington till ho hud
conferred wit It his managers. Alter
visiliug his mines iu Wellington, on
Siiluriluv,  mi. lJunsiuiiir  returned
men Were traveling was kept labor uml l'"')iUI "' ,l"' Kooteasys,
locked nnd Ibe platform guarded lo ~ "'" i''1Pr•',*'"^ *'•>' »"'" MM that
keep the inmates Irom holding in-1'1 'm'M'r doP«»dlug «'l><>» public
terconiHe with (he |,„,,1 miners. l,i,,r",,i,K«" *» support, who lends
but notwithstanding every preoau- ,ta 00,nmM to.■** ■ tirade „f mi*.
lion (he local men ..( K, sehoi ry U'i,,1,nS' "1K<"l»'K aud peneo-dis-
managed to get to then »„d ex-t""'1""8 £>••<""<««»< a* that contained
plain tbe situation, and, in return. I L°_a^!!:,^_,0du™M..of. la8.t
learned under what ciruumstanoua
they Iuid   been engaged.    A  party
of union men also uccompunied lln,
to Ihe cily on Monday and wusaccn I mcii  down   the  lake and secured
Iu the afternoon by Mr. Armstrong. I the facts of the  oase.   The men I
The result of the b terview le given were employed by the Realty Em-r6"*-* *'f "'i" *•""'"»">»>' at heart
Saturday's Record, under tho beading:  "Mot a Triuln  Unionist," and
clearly aimed at the member* of
the Western Federation of Miners.
lot   British  Columbia,  bus not  Ihe
Iu Mr. Armstrong's own words:       plnymeul  Agency,  ,,f Vancouver,
'On  being  Informed  that Mr.jam! claimed that untair methods
mid   misrepresentations hud la-en
employed iu engaging them.  Some
I to his men organising,, he notified Ihad been told that there was no
headquarters to that effect, ami ro-|lubor trouble iu the
I I'uiiMiiiiir hud   publicly stated  iu
the  house thai he had no objection
,.     V,e hive .,Im erved some of our Spring Ehlrta, a few
which a*0 shown iu out- window.
We Holicil your iii-peeiioii     No trouble to show goods.
kEMPEY BROS.. The Furnishers;:liqueurfandCi8ars
< i 	
. Virner Columbia Avenue ami S|Mik«n. Street.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ee<•«♦♦«*♦♦♦♦♦« «>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
quested them In delay notion looking to the boycott of the product ol
Mr. DunOmuir's mines iu Sun
Frauoisoo and other plaoea where
organised labor is affiliated with
the American Federal inn of L.ib r.
Organised In in it will only patruuise
the mines wherein miiiersaroem-
plo.yed who ore affiliated with or.
gnuised lubor.
"1 waited tin Mr. Dunsmuir aud
talk, d ibu matter over u 11 Imp.
To bo trunk, i wnm to soy thai
Irom the inlet I was thoroughly
coiivioc.tl th.ii Mr. Dunsmuir bad
The Most Elegant mid Luxurious been misquoted, that uuder uo olr-
Ncw nml Complete Stock of
Next to the Kootenay Hotel.
il The Strand
hie.lll tllstrict,,
uml should be treated aooordiugiy.
Furthermore, to my mind the
evidence is unmistakable thai the
writer, be he Ibe editor or some
bin ling of the mine owners' iikki-
ciiition of the Kimtcunys, hclicviig
llilll    it   Wlllllll  be  t0    Ills    llllele-et   to
Fitted liar in <Lunula.
A Full Lir.c ul the Choicest
he   permit   his
ED. WATSON. Proprietor.
yVI,t»r,ever you .ee a  man   who-* eye.  ore
hrlglii endsispelastic, sml who silk, alone, as
Ihotnih lie ..* ne.l  hull  the loan,  you cm de, ide
that he isn't weak in his Kidneys.
'live  you   tbi'   Languid   Feuling or ., IV e all
It tck'.'   If mi, .luii', hesitate.
Dr. Esiljay's
Kilricy  I>IIls
Have cured others ami will cure you.
T R Morrow
clliusliiuce'.t   yyoiiltl
ho In tl to suy there is no doubt
now iu my liiiuil as to where he
"There is no use iu going into
details. Suffice it to say Unit ho
has no objoctlon to bis men organising, but, ns he niys, I don't have
to employ them.1
"1 pui this question to Mr. Dunsmuir!
'• 'Will you permit uie lo s'iy In
the Ann riciiu Federation of Labor
ibiii you line,, no objection to your
men organising, providing they do
If our agent does nol call on you  ,„„ „,„.,„,,, ,„ lU,.ull, ,„ y0U(ttml
uml  give   you   an opportunity  to   f|1| „„.,. l|ia,  u,„ W1|,   discharge
if our oouponi which L „„,,, , BUfe ,„. M()llgM .„ „,.
Iguniiod labor'.''"
To which Mr. Diiiisniuir prompt-
' """ « ", n"-v ly replied that be would uotagree
t tWO weeks. , .
goad the  mil em lo decils of vi<>-
iiiul   others   that there yvirc  nol
mi ugh   mincis  in  the  district to.,
tb.   the   work.     The   union   ,„,,, 11'-'"'-» H"" I"'-t-"Ub.r time, penned
act .ponying tho putty down „„!"""<«'"•""'' «ith thai object in
.....   ... i. ii ■■    M'W.   and   cincciliiig  this   fuel,   I
the   si inner    lu.'lv   explained   the   ,   . "
 ;  .   .    ,i , ,       ,   Ifliove    Iluil   the    government    of
Mluullon to the men,   who  refused   ,, . . ,     , ,      , .     ,B
.......    , r   .,      .,       ., - | llnlisli Columbia ebon , enact and
lo  proootd furlhcr than this camp.      r ,
.. t ,, ,   • .,,  eiiluie,. a law iii.iking such proline-
where llu-yiiru being eutertaiued
by   llio  local   minus'  uiuoii.    All
treaties  ol   Mr.
unavailing,   ibe
it fusing l«j g., on.
Hubertaou   tvera
men   absolutely
lions, under such ooudiiiuns as now
sxUt, a criminal offense inuisbahlo
with tbe same penalty that would
Is- dealt lo (he man wlui.go.iili.il by
such Intuiting remarks, break, ihe
laws nf hi- country.
This article would receive hut the
silent contempt ii deserve- at my
bonds were ii not  ib.it it pontains
Carpenter & Co, are still giving
away a beautiful carbon with each
doien cabinet size or larger photographs. Also we are sUII makiug
our fine photos ut it reduction of
irom $i.in> ioS.~i.ui> on the duseu,
entitle! you to om, of the heiutiful j
carbons,   cull   ut   our  gallery  ami
S e of tbe men brought Into the
• orgaiiis-, and from ahat Hue,,,, to work at the Enterprise *'*"al  "MSB-sals   evidently in-
inlne have returned to th. est, ,*'"'1"1 "' "sd«r« las "•buraotar of
oriiileotbera have scattered through ''"'"" wl'"M' '':'i,',' »■■»• hso bsss
,ut  the   Kootenays  in   search  of ,l,i'1 '"" ,",s "winosd   Veals of Ilia
work.   F„,|y of Ibe men bay, sign- Mr "",l  remarkable  tuieul   in  en-
edit written statements. King forth ,1,'i'»'"'"'«  <" UpUft his lelluw man
the nn.n.ier in which Ibey   Here en- "' ,l '"«'"'' I'1'""' of eilstonoo,   aud
gngd by an adv.rtlsemonl  In s j
V. DUVer   paper, .igned   by A. M.   '
interests of the Qnoncial Mippurtci«
ol ii bo-callod modern civiligatloa.
; lime within the ne.
The  OOUpon   yvill  Ih- good   until
March 30.
We   carry   a  complete  line  of
kulaks mid iiimiliire supplies.
Studio just a few doors  cin-l of
Beat wearing, Rest Bttlsg and bet looking
la 14**'*. Women's uml Children's
C. O. Lalonde
The Election of City Officers
Il over.   Now enmps Ihe great qMfttoB : Where can sve And genuine bargains
In MERCHANDI.SK, CLOTHING, SHOES and other Oooils?   The sniffST
from the people is: Try ttosslanil's I'.ivaile beading place,
The One Price Store.
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course, what tbe people my mini n» trim. Ttainking all, eapeui&lly old
Iriends, yours for further bargains,
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All-Wool Socks, worth  11.01), for
only 30 cents for the three pairs.
liOssLiiiil Auction lloiisi
44 E. Columbia  Ave., next door east ol
0. P. R.offlce.
B. BANefl-rP, Mgr.
to any thing of the kind, nnd gave
me lo understand, from everything
he laid, thi.l under no eunsiilcra-
lion WOUllI be p riuil In- employees
lo ilHiii.lt.- With Ibe A nu l null I'e.l-
ei'.iiioi, of Labor or to organise.
The Intel -view closed will, a positive statement Irom Mr. Dunsmuir
thai he WOUld iu I consent to anything,   anil WOUld noI cull,mil him
"So.   really.  Mr.   Dunsinuir luia
evidently been misquoted."
Every, effort is being made to
stup the spread of smallpox from
the stales into Ciiuuila. Ijunruii
tine ullicers are stationed ut all Ibe
crossings ofthe international bound
iiiv   and   the   regulations  (or keep
ing (lie epidemic Irom spreading
arc being strictly enforced*
Hciiltie of that city.    '1 bi'V  claim
they    were    tul.l   Uml    the   labor      ""'«'"''''-II-us that Mr. Ken-
trouble hod been settled and thereh"1*'   ",,!  B»»ernmsnt   oommie-
was a mu.eiiy ,,r ,.. sioner, has produ, ed letters writieu
  by Mr. Iloiie to  Mi. < lumpers, iu
W. L llngler, secretary <«f the which Mr. Boyce i- mads to appear
Sandou Miner's Union, was arrested a* a ranting nnorehlst 1 would
January 10 bj Provincial Constable ask how long would Mr. Oompsrs
S. A. Eel y. uiiii writ ■ .tut sworn OUl   rem.in pii'Mileut of ihe   Ameiieau
by ( ml II. IIhiuI. superlutendnil  Federal    of  Labor if bo  was
ofthe Pay die.     I'be , burgu i. j pruveu guilty of Mid, a breasfa of
tlmt of uiihiwi'iiiassembly. Hie esse trust n> is hen- stated, and why
had a preliminary bearing before does he rcoeive the esteem today of
\V. II. Lilly mil ibe piUouor wsi Mr. Boyoeand hlaii'MM'iiitev.'
put under bonds of 11000, iu seou. Again, as an svidenos of the
riiies of $iimicubby ST, j,ThompIwriter's intention to vilify Boyoo
eon and John lluekley, ami »L'iHi s nd not produos foots, I would ask,
by Ilagler himself.    Tl aSS   WOS   if  Mr. ll..y.e did   make  Ibe  etite-
to have hod a hearing on Wedues ment attributed to him that bow*a
day, but war. postponed tlllyester "not o trade uulonlst," must wo In*
d".v. I'.-r.  ns does  the  «riler.  Uml   tin.
.,.,    ,       ..   7., Western  Federation of Miners is
I be   Insl   ,1-i   nl   the  union 111. II ,
-o     i ... a .iimiiiiil . rguin/.itiun.'
nf  s.aiiibiu to  Ibe   Pay lie 1111110 was        , ..... , .    ■
,,       ,„., ,' ,1     Agilltl,   ir   Mr.    || lyos,   hounded
on   Ihe   !H(b insl   when  twenty of . ,   , , ,,
., 1    .....    . to >b .Ih by lln-(Ii>r..puliihh) serib-
theiu   Iramped  up lh» brl lo int. r , , ' .        ,,    ,
... blurs in   ll mployol nu hireling
pres., halls nl limes In biu-h asido
these snuoying creatures, oooom.
pOUying    the    net    With   languiigo
view Ihe .scab laborei's.     'Ibey wore
Petitions are
legislative    assembly    ut
protesting against  the  repeal  or
change ul tile eight hour law. IheSS
petitions are Irom nearly evi iv .it \,
town mi I camp in britiob Columbia,
It is estimated that no lees than
Ii 11 v such petitions have been received by lion. Mr. lln,lie, of Nil
son, anil   Hun. ,1. M
tbe present time.
who bad 1 eon summoned bj tele
pl one ami made a flying trip by
the oriel tin■ 11 from the ore house
to the mine,   lie met the men in
company with tbreeur four foreign.
el's, whom   the judge hud sly on, ill
iis deputies, nnd before the union
men Iuid a ohnuoo to moke known
pouring in uu th.
Victoria " ''-i'1' "' ,'"'ir v Ml ''"'> ,l'"1
Hi.'   I lol   act   S| III ng  nil   tl.Om  lliul
wereobllged to go back srlthoul oo
ouniplkdiiug their object,   Tho tern
p.iniry   die. k    has   been   received
philosophically, and   while making
no uuneoossory noise obeui it, legal
Step! «ill lie taken |0 serine jlis(in>
.yiiiiini up to iiiruiigli the proper authorities' si
\ n loria.
neither ooraplimeatery to them nor
t<> 11 government thai permits such
int. ll.. imil scovengi ra to ply their
vocation Hi„.n,g respectable people,
It"   lias   ll    Imm'H    guilty    of   no
great, • 1 - rime 11, it ti I, is many of lb.,
world's greet)-i benefsoton for
whom mouuments hove been built
to perpetuate their memories, hh nu
.•\..iit|iie for inline generations to
Again, ns au Illustration of tb.
nnllkolll I   of  smh  Ntatementa
oumlng Irom such a source, only b
few months ago the conservative,
Ooniii.u. ■: on Ki ut'h I sue. THE.   INDUSTRIAL   WORLD,
burden.    They are   realizing  Hint 20 percent., hoping for n   10 per
they have some rights that ure to oont. concession from the operators,
bo respootod, aud demand that they President Patrick Dnlan, Vice-
rubiiniieiiaino.■■,wasiiiugtoi,.iieei, Russitni.1. be iilooguiziil us intelligent human President   .loiiics   Buohnnaa  nnd
U thtintenat of organised labor la Brltlsli  beings.    If the emplovci' will resort Seerctnry   William   Dinlils  nf   till)
Co'uu,-i"'                                     j to falesehood  to set-urn men, to Pltteburg dlsttiot are included In
what extent are they to trust him the delegation,   President Dola'u is
to keep any promise or agreomeut said to bn slated for el cot I on as a
lie may make with them?   It is to delegate to the American Federation
bn hoped   tbeir  next,   move will bn, of  Labor,  with   which  the United
Mine Workers' 01'gauisatl
Railroad men Iu England have
tl.'i-iiled to demand an night-hour
1). L, Kl.VS'l'
E lltor ami Manager,
Office st Milieu' Colon Hull.
r.y.lle ltiv.ii.ilily in A,I .vine.
Our year $1 CO
Six alualH,    l J>
Tbrre Months  ...     7S
address all Coramunlcatloni tethe Induslrlsl
World, rastsnes no. st, Ressland, b. c,
more respectable and legitimate,
The advanced civilization of tho
Nineteenth century has been felt in
Georgia to suoh an exlent that its
legislature, now In session, bus
":' l ""ffl]uBt passed n bill to prohibit ohlld
labor under twelve years.
I P. Burns & Co.
Wholesale Markets.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood,
Urn nil Forks and Vancouver.
The bakeit
iilty, foi'iuer)
A petition lo the legislative  ns
seiiiblyut' ibe Province was olrcu- 8ome p    '       ' ths Advan-|8oclallB', Trade and Labor A
lated   freely nn ong the  business
luges of City-Owned Lights.
nil ol lb-eland, on Saturday lost,
bj one id their number, praying
(ho lawmakira, at Victoria, tliut]nlnm
,' unions of New York
y   nlliliiiteil   with   the
' "lance,
have seceibd rum, that body and
returned to the Bakers' and ( on-
(.•dinners' Intaruntioual union.
TUe iiuiukiri.i world Is for sale in Roas'aud Ii
IhsBaiiga Cigar atorti Blmpsous News Mandrl tliey will   not  repeal,   or otheiwis.
H. s. Wallace'! staUouer)  store]   Coal Ofllcs
News Standi   i.iaiott   tiros., Statlouery  store
Batr'a Cigat Btorc autl by lie iv.boys,
All . in. -•■ iin.y he made piiyuhle in
the Manager or ihe Sec.vl.iy tl the
Minera' Uoiou.
land   does   mil   seen,   lo he
bv any means, iu the delta-'
f the question of a city own- Tho wage question on the wheel-
change, the eight-hour law from lug It.own lighting plant, as many log nnd LiikoErio railway haa been
the way it now stands.   As v ese of tho smaller cities throuaiiout tho settled hv a poneral advance of ten
- ts .
gentli nn a wi le not ei eiced itreven , western  slates are trying 01 urging  per   cent     being   granted   and   a
leqnosled by the labor people to do tho trial of the system, and  we change will be made from the trip
this, it would sn in that they, too have yet to be informed of the first i lo the mllesge system.
see the advantages aud justice of Instance of a failure when such a
BUCll   B   low.    ll   is said that   but j plnnl lins been inslnl'ed.    The city       About I oil  newsboys went   on   a
t RETAIL  MARKETS- Ressland, Trail, Noises, Ymlr,
♦ Ka.lo,  Sandon, New Denver.   Silverten,  C.seuile  City,  Clin*
♦ Forks, Greenwood,  Phosntx, Midway, Camp MoKlnniy, Rev*l.
♦ itoke, Perguson and Vinoouver,
X Fish, Game and Poultry' in Season, Sausages of all Kind*.
t \Vii.i.iam Donald Manager Rossland Branok
two men-hunts in the W hole city refused to sign   the   petition, and the
These who desires ehstigs  in  their
advertisement should bivs thsropylor
lbs same at  this (flic*  i nl   Inter than
tl e evering bed rS publication duv.
I'nnliib aoe is being freely expressed on nil sides ihut the legislative assembly y\iH mske no move
to repeal the eight-hour law, notwithstanding the petition that b.is
Inn presented bj the Kootenay
mining companies, us that honorable body is credited will, sufliiceiil
prrapiculty to see Into the game
that is being plnjrd, 'I he pies
Hint many of ibe mining rompa-
lues WOUld be forced In ell s.   || ll..
li w woo nol repealed ii rvdiculotis,
wlun such dividends are being
fieelarcdos tl al of the B. A.C. and
AVur Eagle 11 in i ,u. it -.  'I I.i i: .gain.
of ill*, signers of thst pi litis n rev-
ri nl are known t,. have been .1, nt!
town for from two lo three years
co nf y\!.;,t me me I Iii Ir names on
such ii petition? Hoy did nol
operate under the ten hour system,
anil what issuranco Is there that
they would have worked dicing
the i a-i year hud it not becu foi
Ibe   eight Iii ill'   law?    'Il.e    Robert
E. I.,,- has nut hud .. man nl woik
lor  three   yiors.    Ihe   Gopher
mid Monte CrlstO lave each
1,. n eh.M d d. v ii lur lw<> y, ant.
Ibe IL morteke reported a "won-
nci fully I it it slnl... in , r,
ebiil down Vol") SCOn alter. Tlll-J
tlitl in I claim ul the lime that it
wna on account of the «igbi bum
luyv. According to lis own report
to stockholders the   VVbitewntei
• annul   b i  Ihe iii    . t
ublig.d t„ shut down, as ii manages
to decline a dividend oven OU milling the very loo grade ore on its
lhe i resent,
'I ho   action    taken    by   Mayor
..r Lngnnspoi't, Ind. I,.• — been so strike recently nl   Pertlnnd. ore.,
silecessful with   its lighting inve-t- nnd refused to  handle the livening
r these are withheld lor ment that !• is now contemplating Telegram! iu-e that paper rofosed
the purchase of the telephone gyg. t„  allnw  litem    l»   I'elnrn   Unsold
tem as will. , aners.     \|| curre r. yvere stopptd,
In   1803   the cily   purchased an and several thousand noplosofthe
Qi odevo on Tuesday to slop gnmb- nlectrlo iight plant for F5-1.000, Im papers were destroy od by the hoys.
ling ami ihe use of Ihe niuklc in- folding it insufllnlenl Increased it to 	
the-slot mschlnes yvill, no doubt, tho value e,f 1125,009.   Tho city, 'Hie drives nod conductors   of
meet with the hearty approval nnd ivhlch uses 182 aro lights, gels its tramways  at  Vadrid. and  other
support it deserves In m Ihe citl   streets and publio hullilinga lighted workmen connected with that  In-
tens of Rossland,  It la lo be hoped | free, ami they are said to bsoveu dustry, have gone on strike,    ibey
Mayoralty Contest
that  his act will meet with tho ap» atrnnger lights than those furnished demand higher wages, n ten-hnii
ir Our (irnud Clearance Sale started on the  8th
proval of the police o mminsloners the city <>f Washington, D. ('.
sud be enforced to its full cxt>nt,
i therwisu ii were ns will that it
had never been instituted.   Inn.
giinl in closing lot, r, stional music
hull, we do in i n c by what tight will burn «l,CfJ0 volts in sixty hours.
d'y and two days' rest a month.
Private ligbis are fornished at "Hie men nro very orderly and nre
live cents per  1,000 volts, wbi,•!,  being well supported by mhscrip-
nmnunte lo about 18 cents a llgh   thins,
par month, assuming  that a l'ghl
and will continue till the 1st Feb.    We will
sell all goods regardless of prices.
Men's Tweed Suits from
$.3.75 up
Mr. Eleekmsii can be forced to
cluse at IV. ..'click exte] t on Salur-
dnj night, If the |>i lb.una nee Is
illlownble at ail. it appears to us
ii can be iiiu as late as it pleases
tl..- msnngi meul to run it. so loi ;r
ns it dots 1.1,i extend Into Ihe Pah-
l.alb. As has already been urged
by the Miner, ii gives amusement
for n little time to the men coming
on" shift late iu the evening and
keeps them doiu more object ion-
able | IlilTS.
*—    ■ ■
Will A-I: an Increase,with PlflVr
line I!. Iv... ii llanil mid
M. chine Woik.
111 national convention nf mine
workers incl  In  Indlanoptdis Ihe
15th Inst with 500 delegates pre-
ami sent, most of whrm ore instructed
to ilemili.d an sdvOIIOS in Ibe
ll o average time a light is
New   /"tl 'lid. rs   have   achieved
ivi'it working mou  In other lands
Men's Overcoats from     6.75 up
Men's Irish Freize Overcoats from
a ii m lb      || „Im,  fin ni-
ii .     nn> olnmnrlng for. Among tho fono-j Men's Underwear per suit, from
ti."is nf the government i« the pm-
io its patrons through tin tn    .,.       „       ,   ..      ...
,   , .,    r        , ■ ,  ..   , , elding of wmk   I")'  nil   who  may
system, for which it charges about        .      ....    .
apply,   i ln<  bus  iw n
6.25 up
1.00 up
'."t it nt- i, month.
Al ihe time the city purchased ii
pis nt there woio 5f>l i>u«ttimer-
using | ri slo llgl i- '! his nun be
l as m ■•. Increased to 1,100 cm-
I' no r . v.'.., use ittv (', it, 'J.I..III i
I oNls of If, :ml ::•_',,•...,11, tower.
From iliis source the c ty d- rived „
a revenue, In 1800, of 818,570 81.
I'm-     onsl      of       Operation     yyu-
118.0072<\   leaving   a   ml   profit
of n.<a;::t;:.
lone for,
•o'„,o i.in,-, nnd ovorv New /. -.-
I- ml.i- is pure of ii j,,b iii 82 00 n
•lay for eigl I hours.
AH Gocds to he Slaughtered till 1st l;*>h.
Call e;\rly and secure first choice.
There nre now n'filiated in t' •
\mer*nni Federation nf labor"3 Columbia Av, and Lincoln St.
national and Internationnl  bodies.
bui there Is si.mo ,1 flerencc as to
hi w much mill .!•■ demanded.   Thri
■    ■ '•     '■ I upon in,
ll     .... nls p. I Ion     Tl e
rt'uvcnttonrepresci t- it- Owork-
uu u iu '.'7 stall s.
Ill   llll     ||  lll'l I    of
it was deckled Iy the Indiana men
dump. By tliolr own note tlio mine to stand for a lint difTerenUnl rale
o«rners moke the workmen feel "i seven rents between pick ami
that tho* have no desire to deal machine mined coal. ''Li- is (he
B-liinre by ih,iu. when, In ordei IILuols ml.-, and while the deh
simply to enlarge tho list of |ietl< gates are ol ibe opinion that the
tinner, ll ey   wi.I mill Ihe unities ol   OpOrStorB llSVO   11   I light lulviintngo
oomponlcs who can nol claim to even at lids rate, they will bo sails
be influenced < m waj i r the other fled If tho o ii\, nllon Axes il al lbis|'
by ibe present low.
11  nls to tod. i iti ow.   lis oentrnl
'n' or union* and Irnd ■• as-, inbliea,
505 local unions having no rational •        	
bend and 202 federal lahor nnioi-s. -     -       -l "' "'   '
lol. fa. managed hy  ■'"•,",:'' membership of .1,.-,..,,- ,.KU~K, ,,rv  c,,^..,-
a board ,-r trustees nml supcrln   -"'•"'-  '<• nesrly two million* ALL  UiNlUN All.N  bMUKr.
lendenl wl as served slnon the !""1 " l",,f- "'" "■"'"•""' •<•"''»• "'«'
ll.int   was pmcliased, is run bj   i "-'year being ,,but .'.•' fj
-lean-and water power, the stenin
Ih iug made by ibe use of coil ami
All Rubhci Ooods to be sold at cost.
Mainland and British Lion Cigars
•fh- se wage-ear, ers  who r c |ve
l,.c-.',..s,...rt  is notthoon'- „„. „. r„ur ,ilnwi Rg mnoIl -or
oily in ln,i::„,„il„li„.p,„isM,e,.,o- „,„;,. w,,rk 88 „„M.r ,„,„„,,., „„„,
i.ilbeumle.laking. M-lcle ll.aluwn nmmhw  ,|,n,    llnVss    they   help
or 2,000 inhabitant*, has a tlS.OOO ,„,V]n  „„.   wn„(,   „,-  ',„„,,.
i'1""' "':'"'<••■''"'• ' Hon.   Th- prieeilmon.il  Is n mere i dim
'">'    -w™-"""    •'■"- '««    »l of time when they thcmselvra will
; '.v. ecu - a month, and has 40 -ire, I ,„. <„,„,„.„,.,, ,„ ;„,,-..,. „ ,.,-,,..,;„„.
orraC,rofmn,l,i.:en,inii ;K "J J '    ""' °lly  tmm lhorofi»™. «">  tngetl.ar, anl help
»te»J5.00peryoor. your has fortunate brotlier.
Xorib Vurnon has a plant  of i'- 	
own ami   furnishes   about   1. j(j     The flnesl lab-r temple in  tl e
lights at 95 ccDts a month. world Is in Pari*   D huh built In
I'.diiibuigi,  liirnishts residences IfO'J and c-st tho city about 84"".-
ai ISornte i mouth nml business  I, and eighty-two trades nrgatd-
houseaal20cents. satloni hue meeting places and
Audcrsou,    Dd.   bonght   two nffloes under Its roof,   I", r which
plsnts ut  172,000, which ii con- light n Inul rein  i- paid.   The
r^,i'l•',"'      - '-   K  *•"»« «n«"clal onnncll nppropilotn sit-
under this ra.e „, sbwiuns.i.i-    "'"V   *«>™"?  "'",   "  ,",,l'"r """">■ n » for its r. slntenonoe,
The mono ,i .., , a lea's said, and a grenl  i menwillbs    I'"1]"]   ',' ,"r  "^ ,bc,r« "nd '"" c,v,° »Mtl'ori««' i'«""1 !'
n      c .     , liugely     llgblnl   l,y    niilura     ga-. has i one much go,-.    ,,,  prinnoliiie'
gr> ut,-t slat.■• I... n      Kverlastlt  K   -i!".   Bcrceii* t-ame iii for a greal    ,   ,   . ,, h h        ,   ' h
.. , . ,   , ,, ,    r   ,• , • yibieli   i"   On in bid  ut    ii  lea ihe   wel  being   if   i „•    work ino
Unking   to   il   l,i it..- • amount   of discussion,  anl  it ««-.,,,..,, s "
" .       .       ■:       .. ,    ,    i , , .    ,        ,        month.   It  fornisheo about   1000 cloi •
nuns lo Lave been adopted by the llnollydetel 1 to demand our
Bineilv Fiisl-' ls-« I'nioa « Ij.r.
Mai ufjclured by Wrn. I.ialje*.   f*»«aas.r.  B   C.
Bloasn mine owners Iu Iheirattempl and   n  quarter Inch  Akron bar
to Import laborers lulu ths dlalriei fcrecns, six bj twelve.
to MSb in Ibe mi  but Ihcj heed
siii-tl rr eh   enl than Blicktoltiva-
ness, mum ly. honesty.   It  would
Many Olhel del, gain n-. j| is nn-
'i. • i. ml, .ill folios the demand < f
Indiana, Pennsylvania will demand
Mim that experience bus failed to an sdvaooool 10 cento ,-„ plok ami
lie n find lea. In i in Ihe cu-e. when.   I'-'J e.|,|. on maebiiie coal.
nftir repeated ittcmpls to import
mil <rs iii ii) r false p i teusi -. Uu j
have foiled every lime.   The laical
Mu' Pittsburg distiiei delegation
to tbe convention b ft for the west*
era city Sunday.   *"he district sent
Incadereonte, however, at an aye,
age ni 00 , cuts a month,
Ii osoore onlj a few of ths cities
repotting successful operations ol
'heir own light lug   | bints, and il ia
to !«■ hoped ibui our city will very
1000 juin Ibe list,
The law  Is a queer  Ihiiig.     ""WO
fellows w.'ie am st...! f,,r peddling
pins Without a license. I!y selling
the pins they could earn PI oiigh lo
keep body and   soul   IngctllOT, lays
tho Missouri iv,,ii,i. but theyoould
not procure a license because they >
Tl       „.     , ,„ , . Idid   not   have  tlio   price.    If  ll.ey
T|,e i-ilv of I Imago is nboiit  In  . ,    , ,'     . ,     •
begged they   would   novo   boon
If iluv resorted to steal-
attempt by .1. lb .I. n.k Robertsoi   seventy n.   Dining the forenoon
of Nelson, to gel a carload of men '"rgo conllngeute ,-f minera from
to the Enterprise mine has mcl with the Maryland,Control Penns* Ivanis
Ibe   failure   it   d-enes.        If  tlll-J   and   Ill0 anil,incite cm I fields went
have allowed Uo in .In- lo be
iiiriieil away with the illusion thai
flll men can be bought wilh the
glill'r Of  their gold, which, by the
way, i« all He laborer lo likely la
g.t of their Oitby lucre, they should
i.giu to resllu lhal lliey sre de«
I .. Ugll   l'< Men     i n     the   vn.V   In
Before the delegates left Pitts-
buig   a   efliicus was  eitlbd  nt   the
miners'heodquorten on Diamond
sire, t.   The gem ml Mntimcul of
the   ,1. legales   was   Hull    n   sliinl
iM.gin (he coustlUCtlon of a large
and iu portent sewer by Ibe direct
laboi phiii, it having been found
ih.it   Ilie   OOntraol system   is both
expensivo and nnaaUsmotory, and
every other municipality has found
the coiitiact eyt-t. Ill nn public
Works 10 be expensive and mutatis-
factory, but tiny still keep up Ha
nn- mainly beosuse of Ibe "rake
ofl'' and polilicnl prestige conn e.le.l
will, it.
i,r,,-l. tl.
ing  rliey WOUld have met Ihe same.
fate, ami if Ibey did nut WOsk they
would   bo arrested  for vagrancy.'
The   iudgc gave tbeui   an   le lir   10
leave low,,.    Tbe bigbyviiys nre loo
muddy to walk ou, If they walk on
tho   railway   track   they   yvill   be
arrested fur tresspass: If they steal
a ride the  railroad will have them
arrested; if ibey stay here they will
llOKPnl tojnil, inul if lliey go else
coning themselves.   Wurklngmou would be mode for ■ substantial     Pit* hundred ami sixty trade where, they willb able to keep
nm weary of being regarded n« advance lathe mining rate.   Tho anions of Prases report flvs per ,ml of Jail.    Tb.-- is something'
automatic machines ,.i   beasts ol miners are  expected   to demand coot, of their mombors unemployed, wrong,
I'UINii  the DOSl  year our
business has Increased
rapidly, which fad in it-
-cli .|„-.iks favorably of
ths Ireiiimrul   our many
patrons hove received from us Our.
.lint is to make this veal very   miitli
better,  Vou will find us in tin front
with a lull hue ol Staple and Fancy
Groceries,  Teas. Consss,  Biscuits
and Confll liuncry. Jams and Jellies,
(.iimcd  Fish,  Meats.  Vegslablss,
KtC Vour orders receive our
prompt attention.
124 East Columbia Ave.
A  Story Told   to   the  Provincial
Government Does Not Oorres*
spond with thu Facts,
Thu following report, made bv Mr,
Foritir to tbe sharoholdsrs ol ths While-
wilier Quid Miiiiint iuid Dsvalopmeni
Company, in London, Bag., really needs
liocuninienl, as it  tolls its own awry.
Mr. Politer dieclnseB ths position hsld
by the mine owners' simulation of the
DluOSn nnd   COrroboratU  thu  sluletnenl
made by one ol the honorable gentlemen
BOmS time SRO, In the effstlt thai lliey
were only .1 11 .ling out iiguln.l the
union! nml tin- eight-hour law from
prluulplS. lie sHi.tus furibsr, nnd his
Hint nine, nt ii supported   by other* who
have   visited   the   property,  lhal   they
Daul I woik to id via lege st -1 iy lima, il
ii was n it for ihe  labor trouble, and
th it a very h iii'liniie profit Ins been
reulissd dnrlnn ihe ibutduwu by Iroatlnu,
ihe low grade, oreou lbs doutpl, FUsie
uouipanics mist oousUlar ilia taboror>
gaaisailous  tx reuirly itupld,  10  m,
UOlblogOl the opinion III —> m Hit Iniv,-
ol our Provl .- I u verunictit, ii u.ei
t ink Ibey cm in.tke lUull reports 10
their stoukhulden r • I, it the lanii 11 i.e.
hoodwink the legUlsiuro by llielr pie*
of poverty ami halt-tioiiceslsit 1i1re.it 10
close ilieu mines > the offending Uw is
not repealed, I'm* lo'luwiug isltie report tu stock tenders of llu Willie* Uei
ciiupaiiy, 11a publiabed 111 Ibl II.melt
Columbia Ii  view :
I'n.. annual general m (sting of the
shareholder! ul mo Whin-*.ner M nes
I. .lined,  OSS   held  uu   M mdaj   Ml   Ih,
Oiuuon Sire 1 'I itul, 11. <J., Mr. Ueur)
W. K.itsir, M. P., Ob I.IUAU ul tin
c i.npiiiy, prrlldsd,
Mr. !•;. It. P 1,111111, tii • sert-i.ry, res 1
thu nutluu c iiiv.Tiuu ths in ouug.
Mi. Pursier saili Asyuu alllobieiv.
in tbo Ootnpauy's report, no leti u. in
inr-e ui.t Hot-is of it. I, ■ ,r 1—.ia iit-ly,
Mr. Popkiii, M'. A ley and mysell—
Visited your properly during Hie poll
siiiiuu.-r, au I bad ample opp irtuulty ul
Lilly luves.lgatllig ihu affaiSs of in.
toiiiuiii' ami ui  coilerriug   with   in.
I.hmI si  ll'.    Y .11 will, Her. lute, I think,
leel inai yjardlro lOisareioauuuunMi
degree ipuini-.1 lo give y „ lull lufur
in itltiQ with regira lu y iur properly
1 tiiiiik you liave .ineily ,■■ -• iv--i .Cop)
oi ,h.. report pr.pir.sl l> Mr. p
nn aedUlely   ,ti tt   In,   return    Iron,
It   llilll l' -I III!  III    1.1 Ibis .'-'I III t ,   'lull
siiuull nit, in tike this opportunity oi
I t  It  e'l-l.t, llllg    . \.     Kg*    '. t. it    I eo ,
t, in,- hi. M . l'o,ikn '» ,.,,.-.
I,,.  ,t In h..j ii. . .   ll     -• 'i    •.. J    .|   III,
II ll   ..I i.l.l,,, ,,, ii .III l    .;   tlitt ,.!.-|.e.-
llVe   v'.l He    ol    i t       .s.uCO III
|.         il   .:•''.lo Ill)   v t«   ! ir .i- I   • • hav. ,
by ,ur ul ui and mil u ail.,,
to .li -nl   i nt ih   i toft, ml.. -i   I ui r,
U inllllg    .el.    Ho        '.,.!<.       1" i.i     n IV,
already   Is    . .1  Uml  i u
pin) look uvi, uu .1,1 .. o.i Hie . I h o
Alar.h l.,-i j. *r, ,u.l .
lakeu lor the pi ■     .        i in. Medio ■
,-l ihe Gouueiitralliig plant,   utdol tb
,  i u liugi ii, v.' >- uy lor il.
pi ,. . . ,•■ ■    „• uu .i  tin t.niit'
■    I, ,ve   ,1 i    ....
Bud ae now have .t . rj    ...     ••• •
iii".r.   ll u,  while we wereerecllug the
loi.l an.I o.l.t r  I , ■ Here nl In,
Sa.He ll it    i . II I b .   I Hi   t  a
wu:k  lu   In '  in,.i,'  nu'.  in •      j    i ol
lurlher provlug lb  property aud u|	
Inj(.ap greater reserve* ul ore. I'n* n-
buIi „i nu. .b v I |. a ml « •>« Is nn:
hi em in., luuuel Upraise*, etc.,
an.i.uileil iu a total leng'U ol ab nu I. ill
a in In when your uuiupaoy look ovai
the ,■ ..per' i , they ire UO* represented
I-.- ., Isilgtb ol i. .in d "I de ,ii.,l distance, a 1.1 ii is v ry sail,fact ,.y to in-
loin y.ei iii.i iii every pari ul ibe mine
the rein ha- b en bni.,.1 to euillltt t,
i   iclwa  i .. i , ■ ■   ■ ■ :.,  in length mci
depth.     Il * is  nil l   I    i try lo
, . ,,t,i > r -.. .... al   lln,  old a .iSlugs ii,
eider tu ensure llielr safety and provide
lor Ihe c in in I nl- prigreSI of i.iiuli
largfi t-U p ll loan o.i I l.ltlierl.i been
attempt,-1. Pram lbs 21.(1 Ol March n.
Ibe 31*1 D.-.'ei.ib'i. 1801,001 II irl* were
prsili.: iby ceiliie I to development
Work ami lo Ibe erection n! the null ami
h Hidings. I'liu largn u.i In .1 ol clean u,
Iblppmg "ie nhitn bod proved so pr.itli-
uole  to tile  former  .isnii"   had  gt*e0
n ... io ooiiosntrattni  ore,  ia  otbsi
Hinds, While Hie contents ul ihe win
Weie |0S1   as   v.tltiih.e a, bad   hiiniel,
I >o  i ioe, no urs i, nl besoms siors
Hi.ieiv dessemlusted ihroagh lbs v	
iiiiiti--, loitssd oi lormlng * ooopars.
lively luriuw nml twmpact Inly as il
bad prcv. at ly duie. fnis tiling Ihe
ca,e, ,1 WOUld have been  a  very costly
pro.:eedin>( lo separate  the clean ■ I
high itrade from i ... poorer quality ol
iimurul with hIiI.Ti it was aSSuolated{
an I we did nol, therefore, alien,it lo
ship ore in nny Isr^i, tpi unities, h.cu e
wj fell that wn slioiil I uhiain heller results il wo Waited unit I such a lime as
Ihe whole of the ore colli IsJ treated in
tbe mill. AbhoiiKii we in ide every
effort to net our null mil Ihe attendant
works completed nl the earliest possible
moment, it was not until III li.itemher,
1st)-), toe wa were alilu to SODBSOOS
nulling oporalious. VsSStl lUI an 1 le limn delays occnrrel, hut when you re-
iiiemh-'r I nil nil Ihe m i.'iiinery hail to
i... h,ought Bomeliines ulistaucuol 2,000
miles, and thai the omission of even the
smallest psntoo ui the plant Involved
* delay oi we, ks .uel   months,   ynu.il
Continued on Kourib Pane.
Miners, mine lnborere and mill men
But hereby notitied that the labor lion
hies iu West Kontenny are nut yet settled, all reports to the conlrury notwithstanding*
Siny away from the Sandon, Bllvsrton,
Whitewater, Nelson snd Ymir district.
Until Offlulsl Mniioiineeineiii is issuetl
t It,mi.;I, i h«- i-i>■:•■ --I b final setlleineul
hv Ihe District ltnnrd of the Western
federation of Miners.
Hy order of the
of the  Distiict   Board   of   the  Miners'
Unions of ibe W. P. M.
Thnl llolslestl .v. Wright'l new store,
Corner l'ltHt avenue snd Washiiiktou
streets, litis received one linn,Ind dolsn
of the Llchl pi. j, I not i.ir.H iu men's neck-
Weiir, also a bin lineof stamped linen lo
fancy WOlk, A new lineof plaid shirts.
Their cloth lug block is all new nml well
ISSOrted, A complete line nf staple and
fancy dry good*, cl..thine ami lurniaii
iugs.   They have excellent values.
J. B, Clarke, ihe popular Washington
street Saddler, bet;, leave lo call yourat-
tenli hi to tho fuel lh.it he lius the liiiest
line of hiirnesB ami saddles in the cuun
try.   Uire him a call.
(..•erybily la hind of money, ami al
could pi.sess it if ther knew how ti.
ei'iino.ii z '.     I'.Viiyoue eSlitnstSS  wha'
Id* outlay *bi  ho ihraughout the yeai
Iur Clothing,  shoes,   blankets,   etc.     A
v,irking man, for Instance, expendion
these articles from f 150 to (2X1. Bar.)}
ibey could get the saraa stuff, nnd ,( ..
Teller quality,   al  ball  Ihe money   by
purchasing ol  ns, and  thus s.ive  Ir	
879 to $100 yearly.   Tbe majority do It,
nil then, are otlurs that do mil, anil
t lift el,ire it stands to reus on lhal they are
l.toliih nnd will not listen to common
"ji .-.   Practical ami smart men know,
. iw* ■. r, the vilue of money nnd wha
go d u-e t ley can |iat il lo, aud the)
realise ll only when lliey purchus,, at
tbe It .s-l.ii.I Auction House, 42 I. ,8
i'/'miles I venue, mxt door east oi
O.P. It.   telegraph  OUloe, ll.llinii.it,
r bor Or^aaizat'oDs of Boiilud— iMtllg Days.
second and fourth Tticmlay In each month *t
mop.W in Miners' UnUn hull. C. W. Wilson,
Sec ; John McLaren, l'res.
KNIGHTS OP HBOR—ROMltnd Assembly N*.
i6j-, me ts the Or It MtiiHhi'd hiiibys of each
month l 7:30 p in. In Miners' Union hull, Jas.
Wilkes, Sec; Win. o'Urien, 1'res.
every Pililsy of euch week at fijQ p m In
Miners' Union hall. 1'. K. McDontald, Pres ;
A  J. McDonald, hcc.
MlNlUtS* UNION NO $%, Western Peilerslion
of Miners —Metis every Wednesday evtv nf{ at
7 jo o'cloc- in Miners' Union hull Jas. I)e
vine, Sec , A. I.   Houston, Hres,
Ihe last Suiii1.iv of t>i'li niniiOi al Miner-1
Union hall. ). P. Uu LcKill, Sec , K M littuud,
Mttt ihe lirsl and Hind I'ttr-tUy ol ratli
nitinth ut K p, in in litait,'* hull. P.O. Ikijt
314      J.   S.   Kolilsou,    prti-iilei.t;    Wm     Cur*,
Cookr ft WAlTHRft' UNION, Ko 4" W   L U.
— Mrrioitvttv Sntiir luv evriicr- »t ' ,10 u'cl K'k
in  Mi in1 ualsii   hill,   p u   n»x 41.   Paul
Joffner, r»ec.   Oto. Cuunlnghmii, Prat,
That mir Tcsll ami C"ff ■*» * e Ihe CHOICl.iT
s lid in Kif.sl.uul. I'mLiy, wh« st tt-.is «-,) t^t
fed »rc pn-hed so lutd it i» «l»i ilutt ly BtO
itvui) to have .to *' 1 le i>f uttusum ni-m.
V"U will Bun It ht-'te. tllatawar« k*v«mi awnr
tu. lutoDicrt,
1'acific Tea Co.
St. Charles Hotel.
Sl.oo a Day House.
None but Union llelji Employed,
\v. Colinntiia Ave., hist aruund Ihe Bltift*.
The Question
Writ* alwotys qmali.med, how wr r*i ail ird
It sell *t It tlf price. And in many tii*t*nces for
ir-.- th hi a i\ .1 In 1 store tu the itiyf I'hr answer we give i» Hec'U»ewr d<in'i liny in small
qui t;'i. » 1 ihe imill -.i-it- Htc-ri atotet «|«, who
p y NtaafHrl pi i, * - "ii ihi 11 -111 ill pure MMttr,. and
illil-l B- I wli.ii till . 1 IU UlllraM 1'irv W.miM 11 nr
■1.1 . . .-i .mi .,,» I mils lelt NcPher do %ve tl*VC
MICH I *!*:'- r\\y n-ew no thr U*gll OK*, w*   h.»ve
tomaki ii up mi it tail plica Wtobny mo**tlv
hank 11 pi. die •*mI selling iaut stock* at le«« tliMw
11 nthe$. luve ICMtipstflVstl Mil MOU
(OOdl t -iu many other sioti** ia o-ir line pul lo
itlhtr, .ml therefore cn-i aad da aril M .. m h
cheapti    t'S'i >,-» boy elaewhtti ncha r nnl
v ...|r . s,,m ofdotkiM *i« wi selt at Ji. or our be I
•i»e alUot junipei* we atttatCa vents    Under
a n. ^ .m-, .iii.ii. iiUtik-i*. li.c. tor even dun
^!.- the amount we charge f ill CMIM ti » * UM
- itr «..ij|.i|.iir      (Mr price* Will -lit |,| t« s   i|, ai i|
4 ii w It whea you sec and price uurgood*
Oregon Restaurant Canadian Pacific
All kinds ol game and poultry In season.
None hut union help employed.
Spokane Street, bet. Columbia aid Firat Are. ...
I'iiuIhoii Bros.' List of
Dried Fruits, Extra fjholoe Culi-
forniii Pears, Finest Belootod c«li-
forniu    Prunes, tho vory Finest  of
Cilii'itruiii silver Prnnos. Pitted
l'liiniN, C'hotoe Oallfomta ltluek-
berrlea, ('nu-si Ontario Dry apples,
St'ftieti Kiii.siiiB, Bultana Ualsios.
Km th, largsst and eooleat mug of
Next week we will have shipments ol
Ontario Dried Itaspherriea and blackberries.
(.'all and get our Prices.        	
89 & 34 MUST AVKNUE.
I, Columbia Ave., oe.t door lo I.a'onde'e.
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
11 ..1111.1 nkli * Hl-RHINU.
Metropolitan Hotel,
Cannlugsam & UcDowslh
l.i~i BTOOns, near S| OKans St,
And union Cigars call at lb*
K. K. I'lssi.l l'o., Piopriiliri.
Wholesale and relsil dealers in Painl*. OH*,
Varnishes, Htushes, Wall Pmtsh and PamtMs'
Aipplies. Coiitrscts i*ken for |>«per hauifing
and decorating. Office and >toTC UanioTs *k
Chambers slovk, it Co.aaibi* kTg. under Oo>anla*
•n Mhiptes* Ce's. *A.ce.
The tsrst rrmedy known for receat and chronic
coitRho, bronchitis, hoarseness, loss ol voir*
irritability • llhe throat and all .nlUnied eoadl-
tiou* ol trie lungs aud air pasoagia.
First Ave, Uoftslatid, B. C.
Canadian and Kentucky
r>ourbon  WliisKics.
3^ rerlul, II Ink fir«, «:, per Inlk-E Railroad snd Miner.' Checks Cubed.
HitsIsUii %ervice and food cooking a specially
;i> i.nii i. "ii atlgchtd to Ottawa Hotel.
Wa*lnuutio street.      The MISS ROYU-i. Prop*    1  JjlH"V        McIlltOSll
_    • mi mm uu m
1' illovini is .t lis, ol lb „e n',0 adver
.i»e in th» Ivi'i'.tHi u. VVuSbDi
W. F. M Soil, Shoe Store.
11 in 11 Ho. ..general merchandise.
I |. y ltr.,1., jj.oceries and   IBUtS Iur
T. I!. M trr,»w.ilrnk-|?!s'.
II 1) l.i'.ott le, shoe store.
1'   .     't.b, ill   ,V    C 1 ,   K-lllb' I'ltlllltUt.
it..I notions.
<i. IV. M D lie, hardware.
, Urn., bMki a , 1 stationary.
II   lloietl b.o ■.. elf.
I'., I ,11, |l. viii.vls,  birniibiait*, dry
(OOdl Mill do, llilll!.
Mui I- A Bryenton, froorrte*.
VI. .1. ,1'ile.ru, clilhier and Matter.
I"   tl-on II OS., itriweriei.
M in    Li.- j "it,   ci|*ar    uiiiiufaclQrer,
Vanenueer, ll. 0.
r..i ti * M iQisrrle, tsllors.
I'.e Headquarters,saloon,
The ,i obe Sni.i^. ,in.I I. isn i't.
i' rrki .ui.i siiisnieiii' U.iion.
I'.i.ill.' Pea Co., tea. and OoBrMI,
M, iv. Simpson, news, ilsllonory ami
lobseo ■.
Job I'hillips.onlraetor.
I (iTitiii >ii II ,iil;,iel ilsr.
ti  K. Baths.
M  tr.ip illtan II .I-I and 11,r.
It isilind DoiiuK it ..toi.
Ilattleld A. French,  cunlraclori   and
Ths Oil* llskery.
MtiAulifl, tailor.
S, ,il tan, furniture.
W. li and Crown liranl cigiri.
K'.Iiit -or lltihs.
11,.got, l>      on >nt.
Bar, wm.., and llqasrs,
It'iff irr A Ml (i.iniile, gr.i. en.S.
II n ii in ii insefaod ll.r.
K lOlarn l'i«Ar Store.
be It .1 Stablsi ami Transfer.
Dyslussnd Olssolog Works,  Wssb*
ln(tOS street.
J. 0, II im*s, iroeer.
Dinllll A Obsmbsrs, paints, oils, etc.
Ki ,'ooi.it I'...- u Store,
W. K. Heslty, uuiUrlaket.
BolltSSd A Wright.
Dr. A. Milloy, dentin.
Kwsrt Bros., Jswelers.
i. W.Spring, j-welar.
The Club Hirber ihop,
Dominion Hotel,
finl-tliii Liiosrs ul Cigt I.
spei ial ICCMBSdlUei for miaer, by lit. m.nlh
lit rb.s meals ami Mrvlos,
Hstes 15.00 per week.J ,t -^
I  HVNNKrr, M|r   iiK Cil,un',i. Ave.
The  Headquarters,
Cai    W.«Slnglon St aud Pint Are.
Ensign  Cigar  Store,
CAPT. SHAW Proprietor.
F.thttate. |le.-n on .,1 bind, of BHck Slone   .,       .   «  ,      ,, ,!•_,,_
sod «.»«l wmk.   Coii.se. saS .it kind, of; I »rncr ( ubuiihia are., W asl,ln(r.ton st.
.'.. I,n<a a .ttet-ia ,)-   Sbopla reeruf CMast el t
fin.,I.e. ind W.sluiislJi I'.t.el   Kowtlaud. ll C
The Alhambra.
Beer. 5:. 'all anl   ill 6s.
NSWS,    Sfc   ttaSii       PonKR.».>UA,',;ur.
,v. it itrsiivND
.  Propletor
Ihe Glotn Savings!
Mtoey t-lwt, on real e-tne    sttalftit^loai, or
r*pe|eMe It, moathly in.tallaien,s.
IU"   ■•  OBDK. Afeal. ,6 Co'uKl.la e.eme.
l^r.dinir Library.   I.sleal  Nevrli.
Offloe Suii;dies, Kte.
The City Bakery
Washington Street.
Is Ihe sput to find jrood   tbiagl lo  ra
al rpasuuahle prires.
Try our goods, aad make life, **t,sil
(or your w fe.
Office over Itsnk of Toronto, It inland
ih «r <k) gppraelaUt th* short bourn!
le t by ih* e er.s nlll km itf he-in •
their pa*rmia;t on th -a ■!< *ttisi ai '
oVI'i*'< p. m., *• ainp> ilma (or maktna
n .'h**e* !• ci\" * iii* 'he«« ItOlM lisiiir-
•la p\r> 'I lit - I !■ i.'h .iCCaj *f.^r T oVloek,
• ■i 1 "ii ih* I dli ' le* h moiiih aud dajr
I r celinga I le«ai hwlldayi
-(.0 TU-
The Aiiiorifun  Tu:h>r  ami  (icnla'
l-'tl   111 -Inli„; llou.-O.
Si' • aifi li ersVr. ' . •.   u n. • ;,• ;
Ne. !. flu, Amur.
J. C. Ileimes,
The Popular Groeer,
Coraertecoad Avenue, and tlncnla Str**4.
fi. GLAZA1T,
Washintton Street. TT** • _
Hank «l Monlreal Chau.tssrs.      1     Ll 1   1 1 1 L lII C
mi! best mn oi nur. en n insuii.
JACK Ht.UNTISII, Proprietor.
wf-uixt.i.iN ^rai'i i
Dyeing and CleaDing Works.
Oppi-oSitf MsTim flrolhers.
I can clean or dva anything in Is.li**' a-d
gtntlcmtn'a wCaf Olfsl mr * iaii and ht .».j
Tiir late»t improvrd msi hina-r and proeeiwe*
nablt ma to narantti th** prompt daHvtrjrol
allotdi-to Woik will hfoatlfd lor and dellveieil
taatir *dl(e*s   g
MK., V    CtRKII.. Proprietrea*.
Coe  r.rot Ave   and gpsikane IU
Btrgala* tnaeeoud h«ad f>U .Oivtaaa oall
It will pay you.
l..<o)UOR  I.irENf^K  TRA5KFIB-
Notiea I* '    • ■ i • • s thai at tk* natl • •"■»
of ihe Itcra** i-.iiniiiitalBner* af gosttand, ■ *V
thr uii'l*(oijn*il wtM sppily 'or stisasfrt*i «-
:.,iiiir.r«i oi'i'i' "i i*« kaowa asthr ■ •
lunibia Mloon. I,•) t«. M'o.k t>, from % J. Lav
and John A K snk* ti'*ao H o«ea.
tnjieiJ this , * da* af Oatakor. iaf*>.
joiin'   run.i.ii .s.
Contractor and .arpeoJer
I'nr  wiirin   QlOTBS,   Milts,   t'n,li«r-
•reor,      Qont'l     Furnisbings,
Boots, Boost, Motions,
If t.ii bie*>ny,hln|,nsell ws will >sil I, lor
rou. Oo io
Nouk w.ihiin".. m . c. r. a. aissk
Sr.i-lsu.e    Twoiloor. aoitr, olBipUst  Cli.t.l,
M.re ind ofBre  fiuing., J.,,.hintr el .11 kind.
I.totiplly alteodedlo.   H.llmslf, furnished.
Shop   Imperial Building,   r  O, Soi .7*.
Motifs Is her-l.v giesit 1'iat  Ihe under,iRiifd
will sul.lv t'- Hie llcens-  ,.,,,i«lt,-l .tier.   I.t   Ibl
LTIvr.r H a.i.n.l. Ihlttv list. It^ti ths d.l- ..I
la* for s hole! II eess   .1 the B,«ml.ei
kiiTien «* Ute for.1  W-.tei 1   ilul-l   .iu.trd  ou
lot, 1S.1..I M. Wovk IS t He •'( B ..it.ti-1
listed Ibl. l.tB *•* "< *ey'e"tlie'. tSw
—a       ofioSOO uTbWSM.    I
IT-,',-... servies.    Selnlar dinner trnm II.SI
a. in  I* 5.00 p. m. Sindsyehn kuliausr I*
Im III Coieo Help iBilt.ii.
Kohinoor   Baths.
Spota8 Falls ui Norttiern
Nelson A Kurt Shepiard Kiilway
Red Mountain   Ry.
Tub Haly Direct  '■     >•  lo  Selloe,
Ksshi, Koolsnsy I al. and
hi.,ran Points.
Kverv day in  Ibe y»*r between Hpo
kaae, Kossland and    inn.
I.BATI BillT in.,a
R'.l'il.ia. • • ' u" • • S It p.m.
IllSp.B, • • Northp*rt • 12:30 pin.
Arrive3:IOp.m. It inland I.v. ,I:2ts.oi.
N > ihSOfl ol can bitwMO Spoken*
and ll ...Uu I.
Tieketi nn sile all over th* world.
Clus* cnnnei'tinai at Nelien with
steamers (or Kaiio and all Kooteaay
lake p.iints.
Pasienfers lor Kaltle riv-r, Honndary
ramp and llinn-lary cre.lt ennneel al
Msrous and llmbtirg with ila|i daily.
Aad SOO Line,
New Fast Daily Service.
Firit-claii Hlseper* ea oil Tralaa.
Tourist Cars
Pass Rsvslstok* Daily  for St. Paal,
Thursdays   for   Muntrnal   and   Boat**,
Tuesdays snd Silurdaya (or Teronse.
For rstsi and lull inlorasallea address
tb* Bearsit Local Af.nl, or
Cily Tiek.t Au.nt, RoeelaaO.
A.iinr Arsnt. Kmslaa*.
W. F. Aanaason, T. P. A., Nehwo.
E. J. Corn. A. i.i. f. A., Viasnnc
Northern Pacific
Th* DIsloi Csr K. ui. via Ysllawstea
Park.   Halrst and Beet.
Equipped wish
Pi, LU.N I'n t. l Caaa,
1'llt.ivi DlMNO CllS.
UobiiM Par Coicaaa,
Tocaiar Mi.iini. Oaas
Thtonjl, tickets to all pelati 1b Ike
United Mlatee and Canada.
Ms.uisbip tii kn. to ell pari* .( lb*
Tieketi toCbina snd Japaa via Taaeaa*
ami Northern Pacific Sieiinibtp lie.
Trainsdspsrt from Hptkaa*:
Ni. I, Weaibound, al D:U p. as., Sally.
Nn. 2, Kasthouud, al 7:9) a. m., daily.
For iu/..itii.ti, it. nm. cards, b*p*
and liikets apply lo the aneis ol lbs
S, F. A N. E. W. RUFF,
Ail. R.M.Ry., Bosaiaad. B.O.
J. W.H1LL.
iien.r.1 Aient, HiwkaBB, WaoS,
An'i lisn, 1'aiisater A|eal.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*-♦♦♦♦♦•
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-♦♦.♦t*>*-*.-y>^e
SHOULD siiisi'kioi fob IT.
Oae Y iar   -
His Uealks
Addreii All C imaaaaiMlleM
o-.« ear as
M.dicated. B*S Salt, and S'.ara bithl. •
Private,  family   bllh   room   snS   sho*
dressint parlor in coaneclioa.   ktal* and
lemal. attendant!.
Ciraer rlr.l Aesnni indWiill.floa   ,-riel     '
E. W. Rrss, Atenl,
It ..siand.B.
. ii-ii A Dowab, A(.nis,
Trail, B.
II. A Jsr.fii.,1,. P.T. A„
qswsa Hpokanr, wSSOi
oa>s^e)**)**a>e)e)**»)*<sH HI »*l
♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦>>t***<S*y4> TEE    INDl'STlUAl,    WORJ.D, JANIWKY S7
A Tell-TalB Report.
Continueil From Third Pane.
gurdcil  as very  Balialactory,  for if  wb
can make these prntlts un ore uuitainiint
only from 10 to 16 ounces ol  eiiver   and
ii pe-cent, or 4 per cent, of  1 ad  to the
ion, en e.ui te.tli/.. for  yourselves how
! much beiiei results we insv now i Xpert
realise that the delay iu liettlng our mill | when Wt) cun tm(t ,■„ ,,„„ „re ,„ ,,,„
erected was unavoidable.   The miil be-1 mitlB ajtrrylafl B  vt\w< ,„ mUoh of it I tho  Kootennys, aided by such pro-
■sn to work, thsrelors, tt tbe beslnnlng j doBI| ol m ouno9l u| lUjjr and 80 per | fossloual trumpets,* of factions ai
Continued Irom First Page.
Miiiiniiculiiti! nnd Infallible press of
Mr. O'Farrell, heralded to tho world
lln, news thni the ortglputors of tbe
o( December last, hut, as you will readily, WIU_  to 60 per cent, ol lead to the ion
underetand,   many slight   adjustments.    0ur  (lulll|).   0,    luw   Kr8(le  orB  arB
were necessary at llrsi Btarting,  so that! 110W  prH(,,i0tl||„  exhausted,  and unless | .j__ ___
it was uot mn il the end of the month : WB Mn gst ibe mBt, to rsiume wot k—as I el*?«t-houi' law oonstltuted a body
tbat we   really  bilked   Iur   cuntliiuom   wa j,0p, wi „|Hy shortly bo able ,o do—! of   (lynilinili-rs, blackings mill nliiui
worklngof thecnnceulrator. This brings   l)le |mll nM ,mVo (u ,,„ ahin ,u>ll.n ll|lU, | \aVl\t',M  n|,itltt<>i-m.      Would   it    in t
mo   to the end  ol  Ihe period covered     . . .„. .     ..  i.    resuiiied     It la tab. -,      ,, . ,       e
.     ,. i   . in    ...       ii.    ,,Per"11(m«t-»'1   ne risiiinui.    u is In lie   ,,,,.,m„   tt    IBUlorUule   stretch   of
by the accounts, bat yon will neturslly bomJdth*t before vsrj long the mine ,       •    ,- „ ,. .,
mui lhal I should tell von soniethinu ;      , .,        ■,,     n  , • .   ,, ' iniilKiiiiitiuii   un   tin,   put   nl   thus,
expei i mat I snouiu ten jou sometiuiig   gnd the mill Will be going  again in lull , . ■ i     ,      •
of w hut has happened since that date. I i1t'B« „„,( giving rsiull! Wbluh will be I Wquoluted WItll the facts to bellOVO
During the winter we hnd m.iny dild, nl-' Vl.,v salisbictory lo us ell. It is sails- tllOBO StatOtnentsY I mil prepared |
to contend  wi'h.    It  waa a winter of   |sclory   lo   lay  that   thu   development I to proVO at aOJ' time that Ibe prill-'
exceptional   leverily,    and   thu   heiivy    .. ,,,.i    arhbh haa hasui n.rrl«d nnt Un ion'   ■   ■ n •
r « /■ *   worn wiii.it iibb nu,,, iiirriui oui uii.iiig  e,,,(,.  movers  m   tins   mutter were
mow fall and very low temperature— thu   the last eighteen montha has resulted in :,       ,      „        ,- i,
Utnn.ru, Km   oll.o,      fell    "li   all,I    IS    ,le ,      , i      ' h»Val Cillllllllltll HIlbllT'lS,        llilll
leiiiperiuure  ouun    leu   -u  alio  ..,  ue- 0n„nuiK up very huge btiilua ol ore.   lu J
greee  below  xero—made  It ilillicult to tunnel Ni 5 und in  tniiuel   No. 6 there   thut   Ihi'ir ranks ilu   not   (-untilin a
carry out   ih.su   iinpiovemeul-i   which j. a body ol hard ore of high grade Irom I single iniliviiluiil who litis oviu'boon
experience showed to bo necessary, and ,„,„ ,0 u„ <,.,.,. wi,|e.   Wben WS were In   seen   either  lliuler tin- lufllieUOB ol
it  was not until M ,y Hut those in mere n,i|i.i, Cohiiohia wu dihitis-eii wiih Mr    >• i it        ,   ■ i
, uruiiu uoiumota weuueuuBu *uu air. liquor or at a attmbllua table, or
could be satisfactorily taken in hand,        fowler,      ihu     company's     engineer,.?   ,.      ,,     ,"      , ....
Atthaenatnnln.nl Jnn.  however sm ,      i n      . ,      ' brcnkinir tin- laws ul   Iheir country
Al uie neg.nntngni .nine, nowever, an I whelbsr || wo-ild  not  pity  us lo select h
were conlrontud  with  those labor troul ,llia orB frolll  t|,u comxiilruiing ore by | Aml   furihOT,  0)080   who know air
blei lo wbiub Popkiss refers in  hi-  re-1 *bloh it ib inrrounded and ship ii to Ihe   Wells, their li'iult-r, pprsiniillly, will
port.   During the preceding seniuii tbe Itmeltsrsdiiecl   wiihout   putting il into testify   (hut   be  StOUlls   today   the
government of   British Oolumbla -psssed I ,,„,  m||| n all     Wimiher   Mr   Fowler e ,i-      ,,    '•   •
• i ino  mill ai au.    vtneincr   ,ui. roniir   .„.,.,. , f nilv ,,,„„ ,„ i|lls   Doillluioil
au eigbl-honr  law, making ,1 a  penal   wu| ..j,,,,,. ,|„B cl,ur,i,  ->r whelhur h.|
onense (or any woi king  niun to woik  will put It all through the   mill,   I  oat
more than eight hours underground, or 1 uol „, present ei,y,  but you may be t-.i
as   u   moral,   loyal,   law abiding
.jcitlxuQ.   Ho further tolls us il nl
Ilcms, per lh      8 to 7
llmouiB, BBOll ".. ■  35 to fit)!
lluttur, per Ih  Ill) lo 35 |
Uncoil, best, per lh   IU lo 17 j
Hulk Oil, per gill  60
Biscuits', fnney, pur Ih  25 to 48
Cheese, pur li)  20 j
Chocolate, per lb  40
Ooooa,'per tin  S5to 40'
Corn meal, per loll, sack  w
Coffee, per lh    20 to fill
Crackers, oodss, per II,    II), I'.",,
Corn, per chi,         I'-"...
SB lo 861
^^^^^^^^^^^^^  in   ,
V.ti*, per dm  28 to in
Klniir par rack 1.88, 1 80
1 0,)
2 no
5 and (I
13 to 20
Lansing k Newman,
fiiiccciBor to A. C. KliW
Having purchases! tbe A. O. Fry Stock of liriicorii-p, Ell,, we vv'arti lo nji-
noiiine to our tniiny fsleuds, as well an ihono of Mr. Fry's, that wu are very
argely ineresslng our stook, and frnm this lime forth will carry » much
wider variety of goods than the old Qrtn. [n laot you will he able tn obtain
ell Staple and lanoy groceries from ui, Ths public will quickly discover that
our puces me wh.it Hn y shuii d he, and euliefiiuliuti is absolutely guaruilccil.
V. cSc N. Telephone 7.       No. 39 Columbia Avenue.
Canned fruits, per can
('.iiined pens, per cull
Cut tl USBM, per cun.
Cod Bill, per In it'k  	
Dried [rolls, per 11.
iiruiiul.iletl sugar, 14 Ih (or..
Hum., pur Ih 	
Iltuiev, comb, peroska	
Imperial oil, 5 gul. can	
I.nil, 61b pail	
I.HUiulry SUSP, per Imr	
Liverpool Mil, per 801 h bi„ k
Macaroni, per lb
McGonigle & Co.
Spokane street Grocers.
Miners' BuppliPB, Fruits, C-iuura ami Tobaccos, sia p'e
ami Fancy QroosrisB. Etc:
Unburn per gil  "6 toll Orders Solicited
these dynamiters In British Columbia must bo given to un,I rstainl
tb.it any suolt outbreaks aa that al
Wanlnt'r will be pill ilmvu with ail
iron-baud aud capital [■iir.ishmi.ui
dealt out to the lawbreakers,  This
buinbasiic, iiui'ulliil fui outburst of
I muriil    hen ism   reminds   ono   ol
lor an employer to employ him for more   [iQgd, whichever uouras be doeB adopt,
than eight hours underground, but Ihu   lt w||| i,. t|IB one   yiibin g   Ihu bill le
employers met Icgellnr and lliey decided   SU|IH p, u,L. cump.iiiy, and  1 have no
tbat it was unreasonable for  tl.um to ,juuot wintever Lbat the resull* Will be
pay aa much for eight hours' work as   aaiiblactury.   Uur  luwer   liuiiivls  have
they, bad originally paid for ten hours.   c„,.,i driven in  the  loolwull iu order io
The old sesle of wages for miners wss  avoid the eX|H-nee ut limber lug, a bleb
$3.50  lor a ten lu ur shift, and the mine   ih   large,   ami   in   oi.hr   that Ihe wm k
owner* offered them  %'■'< 00 for an eight-1 might he all ul a vety permanent cn.t-
hour shift.  Tbat ia really a higher acale '• Bc,er wiihout Die llleudaut expen.o ol j y (   .     ^^ n|,mit (b„ Hv,   who,
of pay per hour than Ibe minere had  keeping up limbering.   \Yr h-vu kept in   '  '    ' .     ,
(ormerirreceiveil.bul Ihe men refused   >01,L. will. on. .lUe   o.   111. telu.and  "W't'"* »P°n 0,B "'f °f » U,0Vi"»«
to work  lor less lhaii |3 M, and all the '■ wherever the vein  is opsuetl Op In luu-  clisriut   wheel   nnd   looking    com-
more  important   minus in Ihe Slocsn I Utl No. 7 wu h«ve good bod t-s ul jiu in j pliuvnlly   ab.-ul    him,   exoladmedi
diltrlct   were ihut dnwn.    Meanwhile, Ingnt, hill yuu will understand it 1* dilll  i "Wbilt ll ilust [ do rise."
wb'en tbe labor IronUea were  foreseen,   tuu iur us lo . piak will, ai.y   ieiiaiiiiy|     j,, ,.„.„.|usi(„|, I Woubl etiltu Hint.
there wai formed an association of   the  ul  i|,t> sliowiug in Nu 7 luuuul, b.cauie .   , ,     ,-
mTneowrer. ol onrdi.tr.ct. and srlihL,„,ooly rooolng »io.,« .be sideoi »»> my opinion, o JournnI soliciting
hanlly auy ixcepiion the more imnor- ,UB ¥,.lu.  [ CB„ bci lawourts* the tlie patrouogoof res| tab a people,
Unt mines jiii.ed ibis s socistiun, and ,,H ,,.,.,,.,,. ,,| ibe mine by Buying lhal that lends) it" columns tu such ills-
tl.ronght.nl the long and trying time u,BIB u oie uverywnere Horn lop lu j tus-lsin|w I ulblll>ts, appeal ng to OV-
Wblcb has elapsed (bice the labor iron- i botluui aud ihruughoui ua whole bugih.,       ^     lhi|| ^ |(|tt .„„, t., i||li|m| j„
blei b-gan, tbe numerous memtieri have   \yB donul b.-luve mat lu lh.   whole  ul' *• 	
acted together wiih couioleie uuauimiiy ' ,|„ (..ucaudieisiuoui Briiish Columbu »""'■ hl"ml'1 '", '">'b'''"'" W til,
aud accord.   Although »e are fully ac-' ,|lt.,u is a  uiiue   lu which theie is su.l,, | lai,i« to which ll belongs, and that
.ui .uu "in. i oi   oie   "|.iuu   npSS IS U.ej VTO, tho I'itiZ'HH I f tills eiiininuii l.\.
I lOtalu tbe Whitewater,   ruere ii >es-|t)eploru tlio ii|'plloatloi|'of such lau-
Nuts, per II   ^^^^^^^^^^^
Rolled oals, per 101b suck ....
Pickles, mixed, per quart	
II it-, per  lh	
-.ill bacon, per Ib	
S ,go and tapioca, I' 10. 3 lbs fur
Block Bull, pt I 50.b Ha, k
Sytnps, per hull cab lin 	
I'titui.loes, per nan  4.",
l'e,s, per II,  .16 In 118 '
l'.,h*|..o, per Ih    IK) I- 1,88
Vim gsr. per gsl 50 to HY
Wheal msnna, | kg., 80; bulk   per Ib. 7 '
And Delivered
qualnled    with   the   varioua   nien.urei
by 'he association in the hope ol  termi
nating the present dilllcully,  I am aure  BUU to i„,,,t,-   thai when we aru able lu
y,u will ml te that   il Wuuhl be pieju-
diclal to the  inlerens if Ihe compauy
gusgo to ii body of men who have
been conducting a strike lor nearly
a yior under uiaii.i trjing diilicul-
lieo un,I over ii V.ml ixu'iit ol lerri-
nn on.   :,.,.,,   ,l.« „    UpOII    Hit- plo|-,-i,>
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ! Ibe   cuuli.li-inr   which   vvur   diieclui.
that it   ibould be publiulv lUt.d what  baVB a|A„y. |eli uuu  which liny cut,-
those   meaitires,   bu) it  is lob-hoped  (June toleel lu Uie WnileWBlW  will  be
thai.the dilficullirs   ahiih   at   pietint   i.o ..   luaiidini      Mi    l.o.iti   t..,,, ,u t,n   . a'afaSl K^aB,u,i
. .„ . ,     ,  ,   ,       , ,   II1"}   l»Biiueu.    mi.   , oi.tt,   i..,i, ,ti uu   ); (.v vul|,,„,( even uiii-' ciuimil Into
beeetuiwillbe lolvid bulorelong.and   (.j.  ,,,uV,ugil.e a.lopiioii ul  the le.^ii       .J .... ...
thai work will  be reliunid Ibrougbool   autlaccounu. '*   ,'mU'1'  °f  l'"'  |M*M^'"""       ""
tie district.   These details  have  lec.i      .\|r.  Kbjboid   PupkUO   seconded   the
given you lo show, ll poiiible, thai up  motion.
to tbe preaent momeal your undcrtak-1    Mf. H wa,„,ael thanked tbe dire,".urn
remarkable oouduct bus b. en innnj
limes favorably oommeutctl upo i
! by fiieuils uml elieliiiesull over lln-
Thai HolstesdA vTrlgbl'l new slote
corner Full St, ,,,le and Waehiitgloi.
'in."", his received one blliilrnl d< t-i
tug bss nover hid a lair chance ol pro*- ,„, LavlIlg ,.U(.ta lUo cl4Cl „,-,,,,„„ 0, '< ^sJuanl
HglUreal value  Thelimebae not been ,he«umpauy  heloie  the  abarebuldu*.
Bllogether wasted, lor it lire been em- Xi.ey also owed a debt  ul   gr.ntude   lu
l,yed  by the local slsfl iu atudiing in M„a„.  Fur.ier,  Pupkha slid A key ful
tbe minuleit detail tbe working ul  Ibe vuniuu; the prupeny.
machinery, will, a view tu increasing     Mr.U.Huol U,u*n sail   he had the
ill efficiency  lo  Ibe  higbeal  posiible I ,,|t.B,Ure ul   going  over tbe mlue a 1e«
point.    Tu ihow rM ibe Importance, ,uo„u„ ag„, B„u U1U|U  cunU.m ail lhal
the abaoluie neceBsiiy, ol  m.king our Mr. Fouler eaid.   He bop.il   the  coin-,   ... ... ,
machinery and our mill SS ellicient as ,.,„. wou|ll ull0 . Ullll ,uuJ .^.j.i.g , ""''•' '*'"> .•''«■"•'"''<<'" "•";"- "<"•'»
poMible, ll miy be siaieii that every jht litwr tnisrltm. Wear, slsos Wg lineof Stampeil linsn lu
ilollar .ml   eve, V dollar    1 er    Ion   ..v.,1 ., ,- i l*lirv Work.     A lll'W lllle , f   pi lid si, ll ' -.
oouar anu eveiy oouar  |ier  ion  ssveo,       j|r<   vur„irr,   j„   replv to qtieslinii., I _.   ,', „
l,...i,le»  everv dollar i>,, Inn ol ui.-.ii ,1 t ' lh. I chilhlltg elo. k ll all new and   Well
itesiues every uouar per ion oi man nai aaill {itm,   ^ iml   >a   i1jB   u,.uv.gn.uii.l t ■	
l.iil  into Ibe  mill whirl,   we  ran   »uve i . .irsnled,    A niinplele 1 ol slap'e and
pui  iiim nu   iu„, wiorii   we  i an  .ave, tai.ik B.a-.uu: ibid, iln-ie M.abu ivaaub   . t       ■ ., ■ , ■      ti
mean, an increase o( ou, proB, ol »..000 ,,     „       ,„,„.,,  M>t Wl„. „,,„,,. v„t , lancy dry good., atoll. Og  and biri.Ub-
. year on the amnun.  ..  have  been „,„,,,.    Du.l.ig the period under iiiie*   ""'    HnX''«ve excellent value..
U-en milling and the amount, we hope, ,,,.. nml had only bin   slopped   a Ion-
we shall continue  lo  null alien Open. „,„,,, lu oooStquoocsol ibe w.l r bjiug     J- K C1»rk,•' ",e pspaloi Woih nctm.
lions ran I* resumed.    We,l, since  ihe ,„„,.„     Alibougt, Ihe weather at n.oe.i •,"'"' S-d-ller, b.-g. leave lo ..II )o.,r *i-
tnen reluaed   lo  work   underground- was severe   il did not si-rio-isly iulerlers I tootloo io ihe u,:t ilnt bs haiihe lines,
Dial is, since   111   June—lh.   mill   ha. wjlu Wu|k     Air. B,own   who coi.liiioe.l 1 ""• "' harnusl and ...biles In tb* euon-
been running  i,|k„,  Ihe very l.,w grade ,,„ virWs, 1*1 leeeu in charge if   ou. of
ore  contalue.1   in   the  dump*  at   the ,llB oi0„ „u|MirUBl „„„„ ,u »,« moCau
varlom tunnels. The mate.i.l conlalncl ,|,V1,|0„, „„, lllr„.|,„B |,i. opinion o.r-
inll.es. dumps  was taken out  princi- fM KtB(t «,.„.,,,.    r..„ uu.,.bvr ol ......
pally by tbe lormer owners, ai.,1 was ol ^f.^^, . y (hu l,,,^ dull, uliy wai about
oo low a grade ol value aa It, he con- 2 -^    „(, ,„„ ,u,| .v,.,,-„,„i„|„u,.tt ,„
•idered  practically  w.uihleia.     \\ h- n. l|jc ,„„„,. „, ,„,. |ir„1B.My.
boweeer, the extiactiun of ..re Iron, ,he     ThfJ   „.„„„„„„   W-I   Clirritj   Ulliui.
minewai  slopped by  lite rrluial ol Ihe      (    ■
men to woik underground loi tbe wugis ■
nfleretl,    the   local  management deter- Till) BI0K   LIST,
mined to try what r.ml.l   Iw   done will, """*
Ibis low grade ore, leelmg lhal,provided      TI,B   '»ll»»'nll   »'«   ' "''"'is    re
Ibey could  msk.  both  end.  meet and I"'""1""  I'"' "<k u«  l(,-l»y evening,
.void   loll   In   iresling  It,   Kiev w.,i„l J'.msry 20'.h.-Alle,, Cuneron,  Forr.atj
have excelle.t opiB.rtuniites   [or cam- "«•'<   DiOoM Martlo, John   M. "her
out exhaiisilie isprrimenlS,  will,  the '»». «'• J. Young, Curls Foley.Tl.onui
eiew lo Increasing Ihe efficiency ol the ""'I*"'
iry.    Give him a call.
null.    It ia a satisfaction to know their'
experiment!  have not only  been  rue-
ceislul, but (list lliey have licen n tint
B, B.Wbilsksf,
Joseph Morrow,
Win. P> nneycook,
Sick Coiumitlee.
^l"*-*^! it* »sti "*<*-i-*>» ♦♦♦•♦♦^
nerativ* as Well. 	
W.baye not only ensile both ends meel,' T,lB „,„,,„„ ,,„ lnMiy tn|nn ,„ bring
but havo made a sul,t.,„,.l profit, u proniln,.n,iy More (he outside wo.l.l.
ehlch ii a go..I result. This is rails-' „ ,.„,,,„,.„, p,0pl*,ri«h mines, grand
lactory, not only as reg.ro. ihe prerenl, I ,„.„„,._ irer,„|i|,ii lakes and Infant cub
I Ot as showing Ibalwhen tbe high made ' ,„,,, „„, ,,inVt, ,„ jt ri|f, t,rotlllnenllv
oreatpreienllyingi.il,. In the mine ii M lhe land of foreign Invanon. A polls* I
pnl into tbe mill, STSCOn l-ark lor results j,,,,„ can ,nk(, Alllptk.BU BwedfSOl two
lar lo eicew ol snylhit.g wo hive ,|,yB'rB,id^nce in the camp ind make
kitberlo done. Theavera.,-ronlenlsol „„„,„,, o| ,,,,, Um uM 0, „, m „.„„
the dump ore pul into Ihe mill in   .lane  p„wer ,„ ,hoo, Catia,ii»n  miners.   Mar-
vel'-us SI.,can I—New D'liver Ledge.
yielded only 17 1 ouncis of silver and
4 4 per cent, i f lead to the ton.    In tb.
month ol July Ihe averaie value was
10.8 ounce! ol silver and 11 per cent, ol | __
lead.   Io  August it was 10 5 ounces .,1      o,   npr,rgB.,  ,;„„„•_   on   Ear|   ^
silver and and 2.5 per rent;of lead.   The   K(K„enay Mwl8.  Services at S:30 a.m
Ooe Year  •
• - X  d .... h.
80 lu tii
tpple*, prrlb  8 and 11
fleets, |H-r In  2
Cauliflower  16
Cehry, per  hunch  1,1
Cabbage, ino lh 2«» n> :t
'Iripes, per   b.skel  66
Lemons, per ilex       80,86
Onions, |rr lb       3 i,- 4
IVars, per l„  10
Potato, e, p., 100 II a 1 25 to 1.60
I. id Ml. s. 2 Lunches In  8
-I'lM-ll,  pel   |t.. 	
-,wet-t potato.*, per Ib  a
loiiistoe., p> r I.n         I.'O
luil.lo-, |ter lb   21
Raymond Sewing Machines.
I". -I   on   Ihe   Market   and   all   Litest    linprovi nieiils. le,   liTiniing
IL. |i Mem.       Cannoi be llest in P,i.,e n,,l Quality.
PRICE #40.00
Taylor & MeQuarrie,
IS Co'iunbia Avenue, KoBslund, 11 C. S le Aeenis.
G. W. McBride.
Hardware Miner Supplies St »ves Rrtd
K;u o\s,   I~;c .
Rnbsoiibers to il,o \\, in.:, who
pi-i'iir to <b> w, may lean, tils ir
uumesst Minors' l'< ion bull, where
ih.-v will receive their papers «itb-
.uit delay tMiliirtlii) sfturuoons.
B • iKS
TOYS. KAN' Y lidul s.
Linton   Bros.(
Book More, ill Columbia Avenue
Le Rd*; Stables-
Heavy Transferring,
First-Class Sad'le nnd pool Horse*.
TelsphoneXcaS, r. 0, it.i lei.
Mens Furnishing
Crescent Dry Goods ££
Kossland Hold.
tine  Whiskiea ami    Impoiletl   ObjOrS.
.lent Spi In sn. Proprietor,
trr I ohr< ksie st, anl I obimhia As*.
Ibl.  UefeM lit Bcaai.titl. II L  tl ts.,5
Telephone Nu   »*
International Music Hall.
cvin'.M'. COMPANY
New York to  Paris.
Wiih Parlstonns Sasnss.
Lnrgeand Pretiy Ohorus.        Ilright Mmic.       Hicb Coilumrs, B'C
AdHiels All C immunicstioBi
figures for Heptemlesr and OetobSf  fell I ,,,„,_ ,nd  1tWpMt   So|1(U, 8ull(K,|
even lower, until ihe silver contents did  Kt n .;t0 ., ,„
Out . t. red 4 ounces ol silver to the ton
Yet,  In Ipite nl these  low values, the I     Tho  Methodist Church,   Washington
whole ol ll.e operative charges snd ex-  stseel, Oeoeee II. MordeO, I'esior.   Her-
penses in Brilisb Columbia  have been , vices at 11 a in. and f :30 p.m.   Su'thalb
met and a proBt hn been made.   Ilmler | Bflhool and Bible OfsM al 2:1111 p.m.   Bn- ♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦ttt*4-
(he circiimilauccs this cso only lie re-   worlii League of C.L'., Monday al s pm
Notier is hereby |lvett tli.l ilie tttl.lstslsnrtl
will flpply t ' tile ti.-e..- coalBll*.l .tier, fer Ihe
city ul K.Ml.ml. thirty <l«t. Imiil Die .lute ul
Uil. ttoltt-e. lot s  hulcl  lieense  oil  Die   ,,i.lt,l,e.
Ruuwii aa the Oreal Wnt,t,t  u-i.   .u.i.icii ou
lul, IS 111,1 IV. 11",i 16. 1 ivy nf K..s.l;.nil
1..1.U I iu. will Bay lit see e.o^t . tSoo.
N.Ti,'. Is hs e'.v i-os , that at Ihe tint lining
'.I llir 1:      m-   ,   .niun  -l-.T. 1 ■ ol   H.o-It.i I      B   &,
tii-- uml ttisn-.i will „p|,tv'oi   .l.ii.f.ii    *.
- us- on lltc|„eia s'e.   ltn..t.i   ,,',».    c.-
Iti.iil.taHl >.,..  I, , iv I, .i .   II, fr-n,   I-;  J   I.am
• ikI John A .Punt! ill 11*0   H'Uneu.
it.n-.i u.i- ,i. a.. MOetaaSr, i'n.
t'lUN' 4  Y*K 1KB.
I. 1   l.aat.
The Industrial


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