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Industrial World Apr 14, 1900

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VOL 1, HO. .'10.
R088LAND,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   SATURDAY,    APRIL   14.    1900.
Devoted to the Interests of Organized Labor,       Eudorssd by tlio Trade* and Labor Cou-icil.       Official Organ of District Union, No. (J, W. P. M.
Tbe Customers on our Books are a Proof that -
the clothing we offer
you for Sprinjr is not
Ready-made Clothing
as is generally understood, but
Ready Tailored
Guaranteed Goods.
All anyone can get out of this life is conte-t-
it, as a proof that you will be contented vit-
ene of our Spring suits, you will find Shorey'a
Qmmrmatee Card in the pocket which says
44 Satisfaction or your Money Back."
this appeal to you ?
-a.ii i h < vini.-
.11'Kit AI
Clothing and Men's Furnishing room.
The Big Store,
. Underwear.
We bave jm«t oprnid up j.art of our
otepriaing tbe bast qualities in
Lisle Thread, Wool l.'ashnu're,
Natural wool, Australian wool and
S Ik .Mixu res.
Onr spring stick of
Is most ( tiiii|.I.'i,'. anil prices RIO HP.
No fsnev pries, but the besl v, ur Inr
yuur mo ley. We handle only first class
Evvcrt Brothers,
EMPEY BROS.. Tlie Furnishers!
[ Coras- Columbia Avenue and SpokaneStreet.
leeeeseeee e ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»» ♦»♦♦
New and Complete Stock of
Next to tlm K'lotcnav Iloti'l.
Whenever yon see s msn wlinf. syei irs
l.'iil.t snd step elsstie, and who walks ilnng as
ii.....ih ir •••nr! half ll.a loan, you can decide
thaj be i.i.'t Break in bis Kidneys.
M»»« yon 'tlmt 1,turn,I Feeling or a Weak
Hark?   H.>n, dun'l besilaie.
Dr.  Bsiljays
Ki Incy   Tills
R, Morrow
Have cured ..tlieri snd will enre )...t.
;rnr. 'iKt'.idiKT.
The Strand
Ii.e .•!■ -i  Klegnnt nnd Luxurious
Fitted Bar in Oanada.
A Full Linsol lb. Choicest
Liqueurs and Cigars
ED. WATSON. Proprietor.
Tin* I..--I (abb* b.a.ir.l lo be had in
RiMwbtml ia lo Ih< got at tbe Russell
hot I. Kvcrylhing is lir-t class in
every ros|>ect. i'roinpt and alten-
tive service.
Best wearing, Bestfllting and beat looking
In M.a'»,fWem«n'. and Cbildren's
C. O. Lalonde
Lansing & Newman,
Successor lo A. 0. FRY.
Having purchased the A. 0. Fry Hlonk o( Groceries, l.ic.. we w'sh to an
nnnnce to onr many friends, ss well as those of Mr. Fry's, lhal wa ar. very
arfely inrressing oar slock, snd from this time forth will carry . i..nh
wider variely nt goods than the old linn. I,, del ynu will he .his to obtain
all staple md Utter groceries from us. The oublic will quickly dlicov.r th.t
our prii-ei are what they ihon'd b«, and ssti.factioa is absolutely guaranteed
V.«_ N. Telephone 7.       No. 39 Columbia Avenue.
Ili.lsl.ii.l A Wright, corner Flrsl
Hieirte nud Washington street, i..
iii.il.i- r,,niii. ere mTcriiig tb. ii
children's coats, ladies' eider-
down robee, sml waists am' .-loll.
ing. al greatly reduced price.. Tha
balance of our winter good*, muni
go lo mnko i ....in for our rnoruioss
Hpring .lock, which ia arriving
daily. Now linen of men's shirt,
for Hpring nre to baud, and are well
worth your inspection.
HI. Osnrge'i .'nut. h. oh Eirl and
Koolenay slreels. Hervieei ii 8:30 a.m
lla.ro. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday School
at 2:.10p.m.
The Melh.Blist Chnrch, Washington
street, (lenrse II. Morden, P.slor. Her
vice, al 11 a m. an.l 7:30 p.m. Sahbslh
School and Bible Class at 2:30 p.m. Ip.
wurlh l/eigue of C.K., M-.nday at 8 p m.
A silent t,-in|M run.'.- lecture was
tlmt preaebed to tbe .tnynl-hnmcs
[ai well na the church-goers of Koae-
I land in Die   ud nml l.o. i ibl.- death.
' by Imriiing. •■( Joebtta Wayne, in
li is* (dinck  on  KoHtenay  Ave.,  on
.Sunday mo i ing
..tu  ui',.
,    ll-
ii,   i II, i ,    - -..  .ATI
I i     I' uliln -.,
■       po.iilin      iu tb.    lar*
i-.ii.,...-l, uu.  deu     ■•. ..Inn- I. •.*
i'     ili.li.te    fol lit'.      t   as
H ut Hi g   . ... i.i,
mt.nu.. .dr. Curtis lias ma. y
ii ifudrt iu tins Hectioii of Mm province, wbo have unbounded coufi.
deuce in liim an a man ami a politician, and Im will Ot rtuitily receive
wry llutti-riug M.j.j.ort.
i hi   Uphold   , au< ida e.
riBs-riai to i hr avor-d.
Victoria, April 13 —Ibe Trades
ami ..1.I...I Council of tin- city baa
il. it.Iiti to run a labor candidal.
for lhe coming electiou, to lie
.•In'-.ti by the various uuimiH thin
week. It is confidently expected
(hat such a candiilnto will receive
iitiiiiiiit.il support iu this  district
Fisk  Jubilee Singers.
These univcrral favoritos g ve
two concerts iu the Presbyterian
Church next Monday ami Tuuada.v.
I'bey aing the sacrod, wierd songs
of the log nu bin uml cotton field in
a way that touches every heart.
Wherever thoy go the audiences
iiv delighted, moved aa tbey* an*
one moment to tears nnd the next
to a . ..ur of laughter. No one
should mi— this opportunity of
hearing tho original company of
Fisk Jubiloe Singers, which bai
never visited Rosslaud before and
iu.iy never be b.ck again. Tickeut
liftt and seventy-five cents. Scats
reserved at Goodeve's.
Hector Mcl'iiersou
tbe Contest.
Will    filter
Mr. Hector  _  Piicl'soii  has   Cor.
-■ i-d lln* riim.ir that  war  rifo
du   ngWi   early part uf tb.- week
Hull   lie   .Mtiild   In- ,i t'iiiiili.liilt'   for
tiie approaching provincial elee
i i but will uni Independent uml
n i    - o part;  man, as   has  been
.»l. Mcl'l.t'i-ioii has been pledged
lhe BUP'Mirt of sonic influential
polilical friends ami fucs quite cou-
liileni of a return.
Debs in Rutte.
Mr. -mull Curtis, Minister of
Mines, ia authority for tho slute-
in.nl tli.st lln- Alien I.nv. passeil
I.n-t year for tl.e pur|iiis" of keeping
aliens from mining in the Alii,,
placer mines, will bn repealed at
ibe next •<•-—...... and in tbe moan-
time the government will issue
IVee iiiiuers' ccrtillontea to American
companies incirporateti niidnr Unlaws ol tho province. This will
lend to calm much of the feeling
ib.i! has been arouwed by tho law.
and it is to be hoped create again
the bond that has exi.trd between
the mining in.Ill-tries of the two
groat North Aniericau .••.onirics.
Where aro the  Public  Benefitted
by them.
The cry of I rust. hII along the
lino has I wen Hint they .wen* for
the benefit of Ihe masses, intending,
I.y consolidating tb.- industries, to
reduce tho cost l«) tlm consumers.
It hardly look- liko il. or ehm the
imuiopolials have never ls*en nble
yet to get their industries into
pro|*er working order, fol in every
instance the coat has invariably increased. The latest is Ibe shingle
trust in Washington, which shut
ilown all it. mills last week, for the
purpura, of reducing the supply and
thus lifting the price when they
gel more in demind. This is the
mil mill nil trusts from their birth
and (lie public would like to kiioM.
where Ihe licncfit inines in to them
and when.
'Ihey (live In.
One hundred nml (Iffy-three out
nfnne hundred and sixty of (be
lending building coiilrsclors of It
Paul. Minn . have agreed lo accepl
A royal reception waa tendered
Eugene V. Dobs on his appearance
iu Until, Inst Sunday lie gave his
faimiiis lectors "Looking Fonvurd"
... the Grand Opera House. The
lionee was crowded ami the audience waa a highly appreciative one.
The Social Democrats of Mont.
havo rallied unanimously to Debs'
support as ilm oni'ty's presidential
nominee and are confident of his
Bod   C. H Mcl.ii.sh   the
mou.-   (' ..... ...
The nnmimitiou of Hon. C. H,
Mcintosh, as candidate of tin K<.-'island t'onsorvativen, waa what was
and has I•—n for soma weeks ex-
liectod by the general public. Tho
convention on Tuesday passed off
quietly and with none of the ex-
eilemcnt attendant nu the n.-iit
l.ilsral convention at Vancouver.
Mr. Mcintosh is wiihout doubt lhe
Im-sI and most favorably known
man of tlm |iaity iu this ilstriol, if
not the province, aud Imlda a very-
large amount of tho  confidence of
lilt) people.
At a map--meeting on Tuesday
evening Mr. Mi Int.-h eloquently
pres. nted Ins platform to a good-
sixed audience ami wan most enthusiastically r -.'.-I i-.-i ifany
|KiiiitB iii hia policy received hearty
applause, and bin advent was, lo
say the least, must auapicious.
Tho pluck and stick-lo-i( iveness
of the I -onilon, Out. street railway
strikers, who have now carried on
a strong, uphill fight   for upwards
"f ten   I .lbs.   .md   as   Ihey   say
"gtiod for ten more or till they
win" slums then lo Im> men of the
right sniff, and .les.-rv all lhe help
thai can l»- given them, to say
.milling of pishes of victory.
The "Fair Wage" remiliilimi presented to the House at Ottawa I.y
Pus'luaster-llencral Mulloch has
ban cryslalir. d i,,|,, a law. ami it
is i'i|"iinl (bat the govemmoiit
will ut once set about making it
Telegraphers on Strike.
Atlanta, Ga. April I'i.—The
I lii-eat.-ncd trouble of tlio operators
and other emplotea of the Southern
Alalia in*. & Great S aiiilieni railway, wliich has boon pcmliiig for
up uths, came to a head today
w lieu I're.s.tleiii I'owull of the Order
of Kail way IVIegrapliers ordered
t in men to quit work. Tho trouble
c imtimnccd last fall, when the tel.
^ra .hers of eseh division appointed a committee to go before the division superintendents ami ask a
settlement of certain grievances.
Hearings they say were refused
them and an appeal waa made to
Ge MT.il e-upe intend..nt U.rr,it at
i. aslijngton, and later to Vice
I'ri-ideni and General Manager
t 'aniioii. Tho ofllcorg of tbe order
state that no satisfaction was re.
oeived and the grievancce were
taken to President Spouocr, whose
secretary said tbe president waa
too ill to consider the matter at the
present time. President Powell
says Ihu commi't.M'iiieu selected to
represent thu nun have bail dismissed to the number of twenty
iiieiiti.eis oi im* Order of Kail way
Telegraphers. Ho says (hn last
communication to the officials of
tho company contained an offer to
arliilriKc ih.' iliilereu.vs. Railroad
officials aay tho strike has caused
no inconvenience ami ba- not interfered with traffic.
Four Popular Men.
Probably never has the United
State, had so many powerful men
in the field as candidates for the
presidency as have thus far pre-
scnle.l themselves in this campaign.
Hi \ in ia liupeful of success, even
mote Ut.in he waa four years ago,
but he will have a moat powerful
opponent iu Admiral Dewey, if he
< -"i.i- lo run independent or for
the people's patty, to say nothing
>.f the social Democrat candidate,
Eugene V. Debs. Many powerful
men have signified their intention
of supporting Dewey, if he will
adopt any sort of good aud sound
platform. These three names with
Mi Kiuley's make a quartette that
for -n-engib of .-nili mental popularity it is hard to boat.
The Le Roi is increasing ita force
uf workmen everyday, ami will
continue to doB0Until it is running
to ils fullest capacily. The War
Kaglo mid Center Mar are not adding men so rapidly, on account of
uiiM'hinery not yet l-eing fully installed, the W.n Ivigle thus furl
only having put ou four con true-,
(or. an.l (he Center S(ar one. It
is Imped that soon everything -sill
be in trim working order aud a full
force of mon put mi.
Some of the delegate* to the Liberal convention have returned with
ballle-scarnsl fu.vs.
To-morrow is Last,t Sunday, the
end of the Lenten hwoo, ami all
ib iv spring bai.  ami bonnets
appear f.-r the first ti0M in church.
A re ymi ns fri-nds  of orgnnixr-d
The Spokesman-Review seem, to
havo a p-i--ui.il spite uguinst the
president of the Western Federation ol Miners, judging from iU
- an-in- and altogether untruu and
... i ill..I for remarks about Mr.
Iloyee. (hose who aro in the least
acquainted with Ibis gentleman
know the mil i ulli of the stul»ui«uts
made in disfavor of him from the
tad (hat a man of his dis|ioaitmn
would never even harlstr thwiighla
of violence foru moment. It seem,
(o be tlie chief aim of somo people
to maliciously misinterpret statements nml remarks to the injury of
people with whom they are not
particularly friendlv, hut such gush
will havo little influence on Mr.
Iloyee, who will keep (ho even
lenor of his way ami still doall the
good be is cap tl.b- of lo his fellow
ami libido by the new general scale |„|H,r receiving large l.-.fil from
of wage, and hr-fll*. ei-tfl I-I I..- Ill- ||,H( «„,„,■... doing ail.Vt'iltlat I > help
SI. Paul build-.ic I,a.I in■ il.        „„t.    ,„|, „    Hj„ ,/
II is tindon*to.sl that Sir Wilfrid
I tier  has   notified   Lieut.-Gov.
Mel.inea that his reanons fur calling Martin to the premiership of
tbe province sro entirely inadequate, ami tbat ho must cither call
the Legislature together immediately or dissolve (he bouse. There
an* slroflg doubts, however, as to
the truth of lhe story, as similar
ones have been loo current of late.
Some color is given from l'e fact
• f (In- l.cgi-lnliii- having '■ en di ••
mi- " I " i !'• lOtli i'-' and a sea1
g .icra. dt*.  im.   it f.   .June C. -*r'
Tfil   IKDWT1IAL    WOULD.   APRIL 14.    ilea.
m iraiiL woee
"11.11     -Linos
■..BM.k.1 |.t Hi. Uln.r,  Union Hall. Boullnd,
la Ihr InlrrMl orcrfluliid lltaor i* British
aalKlal   11   111.   BoMllBd. B   C    SB.IoSci    I,
IriBiailillon tbrougb (bt ai.il.   Not. 1900,
ai Mrxiad clala tuiltir.
states with board nt 8111., nnd com. 'climax Governor SteuneilborgOilUld   Mines' Association, proclaiming tho
 ;,.., ii ...III. ii...    on or-.     ...1.!..).    •- I —^ -'- —ii.—1— 	
D. I*. Tltit
Editor and Manager.
"Hii-i si Miners' I'nion Hill.
losscaimon batrs:
f.j.Ble lav.ilably in Adraace.
Obi year , f 1 00
Bli IttatBI....  1 15
Thr,, _...,I'.       7
tiring it wit It tlm S3 ''.">. which is
a very fair average for this province, with board ut 81. per day,
ami it docs nut look us though tlm
British Columbian miner held so
tattoo advantage after-all. If tho
former    were   to   work   every
day (or 8 year he would earn in
.'105 days 1913.00, from which ho
would pay tt'J'J.s for board, il cau
safely be estimated that a miner's
clothing will average asmuob there
as bis l.o.it,I,  and  lit-  would   have
-- It"-- '"S '"I       ♦
not positively say whether Im   bail good times  nnd   advantages   tbey    1
ordered ths negro troops to  smash aro  enjoying.      Hut   though    the   J
♦frM-H-r+H+fH**! ♦♦-.♦ ♦++■(•>•» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦tttH
tlm windows of olUaans1 homes in
Warduor or nut.
A pretty statu of affairs surely,
when tho governor of 11 statu is not
libit, to deny having himself instigated nets of violence as ooudem*
liable, if not worse, than tho nets
oommllted I.y thu workmen.
It would socm that tlm Ottawa
government was desirous of doiug
Aldrca. .11 CoDiiuualcitioBS lothr lodnilriil
World. rottiSJcr Bob '<,!, Biutind, I, C,
Tbe lodu.lrli) Woild >• for nil li KoMlied in
Ibl Kllifl CI-.Br Store; Slmpson'l New. Sl.tnC
V. .. Wlllicr'l .latn.n.iv slorr; Post OSitr
K.i-l BIlBd; I.lnloo Bita, , St.liouery bluir
Barr'l Cigar Store aud by Brw.boys.
All cltrrki may b. made inyible In
Ihs Manager or tbs set inn, ul the
Miners' I'oion.
Those wbo deiir. . 'rh.ng. in theii
advertisement sln'iibl   hi v.*  the copy for
Ih. nisi at  ihii uffice not laler ths
th. evening before publication day.
SATURDAY,   At'KII*   If,'  1 00
I Sj.......nil-til   itm
left HoO.CO.   In British Columliiit i a K,„H| ,„,.,,  to  labor, ul least it is
tin, miner earns in  .1  full year *I-,|H.j„g  ul.e.e,l to  that  end   by   one
isii.'jr,, of which ho puys 1800 for mau, who has had an evident and
board.   The cost of olothing and areut interest In the laboring mini
every requisite of tho miner is at Li ■„■,,.. ,* ■„. n,.^ became cm-
least one third higher herd than in ,„.,,,„,■ „.-,*, ,ile Cabinet. His initio, states therefore it is quid, fair tial step towards helping the labor-
to-estimate his expenses as folly log olaw was the Bweatlu| Invest!-
equal to what he pays for board, gatloo iustituted I.y liiiii twuyi'iu-
nnd when ibis total of 1780 is de- „.,„, w_en |„. ■..,.,• iDformation col
ducted the llritish Columbian minerhooto{] j,, Moutren!. Toronto, llain-
will havelefl but 1400.25, or twenty* Uton „„,* Ottawa Rgalnst this great
live cuts less than the miner the ,.vi* •-•_„,, ,*,,.. liuil. p,)8tmi-8Un..
other side of the international (Jel„.ril| ,\|„|(,,.k hns proven him*
boundary. Mr. Oxiinm is further aclf tl.e friend of tlm working men
quoted  us saving Hint   the t'iKht-i .inuiv times and tlm following rcso-
li.titr   Int..    Is.*..    I....I     ..     A  .11-1 I - *        ,
IS     lllll
statemeut begins all right: " tVo the ;;
undersigned," etc., it is noticeable "
that not a single solitary signature: ;;
is affixed,   We are inclined to be* \\
lieve that the doouinout was labor-! \\
louslv prepared by tlm Association,' \\
and failing  to get  Ihu aiilicipatod J \\
sign limes,   wis printed   in   their. \\
"oflicinl organ" rather than huve. \\
it wasted-
P. Burns & Co.
Wholesale Markets.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revel, toke, Gre.uwooa,
Grand Folks ami Vancouver,
hour law has had it ileuioiali/.iiig
iiiiliit-uce on the moo, by allowing
tin in  more time Id  spend  iu the
saloons, .uul making them less am-
lotion,   proposed  by  him
whal could be expected :
"That it bo resolved that  all
government contracts should con
With tho evident hope of doing
a good (urn to the opposition ol
the eight-hour luw, with which he
slamI- well iu, one. Paul Johns...,
of Greenwood baa been wasting
considerable timo gleaning "fuels
ami ligurcs" from some of the California, Nevada, Arizona and I'tali
milling districts for thu put p.-e ol
OOmparllig the condition of miners
iu those : :.i:,"- witb miners iu British ('..In nl.i.i aud proving how superior are tho advantages here.
Now that bis data uml statements
have been given to the pic— he
finds the "easy public" are only
willing toaivept his anl nuii\ "cum
grain, -all-.'' and mil   iiuqu. st nuied
a» hu had anticipated, so Mr. Johnson may havo douo fully us much
harm as good to the cause he hits
so heroicully. espoused. A com
psrisou of cold figures, ns enquired
by this g. nil. in.in with thu wages
and ex
bilious    This . int.-in. nt isdirec ly ',..;,, KU0|, conditions ns will prevent
t-ontradloted   by  another,    whose abuses whioh may arise from  the
word is ua go.,,1 ami whose expert* B„b*leltlng of sud itracis, uml
enoe is broader.    Mr. R. C. Cham    ,,,.., l.V(.|.v ^.i-,,.., f.|tt)U () |„. ,„.„!,. tl,
bers, of Salt  Lake.   I'lah. slipciii-   ^ou,, the payment of Sttoll   wages
icnt!ent of the Ontario and D.ly ,„, are g^noiully aooopted lis current
mines at Park t-ity for twenty years, jn eatrli tmil.- for competent wo.k-
says that he would not return tn W|m ... „,„ ,,-,.„•.. ,..,„..,. _,, .v((|k
the ten-hour system now that be ,, ,,„., j,,,, outi liml .*,,., ,_•*. BouB
has given the eight-hour d.iy a fair , orxlhx^. "„«„__ „ „_„ policy,
trial, because be has found the men ; u||(, ,,,....,.,, j, „,., ,,„.., ,lf „,.. 0t,v.
better mentally, morally and phy* eminent to tuice immediate steps
sioally, besides talttugmuch greater tog,Vei*_,*e1 (hereto. Itlshcrebj
Interest In their work. deolaied tl.ui the work to which
Of course anytlitng thai oan bf the f. regolug policy ehall apply ii-
regarded as in any way lessening L,ude| ll()1 „.„.. work .,.„.,., ,-,*...„
the absolute power of the master ,,v lne Government itself, but uls..
ov, r the man will he foil .lit to the \ ..„ wo.kf) aillt.(1 |,y •_„*_, „■* __r_.li*
lin sli. but as we have suid before, ',__ ,)U|j;j,. n)uds "
","1  n*0-1   sil "•'>•   0-,«v«i  ,l1"     The measure was dkeussod al
.-ighi-hour law is just and it is for Longjderable length, aud .as sub*
ge, eral good, and il will re... .in  n j(,(.,   ,,.  „„..„.   11111,.lllllm.ni-.  „s  re-
law.    This is the ag.* Of progression ^^j s|, „.:,.„ l(, ,.-..-, „,,,.,„, „„.,,
uml  llritish Columbia    will  never ,.,,..    but OU tlie whole it twill.
take so long a hick ward stop for u 1|(|itl. g .„■ M1. .,.„. „„,, l,),l,.t>t._
the sake of the few  who si ill ding mMt |V„n| ,,„. l|ollsl.
lo the relics ol biirbiirmiii-iu.
Martin nml McKInlay appear (o
be in the saiiio boat together w'th
nearly every other public servant
IbrtllSl mutter, for nil must gel just
about..) much criticism. An Am-
eric-.ii paper recently published u
vers.' of poetry ('I) tlmt quite ably
defines their position:
II.. could and he couldn't,
He will nnd he wool,
He'll bo damnotl if he docs,
And damned If he don't
RETAIL   AIARKKT.**—HoulsstJ, Trill. RsIssb, Tsiir
Ka-In.  Siiiuluii   Netv Deliver.   Silverton,  fnst'idi   City   (ai'ii*l
Porks,Qrsenwoef.  Phosulx, Midway, Gamp UeKlnnsy, Rsrel-
Blolo. Ki rgtiMiii and Vsiicouver. H^^
Fjsh, (ianie and Poultry in Season, SaUUgee of a'.l Kiud..        J
William Po.VALD Manager Ho sland I-ransh
X444+4+44-4+4*+-¥-m4++4~¥+-t-¥ »»M4I44»I Ml»»4IM^Ht*
• -
• '
A suit trust is now add.*.! to the
monster monopolies of thu Estates.
This trust,  thu  I p .nish-American
Despite the report that the ("hi-
cag) Strike is settled, there still
seems to he some Imle trouble in
the building line. Only las! week
nne firm turned down their 'J,">0
employees, substituting non-union
men for them. This doesn't look
as though peace anil harmony had
been entirely restored, nor that
the union wus to bo recognised as
Not what you say but how you
say il seemed to hold good i.i the I
Made int.>sh policy as given  In   liim
jitt the Conservative mass meeting
ruesday evening.   Mr. Mackintosh
Is probably the strongest  mat.  the,
Conservatives have in ibis district,I
bu! there seems a lack uf that essentia  I'letucnl in his policy.
Holt-tend .St Wright, corner Pint
avenue ami Washington street,  lo
uuk,.    room,    urn   offering   llielr
children's   coats,    ladien'    eider* I
down robes, suit waists an*.'cloth-]
Ing, at gieui y reduced price*   The
lala.ee  of our  winter goods must
] go 1.' iiiake room f-.tr our eunrim us
spring .look,    which   is   arriving
daily,    New  lines of men's shirts'
lot spring arc lo hau I,and are well
worth jour inspection.
McGonigle & Co.
Spokane street Grocers.
Miners' Bupplieg, Fruits, Cigara nnd Tobaccoe, staple
and Fancy On oeries, Etc:
Orders Solicited
'i'hon. 168,
Ana Delivered
Some editors miisl imugino  that
people can be made to swallow any ^^^^^^^^^^^_
old news they are pleated to serveP**11 Cnmpany^la Inoorporated iu
np to them, not having (onnd out Trenton, N..I., with a capital ol
by observation fiat taereudorsara Wr*500,000. A little fortlier ou
thinkers aa well, and when foots '•",l lUr,v "■" ""l -»° nu 'o-luatry
ar,' pined before them aro quite ••' ""' Dnltad states that is not
able to put two nnd   two  together  swallowed up by ami inndc ,-ul.ser-
«...! _.k- ti -j.i ,, -j-i-i I vicut to tonic Individual or body ol
plutocrats,     When  one  st.qis   to
consider to what the oil  trust has
M.vRCH i..iii.
Just Kere.tr.l. lhe Largest and llcsi S lectetl rllnck t.f r_
„ Boots aid S'w ni Ills :;;:,:,::;:,.r."•:
Mt-n't Kiiir Wt i «t. I Suite in blue anl black, t< <■-• vain* ai 920; S*ht
t 13.25
8 75
M-.i'i Tweed Bulls, worth i.J. |H and|l6; tn clear at
Mian's Fine SoK-h T#aae.l HnltS, bin vslue a'l$!fl; Sale |.r.ce
Mot. S.iin ind ll Id Pants at ;'.«t lull rigulir ,.iit-t. ^^^^^^^^^^
BBMEUBKRI For (he i.i xl I', davs every lin. io itock lo aold ai in I
tinder » in, i-aiiir i-i,..,
inul,i.in miner has nny ndvaiitiigt..
whatever, except in hours of work,
nod Club is | of au .sell of even this
advantage.    Mr. Johnson  has endeavored to show that  miners on
this side of the boundary are drawing larger pny than miners iu any
other mining districts, while everything else averages up equal,  aud
right   here  let  us  note that  this
"pcrnonal investigation" has turned
out to be mostly un  interview  la>-
twcctt     Mr.    Johnson   and    Mr.
Oxnatii. general manager of the Dc-
I .iiiiiii    mints,   situated   iu   these
several  states;  nnd   it  is a   well
known fact that this company was
so bitterly opposed to  the   passage
Of th* eight-hour law in I lull that
they threatened t<> leave the state
if it wna passed; hut   the  law   was
established and enforced, nml   the
DeLatnar Mining Company continue to Operate extensively there
just the sumo.
Admitting Hint miners heie [Bt
higher wngrs I ban lhe averngc scale
paid in Hie districts in question the
fact IttMlnS (hat all other things
aro not equal, for living expenses,
both (..ml. shelter and clothing are
proportionately   as   high  if not
greater that the wage. According
to his figures miners gut from t'i.W
to 8*'l..r>" per day, and in Arizona,
where (he hitler scale is paid, the
men pay t'-'li.OU per month for
board ns compared with fl. per
day as paid in this district with (he
same scale of wage.
Put taking -J ■*" aa tho average
day ■■pat ..I miii- r    in   those   four
Il iii',i pay ynu In call st Eagles (or
millinery and ladieB1 fiiiiiilhiugi uiail
ami make it add up all right
Out) publication which bus never
,. •»    I lieen   over   friendly   to  orgiiiii/,cd I .a*'_*,»,«,,• a. .„■■ an, un   nu-n,  nu.*
to shower.,*!!! lhe Ilrit'i't^ld'i ,,,b:'r '"" ***** Ukt'U tl,U part uf 'H"C" bW*1, ""' ",6 C'>Umal f,IV| —
v-oi i and supported Governor Bteuuen- time that has noon amassed through snips In
lierg,   of   Idaho,   throughout   IhoM'i  there (teems to  bu no limit to ,)<*"r'1
labor    trouble   uml   investigation   "hid. a monopoly like a sail  liust
there, coming  mil   reOBUtly to say I might be brought, Or What  i.nliini-
that he had   always  been a ltrougll-d wealth it might  win to iLs pr-i-
fricud uud odvooate of labor union   muter*    It is one   of   the  things
and had, in fact,  been   himself an ' ""•" '* not able to get along   with*
active member of the body. (out,   so   to   whatever    valuo    ita
The   roporta   from   tlm   Coeur owners  may  bo  pleased  to   n.iso
d'Alene Investigation at Washing-1'ts   coat tlm  pe.q.ie   must  bow.
ton, D.C., ami lhe governor's ,*vi- ■ T'licrt, is a pretty good pr. spect,
denci) would hardly lead one to UnleBS times uro better, that ore
suppose fhe assertion of bit Mend-   bmg there will   be   more  " fresh
If yon want thr best lunch lo h. had
ler your  money   in Ihr cily go  tn lhe
Ku-sil   II del.     I I.-llu* nn king al.'l  -ral
clan irivlcr.
W. F. McNeill, lhe sb.tr dta'er,   I a-
|tlsced   un   his   bargain   counter   some
in Issi ie....it's nil.'. .1 Ladies'
Ties, in Lis.-k.i-l bee nt ,l .at*,
bs closed nut al onr hrb
nrice and less. Come caily and gel
first choice.
line-ts true, especially na it is not
exactly ..ie friend who culls his
associa'"*.   ortmiuals,   dyuainiu
people around than there arc now.
    The Liberal convention al   Van
etc ni. i ibis    v. hat tbe governor I oou ver would lead one to believe
of Idaho  hns  tion,-.    When
Vicrosu, li C. 2ist Msrsh, inoo-In
(he mallrr of an a',i|,licali»n lor a Hopli-
cite ol a le.lili. ale of Tills In Loll
Ihlrty-one I 1) and thirty-two (32),
Hln.k iweniv (80), Rsllws* Addition tn
KossIbiiiI (Map BIS). N dice is hereby
fiven that ll is tny in.en.inn st tl.e expiration nl on., month, fruit, the first
pnbllcstloa hereof, to issue a ilnplleale
^seessees...♦♦..♦♦♦eeeeeee.eesse s.sees.▼♦▼♦♦♦♦eee
The Latest in
—_ II A T S .'
C. F. Eagles
Opposite the Kauk of Toronto. Kn.slatid. B. C.   J
qiica.  tlmt as great ami perhaps  a   I„.,rolo"''»t>r*i0«M'"' '■'•',', toJM -^
, ,      ,, _■_■ ,-. i i   •        ■    .   lands Issued to Ch.rlel \an-lelB.nd J.
tinned by Mr. i-ulo.-r. the governor aorions split had ooourred  ...  that ™^fo,,.on the8d dsr ol Mayi IM.
said that he  consideied   these  or- j party than the one iu  the  Connor-'    "| n„m!,*,',eil 3.112*.
ganisationi   (labor)   criminal  iiml, vativo   ruuks.     II   wus a stormy _. Y. WOKTION, Registrar Gsa'l
.Dm 11 >. 1   by  criminals,  still   he' time, to say the least, and   savored
could not mum, a single man whom - much of tlm  reputed   warlike  and
ho could personally call :t Criminal,  belligerent spirit usually  accorded
regarding   as   such   men    against   Mr. Martin.    While this decreases
whom no charge bail been brought,
no indictment found   aud  uo  trial
or conviction had.
lie admitted that his proclamation of habeas c irpus wus not legal,
hut claimed that it wits justifiable,
which also, a» far us  personal  in
somewhat the probability of Msr-ix
tin's winning out in tlm end, still ,z
he has always shown himself equal
to uny emergency nml may yet
draw a winning card. Tho convention showed tho fear tho man
has  inspired, na  well  as the  UU*
f ,,    w       ..u.a      ...-     MHO      no
toresta   aro   concerned,   might   he swerving support he is sure of from
claimed by tlm  men,   or  for  that  his backing anil between this timo
matter anybody committing an aot ami election there is a ohauoe for
of violence for selfish ends.
He admitted llmt ho issued writs
if habeas corpus at tlm instigntiuu
of Iinrtlelt.Siueli.il' nnd on no other
him and   his  friends  to
haul nml telling work.
  The British Columliiit Review in
authority than this .Sinclair's, and a recent issue, publishes what is
evaded (ho question aa'to why ho purported lo bo a Htu(cincnt from
took from ouo party of citizens the men imported inlo the Hlooiin
their   entire   rights.    To  cup lhe   milling district by the .Silver.Lead
Hooks, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Oilice
& .School supplies.
BOOK STORE      -      - ]
— ..«  ('..Itintlua Avenii.i.      ;
*>«»»»es*»*>« e-3 ve**-* ".-*• i •»♦■>
Morrison and Brycnton
Have juat received a CoiiBigutnsut of
FlStl, Canned  Goods,  Hams and Bacon,
Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh EggS* Teas and Coffees a Specialty
Sole Agent iu Rossland for '_MPBE—J TEAS."
'Phone 10(1-45. 1-0 Columbia Are.
Fresh Green Vegetables.
.       , •
Cauliflower.       String Beans
Sprouts, Letlow, i.eJery, Tomatoes. Green Peas
0. M. Fox k Company,
108 1 lust Columbia Are
Telephone U. THE INDUSTRIAL   WOULD, APRIL 14, 1900.
A Flo le siecle Proposal.
My Leer Foitir SIaDISOK.
Concluded from 1 ist week.
When Farley aeended the itepi the
next evening, be found the parlors
•blase with light. A number of people
bid dropped in and there wai quit, an
Informal -fathering. After greeting Mr.
and Mn. Marehmont, K but looked
round fir Adelaide.
Ah! there ihe wus talking to Tom
Fletcher. Returning her liow, his heart
almost stopped il, beating ns bis eyes
•mt-ht fur In. roses. Yes, there Ihey
were, I Biking like three great drops if
blood oo lhe hnsom of her while guwn.
With a quick sigh of relief, he had
never known how mtieh he had doubted
un 'it dow, Farley straightened hi...sell
and ...,i,l" his way to her.
With an authority that hctma him he
quiitly dispossessed Tom Flet -her ut his
Tlie young lady turned gS ly to greet
liim, but al Ins 1 a k her e>es drooped
and the color mounted to her cheeks.
"Adelaide," he murmured, "couldn't
we go lo the library, away from all ihese
peopl'T   1 wtnl t > talk to ynu."
Baton ihe could auswer Frank bur
rn-l lip.
'They're Biking for you, Adelaide.
Mnlber sent me fur you."
A i.iIbi.Ib turned to Robert.
'Vou will excuse me then for u
Wldb'.' '
"llicause I tuiial," he answered with
a iml...
"I'll bring her back directly," laid
Frank, with . knowing look, hut all
through tbe rest ol the evening there
wai no opportunity for u 'tete-a-tete'
•A'i.h A lolaidi).
Tiaarda theel Me of the evening the
c mi tuny wis seated aui Fraok brought
out his pituii.igraph.
"It ii Ibe purpose of several of ui,"
said thai young mini in s most professions! tone, "tu give what ws call pho-
liograph pirtiei (bis seison. We huve
select! >ns from the various oper.i hy
well knows singers and readings hy pro-
lelilonali. Iu order to vary these programmes my selection! are from our
mn latent The placet which will la.
rendered are from those who ire wilh
us 'his evening, who will hive the nn
ti*ml   plea*nre of enjnyiog   their own
Settling the lirge, hood-like (mini I
in >re (Irmly, Frank give litem "II .uni.
rfeaa," ' l'..ralise Alley," a id several
other songs of s ptpular character, fol*
tawed bt 'Arkinsas Traveller" givt-u
in . ih ting style as s piano lolo,
"Tnia," said   tho   in rn.i.---,   much
|.le ire I at Ibe . II -,'t be   WBS   protlucillg,
•ml lakiut* up n uea- cylm ler, "shows
ii. to what we are coming. Time ...
when man expressed bis (eelings (ace t.
lace or by writ ol baud. All that ie
passed. Listen' I will a 'uie ut lov*
' A leliide," H) leaked the boril d
thing, "no .1 mbi you will he surprised
to gel this, or rather hesr Un-. lor it is
an unusual way lo talk to a l.nly, but I
was iu despair until this idea occurred
to mi. When I led you ll.il evening
I a.a. Inn.un with tnyielf for no: taking
advantage uf my opportunities and tell
ing yuu .11 that was iu my heart. Adelaide, 1 love you—"
Up to ibis nm.. Farley had itood like
a Hone, not realuing tbe full client ol
the ail nr,   until be   heard   the   thing
cr.uk, "A lei lido, I lov. you."   It  was
niiireilniu  hum hi niiiire e ml I   st.inl
Mu turned  and rushed   headlong from
.ihu  room,   (ollowiid  hy  lhe  deiuouiec
'laughter ot Ihe crowd.
'     1 .i-i ibis tt',y and that he pbm.- -,| iu
a Irantn- endeavor lo find the hall door.
At last lie I, uni,I an opening and dashing
through it, uie.tsi.retl his length ou  lhe
It was a large closet wilh a step down
tbat had caused his fill. F.irley drew
himself iuii.le and cloied the du u.
"I'll wait uutil ibi.si* idiots are gone,"
be muttered savagely. "(Hi! what a
i s.l, what a foul I was! As (or Crunk
— •" 11. clenched hia hands aud sal
there in eloquent silence.
Soon the noise of departing guests .Iml
away; tn. house grew still, sml Parley
begin t j think he might steal away unheard .
"And I'll leave town forever," he
vowed ai he opened the door aud tiptoed
into the ball,
Ai he passed the parlor door, which
was slightly ajar, he heard the words
" Ad.l.ide, I love you ; tenderly, de
vuteilly    "   Was that thing going yet?
They bad forgotten it probably and
there it stood, repeating his senseless
lolly to whoever would listen.
He gnashed his teeth in fury.
"I'll break tbat blamed thing to
pieces, if it's tbe list thing I ever do,"
bs growled ss, throwing csution aside,
be strode into the parlor.
A little white-mb *.l figure started up
Witb a cry.
"Oh, Rjbertl Ii it you?" and Adelaide Hung herself into his anus.
"Adelaide," ststntnered Robert, "was
it ymi making that thing go just now?"
"Why, yes; pupa made Frank take it
out just as you led, and I wanted to
bear tbe rest of it."
"8m ,h" ins, a?" questioned Parley n
Ht.leiaier, when  reaiuo   had   re*.nne.|
her sway.
"Oh.' yon dear ridiculous goose 1   I al-
wTtyH wear them io," smiled Adelaide.
"I suppose tbat was why you  thought
of it."
"And can you ever forgive my silliness iu proposing that way, instead of
coming to you like u man?" asked
Robert anxiously.
"Of course 1 uni," replied (hie benighted damsel. "I think it was lovely.
Other girls only have their proposal
once. I can bave mine over and over
whenever I wii'it it."
He bad indettl gone on record.
tub BSD.
l.itboi Notes ('.implied from all  Around
the Ulobe.
Columbus, Ohio, union machinists
have struck for au advance of wages
from |81S tu if J 50 per day.
Tbe advance in wages secured hy the
United Mine Workers will amount lo
nearly |,.0,iHHl.tKHi.
Factory Inspector Campbell report!
lixty pi ices iu Pennsylvania iu which
el..thing win made in habitations where
contagious diseases prevailed.
The trades unions of Swilzerland embrace a total uieinlaerahip of 46,3511.
TBAODS ANH I.AIOR IT If Nt'l I.     U.ets ctt-i .
in un.I nud fourth TTic.iiuv la i-., 1. mouth at
Ttjt ii.m. Ib Miners' I'uiia Hall. C W. Wluvsl
Sec; Jullil M.l.uif., rin.
every l-'rldiy o! r.c. week it 7;u> p.m. Ib
Minn*' Union Hill. 1' K MiTHiaal.l, I'rei I
A J Mt-lltanalil. SIC.
miners' UNION No. is. Weilern Federillia
..i Miaer.—Meets Bvery Wedae.day eveulag at
7.30 o'clock lu Miners' Ualou Hall. Juiiie*
Deviue, Sec; A I. lloustou, IT. s.
TVI'OORBI-IHs'AI. UNION No '15-Meetl on
lhe tail Suutliy ol eicli ...oath at the Miners'
Union Hull J I' 11,11 kilt, 11, Secretary; Mr l'ool'.
I'reiiileul •
Meet the Srst and third Tuesday "I each
month at 8pm tu llc.lly I Hall 1*1) Bui 111
J S KtiblHoti, President; Willi.011 Cols, bi-cre
Meet. every Saturday eveniuf al"ri ,,, o'clock
iu Miner.' Union Hall. I* O Ikii 41. rant
Jollier. Sec; tleorge Cuuniti-,h..iu, I'll!
Following ii 1 bit of ihosH wbo idvsr-
Use in tbe IkdDSTSIAL W'oki.u:
Geo Agnew & Co., (Irocen.
W. F. McNeill, Mho. Store.
Hunter Bros,, general merchandiis.
Kmpey laros., groceriei and gent! furnishings.
T. R. Morrow, druggist.
C. O. Lalonde, shoe itore.
C. 0. Gibson A Oo., gents' clothing
and notioui.
G. W. M. Bride, hirdwire.
Linton Bros., booki and itationsry.
l.'reict-iit Dry Goodi, luroiibingi, dry
The printers o( the west are alter the
llnise Typogrsphietil Union Iml and
heavy for not expelling Gov. (.teunen-
berg. They point 01.t .be fact that (he
governmental conspirator* bihI mine
owners have formed a scub nr.anuttion
cslhsl tbe ludusirial U..1011 in lhe Oocur goodi and clothing
d' \lent*.*. Miirrisnn A Hr,.ulon, groceriai.
— M. J. 1,'I lean., clothier aud Hatter.
The (armer'a label ii a (act in Nebr.s-* 1    Paulson Bros., groceriai.
ka.   The Iiiier.iBiional Karmera' Union
tiled, copy 0(11 label with the Nebnuka
secretary of slate March 2, and it now
has legal protection.
cigar   manufacturer,
Chicago FYileratii.il of Libor an.l Typographical   I'm..11 No. IU have locked
horns.    Tbe   Federation expelled  the
primers lor lilting the  bo).'ill against
Ihe News and Record, ind the "prints"
de.-la .•   they   would   have   withdrawn
•nybow until the Federation purged  it- i
•ell of the politiciani who hold olticee in I
that hotly.   However, the boycott mat-1
t.r Kill bs carried to the A. F. ol L,
Wm.   Lietjen,
Vancouver, B. 0.
Taylor A McOnarrle Ullnti.
Pacific Tea Oo., ten and colTsei.
M. W. Simpson, nswl,  italionary snd
0. K. Baths.
Metropolitan Hotel .nd Bar.
ll.-Ainifi, tailor.
8. Glsian, furniture.
Mci.uiigle A Co, iroc.riei.
Huffman Hum. and Bar.
Kmlgn Oigar Store.
  Iiyemg iml   Cleaning Works,   Wish
The .-street Railway M n'» Association  ■D**lon •••"**•
uf Brooklyn, NY, withdrew its annual
..idar for summer uiuforins from a firm
■ •1 ci..Hung in.i.i 11 la.i-1 tir.-ra in Brooklyn
■>•■ au "■ they had forfeited Uie right to
. I cm lhe union lu'.d 011 their product,'
and the order waa given to a union '
Seattle unions have secured a site for
lh. labor temple. Iu the near future
the unions will bave a borne of their
The following unions were organised
in Seattle laitweek: The Waitresses'
Association, with a membership of (16:
tlio Wan.us' Uuion, with US members;
Ibe Butchers', wilh something over 30
member!; Stone Miisoni', with SI members. Application his been made hy
Ihe Stone Masons for. o.tionul cha(er.
Pani.ll A Chamberi, pilots,  oil., etc.
Holitsad A Wright.
Kwerl It-os . jewel.n.
Th. Inlernaliuuil A Newman, grocin
Kuisrll Hotel
Simpson A J met, grocn
The "Strand"
Ktglas' Millinery stor.
Rossland Drug Co.
0. M. Fox A 1 ' ... grocer.
I'..Intnl.is Transfer Co.
Be.ns. per Ib	
Brooms, each	
llulier. prr Ib	
Bacon, bell, per lb 	
Bulk Oil, per gal	
Three hundred "lady barber." ol Chi-'' *l"ai"' Ud=„' ■"■ lb	
cago asked l*. j .in the union,  hut were I „, *"'' ,H"   b'''	
refused by Business Agent Lucas.    Tb. I Chocolate, per lh	
ladies are highly indignant   and   will  2_"rB?       ,„,,  "•_■•■'
organise a union and demand admission < ^_B-«-1. j*' IOIb "C" "'
fjr tbeir delegates. 1 Coffee, per Ib  20 to 50
  Crscken, sodsi, per Ib  10, 12J-J
The following p,per. are reported 111 S°rn'""r"  ,r "'*
bave com. out for Deb. and Hammond *   ^nno'  'rul"' *>" C,D   » to »
The Toiler, ol Terr. Ha ,te, Mich.;  The  tann*.  |wss, per ess	
1 .anne.i beans, per csn	
5 to 7
t'*  ... .'HI
.HI (o 36
10 to 17
25 to 46
35 to 40
Kxpoueut, of Saginaw, Mich.; Brewers'
Journal, of Cincinnati, (I ; Coming
Kvrnli, ol Kvaii.vill.*, Ind.
Printers' troubles seem to remain unchanged. John Wanimaker'i sture iu
Ne.i York is said In havo wilhdrawli its
Codfish, per brick  26
Dried (mils, per Ih  10 lo JO
Eggs, par doi 25 to 40
Hour per lack 1.26, I. ...
j Granulated sugar, 14 Ib for..
Hants, per Ib    	
patrnnsge friiui the Sun   until   ils  tlifll-
culties with Typographies! Union No.
II .hull I- Milled, 111 Plllsbiirg tho
situation u cporie, entirely michs nped.
President Donr. Ill- bat bean il .-
City bu a wv.:., and there is lalk ol tne
ryiHidieta ippolntlng a coinuiittee to
arbitrate tbe difference with the local
typographical. I .illv th. put is beginning to boil In lhe election ui delegatus to the national convention.
The clerks of Fort Wayne are seeking
an early closing agreement with the employers and have the aniitanre ol a
committee of three Irom the central
labor body. Disciplinary methods have
been adopted with one recalcitrant merchant, wbo persists in keeping his store
open until 9 o'clock at night. A man
has been uppointed to pickut the place
and notify patrons of the non-union condition!.
Honey, comb, percaks.	
Imperial oil, 5 gal. can	
! I..uml 1 a snap, per har	
' Liverpool salt, per 501 h lark..
Macaroni, per lh	
Molisses p. 1 gal	
Null, per Ib	
Hulled OBtl, ner Mbb  lick	
Pickles, nine,I, per quart	
Rice, per lb	
Salt Iw-i.ti, per lb	
Sago and tspioca, Ibl0,3 Ibi.lor
Stock lilt, per 60lh sack	
Syrups, per hall gal. tin  60 to 66
Tomatoes, per can  46
Teal, per Ib  36 to 05
Tobacco, per Ib 90 to 1,25
Vinegar, per gal  50 to 85
Wheit manna, pkgi, 20; hulk  per II..
Applet, per Ib  6 and 6
Heels, per lli  2
Cauliflower  |6
Celery, per bunch  10
6 and 6
76 to |1
Groceries and Provisions.
Fruits, Granite, Crockery
and Glass Ware.
Free I if lint, Io ill pirli uf thr city.
TIIONi; l,i.
Corner Third Ave. and Washington St.
Agnew & Co.
11 Columbll Ave., aeit J0.1 1* Utoodc'i.
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
Hews, Stationery, Tobaccos.
Landing Library.   Lat.il Nevsli.
Office Bupplisi, Etc.
  I G.bbage, per lb  i% lo 3
H.lstead A Wright, cor. Firstave. and  Grapes, per  haiket  65
Waihlugton street, nre ihowing ladlei'  L-emom, per doi      SO, 36
spring jackets and new wrappers—a
splendid snd w II assorted line of each
Their ladlei' n.ckweir, in salin puff
shields, Liberty Silk and P..ml Esprit
Windsors are quick sellers. For men's
eb.tl.lng, their reduced price is having
a clearing effect nn'lhe slock.
Onions, per Ib      3 lo 4
l'oars, per Ib	
Potatoes, per 100 lb.	
..I.25to 1.60
Radishei, 2hunchei for..
Squi.h, per Ib	
f s.-allln.l. )i|r   1 i*|
t 'A
The American Tailor and Gents'
."U:!-.iT::it»  House.
oiili aia.a ti «_'-.
Illiifailill lurubtoi
No. I, Ft it Annul.
Car. Pint A.I   HI leaks aa SI.
,i;,i   i...   .i.thui ,Hii    oi.b ail* call
II  will ,,.,,..
Dyeing aid Qeuiog Works.
0»po»it« Marti* ftrathrra.
I c«« rteae or dye anytfctnf la ladle*' aw)
Krut-ruirn a »c*r Oi-« Mr a c*ll aad be ton
Thr la Iml inprosrd niirHntiy and procraaci.
rnablr tur tOKuaranicr thr titoinpi drllrrry ml
all ordrra. Work will W railed fur and drllrcird
i-.eiii addma.
(let Hi. 1 r Presettpt 1.un
Filled br the
Rossland Drug Co.
A mil Maeol -rrerylklng la our Mas.
Columbia Avenue, n.n  the  Bod Ton.
Kossland Hotel.
(■in.  W'kiiklel  ind    ImportsS   Cl|.ri
J.i 1 r Hpellmil, I'.upi ilor
Cor. Spoken. Street .nd Colombia An
1 Cash
Specials This Week.
Frt.ll   I'lllllelll    Had.lies
Crosao & lllaekwell's Pure Malt
Vinegar, I'ickled Waliiuls,, Onions,
Clio- Chow, Mixed i'icklcs.
Morion'a Assorted Pickles.
I.ang'a Montreal Hiiouit»- a large
asset trarnt.
Transfer Company.
Tb. Only Tranif.r or Kipress Com
puny in Rmiland that will deliver your
Trunki for 25 o.nti each. Tbree day.'
itoi.ge (re*.
O-oe-QUBBN CIGAR stork.
TiUpbon. 37.
Wholesale anal retail dealers In ralala, Oil.,
Varnishes, Hrushes, Wall Fini.h and Paint.,.'
ttutiplles. Contract, taken Tor piper )isu.i.|
.ml decoratiai. ulli, ,■ and Hurl Uaniel. a
Chanibera *ilock, il Co.timhia are. uader Dobhb-
011 K.titi-sa co'a. oltce.
N. ft V. rhoaa iii.
Canadian and Kentucky
Ptourbon Whiscies.
Railroad and Miners' Checki Caihed.
Harry Mcintosh.
Ensign   Cigar  Store,
CAPT. SHAW rr.pri.tor.
Corner Columbia .ve.. Washington st
"oVi.a-sr Btak of ToroBta,  R inland
tail Electric Mry
Noes bst whits hslp ninplo-red
N-'tily US.     We cell  snd deliver
< '..111 in I.i. Areuu., near FoBtoffico.
That nur Tra« and ivffr*r« atr ihr CHOICIt-.T
an|d in ftonfrlanil. T("lav. whra l-as and co
frraair |ni.hrd m hard. It In abaolulrly arc
laMiytoim an artictr tf unnaual anrrlt
You will And it liriv.   (sUaswarc f !»»■ away
t.l   I 11*1    -III-   IB
Pacifc Tea Co.
"ui Tear   ■
ta 1 Mnnlhi
11 25
Mocbi.f. of ran betwua l|ln
and I: iiiiami.
Tick.U o. ials all i.ir tb. world.
CI**M aanni, Ileal at Helm with
iteini.ri lor K.1I0 and all Kctaaa*
I.l. poiau.
Pansnten for Killl. rir.r, Bsnad.ry
ramp and llnnadary crssk nun* 1 ai
Marcus and Bouburi witb  ubi* dailji
I. W. B. rr  A|SBl,
K.BjiliP-t.B. P.
.-* .  i.A DlWiB, Af nil, Tr. I, !'.' .
3J.«.J! ir:,r av I_t'lT.     seeeBeessBseeeeeeeeeeeeees   ■ A.ii«,i«,«,',t, »rs.t».'*,*~ii.
A.bIrm All <   .raannt . Bln.nl
Canadian Pacific
Asd SOO Lins.
  _.' 8 .1
Naw Pail Daily Service.
Optional Rmti Eatt and Weil (rota the
-ootmsr Country.
Firit-elais Ulsiaari •• all Tniai.
Tourist Cars
Pan Ravelitoke Daily (or Bt. Paal,
Thiirsilnys for Montreal aud Buslaa.
Tundiyi and Salurdayi (or Ttiruato.
For rales and (nil information iddrisl
tb. aaareit LaOoal A(.at, or
City Ticket A»eat, Iaulasd.
Actini Afiat, Konlnd.
W. P. AiniiBus. T. P. A., Nalwn.
E. J. Covui, A. G. P. A., Vaneouvir.
Northern Pacific
TO ALL roi.lTS.
Ths Dialng Car K .un via Yall.wU...
Park.   Nalsil and Brit.
Kiinipped  wilh
PrtLMAN Palacb 0am,
Ki.buamt Dibib. Cabs,
M"i na Dav Coasbbb,
Tosaiar flturnse Cau
a ik.
sail lo ill parti if Iks
.1   paiat.
Through tick.ti to
I'l.ilrd M .is. ai'
Kleani.bip '
Ti.k sis to. 'h ma and Japan via Tarsals
and Northern Pacific tSlaamibip C.
Traim depart from Hpi.kans:
No. 1, W.si Is,uml. st S:66 p. ta., daily.
No. 2, Past 1...un.1. al 7:20 a. m., daily.
For information.! time cards, rami
and I li-k»ls apply to ths s.eols ol ths
B. F. A S. E. W. RUFF,
Aft. R. U. Ry., RoMlsnd, B. 0.
G.n.r.l Af.ol, Spokaas, Wasa.
Am'i (iso. Passant*ir Aiaal.
SpKie Fal il NdiIInu
NsIsod a Fsrl Bhippsrd Railwsy
Red Mountain  Ry,
Tan ia'?   V riei  Boils   ta   Ball*.
Eailo, 'I ...bbitM iks aad
Sli.cii 1'iiiiu.
Kvirr day ia thi trsar  balwssa Ip*
kill, Utaailiiul aad .lYsoi
I ■.»■ BltlT ABBI?B
I:l6a.ai. * . Hpokan. • • Bill p.■
2.15 p.m.- - N.arll.perl • 12:10 pal
Arn?a3   lOp.ra. Hunliad Lv. il   Ilia 1
Ell. Je. Kill's Pill, d
To the Electors nf the Vancouver Electoral District,
Gknti.kmkn:—I beg Inr the third time
to offer niysell SI a cniididine at Ihe coining general election lo repiesent you in
the Legislative Assembly nf this Province
Iu the campaign of 18118 I announced
my adherence lo certain general principles and you did me the honor to choose
me as oue of your representatives. Since
tbat election I I :iw<• i.nisIciiiIt adhered
to those principles and still Bland by
litem. \\ ben I sieei.t. d nlllee bb Attor-
ney-lienersl in Mr. He ml in'a a.lniinis-
Iraliou, yuu were kind enough again tu
return nie by aaelamiition.
As a member of the government, I
took an active part during the session ul
1889 In placing upon the statute bonk
legislation, carrying mil bb far aa il went,
Ihoee principles. I feel quite safe in
saying that (lie ivnik.lone by the Semite
tlivernnient and ita supporters during
sen brought together  for the special
lose ol  ie-enacting  (hia  statute,  in
order tu shuw ihe Dominion govsrnni.ni
anil Ibe peuple of Ilie oihe- province!
that (hia question i» Considered a most
vital out) in lltia Province. With regard
tn ihe land subsidy nf the British Columbia Southern Railway Company whi n
the application hub math* I. as attorney■
general, loukud Inlo the question   with
great enia. mi,i e.inn. to i .e conclusion
that the railway company hud not cmn
plied wilh lhe londllloni Iuid down in
the i-111■ 11(-■ granting the BiibBitly, and
that therefore ihe government had n.
i igl.t or i ii,ii-i to issue the grant,
N i one can be more impressed limn I
sin with lhe aacredness <>l a contractual
obligation. I quite admit Ibal nu mallet
how Improper ths station o( the legisla-
lure may In.v** been in granting tn the
B.C. M. Ry. Oo. Iheir land subsidy, .till
the provinoe is hound by their He.in.
and Ihe only enquiry thai can be mad.
is whether the isilwuy have cnmplietl
with tbe .Tut,' T i.i"- tnt.osn l hy the statute In question. If Ihey have nn! done
so then il appears to uu* clear that it ii
the duly of the government tu Baud by
ihat session was eminent-.* i.l,BtdCtor$.|t'V rlgfils of the province.
i„i... j*,.,,....i  am. .ti     _...-.*|tI   repnrteil   In   tbe   g..\	
: npiiiioii i Iml lhecondiih.iis.il tl.e tin'.itr
I  reported  to  ths government  my
to the el.TToiH ul this province, whosit
vole, placed lhal government in power.
I look hack wiih prld. and Mtlihtoiinn
to the part which 1 look iu connection
with thai work.
The members ol that government continued apparently In work together In
the most harm..iiitnis niBitner until  Uie
Desdiuan'a   Island   di-pute  u.      In,      . *   aa „ -  —**.__■--*     n ■ •'       ■;,
conneciion wilh  thst  mailer  vou  will   juul lo Me. sr-. Chris opber Kobisoii.Q
. )Ur . C , and B. It Osier, (J C, of 1.amnio
M r. II il.Line's .'|.mi,,it was Inclined b>
lae ugainst my coiiteiiiinn, but he staled
I.lid not been  c.implied   with, .nil   ing
i-es'i'il Iliii» as the am..unt involved wm
extremely large, il  would   hi, ndvip.il.1.
to obtain the hsat i i nnininns avail.
able, I iv un not h.'i . .• I by the government lu tin so, biii! submitted lhe case l.i
Mr. Hfll.hiue, Q.  C. of  London,  Eng.;
remember that I placed mvself in y
bands.     Mv   Colleagues   .Messrs.   Mao*
pherson .nil Tiadall  also agreed   tu  be
guided in that dispute by (he wishes of
tbeir constituents.
Mr. Codon on the other hand took a
firm stand against any settlement nr ar
that he thought IbsCSB. a proper one Ul
hn l-iixi.-.lit before lhe court. .Messrs,
Robinson and Oiler, on (be cniilrary,
gave a very Hiring opinion Ihat my cun
ernmeni were nyt romp, lied even il they
were permitted tn isme lhe crown grant
.1 ruler the ciri'iiiii.lAnees. It may le
ii ui their opinion is not c.rrrc', but my
contention is thai in the fuceuf n.y ..pin
ian ai attorney-general, aiippuited lit
lawyers   nf  iheir  eminence,    Ibo   nlity
rangeo-enl oTt-S msttSI until'tim qneB- ] __!__,,•___-__?___!„_**_]?.. «ov
tion of the ownersliip of the land  hud  ~*"~~  ""
lueu decided by the courts.    The very
elicbi progress made iu the suit then instituted slums (hit the litigation would
probably nol lis complete I for a number
nl year, .   This difference  bclweeu  Mr.
t'tiiion inul niVMil ironi id   some inc-__________________________
liou in Ihe government, but apart from I '"""'J* 1<*wn. ' °, .""' «'*v.*rniiieii'-|l  II
thai dispute I  never had   lhe slightest I .*»» ,0 ,'e "'■■'•*■ h.T "'"!' ""'!"!"" *••••»
iDtimation Irnm Mr. 1-euilin or anv uf { »'H-''"""" f *''*|uese.i!-i..« to refer
my other eolhigiies oi any d-salb-O-  ••>«'1~.Hter tu thi conn ',  -i er lb-
lion whatever wilh rega.d to mv actions WJf' .c""rt "' **I».***"' !"''■ .decided, an
uutil the flril div of .Inly, 1888, alien t ,tr'c;1)' - .ecordsnee wiih that.!.It til .
Mr. f-Vmhn pre.empiori.lly isked for my I A- «•»■_'«"' l""1 ,K"in -J"1 oul "' " '!
resignilion, giving three reasons, ull 0, *»y, and M,.ri-a rtew et.nr.ity general
which I can safelv ssy were regarde-l hy ll»<1 •>«-«''•PP""-<c-l Mr. I UtlOD st ..in -
tbe public at large as  exi.emcly   frivil-   P'orrederl In. Unor. lb- above  cumlcr
ous. I refused Io resign an.l asked lor a •l,0,,'lU?,!,n'jwu,'d , ','"',?" 7""! ,£,'
caucus ol government supporters to eon- *«n.B IWO.OOO seres. Including a. „..' 15u
aider what should  he done under the j000 •M!'M "' rosl-Siidi. which  1  tin,  in
' Im uu .1 are wnrib many million dollars.
Wilh regard lo lhe Mongolian labor
qurilitin, the government refused l,a
ado*.I (he policy which I advut'itel, an.l
\ u.el lhe hu use without any proposition
as to s re-. > it'Tiiieiit . I the di.all *wet)
•dilute. The at. inn nl the government
iiliei I had I. It it, with regard lit the
matt ta-1 f n (erreit to in His It .'.nr's I* fri
ol dismissal ol Mr. Sunn * I •. aftor-l.
strong pr.,1 ( tlmt I ..■■ right io mi
Opinion thai I hs.l I.i en rein.iivil (mn
the gnvernminl in order In eiishl. Mr
Cotton lu .'irrv nut his reaeliunaty i.l -SI
snd practically nullify Ihe lrgi-l.(nii
which we hs.l ena.T.-l in the se-sinu m
18011. .be-..I tl.e it,..-I ini|s.rli.nl act.
that was passed in ISIS) was the .'•>,.en-
liegialry At. Dp lo the lime lhal I
left the tiovrrnu.eiil .ctive preparation?
were twine made in bring tin- sialnie
Inlo force; hut evidently nothing whatever l.ai i ■. ii done since, and ipparenily
lhe g-•vernn.fnt I nd ileeuhd In nullify
lhe action t>( the Irgiiiat*uu by neglect
lie I ' ll.». lhe in (Tsairy pr.u-laiiiaU.it-.
Again il wai proposed i.y lhe govern
mant after I led it in .spend a sum ..I
als.ni |40n,00U in purchasing  Ir. m   th.
circumitsncei. ^^^^^^^^^^
Last session it wai state.! by Mr. Cotton, in the House, that I had tacilly
agreed to be bound by lhe decision o(
Ibis caucus, aud Should have continued
to support Ihe g0Sernm.nl when Ihe decision wss against    Tliia statement
is very wide indeed from ihe truth. The
getillenieii who «. ie pres-ml al lhe cau*
cu. will rrni.Tiilsr tl it*. I Hated most
distinctly lhal il the decision went
agaluit mi- I could Uu I u.ger support the
giiyeriiine.il and would deem il my du.y
to take every raemi in my power lo
bring about their defeat. A. ihecaurus
by ■ very slight nutj .rtty sided wiih Mr.
hcnilin I -it ..nn* tendered my re-ig.nation, and announced publicly -lhal I
must l-e .-on-nli-i. I an opponent ol lhe
Just prior In the meeting of the house
?nu will rem, ml.er U.u- I galled 3 meet-
ns ol my lupporlen in th. city id Vancouver au l iithmiiied my i- -in.ui lo
them. I silted Hint il was mv inlentiun
U possible lo 'I. i. ai the gi.veiiiuienl
wiih a vi.w to bringing about a geuetal
(taction.    I g.ve my riusoos for thill
course, snd alfo Haled that ll uiv iop-|/, ,. t, ,_ a_.___a-a____— .-,-"
porters diisgreed wilh mv propta-etl | t-nnnillnsi I 'ac «o Rell.ay IV-pany the
acl.cn. I would at onca resign and allow I •"".'/""'' r"'■T' ,"1,»v* \wn. '*"".
luem to ebOOBS . repre.enl.liv. who •** U',rm '" '"d-bng lhe Oli.n.bl. Slid
--   - -       - —'-* '■—--■ .     Wesltrn Railway.   Ill my
Would • t in accordance wilh Iheir «.,..
r« . The meetiliT was *ery I *ig» an.l re
pres.nl.live, si d * resolution w.i paired
without • distention, voles', expressing
entire approval ol my Intended opposition 'o Ihe government.
I hsd alreadv inloim-d members el
th. opposition in lhe house that, ahile
my principle, were ths ism. .. tbey bid
Urn. .ml I had ii" .1 ii.pal hi with their
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ opiuh.u. tins
prnpniiiion wai entirely tu the interest
-■I H.e Hallway Coo.pai.y.and overlooked
ill gel her tbe i..ten-sis uf the prople.
In appealing loyou .. the; Premier nl
the Pi,,, ,m .- 1 ie.' to lay bvlure yuu Ilie
plan iu,   ul   tbe  new   g .,. i ii in.ni   a*
I   The .bolillon ut tb. |200 ilepoeii
loan shall be provide.) bv sibliHonal
t..nation bo as nol to impair tbe credit of
the Province.
IS. In connection wilh tbe cnnBlrnc-
tinn nl (• vei-mui'iit mads and trail,, to
provi.l* by thn employment of OOmpp.
tent civil engineerB and othsrwlss thst
the Government money is expended upon pr-me pyatrin wbi.b will be ad-
van tide. ni. to Ihe general puli'ie.'sothal
Ibe old system of providing minis as a
special Iflvnr lit supporters nf lhe Gov
ernmeni ,. ay he entirely discontinued.
14 To keep Ihe nrditiiirv annual expenditure within the ordinary annual
revenue, in order tn preserve intnrt tbe
credit of lhe Province, which is Ihe heBt
15.   Tosdopt « .yst.m nfGnvernmant
constriietinn sml epent'ion of rflilwuys,
nnd Immediately tn proceed with the
conflruciiu" nl a railway on "u* south
side.if .be l*'.a«er river, con. eet'ng .lie
Colli with the K *i>i*nny dialri.tr, with
the mule,', tumilm.' I 111. t UlilesB lile oilier
rillWBVI con.lrueted ill lhe Prnvinee
live fairennnrel this, and mnke i qui.able
join, freight ond paHP.-nu-er ii-rani/*>!tiHi>tB
ihe Province will continue Ibis line lo
tbe psb'siti boiindarv uf tbe Prnvineo.
Proper cnnneclion aith such K I'tntuy
■iiilway to be given I" 'lie Island ol
Vaiio.-.nver With repne. I t I miter pur's
of llu* Pu vinie, In p-nre.d In give (.
-very pn tion ,.( it rail WBV ennue' ten at
a, eu.*ly a ih-tu ns pnp*il.le, (be railway
w hen coiiBlriutleil to b.]npi-rftied by Jthe
Government thronsh a commission.
IH. A raiitvsv hililga .»» be cn-'riin).
etl it) connection with the Kontenuy rtiil-
tiay iiertipp'he 1-'n-.-r st ur near New
Westminster, and running powers give..
over il to any rail«uy cuiupany Bpp ying j
for 'he Pitnie.
17 In case ii Is thnnght a( anv time
advisable to lo wive a bones to nny railway cnini if y, 'he 8,nit" to be in CIbIi
and nnt by *nv of a la. .1 gruut; an t n .
Mich boi'ii! to b' granted eii'ept Spon
'It. condition thai n f .ir ainnunt ol tie
bonds or shares n( the c.'.iiipt,ny li•
Irai'sferri .1 to the Pit.vine", sml efleflive
... TIT* latch I" eve ibe   P ovin.'e   enn*
ml of Ihe freight and passeiicer tat-aa.
uml provision made against .urh rail*
way hsving'any liabilities sgiiiiit it t x
cep. arlnal cpi.
18 i'n lake Bwif from tb.   f.;.*nien-
iiii-ii.iv.rn.'r In (t.tin.'il any power lo
inske siil.slai.ive fining-s In lit- law,
...i lining   Ibe  j iriwliclinn   el.lir.lt   In
ut tiers t.l .1. to. in working ...it ibe l.i w -
■•nm 'ed Ity lhe I. y • I .Hire.
19. Tbe sslsbnshsssal of sn In.Miu
inn wllhtr, '♦*» Pri-vl'ire (or  ibe ediica
1    "  ot  'lie .le'l Bill tlltlliti. ^^^^^^^^^^__^_^_
20. To repeul   the   A'h-n   EselrulfinIDV Wn JCn tlie
Ac, as tbe reason* jus'U.a iig it,   enact
ii.col nn longer ol linn.
21. An .mn. .ibl.- -.nl. n.cut nl ihe dis-
pute with the Dominion Covarnm.nl ,'.ns
to Dcadmsn's Islsnd. Stanley I'.ark aad
other islands, and an arrangement wiih
Mr. Ludgate, by which, if po-sililc, ,i
sawmill industry mny br esUbllihed and I
carried on un Dctdnian's  Islsnd, under   pgaphoS   th©
Mtiifsctory   rondiiions.   pi-jtiCtini;  the
uiierc»tjof the public.
*I2. Proper means o( givin-.' lerhniral
instruct on to miners and prospector..
Raymond Sewing Machines
"B-st  on   Ik.   Maikel."
Sewing maikini inppli-i nf ill kindi for nl*.   M.ebiuei lo not
by weak or mouth.
Taylor & McQuarrie,
V'rnan -nd Afo/i. n /'/.ens 181.
18 Oolomblg Avenue, Rossland, B 0.
Sols AgBB'l.
Industrial World
Is the medium
can Know his
views upon pnlilicil questions .till I hid ' for ci.itldilii har lhe bgirlaiuie
a common ol.j-rt wiln them In wishing!    8. The nnugiug into lurce, .. .....i.
to bring about the defeat of Mr.S lubii. laa  ari.niruiei.ia   can    i.e    t-uuipleteu
government, and  I  had amired  Ihrm'ul lh. ruireu'a Rrgmry Syilcm.
that il they Hood  Ing-iher   1   Would U*.    8, Ilie reilislMliiitn.n ul'lhe cunililu
I...... I working harm,.inon.lv wiih ihem  cits ou I. e ul population, allowing
|,,r tin' purpuie nny     The omsaq.iei.l i tu spats, l» p-pulattu utain t* . propur*
ilrleal nl Ih" gi.vernmeot, and tho  mvi- | liuii.t-1) larger rrpreseuiaiiuu  (Uau  U.
.m ui Irom ll.* Honor Ihs l.lenletiani
(. vi'Ui'i, lo in,"-II lo form . goveio-
ii.cut ar. 'r..l, Id your mm.Is. I •<■
reptotl lh. I. k Irom Hia Honor upon
condition ihil I should Ire granl.il a dissolution ol the present house; snd in sr*
twrdillc. with Ihil undrrstanding, a
general rlrtlmn alll take plan
as It ran t-onvenlriilly lie held
ll baa lawn ■ turned that my actum in
Oppoalna Mr -culm's govern in. nl, aller
my rx|.ul*i..n Imiii il, was aeluaied by
pernnil leelings sgainst Mr. Ciuin
Thar, is nn (riiih whatever in this .ug-
u.sii'.ii. I hive o|ii»."i ,| and b.-li-.-.l to
iIsImi Mr. l-rmlin's government u-. au.-
1 baliaved I b.l It nn longer repreaeulrtl
lbs ptiiu'iples llial I had e*|..u.r.|. It
mast be clear to eveiynue thai the
bivlloui reaaoni given by Mr. .-.-„,Im
lor my tlismi.sal had del.in.I Ihem real
reaaoni of a .ntaslanlial rhara<ler, and I
think lhal sabSSOMOl evri.t. h.ve
shown whal these ria>..in were. I a,*
Itibule Mr s, iiiIiii'. aiilon not t>. hia
..wn ilisiie ...it tn  Mr. t'niton-    I   nu
|b.| iiu'iia dmricll and ciii.-b
4 Th. i i.i, im. ui ul an accurate
sysiem ul (i .vernuienl scaling uf Ijgs,
and in lignl eiinnvruieiil.
5.   The ie euai iinriii ul Ihedliallowetl
l.ibnr li' gulaiii.i. Ail, INKS, aud alio all
I .eat,iun.   ul   1MB..,   ,-..manning  *,,n
as suon] Mougoliin clauiei ii dis.a'owed ■■ pru*
p..»i.l nt tlie I) ....ii li .veii.liirlll.
(I. Tu Hike a us in si.imi in every
oli.er possible way am. a view id .Its
cuuragoia the .|,ieail ul OiikIhbI cheap
labor in id.> p...,.!.,...
7. Tu ptuvnle fur ulli i.l ms|aecli.)n
ol ail inn,.lings, miiltiiii.y aud woiks,
wiln a view in i..ui,.iii.ig id* a-l..|.|i. ii
ul pruprr aaft'gtlal.ls lu Hie  ami   deal li
S.    Wilh   regat.l   In   ibe   Bight-bun*
l*aW the lioviiiiuielil   will   , ,„,
• nl,uie lln* laa  ai   It   si.null.    \      |_
mediate inquiry will   le   u.a.It-   I.y   Ida
.Mli.l-I.T ol .Mines into all g.it VSttOSg nut
I... wind iu t iiiiKiiun aim lie open ...
with a view oi Inn,s.1111.    ht.nl ...
cable si-r-i'iiiviil. ll i Sellll ie iii .-
leached Ilie print.pie ..I H.e lefet.l loia
Will I-b applied ami a fole lakt.ii  ul  tbe
In ronncrtinn wiih recentcvcnt«, some!
criticism has been directed Sgainst   Hi.
Honor the Ueutenent-Govrrnor,     li i-
in, dm, in  Like   the   r< -pombiliiv for   and   the
His lienor's anion, and I   have  noi  lhe   *-*'"-*    ••   ,w
slichtrst besii.tiii v in »■> doing.
The Legislature Assembl) dclibrr.ilelv
voicd wanl of confidence iu aMr Si ml n's
Government llniv were only wo
cour-.es open lo Mr. Semlin: SilhertOSsI
for s dissolution or resign. He adupird.
neither, bji asked fut dvl.i;, and tool upj
Ihs nine grand d lo him in entleavnring
lo enter inlo moil vicious and dishonor*l^^^^^^__^_^__^_^_i
able arrangcrnenu with the membrri of
the lliiuBC whohad been elected tn oppose liim, and who hud consistently op*|_   a •     •
posed him until lhe defeat was brought  ffietlds Oy*
about nnd whose prinripljs were directly
opposed to his.
No precedent    exists   in  connection
wiih the working ol  llritish reprcsenti    „. |l-.c/-i-iKiri a fnr
nve insdtoiions when io s esse of ihat o-aUaLriiJints lor
kind, a nunislrv ha. been allowed lo hold I
power hy mean* of voles ilm- obtained;
..nd whrn Mr   Miuili announced ui His
Honor thai he would he able to obtain a
vole of confidence Irom lhe   House, lhe
only course open lo Hi. Honor was lhal
adopted by bun. of  dismissing his advisers.
In a.'.liiinn In the above it appears
from His Honor's leller of dismissal ihat
there were ample reasons f..r thai course,
entirely ap.nl In in tb- vole ol wanl uf
i-.Tlibili.Tiie in lhe House.
I have ihe   hnnnr  (o  be, gentlemen,
your ubcdlent «11......
G. W. Mc Bride
Hardware  Miners' Supplies Stove anil
Ranges. Etc.. Etc.
1       i. in— i    11  _ —
McGonigle & Co.
Spokane street Grocers.
Miners' supplies, Fruits, Cigars and TobtOCM, stea-le
and Fancv Groceries, Etc:
Orders Solicited 'Phone 168. And Oilivind
Grand Easter Discount Sale Now  On
.... j
The Industrial
ia-,ilinl ll.st in  his  hrarl   Mr.  Cotton .	
did not agree wilh lbs Ihmnugh .uiiiuer 'general iliciion ai to .hither lus la
in which lh* guvrrninenl nuti the house i mall Iw r, |» Sled, ll the law il luitaili
larri.d .oil Heir pb-lgs* in ths session , by Ihe Vute ll w I.l i r retain. .1 up. II the
ol ISM); and I.e knew lull w.ll thai ai'iuiuie (took will, us penally ciau .-. n
long aa I nuisiii.d a i.ihi.I-. r of the nclilii anon tan ne made nun. ting any
governim nt similnr iciion woilld Iw ol the Irution iin.nglii about, without
taken wilb rsganl to every qnrsimu lhal | imparing tbe pnumple ol ihu law, idey
rame before it. At Ilm time that Ihe I aid Im. nlopled 11 the Vols il agaiusi
trouble incurred there were two mailers it Ibe law will be rep,.ltd.
nl vilal impnr(ai.ce l« litis P.nvili.e U. lu ie rsiahhsu the L.n.lon Ag-n.)
pending helore the government, as lo ..I lliimi, Ciliimbia, and lo take every
which, Ihs course In l-e adopt, il Was , fleciive liiealis ul hinging lelnre Ihe
clearly pointed out by relereme lo IbeI llr.lisli pbblM the auvam.ges nf Hns
principles which il was snp|.oef*d to re- Provilii. . as a place Iur tliepiollladle In
present, lleie rnsller. were. 0rsl, the srstiiu in ul tapiial.
dii allowance ol Ihe Lals-r Kegtllalion lu. , he retaining of the resoureei if
Act. IS»S, which piolobiled tmnpamei the PruVima ai an a*st i fur Ihe IseneBl
holding Irsrichi'ss Irom Ihe l'iuvincs|0l Uie people, and taking ellwlive
emi'l' ying Mongolian Islaar, and set-nnd, pjessu.ei 10 pit vent Ihe alleBB lOB ..I lhe
Ihe applicaimn ol lhe llrin.h QolO-ibn public ih .main, except lo actual settlere
Southern Railway ('■ inpBiiy Inr s cr.iwn ur for actual iwu. Ude htiein*ss, or in-
grsnt nl Iheir land snlisidv. il.istri  I purposes putting an end   to  the
Ut. ('..(ton was BOl prepsrrd (o slsnd   iiraclice  ol   speculating   in  sonnet-linn
I.y the principles nl lhe parly in Conner,   aftlfa the lime
It will pay ynu to call.at P.iglra for
millinery and ladle.' Iur nub logs ol ail
II yon win! Ihe I-- -i lunch le l-e had
lor your money in the my gn tn lhe
K.i.srl Hotel, Hume rooking and flrsl-
•lis* leivice.
M ti', N by up tidal*.nit.
$'. W (o IIH.OJ
Men's N ibby up tu dais Oiermais
|I0 On to .MOO
M.i  - N   i.i.v up-lodA(e P.*-!
12 no tola oo
Men'   NnhbV up d,ilsle 8hues
In dlatk and *bi,. |J 5.1 tu I'. 00
New While soil l'*.lured Si.it IS,
8 ill and t-l.fl 11 earns, .'-*«*. to |S 60
M.i.'- Spring weight ('. .lerwear
I., all grade*, prf mil, |l 00 tofl.60
Met V It I L.tril Sttlrl, |S 00 It. M-OO
hi I.'- Hns—S.eiBOB'a. |6.00
Mill's Ma. kinloshes—R.in-pronl
SA.00 It. IIS.00
Men's Al--a,a anl Hilk t.'mbrrllii
11.00 lolfl .00
linn with there two malic*, ami Iur the
purpose nl pulling in... i-Ke, I his visas
wilh regsrd to ihem. saw clearly that it
in necessary to -st rid nl me. With
r.garil In Ibedlssl'owaiir-sol the Lalsor
Hatgnlslinn Art, my contenlinii ws. and
slid la,   bat Ihe  Pi, viiumI  legislature
11. 1 he taking of active measure* tor
lhe ayilcmsltc exploration ul th. I'm-
12. The laiarn.wing «f money for Ihe
piirptasenl pruvi.ling mads, until and
'ui.lges, |.r..v..le.l thai In every ca«e ihe
money necessary in pay the interest aiei
,.- -        .  /   ".-.taa.,   ita  ymi   i lie 111   c i c*i   .,,o
Ibould   it   lb.  rurllctt   moment  have  ,u.k,ut fund   hi   cinnecti-ju   with  lb.
To All Whom II Mas Concern :
You ire hereby required lo l.k* notice,
ind von are hereby warned, lhal the
rule! pr. scribe.I by section 63 ol lh.
regulations ol lhe Provincial Board of
il-.in rs smallpox ar. In (.re. wnlnn
the limits ol '.he cily of li .island, the
same being a health district A* defined
in such regulate..... B general vaccina-
tlOS nl the inhabitant! ol ths Hid city
ol Ronland is herebv ordered.
R. K.iii.ux. M.O.,
Medical 11  a.Hi "Mine,.
Wa.biiigii.n street. Ro.sUnd, B.C.
Hr. Reddlck will be at his nfflee between Ih. hour, of 1 .ml 3 p.m. snd
7 and H p. m. daily, (or the vaccinatum
ol all poor pstsoui st the expense ut (hs
local board.
I.... .11 hi. third ds f ol Fein n try, 1900.
a. I,Qoorava.
Chairman la.-.i Board,
A. A. M,i XBsr.ii
Joiib in ,
( „a« ii Usai-rofl
John .*•. . i. ri
Crescent Dry Goods
VAN'Phone 107 Columbia Ave.
Co. J
Subscription $2.00 per Year.
Advertising Rates Furnished
on Application.
IiitiTiiatioi.al Music Hall.
As entirely new Kastern company headed hy the phenosm<naltConlralto
Togeth.r wilh Thos. Clever Comedi.nl
Bii.l.ih.. lalenled Bongstressse
New Ft-****.! New FitcosI Now Fa-cos!
and tb. old IsvorilM radioed.
Simpson and Jones
A Complete Stoek of flrocerios always on Used.    Also a Full Lias
of Kanny Eva|K>f»l*-d fruit, joa. received from California.
V. A N. lele;,!,..•,   c.H        ■-«*. .1 Ave., Oppoiit. C. P. R Dspo*).


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