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Industrial World Oct 17, 1900

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Vol. 2, No. 14.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No 6, W.
F. M.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
The New
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kinds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges, ii
Hunter Bros.
++****+•+++999*. !♦.!»!♦♦♦♦ *****************W***************^,
See Our New
Fall Stock of.
I minv and
The Heat (iradet at
Popular PfJOM ,
W. F. McNeill
MM    III Ulk  TO I'i IM 1 ll I 1.1 .
;! The Strand i
, ■*.<•■»■*♦* <>♦#»<♦♦#-«->»»»»»»»-»<Kfr'-*i*.Kt\»-?-''-'-'-'-'-'-: — .......... a.
Trusses ?
!■*• ' •■•—■ .   ■-■
The   Urusil't*
■-» t-
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
A Fine Line ol tbe
Choicest Liquors & Cigars
+******0++*+*99* ♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦*S^^%^%^»«'».»^»#.».^*><»^^,##%#^_^_^, 4#»
".My advice to workingmen is this : If you want power iii this country ; if you want to
make yourself felt; ifyotidonot want your children to wait long years before they have
the bread on the table they ought to have, the opportunities in life they ought to]have ; if
you do not want to wait yourselves, write on your banner so that every political trimmer
canjread it, 'We never forget.' If you launch the arrow of sarcasm at labor, we never
forget; if there is a division in Congress, and you throw your vote in the wrong scale, we
never foi get. You may go down on your knees and say, 'I am sorry I did the act,' aud we
will say, 'It will avail you in heaven, but on this side of the grave, nevkr.' "—Phillips.
'""'""■ ""'"' ta '"" h"  -'*■ •»! tba campaign,   beyond  tha  fact  that much bard work li hei.* done, and that
tin result! ..1 ilu, work i* already Man .„ the Incia I intersst shown in thi c lidacy of Ctoia F.dev.   It   is   »mi
early ... ihi campaign, 1...1 Qmaarvativs local politician*. ...limt that  Foley will rsodrs
highest candidate, if not ■ null majority of ..ll rotaa eaat   Report
■li. .!>• *. gnat   change   in   «c.ii nt toward! the labor candidate,
.1 handsome majority,
Liberal!   ..II   oyer   the   eOnstitSSM**, now   ailinit   tin
''"' IhS)   I 'loir candidate- arc out  oftha  MM,  muni
Ihc   Conaervativaa    ..re    beomnlngfrlgfatened, an.l .,.,- evidently diapgwint in  1
11..-!-   I'in-*  "I   the  co.,.|,lu.l„v  slrssdy li-ltisl   I.y   I      Th,.,    *,,.-   ,|,,„   ,.|„|,. |„.
vote seller, and do,*. „, iiiw.nl the   culid,*,,,,. „i  |„. „,, „  ,„||„„ri-s.
largi plurality over   tha next
from outside points are moat ciiciMiniitinii nud in-
anil   that on  polling day  hi-  will   ba returned    hy
....-t.it.i- they ma.lc in Ignoring  labor In  their   council.,    ami
tuning to  Foley 11* the only   hop.- of d.-l'eatini!  the (Vinservatire
in.11   I*
1.in.    us   n-j.irt.   come   from
good lawyer, hu ia not a
T   ...tin*      Veal.
• I Ymir, when- I
rr rmnro ennr» th to» « 9 » s * « » « • o~mt * _■» rinrinnfg*jTriirgifOoTnri*-r
"     TIME FOR
It is now the time ol year when the
weather is uncertain. Sometimes
damp, sometimes dry, sometimes
warm, sometimes cold. Be guarded
against colds aud wear suitable footwear. Wc have just the article you j
want.    Prices are always right.
Immm-ssssmm »■»*■**■■*. ******
»»»»»»>>g $Hj-j---!--i-*"j-■'-*;■»»»»♦><
Morrison & Bryenton
. . OROCERS . .
Fancy Groceries, Canned Goods, Potted Meats and Fish,
Preserves and Marmalades, Pickles, Chow Chow and
Catsup, Fruits and Produce, as well as a Full Stock of
Staple Groceries aud Provisions.    Goods delivered free.
East Columbia Avenue, Rossland^B. C.
am*———a.^AA.*^_.M_At t*»*j***9*9999*****»**»»*.
' I
The nominee of   il.,* L.ls.r Party has
coinim .1  I"* campaign  lour, and from
.....! .... iiii polling day tin- Rghi mil be
...11*1 null- nasrd   agalnit  partytam   ..*
l»praeei I I.y both Uberak and dinner*
lenlny   Mr.   Foley   left   for
lie had a  roii-lns rec.ptton
but   night.   Today he sue. to Xel-.ui.
.her,* be mil is* (allied I.y James Will..
•f I and together th.-i  will Mump the Slocan.
• From thence tut iheir itinciaiy .. .mt de
t*^. [ lillitcli    .ellle.l.   I.u!    .1    li*,   „ie.-t.n«   will
_____________________   It.- held 1,1  \".l  ih,. ii,.i ,., ,„.,, „,,-l.
eeeeee    " '"'n "  " ■*ob"W" '''"  K"*'  K"""""
• I will lie viisil.il.   It i. the Intention of lhe
a I committee to bait the esndMsts and Mr,
• j Will.. go over lhe whole constituency il
Ji ">'    I" everj   piece ihev will   I*-
*| greatly  ......1..1 in  local ii.til.,*..
Th.- Candidate.
The candidate, (liria Foley, i. mil of
lhe eldest men in labor circle, in Ilie
province.   Cn-enw.Ktd    Miner.
Is busy all day aud every day makiug prompt
delivery of
I.Vii** ..,- Y.ilet iriboo.
Groceries j
to wise people. Do you I
buy here? If you have I
uot been doing so here I
are a few things that will !
tempt you to our doors, X
or to your telephone, and I
will lie!p you iu prepar- 5
ing breakfast:
Gerinia, Breakfast Pood,
Self Rising Buckwheat
Flour, Shredded Whole
Wheat Biscuits.
lh.. 'V.ohi 1. in receipt .-f Information
ulii.li  leaves no doubt  that   the dale ol
polling    in    lhe    Yah.Knotc.iiytaril.no
I district  u-ill la- Wsdnaaday,   Sovamber
31st. unle*. .Mr. II. J. M. Donald, the re.
iiii..ins officer, iliaugr*  bi. mind  More
n hia pcocli ma Hon.   Th.s u.u give
M.i. Null.   OelHber    and     Foley
iwo wnalu in-.i mpslgnlng than ..tl.cr
candldalaa   Ihrougboat    tl.e    dominion,
and the l.i.1  ino waaka   mil probably
••*«  lhe  rroslcal   efforts    made  and   iho
greater part of tha work done on the pari
..f tl.,. ..id pany caodidataa, while   the
l-ilsr  pcplc    mil  It  Hoiking all    the
Ninety Per Cent ••! the Vole.
Our Business
Clothe People.
Suits, j Dress Shoes,
Overcoats.       j Miners' Shoes
Mackintoshes,: Underwear,
Oil Clothing,  < Dress Suits,
Boys'Clothing j Night Robes,
Hats. < Neckwear,
I Umbrellas.
is ho. is im Best
1  „ 1
Then-   mil   a tins   la   lhe   Miner*'
Union hall at Whitewater   »n Wcdnt***
day I..-I Bl which -ill llide|teu*lenl lalls.r
(lul. was fonnnl. The illcuilsn t- ...
eluded nearly iveryoua in the c.unp and
• -great riitlnuliani was shown thnmgboul
0 tl..*   proceadlnga,   The   ,.tii,cr«   c!c.tc.l
•.ll,|,     ,1.    .1.    Mm tinn.Ill,      |.n*-ii|rti1        .1.
• Banting, .,.1.1.1     The club will m-M
a every  Ivednsidiy evening for ll.e  pur
1 p. f dlaeuadag i*.|.ii.«l matlcg  ...*i
•• •••• ••••••••• I-furthering the Independent  Laboi
i.iei.t.     From   the   <iilhii"ia*ui   dllpliyed
ni the meeting ll 1* evManl lhal Whlli
11 .tit 1   1 ilt*   in   in  line and   I'.i.y "dl
Ud im |s*,  c-tit of ll.e i.il.- ..1 11... I ...l..|
*************************< •
Washington Street
Cleaning and Dyeing Works.
• i;.(.(i**ti»' Mmln
I can tl'.Mi '.r •liiraiivthtni. In ladit•' Ifld
yptilliiii. 11 - Mtnr (live mr n rail -tint bt
COttVitH rrl The lfltr«t impn -"I mathin-
rr\ nml iitiM«-»«eii i ub'l im to((itarantrtp
tht prompt -Mufrv.if an oratri wmkwiti
I.'-1 «I lul tur .nul dtll 1 end fa) ■•">' it'i'lrrwa.
,    So
jifli> 1
i... . . . i ..... ; .  	
(t thru f'rr-scriptIon»i
l>y the
R0s-5.la.nd Drug'
; Com parry :
A Full Lloenf Hvnytlilii**; III Our Line,
i.m Ull call.
No i'.i.-lion.
question em    le    r.iis.d   !• t*. tic*
,|.tlt'.«   ol   the      .'111 atill.ll -   .1	
randldati.   It will It general!] ton
ibal  .. heller idartlon (ban M>
I In -   Foley   n.iilil   It'.l    I.up   heen   made.
II.* i« now well known   Ihroughoul   tba
Kootmiy, inul  while ilwayi a itiunch
and anwaverlng friend of the cauae   of
i..* has Invariably _*' * *-.. evidence
I of   liei.itt ictnsted i.v ;>.» h'..ir*t dcrfra
f..r   lln*   icod     o|    the   eomitiunitv.   i>  .1
-    ind   ha*    ncier     failed   lo   arl.i*.*
. !•*■ 1. .* and  harmony "here liny i-.i.Id Is-
 1 without pomnranMng the   in
lei.-'-  ..f  those who  looked   to hit"    fot
. 1   in.I guldiMe.  I'I..-mix Phmeer.
K.1-11M1 lis. ■. CO . H  I-I sisos... Mti.
Cttlmnl'lo Ave , 11ml I,. Hon Ton.
I,*.   ,1   I',,,, , , -i. ,     M. . 1 .,
Sunday afternoon Ihe local rornmlttec
|of the In.l,.|„iitlciii   l„,l«.r Party hii.I    1
meeling   in   the   cotmiiiltoe     r 11-.     ind
I the worh nl ih.* 1 i'ni*.ii.'ii waa outlined.
For ..ii bc«t hsndnude miner's booti,    ' ' i-.iv.-l from ontaidi i-.inl-
go to Agatw k Oo.   1'ricei right. mn   most   1... .itiaginn.
With  X.i Raaaurection,
(hri. F.ilci mil net ihr,,. rotaa in ihc
s|..t .in for one thai will so to OelHher
and MinXcill Tbe aM |«,,i« ar, „
dead  a. .lul,',,, (■„•***„•.  -Pay.lraak.
KveryM.   ii  hcistmins   intei-p.te.1    in
•    > (SMpsIgn   in    Yli.it.      In     ih.it
■ amp 11 i* rmwrtad thai tba Bght mil bi
between    Qallibar    .iml     F..|..|.   mil,
I....... *«an,
Phoanig I. ii. K
Nel—ll. >
The lnil.-is-ii.lc.it 1...U..* Party's com-
initUs- risnns 011 Baker strei't are nova
in full .win*.* wilh -ccrctary JValler K.
Ki-e in ih-nie. \ rally of tlie support*
er. of (•..i.di.k.ie Foley waa held last
nighl. the .peakeis In-ins .iainei Wilk»,
('. .1, Clayton and Kohcrt llobertaon.
Thera wai .1 Mg crowtf present and all
«... cnthii-i i.lu .....I dclcrmincd to
■I 1    lUordan,
Miners'  l nion,
.\  l.-ti.-r from
inv  ..I  PhoenU
that  Phoenb   bt   ... line for the labor
 alms    II.- dose! hi. letter Ly Mylsg
lhal   In-  i«  .hulls'  S'ssl     iiii*-i..ii.h 1   s-oril
wilh   Ihc   .o|.ic.   ,h   lhe   Uolhl   sent   llilll
All   111   lane   ail    Moyic.
Everything going *ati*f.i. t.,.ilv heie   I
•incri-cly bellen   Foley w.U it,,  atari
vole i-ast   iu   M.oie.    tor ei.11   the son*
union men an* j-cttiiie in line.     II. II. II.
Nocaa City Unsnhnoua.
Koley will poll i.. per cent .*f ihe rota
in   the   Misan.   I   never   sut   *ih*l.   .......11
miiy before.   ConiervsUi i.d  IJbera).
thsl ll. 1.- 1- no . h.ili. e ni .iltio*.
fill op|Mi.ilinn lo him :.< n* Wa .1-- .."t
mean, however. 1.1 let anylhins «<> hi
default.   0m work 11 II l-e largely ... the
lull..    The  World  ...i.'l   t»e  in   ll.e h.ui.l-
>.f  eicll*  Worker.     Keep ...  .11   t-.li h   mill
..ur ffeii.l* it, ,tttt j.,.-   .* \ ik ' nil....
.1    \   r
Kindt ...d 11. C    Mine..
An  old  member "f  Roariand   Minera'
Union,  now  in  Kholt,  writ.*. Ihe World
.-   foil
I ..... glad <  thai 'i.e.- .- .*. lalmr
. ....|..l..lc 11. Ihc field and 1 f'-el certain
he will l» dieted Ro f.r .■ th.s ...iiiilii
i- eonccrneil. tl-en- .'.* ..l-.iii .. bundled
men working ben    tfearty -ill ire volen
iml  are ...lid for Foley A,   11,
Km,I   M'ni.I>   Fntm   Toronto.
\   1    Thompeoni Roadaad, H. Ci
Ih-.ir    Comrade:    Cbngralulatiom    oa
v,.,ii  K.....I work    Hon'!  know result o(
Xelson   C..1111 iilcit   1 cl.   Iml   .1111   ..tli-'"*.l
that you mil in.1 f..ll..iv tl>e bad exam
pis *.*! lo* V.in...ine, l.il».r Psrty. With
I. ll   11 -hei for your .uccesa. 1 remain,
Y..I.I*   lot    the   tan-..
c,   VV..1..11 Wrlgli)
Toronto, i>
'The   als.ve   11. I.•   (...111     ll.e   editor     ..I
Ctliren mid f>sinlfj .- «.....l" ■-- miny
received .*.t il IBce front ill over ttn-
.1,11     li  ihowa bos  ■ ->■ •■■   ■■ ■' '"I "•" ■>'
watrhlng Ihe >   '>      '
Phi .*...-. Mini      1  *   .* So, II -ill i/'!->
.in,..*  fhunday ivsnina*, Ootobai Mth.
Will lie a Walkdier.
Revelstoke .« coming up to all e>|Hv
tatlona, (let IWldj t.. «.\ "Well Tame,
Revelstoke," on election day. Tlie elc-
tion hcriT- will I* a walkover and -Tliri*.
I'..let will tht llic walking, The employe*
of th.1 C. P. It. arc with ii«, hut no
name. cu. l-e -/iven f.r obvimi. rca-on«.
I  will order   tonight '-'•"' copic* .rf each
I-- -,f the World ....i.l il lection ii
■ v.r Frank Craig.
Revebtoko. Oct 13.
Fii.i (inn W.ts a Puff of Smoke.
Our   correspondent     st
We   hale   loadi
..i...|s.ian  woik.
Council   will   (*ro
night  to •■.•...im/.
a  slarl   here at  active
'll.e Trade, and  Ta.hor
I.,  Phoenbt    tomorrow
for the campaign there
ind   lo open  committee  nsims     (lu  the
ITlh     we   will   op.-n     rmnmitlcc    moms
I mppose you received tha (lreeuwoo.1
Miner .....I -.in* ihc iccounl t.f the "First
(fun  Fne.i"  here    Well.    .1  "ent    off
mill   .1   »lli.ill   pull   ..|   -tti'tke  and  did   noC
luul inyone; In hei, it msds iotas f.r
I'..It-i .1* *,t,i.i| 1 ..,,..-. v .tin e* h iv,- In*
formal ua lhal ihey in...hi ...te for him,
1. .1 1,..oli of M.t. X. ill', meeting, ami
Ihey hone be mil '-  -'- - led
'lhe...   .tie   -out,,   tt r*   ,,..   the   -Irect.
he..* ibal tmsliiy effort! ire bring mad.-
I,. ha\c F..|.i irithdrswn. N8VHB let
ilu* happen:  If il •'■ * - wi  ....* dataatsd
'..    .11   lime   I..   ..ll.e.
II. 1..lar   14.
1 ■ *.,- Klsnding  I'.ii
Ijitsir    mil   I...*.*    ..li.1.1.*   in   tlie
Dominion  election  fot   lhe  Vale-t*sriboo
i-i..*tll-|.*... v.    ...    the    |S'I-*.II      "I      '
('..hi   ,,f  Roaaland.    -...I.  wsa  thi dsei<
...... .,...!.•.I ..t 1.1 ile ranvenlion ->f iho
Independent   f_hm   Psrty,   Ini.I   11  Nal
..,11    l.tsl    Heel, Itl     Mr      F-'h l lull..
.......   lhe   Ind. |.e>..!. ol-   have   -i. tiled   lh"
stsongeal    candidal'-    ihey    .....t.l    have
picked ..... an.1 o.i- worthy ..1 lhe honor
..I     ii.*  1.   known   j.< 1......ll-.   "!•
l.i   reputation ..ll .•!■■.  ihc ronalituencj
Tln>. logether «.'ii the »lr"ng influence
..I il.c various labor organisations, a.!'*
hin. .. .|..id..I sdvsntagc ovci  il.c noml-
1 I ih.* im. .tlil parlies    Mr   PWey*!
nomination has been teedved irtth en-
Ihusisam in •'.!« '"ii'iii. and the uniona
ne standing pal i" hi. mpport without
1 dl  Th' platform of the
Lata 1   I'..!'     i* ■   ■     01 another ...limni snd 'i  w'1' lini  dons m-
■ atl  Brill.
^        . ■    ■   , ..   .'itv
I'nion    wa.   held    ....   Caturdaj
WEDNESDAY   October 17, 1900
The Industrial World
\  6euivwcckly   1'ldition.
IM hi*..he I at the {.liner's Union Hull,
Hoealund, in the interest of organized
labor  in   Uritiah   Columbia.
Entered at the Koaaland, 11. 0,, poat-
ottioo for tranamiiMion through the
siaili, 1-iovcnibcr, 1SWU, aa seoond-claas
reading matter.
A.  0.   Thompson,   Kditor   and   Manager.
Office   at   Miner'.   Uuion   llall.
Payibll  Invariably  in Advance.
One year       9- •*
Bix  iiuiiitln          123
U'hrco nionthi           75
Addreaa all communication! to the Industrial World, Postoffioa llox 658,
Koaaland,   11.   C.
Thl Induitrlal World      for sale at thc
follow--ii •   news   depo   .
Simpaon'a   Newi   .-.a.id.
H.  S.   Wallace's  Stationery   Store.
Linton Hroi.
P. 0.  New. Stand.
llarr'i  Cigar   Store.
Canada  Hook  -   Urug Store.
Mciiaa   llroa.
tir.s HW.....I
King A Co.
Seen t tnt i of sll union! arc authorized to receive aubicriptiooi for the
iiiK wage, so long m he muni itrugglo Iii
keep lii« labor power on tbe market, just
-,, long "ill ii be necessary to organiie
trade unions.
Choice creamery butter received regularly irom the Ked Hiver Valley
Creamery, Manitoba, by Agnew A Co.
Good label printing at Stunden  Printing company.
A*  long us  tin*  working iun ooiitloue .
I    Smoke
in buy iweal shop and priion gooqi, ju.l  |_\j_,i_
so long will rupecl lor them lu* leai and
ilu- lnciiliiiiits continue to  handle  thai
clll*.-   of   hoikI*.
Erie, Ps.
I   National New Era, 3pr;.:gfield, Ohio.
'   The  People1!  Paper,    Hnnta    Barbara,
The Eaglo night, Greenup, Ky.
j    Nebraska    Socialise,     1515-1"    Chicago
itreet, Omaha, Neb.
>■* ****** 4+++++4++++++*++*+4++++++++*
Crown     Urant     Cigars,     blue
(Something   to  Talk  About.
X x
The iiiiini
label i.* a guarantee of union
nml a living wage,    Look   for
TIiohc I'JI.IHI suits for $13.50 and gl7.25
suits for $10.75 at Holstead * Wright's.
-_i"-.. ■■. i.>
The general orgttiUer <»t' tbe Interna-
Honil Trackmen's AMod*tion writee
concerning the etmrioytnanl <-i Japi oi
thr Ci  P. R.    Uf eaf»:
"To ehow how inittaken !■ tl"-' Id**
R'hioh the 0. P, R. mauageri bave thai
economy consists iu getting a man f**i
sin,ill money, 1 dte nn actual fact In thi
experience *»i  a  tor an ivlio haa Ih-i-ii
working four Japanese tor nearly a year
ile haa been especially careful to use tin
nsmc wordi each time bo telU them i"
il<> aaythingi lulling in time they would
learn tlir meaning of tin* vrnrda ami un
derstand whal  wai wanted.  *\j i t^un
|»lr he .says, in lining trail., lie alwayi
uwil the wordi "|Hiint ahead" when he
wanted them to pu to tin* next joint- oi
"joint iiu-! way" when he wanted t<i
throw tln> joint towarda liimaelf. Hm
till the time I -saw him. uml he had beea
trying tn train M-i'iii for month'', when
he aaid "joint it head" they -tood as il
they ha<l been itlanteil in the earth uu
til lie"beckoned to tu*-in with in- hand
to pn ahead, and then unleea he ran and
i'auK*tit   them they would    Ik-   back it»
Japan, or al any rate, to the ...t-t. before they would atop; or if he beokonetl
thorn to bimaelf they would come right
up to him Am! yei the company m*i*u:«
to think nieh prmm-nidnic la o. k. **
loitf- a« they have a small pay roll.    I  il>
not doubi thnt our rosdmasten Imvt
, bean trying to convince them that tlieae
j ao-ealleit eheap men art really very iltur.
! but   no  far they   have  not   Niiiveetled.    I
hope our committee- -vill huve better f"r*
i tune."
*>*>*> 0 *>*>*>*>
•*>*>*>*>*>*>*>*>*>*>t *>*>*>
L4 World of Labor t
a^aaaaa« _____> 44AA4_4A_iX
—W —rmr~——|rmfrrns w **4****9W WWW-'WW
The v.*!-*." Tribune i*ni«e*t* t-nt the
lii.lii.in.il World and Nelaon Miner
ibould I*. oonsolldsted, snd makes > few
mean  insinuation- aboul   Isith.    The.-*  i-
oih- thins abonl i»iiii tba Worid and ib* A labor temple,   which for year. h.i.
Miner,   you -hi always   tell where   i" Is*.-., the dream of the central lals.r or»
liud iiniii    Tl..* W.iiI.l always advocates gsnintioni ol  N.«*  York, will sism  !«•
lalsir'a eausv bscauaa ll   is owned   and' so  icoompllihed  i... i.    The project  hai
n.ntrolleil    by    ..maimed     lalior.      The boon   lake.,   l.i   band    by   the    Working
Miner can  aln-aya Iv   i-.uii.I   opposed   I"  inc.«   Bducal al   A-.soctalioii,    aud    a
labor,  and  an   honorable  outspoken  op- plot   d l.ui.l liss been purebssad t".  ISO.-
|stncnl  i- alwaya rnlilled  lo nopect. On 000,     The  lu.t   payment of    all.'.'7.'.   WSI
the t..nn in    .in   iiiioiic i.*ll  whan the made  laet   neck, ami  seorK  will  -asm In-
Tribi  la?    In tbe i>a*t .1 hi* npport*  begun In olesring swsy tl I.l building!
ed l.tls.r. il  .- .UM)as*l.sl for Ihc purpose whi.-h  now encumber llii- site
of furthering ilu- plana ol Jobs Houston,
and when lals.r would .... longrr .uiicc
with him .' opposed l..is,r liittc.lv. There
ft.i. ih,. World would much ratha tin
i„ the Mtii.-i. an aeknowladgad opponenti
than t.. the 'I iiImiiic. ,. sei-miiia Incnd,
and poeribl)   i  cover! eoemjr. i
I ...    Miilillc.il   11...I...  unions   h.ne  Ims-ii
•r-..hi.In .nu the t|ueiii.tii oi running ji
lals.i candidate, tin- matter having been
.isrii-l I..* th,- Independent Lil-.i
Fart. Tbera are Iwo rentrsl Isboi
tssin- m 11,t tie uni nt.1 .iilh. icui
■rn, ,*M.1. 1.1 make ,1 idviaabla t.
aitcmpi nn forward movement. The
L.I..I I't-n ... however, <|...iu i!-"»l
» Ihere, ami Mr. Rodicr, ona of ihi
1.1.1 promoten ..1 .1. deserves great
ci«*lii Iur hi.  penistenl   n..ik.
While repogl   from  ill over th, lh
pari   •     11 n.iiiiifii. t   are   in.s.1    en*
eouraging 1.1 Mr. Koley  snd hi. friend.,
th.- World would «..!. do not ..*..-«■   lo
-work for ••>..• nl     1..   \n.ih Vole
th.   . ,ni..,. .,n,|   MHooeti ti.cn* li hi
lie pMM|.s 1. i..,  many vote. *.„   Knlei.
'Iiu. iitii-i I.* in il. up in other parti •-!
1 ■     ...ion, 1,, 1     Kee|i .11 11   Over .....
li.hn.,. hai loot  man)  Uttl.-*.
I      Iha   |*dl.nit   in   V.ih-' anl-.*.
(..1. 1 until Xovemhei Mat, ,....l t>.
*.   lo  think   il   Will   Is",   il   «ilk
in tin- end aid the ebsncei <»t the I.il
The  I.i.Ih-1  la-.iin I  CbloSgO i* pl*e|..ir
in.* to go before tbe next convention 0
the At.ie.ic.in  Federation ol l-.ls.r with
.t propoaitlon that a universal I.iIh-I   I
adopted, t-. put on ..II u.-sl* manufsctur*
e.l   bv   union   men.   believing   that  it   is a
better  method of securing uni.01 condition! iu .ill branches • f in.lu-tiy.
Chinese Isbor unioni arc nid i.< <*\i-i
in Xew Yolk. I hit.i*.-.. Ban I'i.hi* !-*.
ami principal cities ..lon-* ihe Pacifii
• *..i-i In the iiii.l.i ..1 the clan. -Inimiie
the "heathen" C*hinea has ..*..li/...l thnt
through "iii.mi/.it ion he i* able to rc-i-t
..ii-ii.iii.in   npnresslon.
The K.t-i River llridge commlaali— -.f
V.-W* Y.uk (in. I... decided thai ll.e
rag! Hale of tha Oranlte Outers'
I "ni',11. *l 1 ,*i dsy, 1- Ihe prevailing late
for ilmt  region,   ....tl must,   under the
lal.ir i.m.  u"i-   the  stonework  lulm
done on  Ihe bridge spproachea by   Ihi
. ....u.u ion.
Vcaolialtoii* f-.r e*t..l.li«t.iiiff a con-
Hist inn Ism.I ire In progi*— In Lm*
Rngtand The i*..n*.l i- f-»r ihe
t ,it......  ..f *.ttltit*i
Morris  *   Crow   sell   high-olaii    label , -f
dgan.    Their Cuban cigara all bear th
Spaniih union label.   Try one.
I ..Electric Laundry.. |
High or low  out shoes.
Quality at McNeilll'l.
Wc sell  good  clothing
not   ai-11   cheap   clothing.
but  only  liish
rhea,!,  hut   will ]
Hnl.tead     A :;
You do not have to patronize
Chinese Laundries.
American federation of  Labor  Platform.
1. Compulsory  education.
2. Direct legislation, through the initiative ami referendum.
II. A l.'unl work d.iy of not more than
eight  hours. |
4.  Sanitary  Impaction   ot   workshop,
mine and home.
8.   Liability   of   employers   lor    injury
to health, body or life. %
0. The abolition of the contract syitem J
in all public works. I /
7. The abolition  of the  iwcating  ays- (
tcra- -.,      .     i_ .''I
8. The municipal  ownership ol    itreet   ;
cars, waterworks, pas and electric plant! I
for the public distribution of light, bent 3
and power. i x
0. Thc nationalisation of thc telegraph, X
telephone, railroads and mine.. | S
III. Iho abolition of the monopoly ays- *
tern of land holding and lulntitution |
therefor a title of occupancy and mc only.  •*
11. Iliipe.il of eonipiracy and penal j |
laws alfecting seamen and other work-. X
men incorporated in the fedrral and itite -i
laws of the United States. |f
12. The  abolition    ot    the    monopoly ^,
privileRcs nf issuing money nnd substitu'
ing therefor a lystcm of direct issuance j
to and by thc people.
Oood Work,
X Reasonable I'rices.
X T. W. GRAHAM, Proprietor, j
* ••tt-^<i*$<$^-3>$**********$i-M
■ # Wnnlunulon S*.
» tlnjm *& Walton, l-roptietort.
'j,       Al V  Till    1>I I.K'AVIKH OK   TUB  Si AsOS.
P. Burns & Co.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL  MAKKKTS-Rowlind, Trsll, Nelson, Ymir, Kselo,  Sandon,
New Denver, Silverton, Csicada City, Granil Forks, Ore uwood,
Phoenix, Midway, Camp McKinney, Kevelitoke,
Kergnson and Vancouver.
Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds
WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch.
Hot and Cold Lunches
The I'I.if lo net the Best Meal in the inv
Pltiuipl Seivlce.
Meslr 16 Oenta sml Up.
• j : i.i.; . . ... . . • • i • •■• * ■
l'apcn   That  Should   lie   Kcid.
Wc    would be  pleased to have everybody read  the Industrial  World,    but   1
you fed disposed to ao eo, we want yoj. 1
10 read some other good socialist paper.
Here ia a list you can choose trom with ]
tbe certaiinty ->t getting something good:
Appeal  to  licas.ui.  liir.ii.l,   Kan-.i-.
Freedom,  Kquahty,   w ash.
bocial   Democratic   Herald,    l.'fi   Washington street, Chicago, i'i.
Coming Nation, itusKin. Waie Co., C.a.
Class Struggle, San .ranctico, C-sl., 117
Turk strict.
Social  Gospel,   South  Jatnesport.   NY.
The  Farmers   Review,  ,...iihiin, Tvxaa. '
Co*opcrator,  Hurley,   u aan.
Living Issues, Salt    I*akc   City,    L'tah,
62  1-2 Richardi itreet.
\ Linton Bros.
Critic, Rich Hill. Mo.
The People's rea.*, Albiny, Oregon.
The Haverhill Social Henioerat, 2J
Washington itreet,  ll.iv.-rhill, Mara.
The Toiler, Terre Haute, Ind.
T'he Social Forum, i.onm 311 I nny
lliiildin.-, Chicago, HI.
Lighl of Truth. 305 301 North Front
itreet, Columbui,, Ohio.
The Altruist, 2711 franklin avenue. St.
Louis, Mo.
Books, Stationery, Toys, Z
FancyGoods,Office„    i
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.
Election News
Don't   you   think   you  should   have a new suit for polling d.iy.    We are
clearing nut mir  ready-snide rlotUhg at   the   following   rcduotloni:  $17
suit! f.ir |1*; *I2 suit, tof *8; other linea at J3.30  per aiiit.
Fine Underwear.
Wr have a lot of odd garment, which wc pliuc on our counter, at tlie
following .laughter prices, |a-r garment, to clear: 2.V, Wr, 0.V, 73c and 11.
Over-shirt. 12, reduced to 11-10: gl.W n-ducnl to si; $1, reduced to Wc.
Other linei I for tl, and 3 for |1, See
Fine and Heavy Shoes.
93.30 shuea retliiced to M '.*."., HI -hoc* reduced    to    (**..    I Iur    -|m*i ial  tt
Qoodyaai rsducad feo IUA   ffangsiiwi lii.'si to .tear: onl] .. tew pairs left.
The  beat   minera'  »h»ea on   the  market t3.M to clcirj
5plended Lines of men's
Heavy Digging Shoes.
llc.lnci-1 tn tl per pair lo clear quickly. Cnod. oil for ciah.
We return your money if goodi are not a*  ws  repre*.*iu   then.
4\\y      A Good Heating Stove For Sale 4^
*^*      Cheap. Today. ** **   J.   •*>   .**      *^*
%        No. 36 Oolumbls Avenue
I    *+*+++*+4++4+4+4++++4+++++++* + 4'++++*++4+*44+44+4++4
'   * +
4* #»♦»»»<<<<><>>»»»•»♦ ;;
The |.l.tf..i-iii ni ilu* Vancouver I-.'-*.
pa.ti ti-i-.ti- ... every i—m* oi the I*.
dependent. Would it nol l.s.k much bet*
let    II   llnll     ti ,-   .1   .  in.Ii.I lie   tO   .till.I   "II.
nonnowKD iiiiMvs.
1 ...i.i.'it* and Rockefeller have given
a« u atit't.ti iniiiitin. oi ti.iii.11. dnring
the l.tai ic.ir. Another wage reduction il
abonl ilm    l-.ls.r W.'ild.
I . r ■ -1   Itlti'llie-*    .:.*   li.    ■*-- ll v   I.,  ft.
able plOpla tO live hippy. I'luler "111
pres.nl "clli-h ...I penuiioui system
mn. can never Ik- happy.
Today "in- 1 t.tt.iitions aie -nth Lhal a
workingman ....iy stista for the plaaaun
anil  bcnefll   ..f  the owners of thl means
of production snd distribution    TUi li
slavery* |
Si hum .1-   1  111.111 musl  light fm   i lie
Any Su'r $10
Wc are going !
out of thc
Clothing :
and lielievc this price |on S15, §16.50 and $17 suits] to
be most reasonable. Come and see them. We will
not ask you to buy, but think the values on this clothing at $10 will tempt you to do so. There are three
patterns in tweeds and three kinds of serges, to pick from
j;!... Fresh Green Vegetables... j
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce-
Celery, Tomatoes. Green Peas.
♦ 1
♦ i
♦ 1
♦ 1
ii 0. M. FOX & COMPANY,
106 Fast Columbia Ave. Telephone 65. 41
• •...•■.. ■. ............. . . ..i.a
Holstead & Wright
Central Dry Gnods Store,
1st Ave. and Washington
Best m Cheapest Lots
1:%    UOHSI.AM)
-'..   . ...I ..iniii *
nil   disputes   I .
ti.I their employer!
....   1 .«•. i..i....., ti. il.ti. struck 1 .*'
 i   it Tstnna, l-.t . on loconnl nf one
,.f   the   lma*ea   employing   three   !i"!l union
\ T1..I..H rliar manufacturer wai Bnad
».vi md ...«i- f..r Hoisting the child
l.tlH.r law.
The mirrcmful [ipcrstlnn • ' |..ts*i* bins
ing In* msrhlne i. o'-e of tlio 1 ,*,-i
i.ititvi-ineiits  .if  mechsnical  Ingennlty,
\i Washington, n. C the Imerli in
Ferlersllnn nf T*..-. hive n1s*srl lhe Vn.r
\f iiiufulnrig   ...".iinitr   ,,f   It,,*|.„t.     nnd
the Kcvatonc *iVii.h r..... pnmpnny   nf
Philadelphia,  ..n  Ihe  unfslr  Hit,
One    lhou*alitl    lien   litinilind    li.enilier.
of   the    \....,|...... ,.,..!   ■*!,,.,.>    M,.| ,|   \V,,rV.
er-' I'uii.ti ,.f Vt.ii* Vork hnve -cniicd no
■'"'■ isi tit '. rents per dsy, the minimum
...u  bring i-T".
V.   Iliirn* A  ('.*.  will  li.iv ..ii  h m.i  In
. f.-tv fays I hie .uimiIi* ..f nottltry iml
.-iiil.ci.il.*  for  Thsnlugtrlng,
The opportunity is nnw presented to the
public of buying the besl and cheapest residence
bus ever placed on the market in Rossland. : : :
The Nelson ft Fori Sheppard Railway h;is just
completed its FOURTH ADDITION to the
Railway Addition to the City of Rosslandi and
it comprises the brightest*! sunniest part, .is well
as the  best   soil   for lawn and garden  purposes
within the present city limits. : : : : Everyone
wishing to secure a good home and a nice place
to build should see these lots and get our terms
and prices before buying elsewhere.
We arc looking lor the nun*
who is looking for an outfit'
of Fall Furnishing floods.
New Shirts, New Under-]
wear, New Night Shirtsf
New House Coats, besides!
New Neckwear. We havcj
a fine display and you ought
t.. sn- it soon. Big Bargains]
fur Pay Day.
CI.OrillliK   AMI ll KMSIICR
■sn............. ..............• •>••»>•>•>•<•»•■• ............... ...............
si-t .. il   lii.nn.tn i.iv ,n In Mall Order.
Stunden Printing 60.
Ml Columbia nvenue
Rossland, B. e.
■ aafwaaeieoees iMM>tt»MIMMM<tlM«t|
Th©Sa Embleton
The West I.e Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
? :
Corner Third Ave.
and Washington St.
Kcir Red Mountiln Depot.
Ever> thing the Hi ner
- = Wan Is io  Eel - -
1 Fancy and Staple Groceries and  Provisions at Lowest
;      Prices.      Goods delivered to auy part of the City.
M»tMMtMtMMttM»t«l*»*t*t*M*»'»»*»»*Mt»»t'*>*t*tttt»*t*» *■> (WKONKKnAY
October 17,  1000
< liters for tin* Minera* Union.
When Uie Sootoli miners decided fco ac
fcept   Mr.  Dmisntnir's  offer    of    work  in
Ibttenaion mtnoa Ihey expressed their ar>
■prei'iittion of the kindnow of the Minors'
BUnion ut  Xiuiniino in looking alter their
Sedl  during Uie  lime    they wen? l,vins
Idle.   Before leaving for Extension they
igave three oheeri fop the Minera' Union
Labor*! Biggest Enemy.
If the  statement  of Citizen nml Country  that  ths senate in the biggest enemy
to labor which thin country linn, fchw so
much the worm* for the aeu? r©J or
cm. .-.1 luiwir iu Canada will yet be Uie
i*K):e»t    filet or   in   deotdlng   the   i-h;i meter
of our govsrnmantt nntl so deciding whal
nd  of  fi   aenatO   there  shall   he.  or  in
Meed, whether there ihnll be u senate al
The   Kingston  Time**.
Trouble Bottled,
Viesiiient Ralph Smith and Labor com-
dssloner B. P, Bremner met Hon. Mr.
Dunsmuir al Victoria on Tuesday nnd
.1 very lengthy interview about the
Scotch miners who struck at Ubmox
.nd went  bo NanattnOi   The result  was
hat the Hon. the Premier 'iijitchmI lo
guarantee them |S a day if they went
baek to the Kxtenaion mines, tlmt they
Were not expected to worK with Chimi
men or have Chinese helpers. Mr. Pun**
nmn -*_1: ".My only object tn mlvune-
nn these men their pMMge fnnn Se.>t-
ami WSS to enable nie to di>*|H-nae *vith
ClihieM*  labor." ,)
To  Watch  Labor Interests,
The  psrliamentsry  oomndttee of   *.ha
sneouver Trade. Council i*-. to Investi-
gate the cost, etc., of engaging a solicHoi
I watch  the interests   of   the Trsdea
outu il ut  the royal commission t*> en-
[quire into  the  Mongolian question,    and
will nl-v. forward circulars to the differ-
gent  onions  taking   i ■*■'  Information    on
ms *ulij'Vt.
Writing i.ib-. half price, il  Walla****.
Ciuura ami   t itf.it—.      • ."
When    ynu aak for a cigar why don't
iu   in*i*t   on  a  good   one !    Nine oaaei
■out ..I ic. yon »'H be offered a cheap,
al. made cigar   unleaa you name   the
■iin.l  wanted.    Ihey   ill   coal    yon thn
l money, go.*! or bad*   Now- why not
et .i i!.-"l "lie.    A-k  l"..r the l>c*t (Yowil
|G:a-..-  ...   V   11.    You    will lh-.  *.   ei
.;  nf   I   Inline   ill'l-1 •* *e.   lo'.       *'!   nl.
of   Ihii the next  lime you i*k fm    "■•
We  Know
Uf nn other way tn  indorse our rloth-
|in; than to put our name and trademark
it.      It'* ju*t ia it we raid "Wc war*
tint thii garment to he all woo., sewed
nth silk, nude of better materials, an.l
better itvle than you cin gel anywhere
lie at thc aame pdice."     Taylor k Mc*
Will   Organize   Miners'   I'moim.
John Tliorilan. district organiser ol tlm
Western Federation of Miners and iiui
Weitern r.aboi- Union, li-making a lour
of the Boundary district. He will organize branches ot the minen' union u|
Summit Cily nnd Ititiiiinck Cily, as will
,-ih establish u brunch of thi Westerd
Labor I'liion nt Grand Forks. '1'he hit
ter organisation will include ill its mom
bcrship the smelter employes, clerk*, carpenters, bricklayers, etc, In Summit
ciiiiip alone Ihere nre nearly 800 miners
The Central  Dry Hoods Stoic.
Dropping   into   Holstead   &   Wright'
the   other   day—for    nu    article   In   Dl™
Goods, the li.-i Impreieion mnde on tb-*
writer of    thin article  wa*  the general
appearance of  newneu  in  tin different
line- of merohindlie. lustily arranged
iniii.-*- ...nl  neatly kent  rn the shelveii
the -lock seemed *>> I"' well uiortod   *
particular   line*   nverstoohod.    nml   nit
(tether the  whole  Interim* ""   the  -t ire
tv;i*   i   model  of a   *V<'*li, un*... 'lute   Or
flood*  Emporium (  with  n   wodly renre.
cnlntiiiii   of   Canuilinii   ...■■'   Ionian   l.i..)
clan goodi.    ti*.* "...   i- - ■;i.u nbiiiit    1.'
iloron ivii-1*. .il .11 n tnblo in Hi,
centre of the .-tore. wIi-m*-. each mav b,
thoroughly Impcetodi tlie iliiT---ent
style, of waists, material! ,eto., of (Inn
nels, ...shincif*. .ilk. oorduroy, etc., nt
price! ihut seemed In be very i*c,i*"ii.il.l.
considering the ixnepttonal values of tho
respective niatci-i.il-. The.women would
ilo well in examining vue waiita.
The lame tinn arc uttering any suit in
thc itore lm* $1.00. There'* 7.1 or a
hundred .-nits to choose from *nd ou
being tulil that they were regular 913
*?H> inul i*!" suit*, n eppean genuine
il.t'ir Intention of ....mv out of tha cloth
ing bii-i.i.—, Many olher good bargain,
are ..tin. .1 ul thi* Store, bul limited
ipace prevent! lumber mention of the
good thing* to lie had lor little money .il
llolslcittl  *   Wright's.
Turkey*, thicken* in.I duck* for
Thanksgiving, as well as a big H.i|>ply ..(
. nml ciiic.   nt   I'.   Hums  A   Co.
Young ( an.i.l.i
Election of Officers,
following offlcen wen elected by
...I....  Miner*'   Ci...... li.t  Saturday
rantng:      President,    Wm.    DavMson;
e -president,    Harry   Leaks;    finnncial
1'    W.   ll.gler:   recording •«••-
B-tan   P  W. .1.• lm.tun: treasurer, ,T, Y.
artin:     cnnH.ctor.    Cieorge    W.iii.u.l:
>ir*il.-ti. Oeorgt. ***,   Mil. 1:  iin.ui e com
iltie.  (!e..r*-c   Smith,   .lohn   A.   M. lion
d, I'. W. Johnston.
IFrnnk .1. Wilms, formerly irith tl.e O.
llarln-r shop. ITna,linil. i* with llu*
leu. Barber .hop. l'rank has ,-fliiny nc
naint.itues   among     tho    mining   fnt'-r
Itr. I I!
IKIincr K.ihftiitl..  ..  well-known mem*
Cr  o*   lln*   Miner-'   t'lii.'ii   here,   left   thi*
tnrning  for Clinton,   Mont,    where    ha
.   iiii.*re-t-   ...   -.vi-r.il   mining   proper
II.*  i*v|.e. I*  I..  icliint  l-t  ihi* camp
alsnit three months.
Sol.** mdi i.- I., il..- 11..-si..ml Oo-oper
\ ' n| ia a., may 1 o made lo tho
Imilll] i ii*i-iiii*i* "f ll.e new -tore.
i*orner of Spokane itrecl md l'i.**t ive*
[nue. Tin* se.el.iry ii ill le nt hi* otlii-e
|n the now stole all .I.n* ami in thf
P. Ituriii A Co. will on Monday have
nn Ihe market n large itoek of Thiinks-
giving turkeys, l*hlckeni and dink*. Order for your holiday .lini.er now.
Sec Ihe bargllni Harper it* Mcrthnr
nie offering in hliiiiket. nnd comforter*.
KOW is the lime nml1 the New Stun* it
the place to pin-chase llu-e thing, for
Ihc winter.
Wm. Ycrmn of the printers1 h< w, wss
in Trail last week ill charge of Hie \civ*,
while Mr. c. s. dark, lhe editor of tha)
paper visited  the exposition.
The threatened strike of tutnsten in
he city of Ban l'mm-isco wn. averted
.y the tesmiten Ud men coming to .in
igri-cmciii    Itlt   Sunday.
Will be very much in evidence at i!.<*
ciitcrtiiitiuit-iit to be given Thursday
evening ... llinn.' Union hall, under ihu
.in.|.i. e*   ..I'   the   Lube-'   Aid   SoCiCtj
tl.e   Mrlliodilt   church.
The entertainment  will cou-i-i  princl
pally oi   fsncy lirill* by  companlsa   »f
Im.is   and   uirl*.   -ong-.     r.*. il..!.......   elc.
ll.e I.a.In**' Aid Society ll.no .pale.I ml
luiiiu, or IxpenM ... gelling np tin- pro
gram. Luh dull will iin.l lhe little folks
in iliffeient costumes, and ipedil ittes
Hon mu"! he called to the Itninlaiw
Drill, a* ihe voiing ladies will appear in
a i*. auiii'iil costume, representing a rain*
Tl. entertainment will certainly be a
treat to the public of Roaaland, a* this
i.   flu-    first    concert    cur    given   here
where   the   little  folk-   hue   t.l    mn-h
an Imimrlant part. Mr*. .1 M. Kit/
Patrick ami Mr., (i. Y. K.ilh* have had
the   little   folk,   under   their   instruction
for the paal three i ithi, and tlm i« i
guarantee    thnt   lliey   an*    gun*.,  to    .1"
their pari  in iu*t ■ i..-* .tile.
l   Kindergarten  Sons   Thirty-six  little
till-   .in.I   I...-,    .,,.,.,    from   four   to   si-
years. -J
'1    llc-itatiou—"The   Youthful   Orator."
Charlla I'leivmnn.
I. Duel   "Tl..*  Iwo lx.ll*." (Hive .lulif
ami   ll.i-el   Paaco. I
I.   Recitation — "A    'Ki-hin."    Mar
Lis "lice
v Panaol Drill—Thirty young girN
age.  eight   lo  twelve yeora,
ii.   Recitation—"Autumn,"  Ilmh  Scho
7. Recitation     "tittle    Boy    nine."
(Field.), Per. v Plenmnii. '
8. Doll Drill Thirty -ii little girls, al'
alsttii   *i\   yesn "Id.
P    lb. n.t..ii      l.niii.'     the   Old     C...
li.--." Al..... Beverly,
10, P....'" l*"to "La Petite \al. .*'
N'.tl'c   lauule
II. Taiobriuc Drill - T.i-cntv foul
lining   ladlei],   twelve  to  eighteen
1. Ralnhoa    Hull   Seen   young   Indie*
ill   lo-tullis
2. Recitation — "The Girl Who
Wouldn't   L.I   Cruata,"   llclem.  Ilurritt.
.1.  Song—"I'm a Uypav    Oirl,"    1/iura
Jewell. •"■   •
I. Hccitation -- "Tnmniv."      Charles
.v Wry   choii-s —"We   Oomi   Prom
l-'aii-ylniiil.''   In  ..'-liime with   .van.Is.
(1. Hcitatiiii "Ihir Rind Olri," Olive*
11,,1,1.- N
7. Song—"Pimiiaiiny Lullaby," Ollfl
Jullff. '
R.   King  Drill- Tivenlv-foiir  Is.y*
ii. Oiici 'Th.* Quarrel," ftnny (Jra*
humand w. Herring,
|n. Ooodbye Bong Contributed b)
Mi-* Sn in. Kindergarten teacher,
II. ( In.iii- "Ilie I..iii,) ,,; (hi Maplei
third   X       fm      ft *l    o
oil,   Prea.j   J.   Klomin,  Sec. Ir «_-a - ^_
.'v^^V^nrt at Train§feirCOc
Labor U inn Directory,
Offioers and Meeting!.
"tlccti every aecond aud fourth luea-
duy in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
each mouth st 7:30 p.m. in Minera'
Union Hall. 0. Schalm, Sec.; A.
li'erria,  Pres.
jMccU every Friday of each week at
7:30 p.m. in Miners' Union Hall.
A, Ferris, Pre.*.; prank Hiu.IhIiuiv,
MINERS UNION No. 38, Weatern
Federation of ■.linen—Meet! every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock in
Minen* Union Llall. Wm. \\ uiun.
Sec. j  W. O'Brien, Sec.
M.'.'l.*.  on   the   last  Sunday    ot    each
ni..nth at the Minen'  Union  llnll.  ,1
P.  llarkdoll, Sec;  W. Poole, Prea.
No.   252—Meeta   the   lint    and
'liiesilav  oi   each  month  at 8  p
Beatty'i   llall.    P.  0.  Box  314.
■   I    ^^^^^^^^^^^^
<ni g nt 8:30 o'.l'nk in Miner** Union
llall.      P.   O    Hox   11.      I.   K.   tinny,
Bee.! .1.  II. Sh nml, Pres.
Kxcculive Board:    E. C. Kraicr,    Rom-
laiul;  W.  Davidson, Sandon;  M.   Km.*,
Greenwood; H. ll. Dttnook, Moyte.
PAINTERS' UNION, No. 40, Painter,
and Decorators of America—Meet, in
ilentty'i llall oM ncond and fourth
Tuesday Wcdneaday of each month.
W. S. Murphy, prea.; Geo. W. Shinn,
NEWSB0Y8' UNION No. S-Meets in
Minera' Union Rill on the bret and
third Saturdays of each month, at 9
a.m. Mike Uuydotti, Prea.; Jay Bar
ton, Sec.
--Meeti lecond Sundiy in eich month.
J.  II.  Flcu-her, lecretary.
—Edward lioyce, pniident, Butte, Montana; John F. McDonnell, vice-president. Virginia City Nevada; Jamei
Maher. ae.retarytrcni.irer, Butle, Montana ,P. O. Box 307, headquartere,
Room 12. Owsley block. Executive
Hoard: .lohn ('. Williami, Gran Valley,
Idaho; .lame, II. Furey, Butte, Montana; W. N. Hums, iiur.-iv. Colorado;
Chi-. H. Mover, Lead City, Soutb
Dakota; Chria Folly, Rouland, Britiih
.Temee Wilkes. president, NeU.n:
.lame. Devine, vceprrsdent, Rowland;
Alfred   Parr,   !ecrelnry*tre»»ut«r,   Ymir.
min, Hk Me! j
You need loose a "shift"
to get your check cashed
during banking hours.
You can get it cashed, at
face value, at all hcurs at
The Hoffman House
Smoke    Crown    Grant     Cigara,    Blue
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦■^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■H--f--t-4.
OBOROB I'l'NK, Malinger.
Tlm Onlv Transfer nr Express
Company in Hosslaml that will
Deliver your Trunks for tt dn.
esch     Threu daya storage fren.
t    Queen Cigar Store.    %
*- Tki.ki'Hoxk u. -*r
* II
++*++*+** ************4++++:
I ••••••;•• r*.-*-i-;..
Every Member of
Org-nized Labor
Should Subsribe
for this Paper...
One year, -
Six Mouths,
A.l.li.-M All Comniunicsliona
ths Fast Line.
Safeat and  lieat.
Solid   Vestibuled   Traina.     Electric
Lighted.    Equipped   with
OharrTiitioii   Cars,
Pullman   Palace   Can,
fllegant  Dining  Can, *
Modern   Day   Coaohea,
Tourist   Sleeping   Cars.
'Ihrough   tickets  to all   pointa  ia   tbe
United  Statce and  Canada.
! •Exceptl   Sunday.       Try|  our  Beetrie
1 lighted
K.  W.  RUEK,
Agt. R. M. Ry., Rouland, BTC.
J.   W.  HILL
f General Agent,  Spokane,  WaA.
Aast. Gen.  Paaa.  Agent,
Portland,  Oregoi*i**
a**,** WWIMMMMMWt-M«
i- -
Union-Made |
"••'-•» ****4
S (0„ LM
Union Printing
l-tprcljl  lacllltl*r«  lor  producing (he
Wat   riiiiiitth*   lor   Trailri  t'nlon*   and
Secrrt *■ iir>    BRflWtagl procured.
Stain and Itubbcr Stamp*.
\A/.   H.
ao I    Columbia
Gent's FurnLshinjj; Department.
New Clothinj!: Shoes, Shoes.
All-Wool Serge and Wor-icd auiti in
Navy Blue, Black and Mud. tflu.i.i to
I.II.KI. All-Wool Tweed .u.u. nobby
luttrrn,, $15.00 to frjn.OO. Good Knockabout 11 ccd suits, gJ.OO to 8I0.5U. Ail
Wool 1'a.ii*. tl.M to fi.*' Working
Pints, fl.iio to r.'.ou.
Me an idling men'i ihoei below coil.
Men'i Split laeather Shoei, tl to $1.23.
Men'a Grained Leather Shoes, $l.*sO. |1._
$1.75. Men'i Grained Nailed Shoe.,
$2.00, $3J0. Men's Oil Grained Nailed
Shoes, $3.00. Fine Walking 8hoes,
Irom $1.00 up.
Av.. Rostand. B.C.
! Biisin
None Better     Solid Vestibuled
Trains,    Palace   Dining   and
Observati -n Cars.  Meals
■ La  Carte.
Direct connection st Bt. Paul, without
change ol .lepot, witb all trains lar
Ctncigo, Toronto, Montreal, New iork
and all  point.* welt and south.
Cloae connection eaat and west bound
traini at Spokane wtb traina of the
Spokane  Falla k Northern Railway.
Leavei Spokane duly for Eait 11: IS
Leavee  Spokane
Weat bound trains make direct connection lor Victoria, Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco and all point! on
the Sound.
During the seaaon ol nivigifaon Eaat
bound trains connect at Duluth with
thc magnificent iteamanipi North-Weat
and North-land; of the Northern
Steamship company line operated in connection witb the Gnat Northern Railway.
For further information, maps, fold-
en, etc., apply to any agent of the Spokane I .11. k Northern Hallway, Kaalo
k Slocsa   ...-ulnar,  Kootenay Railway k
daily  for  Weet 7:30
fr ****■ ** ****rH*: ti** * **
V , Navigation   Company,  or  to
*S> W
I Grand Union I
NKTrKKHI l.li I.K.is   hi...
Hats, Hats.
New Overcoats     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
In    Whipcord    'Pwgkds,    Meltons    snd   *len"e Fedon lists, $1-30 to 14.00. Men's
Heaver., $10.30, $12.30, $14.00, $10.00. '■>l»n" "'i'. $3*00 to $350.  Men'i Stilt
.    Hit*. $2.00 lo $3.50.     Stetson's llata.
Underwear. •*"•   *"'""•
Men's   Ribbed   Cotton,   per   nnt   $1.00. Cupntpr*;
.Men'.   Itiblwd    Wool,   |*r  nut   llJlM. -'     ta,tl *^
Mens   ll.-.ivv   Wool,    per   »u.i   $1 .VI. Men's Nsvy   Blue. 75c. to B.00.   Mes"i
Men'i Tin and Striped, per nut $e.SU. lancy   Mixed,    $1.00   to   $1.50.    Men'i
$.100.    Men i   Wool  Fleeced,  per iuit. Self Colon, Fancy Collan and Wrirti,
$2.00.                       ° *-'•» to $300.
I ail MrawSSad H-«. ol the HoaS Overall, and
V. N. Phone No. 207.
,  ,      General   Passenger   ami   Ticket
Agent, St. Paul, lln.n.
i on.-..er, nl Agent, Spokane,  lYaflti.
Tb* Fined ol Wlnai, laii'ion snd
Dtimeilicsml Inipoiird Cigari.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
Vou wanl a lasb*    . **  an.l vntiw.nt
the besl'   ..._iii.*t   liytsn
Union Ci(_;ar.-*
r-j*.^.-|.   ^^
"Imperial Limited"
Service for the year 1M0 will be commenced JUNE 10th. 'ilie "Imperial
Limited" take, you acroai the Continent In lour days witbou clmn-
It a a solid vcitibulcd train, luxur
musly equipped witb every possible
.■•"■ntiil for the comfort and convenience of Faawngera. Art your
Ihcndi wbo bave travelled on il, or
A. O. P. A. T. F. A.,
Vancouver, B. C. Nelion, 11. C.
1   i.i. . .1 .
R05.-il.ANI), B. C.
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
payfl au advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
There Is no mystery about the
circulation of
Industrial! World
Average Weekly Circulation for August,
Z Dome-llr talon lj.1s-ICI.ai.- t_ Hi.tide
X Veneda. La 1 :*.. .1' Cal ■ *.t   X|
X lm|Ol!«*1 V'..ls»at I'm.tit 1 .1.   ▼[
,. tan*;.   I 't   --•<>... At.e ill t l>*ili«....trial   ~
I The Queen Cigar Store
vailW a  MiiKM*.   .■.   ;.*
luluni'.n  An 1 ...
. -* *.i i-l., IIMMsti
2 • *ni       f       itt      t • ntH-'t">« *• hi
•: Kossland Motel: J*s*_; ■>
mui Falls -_ Kofinsni.
Nelson A. Ft. Sheppard Ky,
Ken mountain Reiiway.
I he   only   all rail   route    between    all
pointa eaat, west and south to Koaslac*.
Nelson and sll intermediate pouts* tea*
Spokane    wub    lbs    Ureat
rthirn   Pa ill   sad   . 1    li
a ' si
!     J
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
Toys,  half  price,  at   Wallace'..
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
13. C.| that tells its circulation and btteki it
up by  allowing  advertisers the   privilege of
examining circulation hooks and records.	
Tiik World's advertising columns are Hirer-
ally patronized by all of Rowland*, successful
merchants. Write for sample copies and
see for VOUSelf. Ask for Rates, —
< .unit..! st Nelson wiih etcemen for
Kulo snd  all  Kootenay  lake  poiota.
. ...i.-'s at Myrr'a l-alli with itaca
duly tor Kepubbc, and connect! at
lloi.burg with itase daily lor Grand
l"..ri*s snd (irrenwood.
KffectiTe duly „.   1900. ,
1030 s.m.
11:35 p.m.
11:40 p.m.
0:45  pm.
10:00 pm.
Diy  Inm. Amva.
K|K)kane ?:39 p.m.
K..Mini,I a it,  ,, m
Nelaon g:00 p.m.
N«M Tram.
Spokane 7:05 i*la.
Motailind .'. -n a m.
II.   A.   .lACKSON.
Uineral   I'i... n.-.*r Agent.
E.   W.  RUFF,  Asenl.
Holland,   B. C.
Porcelain Baths
• A Carful Fitter.
makes     a     atyliih     girmcnt.
I he cutting ind titling ire
finite a. important ai lag mi-
1 let your cloth.* made her*
and all three item, will be
til r.ght.
I bir prire. ire not loo high
for you. but Ihry'. pi.t high
rn.aiirh to lli.ure you he best
workman.hip   and   material.
Taylor & Mr.Quarrie,
'. II.  B"i I 18 ODLl MIIIA AVE
Brld>;ford A Herrinjr,
Ml -\"   BMtlol ifondf I
******** *%
'' a***********************
M fiotrMli ind Wfiml
Il'ainti. Oils. Vnrniahra, f'fu«l»fs « >n
f:lnUh anil f'alntfrs' ^nrcii ■ iitdrr*
takrn fur I'apt rhunylnK gnil h. i nmtinf
'tt ' Mort imnir • \ 1 imni'ii-,
i" * , Colnmbja Art H*"i>f Domliilati
^Ksprtai Co •> infiic   T*ri*qriH»i tit, i* *
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦* THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
WEDNESDAY    October 17,  1900
ed in due largely to the thorough organization.   Let no tongue be  tardy in iniy-
Many League   Brandies   Being Formed ling tribute to President Mitchell,     He
Throughout  Cans*—. | standi  without  Rinohtng,   while around
him rages the battle
posed   in   him   hits   t
Socialinu li making rapid headway lu
Canada and a itrong national organisation is in progrm of tormation. Tlio
plan   of, orginiiation is (o allow each
league complete "home rule" until I US*
In.mil organization is formed, League!
are urged, however, to adopt the constitution nud platform ol the Toronto
i eaguei ami io follow on active campaign in' propaganda.
Win ii '.ii "I* mon leagues are formed
it i. propoied to organii! a national
body, eleol national offlcen and adopt a
n in. mil constitution nud platform. Thi*
will l.i done by i convention or referen*
limn vote ol all memben. Until n per*
ui.iiicni  organisation  li  fan I  any   fur*
Cin     mi lotion    i eu.il ilinn    organi/,ill.ni
will la* furnished 1 * the leeretary ot 0,
8. I.. So, .'. Q, We.i.ai Wrigley, -*■<•
Kng itreet   Wi-t, Toronto,
The  leg...'    itandi    lor  tha ultimata
ideal ol all - diiti   tin public owner-
.hip ol all uicaiis t.l production and distribution,   with  * ly  organised  on    "
brotherhood bads. Its cardinal principle
■s the brotherhood ot man the world ov-
ti. and it desires to work In harmon]
with tradei union- .....I otner progreaitva
organisations. It also dechut-a its intention to become ■ prominent factor in
i anadian polltii -.
The *.*.retain*- ni ilie leegnea already
formed a***' as follows: No. I. (J. Pigg,
Montreal, Que.; S'o. 2. ti. Weston Wrigley. Toronto; S'o, 8, II. Steele, Toronto;
No. 4, .1. ( . UcOladny, Londbn; No. S,
W. II. Ahrcv, Million: No. «. .1. M.
Cameron, Port Moody, B.C.; No, 7. U.
W. Huston. Tantallon, A-*-..: X.«. H. R.
P. Pettypiece, Knvu-on. B.C.; .....I No.
I>. R. S. Arniel. Popular, Manitoiilin
Island; X... Itl. K. P. Maclon thl. Mount
F..ie.t: No, II. <; R, Qlbba, (ialt: No.
l?. Bipparton, B.C; No. IS, .1. Byeis,
Banff,   Alb.
The plalfonn idoptad by the two Toronto  leagues   i.  ,t*  follow-:
I. Abolition oi the .emit.*. Tha psopli
to have the veto |sniei* I.y mean! of the
initiative  and   referendum.
'.'. A.I..li ...Hi.me .in,| proportional rep
1.-eolation    with      gioupcd    lOiistitucn, ie.
an.l   abolition  of  municipal  wards.
3. Public ownenhip of   all fianeUaai
null a. i.itlw.ii-, telegraphs, ii.itcrworlts,
rleelrie light  and |snicr plants, etc.
4. I-and nationalisation. I'0111111111111)*
produced value. 1.1 la- nssd (or publii
patpoaee. Occupancy to Im- the only title
to  land.
.".. A nation.I .iii.eiuy and government
bulling   -v.tein.
fl. Pul In ownenhip of all monopolha
and iillunately of all mean, of pnsluc
lion,  ili-liil.iilit.il   ami   exchange.
7. AlHihtioti of |...i.iit laws, govern
ment rrinuiieralioii for iincsti.n. with
the aim in v u-u ni haling labor Mvlng
—IhlllllJ iiiti.slinne a .In.rter workday.
K.shl hours l» constitute a day's labor
on all  pulah.   -i...rl*«.
The oonflidenoe int-
: been misplaced.
lie has won csieeni by his allegiance to
the right und bis abhorrence of the
Let us hope tlmt victory will lie won
by the United! Mine Worken of the Anthracite conl regions, und that it will
dwell with tin-in. while those now babes
nre grown gray-haired men ami women,
Co-i tperatlva Societies,
Then an- in (ircnt Britain 1,033 ro<
giitered ct>operatlVe locletiei, with a
membership   ot   1,730,000,   a »luirc and
* loan  capital  ol  1138,000,000,  anil  a  re-civil
I of   nearly   110,000,000,     Alter   paying   lin*
I'per cent mi a capital of nearly 1150,000,
ik.i ih,. profits i.i- 1800 .rn a trade   of
1341,000,000,  amounted   to  130,000,000,  ol
which   -SHK 1.1 KKI  wa*   dOVOted   lo  c.llicillioll
ami 1135,000 io charity. About 1i»>.i»«i
' coniuiittce men are chosen by ilu- memben io manage ihc business, ami there
are mora than 78,000 other employe!,
while tin- population directly affected by
ilie movemenl i- set down ai u.HKi'imi.
Betides this "oik of distribution, Britiih
co-operation endeivon to bring about n
practical union of lubor and capital in
the ahape of buaineia partnership. In
ls>i*i in*.' co-partnecsblp businessei "nr
founded Ly wsge-eernsrs, whose sale,
i,.r lhe year amounted to ..bout 113,500,
000. 111 Kngland the English Wholesale
Society I...- n.vcr favored tin* principle
..( co-partnership* a movement which
the Scottish Wholesale Society has always greatly furthered. 'Ibe above -1 a-
tistlcs do not include Ireland
Socialist i.ii-.r Oi-gsnlsatton.
The first labor orgatlintion in Aniciiet
to farniullv adopt lOeialiatto principle,
anil ambody tlieui in it- constitution .*
the Metal Worker.' National Association  in  Indianapolis.    Hostility   to the
existins   industrial     sv-tcm   was   plainly
declared in ilu* preamble to the constttu
lion  a. adopted,    ll   sot*  forth  thai    M>«
proprietary   cl..-*    po *    alim>**t     all
ll..* soil, the housaa, f.u t..lie. niean, ol
tr.iii*|,..i t ilion. ninchinery. ran* material!
and all the necessaries of life, lu COW-
parisnn with the entiie people thi, cla"
represents a small minority. On the oth
er side, it n.i* declared, were il.c wort
men, omwssing nothing but their Intel
lertual anil physical povrer with which
lo lalior and which ihev must -cl] t„ the
I**...*..,,,*. ,,f th,. means of production In
onler to live. Thc*c amf-kcfS npmenl
the million.. It i. further stated tint
th.- proprietary .las. srrogitai t.
everv Improvemenl in machinery ami every new dtseovery, lie which worken tn
more nml more displaced till, beeomlns
superfluous, they nre compelled 10 noil
their labor al any pric- to avoid llarva*
tion. It i« addeil thai the proprilton
have on their ridl thl "-.ner of the stale,
the pittite. 1111I1I1.1 .mtt the lire.*. In
other wonl., the 11 el .1 worker, might
a. well have sai,| thei* Iin.l o|i|*.***.l t-»
Ihem Ihe organiriil forte- of wi-iy 1:,
al  pi-sent  enn.tiluled.
105,107, Columbia Ave., ROSSLAND.
Grey Bankets
5 lb., wool,  for 11,50 per pair.
7 lb., wool,  fm* S.-.7.1 per pair.
8 11.., wool, lor 13.00 per pair.
Extra Super, ail wo
8 lb., IM.--.S4,  Ifl.IKi per pair.
Fine Siver Grey
7 lb., 80x80, 84.00 per pair.
8 lit., Ulx.-M,  %SM per  pair.
White B ankets
7 lh„ OOlSO, per pair S'-MW.
$1.'2."> colored .piilis
11.50 colored quilts
82.80  colored   quilt!
92"b colored nullti
tor   i.n*.
lor  11.00,
im* 13.00,
for 83.00.
Ladies' Bouses
Bloum for .10c.
BlouiM I'm- 81.ill.
88.75 Elder
15.00 Kider
quilts   for   Hi.lKI.
.piilts for 813.00,
Ladies' Skirts
Melton Bkirta, the low
Children's Flannelette
All    lllM,    lit    111!
88X0 Sci-gc anil
price,   KI .50.
Super Woo
7   lb.,  011x80,   white,  l-M.OO.
S  lli..  lilxSl.  white. 88.00,
II lb., extra -upcr
Dress Goods
*7.00 1*1* lair.
81,50   while   limit*   for   81.00,
83.00 white .piilts for 81.80.
800 yards Fancy 'I'n 1*. lie per yni-l.
100  \mis Fancy Wool   Mixtures,  tegular 00c per yanl, for Wo,
lac Art Mualins for
lo,* Flannelettes for
15c Shirtings for 10c
00c Corduroy for 45c
lu.* per v.uil.
Ilk- par yanl.
per yard.
|K-r yanl.
Mo Keney Flannel for 95c psr yanl.
80s (.rev Flannel for '-IV per yard.
70o,  Nik-,  80c,  $1.00. '
Children's Ringwood
30   dti/cn    palls   good    heavy   (lltiVCS   at
88c per pair.
Table Linen
in.   1  at 'Joe per yard.
Table Oil Cloth
01 White MarMed aud Fancy, 3.1c pel
THE NEW STORE.    Cash and One Price Only.
For Sale
20,000 Sh re 5 ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Carnes Creek Consolidated
would .i-cui 10 indicate their |M.|iiical  in
1 liii.ilious.     Iml I.   11   seem,  as   .1    the
itself   pics* na* g11.lu.1ll!  .Inning in tbe dire.**
ton ..f Independence,    lln* may bs
counted tor bj  the fad that<fsither ihe
pepan or  tin-  1 ph) or any  longer .-on*
lent to have lluu* politic! made for them
by a few self sis-king politicians whose
only aim i- 1.. KCUtS preferment and
the ipoili uf office, lt may be wc are
coming  t-t   that   |s.iiii  when   parly   lines
will   la*   completely oblRaratsd. Nelson
H. oii.imi.t.
Far away,  111  lhe ea-leru   pari   01" ihi
'olil   Keystone*'   lists,    there    is   -tern
•nne    Tis betwess tha Isflons of labor
and Ihe magnates of tl.e nm..*. A grsst
.run* nf aiirliria i. 111.1l.111s; a determined
• iiugglc |..r III,, light. The .|«-. t.„ h* i*
1-ir.eiitcd ol I.V1.IH1 men nelieil log.ihci
Iur a ...mm..11 psrpose; lun.d.d l.tgeiliei
|..t  a .-immon  . IUSS
,**.me the laceptioa »i this contest the
wolid   has  I.a.nisi,  a.  .1   nthi-m I*.'  Bevel
-Mould   pale  learned,  ol   the   |s.ic.1y   .....I
tl.e  di--|sl.l   slid   dcM,l,i||,,n  "I   ill'.*.'
Who  -Inil*   and   -tanc,   ll.e   Hull,   is   Hot
Ul    lo   M*e*s,   n,,r   bird   to   l.l.d.    Hell-  BIS
'    l< anna   lhe   I-land    "I    "It.....Ill)
...e   tskea   11-Hll   Ihr   leptlt      *l     .1
l.-gl.Ulue   1..in,mill,     ..|      (ha    -tale   of
I'i l.li-tli.lllM "A,    l„    Ihe    c   ml.It"11    ol
tin* 111.mi..* l.ii-uit... ,1 1. mn..imiiit'i tin,
t.i Isttii opsnton ind    ■ ..■, * ..l.k..
....•I   is gndssllj   l-e.,lining   iiiois  so,  le
.lilting in the bsakraptei -.i iiu- opsn
..ml  ti,,   poverty, deetilotion ami
-li.lli... SSd, III mall) ta*<-«, the I lusl
.l^liatl.Mi >.| the Miner.*1 ll » 11 I"
...,|...|  that   the  to...m.ti
i*.*i..t"i.  I...    the Hurl  condition!
atl.hl.   cvl.I    ami    in   Ms   ii„l..,v,,|    to   do
- - 1.--.I- 1-. ■ la<l bJashoodt . 1..
1....... ..... owned Is Ihs giwat tssjorit)
I   mill...it.in..  .tud   liiilhc... ...'
il«- i--iiitii..*...I    agendas fail  lo 1 it
aia    mine   I.dint*.
Among   Ihc   .I. mantis   oi    the   IVnx.yl
tains minen h .1. ihe ibollaluneni   01
Um- iohiimi.) itofs) i.'i tha nghi to mi*
-in h daeUm as tiny 11 udi: (it) a
*.mi in..111 hly pay day in .a-h. tii ... 11.
.lease of '.11 p«  ..nl  11. II..* pBJ   "I  men
..linn *l » .1 -lay. ll.e In... -l.'c
l..*'lil <»t the .lia.ie .I, maii-l* pi-.if* Ihem
11 1 iiu*t  forfeited all right   to
sympathy whan it bratally t*.id tl..- ...
i.m. ..I .i> rapacity, that it Iuid nothing
■ but   those   wht.se ry,..
.  idM   •••lf.*hl.<*.*   mil
rafuM to acknowledge the {silica >.f ihe
Minera' came.
1  . tin* itriki belong! to
1 he .:■    ■ lo
•   lolly   11I11I.
■ i...h  111")*   have   ;..
The Campaign
1' . nt.r.iied Imm   F11M   Page.)
Thanksgiving   turkeys
< .1-1   at    P.   Ilutlls  &   Co.
ju*l    11..111    lhe
All  thai ii latest in neckwear at Hob
See thr price. Empey Bros, sn lell'ng
men's clothing for.
Smoke Crown lirant snd W. B.
lime label and borne made.
If you are l«t.kiiig lor a location for a
1 ic 1011 cannot do Itetter than .-.i.-u'it
F   rh.nle*. land agenl lor the X. _ F. S.
1 ...l«ay    llc .uu  nil  '1.11 in every p.nii
tiilai.     Lots   111   llu*   lien   addlti.Mi,   suitable  for any   purpose  .-an   l<*  purrhsacd
ju.l   HOW   oil   Mi!   tit*-.liable  l.r ins.  The.
lots he is now selling arc on the sunny!
side of Trail creek.
To all Local I'niom of the Western
la.li.ir L'icon. Un-eling:
Ihii is to notily you thst thc resign!-
lion ol Brother M. J. Ociger aa secretary -tris-urcr tf the Weatern Labor
j Union I1.1- been accepted by thc pmi*
dent and the executive board.
! Brother Clarence Smith of Wallace,
has been  appointed   Ui  the  poai-
A   Heavyweight.
Ami   «o Chris  Foley   haa accepted  hi.
Domination and  "ill  nm   for pirliameiit.
II.- ha* kept  hi. pr-unisc.    Somewhere in
lhal  gnat buily name of his there il al
whole lot of ..itiliti   lihsrwiia the nuclei,!
.* much liihiilation.    lie bai a big hc.i.1.
a  big 1.1 nn ami a lag heart.    He might
e.ualy pi.ive one »H  the gicatct blessing.!
or   ibe   biggest    iiir-c   llriiish   Columbia
haa  ever  enjoyed  or   boa  antlci.-l   from.
lie   needs   staiiina     right   and     keeping
iIh-it.     II    any one   Mr.   Foley'a  weight _ ,..„,,  ___ ,h. duliM ot I
Hon and bs. enternl upon lhe auiie. ■
oil    tl*  track   hed   tear up everv-I.l.   -m -      an   -. m...„ni...i.**n.   and   or-1
thing ... *.gi.t.   Hi. u-i friaodi mil in-
tlMM   who  i-ulllucl   uuUuu.- Cascade   lie
Will   line    lln-tll    1    Imi  I
lln- nomlnitiooi m tin- riding for il.<-
eiiMiing  Dominion election  an* now   i;.
|..t. cnlli   all   mid.*    I   Ibl   11.-t..r-  I.ml
Hie meal roi with a sh-.u.* t» make on
election .lay i... ■ three eaadidstm
liallih.r  the  lala-rat.   M.i. Ni-.ll   lhe Cm
Ills,   sml    Fol.*.   tl.e   Independent
Laboi    Palll    , .ili.li. l.i,       llf     Ihc   I In. .*
t«o an- laittti-. .oh 1 .*|...*-.*.it.ug one
of tl.e nld political parties, neither -.1
them Isilig iciy a ell lili-.wn oulaide ol
their home towns. The .....,1. Fold. la
a miner. .1 recognised Ic.-lc* among nieii.
and a  man    who 1. well  known in both
lai-i   and  Wet   Kootenay.   The   thlid
in...  .. going it, guc  the   other eandl
diilc.   a   nm   for   their   .......ci.   of     tint
then can ha Hull donbt, nml all il.iee
ot   Ihem  mil  have  to  do  sons tall  l.ll.tl   j
ing Itetwcen nnw and election dny.    \.-«
let   ll.e   government   ISnoOnCS  the   I'.lli.ig    •
d.le, let it 1* a fair fight with no favors I •»•
shown  ami  let the lic.t   man  win     Silver    ft
I the  ..ih-*.    All  c mmunirationa and  or-
den fnr  .upplie*  will    hereafter  be ad-|
.lie*«'*l   to   Clarence    Smith,    Hoi   10KI,'
llutte,     Montana,    an.l    all   rvmittancea 1
ib ul.I be made payable lo his order.
Iia-e.l... It     Sl.lltlliltfl,
Secretary Trcs*urer.
Unite, M..nt., s *, ■   14. ]»o
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second near Washington.
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
Keeps the Choicest and
-Coolest Glass of Beer-
In the Cil V - f  t%> ••'••.I     WHY*    I**1- *u*r wr h«* -  \*r\trt ft,. ttiltM Un   bnuAUtifi   II,   nml
MO 11 fe-tlti Iknti *ny olbft h*r In Iowa    tkrr. • (Wt brttiR Upped. tr-Uin- iu mtnu antl
ftarot for alitnltfilllmroi8l>     Kr-rp lhl« In mlftd «br* jrou 1<-ok kn a platr to Mfir«h
jrovt-Kir.   Cttfiiut* of all known mint*. nttfBtdl   tonlitdotv and liu*inr*M mm ar«
• «' 1.1 al ihiM Itii  I *i 8  V. 11 1 la oat oAitr   «l ant boat daring ihr Amy ot night
Family Liquor Store
I Cl.nicest  Wines and  Liquors for Family I'sc, at the
.  Lowest Prices.    Nclhinji but the best kept iu stock.
*****-*■*-. • • ■ ■
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Lid. I
Wholesale Desiert In
Tel. V. snd N. 17.
West Columbia Avenue \i
new *& Co.
IG. W. HcBride,
Hardware, /Vliners,
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
Hi" "iniiin Indtptftdftiti
A aianificniil fMtllK «>f thr prr*rtit
* UQpdlgn in Y.tliCiiilion in 1 li« ■ippnT-
rn\ hi. nf intci'i-t "f Hip MWfptpffl-
Whllfl   tlir   in.iiniitv   *>f     liir   ptpttl    firn
'•'lly   ('•n-scivativp.      yrt   Ohm*
^'I>   little   in   the  niiloii.il   OolamU  tint
- Groceries -
Choice Staple and Fancy Croccries, Provisions, Fruits,
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery and Glassware
Third and Washington.
"»#»♦<»♦»♦»•>♦>■»•>»>>>>■>♦ ****** 8 »»♦♦•♦♦ ■»■»■>»■>'
re.      |
ic ki. ::
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year. EDWARD BOYCE, Editor^
Published by the VY. I . M., Denver, Col.
.Subscrlplinns Received st Ihe nllice ol Ihc Indualrlsl World, or st
The nfli.c ut Ihe .--ecielsry nl Knsslrnd 'Unit*-' Union.


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