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Industrial World Jun 2, 1900

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Array .A
VOL 1, NO.«fc
Deviated to the Interests ol Orgauized Labor.       Eudoraed by the Trades and Labor Couuoil.       Official Organ of District Union, No. 0, W. F. M.
***444444***'**<->  ' • *•*■ " >"+******+
*i*iil*i***i************* WWWW
- * ******************
Hunter Bros.
Make this place vour shopping centre.   Y u 11 find   J j |
nearly everything in all clashes pf roeri'hai.dide.   J J!
',  The stiic   is carefully delected  and only seasonable   !! J
goods offered for sale.
.. .
Good   Hearing  Given
Large   Audience.
by   a
Empey   Bros. j|
Are showing a very line rnuge of
, •■
A fsireiai-d audience gal I. cud iu
Miners union hall Wednesday . ight
stroy the province. He failed to
rememW that thie samo revolutionary loginlatiou had been demanded by a large portion of the
electorate, whioh han heartilly endorsed it and tbat juat now Mack-
int.wh it- trying to convince the
voters) that, he also favor, it.
Mr. I...dwell   next  attempted lo
foliafantoan addles* on   [X.lltloal  <*•><>" that   ■■■'.  Murtin  wna uot iu
V  Bodwell, t_.   I'., of,1  ." "'
W.F. McNeill,
Next PmlofBee.
No (ancv prices, hut the belt value lor
your money.    We handle- only first class
Pacific Saloon |
Cor. s,..ksnr st. A Colaabta aire.        2
A long, cool snd refreshing glows
Of e
• Liquors
Beer, 5c.!
*# aa
Martin Salmon, Prop.
J ;in  silk fronts with linen body. CaslimorsB, linen and nil nilk goods !
Alao a very nice range of
'   And sa.he.., the very   best   Kngliih    niiu.ul'.i. t ir.-.      W.* h.iv- ju-,1
opened up a very uioe Hue of
; Made by the Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.    Every pair guaranteed or]'
money refund.si.    Iu incus' and buys'  clothing  wi   carry the
fiueat good, st the beet prices.
Smoke        I
A.....   la.
EMPEY BROS.. The Furnishers!
Comer Columbia Avenue and Spoken* (-)lraet,
About Dispensing ani Drugs.
Dispensing of physicians prtMctiptions is   an important
'•atun- of our drug department and we take jui'tillable pridn in
'the eniiliem*,' anil |mi|.iiI.il ily it   linn   nltniii.-tl.        I lie p'l) sit'lail
who writ,-** a prescription baa certain specific results in mind.
To insure the bent result, and no aid the phy.iciau in hia efforts, we employ none but the best nud export diapeusoiB,
wliil**- tho drugs and chemicals used are the beat.
T. R, Morrow,
The Strand
Thn . I* nt I .l.-g.mt  and Luxurious
Fitted Bar iu Canada.
A Full Line ol tbe Oboleest
Liqueurs and Cigars
EI». WATSON. Proprietor.
',  Bent wearing. It. .(lilting and boat looking
In Men's|Women'a and Children's ,
C. O. Lalonde
Mens' Clothing
Having riwcived notion to move off the Hit*-, we are now located
on, we are offering all our .took of metis' clothing nt s rednc-
tion to effect a clmnuics, an our time I. limited wo must give
the public tho benefit. 80 if you wish to save mutiny on your
purchase*,, call early at
Rossland Trading Co/a Store
J.s. Obsrrlegtoii, Mgr. Cor. Spoksns Rt. and Hecond Ave.
C. O. D.
Meat Market
Washington Street      -    Rosalsnd.
• ipposiii* Bank of B. C.
Cheap for Gash
Globe Restaurant
i> i-oiuMlii. Its
'• Everything  New, Clean a< d
; Meals 25c and up
j I. J. Shilvork, Prop.
is-,.. nvF.V Bodwell, 11.  C. of,'        "  soyernmwt. ownership of
.. j railways; lliat   Ifhn    was,    govern-
1, i,.,lw-i! ban been in the *•*-*".» ownerslilp wan notprsotio.
province some 15 years, and all. ,ble: ■*•»ir '* w« P''-cttt~bl*. Mar*
thattiuie be .pent   In   ilu* employ I001'*'-1     * money  to build il;
ofihei-ailwav .'.".!,..,ni.'*., while 00- U -*u ' ""<< -.et th" nmney I...
oamonally he did „ Ittle business «mldn>l build tha propeaed roa I
for himself, by Securing it railway I *-0**,*wi **« •-" •*- did build the
chartertor two, disposing of tho... r-»d It-could not lie o,**tratrd huc-
as noon an he could find a purchns- oa-slully, tiiB people would not ~
er. Hois now the attorney for able U. pay lor it,-tad the province
IheMcKenzie & Mann Co., nud | would go bu-ted.
haBhadaf.tworiu every pie this1 **tm hours 300 bored men
oonoern hi- nocurod iu this pro. Iil,teued *° hin'- aud t,,el* broke
vluoe. He wan for a long lim.. a •»*■* *n,] f,,l-,,t tl,e n*Sbtmare in
■tslariedemployeeoftheFt.  Shop-  rousing oelolmttiou of  ho reported
ardand Nelson railway, and B. C.
representative of several  American
railwav   companies).      There     ban
not been a sen-don of thu B. 0- legislature, sinro 1SH7,  at   which   Mr
Bodwell failed to be present un a
railway lobbyist.    In  fact  he   has
earned thn title of il-in of tho soc-
oml lions--, and tbo rop.tt ui in    f a
man whose services ooul.l  lie  om-
manded by any promoter wh • inul
a private bill ami the priuo.    Tnis I
is the man wbo name here  at  the j
behest oflheiuteroet-ioppo-ing dr. I
Curtis, and talked  for two  hours.
anil a half.    His address is print.*.l
ia hill, 14 columns of it, iu   vo-tor
day's issue ot tbe C. P.   R'n  laicst
pureI.Hsse, the Rossland Miner.
He first jumped onto tho lieutenant-governor for dismissing Mr.
Semlin, and claimed that His Honor should have him recalled. Mr.
Bodwell forgot that while tho mau
.-upturn of tho Boer capital.
and       Labor
la*t• ntsbt'l .egular mee.ing o(
R * ,1, i'i, |si,t..r« union, 1 re*..lu-
1 .. i*i.dors.tig im, action -d tha l.ilwr
in- • an.J which endorsed Hon . Mr. Cur-
'is, was narseil hy a nnaulmous vole.
•■vi iy niennlB*r, s.ve ous, who has lor-
rasrly np ■«**! inch ..ilion, beiog present and   V .Hug for Iha resolution.
I,.Miil and (i.neral Notes.
Neil Sal unlay the polls  will be
"pen till 7:20 p. m.
An immense cmwd is expected
ut tomorrow's ball game
Smoke  W. B. snd Crown Grant
he was speaking for was a liouten- oiV""- Blue Label -ud m»dn *"
ant-goveruor    bia i-eoall  waa   de- Roue-laud.
iniin.lc.l on entirely different Citizen and Country and Ii.d.is-
grounds than departing from st 1 id ■ trial World, both, one year for
Iv constitutional practice). 112.00 iu advance.
He   pnmpod   it   to   Martin   for      _*,,„ mtmn  %m „oilbIe ,0  fl_
throwing down the  rotli-tribulitiii   ^ nfMN^ for  ,he dea.h  of
bill, but fails— to announce tbe
(a«t. that tho p.*nph* he i. w.rki.i •
for refused to vo'f for it.
He pr.iisc.1 Mr. S'uilin for hi*
nfforla to form a coalition, but did
not say anything about tbo 1 x-pre-
the 1 hum.n.in. Mali Lin.
('has. Wat—on has beon declared
iiisutnn, and haa Ihi-ii oomiitittod to
tbo New Westminster asylum.
There in consitlerable eight hour
ioiit's willingness to al.tii.bn. .-v-iv  tlav agitation in   several  trades in
principle hia government ha I   fir
merit Blood for.
II- olaimed the 1 satsnant-_.iv ir
oH-laiid.     lion.l!   Getiu line.
The irroprensiblH Parm Pettipieoe.
..'1 • .lit., of tin* ('oiistarvii-
tive l-i-rgii-i..i I ig'e. s'sniit a few
ih' a i-> loaslaud Ibis w»uk.
in,  at one  time timlu-r
nor nud premier, consul, r.-.l the
government a private ctirponttion.
The eloquent Q. C fai'ed to Ud'
the audio not*. 1 • abjection!    r
wasfounde.1 .... tho   lam ... u   I.    ,KV"       :'   '*  R,,:   '"'   w,,°  *"
and   his   frieuda.   tbs   prom<>tern, l^ ,n''''lh" w^'for wlu* n,,,,th-''
oould no longer consider the i/ov-' "'•«*••*«' »" Bo_d»n4 this veok.
ernraenta private snap. Rodfi.... a partner of the mucker
Mr. Bodwell saitl thcro wen, at Maiks ..,, waa very severely injur
this limn many |>ooplo who cuimd* ed in trying to anve hin partner, is
er.sl M.i.tin a hetvoii s.'ni I.-^i-i 1- now iu ll. • hoapi—il. It isl.cli. vt-,1
tor, ariBcn to bring light out of thai the injury to bia spin,, in permanent
1 h executive committee of the
1 i>..ks and Waiters art, at work on
a trade list of tin* hotels anil runtau-
rants of Itonalnnd .bowing what
planet1 WO union, pa.t union, and
which am acah. An unfuii list
will appear in the next  issue of the
owery,   of    the
New    Denver
weary   weeks
darkness in Ibis province. Tin'
railway Attorney was just right
More than half tho people uf II.
believe this very thing, aud p..int
to a great deal of enlightcn-d leg
ialution to ju-tify them in their Is-
Hn aaid Martin ia a deeir-ye.-
That ia very true. Ho has .lo-
stroyislngre.it deal which nn*.. of
the speaker's stamp have built up
vis., a government by the few, for \r ^ \xlut< ftn,.r
their friends, and whose motto waa of waiting, tumbled off the fenc*
"Tho people be darouod." _n<| 0f coiirne camo down on  the
Mr. Bodwell said Kossland had H|je w|,ere the filthy abounded,
oxperienoed In the greate.t degree ,,„_ u now joyoualy whooping it
the diaaatrous eflecte of Martin leg- up mr tho mine owner*; itatoclatiou
ialation, referring to thn eight hour candidate, and cunning Bob (Jreen.
law and the recont deproaaiou. A -'Hope deferred maknth the
tew weeks before Mr. Maikiutesh heart sltk." 1-owery had hoped
laid all the blame on the Hoiith | for B |„Ilg tirno and just lieguu to
African war. get bniiiexick at the stomach, wbea
In the next sontenoe Tho speaker |,o bnd a linntlftil of plunk, shoved
claimed Martin's legislation was at him, and now he is enjoying
revolutionary and calculated to de- (jfo again al two for a .piaiter.
Went to hia Death iu an Ore Chute
at   tbo Lo II >i.
Tho Le Roi was tho scone of
another fatal tooidont Wednesday,
whoa John Maiksou a Swede muck.
er, was bu'riod iu au uro chute nud
almost instantly aipieeacd to death.
Hn waa eugugod with bin p.i'iuer
iu tending nu ore chute I'r.uii asto >n
on Ibo GOO loot level. l'li„ fiuer
tiiiff of the. debris ciked tog-lber
over the top forming a bridge,
Maikson tttepped upon it with both
feet, and begun sta.upiug to break
it down. Hia partner helped him
In his endeavor, but wna careful to
keep one foot upon Ibe collar hraca.
The bridge suddenly gave away.
Maikson being iu a stooping position, fell head foremost and wm
buried in the lutuhliiig mass sn bin
feet alone weni visible Iiis partner fell also, but with au arm
stretched before him, and it. w.ta
buried to the sl.iiulder. liaviujr
the use of tho other arm he waa
able by energetic scrambling to
keep clear of tho loos,, ore as it
fell around hin. lie bad, however,
a very narrow osca;ve> for hU life).
When J din Maikson waa extricated
which was done with aa little delay
as possible, it was found lhe breath
had left his body. The presaum
seemed p. iucipally tube upon tho
small of his back aud stomach,
aud waHSuflicic.it to exhaust the
lung*) and keep them empty.
The fiineial took place ycatorduy
morning, ll.-v. Mor.len conducting.
Print.>r.-> Union.
The Typographical I'nion held
a largely alt.-n.Id nud important
meeting Sunday laat.
Trade aud l.abor Council dele-
gaies were instructed to vote a-
again-! any proposition seeking to
increase per capita tux or r.-.l.....
Two honorable withdrawal cards
were grant.*.I.
All priiiters iu town wem reported working.
Card of J. Webster, issued ley
the Edinburgh. Scotland, Typo-
gr.ip!iic.il-S..',i't\. ha,' lieen deposited some days N'fore. ami it Wits nc.
copied by the union.
Several 0Sang at were m.ile in
the scale, which hat, been phtor-d
in .he bauds of the exectnive committee to arrange for putting into
A. C. Thompson was elected to
fill vacancy in 1 Xfciilive commiltoo
caused by tbe rcnignuliou of It. If,
Miners I'liion.
Some discu . i..u took place nt
the meeting of tba Mim/is I'liiini
Wednewiay nighl. on the qtUBtkn
of celebrating Mine s Iniiui Day.
July HI. Ibo inati.r waa finally
laid over for one we. k.
Del.-gules lo Ihe next convent ion
of the District liiion were not ebi*!-
ed, us it is likely that tba convention will nol beheld until June 1*-.
tSecie'ary   lin  reported  four
members of th6 I'nion la the ho-.-
pital. All lining well except 11 ...
John Saunders, who showed no improvement.
sinally after the initiation nf
several candidal.'* Hi.* I'nion nd*
All kinds >d trouble bas ls-n
caused in the north end hy opening lhe new streets, as many of
of the mpititter. have been compelled to move tbeir shacks, and everybody is on the hunt for a strip of
unoccupied land ou v bid. to move. THE   IXDU-T-LUi   WOULD.   JUKES, IBOO.
VV IT.K..Y   Itl.lTUlN.
Put.llslit-iJ at !ho Ml-iera' Union 111).. Bo—land,
In th•lotst*isloforga..lii'tl lulsir in Ii.ilis).
l-.i.tt oil HI lie Rosalind. II Ci V.tBtcflaef* ft.
IrBiisiiilssion Utrouab tl.e iiiuila, Nov. i./ao,
■ 9 aatt'Uml l-lH*S 111111 I.T.
A. (J. Thompson, K.lltor and. Mamigvi
iMli.-e at Mim is' I'oion II.ill.
1-iyalile Inv-.iinl.lylu A.l;-uncr.
On. . ear *i p<
al. .vloniin  i I*
Tsife Miiiiths      7
A.i.ltfsi all Cora—anleat—ns to thr i...iu.,tilat
Warld, I'llsltafficc Uu. 15S, li..ss'aii.l. B. C,
The Industrial World I, (nr snl. in Knss'nn.l in
lhe Kn-iRi. Ciijar store; Sfnilis.iu'a *Nr»'s Stand
11. S. Wltl_***l at.illo.itry ilorr; 141*1 ...i..r
Nina Blind; I.into.. Urol, Sr-.Uol.t_y btivr
Bsi i * cigar More and hy ncwslaoys.
How   does   .Mackintosh's  letter
appearing in the same paper March
'JU laat, compare with this.
All cherki may lie made payable to
the Manager.
Thoee who desire a chance in thrir
adveiti-. itn-iii i-ln.n'.l hive tl.p ropy lor
thn Piirai at tics olfiM not Inter tluin
the evening he (ore pnhliraliut. day.
1.ATUKDAY, JUNK 2, 1900.
One of Mackintosh's speakers in
the Boundary  made the claim and
. a couple of the subsidized organs ut
once took up nnd repeated the infernal lie, that Mr. Curtis had not
bett and would not Ire a friend ti)
lahci', that ho is in fact nu enetm,
and attempted to hold up Mackintosh us a greater friend. Here is n
letter written by Mr. Curlis, which
appealed in the Hossland Minei,
December 2(1. 1800, months before
Mr. Curtis dreamed of entering
provincial politics. Ua certainly is
radical enough, going much farther
ihan (lo most labor men.
"Tl.e higher the wages the bettor
for tho locnl conn: unity. There-
fore, tbe community's interest will
be with thn strikers und against
the handful of mine owners ami
■ Ictci'iiiiu. dlv against the employment of cheap labor, whether dago.
Jap or olher.   'I he community and
tho strikers have tho voles. What
is to prevent tho local legislature
backed by an overwhclu.iugly popular vote, enacting that  uo  limit r*
ground laborer shall bo paid less
thnu the standard   wage?   With
such nu csnctinciit, nnd   lhe  miijc
owner remaining obdurate nnd closing the mine, whal is to pie-
vent the legislature toying:
'We grunted this claim to vou
on the implied cui'lilioii nnd trust
that if profit paying ore were found
you would exploit1 it, and so enrich
snd build up the cxmiiinuity. You
have such ore butyou wilfully refuse (o carry out y*sur teust; there
fore, we will citrY* it. out for you,
nnd thereupon leaving or working
tho mine, and holding the rent or
profits for the benefit of the owners.' Would not such legislutiou
lie lietter than to permit these mine
owners to conspire together and so
net ns to cause great injury nnd
even ruin thoiiennds who have settled in the vicinity of those mines
nnd are properly dependent upon
the mines being worked for their
"ell-being? I think so very decidedly and shall uot hesitate to
advocate nnd support lUJll legislation. This is a progressive age.
und if the general good of (be grea(
iiiiiss of people in our mining localities, justly require such legisln-
latiou, I do not see why tbey should
not have it an against tho selfish
interests of half a hundred mine
owners who innyhnp havo flouted
pitying properties iu England nt a
very excessive valuation, and now
wish to blame the H hour law for
their inability to pny the excursive
sums promised as dividends, or
wish to sweat labor to pay what
uevcr should bave been promised,"
Mackintosh mi I ly should employ
someone with a good memory to
write his letters and Interviews for
him. In the past he never tohl
the sniiie story twice. Here is i.
portion of one of his interviews up-
pearipg in a Montreal paper while
he was mst, and since be became n
1 Do you attributea'l the depression recently observed to tho fact
that uu eight hour law WHS enacted?
"By no menus, nud thnt Ispro*
oisely where indiiy olectors may unwittingly vote for my opponent.
absolutely misled I.y mirtrepronta*
iii ti.     *      *      *      *     I nm
Confident thnt every rcinii!.
able miner will la, only too glad to
assist in preventing mi. uiulcrst,Hidings on n basis of mutual agreement.
I did uot hesitate to advocate this
weeks In f. re I dreamed of being
a candidate in the Kossland Kid.
ing. * * * * 'The
gravest blow that could be nd-
iniitiblt'litl (ti my business is a dispute between initio owners and
Notice nl.ove he say. he does
not nttribute the depression to the
■ perntiou of the eight hour law.
In an in ler view iu the same paper
ill September lud, he slid:
'•AI the present time many nf
the mines nre closed down eonse-
■pi.'iil iij.iiii lln* eight hour law. I
hope, however, that some solution
nf the pnswnt difficulty will be nr
rived Bt as the present dnrmaul
condition of the mine!, is grunt Iv
prejudicial to the business of that
part of tho country.''
In Ibe I—(onto Globe of October
0,1809, ho says of the eight ht.ur
"In consequence senres of iniue*-
Inive been closed. 'Ihi . I look upon as very tlelriinenln] to business
and is likely to prevent investment."
Tl.e interview first quoted gives
iho lie to tl.e two earlier ones.
It is line Mr. Mackintosh did
uot hesitate to advocate a settlement by mutual agreement, before
he liec.'iiic a candidate. In fact
only three weeks licfore his nomination, ho advocated such a utile-
ment but only on the basis ot the re*
pea! ol tho pcualy clause of the
eight hour law. If this clause wits
repealed, the law itself might stand
lie wrote:
"Tbe eight hour law need not be
rcpca'eil, but au understanding
could Ui urrivad at expunging lines
nad compulsory hours, nnd pro-
tecting those who desire to mnke
conl i acts, from nny interference
Upon the pnrtof Ihose wbo object
to such being entered iuto or prosecuted."
Mr. Mackintosh is now throwing
bouquets to the minors. Last An*
i n:n11 in an interview in Toronto
be insulted every miner in II. C,
when he said thn unions of the
province    had    boon     Hooded      by
aliens from Idaho, who aro now in
control und lire endeavoring to in-
tn duce Coetir d'Alene methods in
Canadian It nitory.
two Bums of $5,00(1 from the Territories, and the audit of lhe 810,000
are conducted stq erately, there jh
un gii li nu. ten to tin* public who nit
concerned Willi the honour of this
inan, that everything has been lair
and -qiuil'e; and, an ] inns: feel
confident Unit everything is fair
and sip.are, and liiat the honourable geutleniun [Maekitilosh] who
occupies that high position will bo
found to have done everything fuir
and rtpiaie, it is a pn/./.le In myself
why he himself has not seen fit I.
lay bef'oio his Minister all lhe ue
com.Is cuiineeled with tho exhibition, showing what thu exhibition
cost, wluit money he -jot Irom the
Dominion tiovei'mn. u<, what ll.
got from the local Gov rniu.nl. und
'.vlint he got from Kcgina."
A ml how can tlu-y explain lhe
following from the Ucgiuu Lead—I,
the principal exponent of Conserv-
tism iu the N, W. Theuitichi up-
peered March 7. 1808.
"The conduct uf business by the
present chief magistrate of the Territories is bringing scandal nnd contempt upou the honorable oflice
which he holds. When the incumbent is spi ken of w ith .feces, respect
for the office itsell cannot loug be
maintained. The name of Iho oue
who in the Northwest al this moment occupies the place of honor,
but two sea's below the Throne of
(■rent Britinn, is a bv-word .ft. tl a
reproach. Tbe situation is bringing discredit upon the Dt.iuiui.ii
Government, whose appointee he is.
The Hon. C H. Mackintosh is
not playing the part of a liiae. •
* * For tho In nm of uu
honorable and pictu.esipi.i Institution, an<i fur th*- preservation of its
own preatige, the government cannot too quickly recall tho I.ieit-
leuinit-QoVeinor of the Territories."
Industrial World
Is the medium
by which the
reaches the
and the
can Know his
Apoligists for Mr. Mackintosh
may say thnt every charge against
him in relation to the Region exposition clean-up is a slander, still if
his uilmiiiistation of the BZpOSltion
affairs were crcdibiblo t i him as a
man nnd us a manager, how cau
they explain the statements made
on the floor of the Dominion House
by Nicholas Flood Davin, M. 1'., u
friend and also an apologist for Mr.
Mackintosh In a speech ou tl.e
Hour of lhe House, wben this matter was before parliament, wheu the
government decided to appropriate
money from ilm treasury rather
than disgrace a representative of
the l'ueen, be said:
"Then, let me say, in regard to
the audit which tho Hon Minister
of Agriculture (Mr. Montague) says
has taken place, that I do nol
think it ia a satisfactory audit,
either from a financial or an ..ill
cial point of viow. The vouchers
may show thnt every penny of the
110,000 may have been expended,
and that I here nre receipts for every
penny of It; but if the audit of the
♦+-H ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ »-H-*H*m++t*H +-, ♦ t *, ♦•>*.♦ *Ht+++-+t ♦tv-H-fr'
P. Burns & Co.
Wholesale Markets.
Rowland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, -eve-toko, Greenwood,
Grand Forks and Vancouver,
RET All i   MARKET:5-— Russian.., Trail   Nelion, Ymir
Kusln, Sandon New Denver. Xilvertoii, CasOSds Cily, (iranil
ForkB.dreeiivvTinl, J'hoe. ix, Midway, I'mnp Meliinuey, Revel,
slnke, Ferguson .....I V-neomer.
Fiiali. Game nn.l Poultry In Benson, Sausages of all Kinds,
Wii.ii \m    iin'i,!. Mi-,. ;)._.,.p Hn sin id Drancli      t
♦ ♦♦I**.♦♦♦>♦•! ♦tl*lf'-'>l-4*+4i++4>4>.^t^444 + v4Mf+44-).->4.^
G. W. McBride
Hardware  Miners' Supplies Stove and
Ranges, Etc.. Etc
. ■-
There are in thepit'BUUt campaign
01   cant'idulcs  for   thu  legislative j
There are .12 Government candidates.
There are 18 Conservative cau-
There nre 17 Turner  candidates.
There are  IS   Provincial   I'.t.ty
can dilates.
There are 5 Independent  candidates.
There urn  4   Labor candidates.
Of the SS government candidates friends by
■a- are   ill fuVol' of llio eight   hour
law, nnd none against.
of tno is Cons rvutivo candi- subscribing for
dates 2 are for anil 1C  un- against.
Ihu eight hour law.
Of the 17  lurnerite  candidates The   Industrial
all arc opposed lo   the  eight hour]
Of the 15 Provincial party   can-  World.
didatits 4 nre opposed to the law
Of the 6 Independent candidal.!.
Tt nre opposed lu tlie law.
Of the 1 ub r candidate'* noun are
opposed to the eight hour law.
Of tbe 01 candidates 40 uie for
thu eight hour law, nud 42 uro opposed to it.
To all intents and purposes, the •
Turner party and the Conservative
parly are oue and tlio mine. The
Conservative patty has 18 candidates, of whom only two are iu favor of yic Alii hour law, •even
taking M.irkfltnsh :djd Taylor at
their word tbPt t|Mb-Cre in favor
of tl.e law, while every candidate
of the Turner party is  opposed   to
.. i
Therefore we hnve iu Mr. Mackintosh's party, 3.1 candidates opposed to, and only two in favor of
the law.
After looking over this bible and Subscription $2.00 per Year,
seeing tbe most disrepu able couipauy Mr. Mackintosh is in, can
any woiking man have nny doubt
na to whom hu should vote for one
week hence
Jim Ri*r..iv..l, ib» Lartaat and H-n .sleeted (•:>»-_ ot
„ Boats a. Ste ill Hits .:.T:t,.o:l."":
Mi n's Pin. Wi iso-tl iS.ti.a 11. I. ue ind black, iir. al viln.- at I'.M; .Sib*
flee  Q   13.25
M t.'s TaiiilHuiis, «.i;l, ll*.'. 114 kiidllA; (.. il.iritt . . 0 75
Men's Fine Boole. l-mSd Salts, bitt value ai IIS; Sale price       . |_ 50
llnys Stipe .tn.l O I.l Pauls a' jn-t hall re-fulir pri rn.
REM KM UK It! For tha mx'. !.!..;.. every line in stork to mid at ia.1
under wholesale prleei.
The Latest in ♦
 * II ATS!':
C, F. Kagles
apo t, ii,. Bank of r. ronto.
K.issi.,,,,1, r. c :
44*444*44444*4*44********444444***444********4*44* ♦
There Is one thing the workimmen ol
litis riding should  remember.   Tne result ..(tbe e'eetioD will be regarded as a
plrpisclte   np'in    lhe   night   hour  law.
Smith Custis is making the   *scb as an
.......... 1.romleing advocate  ol the  law.
Heia not an Bisction convert. Its is
not a straddler, and when slscted can lie
depended upon to prevent any tamper-
ini with the law. Not so mneh ran ba
said ol his opponent. lis has always
oppose.I the law, until he hecaras a candidate. Gin tul- ■ r .11 ,rd to plice their
interests in the hindi nl such a man,
one who is owned, hedy and soul bv
the  enemy?
Advertising Rates Furnished
on Application.
Morrison and Brycnton
Have just received a  ('ousigniiient of
Fisn, Ganned  Goods,   Hams and Bacon,
Fruits and Vegetables
Fi sh i g^s. Teas and Coffees a Specialty
Bole-gent la Bosslaud for 'KMl'KlvSS TKAS."
'I'hoii.  100-45 120 Columbia Ave.
Fresh Ccern Vegetables.
Cauliflower.        String Beans
Brussels Sprouts, Lettuce, -.elcry, TmhIods, Green Peas
0. . Fox &
10d East Columbia Ave.
Telephone 66. mr
T-.TAT.   WORLD, .n'"E 3, 1000.
M Hi*; Oorruprlon Fund.
Mr. Miickintoeh, upon his nomination,
issued a non-committal address ol high-
sounding generalities and departed for
Montreal, from whence he sent hack
word that he would soon return preparer!
| to dalh i..; hopoe ol his opponent to the
ground. The (act that tbe Rusnland
Miner Immediately ceased its virulent
attacks upou the 0. P. It. und became ..
rabid opponent o( tbe governruent can
didatea and an ardent supporter of
Miickintoeh, shows that somo powerful
iiilliittiice unknown to the public eau-ed
that paper to perform a complete aouier-
| iiiult in in views.
The railway corporations everywhere
| are tilled with dread and (ear at (be rapid growth o( the "government owner-
ship" idea, and the drat immediate
I duty o( the U. 1*. K. to itself, is to bead
j off all tendency iu that direction in
1 llritish Columbia, hence ill deleriolni-
I tion to dowu Smith Curtis and his chief.
lln Manitoba the demand (or govern-
Inient ownership ol railways ie bvtug
lluai-ili'il hy the new premier there, and
Iniii:. I>. It. knows lull well that il
■Martin aucceo !,, ha will he undertaking
[efforts sucn as are now bring luuugurat-
lad in Ihat province, which might re-
■suit iu a oompetitive line. To avoid
llhii immediate possibility, no meias
J will be spared to defeat Premier Martin
lau.l Hon. Smith Curtis; heuce it is not
I uiirittsimahh.iii imagine that the Mack
I iiitoah siiti-govi-riiuieiit ownership cam-
] paign (uud. contributed hy the 0. P. It.
I tips Ihe beam at 1300,000. I! it is Juili-
I clouily used il will go a long ways and
cover up a multitude of opposition lini
land multiply thoieof the government-—
ICllcide It '.'.ild.
Bouudary (ur Mackintosh, Nit 1
The Rossland Miner and the Greenwood Times Bre tryluJE U Muff Iheir
readers with Ihe stories of Mackintosh's
T'THoH in the II n.Hilary district With
the .-li.ptiou of Midway, there is not a
single precinct in the Boundary district
tli.n will give Mackintosh a luajarity.
The World's forecast is—
((rerunnod, Curtis maj .rily
Phoenix, " "
Grand Forks, " "
t—INSdi " "
(IIIdstone,       " "
Columbia,       " "
Total for Boundary
The "Industrial World," Rossland
II. C, has a new editor, and is blighter
111 ii ii ever. Ii.l-Bi.rvus lo siioomb.I hs
the orttun nl the Miners' Uuion and will
do bo il A. 0. Thompson, ihe new ii.bi.i-
i**.*r and ediior, keeps it u |. lo ils present
ataiularj—OttlSf— A Country.
Here iihow a (Jrnenwood piiper is I.y-
iug to pliCtt Miikiolosh rig'st wilh lhe
"The mine owners never liked Mic_-
int..sb. They tried ti down him. but
in vain. They repudiate him now, lork,
■lock and barrel. But like tba conn r-
valivH parly,he isgetliug on very nicely
without ihem."
II iw do you like ihi*, miueri ol Eton
What It Ml .on.
Tba people ol the United St .to are
Ijuit beginning to undentatid what iui-
|perialii— may, and probably mil mean
j'o tliiiin. They do uot object lo the uie
lofth.i United Slates troops to prelect
1 civil utliiers while m .kingarrests noon
Jproper warrant, or to pntect Ihe courts
llu rirrcisiiig (heir proper functions if
lihey hive  boon  resisted; hut  tbey do
|si)l |,lilt! i.l liv   nl j -,-!   tO a   del I ....IMI1    ol
aartial law and a military ..Hi. er exer-
J-.ising the arbitrary power of a de-pot in
It mere dispute between ctpitttl and la-
lsir and iu violatinu ol the constitute.n
|)l the Ci.iied States.
Il Is p'ain Ihat Ibe president o( the
'..nr.I Slates bai arraigned hiiuielf
litum! lalx.r nuiooE by giving aid lo Iha
l-uii.lai.l Oil combine by continuing
Jroopi and militaay rnla iu Shoaht.Be
[■.unity, Idaho, lor more than one year,
■luring a time ol profound peice, and
].ir tha only purpose that tbli iulamoui
em.il svsieiu might run ita course lo
houtplele the deitruction of ,'the lalsir
linioiis in tbsl vicinity ; lhe people un-
|i-rs- tad il this ran b.- ilone in Idaho, il
|i a'ao poaaibie in any jluvr Sute iu the
Ihey tear imperiaHin wbeo they un-
lloritind Ihat a mlhlary nlh.ei may
liibsiliu > (be military lor civil law, set
1 side the lalegiianli ol the people in or*
I.T tu settle a   dispute   lift. Bell   la-illl
■ ml labor, snd command tha workman
|) withdraw Irom tin union an.l make
.her on Ai.irriiii. d.dilation! before
l-a be permilted to work lor bread Inr
Iii wife and babie.i, as In; been done in
llaho, by Qeu. Merriatu.
The Greenwood Timei"livi tint al
1'hnenlx, Go sieve wai cheers*.I to ths
echo. The cheers thai either Mr. II*. idem nr Mr. Mackintosh received at I'leie-
nix were so weak they might well he
l.k-n for sn echo. I( thn Phoenix
meeting is to lie taken as a criterion uf
the result nl ibe political campaign Mr.
M I'Viiii'i-li will alt.-.-Jinn-'...!. be able
i .ny wilh Iho by.nniit, "I an. silling
alone with I/le'i memorie*."
No man on G.sl'i green earth ..« ns
t a situation, hat some lituiliom seem io
i own the tnan, even to the extent ol de-
riding how he shall vols. Such a
j creature hai none ol the alirihu'.ei of a
man, nnd ia without the lu.'ki.ms of a
• shoestring.
Mr. RodwioH's long winded address,
directed pJincipally atainit ;overnmrnt
ownerihip ol riilroaali, did not mike
any votes (or Mr. M ickloioih. The people are next to the (art thai Mackinloib
I.:,- I.-.-.ni. a tool of the nil ways and
that Mr. II11 well ia a railway attorney.
iTbe reign ol tha grafter In  llritish
lilumbia is about over.   The Turner
i rty is oo its last legs and will lie wip-
. out altogether io   the  near luture.
.as. It. Mackintosh, the ..inegi nl  the
Jueervalivs parly graders  is going lo
Irtaiu dnfeat in tbe Rowland  district
Id most ol the small Iry parly Una
I'fleri will find a resting place in the
I me    nolilicil   boneyard.    Wbatevei
I.y liV laid ol the Provincial party and
li Martin party it is at least certain
Tat tbey could not be bigger gralleri
[in the old I.I.iii.I gang  .if   pira.es   un-
r Turner or the conservative highway-
■ti whom   Mackinloah A Co. would
••ust on Ihe country.   It laa bid mix-
we bave bad in Britiih Columbii pol-
| as, but baiter government will come
of It.   The people are  coming to
lair  senses.—I'ayBlreak.
'Til in.le*-1 itranga how those papers
which have never been aijali Inendly to
labor unions, and have never had a good
word to ssy lor them, aro solicit inns lor
lln•— all al once, aad how fearful Ihey
are that Ihe unions will Injure the—*
teives by taking political action.
Helps Each Other.
"Q id help, those who help Ihemiel
v.-- " This becomes a posiiiva truth
wheo Ihe workingmao iniisti on union-
made goods.
j i is significant that candidal* Klelh*
J bai declared that be is opposed   to
j i repeal o( the penally clause o( the
1:1.1 hour law, whilst every elector who
I '.ita.l bis noiiiiiiBiniii paper is known
J favor the repeal of tbe law,  penalty
l.use snd all.   The  repeal  of  Ibe law
Imill be a signal lor a renewal  o( the
1.lit between Ibo mine managers and
1« mine workers.   II Ibe law ia allow.
ll to stand' peace and  proipenty will
I in.lv lollow.   The meu  who are enp-
I .rting.h.hii Houiion know hii positiou
In the eight bour law, and they  know
I tat when he takes a stand ona ques-
lon that it is a flghi  i-.aiiu.   .,   i ,..y
Inow that he, o( all (he candidates, w.ll
Ighl   (or   Koiil.-nay'* supremacy, com-
|.i.r.'iiillv and |iiiliiie.ilii     .ii.il   mue out
ten nl ihu people re idem lo Kouiu-
J»y are unwilling lobe kept in  testing strings by Ooait buiiiieei and polite
al  interests.    -Joint     Hoaston    stands
ir Kootenay's interests (Irst.—Tribune.
Mr. Curtis supporters should not
allow themselves to be mislead by
tbe reporti of Msckintosh'a sin*-
esses in the Boundary. Tbe reports lhal'.t|i|iear in the Miner nnd
Record, aro penned hy meu who
are the most graceful and certainly tho most cheerful liars in the
riding. As a matter of fact every
meeting in thn Boundary whish
tuts been t'laiiu**.! for Mackintonh,
has been solid for Curtis. Mnuy
meetings called by Mackintonh.
went tor Curlis an soon as ho nd-
iliis.id them. Mr. Mackintosh
I'm.illy .heeauii, discouraged and
abandoned thn fight, leaving the
field to .('niiis. e-.-eu rofuaing to
ment liim at Eholt.
TRADKS AND LABOR COt'.SCir.-Meels every
second ...id fourth Tuesday In eai h imautli at
7:*up..n. in Miners' Cut..11 Hall. C, W. Wilson
Sec ; K.I   Paruaworlh. 1'rcB.
every Hi (day ol |i,t— week at 7:30 p.m. In
Mlue.s'   H11it.11  Hall.   I* H  McOoaald,  Pre.;
A J M. Ilililil.l   ,-,BC.
MISHRS' UNION No. js, Western ".deration
of.'. men,— Meets every Wednesday evening at
7 30 o'clock hi Miner.' IMiou .lull. James
He. me Set:; A I, Houston, . its.
TVI'Or.BRl'III AL ONION No ,m- Meets on
the I.ist 'Tiii.l.iy ot eld tiniiilli at the  Miner.'
t'lr.nii iiuii j i> u.ukiit.ii, iMrMaryi Mr pooic,
Meel the firal and third Tuesday of eath
in "Tit s. s p in 1.1 guttya Hull run... 114
W. Mcl.eod, President; J. klttu.au, becre-
Mcet. every Saturday eveutUK a. ,h;ji> o'e.. ck
In Miners' Union Hall. I'.i 1. .1 4.. I.ui
J..finer, sec; George Cunuluglin.n, 1MB
i'aiini'Kr-s i'nu.n. No. it.. Palalan and
in.... .toi* ■ 1 America, niaitl In lis.lly's
liall on lecoud ind luietli Wednesday oi such
111..ulli W. li. Murphy, pre.I eut, tieo. W.
slim 1, secretary.
Following Is a hsi o( those who advertise la the tluit'BTiiiM, WiKi.ii:
Geo Agnew .v, Co., (J-ocers.
W. K. McNeill, Shoe Sio-a.
Hunter Urns., general merchandise.
Empey Bros., groceries aud gents furnishing!.
T. 11. Morrow, druggist.
C, U. I._l..ii.li-. shoe store.
C.O. Uibsou A Co., geoti'clothing
aod iio'.miiB.
G. W. McBride, hardware.
Linlon Bros., booke and stationery.
Creacrnl Dry Goods, lurnishings, dry
gooils aud i-liitl.ii._.
Morrison A Brysnlon, groceriei.
M.J. 1 .'ileatii, clothier aud Hatter.
Pauls..11 Bros., groceriei.
Taylor A MiQuarrir, tailon.
Pacific Tea Co., ten aud coffees.
M. W. Simpson, news, stationery and
U. _. Baths.
Metropolitan Hotel and Bar.
McAuliff, tailor.
S. GL.tau, iurnilure.
M. ii..ingle A Co, groceriai.
Hoffmen Houia aod Bar.
Kongo Cigar Store.
Dyeing aod Cleaning Works, Washington street.
D ani.ls A Chambers, paints, oils, etc.
Holslead A Wright.
R.wslsii.1 Hotel.
KU-trir Katindry.
0. O. D. M. nt Market.
The International
I.iniiki A Newman, groceri
ltaasell Hotel
Simpeoo A Janes, grocers
The "Strand"
K.gl.-' Millinery atora
Koailiod Drug Co.
0. M. l-'.i A ''... grocers
Columbia  fr.iu-ler Co.
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Eiincy Goods, Office
iVSl'llool -llpplie-.
The Grind Forks Gas^tte says the
ibor unions here have shown baae in-
ratitode in turning down Mackintosh
nd supporting Curlis. Wool !'..(■ that
sip y»'* I
I  book store    -    -
—      38 Colombia AVenn*.
ll'Bt... per I'..       6 to
Brooms, ...li  T;> 1.1 :.>'
Butler, i-r Ib   30 to So
lisr.ui. b.st, per lb  16 to 17
Bulk Oil, per gal  50
Biscuits, fancy, per Ib  .'.'. to l'.
Cheese,  per   lb  20
Ohoeolale, per Ib  40
<'.»,.«.per   lin    .a.'. I., in
Cornmesl, per 101b sack  40
i'. flee, per in     JO to 60
Crackers, sodas, per Ib  10, U',
I'-.rn, per can  1'."
Canned fruiu, per can  to (o 35
Canned pear, per can   I-',,.*.'.
Canned tieaos, per csn         12',
CmlSsh, per brick  tS
Dilrd Iruils, par Ib 10 to 20
Kggs, per .L.r  25 to 40
.'lour per sack 1.25, 1.60
Granulated lugar, 14 Ih lor         1.00
Hami, par Ib  . 17
Honey, comb, percaka  26
Imperial oil, 6 gal. can        2J10
l..rl.Y" |  66
I.Hindi, soap, per bir  6 and 6
I.iverpool salt, per 5011. sack... 90
Macaroni, per lb    16 to 20
Molasses par gal 76 to 11
Nuts, per Ib  26
Rolled oats, oer 101b lack  46
Pickles, .nixed, per quart  20
Hire, per   lb  8
-.It bacon, per Ih         12',
Sago and tapioca, IblO, 3 Ibe. (or 25
Slock sill, per follhiark  76
Hyrtips, per hall gal. tin  60 to 65
Tomatoes, per can  46
Teas, per Ib  36 to 66
Tobacco, per lb  '•) to 1 ,*?.".
Vinegar, per g.l  60 to 66
Wheat manna, pkgs, 20; hulk  per Ib.
Applet, per Ib  6 and 6
Beeli, per lo  2
Cauliflower  15
Celery, per  huoeh  10
Cabbage, perlb  2,L, to 3
Gripes, per basket  66
Lemons, per doi      ..      30,35
Onions, par Ib      3lo4
Pears, per lb  10
Groceries amd Provisions.
Fruits, Granite, Crockery
and G ia ass Ware.
ft**--Hii- Ilellrv-ry loan part, of the cily.
'P1IONH 1(1,
Corner Third Ave. and Washington S(.
Agnew & Co.
Transfer Company.
Tbe Ou'y Transfer or Kapress Couipauy iu R.salami ib.tt will deliver vnu
Trunks (or 25 cents each.   Three day.'
bio.age free.
Teh phoue 87.
» Columbia Ave., nf at door to La'oii.le's.
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
, Sialiowy,
Lending Library.   Latest Novell.
OflBBJypljei, Etc.
\v,i,>Uh4il*- mid retail drnlcrt iu  I'-uits, Oi'ii,
VaniistlCN,   Hi ti-hi"-.  Willi    I'liiati    I    I jintf . i'
Su|>p1iet4. Cuutr-i'tH luken Iur |»|*n Kr.iying
mid ilniiTiiiii.j- tiiiit'c -.nil .it-ic i'in,i.; ,\
i'Ii.imii--. jitifk,t8OOattnblatrvi iwder.lMMulB*
on i.\p    ■• Co't. uQice.
N. & V. Phone i&a.
The American   Tudor  and  dents'
Furnishing House.
SiitiBilt lo inkr. SilitfKlrii Gnrult«4
No. I. Flr.i Annul.
Cor. I-ir-t Ave,, iml KjiokKne st
lUrjtinB in *»rcon<l haful roods.   GWe Ut i. call
It will pny ymi.
Canadian and Kentucky
Pourbon WbisKies.
Railroad and Miners' Checks Cashed.
Harry Mcintosh.
Canadian Pacific
Asd .SOO Line.
N»w Fait D.illy Sjrvlce.
Optional Units Bdilind West (ruin tb*
Koolemv (' iiintry.
Firit-clssi Slcepcii on all Trains.
LA NDi Nil.
Ensign   Cigar   Store,
CAPT. SHAW Proprielor.
Tourist Cars
Pass Rcvelstokn Daily (ur St. Puni.
I'll.irsd ns (or M.iiitn.'l and It astou,
Tueeditysaud Situr.luys (or Toronto.
For rates and full informatiou addreei
the nearest Local Agent, or
City Ticket Agent, Rosslin I.
A-ting A.e.ii. ll i a laud.
W. F. -BBBBBBB, T. P. A , Nelson.
K. J. Covi—i A. O. P. AH Vancouver
Northern Pacific
Corner Columbia are.. Washington rt     TH   E  FAST  LINE
> i 1 .
Otnceover Dank oToroata,     R inland
Dyeing aod Cleaning Works.
Oyponitr Maiiln nrothtrt.
! mn clean or dye MfUUag |tn Udiee' And
lt*iillriui*_ ■ »ae.ir     (ilvt   mr  a C«ll and be con
Ttirlatr«l improved mict-lnd yam! ffoc»»e»t
enaMcmelc tuara-itte the prompt dvltrery *J
all -f<lr . Work will be called for and dellreird
to any addrcaa.
Oat their Prescription!
Kill. I hv tha
Rossland Drug Co.
A Pnll l.i n. ol Pi milling- iii Our Mar.
l.iM. v Mi Iikit. CO.     B. K. BTBONO. Mir
Coluuil.il Avenue,  nnl   lh"   It...  Ton.
EossW M L_!]_-FF
.None but   white help employed .
Columbis Avenue, near roatofTice.
Tbe Dining Oar It >uto via Yollowiloaa
Park.   Salest md Uwet.
l'"ijnip|*rd  —.ill.
PDU——I Pal.us Cabs,
iuum Dim mi i'n s.
Moo   .v   |lir I-..., nu.
r   : 1,1,1 .*-. l.r. v . .   , ,,
Thr...*gh tickets lo all polola in (bs
!'...!. J > a-t - ami i '.it.-.
i    Sieamihlp ilrkela lo til parts ol Ihe
Notify ub.    Wo cull and deliver world.
Tidal! loCbina and Japan via Tico-db
and Northern PaeiBe SliMtailiip Co.
Trainidepart (rem Spnkioe:
N >  I. V»',^il.,nn.l. al 9:V> p. m., dslly,
.No. 3, Ki-ih .ond, at T :■.'•. a.m., duly.
For inlorniiti.n.: lime canli, mini
an.l liek-'.i ipply to the airenia ol tba
8. K. AN. E. W. HPSK.
Agt. It. M.lty., Rsj.la.id, n. .'.
Oenrral A'ent, S|.,lnor, Waah.
That our Teas ■ndO-l-Tr** arethe CMOICK^T
anld in Koaal-m). Today, %% hen lea* and i»
f I--* »■•■ pushed no hard. It U alseolutrly nee
IBM- lo h.ive an artklt uf unusual merit
You will find it here. Gliuuarate giren away
in luei'.inn*.
Pacifc Tea Co.
Afi'i Ova. ra.ic. _"i Ageol.
Rossland Hotel.
Fine Whi-kiei and   Imported Cifrara
     , ' -
Jerry Spellmnn, Proprielor.
. s
C**r<;tir_>k*~e Street and Colombia Ave.
.   -SB'saj.
All klml - of Jamsl
All roser eB !
All kinds of Marmalades I
Specials This Week.
OneYaar  •
Six Montbi
ll .
AddnMtfAll Commnnirations
■*••:■ ui A Fort Sheppud Railway
Red Mountain  Ry.
Tin Oily Direct R > its) n; Nelson
Kislo, Konteniy Lake'anS
Sl.aun fon.nj
Evervdiyin the vesr tielwean tpi
kane, Koseland ai.d.Selion.
BilSa.m. • • Spjkine • • .'. i. p.m
IllBp.ta. • • N.rthptrl • t * p..n
Arrive.):IOp.m. K inland I.v. ll :.''. a.-n
Nn i*hingB n( cars between m -ksn
and li .".in l.
Th ketion sale all over Iha world.
Close ronneetlnns st NbIbdo with
steamer, lor Kailo and all Knotensy
lak* points.
Pss-inf.-s (or Kettle river, tlonndary
rampaa.il ll eindary . r'- Y rranree' al
Marcus anil Bossbor'g ssith sisge dally.
E. W. Ktrr, Agenl,
l THE  INPUSTe'IAL   WORLD, JCXI. 2, 1000.
The Interviewer;
I am my norma! sell again, after a
protracted si. g.* ol "Mafeking releif,"
.truring whieh I found it necessary to go
on a Hsl.ii.g trip In order thst I might
copiously anplv Columbie River extract
to my aching brow. These applications
had the de-ired effect, and it is not now
necessary to lie uiy hat on with a siring.
It also might not be out of Ihe way lo
state tbat the editor-in-chief gave me a
sight draft on a free lunch saloon at
Trail, which saloon I palrnnlied to the
(.ill extent. The bill will be along In
due course an.l the editor will then see
how Ihoioughly he kepi in touch with
my movements.
The drit pereon I met on my return
who had just come hack Irom the Iloun*
dary country, lie hid just been up to
the Miner oiKce, where he had dictated
It couple of column! ot slosh to the e.li-
anr about hii trip, for he always hid
the failing of liking to see hie name in
print, 1 wn if he oniy walked out ae far
aa the base ball grounds.
Like Aid. Dean, Mr. McRae did nol
wish to talk tor publication to any paper
outside ol the Miner, so lhe horse editor
was again compelled h. interview himself ia follows:
"DidVOU belore the lust cily election.
hold sofflctent property In yonr own
name in Rossland, to qualify aa an sld
"M> it certainly not. But nobody
knew anything shout thnt until the
time limit fixed hy law (or a protest
had expired, sn that now I can vole a
•alary lo mysell (or tlistingtiiied ser
vices 11 alderman and wink the other
eye st those other lellowi who did not
get elrctol but who had the property
"Did you not tike round a don't-
move-then, (rom-Lincoln stieel pelition
in   company    with   Frank    Walk.rT"
"Oh, ye*. Soma n( the big boldere
nf property on Lincoln street said "don'
move them, (or then we won't get onr
big reels," an.l what could I do hut say
don't, too, lor th| influence ol these
big properly holders cannot be ensiled
Bt election times."
"Hut what about lhe petitionT"
"Oh, you conld gat signatures to anything oowad v., even to a petition aik-
;og Mr. I'laUin'i. jnti the Martio cab!*
net. Wa got tha good church ...ers to
alga it, by saying Ibal It would not do lo
move tha poor (Lings down among lhe
Chinamen, for tear the chlukl might
gst corrupted ; then, Ihe ooy. le might
have lo lake hia geollo sneak further
down Iba bill, fir wherever Iha ad
jnncls ol civil 1 .lion appear there tbe
ooy oie ll not."
Tha Hon.. EJilor obsartrsd tbat the
city polioe court bail realised io on* day
over 11000 In tines only a week or so igo
Irom ibe "I—dies ol Lincoln."
"Yes, Ih* cily rao short ol money
through Aid. Dean's improve rami pas-
times aad aa our talari** a* aldermen
were doe, we bad lo do something snd
r 11 iie the need lul, and aim it tba lame
time, tirkle the vanity ol tho** moral re-
l.riners and local I'arkh.triis who think
that vice 11 l>*lng suppressed at *o much
per suppress. Ol course yoo know how
mncb the** lines "go toward suppressing
these |i**ople, but what ll I I.e cine! ol pr,
lie* lo do when h* knowi we w*nlour salaries A* ll ll, he Jillt handi Ihem an
invitation to Mr. lloullb*e'l matinee;
Ibey pay 135 or $60 (j ut depending on
bow badly tba cily om.Ii Hi* mo-ay,)
and go 00 tlnalr Way re j .inug, aod wa
get oor salaries."
"Don't you think Ihatlbii fining haul-
11. •• ii hardly tbe proper caper?"
"Yon juit L.t it ii! Wby il w* came
rightont and licensed the** prsple there
would Is* such a howl go up lo heaven
that it woald rend the hinges on Ihe
Irnnt gat* up than. Even oar lri*nds
lh* properly holders, would 1*11 us w*
hsd put onr l.**i in it. Ai it now obtains, th* pel.ee make their roundup
every four months or *o, ind th* oily
gels junta, much  money   a-liny   conld
eipact   II   111***   people    were    In f.... .1
(Ir, In other wordi, there ii a* much
difference between llceniing and Suing
thaw people, *• there ii between a railway station an.l a depot."
"Haa anybody nked yon to run lor
mayor ol Rossland next veaar?"
"No, nol vet. Inn I ihall *oon have
the Miner man drop round and Interview me, and see what I llnok about
mysell generally."
Aod ihe horse editor departed, feeling
sn! that in- too. wai not a brainy alderman, hut having hopes lor Ihe future,
he proceeded to Jei ry Bpellman's, where
he reckoned be had made li.h.. thai
day through drinking Set. brers where
in other isloons In would hiv* hid to
hive paid 12}, per.
.More Plank..
(lot. Mackintoab it conitanlly adding
new plinks to hii pl.tlorm a* tba ex-
hrenclel ot thecimpiign demand them.
Th* ltr.'.f.i now iivi Mr. Mi. km i-I, is
io lavoi of compelling mine owners 10
pay a standard wage, asd endorses Ibe
idea. No workingman will, bowreer,
give  Mr.   Mackintosh   or   the   Record
credit (or sincerity. How tan they believe any man who hat opposed the making a standard day by Blatuleas has Mr.
Mackintosh, or a paper which tiBSnp-
posed every labor measure and and continually vilified labor men as has the
li. conl, would ever agree to the making
o( a standard wage. Ntr will they believe them, The would a. enou believe
lhe devil preaching Iho Gospel. At any
olher time Mackintosh w. ..I.l throw a
fit at lhe thought, while the Record
would tear itself in two in denouncing
the attempt to interfere wilh tbe lacred
light nf lhe employer to hire laborers at
Buy price ay.reed upon. Mstkil'ttish
and the Record should go and sing their
latest song to the marlues, the miners
wou'i liilrn to it.
Hospital Noli a.
There are four men I) re of the Miners'union m St. Joseph's hospital, ind
all are doing ua well as coald be wished
Joseph 111. vine is doing nicely.
Al Ilickson is improviug more slowly,
and it will he smile mouths In f ire his
hand completely heals. The surgeons
am finding it neceiiaiy to remove pieces
o! ikm Irom Mb arm and graft it on bis
hand. The operation is proving very
J. W. Saunders shows no improvement. ,
Marry Y.nltiiii*, who (ell sn.l broke
hi. leg at Ihe War Kagle two weeki ago.
is doing well.
Tintpurer- Removal.
The li.issb.ud Tn.ding Co. ii now in-
•tailed in the pre.ni.es on Spnkine
■-reel formerly occupied by Ihe One
l'.ire Cloibii.g Store. I'i.ib removal was
nice s .iy lo allow Iha erection ol a new
and cnnimiHliomI share on the old s nod,
which .he e 1111anny w.ll ..copy. In the
ii i-'iuiine M '..age, Cuerrli gton will b*
pleased l» supply your warns in the
clolhiug line in the lemporary quernn,
8moke \V.
cig ira.    Blue
B. aud Crowu Grant
Label and  made in
il yon want the best lunch to he had
(or your money In the cily go lo the
Ruseel Hotel. Home cooking and tlrbt*
class service.
'he boat table board tube hud in
Kossland in to ho gut at tbe Russell
hotel. Everything ia llrst.duss in
every respect.    Pro opt  nnd nttcn-
tli .-torvitui.
St. George's Chinch, nu Earl sn.l
Kootenay SI reels, Services at. 8:110 u in
11 a.m. ami 7 (30 p.m. Sunday School
at .180 p,-.
The Moil,,slut Ohuroh, Wiiahiii." >n
streei, QsorgS II. M.tiden, P-mr. Service* at 11 a in .nnl'Timi p.m. Sabbath
Buhuol aud Bible Ola—at 8l80p—l. Bp
worn. League ..i O.E., Monday .it 8 p.m.
I wish lo inoily nn friends nml pa-
Irons Iha*. I hav** refitted my h.r'ver
shop In s ft— rough manner *t»*l will
now he pleased to See all customers as
well bi . ew ones.
It will pay you lo call at Eagles (or
millinery and ladies' (urnishingi ulall
Wrappers!   Wrappers II   Wsappera!!!
All siies, In,iii :i'.» n. 88. We can fit
the smallest aod largest lady In town.
See onr wl.iieweai : in every line we
..nve a splendid siock. Our Moose
waists are nloely assorted, and in prints
md ready made skirts we bave the very
nicest goods
Cor. ts. A Washington Streets.
*<&■<*>&*<***$■•*••   ' *■•*.>-»* a%^ .-XsVaXa-f *
Th   P
ull man
Raymond Sewing Machines
'Hi;...   on   Ihe   Market."
Sewing inU'-hitie supplies nl all kinds (or aale.
by week or month.
Maohioea to rent
Taylor & McQuarrie,
Vernon   nd Nttaon Phont 131.
18 0.,'nin) in Avenue, Rossland, B 0.
Sole Agents.
Washington Btltat
t, llayts ft Walton. Proprleton,
•'   All the delict. ieB of tl.e sen. in,
Hot uTi.l Cold Luuebes   :
i i
I The place to   I*, t the best mem «••
• in the Pity. :
l   Meals 25 ten's and up   |
**)4>4:&t&*+t"**frs <?*&$M+9+*>4>4>
I Canned Goods.
W. II. Cui-phy of the Minora
union, who haa been working nt
the Mother Lode, in the linun,I.ii \.
for the pu**! three months, it-; nine.I
to R.'sshind lln- week, nnd will re-
main iu the Crimp. i|o aayH the
Huni.ilarv ia all right, but tiiat it
i .ist- t..ii mih 11 to live there, the
wet of living being much higher
than in Itoeabind.
Chria. Foley, who waa the BOBB*
land Minera union roprea»ntntive
at the recent convention or the W.
F. M., returned Tueaduy evening,
and left the next inoruing for the
Boundary country, wbero be ia doing good work for the labor candidate for tbe legislature, Hon. Smith
I'urtia. 1 huraduy uight he iiildie*-a-
. .1 a large mot ting iu I'I.... nix.
which w.ta enlhu**iaslie iu its <n-
il..r.-emeiiI of Curtis.
Mm ke W. B. aud Crown Grant
cigars. Blue Label aud in.i.l.- iu
Roaaland. *
The rex-out aociilenta ahotiltl show
every man .working iu the wine,
thnt it is hin duty to become a
member of the miners uuion. In
cass) of iireideiit or .-ilk ll. *--. the
uuion provides for its mcuiliera, nud
aees that they want nothing. During the List year Roeulaud uuion .
I na rutid iu bcnotlla to ita uieniben,
over 16000, and contribiiliona made
to individual caaes probably
.iiiiiiiini.-.l to aa much mote. Thn
inaurnuce loaturen alone eh on hi bo
a big induoement. Ducu are but
112 per year.
A   Provincial Federation.
To The Electors of Rossland Riding of
West Kootenay:
I solicit your support an a candidate nt the approaching provincial
electioua. My platform ia l_at of the prtMSilt g.v rn.it **il, ami la Set
mil below, inul I pled,...- iii.v--.-II'i-i.-upi'u'i (I. • principle.-) it il ini'ii-ucee.
therein enuiieiutud.
A joint meeting of (be Uniona iilVili.tt.*.l with the Tr des ,i nl I, ,b n
Couucil of Ron luutl and tne Affiliated Uuiouh of Graeuwuod, havii g
done me the hniinr to endorse my eiiiididit.uiv, I coiiaiiler^niyaelf ua
much it labor candidate aa i government one, anil whether tin, govern-
uiei't be HUstnined or in t, I shall, if elesU'd, liu always found heartily
supporting iniiihurna design, d to beiiellt and elevate labor, no matter
from which aide of tho House emnuniing, and I -hall also strenuously
oppoae any ntteuipt to repeal or euiiisciihit.* tho eight-hour law.
I nm ) ours  fuithfully
M ii in Government rialform.
The plallorm of lhe new government ia
as folkiWI*.
1. Theabolilion nl the 1200 deposii
(or cintliilale lor the Irgi. liture.
2. The biugtog into inrce, ae soon as
arrangements ran Ihs c-impleieil, ol the
Torrens Reghl'V system.
S, The redistribution ol tlie roitsli-
(Betides on the Itasis < I pnpu'athin, allowing to sparsely |B.|.|ilated .list.ills a
proporliot.atrly lira—r representation
(ban to populous dlltricll and ciliee.
4.     ihe eiiBclineiil ol an  aii-urale ays-
lem ol government seating cf Iii, and
itliigid t nl..reel..e.il
(.   Th* re roicimrnt nl lit* diiall.iv
ol   Labor   Reglslrsllon   Ad,   IS'.*-,  and
alio all th* siatiites ol  1HI)0, co.t'a.ning
anti-Mottgulisn rlansre il disallowed as
piopneed hy the 1) ..nninm  government.
8. To uke a firm stand inevety olh. i
p-aa-sihlf any Wilb n vi » ..I .lisso.iragti.g
d.espii      el O. n i.ui .map labor in
At Tuesday nighl'" meeting of
Ihe Trade and  Labor Council, a
res.ilulii.n will lie introduced providing for the issuing of iuvitattons
to il.,- labor uniona of Ibe province
to send r.'pree.'iiliilivi s to a convention to lie held in some central city
-Inn ilv, for the pin pi.*e of organising a provincial federation of labor.
dtbei l.ii-ine.s will come up aud a
big all. in I. in. *,* ia deaircd.
Grip nnd Paesword.
At    thn recent  meeting  of the)
l.i.llid    \el f Ihe  1 ' igles,     W.    B.
Shaw, of H'.sHlend, was elected
grand i-omluctor.
The ball given by tbe I. O. O. F.
for the lacuclit of A. L. W'ataon
indie.l thu aum of 1680. wl,;-b will
go a long wsy towards securing
him a buaiunsn by wbiub be a ill be
aelf supporting.
Rotwiland bulge I O. O. F. initial.
..I two raudidatea  Monday   night,
Samaritan   Encampment  No.   8
7. I'-. in rvl ll  i if    atrial  Inspection
'i.I .ill hu.11 :.' . iu**-  .'   .1 sn I   a nrks,
wiih a iew ■   . -..i- IllttS ll •*   I
• I proper stilegil.. Is tn III* ae :   ■     I h
8. With risaiill-i i.i e.gli.al ■   la*
Ibl   got- 11.111.Ta      Will     ■ milII"le    lU   SB■
lore* (be Isw as il stands. An .none
dial* inquiry «lll be mide hy lh* mil.
st.r ol ..one. into all grieVinca* pit
h.rwiii.1 in connection with in operation, wiih a view ol bringing about an
amicable leltlement. Il no leiilemeiit
il reacbeat the principle ol th* releren-
duu. will lie applied and a v.tft taken a.
lhe general ,d.r.|..n BI to whether lhe
law he repealed. II Ihr law >• inalained
by the Vol* it will las retsn.nl npon the
.i.ttiie book with It* penally clause.
II modifications ran BS made removing
Im lion lirini.lit alsiol, wllhtaUt impair-
ing tb* principle of the law, tbey « II
Im adopted. If lh* vol* la *gainil il
tin li* will be repealed.
9. To re est.I.T*I, tbe I. -...I-ill Bgelil')
ol British Columbia, aud to lake - v- ry
i flat live means ul nrii.gnig before th*
British public tha advantages ol this
proline, a. a place lor thepr-.ttleble in*
ve.tnienl . I capital.
10. Th* retaining nl lhe resource* ol
lb* province ** *n s*e*t lor the Iworfit
ol lh* people, snd taking effective
miBBiirri to prevent in* alienation of
lb* piil l.i domain, except to actual settlers ur lor actual lama fide lu.-iiiris, ur
liiduitiial purposes, puling au end tu
the pra. lice i.l.periilatiiig in connection
I. Oi O. P., wna instituted on Wed
in -day evening with a membership | wiih the aane
of .'II.    Mr. Raymor, I). I). P. G. 8. |    11.   Tna  Ukuig ol  active meaatirea
vu. "tl.e iuatalling .Ulcer,  aasialed  liar ihe sysieu.st.c >i| I..r..in.ii   ol the
by Mr. Frank  MiJ*-i.d of  Nelson,  pn.vinca.
and visiting brother)!.    The officers'    12.   The Nrrmaiiig ol money lor lb*
elected nre na follows:    Chief pntri-, pnrpol* oi providing roads, trails snd
lircll. B, 1 • I'«t«.ugh, ;-..|ii.»-warden,   bridges pr.-vl.li.l that in every  case  Ibe
I     F.   l'laas; high  priest.   Robert  money neeiwwry lo pay lh* iuieri-t nd
( l-'imi"-.   -enI*.*.   Titos,   Emblston;' linking lund   In connection  wiih  the
treasurer.   II.   .1.   Ravin, r;   Junior' loan ihill be  provided   by additional
warden,  Charles   Miller.    Ibis  i*  Unlioo iu •• not lo impiir lb* credit
the eighth  encampment  instituted ol the province.
iu the province.    There are 44 sub-1    13.   In connection witb lhe conitruc-
<>plmute Odd I-'. Hows lodges in the  lion uf guvariimenl roadi aod trail*,lo
provlnpe. I provide hy th* employ mint ol rorup*.
lei.trlvll Higin.-eri and  olherwise ll.
lhe g overt,iiifi,. itinni-v i.   I » ii n.li-1 up-
on somefystem which will b* odvan-
isgeiut. lo lite general public, so Iha.
.be old system ol pr.ivhlii'g roans ss it
special favor to supporters ol .he gov.
*-r nma-1,i may be entirely <ti*i'..iitintied
14. To keep the ordinary annual ex
p> i.il.tnre wiihi.. the ordittary ai.n.iBl
ti v.'.iu" in or.iet it. preserve laiBSt lhe
eredil ol Ihe province which is illbssl
16. To adopt B system of government mnstriii t .in ami iipirallon ol
railways, aud immediiiely tn proceed
with the riMiBitneii.iii of a railway on
the aonlb side ul Ihe Eraser river eon-
..re.b.g lhe coast with the Kootenay
li.ir.ei, wilh the understanding that
ui l.-ss tbe other railway* now i-onrtrnct-
■-.! io lb* pn.vii.ee give lair conoeclione
and mBke rquilablr j int height and
, iswnger  a.rU'eemeuis,  lhe   province
Will  lOUtlUU*  Una    Uo*   to   (be   e-lBletn
Ixuii.lsry of lhe province.   Proper euua
nettion with ittcii Ktit.i.nay railwny lo
tw given   Ir* !*e    iv n In lh* 1-lal.d   nl
Vbih-.iivsi      fTIM  '. -peel ("*.*)*• |*
f till prev It    ' ..-"eiai-    ' •   ,.i     io
.•vert p-irlion of I radw. y eoa.iie,*tlo*
al si early aila'a as puiet.'le, the m '
• ay wh'-n ssmttastsd to bs .irs*rs'
lln- gtv ri-mi-r    'l.-iigh n .uaioii.-i-n
16. A ti'ilvtit, .. ■■» to be construct
id io .....ii. .Hon with Ihe K.s.lriiay
railway acrnsa lb* Fraaer river at or
near New Westmiosler, and running
onwrrs given over i. lo any railway
company applying lor lb* same, under
proper conditions.
17. In case it ii thought at sav
time adviaaiil* to give a bonus
t» snv railway company, lh* same to Iw
cash, and not by way ul a laud grant,
and iiosuch boons .0 be granted except
• l|i.o. the t.     dl  ioil   in. I   *    l.lir  atill.il.it
iii i'e is'ii'ls or eharua ol the company
be transferred U) the province, ami
effective mean, taken In give Ihe |"ii-
v|i<re control ot lhe I'e.gh. end pa.seii
ger leteS. and provision in oh' ag mi-t
suuli rail.ay having auy li.I.times
•gainst it exept aciutl cost.
18. To take away Irom the Lien
l.-i.ai.t (i..rem..r-i.i-*!..i.nril any power
to make lubslaniive cbaugei In the law,
confining tbe jiirlwllciioo entirely .o
mailers ol detail in working out tbe
lawi ei.acted by the legislature.
19. Tbe pstal.liBliiiieiit of an Instito-
llon within Ibe province lor the education ot tbe deal aad dumb.
20. To repeal the Alien Exclusion
An as th* reasons Justifying the enactment no longer obtain.
21. An   hi..ic.iI.I.    -e lie.     ol Uie
dispiUe witb the I> • u.ioi. goverunn nt
ai lo Headman's Island, Stanley Paik
and other lanes, and an arrangement
wilh Mr. Linlgaie by which, if possible,
aiswmlll iuduitry may be established
and carried on on Headman's Island,
under latlalaclory conditions, protecting Iba interests ol the public.
•.".'. Proper mt hub ol giving technical iiislrni tinns lo miner! and prosperous.
iu 1.1
pears,   luini, itiawherrleS, grapes, blueberries, apples,
everything ihat the i-aiuiera   can   can,  at lowest prices.
Jams !
Jams, mnrmaladis and preserves,
that are right.
Hie finest bnndi and at j rices
Hiscuits.   Everything;they make !     Sodas and
jMcGoDigle & Co.,     -    Spokane St. •
«J-**-*a-<-s'-»'<JS|-«'~-<>s^«-*a<^^ ,
" The Crescent Dry Goods Co., Ltd.
Gents Furnishing Department.
Summer Clothing and
Meus id wool serges.)!:., |12 60 to | !\1
" "        tweed suits, |10 to |IM
Ihu k r.-.i.us suits, $4 to $5
Clash roat anil vest, I'.' .V)
Serge coat ami ve*t, 11
Alpaca Cat and vest, »l 50 lu 12 50
rwead pants, all wool, »;' ..) *.. tOAO
I'er.'.l* si.Ins. - .h ami still b-.soms,
75.- to 12 .".0
Tti.nieil.lrt>. 75c ..-$2 80
Mulish   tUnnel   ibiris, |IJiO to 12 50
I! .1 .: i ■ -tin underwear, per suit, ■
$i toii.no.
Cotton rihb.,1 underwear, suit, 2
M *rino underwear, per mil, $2.50
Natural wool, underwear, per suit,
$2   lat II 60.
Fancy silkette underwear, $2 50.    i i
II ill hose, plain and fancy,  20c I
to f5o.    .
Straw an.l linen hals, .'.).• to ft 25 t
Soft and slid Ml hals. II to »-".. JO
Crescent Dry Goods Co., Ltd, f
! Columbia Ave.,
VitN Tlione 170
9t**********twtl«+*+*-*t+i 9*4+***)«*'
Rossland, P. ('.
International Music Hall.    \
R Kbtckuisn, Piop.     Du.ton Wanaor, StSSJS Mgr. J
A  al  En.  . Msii..b>-'
The Operatic Masterpiece
Return ol
Km ma Whtncy
First A pp.Mr...ire ol
i Evelyn Paxton Edna Pcrcic:
sSimpson and Jones
1     GROCERS.
A Complete Stock of Groceries nlwuya on Hand.    Alno a Full Line
of Fancy Evapoiatod Fruits just received from Culifuruin.
V- ft N. Telephone 118.     St-cond Ave, Opposite C. P. R. Depot.
G. W. McBride
Hardware Miners' Supplies Stove and
Ranges, Etc.. Etc


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