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The Industrial World Sep 23, 1899

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Array <<*
Allen's Restaurant
No y WdRhlofttOtl slrtct.
Tlio old rcltoUlt popular pliCG iVHtntiraiil.
Always on Shift, j
VOL 1. NO. 3.
•No Introduction Necessary.
You Know This Sore.
Tli« goods you want are rifili* here.
'Ill,, amount of buslncti ilunu in convincing ihst tin* price is right, in
1 M-lmf our H>i depsitments, sepsrste
in 1 l.t>n>f«')v< ••, you reei'ivc h-rift utuu-
1 :<n    ihk' COUIIOOUI Ircnlnunt.
No iiii»rcprc-rulati..ii of gonils loVi-iUurl.     Your wants, §m:ill or lurgo, always gi\en ''lope observation.
Dry Coot's,    Clothing.
Carpets,        Men's Wear,
Hardware,      Mining
Ea'li Department Complete in Itself.
Waxed Wroth and Champed
His Bit Thursday Night.
Turf Exehange,
Columbia Avenue, under new management.
Finest Liquon. Wines & Uigurs.
r. j. S1.AVIN, prop,
23,'   189!)
fonlwIiiliiK-   "'•■   Report!  uf  Fntruliii.n,
line  Vn Ordered In lln s„ I.,
the  I'miiuilR.loiiere.
At thti Opening of the police investigation Inst evening Mayor
Goodeve stated tbat  in regard to
the power of the commissioners
to order A. Klocknuuiii of the In-
tcruotioniil to produce his book., in
etldenoe quite a lengthy opinion
had hi'on ohtaincd from [the city
solicitor sustaining the Stand taken
by tho commissioners that they
WON  right   in not  admitting   tie-
did nnHMtvr his'losae* in any book.
He had no entries concerning accounts jrvith the gambling rooms
and said that lie had only a superficial knowledge of that part of
the establishment. He denied over
having made any payments to the
polkje tuWj.'inlH for any purpose. An
efluH wie- made to retain part of
the hooks in the hands of the com.
tnissiohers, but the request was denied, Holland said he would bring
the books to }lio investigating sessions whenever requested to do so.
Mr. Morriscy was the next wit-
ness calhd. Ho t«.-t;fied that he
!iad had charge of the International gambling rooms, with the eXoep-
•ion of the last two mouths, since
.March. The first month he paid
|75,Hebond 8H'0, the third 1123
and the font (It 8150 rent
moved out and put in a room on
the opposite side of the ball. Mo
person connected with tboin was
fined or arrested. Did not know
how long they remained there. 1
was told there was a raid, but that
nothing was captured.
"It was known, then, that a raid
was going to be made?"
"I was told so."
Another objection to  this   testimony going further.   The attorney
for the defense stated that  the evil
of admitting hearsay evidence   was,
exemplified   in that   of Lam   audi
LeBouf, both of whom  were cou-|
Iradict'.'d by other witnesses.
The attorney for the prosecution '■
rei lied that their evidence  was noli W,tM* ,'il"'ll "l ""' "l"-'ui»r.' of Hi.
I Testimony in the Polioe Cases
Taken this Morning.
S.w  I lie I 1,1,-f v,r,   lm,,«|,„l#rt    l».pj.,r.
I,.I   IIhi |>   I .11. (He I'liJ.
nen- -Inr.i .0
John B Cute, Jr..   was the  first
contradictory. Tho point he de
sired to make was that it wat
known  about tho International hv
polioe   investigation   at 10:110   this
j morning.    In substance Mr.  Chile
testified as  follows:    When he was
"Were you ever taken up in   po-! people who bad no  right to   know ! " |,0"'!L' m"*,tai'' lu' lu'!lnl '
lioBOOttrt and lined?"
"Yes, in Deo mber, 1S9S, when
I was Mind $7"), and onceulterwHid
8">i).    'I hat was when I was work-
evulence,   wbhieh     wna     personal j loJ '•' ll"' I" t.i inUtoiml in the card
propotty, and not relevant to  tlio j s"*"^'***"
Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps,
 \VIio1isj1l> and Re'aM Qrofteriei	
subject matter of the case.
Banister MaoNelll said he bad
not yet seen a copy of this opinion,
hut that did not end the mutter.
Khckinuiin was on tho witness
stand when the investigation adjourned Inst Friday night, and as
he was out <>r town, could not be
 ailed to the stand until h:s return. John S. Holland, manager
of I ho International music bull, whs
(tailed in lake the stand. He said
he was engaged by Kiockinnun
January 31. He understood that
KlockntailU whs pimailciit of the
International Hotel *airSyau>. Lim
it that a raid was about tube made,
lie was asked to put his questions
in a different form.
The witness said he was told by
a man who run the billiard tables
that ll.i'ic  was   to  be  a raid   that
<Mm you think the polioe officers* "iglit.   The tables were not   there
*'orner t'olnnili n Ati'iiiic itiul Hpokaac Street
kr.nn gambling whs going 011 at the
"I didn't ask tliOHi."
"Bttl don't you think they knew
it was going on there all the lime?"
"Yes. sir."
"Whul were you lined for  playing."
■■Were v..11 I v.r order, d to leave
town by the police?"
'.No, sir."
^ic wittiest) said he sold the gam-
' .inV privilege to Parry P. Jtm»s
that lit- •iiruad   over to him   11I1.111I
the next day. Sa.d he left the plaor
because  Kane sttid he   rotild
definite complaints about the p>-
lice department. His term was
brief, ami he did not investigate
the matter. Marcus Moses since
(old him he was staying at Nelson
t<> avoid the Investigation.
Aid. Hboson testified thai Bcblty
I'npiliiirt eama lo him while under
. ithe inlliieuce of liquor In Juno with
1 • e r > 1 s,,m» ten.   Said he had born in
biiek iigniiibt tlechicfof police, anil
....  •    11 .    ,. , Aid.      I.alondc.    Joidail    'Hid    the
.Mitchell was put 011   in his   stead. , '. ¥
.,,,      1 ._« ., ... major, and Mr.    Hoosnu took   the
(lis chief never eiud  anything   to I
him about it. B      !l     ■***   "'"''" ' u> "mvm'-
iv.   .-.1   1 ' «t_« 1 Some time last lull as lie was puss-
Ciiy Clvrk  MsQuerni who   was . ,, ,     .. '
.   ,     .. nig on Columbia.   ;i 1 ■•mi ■   net  the
present  iu  the  nourt   room.  «..«    "       , ...
.   , 111   , ehici. who was badli'   intoxicated.
asked concerning   reonuls   be   bad ... •    ..
... .1        1.      1 , acoompanied Uy Jniiics Met latig hev
lelaling  to the police  department.        .....
..,      ,   ,      .....    ...     ., , ami Joe Squires.    "I was surprised
I be cbrk -aid be ilul not know   ol
We Are Headquarters for
lied.' Hohad sgnist-^v»is'vtint4S»srtlJ]rl<'.vtii.;i 01 .-t.i,o. ru..kii( »..
jKlocknmnn for the   |s«MU of   the had only been liuetl on the two ..<•-
tiuisie bull, but had nothing lodolouslons he had uientioned. That
I with (ho   Iiiternutiotiiil  company. I was wl «i he was employed in (he
lie did not know the other officers oard ramus. He said he never «t-
loftho eotnpany or whether  there tomptnl in runnny  gamo In any
were any other officers. When re-1 other plane in Btjashuid, Deu ed
'quested by tho attorney for the that ho ever made a proposition to
j prosecution (o produce his hook> in  Itobert Barr to run a  game at   bis
c\ i.lcnce. Holland  said he did   not   pint-, but admitted they had a con-
Best wearing, lie: t littin,: and bm( looking
profsise (o show (hem iu public tin
h>s ordered (0 do so by the Hullmr-
i(io«.   The  attorney   for  the  d,
fence objcetetl to the production of
lie-,, books until soitio' foundation
bad   Inch laid   showing I hey con-
lalnod matter relative to the case
He protested against   investigating
tin' International's private bushiest
'•If we have to inveMigito the
Iniei in,to.nil Is fore we invesligale
the |M>iici-," replied Msorfelll, "why
we'll investigate the International."
'II  ».»  some furl bet   dispute
about admitting the I. >oks. but the
coioiiii—ioners divided to receive
them. Iloliaml produce I a d iy-
hook, cheque book and ledger,
which contained running accounts.
He did not enter his pr»Alii in any
book because, he -aid. up to the
present time there were MM, and
Iu Men's. Women's ami Children's
C. 0, Laloade.
Why  shiiuld   you   Ihrow
awHV your inniicv.  Ymt know
you vatttmt buy elsewhere at
|$l"» in any other stoic for
L'ko rnioni.in   ftartcil uiuler ilifllrulllo. unit  oppo.ition.
Hut Ihankl in our nmrtv trlentl., i>:r.t,. r nte r*
tr ,lr. In ibe |,iim ihni ll'.. n.,w
• Intend In ft tew weehf |cj gianllv cnlarvr' «lid Mlry ■ mnrh IU er ItOM th%n
r lilcml..e:r.,«r   «. i.lnii (  l»rnr nctf day    Oai  l.u.n en   h«.   unit <>( clntltoH tlmt  BM sell    ttt
Iliad, imrhr.jdd.lt dr. in lb«|.«.lth«l II'.« now , *«.|r |m). ,.|M«i tn rarer lion In-ur.mull   °   ll  "■  "OKllS  lllilt   »t  SI ll     »V
I :.:i.l ,-, uhtrb
Cents' Furnishings, Shoes Clothing Etc.
28 Spokane Street
Strictly Cash
-aiuui on (hut subjeet.
"Did    (he    negotiations     fall
• lie wanted to    inlicli."
"Is it not (rue that when about
to make your   atrangeineuts   yoti|
wero ordered to leave (own?"
Harry P. Jones, who at presonl
has chargo of the International
gambling rooms, lestifled that he
rented the rooms from Klookmonn
for 1200 per month. He had seen
all the police officers iu the Inter-
nation.,1—be did not know that the
pol OS hud ever gambled there.
J. A. Webb, a griH-cryiiiitn, formerly a spro'al provincial nonstable at the International, testified
that previous to the incorpm 11(1011
of the city a III lek jnek game was
run there. Aft ittards a tiro and
roul, (te gome were put m upstairs.
Mr Mullen was managing them
"Tell how it was broken up?"
•I don't know."
"Did thief Ingram ever tell von
oof lo Interfere «iih the game*}
"I Was roprVna did in the ei iel
OnCSfor arr<sting 11 limn for va-
grainy, lie had skel toil keys ill
his DOOket and was hai ging around
tint gatui-s."
any book kept for recording com-
pb.iubt Hindi) by citizens, nor any
book of orders given it* chief of
police; nor any police, emirl 1 mis.
t'hiel Inu am was then nsketl if
he had any hook in «hieh he kepi
the reportei of officers. Tlio ohiof |
wtut on his feet instantly. He said
Hint was his piivate piop,it\ and
that he was not prepared to turn it
iu. Everything in (hut book it u
private rpoord and the public has
uotliiiig (o do with it.
The mayor thought  it was pro
per for (he obi 1 to turn over
I, .ok.   and
said he   bad had   some
to see the chief 111 that condition.
He insisted on my going into the
Allan house to take a drink. I
went iu   with him   and   thru   got
lawny."   The witness recited'smith.
MS .11-4.no■■• wheb, on the advice <f tbo city solictor, be us
chairman of the   board of   works,
I asked the chief to tile Information
for (he purpose of having 11 danger-
ions ..I.-'1 hi ti ,11 made by Mr. Wat-
soil removed. '1 he chief gave an
ind,p.-n.hoi answer, saying, "He'd
please himself about thai and make
inquiries Qrst."
The chief   produced   a hill   paid
Comml-slouer  MoNeU
lloo-oii lor  taking   one   iiroViucial
fXtieneiiee,      , .. .   ». .
anil one cilv prisoner |o Nelson and
in such matters:   tlial be   knew in   ..    ,,      ,.'       , .   .        ,
! MiieDoiiald eudoavorcd to show
Vanoouver the chief of polloo kept! Mmttjia ttllll,.^ |lwj overcharged
such 11 rccoid on his disk, nod thai: the ,ny.    The witness said he was
it was open lo the Inspection oftheleJIowud traveling expenses by 11..-
polk uiini-sioii at any time.        Igoviriinieiii and   put ab.Mi: 12  ex-
Chief  Ingram   reliiel'antly   pro- tr.i on bis bill lor the  extra trotiblu
due d ihe b 10k   and miitlenil thai' (he eity prisoner   | tit liitu  (>.    II-
he "never saw thai   done   by  any
coiniiii-sioners iu the world."    'Ibe
Investigation   was (hen  adjourned
to Friday night.
1 ....  n   1    1. -of,  to    11 ,, ln|   Seen
II.•    I lilrf Inl,..lr.tr,I
was not obliged lo lake din cily
prisoner at ail. He had never mad-
any statement to Barrister Mae-
Neiil. Beamish or UaoLsuren as to
what llO would testify til.
I.ieen-p InspMsor Harp testified
thai on one invasion a wis-k after
the chief mid Magistrate Jordan
had gone to   II.ileum hot    spriugs.
At Friday night's session of the '•* "'"'« ':"1"''" 'l1- ,ho«" ,,,", •*
..    V-       t  1-    r fered $|.i: said he bad   1 1 |..m:o
P°  •"V.-etigition. I   Keefe. „ si-   ,-„ „„, ?i;„ ,„ Mj|(.||(.„ ,„„, ;„;„„,
loon keeper   testified   (hat he   SOW  ,„ Ul,,kt. arningeuienlH   to p*. |,...
the chief   intoxicated 00 two   iwch-   lie bad l-eu l.i   Mitch-ll. who   l-
sions: once al the International nud  '"ised lo take 84'.  saying il «n< li-.t
once .this  saloon.   Rosaid  thi- »>"»&>■■ «■'« afraid be would hoar.
,. ,     1.   ■■ I 11 ti   did   not pav   then: whs
"••"H" "•",   -I'lnnary or leb-  m ^.^    „,;,,,,,„,„,■,,   kl„,vv   ,...
niary. lull   ho   did not   keep   tiny  |,;,,| been paying any money.  Harp
dates.    Said the   chief was miking   lohl    bun    lie    would    ctni'till    the
no great dlstorbance, only inlking 1 '»«>'"' i""1""'lli"1  Iheaeat   day
loudly.   Did  ...1   know whether *.*M" 1m*>l01'   »ho said l*» had
,    .  lalkisl wuli the oilier  coniinissloii
thfawoansths 1.  the Ktaw%, „,„,,„,,, „„. „,„„_ ,,„  ttll<
clebiatioii M  nut    Was   not   an aiiMi.u- tn make a vesltg.itiiu
i;ik. "i tli- 111.itlcr. but   il would not   b.
J.unes Mctiaughev. a newspaper evidence against the parties lor tU-
. ,.  1 ,1   ,1    1   1 .,     -Illewiso inspector lo take the money
III .11,   le-lilod   thai   he   bad   liner,      ,,., • .    ,,   •
Hie   eoiiiiin-noiiers eallid    gel
Hardware. Twiner's Supplies, Stoves
ai\d Rai\^es> Efc» Etc:
■Was there   any    Secret    under
$•">, do you not  tliniw uway standing bolwoon thegatm keepers "'^"',
■In; the mini you  are over- and the pob it m ti gsmoaf"
t'liarced "••nee » man told   me Hie   police
See   eatftlngue of  Oenl^ *""u] Im' '"","«1"'»t «»tght .....i
,,        ... °    , . raid the games."
furnishings;     shots;    Itals;.   „..     "         -_..     .,        .
* ' Ins attorney Tor the deren b-
nlanketf; etc., ami our prices j,.,,,.,, ,„  Mt ,...,(,„„„. „„  t,„.
"•"•i"1 liieforany oftbe f"-i-«-;(,..,,,,, m,-«i,.xv.h»   logivO   evmi
officers drunk, and   had lieVCI    loldlwhlcll, briilly lo.d. »a-   lb. re were
I any one he bad aeen tl bleflntox' Irreou'srltles Intlis eolloctlou  01
lines from Ibe -|Miriing hoOJOS; i\n<
common report that   Mit. bell   kept
llcrv (.oihIcvc |e.tilled   that be      ,    . '        , ,, .   '
11 f,i«l woman:   bail si-en   Ibe   chief
knew all Ibe p bee. lln-. M.     .\^ke,l  >Wmk (||i |w(( .ij,,,.,.,.,,, oc«sioi.-.
If he had over expressed any onln>|    officer HoPhae tertffted thai he
1 oiic-riiiiig the eoiiilucl of iiliyiand Mitchell did  not n«k Mive   Mi
will astonish you,
(lu«    U....VI,    ««UHU,
4i K. (.'oluiublt  Ave., next ibxe  c*»t nl
U. I'. Ilofflce.
B, H.v ' I rr. Mgr.
oi the police offi hta h« said he did honey, a sporting w in, for mon
,      ,      ,       , i.\. tb-v went there to gel her niliii.,
not remember hiving done so. ,   •' 0
he wa- friendly   with Ibe duel and
ground   thai il  was   hearsay    avl
The  wic   •     1.1 •! thai n
ually ••
fore  he  Weill (o    lh ll, ,1..  .,
upstaira,   One aJtornoon tboj wer*"
Di 1 you mil make a stAtemonl
lo Dr. Sinclair tbat the police wen
all ei■ oked. or r..ll"ii. 01   \oril
t    11 el?"
.   .1 r melnb K   having   an;.
WOUld like to   see him   cleared; be
saw the chief   drunk    twice.    OttOS
to when the J^lks were here
I be iiive-ligalion then adjourned
lo Monday mghl M.ivoi UOodsvs
announced that  the affair nni-t   OS
I     "h I'-j. '
e|o-cil *t Iha' ■
mm THE   ISDUfi
WORLD,    hKP i i'.MBErt    23.    1S00
I'll!,!. .Ik .1 ul Nu. J3, v,',,thi„.[„ii street, '■'■■ o.ui.l.
In Ins tnlerent oinritnniied labor in Di1ti.li
Coin inbln.
Office in rear of Burr'* Clgnr Store.
Payabls Invariably in adrance.
Onr year  Jioo
Six Mouth.  I jj
Three Moulin     }i
Address all ConuiHuii.-atloiw
lo the Industrial
Tin- Industrial World i* Ibl <;«le in Kosulnml i.t
the KiiNhrn Cigar Store: Simpson's New. snoul;
we would shed them now, but nti Banister MacDo
the present lime wo are slim I on during the polioe
tbut sort of liquid. The World characterizing the 8]
did not expect to bo patted on tho rear of the court root;
hack, but it did expect that the
Hosslaud dailies would be coy
enough to givo the paper that represents organised labor in this camp
a lino or two of their valuable
space. Nay, nay, Pauline, their
yvays are not our ways, their children are not our childrou. The
Miner and the  Record can  not  be
and bis slurring insl
reeled to some of ll
may be the keenest wi
hie of incubating. In.
the "learned" gontlemn
a nose for rooting us
Irs in the
|ons,   di-
(is capiv-
I opinion,
[as as long
of those
il   s. Wallacs'. stationery .tore;  I'o.t oak., i expect d to recognize the   working
New. Stand:   Linton    aro. .   Stationery  blori-; ' " n
iljn'-. Cig.l slore^and by tteu.boyv
SATl'iliUY.  SKlTKMUK.lt '.'."., 1899,
The   Industrial World i«  In   the
field toadvooate  the cause  of oi-
ganizeil labor.    lis efforts   will   be
,    i   ., , , , i,   people, and such oilier news us w 11
to build tin and not  tear down.    III '
people. They ate not with them
a' d are not bashful about indicating that fact.
Arrangements aro being made by
the management of the World for
weekly letters from every town in
British Columbia where organized
labor is interested. These letters
Will contain impartial reports of
news  interesting  to   tho   working
be of interest to the World renders.
in anil not  tear down,
yvill support to the extent   of its in- ,
a—      .i      .ill    ...   .r .n :     Such  ooiresnondence will be lur-i
lliiciicc Ihc establishment   of all in- '
,    , .     .       i • i    ,1 i- .  • nished by  responsible   men, and in]
du.-tries in which   the wot Uingmnn' J        ' ' i
no case will  contributions  be pub-
! lished  from anonymous   writers,
One   word   (o   correspondents—If
what you write  la  true, sign  your
has the lea»t   concern.    II
fearless in the expression of   ipin-
ion- .    I founded in loot and slow
to offend others who diflcr with its
The World belii res thai   i
"eating big gOS il not on IJ itids
;he working man lo better his condition, but mokestl possible for the
merchant lo prosper as well. There
i- one argument that must appeal
to evi ry merchant doing business
in the Kootenays anil that is this:
Siihstracl a dollni a day fiom the
going wages of workiiignicn iu the
Kootenays today and the meichant
will bi' shy that many dollars at
in-end of the month. The yvork-
iugmeii of this camp are not exist*
IngOn   Ibe  absolute   necessities   of
life.    'I heir wants   exceed   the
spoonful of rice and thimblefull of
lei that giM-s to nourish thoavoiage
Chinese laborer. They WOOT better
clothes, live   in belter   houses   nnd
live better In all respects than the
representatives  of pauper laiM>r.
They cannot do Ibis nu wind.
inline to *' not always for publication, bill on the benefit of the World
office   if  it is not  true,   do   not'
write it.
Little Game of Stud.
Battle, rattle,
Uttlsdloe, i
III Hie  leu I hi l
bus so nice.
You're not mule lor 11 minute,
In ihe kiu,l game—winiiti V
Never!, • <»
II the booster known you're unite.
Slmllli-, hIhiIII '.
Are in tight,
Bobber, tiilibiT,
A.I the night,
I'.'iu'i' i'. mighty  n   :.,   iole,
ll1. a ciiu b you'll lore y, ,., roll.
Willi ibe boaster ivlnuti'.'
Never '■
Yim'if i, tint       "■ a mlnui ,
Kur the boost..'a there lo Ik nule,
I.idle ..Iiiiiki.
I'.UlB * Mack,
Ho, -ter puts III, III
Through tho crack,
BatT to Kl.ii'kiimiiii,
What's the use?
Yon can't win
Uu an orphan deuce.
In tlieetiul tiauii —.liniite,
Ksvei '■
(in fill i -in ekin with juice of bug,
Qo lei i hi in lion out your mug.
Yull esli'l WlnntS lor a iniiiiile,
III I lie Imoslcr'» gone ul StUtl.
Tho Washington Street bridge Is
p ogressing rapidly, and, yveather
permitting, will i e completed in the
near future. Bill) Creitse is fore-
nan on the work for John Phillips,
the popular contractor and carpon-
When you yvani job printing
don't forget that the Industrial
World does the best at reasonable
I. bor Oiriiitatni if Rcislsssj—Isethg Dais.
-ecuiid and fourlh TueHihiy  in elicit month   ul
;    ;:.!>> i> m. in Miner.' llni.u hall. C- W. W'll.uu,
I    Set' : Jolin .McLaren, l-re..
KNIOnTS OH I, yilOR-'Riwstalitl Aawmbly No.
let*, me is ih, tm -i nnd till ,1 I rid.), ol e.rh
III,mill 't::|»|i   m   In Moor,   ttliioillt.il. Jtlk
WUkostSes i Win O'Brien, Pros,
. AKI'KNI'KRS   1.   JOINKKS'    I'NION-Mecl.
!    etery Thllrtilny ul . at h  Week St 7 30 p   111   ill
Milter.' Union hull    JOB,   Marnu, S.C..   fohll
Mcl.a'tn. PrSS,
III.A   KSMITIIS It   ll|.|.l',iXV INION-Meel.
event Saturday of each week ai m- ,, ss. In
H, ally', hall.   lid.   Keen, Sec ;  Jua.  Wilkn.
MINI'.RS' ONION NO   jl    Wr.lern   Pi
,,f Miner.—Meeu i-vir, Wednesday ev
7 j. o'clock   11   Mlnrt.'   Oniou It.ll
vine, Sec , (  hg lloolhlit. I'm
» ug  at
ll .   Dr.
Ancient Laws.
The constitution  of the  Stale of
The World desires to print tho
news as it is, and is always willingI
to correct any slips of the pen thai
occur in its columns. In the first
Issue of the world it was stated
that Bolls Barns testified that Jail
er Mitchell •'did not exactly livo at   Colorado is taken from  (hat of llli-
her place, luii was there six or sev- I'lOta. and is a oeutiry behind the
en times a day."   Belle Burns tea* times.   The oonstitiitiou of Utah,
ilied ilini Jailer Mitchell yvns a 00 the contrary, is n modern pro-
ltii|iienter of the house opposite duotio'n. anil was made wilh a-vicw
Belle Burns' phico. Tho only error ••> coned evils that our antiquated
was in the inline of the place where doetimeut neither recognizes nor
it wna tutimated by (ho counsel for ' Iraabt, says a Colorado cxchiingo.
the prosecution that the jailer  re       There is no unction of the benuV
TVPOOR '■> ill- ,'. f\'.i'. NO .','5- Merl. on
the inst Monday ol tra.'i month .11 Miner*'
I'uloit It.ll.   J  P. lln kiltill. Sic 1 K   at. lli...i,.I
ItllKNUVMKN Ttll.OKS-Viel lite first and
third 1 n. ,l,,v of each month al . p. m In
lltatll. hall. P. O Ho. M4 T Thoiuaa. Sec ;
A  Fairclough, Pre..
COOKS ft WAITKRS' UNION. No «.> W t. 0
— MrelR every Saturday evening al H.JO o'clock
in   IttPera* 'Until!   hall.    P o   ltox'41.    Paul
I  11.1, ■. Sec.   Oeo. Cunningham, Pre..
Men's wool fleeced Underwear, $2.00 a Suit.
Men's   Heatv Pco'ch wool Underwear $2.50,
}3 00. $3 50, *$5.00 and up to $9 00 a suit.
Suits $H, to $20 in sack niita.
New Kail suits now open.
Round cuts', square cuts and cutaways.
Crescent Dry Coeds Co,, Limited.
Importers S General h\m in Grooerii s, I'rov sioas, Fro It, Vegetables
Frrsli btttttt iiml citirn o sprclnlty.
We |*IVs**'0 IWtpfd OQf InrRe slack. ofgv>«ln
Toil Office Bot 147.
Your order* will re-elve our cloteal attention. Wt
guniMiti' p tuiii <1rllvi ry toai y pait uT the rlty. Diirlug thin warm wenther you neeil a houle
ofmir lliiu iiUttjtilce.    MoM ptlntiibeniul refreahlug.   A full litie of choicest   aWOltt   aud   Jama
rttiiu i .in-ill i in-, nit ami Coiiletliouery Co.
"Florrisor. & TJr/efttoa, I?4 East Columbia five.
This Spaco (s Kttsetvud (or-
Geo. Agnew & Co.;
cent action of the law, had
id It Is-en
il iwciily
-I,led.        Ne\l
 ...          upheld.   Might h"UI> Oltl I
A subscription to the   World is a f»ur is   miflieiciil fur men to  work
snbsenptimi IxW.llie Interests  or or-, uoil»,1jr..iinil w amid tho |pe'SWlT..u»
ganlsrd labor in British (idumbiu fumee)  of a  smeller, and   to  fair
The working men were never more minded man or association of men
alive to their interests  than at  the yvill exact   more, except in  cami of
While  Mark Twain  denie, Hull' l,r,w,,t   time'    TfctJ   are   unit,.! emergOUQJ.
he is o„ Intimate terms with the They wowatahing every merolmni     ' ream two ways inwdoh to
devil, he ,,.u.ihav«obuine.l» large ,n *"»'«'»'■   They are wUlhg to secure the mnph desired eight hour
retaining fee from hlssatamo maj- > r"ir n"d  «P««tmlr  trostmuit day.   (tan is throng), compact or-
IVItn briri! in their flour ilireel l,v tin
. i.'.oi ami sre -elltut! Hie liest liuii|[.-
rian, Mm in bs tianl Hhrat
Floir for $1.25 w U,
Ami oilier gocn.li in propnrlion.
i -Hiiri I hir.l Avte-ut anil WaahtrtKtoiiatrret.
Tlio Clothier nnd Hatter.
Carries the largest assortment of Tweeds aud Serges in (he
Kootenny, comprising Irish Serges and Tweeds, 'Iho famous
Mahoney and Faobes Serges.
A nobby line of imported Tweeds opened (his yvoek. Only
one suit in each pattern.    Bestof linings used.
All Goods Union Made.
A full line of St-tson ami Kingsbury hats, comprising the
newest shades and patterns.
TO. J. 0'HEAlvl\, The ClotMer.
Corner Columbia aventle and Lincoln *t *c.*t
—e«>^wVi;jaa-ti""s,M'rT-iT-' .1-
in- lee Iront Ins sainnic maj
I'aiy Ui utter 11 defense like the following:
"I am quite safe thai ibir onei
1 have no nice prejudicial ami 1
litis k I have no color prejudices
nor caste prejudices nor creed pre
judioes. Indeed. I knoyv it. I
can stand nny society. All thai I
care to know is that a man Id a human being—thai is enough for me;
he can't beany  woistp.     I bate  HO
Books. Stationery Fancy
Goods, Toys, Games.
30 and U Kirrt Avenue.
Newsdealers     Dnloo and    Hehool
No   ,11 Cuiunihi. Avenue.
from biisiiiiMM men.    Tho rotations ganhwtil I the  part of the men.
between the  working men and the and the olher   is through a  consti-
merobaoti today ore most hauno- tutiooola idment, whieh i* like-
nioiis.   This condition will exist ho ly to boonbmHtod  lo the voters at
long an the workiuginiiti gvtn a fair  Uw first available opporjtunit]
days'pay for a fair  days'   work.     T*'h of tho smelter Iruxt ceasing
When tho working man cease* to te operateits plauU in tills state ial
g-t that the merchant wUI OsMM te'too good to bo Hue.    It is nu'nsiii-1 —,     -^, ,       .
gel his patronage. core vagary of the Mihsi.li/.el brain.' (   OTIPl    111     )ll    (
For First-Glass Grocaries at BM Pkb.
If y-«n are wanting Pmnes, liuma, Orab Apples, for pre-
sorting now ia your time, \Ncl ave lots ol them in stool-.
Come, look anil get our pr'ces on all lines of groceries. Flta
Second to None
is,Chase & Sanborn's
It yvill require all thooorruptiiig in
Mayor Qoodeve ooeupied consul   "ut if all these rubbers to keep
cruhlc of the lime diirine Ibe nolice • from o-io- driven OUtSid ■ the bouu-
spii-ial regard for Snlaii; but I can  "•""• 01 me nun 0,1,1111,1111  ,101,1. ,  ,    ..  .
invstigalion making  explanations  dunes ol ibe ( nilcil Male, all  1 the
of his position In the matter.   The ",,xl general  ideation; Ibeir  very
Uilngs he tried to exphtin wore eos) oppiosslon will   provoto iw their
at least claim that I have no prejudice uijninst him I • may be even
thai I loans little bis way 011 account of hi* not having a fair show.
All religious  Inula   bibles   against
him and   say   ll Ml    injurious
things   about    him. bill    we   never
In in- his side, NVo have uouo hut
the ovldeaoe  for the  prosecution,
and yet we have rendered a VOrdlot
it ■- uu'Kngllshi it i.iin Vine n.
it Is French    VVIthonl this 1 •
dent  DroyftlS could   not have   Iiimui
condemned,   Ofooumo, ttatan has
Sums kind tl a    111- . ll goes   with-
(ioml as the ln>t are the
newly arrivnl (fuiipnw'dir
nnd Knglirh Breakfast
b side the explanation of bow be
hat) a "perfoct understanding" with
Wr. KliH'kmiinu that a poker pi me
could ha run iu bis house. Ifouali
an uiideisl iniliiig wm had with ibe
(louditiens, nol men, are to blame.
The 1.mil   lies in applying ancienl
law- in modern  needs.   There
t<io much conservatism and too lit'
preprieterof the International, why "•■ pntgrens in our  national  law
wna not Uu-same privilege grontn I ni.iking, and principle and honesty
in others 11, this city?   Will May..,  are fas) I timing strangers,   The
QuOdttVO answet that! bog has donned the  garbol  power
——— and the patriot is becoming an ig-
M. It. GalUsba, the general man noiamiis.
u,er of the Jumbo, was in a rcnini The remedy Is in  the bands of
: I). M. Foj & CO,.
Drink the Celebrated
Le Roi Brewing Co s.
ThebfBt b'rewtd.     ViuU\ Seal I.a^cr Beer.
i.kaium; OBOCKlta.
uu to rait.
they have (ho   - 1 - •  to
,jnl    iiiixmI  yesleitluv.   said    the the people, but.  divided by
mil -      ■      !■ may be a iM»u-une;i ,„    *. .   . *   .   ,, ..        ..,
, .     Miner.    We Ihiik that   the Mui-r dice, will
hut thai    ,-    noihing     Ilini ia,,   he 1   	
,   r ,  i-eiMiil-i ni,«i„"t,d Mr.   titnusha or apply ll.'
-icd of any    al . k     As   ">c I    ,.', ,       .„ , •
,    .     .,. did nol iiiiolo htm  ouough.    If t!i-
•■in gel at ill-   fu is I will under.       ,        ,   ,, .
.,,.,, , ,  gent emiiii had boon in a thorough-
lake his 1. i, ii :... Km  myself,   1 I ,        . , ...
..    , ,. ,;. , ,.    v reminivceiil niooil he would have
eon And on unpiditio publisher.   It   • , , ,
., . 1. .    1       mi reisiunled the  number ol
is a thing wrought to be Milling to
do for I   iv one who L| under a eloild.
We may   nol   pay him   reverence,
for that would Is- indiscreet; but we       	
I he editor of the Miner  BBTS   a
\ made in the .111 in bo during the last
| year.    Our r< collodion is 20(1.
can al least respect bis lalenls.    A
person who has for untold oentu-
riof maintained tits imposing position of spiritual head of four-liflhs
of the hiitnaii rsce, and political
head of the yvhole of it, must lie
granted the possession of executive
abilities of the loftiest order. I
would like to sec him. I would
rather see him and shake him by
the tail than any other member of
the Kurojican 0000011
mining engineer "must la- able lo
read the rocks and to understand
tlii-iu as well as he docs his books."
, If he can find any rockier rending
than tho long winded editorials  in
; tho Miner, he is a daisy.
Dreyfus is probably the only man
I living who yvill bu able   to write a
book lolling how it feels to lie pardoned for being innocenl.
Kv cry body is fond of money, and
all could possess it if they knew-
how to cttonoiniso. Kveryone estimates what his out'ay will Is-
throughout the year for clothing
shoes, blank el-, etc. A working
man, for instance, expends00 these;
articles from Sl">0 lo 12(0. Surely!
they could get the same stuff, and
of a better quality, al  half the,)
money by purchasing of us, audi
thus save from $75 to 1110 yearly.
The majority do it, but there aro
ethers that do uot, nud therefore it
stands to reason that they aro foolish and will not listen to common
sense.    Practical   and smart
Grand lien Hotel.;
Kol Hie best Cilnss of Deer in llm city.
Nesl .mil well furnished rooms.
22 Columbia Are.
Four doors rasl o( KottoOloS,
OKO. II. flBKBtf. Prop.
The r)est Warehouse Facilities la Kootenay.
Rosslaod Warehouse & Transfer Co.,
Dealers in Coal, Wood, Cement, Plaster, Lime, Tile, Etc.
Will Clear and Distribute or Warehouse nny Class of Oood*.
Telephone ...
r. o lot fls.
Contractor and urpfcr,
Mainland and British Lion Cigars.
Strictly Flrst-r law, Union f igar.
MflDufsUtared l»y Wm. I#iet)tn,  rancotiTer. B. C.
i ..i-tni.r    Twodoora aoutti of Da pi 1st Churct.-
**1"tr JStlfl offirr    fittlltn;
ffftimptty attended to    Rati
, johblnr of all kind*
-llltl.il' - fuTDlihtd.
Shop: tmpertnl Ilullditift     V. O. floi 57ft,
r,f rer ieal. 21 Wf.li for J«, 125 NT ML
i,i,.n ' r.i.t etaar -ei.lre ami |oad cooking. .peclally
IHiiliis rent attached to Ollawa in.nl.
know, however, the value of money | w»,mn«-u>orireet.   The mihb rovos. rropi-
Tho Boers nrn evidently not par-
The daily papers were  consp.cu- <w   whcthcr   |h       ^^  iWf
OUSiy silent uliout tho.ilrst publiCa- j bfl(,on 0(. wL
liou of the  World.    We  oxpected
and what good use they ran put itj
to. and they realise it only when  frf&ff \t]&   8(  FrCl\ch
they   purchase   at   the   Bosslsnd
Auction House, 42 Enst Columbia
Avenue, next   door east C. P. It.
K.llraate- sl'eo on all klndi of Uriel, Stoae
and  wood itoiS.    Collsge. an.< oil kind, of
Cat.    If W0 Lad at.;   lOateteahod     butacriulur lb, Wcru! »:, r. /car. To'egrsph omor*   B. Banneit. Mgr. \^Tnltf$Sk*7$?™i*ffJffiZ
£     Ta/IorAIHcQuarrie,
\% Columbia Avenue.
P. O. Box 31,
Watchmaker and Jeweller.
Flno watch repahlng.   A line assortment otwatchrS
and jewellery always kept in la .look.
26 West  Columbia A*enli». THE   INDUSTRIAL   WOBLl
[•EMBER   23.    1899.
Row   the   Whitowasher
Failed to Oonneot
on.ee   lliar.eler.   Who     I'lay.tl
Paris Well aad May Appear   Again.
Lou Like to Be a Policeman—"
Gnud.—Silence! I Will have the
kibosh put on this fellow. Guards,
drag him from me sight, and have
him pulled into pieces. Commence
with his legs first. (Exit the whole
works except Mitchell,,, who re
mains, singing. "I Think I'll Have
to Telegraph My Baby."
act I.
Seem. 1. KusMlanil. A street.
Kilter Ooodoveio Ingramicus aud
certain eotnmoners.
Goon.—Hence! Skedaddle! home,
you idle creature*; get you home.
If you have no home, get you to
Spud Murphy's ram | suture. Ia
this a Holiday? What! Know you
not, being mechanical, you ought
not to walk upon a labormg day
without the sign of your profession?
Speak, what trade art thou?
Flaw Cost.—Why, sir, a carpenter.
Ino.—Where iu thy apron and
thy ruler What dost thou with a
biled shirt and thy beet store clothes
Goon.—And. my good man. are
you skilled with the hammer?
First Com.--Aye, your elegance,
I can nail lies to the crone with it,
I can knock with it, sir.
foU. (aside) In truth, this
fellow is the hardeat knocker of
them all. He ia the very man who
.truck ihe blow that almost killed
Good.—You, sir, what trade arc
Sue. Con.—A miner, sir.
Goon.—You use a hammer too;
a heavy hammer?
8w:. Com.—Aye.
In«—laaido, gritting his teeth). ]
II]' the holy tinhorn, another knock-'
Gooti.—And you, what (rade?
• H.iiii Com.-—A blacksmith, aire:
would you like to see my hammer?
Inu.—(groaning). Ye god.! Iki
all the World out with hammer*:;
are none but knockers abr. .id t uday?
siceu • 2.—X .buggery. Goodoveioi
soliloqui-dug      A.II1   I   nut a   politi  '
cian?   Do I not u-uully have   my
gall with  me?    Am   I  not subtle
Am I not   Goodevio?   Sure  thing!
I'm in the vast  majority, with my.
aelf, at   least.    Yea. I   will   shout
with as much vehemence as  I did
election   time, when first they  put
i be   name of king   upon   me,  and
hailed mo father to a lino of kings
Upon my head thoy placed n fruit
lorn crown and put a barren sceptre
iu my grip, theiico  to be  wrenched
with au   unliucd hand,   no sou   of
mine succeeding inc.
(Tumult without).
Enter Policeman.    Pol..—Sire, I
Council Meeting.
At (he council meeting Tuesday
night all members were present except Alderman Mel 'rati. The board
of works rri'iuuiiieiiiled the payment of gl ,487 on current accounts.
The street payroll of $1 .l-l'd was the
largest item. The hoard recommended that tho government be allowed tho use of the polioe court
room for county court purposes at
the rate of 13 per day or portion
The fire, water and light committee recommended the payment
iiftbo following accounts: H it
smith, August, waterworks, f lSn.30
same for payroll for self, leveller
and men on survey <>f stave pipe,
reservoir and 18 inch main, $IS."> .ri."i.
Payroll, e(o., Murphy creek survey,
l.'l'.'l '-'.">. Payroll stave pipe Hue,
t<U3.80. Total. $1,400.90. It is
further recommended that the acting city engineer be n.-ked In deposit with the city clerk all data.
maps, surveys, etc., msde by him
in the interests of the city, and all
tools, supplies, .to., in his posaees-
sion, which belong to the city.
The city clerk was instructed to
advise the Canadian Rubber Company of Montrciil that 1000 feet of
hose purchased failed to stand the
test offii'O per square inch tlio hone
was rejected. It was decided to
purchase 1000 feet of F.urcka lire
hose at tl.05 per foot from the Toronto firm, tho company tn guarantee the hose for five years, and the
hose to stund a pressure of iH)0
pounds per i on .ire inch.
A communication from McCarthy. Osier A Co., Toronto, asking
for a payment of tiOO on account
rust*, iii the case of Trust & Guarantee Go., vs. Bosblaud, now pending in the Ontario court ol' appeals.
was read.
A sum not to  exceed $100   wr.sl
voted   to   defray   tho   expeuse of;
sending au ore exhibit to the Spo-|
kane fair and  Messrs Orde,  Win-
tors mid Clabon  were appointed a
c uu to i I tee lo collect and arrange the
An allowance of f6*> yvns voted to
send the chiol or   assistant ehiet'   of
the city ti r- brigade to the tournament at New West minster. It is
expected (hat the delegate sent
will be ablo to have Roseland
named for the place of meeting for
the tournament next year.
Iu a special election held in Toulon, France, the socialists carried
the day by several hundred major-
There is a movement on foot to
have Eugene V. Debs, the famous
labor leader and socialist, address
the people of Spokaue about Octo:
her 27th. Mr. Debs is to lecture In
Tarouia and Seattle the .latter part
of October.
United States court decided that
the injunction issued by a state
court of Arkansas restraining'coal
operators from importing scab miners into tho state is illegal, conflicting with the interstate commerce act and fourteenth amendment of tho U. S. constitution.
The strike of the iron ore miners
iu the Ishpcmiug, Mich., district
for a raise of wages, was lost, notwithstanding the fact that prices of
iron ore have shot skyward. The
operators are fairly coining money
but since defeating their employes
promise to "voluntary" raise wages
when the winter sets in.
The rate of wages paid underground uiiuers in the Seine river
district is 12 75 per day, surface
mou getting from 12 to $2.25. Out
of this they pny from 84 to $5 a
week for hoard. Contract labor
rules at the rate of $18 to$25 afoot
for sinking and $8 to $12 a foot for
This Is No Dream.
I'm the wo.ki.
Thai's me.
1u II them what'*
W hat-
Not allot them, but
There are only a (aw of a*
iiootleve, and
I told K'o.-kiiiann,
He's "mil,"
K hu km.tin and
What kind ol a game
He can ran.
Thai's poker.
Klockmaon can't
Play poker.
He tried it.
I don't know whether
Can play
Or not.
I've got a good band
To bluff on
lln I darned il I'm
Sure what the
Hole rani to,
I'll ask
We have a
Perfect undemanding.
S. Wallace,
Books, Stationery,
Wall  Paper,
Fancy Goods,
Toys and Notions.
H. S. Wallace.
Columbia Avenue.
The City Bakery
-'I Washington Street.
Is Hi.' -mot to find good tilings to eal
at rcs.inablo prices.
Try -y goods, and  make life e*s:er
for your w He.
All Kinds of-
The American Tailor aud Gents'
Furnishing House.
Sni'.i mask- Ii order. Siliifitlkn IJurulst..
No. B, First A venue.
Cur. Plr«l Ave.
llutK.„ti. ia Brcouil li.rtt] good",
tt will pay you.
inJ SptA.ue St.
(".lee OS
Henry Schmidt. Prop.
... MUSI IM ...
All Kinds of Frt3sh>od SaltMeuts
Orders delivered to any part
of the city.
A Call Solicited.
1 HK 01.1) RKI.1AHI.K
HmSf'svaarvtes).    Uo*nUt rUmitr (mm ll:*)*)
kl. m. lo ",uui>. in    Sutldaj rhlcktjn .Huner    •<•
Urn lit I ini Btlp faplfliri.
Smoke W. 0 and Crown Grant.
Ask for them.
Le Roi Stables.
fevKrCJLi .. *eV£u!
Heav/ Traasferriad.
First-Class Saddlo and Pack Horses.
Telephone No. H, P. O, Bus US,
hnvebeen  mobbed.    They are  too j    Th. Odd Fellows Instituted a loilg. .1
many for mo.    I can  not bring the Trail laet Tuesday evening.
whitew.ir.licr   to   you   alive.    The     Tb. Lsdles ol the Maccabee* will give
populace yvill mako a rough   house J • srand ball  Friday evening,  the  29th
here if you do not relent.
BORN-At Ottawa,Ont.,« son to Mr. • A Minute With Our Old Man
and Mrs. 8mitb Curtis. 	
An old lady who  is a crank  on
Ml. .    II.  Ill  AHII
Millinery and Ladies' Furnishings. An
extra nice line -1 Silk, and I'rr.-e Lengths
at cost price.
Nu c W. Columbia Ave.   Rouland, 0. C.
Goon.—Hence, sirrah; Bring me
a whitewasher, dead or alive. Bring
him iu sections—any way, but
bring him to me.    Kxit policeman.
Goon.—To whitewash or not to
whitewash: that is the questioD.
Whether it is nobler in the flesh to
be eternally jumped on with hobnailed shoes, or take up arms
Hgniust a multitude of workiogmen.
s Is Not a Trust.
Tb* Standard Oil Company haa tiled
tie anawer to Ih* petition ol the attorney
general of the State ol Nebraska lo the
case brought under tb* anti-trust law to
restrain the company from transacting
business in the slate. The company in
it* anawer denies that it ia in any seme
* trust. It further snswers that under
the Nebraska statute, which make* the
entering ol * trust * misdemeanor, pun
and by opposing, fit them   pleuty?! ishable by (forfeiture ol the right to do
To win; to lose. Ayo, there's the
rub—   (Voice from the outside).
Voick—What ho, within!
Good.—What hobo is without!
Good.—Who's us?
Voice.—Ingramicus, It's cold
Good.—Without tho price, it is.
Ino.—A minstrel begs to sing
one of those songs that has charms
to soothe the savnge breast. It is
genuine for Ibe brand's blown in
the bottle.   I've seen the bottle.
Good.—Have you captured a
white, washer?
Good.--You can't neigh. You're
not that kind of a horse. Well, let
the minstrel in, then scour my dominion for a whitowasher. My
kingdom for a whitewashed
Enter minstrel singing,  "How d
business In the state, the company or its
agent must be oonvicted ol the misde
meanor before the penalty can be en
forced by civil action.
Murch Left Suddenly.
James Murch, Who baa been iu charge
of the Dominion dining rooms has disappeared from the city, leaving his creditors to mourn* couple ol hundred times
at a dollar a time. John Aslley, proprietor ol the Dominion, claim* hia loss
is $100. Murch left a note, saying he
would Bee bis creditor* later. He has
not been a member of (he Cooks and
Waiters' unloo since April, at which
time be was suspended. He hold the
office of secretary about two months.
ten told me tho other evening that
she had not been able to get a good
cup of tea since sho came to Ross-
land. I asked her where she bought
her tea. "Oh," said she, "I don't
remember the name of the place,
for I am not well acquainted here
yet." I asked her if sbe knew
where 0. M. Fox & Co's. grocery
was. Sho said she had hoard of it.
Then I told her—and you can't
fool an old lady about her tea—you
get your tea at Fox's aud you yvill
get fresh, fragrant tea that   is   tea.
Incidentally  I  told  her that she | For ,,ie ltrg(,st aml coolc,t 	
could get groceries, coffees, spices,
crockery, glassware and all those
things. I will guarantee that she
will givo O. M. Fox & Co. a call.
Imperial   Music  & Cigar Store.
out below cost.   Spokane street.
Kohinoor   Baths.
Ol-.N DAY AM! M'.lll
Medicated, Ses Sail, and Steam baths.
Private family bath rcoma and aboe
dressing parlor in connection. Male and
female attendants.
Corner Find Avenue ant) Waahtnalon .lirrt.
Oregon Restaurant
All kindsol   jme and poultry in season.
None but union b.lp employed.
Spokane Street, bet. Coluralii. aud Hirst Avenue.
Keep the Good Work Up.
Lee Pny, * Chinaman, aged 21 years,
was burled Wednesday afternoon 3
ll. F„ Smith carries everything in the
damns line.   No. 8 Washington street,
Frank Bvpher, a Northern Pacific en-
f:iuee:, of Tacoma, and wile, have been
n Ih. city for several days, the guests ot
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heitebue.
Msj ,tGeneral Hutton, commander-
in-chief ol the Canadian militia, is on
bis way to British Columbia to inspect
Ibe militia companies.
J. K, Clarke, tb. popular Washington
street Saddler, beg* leave to call your nt-
t ention to tbe fact that he ho* the finest
line of harness and saddles in the country.   Give him a call.
At tho Industrial World Job Office union mon Will do your work,
and the prices will bo tho lowest
consistcut with uiifoi, yvages.
And union Cigars call ut the
B. F. Plata A Co., Proprietors.
None but union labor employed.
iU Electric Mr,.
None but while help employed.    No-
tif.v us; wucull for and dcllvei all goods.
Columbia Avenue, near I'oMorlice.
Wanted Known
Thai you eah purchaat Patnc'a Celery Cow-
i-Miii-1   and Ilood'a Haraatiarllla at
fxt-ltle.   K
r i;a>-on a hi
Kvenrtriinff eUc Iti the drug lln
* inlet*,
THUS. KTOU f, Druggist,
fix-Provincial Constable Webb's test!-
6F.PTEMBEE   23,   isoo.
amineil the proposed sit es and selected   NEWS   ABOtJT   T!
the one   mentioned,   According to the ■ —_
same paper Mayor llootleVe is credited ,     BORX—To  Mr.   ami    Mm.* Gnttt
...onv  i.elo,„   .[.    ,,..,,.    i9|linMil; with ssyinn that "it would be very machWeib.es.lay, a.latigliter. 1
.loarly Indicated that the game cocks in nl1 rWsnol Intersst to recommsad
I'lilD.VVS   8i:ssu»N.
((.'tail'., • idTiain Plrst Page.)
noniiii! tin. tnleriintional were Informed
in time Hint there Was going to be a mill
uncle liv the polios on the iitro mid rou-
lette den. The only ntllclule supposed
to Iihvc knowledge of sui'li n raid ure the
polioe magistrate, chief ol police nnd the
sergeant.   Who gave lite snap affuy?
ibin avenitu
John Faletli has been appointed agent., conversation   with Dr.   Sinclair   or
I 'inn Stlill
fur a line of traue- Ailamii' steamers.
J. Bryden, M, I', for North  .Nanain
! wm in town this week, iin.l left lor  Vic-
the northeast corner ol (Join
mid St. I'aul   street, and Ml
l it would be to his Interest to  select the
northeast comer ol   Spikane street  audi
First avenue.' ' torio. Wedneoduy.
It Is not stated   where Mr.  Dsly get. '    Tha jj 1((|r. initiated seven new  mem-
olt With till "personal interest!.." Mayor   hers at the regular meeting,  in   rOagles'
(loodeve seems to lie  sub Itling his  per-   i„|| |Bflt Thursday evening.
A bread and milk poultice should |,.. j snnsl IntorMta a good deal ol late.    It      a. meeting ol the stationary engineers
applied to the skyward extreaiity of Hie, baa  lieeu   Biiggcsted   to   inn   tlmt if hs>. „( thocaniii will   beheld   at   llomliiion I ••"»' idgllt about 12 o'clock ami   nr-
editor ol the  Record.   It  might bring' k*BlM ol» Snorlftelng Ilia personal  ii,i«r-, hsill.ou Mouday evening next at « o'clock,  rested annul   nan ed   Jean.    Took
eiiH In, will be tempted at the end ol his I , ■     ,1 . .      ..:,:, i   i i     1
Arrangements are being made hv the ' nun down to jail,  and .loan   naked
tern, to ask for recompense in the shape       •■»"»■■*• »'«>»■««' »i»'k'"sun uy  ine j
ol» salary that he did not waul beforej Rn»u» K"",,,H|1 ,,,,,bo1 1{'' >1'""1,0 Pl»r ; l,lm U) B° ni"' 8|,,> Ml ■ k;l,,l> iil tl"'
be *aselected to oflloe. Grand, Foils about ihe middle of iwxt| Kfarimtlonal.     Saw    lvuue    and
anyone else on  file subject."
The witness l-stilietl thai be did
not remember having seen (lie chief
under the Influence of liquor,
J. Hampton was recalled  to the
stand by  Biirrlyt'or   MaorTelll,  and  free sample and glvd it a fair trial
testified thai he was going on duty   '" seiwou
Bulmer, Weill) & Co.,
Gl'boers, Produce and Commission Morcliunts.
Dealers in Fancy Groceries and Produce.
HONDI.       HONDI.      HONDI.
Ills lor llondi Tea, tho heat tea for the price on tlis market.    Call Slid jet
Fresh  Oysleisin   bulk.    Everything   else
him |,i a head simewhere, Iu his pre
sent disorganized condition be cannot
lind either end of himself after dtllk
Thursday evening an editorial appeared
In the Record, commencing, 'Tho in.
ve-eig uiiui into the n dice all mi will be
resumeil this evening, and twenty-three,
witnesses hsvu   bsSO   labpU'OSS I."    Il
about an hour afterwards tlio chii
Before Ibe Dominion parliament iuss- ;     The board of Irnde st its lust miitii g  sent for him and g.wo llilll II   I ilk
odlhe  bill   appropriating Sl.ri,000  lor n j acci-pled the resignation  of J. A. Smith
ie l.'i.U  buililing iii Ii ,—hoi ! at its last   now a resident ol Grand  Forks, and  1!
the first place that  was not true; tm>j silli,,*, the department tit   <>it*wa  seni   ('. Watetsnn.
editor of the Humeri   Itimw   ll   aot.   nni     Willi.l,u Henderson-if Victoria, its resi- ,    •             ,
iiiiioro, ine ueuiru   xne*   ,l   was   no,,; (/here will he two  games of  bar-chill
nti.l trii.ot. I Ie i,.. li 01 Iii.oum it,, h    11.-   ''eul ari'ltt ie>".   in   this   province, lo   ri- .      •'
ami irappei nunse,, in ntsnwn jaws,  nei                                          ■ Sunday.    In the morning  between  the
wrote j,„t •■.•.more line', and  uld, "Let. JOrtOn «   federal   building   general v  . ,.|er|tB „,„, jn  ,„,.,„„„„ y.,,.,.,,, the
then, take up the investigation In a busi    Mr. rhwdeNOO - in-lg in.nl was   hat Ilia   ^ ^ „ ^^ , t
n«s. way, and   bring  their  wUnes8es.,MUB1Pl"K  ''" I'"''   where the   Imperial |
First,   the subtly  illogical editor rants ' building stands was not sniinble f .r the
aboit  Ibe  alleged   anhi.e laing of  hi.federal bull ling site.   .V
' l.nir.l ol trade oommlltn
It v.   Father I,    Kau.tvre, psal-r
come,   the   the .Sacied Heart   ihurch  .1   Spokane, I Went part of the
which is,-in,,-   was in Ibe city Ibis week, and will spend   |llni.
in- to, The chief told him they
would have to stand by ono nu-
oilier, right or wrong.
Kdwiinl Donuhue. a Million keeper, said be bad seen   the chief  tin-
jih r the iiitliience   of  liquor,   The
,,(  chief citme   into bis   place, and   he
Ally   lioiuu   with
Epworlb league held s social Tlnm.In
Imaginary II wilnessc-; says n is a
Ions matter; then he asks, "Why in the
devil don't you bring in your witnesses',"
• >l .■.mi« • it does "look a* I hough the
nienibeis or the Tratlaa and LibJr c mn
ril were Iwing imposed on in order to
litis!/ Urn personal prejudice of a lew."
to tl.e editor ol the Record. Hut il lie
would tell the |MX>ple why be In ika at il
that way— ind tell Ibe Iriith—his editor
ial Job would drop from under him will.      I'll)' Engineer II. II.   Smilli   was   in-
Sdnll,stOksnhnj thad.   lie has been in   "trucud by the chy council   at Ibe   last
the nswspaper business in  It •sshiud a   " Uoi todiposll  Midi  Hie cby ibrk
few days, and already as'Uiues die right M dill, n>0|»»,  surveys, etc, made hv
to hlaae ihe (rail lor Hie Trade, a d   him in the intensis of Hie city, and nil
Labor oouncil.   That body of mm, c* ,<■  tool", supplies,  etc.. In   bis   posseesi „ .I tor Ibe last Ov* luonlhs and  who mar
Into  existence In-fore   be  and   several   ll '■ "nders oo I this anion wa.vfpi,1 to   rie.1 Mlas ftlflson, August  22at   A-.-t
pose.1  ol   two eonseivaiive'. with llieit : Lis vacation In the Kootenays.
tlic'aiion to the liberal  government that I
the l-iiii ':-.' i. ■ e,..,i, .I   -ln All in   a   hole'
In the gro ind.   It   i, a sample  of   gill I
that shoiiltl b, preserved   iu the government's cariosity cabinet.
X iwii transpires that Mr.  Donate
i—ilier   a   conservative,   liberal   nor  a
bin ml, subject, but an American citix-n.
Aid, C. 0. liilonde testified that
when    be   was   chairman   t'f   till)
evening   India   Me.hodi-t   church.    A ■ „ ,,.,. „,„„„„.„,   thoro woro   ,„,
snort hut |deasant prOSVSq)   was rentier. , .  ,   ,
idhyMtss Pound, TMI.  Oowm.i, and   V"":,U   «'',ch ho   would not  order
R. E. Pi, »man. paid.    l'i|iiai't gave   liiiii  one   for
Mrs. E.Sellon, ol Iavei,*ol, Nova |J"H M,!'P»w '""I he did mil do any
Scotia, hoi written lo Hie p-li e ainhor- "''"g '" tl* mutter as he was nol
iti.s far inlorn.aiinn regarding her -i.lt a police e.im„iisi.ioner. The sup-
ami, Norwood !>. Sllon. from whom she ' p|i, s be lel'u.-e.l to pny for iiinoiint
heard last at Calga.y, some s x monlhsL.| to ll dollar or liv,,'    lie and the
mayor concluded  to   pay il   thai
r" J,:-C."",,'.k'' "'.en'.H!-'1'., ,h* ",rm "f Iliim'',,(" '"il *&»• '''• ijii,'w >iwy
I did let live  \tty high   ill the jail,
I ul did not think   it   iicce-saiv   to
0. M. !•'• x A Co.,  who has Isa-n  iihruad !
thousand other people came to this ally,   peremptory dismissal.    I would like lo   Berkshire, Eug., has rulurue.1 will
It D not an Infant, and ii the Recoid is  *•» '"'* •»«*   Mr.^floiltli'a bill against | bri.le lo Roialaod.
liningloheawetnurse.il will have m,'•"> oll> f .r mining  over  these  lliirea
lac.U. something nearer its si/e.    "A-    "I11 "»•    T" •»   consislenl   Mr.   Hmllh
ii i. they arriving uxed at bah en.ls,"   ihouH ebatse  lhacily lor  Hie  line  u
takes lit iu to tie up bis   data ami uiher
tools.   Mr. Smith waa paid  |I0 iht day
lor serving  Iherltv.    Oil    Mi.   Sntllli's
bills against   the  city   lor   t.:-■■.-. . ,■
r-nv. the kid editor. Well, what of hT
"Aacltlsens, they eontribnte their <|aota
lo paying Iheeosls; aa niemlsira of the
Trad., and I iK.r council tbey do Ike
b k pny   for vegetables   for  prisoners
An iidjouriimeut was taken to '.H.-O
In police eonrl Thursday Jahn Divan, U. III. today,
i h.rgetl wilb being drunk nnd disorder i 	
ly.  was reprimanded    by  Ibgisirale]   Try one of 0. W. M tout A Oj'«. cam
Itoullbee, a. it wae his llrst oflense,   .1    hiuaii.in suit, ol l'.i,|.,wear.
I'  It •onev «a. lined |;."i and axpreosed
weie sllselicd ilemsol t'lexira- n rbaige
a williiigness  to pat several   miles   hu
is,en hlmssllsnd R ->.i.i i.
The circulation liar ot   the   Btrsnlngl
S. fl. Harrman.,
Leading Clothier and Men's Furnisher.
Stetson I Iats,
Shoes and Boots,
Ready Made Clothing.
(I.ll'TON niTI.DlNtl.
we— —      i      -  i      .——.,      , », —— . , ■■— i.aa,.—■...    .A      .       ■ t    ■»
Ruffner& McGnwigle
Spokane street Grocers.
Miitt-Ts' supplies, Fruits, Cigaraand Tubdccoa^stup'e
nml fancy (ir. e. riip, Etc:
Took Linburg's Horse.
Orders Solicited
Ard  P. livcrcd
Slephei |ll,'.sler liireti  a  bi.rsu st III*
I.- ll-! aiables IsitTneadav wnk,stall
wise."   What  of   mstl   There  ia not
enough soil soap in the Kw.-,i.    Sire Iu lt,r nl»1"»« onl h.a   bill.   I do n.il know
work up a lather ot love ou l be Trader low l„.| lent!) the eity engineer  male
and Labor council. sat his bills or how much Hie total of
  his eh ,rgi>  amonnli   to, hot   that   «ill
1 rememlwr the lime when Chiel lng- "'"ke a subject  lor   lurther  rommsnt. | veriising lalronage in the Eisl lllwcan
win nearly broke Ida neck and ptassiblv Verily, we have a   bn.ineai   ntu'a  ad-'•»"",   IVlOSlsnd.   Bonu-Utnoss clreuU-
illsloc'ed   his  ,,,.'.,■„,   ,„,,,.  running . mlnlstiatlnn.    The  cl-y  engineer  has  tlon liar has lo go laFnway  ft-u,  I, -., e  [ »*„**>' |" ,/'^. .'    , U,';,v ^
Re,o„l..no, an artistic liar,    lie .ays •l'" "'" •"""'•'«» l«'»"av we, k.nsi.og    tt      ((^^^ MA	
MSI  copies   were   sent K-st   H,e   0 r | ^."i""".1!!* U,'! V.!^!'.   "T"^!Tll i h   1 ! 'llilll 1 lOUSC
lie ought to work up a good sd
Canadian aitl Kentttcky
eiine link, and John l.iubiirg naturally
I became oiirasy. He commenced in ln<
I tesllfailun nu-hli oan hn-ik.   Mr, bin-
to, be polio* commlsiionera to demand *  'aid the Inundation lets prsnrdent. Mr.
"tborongb    iotesli-aliim."    Tbumlay   B,islne«.m n. alter Ibia when you make
night lie nearly had a apaam when  Bir  ,001 a bill, jolt lark a lev d-IU'B « »'r« I at ll
ri.ler MsoS.ill aakrJ him tnprol-imi: e  °« to.lrlra.  tho  •ap-.-ei.t   making  tl
boo* in whloh a reconl ol the r> p m* m ' «*t. Bv Sai.shitis.
patrolmen made lo him were kept.   II- . 	
Fir a Brat-class s lit g, loC.W. Mount
,o gel it, Ins deadly work.
s id lie ,,p«r   ll-s-litirg.  Wash., and re
t'lriitd   with   >,   lot    Sslin.Uy    night.
P i ei. weiu i,b>alued  for the missing
'•'"j4aj|""'* »'re.i. in' hi. wbereabtut. are
mem ^„ Knigl.i E,C. D-v„r ..I I -e>..r,a»ik.,..wn.   Mr  I. nhurg isoulcunsid
The i (lieers and meisteo -f  Ii .»    .raid,.
A rrctp'ion was held by |l,« Msmi
II I Allan in lu.no-..I V.
ri-.une.. Picture Frames.
land Prrcrptoiy, ol II atland Chapter
X . 122 sod oi Oorlalhlan I > ig, X . jr.
A. F. A A M. wre prosrnt. Mr. lUtlsa
will leave (or Nelson and K illo lo lav,
Insistsxl that il was In. private property,
and protested against the content. <-l -
being expuoed to the police oommisocin
ers. Tbia senel dossier of Ingram's »..»
or may not contain information bearing
.... iheeaer.   Al any rate it is evilem'    We cary ihe flnesi ami la-gest  line, ol
Inal   be  did   not  Intend that anyon- I PNnre Frames and  Fittings in   1; ,.-   Wellaoe, of the OBtb 1V1  latialioii, and
should see ll. (I Chid Ingram i. a. am    'and.    We en Irame an* klo I of a pid- JChsrlss L. WollSOe,   arrived in ibe rlly I
lu-etli.i you bare  will,   anv   kind of; Thoroday.
Itiiiil'tin   WliisKis.
SEM.EO UOOfM y spi.i I yl.TY.
Railroad and Mners'Checki Cashed.
Marry Mcintosh.
, ei. now lor a "Iborough lovesligati'i'i'
X. Olatke  Wallace ol Wnndbrklge,
Oht.,and Ida two sons, dpi. Thus. ti.
Mr.   yVsllsce ia   M. I'.   f..r
as he was a lew weeka ago, why 'HI hi   frame* that yon can think nl in a year
fly into * naosioo when requeued to alios   Wecarry aeimplele lineol lluew «»iol.. j0' lh*Orang»  order ol   llriii.b   I
lo Ihe iwlice commissioners any recir-i  Call and aee Ibe n at Cansinter * Cj.'s, , A ante*.   Iu politics be is a «on«
> |silice co,nuns.loners any
relaliug lolhe poli-e ilepiriinriil.' It is
a good thing lhal Ihe police commission-
era -at down on Ingram. This oecreey
hu.loess is nol relished by the public
Chial Ingram ia * public -III del. The
people are in Ibe niajirilv. and uules-
t wre ia obscene literal ire in that l-> ik 1
cinnot understand why any , ii/'-n i-
ii"' euliileil ti rend il Iron, cover lo
rover, lorwarda ami lui kward..
Wrsl York, and sev -r< ign grand master
N nil,
lime an I Sinner, hut «sy» lhal ll
IhS in' i- -I'llrc I be tliH-i  not waill
lo pr i.ei.t ■ II - ler.
R>memh*rihaiii,ef.ii,e,.' Tailoring t,l\Sl^R Ll^df btOf^
i.   rtlraeteslbs Mil, ti A,nit.    W.  J.
LingbeedckO,. I'AI'f HI1AW'Pruprhlor.
Th   heavy-weight rbampt ««hlp hat.   I'ornei t, biinbi., «ve.. tVsaldngton st
lie in-, an en Tom Sharkey end Jim J.-l  .*■	
Irle* will tak» p'aeeon 0 i .t.-r •.■;,  n.
. 0. D. Grocery,
nml Mi ul M.iiKct.
 H-a-tqiiirls-io lo -——
l(s, Vegotablps,
t»nf ctioiia iw
I'l h. Ov t- is.
i'oiilny ami Men s.
\,,. ,i., .i. ..ii,.
over Ii .loinioit Fiii
During Ihe progress ol ihe police in
re.iig.itinti a great deal has been ««t
a'-"it gelling al Ibe Itulb nl lb* ad.ir
and the drlnnse has made many ota-e
men,. |.. II,si i n el. Iti* nn.|oiib|...lli
a difllcull matter locmdiict snub an in
TH.i,galinn   according  lo
August Ctrlaon Dead.
August Ctrlson, a native ol Sweden,
died ol typVdd h»»r a' the S s,et>' I, •>•
piul alwit I o'clock Fri-Uy morning,
lie wa< * in imbar ol the miners' Union
and a r.s-eo, arrival in the camp. The
funeral wid be eoodoeted under the
an.pirwnf Ihe miners' union.
The funeral «|l| In. Inninrrnw at ll
a.m. from Ileal')'s under,akin- rooms,
R.v. Father Iraino! •'l.iieorgi '.chn-il,
olll i.ling Interment in I.nml lldl
Head-I ll.,- S3 .1.   Tin. «*. decided  on
nl a lie-'li'tg bell r.ie.div '..in .en IVil
bam  y   lit ,.|y anl T-tll tilt  t,,ke.wheii
ibelii-.i r-' m. in sera agreed  ,.i a  Ie* |
Tr.eSpekane  F«lt. A Noribern Tele jdsys'|«islponeinent.
Ltrspb c.-oipany competed Iu  line Inlo I
l.reenarstd Thursday evening,    hi a few    '        ~~
days the tine will he extended ir, Omiid i "A SUR1E IING"
| F.nk» and olher ,-mii.   In ,'hat vi. 'lii'y. I
The line was hu It iuio lireenwor.1 Iron,
Marcus.     The   nee   lor    inees.gei   lo'
(ireenw-wl I. the same as lhal lo RpQ
kane, 60cents lor Ihe llrst 10 words and
llnee renls lor tSth addillatial eord.
Messrs.   Onlr,   Winters and   Clalsin.
.,..i'..i; .aselhsCliniCKiT
R'..|.i.'l    Tt.1-). w -. „ t' .- , ..t , .,
• e. nre p-i-lnd m. h.ol. n 1- ibaiiatrl)   ■>»
..... ,. ti .,  ... anl '. if ■ t-
v it win leu, it hu,-   Ulasawafcgin*awajr
Pacific Tea Co.
To  Rent.
i ltd   bouse lo  rent on  Simkam-
council to collect an vxhihit ul It malainl
ores lor ihe   M|x,kane Fair, bare ah ml
completed   Ibe  eollecllon.    Specimen*!     'J\'""'!!i "Tt'"   '
For l.idi*,,nna Tailor   M.I.. Qowns. bSV* OSee  ohuine-l. ,»cked and Ml atl""V   i     ,'  i';.'".
rules ol evi    male to/ir.l.r br expeiienml workmen,  the 0«.e ol Mr. Orde  fr.m He I,   lb!,
dsnee1  that lawyer* know m well bo»   call at l.mgheed A C.'s. J.,.i-,   Xi.l,Xekvl   1'ialc,  Ctbimhii"
lo niggle and Sbonl  which  pubce coin Knnteny, War Eagle, Cenln
>.„,.;   giwt.1   I.
" "v'f Ctiiouibi* Ave, llosolond.
Jas. H. Lee,
N-1 and So. end hanilud
Dealer in llouaehold Supplbn.
First Avenue. V 0. Box s:li
First class Piirnlslied Konma, Bail-
r-.til and and Miners,
r  W. MAVltN, Pmp. Wa.hliiKl.>i M    N •■■''.
Man & liyi's Wood Yard
let   I   -' -     a-   1 \      ...   yte.
I.F.AVK , It >F-S A V:
I'aul     lln,'. .   I'at-itie    liar   IVnlre
Alar Hotel,  V   I'   It    II-'-1 ami al Ihe
ollicuof 11,0 lllduallld yy-ii.i.
s-iiiing ol iHKid pnui pfv attended to.
Fino Photogrnpha
b. Velrti.Si. Kb \Vl.ne U.»r, Eni
rrkasnl Kvening, Ev-iing Star, Iron
Mask,i!a*col_, Deer Park, Virgud^jCo-
AV bin-
nifsioners generally know lit,In.    It ,t II
ll i. the troth Ihe defense wants, if -
ha« ,o light for il.tl there is no leak likely      Are what von want.   Thev  are « hit
I-I*. .prting in the hattnm of il* granite Carpenter A Co. make.   II   yon  want I lonna, Onsey, firiliude. OTdl
formation, why are aoch  Hrenn-n- el rueh work  yon  will cone to   OS.   Weleoln.O.K. and Ihe l/lf Miv     Tho on,   sjislasarnsili    i
..,.,.. , , .   .-- . V    tdl,!<   ' Xo I < d I,'
tori, made lo exclude hearss) evidence claim an I vi.i.iniee to .In a. good work | wll lie shipp-tl lo Spokane at ones). I   r«IO,l. ki-.ik
-.•lore   an  rxanilnalinn   board?     Why as you can get in any  ci"y ol Ihe  Etst.j .
alr.,,11 irnlh ho resiraine-l from IbeHgBt sod better than elsewhere in R-sslsml, TJa   Ynn    Want   n    Pin     Tn
U.ptolllinlhatminncr?   Animp.nhn' „r m mei relr, I., I.   U.leryover  D-m      ■, j „ » .   .
wiinea* who would otb*r«i** is. „,, „„„„Kspjsss',m ■». largca ivrayon or Fortrajtl
.noun lo Ihe roninel might llni. Iw »e-' — """~~"
-ire.1, apparently irrelevant  testimony Work OH  the  Kingston C'fpent. r A i1.,. ran do you the lerst
might throw an entirely new   light on <""* in thi. line In the r .u-nry.   IVe.lo
Iho.ul.jwH.and  might aid in ob.aining     r„„,„   ,;„,,,, ,„„,„,„„,. Ihp St    tb.s work right hers   In  KolSlaed.   No
the l,o. (act. ih.t olherwise would not Charles hotel, le.ves llossland lor  r   w,"l,n« ""»"»*•   »o r,.k o   relnlei
hsdivulgsil.   There  has  leu, Ibr. ugh- ,.„k „„„,,.. .i,,, . ,..„  ,  „,     3"""   "hiabl. old   picluies.    bring   in
Cioiir d'Altne MM.
IS, ti ,1 Ul ir, cull »l Ih. Wa.hlllglan Mrc.t
htm ami CK-anine Works.
ssassiaoTos \ kouu,-.i.,.. ,■■. ,..
Open lla»  «,..! s.ilil. "i'''"t)
' I   t te„l   .-I   ||,   -i  i., ,..,.,,-..r .
Mialtttk.,.  f,    Kegal.r 1,111       rlt.iri.is  B*4  tl.eing  el   lathe,   .ml  p, if
noui cuan,. ii, ei. .ml p .-tiipft ,|..„r    Oauscial ,it-
Xn rl.MikaneSI     I *» ..al.... c-tn I,, lln.   I«l. I... .tnl.lti.  |..i„e,c>.
" lite . KM
Kootenay Cigar Co.
St. Charles Hotel.
Sl.ro a Day House.
(HltKF.X    M.NNF.R   SI'XT>.\Y.
X- lie but It,ion Help K iii-lov..l.
W ColanblB A.r . piM aitmmlOie IllnIT
Dominion IIo.cl,    Jc H^es,
The Popular Giocer,
Ftril fix., Luni its t'tti'i.
Special aecomaiudatl.m (, r -tilnrr. In; On' nmilh
Park - in.lav with * lull  lorOS ol men.
Development work will b« sisrled on Ibe
mil Ibis investigation a decided obstinacy   shown   against     admitting    an). Kjn(t,u
thing   oiribe sort.    From   a   lawyer's o(g,|en,.   The leilge is'two leet  «,le,
standpoint   il   is    propsr.     From   the „,,,, -fMvi ^w (H)f ,„„,„„, lh>. j,.,,;,.,
s,smlp..iutol the defense ii may be the lions pjint l.» the miking ol a mine.
safest thuig  to do.   Tho sum and snle ______
your or- is.  They w,n rooslveoar best
attention. Over I),,minion Kxprits office.
•lanro ol the average lawyer's legal
rreed is lo keep an opponent Iron, hurt
big his side ol the case. Rut Ihe in
.tan. e. are so numerous lhal the people
know well bow Irequenllv justice ll
ripptd up the bs.'k by a ehread lawyer.
The only tailoring house in  It, C. lhal
See lie Hats at CJ. W. Mount A Co'*.
Church   Services  Tomorrow
insl class metis and Service.
RatOS  15.00 per week.
J'.MIUI MCPCII   .. H,,,n,.|.,
have experienced l.idics' Tailors in their S1-  9S"fgB,e   'Jnurrh,   on   Earl   nnd
employ is l.onghied A Co. Kootenay streets.   Set vice* al *:30a m.,
ill a.m.   raid   7 :30 p.m.    Sun,ley N himl
Do You Want a Kodak or a " •*»*•
Hand  Cimornl Th* Ketbodlil Ohorsb, Wsshlngtoe
• Iresl, lie irge II. Mnnlen, I'a.lor.    Her-
Osrpsntera I'■>. carry  *  fall  line of vice* at II a m. and 7:30 pm.   Sild.alh
Ihein.     We also carrv   everything   in School and Bible Class at 2:30 p.m.   Eie
edhyth.ho.r,l0f  trad, lo  reenmrn-nd   .„,.,e„r „„,p,ip, ,h„  ,.„,   bs SWOtOS.   wtalb LsSgOS ol O.B., M lay a. S p m.
,h.lmr.r:»!H,9k and .d; lining I-,., on   yVc ,!fJ ,lo  .,evel„p,ng   and   ft,-long   Prayer Meeting,  «VI,„ /„ 8    ,m,
be-all WMbmtioastreet si ha proper Blsii»eJ|iUissf*ramtisoif, 0,11 sod HerslMj snh,«k "Phs Qlfi   of las
litororibsno* l«d*fal isullJiag.   The m «r axwls si car gallerj   .,. i rmla< Knewa.'
MiserMyttbliceaailtli bsnlany <x- MnStprsisolBts, sense.
•^Sii Aee., net, d.ior ,t, 1^'oii.le'..
Fine Porcelain Tulis.
CortHiSsf ni'l  \ ■> mn anil l.lnnsln hti» * I
*.n  I" Till o
10. K. BAKERY,
em yoitr Fre.lt nte.itl. Pie. n tl Cakf a.
A  J  SIIIHI.HV. frop r* ,'lr.l Aeen-
K-mMI.Iiel In Hi..:.ml. Ii C in ,v<
WM   K   llllTTV,
Te'i phone N,t    >,
Ht.e:. n.e l-'lr-l A.rnnean'l li.v.. siretl
The Alliambra.
Bttt. bz.
'all ind  all 5c.
Mersrs. Msly, Ptinn and ifAo-lerr  are
Ihe members ol lliecpmtnitlee appoint-
IKt, fc IIIMkV
c.o To TIIK
Pata Shaving Parlors
POf Hie lw»t slia\f in Uu- rilv
s   H. I1MON, I't-p , N.i
R.ith* tn cvitimc-
Kti-iiior slilijcet, "ftbipibapfl
Tli^ Siiroioii Hotel pawel$&chambers
■>1   M-\Vf|'. |    Wliolinale^ilrcloil  .ItfiUM |,(  NlnK  OHf.
VtrnUhei Hnieiic*. Wail Piutoh ami raiiiUfV
(Hi . \   .  v.. i-'C rViMljeri     eMittSicls tr,n.r,, r„t  l*p* hauKlni
nnd   ilifMAtinii      *)lTi<i    nml    ilon    I'nnifU n
rfraiH • kji iif| tMcri office.
Kossland IIoicl.
Fine  Whiskies  and    Imported   ("i-ars.
Jerry Spillinau. I'roprhlor.
t'ornef Spokane St., nml Cobfmbia Aw.
L. SET\Ey,
Bnols ahd ShneS nlade to order
pairs neatly done.
I ir.t avc, twotloOts froih Wrrfhitjjlon.


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