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Industrial World Oct 6, 1900

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Array -£ '
Vol. 2, No. ii.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trad^Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. M.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kinds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
i i%*******a9*9999*9\*****%9*9i%ti9o*a9*a*aaa*******.*jni.
trusses ?!!!
Yesja lull
,: Choicest Liquors & Cigars j
T. 1. morrow, ii
Th, iiiunin :
The New
See Our New
Fall Stock of
1 ■ilka' and
Child ren'.tt
Four Hundred Feet Beneath the Surface
of the Earth he Accepts the
The Heat Oradei at
Popular Prlcca      „ -
W.F. McNeill
NEXT HOOK TO I'i IS 11 llll .1*.
*94**i*****4****4******\ <
i The Strand
< 1
! I The Most Elegant and
;; Luxuriously - Fitted
: !     Bar in Canada. : : :
The Independent  Labor   Party In   Convention at Nelson, Last Thursday
Evening Nominated
A Fine Line ol tbe
. School   Shoes.
The long jollv vacation is nearlv at an and, aad the boye and girli will need
ehool shoes.   Bring Ibem here.   We .... Hi tba boiy  leet  witb lootwear that le
naile to «tan.I the ilraio.   ll li not lux I. priced iboai, nothing Dimly.    Th. Ml
[ tei ol its durability ii really nu secret at all, tba eboae are made ol|leiil.er, res
atber, aod pot together Iur koepo.
O. Lalonde,   Thc Reliable Shoe Dealer.
Is busy all day and every day making prompt
delivery of
Morrison & Bryenton
Fancy Groceries, Canned Goods, Potted Meats and Fish,
Preserves and Marmalades, Pickles, Chow Chow and
Catsup, Fruits and Produce, as well as a Full Stock of
Staple Groceries and Provisions.   Goods delivered free.
East Columbia Avenue, RossLind.'.B. C
[in****-i ...___.
* to wise people Do you
bny here? If you have
uot been doing so here
are a few things that will
tempt you to our doors,
or to your telephone, aod
will help you in preparing breakfast:
Germia, Breakfast 1-ood,
Self Rising Buchwhcat
Flour, Shredded Whole
Wheat Biscuits.
To   Make  the   Race  for  the   Dominion
House of Parliament—Convention Notes.
In a drift on the 400 foot level of the Centre Star miue, standitig beside his machine
drill, chuck wrench in hand, Chris Foley was notified of his nomination by the Labor convention. Clothed in a suit of overalls, bespattered and besmeared with mud, the scene
away down in the mine dimly lighted by a couple of candles, Mr. Foley received thc men
sent to notify him of his selection by a convention of his fellow workers to make the race
lor the commons in their interests. Thinking deeply, while the committee explained that
it was deemed necessary by the representatives of the labor organizations that he take up
the task of leading the labor hosts to victory, simply and quietly he replied, "If they
want me I will accept " With these words, and an assurance to the committee that labor
would win, he turned to his maehine, to continue his work, while the committee hastened
to the surface, and the word that the Labor party had a candidate in the field was flashed
over the wires to thc convention.
Our Business
Clothe People.
Dress Shoes,
Miners' Shoes
Oil Clothing,
Dress Suits,
Night Robes,
lis Good as lite Best"
Washington Street
Cleaning and Dyeing Works.
0|ijioailf Mailtti flux.
I can rlian Ol due anything in la-lira' and
ger-ilemm'* treat iUvr mr .. rail and Iw
BMVfMN Thr lal'»l im|m »rd mat hm
• ti and t'tTK-e*a*** enah'r mr lugiiftiantr-r
II - prmnpi 'liln.rvM all nutria Wotkwlll
I*railed lot and deli- ettdto any nddfr**a
Get iheir rrtarrtptiao* Filled
by the
Rossland Drug \
: Cotnpaitiy :
'   A lull Linen! Krr.ythin, In Out Une
Hire I* a Call.
j loasnaii limn mi B araoao,llgr. .
r   ' tt-nl Is Are., neat In lion Ton,
aat-M-KI »-*-*" ' '    999**99*9
Wm .oa best band mads miner's boots,
ti !• Afoew a Ok.   Prices riafA.
At    1(1   o'clock   last    We.liie.aUiy   m.it ti-
ina  .lames   Willis,   president   of  the  district oM-orintion  W.  K. Til., called to order   the   ili-li-siiita   .t--.-iiil.il*.I   under   thr
call  Inr a convention to determine whsA
.nurse  Inltor  sbnulil  pursue  in   the  coming Kcdcrnl election., wliirh had tieen issued  by  lhe executive of  (I.e BMonsllon.
Mr.    Wilkt.     wsa     . l...-.-n     tetn|Kirai-y
chairman   of   Ihe   convention,   while   A.
I'.    I Inmipwin   nf   the   Intln-in.il   World.
] wss I he choice for secretary.    The chair-
1 nun   then   rend   (lie   cull   list  rxplaint-1
ithe   pmitson   Hie  exeriitive  isnipicd     in
the  matter.
'I I.e lllwt Imsine-* In osne up waa Ihe
appointment nl a commit lee nn credential*,   by   the  chair,  as  folios-*.:
A. IX Thom|>on, i:.--'and: l\ A. Mar-
Ksy, ..*l*«.!i W. .1. Hugh.*.. Ymir: •!
Id...1.1..11.     HUvartoni     Per.-.-    JohnatOB,
Handoai   11.  11.  ihm.sk, Uojrte, c   W.
I Wi'-san.   flfOOIIWOod
1 lhe isinvenlion then a.linnrne.1 till I
I nVlnck In enable Ihe cmmHlee to examine  the i-redenlial*  presented  It. them.
i-..niii*iiv ai  1 n'liitii. tl... muiantlan
rr.T»ciilldol. nnd the e.111111. ill. s- "ti
c.-clcnttal* repnrted -Kl il.-least.-a pre*
en!,  villi  nine  |in>-!ic», ns billows:
I.ilsuer-'    I until   (Jenrgc     I'tiync.     (V
Il.rl.ci-.'   I nion    I    11.   Mall.rw.on.
i'..u.ters'  i'n.....   Walter  Ku.
IMoUagran1   Vvkm  John   Ktl..*r.
I'la-lereps'    Union   ('.    Aniler*on.
tailor*-    I'tiinn    I'I...ma-   Ooooh.
I'I.miliers"    Union   Thomas   MoKonric.
Iiiiiiti*     I nmii    I liinna.   MeKenrie.
Miners' I nion Kl.tii-.nl T lUcwc-H.
I'l.arles   MacKsy.   .lamcia   Willis.
Iradns (Viiinnl (' •!. Clayton, Mm.
McChee,   It.   lt.tMn.nn.
( ..i*i«*n(eis'    I H1..II    Met.   Murray.
Miners" I'nion A C. TboOipann, .!. 1
ll.iinl.    ("lin   Ilerrnltin.   .lame-.   lVvine.
Labor Uub—Thmna* Tlmwniee.
M-It.ililiV    I .......    I).    Mrl>.ll|t._l
'trades IVnin.il Itnpcrt llnlmnr, .lobn
Mrlsireii.   A.   I'its.
C.»,k. and Waiti!*." t'ni-n -I, K
C..r|s..(ers- I'nmn IV !<• MDonald
Knbert   Inches.
I'rwmicn'!   Union   F.   E.   MscOinu!.
t Ireenwood.
Typographical   I'nmn-.lame.   Klli..
t'ar|K*ntera*   I'nion—W.   .1.   Kirkwooil.
I i.i.I.**   Iihiii.i1- Oniric.   Wilson.
tSindon     Mmen*'     rni-.n    I'en y     W.
•I'llin-Son,   '1'homaa   Dully.
KiitiiH-rl.-v .liim*..' Uninn— Ham
Movie   Miners'   I'nion—IT.   II.   Onwrk.
SIih-aii City Miners' Vnion—.1. V.
.New llenver Miner.' I tii.it. II. .T.
s.lv.Tton Miners' I'nion—dow-ph Bran*
Whitewater Minera' l'ninn-sl. I. M.
Ymir   Miners'   I'nion*W.   .1.   ITugl - -
Ka.lo    Miner*'    I n.»>ii- -Uunnan     Mn-
and   Hie  InHim mg  p-mxies*
.1. .1. McDunnld, one for Whitewater
Miners'  I nion.
II II.   Units l>.  one  for  Moyie  Miner*'
Iliarles W'.lsnn, two Inr IWoindarv
Trades .tn.l Isilsir I'.iunt-il met nne for
tlie  (.rocnwitisl   It.i-i.*.*.'   I'nii.ii
.lame* W. Kllis. nne for (Ireenwis.d
llel.iil Clerks.
'lames llevine, one fnr 7tn*aland Tail
ot*.'   I'nion.
I'errv  tlohniton,  one   for  San.lnn  Min*
ers'   I'nion.
ill-......-  Ihilly. ..lie for Sandon Minens'
On motion these delegate* were seal
eil  nnd  the pmxir. allowed.
The  leniptir.-iry    ortmni/ali^n   wa*   now
mniie permanent,   «u-i  Tlimuas Brown-
lee, Itiis.land. (Ma ele.le.1 vieecliuir
Communiralinns fistm several nnmn*
wliirh tailed tn .end n-presentslii c.
Wan tentl, antl a ilc.patrli fisim Alfred
I'.tti*. Y'.titr, eipmsdng Iii. regret for It.
Illinviii.lablr   absence.
Tln.miu. Biwenlll Of Tt.*.*land. then
lireil lln* ln-1 inm. Illd n big "i.e
it was. He IBOled lliil tin* i*'.!iventi..n
I uni it«elf into n |trrmnnent organi?*-.
limi   (,,   lie   knnivti   Ihd   'III.*!  (!.-•   M*
pendent i«t«r I'nriv "f liriiish Ma
inn. hnkwissi ..i Qreeniroodi maud'
, I 'Hii. -darlcl a lively oWtmoMB,
and  llu-  motion  invvailed.
Ihc   MCNlail   of   Uia   uinieiition   wa! |
tiiitlioniEld lo give mil tn the prea. only
what he deemed .ulvmiblt* N„ other
•■ '>!  "I  Hie pise-i-eding al.ould appear.
Uilaon   nf   OraaBWO—|     *wsindisl    br
Kill, nf  llteenw.ssl.  nffered  a   reaolutini,
do-taring it  unw.se tn ii.mn.i .t,* a can.li-
date   to   ,011I..1    -i.ilr Mml.si     in     (he
inliiesla    ol     the     11,. I. *-).. ... I. * a       f***Jac
I'arly.     A     kmg     <!*isiiis~.>n     fnllownl.
Whin  it   I.,..me evident  that the mnte.i*
Hon mi. ainuM  tn...t.iiti..iij.>i   in laror of
.........i.iiniK a candidate. Th.**e who were
Intiraatad ... ~ssihng lite imminalion
of a i.tliilitlnlf l.ns.H.e.1 easier, nnd let
tilings gn. Tliimii"..ii moved Ihat Ihe
rlailap of the !••■*,.lull.,n deelsmig
i.-iii.-i a ti.s-ntti.ii.i.ii ur strink mil.
I III.   t*a»   earned   n|,  a   shnw  nf   hands
lltirrtdiin   mnvi.l.   -.. aadad   bv   Itattd,
Hint   the rnni.iitit...   io...*.:   t iiunal.
a  randidair lo mnl.-M   Y..l.-1'anls..   lie-
llevtng   Hull   the   ipic.fi,m   ah.Sll.I   Is-   .|-s
...s*.*l      li.s.t   every     |.a-«.l.'t.    ia„ni   nt
view,  and   that tr**T)  oplnloa  -liiuihl  I*
taken    ..it..   ........I. mli.hi.      Hn*   i|iin4it.n
na. imt ptewwil. and mu.-li lst.ln.le a-.ts.
tftli'l.   thr   s|s-akets.      A.   nil.'   >!e]e0-ite   IW
in nki.I. il a.i. ItHler In Is- iti i.invention a week and Is- ngl.l Hun f.s* mily
nne day and I* wt....g Ai (I ... Inch tl.e
delstle  -aim ailantinteil  i.l!  >i
ll.e    ellisl.    ..(    (he    di-s Inai....    WM    to
...ii.in.e every .|..ul>l...g ami utiiti-dnia-t.
.*.I tli-tt'istte nf Ibe adi-tiMl il.ti *-l making
n nonnnnlion, as Hie result of the IQH
i.ill  sl.t.weil.
At |(i:ii the in.vi.a.* ijnaallon was
nmve.1 and a r*dl . nl| M llll id Tlie vole
was 1(1 fnr Uie restjiitinn a.i-l 10 again-d.
I hn-.* iittttig .14-stn.l lii.l been inslsllet-
eil   ...  In  tht.
Thi.mtwm Innk Hie fl—.r Md «tAl*irt
Hull it nsnild ve v, rv nntii-e In phu-e a
rattdlilate in nmnin-.t •*■.> 1 .-..re a plsl-
Ittrm had lusii Ilhpled !-.r l.im In
• (.nul mi lh'« .... WM ."nrurrol in
anil   mt   mnlm..   (bi*   MleaHng   |tlatfoi*m
commHIaa wan ippolnladi \ p.
ThomfMin, i-haimaini IIbiti White, t
v    Prorhinee,    i..i.n  Melawen,    t.inie.
Within   nn   lm.ii*    Hi. had
...itii,li*lrt| it. s.-».ik aud i<*i«>rt-d TY.O
ptatfOIW    tl-e.snmel.lisl    tnttsiltsl    of      13
l.lnnk. Ilus report was adopted awl
Hie     plaWnrm       enn*lere.l     rlau«e    by
(lYtlll.niieil   nt.    Page   4 ) THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
SATURDAY       October 6,   1B00
The Industrial World.
|j  '      , \   Bcnrir-weekly   Kdition.
Published at the Miner1! Union Ball,
llosaliind, in the interest of organized
labor  in  liritisb  Uolumbis.
Entered   at   the   Ronland,  B.   0.,  poatoffiee   for   transmiamon  ithrough   the
I    mails, iNovcmbcr, 1899, sa scoond-clas!
i    reading matter.
IA.  U.  Thompson,  Wditor  and  Manager.
Office   at  Miner's   Union  Hall.
Tayable Invariably  in Advance.
One year      P 00
biz months          * -5
(Three monthi          75
Addreu all communications to thc Industrial World, Poatoffiee Box 558,
Rossland,  B.  C.
The Industrial World      for Bale at the
followmg   newa   depo   .
Simpson's   News  -nand.
H.   S.   Wallace'!  Stationery   Store.
|      Linton Bros.
P. 0.   News Stand.
llarr a   Cigar   Store.
Canada Book ft   Drug Store.
HciUe   llroa
King 4 Co.
Becretariei of all unions sre suthoru-
ed to receive subscriptions for the
I m,0,4*9***9****••**—***** Choice   creamery   butter   received   reg-
♦ T ularly   -rom   thc    Red     River     Valley
♦ World   Of   LaDOr ? Creamery, Manitoba, by Agnew ft Co.
\ ***************** a********** ■»** Qood labe| printing at Stunden Print-
I    Another  linn   in   the  New York  cigar ing company.
iiuinutnc.tiirera'  combine broke away  unit *
conceded   ilie   union's   demands. Smoke   Crown    tirant     Cigan.    lllue
A   |13,000,tlt)0   starch     trust   haa   been label.
luimilii-il   in   Now   York,   and   the   C-nn- ——*      "    —7    *~
adieu   stove   manufacturer!   arc   oombin-, Something to Talk  About.
SATURDAY,  (KH\  6,   1900.
An   A|»logy.
(living lo the hot that tlie editor of
-the World returned from Nelaon late
in thc week, utterly wurn out anil ill,
the World1 is onediiy Uie, and is not
up   to   ita.   usii.d   .Milliard.   Amends   mil
lu* made In tha future.
The  lti-iti.-li  delegation  to the World s
Labor oongnNi   at  Pin* »(!X*' wi"*.
will press a plan for the formation of
an organic Inlernntional Social l)«no-
cralic l"arty. The resolution will be
one of the most imi«wiant to tie considered.
I At this year's llritiali Tmdc Union
Congress tlie pre-si.lent of the sessions
wns ngain n Socialist. Democrat, whore
n.lilres- a! Hn- opening i» deaerila*<l un
having struck tbe key nolc of in.lui.tn.il
emancipation. Aocotdtm to l-onooo
justice the chairman "lw.i a clear «™*i>
of the w.-eul.li.' side of Soculisni and
regnr.l.sl    il   Irom     thl     econoinic    and
evolutionary   ilandpolnl    tatJhtr   th""
from the merely sentimental or MHO*
tional   sub*.     He   ably   traced   the  .level*
opmenl ol Kwlety to thi evolution of
economic foren ind showed thai the
cnlloclivc ownership of UM nit-all. nf
production ...u«t be the Invitahle outcome of tl.e growth of rapitnlial mono-
I poly, ciiniliiii.itiiin nnd Inn**." 'Ilie
congre* condemned lhe war in South
Africa and the dcwtnietinn of Ihe republic-Cleveland   ntir.cn.
At the convention of (he International Aiwocinlion of Slenm Kngineera in
New Yort it naa reported thai th"
American Tin Plate Tnr-I is giving evidence Of making" wnr nn Ihe nrganirji-
tion. having threatened to lock out sll
ene-neei-s in Imliann prints unlesa they
withdraw   from   tlie   union.
'lake oil your lint*, to Ihe hi-ewrrv
workers once more. Al their national
convention in Detroit. laM week. ihev
declared in favor nf snismrting IM«
and llarriman by Ihe signilicanl vote
of 99  to  1.1.
The grew! strike of the woodworker,
for sn eight-hour dav r» once more affording sn necaaion where the capital*
lata can riispaly their claaa-eonackuisnesa.
Not only liave tlie employers lianded
together, hut the contractor, and lhn*e
linn, ftn in-*!.ing material have done
likewiae anil are proffering Iheir aid lo
the   tw-aac*   who   are   tigliling  the   union.
An invention of Ihe utmost importance, and one which promise, to rem-
lutire the mnnufni-turc of Iwaa. easting*,
has been iierfoctcd bv a Detroit man.
The importance of this invention may
be judged from Ihe fact Uiat twn men
nre able lo do the work of IT. and an
nverage saving i. effected of 1*0 per
ton. or about  7* per cent.
Those f'-'l.iKl suit! for 113.50 !nd 917.29
iuit! for $10.75 at Holstead ft. Wright's.
Morris k Crow eell high-olssi label
cigars. Their Cuban cigara all bear the
Spanish union label.   Try one.
Erie, Pa.
National Now Era,  3pri:.gfiela, Ohl..
The People's Paper, Santa Barbara,
The Eagle night, Qresm-p, Ky.
Nebraska Socialise, IM.. 1': Chicago
itreet, Omaha, Neb.
High or low cut ahoes, but only high
quality ut McNeilli'i,
Wc nell good clothing chesii, but will
not Bell cheap clothing. Holitead ft
American  Federation of I*ahor  Platform.
1. Compulsory education.
2. Direct legislation, through the initiative and referendum. •
.1. A legal work day of not more than
eight hours.
4. Sanitary inspection ot workshop,
mine and home.
6. inability of employer! lor injury
to health, body or life.
0. The abolition of thc contract system
in all public work!.
7. The abolition of the sweating iyi-
I   8.   The municipal ownership of    itreet
can, waterworks, gas ind electric plants
I for the public distribution of light, heit
snd power.
I   t.   The natiomliistion of the telegraph,
telephone, railroad! ind minei.
| 10. The abolition of the monopoly ijra-
tem of land holding and substitution
therefor i title of occupancy and use only.
II. Repeal of conipirai-y and penal
lawi atfecting leimcn and other workmen incorporated in thc federal and itate
laws of the United St.it.**.
1J. The abolition of the monopoly
privileges of issuing money ind lubatitut-
ing therefor a lystem ot direct isiuince
to and by the people.
..Electric Laundry,,
You do not have to patronize
Chinese Laundriei.
Oood Work,
Reasonable Price*.
T. W. GRAHAM, Proprietor, i
•* ••^i^^*s>^S>^■^i>^-^S-**3aJ^J^y^e*v$s
Washington St.
Hays Id Willi..n. I'roptlelora.
t ,    An. Tin: Dklicicisi or rua Skasok.
The Labor linaotu* will puhMi
Irom time lo tune atatistica as to tlie
rates of wages in different trades bom
all pnrta of the Dominion. It is intend
eil  t.i  giithcr  uiionmtion   in  regard   to
u.igi-s trniii reliable i.nirti'1 where.cr
jsjamblc. and. when- the data is autli-
ncnlly ciitnplolc, l.i rkuaiily and win-
pile   in   sUiliMticid   tablaa  the ligures  oli-
i.ii.itti Information a» to current
TMcs, changes in rule*, etc., etc.. will
be an iui|Hirtunl ii-_lurr of Uie return.
Kill in by tin- local eorn-apondfata of
thc (iii/.cHc. Ia.it Una journal will avail
• tacit ot .i* many sources aa puaaiblc to
secure act-unite .u-cimn-U on such mat
. The present l-aur ennuina a large
number .it schedules giving rates of
wages lor ditlcreiil classes nf lals.r in
the   building   trades.     Tl.eae     *. h.-dui.-s
have   bean   i-arelully ^prepared   in   con-
Motion with the "im  wafe" ...mill.in-
which  an   in-cited   ill   the  contracts  for
go......in..i.t   work, ..nd  are a g*ssl  ni.li*x
to Hie rules ..| ii-.tg*-*** t urrenl in tbl
trade lm* Hi.* loeaJitin to which the)
It    WlH   l»<   ..l-scrv.-tl     that   Hie   lal.le**
slum-   a   .'t...*iiti*r.Uil..   t.i. i.ti..-ti   m     the
rale,  oumnl   iii   il.tl.-i.nl   pnrta nf    the
Don...ii.hi       This   -ail.    tn   be   e\|Hs*lisl.
and  the  l.g.iic*  indit-.it.* Hie imininal, nr
money   wage.   imt.   what   i* termed,   tin*
real   wage.  >.  c..  Hie  amount  nf t*.t.......
ditic-   pun h .**.Mr   iur   the   sum   innu
in order i.imt itatlitlaa snoii .t. thaea
may have their lull value, the Qaaette
will nek  in rapptamenl  Eton* Una   to
tame mi..iiii.ii ..n aa tu lhe wagis*. with
flop, iiial ligiire- us to Uie m-lail prion
of . "iniii. ..Iii it-.. Imuse rettta. elc. eti .
ami such iiiiii.. generally, as are nt timet
mi|s.i linn g iii the luidip-l ot n.ilk.ng
I he   St    Ijmim     I ra.li-s    md     Labor
I mini,   a   central   I.sli   that     has     juat
passe.!   through   a   terrific  clai".  alrugRlr.
is  di-wiwsing   the   .pieslion   nf    acn.li.ig
out   an   address   to  organ.nsl   lals.r  set
ting   lorlji   the   industrial   situation    and
advising   all   trade     ......ini-Sa   to   strike
agnin«t Hie whole k-npitaJi*a ..stem by
working and v..|.ng for the randidatea
nt Hie S.«*ial Dcmm-i-atii- I'atly, Drhs
nnd   llsrrinisn.
lhe railroad liremen ire growling became in.mm...Hi engine Uiat are nnw
licing ii«ed nre an hard In lire that they
nearly kill tl..- men who are ..*•**.giu**!
lo them. These MM engine- do a hi He
more than tWM lhe work with the
same crew tlmt the engine, tint ten
i.il- agn. S. nam of the tinmen, al
leat. have Im-cii relieved from this ter-
rilMe hard wnrk. lhe Chn-ngn Workers'
Call CI1S..IC. the remainder wilh the
•t.ii.-mcnl thai "an apparatus for
mechanical llnng i. licing e«|ienmciitcl
"llll nu the llnsaii-eake A llinn. *>. Ili.it
they nan all lake a inflation in the near
I lie s.i|ervi.nts of the city snd county
.-f ...n l-ranr.-Msi, Csl.. have paawd sn
or.liiui.ee rerfuttng the hour, ol Isbor
from  10 to 13 in thr laundries   at that;
Papcn   lost Should  lie  Resd.
We would be pleased to have every-
body read thc Industrial World, but i
jyou feel diapoaed to uo so, we want yoi
{to read some other good socishat psper.
ilm* ii a lilt you can choose Irom with
the certainty of getting aomctbing good:
1   Appeal to Reason, Uirard, Kansas.
I rc,*,i.un.  Equality,  VI ash.
Social   Democratic   Herald,    126  Washington itreet, Chic-go, J'l.
Coming Nation, Km.in. Wate Co., Ga.
Class Struggle, San .rancisco, Chi., 117
Turk street.
Social  Ooipel, South Jamnport.  N.Y.
*l*hc   Farmers  Review, jionbim, Texas.
Co-operator,  Hurl. v.   t,am.
Living bran, Salt   i_kc   City,   Utah,
.62  1.' Richards stmt.
Cntic. Rich Hill, Mo.
The People'i teas, Alhiny, Oregon.
Th.-   Haverhill    Sou.I    Democrat,    23
I Washington slrnt, llav.Thill, Man.
1   Tlie Toiler. Terra Haute, Ind.
j   The  Social   forum,    iumm  341   I mij
Building, Chicago, HI.
I   Light of Truth.   305**01  North  Front
itreet, ( oluml.u... Ohio.
j   The Altruiit, 2711 rianklin avenue. St.
Louie, Mo.
Hot and Cold Lunches
The Place to gel the Heal Meal in the CIH
Piompt Sclvlca.
Meali'.'.'. Oenti and Up.
j : .... ; ....;.; ;;...: .-..-.-., :-„
«.. ._^. . . . .;..;,. ...rr^s>J>.
Linton Bros.
P. Burns & Co.
!   *
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL MARKETS-Ronland, Trail, Nelion, Ymir, Kailo, Sandon,
New Denver, Silverton, Cascade Olty, Grand Fork!, Gre-nwood,
Phoenix, Midway, Camp MoKinney, Revelstoke,
Ferguson and Vancouver.
Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds ..
WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch.
To know  that  while  our autumn sale continues you
can buy men's clothing as follows :
Finely Tailored Suits
Were $16.75, now $12.50;   were $12.00, now $8.50;
were $14.25, now $u 00.
Underwear,  Canadian and Imported Wool.
Reduced to $1 00, $1.25. $1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.50
$4.50, $5.00, $7 00; Cotton, per suit, 50c.
Shirts    Were $1.50,  uow $1.00; were  $1.00,  now 50c
-    Other Lines at 25c, 35c, 50c, and up.
Shoes, Kanj,roo.   Were $4.75, now $3.75 I *5-50 *--*-d
•^_ now $4.25;  $6.00 kind now   $5.00;
$3.50   kind now $2.50.   Heavy digging shoes  reduced to
$1.00, these sold at $2.50.
Books, Stationery, Toys, ; |
Fancy Goods, Office&    ||
School Supplies.
II Linton Bros, jj
No. 36 Columbia Avenue.
The Central.
Just See Our Prices.
p are.      I his
and  gi'l.
will   hi-nrlit    2.000   women
Some of Ine linn   have   own   entirely
■*a(.«!v the most laatidiotta taste.
ilen"i Tweed. Serge ind  Vco.lian Cloth
•31 OO suit for     $1.1 .Tsl
117.2."  suit  for     110.7"
*lfbO suits for   flOJ.1
I1.1M suit for    tlo.W
tl 23 suit for   Ill no
111 hj rait lor     |TJ)
II00O suit for     $ tits
tliM  rait  lor        o.~0
Our overcoats go it thc nnw reduced
hv closed out.
cuosed oat, bat are have enough left to
113.73 nit for     19M
li.'.'-o suit for   llono
in: so iuit  lor     Iio >.
li •!.'  Tweed  and  Serge  BuiU.
»i .'.*. rait for   1-2.30
tf.'b rait for    M *'"
«*'..«) rait tor   r.'*-.
$1.23 rait for   IHi
$330 sun for   $323
prim, n every  piece ol clothing must
Heating Stove and Two Lots
For Sale «* <.* oe <.* t* i*
ii... Fresh Green Vegetables... |
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce.
Celery, Tomatoes, Green Peas.
■.  106 Kill Columbia Ave.
• a
Telephone 611.  ♦
►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ !♦♦♦♦♦♦
Ik*  a   M.i..
ll v.ui don t liun to I.. Inul.Iiui .in
-join Hie t iii.iii '" II y.u wanl .. fair
day's |s.y for a fa.r day', as.rk j.tin tin*
1 mull!      llu   Vim   want   In     be     well lis I,
well Inn I,   ui*ll ilttlhe.1,   and   well read?
- join 11..- I ..i.m' llu vou mint tu lt.-l|.
your .....t.i* along* /..in the Ciiion! Ilie
tnon.t]silo.l... pn*.. and llu* m..ii..*.a.l -i
I.e..'H-aiii-i- ,in,| fjtssl limt iiuikei. in.-ii in
ton*. Wln-ti- ...int-- .in- liifflto-nt, then >!>"
MoaaaU7 and «.s.«l thai naikes uu.. it. .-
niw. Whin ii.ikcs are h.she-st, there will
lie luiittsl 1!.,' u.a*t in..*tjs'ni,is nulioii
• ml Ihe moat oontented |msi|,|,. There
will ttliit ittuui lit* llu* must Kt'nt-r.tlly diffused. Ilier.. will molality lie the pur
est: there will patritltfam Is* Ihe inta_
jiitttiiii.l.    Help   tn   mil..-    ymir    ennnti?
praqietonej   blip to m«Taie nanklnd
join the Unioni Swear by the Ini....'
Work lor t.lie I'nion. lie a Unionist lw.lv
and   -..nl'
Wc  Know
Of no other way to indorse our rlolh*
in* lhan lo put mir name and trademark
oi It. It', just aa if we mid "We war
rant this garment to be all wool, srivr.l
with silk, mnde of better materials, and
in better itvle lhan you enn let anywhere
else at thc same pdice." Taylor k Mc*
'   New   idrte   in   iuHH.nil.ry   at   llobin
S.tn.e iui-.i. nf tl.e Waklnrl .Vstnris
hotel .n .\eiv lurk [iay glon s dsy for
tlieir r'Hinn th-  lesr round.
Di-trrt Aa.i-n.l.lv «. Kmghla of !•«•
I* r in .Ne» tork hive slarte.l an M>(«
I on lor the deportation of flnnen from
rSocialnt. fail Ion* of Chiragn. mane
trade unions, turner, singini snd other
•oclrtiei held a Joint meeting recently
and perfected un on, after whinh a alreel
pur il- wu h.I.l. It waa ragmted thit
a nitnnal convent on be held alter lhe'
elecilon io lomplet*** and ratlly ergsnic
union ol the snriali*! forres ol the
.-unit! Ureal enthuaia.ai nnw prevail,
in  the  llindr Ml).
lh* nrmv spi.mpnstion in the Cn t<-l
Male, (or lhe Midi year rndin- .Inn--
DUl l>1H. aiwrr«at" «W7..V17.3l*i. ..r
nearly double till nf the wnrld-, «•—st
.«l   inililaty   powers.
Sw!| * Co, ihe great parkera. hoasf-
ed t1 at they did a |in.i,....n,.i rnwlnen
li.t yen. pa»d $i|mnnnn wages and im*
p'oved ■_.->.imn men. If they paid eight
millns in wage, lo 23,000 smpln-n it
inein* |CWI a year each ! Cral was.,
that It out nf this Its* 'Irtlu* Irtl Hi.
large aalarl's.. what mii«t. have been left
fnr liw real worker. ? Bul men an
not slave.. -l*hcv sre free and get big
! Whv Ihould th* children nf tomorrow,
in any nation, pir the enponie. of th.
quarrels and war. of yi-slerdsr hy the
gran-lfalhers ? If there is any ju-dire in
them psvinj rich hill., then shun!.! the
grandtbiMren be aia>> to piy the other
kinds of debt! of their grandparents
And you would see a man In the other
place before you would pay a bill fur
voir grandfather getting drunk If presented to ynu now, and you know It
I'll! then you are *. logical snd w«
App ai  I'   Kelson.
Lots of Lots
Lots and Acreage
Property for Sale,
Those  wishing to  buy  desirable
lots in any of the Railway Additions,
or acreage  near the City,  Garden
lauds, Fruit Farms, Chicken ranches
etc., are.rcqucsted to call at our City
We have some very fine residence
lots, which, during the next  sixty
days, we will offer at prices and terms
none cau object to.
Come and let us show you what
we have.
E. CHARLES, Land Agent,
(oi. Third Ave, md wi\hin*}t(in St. Opposite Red Mt, Depot
j Clothing
j For Boys...
JVour  Hoy should   bo  well
clothed when you can get such
4   Hlg Values as we are giving In
(toys clothing.
We'd like lo III him oul wilh on.
ol Hi.ar nlca sulla. The. are m.,1.*
with heavy mm-o.taedhard knocks,
and are acrslcahle and at) ..*!> snd sir.
|ust   placed In stack.
Look at Them.
♦     Clothier. M. )*  O'HEARN, Finisher,
********************* ******++++++++*****************
M-.ii.-ii attention Given In Mall Orders
Stunden Printing 60.
134 Columbia Avenue
Roaaland, B. 6.
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Every (.toiling the Hilner
- - Wainits lo Eat - -
Fancy and Staple Groceries aud Provisions at Lowest 9
\ Prices. Goods delivered to any part of the City. «
>***4494999t*************4*4*********************** *\ ~M
IMTURDAY       October 6,   1000
***************+ ******** **S*±*9Y**r*y%********09***9*9 **.„**.*■*•**9*******4
[In    concluding    for    the    present  thc
(erica    of    articles   appearing   in   then
olumns    iconccrning   tha   unwarrantable
ittack   mnde   by   Vive-Pwaklenb   Black-
Itock nnd pmummbly Mangor Kirby on
ly, adding Hint  if lie  did ho  thorougldy
we   were  convinced   lie   would   exonenittc
thc men and ascertain  for himsell where
the real  trouble existed.
Wo have purposely touched Imt slight-
tie miners employed, in  tho  War iOagle ly and only on tho fringe of   thc trou-
Iml  Centre Star properties we cun only blew  whidli   ore said    to    exist  at   ttlie
[xpriwa   our   gratitude    for     tho    large minea   iu   question,   prelerriug   that   ttie
neasurc   ot    unsolicited   approval  which president  of  the  oomjianics  should   per-
Laa   Naflhad  us  Irom   men of   all  sorts sonfllly    investigate   tho   whole   mutter,
knit  coiiditilois..    It  was Mr.   Illiukatock The   World'   bus,   we   tliink,   completely
himself  who raised thc iwue in the end rcluted   lllackstock'!   wild  amerUom    Iiy
hi   Augimt   Inst   by   making   what   every appealing   to   the   common   sense   of   ita
■im- now  noognlin as a *|»in!'uUy foolish many    realtors,     by   giving   instanrea  ol
Ind   mMakan   statement,   gnawly   unfair known   blundering   in   the   mine  niniume*
the   mintn   in  i|uesuon  anil   not,  tie ment   nisi   l>y   very   Inirly   making   com-
|t well marked, backed by a single other pariaoni ■. fthi result* attained In   the
nc owner, manager or wptrlntimfcMit Mironndini working  nun™ under pn*.
,lu,  u,nl|',. tioally   tha   identnail   condilious   cxitSing
l*i\,.   Imvc  ciiilcnvoied  witli  MM inisu.- ill the War Knglr and eCntre Star, Hnve
ot   nioom to point out how Wn we lucomfully
cliurgc   wus  on   lhe   fiice  of    it   "nd
suggested   to   Mcmwh.   lioodcrluim
relied  upon. I
Here anil there ;il...ui thc camp
lilaiiiitioiw luive been made—possibly inspired—Muit Mr, llsetingH, not Mr.
Kirby, is -to blame for all tho trouble
that stockholders have been at the liot-
i.'in of these articles, and Uiat wliilo
llliwkr-tock is a foolish man and the
blumdere in the nuinagemciit arc nearly
nil true, it ia not wise to say »o. These
statcniciiu all Iwar tfieir own anawvr.
I'liuiii.'i.il gentlemen aro not given to
airing either Ulieir gi-ievniincs or their
views in Uie columns ot this new-span*
aiul lliey have luul mi |«irt in the mutter. Tlie refuUilion of lllacksUM'k's
slaieineiit It.i.s Is'eu our whole niin anil
just ao long as the blame ia not put ul'
on thl shoulders o ftho working niinii-.
we   nre   not  concerned    who    else  is  at
nil  llliu-kstock a lew inst.inci-s ol  lu.illv
Inn..  iiiiiiii.Kcni.-nt  that any men of ."ill-
Ian*   l.iisini-sK ability  could easily undcr-
nl   wi  have  further  pointed  out
hat   in   thl  many  working mines which
■uni.und   thl    War   Bugle    and   Centre
litar   Hum   vii-iting   directors   could   sen fortune   to   lh*   ..Hci.-.l   conduct   oi    Ilie
th.-uis.-lves   how    g»»H   mining   wns miners.     .Manager    Kirby   and   his   Hull
|iii*\-.*wtiilly   carried   on.     We   have   fur- of able assistants  in  preparing their fig-
Iber   pn-sse.1   Mr.   tiotslerluiin   to  cliso-ly urea   tor   a   renew   of   Uu*   year's   work
nvntigat.*   thl   insane   charge   made   l>y will,   we   think,    light   very  shy  of    tlie
his son-in-law ami ll  the same time   to "loniing" item.    It   niw not  proved  very
hverhaul   the  mine  management  general- suo.-asi.lnl  and   ils   diaa|ipc«rnnce  can  be
educated Hint agnostic lault.
,,„,, hum, dleekstock ? We hope an, -'he liinnageinent of tyio War Kagle
but arc Dot quite sun-. Wc fancy, bow- an.l Cent re Star inities have made it
ever, thai he will h.'i-italc bef.se be aim j quit,. utiucccHanry tor us to dwell unduly
ngnm iu I like manner. Mi*. (Iisulerhum |on the somewhat peculiar ncoord that
has invisibly miived light on some im- ! is claimed for them hy ninny. They
portent   matters   of   dolnil   and  we  will
lie greatly surprised if t.lu
of the directors rontnlna
.iiinlt*il  reisirt
in   uukiiul re*
hail nln-iiily admitled far more than
wc felt at liberty to olinrge. They
muat now jutify their po-ilion with tflie*
shareholders entirely apart from, the
is.isbiot -nllogwll or lntli.-Twise--.Jf -tihe
miners, and !o this last court of resort
we il*,. will Iw at liberty to appeal if
justice to tihe men is denied I.y the manager".
i>k;m)N  hooks aWlMQ OP—i.
oeur   d'Alene   Miners  (onviili'd   ol   Inlet fering  With  .Mails  Released.
kuues Circuit Court ot Appcila has rcn-
llcred a decision on tile i|iiasning ol the
liiiUa'lmcniH   against   tne   ten   men   who   be it
•yen* Iii nnd at locu   d'Alen.  last >e*ar
mtcrlering   with   lhe   I luted   Matea
aad..   it wa. abeam   "mt I"   »■*"• ■''<•
■lot   snow  Hurt  the train  whit,  they interfered   with earned   the   I niled  Stales
hiall*      leu  men  now  ililprv-mril al San
.ui-niin   l**., under lhe indictments will
released    as    -.*>n    ss    the    decision
haclns Idaho, ami the naomaij l>
-.in   Ir.nn Wuil  -i.u
■leu   in   San   I'uenlin.
\\ licitas, The maimer, ol  this  I'nioh I   Winter CloUiing at Bnipey'a.
I ..nve ban  tiiiisl  upon  to part with  anl
honored  and  highly    esteemed    brother.      See the priors Kmpey Broi. ire .ell-og
land this coiumuinly with an upright ami   men'i clothing for.
j honnnable   man   a'nd   good   cittxen,   wilh j
parents, brothers an.l auters, with a kino
and   loving   -on   and   brother;   tnretor.-,
Resolved. That we, ' . incn-.l'ers of Me-
Kinniy Miners' In * AO, 4.1 realising
tin- peal grief '.in aa beliusn lh,
hanalad lamily, ana i* dirknens uf the
shadow of iliiith .na! '-aa in! en U|>on
their home, wc tend I to them the «ih
their home, we tenner in int-ni in lln*.
their Inur ol  greatest        iction, our am
There Is so a-a-ad lor yaa
la Im. a Skltt la
in-st sympathy and eondoleon, immting l
the war-   thrm  an.iv trum Ihe clouds tn.u   'arken
,„  ,|tWs lile 10 thai brighter life tieyonu the
The leu men who sre now imprisoned | „,_*..,,_ „hcre aMTOW »nd partUtg shall be
i   - ,i,  Ouuiiiui. ss » resuti ol <«" {**•, no mon*.   An.l. lie it iu.th.-r
San   Francisco.   Oct.    l.-l'he    I nile.1 I    Ksaolvnl. That  our charte 'Iw drspe.il
r   ii nl    and  who   wUI   Is*  released   in   ,„   mourning   lor   the  u.ual   -cimd.  snd i
'   with th, uet-i.inti ol (he court   ,|„lt ,|„.M.   ,.«i|u(...ii* .u lympntiiy (»• pub*
litah.il   in   Uie   .tuner-'   .Maguiue, ami   ■
Toda>, Minrr'. t-'ra. I*, cashed day or
nl,hl -.Ithoul titai.iuni. al
|t   ippnh  arc:
..im i-  ilutler,
| .,1 (■   Maivey.
•     y.   II Ik...l.ell.
I nor Wallace,
,4,i,   l.iHiniietU',
■ ieury    M.u "in.
Louis Sulk,
llslii.iid  Albinola,
it   nm i is,
llcnni-   dllourkc
All    with    Hu*    cm* l'H"»
U'ltoiirk.* wen* MAaaoad  (>' 21 mjajj
l„u,,.,,„.„.n'. and to pa) a hue »f IW";
tllourke.   on   a.voui.1   of   ....   ag.*    	
„f tt  month*.    Al   '
THe liffun House,
Labor Union 'Oirectoty,
Officen and Meeting!.
Meets every second snd fourth Sunday in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
each month at 7:30 pan. in Miners'
Union llnll. 0. Schalm, See.; A.
l-'erris,   I'm.
Meets every Friday of each week at
7:30 p.m. in Miners' Union Hall.
A. 1-criis, Pm.; A. J. McDonald,,
MINERS' UNION No. 38, Western
Federation of Miners-Meets every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock in
•oi-u-r-' Union Hall. Wm. Willan,
Seo.;  W. O'Brien, Bee.
Mecta on the last Sunday ot each
month at the Minera' Union Hall. J.
P.   lti.rk.lnll. Sec.;  W. Poole, Pre..
No. 282—Meeta the first snd third
Tuesday ot esch month at 8 p.m. in
Bntty's Hall. P. 0. Box 814. W.'
MoLeod,  Prei.;   J.   KIonian,  Sec.
W, L. 1'.—Meet* every Saturday cv
eni-g nt 8:.10 o'cl-nk iu Miner*' Uninn
Hall. P. 0, Itox 11. I. E. Gurry,
Sec.; .1. If. Sh.ria.l, I'res.
Kxciutive Hoard: E. C. Fraier, Ron-
land; W. Davidson, Sandon; M. Kane,
(ireenwood; II.  II.  Dimock. Movie.
PAINTERS' UNION, No. 40, 1'ainter.
and Decorators of America—Meeta in
He.itty's Hall On second ind fourth
'luestliiy Wedneidsy of each month.
W. S. Murphy, pres.; Geo, W. Slnnn,
NEW8B0Y8' UNION No. 3-MccU in
Minera' Union Hall on ths first and
third Saturdays ol each month, at 9
a.m. Mike Guydotti, Pres.; Jay Barton, Sec.
—Meets second Sundsy in esch month.
J. TI.  Flets-hir. ncretary.
—Edward Boyoc, president, Butte, Montana; John F. McDonnell, vice-president, Virginis City Nevada; James
Malice secretary-treasurer, Butte, Mon-
tans ,P. 0. Box 307, headquarters,
Room 12. Owslev block. Executive
Hoard: JohnC. Williams, Gran Valley,
Cal.; W. D. Haywood. Silver City,
Idaho; .lames 11. Furey, Butte, Montana; W. N. Burns, Ouray, Colorado;
dies. H. Moyrr, Lead City, South
Dakota; Chris Foley, Rowland, Britiih
Jsme, Wilkes. preaident, Nelson:
.lam.-, llevine, vee-preident, Rnasland;
Alfred  Parr,  !ecrotary*trea*urcr, Ymir.
uf   TViinis
the    Industrial   World,    and
sent   to  the  Iwreaved   family.
copy  be i
W a.hlnglon Stmt
Whitewater Strike.
ru. ti   a
enteni «•
lm.. ii. i   serve, out
a line at the mle .-I
The atnkc at the Whitewater mine
has is. ii ..tljii-i.**!. lli.* .ssni"iny giving
the rale .! nagn. naked I.y ll.e tmd-er
men. The .l.th.ullv was ....i.ione.1 by
the allemiK "I Hie ucinagi'iiii-til 1>> Ml
limls-tiini.. wsgr-s man WJn to 83.23
js*i .tn I lu- manlier in wltnl. (In- wit-*
..ii.....|.i.*.| Wn bv ilu. iii.iiiagem.-iii in*
si.ting >.|«.i. Ita "gbl to employ n liel|ier
lot ever. I.imlriiiian working in the
iniii.-.   ...li   own   l-c.iig   |.ii.l   WJJ.  Tin*
'" "^"'uniZ t"hc   |.-v~l   aaailMhianj    and  a  deputation
,   uar  of   impn-.timent
,,....1. w«r -dde to ,»y toe •».'■
|,„.   nuner.  were  n-|*<iwi.led b>   II >•■
ml  Miller ol lets ei!*   unt-i  !u>
. I'lrial   when Uie ra»«- »!•  lumrs!   e.|s-ncni*cl   tiuils-rinen   al   an  all   round
!_ T    I'.lnrk   BaddS   ol  .->an   ri-ancis-   1K*»|C   „(  g*.10.   rather    than    employing
"..._.   de.ss-w.1.  o.  U   tsm-W'-   °*  green   lumds  at  WJ5.  Tii
of the miners wailed U|ain the inaiiage
ment snd explsinnl that better re-ulta
could  l» w*ured by  the employment  <d
tu.w   deennd,
Iranciseo.  sml
and     IVlcr    Urrvn
«y.   H*   Meuon   ,o(
ftlr  trial  w« onmmeneed   .1   M•■•>"»■
, ;,',.„ «hc'*ih...y«f«»""'-H^i
Jam** aboul   tWO   w-eks*     '^
..,,..  trie.1 st o..e  Ume. the re- l
»Prf acqmtteu awl Ibe
lo remgniac the union in the
with the result thai the men
lied  out     Ilie     m«s!     •unison*
ie! use I
srvre  ti
thing  in  enn nnt nm   with   this was  thai
even   the   non-union     mon.     wh«»     Wan
l.n.ught   into  Ihr camp from   Minni—.u.
lame   (town   the   hill   with   the   ni.-iul.-is.
of   Ihc  uiiH.n.    It wa» a  .isn|ilete   Is. up.
_■ PIi,.,.ti
Sprclil laiiinir- Inr producing ""* —'
Kvtl I'rlHtlnf Inr Tmdrt t'nlont and x
Secret Soclellct. Hogravlng* procured. ^
SeaU and Kubber Slampa. \V
W.   H.  JONES f
It      ,6 fi. Columbia A... Ko..land. B.C.      •
Ev):/ mi ber of
Org nized Labor
Should Subsribe
for this Paper...
One year, - -
Six Months, - - - -$1.25 •->
Address All Communications
Rossland,   -
B.C. "
Tie Fast Line.
Safest and Bnt.
Solid   Vestibuled   Trains,    kleetrie
Lighted.    Kqinp-Md  with
Observation Care,
Pullman  Palace  Can,
Elegant Dining (Jan,
Modern  Day  Coadies,
Tourist   Bleeping  Can.
Through  tickets  to all  points ia   His
United  States and  Canada.
•Except)   Bunday.        **—1  onr   Kleetrie
E.  W, BUM*,
Agt. R. M. Ry., Ronland, II C.
J.   W.   H1U,.
General Agent, Spokane,  Walk
Asst. Gen. Pan. Agent,
Portland, OregoiJ**-
♦ ♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦■^♦♦♦■■♦♦♦♦♦♦t'm-
C.KORGB PUNK. Manager.
Tbe Only Transfer or Kx press
Company in Rouland that will
Deliver your Trunk! tor 25 cts.
i-H.-l.    Three days storage free.
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I i.i i in..m  39.
ii Grand Union il
i|  --Hotel-- j
None Better.    Solid Vestibuled
Traina,    Palace   Dining  and
Observation Cara. Meals
a La  Carte.
Direct connection at Ht. Paul, without
change of depot, with all trains l.r
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New xork
and ail pointa weat and nuth.
Close connection east and wnt booae
trains at Spokane wth trains of ths
Spoksne Falls * Northern Railway.
Leavn SpokaM daly for Eaat 11:11
laeave. Spokane daily far Weat 7:30
Weat bound traina make direct esn-
nection for Victoria, Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco and all pointa .a
the Sound.
During  tbs season  of   navigation   Kaat
bound   trains   connect   at   Ihiluth    with
] the   magnificent   stesmampi   North* Wet
and     Northland-,     of     the    Northern
Steamship company line operated in osa-
jnection with the Great Northern Railway.
I For further information, map., fol!
en, etc., apply to any agent of th. Kp-s-
: kane Falls & Northern Hallway, haa!.
k H!o,.a i.ailway, Kootenay Railway k
Navigation   Company,   or   to
General   Paasenger   and   Tickel
Agent, St. Paul, Mini.
H.   A.   JACKSON,
Commercial Agent, Spokane,  Waa*.
ng tbat three  	
1 »"'",;""r1 V'Z..lTxaVrTnla\f. ff" m" " ,"-"u •**•■ ''•"■ f"r f"ur "m,-r
""' "'I ',Z I   Turnr,,..Tq.it.nl   men.  ■lhe nalr  ■•.■   ttM far t.mlwnnen
ni men who were mo „_ (hjU .^^ m)m |ff(i. ^^ XtrXmyvn
* i   \V   Carrel I "■*'   m"*rr"  *'"'   ""'   '""""   ut.nager.   »!
Iliin'drciA """ •s|"""' 't""ng 'he ment  in.uldr.
It',1   wxrc    three    ...oictm.nU    lib -I lhr Mmeis.' rns.n.
,i,,si the men. i«.> »i *•■ lw,"< '"" 	
^, ,1 Iju-h wa. on the ground ol in* .j h(i„ _.M a ^^ attendance at the
wilh the United imm mail. u>( „„„,,„,, „, „„ M,„pr,- ( „„,„ Wd
iie~l.iv niglil. with l*nnidrnt H'llnen in
Ihe chair, there wax very lillle but mil
tine IsiMticN. I.t ...me Is-forr lhe meeting, ami that waa tranaarted in a very
abort   time.
'n.ere   *«.  a   -.niniiininstinn  from   Uie
Whil~aatcr I'mon wlucj, was of interest
a    stylish     garment.
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quite .a im|s>rtaat as tue mi*
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til right.
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lor   you,    but    Ihry'i   Juat   high
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Pacific Ky.
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Domntic and Imported Cigari.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
not too h.gh i Jerry Spellman, Proprietor •
Cot. Spokane an.l l*..Intnl.... Ave.
f-f-'-i •-■•-• i-ii .... 	
Vou want a taibr   '." -""  and you want
Ihr besl?   ».ij.i isro. try our
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t* n  iu.x n.
li Cill.l \llll\ AVE.   -*»h«h
Smoke   Crown    Grant    Cigan,    Blue
If. nng
Union Cigars
i.l go
■'Ml diy of  itpnl.  HCU.
■^n,   of   W.tdnef.   Malm.   U   H.e   I.m.
the  big nota on the  ll.ini.cr  Hill  *
,an   snd   olher   Islge   nun.-,   in   the
.     .r.-ilene cunto*    -Miners id Lorn
11    l.urke.   nearliv    lown..   had   taken
,..,„n   of   s   Sortnern   IMM   »rsm
„ne to Wardnrr In mase a deinisi
ilion    sgsin.t    mc    nonunion
Shortly   liter   Ihe   Iram   reaelosl
lardner  the   mill   ot   the   Hunker   11.11
Sull.ian   mine  went   up  in  s  li**!*""*
|P   ,    •    oil
Francis   Buller.   the  nne  (spoksne man
III   cin*.   and   whn   l.   a   grsduafe   ..I
r.wgs  college, ws. one ot Ihe liM  I"
n|.ii-»ncd  in (lie .mce world famuu*
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
limn*.   It  ti.t4ili.-il  thr union  hen* of thc itrike I a
Il.r IMutiwaler mine, where Ihe
wholr forre alrurk lo enforce a wage
isiale lor l*mlwnnen. Since the tne-el.ng,
however, (he slnke lias been ncttlcl by
the management an-eihng lo tbs demand. <d Ibe union.
Thin were Inur candidal-m ...iliatol
lis- lull--tune I.t-.Ib.-n were appoint
t! ... -   Po
There is no mystery about the
circulation of
and   Mill.
After a
"laaal     <t|
•land  trial and   Journe.1
3s*3&*aE»«j Industrial World 1
I.  .1.   lirav,   \\     I.    McDonald.   A.   IU)    • .
.......... —       m
I   Kill
cw short a.hh—-a*, under Ihe
Iha  llrder,"   lire   meeting  ad*
the    Western
■ill   |s*n      lie  wa.  in   tl...   place  for  a   ((  m  ^ #i< k ,,M1)n„,-__
Jek "t   ten dav.. when ne wa. r.leat».l
bond!   snd  esnie  I"  S|sisane.   -atici.*
I  r,.|..|iie. a.e *l.ll  living.    Altrmsr-I*
wa* ..rr.-leat ... lln. ..Iv ami had re
|atr.|  11id.     He left aiidrtenly lor San
*   when he wn. I"»n .   ">    '   ***
Jt,,|  and   although  ali-ono-  Wl '■
Ig hud to keep turn In-m Is-ing t>t-ughl
lick,   be   volllllteeteil   I
l.l.en I" M..*.*.**
Dotiiis   (I'ltourke.   one   <f    H.e   m.»( NOTICE,
rom ncol   prisoners,   on   ac-unt   i-l   the ———
losltmn   he   hel.l   in   the   Mnict*    t'm "t.   In    all   lancl   I nion.    oj
arrcslert   In   Sposanc   am'   held   in      Labor I tnon, (irerling: •
iw-  \   until tried. This Is to notily you that thc rnignn-   *
Inttiediately  alter  trial   the  men  were   ,,„  o(    !!,_,•■ ,r  M.  j   Qeiger u  anre-   .
,U sant lo bin 1'iirnlin |*enit. nlian. bnt  fMtj.int0unt    if    the    Wntern    Labor   I
a   were  leaving   Moscow,  little  le»   __,„   hM   ^
ban a   tear ago.  thev  ill  na-*e tsrewell  dml _||(J ^ .1KuHr, bMTa
to   Hieir iHend*.   a-unng   lIMB   Ihey      ^^   aitrrn,r   HmXh    o(
be  back in _**£rWta£  ld»K   h„ Iwen ippolatad   b. the  po.,
nc  lie  lime tne men  nave been in tne _______
pn   enliarv   their  at.on^y.  have  h-,   ««"* »»d hM entered upon th, dutin of
.IK..B  unicasinglv   M  th  ease  tor  the  (be   0H1 e.     All   c mmumcaUoni  and   or*
icIriiTwhich  Hie vhave at lart -ta-urcd.  den  for  supphw  will    hereafter   be  ad
 _——. drened   to   Clirenee    Smith,    Hox   MM,
Hiath Ihe   laile   Hulle,     Mnnlani,     and    all   rem.tlanre.
ih ud be nude payable to hi! order.      11
fra'etnalv   .ulmntted. !a
Ibe commillec apisiitfted to draft DAMKI,   M—OWALD, J
lhe   -tealh our   late Prwi'lont.   «
ts.nii-iie I'nion Label Cigars l I„ Hlorde T
i,   Vc.ie.tn. La Hlor de Culsi.  Kl Colonial Jr
:.    Inn ..tlatH*ul..n llll..ti l.-tl- 11 iksi*   I.n X
range. Kl Corona, Afticana i.u.1. *. t.alrlei
The Queen Cigar Store
CROW ft MURRIB. Props.
Columbia Aveoue.
■♦-♦-♦-al--»-*SS|*»'S'l*-»'»'»*!' I,
Service fer the year IBM will be commenced JUNG 10th. Tlie "Imperial
Limited" lakes you acroM tbe Continent in lour days withou change,
it is a solid vntibuled train, lusnr
lously equipped will, every possible
easentiil for the comfort and con-
venience of Pfsnngera. Ask your
Irieiuls who hsve travelled on it, er
A. O. P. A. T. P. A.,
Vancouver, B. C. Nelson, B. 0.
Spotane Falls & Mm.
Nelson 6\ Ft. Sheppard Ry.
Ben mountain Eaiiway.
"1 ne only all rail route between all
points cut, west and south to KossUdJ,
Nelion snd ill intcrmediste pouts* ton
necting si Spoksne with ths Ureat
Northern,   Northern   l'aitc  sad   vi   K
a jr. co.
Connects at Nelson with stesmere for
Kulo and sll Kootenay lake points.
Connccla at Mj.r'i tails with stags
daily lor Kepubhc, and connect, a*
Hosaburg with stage duly tor Urine
Fork! snd Greenwood.
Eflectivi  July M,   1W0.
Average Weekly Circulation for August,
ha.  been   accepted   br the presi I a
i.n   tlie
Hubert   (iriham
I li.-lhci'i   Holiert   laiiiii.im*   r- «p.aHi\t., CLAtlhM K SMI I II,
liubmit   the   Inllowing: Secretary Trra-.u«r.
Whereas.   Tl.e   l.nn.l   ol   time   ha.   re  '    (Seal )
lm veil nm* trom uur uni't.   no a\* "-n       Bulte, M.mt., Sept.  14, 1900.
Ipri'inc   Ruler   ol  >fh   el nivens   ha.'seen ______________
I fit   to   call   lo   the  Ce dial   ( mini   mn |     All Ihat  is lalcV   in   i« awair si Rob
[iic'ovcd brother,  lloocrt  Gra'v.m;  snd,      inson's. ,    .
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. C, that tells its circulation and backs it
up by  allowing   advertisers the  privilege of
examining circulation books and records.	
Tin-: World's advertising columns arc liberally patronized by all of Rossland's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
see for youself. Ask for Rates.	
Dsy 'iTiin.
10:30 a.m.
7:3S pm.
11:35 p.m.
S  Li   ins
11:10 p.m.
Night Train.
8:00 pa.
9:48   pm.
7:03   I'm.
1" >■'  I' in
(1   "SI   S IB.
It.   A.   JACKSON.
Genersl   I'aasengei
K.   W.  RUFF
Howlmd, B. C
. . . Union-Made
'■ ■■■ • :-J.!.i.:-:.s.:.»<i
• > *************************
J Iii O.K.BATHS il
**********4<t>******44*4*+r '»
Houses and Lots!
..GROUND..    |
I'lHIIIASK   Mo.VKY    MAV    UK     P.llll   «
HV M..STIII.V Instai.lmksts,        %
... Apply to . . .
| John Y. Cole!
..'. .13 Columbia Avenue,
Porcelain Batiks
;; Bridgford & Herring, ;;
2i ColuniMa Ktt . W st to |,alon<lt-'«
Wlvlranh and Rrtail
Paintv mi*, VarnUhra.   Iiru-l-a   Wall
rinlah and Malnirra' *•*>*_ pp I Ira.   iird-rra
taken for Paprrhanclni and tVcoratlnf.
offnf ind Merai   Dtnlt*afli Cftt*btti1
In-.'v   *h Columbia Ave  umltt lioiiilninn
KtprCMCb.'l OBl«.    Trlfphmir No. ill -«■*--
i ■■■■■■—
SATURDAY       October  8,   190-1
Foly Nominated.1
(Continued   trom   Page   1.)
iilldv.S IS i.UIA
■ oliy
\*i ui   Have   llu
-clause. Two planks were rejected by
the convention luul two nthem added.
One ot thc pliuika rejected wua that
favoring direct legislation, an.l one oi
tili.sn* ,iiU*i>tivl demands the abolition of
the Donumon senate. At 2 o'clock in
the morning the platform was declared
complete and the convention adjourned
to meet at 9.
The   phittonn   n«   adopted   rcuiU:
1. l-Vee compulgory education.
2. Legal   working  day  of  eight liuura.
!l.   Government  iuspii-liou of all indua-
I,   Abolition ul cuiitn.il system on nil
public works,
j.   Publia ownership ol nil  franohiaai.
ti.   l'mbiliitiou   i.t   .\M.rt ic   nu in i*i.in..ii   u,!it.i
ami  Uie  rcglllati.n  ..1   nil   Immigration  by
mi ediii-.iti.tii.il tail u* to immigrant's tit*
iii*.**-.  uud   lln   iitiolltitni  of nil   spci-ui]   in*
iltwamanta an.) privilege! to fon-ign Imml
I ht.it*-  I., aattle on the 11..nn in..n.
7. AlK-lit,.,,,   ul   Child   Ubor  under   12.' •""•  •**-«'  *''"<"" l  »•"•*• W P-"****-  "**
8. Abolition   Of  tl,.'  ttK  d.-ismit    re-   "-"-.""vuce w lUc pcup,*. e.,uai y
si it j i .ii ui nil i-iiuti.iliitt-M tor tin: Dominion
\i.   < Vmi]>ulxii,v  UtttntiOD ol all  laU>r
10.   l*rolubiUon of pm-mi labor iu cum-
iuJluwiiitf    luU'l .lew    mill    .i.uiicti
1  Vi I (-■-,   glVlllg    Jii >    O.-UUiolls    Ul    UlU   lULKJr
UftUUidfttVi uuu uetimiut nn, t'■ ■ 'L ■ ■■*- ui1"
|,**LNi:x**u m tile Ac,"ii ilimine ui _ nutty
Ju   utrng   interviewed   by   a   importer
oi   nn-   iiiuuiif  llut tugui   iii   tne  tvuuiii
fclUli    Ut    I lit!    CUUVCUllUU    ol    LUL'     IIH1''|hii
uuul    lituor    idi'ty,    Aid    .l.inu-.    \\ ui.,1,
I wiium it  wua geiui'iili)   euiuu tiered woiuu
| oc     UO  UillUiUUlC  ul   I lit*   null/   iu   Uie   Up-
j i ruuuuug  ktuupaigu.  in.un'   uu*  iunowiug
' Mait'iucitt:   "ii  Vvitn  Hiiuu.y a ctt.-»e  i>i oc-
•L'Ut.l.g    Hit   airuilgi'al    .in..    UCel   i-in.ItH.in ,
uu*. v,ti    umi ltt must jimm)* lu airiy lue
- |wnj    tmu>jgii    ,i    viguiuu*.   rampiugii    iu
villiury      ll   i>a_   a   *.u**U   i.jii.i    IftlUtUl   tlun
1 in.!... .iI    .1. Jul .i milt',    ul    IhuiV.'Hnua    Ulunl
ij*i  •uuuiuiiuteu  lu  tne   iilumt-ii u.   pnu*
true tus intuitu in ino eun-
I'tglUOU uigvu IIUI biiuii^iy iu uecupl 'aiu
UWjUllMUOUj    Uut    Ulli* l    -..lil'liu   cOiualUiTU-
UUU, tuny COUVUICOU tlmt iu Ull t'vt'iit "And uff he goes wild t\ limp iu buth
ui my uvuiuuliuu im" miuiiuuuiui DbOlCI I ■■'«*■■ '""1 six muddy wheel mark* Hhow.ug
-_   mi  uonvtuUun   wuii.tt  *u*i   ujioii **tat|lkl ring*  ground hm  body.   And   I  ilu
For Sale
Carnes Creek Consolidated
i1.ts.1i,   au.i   a   man   Ul-il
iiiiu.y   iCB,*ec!a  lu  coiuiucl   1111
uoaouet  ua*  ...m, n*.i.  in
lis   llillt'll
UlUC     111
petition   with  tree lubor.
11. All election duys to be niiiilc puli-
bc in.lid.iv*.
IS,    AI...I11...11   of   Dominion   senate.
Un rea-wcnibling Hu* next morning a
committee entwining of ileliyutcs Ki-iTis,
ku-kwod and Thompaoa *>n orilcr of bun-
tin-** wua ii|fliointcil. The conuiuttce
reiairted, report iufopt.il und the convention   wna   down   to   titisincni   again.
'Ilie convention procoadhd to select a
general executive conunittce to conduct
the campaign, 'lhe following selections
were made, each member lo lu- chairman   ot   In*   l'*al   cumiaiign   colimiittee.
It.awlun.1—'I'hoiii.Ls   llrownlee.
lir<*enw.M.d—Charics   Wilson.
Sundon—P.  Johnston.
Movie—II.   II.   IhiniH'k.
Kimborlcy—-Harry   M'hite.
Slocnn   City—John   A.   Koley.
.Now Denver-D.  ,1. Weir.
Silverton—Josqib   Rramlon.
Whitewntcr—.1.   .1.   M.D.nald.
i mil-—Alfred   Parr.
Kaalo—Ihjmnn   11. I'lmil.
.\cls..ii—Waiter   Kee.
'   I'hocnii—Jiunes   Kiontan.
Itevolatoke—lYnnk   (Vnig.
Kaml....i*a-—.lohn  s.it.it**.■
It wae decided tluit the executive lie
authorized to fill i.i.-.m. i.s- in localitin
Where   no  labor uniona  exist.
A special tinnncial committee waa
elected, but latter this action was re
Nominations    for   a   atandard
was   now   in   order.    Thomas    Bniwnlec, i
Komland,   in   a   hne  speecli
name  ol   Christopher  Foley  of  Ro»lnml,
belore  the  convention,  while  D. McDou-
gall,     .ils.t   nf   Rossland,     presented   the
name   ot   .lamea   Wilka.     llnth   ii.uinii.i
ii..ns   were   rn-eiveil   wilh   ajiplansc.  Several   other   iinmi-s   were   prim-nted,    isit
later  withdrawn.
,tamos   Wilks,   al   thia  stage,   informed
thc  convention   thnt   it   was   doubtful   if
he .-.ul.I   accept   the  nomination, if offered. It w-aa evident Hint  lie was Ilie favorite,   and   the  convention   gave   his   remarks     serious    consideration.      At     121
noon,   the   convention   ndjntimc.l   fnr  an !
hour   an.l   a   halt.    On   renam-mbling   de-
Is.te on a couple of queilions w-ha-h had I
crapped   up   before  adjournment   was   re-1
-iiiiii*:.   ,ii.| a roll call for a vole on the
two  nominee. WM not had  until  nearly
o   o'clock.     lhe   ballot   miultcd   in    thc
nomination   of  .lames  Wilks.
Mr. W ilk. informed the convention
that he could not see his way clear to
accept the nomination oil hand) nnd
wadied some time to consider it. After consulting with Ins !«irty leader. Mr.
Willis intormed the c.nventirai that he
could not injustice to himself and party
accept   the   nomination.
ustuc, 1 ."ii ..i'i il my uul. i. i-t-tu-c.
lu my opiuioii thc couvciiiiau luu ex*
erciscu   excellent   ju-Jguicul   in   ac.ccliug
i ju-.*-! i'in!-   ....i->    a.  lueu*  atajmai-j
I.... i*i. xic ia a ui ui o. years and ex-
l-elieiicc   cautious   ..n.l   cal'clui   lu   111!  ul-
ui.ni'v.*.  oonaarvativa  aiui  |...i*jjiciti  in
hia   i.i..I*,   uuu   a   powerful,   **u.n..iiii.g
nanater ~si an etbqnem pu.mc gpiaicar.
ies, unicctl, you may -ay we uie in IM
light   lo aluy.    Wc  do  uot  iu  any   wny
uaderntunst!   iiu-   powenul   uihuencn
aguiii.t us in the ligm. ami we pro|s_.c
lo give (lie two obi  puiliis. a  gooil  luce.
Wc ii.in- live, aotive ..i i* iin..it:..ii ui
every toini ill tlie IxisiUuays and iloun*
dary wincn will, Wl lli.uk, prove a
strong uilviintage to us, uud a* *-*'... aa
the I'.iiuiKiigii is uu we ui.. nine our
campaigners at work in the tale, L.lionet and (ai-tuoo diatriit*, aim n con-
tadently cxpn-t ilia, tin mull, will .-.ur-
prise many ol the "itilfssioiiid ponli
ti.ii.-.     1   have   no   licaiiuLuu
11... t Mr. Foicy a iipiiitiiiitioii icv*l Is*
bailed with satisfaction ov unrsnm*d labor tlirougutiul the con - luency, and tn-
will have my uiutimiotl ami iinawiriiiig
suppoit, turoughoul tne campaign. W e
have our ...st aud aii-ungi>*i man as
our candidate, .un wc will uo our beat
to   make  liim  win. "
nut ace Inm again. 1 here was a man lor
you, air—there w-as a man ua was a mau
Mid a gentleman, and 1 ,,uly wish tfinl
I could meet thc likes ul him a doiu
tnne. a day!"
An  Interesting tlook.
Hates   ot   Wage,   in   Canada
The   convention  decided
to withdlww.
Thompson of Roasland. arose at thia
stage, and with the leinark thnt the
tune for speeches wna pail, in a few
words present,.1 the name i-f "How
tnnd'a lirand Old Man." Chris Foley. A
doren deU-gntc* M-coiidcd the nomination. Sn other namm were pre*cnl.*d.
• n.l on motion Mr. Foley was nominated
by a.* i.nu..I...n.
A comnr.ttre was nt once apisiinteil
to ii.mmiiuic.ite with tl.e insniuce anil
tender   him   the   iiiiiiuu.iliiui.
Convention    adjourned   until  nominee
wiia   i..*..i'i   Ironi
The   I.ib.uu* Qaaitta will  puun-ii   fiom
tune   Ib  time  statistics as  to   thl   ratea
ol    wagea   in   different   trades   Irom   all
| arts o! the Dominion,    ll i. intended to
i Lather   Infonnatioa   in   regard   to   nage.
htiMrrl ,,!''"'''0 si'uives  whenrn   ,.-—ii-...
i.nd,  when lhe dst-i  is aurticii-ntly    i
..       piete,   to   clnseily   aud   OOmnOa   in   a'.ntlie
i tacnl   Ihhlu*   Hi   hgure*    obtaimil.     In-
lurniution   a.   to   iilrivnl   rate*,   change*
in   rat*,  etc.   will  he  an   ini|M.rtaiit  tea-
t-ire of ihe returns sent in by  the local
tormpondanta of the Uaxatte, hut thla
|. ... nal will avail it-elt of as many
aources of in wWkitagp TWW.. .11..
w-uni-s a- jHUMible U. sci-urc accurate
.iiouiits on   -... '    matters.
The present name ron'nin, a 'irge nun.*
ber ol schedules giving rales ot wagi* i.*i
niffereni ii.i--*. of labour In the build
mg trade*. Tcse schedules have beeu
i.uititllv prepared in ciiniicvtion with the
• Fair Wage ctio.litions which are in'
-. 11..I in thc contracta tor governnieul
work, and are a good index to the ralce
of   wagea  current   in   Hu-   trade   lor   the
i localities to which Ihry relate
Il   will   he   obiervcd   tint   Uie   tables
I show a i* tisi.l. i.tl.l.* variation in Uie
rates turrciil iu .litiereut part* ol the
Dominion. This waa 'o be vxjierrrd, aa
llu* figures null.ale the nominal, or
■mine)   wage, not what is teimeil the real
. wage,   i.e.,   the   amount   of   ci'mmodftics
' pun iiasalilc lor he aum given. In order Ihat statistics aurb at. the-ae may
have their lull value, thc (iaietle wUI
seek   In   -uppicmcnt   in.in   lime   to time
I information as to wages, aitn  lact* ami
,......._ .   ^ I.. I     I   .   .- T.l     At
Messrs. William I'.-n,. A Sons, thc
wull-known oJockinnkere of Ia'cds, Kng-
land, have just constructed for that
city what ia .tanned to be the greatest
liurtilogical i.fiiicvcuiciit of t'..e century,
'lhe clock is a huge one, am. in it arc
combined many tcuturca of tha most re-
in.ii.iM.* clocks iu thc ii-irnl, neb nl
iln.se ill Heine an.l' Slrtniliurg dihedral.
ihe huge clock dial, which w ol polish*
nl copper with the tigurca ills ribed u|Kin
it in blue, i-a tin..kcil upon eitlicr aide by
a in.iiiilii.1 knight, cadi hoJdintr above
In* head a battle axe, which serve, to
strike the gongs nt Ihc quarters and
hours. Va.ie Hie clock, upon a kind of
perch, sUiiiIk a large cockerel. In Iront
uf the dial is a platform.
When   lhe   quarters   ut   the   u. ar   are
saying  naohsd Hie mail-dad knigliu atrika their
gongs.   Iiinne.li.it.:.   on    the    left   hand
aide of  Uu*  thai a door open, automatically,  and   there   i-ms   forUi   a  Hiidsh
subtler in full unifonn.   When he reaches
the center of thc platform he halts snd
salutes  ill   precise  military   manner.   He
then  paaac.  »n   to  the left,  and  il  followed   by   a   kilted   Highlander,   who  re-
l-.it-   a   similar   |terformanco   when   he
i e.u Ini the middle of thc plallorm. Then
comes an   Irmhmnii in  the old  .!..*■« of
hu    country,    bi .initialling    a   nhillelah;.
then n i  ni.1.1:.in   Isiatm.tii   with  hii pad]
die,  and   finally   a   Hindoo,   wearing   hia
turban and loin cloth.   When the figure,'
have   iaisse.1   round   the   platform   they.
ili*.i|.|*cai   trom    sight    through    another.
dbOT,   uh.tj.   etoan   automatuially   uponj
Ihe   last   tigni-e'a   exit.   Then   thc   rock-
bird  overlieiid   Haps its  wings,  raises ita|
head,  and   g.\e«  thru- lusty  crows.  Thei
ligures are manufactured of copper
bronze, while many of the other |wrts
of tl.e dock an- constructed from gun I
natal. Thl escapement is the double
three-legged gravity by I-nnl (Irimthorpc,
wi... is |.i..l'.U-lv tin- gicatcst living au-
Ihoritv  on clockH mid  I..*]]*.
i, .*.->...
Smoke W.  ll.  Cigan.   lllue label.
Smoke Crown Crant and W. B. cigan.
lime label antl home made.
**<i**&»***:■ a.
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second near Washington.
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
i (0„ 1
Gent's Furntshing Department.
New Clothing
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd
Wholesale Dealers In
Tel. V. and N. 17.
Weat Columbia Avenue
All-Wool Serge and Wonted auiU in I
Navy lllue, lllack and Mixed, »10.00 to I
lal.OO. All-Wool Tweed suits, nobby I
pstterni, 115.00 to $20.00. (jood Knock-
abaat 1 w«*d iuiu, gj.oo to *iom. aj|- i
Wool   1'snU,   HS0  to  »8.M.    Working
1'ants, fl.oo to "turn.
New Overcoats
In    Whipcord     iwgr.i*.    Meltons    and
Heavers, glo.30, |1.90, $11.00, $16.00.
Shoes, Shoes.
We arc idling men's .hoes below- co.t.
Men'a Split 1-rather Shoei, $1 to $1.25
Men's Grained Is-ath.r Shoes, $1.50,$1.6.
$1.75.     Men'i  drained    Mailed    tthoesJ
$200, $2.50.    Men's Oil Drained Nsile
Shon.   $3.00.     Mm   Walking   Shoes]
!rom $1.00 up. _
Hats, Hats.
-Men's Fedora Hats, $1.50 to $4.00. Men'i
Uuano Hats, $2.no to $3.50. Men's 8til|
Hits,  $2.00 to $3.50.     Stetaon'i Hit*
$5.00. Ai]    .ivies.
to  allow   hsn   tigum   as   to   Uie   rclan   prwvs   ol   com*
I in• **iit ie..   huusc    rents,    etc.,   and    such
items  general!), aw arc ot  most   imts.tt-
nucc iu the budgets m  working men.
One nl l-east Who Knew Huw to lieha
W hen Run Over in thc Street
The   hall   wns   iiowdes!   with  delcgatea ilone.
"line day while I waa hustling along
Lexington avenue wid me hansom," *.i*,l
III,. NaW Vurk cabby, aa a ainile ilghlcd
In* taw, "a palnl I llll. as they calls 'em,
.l.iri* to cross in front of mc and is
knocked   down   ind   rolled   lo   the   curb-
When Hu- i hiiiiin.ni ...|>|..sl I'M* order a!
8:30. The cumniillec .i|.|»nnieil I., n.ntiy
the  nominee   w.-ie  pti>|siiiil   tsi  ti*|s.rt.
Abwduti* sil.n.c ie.gn.il in Uu* Im.11 as
Jimoi Ih-vinii nruae. Mm-h I—pandsd
on hia words. Ile t-mini.*... <*»1 lua so
iiiMiiii .in.ni in a matter of fact wn,
which ehillisl thc ii.-tiiil.ain* Th.t.,
"Foley   has   SWWpted,"    Win   lb.'   1*9*4
koivih whn ii taiigiii tin* attention ol the
I'oiivciiUo...   nml  .....nl  iiu*  gnataat  .*..
illiisi.I.UI     till'     llttlllllltllS.il     Mila.    Illtlll.sl.
iiu* aotkm ..i    ti... 11111111111..11    M.
\\ ilk-    his.It.lv    ...imi.ie.l      III.      lie   "'X*
|il.'*vat'.| thc la.-l.l-t lll.lt I III' Ih***I US... llU'l
been    II.> I.till. ltd.    aiul    llilll
latotba  c.ini|t.ugii  uith   Mr
11111111   an.I   -ttitularil   hem*.
lo   win,    for   win   they   would.    Clm-ii.
greeted    those    ill tern ncm,     nu-t     seviiwl
congratulatory  *-i» in-   n.r.-  made  i.y
those ub.. had liecn gloally ilil.-l ***t ***l
in  the  movement.
Hti.il tu hnnl bu-inew. again, Uie
iiiuventinii   cl.i'te-il     ,liiiiiti.    Hcvinc     U»
'Hello!   Are you kill!'   My*  I, and I
holds up and look* down at bim.
'.Vol al all, air,' My. hi- aa he  nm
ind bows to me as nin- as you please.
'    Then are you much hurled?'
" 'Only   a   bruise   or   Ino,   thank   you
"W.d lhal he I.iii|m ofl and 1 drive,
on. Hall an hour later, over on Filth
nt nne, a galoot Miiiilera out in Irunt of
mc  and  is  1. :..,|   iluwn and  run  over
I,.   In.,  wheels
•' "And pwhat'i lhe mailer -aid you,
n.i ladily buck?' sai. 1 as 1 cornea lo x
Kindly excuse me. 'ir. he says aa
he would gn be ilaiids on hi, feet and bowa to ine
I',.lei   a. bis  like a lord*
,   uml   go   in      ' '"ut "'n't you the chap aa 1 runa over
uf   Is'Mugiuu  avenue  half an hour ago*'
" 'Tho same, air, and I'm begging your
pardon  for the  trouble  I'm  making.
"Mid thai he walks away wid lhe
marks of the wheels snowing on in* body,
sod I dr.ic« ou. ] goes down to ths
anii anil aeroM to Madtaon avenue and
up   again,  and   it  isn't  over 20  minutes
Ageew & Co.
! Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery and Glassware.
Third and Washington.
Telephone i
Men's   Ribbed   Cotton,   per   suit   $1.00.   Qniantorc
Men.   Ribbed    Wool,    per  suit  $1.M.   owcalcrJ-
-Mens   Heavy   Wool,    per   -mt   $1.50.   Men'i  Navy   Blue,  75c. to $2.00.   Men'i
Men's  1 .in and Striped, per suit $2.50.     Fsncy   Mixed,    $1.00   to   $2.50.    M.n'*|
$3.00.    Men's   Wool  Klcoccd,  per suit,     Self Colors, Fsncy Collan and Wn
»-'"•'■ |   $2.50 to $300.
(ail Straws and Boss ol Ihc Head Overall, and
Jumper, at cost.
V. N. Phone No. 207.
I Imlied .
the oiH.e ..f -eentary'tnaeunr of the 1^1.,^, ,„,, llorsc kaoaki somebody down
campaign   eueimittce. g(  tt crowing and I feels Ihe kcn-idgc go
A   special   cnniiiiittce reported on ways  bump!  bump!   1 stops snd looks around
and   means  of   mi-ting  11  i-nmjnign   fund,   snd  a  man gel* up from the wet  pave*
and   the   work   ot     the  convention   waa   incut and Ikoas to me and
practically   completed.
On   imition   Hn*   Industrial   World
sialic tho ..lb* ml oia..n of the |mrty.
With   a   rising  vole  of   lluinks  b.   lhe
ihalfUU   and   sccrcUry,   the   isiuvcntinn
With the linnl fall of the gavel. SMM
sne pi*i>|ss*eil Ihm cheeia for lhe nimti*
ace, nn.I tlier were |hm wilh a will
All Nation bud 1-eeii iiiinilering if any
thing hnd been done. The chcem in-
fonne.1 them of what Lad been accomplished.
'Really now, but 1 beg of you lo ov-
waa ' rlonk 111c carelessness.'
' 'Whoop!' says I, 'bul it's yoo again!
l-i'ln 1 I run over you on Lexington
'Thanking ynu  kindly,  but you did.'
'And on Fifth avenue?'
" 'It's true, begging your psrdon.'
' 'And now it's thc third time?'
" 'It is, sir. says he, aa humble a. ynu
i'.ease, 'but I'm s msn ss ia willing to do
I ,ic riglit thing.   Here's a couple of dol-
lin lor your trouble, and if 1 put! you
to any more it's live.'
m.t-1.17 Columbia Ave., Kosa'and, R. C.
n       ■*" *      -'
New Goods at
Every Day
Low Prices.
New Store.
45-incli Screes in Black,
Navy Brown, Cardinal
and Green, per yard 50c.
46 inch Serges in Black
and Navy, extra hard
finish, we are selling
at, per yard. 75c.
46-inch Serges in Black
and Navy, closely woven, hard finish and fast
dye, the price per yd, $1.
48-inch Serges, Black and
Navy, extra heavy
weight, per yard,    $1.25.
Keeps the Choicest and
-Cooilest Glass of Beer-
.   In the City of Rowland    WHY*   IMMMI w* twvr belter fartlUlai Cor handling It, and
avll it (aai ii than anv othtr bar in town     Brer, ■ ftrr bring lapjird. retain* ita ntrtta and
flavor (or a limited timr only.   Keep thla In mind when you look for a place lo refreah
younwir.   Cheque* of all  known   mine*, railroad*, contractora and bualneaa men are
aahed   at their Frit  Hack V*i..-»t In our office, at any hour duriug thc day or night.
Family Uqiuor Store
! Choicest Wines and Liquors for Family Use, at the
:  Lowest Prices.    Nething but the  best kept in stock.
G. W. flcBride
Hardware. Miners'
Supplies. Stoves-
Ranges, Etc, Etc.
sssaas »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>>»♦* *>>*a>>>t*i**-^*^*i*^-<s?^-<s»*»*?-»»<g>»t-»l
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year.
la* *•*»••••_ ••'»•«•.»•«»+«»+♦« ******** ******** **** *
Published by the VV. F. M., Denver, Col.
Subscriptions Received at Ihe office of Ihe Industrial World, or at
Tbe Office of the Secretary of Rosslrnd rtln-rs' Union.


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