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Industrial World Oct 3, 1900

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Array **^M
Vol. 2, No. 10.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District U
nion No. 6, W. F. M.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to seethe Cold Air Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kinds of
I Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
a,***H-M■»■»»»(»»e»»0»-siegi *******♦»>♦»♦♦+>♦♦■«♦♦♦ + ».»<+.»
Yes, a full {
TB»   n.uggl.t. *
The New
See Our New
Fall Stock of.
Tie Heat tirades at
Popular Prless
•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ »♦♦»♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ %-% **/*% -*
It -w n<nv ateertctd by Uiom wjid i-laim ini
• ♦»♦♦'»*»••••* >*> 4**>*>*>*>*9*>*
to know  the fact, that u pretty thorough  *' convince h m ot hia lolly.    It further  the
at.tin.nl and  It should at  1,,,.,   help   ,,p-„  the co*,,|>cte.i,*y. or  want of  it, of
otiv.tn ,.    I,  ,,,    „l    I,,.    ..,11,.        Ii    ,....!....     .... .       ...     '
manager, we -nn.*--!  the following
.   -appear,   thul   -Mr.   tiooderham   on y   re*   loinpariion of work now in progrea* and
in.uin .1 a day or an in Tnrontu and tlien	
bun* e.l'y enine  bark  to Hoasland,    It
i earing completion   npOB the War Bigl.,
ia I i-ntr,.   Siirr  iiti.l   I...   Hm.     The    lunUv
overhauling   ot   the   mine   management
in progress at the War Eagle und Centi-J v-awe
Stir, und thut atrenuous eHurtA are ..:• n«.ert d that thu remarkably ejuii-k re* Star it imiat lie rememberer ii one of tlie
ing made to conduct the properties "on turn trip wis tor the purpose of meeting iddeit and brat develop d mini-a in Ko»**
ii strict y buiine-s Iwais." It is fiuingr •***' -"-huughneiiay ler,- and disrii sing the land camp. While the former owneru of
churned   that   whatever    may   have   hi-
■ inelter   question  with   him,    but a   mo-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_________. ment e  consideration   must  convince  any
the  c ndu. t  of   tlie  miner.*,  in  the  p»*t „ne  that   .Mr.  (iooderham   would hardly
those   now   employed   in   the   War  r'mrle undirlnke   n    journey   of    »*x   thousand
und  Centre Star are clever  miners,    in- mil*'*  ■or •-■>"  "l"'h   I""*!"" only,  parti*
-.,.,, cu'arly when at   ii remcmbeie I  that    lie
diistiiuim   workers,   giving   fill   value   f-.r  ,_, j ..   ......   . •        —
tlie   ply  they   res't-ive.    Thia  is    u    .-cry
W.F. McNeill
k-*J-$-l*?' • ■ — ■— • :*.••*• • ••• r*;.- .
The Strand
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
A Fine Line of tlie
Choices! Liquors & Cigars
'J*sj *;.;.; . ... . ; ; .  ; .
prttty story tt) give out, but it is hardly
likely   to   be  well   received  by   the  mwk*
who all  .i I* -11 __  luive  known very  well'.* it
■j Ufa Jt-toekK     foo'isli     yarn—"We     havo
l|KMt!tive   proof   that   the   men   only   work-
'eil  a  thirl  ot   their time"—wan  untrutl-
I tut   noiiHt use.      the   World    lm*   already
I pointed out   the utter folly of  tmpiiottj.i,*
Ifor  a   moment   tl-tt   the   maiuig^me'-t  ot
lilie-M- ttvn iinnex  h*ul HurrmU'd  in •fCUf*
mg tb- Kervice" of "loafern only. '    Th.t'.
if any ol  the  mi'ii  had  deliberately sli rk*
ed   w.»rk.  the   blame  Hl.ould   lw   pr itt'-Y
placed   upon   tiiosr    in     charge   lor    not
promptly   a-certiumng  the  cau-h*  o.    lhe
trouble   nt I   bring   the   guilty   ones -jtUl
the same   .1-   im   unquetitionaMy   done    *n
every   pro|terly   <r-.inducted   Im-iin-*-.     111
■hiding   iii'iti iiK'      We   Imvi'   further   *iu
. School   Shoes.
The loog j"''v Ticslioo is nesrl* st so end, snd Ihs boys aod girls will need
I school ilu*..   Bring tl.etn here.   We can III tha bniy leet with  (ootwear tbat is
, mads i« usi.d ll.e uraln.   It Ii not high priced ihoes.  nothing ilm.sv     The ssl
eral ol lu durability l* really no secret st all, tha shoee an- msde ot|leslher, res*
I leather, snd put tosnhsr (or kaaps,
l'C O. Lalonde,   The Reliable Shoe Dealer.
_ _*
Morrison & Bryenton
^. GROCERS . .
Fancy Groceries, Canned Goods, Potted Meats and Fish,
Preserves aud Marmalades, Pickles, Chow Chow and
Catsup, Fruits and Prodnce, as well as a Full Stock of
Staple Groceries and Provisions.   Goods delivered free.
East Columbia Avenue, Rossland,' 13. C
The Average Man
Who   ia looking  for a
suit or au overcoat wants
to get his money's worth
That  is   natural.    Now
we extend our invitation
not only to the average
man but every other man
 1 i_   ii-'. *» 1-1 -
who is
looking for his
worth   to call
and see our stock of winter clothing. We want
to satisfy you that our
goods are just as they
aro represented. You
can purchase a good suit
from us at as low as $7
and we have others ranging from that price up
to $22.60.
Is busy all day and ev- J
ery day making prompt I
delivery of I
Good...   j
Groceries |
the I.e Koi were "mining" for dividend*
only ilr. Durrani wis carefully developing the t'entre Slur and only shipping
the ore ncce-ani-ily taken out in thia
process. So that at the time the Good*
. 1 li.un 111 1. l.-t.. I. |..*..j le bought tlie
nunc, nearly thru years aim, it had been
.'ev.loj>ed ao aa to disclose ita value, for
ore in uight. at Uie pretty sum of $2,000.-
t'UU. it wsi further developed under
.Miiniiger   Hustings     und     now     for     10
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ month* .Mr.  hirby h..a had charge of it.
hi own personal time and attention to Moat mining men lancy thul the mine
siipcivuing the management nf the-e should is* in s j><>-iti>ui to make ship-
compuniea a* d we most sincerely (r..*t ment. anil pay l.irg.* diw.lt-n.ls. An m-
tlt.it tins *u|.|...*iii..ii ia the collect .me. speelion of the results attained so Isr a*
nn'y what ihould hi've linn dune .Mr. Nirbys plana uppear, dwlinelly do
t'-e eomim-niemeiit of thing* and not warrant thia sup|siaition. When ths
the only way by which tin- mine policy |ue cut vast improvement* are complct-
hereto!, e*  '»  '«•**• -*■*  •*— _—•_i-^^.*.********--***********--**********(-************-***™
Koaaland   miner*
with f arlul
i-ouhl run down to Montreal Irom Toronto and meet the U I'. It. 111.1gn.1t ■ at
any t me. We prefer t*i lielieve that the
president ef the War Baglc and Centre
Star it nng cunpanie. haa become convinced that it i» hi aoU-nr duty to devote
It   i.
reloli r.-  in  f«ree can  lie properly mr- oil  tne t'entre Star will be equipped w»th
ted ao a* tn heiir-tit  all  on erned.        a   two- ..nt| arlmeiil   main   working   shall
_______________  •—*'g   shaft
are   watching and a pow-.r and  Udderwsy.    Down tins
.h iv si 5 "I 5!Xir "f ""u".'1 *** ""*"• «° »" """ ''•*•-»'• 'or tbem-i.
the t ar Ingle and I'.ntrr Star will do ..„, up am. duwn th). abaft „,e mou
sell to hear ,n mind thst lhe annual mtai .ome and go, whatever •*..-,* i.
mreting   „l     the   ah.rchoMm   ol     both   Proujltt to the surl.ee must find ita Way
ge.ted to Me«n. tiooderham and Black* «»»P-*» *• ■ -- held at loronto early on tbe two .lip., m> thait the or. output
at k good ground- for making ju.t thl ''" „*____ >lnnn«''r bsiby in makint tl.e t.tal peariMn nre output that ia-nu,
overhauling Ibal .« Aow aaiil to in* ii U ' ** "f°,n c*nnot "ow »,lra'- igoonace i«adily be pi*-*** u _. not uu-wd,,,,, au,
progrcM,. Should the prudent ace hii M **_*_ l°•, v""r' nr n,w Wrn ™ ,ul1 •<"« l***r dsy. The tiadwr framing -d,.-,
way ou concluding In* investigation to P"** *""n f"r ov'r '° "X"!1". bia had i- j„»t l*nt Hnuhed at the head of tho
annon.ee a ritra.1K.n of the slanderous *~0 P'*-'f'Hl Hmipanie. with practieally .*,.,,, ,n.| ih.i gn„.,.„,| !„,*,„_ drmek
barges made against the men bv hii aon* unJ'ni''«i «"■>! b*hind him-s-hslerer I... ban put in pace alongwde ., then*
' " " ~ " " press, it will "■""''J" ■N>U1,'I ,*~ ''»* '-■• PrnrnpHv .-..n b.- no doubl of the Hl|n ,,|u,.
rnognired as thc act of a ?,ct^* " h" dl"l'°»'1* »' h'l h»»B si- I'.,„m*Iv the -me w.U. aon.c «,!, re-
I wnl ta have Ins own way at ill times, m rss  ( -*■••»-
No rei|Ui*at  of I.l* h-ia  ever been  turned   *.n.|   ,.|
dOWn   ur   . I. ned.     I slant   duly,   si-
in-luw    in   thc   Koaaland
prompt'v   be  reeftgnntcd I	
atrong and )H*t  man who onee convinced '■~*" '" nm nr* °»n ~~ »• •" ■"■♦* "> ras   on   e'„-u-i.*al   machiiK-n-csn     be
that   h*.   smp'oy.1   1)0.1   not   '»'..   f.iirlv   V"  mlu""  of '"" ha"  <VVT br™  ,url,c"1 **>i*l  Ol     tlm   Mar  K_glr  ,,Una  for ahin-
dealt  wilh    did    nm    hesitate   to  .b-.r '' "" "■   >1"""1     IB nwotanl  dally, al* „ mt-.    Wul,el  rv,«rt. .un,*,,   ti„t |t
tbem-even it  thev were only just ordin- 1"°"*  '"",rh '  '""**  ""''  lli" dlmtOia ." .-1 I .,ul.   le a ihotl tune when s furtinr
ir>-   crirvdu    lbs-land   miner*.                    loronto   hy   wire   he   haa   reeeived   most .Mav  wi I  Im-  nere«ar.   to pru|srly    in-
Whatever nay   be  the ontoona of   the ""crou.   treitment   ul   the.r   hands.   All , ream* t>„. .,„ ,j ,|1P ,,„rk„w tlui\. com-
unloiibteil "shakng up''  referred  to cer*  ""*   tJlr   """l   >'■"'"H    m»--    u.an.ier BUB-units    wilh   the   nunc*,   ability   to
lately  the act.on.  ol   the  president  dur   r""1'1   ''"''r   '""''""'   "f   •f"""1   ""'   "r,",' l'"> ue*    hi,,, „„ ,«. _v „„|rp<|   ,,_t (f
ing the past  month   have  leen  v-rv sig   ~T.   •""'    h_  uiiuitigers    ever do g. t p-op r     uinleign.tiii.l     conneetiooi     had
ndieint. Alter spending a fmtnight at hh' blm h* 'or inr ***'*"*■ aa0***t ha. u,en iiia.le between llie«- twin preprr-
the mints here he returned tn Turonto ">-"'ul! I"'en very fn-ely -pent „n llu* ,,,, . „„|, r,,.„ „„. ,_,„.„, „„_;„_„
sml   an   interview    with    him   at   length """'"   '''""'""   M""*«"   aVa+af*   teim   of   n„.  „ t,,,,,   ,.„.„,,,     „f    ,i„.  ,„.,,  H,m|,j
promptly apraarad mall Uie   morning <v*v"Jr'; ^ _,. „______ y?, k_"*"  ,-'v ,HTn -""iiy doabled uith little  »t
p-ipera vt that *
i« identical       	
Mr. i;..*..'. i ii.im h.indeil out a carefully
prp.nel s a'l-.n.-nt Iur putilient on. A
p.- u .il ol wh.it .ti.j.cii* diselus.*- thl
somewhat startling but that while
11'aekj.tock—the lllaekstoi-k who knows
nothing    nf     miningo plaees     thc    chief
nt   e.tv.    Tl.e  huiguage  u*rd   "''"J1  '•'•*1  Mr*   K,rt'>" d01"** ""I h"W has  any lurlh.*.   ,„ni.i    |_|  ,„„   „llmiM| __,,
...  .t   may la- pNMaNd tli.it  J_ '•'""•' "* *,,lnn*- ,,,'•,,• 18 ns'iilh. I*.!'  .oniiare Ihe alx.ie w,i|, ||„. «urk j^n,.
l\e emless to Linking fnrwonl witb un*
iii.-d.i Joy for Klrby"i r-*|s.n uf hi* -i.w
anlsh.p, .Iriikins tignre- on thr eo-l .-'
minliig. the rev ew ul (lie "-lall" ae*
eoinphsliiiM-iiis an.l R'ai-hslnrli's cheer
lul   e...'s-iatinii'.    al   sttnut   evinthing.
I I -Ih-I in the new- num four e Hii,i-art-
ru.-lll Hoiking sliatl uu the Is- Ittn. noting of .nur*e how tl.e prmrnt ahalt is
iiti'ised and ibivrtailrd into the new
• a:em. I*et hi u compile Uie ihipping
cs seti   it'ainiil in sll three mm-a and
 •-     - is    i-       —■*■             ... M I    , .     — — -   -*»i   ..m.*c  iniii's   an'i
blame  (or  the  m.-s*.   he say.,  the  minea "•" "J ■**  cnnrems.1. Mm, «-lb   „,. |„„,   ,,„ „,„ „_,■ ani(||_ ,(hh| ,_ _>
mn era   ami
cent     charge   again*!    il.r
m .t   nne re y    trust    thai
to wise people Do you
bny here? If you have
uot been doing so here
are a few things that will
tempt you to our doors,
or to your telephone, and
will help you in preparing breakfast:
Germia, Breakfast 1-ood,
Self Rising Buckwheat
Flour, Shredded Whole
Wheat Biscuits.
got  into, upon the  men. the pre*i«lrui
the whole pu h as it wen* never onee ,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
.Unites to it,.*, dishonest men in the "• "-' Islmi— fie-e c'srgea ihould b.
curs,, nl  his long statement      lie refer. 0,~'-'-- aubsl.Misled al  lh- annual n.eel
to smeltng r..t<-. mine ilevelnpment and •■•« hv ■*• >»«** prr..!" asid lo e...l _   ___   	
s host ..I matus-a but never s Word or s <* mdelsull  that (hei- should be puldtely   pr.ncple.'  lo he  in   luture  practiced  ia
line   open'v   or   bv   impbeatinn   concern-  w'hdrawn. l-e li .sic lam i....i.*s w II .n   laaat"bl lie-
Ing Ibe walked o.n.tu.1  ..  |..*.tively a*      "'"   «   »•*   "'  L_***J__   ,*"""    *,n~!   " le to plan,  e.erv d.v  mm  win. know
serteit  by h*«  talkative son ...  law.    Mr. wor'-   of     'nvi*.|iga(u.n   allistetl   |.i    awl    „„,.thing   .hum   (*ra.ti.*al
well    eanied     Uiia  •rh"l,v   Ml"'   »'"•  ,,niTr   ot    *>«"*
tic tun »n the -k. Iliul look-a-head is.lirv
a.l plisl l.i   tie  l_  lt». uunagrm. nt snd
th--   want  ot    it  sn   plainly  exhibited  in
Ilr   Kitt.ys plana.
Ul  h.|**r   that  lh*       .tr.ll>    buainsss
work   Of     __________________,„_„,_   ______________
I1ac'.stn.k   his   very   well    earned     Uiia »""">   »»"   >'»■  •"-'"•   <"    sin.^    wr  ,.-,  „.-,„,,  „„,  „,„_.  1>f    „„,,„,:__.
open  rebuke   lor hi* .tu|«il  and  untruUi* ibreclora   lo  amve  at   a   ju.t   eonrlu.ioii   a* |,*  mine mauager*.
Ihrrr   | s.   r".   nm\  for   »OU
Iii !■■-,- a shlli i»
Gel Your CTiBck Cashed
1 suln > .   Mlnrr'ii Cerclm C-Mhtd day or
nl ■»•• «iiiiuiii Ji*. uml   at
Ilie Hoffman House.
Washington Street
Cleaning and Dyeing Works.
(>|.jH»M|r Mail tn  H-f.
I can rlrnn or «lnr am Hum; in Indiia ind
g-t-nllrini n'» wear lllvr mt n tall anil Iw
. "it- pu nl    Tht l.iti *i impn ran marhlii-
'rv ntid ptwe-aea iiwli i tin* Ihkhii-imIm'
Hi. i •Mlilttil'lnrtyilalluiil-i* Wt.ikwlil
lircallril Iur Hinl (Irlt.ctcdto nny nildn aa.
lib. ||
Wa.hlnglen -i.a.i.
We are in Business to Suit You.
«.i ........; . ... ..... iii......	
Oel Iheir I'rescilpllon- I illetl
hy Ihe
Rossland Drug
: Company :
A l-*i.tl Lineof Kverything in Our Line,
(live Dl a i all
Rossi.*.*.!! Da.*.iCn..K K j*troni,. Mgr.
Columbia Ave , neat to Hon Ton.
. •     -•-• I
For  .js best hsnd-nsds miner's boots,
go to Agnew k Oi.   Pricci right.
A Cartul hitter.
mskei     a     ityliib     girment.
'the Hitting and titling are
mute ta important a. lue material.
(t.*( your i lot In*, hi.oie tier?
and all three Hems will be
til right.
Our prue* ire not too high
Inr   you.    but    Ihry'i   juat   high
 i.i-ii   lo   insure    you   he   best
workmanship   and   mat.nal.
Taylor & McQuarrie,
P, O. BOX j.
IN clll I    llll !   Ill
W.ll O, en at in III look-A fontet for
Clares \im. .i-tird
Una tor. n.»nn tl.e lab.r m neu....n
Will open III Nelson, for the puipon- of
nominating a .and..late tn contest Yale-
('anhoo.    Kn.m  rr|s.rta  reeved Imm sll
p.rii of the ...nsuitienrv it i« baUarad
that the attendance of delcgalaa will b.
Iar;e. Slid thst s rand.dale will Is- iisi.
Ili.te.l Thr majority of thr dele-gale,
are iiniiisinicted as tu the cue
while .me lew Innc Is en ...strutt.tl |o
In anil m mrr lhe nowlaatlon fur .lame.
Wi'l-. j...* .lent ol tin- Di.tritl AwMieis*
t mi.    VV     Y'    VI.    un,I   MMUtaty  ol    Ihr
N. I ....   Mi.his'   t    The ffnitl.-m.in is
also  wr I   known  in   Rossland.
It. slvil s   l.iU.r  org ......it on-   will   Is*
nprrs.nt.il bv 12 del'gale, and Iwo
ir.'.i.-a. the latter. Wing arnt bv thr
I' inirr ' an.l lailor.' un.o... Nearly
■ Very liemlrr of th- "Hid Ou.rd ' t. ,,n
Kaa  s d's    delegation,    wliih    is a.  I..I*
tlirprnlrr-'     I n..n    P    II     MrlVinold,
Kiel     I.n    .*
Mi-e-s ' I no- .In'tr. Html, John
II... r .Inn. Brlllon Ihilr. A 0 Thnmi.
'. n.
I'oda   ami   Wliters'    I.    I'    (Jurri
'I'radr. an.l l<nl*.r C..in)-!l ll.ipert
llulm-r.   \    I'rrri*.  .lohn   Melyiren.
Indepei-lrnt    Hilt)    Campaign    CM
Th .ma..   ltr>iwnlee
A, ('. Thomi-mai left ye*te^!.■lv sltrr
niun. f r Nrl-Min.nnd tbe rest of the delegation left thii morning.
VV h-*n tl.e Nelson lals.r icplt- r»reives
this drk-/ali..n the Isiml -will plav "Th*
Si*rapp*rs .*i-*r Cniiiitiii," for thev are all
uid tight-r* In the la1 nr movement, goml
di Later* and km.w just wl-oj is coming
tO   them.
I'hn.**!..   C.s.k.  .iml  Wailrn.
Tie n wly otgnirr*i*l Cook* and Wail-
em* I nine al I'hnrni. hi* elerletl tnr
f.'low-ng olher*:
I'rrii.'ent. Charh. S Tliumpmn: virc
pm tl* nl. I noma* l..iwf*rin.*: scrrrlarv.
I'aul liVl«r: Insisur.r. Mi-« lim—ia
t'n'h nn: gininliiin. .I.iek flam.lt..n; run
du tor. .Martin llerk.li: Ini.t*—.. Wm
llllon. .1 *. Krrg.r .nd (' S Tl.nn.p
I'll,     u.gan.'al. ..n   i.   kt.ow-n     s«    Ihe
VV hi r   l.oks    anl   Wai e.a'   I'nion    ol
I'hoanil I..ria  out   nn.ler  fav.iral.lr
... piosi with . im-.nls-rah.n ..I 21. and
a Hum's i nf Her. alsml to |ola. Regular Weekly meeting. w.U br Iuid every
Vnn'ac . vening al Mm.r.' t'raon hall,
ll   * J>
In  Mr.mm  uf Bdward  Hughe*.
At  ihr list  nte..|i.ia „t rai|trtiters' an-l
lo n.r.    1 n..M.   N..    I    ..|   ll s.l,nl.   Iha
I II win'   rrsnluti.tn-   ton lung  the   .lealI.
i   wa ii  n.i in..     ■bar • f    tl.r
lin.'.ll.W.   .   I r.-rt.lc.l   and    ids'. I
l.i  ths Ull...*. ■     unI    Mrn.ls-Ts    .f    thn
Uuiuaten     an'    t*UM9f    Union   of
Wle.ras. .1 hi. |li.i«r.l Almighty (i.sl
... .la.... in dratl. Kdwaid Hughes, a hr*
l*,ii*W Lruthrr an.l iiH-mlwr uf OUT union,
wh.t   ws.   r.ilt.|    I.t   hi.   rt   mil   h'-lne    o.i
S pl.*n,l«.r   IHU..   Ili».   ....I
VV    .Teas.      |,e   wa.   ,1   t|l,e   ami    1 ..thf.it
r,     ,...    i. ull    la   h«-!|>   I...   fellow
.1   all.   I.oll.  sn.f
si.    , .'.*rint,|      li,    all    alio      knew    htjn.
U ' * it .- wl. . WO Is.w in .i.hllliasioi-.
to ill- lliur WlP, w, nil . 1'.. I V! frel
that    *»ir   orgarufsl      his    lift   a   titta*
Head  ami  bratbet        litr.it,.  i.
Kaanhradi   n.ai  ihhi nn rati it
Hr berravrd r-talnes il,.. der-e.i rym-
path,   and eondOl I  il* enlire mrm-
Inralnii;     |c    tl     f.-f * liC-T
Hr«.|t.-'.   Ii.a.   s  ..pi   ..I tlusr re<iolii-
I ,,.,. l-r sprrul n|s... tbr ntirtillt*. of thr
u- |..n. a to|»v ...,( t. lh- Iwreavd rr-
lahrr., and a tap) -.nt to the pre a f.r
KratrrrMllv   .nlimillr-l
I*    ||    M l*,\ VI.I).
iv   ii  cnniy.
H    II   Woni.KY.
v.,  nunr.t   f.r   Rhodlati
I',    Hnti-'i   Tiade-    an.!     Iai'...r   Can*
t rr.    n'.-lilli    l i  -   I is*  lil'it.t.   ind «-
nanll.    .|.-n.-iincin*j     Mr    Chell     llhotl-*'
,i t. Inlmdi ■■ ciiinr*"* >.i>...
Hh*a'."i.i   and   i IlKB      Mr      lllio.l*-*
bss   nirttiwhlr  fti-Hol   ('■   I!        '   • .iiallv
.t  i-  s hHi    Vi* r     i* .1  dmpprd
hi _.r i   .| nl.!! I  |.. ip -.ilion. like a  ml
hot    .hot.   qni  ll THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
WEl'.NKSDAY   ........   October 3,   1000
The Industrial World.
Bcmi-ivci-kly   lidit.on.
.Published at the Miner'! Union Hall,
Kossland, in the interest of organized
labor  in   Hiiii.h   (Jolumbis.
s-tsred  at   the   Kossland,  1).   0.,   post*
ollkc   for   tr.iiisiiu.-M.un   -through   thc
mails, November, 1800, ai second-clam
t    reading matter.
'A.  C.  Thompson,  Kditor  and  Manager.
Office   at   Miner'a   Union   Hall.
Payable Invariably  iu Advance.
Ose year       »'- 00
Bis  months          12*
Three  month!           78
ihey never ihrlnk  from  doing nil that
iheir capital will allow of thii sort ol
things, ami ..oinelinie. a great dill more,
in -int- of |tonib!e diiastrom riiults t.»
tl elunselvei.    It   due-  aeem,   tliireforei
Ihi   Uul   that    when    I licit*   I-   smut'   Mill
11 ..il.- going, ihe-i- Kaitirn sharks
should - ip in and lake it uw'iy from
local trudei's. And  inuie M bo-iiu**- then-
i  giioti  i-a-i.-.in  whatever why tlu-se
ihould gei ihe I'liMiics-i. They du not
hmdlt bettor goods .,„r do they offer
tetter bsrgilni when everything is taken
into iiiiisitieniiii.n. They make nn re*
.'..•ss whatever it go*>d* are net what
have been ordered, and In easi oi m-»*
ci.niage in delivery that do not huJ'1
llicniHi-lves   i*es|sinaiiil!-.    Thl  guuds   have
ali  to be ordered from eatalogUM and
pine  li.U. and are Often  niilde tn IPPMT
v.-rv superior t» what they n-nlly are.
llu* mural itl all this i» that Western
ci ii-iiim r»   should    keep   their   trade   at
home.   Tin- rented)   r«ta irtth thim.
Winnipeg CouunanlaL
Addrcaa all communication! to the industrial World, l'oitotliee Hox 558,
Kossland,  11. C.
Ths Industrial World      lor sale al Ihc
following   news   .i. ■;•■•
Simpson's   Ncwi    nand.
H.   S.   Wallace'!  Stationery   Store.
Linton Uroi.
P.  O.   Newt Stand.
llarr'a   Cigar   Store.
Canada   Hook  k   Drug  Store.
Mcitss   Brae.
King k Co.
Secr.-t.iru-. of sll unioni ire suthonx-
ed to receive subscription! for thi
VAM1H \ Kit   1.AHOH   I'AU'I Y.
lal or   and    l.ti-ia1   Parties   Itenunuiiati-
Kev.   liisirge   It.   Ma-well.
Air. Ueorge VV'ilby, prra.drnt, oci-iipeil
the chi r at VVidm-il.ii night's inceling
of tin* I.il-H 1'arly, h.-l ii:n I nion bail.
•Jlier." w.i* a gtssl .ittemlamt'. Alltr di-
poanig ol tlie minute*, a number of
twine., were submitted f.u membership
and aire: tn!
T. S. llsxier, secretary I. 1h-i.iI Aaatci.i'
faun, wrote asking Uie Labor Parly to
join witli Ihem in iioiiun.iliiii* I emu
date  tor  the  lorthoiming cecti* n
It w.i- moved ami seconded thai llu*
lanbor Party take action on thc proposition.
Alt.r a v.-iy length) di- i'-ioii on tin*
pio.-.ilon it wa. tlisitlttl lo lu-!- with
tbs Liberal parly iii noiiuiulmg a .aii.lt
T'he dcl.gat a clcl.il wen*: VV. U.u -
J. Morton, 11. lou.ni, J. V look. .1
lh..... I. P.arri. I. VV.-e, A. Mi Who
ter. .1. VVaU.ui-. M. little, P. Mv All,,
ter. B, (. I iiii|tlM-l'. i. VV'ilbv. II. Wd
lisu.-o... -I. II. Hruiine, .1. II Wat*«n.
11. Bookie, U, Dil.ilen. (.'. .1. Sailer, W.
ar un>,  C.   /.nick.
ihr pilion ng h the platform adoptedi
1. Thai Ihe distribution ..!  i nil. i
Brv ..pre. nail n thriiigbout (he ll'.
min un is* .* iabUehi *l aad maiataiaad nn
a   uml ..ini)    isp. i.iltle   ba. -.
2. (iuit ruim-iil   .......-chip >.i  all  pul...
acrviei-. which an- by ll.c.r nature iii-no*
P t-i
.1.  That   all  r in     fu**    public  put*
p..st*. i.e derived bj ■ tax na la1"' value.
I. thit ti. government i«* c snd aon-
lul ih.- medium nl axehaagai
ft. (t.iveiiiiiu nt woik. t>. be dune lo
dsi   lit ..r        nl    Ihu   i-.tin   hours  .hall
0 i..t int.-  n  day*  work.
fl.   .Vis.lit i.ui   ol    .ill   a—i-t.-l   immun*.
A....    I.e    abolition    "I     V.. lie    llllliugl.l
tion.    amI   I n   ruiilaiii.n   nl    all   imiui
gi-almii   by   an   r In. ..I.......!     let     i*   tu
thin-  till'.!.-.   ...uf   lite   .ilsiljiiim    oi    all
spec.*.! nnInt a-'iu nl- and piinlci*.- !■
lorrign ininii*i.nl- to ai-ttlc iu the Do*
Situ on.
..    I I..*   a' .I'll. !    I Il.lt*.   .111.1   lhe
hllr llncll "U   ol   ill..-I    Irgi.lalion.
iiu  delegate! wute luslrautsd nut   tn
supt-it  a  pioptstioii  thai  the «-v -■■
ill ll.e ..nil..I- -lull Is* del.a...I liv lhe
ihe .n...i dilate nl   M.    Itoberl   m h
pl.irsoii wta tadoiaad, and the delegate,
iiiatrui teii  to a t  locordingl]
II   "a. i.gt.e.l  tn   hold  an ..pen  mating
nn.   VVi.lm stlav.    .ill.  ..   I..I...    ll.e
Out.'• r  'pie-lion   w II   Im.   giieii.
•Ad nur* e i.
.M nl  Order   ->	
V* i* H*ii..l aliom "In* lune ni Yb *
jtai the Wc*t i- being Hooded lost in-u
'iih ihe « i>.I-nun*-  I other I-i..-.it.ii.
oi  Kaatern department utorei    The ..*
*...l   I r ..*..*.   ,.*   th*   VV e-t   li.ne  ..!•..!*   hail
s gtieranea  iushi*.  ihear * ..n-- i..r -i.*|.
ling   ...lo   llu*   Ire-lil   hi   ilu-   u.u    .it   thl
. ..*• ii ..1 the i.ai ti ben linn* i. i little
♦iti.t   uionei   in  i in til.tlioti    ami  llu- pee
pi.* have *-»ine cash wiih which tn make
1 i.l*. hum's, anil they .ire .pule in-tif.e.1 in
f* cling   ll.   the!    tin   .tliolil    il       ThtM   'I'*
piiimenl rtorei ..ill --ll only foi ...*i.
il.ei  never hit .t ......if Ui carry inyhodt
OTer a had i.'.ir, ind Ihet "iih -.li.it
Iii-hh*. in tin. « 'inill. when lhe. Lino!
ttlSI-e will ll* I Idle l-a.tv III..lie! lo I.e
MlBpped     II" 'file     VVe.lt Hi     let III     Hie!
«i ml     - died upon -•• mppl) con-mineis
I    uilh  ireotl*  at   nil  neasons,  In  *int|.l.
them on rredll when then i* no .-ash !->
rt  iuih. .ui.l to *■ mi *iiiui*. ...in ifeount.
lot .veins it hen li.n.l tmita .tnl.c Ilie
.null re. ... illicit i In te ha- Ih*ch -.ma
ll,ilu iiIiii! esse ol ii".t..i tutu*. *iiil to the
C.e.lil   ..I   lh-   Inul-   it   uni   !.- Mid   I'n'
l*..t. ie  Ownership   Hn*  Only   Itemed)   iur
the   Kvil.
lhe -New hra, Philadelphia, nyi
"A -tni.e in the anthracite ooal ti.-l i
h..a been ordered. Lending nowapapeTi
p.omti.eni i• eraiincti. lucoeaaful business
..en. the uihcei-' »i ihe miners, laboi >u
ganiiattani ami ti i pui.be in general
have .i*keii the call operator* i.. arbl
tralO. but so lar the mine miner, reined  to listen  to  these appeal!.
•ii.eie i. ample p.'.s.i that those mine
owner- hava ili-..lie.ie I Suite lawa ile*
•Mined I-, prutect tin- minetl III then
iigi.t-. and the lontcmptuuiis wa. the
' mine owncra have IrsBted the Sppesil
nl the public kIhuv taal neither resiK-et
lor Uie law ol the land or a regai*d for
Uie rights ami eo.nlorl ol the people bus
say   iniiiicn.e   a* :h   Ihem.
".Nature .lad not plan- the coal in the
bosom ..I the earth iur lhe purpose ul
making mine owners woalthy. And nn
evidence can be produced 1. show that
the   vu.il   operator*   bud   anything   tn   d"
with Uie manufacturing oi ti.i** uk-I In
Hie iii.ti.ninv of Hod. or no WitlMHM
can be callisl to testily that lie created
it lor Uie exclusive hcnelit ul a few of
Hia children- -Uicn why is it that all Unpeople o! We t lilted States permit snn*
gam and puisepimul stock manipulators
to limit the supply of lln ir coal and enslave   thuiisalids   ul    miners .
"(•round li ...nli*. tied fur the right
ol way for a railroad for the public good
under the Slate's right nl eminent domain, ..ml no attention is paid to the
title ho'drrs of the ground when Uicy
object. ll Ihom huh- bolder! of the
ground    sak   ton  lugh   u price fur  their
j liUs , a jury lixis Ihc prcc »f the t-iUca
ind thr holler, of them  must aciepl il.
i Public good iiuw* demand- thai  the own*
ei-iup ol  the mine* U* taken lrt.ni thi.se
wl...   hold   till.*   to   then.     Bad     ve.led   ill
the one- lo whom Uie mines redli be
long—the   whole  of  the   people
"lt 1. only in this way thai the l.or
,*.r. ni .-v.l war ..ter wage! *'i"l the
man >i ipaenlativa production of coal
can  be cii.sT.wil>   prevented."
l.i ..i   and   C.j-ii.l.   IlclaUvsly.
Choice   creamery   butter   received   reg- Krie, Ps.
ularly   .rom   tho    Hed    Kiver     Valley I   National New Era,   'pr :gfiela, oldo.
Creamer)', Manitoba, by Agnew A Co.    )   The  People's  Paper,    Santa   Barbara,
  I Cal.
Oood label printing at Stunden Print-1   'iho Eagle night, Oroeni-p, Ky.
ing company. |   Nebraska    Socialise,     1615-13     Chicago
Smoke   Crown     tirant     Cigars.     Blue
Something  to Talk About.
I ho- 121*00 MiiN for 113.90 ind 117.29
.■mi • for 110.79 at Holitead k Wright's.
Morrii k Crow well high-olios label
cigara. Their Cuban cigars sll bear thc
Bpsnish union label.   Try one.
High or low cut shoes, but inly high
quality at   McNeills'*.
We sell good clothing cheap, but will
nnt 111] cheap clothing. Holatead k
itreet, Omaha, Neb.
■»♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦■»■♦■■»■♦■ -H-M- *********
j ..Electric Laundry.. \
American  federation of Labor  Platform. I Z
; ■ You do not have to patronize
Chinese Laundriei.
Oood Work,
Reasonable I'rices.
:: T. W. GRAHAM, Proprietor.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ t*»-»*»^f4-f>*»-»**»-f>-f^-|-t*
1. Compulsory education.
2. Hired legislation, through the initiative and referendum.
II.   A legal wnrk .lay of not more than
eight hours.
4. Sanitary   inspection    ot     workshop.	
mine md Inline.
5. Liability   or   employer!   tor    injury   ;^?-$-*$-*»-3-<H--3-«k^H'-*J'-*So^^
to health, body or lite. J
0.   Thc abolition of tho contract system |   m-,,,-   niiii.aai.    nat-w-
m .11 public work.. __•_ |( THE PULLMAN CAFE
7. The abolition of the sweating system.
8. The municipal ownership of street,
can, walerworka, gaa and electric plant!
for the public distribution of light, heat
and power. I
9. The nationalization of thc telegraph,
telephone, railroad! and minei.
IU.   Thr abolition of thc monopoly iyi-1
tem of    land    holding   and    lubstitution
thereinr a title of occupancy and uie only.
11. Repeal of eonipincy and penal
lawi aticcting seamen and other workmen incorporated in thc federal and itate
In* - of thc United States.
12. The  sbolition    of    the    monopoly'
privilege! of iiiuing money and subatltut-! >$>
ing therefor s system of direct  iaiuance
to and by the people.
Washington St,
KBylft Wallun, i-ruprietora.
ai.i. tiik Dauciciaa ok tub season.
Hot and Cold Lunches
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Vancouver. X
RETAIL MARKKTS-ltonland, Trail, Nelion, Ymir, Kailo, Sandon, t
New Denver, Silverton, Oaicade Oity, Orand Forki, Ore nwood, I
. I'lltiviiix, Midway, Camp McKiimov, Kevnlatnku,
I'ergiiBiin and Vancouver, <+
Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kiuds $
WM. DONALD, Mgr. Roaaland Branch. |
»♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦■♦■»*»*f*»*»-»*»*f^
An in'u.lual einke den.-to a condition ol aiun. known ss s di-pnic between men wl... make things anl nan
who    Ini   Ihe   men   who   make    thing-,
things with which in mtkr more things,
and gram Hum |*emii-«on t«> stand on
III.    land   while   ll.ei    ar-   making   thing*.
ihs natoraly bapdaa thai Uhw engu«-
el in the n.ak.n gof I'.ngs. have in i ie
thing', but Ibey are not quite decided a*
t . t-.e eipuly of tlir method of dividing
up t i.'l. ..Her Ihi y arc made.
Thl' ii s linn ul.il.le .talc of Unas-.
-ami one whh we all. capitalists and
alsucrs try to avoid, llut Uiere !i sn-1
other state of things which is wnrso th-n
the  one    j.i-t   .|i-"-T)lssl,   the   which    ii
■ Hn I    J it... *.       l-eipend:
I ii I   .i.e.     e must   generally   blime.1
on Provi.l.nrr, bul erroneously so by
h.*ii. rant i ei.'...«. is brought about I.y
ihe ncn who own llungii which ate uied
it. miking Uiinui. keeping lurh thing*
under a tig't Ini k ami kev. thu. pre*
vtitting  the nun  who  make  tinn.'.  fr-un
..fn: al iiu- thing- thei inquire, with
which lhe men are nul only willing, bul
keenly anxious tn make thing.. Thc
men who make things, however, do n-.t
know Hint iiiev unit the things with
B_tch lo make thing*, and peimi**i. n to
iin-l i.n n.r Uml while thei make
things -N... the men say they wint
'wnrk." Instead of which they mean
ihit   He,   want   primission to work.
S nuipir.  ii.it ii,  when dearly erpla.n
ed r   li.t   I'ortafe   .New*.
i Mi li.- wni.s. ut Rostand .- a
man ol mnvirtl nd >* nul atranl ..t i
•I*.'.    ns .ei    lo   -how    hi-   mi-l.l      Vi
aeeting brio ......ti.   ...  Romland he I
•I   ill.t   ii   in.   other   lals.r   ciiiidi* 1
t.   ini   up  hi  Hit-   tiding   he  would
-.'>. ..in  depnril raqnlren from ear
■ . fm ihe pitiileto* of rating i...
i.-m-f'f ... t iroieiiimeni ownership nl
..' I*   candidate   Hilwrlonlan.
ll.   l    tu    latoma
l.t-l    *-.,1iit .it     it .nl    w t-    it.c.t *.|    tu
It._.!,,,,,i ibal  I'   vi   Hilandt i printel
had died  In  I mum thi evening nefone
Ml    llilnti.l   t.a* wf|l  knoirn in  lto**l.   ■'
I.tiim/ i.eeti employed in the varteui
• ewapapr ..il...- ben fm some month*.
leaving  fm   Haleon  laet   -lull     Tha .i.*
tilled    I..tie-   a    I'lle   .111.1   *on   IH'W    leslil* |
. Ili|    III    l!t.*sdiltnl
i impaign I'oeiry.
Sl    Mary.  Argu*
"What    is   vour   fniliiiie.    Hugh    lohn!"
Tiipper rrird.
■ Mt   name  i-  int   fortune."  he reulied.
VVhe..*    111*    ton    U'.IHlI.    Illlllll   .loll!!.   In!*
"I  .i-ii  going to   mn as the .on ot  ....
Pspcrs Thu  Mnmi I   Be   Kcid.
We would be pleased to have everybody read the ln.iii-tii.il World, but i
you ice] diapoied to uo io, we wint yo i
to read some other good socishst paper.
ilsrs is a list you an chnosc trom with
tbs .ciiim!)   of getting something good:
Appenl to Reason, Oirard, Kansas.
Freedom,   Kqusbty,   VV ash.
Social Democratic Herald, 120 Washington street, Chicago. J'l.
Coming Nation, Kuiain, Ware Co., Qa.
i l.i*- Struggle, San . i.i......... Cal., 117
Turk street.
.-"■ id   Ci-pe!.   South  .lameaport,   N.Y.
Tin  Firmer!  Review, imnhim.  Teas
Co-operator,  Hurley,   vvaan.
Living l.-iic. gait |„l*-i City, Utsh,
62 12 Riehirds itreet.
Critic. Rich Hill. Mo.
The People-, res.*. Alt.iny, Oregon.
The Haverhill Social I icni.tcr.it, 23
U i-liiii*t*H atreet, llav.-rhill, Mass.
The Toiler. Terrc lisiile, Ind.
The Social Forum, uoom 311 I nit)
Iluil,lin.., Chicago, III.
Light of Tmth. .10.V30; Norlh Frmt
•trcel, Columbus,, Ohio.
'ihc Altrulit, 2711 rnnklin avenue. St.
I.ollU.  Mo.
The Place to get the Beat Meat in Ihe City
Prompt Betvicc.
Meals 25 Cents and Up. Z
- >
Linton Bros
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.
No. 38 Oolumbia Avenue.
< *4*+$>$-ir!-i<$9t44*99t4*****',
The Central.
Just See Our Prices.
Some of Inr linei hive
-alisfy the most lastulioiu
Jlcn'i Tweed, Serge «„,- \
I.T .00  suit   for   	
$17.25 suit for    "..'
HCfto -un. lor 	
IPi-.W suit   for    .."
112.1 suit  for   '
111.86  iuit   tor    '"'
•10.00 suit  for  	
61190  iuit   tor    '
Our overcosti go al the
be closed  out.
been  entirely
c... ti.m Cloth
    6 7.2".
   0 9.75
"nn,* reduced
cuosed out, but we have enough left to
613.79 suit  for       g 8.90
819.90 iuit for      glO.OO
81G.50 iuit  for       810.90
Boy.'   Tweed  snd  Bcrge  Suits.
81.25 suit for   g2.50
8C..75 suit for   81.5A
85.00 suit for   ?■-'.-*.
63.25 suit for   81.SI
8550 suit for   8323
prices,  is every piece of  clothing  mint
H Sale, n Sale, II Sale.
<*SiN ORDER to clear some remaining lines of
"§[ Summer Goods we have began an Autum Sale
which includes Men's Fine Clothing, Underwear, Hats, Shirts Ties, Shoes, etc. The prices in
some cases have been marked down below actual cost
and iu all cases far below the regular values. The
goods offered are new, were well bought aud of the
latest patterns.
We will cheerfully refund your money if you
find our goods not as represented.
Men's shirts reduced to 25c; Underwear 50c
per pair.
.Clumhla Avenue.
******************* ♦♦♦♦->♦♦♦♦♦-»»■tMl»tttT»*M*tvvv-m-»
i... Fresh Green Vegetables... |
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce.
Celery, Tomatoes, Green Peas.
jj 0. M. FOX _ COMPANY, j
* - 106 Kill Columbia Ave. Telephone 05. 2
4********4*********** ************++++++++++++++4++4+
»♦■»♦>-♦-♦•■»>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■■»■»♦»■»♦■» miMMMI
'   _*'a      ■ _
* am -*..v. nt*.
VV I  Know
(If no olhrr w*ay to indnrae our cloth*
in; than to pul nur name and trademark
"1 11* II". ju.t a. il wr mid "We war- '
r*.nt this garment to be nil wnnl, .eivc.l
With «ilk, made of holler material*, nnd j
in belter style than yon can gel anywhere
Hm nf the Mine palicc." Taylor k Mr-
Lots of Lots
Lots and Acreage
Property for Sale.
Those* wishing to buy desirable
lots iu any of the Railway Additions,
or acreage near the City, Garden
lands, Fruit Farms, Chicken ranches
etc., are requested to call at our City
We have some very fine residence
lots, which, during the next sixty
days, we will offer at prices and terms
none can object to.
Come aud let us show you what
we have.
E. CHARLES, Land Agent,
(or. Third Ave. and Washington St. Opposite Ren Nt, Depot-
For Boys...
Vour Hoy should be well
clothed when you can get such
Hlg Values as we are giving In
icoys clothing.
We'd like to III him out with one
nf th.-1 nice lull.. The. are made
with heavy ...amalo stand hard knock...
and arc .ervlcahle and stylish and -acre
ju.t   placed In stock.
Look at Them.
* M. J. O'HEARN, f
urnisher.    •
V. (9. BOX 803 TI!l.l!Plir.\'l!S «
Special attention Given to Mall Orders
Stunden Printing 60.
1.11 Clll 11 inI1I.1  it vt-11 III'
Roaaland, B. <3.
»-^-**{>w*iy*-8oS**iSo*to»^^ I
iTlhos-. Embletoai,'
I The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
ything the Hiiimer
Wants to Eat - -
I Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest %
Prices.      Goods delivered to any part of the City.       f
Read The World |.KI>NKM>AY       October  8,   1900
IWorld of Labor;
[>•» ************* ******** •**
[i'i.ili.ilel|iliiii is (u  pattern attar  Bo*
\i  in the niutter ol eitlhlllhing u liui-
ipui printing office, it ia proponed t°
tire   from   the   i-ouucila  an   lippiopriJi- |
n   of   about   iJ.W.llim,   nnd   to  vinpluy
on   men   to   uerute   tlie   plant.   It   ll I
iitie.l   thai  in  the  |.undue, of election
'loie.   proeeediugs,   IuUIii'ihIh   mid   cn* ,
opu   used   by   the   municipal   depart   I
[ nt a saviug ol from $15,0(1(1 to $25,0(10
year   can   l-e   rirrvted,   and   at   the |
e   time   luwuie   the   public   Iluil   the
J rk hai bun doni by union isuui,
I The  railroad   fin-men  ure growling  be* '
[tiae   mammoth   engines   lli.,   air   mow
ing used IN an hard to Oi.: tost tney
■irly   kill   the   men   who   are   .i.-signed
them.    The**.*  suine  engine.*  do a  lit-
more  than  tniie the work with   the
lie   crew   that   engin-n*   _wr   ti-n   year*
..     So   some   ul   the   tUi'lllcn.   ,i|   least,
ve   been   relieved   ttom   thii   terrible
I nl   wurk.
f ni!    It's   up   tn   Ted.lv.     New    \ nrl.
eti-ieur  workeri  beard   iboul   »iiai*i-
i   luugging shout  the  Umpire atate'i
i.bor   laws'-   in   his  Cliieagii  |_bor  da]
jdreis.,   and   BOW   the)    inint   In   kmnv
|iy  Uu- myiiiid.- nl  ist-.se* m  New   1 ,,rl-
m.i   pivsccntcd   i„r disicu.iiiling   "hi*
|t luiindry trust lias la-i-n funnel ...
|lcafo uml '.'.*i ui the mailer eetablMt
mtta huve been aimed, humtreil.s ot
irkers having been thrown nut nl ji.li*.
.1   tbey   will   lion-   have   a   chanee   to
!idv  the boiiiitic. ol  the  'mil  dinner
Jostfc .   li.illrrnn   »l    \h-**   Molnee,   l.i..
.i   oaec  oonoernini   tha   itsunelora'
lion  of tlmt   pliu-f   bu  tendered   |  da
I ."ii   that  a  labor  onion  i*   -•   l**ool  or
Ttiiil   unit   in   violation   *-f   tlie   lirwn   ot
rmt    statr.    The   rn*e   will   br   ii|>]ii'nJt-.t
llu- Suprcmi' Omni ol   I"".i
Tho -linking mitlinrn ol -San Krwuiwo.
-I ,   .iml   vicinity,  art'  eontnlrnt   of  vit-
*ry-  Som** eighteen  iiuIIn  bave  already
J.\t*n   in   to  thi'  right hour  day,   Urgim*
fit   LtU-r nf thnt city ja tutting tlir null
' ii.   tinanriaJly    ui.l   otherwise,
Tht*   link out   of   thr  tmililtiiK   bvdoa   in
ur.tp.i   m  now   in   it*  tl»irt> tti^t   wr*r*k,
[.nl   the  condition* of tiir union-  n» iwTl
be   ht'ttrr  than   it   wai  tour   montjift
|<o.   and   thr  mrn  arr  ronfitlrnt   of  milling out. i
I\V.   O.   rni.inl.   national   orgsttiaer   tor
I r   bitrlHTH.   thrtl   a   frw   dnyra   .it-    Hia
nut* wit*, in  *Mrmphi«, i'rnn.
Thc   Sham   window   ymVm»   factory   at
i-ni.   Ind., wlurh Honed dosi u Itilrh   mt
|g to a  atnkr.  lu» miuinrd  .-i« r ii ■ n-
■tlrr   n» operative   manairrmrnt.
iThr   Texan  State   ffbdafltlop   Of   l«al»oi*
.«*   applied   for    a    charter    from   1^»*
inul i. .in   Federation of   I _**--■-■
I Thr     letter    carrirr**    It rlciletl    .I.thu
jirMiim   pre-uli-nt   anil1   rrlnaed   t«.   aftil-
w it li  the  A.   I'   of  I...   thc  Becond*
Lx-tm   postntfic*   delemtea    knocking   out
•   lion
Llu KtiiElanil the Ketleration of MsstSC
luliler*- have onranired A K«wetn«»ff
'■ton, which the* pr>>|HMc to nuppott
id   BttstsiS
[The dally miss f *  dyers    M noolm
i.i.u at   PSsssic,   ^   Jn  for  laal   jraai
Lorngad 11.30 M pai day *>i ten hour-.
| The piano Work*!*' Union ••■ Uhicsfo
m  mi raaaad  »t-  membanhip iron hc*
. l?,lH*-n within a tuiu|urjti\rl\ BBjWl
I The aires! car rmnJeysaa ol Utile
took, A titan—, hava been lortadtten h\
he United Stah- cfrvttll fodga I-- BTSBr
hnr Union batlne*
rhe    aaglMorinii    Iradai    throngbosl
L.tiiui lure, KngUml. continue to eniov -i
MSOH o| Mead, rntplot ment at gmtd
J8svsral of the uni!*   M Oakland, t'.ii.
live   t.iken  hack   .1   miinlM-r ol   thru   old
"lamU   aud   aetttletl    to    the   eight hour
\t    Cleveland,   Ohio,    ruddic*   ot    tbe
!M. kit .md Qoll «luo *err linnl (Of
•Hint "aeab" ti the boya who took
.eir plaeca donna the atrike.
Unlaaa the bm woodworkan »tnkc on
. Pa  i" l« apaoti v -ntei. it-.-
iildiiiii   Inooa  tliKiti-n   to  take a   hand
tba affair.
|Th.   Tokio Ubor World oaya that  tha
1   »>*ten\ «■(  Japan  i«  "alrap^    »
'iillhtcr  hmi-p  «-l   huuiau   l-CPlf*
lAlnnit 3.1,000 idle tinpLite worktra .-I
American   hnpl.ite t'«Mu   my hiva »■*
(hied   Wnrk.   itv-uui   tn   the   tinpllte   lll.lU
.  1J1..111H to a now Mfa -♦■■,'
MmtT- m Colorado .ue danonneingtha
V|uM..in     and      DoB-Mtntk      p-ut.e>-
.\   -iv thnt Hapnblknn teiator \\-»i
\l   i«  in league Htlii  th*  li ■•■•
L*oy their union, while the Demm-rat*-
kve jn-a nominated Suprrme .ludtte
[oddaid.  who wan openl>-  jttlltj   ol   tba
ne infammu w»»rk. and1 VfBO wa* BOO
finne.l   by   the  labor  oraaniMtion-
nant advanoaa them money u> olear
their land inul Imild themaelvoa bouaea,
In   all   porta  of  the colony  the   ponililtttU
out of-work w by thi- ayatoni bolng oon«
Verted Into Q  thrifty landowner.
It ih not to the unemployed alonu tbat
the government atvai laud, it has an*
tried upon a deliberate policy «l breaking  up   the  large  tetatee   whloh   were
fcnuiHl iu tha early day*-* It pUTChaaei
tbiae estates if tbe owner* are willing
to nell;   if  not,   it   eomlemiw them.    The
idid iii then improved with roada, prop*
erl\   Htirveyed-,  tuut    is   ra-wild    in   snuill
A ipootman cnap ih that of the aetata
oi Cheviot, of 80,000 acre**, which, under
tin old regime, »upported a «iii((le liun-
ily.    The eatate WU entirely devoted  to
the grating <>f ihoapa but New SSaaland
■U teamen think that a man in licit er
ll an a nheep. 'Hiin eatate ha* now heen
divided into a hundred or more proa*
pfi*0Ul little farm-*, aiul where theiv wa*
onee only one lainily there U now a
I- pul.ttion of '2,000.
New   Kealand'a   lataal   axparintanl   ia
1101   iti   leiv-t    important.    It   now   litsit**
Ita  worn-out   working  mon .md   women
not   ai   paUptra,   Imt   n><   hononihle   pen-
itonoto,   Kvory one-who hu*. heen in the
ei tony  'ii. yearn   in a  eiti/en.  and   lm* an
irroine of laaa than Cii'i a ycur, ia an titled lo la, ii ilay. Thii i> not inere|\ t
nire   lender   form   of   charity   tinn   11iu
which prevalla in other eountriai   it   it
.1 ili-tin. l iceiiKnitiou of the lowest tofi*
v>'* u«ltl to a khara iu the wealth which
Ip  has cteatetl.
A   Wl
The Loco- ,. Kiremen- Uagaxtne,
iu speakiny of thla matter, .inmnff other
thiuirs. aaya; "There arc two di-tnul
it mm In—   of   the   irenurt   homo   known   in
Induatrial  olrolaa  aa   tba   'Ubor  ikate.
The pceiiliar eh.itaeln i-tie of the ti
ami mo*| numerous 1 l.t»- 1- a tauuhai
ity wiih the tradei* union movement on
the nne hand and wiih |mrti*aii poliUop
on the olhrr. \ man of tin- ewA ia
known aa a 'political labor akate,' and
In 11-111 Hy pooaeaaaa grant ability—the
ability to convince hin 'n .i-iiul aaao-
tiatea   that   he   \*   their   natural   lend er
and   at    the   "ime   t    r-nvu.ie   politloa
parties    ilm     he,   the    'akate,'   ha-   the
power to direct  votes at  elections.
"WtirktnKiucu are omially corily imposed noon in union mattcra. If a man
in au-tvt in   lu-. manner,  loud  111   hi-  'la-
bor talk*,*   apparent!)1   eamttl   in   the
canae  of  unlonaam,   ;**>  romiy   nnda  a
warm »|tot in thc heart* of hia ««-**»ci*
■ tic* If in addition to tlMO ({UaUtiol
he lint the ability to mipn*. u|hhi the |
nuudi of polltkbUM thai he, the 'skate.'
\$ the idol of hin aOBOOiniaa, and that
'a. he jpH-s, 10 noes the nn;*>n.' Ins vit-
tun   1-  ixmplete   he  then  Iuih plain  nil*
"ttf cour-a*. every akate haa hta day.
I i- work finally boobmta 'ooarae*' and
hia kiyi-iI for reward  landa bin  to n> j
t«i   hi*   tellov-s.    when
Known  Labor  Leader Telia of
the Movement in the Boat,
Avery ('. -\loore wan in S|H>kane on
hi* way to Qrangeviiuft, Idaho. . .Mr.
.Moure is a prominent member ot the
Brotherhood of uoeomotlve Kiremen,
and has been ■'■ attendance ut the hi-
ennial oonvontion of his organisation at
Dt's   Moines,  Iowa.
The Journal took advantage of a call
paid it by Mr Moore, to aak him regard*
[ng the -situation iu the Kant with regard
to tba labor movement. He slated that
the Building Trades of New* York have
tuid are contributing li- ue kuuik of
money to the Chicago BtrikOro, and the
opinion prevail', ihm the atrike will result    Mlccessfiilly.
The mlnere' strike i-i admittedly the
most popular protest against oppression
that has ever occurred in labor's Ins
toiy," he Miid, "ami I am confident that
It will he hut a short time until ffwi
miners will win their lijtht Public Opinion   is   wholly   in   their   lavor.   aud   thia,
together with the fact thai the large
iihe- were caught without conl, will
date   the   companies   to   arhiratiou. '
When questioned regarding the attitude assumed tmvinl the ' ocur d'Alene
situaiton by the B. of L. \\. .Mr. Moore
grew   enthuatoatlc,   uml   said:   "When  the
resolution condemning the preaidvni for
continuing martial la.r tn Idaho were
read there were Hfty delegates on their
feet to move their adoption. There was
nol a voice raised against their passage,
ami they were adopted unanimously. I
WBB given the platform and spoke fnr
over an •hour iu behalf of the miner*
While the convention was in semion
Congressman Lent/ of Ohio challenged
Chairman Dick <•( the Republican committee to debate the Idaho outrages and
to defend lhe Itcpuhlie.tn position, Mr.
_ j Dick declined'. It is one of thc iaauw
of t It.- campaign in the l-'.i-i. and Ite
pul iiu tu spetlbinderH art* being called
upon to explain why martial law still obtains ill   Idaho."
The   npmtutlonfl   paeaad   at   the   l-ire*
nien'*s convention, and which Mr. Moore
was instrumental in promoting, are as
"Wheiea-. The llrotherhoml <»f Loco*
motive Kiremen has ever been in tavnr
nt   law  and  order, am.
"Whereas, We NOOgnlM the OOnsti*
lotion of the United iStitea as the mi-
pieme   law-  ol   the  ivpuhlic;   and,
'Whereas.   We  realise  that   any violation   of   th*   constitution   merits   the   so*
1 vere eondemnatitin of all law-abidinK cu*
j i/cm;  ami,
"Whereaa, LOB governor of the atala
of l.lilf.i has uniteil with the milnuv
authorities ol the Inited State* to de*
atmy the Miner*' I'nion of Sho-honc
county,   Idaho;   and.
"Wherena. We iveogntre that k-Jii-l ■ |
conditions, if allowed to go ttnnotiocd,
eill ultimately result in the destruction
of   organised    tabor   everywhere;    there-
Labor Union Directory.
Olliocri and Meetings.
Meets every second and fourth i ma
day in each month at 7:90 p.m. in
each month at 7:30 p.m. in Miners'
Union Hall. C. Schalm, See.; A.
.Ferris,  I'res.
Meets every l-'riday of each week at
7:30 p.m. in Miners' Union Hall.
A.    1'i'iiiH,    l'rea.;     A.   J.   McDonald,
MINER**.- UNION No. 38, Western
Federation of Miners—Meets every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock in
Miners' Union Hall. Wm. Willan,
See.; W. O'Brien, Bee.
Meota on the lost Sunday ot each
month at the Miners' Union Hall. J.
P.  Bsrkdoll. Sec.; W. Poole, Pres.
No. 252—Meets the tirst snd third
Tuesday ot each month at 8 p.m. in
Beatty'i Hall. P. O. Box 314. W.'
McLeod,   Prei.;   J.   Klom-in,   Sec.
W. I.. V. Mot*, evirt Ratiirdar evening nt 8:90 o'cloli in Miner*' Union
llnll. IV 0. Mux 11. I. K. Gurry,
Sis-.; .1. II. Sin nail, l'rea.
Executive Hoard: E. C. rrnier, Rowland; W. Davidson, Snndon; M. Kane,
(ireenwood;   IT.  II.  Dimock. Movie.
PAINTERS' UNION, No. 40, I'aintci-
and Decorators of America—Meets m
llentty's Hall On second and fourth
'Tuesday Wednesday of eaeh month.
W, t>. Murphy, pres.; Geo. XV. Shinn,
NEWSBOYS* UNION No. 3-Meita in
itinera' Union flail on the tirst ind
third Saturday! of esch month, at B
a.m. Mike Guydotti, P~*.; Jay Bar
ton, Sec.
—Meets second Sunday in each month.
J.  H.  Flet.-her. secretarv.
—Edivard Boyce, president. Butte, Montana; John F. McDonnell, vice-president, Virginia City Nevada; James
Malit-r. serretary-treninrer, Butte, Montana ,1'. O. Hox 307. headquarter!,
Room 12. Owriley block. Executive
Ito.-iid* .l.din ('. Williams. Grass Villey,
Cil.-. XV. D. Haywood. Silver City,
Idaho; James II. Furey. Bulte, Montana; W. N. Burni, Ouriv. Colorado;
Uhsi. H. Mover, Lead City, South
Dakota: Chrii Koley, Rouland, Britiih
.lames XVilkes, president. Nelson:
■lames Devine, vce-presdent, Rossland;
Alfred   Parr,  secretary-treasurer,  Ymir.
I Industrial
I".**.*   bu   ...etlnsl.   .1,   ,tw. i«Hww_t   *...*.. , . .
I.e I..II. li..in In- |.!iice .i- the biabi-t .-I   '""-, hc, "	
the Inul,  i..  that  ..f me lowe-l  ..f the       S      -?"■       "   ■^•"•-*00!'  "r f^"-
XtW | ni.-tivi    t-.iftii,.|i.    in   t-onvenlion   asseni*
"lli.  intili.til-   ;,.,*   ,.   v.r.,-d   in .l-slail I '•■***••   mndeimi   the   gnvemor   nf   Idaho.
ua llu-  iiimil- ..(  men.    Sinietiini-s I...
.... I..is ...   for   lb.- ttl-.rv   anil  t-liiiiliiuicnl*
...' |M.litii,il   |Hta*ition.  ,i,io  a'.."
be    in..!.. ■     linli-:     sonietiiui's    iu   **•     	
be   will ■■ '"*' hy )"rV:  f"r *u*|iendiiiit the luihe
,   'in   military   anhnritlai  of  tlie   I'mi..*.!
I Si lea for n*i»g I... pnarer ptMaawed by
them i* lorainpliah the destnietlon »t
eiyanlaed labor: for denying the right ol
^4*444444****4444-* *»*»*»->^
Every Member of
Organized Labor
Should Subsribe
for this Paper...
One year, -
Six Months,
Address All Communication!
B.C. i
Rossland,   -   •
TAB Fast Line.
~        Safwt and Beit.
Solid   Vestibuled   Traina.     hileotrio
Lighted.    Equipped   with
Observation -Cora,
Pullman  Pslsce Cars,
riiegant  Dining  Cars,
Modern  Dsy  Coaohes,
Tourist   Bleeping   Cars.
Through   tickets  ta all  points  ia   the
United States snd Canada.
•Except)   Sunday.        Try!  onr   IBsctne
E. W.  RUH.',
Agt. R. IC Itv., Ro-lsnd, B7C.
J.  W.  Hlbli.
General Agent, Spoksne,  Wslh.
Asst. Gen.  Pam. Agent,
Portland,  Oreton^-
I loiera
OKOUGB FUNK, M-tnagcr.
Tbe Only Transfer or Kxpreee
Company in Rossland that will
Deliver your Trunks (or 25 cts.
each    Three days storase free
change i"! -i certain ponltlofl
'see thnt the bojn rota right;' hut the
more nsnal reward is sn appropriation
from the *• ampaign fund '
"IU    lhe   I.itler   uielhod   tl   mu«t   Iml   Im*
*ni i -d  thai   he  i-  paid   an  <Mitna,n
[met im ihe votaa ol hi*- union.   SCol  it
air    H  i« mors like tin-    \ campaign
Is   On;   ti-ulis.   nn*   111   douht.   and   OBUdi
ii.ite- nml eonnltttfa nre nervous,    ihe
skate sdopta means whereh>  thoea moat
)nlere«>led   le*ru   that   there   t-   'great   de
feclioii   .nii.-n_   the   woikingmen.'
"A* t% matii of eonrae, the -u.»'■ ■
id lisMily ■Mimin'HiM to poVUeal head
«ii .nil i- In I'Xplanntiou ami rt*plv (•<
the nein'mw -tandiditr or committees
the akatO _ffp*-Hf the inmhlc i* till <liie
lo   cviia-in   iiiduencrs   thst   h.i-c   been
corpus; for makmu the ri^hl to laeek
emplnymenl oonditlonaJ nnon the Barer*
ini: Forever of nil connection with labor
organisation*, nnd for eontinmnu tniutnl
law In -in entire count)1 during nxteen
months ol profound peace; and be il
"Heoolved, Thai the ctinnre-*-* of thr
■Tniicd state* i- dCBerving ol censu ■
for refui-iiiB t» make puhlic he tewtl*
innity given before the hotBM commitlcs
nn militnry .iti.nr- regarding the m I-
it«r>' e\eei.-e« in  Idaho. '—Journal,
1 Union Printing
i    For UNION PEOPLE    I
•T- *
4) Special  lacllllle.  Inr  producing Ihc   Ui
£ best   I'rlntlnii   Inr   Trade.   I'nlnn.   and >_
ae. Secret Societies.   Hngravlng.. procured. ^
m Seal.* and Rubber Stamp.. d*
t *
* \AJ.   H.   JONES |
ft.      iti li. Columbia Av., Koaaland. II.C.      »
-I* Orrics: .
t    Queen Cigar Store.    X
* THII'IKIM      t j *
*> z
Grand Union |
--Hotel--  |
i : ri'Ki ii i.n iiki.s   ii,...
None Better.    Solid Vestibuled
Trains,    Palace  Dining   and
Observation Cars. Meala
a La  Carte.
Direst connection at Ut. Paul, witfiout
change of depot, with all traina tor
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New York
and oil points west snd south.
Close connection cut snd west bound
trsins st Upokone wtb trains ol ths
Upoksoe Kalis * Northern Railway.
Leaves bpokana daly for Kaet It:II
Uaree Spoksne daily fer Weat 7:10
Weat   bound   traina tasks   direct   een-
nei-tioii   for   Victoria,   Vsnoouver,   1'ori
| Und,  Ban  Francisoo  and  all   points  on
the .-"■• . <
During tbs wsson ol nsvigsboa Kaal
bound trains conbert st Ih.luti. with
the magnificent «tcainj*.i| .North We.i
and Northland, ot tha Northers
Steimship company tins operated in connection with the Great Northern lU.i-
For   further   Information,   maps,   fold-
1 era, etc., apply to sny sgent of the   tipo-
ikane  Kill-. *  Northern  Kstlway,  Kooin
*  Mmn aiailway, Kootsnsy Railway <fc
Navigation   UMU|«ny,  or to
General   Passenger  and   ticket
Agent, St.  I'aul, Minn.
Commrrcisl Agent, Spoksne, VYta*.
S|,,*,*,il  .Meeting of ll.e Tailors.
'lhe   Knw.Uti.1   Tailors'    I'nion   held    a
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ |s|H-cial   imi-lnig   List,   n gl.t    for   tlie   pur*
brought   I.. Iw-ar tbat can ...il.   I     p_.p „t  dc-img ,,  proxy  to represent it
terarled     by    v.gomu.    and    amin—...- ,.   (hp   Svllmn   mm-enlion.     The    nrnxv
(....nl.r inline...e n.u-i    *.,!,-• ,M.,r,„.,..,|     „,    ,    f„r   ,   .,r,,;^|„
'"',;"    '"  '\l":,         ,                         , lalKir candMate.
ll.e   ...ii-iili.ilion    ilit-i-.    by '
: Rossland Hotel:
Canadian *->
Pacific Ky.
Imperial Limited"
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars
The Finest of Wlnoe. I.tauore and
Pomeetic and Importer] Clftara.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
X*JB   lor   IW-ttnm   Men
•'I   am   juM   a*   pftflltlve   thnt    wr   sic
ring to earaep -I^Biuidn from the nreetern
•und-   of   I.nke  Nii|«eri«tr   to   the   I'aiilo
I wna that I ana (cons to earnr Msn
dm "    IIukIi   John    Mi lfcm.ihl. Toronto,
nt 10.
"Wi- stand e/faere  -.<  did m Ihts. on
ie are ol as pros!   i  bottle and of«» srent
vict"t\ "  Bir fhartea Tuppi i. <
■ i.t   II
"lleiitli-men     I   do   not   come   here   to
mica  predictions  but  let   dm  Ml  jmn
I iv   in   reply  lo all   Ihc  hon«tniti  • *   Wl
harlc- Topper l  hava only one Umm
cn.iv.  nnd  that  i* that   I  am   t-  (Vrtnin
if the appfoaehtng eietofT as I mn err-
sin   nf  my own  e\i*ctenc*e.     h   I/ni   #-m
tMins  of   Sir Oniric* Tupiwr  have  any
money   to   .vnger ut'on   thc   rr»ult   o|   the
rierlion.    |   tnJI   you.   mv   friend«.   »b«re
i*  moncv  to  make     Bir  Wilfrid   Lan*
tier,   Montreal,   Sept.   30.
-Ine o|   the e*ftrnp<".-o   tun.I   hein«   turn.**!
over to ihe skate to be placed *wheiv
m«>«t neeihd ' im . mine what he does
not   'place'   remains   hia  own   property,
I     mav   In-   thit   Ihe  COntNl   i-   foi   a'dei
nun |OTtmor or president, bhe I'rm-
ciple ii the same, except that ihe httrhrr
the position he mora refined are the
' IAfga   cities   fiirnmh    fertile   Bod    l"i
the |t*diiK-al laUu- skate* he manage* to
M-. me  enough  spoils  <h»nntt  on,-  cam
pain to tide hnu over until iHilitic.il
ev iiemrui    hiuitf*!    him    new    plundei
S nirltine* it ii an nflieinl pQaltion
Which he ihniire* for hi* MT-ricea in-ti-a-l
nf - .i-h najrmantaj hut in either cm«e
thl Candidat< <»r jmrty thnt pBJB the
price w the victim nl a 'avwn goods
m In ine. for HO |*nliticnl Inltor ^knte ever
won a- many vote* for hin cAndidnte nr
psrtr iw his melhod* havr driven Intel*
lisent   votr-rs fmm  that   party."
\  Diaarnetfnl Chaptei
J Jerry Spellman, Proprietor •
disctootd before the Oourtsll    TT <t i o        f| Tt \f V Tl     tl    •
.',::tr;;;:Kr,',r;,:i:: InndUStiriial WOfW j
r \* n «Hiir on our - ih/«-h-iim1   # o
Veiy   Near   to   Stale   Boctaliam.
New Zed uul i« far ahead nt the other
*r1nni©*» of AiHtrnlaoia, nnd. in fnct. nt
anv other country iu the World, in it*
treatment Of the nnemplovpd. aajW the
CaStonlan Quarterly.    It lin* heen a well
consJdgred plan tn actual opmtioni by
wh:ch the uni'ini'icxed arc gathered nn
i.l citicn at flnvptnment labor hut enn-.
nml nre forwarded to ftne point or hn-
other where thev nie wanted on yovnn
mint mflwajTB or other puhln WDntB, At
thewe points Ooy nre not   kept  tn eimi"<.
ti   Ih» Boattered nitam nhen the armu i«
tl roiljrh. hut tin v ,itc BBBlgntll t.tnn«.
and their \tvVn nie BO ItfMfi I thit
tlu-v work alteinntcly tor th tefemuienl
and   on   their   own   land.     The   govern
One of the most disgraceful chapter*
in    the    history   of   Woafean    Canada
III   »        iH'IIItt
In Vieiona
t i  ec.inner ^
lapt  -mimnir       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ind   -i   ui"'   nn*'*   to   he   idmwn   to   tha
world   BS   the    «nv   thai    hon«|ed   aitnle.
.i "ltrttWi mbjeet," ia made,
\^.,-t,si   i,v   gmrernnM nl   oflh lab   the
i atiuei \ men    had    n it ui .J|i7 t.t     pn|»cn*t
leaned unlawfuiy for witn-* of neniy
i ti > .1 ifapanoae to allow them t" hold
flshlm Uevnaan iind to crowd the white
fishermen   off   the   Krn«er.     When    the
Lanadians naented 'hr ero*wdt*i«, Ti"*
oannery  mnnaggn ak.iiu  called  tor aid
from the official-, ami acting in all ofti-
rial i.iianty. Ihirc of thoae interentr-d
called out tlie *«ddirry to an) the dap",
w lm   had    no   legal   right    tn   Im*   f here.
against   Canadian   workmen.
It relied", little credit ttpftn Canada
or her ofReUlfl Hint BOflD a BUtB rt nf
fain* cxiit*'. IVriun* nui»t lie rite flontt*
where  tn admit  of it, an*1  sa the Courts
hnve declared  the   da****   hwi« nt, lhe
lilnme   natnrallv   settles   I 111 I   Ihc   -MhW
(taiiiet-.    their   cini'h'yer-
Bomeone AotiSd be made an eiample
M. imt Oanadlan law, nauallj mo-t ax*
pHlltlotm, aeems of late !<• be failing to
f   UlOse  tOUntl-SS   where    i   in li
ilars H a Itfi Impunity.   Ks<
WORLD OF  l.\H0li.
McArthnr & Harper's, the New
Htorc, is thc place for the miner to pu
chsse  his blanket* for the winter.
Cur. Spokane nml Cohimttia Avr.
Cromi    Grant    Cigars,    Blue
Scm.c for tbe year 1900 vill be com*
mcocod JUNE 10th. Ilm "Impenat
-Limited** taJtea you acroaa tbo Coo*
Uoeat in lour days sntboo ctrangr
it to a solid reilitmlrd train, luiur
lously equipped with every possible
easeotial for the comfort aod convenience of I'assengen. Aak your
friends who bave travailed on* it, or
add irsi
Vou want a Ijib*
thr brut*   ..
--   a tut ymi wanl
i it ro. try out
A. O. P. A
Vancouver, B. 0L
T. l\ A^
Nelson, it   0
Wheu a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
There is no mystery about the
circulation of
Union Cigars'
tin* level
...... in it
a (in.in.  Needad.
Mr. II. I,. Itiii<«• bn- n-linsl from thl
l(ec..rd in.I W. II C. .la.-k.mi i* now
* I.' I   pencil   ]'ii-ii   on  tliat   i-.;**.
Average Weekly Circulation for August,
Il is tlit. only paper published in Rossland,
B. d that tells its circulation and backs it
up by  allowing  advertisers the  privilege of
examining circulation books and records.	
THS WORLD'S advertising columns are liberally patronized by all of Rossland's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
see for youself. .Ask for Rates.	
„ Is,mf*lir I'nion l,.t<-rlCil.l* : t *. H'.,..!.
„ Vi-ncda. I.a l-'loi (Ir Ci.l-a. Ht Colonial
[    lll.ltti!*-itl.'iilsiti Itlti.tt l..tl*rll t,*l.   I  tt
[   iiuiK.* HtComna, Afman-i Ihnlrs.lialrl.i
:; The Queen Cigar Store
I i «..»■ i< Miiksis. r...|.«
. Columbia Avrnuc.
'aaaaaaaaaaai «(.»*< A^.taaaa
SpQKane Fails & Koniieni.
Nelson * Ft. Sheppard Ry.
w mountain Railway.
•  •   ••!   •■•  !■•  '
Smoke . .
'iiii only all rail roate betwsea sll
point! ent, weat and south to KosaUs.,
Srl-s.n snd sll int* inn l..i. po nis* cea*
o«ctin( st Hpokaae with the Ureal
North,rn, Northern l's-ite aad <J It
Connects at Nalson srllh Maaniera ler
Kaalo and all  Knot-may Isks pointa.
i..nn-is at Mjrer's Kills with »t_is
diiljr lor Kspoblic, and coonsola al
lUtwitur,  with    .lae*    iiaiijr  lor  Ursad
I ..rk.  ud   Ursaanw'--!
KSeclire Jalr 22.   IWO.
'i nasi.
J Nort
• i   .-*
* (..i
Dsjr  Ir.tn.
ln-.1i a.m.
7:M pbl
11 V. pm.
6 0U i«m.
11:40 p.m.
Nwht  Irala.
1:00 pta
9 1.1  p m.
7 W  .Tn
10:00 pm.
1 XI am
Urnrrsl  t'amarntrr Agrnl
a w. ruff,
Koalsad, 11  C.
*» *************
■■-- •-IO.K.BATHS
Housesand Lots
Pi hi ha»k  M.inkv   may   ni   I'
. . . Af.plv to . . .
John Y.Cole
:t.'l Colnmliis ATenne.
Porcelain Bath.*.
| Bridgford A Herring,
ji ObbbsbIsb A . I   n- «. t> t»
I'd'nn nil* Varnl«h»« HtMttftf. *ill
I int• h an.l Palftter*' **nprli*-« **tA*t*
lakrfl Ht I'aprrhanilna and (Htiiratlfif
■ ' * •        DbbMi \ i ■ *-
hditk  t* Cotntntila At* ander ttessisloa
KapmaCe iOwn    Feesybsse M* (Ai THEDUSTRIAL WORLD
WKUNKBUAV      Ootober S,  1000
Adopt   Scale
o!   I'riwa—Membership
In. r.*...:n,:
The aiTri'Uiry ot the ( .inks, ami Wait-
era' Union reports that everything il
i.oving ailing smoothly with hia organi-
..iii.tii. liuiiis in ineml>!'rshii» an con«t*int
and m nne progrens ia being 111:1 le in
unionizing ptacea whii-h have heretoforo
been considered not altogether on thla
square. lhe plaoiiig of the Russell
tloiiHe on the unfair list haa hud, lie
•ays, a decided client, ami that thin* in
much tn Jn.pi- tor from the action taken,
At a recent  meeting the union Kill of
-wu-es wns adopted, whii-h the union *-x-
pectsto put in i»).**ialion as soon us prne-
tratilf ll.e scl.eitule ailopfcil fur the
tinlereiit c'-u-sc* ol linusiv, whlt-h ia a
minimum mail*, 111 must oaaaa is no high*
i*r than the Wagia noiv Is'ing paid. In
otl.e.- <-ase, it is *iimt-!!*liat higlier. In
this way the 11111..11 seek* In equalize on*
mill.ns. tl mg away wilh the ailvunliig.'
• ■ii. 11-i.i 11.mi keeper or hulel may havo
over hi- competitor* by paying lower
-A-tgt-a.     lhe  stale  ia as  fnllowi:
1-ii-st-i'iiiH-. Hotels.
Chef,  |0J  per   week  an.l  room.
S.end   ro.k,    I17.5U   per    week     and
It.. ties ai.   $10  |ier   week  an.l   room.
Waiter*, 118.41  l>er  week  anl   room.
Jlialiwaaher,  110 per week and room.
I'antryman,  111) per  Waal  ami  room.
1 111.1 ihut lor chef, 93.
Kr-t ('.aaa   Itestaui'lint*.
Mm. aa tir.t-i-Ia,, hotels.    Night cook,
in receive ll"..**-! per ariak nml room.
•Second t 'Ina*   Hotels.
fore the union for aome time, but was
opposed1 by many who considered that
lhe rate of Wlgce Hhniild not be I'hangi-il
lor one year from the time they advertised that nine hours would constitute 11
day's work. Thc new schedule does uot
go into elicit until January 1, 11100.
For Sale
On      Id. sliiii.l'.*.     Public      Building!   Tin*
Wages  Oontractore Muat  Pay.
The tirst 1**11.■ of thc Oina.Uan Labor
(latelte, j.1-1 to hand, onnUiina all the
wage *,.-in* lul,*. 11 i.-t 11 ]...1.11 ,*,I in govern*
ment eoiitrncta let linoa the .Unlock
fan* Wage KcHoluUtm went inlo etleet.
Ihil iliiiimi in in .-ni*.I in some two
dozen contractu already let. and will be
11 part ol all to lie let in the future. Following is the si-heilule, which will lie
made ., put ot tlie contract by which
the tederul 1.11.Mum in this city will be
.t.tli' ni Wilg.'S.
'I llilll'   Ol*   ('Ills**   of    LabOUTt    I Not  ll-a*a* I ll.lll
following rati-. 1
Day nt 0 In**.
Contractor's foreman, mum.     wi un
bricklayer.        tl IHI
carpenter,      4 no
(nil ills             ' il 50
helper!       3 so
Joiners            I OU
l).i\ ol H l.l-s.
Stair   builders         4 UO
Stone   culler.  b VO
_ay ot 0 In-
Carnes Creek Consolidated
I., fcl. tiuiiy, secretary ot the Cooks
i-ntl Waller.*' Union, has purvhuavd iiu
niii'ie-t 111 the llulei llotlman dining
iniiiii  ...ml  is now installed a. i-het.
Si.i.ik.- W.  11.  Cigara.   lllue  label.
Smoke Crown tlrant and W. ll. cigars,
blue label  snd  home made.
The Miners' Cnion of (ireemcood will
give a dance 111 that town on Tuesday,
I'ltAher 10. It is expected inul ther*
will be -in i.* au atli'tii.uiic.- Irom I'lmc*
ii li.
1'erfect printinjf punctually performed
pleases particular people. This lu win-re
\V.  11. .loin-8  aliincs.
l'ainlcm   nu.l
i;. im
ii 00
A ui
a so
l-Vk.':..0r.KLmett 0r Under' ,l7M -~  s'te,ul",,mu.,s'''.'.*.r.'.".".".'.:*.*.'.'.       4»
w,ek and loom.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
i'.. k . over £0 men, $20 per week   and
W'alttis«c,  |8 per  week  and  room.
Waiters,   110  per  week and   room.
Utahim-hem, $10 | er  week.
1 .Sccun'i-Clnss  l!.*-t.uira.it-.
D,v cook, #17.51 per week.
Night couk, $15 |air  week.
Ihaliwv-her,   $10   iwr   week.
Waitresses,   g.4  per  week.
Wasters, 110 per  week.
[I .Mine   ll.iird.ng   Houses. ,    .      .
Head cook.  100 men „r more. 1100 par -gJE^ I  - and mtt
no*1"1- j " J    horrt*    ..ml
Head  cook,   under  101  men.  999.     ^^^
t-sotnt  c ok.   under   100   men.  170,
lliker.  Wl   prr  month.
S. r.in.l   talker, 170 per month.
Wailiewr*.   103  per  m«nlh.
D.ahwaalier,  140   per  month, '
inn  ahilt,  c-iok, 93.
Cn*   1.tiers   	
, llell   hanger*   	
K'.islrii itiu-    	
" hdp.ers.
Metal   lonlers	
|Ot dinar)
•J  hoi-es mil
I.il 1.-Il.r.-      	
I.lIttill11 I ■     	
 4 3"
4 30
Dav ..! HI hr*.
3 30
Dav ol 0 hr.
4 (HI
3 30
;■ no
3 M
:i ot
4 00
6 00
a is
The (ireenwood steam laundry proprietors claim' they' arc not ■.-.■tun*, the
si p|Hirt warranted hy Iheir invesinient,
but that tlreenwood people el til patron*
in   (lie  Chinese
I'hai-le. Ilr.r. hivaite, a member of I'hoe*
n 1 \ Miuei-s' I nion, No. S, who was hurt
1.1 the 11. C. mine last week, is inipioving
la-t at the hospital at (ireenwood.
The  membership  of thc   Sendon   Mm-
er*' I'nion 1, uow close to ux hundred.
,1.   1!    Ii'.lini.-t.n   is a-TUng clothing  for
very  lillle  money  these dayi.
The      Miners'        Union      hall,       at
Sandon,       is      commencing      to      a-
•uuu* I.ii.iiii*** < like |.r..|.t.ui.nis.
11  will be one of the tine-t  buildingis In
Ihc city.
The Wlnhlbag Kree I're-**., which has
imu'ly installed -a new plant, li.t. i-a.ii.tl
■ mtt*! aftistu- souvenir imi.ii Met, wilh
.. .11-..ii'tn... and half-tone reproduction
f! thc ditlcrcnl drpsrtmnts of the oftk-c.
I'lintcrs'   I nivpreeented.
ltd. aland  I'o-operalive  AmorisJon.
How Ii Is Done.
) llu .i.in.1 Ti 1-vi*pi.iv_l I'nion w 11 not
Is* leir.-enif.l al the Nelson convention, ils law. prohibiting it from taking
ol "Chicago  ha. been .wanted   ll.c  woik   "*  •••"'n-  •*  "   *"-*'  ■•• »«>   P0"*-*)
..—_ In,,if 111, nl
The   Midland   ("....-(..ii-.wn   (Ywipstiy I
John   •Int.. 1    relumed    (nan   Sandon |
ui   building   a   railr-aiil   ii»ni    llc.i.tini*.
lal.. lo Klaiu.-h K..H-. I dktanw ol ■
aw: a«35?S_3r ^	
:;,:;Th:::^.r.Ter^.r1u,;:| w^«==^=^;
n 1
The last i-.il** ..I the Km h Columbia
(iaieltrrr ...ntaiii* linlni* ol the ineoi*
Istraliiui of thc "Kosalanl ('»..|s*ral.vr
AiWHiation,  Limited.'' The 1. ti..* la as
"IV.-, Itnbert Inches. isr|-riiter; Will
1 tin    \einon.    pnnler;    .lame.    Devine.
mlneri   Malcolm  K.  D-.l.niv. carpenter;.,„, ,„,„ „„ r- - r_ -—**- .   c.olh,n   .or
klaanu John  Bunson,  machinlsti  Will-   *.,n ,«.  ihe mierest aa .»e. .■...-n.1.1 .«"••»• «-——1 Ior
uni    llnil-in    llsker.   i-arpenter:   Waller I ,,„„. ,han  the n«il ««*| '""  «'" \n"\r
William  Hate  Cllin-.  iiilniti  .lohn Alt    •;„,, ,|rJ, goose «l a V**W pay' dirweiini
lairen,    i-ir|«*nlcr;     liisinte     lirrenwell.   , „   ,|,r   „i„ck   "f   -a-vrral   unllions   sml
...n-enlcl.     OaOtI»     la'Un.11.     . ..r|*e..rri .       ,,,„,.|i   Mlanea !■>  lh   ..|*eial«.is   l«"
Kredrruk     Itndii-rtoid.     miner:     John   -, hr ,m\,lw .'nil.!  hare OBUI  .'   ('•'
the   .-..ntra.lor   |el-.  I-***'  5_*_'
...thin* eW to |«i. -.ml ""*■ l,",r      .
*,.«e.|   lhe  money   lor  ll—  Iball  (he  tail
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second near Washington.
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
'+******4*t>t+&&&9«S****** *t»8s»eNJ*;-*;-;^>-?-T-'-*t-;-■ - •
Gent's Furntshing Department.
New Clothing I Shoes, Shoes.
Ail-Wool   Serge   and   Worsted   iuit!    in Vl •   *■* selling  men'i alinsa below coat
Navy Blue, lllack and Mixed, «10.00 to I    Men's Split U-.iilier Hhoes, fl to $1.9
r.-J.H0.     All Wool   Tweed   suits,  nobby-. -Men's 0rained -LeatherShoes,|l_0,gl.f
pattern!, 113.00 to 330.00. liood Knock* 91-"b.    Men'i   (Jraincd    Mailed    sho»
absut Tweed suits, $3.00 to $10.50.   .VII* I    92M, $3.30.    Men a Oil drained Natle
Wool   PsnU,   $2.30  to  $0.30.    Working -sh'"'"*   $3.00.      l-'.n.*    Wslking    Shoe
Pants, $1 00 (o r'.ui. from $1.00 up.                     ^^^|
11 a'1   lake the Workl.
, 11 I. v.ry evident that Mr. Wall.,
prop ki r ol the Ruavll llniel, don not
like ib. World. Ile oame into the nHi.—
Honda)- ai-d alu-r
monlla   ...bsrnption      ^^^^^^^^^^
■ paper it-ppel.   Mrsng*. we had an lm
James Wood. 1 ..nn.nl..1. ...id llen)aiu...
Kranklin lliadihaw, >ar|ienler. all of tl.r
..ty of It.sNlau.t. ni the I'miini.- el Hut
»h roluinln... .In ht-trlf, urtil! that *ae
deaire to fi nn an ..---1 .n..u imr.uant l«.
• h. ptoillhllia "t the "I o i.|M-i*al.ir \*
... at., .it*   Ail.'
"1'he -.ii|sn-aie name .if lae a—* i.t.-.ii
.1 to Ih- llonlaiid Co-OpaniU** Awta
1 i.i inn. limited.' and the nbjr, ts fol
shnli lhe a»a.H-!alion i« Innwil ate t"
■ any on lhe wholesale snd letail trade
or   bu.inesa   of   trader*,   an.l  d-mlcrv.   in
imeral   menlian.li*H*   and   |.!-h|u«..   and   pai«r st-^ptd.   -Strange, we Ud su im-1 *|,
Ui rsrry  on  Mich  labours or trade-, ft.  |w——on that evrr-ynne liked the World.   •
may   fem   lime  to   litur  be   de. ..led   b)    1'erhain    lhe   rep..rl  of    the   sctioa
lhe AsMKialmn Ihe Tsnooi Isbor    union, declaring
"The number of share, to be unlimit    bous- unlail lor inai*Ung on the employ    J
ed and liw capital la lo OPBdsl of shares   tnrnt   ol    tjhineee   hsd   nmething   to   do
>.| s par value ol live >l.<llar*s 113lln ra.li.   m u, „
ni siirh oilier amount as shall Imm Kme 	
Son* Is thr Time
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealer* In
New Overcoats
Jn Whipcord Twyeds, .Meltoni ind
Hi avers,  $10.50,  $12.50,  $14.00, $16.00.
Men's Kibhcd Cotton, per suit $1.00.
.Men', K.I.I .*.I Wool, |wr luit 11.00.
Men's Heavy Wool, per suit $1.50.
M.*n'* Tan and Htriped, per iuit $2.50.
$3.00. Men'! Wool Pieced, per iuit,
Hats, Hats.
Men'i Fedora Hals, $1.30 lo $1.00. Men
linaii,, ll.it-. .--' i.l lo $3.30. Hen's Su
llala, $2.0(1 t« $3.30. Stetson's 1!..'.
$3.00.     AU .tylea.
.ii-ii's Navy lllue. 7V. to $3.00. Hen'
1 .in. v Mixed. $1.00 Ui $3*90. Hen'
Self Colon. Fancy Collar! and Wriit
>-' '"  to $3.00.
Tal. V. and N. 17.
i-a.mg   lor  the   l*"W!	
'mJrf.  otitml    h*..   	
Weat Columbia Avenue
in. Straw, and Bc.s ol lhe Road Overall, nu
Jumparj al cost.
i V. N. Phone No. 207.
The .outi ol irvi.K-n l.-i ihe II— land
r_.l..ial dfliii'  will he W*«p .■_*__: I *
Why   l« ll  Tl'-"'
Ihe good Hung*
Agnew & Co.,
Third and Washington.
Telephone 191
lime In lime Ih- deletnunrd by lhe rules |
nl   li! l.w,   ol    the   Attssmatlon
"The number ol tt-uslre*. who shall 1
manage the attair. nr concern, nf Ihr I
\.-ni.t.on   .hall   ih-  eighl   Iti   snd  lhe J j"j, „_^^ „,,„ „-_,! h, enlere.1 -..uit*"aj,;
^t^Srr&^S! \^'{^Z^Z^Z tW   : Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions. Fruits,
B* tig? AT w-: "V:' < -r gt*S_T_Va T ! I       "d V^"«. **«*> Crockery and Glassware.
.l.me.   Drriaa,   Vdah   I   lk.he.ti.  , ..rm_ ,„  ,l,l,i„.,„,n t.n i„ ,j,*,.ncd «'
......    W.l.am   done.   William  \tha\.    ,   |1|p   ftl|^„r   „,   ,Mrr..   |t.»*Uand.   , I
...n   Hike,    Walter  William   llalr I ...lln., >(ii|  .„   „,,,,,,.,„,„. 4,,^  he a.|.lm.-l   -
...I John Mvl-ai.-.. ...I the I.,,.,. ..1 11,.    )m hmi     A||>   „(ill ,„,,, n„, .|Ir.,|,. h.,1,
pica where th.* head ..ill.** .. ..tu.te ,.  II)rit  n4Mr, .^^ „n lhr  v„„,.-  h., I
at    the   rl'J    Ol    l!..*»'al.d.   .11   the   I'm.     _ ml ,,   ,, ,   ,_   ,mmri|„,r|y.
Iltili.li l"..n.b.a. ^_^^_^___________
"Hai..1   ll.e   IM  day  *-i  -*i-irmlier. 1 ^^^**
V    D ■	
A   nlret ng   nl    lhe  board   "I     liii.lars -~
»..  1.11    Monday   ireataf.    and   Mr      W« M n«i tor .   ___
k  Kuthrrlord «.. . I. t..i man   taam w* «.tt (ml .n.t.te 1 thr «.i>i
a.ei ... the .mi.      It »i. .leinleil that   I  »I   the S»mlnn   l'a>*t!rak   w-ul-l  •J,''_,i,*|
**b..ul.J   Is-   i.Hati-tl   in
I bon.psin    Inul.I.n!       Ml     Ihe
hts-kai*,   *.,,, Ir-i  *\rn*^9A*a*a^a*Mma*a^a^aagmA*f*''m' *"— r~''~'\^a\^a^a\^aa\\\m
I Inihcd
R055LAND, B. C
• ••*—>a   •	
I lhe leterinatSoimal ''■
Keeps the Choicest and
-Coolest Glass of Beer-
In thr City of HOMUtlri. WHY1 Tin nmr war »m\r kllrt fa. liitl-m (in hmnlliB-r ||. ami*
"ll ll (a-in Ibnn any othn tuit In town Mrn. ■ ftrr belag tapped, trtaui- IU arnii and J
flavor for a llmlt-rd timr only. Krep tin- in raiml whra you look for a plan lo rtfrrah i
yourwlf. Chciium of all known mlnr*. ruii-.a.N rontrnriora and buptnraa mm art '
*>■■,.!  at u-iit iiii  Hack Vain. In oar uili.r. «t any hour durtint the day or night. ^|
« rr '.""   \'w -5  IW* 9****
.,,,11. r   -aa.   apt**..     *l    ....•'■..!     '•    " ,,   ,,.,,„Pr   ,«„,|,.     n.
K. lUke,. .l..hn M*i   .... aad tt   W. D  JW»   '   h"  ""^   .^.ty Ust (t .'
I oil,.-, t  .Iter ihe m.llei ..I HM   «~** •»• "-*   .^^oo   the   IM.t
...g Ihe etme  and   hit..* it up     I     ■' «•*••  'l*"n-1   "**"•.-.
.ni.cii-.ia.I  that  the atota udl  l» opea <*»
sn.l    .»»il)   l"i    llMtlMI IB   Oh-  '"**< "'  lun••■l•',
•iu.eml.rt     A(   (.1*1   l*i"** '"  "'■>   « '•'
be desll   ."
Ml    llutl.etf.t.tl   lhe msnsser. Ins nal |
a   nuiiilsr    ..: »i*i>.*ii-e   m   tlie
j.....)   Iiu.ine^
»v.ii«jrr   t..   pre.ent     reader.
•Ulaa r pll.Hl   bills T
K«   .1   Strike  <_lbd  IHI
■*unday'»   llarr..
All   IMaaoa   SilneUi   the  l,«n   hall
jin the  Minen.-  I nmn IsitMin, wa. hlle.1
-with   a rr.»a.l  nl   n.sn.    yelliia  MtafM,
I .tlhe.«is.    km.mi   as   •*!•«.I.ii.   It   na
the ... a...... nf Ihe e'erUnn id nlh.-er* t»l
lhe union, sn.1 Ihev .ame very neal niak
.ni a day nl it. llut nne ..Hirer wa. elect
eil, the elerttnn l-eins sdjournel l"t one
week.    A (nl:.'!  wa* had nn a ie*.»luti,,n
"ITiere   ia.   a   far   attendants   al     lhe
lai-e.   at    s.miiisi.le   |-*nk   Su.rtai    iflel
..*..!.       Ihe   p,in..|.sl   li*.'   ni.    .   .il.il 1	
lH.|weei,    Kr.ii-st    henmslis   st..|S..-   a..!   4plalllll   ,hp   .tnkp aasin*!   the   Heeord
1:    I.    Ilrti.kli-.Kl.   M.*.   Mil ■ „Hi  wi,k.|, carried.    The l»y« are again
leenth. tl a mile, two nu: ,,f thrre huts, _*||jnf(   lie**,,nl.
Inr a   purv  nl   Wn.    Mi—   Miller  ______—_—
the t.r.l   tan   heal.  111   ll 4i and  H .! .". Sen'l"   IMefate.
III.-    in.'.-    hurdle   nag   between   .1.    S.I ——
lies. Itinii.s   lUltler  and   .1    K    lan.lls-ri.      At   lhe  titular   n.r.ting   ol    the   ll--.'.
\ 1.   sa*  wm  ra-il>* 1-v   the  lalleT. jdirv   I fade. tViunul  held  in (itrenTood
lhe   la.t ...ni   .*..   1   match  rare  '«■   \|,.n.,.t    ntsht.     thre-     deleaates     wee
twren    Ih.anas   Under  an.l   Thomas   I!.I   rle-!s,l   In   teprr-senl   the   ciiinil   il   (hr
105-107 Columbia Avenue
Dress Goods
Ladies' Suits
Ladies' Capes
Ladies' Underwear
Silks and Satins
Art Silks
Ladies' Coats
Ladies' White Wear
Children's Underwear
Family Liquor Store"
Choicest Wines and Liquors for Family Use, at the 5
Lowest Prices.    Nethiug but tlie best  kept in stock. I
G. W. flcBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
luul.  Ill n k Nellie, hall mile. Iw.. .ml ol   >el«nn   ennrenlinn.     It     rmiM
three   beall      ll.e hr«l    heal    n-.i   ».,..   pamed   lis!   night il   the  delejate
easily   |.,    illatk   Nellie,   ae-rond   heal    bf|f*gaU?ld   any   in-.trurti.ma.
II ile.  In  a n'l**"*.   liaider l.s.k thc third : ■
1    be
heat .a ill
K.pl.t    ll......    lm    (al|tentrl*.
1-1*1    Thill*.bl    -lenni,    he   I  Hl-enlri -'
I in -ii   ji   Untie   nitetl   thai   enht   hmii*
•hall  u.n.titiita    i  tin a  *a.,.k   I,..  k«M
* *. *-        I '|tl. -Im.t   ha*   Is tn   I.'
B ITie   IV.t
Whale lh- K's'lena.s have mat* I
client neHsp.pcr.. Ihr l*ln"-ni, I'mneer
mar lav claim lo the honor nf brim the
cleanest, neslesl. bnfhl'-t ami !«••! pa
lron.re<l p.per In thi* patl of llriti.h
The New Store
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year.
Published by the W. F. M., Denver, Col.
.Subscriptions Received at the office of Ihe Industrial World, or at
The Office of the Secretary of Koaslrnd ."lintrs" Union.


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