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Industrial World May 19, 1900

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Devotod to the Interests of Orgauized Labor.       Eudorsed by the Trades and Labor Cniittail.       Official Organ of DUtriot Union, No. 0, W. F. M.
__ ... '
II Hunter Bros. ||
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«!i   nearly everything  in  all classes of mercha'xJise.
Thest.ec   is carefully selecteil  and only seasonal le   |!
goods offered for sale.
1 HM.ll il HA.
protect them, go away swearing
tbey have learned soulething, aud
that th.y will remain in tbe hUU
of Idaho until alter election day,
when they will be heard from.
W.F. McNeill,
Next Poatoffiee.
No tancv price*, hut the belt value lor
yuur money. We handle only Aral clans
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And twhes, the very   best   English   manufacture.
!>|..->..il up ft very uice Hue of
Paiific Saint m
Cor. Siaoki—i BI. a Coluuibls Ave.
«A long, cool aud refreshing glne-S)
• Of s
Rod By   Ptmpe,  Maeki,   Toughs
and Pi-cmtitatea. -I
•_..-,..--.*-*-      l-_B_l-_l
nal returned from   a trip  through ' 	
tbe Coeur d| Atones, and to say wo Mackintosh l^coses Control of Meet-
were surprised.at the condition  of , . .. ,    _   .,
_ .      _. ...        ., I        mg aud it goee for Curd*,
affairs   there   m   putting   it very ° °
mild.   The state officiate) have ap-1 	
pointed aa. -their representatives' Another large crowd filled the
there a lot of disreputable beings,, Miners Uuion hall ifouday night to
devoid of ull knowledge of priuci- hear Mr. Mackintosh make hi* plcn
pie. They in the interests of the for support. Mr. Curtis was also
miue owners run rough-shod I present, nud wus given an oppnrtu-
over citiseus, keeping them in a uity to address the meetiug. Mr.
state of fear or terror all   tbe time. Mackintosh   made  a   very  weak
Meu who never violated a law in
their life time are deprived of the
right to work and are ordered out
of the oountry; by a lot of lazy,
loafing thugs and grafters. One
case which caiuu to our knowledge
wss that of P. Murphy,   who  was
speech, addresaed exclusively to
the workers, aad attempted to show
tbat he had always been a friend
to labor. Hu was in many respects
childish in his arguments, aud while
he was given a respectful hearing,
bis remarks were   li-toned   to   iu
Empey   Bros, j
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finest goods at the bust prions.
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| |   Union-Made
• About Dispensing and Drugs.
■ Dispensing of physicians  prescriptions  is   un  important
• fi'iilun* of mu drug .1..pin innnt and we take jusl ilia bio pridu in
. the eminence nnd |Kipnhirily it has  uttained.      1 lie p'lysieinii
* who writes uiirescriptiou bus certain   specific   results in mi.id.
• To insure lh'*b. st results und so   did   the  physician in his ef-
2 forte, wo employ  none hut the  host  nud cxpe-rt dispensers,
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W. J. Sliilvud, Prop.
working at his trade sua black- chilly silence except by a few of
smith at the miue, and wbo was i his push. His speech had beeu
not iu the country at (lie time of very carefully prepared for bim
the trouble. He hod his permit but he was unable to deliver it us
taken away nnd <>rderod ro have {writ leu, and the reporters kindly
the oountry Within Iweuly-four iix.il it up for linn boforoil appear
btnirs. Mr. Murphy a-k.sl why he in the press tbe next d.iy Paid
was uot permitted to earn an lion- heelers attempted tn pi event Mr.
est living, and the reply was*. "Shut .Curlis from streaking, but after
up, or ws will run you out in four awns slight disorder tbo crowd
hours." The unfortunate man then ; had its way and Mr. Curtis spoke
appealed to the soldiers, who told . for an hour, frequently interrupted
bim they would protect him, aa no | by bursts of apolause. Mr. Mack-
1 tTBim could ruu him out, but that ' intoeh sud bis supporters turned a
they had nothing to nay about bis
working. He refused to go away
and was put ia jait where he still
remains. Wheu we ooom away he
wan not able to bave any charge
preferred against him, nor was lie
told » hv he was nrrr-it*-.!.
sickly yellow when they saw the
reception tbeir opponent receiveil,
but were compelled to make tbe
best of the situation. Tbe meeting
finally broke up with three cheers
for Curtis and Martin.
Wednesday night the same gen-
lit Oem, which   was oue   time a, tlemeu held a meeliug ut Trail, ami
quiet peaceable little   town   where although tbe Mackintosh maungeru
pence prevailed, and honest womanhood was respected, is now a rough
rowdy place, where a tough joint
of a dance hall is run ou the main
street, ueit door to the poatoffiee,
nud the toughest aud lowest of
women drink, carouse and raise
('am oppoaite Ibe doors of respectable people, where honest women
aud innocent girls are afraid to
venture out on the streei.
Thu 'Frisco mine company boa
inaugurated the contract system,
by which tbey intend to reduce the
cost of mining snd the wsges of
the workers. The trains going and
coming from tbe mines are loaded
with men who have been denied
the right to work or are in search
of the same, and it is now common
belief that tbe officials are getiiug a
"ink.'-..11" from the railioad companies for forcing travel over the
road, and those who am at work
don't know the lour they will be
ordered to leave tbe country.
Every miner acts like a boy going
through a graveyard oiler night.
During the same week a miner
died at Miillaii hi. brother came
from Butte- At bis request tbe remains received tbe burial honors of
tbe  Miners'  Union.   To  the snr-
shipped 42 of their rooters and heel
era to tbe Smelter City, still ihey
were not able to carry tbe unci ing,
ami it turned out to be orupetiliuu
ol tbe Rosslaud affair.
Local aud General Note-
Barbers and wine clerks will pluy
ball tomorrow.
Tlie junior lnill team will play
in Trail tomorrow.
Clothing at prices to clear at
Kossland Trading Co.
See thn burlesque, Hindoo Magii
at the International next week.
Living rooms to rent, address or
mil this office. 37-2t
The Columbia and Kooteuay put
several more miners to work this
Clearance nale of mens' clothing
at the K.Mslaud Trading ''o's store
now on.
Felice, charming soubrelte and
toe-dancer at the Inlet national all
next week.
A. L. Houston president of tbe
Miners I'uiou was quite ill several
days this week.
r.li/en and County nnd  Indus-
one year  for
Should Be Stopped   Declares Hon.
C. II. t-aofclotosh,
Wednesday evening Mr. Mackintosh told the voters iu Trail thai
all anti-Japanese agitation should
he stopped at ouce; that it w.is
hurtful to business and it would retard development; that instead per.
mission for thn province to legislate for itself should be asked
for. This declaration set* tho s.*:tl
of falsehood ou every prolest.it ion
of friendship for the worker lis
has ever made, and should prove
the death warrant of bis political
political hopes. Mr. Mackintosh
kuows very well tlmt the permission he wonld ask for cun never be
granted, and the workers know
that men of Mr. Mitckiutosh'a class
would uever agree to the pus -a...*
of restrictive maosures wore they
I given the power to enact thetn No
wonder Mr. Mackintosh wants tho
agitation stopped; no wonder Indues nut want tbe dts.llowad laws
w enacted, lie knows Cut ,; i:i •
agitation is not stopped this class
of immigrants will soon be forever
burred from our laud. He knows
tbat if the lUili-M'ingul legislation is
re enacted it will prevent his
Asiatic frieuds who are already
here from getting employment am!
discourage others from coming.
Further deity is what he desire* in
this matter. He does not want
the present tt—B——I stopped; in it
year or two there will be enough
orientals hero to serve the pin ,■..-.■
of Mr. Mackintosh, his nssociatcs
and his employers, who wish to seo
the province filled with this class
of labor. In a short time our rail-
wavs will be in au ind by .laps, uur
forests will be felled by lhem. our
agriculturists will be roplaccl by
them, nud other hordes i\ ill _i.ii.-l
ready 'o outer our mines at a word
from the operators. This state of
affairs is eagerly looked lorward tn
by ca|.ita'.represented by Mr.Mackintosh. Then the employers will bo
iu a position todiclul.* term*, to tbo
In1.>r unions, ami (hey hope to
Iw in control of the legislature ut
tlie same litinc They are ln'oom-
iug frightened at the pros-st'l of
the worgingmeu' running the 0000*
try" and securing it fuir share of
what tbey produce.
prise of mauy over 150 turned out
with uuion bftdge. at tbe funeral. 1 trial  World,    bulb,
The spotters were   there   and now  •*.■ m, m advance.
thoee who dared to uuy ibis respect
to their -1- nl   iiit.iI.. i    .'...  I.
their'ipermi's to seek work'' taken  ., , ,„_
' .    ,      . i they are no chilly,
away as laet ae others can be found I
to  take   their   plants.     Ihem   Is'    Hon.   Smith   Curtis
another lessou to lie learned  by a
funeral.    About the same  time  a
miner who had been a prominent
member of the Industrial Union
(scab) died, a runner Was put out
and after working bard for two days
only about fifteen could be got to
attend  tbo   funeral.   The   Minera
The weather these days  remind
one of Mr, .,;  ■ i.iutosl, * meetings,
in in tl.e
Slocan, but will probably return to
Kosslautl tomorrow.
Hoar   Edith Welma,   queen  of
the rag-time singers, at the  Inter
national next week.
The carpenters will  consider au
even doaen applications for mem-
Union wilt respect their dead even |b-r»hlP at t,,eir Uext meeti"'.'
at the risk of tbeir bread and but-
I —Ml Odd Fellow, conferred two
t,r.    The uuion men  feel hopeful,'degree, last Monday  night.    It is
as ail wbo are driven   out  of the expected that ihe lodge  will   havo
oner d'Alenes by those whoshouid floor work ou ai its uext mooting.
R. II. Highland, of the printers,
took out a traveling card this week
nud has left for other hei.Is.
The platform of the provincial
party is ut hand iu pamphlet form,
but it does not bear the union lain I.
There is now posted iu the union
ball a scab list of (iromiwiiod car-
|ienter. It contains the uauios of
half a dossil carpeuUirrl.
Il is reiior.cd   that   tho   II.un.
stake will put a large force of men lo
work next week und that ore shipments will i.-ouiiucn.e at ouce.
('has. Mead, a man employed   in
the Nickel Phltegot In - hand (MUglll
in the chain at Uie    ball    Wed
.lay ami hi.-fli.gei -  badly   lstMi*al«
Jos. Qnlntllll, an old m.-mlii-r
and ox-sccr.'liirv of Kossland Miners
Union, uow located in the Ilouu-
dary, was in KossUud a lew days
this week.
Bert Porter of Ihe miners, relumed to Rosslaud this Week, ufter
spending a OOtipls ul months in
Butte. Ba says tbb) oamp ia good
enough for linn.
Thursday was observed by
theoHophists lhe world over ns
White I sit us day, lln* anniversary
of the death of Mme. Blavat.-ky,
founder of lite cult. the   lM.t.-iTltlAT,  Wo..!,!),   May* 10, .Ooo,
_—i_   nMi.'«B«ii.    »•__•_■ -. the workings—-i In   favor of their
TIE IIUSTBIAL W0M~4-«r r'-r;
protecting their  interests,  lnsteiul
Vt'liltKI.V   ITUTHIN.
ni' inn-ighiiig against them ou ev
cry occasion, claiming tbey   were
rubllslu.lal lhe Ml.iera   I'.llnn Hall. Rossi.....!, | making   tllO    prtlvillOO    UllSftfe    fill*
In the interest ul urg-iiu/eil lalaor lu British I capital, uml threittcning to transfer
Columbia. liie« intorests Ii) the slates serosa the
Knisie.1 st ihs noa-isnd. 11. c , -^stcrHcc fo, border.       Wheu   the    (wwt-oiatod
ij_,-uuio.tJii*-B«k ihs miui, »~'t« boards of trade «et here last fab
and denounced the   eight-hour law
and similar legislation,  why .lid he
j not protest against thu acliun taken
to drive us ninny us possible of
them out of the camp before election day.
as second Blall mutter.
A. C. Thompson, f'.liti.r and  Maniger
i mice si Miners' Union Hail.
I'tlVllt.ll- lllf.lll.l' It   HI   Ad.-llllCC.
One year (IB"
bis Month. I J*
thnt Monthi .   j
Address all - tmi.liunlt-a.lica.il  Ita Ihe  Imlu.ll
w.i ij. naatoBh* »-.. 55*, IrwUnrl, » c,
The Itnliiiiii.il World la (or sals In Koaalind in
lhe Kn.l.nCigir Store; Slni|aa*o..'i Netv. St.nul
II. B. Willace'B stillauery itom; Post Oflicc
Nnvs Stand; Muton Pro... Stitloucry Store
Us.. * CiRir Store md by ntwaboyl.
instead of approving the resolution
as passed? How different was the
alliliiih* nl' llio gi'iillcmilli wl.O is
now opposing bim. No, tin
workers can not believe Mr. Mackintosh sincere iu his professions ol
friendship when he is the iininiiu*.
j ami'tbol of the bitterest opponents
of (he cig'it-h.Hir law nnd bus opposed il himself  up   to a fow duys
age,    n   - -nl v   now iinnoiinii'd
j himsclj _ supj ; bur it' ■; i...
I voters km n tlmt ho is not honest
' | in making ibis cluim: they know
' thoir old enemies would never continue tOashpportrS man who nctuitl
ly la vt .red the law, and they ur.
surprised that Mr. Mackintosh di.l
not huve tbe •oii'nge to make a
kquara fight in opposition to tin-
law, instead of dishonestly posing
ns a frieud and supporter of u
measure, not a lino of which be
fnvnrs and not it line of which he
would uot vote to repeal if elected.
All checks may be made payable lo
Ihe Manager.
We wish to cull tho  attention of
Those who desire a change in tbeir lour renders to the  article entitled
advertisement should hive the copy for
the ss.ne at this office not later than
the evening before publication day.
SATURDAY, MAY 10, 1900.
• Mr. Mackintosh won nt great
pnius Monday night to *-liow that
he is iin.l ulwnys has linen a great
friend of labor, but he failed to
make a case for hiiusolf. Hu himself inndvcrtnutly showed thnt   iu
,      , .    . .     , , .      ,    I lost through the   labor  unions, al
years gone   by   his Irioudship   for,.1     ....       .. ....:.    .
labor was merely n matter of-policy.
He wus then a poor liiun.    A very
"Ancient Trades I'ninns, on page
11. by F. R. G. Gordon. Mr. Gor-
don has spent ninny years in re.
.-.•arch, investigating tho conditions
of (iiui.*and labor in ancient times,
and will shortly issue a book ou
the subject. Mr. Goi-dou shows
us that many ancient peoples wen*
1 much further advanced along
trillion union linen than are we
j moderns, and Hint the advantage
' heltl bv the workers was invai inblv
few yearsng'ibv ini'iiiislieet known
to himself, I.e became wealthy and
All his sympathy lor the working-
man .|iiii-l>ly evaporated, it wits
then lo his interest to placo himself in opposition to labor, as his
natural inclmillions teuded (hat
way a id his inter si ■* we.*e no lo .ger
identical with those of labor, nnd
he ui'heil to slam! woll with his
... w found friends among the millionaires. In his eagcriie-s to stand
high iu the class in which au acci-
il nt placed bim be became "a
sworn enemy to labor," and was
active in bis opposition to the
workers' cause, even as late ns |
the liiih of March last, whin be
wrote a letter, which be hns never
attempted to explain, in which he I
expressed a de-ire for Ihe repeal of
the penally clause of the eight-,
hour law and the |.iissa~3 of un act
to prevent iiiCil'iiince of .uiy kind]
hy any mini   or  body   ol men, in-j
dividuals or   uuiuns,   with   those
_, , . reason Rom.-
making contracts  at  any  price <>ri
to   work   nny   numlsir   of  hours-
desired or ngreed upon.     Iu April I
..    a.    i.: .    t      i ! but simi.lv la'causo  she MBBBQ the
Mr. Mnck(Ntosl)     became   a   can-1 w '
lowing the ruling, capitalistic class
to encroach upon their rights, re-
suiting iiltinuitely in the fall uf
that civilization. When we examine present conditions it is easy
to inake our own deductions, ami
we should prevent, if possible
history repealing ' itself. Of the
human trade unions Mr. (im dim
To illustrate: Tho grain received by the Tux collectors'union
was truusoortcd by the Carriers'
union, lo the city. There it was
turned over lo tlie United Miller.;
from there it passed to the Bakers'
union, and so on with all the products of the soil. The profit taken
was not known: The aristocrat
could uot be a boos unless he was
a uuion worker, and so the modern
mon* poly of today could not exist
in :n:.-,.;!.( I...me The mines sll
belong. .1 to thn nation. The ore
mined I      th**   Miners'  union was
The miiii who, iu Monday nights'
meeting, said tlio C. 1*. li. did uot
employ Japs, either deliberately
lied or knew roll.ing about it.
There nre today iiiairo thiin two
thousand .laps employed on the l".
P. R. between Vancouver and Lug-
gum Tbey are eui ploy oil ou extra
gangs, fence gangs, steam shov. 1
outfits, in r.lei; work, and even in
bridge otews. Contractors furuiah
the men, und receive one dollar
(ier day for each mini employ, .1.
I he contractors pay the men suv-
onty-live cents per day, and tbey
are crowded like bcttsts into filthy
boarding cats, fi-iquoutly as mail)
fifty living in one car. Recently
the health authorities iu out) city
compelled the company to move
tl.. cars outside the oorp.irutioii,
its they wen* considered a menace
to public health.
There is no reason whv every
restaurant and Intel iu Rosslnnd
should not be made strictly union
and the union meu uf tha city owe
it to themselves to see thnt they
are made so. No uuion man should
pntrouise a hotel or restaurant
where the nooks and wnit,ii-s art,
not mcnils-'rn of the anion. With
a little aid iu this way the Cooks
ami Waiters Union will soon bu
able to thoroughly C'-utrol tho trade |s tllO niCClilllll
iu the city.
P. Burns & Co. 1
Wholesale Markots. I
Rosslniid, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revebtoke, Greenwood,        J
Giiiuil Perks and Vancouver. T
by which the
One of our prominent city officials unooiis.ioiish gave the whole
snap away   in   talking  to a friend
il tin r day.    He  said:     'Why.
sir,     Mackintosh   has  got   to be
elected.   Use mono*.?    Certainly,
use uiiuiey.   why if we du not reaches the
elect Mackintosh the  wnrkiiigmeu
will soon be miming the country."
It would bo too bad if lliey should  WOrkinglTian,
get a chance   to  juu  the couutry.
wouldn't it?
Tbe Treud of the Trust.
and the
subscribing for
mr i>u
ir i»i,
and tb y in '.urn supplied Ihu ir*'ti
Workers'union aud so on. The
was able to conquer
the world was not bectise she had
i!i.late lor a sent in   tbe   legislative!
best artizans, all of whom were or-
,     , , .  i gaui/ed into their respect(Ve trades,
assembly, nnd  to  bring  about bis. rj,,      .,,,,__,        • _~        ,    .*.
• I I In*   ( old ih*i s     ii in,ui     made   the
election it bocurac necessary for
bi—I to secure the support of tbe
men whom Im hnd previously opposed nnd, through others, ill-treut-
od. He nt once liecame converted.
Ile experienced n complete change
of heart. He was brought to see
there was justice in tbe .-.intention
of'the labor people, Ho agreed
with every claim ihey made, and
tried to hide bis
shoes and a Sutlers' union fed tbe
K-iiiiaii army. There wai even
a Godsmiths' union employed to
make toy gods and sacred trinkets.
The Mackintosh crowd will stick
at nothing, aud miners must be
prepared for ant thing. It is likely
that just before polling day tin
nm lingers will pass tho word to the
opposition of re-! men that if Mackintosh is defeated
cent years by pointing to his record ' mnny of the mines   will lie   closed
of yenrs gone by, iu other climes
nnd under other circumstances,
when I.e himself wits a supplicant
for l.i .ml nt tbe bands of an em.
ployer. The voters are, however,
wise in this day. In the language
of the street they are ' next" to
Mr. Mnekintosh. They want to
know, if be has always been labor's
friend, why he a few months ngo
denounced in unmeasured terms
the eight hour law, and those ".lis
turis'i's, anarchists nnd dema.
gogucs" who were rnnponsible for
its enactment nnd enforcement.
Why, during nil the trouble, did be
down One superintendent is reported to have said tbat on the
morning of polling day he will give
his men a fifteen minutes, talk, aud
he will warrant every one of them
will vote for Mackintosh, We do
not Itcleive that any "talk" be can
give them will make any dillerene.*
iu the voting, as a man of that kind
should have uo influence .with the
miners. However it is well to be
prepared for coercive measures on
the port of the operators nnd manager.,' It is reported that.already
I urtis voters nre being discriminated ngaiost by the bosses,   and (bat
not once tnlss his  voice in fuvor of a determined effort is   being tnildc
The Irust-mak-rs are unwittingly  WORKINGMAN
killing thu goos.- that lays ihu golden egg.    Tbey   are    teach.ng   ll e
people that ir the trust is a good Can KllOW his
ihiug for the millu tiuire, it would
be, also, a gt.o.l thing for the pt*o.
pie. if operated by thu ■jutylc Unit friends by
if co-op*, ration is legul for millionaires, it woli-tl aim. bo legal for Unpeople. *
At present   the the    it.million  of I
ibe workers- is worse  than ihat  of
the Tantalus; tbey are c  uunlly   The   Industrial
aurrouiaded  by  weullb  they   have
ereuteil. but dare nut touch.    Each
intliv.d ml is iiutile to  realize   that   World,
he in but an  iusignificant  unit  in
the great army ol human uiathanics
-only a cog iu tho wlus-1 which   is
unly numbered instead of nitincd,
aud is driven from oue  pneiliou to {
another by a force bcyoud hut cot:
ii ol.    It is  I. tt*'. to I.    a  savi
roaming the .**>.<<I*     loreet  with
bow and nr OW than to Is* a money
less outcast nu the streets of it city
ho has helped to build.   Ou
/.atom is but a vast  machine,
the social problem is huw  to giv
every individual on equal opportunity in  the battle of life.   The trust
is solving this great  problem;
the longest step ever taken   town
oo-opei-ation.   "Let us not ulti
to l.r.i.ik up tbe trust, but work
it* speedy and   peaceful   transition
from private to   collective  ownership.
RETAIL   MARKETS Rossland,  Trail   Nelson,   Ymlr
Kailo, Sitiidon   Nuw Denver.   Silvort.on,  f'BIOSds  City. (Inind
Porki,Qreenwoo'l, Phoenix, Midway, Gamp MoKlnney, Revel*
stoke, Ferguson uml V-ncuuver.
Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of a'.l Kinds.
William 'ona i.n Manager Ro slat d flranch
■*■ *•>•♦♦♦♦♦T+.m-f •(>-♦• *>♦) 44444444*4444444444444*444444444*.
G. W. McBride
Hardware  Miners' Supplies Stove and
Ranges, Etc.. Etc
Just Krccived, thn Lsi-test an.l  Bell Bt lected Stock uf
ioq onti Unto F"r *<"'"'* r",,ie Ever
Show iu thi. City
Men's Fine Wi rsltsl galls ut b'ue sud black, .real vilnii »t $20; 8tin
price   . $ 13.25
Men's 'lvt.nl Snils, ,v, rib tl'J. ill ..in! ,'!.'a. locbsr ,t- . 8.75
Men's Fine Scotch T*vwit Sails, hi.- value at I IS; S.tb* price       . 12 50
llnys Sui's »nl Old Paula al ju-t hill rexultr price*.
REMKUBKR! Put tht. next loi-ys every line in stock to sold nt and
under wholesale prices.
seeee»»e»»»»e»e»eee»»e-»-»» ♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦.»♦»»♦»♦»♦♦
The Latest in I
HATS!   j
u w
i .....nt*)-
II IndiJslria
I list
IWorld .
AT 1
[       C. F. Eagles       I
►    Opposite the Rauk of Toronto. Rossland. B. C     ♦
f *4*t.*****1*t*+*+t->*?-*t+*-rt
•   NEWS
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office
& School supplies.
*    HOOK STORE      •-   . -
t — •       Iltl  t.'t.llll.lbi* Av.-i.u-..
Subscription $2.00 per Year.
Advertising- Rates Furnished
on Application.
Morrison and Bryenton
Have just received a  Consignment of
Fisn, Ganned  Goods,  Hams and Bacon,
Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh Eggs, Teas and Coffees a Specialty
Solo Agent iu.Rnssluud for '.EMPBE-B TIU8."
'Phone 101M5. 198 Columbia Avo.
Fresh Green Vegetables.
Cauliflower.       String Beans
Brussels Sprouts, Lettuce, clcry, Tomatoes, Green Peas
0. M. Fox 8c Company,
10fl East Columbia Ave.
Telephone 05.
, -. ski... 1 _U_ itfDUbTiilAi* would, may id, woo.
The Voice ol Profit.
I hew my path's/By with the sword,
Kliiy Pence mid say I thiiiitlinl Crime,
Riot* round will) li.iint) the Savage Hurtle
Went'.. u.iuiBuii iii ihe lulu ol Tune.
I smirch lor gull! nml gleaming tj.-iit,
Sei/.ti i.iiiti. i I. IiuiiIb ol tlie sea,
I'intl simpl.i (ulk ami fling I.. theiu
From   iTiiitui   n.mill.— Humanity.
I seek the realms where dullards dwell,
I mskti each brutish weakling (eel
Tlie good there is iu shriek ,i( shell,
Tlie blessings Wrought by tire aud steel.
Willi Hiihnr stroke snd thrust nl lance
I shake the regions o( C uilenl,
Ami teach the busts o( Ignorance
The sweetness of K ilighltnmeut.
WhBt matter i( Dealb'* pride be W»r,
(). weakness be Ihe. live ul Might?
Is I'i egress nut a eoi..| ut i.i ,
And I'imc. .01.uher name for KighiV
What mailer if I crush the free,
Oi if ten million tuen h • sluii.?
Ain I uot lord ul I)*,s(inj —
Tho A iigl.i-s.iiiui god uf gain?
Sa far ss history teBches the very ancient lull n u ns in a most degraded nnd
sUviah conditio... Imlreil, there wbb
but ttV'i cli'.srn i.tI ie. aud slaves.
A nl i Ins c ii.diii.iT i- in i in 'tml on down
to the It emu B nplre. iuvernmeut
and ri'lnriiii were united to sell, torture,
kill aud ciiisli lil' .r at pleasure. The
!s|.nriBiiii treated their bthorers worse
than any other natiou. In this uni....
.. times. i.d yesrs before Christ, l.ycur
gus, the "grs.it Inv i*ivt>r," ha 1 given
ihu workers a sort ol a (ovialisiic coii-
Miiiilinii ol the .Lie kind in which
lh..se on lop .ere the bosses, jusl as
thestste socisbslic nation ol Ktiisii Is
low on top, and hub produce inulii
plie.l iniiery fur thole *nci«iit workers
as well as those v.ho live iu K ; -i.t today. This law ol I ycurgus liBtad SOO
y.nrs. Under It* oper.lioD* tl.e workers, both male aud female, ware Mugged
once a day lor lai.lt* emu mined. Tbey
were compell.-d in as*umo abject sloop-
ing postures, they were tlriveu ti the
fields in rsgs, and ..ll *n niked hy the
molt brutal bullies. Nur was Ibis the
worst, livery year and sometiutes as
often as thus, ot lour monlbi ihe five
Kphori. or judges ol the ualiuii, fulfilled
Iheir duty hy ....Icing aisasslustitins ol
Ihe workers in order to give eieruise to
the ruling class of youths ol Spirt i io
Ibe manly avenue ol sport, I'lalirch
iliscnl is this diabolical institution as
lo'lows: The governors ol the youih
ordered Ihe sine*.Ivslul Ihem from lime
lo time lo disperse themselves in the
country, provided ouly wilh daggers
.ml some iieeerssry provisions. Iu the
ihiy, ibey hid themaelves .nd n-ie 1 in
lhe moil private place* th.y could Ou I;
but at night they I allied out iulo Ih*
road and killed all the belnt* (worker*)
Ihey coulJ meet with; nay, (ometime*
by day Ihey fell upon Ihem iu the Held*
and murdered lhe ableat aud strongest
ol them." During tbe l.mnus ami infamous Peloponeeecan W.r which
lasted 27 y>n s the (spartan ranks were
so thinned lhal thousands o( Ihe wotk-
ers were sent into the army where (in y
(ought most hraveiy. Aia rea.rd 'or
tins. 2,000 were (reed and lent lo one oi
tbe icmjilo. ol the godi. This wss the
last sa iti ol those 2,000 brave worker*
und fighters; they were butchered id
cold blood. Tins occurred io the yrsr
42' D. C. Plato, it will tie remembered
gave to the workera only "half a sun..."
Such horrors could nol last lorever and
(rom ll.ii brutality came the ancient
trade unions.
These tritles union* were first organised from Ihs boldeataii I bravest ol tbe
workers, who lormed bands o( robhera,
pirates and  nomads,   From   the*, or-
gsni7. iii.ans clime tbe "tree laborer*" so
called "I   ......em    time*.     These Iree
laborer* were in time organiud int..
trades. It bis the ancient Usile unions
(rom Tyro that built Solomon's Temple.
They also built ibe Parthenon at
Athens It. C. 438. These buildings are
Ihe most msgniflcent ever huill The
trade nnion* nf Tyre, Rome, aud Athena
were sl*(e Institutions. They elected
their own "bosses" and perlorme I ill
tbe important work ol the elate. They
built the great temples, oonatrucied
tbe famous roadi, conducted the transportation both hy laud and sea. In (set
tbe Brest robber nation ol Home, hod It
not been lor har conquest! .nd th.
slavery ol the captives bid lair to become a socialistic co-operative commonwealth. For ns*rly 800 years, the laud
waa nationalised It was during the
reign o( Julius Gaeaar aided by Cicero
both ol whom we.e .rislocr.t* Ib.t th*
powsr ol the tnclant tr.d. union* were
destroyed. ('In ml ins, however, with
the help olC.t.llne (ought bravelv lor
tbe union*. Both were socialistic in
Ibeir speech** and actions. At this
time, tbe unions became somewhat
political as lhe following trinsliii'.n will
■how: "The member* ot the l-'isher-
man's I'nion nominated Potliu* Rulas
lor member ol the Hoard ol  Work*.
"Tb* International Gold Workers'
Association of lh e city ol Pompeii demand lor members ol the Hoard ol
Work*,   Cuapu*  Paul*.     Verua    the
home-born with ber pupils ii all right,
put Mn. Citpclhi to the Iront (nr a *eat
on the 11 mrd of Magistratea."
The strike* which occurred In the
ancient day* were frequent and generally attended hy bloodshed. It is re-'
corded that from lll'.l to 70 B. 0. tbe
organized workers Irom Asia Minor to
I'ilbiis nl llereiilefl made heroin rff.rl*.
to place the political power in their
owu hands and -abolish "id.ts.es.
It was .hiring this (hue that the (list
great "universal strike too* place."
SpirlHcns, wbb the great labor leiilur
ul Ins time.    And   il  is  beau*, nl   oie
itand lot thatolajs thai ,o lit- iriitn
is told ul hb.i. He w.il iiftveve- ont ol
the greatou rollitiry -tan o( indent
tun.*, lie fiught and -on eleven
arii.l.t. lo siiooir.ii'■   >■ J met     -   'I-i li
I in ib.odlebiatsd twills o< Silau ie* H. 0.
! 70. T is war had la-t-nl for (ou. iri
ami si li*t thr.*.- Rim.in r.ni.is wee
lent againsi bltn, J Ifl n* 'he btttl*
was to l.gi.i N,ia-ucui' ghsrgei w.ib
brought ti him. With a stroke ol his
great aword he sle* the charger and
shouting to bis men, ' V.otori mi, I
shall find hones in plenty among the
enemy; defeated I shall no longer wnnt
one," be I. II up ui the H unaui. Hay*
Appian the historian: Il ws* a fierce
fight, laong a.t*r vi.'.lory wus hopeless
.Spartsuul was I raced hy heaps ol the
•I lin who bad fallen by hi* hand, and
hi* body wa* completely lost in tb*
awful carnige which closed tbat day ol
blood." He was the list ot the great
ancient labor leaden.
The unions ol ancient Rome were
public b,idics employed by the oitlea
.ml the BBlion. They existed in Ibis
form fur SOO years until Julias Caesar,
Iur the first time in R una, made law*
•gainil the onion*. The slaves had no
rigid tn orgai.iin. The trades were Well
organised. Even tbe tux-collectors
vi.-.tig.tlili) were one ul the large aud
iiuportani unions. The teamiter* and
tnriiers ui.iuns were alia n.ost important. The Bgrn iiltural union cultivated Ihe 'fields. ' Il wai these union*
that «... led t.ut a sort ol national co-
opeiu'ion or .-'.at.- Socialism.
To illustrate: The grain received by
the Tax Colleclon union waa transported I.y the Carrier Union to the city.
There it waa turned over lo the United
Millers; Irom them it passed to the
United Bakers Union an.l *o on with all
the product* of the so I. The profit
take*) was not knoan. The aristocrat
could not lis a boss nnless be waa a
uni.in worker, and so lhe modern monopoly t'f today could not exist in ancient
, Rome.
The mine* a'l belong to the nation.
The ore ruined I.y the Mines' Union
wai turned over to the Smelter* Union
and ihev in turn (applied lb* iron to
the Iron Workers t'uiou and so on.
The reason Rome was stile lo conquer
the woil I wss not because she had
greater generals, or braver men, but,
■imply be. B.i-e she pollened ths heel
artisan* all ol   which   were orgouis«tl
j inlo Iheir reeprclive trades.   The Cob*
| l.l.-i. Uuion made tbe shoes, and even a
Sutlers I'.linn   led  lb.  Knuiaii  armies.
I The aristocracy ul K nne  were * i.l-...I-
! thinly set. They made the poor ,v. a
murder each other 1 i'iImi gi-.al   ;■ *p' '-
I ll" B et     j III      I."     ,11.IIWmr.lt.       .'.ver,
great valuta ol tb. army or   banquet ir
I or tne   ' lib nt a great  mm, or the
, birth ol i cluitl     '    ua 400,    I
' bratad by gladit.:-.rin. b ttcher;.    I am*
nii.is' 'nther died in ITS B.C. ind  had
. 71 ai-dlaiuri .'..in In honor of hii de
cesssd  parent.   Trnj...   «ss tba giant
brule.   Ile gave au   exliioui..ii ol this
muidertitii pastime   which  lasted  lour
months  und   ten   thousand    worker,
killed each olher.    On   one   oreaslou
when food   lor   ihe   wild   heaita   waa
scarce, ClignU (ed   the wild anlmali
wilh the live Ixidiei of men. women and
children.   At other time, ihe workera
were l.u. .--I  lo fight lions, tigen, serpent! and   sn  uu.   There  WM even  a
II..I Smiiii' Union employed   to make
toy god*, (scred IrlokeU, etc.
ll I* ,t ind by  nm..   ancient writer*
that 8icrat *s a*i.l Jesus were both mem*
, ber* ol a trade unmn.   One ws* lb* sou
I ol a mechanic, the olher the eon ot a
From tbe tint account* wa have, we
| learn thai Ihe red banner wa* tba flag
|otoi*ganiled labor. While the "clause."
used white lo rep-e*ent their pur* de-
rcent (rom divine .noeelon, red wa*
worn by Cere, who repmeeated. ths
agriculi'ir.st, and by Minerva who look
charge ol mechanics and inventor*.
Tlie red flag became more and more
popular and was later on, oaed by lb*
generals lo lUinulale the eoldlen. And
still later as the "Red Flsg, lucerne
more popular, the clasee* approprinei
it to tbemielaei and made It a crime
(or any but tbemsalve* to wear It. Tbo*
tbey ruiued the dying tnde and tbe Ty-
rian crimson lines were lost, and bave
not been recovered.
While tbe Roman capitalilt* bid bis
Ihoiisaii.l* of ilaves, *o doe. th. modern
capilaiilt bave his thousands ofhandi."
The old world ws* in two camp*, likewise the modern world li, in two camp*.
There were and there i< tbe rieb nation
and the poor nation, and between the
two there are and can he no commnalty
ol IntBrest. nor sympalhv.
n. CUT.MS  .Mil  UBSTlftOB.
ntA-M AND LABOR coilNCir.-Meets every
secontl and fourth Tuesday In each month Bt
Tt). P in iu Miueri' t'liii.n Hall. C. W. Wilson
Sec ; Hal. Pariutwurlh, Pres.
every iTltluy ul c.it-h week at 7;jo p.m. In
Miueia' Union Hall, P H McDonald, Pre.;
A J .Mdauurtld, -elc.
.MI.NI'RS' UNION No. j8, Wtllera Federation
ot Miners Mc-is every Wedne—ay evening st
730 o'clock In Miners' Union Halt. Jamaa
Oevlne, Sec; A I. Houston, Pre.,
TYPOGRRPHIl.'AI. UNION No .115 -Meet, on
lite last . nmlay ol car. month st the Mlnen*
Union Hall J J' tl.tkiloll. Srfietsrv. Mr Pot.lt.
'.Irtl   Hi.    '*.-       it)   tHiil   VllMtiy  of each
inoiuhitlpa ' ntyi iiui i'Oi—s.314
vv. „,i,e.Hl, Pre.lItlittt; J. Rlomaa, Becre-
1 ry
COOKS Br WAIl'liKB I'NION, Nolo, W _ U—
Meets every s.iimlny evsulug 1 Itjs u'ulock
in Mine..' Union Hill. POUul 4.. Paul
j.iilnrr. Sec; Oeargc Cunningham. I'n.
he best table board to be had in
Rosslaud is to be gut at the Russell
hotel. Everything is lirstclass in
ovory re-spect. Prompt and atten-
oti sorvico.
Groceries and Provisions.
Transfer Company.
The Only Transfer or Ei press 0'irn-
j pany in Kossland that will d diver your
,, ,, „ Trunk* lol 2o ceutsi eaih.   Three day*'
tRuiTs, Granite, Crockery    stomge iree.
and Glass Warm.
-Ftee I)ellver> to all parts of tbe city.
■piiiini; 191.
Tel, phone 37.
Corner Ttird Ave. and Wa.hlnglon Bt.  ,t1Sl^^nTw^^.Tl1^
I s 11 jiiirs.     Cant met a infct-h for pupil   hnnitltiB
Aq      gH and  decorating,    (nlm   ind     une   I anid*. <\
O'TlD^If     i\T    I .A ■-li.milifr-"iltick, js Co.uiitln-tift*. under LiofiiUi-
uIlluW    136  vU, .hi iup.cf.1 ».*.. i.ii.t*-
Following ia a lis. o( thuse wbo advertise io the Inuobtbhl Wobi.u:
Geo Agnew A Cu., Grocen.
W. F. McNeill, iShoe Store.
Hunter Bra*., general merchandise.
Empey Brae., groceries aud ganla (Ornish ings.
T. R. Morrow, druggist.
0. 0.1—londe, ibo* store.
0.0. (iilasou *t Co., gsnt*' clothing
soil notion*.
G. W. Mi-Bride, hardware.
Linton Brae., booka aad stationery.
Orescent Dry Good*, furnishing*, dry
good* and clothing.
Morrison A Brycnton, groceries.
11. J. ()' 1 learn, clothier and Hatter.
Paulson Bra.., groceries.
T.ylor A —cQuarrie, tiilon.
Pacific Tea Oo., tea* and code**.
ti. W. S.mpsou, news, sUtionery and
O. hi. Baths.
Metropolitan Hotel and Bar.
Me AubfT, Ullor.
8. Gliun, furniture.
' Midonigl* A Co, grooeri**.
HulTman liouaa and Bar.
Enalgo Cigar Store.
Dyeing and Cleaning Worka, W*ih-
ingiun itreet.
Dsnleli k Ohamben, paint*, oili, elc.
Holatead A Wright.
R.*eslsn.l Hotel.
Eleetric Ka.indry.
0.0. D. Meat Market.
Tbe International
I.ansiL* A Newman, grocer*
Kussell I Intel
Simpson A Jones, grocen
Th* "Strand"
Eagles' Millinery store
Roesland Drug Oe.
0. M. Fui A Oi., f racer*
Columbia Transler C-..
Itesn*, per Ib     ft to 7
Hr* ".elt-'l      S6toS0
1. ..11  , p*  30 to So
-... -ii, '.-st. per lb  IB lu 17
Bulk Oil, per gal  SO
meruit*, lancy, per Ib  SS to «*■
('l.i-fe. per  11,  SO
.  ■ ...  ..».•-. j- r   lb  40
Ooooa.ptr lin 36 to 10
Cornme.1, per 101b sack  40
('..(tee, per lh     SO to SO
Cracker., sodas, par lb    10, I'.",
Corn, iter rsn  II'.-
Canned fruits, per can  26 lo 36
Canned peas, per can  1SX.36
Canned beana, per can        1-".
Oodfiib, per brlek  S6
Drie.1 fruits, peril.   10 to 20
■MSB, per dor  2ft lo 10
Flour psr sark l.SB, \M
(Iranolsled sugar, 14 lb lor....        1.00
Hams, par lb  . 17
Honey, comb, per cake  26
Imp.rUloil.6gal.caa        3jH>
I.sr.l.MI. pail  S6
I—andry soap, per bar  5 and «
Liverpool silt, per 601b BB—... SO
Macaroni, per Ib   16to20
Mo.***** per gal 76 to $1
Nuti, per Ib  26
Rolled "IU, oar 101 h sack  46
Picklei, mixed, per quart  20
Hire, per lb  0
Ball bacon, per Ib        P.",
Hago aad -pioea. IblO, S lb*, tor 26
Stock tail, par 601b aaek  76
Syrups, par ball gal. Us  60 to 86
Turuatoei, par can  46
Tea*, p*r Ib  36 to 65
Ttihacco. per Ib  90 to 1,2.'.
Vinegar, per gal  SO lo 65
Wheat manna, pkgi, 20; bulk perlb.
Appl**, per Ib  6 and 6
Beeti.parlb  S
Cauliflower  15
Celery, per bunch  10
Cabbage, peril.   2>„ lu 3
(Irspe., per   basket  65
Lemon*, per dos      30,36
Onion*, per lb      3 to 4
Peers, per  lb      10
Potatoes, per 100 lb* 1.26 to 1.60
Radiihel, 2 hunches (or	
fqasab, per Ib  S
Sweet potatoes, per Ib  6
loinsturs, per boa         1.00
it Columtali Ave., neit door to I.i'onile's.
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
N. & V. 'Phone .8).
Canadian Pacific
Aud SOO Line.
— ; •. ■   il 1
Nt-w Fast Daily Service.
Optional Hunts Emt and Weet (rom tha
Kootenay Country.
— r*„
Firat-class Sleeper* on all Train*.
I   -»«uuuuij|
Lending Library.   Latest Novels.
Office Supplies, Etc.
The American  Tailor and Uentn'
Furnishing House.
elaiti -ad* ti inhr. —liifidisi Guruleii
No. «. Flrit 1 vtiiiiii.
Cor. Pint *vr.  lid Spok.ne Bt.
Bs—sins Ia secoed hind |rood>.   Clrc us 1* call.
It will ply you.
Canadian and Kentucky
I-ourbon WhisK:es.
Railroad and Miners' Checks Cashed.
Harry Mcintosh.
Ensign  Cigar   Store,
CAPT. SHAW Proprielor.
Corner Columhla avc Washington at
Tourist Cars
Para Rev.lstoke Daily lor Si. Paiii.
Thursdiys (or Moutreal and It ..tn...
Tuesdays ami Saturdays for Toronto.
For ntea and full information iddrei*
tbe nearest Local Agent, or
Citr Ticket A*, ut, Rossland,
Acting Agent, Roeslsnd.
W. F. AKitPRBox. T. P. A , Nelson.
E. J. Covlb, A. Q, P. A., Vancouver
ntis .
, 0—SBOVeaT Bilk   i.C-11  1,    Kossland
Dyeing and Cleaning Works. ; ROSSlanfl Mt Mr?
Oirosltf M.rtla Brothers.
I c.b cle.a or dye IBVthlBr Id Isdlel' and
(VBtleroeri'l «-B»r. Olvi mr • CBll led be cou
The lileal unproved maettne-y and prom«ei
enable me to iuar.--.ea the p.omut delirrt)- ol
all order • Work will 1st rilled (or and .1.11. e.rtl
lo .11 r ulil.r...
Northern Pacific
VBb'.o.v-iroxr: p.ikk •-(•ii':.
Tbe Dining Oar R late via  Yellow-done
Park.   8.1.stand Beat.
Kquipped with
POU—'—I Palacb Cabs,
lbuabt Dininu Cabs,
Mol.BBK  I'AV Cm. Ills,
Tocbibt Si.mi-i>.. Cabs
Tbrungh ticket! tn all  point! In tbs
United 8l*t«* and Canada.
Noil* but   white help employed | world.
Notify us.    We call and deliver
Steamship tickets lo all parti ol tbs
Colutnbis Avcuuc, near lv-inffo-.*.
Gel their Prescription!
FI I. 1 hv tbe
R ossland Drug Co.
A Vnll Une ot Fvrry l hiii* In Our Line.
Culnmliia \venue. next  tbe  Bon   Ton.
That our Ten indCorTrrBBrHhf CHOICEST
-•I-I In K..-«IanH Today, v* h-n Itnt. and co
ir. ■.-in pit-hr-l-> h-ii<i it i« alnolatcly ncc
**Mtyloha-i- an article of unusual merit
Ymi wUI (iu'I it hr tt. Ola-awarc _i-e« atraj
1'acifcTea Co.
Tickets to Chin, and Japan via Taroma
and Northern I'.ruii- Sleamibip Co.
Trains depart (rom Sntiksne:
K.)  1, We*lloiiind, *l 9:66 p. —., dally.
No. 3, Kisii.T.iti.l. at 7:20 a.m., daily.
For informslion.* time cards, mini
and ticket! apply lo the aieni* ol lbs
8. F. A N. R. W. Rl'FF,
Agt. R. M. Ry., K—land, B. C.
General Agenl, Spokane, Waab.
Aaa't Geo. 1'issengsr Agent.
Kossland Hotel.
Fine Whiskies aud   Imported   Cigtrs
Jerri Spt llniTii. Proprietor.
Cor. Spoken* Street and Columbia Ave.
All kinds of Jams!
All kindof r*   reserves !
All kinds of Marmalades !
Specials This Week.
fine Year   1
Six Month*
♦ 2.00
Address All Connnnniralioas
Nelson A Fort Shrppard Railway
Red Mountain  Ry.
The Only Direct Hmte lo Nelson
Kaalo, *Koot*n*y Lake and
Hlocar. Points.
Every day in ll e year betweea Spo
kane, Ronland ind.Silson.
lit-a lillir ABIIVB
8:16a.m. • • !-ipikin. • ■ .1 l'* |..m
2:1ft p.m. - • N.ribpirl • It ISO p.m
Arriv*3 I0p.cn. II issland I.v. ; 1:26 a.ta
No ching. o( cn between Spokan
and llnsslsml.
Ticket, on (ale all over tbe'world.
Clone cnnneclion. at Nelson witb
irl»aamers (or Kailo and all Kootenay
lake points.
Paswngers for K.ttle river, Honnd.ry
ramp sml llanndary rret-k ...nur. 1 at
Marcos and l!>s*borg with  sisge daily•
E. W. Rirr, Agent.
KoMland, II. C.
PiAitB A Dbwab, Agealr,Trail, B.C.
H. A . Jaci*".. o.r t a . Spokane,Walh,
fi-*ft * . - THE   IKDITSTKHL   WORLD,    May 10, 1900.
± t
The Interviewer:
: I
t* ♦•(•♦4">-l-> *> tll+IHII HtH ++*
The tallowing Is a continuation o( the
interviews by the Horse K liter, nnd
while the opinions expressed may not
be the actual views of tlie persons quoted
they are thrust ut a cold und unsympa
thetit*. public. The next person .imposed
to be interviewed bb the Horse K.litu.
talked to himsell il
"Hello there, old boy," said M.
''.-an, with his UBUal nfl.thle smile,
which showed through his whisaers.
"I have just been up on top uf Monte
Chriito mountain laying out and Hxinit
the grades of some now slreel*, driving
stakes for (lie location o( water niatiin
aud arc lights, and incidentally arranging to send up a lew hundred men to
carry out these works. I have sis.,
been msking a few calculations as In
how much pressure will be needed to
twist around a little the plan of the proposed electric railway in order li t Hi -
(mure people nf the Monte Chriato addition may have rapid trumit when
moving to Spokane or Cape Colony.
You see, I'm chairman ol the board of
public works, and in fact what you
might call tbe whole thing. Then, I'm
liable to own 150 lots up there il someone makes me . present of them. So
that take mo as I am (whiskers und all),
1 am the cxir of ltoa.laud and whatever
I say goes.
"But bow about the mayor claiming
you exceeded your authority as chairman of the lHiard.nl works?
'•oh, it was simply a matter ol j*al-
ou.y on his part. The mayor j i«i
think* be i* the only pebble on tbe beach,
aud be I are we can place a new plunk in
lhe sidewalk some where he must nenls
be consulted as to how many nuile urns'
be placed therein. His worship is sll
right, only he hasn't passed the teething
stage yet an I mint therefore be granted
a lillle indulgence.
"Well, John, what do you think ol
that very conglouie-ale holy, tbe city
"Truth.il, I hive uot made any eer
ions conjectures. Yon see, I have been
so bus) running the whulii show and
giving orders lor the opening up of new
steeets in the vicinity nf my town 1 t,
Ibal I have not had the time to form
opinion! ul other people. II lhe aldermen do nol clip my wing! belore tbe
city parts company with it* money
through my sired ir.ipinv.tiient pu t-
timei, my lot* on those streets w II be
selling lor |300 spite where now they
couldn't be traded lor a ncuiiilhai.il
bicycle. I have but one kick coming,
and that i. il is taking all my spare
cash having ligm painted to plate on
theee improved lota' bearing the legend
•'llui what do you Ibiok ol M tyor
"Ob, bia wonbip hai hia nioal ipaani
at every meeting ol the conncil, and I
am beginning l. look forward lo these
wordy events i. a matter ol course.
The mayor merely makes third term
.allery plays at my expense.
"Yon remember tt wsi announced al
Ibe minstrel show that yon were utab
liahlng a uislrlininlsl b iresu ....w is
Ihe sei.. nie making out ?
"Splendid! Spl.ndidI Conldo't be
betler. Why I bav* already severs!
heiresses on tsp and the hichelor broker* teem to be (nrlv taken wilh the
id*.. Ev.n M.xy Crow 1* becoming
"Whatabont that bluff contract ?
"Well, you see, Sol alway* voted (or
me snd it would bardiy do to throw liim
down jusl now. I believe in lhe council
1 lu inr II* petronaga where it will do
Ihe moat good, even to the pre*entation
on gen*ril principle* ol ((.'100 to Ihe
Weary Wiggle* Contracting Oo.
"Hive you anything lo i*y for publication?
"Nosir, not a word, I'm lo>ou*v;
and I don't like newspaper notoriety,
The City Celebrate*.
When lh. new* wa* flashed over lhe
wiles yesterday afternoon that Mafrking
had been relieved and that the little
hand ol heroes under Baden-Powell had
been succored, Iloaaland abut up (hop
and prepared to celebrate. Fire bell*
rang, wbiatle* shrieked and tba noisy
firecrackers wero heard on every hand.
Soon the atreet* were crowded and the
city took on a holiday air. A parade ol
the school children took plsce in ths
slier..ism followed in the evening hy a
parade ol the ride corps, fir. depatt ment
eitiaen* in carriages and a large body of
horseman, beaded by the cily hand and
the piper*. Speeches hy lhe Mayor, Dr.
Bowei and others, Irom the steps ol th*
think ..( Montreal. Everybody wa*
happy, and until a Isle hour the crowd
..I merrymaker* thronged lh* street..
The editor o. The World does not linlil hint.
I of the   planer responsible tor any   op ini.. i ex
Federation oi   Miners,   wss a  splendid
effort.   In pun Mr. Boyoe naiil:
"1 will Bay, without hesitation or fear
of contradiction, tint in the grindest
republic in tha world, wn urn fast de.
mending to B condition worse   than any | pressed by cnuiribuloistothl.ee'u.a...
that has ever exiited in any   in marchy j —	
on earth.    It is lime   lor   the lab irlog   • Editor lutluutii.il World I
people to isy Ihat  no  military  despot j    The meeting  held  In   Miner*  Union
shall txist in  any   elate   or  ciuuty   Jf i __|| Mouday evening under the auspices
this  country.   We shoii|i|   not   longer ] 0| ,„e Mackintosh syndicate, and which
endure the action ol a j i Ige   sitting on | „„„ intended bb a M ick.ntoih  meeting,
the bench or the 1'oiled State* court,
wliii issues injunctions rinttr.ulr ne 1 ihor
ing men. Tuere seems no relief to be
expected from any political organisation
existing today. 1 am sorry to say, an.l
nil our hope of gaining relief through
politics most come when we come lo the
point where we can rely upon urselvee
to east a nulled vote".
Reports   from    the
.•otintry   go to   hIiow    that    Hon.
Smith Cur tin will huve it  majority
in (but pnrt ol' the riding*.
Jus. Deviue, secretary of the
Miners I'nion, left for the Boon*
dnry this morning on n short trip.
A. L, Houston is holding down
the offloe In Mr. Devlin—' absence.
The Engles took two candidates
home to their Aerie Thursday night
Durkee was so nervous yesterday in
consetjuenco that he could hardly
mix colors.
Alexander Prettio, of Nelson
Min.us Union,died in New Denver
Monday. HiR remains were tnken
to Nelson for burial, where services
were conducted by tbo Miners
OsiMir DuCitmp, wbo hns been
engineer nt (he 1-o Roi compressor
for a long time, loft this week for
the Boundary wheio be will take
charge of the compressor plant of
the B.C. nmn*.
A pnrty of C. P. R. officials were
in Re "'and for a day or no this
week on a nun* of Inspection. It
was carried successfully by the govern
ment candidate Hun. Smith Curlis.
1'bis conduct on the part otthe aii.liei.ee
was no doubt a surprise lo Mr. Mtckhi
tnsli when he had finished his peroration
which seemed specially prepared (or the
occasion. Curtii was recieved with a
storm of apt lause which must have tent
the cold chills coursing down the spinal
. column ot the few supporters ol Mr,
Boundary   M.ukiulosh.
Oi.eol ihe C P. K. officials made himsell coiirpit'iotiB hy acting the rowdy
Ile ii-t-iiit-t! dele....und none should
have au opportunity lo speak live hii
chief, Mackintosh. He wai so persil
tent lu his attacks on tbe Hou. Smith
Curlis, that Mr. Kiehirdsou a man old
enough to be the father ut this arrogant
would be aristocrat, protested, and tlie
.nw.lv so far forgot himsell oa loslrike a
gilts*— who would not barm a child.
This pampered society swell, club man
etc., wko live*continuously in the tx
nl.ciancc ol his own greatness, tried
al d i en il I) tl t Mi ii Vu Aiinli i tl iss
even lu lhe presence nl ladies at ten tl.e
bully. The prise fighter ol the most de
graded type could not have acted more
disgrac. fully
II •revel     lie  lurideti' ihouttl  Iw
inn .1 '•      ;. tt. .iorkiiigroeii anil  ih< uld
In a u.e.r •   . I . •    r   i . u.eui
where tin) liim'.    lie  |....n*n       I   he
iniii.v.   the  political oratle *l  Bltttll
C I imh'.a are made up 11   -u.-b  men as
u.r wouhl-be Jt.bn L. oi ihe C P. K.
Si iiotislv I. j.t.i-d.
Henry Ni.leni, a rocrulsir t.l the
Miners Uuion, wn seriously injured
v. st.-.d iy afternoon hy falling 30 tee.
down a shaft in the Iruu Mask ....ur.
He was  uken to I he hospital and ex.tm
______■    _________■        ,  ,
not   known  if the.   Inspected   "' , _ ,, . ,   '. ,«_s,*,. ,•,_*_
^J • ' tbe left hip WSS diilocated and the (high
their latest ac(|itisition   tbo   Ross- j _„  ,„_,.. ,»•,,  the   dlslotaihu wai
liml Daily Miner, or not. Iredncrd »ntl the bon. aei, and tbe pa
(.has. LaWSOU, who has lx*n j (lent l. doing well.t prrseut, .lihotigl
working in the Jumbo nil winter,! h. will iwcuflued lo his bed lor *o*-*
left last    night   for    RevelsUike, | *•••"• w "•"'■
where he and ihrcu partners; will
begin development work on it gr*>up
of copper claims ou Isaac Crock
niiir \\ igwniu.
Miners Union hull was crowded
St. George'*  <"tior.li,   on   Kir I   iml
Kootenay alrrets.  Services at 8:10 am
^^m-aMMMMMMMaMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM-MMMMmm,'f *.m. and  7:30p.m.    Suuday School
Thursday night, on  the  ix*au<siiiii!„, 2:30 p.m.
of tt» benefit dance given by lhe The Methodiai Church, Waihlngtou
Odd Fellows to L. Watson, aud it itreet, Ueorur ll. Munlen, Pallor. Ser
is thought about SIOIX) won raised ' v,c"-* -l -l » •*■• •"••■ ':3u P*m'   •s»h,*th
Opening  Speech.
Tl ". '    'I 1'rr.*; Ion' tl-ieen
St lh. eighth conv.nl.on if tne Menem
to put Mr. Watson in noute business where be a ill bo Bell'-eupport-
Tbe   Miners'   Hospital  Sandon,
School aud Bible Cl.s. .1 2:30 p.m.   En
worth League ol C..... Monday al 8 p.m.
 I wish to notlly my Irlends and paints been reopened in the resideuoe I '">•"■ -n-1 - have re*"'"1 my barber
formerly occupied by W. W. W.tr- l,boP ,0 ■ ,noro0|,h 0,"n,r "J "'"
ner, on Cody Ave.   The house has
been remodelled to suit the new
purpose. The hospital is not it
money-making institution, and I
anything in the way of a donntion
thst would help to carry on the
good work would be thoroughly
upprccintcd by the maiiagtncnt,
Only twelve vote, were cost here
at the election of officers of the In
teruatiouul Typographical Union.
For president. Lynch rt-cievtd 11
votes, and Dounully tho present
iiiriin.li.'iit one vote. Bramwood,
riecretarv'treOBuri'r i*eoeiveil 10
votes, while the three candidates |
for 1st vicc-preaideut received four
votes each. The full returns from
all over the continent will be made
public in about a wook.
Ruuiin   K.'.l.i.vs.
now he pleased to I
wall bi i,*w onei.
.11  1 Hammers 1.
Wrapper*!   Wrapper! !!    Wiapprri!!!
All sl.'S. from 32to 38. We cso fit
(he .made.! .nd I'.rgetl lady In town.
See our whilenear: in every hie we
have a splendid stick. Our blouse
waist* at* nicely assorted, and in prints
snd ready made skirt* we have the very
nicest good*.
Cor. lit A \\ n- l.uigtiin Sir**t>.
It will pay yon lo call at Eiglr* Iur
millinery and ladie*' lurnlihlugi ol all
II yoo want th. beat lunch to he had
lor your money in tbe cily go to tht
IliiMel Hotel.   Hi.ine cooking sud first*
rl.SS s.-iv.. e.
    -     -    - *.*..     ■   ■
•»>*>et*»»««-> '•«>»*•.*»(
I h    Tullm 11 Ufc
tern ot government scaling uf loga, aud
its rigid enforcement.
6. Tbe re-enact ment ol the disallowed Labor Registration Act, 1808, aud
ulsii iill tho statute., nf 1809, cnniuiuing
anti-Mougoliin clauses if disallowed as
proposed hy the Duuiiiion government.
0. To take a firm stand in every other
possible way with a view oi diiconraginK
the spread ot Oriental cheap labor in
this province.
7. To provide lor olllclal inspection
il all buildings, machinery and works,
with a view to compelling the adoption
of proper safeguards to life and  health.
8. W(th regard to the elghl-hont law
the government will continue to enforce the law as it stands. Au immediate inquiry »ill be made by the minister nf mines inlo all grievances put
forwent in connection with its operation, with a view of bringing about an
limit nhli. selth ment. It no settlement
is re...bed .he principle ol the referendum will lie applied and n vita taken at
the general election as to whether the
law be repealed. II thr law il sustained
hy the vote it will he retiined upon tbe
statute book with it* penalty clause.
If inodilli alii us can be made removing
frittion hrouwht about, withoot impairing the principle..! the law, they will
lie adopted. (( the vote Is igaioBt il
the law will be repealed.
0, To re-establish Die London agency
ol Bri'iah Columbia, and to lake sv-ry
rffet tive means ol bringing belore tbe
B.itirh public tl.e . dv ...is.es ol this
pruvlaOS, M B p'sns or lhe pi lilsble in-
vesiment of capital.
10. The retain 1.1 ot the resources of
the province *a an easel In * ih* benefit
of the people, and latins iff dive
in. mores to prevent tbe slie.. lion ol
the public domain, except • ".rttial *et-
Hers or (or actual Ibid, fi le nntneSB, or
I !:.- -'...I p.upos***, imltir.^ an i lid In
ih, practls. ul pe. Isting in Aiineollon
wih the sats..
11. Tut* taking ol sriiv. —raiute*
lor .he -ys'-mat'.c *x,l» t—If o( (he
12. The borrow lig ol money fur th.
purpose of providing roads, trails and
bridges provided that in every ease the
money necsessrv to pay the in'erest ami
• inking lund in connection witb the
h.i.n shall be provided by additional'
taxation so a* not to Impair Ibe credit
ol (be province.
13. Iu connection wilh Ihe construe
tion o( gnveri.uient road* aud trail.,to
provide by thr employment o( competent civil i nglnrer* *m' otherwise >|.B' |
lhe government money is rx|aen.le*l tip-
mi soii.e lys'c.n which will ba advantageous tu the grneral public, *o that
the old system of providing roads as «
special f.vor to supporter* ot the government may he entirely   ilisrnntititled
14 To keep the ordinary annual ex-
1>- i ilitnre wilhin the ordinary annual
revenue in order to preserve onset Ihe
credit ol lhe province which le Its I—*si
16. To adopt a system ol government eonitrnctioa and t peratioo ol
railways, and immediately lo proceed
wilh the construction of a railway on
ihe south *ld* of tbe Eraser river connecting Ihe mail with the Kootenay
.1.Uriel, with Iba undemanding thai
ui.leis lb. olher railway* now construe.-
ed in lh* province give fair connections
and make rqtillable joint freight and
passenger airaiiiemeiiis, the pr.ivii.ee
will continue this line In lhe eastern
boundary ol the province. Proper con-
urtth. with such Kootenay railway to
Iw given lo he given lo the I-l.i,.I ol
Vancouver. With respect toother perla
ol the pr.ivin i ' 10 proceed lo give to
every p .rlioi. ol it railway connevlio).
al a* early a dale a* prwrihle' tbe rail-!
way when constructed lo he operated by
the government through a ......mission.
IS. A rsilaay bridge to be constructed lo connection with the Kootenay
railway aero** Ibe Fraarr river al or
near New Wralminater, ind running
Dower* given over tt to any railway
company applyiog lor lh* nine, under
proper condition*.
17. In rase it is thought Bt sn-
lime advi.able lo give a boon,
to any railway company, (ho tame to he
cash, and not by way ol a land grant, *
anal nororh h-nns tn I. ■ granted except | •
upon tneooudlllcn that   I   'air 'tmnnptla
Raymond Sewing Machines
"Best; on   Ibe  Market."
Sun lug machine supplies nf nil kinds Inr sale.   .Midlines, to rent
by week or month.
Taylor & McQiiarrie,
Vernon   nd Nelson Phone 131.
18 ( .I'nnihis Avenue, RosbIbiuI, 1! C, Sole Agents.
i Canned Goods
• PeacheB, pears, plums, stiiiivberrlts, -mpel, hlnel.errios, spp'is,
* iu (act everything that   Ike tsiai.vrB   inn   car,   ll lunett prices.
: Jams !
Ja*n.,mirmaladei and pretrrvei, the 1'iLesl bunds snd al'prlres
that are right.
5 Biscuits!
e McCormiek's Biscuits.   Everything  they mske !     Sodsi  ard
• lancy.
SMcGonigle & Co.,    -     Spokane St.
The Crescent Pry Goods Co., Ltd,
Geut's Fuinishing Department.
Summer Clothing cind
Mens a I wool sergssuit*, 112.50 to 120   Ualhrhi-sn  un lerive.tr, per anil,
^^H Iweedsniia, flO lo »lrt
Du. k Teiooe stills, 14 to |5
Clash i oat and vest. $2 50
S-ige coal and vest, $1
Alpaca C*t and vest, $1 50 to S2.50
rwee.1 pauls, .11 wool, |2..)0 lo t6.*a)
Percale shirts, soil ami  stiff   bosoms,
75c It. |2 M
Tennis shir's, 75 • to 12 50
tl l.i*l.5ll.
Cotton ribbed underwear, suit,  2
M irino uinlcrive.ir, par suit, $2.50
Natural wool, tindeiwear, per suit,
*2 Ui *4 BO,
Finey stlkett* underwear, $2 50.
ll.!!   hose, plain Ami lancy,   2i)c
It. 26:.
Straw and linen hits, 50* to tl 25
r.'.all.h  llinnel   shins. $1.50 i.i »2 5U   S.ilt and stiff lelt bats, tl to »*> 51
Crescent Dry Goods Co., Ltd,
I < olumbia Ave., - - Eao.-sland, B. C. 1
VAN'Phono 170 j
+4-**t****f**t*<>-Y*+**$-*4 *)*444r**>W'&t*>4yQ<**++<Si*'*i B »**-» j
International Music Hall.
■■■■■■■-■-■■■■■-■■■-■■■-■■■-■■■-^  _B_i
A M. Siou. Manager      R —lorktusn, Frop,
I>n• tt... Wansor, B age Mgr •
Edith  Wilma
Queen ol Rag-Time Singers
__ Charming Sntibrelt
ICC    foe D ucer
Dtlplios Lawrence,
w..i.ii.t'.ti Hln*t.
lliyes Bi Vt'iiinn r.-i-net....
Th* a.lniiniilralion «f the Slate Rill*, |
wayi has prepared for ths Parii I'.ihilit-, 7
lion a uolice which contains ioma inter- -
esting particulars as to the progress . .
made in the last ten years. In 1890 tbe ' |
ii.:;.: length o( all lhe railnitya in   Uus-   •
■ia wa* 18,310 mils*, * lourih ol whleh'a 	
belonged to the Sinte, the remilnder i % The place to get the best meal
being distributed over 42 different com*'
panics. On January 11 Ihi* year th*
total length ol lines open lor traffic, ex-
rlueive ol light district railways, wa*
28,366 mile*, o( which 0,205 miles belonged lo nine privals companies and
tbe rest to the Slate. The State railway* (ire divided, lor admini*lr«tlv*
put poses, into 32 companies, each ol
which ha* It* aepirate management,
and about 3.800 mile* are In Asiatic
llnssi*.   Tb*  Slate   railway*
All tbe delicacies of the sens...  Z
Hot and Cold Lunches   |
^^^^^^   best meal
in tbe City.	
Meals 25 (ems and up
Martin Oov*rnmen( Plallorm.
The plallorm ol tbe new government i*
a* follow*:
1.   The abolition ot lh*  I20S depoilt
isisses*  lor candidate (or the legisUtor*.
1,380 locomotive* lor ptiienger linn*, . 2. The b.-inging into foree, ss soon •*
8.1JW(or goodi iraint, and (1.950carriage! ! irrangrmeoti can he completed, ol lb*
l.'.r pasaengen, IflB.HW truck! and goods •-,,rn,ni Reglitry (yatem.
SEwitf fiVA'SSS 3' The redistribution ol ,h. con,,.-
.,l,l>r2,(l00p.srieiiger*olBllclawM, irav-j toencle. on th* b**i* of popiriatlon, al-
ell'lugau average distance ol 80 miles lowing to sparsely populated districts a
The gross receipts ..I the Slate r.llways , Drf,„ort|0naUly Urger repres«nwtlon
were over WJbMMO roubles, .nd the    , ,__ __S__,.-_ _i,■_.
ZcnVtwwmX 1% oio (ino mahl«s, Ui.sn lopopulouidiitricti.ndciti...
|...v.iigau*tprottiofU2,iJiW,iJOOrouble*!    4.   The enscUni-nt of »n acriirale *y»-
ol lhe bond* or shares ol the BOhtpsI
be   Iraiislerre I    tu I - **lnc*.     ..O
■ ff.Ti've mean. !.! .•■     ... ;■:■.■ ■   'lie p.
,    .   ontr.il .    |h| i. * ;   I an.'  paastii
Ml  "   US| Ui       pf' '   -'ti .    BBelU
-n.-h   railwsy    having    ....     Iiuumiies
against ll nrrpt actual cost.
18. To tak. ^»nv (rem lh* I.leu-
lenaiit (ioverii.'.-M .!.. inc: nny power
to make snlaslaniiv. ,'lk*iges In Ibe law,
confining th* jurhvtictiuu entirely lo
matter* ot detail in working out the
law* et.ru'trd by the legislature.
IS. The eslahli'limrnt nl an in.tiiu-
li'.n witldn Ibe province lor the education ol tbe deal .nd dumb.
20 To repeal the Allen Exclnainn
Aula* Iberessons juslllvin* the enactment nn longer utttnin.
21. An amicable saitlemrin of tbe
dispute with tbe Dm. inion government
a* lo D.'s.l.n.i.'s I.I.,id, Stanley Park
and other lanes, and an arrangement
with Mr. I.tulgste by which, 11 potdbla,
a sswmill Industry may ba aaUblisbed
and carried oa on Headman's Island,
und.r satisfsclorv rnnalitions, protecting the interrsts ol th* public.
22. Proper mrnns ol giving technical instruction* to miner* .nd prospector*.
The entire compeiiy in tbe Merry BBritSQBS
" Hindoo   Magii
^■jrVYl' i:__i
Simpson and Jones
A Uoniplete Stock of Groceries always on Hand.    Also it Full Line
of Fancy Evapoiutcd Fruits just reOBlvod from Culiforuia.
V. & N. Telephone (18.     Second Ave.. Opposite C. P. R. Depot.
G. W. McBride
Hardware  Miners* Supplies Stove and
Ltanges, Etc,.


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