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Industrial World Apr 27, 1901

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Array ~p£f«>
SJ-e's* Cl i  I
ROSSLAND, B, C, APRIL ".1, 1901.
Price,  Five Cents.
Issusd Weekly in the Interests of Organised Labor,
Official Organ   of Rosslnnd Trades & Labor Council, and District Union No. (1. W. F, M.
. a   Vegetable Hairj
ft   \ i	
1 ■   1   Invigorator
Stops the hair from falling out. It will immediately free the head from Dandruff, restore
the hair to its original color and promote the
growth of the hair.       Sold by:::::::::::::::::::::::
♦Plants for Sale %
fa J net arrived  another consignment of potted fa
fa plants in bloom        We intend to keep for j:
sale a large and varied assortment of plants fa
vines, ferns, etc., such as geraniums, bego- fa
nias, fui'liias, umbrella plants, carnations, 9
lillies, daisiea.English ivy, palms, etc., ete. fa
See our display.
1 macdonald
4   CO.
We carry
tho Largest
stock of
Whlttakor Wright Scored.
There I-. an absents <>f harmony
among the shareholders of the La Roi
Mining 1.unpens   rttidsnt in  London,
This is due to the action of the olti.-ere
with reference to the affairs ol ihs company. The following eominunication
Irom one of the sbarchulde -a to thc
London Financial Times benring U|kiii
the subject is self explanatory:
"I bave this mnrning received thc
statement of the directors of
the Le K>I Mining company,
limited, informing the shsr-aholdcrs of
their inability to declare an interim
dividend, and, further, Ihat tbey are unable to liq-utUte their indebtedness to
the Bank ol Montrcil. Thia looks all
verv tine on paper to lu--.li shareholders
Children's gum bOOtS 1.50 induced to buy the shares by the grand
aWW        ■ promises of aulwtantlal dividends, bnt
lo those ol us who have listened more
then ouce to ilu - e unfulfilled promisee
In Rossland,
Prices run from 50c per
Pair up
Misses Gum Boots   $1.75!
W. F.McNeill
Next door to Postoffice.
How about
vour new
Spring Suit
Our New spring goods are here
and wear, offering extra values
In all lines ol genl'emcn's clothing. We make the clothes vou
want, enrrret in style, ol the
besl material, and io a faultless
manner. There it teal distinct-
ivcncss.n the garments we make
Our Stock is the largest
and best assorted in
the city,
Columbia Ave.       Next door tn I mi» *. *
The Strand
Hi • Mitt lile,'1 .i-i 1
Luxuriously • Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : .
A Fine   Line  ol   the
Choicest Liquors & Cigars
the latest circular Is ominous. The
etatemrnti contained in it, do nol by a
long way agree with wbal wss ssid by
the chairman si a meeting on December
:Slh. Mr. Wright then said tbat they
[ were earning profits al the rate of 33S
per rent, lhal Uie quartern dividend
would ba paid, an.l ihst tbey would
continue to pay dividends rrgolarly
every three montha tfterwards. Mr.
Wright alto said that tbe loan ol  / HM..
000 (rom the hunk of Montreal was as at
30th June, but 'did not now exist.'
Three months alter thia statement
shareholders are coolly inlormed tint
the 'company is uoablc lo liquidate it.
indebtedness lo the bank ol Montreal.'
Where Is the money gang 1 >' At .oil.
June there was a credit balance ol
•G)i.*,'«i. :»oc« then ihete has bi-se e»-
traded from the mine ore to the value
01 £117,000 to the end ol January, and
on a fair estimate lor the remaining iwo
months ol £8o.<w. in all £416.000 lor
nin. months, and including balance
£fi0»,.T*. out ol whieh we have had a
paltry $ par cent. Certain mcii.bcrt ol
tbe board have resigned. Shareholdert
now ask: It this latest circular Ihe forerunner ol a collapse? London atd
1 .lobe shatcholders were ptart.cally loid
' they would gel a dividend 10 Ibtee
I months. A few dsvs later they were
told that Ibe company could not liqm
dale its indebtedness, standard I g>
plural urn shareholder were told thai in
about three months .hey would ie-elvc
a dividend of asset, equal lo * long way
more than par value ol tl.c.r thane.
Now, when the three months arc gone,
ir-nmlrurtiooe.' The Brit^l. America
t otpoiatlui. unable to pay a dividend,
doubts .1* al>.lll> to |mi il« debt..'
Lardeau    Minera    Union    Organized
Saturday Evanlng.
J-tmes Wilks of   Nelion, dlttriot  or*
g.ini/er of the   Western   l-'ederalion of
Miosis,went to Ferguson, B, C, where
on Saturday evening he organir.t-d
Laideuu Minera union with a charter
membership of 43,
Tbe officers of tbe new union are ns
President, Vincent Lade; vice-pres.,
Alex. Brown; Cor. and Fin. Sec, Alei.
J. liiirdoii. ttiaiurer. P. Ferguson; con.
duclor, Robert Korin; warden, E. J-
Besides those who psrticipated in the
organization there are at least the same
number who have signified their intention ol joining but whu were unable to
attend that evening.
This Is the first union organized in the
Lardeau country but tbe chances are
that others will follow quickly. Lardeau union promises lo be one of tbe
strongest in the district ere long.
Bav your wall paper, all 1901 goods
at Daniels A Chambers, near Kmney
Boarding House Cloa.d.
The W.r F.agi. boarding house Is in
need of a tenant, Mr. Chittenden having
been releaacd Irom his dutiex in that
rapacity on Saturday last.
There has besn considerable talk pro
and -on with reference to the affair end
Mr. Chutlandrn has been placed under
arret in ho eflort to secure the payment
of a number <•! outstanding hill*. Mr
Chittenden doe. not deny the debts nor
does he deny that he collected all the
money dos Ibe bot.se. intending that lite
bille should remain unpaid a* far as he
Isconcerned. He says when he assumed the management certain promisee uid
agreements were made him which have
ant been kept. Tl.e number of men
employed at lhe mine has K-rn small
and he hat not received the enumeration deserved, t'nder lhe*e conditions
tie felt justified in taking Ihc course he
Whnt will Ik .loot we arc not prepared 10 say. The money collected, which
is s considerable turn, wt understand ta
in tbe possession ol Mn. Chilteudeo.who
it now in Ihe States.
Thc quaiai.l.nc at Itioen.a   has  Urn
Wanl I'nle.1 "
• the
Union Stamp, j
*   . ,*, 1
Large Bunding Burnt to lli. Ground.
t nk-ti Fa.!-
*w*\\ ll Wt   ~*
J.D.KIM;\ill..Lli. \
They are both
DteBty and
Good Wearers
V The International Correspondence Schools
Thlt would not have happened il Un
budding had been bghle.1 by clrtlr..
lights. Besides r.0.1 oil is cn.'l.v, and there
ts the trouble ..( tilling lamps, taking
i.. ..n.i tin- breakageo(ehim
ne»v li..!... light rtdueet tbe cost ol
...•ir inawMce, litttnathodi
... aieI a..
ill.I lo 1   ■-.     !   •■ t..*   pOWl t
mining   ..nd   nianulacli.i.iig   p. -.
M • '
I   and   lighting.    King
up  pi.. Rottl.. '   " -
Ughl . 11. i.anv.
Offers lour choice ot 761Dilfer-.nl Courses ol Stud),
alio,000   StiiilenlsaiiilC.radi.ale>..     Teaching under 7. .1 detent lings.
Local omce    LALONDECBLOC K,
C. M   r n„,,Ai i.h.   *t nnt i.r n
Mar Loa. an Arm.
II- m 1 mp oyt   ' t* : 11
\| r at 1 1 ll  bkelv to
•1   11 1, by having  it caught in ..
••..- bell on Son lay last.
Ho, rtts,   M.   I'.  P.,   ha-
..,     Id
a the a-. ■ 1 11  revenue tax
ndti ibis * I
a in .t - tn. miet
•  ol agt unlet! Ins In-
II      •   111,000 pet annum.
..ifstct a..orlnirnt ol wall  paper In
British t ml  a.    I>»nif|. t\ Cha I
..ta. Kainpey B-o«. THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
Tb. World*. Greatest Revolution.
Decisive battles are no longer fought
with Hrnis. Attack with weapons may
eonttitute an incident, bul campaigns
Irom ihe opening of the twentieth
century will be fought in the offices of
those wbo control lhe world't supply of
That   event   in   the    world't h.slory
which i romltti to bt most deeply
Iraaghl with results to tbs human race
was announced in Ihe New York
|onrnaltol Sunday, March ',, lip. I, St  1
three   column   advertisement, li was
not an affair of parliament or ol legal
proclamation. There was no fuss, no
The average min, the welfare of
whole great-great-grandchildren was to
be effected, scarcely noticed thin advertisement which read:
"Ollice of J. 1".   Morgan   S   Co.,   -'.i
Wall street, X. V.,"
and begins in bold, black-faced type:
"To the stockholders ol
"Federal Steel Company,
"National Steel Compsy,
"National Tube Company.''
ct cciera.
Tl e momentout event did nol con
eern i'.-elf witb pilnctl or even so-
callel itatesmen. The world on the
jddayol March, mil. has teased io
lie rated by such, True, there were
marionettes si.II (IgUling in congress as
km.:-, i 'it the) were in place limply to
carryo i tba orden ol thtworld't real
rulers—those win. control tlie concentrated portion ol the money supply.
The word-. "Ollice of .1. 1'. Morgan &
Co," ment, In addition to lhe great
wealth uf itself, the financial sup-
pirt nf the house of Rothschild; the
approval, if not tlie active CO-operstion
ol the home of  Rockefeller;   and  the
direct cooperation of the Carnegie   and
other great iron industries.
L House ol  Rothschild and tssoclated
banks   and   industries,   one    thou-and
House ol Rockefeller ami n-.soci.ited
buoks and Industries eighl-hundred
ind titty million.
J. I'. Morgan .V Co. representing iron
industries snd associsted banks, eleven
hundred and fifty-lour millions.
Total, three thousand and (our million
al dollars.
01 what conaiqucnce ihc German
playing at tmperor, or lhe king, who
recently read a speech written bv ministers under dictation Irom the world of
finance'' Even tbe Osar ol Kursia
*ecin« a Feeble make-believe io the
pro* it men    who control   thrtt
tbouiand   million   of dollars and . an
push tu.* endless buitoni  wbioh
then   elf mi - Inw i it ty ion nl uiei
cent imp,
which, sum evei-, com Hand
alert, and can produce the   piofoundeit
int iu the . buiel.
i'..*'». of this a
oient • ol J,   P,   M
* .' was I., bt rta.l .1   pi
'. ..MM! 1*111 Ml 1 I •   I nl I .    ..I        1 III
worn il
•Not 11 toll il ill lands and
.ii nationalities
"Tht * i i ompttli      i] item, « nli .t.
tuinoet methodi, Hi eoonlltts duplies.
imn-., itv wattefulnesi ol human
md its rclenil.-.s business warfares   i
hereby ibolishcd, ll.c  I banga to lake
rffc.i in pait Immediately, an.l in whole
is rapidly us the  details can here.iltet
be worked uut.
"The lour great bouses controlling
Ike world's visible supply of money,
basing this day agreed to act in unison
niilrr Ihc i.beiue of organisation out-
1-ncd by Mr J. P. Morgan, have inveitad
themselves with the controlling inter-
-rst in thc three great sources by which
•he public can be taxed—the eupply of
urcl, lhe working of the same into tbe
raw product!, snd the transportation of
thc fame.
"Thc business public will perceive al
a glance that it will not be properly
-afe for an individual or known lollec-
lion ol individuals to arrogate to them
selves thc right to antagonize the organ
isation thia day created; and notice is
hereby given that these commercial
territories must not be trespassed upon
or Invtdtd without expectation that the
full authority vested iu the organization
will lie exercised.
"The houses engaged in bringing
about thla organism in the interests ol
tht world's economy, have tuken to
tlii-niselvea such Increment as lia.
itemed proper in view of the Important
character oi the lervict rendered.
"Furthermore, tbe Bourses of the
world will please take notice that,
owing to he Immeuse sums of money
now in the inn!*-* ol the orgaolia'lon,
it will be poastlile   to   fotee  speculation,
The banding together ol the bouses  ol
Rothschild, Rockefeller! Morgan nn.l
Carnegie, representing the uuittd tneul
ai.d transportation interests, travel no
room for competition, and any attempt
in thla direction will be met with the
fate wbioh ihould att ieb to an effort to
return lo the methods ol baiTmiisin.
"Finally, it is our intention ultimately
in take i.i   ban.I  the  smaller  Industrie!
and organise ihem upon » scientific
basis calculated to reduce tbe waste of
human efforts to a minimum."
There .ui* t'n- words which have been
read bj every i.iitiy intelligent buiincsi
man iu the advertisement hcided,
■ i im t* of |. P. Morgan .y I •<..' and
nominally concerning iUell with the ex-
change ol certain storks. Unlike the
pro.;.in .i'i..a- ii king** ami princes, no
man will be found bold enough to dl*
.i'i--, ii- orders, Prom March 3, iqoi,
the 1 nllre aspect of Ihe business und
political world will Ih- changed. Pinan.
cial ambition will quickly rendei them-
-i-ivt ■ xubscrvicnt lo this overruling
power. The [utility oi political hopes
which do not attach tbeimelvei to the
lln.uiii.il center will be quickly tppir-
enl.—lly John Bki-.ui IN Wai ki.k.
Fortunes that Escape Taxation.
The Crimo orC.megle.
Xol many years ago a man wis paving taxes uu |TiX),Ot'U worth ol properly.
He die I. In a lew montha the ligures
o.' his Health were reported to thc
courts as mure than 170.000,000. In
every big fortune in recent years the
taxes were paid upon the t uiusands
while the millions escaped.
There has been an enormous increase
in benevolence. Colleges and philanthropies have been cxtablished by ll.c
itcnci.i-.ity oi our modern millionaires.
Bul io spite ul all that has been done,
111 -.| itr ui  the   large   sums   that  have
been left to charity and education, the
tendency of modern willi have  been to
perpetuate tha big   fortunes, to  keep
u.e millions which  the found t
ol tht 1 .in;:, wealth have made.    1
It ii that wealth 11 creating prejudice! |
against I
I In*   pool   man   Who   owns   a little
bouse pays doubla taxes ti,fieri
rich msn who has million! pty 1 on nnii
1 partial ratio. Insvitably (here hai
lollowed th it    feeling    againil   great
wealth Him li finds asprtilion in laws
 I t in  tor the public  a   larger
'. 11 In* : .  ury I* II lt\ lull men.
•ne* to 11 ■ from   the
Romsni.   Under tl.e civil lax Emperor
AugUltUI ptnttd a tas Ol   live   pei   cent
foi tin. luppon oi tin* Roman ar.m
upon certain lega. iti snd Inhtritant e.—
Real Greatness.
An   ex. liunge  gives  llu. itoiy  of  a
pompom member of parliament who attended an agricultural ihow in Dublin,
llc arrived I-ite and found himself on
tht |outtklrtlof I huge crott-tl.
Being anxious to obtain a good view
for himself and a lady friend who to-
i-ompanied lititi, and persuimng that he
was well known to thc speclatort, he
tapped a burly porter on the shoulder
and peremptorily demanded, make wa*)
there. "Darn, who are yc pushing?"
waa the unexpected response.
"Do you know who I am, sir," cried
the indignant M. P, "I am the representative ofthe people."
"Vah," growled the iiorteras be stood
unmoved, "but wi arc bloonln' people
Many thousands of misguided people
are applauding the alleged philanthropy
Ol Andrew Oamegie, and ol these far the
larger number are workingmen. Manifestly tbey have forgotten, or they have
never heard of, the horrors of Home
stead—ur perhaps they are too ignorant
to understand, or too cowardly to profit
by the bloody lesson.
The reckless prodigality of Carnegie
with the plunder of his victims brings
into li .ildi'st prominence   tbe I'rii-'.cs   be,
commltttd when the) proteittd again*.!
11 is monstrous raptclty.     Then   whut? j
An imn   oi  three   hundred   I'inkerton j
mercenaries were hired hy   ibis   bloody |
benefactor to kill the men  whose  labor'
bad made luui n   millionaire.     He  did j
not luive Ibe Courage to ex.cute his own '
iiiuiilerous designs, so he commissioned
another monitor, Frlck by mine, with
bloodless veins and a heart of steel, to I
commit the ciimcx, while   he  went   to
Europe and lteld high 1 .uniwil wilt,  the '
titled snobs l(-ere until the ghastly work
was done.     lt   was one of the foulest 1
conspiracies ever concocted against the
working .lass, and the very thought   of
•t> strocitiet, alter ni arli ten yean, Brei
tbe blood and crimtoni tha cheek with
righteous indignation. Not only were
Pinkerton murderer! hired by Carnegie
to kill hi> employe!, bul lie had bll Heel
works surr unideil In uiu-s ili.irgul nilli
deadly electric currents and' In pipei
filled wiih boiling water, so that in the
event of a st.ike or lockout he could .
shock tbe life onl of their wretched
bodlet or seuld the llesh Irom Iheir mil-
erable bones.
And thii ii the man whu proposes to
erect llbrarlet (or  tin-  benefit  ol   the I
working rlsss -nnd incidentally  lor th«
glory of Carnegie!
Will the workingmen ol Ihis  country
iccept inv gilt from the  binds of   An-
drew Carnegie, red  with   the   blo-.-.l   of
their slain comrades?     That  mine  ol,
thtm have tlready done so is to their j
everlasting shame.    The employes who
.1 lew days ago   received,  mi.h  exprei-1
lions ol g.atitude, the bonded booty, to!
be held in trust for them uolil   ihev   be-'
come pauper., bave debased lltemielvei {
beyond expression.   They may have to
«ork for Carnegie, but Ihey are nol compelled lo recognue as a gilt the pennies ! I
he throws Ihem in return for thc dollars'
he stole from Ihem; and when   they do,
ihey are guiltv of ircison to  their mm   '
tiered brother., and are heller described
ae spinelesa poltroons than  as  sell-re-
.pe. ting not king men. ,*
S i* vt-.i:    .0. when Carnegie in
dowtd the first library for the tlleged
benefit of workingmen, I obje. ti 1. And
1 obje. i iioh with locreased imphttit.
Such a library ii monumental ol the
degeneracy of the working class. It is
.1 itanding nbuke lo their intelligence
snd their Integrity.
Tbe workingmen ol New t mil i
led the revolt.    Let tbeir splendid es-
ample when ver a Cm
lil.r.u •  I.    Let nu-   I  ■. tings
ol worklngmon beheld snd let the hoi
riMn^ m m - •■: lhi  Hon .- i. ..i  •
nere be pn rated i. siir them  lo ..
sense of Indignation at thciulgar  and
Intuiting display ol iht ipoll exploited
Irom their elass.
Let honest workinguiin evei inhere
DfOtett agains: tht acreptance ol   ..   gift
which >■ uiili.il>*. crime in the name ol
philaiHliiiip*.. Let them put thcinsclvc*
upon record in loriiii that appeal to the
honor of thill class and the respect of all
We want libraries, and we will have
them in glorious abundance when capitalism is abolished and working-
men are no longer robbed by the philanthropic pirates of the Carnegie clasi.
Then the library will be, as it should
be, a noble temple didicatcd to culture
and symbolizing thc virtues ol the people.—Kugenc V. Debi.
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Biscuit Cos. BISCUITS
Jams and   Jellies
Fifty miners are on strike at Ilicknell,
Ind., because the operators have denied
their demand for faking out what is
known ns thc "bottom.'' The men demand n cents a ton.
Best and Freshest Goods Obtainable
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Nicktl Plate npQQlUlQ is the most talked ubmil miu-entl MetlOQ of IlrKish Columbia  today,
ami hiiiuttt-ils ol ptOptt all OfBf the the NorthWttl are prvptrlug to j,m there at an early date,
on this mount.nn h> . ,ii.' i,mt ni-- Ni. k. i l* ii« nr u. ■-   which   nnny  nlotoi nion   con si tier
thf uniitct  inti-iititivt' miniiiR property in Oimada, here Bin Uuthfl tfrrnt Kingston War Horse,
I.ollu. lliiiiuei ami nlhor tiotu 1 piopfrtlen wilh womlethil large, rleh luilies uf   ore. TnOUI-tttdl   o
tlollats will hfcxp.-n le.) ui tm-ii .Ifvelopni'iit lurlnff tht COmlM  summer.       Al thc base of this
mountain RndClOM tO all tht- doled mines lies the tOWUlltC of lledlev City,    ThiH tOWQ is the only
hiipplv point 111 the niin-s of this h-.ii et.   Tin- goveraratnl is building roadi  to the   tow nsite.
Traill to the mines are betas built rapidly and tbirfra Ibrcc of men are being .employed.   The
m iv iiiilio.nl ilovvn the simi'k.imeui will hu Imilt to lledlev citv  ntimea.lv   date.  mul  in   ft   very
limn tunc 1 ln« p   if   <H  11 ptWUt fl ICeUtof activity Mid >m   WltUCttCd      Mtinv   pi edict   it   will   he
the gre-at-wt mining panip In ihc northwests   ***** ere tt peeled lo eell at very high (lgurtfl within u i w montha
It ie but nnhorf time a|b that hits in Roaebind, Qreeowood. NeiM.n, phoenla and Sandon.
which are now worth thouMmliol dollara arere ■•> lllng at the mme prieee ae are now being tik-ld
i.n lul- in II    He) City    itld the I0n« thltln is iTit.iin tn he tetn •' "I al lhi* pi 1-
I'niH iiii fir —i (lay ol May Iota will btaoldal trom fioo to |isoon eaiyttrrat. Athrthat date
thr prlcei will be it leail doubled, Lota ernai llinn «ry ra.pl iu The i h do >i bualneaa hit*, will
M. ni i.i all i me lutendiug pun*haa< re in mid nuke Immeulate application in ordai to lecure thc
moil deftlrbob loeatloni
Mope nl tlu -.ui i .min liny country, pl.t »i of low nsite, liu.i lijn of mines, fnmplci Dl ore, etc., mny
oc • ifti .it my otfice.
Anyone fn the city unable locall at the office and wi.ihing fnrlher Informniiou, if they will
wijtc tue, 1 will .all ami give then any further nitoiin tlion they may requires
[Www wwww wwwww ????      T
Transfer Co.
QBO, Kt'NK. Mitnngcr.
Die only Transfer or  1'
xprcss j
-. deliver your trunks for :; cts. -
E each.   Three days storage free 3
h.au* a,a\mm*a\mai a.* nm mm, 0.014-44*
11* i   4.4
N. B.  BERGSTROM.  Agent
Ottawa Hold, waahlngtot slitet kossi.anu, nc.
CAPITAL $8,000,000   REST. #2,000,000
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President.        B. £. Walker Manager.
Has been opened in connection with Ihe Kossland Branch.   Deposit!
wa   will be received from ft upwards and interest allowed   thereon at the
cj   current rale.    Dralls, letters of credit, etc., issued on  all  points, ami
0*.   general banking business transacted.
Q  ^ENI^Y R JDytton,      Manager RoFsland Branch
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Sample Room in Connection.
P. O. Box 258
Telephone 220
Terminus C. P. Railway
One liloek J rom Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
• J. IfANDIS, L?I**»OPI*}IE*T0^
The dining room is Bupplied with the best the market affords. We cater to nothing but the mining trade.
Special rates can be made to suit the parties, by the
day, week or month.
siin.*- Check-rim ht cn-t.r.1 any  line n t. t.  timikttiit: hour. a. the liolt-1 ofllcr st
lk.lt lm. value.
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The Universal Truat
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32 Columbia Avr.,   tic ll to l.nii'ii.l. «
Co-operalion is the divine order of the
universe. Evtry breath of frtsh air is a
combination of oxjgen with olher gsstet,
every ray of sunshine is n combination
of light and best, and every atom is related to every other atom, and Ihey all
iniirili in lune. moving In  the miisii:  ul
niituriil law     Lile ii bat sn isprtnion
Of rythmical vibration; we breathe and
lhe wbulf universe trembles, we spe.ik
and the Min di-i pnllSttl iiiili Hi.' movement ut o.ir nps. Nothing From tht flee
to the nn deipises the other, "for all
are net-led by tsch one."
The whole art of atljustiiig  ourselves
to lile is in liee In harmony with the uni-
Vtrts] law, In this age of rapid combination-, we are learning that co-operation i* (be devine order, and that our
own best lives are lound not at the expense of others but in harmony with
others, thai human nuture produces its
finest blossoms in co-operu'ive action.
Professor Ely Hay«"where combination
Is possible competition is impossible.'1
Tbe trust is wise enough to **.*.- tha
competition is not Ihe life of trade, that
collective conceatration is the keynote
at the present time ol day, and the
trusts are combining st a rate Ibal
suakes us look lor the universal trust as
Tbe (lower thst Is .imt ting thii revolution is not man, but the law of economy in production. At first men worked
alone, but finding the strength ol union,
Ihey worked in grouox, forming partnerships, t.t* tones, corporations, lyn-iicates
and trusts—combinations of greater snd
glome: muwnittide —until the next step
forward must be thc one all-cmbra.-ing
trust. Nothing is any longer made by
one man: it takes a company to make a
The trust must be a cane ol the survival of the tin* «t. for it hai come lo
stay, and is really the most Hcientif.e
hnsiuese principle that the world has
ever seen. This corporation dynasty is
the outgrowth of our eociil syxtcm. and
lubHitutes order lor hopcleit. contusion,
economy ol co-operation in place ol the
waste ol competion, and shows how eaxy
it is to handle the most stupendous enterprise!, .lust as the nailing snowball
gather! to itself the avalanche, so the
universal parent trust will absorb sll
lesser combinations. Thii ip.-cla.-le of
concentration is taking a profitable lonn
ol absotbtion in nianv cities where tbe
mtinii ipal org.tnii-ni operates ile water,
light and printing plants, park snd
rsiUay systems lo the rebel ol direct
taxation.*—Idaho State Tnbune.
Growth or Tenant Farming.
| WE
lion that a change in thn manner of obtaining a living will come. The problem of thn future is not the changing of
liumiin nature—it is to provide a way
by which mankind will be able to enjoy
Ihu benefits of creation with less friction
than now. When lhal is gained human
beings will adapt tln-in-ielves to ihu ul-
tered conditions, men will have mure
tonii Um i* in une   another,   iuste.ul   of
I .   it.
'at.*.- Pueblo Courier,
distrusting onu   another,   as   now
human nature will lu roetored
Hero and There.
^O. M.  POX  <&   CO. I
S                          TEU   65  AND  20 l»
^3        ic6 East Columbia Avenue, Rossland, B. C. |^
of Writing Pads and
Envelopes. Why ?
Because "ur goods \
and prices are ri^lu.
W.-s.'ll Moore's Non-
Leakable Fountain
Pens; !»"-t on the market. LINTON sella
cheap.   ::::::::
That landlord.su. and tenant fanning
arc increasing with surprising rapidity in
ibe I'niled States is one ol the moil important f.n is developed out ol the ■ en-
sus reports issued Irom Washington.
Mr. I., (j. I'uivi i-. chiel itstlstidsn ol
Ibe agricultural division ol the census.
contributed to the Chicago Reeord
statement of thia condition aim h iffordi
material  for carclul  OODtlderattoS      It
appeal-that lot ut   least   lwe.it)    yean
if]the | persi      i •
Many New Kngland textile worki urc
running short time. The "full dinner
pail" is ovcrllowing.
Cincinnati piinters have sdjotttd
their strike and signed an ii^rcemi-nt lor
two years wiih lhe Muster I'ainterx' association through which Ihc men are to receive 33 cent! an hour the present season
and 35 cent! an hour lor igo2.
Over 600 employes of the watch case
factories of the Newark, N. J., Crescent
tVatch Case company and the Courvois,
Wilcox Manufacturing company, arc on
strike. They are out for the recognition
of their onion by tbe l> ■ -.-
Tbe 600 paper mikers employed in the
lull s of the I.aurcntide Pulp and Paper
company, who itruck work last week, are
Hill out. The mills are completely closed
down and the ISO men who did not atrike
remain on guard at the mill.
Fifteen thousand lulls were introduced
in the last congress ot the I'niled States.
Three hundred and forty-live became
lawi. Two hundred ind thiriy-six were
(or the benefit ol truiti, one hundred and
eight lor the benefit ol Mark llanna.and
all the others lor lhe benefit ol the people.—Thc Times, Milllenburg, Pa.
The Standard Oil Co., it il reported,
Iii** ns*.I a large lum tor the patent
rights ol ao invention owned by parties
to Salt laikc City. It Is said to be a pro-
ceei for converting crude petroleum into
gas lor lighting purposes, which will give
a more brilliant light thin is poxsible
with electricity. The Chicago Worker*'
Call lays the standard Oil Co. will not
usi ihe patent, it wai merely bought ao
that no olhei parties can use it. There
art-evidently two lides tn the issertion
that capit.ili-m stimulates invention, In
order lo clear tremendous profits the
Standard attempt! to block advancement. The capitalist cl.iv*. is becoming
a thoroughly destructive r
Thc Philadelphia Record is authority
for the st.itetiient lost during the past
year 44,801 persons spplied to ths police (or shelter in Ihc Totted Stales, < 'I
ibe number '.'.'..'XW were native born
Amcrirans. And still they tell ul the
soup house is a thing ol the psst.
An cxi bangc Hunks that OOUrtlng a
girl i-. !,ke Marling s newspaper. Il
suns out weekly, then becomes a trl
«ceklv, then tiniges int.. ■ daily, nnd if
it has any enterprlie ami 1th k-t<> .t Ite-
ne-tabu.it it It no it with un extra
•• a       i
Miners, Look Here!
Vmi need not loose a shift
in get your check cashed
during banking hours.
Y ui can gel it cashed, at
face value, at all  hcurs at
Electric - Laundry
You do not have to patronize
Chinese Laundries.
<.iiul> WORK,
Reasonable Prices.
T.W.GRAHAM,   Prop.
Linton Bros,'?
No. ya i olumbia Avenue.
%%^-a ■%%*>% •%.%-*V**V%.'%/%%*-*d
tt -..tills has in  rr.i-.-d lu.ivily in all parts
ol ll.e t '.i.t        'i *    • II   I'll.*   tl    *
... -•.   For the whole i
snlagehl       rt      I    *i   > .       -t   \rn
I the
population ol lhe nation, lour I lin
s lhal
their o
++++++•+-44+** *********
♦t   .
,|<  tn I Rel   '
I'.inil.,   IMN     VimiUhi*,   Itru-hs-o,
M.i!  l'ap. r.    W ill    I niKli  nml
PalnttM Aa*pptle*<     Ord-tri
i.ii. i i.   fnr   i'i|>"ii i"i'Mit
..ml    tlit uniting.
I* O'lumbii Ave. W. I'hunr i.f,
The .. '• Ibl
pretent • to   in ■ rp. luall)
nn . with   tin* . * 11 lisiiiie
hutiiBii nature.'    t t lo
laying that   there   will   i
change st all   lhal lhe existing hurl)
bui y,'msi i will a > ■■ ■
If   in.ink nd     ii.  I
iiiiinan nature '
. * . ■   [i    . .1   ii ii i bai   ii
up to modern clvilixttl n.    Uul mart"
kind bad wsnts t« he istisfled.'aiid
i verj im ni tn rt  letlt    li tt i.t«* I  lo
Mlltl) tl.rn.       And   it  is btCSOM   lhl
.1.- ■     I the i   twill iI**id.ii.iI iralifioa-
r   Duki
th.-p.itrioli- fund in   Eo|lai  I       \    nr.l-
ing In
lost ol I
vide lor I ■ \
<l .'> d. .        - ..n .*• r
lund, « i   t
i ■>   who
'.  * i      tin
:   ')',      llll ,
their i ttrt     when
1    •  ll ■ |
I heralded
.   tne  spleiul  I
triimpi, i   , .* .-•■
■ ndent I   »hl. li lhi   t'nitcl
M..t.s will g.n Cuba i- lies iillullj d
up in red  lap!  With    the long  eml  Iti
Washington. .-..— .a
The Industrial World
Verran & Flhtchbr,
Editors and Managers.
Published weekly at the Miners
Union hall, Rossland, in the inter
est of organized labor io llritish
Entered at the Rotllaod, Ii. C,
postollice tor transmission through
the mails, November, tHiji), as second class reading matter.
Payable invariably in Advance.
One year  $2 00
bia months    1  25
Three months       75
Address all communications to
The Industrial World, Postoffice
box 558, Rossland, B. C.
The Industrial World is lor sale at
the billowing places:
Simpson's News Stand.
Linton Bros.
Postoffice News Stand.
Barr's Cigar Store.
Canada Book & Drug Store.
McRae Bros.
King & Co.
Secretaries of all unions are authorized to receive subscriptions lor
The Industrial World.
SATURDAY, APRIL 27. i<*oi.
may be seen at any time.
That this hiring of aliens is
being carried on there cannot
be the slightest doubt. And
through an agency located
within tlie province!
Is it not time that something was done? The men
who are engaged to work here
are not to blame. They come
under misrepresentations. It
is the man or men who misrepresent conditions to them
and bring them here who are
at fault and who should be
made to suffer. If there is a
law on the statute books providing against such acts, then
the sooner it is enforced the
The reason of this attempted influx of alien labor cannot
but be apparent to all. But
the object sought will fall far
short in the end. It will be
found that the mines to be
worked properly and profitably require skilled miners, and
these are not what it is sought
to import. Having men employed who can" be made to
do the bidding of the bosses
under all circumstances and
just because such is the case
does not prove profitable to
stockholders, unless those employed combine with the sacrifice of their God-given rights
and liberties, the ability to do
thc work. This combination
is seldom found. Whajt we
have said will be found the
case in all mining camps and
Rossland will be no exception.
But we believe some people
would adopt any plan or
means to show their antipathy
to organized labor, even at
thc expense of their employers-the stockholders.
We stated last   week,   and
What has become of  Can- wc wi|| .,Rain ^^ that   the
ada's alien law?  A short time wa|kini: delegate of Rossland
ago it was very active.   A few mincrs union  |,as   not  Kone
men who wore contracted  for underground nor in the works
in Spokane and brought to
Kosslaml to work upon a railroad wen: deported upon it
being proved that they  were
of the mining companies on
surface in his official capacity.
Nor has he been instructed t<>.
In fact the union would be the
hired across tl,.-hnr, but theifint t0 cen8ure htm f-.r such
real culprit, the contractor. .„., His duties are defined
against whom, and all  others dearly and in noway do they
permit   interference  with   a
rho commit a like  deed,  the
law places a line of $100...  is
permitted to go scot free, the
not being enforced.
man during his hours of labor
nor with the management <>f
anv  mine.    The  union but
city, goes to the mines and is
extended every courtesy, even
permitted at times to talk to
the men while working, thus
causing delay. But a resident
of the city, paying his share
of taxes and assisting in the
upbuilding of the town, may
not stand upon the company's
property and talk to the men
when they are through with
their work and on their way
to their separate homes. Ami
this because lit: is appointed
to assist in building up an organization that has for its object the betterment of social
conditions. Truly this is a
wonderful world with some
truly wonderful inconsistencies.
On Thursday 500 Chinamen arrived at Victoria
direct from the Orient,
coming on the C. P, R. steamship Empress of China. The
C. P. R. put up the sum of
$50,000 with the government
as a guarantee for the head
tax. It is said some of these
will go to Mexico and others
to the United States, but we
wager the majority will remain in British Columbia.
This is news of a most cheering nature. And the corporations are putting up thi* head
tax, too. We had an idea
this tax was to be paid by the
Chinamen, but it appears
otherwise. The C. 1'. R. values a Chinaman very high,
far more than they do a large
number of their white employes. Is it any wonder that
white labor are circulating petitions in an attempt to secure
homes where they will not be
compelled to enter their labor
in competition with Chinese
an.l Japanese.
And now men are being con-1 geeks to pr-.te. i itself, collec-
tractcd for in the States tively and individually, and in
through a regular employ- doing so cannot fail to protect
ment agency located in N<-| the mine owner.
,.»n to work iu the mines of There has been a concerted
Roaaland, to supplant Cana- effort on the pari <-f certain
luu labor that is here i<» n- papers, and we are s,.rry to
■tain, if they are permitted to .,-, the correspondence i<*
do so, and who .ire jusl ui some of them bearing upon
good workmen u can l»- ti„* mbjeci came ir..m r.-si-
found anywhere. We say this dents uf Rossland, t<. ,1.1
ihing is being done and as I odiom upon the union. They
proof offer the evidence of the I would not dare publish in a
That a man should be willing and able to work, even be
a skilled miner wilh several
years experience in the camp,
and be unable to obtain employment, when other men.
no whit better miners and
with an entire lack of experience in the camp, are being
hired every day. and be unable lo obtain employment because of his affiliation with organized labor, seems hardly
fair or just, but such conditions prevail in Rossland today. Nole the number of
such thai are leaving lhe < ity
eat h day.
six Austrians who arrived
here one week ago last Monday and left again the following morning. And there arc
others contrasted for through
the same agency and they
will come if something is not
done to prevent it.
If the alien labor act is
worth anything why could it
not be operative in this case?
Thc men who arrived made
affidavit as to thc manner of
their coming and the sworn
statement is on file   where   it
local paper what they tend
outside to be scattered
throughout the length and
breadth of thc country. Their
principles are about on a par
with that of those they attempt to serve. It is through
such as they that much
of the trouble comes. The
union asks favors from none.
It asks but a fair day's wage
for a fair day's work and the
rights accorded every free
citizen of a country.
A stranger   comes   to   the
In another column hi- print
.1 table showing the number
..f whites iin.l Mongolians employed by the Union Colliery
■company al Cumberland. The
statement is one sworn to by
Prank Little, traveling superintendent of the company, before the Chinese commission.
The statement shows that out
of a total of 877 employed 465
are Mongolians. And yet
they say that is a white man's
Governor Hunt of Idaho
has abolished the permit system and thc permit man.
There are several other things
that Governor Hunt could do
that would redound to his
credit and that of his state
and be of lasting benefit to
those who labor.
Oliiicers and Meetings.
COUNCIL—Meets every second and fourth Tuesday in
each month at 7.30 P.M., in
Miners'Union Hall, President, Rupert Buhner, Address all communications to
Secretary-Treasurer, P. O.
box 784.
CARPENTERS    &    JOINERS   UNION-Meets every
Friday of each week at 7.
30 p.m. in   Miners' Union
Hall.  Adam Hay, Pres.; A.
R. McDonald, Sec,
Western Federation A
Miners—Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30, p.
m. in Miners' Union Hall-
Frank Woodside, Secretary
Rupert   Buhner,   President.
TYPOGRAPHICAL      UNION  No. 335,—Meets on the
last Sunday of each month
at the Miners' Union Hall.
J. Barkdoll. Sec; Wm.
Poole, President
UNION NO.-a.sa.-Meets the
first and third Tuesday of
each month at tf p. m. in
Beatty's  Hall.   P. O.   Box
314. W. McLeod. President.
I.Kl.un.in. Sec.
40. Painters and Decorators
of America.meets in Beatty's
Hall, on second and forth
Tuesday of each month. W.
S. Murphy. Pres.: Geo. W.
Shinn. Sec.
—Meet in Miners' Union
llall on the first and third
Saturdays >>f each month,
at g a. m. Mike Guydotti,
Pres.; Jay Barton, S«
UNION No us. M.,-1 the
second Sunday in the
month. Jas. II. Fletcher,
Sec. T. E. Abbott, Pr.s.
OF MINERS Edward Boyci
Pr.s. Butt.-. Montana; John
F, McDonnell, vice, president. \irginia City Nevada;
las. M.ilu-r. Kcretarj -ir.-.is-
ur.-r. Butte, Molilalia Room
1 \ Owsley block.   I
live Board: |ohn C. Will*
i.tins. I .r.tss Valley. Idaho;
las. B. Puny. Bull. . Ml .titan. 1. W. N. Burns, (lurry.
Colorado; Chas. II. Moyer.
Lead City, South Dakota;
Chris Foley, Rossland B. C.
W.F. M.» Jas. Wilkes. Pres.
Nelson; Rupert Bulmer.vice-
president, Rossland; Alfred
Parr. secretary-treasurer,
W.F. M.-Meets every  Friday evening in Batty's Hall
D    C. Coakley.  Pres. W.
W. Doty, Sec.
Nelson <fc F Sheppard Ry.
Bid Honntam Railway.
The only all-rail route between all
points east,  west anil smith to Kosslanil,
Nelion snd sll Intermediate points connecting at -Spokane with the Great
Nothern, Nothern Pacific anil I). R. 4
N, Co.
Connect at Nelson with steamer*. f»r
Kaslo and all Kootenay lake points.
Connect at Myer's Kails with llage
daily for Republic, and ctinnei-t at lloss-
burg with daily Itagt for lirand Forks
and  tireenwood.
Effective  Oi
Leave. Day Train. Arrive.
10:15 a.m. Spckane. 7:10 p.m.
11:40a.m. Rossland. 6:oo p.m.
g:jo a. m. Nelson. 8:00 p. 111.
Night  Train.
10:00 p. m.        Spkane. 7 :o$ a. m.
11 uo 11. in.        Rossland.        7.30 a. in.
Kirst-claes sleepers on night train
General Paeenger Agent.
H. P. BROWN, Agent,
Rossland, B. C.
Canadian    Paciric
First-class Sleeper on All Trains From
Pat! I i.inmore Jet. daily for St. I'aul Saturday for Montreal and lloston, M ...
days and Thursdays for Toronto. Same
car* pats Revelstoke one day earlier.
for your Eastern trip is to see tlul your
ticket reads via
Trains Depart ,
800 Ex-Sun. Kor Nelson. Kailo.
Catdade. Grand Forks. I ireenwuod. Midway, etc.
tX-oo--Da.lv  Km Nelson, Sandon and
Shiran  point!,  Revelstoke,  Main  Line
an.l I'ac.hr Coast, and via. Crow's Nest
I Route for all Extern points,
For lime-tables, rates and full Inform*
, ion.  . all   or    address   nearest    Local
Agent, or
A. II. MAI Kl NZIE.I       \.:.
Rosebud, B I
\ .    M  Arthur. Depot Agt.
K.I.I tl**. \ ... PA.
\ in. over. I  ■
I nd list riti I
World Job
Office ....
It prepared 10
no .i' kinds ol
Book and
■ >■ i 1
• Printing
Special attention given to
work for organized lahor
Minere* Union Hen
Daily World
The Daily Evening World'will
be issued on May 1, 1901.
Is will be a six-column1 folio
newspaper. No pains will] be
spared to make it a live, up-to-
date paper, devoted to the interests
of Rossland and the Kootenays.
Subscription price will be Fifty
cents per month.
Evening World
International Music Hall
I  KtOt A ll I VV. nwrlttm      .1 It tllflt. itmammtatttaoaan
Week Commencing Monthly, April 29.
 Blii   HIT   OF	
fred    THE HOBBS    mazie
f\tm p I In Iht City Of tU-wo • t-faiiilful h nir p| n  ibOVBdlfll with
p4thi>* tml COnid)   pr-wluo d with BptcUl M-niriv ROM tlit btmti
uf Hunk M.itliu  entitle
Talking H oeer ae la osvpleto without a eewtaeMecMot
M'1,1, i. thlt epoce each -week Ibl -i-.it.; titioiatton..
W & W  3 drawer8'  $30
TT .   Ot    TT ■anattachments*P°VJ
New 5 drawer D. H.
New Queen "ISf $25
Tlu'io niit- ttlntfl aro grstl Imrg.titis. Do DOl
f.tit tt) Ml thrm.
Taylor & MeQuarrie,
Agftil*   New   llitti< , Wheelft  &   Wil-vm    IVmimIu
■ nil N>w Raymond Sewing machines.
Needles of all kinds for sale.
MF* We give thorough instruction with every mi
1-   niH'MIM   AVK     ROSSLAND chine told.
Get You Job Printing
Done at the Industrial
•  "-
World Office
Union    Colliery   Company   Employa
Morn Asiatics
Ibe Naniiiino lloralil tfives Ibe following with reference to tbe work ot the
Chinese commission in Cumberland
the fore part of tlie week:
The takiug of evitlencc occupied almost all tbe time tbe commission
was iu Cumberland. One of the most
important witnetses was Frank Little,
who gave evidence strongly in favor of
the Chinese. Mr. Dunsiuuir's experiments, such as lum.in,; out white
labor to this country when there were
plenty of Chinese here, were all nonsense. The white man wbo could not
hold his own with any Chinaman should
get ont of the country.
Mr. Matthews, the mantger ol tbe
Union Colliery company, amured tbe
commissioner! that there was no feeling against the Chlnete it. Cumberland.
Commissioner Clute asked if that were
to, why had tbe while men made so
little effort to put out the fire. Mr.
Matthews said the men were afraid to
make themselves unpopular. He
admitted it was an nnpleasnot incident.
Again cime Commissioner dole's insistent, "Why?" He wanted to know
if everybody loved the Chinese why It
ihould be an unpopular thing to help
them lo pul Iheir fire out. And Mr.
Matthews opened not bis mouth.
Further examined. Mr. Matthews laid
that he did not care about the color ol
men he employed so long as tbey done
the work.
E. Roe, accoontant  at Grant k Co's
u, mill, handed in a statement, ihuw-
uig the number of men employed ol the
white and Mongolian races. He bad no
opinion to oflcr as to thc desirability ol
tbe Asiatics.
T. Comcrlonl. tailor, gave his experience of Chinese competition in bis own
line. He had worked underground at
one timr. and he waa itiongly of Ihe
opinion that the Cbineie were unsafe
there.   He   bad   beard   mtny  minen
| talking   among     th.-m-clv.-e   -iy     the
i lame.
James Certhew, mayor of Cumberland, a contractor, waa non-committal,
but he went as far ei to lay that he
thought there were quite enough Chinese
in tbe country now.
I.. W. Nunn. cily clerk, hinded in
a statement of statistics, lie raid be
favored reitrlcting Asiatic immigration.
Joieph Abrams, t miner, wu alto of
the opi nion that there were enough
Chinese ben* at preient.
Rey. L.Hall aaid be was a Chinese
missionary, and hai worked amnng
thcie people lor thirteen yci.t*. during
whirl, lime I.e h.i.l mode kcvco convert*.
Rlohatd llodson, .. miner, ..u I ihc
Chlnttewtrt an unwelcome ucccfsil.v.
A man hid tu employ a Chincic helper
<>r ba oould not otherwise make wage..
At tbe Fume lime be and mott »th-r
miners recognized that Ihev -me .in
evil, and had n-alU un um Inr ihem.
llc believed iiuui ol the men would bt
prepared some of Iheir   pay
t<> net the Chinese out nf Ibe mine--,
«hit h would make tbeiu viler fur Ibe
white men.
A number of Chinese wltncssci were
then heard.
A sworn statement of the number and
nationally ol tbe employes of tbe Union
Colliery companv was make by Frank
Little, the travelling superintendent.
The itateaent is a lollowt:
Whiles. Chinese, lap-.
Miner. 203 16 6
Helpert  18 IV 40
Runners    6 V It
Driven 30 IS 7
Tn.klay.-rs     II 12 0
Bratticemen    0 4 0
Laboren     2 14 6
Timbermen    7 7 1
•-  ■ ■ li.-i-.--u  lli t 2
Hupervisort  17 0 0
Total 301 281        77
Whiten. Cbineie. Japs,
Carpenter*  22             0 0
iih. ksmiiii.  n oi
Maehtnltii    fi          n 0
Engineers   11              0 0
Supervisors     fl              0 I)
Stnktrs      0            l'r> II
Railwavmcn  17              8 0
Laborer!     0            51 24
Not i-l.i-t.iii.-il  25              4 I)
Pithead men  12           24 0
Total Ul 102 26
Grand total...412 llil.'l 102
A   Lardoau Vlaitor.
It. P. Pcltipiece, editor and proprietor
of tbo Lardeau Katie of Ferguson, 11. C,
•pent tho fore part of the week io Rois-
land, arriving Sunday.
Mr. l'ettipiece is loud in hi*, praise!
of the Lardeau country. He eayi they
have .tut as good mines as can he found
anywhere and they are just as numerous. Lack of railway faeilitiee baa been
a handicap to the proper development
of mineral resources ir that dlitriet, but
hopes were entertained that this will
be overcome the preient year. There
will he a large influx of capital in the
Lardeau as soon as the railroad geos
through and property will rapidly advance in raise.
Mr. Pettiplece hai great laith in the
luture of F'erguaon. It is located In tbe
heart ol one of the belt mineral belts in
tbe province and cannot fail ti oome to
the front ai a producer ai soon as
proper facilities are provided.
Trying to Cul Wagaa.
Fatally Injured*
Death claimed another victim at the
Lt Koi mine Tuesday ninbt. Joseph Mc-
Kachern, who hail lately arrived in the
city and who was employed underground is a trammer, waa caught under
a fall of ground antl so severely injured
that be died in the hospital a few hours
Mr. MiKacbern was engaged on the
00-foot level at the time the accident
wilh two Italian!. The latter escaped
injury. The remains were held until
yesterday awaiting tbe return of Coroner
Reddick that an inquest might be held.
Deceaied wai a native of Nova Scotia
aud hid worked but six shifts in the
camp. He wn a single man aged about
3« yeare.^	
R. D. McMillen.the merchant tailor,
owing to an increase of buiinels hai
moved next door to the C. P. R. ticket
Had a Leg Broken.
Thomas Nimtick, a miner ia the Le
Roi mine and a member of tbe miners
union at Moyte, had the misfortaae to
have one of hii legi broken on Monday
afternoon. He was working on a machine drill on the 700-foot level when a
masiof rock came down and cruibed
hit right leg just above the ankle, one
of tbe bones being broken and the other
•lightly fractured. He was taken lo the
Siitera hospital where he ii resting
Camp Mc Kinney union No 4) has ie-
sued notices warning ill minere to ketp
away from Ihe Similkameen country
at efforts are being made to lower the
standard scale of wages. The Nickel
Plate mine, owned by tbe Standard Oil
company, had ttken the initiative in
tbis retpiet.
A Grand Affair.
The smoker and concert given in the
opera houte Thur- lay evening was a
rousing luccese. The program opened
with a minstrel performance, which
proved decidedly pleasing. Tbe olio
contained many pleasing lealures, solos,
duels, dances end sptrring exhibitions,
the whole forming in tvening ol enjoyment seldom before witneised in Rossland. The speech by Dr. Howes was
in his uiual tlyle, end the presentations
of tbt snuveni.s lo the returned heroes,
which waa done b> Mayor I.alonde after
an ..I lie--; had been read by A. S.
lioo.lcve, called forth repeated cheeri.
Rossland is proud of her soldier boys
and dcmonitratcd it in no uncertain
manner Thursday evening.
Where did you get those pint! ? Why
I got thrm of R. D. McMillen the merchant Ullor next door to tbe C. P. R.
ticket office.
Hia Leg Amputated
Minera Union.
Tl.e regular meeting  ol Boatload's
.nun.*.- union  Wednesday evening  w.u
j largely attended anl   . number uf can-
dldataa were initiated.
It was decided, bv | ..na.umoul vote,
.v.. a hall in Miners' I nion ball
Monday evening. Ilu tO, lot tbe l-encllt
. I .rry McKelvey. who was severely
Injand and rendered aaablo to lo i.r
'tl.er work t.i an a. ci.lenl at ll.e Lt Ito.
none on Kept, ji last.
An Apology
We owe ao apology lot not meni *
■ i week the donation of tw.j OOSOI ul
• j.i. to the miners union bv Wnght
j llros. nl this i Ity. The gilt was In the ul
lureol a iin.pl- ol hi. two leading
brandi. Crown l.rani ind W. ll., ind
to ity that ihey were appreciated it
putting it mildly. The boye ',*■'■ not
lorgcl in future to call for one ol ibese
brands. That carry thc union label and
art as good as can be bought anywhere
for the price.
Odd Fallows Will C.i.or.i-j
Local Odd Fellows and Daugbtets ol
Rebecca wilt celebrate the ■'.'■. i tool*
ver sary ol the order in tn appropriate
ma naer at Ibe llapt.it church tomorrow
evening. A program of menial numbers hat been arranged   and   a  •  n
on Odd fellowship will be preached  by
Rev.W. T. Stackbouie.
It be. t nr m. '..arv on Saturday last
to amputate one ol the legs ul Arthur
E. I'll* I p.. who was injured at ths Centre Star some lime ago. Both legs were
crushed at the koea by tbe derrick used
(or loading ore. One Incline healed
finely bul the other was so badly crushed it wat impoesiblc to restore the circulation and amp.it.;. >u became necessary. He it cared for by his nephew
Mr. Maribil Stone, who cauta from
Portland. Oregon, for tint purpose. Ur.
l'belpa is improving rapidly einee Ihc
operation llehaith<> lympalhy of his
friends and brother member! of the
miners union. ,
A diploma has been received for Ihe
exhibition of Kootenay ores tt the Paris
N.-lson   hai   an   Order  of Buffalo!.
There is a movement ou fool to organ
i itea herd in RofaUod.
Another anarchistic plot n saul to
have l.t-e-i list- n-*l against tin- lile of
the I mpcror of I'.er'.iany.
If viu w.i* .lis Ute.t styles IU cloths,
go and sec R D. McM.'Irn. next door
t .thel-. I'  R. ticket ollice.
Nelson   (Hit   Fellow! celebrated tl.e
. ......*. ...   ..i ihe order Monday
evening lu  a ven tilling maun.*..
Belore pur* ti itiog elttwhtrt r..n ..nil
seooar Ko-k of <v .11 ptpt-ii and paints.
Danlelad I hambiri o u i mpey llros.
The ditching of four Ireigbl cars   nenr
RuhMM caused a Ma. ot several houre
idarj ...'intry
Tucsdav n.gi.t.
Ilaeini     l> IU,   one   of  the  il.*....
Boade, committed      IJ   in  Salurdaj
lait by I a , i    n *r lunar.
A dr.* io the garret nl the re   It
\i   B. Rt Itrttl   ami
I i.t iven l l iiniiiim
aad bouteto the taunt      *
day afternoon.
The *>'n>-\ ibe lhi te i**..
• it ol   Mr.  an I   Mr.    I     I     Hand,
ml on Sunday la.t,  with   services
in the < hur.-b ..I  Sat r.-.l   Heart.   Tbo
atttndaocc wai large.
On Monday lait John Riordan,  se. rr
Urv ol Miners union Ni   8 of I'bocn.x,
organised at thst place a   union of  Il.r
clerks of  the  city.    Tbey  will  Iw  a
branch of lhe W. L. t
Tbe machinist, ol it i-t« liav.-dem.iml
ed an eight hour day aod have derided
tn enlorec their demand, on May 1 ll
is aid Uie mine owners are oot inclined to graot tbe demand.
W. J. Mcl.e<»l. at lOsurance agcot
well known in and al..at the • itv, has
been mi,.ing unce February tjth Hr
left the Allan house, where the most of
hi, Ingm;- ml pnviti papers now am,
without saving loytl.mg .11 to bis del
tinatioii, tad since th-i. n*,thing hat been
Commoners and Plutocrata.
The dictionaries tell us that a "commoner" is one nl the common people,
us diatingullhed from the titled class.
Having no titled Olatti no aristocracy,
iiiili whom shall we i ompnre u mnn In
order to  see    whether or  nol  be is a
"commoner?" Moreover, thlt definition impllei inferiority, howevei different nn.\ l.i- the Intention ol the gentleman wbo It now uting it   n freely.   It
* :,i. tht * nue thing .n* Lln-
min'-1*1.ia-..-. "theplain people."   Thit
i- . lertu tli.it we cull .ill uinlcr.stnn.l.
The plain people .ire lift nn css.inly
coinmiiners: tbey are diltlngullhed by
nothing except the abttnee of oitenta-
tion. Tbe plain people may be rich or
poor, educated or ignorant; they mny
be more or leis worthy. As a mutter of
fact, the plain people comprehend all
lorts and condition ol men, und whereaB
to "common people" suggests merely
the mass; (be term carries wilh It no
cdium, antl implies the existence of no
contrast with a defined higher claie of
special privileges.
How, indeed, can there be any classes
in a county where any line that should
be attempted to be drawn between them
would be quickly tended out of sight
by Ihe feet of those pressing upward by
Intelligence, capacity and wealth,
"virtue and talents?" There can be no
daises in a connty where lhe commoner
ot yesterday is tbe statesmen, capilal-
iit, "plutocrat," II you like, of today.
And great hirm may !»■ done practically im! racially by Ihe propagation of the
idea that the people of the 1'nited
Slatee are divided inlo any other classes
but these two, the worthy and tbe unworthy; those who have "virtue nnd
Ulenls" nnd those wbo lack thcie
characteristics. Even in tbe most
democratic ol Europetn countries.
England, the ion of » farmer is dii-
couraged in any desire he may manliest
to occupy a higher social poniinu. The
idea of dais or caste, in a form somewhat modified, is ts firmly held in
England today ai it wis ever held.
Hereon tl.e other band, the greatest
encouragement lo effort and improvement hat been Ibe knowledge thai tbe
mosl desirable and the mott loughlafier
things of llic, together with tbe highest honors, are open to all without regard to birth. To disseminate a theory
ol cisle is to impair efforts aod weaken
ambition, and nnt even in tbe name ol
politics should an attempt to do thii be
The Deadly K.aa.
A icicnt.it hai discovered Ihat it is
dangcrooa to kiss without first washing
the mouth with an antiseptic remedy.
I'pon every lip Inrks bacteria awaiting
an opportunity to switch its location.
Beware ol the deadly kiss. Lt.nl. not
upon thc lips when they are cbcrri n.l
In tbe moonlight, for in thr end the mi-
.nilics will sling you, and the bacteria
will bile you inlo an eaily demise.
Science ia wonderful. Itrevetli many
unknown dangert ibal we bate dallied
with In tbe pest, only neaping tl.e t.-r-
n.rictf li.n t rtabyao element ol luck,
While telenet ins revealed thit
dinger   .uul protidtd I  i' tin.lv. it  bai
ni".. un reisrii menial aasitty. Buppote
• girl wiib i , * 1..U.   Iijii  ihould
tuddcnl) gra p t man and klti him t.c-
■ninth  with antiseptic whal  ..i-'i.v  he   would end rt
waiting for the bacteria to  develop, and
.   udl,    it  li
* at fnl t'i uotemplate tht. bant it
wc  run  even   day,  an.l .1 man lo be
reasonably iafe ibould be a clerk In Ihe
■ .  1 (.1111.111 who doei nol  adi
Bacteria it never twapped when a man
11,* -    -in* :|.i>*| -.. 1   li.   the  government  .tn.. take, a -new* ..-ntnii   CIOBUI
HCOSted'Wfth   trouble.      Tin
I    • 1    tbl •       ' many 'i|ll
iiirliiiliiig a'nmnbet which citizen.''arc
ju-'titi.'il iv aanlnl in answering. II Is
sale to 1 oni ludc that the recording angel
li.is been working overtime in entering
up untruths and prevaricationslinie the
Ci tuns man started around.-  I'.ivMieik.
The Union Label Scores
","^LVTimrlr~""    I
Another Success.       ^NG^uAUTy
Tl 0 " K nc Quulit'V "  Si 00 ha* l*"t>(,   hu aided tl u (iuid   Mi'd.tl
— the hlgbMt itwuril ai tlio Paril EtSpOlitioDi  All goudfl stamped with
UNION LARKTa.   He mra ti.ut "King Quality11 ia branded on your •hots-, wmob
meaxjM perfect J-nti^fiwiaiin.
Made by THE J. D. KING CO., Limited, Toronto.
1 Bank of Montreal —;t
Acl   l-l.lmitia t.i ft\
Capital, (all paid up) $12,000,000    Rest. $7,0011,000.
Undivided    Profits $427,180,
4*.A*-^A*-A*-a*-^      bit MtAU UI-1-IUt, IVIUIM I MtAL.        ,f\
W^-C^T^^^i-C'C'C^^*^ $ ^"-w^V^t ^^•^•^•^■^•^•'•X   \\) lit. linn. Lard strutlieont and Mount  Royal,   Q,0.M.Q., Preilaent,   fa
/A\    a Hon.Q. A. Drummood, Yloe-Prei,    E. S. Clotuton. Gtn. Man.        m\
Ve Havo What Ton Want 1S I
In the way ol Shirts, I nl*
lars. Cuffs, lilinis, Tn*-,
Mufflen, Scarfi, Etc. The
new ihepei in Collars are
llwayi shown here lirst.
Tin-   iwelleil    Ties    make
The Clothier-       j
f\f DEPARTMENT.                   |
fa \ika A. Sa'iugt Bank Department in connection mth thlt branch bo    been  *«fc
their appearance bere firat.     ^i i W} opened.   Interett at oorrent rate.                            JJ
The most  fashionalile  and      W|U| ™»
popular   Shirts   reach   us      fa. I ft -*.--*.                                   *-■—»-            1             Ifb
6rfpaff„sijhS! I* Safety Deposit Vaults |
rt               nil   Mm, . jtl>nl 0j jjoxcb (roin |- _ j„ ,0 *.n pjr nnnmn.                        jm
ikj   l*
ft J. S. C. FRASER, Manager Rossland Branch.             fa
llankrupt Prices.:::::::;::::::      W
We have removed to   the   PEOPLE'S STORE, next to the
Clifton Saloon.
Amalgamated with the
A Union Made Clear.
You mav  not   know  that  Rossland
hai a union cigar In torv. but it has:
Wright In- are the manufacturers of
the celebrated I'rown Grant and  W. B.
cigar.     All  their cigan arc made by
union    labor.    When   ynu   aik  yonr
dealer for a cigar, aik him  lor a Crown
Granl  or W. ll..    Ihey do    not' cost
anymoretbi.ii a  scab cigar, you then 1
will be helping a home industry and |
will alio   get  the   benefit   ol  a   good j
-ui.-kc.     I'n not lorgct this.
, ■
Meat Market
Fresh and
Salt Meats,
Fish, Game,
Poultry and
You Desire
in the
Just call on
"mr*^ fa^faWfaJwfajf1 nr ** t^T^^P *o*** ▼^*^ff*"T"T* Wr'W'
Closing Out.
% The Economist  Store t
fa fa-
fa   F,rtt.A.rnu0Vnn.d,r.«      HOLSTEAD & WRIGHT *
* fa
Men's and
Boys9 Clothing
Come and see if you cannot be
be suited at CLOSING OUT
® Just Received       I
A Large Consignment of D|3
New Jams. .Icllies. $3
Plain and Fancy Biscuits, i*^
f^j Grocers and Provision Merchants t*3
H. W. Simpson ;
Sen.n.i An*, ncir Waihington st.
v. a v i'in ii*
Hotel Victoria,
First class board & room
$27.50 per Month.
Eatl    'licet  Miuth ol    Sen.ml   avenue.
Milo Muroe.Prop.
N on want a  Label  Cigar and yoo wanl
lhe beat?   If thai is to, try our
Hiirl i (rra< le
Un ion Cig.'irs
Domestic Union Label Cigan: i i Flo
de Veiuil.i. l.i  llnrilet'u!>.i.ll  Colon
i.il, Imported Cuban Union Label Cigara,
l.arr.i.tge,  El  Corona,  Aim .in.i   Dude,
The Queen Cigar Store
CROW .V MORRIS, 1'iops.
Columbia   Avenue.
ttataeeettet i.'t-eeeaaat *»**» *
♦ PORTO RICO "«s*  *
,       -*-   V/AIXV     XliXW   Ofl.ea and Yarea.     Of
Third avenue and     _^
* LUMBER CO. »-s   i
* Rough & Dressed Lumbu^, Shingles •
fa      .^^_^^__^^_^_^^^__^^_____^^_^__       •
Mouldings, and Al White Pine Lumber
Always in Stock.
Mill .ti i   M     r Yntil* «t Ri **: mil ami !
^ win .ii i-iiti'i kku maiDg tmu* hi mbhow «nn ^ti»on iii..i    nict nt
~   rctuon, H. c *
■jfL «■ .  T!v i. tmp • ■   i ■■ -   <- I <iii«h. T'irvf.l     -fa
j*    \\. iv **«--ii<« tod ("•■•.       Ipi       ■ t :• - Work win i< >• r • i>- ■    . ^
i M* * *4 it*****;*************
Thc Miners' Magazine,
Price tl.no per Year EDWARD BOYCE. Editor.
Published bvthe W. F.M. Denver Col.
Subscriptions    Received at   thia Office,   or at   The  Office o'
the Secretary of RottlanMiner Uon' THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
Cleaned Currants
Seeded Raisins
Valencia Raisins
Assorted Peels
j Paulson
Wholesale     and
Retail   Grocers
ierlj 1 hi Exchange.
i OH Ml'.lA. AVE.
Uest Meal in Town  3^ Cents!
Mrs. La More,      Poprtetress.
%* * ** * ** * ** * *^* * ** * ** * * ik *%-
p. burns &eo.
r*i. myrjirVmy, iy. jj| ^a, ,a, jfcjrf, ^a
..Markets., »
D/l •Vs' *f a"*"*)* I*'   myrmyrmyi-my, ty. $t
Rossland, Nelson, Trail,Sandon,Revelstoke,Green-
wood, Grand Forks and Vancouver,
RETAIL   MARKETS    Kossland, Trail,   Nelson,  Ymir,  Kaslo,
S.union, New Denver,Silverton, Cascade City, Grand I-'orks,
Greenwood, Phoenix, Midway, Camp  McKinney,
Kevelstoke,   Ferguson and  Vancouver.
Pish,   Game ami   Poultry In Season,  Sausages of] All Kinds.
WM. DONALD, Manager Rossland Branch
.ae.ST*^*^*^'-*^*^*^*^*^*^***^*^! -C--C'C-'^-'C-'*C-'C-*C-'C-'5-*C-'C-!&
Thos. Embleton,
The West Le Roi avenue Grocer, keeps
Everything the Miner
Wants to Eat.*****
/ii        Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at
;!;    lowest prices. Goods delivered to any part of the city
Rossland   Hotel.
Fine  Wh.sh.es  and
- Imported Cigars.
r-S!     ■
1 > »k ni-   si   ml .Coluiitln.1 Ave
G.  W.   McBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
********** *fa************fafa**fafawfa*WW** fa**************
W. H. WALTON (lornicflv tt th* Hart-
nit Bock in l In 'tmu 1. 1:. a. It i* ir-up^n-M
tlie lnirtnutiitii' Lunch -v'ountrt. whrtr
ywt can act the
in   the City
Hot nt 1 ■ Mi a-
lltt mark*!
I have taken over the control of the Red Star Transfer Co.'s wood business and orders left with nie at
the old stand on Washington street will receive
prompt attention. Wall seasoned wood of all kinds
delivered to any part of the city.
Waihington Street,
. Ippodte Bank ol Montreal.
Lots and Acreage
Property for Sale.
Those wishing to buy desirable lots in any of the
Railway Additions, or acreage near the city. Garden
Lands. Fruit Farms. Chicken Ranches. Etc.. are requested
to call at our City Office. *V \» V We have some fine
residence lots which we offer at prices and terms none
can object to. if •*f- tf- Come and let us show you what
we have to offer.
la Not Done When Charity Method!
are Adapted*
"A Twentieth Century lactory" was
the title of the It-.-iurc recently delivered in tho rotunda ol the Hoard ol Trade,
by Mr. Arnold Shanklin, to the audience
which crowded ll.e large room to its
capacity, man} being unable to obtain
.1*1.111- ■-1 11 for want of standing space.
Those preatnl were principally manufacturers, heads if departmtnta, and
factory i-m* loyet. The lecture throughout wtts illutlrated by a large number
nl line vie.1 *.. nliniving the various departments and accessories of 11 large
factory, employing over 2.000 people, in
Among (he chief features dealt with
and illun rated were baths (or men nnd
women, literary and social clubs for all
tho people in tin. neighborhood, a Sunday s.'hoail Whieh meets in the factory
every Su ndiiy afternoon, t.|oo, as pilres,
paiil annually lo tbe people In thc
nt'igliliorlii ud for thc most improved
home.,, and pi i* paid each six months
for the filly best Miggeslion* regarding
I the impraiva mentl ol the business.
W| These .ll.it- were, alter due time,
Qr I appreciated b) thoie lor whose Ix-i.c'it
they wete made, and it was not long
until ti t empl iy :i ai d Iha people nf the
nelgbb rhood   entered mto tins work
wl.tilf *... *,lt d. '1'li-e li.mlsi*.ipe g.-ir.l 11
ing.lt,. -. 111 the 11.igbborbood arc
wonderfully pretty, and It has been
■aid by landscape artists that *'K"
st reet, on a l.i. I. are many luiin.-s ol employes, 1..11-1 i, nng the co-l of the
homes and the n.-e ol the yards, is thc
prettiest street in the world.
The result of these things wai (o
I.n ug nearer together lhe employer and
the employee, and lo make them caeb
realize Ihat tux which helps thc one
bclps llic other, and thit which burn
tbe one hints thc olhrr—thai their interests are mutual and inseparable.
Bpedal attention has been paid to the
comfort of thc employe-is, not alone for
uny M-iiiinii 111.1 or philanthropic mod-
point, but for the reason that "it pm.'
10 do io. Those wbo have been accui-
turned to the ordinary thop methods
c.noot readily understand why thn
company should allow each ol ils
employers to take two baths each week,
in Ibe company'! nine, why die company ihould maintain a free kindergarten Iur llic children ol the neighltor.
hood, why it should -et table four teres
of ground lor lhe use ..I ll.e b >ys of the
neighborhood. 111.*' *   linn a«!
•■ gardener; »by ii ibould iptnd In all ibi-
wutk t sum equal I" three per . ent ol itl
annual  payroll of I i.t.i  i'i.*
bating don   n loi  1
■even year*... unllnucs to do ll and flndi
that it   pi if.
Itteachet the gul. anal i.ai- u> hej
lltnl    imt
te  lhal  Iher
>re men and women, not
•lie gull in tbe neighborhood to
ll ofirti happen! Ibl
in the department■• arc ■ .1
la work overtime, ami vbentbii
* rerved tu I'. it   Iree.
it   1      1 tills arc given their Inn-11  d.ulv
at;. cost ol one  penny each, Ifa
pany (urnlsbin <     .up. and
a dfsaeit. while the girls bring tbeir
bread, bolter Ind meals. Tbey are
furiiielic.l rcn room, mi Iha dining
room lu»s a cosy corner wl»-r<- th.-y
may ait and talk during tlit noon
E. CHARLES, Land Agent,
Nelson & Port Sheppard Railway
Cor. Third Ave. and Washington St., Opp. Red Mountain Depot.
puts on bim tbe responsibility of paying
taxes ami keeping body and soul together. It denies a man the divinu
right to labor, for there tire hundreds of
tliiiiiH.iinl*. of ii iliinj*. workers who cannot get work. It trades on poverty, (jiving only to the unskilled laborer work
at the lowest possible price, and thai
piic aa the measure ol tbe laborer's
necciiity. It puts the product of labor
in Ihc hands of the lew, and fosters plutocracy by multiplying niiilli million! res
who ran buy up governments and dictate to the markets, and it denial the
blessings of Hod's beneficence, for
while nature and science stand ready to
do the world's drudgery, such are the
conditions of thing! Ihat uur brothers
■ nd sister* have still to be the drudge...
We may therefore settle it as fundamental that the int.Iligent wane earner will
never be latislied, nor ought be to be
disposed to contentment, to long is
equity is denied bim.
"While many schemes have been advanced tu improve the laborer's lot. no
scheme will be effectual which leaves
out the teaching of tbe Man ol Naia-
reth. llc slid. "Therefore ivluitsoevcr
ye would that men should ao lo you do
ye ev.n ro to ihem.' Thi- principle
(rom thc lips o( the Prophet ol N.itsrctb
is the solvent of all the problem! in the
ind.istil.il world—an.l Ihc minister's
duty ii right here, lo re echo the words
. i tbe Master ns lhe whole and only
t. nu.ly fur litis running tore upon the
body politic. He ihould remind the opulent and |iowcrful tir.-thren 'llut the
hire of tl.e 1 aborcrs who have reaped
the fields and which is kept hack by
it.in I and injustice, cricth and the cries
hatvc entered tl.e earn of ibe Lord God
of S.ib.n.tli.' Whilst il may be no part
of the minuter'! duty to work nut the
il<t.iili ol this teaching, it is lm duty to
encourage the study of these economic
ouiamongalll.il parishioucri in
'.he light of Holy Writ.
"li seems lo me that tbe ende should
be sought to reduce hour, of labor and
to havi-a method uf gain and proiil-
.li.uing. The ..np will give thc un.-.n-
ployeJ an opportunity and the other will
be a measure ol equity.
"Profit-sharing it a mnde of induitrial
reward! under which those employed
receive beiidei their wages a stipulated
proportion ol lhe net profits either In
ca->h or defined advantage. Il I* sometimes . ailed c ..n-*l. nine, ■nmcli.nel
pNftVaeite wage, some system—endowment lystem—etc. II has many names,
. mam li'ini". in.my dlfllcultict, bin I believe it < onllioi tbe principle that *
to ult.ui.iirii dominate tl.e  present  In
M.   i
'   >
*   t   tl
Ian.in,   Lilian.   .    I ui-uni ed Le.
i>t   lalh.i ol Piel tring   wl o
1 l • .iher
gam 100,000 Irani
than | indki       iem til my-
... in ihc
lie! thai ll.e workmen hive an incentive
■ lei care
ol the mil-' -.   diminish   lh.
Kci. Mr  i thai  .1 ' l.ri.tiau
. oUegca unltenli
;is (ram lhe m.n wl."
have i>
uppwaalngemployet unj.-tly it would
probal g '"' entiie   10 «..mo
ol   these   oppnawn   to   rliaixfe   Iben
methods ol dealing with their men.
Profit Sharing aa a Remedy
At Ibe llapt.st Mlnwtcr.il evocation
meeting held recently in Tor.>nt-> Kev.
I'. C. I'ark.-r read a paper on 'Indutlnal
I'roblemi ol Todav." whi* h was (...lowed
by a lively discussion.   Mr. Parker md
"While there ie a growing improvement in the laborer's lol it is arrtnl
nonsense to ety that Ibe present industrial conditions are ju.l and ci*.ni'.:*
Tht tvill arc apparent to all. It ton*
demnl ..gt-. keeping lh-m in .: .'■ M -W
rears ol tg« out ol tmpleyincul, wlnlt il
s| nng lever hit arrived. It tlwayl
comet ahead ol the calendar. General*
ly it it announced by advertisement,
telling of remedies Ibal will cure the
tue.| leeling <icca<ia.nally ihe blue
i»rd a**)*!* along and founds I note,
tod finally, everybody liegloi to grow
wtry    Tbe di.-.   • ",'r  ■ nil
and ll.c snvert.gn cure for it ia  work.
Probabli men think le«. ol coeducation beOIBtt II.**v an- more afraid ol Ibe
TT'C!    TT A iTiCI
X o nAiio,
New   Spring   Shapes
Blue and Black Stripes
Oo.i  Miner,  on th.   Itl.nd Start a
Al Ihe mc ling  of  Kosiland Mine.*
union Wedncsdty evening, the lol lowing petition wat read and oidered placed
with the ec.-tetary lor tbe mgaaturet  of
I host who had int-l.otlioot that war:
"To Ihc Right Hooorablc The  Premier
nl New /.salnnd.
"Thii petition Irom the undtrugocd
residents of Britiih Columbia, Dominion ol Canada, humbly ahowcth:—
•That whereas in consequence ol the
extensive employment ol Chinese an d
Japanese Immigrants in thc various in-
duitritiol tbit province the white man
Is forced lo ciitt under difficult, unjust.
and unhealthy .-oodi'loni.
"And whereas in spite ol repealed   attempts lo  scrutc   nn*asuics  providing
•'C.ovtrnme.it    ownenhip    »t     red-
"Ooapalaor) arbitration lor b.i>or .lis-
■I tp.ii.inn ..I < bloete nn.l   lapaoest
no tatt.factum has been reicncl.
•'And whereas in ;oi.--.pin,i c ol these
gttevtncet ind tbo general conduct ol
ibe government of thii province are,
your petitioner! are anxious lo leave
tin. province.
"And whereas we know that favorable coiulitnn. regarding lhe rights ol
labor obtain In the colony nl New Zealand ne . iur pttlllOnert an* i|p*-ir*.ii- t.i
emigrate tn the colony of New Zealand.
Tbtrel .re *<-, yoni petltloneri humbly
pny that yon will ba pleased to make
arrangement- ... I . * s  lot
our Iran.pcrt to and employment in   tl.e
eolonj ni New Eealand,
"And soar petit.oiieis, as in duly
iKiun.l, will ev. r pray."
And so thii is whtl we tre coming lo.
Most leive our domes where wc wtte
bora anl bred lo lite in a itringr* htbi-
tali.*n from Ibe (acl that no protection
ia oflcred white labor against the influx
ol Mongolians! Truly this is a deplorable conditions ol things. But then, if
British Columbia ia to be given over
to Cbincie, the quicker white Itbor immigrate- the better and wt- know of
no better place for them than where
the cooperative system bas been
proven to l-e the syilcm of equality.
The coal minen are tbe worst nilTerers
Irom Chinese and Japanese lal-.u. for
they nre brought in contact with them
everyday, and in many mines these
lorcigners arc In ibe majority.
Common Council.
Resolution* ol Reaped.
The If'.l..wing preamble and resolutions were adoptodat tl.e regular meeting of thc Kossiand t'nion No. .Vi. W.
F, of Mm Wednesday evening, April Sl(
Whereas, It bas pleased Ihe Almighty Kulcr ol the universe lo lake
Irom utir Brother J. J, Hand bit little
son Garnet, be it
Resolved,   That wc the  members of
KoMlaml Minen' Union No. |8, W.
F, 01 I!., in regular meeling as-emblcd,
do extend in tht- bereaved lather and
mother our ilncert tympathy, and be it
Resolved. Ihat a copy ol these relit*lutinm be sent 10 the bercivcd parents
ahd .ilso thai thy  be  published in  the
Im.i-iuim. World  and iptead on
our minuter. >
K.i Bin   llrt.Mi ii. Pres.
I*, i. Woonsioi, Seey,
Wm. ti'i'.Kii >.
All mtmbert of the different unions ol
tl.i W. 1 . of M    who are working in thc
juris.littiim of tbli niimn, are requeued
to leave their names at the oO.cc thnt we
nuv s, t urc their tnnslcr,
Bxici tivi ComnrrrB,
Koiilind Miner! I'rtmn
At the regalar meeting ol the com-
mon conned Tuesday eveniog a communication was read Irom City Solicitor
Abbott, embodying an opinion by Hon.
W. 0. Wells, chief commiiiioner ol
lands and worki, tbat tbe city of Rois-
l.ind was entitled to tbe um ol lhe
witcrs of Little Sheep creek as far ai
wai neceisiry aod proper.
Meisrs, Canliffc & McMillan, ol the
Kossland Engineering Works, petition,
ed the council to extend the water
mains to tbeir works, on Third avenue,
between Washington and Spokane
streets. The water committee stated
thit it was impossible to lay a main on
Third avenue at present. The works
were protected Irom fire by u hydrant
on thc corner of Third avenue and
Waihington street, and a supply could
be had on thc premises by the , Iiy ing ol
a service pipe providing application wat
made in r.-gular lorm.
John  Dean, tiy letter, thanked  lhe
council lor the attention they had g.ien
his protest against the renting ul a
portion uf the building that >uccupicd
the site ol lhe new DOIloffli e.
Tin- recommendation ol the ix.ird of
works, that bills amouutiug to 5ii.'.f>s
be pud, wn. adopted.
The health and relief Committee recommended the payment of hill* mount-
10 $11.05, alio thai a new uniform be
purchased fair Ihc sanitary office! at a
cost of  $22.     Recommendations   were
concurred in.
The finance committee recommended
tii-* payment ol bills amounting to
Jill.l.i an.l lOggetted that the citv
prepare intciAtatlOni anl   arrange   fnr
reotiflDg i.uis iur doing the i Ity printing lor the ensuing year by April Holh,
The recommendation and sugtfcition
were concurred in.
By resolution Mnyor Lalonde, Aldermen Clute. Hamilton, Rull and Mackenzie wricmidea board ol reviiion
to. meet Monday, June J, at 2 p. m„ lor
tbe IrantaetloD ol busineti.
Mrs. M. K. King was granted permission to introduce a bylaw providing
lor the erection ot a building over the alley in tbe rear ol the Allan house.
height ol same and all construction
work to be subjtct to ibt approval ol
thc cily engineer.
Thomae II llliard claimed $100 (or b»
service in examining Ihe ci'.y'e fire
nhirm system, refining Ihe $3$ already
allowed by Ibe council.
A bylaw- wis reid lor thc dm tun.*
providing (or tbe extension and repairing ol thc icwage syitem,
A bylaw authorlting thl talc ol low
in the city which have been In arn-art
(or taxes (or some time waa read a first
A bylaw providing lor Ihc liiuance
ol debentures tor payment ol repam
and extcnuons to thc water ei tem » at
given ils first reading.
The earlier doling bylaw wee ic.J
a tOI 1 .ml lime.
1 its   Sdiitnr   Al.biitt   reported witb
reference lo the < ..n.inun.caiiun  ..I  Mr.
I Wright, manager of  n 1   Mettengei
*i 1 \ ue. lhal no mnn- than I; for license
could be charged every six month, aud
thai thc   keeping  of  t-iesseogi-r   boyt
! Irom entering house-* ol  lll-famc could
Ibe looked after by thc police,    Cm-
muni.ation was relcrred to the   duel ol
! police.
Millinery at Coal.
Ladies wishing lo purrhatt mill.nan
will do well lo call at Mrs. II.....!'- be
lore thc besl ol the slock it gout. Tht
litc»t tlylci ol ipting halt al prices l«
suit everyone.
Ring up V. A N. telephone No lu
for all kinds ol Job Printing. Rubber
Stamps and Srala.
Yoo can save money by patch
your wall paper and  punt, at  haoi.-l-
.V Chamber!, near Kmpey llrot.
W. L. McDonald, vi.e-pie.i.lr.it nl
Ihc local miners union, lelt on Wednesday lo ipcnd a lew days with relatives
and It.eods in Northp.ni.
Lot (or Sa.e
An excellent residence corner lor $350.
Baty terms. $35 down, $|0  pet month
Apply, F, A. Newton, ly. Colombia
|. W. Wetlftll, superintendent ol the
Old Gold, Primrose and (iinncy mine
in lhe l.nrdeati country, is spending a
lew daya in tha City, He reports .-very-
thing in that district to be coming lo Ihc
For the Sick
The doctor ran do yn« no good
unless    lua   prescription,    arc
ptopcrly put up lr.un reliable in*
grodlenta.   That', when   we
render invaluable aid 10 thc doctor.    Wc cbm pound  pteocrip-
lions as Ihey  should   be.     And
handle the ben oi proprietary
Rossland Drug Co.
R. B.HTR0NG, Mgr.
Mail Orders promptly attended lo.
Phone  28$.


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