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Industrial World May 26, 1900

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Array 31. 1. NO. Wi.
Devoted to tho Interests of Organi/.cil Labor,       Endorsed by tlio Trades nnd Labor Council.       Ofl'iciul Orgau of District Union, No. 0, \V. F. M.
ifa^asa**-**-****.-*****- <- **•*•*•*. -•♦^••"^♦•'.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4>a
'('>«>♦•>•>»♦««♦♦♦♦•>♦'»♦<*«-w.-t-* *M*><*es*»*>cv*»•»♦♦•»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦
Hunter Bros. I
l  Make this place your shopping centre.   You 11 find  \\
\ ti*""
i  nearly everything in all classes of merchandise. ;;;;
The .too  is carefully .elected and only soasonaUc
goods offered for salo.
I* »»♦♦♦♦♦*♦»♦*♦♦♦.**•>'>••♦♦•*•♦•> ♦»**>♦*>•»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<•♦♦<>•>*>•«
W.F. McNeill,
Ni xl I'osi. line.
No Liiii'v prices, but the best value lor
your money. Wo handle only lirst-clase
; o
. Pacific Saloon :
e _
Cor. Sfokacr II* .**. Columbia Arc.
e.-V long, cool and refreshing gliises
• «>f •
\44+*+4>+4>*,+4>++++i44++*+++++i*+'+<>+++++++++++++++++++t   •    T} _-* . •
1  Pf            p |: beer, oc. \
Are showing a very line range of
;In  silk fronts with linen body.  CashniOrcs, linen and all silk goods j [ '.'.
Also it very nice range of
Marliu Salmon, Prop.
And su. lii's, the very   lu st   English   inauiifailiiic.      Wo have just,,
opened up a very nico line of
I Made by the Hamilton Brown Shoe Uo. Kvery pair guaranteed or
money refunded, lu mens' nml hoy.**' clothing WO curry tin
finest goods ut the be.-t prices.
IEMPEY BROS., The Furnishers!
ICorncr Columbia Avenue and Bpokl01 Street.
!♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»<*»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦o
ii |   Union-Made   _
I! [♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦tT*44*4'>f4*rTT'T^-r*
The Strand
By-Law   ana  [Constitution   Coin-
initfec Reports.
Not n groat deal of general interest transpired nt the last meeting of the oouueil, nnd (hero were
about twenty     delegates   present.
The committee on revision of
constitution and by-laws presented
its report, which, after a long discussion' WBB laid over for two
weokB, when it will bo considered
• 'bin. r by clause, nml the delegates
wen instructed to bring several
sections oi the proposed laws to
tbo attention of their unions. The
sections referred propose radical
changes in tlio Iowh providing for
the raising of revenue, nud the
present system of reprsseiitntion.
It is thought by some of the delegates thnt the proposed laws will
bear heavily on the smaller unions
nud at the same time cut down their
representation very materially, ll
i is also proposed to prohibit the
council from taking part iu politics
ns a labor body.
A suggestion that thu council
give a series of smokers, conceits
and dunces was favorably received.
Addresses ou the advantages of
close aflilintion were delivered by
several delegates.
Delegate Devine, of tho Miners'
Union reported work good in the
Boundary and the unions healthy
and prosperous. He iiad spent a
few days iu that district tbo week
About Dispensing and Drugs.
Dispensing of physicians presetiptions is an Important
."•nt lire of OUT (hug department and WO lake justifiable pride iu
the 2 lineiicc and popularity it hits uttoined. The p'lysii'ian
who writes a prescription has certain specific results in mind.
To insure the best results and so all) the physician In his efforts, we employ none hut ilu* in'si and expert dispensers,
whilg the drugs and chemicals used arc the best.
The Must Klcgnut and Luxurious
Pitted liar iu (Lunula.
• i A Fall Line ol the Choicest
:| Liqueurs and Cigars
ED. WATSON, Proprietor.
T. R. Morrow,     \\n r\   r\
•t. Droggbt.       SiV-Xa     V^a      J*_Va
Best wearing, BostQIting ami best looking
In Men's, Women's and Children's
C. O, Lalonde ii
►♦♦♦H»t*HHHH »♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦»♦ ♦♦♦♦H
Meat Market
Washington Street     -   Kossland.
Opposite Hank of 15, C.
Cheap for Cash
Mens' Clothing
Having received notice to move off the site we are now located
on, we nn* tillering all out   slock   of mens' clothing at a reduction ti) client a clearance, BS onr   lim.*   i . limited wo nilisl give
the public the benefit.    So If you wish to save money on your
purchases, call curly al
Rossland Trading Co.'s Store
.Tbs. l!lierrington, Mitr.
Cur. Spokane St. anil Second Ave.
iGlobe Restaurantl
it c-.11.111 Ui., Ave.
Everything New, Clean and
;; Meals 25c and up
| (V, tl, Skilvovk, Prop, |
50 cents ou the dollar dry goods
uml clothing. '1'his stuck nuisl be
closed on*, i.y Jtiuu I. Tbo One
Price Store. Spokane sireet. opposite
Forest ers' court.
Golden City Court, Aticicnt Order of Foresters was instituted
Thursday in I. . O. F. bull. The
('unit starts off with .'to members,
nud the following staff of office—1
Past Chief Itniigcr.Alo.viiider Bharpj
Chief Hunger, Gorge Mellon Sub-
Chief Banger, I.. A. Ealrclough;
Treasurer, P. K. McDonald; Secretary, George A. Leigh ton; Senior
Woodwind, J. C. Dell; Junior
Woodward, A. J. Sharp: Senior
Beadle I?. I). Ifo-IUan; Junior
Beadle, J. O'Brien. Theso were
Installed by Grand Organiser John
llilbert of N'anaiino, B. 0.
Tho  Grand  Aerie.
The annual grand aerie of (he
Eagles met this year at Vancouver
and is now iu lull session. The
delegate., from BOSS—Bid are Cap.
Shaw, Dan Thomas and W. Ven-
nir. Of these, Cap. Shaw, an old
officer of the aerie, has been elect*
ed grand conductor. Tin- next
grand aerie will meet l no l.
Smoke W. B. and ('town Grant
cigars.    Line Libel  ami  made  in
BoBsland. *
Citizen and Country ami Industrial World, both, one year for
8'.'.oo in advance.
Sector    Mcl'herson,     wl.o   has
been  iu Burnt Basin making arrangements to commence develop
ment work on tbo Tammany group,
returned to Rossland Wednesday.
He expresses himself well pleased
wilh   tin*   outlook   fur   the Basin
Ralph Siuiili made a flying trip
into the interior last week, '-peaking ut Bevelsloke Friday night,
Nelson Monday nighl. New Deliver
Tuesday nighl and ngain at Katn*
loops   Thursday   night,     Se  Is
speaking  in   the   interests of the
Provincial party candidates.
Local nud General Notes.
Living rooms to rent, adilrc*-. or
cull this oflco. 87*411
E. V. Bodwoll, Q. 0., ot Vic-
torlr, is iu the city on mining business.
Clearance sale of mens' clothing
al the Losslanil Trading Co's store
now on.
Smoko W. B. and Crown Grant
cigars. Blue Label and made in
Rosslauil, *
The cases of Albi and for Albo
murderous assault were again ceu-
tlnued yesterday by Magistrate
The miners are discussing the
advisability of having a celebration hero on Minors' Union
Day, July 10.
John Luytlon, night foreman at
the Iron Mask, left for .Spokane
yesterday where ha will spend the
next week or two.
Carpeulcrs Jreport business good
and all members employed. They
are constantly receiving large accessions to their membership.
Printers Union will meet tomorrow. Changes in the sc.ilo of
prices will bo discussed, au I other
Important business will bn up.
Stovo Barbara, of iho waiters,
will leave tomorrow for Bunt Bade
where be expects to remain a couple of weeks doing assessment work.
Smoke W. 11. aud Crowu Grant
cigars. Blue Label and made in
Rossland. *
fiO cents on the dollar dry goods
and clothing. This stock must In*
closed out by Juno 1. The One
Price Store, Spokane street, opposite
International *
The sociali.-Is of Ruvolstoko have
pln.'cd u candidate in the field.
Prank Craig, secretary of the
Trades and Labor Council is their
staudard beaier.
N. Binus, one of the Curtis
workers in Trail, spent Thursday
in Rossland. He brought very encouraging reports of matters political in the Smelter City.
William Willan, of the Miners'
Union, has returned limn East
Kootenay and will remain in Ross-
laud for a month or two longer be*
fore trying prospecting again.
Tho.*'. .Merrill, a miner at (he Lo
Roi. had a very narrow esenpo from
serious injury Tuesday, when he
fell from a defective ladder, severely cutting and bruising himself.
Last Sunday's game of ball between the wine clerks and barbers
resull.'d iu a win for the former hy
a SOOre of Ki to 15, The neat stun
of §•'!" was netted for the Sandon
relief fund.
Tony Sooooroman was acquitted
of the charge of arson by Justice
Drake  Tuesday.     Tl videnoe
was all purely olreumstaullal and
his lordship  refused lo BOOOpI it as
conclusive of guilt
lion. Bmilh Curtis leil Wednesday on a tour' ..I (he Boundary.
He Inul a l.ig meeting in Cascade
Thursday night. Il Is not likely
that he will return oo Rossland before the last week of the campaign,
The delegates to tho eighth annual convention of the Western
Federation of Miners arooxpoctod
homo from Denver Monday, British Columbia sent 16 delegates.
Tin* next convention will also be
held iii Denver,
Tlm greatest reform papers In
Canada, TheJOltlsen and Country,
and    ilu*  World,   will   be   sent
to any a.Mr. M for on.* year for two
dollars, if paid In advance. Help
along tho causo of socialism und
labor by supporting the papers
which advocate them.
Tin Queen's Natal Da?.
Rossland  Celebrates Her  Eighty*
First Birthday.
Rossland certainly can uot h.*
congratulated on its celebration of
the Queen's Birthday, for with the
exception of the ball game, tho
program would not have been creditable to the diukyo .1 mining cimp
iu tho province.
The band played a few selections
in thu I-.i run in. but the celebration
did not begin till IS o'clock with it
royal aalute of 21 guns from tha
War Eagle mine. Shortly itfier tho
band with tho two ball team,
paraded tho principle stro.-t*), and
to the base ball pink. They were
shortly followed by the largest
crowd ever seen on the Ucal ball
grounds, some istiinat'*s placing
the number as high as 2600, Tho
game was called early, iti.tl it at
one.* developed Into a slugging
match its both teams were very
strong at the bat. The home learn
won principally because it madvi
fewer errors than the visit )rs. Thoy
art* only credited wilh three errors,
while the Spokane "players have 10
cheeked up against them. Tho
battery of tbo home to.tui is a heavy
ono and the visitor made 12 hits
off Nef/.ger, but they did not score
iniinv ruus on them, although they
would have done so li.nl there been
fewer errors on the pint of I ho visiting fielders. Shea, Rossluud's
catcher played uu cr.orle-s gaine
and was ever on the alert: ho certain!*, is llu* right man in the right
place. In fact the home battery
won nothing hut praise from thu
large audieuce, and they deserved
nothing else. Tho battery fur the
visitors, Allan ami Fawks, did mine
good work together. Yates, iu tho
left field, lirownluo ou first, and
Allan, the catcher, arc the best
players among the lllairs. Them
was one feature of thn gain.* that
yone in
rfecl Wai
both —dec. There were -..u.-lv
any disputes and these were decided without wrangling. The
sympathies of the crowd were with
the home team, but still, whenever
the visitors made a brilliant play
it w.is warmly applauded. Following is an account of lhe game iu detail.   Tne game resulted in a sen.*
of 6 to 10, in favor of the homo
Besides tbe baseball gain.*, there
were other spoils, th,. results of
which were as follow.-:
The quarter of a mllebieyolo race
(or boys wus won by Harry West,
with Allen Kent second.
The men's bicycle race, half il
mile, was won by Prank 'hid. wilh
Clarence Lurty second.
In the   100 yards  fool   race for
l.t.ls uuder 11 years, Jon hawler
crossed tin* lim* first, winning the
firs! prise, with —olford Castle seo*
ond pri/.c
The men's 100 \.iitI fool 1*000 WBS
ih.* next event, and ile entries were:
John Lawlor, J. W. Rosa, Michael
(iiii. J. Knvc c. Simpson, 1'. Bi
Tail. Fay Campbell andJohuGoni,
nail.   Tho race was a  pretty	
i.ui ross drew ahead at the start
and easily beat all his t:oin'.clitor„
by about 12 feel. Lawler and
Campbell tted for second place, ami
in tho run-off Campbell defeated
Lawlor by about three Inches, thus
winning s.c ind money.
struck everyone pri'sen'.   and that
was the perfect [InirnesB  shown by
60 cents on the dollar dry goodi
and clothing.   This  slock  must ho
dosed out by Juno i.    The One
Price Store, Spokane,street.uppositu
Blair [.lays lln* Nelson ball tea in
.it Nelson tomorrow. THE   INDUSTRIAL   WOULD,   May 20, 1900.
VVT.ITil.Y    ..IT NUN.
1'lll.llslitil   nt  lilt! .Mill.'..-' ITliilll II ill. IT- llBUtl,
III lile iutell'sl uiuii'.ll i/.d   h.l.i.r   i.l  lllitisll
liulive I rn llio Rouluud, » C .   poilolflce Tn
l-iuismliBlon through lite in.iii-   Nov. 190-.,
nsseenml .'!..*- 1.1.:li l.
A, C. Thompson, EJIlor and Manager
(llliccnt .Meiers' I'nicii ll.il
Payable Invariably In Ad—use.
..lie v fur $100
SK   tliilltlis   I J,
Three Mut.ll.s      7
Ad dress nil Cellllllllllie.lti ills In lilt- lilililstl nil
W. lid. P— Inflict' ltc-x <_t, Ki.ssl.ll.d, n.C
The iBduitrlil World i, for side tn Huasintnl in
lb. i-ji.Iku Clssr Store; Buupson's New, s mil
il. s. WiUice*. ilaUeaii-r si..ret I'*"*. 0IT.ce
News Bland;  i.iuton   Bros., Btattonery store
linn's Cin.tr stole nud lay iitvtsl.,.\ *.
speech accepting the nomination,
Haiti Iluil lie hail become 11 candi*
dale only thai he might bn in 11 position lo protect the capital which ho
Iniii brought to lln* district. In
view of this how can any worker
he deceived ns 11 his pool iuteutiou,
No working man who knows Mr.
Mnckintoshs1 present connections,
his reputation and his record,
would trust liim where the interests of the employer ami employee
may clash; I'm* it can easily be seen
wlii'iv ho would givo his vote and
All 1 berks may be mmle payable lo
the Malinger.
Those wlin desire n'chani*e in their
ndvertisitufiit should hnvo the copy for
the sinie nl this ollicn not later than
the evening before nubllestion dsy.
SATURDAY, MAV *nf„ 1900.
The millers of ROSS——d should
reali/" that just now their interests
an* in greater peril than ever before: thai the fatoof tho eight-hour
law, the truck act and similar legislation are now trembling iu the
balance, and i: lit- with them lo
det'ide which way the scales shall
incline. The failure of the oleotors
of this riding to cast a majority of
Iheir ballots for a tried and true
advocate of the law would be interpreted to mean that  the miners
The employes of the 0. 1'. R. in
Trail, 'mill on tho railway and in
tho sir.'ll' i.   ;::<•   bpglnuing  to feel
Uu* pressuro tho company is bring,
ing to bear nu tbem to compel!
tin in in voic i'n'c. II. Mackintosh.
Ouo by ona the employees are
called into die office uml talked lo,
and an* finally given lo understand that  If   Ihey  do  not y.ote
lielil I heir discharge is certain.
They have also been Informed lhal
if Mr. Mnckiiilo.-li is nol eleoted
(In* smelter will bo shut down Indefinitely. The same cownully
tactic** will undoubtedly lie resorted
lo in Rossland nud other camps,
aud every miner may expeot to be
interviewed by a representative of
bis employers nnd of Mr. Mackintosh. He will be told all kinds
of things, and au effort to Impress
him with the danger of a shut
down should Mackintosh be do*
feated. lu this oase the elector
should should say tiling, accept
the lal" for what it is win th, ami on
June '.. ask himself if men who at-
tempt to put the screws on bim iu
this manner are I is friends, and if
thu   caudidate     elected   by   such
means is likely to  prove ii friend,
and then vol.* as his gi.iitlsense dictates.
mines in llio different parts of tho
country, i o tbat In limes of trouble
they will be Independent of the
mine owners. Co-operation iu owning, managing and working mines,
is the only solution of many questions now claiming the attention of
(he W. F, M.
Tlie gains made by the socialists
in root—it years is astonishing, and
many of tho principle planks of
their platform, which a lew years
ago were considered die vagaries
of lunatics, havo been adopted by
the great political parties, and are
now accepted by the publtj as not
only feasible Iml that practical results will In* accomplished In a few
N't) higher OOmpllmOUt could lie
paid any candidate for office than
that given Mr. Curtis by tl.e Miner
Wednesday morning when it said
Mr. Curtis' very honesty of purpose w;is lo be feared, that his evident iuteutiou lo faithfi.lit c.uiy
mt (he provi-inus  nf hi* platform
The voters of Canada are wearying ol having the leaders of tho two
greal political parties claim thnt j
they belelvo iii government ownership of railways but that il is not
practicable.    Very soon   they   will
I.e forced to make it practicable or
abdicate their leadership and make
room for abler aiul belter men.
The greatest    reform papers in
Canada, The Citizen  and  Country
and    the   World,    will    be   sent  The
to any address for one year for two
dollars, If paid In advance.   Help
along Uu* cause of socialism uml Industrial World
labor by  supporting   tbe papers
which advocate them.
Is the medium
by which the
It is true that last week the
World Intimated thai Intimidation
WOUld bo resorted lo by Ma.kin
toshs' supporters. This week the
World la in a position to say thai
it has already been attempted, and ADVERTISER
is prepared (o prove It.
Fourteen candidates of the bo- reaches the
called conservative or opposition
party, are pledged to secure, if possible, tho repeal ..r ti..* eight hour workingman,
law.   They are being supported by
the same people   who nre support*.
Ing Mackintosh. and the
of this tilling themselves arc op
,        ,ti... i    - i,   couiiuciidalioi.  could   be glti u Mr.
I d to  Iha   law.   and   it   would I
Hii honesty ol purpose la
Laboring mon will never get a ...-. D u ... _,.. . ..
.lcai.r mt declaration   from any WUKKIINUM AN
was a great danger.  No better t*et> candidate than thai made by ihe
Hon. Smith Curlis. which is repro-
indeed lo be  iciicd   by   (be class
Miner.     Mr.
prove n   powerful  lev. r  with   the
legislature tosocuro its repeal.   It,
,,      .1    , •   ,    ,     ,,     *, represented   bv   th.
is true  Mr.   Mackinto.-h   declares '   . .        „    •   .
.,   .                             ,          ,,   , (uilts platform is   t.r.tt tiri Iv  the
dial  no government   would  have '                   '             '
.,    ,     ,.,     ,.   • , _, _    .,, ,, labor i*lalb.iiii.   mid   tho   workers
thu hardihood to iiitcrli-re wilh Ibe ■
. , .           ,   .          -,              ,     , have uo qu.trrc     with   il.     Thev
on-Ill ho:ii- law  ns  il   now Mauds. ■
,,   ,         ,                   ,             , hate ii* tiling   In   fear,   uni  liter.-
Ue has also given promise t.. sii| - *
,          1,    •                .i • ccni utterances of lhe   Miuer  bus
purl   the  law.    Ho  is  lining   this
,   ,.           ...   .,      I,, convinced   Ihem   lhal   they  bav
wo believe, with tbo deliberate m- ,               ....
,.        ,    ,                   m'.ilt' uo mistake  in   pinning their
tellllon ol   deceiving   lhe   electors, . ,                                    '
,,                         .ii                  ., faith lo a in.in wl... is-o ihorou-hlv
Ile was nominated by  opponents
of the law, his chief supporters ni c
nml always have b.cn uppote.l   to
the law, and the monej lo i... Ibe
great expense of his  campaign, as  I'"11      thai
well as (he bug.* .mis being used India  ihe
du     Lul tin* l.l-l paT,- ..I'tlii- paper.
can Know his
Sandon    Miner-'  Union has en* |,
domed the oandldaoy  «f It. F.I' **)f
(ire.*...   Tbe   miners    iu   S.union
ore ucxt to lh_—telves-
Wilh the
Prcsldenl Ed Boyce hu been retained us editor nuti  manager of
lhe —loom' Magazine.
Th.* label committee of (he
Trades and Labor Council should
im kepi ai work.
Unionists should keep tin   boom*
hope und oxp..tilth.' move would
miners    t .   a.'is    of
to "Influence'' [voters,  has beenI violence and ao l them thesym»|M,g tlie onion label.
put up, ii   is  believed, by those palhy and eonlldonoe of tbo public, -—■
who are t» a in.in opposed ■••*' I'd., u.i.y May. r (io. tlcve.l |n all ihis Uml lhe laliorin(t men have
lo thu law nud who desire after .tu.-idling only enemies oflnogrsBUrsaom*. aoramoranaeoapia*
ii- repeal, nr. Mackintosh is a Uiemlnera, authorised tbe swser*|—bring tot than I'res'dsnt MsKlnlsy.
candidate of tlie oppi ots of the
subscribing for
The Industrial
law; he himself has always I oon au
.   «:..;■i.i at un* si.r.n.-ol nrnlilt, ia rljlli- < j . |       ..
ol wilh (x'rsor.lliiiry power, and all I f\ fi i [ f) 4. ***) l O I
*» hliiynipiljifsars with ths waalthj law. I l\ \ I    \A\
h  TbsfutUIS ..I  lhe  Lboril'S   |>>*op!e  li II ( ) I
. I r......i.i .in.   j._ ll  ,... i. .. II1MW W_l    1-11
•laslsd presidt in.   lie Ins upheld (lov-
ernir BtSBBSnbsnj in all his illegal irli
lb*    Miners    union  wa* ,    . ,   ., ,, ,      ,
Ahiulit'kill's, thai he .as paid hv the'
eleclion I.y   li.l.lio.-d   and dominated   by    foreigners   l~d In-1_._|ng   co, p<,ral oni   lor   .npprrs.ing'
fasted wilh dynamiters,   Mr. __ok*|l'l*or orosnlsttkN-.
ing in of ii gang of i-peciuls. many j ',0 '• ■ mM wilhonl ^"^ '■■"• * *«»' ,
Of Ihem   aliens, armed lh.*,,,  and _?_!_*_____!_ ___'__^*
opponent ol the law, and loss than ~* 'bom to "proteol' ti..* tula
tWO weeks llg-l  Ural   aglcd   to the R«d Mountain.      Mr.    M.tekinlosh
retention of i'   «.n  the  rlatutes. heartily approved ..f  Ibis ooiimB,|lraniht»llh_<rssl dsagsf ii bs li re*.
He Is certainly attempting lo do* ■**- Intimated that       waan	
oeive Bomeone, and Ib trying to so- -Jfj **
cure his
iiii-.cprc'oiit.i'.ion.     He is either lasted wilh dynamiters.   Ur. _aek*[l.bor t-tasnlsttio-i.    When  sbsrgsd
mUeadlnxhisIHends wl npose i","s1'  '"  ■■"*•   ■•■''"■ "  groatand wiih It hs  (Stsnnsnbsrfl r.fnscd m
ib.tb.tv or'.e Is trvlnn to hunoo •-' I fried......I Mat..... ..bv. ,    '"'v " "' ll"' tsstlmBoy  bstom  the
lhe law t.l...   is   iryiOg   IO   mill. •> H J nnliliry co.ninlllre  in   WaihlnRtoo.-
Ihe people wl.of.lVO.it.      lu  either hi* I hlcf ol   pn-h. |.,. I'.,,-,, ,.
.a., hols acting a lie.   The laol ————
tbat his con version is r nt and     Noa      Is      i lie     time      for
that all tlie opponeutaol tin* eight socialists and   labor unionists to
hour law arc supporting bin. should put before the public tlie advantages
convince (lie workers of this riding of the initiative  uml   referendum,
that his promise to aid  in retain- nml ihe impeiative mandate,    I'u
ing the law ns ii stands is the thin-1 <ler ihi. system the people would
nesl   kind  of il   falsehood.    As he I.e able lo protect them, elvc,   from
is living to decile   someone,   und lhe altemps of any   legislature   to
ns his Intorotts, Inclinations uml
principles nee  nil   antagonistic to
Iha law, tho common sensoof an*.
worker will teach him who Mack*
inloili is Irving to dec. i\c   InSlicll
.i- the pIT'sciil   one. Will I
much i- al   Stake,   capital  ami   III
representatives have . ver been uu*
scrupulous bs i" tbii means luod tu
., uro nuii.lv.uiins*" ovorthe workers. Deception, Inllmidallou nnd
bribery are llio usual n cans. Mi.
Mackintosh boasts ol befog n repre*
Bculiilivo   of   Capital, nml in  his
ilupi.se on them  bad   law t.   by   rc-
|. cling Ihem nt the |>olls:lhey could
Initiate and onacl measures
wilhonl the aid or oomontoi the
legislature,and osuld ut any time
ice ill  any   in imb W   of  the   hoilBO
win. hal broken his promia m 11 the
 * •■■
Hooks. Stationery, Toy..
I',..ny Goods, Office
I*, Sell.ml supplies.
Colorado union minora are advo.
eating n n otlon >.f a  ou item
-un li.r to be owned by themlnara,
This  is   as   il   should   In.    They
should also secur itrol of gond| \f4) Ml»j(j -      ititfHt* __
BOOK sToitK     -•     -
—      N C..l.iiiil.ii Ave......
*H»4*.* f-H ******44444'44+4+^44444-4444*4************4+-
P. Burns & Co.
Wholesale Markets.
BoSBlaud, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood,
Grand Forks and Vancouver,
RETAIL   MARKETS -Honland, Trail, Nelson, Vmlr    •■
Kitalo, Siiiiilon, New Denver,   Silverton,  Cnseitdu  City, Grand
Forki, Greenwood, Phoenix, Midway, Catup MoKlnnoy, Revel.
sioke, Ferguson snd Vsnoouvor,
Fish, Qnrao and Poultry iu Season, Sausages of all Kinds.
William Donald Manager Kossland Brancli
"ft44*r44»l4»»»»f4-T*»*»»»4* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦!♦ MM i II ******** +
G. W. McBride
Hardware. Miners' Supplies Stove and
Ranges, Etc,. Etc
.ltiat Bsaslvsd, Ibo L.tieest and lk'st Sslectcd Stork ol
GUiie, bus ail Shoes i Eats;,:;::,,',;;r.E'."
Mini Fine w . i-nl Salts in him.' and hliik, ureal value it ISO; Sile
pries        $ 13.25
Mio'iTwiedSulU, wortefIS, |I4 sndt-;toolssrst      .       .       8.75
Men's Fins ."*i-nti*h Tivecd Salts. I>ij value nt S18; .Sale pries       . 12.50
l'.nys Sails and < bid I'ants at just hull ragulat prices.
RE—IBM—BRI For lhe nixt lodays every hue in stock to sold at and
under tvholesale prices.
♦ ♦♦.♦♦♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦see ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*>»««444v a
The Latest in
H A T S !   i
C. F. Eagles
;    Opposite the Dank of Toronto. Bossland, U. C
44444444444444*4**4*4*44*4*44*44444444444+++++++*+ i
Subscription $j.oo per Year.
Advertising Rates Furnished
on Application.
Morrison and Bryenton
Have jusl received a  Consig.iii.cn!   of
Fisn, Ganned Goods, Hams anil Bacon,
Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh Eggs, Teas and Coffees a Specialty
Bolo-gent-in.Boes-nd for «___*B__8 TEAS."
'Phone 106-48, laW Columbia Ave.
;resli Ceem
Cauliflower.        String Beans
Brussels Sprouts, L&Uaoe. Celery, Tomatoes, Grcon Peu
•0. M. Fox & Company,
I Ofl Ivisl ('..Inml.in Ave.
Tt'lcphonw B8, THE INDUSTRIAL   WORLD, MAY .6, 1000.
I'oiihioiiD     l-'aiiiilii'B     of     l.uprisioncil
A resolution wan n adopted hy tho
Western Federation ol MinciV conven-1
lion rucauiiuendinK that nil local atlili-
aleil union! nnikoit 00—p iljory on their i
mitnberitoexirdlisthe oloctivo franchise. Further evidence oi tho inicn-
tion of going into politics waa shown 111
the adoption of tlm following 1
"Kceolvcd, That a political CO——lttSS
ho ch'ciod by ibo eighth annual convention (it tho Western Federation of
Miners to confer and correspond  will.
tho "iiii.'i.' uf all Lib. 1 organisation!,
local and national, with u view to (nr-
thsring saoh oaoia ul labor ihroii**h the,
only sensible aiul only logical tni'iiiiB ut
our oomraind—tlio billot box.
I'liii ilefoiiilaiita are forbidden  lo carry
or    haul    traiispirencio)    or   bmniri
lh rough tho stroot intonilod to injure
log people not to deal there,  it is said
tho li.illi) Chinaman will n;k   damngll
fur ihu loss of builneai already auatained.
0 Chinamen, or from remaining about | mDj*-, ANn IiAB0R c.n,'NCii.-Moets rvrry
0 Chineso hiigini'Fs bonnes ami eolicil- !   iscoud ind fourth Tuesday in mch month st
bo  Ashamed   to   Alk   (or tbo
Union  Libel.
A resolution winn loplcd i.mvi line, I
the appuiii'iiient uf a co a) minion In in-
vesiivuto 1I10 advisability and praotloa*
lii.it y ..I establishing I cuIIcro for lhe
promulgation .1 nne loonomlo and political theories, llmllll to liko colleges nn
th.) oonlinentol Furope, eaid oommittse
to report to the federation al its next
annual coiivt'iition.
A propoiltlon to Inorssse tbo appro*
•Trialion ol i iinis hy nsscssmi-nt uf members, for co-operalivo mining was rejected.
Delegate Bidet1 reaohuion, which had
been luggesti'tl by hie constituents, tbe
DiirniiiM (Col.) Mine and Bmsltsrmen'l
union, looking tea establishment of it
cooperative, imsltsr at Ihiriingn, was
adopted, and n committee appointed to
Investigate tlio proposition nnd liport nt
the next convenlion. A law (uriii for
lieeiiBing nf nil engineers employed at or
inn.nn! 11.11101 vvnn ad. ci. .1 and VY. II.
l'holps mis endorsed lor organiser,
■liould the ii .ii ruin 11 decide lo plait* nn
organiz r in lhe Odd,
The convsntioa voted S homily nf fV)
a mouth to the wile ol I'niil C'rcoran
inul appropriated fa) u inonih toward
the support of the families' ol 10 other
....ion miiieis who are imprisoned al
S.in t''ic!ilin,Osl,
Letters, a'suring pynpathy und aid
were ordered to hu Iriinsiniiled lo lhe
prisoners' wives. Corcoran was one . 1
the .ii'livt* p.nliilipatit-. ill the I' 'em 1
A1i*iii' etiike, was imprisoned hy l.ener-
nl Merriitiu ind afterward sentenced lo
the Idaho pcnileiiliarv for 17 years.
The WsStSffl Federation ol Miners at
their afternoon session adopted 11 resuliiiion introduced by I'eleg.ite M :Curmack
ol California, providinx that on or he-
lore .Inly 1 ibe executive hoard shall appoint and send out nt lenat four organ-
1 lien, of whom two will work iu till
slstes ol California and Orcgou 1 ir a
period ol at bail six months.
ll was nli. decided Intake up anl
make rules (or lhe regulation tl compulsory insiliai.fr.
The following resolution was adopted
»ss Introduced I.y '.'elegntes I'sirgravr
I and Kckhi:
'Keiolved, That iho incoming ciecu-
I live boini he constituted a spcclnl com-
nut ten i.1 Ihil federation to .hv.se a IVI
11em ol accident and lile iniurinco for
lhe purpose of relieving Iho various lu-
Leila from Ihe burden) of sick and death
fbcnetlls under wbicli they now labor,
land removing lhe possibility ol bank-
Iruplcy lo our lotula in e.t'i* ol unuiuil
[cilimily or accident, audio rspotl to
[the local uniona nol liter than Seplrm-
{.her I, IU00, to headonlcil or rejected I.y
1 majorilv of laid uniona.
The union label is tho guide  post of
anion labor,   it points, tho Biifo way in
buying,   It   sliowa   tho   wage worker
where to find friend.) inuuiig employers. |
Tbe label ihowi tbat a fellow unionist]
has been over Ibl ground  nnd  foii|*lit
■ gainst oppression,   IU use is fralci'iinl j
in a liiith sense.
Where a union man li nil rj a label of!
any organizilion ho known he can help
(rieinls. The printer who buys a line
label cigar knows ho in not helping
some sweat shop employer force long
hours ami unsanitary conditions upon j
hia workers; lhe voter who demands
lhe union l.tht'1 on all public supplies is
mured that In* ie preventing psnltentl*'
ury coin pet ilion from f.ircing  Iho rnto ol |
ivagei down,
The label   ia a   guarantee  0
Irty ii. each ...oiilli at
ijo e in. in Miners' i'nion Hall. C. W. wllsun
Bee ; l-l'l. l'Tiinswoitli, p-_,
every I'ritluy o( enrli week flt 7:30 11.111. In
Mluera' Union Hull. 1* R McDonald, PHI|
A J McDonald, Soe.
MINKUS' UNION No. j8, Wcjleni Pcil-rntton
ul' .Miners Meels every Wednesday evening at
7T'. u'i'lucK. in Miners' l''iioii Hall. June.
Devluii Bici a 1, Uouiton, Prea.
rvpoaaaPHicAt, onion no m-Mciti o..
Uie last Sunday ol encii n.onlli at tha Miner.'
I'nion Hull J 1" llurkilull, Sceretary; Mr Poole,
. Meet the liisi and third Tnesilay of cst-li
I 11101.II1 ul Bp ui In llcatly s Hall I* 0 lloi ua
! vv. Mti.iT.l, pnsldml; J. Klomnii. lecre-
j   Ury
C00B8 .*i WAlllikS I'NION, No 40, WI, I —
Mcsls every Saturday evenlsg nt.8:.i.i o*elo_
1     in  Minus-  I'nion  Hill,    1'OBox tl.     l'Bul
Julltu-r, Sec, Of—If. CBBO—g—itt, l'tla
Following is a list of 11.... n who advertise in Ihe IxniBi'iiiAi. Woiti.n:
lieu Agnew i'i: Co., (irocere.
W. F. McNeill, Shoo Store.
Hunter liros., general morcliandiac.
Binpay liros., groceriea nnd gents (ur-
■killad I nishln_s.
T. It. Morrow, druggist.
I   C. O. Lalonde, ehoo atore.
0, 0, Gibson  .<£   Co.,  genta' clothing
and notions.
(i. W. MellriJe, hardware.
I.inton Uros., books und etalionery.
Crescent Dry Uoods, furniahinga, dry
goode nnd clothing.
Morrison A llryenton, groceriea.
M.J. O'Hearn, olotblsi and Halter.
I'aul■ "ii lo.is., groceries.
Taylor .** MoQosnis, tailors.
I'.icitlc Tea Co., teaa and coffeee.
M. W. Simpson, news, stationery and
Metropolitan Hotel nnd liar.
MoAulUT, tailor.
S. tH''.in, fiirniltire.
McQonigls tt: Co, groceriea.
Iluffiiiitii Homo nnd Bar.
Ilnaign Cigar Store.
Dyeing sod  Cleaning Works,
ington alreet.
Dinleli A Ohsmbsrs, paints, oile, etc.
Holltesd A Wright.
Kosslsu.l Uotcl.
Blsotrlo l.tundry.
0.0. D. Meat Market.
The lull i:i.i!io.-..l
Laniltig A Nun man, groceri
Kti.8-.I1 Hotel
Simpson A Jonct, groceri
The "S*.rand"
1: i*:e-' Millinery itore
Kossland Drug Oo,
0. M. Fox A Ci., groceri
Columbia Transfer 0 '•
»i;.m.i:i,*s in
Transfer Company.
GROOEUIEB AND PROVISIONS,      Tho Only Transfer or Kxpreaa Com
puny in Hoasland that will deliver your
,, Trunks for 88 cents each.   Three days'
Fruits, Granite, Crockery  istontgeiree.
and Glass Ware.     Office-QUEEN cigak btohb.
• Telephone 37.
l'ree Delivery to all |nu Is of tlie city.
THON1-: 191,
Corner Third Ave. and Washington St.
Agnew & Co.
ia Coliunl.ia Ave., next dour to I.a*o.ule's.
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
Il'tirch-ak.-d    .i.t.l.i s   B0J0I0   Working-
men ■
Al *•!. l.iuis U indiy ths it'cet rail*
ivay management aaacd lar an Injono-
kion reitraining the llrikera Irom inter
■ering with iheir buiinetl.
I'reii.lent W. Q. Mahon nl Uu* later*
oationil Amalgam-d-d Association ol
'•ireet lltilwav Kinploye*, Chairman
iliiiick ol tho cxcriitive comrnillee ol
[tho local Street Hallway Lmployoa'
Vilion, llislrict (Irgini-ar llryant of tin*
Street Hallway Kinployci' Auociation
[.ml I, others are named in Ihe petition
(t'.r tlie o.• n. 1. 01.
When the t'niled Slates circuit rmiil
Iwai railed to order Ihia alteruoon Judge
lAdams announced that Ihe Injunction
I prayed lor by tbe Fnilcd Stalci diatticl
attorney against the strike leaders und
others who aro interfering with lhe run-
I nlng of   can  in  si. Louia would he
The injunction ia temporary, and will
[ aland until Ihe motion (or « permanent
. injunction ia argued on May IS,
The injocction ia very sweeping, and
'grants all Hint has been ask.! Inr in the
motion oM'iiitc.l-dates District Altor-
n.'.v  ll./.ier.
ll.tlle I'nion" Unjoined.
Last Salur.lay in Bulls, UofltSBS,
Judge Knowles haiuli.1 doVBS deei
sion in Ihe United Slates . ..ur! today,
|ierpclually enj lining Ibo labor union,
now boycotting the Chinese. The injunction is very sweeping. It reilrains
nil people (ran combining or conspiring
10 injure Of destroy tho business o( Ibe
Chinamen ur from llircnleiiing. rorreioea
or injuring (hr.ii pitrnuiring Chinamen
woik. It hail an inipoiltnl mission
here to a man who knows lillle about
unionism, Uo can n.k Ijr the label
1111 I be sine 1:1:1! what he gets, will ba
111-1 I.- only by houi-el labor. The union
label is never put on work that carries
disease Iijiii filthy euir iimliiiga or ro-
praaenti ihoddy maieri.il und half-dime
What the union libel slanda for nnd.
why it b!ijuld   ho  general'}' atipporlcd j
nre will n; in uml  un I.y.I.N.   Ilognrl,!
an organiser of llio  American   I'edera-
(ion ■ 1 Lihnr, and labor editor ot the
N.-iv *»".ii It livening Journal, in nnarli-j
clu what:!) won tho prite tffered  by tlie  lob.vccoe.
Sjcinl I'.-l.Tiu Club ol New York (or the     t). *;. |)atha
best   essay  on the   union   label.   IIll
reasons were:
"Uccatieo it eupcrevdi-s the strike, the
lockout a...I tho deatrnetire I. .yeoll; il
ia llio milliard ui.iniir-sl.ili.nl of harmony hot ween employer and workman,
blading both parties to malnUIn their
Iriemlly li-I'lions and Ihu continued ,ip
pi.iv.il  inul  patronage ol  n diecrlnii-;
luting public.
" 1.-cause it cou.lcuina child labor nud
hnmanliai (aciory Ills.
"Bsoinas it mlnlmlsii oonviat com-
petition wiih free niui honest labor.
" license It Wipes OBl tenement ml
iwe.lthop systems oi pio.luelioii.
"BsesusS it Im lerreted out, expoicd
.tn.l tle.imi.l lhe utiavlioleiorue cellar
"H.'cauie it thorlena  lhe  workday
ami gives the toiler limo to read nud I
think ami cultivate lhe social aide 11
"Ilecnuie it guarantees a living wags
and rational conditions ol employment,
"llecauao it (lands  for ipialiiy and'
holiest wnrkmanihip.
' I', -cause il ia nut a weapon (or in-
dun ini war, but an olive l.n.ii. I. ti. 1.1                    QB00ERIE8.
out to hind ibo nrotberhootl ul man.        Dssni perlb     6 to"
'lhe greatest nhtlieuf Ihe label is the   Bim_|.etob         35 1060
inactivity of thcuo whom il rcpreienle.! QgUar, pu ||, ::.) t.,:;.",
II.,,'is a hiialocii ,|tieMi.n.   There III „,Con,'lae»l, per Ih ....   10 lo 17
au apparent timid..}- among union men ' .\a\k i)\\ m.r ^ii  50
to ask lor thl label, lo nrgo Iheir lonii*! |*itcuiie,'lancy, |>cr Hi  25lo 15
lies to iik for it, or to boom il among  f|,e«so tier iii   SO
lheirlrieli.il.   ll in nol a mere senli-l Ohocolalc. per Ib  40
nent, Ibii luliel agitation.   Tbo laliel i Cocoa.pcr tin 85tol0
•lands as tho representative) of union* fornmeal, per 101b lack  10
lim,   II de-ar.dcd   by  union men il I Codec, per Ib    20lo60
will .hi its work, Iml  cm aceompliib l Crackers, sodu, per Ib    10, \t)i
Utile bv  itself     The  nmre wi.lis|.n a 1   (-,,,„.,.,.r,-»,,          12',.
lhe demand lor Ibo  label  Ike groalcr f.nn'r(i |ru|„ ,'*H.rcan......... 25lo:i5
lhe knowledge of  the   advantages  . I  c„n,,f,| pea,, per can  12>_, 35
niiioiiifiii, ths oilier lhe lulroduclion ol  (;.„„,,,, UP.n,. .„.,*• c«n        1
union made goods aud conie.inenlly lhe 1 ijoiin.b, per brick  25
•trongcr the union ami the higher (he   |i,ie,l Iruils, per Ib 10lo20
uni'ii ..'..! ■•.   The itieceH ul Ihu iiiilnn   |;.gs, tier doi .... 25 to 10
label demaudi radical aclian.   Ilillsray j |.-|0„^ )lfr ue\,  1.88,1.30
Dltbodl will only relird in useftilutsi. Orsnnlaled sugar, I' lb lor...     ' 1.00
Don't bs Slrild to Slk lor it unlcas you   Hams, tier lb ,. . 17
Its Slhsmsd ol lhe union and unwilling  Hon,.,!, egg,!,, pcrcike......".. 25
loe-iniwl.crwagoi. Impeiial oil, *. gil.can        2M
l.sr.l, '.lh pail  05
Laundry s.ap, per h.tr '.and 6
LIvBrpool Salt, per -"*0ll, sack... 00
Macaroni, perlb ,...,    13 to 20
Mnlaiaei per gal      75 to M
Electa ''direr* and  A.'j.uini Monday.' Hutr, |ier Ib   25
.,,-,, Itolled oals, tier 101b lack  18
I'i.klea, u,ileal, per quart.  20
Bice, per Ib  8|
-i'i I'.o  Hi. pel il'  ll";
-.ten and tapioca, II.lo, :i Ihs. for 23
slock salt, per 501bsack  76
Syn.ps, per half gsl. tin  50 to 05
Tomatoes, per can   15
. Stationery,
Lending Library.   Laleet Novels.
< mice Supplies, Ktc.
The Aiiiei'icnu  '1'uilor and  Gents'
Furnishing llousc.
Sii!s made li -r-i. r. S;.li*f,i'lii.ii Guaranlred
No. s. Klisl Aveiins.
WhOlettlfl and t ft nil  .!...'.■*  in  PuitilK.  Oilb,
Vornitlit-B, Bruihca. W«H Fmlsli nnd  Patnttn'
Supplies. t'-.!!i i.i.!-. 1.1L1 n for piipcr hntiBliiu
aiul dtOOnUfll, Offici- nnd ilore Dttlllll «
i'i..nul.. ! -, Mock, .s i ,. ,iml*1.1 a**c. under Douiiu-
on Hxpress Co's. oiTicc.
N. & V. Phono 18-.
Canadian and Kentucky
I-ourbon WbisKies.
Railroad and Miners' Checks Cashed.
Harry Mcintosh.
OOT 1 ii-I Art* n«J fiimknuc 81.
Barynin^io Mcoml hand kou-J..   Give um.call.
It will pny you.
Washington strhi:t
Dyeing and CleaniDg Works.
ospoBlle M niiii in..ile .*.
I na rlraB or die inytliluil lln ladies' ind
grnllrmrll's »c.,r. tllve lllf a call ami lar ron
Thrlatr-I llnprueeil roncl Inn ).nil t.mrrucs
cail.lr mr leiiiiaraBI.-r thr |iniu.pl ilellvrry ol
all "r.lrr* Work will lie called Iur and .1. Iivj.r I
loany a.l.lrr**.
Ensign  Cigar  Store,
C_?T, SHAW Proprietor.
Corner Columbia nve., rVsahington st
l       ■   ..
Ollice over Hank olforonto,   Itoialand
Canadian Pacific
Anil SOO laiue.
New Fait Daily .Service.
Optional Road Bait and Weal from the
Kootenay Couutry.
First-elaaa Meepera on all Traina.
Tourist Cars
I'aaa Kevelatoke Daily for Bt, I'ltui,
Thursdays for Montreal nnd Union,
TueedayBand Saturdays for Toronto.
For rates and full informalion ml I.t ss
the nearest Local Agint, or
City Ticket Aa>nt, lloiiland.
Acting Agent, Ko8sland.
W. K. Asiikiibon, T. P. A., Nelson.
K. J. Covi.k, A. ti. 1'. A., Vancouver
..el their Pre. in pi ions
Killed bv the
Rossland Drug1 Co.
A Mill l.nir ... Hvrrj llilll(In ..... I.iur.
Civet's a Call.
KOSSI.ANIl URl'll CD.      R. K. aTRllNli  M«r
Columbia Avenue, neil thu Don Ton.
Rossland Electric Laundry
None but white help employed
Notify US.    We call  and deliver
Columbia Avenue, near I'listoflice.
Thai our Tf .* an-Coflcr* nre Hie CUOICKST
wld in K ,—lstifl.   Today, «hen lea- and c»
pothed ■"> bard. II KahaolnWy ate
i-saiv iii.havc nn atltvic fi iinti.nnl nurll
You wUI find K heic. GU-*Hjie given.,iwny
lo ctKstoutcns.
Pacifc Tea Co.
Northern Pacific
YKLL<>"'.-*TOM.'  PARK   LINK.
to all roi.vrs.
The DininK Car it mto via Ysllowileni
l'ark.   Bslsst and Host.
L.pupped  with
Pl'LLVIAN I' tl " I  CABS,
I |. IM   DlMMi C.ltlB,
MoniiiiN DAT Co nil—i,
T.o liisT BUBfnCB C.IBS
Thr...ini. tickets lo all points in  '.hi
; United States ami Csnida.
Steamship ticket! to all pails ot the
Tickets to Chilian ml .lapan via Tacomr.
and Northern Tactile Stcimehip Co.
Trains depart from BpbkSBSi
| No. 1, Weetliound, at V'M p. in., daily.
No. 2, BaitboUnd, at  Itt0 a. BI., tlailv.
For information.* lime  ..ir.l*.  mini
■ ml tickets apply to the am-nts ol the
S. I . ,v \. B, W. RUFF.
Agt. U. M. Hy.. Kossland, 13. C.
General Ajjcii', Spokane, Waih.
Att't (ien. I'..- ii'*;' . Aifcot.
 Mm Falls and Mini
Kossland Hotel.
Nelion .v lorl Mieppar.1 litilway
cigar.    Inrliicj-riql    ^ed Mountain   Ry.
Fine Whi-kio*. .uni   Imp..il.-.I
Jiriv spi'llmau, Proprietor.
Cor. -i> 1":..' Street and Columbia Ave.
Tho Western l.ih.r tuiui lini. bed ils
routine STOrk miti'li more rapidly  than
... anlieipaled   and   the  election  oil
officers Saturday wa. lhe prelude lo fi
nil adjournment.
Danlsl McDonald ol Belts, Mont., wai *
iiiiiiiinioiifly elected president.
(' 11. \ tsb ol Spokane, Wash, was
chosen vice president. In succeed .1 din
Tmis. I 01 Cripple (reek.
M.I. (ieicer was elected secretary-
The Western  Labor  I'nion adopted
Teas, per Ib  35 lo 05
Tobicco, per lb (IO to 1,2",
Vlnafir, per nsl     Ml to OS
Wheat manna, pkgs, !*t);hulk  ner lh.
\pples, per lh ."> and ii
resolutions  wbirh  eo into   the   OoSBI   KcelP. per II.   2
d'Alene tlillicnlly al lenitlh. rr. ilin** lhe   Ca-ilillower   IS
-lory Ir.un Ibe miners' slanl|H.inl ami  Os'iirjr, pel bflBefa   1"
.lenniiiiciiin Prriidrnt McKiiiley, timer    OshbSIS.psrlb       IK 108
nl    tfsrrlsm,   UOVSraOT    sleuneiibrrt/.   Crapes, per basket    08
ll.rilelt Sinclai. snd t.lhcrs for lhe pari   UlBOBS, pSTdot      M, 3b
lakeu in lhe ifliir.
ll vol 1.101 the best lunch to lac had
(or your money in the cily f*o to Iho
Cut'cl Hotel. Ilniiic ei»'kin_ an I tii*t-
eliei feivice,
nn ions, inr Ih .1 to 4
Pssrs, per lh  10
POtalOH, per 100 lbs 1.8810 1.50
Rsdlf—SS,'.' la.lnelies for  _
Bqnnh, psr lb            3
Sic. I potatoes, per Ib   II
Tom-itoei, per hot   1.00
All kinds of .Iuih-!
All kin       reserve. I
All kinds of Marinalades !
Specials This Week.
i .no Year   •
Six Moid!.-
|1 28
\ i.i..'*■; \.. Communtcatlooi
TuoUily Dirsol R rots 11 S.-lun
Kaslo, Kootenay Like and
.in Points.
BvirV day in   III"'   tear  bltWSSB Spl
kme, Kossland ni.d Nelson.
11-1vr. ninv ■ nmvK
BilSs.m. -   -  Hpokim ■   •  i 18 p.m
2:\t> p.m. •    •   N.rlhpirl  •    I. ISO p. in
Arrive :iil.)p.n. It isslaml Lv. lllSSa. 03
S.i'T.in*!* ol ...r.' l.rl'Aien S|>okan
.ml Kieslaii.l.
Ticked on Sale all over ll.e.unild.
Close i-iinii-i lions nl N.llOfl wilh
Stesmers for Klllo ind nil KootCBIJf
liko |   nits.
l'.isnnt*ers for Kettle rivr, lloiinliry
eainp ami lloiiuhiry ere. k ...in eel st
Msrcus and I! assbiiri'with slags  daily.
B, W. Hi i >, Agi nl, « THE INDUSTRIAL   WORLD, MAY -f., 1900.
of   Miners
natives    in  famino-etrlcken   India me      If yon want the heat lunch to bo had
Starving, and it ia Oltlmated  that more | lor your mutiiiy  ill the cily go to the
Denver, May 23.—The Weitcrn Fed-
ciation of Mlneri ro*eleoted (ho ul.l oil!-
core nml dtoldsd lo keep the hlldquar*
ters of the organisation at llntto   Mont
Tho oIlicerB  who   ivero Unanimously
nominated am! re elected were:
President, Edward Boyce ot Wallace,
Idaho; vi.'t*president, *>.iiiielMi*Dnnul 1,
Virginia Oily, Nsv., leorstsry.trsuurer,
.Ian.es Maher, liutte, Mni.t.
TsJO members ol tbe executive committee were chosen na follows: l-'irat
di. diet, John ('. Williams, (iruea Valley, Oil., Seeond district, William D.
Haywood,   HII ver Oily,   Idsbo,   Alex
FergliFnu, William Walsh  nud  John I
(J.linn, all ol Molilalia,  wen.*  placed  in
nomination for member! of the. executive board from the Third district when
reeeai was taken.
Final adjournment wus taken at ihe
close of the afternoon session.
than one hundred thousand hnve already
died. Onu-tcnlh ol what llio war has
cost llritain would hnvo saved nil theso
lives, relieved sll distress and kept the
nillvM in eomlort until Iho next crop
can bo harvested. How wailful ia war,
anil how heartless are those who elonior
for it.
A Miner Injured.
Wednesday Joseph Blevlni, a miner
employed in the lion Musk, It'll a distance ot 10 feel tn N», 2 wiii/a) ttl.l Willi
snviii'ly   hurt   about   Iho   head.     lh'.
Bowes wm summoned snd attended to
his injuries.
Kussel  Hotel,
class service.
Homo cooking nnd llrst-
iho best table board lobe hail in
Rosslnnd in to he got nt the Busioll
hole!. Everything is Hi*st*olasa in
every respect. Prompt and niton*
eti Borvioo.
St. liO'iige's   Church,   on   Karl   and
1Cootensy itreoti. Bervioei at H::iu a,m
11 a.m. nnd  7:110 p.m.   Sunday School
at '-'llio p.m.
The Methodist Ohuroh, Wsihlngton
j itrset, Ueorge II. Monleii, Pat-tor.   Services ut 11 a.m. nml 7 :l!0 p.m,   Sabbath
I School snd Bible Class at ti80p.m.  Bp
I worth League of C.K., Moiuluy at 8 p.m.
It will pay you to will at Eagles for
millinery and Indies' furnishing.) of nil
Wrappers I   Wrnppore !!   Wiapperi 11!
AU sites, from 88 to 38.   We oan fit
the snmllest nud largest lady in town.
Seo our whiteweai : In ivery lino we
have a splendid stock. Our hlouso
waists nre nicily nssorted, nnd In prints
nnd ready made skirts we have the very
nicest goods.
Cor. 1st A Waihlngton Street..
Was tho   Kesult of  a Little  llulchct
Work   Wednesday.
Brlllah   Columbia Delegates.
Following art* the deli gates from B. 0.
1'uioni lo Ihe ligbth annual eonveiition
of lhe W. 1. M.
Qlsdltons, No. 7.'., II. ArniBtrong.
(ireenwood, No. 88, John lh.ar.lon.
Kaslo, No. 88, IL F. Mclsaar.
McKrnnn, No. IS, .1, It. Coihey.
Moyio,No. 71, D, li. Elmer.
Nelson, No. 7b, James Wilkci.
New Denver, No. t'7, D. Weir.
l'hoenix, No. li, Fruuk Huckleby.
Ko.shn I. Nn. i'i, B, Hasten.
Kossland, No. 'M, Chris. Foley.
Sandon, No. 81, (icorge Smith.
Silverton. No. IK.. W. S. llorlon.
Blocan,No, «2, J. A. Baker.
Whitcwa.er, No. 7!>, J. McDouald.
imir, No. 85, A. J. Hughes.
I with to notify my friends and pn-
lioiifl Ihat 1 havo refilled my barber
shop iu n thorough manner and will
now he pleased lo see all customers as
well »s reiv ones.
1 The Pullman Cafe ]
Wsililngtou stiu".
un>-r. (it Walton. Proprietors, '',
•  All the delicacies of the seitson X
Hot anil Colli Lunches   I
I The place ti) gel the best nieul •■
in the City.
|  Meals 2.j tent:
■**<*■ .•	
and up   |
• •
1' in   Apes  the  Cur.
Boms people are beginning to "under
if Aid. Dean leally riiDB tho whole
works, or il ho is uided by tho mayor
mid other members ol Ihe council,
while others are heard to declare thul
tbo cily is paying |2500 per lor nothing
as John D. is himself the whole checre.
It is certain that at times he usurps the
fundi..!." of the hoard cf public works as
well as those of Ihe council, at..l his
treatment of some of the taxpayers is
most insolent.
On the alley i mining throngh block
:ttl is a reei.lt int*, that ol Mrs. K W.
North}*, and lhe Spring Brewery. Mrs.
Norlbyand Mr. Murphy have paid taxes
since 1S1H, and between Ihem havu ex-
pen.led many dollars in opening mid
keepiug open Iho alley, which is the
only outlet into Washington or Spokane
street. The old road which waa built
by Mr. Murphy waa closcl by one ol the
ownera fencing in hie lot', uln-ut two
weekaogo. Ii will rupiire au t xpendi-
une of ol. n;i 120 lo re-open Ihe a'ly.
Mr. Dean waa approached hy the interested parlies, but ho ll.nlv toll them
thai they did not contribute anything to
Ihocily and ho could do nothing, anil
for two weeks it has been impossible for
a team to reach either ol tho houses in
the block. Tho mailer bOWBVST will be
brought before thn council mid it will
he learned ii Mr. Dean can ., • :..i bun*
dreda of dollaia opening now iliecla in
pmt! of lhe cily, which, uva matter ol
(sot hive, never criitiibutid a cent lo
the city treasury, nml then rtf.iso Ini
provementa wheu rn*nested by old tax
Iloeslaml police now havo a l.itr.l enso
to unravel, and It looks like one ol those
cases which in ciliea where there nre
many Chinese, are looked upon as incx-
plii'ul.le, and past rinding out by lhe
Cuiic.isian Sleuth.
Wsdassdry evening a Chineeo cook
was found dead In s kitchen In which
ho had been employed near the 0. P. K.
depot, with a bullet in his head, lie
In*..I been dead but a few minutes when
discovered . At lhe timo the crime was
eommlttcd there was no one, 60 far r.e
can he learned, in thu house, mill even
in ths thickly populated neighborhood
no olio heard the fatal shot tired. The
police unit tho coroner have    learned
nothing, all ihey know is thotthe man | m{ Mt)W am, , ,,K.,|{ro myself to support the principles  nml men-
is dead.   It is a mystery, and a Chinese
mystery at thai, which an- seldom solved hy lhe cllicera of justice.   The crime
To The Electors of Rossland Riding of
West Kootenay:
I solicit your'support ns a oandidate al tho aeproaehing provinotal
elections.   My platform is Hint of the present government, and Is set
therein enunciated.
A joint meeting of the Uniona affiliated with the Trades and Labor
bfttra nil lhe ear merka of the hatchet
man, and he ia never brought to jusllcc. j( <m,lnl "' ■">«>■••■••• '■'•'■ ••■«  All.l.iUed   I ninns  ol   (Irec.nvo.id. having
Tho heathen Chinee  have methods ol
settling their dilllcultiea and tpiarrels
in a manner discarded a year or two
■go by civiliietl people. The chinks are
smooth in their manner ol aiding llioir
fellow-countrymen to shuffle off, and lo
the Whits man their methods are indeed
peculiar. Tho mtin wr.s probably "exe-
tilled'' by order of one of Iho tongs, ami
if eo, Uie police might ai well coase
thoir efforts to tlnd the murd.-er.
Mackintosh1! Record.
Miyor .; ... I. ve, at the Trail meeting,
challenged iuih i"in ..I Bs-QoVt Mackintosh's record, while ho was in lhe
territories. Tlio challenge haa been
taken np, and lhe array ot fact] presented to lhe voter* ia a most damning one.
Martin lioverumcnt Platform.
The platform ol the now government ia
aa follows:
1. The abolition ol the 1200 depoiit
for candidal-* tor the legbliture.
2. The h.'inging into force, ai soun aa
arrangements can ho completed, ol lhe
Torrena Registry eyitem.
dealing largely with Iho fundi ol the! 3, The rcdietributiou ol the roni'.i-
tcrriloiial exposition, and tho news- j ttieucies on the lusis . I population, al-
pspen of that time teem wilh comment! ' lowing to sparsely populatett diil-iili s
on hia public and piivalo cha meter, and | proportionately larger representation
public nud private acts, and paint' than to populous districts and cities,
him in thu blackest light, doe paper. *. The enactment of an accurate iys-
summing up the whole tpiestion laid,. torn ol government scaling of logs, and
"Mr. Mackintosh has brought I he office  ita rigid enforcement.
0. The re-mart incut ol tho disallowed Labor Registration Act, 18118, and
also sll tlie statutes ol 1800, containing
anti-Mongolian clauses it disallowed ai
propoied I.y lhe Dominion government.
II. To take a linn stand in every oilier
poriihle way with a view of ilisi-ouraging
Scotch   Dance.
The Scotch dance in Miners' Union
hall Ti.urrd ■}• evtning waa a iiiccesslnl
affair, about 200 eoupli a it j lying il. Tin*
pipes pl.iy-'d Ibe grand march which was
much enjoyed by the lover! uf lhe light
[antsiUa. The bigblsnd fling, dear to
the heart ol Scotland's hraw lids, wis
danced by Mns Levi in grand style, mid
was much nliniiel bv tbnse pTSSSBt
An iiivT'.ci. n was extended by tbe club
lo the mi'inlierr ol Iho base ball leu!.,
from Spnltane, t ml they wen* loud in
Iheir praise for tho hospitality lIlOWO
I hem by u.eoibeis nl the thin. Hit*
Scotch club, true to Ihu traditions ol
their anceiturs, celebrated lhe QtlSSO'l
birthday in maguilicciit el)le.
Keep Out of Politic!.
Yes, dear noikingiiiau, klip nil nf
politics : yon ibould know nothing iiln.nl
Ibe manipulation nl government. I*rnve
Ihil to lhe eh.irp-hca.hd politicians.
They will show you that capital is greater than God Amighly; that it has Ibe
InsIllBsblS light to goad you nolo desperation, end il you ilnro lo resent Its
dictates, no matter how di.tb. Ileal such
niny be, bow SSly it 090 have yon punctured with bayonets snd cold lead, -nre.
workingmen ; keep mil of pollliso, uml
■upposo yourii'lf (j be dest.—Midland
Coil ol War.
Tl o Transvaal war bin already cos1
(u..it  Brltlln  ..ver une billion .b.l urs,
nml tbouiandi ol lives.   While ibis war
is going ou  teur.il  hundred  :b. u-.ind
>I lieutenant governor inlo comt-mpl,
and made il ahy-word among men."
More Injtinclloor.
An.l now the injunction iniii has been
at work again tbii week.   A corporation
tool at Kansni City iiHit-d nn injunction ' the spread ol i Menial cheap labor in
against   tho   natioual   ulliccr.   el   Ihe, this province.
Siuel Kiiilway Association and cveiy 7. To provide lor ollle—I ill-portion
one else tin.I he had a suspicion might! of all buildings, machineiy and work.,
at tome time in the next hundred years I with a vli w to compelling llio adoption
have some connection with Ihe n'sucll- if proper safeguards to III-* and heallh.
tion, restraining Ihem fiom doing almost s. With regard lo the iight-houi law
everything except breathing. An in- tho government will continue to cn-
jiiclion against woikingmen breathing I force (he law as it stand*. An imine-
wiihout permission Irom lhe boss ia in jdialo inipiiry will 'ie nude by the min-
order. Some day lhe workers v.ill wsko slcr ol ininci into all grievances put
up and Ihm Ihesejndiciiil jiikasiei will j forward in comirclloii with ill opera
be out t f a job.
The Horeo Editor.
done me the honor to endorse my candidal—re, I consider myself as
much n lubnr candidate as a government on<*. nml whether tbo government he sustained or not, I shall, if elected, be always Annul heartily
supporting measures designed to benefit and elevate labor, ic matter
from which side of the House emanating, ami I shall also stn nnoiisly
oppose nny attempt to repeal or onui. cul.it.* the eight-hour law.
1 nm yours  faithfully
ten! civil engineers ami otherwise that
1'ie government monev is azpan led upon some lyilom which will In b.Iv.ui-
tageoui lo iho gcnernl public, eo that
tb. old rysle.n ol providing loads ns n
special favor to auppnrlera ol Ihr government may be entirely  discontinued.
14. To keep tin* ordinary nnniiul ox-
pandllare within tho ordinary annual
revenue in order lo preserve IntSOt ihe
credit ot the province which is it! best
18.   To idopt a systt.n  ol  govern-;
mint   construct on   ami  operation   oil
railways, and immediately lo  proceed
with the conetiueiion of a railway on
tho south lido ol llio Fraser river con-'
necling tho coast  wiih tho Kootsnsy
district, with Ihs uudsratsndlsg that
unless lhe oilier isilwsys noweOBltruet*
ed in Ihe province give lair coiiii..-:i..:.s
an.l msko ttpiiiahle Joint Irslgbl and
passengtr oiiiitigeiiitius, the province
will rontintio Ibis line to lhe eastern
la-iindary ul lhe province.    Proper eon-
nec'.iou with such Kmi-nay railway to
bo given lo ho .-iv. u to the Island ol
Vancouver. With ratpeCt toother pSI ts
ol the province' to proceed to give In
every pirliou of il railway connection
at ■■ early a dale as possible, the tin'-
way when constructed to ho operated by
Ihe government through a commission.
10. A railway bridge to bo ronilr... I-
ed in connection with tho KoOlSBSy
railway across Ihs Frnser liver at or
neir Now Westminster, end running
liowcri given over il to any railway
company applying lor the same, under
Thr bmen editor hit lown to rile-
brale thu I'.ce.i's llirth.liy. A wire
Irom hint received ll.it a. .... tails us
tb.it wn need uot look (or anything Ihil
week, «l f.iur d ictti*. aro working over
him Irving lo reduce his bend io ill
normal s'-t,.
It irse editor! will imbibe j'»• adoptnl.   If the vote ... (gainst it
; thu law will ho repealed,
and      *'•   •"° re-establish tbs London agency
st British Oolombli, snd to mko ivrry
effeilive mcii.s of bringing before tbe
i Iliilirh public He   i.dv.ini ign ol thii
a meeting in trail province, si apises lor Ihs prafitsblB la*
veslment . i ospilsl,
10.   The reUining of tho rrsoiircra ol
lion, wiih a view ol bringing about an
iiiniiit'.lt* ifllliineiit. Il no settlement
is recehetl the principlu ol Iho referendum will bo applied and n vole taken at I proper conditions
the general elect i-.n os lo whether the 17. Io rase it il thought at any
Is* be repealed. If the law is sustained ] Umu advisable to givo a bonus
I.y the vote il will lac retained upon lliej to miy railway company, the same lo I e
■latulc liook With i!» penalty cl.nie. caih, and nol by way ol a land grant,
If inodill.-ulinlu ran he ma It* removing' and uosnch bonci lo hi granted exeepl
!r:. Hon biou.btihii.il, witli.ml impiir.'„p„n thecoii.liiion thai a lair amount
ing the principle of Ihu law, they will  ,.l tho I ..ndoor ihnrrs ol lhe company
Every   time   Mackintosh
QoodoVO Inlk  thoy mnke votes for
There will l>
next week which will be. addrossod
I.y labor men only,   li will bs l.ehl
,,     .  , c.iii ,-  I tho province as an asset (or Ihe he.irfii
in the interest  nl   the  labor candidal.-. Ilnn. Smith Curtis,
ba transferred to Ibe province, and
i-(leelive means Inketi In givo Ihe province control nl Ihs freight Snd passenger ralea, und provision inido against
such railway having any liabilities
against it IXeept aeln .1 cost.
18.   To lake  sway Irom   Ibe    Lieu
tenant Uovornor-in-Jouncil  any power
to mnk.1 suhslmiiive cbiinges in (he law,
conllning  tho   jurisdiction  entirely   to
Raymond Sewing Machines
"Beit   on   tho   Markcl."
Sawing machine supplies of all kinds for sale.
by week or nioiilh.
Machines to rent
Taylor & McQuarrie,
Vernon   nd.Nalaon Phone 131.
IS C.i'tliiibia Avenue, Kl;-.- l.-.n.l,  11. (',
■'olo Agents,
Canned Goods.
Peach. >. poan, plums, strawbi rrlei, gripes, blueberries, ipplci,
In fi.c' everything that the csnneri cm can, ut lowest prices.
Jnmt, marmalades and priscrvcs,'lhe finest brands and si prices
tint iro right,
McCormlck's Biscuits.
EverythingJlhey mnke!    Bodil and
MoGonigle & Co.,
Spokane St.
 : • *
................... .. .*,. .
The Crescent Dry Goods Co., Ltd.
Gent's Furnishing Department.
Summer Clothing and
M.ns a'l wool lergestii: .
" "       twesdiuiIt, t}10 I., lis
Duck Tennis lulls, f I to I'.
Ctaih cost and vest, ♦:' "al
Bergs coat .*.nd vest, at
Alpaca Conl and vest. |l 80 i 11-.■'■'
Tweed pants, sll wool, ♦'.'.80 to (080
l'ercilu shirts, toll and stiff  luaotns,
::>: to 12.80
Tennis shirle, 7.*.* to ,".' .VI
Bslbrlggan andsrwssr, per suit,
II to*! SO.
0otton*ribbed underwear, suit,  2
Marino underwear, per suit, ♦2.-T0
N.iturn! wool, underwear, per suit,
fl I ■ ■ I   '.
l'.iiiev' M.l.elle iinderacar, 12.60.
11,11 hose, plain and (anry, 20c
Straw and linen hats, 50.* to 11.25
hngliih  ll.iiinel   shirts, | I..V.1 to $8.60   S-.Il and sliilLdt bats, fl lo f-VnO
Crescent Dry Goods Co., Ltd,
Columbia Ave., - - Rossland, B. O.
V& N • Phono 170
 a ■■■'  .- ........... i - i: ..i i., ..->*-.r
International .Music Hall.
M. /.nn. Manager.      It. Kloik i.'.sn, I'rop.     Ihillon Wansor, Stage Mgr.
Edith  Wilma
Qieen nf Kig-Time Singers
„ Chn>.ii ■
i-IIC-   Too Dancer
Uelphos Lawrence
The entire company In   I I Merry Htirlcsquo
" Hindoo   Magii
of   Iho     people,   an.l   taking  tlfeclite i mailers   of detail in  working out lhe
| miiunrtB lo prevent lhe nliennlion   ol I laws ct.u-led by Ihe legislature.
Iho coroner's jury waa in session I ths pobllotloinsln,s_csptiosctus1 set-!   '"• Tiieciiahiiahmentoi on lnillln*
again till late —st liipjbl Invesligat* IISrlOrlor,flOtOSl 1-oii.lldo business, or  lion within lhe province lor lbs t-diiea-
iiitr the death of the Chlnainan who Indostrlsl pnrposu, puttirg an end to.tion olthcdcaf snd dumb,
, .,,   , ,,    r.   ,i   ii     . j the practice t,(speculating In coimclion      20.   To repeal   Iho  Alien Exclusion
imib killed iicur lhe C. I. 1!. depot,     . ,   ,
i ,    i   . .       : S'l'1 llie same.
■"•• nothing bad I n learned hn    ,,.  __, tHkin_ ul attivo Dcuurn
the world went to press. . for tbs lystemslUi ssploraUon of ihe
John MackiiiM.n. wlm i.. engaged provlnee.
in   packing  from  Oladstonu Into    '-■  •!*• borrowing olmoasy for ths
,,      .   i, -    ti      i      i .1 <     puipoie il  pi..vi.In.g lends, trails nud
IJtinit   lln in. wn* in lli.M-laiid l'*">   '
vveik.   Mi-. Mackinson htutcn tlmt
1.ridges pn vid. 1 lli,,I in evtry  i
money ntccsrsry to pny thu ini. r.. I und
there nn* now iiln.nl 160 miner., at sinking lund  In soiinsollon with the
Work in Ihe B—lln, lin Says that loan shall ho provided by nddi'innal
tho minors are becoming intereM-d t«alioiitoai not lo impair lhe credit
ill Union limit. I.- nnd thai in ii shoi 1
time Qladitons will have - Miucrb'
of the provloos,
18,  in loiiiiniioii wiih ii.o conilraca
lien 11 .. veii.iiii'iil roads and trails, to
provide by tho employment of compe*
Act as the reasons justifying the enact-
mpii I no longer obtain ■
21. Au amicable settlement of the
dllpUtl with the Hon inioli government
ns to Headman's Island, Stanley 1'a.ik
and other lanes, and nu nnaiigeturiit
wilh Mr. l.u.lgatu by whirh, il posilbll,
ii f l.i mill industry may ho established
ami rallied ul. on I' ,i liiun's 1 1 mo,
under satislailorv conditions, piotect-
ing the inli rest - of Ihe public.
22. l'niper DISCI ol giving technical inilructions to minuri ami pi..•pec-
Simpson and Jones
a Complete Btook of Groceriea always on Hand.   Also a Pull I.iue
of l'.incy Evaporated Fruits just received from California,
i i    ir	
V .< N. Telephone H8.    Second Ave. Opposite ('. P. R. Depot.
G. W. McBride
Hardware, Miners' Supplies Stove and
Ranges, Etc,.


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