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Industrial World Oct 13, 1900

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Array . I
Vol. 2, No.«w.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trade, & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6. W. F.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kinds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
* Trusses ?!
YesTa'f oil
T. 8. RUM,
Tb* DrugglM.*
~£*j*....(.:.i ..;-;-.-; ..-  I t •■• •■	
Hie New
...........M-M^...^^. ___ tiling, MIMMIIIIHItltlt
See Our New
Fall Stock of..
I •.lli-.' and
I "•• Heit Uradca at
PupiiIur  Prlf
W.F. McNeill
Nexr DOOR TO rn*. 1111 1 1.1 .
,K........  ......... ...  ...
The Strand
The Most E'egant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
A Fine Line ol tbe
"My advice to workingmen is this : If you want power in this country ; if you want to
e yourself felt; if you do not want your children to wait long years before they have
the bread on ihe table they ought to have, the opportunities in life they ought to have ; if
you do not waut to wait yourselves, write on your banner so that every political trimmer
canFread it, 'We never forget.' If you launch the arrow of sarcasm at labor, we never
forget; if there is a division in Congress, and you throw your vote in the wrong scale, we
never foiget. You may go down on your knees and say, 'I am sorry I did the act,' and we
will say, 'It will avail you in heaven, but on this side of the grave, never.' "
Then*  -ecu*  to  Is- 11 deposition nn the purt
the   -nine    nine   they   hesitate   to  brcaknith   the
■ttipectl the  other.    Each one is afraid   to  make
aim Liberal! claim that .1. Francis Deaue, who   cnrriei
if many lending Liberals of the district to get in nut of the wcl, and at
party orgaiiinitioii. This in the tune   that   trie*   Liberals'   aoula.     Kich
the stun,  uud   taking it  altogether they are not a ham>y family. Haling   for   the   Liberal govern ment, can,,, illrwn to deliver tli*m
: Choicest Liquors. Cigars
to Foley, .nul ., great outcry resulted. Mr. (inlliher and his iric.i.l, Mr. Denne, came to Roaaland Thursday in an en-
demur t.. l„ I.l haul Liberals in line Not a great deal nf ,mw attended Iheir efforts, amt their faces Is-rc a tired
c\|i, **,.„ tii,.,, the, hu |„r the Boundary y.-terday morning, lie recogniw. anil his supportera admit, that bia fate, poli-
tically,  i-   -cilc.l. '        .
The   fon-erwlive.   are   alao   loiing heart,  ami now   admit   tlmt  Koley', candidature   haa   not   helped   tlieir   chance,
any. ;
The lals.r people alone appear to be thoroughly   mtistiod   with   the  situation, and   their  work goea  steadily on
' the iiiu-i   ..  inning  new*  recruit! daily.    The rank and  lile of the Liberal party an* joining the Foley  force!
"Ihey   hill  evidently   lost   .onli-lcnec  in thail leaden..
In n-Bunl to the rc|s.rt that has been so   industriously   circulated   by   Liberal "friends  of    lalai
Withdraw   ami    alluw    Galllhar   to   win ngainat   .MucXeill,  the  World  wishea to announce   olfieiall
. i*.ini-t.mn.     will   the   lalmr    candidate withdraw.
Thc   World   wishea   to   remind   the Ubenll of their oft rc-tcntcd a-auraneei of friendship for IuIhjt ond point them
to lhe iwragraph al Hie lop of this |iage, and inform than that lals.r haa adl.plcd   aa  ita    motto,    "Wc    Sever    Fonret "
that    Foley    would
tlait   un ier   no   eou-
Independent    laibor   I'nrty   llegin*   I'l.in
pilgn   in   Itos.lanil.
There   wa.  a   large  att.-ud.iini-   at  tbe
opening   meeting    of     tl.e   Independent
Label   I'.itiv   aMapalgn in  Miner,'  I'nioii   lomicr."
hall last  night, .uul everyone ulut hst-n-       The   speaker   now     iliacus-ed   railway
"We have despaired ol obtaining relief
al the hands of ihe old parties and have
derided  once  for all  tint  Independent
political action is the i*'il» humus of ob
tabling   i-elicf.     We   have   always    been   I  hnve imt
■upplitmils.      We      will    petition      no  echool.      |
jo u-noun-i .ni, su.« nun (i| .ijmui u« *ioi|i
all. S
To   hia   «iu,|K!rtiira   .\fr.  o|,.y   -^jj:   •<[
am not nnd im-vit have been a politician.
been trained ir. any political
never   received   a   collegiate
education. I am simply ona of yotwaslra
■tu* iii the worker*, a-ill**.! „„.,„ to cham-
School   Shoes
Tba long jo'lv vacation t! nearlv at an and, and the boyi and girls will need
echool almes. Bring them here. Wm can Ml tbe buiy leet with lootwear that ii
Hindi- to stun.I ll..< strain. It ll not high priced ihoes, nothing Ilinny The tel
cret ol ii- durability ia really no secret at all, tbe shoes are mad. ul|leatber, res*
leather, and put logciher lor keep..
C. O. Lalonde,   The Reliable Shoe Dealer.
< MSS»»»»-eei»»>»»»»»e»*e* M>>>**MMM**>-MMMM***
|| Morrison & Bryenton
. . GROCERS . .
Fancy Groceries, Canned Goods, Potted Meats and Fish,
Preserves and Marmalades, Pickles, Chow Chow and
I j Catsup, Fruits and Produce, as well as a Full Stock of
; j Staple Groceries and Provisions.    Goods delivered free.
East Columbia Avenue, Rossland, ,JB. C
i!MM,m*M,ua.!,*.*i*iMi>!> www*M*)**M*Mt*M**M*S>>*»
Is busy all day aud every day making prompt
delivery of
to wise people Do you
bny here? If you have
uot been doing so here
are a few things that will
tempt you to our doors,
or to your telephone, and
will help you iu preparing breakfast:
Gcrinia, Breakfast Pood,
Self Rising Buchwhcat
Flonr, Shredded Whole
Wheat Biscuits.
ed to tlie s»"**l' '""'I'" by ll.e ..in.lid.t.*. WgMsthm irom  bi, standpoint.  Inuuigr.i* I pion ll.e i-nis**. nf my fellows, and ull tho
,1i|.«  Foley,  uu*   -.il.slicd that the X'l- tioa.     and   other   ipieatiou.     were   alio   powers  I   |.is-.es  will  Is. used for them
son     iniiM i.u.M.    made    no    uii-luke   iu K...1..-.I upon. ami   lo attain the cud  sought."
-eh.ling lmu  I., ha  ihc Itaadard  bearer Ihc   QmiSliativa   i«u*ty   had   always       Mr.   Foley  rlnwd   his iiddivs-  with    a
ol   the lid!   Baity. |...-ttiv..|>*   rcl.l-cd   audi   appealed   cvciy   .|u..luti,.n   r*-i„,i   un   nddriai   b]    Weiidel
There  wen*    several    short    a!ilri--*c« ...c.-uie calculated to beudit the imuaea.   I'liillips, which appwia nt the Wginning
mutic   ly   Ibe  b-al   Ic.idci*.   iih.ch   weio Nothing   li.nl   bean   -cured   from   them,   of this dcunj-tm. nt.
eiithusiiatii.illy rsodvsd by tl..* nudi.-n,.-, and  nothing  waa lo be expected  froml  ■	
but  the ill—IIH  wa. something  trcnii ■>• them,    They   had aeiured control of tin*. Fnlcv   Interviewed,
ilous whn. the ••''Binniin, Thoma. Hrowu* r.ua.lian   Seuale,   which   bad   In-comc   a' ——
le.*.  IntrodCSd  'be candidal.-, I refuge fur political ImhecilsS, wbflSS only      Mr.   Fole-    wns     interviewed   by   the
Mr. tl.rui Foley. i iirlue is loyally lo lhe party.    The Lib ■ World   yesterday   in   regard   to   the   lev-
lining lo th* hour Ibe W.uil goes to ,.„!„  |,.,y,. ,\Mlv lt li a t tv l-cller.    One or eral   rumor,  now  circulating.    .-Inked   hm
praaa, .i i* Imno-Jble to glrs more than two measure. In our intereet bad loin  i<. tha truth ..f the rsport that he had
a  hticl qrnopsk   •*. ihe addii— |paand, bill they have the enrmurks of .1   l*cn   approaehed   I.y   the   Liberals   with
The .|.cakrr add lhal DM legislation politics] lw.il, wt to catch the vote, of a view to securing |,;, withdrawal from
waa IMNSM1- "• at***, incut condition, fa .»„,-,,.,.. ||,.r,. tha 'cyislat.on claim* Ihc content, Mr. Foley aaii: "I havo not
llcb.-h.-io.ltli. • producerH nealth .honld j „_ b). ,_. |.|wr_, to be tor the benefit I-been apptoaebed I.y them. I i-ouldl not
have a JM "bar- e* what be pnalui-ed. I „, ,**, tuitora »„ dimusscd at ...mc ' consider *m h 11 thing." He also laid
At prc-nt it ».. inus-sible for him lojUuglh _,„• v,.ry ■*„-,, Wl|, foun,*. ,_ (■(, thai there was .... truth in the report
•w-ciire a  just   .-.iBortam of  ll.e  prodost   (.rc<ht       W(, ,|(||, bf<!n (ol. ymn fl_lingl ,)„. he ha,| Xm.n ,-**•*,,_.,. , |w,lt„,n „„.!,,.
„i    hi. —1,   -vi   togUaHoo sboiUd bs „ ,,„, irilml>it (Mng (um (hl. ,_|li<,Ii|
paav.1  ailb the end in view of .ecunng  uUv   _bJ  ^ _„!,,;„_ „„llmi.|m r^.,,1,.
,t.    The  aorker. Inrm-d an overwhelm.   ^  ^ .^ |1|(|     iSt,„.„.,„,.,., ,,,„ , „„,,
nu!   maioritv     ""     lb*    electorate,   and .
"      ' ,, ,,   iisiurs.* oiieu i0 u. lhan to orgsnise for
should     list,*.     . ..i,-i,l. i.t...,     at    tne|.	
iitihpciulent ... turn.
bunds ..t  the  law   makers  ...  prcgmtMI. 	
, lh.   M«'aker   pollilcd   to   the   ilulu-ti  tl
At nrcciit lb'*'* do not do so.  lhe worn- ...
" ,    „   , , ,.  . I iMii.htii.na now  mating  In  tba   United
t.l    h.ie   assiini******   all   the   .e.|..l,.llilllHC* .  1     1 ,   .1   . „
,     ,     ,.   , 'Males, .ui.l  chinned that ue were ruin liv
of  litirrn-liip  ami   should   Ic in.en  ••■ B
,!..i|:ug   iniii   ihc   siuie   Stats.   .Nothing
»ideiatti.n  te*  a**** alien..
ll.c   lit.111.uiun   itovcrmnctit.
Our Business
Clothe People.
Oil Clothing,
Dress Shoes,
Miners' Shoes
Dress Suits,
Night Robes,
'IS GOOHi! lilfi B55I"
T,,u>I....k u|s-o lbs '|!i'*l."U "f Urienl.d
■   ni   lhe   eoeaker   -al.1     "We   In-
si*l   upOS   |,t>.t.st.on   from   Ih.we   of   an
idea   inc.   htnsfhl   to our  land   Pi  re
.line  n*  t..  the  •"••"bl.-'i.  »!... I.  thsy  '"■
isted   111   tl .untry   (pan   win.li   lliey
.•.ine l.vi.l.iiioa «s dsmsndsd in our
platform i. what is rsqutrsd,"
Adian* c.   ...    ISSlhsnllSil   *, i.*n. e    1,..-
tel*.Intl..Ill,c.|    •»■"•• oli.ii*    .01..1.1 s    he.
lofon  .M-I...V   'slwssn   cspits]    ind
Iti..1    I tipttal   haa 11.1IH.I ull  lhe  Is .1*
I of Ihe chsngS,   •"•* the BM "f n.i"lclll a|i-
plian.c-   bll   .-l'ia*.sl   Ihc   wnkci*   !■>  a
UUon iimsMlng ohsttel divety. The.
I.......11. Is ...i.*.un''i mffering from labor
1 1r-..lbl.«.   ind   a-ms...nig.-l  bv   tl.e  gov.-ln*.
! ment.  the iad*nav MOpSSlsS l.uic agents
.'all old   tin- mild,  wbo un* dllBging o-it
.a*********************.*o liiM n||h ))u  r„,„  „, „,,mli,
.ion Io the r..W* nf .apital.
Tlie   *ite«ker   *uid   In-   recognised     lhe
*      Washington Street
Cleaning and Dyeing Works.
Optm-lle Mat....  III..*.
1 c.>. .i.n.. ..a daeaaythtag lalatfl.e'ead
gcellemi..'* wr.i line mr 11 .1' anil Is*
conrt.itnl Tin? isici liapn vd audita*
-iv snrt ttroce-se.cn.lt 1 tin It.I*..*.!.t-lte
tlla (.fount. .| litttv'.Isll ..i.lrf. W..tit sll I
l*,i.II.il lot uml .Irll etitltu ...v .tithes.
li.r* .1... 1    Notice.
Then*  will  1- a  meeting of   the
Ind.-l e.i.lciil    l*il..r   I'.nlj mmjl*
ice tomorrow morning, Baturday,
111 the ...inmittis* rooms, to .'.rringe
.1.1. ills .rf the c..m|tuigu. Kvery
worker is espsetsd to i.e ptsssnt.
nt    11   o'chM-k.   *hun>.
.lames    Deline,   '-ec
li.tiph .-iiniii Endorsed.
but l.ulitul legisla!im- would -uie us. In-
■ iiKlituI ..litres in the I lute.1 Stale-In
■lav were in a eoodilion bordsring   on
it*...lulu.n    I in*, hi   ujimi   be  saved   (rum
I.duir  ami   OSpitsI   in   Chasda   ll   in  a
slate of  coiisUiil   ti.iii.ne.    N*.  sUsmpt
.1 . .in 1h.1l11.11 •. I...ns mule by the gov        At   the Inst   m.ri.i.g ..( the Vuiii-oiivec
eminent.    No  eoni|.i..ini_* ..|   , ...h ih.itt..u   Jail....    I'.nlt,   Ilie   .iil.it* t   *|   il.c   oandi*
1. is.-.ilih* iiniii .1 1 haiigc 1- 1 Ic 1'..in   datnts "i Rslph Smith for lbs Dominion
|iul-ttl*y   .ii l.ili.ili-.t.   ia   th'i.......I..1   by   the j house   .nine   up   f..r   tii*. 11**1* 11   nml     tho
n.,.k.*is niiiit* tin u-i- of ihe military lal following lesolntkm wsi Introducsd and
ii,..utuiti.si bj  ilu* amnloysr i i isttllng  pswwd ihstsoa
I.il.ii* ii..iiltlc-. while the government Whereai, \I. Ralph Smith, Ml'l',
■lands b) and lays, "Wi ran do noth IprwHenl ■•! thi Trade! ui.l L.lsir r-m-
in..'- Ilcr,. the suecoas ,Handing emu Igrees ..I r..i....I... tin. bigheal honored
pulsory nrbilivioui 111 "th.-r .ouiilnes I position ... ll.c mil -■! .'i.iiii/eil Isbor,
n.i* detailed. In <'*ana.!.i compliory nil., haa been unanimouil) oboeeii ... ihc led*
lealloo «... imt p..*-.l.le bscauaa a mis  er ol  ilu- Mid  parly;  ind
i-4.-. i-.-.   .   .   .-.'.    .   .   .
nol    ct.ll-liliilioliul.     The   |.c.,|.lc   of  othcl
itiuntrics   hud   t" un-  i-ii-i-*.-.l   by   lion
I...:    don II    nuti    >i<.|shipping    th'*   COUStl*
Gat 1 li. it l-iaat ii|ttj.tn* 1'ltle.l
I.y lhe
tui.on.il  fetich,  <.-..-.-  worshipping  uml
(.nt   thn   tie   i.-ess   of  the  count!v   WSI .111
a , ...    ...   in..!*., wnir i*„,l on.* hi I.. 1- wonhlpped.
.,, ,.,,I    t*.iiii--l    tb.   feoplc.    with   tew
""'"'    v „     ii,.-   Independent   Ubor  Party sxists
c\t 1 i.l...1.-,   and    -   'VT   rendv   to   von"
,        . ttt.i.n   ... ., nroteal uunnst. prtatnt, nn,
seiilim.itt*   iu   f.voe    of    inuiiopoly   .nul    ... ,., ,
ditinna, 1 hi...ns which must be chang-
pevf. I ,,,|    'ii,,. „,!„,„ ,,t ih,* government bad
llcie   llu*   1'i.M.r    uver   i-onule    wa.
proved   Conclusively   thul    he!   in*'.!'
I.t* expe. lad trom il, ind lhe workers nre
organising  a*   a   political   l»i»rr   to   cun
i..i the ..i.i partial t nply with thUi
1  ,,,,,,1,,,,*   must    i-»|Kst   lanadinn   la».   ' 	
, .,.       , _,,.„,  .1 im**-. ..r '■!->   i.i.-  over 11 .""i
The  mesksl   sn* ulset    tin!, when  n .plll'l
me si*.!..        . r*     . , ,.i .i„. government  ind lectin   ustleefoi
t I  uhV.. but  obje.le.1 to the use   of
_ j touched   ii|s>n   Slid   Ihe use Ol   ihc  nub
Ross! .and Druj? :;■>"•• .»n.i.n...'.i nw -««bs r** tam
°   (the inilil.iiv .0* -"eh a i..ii|s,*e «... thai
; Company :
A l-uli Line ol Rvfiylltitig iu ..lit Line.
1.iv, I.a Call.
gOMLann iiaioCo.K 1. ■iBonu.ttgr.
OriSmMS Ave, neat to Hon Ton,
^t *. -e.'..;.r. tot. i*.
Iha mllilsry ioc •>>» «>le purpoN ot iub>
jctuig  Ibl   aoikeia   tO  •!.•   "ill   of   thl
■ ipttslist.
Ilieakmg   "f    -u.Idenly.    lhe   s)icul,rr's
lol .jb best handmade miners boots, '< "•■'•'   «I»">"'C   luwit—«'   <'i""""".
gp ts Amtrw a €a.   friers ridht. |i).'.lmeJ*
. I ■"~
Tn the I.ii-iiie** men. the .pe.iker sui I,
while In- was sn Bncompwmlslng .!......*
pion of Isbor", ini-.' i" «vi-...mi.i ilu* In
it. iioiiltl I** In- dull I" ..iltgii.nd lhe in
tcic.ls   Ol  nil   alike,   believing   ...   hi   did
Whei.*..-. il.c u.u lesder lui l**<n t.-n-
dsred a nrnninstion lo contest the .--at
of Vancouver Islsnd electoral district,
for the .-ommons; therefore, l..- it
Resolved1, that we, the Vsncoovsr
l-iliur Party in meeting issombled, pises
ourselves on record   1* spproving .f tbo
.u in.11 ,,f il ngrem In nominsting Mr.
Halph Smith. M. I' I'. ind wi also ex-
j.ie.s our renewed confidence ... him
.m.i hereby r..u«- iin-* opportunity t» ten-
ihi congratulation! t.. ths honored head
or iirut.in/fil l.ils.i ., 1 .in. ti .m.i pledge
our undivided inpporl Mid ipproval of
Mr. Smith'-, election, ind im-i that his
[alios in -1-  md  others ..i  tin  I'n*
mond i'.ty will itand by their ine'l*"i*
tml .uni In.ii..1 Inm l.i lending 1.1m to
Smoke W. II.  Cigan.    lllue label. THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
SATURDAY     October 13,  1900
The Industrial World
E-emt-Tveekly   Kdit.on.
:      Choice  creamery   butter   received   reg- -Uric, Pa.
ularly   irom   the    Hed    Kiver     Valley     National New Kra
t  World   Of   LflbOr ♦  (-'reaI,,"'"J'» Manitoba, by Agnew & Co.
Good label printing at Btundcn l'rint-
The Roosevelt cigar li si
i'libliibed at tbe Miner'. Union I ..UI,
Jtoaaliiinl, in the interest of organized
labor   in   llritish   l.'uluuibia.
—Btered   at   the   Rowland,  II.   C,   post-
oibce   for   tranamiaaion   through   thc
aiaila, November, 1KII-.I, as aeoond-class
I    nading matter.
'A.   ('.   Tliiinipi-oii,   I'Mitor   and  Manager.
Office  at  Miner',   Union   Hall.
Payable Invariably iu Advance.
One year       *2 00
York City,
'.'00 strong.
ii   woinuu'i
of     Null
ing company.
Crown    Orant     Cigara.     lllue
3prL-.gfieia, Ohio.
The People'! Paper, Nanta Barbara,
The Engle night, Qrosm-p, Ky.
Nebraska Socialise, 1. I.. I Chicago
atreet, Omaha, Neb.
During isoo thn
Great Britain.
were 711   strikes  iu
Something  to  Talk About.
Those 121.00 suits for $13.50 and 117.29
suits for $10.75 at Molstcad * Wrighl'i.    I
Ju Japan women woik 12 hours
on tea farms fur l.i cent!.
I Morrii ft Crow sell high class label
cigara. Their Cuban cigan all bear the
Speniih union label.   Try one.
The  cight-limu- day  has  been  enforced |    High or low cut shoes, but  only high
in  almost   ull   the  cities  uud   towns    uf quality at McNeills'!.
■'"■***'iml*   Wc mU  good  clothing cheap,  hut  will
! not   sell   .-heap   clothing.     Hol.tead     k
I    About   23 out of every   1,000 conl  min- Wright.
ers, employed  the world over, are killed J
..Electric Laundry..
You do not have to patronize
Chinese Laundries.
tin  montbi  • •
Three months
1 23 i     Wiioil  i*.ii vet*  rejected
_, I
i.   imalgamste    uith    thr
Wood  Worker*'  Union.
Addreu all communications to the industrial World, Postollice Box 558,
Kossland,  B.  C.
Tii. Itiiliu.n-i.il World      lor sale at thc
following   news   ilc|si    .
Simpaon's   New.   ...and.
II.   S.   Wallace's  Stationery   Store.
I     Linton Brea.
P. O.   New. Stand.
Barr'i  Cigar   Store.
Canada  Hook ft   Drug Ston.
Mcitas  Bros.
King ft Co.
Secretaries of all unions are authonz-
ed to receive wbicriptioni for the
Strength   In   Union   Only.
I American Federation of Labor Platform. |
.    1.   Compulsory education.
proportion to |    j.   j-j-rcct legislation, through the initia-
Amalgam&ted tivo and referendum.
|    3.   A legal work day of not more than
eight hours.
4.   Sanitary   inspection    of    workshop, j
breweries   are   form-  **■»• "-J**,   ^^   ^    ^
ing a 15,200,000 lyndlcate.    A huge num-  to beaith, body or life.
her of workers will be supeilliiuus under
the  new  regime.
Journeymen oaken are ugituting to
secure the enforcement of a unirenal
tan-hour day ..n Mny l-t. IDOL
Oood Work,
Reasonable Prices.
T. VV. GRAHAM, Proprietor. I
»♦♦»♦■»♦♦-»♦*. ♦4»-l-f*F*»-»*»*»-M**t*»^
La Crosse,  Wis..
The luhel league of Chicago intends to
present to the next convention of thl
A. E". of L. a proposition for adoption
of a universal label. *.
Sixty girls employed in Wilson's wool
len mills at Trenton, X. J., struck to
enforie tin* radnitatemant of one ol
tlieir number who had been victimised,
and  guiiinl  their  point.
'Ilie Iiitcni.iti..mil Coopers' Union ha.
declared a boycott against the Cincinnati
Coopersgi company, and the Hauser,
ltr.-iii.er A I-*nth Cooperage company of
Cincinnati, (Ihi... fur refusing to rccog
nine  union   labor nml   union  rules.
The .loureyiiien Tniliu-s' I'nion of America offers .. Isiniis of $111 for the organization of any locnl union that ullih
ataa with the nnliuntil union. (ieiierul
Secretary John II. Lennon. box 507,
Hlnoiiiingtmi. |||„ will furni-h information  and   printed  matter  <>n  n|>|ilirntinii.
6. Thc abolition of thc contract system
in all public worki.
7. I in* abolition of the sweating iyi-
8. 'lhe municipal ownenhip of itreet
cars, waterworks, gas and electric plants
for the public distribution of light, beat
and power.
9. The nationalisation of the telegraph,
telephone, railroads and mines.
10. The abolition of the monopoly system of land holding and substitution
therefor a title of occupancy and use only.
11. Kepeal of conspiracy and penal i *$
laws atlei-ting seamen and other work-1 %
men incorporated in the federal and itste j <ti
lawa of tho United States. j'
12. Thc  abolition    of    the    monopoly |$
privilege, of iisuing money ind lubatitut-
ing then-fur a lyitem of direct ismance
to and by the people.
P. Burns & Co.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL MARKKTS-Ronland, Trail, Nelion, Ymir,  Kaslo,  Sandon,
New Denver, Silverton, Cascade City, Grand E'orks, Gre nwood,
Phoenix, Midway, Camp McKinney, Revelstoke,
Ferguson snd Vancouver,
Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds
WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch.
*+++++ ********* *»>>*l^*»-».4|♦♦♦■»■»■♦ *»44*»*l^l-M-r
Washington St.
llitys o. Wallnu. li ,,;.;. s.,.
Al.l. TllK Ilnric.CIS, or rn. si t.on.
Hot and Cold lunches
The Place lo get Ihe Stat Meal in ttie Cllv
ftoatpt Sri.ii.
Paper,  that  Should   He   Read.
Meslr 2<i Oenti snd Up
... : ..;.. ..... ii..*.. ;-.,......
would be  plcaacd  to have every- ) %
Individual labor haa no protection.
The weak nre devoured by the strong.
All   wealth   und   power   centre   In     lhe |
hands of a tew and. ih.- many .m- their Hoot an.l shoe worken organized four
vutuna and l-ondsiucn. In all conn- now anion last month. Strike In Kilt/,
trie, and at all linn- ...|>.lul ha* bc-n * Co.". shoe factory. Sun Francisco, has
used to monnpoluc particular branches been Mtlsfsctorily - tiled, ibe firm rein
ol   business,  until  the  vast  and   Virions I staling   ths  old   ha.el-  uud  adopting the
Indnatrial pursuits of the world are np-  '»•"•»  itwnp f»r its product
idly coming under the immediate control ]
ti a comparatively smull portion of met:.- j Funds are still coming in for tlie sup-
kind, tcniling. if not checked by the toil-{ port of the -trikii.u cigar makers of New
in*.*   millinns.   to  enslave   aiul   Impoverish • Vork.     The   obstinacy   of   the   inanufiic-
them. : inn-rs i« ro-iing them inanv a  penny,
I-abor   is   the   creator   of   all   wealth, j and   lend*   to   illustrate   to  what extent
an.l   a.  such   the   laborer  is  entitled   to   the  uugc   slave*   in   th.a   industry    havo
a  remuneration  aullicirnt  to enable  him-1 been  robbed    ol    tin- producl    of    their
•ell anil family to enjoy more of the len* ! labor.
■ore thnt  rightfully belongs tn bin., more, —
aooial advantage!, more of Ihc Iwnelit*. I ChiMM lubor ntiiou* are Mid to exist
privileges and emoluments of the world;  ill   New   York,  Chicago,    San   Kranciaco
body read thc Industrial World, but
you feel di,poscd to uo ao, wc want yoj
to read .ome other good aocialtat paper,
lien ii a list you can chooae Irom with
tbe ccrt-iimy of getting something good:
Appeal to licas.ui. Uirard, Kansaa.
Ir. ..loin.    Fipiality.    Wash.
Social   Democretic   ttcrald,    IM  Wash
ington itreet, Chicago, i'i.
Coming Nation, Kuiain, Ware CO., Oa.
lias- Struggle, San cranciaco, Chi., 117
Turk street.
So.i.il   Goipel,  South Jamriport,  N.Y.
The   I .iiiiiei,   Review,  ilonbam, Texaa.
Co-operator,  Hurley,   Waan.
Living l-.u.-s. Salt   I-ike   City,   Utsb,
62 1-2 Richards itreet.
Critic. Rich Hill, Mo.
The People's reas. Al'iiny. Oregon.
The   Haverhill    Social    Demncnt,    *3
Washington itreet, Haverhill, Man.
Thc Toiler, Tem lliutc, Ind. I
The  Social   Forum,    ivonra  311   I n.ty
Uiiihling, Chirigo, 111.
laight  of Truth,   305*01  North  E'ront
»trect, Columbui,, Ohio.
The Altruuit, 2711 t-rankltn avenue. St.
Loin.. Mo.
Linton Bros.
! Books, Stationery, Toys, '1
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.
Election News
Don't y.ni think you should have a new- suit fnr |s>lling dny. We are
clearing out our ready inn.le cl..thin« at the following reductions: $17
suits for $12; $12 suits fof $8; other linen nt  $3.50  per rait.
Fine Underwear.
Wa have a lot of odd gannents which we place on our counters at the
following slaughter price*. |u-r garment, lo clear: 25c, 50c, 05c, 75c and $1.
Overnhirla $2, reduced to $1.."0; $1.50 reduced to $1; $1, reduced to SOe.
Other linea 4 for $1, and  3 for $1. Sec
Fine and Heavy Shoes.
$5.50 alK.ea reduced to $1.25, $0 show reduced to $5. Our spa-vial $4
Ooodyear reduced lo *2.(lii. K.ingenio $3.50 to clear: only ii few pairs left.
The  beat   miners' shoe, on  the  market $3.50 to clear;
Sptended Lines of men's
Heavy Digging Shoes.
Itfdiiceil to $1 nr i -it. lo clear quickly, flood, mid for oaah.
We return your money if goods arc nol aa  we i-prc«cnt   them.
«v£      A Good Heating Stove For Sale   .     4^
e*^r      Cheap, Today. ** ******** \    *GT
cm 1 Min \ AVBNUBi
No. 36 Oolnmbia Avenue.
The Central.
Just See Our Prices.
Some of ine linn   have  been  entirely   cooeed onl, but wa hsvs
itnfy thc moat laatidioiu iaatr.
left to
talior  ha.
in a word, all those right, and prviileg—   *.">l the prim .pal ..nc- along tl.e Pu. in
neeMsary to mule bim capable nl enjoy   ooait.    I., the .....l-t «f the d rug* *■*"• iv«-1* Scl^j^d v",cl,*,n Cloth $13.73 nit for   I $-50
in,,     appreciating,     d-fi-ti.liiiu   ind    i -r    lile   ll.c   "heathen"   ChiMM   hai   rcnl.-.l  g2|.0n  wit  for    '.  $|.-|jg) sio» iuit  lor  '.'.....".........'."   $105n
petuating the blearing! ..f modern drill   thai  through orgsnlsstion be i» able *... $17.15 rait for   gin.;-, ^orf Tweed' and sVigeB-ita.
Past experiences teaehsa iu thii  "-'-' espltslisl i ion. a JJJ;-* ™!'\'or   J!0**1 W2S iuit for   BJ0
  E_~ ,",t,for    HOW r.75 null for   %*M
,9123 iuit for    $11 on , ,,, .„„ inr .   -
.ii  *.- ........   .... *#«..v. **,. is. nil  lor  ........   ........   ....  94*11
the encroachment* of capital,  ne.lhei Inv.;    The   I t    Seamen'*   Union    recently   »"***9   iuit   lor       g 7-"I  ai-M .uit lor   II.OT
till IM       ■sal I        I   . _ _t    k   _ . 	
il larcn al.'e to obtain ju-li.e fr un the j sent a letter to IV.-..lent M.K.nley.
law-making power, This ii due lo a lack prottiting sgsinal the employment of
of pnclicsl orgsnlsstion snd unity ofiChlncM nilon on United SI tn ir....-
a.ti'.n. "In union then i* -trennth." nott .hip*. It was promlssd tlmt the evil
Onmnizaiii.il aiul united action sn the!would be remedied, l«it a.lvi.e from ll.c
olv ineun. In  which the laboring risssM hsadi|nsrten <>i  the Mamen'a union are
can   gain   any   advantage   fur   Ihcinu-li,-*    lo ll lbs I   tli.it  cheap   \«i.itn- —till OC
Cood aiul *1n«ng Isbor -iliralli/alioii* .ii.* tnpi the plan*- on tiun-|siits ncroal Ihe
enablcl   to  defend   and   preaein-  tl.e  iu    Pucili.*   which   rightly   In-long   to   Amen
te...*i* of the wnridng  people    H.   *;r lean sailor..
ganiratioll    we    arc    .title    tu   u*sist    tan h —
Other    ...    .use    of      -trike.    illl.l    Iskutll*. I       '"    ' Im'    '"•"""   "l,lv    "<'•"'»»    "f   l'*"l»''-'
•aokn-sa ind diath   And through nrimnl-1*~  '"' -"nployed  ....  pvemmenl   wot*
ration   only   the   n..r!*e.s   as   it   tins,    nv'"'    ""*'
aide   to   obtain   legislative   u<lvantn*.T«.
M •   mil   iii—lain.-   ih.
******************* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦t* '♦♦ttttltl»l*MM»'M»-»
i... Fresh Green Vegetables...
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce.
Celery. Tomatoes. Green Peas.
■ 100 Esst Collin.bi_ ,\ve. Telephone -Vi.
$11. W  iuit  for
J'?" ,ui|   ,<" •  Iiii $550 iuit for   *J25
$11.50 nut  lor        0.30
Our overcoat, go at the same reduced    prices,  is every  pises of clotting  mint
be  closet!  out.
***.9+ + *+*********+4+++***+
henofteia!  ..-
wiiii" sttsndsnl ..is... hannonlou! and In-
I. ll'Ui III     .lilt. it.      Uul     ll     I*    impel tl.lelt
the iiii,v ol a mull t-» do alt in hi. power
to Mime thioiigh organtntion and unity
of nl inn
I.AIUll!   Mi'l'l'.s
San I'l.iiu 1.... printen in trying tn
enforce the nine-bout   day
Journeymen baleen an* igitsllng ',,   •
cure the enforcement ol a unlrsml ten
I......   dsy  on   May   1st,   1001.
Dookbinden In Berlin, Stuttgart snd
I.ci|isit. Oennsny, dlsMtiAsd with ilu-
sompromlic effected it  t_Hpslc, in *h!l
on  strike.
fluids nte *i'll coming In for llic sup
port of the -tnliiiin ti*Mi maker, *i New
Yolk. |
'Hue,, i.iniih.*. in New York I in  Inv.*
in  their pOHiasion    wealth   enough   to
ri 1.1.   in.uml  the  ...iti.l.
Rpringfleld FWcnlion of Labor idvei
tise *r4\ reward for John s.  ttallaham,
printer, who decamped with I'oo.
Th.- s,
1 nu.n   No.
ment   lo   lh
Several of the mills In Oakland, cl.
have  lal.*..   lack  n   nuinlier of their old
hit. Is    an.I    *u i-eilcil    to   ibe     ciglit I	
Maui liiiiitlicil. of wnrkitiameii have
I..-1 iheir Having! through ilu* failure of
the u-i  Avenue Bsving, bank ol  Pitt*
burg,  Pa,
The hs ti union of garmen! worken nl
Indianapolis   re.enl'v   Initiated    Ml   new
memben It  one meeting.    The large factum-,  ni  this nli   noiv employ none but
1 member, of   the  union,   tlie  membership
of   win. Ii   i-   nluiost   100.
Best y£ Cheapest Lots
irN    KOHril.A^il)
For Boys...
Vour It... ..hnuld he well
clothed when you can get such
illg Values ss we are giving In
goy* clothing.
We'd III, l. ni Sim .*..! •-* .ih an.
tit Iht** Ak* ,u.|, Iha. are mad.
»llh hi... MMBSM "liadtnM u.*l.
.nd at. .".I..hia and .1. n.h ind ».r»
la.t    rKa.ad In .1,*,.
Look at Them.
    }   i      Clothier.  M. J.   O'HEARN, Furnisher
After   «ix   yen.   nf    buttling   between
fa.t ions,  the   Brotherhood   of   Painter,
nnd   Iheitiutors   hn.  uguin   taken   it.  old
i'in.* ... tl... lulu.r movemenl   i united
orguniraliuu    with   I   lliciul.elsliip   of   30..
"i.t The hsllotlng f.-r oilicci. ut (Iii, igo
recently resulted In the election of ths
• thl   officer,   ni   llu-    l.iiavtlle    Ill-other*
I*.*I. of which Prank  ll.•<•..,... formerly
"I Chicago, ia *e nl.,iv The hrnil.pi.irt*
.*. -   will   be   at    Ijifavi-ltc.    Iml..   and   the
I'l.in. .*«... ru.. Typographical 1 union mil work under the constitution
91     has   is-ind   „,,   aiiiiiium c    ni   lhe  Wctein   RrottlSlhood.    Thl re.ult
eOe.-i     thsl   on   .hi.I   ,,ii■*,   i   aaJd to !„> ., ureal vi.■ton  f..r the 3.000
October   l*t   next   the  nine hnnr
printen will g.. Into effeci
■I.n  for|Chicago painten,  who have led
light just  ended in their favor.
The opportunity is nnw presented to the
public of buying the besl and cheapen residence
lot*, ever placed on the market in Kossland. : : :
The Nelson .v Port Sheppard Railway has just
completed iis FOURTH ADDITION to the
Railway Addition to tlu* City of Rossland( and
it comprises the brightest, sunniest part, as well
as the lu-si soil for lawn and garden purposes
within the present city limits. : : : : Everyone
wishing to secure a good home and a nice place
to build should see these luls and  get  our terms
an**! prices before buying elsewhere.
9. ff. Ill- \ NO- T II I  l-IIOMs *9
-. it   iitt itiion lilvrn in Mall ffrdcr.
Stunden Printing Qo*
fKI\TI*.RS,  Rlll.r.KS,  IIIMH lis,  Ill.-IXK
in Cliiiulii'i Hvenue
Rosaland, B. C
|Tln©Sa Embleton,!
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps _.
Corner Third Ave.
and Wastiin-ton St
Heir Rcl Mouataln Demi
Everything the ill ner
- - Wants to Eat - -
• ■
j* Faucy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest   ^
Prices.     Goods delivered to any part of tbe City.
m • • • •» • *-e \TURDAY      October 13,  1000
The Campaign
(Continued irom Hint Page.)
Not  a  Happy   Family.
he Labor men and Liberals in Vnn-
uvur do not appear to be altogether
npy, nnkl1 there are signa of a. serious
■agreement, Which may prevent tho
letion   of   the   joint   candidate,   G-eorge
ax-well. The Kdependiht, the organ
the Labor Pnrty, says: "We regret
at the Labor Party wns not In a posi-
on to ace its way clear to put a candi-
te of its own iu the field. Und it
me so thc Independent woulil have
me ita very best to have him  elected.
Local   Liberals Oi-guniie.
A fen* of the Liberal,, of Roaaland met
the Pacific llu-nlre Thursday evening
il completed their organisation lor tho
tnpnigii. t'* 0. Lalonde pnaidod,
die iddresMi watt mads I.y Candidate
ilbher, .1. Francis Deans of Kamloops,
il   others.
\ local committee oompoedd of a couple
dozen   well-known   Liliernls   waa    tip-
inte.l  nml  the  meeting clu-cil.
Kane."   goisbi,   hull'   price,   ut    Wallace's
the Independent tabor Party of llritish ('011111.11111.
■'olloiiing is  the  pkitfonn  adopted  by
Nelson   convontion   of   the   Iiuli-pen-
nt    Ijilstr   1'iiily   of   llritish   Ciilunil.ii.
which candidate Chris Foley squarely
1-Yi-c coiupulKiry .-.In- atinn.
lai-gal   working  day  of  i-ight hour-*
3.   U-ovuriimciil  iiispeutinn of all indua-
Alsditu.n ot  contract ayaU-m on all
Mn*  worka.
1'uNic otvncmlnp of all franc'iiac*.
J. Prohibition of Aaiatir immigration
d Uie regulation of all imtiiigiiitiiui I.y
-dut-ut-ioiuil test as to ininiignint'a (it'll, an.l the .il-.iitioii of all *.; • ■■ ial in-
i-mi-iits and pnnl.•**.*.- to foreign imini
nils to settle in the Dominion.
'.   Abolition  of  child   labor  under   12.
I. Ataihtion of the 3-30 dc-si.it re-
red irf all candidate, for tlio Dominion
t'ompulaory .n'entan of all  labor
II. I'niliilnlion <>l pn-on labor in com
titiun   with  Iree  i.l".
il.   All election day! 10 be made pub
12.   Abolition   nf   llominion   senate
I Again   the   Nnmiiino  Miners   Decide  Not
to   Press   Dctniinils   Iur   un   Increusc.
At iv meeting of tho Nuniiiino   Miners'
I'nion hchi lust Saturday afternoon for
the .purpose of discussing the question
of the 10 1 er cent advance in wages demanded by the union, it wus decided
that this was not a good time to press
thlir demuinfs, and Ihat the men would
not strike. Thc management of the
Vancouver G6_l  ooupany  promised  the
union that ns soon us the contructs it
bus now expired ull new ones let will
provide   for   the   increusc   ili'inniideil.
Forty of the Scotch miners who recently arrived from the old country to '*M
Ihc place of the Chinese in the I'nion
mines,  und   who struck  work  on  Thurs*
tl.iy loit, arrived in Nanaimo u-n Bitiir*
day, buying walked "ll ilu- way fit""
I'nion, mainly on the beach. They ire
ull young, powerful looking men. nml :i
large proportion  of  them  arc  mnrried.
They  took  three   days  t.. locomplisli
the ninivli from I'llion. 'I'n I Free I'les*
reporter they snid they Inul been Drougnl
from Sintliiml on the promise, in all advert ist'liietil   pulilishc.l   in   |l*u Scotch  pup
cr*. ami signc-*- l*v J-wua Dunamuir,
thnt they would have $3 u duy for two
years, nnd tlmt they would ba lllowsd
to work  in  couples,
The S.otcliincii declare that tbey found
on examining the working! thnt they
could mil make more thnn 12 I dsy, that
they were expected 'to take 11 Chinamen
not a white man, ns a helper, and. that
when they iiuiipliiiiicil to the ouici.ils
thai there was .. serinus violation of the
contract in those arrangement*, tbe olll-
iiui* tol.l them they cuukf take it nr
leave it, these were the conditions and
Ihey  nuui.l   not  be  altered.
Tl.e men sny they acre making fully
if! 11 duy iu Sss.tl.it.il nnd living fully one
half i-henper. They will put their ease
in the lunula of a lawyer, and will alan
win- the ntber Scotch miners .-inning oul
not to .nine to Union, but slay in Vancouver. They first caine to Nanaimo lo
obtain ailvite from the local union. They
are ull memben of the Soottlah Miners'
Protective Aaaoclatton.
TllK .MIMllfs   I MON
rge   Attt-lul.tllic   Wtslne-day   Night    ill
dependent   Pobt.cil   Action.
11..*.,* was 11 big utlcn lance at the la.t
cling of the Millers' I'nion an.l il
tved a very iittcmding Marion,
he delegate, ul... were in atten.lau-e
Ihc Xel-nn is.nicnt.on reported, and
ir report wa. adopted without ili-ui*
In- sick committee n-i>.rto«l the fol
ing brother, sick: Alfred Kciinard,
1. I-a nmn 111, .lame. Hanson, Frank
.0. Waller Bhnoni of Ymir Miners'
ion. Kichanl Hoper, laiirry UoKalva)
C. Pn**lon.
ii a. decided tn a-k each member to
till.uie   une  div-   pay   Io  till'   llulepcti*
t laitsi,* Ptitn 1 .iiiip.iik'n fund and
■iniltces were upisiinted to aolicil ind
, 1    -in b  Hills, uptiona.
it,mnI .i.*.*«l .la*- of ...iiitlul.tte* were
... 1 .*,I. and1 with lhe voting ol -'■ '*
.-tils,   the   111c.-l.ng  closed.
We Know
no other way tn indorae our cloth*
lhan to put our name and trademark
it. It'i ju.t aa il we "aid "Wc war-
, thii ginnciit to be all wool, iwwed
- silk, made nf belter materials, and
tetter itylc than you ran get any. here
at thc aame pdice." Taylor it Me-
\ 1,hm* Cu.tcat.
\l I nil uml -Ihii Fell ale malt bed l"i
Hi..uml  gl'.-. "l.-l   for S2.VI .1  al.K*.
lake    pla.e     ll    I III*      llltcmtllloliul      "11
ml..!.    Isl    IM.     F.tl     Cull     i-    n
vyneight   Inn..  Cuhi.ti    who di-fc.il
W.ssl- >u .nc I'.uii'l Fell ui nun ilb
ic to Amenta I., light .lohn 1. Snlli
.   Tins   i.  ev|s-< led   to   I I   one ol   Iho
.*t   iiitcic.ling  bouts ever  pulled ol   >n
'lhe ladle- oi K..--I.....I ate vcl*y em
ally iliMlcd to attend and becoine a
ember ol cla**e* BOW  being  formal by
r*. W. li. Crsniton, lata gnduati «(
ic Ontario School of Deuoi-aUn Art, toi
c advanoemenl «i Boa art naidlaworii.
ne    i l.i—i-      mil    I e   formed    ill    Hotel
.linn ....  Saturday,  October. Utli,    m.i
olloiving lln)*.    -Ml  Loo- "I   llu- all  .....I
h    dentins  ol   Icarnitu.   w.ll   Is*  nia.lc
t.-t    welcome.
ll.c     tclcl.inte.l      lliain.rl     A      *."..
ttritiig'* aiii-iic dyad -ill.-, besl in the
ivoild.   nn<l    lii.iiii.iil   A    Aimstronp'
itnm|ieil   loiens   mil   I <-   n*cil   ex. lu-nelv
ii  this lend of leuona.
Nelson gambling houses mu*t close.
Somethiiiit like a moral nan* ba* -In..*',
that   town.
Freder.t k    lloiiai.l   haa   leen   scot   up
for trial on il..* charge ol attempting lo
murder William  Huller, In the liodeau
silooii.   Nil.oii.   last   week.
Kin Mn..*.*. an unfortunate, wa. foun-l
de.nl in a shack in Nel*.... rne-la! Her
death  «a-  ilue   to  ahohultsiu
QriBnsrood Muu-r-' tJntoa save .. ball
in the tircenwood n|*era bout* la*t night.
.1.  II   Mathews of   the Bilvertoalaa,
BilvertOO, »..« in the cily Wl Inc., l.i
He riporta Ibe upper counliy proapai
W. ll. Wilcox and bride of   Phoenix,
were in the r.tv several .!:... tl... weak,
leaving     lor   the Boundary   Wcdne-ad.i
Nelson's   Inline l. a   ..unmet
issnrad     A   *c.   • .,*   bss   l"-en   «een
in  Koolemy lake ..If that   town.
Sec Ihe I.in;..... II.I|S| A Million
aie offering   ni   I l.ukel. and  comforter*.
NOW   .-   III.*   I     nil'  the   \,   t    s|.,„    • «
the place to put. base tln-ec thing, fnr
Ibe winter.
T-.i*.   half  price,  at   Wallace'..
P. Itiinis i. 06. w.ll ..n Monday hive
-ui Ihe market a larve *|..*k ,.( Thank.
giving tnrk.i.. i !n, kens and dn. U. Order for your holiday dinner now.
Labor U inn Directory,
Office— .nd Meeting*.
Mcete every aecond and fourth me.
day in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
each month at 7.30 pas. ia Minera'
Union Hail C. : *. .:»i, see.: A
rerrU,   Pre..
Me. u  every   Friday of each   week   at
7:30   p.m.     in   Miner*'   I mm,     u.u.
A.  Fein-.    I*,,. .    |, mk    i'
JIINKR*. I MON No. 3g. Wntcra
Fe.leral.nn ol Miner. .Meet, every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock la
Minera' I mon Hall. Wm. Wilis*.
Sec;  W. O'Brien, See.
Meet. on tbe laat Sunday ol each
month at the Miner.' Union Hall. J
P.  Ilarkdoll, See.; W. Poole, Pi—.
No.  251—Meeta  the  lint   and    third
Tuesday ol   each month it 8 p.m.  in
llMtty'i  Hill.    P.  O.   Box 314.    WV
McLeod,  I'm.;   .1.  Klotnao, See.
COOKS   ■,   W.MIKHS'   l'Vlo\
W.   I,    I      Meet,   .v.n    Silui.lav   cv
mi g   .1 0:311 o"*l"k  in Miner*' I'nion
Hall.      P.   0.   Bog   11.      1    K.   OnrTV.
BM.)   I.  H. Sh riad. Pre*.
I vsutive Board I    I   0   I'm r,    Roes-
Und|   W.   Ilav,|..n.  Sandon;   M.   Kinl,
'■f. i.        ■'.   I!    II     Ihut .k    Movie.
PAINTERS' UNION. Nn. 40. I'ainlera
and lleroi-tnra of America— Merl. tn
I'.c.Hvs Hall on Mcond end fonith
'Inc'day Wednesday of each month.
W. S. Aiurphy, prae.; (leo. W. Rhinn,
Minera Union 11.11 on tbe Drat ind
third  Ssturdiys of each  moatb,  at I
s.m.    Mike Uuydottl,   I'm.;  Jay Bat-
ion, Sec.
.—Meeti aecond Sunday in each month,
J. H.  FlciJher, locretary.
—Edward Boyce, preaident, Butte, Mon-1
tnna;   John   F.  McDonnell,    vice-president,  Virginia    City    Nevada;    .tunics]
Maher. becretary-trenaurer, Butte, Montana  ,P.  O.    Box . 307,   headquarten,
Room    12,    Owaley*    block.    Executive
Board: John U, Williama,   Uraaa   Valley,
Cal.;   W.   D.   Haywood,    Silver    City,
lilnho;   James   11.  Furey,    Butte, Mon-'
tana; W. N. Munis,   Ouray,   Colorado;
Cliai.  H.   Moyer,    Lead    City,    South
Dakota;  Chris Koley, Roasland, Britiih
Jnnics Wilkes, president, Nelao*-;|
Jamei Devine, vce-preident, Rnaslai I; ]
Alfred   Parr,   lecretarytrcisurer,   Ymir,
You need loose a "shift"
to get your eheck cashed
during banking hours.
You can get it cashed, at
face value, at all hours at
The Hoffman House
■»♦»» NNHMMNmH
A Carful Fitter.
makes     s     styliib     girmint.
The cutting and fitting sn
quite ai important ll tue tutorial.
c--i your clothci made ber*
and all three itemi will be
til right.
Our price, ire not too high
lor you, but they'i juit high
enough to insure you he beit
workraaaahip   and   material.
Taylor & McQuarrle,
P. O. Box 3. 13 OOLUMBIA AVK.
Union Printing
Special  facilities fur producing ihc
best   I'rlutlntf  for  Trades   I  is   and
Secret Socletle.1.   Knxravlntf.i procured.
Seals and kiibber Stamps.
I W.   H.  JONES
.!•*_    >6 13. Columbia Av., KoKland, B.C.
ii ii
i Industrial i
ii..World.. I
: Rossland Hotel:
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
• Jerry Spellman, Proprietor ; | '< |jj JJ^fJ JJ {T^ j*T |j
Cor. Spokane anil Coluratila Ai-e
Smoke   Crown    Urant    Cifus,    Blue
Oescnt Dry Goods (»., Itl
Gent's Furntshinj!: Department.
Shoes. Shoes.
We an lelling men'a ihoea below eeet.
Men*. Split laeilhcr Shoes, 11 to 9123.
Men'e Grained I -ealhcr Shoes. I1.S0, |I.U
II.7S. Men'i Uninid Nailed bboe*.
WOO. 9330. Men'i Oil drained Nailed
Shoes, 1300. Kme Walking Shoes,
Irom 11.00 up.
Hats, Hats.
New Clothing
All-Wool Serge and Worsted suits in
Navy Blue. Ufa. k snd Mixed, glO.tlO lo
'■ "" All-Wool Tweed raits, nobby
piili-rn*. f 15.00 to 130.00. Uood Knock-
• baut I weed auiu, gJOO to UOA). All*
Wool I'anti, gl.90 to ».». Working
I'anti, 11.00 to g2.0O.
New Overcoats
In    Whipcord     ! w#e.ls.    Melton,    ind   blrn'a Kwtora Hat.. |l„ lo »l'»   Men's
Hcsvera, »lu ii. 313.30, 111.00, til 00.        Ouano HaU, gl.im to $3.90.  Men's {Suit
i    HaU, J200 to 33.90.     SUUoo, llata.
Underwear. •""•  *"«*»•
Men'.   Ribbed   Cotton,   per   suit  11.00. Cniaatorc
Men".  Kibbsd   Wool,   per suit g|.t». «3»vCttlCr>
Men's   Heavy   Wool,    prr suit  31 W. Men's Ksvy  Blue, 73c. to ttM.   M.a't
Men'. Tan and BUined. per euit KM Fancy   Mixed.    3100   to   33J0.    Uni
9300.     Men.  Wool  Klcoced, per wit, Xelf Colors, Fancy Collan and Wriata,
tun. ».• w to woo.
Levi Mi.. • •„! .*.... «| ih, RwlOverall, .nj
Jumptr. at .....
Every Member of
Org nized Labor
Should Subsribe
for this Paper...
,i-\ i *
| One year, $2.00 "
Six Months, - - - - $1.25
Address All Communication!
j J Rossland,
B.C. "
Tne Fast Line.
Safest and Beat,
Solid   Vntibulcd   Train*.    Meo-a-i.
Lighted.    Equipped   with
Obaervation   Uan,
Pullman Pslaoe Can,
rJegant  IXning Can,
Modern  Day   Coaolm,
Touriat   Bleeping   Cars.
i brough  tickets to al]  poiata in   ah.
United Btate* and Canada.
•Exoelig Sunday.       Trj|  our  Bsetrie
k. w. amor,
Agt. R. M. Ry., Rowland, BCC.
J.   W.   HTLI,
.    „     ""ner»l -Amen*, Spokane,  Waft.
Asrt. Gen. Paai, Agent,
Portland,  Oi—jon?"
liKURRK IINK.  M.n.grt
The Only Trsmler or Kxpreei
Cun pan v in Kossland lhal will
Deliver ynnr Trunka lor ib nli.
esch    Three dayi .tonne free.
iiencK: .
Queen Cigar Store.    *»
liiii'niM   J9* t
t iAA44a4a4AAa*aaaaA^_ft_A__k
>> 1.
ii Grand Union \\
ii  --Hotel--
V. N. Phone No. 307.
Limited . . .
■Ktls.-vi \Ml. It. C
,„„„„.„•„„„ „ ,,,	
When a newspaper's circttl|ition is a mystery it seldom
pays au advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
There i> no mystery about the
circulation of
Industrial World
Average Weekly Circulation for August,
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. C, that tells its circulation and backs it
up by allowing advertisers the   privilege of
examining circulation books and records.	
Tiik WORLD'S advertising columns are liberally patronised by all of Rossland's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
sec fur youself. Ask for Rates.	
None Better     Solid Vestibuled
Trains,    Palace   Dining  and
ObaervatimCars. Meals
a La  Carte.
Direct conn, .tioa .1 Bt. Paul, mllM
change of depot, with all traina tar
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Mew *orl
and all point* weat and aouth.
cio«e connection rail and weat bona
ir.ims at Spokane wth traina of th.
Spokane Kail, * Northern Railway.
Lcavn Spokane daly (or JCaat 11 Ii
Leave. Spokane daily for Weat 7-33
Weat bound trains make dlreot een-
nection tor Victoria, Vancouver, Portland, San Fnnciwo and all point* .a
the Sound.
During the *ea*on ol navigation Ka»«
bound traini connect st Duluth wits
the magnificent itcamanipa North-Wait
and Northland, of the Northern
Steam-hip company line operated in eaa-
nection with th. C.reat Northers Kail-
For further information, map., f.ll-
i en, etc., .pply to any agent of the   Bpo-
kane   Fall, k  Northern   Hallway,   ku.
* Slocau railway, Kootenay Railway k
' Navigation   Company,   or   to
I., iut.i1   Paawnger   and   llckel
Arnt, St. Paul, Minn.
Commercial Agent, Spokane,  Wa**.
SKI rilKKIKLU saiis . s.o.
> Ths Ftn.it nl Wine*. I.launn and
|     Domestic and Imported Cigan.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
,  Vou wanl a Lab*   . -••  aid yon want
lh, ts**! »   ..i.i, ,i-i   lit/out
i i iraclc-
Un.ion Cigar.s.
• -Pacific Ky.
Serriis far the year 1330 will be commenced JUNE 10th. The "Impen-al
Limited" take, you arroa. the ion
t.tuni in lour daya withou disnm.
H i. a nbd veatitmlcd train, luxnr
toualy *quip|«d wilh every powible
c-arnlial for th. comfort .nd con
<cnienre of l'aaacngen. Aak yoor
inendi who hive travelled on it, at
A. 0. P. A. T. P. A..
Vancouver, B. C. iNelion, 11. C.
■ :
Homrslir f.lnn l..ts*llic...    I., flo. ,'c
V.tirtl.. I.. Plot ilr Cal*..  HI Culonl.1    "i
lltiltttlaall-tlltan ritlotl l.sls-l 1I..I*   I   ..       ''
i..iii HI Cutitna, Allien, limit «. li.lt let   T
; The Queen Cigar Store
CtOW \ morsih. Praps
Cotntnt... Ataniit
.....444********4.......       ..........................
Houses and Lots
. .GROUND. .
I'isi lin   Mom   vo    nn    P.in
nv MoMiii I Issi ii UUDTS,
. . . Apply lo . . .
John Y. Cole]
88 Columbia Avenue.
Spate Fails _ iintnL
Nelson <*-. Ft. Sheppard By.
Bed iiiaio aaiiway.
'lhe only ail rail route between all
pointa eaat, weat and imulh to Kuaala-d,
Nelion ind ill intermediate pout.' connecting at Spokane with the Ureal
Northern, Northern 1'aitc and O. K
* N   Co.
i ...un*. i. at ,*s.*:-..,, with -teamen for
K.slu and all Kootenay lak.  [ninta.
Connect, .t Myer'a l*all. with sta-
•ls.lv Inr il. lul.i.c. an.l connect, at
Ho.sburg with ,tage datly lor Urend
Korki and Orvenwood.
KITect.vi July 12,
la.ve Day   train.
10:30 a.m. K|..k.nc
11:311 p.m. l("w!.u.|
11:40 p.m. Nelwm
Nllht   train.
I. I',   p m. Spoken.
10:00 p.m. Hn-adand
II    A    .1 M'KSOS.
llen.ral   I'i—■ u.-. r  Asent.
E.   W.   KCFF.   A|ent,
Koaland, 11. C.
Porcelain Batlt.s       ♦
ll    1 :
;; Brldgford A Herring, ♦
ll I .,..,...I. , 1-
'.11,1 .'..tl.ta
Wholmli nnd Rtutl
l»nnt«. t)IU, VarnUhm,   Hiu.it,,   Wall
I lm.lt  and  Paint, i-   \uppll*r*i     mdrrs
taken fur I'aprrhnnKlnK and WCOflUlIf,
t-fi-tr ind Man DnnltUA Cha*t*r»'
n...t ,-1 oinini*., \-1 wi.ii.t Dominion
KipmiCo i-Una    Ttltphon* tit il .
9*********************** THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
-SATURDAY    October 13,  1900
I took an Imaginary meander up lied
mountain lhe other .lay to the Le Uui
and almost thc Bnt person 1 ran across
wa. John MaoLuren, the carpenter, who
waa busily ripping up IhuiKs with a aaw,
pnpatatoiy to fixing the gable end of a
wheelbarrow, Usually John hm a lew
strong lHisiiive ulcus suiyinii through hii
uranium and already hi ii netting   hi.
uiiie  ill   ti    for  u   wnnl*y   onslaught "ii
the oldlinc party canilliliiti-s. I'cc.ilinr
Iti   relate    John   noiv  conversi-K  with    a
neb shamrock brogue, which Is evidently a li.it.it recently soquino, and whan
I Mustered up io bin hi polite)* waved
ine tu a Mat ou u Ins ,111111' 111 unl.Ttli.it
he nuijhl give nu- a piece ol hi- mind
"1  ace  both   M.i' Nell  *t'.d I"illiher are
naminynated," uid Mr. MioLann, "and
1   suppose   each   llnnk's   Ils   all   oicl*   but
ib' oallia' iv names   Vou know a* aoon
aa a fellow gits iioniiiiynnled lir offlcll
he always mis a hitch iv tb' swelled
head an' thinks he's us popular .1* Snulu
I laus.'*
"They are sure to accpet 1" said I.
"I think m>." -aid John. "No dloubt
Ihey would like to stay It tlieir own lire
aide, listening tu th' merry pilule iv lh'
doughnuts 111 )niyuicnt tir li'iial wisdom,
but Jo.it.1 linns tin in with a baseball
club and they must ic*|h»iu1. Whin a
■i.ui Im a unanymoui call l'r'111 buusiff
lo I*!'!'* Iiini**.l: lo vielhiiry tliey'se ujiv-
iiun' Dm lir hiin lu do but drop bimesa
an' obey." ,
"Artiul Ilinry MacXcill is a young
man who should iv conic frim the Pal-
oiiae cuuuthry and suynl then*, 'cau.u
he'a clearly out iv hia iliment 111 II. C.
The lirsi tuinie be lisik any active |sut
in th' game iv itollytick* was whim be
■aat in a back sate in a couple of p.lly
l.cal niateinim at th' late eliction an'
1 lapped hi. bunds lir th' dear governor
Murr an" iver nine* thin he's even thott
he could have Iwtcn Curtis lumailf if
Ihoac veal pocket Conferral.rei had only
ainee enough 10 liev run liim in*teaii of
Mackiiit.-h '■
"Iver ainee Mr. MucNeill guf th'
nonimynation he's bin tryin' In aubjoo
lh' aolw iv sratychude 'cause be has bin
brot out iv obscurity no suiltlcnly. Any
wun can l.nss a C.iii.cryutiie i-onvention
an' git th* iiommyiiation. All he ecd* is
a few chape ciirnrs. a iH-ncil. and .1 Lit**
copy of th"   Rot-whimf Record."
"Do you think Mr. MicNeill will m*l
clecteil V   ;i*ke.l   the  lb.rse  Kililor.
"I should s.iy nit ! Why, hi don't
stand   aiuiy   more   allow  iv  liein"   dieted
than Wl.i-kc> Pete does iv liein' attorney-general, llut there', a whole lot of
aatyadaction in bavin' one's name on tin
thousand ballot |»|a*ra an' bavin' that
many p..pie uskm' th' question. "Who
i. MacXeill ?" llut -hurc an' Mr. Mao
Neil! doc* not think so; i'II jusl l**t he
lays awake ninlits draniring iv lh' so.nl
toimes he will bev with Hugh John, llibbert, O11I1I Charlie and Foster. Each iv
theae itieiilleiiiin bev a Tittle botnenindc
ptatfonu ihat they mixed with their own
dilicate hand, and no tellin' but Mr.
lla.-N.-ill would like lo jine in the fun.
Hut th' whole pack • -. thim should lie
liin-.llii.it i.u ih' bewail iv th' earth with
a pick instead of tnixin' up th* I.m* no
that th' Junes won't understand thim.
Iver sin.i- tlmt sterlin* Dinunycrat iv a
Conservative. Sir John A., went to hir-
en, th' mem!er. iv his parly bev bin
lettin' along together i.ls.ut aa well ns
»h>- Kilkenny cntn. Tbey all want to bo
leader, and ll.cy'11 no lu th' cminthry
wilh th* s.iine out!' isilicy, th' same oul.I
las and th' Hi.uie ".lid chestnut-.'*
"Ve., but what i* your opinion of Mr.
•illihci   '■  aaid  I.
"Shure an' Winsomi II.ink (Jii'lilier,"
aaid John, "is like all th' real of thim
lawyers - he", always lookin' for th'
worst iv it. How th' devil he not tb'
Cut nonimynation !h* l-.-i.l only know.,
but, like Mi. MucNeill. he can think iv
aothin' Dm I.ui 'marchln1 on to Ottawa'
as an ailllntMUllll for tir piopla i\ Yale
KiKiti-nay-Ciinlssi. He. t<s.. will liml
he', bin induliiiii' in 11 pipe dream an'
that a lalmr Mosas, iii lh' pcr*on iv
Cliris I*'..Icy, will il" lh' nnr.-lini'. Itcetl 1
Why, blew your soul, nnd Mr. (iullilui
.lues not kn< w niiny nuti*.. -bout thi*
pnllytiika bisnan than my torn <iil Joe,
.n ,.* fer laun' iv nnny use ni Ottawa-
wall,    he  tuoiilhl     just   us will  siiul   his
photeygnph then un' itoy at home him*
ailf. Mr. Galllher, 'though he', -till a
young man, is weight'd down witb th'
nrc.it i*aj*i*M iv silf'importance, an' hia
meant 'in., into tb* politicks!  irana 1*
so mis-tcliions   thnt  even   hi*  lun-t   inti
mule ii len.is can't  explain how he did
il. Hut faith 1111' if he reads lhe Cm-
-..native |i.i|ici*s be will lin.I out n whulti
lot iv llnni*** uliotit liimsilf that he never
knew <<f liefoie. Slmre nn' whin he nne,
tu Ottawa! but whit ill th' devil is lh'
lis.,   iv  .list 11**111'   I Mt.iiii.y   whin   th'   only
way lu* will mi then will lu- by 'tending
a carload Iv horsei from Rsmloops."
"And what iiImiiiI  Mr. Poliy," mid I I
"Shuie.i nn' lie's a fiiiue mini is (liria-
tophlr   Cueiu   Foley,  an'   he  can   dublc
akiink nnny iv thim lawyers tfliat hi-v n
haiikcriu' fm* pollyttokl whin it comei
to itflppln' "iiii. a platform nn' cbewin'
III'   rag,    Mr.   Koley   is  n   perfict  ninth'*
man an' is ihun iv bain' sleoktidt He
undintandi th' wants Iv th' people iv
llritish Coluiiibiii. an' with a whole lot iv
olher labor lnin in th* next parliament
there'll he a new order iv things. Thin
we will liev li'iciultislum fee lb' oniiuiinn
people, an' nol for lli* ioi-|ioratiiuiH an'
tiii'horii lawyers an' profesliional polly
tisbens "
"I suppose ynu have hciirtl of Mayor
Qoodive being *»n thi stump for MucNeill "*"   I   ciupuivtl.
"Well, >i*. but ifter tir ileekahiui i.
over it won't take mine tlum a wan cint
stiimp  tu  Kin.I   hi-  it-maim,  to  his home
in    I'u-ey   County,"   sail   .lollll.
Bul  jusl  1114-11 the Ins.. I'iiiipcntt-r cniiie
up .....I .lul... lut hi- thumb toif.' wiih
the  hiuntn.-n before  I   WSS out of sinllt.
(illl-'-KNWiKHi LETTER.
Poley'i   Noiiiiiiiitiiiii   Popular—Boundiry
Titides  Council.
It ha. la-en arranged by the BounHhry
Trades   anil   Labor   Council   throunh   Sec*
relni-y   Tultl   llemincrly     lo     liohl   every
other melting of 1l1.1t body In Phoenix,
The next rod. ilm* meet inn will be held in
Phoenix on the IBth uf October.
Organixer Chattel Wilson Initiated 1.1
memben of tin- Qresnwood cts.ks ami
walten into the s..*..-t vra-rk of tbo W.
L.   W.  on  Tucssl.11   butt    'Hie  boys are
sun- ihey will   succeed  In driving   tl
Chinese  out   of   tl.e   tt-stntir.tnui  of   this
Mr. Chris Foley'* c.in.li.l..ture ia very
popular in ihis district. We expect to
bend |s.lls in Greenwood by over SO of n
nuijority over Isilb of the ..thei cnuili*
date* ami nrraiinniciits will be completed
by the ISth.
It is safe to nay thsl Mr. Foley will
lie .... oisl.sl one ot the must rouatsg IC*
cepliona that has aver licit niven to any
man that e\«r sjs.ke here, not excepting
1 ■_-:.11111_ Joe Martin.
105,107, Columbia Ave., ROSSLAND
Qrey Blankets
B lh., wool, for 81.00 per pair.
7 lb., wool, for f.'."5 per pair.
8 lb., wool, for 33.00 j*r pair.
Extra Super, all wool
8 lb., U4xH4, $1.(10 |.ei- pair.
Fine Silver Qrey
7 lb., OOxSO,  Mm per pair.
8 lb„ tHxtu, «s.so par pair.
White Blankets
7 lb., 80x80, par pair $2.00.
31.2S colored  quilti  for 75o.
81.50 colored nuilts for 31.00.
32.S0 colored quilts for $2.00.
88.71 colore,) quilts for $2.00.
88.73 Eider quilta for $e.oo.
1S.00 Elder quilta for $12.00.
Super Wool
7 lb., 611x80,  white, $1.00.
8 lb.,  i'.l-,si.  white, $S.00.
0 lb., extra super., $7.00 per pair.
$1.50   white  quilta  for $1.00.
$2.00 white quilta lor $1.30,
Ladies' Blouses
$1.00  l-liinneletti-  HloiiHoa for 50c.
$1.50   Flannelette   BIOUM   for  $1.00.
Ladies' Skirts
$3.00 Serge anil Mellon Skirts, the low
priiT,   $.1.50.
Dress Goods
800 yardl Fancy Twi'i'ds, 15c |H-r yai-.l.
200 yard. Fancy Wtstl   Mixture*,  t*fa-
lar t!0c per yard, for -We.
15c Art Mualini for Ue per yard.
IS.*  FlunneJettca for  10c in-r yanl.
l.V Shirtings for 10c tier yanl.
ttle Corduroy for 45c |ier yanl.
4ilc Kersey Flannel for '.He |n*r yanl.
a)e tiny Flannel for 30c |K*r yard.
Children's Flannelette
All   si/i-s,   at low  prices, I
70c, 80c, Ode, $1.00. i
Children's Ringwood
30  down   pair,  good  heavy Cloves 1
25c per 'mil*.
Table Linen
40c line nt 25c per yard.
Table Oil Cloth
04 White Murbleil and Fancy, 35c pe
yanl. •
P, HiintK A Oo, will tuLTfl <»n htad in
1 ftw dayi a bin .uivi. of panlby ami
OMiilH*rrirH   for   HlUlkafivi_f.
Strike  at   Seal tir.
Front i.iiii) io 1.3110 trade unionists in
iillr in Seattle. Work wan -t'M'l"*! : 1
over .*W rt'iiiltMitt- liiuMin)!* nml nix Inrne
brit_k buHim-Ht lilockn itmler -|.i-«hi—* ol
conxtruction on Mom iy. uid tlirrnt-
I'Ni'i) ptnlyib 0( nenrly tlir initire building indoitry in tin- oihr is the n^ult tlnia
fur of tin* li«lit botwton the Tni'K*B
Ooundl md BoOdwtf Kxchantte of St-at
tie. n fitflit thnt hati been brewing i'"r
■evwtl  wi'Vli-.
I/)werj-   on   Licvnue.
The finverninent **( thin jirovinre
Nhouhl c\e:.:-«* more rare in iirantitii*,
liquor Mfonm To Rive every imlivi<lu.il
n licence vho lilU the ret|iiireiiientH of
the l.iu it* a tletriment to thc ronuuun
ity, and dov not n\vv ftenuiue hotel men
a M|iiare deiil. In tins country wr want
nothing but rooO hoteU, run by bODttt
and ' "min-ti'iit. men. To till tiie country
for thc nuke of revenue, with dive*
whom* '.'nihil*.I biii-mrss in Hcllinx
liquor and RambliiiR II woi*kin*R nn injustice on thc Icftitimnte hotel man ami nn
injury to the eouununitv. The irovern-
ment fhouhl put a eineh upon ita greed.
Were Alien   LftbONM*
Toronto,     Oct    1-*.   Nine    American
fresco  palnteri al  work   OH   the  luni**e of
Mis. Mns-cy, Bherfaoarne itneti ihi*
city, were dlinrieeed tint morning at the
Inetnnce of the ilienl lni>or commie*
THE NEW STORE.    Cash and One Price Only.
For Sale
Carnes Creek Consolidatec
of several linti.lr.il Chinee inlo one
brunch m EngUah bam mdiisiry may
in cm ilu* entrance >.f il.c thin elite of
the Oriental labor s**dga that may .-.lit
deeply into many tradea nnd occu|iati ma
ol thu United kniplom. lt ia at least
fairly certain that if the t'hincac invasion of the Kngliah Iniimlry proves me-
ti—.lul. it will almost immediately lie
followrvi by a similar entmnce of t'elcs-
tiala on the aphere of Kngbah dooicatic
Th.ink-1,-iviiii:    turkeys   jiud   fnnn    lhe
cast   al   1'.   Hum- A  Co.
Writing tab*,  half price, at  Wallace's.
li you an- bs.king lor a location for i
home you c-'-ol do licttvr than consult
K. Charles, land agent lor the N. _ K, B.
railway. He can -uu y.-u m every parti
nil.ir.     Lula  in   the   new  nddition,   suit*
alile   lor  any   puns-ee  can  lie  purchased
just   now ou  very reaaonablc term*. Thc,
lots he is now   selling arc on the sunny !
i.le of Trail cn*ek.
Turkeys,       iln.kcii.     and     .In. L -     f.i
Thanhagi-rtng, i.s well a. a big -un l*. of
ccitilicii-it..  at   I'.   Hums  ti   Co.
I   Illtlt-aC     III      Isilliloil.
The great Britiah metfopolii i* being
■uocessfully invadad under the luaplcei
of a German-American named S.helT. by
a host of Obinaea lanndrymen. Already
one hundred ind lifty have arrived nnd
Is'inm    wuik  iii   acvcr.il   Mtshllshments
foonded by tl itsnrrlslng Vsnkse, snd
bs -uy* Ihut bl will -horlly bring iii "iiii
employ mon.* than four timcH na i.i.iuy
othen, thu* engaging for hi. various
laundries, no lias than hoo Cilesti.I..
This invasion of Chinese cheap llbor is
nsturslly by no nestis favorably regard*
ed by the lalsir men of taondon, .mr in*
.Iced by tbi pcplc in general, but thn.n
behind it, claim in excuse for Iheir . f-
fort,    that   it  ia  very   dillicult   lo obtain
female workm for steiun laundries,
young women  mmh preferring slop .u*
factory   life.    The  settlement  of  XII0    or
even n.ih.i Chinese in   London will not
however In* very gtSStly "I- widely fi'lt
in that vi.Ht city of live millions, whom
the Mttlimenl of 10*000 Celastlsll would
have far lc*« effect than would thc rem*
dt-iice of 400 chiiii'-i- in nil in our province of 200,000 people,   But many fair,
not   without   reason,   tbat   the   incoming
To   all  Local   Unions   of   thc    Wcet-rrn
Lubor Union, t;rct-ting:
Thii t> to tuiti'y you that the reeiima-
iion ot Hi..il.cr AL J. Ociger as eecre-
tary Lr.a-un r of thc Woatcro Labor
Uiil'-n haa been accepted by the preii*
dent and thn exex-utive board.
Hr -th- r   Clarence   8milh   of    Wallare,
Idaho,   ha.  l»*ci.   appointed   to  the  poai* j
Uon and iia- entered upon the duties ol
tin-   ulli.*.    All   i   niu.iiiii* .iliona  and  or-1
den  for  .upplii*  will    hen-after   be  ad-1
dreaaed   to   Clarence    Smilh,    Bos   MM.
Hutu*,    Monlnna,    and    all   n-milUncea i
ibould be made payabh* to hi* order,
fraternally   .ubmitt'sl,
I Seal)
lluu.*, Mont., Sept. 14.  lim
AU tliai  ii latent in neckwear at Kob-
See the price! Kmpey Broa. are <ell;og
pirn'i clothing for.
Smoke Crown (Irani snd W. B. cigari.
blue label snd home made.
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second near Washington.
i**M*»<MM*» *.*■♦.*■■»»♦*»-.♦>*>*..*■*<**. *.***»
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
*■>- -1 .-.-..-a*
!! T!ie 1 liter national
Keeps the Choicest and
-Coolest Glass of Beer-
',   In the City of RoMliorf.   WHY*   B?rau»e we hnve better fid lit io for handling It. txni
•ell tt f«ittr thnn any other l>«r in town     Berr. *l_r being tapped, rrtmn* iu merita att<
flavor for a liniilcfl time only.   Keep thl* in mint! when you   ■•■■*. for a place to refrenl'
yonraelf   Cheiiur* of all known mlnea. railroad*, contrtctora and Imnnr-. mrn ar>
arhtd at then It ii  PACI V.nn In our ofBoe, at any hour duriahg thr day oi niffbt
Family Liquor Store
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Denies In
',', Choicest Wines and Liquors for I*_mily Use, at thr
',  Lowest Prices.    Nettling but the  best kept iu stock.
' 'MtfMgMMMMMMMJ a** »»SS>SSS»>»»»4)»»»>>>»«
Tel. V. and N. 17.
West Columbia Avenue
Mtf M ■>*■■»*■♦♦ *4****99****i
Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery aud Glassware
| Third and Washington. Telephone
.   ....4 ***..  ..
Q. W. ricBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
The Miners* Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year.
Published by the W. F. M„ Denver, Col.
Subscriptions Received at the office of lhe Industrial World, or at
The Office of the Secretary of Rosslrnd ninrrs' Union.


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