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Industrial World Aug 11, 1900

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Array **^*/t^<7^^
i, No.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. M.
Hunter Bros.
I    Make this place your Shopping Centre.   You will And   |
■•'       nearly everything in all classes of merchandise.
Carpets, Hen's Clothing
and Furnishings. Hen's
and Women's Shoes,..
China, Crockery, Glassware, Groceries and . .
The Stock is Carefully Selected, and only Seasonable
Goods offered for Sale.
Chifdrens Shoes
We carry the largest stock
of Children's and Infants'
Shoes iu Rossland in Vici
Kid, Black and Colored,
Oil Grain School Shoes,
the best made. ::::::
w. f. McNeill,
Next Door to Postoflu e
Trusses ? I
Yes, a foil
T. B. iiM
Tb, I.iitK.i..
The labor organisations of Japan are
continuing tu develop. 'The iron work
era recently decided to introduce beneficiaries and 11 system of education ol
the ineinbcrH ia nlao to he introduced,
'('lie employes of the Japan railway ure
again complaining of tlie biirl.aii.us and
oppressive measures they arc obliged to
aubmit to.
At a conference- lately held in Pittsburg, I'a., between the Window Clas,
Cutter.' Union uud the American Window (ila.B cumpiinv, u wage scale the
same bb last yeur wan signed, ibis ul-
I.-, is 2,(1X1 men.
— machine has been invented which
bids fair to do away with telegraph operators, it traiislerB the message direct
from the wires to a typewriter which
tvritt-a out the message without any
human aid   already  for  delivery.
It is charged b New York unionists
that immigration laws arc deliberately
nnd o|cnly violuled, and Hint laborers
ill  swai'ins  arc  imported  by  contractor.
School teachers in various parta of
the country are said to be lormiug
unions. ^^^^^^
Tlie leader of the Hell Island striking
miners i.Newtnumlland) was recently
i-.'otcl lice.iu*.. the strikers had won over
tlie null -tent to take their places,
'The   boiler   makers  of   ItufTalo,  N.  Y.,
     have  been granted  their demand for ill
———~~~~~^—-__=———    cre_,e(i vviigea alter a strike lasting four
si,. ...... ;.. ;*...* * ........;,   iiuuilli-.
.*• ' i> I    laitborem  employed   on  the   breakwater
^^ "   at   Unit.do    are out on a strike against
inhumane   treatment.
The    United   States     Deportment     of
I—bor  estimates  that   the   total   number
T li •   01   organi/e.1   workers  in this  count**  i-
The J.ii'.nie-c are now manufacturing
(Inur at «-.'.3 per barrel. The lowest
American price is 12.0 and (be Jap. intend t» capture and control the Oriental
Hour trade.
The Brewer.' I'nion of St. laoitt.
.il..ue voted 11,200 (o purchase buaaea
and operate tin tame during the street
railway buycott.
I    The  stockholders   of   the   Tipton   concern  recently mel in  1/ondon,    with     ..
yacht-racing    Sir  Thomas  in  the* chair.
After declaring a   12  per cent  dividend,
making 22 per rent for til e ear, a pari
, being on  watered stock, one  conscience-
. stricken   stockholder    arose   to   hia  leet
'and   made  u  plea  (or  better  wage's    lor
* ' the  l.«gsjiic,  and  exploited  workers.
J ' waa  laWd   and  jeered  an  dtold  to
to l.yJre 1'ark."
_,;-}.;;.?. : ; .; ;.; .-
ii. I
School   Shoes.
The long jolly vacation li nearlv at aa end. and th. boyi and girli will need
•l.o.il shoes. Bring them h*r*. W* can Ml the bu.y feet with footwear that ia
n*dc to stand thsitrsin. It Is not high priced shoes, nothing Ilimsy. The Ml
'•■J nl its durability Ib really no secret *t all, Iha shoe, ar* mid* ol.leather, re*
tiitber, and put togathar lor keep*.
>  O. Lalonde,   The Reliable Shoe Dealer.
Morrison & Bryenton
. . GROCERS .j.
Fancy Groceries, Canoed Goods, Potted Meats and Fish,
|. Preserves and  Marmalades, Pickles, Chow Chow and
Catsup, Fruits and Prodnce, as well as a Full Stock of
Staple Groceries and Provisions.   Goods delivered free.
East Columbia Avenue, Rossland, B. C
.* ****** *., %4atutat»tttattt4ut aai.t.ajai********)****************'*
The Strand
The Most E'egant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
A Fin* Line ul tb*
| Choicest Liquors & Cigars
♦ Manager.
***-■•• • • • • •■•••■ * • • •
:    TO HOLD I
Till*.   ION——1   UNION.
I    Big   Sick    l.l-l     Id I".ileI     I lie
Li.iuon   September Jid.
11 i.liit'-ii.ii evening was very wet und
disagreeable uud tor that reuson there
tt at only a tail* utteutluncc ut ttie meeting of the Mini—1 I ilion, iititl but little
besides  routine  busiue,*  waa   trauauclc.1.
The silk coiuuiillce tc|.irteii thut
Bro. .Mcl'hee, .McDonald and 1*uiiiito
were in U.u utciilctit avunl ut the l.os
pitul und improving. Bros, llului, Me-
liun.ilil, ir.vu.ia uud -M.iH'"il.. were in
the lio-intul Buttering witb lever. Jus.
II.in-.ui wu. reported ill.
The union decided (hut it would  make
no   i. "i" el.in.ti-   to   the    11.1'le*   uud
l..il'..i Council re 1 -abut- Day an.] its
celebration, ll also tclii-ed to ui-truei
its delegates iu the nuttier beyond the
iiir.iiiitiii.il* given two week, belore. lt
waa thought better to give the council u
free hand und not burdeu it with re-iin-
From .l.nui -  D. MeCloud.
Member* o( tlie local Minera' Union
and in.nu cititens will remember Jas.
1). M.cioud, who WSS bo I'i.Iiy injured
in it prcmulurc blast in the Snow-h..-
mine last winter, in which lit* was pt
tiully blinded and deatened. Alter
treatment   by   specialiats    one   eye   we.
Through  un  i,ro,-
to   tlio  MOjngr—  ux
It     HUB    rt'pulltli     ll.ul
iu  tha   luiiic  givsu
t—I   .11 nn i.    tuion,
Duillel   Cuiuwt.ii
wl.o mcul.y lost lu. lile in the I.. ,.■..,..
tin. uot u n.tiuLiti ol tbe I iiioii. ii-a-
tiautl nj'"i:i'i -uu. toiMllu, and ire.
la..us. ol  Uie or ..t.   bun uu aui'b  wm
IllTliT*   ll.e   llll-.aatc.    l-.ltncl   tiiM.nu    tt , ■
ii tiicuibci' in »■ "'I al.u.ding al tbe IU11I1
ol  lua Ututn.
llio too.,. „... waiters report a govtl
iiivuBiue oi si.tn** m uiiiuiiuiug Mitral
reBtauruiits.   J\ei'p il u,i.
ilie chattel iu. j,u-a.und 1'rcsimun s
I mon, .iip.itd jor "i..e nine ago, vutt
tie in ie iu u H-tv ..;> - uud tbe uuiou IB*
lucre ia t.it.iu.iy a good Held lon
tvuik nili. I lie Uu.osier, ol luia u'.j.
i heir unoiguii.iid . ...itittiiui is a iv-
prouch  to tue  un.in  tutu ul lloaaluud.
11,lie    >UU    llutlet-U     lile     IITTI blurt!     ull.
veittsiug ...riiiiii- ul ibe World. 'J bir
bu.u.e.. meu ul Ko.slund uppivuult. sua,
advertising iiiciiu— which reatrhes uuu ta
n.c! by the buyer, oi the city. .1.*.
World t, juur uuu paper, pulrouuc it—
it is H'1-.'Htd thul the i-.ic.ntig ltccnl
ut this my will .I.oiily put lu a lie mv
ii I i-i lime in.i. Iur,•. ll Hub is duu_
there anil probably be u couple ol culupa.
look ng  Iii   u jub.
'the -Nrl.uu -Miner will ducard .1. uttS
und  put  iu  l»u   . ■ *
saved,  aud Inter  he  returned   to British ,'lburuo   nutchii.e
Columbia aud  ii again  employed in  the  luutioliuee.      H	
Miowihoe.    In   a   letter-   to    Secretary |   Smuk,   *■>-.  B.  Cigars.    Blue label
\\ illnti,   llio.   MeCloud  sayi: •    Olbciul  i.oliie   hu.  laetn
"In cusc sny nicinbcr o( the union'.Mr. tirorgv JJuwei
would like to know how I am 1 would )
my that I am much better than when
1 visited Kosaland last winter. My l.-il
aa|ain- is much itronger, hut the ear -till
give, ms lots ol trouble and I am rathrr
er deaf.    I remain, witlt best wishes lor
the    !■ del  111.. II,    11 .'.TH ill;
Cocur d'Alene Scab*.
The union men of thii city have laccn
notiticd ul the urrivsl of two noted
Couer d'Alene scabs, Ira I'urler and —
Mi i-iii.mt. hy name, lliey were among
the first of tbe Idsho scabs, and have
an unenviable reputation in ihut country. They itiii u dance hall in (..-<<< Inr
somo (imr, but lin*My left and went to
Butte,   .Mont.,   where   they   stayed   only
.. ■■ in ■.   ..   rn
 ^^^^^_  secretary,  that   the
sixteenth annual session ol tbe ir-dcr.
und I ..i.t ..i(i.- ul Canada will Ut
lu-.d ut tl.e illy ui Uttuwu, prut nice ut
Ontario, i..ii.u.n».... ou Juest—y, Np-
leiuber ISt—, it*'- at 10 o'clock aim,
and ull lubur uigum—tiuu. in lift U_-
u.uiiuu uie tuMli-d lo wrud rep,.-.** !.'._■
Tbe Shingle WSSISr*** I mon ol lints
i.h Columbia ha. re.cully pertitini • »-
r*r.i ii ... i r rn n. and gpcct* .uuu lo tie -,i-
ut tl.e al.uugi.i uiiiuu- iii the pr... ;. ,,
aa ll.e iiiduilry i. uu rxtcusive one. .u
the I'aiiutoutii l..iiam i/uy paruue !!.*>
will make the l.i-: ubibit ol ...'.r-ig
uuiou  nude  rid  icdur   .liuigle..
hiiule   l,u*I.it ton.     iitio    leu    tiuiti    .
I.use    IU    tile    I "Il.r.il'... hi".I.T.U)    *     IC —
until their .den.ily  lico»,„c  koivnn. Cl |„.^Z "l',"*' *?* """» ""•"'-
ll.ee 1.,  .....land.    „   i, aup^l „,ey $,?*£„ "M 'gfjg ~ "" »U"* •
Morn,  ft   Crow   sell   high
■ re now in camp. Their .1. - upturn ia
also given, and union inenare n.pn -n .
to give them a wide berth, aa (rom the
very   nature  "I   the occupation  ll.e)   I..I-
         , I..tn.1   in   Idaho,     Ihey   can   neither   lac
to extra inducements, g(JO(.   eiiiiena  nor   a*(e   friends.
We have a iniilil v good Irade on Coffee.
We have il r and we hold it. Utice a
Ciffee Buyer here—always one.
Mocha and Java
Coffee that is ab-
50lutelythe Best
sold in Rossland
The ltceord and (he Xewabny*
Owing, it ia said
'it Id out by the management, several
newsboys -..I.l Keeords on the street.
Thursday night. They were promptly
jtunpe.l by the ollice, * ot the tinioii tin*
in ai inoriiing and i -t ..rm-i-il not to be
guilty of (he ..l!.-n*e again. A meeting
o( the union will be held today and it i*
I-1..I...Ida- tn.-at the boys will lie fined
heavily. 'The union haa decided to
.iildi.rn- wilh the n i.lei nnd I.il,...
Council, and may *tn.-.-. ,| in
uther  uiiioii*  in  their light.
Tbe Cily   Bund.
It i-n I the best ns!.it, aud lhe neil best
totnoriow. It's the licit ill Ihe lime—
.tn.! the people w ho buy ll ill the lime
know It. This e nul coffee ll the liest
wc i li -It's Ihe I*si anyone sell* -no
matter what price you may pay.
Mr. .Milling, iiiAiMffrr ami Icnilrr ut
the City l-.tiiil. li.ul n li'hutli.. inin-ntiiti
ration md nt tlir niii'titiu i<l 1 lie ntv
roll tut I    I urfttJay  niflit,   ill   wimli   In-  cin.
l'Linn.1   th.it   wlirnrvi-r  thctr  VM  n   >	
tion of nny kincl tin* other ''-"-I "■■- rn
irnRril. nml utiog Boandal mU Inim tin*
intcrcnttin:   iniimil. It might iw M-»d wkjf Tir. r.iU
■■iff 'lid  not rx|itaui  tin* midM   lor  (In*
i'\i"ttlin'   ol   tht*   o|i|Hi-ttni|,    I'iM'l.   u In- h
nim iiivntiixril lint n leu* month. IfO,
ami   nhy   it   ti-*ii4ll\    fWttTM   Ibl   Hf-fll
DMBto. Hin fx|ilamitiou« rt-rtAiiily
\winlil | ri>vr in-rrr-tiinr ji «r!l a<« m
IihIiIi-inng   io   the   mtii'l-     ot     the   mi.
We have a Coffee
we sell for 25 etfl
«> -m_:lii get jo or even 35 cent* Tur thi-
CotTce. but we don't rlo It. Wc won ••In I
nell k> rnurk If we did ; and fifty |>aiind-
at a »mall profit i- bitter than two poitmU
at .1 i'in pi uiii. Hn-y t«> figure out. isn tir
Housesand Lots
Vanronvrr   l*nl*nr   I'urfy.
The l-nlior FUt| "I \.nnmi\rr hJU ilum.-
uni it- luniht. rlrt ti-.| "llin-n* nnd
* ■ I'miy of Winniprg. It- officttl in
X n«|o|itc<l (he 1-oiMittitmti "' I'n* I>tlMir
•■ I'm -nleiit. Mr (.tOlfl \\ 1M0 : tn-i UlCf
J ! l-ro-hlent. Mr. Qm _•* I'n I li v ; mi OQd
i mi* pii'-i.iriii, Mi iv \ti.Mi-'u. rtcnrd
Fling Mm will I. Mr. -I. Ilorton; iin.iii-i.il
J-.1 arrrplarv. Mr. .1. IV.ire\ ; Ir.i-niir. *lr
•• '.1. .\. Dtlulen: "liHi.tu i.tn. Mr. UtOTgfl
Hunt.    The   Winnie-tiger-* uxv nil  pufftd
up with pridg .1- booflM 1 put ni. mm
they  Want   to  know   will   VtDOOaVtr emu
Inte   their  nehiexiim nt**.
Eimpey Bro?
Ar* showing a Vary Fine Kange ol
^H.IiP't-3     ^°   ^'"l   *^r0ntS   ****■    L'ncn
Bodies,  f
Cashmeres, Linens and All-Silk Goods.
Alio a Very 1 ine R*nge ol
And  Sashes,  of the  Very  |
Best English Manufacture.  *,
We bar* jott opaoad up a .cry nice Mn* ol
v Made by the Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co.  2
■ **9
Every pair guaranteed, or money refunded ♦
Washington Street
Cleaning and Dyeing Works, f
Oi.;.(.-itr Martin Hi..*.
I can cli-au or due anything In ladlea'and
gentlemen'* wear Ulvr me a call and bt
convinced The latest impiovrd inarhiii-
rfj .nni proces-te* enab'eme toguarantee
the prompt dellv-eryorall ortlern!woikw|ll
Iiecalled lor nnd ilelUercdtonny addre-j.
I'lir. nasi:  Muxky   mav   iib   Pain
. , . Apply to . . ,
John Y. Cole
..:; Cuhimliift   Avenue.
s •■-! .....;.... . * i.
a-_bor Dai I«ItbraUonu
frlehrntiMti Im-inr-s IppMfl ll
tint writing to lie in n riigbl Brfl up.
owing to the failure of the immnitter in
Jiti'iiv with the lni«ine*.*i men wln-ther il
Mna (o he a two (lav* relelir.-itmn, nne
lay nt the hall ground* nml nne on <'«.l
nvenue, or nne -Inv only, eihei
he lull groumli nr on the ►(reels.
However nil tangle* will !►" -tnighteOfd
out Sunday night, nud (letailn ol the
relelirnttnn will bl WoHuKl <>ut. For thi-
purjKiM* n full meeting <•> tlo Vtlfaw
eoinmittcra   i«  HQOMtodi
•    uml.
♦ Ui t
In Men's and Boys' Clothing, we carry
the Finest Goods at the Best Prices.
ll   Empey Bros.. The Furnishers.
',', Fnrnlihing Goods Depaitmeut, Cor. Oolumbis Av*. and Spokane Bt.   '■'
i  *****4*4**44*********4*4********************&M+**t
ISS»SSS»SS»SS»»»»$a«a**->v*e4^-Hi«-.>j-i-'.■i-iWM*-t*4+*+* M-M * •
IThe Eagles' PScnk I
Sunday, 19th August.
Special Train,  Round Trip, $3.00
The  1 .wn.-olup  ol   the   World.
lt I.a. laeen ISBaftsd, rvi.lenllv will.
Uu- ...I. ntion nl ii.jurutu lh* puaer, that
the   Miner-'   Tnion   had   dlipofBll  of  the
l'.i|..l     to    Mr.     I hol..,aaM>u.    the    11. 11.11" I
We wish it ilulinrlly tinder.ttau.1 thai
the union still own. the PSSST, nnd lb.il
it haa no intrnlion i.l <li*pn*ing ..( .1.
XhS .In."*  Allnir.
'lhe trouble nl ls*t week at Ibe .losie
bis bien *eltled utislinlonly t.i laoih
psrtie. tn the dispute, or rather In the
misunderstanding, and Ibe mine will tac
reopened st oner- with a lull MISS, an.l
the  engineer, w.ll  work   lull   eight   hour
Special   Notice.
Wc are < lemon*- up nur -i--1. nf summer goods regardless of cost, as we m.is!
have room (or nw good, that are arriving daily. Sprnn! mention will be mn.le
ol nctv waist*, piece BBS—*, rlc, in onr
next  ad.     llolstead   *.   Wright.
Kor *.ie besl  linnd made miner'a boot*,
go to Agnew k Co.   Pricei rijlit.
cigars.    II.. .r ( ul .u cigar* all bear :h..
b|aa.ib union label,    iry one.
Ibe Wand i. -urry to announce it..
ic-iguat.o„ oi ibe lior-e hdilor, —is*
aiinic rn- pm li i> *, letter Irom him t-ct»*
luinuig l,i- i.-inulton. Wc .re •• f,
but ue e*n't ...ip all the good nun tl..—a
lining  i,iout.
Iluy Iran ... .nli,rii*er.. Ihey ar«
Inriioly io u ..... iaiaur and Wl.ru y- u
but trout : i.i in it.u help tbe uti.otB
ll.e Indkalioas point ta * long *e*.ror«
..I ih- '..-.,-ui.-. ami tbat there will ba
but   I.tile   In-ma t»   llauMcted.
Ib.Te  .* ni,)   |i..-|,.i   oi  a  lirgr   .rv
...    iioiiilret-hip   iu   the     .HiVr-j,'
I i.nm   in   t   i    next   i.h    weeks.
All ll.e uu.mi- ui Ibe -HV ni-oit w. rH
Iur and that *-.t.-!ailon pr.agm* is trail.g mad.'.
li, Welbu.lou toll., iv K.iniar.y is
-nil   adi. i,.*.,iir   tor   white    miner-i   *_il
l.i* p. I.  I .  ta  •   lb,   |   i   thr CtillliiB.
It. ..-tn|.•i>-   tiuplt>).d    in    !-■ mil..-       H*.
■ ■lilla    ll in.    In utile   between
tbe   while   u,nol*.   —I    '!.,   ...lu|*anv.   but
il     U   .-    ipj .     • Mt.-llttlOI.
• ■I   llll- .......
I... \\i ■■" . • ' .. U • Milit.'
I i. ..,, hall and all . «.i..nItukaUBSI •ml
ciiiii.oi* i ,,-:!«,ti., uni,:. .tioiiiil tu
...il   .1 ■
Him ,   p r.,;   to  bi   I' •*' ul  -.'  'I • . ■ -»
in,-, tin_ o|  -he   Ind. « and  l.ab»r I
i tl      I In-    in ',-Lv. - ......      ll.- -r
Kl.ei.,1,,.*      against      ll.c       Id- *<:-!        -at
S|-,tl .-Iniii ll, -. . n     • ■       •
llu   inaiiiini.t.  -Hike oa  Ihr •     I
i*  -ill tu  I ui   .ii..   .u.i.i.iiri.,1  | tint* tf>
.in i .i-t   '.i.r-i     :.     ii..- in,.,
Smoke I rown Ul—It Cigar.. V'var
Ills. I.
The lirt-a' Not Hum ...,- **-*.i.,.| ae^,
trul ol ll.e K--ol...ay \ alley .*.. I. ..|»
extending Iroui I't/n.ii • lerry !-• ** ••
don. ll.e le...tar ,..1.1 ba. gu.nant-til
the   K     I      I-"I -I-.      l-lin.>!->I   BMl     !.'-.
.-.     lln-   ...I I-   a it'-.—l thing ii-r 'h.
Mixan rounliy,  .a  it   ba-  lor yf.r*     I*
Irwl Irom .1..   atari I ibe t    t
llo.c i. . ..i.*ub .side vmrk ,n 'h»
wsy or .....nnno.i: to Li dlfne ly *S
'Trstles ( oun. .1. but la> k of limit* Ita.*,
M lar pi. a...lid ti.... I. work II..* Bra-.n
in H.i, .hi..t.<n. It is ..rUinlv tr It
bo|aed Ihat th. p...|«*T?d .... "ir.il.. n I
Ijlaor Day will ban tin MBS—I wita, .
lew dollar, in U"* lieasuiy ulinh nay rn
flpplod   I..  .In-  piuiai.e
( Iimt. e   in .,t.'. iy    butter   received    n,-
ulirly   .rom    the     lied     It.a..      1 all..
Creamery,   M.i i.l a. by Agnew ,1   '. u.
'lhe   ubtral   ii'-o. tat.on     at     tt*     Ufrt
in.rtint*  .I., r.bd   ui   Isvor ul    hol.l.i.g   a
convention    ll   K.vil.ti.ke    early     mil
Titer*    wa*   a   will   attended    >...fl
mat. b   in   II..-   PlSIISlBB   I.bII     I lion
Bf|ein.aa.n   I 1   a   ili.lple   ol   loeai.
tlemr-n "I ...lir      I here  were si,
ol     very   la»(   lighdng     snd     Wj
Ilrown  wa*  tjiven   the decision Ofw
Spieer.     Ihi   hgh(     wa.     (he    nn(»-
partly  o(    lad   Mss4    lirlween  (If  Iwe-
piig* and  psrlt*  lar *  pur"- divin**'
ttteen   lhem.
-V..IK I.
All members nl the virion. LsbM IKiy
rommittce. are lurrliv notilud ■).-
there will bl a ine. ting of all th. I 11-
niitlltf. nt the hall SSI I Sr.ndnv • ■• *v
ing. .1 TllO .h.rp.
A.  rSBBIol, (    BCRAl M
I'l'-idenl. '  ■• THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
GATc'lDAY  n-ri August 11, KOS
The Industrial World.
■   tjcini-ivei'kly   lid.!.on.
".'—iliahcd ut the Millet's Union Hall,
lUtasland, in the interest oi organized
labor   iu   Brit—a   loluuibia.
.-—iti-n-J ut the 1! ■••' .nd. II. U., pent*
■jllkxr lor Iran-nil.eon ii.luouali the
uuiln, -Novi-iuber, I*-"', us MOODd-olHI
reading matte,'.
■_.  C.   Thouipson,   K.ltloi-   and   Manager.
' 'Hi..-   ul   .Muiet'i   I mou   Hull.
SL'BSCltll'TK.N    ItATT-S.
ratable  Invariably   m  Ada unco,
•Une year       fi 00
——   liitinllia            1 2b
IjIW   inulltll*    '       It
press (nc striking li-.lioin.en who did
nol iieod hiippreaitiiig, will, instructions
to shool and lo shout lu kill if un opportunity offered', uie only it lew in-
stances which go lo -how the altitude
ol the Ouiismuir government. The
l.-gisluliit'e bus been in session only about
three weeks, but in that short tune the
government party. ha. broken every
pledge it made to the clcctot-s. However
it bus not l'orgotlcii ils promises lo the
nn inanitions.
"Allmin, Colo.,'' saya the Miners'
Magazine, "is distinguished in a number
,.r ways. It ia the highest town in the
world, its altitude being 11,1)00 teel. llut
i ti. not only in il. distance iron, tbo
se,, level that it is 'way up. It baa a
population ol' '.',1)00, und It. I'."ll olhi en
lire all uuiou men. ll hn. ita own wutei'i
works an .It, lire department, ihcltu)lag
uu engine, and i, Iree from debt und bus
money in its treasury. Wc commend its
cmunplc to such towns ua have no tiinuu
men in charge.
Address ull coiniiiiiu.talu.ii-i  to the In-
.1 r-lnal      World,      l'u.lutlKC      Box     .'.>*.
11. 0.
Tire liidiislnul World n> lor .ale ut tlio
loilowrnig   new.   11 e i *- ■'. -.
4—u lund
iSitupson's   Noivs  (Stand.
il.   *j.   W—lCt'l  Stationery   Store.
—iiitou  II,.'-
1'.  O.   New, bland.
r-in .,   Cigar   Store,
tsebaun. _
Canada   Hook  A   Drug   Stoie.
.Mc ii.i..  Bro*. jo . "
King _ Co.
.Secretaries of all uni..ri- arc authuni
---' (u receive sulMiriptious tor the
8ATC-0AY, .Ulli'.!' ii, luoo.
i.iciulli   look   over  the   (ollowtng  ex-
•rerpl  Irom  tne "tote, and   I'm. ecu..n*
s»l   the   laegi.lativc   A.-cuil-la.       It    lim
at.......  you  eiactly  wl.o  your   tiien.l*  uu*
s— iiiuller whether you arc u laborer or
a —nlhouii re, and il you are a laborer
_'ou can then decide tor tuurselt lion-
«.i_-orc wcic the | rami*.-. .<! .cventl gen-
«*«—*en who i.u nitrite M. I'. 1*. .iiui
.licir names:
ilr. Helmi-ken moved, seconded by Ur,
"•t.  Smith   (the  g.irciiiiiiei.t   00a**nt—f)l
That, in the opinion o( this house, sll
go, online...       ...lill.iot,      should      ionium
—nil conditioni aa will prevent alius.-
**> ha.li nut .im Hum thu sub letting ol
raui-li i-oniiiici*. and that every eHort
should be math* lo -un.* the payment
vt audi wage, a, arc generally accepted
Bi .uncut in each trade lor com|arlc„l
-..•rkniou in the tluliul where the work
"is tarried out; and it .. hereby resolved
thai the work to uhich the lorcgomg
roi.'.v .hall apply iiioJii.lt*. not only wor.
uibJitUken by the gut eminent it*tl(.
Inn also all work, allied hy a grant ol
irjv-ctal lund- .mil all work, earrteil
on under Iraniht-e. gianteil ny the
_uicr.ui.cni, and thai 'lhe alorcMid
j- .—-y .hall be lotihu ub applied >■ |
•every rlipsrtlllt ut lite public scrvic*
.ind to all l-artie* now |H-rtorming ser-
"•-.ce. Im ll.c g.icriimi-nt.
Air.   Mel nne*   rsoffd
— .oiijcd  by ilr. Bsdtk  t tinier
Thai .lie ie-,.lull.ui ,„ UMBdid n>
••■■ling bet—Ma the uot.1* :7..iii.niit '
and "iipphc.l. ,„ th* right bline. lhe
t—lowing word,: "cmbodit-d into sn
-act BSd ; also Iiy adding thereto Ihe
following woidv -'.Iw thsl iu all con-
si.i.t-, leases,  i ,,,„i, ,. ,„ whiUo-
-*iiT  kind   enteieil  into  ur innile  by  the
BUWIUt—nt,   |U,it.s    Ik.   uiile   that    110
China**  ,,r Ji.p.i.icv  -ball  be    employe,!
^a counc. tioa then-nil. '
Ve*-r       M       M Inne.
Kow thul tlie Dominion elections arc
in sight uould it not be u good idci. for
the s...-iiili*ts and ifforui volers ot ltoss-
Isnd in eel tOfllbir und urguniae lor the
van po |B, iliere ia uu tiling uiat t"
day limy bring loith. und it iiiuy I.e id*
vi-nl.le I.u than to run a can.lul.Ue ot
their own. II lhe labor people ol tin*
Dominion const it iu»ncy wore propcly
nigiiuizetl on | o'it.oul hue*, uu.l an ..>-
live prnpugttu.lu commenced, there .- uo
doubt Ihev coulil cleet thou .-undulate
(..,- the loininou*. del together some
night   and   talk  it  over.
Bonn labor unioni.l, sre ill tSVOt <H
slaying in (he old partial and by gei(Tng
central ot  thl or|ju——Uona .tntieuvur to
ilu-t.it Ihut the ciinoiiilBle'slisli lie .1
"friend" o( lalior. 'inesc |ae|Kiic lorgcl
that ll.e on'y member. 01 tin- mil pBtfMS
who liave any ssy aa to who lhe euii.li-
ili.ie* .hull lie are 0011.11111.011. or li->»
oh ue giabber- who supple Tumi- The
ollice seekers u.ually do-*.- dirty worK.
• lilizon  uud  C'ouutiy.
The government diBclaims all reipon-
■ .i-il.ty (or sending troop* lo the l-.a-.r
l( the government did not send Ihem
who in the name o( nil that'* good did.
So John Houston has declared Hint
he is a supporter of lhe Dunsmuir gov-
ernmeni. No wonder he gol Iii. t»ce
punched the same day, and it is very
probable that many ol his constituents
thought thst it waa just right.
ll ia reported that the mnynr will put
in. a silver cup lo he drilled lor on
I.il...1 Day. The ide* is nnt bad, and
the tropin might lie inscribed with an
a. count o( the swearing in nl Ibe I'ink-
ni..11* a few month* ago. All the miners would want lo drill lor it thru, and
bow tbe winner, would prise it.
An exchange tnithlully aav,: - '*!(
lalior union, did not lung else than call
attention to the misery that abound*.
their cv.alen.e uould I-.- ju.liti-.hle; but
tb.-v nol only tailed attention to (ue
effect., they have shown the i-*u<e*.
'I hoi hmo dune ...ore «l.ll; the have pro-
do...! remade—, anas tbs BWtitl and de-
merila of which proloaBir.. editor, and
liioo-lels now discuss and •dvnrat*
Labor union* hsva produced tliuiKcr.
aad clue.lors Irom out their ranks, and
have drawn student- and teacher* Iroin
ihe tii.thy and |m(ea*ional. XTuI moit
),i: Br—ll dotal 1 In-. Ihey have bcliercd
toe iiinii.i.on ■•! tli..ai«.-iu.|* ol lannlic,
In a.-tiuing higher wages, shorterJMMIB
and greater independence. ,n.Tivnl,ia.l t
unit iT.lleil.vely. lhe rciilt .- *a.ua.*tlnng
t„ be proau ill. The carpnlcr. printer,
iigarmikor, clerk, .boemaker. 4a..ur.
winking long hour* on *hor trstiom.
bate .tepiacl boldly to tbe (ront sol
uoiketl revolution in thought. It is a
lact. beyond cavil,"
TllK  lMIAUlSl*:.*:.
If, fired willi  (ni—ltd real, wo thmit
'Thy  tio.pi'l on poor liouthcn dust,
Cliildrcn  ol   Dai'kiiess,   lucking  liglit
To  me  that we nr*  ll ways  right-
Should Sons of   llchal   le.un  too well
To use the Christian tuula wc sell,
I 1 "in recking tube und China shard
In liodlcss hands, protect us, Lord,
Lest  wc  forget I
Help ub to spread Ih. faith wc learnt
When   pious  Cromwell   kindly   burnt
I .nli   l'api-i   rogue; und further buck
From reali.un monks with lire nnd rack,
Teach all the blessings that wc bring !—
Help   ub  in  trade   and  everything I—
I'pliold wc i.tay, 'Thy  peaceful Word I
Confound  nli  olher people, Lord,
Lest we forget.
Smoke Vi. 11. Cigars.    Blue label.
I Union Printing
Spaclil I.nun. * |or producing the
bs.t Printing lor Trades linb.n. and
Secret Soclatlla. Engravings procured.
Seal, and Rubber Stamps.
\A/.   H.  JONES
in e. Columbia A,., Roaaland, B.C.
Crown    Urant    1'ig.rs.    lllue
A liood   ln-tilutinn.
Aiuch rrclu .« due th e Miner*' I'nioa
id  ISanuon  lor lhe  ciiterpii*c  they  bav*
.........in., nl,   .|„,M|1 m ,|;t, re.,,1^,,,,,^ „t iheir b.asp.lal
in.iiii-ili.iielt.illiT   their  ht*t   hospital  bad
bioii   ib-ttotitl   in   the   bio   that   wiped
out   Sandun.
iheir  new   ho.pit.il.    located  on   Kcco
avenue,    some   dial*hit   lurther  up   tb*
gulcb,  wa* Bc.|uireil  Isclore the u.lio. ol
.he lire  bad cooled, and  today ts  tier
oiiulily tilted up ui the in..-I iTiinlurtabl*
• n.p.       lhe   wanl.   aceommoililing   ail
latienta.    ib   *   well lighted,    airy   aad
.h.rrltilly   btlrd   up   r.......   und   lh*   oy)
• i.t....   room,  the  dispensary    snd   lb*
(iilm.o.r,   siding ruonm are    all fully lurnisntd lor
Independent    Lahur   Platform.
Following     is   Ihe   Labor    Pl.iii.inn
adopted by the Vancouver Trades and j
Labor Council:
1. That upon* petition lacing presented tn the r- avernment ual I >g (or Ihe
repeal rf the exisling law, or tl.e en-
•teliiient ul a new law, the government
-liall lie iTiinprll.'.l In take a plebiscite
sn.l repeal ur enact as the majority voting may decide. The petition tn he
-'cu. 'I I.y a number ri|iial tn 10 par
cent of the vote cast at the previous
2. That eight hours shall constitute
it ilny's labor.
:i. That the contract system on all
public works he abolished and a minimum wage bused on local conditions lie
4. That no more public land be
alienuted by deed or Grown grant to
ciri-iratioiiB or individuals, lull Hill it
be leased in perpetuity only to • fair
rental   vain*.
5. Tbat all taxes on Industry and Ihe
product! ot indnsli >■ be gradually ah-
olished. nul the revenue nl the municipal and provincial government* h* derived by a tax on land values.
6. Free compulsory education; tree
educational materials, and frea main-
tainanca whan necessary.
7. Govern—*nt Inspection o( ill industries.
8. Public ownership o[ ill franchises.
Sticb IIS railways, telegraphs, telephone.
ud all other industries thlt partake of
l.o nature of a monopoly.
9. Tbe union label on all manufactured goods supplied Ihe government,
where practicable.
Id. Abolition ot properly qualitlca-
linn (or all public offices, and no money
deposit lo I.e rrqnired when the candi-
d.te's nomination ii en.lnrwd hy llll
■ le. i..i- In cilies and bu electors in
rural districts.
11. Liability ol employers lor injury
lo health. I- «ly or life.
Ik'. That a clause lae Inserted in nil
charter! granted by Ibe government,
making il necessary that a minimum
« sue ol 1'J.■'•" a day lie paid.
IS. The total abolition of Chinese
and Japanese immigration.
i-i : j'i*l i'i-i^''-j5''^*of^^-^.'!>*'J>f3
Wanhingtoi, St.
It.*vs \  Wuli,.it. I'ti.pi it t„: -,.
A l.i. Till:  JH.LIC.CIKK Ol   Till  SKAAON.
►♦44♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦>♦♦♦♦ ♦♦»♦♦♦»
Hot and Cold Lunches
The rlicc to gel lhe Best Meal in the City
IT" nip I Setvlce.
t- ,1 ;;.;.. .
Meals 2b Cents and Up.
1 i ............ 8 ,\rj,<
l Linton Bros.!
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Green- j
wood, Grand Forks and Vancouver. j
RETAIL MARKETS-Rosiland, Trail, Nelion, Ymlr,  Kaalo,  Sanilon, t
New Denver, Silverton, Cascade City, Grand Fork*, Gre.nwocxi, 1
Phoenix, Midway, Gamp McKinney, Revelitoke, T
Ferguson and Vancouver. ♦
Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds i
WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch. ♦
Y+4+++44 *********** ♦+++++.f+.»+.Mot,».»+->4'
♦♦■»*y-H-'l*-f'H-l»'»4*tt*>» 4 4 -M-f -H-fv-fftf ■*
... Fresh Green Vegetables... i
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce.
Celery, Tomatoes. Green Peas.
UK'. Fast Columbia Ave.
Telephone (15.
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.
No. oS lauluiul.-i* Avenue.
I ■«-•-!-*-•••••  •••-• V •'••••  '•  ' !T>
I   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4oTa*il
Get (hei. ."—. i.|.l..m- Hilled
by Ihe
Rossland Drug
: Company :
A Pull Use of Everything In Our Line.
Give i'i s Call.
KOBBLANt. DSI'O CO., R. )■.  oISON,.   Mgr.
Columbia Ave., next to Bon Ton,
i >**4*********<i+^tr*tl*l*l***l*' '
I in, overs!-cke.1 wilh Spring .nd Summer (.oo-ls. and am goto, lo make
price, talk, during Ihe month of August, » below :
Men's Worsted Suits, .?„?-£,£,.?-"'• $20 Suits for $13.25
Men's Scotch Tweed Suits, gfygffi $18 Suits for $15.50
Men's Tweed Suits, Our Regular $15.00 value for $8.75
+ Boys's Suits aud Odd Pants at just Half Regular Price X
** ~——^—^——————————~—.^___.^_—_—_ _.
Telephone No. 113.  X'
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Thl Busy Store at tbe Busy Corner.
Dry Goods Store, .
Cor. Fint Avenue and Woshingtou Street.
stable.    Smith     ...   I.,     i.bver.    K,„.|.   „„.   „.,„.,   ,„   „,„-.
-ac.ll    Irowii      M„,t,„,   ■.„,(,.,     .m,,,,,,,,      Ut   ,i0mm_ .bt h0,p|U, pk-Uia, and
Uonston-U. j,,.. «-,„.,,„,,„   ,|,p ,,„_,._ arc d«ervcl
Najnt Green.      Hall,      Mrl'hinu...
' I. hn. k..,. Turner,   Dnaaaair,    Khrrt*,
1*1111111.  .\ \\..   -Iubjo, Clifford,   Fulton,
liaaviai.l, Garden,    '1 allow,     P-rfiUce,
Velh.      Mcllnle,    P„„|e,       Mtiq.b,       KOg
•t-r..   Hunter.    I.tlor.   Ilutle.   HofllK*    .'I
IBB   •I. hate   ua*   III, u   ii.umed   ou    ll.e
a.   ond    ...It    ol    the   .llili-o.lliieiil
HSd yon Battel how Bob Gieaa itood!
N< I   '"gin    I..I.   ua* all    right.
(•-it     Hill     bate     It    Icii.r    ,„o     i.|,|„oi,,    ol
I i nul iliiie uo other*, loin l.tl...
»r.«n I.eveUtoke, b.r iii.t.in.o. god
.".fll. ... .Soitbaa.l K.a.I. on, Murphi
'-'  W,-i   Vbk*. Fulton ol  Wth   1 ale. nnd
*   .-   ..Huts.     Compile     ll
"Their   p.* elocl.oii    pi.tiiiue*.
niirBe. are
ly |"., ..In and hare done much to milt*
lhe hoapil.l the weeet. il I" At tn*
prc-t.l tune they hive lour patient, in
Iheir ihirg*, none ol whom, lortunstely,
sie -eriuusly ill.
The laoy. in Sandon dewrve all the
*iip,sirt they ran act and it would he a
-,-nml.Ie trove on the part ol the miner,
to tun. in nnd help then. ...it I.t
purehs.ing hospital tickets. .,! the same
time a..tiling ihem*elve. ul carelul
treatment  in  raw  ot deknrn.
"And whst makes you think you would
make  a   successful   umpire?''   saked    the
vole   wilh   I,...Tall  magnate.    Ihe applicant  P.r H.e
|ai..tnm drew li.in.clt  up proudly. "Sir,"
In   remarked,  haulily,  "I   hare juit fin
Now  Ihat  the t-iiipnuea   hue decided «h«l  rnr  dutie,  ai icn.ua cnumeralor,
li   aJnit   ilown     Ibe   mines   on   Sundav, ''»'   niagnatc   n-alifed   Ihat   here  Waa  »
».i*ild   it   \k     nny  n.ur-  than   right  lor SISB »( indominUblc will *nd grest cour-
lliem to incrraae the wages of the muck- age, and immcdistely signed him.
«•— lo tbe level of the l-hae.in *   alt pre,- —
.-nt Uuy   leieue  but (tj.fln tier  dsy    in "r>an and Slevenwn laeavo Indianspolu.
ibis .ity.   nnd   working  but  six  days   a ~~~
»ti-ek   Will    leave   their   pa,    i hei k   very Indianspol'".  I*"> •  Aug. It-The  Demo-
entail   indeed.    Fill.-cn  do_-l   per  week rral. and nlhera who mado up Ihe erowd
«ill  bai.llv  allow  .,   man   to  live in this >'r"  rsstSnUj/  Ihat  attended   the  Bryan
..op,    nnd   ninny   of    tbe-c     men   have
• oil cliii.irni to keep.    In  bet, ll
if—, not be known generally, this il
• Ilie RHMt expen.iive ramp in the Ku..i
*-nnT*   ri whirl, lo li,c. and taking it all
ground   'he wages paid arc mm li  lower.
'Ihis  won)d  lae no more  than ju.li..   r
lu* men who, by their labor,  are piling
■up ri.his   for  others,  and   risking  t.ieir
1 an  . -..,,-   day   in  doing  il.
BsMTSl   .livi.mn.   hue  ......red   in   lhe
*!' inslai..-.. which l_OW Hint the present
irSlutAI is tappMSd IS any labor
•m-ast.re. or to nm BOVI iihulaled lo
.',,«, iiaaia. the itiimiaration nnd employ.
uwnt ul nrienlal lilmr. lhe vole on
lhe nul-.*.1y bill, lhe failure lo pnah
htiiich lhe Mi InnM Inlmr ntl. lhe
.ending oi troop, to the Frascr to sup-
nnd ItteveBSOB official notification, have
marly nil led (or rhcir rrtrpcclivo homes.
Tlie sperial Inin, from Chicago nnd Milwaukee left shortly after midnight. With
ll.e cn opt ion of a .hurt slot, in Chioflgo,
Mr. Ilryan will probably go direct to hi,
home u, Lincoln. Neb., and Mr. Steven
son will gn to Bloomington. Among tho
lu.llns derided upon at last night's re
i.piion wa. lo open the a. live work of
I tlie campaign in Indiana, Illinois. Mi. hi
I nan nnd Vi'isrnnsin the lir«t week in
S.pi ember.
Watch This Space.
Holstead and Wright.
; ;»sssssssss»»»s»s»s»sss>ss»sssss»s»s»i»s>»»ssss»s»»>»»
Best Goods -ae.a_T.-je "^ ^
Best Workmanship.
Prices Right. *_e &
Summer Suits
R* D* McMillan
A Full Line of the Best
Imported Goods	
West Columbia Ave.
Next  Bank  Saloon.
* **************>***************
• ••■•:*
. . . The Litest in Ladies' . . .
Sailor or Walking Hats
niners Checks
Cashed at Full Face Value at
The Hoffman House
• - Opposite Bank of Toronto.
Rossland, B. C.
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i SATURDAY    .,  Auj-uut  11,   .SOO
More    Mill ins   Needed.
Martin .is called a wrecker of govern-
1 burnt,, Ink with nil his fiult| theft) are
I too few Joe Marlins and too.mihj, Tur-
I ncrs, Duniiniuirs, Maclcintoshes, Green-
I ways, ltoBBCB, Whilneys, Lauriera, Tup-
I per* and otliers of their kind, who aro
| tin- willing creatures of the corponttionB.
I A Jo* Mnitin iB needed in Ontario,—
I Citizen   and  Counlry.
Tin* proccBS of   political and economic
I evolution   through  which    the    country
must go before the crisis really  .comea
will  be marked by brutal exhibitions ol
i trin.-   practices.    It   will  ho  marked   by
'the   smashing  ot    lawa,    ths  mixing  ot
endless   antitrust   nostruma   swillly followed  by  their judicial overthrow,    'lhe
period will be red with a continued pol-
I ley  of foreign conquest and an attempt
I to substitute a polilical iwpirc, witB "*
I its army and tinsled' inatitulioni of force,
I lor  the' republic of    Jellcrson and Lin-
I coin.    Ill—l is tin' logical otitsome of the
Iconcentration of wealth and the dillu«io*
(of  want.    An  empire    ol    money   must
I have nn empire in government to sustain
Iii-   power   over    the    people.—Governor
ILcc, South Dskots,
■ li is not th workr alone thlt capital-
| lam ia degrnding. Kven the capitalist
Ihimself is rapidly deteriorating under it.
I Time wiII when, in aome measure, he
I real "I'nptnin of lnduilry"; now
I ho ia little better linn I'arlyle's one
linon-ter iu lhe world—Ihe idle man.
I His chief industry consi.t. in dl***—I
(checks. All his erstwhil* SMItagenal
1 b_llions  are   now.  a.  n   rule,  delegated
J to higher it-perls.Undent* and txperta.
Jn  work-hop    and factory  ll.e cn|.itali.t
today   robs   labor   a.   llagranlly   a.  ever
dl.     me.linevnl      fcudali.t,    or    modem
laonalon grounil landlord in hia particular
field  or rapine,    indeed,    it ii not   loo
, nm I.  to  say  Ihat   the modern  rspilsb.l
i Is  the bat-eat  devotee of  Mamtnan,  that
1 thai  "least  erect" of all Milton'. Kalftn
I Angela,  that   ha.  ever appeared  on  Hie
I *si il.   11* is wholly devoid of conscience.
I In lit. rsge (or "prolits" he puts po.*on
I in   human   food,    shoddy  in  rlolb.    and
I Isy.  hrctriij.*   lor  his  fellow-men.      lit
leiniTil-   ttiiKKty   w»rs   for   gold   nunc.;
and wor.1 of all, with hi, a.cur.eu ir» n
he  hsi  iKilluleil  the etreem    nl    pub1'.'
I opinion  st   ils very source,  by lhe cap-
I tare of pulpit, parliament and preis.   in
I his own    Iwe  mould    of    avarice    and
I rapine  are   being  recast   Igialation.  edit-
I lation and  religion.—J.  Morrison  David-
loon, l   I
Kollowini is * list nl Ihos* who silver-
|tise 111 tlie IXIIl'BTBIAI. Woell..
Geo Agnew .'* Co., (Ira-era.
W. K. McNeill, Shoe 81o *.
Hunter Bros., genenl merchandise,
l'.nipey llroi., groceriei and gents Iur-
| mall an.-
T. It. Morrow, druggist.
C ii. L.londe, shn* itore.
C. C. tillrson A  Co.,  gents  ' tot
and notioni.
(i. W. Moiiride, hardware.
Linton Bros., books and stationery.
Orescent Dry Goodi, lurniBliings, dry
goods aud clothing.
Morrison A Bryenton, groceries.
M. J. O'Heiru, clothier and Hatter.
Paulson HroH., groceries.
Taylor A McQuirrie, tailors.
I'aiiilic Te* Go., teas and coffees.
M. Vi. Simpson, news, stationery and
U. K. Balhi.
Mclionigle A Co, groceries.
Hoffman House and Bar.
Knsign Oigar Store.
Dyeing and Cleaning Works, Washington itreet.
Pamela A Chimberi, paint*, nils, etc
Holstead A Wright.
Kossland Hotel.
I io.rlrie Kamidry.
C. O. 1). Ment Market.
The Internilioual
Simpson A Jones, grocers
The ".Strand"
Ivigles' Millinery itore
Koialan.l Drug Co.
i). M. Kox A Co., grocers
Columbia Transfer Cu.
Kossland Auction House.
Pullman Cale.
1,1 .1... Ke.'aiiranl.
I'acillc Saloon.
Hoard's Tailoring Parlors.
H  Vi. Simpson, grocer.
I.KOBl'.K PL'SK. Miolgfr.
• ::
The Only Tranifer or Hi press
Oompsny in Rosslsnd that will
Deliver your Trunk! for 23 cti.
each    Three days storage free.
Labor U ion Directory,
Officer! and Meclings.
Meets every second aud fourth* lues-
.lay in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
each mouth at 7:30 p.m. in Miners'
Union   Hall.     C.   Soliulni,     Sec;     A.
I'.TUS,    1'1'CB.
Meet* every l*'riday of each week at
7:30 p.m. in Minera' Union Hill.
A. Ferris, l'res.; A. J. McDonald,
MINERS' UNION No. 38, Western
Federation of Miners—Meet* every
Wedneaday evening at 7:30 o'clock in
Miners' Union Hall. Wm. Willan,
Bec.j W. O'Brien, Bee.
Meets   on   tlie   laat  Sunday    ot    each j
moult! nt the Miners'  Union   Hull.  J.I
1\ Barkdoll, Sec.; W. Poole, Pres.
No. 252—Meet* the first and third
Tuesday ol ench month at 8 p.m. in
llentty's Hall. P. 0. Box 314. W."
McU*od,  Pres.;   J.  Kloman,   Sec.
W. L.  U— Meets every Saturday ev- j
oning at 8:30 o'clock in Miners' I'nion |
llnll.     P.   O.   Box   41.     Paul   .loi.ner,
Sec;   George Cunningham,  Prea.
PAINTERS'   UNION,   No.   40,   Painter*.'
and   Decorators  of  America—Meets  in
llentty's   llnll    on   second   and   fotiitb
Tuesday   Wednesday  ol    each   month, j
W. S. Murphy, pre*.; Geo. W. Shinn,
NEWSBOYS'  UNION No.  3-M*eta in
Miners'   Union   llnll  on   ths  first and
third Saturdays  of each  month,  at 0,
a.m.   Mike Guydotti, Pre*.;  Jay Barton, Sec.
—Meets second Sunday in each month.
J.  II.  Fletcher, sscretary.
: Rossland Hotel:
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
• Jerry Spellman, Proprietor j
. Cor. Si.oi.anp and Coluntbln Ave. a
Porcelain Baths
;   Brldgford & Herring,
3i Columbia Ave., next tu I alowle'i
*+4+*4+++++++ **************
A Sure Thing 1
That our Tcm aril Cofleeii are The
CIIOIV.KHT  SOM   11*>   KoMiMHl      'l'i-l.\
when ir.i- and rofT en nre ptmhed no
hnnl it in il -■ lut* ly m . < ---i' v to hire
nn .11 iu u* nt imii-ii.it merit. You wilt
tntit tt here.   ft In** wn it k1 • •"'■ nwjy
Pacific Tea Co.
:: ++++++++++++*+++++++++++ix
The Hoffman
- House -
Queen Cigar Store.
. I I I i in.M    jo
************************** -•
Wholesale anil Retail
Paint*. OH*. Winlihra.   rUushrs. Walt
I mioh  and I'.lntrr-   Supplies.   Order*
taken for I'aprrhanglng an J Oecoratlng.
Off ire and fttore Danlc'a Ik Cha * Iter*'
Rt,-. - j > Columbia Ave uml. r Dominion
KaprraaCo a Office.   Teteplmce Vo  t- .
.. Canadian and. .
Kentucky Bourbon
. . . Whiskies . . .
Nalson r_ Ft. Sheppard Ry.
I Be. mountain Railway.
i The only all-rail route between all
points ea.t, west and south to rtoaalk-rj,
Nelson and all intermedial* pout*.-  ton
1 netting at Spnkane with ths Great
Northern, Northern 1'. it c and O it
k N   Co.
| Connects it Nelson with atesmer* (or
Ksalo and all Kootenay lake point*.
I Connect* *t Myers rail, with stag*
daily for Kcpubtio, and connect* it
llco-sburg with Blage daily lor Gnnd
Fork* aud Greenwood.
Effective July 23,  1900.
. a i
, I i
.. .
Every lYemberof
Org nized Labor
Should Subsribe
for this Pr per...
One year, - •
Six Months,
- $2.00 j;
Address Ail Communication!
TUB Fast Ul.
~        S*f*st and Beat.
Solid   V—tibuled   Trains.     Kleotno
Iaighted.    Equipped   with
Observation Cars, :•
Pullman  Palace  Cera,
—legsnt  Dining  Cars, S .
Modern   Day   Coaetiei,
Tourist   Bleeping   Csrs.
'through  ticket* lo ell  point* ia   tba
United States snd  Canada.
'EicepB  Sundiy.       Try,  onr   Mectrie
Agt. R. M. Ity., Rosslsnd, iTC.
J.   W.   HILL."'
General Agent,  Spokane,  WaSh.
As-t. Geu. Pass.  Agent,
Portland.  Oregon*!*-
!l,None Better.    Solid Veit.bu'ed
Trains,    Palace   Dining   and
Observation Can. Meals
a Ls  Carta.
Sealed Goods a Specialty.
Railroad and Miners'
Checks Cashed.
harry Mcintosh.
I Leave
10:30 a.m.
11:33 p.m.
11:40 p.m.
9:43  p.m.
10:00 p.m.
Day Train.
Night Train.
******** J a~*+++++++++
7:30 p.m.
i'. i». i' in.
S.m p.m.
7:05 sin.
8:30 s.m.
H. a. jackson:
General Passenger Agent.
K.  W. RUFF, Agent.
Rossland, B. C.
Pacific Ky.
"Imperial Limited"
Service for the voir 1900 will be commenced JUNE 10th. Tbe "Impenil
Limited" take* you icross th* Continent in (our dsys withou change.
It ia * solid vol.hulcd train, luxuriously equipped with every possible
essential lor tha comlort and convenience ot Passengers. Ask your
friends who bare travelled on' it, or
A. O. P. A. T. P. A.,
\ .un ..uver, B. C. Nelson, B. C.
I Direct connection at Bt. I'aul, wrtBout
! ehauge ol depot, witb all trains tor
, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New lork
■nd all limit*, west and couth.
Close connection east snd west bound
traine at Spokane wtli trains ol th*
| Spokane  Fslls _. Northern 1—iIway.
Leave* Spoksne dsly (or East 10:13
Leaves Spokans daily for Weal 7:30
Weat bound train, make direct connection for Victoria, Vancouver, Portland, Ssn Francisco and all points on
the Sound.
During the season of navigation Eait
bound trains connect tt Dululh with
the magniticent slesmsdips North-Weit
and North-land, of tbe Northern
Steamship company line operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
For further information, map*, folders, etc., spply lo any agent of th* Spokane Fall* I Northern Hallway. Kasln
* Slo.ru, uailwsy, Kootenay Railway it
Navigation   (Vimpany,  or  lo
General   Passenger   and   Ticket
Apnl, St. Paul, Minn.
Commercial Agent, Spokane, \\i«i.
t   =r_r_r____rr___=_rr_rr_r^^ 3
£ ES
i Patronize Home Industry and |
i 3
e -jmmmmwmmmtttmmmmmwmmmmmmtr'mmmmmmmmmm- 3
£ £
SMOKE W. B. and
-^lUlVIAn-tJiP _
|iail!UlllU!ltl..„!,i I
All Blue Label.   Home-Made.
I   E 3
;.,,.lll^lllU.llllll.uUUIllUUllllUllllU.o4,|,mU,U,l,IU|lli,adluwa|U|iaUllu,aiu|u^|UU|U4u4U,o,ulUnuu,u,w,u,. THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
SATURDAY  ......m, 'Angust  11, 1000
Motion  to Eielude Them From Railway
Construction Defeated.
Victoria, Aug. 9.—(Special.)—In the
private bills committee on the 8th August lhe \\ ester,, Telegraph und Telephone
company's bill wub furthered considered.
J l was'moved by Smith Curtis to limit
the borrowing power o( tlie company t*
the lair price of the company'B corporal
properly. Tbe voto for wa. Brown and
Curt—] against, Clill'ord, A. W. Smith
and Tutlow.   Lost.
ilr. Curtis also moved to add a clause
whereby lhe government after the expiration of live years, upon giving one year's
previous notice, litis the right to purchase
..II the property und friuiehise of the ooin-
liuny al the bur value of its corporal
property und louses, together Willi iuih
liunu, (if any) ua it may deem ndviauble,
not exooeduig l'l per cent of such liur
vnltie.    lli- iirovisioit curried.
Mr. Curtis .il-o iituved ihut the following elauie be inserted: "No person shall
be employed by tlie emupaiiy in tlio .--.>•
-ir iiiTioli.   orteHon   linn   opeiTitmn   ot   the
telegrspfa or t*l*pboo* lino. .,,,.1 plant ot
the luinpiiny who cannot nail this not in
a European liuiguiiKo, or unit'-**, he* ia on
the revised I rovinoiul voter*1 list, or be
i-   ot   Cituciiaiir.it  or   Imliun   blood."
A voto wus taken, Means, ilroavn and
Cut—I voting lor it uu.l Messrs. A. W.
Smith ami Tntlott- ugiiii.t it. rhnirnuin
ilclincken gave his vote ng.iiust the
motion and it was deolurcd loft.
In the railway e-ommittee a .inula, provision W08 moved by Mr. Mclnnea to be
inserted iu the railway charier belore the
...u.mittee, ami a vote was taken, Messrs.
Brown, Cut.-. Kidd, Martin, Ml—IBM
Oliver, Stable, and E. C. Smith—S, for,
,t. and Mi'o-srs. lliiTnril, Ktilton, (Ini-ilen,
M. I')nll.|a*. .Muunco, Murphy und Roger.
—7, against it.
. ni , r ia., i, l'ooloy, who hnd tirevioualy
.mn..iiuied that the lM.liey o( the govern-
ment wim in npiiosition to such n provia-'
ion, then claimed hi. privilege under
Rule 87 of voting, snd voted oguinst the
motion, making the vote a lie. and by
Rule 87 the motion wits declared lo.t.
As tlie motion ia aimed at the Chinese
and Japanese, it i. now quite clear, in'
vi.w of Mr. Pooley's a|**ciflc announcement of the IHahey of tlie goveriuuent,
that the latter ia going tn object to re-,
•trillion,   „|...„   their   employment.
. o.MI'l l.-ORV   ARIIintATlON.
llnll h   Smith's   Rewilutinn    Withdrawn-
Oriental   l.i.T   Again  .
Victoria, II. C, Aug. 9.—(Special.)—
Ralph Smith's eonipulsory nrbilration n--
olutiun waa avululn.wn toilay on tlie undertaking aaf the government that a bill
would Ibs brought down next bcmoii.
1 at I.ui * ltn_f_t (..n-civutue anti-
I'lnnesc rrM.liiiiiin which eoiilaine.1 *,•.
vere .truture. niton I—urier's ml.nun*
in.l.on. tva. voliil down toiliiy by the
government, a fnore conoiUalory amend
ment  being accepted.
An iiiaatru, lu.ti in lhe executive council
was passed today advocating a clause in
all governui.nl work, and franchise „n-
dertaking, prohibiting the employment of
all unable to r,-M,| tlie Knr»|K*an language.
'lhe   .... ...in.-   ia   aimed   al   Cl.....--, I
• I.., in. .   cheap labor.
Ill-    1JN1—KV1_V\_1',
of   the   Minn e--lmpr.-gn.tbil.iy   ol
\ ..tuna. K. A.. Aug 9.—To te«l the int-
pregnahihty iaf hs.pum.alt, Itvo tor|ie,lo
lioal, aiwl torpedo Ibb.1 dealmyer. m.d,-
an attempt to enter the barlanr hut night
u ii In.u lacing ..I—and. I."ii*r belore
Ihey m» bed the entrance to Ihe harbor
*e*rcb lights from various fort* made
them good  target, for big gun,.
A letter waa received this morning vis
Seattle by Mr.. ,lacub*wn, Ihe wife of
the owner and master of thr aading
schooner Minnie, rrportirm the total I- —
..I the ve.sarl in the Behring Se*. Tbe
crew an* all safe, but no detail, are given
I he aeb.Biner and is equipment ate injured for B|t000.
only wan is *a,<m,<xo.
Kenneth flaringlon Bellairs' Big Demand
On tbe City of Spokane.
Kenneth ttarington Bellairs ha, made
* demand on the city ot Spokane lor gB,-
1100,000 damages. J bis ia the sum which
he aaka because he was incarcerated
(or several month, in the Medical l.ike
Asylum lor the insane. I he demand waa
made on the city council on Wednesday'
night in an extravagantly worded com-'
in....nation. Pending the Mlllcment or
his claim be asks the council (or meal
tickets so that be Buy nol die ol hunger
belore he receives ..I millions Ihat be
asks (or.
Ilellaires ia well known in Rossland.
He came here about two and s ball year.
sin.e, I ought a weekly taper and branched out *, a mining promoter, with wonderful connection, in London and else-
where. His - heme, mil not bring (orlh
any great results. The weekly which he
published was interesting on sccount ol
the brceiy manner in which be treated
local snd other affairs. A loudness lor
the wine cup, however, made him care-
lea* even nliout his newspaper, ami he
finally lemoved to Spokane. I here he
fell from the second .lory of * house in
which he was rooming snd sustained severe injuries. The chief ol those were
to hi, head. lie wss examined ** to his
sanity, and two physicians pronounced
dim insane, and he w*a duly committed
to lb* asylum for the insane st Medical
I ake. This is the cause for the drman I
which he makes on the authorities st
Spokane for W.WO.OOO and for meal
An editor ia an article of newspaper
luiniture that is post comprehension,
lot) generally tinuk you uie ou the right
side ol bun, but nways be ou tho lookout lor squalls. Now, three weeks ago
1 scut lhe Industrial World1 man a con-
Iidciiliul note to th I etlet that 1 would
be "out" iu ten days and that i might
then iiittview the duel ot police. Whut
does Mi*. Editor do but he publishes the
contidential note i scut him 1 It 1 had
the oratory oi Chris. Foley, or the muscle of alitke burns, or even tlie price ot a
shouting iron there would likely be trouble in tne Industrial Uo.nt butluwiek.
A. it ib, 1 have neither "which or
tothei-,'' mi that 1 Will limply U'l! whal
really did happen.
lu tlie lirsi place it wus lhe Bume old
propo-itmn "1 going out with u gang, Ms
quit-nig InlniTty and lulling by Ihe wuy-
siii*c. 1 was not used lo lale hours and
itoRsluud WSter, uud when some of tne
boy. got lihiT.u 1 got hippy uml thought
1 wub ilu- only pebble ou the beach.
Tin- growing huppy with 10—I H
spontaneous; wiule with other-
it .. it liitl.it, with ine it 1- ot the fdlintt
special, 1 hud been culling up high jinks
lor some time when suddenly il oocureil
lo me lluu 1 h.i'i.i wile, uml straightway
I got .. liun. h ihut 1 Iuid better go homo.
I knew Ul direction, but »oine cruel
joker kept moving the street ou me.
Slowly hut imuitiiiiy .md with the |..i
sevenuioc worthy ol u better oause 1
Und lhe path so olten trodden under
tie.ie   fuvorublc   - ii. .iii'-i .n. ---
'lhe walk wus not short, and by the
time I readied the tenoe uud braced
myself preparatory*— giiibbiug uie gate
aB soon as it cunie uro.ind again, I waa
aware of the fact that the suit wua
struggling to get I gUmpag ol me. Finally, the front door na* reached, hut
never in all my lite hail I loiinil the
night-key so unruly. No matter wlneh
way 1 would turn it or how mu. I. paint
1 would kick oil the door it would not
budge a hair's luea.lili: oven .wearing
wua of no itvuil, although it _ said io
work   wonder,  nn   w.nie  tacca-ionfl.
What   wu.  I   I...'..'
But I wss nnt allowed In won.ler vety
long a. lo what I would do. b.r -nine-
body landed bo heavily on my shirt collar thnt at lirit I thought it wai my wile
giving me her usual more than cordial
welcome,     llut   it   wn.n't   her.
'Th.it are you tlnin' bole V called out
a voice from inside a blue suit wilh
h. i" buttons. "Ve hev no bti.ine..
guin* home an.l innnev in ver |aocketi
alter bring nut wild de gang: I'll j.-i
run ynr in fer not -i.-n.lur yer dough
in some tip-town saloon!"
And Officer Gangshnw, tor that was the
penuin who ,..|.bi-.,-.l mr. wa, ju.l as
g.sa.l a. lu* word, ami I landed u, linilio
ill a few minute*.
Leaning on the arm nl Ihe plain-
elothe* detective, tthi.m evervone know,,
I tva* led —tO the holy ..I holir. where
Magi-Irate   llouliboe   dt.|aen*e.   ju-tioe.
"Stand up '." commanded In* wnr-hip.
"anil receive your leiium ...tir." Uul al
wa« evident tbe magistrate', idea, on
lenu.n —hum were aot al Ibe wine \nr
iely a. mine. I knnw I wa. Dunking <>l
tl.e kind a pe r-on need. .Il.r bring ...it
wi.h   tbe  ssng  all  nighl.
'Tie rb.ei oi t«ih.e." continued hi,
wm ship, "ha* ilci.il.il i,„i are not r.i.IIv.
but ina-nim-h a* ton air a.hat i* known
a. the Hoif* Editor I will ju.l t~p.r*i
that you board al I\i*tlc Ingram Inr lh.
next ten day*."
The jailor, like nto.1 |a,.b.emen. wi. a
big Isl gei.ut. with nhntn. .1 look, count
for .nt,thing, hard work had nnt heen
on a, eaking term. Inr _im<* lune wild
him. Between "hunling" (»r rw uubr
Ihe lily nftii-e, impmvmg mr i„ frvnch
ron.rimt.o.i and making lee cream lor
both of ii. he managed to |a«* away the
time  pleasantly.
On.e again I breathe Ihe free -noun'
tain sis. which, a. yei. i. not "cornered' bv any I rust.   I   w,ll hand   in   my
roniin >n b. llniwe Editor, and  hence
lo.ih will beiome a dealer ol card, in •
M—OB, aherr ihe t«ih,-e ne,er Imuble
and the rake-off doe. lhe re.1.
Th*  Fireball.
Yesterday wai the fir«t day sinre the
beginning of the work on the fenndalioni
ol thr new Hit halt when work waa stopped. Tin. wss owing to the conlinuo...
The walls sre now up soms lour
live feet, snd are being very solidly
I he roe* ,* |*r mg removed con-
Dlly enough from the ground on Ihe
insgwit ju.l east of the Prrxhylerian
i lurch nnd i. thu, rloae lo the firehall.
Thi. grading of the roadway w.ll allow
the PrraaliyleriBn ehunh offleial, to place
Ihe ater* allunling access tn the building
in the .rot whre they sre mnal convenient, an.l i* practically fulfilling a petition made by that laody lo Ihe cily
council some few months since.
Good label printing tl Stunden  I'nnl
ing --ompsnjr. _   .
I apil.il   lis.   labor    s*    mmplrlelr   by
the  IbiiBil  *a  ever landlord   or *f-rllonl.
The  m.,1 bine   ba, en.laid   Ihe  man.—.1.
u   Davidson.
Sociali.™ ntu«t slier-ed l.|.iLl,*m in
the i.aluial order of pt-Kfea*; end il
ynu will not lerognue th.. now, I will
nol quarrel wilh ynu. 'lime will lurni«h
thr argument .'Governor la*e, Nitilli
All thing, i..n,pire to limit ine own
ership ol m.,< bine, to the |Ni*M*B*a,r* nl
huge ....mitilalion. nf capital IBs
worker .. a. ntarhinrles* •* he i* l.ti'l
less, snd it is difficult lo **y whirh ol
the deprivation. _ ll.e devil and which
i. the deep »—«. Without .rce*. to ii'if
ma,Inne and Ihe land, he m,l*l |>en.h—
J. Morrison  Daii.lMin.
In good lime, when the people Have
reached lhe fork, of the load, whir, one
luule lead* In lhe death of Ireedom and
Iho other to liberation, they ml Inv I.,
Ibs call as they lune i.in B meet ever,
p.ai m.i. Ihey will e,terminate the
empire ut tspital, expel the .apital lord,
snd creel on Ihu continent a sy.t.-m ot
life st once nattital in it. growth and IB
perfert harmony wilh the learhmg. o
lliri.t    (liiifuiiir   la-r.   Siuil,    Dakota
Today the instrument. "I plod... loan
ami distribution ar* private pra.prrtr;
tomorrow they will l» pabU*. i'"l.i
Ihr produei. of labor are «niii b-
a ul.i—l profit; tomonow Ihey will b*
eq.ul.lily aiqaorlinneal lor common .....
looprialion may seem to lie lhe ami
ll.esii ol competition, and yei. stiangely
f.i..ugh, the one i, lhe ine, .table on-
spring ol Ihr other. I ml, wondntul
are the way. ol lhe myter.ou. "I'ow.r
l-ehind Evolution."—*J. Morrison thn i.l
Ksvolulionie th* control of production
snd distiibulion. Make it democrttie.
11 is n..w an imperial sy.t.m. Substitute
public lor piuate ownership. throw off
private lor public monopoly. ( ru.n
nil. el money snd eaubliah the rule ol
aven. I*roduo* snd distribute wi-.TIh
for Ihe snnchment of the r»—, for lb*
tralilir.tion ol needs snd the Mti.lac
tion ol worthy a*p.ration.; not lor pn-
vat. profit and plunder. Soch a policy
c*b be rsqu*red with the Golden Rule.
Soil. * policy will deetroy public .nd
pnvsle ra.ral.ly and give birth to a
new iHM-i.l ble ot which tbe people are
csi«blc when they *r* dehvried* Irem
the dread ol starvstion and death.—
Onvrnor  Lee,  South  Dakota.
Tb* conversion of product ion (or |>ri
vit*  profit  to  production   lor  the  gen
cril well*rs cinnot be brought i.l.o.u .
the trusts ot trust, tbe all-absorbing
all dominating, all owning monopolist
has taken possession of tbe country and
io. ood the people, in self-defence, to expel him an Una monopolist  fans in  turn
l-ipllod      ll'Om     eolllllielT'Ull      OMsti-llt'e     ull
with whom he bus been at war. Ilie
pooj.le are slow to move and patient iu
bearing louden*, but there is evidence
that they are commencing to see tbe
hopelessness of any attempt to fegei
ute the middle clubses of society. Public
ownership, already well-defined political
is.ue, must booh give birth to a poliUcal
issue, must soon give birth to a political
party organized to put il into lorcc—
Guveruor   Lee,  South   Dakota.
Hair  ih.- willing people are incapable.
The   retired  actor is naturally     played
Lapland is truly the land of the infant
The things you hate happen aa easily
as   weeds  grow.
Congressional bills have given way to
the uiOBquito bills.
i he chronic loafer is a man who sticks
to one thing until hu iiuls.
The i.uii.oi- who raises poultry is reasonably sine of goodi crops.
Even the temperate buzz-saw haa been
I.ii.iu u to take ihie., hngera.
N ..mutter how hot thu weather, a glass
of beer usually bas a high collar.
Sonic woiueu are both good and true—
and some men are no good and untrue.
it is easier to love a poor girl thuii a
ricb one, because there is less competition.
Probably the future looks dark because
coming event* cast tbeir shadows before
'lhe game of billiards ws, probably invented by the author of "Wearing of tbe
A girl may be both pretty and Ignorant
but .he is never igiiorant of the (act that
she is pretty.
It i.u't much consolation to a man to
know ibal his neighbor's wile ia lea* extravagant  than hia own.
'The girl who has Ihe tinest collection of
rhina )• mushy tbe on* who couldn't
make ■ nip of te* to *ave her lile.
U hen oue womsn out o( a hundred has
nothing lo say, the other ninety-nine are
asking what is tbe matter with her.
If • mother objects to ber daughter's
attendance at a social affair, tbe girl can
overcome Ihe opposition by representing
that it is to be very swell.
When * preacher calla on a business
man in working hours to give bim a few
helpful words, the man is bothered the
rest of ths day because of hia interruption.
You want s l.nbrl Cigar, and you want
llielieil'   irthBtlsso, try our
UiiniioBi .Cigars
Domestic Union Label Cigars: La Flor de
Veneda, La Flor de Cuba, Kl Colonial.
itn i ortedCuban Union Label Clgara: Lar*
rnuge, HI Corona, Africans Dudes,Galelel
The Queen Cigar Store
CHOW eft MORttR. Props.
Columbia Avcpue.
ii Grand Union
||  --Hotel--
_  The Finest ol Wines, I.fouorB bii.1
Domestic and Imported Cigari.
$    Finely Furnished Rooms.
'liners Checks
Cashed at Full Face Value at
The Hoffman House
Secoud near Washington.
V. & N.'Phone 68.
V. «rt.  PHONE 181
P. 0. BOX 3.
jMO. 18
Just Received a Large Consignment of
Foley Bros.' Bankrupt Stock  bought in
by the
Crescent Dry
Goods Co. wi
Knob I lill
To tlie City of Kossland.
Finest Residence
portion of tho City
Adjoins the original townsite, corneringon
Thompson Ave. and Monita St.,
about five blocks from
Post Office.
0/~| of these elegant Lots arc being offered Of^
OU al Jtreatly reduced prices. Terms lo suit Ov/
_________; purchasers, instalments or otherwise   ___=____.
28 East Columbia Ave., Rossland
For Spot Cash, for
s friction of the
orlf In*! cost.
The Stock  consists of  Men's Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Hats  and  Caps,  Miners' Oil
Slickers, Gloves,  Blankets, Towels, &c.
Bargains for Everybody.
I__ International i
Keeps the Choicest and
-Coolest Glass of Beer-
In ihr Cily "I KosaiUml. WHY. Brc«ut4-wr hnvr tsrtl.r fndliilrti for handHux II, and 3
-rit II lanler than aujr olher bar In lown Din, • ftrr being lap)*-, retain* Ita mettti antl «L
flavor for a Unit let I time only. Keep thi* tn mint! when you 'ook for a place to refrr*h _|
your*elf. Cheque* of all known mine*, railroad*, contractor* and I ■.mm •* men arc
ca*hrd at their FULL Hack V-»h i  In our office, at any hour during the day cr utght.
Faoiiily Liquor Store
f Choicest Wines and Liquors for Family Use, at the
Lowest Prices.    Nething but the  best kept in stock.
I-   f*. BOX SOI TBLB*. H0NBS 11
Sp.<rI.l nit.niion Klv.n to Mill Order*
Stunden Printing Co.
1.11 Clumhla Avenue
Roasland, B. ..
r~* » ;;
Thos. Embleton,!;
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Everything" the /liner
1 - - Wants to Eat - - *
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest t
Prices.   Goods delivered to any part of the City.
Q. W. flcBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSISt!♦♦♦»»♦sssssssssssssssssssssssss p\
Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits, j
and Vegetables, Fntits, Crockery and Glassware.
Third and Washington. Telephone 191. ^


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