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Industrial World Jun 9, 1900

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Array I
VOL 1. NO.-iu,
KOSSLAND,   BltlTISU   COLUMHIA,   SATIKUAY,    .JUJp: 0. 11)00.
Devoted to the Interests of Orgaulsed Labor.       Kndorscd by llio Tnula. nud Labor Council.'      Offlolal Organ of District 1'niim, No. G, \V. V. M.
i************************* **************************
+*********************<>*** *********** ************** t>
Hunter Bros.
.Make this place your shopping centre.   You 11 find   ?;
nearly everything in all claspes of merchandise,
II Footweai
♦t  The stoo  is carefully 8-Iected and only seasonal-Ie   tt
good*-- offered for sale.
W.F. McNeill,
N.xi 1'i.slclllce.
No lancv prices, hut lhe best value for
your money. We handle only lii.-i . h. >-
• ti
I Pacific Saloon :
Cm. s, uls.tu* ai. B Colara—11 Av,
• A loug, cool Bnd refreshing gloats
> . of o
You Can't"~
• I.I.Ill' I"
When you buy a pair of
our Men's Shoes at
£ The Reliable Foot-Fitter.
Martin Salmon, Prop.
a ....ii im •  i uo'ii. iniii, rt
♦ •l-14«*r44.<f*>*>*>4*H-t'4'>T*>'t-<>t*>|
<■■**************** *********** *************************
j Empey   Bros, j
Are allowing u very line rnugo of
|   Union-Made
The Strand
The Mt st I'.lt'o.mi and Luxurious
filled liar iu Oanadii.
A Full Line id the Choiceit
|| Liqueurs and Cigars
tin  eilk fronts with linen body, ('iishiii.i.-  linen und all silk ».,inls»
^m    Also a very nice range of
And sashes, the very  Lest   English   manufacture.     Wo have jusl
opened up ;i very nloo line of
KM. WATSON, Proprielor.
IIC. O. D.
Men Market
Washington (itreet     -   Rossland.
Opposite,—auk of it. c.
iEMPEY BROS.. The Furnishers! IMF A T
? GENTS' FURNISHING  DEPARTMENT. | j 1 V JL  J—tt 1     _     JL
Cheap for Cash
T Made by the Hamilton Brown Bhoe Co.    Kv.-ry pair guurauteetl or
money refunded.    In mens' nud  boys'  clotlllug  WO  I'iii'iy lhe
finest goods nt the best prices.
ItJorner (Joltimbiii Avcnueand -pukuneStreet. ^^^
U********************* MI*MMMMMMM*mMMM
About Dispensing and Drugs.
Dispensing of physicians pi*esoiIptloni is un Important
feature of our drug uepartment and we lakeiusllflable pride In
Uie eminence and popularity It bus attalaea. The pnysieinn
who writes a prescription has certain sneolflc resolta In mind.
To insure the oest results and so aid the physician in Lis efforts, wo employ, none but the bosl ami expert dispensers,
whilg the drugs, anil chemicals used are the Ih'kI.
T. R, Morrow,
10* '
5 if
iifClobe Restaurantl
Ciillllll'ai.i  At-
Everything  New, Clean   and
I. J. i
:dc and up
t • • • • * it t/'4i&i'irp'isiri&V*
Loci 1 and tieneial .Voice.
Work has been resumed ou llu*
Q iant>
Sinking has coininei)ceil in the
livening Star,
lion. Sniiih Curtis was in Kelson
iliiil Vniir, Monday.
The Oddfillows oonlhrred   two
lirst degress Monday night.
.Ins!. Wilkes spent a day or two
in the cily the lir.-t of Ihu week.
Citizen and Country and Industrial   World,    bolls,  one  year  for
\V. Ross bus secured tho Interest
iii ii I. ■ Koi contract hold hy Wm.
Smoke AV. il. ami Crown Grant
pig—Wi llliio Label and made in
Kosslanil. *
The Slocan Star, near Sandon,
bus closed down throwing 180 men
out of employment.
.las. 1'iiylor is back ngaiu aftei
■pendingn few weeks iu Bpoknue
and in the Oouor d'Aleucs.
Smoko W. B. nnd Crown (Iran!
cigars. Blue Lnbcl aud made in
Kossland. *
.-an l'Yunciseo is badly infeit.'il
with th    plague.    Five deaths in
one .lay is the present record.
The Ladles of the Maccabees
gave a verv enjoyable and sucet'.-s-
(ulsocial hi Itinera ball Tuesday
Mackintosh spoils arc now
wanting to place money that Curtis will nol havo more than :.."*<i of
n majority.
C!;. Foley was in the Boundary a couple of days this week,
combatting tin* fallacies put forth
by Mackintosh spellbinders.
Snick.* W. li. and Crown Grant
cigars. Blue Label ami made in
< has. Gustalson, a miner well
known iu Rossland, now uf the
Coenr d'Alciies, waa In camp a few
days returning bu Idaho, Monday.
Alpha Chapter, No. 1,0. E. B..
baa been in.'liulctl jusl one year,
and Wednesday night a social was
given in Masonic hall to  cl.-liral.
the event.
T. !•'. Kirby. of the miners, re-
turned to Uot—and, .Sunday, aliei
spending lour or live months in
the  Cocur   il'Alene-.    He cxpoc-
iu remain here.
Robcit Green, u mucker on the
600-fool level tit the Le Roi, was
mveraly lujured Monday.   To save
himselffrom falling down a  cliule.
he throw himself sideways on some
timbers and Injured bis back. At
writiug he was unable lo   walk.
The greatest reform papers in
Canada, TheOiti_en aud Country,
inul the World, will be son!
to any address for one year for two
dollars, if paid in advance. Help
along tl..* cause of socialism ami
labor by supporting tie papers
which advocate thorn.
As an Inst—nee of the nay Ihe
c. iv I!, puts the screws on a
shipper when il has him al Its
inci'cy. how Is this. A week ago
i ha-. Klilcra shipped two cows
Iron. Smelter Junction lo Halcyon
Springs. It coil bim just 933 each.
Ami yef I here nre  people   win. do
not  want    railway   compotllioD,
iml do nol believe   in   government
iv, iiii'-liiji.
Phoenix I iiion No. ..Carpenters
ami Joiners, at it- regular meeting
(Ml Wednesday made formal application (o the grand secretary treasurer, r. .1. M.'(.uiro. Philadelphia,
I'a,, to affiliate with the. Culled
Brotherhood of Carpenters and
loin.'is of America. The Urotlior*
hood was established r.t Chicago In
l ssi wild 2,042 members! it now
has over 10,000 curollcd racmbci-.
inhere Does mackintosh Stand?
h is Idle for Hon. C. II. Mackintosh to
attempt to persuade tha worklngmon ol*
this constituency lhal in ilu- contest which
is now in progress ha standsfor good government and ibo interest, of tho whole
community, including iho-o of tho laboring classes, -I-, opposed lo legislation
Inimical lo the good of the dliitricl and the
provinco at target it is useless for him la
this attempt to issue cnmpalffn literature
aiul bring here corporation lay was to advocate his candidature! Tho mon' In*
wi'iti's aiul ilu* more liis adhorenbi dls-
claim me loss hope there is of his success.
Ami one great reason of His is ihat his
appeal lo organized labor t£p|ireU on pas.I
lii»ton ol' an entirely sentimental irh»racier and does not touch one of ihequesttou.-.
so \ii.il to iho interests of tho great hisjy
ol .\ irfcer*. Ho tolls us that he employed
Uttlon tab       -nd  presided .il a mooting io
receive Grand Ma»tcr Workman Powderiy
but ho does nol define hia p■■,,;on tin ibi
eight-hour law or toll ns where ho standi
in regard to Oriental Immigration* He
sii s ihai iu- championed our cause in ami
OUl ofparliaments, hiil hi* does ItOl inform
us what position ho would lake iu the
event ol another -trugglc between the
mine-owners $\ i_■ • -*, district ami the!I employee-*
Kor a moment lot ut glance at disclaims
to our support.    He waa .1 journalist, we
are told, an-.) ho only employed union
l.ihor.     Mow many uowspapotsin Canada
during Ins journalistic lite have employed
anything bui union labor? .\ low there
hawbecn doubtlesn, but wr. few* Mr.
Mackintosh was ambitious political*1) and
to n-bJsQ- that ambition ii wa necanarj
thai ho siitMitd hi- on ai least friendly
tonus with the laboring classes* To have
nniogntxed them would have been a deathblow ti* his pol'iioal aspirations* Hy
-landing well with thorn ho diil no more
than upward *• of <i» per cent* of iho newspaper proprietors in Canada di»l. and ho
thus smoothed his way lo parliament and
a gubernatorial chair* His enjoyment of
his present wealth and station is duo in a
considerable degree to his negative friend-
ihip for the laboring obuwess But «.*■ are
also toM lhal he presided ,tt •< re« cptlon t«»
Master Workman I'owderly, Ai t'-.<' time
Mi Mackintosh »va ■ m tyor ol I ■
Iho KnlghUi ol Labor were .1 great, and
and still growing, power In Canada, and
as chief magistrate of the Citj bf Ottawa
hei on Ul tK» m» less than he did in -> . up*, in^
thr chair ;it the demonstration! \*. ma] 01
of tho city he was natural!) nuked to p*v*
suit- and had he refused El  *• ould nol milj
ha\o l»o■"* an  aot   of discourtcs)   oa his
port but it would bave shown •> lamentable
want of tact In him-as ;• public man, \*
for .t 1 we knon 1 ii.*- concludes the t lta}Hcr
of his performances for the worklngman,
\\\' does Indeed toll ns in Viague pli
that be championed on cause In |
ment .»*• well ;ts oul of lit bill he do is nol
ipecify In ahiii mannei he did -. whal
.it tion 1 lie peribi med fo  1 . v\ hat
dangers he incurred in  ou   ■ We
cannoi admit ih ■; *o far he has e itahlished
.1 ,1.11111 to our votes, even though th«'
paper «»i which he was on * tin prop
writes btrongl) In his t.i\,»i :*t**I tin- t . iv
K. Telegraph Company transmits the
.11 iu les ovei in- \* 'i»—.
As we have nlread) said, ■■.•' would he
in n hi*tler position to judgt1 il his claims
i,. mu : he would (HI lt^ -\ hi
lu- Es 1.0 oi .it .1 retention ol the eight lioui
law as ii now ovist*, on Ihe statute hooki
\\, ,-. In teres ti< I In thin quest ton mori
iii.hi we are before Ihe
i».■,.].;,■ ..ml .1 i*. 11."   we
terested In  it nnd  in know ln^  how  out
legislators regard ii*     ICverj   mer.
oveiy ti  ideul ol this dis«riel  "ho i> not
possessed ■) ;i iufflciencv of capital lo
weather a storm of financial disaster arising outt of •» possible struggle betwaen
labor ami capital is interested in it. It
most nearly aJfectu i^wy mereiuuit,
o\i-i\ business mart, i'\oty profeeakMial
in.ni, as well as everv toiler wboearnahfai
bread hy Ihe labor of his hands and sweat
of hia brow to know lhal this question of
llio hours of labor will no more imperial
his Investments or jeopardise his amploy-
ment* Then where does Mr. Maddatosh
stand in regard to It? We know the position of his opponent, Hon. Smith Curtis*
Wo know that gentlodinns pos^tfen bt
regard 10 Oriental inunlgralloni His at*
titmlo Is frank ami decided on everj question before lhe people-* \ir has expraaaod
hiniselfdefinitely and he did so without
being asked*
Wo toll Mr.  M.tokintosh, and  uo desire
."*,.. \   merchant.and businessman   in tins
const it uenc} lobeed our word, thai it there
is anv tampwing with lhe eitflu-houi law
ns it now   stands  ii   will work   I lie ditosi
calamity for this dlstricti it will intliei on
ilie COmmunlt) Tar greater evil than was
imputed by its enemies lo ils iniroihu tion;
because n win be a direct and unmistsk-
.ibli- LatimatiSn that the legislature has
been captured by the opponents »*t orgnn-
lied labor and that ii is lo be used in
legislating against the working p-initi
an.l ii-i tht> benefit oi capital! txM mtelli-
goal capital, nol lhal apodea ol capital
win*, h recognises dial its best interests are
indissoluble allied adUt the Interaeta ol
ii'o md whtdi( theretoro, cherishes and
guards whatevei is Icm the benefit oi'
I ibor, but ihat knidoi capital which grinds
and crushes and humiliates labor and
wrings from the liurd hands ot tod the loot
imii which can be extracted* In tlmt
event il will not onl)  bt a light on prinei-
.li-, ii will bra fight to the deaths The
workmen will cease to labor, Ihe mines
will be shul down, Ihe merchants will no
longer bnrteri business will polish and ruin
willinevJtabl) s,-i/,* ,w.r\ braneh ofcoot-
mercc* l.et the merchants realise what
dl tins means*   We are nol asking lot
more than we have and we haxe not mon'
th.m we ought to possess* Bvcrythingls
running sm Hly, l-verybody is. m
to be, sail 1 l,fore\*er}*bodytmine-
osvnci and miner, nt ehonl and laborei
ahko arc making money, i hero is no tm*
du< stand u I In wage*, there is no deaith
.-1.10:.:.«y ment. I he wage-camci sp-, dl
iv he makes it, and it is on bun
that ihe merchant and the community gen-
eralty depends for business. M aflalri .»s
the} now exWiare latlsfactor}', srh) should
Mr. Mackintosh be.ii.no i«» give us his
assurance ihat he is opposed to an) diange
in th-* law as -I it inds?
Shall a*e tell him why?    Ilecause he is
lhe r■•piosi.'Ul.O.ve   Ol   capital   «'p|H".,'d   lO
,mii interests* because he is the all) of cor-
p.M.'ii,-... which i.e.;' steadll) In view the
.-. -. and destruction ol organlted labor,
He ma) den) this as he will* lie ma)
repudiati the charge in the samejreneral
u.i\ that he lays t laini lo be ilu* friend ot
the workingman. The denial ot the one
nnd iiii are equoll)
idle and ai -. intended ;«■- tit. uune purpotei
H .1 aith the   ami object,the deception
ol lhe ■■ 11 and the obt d    .; ■■'
In- VOl IflH   1- .1-ite.l IO lhe i.'<ts|,,|ni.-
he i\-ll be   the  m-rvant   * '      ndli .o.
1 Hi   ..       11 11, m. Phillip*..
iv.-ii*. nnd I' I ■-. - v worklng-
^i . M. klntosh voles
 •'     1 .. • *
** 1 who do '- **.', '^   i« mu. h .is
his Im lli tags
ind "   'I'.irdi/i s
his iiii. stmt mi and hii home.
i>       ..  1 . anothei  Issue
■-.    \\ here does
Mr.   Mai It ntosh    * ind  In  regard lo ll?
1 letl u-*.   l.i: dim be frank.   Bven
sirts oui ho --leu let him ivht
Oar licproseittalivoj. lesa loatlorfl In  t a   coutt'y ind
  mado his powor of iule'.Itot felt itt
Speaking of tbe umkoup of tbe tbe oonvention,
recent couvouliou uf tho X, V. M.. —.—--
the Pueblo Colo., Courier wye of Cmtia' Berntlueeiii
-tosdond^ delegate! ■
Cbrle Foley, IVota Rowland, D.C . The   following   gout lemon  will
wan one of tba Intellectual k*ii"-s not aeeoi'Utiaccra In tbe Interest*
of tbe convention 1 and IU no nron« of Hon. 8milb Curtle, in tbe poll*
der the movomonl In  BiitUli (VI- log   station   Siturday:     Mfwrt.
utnbia \m progreeelvc when sucb
mon are ai tbe bead i>f a flair*1.
Ami tlii* of another B. * !• repre-
Jamee Wilkes- from St>lson,I3. f.,
Qillon. II   tlge,   I'M i-.   Jones,   McLaren. Thompson ami Langloy.
rVsslfitanl sorutlneers for oul iilo
tfork v. ui ba Mowirs. Hjoheyj
Woodsltle Foley, Beamish, Brown*
i*t otto of tho aggressive and tair«|leo, Frnserand Oevlnc< THE INDUSTRIAL   WORLD, JUNE 0, 1000.
FublllllCd  III  llio Mir.IT.'' UnlOII Hull. Ii.aasl.uiil,
lu ths Interest oforgaulsed labor in British
Coin tnlaiu.
Butltetl ni ilu. Rosiliad,B. C i   poitofOce  I
triuisiiii-sinii through the raatls, Nov. igo*.,
ussei'uutl tins- luattsr.
A. (J. Tii.iMi-.snN, K.lllur anil AlanaKcr
oillccat Minera' Union ll*H.
tn ooinplnlnts tlmt thoy have notU-
lug to do with lln* oliorgos, which
tin**,' would be responsible for under government ownership, Siill
the minors believe In private owner*
.ship t>l tho smelters, bo lot them
sweat. The moro blond they have
to sweat tho sooner will they be*
oome disgusted with thu boaullen
of private ownership.
r.'tsbl. In* irlsbl* In Attrani.-
.me yt'.tt...   'J C'»
Hit Mouths     I 'J
TTtn ! Mniiilis       7
Ad.In-- all Con inu.iii'ii. i.ilir Ind
w.i 1.1.1'i.sit.iiu. Doi.-. Rossland, 11 c,
Th. Industrial World is tor sals in Rossis*d In
Ihs Bnsign Cigar Slorc; BIiiijisoii's Nt.vs siiui.l
II,   S.   Wallace'! .-.I iti.»tl. ry   stolf;    I'i'st   I.ITuT'
Nitt. Btaadi   t.i'iiiiii  Unas., BtaUouery Blora
li.in's final siiare inul l-y newsboys.
All t heel**  may hi* ninth'  payable I.)
the Manager.
Tin s.. ,i Im dsslri a 'change in llielr
idvarttasmsnt sboold havt* iho copy (ur
Iho dims at this office uo! later than
tho cvonin** hr fore jaiihliiMtioD liny.
BATDBDAY, JUKS !', 1900.
Tho writer of tin* following para*
graph appoarlug in tht* Qroeuwood
Times, is no lover of truth, in liict
In* is 11 stranger to tho Imperial
virtue, nml Is not on ppoaktng
terms with ii. what tlo yon
think of ii. workers of Rosslnnd,
J who know Mr. Foley? Il is a fair
sample of tho many lies the Muck*
tutosh crowd nn* tolllsg about you
und your organisations!
To ih.<   Editor;    I  think   Uiat
llu* linn. (.'.   II.  Mails int. ..-li   is   to
In* oongratulatod mi iwu poiuts in
Wednesday night's meeting. First
on ilu* chairman who ) resided. A
Btrangnr might almost bava imagined iluil In* I1111I boon iml tbero by
Ithu Governor's parly-butl am
creditably informed such is not tin*
ease. Second, a man named Foley
who i-poko orammod b_ spoecli
wiih mi.-Ii n tissue 11' falsehoods
that it wu.s in my opinion nn Insult
to his audience to expeot them in
swallow sucharrant nonsense—how
ver. simple he must think we are
all in Greenwood. I tun told hu is
I one of tbo Couer d'Alene lot .uul
be certainly lookod it. One won*|
tiers if In* is 11 British subject and
if so how long he has had Hint
honor.   Yours fiiiihfully,
A l.tivi.Koi 'I in 111.
employees, nl the (lioUltioU of Hie
company, lmve signed n statement
denying tho truth of tlm World's
ropoi'l of attempted intimidation.
One ol Uie signal. Bald to the
World man, afterwards, '*! had to
sign it or lose my job." However
that will not prevent him from
voting right.
With the bubonio plague In Sau
l'liiniiseo, the blaok vomit in Bio
.liiniei'o, tariff In Porto Rloo, the
Neeley si'iiiuliil iii Cubit, oontroot
labor In Hawaii, bribery und corruption In tin* Philippines, ship
loads of Japanese OOOlies 00 their
way, tr.isl monopolies a multitude
of strikes and other evils to numerous to mention, tho people of the
United States stand in need cf 11
chaugo of doctors.
The Wilson con. eiviilives on the
1 oust uo longer make any pretenie
of standing by their lltmous New
Westminster platform, hut are now
friends  nnd   Bide    (tickers   of the
Turner gaug.   It is to support this
land-grabbing, Chinese-loving, free*
booting cliipie of monopoly  sharks!
ami boodlers, tlmt t-'has. ii. Maok*
intosli asks tin* voters of ibis riding
!» elect liim.
Iliqurillg why  ho does  not   walk
across -as Jesus would do.
The workingraau who votes for
Mackintosh Is a traitor (0 his follows.
A vote for Mackintosh la a vole
against the eight hour law.
Keep up the Bght till  thu  polls
aro closed.
Tis now only a question of nia
Vote for Curtis.
Yesterday tho laborers employed
by tiioO. P. R, al Hartford Junction struck beoausBof n reduction
of ■!•'> cents per day in wages.    Some
were rooolvlng 12.25 ond others
12.00  per day.    The   officials  expect lo have a force ul work today.
(In lhe result of this election rests
the question as to whether labor
union.- are to he  allowed  to exist
, .      ,, . .       , III.'.Ill-I'l I'Tllil,11 '.  IlilW   .I   III.Ul   I'd
ana prosper la this oountry or to bo „ . -
legislated against nml crushed out
,. ,,, ,.     ....       In* wants vou to vote Iur Mr. Maek-
..I .-Mstauif.    lheri-Mili  of Nit ur- '
int. sh,  Bay   null.ing,   ho   cannot
Workingmon shonld   remember
Ihat t!..- ballot used Saturday i- all*
solutely  sterol, mid   there   is   no
i'nnsof li'iirning how u man vol -.
If your employer  IntimateB thai
day's p..Hin.' in Bossland riding is
of vital LmportanoB to every wage
earner in the province, a- it \iillhe
iT.n.-iil.'i.'.i a- a plebiscite on the
eight-hour law and siuiilinr legisla-
lion.   If Rossland, a stronghold of ,iml •*>*---•■ ofworklngmen mad.
the work,,-, choose the Mend aud "•''"."" ,l"'"'. Tl,ir ,'"r"1'1!' V
associate of those   Interested  in
securing the  repeal  of the eight*
learn how you vote.    I'p  till   two
years ago the ballot was not leorel
and ballots wore often sorallii—ed
l.v agents of the government gang
liiferly opposed by the people who
are now supporting  Mr.  Miickin-
hour law, members of the legisla- '"'
tint* will not h. ~it.it•■ to point lo il
uml dealare ihat it is an Indication'
(if the eight men among il a Rossland labor unit.us who opposed the
that the workers themselves wanted .... .„..,„..., ,lf ,,,,„ ,lnilh ,.....ti.
It repeal.   Every  worker In the Lubnttwoan w in line and are
riiliug owe.- it lo hiiiiM-lf, his lainily  .     ,.       , „   ,,        ,, .-,,,        ,
. "   . „ ., •   working  fur   ll.c cm.li.lair.    |.,,.
nnd bis fellow toilers to see thai hi-        ,,;,„.,,.,.. ,,,..      j,,,.,,, „ril„.
v.,.,- Is  oast and   oounl ,1 for ,, *.„,„,.... ,„.•,,,.,,„, ,,v „,,. ,V1IV
:i li.. 1..I ..I ..un 1. I 1 11.   -luiili Cur- .... ,
is ii iniii.* 1 reman, ami one mem-
lis.   Anv wii'-eeiini.r. win. thlTdiL'h  ,        ,.,,     ,,.
*   . •"."*    Inr 1,1 |||.. Mm. 1-union
eareles.-ii •--. laxiuess or fear of |0B*
All worklngmon give more to
their nia-ieis (hail Iheir musters
givo 11 them, otherwise the masters
WOUld nol   employ  tht*   men.    80
.in.rally, ihe masters are under
obligations to thu men, heemiso the
masteia rouelva more than they
give. Then why should the men
ho worhhip the musters'.'
Note tills admission from tlie
Fort Wayne Journal-Gasette: ••The
unexpected growth of the Social
Democracy lu Indiana is giving the
lenders of the tWO old parties considerable worry." it is typical of
what u good many other Indiana
papers are saying.
.....: .;.;;;;; j.(.-.:■;
P. Burns & Co.
Wholesale Markets.
Kossland, Nelson. Trail, Sandon, Rcvelt-toke, Groi-11 wood,
Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL   MARKETS—N°«'---*. TroU- Nelson,  Yinir    t
Kiislo, Siiii.lon, New Denver,  Rllvorton, Ciiaado city, (innnl     _
Forks, Qi'oonwooJ, Phoenix, Mltl.vuy, Camp MoKlnnoyi Bsvol.
■toko, Fergusou and Vanoouror,
Fish, Game and Poulti-y In Season, Sausages of all Kinds.
Wi 1,1,1 am Donald Manager Rosuland Branch,
G. W. McBride
Hardware, Miners' Supplies Stove and
Ranges, Etc.. Etc
Tin* Oltawa citizen says ii Maok*
IntOSb ".is a- well known in ROSS-
liiml ns in Ottawa,  he would   have
no diilieiilty iu Booarlng but oleollou.
That b just tho Irouhlo wilh Muck-
iiitii.-h. lie is too Veil know, 11 hero
hy thu   workers,  hut  nut  at all
Rev. Sheldon, Into of the Topeka
Capital, has taken -hip fm* Europe,
nnd Loiiilu111 journal-are  profanely
;JJ      Hooks. Stationery. Toys.
;; Fancy (loods. Office
& School supplies.
•    IU...K STORE     -     —
! —       au Ciiliimliia Avi'.in.a.
•*.( - '-."'-'
Jusl Reeslvsd, iho Largest ami iteet Balsotsd flock ul
Cloilii, Boots ni Sloes oi Hals ^::zxK:".
Men's Fine Vt'uctcd Suits in liluu and l.lac-, ureal valtu* at 120; Silo
Pries  $ 13.25
•Men'i Tweed .Suits, worth $18, 111 nnd 115; to clear at        . . 8.75
Men's Kino Scotch T.vee.1 Suits. bi_- value at f 18; Sale price       , 12.50
Hoys Suite ami 11 I.l Pants at jint half ro.tiliir prion.
REMEMBER! 1'or the nixl lodaya every lino in Hock to iuid at and
under wholeealo prices.
Ing bis job, who Gall_ to vote for his
friend Saturday, ia an em my to organised labor and a traitor lo the
tollers 11 tho province,
<". B.O. Bjudreault, tho Ottawa
"laboradvoealo,"whom Mr. Mack*
lul m—li .|ii .I.- lo prove bin friendship    for    labor,   aa   a
The r.-.i
sons they bavotaken the stand they
havo.  111*0. however, bo  palpable,
thai Ihey are willlOUl Influent—
amongtlioir follows, nud only ox*
cite disgust uii.l oontempl when
thoy advocate tho clahni of Mr.
For n.-uiy one year tlie wage
'labor .-inul- ol this country havo talked
advocate," bos a very poor record. ..ml talked and talked, of what
Printing trade papers often appear they would do will, their* votos, bui
with communications' from liim, now tliat tho cloctioii is here, It is
which 0 —lain man) sneering allu* lime lo .pill talking and fulfill their
siona lo the workers themselves, oft repeated pronili of being truo
Last Jo iry ho distinguished biui' lo tbeir  frionds,   li   li   lime f...-
self by blttor   attn I      ...   those Ihem lo gather their voting strengtli
union-'ami ih...-' union men who together and ..i party
wish to seek rodroai for llielr politic— rotura tried Mends
wrongs nt tin- p..ll*, uml celled of Isbor. Hon, Smith Curtis bas
ooncious Idiots." "Keep them been tested and never found want
oul of poliiii*.-. the old parties will lug wheu tho cat—0 of labor waste
give you justice,1   is found iu an* bo upheld ond protected,
i.lln r of hi-   lotteri   I-i (lie   Inland _—_——_——_
Printer.   This is tl an, follow "Worklngmons vole can bo pur*
toilers, wbo is trying to prove lhal ,.],„., ,| for a iwuple of dollars each,
_ ickintosk 1- the workers' friend. „ ,,.,. drinks of whisky and a little
_ loftaoap*"   Tints spoke ono of the
A smeller oombiuc oinbraclng nil! •■Ii"1'i"|,"'i' P-"-* •'"' othordB) nnd
contiiiiiod." we've done it before uul
One Long Day of Pleasure. (iTO   THE LADI ESi
the great had ami silver nn.Iters
of the United Staled has been per-
looted, uml now flu- miners will
pay jusl whal these pbllanllirop—ts
are pleased to obargo thorn or leave
their 01c on thu diimji.    The cinii-
l.ine will have the power to moke
ut* unmake tba value of uuy miue
nr group of th. in.   It ih.* govern
we're going to do ll again."   This
in,111 is a miniug ami real esUtO
broker, uml uu opponent of lhe
eight hour law.    How  nboui   this
worklugmen of Ro*_]and, aro you
f..r Nile   and   ...  .Leap'.'   At.*  you
r-'.ii.;: to vote for .1   man whoso
I •••******************************************44)4t4>
Dominion Day
Sunday, July 1st
principal supporters hold yoo so
'rn   owned  and  operated   ti..* ,'ll,:,l'''   "Afew drinlu of wtilaky
smelters   then   ll.,'  OlinrgOS   would i""1 " liltl" -"'"  •"■■'I'-"
have to bo fair, else tho congi • -~—■•*-
men would gel   B  hemp   reocpUOfl Oh. llu*  cliiiiiic  and   pity  of It,
on their return to thmr dear con- that mon aro oompelled to so da*
■tituents.    Hut as ii now is, the Ijsm tltot-wlvM for an opportunity
oongresiuen or legislators oau say to r_rn a livolil d.   TheO. P. K.
Brass J {and and Dancing on a
barge on tlio Lake.
All kinds of Athletic Sports at
the Park.
Refreshments on Boat and at the Park.
16 J__r Tickets SUM).
Round Trip Tickets $1.50
CHH.DRB1. UI.DI.H 12 i-NI.I-:
i   The Latest in
I    —._ II A T S !
I       C. F. Eagles
Opposite the Hank ul'Tin.111(0.
Uossland, B. C
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•(.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•> •>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«
Morrison and Bryentoii
Have just received u  Consigtimenl of
Fisn, Ganned Goods, Hams and Bacon,
Fi lits and Vegetables
Fresh SEtfgs '1 -as and Coffees a Specialty
Sole Agent i     jasland for '__PRE88 TEAS."
'Phone 100-46. IM Columbia Ave.
Fresh tarn Vegetables.
Cauliflower.        String Ueans
Brussels Sprouts, Lettuce, Celery, Tomatoes, Green Peas
0. , Fox & Company,
100 Bafts) Columbia Ave.
Telephone (l->. fl'
Every  Argument Used
Is Easily
if the platform nt nur oa_dldate, Mr.
Curt ie, is tlie platform ol the New Welt'
—loiter convention by Uni Liberal party,
na Mr. lloihvell cays it iu, why, there*
fore, li Mr. Bodwell, a prolnied Liberal,
working ituaiiut It?
The Buliilinn ol tlio rjueilion cr.n only
OiiinsiiiiiB over 100 (eet at llio lionet of I lie
JS.iy of I'liiuiy. What does it rise 160
miles down Ilm const of Nova Scotia?
The KoBsland sewer coot SJiiO.OOO to Liiilil
in thecity, lull yet Mr, (ino.love Stated
on tlio public i''.it ioiT.i Hint ho could run
it io Trail for |10,000, lludid not know
nl ivlint ho was talking, anil noillitirdooe
Mr. Bodwell, Ho Biii.l lie know but
Martin didn't—Oh ! Mr. Bodwell I   Hav
inK iiuiB swfiioii u.u cost of trading lie
quietly iloulatB (lie amount for (lie
reiiiniiiilur oi the WO'lt. This, on lhe
authority of a competent engineer, his
frleml Iho contraotor who ia howling
bwauie that terrible Joe won't lot bin*
bi In hia hoillllly t. Premier Merlin, or, maka mon„ 0|ltuf (|iu ye r,a<|, The
in bu employment ol Miitln'i known amount j-rmllc-l(if.1ooo-iaMwlsrae,
enemies, iho 0. P. R. snd Mr. M.tckin-| butlt■. , FronktnBteln conjured up by
Hi)'*.',*,** D I, •.noil ORGANIZATIONS.
.': . :ti:,'. AMU ttUBTtN.Bi
tuadi-s and i.A-.iiii: cor*NClI.-Meetievery
second ami fourth Tiitsdiiy In cacli month lit
":,a.ii p.m. il. Millers' UulOn Hall, ft W. Wilson
Sec ; l'l'l. iTUlisivorlh, Pr—,
CAKl'KNTl'KS. (**   JOINRRl   I'NION-Mt-tls
every Prlds*. of t-uch tvssli at 7_o**,.uii in
Mines' tiiic.li Hull, r K McDouald, Ores.';
A J Mc-Ooli.llil, aoc.
MIMdiS' UNION No. js. WCttira I'cilerallon
ol.Ml lies Metis every Wednesday evenin gal
7j'» O'clock,— Mliiers' C'lion Hull. JJsnios
Define, Sec; A I. llOIIStOUi PrCS.
The rasion ol bis appearand in Ron
IbihI will bo n mixture of tin to motivii,
for Inul ho no! been hostilo lo Joseph
who bus succeeded in obtaining ihut
lead in Provincial polltloi that Mr. liid-
wt'll Ihinka ibould belong lo liiiii, neither ClinrltiR Mackintosh nor tho C. I'.. R,
would luivt! liked 1 im ti) it mo or liivs
paid him for coming. The very fuel,
llifrilt.ro, or his dubiniu position must
loa eeii tin extent prrjadloe his speech,
iuid tho inipiuloo ol ulterior motlvei
will tend to produce a doubt . I his
alleged in.'t - which inbiequent i ximlns'
lion will coiiliiin.
.   This speech, mid by the Mucki lo be
the best of tbl Campaign, falls i  i't ..   i
into two parti. Tlio n.st is .in attempt'
ed elucidation of tbe causes, with n
llnlltir inipuliiti in of ill liticral motives
which led ti tho overthrow ..I —isScm*
im c ii'.nii government.  The . • i I
nu elaborate presentation of the reasons
why a gOVtrntnent railway ranuol be
built in ibis provinoe.
Thero ia com tuded a review nl pome
nlluT.d llu pliinkaiif the I lallorm which,
forced to rsooga'sf ai sound, clear lim-
lior, Mr. Bodwell i-tys have bjea the
ata!c.l policy of preceding pollllclani,|
True, Mr. Bodwell, hut did these poll-1
llcini.s tver litempi lol.uil.l Dpon II.mn !
belore Martin \v..b called t . their nun.
cils? (So ia government ownership nl
tailwaya nrecngnii.'il plank in bulb tlio
I.ibersl   ni..I   Iho   Lihcral-Contervaliv
Mr. Bodwell out of iho phantasmagoria
of Ilia .   ip :.■'.'  imagination.   1 Iml bo
referred t» New Zealand bo would bave
fount! llio rallwiyi cost 1*15,000 a mile,
and Ihu coipiliy ia aa nice- I na cur
own, or, taking a level otiulry like
Franco, the il .una would bi |16,000 to
120,(00, the f.irtn.r for nnrrtv gungo. Ae
oi terminal ficllldei, why duet Mr.
Bodwell leave oul ill reference to the
ini i ii iiiiiiiii".' Hero ia au open port
which cannot be corralled by tbe 0. P.
ll, w li icli will allow iho Import of goodi
under Iho prcfertntlll taiiff from Ureul
Britalu. This amuuotato 33H per cent.
anil lb t ia jii.-l i.l. .oi what Uie freight
. Ii.u.t-s doiii He east nuiiumi to.
Naturally, the O. P. lt. would not Ilk*
this, but lliey  could  not help it if Ibal
railway gsli in. Probably that patrlotlo
company wiih its pslriolic Eiipportees,
such oa (.'Innlea Mackintosh and OUt*
lit, would liko lo repeal this legislation
iiie'.cad of extending our trade tn Ana-
trtlll— nut! lima obtain proviaiona
oitupsi from there til u from the North-
weal because of Ilm excel. |vo freight
re I.'a charged I.y Iho octopus
Ai for tl.e up eonutry  terminal,  Mr.
Mackintosh'l     ll-liiidary-Kutlle   River
Railway Ii to bs psued ami If tint t.
Iruo where is lhe trouble. The 0. P- 1! ,
hea.cn al both end-, must conin to tiiue.
Tbo local height, na is well known,
itrowa wilb tie
IVI'oi'.KKrills'AI." UNION No .its-Meets on
the Insl S.uiihiy olfcncli mo.ul. at lhe Miners'
Union Hull j i* Dsrktloll, Ssorctiryi Mr Poole,
Mccl the l'u-l anil lliird Tuesday of each
i.ioutl. at ,*i|.... in llenlly s Hull rtillox.114
W. Mcl.t.'.!. ere-lilelll; J. Kloiil 1111, tecre-
COOKS (v W.UI'I'KS INlllN, No ,s, W I* C-
Mtcls every Sulluiluy eveiili.jr ut.Si.lo o'elcH-k
in Minns' I'nion Hall. I' o Uox 11. Paul
'ofi.icr, Sec; lieiHiie Ciiiinli.Klimi., l'lls
PABNTBR'8 I'NION, No. ,0, Pataten bii.1
Oecorators ol Ameiit... meets In Hemiy's
I...1I ..11 -econd nnd fourth .Wetlnesdny of ouch
niiiulh.    W, S.  Murphy,' pi—I 'ent, Ceo. W.
siiiun, Hcrelary.
DB_Utl- IN
Groceries and Pbovibioks.
Fruits, Granite, Crockery
and Glass Ware.
Transfer Company.
Tho Only Transfer or Express Company in Kissland that will deliver your
Trunks lor 25 ceuta each. Threo d.tyB'
Btotnge free.
Telephone 37.
.''■allowing ia a bat of ll.oso who adver-
line in llio IhoOSTRI.11. .Yom.ii:
Pre* Delivery lo all partaoflhectty.
tiioni; isi.
Corner Third Ave. anil Washington SI
Agnew & Co.
23 Colaliiiliiii At.
next door to I.n'oi.dc'!
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
ititrotluctic.il   i(  public
highways,   Lauds nre opened lor settle-
"Imint, alargo populaUon grows np snd
plallorm, but only as a hieing hoard, nol ■ ,|u.ir nssdi en ate tbl local frel-hl   The
meant to carry anvil,ini:   As to Ilie Ural | H|l0|e , f ,|„.
purl of —itlipeeeb, lhe l.ilipulian poli-
ticinn whose rand ctstlo ....  the  island
beach, thai Isrrlbl* Joe l.ai trodden Hal.
may lie allowed to Vent linn ebullilioii
. I psltlSh tiiiii i rt wiihout controversy
on Ibo si.lo ot the reform parly, It is
only natural lhal liny should npieal bill
their antiry vociteralioni, llielr blbsl of
conHicling aiscrlioni confuae no Intel*
lecli bin their own.
Ai (or Ibo charge «f conspiracy, il is
ths common practice ol Incompetent
malcontents   discharged   from  any en.-
i.niikiu.iiin ia not taken
int...• ' 1*itlfiaiit.il nor ia tl.e passenger
tralaie.   \\ no woul.. care in go round ..y
kswhsn be i-.-nl I (jo direct l»
ilie Oil I'.' I. v.lie is dear in Ihu ituinil-
ary. Why'.' No railways, (or the 0. P.
It., unload ol placing rates where a (air
i. i... iiia.lt' ratio litem to t'-.e ut*
ui t! tl.e Ir.-.lli* ran bear. This ii lhe
wrll known policy openly stated I.y ev-
.iv prints railway. The iininil. ry, In
tbli lustsnes is mi.le to pay for cum-
petition further ssst.
Cat l
plovment to   bring mob obirgei Ini, _"..„   •-■•^^lloB.-Tbls.   Mr.
order In ji.slily Iheir own ib.Ki.w InipU.   "'M" ,U,_ Wl lr"" '"•,lin'1 W"
tude ami IgnoranoSi  A i.y bueimii man,
any norking man brail eucli daily In.in
men ,ltecliar_eil ou similar reatoui from
Mr. Itjtlwil, sei.i,.f....ilk in biSSpMOh
It tl.e railway policy, l'iolesfi*tllyt.|M*ak*
int* against this paruoullr railway, Mr.
lli.iw. II doei it'll enter ii|mn the *,*. iietai
policy of government railways as be it
fully await* . t lhe fact tbat lie bai in.
can. Btill, be la sgslusl it ai ii cviden-
ri-.i i.y tin- i.T.nt.k ibai a goveruasni
railway ia not practical Itstcitnanlblp
In title province.    Mr. Ibnlaell conl.I
per tear, lie i.i'k. bis lieu.. - (rom
lb" -ibIii... nt nl n tn II known railway.
Wi icb? Ths 0. P. Bi Can its llgnrei
lie timtcd iu Ihil connection! The
railaaya in Australia pay over 3 per
cent, after pultintc nri.lo a sinkfiut bind
to ittloga—b tbs oiIkIuiI debt. Sop*
p.n* thai Ibe sailw.iy at tbe bcf*inniii|t
onlv iuid siniii'ifiit in pay the intsresl
..ii tl.e c,t|ii,.| In" rowed an.l did run i-c-
l.in.l I'.Bi.iBsi n yesr on iti a.liiiini*-
ti.iti.in, is tn.t t nt lul ler than paying
thatn.in.i.nlol leterSSt i...rly <m i.ui
iif.ea to a private ii.
probably adduce rqo.lly good reaaoni I ..f'.,l!^< '"!'""'*-l* U»ls li so great
, •■ ,.     .     ••"••"•e railway cannot live, bow ia It
italnits government railway iwlley la Uben, tl.nt Mr. D-dwell'i Irlead for the
any olher province, and, II sullicicnlly j ulll0   (,,,(„„,   ,,,,.
well |i.ti.l  i.,:>.mil e icli  a  polloy  i" Ilm | build the litic
contractor, wants lo
Or hia employe*, the 0.
P. I!., \i..nlr In tin likewise'.'
Ai to control. - Just aa soon ai Ibe
'me connects with the 0. P. I!., eoioon
doei it became a pari nl ll * Dominion
system und comra   umler the control ol
  .     Ilie  railway  comiuittion.     Doei  Ibal
R.   '.'.ll true, II tbli special  advocateIoiminlrsion   lotsrll
iiyilo.doublleu, but  it it  a i-iiy he-   ||,. ,,   ..|.,,,,|
Piuiiinioii as a w hole. Il ii only what is
lo he expelled of a corporation lawyer
woikini* In thu interests < I bia company
whether iu court, in Ibe lobby or on Ibo
public plallorm. Yet, WSSTS infoiuied
,.t Mr. Bodwell il i... iii.-ii.l t.( lb.. I.l'.
(.'eo Agnew tv. Co., (irocen.
W. P. McNeill, Shoo Sloro.
Hunter Lroa., KCueral merchandise.
Bmpey llroa., groceriea and tjenls furnishings.
T. K. Morrow, druggitt.
0. 0. I. iltui.il*. .im.' store.
0. (J. Gibson   *   Oo.,  genta' clothing
nml notions.
(J. W. UoBr.de, liardwaro.
Linton liroa., hooks and etationery.
Crescent Dry tjnoils, (urniihinga, dry
gooda aud clothiii„.
Morrison cV llryenton, groceriea.
M.J. ..'.'!...mi, clothier and Batter.
I'.i'.ilsiui llroa., grocerice.
Taylor — .Mcli'iarrie, tailora.
r.icillc Tea Co., teas and cofleea.
M. W. Blmpson, ncwe, stationery nnd
0. K. Hatha.
Metropolitan Hotel and liar.
MfAulitT, tailor.;
s. Qlaiaa, furnltnre.
UcQonlgla etc Co, groceries,
HulTiiian llouso ami ll.tr.
Knilgn Cigar Store,
l.yeing an.l   Clesning Works,   Waab'
iugton itreet.
I'Jiiiels A Cliamlier.*, paints, oils, etc.
;:     :. i I .'* Wright,
ll...'.-!: I. I llotfl.
Klectrie L.tninlry.
0.0. I>. Men'. Markut.
The Inlernalioual
Liniltag tV NVwiiiaii, groceri
ltil.81-11 Hotel
Simpson A Jonei, groceri
The ".-'.rand"
Li.li'*.' Millinery elore
ttoislnnd lbug Oo,
... M. I'nx A Ci., .t"'.ti
Columbia Transfer 0 >•
Bssm, per Ib	
I'.n..in.*, each	
Ilulter, per Ib	
Wholesale aud retail dealeralln Palota. oils,
VtrnUtaet, Brushes, Wall Platan ana Painteta-
Suppiics.   Contracts lateen fur pn|it.r iuuii*.in^
ami  decorating,     OlTicc  *tiid   Itore   DnnirU -S:
Chambcra Uodc, a^Co.iiinbian-t.. uoder.Dotain*
on hxpress GO'S, Offloa,
N, -Si. V. 'I'hone 181.
j     )jI(1uuiiui j i        ^^^^^
Lending Library.   I-atest Novel**
[Office 8oppliM, Etc.
Tho American Tailor and (ients'
Furnishing House.
Siili iiijilr In trier. —llhfaclill Coatanlcrd
No. .-. Kl.-I Avcillis.
Canadian and Kentuoky
r.ourlon WhisKtes,
Railroad and Miners' Checks Cashed.
Harry  Mcintosh.
Canadian Pacific
And.WH) Line.
New Fast Daily Service.
Optional It nits I':i it and Weal from Iho
l'iret-class Blsopsn on all Traina.
Tourist Cars
I1.,-- Hsvelsloko Daily for Bt. Paul,
Thnrs.liya .for, Montreal ,niul ll.ialou,
Tu -etlays and Saturdaya (or Toronto.
For ratea and (till information inlil.'eaa
lhe iieaifst Local Agent, or
City Ticket Agent, BeSSlsad.
Cur. I'ti-t Ave.   ."til *■> k.iiti SI.
Oirgalns in *ccoti- hand hioHkIm.   Give it- ■* t.i
It will pny you.
Dyeing aod Cleaning Works.
i >MK.-itv Maftill llrotluta.
1 i.ui clrnn or djflo .niviimti;fin ladtea* and
frrttllrnuii •» \u».ir. Give me • mil nml In-con
The inlet improvcii nactlnoiy and pToeaaati
Minlilr inr ti' i;iinTanlre  (lit   ptot'llpt   ili*1i\i iy ol
ullorUei-    Woik Mill IwchIIc- ftrmitl iliHvcreil
I'l.ttty ,i.|.!(<--*.
CAPT. SHAW Proprielor.
Curiier Columbia are., Washington il
(ii: i- tt i'. 11 ..i. I. i.i., RosslsnJ
     6 to 7
  35 to 60
m. noion,*.
BaCOO, bell, per lb  1(1 to 17
B'tsib. iml lit bim better Willi I lit* pro-
lesiioni of bis (rieiids.
Hut dealing with the .pcci.il nilaiy,
which, il ia iin.leii'.oo.l. Is rather a crea
lion ol Cuitia liimit 11 than of lint i!e-
•trover Joe, wlm, ue nro told, is ralbli
in   imago   breaker   than    an
ro with the rile.'.'
a rate in the loitd. ■ n
yeats! How ia il to Interfere! Bop*
|K»lrg cnuncrtion ii mado witb tbo
Northern Paelfle, bo* is it to int. n fere
ss to rater. Detail thu method, Mr.
indwell! I'l.ii ii a childish humbug.
Till Impi—aibllity of raising fundi, -
Hulk oil, tier gal
lllecuits, fatity, per Ma
Cheese, per lb	
Chocolate, per lh	
... •.•., lo I'i
^B   -io
I'ocon.per tin  So to 10
 *, . ...   ",.*.g*! Annralaila lini railed nearly *>7ihi,,nki *
worsb.,iT,r : and, ri'iticmherlng thnt Mr.  ,.„ ,„ _M .„),„,..,.    „„       , (|       '
totlwell's political  eyo  is  corporal, ly  ||iw«li,«ailli«1 ,„ ,|,olll -*..,,, |H,r ,,„„,, „,
J.nndiced,al,»lare.l,l. aoul.i bo lea.!*  „,,„,,  , r,,r,y  lfn.Mri,, or in". , °
ersobjeConsV   lin. Ibo ex.crMvc ,x-   l.en.t, i, on iccount ol  railway,  at., „.
bsbbsi saend thsi .bssBos of inland Mr. „HU.e„„v, „ 8ru  iftlj|ii
erniina   Ucil.lie.; Ihlr.l. .be ab.ene.- of  „„ ,M 0, „,„     „,,, ~        '
lees  IreiBh ; lourlb, I ,.,,„l„ -  „,„,  >,.„„!„„.*,,*. lit ,„..„/„,. ,'. "
r..ion;lll.l,.ll,eco.,,lH.|,|lon;.ixlb,.h,';t,l,,Xoi(cl,,,,   dm  j(,     ,,.,    J""
lack of proTineiilconlrol. and l.,lly, the , Australia again. Oul of ,, revenue of
inpos.ibil.ly of raising ll.o nice.aaiy .,:„,,,„„,„s,, , | .,o,„ .n,., „„. „, J "
funds. Thecoslofcun.l.uelionlssilsl .m>l..ma and cxciie, l-'io.coo.oo,, Iron,
tai.iXJO.OOO. Snppo.ing it «cro $10,000- railways, i|fl,t-oo,ooo by Ibe telegraphs.
(J00, what then? It la merely a .pieBtion, H7.ooo,ooo Irom Iho public lauds, Whleb
in thla light, if Bbslhof il will pay. Dm an- nol given nnay a. advocated hy li *
why |20.(X»,(XK)'.' This gives a coal ol oallsd itstSSmSB ol this province, nnd
1(35,000 a mile. Mr. tio.lt*,ell says it iniiil (he balance of |.'lo,000,000 from otbef
coil that iiinili, as the nrigiml plans lor; aourtcs, about two-tliirili ol nhiub Is
the 0. Pi Bi ehoned this. Hut th* Yic-' bom direel tSUtlon, fucIi oi lhe income
torla Times has lately declared that lln-' la« on large property holders,
plana ol neither the original survey nor! Tbli is thu part of Mr. Bodwill'l
ot Ihe Hon. l'.dgar Deadneynro in exist-! 8|Hvfch tut nhiih be relied,
unco.   It showed lhal Mr   Martin could !    l'.ltrlors ..(  KoSSlSBd ridin/, What do
I'orniiical, per 101b sack ..
Oufleo, per Ib	
Crackers, sudas, per lb	
Corn, i«*r can .    .  	
Canned fruits, per can	
C.tiin...| pess, per can	
I Canneil beans, per can
I Codfish, per brick	
20 to oO
10, I;".
15 to SS
13)., SB
Dried Irtiils. |K*r II. 10 lo •!«
Km, per doi 2.'. lo It)
l-'lour psr tick 1 •'.-,, 1 -jo
6 iml ti
15 to SO
(let their I'rc'cripliona
lllled bv thu
Rossland Drug Co,
I l-iill l.nieol livtT) tiling In uur 1.0.1
l:<1.-I.am. imlt; CO.    R t; ITRONO, Mfl
Oolombla Avenue, neat  the I! 01 Tun.
Kossland Hotel.
Kino W'lii-i.i.s and   Imported 1 Ijfsri
Rosslaml Bttit Laundry
N.mc but white help onpployed I
N..;il'v 11-.   We call anil deliver I
W. 11. GAGE,
A"tiiiB Agenl,
W. K. Am.i:i:s,i.v,T. 1*. A.
]■:. J. CoriaS,  A. (i. 1'. A.
, Nelson.
Northern Pacific
Y_r,vi.--.sct)Ni*: i'in lim*:.
rhe I lining Car K .u'.t*  via  Yilliwetono
Park,   I—test and licit.
Bqalppsd mil.
1'ii.LM.iv Pa.m 1 Gabs,
1.Kit si Dimm. Oass,
MoDBsa I'n Coionss,
ToDBIST Sl__U****0 C.IBI
Columbia Avenue,  near PoBlofUoO.
1 li .1 mi 1 1. .. ,niil< ■■••■ -' - ..i- 1'i-CHOK i **i
sold in Kow-UhiI. Todaji when tc_u aod < •
i,'-.hi i>ito>hril ao hard, it I* otaiotntvl) ■<•<
■ -mv lu have mi artlcU ol nnuaoal mrrti
Vou «iii fiml ti line.   01a_-«aragtvta awaj
Pacifc Tea Co.
Tbr..iigh tieksts 10 all points io '.be
Halted Stales and Calin.la.
Mium*l.i|. tickets lo ill parti of Ihe
TicksIs to China and JapsavlsTseems
and Northern Pacillc Blei—llblp Co.
Trains depart In in S|...kane:
No, I, Wssllioundjal OtM p. m., daily.
.v... 2, Bailbenndi at 7iUU a. n.„ daily.
Pol Information," time esrds, main
.Hid llekatl app.v lo  (lie ni*.'1.1a  of   Ihu
S.P.-N. B.W. HUPP,
A|t. L.M. Ly., Koa-lst.il, 11. 0.
(ieiu ral A iiii", ."l-ikaiie, Willi,
a. i..ciim:i.t..n,
A -il ..en. PSSSBOttSI Aii.ut.
(iriiiiilatcd augar, 11 lb lor.
linns, prr Ih      ...   .
Honey, oomb, |H-rcako	
Impsrlsl oil. 0 gal. can.'	
Lard, 51b pail	
Laundry soap, per bar	
Liverpool call, per 501b aack...
Macaroni, per lh	
""'"1'crgal  75 lofl
Molai ^^
Nuls, per ">_________
Rolled oils, ner Klib aack ...
Tickles, niiic.l, per .p.art	
Uicc, per lb	
Salt bacon, |*er Ih	
sago mnI tapioca, 11.10, :i Ibs. for
Stock anil, per 501bsack	
Syrups, prr half gal. lin  50 lo 05
Tomatoes, per can  sin
re.... per lb   35tol>5
' 20
J.nt sp. 11111 iiii. Proprietor.
Cor. Bpokeni Street and C.ibinihia Ave.
 ...     ...... ..J . -      *a-a ill '.-I
not bo basing hiacslimatea on this. Thai yon think ot ii?    And tspeolllly what   ■'"''••""■ l'l'r "•   00lol,2".
lalrue, but whal bSOOmSI ol   .Mr. II ,|. .1.. y.ni think   .1  lus ...lesliona Of omit-   VlBSgST, PST gsl   fa) to li.*,
wch'aflalomeiit Ihat he was inbrring' «ion and   eommissioii,   particularly the   ,vl'eat manna, pkgB, 20; bulk perlb.
the  coat Irom  these very plans.   Ur, litter. R  B»,Q FIllTTS AND YLUKTADI ICfl
Bodwell swelia tlio bill  by adding „„. I Amdes ner 11,
limited   -now> shedding.    To -,-_,       ', ,.,.   „„„„„    ,-,,,.,,„,„„„,.   ,„   ff^CZ  6,Dd°
ncceaaily of this ho ,.)*, th„, 141. feet „| Oaaada,  Tl.eCIUsOU   .'.nil C.iunl, v    OsollOoWSf
snow Ills,n  heU.cadsl.-a'. mile, l,„* „„,|     Iho    World,    will    be   Mm    OslSiy, PSr bunch
tlierioulh.  Why not slat,, ibe snow Mil to any address Inr ...... venr for I WO
10 miles farther nor.!.. dollars. If paid In   n.lvn,,.*,..    Help
lloislnnd.tWOO bet InlbeiiH.untBins iili.iii* lh,.  ,,„,.,.   „|   ,„, ialis,,,   .„„|
hia onlv 10 to 15 fret ol snow .   This de*' Iillinr   l.\-   BtlpportlDa    tl
lienda upon locality.  The lido tiics on wlii.li BdVOOBte Hi.111
All kinds of Jtins!
JA11 kinds ol preserves !
All kinds of Marmalades!
Specials This Week.
BVERY Ml.Mi'.i i:;..i
SIIOl'LD si■Ji.-CI'll.i: l.'l: IT.
Mellon A Port Shcpi ird Kail-ay
Red Mountain  Ry.
1  . ■• ■ .■ 1.        Itute] 11] N.-lin
Kailu l.a):c ni.d
■ ■ I
i-'v.-rv day In ti.** rsai bats'* m Bpo
kaue, lioislan.l a.,.l Nslsoo,
One Y.ar   ■
Six UoBlbl
|S 00
•I I
I I Hi:
2:15 p.ui.
lull V
Sp.ik tu *
N irt!■;• irl
Mi. n K
'-I • |>.ir,
I.': I. p.m
Anirs3tl0p.-n. B-slaad Lt. ,1 iSS a
Osbbigt, |.er lh..
Grapes, per bssket.
Lemoi . pst doi ,,,,
10 :t
Onions, \vr II.       ., (ll ^
I'.'.irs, per  In
AddietlJAII C'liiiiiiunieatio.i
THE    IND1 stiuai.    WOR1 l>
N . Blunts rn' ..-.
■ ml Idiisland.
bstassn spikm
Ti. kels oa llll all 1 v-1 Ibl I
OIom eonnsrlloni  il   N.!*-..n   with
stesniei. for   Ksslo   and   ell  Kootenay
lake 1 "inia.
Pantnieri for Kettle river, Boundary
camp and lloundary creek rontoert at
Mir. n* and I',    'long with  stage daily,
ii. W. Li 11 , Agenl, Till-:'INDUSTRIAL   "WORLD, JUNF. 9, 1900.
.♦ ♦♦»♦»♦»♦»♦»■>»■■»•>♦♦ *4+4+H
.The Interviewer
*++4 *H**t>*t"f*> ♦+♦*.♦♦♦ .")".<. ff*> *M-
Thls week lhe hone editor sallied forth
on another Imaginary Interviewing tour,
the objective being
Now, ihe governor is a very haughty Individual and iniisi generally bo approached
hy telephone, a- he lias no time for tin* so-
called "common herd" (bankerai com-
pany-promoters and wild-cattera In general
excepted). Bedecked with a '.ilk tilt* mid
a borrowed dress -nil tho horse editoi
reached for the governor's tltii.r bell in
About    the    Mil.)-.'   manner   us   lit'    nsu.ilU
ivnel.t-s for a lamp post. A liveried butler
camo io tin* door. No, Mr. Mackintosh
at.is auit al Inline; lit* was  jusl "up-Btalrs"
eparlnga few biographies ol himsolf for
mittoc rooms. Tho meeting
addressed by Mr. Curtis,
Moesi'b, Dovlne, MoLarou
nl ly, Mr. Dunsmuir, carries out his election pledge lo discontinue Chinese labor,
the excuse (or this emtio measure will
lie gone.; il he dooa not a much more
effective remedy will likely bo found by
the Mai tin government!
The World hns no iipoli>|'y lo ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
make for'devoting Its columnsal-l wlllU Ur. Uartln 8ald orthou.llt
most exclusively to polltloa quee* Bbou, fMe 0ffU8*,blp 0l- tM       ,01„.
onaxhis week. It boneslly be* or ,leV8D mr out| 110 ,Mi „„ ,„
lii'v.'s that the res.il a ol tins oleo- j ,„, it n0Wi „„ lao   ,..,„.„ ,vll0
Ion is of the uttnoab importanoe to i ,,oia llot „ olll W0rn.0llt foJ8il_
Uie workers,  and   it   bus been in | 	
their interest tho World has given
sn iiuii'li attention to political mat-
tars. However, with ibis issuu (he
agony will hu over nnd hereafter
the World will again be devoted
to labor news.
Tho notion of tho Rossland Car*
peusere union in    endorsing   thu
oaudidaturo ol Son, Smith
in   tin*   present olootion
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ l't'llei'ls
oredit ii|ii)u ih.un as fi body of In*
telligk.nl nun. Ii shows tbeir o|>-
popenu< Ihut thoy are not to ho led
astray by a b.l ol cheap promises;
.iml that thoy are not the kind oi
lueu to throw a man down alter
usiu^ him. Tho objects of their
'•inini.'s ore thus defeated, and in*
stead of boiug able to split the oar-
pouters' vote nml thus defeat them
tbey have only Bucoeadod In mul.-
illg Hi.*iii show a tni.it> Bolid front
thaubefore. It is only thus thul
organised labor uu hone to un
lain ilself in the fuoo of tl
nrnpulouaactions of their opponents.
Hi- Chief l'u-l) tlio Opponent-; ol
Mr. Mackintosh bin undo (ranlic appeals (or tho support of workiiigmen. He
lias grovelled before ihem Lul all in
vain. Why.' BeesUSS no one believes
in hie dcitlh-U'ii-r.-peiilance act. Ill addition lo his own past declarations ol
hostility 11 tlio eight-hour laa' there are
his associates in Ibis campaign.
Nearly all the prominent auppo'teri ol
(lie Turner relgme in IS'.ei ere supporting him, and all tie Turner candidate'
today nre pledged (ii i'ii:ii*tii!.iii< tin
light-hour law il oleited,
Mr. Mackintosh has had with bim In
hia Hui'idaiv tour Mayor OoodsVBi I
treiclieroui upl'onent ol the rigl.li oi
workingmrn. Mayor Uootlove in Apti
io. k|a spouting tour ns (ar is tireonwood
where be deelirei be wn opposed In
principal tn iho eight-hour law, lie
related lo sign the pelitlou lo Iho legislature last winter upholding the right-
hour late, although hii position a; inaioi
trot.l 1 have lent weight to his signature
lie signed lhe notice to tie miner*, dedal ing Ibal ibould ll.ero l*o a tlrike no
credit could be got al (ioodeve'l.   The
Cvcning Kecor.1, In which he ii said to, lowing lo spar'ely populated dislticti a
ilu- Montreal Sin.- nnd other papers, also
a few lolcjjrann Ihat he wus going lo hand
i. it* ilu* Minor olflco lolling nboul lhe
"Boundary being solid for lhe governor
aid lhal Curtia would lo-- hia depositi
(WluTf.-utlii* horse editor slit—Bympnlhetic
Cui'ti- tears so copiously that he .polled
the governor s door mat.)
And bia liveried nibs .lammed I he door.
Now, the II. E. is nol used lo such Ircal
ni.-.ii, and silting down on lhe governor-!
.i't'ji\ in* concluded n* Interview Mr. Mackintosh any way, CVOJI though that gentle-
man wa- io busily engaged up*itidi*i uni'
Utoie golden cplnloni of him-elf,
"Wdiai do you think ol' Ilie eifilit-htiiir
"Well, really, 1 kepi dodging ilu* que -
lion about aa long ai I couldi and when
the miner- wanted either 'yea' or 'no ■••
an biibwer of courae I l.a.l to say 1 un- in
„voroflt. The mlne**owners and I have a
contpleii' undent—ldtng tan thai qaesUon,
anil. llitTi'liii-i*. Ihey tlo iit't lake any
answers of mint- in that parlit-iil.tr very
set*—iibly. You know youraetf thsl link—.
a cat—Idale for parb—nealary hoi—r* can
I*, .uiiisi' over) thing io everybody he would
not stand much show of election,   Itereii
my plan of ininpaigTi iu tin* promising |i„,.;
To lhe man with lhe wild e.iI I 1—1 In* «il
llati-a second Li- Roi : lln-  man  who nOW
woti— eighl lionr- for S.t.'o will gel Sio ..
day for nol »*orklng, with double price foi
Sunday- and fourth of July ; It* linn who i*
ro t In* shall become richi to him thai Is
rich, thai he shall become richer. Oi
tmu so. ail iiit-st* thing* ttoidii iTiii.i. to
pass If l wai elects— It' I should ..i.t iv
a—dad, then lixleen kinds nf Itruusii-i.i
Mould ba sent lo Rowland h>  the Con-
si-|\..ll\t- p.aill a-a It-kt'O t'l llli'ir i*s|,-,-i,a.'
'•Iliiv,   is   llai*   e—CliOO    gt*in(*    ill    lilt-
ISoiiinl.ii i .'
"Oh. lip lopl I I...,,* a high-claa* liai
working night  and  day nl Oiand Porks
who keep, lit,-telegraph iiui-sliol all tin-
line wiilii .li-patches about nr* tidal wave
oi i.iitoi. iii.-i'uli iit'ulilt* is. when un.
wan- -Hikes Kt-tl n.ooiil.iIn il will Ik,-l\
In..-I, and thru you will find there wa*
noihi.ig in il '
"Whal your \u-tts on tit* Chinee
"Of co—ve lbs Chinese should nol work
underground   ibere mlghtbeane—p—s.oe
or a taie-ui and lln-n then anmld be ..l.w
I't'lesiials ha**. Let ilie while -l.tti-. work
in the ininis, lam employ tin- China** In
ilu-kiii Inn ni garden, where there la nol to
nun li danger.    Tha' .- what I do tm*.-li.
"Huw do you like ihoao nrtoons nboul
M'.ustii ti.ai .ut itt'un.i town.'
"Welli If there i. an, intlh ut ih • ,.;,l
-vat ing   lhal   'toning   i-\.-ui«   cast tlu-ir
shadowi tacforoi then I sin.il ccrtalnl)
wake np on Sunday moralog *rllh .. dark-
brown ...sli-ut nil in.-nth.
" How iilvui lhal Ni'itl.w.-si exhibition
m .tridnl'
"Ko.tlli    I   had   h.'p-.    lhal   ' liy*g-0*lt-l
would be hi .....it- -.   i.ui   i.ke  Patrick's
ghoil,   uiiplf.isa.u    in.-nioi.i-s   slid
back  to mc.    Pad  ol Ihu   mallei    I*   I
never Imagined ihe people nt Rowland
Ing i i as thn- tl,
Bui Ui« horse  editor . Int.
niddenly cut short bi a sudden appl
of leather io the leal ol his pania it, u,,
Bforoaald i.uiier, who un—n lie -.
apology to tbe editor, miliumwtTbi
the baosflt oi .in Inlenr—w,
Tl..* Rosslaud ball team i- reoah
lug nil kind, of challenges llu •
ilu-. 'lh- priulora intended to
challenge Ibe '; rota," but after tot -
Ing Siiiiduy'- game, onuclndi <l lhal
ili.v were nt t in the same ii.i--
witli th ■ prinlera, The wlus olorki
will li • given a i*.am-- iustead.
Tuesday Mr. Curtis and bis ootn
mitl M wore notifled, thai the
Maeklntosh ue i ngiu Trail   wai
to h'  n  closed    eliug   ami    no	
goveiniiii'lit ni|'pia:ioi.s ,,r s|.,.„|vl,,..'ao tlo«ii in (aceof his  p'nlforni   in   .I.e   will.
Wan   want* I.    When    Dr.   Hoyw •■"•■~«-aolJalior,and lhe rigid enlorce-      11.
opened tbs meeting he
What Bodwl ol doeeit'l know ulaniit
railway building would fill many
VOlumei. Ue Sliertl lhal alter tho rail-
WBJ line from Vancouver lo -Midway is
li,i111 ii will take for enow Bheds and
equipment 810,318,000, Tho snow sheds
will probably not cost over 150,000, but,
assuming  that  they coat  $11111,0011, Iho
| ordlnny equipment would  be  888,500
per mile !   Mr. I!--dwell must ba either a
fool urn colossal liar. Tbo equipment at
nio.it w.iul.l not exceed |6,000 per mile.
His statement ol Hie cast ol the linn is
also quite pi. jfti :o-..'. Hi" whole
speech is mad* up of rqually wild statements, and special pleading that would be
a disgrace to tin* msaneit pel—o court
pettifogger.  Talk aboul pononal iplte
nml revenge. Theso Biem t > i OMeil
iliis eorp naiiiin monopulllt liku ten
.Im '...nul demona.
It will pay ynu lo call at liaglea for
millinery nnd ladica' (uinioliingo of all
Wrapper! I   Wrappers 11   Wiapperilll
j All llmii from S3 to US. Wo can lil
tbe imnlleit and largest lady in town.
Seo our whilewenr: in every lino we
havo   tl   splendid  stock.      Our   blouse
walita.ari nicely aaiortid, and In prints
and ready made skirls wo hnve tho very
nicest gooda.
Cor. la! & Washington Street,.
*<H ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦< |.
I Tlie Pullman Cafe |
Wn-sliinjiltiii BlRQt.
Hnycs & WaHon, riopriiluts,
All thedelicacloa or tbo Benson
llol ami Gold Limclie.
I The place tO get the best meal still the City.
1;   Meals 25 cents ami up   1
I r   ;.
»*JfS*:^-.">'l'Ssi>i>*isMs!'> i^ftii^^^i^-Jsj-*
Mens' Clothing
Having received notioa to move off tho site we ore now located
on, we are offering all our slock of mens'olotbiugat a reduction to effect ti clearance, as our timo is limited wo must give
tho public the benefit. So if you wish to suve money on your
puroha.es, call early at,
Rossland Trading Co.'s Store
Jas. Obetrington, Mgr.
Cor. Spokane St, and Second Ave.
.r! To The Electors of Rossland Riding of
0 llll- I °
West Kootenay:
Raymond Sewing Machines
"Iieat   ou   Iho   Market."
Sowing muobine luppllei ol all kinda for sale,
by wcok or month.
Machines to rent
Taylor & McQuame,
Vernon -nd Nelson Phono 131.
IS Columbia Avenue, Rouland,' IL 0,
Solo Agent;'.
I Canned Goods.
M .t:in Government I'latfonn.
Tim platform of the new govenimen! ii
il foil..is:
1. TbenUililiinol the 1200 deporil
nr eaadUala I i lbs Isgltlslnrs,
2. The hinging into force, ai soon as
arrangements ran l.o completed, ol lhe
r..rnn, Rsgtitry system.
3. The r.-li iiilnition nf Ibo rontti-
tui.ii'ieson lbs bu_ol population, u!
be largely inlerrstid, day sltir d.tv contained the n.o.l bitter altflck. cn th.
eight-hour law and "i. tl.e minus. II.
in ak tbsspsclateonstsblir, branghl in by
tbe miue oa n. i , under Ibe elcak ol Ibe
city and r.o t in illy give ihem Ibe
pin en of chief of pilice.
The company of inch a n.sn should
have been (Lured ttcic Mr. Mack In
(oil. sincere.
Bat,lutly, Mr. Mieklnteah ind his
blend ■ altemp'r.l to bolatsr up bit eaoie
hy refining the a IVOOBCJ >-l I'. V. B
well, a c-i.ip* ration It*ver o( Victoria,
fl.ry are loo i,I.siurd ol dim Inaeknonl-
eil«o l.iin openly, but tike iteil rue
ihs'. bis srssry si ligtvsa in full in
(ba oorporalion sheet, Ibo RoMlaud
1* Boil a t'd the fiier.il ol 1*1. 17
On Ifareh I6ih Un at a peblle i
Ing in  Vieloria lie dsaooneed PlSI
il.trlin as l! e intbof Bad ei liner ol Ihr
cigbt-honr  lew.     Thai  w.i  Ilia tnif
I..olicit your support us „ oandldato nt the aoproaohlug provkiclul
eleoliona.   My platform Is that of the present government, and ia set
tml below, and I pledge inystlf tosnppnrt the  principles  nuti  inensurcs
therein enunciated.
— joint moating of tho I'nions nfliliuted with llu* Trades and Labor
Council of Rossland nnd the Ail'.Iialed i'nions oi' Orocnwood, hnviiij*
done me tho honor to endorae my candidature, I consider myself as
much a labor candidal!* as a government one. and whether Iho government in* sustained or net, I shall. If elected, be always found heartily
supporting measures designed to benefit and elevate labor, no matter
it.uu which side of tin* House e—lauatlng, and 1 shall ul.-*.. strenuously
oppose nny attempt i» repeal or emasculate the eight-hour law.
1 mn yours faithfully
leal civil i uginccra md oll.erwiao lhal
the gnvcrnuient inoucv i*. expended upon (ante rya'.em Him li will In ailvaii-
ligeoti, to ths general public, ro Ihat
the old lystt-m nl providing loads as a
special favor (n supporters ol Iho government may be entirely  riiacont—IBSdi
il To keep Ihe ordinary annual expenditure within the ordinary annual
revenue iu order In presrive intact Ihe
credit of lbs province » Licit ii in t>esi
It. To adopt a system of government comtreat on .tn.l operation ol
railways, and immediately lo proceed
wiih the ccnitroctioii ol a railway on
ihe -..nli fide ol the i-'rascr liver run.
necling Hie coast with tbe Kootenay
ilitli.el, Miii. tl.e undemanding thai
ui lea lhe oibt-r railways now constructed in lhe province give fair connections
and mr.ka*, rqiiiiable i .in! bright and
p-frci'gcr anun.rn.fntl, Ibo province
till inniiiitie Ibis line to the easicrn
'. -.in laiy of the province. 1'ropcr con.
BSetion with nub Kootrnnv railway to
he given to I... givcu to the UUnd ol
Vancuver. With i. -pe i toother pirli
ol the pnv.ii t' lo proceed to give t»
every pu I ion of it railway connection
at ai early a date as possible, the rail'
way when oonsttuetsd lo l*e operated l>>
the gov. mm; nl through a cuiumisiion.
10. A rellnny bridge lo be conilim l-
e,l in COOnsellOn all— tho Koillensy
railway across Ibo Frascr river it or
near New Weslmineler, and running
nowen given over it lo any railway
aompsny applying for lbs same, under
propi i rondiliuni.
IT. Li ear. ii ii thought al any
time adV—able to givo a bonui
to any ri.Ln.iy compauy, lln* same to lie
est!., and nul I.y way of a land grant,
and i!.>iu.li '..ones lo III granted eicepl
apon Ibecondiliou that a fair amount
ul l! e lafuidi or tharcs ol the company
he Irsm-Ierrid to tho province, and
elf.Mtlv* meini liken lo give Iho pro-
.hire i-oiilrel of tl.e tieight ai.l pliien-
•ir utel. un.l proviiion nude igsinsl
• ini. nil any having any liabilities
..gainst it rx-ept acta.I colt.
IH.   To lake   sway Irom   the    Lieu
tenant (iovernor-in-Jonncil  any power
to maka p.ibstanlivo chungei in tlie law.
Peaches, pears, plums, strawberries, gropes, bluebeniei, apples,
in (acl everything that thu canncrs   can   cun,   nt lowett pricte.
Jams !
Jams, iiiinnala.li'" and preserve!,'.tba tlueit hriodi and at pricoa
(hut are right.
Ilisriiiti.   Kvcrytbing Jlhcy make !     Sotlaa ai;.l
jMcGonigle & Co.,    .-    Spokane St.
.'■••••• :■:■: • • • • • ■ is. — yr.. . ,
jTlic Crescent Dry Goods Co., Ltd.
Gent's Furnishing Department.
prnporliouilely   larger   repreeentalion
(ban tn populous dialricli and eili—.
I. Tbe enactment ol an accurate lyi-
lem ol government idling oi logs, and
in rigid i-iilorcement.
6. The re rnartmenlol tho diiilluw-
-1 Libir Itcgietratioii Aot, 1st*, snd
alio all the siaiutciol l»'.ii>, osniainlng
snti-Moiigoliin clausci if diiallowed as
liropi-red I.y Ibe Dominion govtrnmenl.
II. To take a firm stand In every otbei
poasihll way wilh a view of diiciuragln.
Ilie ifreod ol Oriental cheap labor ir
tbl, pr.'*.
7. 1*0 provide l*r .illciil insperlitn
of all bnil In..*., uitehiiiriy anl works,
wilh a view toOOmpell—giha adoption
of proper .-deguanl, to bia and  bssltb,
S. Willi reganlto the ugl.l-boui la*
ibe government will continue lo enforce lhe law aa It ilau.l*. An immediate in.Pmy will he made !*y lb* tnin*
•t.-r.al iniii". into all grirvancoi put
i.rwiii.l in connection with iia o|a*ra-
chirg* be nude.   Ua tha Brd   . M.y'i.J j ,i<,n> »'"' " *»• ol ,,,in'*i"« -,'0,,l ""
SniB letter l.. lhe. l,Biru..in..|ti,r.. . amicable settlement.   I. .... settlemen'
ner meeting in   Vietoiia  In wh.:. h. ' "  •|' I the principle cl tbo i.feren*
aimed tuctesi to lhe four Tiirn. r oandi* '■••"• *HI '•« api.litd aud u v..lo taken a.
tlites. oil nl ahum a.   Ibal  mSStlBg ds lhe genera! elrili'-n as (..  wl..*ll.er lb,
elsrsd their latsatlon ol dolag away tow lis rspaalsd,  HlbsUwlisuilslosd
wlih iho psaslly tlause iu and allowing by tha vols .(trill bs rslalaed upon ihe
.• iilrariiiiu ml .1 it,.* eight hour law. llalOla link   wilh in |-e..*lly clam*.
Oa lhe '-''.'.h Ol Hay Bodwell was i signer Ifmodidcalioiiirau be mido removing
..( lion. Mr. Tuinei'i no... insl inn paper. llt-ieB lr.iu.bt llaiui, witho.it impair-
in IM-s r.«iwelloppO*e«ITuil.ef.   Whal 'Bg lbs llili.iple of  Ihe l*«,  Ibey   will
hat Turner done since to deserve con* '►* *d«pli<l.   If ll.c vole li ngiimt il
ii;,i..i.    Dots tbS leopard change his «•'« law will Ih* repealed.
At Itodaell'i meeting brrr, be'    ti.   To reestablish the l-ondnn sgenct
l,i,-l not iift-r by  name lo lhe lights ol Brilisb I'.liiiuhiii. gad to tnke even
hour law, hut he mi snt it when he refer- , .(,-■ live mesi.r ol  l.rii.ging  lielore llu
red |..*'!l.eIi|.-.\sn*iH'.Sef.ret*|..|l  «• ll.iti.h   pu'lie Ihe   B.lvsnlagea ol  Hill
ing  the legislation   atlril.uttd   lo   Mr. province, ai a p'ace for lhe prolilsl.le in-
M»rlit." Vfitin.nl .1 CSpllal.
I.rawing hi. support from tloBBOBpOB.     10.  The retaining of the retnnrcel of        ,
ed it. and .'..nli sting  lhe jusl ligh'i ol lhe province as an asa>et for the benefit  confining  the  jurinliclion  entirely   to
labor, does Mr. Mackintosh think thsl ol  Ibe    people,  snd   taking  i-fl.*i live  m.iiiirs   of tlclail iu working oul the
all Itia fine word! and frri.sy wiil for a ni.i.sure* lo pievent the alienation  of laws II Beted hy the l.-gielaliirc.
moment draw llu-   wool   over  lhe eyei tl.e public din.sin, circpl lo acluil  set-      19,    The establishment of 11:1 inelitu-
.1 Ihe pul.'ie? DMSbBthinkhllSbJarga* lienor lor aclnal hona fide business, or  lion within Ibe pr. vim-.* lor Ibo etluca
tiom thai Josrpli  Martin is Ihe enemy lndiistiiil purposrs, patting an end  to, tion of (hedeaf aud dumb.
Summer Clothing' and
Mens ail wool sergeiuiU, tl'J.oO to $*>l
" "       tweed mill, $10 to |IS
DM- Tenni* suits, \}i to {'*
Crash coal and veal, 1..50
Serge coat and veil, |l
Alpaca Conl and veal, flftO lo 12.".0
Twssd pants, ill wool, I'J.'-O to tOM
I'crcile ihirti, soft aud HifT bosotns,
75c to 12.IJ0
Tennis thirls. 750 lo ll' oft
Uilbriggm underwear, per suit,
(1 loll.01).
Cotton ribbed underwear, mil,  '.'
Merino underwear, per mil, I.'.'*.
Natural wool, underwear, permit,
$2 to (I SO.
Fancy silkelle underwear, 12.60.
IIill hose, plain ami (incy, 20c
I.. He,
Straw aud linen ball, ■'• 1 ■ to 11.25
I   .glial.   Ilam.el   rblrls, 11.50 lo 12.5H   Snf( and ililf (ell h*U. II lo li-50
Crescent Dry Goods Co., Ltd,
Columbia Ave.,
V&N Thono 170
Rosshitul, B.>''.
International Music Hall.
A. M. /.inn, Minager.      It. Klockman, Prop.     Dulton Wansor, S'.age Mgr.
I !.■■ ' ip.-iuii.   Masterpiece
Ueturn ol
Emma Whtney
^^^^^H First Appeiranceol
:|| Evelyn Paxton Tulriti Percie
i.ii.uium nl
tlmt Mr. 1 mt j-, had been Invited,
I.ui that he was aii.ii.l to appear,
This is anothei rampla of tbe . u
teniptii.i.' ami diebonssl manner lo
which   thu   Mackintosh   push  lire
carrying on the C8_| uig.i.
laiut night tin re and
anthofliaatio gathering of Mi. (..i-
tla supporter' u the general tcin-
ol labor and ol lhe right hour law will   the pr.u tiee el speculating in connection
Ihe same.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   The   liking of  active measures
ment  >.f  the ... I   I.y  hi* govtrnnieiit?  (or the fraternal r tiploration   of Ibo
Theact'oilhe Martin govenimen' spesk   prnviiae.
Lxebision   *
Inr tniiirelv s, tin* words ol Mr. Mack-
ii.t >sb are hut sound and Inr , 'ignily-
ing nothing.
20.   To repeal   Ihe  Alien
Acl aa the reasons pistil; ing llio enactment no longer obthin.
31,   An auiicuhlu  nlllimsnt ol the
jdllpUtS wilh lhe Don inimi governinenl
12.   The liorrowirg oliuuncy   for  lhe ISI tO Headman's  Island, Htanley  Park
pnrposs el providing r.if.ls, trails and .und  oilier lane",  and an ar.angeinenl
bridges pr. v..led that in every cato the I wiih Mr. Luilgiiie by which, if possible,
a———-——»—- money nerrsssry to pay lhe l.ilere.l and  11111 mill industry may   he  established
Tl.eignnrnmn.il  Mr. Mackintosh on   sinking lund   in OOn.SCtlon  with   the  aiuleanied on   on  1''adman*   bland,
Hrilirl: Columliii  polItlO—I .|tieillon« is  loin shall  be   prr,vi.le<l   ly additionalIBBdsf aalbfaclory roudilions,  protect-
ixlraoidinsry.  He talk. sIbuii ri-enact    laxslion 10 as not to impsir Hi* credit  Ing ll.c interest, oi the public.
ing ti c Coal Miners' RegalaUna Act. of lbs prosIbsb.
ThetensVef was IW— an fl't. Tl.eie IS. Inconneclioti with lini construe*
ms a bill I.y Uul name but it never linn id government rosdl and trails,lo
pKitd.   if bis poliiicil bul-t.-liuw and.provide by the employment of rompe-
It, Proper inuma ol giving teebni-
cal initrucliene (0 miners and pro.pcc-
Simpson and Jones
A Complete Stock of Qrocerlea always on Hand.   Also a Full Lino
of Fancy Kvapotalud Fruits just received from Culifornin.
V  \ N. Telephone (IS.      S.'.oii.l Ave. (Ipposilc ('. ]'. H. Depot,


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