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Industrial World Jul 28, 1900

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Array VOL 1, NO. 41$.
Dovoted to the IntereRts of Orgauized Labor.       Eudoreed by tho Trades *V»<1 l~bor Coaoeii.       Oilicial Organ of District Union, No. 0, W. V. M.
Hunter Bros.
!,;;   Make this place your shopping centre.   You 11 find
il!   nearly everything  in  all classes of merchandise.   ]j
im * iii
!    The Htoc   is carefully selected and only seasonable   , I!
goods offered for sale.
About Dispensing an I Drugs.
Dispensing; of physicians preset iptinns is an important
feature of our dtug department and we take justifiable pride io
the eminence and popularity it bus attained. The p'lysieiau
who writes a pit-sen pi inn bas certain specific results in mind.
To insure tho bent reeultH and no aid the physician in binef-
forts. we employ none but the best nnd expert diapeuseni,
v,hii** the drill's and chemicals used nn* tbe beet.
T. R, Morrow,
We carry the Urges! stork ot infanta
■ml children, sho** in  Rossland In
Ve' Kid, black and colored.
Pebble (b tn,  black  and colored,
OH (imlii School Shoes,  Ihe he*l
•■•u. ie.
W. P. McNeill.
Next Door to the Uostoffico.
Pacific Saloon
Cot. Spokine Bt. *. Columbia Ave.
Ik Hm* Im
Celebration Committee  Report,.—
Iiabor Day—Good and Welfare
This weoke' meeting of the Minors' union was largely attended and
proved very intereeting and instructive. Routine btunnees wan
quit-lily disposed of snd under
"Good and Welfare" several interesting addresses were listeued to.
This feature of the meetings is becoming a most pleasant one, aud
should be made the moetof.
Tbe union day celebration committee eent in its completed report
whiolt shows
Receipts •10-H.OO
Eipeiiditures   ....      967.46
J A long, cool and refreshing glace*
! Beer, 5c.
• Liquors
1 Martin Salmon.
Balance f   8066
1 he report was received ami the
committee discharged, after being
• ; highly complimented ou the highly
• I satisfactory   celebration   arranged
• j for them aud carried out so luooees-
The sick corauiittee repiirtetl
Bros, llaliii, McDonald and Me
Plies in the hu-pilal and improving.
The delegates to the trades couu*
til  repi.iteil   on   the  proposal   to
Labor day.   The union
voted lint) ti tbe council in uid
of the celebration.   Tho discussion
^%**>%^ ■**•%'%%%%%*•--% •%%*%■*>%•»-•*•%*»%%%%%**•*%-a<r
{ LOSE_->
Whan you buy ■ pair of
our MEN'S SHOES at
f.f.zy i.tti.ms.
MllllllV I 1TTP.H-, I
MID *. S.-TIMS '
uoonvi Kll Bit 1,1
I* 111. k. Ckac.ilr 1*4 Ta* sika.t.-..
The  Wc.liiraic-  Foot "Pilfer
• ! developed a sentiment in favor of a
itrirtty uuion colebratiun.
Un motion de>legnte«t were instructed to oppose trades couucil
celebrating I_tttor day away from
Hoe* land
Uro*. Tecs, Solan and Liconotti
; [Mir.- appointed to act on hick committee.
A good sized class of rttdfahtes
were  iuitinted.   Them have been
.-..nn-  sixty   iii11.riiii.u-*  tluriug the.
;; j Isst month, ns well us several additions by transfer.
Morrison  & Byrenton
Fancy grocericB, ctiuu-.l goods, potted nu-nts and fish, preserve*
Snd marmalades, pickles, chow chows nud catsup., frails and nrodtitv.
a* well ne a full stock of stApIo groceries aud provisions- All good"
delivered iVoo.
+4+4+4 *+**++++*++++++*+4+4
The Strand
The Must Elegant and Luxurious
Fitted Bar iu Oanada.
A Full Lln* ol th* UholcMl
Liqueurs and Cigars
F.I». WATSON, Proprietor.
Houses and Lots
White Hear Ground
Greenwood Trades Council.
At a regular meeting of the
Greenwood trades couucil held
Monday n.gbt thn following otTl
cere were elected for tlie ensuing
term; President, J. D. Saukey,
vice-prveidunt, 0, W. Hluck; secre-
Ury-ircuoHer. T. Ileiutuorl*, warden, li J. Cameron.
A. Mini-r Die*.
Fast -Columbia Ave.
j Empey   Bros.
Aro showing a very tine rnngo of
.: In  silk fronts with linoubody. Cftshmerns, lineu snd all silk goods:
', !       Also a very nice range of
I Suspenders
*r And sashes, tho very   tiest   English   man..failure.      We have jn«t!
+       opened up a very nice lino of
t Shoes
s Made by the Hamilton Brown Shoe Co. Every pair guaranteed or
money refunded. Iu mens' and boye' clothing wt carry thn
finest goods at tho best prices.
Rossland, 13. <..'      Pui-OUiae money  may ho
 —=  ,'nid .1 intjiitl.lv install ment h.
►♦ Apply to
John Y. Cole,
S3 C liiiiii.ii Avenue.
Frank ('Ino ■!.. a miner, died at
Gre>nwood Tuaeday, of Bright'*
disease. Friday the remains were
shipped to Man..- Mr. Cloilgb
was well kuown iu tbe Boundary,
having decu a resident of that
-c-iii'ii the (mil three j ears.
iEMPEY BROS.. The Furnishers!
orn*r Columbia Avenue and Spokane Street.
WMMMM ******** *4*4t******)4*****4*4*****U4*
. HGIobe Restaurant!
,. Ceh.nibls Ate.
', Everything   New, Clean   and !
I Neat. :
; Meals 25c and up ::
a ..
|  J. Cunniii-.-hain. Prop.
Morris & Crow sell high elses
label cigsrs. Their Cnban oigars
nil ls'ar the, Spanish uuion label.
Try one.
It will pay yon 10 rail at Kb*!,*, tor
mllliesry snd la.lies' fereiihiefi ul si
To Ha\c and
To Hold!
We bsve a mighty (:.....l trad nu
OOflhS, We liavii it ami we bold
it—once a coffee buyer bore -always one.
Fur 46 cents wn have a Moclin
and Java coffee thnt is absolutely
thn best coffee sold in Kimsland.
It isu't the ln-t today and thr
next best tomorrow- it's tho host
all the time —and the people who
buy it all the time Know it.
This 1." nt cofli•« is Ihe best we
Bell—it's the beet any one, soils—no
matter what prion you pny.
For 26 cents—we might get 30
or even .'16 cents for the coffee we
sell at '.'■') ..cut . hut we don't do It.
Wc wouldn't noil bo much if we
did, nud fifty p..und. at a small
profit is bell, i than two pounds nt
a big profit.
Easy to figure that out, isn't it?
Paulson Bros,
Waitors' i'nion—I _thor Day—Business Mens' IVition.
Thurday night's mooting of tho
trades council was a very auimnted
one, and very interesting from several points of view. It probably
settled one thing for once and for
all time, that hereafter labor celebrations will be conducted by
labor people and no interference
will be tolerated.
Committee on library building
reported action of oity couucil,
nud that unthing could be done. Di»-
ciissed briefly, aud another grievance against tlie powers that lie
was recorded.
Committee on organi-wt'on of
provincial f. deration of labor reported favoring joint action between
Knoli'iiay uni..ns which favored
such au organization on trade
uuiou lines, ami tho coast unions
which desired such an organization
on political lines. Committee directed to correspond with oo—tt
unions regarding the advisability
of calling a convention for sonic
time in September.
The) following petition was received and read:
ItoHslit(itl, July 24. 1000.
To tbe officers   end members  of
lt.i--l.iiul Trade and Labor Council. H..**lat..l. B. C.
Gentlemen: By an articlo appearing in the Industrial World of July
'.'1st, which stated it was proposed
to i-eli-br.iii- Lalior day either at
I ..ton l.ak" or Nelson; wo the
undersigned citizens believing it to
be tu the best intcrtulBof Russland,
beg leave to submit,  that it would
be llliful tllll.lte ll -aid .Tlllleiiipl.lt.-il
tuition were curried out, in ua niuuh
as all celebrations this year have
liecn held abroad. And, pother
Labor day has always been held in
Rowland. Also that lto-sl.tnd is
the oldest union town in tho Kootenay- and can justly claim the right
of celebrating La bor day. Realizing thn uul ■: lunate condition of
affairs last your, and with a view
of phiciog tbo celebration iu tlio
bauds of those who should conduct
it I.-l.i.it ..ns on that day, wo r--
speclfiilly submit that you take
this m.iiiei up and eudeavor to
celebrate in Rrwdand, with jurisdiction .-iiinely iu your own hands,
guaranteeing to you our full sym
path) aud support.   .
We remain yours respectfully.
This petitiou wu- signed by something like a hundred business men.
After considerable discussion iu
which many grievances wen) niicd,
it wns moved nud carried that it be
laid over for furl her consideration.
A delegate from the Cooks' ami
Waiters' reported that in spile of
their ell.u is thu rc-ti.iui.iul * of lhe
city are being filled up witb inn -
union help. It was decido.1 to
lake up the question vigorously,
aud it couple of 90 oeut rertaiirautM
Will be visited at once to BOO if tli.-y
.■in In, in-) H-- d to 111111111111, their
place*. Ifn.it it is probablo that
members of the unions will be re
i e.pie-1. id to pat i oin. ■■ ot her cntitig
The question of celebrating I—-
hor day came up. No decisiou wast
reached. It was very plain that a
largo majority of tho delegatus
present were strongly in favor of a
celebration of labor's holiday in
charge nf labor people, and that no
part would be tnkeu in one which
they Sid not control, and that thoy
were in favor of not asking aid
from nn\.>iiu outsido lln- ranks of
labor. It was decided to bold a
Special meeting Sunday night to
take definite action on tho question
of celebrating at homo or running
an excursion to Nelson or Loon
ft Mntf Me.
Troops and   Police   Boats on  ttrj
Prase* Ulnar,
Already the province is begin.
ning to feel Iho effects of the lute
import—tion of thousands nf Japs,
and it now appears ibal ono of thn
great industries of the province
would be paralyzed for some time
to come because-of it nnd in the
lucai.tiiiu- wo seo the militia and
hundreds of special police protecting Jap se.tlm who have taken
work at prices which would not
givo a Irving to the white men fnrin-
crly engugod in it. We speak of
the salmon canning industry.
At the beginning of the fishing
seasou tho white fishermen di,»
mantled 26 cents per li.-b, which
eaini.-rs refused to pay .and who at
once secured several thousand Japa
to man their boats, and who were
wi ling to accept 18 cents per fish.
Tho white libcrmcii claimed that
they could not do mure than nniko
it bare living eveu if 26 cents per
fish wore pniil, au*l give tbo fjlloiv-
iug figures to siilibtiintialc their ar-
Estimated average catch per boat
for the scaBtm—t.tMHl Ash,  eqiiat at
26 ceuts each, 1950,
Price of net       . .8101
Wages of boat puller       .       .  8-1
11 i.e ol bu.it .        .        . -'•
Food for two months . 'W
Fishing liceuco       .       .       .1"
Total .... $2IU
Tie men stood firm. They tried
to induce, the Jnps to snip work
and join their anion, Attorney*
General Eberis was upjieuleil to by
the owners, nnd he promptly arm.
ed several tugs, loaded them with
special police, anil set them to
work to prevent iutorferenco with
the Japs. A story of danger to the
canneries wan started and uow a
couple of companies of soldiers are
eii.iinped at Stt'vestou and thn
town is practically under martial
law. Now stories oauie Iron tho
coast saying that the istriko Is
lirokeu." "Strikers delcalctl."
Canuurios will run if men will go
back to work.1' It is claimed, huw-
ever, that thu Japs are tint competent fl.hormc.i, thai tin* white men
will refuse lo go back to srork, ami
that the canneries will buvo to
close. If ibis in done it will spell
ruin for iiiutiy small business men
iu the cast eitii'- inul will hit tho
lnrg»r conoeniH very hard.
A moral may he extracted from
the following fuels. Jap. ate here
iu th<.ii-;m.l- p. tuko tb*> phu-'u of
white worker*: employers are ready
io replace ilu* white workers with
tlm Japs; tho provincial guvuru.
ment stands ready to lurnisli specials aud troops (0 suppress -trik.ie
before there hits been u shadow of
lawlessness; employer*- pay uo at-
tent inn to the demands ol labor or
busBiiietw men in asking for a settlement so long us tbey QBfl -nve a
h-W centis. and the t'ovcriiiiiciil ia
ready with tl*OOps to support llio
employers In the attitude ib»y an-
P.iiiiliunn I  ier ('..rri'iii' -i"iier.
Yesterday II isaland Bias visileil I.y
I) .1. i.'l. iniilu.e, 1> in...-.i Ikbor corn-
missioner. who cam., here to ascertain
tbe.rumnt r*leo( w*ki*i pti.l nt tlie sev-
era I building trades. Tenders wUI *»on
b* called fir, lor eretilnii L.-iland'*
Kuderil liuitduuc and nil lenders will !>•
based on the wa.es reported by Mr.
O'Donohue, and ail contracts will l»«
quire thlt th.v laeimd. Mr. ()'l> .n.ibuo
led yeilarday morning Inr Kl I,.in vihom
he will aldress a tneetluK of    ..•*••
Buy your groceries from Ague**
& Co. uud nave mouey.    (ioods .1.**
Ilvcrsd t>i dl j ii t  ■ f tin
t • • ■•-- IB
Tni? iN'ntrsfRiAL  .vrmuuFi.Y ii, tittd.
fill! »H I       I     MU. i   ,'IIIB I   I*'J»HI'W. ll      I ^Wff|MS*PI»^SWB"——«——^»^^—~        ', ■ ' «_—»——————-.■————M——»
ll is hoped  (bo Triules  Council,    Tins week we  reprint  flic  plnl-
will consider  well   the   proposal to  furiu   adopted   by  lhe   Vaiif»iivi-r
i go nwny   Irom   home  to colebralc labor party.    Nest  week   we will
I,nbor Day.   Coming  ns iuk.es the repr. d|ice the   ponsfitiltinn  of  the
subject is of fur yi-ontor i|iip<ji'tnii<!o  Winnipeg labor party,
i-ahiishir.! nt i|ib Mii.er. fi.ioit iieii. K.as.iumi   to the workers   t*f   ibis   city than j t.-mi ...     .. am
1V1 J-KI Y    '  '.ITIIIN.
And thin (.nine lliij line unveil  shavej
i In, lii>ll pen—ihiB t) ,k which  represents \ S
the   Auiericiin   penplo all thoy   hold   V{
In tlie iiilrr.Bt ol"i'i*ii...i'cil Inrior  111 (HiiiUi
p i. to re I ai ine masnlM I, 11. C. :an,iniTti-f f,
iriii.iiii-fiontliriiuiib lhe palls, Mot iw.'.
ss sot't-iu! class iiiallt-r.
a. i!. I'liuMirBUN, li ll tor snil Mspssei
uilice al Miners' | uinn Hull.
li'iat Baore.1—Riitbt, Jusl lee, Erj.n'iiy
li lias UTii/i'd above (be hull pen, aud be
u.re Am. riiran iiianliiiinl has ulserted ils
nrine'pleH—hofore Justice haa been es
many imagine,   nud   (lie   decision]    Queer ideas somo people "ncrr s • •"■'l'"-'*'-'-* f"* tyranny Is ernibed-
,    . , r ,i ...      i ,. ,.."..       ut fare 1. har le Boverieilii, II ihllll wave,
arrived at may bave  fur r. aching tbo line have o|  our ul,i..r.. polit-  ,,  _„   ... „„„ng|h  ,„,,',,„.-  „10Ve
coni,c(|ticnres,      Tho   is   and   httSI Ipill,    Hero is un editorial ooiiimcnt \ n„ny a darker  hole-above ...auy an
been for  801116   time   more  or less! clipped   front ll   state's   exchaiui:'\ iitean stable,  where Labor,  ini-nner-
Iriclion bet.vecu   the   business men (Tho   iinanoinl minister of  j>itish   »««*■. laniiuishe* in in   heart's blotil!
nnd the labor union*,  of Rpssluml.j Columbia had a mightly cIobq ek-,'   ■>£J^'** .T!"'!!.'?*
:i n*l we porta Inly do not think the capo  from defeat.    He polled 802 '       jj
blniiic lies enl-rcly with tho union-1 votes in his district in Vancouver, ■ "
list*-,   'I heir interests have pot ro- land wns elertpd.    But Will   Mac-'   _^»i»!)»air)iM>»»»»a»>»\***»»a-t
c.-ivcil lhe consiileriilinn  from the! Clai.i,   the united S- oii'list  c.inili- 4? <m*$£J&trn. 1
1 business men tbey were entitled to I date, nave him n run for his money, % ~ ^ftM®9 ||
^>x»:'»-.>-' ;•?<.*:.*>: ■:•.-:-. •,•;.*:•;•:•:■ >*i<*%mWQ
P. Burns k Co. J
Wholesale Markets.
RoskIuiiiI, Nelson, Trull, Sandon, -avoletoke, QremwQod,
Grinid Ki 1 ks and Vauoouvor,
-.1 nscRii'Tiox uaTssi
I'.n .il.lt- liunilll.lt  i|.   \.l. i.i-e
pu. Veur
.  '.* r<>
hit .ileaalhs	
.. 1 li
Three m».miis      	
■ ■     '.*
iwo independent labor (Tiiiili.lrtlcs
iu tin* field. No wonder Ihu Chnii-
diiin newspapers nnd politicians
are becoming lrighlene.1 at tile
growing   activity of (ho  Socialists
ami it is but naliirul there should
. be    -I'liio     feeling   of   resentment
shown on ilu* 1 art of tin* labor
people, unfortunate 1 bough it is.
However, If tlio Trades Council tlc-
piiles |(i have a celebration nbroud,
it will mil In*   front   any   feeling of
hostility toward*! the business men
or a disposition  to   ignore their iu- j nnd the spread of their doctrine.
leresls, bu! from a determination to
1 1
Vt.lrrss.,iiroi..,|!„iiii-:iii n.iiie |ii.t,i*tii-.i  In I'lnulali' ll.e miners  iii   their re-
w..ai.i......ton... ii.ir. *.-\ K>-*i«i'ii. a c. ci'ti! celt'b..alinii  in   not   asking fit-
•iheindustrial werlili-finMils a„ SB-t*B(l'" j VOfB ii()|* aid   from   anyone,  but lo
tin KieiRn Clutir ijl.ire; Shi.|.-.si s Xtss Stand | act independently.     Till' last  1.1.1....'
p. s. w.ii.ii. - siaini.Tv -Mr;  r.isi i.tTice■ |).,y pelpbratjon   nml tlie way ibo
N.„~si.„,i; i.,„t,„. nr..-, siaii..,..r> iter* 1||bor       p,e wnro ,Vow|i ,,,.'. ,lllh
b. it   ClMf Slor*nn.!b> in * ., ,- . -.   ,
r I not beeu forgotten   and it does not
" I propose to again be plnoed in tbe
position ii wns Insl year.
receiving   tJ-l.S   votes iu (ho   siimt- |  | |nJAt|     _*r\,*. + J„ „  „
district, and  lie would  lutvo  wop j  UIllUll    ll 111 I lllg  I
out but for the foot that there werelfi *'
Chiia.   It nli ton  Wiilas.
them eB8enli»l to law aud  order, .1,    ] ]-iQ    J-^llllIT13FI   L.aiC  ••>'
sn) ol oondlttoni that lie,  I. n.- '                                                         _
. ,      .             ,rl                 , *                     Wishhi-rt... sir.el.
is   brought   about,    lhe icliool ;-          „„,,„ w.,l..,.i. r...,.rit-iUr.«,
a deserted,  but  tin. swe.tt-sho| I '-.                                                                    .1
All cheek, n.av ba iiinde payable
ll.e Manii'i'r-
Tho** wbo desire a rl.snee |n Ihri.
a.lver.i'eiiienl sliculd hsl'i' Ibe copy It.r
It I* Ibe man who  ic.i.lcn in ll
Bare   who erecis  the    prism..    II
! si,|,.| s
ns a res
sell   III
ii ay lie descried, but the swe.tt-sliu|l
are iit reuein.ly patrou'r. d. And Ibe
cnip irutiuim thrive. The po-ar firm
may hu dene, ly populHIed, nud Pot*
let's fi I.l may I.e lliuroiiiihly utlllled.
Hut ll.e Irtisis pro-per. Those who nre
i.n- (cehle lu h iilis'iiiul the vulture—
Batiu llio lin lonwer ! utile »ti the leu-
i.n-les nl this ii.vicible ... I u. .- kuonn
must sucniul.  iu the in-
l.uilltli a   lor   prmliu'lutf
(iK ■"■ TntJes l ui..ns and W !
tlri. I ii„ibv lii|[5 prtKUiril. Z !
nbber Slumps. $ I
Spcil-I faclllilr* lor producing thr
bett   PrlnllrtK
Secret Suclet
Sculi miiJ Kubber Stumps
ii. Ir. Cl...ni.I. Iv., Kossland, 11.C.
RETAIL   MAUKi;'!'-     HosaUnd.  Trail.   Nelson, Yinii-
Kaalo, *■ timlini, New |)i>uvur,   Silverl .n,  .'i-seiVle  City. CJrnn.l
, Forks,Ui'eeiiivoo I, l'line.iix, \lhlivity, Ciiutp .McKiinu y. licvul.
Bloke, FVpgUioq nnd Vmoonvor,
Fish, tia.se and Poultry iii Season, Sausages of all Kinds.
William Ponai d Manager Kb .--land Brinoh
•*>1*>>Xioc'>:':-:>:-:* •::•:•:•:•• •;• .    •:•:•:•:■:•     ••:•:•:•:•:•:• :*:-:c*»:-: a;
......... ....,.,.; . ,*.....».....}.-j,j-j^.t.*.
I •" ..ink' (r.'iu ilie prliee viindow' »e
,0*11 know  i.nil.in*: il ibe prison.   "In
'lie   ca den  ul  the  kimIs  the tlrserl  ul
! the ib vil  is (nre, t en."   The Sybarite
- •    while llri Uehnxiken M  P. i'.
in for   Vi('t(.ri:i,   is   ill    bad  '-olnpitiiv.
\.( Ihe laboring men   of  Ibis   province have u   good    friend  in  Ibe  .•,"!rusts
Minn* genial Harry,    Hen* is u res-1 evitat.le.
|hl snute at this rtliee not  Inter than  ulnlinii inlruiluccil by   bim. whicl
tluaeveniuiE Is-lure publication day. || is hoped, u ill  In* passed.
 ....    i    Thai,   in   tbo opiuion   of  Ibis
SATURDAY   It'l Y 28   IWX) H,""*,'i   »"   goveritliiciit   coiitrncts I „„, „ni|e,   jiu   ru„y ~,«, contemptn*
" ■" -li.' - I should COntsin SUCh   OOndillonS   us |oiisly apnn.ths miseries ol bis race, an*
. — "   «il|   prevent   abii SB   which   in-iv   lu* '"** siuii.i.tj ll.etn to ch.iiu*-, or lit-
 •- 'i^»-v,b.visi,,,wnvsa,isen'om,.,s,,l,li.,,i,,g,,fs,,oh;;^^
and means for prf.ve.ttiug lhe Chi cn..lr,i.:(s. ami that every effort tolh# rr-Illl o( _ ,,1l(lMll, •*,,„„_,„.,.
j.ese iriim guiping a Inotbnld in should be made to secure the pay- Ths man wl.o knoii ttothlna ol (be
Ihut town.      Within   tl.e  hist   few : cei I of such wages   ns   are  gener-1 world can know ii.-lbii.it of nun.   II*
u.iks nevernJ of the Blast eyed rally aoeepted as ourrent it. each
heathen   have  invaded   ihe place,  trade fur cnmpel-'ot   workmen   in
Fresh Green Vegetables.        ?
Cauliflower.        String Beans
Brussels Sprouts, Lrtlucc, -clery, lomte Green Peas
0. R Fox k Company,    |
All tiiO delinirii-ti of tlie BBSMD
•   Hit and Col.1 Lunches   I
* Tho place lo get tin, Ust meal «■ j
?• Ill the Cily. •
i   Meul. 25 cent., and np    ;  :•;
**-* • • • :^' »■»*•**.» M* • •'•    '"'
100 Kust Colmnbin Ave.
Telephone 88.
^^M>♦<^-t-*«-^t•»»•^•s **&*^ ***%t«
could neve* understand the tin ninr ..I
ia  son!—i   I.e.n*i   lieu   is  ertiBheil   by
»'»iit—a  spirit   subiieil    I.y    sluveiy—
Kveryoue rooogoljed the fact that the district Where Uie work ia .*.«*-. ,,,.,,,,..„.,, ,i-Hlt,.,,riv nto u.e o._*
their presence  is u   menace lo lh' ■' ried out: nnd it is hereby  resolve.) ! meri-n eaverni of  I).*|.sir.   He n.»y
Im-sI  III tore* tB  of   tbe   cily.      The (that, the work   to   whicl.   Iho   fore-  p.i aeh ".ood eheei" mil lbs. n  i .oi*
.labor n.en   too',;   the   hud  in   the K"i"g   policy  shall  apply   Includes! Psrl'y*   Ht-ni..yiBlk ,|..i.n.'.n   atdls*
matter,while lhe bui-luessmm, In- not only wok nadertakeu by the
It-.oks, SI ilionei-v. Toys,
Kiim-y (i'.mhIs. Oiliee
£ School nipj-liv—a
,*      o
CO5_t^0O>W-X<».i';'^^ :.*.•.*>>•<<>;
Bargains at O'Hearn's
1 am over-ink cd u iiii spring and sumtneri   ... id am going
to mnke pricesi talk during the month  ol below
Men's Ane worsted sutta in blue or blacks, i. 120 suits
for |I3.'J5.
Men's (ine Scotch tweed   mils,   great   Value,   regular tISSlliid
fur il -  a'.
M"n's tweed sui's. rsfrtilarSlij ratue fur s   "5,
Loy's suits and ...Id | .ants ut jusl hall fie-1., i .r price.
m. j qui:Air-
The IlirsV Stnre lit tin* 1,'n-v C. rimr.
Tel. 11.1
^<yx>>:>:-\<y--.-- ■   •   •
.   •. ■;■:•;•:.:.»:. XsiO
nore lavas.    Ile uisy   lennnnee lalai—   *'
a.luck     its    iiruai is iliuln— !e.eiv    is    .,
stead Of cnciniraging Ibe ci.inks b.   t.uvcr.iinciil itself, nlso  ull   Works I',„,„,_,,,   Hni, ,lr,t.m| lrll,„     Y«i,   I,
employing them and thua ilcfeiilingnideil by a grunt of Provincial! pub*   „,.v ju .p ,|„e.   He his e.eii, but  I,
the efliirts'of   tl.e   Inbor   unions, lie funds,  ami   that  Ibe af.lrcsuiil -hsi not it ff**n-il,   He hs. I vs.l i nt ha-   *
beitrtillv joined in   ll.e  movement.' Mh'V shall I.- Inrllniilh applied lo "« l<""'' "'•   llshsi «i«*rsjd bai  I.     ♦
Th.rem.lt wn. h. th.. J will ever,  depaHin.,,,   of toe , lie t* SSffi Jt-LSTl'
have to move on; GrMnwood has service and to all parties now per  ihnt xr nn ,ll„ft,#
no tiw for him,    In that city there forming hervlota for the Oovern-I   Aia.ve ih* ia'«ce, In ths sVnlesn
Is no frii-liiui iH'lween   llu. bitsine-s  ini'iil. mill* ol heaven, Ihe (!«*• Is w*vin.    He   Vlinprc!
BOOK RTOItK      —      —
— .1.1 f .loin*.in  lvel.it.'.
v, ,^|* -VkaB t «•**>-**«>* I ♦* **
men and lhe  labor   men.      ISBob
tide is pnnseioQS of (heir dppend
el.ee nu the Other, nnd   know   thai
if   uni*   siillers   nil    must     stiller.
| and   is "pilriuiie.''   And   overthoMi ti_t their frrscrrplioM
Cn another page we  reprint   the  .am* coitus,   in   th*  different extern Ki l«d bv the
isineiliitiioii  bill   as   pSSSed  bv the] f*ctori** where Ihe  il . is ,n«dr, men , «j 1 J    Tt H
cm,. s.    We reprint  it so'that! »•"* *om*n *"• <■•'»»»«. »y» ••"« bo I   XvOSSia/Il Q   1/1112,'   t»0.
I,,t-i,iiiii,i..I hi,   e.'ilv   learned Ibis , r       .. i linker-raw, soul lligl.led   and despair *-'
in,, tit,tin ii  ii tit   i..nu... nu-  „ur readers run mi'  |,ir   tbenM,>!ves| ,      , . ,,, , ,   —     -
i.l        .end  ll.'.     I.illllil.,      (ruin     lUrk    IO t H.-JI l.*.,r.|l l>vrr,t'iln«,n -ail. l.lar
ubala gnnd tbliiff it IS.     ItlBRlao ,|gW|l<   (ro,0   j,wo   (u  d»tk-—_n,l   for| OteSObaO-L
a sa in pie  uf   whal    (be   gical and   ttbat'.'
lesson, ami it -peaks  much (or the
future of i bat ci*.
When the week i* over,   when
g I Ottawa government Is willingI'hosla   long day* ba—i passed, tnev]
• run.ple in their aehiiiK 811*.-, «  wee ; so*«l.AMn OBtir. co     1 K btbitmo. Msr
,bmall check-(VIcenU a d«y-1300!        |0»lu-hi« An »'.e,  mil   Ihe  Bon Ton
W ♦♦♦♦♦▼♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Tn Mtile all dlscasslon iu regard '" B-ve ""' workers. We Mill give
lo ilia l-irNir Hay ceicbralion, the a l"'k ofiloughiitst-toSsVyona who
VVmld wishestomako bsuggerfltion. will 'ell as of whal practical use 11
I ..id and laiidy  Miiiln   will   lie in   will le to ci.lu r side   iu  any Inlsir *,
K.sslaii.l.   sept. .'b.l. lib. and nth: dispute.    We have slndi. il it care-  t -p* S~\ TT-1   CT 1        A   T ^ I   1-7 C *
Lnlmr   Hay   Is Sept.  3rd.   plow <"% andean Ind no hlnggood hj||  _£  y^J J[   1 1 Jt_      t _ f\ 1 / 1 .P-nTY
Ibsslaml workers DOSSea   n> deep a  •'•    It is simply a   sop   thrown   loll
ietieiaii.il! for tin* Qnaanand her olanwrlngtabor, in the hope ami E
represenlatlvos.      'iVy   are nB.oxpectatiou   tlmt it   will  satisfy.JI
patliolte us any peo|ii*. Let us However it will not ihi lo. N.,11,. |
iitiiteiii 11 tvii) liats celebialion of "'(,' hnl Oompulsory iirlailralion J
Ibe doubl.* event, Labor  Day and «ill do. and this we 11.11*1 have.      :-LADIES SAII OR OR  WALKING!!
The Latest in
W   '
ll.e vi-it    ul    ViOS    Unyalty.    Itoss- , .
land lalsir  iininiiisls ccilainly   ,lo      |.,..„,r|s   ,*,,„„     ,|io    Philllplnea i
not waul tu leave lhe cily the sunn* t,*.,„11 ,;Mt „„.„„lv tvrty tbe islands j
day the viearegal   party  arrives, W)ll ,„. ,,,„.;,•, j ls ,,v (_now|ug ,|,„ i
nor spend uu,* day in .1 .pilliticulioii oa,i •  |.l .11 pin  ..   I  bj tl - R|«ni ♦
pbroed, and return to take no pari i,. < ,,:,.*.   ti |y   paoiOsd  Fill. I
In welcoming Iholi ncellneisa |u ,,(„„, is ft ,|,,,,| Vili,,iun.   'iw.iri
II A T S !
Ihi* |nyal . iiy.
..      i'i
'lin- in.11.n,.ui i„ fatni if or*
gam.all..11 Im pulilicul purposes is
rapidly -pn-inliiig, and iu a very
In inoiill.s WS will BBS BV0TY in-
ilu-liial  centre   iu   Ike   province,
* ill) I.e time for sonic naliun tu |q.
le.lrre in lhe mini,*  of   huiu-iuity.
Ciinndhviis hay 'irm Chinese
must go." The Chines,' ,«ay the
fun iguers must go. The Chinese
are now trying   to  put   their ideas
C. F. Eagles
Opposite th,* Rank ofToroalO, Ko-latid. It. C
contain nnnrguniniti.m of wo. kern.  P011,,.lning un,U-si,,,We immigration
for united  poJItloal    actio...    The  ^*„ ,„-(,r.        H„w   do youli).,-il'
• •" -»«♦»» es»»sessee»B»»<i»s>s(ise»»-i
Do You
i'nion I.Bhelon I-;Ta-ry'H,B
(.rgiinioiilii.il will bi-01.   broad lines
■ 1. ss to embrace ull vobTH who are
dlMStlsOed    with    present   enndi       The Phoenix llonecr speaks of ;|
li. lis.      Where    DCOSSSSVy   or  de'
--ii.il.lf' labor, party cnii.li.iutes  will  -i,,u    °r <him-cls."    There  is  noil '■■■ ■
he   11111.    Where     not     desirable *'"",,t •■■°-v "-'-, ■*1'   sggregntioii  of
It* united Strength wUI  be  thrown  ilnt_u sells"
..* iin.i   Ibe    ..I.l    party   it- lidate
most ol.j.i'l iounble to InlMir. Uood!
l.ow ynu nre beginning to understand the ijiicsli..ii nn,I ni-e your
pppOrtO—Ity,     ltiaeslnnd
,/...   O.I" 1,11. '
"Tl.e Filipino var in  over,"  yet
Cen   McArdiur  uiu't  spurt*  inore
than -.(Kin suldii'rs   for  service in
workers < Ihina, firun bh oo—nnaadj of 70 ikki
'...op-..     1'uiiny, is'ent it.
I How You Look?
If you do, leave your order for
An Up To Date Suit at
Coranibia Avenue, ami he will f.l yna.
***+****+,-t-M .* j
i'MM^-i-i.ai'V.1''  ' -".
• :^*V?*_:'*_S.*
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and spend $75,000. Get your
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A. C. THOMPSON, Manager.
***^***4***r»*k***+***m*4 Till,   iNl.tiMiitfAI.   \Yi>Kl.t>.   .11 l,Y,_B iww.
Tlie   So'.l  Of   Thing!!'
. l'licte's a posi.i In every flower.
There's a Btory in ll.e fenl.
There's a si.iur in every chjli'efiice
Whit—B****! at'ay we tun).
There's music in the lacautv
01 the tiniest thing thai .rows,
Anil yon henr thetn soUly coolug
A, they t\ .iL.n 11 ..in their done.
Anil they tell to yon It s'ory
III llu- s.HT nine-:* ,.l   I.ifc,
nl the tacaiiiy aud Uur glory
Iu this world of paiu nnd strife.
If you listen to them whlh|.erl..g,
In their innocence and glee,
You will hear them sweetly slutting
of tile soul of thing! II.ni I.e.
lion board is ol Ihe opinion that some
iiiiBiiiulerBtunilinr. or disagreement *p-
penri to riist b.-l tv.-en lbs parti»a as to
the iranaeB or irireumslBnceB ol the
il If 'iinice, inul, Willi b vi. w to the re*
n.i.vitl ol .null uiisunderBtandin*- ur dis-
lr-n'iTii.-iil, desires an inquiry under
oath into mich causes and olreumstancea
ami, in writing signed by audi concilia-
tor or Ibe members of the eonciliation
board, at (he case may be, communicates to the Minister such ib-Hiro lor inquiry, and if thepsriicH lo the .lilli-rt-tnrn
or tbeir representatives in writing consent therein, then, on his recommendation, the . invent.u in (Joiincil  may np-
Bubtcrilie for the World.
OIPIGSBI otin rttia-rrlNOS.
TRADKS and i.aiiou roll NCII.-Meet, every
second nud fourth Ttlestluy lu e.u li mt.ntti Bt
Trio |i in. ill Miners' lillliilt Hall. C. W. Wlllou
Sec ; Kit. Fnrusworth, Prel,
every I-'riday of each week i.t 7:*o pan. iu
Mine..' Union Hull. 1* K McDonald, l'rea;
A J McDonald..,,.,-
MlNI"K-i' CNltiM No, jl, Western Hederallon
*f Miners -Meets Bvery Weiluesdiy eveulng it
7..vi o'clock in Miueri' I'lum Hall. , lamias
Devitae, Sec; A I. Houslou, Pre..
point  Btieb eonoilialsr or member! of' tvpogrrphicai. dRIOI« No*jis-Meeu ou
tlm concilia I im.    board,  or   Borne  Other I    the Inst Sunday ul eac........th al the Miners'
Ii.srtlai.il Auction House.
Pullman Cafe,
Globe ltt-Biauraut.
I'ailliir .S.ili.i.u.
Heard'a Tailoring Parlors,
MoMillan, Tailor.
(1  W. Sluip.nn, grocer.
N'... lo7.
A 1 act to aid in tlie Belli inicnl of trade
disputes, and to provide iur the publication ol atntiBtic.il iiiilmtri.il information.
Her Mtjllty, by and with the advice
and diluent nf ilm BeOBtJS ami House
of Commons    of    Cinadii, SllSOtt us   ilucted in accordance with tbe re.nlt
person or persons, it commissioner or
commissioners, hi lhe case may be,
under tbo provision ol the A it respecting inquiries concerning public nutters,
to conduct such au inquiry, aud, for
that purpi n», may confer upon bim or
them tbe powers which under tlie said
Act mwy be conferred upon commissioners.
8.   Proceedings before »ny conciliation or arbitration huard shall   be con-
I'lllilW'H ■	
I. This Ac! miy be ciled us The^din-
ciliation Act, 180O,
-. In ibis Act, unless Ibe context
OthsrwlM reqnlreSi the expression
''Minister" ineaiis the  nieinber ol iler
lions ol such conciliation or a. Int,ntion
board, as tbe case may be, or is is
agreed upon by the parties tn the
iliff-rence or dispute,
9.    Kit appears It, tbu  Minister thst
in my district or trade adequate means
Union Hull   J 1' H.itltt!,.ll. St.*rctary; Mr i'oole,
Meet the first and tliu.l Tui'sduy of each
in..nil, .1 Up in in 11. ulli s Hull l-lllloi.u,
W. McLeod, Presl.lirnl| J. K'uiusu, Becre-
COOKS .1 WAlfliBS I'NION. No ,ia, W iTflH■
Meet, every Salmtluy evsiiluK BI .***" o'clock
in Mlpri*' I'11 In 11 Hill. l-ii*ll... ,1. caul
Jolliier, Sec; titrorge Cunningham, Tit.
PABNTHB'S I'NION, No. ,1). 1-ilnlers ind
Hi ...t.iiui * u I Antelicn, 1..6.-.K lu He .Lit s
hull on second nud foui'tl. Weducsdny ufeuch
mouth. W. S. Murphy, pr.-siUeut, lieu. W.
Shinn, secretary.
Msjrsty's Privy Council fur Cttiad.i, to  do not exist   for   having disputes snli-
_Wbom, lor the tiimi being, llied ivernor ■ milted tu s   conciliation  board   fur lhe
in Couucil may aaaign Ihe carrying out 1 district or trade, he may uppuiut *ny !
nl the provision-) ol this Act. person or person!   to inquire  into the
i.  Any board ssiabllilisd either l.o- eondltloni ol tbs district or ttarle, an i
Iur* or ifler tbe passing ol ibis Act, to eon ler with the ininlttyer* «nd cm-
which Ib constituted lor the purpose of ployed, and, if be thinks Ul, witb nny
►firing disputes between employers and   local authority 01   holy, ns  ta thu ex-
li.Mowing is a list ol those who advertise iu tbe Ini.ubtbi.il Woblu:
wm I; men by i-iinci bin inn nr a. I.ninii..,,,
ur nny netociatiun or body authorised by
Bn agreement in writing made between
employers and workmen to deal with
such disputes iiii this  Act relerretl
as u conciliation  board)   may apply
I'l'iiit'iuv of i-st.ii.iisi.il,.' :. eoBStliath—
board far such district or trade.
II).   With a view to Ibe dissemination
of accurate statistical aud other iufor-
lo   nullum relnting   lo  lhe   condi ions
I,,   !.!>.»■, ih» Minister shall eelalrisb sml
the Minister for registration under this j bav* charge of * Department of Labor
(a.) The application must be iccom-
panted by copies ol the constitution,
l-y-liwsaud regulations ol the conciliation board, with such otl.rr information as lhe Minister may reasonably require
which shall collect, digest, and publish
in suitable lorm ststlttlcal and other
lulu-nmlurn relating to lh*.condition*
ol labor, shall instltuta *nd conduct
inquiries into iui'iortant industrial
question* upon which adi quale infor-
uini i.ui may nut at present   Iw available
iu.) The Minister chall keep* register  und issue at least once every   month *
of conciliation boards, and enter therein : publication lo he known ** lhe Ijtlior | tobaccos,
with respect to each registered board its
name and principal oilier, ami such
ul her pa m. 11'11 is.is be tl inks expedient ;
and any registered conciliation hoard
.bail Ihi entitled to have its name removed Irom the register on sending to
• be Minister a written application I)
that.fi art.
id Kv iy regiiicr.d conciliation
board shsil InruiBh such returns, re-
pa l<of ils proceeding", uul other dun,-
menu SI lb* Minister may remuii rl.ly
r..1 aire.
I.   [tie Mh inter may, en lacing sari*-
lied Hut a ,eg,-iiued conciliation   I. <_rd
Ins c-isi.l to 1 xist or acl,  .......it. ita
name fmm the icgister.
-I. M 1.er.* a difference exists or ii
apprehended between an employer or
any—BW el employer* and workmen,
nr bet ween ihil ri nt classes..I workmen,
ths Minister may, if he thinks 111, ex ir-
t i»t) all »r any ol the f 1 lowing put era,
ti.)   ii quire inlo causes ind cirriim-
lico Agn-w t% (!o., (' rovers.
'.V. frf. McNeill. HhosBlorS.
• '■t.i'er Bros., generil merchmdise.
Euipi..- llroa., groceries and gents Iur
T. K. Morrow, druggist.
I    0. t •. I. iiiuiile, shoe store.
O.C. Gibsou .V  Co.,  gents' clothing
. i aod notioni.
li. W. M.llri.lc. hardware.
l.inion Bro*., hooks and stationery.
Crescent Dry (loodi, lurniibings, dry
goods aud clothing.
Morrison A Bryenton, groceries.
M. J. O'llesra, clolhier and Hatter.
Paulson Bros., groceriei.
Taylor A —oQaSTtiS, tailors.
Pnciiic Tea Co., teaa and coffees.
M. \V. Simpson, news, sUtionery and
i;ai.-tte, whirh shall contain informs-
; lion regarding coud'.tiona ol the lalur
ttiark.-l and kindred subjects, aud shall
be distributed or procurable- iu *u
cordauce with tertua and conditions
In thst 'el.all prescribed by the
11. The exi..-i*i-s incur,.' I in tbe
rarryitig oul u( Ihil Acl shall I* de*
irnyed out oi Ihe money provided Iur
tin* purpose by parliament.
12. An a,oi ua! report with respect
lo Ihe natter' iritiBatcti'il by him under
thla Actshtll be msde by. lb* Minister
to thetiuv. r.ior li.ner.tl and -hs.l laid
l . r .. ■ I'.u.i anient within lb ■ flrst til
teen diyi of each s*--iin thereof.
Chicigo lluildlng Strike Not Off.
Th* OMSSSO Worker*' Call, one ol
the pipers in that city Ihat ran be depended upon lo furnish an,hemic new
regarding labor . ff .ir*. stale- that lhe
I ml.lings trades strike ii nol  ever,  ss
U.K. Bat hi.
M. ._;...ogle *-: Co, groceries.
II..il..in. House ind Bar,
K.iaign Cigar Store.
Dyeing ami   Cleaning Worki,   Wash*
ington street.
Daniels <*. Chimber*, piinti, oils, sic
Iliilstead it Wright.
KuBSl.ll I  11.del
Kleelric Kiundry.
C. ... 1). M-iu Market.
The Intern tn u-.il
Simpson .**■ J.nes, grocers
The' Strand"
Kigles' Millinery *tura
KossUnd Drug Co.
O. M. I-'ot A Oi., grocer*
Columbia Transfer Cu.
fleam*, perlb      5 to 7
Brooms, each  35 to 60
Butter, -..er lh  DO to 85
Bacon, beat, per Ih *  10 to 17
Bulk Oil, per gal  SO
Biscuits, limey, per lb.'  26 to 4b
CheeBe, per lb  20
Chocolate, per lb.  40
0 >eo», per tin 35 to 40
Corn meal, per 101b sack  10
Coffee, per Ib  90 to 50
Crackers, Sottas, per lb    10, li.",
Corn, per can        12!'
Canned Iruits, per oan  2b to :i.'i
Canned peas, per can  11!',, ;t.'*
Canned beans, per can        j *» ■._.
Codfish, per brick  26
Dried frullB, per lb  10 to 20
Eggs, per doi 25 to 40
Flour per sack 1.26, 1.50
ilia,iniii,as! sugar, I I lb  (or  1.00
Hams, per lb  , 17
Honey, comb, percika  26
Imperial oil, ,1 gal. can         2.110
Lard, 51b pail  66
Laundry map, per bar  5 and U
Liverpool salt, per 501b sack... BO
Macaroni, per lb  15 to 20
.Molasses per gal 75 to $1
Nnta, per Ib  26
Hulled ostB, ner 111!!, flack  46
Pickles, mixed, per quart  20
Rice, per lb  8
Salt bacon, per lb        12lJ
Sago nml Ispiocu. 11,10,3 lb*, lor 85
Stock ult, per 601b aack  75
Syrups, per hall gal. tin  60 to 65
Tomatoes, per cau  45
Teas, per lb  36 lo 65
Tob»cco. per lb 80101,25
Vinegar, per gal  60to66
Wheat manna, pkgs, 20; bulk   per ll>.
Applet, par lb  5 ind 6
Heels, per In  2
CtuliDuwar  IS
Celery, per bunch  10
Cabl.,,ie, per Ib  !',' to 3
drapes, per  brisket  05
1.. ni' iii.. per .I..•       30, 36
i inions, per Ib      3 10 4
Pear*, per Ib  in
Transfer Company.
The Only Transfer or Etpresi  Com*
p.iny in K .hMiiu.1 that will deliver yuur
TrUiiki lor'.' a cents each. Three days,
storage Ire*.
OllJce-O.n.r.N CIGAR Hi .'111,.
TeU phone 37.
Dyeing v\\ Chiaing Works.
<»W» -tie Mniil» Brothers.
I » >ti .'.'vi or dm itiytMng In .s.li**«- nnd
ff -Ulriurii <* wiur. tlsivc mt a rail an J bruin
Thrlatrwl tintii.irr.I iwcHut'y ■nd proct»»>
*:iaUlr in. I- cuats- i»- ihr fimmpt dt-ltttrry o*
*lT<ml<r- Work will be t-.lnl Cnraud delivered
Ui star ad-ire**.
Whalcsiilr nml ii*i-j] ileiters in r-inw. oil.,
Vnrninhes, Hni.ihei, Will l-'nni.ti nnd I'mnirii
Supplies. Cutilturts Uhrti (ur pajrer hanjtftiji
• nd drcorAtlnjc. Office tml lure IiiinltT*. fc
t ii.unt.i is m.h _ , iHCo.uMibm nve. uudci.Dumln*
on Hxpreti Co'i. ufllce.
\S. tk V. 'Plione is*.
Canadian and Kentucky
r.ourbon WhisK.es.
Railroad and Miners' Checks Cashed.
Harry Mcintosh.
Rossland Hotel.
Fine Whiskies and   (—ported  Ci-*»rs
Jerry Spcllnian, Proprietor.
Cor. 8pok*n* Street and Columbia Ave.
"o. k baths ~
»I't.lumlaa Art , aril ttaor le La'onSe a.
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
Canadian Pacific
And soo Una,
. IMPKUIAl. I.IMin.0
Kcw Poll Daily S I'vice,
Optional 11 .ills ...nl and \V. at from Iho
Kuiiieiiiiy .Outtotry,
First-cUaa BlSspsiM on all Trains.
.It ,M
Tourist Cars
Pass   Krvelfltol:..   DiiU   fm   Bt,   I'mi,
CbaradMri  for  Montreal  ami   Boiion,
Tut-atlii yd nud Silurdnvi' lor fiiniiio.
For ntuB uml [nil Information • il.es
the uc*r*st Locul Agent, or
A. B. MACKKN/.li:,
Cily tl—1*1 Agunt, ll )«*la„d.
A-ling Agent, Koniaml.
\V. F. An.ikiis.is.T. P. A , Nilsun.
W, J. Cuiia:,  A. li. P. A„ Vancouver
trie Wn
Northern Pacific
yei.i.ovsi'o.m: PARK i. ...
Ilie D.uing Car !!,'.-  a   ,   Y -II i.vstiin*
Park.    BttlMI Sad BeBt.
'SOLID VKsripri.E THUS -
—tinlpptd wiih
Pi I——IS Pali. i. CASS,
uniai Dtsiso (
Mm.HIV   D*l   Caau-HBB,
Ti.l'lilM Sl.KBI'!*.!. (' till.
Declaration of Principles
fiiineesnf Ihe difference: - the |aolliilrd piess l.flfl   been   trlaimliig.   .
....   take ...cl, .leps n to him Men. ' It is Ir... that   the llrlckl.y*..' anion   ^I""' b» ,h« h,-h,h Ann"*1 ^»W"tlono« lh. tte...ri. loJ.r.l.oo ol Miner*,
eipedientlor the purpose  ol ensbliog   withdrew    Irom   tbe   tlo.l.lii-s Tmlei si Denver, Colo., May IS. 1»W.
lhe parlies lu the difh-renre lo meet lo-   Council, but they nre limb  <* great dilb-
lielher, by   themselves or llielr repre-   culty in seeming j \n, sipeciallr since To Org«n'*il I.tlror Ihronghont lh* I. ml  -(■..- W,.|.-„,  Fedaratioa ol Miners,
fsatattvss, nnder tho presidency of a   tb« hod-carrieri rehis*   lo work wilh!       la Convention Assembled, 8*nd Uisetle|:
ebairman mutally agreed upon or iionii-   iciha, and have   bid   Iheir   wr.gei  re-,       |,npr«ssed with Ih   righteousness ol Ulior's c*u** *n,l  bsliering thlt bene*
naud by him or hy  some other person I diiced.   So attention sbuuld lie paid to ' dels! relorm* lu In.lu.nlal eoodillons can   La  aoc implitlted unly u.roiigli radical
or holy, with
settlement of the
None Iml   white help employed
Xntify ub.    We call and deliver
i '..lumhi.i Avi'iiito, near Pohtofliee.
rut-   some oiuor  p.-rs ui "in ' o.    ..u atiennon .iionii, ue  pain  io   nctai mornis m ,n.,i,B, tiai eonuiuons can   ue   aoc .Dipusiii-o uitiy mroiigii ra.ura
a view to lb* amicable lake alnrira in th* dally papers, ni thsv 'Change* iu present govern-ant*! institutions, were, peri lolly submit lhe lullow
*. alil*._»—.. .... l„t.iii.. ia. .i.u,... «.  .„  ..„..,„.J    '"K •• • slalemeni of the now villi principles which we believe should receive lb
■e difference; ire bolide lo itnkeri on ill occailoni., „,„„„,,,[„, c„n.„|,.r„ainn „| ,|| who toil, tin.l govern ,e,lii,ral   ..Ihlutinn. ot lb
(C.) tin tbe spplicBlioii of employer*
ur workmen inlrresloil, and slier taking
inln coniidaritinn the existence and
adiT'iiscy t.l in **i,s av lilahle for ooneili-
alion in the dlatrirt nr trade an.l (be
. r.TiuiiianiT'* ..! the case, ippoint a
person or persons In scl as conciliator
nr as a Isnaril of conciliation ,
(d.)   on    Ihe    application    ol   IkiIIi
pari.es lo the difference, *p|xiint an ar-   hours ol liber, nr.   The canneil is lo la*
l.iirator or arbitrators. BO—posed of M BWBlbsiS' M lo repie-
2. Ilanypeisnn is so ippoinled lo sent om,.lovers' IBKaCistiOtl*, 22 — fi
act ai coneiliilor, be shsll impure into present labor uni.m, sen»l'.i*. I 1. •
tl.e c»tire.    snd citennislimces of ilia   pulies ,i„.1 4 nomine,** o( th*  t>        u
Wurkingmen's  c  inul.
Tbe   French   minister  ot  commerce
bss organised   a   "workingman'* conn-
; ril," which I* charged wiih lh* duly ol
......nil.ii.g sin!  advising the nlllcwrs if
the gi.vi inun nt    in  all  msllers affect
members nf the Western FederalLm of Mlnets.
1st.   We believe Ibal the wai* system should b* ilaolishtd and th* production
; ol labor be distributed under the ru-operallv* plau,
j    21.   We are oppnaed lo tbe expansion ol ..nr nslionil  bonndirles lor lh* ac
.fti.it ..,, ul territory populated bv other than tin* Csucaalin race.
ill.    We are opposed lo Imperialism snd dtmsnd lhal civil government under
th* provision! ul onr I* l*r*l e institution b■ extended t«  I'usrto  Rico  and other
ing   trade   unionism,   strikes.   w,Kt.,/inkier rwamslouinl the r.died Blale*.
Tllll iur Tea. anil Coftrf. la, the CMOICHBT
...111 In Ko.sl.ntJ. T'.laj, wlian tc.. and C-l
fir..rt-jau.hed so k.nl. it I* .tuiltrlet. nre
...111 I.. Il.tr an .rtlrle i-Iiiiiien.il nun!
VtBI Wit. Tad II In tt      - .1.   ... i . given BrfBy
Ita ru.lntm I,.
Pacifc Tea Co,
Through ticket* to *'l p.anta iu the
United Slatei bi.i C ...
I   Biaimihlptlokets to nil parts ol .I.e
Tickets loCtilnain 1.1 ipanvla raeom*
sud N ..Ihem I ..   . amihipCo.
Trains depart In.it. S, • ;
,N .. I, We.tii. in. I. .n ii  13 p. m.,dally,
No. 2, Kisthuunil, at  7:20 a. tn., dsilv,
Fur tofor....,,..... tine trtrd*. mai.l
and tlrk'.s »,o,'y to the agent* ul lh*
S.F, AN. E. W. Ill I Y.
Ait. ll.M. By., I:-  and  B.C.
i   ... HILL.
General Agent, S|-.Laue, With.
All'l 0*01 Piisieiigi i Ai "i.t.
4.1. W* ar* oppisoil lo irbiirBry inlerlerenee by farteral Bnthorltie* in local '
sll ur*, and wv eipecially olij-cl t-> government hi injunction a* a new md highly ,
ftingeroai form ol oppression hy which ladrral lodge*. In oonlcmpi ol sll law* ol j
lhe BtalS Snd right* Of Its stt'SMSi bsSOSM St ouce  legislature*, judge* *nd exe.
difference by coiiiiiinnlciiinn with the
parlies, sn.l otherwise "hall endeavur In
bring about * settlement of the difference, and shall report bis proceedings lo
Ih* Minister.
it. II a settlement nl tho diflerene* is
< (I T-tcl either by i-onciliation or arbitration, a memorandum ol th* terms there-
ul commerce.
Ooei to The Peupl*.
ub.    We view with slarin Ihe evldrnt design lo Incieas*  lbs .landing army.
i->.Ir Iruiii the em,rtuoua rx|a*n** * lirg* ut Hilary e*_,ldi*hm*nt imposrs  upon
i..e pi ,-l-I.-.-Ia ..| I1,., .ni. it   . ii i i.n ,i,.- ».".n,i , i\|.iii-r..,  w* know Irora  hi*
i  •        .' n '   .....| .uu own experience that ill* the chosen  weapon of Urania, a
1 .ie. i t lue lo individual rights ol th* common pe-.plo ind Ineompstibl* with  Ire*
W. S.   Dnltnn, of   Sealll*,   who was   inatltolions, therefore, w* express the hop* tnal th* m*mb*rs of  organ,/ -.1 labor
th* Stat* organiser of Ih*  Socialist  Is*   every, t here will retrain In.,,, vulutilary enlislini-nl ill any department of lhe   fed-
bor p.rty, ba. .,,■..„,.',! . p-liion ...rsl or military aer.lc*.
*s*oci*t* editor on the N*« York Dally Ml, Wa bellav* n representative lorm ol government * Ikibtre *nd rega-d di-
.-I .ball'.e drawn up and signed by the i People ami ha* gone to Sen York lo react legislation as lh* Qrst slap natwsssry t3 anloree legislative reforms and there-
pirties or thrir represent.live., and a j assume hi* dnliei. Mr. Dillon li „.'"r? demand th* Inltl.tive *nd referendum in making all law*, nitionil, n.ie
ropy thereof ih»ll  be delivered to and {very   bright'   bnlny  and  able writer,
■ ml municipal.
kept by th* Minister. .and Isan enthusiastic worker lor prim
•'..   It shall Is* Ihe dutv ol lhe ooncili-1 ciplea ol Sooialiim.
Blur lo promote on In no,, favorable 10
Till. We regard public ownership ind operation ol lh* means of production !
snd li,lril).)li)j a, il. • lo'ioil s iluu-in ,1 the industrial priblem and respeetltillv i
; urge all working people to give th* mbp-ct lh* thoeihtfal eon*id*r*tioB it* im
1-vi.i.y membi:r:of
Nelson ,*i Fori Bbcppsnl
Red Mountain   Ry,
Tne0.ily"I».r..''   i:. it*  ■. • •>
Ksalo, Kootenay Laki and
Mo sn Points,
I v*rv d iy i.l   tin*   >eir   I. •   t |  .
kaue, I'oellsnd ind   "
a reltlement by endeavoring to allay
distrust, to remove causes of friction, to
promote good feeling, to reatora confidence, and to encourage Ihe parties to
come together ind themselves effect a
settlement, snd alio lo promote igree- •
menls, bstVBSB employeri md employees Willi u view to the submission of
differences to conciliation or arbitration
1 pounce deserves,
j    Bih.   That a gradual*,! tax Iw levied on incomes ml inheritances, ami proper-
' ly t ix be levied on land value* alone.
I    Ulh.   Wa demand lhe rehabilitation of silver aa a money metal and II, free
St. (ienrge'i  Church,  on   E«rl  and 'Colnaa-al lhe ratio of IH lo I.
Koolensy streets.  Service* it 8:30 *.m       1'"1'-   We denounce the national banking syatem as in Institution . alalili.hsd
it.-   ..,i  -.to. ..    u.._.i... u i"  ,' BBd msinlsined iu ihe inter.*! ol capital alone, and Inlmlc?.! V> 1'ie best iulcresis
,Il*.m. and  7.30p.m.   Sunday School  oUh(, pro(1ocer, t ,Dj f\9m,nd tbe lystem lie abolished tiend a pnalal system be sub-i
Bt 2:30 p.m. j slltuted insteid ; ind w* Inrther demand ih*t«llmin«ys—goltl, silver and paper-' '
* limed hy th* government oi th* I'nited Stalai direct ti the people.
13th.    We Itand unutterably opposed to thn imnxgrntion ul cheap Islor ind
street, Ueorg* H. Morden, I *etor.   e>e>- d-Bioancl tts-t ttss* t>roliil>tttona of tlie CltiuesMB eiclusiou  id be *xt«nd*d to tb*
before resorling lo slrikea or lock-outs,  vices it lt am. ind 7:30 p.m.   H*bb*lh | Jipane** and all other Mongolian races.
0.   The   etinriltstor   or  conciliitimi   School and IUble Cilia it 2:30p.m.   Kpl    ,.,.     «,.„..... . ,     , „ , . , .     ,,
•*o,.a.> „,...   .,.,„.,  „,.,. 1.1    i *l i , „ ,.    „     ,       , . I2th.    We believe thlt the lim*hss nrnvntl  when  all Ulbof tiDBWiials should
board may, when deemed odviasble, in-, worth Uague ol Cl... Monday at 8 p.m , (liwuM economical and political snhyst , *..h th* view ol anpporting the c«nli.
I dale (or office beat calenlaled to insugural* the rslorms (or which we su„.l.
SllOfLD.SlTBSCRlBK FOR IT.       S:lsT.ai
niiiv litVI
.- i i', .-ie  -    -    li: I ' p   ii
N irlhn irt   -     121
Arri*.e:tliJp.iii..Ki*i'!iu.l Lv. llHUl.tn
On* Ye»r   •
Six Montbl
♦ 1.2*
vita others to assist them in the work oi |
7. If, before a •dtlem.,.' Is effected,
and while the difference ia under the
-tousld.ration ol a conciliator or concili-
atioti beard, sin 1, conciliator or concilia -
The   industrial    ,Verl<,,   Citi-..'li       13th.   We recommend that when a memtier ol org»nix*>d Ubor ii n veils Ms to*
and   Country    and   tho  Spukauu I PabHc office ho should lie advanced nud supported in prefereae* to ill olher o*n-
I-11'lTiinii,    Labor   Journal,   only I
i2 7*, nor vnir if nai.l In   n.lva.ter.       ■•*■■•   Wfl reoommend the full and Iree dl*cu«iijn ol ill •oonotaic and political
»../.) per year ti paid in  auvaum, ^laMioai by ill onloui id the r-idoretion,
Aihlraii All Cumisnan-alioni
rnr.  isihhtrial   world
Nitviin'* of can betwaon  Bpikin
and Kossland.
Tickcla OB sab- all over.Ibe world.
Close eaaasetloni at Kelroe with
steamers for hi... and all konienay
lake puiols.
P»SB,ng.*rB for Kettle ri v r, llainlary
—imp and lloiindaiy rrei k eiuuei*! al
Marcua ind l>.re<.org nub  triage Hall},
E.W. Kin   Agent, .'Ill*    INDUSTRIAL    \\'i.Ht_l>.   .MIi.-'o  I ill).'.
Wsto' Notice.
of this kind must vastly increase our in
ilu..ue  being   it   healthy   reminder lo
iiiosn  n   ].ui, er,   Ilia!  any   iu,inference ;
with labor's interests, will  certainly  be
'csc.i.tI hv  a comluunity of interests,!
on hi ilu ting au uvcw In lining  majority
ol the tic. (.orate.
lu com he nm I would suggest thru
lhe il ll. nml organizilioua I*ku Ihi*
.... ustin- up and  thoroughly diecusi its
One week from today ihe World
V.HI be irssueil for the lnut time nu n
t'.i'.'ltly pu per.    Artiinifeine'it., It—VU I
been inudo to provide for itx publi
jittioii twice enoli week, and begin |
uil)|{ Wed  I'suluy.   August  Ktb, thei
World will bo Issued eauh Vfadnes*
duy and   Friday   morning.   Snb-
si'iipii'in   mica   will    remain   the
imine    AtliTTiisii,.*   ratoi   will be
, i   ,.  ,   , I    One* more th* Her man  government
ini-io-ined alightly Oil new unntracts. i       __.,„_ ^ r_|ln(ty .m|j,        .,,.,
Mid-summer COsaronoa Bale,
We me ofl_ring tho Iml.inc.- of
OU!'    oiiiek    of   Mliiiini'i'   jjnuil.     ill
RTflstty reduot'd price*, especially
our lines of wrapper*, ratiirt MTlisis
end ski'K Kvery jiiepe of cotton
■roods must hn  eolil   out  to malei
room for our fall  iiurulmstM  whieh
uierits, did il  ,i  favorable decision  he , , ,
arrived .1 that, nulled .ft.rie be made  are very III!**;.) nud  MB i HOW 00  the
looking lo ils becoming a law.
C. Foley.
No Soiiiiilisiii.
Holnli'od & Wright,
Central Ury   Uoods Store, Cor.
Firbt Avenue and   WiiHhiofrtoi]  hi.
Those already iiilvei'tiBiug iu
iTiliiiniiH will rixieive practically tin* j
r--ii.it' tonus- 'I'riiKtin-r (hut the|
double sorvico rendered to both
rn.idu.'B and advertisers will bo up- j
predated, Wv remain
The World.
il Uuy ere caught talking auciulism
haudlii g Incut.nc bearing ou Hi* sub
ject they will b. discharged.
Xo base ball tomorrow.
When  you buy  cigars look
lhe In hei.
and   waiters
T.ar-s.U.or Oi Tl.e World does u.a lioltl liim-
iatli.1 ll.. paper respoiuitalr (or any opinion
ft ptr.-r.l li, toiilribuluth to till, co'uniu.
Compnl-ory Voting.
1-litor Woild;
(n looking over Die procei-.tirgs.il"*
life convention of the  W. F. M , ns re* ]
ported In our olliciitl magsr.rna, I   lim,!
there has heen severs), to my mind very
ii.ipnrtiitu measures ihat received favorable consideration at the hai.da ol  that
Itoily Ihat  have been entirely Omitted,
There is one omission in  particular to.
which I wiih to call sttention; that j,  «I.ort ih.lt U f. hours, per week
resolution in(»vorol mukingtbeetereiin
of th* elective franchise compulsory.      i Extr* work, per honr
Waiters'    S.ale.
Th*   Spokane C inks'   and    Waiter,'
I'iiiuii Las adapted thu billowing  seal
ialu.il is being strictly coi .iced.
.-.hurt shifts id-   hours,  shift,
1'irsi class houses   per week
Second rln»s bouses, pei week
Mn* hour lunch or dinner
Hn quels, lull dress
Batupietl, plain dress       •
Extra shifts
Peer guldens ur pictiie  parlies,
lo per cent on 11 no
Ejtrg work, per Lour       • •       ._•">|
First class hotels, ;.er mnnlh '<.',.uu |
ISeoOBstfelsishoteliipet month     '.'>t.)|
Fiisi-i-lass . oii.ts, per week tin .',11
Second-class houses, per week BAOj
Sliorl shift ul.'. hours |aer week "i 2')
Lunch or dinner,one hour     -        .60:
Extra Ihilt      •      • - S.tHlj
Third-class homes, per week 7 IHI
Vancouver   ......l*s
have organized.
Uuy your  Overalls  at  Agouw ,*«.
OO, mid wive money.
Scab restaurants will  anon
t'-00, thins of the past iu Rooaland.
10 60!    Tlie 0.  P.  R.  car repairers
■•"■"; Vancouver now havo a iniiou.
lieu.r.l and Local  Notes.
Black Hiss plug 6c, *l McUonigle's
Tobaccua at hall price ll M.Uonlgle'a.
Try II. W  Simpsun'a b„tt-r. 23)  par
iSmilsxchewing tobacco 40.' per pound
It -MiT.oni.'l.-'s
Six-day reelnur nits, ner week
Ten hour, ronstittile a day's  work (or
both Waiters and Waitereese*.
This propoiilion being * new departure In legislation, like every other relorm Ian nr lied in I he arena of progresa,
il met hy lhe same old ant'.plated argument that it is an iiiiwamiiiled urt.-i li-r-
rni-e with iiiilividiul liberty. The aame
i.Id cry Ihat hi* been pissed by intellect-
n*l fussili ol humaity since Evesst gatiig
longingly it Iho lor'ildden fruit invitingly dm gling (rom the Tree ol Kuowl
• dee, am! meditating upon the wisdom
nl ■ la* that placed in embargo upon
intellectual growth against every move-1 bill which not onlv reailiiiiied the
ment inleodi.lto disrupt or improve I ,,* ,,t ,.0.ir )II>V, whioh canned the
upon th*  r xi.ting   conditions.    II, as il <   ,    . , ,., , .,
seem, in lhe B-SOSt unanimous sen.i I a>m,n* ,,own °f "'" m,Ul'8 ~ *•
ment uf l.bor organized or unorganized, •lPI>*,r OOOntry hist BBSS! in, but also
that it bai is-ouie absolutely necessary extends it lo cun) mining and gnv-
Ihatwemust Iteenm* a factor as a nnir eminent works. There was alan n
In Iha arena  of politici,   lhe  llrst and  „•,„,,„, ou .|u,  r,.,,,ljUe,   ,„.   „,* .„,.
El Wa'son hs* let lor pastn.es new,
and the Strand if il'si-.l. Liciilcn'n'a
It might he men ioned, he Inrgut 1" pay
the World for a few months stlvertiriug
.j.,- r belore he 'ell, and there are others.
1 Ml [ —
.2e> I
a, -SsfalS«^.y<f-t/af.^*y--.V,s,,N,^.Vjaf %ty$$
ly Yuu w.iut a I tl.e! cigar, and you
,*' .t.i.i the best.  If thai is so try our
High (irnde
I Union Cigars!
% 11.iiin-Nt li- union label cigars La
% j.'l.ir de V'enedu; La Flor (In Cuba |
■T El Colonial, Impnited, Ciibaii
.;' union label cigari—I,arianga ! El
j> Corona; Atrium*  liidi-s, tl ilel.-i.
| Queen Cigar Store ]
x Crow A Morris, Props.,
* Columbia Ave.,        - Kossland
Quality is _q essential as
quantity. I pirn to carry
tlie best in ull lines,
Have vou tried my
25ct. Butter ?
It is a good criteria!] by
which to j"dge  tne balance of my stock,
A lull stool of hay  and  mill
fe. d.
II. W. Simpson,
Sei ond Ave.       V. N.Tel. SB.
Agniii Cor
Tl e ll.iyiuund
New Home
Wheeler iV Wilson
Sewing Miichiii.'..
Machine    Hup-
ol all kinds
Machines to Rent
Taylor & McOuarrie
j ***v
Merchant Tailors,
Carry   lie lar|*.>sl and   best  iiesortetl stock
of Woolens, Scions. Tw'ni'.dii  and PitntiugH,
V. snd X
P.O. Itox :i
Tul. 1S1.      IS Ooluinbla Ave.
B. C
, _J
ITobaccos \
1-2 Price!!
: Fo- otie week
: only
5 Chewitig Tobacco.,8mihiv, wn-. T-lo lb..now  400.. Fi-I   Trade, was •
J waaS-Soand 10c. now l.fi and 5o,  Black Hubs, •
• wbbSOi and I0o,now loo and Oc. \
•Siii..king TobaccoR, Mo..uiT'li, wan _,").•. now •-' \>kg»  for 25o,  Royal •
» Oak, wus 10c, now oc,  Clover, wiih 10o, now 5c. *,
jMcGonigle & Co.,     -    Spokane St.:
a _
flood 1 ,l.i*l  prluiing at Btundcii
I'liiitiiij* eoinpuny
Mel lines' llitl Tor i'nvor.
In thoLeifislntiirn WpdnoMtlny nf-
lernoon Mclunrn introduced ,i lubor
ItiOlt in,|*>riant jtep to that end must
he to inul u means by which the lull
pnlltlril power ol labor ran bo brought
Into exercise. Now I certsinly trcl tint
a measure oi this nature would very
nearly accomplish .hat purpose.
The star ol hope in every reform
movement o( modern times, points to
the . uiwiit iitu.n of the ballot in plire ol
lb* bullet in .'...iitr.illi ig the ecooomic
li I iiiuiia ut civ111.- .1 man. Mow if th*
older idea be baaed upon justice , tbat it
jl th* duly of every cu r**n 'made com-
i good defense of that stop.
Chniee creamery bolter received
regularly from (ho Red River Valley Crenmoiy, Manitoba, by Agnew ci Cn.
Natal net which nll'ectH labor in
different industries.
There was a  very  thorough  de- ]
bate on the strike situation on   the
Fraser,   Hoth tlieca—ners' position
sad that of tho striken were wellj
set forth, the   calling   out   of   the
militia  was severely  censured  by
some of llio members but it strong
appeal prevailed asking  th  t   drill*
cisin be withheld  until  tlie  local
puliorv by Is* , to defend his coiiniu,
and if necewary ncriGce even life itself | P,*it''m    WR8  mo,'°  ddtaIW|y   as-j
lo   perpetnste it* iiutilutioni,   surely   .'.-it.iiii.'il.    The  fart    that fishing;
a law making it obligatory to accomplish i haa    liecn    rigorously    prosecuted
lhe same end hy the use of the more|,j„ce •_,_ lln.XVu\ „r (,,,. ^Ujep,  0I1 |
modrili and humane method, tbe ballot.   ,, ,,    .  ,
. .  , ..,,     , , the scene was generally takeu   us
i-Biinot  •*   cuiisld - e I   ai   *   danger ! ....
oil! interference with individual liberty.
Tbe interi-i (. ol 1b1.ii on sll iiiipnriani
political in in s,*ue in ally identic*), and
lt 111 nsini.r, law cuntrulli, g iIii-h rliuns
,.f mm in common with even moat in
tellig.nt animals, that a community ul
interests if well delendrd ind properly
nnderatootl will iny.riably leidtocnn-
i cried action, looking to a protect inn ol
these liner.'*!*. The laboring cinn to-
diy cnintluue iivenlyfiVe per cent ol
tin-eleelcrale of this Dominion, and
rxrreiscs abotil ten per cent t,( the in
(Insnc*controlling legislation. All tire
nlh.tr .Idler.-.ii ollinga, the meridian-
til* ind iiMiiul.il inrii.g, *re Ihomugbly
alive to the neceraity of making their
power li It in the legiilalive, judiciary
and execnlivo depurtmentt ol govern-
ment, Isbor alone is nrgligem along
these lines snd invsrhtbly pays the
penally. Labor must be educaled to a
to a knowledge o( the power through
leglslstive means ot la tiering its conditions lhal il rs in posesulon of, ami I
(eel thst
would he
hecsuee it is * well established (act thai
wheu people become habituated to Inking in ictive part in auy movement it
lis. a tendency Inrarouse an interest in
the ai iv in,-ut i.linn leading to * degree
ol enthusiasm. Again, i rneilure of
this character will to a very great extent . liinii.iite tbat nun' nf modern
politics, coercion on the part ol the employer, (or it is natural to assume that
he cannot attatch ai y blame to his cm
plove fur doing that tbat he Is compelled tu do.
Agsio, indifference or ignorance uf
tba importance that should Iw attached
tn the franchise will a ffer no excuse for
neglecting to perform that most important function ol citizenship,
Again, the magnitude o| Ihe vole to
be cast witb identical interests, would
nereis.- s pnwerlul influence in whipping our representatives into line.
Viewed Irom any standpoint i  measure
Knob I Iill
• , •
• • •
To the City of Kossland.
Finest Residence
portion of tho City
Adjoins the original townsite, corneringon
Thompson Ave. and Monita St.,
about five blocks from
Post Office.
0/"\   of these elejjant Lots are bein_ offered   0_°_
OU  at greatly reduced prices. Terms to suit   OU
purchasers, instalments or otherwise.,
28 East Columbia Ave.* Rossland
1 Ilie
Foley Bros.
Bankrupt Stock bought in
by the
Crescent Dry
Goods Co. Ltd.
For Spot Cash,
s fraction of
original cost.
The  Stock  consists of  Men's Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Hats and  O.ps-,  Miners' Oil
Slickers. G *>vcs. Blankets, T iwels, &c.
Bargains for Everyfcoiy,
HOSSI..\*,l). B.C. Limited   X
»'s^-^*.-»B»_'W'.'»»*»te«*_*l»*», ,-_*».-»«-_«._«-«.«f_*»»*i *<*v -•»-*
Death of Walter Smith.
Walter Fmith, n miner, died
in tho fir< di wood hnepital on
Hunijiiy evening after nu illness of
two afeoks. lhe deoeased won the
miners'race at tbe DopnioDtn liny
iportfl and. U( I ieelii.p; well nl the
time, it iu BUp] obi .1 !.|> 0V0J
himself   'llu, slokness
ml.i  i.li■ -ilin.Mii:L    wllillb    i-aiecil   blr-
death,   lim. bhnlth ».. * muoh .•*--
I teemed by   ulli   who   know   bim,
Hewn*, employed ut  the Mother
*   c.i.-npiilsusy   (rsuchise  law! I'"1'*' l""r   s(lllle    ''""'■   "'"'    ,v(lH <>
long s step in thst direction \ member  uf    Greenwood     Miners'
uuion.    His homo was at Green I
Valley, Out., snd a brother wired
tho union lo have the rcinainn scut
there for biiriul. Tlio liiiieiul wan
nlientlt'.l by the Miueru' iniiiui iu a
Special   .Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that there will
be a special meeting ol KoBslsnd Trades | ''
and Labor OoBBOil in Miners' Ui.ioll' "
hall, Bunday eveninn, July 21), tu make,,.
BrnngementB for the celebration of
La bur Day. A full attendance of delegate! i* requeated.
A. Ferris, 0. M.Schalm,
President, Becretsry.
For thn bust liiiiidaiua.lii miner'e
boots, go to Agucw & Co, Prioee
i ._■■—. ..in
Special nilenllnn Given to Mall Orders
Stunden Printing 60.
134 Solumbla Avenue
Rossland, B. e.
International Hotel
• Keeps the choiecst ami coolest g'nss of ocer iu Rosslatitl*
• :
J Wl.y?   Bec*n*e we bave Iwtler facilities (nr hand'iug it and tell il filler •
• 'ban any o.her bar in town,   lleer alter being nipped retains ils merits and J
• ll.v a lor a limited lime only. Keep this in mini when ynu I »>k jor i place lo *
\ nlrrsli yourself.   Cherquei ul ill  known   m. ica,  ritl'unls, contractors aud •
• hus'iics men are cashed at their lull  lace value In our oftice *t sny time \
• during lhe day or night. •
•   , ,..*
•SSgThos. Embleton
. I  a_ ~
Tlio West I.e Roi Avenue (iroccr keeps
**+**•»■:    **************************
1     Illlllll I I IIIMMIMMMS
*t jij fSLrtf J^r-Jr jjj jjj a-Jr Q $ yjj •*},   . f, ^lii-TijHjI $.'. fy ,1? {&
That (he miner wants to eat.    F»nry and ilaple grrrerles snd provision!
Bt loweat pricea.   Ooods dellvereil lo any part of tbe cily.
Family Liquor Store
I-..I krpl i.l slock.
Nothing but Ih* X
^■♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■f^*!*!*! *■■»♦*) «a-*}a4*t-*-l**H^*-l-l^-l->. ♦ 4 ♦4'f -r-M-f**> ♦
Best Gtiods
Best Workraai ship
Prices Right
•rjurtt rt/ rfr rf-jrJf litjeit lit rtr. rrh.rftrrfo.,**' V.t t'.r ri-r-r!' rtr ejr Aitfii .'.* itasltsM
|! Agnew & Comoany |
!! Summer Suits!
A full Iiii" of the boat imported goods to select from
■ •    North Hide Columbia Ave ,
' Next lo the liank (Saloon.
t++44444***4******'* 44*****4******4****** *********}***
R. D. McMillan *
f   G. W. McBride    I
Hardware,  Miners' Supplies,   Stoves, j
Ranges, Etc.. Etc |{
fljt $ ^4f-4rijr j*jHjn?i-4r ,:"*v SNir $ * $ & I- *t -ft-vMHjt ^ n
Dealers iu
:' i/n
CVoice staple and (ancy groceries, provisions,  Fruiti anu vegetables,
Kranlle, croekery and glassware.
Cor. Third Ave and Wai'tinglon Rt.ri.r-ta. Telephone 101.
.•a-7.-i ;/.r ill ia> aaJatTta a*>t *ji 7-a-»)jrTt.t-i*a /{a ujx ty, «{i ajn;rijrqi ••*• .•*)« '***».


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