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Industrial World Nov 10, 1900

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■ i   ■
Vol. 2, No.-T*^.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.        Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6 W. F. M.
Made   of   heavy   sheet   steel.
Highly    finished    with   nickel |
trimmings.   Economical.    Dust i
proof.   Guaranteed to give per- '.I
feet satisfaction in every respect. *j
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask    !
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kinds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges, i
Hunter Bros.
Our Display
of Warm
for men, women and
children, from
• ♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦-»♦♦♦♦♦►- eeeeeeee#%%%%%%eeeeeeee*•♦♦♦♦ >*•*****•■» i
Mirtrt   of   distpiit mn   rumorn  oni    in    eireulation.     Kvcry
60 cents
Up to $5.00
W.F. McNeill
. ......... *.- .-*.,... .;.;.;.,*j-^^-i**)-S>*«*i>**i-e****
Cure Headache Caused by Powder Smoke.
Sold ouly by
The Druggist.
7*---i 1 •-• - - * •■• - - ■• ■•**-" ,;'••■• •
... i...;.*,*.:.;.. f-t.; .1 ■■ :*ii
. >******!**■*>+**
;..,....;*t *.i... ■; -—-■ • — •
to the corner of (Jucen
street aud Columbia Ave.
W. K. P. & L. Co's. old ]
: Rossland Drug:
: Company :
'11... -Mttiiitinii 111  I slt'-l'aiilimi remain* iiiii'liiuiis't-tl,   Iht.ugh   nil
.a.in ion iiH-t-i iiii* 11 aapaata opinion, ..nil i* willing tn ixprm it.
With   Un-  loige   I.ilii-nil  iiinjiinty  in tne iiousr there is l.ttli* nevca-ity Inr .*iil.|iii|r lo it Iiy tinting 11 TftMIng in Yule-
Cariboo,   sun Mr. (lalttiar ippign lo 1... *<> much encoaragad by tin- ganerd n**iiit tbat bi lm*. win*ii   bia   friendi  m
Hoiwlniitl Uml 1.11.ler 1... ciiviiiii*tuni*c* will hi  withdraw,  uu.l  lm* announced  Iluil niixl  week  hi will start  .... iii* long <le
ii-i*i*t-i campaign tour, Prominent ubatali nil ovar thi oouatituenay ira endaavorini t.. secure hia wiii.iiraw.il, for ecverui
naaoaa, i-t. thai under no dreiunataaaaaean In- lie alaotad. lad, under no ciroumitanoaa 1I0 ihry want in «.*■ tin .b*in.-t
represented hy n politieal lightweight, nch n» will In- it. lata 11 either Mr. UaU—er ..r Mr. MaeNtifl i» alaotad. Ip
deepair the) havi tnniad to Chris 1*<•.«*>'. tin- candidate 0 nl..* l...i.-tH-iiiii-nt [-abor I'urty ,mul in tum have   found a man
i-.iliKi.it it.iv  In tlit'tn.    II   1* nl*.. thought  tti.it   I.y   .landing nnt   igtinst  tin*.-  I.il crab.,   Mr.   t.ullili.-r   will     place   himself
iiittit- in* t.in never igun   hi conadenda polltlea] poaaibility.   1'hera 1* men-) wr on In thi Liberal camp, ami tin* labor
mi'ii tan lt*>k on ami smile, J
Main i-iimtin* art. Hying ciiiiceriung tin' poarible withdrawal ..I Mai-Nfill. ll 1* reported that he baa aapreaied liim
Bell a- tli*iit.n* ..I it iiii.Ii.t'i in.- il allowed tn tin ao hy hi* part**, it ia al-*. reported (hat he will withdraw 11111I allow Sir
t'liuilc* Iii|.|hi* i.r .Mr. l'ii*ti*r tn in.ike tin. inn annul.t ilalhlin ..n.l Koley. Again the Lahiu* int-ii *mik' ami u. nati**
iu*l exprcarion appiaia mt their lama. f
win!., all brie tnn.i..il 1* irniiiu on in im- opposing campa ihe Labor men in working like besven uml are meeting
mhIi aarpnalng -mat*.-*. Neanfiapera, party wheelhomaa ami rank ami tile are deserting both old partiaa, .mil n i« now
m.t.'.I...-I ih.t Kbey baa a oineh mi Uostock's mt Kolej .m.i other ipeakeri nre canvaaiag Uie diatriet thoroughly,
while al home recent convert! to the eaoM ..re doing yeoman ......
Amid the work ot the campaign Labor men mv constantly inking lhamaelvee, "Where in fboae leading Uberala and
Conservative! who have alwayi claimed in he labor's irieml*. nml .1 tali 1* being kepi on them, in Ihii liitht, the tent of
it.-n maa'i friendship tor Labor will I.e tbe measure nf In* rapport to Candidate Kbley ..iml ilu* question aaked will In-
"Arc you lor ••"• Ihi II tooy me no! Ibl Labor thei must in* counted againal it. In tin* connection it might lie well t..
a-k whirr .1.. nil ».ii old nine "Meads" i • stand I Where ire ..nr M. 1,. A.'s.who appealed t>. Ubor for support, pled
i."i..* Iheir ii.....l*h.|> therefor! Where era oar manldpal olficees who have bcenproud to eall thamaehrae "friends'' of
l.ilttii 1 Where aia thi local leaden who have uded tin- uy ia every campaign whenever they wauled to elect an
el.l part) m.iii m office! Where .1.. youitand !  How an-   you to Im-   counted.Declan .vouthcIvim.
1...i*   Condi
lln*   following    i«    1mm     'll.-     Mme"''
Man../.in*. |.ul.lrhi*l ut  Denver, 1 ..I * by
the l\. 1'   M. ami edited l>>   Yd. liny	
In   the  .ny   "I   ■*.'>.!.*   It.it.-h  Inlim.
inn, October it... tl.e Independent i-als*
Taiiv  111 11tn1.11t11.il laeaaihled nominal
.  i*i (im- lulu for tt"' Dominion tl.".**'
.44444* * IMIIIMIII »>»»■»*;♦ ™ ,..,r!l_lt,..„,. ,„ .,., thai nil who ,«rtK,
•f   |«le<l III "all well f"'' I*»»>l af.
>? 1   It luu. ii.in oar g>»»l fnitiiue t" ba ■**■
"     TIME FOR
It is now the time of year when the
weather is uuccrtain. Sometimes
damp, sometimes dry, sometimes
warm, sometimes cold. Be guarded
agaiust colds aud wear suitable footwear. Wc have just the article you
want.    Prices are always right.
I The Strand
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Har in Canada. : : :
,.* ati-l   with   Mr.  Koley   for thiw V"*ai»
uml we can it.iilif.illv ny thai wi believe
mt mm. ever received a  omnium lr.su
i bad)   .*f   workiagmea mon
than tin. wmthi gentleman.
!   -|iu- woridgmaa   who   pJaced
nomination dawrw irrem  eredll
pi.v mt -n.h t"**l Jadgment 11
I le I • •• ...inliilnle "
.1 nng
iu...   la
i*i in. lini*.
lli.-.i.  tml llnir
mniliv candidate utt'-r decttea diy.
good majority tor Koley when Hie .,.*n..u
come! on.
.Ilr. I'nley diving I'I* *|M'Oeli n-.ttl I
l.•!.Vi*.in ti ..in Mr. Tut.*'. Ihe *iii***i--lul
i.il".i  rmhlitlate nl   \i iiiiu|m-u. niinntlni'iiii;
tne election b] *i" orerwhalniliig majority,
ami ftntiiiK that the tndepeodanti had
voted lor him in a min. Mr. 1'iitlc- *.-ni
l**.| iii.lie* for Mr. I'.tli*. a* *t.ivi-*« and
i*\|.ti>*t.il   the   hope    that     he     (I'ntti'i'l
Mtillld   III-  llilll-   tn COme  I"  U--1-I    Inlet   nn
the «tnn.|. vei-v ihortiy. The reading ol
ua telegiam wu- londiy ipplanded,
imm here Ml Fole) !.-*-. t., Kamloops,
when- In- i- i.. speak tonight. It ia n
partial thai Mr. Jenai M Martin ol
itttH-l.iutl. th,- formal friend .>f lalior. i*
w^trkinii in the liberal intareata ut  \e.-
■ lion, and I*..lev i. ■.'..mil alter l.i* *>..li>
ii   Martin doaa aot    "in'k'   aeroaa the
hill*  when   tie   lien*-  t.l   t**.l. t .  appTOacht
it i* probahle thai he wik leea tn* political
"alager.' II.- ia> alrndj reported «li..rt .>i
ammunition ind ... ■ d.ilnult poaiUon.
.M.u MJII.IaS I tn.l) M-X'KITIUN.
A Chilly   Inm*
..I   M.i
l»*    Iii...live   l»u*ll|"-
t'liiununds   Uiein.
A Fine Line ol the
j Choicest Liquors & Cigars
KU—IV AI  A8IK ll"1'1
tlKKA'l  I.IHKI.Al. \ li'loin
Kieellrni   AtU'iiilam-e  al   lhe   B**Uag "I
thc l*l*.r nfiidMliile.
A«hrrolt.  Nov. H* -I»i*--|utc tin- iiit.-ii-t
i;.,t. iiiiiiiiii   l.iiin-   r.nn   ;-...!!*    I'illl-H-l . .1
t.ve  lA'.i.ter-  Defeated.
The election! Wedneadiy resulted in *.
[8pedaJ Corraajwodanoa to the World)
Un Friday lii*t A.  II. MacHeifl, f~i.
tlie loliM-rvalive tamliilate lor  iulelnn-
!*«.. at ...mi aiiii.1 i.y Mni..i* Uoodave .n
i;..--l.....l. .irnietl in Miiyn* ,in,| proceed'
i*»l tn tin iii. the city, ine reception given
».i* strangely chilly, bul both time g.-n-
iieimii wint tn M,«k with u itiumm-
iiimh i* only Imimi ..i despair, a meeting iiu. enJli*| for s p. in. nnd u* well at-
landed    i-  COUld   la.  e«|w**U*d.    The Ooo-
-en.tiii,* ipcekuii *i*-ni moat .,i tftaar
tune denouncing the Libaiali without
making .mi pledge! ,i» tn what, tm-v
would .In in batter cuoditioo!   ui   tba
Kool .1*.   Kev, w . i,. M.ihmi. ai   ti,.
request ..i the Labor Party, replied ami
in a few clear ..ml ronnhai n-nuiriu* ax-
poaed ih.- 'smoothiag ..v-t process" nf il..-
 -     He .wi... placed tbe nul .*».,.**
rn ii.- Kootenay betora the people   .....l
"...   .Iitui-.l  .ip,,,,  .mil  again.    Mr   Mm*'
Saul irosa in mply, imt failed in mnke a
single point nn.l ine meeting dmad -kiiii
cheer, for tin* gueen ..ml l'ni,*y.
the rli*'i.im tiiuiii* ii'iuwht Mr. Me) Icomplete victoiy for ll.e Leaner admin
her.*.   Hi*
.llJ-SliS  WIK1I1S 4  S.M\TH. Proprlrtor,.K,
Best Home Cooking in
Board per week $5
Single Meals 25c.
Coliis.t.1. Av.nu., Weet.    Ner ie« aiy  M.I
'■ he..   A   vrrv     gi«>«l     nirctllul
■pcech d.-.t w.U. tba anbjocts »■. panm*
m*nt in Ilm mind* "I all politieal reform
' er-. and mnde a v.ry tnvnml.le imt.!.~
«ion. A* the eh* lm" ntiirni« rarer m
and the entbtaiaam »i ti.. ..I.l partial p>->'
snd Irll. .1 «.•*► mt -■ •*>-> to |Uge il..-
...iitimcnt    -I    tl"-  me.-t.ng a, ul   Blhai
t.n.r*. i.m tl..* row tor May hen will he
Itrgl ll.e cheen whloh greeld each
point *»r*on-<l *.. Ittnil-ly I.y ll.e Ul.nr ran
,|„l*,i.- had lhe right mm aboal H.em.
and   ihOWad    lhal    Aal.eii.ll   will  give  n
**&£*t*!r*-* '--
Fancy Biscuits and Jellies
*> > **
Quality Tell., and Brings Increasing Trade
That's How Our Trade la Alwaya growing Larger.
We h.ve ju.l received • large .lilptne.il direct from the factor, of the Toronto
Binct.il .11.1 Confectionery Co. Hine ni.cu.l* Jam, nud jeltit, which we would be
plea.ed to have you call and online.
nun   ...*<,>■■',.      "W. Aim In Henaw Ihe New Customer, Tr.de .nd
OUR  MOTTO:--   Keep the Old On..."
124 Eaat, Columbia Avenue
I 'aae- r r - * **m^-m*^»^«*»!»k>*^  **•*• *** *
N.n P.rMB.1 Liability 1
!• CAPITAL, 1,000,000 Shares at 5 cents each
Trkasury Rkskrvk, 600,000 Shares.
All Promoters' Stock 1400,000 Share *| is Pooled
'""oi-TtcEKS and IHKMTOM;
Pre,ld.nl,g. W   MALL. Superlnlesdenl Iron M.,k llln,
..,..,.. ilia    - *A.a I ..-la .n.l *• nil'   M*'
•sencary, h. w. c.jackson
u-truiKin. tiuii in 1 i.it.iin, retime caq
the laonaervativa r*n-i> Bnd any consola
tmn.   In Ibal province thes   gained   '-'I
seal I l.'-i  I" "i their old -eat.-.  I'm*
uni.. 1* ii..11 *..lni > i onaarvativa md
Hamilton, Ottawa .md Brookville an
among tin* redeemed coortituendes.
111 lajuebac onl) uvea Oniaarvative! ati
returned oul ol 88, and In Iha Uantimt
I'lniiu.i** ilm ie*uii i- proportJonatel)
..* I....I. Hi.* lerritoriea remain the nunc
sn r.ni.ii fnliuiihii I.a* broken even eo
'II..* i..lul i onaervative ptln throughout
Iba   lh .."I.   I*   '-*"•   l".*.l   "I   lh''   I'll"'.-!'*
10,    w.th...ii   rack u   the    remaining
'im* oonatituendoa m which i*.Hiiik   bai
I let    In   take   |*l.l. .*.   llu*   H-.l.-lllll.ellt    II...J".*
i.t. it pnaanl hae been Incnaaad by three,
aappoatng thai the Indapandcnl memben
j.-I.**(.*! will mpporl tt..- administration.
li..« give! tl..- government a majority at
i*n■*»*..t ..I BB.
Nr  I hnlle-  Til|.|*T.    K.i-Iit   ..ml   ll.lilh
•ini...  Ilaadunald ma imungil  the ilain,
ami  in  ti*. ..ugh-  tti.tatife  waa a  lailier.il
.mill-la I*   tlelclt*:
'I'i..- i.it-u ii.-i reii.rn* I.y province^ ..:
Hn  iiiitiniut yesterday ami in ikuii.   an
Itnel.   I.eli.IV   I..I*   the   |.ll(1*a*.*   nl   t..lii|*ai.
iti-Riiit yesterday -.
VL. riKIIUl JOHN I IT7.Wtl.LIAX For.— Wai *.«*, -nd Cnlr. Sl.r l*Jaa*^
Traamaaairr     II.  W    M \ V 1 I   >   >        »' ' ' fl-nl
."!'«•.;."" J  Br.ll.. nuneri B. J. It-Hour, —ler nieO.nl, w.r W*W •»»
'   Centre M.r rlla., ; J. *". Clute. Il..rl,ler ,n.l Solicitor.
-.M.n.tlnj lllreclor. .*■. W. HALL
The Bonanza Mine.
sml sn avc sg.   value of 113 per t.*n. The
I ... wh.ih ». ati depth »l thirty live lci-t.
 1.  nearly Uo lest ol 422 or*.
A t,*v.»* ol inn* rs hi* ben pm
t,, w. |g in Ui" tunnel with the in
i. .limn nl roiilinuiiig it rialit tlnoiigli tbl
claim (1*100 feel), a* by thi! mean, lh,
ledge will lie upkiad and tonnnge ile
v.lme.1 ino-t rnimllv. Kvcry two leet id
dnftini- will mill »t lea»t one loot ol
de|.Wi. Itoe 10.e l*i w d ne I l> iig'*t
Imi turn w»rk wn icsuiued.
Independent Benbmeol  Omwing In Kel-
owoa   Koley Uaking Big Uaina Then. '
Keporta Irom   \ .a..  Kelowna, Ann-
ilnmg and   Knderiq  ■    show   thai
t .m.litlaie Koley .- daily making Li.*.*
i.-.iu. in iht* Okanagan vaUay. wiul-*
iiui .li tn.i i* almoal without labor oc-
ganixstions, ih.-n. seema to la- a .Uap..*.-
inm .... tin* part ..I ti lectom lo Uumw
nil tin* leading -n-m*.* al paityaan, ami
dectnra  for polilical  Independence.
It .* ex|**t.*d tn.l the i.m,I, line will
u-it il.ut lection en long an.l ■ stanqieda
to the Libof ...iu|. i* looked for.
I'niiiii- it  \iuii.
The .ompniiy own, the llmnon No I
,i lull ,iM*d inineial elaim. oa Mt Ihomai
wnunUin. three Slid s hall nnlea (rom
(IhiiNtone on Un main Hail from I!".*
The ilium i» trnversed by -wveral ledge,
of free milling gold ore. tin the .entml
or rfisenvcrv ledge I tunnel lias been
driven fifty leet, iu ore !ll the way, which
ha»    an    sverug*    wllih    01    two    fed
Treasury  Shares.
01 lhe 800,000 share, in the treasury, th, jlrOO ,l»res ae fellow,:
directors have been authorized to aell 100, I
{ 40,000 Shares at 3c. and 60,000 Shares at 5c.
At the first shareholders' meeting held on October
18, those present subscribed   for  22,000 shares at
3 cents, leaving out of the first block
Only 18,000 Shares at 3 c.
Ten I......a«n,l .Mure, ha. ,lme been ,nld tw only N.oon ah.re, .1 .1 cent, .re left
1'or .h.re, or Inlorm.llnn .pply lo any director, lo .ny brake, or lo Hie Secrel.ry.
.... H. W. C. Jackson asr
P. O.  Ho.   Ill
I.il.     ( ..11-
llntann       10          311
•ViiiIm*.      87            7
Nova s...i.a   IS          fi
.N,-»   lli.im.wn k                   111              II
Manitoba     2          :i
llnti-h I'tiluml....         1            2
1'.   K.   I'.mi.l                ...    4              I
N    \\      leir.tniii.              II             1
mm               mm
Total!                        ISi          7.1
fnr   eir. t.'.lt*   -till    I.t   lie   hflil.
i.ii-.r.ii majority over Ubnaervallves
1.1...T..1 mi].-nil  over nil 	
The  I.ill..ii inn tuhle sbOWl  the ro.illl* nl
ina ...■ ti"..* ...  l-eil*
Lib, dm, tml
Ontario                     ii     3»       ".
I'm*!**.*               SI       14
Nov. Dentil   in     in
Net!     Itlllll-it'li k                    j            H             1
Mmi.li.l.t                            .*.         2
Hritiih t ..liim1. . ....   4       2
1'.   K,  lalnnd      t         2
.\.  W.   I.ii-iI'.ihi     .2        1         1
Two   of   tl..- Independent! voted
llio   I 'nii.erv.ttivc**    .-mil  thr.*-     with
government, civm*** tin- Liberali **. maj
ol 53 in tin' ln*t  li'.i.-e.
A intt-t mecaafal ind enthn
meeting wu held .... Tuaeday nighl at
Vmir in the ini*-.«-t*. o| i iitidui.it.- May,
Hm* rtandaid in.mr nf tin* Indepenttnt
..ti.... I'urty. Alfred I'mi, mm Ulladtba
role ni chairman In .... acceptable manner, apolagiied far the stwenae ..i i shdi-
'lile   It.I.y,  nml  .*l..t,*l   Hint   it   wai    lln-
Intention ol tbe candidate tn igain ad
•l.*.-* ti..* eiectoni of Vmir if he eould
i«~*.i.ly *i*iit tl..- t....f tn iiii ... bafora
election day,   Ait.*.  Inviting an repri-w
.-ntul.viv. nf the Opposing -miniate* tn
tike   the   platform     in      the   .titcie*t-i   nl
their party and receiving no i**»i».n».i
I'huiriiinn Pan* called ••/> Whiter li. Kae,
a.*.etan   nl   the   Nel*ini   Knle.l   .lul..   tv tin
addreeaed tin* meatiag ..ml itrongly niv.*1
i...*  w.i.kinsmen   ..i     tacit  h.  throw
thiur   ailepaaea to ti i.l  |a.*
I ...nl   t.t the lUppult ol   Knli
!lllg    !!!.*   tll.'ll   il.Jdl.-ae.-l
 'I'-   "f,,1"- """ rigonam ,
■I-.-.I..-.    lln nrm..*.l  th,    r.,,,   „,„   ,,
■''•' man, |...*a...*.„i of conriderable alalifi
■'"•I a .....n m srhoH handn H, ti
..I   ull  clisee met* *.,i.*.   ,.,„|  *,.„lln,|
"ith an eloquam  plea  lo ii„* V,„n- ,.|e,
tors rn ail ,*i*u<«e» t„ beetow th.-.r suppocl
.....l  lympalhy i hdidau Kolej     n,,.
meeting wai enthmaaatk throughout ..n.l
waa brought i„ ,, ,,,m,, h,  llini.  WiMn)
i.r l*..lev 'ii„. local supporter! ol Koley
""' »»rk.i.K hard anil ..re innhdi-ni ,,f
lucceaa on election day,
<>y .la
>   .!.. i
--'I he * Inn rVar In Idaho,"
The Weateni l-'.-l.n.i.nn nf l/.li.i.* i-
i|.*iiii.iiiiiiK- among Its local nnlona 10.01!
.-..im* ..i .I..I. llartimui * pamphlet. "The
Ctam Wm- in Idaho," ind .*. panisaJ ot ii
will inv,. a thorough knowledge of preeeht
iiniililii.il*   iii   I'i't   -tnt.   ind   tin*   . .in*.a-
landing up lo it    Mevvral inin*irrH egpiia
were received by Rnmland Mlnem' I nion
inr iii*trii."ii..ii .......ng it* memben.
Phoenix for Foley.
Induitrlal World, Kcaalandi
I In'   t nmn*   here   li.n.-    j..ini*.|     handa
an.l     itrganinil   a   campaign    ilith.    ilnr
•traamar inr tSirfa K..i<-y Hoati Mgb arm
11..mill!..11 nv.nne. We lime Opened DDffl
n.itlf.. room, and tlie VOton ..f tin* miii|i
crowd it* .lonrK tmponding to the inn.
I*ill..11   given   III.*....   In   mil   ami   m.i   H„.
campaign   llleralun    Ureal   Interact   i*
being taken in maac *n. r mtaHdatc
goes i.. Ottawa to labor i.r the working-
men, ilie country ..,..1 lhe husincs, con
nocted  therein     We IM mfl In Miinu*.
"Koley mil have a walk our    '< m
mitleea «n doing u.-ul work, .m.i m are
looking Forward wtlh Intcn* Interna in
ii "'in: "I   ..in   w.iili!   candid it.* tn
etdrasa tin* elector! of tin* place, Pranh
Mi Dowel!, •ecntwy. THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
SATURDAY  November 10, 1DO
The Industrial World
Bcmi-'weokJy   Kdit.on.
•Published it the Minor'! Union Hail,
Ko-alimd, in the interest o£ organized
labor  in  British   Columbia.
ghtered at tbe Koeland, lt. 0., post-
office for tranainuMioii through the
mails, November, 1809, u aeoond-cloii
reading matter.
H, C. Thompson,   ISditor  and  Manager.
Office  »t   Miner'!   Union   Uall.
un*.  Hose went out, to the mine   ami nt- I have refilled to obey the latest orders to
tended the Injured man. [strip thenwelvea nude to in* learohed like
.1. Teller, a miner Irom the Ymir inm.*,  Kafflra of the South African mlnea   uml
I'uyal.li* Invariably in Advance.
One year       -P °°
Bix  month!          1 ■*--
(Three nioutlii           '3
Addrcai all communication! to the In-
dwtrial World, l'ostollice Box 658,
Kossland,  11.  C
The Industrial World      for sale at the
(allowing   news   depo   .
.•-.ml*.- ii i   News   .'.and.
H.  S.   Wallace"!  Stationery   Store.
lint.in llroi.
P. 0.  Newi Stand.
llarr.  Cigar   Store.
Canada  Hook  k   Drug Store.
Alciiae   Broe.
King k Co.
Secntariei of all unions are authoru-
ad to receive subscriptions for the
is at the general hospital.   While working
in one of the tiinue.ls u quantity of rock
fell upon liim, onusing painful injuriee.
'l'he laboring men of llritish Columbia
will have one of their nhlest repi-esenla
Uvea in the next parliament of Canada.
Ralph Suit It nl Nun.inin wll not only du
ilu- close ne represents honor, but he will
iiii the province credit, llritish Columbia
is fairly entitled in cabinet representation,
and Ralph .*mitli should be honored! wit'n
a portfolio, il would be a justice to the
provinoe, and it ivonld I.e a gra.-etiil IMCOg
nitinii nf a class thnt nre (on often overlooked.—Tribune.
consequently hnve num. on
Republican! ripment the dominant
i*.i|.ii.ili.-t claw, Demoorata the periahing
uuilille olaja, mid SocialUta the working
lend** in death
It is now dnnpul'iiry for nivniiizations
belonging to the Control Federated Union
of New York Cily. lo patronize none
bul Union places nml buy none bill union
Kun.sn.-i City, Mn., is now the second
Hour making city in the L'nitwl Mates,
having made W,fm barrels in one duy lust
week, and eclipsing nil record! except that
of .Minneapolis, Minn.
Is Labor Free
(..mpi'tlimn  Inevitably
nr combination.
Corporations make prolita without ref
iienei-  tn   the etlect  till   human   kind.
'lln* nineteenth centui*y mil.
and eriininaii and then thruiti il.em into
prison nr strangle! thorn mi the gallows,
'l'he win-Ill i* mi  tntry.   I happened
lo be I.nnt in the I mid States, bin
thai i- in- reason win I ihould halt* mi
luiiiher* m other oountnea.
1 object tu being ■ elavo. I acorn to
in- .. niu-itr. I refuse t.> bend my book
in ihe economic lush. 1 soui-n tn wield
l'he modern wage earner remains a
wage em..er. lli* only escape i- through
the back door oi luidde. 'fhe liborer
build! palaces nml livaa in boveli; he
im*. in coal mines ...nl baa no fuel.
lln* anthracite cnal regions i* a suliiirl.
of hell,    lhe minen work iu t'he cold  I.
keep alive the hearth-Bra of the world.
laove iiiiil jmi-crty do not dwell together.
Jtetler Vole lm* treed.>m ami lull, thnn
vote tor shivery und mooted.
We pr.Kl.it*. mi much thnt we haven't
enough uf any thing.
BAT! tiliAi. NOV. in, mt"*
A few sreelmago tne minen of Koaaland
I-ii.,*'..I Hi. Street*, with banner* ami
mum* in bono!  "f a  u.au who, liv ud
dent ..( blrtbi i« .-ailed noble. Occupy-
ing the |*~.t..m be doaa, that, of vice-
roynllv, tin- wa* proper, lu a few day*
tne union, .-i tl it) w.ll ban in oppoi
tunity  t.t d.. Donor  In  ."I.e uf  the..     mill
ini-niliira   ..ne oi   n.it.ne* untile....... .....1
in .ury nny ia woHby M laot-d Mini."
la-t il. hope that Chris Pole) will lit cue
on In, return lo lln-.l.iul an ovation,
which »di ilmiiuinliale to tin- world that
in him labor bai i.«inJ a man iii whom it
Via. every ettntideln.'. und *l...w. that ...
him, lalmr I.a* onli'l.-mc iu it.-cll.
"Labor ia free," Hiiya \he cnnun-atinu
fliibsidizeil pi-ess. i'i-*, lubor is free lo
light the battle*., u ..ne hundred Ihousauil
laborers in Pennsylvania are dning l.slny,
pay the taxes und produce lhe weiiitli
which capitalists concentrate to further
enthrall them, Labor i* free to enjoy a
"full dinner pail" if labor can imt the
trust prices fnr food. Labor is free tu
pay the exploiter tin' rent of a hove! tn
shelter it and il* p..*i.rily from tin*
weather. Labor i* free tu beg penniaaion
pauper.*; ■■„ |,,j| ami   pay tribute in the modern
Shyloekft who hesitate nut at the la*l
pound of llesh. Labor is free tn work Inr
just whatever the exploiter is willing tn
pay. It ia free to vote the empnlyers'
ticket or be discharged. Labor ll free 1..
face ll.e r.ll.*s nf oaiptal'l nnny. inv to
live on an equality wilh the horses ,-uul
mules of the imployen, ..n.l free to lilt n
panpar*a grave whan ihe Int pound of
tloah hn* been exacted to furl her enrich
the masters Is not this glorius freedomt
It i* freedom lo cause the shade of Ilie
immortal Patrick Henry to oome forth
from tin- grave iu protect.
f..Electric Laundry,:!
- •
* -
. i
You do not have to patronize '.'.
Chinese Laundries.
(ioiul Work,
X Reasonable Prices.
| T. W. GRAHAM, Proprietor.::
4*4** + *4********4******44*++++4+++++t****** *********
P. Burns & Co,
Wli.iliM.lt* nml Helnll ♦
I'a.nt... Oils, Vnrnl.bes.  ltru.be., W.ll *
PlaUh and I'.lnler*' Supplle,.   Order, T
taken for Paperhanglng and I.........in** ♦
Office and gton i  DaalC-a ft Chi-ebera'   *
Block, is Colli.nl.ln Ave untie nonunion   *f
gicpren Co.'! Offlcc, Telephoae No* lli.  T
Drag Coiiipuny Movea.
Tbe Roadaad Drug oompaay 1^* moved
imm .i- ..I.l itand mi the north son- ol
i-..liiinl.i.i avenue t*> tbe coruor uf r..lum-
laa avenue uud CJueon atreol, to the pram*
ises vacated by tin* Wet Kootenay Power
and laigln company.
Tlie World .atni.il   nii'l.-i-Iin.l why the
Oa—lillle part)   woald want i" keep
Mr.  .Maf.Nc.ll ill  the held  ll  he wi.li,* I t
-wilhdraw.    Kroui  Hie ptloa
lam led itana ba bai «pi>e«rvd it
osiiiii t.< ll.e World Ibal ii On- patty bas
any iairi in win n «... loa bim i"
qu.l  Iba ."l.t.-t  in a  liiiiiv.
Italiini Imported.
There is much speculation rcgunliug
the du*|Hiriitioti of t'ne twit t'iirh",i"l* -.1
lUilnuis whn came in yaetentby morning.
It is leaicil hy many liiaL they an* enn*
signed to some mine in thu. ouinp. At tl.e
time uf going tn pre** ii-dlim** i-uild  be
learned  beyond the in-t   that they an
here nud are kept i.l the Colombia hotel
A vole fnr MaeNeill
peuatc wrong.
ia a vote lo per*
Rosslaud, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL MABKETS-Rosilaml, Trill, Nelson, Ymir, Kaslo,  Handon,
New Denver, Silverton, Cascade Oily, Uranil Forks, (ire nwood,
Phoenix, Hi.lwav, Camp McKinney, Revelstoke,
Ferguson snd Vancouver.
Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds
WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch.
•»-f*H-4-f44**)'*H**f +++++++♦♦■»• *♦*♦♦♦ ♦4-**H-f*>*'f-l*-l--f*l-f44-44*+*4**l*4***»***f***l-l
.*•*,*>*■**■**.*>--*>■**. -o».->
The Ladies' Store.
re. - s
m"iiiiii on i .i'in * \
.■in   mill Moxlcrj . 9
%  I iliniiiln**;-. ti
1 iiiiiiiittm i' it * ii. Jl   I'i -ui
nnd Children'** rnilerwc
In.-a- tiiiml*. and   Hm*-   I illuming -
Stamped OoihIr, Rlbbim,-* and I a. rs,
(live in. .1 inil .uni >uu will find PfMMj
Way Down.
Best m Cheapest Lots
Mrs. M   Heard
Nomination Day Fixed.
Kamloop*, It.C, Nov. 0. -(Special to
il... i.il IVoiid.) .1. .1. McUouald
returning officer it.r ^ale-Cariboo issued
'in.    proclamation    today,    Nomination!
will be iiii->Ii- -ui .November 111, uud |tolliiig
day .... December oth.
The I-ilmr lla/ette.
ll.,- aecretary ..t tba ttoalaad Minen
I nion I.*.- uu hand nveral hundred eoplea
ol  tin- la«i I—He ol   tbl Canadian Labor
I.../.tie.     ll     it.ll     limit   une  call   nl   Ilm
..Hit. .
We Know
Of no other way to indorse oar cloth-
ini 'ban to put our nsms snd trade mark
oi it. It's juit is ii we said "We warrant this girmcnt to be ill wooi, sewed
with lilk, made of bctlcr roiterisl,, snd
in better ityle than you ran get my where
el-.* st the acme pdicc." Taylor ft Ale-
A vole for MieNeill is a vole to per-
pctuite wrong.
1-Olt SA1.K—The building anil fixture*
*>n Si-okntte itreet known ns Dan Ix-shcy . i
■I.l place. Inquire al .1. C. S|iellnian'l.
miners, look Here!
You need not loose a shift
to get your check cashed
during banking hours.
You can get it cashed, at
face value, at all hours at
The Hoffman House
♦ ♦■►♦♦♦•♦-•M
:XoJu nubia.
:: Transfer Co.
i.iiOKi'.K FISK. Manager.
LYown    Oraat    Cigars.    Blue: ■ •
A vote for Gallibcr Is a vote fur .MaeNeill.
The Only Tranifer or Kxpren
Company In Koailaod tbat will
Deliver your Trunk* for H Ota.
eieli     Three dayi ilorage lri*e.
The opportunity is now presented to the
public of buying the best and cheapest  residence
lots ever placed on the market in Rossland. : : :
The Nelson iS: Fori Sheppard Railway has just
completed ils FOURTH ADDITION to the
Railway Addition to the City oi Rossland, and
il comprises tlie brightest, sunniest part, as well
as the best soil for lawn and garden purposes
within the present cily limits. : : : : Everyone
wishing to secure a good home and a nice place
to build should see these lots and get our terms
and prices before buying elsewhere.
Corner Third Ave.
and Washlnrion St.,
Near tt) Mou,t,ii Oetoi.
-a,    I
AGENT.      I
,vw tvr**+ artr*rw*r*r*r**ra*yw*rerw*.,"
: Smoke . . .
:    Queen Cigar Store.
TSLKriloKI* y*.
*       <a TSL
: ***********
... Fresh Green Vegetables... f
The World i- genuine)*   -...>  '
iiagfa John Ma.*.i.t...l*l defeated.   II.* li *.
man ol advaaend .-i-i'. *. reformei within
•it  ind occophe tha *m. poailion
t,,w.i,I. ii. i* i i...- 1:   . It chard-
, I. i     ids tin Orita.
, ,   -4. *********.,*-,,* *******
I VVorld of Labor**
Aimut in/mn iii.ii who wen* working in
llu* Iron  works at Columbia, Pa. Itruck
bcoancc the prindpali iifand t.. rignthe
•igrremrnt   calling for  in. ie.i-.-l   i-iy.
The  tliit.itin.il  Mnke  ol   i.--nii-l..-   ...
thl ul!   ..!   San  I'l.inn-..  wa-   U.H..I  l.i
ihc marten aad men coming to an
________——— Illicit   I.I-I   -un.lal
I'uitce ii.,.   i.i.inii-l iii Wioaipaa bj 	
l,Mn ni.j-r.-t lu.i city I...- tailed the *i].o Tile, Mantel .....I Onto Betten
pemwin. >.i pobucal bdapandaaca and |Union of San l^andieo, Cal., bave agreed
will n>. longei -oi'". -   to   party bonne,
III. tnaji.til)   i> Jii-I  about  lhe .i.e ul  Ihi
on. i in ■ Foley will get December 6th.
Nr I h.rlna luii"'! -ai- ii** i« mtialled
to i.i.n- la private life. Wall, tar, lam
people "ill la- MIX.    "'" baa   been Iht
.■ Man ..f llic Bl - lO Hi" I •,..-*.value
psrli   lot  in mi   | ...
to .Imiate yjii par mak to thi lockad-oul
millmeii ui" the i Ity,
A man killed bj I ],i--i.*i.ul.l.* ... *.l,*...
an.l iw ..ue in Id,...-- I., moal ...*.-* *>.< I.
m> thai i'mu'Ii lavoetifrted bj . coron
era jury in Itoailaud someone mould bam
beiii i.i.l Inr aiiiiilaagbtai
Four liiindreil inc. wen* thrown mil ol
cn|iio!iiici!  la.t week by tba total -h*
«lrn. lion  In   In,, ol  the •bops nl the  ll-m
Mituiit.iiu i...in.ii ai Baring i .*•      li
•   ladapiadeol Lsboi  l'«t) will, ....
eradil ..i lied ..a
ag t.l .1* i.m.lidit-*. -*u..lii. .Nanaimo;
1*011.,*. WiaWpfg, iml Fole). iu Vale,
lie*   Int.*. Hat:..nal   Wood   I ..iver-'   Aa*
*.Hi.itii.n    halt*   adopted    a    .'-.dullon   »d
lympathj with tin* rtriking minet
aaat lad tandet ol   Doancial aid   when
Linton Bros.
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce.
Celery. Tomatoes. Green Peas.
Ma. .Neill    an.l    Uoodm    aie  s   warm
pair   I ii I.e. ii •<•   ll..*.i  would n.iet -uiiiie
tiHir thul) .i|*n.....* hi i*.», Kootenay.
Ilune.1  livtcnley.
I i.c fum-rai uf tlie- Uie And..'.  Uawiok,
Who  -an, killed  in  the   N..I..I  Plata shall
Xnaadajr,   look |dan flam   Lookharl  •>
■limtan , iiii-irrlaking ruoiiw fHUnla) 111
\nl..in..lul... will be llu- I.K.I with "huh
the Amakaunated \-...*..t..... ol -*i.--*t
Railway Kmployri will imi.t In ii..-..i..*.
■.iiu it* im -  an* unjustly Iraaled.
; Books, Stationery, To)*s, X
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.
No. .16 Columbia Avrnue.
Is busy all day and every day making prompt
delivery of
inn Kill Columbia Ave.
Telephone 66.
J'  *******************************44*******************
a       '  '•'••• " '■ '■ ■   •••••   •  .............
to wise people Do you
buy here? If you hove
uot been doing so here
are a few things that will
• tempt you to our doors,
• or to your telephone, and
• will help you  iu prepay-
• ing breakfast:
• C.crinia, Breakfast 1-ood,
• Self   Rising   BucIiwIkmI
• Flour,   Shredded Whole
Wheat Biscuits.
The itrika    nI    •.•i.r.l   thousand  men
iii ''a* i.ird of Iii.ii.in A Von .iHphmfdcn,
in Hamburg, Qertnany, .- rapidly extend
Ing -aiiiii.nl any h..|«- of .. pnceful -.t
VI*..,    .Nnt,.*..
... imployed  tl
AH.-.I   Monday imm
natural ... * . wan brought
|at    N,|ant|    VtllC1,1      ,!tl    Will   lia.   ,,,* >
.......i employ.*l il the
1'iH.rmaii mine. Irll down   i  -I*,,.-*
day afternoon and ii«i i hii iboalder
Ai  Brunaley,  Ki.Kland, I.30O coal miner, aent on n Itrika ai(.iin«t  ll inplny
mfflit   of  Don union   nun   ami  -won    alter
fu.ir  .lay*    -alirn    tiicv    II   uliinieil    |..
•♦•••••» - .-.-« .........wa
I-.ach occasion  has some 1
Special style of clothing I
appropriate for that time. |
Those who have a desire j§
for dressy effects and yet
I do not care to go so far
U the Prince Albert or
Frock Coat will (ind our
Cutaways just the thing.
j They have a drc?sy appearance, fit perfect!•*, aud
wear with satisfaction.
M. J.   O'HEARN,
. ta. tl.ll.1... 11.11,i and I uml.her
• • • •* ..r....,.,., ,..-......
V. P. bpx aci
I I  I I i-Mi- m:s 1-4
srr.iai aiimiUa eivea la Mall (Irdera
>*******44**4**+*tt ****44* w$t)**)$$*9****4***4**99*99'. !
Men's Underwear
A  bin Miliary Mnlr i*  in   i-i* .
Newcastle,  tout rallleriai in Idle ... iha
naoti ..I a di.j.ute betwwn iha managir
a....   the   n.liiei*        \l |      | |i«l     n,.*,,   .,,,.
\ee,.ti.tti..ii. for ntabllihlng .
Hon board in In pragma la Lam udiln,
Kngland.   the board .* L.r II..' |MirpON ol
nttling u'l  dlipulei between
miner, an.l tl.cr Ifflployi i-
Ovrr 2,<wo min. i. .I' ripple Creek, c.l,
In part wimiI and cotton.   Sliirts'and drawers
Stunden Printing Co.
PRINTERS, Mlljn, tiiMii i-;-. Ml. l.VK
noOK m.ivii  laiidii*..
1.14 ■.'..ii.i.il.io nvenue
Roaaland, B.
ThoB. Embleton,
The West Lc Roi Avcuue Grocer, keeps
Ever> lh Inj? the Timer
- - Wants to Eat - -
The Regular Price 515, $16 aud $7 Ready-to-wear
Clothing all priced at Sio.
Central Dry Grods Store, Unloto-ui 2   lA/rirrht   I  ' i;anty a,,<1 S,ai',c r,r,Kcricf; aml Provisions at Lowest
I   1st Ave. and Washington nUioludli W   Hllglll.  ;:j       Prices.      Gocds delivered to any part of tic City.
-i»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦»♦.♦♦♦♦»♦»♦♦ »♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦.»♦♦♦♦♦■»♦♦»♦»»♦    aHMIIMMMIHItlllllKMIimiaiMMMMIIlim • AATUKDAY    November 10,  1900
[_No   One   to
Jlliune    for
llu wick.
tlio   Duuth    of
There WOW three sittings of the coron-
t'h jury, which WM Tuipennnelleil to iu-
■aatigata t'ne death oi' Andrew Hawick,
which ocoUlTOd i» the Nickel Plata shaft
last Tuowiay. Air. 0. Tt. Hamilton represented the in tern* ta of the Kos-kIiuhI Oreut
Weitern Mine**, Mr. J, A .Maodonahl
that of the deoe&eed'e wife, and Mr. J. I*.
O. Abbott that of the crown.
Jt appCBCT that the accident would never have happened iuui tHoee employed in
in the mine eonfinod thamMlVM to the
««■ of the regular code of ilgnala, Many
Witlf&MUl were culled, but the jury failed
to fix the rt'N|HiiiKilnlity on anyone.
Hiivid Baxter, nwoni, statisl that lie
v**a> a mucker in the employ ol the .Nickel
late mine, On tlie Monday raonring he
nau been engaged) with two othen muck*
ira, Munro .md l-Vruivr, on the 400-fool
level iti about B:30 o'clock! Hi* partner
had informed him that, there wn ra nmn
in  the shall  iuid that  he w.i* to be wire .
Vul ni oontequenoe, but shortly after this,
[Harry Lyons, a nipper, hud Informed him
thsl the electrician hud been in the shut
ut had lelt it. .lust alter tin* witness
ilnMi'i .1 pipe dgnal From the 000*foo| level
Kvluih signified fn;it the rage was wanted
ihere. \\ it ties-* signaled back tint In
woulil send the cage down, which he ac
wittingly did,   lie signaled on the pipe,
When   Munro  heard  ol   this he  told    the
witness tgsin that there waa a man in
the .-halt, but he replied that Uyona bad
Stated that he had Koiie Up .main. Ah.mt
_**> minutes later witne_t Iickuii to [eel un
easy, and went down by tbe Isdder way.
Winn he reached the suuiout level be dm
oovered the body ol Hawick lying under
tbe cane, between it aud some planas
thrown serosa tbe   aim it at that  pom.
Wiluc**-*; went up to Uie MUtace and re-
POTted the matter.
ine r-'ku.ii given on the pipe,   witneea
•uu.l, ma one in uaa between the 400
snd liUU lout leveU. it was not a *igiuil
u-i-.i *i>>  the companyj but u waa in use
Among lhe imuei>.
ty   Mr.  llamuton:     Witness    aaid    on
Vi .iug the car to Ihc Sbatt trom tne lace
i the dnii ho took it not quite m.i , aa
'Muiiio lunff told lum there was a niiiu
alown the •batt.  lie met Lyons, who atat-
.i  that    Hawick
undone by the mine thnt should have
been done, i he accident waa ciuisod by <
me misunderatandins of Evens by Baxter,
Mvcn if the foreman had Roue donw,
■wtall Baxter 'would have let the ai«e
tnrough just the same on being told-that
tlie man had ipitteid the shaft. Had
Baxter heen made station tender VOttt
would have been no difference, l'he engineer hikL <pule enough tO attend to without being bothered about the matter,
ine pipe signaling had nothing to dowflth
the matter. Ilie evidence allowed that
neither the t'oavniim nor superintendent
knew anything of it.
After a retirement of over an hour, t'he
jury returneu the following verdict, at
0::W p.m:
'Andrew Howick came to his death on
the morning of November Oth, 11)00, by
being crushed beneath the cage at   the
Tn. -loot   level   Ol   the   Nickel   Plate   nunc.
The accident resulted irom the fact bliat
David Baxter, who lowered the cage Irom
the 400-foot level, did not know that the
deceased waa in the shait.
"\\ o believe the toreman, John .V,
uolmesj considered the step.-, he took
-niiii uni tn protect the deceased] but in
our judgment the aaid far-man should!
have taken th.* precaution oi ordering
tin- men iVho were working on the 4on-
loot level not to remove the ohaim until
further ordci*  Lum  IhiimIi."
Pleasant Party,
Thursday   night    the    Misses    Smyt'iie
aim  Wood, proprietresses   of   tho t lill
House, gave a pleasant party to about 40
of   their   young   IricniK     (James,     mu.-ic
ami dancing entertained the merrymaken
until   midnight]  when supper way served,
aft or which the party booh dispersed.
Meeting in '..-nil.
'tne Independent Labor Party has engaged tne opera house at Trail tor a public  meeting on November 13th,   Meaan,
Orowley,  Hunner, Jelly, Devine aud Alex.
Dick, H*il!,| will be the speakers of   Uie
Labor Party.
Formerly Turf lixch«nn..
Best Meals in Town 35 Cents
/IRS. La nORB, Proprletoress.
Citrara and  Cigars.   i*
When you ask for a cipar why don't
you insist on a good one ? Nine ens*'*
out of ten you will he offered a client >,
acob made cigar unless you name the |
kind wanted. Tliey all cost you tho1
same money, good nr had, Now why no*!
get a good one.    A-»k for the best Crowd
Windsor Hotel
First Class Accommodation
Prices   Moderate.
W. G. Merrymathe, Prop.
Mikes a specialty ot
Columbia Avenue
Cunningham & McDowell, Props.
a ^^^
Orati <v W it. Vmi u-iII 1 hen ;.
co.iip'njr n home in.lt.s.'v, loo I
of this the next time you ml* foi
,;i 5 Rossland Hotel:
1111*: mim*:ii> i nuin.
N..I ■.* t.i .Mine Superintende-ite.
\\ Inn you arc in ni'i'i] of a .'oni|ii tent
tngineer, blackaurith, pipi-man or ma*
I'titnist, II..* Mcctianid,' I'nion will be
phased to furnish ynu d mpeleut nan.
Address \V. W. Doty, Secretary.
Hospital Report
Onto   l'..l.
lli.- Suk   I l.i...I .11
i'   IK'iiiiiiistialiuii.
tin account ol it being election night
inul Uml 11.nn1 uni..Iters ii't-ii* very ranch
iiiterii*tetl m reading te return*-, there
iiu- not ti very liii'iit- attt-niliuiei- at t'ne
last meeting nt tin* Minora' Union. I'lu-n-
iv.iH not a groat deal ... biMtaeee to u-
tnulncted aiul n waa eoon diapoaed ol.
Tlie management oi the hospital proa*
i*ritiil .. report ..i tJ.e financial condition
ol tlm inatitution aiul a H.iiutnury i.t it*
iviuk. As lln- .Miiu-n-i' Ijiitui iuit! its
inembeia are heavy co&tnbaton to tin-
uipporl ot the '.t.-|iitul. tin* oourtety iiim
greatly appreciated, ilu- report waa w
Balance, Ouh on hand Nov. 3,
1899  if      12.08
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
Jerry Spellman, Proprietor •
GOT. Spokane anil Coltimliia Ave. a
From imtiont*    Sflttiat
i-i .p.  I'ity  ut    lltts-alauil   (lu-.ill.li
ami   relit I   conunlltae           all.*'.
I*'.*..iii payroll deductions     n.sTii.m
1'r.ti im ml  govanimenl  grant   ,.,   4.7'J1 I,'
lit.*|.it.ii lau  building tuml per
l.nlli"* ..i   i;**—;..ii.|  	
. Itauk ul   Miiliuval  (notaj   	
was no longer in nn* | -*,|1HA).||a „.  _„„-„„   ..
aluiit.    iIiu. nas iv.tiiiu a lew miniitui ot
|miiiii.i having ipoken to him about Hack noridng ... tin* ..halt.  On ii piaviout|
lanaioo uiun men arara worinnn m   tin
ii..:i.   |tiitt>iiK iii ii>.mi. .ii im* BOO tool
fleiel. .u-lnitllolli. hail lieell llivell li"l !••
■and down iha cage below tha U0. Urn
i..e .nul H'.ikin*.*   then had gone mraj
Total receipta
u-. at
ttOMl 09
I   lll.l.liletlllt.*.   uu   I,in,|s
of additional Iota ....
ini|iit'i.ini nl*   ,.    .,
ami   tin' ...|:e had
i.it.i.e bad   not   -i
llll.IIII I*
] ".ir.-tiii-.
I'et mail, ul
Kill UU HIV ^^^^^^^^^^^
l|n.|.|l.l'   -ll|.|.|lt.    	
Jlueitti**' tee* ini contrail patients
bean iml down,    ll   Male nurses' feca
..ken    a*   he  did   tne j''•*•"'>•'.>>•   >"•!   DTOVia    	
^^^^^^J aa.     1*111*1    	
ui.I nm have Ihi-ii removed ...     i_j.. 	
ilait,.k ni.idd nut have lii-cti l.illi* i   Wit*   \\.iter
<;eiM..il expenaaa (inclnding ata*
liouiTv and print ing
"1  note   lllaiik ul   Mini
with intiTi-it 	
llrv ntHiili. 	
Uuildittg  Intul  ....  .le|*-*«t in  the
Rink ..i Montreal	
Total expenditure!
ii.ii.in. e 	
n.-s* heard a "rut a tnt a tal tapped
upon tin- pipe at theOOO-fool lorn, ie|M!et
cl *-ifve!.il tiuu-v. lln, iiti. an under-tnt...
siinuii  to thc 100 loot level men    and  I.
ii..*... alone, bicaun ti..*!  ware working
ilwtweeu ine OOOfool lend and the .itrlace.
l*l*r ..ill.nl luii::il or mlill.t m.t appli I..
n>ll   u.'ikiiin  ....   the  ."Ml tout   level.   Wit
tir.- .lul in.! knttw whether the otner i-nitii
vaa working or not. He thoughl il wai
rorking above him. l'he "rn i t.it a t.ii
llini.li   lllipit   tllelel.tre   I i;   down   both
I..*.*.« M .tiitvi ku.iv »f in. other ngnal tn
ping down the ivhio. There were two
in-* at cull .latum. Thl wny to
let the iap- to the 000-fool luel wm by
ippnt "n the |n|»'. \\ iltiw*. knew of no
ili.-r nnlli..I. Will..*", did not know
lot Inr tin* tapping on thc pipe nMeh.-.|
>c .*nt:iiu*!*r.    llu* -islini of pipe tapping
.is i.n..un t>> tti.- management   VVItnaaa
a, told  tin*, he tinI Hot kiiuii  it t.t   In-
I m knowledge.   He   had   t.ccn   seven
rrk- ill the inine. and had trrll the «llti  ITotal l .Im*. ..I .leatlu.
; lielll.illll.ii:    in    ll.a*|..t.ll.
s;n :,i
i «*..; i«>
i. '.'i.i ui
U.S. .J.«.
mn :i:
74 JO
:.. i .•
Ul 7..
.Miner*. Carpeoten, Uontractora and man   nf   whatever occupation, to know
that ipaoial .nduieiiunt* are bring Lung .illfitul to all ImyiiM ol tin.' clothing, lmiii*lniii.it. Cool wear an.l lien near, at .1. II. K.-lun-tu's Columbia ..ve
nue.    Ihu*.- iniliiis-iueiits an- t..r payday and are a, follows:
.. • Clothing • ..
Labnr U ion Directory,
Officers and Meeting!.
Meeta every second and fourth me*.
day in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
each month at 7:30 p.m. in Minen'
Union Uall. O. Hohjilm, Bee.; A.
Ferris,   l*reo.
Meets every Friday of esch week at
7:30 p.m. in Miners' Union liall.
A. Ferris, Pre*..; Frank I!ra.!ntinii',
MINER-.' UNION No. 38, Weetern
Federation of Miners—Meet! every
Wednesday evening st 7:30 o'clock in
Miner.' Union Hall. Flunk WoniMile,
Becrelary;   Wm.  O'dricn,   Prrsident.
Mftl. on the last Bnnday ot each
munth at the Minen' Union Hall, d
P.   Ilnrkdoll. Sec.; W. Poole, Pres.
No. 252— Meets the Hrst snd third
Tuesday ol each month st 8 p.m. in
lleatty's Hsll. P. O. Box 314. W.'
Mel-tod,  Pre!.;  .1.  Kloman,  Bee.
W, T,. TT.—Met* everv Baturdav ev-
rni-g at 8:30 o-l-nk in Miner-' Union
Hall. I*. O Box 11. I. K. flurry.
See.! .1. II. Shrrad. I'res.
Kxecullva Board: E. C. l'*ra«er, Rose-
Ininl: Vt. Davidson, Sandon; M. Knne,
l.'re.nivood;   IT.  II.  Dimock. Movie.
I'AINTF.RS' UNION, No. 40, I'aintei-
and Decorators of America—Meet, in
lleatty's llnll on second nnd fourth
Tuesday Wednesday of eaeh month.
W. b. Murphy, pres.; Oeo. W. Sh.nn,
NKV\TSBOY8' UNION No. S-Meets in
Minen- Union Hsll on the lint ind
third Riturdnv. of each month, it 9
a.m. Mike Uuydotti, Prea.; Jay Bar
ton, See.
Tne Fast Line.
""        Bafeat and Best.
Solid   Vestibuled   Traina.     Mectrio
Lighted.    Kquipped   with
Obeervaition Con,
Pullman  Palace  Can,
ullegant Dining  Cue,
Modern   Day  Coaekee,
Tourist   81eepiag   Cars.
Through  tickets to all  poiata ia   Iha
United  States snd  Canada.
".Except   Hiuulny.        Tir  our   He-trie
K.  W. RUKK,
Agt. R. M. Hy., Rouland, 11(1.
J.   W.   Hll.l.
(leneral  Airent, Spokane,   Walk.
Ai<*t. Gen.  Pan.  Agent,
Portland,  Oregoff*'
Heavy IVhlpoord llvi-reoat*. well .ut well made, lined with heavy
I.n iiiit'.* satin.    Iiiv.li...* price. -Pi 7..   *i-s ...I  tor |*.v ,m
ll.*.ivi*  lodigo Bine Heaver OvereiutM. *ilk  M'wn and  made u|
the  I.U.-.I   approvetl   la-liuui.  sjai'ial lor |uiy il.ij
None Better.    Solid Vestibuled
Trains,    Palace   Dining   and
Observation Cars. Meals
a La  Carte.
Direct connection at Bt. Psul, witloat
      ^f   of   depot,   with   sll    trains   tor
-^■■■ig.-Wfc « ^T'l^uw;.tM.°r»ithNew "rk
Close connection east snd west beuna
trains   at   Spokaui   wth   trains  of
—Meets second Sunday in eich month.
J. H. Flel**her, eecntary.
Spokane   daily  tar  Weat 7:39
0O£7t 11
.   . 3 .11
total  k.-i •*.*...
Number >>i patient* .... hand Mot
.1. 1IW  23
Number   i. ved   during   \.,.r
ending Nov, :t. iwo .... wi
NhiiiIhi   nl   males   	
Number ..i  femalaa 	
Total iiiiiiiImt tlisehnrgcil
N.iilil..r   aim   died    Willi, n    M
l.nlli.    "I   .llilll**.!. .11    	
Death rat. I.-h. lli.ni ,1 per cent,
li it i* entered thai the n-i».n hi- (li.,i
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   and    thnt ..  ...iiiinillee Ik' apt*.ml * I    In
After  the  following numiiiing ■ '•","   _•**_•  "**"l»l";'i» l>' bt IT.wm
cd  lo tne ,i,tcr»  *n 'I.nine.
nl. iulent  ami  t'he lonitnn in the mine
o.. day.
Very lillle wa,    adduced   beyond  that
ven ibOTe.   'l'he .-.mi*....!* pll I -.a.i.l
lln.-.«.•, on tl.e st.mil to show ihat the
anngement wn, not nwnrc Hint nny
gnnL were u*eil ex.pel thOM Biven ip
i i-i*
by the coun,el, I'ne jury retire.!.
Mr. Macdonald iddramd i'ne jury o»
half ol tin* WidoW of tl.e iln-enspd. He
lit  Ihat   tllere Hamad  I'* he ln> .I.fert  in
ni.iilntif.i  iiiili lln* pSMfblt iveplu'ii
I ihe loeki upon the ehalfi.   ne 00m
real  the matte.   In the lucks on rail!!*11
Hi* did think tliere wVui a Int k
|    pr.iit.-r   sHiierititctHlenco.    'l'he    tniiu*
..n..!iu/ttl   I.l   h.fvii.ff  tin -atalinn  trlltle.v;
sliini'.l Iherefore tierr niatlt* up for I'.ui*
avinu  In   idoptlng    itllu-r    pmantKna,
i'in*   I*..in.in   ought   i*  nnve    |-
mnied tlie men on tha 400-fOOl h-v.-l imt
.. move ilu- .hai.*-. .u* a  temporary stall, n teniler tiiinlit  have lieeti plaei-i! nl ll..*
WOfnot   level  In are  lo  Ihc maltcr.    or
he   eliirnu-er   might   'mile   hern   (five.I   ill
Eifr.irlii.il*. in tin- matter.    It wai ;i..'  ll.e
in-ainci**.   nf    tl.e  deernsed   In  take    MltM
.rei-autinns.  it  wn. the business nf    tlir
foreman.    As  lo  IIm*  pipe  siRti.ilinii.  fhe
foreman knew alii.it it. luit does not seem
to  have taken mtfli.-trnt    precaution,    to
hare wnrne.1 t'ne men not to use it.    Bull
he   p!|H-   sufiial   wns   not   Ihe  real   cntt.o*.
Illn  the ovulcnie. 11  tlm men nt th.* (IO0-
f fool  level  had ninir down the cam-,   nnd
I   had   1 tune  iltnvn   to  tl.e  4I» foul   Imrel,
llhr engineer ""ui.l have lifted ami drop*
pad t'ne nga 11 a .innai   to   open thi
rhair*,    and   lhe  i aue   wttiihl   have    goni
flOWfl   ,in-t   the s.in.,*.
Mr. Hamilton contended tint nil of the
remarks .>f Mr. Maodontld neie btltd on
'he  nmumption  Hint   lomcthing wns   left
Nov.  3.
Heavy It ine Colored f'rei/o tlvervi.it. with heavy wool lining, good
ku.-ikalmiil  cost.,   ,perinl    'ot   pny day
Wc are charing our r.il.   to well   suits at the right  prist*.   Urt one.
IVa -.11 the lu*1 N'..w I- lhe nine t.i buy, a. we will lie <-oui|>ell.*l to advance
price! nvi shipmenl reared owing (•> t...* -11ti n*.* m tin- price ol woollens.
Gum Boots and Rubbers
Wr Mil Hie 1,-lelii.itisl \\ ....n ... lu 1 Up gum hoot for miner*, with hither
bottoma Ud hosvily nailcl. tin- 1, an American made l>oot an.l Wt make j
special prue L.r |.t day.
Our  pay day atrial  pricea  .neliiiliw ..Is..   Alaska  Snrlw.   Itulinem.    Mils  ami
tilove*. ..I whith «e li.nI ■ peal variety. Vmi gM Imnrst g.s.1. at lu.|u»t
p....-   it
Columbia Avenue.
Your   Photographers       ap
Douotliing but the Very Best Work Every Time
We carry a large line of
WESTERN FEDERATION OF MINERS Spokane Fail. * Northern" HaTlwi'v   ""
-Edward Boyce, president   Butte, Mon-,    I-caves Spokane   dsiy   for   East  10-II
tani;   John   F.  McDonnell,    vico-preal- a.m.
dent,  Virginia    City    Nevada;    .lame,     Lesvn
Malicr. wcretary trc.mnr, Butte, Mon- a.m.
tana  ,P.  O.    Box    307,    hradquarten,     Wemt   hounrf   .*.,*..  „.i„   *,, .
Room 12. Ow.lry block. BSR \J2S agf**rTS? 7}^*** £*"
Board: John C. William!. Cn*, V.llcy,, |.nj San Fn^^T' V.anoo1UT«r.' *'•'»-
Idsho; Jsme, It. Vorry. Butte, Uot Sft^S. "-*" -d *» P0""* »»
Una; W. N. Burns,   Ounr,   Colondo;      Durin. ih. — ,      _,   .
Uia..  H.   Moyer.    Lead    City,    South  bo^dtnin. ,°'  naTi«»*J0'*  *-«
D.koU: Chri. Foley, Roland, Britiih, E J™Z. ?___ U Uuluth **
Oolumhia. iin■lTHk,Lrta^'■,"   North-WeM
DlSTRlirr UNION NO. .  W. F. M.- &S^ ul JwmJwwZ
.jS: i)e^vce.^i,,R^ts:;C;,on with *■0reit Northeni «*
Alfred Parr, tecntiry treaeunr, Ymir.; For further information maps felt-
MMIIAMUs- I MtlN NO. 94. W. F. en, etc., spply to any agent of thi Bps-
M.-Meet* eveiy Iriday evening in * kane Katla k Northern Kiilwsy, hasle
llcstty'i Hill. II. C. c.ikii-v. prarident, * Soesa nailway, Kootcnsy Roilwiy k
Vt. W. Doly, lecrelarj*. iNivigition   i«*...j .my,   or  to
Cenenl   1'sssenger   and   Tlekel
Agent, St. Paul, Minn.
Commercial Agent, Spokane,  Wu*.
I Union Printing
•f* SpecUl  lacllllie* (nr  producing the
J brat   l*rlminK   lor   Trudvt  I'nion*  and
jE Setrrt StKt-tllc-t.   MrtKravlnif* proturcJ.
fa Ncalt and Kubb«r Stamps.
I \AI.   H.  JONES
le-      ,0 li. ColumM. A... Itoisl.nd. li.C.
*<"■«•*♦•* **<*«< <**<********<.****<:'
I Grand Union
Canadian Pacific
Firal da., Meepera   sn  All   Trains  From
Aliw im nisi' CABS i««
I iiqi    Dunmoic  Junction    daily   Irom   .-I
' I'aul, Satuiday, lor Montreal an.l |l.»l..ii,
A|..inlay,   nnd     Ihui-lns   lor    loruate.
I*..11..      isr,    pas,     ilcveji.ti.ke   one
, cui lu r.
- - Hotel - -
-.1 * I I I'M III I.l. UK.is
K>|>.**4 id Wine*. I. .| lord and
li.inesli.-nnd Imported Ciirirs.
Finely Furnished Rooms
♦ "U'l
♦ Nnt ltuuU>
X     F..r t.i 1
♦ tion,   .n.l 1
at Eastcru List Prices.
'lli** tick nnii   in im,,1 reported w____
John   Kennedy,    btck    (Ajorad:    Junei
I'aull      i<'l    Itntli-    (1110111     limki-ti     |agj i
Utnv   Mt Ki-Im,'.   bf0lt6B nw\ am)  Iry.
Hm hm ' it i matte ol oon ■
(ri.i'iil.iiKHi. iiii»| .il-,» limt tliiTo nn* ti
nn 1 iih, nt HlIM ti" nirmlH"**. milforttiff
from  i«\«"i      \    ftW  vrtM-kn n»p> tin-
liM eooUimd horn hnli i doom to n
dbnn ftw ptUontij «li« Imvp .iii ivt-or
Undtr food ind mlftuo f*i ti»o nnn»n, 1
(nf in.iti,*t   ni    ti flcnioii-lmti"ii  on    tin    \J__««f  r^li-ait.'
pari "i tin- labor uniona nml ntpportan   l^w"   *lwlOlninjf
■ •I \li I nl, \ ..ii Iiii rrtiuii Mtv* timutriit
Up,     lli" il»I«*t.-ii•■-*    bo   UM     Irn-fli*** nml
\jwhot Ci'iiiH'ii wvra Inttraetod to l»nna
thn  maffi-T  Op  jn  (lint IkhIv.     Ihr   next
moating ol tii<* eoondl will Im» }m»M 'hH-a-
day nignti «mi it ih "h«>|m*.i nml aapaotad
thnt nil iininro* will \**j rt^-\y**x*ut*M ni
thai mrotniR 1111(1 thnt Mm* rlrmoivtr*n**t*infi
tdaa will \*c f.tvf,r.ibl- NOd-TOd nnd iw1«mI
Vmi" wanl  i*  I .l,»
ihrtK-mr   ..|
*•"   and you want
t*. itf*\ tiy out
Union Cigars'
Crescent Dry do* (o ..ltd. 1
Qent'5 Furntshinjj; Department.
Shoes, Shoes.
Hutnclir folon LaMCIea.,- U glee.
V. na.1.   I,. l-t..t  .1.   i*.,t„    i
 ■ ■* I ■'- iris.!* tal
l.llg,. KH'a.1.11.. All...... Ihlll. at,.1,1
A I'OIMhlt.
lor four r.isteru trip .* tu aee ">at ymr
ti. It.i  i cail,  i ia
J I.U.a    I I. j.iit
t;«l lor -Nil  h.i-l... Uwcade, lirand
i*.x i-un.   Korki, Urernwowt, Midway, etc.
Ihiiu  F„r Mvliion, Handon and Mocas
I i'a.ly.    pointa,   1!. •*. latoke.  Main  lini
and 1'anli. t'i..i*i. ..ui i i t low,
fOr  Sll    l.islilll    |..lllta>.
t.ii.i.a*. ...t*-. ind all mformi
un  or •    ireet    local
a., i.i. or
A.  it. McKeniie, Civ Agtnt,
A. C.  Mi-Artiiur.   Depot   AuMit,
Koulan.l, ll.tf.
'"'   V. K. Ander»,n, K. .1  Cvle.
T. P, A, V <;   I'. A ,
Nelion,   ll.i". Van,'....'..   IIO
[fytm Fails iHMDii.
Nelson 6*t Ft. Sheppard Ry.
' Bed iDounialo Railway.
I...* N   U.ih.Is   |-i
Cotulnltt.   I
The Candidate * Tour.
Contrary lo e.jM.t .liun*. Mr. I* - *1. *-*- did
not go up the Carilt.*. road to Clinton.
I.ui turn.*.! back Iron. .\-*lit*p»ft, ipiaklB|
at Kamhs'i* riiursday night. Iaa»4 night
he spoke in Vernon, and next week will
bl spent in  the OkanaiMti  valley,    from
■ •"aii * .luitiiuut  t..  Pmtleton     l*'.i.tn
I'rinceton he will gn (o Ckmp M. K.n.iey
a.nl return to Rossland hi* «av of llic
All-Wool Herge en I Wonted iuit, Hi
Naiy Blue, lllark and .Mud, 910.im In
fMM. All-Wool '1'wee.l suits, nohhy
IMtleans, glS.oo to *2ll.TO. 1; -<! Knock,
about Tweed suit,. |5.W to I10JO. AH*
Wool Psnts, »J.--. to *"''■ Working
1'inU, |1.00 to I.'....
ll> sre selling uirn'i ihon below cost.
Men'i Split laeatber Shoe*, fl lo fl 25,
Men'i drained I-either Hhoe!.|la*0,11.61
fl.TS. Mea'e Uiained Mailed m..**•«.
R.OO, PM. Men'a Oil tlreined Nailed
Hboe*, 1800. Hae Willing Sboes,
from 11.00 np.
cn Cigar Store j   ^ on|f _„__ ro.M Mwm _
X  points eaat, west snd south to Koaalaad,
A Nelson ind ill int.rmedute pout.*  coa-
.......^.-^.......T  necting   at   Kpokana    with    Ihs    Ureal
* * Northern,   Northern   l'.tte  and   U    il
* N   1 ".
tonnect, at Nelson with iteamere for
Kailo ind  ill   Kooteniy  like  pointa.
funneiIs st Mini till! with itogi
duly for Itcpuhltc, and connects si
lii.,*lnirg with stsge daily lor lirand
Korki ind (Ireenwood.
Kllective   July 2*.   1900.
New Overcoats
Ja Whipcord l.f.li. Meltons end
llearcra, fK.SO, |1*.S0, |ll.00, *1S 00.
Men'i Ribbed Dotton, per suit $1.00.
Men'i Ribbed Wool, per nut {LOO,
Men's Heavy Wool, per suit tl.bn.
Men'i Tan and Btriprd. per iuit f250,
$3170. Men'i Wool Fleeced, per iuit,
Hats, Hats.
Men 1 Fedora Mala, 11*50 to W >"*■ Alen's
Hum., Hat*, 93.00 to 9.1 .vi. Men'i Still
11,1*. 92nn to 93*00. .-.trUon'i II,U.
99.00.     All .ivl-e.
Men'i Xivv lllue. 7Sc. to BfO. Men"!
lanrr Mued, 9100 to 92.80. Men,
Self Color-, Fancy OHIan and Wri«t«,
92 50  to 9300.
Vou cannot get a clmr in sny lisr in
the city lor lens than 12 1-2 Otntf, The*,
why not ask for a riuar that i, w,.rtli
Ihc money; a Crown Grant or \V. I>.
I r.l Sirs., snd ll.....,llhr Kn.d*lll*-I.lll ar.1
.lumper. .1 c.1,1.
makes     1     ,'tIi-i.     garment.
The cutting end Htting are
quit* 11 important as ue ma*
Unal. ^^___
(let your clothes made her
•nd ill three item, will be
til right.
thir prue, ire not ton luuli
for y.u, but they'i j.wt high
enouiih lo insure y»u he best
workman,hip   and   material.
Taylor & McQunrrie,
1'. O.  Bol I. M  1 . .1.1  MHI.t   AM.
Day   Train.
Ai 1 I.e.
10:30 s.m.
Si t.Lane
7:30 p.m.
11:38 p.m.
II '«.   pm
11:40 p.m.
Night Train.
8:M pm.
0:48  pa.
7:90 Cat,
10:00 p.m.
''*:«. .in
11.   A.  JACKSON,
dsnsral  Fwsengei
■ Agent.
k. w. Rvrr,
1   Agent,
Ronsland,  B. 0.
♦ *************************
Porcelain !f.atli5
Bridgford <S; Herring,
* + *9*>*>*********** + ** + *999* THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
HATUKDaY   November 10, 1IW0
Lit.ci.il  It.u.way   1'olicy.
iu dealing with the rairotd pollc) u
,l.c government, Liberal cniiuipigiu-rs .nul
sow.p.ipt i.-, eusl una tveut ire mattng
iiu.* (union hUiiciiiciit una tin.* Laurar
goi'i'iiiiiiiui has in .iu I'lui to the maana
j.la.ll :.,*      1,1        .UlMl.tUlllg ..II.I.'.I.i.l mill
l.llll giants, llll. is un* llioiiliuit'iitiu Uu
al llic . i:i.i*.i|!i. I'll**- l.tul'lel' go,v-.lU.
went   ilad   not   put  u   slop  lo  llic  .uicn,i
nuii m public lauii,.   n did the reverie;
and it. ail inns have been cun ivoliii- ti,uin
llu* I ullacn allies in lue al lliiu.ii- that
tne steal- uiuit'i* tbl laiix*riii ri'ginic were
mam iu tin* t.i.i* iu .iiiiii*ii'i*iiun promiaes
io put u .-top to ii.c land-gnuting swindle
.l>... HUT.
.is  a   prool    that   thl  laiiiiiiei* g.ivfni-
ini'i.i wan in the iiiiiii-giiiiitiiig buaineaa
up to im* top iu.ifii ,.i very bnel lwiciv
ul Hit* lal.way 1. g>**jaliiili n| lm past
lour   lelll'N   tlil'lilslits   extensive   t-viilt-iu e.
iin*  iti-i   Important   ruuwuj    legi.iation
lo I** brought iieiiiii* im- i.iuu.r u..i.*in
Went wa* .ilu Kiu/.n* * .Maun s i ukoii
•atiifiiie. 'n,e charter lor thi. road pn-
ruled for t land grant ot ii.uiiu a&iM par
nii.e, .. total ..i 4,.i,...ii.,i acrei lot i..* ....
miles ul lu.ul which was iu hale baaQ
built from I.lunula t.. lesliu. lm. mud
gram Included .ul miners rights on ijii*
land panted, lhe . iikmi inn was ae
Hated I. itl.e Lnnaervative majont) in
me nnate, which lad Uiuner to Uiraateu
old Mack Howell and In- aggregation ot
iui_l, with annihilation.
'lhe itivuiii-taiiiiv attendant upon the
i row's Nest i*ii.il an* too well known to
!o.puiv   DON   than   men'   mention.     1 he
coal land gram was made by the rotten
H. i. government ol Mt, l.iit -ria.t the
Lauritr government -imply waited mr
Ihi; charter to i*\^u*,* instead oi giving a
ta-.1l  siili.iily  uf M,000,0l*tl   tn sccUlo    ilu:
building ofl tin- road, it would t-berebj
have retained thesa •jou.wn.mm acres oi
■■■.I ..m.i tt. the people ol  11. I,.   Or,"had
ii.*   Dominion    government   built   tin*
l row',   Nest   road    ns  a   public  WTOik   it
iiuilil have -is:;:. I the roal lain:.* to tlie
Dominion gov.r.iinentt llud .lu-i* Martin
nis'ti alaotad ... tu-m-di t nlumUia hist
.I....I* tin* I in.I woulil not have gone   tu
......lay   &   Cog   without   a   all nun..*,      lln*
...u audit] ol the Silton l.il.enila lu
defeat M.u tin at that time was merely a
Munterpart to Siium. anxilt) to n-u
*iaiir.t> ,\ t ox f.uii* iii ih epomtaiiou "i
llu- oil land..
Te «.-lii.rt«r for the Southeastern railway .winch wa* gl.nitt.sl hy tin l .nisi r\*u-
,auie government,, would huve expired
in 1X97 and the laud grant lluu- line
la|M-d had nut the 1-iuricr governiiieni
rxttndtd   ll.e  nnii-   in   that    year.     llu,
ehartar i» now being ueed ta connection
with ilu- Rainy lliv.r charter lo give the
C.  I*.  It.,  ill  the  name  ol  Its allies.   M.i.
ki-tuie a Ni.nui. uii utwuiuu- monopoly ot
the i.u.i*oa«l tiu.in.-i*. we*l ut Lata Mip*
el-lor. 'tl.e land gnillt in the case ol the
SouthoMcru   is s.i...  am pit* uul.*   mi
the   llll    lull'*   Wlllllll    Manitoba,   'llu*   t.l-ll
a-iii.vui>   for  Uu-    Kuitiy   lim-r  ......I,   the
Ontario section, i* iio.pm per nun. together the -al'-.oi.- would more tliau
i.u.|.| the road In.ii. Ijikn Superior to
Winnipeg. In other wotils, the LatOVT
giii-eniui.nl i* pitit-tit any ttiul.liiig a line
.riau ll.c gn-.il lake- to thl Bad Hirer t>>
turn it ..ver to a monopoly, thi oaraata
ar.- aii.-wa.| to load this load wito debt
lu tlie extent of *M.>,i*» I I" r in..* n. atocka
and bonds .ni win.ii there ii uo limit to
Mm dividends aad Internet, And worm .u
oil, iiu- government retaina sbsolut ly
I.., ..tiitini uf freight retea.
The rate uf lhe Undaon'l Hay railway
is   i.pi ill.   bad.    Tin- charier   for ll   lo'Ul
inim \\ inniiav lo Hudaon'a bay wna ob-
uineil in. mtl.e Mni*luiiahl govamnant
by lluu-.. Bntarlaad, M. P.   lt waa a puro
fake 11».in the tVBloOM, and hud 11 ua.li
and Iiui Irlluw ismspiratots. l-odaived
their llcedirgs the. WOOld have tt.uuil a
pine in I'm |.iii-eiiti.iry lather tl...,, it.
palllinu-.l llo-.ev.-r. the original ill HI
er ,w uue t*. run ...it in l!."t an.l tin-
land ,-lan. >•' 0,400 acli* par tn.le fol tin*
Itorioiiv- v .thin ihe province ••( Main
n.'ja a.ni a oaah -ul.-..l> ..I IU.B0O  pei
.,llle If the motion in the .\ortli».»t
I'enil'.l..-. wmiM hale lapsed ha.l DO)
ll.e t.iiiiur gnvernmeiit reii-iicd the
th./ler and petuittad it t.. Im turned
...er I.. Mackcnr.ii- & Mann to lie Used,
nir Ihe subsidies thul go With It, in con-
ncrbon with the ll.n.phui I.n.*. than in
...ui" nf is,n,irii.ti.ui. lln- road, in
lhe way. ha* *tsin..| in all -.nin-lhing
like 911.000 |ter mile and tl.ltii a. n- ..I
land i«r lln nne. already hu.lt.
The ili.-at North-weal Central charter,
another      i niu.crval.vf    Inanity,    would
have aspire*1 in WW had not tin Laurier
government granted iui extension ..I lune.
Thl. ehari-r. wln.li .« lor a line from
llr.iu-h.ii to I'r.ll.e Albert, call u- with il
the usual land granl anil ia.1. nbaidy,
and is in i very way as peiniciou* a charier is i.th.rs granted by the (nnscrvn
live, and afervmnl, ren.weil by the
These charter, are only a few ol the
striking instance, lhal go lo prove lhe
I..I. i-vl. made lalse promise* when thev
mid tliey wuuld put an Mid t.i the pirnt*
turn oi granting land to railroad coriairn*
lion!, and lhal U.-v are .till making lalse
•wtemenl* wlun th.v am* thai Ihev have
line wwt  tln-y pmrniwil  to do     I'av-tieak
*4 A'JIt * ** MMIMtt-tllHMtl
lu-niiud very much before it Rot down to
Ilii-incsB ami elected Mr. Wlnud preii-
itt-iit, imt  iic wns su timid in Accepting
■Uoll a great  trust thai he Wiih - uiit.uiwil-
ly feeling around   l"   ma how ins oh'in
whiskers ware getting Alung. '1 hen the
s.i.tiaiy opened a box ol "Sweet Cuik.-
rail" just tn show lus heart was all right
una how th.int-.tul nc wns to get u job,
The pre-si-dent oulksl tor n tew apeeohn
whm Mr. I.awes opened Fire with hi*.
pun.-pun. with such deadly Kllect tluit n.i
etiek-ixiachcs have since been seen In the
buildingi Then donation! for u great
o&mpaign i'nn.1 were oalled Iur. and the
president, becoming enthused politically,
donated   Hull of   his "pie card    in   un
ell.leaviil    tu   buy   up   tin*   isillst It ueticy   llll*
in* Hns*. whit inul become ton strong lor
work and   hati  an  aching to write   .Nl.   I*.
after   In* name.   Finally,   the   meeting
grew su eiiTnii-iastii* that   Ilm  police ril-h-
ed in. fearing that an iinarohlstic society
Waa    in     H.'s-loli.     K\|.lanalliills     lulltiwetl
ami in. arreato wen* made.
Mora]   Mind    your own   bu-tineea and
don't   make     an     a**  t.i   l inn *ell.     tltli..iv
know a* much about politics as you. I hen,
Igain, t IIII.I1KI*... should nut play with
lire. Stay with ynnr Sunday Behool dope
talc* .ml ii.'.i"l middle with politiw.
Uf (lie  Indcpelidei.t Labor  Faity ut lll-it-
ndi Columbia.
VnHnwiig. iu tin. plattorm adopted i.y
the .Nelson lui.vcuiiuu ul the Independent
Labor party of Bntish Columbia nn which
Candidate Chris Folnv squuicly itandii
1, Free compuiaory aducatlon.
2, Legal working .lay ol eight hours,
3, ttineiuuicnl iiisnecli.tii ul u'.l ni'iiui*
'. Abolition of cuutuct system on all
public worka.
5.   Public owneisliii' of sll frnncliiKCl.
0. Prohibition oi A-iaiic immignition
ami tin* regulation ui nil Immigration by
an educational te*t a, t» immigrant *. lit*
Hi-US, und the abolition ni ill spt-i-hu .11
.liicciiicuts nml privilege! to lore.gn muni
grants tu nttlt in tlie Dominion.
7. Abolition oi cluld la-nor under 12.
8. Al...lit;.in   nt'   the   HBO    ileis.s.t    re
.p.ii'eil ni oil candidates tor the Dominion
0. Compulsory arbilriifiuu of all latiot
10. Prohibition of priwin labor in com
l»'lilitin Willi  tree labor.
11. .Ml election days Ui In* made pub
Mc holiday.
'2.   Abolition of Dominion senate.
For Sale
Carries Creek Consolidated
-J-*.*-*.... *.. - • • *. • • *-  •,:
Thl Hot-ir fcdit'T iu* baas calibrating
tin- \i<t..ty oi Um UbataJ parti «>r ci**1
h«s ilcvcln|rt'd a lat,'\v lor dope. Ill i-itlit'i
imp bv »• hardly  faapOOjiblo for wli.tt   lit
■»>•», and in im eaai arlM iht idltor oi
Ibi* World In.- In 1,1 raipottdbU tot it*
Lpto-Dnlc    KiUili***.
N...   I.
irocv ti|K>n  ti  l_Dia    thnn*    w.m   A   frw
BiaJilum **   Imivh  in   KpMtind   Who  thOUg   '
thi-)* Wniild jn-t thnr Nil urt In iMditica
■and citt a whole lot of uv Uanatultjr. Ho
tui-y iW'tiMik thmnwlvaa tii Un Hoard ol
Trad-p FOOnM nnd  ninniil tfaafflMlvat " Wv
uHpf Hoy*a ■UOuam^ati-ft Aigiantloii "t
^ "imi* Hap)lnB| LlmKod Ainhty." n» tliey
latanaad tn Gal In Ehair d-mdtf w^n-u nn
Un- (tandaj Bai 1 ■ blfdran bafon it w;i-
■fWrlnttniKly Inn lite, j,»r Hit' aHKtton
iron OtOM  lo  II.md
rii~ maoUng vaa a howling Wiidi'miK*-
of n moo-Mi, tnr than vara nil nf foui
MMtdlaai ynu! im prasent, ill ut wimni
•tnt* tuii uf Hnthmriaam* boanUng^houae
prenm ind i»«l potltloa,
.\nyhow,  the mttUllg did Not   HonkajP
•>•■•>••• »>.x.>.i* ......iumxn.
ro the l'-1eclnr» uf Yale Cariboo:
In rei|ii.*st.ng your support to my can
l.da.y for the Dominion lit.use ui !■•"
until*, it is due to you that 1 give public
expression to my rltwa on the tavern]
plauka. of th.* plattorm of U.u Indspen
lent   Labur l':uty:
1. CumpuUory adnoatlon has i.*.*.n..* .
ris..gni/ed niCOIlity in most cuiiuirni-
uml a.* such iiaa my hearty einlui-semtiit
2. I .   ..I  work day, S '.-a-*.
Mudeni inventi ni has **i i-niini.ui.ly in
creased the pr'sliii-tiie |Kiwer of mail
that hia wauls tan In- aupplicl v. t. a
fi.n tion of the time ..nd etfort heretofore
necc-saury f..r that purpoaa. IaUip tu well
aa capital *h. ml.I benefit Iiy theaedbangad
ii.n.lilitiiis. The Hhmir law is a itc|i in
that dins tion and I .hall heartily enforce
any   legi-laiioii   looking  tu   that  end.
3. fiovemnient impeition of indu-tries.
Vi.der modern oivnontic conditions the
ni.iii.tgement of inilu*trial ■ .ne in* figure
on results, not the methods by which
they are to be obtained. An ovon*U|iplie.i
lals.r market enables Ihem tu imlHtw on
cniploVis any cutaliti ms they may
deem neee-nary. l'mte-t tw a rule
mean* dismissal fr.ini service an.l prol-a-lde
want to tlieir little MM. In throwing tha
-ii.ing arm of the law abuiit then* cl.il-
dren of miafoitune vou are aimiily follow-1
ing the leaehinits of the inoek and l-.wlv
.lesus. who said siiITit the little one*, to
come unto mc, for of such is the king.I'm
of heaven.
4. Abolition  of contract  system.
The abuses that  liavc grown up under
the  contract  system ss   outlined   in   the;
first issue of tie* lltuninion Ia1.it Oarelle
flhoul.l     convince    even    the    hide-bound j
pirtiran   of    the  necoasily   of    the    en-
ICtmant of such a law.
5. Public OWnUlhip of frnnel.isea.
Our ex|*eri.*nce in  the control  of    the
postal department, public aoliools, public'
highway,, municipal lighting plant, and |
waterworks ia sufficient ground for the \
extension of the .sine system to railroads, I
telegraph, telephone, and eriiren* Imsi* i
ness. The experience of people in New i
Inland, Aii'trali,, liennony and cl«e-1
where ha, demonslratisl that these func- (
tiom enn lw tierfunned I.y the govern- j
ment with a very great oalvantage to the |
people and I most heartily endorse legii-1
lation  looking  to that end.
fi. Prohibit "ti of A'iatic emigrntinn ami
. .l-e i-i'.tial   t.*»t.
The pri*»ence here in large ninnlier, of
this nmi assimilating tie rolis OantdltU
labor of ita l.irthrwh: Kvt'y Mongol
landing |ni..n our shores leason.. ntl.er
than increase, o-ir |e.piilation. The while
lalstrer whieh he ItpltOag would a. a rule
many and m-tlh- .iih.ii;* us, Intiaaalng
Ihe p..pul.in.ai by at least three. Th.s
means to tlie merchant lo**-*. mouths to
feed, ami leas backs lo clothe, to the
doctor le*. demand for his servieee, to
the transportation companies less traffic,
to the dentist less teeth to fill, to the
mechanic lens lmil.lings to en*.*!., to the
rttl i-atste dealer h*ss demaml for prop-;
erty inch sling lew. force for tlie MM, to
the fanner lea, sale for produce, to the \
ii.*ws|,ip.-i* nian lea, tAfiers to be sold,
to the preacher -null.** congregations., ]
and to the bonUilack fewer shoes ta. shine.
'Hteir taresenre works injury to all
!.rani4ie* of tlie ectnoinie system. I oppose their ceiling here on the same
grounds I would np|lo.e the tal ..,.* ,^
more i-e .-.s into an open boat already loadad to the sinking line in mi.l
I'acilii*. Kvcry Chinaman occupying a
pt-.iii-.il iu domestic serviei-s interferes
with the natural law, aa applying to lln-
Industrial lsidy, miring our women of
employment, naturally belonging in them
lo the extent that for every Oliinaniaii
so empl'.yed some one's si,ler or
daughter ii dtiren to pmatitiition, iT-oly-
iug a race proiiliuii destineil tn linssl
sens of id.....I and that will some day
mantle the (-anadian itlieek with a blush
fur lli, country's  sliatiu*.
7. Abolition uf child labor.
An economic system that drives the
child li-uin tbe cradle to the lacU.ry to
oompetl with its own lather ia certainly
the legitimate child ol an industrial M>'»-
leiii having gltld as ita basic |irinaplec.
Legislation ulullg Unit Oppoaed tu this
Will  receive   my   hearty   su;*i*. i.
8. Ai*. .in  n ul' the flM dtporit
Under QOndittont where ail  are uini-n*
able tu the law and ,a*sume the ration-
ts.bility of defending tlie 00Untt-y*l llag
and. institiitit.iui alt should be entitled
alike to aspiic tu thc highest position in
the giu oi their countryman without being taxed for the pi*tvn;'g<-' of M doing.
I   would repeal  that law.
I). CumpuUory arbitration.
Compulsory urbilmtioii un applied in'
JfjW Zealand looms up oil thc linnz.m of I
linigit'ss mil an a ilieiini, but as a prat u ,
cul method uf reconciliug the conflicting
inteivnii of 1..1. i und cupitul, .ml ia
destined, I think, in the near future (if
appliedi Ui prevent thoaa is.'riiKhoai iu-
tlusirial wan nnd lend a security to nil
brunches of businc*-** such .u- ia impossible
u mlrr cxi-ting conilitiona and an such
ii»eeives  my   hearty  approval.
10. All election days tu be made public holiday..
I would also favor the p:.*-..!*.*.* of a lawmaking  tlie   exercise    of    the    franchise.'
compul-ory   for   the   following    reasons:
First—Money  uon  and does pui-chane Unvotes of the druiikut-d, the sewer hog ami,
criminal,   the   vote   of   thc   Intelligent |
but   Indiffrenl     i*ilizen     would     cnuntiT*.
balance this evil,  and  I believe it  is as
much   the duty of    every citir.cn  tn  poll
his vote ns it is to pny his taxes. In making this a compiil-ory duty you an-   limply  compelling   him    to do  thai   by   I1..*
ballot which he is already compelled    to
do by tl.e bullet—defend the institution*,
of his country.
12. Abolition <>f the Senntc.
I look up..ii the upper house as a useless and extremely annoying politicu)
luxury, a, a stumbling block to pmgn-s*
siv. legi-lation, ns n home for political
imbeciles, who seem to have n-snlveil
themselit-s min a politic.il inquisition,
who tK.ui.ee njsin every progressive mea**-
u-e that paaatl the lower l.nu*e, lirand it
e.s heresy and proceed to pronounce the [
-ent..nie of polilical damnation upon all
accordingly, and if any little effort I enn
make enn assist in extenninatimr t^itit
-iristocmcy in politics I can a«sure yon
it will Ik' exercised wilh the gn.ii.-i of
Trusting tlmt my ideas on U.e Rpveral
subject, will  meet your views, and  that
I   will  receive your  sup**nrt.  I  remain.
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second ueur Washington.
..••i-:-,i->i--*H---v; -• ••! ; r j---> ; ■ '
Wa.hli.gton SI.
.lohn   Hayse,   l'ropnalor.
At... Till! IlKLICCIMI OP 111. bllASOI..
Hot and Cold lunches
The I1.ce lo gel Ihr nc.t Mr.) in lhe City
I'ronipt Ilrivlce.
: He.!* 23 Cents aud Up.
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year.
I'uiiil-iu-d by Ihe W. I'. Al., Denver, Col.
Mit'-irlpiions Received at the office of ihe Industrial World, or at
The Office of the .Secretary of Kosslrnd rim..*-' Union.
Q. W. HcBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
,.*,....-..;.......,..  ....+*.. -J.-.  .  .....  i.-.  .,..*;• . ...t^*.\i.j* I
 • - • — ■•—•-♦ - ' .v^*;.-,^.
*    I .    A    H        . 1 CITRON PEEL
I Just Arrived. ..j^sand
The Collins.
I  ..llll.ttr*   th.   Ila.t    llt.tt.l*   Ol
Winks, Liocors and Cigars
Nr.ll.   furnished f.".m*  In ,.nn.. 1...11 hralrd
»ill. hot .Ir
l-lllH-a.\ A   Co.,    I'n.p. .   H ..hlntl.tn   M
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
t—MM «
05-107 Columbia Avenue
< Seasonable Blouses
I     for Sensible People
Flannelette    Hlon.es,   in   a|tota    and
Itripa; the lu-ioe only 11.00
Heavy   Flannelette   lUnum-.,   in   m-w
hliiidw anJ pretty .11.. la-, for  1.50
Flannel   lllniu.es,   in   stri|»s,   color.:
very choice; style correct, for 3.00
Ifllftllml Sulecn IIIoiuk*.; new flare
cuff, iurdc.1 front and back, for 3.90
A. KI.OCKMAN. Proprietor. I
Z     JOHN CaSSAOV. tawmat .VUssfir. PROP. DKeVPtt. IW.kal Wreclor.*»   *J
For lhe Week Bcginnins: Monday, Nov. 12.
! First Appeaeruce in this City
ol  •
Chas. Reese's Comedy Cyclone
also nutiie o'twmiM's ntimi phovukeks
O'Brien,   itunti;-  and  O'llrien,   Kecse  and  S-wan, Thr i-'alrbanks
Bros., Minnie Jeiome,  Ilie kramers and I'i ail and Cassidy.
Try lhe New Straight Front La Vida Corset
?'.-frt>®*4>+>iri«l-&S*$-**4 ■»♦•♦♦♦ 4+S t
Asrwew & Co,
% Choice .Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
%      and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery and Glassware.
I Third and Wasliinpton. Telephone 19.
£**>&&**>*>********+ 4*4-*<»*-'H'-*^t^**^>4-*^^«^**4^**l-»**»*M'
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
There is no mystery about the
circulation of
Industrial World
Average Weekly Circulation for October,
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. C, that tells its circulation and backs it
np by  allowing  advertisers the  privilege of
examining circulation books aud records.	
The World's advertisiug columns are liber-
llyj:    atronized by all of Rossland's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
see for youself. Ask for Rates.	


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