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Industrial World Oct 24, 1900

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*ls~6^*\Jlck.'0. ■   _
Vol. 2, No._l_»
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week iu the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. M.
a-■■——>-■■——■—■•—■•—■•—' —.*■». — — — — — — _*._■*■_._____ _,—*__i—._,—.—, _.
r — W WW,—l — ~'~' ~Tf?Tfff "fff Vfff ttf ff f ff 1
Made    of   heavy   sheet   steel.
Highly    finished    with   uickcl    i
trimmings.   Economical.    Dust    J
proof.   Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.     Full
Stock of all kinds of
[ Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
i*W<i^«MI*^*v***''-*.'vl'''***'-" —• • • • •»J   '
See Our New
Fall Stock of.
Ladles' and
Thr lic-M Grade* at
Popular Prices.
W.F. McNeill
"My advice to workingmen is this : If you want power in this country ; if you want to
make yourself felt; ifyoudonot waut your children to wait long years before they have
the bread on the table they ought to have, lhe opportunities in life they ought to have ; if
you do not want to wait yourselves, write on your banner so that every political trimmer
can[read it, 'We never forget.' If you launch the arrow of sarcasm at labor, we never
forget; if there is a division in Congress, and you throw your vote in the wrong scale, we
never foiget. You may go down on your knees and say, 'I am sorry I did the act,' and we
will say, 'It will avail 3041 in heaven, but on this side of the grave, nkvkr.' "—Phillips.
UKKKNUiltlli   l.hTrat.
Rally  mr 1 In u. Polly* l.nthuiiaitic
-Milling ut   [ndipendenta.
■s-tf-j-j-*-' .-.-.-.-..... •{.-. .
M — r • — !-•■;-•-?« •-•:•!•- •••■■■:-•*•-:■!-! ••-• -i-r-r ?-»   •
Cure Headache Caused by Powder Smoke.
Gel Ihrir rtr.r1111ln.11- Iallr.l
l>y the
i Rossland Driag
: Co.mp.aniy :
A Full Line ol Kverything In Our tine.
Give I's s Clll.
Ko-.-i.ANe In. 1 ..1'... K   I   ST.OS...Mgr.
Columbis Ave., neat to Bon Ton.
^tft^*aa*;...r .-.-...
,.,....*.-.   ...   .,*
Sold ouly by
The Druggist.
•   -••   -*-••**•»   •'-!■
!-••-> ■:
TTT*      TITe^T»eelTr»¥»ll«lB»"BT^"»llB5-5B»»¥lTIe,oTrBTnrBI
It is now the time of year when the 2
weather is uncertain. Sometimes m
damp, sometimes dry, sometimes 9
warm, sometimes cold. Be guarded 2
against colds and wear suitable foot- «
wear. We have just the article you *
want.   Prices are always right. 2
The Strand
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
A in..* Une ol the
Choicest Liquors & Cigars
... ...
Tne Cliff Dining Parlor
niSSES  WOOUS a  SMYTH. Pi-oprlclnr.»s«s
Best Home Cooking in
Board per week $5
Single Meals 25c.
ColumMs At.nur, West.    Nesr Ihe City Hall
lati.t   night   there    na.  held   in   I'nion
Hull the tiisi independent labor meeting
j! the ...n.pi.igu. There was a very large
Hit ml.line. The meeting was Intended
lor organisation purpose! only. .Mr
"alllpl.ill tt*..* .....inimtiusly elected .li.ni
man inr the toivu and Mi Inn. ivn.
elected secretary -treasurer.
A  campaign  committee  was  aim elect-
id.    Short    and  vigorous   -|.*., i...   were
mnde  hy   .Mr.  lanhcl.l.  Mr.   lingers,  Xlr.
Kirk wood   and   others.     All   urgeil     the
I neccasity of getting out  the vote, a. ttie
n.l ng without  doubl   n..ui.l  g»  labor in
it.  lhree-coiner.il  tight.    The  meeting it.i*
. 'in.ught   to a  cloie about    10 o'clock  hy
, three  cheers  for  lhe  lalsir can-li-l.iie.
The Trades Council held a very Me-
.<--tnl nu*. ting in 1'hnenis l«sl Monday
night There were about 40 delegate,
present, 'lhe Independent lasbor ranrii*
late tvas endorsed by ill Ihe unions in
thc llniinilary nml judging from the ••>.
liiii-ia-in Foley will poll every labor vole
here ami in 1'hoenix.
| thir roinnnttee room, were opened to*
Iday. We mere Ihe Inul to >.|m-ii up boa
. new. The two old partlea seem lo be
Ibackward; each do nnt wi.h Iii Uke lhe
| initiative in opposing the lalmr ticket
Several Ini.me-* men have lormr.1 an
Imirpcnilrnt l.il.m Club and I believe,
judging from Ihe cold reception Mr. Mai*
| Neill. the I'nniervalite tamlulate, re
ceived here he will not |-ll two doren
total, and 1 am ilnulitliil il llalbher will
poll «ny more, llreil preparationa are
lieing made l»r Koley. te.-epin.ii an.l I
an. ...re that when lie -mil. her.- lit*
Ai.ilil.-riiim will be packed, the liusine.*
and prolc.innil men are watrlnns u.
clone .-.r.d with no little amount ot envy
A re«olution wa» namme.1 at lhe la»l
•neeting of the liieenwood Tradra .nil
l-abor Council aulhon/ing the churman
of Ihe Chine**, committee to pul.li.h
Ihe names of thc holela lhal are union
ti..ii-t- ind thc iwo hotels lhal were
not The Hem. Hie.lir and Nea «.ml
snr botlll employ ill union workmen <>n
their premi'*.. but lhe Arm.lmns and
Imperial hotels do nol. Therei. .. thai
ire dely.ns lhe unions nt  ilie.-nn.«.d
I banki.
The Industrial World of Ito-s'uid .«
doing yeomanry work in behalf ol Uhristo-
pher Koliy, the inde|*ndent W or nmni
****4**j99999* aeeaaaaa a aa a MiMaM-M■»»■»•>»•»»»»>*>
Morrison & Bryenton
Fancy Groceries, Canned Goods, Potted Meats and Fish,
Preserves and Marmalades, Pickles, Chow Chow and
Catsup, Fruits and Produce, as well as a Full Stock of
Staple Groceries aud Provisions.   Goods delivered free.
East Columbia Avenue, RossIand,',B. C.
aannt*rn**i -_-_-..   . aaiaaaa aeeeeeoeooeoo
The Diffence
... Between.
the old time stage and the modern railway train
is no greater than that which exists between
the Ready-to-wear Clothing of 15 years ago
and the Stylish Uy-to-Date Garments that are
being shown for the season of 1900-1901. Don't
overlook our stock when you purchase for you
might miss a good thing.
SUITS .....
$7 to $22,50
$8,50 to $25
*^*V***-|*-^-*%-***fc'%^*-*%***V**V**»^^*%^k*'^ V*l
Hossiaim Bonanza Gold mining and
111 Co.. liiiieii
I N.n Persons! I i.i*. in - I
CAPITAL, 1,000,000 Shares at 5 cents each,
Treasury Rhskkvk, 600,000 Shares.
All Promoters' Stock 1400,000 Shares | is Pooled
opf^bmITanii DllteCTORa ;
President, g. W. HALL. Su[wrlnl«nd«nl Ito. Mssk tin.
VIc-PresMenl, JOHN FITZWILLIA.1. PorsBsn Wsr I ag ir snd Cram Slsr "lln..
Trn.*u>fr. M- W. IHU 11 I t    *1, t.h.m | !*cl»I.M * II. •*'. <■  JACKSON
lnia.lt...'      S. J. II..11..   Bluer; R. J. I'..ll...t.   ms.lfl n... h..,„  Wsi K«lle ."**
Centre si., ntaes i J. 3. Clul«. Harrisirr ...l SolKII...
.Msnstlns lllre-ttnr. ... W. MALL
The Bonanza Mine.
The company owns Ihc llonanzn No. i
a lull *i/etl ii.ii.. i.il claim, nil St. IhORlaS
uinunt.iiii. three and a half miles from
i.l.nl in... on th. mam trail from lioaslaud.
The ilaim is traversed by several ledge.
Use, ninth .. II 1 depth ot tlurtv live leet
.Imtis nearly two led ol |*H ore.
A l*.r.e t.l miii.ra will be put fi wi.rl
in Ihil tunnel nn Monday with the in
I. nil..11 nl is.l.1.iiumg it right llllnllgb Ihi
claim  (lfOOQ felt), a.  by this mean. lh.
of free milling gnld ore. On the central ledge will be i-iplvrad Md tonnage de
or dllOOVtrV li-dgc a tunnel bll been '.eloped tno*t rapidly. Kv.ry Iwo leet nl
diivrti filly leet, iu ore all thc way. whit lb 'drifting   "dl   add   at  kilt   one   loot   ol
hu. an aiciagc value ol |15 pel  ton.   'lln | depth.
Treasury  Shares.
Of the (1(1,000 shares in the treasury. Ihe |(K») .hires as lollow*:
directors liave been authorised to sell 100,  j
40,000 Shares at 3c. and 60,000 Shares at 5c.
At the first shareholders' meeting held on October
18, those present subscribed for 22,000 shares at
3 cents, leaving out of thc first block
Only 18,000 Shares at 3 c.
or share.* or Information apply loany director, lo any broker or lo ih. fnttlarr.
P.O. lln. .0.
H. W. C. Jackson
Peon.. I and 0
I'  (I. in... i
Itcpoi-la Imin the wnikers iu the movement at Silverton ola-iii that i.i that
town I*.-it will ih.II as many t-nlcs .is
both   tin*     Other    candidates     it.ml.uie I.
Here i- put of the BOvertonlan'i r.-p«rt
ol the Kolet iiiceliiij there: Tin- hall n'li.
Juirly well iiiie.t. ..ml it 1. Mite to say
tbat SU per cent uf tbe town «... pic-
cm. ..tut both the *|K'..kcr- hai an attentive ami appreciative audience, Mr. Kid y
impressed Bpoa bb bearer, tin ta i th.t
l-.th the old lairtie- tveu-
gt.niMig any retimus or .n.uiiiig any
legislation in the intere-ta m lals.r, .... I
ttiei.t..!.* it .t..,.i them in hand tn cut
ii.n-e lion, old |sirty atliliation. and ra*t
in their lot uith Una new t-aity mute*
nielli, lie dial ...ttiltly tilth fa Clillir*e
anil otlnr »bjc. Unliable claesa. ot imini-
grtiiimi, .lent...ie mg the gtiternuient'. nu
migi-.itt..n  point,   lie  tl..»-.l   lit*,  remark.      H'   Ab..!.tion   of   Ilie  9230   depont    re-
l.y .mg   apea   Ua   hearer,   the   f„|.   O'lJ-^d "f i;' nndidatii. lor the lloininion
hmiug: "Ihi- ia not tnt* fight. It i> your..!
If tml allow n.r lo Iv deloatrd I can!
•auk back iu that oblivion ii*--... nliiib I
Of the liidepciidcnt  lailtor Party of llrit-
iih • "■ .1.1 in oi*..
V.dl-iwini' is lb. ii'.nii.iiii adopted by
the Nelson convention of Ibe liiilrpendent
I'ilmr party nf lliiti.li 1 olumlna on wliicb
1 '.iii.liit.iii- Chris l-'oli>*. suuarely stands:
1.   t'rn* ooapelaorj iducatioo.
'.'.   Legal  tt.trking tlay ol eight hours.
3. ...... 11.in. nt   iu-i..t...n ot alt  u.u nr-
4. Abolition of .*..!.act  system on all
1 |N.*.td to public milk..
5. I'ul.lic awaanMn of all framhiset..
It.    I'mhihilion   01   Asiatic   liiitiiigrat...ii
ami  the iiguLitmii  ul   all  imimgr.iti.ui   by
an i-i...an.ui.l i.*.i  ta 1 . uiunignii.l's tit-
......  and  the al.ni.liun of all s|wciai  in-
diipi-menl* sn.l pritihge. to lorrtgn iniim-
si.ml- to *<iile iu Uie Duininiiui.
11 -11 ol  • 111W   t.i*..I   llll.i.t 12.
0.   Compulsory arbitration of ill  l.il-.r
1     HI.    I'loluhition ol priMMi lal.ir in com*
...rung a lew .1,,. sg.   and will g«. hack' ,,,i,jon mth trrr u-^r.
tn  nu   tt. ik al  the tall of nil   1n.1fl.ute
Mr   Kiiley  in h UNB.  -Intw-ol  luniM-li |i1(. |„,|,d-T,
tu   In*   all   that   hi-   1111*11.1.   here   claim
lor   him,   a   learl. •*,   blunt   ami   honest
a|4*.ker, imt-n—mg I. a Ihmi.-i. wi'h un
Ihr   Ikundary..
ltr;oit* imm evert* twit ..1 the Itou*..
•ini air it.. 0111.1 sin.- ll 1. .In im. .1 thai
Mw-NeiU's tour through llwl -li-di I
made many vote, tor lhe In.lepend n
I..I-.. oandidate, a* In- met witb a fro*t
wlicii-t.-r he ..'ik.. and Ihat he .. n.t
■ vt.le winner. I'nimi.ie.it lluuiidarr Cut
..itiiit.. eaim ihil li. iham a w m tl
have tar.11 11n1.lt better hid i.e sisy.d
m  limmeod  tn- awortei   <*  the
L'an<eniri.' 111  aie provtag Ihem. lie*
wnrkt r*. lad .tnt .me nl Ihem mil
oaet a li.lot  nwike.1 i.i,  Koley. They aie
•al~. doing giml  «..|k .nil-.ile the u n
uid ur* .......na* t  '•• 11  the J_*>... umii
every  day.
I lie olhrr night an orgamialinn me.**
ing sa. held and a brain h uf ll.c paitt
urg.i.iuli 11 was lnime.1 with s-sne ~0
iih-hiIm-i. I. .1 I .ull.cl.l ws. .letled
|.r.nlint  sn I  It   J,  Kr.n. -.cirfar)-.
A letter limn at Nine tel •» the SUB.
*l".t Mi. Kane 1. -enla.» ut t'e
lueeiiwrnsl Mnei.- I'm-n. and Ur el-
to hi* etlnrt* wis due the indu fur the
large voir | - I .**.! I.y Smith fun* tb*r-
laat June.
Ilnw  Aiki.ii   Vou,  Tom?
II thorn 1. I nl 1 M I. \ . ,. ihe pe.,
ol.'. Inend, as b. profaaaa I to Ih- I et..ie
hi. election, will he aui-pori fh 1 I * 1,
in Una elirtmn* Here 1. the le I
■I....HI well knn« where he's St
hi.  turn  name.. -Ixidesu   l\.g!e
If he
.Mo)M* rie«t.,r. lie velV enlhll*. wi
over tl.e |H,.|.t.|. ,.| K..|ev'» ele. li„n
Hie Mnttt. I in..11 ,1 lhai |,u~* iro-nilr
«ent a Ilm . he>|ue !<• the ..eenliye <om
millee aa it. t.uiltii...l*...i t.. the ...miMigr
A  Sale  llaiul.le
II.   All election days u, lie made pub-
'i.   Abolition nf |i.*init>io» wnate.
-I......   City   Meeting.
tiloesa 1 m>. n. 1    in    n.c nwala hall
t-iiild   N j   ,**>...*.   *'i*,.:.|.   i...m   |,,r
Ibe big attendance* .1 the meeting elicit
In the l.i.l.*tT.itt.iit Labur I'arly la.1.
1 lm- tatty a.l.ltr«-cl the un ct ing lor
i|*»inl- id an hour. M^.ni.g pnii.l alter
pulilt    un   Ihe   iie.*r-*-.ily   ut     lllUrtH-u.lrnt
Ik.iiii.il att.ou. ..it aeaoaal ol the utter
la.lure uf tl.e two .-Id partic. In keep
ibrra.t -*i Ihe lime. I.y leg.al.non in
the inirrr.t «l .. lew instesd ul thu
.hole |-..|.*> lit.- I..*. i.t tl.e ti.tmlial
1.. hi... that -h-.i.l.l be used tu olfaet
he public debl ami meet ll.e running
ctpcint-r. nl Ihe government .nd I hereby
a.-inpliti ly irm.nr Ihr burden ot uia-
tiun Inm. Ihe peu|>le was detailed with
telling  rdnl   upon   lhe   .udiemr
! Ir.rr a.l.lir»*es were also made by
.l.i.... W.lk*. J. A. Ileker snd A. K.
A motion lo rndorwe Candidate Koley'e
t)..iiiinali<.u -.a* ir.)M.nd..| t<> I.y a .land-
nig  Mta.  not  . man  vutiug again.l  it.
lite muling t|t~ed will, thru ibeeri
and a Inter l»r I In., loir). Meeting!
w.i.- held t.Hl.y in Sil.erti.ii and .>ew
•Jenter. 1
TlTiealtcr taabor Will be Ind pendent.  ,
Tbe Ijlar.l and 0>nicr\auv.. pipere
Inks the gr-unt lhal ti»- labor t ** n*>
nshl lo tcpi.acuta mn In the lane-mak-
ing l.slie. ul ihe ...unit) e.rcpi .udi aa
Uie poiiH.n. «e- I'i ta g ve Ui.ni, an'l
ii. .'Iiaigmg the lal-a-i .irgamsatmns with
having 1 .nml t.d a pal !*•! .nm. .n
it.mt.n.ling Cliiv. Knby fur Uie li.amtuioii
I'.rlismriit A. lh. 1. •ui-'nneed to he a
lice i.-untry wr utuiurf ma «h> Ubor
■ leud l.ol lak* .nd *|. lidrnt a. Uni M
.ell  ..  the  t.pltal.-*-.   wIhi  r ek   •  l,
:,.-.■ wh.. w.ll l-mk ■ ul f->r their inlei-
«*l* lir-l Ihe Mine Irauen* A*»Ksati u.
.. a iioliU.nl all*.1 a-.d g-a inf' p-lilc
lot ll.e pui|«*w ..I «e. urn! laws i-.r the
n|tnul l«n lit .1 it* in inli*- *. 9*4 Wl.v
• ln.ul.ln I ll.c lal.ni ...*«a.iatioi.s be at
iheriy  !■ d"  l.l'.i*''   (Vwwde  llecoid.
Ihe taiglr ha. a Inend willing In wngrr
Iiui that  1 in,.   t.*ry w.ll  |.,ll M rnmr
...te. in tin. distil. 1 s* Ms. N. ill sml li.I
liher combined       « h->  w.nl.  Ihs. eaay i "lite ul
iH.I.e) '    I A..I..'.   K.gle.
Hoaaa i it)
through  the  Sl,«jn  st   |.*a.t   il  1.  nn'
• qaaaUaa «i whe la the .tn.nge*i ai the
three candidate.. Imt rather the «i/r nf
...l.i . Majority, ll will b. in the b.,i
•ii.*i*    llnll.
I '1,1 * 1,,'iy 1* g-niig tn I- ■ 1 - "1 in
an.l 1. .1. « .'-' '< Iodine a
h'-slile prrw. ma. I.me giadrr.. "load and
~t ,..*ii,« iimics Ihr |*».|le want a pr>»-
n-~-.itr msn sml mt nd (a (et inn. Mr.
t-.dey I.U* the In I     1/arleau Kagle.
Ce—s.u.r  Meeling
lleveHoke  llebng.
"I lirmly I cute Ibrt Knley wi'l
one thud Of tin* VOtel set in this nd.i.g
nnd one umrr," »r.le* onr con^wn-l
ent at llea,|,.l.* ' I'olev -wnUmrnt i*
ga.ning eten   dsy '
"loley is the man Inr aa,** is h*snl on
every hand in -an.|.-n The Son'r*. C tv
-1.ill mU up a Ing majority t..r Ihe Inde
prndenf  Leber .andi-late.
lhe   mine-s  It   Am-wnrth    sre  taking
great   inleie-t   in  the  .lun-a.gn.  snd  r.*
IHirt. In.m  U...I  mtap  itala  t'i*t  I" I
mU have a large rote there
II  inlay  night  there   wa*  a  full   meeting  Oi   tne   lt«a*»«laiiil   ...inline  t'tilllnitt.-i-
nt  the lndepenri.nl   Label  I'-nty held in
the   lonmittre   n«....«.   H.-|a.rt.  r>.civel
rtjlrom ill otir the >*• iwilt «ey give tbe
loyal   w.rk.i*   mmn   .1. ..iiraicnrnl.
\,W   I'cnt, .
it-lfy". ie.i*T'."" hare *.** a m"*t ery
ilni.ia.il. on. Hi* .d.lir» w.i a magn.'
I.ti.t .mr. .n.l |.n,ve«t a nswt convini-ing
• in ll i« only . .|..e.tii.n "I nubility
Ib>   iSn'i.l.i..    I "1.1.
II,,. weak .Mr   t.,1.1  will aoatai la K*-l
^   ■•11t.1v, leaving Nelson (Oi M yk  y.~»
*.. it w.ek will be Ileal .1' "
in the lloiindsrv M up on the msiu line
WjaOKiBKUAV.... October   24,   19(
The Industrial World
nn i       —
,        , \ Bcmi-Tvoi-ldy   1'ldit'on.
fPubliihed at the Miner'! Union llall,
Kouluml, in the interest of orgauiied
labor  in  llritish  Columbia.
aatared st tbe Rowland, il. U., post-
ollioe for tni.isiin.-MHin through the
■lads, November, 1HUU, »i aeoond-dasa
reading matter.
A.  0.  Thompson,   Kditor  and  Manager
Office   ul   Miner's   Union   11*11.
Tayable Invariably iu Advance.
One year      tl W
ts. i  mouthi          18*
Uhrcc  month!            '•*>
Addreu ill communication! to the In
dartrial World, l'oatoilice Uor tbo,
Boudind,  B.  C
The Induilriil World      for sale it the-
(oJlowmg   ... *.t -   .i.■'.'■'   ■
.-■iii]-.ni .   News   .valid.
11.  S.   Wallace'!  Stationery   Store.
Linton Broi.
P. 0.   Ncwi Stand.
llarr s   i ;..ir   Store.
Cansds  Book k  Drag Store.
I'll.- in.-
Mn.ae   Broa.
King 4 Co.
BecrcUrin of all unions ire authom-
ad to receive subscriptions for tbs
wawsi ;-'•-* •v&m
wkunknday. oirroiiER 34, im».
It .. ...i...... the nisnucr in "hi.I. thr
«'«n.i.li-i.   pntie.     t   thr  day   pe.-i.|   u
laii.ng to r>* .g.iuo the nv.l isim-a of III.
coming crnliirj.   lhe Liberal Um*enali».-
wmi,.-! in In- .nil >.l the bye gone Mae
donald. the Litm-al, bl.nd in h- »   . •!.. I
of laauiHT. air arming nf mallei* of no
intrimt except to a Mfllrad wanl polili
cian.  'Iheir  real  di.tiinti n.   ...    is   the
d'StiiHittui. .1 l»..|e!um and Twcedle-
dee. ni the nun-cry .l»ry. Tl.e question •■!
the d«)'. nay ol Ihe very h.air, i. the -|..e«
t.on id lhe pmpcr relatim. *.i libor and
oap.t.l IheM- ndalioi... di.tui.n-il lit thi
growth ll w.uid wide ittiiltllrnv. when
Si.n.|.tr.i enitiely I.y lhe inlnnluci... al
marh.nriy In the ari|.i*liiient that has
been taking place ever susre the ivprr
wnuiite ol distal b*» hsd all. lhe reprr*
tentative nt lalsir nothing, lo say. tn the
eld country it ha. bc-n ieengnl/e.1 ly
both parln. thai Un. rtatl ni ih.iigs could
banlly br opcclcd to COBtiaee, and thrrr
lore the pii-rnir nl such tl ing. a. th
HatUny A.I, tree MhcaI.oii, IVoricmaa'l
I .in.|. n..t, n ami  the IHi Age Cm nm.
on the lAiueaiiatlia platf.. n. .1 l*1*.
which  .atrn-l   the   ptil.   late power Ly
a   laige   Itl-n    t .It*     I In-   pis ....I   Itllllll
went .j Ibaaa pladgas, «rh ihe aaceptloa
oi ti„ i.i.i. ihelved by lhe liar war. hai
Hin  ranieil  the  party   lata  t-.w.-r  I.t
then   gratelul   w.i.i.iln.111* tl   -tl|a|«trte|.
Uul in Ihi. .mil! li* What bite eillier
the I ...i*. it .lite, nr Liberal, nllcmd .1 *
the I-s em. .1.1 wkr *a.me pn-tenrc. but
having nuapped the ...rVmen bj
lying prntniM*. and se und then I.a-c of
power nothing "I anv unpt.rt.ncr I.a* I" en
eflertnl      Hit,        Im    ll. i'    lite   llbor
vote I. s-l.l md Ihat ll nny then-lore be
negtcttrti |„ u,e late ..mvrniStn ai It I
• i *  . ■ -ell.-all.ri. »ri  the
labor p.rli. lhe l.l'er «cie ... mm I. r,.n
mdrrril by ll.e ma-hum pollliriaai ■-f lli*
nd.ng   that   Ihey    til   n it   . .«*.   t
ainglr   uititatmn   lo  an.   Ule.r  ..... n   in
the   • ■'   lhal
ihr tabei parti *»* »i e,, ,,r .1. .u.u .1,
and   th«t   it   raio'd   "airly  l-e    male. I-,I
II i> pnilmbit Hue Ih.i among the lii«!
rank. ..I the |t*.ni le..d. r- l»..*.e mat ..*
one or Iwn ihat hat- -ym|Mtl.i w.lh lh-
asiualmn. »l lalmr, but until their bind*
are aiiagtltiued br i .lemon-Hat o., nl
tbe  peWM   "I   OBI   l-.Hv  Ibey  w.ll  Im- on
.i.i. le i.in. .ie their folloaan and sh *w
then, list i* iii*t*ii-1 i...i ..it ne. .ml Inlaw. .. mi nniy Beeeaeet) imi is vital
to Iheir ictj  cji-d.n.e
■"uiii i«.ng ihe i-.»H"*ii uf ihr partial
It behoove*, hl-or that .1 .inko. now and
atr.kes h.nl Some d u. have bean n:
i.I..ni'.n th.t tlie .... b»« Inn il.i.niih
the uni.. n* t Ill-mi* I > e. Hut ,t n i Ie
re~gn.n-.l that the unmn .* after .11 only
a mean, lo an end, and ll. .1 end i. the
«tpi*>l r.iil.i. ..t all men. I hr.« I ..let ha*
bins-all mtt that lhe union bad -
in the .Int- bef.-n* Cl.n-t. I.m Ibal ll had
accoinpii«4.e,i 1.inc. lh. union n
day in 11 mi, imi tbi thlaaai ita ihe
Worst pail woik.nen .11 tl- w.rll Kegl-M
V. Iicli*. «hi*. in.1 im>- lightly, that Ihc
only is.1 *   t .■■ 1 hin   •   |... si 1.
pining the cod  ile «ir.d ii by ciptunnj
the polls. 'Iho capture of the legislature
in Australia hn* produced suoh n state
ni tilings thai ihc compulsory arbitration
of strikes is iilmo-t luperfluoui. It is not
iieti'ss.ir.t    to   attain   its  enits   that   lalior
ihould ''ni in forming uu altogether distinct national party,
lhe formation oi the Pe-pullit party ot
the  billies   has  prai'ticiilly    brou'ht    the
Uemoornt of today into line The exietinci
of a compact hotly in the purl anient nt
Ottawa would erealt- 11 ba'ance id power
that would obtain our ends." There is a
fear expreased by 10ml of tin- faint-hearted Ihat in voting lm* Knlcy that the vole
so cast WOUld he li"*t. Not a hit of it.
.No such vote would lie lo-t. Retrain from
voting or vote tor one of the o'dcr pat*
lie*, .mil the vote would indeed be loit
it many acted in I hi* 111 inner ll woulil
ti imt, ti.r with Koley defeated bid'y,
truly tl.e hidebound parttaan, unwilling
in concede anything, would he confirmed
in hi* commit, t-'uicy'i vote, elected or defeated, will -lion* whether the labir psrty
nt th.* constituency li to l»e respected or
11..1. And il il  is not reap cteil hoiv does
ihc labor voter ol thia country pretend
10 Iw able to fulfill In* Mpirstionit
As  lor   the   pies   that   I ilim*   leglllltori
uifiin cl.i.*s ligialeton, it tl but dust itl
.mr eye-. On tin- reprenntativei nlcapital,
ot liquor, ul iiianulai lute*, nf railway
monopoly Icel that they nre Iree from
that very reproach, and SO feeling tlo they
rclr.iin Imm seeking the -mlliiigi-s of their
telloiv citir.cn*? Clitis Koley icpiesrnts
broader ik-uc* than these, Klett him antl
Ilia like and there will he a *et term
set to the industrial question. We ask the
Lfbcrul whether he is the to lower nf an
idea or nl a set of pnlit c a.-s. If the latter, holt* long docs he pro| o*e to divide
the halve, and fishes if llu* workingman,
who i- iu tbe majority, fills in love with
hii doctrine mid Insisting likewise that
might i« right, turns the blind loier of
power into thc strrrt away Horn hia
greedy meal. It the Liberal * a Ijbcral in
pnne.ple he will see tlmt he will nlTor.l
Sir \\ liir d laniir.er a mighty argument
if he put! in Koley here, an argument
that he uaed with elTict whrn dealing
with the 1.11.er..I m 1.1..ne men desirous
.11 unlading labor legislation or unwilling to concede proper ine.-i-.it*.** restrict*
ing iineiii.il immigration, which i* purely
in lavor ot the capilall-t, reckl.e. of hii
ttiittirt's  wcllarc.
lint to whal depth, hae the Conserve-
lm- 1.tlli 11. bow tar is lie away trom the
true leader, ot   Ihc part)   ha n-pr. sent-*
I .....|...te the ulleraiicn nf Mayor tioo.l
etc with lho*e ot such I ■u.-crt.itnc. ..1
Nilnlmrj* .md Utaraill nr Ait bur llalfuur,
11 ni-ell   a   t.ll.l.ltl.   li ....lete  efl.-e*  StiClal*
..t> with mugwump.. Sll sbury introduce
Hid Age   Penal  and  -.it*    he    is not
an aid ol ."otiallsni. Uul Ihc Uind-iatc
ward politician, ll... provinoia] dniggi.t,
would tell yuu Unit the In art old elate.
man waa in hia dotage. Them ,*.htii> .11 c
the rrlugc of thc m.lilslly de-t.tuii. The
party must ie Nooaatrncted on Inttcr
line., tin.. 1 i..it ihe maceae of the meet
•iKM-wlul   mini.I.y   ol      lira     thing.,
baaed un a ,oct*li*t'c platlurm. I.a- framed
tor the < 11 ightciicd lon.e.vat.va of Canada. Ami how 1* this id. al to be arrived
11; by v.din-1 lor MacNeiil. That i» nally
lln- way to I..*h- mil ml. Inr .ill line It
Coma. -N",  but   by turning him ilnvn, ..nd
II cul.) showing tbe Hunldltt* lea I.n.
di-tsdwuod uu U.c U.p id the parly, that
■ li.t niu-t ie .nm mi l.nudcr lines 0.
-ne tt a*, j,,, 1 ,.|t, r men,
11- is imi  latering to th- l.ilior vote,
a. it m cilled.   Ihe putt   thai   i..0*111/..
1-   th*   paitl   th.l   un.si   tt.11  kc.c
I*   . i*.-.t h.-i .*    t..[-,.-   i)   >.*ur  t.-ies    the
into seeing  li.is ai d   tin-  vu I   i-
toley i* an tile... Ualllhet .m.i MaoXoill
* Ita m * nwInm. Koey ■■ the ie,,<
.lite, nl the t tuning and the gut cm
it.   i.i-tugi.t. ul  Un* coming icl.t.1.1; li.ll*
I.mi  ami   ,M.„ N, ill an. Imt  1 ,,*■.  Dn  *.li •
gaimciit. .1 the nn ,< an.I pilkd Ideal
nl Uie past.
amid dead lilenco tt-hii-li certltied to the
diuatlifaotlon of Uie iiuUenoe with sucii
methods. When later on ilr. Onlliher
uttered a paneygric on the purity of the
Liberal administration it did not Iml to
ix'uiu* to hin hciirers thul the i-xuntple ol
campaign method! thus exposed on a
public platform by .1  Liberal candidate,
tvus not a good illustration ot* his point.
Such arrangements uro iioiUitic**. oiien
used in tho coiiiti! of a campaign by the
election agents of every patty, but it is
happily very rare Unit 11 candidate openly and publicly makes use ot such obvious bribery.
The edit r ot  ihe  Qreenwood  Miner
is hot under Iiii collar bemuse 'The
World Intimated that John Houston wai
>i buck number, uud Insinuates tluii tic
editor nl The World is 11 pour kind oi
.1 union mini, and ihat bis cniinecliou
with a labor uninn has been very liiiof,
Indeed, comparing u_witli that of Mr.
Houston, who inm been 'a consistent
union man lor a quarter of a oeutruy."
I Ins attack on llio World brand of un*
initihtn conic*, with very bad gr.m- ii*>iu
the editor of il.c Miner, who i*,* a Liberal,
and to forward his own polilical ends,
tbrnugh his connection will*, tho Typographical Union, forced bis viewe on a
hare ipiorum ol the Ureenwood Printers'
uuu.11, Induced them, in violation of the
International ami local oonetitutlon, to
scud a delegate tn lhe Nelson enliven-
tion uud  to instruct liun to vote Igainit
tadependant action, and then furnished
trsnaportatlon for the di-legutc to travel
on.   What  kind ot  unionism  do you cal*
tbat, Mr, Uracr!   11 might be mentioned
that   tha  editor  of  The   World  tvus  ap-'
prentlcad under uninn rah* in a union
shop in 1875, and hai been a member In
good standing ever since Uie spring ul
pite, Look Here!
You ueed not loose a shift
to get your check cashed
during bauking hours.
You can get it cashed, at
face value, at all hours at
Tho Hoffman (louse
OKOKCK l-l'NK, Mansger.
Tlie Only Tranelur or Kxpress
Company in KoeBland that will
Deliver your Trunks for 2.. cts.
each,    riiree days storage frt>».
llic voters' lists in u»c at the time ot
the la-t provincial election will be i.*ed
111 this i..ii*tiliit*ii. 1 tor the llominion
-lection. Persons whose names were not
on the list made up on May Till Inst will
not  be entitled  to vote
The Ladies' Store.
I announce ■ <lrrat   Ol.-tcnunt on Ladle•*
and Children's Underwear and Hosiery,
I if (■»*. Oooda and  Dreaa I r imminc ■*.
Stamped (loodi, Itlbbnn* and Lacci.
Olve me a call and >ou will find Prices
Way Down
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T Ofi'ick: T
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Groceries i
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Paint*. IHI>. Varnl.hr>. Hrusbcs, Wsll
1 1 in * It sml faun, a- Supplies. Ilrder.
Iskcn lor I'sperhsnglng snd Hrcoratlng.
Office snd Store:   llsnie". .\ chamlM***'
ntock. 1-1 Coluinltts Ave utitlrr Dominion
!-:•*!■" •* l*.. '. ..tin.*     Trlipliooe So. IS .
to wise people. Do you
bny here? If you have
uot been doing so here
are a few thiugs that will
tempt you to our doors,
or to your telephone, and
will help you in preparing breakfast:
Germia, Breakfast Vood,
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and believe this price |ou S15, $16.50 and $17 suits] to
be most reasonable. Come and see them. We will
not ask you to buy, but think the values ou this cloth-
; ing at $10 will tempt you to do so. There are three
;   patterns in tweeds and three kinds of serges, to pick from
Holstead & Wright.
Central Dry Goods Store,
1st Ave. end Washington
In.*   I.11.1   ...... -1 ieut   Ol   ll.c   .Ncl-.i
Mu. 1   antes     .11    ti,.* Liberal meeliai
"> 'I   n.   \    tli.lat   l.i.l.   .\|i.   tt.,,1,
ti ada * iioid 1...1 lot tin- rapport Ol
I.,   i . 11  Laboi   1 1 1     ihr manna ..
ii... .lit rn).'. however, wsi ei tnt.)  ...
lad .1. .mi  mn .1  h  I., alienau
ii..it.t.i Mipport in might ..ineiitiM
hn,* obtained among Iba meiubeis ..1 tin
uuoa,    r. ..bai.i)  »  thai  .1 majont]
ni in- beams mn   uaioi n, hi ip
: 11,. .<iii-ii..ii .,; ti,,  ronteat be-
tttiTii  Mi    Kolej   ..ml  1,nu*. it  iniii 1.tn
ible ....rn..11.   a* ii. pi *,|,.,|. imw-
ever, it,  limit caution to thi wind! and
ill   ttllil   ltlt.ll   ..illlltil   tie   ill.11.1. I.l
i/.-i n. m nt I**.* 1 nan aa a dlalincl ami es
Meniely     in.h-ie.t    threat.     Alter    tin
genital manner oi candidate! he proloai
ct an Implldl ...iihdelHc tImt In- petty,
that   I.   the   I.lilt ml   part),   ivnllld   lie   ie
tamed la poarar.   it.- vaa, bosrever, i.-*
. ...iii.imi abonl in* owe return.   Hut, he
nplaind, alMthef Mr. UicNeill ..t .Mr.'
an* retained uith .. Liberal g..t-]
• ititiifiit   iti.   In*.   A...  I.i.ll.her.   tt.uil.1   in   I
ii'iiiiiv have H.e patronage *.i the district.
11.*ii calm the threat, arhicb, though
...iniii.I in valid language, ..* pal|iabla
**n -tigit. .1- ii aai donbtleM meanl to be
It w.t. tn the .l!.Ct that  .1  be it.i* *!■
>.| i.y the 'ittciii..n m i'n Labor part)
hi! patronage would certainly be mt oltj
ill.I   he   tvttiild   mete  nut   ...ni.*   un.i.iiir  ol
1   The?!., itatementi «.!.* nceivid
Best im Cheapest Lots
The opportunity is now presented to ihc
public of buying the best and cheapest residence
lots ever placed on the market in Kossland. : : :
The Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway has just
completed its'FOURTH ADDITION to the
Railway Addition to the City o( Kossland, and
it comprises the brightest, sunniest part, as well
as the best soil for lawn and garden purposes
within the present city limits. : : : : Everyone
wishing to secure a good home and a nice place-
to build should see these lots and get our terms
and prices before buying elsewhere.
Corner Third Ave.
and Washington St..
*-. .11 Pea Mountain Depot
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Vaucouver.
KETAIIa MARKETiS-Ronland, Trsil, Nelson, Ymir, Ksilo, Sandon,
New Denver, Silverton, Osscsde City, Grand Korke, Gr. nwood,
Phoenix, Midway, Osmp McKinner, Kevulstoke,
Ferguson and Vancouver.
Z Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds
X WM. DONALD. Mgr. Rossland Branch.
Election News
lVm-t ynu think ynu should have a new suit for |»lling day. We are
clearimr out our rendyinndo clothing at the fnllowinic rtductiona: $17
suits for $L!; |U suits fol *S; other linci nt 93.b0 per suit.
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Fine and Heavy Shoes.
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Co*,i.lyc.ir n.lia-ed to $3.0u. Kangeroo $1.90 to clear; only a few pairs left.
The brat  mine.*' shoe, on  the  mulct $.1.90 to clear)
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Kcduce.1   tn    $1    per pair to clear .|m*. iv      doo.li    sold    for
We return your money if goodi are notai  we  reprewnt   thrm.
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con miiia a\i:mji;:
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|... Fresh Green Vegetables...
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce-
Celery, Tomatoes. Green Peas.
100 Kill Colnnilds Ave.
Telephone <-">.
... ........... .....
Wc arc looking tor thc ma
win. is looking for an BllXl
of Fall Furnishing Good
New Shirts, New linle
wear, New Night Shirt
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Cl orilICK  AM)  I I I'M sill U
V. f». BOX 802 1 1 1 I'fiioM-*
Special   111. ntit.ti i.urn In Hall Prd.r*
Stunden Printing 60.
BOOK .llil.M'f.lCTI III 1,-s.
1.14 Cut 11111I1 i.i  .1 \»-11 tu-
Roaaland, B. C
i^ThoSa Embleton,
The West I.e Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Kverylhrng the 111 ner
- = Wants to Eat - -
j Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest
|;      Price*.       (iuods delivered to any part of the City.
IIHMIIK '»»«*»*-.•*$--»»»a»»»«.H»»$»Mtm*$MM*H$$•»»*♦ 1 W1S1>NI~UA*. -....October   24,   ItKn
Held Its SoniiiMiinllily Meeting ill Phoe-
nix laiust  Monday.
Last Monday evening the lliiindary
Trades uml laiiUior Council held iu* m-uii-
monthly meeting it the Phoenix Miners'
Union hull. Usually these meeting! huvu
been hdit it lii'coitwood, hut hei'i'ultci'
tlicy will oociisiiniiilly tiiko plnoe in Phot-*
nix, a* iliei,* are now three l.l.'.i' uiii.iiis
in this town, with a probability of ono
or two others being. Organised in the nc.ir
Oreinwood'i unioni were w.ll repre-
..■ui. .1 ut Mini.Iiiy night's gathering, si.mc
15 ili-legutcs having enmc up llio hill to
alleiiil. I'rt'sitlt'itt .**iiukey tva*. in the chuir
ami Sccrcliiiy Ile111u1cr.ee tvna also pre**
ent. I'lua'iiix labor was rcpi'i'-ctitcil by
deity,.tea Irulli tin- Mini-is Carpentei*. and
COolu nml Waltaia' Uniona.
llu* cliief liii-inesH uf the ui.'i'l in * tin*
tin* raising nf funds inr the ptoaaouUon
ut tin- campaign tor the independeul
labor ..in.int.it.* 1 i* parliament, 1 uristo
pi.ei inlet* ni Koaaland. Gommitteoa f-.r
Oreeuwood hate been appointed, .....I will
be selected inr 1'linenix 111 11 duy nr two.
Ili'ai|i|iist*tet*s tnt* Phnettix have heen *c-
cine 1 ... ihc Martin building, adjothiog
the iiiiiu. iinii-l, un Dominion avenue, am)
it is t in- Intention tn prosaouta 1 vigoroui
Usnchcatir li tu   Uuy a I'oal Mine  fnr
tho City.
iiu* Uancheater Krenlng Mail stales
that un I* inlay, October 8lii the mi* co.h-
Bi.tt.c ol llio .Muiichi--.ilr .'iy .-.mn il
pa---. .1 a reeolut uu .|-t>i> nimn a -1 eti.1.
kut'cniuiuiltcc  Ui consider ami  report  11
tn the iicMi.iiuiny nf recommending tba
council to pnrahaaa .. coal mine.
.Vit.ce ul the motion was given a month
ago, uud the ct.mniilU'c's decision was
• 111.. .1 ni without any fecial iigtuaalon
ul opinion tor or against the ptopo-itl,
an.l Without Hie sugge-ti.m ol any  parti*
. iii.u  nun  ni .nit* particular   locality
in which such mine should be ailu.i'.e.l.
lin- course was a.li.ptcd -I.y mutual 0OB*
hciit mttlt the ..ni.. t of havmg all the in*
g-.tt.iii.uis i-.iiT.L-tl out as .pintle aa |s..*i-
blc. Nearly 510,1111 tona of cul ami can
ncl are annually cu l*..tn,*.*.l at tho cor-
I*.ration gas works, and au atlvanco of ba.
1 .*t ton upon all new contiaci* udl cnt.nl
su increased annual outlay ..|»>n the raw
material tor gas tii.inul 1 hue nl cun-ider-
stily over L'loo.OUU in the eiirient year.
Kenii'iiilier wlion you are in tireenwood
t imi tin- Imperial .md Armstrong hotels
do   not employ  uninn   help.
Daniel S ("lumber's are fitting up th'it
new store in Hue style, preparatory te
placing in slock the largest and bail
line ol wall paper in the Knoteiinys.
You cannot get n oignr in any bar in
the city lor less thnn 12 1-2 cente. Then
why not nsk for a cigar that is worth
the money, a Crown circuit or W. B.
The Chinese hnve made their appear
ante in the Slocan. Several have purchased plot* ot ground near Sandon and
will   iiii-e   garden   ntuff   fnr   the   market,
liaac llachey, a member of lloa-lanl
Miners' I nion, hns l**cn ill in the Sun-
lon Miners' Union hoeplUl, but is now
Bnoicrrptlons to the Ronland Cooper
ntive Amociition   nmy lo madl 10   tho
secretaryticasiiri-i* nf lhe new itore,
enrner <>i' Spokane Itreet and Pint avenue. Tint sectary will 1 e nt I.is ollh-o
in  Ilie  licit'    Itore nil day    iuid in    th'f
Lubor shniild feel honored by thl great
ittentioui being paiu it- organisations hj
public men ..I present. It ha* become 0
p..wet- ill the I.nul ami many are the]
A'ho are tailing over themselves to provi
1 iii-it- «iirm attachment inr ilm bard)
wm* iii toil, llut labor, particularly in
Britiih t olumbla, can think ami net tor
itself, ami the nilili.iieil organisation! wil'
demonstrate their InKuenoo next month
lhe tireenwood Trades Council uppe.ir.
to be in aarnert tn it- mdiavora to drive
the Chinese tmni Hint town. 'The chntr-
nmn of the .iiiu-l'liiiict*c t nmniittce wiiiw
1'l.e World thnt they arc making even
cllnrt to get rid ol the Celestiuls. lfo
llao writes thnt two hot.*>s hnve bce>i
pluccil on the uuliiir list  for refusing to
employ anion  labor. The young funks
und Wallets* Union apiwar. lo be a lusty
Initiation* and  Applications  Una
i..r llic Campaign  fund.
Ilie Mi*, haute- t nion i. working along
readily ami quietly and ii leoompltihlng
mu.l. good work. Thia bran, h ii: the
We-ieru Icleratiun uicludc! all mine nie*
ctiain -. 1 iigiiieet*. elc., and neurit* every*
one eligible to incni) ct.hip is on the r->lla
ul the union.
Ai I* 1 i.l.n u.kl.l * re.ml.ir li.e.l ...- MM
camtiilatc na* inlti.u.d and two applloa-
li.ni.  tt.ie Twcivcd.
Along "iih other unioni tha Mechanic!
do n>l  ml'ml Li I"' In hind in any good
>»*..rk.  and  evert   member  mil  give   th
pay h- recite- t.-r oaa xK.it t.i lite lude-
pendeut Labor Harty campaign had.
I he union ha- decided that hcrefttt.-r .1
w.ll luin.li niine managers reliable hell,
whenever asked to d» ao. lien-after when
an - ii.-'in.-'. pi|a-iu.in. machinist nr black-
.milh 1. needed. Hie union will furnalt
a eomgt-etcnt man for tlir po*!i"ii ... .0011
aa rr-iueteil. Appboalinns should U- made
1.. i\. l\. IVoly, aetrtl.ry.
Utile* in.ickinlo-lirs it th- New Stun
from Wa» up to $12. Thu. - nmh ui -1.
Wiathcr, ami y,.u need one.
lhe Di-incl  Press.
l.i Ibow the wideepmd revolt against
|virlti«iu in tale Kootenai, 1... bciier in-
Ul.at."., .an In* I.mud than the attitude
of Uie pn.' nl I."* .li-tr..t So tar there
arc mure |>a|>cr. supporting the nominee
nt the I..I..I part] thill Ihere an* sup-
porting .ithcr ..I the old putt .anlnlati*
lit. ,..|..r. lute preaoeneed in lavnr ol
the Independent, they m L*hi Industrial
••World, Roaaland, wbioh lied In tha move-
men*.   Ine I'at.tn il.. Sin.hn.   Ilie Dull.
Vlo.an < at. ihe Bilvertonlan, tUivenon,
and list, but ii"t lea-rt. lhe Uaidaau
|-.aglr, which i« pu li-lu-.l nt l*eigii*tin by
the im-prvsMble "l'..rm" Pcii.pi.*. e. Not
a Uul suplH.tt lor a young |*.r... . -; I 1
ally When they are sutamrting H.e labor
oaadMala witim.it i.-pe of pecuniary re
waul. a. the new |iarty luia no lund l>.
be uacd tor thc |.urpo*c of aubaid /in-
tin- otam. ri..t<- an. however a number
of |M|M*r. ... the .li.lr.cl  win. h have nnt
the manhnaai or eooragi 11 dadaia th.-ai-
aelvcF, or, a. ha- been inggortid, nettber
of lhe two lawyer. In. paid them a retaining l'*e I'mllu... lit amolig the e l"p
eis si.* tl.e IM.lt Miner, Hog land, ll.c
'Ini.une, .Nelson; r.-.tucr, Phix-nix; brdgc,
.s,w Ueaier, aad uph* ..1 other papers
which  «i.*ul,|  imt   Is* a .le t.i lafll e  .1
n.i   tt.n.   Ti nit   paper  in   the
numng .li.tn.t winch has declared .ni'*
ruht lor either eld part] candidate! 1*
iti.. Miner, Nelaoo. All the oiim- appear
to lie nf'-sid to brack will, the party they
have Inrnelly  supported and lUppOr!   the
taie.r man, and al tha wn tlmi da nnt
wnnt t,> in.ur the illttill nf the I. Of po
pie by n.t.t. It opposing tin 111 Ihey ITI
indeed between the devil and the deep
•sea. Ip ..n the 111.1.11 line >•! the C. P. II.
ail the i-u-i- aie lankly parti-aa, iwnly
tlm.lr.l Itaitti-i. the Literals and Con*
The Gem, Pacific
aud New Windsor
Hotels, Greeuwood,
employ none but
Uuiou help around
their premises, while
the Armstrong aud
Imperial Hotels DO
NOT employ I'nion
s'moke Crown Urant Cigan. lllue
Hill S.YIJ-'-The building ami  axtuivt.
tn Upokane street km.i.n II Dan l.al.et s
jlil place. Inquire al .1. C. Spo.ltuan s.
' .
Notice ta> M.nc Su|a.*ruilciiilenti.
When you arc in need of a competent
I engineer,   blacksmith,    pipeman  or  eia*
.lnni*l, Uie .Metli.uiio*' Union will he
111- .i-t 'I tn 1111t11.l1 yuu competent men-
Atlilrrs* W. W. Doty, Secretary.
Keep It l'|..
At bun S.I unlay night', melting oi
ll'hoenil Munis' Union Nn. H there were
'•*> new memben Imtiatad.
Wc Know
Of no olher way to indorse our clothing than to put our name anil trade mark
01 it. It's ju.t as if we nud "Wc warrant this garment to he all wooi, scwetl
with silk, made nf better materials, snd
In better style than you can get anywhere
else at thc name pdicc." Taylor it Me*
1 ill now l*.LIT OASIS,
lour Wiltn a-.*. Wrimlnad   The Theory ol
Uie Ultimo.
Nelion, 11. c. Oct 2*> (Special,) Tho
Ubenoweth case cmuntnccil thii nfter-
Mon, ami   l.mr itilno-scs n.r tl.e Crown
tt eir isaminad hotorc the c..ui*t idjonra.
ed. Mr*. Wright, one of lhe witnos-ca,
tcstihctl that her I1iia.la.1rul bail been nlf'T-
etl *f.'il»l lo aicun* etiiVme that would
convict young I hen. with. This evidence
■ay hare .1 material hearing on the case
aa supporting the contention of the de*
Icn.c thnt Mrs. fhennweth's Chinem- sen-
am waa murdered by ly-nlnem iitghinnd
A nke line <d laalie* mat Kmlo-lics, only
■M.S0, it the .New Si.tr,.
llilldrcn's Culicelt.
Ciaars snd  Cigar..    -1
When ynu ask for a cigar why don't
ynu in.i*t nn a g«iml nne » Nine e.t.e.
out nf ten yea "ill l-e nITi-rrd a ilnin.
ncab madl eig.tr iinle.- y-.ti ii.iine the
hind   wanted.    Thev  all    Cost    yon   thn
-.,,. ., 1,1..net-, gn.nl nr l.-1'l. N'.iv ttliv lint
gel a good nne. A-l, i..r tl.r 1h..| Cmtvd
0;»-l!  n,   V    tl.     V.ei    t.dl  -I ■ *,   ' ■   e.,
eriric'ng n home Indiit-w, t*      ". nl.
of    lata the  next   time yog  n-k   f u     ".1
ciglr." j
Toys,  half  price,  it  Wallace'!.
'   Many who attended the ohildian'i con
i-'ii i.H*t ttttk .ue gnitig again it. bear it
1. i...iie.i ,.11 t'tiii.it availing, tin 2ml.. in
the   Minn*.'    I mm.   hall.     W lint    hctinr
1 1 ni it* excellence .an 1... given?   li..*
super or 111.1 it nl tl.i* Conceti is such
iluil   11..111   min appreciate a  ttot-oughly
llcllglltllll   elftiillg's   elljiiyliii'ltl   .all   .1H..1.I
t.. miss it. ii„. drills mv moil niua. ttvej
tlm costume! wen prepared aqiecialiy lot
the  llnll*.     Tin*  elliiiil-e*.   te, it,iti,.11..  el.   ,
me nnnaoally Wright, itining or unmingt
Those ttlitt iinsseii the concert last week
ah.nil.I lit* all menu niine-**- and liear il
I'n.I ay evening. AiIiiiisshhi, idnltg "in. .
children He.
Labor U ion Directory.
OHiocrs and Meeting!.
Meeta every second and fourth tuen-
tlny in each month st 7:30 p.m. in
each month st 7:30 p.m. in Miners'
Union llall. c, Si-luilm, Bee.; A.
k'en-is,   Prea.
Jtlci'U every Friday of each wee1* at.
7:30 p.m. in Minera' Union Hill.
A. Ferris, Pres.; Flank lli-oilnhaw,
MINER6' UNION No. 38, Weitern
Federation of Minera—Meets every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock in
Mindhi'   Union   Hall.   Frank  W'ontlside,
■Secretary; Wm. O'Brien, Prnldcnt.
Meete   on  the   last   (Sunday    ot    each
month at the Minen'  Union Hall, J.
P. Barkdoll, Bee.; W. Poole, Pre..
No.   252—Meets   the   lirsi    and    third
Tuesday ot  each month at 8 p.m. in
Beatty". Hall.    P.  O.   Box 314.    W.'I
McLeod,  Prea.;   J.   Kloman,   Bee.
cooks & WAITERS' I'NION. Nn. 10,
W. I.. I'.—Meeti every Saturdav ev-
cnirg nt 8:30 o'.Ink in Miner' Union
llnll. P. O. Hox 11. I. B, (lurry, I
Sec.; J. II. Shriad, Pres.
Executive Board; E, C. ftaaor, Rois-
lnnd; W. Dnvidson, Snndon; M. Kane,
Ureenwoodj  If. 11. Dtmock, Moyie.
PAIN'IERS' UNION, No. 40, Painter-
and Decorators of America—Meets in
Heatiy's Hall On second and fourth
'Tuesday Wedneiday of each month.
W. B. Murphy, pro*.; Uco. W. Slunn,
Nl>*WSB0yS' UNION No. 3-Meets in
Miners Union Hall on the limt and
third Saturdays of each month, at 9
s.m. Mike Uuydotti, Pre..; Jay Barton, Sec.
—Meeti second Sunday in each month.
J.  H.  Flci-her, secretary.
—Edward Boyce, president, Butte, Montana; John F. McDonnell, vico-prcei-
dent, Virginia City Nevada; Jamca
Maker, secretary-treasurer, Butte, Montana ,1*. O. Box 307, headquarter*.
Room 12, Owsley block. Executive
Board: John C. Williams, liraaa Valley,
Idaho; James 11. Furey, Butte, Mon-
taffa; W. N. Burni, Ouray, Colorado;
Chas. H. Moyer, Lead Oity, 8outh
Dakota; Cl.ru Foley, Rossland, Britiih
James Wilkea, president, Nelson;
James Devine, vee-preadent, Roaaland;
Alfred  Parr,  iccretarytreisurer,  Ymir.
.M.—Meets ivety FriJay evening in
llentty's lli.II. D. C. Conkley, piesidcnt,
W . M . Doty, secret in.
Formerly Turi bxchange.
Best Meals in Town 35 Cents
nRS La riORB, l*i,.|..lt*l...,***.
Windsor Hotel
First Class Accommodation
Prices   Moderate.
W. G. Merrymathe, Prop.
Makes a -specialty ol
Columbia Avenue
Cunningham & McDowell, Props.
The Goiiitas,
l:urnlshes the licit illrantU of
Winks, Liquors and Cioars
Neatly turn 1.4 tied moms In connection heated
with hot air
PATTERSON & Co..   Props.. WashlnKton Sl»
. . .....
Linton Bros.
There will Is* a spccl.il genet al meting
of Itosl.ui.l Miners' Union Wcdne-.il.iy
evening. October 21tl., at ":3n, for the
transaction of imiwrUnt businca.. F.v, ry
meinlHtr I. requested to be present.
FRANK   WOonSIDK,   Secretin.
Books, Stationery, Toys, ;
Fancy Goods, Office &    1
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.!
No. 36 Columbia Avenue.       !
.; ...*..*:.;.... .... .*-........,..	
, ,,
< 1
Every Member ot
Organized Labor
Should Subsribe
for this Paper...
Oue year, $2.00 <>
Six Months, - - - -$1.25 <>
Address All Communicstiom
B.C. -
1 *
mm pur
it Fast Line.
Niit<»t and Beat.
Solid   Veatibuled   Traina.    Kleotrio
Lighted.    Equipped  with
Observation Cam,
Pullman  Palace  Care,
Elegant  Dining can, *. .
Modern  Day  Coaobea,
Touriet   Sleeping   Care.
Through tickets to sll poiata ia   the
United  Statea and  Canada.
•Except!   Sunday.        Try)  our   Weetria
K.  W.  RUFF,
Agt. R. |C By., Roaaland, BT*.
J.   W.   Illi.l,
Oeneral Agent,  Spokane,  Walk.
Aast. Gen. I>aaa. Agent,
Portland, Oregon"**-
..Electric Laundry..
None Better.    Solid Vestibuled
Trains,    Palace   Dining   and
Observation Cars. Meals
a La   Carte.
Direct connection at Ht. Paul, wrttout
change ot dejiot, with all train In
Chicago, loronto, Montreal, New *ork
and all pointa weet and *mth.
Uloie connection eaat and wet bouna
traina at Spokane wth train, of th.
4*^.--~t*rAt<*m**>-J\-*mm~-jlvs*mi  *-<voluo* •"'••"• * Northern KaUway.
l*iav»*a Spoksns dally for Weat 7:M
Weat bound traina make direot eni-
neclion lor Victoria, Vancouver, P.rt-
land, San Franciaoo sad sll pointa .a
the Sound.
During ths eeaion of navigation Ksm
bound traini connect it Duluth with
the nmgnilicent -rtcamanip. North-West
and Northland, of tha Northern
Stcamafaip company hn. operated in earn-
ncction with tlie Great Northern Railway.
For further information, map., foil*
ere, etc., apply to any agent ot the ***■
kan. Falla 4 Northern Hallway, Kama
A sin. a. i.ailway, hootenay Railway *
Navigation  Cocni>«ny,  or to
»•»•♦•»•» **»t»*»+**»*-»**>*>*>->->»j
Union Printing |
SprcUl lacllltle* lor producing tha
K<-ai Prlatlng for Tradat l nium a-ad
Secret Soclrtle-t. Pngravlng* procured.
S«al« and Uubber Stampt.
\J\J.   H.  JOINBS
i" E. Catum.li A... k'...al.nj B.C.
X     ^4*********************^'
 ■ X
Vou do not have to patronize
Chinese Laundries.
Oood Work,
* Reasonable Prices.
| T. W. GRAHAM, Proprietor.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ItlllMUMIt
Your   Photographers        i
Do nothing but the Very Best Work Every Time
Wc carry a large line of
at Eastern List Prices.
ll Grand Union jj
II  --Hotel--  ii
itcneral   Paaaenger  and   Ticket
Aaenl, St. Paul, Mina.
Commercial Agent, Spokane,  Via-*.
The Ftneil ol Wines, l/nunr* and
1 '"in.-ati. and in.i ..n..i Cigan.    ; |
''    Finely Furnlahed Rooms.    < •
Canadian Pacific
*■"*' •   mi   All   trains  I-mm
Alao nu kim   im:> p,,,
iiu« li.uiiiioi, .luncitun daily irom -H.
j i'aul. Hatwdaya be Mmumai aad iw-tna.
M..ntl.it*  ami    li.ni-ii.-   i,.,     i ,(,,
•home    i.ra    psss    UevaaMoka  ..tie   i_j
!  You wanl a I-ib*   : -*• awl ye. want
Ihr tml >   . l_, i.e. Itr tan
Union Cigars
,   Unmcllc l.lnn 1-iWtClfsl. • la. K1o.Se T
tl, ..".I.t.  I.. It...   'I-   I        -     1      '   ****.ail.l T
tmioil-^c...-s** ' .1  ■* 1 *'-■* •*•'*
i,   lauae l'.H'.....ns. Alt'* *n . Iht.l.« i.slvlil ^
| The Queen Cigar Store
ai,   I lie yuccii lai^ai oiore i
caow i. xii.K.t** rn\».
* -.'olumbl. Avesu.. A
*\*j999A,9ja,*i*a aa n i aa a ie»aaa>»
A HMM i.i;
te i.ui Ijm.i.i trip i* tu s.i- thai year
.ti.t.i ieaii. at*
I lain.  m-| ail
» ■■! Ver -Nei-on. Ka-io. i -v.rn.ie. Uraad
i.a -*un.    Ki.tlu.. I.n.1,,1.  i    \|  i. ,,   ,i
it ".   |..t  \.i*.i,. Haadaa ami Mocaa
llailt.    poiata,   KeveMofce,   Mam  lane
and I'a. in. Coaat, and     i I * •■• .
Neat  Hmiic tor .11 r.v»|,.n pointa
Fur liii.clal.li-. i.i*.    i,t.i   ut ml..tun
lion,    .ail  mi  ■«   a I li |oi ti
ag.nl, or
i    I!    M. Keti.t,.. I u.   Aaent.
\   i     \i   \itt,„.    Depot  Asmi.
Ilo.-i.tli.l.   IP'
»   l    VtiJ.rwin, i    I  .■■ti.
T. P   \ . \   ..   i-   .
.Vc|p..n.  I ' \ ..
: Rossland Hotel j SpOKanB Fllll 4 lOIItdl.
Gent's FurntshinK Department.
Fine Whiskies and
Imported Cigars
Nelson m, Ft. Sheppard Ry.
*        . Imported Cigars .        "
■ a j i__.____^_a-__—I    .
I "[      • Jerry Spellman, Proprietor ;
I        I |e Cm spnlisne an-l Calunl-.. A-* a
IlLvVIl   •eaeeeeaaaaeaaaeeaaeaaseee
Shoes. Shoes.
New Clothing
All-Wool Serge and Wor-letl suit, in
Navy lllue, Hlack and .Mixed, |10.00 1 I
aW.OO. All-Wool Tweed suits, nohln*
Iialtern., 115.00 to 120.00. dwd Knock*
ah.int Tweed auita, 93.V0 to 110.50. All-
Wool Panta, »".60 to »6i50. Workins
Panta, ll.no to $2.00.
New Overcoats
Jn    Whipcord    Twg*sd!,    Meltom    ind   Men's Fedora Hats, |1.50 to $4.00. Men's
Oiiano Mat*, 1200 lo $350. Men'i Still
Hits, J.'i.i to $3.50. SteUon'i lists,
$5.00.      All ■'.:.**
We are wiling men'i shoes below coat.
Men's Split lacathcr Mme.. JI to Hi*,,
Men's llr.uti-ii Iyealher Shoe!, $1 JO, $|.S5
$1.75. Men'i Urained Nailed bhoes,
$2.00, $2.50. Men'a Oil Urained Nailed
Shoe., $300. Fine Walking Shoes,
Irom $1.00 up.
Hats, Hats.
Heavers,  $10.50,  $12.50,   $14.00, $18.00.
Men's   It.I.l**.I   Cotton,   per   suit   $1.(10    C,,,,.,4.if-;
Mens   llibhed    Wool,    |a;r  suit  II '«'     '
Men's   Heavy   Wool,    per   suit   $1.50.
Men's Tan an.l Striped, per suit $291.
$.'1.00.    Men's  Wool  Fleeced,  per iuit,
Men'i Naw I'.luc, ?5c. to $2.00. Mea'i
Knncy Mixed, $1.00 to $2.50. Men'i
Self Colors, Fancy Collar, snd Wriati,
$2.50 to $300.
LtVl Si raw • nnd BtM •»( thr Itnad 0\crall-. and
iint'i   - - at mat,
V. N. Phone No. 207.
A Carlul Fitter.
makeo     a     ityli.h     garment.
lhe culling ind titling are
quite ii important a. tue material.
Uet your clothe, made hrr-
snd all three Hems will be
til right.
Our priae. ire not loo huh
Inr ynu, iml they's just hish
-ntaigh to m*tire vou lie best
w.tknian.hi}.   and   material.
I   Taylor ft H. Oimrri. .
P. O   lloi ». !$ OOLVMIHA AVF,
The only all rail rout, between all
point, rait, w«at and south lo K'w.lan.1.
N.lwn aad all intermediate pools* tea
neiiing at Spokane wub lb. Ureal
.Soil hem, Northern IV it a aad .1 K
4 N   Co.
loaned, at Nelson with steamers lev
Kaalo and all   Krs.tenay  lak.  pointa.
I -.nnert. at Myrr'a fill! with a*a*y>
daily Inr il.-1'il..ir. and ennneot. .1
Ho*»lairg with sUga daily lor Uraad
Forks snd tlrrenwood.
KOecliT. duly 22.   WOO.
I an a |Hy   Ira.n. Arrive.
1" .■». s.m. Spokane 7:3$ p.au
11:1$ p.m. K'-saland 9 Oil pm.
11 10 p.m. Nelson 1:00 pa.
Ntthl   I r»m.
t:4S   I m Spokane 7:0$  a~m.
10:09 pi. i. .» t*. i 0 *I0 a a.
II.   A     IMKHUN.
Saneral  I'aiwenger Asenl
C   W.  RU>T,  Ag»nt.
1, B. 0.
• ♦♦♦♦.•♦♦♦♦♦♦..♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦».♦
Porctlniti lint It*
;; Bridgtord ft Herring
11« I. alowlr «
^mh»*hm-)o»-)*>->»hh4 THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
ivi*.ll. I....CAV October  24,   HMO
I have ugiun requested mysclt to make
a few gentle kicks ou things mutt-rial,
ethereal nnd munii'ipiil, so that, to aia a
little street parlance, "here une*.
rust, there is the city engineer. He
* a man who ili.es much hr.im work uml
Union  Libel in IHa'ect.
"Did ye sny 'tvot's the union label,'
tioganH Ulten C me for a short apace .md
ye II  kniitt* wot it is.
"lh' union lilLe', II...■■ui. is a sign that
Ih' trusts don't mule everything. To use
th' tia.it!.. ol mat • i.. iinini., the label U
th' hsight and sliinniii' alar that ihuwi
t' th' world th' strength uv th' workin'
in.in an' also a club t' knock th' divuls
out in the "cab lact'ryi. When ye eee
ih' label uu th' shoes yc buy ye oan maka
up jcr mind that the man thai made
tliiiu   had   pie   ler   dinner   l«t    Sunday.
Winn ye sih* tb' umi »>n yei* clotibea ye
hard blinking only—and then he Iuih an ! kll"-v l,'ut ve ■*■"■'• l"Mu'1 Ml" imallpog
"assistant" who dues most „l that tor'"'""' ■v,l*l'i»' lhim* >*''■"• "ol""1. W fee
him. In t(ie morning the city engineer ""' '•"' "" "'' ■"*■"■''' •'''' •—*■ *•'' kn"v
»ill put on a long mackintosh, turn op  •**•*■ "° aiattar whether it's Raypdbiiean,
Lis trouaer lens ami sally lurth ready lor j "iininyciut or Middle of tl.e Hnatl Pro*
the Iniy.    As .null us he disoovert tvhere | hlbltlonill  lh' gang tlmt act il  up always
the trench   kiuik are   working lu* will hid ii im pennies Satutndy night. I tell
hang his hat nu the back Ol hi* lui.il, »'. Uogan, 'lis a great thing. Wliln yc
look  wise and  "sipnm    nne eye down  s : gn   I'   buy   icr*i.'i   ■    luu.   Uogan,   don't
tt.iipie of length! ol inner pipe, Then he let  the man tell 'ye thai  ye look nice
1.11.11. Ins arms ,, little (perhaps to  let In thai une. -ir,'  until ye", looked  fcr
everybody know I.e is ilm whole dough-1 th'  Imt msker*!  label.  '\V
nut)  anil    then    return,   tu    Ins    office
it ill
whan he rcKi.i- iiunsii with tin- iluuii-ht
that   he   has   .1.,n«-   it   great   Work.     .Menu.
while hi* "assistant" t* ucertatning the
levels ami angle! with in ui-lrut..cut that
lunks niin-h like a .vuiing gi.thnii sun. If
the "aaailtant" lines all hut the "sway-
inn of hall.Is" wby citu't this lie includt-tl
in the duties uf the chairman nt the
hoard nl it-ink-. Mirely he is energetic
.iiutlgli and can Kalisly all iu that leaped
tl I observed one lly when bl WU laying nut a ro.iil near "Spud" .tiut-pliy s
brewery. I*crlu.|.s the next thing «e
may hear nt is that the city enginier
will waul the council In salaiy a valet lm
_^_______ t   gu. d
ill  tin* Uo ye,' d'ye sny,  Uogan?
"Uogan, ye're an ass, Don') ve „.,. tint
Whin thl sung set* paid *lu a'neck th
can p.y ya far more groceriea thin th
could ni, |g; ffogan, ye're ■ lead head."
For Sale
Carries Greek Consolidated
•Next, i.t ..... rater briefly in the police.
Workmen of the  Lehigh Company Arc
\\iiku-hane. I'... Oct. '-'2.--'rhis evening
then wai another imt at tin- btantoo
Waahery of the Lehigh and Wilkaabain
i nal t pany.   When ilu- workmen atart*
cl  tu go home, under the protection of
coal  and   iron   p..I.e.*.   fully   5,000   people
It ia really amusing to noticeTthey arrest |*-**■ i111"'"''1*   -v telepbone message wai
nobody bat common drunks.   Lei i nun   f"-' help ,""1 -,"'> '" l'"'"v •*'""• ""ll u
■rn-  broker   or   n ttaace   m.u.  "run :"1'"1 lu l'"1'"' -laadquarten In uu- city
amuck" null to, eh Seagram aboard, aumbe*ofofficemiwponded.
ui.l a iinliccni.ui ttill cscrt liun home; I '""-' ""'" """ '''"' '"''" '" w'"k "'',v
a guy ■**.i-i'li,• ,,i a worktngmaa would Iput on board a Mnall mini locomotive, bul
ipend  a  night   in  the . alah....-.*  .uni   pay   betel   the   locouintitc   oould   get   uiuii-T
Vi iu tba morning iur the privilege. Iheadwaj nnu oni Una. the poUce ne
poor "Bcotty" even pay* mora than that.(tamed the Hie, bul .... one «..- itruck,
ti a mail comes to i.-nu innkuis im tt.uk  Another eoUu    loom   thi   windosrs of
and the polio! MS him on Ihe .i.tti.
they wid stop him md a-k to see his
ii.ui.l-. if be hu- hall.Is like a printer
must likely he will be given -.1.....t two
hums to hit the trail tu .Nurtl.puil.
.    .    •    •    •    a
then there ll the digging up nl lulum
hia avenue, lor which the miutiiuaii uf
thc I.....r-l ul   tt..ik. niu-t  lie ic-|hiii.iiuc.
He cheerfully Intonm us tin* pipe has
not arrived and that tic mu.l watt pan
cully until it tlt-i*. come. .Surely tli<-
alilrmiaii .villi the "allalla." ...ui.l hate
jnln lpilt.1 tills iK-tule tho Work «*.l» .-on
iiieiitt.l the -.uni* thing obtained in repaid to the trench ou tirst atetiue. «in, li
wu open lor a mouth, and yet, sum.- ..t
u. will again vote L.r II..... t--t ol iv.ur-c
hr will |Kiauadr l.nu-ili lhal Il.r pi..**ic
will «.mt bim lu ruu again.
Il-.u-cs   followed,   'Ktcit    pane  tit   glass  Iti
the cub nl llic tttia tue mil. broken, but
nn nne  ana ttiiuuiletl.     I tin nt  the   tt.uk*
lueti  on  the  loconiotitc   jiunpcd   nil   aud
were knocked down ind kicked, but tier*
lc*cued by the  police,
To the Hectors uf Yale-Catibcao:
In  ropicsting your aup|Hiri  to my can
liil.uv   fur the   Ik....;.......   II..ii-.* . f  Can
in...-, il .* due to t.i. that I site public
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ex|wvwiion to my view, ou the eev.r.d
lhe health  in.|*eclur necda  "tounding IPhaka uf the platfimu of the Indc|>oii
up too. llc i- -. bog) min dug siauglil
rrmg llut he I.a* Be tunc lu -mil around
back    ysr.A aud    .talk alleys    l...   tins..-
sw.it  smelling .-•.... v.   much aauaata
Hum  galbagc Jica|as. laun.ll.es ami   italtt
ii.*e4*i-.    H iin-ic aas a hill.* cleaning up
dune   in   the   llelslrtnilbo.nl   ul     llic  U|.UU
bullae  I...  'luul.t   *"ll.c ol   u*   llllglit   iml in-
. deckled . Iiali.-c in the ........a.     I ncn lite
life   tlepai luu til   might   t|t,  gassl   ,-t.Mlt.ttlt
aiu.-i.g-t    llic   I Inline    In....Inc.   Willi   .
large noulcd huso. Al«. thr "sunk
wagun iti.gl.l WOffc a lull** melt line all
over tbe ..It ll.e-c an- uni) meiiliutird
as suggestions.
then then*   is   Mayor   Uoodeio   who
lent l.ibur Party ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I. i .imp..I*.ut   .--I.t* iti-.it  ba. become I
ns ngniicd    neci-ssily   in   must    countries
• nil a- such has my  hearty eadotSOnMO!
'.'    la-.-al  wulk  day. S  I....**
Ilodani n.teiili... ha- m. i*u.uui...i*lt* in
crea*e«l   tl.e   prtaln. lit.-    po-ver  ut'    man
that   his  want*  tan   Is-  supplied   w I'i  a
fraction of lhe tune .uul effort heretofore
lic.T~.sarv for ihat  pun--*,*   l.il..r aa Wei'
as capital should benefit by theaichanged
, ..ii.I.n.rn* The i hour law is a aleu in
Ihat direction anil I shall beuiiily enforce
any   It a*.-Li ion   I...lung   to   tint   end
.1. I internment  iBaporllllB »f indu-trie..
1'nder modern e.*>n,iinic end.lions the
should   nul   lie  "t • i ..-»• .1     Ue naa de-1 management of industrial roneerns figure
srluprd  into a veritable  laiiiiii.n>  pulm
nn   results.    nn|   Ihe  methods  by  which
nan whipping int.. line al  tegular inter* i Ibey are lo be nhlaineil. An nvcrsupplicl
vals all lhi««- guud and Inn* i..ii«*iii
live, who vote with.ml tliinking te *t in-
ever he may huller. Nurely Iht* sbuuld Iw
Iwnclb I... .hain't .a a ma.... who above
all things shnul.l Iw . nun pattiMU. Hut
l-rrll.l". he u .lirady awatr ul the lav.
lhal muni. i|s.llt. he m a "haaabeen. '
..itlw.lli.lan.ling In* auiertliinii. win.1 i'i
the lluun.lary ....unit, the w.akingmcn
will vole solid Iur t.-l>> ju.t *cc H il.e>
•l-.nl t I
President   Miuhcil   thinks   thc
Operators May Now
UaaeKea, Pa-Oct SI  Pitedaal Mii-h
el., iu au ml. in. i. t gin, | ist it. al.y ail*
nt.it..i ii.ai  tne intaiiwn nai .........
.n.i.. witut.1 I'.i.i *. sts.u a. tne epwalaea
Ishor market enables Ihem to itnl-i—■ on
eui|d..yrs any romlili«na they may
dce.il nccosarv. Prulcl a* a rule
mean* dtsmiasal frmn am ice and pmlta^-le
want to Iheir little nnea. In thn.wing the
•tmne arm of the law alsmi these ehil-
.lien nf m>-f.utunc tin, are -.nrj.lv- f.dluw-
itW Ibe learhinn of ll.e m>ek and l-.wlv
Jaaea, who tunl .nirer lhe little ones to
c.me unto me, for of NOB i« lhe kingdom
of heaven.
4   AboHtJoB of mntrart  sytem.
Tlie al..i«c« Ihat have gmwn np under
the mntrart .r.tetn na nullim*-! in tbe
fir-l i.uie of th- IV.min.nn l*l«>r Oorette
•l.ni.ld     mtivinfc     even     lhe    |ii'|e|s!|ind
pertfaan al t'e aaeaedty nf the enactment »f .urh a law.
5.  Public ownrr-hip of franchises.
On e.is-nencc in the e-..lnd of Ihe
l*t.tal ilcp.itiiii-iiI. public school., public
highways. muniri|ial lighting plants and
waterworks is s.iir.i.ct.1 gnuind fnr the
c«ten*ion of Ihe Mme .v-tem to rsilr.M.1*.
tctesrai.lt. lelcphunr. sn.l eiim-i. Imi-*.
nn..    The Miwriencc nf   |*«|.lc in  New
lniintlc tba Canadian check with .. blush
for hi* country's sliunic.
7. Abolition nf child labor,
An   SOOnomlo   sysle.n    that   drives   Hie
child   from  the cradle  to  tile  laetory  to
oompeta with its own father is certainly
the legitimate child of an induitrlal aye-
tem having greed as its basic principles.
lafgisli.tinn  iilung   lines    opposed   to  tl.i!
will receive my  hearty support.
8. Abolition of the $390 depodt,
Under oondlttona when all arc amen-
iil.li- to the law nnd n-sunie the rM|10D'
sil.ility of defending Ihe wunti-y's flag
ami inslitiittitiis nil slinuld be entitled
alike to aspire to the highest position In
the gilt of their ciiuiitrymcn without being  taxed   fnr tl.e  privilege of so doin*--.
I would repeal that law.
tl. Compulsory arbitration.
Ocmpulaory    arbitration iis  applicl    in
New Zealand looma np un the boriaon ot
|iii's-it— nut us ii dream, but us a practi*
cal iiicthod uf neondling the oonflietittg
iuteresls of lab .r and capital, and i*
deslin.sl, 1 tliink, in the near luture (if
applied! ta. prevent those periodica] in
.In* ti i .1 wars «ud lend u security to ull
brunches of hnsini-** such it- is iinpos-il>l»
under cxi.ting conditions nud us sticb
receive!   my  hearty  approval.
10. All  election days  to be made pule
lie holidays.
I would also favnr the luiasage uf a lawmaking the exercise of the franchise
OOmpuIlory for the follmving rea-uti*:
First—Money can and .Iocs purchase the.'
votes uf the drunkard, the sewer hoc an.l
criminal, the vote of the intelligent
hut iudifTreiit citizen would cnintor*
balance thi* et.l. and I believe il is as
moth the duty of every citinen to |»dl.
hia vote us it is p. pay bis taxes. In making tl.i* a cinipiil-nry duty yuu alt- simply comiH-llinc liim to do that In* tin*
ballot which he is already cotn|>clled to
do I.y tl.e bullet—defend the institutions
of hi* country.
12. Alsdition <f the Senate.
I look ii|*.ii thc upper Inm— a. a Moles, and extremely annoying political
btx'tiy. as a stumbling blnck to pr-op-vs*
sive legi'lation, ns a home for political
imbeciles, whn seem to have resolved
tIniii.elve* into a political iu.|ina.itt.-n.
wl-o pounce ii|ton every prograadra inea***
n-e that passes the lower lu-u-e, lirand it
ss lu-re-y and proceed to pronounce the
*ciiteii*e of political ditiinatinn ujsi-i all
UCOrdinjdy, and if nny little rffnrt I can
make ran assist in IIterminating t-hat
-iristnor.icy ... p*liti, * I csn a-siice ynu
it will Iw exercised with the greatc.*t nf
Tnu-tine Ihat my ideas on the several
•uliji-1- w.ll m.-el ynnr views, and that
I  will receive your  a.ipi**ri.  I remain,
curls roua.
in the
Just call on
Second near Washington.
V. & N.Thone 68. •
■ NJ S^^s»*^-*!-^*^-^-^«>*-*<|-*.*l
W.i-hiii, 'nn St.
Jo! n   Jlayse,   .PropnXor.
A i.t. TllK Dl t iC-c-   t vr in* Si *aOM.
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year. EDWARD BOYCE, Editor.
Published by the W. F. «.. Oenver, Col.
.Subscriptions Received at the office of the Industrial World, or at
The Office of the Secretary of Rosslrnd ."Iiu.rs' Union.
«V\'V'-' ———is~.*.*J-a. ..*.-^t>\MI I
G..W. flcBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
4^**>4*$>&S+*+494*9*9*9**** MMMMMMMMIMIIIM»
l*^*>-*s^+4>*>$<v**9***9***** *********
Hot and Cold Lune! es
The Place lo gel ll.e it -,i...; in the Cily  S
I'totnpt Service.
Meal, 2b Ci .tii and Up. «\
**^>^*,;*Stf*^'^i*^4-* *******
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
!Ihe Initereatioinal!
1/ you are looking fur a location for a
boms yon cannnl do I.m .-r than comult
I*. Charles, land agent for the X. A F. S,
railway. Ile enn suit you in every parti
• ulli I..I* in thc new aitihtion, suitable for any puqs-ec can lie purchased
just now on very reaaonablc terms. Tlie
lota he is now wiling arc on the sunny
side of Tiail creek.
li   ■'< the
Keeps the Choicest and
-Coolest Glass o. Beer-
Otyof RofttUid.   WHY1   Vrrauvr we havr brttrr fadlltln for handting It, and  J
Kit it fatter than any other har in town    Beer. • rter being tapped, retain* iu nettla aad  \p
flavor for a limited timr only.   Keep ihi* in mind when you I.-ok lor a plave to refreah
yountelf.   Cheque* of all known  mine**, raitr-nad*. t-ontrt-rlora aad tiuMtic*** mrn art
. .i- ti til   at their l fi i  I- ai i   V. i i i in uur otter, at any hour dariag thr day «r night.   *\*
  -•■•-•»»- »?-»<
o/=~ V
105-107 Columbia Ave.
puatl     . iioinc sii.tml • ing ine payment I','   ,    . ^m^^^^^am
ui . 10 pal .cm. advaasl ... »H" ■BUir"1"'"-    Au.lr.li..    I.erm.ny  and   elw
April i   fiaadeai MitahaU mmi     laa ■J**1 l,M •,*~ion«ti«u-l ih.i these fune.
p..*-i«Mt ..I laasn* iiuwbibial Ibeooai  l,n1-" '"" '*" petf-.t-nn-l l-t* the g..te.n
-Ink. is be uniting ungui. i     B * M   n.rn\ -s.lh a very grmil tvlv.ntage t>. the
"|*.at..|-    IL.C    hot     t't     |*a*at..|    t,..li..*
Iieuple .nd I mo*t hetiil.lv endnrm- legis-
latmn  l.ntk.ng t-> that  end.
.".   I,nihil.i'..n id  A-i.tu   .*tn.giali..n aud
■...inlying tu> ir it il nigiuss I" I.U in line
■ i o.th tl.e Ilea.Inm .>1n|-4i.i ..| Kiln
liw |*,,p-*-illtili man. by Uie laemgli 1.1 ' "Imational lest
ley I....I*...) in the llan-li.m region il "ri" «« ■.-««
all ol lb. in imlii) llu l ....pi. if. I.)
leakage ....lues oi utl.'it.isr that an artiiai
a.Inn.. of 10 |*l ii lit uould In- paid
isuh tn....* rn.pl..te snd gusrstde* tie ,.,.t
urn.ante until Apul I. Ugethai -silh ll.e
almliti'.it ui llu .lilntg -srale, I lH-lieve
llial the tcin.s tn.i.l.l la? amplcd hy the I
nnu. win beta. Ike ledaMea m i«iwdcr
.mm MM tn II .tl hae <v.nlusr.l Ihe iniii
era lut Kile nl Ihe .*i«*lati-l. hate M
lully c.pUiiiiil how .untra.i miners enul.l
irtii.e the lull a.ltainc ul In |*er .ent.
a* aril .* .11 vtbets employed that I
liehete this nleSaele .an Im- otrtt.tme.
Although m I'trwdent Mitchell ssys. Die
outloufc I.u an early Mttlen.ent nl the
.Hike is hnshl, it i> diHirult to trmk* a
piedKti-.n aa In whrn the end will come.
r*mie oi the r-osl c..m|wnie. ate tJii.v
a di*|srt|lH.n nol to issue a aro.nd nolite
guaranteeing Uie payment of In per ce-l..*^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
in.ie.ac till April Ammo; these are tbejl***"•**" nf th-^-.-on-.tni,* sylem
llelawatc.   lauiaiiant*  k   Wnatem,  and * ' —■    •
the   Delawair ft   llil.lan,  tl.e ufficul. nl |
fiew Fall
Family Liqaor Store
,. Choicest Wines and Liquors for Family Use, at the f
I Lowest Prices. Nethiug but thc best kept in stock. ?
*   I
i   I
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
There is no mystery about the
circulation of
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^k» j .more   na teenier,  into  sn   nnen   bom    il*
.thi. I. i.iu.ianu-. ate nt-nt.-,! to have do* I       ,    ,     ,   , .  , .      ,        .        .,
i >    ,_.„ .        .i        .i -."*'!   loaded In Ihe sink.ns line in tnul
ol to i«-ik* a "ii *ji|.mental ...<ice. The   ,,    r       , _.
_ «_^  . I". • .. _  iracilic.    KvefV    rhinaman     oecupyine   a
services interfere.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ns t» the
industrial     It...It.     r.l.intf     nnr  wvmir-n   nf
em|il**vmenl   nstutatly iM-Itmniiuf  t„  tlu-m
The pr. »eni*c here In  l.rie nnmliers of '■
Ihi*  tun. a...milat'..s  ra.e   robl  Ian ulian :
lalsir   uf    its  hullinaht      Kt*Tv   M-.ng»l
landing  pun.,  nur  shore*   lessen,   rather
than incre»**s our pu|iiil«l.'..n. Tlw while'
labnrer which he teplst-t*. wuuld a. a ride
marrv   snd   settle  amone   u'.    incre.i   Bl
the  pnpulit.. ii  Iiy  at   |ea*i   tluce     Thi.j
mesm tn the metvhsnl    less mouths  to.
feed,    sn.1 le«   lav*., t,. clothe,    tu thai
Ho. lor   Irs*   demand   fur   bis   arrvtra-e.   to J
the  transportation eompsnies less traffic, I
!-•  Ihe  delili.l     le..  I cell,  In fill,     to  the'
mechanic le-. lnul.lings  to erect,   t.i  th*
tc.tl r»tatc deatrr lea. demand  for prop-!
eilv  including lew fntti for thr .une. tol	
the iarmcr less sale fur produce,  l.i I he I A........... ^          ,
newN,.„s-r  man   les.   papjn   to  lie   ..Id. I tH^^^^^^^.-^^^^^*^^**^^^.;^
to   Ihr   f»f-Mrhfr     amatlrr   c««»iutrrir-ili'>n-i.
an*l lo Ilie IwtitM-ii-k irtvrt xhop* t*»«lun«».
Ilir-ir    i-rraptirr      worl-e    iniiirv     ta    all
 t H
lh*-ir   rrtfnin*    rirrr    on    (hr mttip
*r.».irwli   I   wmilil   n*i|inM*   tbr   Ukirw    «>f
Our roinpli'tr nl<>ck it now ■! ]• -t\r !.
ami tiny a | \i-iy rho>ipa \tf*h\ nil ly
tnaik.   L-otiifortabli',   look   wctlf      ait'l     lit
U yon  . .mn- f   find  wh-t  yoii want
rrady -to wear •lark-rU, Wi*M like
you    pome  fctlMOllvt    new    piece
from  hIiii h    jou   can    ha\e   a   garment
I industrial World;
•"""- '"■",""- ' l"' a*Wta*M the c-m- ( ^„n   "-J,""''a„lr.7il"*rrx-ii**'
,.,.„«*.   w,ll   ,„   Ml   Way   ,.s,ke  known   _it|l „,„ n„tuM, Uw. „, apl,,vi
that  they -adl riatunt'c Uie |.,intent  .1
Hie advance until April I    a- ->«.ii a<
all the imturs gusianl., u.s the pum-nt
..| the a,|tan. e until April I aie |sa.led.
Crew-lent .MilahrU will .nil a novting <4
the .Nalu-nal BleuBtlri l...i.|. at -sH„fc *«
• believed lhe strike will be dtclarvd off.
tO the e.trnt th.t f*,r evert- rTiiin i.n in
... .tiiplusl *tine one's si'ter or
daiishtcr i* dritcn to imslliluli.ui. ev.dv
ina a ra.e pmltleni defined lu breed
seas  oi   fclood and  thst  will  some  thy
! Asntiew
Average Weekly Circulation for August,
Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery nud Glassware.
Third and Washington. Telephone 19. f
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. C| that tells its circulation and backs it
up by allowing advertisers the privilege of
examining circulation books and records.
Thr World's advertising columns are liberally patronized by all of Rossland's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
see for youself. Ask for Rates.	


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