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Industrial World Nov 3, 1900

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Array <^.0..-is^iexs£t~4r~t     (? ■ r**-7
Vol. 2, No.-*^-
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6 W. F. M.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kinds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
See Our New
Fall Stock of..
I ..lira' and
"My advice to|workingmen is this : If you want power iu this country*;'-if you waut to
make yourself felt; ifyoudonot want your children to wait long ;t:i liki t have
thegbread on ihe table they ought to have, ihe opportunities iu life ihey ought to have ; if
you do uot want to wait yourselves, write on your banner so that every political trimmer
can[read it,'We never forget.' If you launch the arrow of sarcasm at labor, we never
forget; if there is a division in Congress, and you throw your vote in the wrong scale, we
never foi get. You may go dowu on yuur knees and say, 'I am sorry I did the act,' and we
will say, 'It will avail you in heaven, but on this side of the grave, NEVER.',"—Phillips.
The I'r-t tirades at
Popular Hrlcea___-_
W.F. McNeill
*    ...... . .  .
Things   la,nkiiig   Ketter    for    Russian.Is
Ureal Old Man.
John Hinrdiiii, secretary of Phoenix
.Miners' Union, ttrti-s u* this week to
c.»rrc. t   an  error which appeared  in  the
ib  Candidate <■••.- North.
t igurmakers ol Kelowni Right in Line.      .Mr. F ley come in from the east Tuei-
that  'J own   Will   Uivc  flood  Account | ilav night and left  I he next evening for
uf Itself.    ^^^^^^^^^^
l'he following letter was received
week  from  "Six   Union f'igui makers
Cure Headache Caused by Powder Smoke.
Sold only by
The Druggist.
«.t*K«*t.. ...:....
***   ♦ ♦*»♦*♦»*♦>*****■»♦■*■>*■**■♦»
l t*. lli. .:  Pit**, itpti.iu* 1'itled
by lh.
I Rossland Orog
♦   : Company :
A lull Ll.e ol Fen ttiuug in Our Line.
1.nc I'n Call.
Kofsl.xi, Darn Co. It  I   Siaosu.Mgr.
Columbia Ave.,... al I., liun Too.
„ . ..... ....
„      Kclotvna. lhe   W orld   is   reaching  every
World  a   week  ago.  In  referring to  lhe I ,    ,
,     crntitiv ol the big cuiistitucii.'t, and  the
ciiiiiuiiiiutattt.il   irt.iu   the  garment   tvurk* ,
,    ,         ,, , .,      letter is but a  sample of tip se revived
ers it  tin- -tutcd rIn.I     ll.c Ross of the
„     „. , „ .   evert d.iy .it this .dim*.
lu..t.|     tt.i*  .1   uu mn   made  overall    and ; ...
h-orc the  anion   label.  Thi*.    it  a;.| ears
I was un errnr. Mr. Riordun's   letter   fol
the main line of the I'. I*. R. \u leaving
Rosslaud 10 soon he disappoint.*.! fnany
Ihil I lieu! aupi orteis, who hail expected to
at I give him a rousing meeting here lait
night, llut the district is ao large and
the time io slim i that it wu not thought
advisable to spend time in lectures where
the vote wu 10 assured as it is in Rosi*
Lait night Mr. Foley spoke   In Field,
and tonight he will uddreis a large itit*-.-
It is now thc time ol year when the I
weather   is  uncertain.     Sometimes "
damp,   sometimes    dry,   sometimes *
warm, sometimes cold.    Be guarded I
against colds aud wear suitable foot- «
wear.    We have just the article you ■
want.   Prices are always right. '
*,.........„..........    .    ,     ****4    |ll
The Strand
The Most Elegant aud
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
A Fine Line ol the
Choicest Liquors & Cigars
Tlie ciiff Dining Parlor
Kelotvna,  Oct.  29.   limn.
We,   the   < icirtii.ii.fi ■*.    ol     this    burg,
would  Uke to  urge upnn y.ni  the necel*
iSdit'ir Industrial World: Dear Sir and!"*5' ot "",dil"*  Ur'  Fol,*v  ,',rou<''' ,m" I ""** of *"" •*»P-,rlcr. in Golden. Monday
Brother.   I mite to inform you of « mis-! » c,ion of t,u' »•"••*"• Thc -*~ alawmak- night   he will be in    Kevelsinkc,   where
take in the World of    October   27th, in i r" '"*"' ""' ,'<"n'"   ,'v,'rv,l'i»lf POOllhle for the majority ol the voters aro enthuaiaa-
hi* election. We received some Industrial tic  in   their supp.ut  uf    his    csndidscy.
Wnrl.Is,   and   we   gave   them   to   people Kamluopi will b<* the  next   point touch-
whom   wc   thought   anl  knew   would  be nl.  From   Kevlcatukc west it  is possible
tiien.lly   to   the  cause  of  lals.r  ou  el.*.- that   Mr.   Koley  will  be accumpiiiiied  by
tinn day, and who wanted to know who brink Craig of Revelstoke, who is well
and  what  they   were  voting fur.   Kvcry- known ua an able speaker and organizer.
I one wai pleased  with the plallorm, and Fr.mi  ull  over the district  there is a
wr think trom the promises wc have re- lall for the candidate, but il will be iiu-
Otlved   that   tin*   ti.tvii   will  give  a good puss hie  lor him  t.i  visit very  many  of
account of itself on elect imi day. If ynu tlie out ut the way places,
could   ipare  s une  mure  i-npie. with  the
union mad. 'Ik*, of tbe Raid ' an.l! Vfettntm of ,,'c ubor P,rtv w<" ■*•" dU
which yuu are booatinn a nnuunion make
of ..t.-i.ills called "BOM of the Road." I
rs cited i letter from the Garment Work'
ers* I'nion of W'uinij.eg, Man., and read
same Ui «»ur meeting last iSaturday evening, it Inch rends as follows: "We -wish
lo call your attention to our make of
union overalls. Uur Inm ia making u
l|<ci-inl line fur tl.e miners of Hritish Columbia which is tailed the 'Miner.' It
will   b. cut   the   same  ns  the  American
Mr.  Koley  i. Confident.
can  be retaile I at  the lame price."
Our   nnu.n   .,).)-. nt .-.I   a   cuiiniiltec   tn
call on th. merchants of tlie town telling
them that  hereafter
union  men   tvill
uk  for  the overall  culled  the "Miner,"
which is a union made overall and bears
«• | the union label.
|    Honing you wdl recaivi this notice in
I lune to make the correction in the next
issue of the  World.    I  may ety that as
the time draw, near for election every*
I thing is  looking   better for our    lirand
j Old   Man.    Cbnunittee  rooms  have  been
ni«.SLS WotlliS * SMVTH. Proprlctorta.*.   °l"'">'l   here   whi.h   is    rcprcscnle.1    by
Miner.' Union, ("erpentei*'   Union and! ■"" ««t-.cr.I,t.ot.
Looks and Mailer-' Union, and it looks
much better g.nerally.
W.th kin 1 regards. I am yours fratcr
nally,        .lAt'K RI0RDAN, Secretary.
I'hoenix. il. C, October 31.  1000.
tribute them where they will do the most
good. We hope Mr. Foley will favor our
town with Ins presence during the campaign, and we know he tvill be an Immense drawing card.
We would also like t*. urge upon all
union miners to imokl blue label cigar*
mnde in this province, as you all kntnv
a union rigaminker i.s a friend to all union men. and we hope the lime is not far
distant when uninn men will control
both parliament ami congress, as we are
the bone and sinew of the country. When
i'n being Interviewed Wednesday Mr.
Foley exuressid the greatest confidence
ill lus olectiuli lie said tint he himself
ttas  sur|ir-i-d  at    the    prupoitiona    the
movement had Maraud. 'Ilu- Slocan, a!
well us i-_s -1 Kootenay, are both solid.
Tie.c is n>. doubt, he says. ..I lus being
returned by a good majority.
Best Home Cooking in
Board per week $5
Single Meals  25c.     U
Columbia A.(nur. Writ.     Near Ibe Cily  Hall {
Maaaaeooooooooeoaaaeeooo ■Moeooooooooeoeeoa<»>>>><
Kitchen Requistes.
Wc do not mean Furniture or Tinware but good
pure Groceries such as we supply daily to
housekeepers in the city making them good
natured and happy. Our prices are within
the reach of every working man.
124 Eaat, Columbia Avenue
tammyaaaakawatm n»i >!♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
**/*»•%%%%%%*-.«%*%•»%*•*•%***% ta«i%%%«*»**%%****%■% vi
lining co.. Li
I Ns* iv,...n.l Liability I
CAPITAL, 1,000,000 Shares at 5 cents each,!
Treasury Rikbrvb. 600,000 Shares.
All Promoters' Stock [400,000 Share*] is Pooled
I'lr.l.l-rnl. s    W.  HALL, Superintendent Iron Mask line
t I..-I-,i.i.iam  JOHN I ITJtWH.I.lA.1. I ...an,.., W.r l.w'. and Centre Star .lines
1tMia.it. I  W. HARTI.BV. rurch.nt : Secretary. II. w. c. JACKMN |
t.u.ili.i*"     s. J. I.......  mm..   II. J. Ilsltour, ms.trr mechsnli Sit lisglc ...<l
can.,a s.a.   its.* ; J. 5. Clulr. Ilsrrl.l.r sad Solicitor.
.Managing llliKlor. S. W. MALI.
The Bonanza Mine.
The company owns the llnnuitra  Nn. ;l    ind an ate ag.   v.ilin* ..f |U per ton. The
a full sued uuneial claim, mi M.   II ia.   loco, which is at -i depth ol thirty-live [gel
mountain,   three  and   a  ball   miles   trim,   slums nciilv Ian tcet nl *'.**J ore.
i.l... 1*1. in   na  th. main  Uad Irom  lines       *    '"•""'    ol    in n- rs    his    ben    pul
land i" Wot* iu  lh *    tunnel    with    tbo    In-
ini uui nf iniitiiiiiiiig it right tlnniigh th.
The i la,m is traversed by several ledge*   , laim  (|„vm feet), ue  by this means tin
uf free nulling gnld or,'.   (In  the ictitrut   lelge   will   be  cxploied  and   tonnage  de
or   discoveiv   ledge   ..   tunnel   has   |„.,.„ ' tel-.ped mo*t rupidlv.   Kvcry two feet ol
........ ...,.  .„. lii  ■ drifting   will   add   It   least   one   loot   ol
driven filly feel, more all the way. winch   „,,,,„:,„.,„,. ,,a. w j ,,e,    t,   )ig,t
■I't   tcet  Unci work wal tciumel.
Written i.t N'.-Imi Ubomk
The great  |snnt   of .s.n-i.ler.iiim,  with
  tbo workers now is,    "Why do the two
you hear from us again w.- will send a  Partiee wuh to moaopoUxe ad the legii-
to the World.  Boping   i'lUve  Influence  and   howl  down any at-
for the success of our first  labor candidate in tins district, we are yours fratcr
Will N'ot lii«ull..iv Charter.
On    an
mill     Ot     tw.
Treasury  Shares.
Of the WiO.flOO shares in the treasury, the   1*00 shares as follows:
directors have Iteen authorized to ae!) 100,  | ^t	
40,000 Shares at 3c. and 60,000 Shares at 5c. J
At the first shareholders' meeting held on October,
i.S, those present subscribed for 22,000 shares at|
3 cents, leaving out of the first block
Only l'8,000 Shares at 3 c.
Ten Thn...and .--.hares has since been *<>l.t sa ..tilt  *....... shsre. st ,1 crels are left
Por shares or Inlnrtnstlnn spply lu sny dirrctur, to sny broker or l.i <h« 5-ecretsrv.
t. n   govcl luueiit
K. III.' liner ill..
in what I. evident!)
ml.   denies  tll.it the
Intention ol   i   ■■. .1.1*1; tin- bill,
(joodeve 111 luisi Kootenay.
I'lus   week   Candidate    MucNeill    and
Mayor  Uoodeve  havi  been  stinnpiiig  in
i-oist Kootenay. Ii 1- repotted tlmt they
have   met   with   a    very    ii'sil    reception
wherever they havi 1 n and that tbey
»rc   very   much   iliscmiraged   at   the outlook.  At   Mut.e  prominent  Cainacrvul.tca
have declared theaiiilvia tor tin* labor
I.'i.'.iii* 5 snd n
. 0. Block.
.^1 nc H. W. C. Jackson T
_ aai
*-** %-a'V-|%%%-a-s.-k-»-k%-a-%-v--k%-a^'%^-a,%%-a**.**.**.***-.*% %r*
I |H   "f    the  it.nking  da-am.  tn secure
the -mail  icpic. 11t.it 1..11  in  tin* lioiisi" to
SIX   fNIIl.N   ITliARMAKER&   "ll1'1'  •*•» WOllder (hey are justly   entitled.
Iloif many  labor    representatives    are
  . th.i ut   ui  parliament.   They can   be
Kv.dentiv fearing the affect it «oul.l  "•"'""l on thi lingers .md the tninartara
bav. on the chances or the Liberal can*  "" ■lh*">- '"" I  "»"i rota to mp>
thtluie. in Britiih f.'uluinl.ia ,f the l.nmui*  l"'rl  ""•   '""•'->i'-*   thai  ■">• Introduced
Icci.lcd t.. .I1-..11..W tl..-  "'r ""' 'H'"",il   '"   -*a«eooatiy.   llielr
k.i.U' Wvaa charter, thl Toronto Qlabe,  ""1,or"   "f   tu*'"u"*' " ""l '" •"'I""'
u inspin*d cliiur   I"•|"',"',lll "aaaanraa or to untag..uiw tha
1.11..ns   nt   cthi-T   party,    but  simply   to
act ns watch d..gs to ~1i.vu.1ni tin- In*
,.mention «. 0.»...ia*,.u, .... „.-. , .^^  rf (he ^^  ^  ^  ^ ^^
mim bt rtdaewl ta -t itaU «»i Mritlum.
Wo Arc now bring tnttod by tnitli
Anlitt wit'h ciilt-K'UMiil iliflarulioiu uf tha
wuiiiirrful rfTnrtt tluit ban bifii tiuulo
by HUtfa parly for TOT b«uA| qim! are
.tsi.i-.l tn bfliivt- iuit CuiUin nut Shurt
U our iiM'tnl
11m Hork-ir*, i'«p»'i hilly m ilm iluttrii't,
in- men ot intfltUftw «■ ud m nBW
cu'iitly ■ducatad to tbmk foe llmimlf-ti
iuh! imt tu In* lad io tn*' polls like a M"ric
nf   ibaap.    l bay know thai    tbl   ^liKht;
ifjirehi'iitiitn'ii tln> .ur iiblr tO m-auro
iiillltl    lint    |-*f«*Kilil\    .tllttt    lln-   b.tUnce   nf
power in tha botoaa and -m- fully dator*
mined whatoar their leanfnp be ObPf
v.itivi*   ur Uben]   u. **ii*-t   their  own
Lib.u*  c anthtliitr,
Tne tbinkinK   mh*ii amon|   itifiii   ara
arondatlng wtmt  tudueaniantN i) pimmi*
tion leaden ore holding out u» tbe < u-i
1.111-1- ami manofaetunn agaimri tho
welfare i»f the maaaai m nr-rfn* lo w-mni
their votaBi They are quite aware tlmt
the mine onuara and ntitir employaa of
labor have been approached with hii
•orta of   ppowlaaa ami    propotltiona of
what   they   uill  do   when   iba  ji.irtv   nets
in power Atn\ \h*\ hfl aanired that nil
t'liesr  propoaali   are thoroughly Inimical
to   tbe   welfiue    Ol     the   totlan  and   they
mean t.. elect then candidite, knowing
tlmt ho will fearlaaaly and conacientlooa
ly oppaae to the bitter end an) meaiuro
that "i.n be broughl forwai l detritnen-
tjil to their Intarattti
Tmh ih tin- reaeon( workingmen, why
you nboulil dlaregard ymir cheriahed
party  notioni and  unanhnouelj   lupport
yuur u\\ n  t aii'lubite.
.Un ■  Ownan for F"iey.
In Beat Kootenay Mr. Foley was iur-
1 n-eii to nev a prominent mine owner
coma forward to tbaka banda and aaaun
him of ii.-. hearty "Ufiport, and [nfotmed
him that (bare wi ce many more who fell
.'Mn-   H.1111 -   way   ab 111   Inn   cantiidai-y.
Evidently iw ow party Man.
Ulocan City,  B. 0., o«-i" 31th, low).
Aditor of the Indualrial World.
I   wiah  yuu  would n1'T> my    paper   at
I'ma   Vour   Trulr,
Wka  D .
It ii» a aure win for Koley in Kin-berley.
In that < imp ho will secure >,*, per conl
ni iho voten taut.
A vote for GalHher is
SATURDAY.: ■Novetntjer 3, 1810
The Industrial World
Bemvwoekly   l-'ditton.
Published at the Miner'! Union Hull,
Koaaland, in the intcreat of organized
Ubor   in  ilritiih  Columbia.
No government on earth hai protected
the workers again*!   tin*  importation    (»!
| cheap labor when deairid by the employe*
except West Australia aiul New Zealand.
In those countries the workers are in
control. In Camilla* the employe, are in
control through their hirelings iu parliament, and I'm- worker is not protected'.
This must be changed it' Canadian labor
hopes to exist, except on u level with thu
Oriental md .Slav.
H—tered at thc ltoasland, ll. 0., post-
oltk-a) for transmission through the
mails, .November, 18D9, as aeoond-clasi
mailing matter.
A.  C.  Thompson,  liditor   and  Manager.
Office   at   .Minn's   Union   llall.
Payable  Invariably  in Advance.
Obi year        $'J 00
Bn   month!          1 25
U lu a c  mouthi           75
Addreu all communications to the In
diutri.it World, Postotlice Hox 558,
Roaaland,   li.   C.
Tha industrial World      for sale at the
following   news   de|»
Simpion'a   Newi    '.sn.l.
11.   S.   Wallace'!  Stationery   Store.
Linton ltroi.
P. 0.  New! Stand.
Han- s  Cigar  Store.
Canada  Hook  i   Drug Store.
Mcitae   llroa.
King k Co
ll is a good tiling for Rossland that
cm- of the pliotngiiipliers employed by
the National Hood Roads Association
has nit seen Clintiliia avenue and a few
CthW streets recently, If he had done
sii, iiii doubt Russlaiid wuuld receive a
Id of fril advertising in Md 'lure's Magazine, illustrated with half-times. 3'hey
would hate appealed, however, as "luu-.
til.].- ex .tuples."
Becretariei of ill uniona are authorized to receive subscription! for tbe
We reprint an art cle this week clip
p.'d from the Qteagow Mail, which appeals to the coal miner* of Ayrshire to
detent thc Tory candidate, fur prominent
nembeta of thai party hud filled up their
mines and iron work* with Ignorant and
degraded luicgne -, ta the detriment of
Nniih 1 istr. it i* reprinted tn show
that thl wcalih-hiil.liug class i* the
name the world over. The BoOtoh minen
arc sn thoroughly urg.nu/e.I tli.it tin* only
way they can In- del.*.led .- I.y importing
labor rs from other . .uiiitties. The gov
Cluneal will n >t try to pr. v. ut it. The
same lac ic. were panned many yens
ago in 1'. nnst if.iiiia, and r suited in
tilling  up the  milling    districts    of that
aata with degraded aliens, while Anted-
cm miners weie driven weat Thl Amen
can government .tut m.t litt a band t -
prevent   it.  The   mine    owners    of    the
Kootenay wen ready  to, and   in tact
d d, attempt the same thing a year igu.
Labor union, protested, but at that time
tlie gotcrnmeit made no mnve to protect tip* norkers. Happily a Mltlemcnt
wa* reached before tl mntty ita* flooded with degraded, non-KngUah-epeaking
fmeigiiits. i*-,,r tin*, however, lhe government "I i anada can claim n • credit. It
wu*. however, in object leaaon to the
work rs ot Km. en.it*. It convinced them
lhal   tbe   Canadian   g'ttei ninent,   sn   lung
as it was controlled bj t'jt wealth-hold*
era, would lo k on a th Indifference uml
an Canadian laboren driven from tbe
oountry. T'hiy saw thai their only hope
, is in sis in in.- an Influence with the
ogvernment by lending to parliament
Wurkiiigim n   tviinsc   Minputliics  arc  w.ll.
tbeir   tel mis.   nli..   will   hate   tl. ur*
age ami tnaultues* to pie-eiit the work*
at cue tu language winch will be
iic.siei. Tin* tirst ilep taken t. achieve
this etui tt i- in  tin* n ii.uliiu. ot Iiui*
"-..in: tin* aecond atep will ba taken In
in . . action on i' illlng  lay.
Thi Nelaon .Muni  s«an i. thi World
that    III*   Cnnseltaliii *   wen*   |,.,t    in   „nv
way   respmisitile   for   the   duly   attempt
In   prejudice   tile   llll-ilies*   tnen   ut    Nil*..II
iig.urs*   tin.  Labor  Party   l **.   pobUahing
un article in the Tribune which stated
that the I'itini Party tea* riiiiiiing a ...-
operative store in Uoaatatid, and would
extend its opentlom tu Nelion. If the
oni'iv,ilitcs were not teeponaibll for
it, whn waif lt appeared in thai por*
tion of the Trihiine given  tn the use of
that party. »nd was beaded, "Written by
tkmsi rvatives." It will ic.|inre, we fear,
mi.r* than the assurance   of the Miner
I., ciiiitince the elm lurs  that tlie Torila
were not guilty in ibis matter,     1
Candidate Qalllher cli ma thai if Pol y
i* c eiinl he will  I..- iiui..red at Ottawa,
nu imi i.t which party is in power, If it
is true thai a member nf parliament  mil
nnt   be   listened   In   un'.-ss   he   heir*   .   *      I
the liberal or Comcrvntlve party itripc,
ilicii it  is Indeed "time fnr a change,"
and ,*i few lalsir iiicliil'er* will  *	
oIkiiiI  I li. 1  change
ll   Indeed  look! funny  In sec the Ncl-
nn Miner r -i niiiuit- nu beball ol the
.Nelson Uoniervatlvei rlnolutely untrue
uhargei a.- Imt tin* Labor Party in the
evening, alt.I then *ce tlie charges reiterated in to   ipxi    innrniiig'*   Tribune,
signed  "Ciiiiscivatuvs."
Then- appear d in a Toronto paper the
i tiler  da.   nn   le**   than   U  r.fercn. e*  In
the World and to the campaign in Yale-
Cariboo, antl acarcel) au exchange arrival
that dois nut iu MIM way icier tn the
campaign and the part tin* World is talc
tn*r in it.
Candidate .MucNeill is not rep eating
his Tr.il s eech. A* he travels over the
country he is becoming ooovinced that
there are men tn   British Columbia  who
reiu-e to wear tin- party oollar,  He i*
not quite sn proud ol his nttn now.
Kd. M. Martin is agtiu opposing Puttee, t c labor man. in Winnipeg, lie will
get tin- nnu dose he received a year ago,
only more ot it.
I he old party leaders are ju-t finding
out that in this constituency tliey are
up against the big thing, iu Candid ue
Koley and the In.lc; cndi-nl  Labor Party.
I he  .Secretory  Moves.
Hereafter  Secretary    Ik-tiuc    will    be
round in the committee noma instead
oi in t il uili.c ..ver the bowling alley.
Ile di sues to have every' supporter of
tin* 11,d p n.l.m candidate call on him
An   Bxtn   Klittun.
Next   tuck   lhe   World   lull     l—ue   an
in ii-* extra edition, which is .-ilmlat
el to mv r the iih'l* cii-nnieney thor.
..uglily. It  .till I u| il.lv -for llic OU'
.lid.it., or Independent Party si*-ikers
ta tt-u even* pari uf the constituency,
therefor, thi elceton ..f thus loealitiaa
will b* reached ihrnugh the mlutuiis of
tl.e World.
The Power of '.he Trust*
Satan stcp|*o.l int.. in,* furnacrroiim,
gazed into the   b..it..injc.s pit lor a f.isr
m cut-, uud walked erar to the thn
licit* I"    he   thundered   when  he  had
n.iied tin- figurtv. ".in.tel iu wiih- mon
coal, or some   nl    tin-   g.-niliiucii d.nm
there  will  be  hating  iidlueuza V
"Me  can't,    yuur majesty. '   rrsimmli-tl
Agree),   the   need   Bi-etnan;   "then i»
.Nn  coat :"  slurmed  hu  iuajc.lt.
'No,  -in:   iml  suite the toil trill  gen
luniiii   arrived,    They've   organiaed   a
aomblne, uml nc can't get a lump.
'Oho I" laughed hii majesty! "they're
at their old nicks, sic tl... I Mill, just
lump ui a nn barrels ol ml. HutH
tu.im* a cheerful nre.
lhe oll'trort  magnate! havi a -. ..t
rived,    *>>iir   maj.-tt."   explained    tba
I.t It f.l ul   A.lurl.
1 ne blOW ul  Satan gnu   black.
"Chuck in .1 hit ..I ham. and -linuM-
■ rs and send an imp up lo sil on tlir
safeyvulvc"   he   luiiuiulid.-l   -l.tnli :   lm
all.I    hid      e\| Cleliee   till   a    .tll-*l-**1ppl
•taambeal and know hu. business.
A/.iicI   ttemiil.d.  but   he ...ul.l   not   tell
lie.      "Tlio   |stl*k packer-     t ollltt  .lit-
been    with ni  for  mveial    .1..*.    yoni
lll.lje.lt."    he    *.l|t|    linelly
Batan gate Cerbemi a ki.k In the ni*-
lii.li uliii..-i atopped thai  ..nnii>. - ti
tality and  -l.ttlcl  b.r lhe dOOT.    '■Well, '
h.- exclaimed,   "tbam mi-i*   beat  hell,
,.ml nu mistake !"
And  Attracl,    bulled  by ll.e   weight  of
comblnetlona,    leaned    upon   hai aborel
.md ga/i d mi the ground.
William .1.  Lampion.
rbnlgn Laboi  In Beottiifa Minn
"\..te p.r Toryism ami Foreign Labor1
ought Iii lie mu* nl Ihe Tort  election pin
aids in South At.-lure     Such nn ippMl
tvtuild  iboW  a   I.u   closer appltiatll  tu the
irulli than many nf the claims which aie
pm forward on behalf .u tin* t'orj t indl
.late.      tot   Tun*   i ...il ..tt iiei*     .tml   uou
rnaitem In Aynhln u well ..* In Lanark-
slure. on- Importing cheap inuign laboi
.i -rn ii a i ti I in -tu li aii extent u
to make It a nu na. b .md .. danger lo  a
very large body <>t ihe avrklng *
tore.    It is rullier CUtioUl that the   I-»iu—
wiin ilwayi ity tu dupe iiu* Ignot
'let luring t lint I Inn- i- a nil unit  ..I high
u.ige* under i Tot> goveiit I
very men nli -ry ot remcnl which
tends to dlprvl   nil u* llbol   "I
nny kind, Nothing can lip clearer than
tiiut the tendency of tin. steady Importation of foreigner! i- not only tu cm down
Magus imt to throw Scotch workmen nut
ut' employment, it iliowi how the high
uud mighty Tories love tin- working
classes. And it thiatcns the workers with
more than lower wage* ami ultimate Jus*
of work. Thin t** the .lunger tit life and
limb. Everybody knowi that tlie Poles
who have been Imported to work in
.Scotch mines and Ironworks constitute ■
danger to nil' the workmen who an employed ulong with them. These Poles arc
ol the lowest grade   both  mentally uml
physically. They arc in every respect
undesirable cuinradc*.    But    tint    which
makes iiuin u rail danger In tha placet
wbero they arc employed i* their total
Ignorance of our language. Ihey du p..,
know it;  they cuiiiiot  read it ;  tliey lie
unable to undaretand it when it i- ipoken
to them.   c..ii*tt|iicuii.t    they   have no
kl mtt ledge  uf   printed   rule-,  aud   i>. i   ...in
prehension of verbal orden,   li i* scam
ilalotis tint .ml, men slum:,! be imported
im* employment In dangeroui occupation!,
nlinli an- thus rendered tar nunc dang
crulls.    Thl liinnc secretary  ha* cspli--..|
liis ii-1..iii-luu.m ,it ih,. practico; • iheriH
■ta- itrngly condemned it u tending to
e.tiisc colliery accidents; and n jury In.
i.ille.I   upon   the  ciii|i!iu*rs  to   Imt*,.  rule*
printed for thc Poles In their nnu i.m*
guage, Hut -nil nothing .- dona iur the
s.uii ot tin* worker* and the Importation
,.| tin* cheap lab.ir il ...nllimed.    In addition to Pul.*-. we ue nnty to have Spaniard!,  to whom exactly   thl  same objci
linns apply.   A number ot Bpanurdi to
ail   B|   lliilltl.tll.el*   tiere   recently   blllllgllt
Ayrshire, and another consignment In-
just I ...n delivered ut laiigur. 1 hey hail
been brought over by Tory musters to
lake the bread out nf the niiiutli- ol
Scotch workmen. In view of then I.ui-.
are the miners ami iriuniurkers m rvuun
Ayrshire g.'ing to give Tory votes ? Arc
they going to vote for danger to nte ami
limb, Inr Inner wages ...nd Inr luss nt cm
ploynu-nl * Whatever they may think ..|
tne    war   in   South    Africa, a mallet' ol
greater imistrianee to them i« tba war
which i' lu-nig madl ii|sin Iheinselti- Lithe Tory tii.iliittners ami muitii i-t.i - la
vote fur the Tunes in such cit uin-i.in. e-
woulil be foolish indeed. The working
nun of Snuth Ayrshire ought to tin their
ulmn«t tomorrow tO emancipate them
selves Ir-uii Tory control,    by lending a
Liberal   repreaentativo     to   parbament.
They have lhe poVOT In llu-.r own hands,
and llut will unit- have themselves t,.
hlsn.e if Ihey fail to u-e it under tin- pn
taction nf  lhe bsllnt.
Does Nol Sell "Ho«« of the Road"
Tl.e Crescent informs the World tint
it does not now hsn.lle the "Ross of the
Koad" overall Hut oaa shipment WM
received, and there are only a few odd
one. lelt.
In the Okanogan Valley.
Vernon Fider.il l-alanr Union is doing
god  *aoik   Inr  the   Independent    1-ih >r
Part, in the Okan .--.. i .....in*  Vernon
I. being hokel after r|..scly. while Ann*
strong and Kn letl.y are al-' beta
alter. A Vernon  eorreapondiKl    writea
that thc eit.nt «f the break from the
>*ld pirl e« w II autprsc the outside
piiners, Look Here!
You need not loose a shift
to Ret your check cashed
during bauking hours.
You can get it cashed, at
face value, at all hours at
The Hon House
A   A   A,   A. —  —  —   -   A   _a._J._-.-.-. A1_._V__
UKOKGK I'l'NK, Manager.
The Only Translnr or Kxpreei
Company in Rossland tbat will
Deliver your Trunks Inr 2b cts.
each    Three iIhvb storage fre«.
► lllllCKt j
r    Queen Cigar -Store.    1
L Tklkciiom   *, J
t*444************+++*+++ ♦ '
• a
a ■
- - - * ' - * .TTTTTTTT 1TTTT T T T ! ttTtt t t t Ttt ITTTTT7TT I.T
P. Burns & Co.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL MARKKTS-RoBiland, Trail, Nelion, Ymir, KaBlo,  Sandon,
New Denver, Silverton, Cascade City, Grand Fork!, Greenwood,
Phoenix, Midway, Camp McKinney, Revelstoke,
Ferguson  and Vancouver.
Fish,'Game aud Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds
WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch.
Is busy all day and ever}' day niakiug prompt
deliver}* of
Good...   j
Groceries i
to wise people.    Do you *
buy here?   If you have *
uot been doing so here I
arc a few things that will I
tempt you to our doors, *
or to your telephone, aod *
will help you  in prepar- I
ing breakfast: I
Gemiia, Breakfast Pood, I
Self  Rising  Buchwhcat I
Flour,   Shredded Whole J
Wheat Biscuits. *
Election News
Don't you think ynu should have a new suit for |>olling tlay. We are
clearing out our ready-made clothing at the following reductions: $17
suits for $1'J; $12 suits fof fi; olher lines at $3.50 per -nil.
Fine Underwear.
Wc have a lot of odd garment! which we place on our counters at tbe
following slaughter prices, per garment, to clear: 25c, 50c, 05c, 75c and $1.
Ovcndurts $2, reduced to $1.-0; $150 reduced to fl; fl, reduced to 50o.
Other linei 4 for fl, and 3 fur fl. See
Fine and Heavy Shoes.
f.1.50 shoe* r.-du. ed lo $1.3.1, $0 shoe, reduced to $5. Our special 9*
.'..-It.'.r reduced to $2.1)6. Kangeroo $3.50 to clear; only a few pairs left.
The beat  miner.' shoe, on  the  market $3.30 to clear;
Splended Lines of men's
Heavy Digging Shoes.
Reduced   to    $1    per  pair  (o  clear quickly.     Goodi    sold     for
We return your money if goods sre not s.  we  represent  them.
jot       A Good Heating Stove For Sale 4^
*&*      Cheap, Today. ******   >   j*      W
Men s Underweai
»»♦•>•»» ** ♦
In part wool and cotton.    Shirts~ainl drawers
90c A SUIT I
******************* *4++++++*+4**********
l... Fresh Green Vegetables... j
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce-
Celery, Tomatoes, Green Peas.
I  KM Kilt Columbia Ave.
Telephone 65.  ♦ j
*++++++++*++++++++++ '
The Regular Price S15, S16 and $7 Rcady-lo-wcar ♦
Clothing all priced at $10.
Best m Cheapest Lots
Each occasion has some
special style of clothing
appropriate for that time.
'1 hose who have a desire
for dressy effects and*yct
do not care to go so far
as the Prince .-Vlbert or
Frock Coat will find our
Cutaways just the thing.
They have a dre-sy appearance, fit pcrfectl} aud
wear with satisfaction.
M.  J.   O'HEARN,
; 1 he Clothier, Matter act t'urnl.her
Tlu" opportunity is now- presented to the
public o( buying the .h*-*i and cheapest residence
lots ever placed on the market iii Rossland. : : :
The Nelson ov Fori Sheppard Railway has just
completed iis FOURTH ADDITION to the
Railway Addition to the City of Rossland, and
it comprises the brightest! sunniest pan, as well
as the best soil for lawn and garden purposes
within the present city limits. : : : : Everyone
wishing tO secure B good home and a nice place
to build should see these lols and get our terms
and prices before buying elsewhere.
;,a,.«t|......  ......a........ ......a........ ..1
V. (9. in-** •»-*• ti:i i:i*hom:s 99|
Special   UI11111...1 Given lo Mall Order.
Stunden Printing Qo.
BOOK .m,im'imcti'ki:ks.
ill vj.iliniilii.i Ttvenue
Roaaland, B. <J.
Corner Third Ave.
and Washington St.,
I*. .1*   !'. 1   .1. lini.in  I.   ;    :
• .'--.-'••»->v»-i»-^««^«a->»->!a-»*ii-%->*-^-*-^->«.^«ia*^*^*.-'
^-.a...........i.aaiee..-n't..♦.»»»■»■$■$....»»»»»•$■»... i
Thos* EmbktonJ
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Everything the Hiitner
- = Wants to Eat - -
j Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest   j
t     Prices.    Goods delivered to any part of the City.
♦ •MMS>>»e»>>M«MMMe>!»MO»»»etMMM«tM~lM*l- I _ATU111JA Y November 3, 1000
The  Tiadcs and  Labor Council failed
|to huld a meeting Tuesday night.
'The Uiirpcnters' have very little of importance to report this week.
The painters report business very quiet
with thorn. Several of their members nre
It....in  nnd   hoard   for    stonily miner*.
Apply between Spokane   nnd Washing*
itreet,    No.   4209,    near    Murphy's
Brewery, or this offioa,     Mrs. Northcy.
Ml". Heniley is iu the cily from Iloze*
•iinii. M lit*, sluying with her son, C. M.
"Iensley, who is vert-  ill iviili the fever.
dr. Ilensley is the miller win. lost  lev-
r.il   liniiera  in   the   lllnck  Hciir recently.
iHonland Lodge,   I. 0. o. p., held n
peel I meeting Wedneadiy night for the
nip ie of putting on floor work. There
two 2nd and five 3rd tie
lt Will Reopen for the Winter ad_onday
Kvening Next.
It hm heen fully decided tn reo|»n the
I International theatre on Monday evening
next with a strung vaudeville company.
Mr. John Cnssidy will be the manager.
Among tho people are O'llrien, .Jcnningi
and O'lli'icn. Thi* team will bt* remembered ns old favorite*! nt the International.
Mr. Klockinnnn tins been In Bpok&ne securing attractions and yesterday ho was
In Seattle. ITe loft Scuttle Inst evening
for Victorin, where he eipecta to sign
some contract— with sumo goisl people.
1-i.r. Klockmiiiin cits-eft. to gire evim a
lietter performance thia winter than lie
did Inst.
Vou cannot get a olgar in any bar in
the city lor less thnn 12 1-2 cents. Then
why not ask for a cigar tlmt is worth
thc money; a Crown Orant or W. U.
Crown    Uraat    Cigars,     Blue
FOR SAJ_—The building and fixtures
mi S|ioknno street known us Dan Iacahoy'i
old place. Inquire at J. C. Spellman'i,
.Notice to Mine Sujacrintcndetita.
ere on.* 1st,
tec* cm. ncl in the amplified form.
Daniel* inul Chambers hnce inst recoil*.
tl p.irt of the biggest ehlpmenl of wall
•iipcr ever s;iil to this provinoe. So fnr
let*  have  rceeiccil  S.OHI  mils,  nil    1IKI1
1.111. f. Mr. Danieli nyi tin*,   is hut 1
•mil] portion of their Order,
Jaa, I'cu'son, of Russian.| Minera' Dn
whn hns been working ll I lie II. C.
■- in the Boundary, haa gone t. Van-
..r, where lie w 11 spend tin- winter.
I le says thnt he is surry to gn ju*t nt
this time, for he icuil,! like t.. ct-t .1
I ot.- Iur toua on p.lling d.iy.
Mile*   McNeill   War    Instantly   Kiled   in
Siinipti'i' Camp.
Ity n  fall    of   loon ground  Miles McNeill, a mucker   in the   ll. ('.  mine   in
Summit camp tea* Initantly killed Mon
day night. -N. Qreen, .. ihoveler, aai
penned in by nuk, eaiMing •. fracture "t
flu- riglu thigh. Tin- locldont happened
mi the third floor of the 180-foot level.
It look thi re*inc parly Iwo hum-* to
ejctrlcatc Orfen,   who imrt- the interne
sulTt'ting* willi  ..nnage.
He was briiiig'nt  to Greenwood hoepi*
t.d for treatment.   MeN'eiil   leave, two
lirtitliem in  Unite, who hate Ih-.-ii iflvi*
itl nf hi* death. II.- wai a member of the
Greenwood    Miner.'    Union    ind   wns
buried   under the niispi.es  of thul   body
When you ire in need of a competent
inginier, blacksmith, pipcniaii or ma*
chinist, tho Meclinnio-i' I'mon will be
idcusetl to furnish ynu cumpelCnt men.
Atidrca. W. IV. Duty, Secretary.
We Know
Of no other way to indorse our clothing than to put our name and trade mark
01 it. lt'a just aa if we raid "We warrant this garment to be all wooi, Bewetl
with silk, made of better materials, and
in better Btyle than you can get anywhere
else nt thc same pdice." Tuylor 4 Mc-
I ... imi It Turf bxchange.
cm,u.iiiiu avi*.
Best Meals in Town 35 Cents
."Iks  La noKB, Proprletoress.
Windsor Hotel
First Class Accommodation
Prices   Moderate.
W. G. Merrymathe, Prop.
Makes ■ specialty of
Columbia Avenue
Cunningham & McDowell, Props.
A vote for (lullilicr is a vote lor
Little   of   lini-.11.une   .Small
Lilt—Oilier Itemi.
Ihere was vory little   of   importance
|nic up Inr 1hsi1.1s.il at  the last meeting
the Miners'  I'nion. There wns n very
■od attendance, with President O'Brien
the chair.
A  communication from the Lalior Ca*
tie was read an.l lile I.       *
Should lull at Committee  Rooma.
All elector* 1 lit crest ed in the candidacy
of Chris Foley tire rc.|Ui*»li*d tO call at the
committal moms of the lul.; 111.lt nl
laabor i'arty. There is much practical
work to be done yet and it is necessary
lhal every man should do his pan
I'nion men shuuld purchiae Irom our
advertisers. They apprecinlc thc World
and arc your fricndi.
me nne Resiiunm
Having  changctl   liun.is  is now  opened
up mulct- iit-tv management nud m the in
luu- mil be nm in Slat class style.
llu-  labile will be furnished with  the
lu*.1 tlu11 money can buy, (everything in
Having had a long experience with aome
of Ihc best dining services in the t...
minion, wc feel confident of being able
to letvc the public of Rosslnnd second to
none.    A call aolieiled.
KINCHLER & CO.. Props.
Columbia  .Winn'  nest to I mde) Mt. -
The Collins.
llu ut-In** the 11 M 'lli.ui.ls ol
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
v i.i 1 v   im 111-ti..! mom.. In connection hesled
11 Ith hut sir
PATTERSON & Co.,   Penp... Wsshlngtnn St»
es • • • • • t ;
The Ladies' Store.
Iltijr a |i;i»-k.ipr of Scotia h-PAiUrhr
I ov-uUts and take thrm into thi. nunc
irith you. They wil! cur* liradachr catii"
Trice 23c at T. K.
I •nn.tiiti.r ■ 1 iimi   Dlacnunt nn I a.1ira
and l iiiiif. n . I n.i'iiif»r and Mnalery.
I'ir.- 1 j*i".ta and   l»f raa   I r Imrtllnf *..
Stamped 1 loo-do   L'i'.i.. na and I *• r«
(liv* mr m call and >ou will find Friers
Way Down.
Linton Bros.
Mrs. M   Heard
I Iur.* appear* to Ik- a large surplus ..(   ed hy powder smoke,
'sir in the Cripple Creek    di.trict.   so  Morrow's.
.it the di'tri.t executive has been com-) ————
licit lo si-nil out the following comtnu- '    •*» v"'* 'or Oalliher ii a vote for Alic
.iti.'ii In tha .lill.*.rut  iiiuuiii I Neill.
iiin.rs Attention:   I un bstractad h]
etc. nt te board • '! thl Cripple Creek
strut. W".  F.  M. A. ti notify unioni
Hinted with theH . F. If, A. th.il there
more miners in Ihe Cripple Creek
►nut than can hud employment. The
uses fnr this .si.,tc of al! It. lie Itl Icllt :
Bat   tha   citeii-iic   advertising   whirh
di-t.i t has hid all over the l'nite.1
sic, which results in bringing in many
^■11  Making i-niplti.tiiieiit. and, irt-tind
cnn-.-iui.iii.-ii of many of the big
Itp.ttu-. thus throwing nnny men out
I employment. You tvill not only be do*
is a favor, but also your |.wn mem-
by giving llu- ip'ti.c a* 11111. h put..
|ty ua possible. Ki.ii.inallt  yours,
C". tt". 1UMIKK. SeivTrMS.
is '.111. Anaemia. IVdii.
das* of seven candidate* was initial*
and  after Ilie  r uluie  limine—  wis
|.|.. <* the Union adjourned.
A vote for MucNeill is a vole lo perpetuate wrong.
t harge It to Siupidilt
Wholeaalr anil Retail
I'ainta. IHI.. V.ralahrs.  II..,.la.  Wsll
I im.h snd P.tni.,.   Suprllrs.   tll.tr. *
l.lan Inr I'.lvi tt.n^li,.* .tt.l lit...,.(.n.-
rfllce se.t -i.tee ti.tttr * a Cha-whrnW
.loci. 1* i'.tlti..it.'s Ave smler ttumiolain
Kspir-xCo . ultlce.  TeJcphuae So. ll*.
♦♦♦♦♦MM!!!! »lt
■ i.* fw Oallibcr is a vote lor M«>
I vole for Ma. Neill is a vole to peril c itrong.
NKW   I NInN-   lt>l:MKU
IWivlcru  l.n.o.   lu  Ha- then lu
1 i.y I'nc in October.
When t...i *••*• mrn. slmng, aid.* bodied
l».-cu.g fur work, nr bread, diarga .t to
ip.n uiutiiiiuu
When    yon  '.-e   wcsllhy   nil. r»   enjoy
life, and hud worker, rktng oul I mi-wr*
able cvialeiite, t harge it to the nun .........
I    tt hen you *** your ctuldtrn toiling in
fa.torv. held and mine al an age when
I Ihey -Jioiild he building up iheir bed]
land Iheir brain, charge it  lo Ihr uiu.r
! ttben you <w the rich en'nuna. .Iidnted
jby aoriely and lite petty ihu-f m.-reer
, al.il in prison,    chargr thr   lajastfcs Iv
uiiorgani/nl lalior.
tt'nen    von     *tr    wnrkingmctt    i u.l.l
palatial elables for Ine ..-inltttl ol Icfc*.
white Ihry and Iheir fa....I.e. Ine hutulde
hut', rtiirge H l« lhe lli.k Int
When   you ace lhe aged worker a-" lo
the  |>nnr hollar,    then    to    ilie |Mii|*et".
glare, .barge il  tu tl.e «xah.
tt'nen     ji.-lsc made    law.    prrvrnt   the
ti.tikri. ft..111 cxerci-ang their nunta. »•
1 live  men.    whrn    *n railed    uul. |*cn.lent
llllliani are treated like *Iave«. when all
the tonal »f .apital are array—I aeaitial
: Rossland Hotel:
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.
No. 36 Colombia Avenue.
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
* t
You do not have to patronize J  *
«. I'ltic-c* I .-iiiiulrics.
Labnr U inn Directory.
Officers and Meetings.
Meeta every second and fourth . ne*.-
day in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
each month at 7:30 p.m. in Aimers'
Union llall. C. Bohalm, Sec.; A.
".'orris,  free.
Meets every Friday of each week at
7:30 p.m. in Miners' Union llall.
A. Ferris, Pres.; l-'nink HrailBhaw,
MINERS' UNION No. 38, Western
"■'edei-ation of Miners—Meets every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 .'clock in
Miners' Union llall. Frank Wondaide,
Secretoiy;   Wm.  O'fltricn,  President.
Meeti. on tbe last Nunday ot each
m.intli at the Minera" Union Hall, d
P. Darkdoll, 8ec.; W. Poolo, Prea.
No. 252—Meeta the first and third
Tuesday ot each month at 8 p.m. in
Beatty'a Hall. P. O. Bpx 314. W.'
McLeod,  Prei.;   J.  Kloman,  Sec.
W. I.. V.—Meet, evert* Rattirduv ev-
cnbg nt 8:30 o'lok in Miner-* Union
Hall. r. O llox 11. I. E. Gum*.
S.-C.: J. If. Shrrad. Pres.
Knecutive Hoard: E. C. r>as.r, Rosslnnd; W. Davidson, Sandon; M. Kane,
Ureenwood; IL II. Dimock. Movie.
PAINTERS' UNION, No. 40, l'nintei-
and Decorators of America—Meets in
Beatty'i Hall on second and fourth
Tuesdny Wednesday of each month.
W. b. Murphy, prea.; Oeo. W. Shinn,
NEWSBOYS' UNION No. 3-Meeta in
Miners' Union Ball on the Hrst snd
third Sattirdava of each month, st D
a.m. Mike Ouydotti, Prea.; Jay Bar
ton, Seo.
—Meets second Sunday in each month.
J. H. Fletcher, secretary.
—Edward Boyce, president, Butte, Montana; John F. McDonnell, vice-president. Virginia City Nevada; James
Malier. secretary-treasurer, Butte, Montana .P. O. Box 307, headquarters.
Room 12. Owsley block. Executive
Hoard: John C. Williams, Ureas Valley,
Idaho; James 11. Furey, Butte, Montana; W. N. Burns, Onrav, Colorado;
Chas. H. Moyer, Lead City, South
Dakota; Clin. Foley, Rowland, Britiih
.la-ii.-s Wilkea, president, Nelaon;
Jamea Devine, vre-preaHent, Rowland;
Alfred   Parr,  leerotarytreasurer,  Ymir,
MKIIIAMtJs*   I MON  NO.  94.   tt"
.11.— Meeta .vi'ty    l-Yiday    cvctihg    i
lleatty's ll-ill. I). C. C.iakley, piesident
\1.  \\ .  Holy, scretnry.
l* Fast Line.
      ."0 ALL POINTO.
Saint and Best.
Solid   Vestibuled   Traina.    Eleotrio
Lighted.    Equipped   with
Obaervavtion C*rs,
Pullman  Palace  Cars,
JUegant Dining Can,
Modern  Day   Ooeobee,
Tourist   Sleeping  Can.
Throagh  tick eta to all poiata ia   Iha
United  State, sod  Canada.
•ExcepO  Sunday.        •*■*-*!  ossr  Btetria
E.  W.  RUFF,
Agt. R. M. Ry., Rowland, BTO.
J.   W.   HIl.l,.
General Agent, Spokane,  Watt.
Aast. Gen. Pasa. Agent,
Portland,  OregoS**-
..Electric Laundry..
T C*:'*.^^;:::> *
Printing i
-i . ..-!  ia. .lit.. * fnr  i*. . in ...    the
I*.*-i   I'rl.tlng   lar   Trsde.  t .......   and
Secret StKletlra.   Ilngrstlng.. prncureJ.
Seal, and llitbher Stamp..
None Better     Solid Vestibuled
Traina,    Palace   Dining  and
Observation Cars.  Meals
a La   Carte.
Dirct connection at Ht. Paul, witloot
change ol depot, with all trains tor
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, .New fcork
and ail |>ointa west aod south.
Close connection cut and west basna
trains at Spokane wth trains of the
Spokane FalU * Northern Railway.
Leaves Spokane daly for East 11 li
Leav*«s Spokane daily for West 7-30
West bound traina make direot connection for Victoria, Vancouver, Portland, San Franciaoo and all pointa aa
Uie Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth -nth
the magnificent stcsmsoips North-West
and North-land, •( the Northern
Steamship company line operated ia eea-
nection with th. Great Northern Mad-
For  further  information,   mape,   feld-
F, i en, etc., ipply to any agent of the   Ha—
kane  Falli k  Northern   Railway,  Ka.o
*  Slocan i.ailway, Kootenay Railway k
Navigation  Company,  or to
F. I.  tt"HITNEY,
tieoeral   I'aasenger   and   'lleket
Agent, St.  Paul,  ilm.
Commercial Agent, Spokaoe, Wtat.
O 9
• Jerry Spellman, Proprietor • X
Oood Work,
Keaionable Prices.
Cor. apoksa. .od osl.wl.ia Are.
i | T. f. 6RAIUM, Proprietor.
Canadian Pacific
n All   Train* from
l*u>l .las. Mlecpil.
♦ j   \A/.     H.    JONES |  KK-I'-I-MOKK AMI KUUTKX.VV l.ix;
* *     ,o li. Ctuaill. *v., K„...nd. B.C. J | Alw Jol ~ |   j  . 1;> ^
X     *4t-***********+******t*:ic'
++*+*   *
*******************+*9****   .M"lulit
nm    Ihinmnrv  Juuctmn    daily   Imm   at.
!'»"•• -saturdays lor Montreal ami IU»tna,
and    'Ihur.laya   tor    toroale
Your   Photographers        __■
Do nothing but tlie Very Best Work Every Time
— IIhr t.uler.    when l.t.nd jit-lir-. supposed
■ ..ilu ers .Hid orgatn/ci. ,.|  ll.c W. Ilo Is- imitirluD,    Is   guldeil by lhe un
". have nol been Idle in doing tbeir worthy.   a*Na might rule. nght. when
to bufld up and nrganuc the .lifter    rcd-h-a at   Ian* ls*.omits toe llpillalll   a
trails in ihe nul—araet   Baca the laiary f-.r ihr i*mr m indulge in. wih*
ri'IM.rt live Utc   Invn addcl l» tl.- only • few Tliing-a anp right    an.l  •
all luing in Monlana. llulle luiiu-l. lltiiig el*e I*  umng.    then    iharge il   I..
Ine,  that   of  the bar telulen.',  ahaii tha nun uni..m«t nr Ine de.il. and ... 'ar
I .VI   Dm' as tndii*ti.il t--nditiona «■> the*   air ppsi*
lirorge ti.a'ly one and Ilie «.»»• thing.
We carry a large line of
at Baiters List Prices.
i Grand Union
- - Hotel - -
nkr rprpiyi.!> neoi. Rio..
i | -Some    nr.
<•   earlier.
paw    i't'Vflstokc  one   o.y
Ttt» Finest nl Wines, I.'qnors and
I' .n.c-ili.- uni  Impi.tl.-il I'lgais.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
•♦♦♦♦•a ********************
Vou wanl s l.ah*   . —* sn.l you wsnt
the beat?   ..uli i. *.. Ity our
Union Clears
.,11 ttltll a lil.-llllHT-hili
, I,, led were: Pn-idcul
luit.ri vinepmldent, Frank While;
B,ini •.ctetnt. Hum Kaarns) nr*
| nliity,   Felix   DeKitre.1.   li-  -
lieu   I*:   Muitpc     Ths rrgular niei.t
lijlil*  nl   the in.-et.ng  will  bl  imt   I
lipon   *i* -'"in »" t'.e  c-.u.millee   »|e
fctl  Iur  t'nnl  p.in»>»e seciiivs . hall.
n    ,,.u„.    Hi..    Bates'   I Hum    »t
Falls,    and tin-  Wood,   Mire and
ll Ijilhers'    01    the *».t.ic pic      .»
mn  ll.e    Hotel ..ml   Ri-I.uiiaiil    ™
hate Mfuiisd with It momliem,
II... to Kill Yuur Unu.n
If the nth.<*n> ••! your union dn their
di.lv tt.lh cnlhu-iiam. .lister thrm «ith
iM-ang ictnaled by selfldi BMdfsa,
If any of Ihrm nuke a m.Makr my it
•a...   dolls   inlentinnslly.    |*T*rfiw    chargrs
agau.*l lulu ami have him hrtuulit Is-lope
Ine Inul l„«ard. iven .1 hi* ctp-r .. «.t.li
I   ..tic.
*-ay that tuiir |tn*a«lent i. in. ii-il.lc nf
pm-iding -.ver a tiller of blind pup"; thai
Im I.O the lumbcniicn 'nate .l-rne   ,„„r amytafom can BO mure wnlr lhan a
wise,  sturting ot   mil.  u s-sl inciii*   fgfa ,„n ,,|nv OI1 , r„mel. ami lhal his
■"l1* records ate s* inar-riiratr am a  kangaroo
s plnrc* Ihc iuiinl>rr of lo.sl uni.tiis   *, ,inar„P(„|;  ,)„(   ,„„r finsnnal .-4hrcr.
he W. L.  C lir ibOVI the I'.V, tn.tk.   ,,„   „„  In„tp    ,-1(I,„r    xhtn ,   XnrXiP   ,Kn
moic nre c.lining. „.,,-.,   |a*| faf  „M fa „,|,rr. (,„,,«-    m
*"*"— little of I'neir pMticular dilli— *> a cal
Ci-mrs and  Cigsrs.    '. kaoWl of «ubnw>nne |.«r.imot..m
Tell evriT nne lhal the union i* Ining
In the drmnitmn Isnr Iwiw*. ami that
ptrhaps it i« just .1* nrll a* it -t. i.! did
anv gnod anyhnn-.
II.   «ute   ititl  .nli. ire  it  and  all  of Ihe
■i  *eii*»li sml out of *<i-.n:   but
5 (I .M
Qent'5 Furnt5hin}f Department.
New Clothins: Shoes, Shoes.
IhitTiralU   l*ni"ti I.»1>rt CilfAla "  .J* KInr ilr
Wtictla.   i.n Vint  d«  C-Bbt.   Kl   Cnlutital
lm.oti—* -Lu'«. rtnnii teiibtl dgAn i. it-
■ 4Utir. i.l Cor una. A ft h-tin IhuU -a. (ialrlti
The Queen Cigar Store
Ciiliuii'.la   Atcinr
.;->.;.;.;.. . .
hen    vmi  n.k  fur a cigar win* gon'l
in.i«t  nn   a  g-totl  one *    Vine r.i.e.
of ten  you  udl Im* nlfrrr.!  |  .Ip u-.
i mnde  cigar    unlc.a  ymi  name    the
I wanted.   They ail   m«t   you thn
is money, gomi or bad.  v.* t«hy nol
a good one.    A-k fur the lie.t Cmn-d
n>  ...   V,"    11.    V..11    it !•■  ■
i('ng  i.   home   ini lit***", I '',  il.
this  Ilie  neil   li*ic   .   „   i.k  ffl|    "s
li ynu are naked lo help mend ttiinsr
mi* lhal ynu hail nlher dulie. lo sllrnd
lO benea hate n<< time lo drtnle tO Ihc
intercls of Ibe organ.ration: but Ik.
lure lo  find  tunc lo crftjciM*.
A'l-Wool Serge and Wor-ted eml. In
Navy lllue. Illark .nd .Mued, IIO.ilO lo
9MM. All Wool Twred suits, nobby
pattern.. tlSOO lo pi.u. Ilnod Knock-
•newt I weed suit., gS 00 In f 10 SO. Al-
Wool Finis, HM to HJ0. Working
Plate, II oo to g2 0n.
New Overcoats
la WklproTd Imeroa, Meltoo. ind
llearfrs, |I0», »|2*0,  |||.oo, 916.00.
Wr sre wiling men's shoe, below ro*t.
Men'i Split Leather Shoe., fl lo II M,
Men'i linined LfStte Sboei, f IM, 01*63
0I-T5. Men'i lim-i'il Nailed bboea,
Hon, r. .wi Men's Oil drained Nailed
Shoes, S300. Pine Walking Shoes,
from 0100 up.
Hats, Hats.
Mens Kednra Hate, 11.30 to «O0. Men's
O.iano list*, 19.00 to |39>. Men'i Still
Mats, 03no lo 0390. Stetson! lists,
•3.00.     All ilylrs.
Men'i Kihhed Cottnn. per iuit 01.00.
Men* Ribbed Wool, ,*r ..ut IL00,
Men'a lle.ry Wool, per suit fl.SO.
Men'i Tan snd Slriped, per iuit ttM,
BOO. Men'i Wool Fleeced, pe? iuit,
I.' •
A IIH Mh.lt.
.   lor y.uir Kaatefn trip la to see i'>at m
'. i tn in naw hi
iMuia Depart -
8:00 For .Scl-on. h.i-l... Ovcadl, tirasd
t.x;sun.   Fbrte, Uisrawood, Midway, Mi
lH:oo  L.r .Neia.tii, Haadoa and .*.,,.,■
1,all*>*     I" -,    Itcciatuk.-.   Mam   |.„,P
ami I'.i. lu  I .i.i, .,„,( iia t |,,w ,
Nest Roata i.t all r.ia.icni pointa,
For tinn* i.ihltta, i.k «. ami all informs
inm.   i.il iiii -.1 aiii..* .aatial   lotal
agent, ur
A.  R.  ll Keturie, i ity Agent,
A. (.'.  iliAiiinu-.  Depot   Acent,
lto»si...ii.i, it r;
tt. K. Anderson, K. .1. Doyle,
T* P* A., 1   U   l*   A
Nelaon, n1'. Vancouver, nc
i SpsKane Fails & Kormeni.
Nelson <& Ft. Sheppard Ry.
I Ren mountain Baiiway.
* "Ibe only all rsil route between sll
X points ...-I, west snd south to K..ula_j,
a Nelaon and ill intermediate pouti* ion
necttng at Spokane with thi Ureal
Northern, Northwn Pa-it. and O K
k N   Co.
Connect, at Nelson  with .teamen far
Kaalo and all Kootenay lake points.
ti.nm-.is   st   Mycr'e   Mil.   with  stage
daily   lor   Republic,    and    connect,  at
' ll.is.|.uig   wilh    stage    daily   for  lirand
Forki ind Orvenwood.
Kffective duly H,   1000.
Men's Naw lllue, 75c. to OJOO. Alcn'i
Fanrr Mned. 01.00 to 02.M. Men!
Self Color,, Fincy Col lira and Wriiti,
02.10  to 0300.
I atl «tr««.seil ll„..nl|he ttnoO lit. rail, and
Jumper* .1 coat.
Day Trim.
10:30 s.m.
7:30 p m
ll.-v. p.m.
" ■«. p -i
11:40 p.m.
Night   1 ram.
8:00 pm.
9-.U pm.
7:08 Tm.
10:00 p.m.
0:30 ita.
Qsneral   I'aswnger Agen*
K.  W.  RUFF
Rosaland,  B. 0.
make!     a     stylish     garment.
llu- cutting sn.1 fitting sre
quite is important as tue ma-
li.t your clothes ma.le her*
sn.l all three items will be
til right.
Uur   price,   ire   not   tu.t   high
for   v..ii.    but    they's   ju»t   high
en..imh   In   insure    y..u   he   best |
Workmanship   ami   material.
1 ' —
Taylor it IHraQuarrlR.
RO   5I.ANU, II. C      P. O. Uoa 3. 18 COLl'MIIIA AVK
'orcelnln Bath
Bridgford (*< Herring,
ill • t ilondt*!
♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ TH INDUSTRIAL WORLD
SATUR0AK November 3,
W* mean tu make lungs over; we're tired
of toil for nought,
With bare enough to live on; never in
hour for thought.
Wc  want tu  feci   the  m.llitliini*,  we tciint
to tamed the il.iivera;
We'll sine that Cod has tvilltd il ami Wl
mean to huve eight hours.
We're nimmoning uur forcii, from the
printlhop, tvlmrl' und mill-—
Kighi hoiUS  iur  work,    eight ltoiu-s    Iur
rest, eight hours for tvli.it we will,
'l'he   bciihts  that   gm/c  the  liilltiuli-,    thc
I.nils that wander free
III   lhe  lile  ihut   Cod   hns  mctcil,   have il
betler  lot   Uiun   tic.
eh !    handa und hearts are weary,   ami
hiuiics  nre   heavy  with  dole)
If life's tu be tilled witb drudgery, what
need uf it human soul ?
shunt, ahoid th.-. Inity rally from factor)*i
store and mill—
The very Mulies  WOUld cry nut if luliiir'i.
tongue were -till!
The voice of tind within tl*  i- culling  u*
to itand
Erect,   a- ta becoming the work of   His
right  hand.
Bhould he to whom tlie Mate Hii gloi*>
inn.  iiuuge  gave,
Cower,  tlie ineunest   nf  His creatures,   a
bread  nnd   butter slave ?
Let the shunt  ring tlincn the vnllt-ys. nnd
eeho I'runi every hill,
Eight huuix for work, eight lour* f.n rest,
eight hums  Iur what  wc wai.
Where Doei She Earn Her Living V
Given,    tirst,  a   monstrous    tatablUh.
! ment   w'liercin  everything   und  anything
may be bought; second, a shrewd manager! third, a [email applicant for employment; fourth the offer of a salary irf
I $1.50 per week; fifth, the protest ot the
applicant; sixth, tin* inquiry of tn0 matt'
ngor whether the applicant "hasn't a
friend to assist her;" seventh, the ultimate acceptance of ths position; vitfnui,
tllO query, "Where dues she earn her living ?'
The striking iiiilliiien nl Ssn Francisco,
Cal., appear to bo in n tair way in win
their  strike  uml  un   early   .eltleincni' is
Owing tu ti cut ill wuges iii  III per cent
mnde   by the Page Holler   company ut
Nnrtvicli, over '-110 men have guiic out on
Political Economy Taught by Clirist and
the Apostles.
The following i* a chapter Irnm "Costa
Chriita," by Charles I., llruce, a bonk
wh ch Dr. Slocis pronounced worthy of
being circulated by tin- million, lu this
chapter the writer treats gleefully of the
teachings ul The Great Reformer in
their rclaton  (o political economy.' <
"It is not to be assumed, a* is dmic by
most writers on this subject, that the
modem form ol the di*tril.ution nt we.tlih
i- the lin.il and perfect one and that
"ociety as it now is substantially what
H  must be in  all  coming ages or what
our la.r.l contemplated in Ilia future
Kingdom ot Heaven, n regenerated io-
eicty ot all men. A Christian writer in
the early Middle Agett would have had
equal right to as-uine tli.u society tnu-t
always bl made sp of landlords owning
vast tracts uf country, wl.o protected
their vassals try large bodies of military
lotlowers, and ot sens bound to thc soil,
or that jo«tice in regard to qu.irre!*. over
property and lund must alw.it s be gde-
eided by lhe judicial dud. Neither of
these condition w.t* ilins-tlv t-un-hed uj-on
by the teaching! of the Oreat Reformer,
yet the principles llc taught mult grndu*
ally undermine Until thc feudal system,
belonged to that stage of human progress;
Ihc nodren industrial and commercial
system may be equally a phase ill the
gra.lu.il change or advance of mankind.
A condition of society in which enormous
masse, ot humtin being* arc bom to an
almost inevitable lot of squalor, penury
and ignorance, and still other multitudes
to incessant labor with few alcvlatiom or
enjoyments, while mother eonilderable
class, with little or no effort of their
own. have all the blessings of lile snd
transmit them to other*; iu olhsr word*,
in tnlustrial system which leave, lo the
lew who are giflcd with tin- brains or
enjoy the lortune to lead in*1n*trial enterprises, the power t>. reap the benefits
nf labor, while the jnsny ivlir, toil only-
gain a hare pittance; a society which
preaenls nn the one idde enormous •accumulations nt wealth, whda on the
olher It otter, cla-ses ground down by
porerty ind -pint-tied with want, Is certainly nit Ihe Christian ideal of society
or any appioin-h to the Kingdom of God
on earth.
""the grent morsl p-ogress of Uie future ot the race will plainly be toward
some form of a more equal distribution
ol the prorcol. ..I labor. What fnrm thii
will take it ia aa itnpnwihio tu pic-lnt
Is il woOld llRV-r bi'vn [>»' a cititcn ol the
R .man empire nt t'tie time nf Tncitila lo
predict the prc-ent condition ol Kurn|**e.
II we read Chr.-t- tea. lungs with per
feet i-andor and aa fnr rtiiinvcd liuni
present habits of th.uight ils pOaSble WS
discover a continual tendem > tonal-da
exulting pevcrty, liiliiiltlmg weidtli and
equalizing the conditions of life. Tncrc
i. a certain tone thriiuglit.ut the Coa|a*is
if not of comiiiiiiustn at lenst in lavor of *
greater di-triblltum ui' tvcnlth limn
WOtdd suit tniNlcrn idea-. Christ nnd the
ap.a-tl.-t warn incc«**aiitlv against riches.
They praise and commend t'ne pnur;
their  siiiputlii.t.  nre  strongly    with    Hit*
working clin**.-.*: tl.cy my.* continually
the 1111111*11111   nf   properly  In whatsvsr
way would iM-netit  th*- timid;  they wnni
thOBI Who   du    Imt stutter tlieir at quisitnns
anuiiig iin- nssdy; iiut lesvi ilu* impnn
anin lisrywhsrs Unit a greater cquliz-
ing uf human gmiil*. a modSTBtS n.spnt-i-
liun ami n raising up tn.iii puverly la
demanded. Tin- psrsbli >.f Luarni bna
be... t...i often interpreted under modern
condition! und   ■  mat well be that sotns
explanatory features given by Christ un*
OUtttsd by the liistunans. hut it* literal
int.TjM-rt.ili.m pluinly contains u pica
against the great ill. .p.ablii-* uf toittilu*
in this world.
Of the Independent Labor Party of llritish Columbia.
Full..wiiir is tlm platform adopted by
the Nelson convention nt nu* Independent
Lubor party ut llritish Columbia mi which
Candidate Chris Fume suuurcly sluiuis:
1. Free cuinpulsurt eiluculiun.
2. Legal working day nt eight hour*,
3. Government buweetinn ui all Indus
4. Al.i.l.iu.u ol cuntiact system on all
public it inks.
5. Public owner-akin ol nil franchises.
0.   Prohibition  cu  Asiatic  immigration
and the regulation of ull Immigration by
mi educational te*t aa t.> immigrant s lit
uess, und the abolition of ull speeiui in
tbiccmcnts uud privilege! tn loretgn unmi
grants in settle In the Dominion.
7. Abolition ui > i.il*.! lanor under IS,
8. Abolition "i H.e |8B0 depoatl n
quired nf nil candidate, tin* Hu* Dominion
0. Compulsory arbitration of all laboi
in. Prohibition ni prima labur In emu
petition with tree labor.
11.   All Illation day* lo be inn.le pub
'ic holidays
'?.   Abolition of Dominion -eiuitp.
For sale 2o,ooo Shares
Carnes Creek Consolidated
\p&WQW t*M<*#t**'S 1 iiwunttiK-
"'o  tlie  Elector* of  Yale ("anion:
Iu requesting your support lo my c.ui
lidacy for the Dominion House of Commons, il is due to you that 1 give public
expression to my view* on the sevir.il
plank, of thc platform of Uie Iudcis-ii
lent Labor Party;
1. Compulsory education l.ai l«*c«ine i
rcengnitcil nec-aity iu must couiitnc*
and as such has my  hearty eadursemiiil
2. l-cgal work day, 8 n-u-*.
Modem inteiiiiin haa -o anonnooaly In
creased the productive   power of   man
that his wnnu can he supplied wt. s
fraction of the time .md ellnrt hcrelnf.tre
necessary for that purpose. Iails.r as wdl
us  capital sll.ui.l benefit by tlu.c iluuiged
eonditions. The t-hoor law is a step in
thai direction and I shall heartily enfurer
any   lcgislntinn   looking   to  that  end.
3. Government inapei-tit.n of iudu-trie*
Under modem ci-t.numic condition* the
maiiugeini-nt nf industrial concerns figure
on rcmilts, not tbe metliods by which
tbey are to he obtained. An oversupplicd
labor market enables Ihem to inn**.- un
employ.s any cottditinna they may
deem nerouirV. Proteal as a rule
mean* dismissal from service ami pmlwlde
want to their little ones. In throwing I lie
strong arm of the law about thc-ao children of tni'fortune you are ..mjdy f.dlnw*
ing the teachings of the meek nnd luttlv
Jesus, who slid suffer the little one. to
rnme unto nte, for of such ia the kingdom
of heaven.
4. Abolition of contract ay-tern.
Tin- ahum-* thnt liave grown up under
the   enntrnrt  system   «s  outlined   in   the
first issue of tin* Dominion Labor Onrette!
should    Marines    even    tbe    hide-bound |
pirtinui   nf    tl-e  necea.ity  of    tbe    en-
nit incut of such a law.
5. Public ownership of franchises.
Our ex|ierience  in   the control  of    the
l-i*inl  department,   public schools, public
highways,    municipal   light inn  plants and
waterworks is  sufficient ground   for  the
extension of lhe sstnc system lo railroads.
telegraph,   tclcph.mc,    end   express   liuii-1
new.    The experience o(   people in Near
Zealand,    Au.tralis,    (icrmany and el«c-
where lias demonstrated Ihat these tunc-1
lions  enn   lie  performed   Inr   the  govern* I
ment with a very great aalvanUge to the j
people and I mo«t  heartily endorse legia* j
latum  looking iu  that end.
f, Prtihibit'on nf A-iatic emigration and
cdticntion.il  pst.
The DUMBOS here In Inrge numliers of
this noiia-wim.lating race r>d.« Canadian |
Inlsir of ils birthright Every Mongol
landing puon our sl.nio lessens rather
than incica.es our pnpulnlinn. Thc white
lnlsirer which he replaces would a. a rule
marry and settle sm-Mtig lis, inerea-ini
lln- population by at least three. Tins
means  lo  the merchant    leas mouths to
teed,   ami le*.   backs to clothe,   t.> the
doctor   less   deman.l   fnr   hi*   services.   In,
the tmnipoftettofl oompanlas less traffic,!
tO  the  dentist     less  teeth  l.i fill.     t-> tbe
inc.-hiinic less buildings to cm-t.  tn the
real estate denier less demand  f-.r prop- >
ertv including le** force fur tb.- sime, to
the  fanner less  .nie  fur produce,  tn the'
DSWSPSpST   nmn   less   j,i|..*i*   to   be   snld,
to   the   preacher     smnller   comtrnritions,
nnd to the bootblack fewer *hno« tushine
'n.cir    |*r.*aence      work*    injurv    In    all
l-untlic. of the economic system.     I oppose    their   craning    here    nn    the same
grounds   I  would   ntqkase  the   taking    nf
more   past-sneers   into   an   open   bnnl   al-
ready loaded  to the sinking line iu mid-
Pncitic.    Kveiv    IJliiu.iiiuin     m-cupying   a
pnsili'.n   in    domestic   scrvii*-*   interferes
nit It tlie ii.i.n il law* n* nptdying to the
Indutrlll    luttlv.    cubing    nur worn.*.,  of
enipl'.yinent  nsturally belimging in t.lu-m
to  the  rxlent   tlmt   for every  Oliitiainnn
so     emjil'tyetl    some     one's    si*ler     tail iiigltter i. driven  to |ir>>stitiit.intt, evolving   n   rnee p. ■''. .....     destinetl    In   bTSSd
seal  of    l»l — -I   and   that  will  mine  day
mantle Ihe Canadian check with a blush
tor his country's ahiiinc.
7. Abolition of child labor.
Au sconomio system thai drives the
child from thc cruilk- to the lactory to
Oompitl with its own ftilhur is certainly
ii..* i.viii!u*.t.* child of uu Industrial system having greed ua its basic prjuciplce.
I.* ,■:   lalloU     .. I    ll*.;      1,1. ■;.        .■).; ■,■,., [     t0     tllis
tvid  receive   my   hearty   sup|Hiit.
8. Abolition of thc 8250 deposit
Under c..minions where ull are amenable to the law and assume the iv-.;-'u
siliility of defending tlie vouutry's flag
aud institutions idl should be eutitlctt
..hi..* to u-puc to the highest lsisiti.ui iu
the gilt of their count rynicu witliout being taxed fur tl.e privih-go of eo doing.
I  would repeal that law.
I). Compulsory arbitration.
Compulsory irbitration us upiilicd In
New Xctiluiul lisinis up on the horizon of
progress not us ti dream, but as a pructi*
cul method of reconciling the cuntliclmg I
iutcivsis of lnbtr and capital, ami is
destined,  I think, in the near future (II
applied) to prevent those i>eri.*iiciii Industrial wars and lend a security to all
branches of busiuer. such an is impns*ible
tinder exi-ting conditions and us such
ns cues   my   hearty  approval.
10. All election days to be mads public- holidays,
I would alio favor Ihc passage of a lawmaking the CXI-ITIM. of lh. f r.l Utilise
i-unpul-ity (ur tin- following nasooi
l'nsi Money ,.in and <)«,, porahlsstba
etc* of the drunkard, tho n*wer hog and
criiiimal. the vie of the Intelligent
but indilltt'iit t-iliKcn woidd rounti-r
balniice tin* evil, and I Ih-Hovc it is a*
much ths duty of every dtixen la p*-l i
his vote as it i» to pay his tnxe*. In nuking thi* a •"lnpiil ..,y duty ynu nn- aim.
ply eomis-lling Inm to dn thnt by tin-
ballot which he is already cotu|irlled to
do by the bullet-defend tlie inslitutiom.
.if !::'. enn.ilrv'.
12.  Als lilit.il  . f the Senate.
I look upon the upper house as a n*.-
lens and extremely annoying political
luxuiy, ai a stumbling bl.wk to pi-nero-
«ive legi-latinn, aa a home for |*i!itital
Imbseilss, who seem to have rssOlisd
themselves into a |-*liiiaj inquJaitinn,
who pounee ii|«n every pr*tgre».ive me.i*>
u-c Hint |t.i**cs Hi,* |.,wrr hoii-*.. l-rin,! it
as hen-»y and  prncced to pmnounre the
sentence of potttiea] damnalfoa apon "11
veonlingly. and if any little effort I can
make can aa«i»t in exterminating thnt
•iristorrttry in politic. I ran aswirr ynu
it will be exercised with the greatest of
ideas urr.
Trusting that my hleaa nn tlie -art-cral
subject* will meet ynur views, .nd that
I will receive your suptxirt. I remain,
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second near Washiugton.
V. & N.'Phone 68.
Wa.hlngioa si
John   11 .yc, l'ropristor.
Ai'  iiii. tiui.ica-.-iss or tin biasoi..
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year.
Published by the W. F. M., Denver, Col.
•subscription* Received at the office of ihe Industrial World, or at
l'he Office of the Secretary of Rosslrnd riin- iV Union.
■^♦♦•♦<>*t44^<^»»»»<»«-i>«-»»*K-*-»» iSK^X-V-*^'-**--?!***?****'*'^^
Q. W. ricBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
• -i '•• "•-•-• K— -— t-.-- ■ :--• ■ --; -a o,,..4.?.i^1Kf.^,i^l,
•   t  • l-g*»»» ■»*♦»■»♦   ■#"?"   —   •   —   . — »■;-       -•■!^*******i
Hot and Cold Lunches
TWe l-lacr lo grt the He*l Meal is the Cily
p....up. ketvlct,
Mealr '.". Cents ind Up.
Just Arrived. ,.lmsm
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
!*»saaaaa>aaaa>a>a>a>»»M» ♦♦■»gs»»»>»>»»»»*>»»»»g>»<»>» ****
* Smoke • . .
If you sre looking for a location for a
home you cannot do belter lhan consult
K. Charles, land agent for tl.e X. 4 F. S.
railwiy. He can suit you in every parti
rular. la.t* In the new addition, suit-
aide for any purpoM- can he porcliaacd
fast now on very rraamiablc terms. Th.
lots he ia now wiling are on the lunny
side of Trail creek.
.   . Union-Made
105-107 Columbia Ave.
"i.n.  Wool ni.iiik-i*. enXwi.
i.try   Wool  lllsnkets, DUN..
I miilnrtcrs, full airnl	
K.'lct.liiwii Comforter... ....
tlrey Flannel	
KltSSy  Hannel	
Iltottn  C'.tdup.y	
Iletet.ilile Cretonne*	
iiuiiiig Flannel!	
llmiM- lining at	
All "Wool I'.nk Flannel	
I tiilsi-.li  Holler Toweling  ..
Apron itiiighams, 30inch..
MM pair
..9\M piir
.13.00 each
. MM each
...Uc yard
...2Sc yard
...30c yanl
..39c yird
....So yard
....8c yard
—5c yard
, ..16c yard
...30c yard
l>i   yard
Erect Form VY. B. Corsets Fit Like a Glove.
ilh-e International
keeps the Choicest and
-Coolest Glass of Beer- j
In the CHy of RomUbiI.   WRY!   Because wr htvr beller Cacilitin for handting il. and j
m-H tt U*iet than mv othei t»ar in town     B«rr. • i-a-t b*rin( tapt>cd. irtBtn* n- ntrriti and j
flavor for a limited timr only.   Krrp Our in mind when you U>uk for a i i.t. r to rcfreah
youraelf.   Cheqnt* of all knowu   imti-ra   iailn*d»  contrertor* and tmainrM mrn are
awhttl at thrir J i 11 Faci  V. 11 i tn our cf&ce. at ary hour dnriftg thr day cr night.
Family Llqmor Store
CLoicest Wines and Liquors for Family Use, at the
Lowest Prices.    Nething but lhe best kept iu stock
 —• -**+++**-»*-mm*-******>4 »■»♦♦*•♦
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery'it seldou
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
* I ....................— ..-«....,... | ..... -»..,....
Agnew & Co,,
Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery and Glassware.
Third and Washington.
Telephone 19
There is no mystery about the
circulation of
Industrial World
Average Weekly Circulation for August,
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. C| that tells its circulation and backs it
up by  allowing  advertisers the  privilege of
examining circulation books and records.	
TllK WORLD'S advertising columns are liber-
llyi.   atronized by all of Rossland's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
see for youself. Ask for Rates.	


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