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Industrial World Nov 21, 1900

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Vol.  2,  No.*Z2.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.        Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. M.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give per-
feet satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to sec the Cold Air Wast Heater.     Full
Stock of all kinds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros,
Our Display
of Warm
for men, women and
children, from
60 cents
Up to $5.00
W. F. McNeill
•** **************** ********9*a^m^e**a^r****************************
I'd it. il ll.
.1   I*'
'e.l   II.une to
ni   ll.e   laiiv.
I..I...I'.*. t-.-i >*..».■»....■ ..-N** tt"	
khi.MAAIal4*lalal   .
99999M-i-tMsr-I^O r
Cure Headache Caused by Powder Smoke.
Sold ouly by
The Druggist.
1 *
I* to  the corner of Queen
street and Columbia Ave.
W. K. P. & L. Co's. old
Rossland Drug
: Company *
liltANIl liAllllI!  MKI-.TIXli.
l-\.l •
(Supporters Will
Mll-S    Mot 11110.
..    frill
"      TIME FOR
It is mw the time of year when the
weather is uuccrtaiu. Sometimes
damp, sometimes dry, sometimes
warm, sometimes cold. Be guarded
against colds and wear suitable footwear. Wc have just thc article you
want.    Prices are always right.
...... ...... . . .
At Friday night, rally of tht rupportera
of ine I-sit •tva I candidate, John McKane,
the l-otwervativo nominee, threw the Lib*
erali ino a panic by reading tbe following litu*i, wimii he claimed could in*
imiii-i on tilt- ut Victoria:
Nelaon, It. i.. April l   I8H».
To tiro Hon, Minuter ol Miner, Victoria,
ll. Ui
>ir—Wv, thf uiiilvi>ij.'tii'il busman men
ut Nelaon roopeotfull) h>% to nun you, un
our representative, to do everything tn
your power to prevent tht* diaaater, which
ut* [ireaee ta uo .ind the dlatriat in whidh
we pre interacted, Uuvugh the enfotva*
lut'iit ot' tbe legjaiution paaaed nt tin* hut
-1 - i-i. ot ihf legialaturc affecting mm
hoius oi underground labor in tin* tnetali-
fero ik minea,
Ki-om Kin intereoune with the minora
in ilu' neighborhood of tun* town, we an
convinced that they luivi* been initialled
with tht- wagea they* have been earning
ami with their lmui> ol ItiUtr, iml hi hii
uur knowledges m the oondJUona wa be*
lieve ti'.ii they .im- better oil titan the
minera o\ i lu- t nited Ktatea, mnn when
manj «>i Ihem have come in order to better thou circumotaneea here. We nave in*
\t*-it*tl om mouej in tin*, plaoe, unit have
sik m unit li on ita growth .mil proappritj
from the increaaed working ol the preaent
nuti, 1 nol im* development of now ones
nuti I- us we believe to be the caoe, thia
into ferenrc ol tin free right "t contract
ui employer ami employe »* \*c rated ">.
wv a ticipote iliii pn-' ni operat'ona will
Iw gnatlj redueded, anr thai tin- opening
01 new minee and the development of the
countty generally will receive « heavy
blow ft-Hii tin- frij
■ad man
Ujghl Hour
ll.- Op
Laa for
[mood it.
I cil  Minora,
I The Strand
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Har in Canada. : : :
A Kins I.ine of tlm
Promptly ut 7 o'd.s'l. tin' iiiciulu*.-. .u
the iiirious Inline orglllltttioUl unit all nt
.Mr.    Foley's   support!!!   tit   SXpSOtld
Is.   n  line ut  thl  Mimrs'  Union hull
lal..* i'.ul  111 1. iiu.lister ,*u-i.l.
met in*.'.    'I'lu*   |>it.'...le  it ill   lie    foruicl  *.t
the  lull,    I*.*-   up  t'ohmihiu   iiveui..-   to
Bpnksni -i..*.*i. np Bpoksns t*. Kicst sis*
 ,   Kit-I  .itcnii.*  to  W'tLsniiiirton  -tiis-t.
Wsihintton strssl  t.»   Onlnmols simum,
< * 11111111.1.1   ivcnui    in    St.   Paul    sir.s*(.
iilii-i* it will   countsnntrefa to tin* i	
uutt *e rooms, ami from then* nil SMOll
the < .-ti.litl.it.- to the 'null, when he will
a.I.In-* the a.WmblSfS, lloth the I'tile
J  *'      hsndl  nil]   tumi.l.  inusie    an,I
.ti...i.il t.. spptsr in tut*
proccsion sdth tntir bsnnsni   ind   (he
.mini*. I*   ilettutileil   with   btdfM
li l.ul been wppo*ed thsl Hon. cl.il.e.l
Sill*. 1 woulil u< pnstnt, tint it fin* la«t
minute I..* rslhsed to sppw, md II is
prohsbls lhal hi* hroiliei ni* It. II. here
will ippesr iu it., uncivil, ot the Liberal
can liiiaii*. ,\|i* Mt Kane bas il-*- been In
ni.-.l  an.l  is  lil.e.t   tt. lu* iic-t-nt
Ki-.iin .tt..  itsndpoinl tin- wil* bs   ■
most   imi■...i.tnt   msstins au.I onTi
i-..t r of tin- indspsndtpl  IjiI.»i
.late  1* c\|s*i'tct|   to  In'  |trt**clit.
______ 1
The   Minister ..f  ll.e  lutennr S e.ks furl
(.'.llll..'.   K..I.-1   Present!    l.ili*.i'« Bide.
Then w.i. 1 it-.- crowd it tie* kfbsnd
msstlnt In (liand wrist llondsi nithl 8
S.   Tuylur.   wl...  1 .oins-.l   to  .1   i.e.   tin-
snd  M.u*
the  l* ns
ihteninssws) ol ospitsl i _* r '"'' • ■ ' ■>■ Ubanl esndidste, . ..
.wu t„ l.. rent timoroM   7" J1* Hmktr. snd he hm „ r.,„,|
uhi.lt is will known t      . .	
ul,.,* Utere .« danger ..1 labor troubles ""••"■"•■ i«*,.»iiv uu.l.* 1.1 i.ii».*,i .,...,1.
l'he I.*,.it- which wo inthspsti uould is* ''* ' '•" ,1"' i,Ik" !->">' «'•>* ths nstonl
su ruinous i«. ..-. whosi Dunnea 1- dspen    '!'1""' •;"'.1 •'">. »' lhe Lilwrals.     A, I..
.lent   npon   tin*   |U.^|s.|*lty   .nol   illowtll  ut
tin* nupins niilii-try aiul tu the   i.-t. ..t n.
.-.  Whole,  that   wc cannot  I.s. stcitll|lly 1.IV-*
you   to   leati-   t.nt'u.ui:   uml..i.e.   01   In  lake
.int   actum,   how.-11-  )>tr..ii|i.  or  iinu-tial. I
I., prevent sny mterferenee tvill. the !tste
of t l.>i.i*r» which has hitherto cisicl hen
wit    It-...till   to   the   tclalltui.   lietuicli   .-ill
|,lny -r uml employe
V.uu-s obsdiently,
(ttignedl    VV,  A   uAl.l.lilKK. rt ul.
1 hi* rhnimtsn  an.l  secretsiT    ut    Mr
Siftnii   follow. .1.    iml   S|stke   1,-lely   .'oul
tl.e ..it.ii* hms.   Mr    Pblej   »-.-  I.e.. alio.*
etl   IL   ......ct  .    .....I   ...   4   l-attilotf   *|te.s'll.
ten ill WM |i ilictllalftl t tlMlU..us.t hi
l.lll>t. of ..iv'.ut*.. Irom I 1- .lell.nn-ll..
tne *ii|iia..l.*.**. S..I.1 he ha.I not i*t|*s*l.*l
In upenll "ll tin* «s..i.t.»n. a* the uie,tut!
W.i.   a   !UrpT_e     Within   .   few      .11111111",
Choicest Liquors & Cigars
 ••• • •
X  ilall-lici -  1 oiiitmltci-   den)   thnt   I v.-
• i ai}-.. • 1   stit'u   a   iM'tiliou.   Imi   Mi.   Mt K.iu
•'   ny. that   In* ha- itiilciuc to *uli*t.1ui1.it
*--*-"■■ - '
*.*■-— :' — *	
^__tZ ______!^^^Z
it ...11 . iiaiii nut-  the   Ubsrsl ■ ...iiuui,.**.•
to   an.l   a   ili-hv.it   IOC   \ 11 ton.1   In   uiu-a.
yl.te.      ri-i*  .l-.tllcni.-e  has  not   t.s-.i  a..*-|.l
<>>i. ,0 tt.at it uu... I** pnsnmsd that .1 .,
Vou'.ant « laib*
.h.l.,.1*    ...
•*■ -   ,n.t you want
l.iir.' tiy nui
i 1 lion Cigars
I Fancy Biscuits and Jellies
j* j* **
Qusllty Tell* snd Rrlnx* Incrrsslnx Trsde
lh«fs Hot. Our Trsde Is Alwsys Orowlnic Ijsiger.
W,   h.w   )uM lecrlvett  a  l,.«e
INmhii  ami .■.inle.ti.tnelv   lo      Cm.
a-rcv-a-l 1" hate ton ..II an.l , t.itnti,
h.l,n,r,.l illierl
dam   tlir   I.1..1, ul the Toloutu
lam, antt   i.ltia.   which t.r  wu.il.1 tit
V>t AIM I.. Ken,*. Ill, V. CaStMMN   t ...i» ...
1.1 Ihr UM ....
124 Eaat, Columbia Avenue
Deaiaatk Dadoa i.ni-rtctKnt-1 im Hiorrft
Viiml.i. l.i V'lor il-   Ctitm.  Kl  Coluuiiil.
l"i, oit' 11 ii,'t,ti I'm.hi liUlncm,   l..ir-
raage ■ ■; 1 Ooraao, uHcoOsi i>u*Jr«,oaicict
The Queen Cigar Store
CtOW ft MilKHtH. Htti|»9.
Kiliniil'ii   Avi-ntir.
Foley Will Win m Oanbrook,
.1. .1. Miller, writing to thr World from
Cranbrook, noya; "A** t.ir m* \ ou uudt-r-
utand tin drift ol the olectora of Uran-
I't-i". Mi. Koley will itand a d"od nliow
••I arinnhig the raea hen■. beoaoat, oa your
i«i|n'i -sii>-. ii arotdd be .1 vote thrown
Mraj to rota tor Mm Nt ill. in-l there
aia   Toriee   hnr   who   will   OOt   voto   fin
t;.iliilni   Bom it ui- for youraeU, If yon
eend me •' few copiee of yoiu* paper l
uill   pom   them   .11,mini   nmontt   thi*  Ixiyt
lii-iiv   It   1 Hiiiiot   do auy   tiAnn
yonra truh, ,1. .1
$t^B hhirte fa Ne
]  tfinnin
.tt    Qolotoad   «iol
From $i per Suit to
$19.00 per Suit	
.. EMPEY'S..
If you will chose your
|| Xmas
II Gifts.,
From the largest and best  assorted JEWELRY
stock iu the Kootenay's give ns a call.
Our premises have been enlarged and show
to advantage our much larger stock "**" **-
always   ready to   show   good
  We are
and talk of iheir
The   Leading Jeweler.
himfvir,   hr   u,,»|d 	
■ a gth A- uoual, he foond tlmt
(►"Iiii lane wvtr making love t,» the h ,»i
in gman, Thia waa tba rame t.iV ih«t
had been i-nn.i mi., theh »«ra idore thr
rreatian »i tin* -*<»rlil   \.i«   beeauae tb«-
uoikoitf   nutii   wan   Dplifttng   lim.
iiwob lu- intrl',,t I.,. )I... 1 ooao I- if re
Kdtilrl   a*.   .1   *.,.  ,,livt     ||,.   [UpBIIIHIll     thr
other •i-t.ikri-. it* .iv |1;, irrival hod
tnun,inici the refonna l«aor'ai had • »'
•* *l "in no- tha rommoo h,nl <>i -.11 ,
i»ut foi \tln (Mil he would rvJaM
i.oiii.r had not done, oi llu [aeealer h.id
■ecoinpliahed Utile aad evenr oonenoajoa
Imi| been made to < 11 h tu* \,\**r m kef.
An alien laboi law eadotad, bai 1 wn <m«
u-*i* ••*•-, .1- .1 iow*e tall •■■ .1 lowMBOthres
Imi.liw    it     t.i-   Imt   i*nl,.I,' ,|     ||t>   ipforrr-l
•o loot \*.o - itrtka Tba gotten »f humnn
■oriel) In M rhlfin. ho oaW, had beaa
»'ii*ptn,| io -M-un-*- navaa to r-aplaia atrik**
nn: miner* ", tht M oaa The f
tt--t»« brooihi In nndei aimed • *-••! 1 nul
amiagrted to ti"* nMnt^ »•• raplaea Cajia*
•It.in laborara .n orork t'««t mtt •
.. heritage Withal, ti*r govariuneai .w m
tawa 'I.l nol Interw-ne a ^1 it»-r the
etrflte had i«-ll*it*«-*l II'* *-.»mI th* apraali
, f.ii tin- enfoeemni <•! t**•* law mttt »'i In
tin      \111l   th -   «i-   t   I'l'iiti,   •!    ■■-   'hr
iinninrt^t 111 termed by tha -v"*'*•*ttimi*ui
(md .1- it laarmbled IflDjOno othera -»ritM
la tbo yorthweat Mr Volty wool nto
ihr 1,,,-1.1 atrike --f tha \Htmn > m u -ii
. rmt'ii, ,ii«hiui(  thnt   the jownimitit  h.\*\
done noil) tm t<« proUrl Oaaadlana fmui
iiHinarol Orirntal horde- Mr, IWej ■ «
t-i/>»i| the l.ii"iV» foi not restricting till
m-w iMnnmi.it ->ii tad dwell artth Iheir
fiiilun- t*» "I'l'i* ti"- Hatal o1 H<* '•■"
ft-msi i>> th*- Rpartaele I a'avea aaralafl
|1.7fl a day, bring broaghi ii.t,- oomtwtl
liim with 1 knadkui labor «t "••* ■"•'k-**
ovam -«t Knur 1%aae lUasa, hr oeetaiwdi
-lul not live hk-i- white rmb, »* tbrj nb
-*t,*,| .11 .l?\ btvad »'"l -iaJ.- 1 hrr-i- and
dmve *'iii-i'l'm« ott'i )mmmmt
Hon. tllffotd Nfttn   foOowod
Dtralghl liberal ixiitv -ti-***--!!. bai -I"! *»•■>*
■oeeead  m mnkma a  nrr$  fateewa Ira-
Tha meeting broke op late In th- wgnl
Fir tho la*l ynu or tu,. Cut* Northwrst
Tt'rritoru-K ha\i> Ih,m etrug^tng with an
eJght*bour Liw for coal miiittv, nimitar t*t
our law for worken undeivruttnd i»
meuliferoua ninaa, )■> ooaaaetion vnUi
tht. matter tho epeeeSuM ti oevataJ nuin
ban "t tin* territorial AiaenUy aro in-
teroeting. partii u irlj ona oa two tnaoa by
,\. .* Stt'ion. wlm appaarad ban Kridaj
nm it aad -i-ktii tha aleeton to rote for
Mi   UalUber.
Kmiittrn intuit I.- igo tho territorial
h*»t datura paaae,d ..t the raqoaat «•! th**
working minera, aa eight boor lea Tba
measure "a* mo*A Ihh,*h> op)h)*m*o by Mr.
>iii hi. iiiin, i>\ iIh way, ha ww to-have
bean elected q ').« ll \\ .Mi NUI t'onl
rompanj of Uanmpra aad Anthrarita, and
is looked uptui ai tin- pmtrUil raproaw-
utive ol thai company, .nul vben it w.1.1
rvi.liii thai in -j.a,- ol oppoaiUoo tbo
lull eooJd paao, In* attoeaptad 10 have h
■mended *** ai to aOoa the ndn tdnal
nun-r to eontnel out ,>i a mul work m
ui.niv houre u b pteaaeo*, Thla ninrntl-
Iment wan defeated, aad nt tbo neu t*o^-
doa ■" ii" aeneaibty, held Iwt April, *
loll aaa introdaeed rapeatiag it"* u».
riiw received ii"   bearty nupimrt of M.
w I- repnblfah in- ipeeoh m jwrt   in it
iPI'.-iKii in t'ne Kimm* Utnlcr. April Jill li
.Mr.  A.   I.. Niton    add   tint   tiun> luul
«l<*o*ru 11 ■•■11 ItaqaJedge nml otin*n* hml
Donfeeead tbeir tgwaaaee m toumit ta tba
menial raqnlraaaMta ol tba eaae Maa
tioa bad bata laada fay aaa ana, aaaaber,
that it .viu hn|W—Ible lo makr 4 Uu -•
tlmt .1 numboi ol man ofaeald ••""*■ hmior
lionr>   thnn   Otbetl Ilr   inmht   -■■ -..   ih.b
ever, thai thai aaa tmmi «n» na_y dona*.
There orwi two ckaaew ti mea eallda uun-
or**.   'iiifi-   wtrt ii"-  "'•• pn»|H-r,   iIh-
ts-t hn" .ii mfaeta] •••"! than ware atfaata,
who iltboogh hey worked la tbe adae did
not tlo ihr nn num. mul tniiHit Im* eaflad
helpen N*-** tboae arlaal nlaeaa wbo
aorked elghl *amht boara, tlul tm' in 1** t
work mora torn* »>t <»i nevan, lhr> wtintnT
i>\ contract sad roald ->top wioit tbey
iikr,). in hr miace la ->--*■■- ctme*tfaanay( be
waa informed I he) worked -nt nnd * twit
jdiam"t"be electoral? "*** '"""■,   r,,,M' w "• **.****
with obeen for PWej n- »#• 1 .1- • 1 flal
Hon    (liflonl   CoTcdf    |Mlo»   gad   I.OHVO-*
for  Hip COMA,
1'"i*»t« 1t1.1i ...n oroj raea on the fooea al
the L.WruK here raaterday afteraooa A
i*»>u inqniriee devdopad tbe fad thnt Sif
tt»n rimfttad thai hi* pirn waa hopeleaa-
ly '-, ;,ii 11 mul thai in- biteiraed to ahaadon
the ctntaal Minrr-,' Union hail bad been
engaged for Hmrwta) nighl for ■» big lib-
oral nittiim and Mi   Rlfton had been In*
vit,'I   lo MKak   tt'tio   l/ili-ir   iiini'tm lo
nlfht,   sifinn. however,   refarad ta t»"k
hie   ll im tot mn   in   ■ im um   <"i   a   hopeiOM
li^ht nn,? tn- leavm lonighl foi the ''»fu«t.
u'tii-ii'. he Raya, be can •!<» nana u"««l lull!
Rui-rerd lineal liberala, wbOa diacuurag*
ed, ny thei will continm tbe ti^'.t
tho m!i thr meetmp inlM for tint week
nml 1.1 \t have u rn    inoefled
(nr nn Hi***-* mea were rooceraed imthim;
lo ill,-it lh, in in ihr lull. Tlm mUiAl
imio 1- did not reawve   the •'•■»'     r*n-rt-
0PM  d tlirr ,Li-v  the lnl|-nc*.  who doi
Hm teat »<t ihr u-m-k    Mw * ran ihi* trurko.
tlul ir bolatiag aad -< forth.   Sow it wan
neceaaar)  thai tin- ••!«-»• **i    o - m
work Iwo ■'■•in-  « "i.n loafer   tUn iho
lotbrre la order t" |aapara thr moir   for
H„ris. aad "tin  oatttoaa     If   Qm nun-rr
1  -rmhl  hotr* Hip hrl|i*tr H<>ni,|  hn\*
|fl   Work   lm        lltr   | l-r**r|i|    Uw.   hOWWWif,
prevented thla,  •- h applied to -ll wbo
woraed eadergi oi    raara *»n» mmthof
point* to hapattaal matter tn brum totbe
m ol lb   hoaea, tir. tlut tlm oc-
IimI operation of hi laa wn- Out it
i-pil'il tho miner proper lo work bai   rii
boaie    lo ibe Interaato ol tbe uhih-m a*
I.    tin-   "Im.iiM   10.t   Iw      p. r« iiullv
• km   eirh mi| <"n»*"'n
Hon, hml never had tl" '-^na
*<illiit«'l   I i»     ihinich   nr  .I|.'»ili|   III,-  t<>
•tr ,f the I- --■     llenad boIb*
Bnonrial -i otherwiae. In regaid to
Hn* 11.,n.t   1.nt   1 ti.mht Im* ciueetad h*+
-hotiiil etpbla wh* io    took bia pinwntt
x\• II, " *• n   qoeeuoea "f
I'lHu >|'l>-    Involved 1     nml    Iho     i|iimtinn
^Imuld bp jm'ifxl mt pnmtile tit nor thno
ilfeeted * pariirabu ladtvidaal »»r
• iitimlai romdltaenc]     Mr tank opp<
•li-ii   to  thr  riffhl luHtr  Um.    n«  il   hn-t
i.***.tr th,,i hoii-****' baraeoe it wa< aa ab-
-am.bit lir .t«'i i»-.it ibal peailina Thnl
hoaa  ixt'l rn* moral tmht lo mek out   ■*,
• or* loM   •■*"     peaaNM     niul   **nv    the*.
dioald m-t n.oii .f limn 1* tbe) pWaaao,
l-tii-uliim !*■ Miming the gon
• Ml Intemtn ..1 Dm   I  n * It woaM
l»P   ,|lflere||t    i|   tin-   titflit h,nir   Uw   i;t|*ll-rit
rvrry bod)      h    Ibal    qae^ina  **nol,l
 e up be mmht i*l«-" aa eatiraly liflot
,t   utltade nnoa It.   It *.-* 1 aamtmn
thnl "iiim nl tlir*** daya mJdhl ■■• I
thr i-unttv. bai when tbe boaee |.rf-*oim
od   ■' i-t •■"* *"" uiiti'tiiti tnm tO'i 1 •
legiolate npon *"< ll ■ nmi
onl      and la        thai lhal   rim-*
•hoold  m<l   Imt 1   ihr nrhl   to * •
•In*   Ilion hp mnnl.to"-! il  •» i-« In
•■■_  uith  lae  "rft.t*  ,.l   1  tMrtKnilnr
Haoi ■•'    ladh daab     N-«i  Ian  ibal ww«
. . .1 *h'.tihi \*v made <<f geeieral ipplk «
lion ihroaghoet tbi roanl
Hhm two mrn.   Oolliber
ma ■■ 1 irTe-ni tpnm    Om     In rae Tpn*
tnn Nt 01 (Mt-'im nn  right Imur I <-'      'i*l  I'm
other i" ihbi pnirlnee petltkmlna for th*-
r*.|»',l t Bnother eightnooi law, both U*e
demanded b| and i-n*M*il nt Ihe reqaeal ol
the     minera      Notbadfl aunding
both aim   t« 11   the wurheti h«»w
•r.roiit  the)   ik  dial aaa1 d lowarda Uinii
mul  hoW mmh   M*    ' H  do WtP
Hip    ilpar lirtiph OTWa,
Kolej In Roadaad
Mr   Koley, Ibe ladefwodtnl l-iiftr mn*
'iolilr. will iddfaai n grnnd BaUM tnt*rt
ing ot hta "Op|for1rr*t in Mlaafl I'nion
llnll t into ll T-nM.rr-.tr i* •• ' h* ---t|
■ptib in apon-Hion ti Haa Clifford &*4-
nd othrr l.ilppmi i^iellbihdeni
NOIM   Tl  ."' \f  'll".
i   .1-110* limine returned from Rc-veVdoke
I laat   nmltt.   u h.'ie   he   )>n*\   Ui n   to  plnre
I Foley 'ii loon 11 iii-."   Ifonda*     Oalbhet
mol  lleKana   wore   il*-  iiotniti.tte-l
I olei   .11  the  Ibiufulnn
Tli« rim '   '■                     ■   tne
. t'. ' - *■! * . hi torn
■   I -       1 ■ -• *.   n *' ■     Phoenli
- -'tir ; - ■   .. • wood.    Monday,
Mida t-     I RhoH
WEDNESDAY   November 21, »M
The Industrial Worlds
sm .1        —
. \   Bcim*wti.*l,ly   Kdition.
(Published «t Uie Miner's Union llall,
HiMiS.iiiil, in the interest of organised
isbor  in   lu.iu.li  Columbia.
btered st the Uomlsnd, 11. V., poat-
otlioe for titHumiiHon through the
mails, November, IS'.m, aa aeoond-claai
r.ailing  matter.
It.  C.  Thompson,   Mdilor   and   Manager.
Office   at   Miner',   Union   Uall.
Payable Invariably in Advance.
One  year        fl (XI
bn   mouth!          1 28
U br. ii monthi          75
time denying them ths ri»lit to think un.
orgimau for themselves.
ll.ni. ciiilui.l Silton admitted nt lin.u
Km* is Hint iii t'egui'd to llic (-Iniii'*!' quei
lluu nu leliei need I..- expected tl'ntll
l.ih.-ul 1.1.rl.i.    How  do like Hint ?
(li coui-m Silton i* iii n hurry to leave
l-inotciui!. imt it. seems strange to think
lie   I *.«> .li-t-nlli-U||e<l  I Iml lie cn nut   tl'llit
Iur I'gulir truins uml hosts.
Stiiuine luul* the Liberal party u now
iTiely nud willing to swallow till Labor
I'm* y. plutlm-m, i-iiii.ii.hili-. MOClSlistU Slid
iill, tin't it ■
t'.lllllilllllC       Kolol
lluii.i.lu.*! lu.i night,
all lie.I      Hum     the
I.ilt..i   Noit- Iii
.iilioi   Men
It    *eetli'   lo   til.       ll I .ti I      lhal    ll    i-   HI
l*\.0*   ot    llio.l.-tt     llteiuja   o||    llluulltl     lll.lt   !  Ili^-ltll'UyS,
lit,**, iii.mt worklngmon nun. lining pen
m I..nul .uul   writing their view! on nib*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     jei'la  to  «l.nil  lint   Liu* Kit cn   lune .ui.l
Addreu all communications to tbe In- j thought, nml   these    views should  I t
d_tri.il     World,
Rowland,   B.   C.
r . t.iii .*    llox    .*.*-
Ths Industrial World      for sale it thc
loll i iwitii;    new,   .!■■;-.   .
•Simiujoii's   New,   .'Hind.
II.   S.   Wallace'!  Stationery   Store.
Linton  I'i."
P.  0.   New.  Stand.
llarr.   Cigar   St ur.
Kelson. '.' ]
Canada   Hook  *   Drug   Store.
Mciiae   Bros.
King k Co-
BecTi-tanc, of ill unions sre authoru-
sd    to
receive   sutMcriptions    for   the
.nal  importance io thnr fellow worker,
ll   III*)* only   ll.lil   i'ne  l.oiiltie**  It.  Willi* ami
editor  - .tl.i..*.- ' bend ai m uowi nu si I
nnd tin' consequences.     Tho cry ol the
lu  ini.kc    nur    Joumsl    iiilniv-lnm lu  it- j
ni«* iibi.i -*ln|-. ' 'Ioc msusger. ol tliese pan
i* pi] in tlteii utmost, bul lliey ii.nl it '
.t .hill, uit tu-k t*. even   nd ths member
■hip it. t II   tbe   ordinary hippentngi ..i   binding upon our
their n.t.le. .....I in. natural remit li that I ""•'■ i™-*-**"" '"■
tliv ii it advocate! have to nil i|tsce in
with tin* boat in..iter to ii.iutl. ilioiiitli it
may have no ipeclsl inteiwl ta tht wveml
crafts md msy lu. ol doubtful l.cintit to
tin- inn-kit- lu general. 'Hie unisl re
man, made in   ilu* nerveloM member .-
Tin ie  i* uoll *.-  tnt.-ix-stiiii*  In  ......I   in
..ur |i|ier." Ir tl..- trade unionist! would
ttltli itt.iko ,t I.leak inlo print, loll-In*
sln.i   a* Ih*1  tint   tan llu-i   would bl limit*
than —i.i|■ 11■—.-.I with ihr ISMllls obtlined,
snd tl..* mi.i.-i believes thsl eveiy lis*.il
uiiioii ihould acleit mnt fairly l.iml.t
ui.-.i.is* i asset ii  him the dutj ol
mi-ting   trade  or I.sal   ...lis  |0 lie   I'.ll.llsli
ml in llielr trn.le ).on nal. month]] 01
WtSltly ..* ll.e ...se ln.it be. Cur. Allien
tan   I .-.Iclatlolt.
ll.e   I.il.c...I   Spink I IS    k"< »*|»  liat'|.ili. ....
-.I,'., ti.,*..  t.iii.   in* given tne itoikii-
nlid I tullt to tue com .lt.it ml. Bel a- it!
£riit"\lortr.lt tue time tin- ...I WS! pSM
c.I 'nc World punted it .n.i .. iu.iia.isl
mat it na. of nu taint to .a   lorkera,
.--in *«• that  t.lllf   elciul ......I. nl >  Ii.n.   ■-
...ll  .|   Unit   plant-,  nut    ititn.-llli'.n  liiilll
mul thnl  I'm- ....It   •.ui.cs.lnl   ,.uu tliiitiiui
law   i.  the  militia   aft   and   .1-  p..ni*..u.-
lor  .lli.llg   out     ll.e   IroOpS    t»    supple-'
-siirik.i*.    Mi*it*'|..ii   ami   X.ilcili. *
Jiissl  examples  nt   It.  pl*nili*.ii   taltie
Evidently John lioustoo u< karntd
thai he ctiiiiH.t st.iul nut nguit-t pul.li.
sentimenl   without   Mag ■ iMxed,  ind
thnt  wtrclv.  lie l.i* In. ii . i .iv.l-ltHI.nl
I.. .-Mil others, ,»<l ........in.si hi.uselt
.I...U- su-sj.i.".... that nnw In- l. surjlsed
snd hurl ttl.cn a-k.-d tn like . I.tt i* nl
Iii, ..wn tu. .1...i.e. tic I..* tCaO li-tirm-d
th.t  his old  lull I.l ./Jl.g iu.-Ut.ad. don't go
in Nelson .my moiv. Thii i* .Is.ut .11 we
r.n find ii a it... -.luu... wIuih- which Append in Monday". .*-...* si ill* Iuishw
It wi<l bs noticed that tin- min argu
n.ci.i   ...hn... I bj   \   I. Nlfloa if, nsl
ttu- |a.-»i(e ..I All .utl.l lu.ul law lot 111.
cool ll liter* 111 tin*  Vutli.c-l. an.l ot   Hit*
!**-,.'..»., .-.unst  tl nld hour l.w .huh
tittlldti-r -n.-u.sl .. the same, vu . thnt lu.
l.vi.inture I.a- It..* iiul.t lo .i.tciict.* .t.li.
tl.e light   *.'  .*   'i   man to .talk  .*• man)
lion,, a*  I.. .  ... u.    I .  oil. ilri,*
W.ll. the right  "I  .....tract.
Cisara and Cigira.   m
When ynu aak for a rimr why don't
yon in.i*t on a good onr ? .Vine cs.c,
out of ten too will he offered a cheat..
scsb made riger uni.*.* ynu name ths
kind wanted. They all cost you tho
■inte money, food or had. N'.»w why nol
|rt I good onr. A*dt for the hr,t Crowd
Out c- V." II. Von w.ll |bsn '. en-
ecu 19*09 i home imlia.-v, 1.11 ri..nl.
of thi, the nest time ynu i'k f.-u "s
-i -'•■ .Inn.
Inr   Mr,    at    ||.,l*i,..„|    A
KOK S A I.K -The building and flitnrr*.
» Spokane afreet known a. Hat, Uahryi
Jld place. Inquire at .1. C. Spa'lniaus.
91.23 .hot.
I«r    fl..,    .1    ||„l.l,.,|    _
Mul... ..r slim.sl sins* Ju e til.. Smith
Outi.. -'.I.-' tn,I lim' M.nm. IItml
..... rrwsid mil bs paid l.w thr.r iiltii
Iv  - it I., r ih.* lal.nil ar l.ai.>t  |nrt>    Ml
Comilil.' I lea.itl       ll   i.|l
" •  .   i..1*..  psity  »lll imt |1V
an> te. anl i,,r than aid til    frtaadi
'Il.r l„l«.r imiii  c.n get .l» « nrj wr I
Without   thru.
i-i. \ rmiuf.
cMnditions. The 8-lionr luu- is a ati-ji in
that dii-isttion, and f nh.ill hoiu-tily en-
fonts- any leglslntinu lis.kiiu; n, flint end.
3.  Qovernment Inspection of tndusfanis.
ITndi-r modern tttnomio oonditlons the
m.iua*.'enii.|it of industrial conosms liifiire
oil n-HiiilM, nnt the ni.-tliuils by wJhiieli
they are ti. I.e obtained. All ut-vr tup*
plied lalmr lujiJ-ket ciial.le** tlw-in to im-
-..••H. nu enipltivivi nny cuntlitiniiN they may
deem necessary. Protest ns n rnJc menu
tUimissol from service ami pro-bible tnint
to tlu.tr Iin.l.* ones. In throwing tlm sii-ong
arm nf tin- law nboul than children of
mtatfiil'ttilli- yuu nre simply following the
teaoliiti!**. of Hie liuvk mul lowly JttUI,
whn Slid: "Stiller Hut lit tlo Ones lo come
iintn Mc, for uf sin li i. the kingdom of
I.   Abolition ..f contract sytitem,
Tl.e ahUMs Uht have grown up under
ihc 1'ttiitr.i.'t system is outlined in tlio
Hrst issue uf the Dominion Labor Cn-
■ette should oonvlno even Hie hide-bound
perttssn of Hu* mciaidty ni tlie iic.t-a.sity
of the cii.ielnieni   nl  siu'li a  Inw.
...   Public ownership of franchises.
Our experience  in  ll.e  .-.ntntl  of  lhe
|sis|iil  tlt-partnienl.   publi *  seh,...|s.   public
munioipal  lighting p'anti ami !
tiaifi'tv.oi.s  |a  siiilieicni   ground  for the I
extension «.i tin- .aim- ivat-sm i*> railroads,
'*  '*i*'!*li. le ,*| I  .nut  eXprOM Inl.riiH*. j
I lie   . '.!>. I leuec  ol   people  til   Net!'   /.I'.lklll.l.   j
AiiMtraliii, (iermany ..ml   elsewhere   has 1
demonstrated that tlio*,* functions cun lsi i
perfnnneil in ilt* '-"> nnnent with a very
great   advantage  Ui  Hu-    people,   .iml  I
most  heartily ondotse legislation looking
In   IIntt  cod.
.".   I'mliibitinii   ni   Asiatic   emigration
and .' IlliMti-ilial  tesl.
Tin- presence here in Isigt numbtni of
this non-assimiliting r.us- robs Quiadlan j
liibnr nf its l.irtliriiclit. I'-Vory Mongol i
linn*, lessens rat lift* !
^^^^^^^^^^ ptpiilation The white j
latauoi* till* -li bt. ivplaces woul.1 as a rule |
mall-y ami settle among us. increasing thr I
popuistion by .it lessl thrse. 'Iiii* nicuns j
I.. Hie in* r liant  Its— m.nubs tn ft-etl. nml .
less Uio^s tu clothe. t"> the .hs1.tr loss ;
iletna.nl for lus aervi*e; In the 1miiKjs.rta- I
turn companies less braiBc. tn the dentistI
it— iteii. m till: in the mechanic leai |
bllittllli*..s to erect; tit the tv.l! MtStS dealer les. demand inr propm-ty. Including 1--—
ftiife fur the san.e; t-t the f.irniet' I.-*
stlc fnr piMtlut-e; tn tlie uetc-iisiper man
le.s   pipeni   to   be   sold,   to   the     pr.-Ht-I.e.
smalt .-..iigrctfitinn*. ami tn tin* Ismtliliu'k
fewer slus's iu thine, Then- presence wcrits
Injury tu nil branches nf thr eeiinomir
symrm. I oppoM their ooming here on the
name Kruiiml* I would oppoel Hie ttUng
nf mnrr ptiswng.-1-s int.. an open Issit ll-
rt-aily loo.t.st t.> the *iiil«no line in mid-
Pacilie.  Iveiy ('l.iiuiin.in OOCUpjring a pi-
siii.-n iu iloni.-ti.. *vrv  Inttrfsrts with
tin- natural law-* us applying t.i thr in.lu*
t r i.il   l.uly.  robbing  >>ur    tvumen   t.f  cin*
plot ...cut naturally Iwhitming in them tn
1 Item"  that for every   Chinaman    m
einpl.lttsl   aailll.stue's   si.ter  nr tllllUtllter  i*
driven tu prostitution, evolving ■   nm
|W.il.l.!|n .I.seilHsl t.» bretsl MSt nf l.l.ssl,
and that will sonic day mnt.tie the Canadian .tii.s-k with a blush fur his country "a sh.t	
7.  Abolition of child lalior.
An  .son.unit-   .isletli   lltat     iliSve,     thr
OhiU   [rom   thr   cradle   tu   tin*   factory   tn
OOmpeta  with   lis min. father   is  ccr
tlir  hiiiliinate  child  nf .-in   li.luslri.il  litem bsving ini-cl fnr [Is lii-n* pr pie.
I-.-Vl-I it -"H   .lluu**'   line*     Q|gl0Sld   to   tins
will rrceicc mv hi*ni1v *u|.ja.it
Abolition ••* tu-- -"-'•'" >l i--it.
I   II 'er   i-t|ltll|ti||s   ului,.   all    He   tm.-ll-
mlih' t>. the htw and ..-.-stiine thr n-a.ja.nsi* |
li.ltv ..( defmding tl nun'- ilm ami
...si.lilt...to   nil   should   Is-   el.tilled   alike
to asjon. in thr hutlu-al  position tn  the
gift  »f tbeir countrymen without Ih-uw i
taxsd (»r tl... pnt.l.-ue of ».    doing.     I ]
I WOnld nl-e.il Hint Inw.
9.   C.u..|M.I*s»!y   Alhilrat.on.
IViinpuKor)*   arbitration   .,   npplird   in :
.S,w /.-..'.iihI hsim i np on tlir hnnaon of-
piogrtai in.1 a* a dnram. but —. s I,r"
I....I mitllffd nt toeOOCflillg tin* i.tnllu-tinit j
Is of t itul.il tn.l Islwr, nnd is .Ir
.unci. I think, in the mar future (if ,
A|ipl»*|i to )«*atn.i those priodicsl in.hw
tnal Wtn and Inul a xs-unty to ail l.rnn-
i'I.i-n of Im-ine-s .tich us is important.!.-
undrr rv.-t.ng i'.ind.l...tis. and ai smji rr-
..i.- mv In-.tnv ,i).|«sirtl,
p. \n ,|.*ii..ti ,l,v. to Is' mtdl public
I millltl aUi fnvnr tin* |sis..i*jr nf a law
I ln.ik.it** Ihr e.ert l-e nl  ll.e f.n'.cl.ise com*
[pulsor]  f-.r tt..- bllowing ressonsi  K.rst
Monet* ,ii. and d'.*, |«in u"' the tole* ,
i "f US' drunk,nl. the .ewer hog and criminal     Hie Mtt "I H.e intalligsnl but in.lif-1
(eiciil   ..I.nl.   Would  . nuul.-r lialnni-e  tin*
irtll, and I Mil,, il is ,. much thr dutt- ,
,,:   tuny tili.en   In  |s.ll  h.s voir as it   il
tu |..t   lus tax.-    In  unking thl. n ■*<...*
|prison' dmy >"*i «"• simp'y compeQtng
him to -I" to  th- UiH.tt th.t which lie ..
..Electric Laundry., j
You do not have to patronize
Chinese Laundries.
Qood Work,
Reasonable Prices.
T. W. GRAHAM, Proprietor,
Wholciali -nul Retail 4*
PolnU, oils, VaraUhaa, Bnubea. Wan   ♦
Ptnlah und I'liiiiin'.' -.iiiM'tici. nr.i.i- T
i.il.- ii for l*u|H-thun|{lnK mul Det'oratlntt.    *
OfTu-ip ami Storr : Panio'i* Kc Clttmbero1 T
niiifk. |8 Columbl**! ava muter Uomtatou T
U-prenCo.'i Office,  Telepliona n'o. i\t'.  J
fafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafa< *
The Ladies' Store.
1 nnnounct. ■ Ureal   Dt.-ti-ount nn '   i.h.'>'
unit ■- Inltlti -n'-t l iiiliTH.'tit   nml 11 ■ ■ — ■ ■ ■- * .
DraaaQooda *.n*i hu-*- iiiniiiiino.
SlMnipt'tl QOOdfi kllthnn« anil LOCU,
Qlva i.i<  ii '.ill .ui.l win iaIII  rind Prices
W ay lin-.-. n.
Mrs. bA   Heard
P. Burns & Co.
Rossland, |Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
KETAlIa MARKKT -Rouland, Trail, Nelion, Ymir, KsbIo, Randon,
New Denver, Silverton, Csecsde City. Grand Korki, (ire.'nwood,
l'boenix, Midway, Camp McKmnev, Keveletoke,
+ Ferguion and Vancouver.
X  Fish, Game aud Poultry iu Season, Sausages of all kiuds
I WM. DONALD, Mgr. -Rossland Branch.
+++++++++4++++++4++++4++44 4++++++++++++++-t ***+**+++*,
+++++++****** ft ♦-♦•»»  ++++++44+44+"********************
. ..Fresh Green Vegetables... |
miners, Look Here!
You need not loose a shift
to get your check cashed
during banking hours.
You can get it cashed, at
face value, at all hctirs at
The Hoffman House
0. M. FOX & COMPANY, j
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce.
Celery, Tomatoes, Green Peas.
106 r i*t Columbia Ave.
Telephone IW,
^^ .11  ''S-'
The Only TranBler or Kspre»!
I'.nn pun v in K.* flan.I that will
Deliver ynnr Trunk! Inr -'"i cts.
escli     Three tlnya itnrsne (ree.
Queen Cigar -Store.
Wc   WOOld   I.he   In   .sit   Ihr   »..rl,rrs   o
Rosrisad whal Ibsy thlak si lhe l..i.
prnf'-taiutis    nf      llu-u.lshl|.. Wl'lln     at
tile  nine tin.- ill  uliiri  pull* ..I  I It.	
Al.tU.'l.iy   llllt'lt*     then*   ..   |   .,,, All   l-nlsil
t.-te. I,il-er..l -i-, .il*er*, ...-I I.l.,*. il i»i|s*i*
...due in ll.e t.le-t ,1m*.* ..( tii- l„mr
cinliil.tc and his party.
• If Ihr l.nle^n.lent  l.il..r I'any of lint-
isli Columbia.
Kollow.no  i.  ||,r  pl-ifinrm  ...I..M.--I   by
the  Xrl-H.u  -uit ntion of  t|,e  Independent
Ifllsir Paitjt ..f llnn.l, (l.lumln. „n .huh
('.nidi,Int.. Clin, Kuh-t  -pt.nelt  .|.t„|.:
I    hat ooapalaor} ate
1   t.vwt.1 wnrli.ns "lay •*" rudil houn,.
.t   OoitMuiutul InapnUoa .4 all ladw*
I yhnlltloa of .-i.trAci   ..Mem on all
inihl.e tttilk*.
.1   I'ul.l.. ...nerslnp „f n|| fmnchi.«..
(1.    I'n.liiloti.u, „f   .\.„|».  laoaigMtioo
«.ni the owuttioa .rf «ii „„„„„,.„„„ by ;„,-^,;,y ,:,.MI.,4,,S, ,„.,„-,„.„,, muu
in Moaatloool iit.i is lo ,i„n..*rr.,n'» i,t. jim.i n„. InaUtntloni ..f I..* .-ui.try.
ne*; and thr .l.,|.|,..i, ,4 a*| .)«. ,,| ,n. j    li    ,U..liti.,i.  nl   the  .eiutr
1lu.xn1e.il. .nd pntik-jtr* I., fon-i^n muoi   '     ' ,""k "''""  ','" "'t"rr l"'"-'' "* * ,1H~"
__,„. ,, „,,,     _ ..     ***** 1 h"*! Aiul rvirnnrlv auiioviiiii |..|ti..ij lu,
gtWI.1*   In   as-tllr   tn   IJ.r   I luuiilnuli ,, ,,     , ,.       ,   ,
lury, aa a stumliluis Id..k 1.1 |nl.tt...l bv*
M.dilr.n ..( child lal..r un.lrr 12       I i.i.u-n. a* a Ihiiiic l„r i-bUttl mil-.   1
*      tl.diti.Hl   nf  U.r  fiat    ,|,^.,„|     f^. 1 win. BNm I., hnve •*■•-.h.-.| tl..*uu.*lie. mt.i
qONOd by all ..i.duUtn, f,,,. ||M. |h,n,ltlj.,n   • POlltl—J  iiniu-sitinn.  who pOOOM  BpMI
I'"'*' '       «..wfy|/ml
t    r.utt|nil*.,M   .rl.lr.l,..n ,.f all labor
I"    I'lolul.i,,,,, ,rf priaoo l-d.ir in com-
pstHloa -sith frrr Ul.w.
II.    Ml >hsl,..n d.i. tn ba ttuih' p.J,
lu  hclidsjn
II AfaoUlloa "f IVminmn iweiale.
,\ri-y |rr.*«rrs*.tr m.-nsiirr (luit |*ai*.e, the
lower l.o.i*... 1.1 ..ml it a. herery an.l (."■
cr.s| In 1*0.1........e Ilie ...litem.- of j...
■ I 11n1.it .ti ..].*n all ni*.*,irtliiu*lv. ami if any
litllr ellort I <nn main can Usui*! in .,
trrm.n.t.iie llml .nsUsrut in |s.lit»-s I
ran as-mir tun it mil !.< rxrrr.sed ttilh
the itre.test ..f plra-mr.
TNStiflt ti.at my idi**., nn tbr aocrral
»ul.*.*1. w.ll nn»*l y.mr view., nnd that
I will rcs'itr yuur support, I remain.
Is busy all day and ev- I
ery day making prompt I
delivery of I
Groceries |
J       "I
B&ch occasion has some
special style of clothing
appropriate for tbat time.
1 hose who have a desire
for dressy effects and yet
do not care to go so far
as the Prime Albert or
Frock Coat will find our
Cutaways just thc thing.
They have a dretsy appearance, fit pcrfectlj and
wear with satisfaction.
Thr ClottiH-r. tlalt.r and I uutoliri
a, !•'•'.,.   a....l,l.t.(.t................. 1.......
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
to wise people Do you
bny here? If you have
not been doing so here
are a few things that will
tempt you to our doors,
or to your telephone, and
will help you iu preparing breakfast:
Gcrinia, Breakfast l'ood,
Self Rising Buckwheat
Flour, Shredded Whole
Wheat Biscuits.
The di-Iiniii.... ..1   Mr. .-*dtun  to nurt
Knl-v mi thc -uuim- linn. In- (nulled Mi.
Fnlev al (irand K.hM is hut
Ano'her indication oi 'tne tfttll
• >l Intnrss with which tin* Lils-rnl
are  on lined  In livat   th-  Ijtlnr  |*tity.'
BU.I  Ihi oil!....*-.! I  .11 .ap|Si*:'.o|i Lilly
n    nit ita it.
Knr the last tlit* ->r two 11k- N'.U.n Tri*
111...' h!S I"*.". - nunn* .ytn|t1.im* ul Sop.
I . Nothing else i-a sio birr la-en et-
paetsd, but  the lUaOfS |«tl of it ia no
nne   S.CUL*   to   know   wh.-*h   ...le    nf    ill!
II ll.e .1 wi'l f.ill i.n.
lt seclna stlaiutc tn -.. e tin* I.il.. tal It id
em 011 theic km* •* l.-Atins for lailt.tr
vote, and pr.^et-istiia ..niliinit dot'.lion In
thl uwt of the workers, and at U.
"""-'•'"" ...'..a... tj
.*..•,it........  a J  ., ,.,„.,,
i ***»•"»-%. **^ % % •%.*«. -t% % % ■% . •%. % ■% %-t % % %■***-*- •v-%.-k-v
Tn the Hetl.tP. of CtltCMboi
In r—pirstina your woipiwl to my can
dida.y f»r (hr Dominion ll-uiw of 1
lOOOt, it i, d.ir tn y.ni that I mtr |si'.|in
• iptMaioa to my views <m the seier.il
llmk, of thr |J.tfo,in .4 lire liubr-n
drtit lals.r I*
I.   (^.min.l-tory e*lu»*ntinn lm* btOOBM -1
rcen-*niin»|   nerrwsily    in   in«t  euuntitos,
i*l   •* such has my h-mrty rnilnrsemrnt
I    I.-. .1 ..il   lit. i-irht hour*..
M*-.|,r.,le invent.nn lias rnornsmslv in-
T.-aw-l Ilie pndvttltt povtf nf nt.*... that
In, wanl* nn !*• supplied ttith a ttWat *.
of thr time and effort Itenplarfore nit'i*,*
sai/ for th.t punsi'c 1*1..r as witli aa
capital sbuuM beoelit b ytbeas   changed
Men's Colored Cambric
Starched nnd Soft liosotim.
Cuffs Attiicliud and Dctnclicd.
All Sl7.cs   HcKutnr ll.BO and $1.75
Choice  for 95c,
There is no mystery about the
circulation of
Industrial World
Average Weekly Circulation for October,
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. C, that tells its circulation and backs it
up by  allowing  advertisers the  privilege of
examining circulation books and records.	
Thk World's advertising columns arc liber-
lly*.    atromV.ed by all of Rosslaud's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
see for youself.■ Ask for Rates.—————
First Ave. and
Washington St
. •*»»»-—a.i,..ii» »,....■ . i .i  ,   t1999999i9999at9tiaaaaaat
; Thos. Emibielon,!
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Every-.tiling tine Hiner
r£nirts to Eat - -
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest
Pricts.     Gocds delivered to any part of tbe City.
a-a.W-V-Vsv %.•%.%•%* %%%'%- -fV. WBNDE8DAT    November 21, lflOO
The Campaign
(Continued Imm First Pagl.J
l'he  .Miners   I uiun  Will  llul.l   I'l.eit* Annul! lkill Monday Evening, I lee   31,
Hi*.    Crowley    UuutroviirtH    Stiitciiic.it!
Mnde by Mr. Kerr.
A public meeting of the »u|<poi'lei*a of
Mi. Qljlihsr wan held in tlie Opera lunmc
at Trail ou Saturday night, Colonel Topping in the oluiir. About 1(,1 pei-sons were
present. At 8:3d o'clock when the meeting
WM culled to order the chi.iiiiuin stilted
th.it the iptakira would be Mr. 11. B.
Kerr o| l'linenix, who would ainiik fur
Mr. QallUlV, Ihc I.tl.e.nl I'umliil.itc, uml
Mi. I). M. Crowley nf Rosiland, wlm
wuuld spe.ik ill behalf of Mr. Koley, thl
cn.lul.ile uf tlie Iiiilt'potidi'tit lailsir piny,
and   us   Mr.   M. Kane,   the   OoMMVStlva
i. .nee, bad ii"i .I'.ept.tl tic Invitation
tn -petit, .ill)one plcsinl could tin IO oil
hi*   lie! .1 I
Mr, Kiir. the first iposktr, uid thsl
while   lie  regretted  il>«  ..Iw.-u e nt   Mr,
M. iK ,  tt i.n on ml with him to Trull
bui wont mi in Revelstoks, ba was pleased
I,, iu. * i Mt. i ton ley, whoni be Iuid known
i..r i.at* and who could apeak from ct
pciioiuf n' Liberal legiilation ia the ""
ome. rn Austrslis and Nuv Zealand, where
i.i.i cal kgii ation Im.l i.ii.en linn ro. i
I'lie.i waa nothing in the platform ni Mr,
Koley iit.ii  in the main    Mr.   i;..i h r
COUld BOl end..l-e .uul lllel'elolo ll MOtllCl!
IO   llilll    tll.lt    llll ''-I     1*1)     HI    *>    *' 'Oi   ■
in  principles,   Tbs formstion ol  *i  t  Ird
P iii na- not lhe but moans ..i forward-
.nn  imt objects of the  wurkingtuou,     \
iu    elle.ti.   totir-.t   Would   be  for   lhe
laboi  i pie  io euru.l in th   rinks ol
oi   il..* existing organisations .nul
capture thorn, if potiibls.
Mr. Ken* reviewed thi i«>* tmn ol the
Labor part] la Gannon" and otl r • ■>uu*
tries, ul-i thsl "i ths I'opttlit parly in
the lim ted 1-il.itc. in quitting up Hi**
Democntlc i-unt with winch it should
It.nc remained In aiiihutioii ii the i--**
oi thu pcuplc.
Mr. Km .I..-e.l bj an appeal fur fusion
i.i ilu* labor psrty «iiii tin- Hie-all and
„,. eloquinl pi.-. i»r the .uip.ri oi llu-
I..uiicr .|.l.uitii*li-.il:on.
Mr. Crowity, on being Introduced, Md
he n.ta nlad l" .mel Mr. K.i. *.- .in old
ami rtspt lt*l mend, and regretted H.at he
it.* not w.th bim on ib.* higbei pi....*
... 1.1.....1 ieu.-i.ii..... wham Mi  !•".** ind
l..a friends stood In ties ......ci    He hsd
hoped lo Bod Mr. Kmr antagootsiog lbs
platform .*f ilu* Ml"* i"-i«- I"11 fmWtoA
he lud -my prase 1st tl Mr Cros .*i
aoollnued that Mr. Kerr's plsn of tne
Labor put. ospturing ciih r oi the old
politfol i.>ii.>, would oot wm*. If a
itu.o.1 wa* d.«i.x*l l-y the Liberals wl
il.iin a-l-.pt tl.e prim.pb- ol tht Ind-*-
I.'i„|.ni l-.ls.r psrt). wboss ...»i" .*
• in.a-titts. mat nun " Mr. Kerr «i*>ke of
th. Ulsial |«rty in Au-tiala. but he
shook! know thai .t« shoe in .Xusinil .
have len md are as. mu>li ah.ail • ••
linenla ot Canada thai the pn*
f..r wh.h thr Ubor psrty In tin- tootoat
aie   ...•«   rontanding -'I  '"
Au.tr.l . >• >!•> ball a •.•nluri MO. Mt.
iVntl. > ' •■•! ll" *• """ "' •**_ '"u
n.-r gntrnimrtit in tin* matte. '4 1'.'
t p.., .  \.-«  ctulti   standtl and cuiiim-
u..l tat  it was , Mix.* I" hi. .dr..I
an ,iiv.-'.**>ti..n win h 1' turnc t u I
*..... i.ity and tl.r government mats
in. attempt to hr.nl the inltn>n..n > r n.
.n.l- to jii-tnc .....I th. .i t on is n.l
i„,-a,.|i.-,   by   the   Iiii—-       The   sie.tkc.
contended lhal thi mndornntlloa oj «hn.l
l-.it..- I.t Mr Ix.rr wn. wn.ng-thr La-
Is* vim in Osnaan cotmaandid oat it
a rixtk "I Ihr utter I <«i->- of tlw legia*
k.tuir sad m th- Au-li >!.'.» <• l-nn-s (he
Ubtnl l"l*T har* no rtweinbiiiice I"
..( t'.itiada
\(r I i..«lev il-aell nn thr nur nf a
mimic repnsanUtive tn the eommoni md
,„ air Foley Ir ««w thr ?mi4e W"Uld
havr a nun >.f all round alnl.tt   .ml (sad
gonad am- Hut-' *w ■**■"• <" -*•_•
p*rth..ra of lawyer* 'o «'• ""it l"f'{«"
is.,,, while the tcrkng m Usui, wd iw
r-rprrsriitrd by »nly • numl-lla ut thcr
„*]n.'...*■ M.ih .-I.t had b*n '•••'■■""•
by tne Premier lor the present pm«p*nty
,| thr r-mintrv. whie  00 an-i'l share ol
[|   „,|tte  10  lhe  |..-(e  <»c  ..dry  O^tMf
;„.,|r,,*.-.r*. wh-eh Sr W.lfred l«ur..r
„h n el and |. etieful to p rp-lu*te.
fir    .n.-rll>g    WIS    ■001    mt»..f*a*tc
ihnt.nh.sil   ami   •""',   w",»   * v0'*  °'
■ . ii,. chain ,n   	
lail.-r.il Mr-ling Toniglit.
.lux bofan ir-in« tn pre** U
,-m. lhal Hon I'lid-nl Mt*>*> w..l i.r-
*,, ,., Ro .l..n.l at «1 ""••I™* l'" two
ng Ilr bM nfu-'l t" »<^t* ,l" ___*
rtatuH-nl at thr l/tbnr mret.ng gi«n
Wry al the l.ilr.al mrrlms, a">l. I"-
•atlM* the la««r l*r<l*' -li*.'""-1 '<■ *-"r"
.IB all the llmf hr wanlr.1, hr r. ..* *
;.!Wk ,n M.nrtV 1'nlnn hall t"n.|ht.
„l . II lo.ld an ...-..-.tiun meeling at lhe
Irral hradqiwitriw Mr* Wtf was r«n
10 minute! .1 BUtoo'l nwrtmo •« 'iraI"'
y.,l. ...,d thr 1,1-r DMJOt c<nn-t ***■
why Iht) *Mdd !"• a.lr.1 to trta-tK-lly
.,,'- I'*-.  inert-n! (•' SfK.n mm.
M.   . ;, ,„    o„„.. .U-'y alf-r Ihr met*
m it      *...>!   s a.-**,--! •*_»_
K ,*..,* a mr It* up-nvrr l-nat will l»
h.1.1 I . I.- ind ■' " '■• 'I-*- •*"'" '"
„kr pul ui lhe tut-! "• lliirraod-
lalwrsl Kn-tidahip l»r l*ts...
T.ial the l^lirn.1. loot   ihr laalmr |*ar1t
When  th.t   want  their tote  wt all  km...
but   ... I   b.trn 10 li.--!- rxlra.1* ..........
ing Ml- Kulry. lahtO fr»m lhal ptrtwont
e,| l.lsral |»|wt, the KoOtSBtlSO fl
"Will tliey ((he Mtton of ialr-1 J
lion) be -rived by thr return 10 pniha
mrnl of a blatant frrak • A man ignnran.
nf all Uir rti'linirn, of C-.nad.an hi*l..rt
and lana.lian politic a halrr nf fana
H.an Instilotlons snd a vdhfiar ..f ("tn*i-
dia i pObtl mn Mr Foley k OWS bdW
In 'nt I drill tad pl-l.al.lt could 8itr un
inlrllifrnl ojUnion .t|ton thr sul-uit of i
...le ... tdgOlll l--r Mt in mine but a
rrnw had it* well lie -"-nt t.t llilll tn.
fra.ny t.«* .-in.,* he hid Hown uver .1 iiood
ileal nf Iin.l as Mr K>>lov tO ..dvi.c tl...
hn.lair nf i ommi.na u.-nn .tnt* .piedwin cm
. i..| .-.il, the mining indii'lri that n
likciy to eomo ls-(..n* (he huii*r ..I ...in*
mnn.. RcrapS ot OlSlaly (ruin the ttril
inc. n' Inn* r*-sill <u  Wendell I'mllip. f ,.n
raidte.1   to   uttnio.t    llld   l-titcl    mat*   mrlM-
In aiuii-te nn niidtente Imt *u,h thine, dn
imt   ecnvini'T     | ni li.-ttnelil*."    Tlir     Ks-I"
ii. N*.v   II
Amtngomentt tut rapidly going lorwtrd
fur t'ne annual bull of Rosslaud Minerv'
Union No, .'W. which will be givtn New
Yen*. Kve. Thl several oommittMS huve
been oppoinbed nml ur.- now hard ut xix.ric
to ni.ilie the uttinr the siux't-.. it hn. always been in the ycum past, t-ollowiug
are the commit ices appointed:
Committee ol Arrangements — W.
O'ltriui, John lloirobin. I'ctc bimonotee,
.1. I. Hud.
.Music lotumitt.e .lohn llui'i-ubin, \V.
ll'llricii, I-. K. WouilMides.
Misir I'ninjnitU-e—K. K. Woodaidts, ,1.
.1. Iltuitl, Wm. Strangi Stlnson, John
Murray, .1. Jamas, John Htnrobin.
KtHx^ptittn i'uniinillis' W. D'ltnrn. ('.
Knl-.v,  It.  Bulmer, A.  I..  Houston  Pita
S.lni.nette,   Win.   Willan,   W.  C.   I'rcstnn,
llilll    -Met illll till'.
Hkstil.lTltiNS (iK SYMPATHY,
Paa e*l by the I wpenteis' Union ".. the
lie.llll   ui   N ulli    Mi Dull.llll.
At I'll.I.t.i night", meeting iii Roaelaud
t'urpintci> I'nion Nn. I. tin lollowjng
i. *o,ut i.ui* tt i re introduced l>t Ihe com
ti.iuiiiiii.c and iiiiiiiiimoii-.i  |..i*-..i
Kossland,  It. t'.,  Nov, SS,
To il ■ ollleem snd niemlirae >.i the Iur*
' i nt. i*   and Joint rs' i nion
\\ .. i. i* Mmighty Ood, tlie creator
iml Mi-i.iiiui' ... tin* iniii, i*.* .ui N.iiein
tier Ull.. It*-... Ill nut' i : hours ol x
..ml II in th.* ii .. i. ,   ii lit  I., .it
ter 'lie earth .*i .. dept'n ol BOO .-. t ind
take 11..ii, it* i...ncl*, om* beloved broUicr
\oiiii.iii   .Mellonillll.
\V  lili      c  bow   '..  ...l.nii.i.in  in llu   mil
ii ii'e- Altnlglily, in- nt*.11mli.- leal ili.it
he c ihi  not   havi  taken  Irom  out   lank*
.t  i t* fearlsm, energetic, untiring, ih--
iiriintie.l worker in the promotion of our
org mixation, ita eternal prinoipal ol sliieli
i*    . ...ut.. i.u* tin- common good ol   .ill
licing young iu yets, 'having imt eve.
<• a lied llu* prtim ni bit* .iml being tin*
ten .it.idem ui health -iml strength, mil
n*.ii..* ii,,* I,,.. molt Hversly fall
He. Is-ing like I'm* ilouer* of the field,
bouning and bright today while tumor*
i.ot  i,   li.nl t.illin e.n-l.cil inul withered
ml., ilie I...-..in oi  mtttiu-r earth.
U tu I...     \\ I,lie    WC    I.H-1    ll.c         ...-*•
pananlc Wl kuiti! thai the luollui. -i-lci*
uml I >other, ii no survive him m tin esst,
in.1.1 i.,l tin* Iom even more keenly.
It,- ii tlie.eiore rosolvtd Thai wr extend
nm itaiiteli inii*.!!.)*, I.. In- hermved
iu...'.. i* ami r.-l.itix. -, aad ini-i I'nsl God
iu * * tii*tl.un blinking la himsell u belov*
ed sou and brullur udl u*ic lln...
•tronglh lo bear iheir Ion, it.t'.. lortltude,
Ik. .t luiihe. resolved That .. cop) ol
tl i.'.oiiti...ns in spn.i.l upon tha ......
ut." ul lln. iiiii.,ii. .. COM  '"I" W4»A 10 tne
i.-t   publication, uml *i oopy  to I*
(oritji.lr.1  tn ths Iwrrnv.xl  ix-luliu-.
\t    II   IIIKITZ.
\V. II   Wlltll.K.i
John McLarEN
I' -inttts'.
l ,    « , i CITRON PEEl
J^tArrived ...\msm
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year.
Union Printing
fa Sp-rkUl facilities for producing the V
fa   brsi   I'rliiiliiK   for  Trade*  -Union*  and $
%   Secret Societies.   Ungravlnjf* procured. X
fa   Seals and Uubber Stamps. *'
\A/.   H.  JONES |
\i6 I!. Columbia Av., Kuaalaiul. B.C. W
Published by the \V. P, M., Denver, Col.
Subscriptions Received at Iho office of the lndu.stri.il World, or at
Tlie Office of the Secretory of k>,..-**lr..d nin-r*' Union.
Hoard: John U. Williams,   Unas  Valler.
Idaho; Jamee 11. Furry, Butte, Men-
tana; W. N. llurna, Ouray, Oilorado;
Ohaa. H. Moyer, Lead City, Booth
UakoU; Ohha Ktiley, Iloaaland, Britiah
Jamra Wilkea, presidem, Nelion;
J!mea Devine, vi»-prradcnt, It.»land;
Alfred Parr, ,.*.*..u iry ircuror, Ymir.
HMUlA.MUi' UNION NO. ul. W. T.
M.—Uceu every Friday evening in
llmtly', llall. I). U. ttnikJcy, p,e«ide*»t,
W.  W. Doiy, aacreUry.
P. Cl. BOX S02
Special Attention Given to Mall Orders
Stunden Printing 60.
134 Columbia Avenue
Rossland, B. 6.
I .    . Union-Made I
i '.'
 .-;*.'-i..*-i.;*.Va ■fst^M-t^.j^jojj^jJJ
Grand Union j
--Hotel--  I
\. it  Mining Paper,
The first Imw ..t   The llulletn.   i:
land's "••!! put* r   will appear hatui-dai
i -    ,..ti ba pnWIahed lenu i uhl)
lb) i "lh* * fo.. and wJl In* devoted •
tne n ....ng inieixsts nt th.- oainp. M*
i:.an-. .1 I'.ii kimwii mining writer, will
.,.*.     and  lltelx fit   t |-*. I
,.!     u., et*.  for  thc  new   icnluix*
d \lilis IRONS PASSU) -WAY,
Hnr .. I--...l.-r of Onion l-.il.nr tlrgnn/.i
t lulls.
Houston, l-\    Soi   li   M...... Irons,
oil...  lead. I   ul   nun.ii   l.l-'t   oiuini'.itio...
ami wbo ■ Iii"t.d tl.e s..-it Missouri Pa*
■ iln*  -tnkr m  thr    Wa,   .-  dead.    Iron,
. ,..„• i.t tl ii.itrv thne titir* ago an.l
Ihv.i nisani/.ng -...al democratic .Int.*.
ii'ing "ant. iiitiuet rent" I! .i -mgan to
aliu« t'ne famwr,.
Monfolian Bkoploymtnl.
Iiu- On.i.t.ila arr rapidly filling np (he
inie-mr and at I'm piT-cnl rate it will
Iw l.ut a year .« I"" until ..II ci.-kill.sl
lalmr in il.c Kootenays will ba duplaoed
by iht »imt.tel heathen   \\,  rrproduc.
Inr ;•-Uniting Imiii tha Kaml.s.|t. Sla.n.l*
nr.1 •• shot Inn. iiu- countr) .* inltng up
will. tliHir-e an I .lap. and «tl««i I" Show
lion   ihet  air cmuuragnl:
l'he maul....n- it.ii I'm* lliieiii...* gel ...
to nl.He in.... - tt-.lk here ia well exempli
lusl Ml Ihr sattin.lt"    Il.r   Klnel.l*     null
Inlo compstltlon with tht Mn.i.i.e'n
mill sad Japaoaai wot* aasd lo chespen
il... t.-t ,,f prodnction  'lln* nocooatstsd
.i m *vr 00 t-lw part .-I the M.i. ntt"*h mifl,
lad    H-    pr.sl.ict    was   <'mxi|H'l.cl    xx it I.
( l.in.-e  lalsH-     llerr  wv have Iwu  mill*
m.i*ng little pn.t. !>e."iiusr of competlthsit
tml iini'loting nlirii. fur ihr a.ui.e rr.xson
V\ ;,   ,* .|... U,c wbita man benrht? Tbry
gltr Ihr public tiOlbsr In supply woik  lor
(ln.-i.lal*, it *..!..-
Hit (ue iwmr |tage this ad. apiw-ar.:
( HY   II  *•<•.
I     I.mn.ibl.    I i.l...
Dailting,   M.ndn.g   and   C.uiliact   Wnrk.
,i u sho.t iii'iiu*.   Ditxs.iii.iknig dons
HI   III   Il.r  I..I*   I   -ttlet
PRICKS i/nv.
Thrrr .. «.n ibe in nn strrrt uf Kamlon|is
.  ilt  laundry,   whirh .* very nlijc.*
I .it title In lnu*t |.*..plc lor uliint 1-MatOS.
Tlir cite ro.lli.ll have be... 1 ling (or
in mv tnulilli* tu i.imi-i'1 SM pr..|.n.t..r
M. i'e. tu nunc The .*n«e ha- lu-en taken int.. Ihe ...urts. an dlbr saina pa|»*r.
II,,* Man.In.I.  mlmli   idvlsss I'i unci
lo ,ii-p lhe eaat sod   "stop parsscutlng
,i, iiollen.itc and enlrrpr.aing China
lu.x .k.J.     Your, reepectfnlly,
T. It. Tuigg, chairman conunittee
1. i- there i nine.*** or Japanese oomi
petition in yuur hue ui buiinow,
2. II   IO,   In   llll.lt   extent  1
a. ii...- such competition Injun    your
1.11*1111 ** *
4. .'ll   What   l.-pcel ?
j. I.. im* best "t yuur knowledge ur
mi")motion, what i* ihc number ol
i bitten and Japanem cng..g.st iu y.»iu*
luu- oi buainass I
ll. Du •"•ii employ Chinese or Js|aoese
rejsulat i) 1
i. If so, in what ca|Mi..tt  .
5. Whal i- tin* average rate ol pay nnd
hull:,   ol   lalmr   ol   rnine**.*   >»r   JspsnWB
iu i nu employ .
P.'. M.-ui.l ton prefer i.< employ wbita
labur excluaivei)  wberevor and wh t.-i
olitiiti.tble.   u   tttiupcl.ug HnnS  welt* ."in*
|.*lle 1   to .1*.  th*- •■.uni' •
IS,  iki t i.iiioc   ur Jaistnesa purchsss
...it,  guods '
III   in,   tu   I* li.t   exli'lll   .llllllklll)   '.
Ib. An   tun  iii  i.itor ol  I ne t Iiii r
Japanese, sfterabeeoming nstarobisd, el
cix*t lllg  the  right   nl  In.ueln-t* .'
i   lli. Ii imt. uould tin prefet legislation
i... ..tutmu tl.e exercise .u *u.*li right I
I   17. Are you in lavor ol grestet roslrio-
tloni I., mg Imposed   on   tbs msnosr >.i
i'i ^  ..ml JspanoM lubjects becoming
naturalised *
I    m. It -... in iih.ti rasnael !
in. Would you i.i!..i lcgi-l.itmn denying
.tin- r.glil !
I   10. Would inn nipporl  legislation pro*
hilutiiig the eiiiplot.n.nt >.i Chinees and
Ijapaoeaa io tha loUowing Industrie!, ti/:
(al b n.ng   coal, .*-|s*.iillt underground?
'(hi tit mining other Ann cil ! (c) can*
,i.-ii « | i.n uu *hI workssuthoruted t.. ba
.I...... i.t the government, eithec Provincial
or Dominion I
.•I    Wuuld  i.n. grant  fishing  UctDSSS to
t-i...ie*i  or Japanese -ui.ie.t-. even sftor
being ii.tui-.ili/ct -
*•.'. Are i.n. ... Isvor of leglabition that
null    .ll..ti.eli     prohibit    Cniii.*.*    ami
.i ,t mi's* niiniitr.i  In Cansdi I
I   sn. What would you prop..-.- ii fly!!
liu-i i. i iliiiig 	
Bitot gel at i- u ii my bar In
it., city i.u I.-* Hun 111 1 nl I en
wli) nol ask i * *i oigsr Hull Is « rth
ih. inoiiet i  i Crown iu mi or W. II.
M.. .....I.IAN   IMMItillATKIN.
Hmnke   frown    Orsat     llgara.     lllue
QmsIIOM   Submitted by  Victoria Tm.lr,
and   l«bnr ('<.uu.il.
Wit h  a view  nf  nlitiiining  intnnnatinn
fnr tin royal wnmthwoo inpolntod by the
Dominion guienimont,   the Tn.irs snd
il-alsir ('nnii.il »f Victoria In* addraned
tne   following   nri.ll.ir   t.i   tht   llu'l'- ''.int*
in.inul.icluiii, un.I  Othtlt m  thr city:    •
Xi.tur,*.,.  It I".  N'*»'    U,  fl""-
i. .- Sir,   lh- Trades ind L.ls.r Conn.
,.|   , ,   ti„.   ,,|,    „|   \ It lol    I   ll   not   ellileui
nring lo obtain ..li th.* Nlltbli tniormi
tiun | (K.tble m, the Chlnrae and Japan
us, and the opinions nl eitjjens
tin.ion.   I .   | n   .tit   lo   llu    i.t il   ."llinn*
.ion   nli ul.   xt ill   .hni-tlt-   ti-it   tin*  nit.
x ...I will confer *. gnat favor   it   vu
kin IU   -in-ivor tl.e fnll.raing ipu-tmns (nr
tnt ..I them' and give any other inlornia*
t.ot,  ahldh "ill In- of great service tO   the
...iiniii. al   lour earliest  ennvenii'llie.
I     I'lcaae   return   lo  the  sretrtary.   P   0.
Thrrr ha, .1 ma*, meeting nf ihc various
m *   ami   tlWSS   WbO     sin.p.lll.l'e   XX-1111
union principle held In Dundsa on flstui
dav night. The meeting it.is eallcil In In
inn   n0  of   the   llllci'n..t.'...al   A-*... ...lion
of Machinists, who ira directing tht itriki
nga.imt  ll.e  Itcrlrtiiii  firm.     I'I..re wus a
laitat lUendancs,  I .f Its aamt ^.irit
.. kept up during tht winttT Dnndaa will
i in- i hot union town. J. W. Diokaon,
pr.tai.lcni   n| ths M.ich.ni-ts' Uninn. wel-
..,1111*1 repraasntativea fn.m the Oammil
Workers'. XX'o.itl WoAsiW and Moulders'
I ii,mi* II 1*11.1111-. mill if *M working-
men nt Duiidas fell sure nn U.o Iknr.im
Istnu, tpiestum tliey ix.ul.l Haiue nn one
but ih.in-.-li.-s. "It WIS vour roll lh'I
gate tin*   lk-iI...in.*  th.* 113*000. nml  n-.w
llot   li.ie  tlir.tt i,  you .lo" II.  ttlllfll servos
ton right It was decided to i iU«- su-is. to
(..nn H trades snd labor Souooil In Dot
dat,   und   a....|,r   llleclillg    will    Is-    lie'-l
■hoitly foi th.* tiiinsi*.'. Praoldsnl Dick
...ii at ilel  tint   Dundll  WM  nihsl try a
,|,,| t   -..nu.  half i h > 'in men. and that
the union* ti.aild have soinethnig to »ay
nl.sit thi* at tho ontning munieip.il ch«-
tions, which remark, were l.ni.llyjippliti.K
,sl   (Hu* nf  lite ltlli.ii.il. nl  t'he   Maclilllisas'
Iniion will Im* in tntin tin* we. k to help
the atrikers perfect their olftntatiOD.
(Irgsm/cr llulmea, Toronto, who wns pres-
ent. Mauled the itrUdng man tfimt they
tixuild have mnnev lu ktsp uu the fight
if tbry had lo et.ty nut until next summer.
We Know
Of no other wey to indorae our cloth-
Ini thin to put our name and trade mark
oi It. It's jurt aa if we raid "XVe war-
rent thii garment to be all wool, acwrd
with silk, made of belter material,, and
In better ityle than ynu can get anywhere
elae at the same pdicc." Taylor k Mc-
Notice t.  Mine Superintendent!.
When you arc in need o" a DOmptttat
•nginc!'.,   blacksmitb,    piptmtn  or  ma
.lunisi, the Mechaniot' I'nion will be
plcaard lo furnish ymi eminent men*
Addrrs, W. XV. Doty, SccrcUtT'
Linton Bros.
Thr Kinest of XVinee, Liquor! and
I > .nu* 'ii.* and I tu port. .1 Cigan.
Finely Furnished Rooma.
i *****
Spokane Falls 4 Wiem.
Nelson d» Ft. Sheppard Ry.
M Mail Railway.
The only all rail route between all
pointa ea.t, weat and aouth to Koaalen*,,
Nelion and ill intermediate pouta- coo*
necting at Spokane with tba Ureal
Northern, Northern Pa* it'e and J K
*  N   Co.
Connect! at Nelaon with at ram era ter
Kaalo and  all  Kootenay  lake  points.
Connecta at Myor'a Falli with atarr
daily lor Itcpublic, and connecta at
ll.ui.burg with sing,, daily for (Jrand
Korki and Crrenwood.
Ktlective  July 22,   1000.
faeave Day '1'rain. Arritra.
In :n a.m. S|iokane 7 30 p.m.
11:35 p m Koaaland        n in  |. m.
11:10 p.m. Nelaon 8:00 p*«-
-Niclit Train.
B:«  p.m. Spokane 7:00 am.
10:00 p.m. Koaaland 0:30 a.m.
General  I'aaarnger Agent.
K.  W.  RUKP,  Agent,
IloasUnd, B. 0.
Canadian Pac c
Firal claa, Mii-pen.   en All Traina  From
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
j Linton Bros.
No. IM) Oolnmbia Avenue.
iu« Dunmnrr .luu. tem duly Irom ot.
I'a-il. Saturday! lor tlontreal and It -.ton.
Monday, and Thursday! for loroau
Doom cin pam u.,.k.t.v.* .,i.« day
tub Cliff Dining Parlor
niSSliS   WOOI1S  A   SMVTM, Proprietor,,-.,
Best Home Cooking in
Board per week $5
Single Meals 25c.
...I........ ttrn.i . Wet.     Near the Cily Hal
Porcelain Baths I
Bridgford & Herring, j;
7-7 Colinuliin Avr , lit_l to I  .' nvl*   ■-
Qualifications For Voters   For
Municipal Elsctions For
Year 1901.
I t \itx ni.ile nr lemale being i llnl.*li
suhjsel ol ths lull *.g.* ol .'I tear-, tt.m
li.i*.  on  or bltolt   the
111!-I  XluNIIXX  IN dkckmp.K.i:. inn.
paid ..II  i........*.|mI    t-jt.*..    tit
men * snd i"*. nse i.t*. ..r
->'| 1.     XX tin   le   a    ..-..I. Ill    "!    .,'   |
llll    I, ISIIItl*..      ..'Ul    '.*   .1    lliildei    *.l      a   tla-l.
Iit .-...«■ in the nun.1.11■*.-,I.t>. lhe  .t.uu.xl fee
h.r n I... i. i. imt I.***- than lite dollars, or
lr-1. XX hit I- .1 littllM-liolile.-. .tlul tl. .1
tlo' I' III nl .cut. o. .cut i aim* oi t.Hindi I-..I I- imt lev tll.ll. -ittt .Pillars |s-r
.iliiiuui eu.il, and ha. nil ur bciult   lhe
PIHOT  DAY OF  DK( KMIIK.t.  Itlfti.
I KllsdVXl.l.Y   DKI.IXKItKD
to i „■ .i.*.*..i.t oi tierk. .i statutory da-
.la...tu It.   m.nl.-  and  .ul.*. i.Ih.iI   U*t..io    ,i
fudge, itipendiary, oc pollca tnsgiatrate,
Jll.tl v   itl   tlie   |s*;i.c.   nr   t.nt.l.v   |.ul.|lt .
Kortns ..t  diclsiatioo  can  bt obtsinsd
\\ xi   HcO-UKKX,
i .i  i lark.
Carful Fitter
siakcs     s     «i-rii.ii     garment.
Tbe cutting and lilting are
quite aa important aa lua material.
(let your clothci made her-
and all three itetiii will be
til right.
Our price, are sot too high
for you, but thcy'i juat high
enough to inaure you he beat
workmanship   and   material.
Taylor G IMcQuarrie,
Formerly Tuii K.change.
I'll I'M III t   At I
Best Meals in Town 35 Cents
rtRs. i. noHR, i-t..i*. 1...... ..
A vote for Gallihcr ia a voto for Mac*
Rossland Hotel:
Fine Whiskies and
. Importer! Cigars .
Jerry Spellman, Proprietor j
Cor. gpekst! anil Cftluuihln Ave
Labor Uninn Directory,
Ollioera ind Meetings.
Mceta every aecond and fourth lura-
day in aa.-b month al 7:30 pm. in
each month st 7:30 p ra. ia Minera'
Union Hail. 0. tfehalm, Use.; A.
Ferris,   I'res.
Meeta every Friday ol each weak at
7:30 p.m. in Minen" Union llall.
A KeiT.s, Pm ; l"niiik llrabihaw,
MINKI-., UNION No. 39. Wcatern
Krdn-at.on of Miners—Meet! every
XVe.ltie.day evening st 7:30 o'clock in
Miners' I'nin llall. Prank Wond-dd**,
Kccie-a.y;   Wm.  ll'llrirn,   Pr itdent
hleeta on the laat Hundiy ot cacb
n. itih at the Minera* Union llall. .1
P.  llarkdoll. Sec.;  XV. Poole, Pm.
No. 252—Meets the llrst and third
Tuesday ol each month at g p.m. ia
lleatty'e Hall. 1'. O. Box 914. W.'
McLeod, I'rr.; J. Klotnan, Sec.
Fixrcutive Board: E. O. Fraa'r, Rowland; W. Davidunn, Sandon; M. Kane,
(Ircen.vond;   IT.  II.  Dimork. Mnvir.
PAINTBBS1 UNION, No. in, I'ainier.
and Decoratom of America—Meet, ffl
lleatly'a Hull on aecoad and fourth
'Tuesday XVedneeday of each month
W. b. Jinrphy, prea.; Geo. VV. Shtnn,
NKXVfinOYS' UNION No. S-Meete ts
Miners Union llall on the Hret and
third Saturday! of each month, at I
a.m. Mike (litydottl, l»rea.j Jay liar
ton, Sec.
—Me.li wcond Sunday in earb month.
J.  If.   Flci.lier, neoretiry.
— lvlwnrd Iloyee, prraident. Hull.. Mon
tanaj .Inhn F. McDonnell, vice prraident, Virginia (*lty Nevada; .lame.
Maker, NCfStSiy Irraaurrr, Hutlr, Mon-
Hoom 12, Owalry block. Kirrutivr
tana   ,1*.  O.    Boi    307,    keadquarters,
A I'lllMKK
lor your Kaalrrn trip u to are 'hat yous
ticket rradi via
1'raina Dr|«rt-—
8:00 For Nelson, haalo, I'-tamdr, I ira ad
,a.*uii.    Fork*, Utsrnwood, Midway, eta.
111:0(1   Fur  Nalaon, San.lou and Moeaa
Duly.     pointa,    RrvrlsUike.  Main   Use
Neat  It.iuU* for all I*.i»tcrn points
For tune lattice, rat-., and all infurma-
Imii. rail on <tr addr.ai nrarral loaal
•i'..(- or
A.   II.   Mi Kenrje.  lily   Agent,
A. C.   McArthur.  De|*'l   Acmt.
Koaslan.1, UU.
XV. P. Andenon, (    J  Uoylt,
T. P  A.. t. 0. P. A..
Nclmo,   tUX. Vincouvrr.  II •
None Better.    Solid Vettlbu'od
Trains,    Palaco  Dining  and
ObtervationCara   Meala
a La  Carta.
Dinet eonneitios at HI. Paul, wiliest
change ol dr|>ot, with all lr--.it! Iv
Chicago, loronto, Montreal, New laes
and all pointa west snd south.
(lim- connection eaat and writ bouna
traini at Spokane wtb traina nf lbs
Spokane  Kalla 4 Northern  Railway.
I •ratri Spokaoa daly for Eaat 19:19
laeavea Spoksne duly for West 7:30
West bound trains mite direst esa-
to .t.on lor Vu* i.,na. Vancouver, Pest-
land, Saa Pranciieo and all poiata a*
the Sound.
During the eeaaon of navigation Kaia
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the msgnil.crnt itratnastp! North We*
and Northland, of ths Northera
Strimabip company line operated Is at*-
ncct.on witb the Great .Northern KaoV
Pbr lurthrr information, mapa, ta**
r**, etc . apply to my igent ol Ibl Mp»
kane Kill, * Northern Railway, Ke_<
k Sloraa ..a.Iway, Kmitrnay lCulway k
Navigation   (Wii-any.   or  to
P. I.  WniTNKT,
...i.t.i   i'awn«-r   aiul   ''..an
Agmt, .-,.   I'aul.  Mian.
Commercial  Agent, Spokane,  Wask.
Tlie Fast Line.
i lir.  DININO  CAR   uul u;   VIA
~        Safest snd  ><est.
Bolid   Veptilmled    Iraina.     MaeUae
I ..*lit**t      Kquippad   with
Obe-rration  ('am,
1'ul.man   Pilac-e  ("an,
i.eg.i.'   Dining  Can,
Modern   Day   Onaehea,
Tout-tat   Sleeping   ('ire.
ihrosgh   tickets U all   potsti  la   tba
Cnited   States  and  Canada.
•F'jcept  Sunday.       Try  our  *Bee*-*ie
K.   XV     IM   I l
Agt. R. M.  lly., Roaaland,  I! a
J.   W    llll.l
Oenenl  Agrnl, Spokane,  Wa*.
And. Oen. Paa. Agmt,
I- .rll.nl.   (>——T- THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
WEDNESDAY   November 21, imm
Tlw   lUiuwm oi Our  lW-niK.
1» uflwtr u> tho oWw frequently mml*-
k- l.itK'i-.u Rpeaken ttet tha Labor I'-m
ki\* im ii*kIiih on I'liiili, m with la put oi
jt-airl for .ill tlmfl tho rauon --i our twin
aim) iht* platform on whu-h we uni our
•fimliilitt-t' Ini'1 i'in :* Foley, juivt* ilt'lui
tti'ly  uikfii our i-i.m.1
ll him been wtitl Outt II then- nre in
eitfitniee   two   |«uiu-«    there   \t\  iri  room
for inii.iiii,'     if   thin propoaftion hns*
trm- tl»Te  woulil  never be any iu'w \nu\y
bom Into udittuoa, IWi li utf-avidontl)
■ot t'ne truth and tlie bet ot' the matter
rn tlmt thwv us ahrayi room for .i tiiutl
party when Uie old oatt are uol dDWI
lliK-ir duty     Ami (Iiii duly ll to legidnte
iu  Uli.il:" of the whole i<e|->>le and  Ml for
anv one Motion tlhtnof, Triad by Wua
ton! the old partita m »t ohm found ta
b, dmvlnt mi their duty, traitors it. thr
trurt that bbe peopla who ban trom twit
to tune plated  Oral  One and tlnm iinother
into power, have ren-oned m them, Kof
taking the record ot' the C-onratvativa
petty n i> found that Ibi ."n> yean tne)
enjoyed power and for thon **wm 90 fnn
thoy have entire'y (tiled -*«■ bring in in)
loftoU-Hnn  Which wiw   Intended t<> pro*
in.it**  the   weUaM  of  t'ne   wnrk inn doom
without whom then oan neither be ■ pen
pie nor the vestige of cnpitfll.    Sueh le-fis
lalion m bai had thm mr haa Iniii oon*
•r I veil in the interest of tin- capitalist.
Whal nhnll tt profit I nntMm if it pra
duevn much  wealth  ond  yvl   the   WCTktW
benefll nothing, We nw told thai never
-n#» the Dominion mot** pttMperani than
today,   Me thi* am it inny then never wai
■ time when there were more i.ui!*t.iiii I \
leiiirnnp striken.    It   w an objeel   lemon
to all 'or it abowt, by flu practical u-i
vt (act, thnt finch a lyetem i* btiMBtontlj
Turning to the -nide of tlie totalled
Reformer^ heaiind by » nmn who pn»it*
* -i\ iiai thr will, imt oertalnly Iia* not
tlie power to do anything in raepwew to
our direel and praeeing need**, id tl.r little  they   hnve  doe   h  lOOQ    mi in ine,I   up
Winn atkeil f.»T lined they h.iv,* offered
■ ■tOMi    Oom|Hlltory    nrh.tr.tt:.>n   i-   un*
oooatitutional. Kiclution of the Oriental
i* ihe same itut du- importation ol the
Hungarian  into the Slocan,   the caffing
•ut   of the  mililt.i   tO  opplW   tin-  ti-tlu'i-
man nppamtiy erai nut The Ldberahi
have Ut-n in |khvit fuur yean, nud their
htliir Uwm wctn to have b«« framed hy
a iiieoreinni oollege pn'foMur ufaomed "i
hi-, opinkme The eountry in *».n»i t.> have
doubled itn wealth, bul ha* the wmjIit
w'ro crcotetl   thin   wraith   doubled   or   in
, reaeed his pro6l m nny thing like thi
nn ted proportion!   It N known   thai he
kas oot and will thc I .then I Inform Ul
w'ny he thould not. •
It is evident  tint  with the toiilmti.ui,r
•f either of the two "hi pettim iu powei
i .it Uu* ooodltfon of tin* eountry will
become even ns that of the United Btntte,
w'nere a loiiiPT **t nig-glt* m boftWU the NRkl
of UImh tii.in will have to lie gone
through heir.
If ihcfe partial in thm n reenanl i"
Ihrii trust the l-nth ol tne ilunl .m.i
tmhoi party in iiirvitalih*. Nttw what nee
tne nm** nf the ledependent l-*tlivr Tarty.
Turning to tlu- eondit I Htmt Zealand
we find thl the advent ninl the npitmiac)
o Wuv I-aJhm jNirty llien" ha.* hroinrfit 1"
paaa a eonditioii of thiuici> th.it nn- UUpn
«-tli nti.! eawwhere. New Zealand like n-
luul an army of um-iuplovi"!. slie luul
li\uii|-*.  bet  striken,  her |rau|«T- and   hei
Miillioiiain>.   1li.it country 'na* got rid ol
all  thlee tilingt hy  the i-a-wwute   ••!    mi-,'
lawn enaeted by the Kndependeoi i.ii'.t
I'artf.    Iii    roneequenoe   tiun   eoontry,
who h dom  imt   iMpwiotm a millioiiain'.  yrt
m»niMt<s 1,1 export hi per capita imt an
■uni igainet *\2 i<rr capita In the gnat
Itopuhlu (<• (he moth ol HI. lier )aiU
an . (nsirhou«*n .uv tn-arlv empt\. then- m
tms inme.  Ian  Intemperance,  h**-  poi
•11? .Ulil   Irs*,   i-flidtTfUlrr   thill   Hi  NH\   <*"iiti
try in the w,«rld. Thi* i« the condition
wt tlie state that we,   the   independent
1*almr I'.nrtv   aim at     It  i*> foi  tne linmr
mx a I h in t ot i'n- -nt.it !■ of thinst that t Input form of thm party m fnuiHti.
'I1i.it then* an* many |-kinks wliicfi ban
Iniii added to t'ne iiinttonu <■( tin- etate
ill the nation t.i whi.)i WC liave just ft
In nil and whldfa an' not imhnled in out
pn-r-nl platform is tnie. Hut U it rt
■nmbend that the itete ia not ■ matter
lhal mil be bufll up In i duy, W*e u»*>t
Im* tanghl i»\ opeiience wUle teaching
ttlw leeaoa tut experience kn* given for
om (tuidjuire in other wordi tn .nm nt
evolution and imt nvotutioiii at organise
nnii aud not dJaorgamantioni at a build1
inn UP Ol 001  *>wn UbtltJei in thn   In.in a
tearing down *a our ne-ni-ilions.
i.iknm the tii-t plank   <>t   tlie  Bosen
t'nat  form  ••in   |.uitf<iim   and  we  ■*■.. upon
th*- betel that education munt **r the
fotk on which we huiUl.   And the edma
li'Hi  th-it   wr   want   ts an  IWlVOItel and   imt
a partial ud dam education,   k-t if tlm
wiwiU*   "i    tin- ,>ici,u,it,   ir,* i-ofivcraant
witii tin- enffaU pn-4i|i*!iin w4neh nn* wait
itif folulion .it i mr dav and at the ha lid t
of uur imrty. it thiv know BttOUgh to di-
«npta the*-*' qneetioi iutellit*r<iiti\   and  en
a wm e    id     the  solid   CCOOOfllh    11 ut tit   .,i,
wimii iin %  .nt  baaed then onr battle la
won. it in .in.mint Ignorance th.it wr fight,
IgliftfWt   I*oil    <>l     WMt     Ol     hninninf.
ignoran■• that   m   conftanided   by   the
bMipiicmn ut tne (-.ii 11/.in, Ignorance
■uduluusl)- Inculcated by tJn^-t intanated
on tne preterm thai thf common and
evtey day wnnla <*i mankind cannot i>e
.i'M.it with hy the common nnd even dav
worker.   He li iiippoood to Iw Inoapeble
uf     reeeiviiifi   and   undei>tandiuK      Apart
Irom tin- tha etiitenoe ol fm and com
pU-*ory edoeation will do away with , hild
lalmr aud «"iiik 10 tar a*  is done in  tin'
Antipodal every youth o_pebli   ol   Wn-
Iiii:'ih'.i eiliuation, no matter w'hat hia de*
greOj will liave an OppOtttmitj in huh
i*. li«ml .md uiiivei-Hity o| attaining nuv
pnrfeeeiOO or ciilliiiK to wliieh he in i ■■
tiit-lly fitted. I Inn in the aun of tiua
l>kink and wt nek the oleetorate to (pww-
UOD UiemneJvon an Ut the v.rw*. ..) the
Other   partial   Ofl   tliin   nutter  and   nn   to
thc reaaoni they nmvi fof bohttng them.
'l„c leg.] working day id eight Jnwm.
In.- ia of tin inn in* .ml to apply Ui all
nviuatricn -uvh as || tho cane U>day in
New Zealand and in m-mt of the -\un-
tmlian OOlOD-d. The law ia a nucrrtm
tnore, why not here. In olden dnyn twioi
the time at the leant waiTtakeii \<* pIT
form the labor tlmt in done today in ai-
mont any manufactun1. Machinery MA
niadr thi.n difference, Heretofore UN
l«*n»-iii of machinery bit been Inkeii
w*uoliy hy the Operator] tv* a Ht"P »n .he
ilirection of (riving the working 1MB »
IMirtion of the benefit of innchin-wy wfah h
wm fttmort wholly invented t»y Uie jmui
ttntl  wurkirr,   we  propone Mint Uie eight
noiir day stiould be the law of the Uuul.
it ia just j-.*. .il'ic tint thiii may hurt
Home  industry,   th-m^h   tflie jinieLnal  ei*
pmtonoi of oountriee wUch have tried it
doua  not  justify   Utv  Hup^KiHition,   hut   in
I nal   twu-f  W'hat   • *'ii  -Wi   ttlillk   of  llu*   j*n l -.
wluih would prop up a feehle nuluHtry «ui
the sweat of the worker, who m iuit to
beneflt by 1-is very induKtry, ivn nulunti^
win. ii in cousuiuinK the TOOem and vitni
foreen uf hii DUU-UOdi
tiovenuiu'iit inepeotion of aXi Lnduatriee.
In  elder  da>*>i  when   machinery  wun iml
and every muter workmen oould eerily
procure und OWU all the nflDQItirj ttniln
ol   in* trade thin need  was li.uillv  known.
Ji u workman <Ji>l u>*i like the otmditiona
Of hin work 'ne oould either nek uuy
otiher   place or he OOUld   Nl   UP  foi-  'nm
self with little ditltiully. Now it in not
so.    There   is   not   a   trade   iu  a   hlBldfed
where labor Ii itill ai liberty tu do tins.
ne cannot get away even into another
town or even oounUyi ai tho exiatonce o(
world wnlf   unit-  nt   thi  prim  everj
When   and   make    the    COUdltloUl   n»*urly
alute. Tin* freedom of contract) that
ihibboleth of the parti political aoono
miet) ui ii dead letter for the moel part
t,» the worker ol todajr.. lie cannot net
up for himoelf u tbe iHvenl of huge but
aoonomieal   maoblnerj,   w-im-h i- costly.
li.t** entirely precluded thi* alternative.
Ilen.e the  nen-H-ily  ol   the slat,* 1,. enter
upon the ride of the weaker party of *!»■
so tailed free contnt i and see thai the
atrotiger duly tiltils it<  obligationi   Bixtj
>i*.ns .i,-,. this u.i,- liegllh in l-i.il r.iM.iin
and we are on this continent ntill vanity
anking it at the Ii-hhU <-! I ■ >i > .net Urn
Aholitio of the toiiiratl ■*y-tem nn
public worka. Not e man's ibllttiei but
mlher In- Doctatitin goverui the rate "i
w.h-.-n on  moot  w.nl.  ni  llio. nature      The
revelation of the eweating dens of tlit
cant .the work done on tin Crow'i Neel
V\vm alike chow tin- Iniquit] ol tin* eon
tract tyotem ind to tins ptank In our
platform no roooonoMe nun can liml
fault, hut ll I** Incumbent on tbe im"   in
tO allow why the old parlies n.nc tailed
t-i  cnei t   thu  hmg  -in. *
Public ownenhip of all franchiaet. All
mononoliei ihould be In tlie hendi "i
the people. It i* stated thit Hie govern
ment i* inherently Incapable «.i lookini
after work* of tin- nature. It is declared
that pirvete enterpriee t" fai better tlmu
atmtc in thm regard. Itoih lUtcmtnttarc
iintnie. Take two ooncrete examplea, the
U«»t Interetate rallwaj   utatUtioi ol    the
l  lilted   Slates     NttOU      thai    Hi   a   t,illiiti>
when there is u,i governmental   rallwaj
alnl   »Vien»  then  an   nmn-   r.nlwa-   than
in any |mrt of tlm Rvrld end when,
therefore, private ownenhip hai had a
better field then inywfcen dee, ihow ti»»t
■iw* |ht eeni of the capital Invceted >n the
United states railway* payi no miereai
wataoevtr ami another J>> i«r oenl pa*4
lew than  j  per  rent      It   would   U-   nard
if governmental ownotaliip could not i*c*»t
that record,   On   'in*   4atc railwaye "t
New   Ziul.iud.    a   '"initiv    thai   t-   nlmoal
•i- ragged a* onr own, the fan I* I .t ol *
cent j-er mile, and \«t the railway* ylrid
ui Income of Wi^iOffl1 nei |m-i annum
I'lieie ih the Intercolonial "i thii country
which i-» brought bj tbe Iur) in a- ri
ample ol what tSalt railway, tn. Kim
let the C, P. It. a rival concern donrinete
|Ih* legi-latiiie wilh t'ne imluid DOOM
qnenoM and then the partiau can ban
the uwuran to (tulnt t<> the comparative
i.uiuie ol a buainem which behimccll has
hel|*tl to wreck. And the experience «>t
iniinliialnoi mnnicipalitiM ihowt that the
argument npplio* IlkeerUe to rtiemaelven
i;. v.niies derived rom theee puble mono
police t" »oi. h  wi    it<   I'l.inng do mm Ii
to tighten the ratei |»aid b) the fortunate
The prohibition ol Uiatfc Immigwlion
ami the edneational leet. in,- nraodaloui
way In Which tha liberal government aai
ie,.|,-*\,M| with nirnnl to this rital mattei
and ihe oi«cn defend   made "i   it    in*
a|»e«keri!     in     Ihe  Poumrvotin    paitj     "
ilona eulBoient In tl yee of in Intelh-
gent and rltaUj concerned electonte t"
oondemn both partial »-• the public It ii
n<>t .m it the evib reenlting from the mat
tor were nmraly thiontical Than aw
Hrioue object  leeeom   in   tin-  quertwn
win, u hive been iffonled not onlv in the
wi-tirn siati-^. ..t the union ind In tiy
Auatralian oolonle* hot In "«ir own prov
umr t<> here dinbnaed Ihe ralndi of any
other tJian hide-bound partiiani -•!   any
argutimnt   m   it-  fcVOI      The ICtlon "I   tlm
Liberal government  i« urfher lllurtratod
by   the   Immigration   •»!    the   l>oukholH>t-a
actually inooonged by »t.   While thc aim
of any mu-lligein llnte il 10 |i»moie tbl
■dooatioa ol tiw- peopte the Uberali I •
au lar oontmvened tbe tir-t P»to«plee ol
a lictltiiy Itate an to invite the piMOnOO
,,f    ignoiant  ami illiterate people Ol    U
alien n»*e.    Ami we have yet t-. bear ol
any plOO_iee ol iflMDdnMM 00 thm   |sui
m Uie luture.   The    pnnet I    •"•en
racea in I'eniipvhauia hx- jaiiinll'd 01
|hi   pmnalmi,   -t     the   iUU    "t     tlnmm
whn n iw* eo reeentii Imiw i«rti.u> racU-
|„s| And do the labor loving (Tl UlmruU
Hunk that Ihev have not n.vii.,1 a mini*
\nr .onditmn ot ifttin by then a-H-d
luimigiatmii   nohcniew *
Aimiumn   '■.   .I..M labor    \   nrrijmi
when    WW    allow  a  ohiW   to  lake    the
brand onl ol He fi»«nei - monUi In ora«
to t.t.t mother dotttr m the pocket ol ■>
grinding opentec h »ne that mu-1 meet
ilk.- dlrapfanbation ol eeerj «tei r*aj
ii„. plank Ii neceetarr »!•"" our ptatfrnn
m Iteril tlm UK"* sweeping oondmnnatwo
Om polio "» ,1"' oW* ,,,,rl1"' ,',M v"ivr"
and   at   the   BUM    ■•■»e     lOOWl   tlm   WW
Mooaeity then ii im onr wcceei it nm
in>Ua not onfy here, but ■ tune cctnce,
.11 over the Dominion. It has been
nboliHlml hi moot »f UlO couiilr.e- oi KU
roiie, it -n bann^ied Imm England, »t W
unknown in Aiwtraiba and yet we have
tins* OOOdftiOO ol thmgn here on this cm
tiMnt governed, it "i *»iu\ by a free ojmI
, ^lightened people.
Abolition of UK- *-*> depoiH,    hia ta ■
fall of rla»a legialaU»n and M dMinctlJ
Ion the lin.- of rtpnoring ttn utterance*.
Vrf-y ft man Aould be taxed lor tW exer
'cine Of hia duty in endeavoin.g to aniclm.
at« the conditions of wdety li i qutnaiou
th.it   wc   «n   anfely   b-nve   lot   IMWel   tO
the party wtihh onginateil it.
(niiiptilaorv   arbitration.     What     is
itlwt reallv  fnghUvw  «wny cajnUl v   It   is
not labor legi-lation. or New Zealand nw
iall thc capital, and cheap capital, that  it
rt.piire-   dcnpile   the   Mipremney  ot   lalmr.
bai it  i* an utwettM COOditlOB "I  ittain*.
Experience tandha nn that the moot i»i-
Mtled condition of aflnira in during the
lime of ntrilcea. Kx|ierience nhn slmwn
lis that romp-ilnory arbitration hm JjM
nwny with tiiew diatilriiing eauaea in New
Zealand  •Itog.'Uier    aince  it« erun t mo*tiI
Will Be Given By
Annual I    ^oss^anc^ Miners' Union No* 38
Ball    J
W. F. of M
On Monday, December 31, 1900.
\\ ii> i- ii tint 11 i.i.'. <'i unoonititutionil'
ny i- in.tii* i.i tin- |.ii>t*iit pact) ni i««'*
ui*.   I, ii..* iiMi.utiiiiiiii , ii'ti.ti':   is it
nut 1.11 lul' tluil tin* ..|« IMI.*! .hull nut Is.*
.<*.in]..*IK-.1   in <.iili....l   1..  .u.  avail  lu,iiilt*l
juMiaa,   foi lm it rtBMmbwtdi tJii. mv.
, iUU boh wa)..
I All i-licliuu d.i.v. lo Iw iiiiult- |.ulihi*
* liulitliiys it ii. thl mu ml duty Ol iiitv
i man to voti-.    lt is llu- ul.j-.-it ol tba u|-
oatoi and ilu- plutomtt lo prtvtnt Dial
i..ii* beuiK u.t.-il ugiiuisl '111, i.-tu..s.    Ki'i'i-
ilu* mirUaf nuui from tba is.n» and in.
,;.--, im* toward! locompllihing tbat m-
jivt. W'lii-rv is the ON ul iti-'iitiiiK «.lli
liln- OU li—lid tin- privilivi* »l tin- ti-.iti.lii."*
uul with the otliii* hand taking it anay
hy nllowitiK tin* iiiiiilii.vn* |.u\vt*r to »*v.*r
elm.* il *-untl*!.l uv.'i* tin* ..-.* ut tlmt WtJ
linrilrgc. 'ITie nun »|.i*..t»iiis* ..t tlus
I'l.ink upon our st.itut.* booka is ii-.*ii eri
iU!..t of ba n.'i'.iiif ol tl..' partial intanati
nli.ii tin* old partial na trjriat lo con-
Abolition 0 iihi* Sonata. This i« a largi
t|iii*-ii..ii ind uni* thai will idnil of tnutti
baini saii.l upon it. I.-t it -iittin' to st.it.*
tit.it  wi can   t*Tt un in Un-    11..1111111..11
tnli t     .111    iill.i    ih.iinln-r na-   wi-ll  111*
■ iiIht itiunlrit*.. Than are *r.aui.u ..—
ii lit'i-t'. |H*ih.i|.*. .1 plaa 1.in is* .*iiti-ia*.i ..ti
behall ol .. iccond dbambar.   Than nm,
|S.|'lll|S. it tllltt' tl'llt'll SUIIIt'tlllllK thillltl
h.l!i* Iss'll -.ml 111 I', hall uf till' -Vlltltl* ut
lliv I lilliHl Stall's, llu then I'Vif n
iinif 11 iit'ti .mi 111.ni: conld I..- -...I tui' tha
*-t*!t..t.* lli al .....la.  tllllt ll.tliM* ul t.ll.'  llltlt-
1...iin.l  |..una.in. thai  rvlu-*-.'  iur IIm- i«-!i
i*..till   .1I....I1 ir.   tlmt   iKKirlmiisr   tor  tls-
.i-tuisl   politldan    .uni    tli.it   . i.l.ul.'l   01
.'loss hi;.*!..!......     It   iii.. iu*v.-l' an  iiutu-r
to tin* .......tri.    it   Inv* Im-i-ii . .t.in.l.hn-*-
hlork on thr |«th ..( |.'r»m-i — .m.i its aota
liall*   Istll   II   ill-^lat.*   tO   ll-Jtlsllltjun.
Mt-ii of tht .*l.-.-t..ititc no liavi- givi-n
■su.-.in. lly   tin'   iva~.ii* of    uur  |.Ml..mi.
wa in. i* .liun n   vim  I'm- decNpttnda ol
tin- ..I.l nu.l -tlilli* |*.rti-» llu vull M-ut.t
vuiir iiuhi*. jroUT |.r.vilri*.«* ut tuininuii
iimnhooit, yi.111 alilily to nwil.t* yuur umii
wa in the world and brcomr U.-.-I..I nu-ni
I".-,   ul   thi'   ts.litliit.lllvrlltti   M-ltiluut   Inn
■ I......  .    ll is tu Ihi 1.1. .uiiii.i t'n.it .ini,
urn our n-t.h.--. II.ir ntltrr ul ll..* ..Id
I-.IIU. I'l.-r .iti.'u.|.i..i to cm  labor any
tlllliK  until   tlti*y   tiifr    InriTil   itllti it   tiy
tiit in ih*d ifttator I 'Ihri- nn- queationi
limt thu WOllur iiiii-l tit... k nf nud h.Ivi'
i..t hlmatll Isit.ii* ba oaa rati intoiiim-nt
ly at lln- |s>lls. And «o think tli.it no
man In- ha a laboitr In »ny urn- ot our
1 nuti in.lii-n i.*-. I.- hr a i.r.il.-.sionnl nr
.1 i...s.u.-*s nan, uhn i* t.,u.uK np ti..-*.*
I Link* for I....I- ll uul stlldviliv hniv tl..'l.
tnn.l i» rnlrubiti-d to Im-uHiI thr |..litii-al
w»l the a*s«il .Ut.* ran tail lo rrgiatnr
hn v.itr fur In' |ary nt |*r.v.-,-**-. Uie onlv
l*»rtv 111 our Cumul* uf toilny wliirh i« nl
trltl|.ling  tu  m.Ivi-  th. tar Ml.I  i|llt--t....V.
If ynu wanl tlir snnir nl.l rondili..n« ol
tlimit* vote for Uie old partie!, then* |.
110 mon- rral dill.-rrno.- lirtw-rrn thru,
than Ihrrr is luivt ISirisllnluni md
Tirrrdlnle,*, Iml if fW arr rmlly vii.hi.ii
..I lii-lt"...*.- your Mlow and vmimelt v..t.
fur tlw Indrprndrnt Ijils.r I-VirtT and .t-
.tnndar.1 lirnrrr, fhri. Kuiry.
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second near Washington.
V. & N.Thone 68.
,5 i*e*-i-«-*«-i-i-i -s^-i-S-s-J-f**Ssi«<>«-»^M> *
a     Ai'iin   Hi I.IC4CII-K or tn«Si**Hort.     ..
M ..- h n. Ion M.
John   Ilajrse,   l'rupriator.
Hot and Cold Lunches
S-J-* «-**i"**
 ■; *}■*<! '."'N-5 '"
t-t-isS-J-issMs.sSsiss^!-! •• ■•-!'-;*.-—
I A. KI.OCKMAN, Proprietor.
9     JOHN CAMADVi tatuM-MDl M.n.jtr. PROP, DRBYPUf, riuslul lllrcct.tr.
FOR WI.HK OH NOVliUDHR igth, tgiio.
Ai n bit; exjs-nsi- tfio managamint has purvhaaad thi litaal  Imnrorad
•J    Ktlisuu Elactrio
;; _        PR0JECTOSCOP6
liiti'tulucitiff   tin-   lul.-st.    war  lilins.  u/:
Boer npply train at Joubatfi Liaatrj Cavalry Ghartei l an.its undrr
-y l'jirl of Airlie fonlini; thr Mn l.l.-r Kivrr nfti-r Knslin engngonient, IXss-in-
-!' bar ii. is'.nj; tba Gordon Ut^dandera marching to th.- front. Mo., togrthrt*
^.    with ih,* usual number of Oomto Picture! intoiaperaed thrta^hout.
Ili-torivnl moving s riu**. Mr. t-awtimce, Operator,
*J>  O'Brien, Jenalng-s & O'Urien. te« the runny Comwidy I.y
r Patrl and Catttdy. o'srim and rmw. ■»-•
Tht Kramer...    Reest-tS     Swan "THE ACTOR'S MOTBLL,"
Minnie Jrrome.—aii  ippwHai  la •tn'> "A IIOOMINO TOWN."
aa cll.i.r change ul bill. _„ „„   K„v<„it,., „, „lc „,,,.
Adm iss'on Cnly 15 and 25 Cents
if.;..* .........     ..........     • *y*  •■».■<-|-|..*«*yaj-..fJ*;*(V-f-?*ra<'*j*|SJ»»»»<|    !
■*,;.......... ..;^^.i*...,^*........ .sj,... . , , .„ ..........-^j^**-*^^
Q. W. flcBride, |
Hardware, Miners' ]
Supplies, Stoves, j
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
. ♦♦4*M^>4-!?-J^**«X.**'Ka*-
*  »*!  a-, ■»—•*-• «■
Thc I'l.i- lo tc. Il.r II.si Maul in Ihc Cil).   <I,
l-ionip! Sciin-c.
Mttlt 88 Oantt and Dp.
C. j ; . ;.. . . ii.. 1-. • -•*  -
Your   Photographers        —
Do nothing but the Very Best Work Every Time
We carry a lar^c line of
for pitai hint a union on  Sunday in I
th.- Boidiera'   Home,   \f,ir«hali<wn.   la.,
in.i..-l.r- r.t.ni.1 fituii V tu tn per talk.
Ruddeui) .'■.■ |o*trnmenl nil the |iri*» of
.ivuini.s  t.. **'! iwli. and   thru    all    tlir
|.ii*irhri-s went on strikr  Tlirv Indirvo in
.......ni*iu and tpptttt uf arti.m t.ik.'ii in
drfri.ee of tl.e iKnly.
K.!i|s-!'- Iur riot—ing.
The Collins,
I urnl.hcs thc Heat :tii.n.l» ol
Winks, Liquors and Cigars)
Nelly  lurnl.hfd  i....m. In conncclion hc.tc^ j
-A llh tn.l all
PATTERSON .*•  Co..   I'rop... W.ahlnflon SI  j
Windsor Hotel
First Class Accommodation
Pricks   MoDBRATB.
W. G. Merrymathe, Prop.
Make, a specially nl
L.i In nil-IB  Avrmif
Cunningham & McDowell, Props; New Clothing
at Eastern List Prices.
tent Dry -Goods (o .,il
Gent's Furntshinjr Department.
Shoes, Shoes.
105-107 Columbia Avenue KOSSLAND. B.C.
V. & N. Telephone No. 00
1 All-Wool Seiyr and Wor.ted iuit! in
1 Navy Blue, HI... k and Mixed, 110.00 tn
fai.OO. All-Wool Tweed nuts, notihy
pattewis, tlSOO to 120.00. Uood Kim. k
1 aluut I iitt.l suns, t.d) to I10.SO. All-
Wool I'.nta. fi:.i to H.SO. \Vorkin«
I'linta, |1.00 to |2.00.
j New Overcoats
Jn    Whipcord     1-wtr.l..     Ueltoni    ind
I I    He,.cr.,  110.30,   |12.90,   111.00, $10.00.
Wr are Klling awn'i ihoea below coet.
Men'a Split 1/ealfc-r Shoee, |1 to pt '*.'.,
Men'a Urained Laatbrr tjboee, |1 JO, 11 M
91-76. Men'i Uiminrd Mailed bhoei,
-.' "... fi .«■> Men • Oil Onined Nuled
Shoe!, f*00. IUl Walling Shoea,
Irom 11.00 up.
Hats, Hats.
I Men'i   IM.U.I   Cotton,   per   iuit   $1.00.    s^.. ..... ..i-*^
1    Alrn'i   lUbhcd    Wool,    |ier   suit   $1.00,    *
,    Men'i   Heavy   Wool,    per   iuit   $1.50.
I    Men'i Tan and Htriped, per iuit $2.60
$3.00.    Men'i   Wool  Fleeced,  per iuit
Men'i fedora llata. $1 SO to $1.00. Men'i
(lueno It:.!". $2.00 to $3M. Men'i Still
llltl, $2.00 to $3 Ml. Mrtiuii a ll.lo,
$9.00.     All aiylM
is tlir nrwrst W. II. CORSKT, nnd it's a
tt-iiiui|ili of pood sense nud good muddling.
It thrOWl the slinulttri s luuli; it takes
away pirssui.. finm tin- tbdomtn, sn that
ihrrr ii nn shnrtut'ss of bfttth nnd no
longn.'s- uf diftestion. Tin- liip! and I**.. I.
Tiiusilrs tan stnnd any Ktrnin*—thnt'i
whrre the "BBEOT J.>It.M" puts its only
pressuie. Your pby-irian will join with
your mndiste in I'l-ai-.n** il; the piircn
|.rinse thein-elve*.
Men'i Nivy Hlue, 75e. to $2.00. Mini
l-'ancy Mued, $1.00 to $2,110. Mm'a
Self Colon, Kfcney Oollaie and Wiiit-s
$2.50  to $3.00.
Levi Sir... anil thi*. nl Ihr Ko.*J*0>cr.ll.. ind
Jumpers at cost.
b^-^^o^^^^-joj^-^o^^^ »^M^(*M*H*H*«*IHMIM»
#,X>lX>^A'*^XH^ViXl^a^X''I^A^A/^X!''l>,|# '
Choice Staple and Fpncy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery aud Glassware.
Third and Washington. Telephone 19.


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