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Industrial World Sep 1, 1900

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Array ——-***-
r/*2^£   ^*AW»*~l
Vol. 2, No. i.
l^^^P^^^^^i Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Ros^Trades &l^^^^~^tr;., Uinon N,
Price, Five Cents.
6. W. F. M.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has man* advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to sec the Cold Air Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kinds of
I Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
assssssssesseesssssssssssi1 >♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■■>•> ossssssss a
Tan Shoes
Is now iu lull iwlug.
This week wore *|J
offering Home Imr- of
and luionl Ties at ACTUAL cost.
1 We huve uot space to quote prices here.
Auk to aee original prices and you
will tic * "in im nl that you
are getting
w. f. McNeill, \
Next Door to Postoffice   .
'-•'- • • ■: • ■ * .-j.. a
Trsucss?" -;
<" 1 .*>
Yes, a
T. h. morrow, i i
The  UruggUt.
The Strand
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
A Fine Line oi the
Choicest Liquors & Cigars
Tiudeii and l..'.t'i'i  Council .Move. Agulu.t
ciiiii.-c  Kinployer.
At Tuesday nfgbt'i meeting oi lhe cuuu-
ui   it   WU!  .1.-. ill. il   to   act   111   thi:   mutter
nt   the eu.ployiueut  ul I liiue-e by  Alien,
the w.i.'iingii.u itreet reetauiaot keeper Mr. Allen, .0 11 i. it-jaii-ted. ita-.
luug employed uuu-uuion liclp. 1 he Cook,
aud Wuitttt*. uud .1 cuuiuiittce lroiu tbe
louncil have beeu trying lor acvcrui
ni-cl.s to get liim lo w|uuiv hi. place.
Xhi* be ha* failed to do. A couple ol
weak* (go be employed ChiueMi Help. A
irute.it m.u. made, and he claimed h.
. wtuii aot get while ml p. ih. uuion
promptly -,-nt it in wh te men, but ha
initirmr-i them that he had all Ihe nep
tl- wanted and that il auil.d Sim. On
thin report the council* detided to p'ac*
the rvatauiuut 011 the uni.in li.t, tu.d lo
aa.1111  union men ol  the 1l1.ua U-i   ul  the
'lhe   balance  ot   tne    meeting    ol   th'
Council  wua laSBU  py    ccitoistiun    matter*. The noil, of all the roiiuuilu-,-. wa.
a]ipiovcd,   -ave   that  ot   tbe    bail    i-uo-
mittee. Thi* cuiiim tie.-  ripOTted  the cu*
...g.-ii-. ir   ul  the Star onheetr* for I"
boil.    Tbe et une I  nfneed  lu appruve of
tlur.   action,   and  ordered   th*   commit.•-
to   .nili.e   Wybe'tf  urciit-.tra.   tbe    manager oil, i-.uk to I 1111-I1 tlie ,1111.' number
•t   piece* for fl   I.*** j.. r 1;,-1-   'llu. ae
tinn i-ii-im-d a loud 1 role t. .....I it may  be
tha ine.iii- of making lhe ball .1  tailiire.
Iur many people du noi out_d*r Wylie'i
■ uuiou i'i* In -tin. while four id the Nve
nu ml) r.ol the  titer  .... hc-lra   a.e   mem
ber* of local orgaii.-utiur»
F. C. Uni e. Lon for Oongre*..
The  fu*iou  for. ci  of Wiiahingtoit  hav.
I nominated F. ' • t; i.. mun of spukau.
I for congrca.. It will bo remembered
that .Mr. Kobe.4*00 wa. the altomey
who defendtd the Cncur d'Alene miller,
label! ."..tig.-1 with i.ip.u .in. ai.t tor
IVar.lner nol. 01' 18 mouth, ago. II* al*o
$ ,'ippcarcd for the miner. Ixdnre Ihe con*
?(grewaioii.il inat'.tig.itmn, and haa add
... in the ca|vicity of .t«lvi*ory council Inr
•i* the i-'edeialiiin ever i.nce. Mr. Itohrit
[''j .011 bu. in<>re than piovcd hi friend.I.n
..inr labor, and if tl.e reform torn-, ol
J 'l-jt-tern Wa-h ngii'ii cannot win with
S<J. jhim a. their, ornithic that part of thr
j .late ho. gone over hopeli-Mly lo the
aB plutocmti.
MlKK.t-S'  L'M.OV.
•Nominulioni    fat     Officim-The
Other Nul...
The inter lew 1 'h Air. llu. n-u-a-k,
which ippiaftd iu Uu* i'..e..iiig 1... •! .1
a v 1 el* ogu, ha. been bhl a b.eet ., muci.
cn nenl <h i.ugi-oi I Hie d.-trict ,-, wc.)
.4 in Ui. i-iiiup. 'Ibe leav cuuiinent un 11
ll turn. J,,  ma y  co mem 1   it in  11. an
lliere   wa.  a  good   attendance  at the
uilt meeting uf the Miner.   I.nion, ITSla
tin- nomination* br officer, to *crvo for
the next etg month* were comidetert | thor, wl ile ,.ll og „ th t Mr Ilia k
Other m.t.cr. largely rcK„ -,g to tH. "oca ,* ... ah e to ..... llm,hu .,,,„„,,™±
UbOT Day eclcbrauon am- tha vie. with tin. ,„mp ev.e,, I, ,,„*, tli, yea
regal vi.it, occupied th. atu-ut.ou of ffi. 01 Edmund K.,l,y, ,,|, ,. v J", ,"'' 'Juv
uuiun lor .ome lime. duituited. J
the «ick   committw   reported   1.1     ku. Usokstooc mas* many dna._taa
IW Hal.,, left the hospital Satur<Uy. sdmiiaume ia thi* IrtrtttewTh. t2!*t8
John Mi li'"! expect! to Ik' nut in
Week. A. 1—nc. Henry Utiucron and
Albert Lal'ierre an- improving aa rapidly
*«  cun   be  expected.      Mathrw    M.i key
rBt to thi hu.pit.il Angn-t Uth, -tiler
ing with lyplnai.l fever, and ii very ill.
All the other, on the aick li.t are im{arov-
iug and uul of danger.
Sick benctits ainnuiituig to Still 10 wen
The delegate, to the Trade* *ni! la.l.or
Uni. I i.'i.i.i .ed the action ul Uu* council in phicing Allen', mtuuraui bn th*
uni.in   liat
truth ub.iut n any n.i..|,.i, but bu ba*
la led to pla.c the ie p 1 ir b.l.ty avhere
ll ).iuj)crly belong..    I •    *yv:
I "Our cxpeiim-a had grown *>ut of all
1 i..|.oit mr to Ihe ie ull* Bltltpea, uul
1 believe Ihut 11 wna .tut- t.ue that we
lad  be • in.   ihe laugh.ng .to k   c    the
. mining men owing 10 tlie iniali.kcn
auric iii I'dipU'd." * * • "We definitely n* 1-rt.iiricil llut during tbe |»
>.iii|,aiiii"i ot inn. 1.1 tu-   tnen   only
real y avikc.l ah nit 0111 r-lbiid of the
. un..'. and 11 became impoa-.il.lu tt. carry
j the load tl.ua impoMd.  oooaaqaaatly w*j
it wa. decided tha tif the oceaaion of,'""re ol hg.-d to .4,*., Uown ia •*.- .1,.
Wd Minlo. vUt wM m.dc . oivte'- II.ix- Ur .lll«ck.t..ek ndiuj. t'mt „
boli.l.y the union would inarch to th. nmata ue.t* U huti. all out o* .roiKV.
dcp.t iu a body, ami  tike  p«r'   lit w«l* ,ti..u to the rv.ulu Mlninwl    lhal ta n v
Beit   Siitrgion   waa    ole-tii!    mkr.h.tl'1  mner   wh   ohud   «.   knu«lnl«  „i    i7
•id.* for  labor I)*y. l.|».eti. ,|   aio.k.n.   "1    the    ».?.
Uhe aclion „f lhe Tnule, and f,-hv WSra al ,1. .„„%, u £ ,^^.^2
council m cngagc.ng an orcheatr. cm- .Uie nl alla.t. ,,.,. . .u|,,..m .' l
po*d of non-uuion*U it » reduc-TT".-.- «' '•"•sblei. It m.v b* t.u.* tb°[ n„v
in prelereme lo an orche.tr. co,a,Ki*eo "f.lhe nun workcl not more iii,, 3
of trade. ,.n.on..l. c*m.- up lor d»u» »■__ "f lb* u..; we w indineo u, '
Mou on a report Ironi the dclt-galc n 'neve i|ui • , (lci |i„J '' „ *'
wa. mov.d and Mrnd t„t the ,„ , ."k...* n, the t«.XwriKTrf^£Z
^y'ih.^.'.unUal.,l*,''n*t "" ttC"00 t,krn ,"1"1 ">' ,h" " ■* ■'"• f"ia ol SK
The   numinat'ion.    ol    candidate,    |„r „ o,',.   "!'.!'."'.'   '" ■!,.   *'"",   ?__**•*•
•••""• wa. CO let.d. and are a. follow.:   l.eh..|    „   Sa£? ,"" *"••'' "•*»" »'"
1'ie. dent-M. Ollii.it. to  an-.M„.  h...   " """"   ***   Aa'
V.ev-1're.rdcu, -1..,, M.Gillvr*y. ! men,    Kreni.ne  i'"":?"™    **—*•
*Wi*l  Scct.ry-Kra.ik    Wo.t.m..   ,  0.       *,   n 1     Zl r'"TZ. ■!_*
Jotiujlotnlu,  i,i    H.u„.„.    ltol.Clt.r,    l\. J,:11:*;.,^  be*
T,.a*uif.-W   I    |!„.ton 2_f?^   ,"*""'-""* •<   nmnagrn,,,,.   ,nc,K.
IU. rdiu. LJteljSS;  liana.    .- I^L'T^1?**? "»'"  »■«  Star di*
LOU.I.I. lot    (.* •   Ula   .. h'.t
Warden—John nhho. son roictro.     'men.   11
luiecuiire U...rd—,la.. wo.au, jaa. ii. |tha lae*
I r ti al mining m. tha.l.,
11 hoi". ..I lali-.r bivr brm
n I thmiifl. any fault .-f if..*
* .lid Ur, llnrk-tock -M.--ert.iii
llut  ken   saw  ..<>•   dung the
. School   Shoes
Wr have a mighty good trade on Coffee.
We have It | and we hold It. Once a
Coffee Bu>cr linr-slwny* onr.
Mocha and Java
Coffee that is absolutely the Best
sold in Rossland
a 1
It.   Pb—man,   „f the   pnnt.-r.,
rhmwday for the Winiip« '  In
1 unci. t„ re,,,.,,,, there all
Ik.undiry. Hi
aillili-l ^^^^^^^^^__^__^_^
Are ,-oti ready for lfll*or llrty?
Ili.'h or low .ut .hoe., but only high
quality at  .McNeill.'..
We -.11 gon.1 clothing ch.-a,.. bill Bill
not -11 rlntp elulhini. Hnl.tead k
t hn.. Foley i* laid up wit ban injured
font   (hi.  week.
Mi*«. Thorn... Kmblrtmi returned thl*
vei-k lra.ni a «ax innnth.' 1i.1t l« her old
home  111  Sunderland. Eng.
Mr.. Walter 1. I'n-.t.ui i« v.rv lli
with typhoid fever.
IJ.-orge Morlimer, nn. ol the irtnlting
nm bun.t* of Tra-I. w*. * itaitor In Ui.
Worlil  odii* th.* week.
Hue.   A.   I..   Ilou»lou,   Mi.e   Mut.,1.   Ku ntnnnn.   11 ■   V*...-^. T".    _^-
1H..I   Uuluwr.  Juhu  bl*..uagl.«i Mr   K rl      7 '  ,""*"',r    ",n"   '
lhe  riSStta.  .....  h,  bed   Wcouc J m • ^™W£T^,"* '"T
typtemla-r  it.,,   „   ,(,.  b.U.    The     .. v L •«?,„;   T'     'h,> £**>*    W"UW
"HI b," «|«u*i rt V .. m.. and .    -.   at c, - wl   „   2£       .". '' "1""'•"  "***■
9:» ...  m.   ».  L  MCWld a,,:.  .   ._ SSuSSy'a? £"*_£  ""   S_^_S
OuJ. wcroawaiinieU ,*,„. o( «ta  „n ^ ,,„.,. g»_" I   ™
the imih ... ,1 ,,.,. t.nown ,„ lllr ,
__^ ,    II   w  PM' il.lv  ,,r      r.e  thai    ,1    1,.
The eetttaMt u. .i« .t„k. „i tbecr. rr1"? "• ""^,hr u,j ■'-•
I.1.CI...11.I.   and   ul...-.l   Had.-.   ,,,,   ..,., l!*"'"    V  h" '"■"■'» ■< "»'<-r ".
|by   lhe   I.   1'    H    end.  uu,   ul   H.e       ,?1   I, ' , ,'   .'. "    _°____  ,h"
complete -i..k.. .,, the uwiury .,. hw ZL,      ,   ?' '    """''■  ,,v !l"* n,lu*-
utg.t,.„t,,,u..     Ihe   .ink.     bad     la-avl   ."T11     1 '""  ■"••"*"    "■    HUiMion
I a^Bld.baahnqH any m.ll,..n...r ,|   c*.n„nu
'lln-   M... liun.1.  atrii...
,,■■■■ 1 .*.<■. i ■.. .■-....-. iu, ...-,.. .
C O. Lalonde,   The Reliable Shoe Dealer. I
!! Morrison & Bryenton i\ zz
i! ^.GROCERS.. - • ?:=
VVe have a Coffee
we sell for 2? cts
• 1
Fancy Groceries, Canned Goods, Potted Meats and Kish,
Preserves and   Marmalades,  Pickles, Chow Chow and
Catsup, Fruits and Produce, as well as a Full Stock of
X Staple Groceries aud Provisions.   Goods delivered free.
East Columbia Avenue, Rossland, B. C.
Kht get ,10 01 even 15 cr.ll, for llll-.
' .11 11. -Ion I ii,, it       Wr aaoiitth. I
mnch If wo did I .mi Sflypooadi
.mall profit I, better tb.n 1,,-,, i*a,,it..|.
al a In. prniii. Baay lo Agureoiit I.n I it'
Attention, Serrvtari**..
Information i. wanted of the where*
.Ik.nl. .tt one Kul Allen." -n-ho wa. in
\ utnr, (olorndn. «n*me ve*r« ago. fie
ran learn of wimething to hi« aovnnlage
by notifying Ihe ..crelarr nf Kn~l*iid
Miner." I'nion. Seerelnne* will pieaw
n*.crtiln if h. i* in thrir pm.d'ctnn.
\V. WII.I.VN".
Seeretnry   lln«lan.|   Min.r*-   I nmn
Wc  Know.
Mall)   ......  .......th, aud u.......  .nal lim.-
but on. —.al. vuuld  be i.itui.l  ui.--  aa*
aa.ll.ng   l»   uulk.
I In-   |.,.ill.ni   taken   ut    Ibe   i-ump ui
u •  aiimg une Irom ihe  -auit.  hu-t
th. i.-ru-id lo tlval w.ll. a i,,mii..lt>T
Hum Ihr uuiou.. ubnh MN »tiling to
ariitlialc Ihr matter, A toupl. ui Mi-rk.
latei tin- .lllkel- aga.u plt-jan-M-d lu 1a.11
tlir u.il.n- lo 4. Uu aim-, but Uiv u-i
p.,l.a   I.a.I   mulling  to  .lb.ll.lr.
Al tin- brgiiiu.ng ul Uu* ink gll.v
ion.|-.i.y »_. u.ll.i.g lu .ibiliatr, mil
I lieu tlie union* -aid ll.<) hail Uvtlilii*
It ail.itl.tlc lloweiaf, 1**11. aatlr, li«l,n
cd to reoMiu, and the .Uiki* ua. Ntth-d
ML If Mr. lti.e-.io-* ran. in 'earn lhe
truth he .ill ....I II.*. the re. on-.luht.-
real, wnli lhe management, not »H|. Ih,
Assta ■ .« foe 1.1 Han are men
w>.rkl..< in lh. m nr. , „ gaataSSl Work
who mr makan. hi.h -a-agr*, -uid Ihat
u.ntr 1. ..r..ni|.l.I.0.I |,.r tlir «lw
m.ie. b that meth I than by day
labor. Win r U*r«aa0 nhrn men were
l^nl inlo th. mn* on Ihr d.v wage*
the tr-e minie'le*! to Work
und>- ... i|.i..| ho ■*,-. wh-. n many
■ a«-«. ...u'l wt. hold 1 fob a. a tinner
any.here el»     Iblrn.
O       Of   li..   olher      Wat      l.i      111.1, if nr
*   .loilnnn   than   tn   pur   ..111     .i.u»*     uu.l
. trade mark oa It. If- ju-i 11 .f *e mid
ei"Wi- H-itrrnnt  tioa gameai  la   Im*   .ii
SIwool,   -caat-l    with   "lit.,   made   ol   belter
0 . uiateii.tl*.  ..ml   ...   better   *'vlr   than   \><tt
can   g.*i   anvtvhere  ri^>    ||     tb--    aime
TAYLOR  i   M«'l ill It IK
j 11
J  price.'
■s . .
Empey Bros
Are Showing * Very Fine Kinge of
In  Silk  Fronts with   Linen
^^^^^^ .    Bodies.
Cashmeres, Linens and All-Silk Goods.
Alto a Very Fine Kangn of
5uapenderg J-| ^ ZlZg. t
We have juat opened up a very nice line ol
Made by the Hamilton-Browu Shoe Co.
Every pair guaranteed, or money refunded
I      Washington Street
Cleaning and Dyeing Works
Op|H>-itc Mntliii Hlu,.
1 . ... clean or .b.eanythlng In ladlea' .rn
Kenllemen'* we.r (lire tne . call and lu
iniiviiireil. The Lit. *l inip.i.aetl ....chiller,- nml pro,-.-.**", enable tne tog...rn..trc
the prompt tlHIv. tyof .It onler«.Woik**III
t.ecall.il Iur and dell,.real Iu nny ra.l.lrr*,
*__^__ ^^^
Tliners Checks
Cashed at Pull Pace Value at
The Hoffman House
^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^-       1.M1.      — —.    m    mii«qurm*e.
Jliui-Hlat.    the   meu   irluitiiiig   lu ■        »•»  * e.mpll.li.d.   |l„,|,.r  ,,,
rlrar!   .,^n,  ,h.    |nrn  ^    0)n(    n_n
Sd   « -   n-,p.      ,„l. In. I     . |J,
•o'•-■..,.,, 11      „.,   ,,lNir   ,.   ,,_,
In Men's and Boys' Clothing, we carry
the Finest Goods at the Best Prices.
Empey Bros.. The Furnishers.
Furnlihlng Goodi Department. Cor. Columbia Ave. and Spokane St.
Gel th. 11 Ireneriptlon. lilted
by Ihe
RossBaitiid Drug
: Company :
A I'ull Line of Kverything In Our Une,
i ;i vr Hi a Call.
Ror.i.a-,11 Dbi-.i Co.. R K. ST.ONo.Mgr,
Columbia Ave., neit tn non Ton,
i-i-:-; . . . 1 . > •?-••> '
For -.1* beat band-mid* miner"* booti,
go to Agnew k Co.   Pricei rirfht.
lai  main »l   that •l*l'______ ^^
ll.e 1..11.p.i.i   aaa piobabl-    in-lu.'.l   '..
met   till'   .til'.el.'   tritit.   by   giliug     II*
lul  ......deratNUi  I., lb.-  ..tn.tn.n,   trim*!
a..- -uuu., .nd would hav* re-uHr
*  cvinplet.    IS up    .......    1     I. av    .l.i-
the  1...- t.  ud    driven   iiw   ,'..i
.-ro lain t-a,   .md    it    w..     p,..-,**... .|       ,.,{
ll,cy   leftaM   lu   ..irk   lungrr   utti.i   ev*l>|
gleiili.I    ll«   Mtllld.    |S      n«'     ul   l.
IIUUIU.U   ..O't  l.lgi.i. IIICII ..Mil*  t'Ut   4   IU...
I...id  it....-I tn,.I.    and I.
Hltlenicl.t   .-.uid   haVI   lain   i.a*.,, ,1   m
til  the .•t|u|un,   gr.lii.d  lln   tkutainl.  ■
o|gH||l/|||,.|,      ,|,l ,.,!,, |
The   Lain   inn,-   bad   la--uui»  g.rat'.
impaii.-.l,   on i   ball   ..|   ll.e    |..„im,i|..
bating   "died.' .ml  it   na. ..i.l,
linn uf da,- *.h.u nu llama uuui.l  I.a*.
bees inn.... I
leu.Hi.  ib.   rS*rt*  nf  ihe  -i
not  br,u I.U. all ln.ii.lt it  mu-1  ii.ve In, ii
..iv rhuit lim* bilot* bafaM
iiiim,ni    hi   the   ||   i... I,,,.  -.,*>
tne i t.iumitia ri.er, baa- ■
.bad     .1   the   aat.U   al    I I ill    a..'I
o  fib*  tl.ii*ion  «-t-   I- t..    -I- <
oidy   halt   tin    ttigini.    i,t,d.-l.      'Ihitt-
!,,,!.!.I  hav* bean .  ......pi. i,-  t..-.ip ou
III.*   .I.II.I..I1   I....I   OOt   ll.e   .    iiip.li,
F*eded m -...inng oa* nab lo *"-rk In
ll.c    I lad   »l...pa      111 ...  I
out   i.n.,■  eagfnee   I h -  m-.*.
-I,   I    ll]   • a. 1    lh*      -     .   -1   (nr   JU"!   -»!  '!
he ■•     Hi* nam.- .* Ilaa-.a   \|,, . Ilai.h
e.niiii..t   for  ilu   IV tin   division     \
inonlli. agii I.e a..., drlviSg "ul    -I   lln*
.i-ii*!. uiun hi  rt. promoted
time hi av.a- a J>-.l union n.al. .\ hill.
|inin-iii><n I. nl *|*-ibd h.m. and he *...
milling to do any dirty woik the iunip«i.y
• ..rk. mmere wrrr .fir., c.mi eh.I
... ...I hour- tar «".'. f-t ar. f..r murk-
.        I • '.    ng w . n.,t Up! mi wnli ib,
..i.      III.. ...    .* no whi-n   .1
»■!.. Id   inIP  la-   .,     ul-   .'n   hunt,  wwe
I...t  w. i in. f,.r -mn-r -Irar.
■   .     .nli .'..-      ii.r.I
lu.,.-   (■.   W...' ■   r .      t
I.   It   Wll   IT winaldr   In      ..MM**
A Valuable Asset
Mrn of ability and char..t«r
ibaw ■ li- ii ii.ihvidu.hty in thaw
Our m..t« give them that fni*
i-tial I. and .iibatanlial quality
.0 mutb i!»*rrd.
Vi.nr o*.!er left with u* inaur*.
you a modi-rgli- luit.
Mew Fall llo-dt now in.
Taylor & McQuarrle,
P. 0. BOX j i      Open..
8|i*da!   r-un il   Meting.
Iheir wa. a .peri.I mrctine nl the
Irad.. rotin.il In! n-*ht far the pun-"*-
of rotilying the mmlakc made bv that
body luraday n ght in ISMbM Wylie'i
i-Telre.tr* lor the Ia*b.r Dav Kail. At th.
time of going !-. p.*-.. .! ca.iil'l not be
le.rned  .h.t action h..| b»en l*krn.
II n.l Obnrert.
J'night the SMr < on.el IUn.1 will
giro an nppn aar t-nnrett on I ollfhiB.,
arrnn.   Follow ng il lh. prnfr»mmf:
Marrh  .. I'. .1*1   |eirgr.p'i
.Sre-lei   O-erlurr M.r-v 0.i  K, uml
African   M.rch Kinky   K nl.
Ilarrlonr  UbUfSta  I Mrwndm
•'inrtion    fr.m      Kan.rir.    r.,.,
ibe Afnc.n Fnnrew
-.all    .   *
lor   lh*   -mar   na. n.,     ,    ,
ih.   I no trr-um-
llntrre..   ,i   i.  ,|,„|..|„i    f   Mr    |
■n II  b*   ,. -a. i  !.,  |I„
i-ng tinder
•p   I   r,      l ,   !'..    maitagrr . f
>.     p ■        -l. •    II   tr   •  , t -a
at      I II      i...      .1  any
air. ' .   •' ,1   lb
..*. anil
■ ' .   Wp
,re I-- ml   .i  mi    i.     bat    a  few
I (.linn |.«. hfpn gn.ng ap.irtl,  on fa   Iho
ia.*   f.a    ,,,„ |i,.   -,n |  ,,    .  | .,,„.!    tli.1
M*     im bv •   ..i.,..   i   ,  ,.!«   labor   iad
   n. .,   ...i-  I., .i,	
•   ii.d. a!*.. •   i, Ir n'.l.   »I'' I
aiv...   in   dl*! ii!,-*   Willi     Ihr i.i.ii,,--..
m-n.   i                      i>am|t*. in    a ri,n*!an.
luim-il      I ■ ■        •
i. •-. of lhe '■i-rt.r      I
Mr,   HI..I.0.1   Wt i) wlir   iha   »n«i
not. I'.
• haul ta "r thr i n.-h
\V ,,*  It..,I.l a Mri-t   Hallway
The   .ti.l m»   .I.r-pt   t.n-a-ar  r-npl
I      •  .re .riling  read,   I..  bu*l.|
alB-depredeal   •ur.i   ur lyiteai  and
n.n   it   li*   Kb*  I" •    -roldr  "I
lhal eil, TV •brmr .. -..II haBSSSSj
i .' .. «hr l.rvn*. pgrt I I'.r w-np'r nl
In.' r,|v nrr lu n-miwi!.i wth ih. .ink
Sm mi I ■ • • f * he pre em faatn
.• lillle duihl . flBSahfai
.'ill la*r (irmrrtrd In *h** .,-«• iha pmm-
..|r>» »re -.tiling thii ih, fni". '■ - MS
lain ,i .I.u"* .hi. h will .11.,. Ihr ntr
l.kr over Ihr .y.teni al anr time.
provided ..a.,, pan • Both. .• gives t'.pi
lalMl *lw»y. oppo->» Ihi. rlauw THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
SATURDAY.....  September 1. 1900
The Industrial World.
Semi weekly   kditmn.
Published ut the Miner'a Union II.ul,
lias.I.ui.l, iu tho intercut oi organized
labor   in   Hniir.h   Culumbia.
Entered at the Honland, II. C, pout
oltice for tntntimi-Miuu through tho
maila, Movciubcr, lv.i'.i, ua ueoond-cluas
reading matter.
A.  C.  Thoinp.un,  Editor  and  Manager.
Uiliix*   ul   .Miner'a   Union   U.U.
SUIiSC'lliri'lOX   HATES.
Payable  Invariably  in Advance.
One year       $2 00
Six  11.1mt In          1 25
Tbrc*  iimniliH           7S
Addrcu all cuinmunieatiun! to tin* In
dualri.il Worbl, l'oatollice l:..\ bbi,
Koaaland,   li.   C.
Thl lnduatnal World      Iur sale ul the
fallowing     in aa ,    .1. )'■■
Is in; -"ii -   Newa    -mi.I
li.   S.   Wallace! Stationery   Store.
Linton  Ine-
1'.  0.   New. Sund,
llarr'i  Cigar  Store.
NeUon. IT
Canada   llook k   1'rug  Stor*.
Mcilai   llro*.
King k Co.
becrctaric! of ill union, are authoni
eal to rtcciv* .ub-criplion. for the
S.VIT ItlMV. SF.ITKMHKlt  1.  1»«.
\ouuir   II..   No.   1.   That   i«  the W»J
it re.il. n.,w. With tht* i*-u.  tn* World
.ui.l. ou il. ........I year, and it i. not
out  o lpl.ee .1  thu, lime for the  man
■gemrnt to thank lhe..- who nave «lood
by   ir   al   tu..-.  ivlirii  it. .ar? cxiAance
wia lineal. ...I.  At thii time Hn- paper
.* ...i a hi u.l  in*,*   and thrte i* .very
unlit aUon llut n 1, -a bxture.    I   ba. requited   La1.1   woik  and  Int. of   *   to ac-
romphab  Ihi.. ami tin*  li.l.t t. nut  wm
yet.   IVrei.trui rltort i* neecurtry oa tb.
P»n ol .1. III. ml* a. aarll .. nn llu* put
«f   the   management    While   in,   W.-rld
ha.  received   laying nip|*oit   ir-nn  mant
lalu.r men. .till there are man./ who do
nol   at pn-i-i.ie  lhe  impntUncc ut  ..ding
n the wurk.    Itunmng * labor i-.pt u
* tl.aukl...  tlaa,  .il   1-r.-..   1'l.e  iiiQinrr-
en. r if v m * u a te il bard tn gri paring
aupi-irt. eaeai wn. re untonl.ni •    « •well
edv.nml a« it I* in Rowland, "-.aim- men
do nnt real ,r Ihr hrip ( labor paper li
tn   thr   mnveuirnl.     in   a    rilaj.nty   -Si
c**r>   the   man   who   mndurl.   .   labor
taper  I*  an entlttiala.tlr in      lie    nanar.
■ n.l. thnu.h he may make nti.lakv*. tbl
ml. I.linn >« I-- -lo ih.- .au*.  ol   ai...r-*h
n.o*t .o d peSI 11.   V. hen thr ind Seienl
rralin*   t r   .m -.r.inrr  and   n.oraltv  ol
nnausg  a   PSpai   thai  will,  wh-n   ttonhl-
oreu.-.. |tr>M-nt Mir worker.   ...le of Ihi
tuedinn  fairly and  nnneatly.  mey    grer
tbeir aapoott to Ibe l.bor p*per sess it
Utay tl.t nm ai .1- lime* .give with the
......lernirnt  ..r whit il .,,..'   Ihrre .re
oUiris. n etnher. of la' Or nnlor*. ait  aa
entire!.   .1.11 r ni  .llm|.. .In*  ., . -on a*
Ui eel I .r ..i , lai oi i a|M-r d.-uurre. will
thrm  in  Ihe .roalle,!  p.nl ntar Ihey do
all  tl.rv   i.a,  to inpur  hbii  and  to lal.
the  «ti|aport   aw.y   (rom  Wi* paper,  and
«.* lh* mn I  ...iiranir mr*na tn do it,
Huw.v.-t. ihr trail t. rniniug »hrn |.ufc-
i«her.  w.ll   in iv   nn   p,**— heme don.
then, f-.r Il.r i».-n*r th.t   i- run  ..  Ih.
inter*--!, nt men* ir -1 laho   i* intittad te
Ui- eup .tri e   al' «-i n nvn. e»i il it
■I all time. .1 .* n>i i,l«a e ••wr' ladlei
ua**! me nler   Wn. II not for ihr labor
pi*., tha lil«-r inn rw.-nl  wnnl.t n « hr
wit. I ri I. l.al.r. «• .1 ana  mm who i, »*.
tn Injur-,  a   'llaw p*|»    I.    .  Inilor lo
I'e  ...i-    |f  ...ti  d.-it'l   agrer  with  ,h»
inker -f lh.   World, com* |.. Ihr ortu.
an I   « t   «.  in  .,   nan,   -.,.     don't   go
arn.nl   . 1 la...  «lnr.  am)  di Ir    .... nu,
limt* at Ibe old,,* *nl on hi. rlt-wl.
IVthnp. ,..ti *< rent and th* p«i«-r .«
wo a If tbr mp r lin in d i mi.iaVr
.41 . .-■ -l-p . ■! on it lb.) a r-mveellnn
v-t't ap|«-«r ... il.r *r,i i*.iir Corporation, g-v. Ihrlr organ, la-i-iwl .ni-t-ort
»nd .( I..l-.it .. io lo* -ii. r»f..l *,. -wot-in*
pi lire f..r laY.n Wkm pat*«-r* mn-l b»
.npi' ■■•
Tn Hip I.n. n.-«a mm o( Ito*«lali'l whr
Hair •**. 'oaaal'v -np|.-""l d Il.r Wnri'J
wr ran al, lh*l Iheir -tipp-wl hn. tir*.
«  prer.t, d   !-. I   •  a      t Will b*   tvitiem
IV. trol thai Ihe Br.l v Inmr ..I Ih,
World -o-II la- Irtler than the lilt, iml
tilt il. mi-l.k.. .ill b. frnir
'1 bis country lut, been ho prm-peruus that
the voted have k.ai tlKit api-il of patuiot-
i.iii uml liiincaity tb.it are necessary U> On
BUM w.ul olWIIltion ol republic*. Thu
itrong, jjon luiuil ni discipline will have
,Ui be used tu brim; the maseca to a lull
i -use of proper benavfar.'
It is tt matter of lurpri** to th* World
that any lrun in biwiiicrw would cliuose
to defy the tushes nt those front whunt
he secures his business. There can be
but OBI result, Inss of business inul ultimate  failure,    No one  iii  this    day  can
employ  whom bi please,   at   whatever
wage, he cau get tht-ui fur ami retain the
business nt' those who are opposed to
Btn-li policy. Thii i. a day of co-operation.  A day when the greatest good can
tu- seeureii to tbi Individual by consult-
ng tlie besl interest, nl the whole cunt
uiui.it>. This community ia unullct-ubly
opposed to the employment of Chinee,
oppoled lo their employment in any llinn
ner. II is opposed by Ihe workers, lac
atise ihey cannot compete with the
iheap-living Mongoli, It i. opooted by
the busmes-i interests becuusi- business
men reiili-r that a. sunn as their nuiulterh
inererisc -ullii-iciilly lliey will go into
i.ii-iri.--- for llietnselves in opposition to
the   whit*  inisiness  iiiiin.  Thnt   has  bap-
peaed In many cities ot   the   provinoe,
Tin* people ot Ui.sslaud want none ot it.
Such  being the cuae,   tl  is    indeed    »ur*
prising that .. mtauranl keeper, depending on th. patronage of the working men
thl   city,   ihould   ignore   Iheir   wishes
and  employ  Chinese.
Wild.' labor il Uniting on tr.ule line*.
it must u.a i unit - ou ec uraini * nnd political grounds. It must cast the luiilni in
its own favor nnd retut*o to he beguiled
iiy the Hnooth tongnad demagogne, «no
only Halle*! that he may mere i-lu-i liuiila
betray. Labor, real struggle tin in the
tulel igent baud ing of the I...II..I paper.
It lien it Iuih learned to vote tight it will
be in a itoftition to cnmmnn.t nttention
and aeeurr recognition, and there i. no
rem 'ii why it ihould longer delay to
recognize whnt .. so a.-ll-cttdent. When
iviarl.ingmcn cease 11 divide and antug*
mu.- tuch OtblT Hi riant p'hi.'.u carop.,
when th.y know their own inler.-sls and
unite to elect men from the r own rank.,
they will c.a*c to (day thr pnrt ot men*
meant, numbly soliciting job*, and will
Demand nnd it-rure ir.i.latum that shall
protect their Icgtiimate intt*ro.t«, ' and
prevent an tifh* and diaantutc i-l.u-* from
rolling in luxury at their direct expemw.
Let labor umtr and laal.t itself. La-t it
-ink,* ami attikc tn win, and lrl lh.
place to .trikc be unitedly at Uie ballot
We gri*t'y regret th.t lho*e in ch»rge
of tbr entertainment anil banquet to
lu< given iu hnnor ol the viceregal viml
btve made it imnnauhle tor labor to
take any puit therein. Tlie'r action in re*
a-r.vl ni the m-mbcr of tiokrt. tor""11ic
liiinpiei to 7S place, il within the power
o! one or two mrn to freear nut anyonr
not d' -net Iiy * few. Thii, coming on
lop of the inflation rxtended "i . tbf
labor union, to take pirt. tan Im- |.o . .|
upon only a. an affionl deiihrralrly
ollrinl them, ami no doubl it will be
lecniftl a. >«ch.
fuiier.   Ihat   Sltoul'i   lie   Head.
We would be pleased to have everybody read the Industrial \\ nild. but i
you feel di-puscd tu uu so, we want yoi
iu le.i'l sonic other guotf sneiuhat impel*.
Here is it list you can chouse from with
thu certainty ol getting .omething good: '
Appeal  lo  ltcrtsou, llirai'il, Kansas.
Freedom, Equality,  w ush.
Social Democratic Herald, 120 Washington street. Chicago, I'i,
Cuming Nation,  IttisKin, Ware Co., Ga.
Class Struggle, Sun uraiiciacn, Cul., 117
Turk street.
Social   llospcl,   South  .lumespoi't,   N.Y.
Thu  Fuiinirs   Heview,  uouhant,  Texas.
Co-operator,  Hurley,   M nan.
Living Issues, Salt Iatkc City, Utah,
02  12  Kiohirdl street.
Critic. Rich Hill, Mo.
Xhi People'i reea Albany, Oregon.
The   Haverhill    Social     Hcniocrat,    2J
Washington sheet,  Haverhill,  Mas..
The Toiler. Tcrre Haute, Ind.
Tin-   Sot-nil   Forum,    miiim   314   Unity
Building, Chicago, HI.
Light of Truth, 909401 North Front
itreet, Colunihus,, Ohio.
The Altruist, 2711 liunklin avenue. St.
Louis, Mo,
Public Ownership, 1711) 1W1, street,
Erie, I'a.
Nalioiial  New  Kra. Springfield, Ohio,
The People's Piper, Sunt* Barbara,
The  Eagle night, Greenup. Ky.
Nebraska     Saacialise,     1J1J17     Cltic
street, Omaha, Neb.
t$®Q®&t>®Q*>®®QQQ®W®®®$&*i<s> t
\V.i> hi m-.lim 8t.
n.it ■> & Wultun, Proprietors,
AIX TUB  IM Lit'..-, ll '• Ol   Till  Si A SON.
Hot and Cold Lunches
P. Burns & Co.
The Place to gel the Beit Meal in lite City
Prompt Bcrvlce.
Meali 25 Oenti and Up. I
Linton Bros.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Green* 5
wood, Grand Forks aud Vancouver.
RETAIL MARKETS-Ronland, Trail, Nelion, Ymir, Kaalo, Sandon,   X
New Denver, Silverton, Oaecade Oity, Grand Forki, Urernwood, *
Phoenix, Midway, Oamp McKinnny, Revelitoke,
^    I Ferguion and Vancouver.
K^^<K^-s^«s^$*^^*«o^^ Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds T
| WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch.
♦♦♦»♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦'♦♦-»♦♦ ■i-i-i-H-'^e-iii-ii ♦♦♦♦-!♦♦♦♦♦*>■»■♦■-»-»4-i-*m
■H-»>H-»l>H-»l-ie»>tl4t'> ■»♦-»♦♦■»>>»■»»*>•♦* ■tt>lltlt»-»tt»»>H»l»»->
| • .a Fresh Green Vegetables... |
Morri* & Crow sell high class latwl
cigar.. Iheir Cuban cigars all bear the
Spanish union label.   Try one.
Soinclbing to Talk  About.
Those -T-'I.OO suits for $13.50 mil $17.23
■mi ■ for $10.75 at Holstcad & Wright's.
Choice creamery butter received regularly irom the Red itiver Valley
Crcimcry, Manitoba, by Agnew k Co.
Good label printing at Stunden i'nnt-
ing company. J
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.
No. 38 Columbia Avenue.
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce,
Celery, Tomatoes, Green Peas.
I 0. M. FOX & COMPANY, ii
*'. 106 F.ut Columbia Ave. Telephone 06. ' |
•MM ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 44********4****4++r++++T+r'r*r*++*++
* * For Men and Boys J. .
A Decided Bargain.   Wc are going to close  out   our    entire    Clothing Stock,
..mi  ... ,|,i        oiler prices un.v.ii!  of.       \9Waa**a9a9a*mJa^*-' *■"*'*'  '
Wc want every man and boy that can buy a *ult during the week blij
our atore and see the goods we arc offer ng. Note a few of our prijee and call
ind ice the rest. .   ..
_   *
m'l Tweed, Serge and Venetian Cloth Suite.
, $10.50
$13.75 luit for M**"
$13.50 luit for $i0*W>
$16.50 *uit for $10.50
Boy*' Tweed md Serge Bnit*.
$1.25 *uit for $2*50
$6.75 luit for 9*M
$5.00 tuit for W-9*
»3.25 luit for *185
$5.50 luit for $■)••*■•■•
I h.    ltrv. John  S.  Coleman  hai n  little   pure   ..h. tn.    for    luiluciug   llW.IWO
I.....C.I    I..Ik-   nt    M.*.i-»ippi   niiti     Alabama   to leave thrir   happy  hula in  the
..mill  and  eijitgraii* "to    .Manitoiut.    ihe
[(ail cman   slati*.  t ai   the  choii.uit-   he
n.ia   in  view  are    . iu...?ur.v    intelligent
and thr lly and BM esmpoaeg mrg.*.y  or
larmct*,    togelltcr    Willi    banker.,    titer
- haul..   ..it.......   an.l   prnlcaaional    men.
And wc wm i. r why it ia thought nrre*-
-...i . • imim .* litem to emigrate, bom*
p ople hate gut queer QOlioai ot the
need* ot   UasUabs
In  Mcn'i PnnU   we    have a large variety which   wi   wUI iell Bt • corre-
spoeding   reduction. .     '
Ilt.aa al..ut Ihat pnw|wrily wii.ch wa.
to II.....I thi* pi.tvinti- a. 1000 a- aae ti.t.l
i r.-pin-iblc goveriiment* Whe.c i- it!
Wl iiaieu'l m^*i. many .-hunk, lulling
Ihu. .l.-.p. t'.-th.it*. it i- Imi .tu*,* the C.
I'   It. ami   IhiiiMiiuir are tiig.tivrring the
• an tad tlie, don I like tu (au that be
lh.   a t..ii oi H.e Ttadr. Cntineil T'nei
day   ti ght   In eng*gii*f  Wybe'a orrhe-lr
I-.   H.    fatl.tr I).v  ball  wn. -prenbar.  I
•iy   thr   I..*!      Wr   at*   willing to  give
• ...    concerned   unlit   for   acting   a*
tl.ei   tl gl.t   lu-t.   but   it   wn.  .  very
gt.it   i.i-iike.
I) i*  it   thl  b uH .1   and    tact   labor
pspen  i 'ng  <>.  our rxchangr table  i.
the Itrvell..-. ..i Unite, ll i« now an
right |>agr Iwprr, and i. employing ■
oartooaW to tarry «n war'against tiling-
«br,h do not suit .1.
Lots of Lots
Lots and Acreage
Property for Sale.
Did uni BOtlee how anxinu. thr govern-
tnrhl ha. bees IS redeem il .prmnire ol
red.*l i.hut mi.' Not any. oav. Mr.
iiiiiimiiuii.   Hung, .nil  u. in Il.r) are.
Qwtta rerntly the Dee Mom*. Utah*
B ..M.h'iil.-,    --rgan.   nndrr   thr   till,   nf
\ I imr lor . i hang*," pt-.nird a
!*-gha. patoB'ikins riii..!i*i idvoeatlof
a mon -r. h, tal !h- C ** In- fii-'r
wn on Ihr *amr linr. similar to an editorial .huh rerenll, ippnired in ihr
Arm, and N.vi .In., n.l ITl" i-'i'-uu
a. an rxtr»et,
HO.     .   ,  (,, rl  tin,,  for  Amrl.a   In
ttoewap with herold obestats  eosiMitoiioi
an-l  ado|.l .*  go, i-Tnmrii!     lh -t
w II be P-g.c.l nil', on- II*-a e ptn.in,,
■dm* end w II 0v* .mt^r praievlhSi In
r l i'Al Wr «h " 11 n.l h- di*«ni e-I .B
Ihr *i-hl nf ri»|lt»»'! n.' on* .« I
liner and killing Owl rrmmii'iin' thr
ojrmlioti *tf .tree! ri,- '      . n'.-o-
A ron>(.| itioml m narrlty i. ppobah*
Ihr «ara.i di»ir,hl- plan thai we rmild
ran hr inrre«w.| nivl.r .In*-*! snr i»r
trrl witlt'iil cnoing slarm lo the ma»r.
Hisn-r Wr htvr , i.-wr .'mv. «nd it
Bow *>lpt    l.rc-alhtng  il   ri|w    'nr    ttw
An.111.r   View of it.
\n obarraant r.*lern nrw.|Kiprr hu
limit it ,k ii an mipr.vrm.nl on the apical tor help In thr .Ur.lng in l.inni in
Imln. wlurl. began. "I-so nnt. a dav
will .tipitort nnr htr. rtc. and hrrr l.
thr rr*ull
w.i nil.* ta-t ol.r* a d.,v wi'l *up|-orl
onr   life,
One .it pnunih r "hell Will e»ve ., I,if
lor  Iwo  mnnlh*.
line I«civ. p .under .lull w.ll *lvr ai
l.lr uul.I lhe hanr-1-.t.
I inr |iair of  ravalry  hont*  w.ll  mi'
m.n. ,,nr nml ilnld until Ihr next  nop
« gathcted
One   minute,   d..charge    nf    i   Maxim
gun will ..ve a whole lam.ly Iron death,
'Ihr  ro,l  of  Ihr  war for   onr    .rmn-l
anil *ave ten bvr. lor lour month!.
Two nllr. will uw thrm nn-l altord
thrm thr r..n>l<-rt of blankrr. during Ihe
rainy and rod  *ra*on.
The  ro.1   nf  bring   onr  ahnt    Imm    a
ai.-inrh   gun   woubl   wtvr   livr   fnpiihe..
Hnr   aciil.   bSIgSH lists   h^rs.*    would
,   who'r ..immunity.
Hnr Mlh   nf   the   rnmi   nf  attempting   to
omiuer the  liner, would save the entire
.li.mn.nnn nf  Knglaad'l  starving .uhjcil.
m Indii.
Tlie re-cin- ..I th-«e live. .. ,im|ilr n
maitrr nf BlOney I'hrrr i* looil rnniigh
in India All thai i* nerc.*wiry i, thr
in'an. ol buying it.
Those wishing to buy desirable
lots in any of the Railway Additions,
or acreage near the City, Garden
lauds, Fruit Farms, Chicken ranches
etc., are requested to call at our City
We have some very fine residence
lots, which, during the next sixty
days, wc will offer at prices and terms
none can object to.
Come and let us show you what
we have.
Fall Opening
T    ITTK nre now H-howlng a Gctitimt  .\*---itmnii  of thr Fln-rit   lf.i|>- 11r.l Wonir-i)*, X
T    \ \    Twee-til an.l Rwjfl»•   Wc have already a large aftaonmeut of New  r nt-11.■ to X
t      \ V   choose from and more (Ocxls are daily being openetl which bl  Klegatueand X
Design and Richneas Cannot tie SurpaMed.   The most rantldiouti can Ik- taattatied. T
Ordered Clothing is our Specialty and we Guarantee s. Fit
or No Sale.      	
W. J. 0'Hearn, I
' *•
Rossland's Greatest
ClothinQ Store.
Telephone 113.
ee-M-»4»-»-t^-M**»t-i-'>-'--»'-»-»e-»e-i ♦♦♦♦♦»♦*
The Latest iu Ladies' . . .
•ailor or Walking Hat1
Opposite Bank of Toronto. Rossland, B. C. *
^■l-1^4-l-f4-f-»»»-»^-»*»*M-»-M*-»-»-»-»-»e-»-»'»-»-l--»-|al ♦ ********* ♦♦♦♦•»*»•»
E. CHARLES, Land Agent,
(oi. Third Ave. md wistiln^ton St. Opposite Red Mt, Depot*
A^mew & Co.
IThe Iiiteraatioaial |
Keeps Lhe Choicest and
-Coolest Glass of Beer-
It. lhe Citv o! Kn-tland.   WI1V   Because we hnve tirtter focllltlcr, for hnmlting It. aud Z
*. II it faatet ihut any olhrr hnr in town     Brer. - Her bring t.pped. retain, It, tnrrit. and <rS>
il .a... for a liinitt .1 lime only.   Keep thl. in mind whea ynu look lor a place to refre.h ','
vniii'tall     thr.int* ttf .11 known   mine,, trtilt....]*   conll.ctor. anil limine, nun are X
ca.hrd at Ihei. Hut.t PAcir v.. i.rr In our office, at any hour during the tiny or night.
-nrrril -indtenln. havr been fnrmrd
ni \iitii,.v t ,a.„l- the large and extiwi-
•na inul il.poatl. known In rxiat on tin
i*lind of Hpttdmrgen tn Ihr Arrtic.
Smoke   liown
| a "1
X Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits, v\
.;>      and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery and Glassware.
;ll Third and Washington.
Telephone 191.
Family Liquor Store
|t»»»ss»sf stf »»♦♦»♦♦♦»<»>• MssossssMsssssMsSj.
I Have Just Received a Full Line of
Worsteds, Sergss, Tweeds, etc.
$ West Columbia Ave.    T_i    |~\ TE If    T\ 7r»tf
Next Bank   Saloon.    Ke U lVlClVllllan
..... ...?.->  *
Choicest Wines and Liquors for Family Use, at the
] Lowest Prices.    Nething but the  best kept iu  stock.
•»-»-•- .^i^t+^t^^r^t^^^^^^f^i^ir*****
Q. W. ricBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
.September 1,  KWU
For Sale
Carnes Creek Consolidated
Grafs to Suit the Titties
The Best Five Cent Cigar Sold in Canada.   Straight Ten Cent Goods
Everywhere Else.
"22ZST Bob Barr's
Ihs   Helen*   Record.
It will b. i- m.-iiibcia-d tint Mr. Hod-
*.-.-. late nf tlie K.aaland lie ->r.i, ia In
ii. I.m.. Moui . in . i.aigc ut tbe new
daily m tluat city, which waa * «ui.(i»iiiv|
hy the Rock. I. Ii-i mtere!li. in none lb»<
rt unght MIS the state t.i ihr Rr|<utdioana
llu. .mlinn11 11. it- ia one .-.nun. na on
iu flp|«'U..!iic, ami Ihe .talc pro* i-i
SUetl aaillr nlher. ju.l like it:
The Brims ttaoord n, ban.   its   «*i
veut aa-n. her.t deal Iiy rnonmium, of golds' prnitii.. .I.ntn-ilt*t, nf rrsottn-c .u.d
groin, ui-re t. be groined upm I. nt til
Its wtl, it.- luilluuiiy, ami it. erudition
***** to am.iii- .iml tn t ..iilt'iiuit. llut thi.
won.lcitul nttapring of Maud.ml  Oil gold
is thr uio.i (nam and .ukiy niwspa-ier
ever boia >n Uu* Wear. It is rank, list
•Side .tn.l uiipnihl.ililt* ll i* Uu* vcni-.t
•r-ru.-r ef tl,:.I..o.iI.'am Then* .. not
u t.iuh "I (.'i.tHtic humor or a ting* ll
•Wit In be lountl I herein.   Th.-re fu,-* never
Ut.. ptiblMMd ". th.* West . newspaiwr
.-i   lull   nf   ll.nl   dictiOB,     i-t.de     pl.lt Itmtr,
■and   ia hdi a ile   hnrabng.    In    imlh the
Mland.u.l  thl   It. imt.h.wu  lteeonl  ot He
». a ntcil* all uthrra iu Inllnw*. .ml
11. Repeal of compiracy and penal
lawa ilfccting *i.nn.-ii aud other workmen in. oipoi ii.-.l in the federal and atate
law. of the United State!.
12. 'lhe abolition of the monopoly
pnaiii*. - ol i—mn.- money and substituting then-fnr a ayitcm of direct issuance
to and by the people.
Dou'l   do  It
The Hon. •'Uhnrlcy'' Mackintoih ii
slid to bv d.atruua ui ciitcnug nonunion i-.litin. 11m recent work iu Hrm-h
Columbia ba. just whetted bl. appetite,
ll he gov- luto tin* wider .phrr-c, hv will
ronic.l Ylll and I ...loo _gaui-l all
cornels..   TitronUi World.
lake tin- adviee ul Ibe Record,
"I'harley," and .tay out of it. Hour well
known pro mom.i-..|y ami auti-l.tbor ms-
d.le. lion, wi I pu'l y ur im-e under' tii.
water lini every time. Stay out. Thar-
ley. llu- time il nearer tb.n ever whoa
tl will br MM than uncle* to expect
riihii corporation favor or moncv to
land ymi ui oflioe. Wli.u ih.y amy ami
an* hankering br m r.- u yum p.btual
expriirnc*. liny don't know whereof
they aiieak, ami don't you believe tin*..
1 h. a are not aware of wluti it un. oosl
}..u lo recuperate finm ll.e i-tti-eti -ol
tint   campaign.—I'hurnix   l'innccr.
lt i. climated that 114,000,1X10 is in*
listed in thr orange growing industry
in  California.
in ISM Herman, cxpurtcd mt.'.nuu tons
rt cement, in 1899 the iX|K.rts nad in-
. i.-.i-i-i   to 528.700 ton..
During Ui,* BlSt qunrtrr of the present
year li.U.I'M t..n« ol c»nl were ahi|i*i*ctl
l.om i .ii.nil.   I ■> l.i*.l. io I'...- I
lhe dtrertnr. ol the Standird Oil tru.l
t.tve urrl-ircil o lurthrr dividend ot |W
|ST    n.lc.  I'H il.l.   S*-I. 1'inl" r   18. I
lhe elevator woikcr. in San Francisco
it-- iboat to o,*,,,,,,,. and form a union
loi   mutual  protection  anil  mlvrtn. cnient.
New York City i-igar miiniiinettu-i't'i
liiac I'otirt-d thr e.iunity for iinmiitiiiui
,'Virniaketa, but have b.-i-n unable to oh
lain  sny.
The Sweet Steel enmp.iiiv nl Ntr,i(1l-c,
N. \., have reduced wigc* |] i*-. ..-..'
nnd it m.i.t.nty ot tbl employe, hnvu
,;one on .trikr,
In   .lune,   11)00,   there   were    41    I.il...
dispute! ... England involving R878 wori
People.     Ten   ol   these  .Impute*  OOcntT-Sd
'it ll.c biiililiiiu tiatle,.
At lhe laat acwion of the Dominion
Trade, and 1 aihur congress held in Win-
inpig. the following platform waa adopt-
r.l. We would especially commend it !*'
the euti.idi-mtiuii of the workers of British Columbia  ut   tin*  pr.-eiit   time:
1. li..-  compulaory clm.ii mn.
2. l.gul working day of eight hour,
and six day. a week.
3. Government inspection of all iudit,-
4. The abolition of (he contract ayitcm on all  public iv,nl*..
V A minimum living wage, based on
local .on.lin,.rr*.
ll. I'..1.1. ownership of all fiau.hr-'-.
-neh a. railway., t.'legr.tibi. waterworks,
lighting, etc.
, 7. lax reform, by l«a«cniiig taxation
on industry and inert uiing it on land
8.   Abolition of the D minimi units,
I       V.      I   ■ '  lll-l.'ll    Of    t 'hill. *.*.
10. lh.- union label on manufactured
Smoke   Crown    Ursnt    Cigari,    lllue
Smoke W. B. Cigars.   Blue label.
American Federation of Labor Platform.
1. Compulsory education.
2. Direct hv.-liimn. through the initiative and referendum.
8. A legal w.irk d iy of not more than
eight hoiin.
4. Sanitary iti.pcction of workshop,
mine und home.
8. Liability nf employers Inr injury
to health, body or life.
0. The abolition of 111! conlr.n t system
in  all public works.
7. Tlio abolition of the sweating ayi-'
N.   The municipal  nivnership nf    street
cirri,  walrrwnrk*.  gas and electric plant!
lor the public distribution of light,  heat'
anil power.
0. Ibe natinnnli-ation of the telegraph,'
telephone, i-rnlrond. and mines.
Itl. The abolition of tlie monnpnly system nf land holding and auh.titutinn
therefor i title of occupancy and uac only.
Labor U ion Directory,
Otlicrri am!  Meetings.
|    Meet, every  second  aud   lourfh   mel-
day in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
I    cacb  month st 7:30 p.m.    iu   .Miner-,'
I'nion M i'i. C. s-ii.ilirr, Sec.; A,
I    l.i:.-,   free.
MccU every Friday of each week at
7:30 p.m. in Miners' Union Hall.
A. I.in-. 1'u-.; A. J. McDonald,
MINERS UNION No. 38, Weitcrn
Federation of Miners—Meet! every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock in
Minera' Union Hall. Wra. WUlan,
Sec.;  W. O'Brien, See.
Mceta on the last Sunday ot ,-.. ir
in..nih nt the Miners' Union llnll. J.
P.  Barkdoll, Sec.; W. Poole, Pres.
|    No.   242—Meets   tho   first    and    third
Tuesday  ol   each  month  st  8 p.m. in
lasstty"!  HSU.    P.   0.   Box  314.    W.'
McLeod,   l'rei.;   J.   Kloman,  Sec.
W. L. U.—Mcli every Saturday evening st 8:30 o'clock in Minera' t'ninn
Hall. P. O. Bnx 41. Paul .lolfner,
Sec;   George Cunningham,   Pres.
Kxmilivo Hoard:    Iv 0,   Frsirr,    Hoar
land) W. Davidson, Sandon) M. Kane,
(trretiaa.wiil;   II.   II.  I)i)imek.  Movie.
PAINTERS'   UNION,   No,   40,   Painter,
and   Decorntnrs  of  America—.Meet,   in
Hcatly'a   llnll    on   second   and   f.inilh
'uut'lS  -M   -oaf) !sojil  '.(qdjn-oir   15 -it
NliW'SBOYS'  UNION  No.  3-Mccts in
ton, Sec.
s.m. Mike Uuydotti, I'res.; Jsy Bar-
Tuesday Wednesday of each month.
third Saturdays of esch month, at U
Miners'   Union  Ball on  the   lirst and
—Mccli second Sunday in each month.
J.  II.  Fletcher, secretary.
—Edward Boyce, president, Butte, Montana; John F. McDonnell, vice-president, Virginia City Nevndn; James
Malier, .erretary-lreasurcr, Ittilte, Mon-
tana ,P. O. Hox 307, headquarter!,
Room 12. OwillJT block. Executive
llnar-.l: .I..I.11 I'. \\ illinm!, Grass Valley,
t'al.; W. I). Haywood, Silver City.
Idaho; .lumen II. Furry, Unite, Main-
tana; W. N. Iturnn, Ouray, Culnradn;
Chns. H. Mnyer, triad City, Smith
Dakota: Chris Foley, Kos-lanil, British
.Inine.. Wilkes. president, Ni-lmm;
.lame. Devine, vt-c-prra.lcnt, Rns.lan.1;
Alfred   i'arr,  lecrotary-trett-urcr,   Vmir.
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
There is no mystery abo
circulation of
Industrial World
Average Weekly Circulation for August,
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. C.| that tells its circulation and backs it
up by  allowing advertisers the   privilege of
examining circulation books aud records.	
Thk World's advertising columns are liberally patronized by all of Rossland's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
see for youself. Ask for Rates.	
Every Member of
Org nized Labor
Should Subsribe
for this Paper...
One year, $2.00
Six Months, - - - -$1.25
Address All Communicilioni
♦ Rossland,   -
nit Fast Line.
Saiiwt and B-sst.
Solid   Vestibuled   Trains.    Eleotnc
Lighted.     Equipped   with
Observation Cars, \
Pullman   1'alace  Can,
Elegant  Dining Can,
Modern   Day   Coaohc-s,
Tourist   Sleeping  Cars.
11. rough   lick eta  to all   points  ia    tho
United  State, snd  Canada.
•Except)  Sunday.       Try)  onr   Etectris
Agt. R. M. Ry., Rowland, 0.C.
J.   W.  lnial..
General Agent, Spoksne,  Ws!b.
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent,
Portland, Oregont**'-
: Rossland Hotel:
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
J Jerry Speliman. Proprietor •
9 Cor. Spokane aud Caluml.i.. Ave. a
Porcelain Baths
Brldgford & Herring,
- .1 Columbia Ave, tirii lo Lalonde'a
None Bettor.    Solid Vestibuled
Trains,   Pslscs  Dining  and
Observation Cars. Meals
a La  Carta.
Direct connection at St. Paul, without
change of depot, witb all trains tor
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New *(ork
and all points west and nuth.
Clow connection eaat snd west bound
trains st Spoksne wth trains of tbs
Spoksne Falls 4 Northern Railway.
Leaves Spokane daly for Eaat 10:19
Leaves Spokane daily for West 7:30
West bound trains make direct connection lor Victoria, Vancouver, Portland, San Franciaoo and all points on
the Sound.
During the sesaon  ol   navigation   Kaat
bound   trains   connect   st   Dulutli    with
tlie   m icniii.ent   stesnunipa   Norlb-Weat
snd     North land,     of     tha    Northern
I Steamship eompany line operated in con-
j nretmn  with  ths Great Northern  llail-
1 way.
For further informstion, msps, fold-
I era, etc., apply to sny agent of tba Spokane  Falls k  Northern   Ksilwsy,  haslo
]ft Slocan  •• - '»«>-, Kootenay Railway *
I Navigation   r*.rii, .my,   or  to
General   Psaaenger   snd   Ticket
Agent, St.  I'.uil, Minn.
Commercial Agent, Siwksne, Wart.
I TransferCo,
The Only Trsniler or Express
Company in Rosslaud Ihat will
Deliver your Trunk, lor •-''* cts.
.'.ii'li     Three daya storage Iree.
Imperial Limited"
Service far the year 1000 will be commenced JUNE 10th. The "lmprn.il
Limited" takes you acroa. ths Continent in tour days withou change
It ia a solid vestibuled tram, luxur
lou.ly equipped witb every possible
CMcnlial for the comfort snd convenience of PasKngrri. Ask your
Inrndi who have travelled on it, or
A. G. P. A. T. P. A.,
Vancouver, B. C. Nslion, 11. V.
Queen Cigar Store.
Tlit 1 1 HUM    j',.
mm Fails & jrorifiero.
A     Nelson 4. Ft. Sheppard Ry.
P. O. BOX 80-2
Special lltlentlon Given to Mall Orders
Stunden Printing 60.
BOOK .MilMI-'rlt'TCIfliHS.
1.14 Columbia Avenue
Roaaland, B. C.
j:TlioSo Bmbleton.
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Grand Union
- - Hotel - -
'■I■ 1 I'I.KIM) I.il  UK' 1-    B.O..
The Finest of Wines, l.i.ruor. and
I "i n- and Imporliil Cigari.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
Vou wanl a I.nb-I ClgNi, and you wanl
tticl»e.t?   Iflhat I. -o. Iiy our
Everytiilng the miner _
- = Wants to Eat - -
• Faucy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest f
I        Prices.    Goods delivered to any part of the City.
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year. EDWARD BOYCE, Editor.
Published by the W. F. M„ Denver, Col.
5ubscrlptlons Received at the office of Ihe Industrial World, or at
The Office of the .Secretary of Rosilrnd .liners' Union.
Union Cigars
Bed iuoiain Haiiway.
Hi., only all rail route between a'l
points 1 i-i, west and aouth to R.-.l..- i,
.Nelion and all intermediate pout, coo*
necting al Spokane with tbo Ure.t
Northern, Northern l'a ito aad -J It
* N   Co.
Connect! at Nelaon with steamers for
Kaalo and all  Kootenay lake point..
Connect! at Mycr'a I alia with atags
daily lor Republic, and connecta at
|l..,.luirg witb etage daily lor Grand
Forka and Greenwood.
Kffective July 23,   1900.
Leave Day  Irani. Arrive.
10:30 a.m. Spokane 7:30 p.m.
11:8.1 p.m. RoMland        t:0u p.m.
11:40 p.m. Nelann 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
I 1.1   p m. Spokane 7:0J s~m.
10:00 p.m. Rmwland fl.1) s.m.
II.   A.   JAI'KSOS,
Grneral  1'a.wnger Agrnl.
E.   W. RUFF,  Agrnl.
Rowland.  II.  C.
^ l)ome*llc fnlnn Label Claai, r Ia Flordr
JrS Venrda, I.n I'lor rfc Cul...  HI Colonial. <t
& Illipolt.dCuli.n I'ttli.n l.riltcl lig.r, l.nr- ]l
a« range. Kl Corona, Alrjcnn Dude.. D.tclei ,
I The Queen Cigar Store j
•■ Colaanihi.  Avcatie.
«>rf.Miii ; ; . .  : . . *
|J A ,5nre Thing!
Tlmt our T«M »t'l COfl-bCI nte liir
ClI'Mi I -T - i!<l i'i k'laaldinl Tntlnv.
when lens .ml ruff ca are pimhrvl n-n
hanl H !• ■taMoltttvfy neci <Mt| to bare
nn firllrlr nf iinnaiml m-trlt. Vou will
find it hire    Olunrtn |IWfl awnv.
I Pacific Tea Co.
-*   •♦♦♦♦♦*•♦♦♦*•♦ rvv ♦•♦♦♦♦♦'
Hiners Checks
Cashed at Full Face Value at
The Hoffman House
WIidI..,.1. nml KrUll
PttOU, Oll.i. Virnlahrs.   Hrtinbti. Wall
I inMi  and PalnlrrV Sufn-I^*-   ""'■ '-
taken for f'aperhanging ami In*, oraflni.
nfliii" nnit Mon Unntr'a tk ilht.n.btn'
in- ■ k i- Columtitn Ave un-il-rr Dominion
h\ pfi va Co.'i Ofllrr,    Ti 1-rphoDC .Vo, l*tt* THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
.September I, U09
 , in   two.   Jin   then   pliitilcit   bin it   ritfht
over hcnlt, wblcll m-iiI  MtrlVay .l.iggcnug,
JIM  WINS WITH   KASE  IN  FIFl'll |„„,|  c.-i,,,,  following  up  qufcUy,  win
another   tu   the   tatint-   apot   nnd   Mct.ii
McCoy Display! Animosity and Will Not
Shake Hand*—Both Good iloxcrs,
Rut the Kid Is Outcliii*,,d.
Madison Square Harden, New York,
Aug. 30.—An a preliminary tn th- heavyweight built. Whitney Lester of Philadelphia and JiicU Cashing of Hr oklyu,
were put on for a 12-round go, catch
wcighn. Lester proved to be too much
lor the Brooklyn te and put him all over
in the opening round, Iu the iccond,
rushing went Io the Hour twice tin.I WU
willing to quit, lie went tluwn u third
time   with   very
wenl to tbl Huot' When the ivlcrec was
counting Ilie ten MOOTldl Mcl'm slugger-
eo to ivgnin bis leet but was counted out
belore he could .land up. Wlitte luul
eiititileil liim out before Met ',»>■ got up,
.uul ditl nut '-.in to realiM.- thul he luul
bten oouitti'd out. Thi- ii-lei'v,* bad tu
tell liim tu go to ins corner. McCoy lelt
Ihe ring wilhin a minute itllt-r Ile waa
counted mil uud Corbet! was detained I.y
bis lrienils, who smothered bim will, con-
gratttlittmus. Tune of round 2 minutes,
*.  Hecond..
Bouquets to tlie Wcatcrner! hy the M .*>-
treat Gazette.
Xlnntiial,   Aug.   30.—The   New   \Y**-t
,   . ____      .._.*«-ater   l«crosac  club    yeaterduv    ut t -■*-
light provocation andlnoon cpfMtf,n tlie shamrock, of tin* i-iy
hy a :'. ore of six goal, to two. The '.i*t
111*! thi! morning, commcuting on the remit tuiys: "The mon- we see oi the
W.Fl.rn men the better wo like t.nn,
una from the game pat up yesterday t.li
ir.a-' nation is that they have not vt
lc.ru drawn nut In tm-ir limit. Each
uuccefdiitg match h»s shown that they
could mure llinn e..|* wilh i"*v little
ditliciUtv the home tram thrun iu their
wny. Ibe British Cohimbian.' play I tic
liipiti.1* ul Ottawa on Salurilay. olid the
T<nuiili« at Toronto on Monti iy Cnltor
day.) The l.airtte aaya the propabilitira
of the result, are olio loss, one win.
11. C. Wins Walker Cup.
Otlawa, AugWn.--\Vind conditions pre*
ventcd guod .curing in the Wulker
match at I>- H. A. yesterday afternoon.
The lliiu-li Columbia team won tbe
Walk.'*- cup with a acore of 315. tbr 13rd
Ottawa coming next with !M0. In the
individual march.- litiuner Fleming won
ll'.'.will, a *rore of IM; Sergeant Mn'or
McDmignll, »8. .run- 02; Majnr Hi, hard-
aim JS, aire 58, ami Sergtant U-I ley fl,
i. •'. f 51.
In tl... Minister nf Militia irni.lt al the
refused to get up. He quit in a miserable way ami lleleite White deil.ireJ
Lester the winner.
Owing lu tin- brevity uf the tir-t bout.
Manager Kennedy securi-d Kid Allen
and Kid .Mc.nl both >-' ■'"•- c*t>'. 'ur a
ten-round  argument  at  citch   weights.
Mi .nl. came vciy alrong in the fourth
and in tho tilth put Allen down and out.
Meade was declared the winner.
.Madison Spline Garden.—The betting
juat lufore the men entered the ring was
2 to 1 on i ..ri..-rr. Corbett'a seconds
were Geoige F. Co i dine, Spider Kelly,
Leo llrdt'llo and Fr.d Stone. McCoy*!
handler, were his brother, 11 mer S-lhy,
Hani, UTlri.'ii ni ltiila.lelphia and
Bobby Burns. foila-ite ucght wa. not
.uni..iiuccd, bu: .Muster ot Ceremonca
■ I...* llumphiv... milI Met'i.y weighed
170 pniiinU. D.tk lleiii.ii'-l In Id the
waleit fur    Corhclt and  lol Mil'haddcu
M.I*     Mil  nj'.     timekeeper.
At lu.22 p.m. MiC«.y entered the ring
aitoiiii aided   by   hi,   >ec>nd<    and   mel
villi a hearty  reception  when   he  maih* ^___________________,
hi. upiwaratiec.    lie wore only a pair ol''"   ,l    "' '■'"■", th"' ninrnmg. 800 and 900
wht-  ni .nn...  pants    Both  hand* weie ■•*"'•■■--'  nn***' m'y:rn  "'"'" ***"•  ao",o]t
|.aiid..g.*d.     Ilr  Io .l,.*l   to   le   in   lupcrb   <"•   -"Vrgxanl   Hndley   ami   Gunner   Mem*
..iiitlilmn and cnilidcnt.   Corbetl lollow-i'11!  »f the   F.fth   Rrg.mritt   of  \ ictorta,
*d in ibree minutes.   Aa he entered the!*-"1'   »'"'••   •""'  •™^,'■, of °° «*ca: •*":
ring   he   pa.-d     ..I .... de    McCoy,    tolS*"**1''   Richard-mi.  nf   the   rtmr  rrgimrnt
whom he extend d hia ban!, but Jd.Coy won ** wllh * T"- of IW: (,mnrr ■**"_
refusod to take it and Crliell walke.11 «wi'h. «■*•■ ot lhe "•"'['•"''■'■■J _■'•",w
s.rus, the ri.ni lo hi, c mrr. Orbit ■<«'■• a • on of 87. Britiih Uolumbia
wore „ b'u, .m,|  white hull. Mbr. which  "'••"'• nm* mtXrl'> w"n ,l2 *'"' a ■o,»1
lw dacartlid a* mon si  he entered h a | •co-rr' af "M-l	
Hi-  won black trunks sud bsd
corner.        _________________
nu l.i.ul.iire- on In- hand-. I'orbelt
-■. in.-,I in Ih- hi lim- f* lile and smiling
."iiiiiinallv.   while  MttVy'a face  wore a
verv   .ell"Ul*   look.
Re'cc While rnl.iel the ring and
examined the glove limit turn nan.Kiel the gin,,-, .md tried then on their
\Vr*t and East York.
Toronto, Aug, 3ti.—Liberal, are making
effort!  i" pm    up   .ii-'iu:   ..iiiiiiti.ti'-.
.uunut linn ilarkr Wallntr and W. F.
MiiLsuc rn-Hilar 1a9aotiv.l1 tor Wc-l
and K.i.1 V.tk A llichit- I implicit,
member  for  Krnt,   U  ilwkcti  of aa  an
1 •
hind! .A.  MM   a*   llicy   -!..!..I   glnc.-.   0|iponenl   (o   ,ha   fgnntr,       B„(1   N.
...•!.lt,iwro.ul, pa.isl  bamkig.* „,,  bll   ,(„'„,.„   . „.,,,-  ,___. u^,.,,, 0f
lul l.dh hr and  M.i..a  In..kul to be 188: 	
At  10:35  p.  m.  Ihe rrfri-ie cilled  the ____
men  I., the i-rnir.* ami  i.-i,„rted  ihrm. m,,,,,^,,   Allk*    .-«,.. The    A
l\h. e cut,,...,,    , ,.. .,  ..ml. th.t ,   anv |„m.lw,   „,„, . „,„„,.., „f ,,
of thin entered  ,1,,. ,„M  ,|„i   woojd Ih-   .,,„,,   inm   bou„      M	
.i I I I'-I.wl I   111! !...... »•._-_»        _,K-KK-__ B        A—    I
men   w.-,e  announrr.1   i„   ;;.„.,,   S,„„1WI..,   ,.oinl
!■'"_      round, under  M.rqui.  of yurrn-   ,v,n| „ v9u a   m. to<U>.
Allan liner
anadian in-
on    board.
Autn-o-li.    ni
Sbc 1. due iu
artr-led.     The
no .'-•. JSsnda —j-^- —I—t»ani at i:av a. m. tooay.  one
bury rule, and  introduced,    l-he applau-e ,.\|olllrca, s»lun|.j  allrtnumt.
wa. .-,1a ut eq-al.  _TZ     . 	
On* Otail, Iwo Wounded,
fniawa,   Aug.   30.- Sir   Alfred   Milner
Round I.
torhrlt starlr,! leinl.t.' ,\|.i -)y bivak , ...,„., __. _^»_ „„.„ ..*....*.
ing gn.und. Mi-Coy tncl wtih Irh but csbls. iron Capetown, announcing the
mt.ard. IVirlwIt Inntnl with lilt but ,,|r.th ol I'nvatr Blandlcy (thought to be
MlfPSd bark. AW'm Ine 1 . n-ut awing i(j. \y. Iltwllra, ol -*,u.lw,., K lutltery. R.
bul tin-ni. lorlH-tt tnr.1 left for bead, J I! .\. Ktmb.rry. of .ntrrie frvrr. Thl
I.ui, M.-ltoy thrrw it off. torhrlt, atlrr grnrral c nuu.n.1 ng in Nat.1 cable, from
a »|wH, lord another Irll. Iml waa .l..|. M.chadadurp. ltw|vrr I). Burnett snd
l.o. Ibal, lanlrd i-letrrly and lo.i.it Trospsr Wbileln. of Stralhcona Horse.
lnr.1 ..i.itbrr Irtt. Mr! „>• niahctl wuli IrfighUy wounded, thn (..nnrr in the lore-
l«.-n hands but .I.m .trp|w,l Iwwk, break- I head and the latter in the chert and
ing   ground   tin it   l.inr..   Il.rbelt   tnr.1   K....I
lelt and right but  wa. rlrvrrly blocked. ■■
AM ..y mailr him bt-mk gnmml and Irv- An  In-.ne Sibber,
ing It-It Iur bead.
Round   2.
I    Queher.   Aug.   30.—Sergeant   Kiglrlirld.
WM I!   1     l . !.«. )>.■!  triurt>e>l Inrnt  Dart-
The rlevern*-** .b.pl.irtl  by Ih.i1. mm mouth,   N.  I- .  having   lakrn_ t« the    in-
waa lirautilul a. iln-i ...mi* 1.. 11.,  center • "•'' .i-vhnn t rrr I'nvatr F.  II. Strong,
it,   tin.   inu.nl     M.r.iy   «.,.   (),,.   ag.nr. 80S ol  I In- I anadian in, did. (tun Smth
•»«-. Uyiiig   1   i..!.t   in-i.le  but   irll tet Ali-i'i*   "h"   n-luinr.1   on   Ilm    I'an.iiii
• oiIm-ii  liird   a   h...k   bit   to   nrad   but alaiul  mi   -arrk.  ago.   wilfcnng  from    a
tailed.   Al.l «.y -n.l two l.-ll jal.« to I m naveia ninstroks tcriv.il during the bat*
lK*l!'. mouth    .hm Ittenpted light book "*■ 0* I'ainl'l*-™-    111 England snd bere
l..r   brad   lull    M1I..1    bkooked    UcUoy '"'   '"1*   """hied   wilh   Ihr  hallucin-ili-u
rtiahrd   but   .I.m   ...I..   *i.p,.,i    M,t„r tlial be mu.t nlurn 1.. the front.  He re*
eindril Irll ot, > ar.  ,.,,| in , l._r ipiatlrr-. msiaed   In   the   hn^nlal   hrrr   for    aome
put   lelt   l„  body  .ml  .Inn   pm   tight   to •"■"• Is the ho|H- that he W011J.I recover,
.ar and Cue,   'Ibey , linehrd. .ml ,„ ,i,r bul iiiifnrtiuiatrly he pew worse and the
Iti.-sknwsv   lorlM-n   li,,.|   |,,r   |„ ,,|    |„„ aullmtnir.   h ,J   |.t   .entl     Inm   to   Dart-
'I he  laaissliuid Rilles to (lo to Nelson on
inbor Day,
A return shooting mutch ut tlie Queen's
i'iiii(*'s is nttiiiiged ut Nclsini tut* next
Aiumiuy, between ten men of tlie Ron*
lund i*i!les und a picked team of the y^tle
Association ut .Nelson, ibe lollowing
men will represent Houllllllll Sergennt
lustriii-tor ol Musketry William limp,
Uarponil Wilkin .111,1 1'rivattau William-.
Dickson, Ling, Siu'ing, Snurh. Rigby,
istwe uud la. 1;.ui The result nt the pre-
vn>ui cniotinter over tho home range was
I win for Ibe home teiun Iiy it senre ot
797  to 740.
The team will leavi for Nel.*wn on Sunday afternoon hy the uttcnioon trturi
leaving the C, P, R- depot at 8l0B p. )ii.
following the flight of the president, Wm.
AlcNeill, wlvo left beliind liim a shortage
of Iji200,000 on lXu'ember 80, 1885, was recalled today by the announcement of his
1 nth in the little Quelle-* village ot llut-
jey. .McNeill hns resided in Hutlcy since
tne bunk troubles. McNeill went to
i.u innia* extensively in Quebec, mid was
said to be a large owner ol real estate
there. He ia etu-vived by one son uud
two dftugjhters.
British   I'ii • .mi     Released.
I. .0 Marque-:, Aug. 30.—The British prisoners at Xooitgciiocht have been
released by ll.e liner, nnd are inarching
tu ji.iu Lord Roberta' forces nt Waterval-
duven, near Aliicliiulndi.rp. President
Knigi'r and his chief olbciitls arc at Ncl-
A   Al.ifckiiig  Cj-clone.
1 Jlafeking, Aug. 30.—A cyclone vieited
Miii'eking last evening, and did more
j damage thnn the seven months' bombardment. It blew down or uiiroutcd buildings und levelled the military camp hoi-
pitul, causing much suffering among the
a cli and wounded. One person was killed and two injured und there were many
narrow escapes.
\\ nr  Ktigh*   Fire Team  Are   Doing Their
Bud   For   the   Hub inul Uul.   Race.
There wua a practice yesterday after-
IM..11 on *»*» ar Eagle avt-nuc ol llu- Wai
t.igle tire brigade, which was wuncs-.-i!
by 'iinle ■ tttiitlla-ur of the citizens ot thl
lown on the bill. Tin* Ihiys nre evidently
,iutliug 111 a practice just us nlteti as they
.tin in oi-ilei* to Ih- in the swim with the
itlict lire Isiys 011 t'oliiiulii.t avenue 00
.i.nnd.ty next. There waa a practice held
11 lhe previous cvt-niug ut which the
1 tne nude tvas 3S secniltls. Thnt of yes*
Lrduy was not tpiitr so suci-eslul ua the
..is unit the coupling, ilrsci-nding the
hill towardi the hydiant, mlriodgedTJieir
I't.l.tme and hung on t.* the txttl for
•Hunt -.-tl feet tint tur, with the i*.i.*e
■lUrnre lltal Ihey were curried past the
I -di.mr  and hud to drag the heavy ho*.*
buck  up  ilu- grade.   However,  practice
1.,like. -HTIcct. .ui.l there i» little dntilit
'I.at 1. ill.. War Eagle team choose l.i
enter *'uy will lie able t<» make ,1 good
•h.iwing, even if tbry do nut  lUnotcd in
. n 11. *   ii th,* priie.
,\   1 i.iii-c.iniiiicnl.il   Passenger    Combine
FRESH&.   allkjnds
OtenWOOd S|«ingi, Colo., Aug. 30.—A
milling ol the genera, paiiciiger agents
of all it-aii-iuiitiiiciitiil liui-s i. being held
  today lor Ihu purpose ul con.idcriiig
the formation ni a transcontinental pas-
•eager BSWldBUOB. tO include all compan-
..** ..pel iiuu Is'litecn t'lne.iiio and St.
Louis and the I'an he Coast. Thijx is now
1 rt*H't.iltiiti   t.i   look   after   the   rutes |v!'
in Ibe territory named. The jurisdiction " SlTIOke
i.f llu- Wt.ti-rn Passenger A**ociutii»n .*■
ends wttii the eastern line nf Colorado,
ll 1* derirad 11 bring all tlir through com-
piim- inlo an organiir*ilioit for the purls.-.* .it iivul itimt rates. It i. thought
hardly probable  Und  ths two northern
mad. (Northern Picdi .. 1 11 N'mth
nm will gn nun .ma arrangement.
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second near Washington.
V. & N.'Phone 68.
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
ht liw km.
Foley Bros.' Bankrupt Stock bought in
by the
Crescent Dry
Goods Co. Ltd.
For Spot lash, for
a fraction of  the
   original cost.
The Stock consists of  Men's Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps, Miners' Oil
Slickers, Gloves, Blankets, Towels, &c.
Bargains for Everybody.
I. g .latin,*    Havr    P.is«ed    a   Bill
Against   Immigration.
Victoria, II. C Aug. 30.—News comes
from Dawson that n.l. gravel has been
found on Dortnx creek tu Stewart river
cau...lit Aleii arc taking out 11.50 to tin-
Ike Irgailalure passed a bill today lo
I r*a. n: p.ii|f.| immigration, [rained cn
the bun. of tlie Natal act, induing the
educational tnt, aimed chieUy at Cmueio
and Japanese. ,
Death of Mt-   Itrddin.
Die«l—In Rosalind, August 30th, Minim •* llrsl,lin. wife of X. I. Itrddin,
igwl .12 year*. Ihr funeral will take
place from thr family reahlrnre 318 Le
R»i arrtiur, on Saturday, Sei tember lit,
at 0 a. m. Scrvirca in Sarred Heart
rhurrh. Friend, will kindly accept thii
nti*-r.l.   I ..ilM-lt  -cut  tight  I., la.c. lrtr.1
.*.:•..n   and   loll   start    i*..l>. ll   *,nl   Irfl
...   ...   ' >-^-.|   tight     to  mouth.
Again Ihr Ml lund thnn *i*hiiii.
II*.uml   .1
i.H.ulh. whel,- .! ll iin.|r!.|..-,l hr br
l-.iue. lhe ..e i. oijr of tbe ra.ldelt of
Ihe war.
Ik.lh l.i. i-ii ..  in.
I>*1    M-nl     bit     I".     lb.
• *>Ol|a,  il.rti  I or
'   "la.    Itul    «..
Mauitnba'!  New
•Utawa, Aug. SO.-Tbe Winnipeg Tnh-
un.   tiiiiint   llut   Hon    All.  Tatle  would
tenon,   Lirnti-minl    Governor   of   Mini
i»l a.   i«  rrganlnl   hers  a,  sbmrd.    'Ibe
a  g.t.inui ia said to be Col-)Url
M Milan.
... L.I.   M ....  tried nil .«,ui but Jim   W .mm.nld «^-«nr lo Hon. Kr..CM-
kid  away.   UN-bell   i. .,1   Irll   .a.ug  I.ui
tl.l  ..i      I.l ||      l.-h.   I     ...     bill
lit-   ■ I
•tim Mad nsbl i" IB '."' Mi... tin* k
nl   Tliey ...in f'v I'.. t   in    lln.   tb...!..
iii... . often  gn.'.j I- i      ■*- . br.1.
M....1 -.a. i.ulH.nnl lit. ..i nil luiw-
,ii. Ihr illicit .in .ml blocked .. I.n np|*-rr
• .!    PolS   I.n*led   lefts   ....   in....ll.  i...
Im-II    at I >.|af _ ,1    I,,.    _ i,     I,,,    ,,    „
I I..I   beg!..   ,, .ll.-V.ll*-   w,l.„...l   lauding.
II..uml   I
llnll. ..ilm* ui* qalrkly,I orhell Iwing lhe
■ -*..r.
Its, lurn
lul   ■^_____________________________
an.l right  ,«irn-        Im.   1 < pi    immwing
iiting  M,   -wins-,  .ml  Ht.t   ra-ne  lo
I>i* ..1*1   tbs   Adminiatralion.
it...!g,t..»n, lint.. Aim. .in   Has   Di
,.,|   Mill*.  Wfnrr   a   Isrgi-lv   llllnl    hon»-
hen I *' night, d fended lb* Lb ral ed-
........   Hcsaidins  rnprndilur..   '
ju*tict> contended  that sj ■
..•ie.'r, Btrw lugger .1 rr-iuirrd Bt ■
•   I   ami   mnn-r-tini-iilly   greater   'ip--i.!i*
I.'.."       II.'    rvpi.aa,   |     ilm     0|SSlOS 'hit
A Year'. Solitary Conlinemrnt.
Nrw York, Aug. 30.-A cablegram from
Milan «-,T the ....i- i.e.- pomonl upon
IboWci, tbe .saasrii ol K.ug Humbert,
mrans one yt-nr ul radtlnry cnnlinrmrnt
in a MerM ,• II. .a lift lung by three
widr. dark, with a plank lor a brd and
bread and water oner ctcrv 21 h»ur* a. a
diet Absolute silence i- <ut<i<cd rigor-
uiisly. If be l.trski Ihr r-tle be il plae-
r,| in ,i •!....gl.l jaekrl ill irons or in tbe
-n nsii! b«d." The year must bu spent
alio without work, book., writing material, ur tobacco. F.w pntooei. cumplete
the year of ...l.tiidr. Thcv rithrr go mi'l
or die. Should Hre-ci live and retain
lenon he will lie placed at work in
it.i>iL Wmker Dead.
Clinton,   Mi—.   Ana    o<i     lln*  .-.|la|wo
.1  tbr  laani-a.tcr National  Hank nml the
Lancaster  Having!  bank  ..I   this  lows,
•   *t ROSSLAND, B.C. Limited
r  •«»«i*»'-»**«*a*^*^BSe9*9e.*s»«»*<*rf*^«**»NiJB<«»*»«»^
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers In
Houses and Lots
i ■ • i
i: Tel. V. and N. 17.
West Columbia Avenue
I'r  I.'   liaal     Mo.VBV    MAY    III!      l'*:i
...   Apply  tO   .   a   a
[John Y.Cole 1
;;) Columbia Avenue.
I Union Printing I
-    For UNION PEOPLE    *
Sprclal facllltlc!*  fnr  producing the w
bc«l    I'rlnlinit    for    Irsd"   I nlnn«   and T
Secret Societies.   -Engraving* procured, m
Vali and Rubber Stamps. W
ll) B. Columbia Av,. P....I.ml. It.C.     W
■"••**>*** ***** *•*«««**««****"■*
Sept. 3, 1900.
Under the auspices of Rossland
Trades and Labor Council. **•
., ,     ' :~—~— Inr.    lie  elpriswd   Ihr  opininn      'lint
,    «'; '     * H.r people of Ihe IX.mininn were con'-nt
.....       ...t,t,   landed   Wl   .*,,,,. „,„';„   llir ,1„„,.,k „n), unr,, rdnrm.-.
id broke  .-,.,) iih.it .In I bit .__   ,."     ,    . _«_  ,.  _j ,-..._
'?'",' ',!..'",!'""• I"'".'  "7 i. ■Ilhr'counliy.
. Inieli     I   rbctl    lu-licl   .ml   KkI    led t
..•ll nn  ra..   (V.ilarti   n.-licl   .g.iui.  tlm
•ta lhe K.tl a>!-._ lln- ling, .winging In.
ngJii   lad   jppsnsttins  -..ih  '.-ii Hi
I -I   ke,-l d'nk.ng but I o.lwil «"i
v,th   ImUi   hand.     \|,< ,,i     (.bltrtl Iwo
lift. In fare an.l krpt altrr Iti. man. M
-i-t.l   t'nnvrrritivr.   alike   lo   mil-rl .ilr
i.rir   |«alili.-al   prrpidirr.   to  thr   •ar.i.irr
\Vilkin«on  on  the Wing.
M-mttr.il.    Aug.   30—1.   T.   Wilkinson
nf ihr Vim..in. i   I'i",...re i« in Ihr rity
 lialav.    Ilr j. arempanird bv Mm, Wllk-
mu in lare an.l krpi .tirr bl. man     11. ,  . . ,11,.  p.d. ..
,    , , '   , , . ,   •*>!!  .ml ,. ..n  h.. way  to lh.  1 ens ex-
I in ili.oli.-l li'-iii. nlla  .mt   lot 1. .bow..I   ,_.,; „ ^^H
..gna  of  weann.a.   artmu   tit,,   unit   to
tl nr corner-!.
Hound ".
The Kid gtepped ... will, led In lare
and tried a Irfl .wme M.i or HMtad
aaatn, lot Jim -put tight and Irll to
imd. .hm tried lelt tor hod Mil tbry
rJinrJied and Im.kr nl the n trier. Ltd
ding .McCoy -aim now .n .I.m'. mmrr
an.l .lim tried 1 lelt ww.ng un.b'i which
Kid duekrd. AMVay again g,*l into .tun *
c..mrr.   CorlaeK   tsninlhcrrd   UflQoy  wilh
righl. and   Irll.  aaiih    bsdy  mil    blld      Mnnlreal.   Ang.   30.
MeWa,   AlrtViy   wa.  thm   unablr   In   dr-   milla  in  Msi.nnn.uvr
Will Rata,., tbe Oanadian..
I.llawa. I)nl., Aug. X.-lmnl Robert*
Yam aiked the IVmitninn author!.c to
allow ihr lltnsd.-tn conlinipnla now ia
Samth Afn.a l„ irniain for lam or three
moat** longer than thr limit, Oototwr IV
lln   )..|i.e«t will undoubtedly be grauled.
Dsm.grd by Fire.
-flt.   Ann'i   rolion
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ a nUbutli of    this
lm.| himself an.l .imply nwil hi. .nun  rily, was dsm««.d  by 6re la.t night to
over hii lace,   t otbclt then seeing Uiat   the client ol $80,000.
Saturday's Prices are Low.
t8 dozen Cotton Huck Towels
for 15c: each. Size 24x42 in
red border; worth 25c.
125 Bed Comforters for 75c.
Two sizes st this price.
100 Corsets for quick selling",
aaaatmiam ammmmmmmmttm.    50c pair.
20 dozen Linen Turk Towels,LatHes'  Black  Cotton   Hose,
for ioc. each; a good Towel
for wear; regular price 20c.
fast black, all sizes; ioc. a
Cash is a Marvel at Moving
Down the Prices at
$1800 in  Prizes.
For further information apyly
. FERRIS,        C. SCHALM,


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