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Industrial World Nov 17, 1900

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Array ^ip^^UaM^t   X/(>*-*^1
Vol. 2, No.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.        Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6. W. F. M.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kinds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
laaaatttttaf fttttftMi >»o»o»o*M»»»a*t«*^**-*-«sra-».t*«s>^
Our Display
of Warm
for men, women and
children, from
60 cents
Up to $5.00
W.F. McNeill
... ....... ;-..,.,.. .............a.**-.*^,.. ..f*..; a>s.;.^. *.i^o,-,.isi.j^?4^ ,
Cure Headache Caused by Powder Smoke.
Sold only by
The Druggist.
l»**-<|t»M*»>»*MMttttl>f MHIII ;-**-K«-»-ltt»»»»»*»»t*»
•• ■*-•<*$*>****************■*
to the corner of Queen
street and Columbia Ave.
W. K. P. & L. Co's. old
Rossland Dry %
• »*•»♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦. *********%%.-%■%■-%% --****►*»*. •••♦♦♦•*> ****** >.
flacNeill Quits!
McKane the Victim!
All  day   Thiuwfay   (lim-
u.i- uu uir •>!' my-to iy about tlit* ltK-.il (*tnwnutiv,'lifO(lquirt«_i wliit-li mm dlffSpftted
l-'iiil.iy when it Wll iinimutunl limt MqcNviII nlustd to go up u^uhim t-vrUm defeat ami luul with'lniwii.. Thin uetioa
Juul bw» taki'ii Thursday afternoon nt .1 CDliftTt-nt-e of leiulnit; (Niiimrvntive**, and «H that lUternoon ami evening tliero wan
il tlUttlfl For a vi tin to tike Mae-Neill'i ^thu'c, aud U» Usui a forlorn ImfM*, wlm-li was nit.im to rewult in i*ilit&*_I tleutU
Surh a iiulu WM ftuuid iu John MeKaiie. II awt*|*<«i v the olTerod 110111 ina tin n, and Irfl |.i>t nijcht
win it' lit- wil ho plui'r.l in nomination .l, tii,* t tiiwrnilivt' (iindidalt'. Poor -MeKune. iml *attKtit-d m*. 111
it.iiv ayo,    Iuih    ullowt-tl himself tu he inilueiire-l bv mmmttr uwn  than hi in noli, iml tor lum (la* md i* iu
for the loiiiler.
(or liev.lstnke.
Ins defeat two
It is believed thnt the withdrawal of Mr. MucNeill will gienlly Italia aa the chance, nf Mr. tOUfa e'Ciun, in fact
mn'ttt it ibmlutel** -hit. Ur. .\lucNcill * >•* s t.ry tm.k candidate, i.m hi would hsvs pallid ten vales antra Mr. liaKaat
will imt receive three. A oertala portion m tha Uonseivilive part} w.ll vote n.r him rinidy iJniu-,* he i* . ik.n-crv.it ve,
while the greater number ol UausK-ntlvti sill ...si their bsDols for K»lcy m preierenee 1.. i.'nlliher.
Liberal  1% liun..
I Xe\t tvei-k the Bounds!*, ami ll'*si.ni.l
will hnve a wui-in time isih,icnlly. Mts-t
1 nn.-* will be held in every |,irt nf the .lis-
Irict, which will tw utlilrcsstst by simie of
Me basl Liberal speakers in the Dominion.  .-\uley  Mnrrisnn.    memlne-fleet    for
It is now the time of year when the
weather   is  uncertain.     Sometimes .j
damp,   sometimes    dry,   sometimes Jj
warm, sometimes cold.    Be guarded 2
against colds and wear suitable footwear.    We have just thc article you
want.    Prices are always right.
llilllSHIS 08S 8 5 B 0 0B0O000OS sqsa*a1 JUULflJUA JU
I The nsnd
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
A Fine Line ol the
: Choicest Liquors & Cigars
4-^-i-i.i^.i„^.;.. .	
Koley Demonstrstlon,
Armngemeiiu nre  Iming  ma.le to hnhl
.111  iinmense    Foley    ilemon.lnit.on    next
IVadnaaaajr, oa ti*   osadidstss   return
fr.. l.i. ..impugn  tour. .Ill the lalaw or j
gnntiiitiiins of the ..ly uie uiteivated >n
the matter, ami tlur.- will I.e a bis 'urn
New c-tuinisti-r, in following Wiley down out of in.le|s>i..|ents.
fhruuifh the Oluuintiun country, end   will j    Tln-ie will Iw au itiinictise palldl in the
.■..in,* out iu the  ltuun.lurt' nml join the eveninu witli* ls.ll. Istiids. in which et-ery
Sifton  pilty  there.  (Inlliher,  and Oliver lulmr uniuii in tlie city ttill luive it. place
from North Alberta will nbsi 1« in Ituss with t'ne.r haiiiu-is   The |.ir<ule, alter pa****.*
land:   the  niiinster of the int.wior,  Hon. ing tl.tuuith the pun. ip.it .|ni-t. ..| the eity.
I'lilliirtl Siltun. lus brother, A. L, Sifton thn.uith the |Mimi|wl street. nf the ,.ty.
of I'ahtnry. will take imrt in    the   cam* mil end at Miner*' I nion h.ll. whet-e tl.e
paign, tvhde lt. II. Kerr, a llounil.ry bar* I'ltvim. will he addi-msnl   by   ('.miniate
risttT. und a well known i.im|siigti i«>eak-
cr. will bs n l«trt <*f the |.lsb.
J» ^ J»
Quality  iv IU and Bring* Incrraalnjc Trade
That'* Mow Our Trade Ia Always Orowlnx lAt%*r*   ]
We  havr   imt rrcrlvnl * large   «,hipmenl dinn I   from   thf  litimi of thr Toronto   '
Hi*.ini ami Confrrttonery   Co.     Fine   HtftculU   Jam* aud   jrili, *   which we would bt*
i pirated to havr you tall and rtainlnr.
/il in   MATTn,     "w« MB <» Kenew the Nr» Customer*  Tr_Jr and
OUR mOUO:- Ka*15*OMtoM«"
124 East, Columbia Avenue
aJM>#it»-#i4i<i,4fc4i<i<i ftdMMMMMMMMb*^*6*^*P*Pl--ElP*P,w,EQQl'E'w
Tne Cl Dining parlor
1I.V.I *   WOODS A  SMVTH. Pn>prlMorc,K,
Best Home Cooking in
Board per week $5
Single Meals 25c.
Columbl. Avenue . Wet.    Near thc City
l.ilmnd Mistintt l„*t N'iaht.
Roadsnd I.iIht.iI* held a rally in the
1'iuilic thmtr.- last night, wha_ **a« well
attended t-y ikapaMng (Int*. A. L. Sifton
nud 11. II. Ketr ii.bln--s.il the meeting
iu ,i ..uu ciiiliutor to ii.*iiU . little t-.ui
..gc .uul enthnaiasm Into the fniaiwen. of
Mr. i;.ilbhi-r. In point of numlier. tlie
lii.ot.ug  was a
.Ullllll*..l*!ll    It
siu.-ens, but in    |>oint    »l
tt..* a .*..n:*lete  failure.
Koley at   Kelotnu,
Mr.   Foley  a.|.Ins—si    an    enthusiastic
meeting nt  Keluwii.i on the lOtth. A letter fn.m une of hi. sup|..rt<rs utes that
he will i-.ll ..nt- lu.lf the vote, .net at that
plH e.  wh :     .i   \ en...... where he dpnfcc
thi. eieintig 1*1. i. lu* ... -issbsl in an.u.
mg it .*!' nl decil of , ti!hu*i.,sni. and Ui.l
his  trots then- mil  be large.
K.tJct. Mr. l>.h-t * ...i-.ueni. will br in-
t'tctl, uu-'. it is ie.I—I tlmt tliey will l««li
lie pi-t-Miit
S'ltmi tn Eart Kootenay.
t'i.lfonl S.ll.m lis* l-ren -issiking in Knet
K.mtenay tin. wcvk in tlie iinnr.t«o4 the
laberal .wndiilale. Ilia ir.riMi.rn, wtietr-
cur l.r *|sike, waa not r.i">unwins. and
it is s.u.| thai to the tin.-* I.e nsache.
Itosslaml  he  will  Is-  -.  tl.-n-uilily  i-m  j ,l,^,ut«..
(if the Imli-ts-nibnit  l*.l«,r Pany of Bnt-
.-1, Col.mil,i.i.
I".|'..wiig is the pkttf.trm .nl.15.t1sl by
ll.e Nel-..ii is.nn.tinn of the Indepciulrnt
I.il..1 I'.uii of llritish (V.J11111I.1. „n tt-faich
I tn.li.l.ii.. Chris Koh't wiuarely aland.:
I.   Free ounpulwory eilueation.
'.'    I 'Val tioii.i.g .I.u .,' ,*.•!,!  houn..
.1 tKitrmmrut in^iei'tiiiu of all iml..,-
I. Al.'l.t.on nl riMtlraii ,y*(nii on ail
pnlt'i.  works.
A   I'lil.lm ownemhip uf all fmnchiaaa.
il    I'n-I.d.iiion  of   ."uoal.*   luiniigT.tii.n.
and Ihe irgulatu.n .*" mil ntmngratu.n by
au rilu.atu.n.l teat an to iiunnsnant'a Utile... an.l the al.-4.tiun .4 a'l «l>e.ial tn.l... ...nent. .ml pntitgr. lo (..n*Min inmii-
(rani, t" -rtlle in the Ikinuu.on.
7    AbolltlOB >.f ch.'.l lal*.r under 13.
«.   Als.lii.on ..f the 12*1    .l.,..«it    r»
quiml by all rand..lain for liw IV.m.nion
put*,. eniwfyirfmf
t.   Compulwy art.tmt.nn of .11 lah.r
tin-el ..| Ir bel|4<-s**n.'s. ". tl.e Itgl.l an-l
Ih.i I.e will advise Mr . t*iJUn*r lo withdraw* Sift.in , . .lever IsdSllrian, .ml hr
i.n.1.1 .1.. ii..tlui.g al gimlrr benelil to hi.
,**ny tlutn Uu-.
Fancy Biscuits and Jellies  |: j HOSSl
mtw m*aym^%^%^m m^%^%* %a%^~.-»*-.
The Miners' Magazine*
'rice $1.00 per Year.
Published by the VV. P, M., Denver, Col.
Suit*.riptlnns Received st the office ol lhe Industrial World, or st
Ths Office of the SecreUry ot Rosslrnd nin.rs' Union.
A.,., ... ............ .................... *^»   *****:-'-!-:-•>"•*?-• ■ '-l-'-i-i-i44-*+** i
11 OfllHTIES
Just Arrived...
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
' ***444****9*4*4********4*9994*444**************++**
Kolci  in (amp MiKninet.
Thtirvttay night the cmiulidale al the
lii'le|s'ii.l...l I-.Imr IVitty tea.lusl ('.mi.
M.K.niH'y, ..uuiiig down iM..iiu-gan lah*,
nl.ere I.e I....I a nni-ili* ims-t'lig. and ili.lt-
..ili.um |H..nt tu In. ne. i it ins m-ail) all
ll.e ti-le. east llele, Mr. Koley will it.me
in t>> <.i.iml ,..ika* l-t stage, .ml >a.|| mrvl
ll.e l-.ls-i.il s)s-lil»n<l.-t- in the ItoumUiy.
| i.-.i..|.*iig lltaiaslaml in time to spvak at
(liH.o.1   >.ti..ii *   no  i ..«   but  Thur-lay
inmit of iM-tt weak.
Bliiiinn Co.. Limiisj
( N.n Perianal Liability )
CAPITAL, 1,000,000 Shares at 5 cents each,
Trkasi-rv Rkskkvk, 600,000  Shares.
All Promoters' Stock 1400,000 Shares | is Pooled
7w*TcE5s'*Nu"lllHiiCTO«t 1
President,!.  W. tl tl I . **„|s*,ltt.an.l. n. Ir.it Mart "tin.
vic.-Pri.l-l.ot, JOHN I ITZWII.l.l W I'graa.n War 11|. and Unlr, Mar *ln».
Ira..„,a,. v   W. HARTI.BV, n<n:hanl I .VtKtiMar)  H. W. C. JACKSON
lilinlor«;.    S. J. Ilt.ll... miner*, t    J. Ilallnur. mail,, mrctlanlt War I agli and
Crnlia Mar 'llna . .   J. 5. CluK. Il.lt.ill. .nd S..II. ... .
'.Manaflng IliiKlar. S. W. MAIL.
The Bonanza Mine.
The Mn.pany own* the Ih.nanza .So. .1   ami an ateiage value of 115 per ton. The
i ti.ll'a/.il   nuiieiiil claim, nn  St,   1 lii.in.-u-
mnuntain.   three  and   a   half  mile*  from
Gladstone  ou  th.  maiu  trail  from  i:<***
The claim is traversed by .ever..! ledge*
el tree milling gnld ore. On the cenit.ii
or SiMOvcrv ledge a tunnel ha, been
driven lilty leet, ia ore all the wit*, which
ha,    an    i"i i      wil li    ol    two    fr *
Treasury  Shares.
01 the (110,000 share, in the treasury, thf ;C0n share! aa lollows:
dir.. ..a.. I,.in* been authorized to aell 100,  |
40,000 Shares at 3c. and 60,000 Shares at 5c.
■*\t the first shareholders' meeting held on October
18, those present subscribed for 22,000 shares at
3 cents, leaving out of the first block
Only 18,000 Shares at 3 c.
Ten I lo.uanmi st....* hit since been Mild -hi ..nl. -....*. .hire, at *   an.a .,, un
I... *.l.«.r. or lot.....i.ll.ui apply to any director, lo any broker nr to 'hr 5e.-a.tary.
In.r, which is at -1 depth ul thirty tne leet
-te.*.!- nearly two leet nl |r- ore.
A torce ol in in r*' hits ben put
to wrk in tn tunnel witli tb* in
lenliou of continmng it right through th.
claim ll..V>i leet), a* by this mean. lh.
lodge will be explored and tonnage de
telti|>ed most rapidlv. l.tery two leet ol
drifting will a.1.1 at least nne loot ol
ilcptti. ih* 1.d.c ha. wd*nel I. .it'll
leet mine Wnrk wt.! tea.ime.1.
P. o. Ho, 1I1
H. W. C. Jackson
Unnma | and *
P   0. Hhtsk.
I'.lti|.*t • 1-1 .l-'tmng
I.l ...I   I'otsa
Ol 1. I Vbrka will lir tn-.-nl to a grand
i|.«pln ..( IjIh..1 iqiutaehalai l...s«uy
nialii. At . »hIci adicHiaad m*«<ing
Hon. t'blt.nd Silton. \ I - :* *n. IL ll.
Kerr aud Aulry UorriaoS will ^..ut lol.
i-r.lia.li. while K.det «ill lie theie lo Uke
thn Uls.r end <>( tlie nvelmg
lni|*-it«-tt   Ket •••
It is im|»li.hl th.l etesv suplxrlrr nl
ol the |iii|<ipcii'lt*iit l^l.-r i-an.liate .mil al
Uie i-.inlinttc.* ...un* *• *.s.i .« pwnlil.
Tlieir 1* .till inu.lt -«..rk In lm d"W on
tin* ..Hei*,' h*i*. .nl it .- ni.e**^.ry that
evert .nan ,,n it lm losstsd t" tn-nrnt lm*
paraoaal.... sn |..n.ng .lav.
iiit 11-I. din.wi.
ii--.. (i.rt-.ni Hifi'.i. will idditai . t«i<
In meeting ... M...- I nmn h.ll ne«t
lhi.i-.tay n.gl.t Mr K-Je. In, brrn in
tlti'd to Im- pn**...-, antl he will tind.ml.t-
sdljf give .Sftnn a Mttlt WWIf
K.n.in • lor 1,-.Hung
*. 11 ... Maadsj.
lhe uointnatiou. lor Val'l'stilioo will
tw made a( lleie:*t.4.». Monday .lame*
Hevme will bst.e lor liwt ..If t.-n.ght f<>r
the     p.in»'*r    "I     |.|*H!g       I '
pWp+T, llamel*
A ( i.m.iai*. 1,. -. ta tt   •
l<> 1'ioh.l.ttnn of |,.,m Ubor in eom-
imlit.on mill fiee lal.tr.
II. All rlertinn day* lo Iw ma.le public   ls.li.lit*.
1.'    XlsthiH.n •>[ Ik............ .mate.
Wdl n.te V.w Veart lk.ll  mt oi Rmt.
luto.n- to Swtrn.
p,.  |o*..r hall «•»» rnssded   W.sln~-
• I.t night -alien thr mrrl.ng wt. callisl to
erde, bj PitaE-lsBl (ilin.... an.l * luge
llnm-mnt   nf tnisiiM-**  .as  i|u.kly  Inn-
\itrr *mr discaarisa .1  «•« dsddsd
to give a ball on New fist's Night, uid
. r-.mmttler wns .pi*.t.1..I to m.tke ar*
ungrmmt. Uirtrh.r It* inrtiilmr. ar*
Ik-. Il'llnrn. Il.ml. Il.-.blian. Simon-
eltio ami l'n«tliy
The  following  n~.dnl...n.  we.r    .(tetr-l
by the raimmillrr.
UssnllSll. Thai t'-r n,*wt of tl.e \l.
te. Vl.i*e..,.Wil.*M- h*>-|itl.l l*r i.s*rtvi*«| anil
.pprntrd ,n.| that thr lt.~s.tnd Mines'
I'...on tender it. lh.lik. tt. ll.e nuUMle-
menl l'*r I'm .cry .14* .n.l rflVii-nt man.
ner in wtuell Ihe Kmsl *st'-r» havr mr-
•ii lh* mdile wi*k •>( .nnna f<w the
.«* and innitetl dunng tin |*wt tear, an J
be it further
"lte«.|,«.|. Tli.1 we. .. « I.-It wtio~
menilmr. am ennliniull. in .Unger nl ac-
• Iiy n«*on nf thr n.turr id their
...up.tinn. hmrlilv pk-lg. ..utwlv-m to
a-ro.l tin. (Jnm| Staler. ,,, „,r*ii'>g out
their mi«won of . h.Itv ,..'1 Imnet.drn <•
In m.nk.nd by errn* mean* in -*ur power,
ami that we urge »n Ihr .--mmunily tho
tmomttf of ,-  **|. - , || i|,.- mn, or-
dml nf ..nnu fnr the «i.k ,nd injuird,
and Im (I further
"Hiwnlvr.l. Thai a *i,r ..( INm. nwitu-
lions lm «eht to lhe "i.trc ind |ail.lmhe.|
in the lnd.i«'n,l World    tiol    IIomI,i..I
j. aprasd aasa thr minnie. "
•w iiiiiiii.N PrasMaal
I     R   M.a.lMlif.   l,„   Bit.
t    I   II \V|l  !-....   tier
w\i i   \i DOS m.u. am"
I       -   • m0\ i.-l  l.v a ri*
T,e!r wa. . good .iri.l .1... of -Midi*
dtlr.   ....-    t.*l    »!...,     . ,   g>s«|
talk. .". "gi.s| .,f i|<e ti.uo.i."  th. n.-cl.
l.i. .if wall \*.;tt in  lint*
i-t,   1%,'umi..    Ikutel.    ami    Ihawlrni,
The Industrial World
t-Vlliitto.-l.ly    lallt'un.
Published at the Miner'a Union Uall,
llowliiiul, in the intereet of organized
labor  in   Uriiiah  Coluaibla.
t-tered at tbe llomland, 0. 0., poat-
ollioe for InuumiMOU lUirough the
mail*. November, 1899, u eeoond-cUas
nadinf matter.
mon is correct in this cubc. A nmn cannot,
do jusliec to his union principles uu.l
work inlo bhl limuls of the old party nt
ti!i*u same time. Tliut kind uf iiiiiouism
might havo passed musti-l- In illicit-lit his-
tut-y or .luring the dark *..'."'. but it out
of dull! iu 10(10. .lust, ki-ep yuur eye on
any fellow who yuu .ec at this kind of
work, Ilm will bear watching, The ooniia-
tent union man dm-s not wear nn old
party tug, Hit bring! intelligence to ls*nr
before he mat, hi* billot.—Industrial
SV. C.  Thompson,   blditor   and  Manager.
Office   at  Miner1!   Union   llall.
suBscnirnoN hates.
1'ayiible Invariably in Advance.
Oae 5*ear       $2 00
Bix moutha   ..
Ulirco  month!
1 _
7*5 '
Unionists  i'i ..I.-■ i.
Thi TruiLi*. und Labor Council oi Van«
cnii--er  bus sent  n  luniuil  protest  to  the
board ot   at/hool trustee* of   timt city,
whicii rsosntly pssisd a reaolution piohl-
lining  Ita tiM.liers eiilcniig polities,    'I'll.'
ciiiinci] sny* that the regulation  i m. interference with the liberty of tlie lubject,
and Hint it -till..* ut  the foundal .1
|M!|t .li.r government
l)l*:ns 1.1*11 i;.\.MS.
Addrcaa all communication! to the <n-
dwtri.l World, r .,t..th.*e Box 658,
Hi—I.u..1,   B.  C.
Tb. ln.liiinn.il World      for -uie at the
follow ii^   new,   i!.*i*.    .
Hoard and
.Villi*-..li *   New!   ...and.
II.   S.   Wallace*!   stationery   Store.
Linton Ilm.
P. O.  Newi Stand.
llarri   Cigar   Store.
Canada Book k   Drug Start.
ilc.u.  llroa.
King 4 Co.
BeertUriei of all unions are autbom-
ad to nceive eubecriptioni for th*
li lhe re|«itttsl .IimI  lot  Mat-sell', un
sppaasd rstara Is I laeoavat pn.n*-* in.c
the l..|*|.r. Hill -.11.1111) eoliiludi ll" '
Mr "haa Is-cii. ' There mil br liotlunc
for liem tu do in llunau and wrral un'
aetata! in-an* .      IEaa in \alr
h.-'tcnay nurd ihem not to paniat m
an atlelup to «pcuh ill tbr di.trnt. ai
tlul ».*uld .l»tl..,i .ten Ihc f.n.l«-I l...|s
ol .luting 4 I ■ ii-cn.livc here.
I''..* coiliiitiiiu nl the iiitrkiiigniuii ie
economic sl.ivei.i. It i- tint m*.■.*-.-,n> t..
..uu .i  slave bodily,     tt  is mill   h.*i*e**.ily
to own In* looli.
Th ohcspenl  commodit*.   on thn earth \
today is bunion ll.-l. .....I I.1.....I
I .... oppose.! to the st-tetu w'nii Ii permit* some to li.iti- mon. than they enn
piMsibly use, while counties! nullum, *uf-
lcr nu bare net necessities, (Ivory nullum uto in tin- COUntl* li-prcsrlil* 111.111,1
lt is not the t..nit of ths oupit.i'i-t.- ,li*.t
t'ney .1..  not  mil. the Itln.     11  the m in/
o| lhe e.irpiHMtion* ivele long enough.
they uould li.iti* ,i meter ou every -,iu-
ihwtion, distribution nnd e-adliange, to be
einlliodiod   in the  platform.
laonilnn Tradu Unionists (have already
resolved to nominate a candidate for the
Ontario election, unit tvill hold a convention in December to select a standard
bearer. ICvcry delegate to the T. and L.
council is solid for Independent political
'Illio bulletin of the bureau of lahur
statistics of New York shows that on
.Turn* .10th fht a«rn>gnle membership of
the labor unions in Nny York state was
nearly 2.10,001). A most encournging feature
is the report that thl number of female
unionist*, has mure thnn doubled in the
past •t.lit'i-o yeiii-s, although still conlined
almost, intirtly to Raw York city.
A telegram from Montreal telling about
the Vallcyliold Htii'kers et.forced subjection, said: "The spirit of war was evinced
by the app.'srtiucf among the militiamen
of four men jusl returni-il from the ('.i|s'.
Tliey were in tin- uuil'ocs of their old
regiments,   and   eoeiuts!   happy   lo   be   ill
active service again," Trade! unionists ire
Inquiring now why llhe volunteer! near
Vallcylieltl tvero not culled out Instead uf
those so far away a* "ifonitreal. They want
to know why one body of tiimi**, is relied
upon to sl.i.tt. more willingly tihan another.
Notiie is hereby given thnt in virtue
ui ilu- Aet of tin- Dominion Psriiunent,
till uml tu Victoria, Chapter liw anil Chip*
ter 101, the name nf The Merchant!
Bank of Hal.fax will he changed to
• I ill*. KOV.M. HANK (IK CAN-ADA''
from and after the Si-cond dav of J.inu-
arv, 11*01.
10.  I.. PHABB,
(iciior.il Malinger.
Halifax, l-t  November,  lflflo.
*,-?*»•» 444444*i**4* 44*4*4*^
lu Toronto for Treatment.
John Met\trvil, a miner whn u.is the
fit tun of n humble cxHosion nu Tex...la
Isl.tit.l lust spring, left Thursday for Toronto, where he will un.lo.v-' further
in-iiinenl for the |HII*|IUSS of et.mploleli
...t'-nng his -ight Ile in.I liei-n in Hoes-
l.ud ..•.'.*..I iitt-ks. where he hud made
many friend* among the iniuei-s, who .in*
i-erely Irope that he .fill t-nniplclcly recover.
Went inm Kffect Sunday.
The new scheme of elutngiug shift* in
the l-e lloi un Sunday ami giving both
•lulls .t day nil went Into elfts-t Sun lit
Till* will gite the mn Iwo day. per month
to tlimts.-lte«, .md is greatly appreciated
I.t  them.
I Union Printing §
;    For UNION PEOPLE    .
fa ^pecUl  fttCllltlci  for  producing the 3
$ best  l-rlntlnff for Tradet  Unions and $
X Secret Societies.  Hngravlng.-i procuretl. &
fa Seals rnil Uuhhrr  Mumps. w
i \A/.   H.  JONES §
it-      ji* E. Columbia At.. Koaaland, B.C.     »
I Grand Union
- - Hotel - -
ni i' ri'K i :i i.n hros . ii*..
ll i. n-|a.rt.d tl.,1 tne Iwo old partie.
hair made a trade in Vaneuuier ti) «hi.ii
Max.ell a ill lm WlSraSd I.) ac-wm.il....
and l.anlcn bt gttrn , sml ui Hie |ir»t.u
«■! .at.ncl. .ud Im irlumnl uno|^.r
ad. It bl. I* -' tl.r leader, ol Ilr- -■
aa.llc.1 Ul.it I'alit in llut nli should .*■
.Mil ii.tn .im- allry ami Ind. ihrm—'In*.
In tin* hr*l iil.tr Inn .ll-mfd lhnu****Hii-
to tat UM*d I.y ihr I. Im-i.I nwhtnr lo ad
».u g tlm ialtnsts *•( « l-alm-al ...oli'lal-.
OH   l  pi.-hilar ol   l^lsT.I .1.1  tu  -stu«   the
slaetlaa >.l --n.   ..f their »*n iiutnl-i   to
• hr  i lot no ial  lew*,   attet    liai.lrn • •!•
lei  l..r (In*  Is.ui.i, -n   Miiuns-nl      No.
Ho.    .„   ..„,.!, i.l,   fossa ..ul I  wr
arc *im<*t t,mpl<il la mi it srrtr» thrm
Half .hi   lliwr  for   Latch.
Al Ihr r-ipie-t nl Ihe iMner-' Union
Iha managlSIK'IK ..f the lie lt.>i ha* agn-ed
Ita   ,.'l-.w   the   men   ..mpl.tc.1   il.   the  l.lll.e
| but half au I...ur p.r lu... I., ao that ben-*
after H.e men mil m-l ome In the surface
Ito rat. an.l mil .pen.I Iml eight hour*
and * half at the untie iaatatd »f nine
lwur«. as h«. Iweti the custom herelulnre.
I-Oll HAUv-Thr building snd flttun-.
Ml Hpokane rtreet known .. Dan lacahcy'a
M place. Inquire at J. C. Spailman *.
+ .
..Electric Laundry. |
You do not have to patronize
Chinese Laundries.
Oood Work,
Reasonable Prices.
T. W. flRAHAM, Proprietor.
Wholesale uid Retail
PtlnUi Oils, VarnlsheH, Itrusbei. Wall
Finish and Palntvrs' Suppllt's. Urdera
taken fur Papcrhanglng and DecoratlnR.
Office nnd Storv : Dnnle'tt.-i Clint* 1**»»'
Block, J*-Coliiinliin Ave umltT Dominion
Bspreal C0.*l Office.   Tcleplitine No. iS/.
The Ladies' Store.
I announce a (ireat   Discount nn Ladles'
and Children's I'nderwear and Huslery,
DfMI QOOdl antl  Dress Trimmings.
Stamped Ootids, Rlhhons and Laces.
Give me a call and you will find Prices
Way Down.
Mrs. M   Heard
ta,LooK Here!
You need not loose a shift
to get your check cashed
during banking hours.
You can get it cashed, at
face value, at all hours at
The Hoffman House
I TramsferCo. I
..i*.nK..i*. i i *.k   Manager.
Tb** I- ,,!.■*( nl Wine*. I.lqnor. in,,'.
I'nine,tic and Imported Cigar!.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
The Only Tranaler or Kxprer!
t "11111 pun v in Knaalaml tlmt will
1 i.-livei your Trunk! for !.. cts.
each    Three daye etnraue h .*•■.
M heir wd; .mi M I. \ . lm after Hr-
een.l»*r IMI. I .. •>■'■■ . h. Id b) working*
nun', tolr.. ii*,w l-ey return* H dei*l.l-e
UieniMJvn. r Hier l»r U'»rt* *.r a*r,.n*l !'.
•fbrfie are f.mr •«.'. ..mrol-rr* in lh , .1.-
Irwt. (hn*- OMsMVSlhraa and .mr lalm*
al. After |h* elrrtetn. arr over tlir oM
gurtir. will hair ii.4Sing l» do with Ihem.
•whib- the. m»i.| i.etr. atain «|ipwil l»
lal., (... .ui|.n Tiny an- indeed Ik
Iwrrn the ta*. I and lh" d*im|l IW*. Imt
th.. slnedd ha.e the mcli-a. ml m»*
toy I • d-s^an* Hmn-rml.r* Tlnsr piv-enl
OMirar i. n-athin* Imt |r^il*i,l -wiciilr.
I I ■ .1 i-sili || Mt .l...«...g *i'«(
Inirsl-lnp f.**  I..I—  >-n 1  il '    Ilm a**t
anmni. tow* -< mm •* -.-
nf |...r,. ih.i I does n., waw nmtale
,.. <>| |*M-r tho-m. t.h.1. .n olhei is.nslltl.
rnila,.   tol s|,.|,le.     II
Ion and , I..I.I.I metnlns. el-s t ...n.-.
Iwwr to *.p|wM- Ihr . i-vl.d,!-. ..I a |.,.ti.
Wh    h    tl..     I   Im|.I    |a*.'lrr,   hate    ll««|.
. <*d «,' >.oe ..lh thrm. ttrll. «r
ax.*- know «'no o,ir fnmd. anr. al.. onr
I>in. I'.d.t (bet may i« .,..: edunatnl.
Tbi. r> true m m.nr rw^m.... I hrr.
anar nol he able lo I.il . I-tin •*-..,1 ln-m
an ainbrni' tradilrm. Ih.i hr i* m«wl rrt
lain y tat a.i)miior to .ny r.ndidalr and
. ..My Itnana* m.*ts than the enl.n-
<"« n-ii,n 1 ,rti,mrn upon lhe m-.*-t ..ul
•mal'r— 1 in K'-dentt Ile w , mi nr II.
ha. Iw»n nlatatod n the Arri. Ida. U
Sto.t•« .rf man. mine, min the .lull and
hammer b.r IttdiHt Hm nlm-almn ^
nl m**n» f.r.at.i-,1 u-m l.i . mining i.ant
■is 1.1 lhan lhal n*^mns| by listening (••
Ve*.   Ifc-ntci   |~I*—
Ttw Im-I* nnu-n «t wlm i« aonlenl lo
art for lh. |**rty ., n .".I.t. vH"we,l
Willi -.K|.i< nm. awl .( I, Well Iha, Such
is lhe »•■*• The old wr.pt«f*l injanrlinn
that you ennot wrrr both Uot sad aaua-
Claai* and  Cigar..
When you a.k for 1 rigir why don't
ro. insist on 1 good one ? Nine easel
oat of len t.o mil lm offered 1 cheap,
aoab mad* rigar unlcm ynu name th*
kind wanted. They all coat tmi lh*
mat* money, good or bad Now why nol
get a gond one. Atk for th* heat Crow.
Otani o. v.* 11 You w.ll <i.-r. 1, en*
er*ri|'ng • home ind-m-v, 1st link
of   thii Ibe ne»t time yo. irk foi    "a
«i .•'. shifts
Mi ghl'..
I.u    U.V,    at    II.,1.1., I    t
+ ill 1 ici. :
X    Queen Cigar Store.    +
X TSl-Kt'llONI* 31). '
+ 4
** + *****4*4******* + **4+4+->
Union-Made 1
I Linton Bros.
• •**-►■•
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦M»m<
P. Burns & Co.!
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Green- <
wood, Grand Forks and Vancouver. *
RETAIL MARKETS— Roiilsnd, Trsil, Nelion, Ymir, Ksilo, Handoo, *
New Denver, Silverton, (Wailn I'll., lirand Forki, Orenwood, ,
I'hoenix, Midway, 0amp McKinney, Revelitoke, j
Kergmon and Vancouver, J
Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds i
WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch. •<
M-f*H**> ■»*>■*)-»■»■♦■*>■■»*>*>■♦> 4 ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦■»■»♦■♦ +++++++++***
J. L M>   1
£ mm ii Smoking
I Fifty  '     ^^^
e w 1 (Concert
£       Miner's Union Hall       3
I Saturday Evening, NovenDer \11
♦♦■»♦♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» ♦■»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»'♦■♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»»»♦'
at*. *tj
I... Fresh Green Vegetables... ]
Is busy all day and every day making prompt
delivery of
f •
jX Books, Stationery, Toys,
1     I'*ancy Goods, Ofl5cc&
School Supplies.
I Linton Bros.
Nn. .16 Ooltitnhia Avenue.
Good...   j
Groceries j
to wise people Do you J
bny here? If you have J
not been doing so here
arc a few things that will
tempt you to our doors,
or to your telephone, and
will help you in preparing breakfast:
Gcrinia, Breakfast l'ood, J
Self Rising Buchwheat 2
Flow, Shredded Whole J
Wheat Biscuits. *
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce-
Celery, Tomatoes, Green Peas.
X KM Kilt Columbia Ave.
Talephona 66.
BROS.        ;
■*t*W%^»^%tkV^%.*»%'%^% >'»%*%^%%%%^%^<^»^v%-
nuoa imum.sm
Th. tiade. unioni'ls' Arongnwl •it.|s.n
.. ih. Imlkt
live n..|.» ujuoni.l, w. iv to cut I)
riwict l-> the l.istrgi. leciataluitr.
I a U-I... N'.~* Itc.inl u*e« ihe union
I.lwl.   I i.l.*. unionism tbne ia ,ti»ng.
ITie 111., .go Ini l.ltlig tradm muwil I.
■•all lighting th. Iluilder.' K.clnnjs in
tlmt oly
Th* IMil Age l*en«ion. I,.. lm, l.en
riivl « fli«t lime in the Nww A.ulh IV.Ini
lagialit'i,. \sa.inlet Tlir mnamire pn.
1 .dr. f..r tl.e gr.nl afu-r cnt.nu >u, re. *
dm.r Inr 23 tear, in the ohmy ol an annual allot >-. ■ •• |I7I I., mamed cou|dea
.ml Sl.vi 1,1 * nde individual.
lh. Kt I/.-... 11 pogn.pl.iraI 1't.i.n
.prnt V..».. t» Meal .lu.lae Kl.cn. wtio
had given a l.g.l .h-isi-n agmnst tlie
un»m label.
1...  1'nil.sl  (.amient Worker* of Am*
mi. 1.,tonal e.rt.iiice i« prep.nng a hill
...(ended In riterminal* th* ,w*wting evil. '
wbieh i« (-- I*. pne,enled to the neit ...n* j
gio. lor |n.**age.
lirganifer .lohn   Helt   i*  d<»ng  (ittioii.
work  in   I.m.lon. ftsren  new hodie,  mil
1^ airgainre under t»i« winning way, and |
.ng .irn-umi-nf*. |
•«  gntemmenl   r»|*>ri   slums  tna< •
*.* a.e employrd below gtound
and   IWet*'  ,l..te gmtind   m   the  .*    •
* ■» Britain,   lli* number of women |
and girl employe I .. given a* I (WM
Ilie   I/*1. - ii   l»tl--r   I'nion I
•fler elerlinf a dHeg»le I- tie A I" of
I,, cmtenlion .nstnirted Inm to .olmi.l
a «lr«igth nut d"i,r.t.on in f*Vor of th*
MOtM— oonri-dup of the nmn* ot |*ro-   4^'T*^^*V%^%^%%^%'%^%*^*V%'%'%*V%'t*t*-t %*t%%%%
Men's Colored Cambric
Starched nnd Soft BoNonim.
Cuffs Attached and Detached.
All Sl«s   RcRular $1.50 and $1.75
Choice  for  95c.
Each occasion has some
special style of clothing |
appropriate for that time.
Those who have a desirc
for dressy effects and yet
do not care to go so far
as thc Prince Albert or
Frock Coat will find our
Cutaways just the thing.
They have a dretsy appearance, fitpcrfectlj andj
wr ir with satisfaction.
M. J.   O'HEARN,
I ..a il.ih...   H.ll,. antl I ...I.har
;...........,.. ......."  ...............	
V. e. iir*\ ao? iini'iirtrs
-Special Attention Given lo Hall tinier.
Stunden Printing Co.
BOOK .HflM I'.U'TIHl Its.
1.11 i*; ni u in t.i.. Avenue
Rosslsnd, B. <s!.
! Tliios. Embleton, j
The West I.e Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps J
First Ave. and
Washington st
Everything the /liner
- - Wants to Eat - -
j  Fancy aud Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest
I Goods delivered to any part of the City. OOfli 'li tuqwAtfl
When You
Think of...
Think of
Men's Suits $7.oo to $22.5o
Men's Top Coats 12.oo to 25.oo
Men's Ulsters 7.50 to 12.oo
Men's Hats  I.75 to 5.oo
Men's Dress Shoes     2.oo to 6.00
Men's Working Shoes, I.50 to 5.50
Fancy Shirts l.oo, I.25,1.50,1.75
Slippers 75c to 2.50
Children's Suits, 3.50 to 6.50
Boys' Suits 2.75 to 8.00
Youths' SuitsU.5.00to 14.00
Reefers & Ulsters, 2.75 to 6.50
Men's Fancy Vests 3.2 5 to 5.00
Underwear 1 .OOper suit to 9.00
Mackintoshes 8.00 to 25.00
Umbrellas 1.00 to 6.50
Agents __^>
Your Money's Worth Every Day ;se Year
i———n—a—iy-ini'iii i in wil
' iu.se    Agent      KuipJon.l- The    Foley
I here waa a fair alleudan-*.- ..f dclcgato,
1 tin- last awning ..( ll.e Tiades i.mn- j
cil Tumlay  niglii  aud  then-    wu euuie '
I lau-.H'—- id .u.|".| I..U. e lm.t-u. ted, t-biel ,
lul wl.iel. ni the euiploin.-iii ol an ugrt.t j
llo uitctifat. the Cbineee nudum mi lar
la. il .-.it..-in-. Itosslaiid «t.d n*tK.rt dill.*' t to the n.yal i..iiuiu-*...,u .ppumicd
ll>, iii.piuv into liw nutter, and tu rrpurl
llu parliament. J. J. Hand uf the Minrra'
II -1 .Ml 11 a, t-l.ia.-ll tn do Hill Work.
II.-* .|tiirtt.»i oi Laving . big d.nwnstni*
llioii at tl.e time ol I and..late Foley's return tn H.***ml.uil waa taken up. It WM
[lelt I*. . iuiuiuitto>.' uf one delcgeto from
eh union.
'Hm ..ll.i.t.on »l   several    number, ol
Ilie ...until Imving been oillisl to the .ip*
lairri.t   tiulalmn  uf   the  coutnirt   under
arhich tlie lire hall ia bmng built by *ul>-
hefting tin e..ntra.*t for |suiitiu»'   tbe mat*
MM l.iougt.1 up, ami .1* tlie utt . ..un
-11 ws. in aewH.il neat dvur it wa. .lend-
to at one* wild  a tb-hyiilt  n  to wait
tliat body and pUiv tbe matter before  it.     llu.  wa*  .l-ne,  and *whlc   the
,t,,r and .huirinnn uf the ttuard of ;mb*
lw work, dciiiisl any ki».wl<*lgs of tlie re*
■isirtod tiolatiuii ui tlm term* ul the eon-
|(,a>(. (lot  Mid lln-j  «in_d lu-— into the
matter  at  onee.
'I1i.il running I.V.ntra.1.
The \\ "rid lm. Iss-n uiud.lr lo Irani il
Iti.. mi!..i .nut ilinniian of the Ismi.I ol
l|.tll>ilt «..rks have d i-tiv.lisl if a suit*
J.-Ultra I ha- Is-eii let for the painting "I
[the (ire hall. HnWrtlT. It lin. Iss-n lean.
ril Hint the imiinr Insit* Ihe inaltcr veil
lightly, .ind tint the chairman ..I thl
l-a-Hltl t.l works .. t.s. busy to .1.11**1.i*..te
In the meantime all tlie matenal for the
work .cms to In- brought in fn.m Uie
outside, while there an- live finns in Ross*
land cnrning |*o.!.t «toek. The*e limis |ny
taxns to the uiy. Imt the city govern-
ment aptaimnl'i do imt think tliat they
-sh...ibl have in op|«irtunily to furnish
matenal for city ttnrk. Another fentnre
of liie. matter, and a very arriuu* nt.e, i,
that men have been UufMrttdtO ilo the
work, while a *.T*rk a0i an nld rnsi.lent
of tlm .-.ty. a painter, wn. ..unpolled to
leave liie city to seek em|d.>yHient. nt his
I ratio. If n..| teilinuwllv a violation of
the ..niii.tf!. it eertainly i. a gross violation of tl.e «iarit of it. nnd the building
tunic* an- nat.ir.ll! interested in Ihe iiihI
ter. BdBtOBt tiill 1st held II eoilntib'e fnr
It, and il i* very i**ol«li!e that Mayor
tloodwiT iuid Aldcitnaii Dean are the
•parti 01.
down ihi: I.K. hoi shaft
Carpenter  Plunges  Duwn  the    Itig Sliuft
and l>u* Within an Hour.
Xurman McDonald, n cn-is-iitcr cni|dny*
ed in Oie I.- Roi, met In. death W.slm-K-
day fnren.Mm in a mnsl frightful m.iniier.
falling fmui one statinn to another iu the
leg coiiibinatinii shaft. At the liiiie of the
accident die mnn was working near the
700-foot station. The work wns t.. pot In
son... psnnaatBt etntinn sets at tin- 700-
f.s.l level in tho western compartment,
which is not at pn-..*nt In una That w.is
some  nld   tcui|stl*ary   "lagging"   tit  Is*  !•■
tnoietl. and pmpor tinilH-rs to I.t pit |n,
lo .„,*,iiip'ish tl... work M Donald had
pul a s .itfoltliug n.Tnn*. ilu- slmft, and was
st.111.hng m tin* ..truer .Inving in a wedge.
It is unknown tvholhi-r he missed the blow
.ir whether Ins axe ..aught in the timls-rs
■bovl Ms hi'i.l. Either wnnl.l have tl.e
ell., t of throwing bun off his balance and
pic'.pitnlii.g him down the shaft, llc fell
to Iha HO fool level and was packed up in-
•ensilue. I hi tlie men ts.uiing ta bis a*-
...tance he moved his right anil nnd leg
ami sat ii|tng)it. only to tall lm-k inum-di*
McDonald was OOnvaytd t'> the Sister,'
li.n.-.n.il.  where he ww« attended  I.y   Ilr.
Banior .... I Or Roma, Ba waa found t"
have sustained fra.tun*s of Is.tli lis- left
arm nnd loft leg, and also of tlie skull.
He died within I half hour of his idols*
nion, *h.ii.!v liter II n'cinok in tho fore*
BOOB, neicr insulating ...ni. iousness. The
doctor, considered thai Hurt wtt never
anv  hope 1.1 hi, recovery.
Aa the matter WSS palpably an nci-iilent.
tin   llupii'-l   ten-   held.
Tin- 1' i-.-l Iin.l hern in camp but  a
.horl lime, but bad .uimsbsl in milking
to.nn Friend! among hi* follow craft-nun
here. He WtS born in Kinnns, Prince
Edwnnls Island, nnd war. 24 yearn of age.
He leaves a mod.cr. la-nth*.* and two maters at Iris old home, while nne .brother
is in Alaska. Ile was a member of the
local Carpenter!,' Union, and that liody
t.„.k charge of Ihe funeral arrangement..
Tlie funeral t<«>k place frnln Ilie Pn-sbyl.-r*
inn church yo.tor.liiy nft.Tiiis.ii. Hot-. Gnu-
dier condii.ting the service. The Cons*..*
ten." Union i.ttet.ileil in a body, while
there were niaiiy miners also pftStnt, the
naaigsr ol iht mint having given per-
ndaaion for all to ittand wlw wlahtd.
Kor Deetroying   Hi*   Own   l*rigicrty m
Victor, Col.
Colorado   Spring*,    Nov.   II. -Samuel
.-Slnuig, a  pii.inient  (Vipi-Ie ('nek  mining
man,   has  arrived   liunii-  fnmi  hi,   Kun.-
ii.*.tn tour. an.I annouuoaa hi* i-ssdinsss
to fore the   charge!   recently   I.miurht
against  hnn  111 tsinnr.-ti.iii tilth    the destructive explosion which ooourrsd at the
I-flung mine in  Victor six years ago. The
i stmng shsfthonse, orshouae snd'msebin-
;civ were blown up May 38, IW4. Tho ex*
plosion   WSS one nf the sonant ion .1  ind-
I dent! of the Hull Hill war tiiien the nun
er. ..f ths Orippls Oreek .li-irm wait on
itriki ami  hundred! nf deputy   iheriffi
| wen* snlistsd snd inned In Denver t*.
Oppose the -Inkers.
Robert J. Lyons, Nicholas Kelly and
several oilier ininci-a iv.ic (ned, c.nvi.ted
an.l isntenoed to long terms irf in the
peiplentuiry for the Strong mine ouair.
Iheir  ini HUM has since been    -li.tn...
and    Ihey    wire   pardontd.        Thei*      I..VC
brought   -nit   for $1*90,000  .bin.ages    u.ch
igsinst Mr. st.t.t.g. li is ull.*g.*l la H.e
......plaint that Mr. Stn.ng himself eaiiKeil
the .*x|.l..*i..n.
He   luul   ..gns*.|   Ul sell  the  pniperlt   lo
Ktltianl Qeedlnga ind William Is-n.."*!.
Al tho time ..f llu* Hpladon he li.nl .1
..■.oh received |90,000 ai pun pa-nnsnt ol
the property, and a Uil.itu I frW.IMI wss
tint*   III   I   tt a   .It!*      It   I-  il.illllftl   thai   In*
dknovarad lhe value ol Un* popart! aft«
*M had sold it. and that he c\|h,1oi1 thai
niter tht working* were d*sliuysd by the
etpiosioii tin* porehaam would   fail   to
|my the l.alan.,* due and the pi'is'i'lv
wuuld revert   to him.
Tin* is a OSSt In which many llossland
niiniTs uie   ii.leresl.il.   l.yons  and   K.llv
are both uwuiberi uf Victor Mlntrt' On
inn. winch hi* been interwtisl In the
case ever sinco it tnus shown that they
were innocent. A cuii|>Io of nmnths ngu
Lyons and Kelly weni in Hosslund Malth-
intt for a miner named allien, who alone
isiuld givo thn et-ideni-e necessary to enn-
viet Stt-niig. After oonlldsrsbls icnn-h,
whuli OOSt liiuiiy hundrld dollars, with
the oid ol local uninn tiii'ii. Mht. WW
fntind in linker City, Oregon, and n-tunied
to ( oliini.lo to aid Hie prosetiiliiin.
We Know
Uf no other way to in-lone oar cloth-
ini than to put our name and trade mark
oi it. it's juit u ii we said "We warrant thii garment to be all wool, ecwed
with .ilk, made of better miteriil,, ind
in better ityle than you nn get my where
else it the nme pdicc." laylor k hie-
Notice to Mine Suimruitendenta.
When you arc in need ol I cnmpitenl
•ngiiieer, Llu ksinilh, pipiaiaa or machinist, llu- M. .ti .ino.' I'nion tvill lie
phaseil to furnish you competent men.
A.tdrci, M*. W. Duty, Sccrctiry.
Net Houtc fur .11 r/irtcin poiata.
For timelabh**, rat»s, and all intunna
tion, rail on or addrcai nearest local
agent, or
A.   II.   McKemie.  City   Agent,
A. C.  McAdhur,  lh*i..l   Agent,
KoMlan.l. IIC
W . K. Andcraon, K. J. Coyle,
T. P. A.. *. 0. I'. A..
Nelion, H.I \ Vincouver.  li.C
Labor U inn Directory.
Officer! ind Meeting!.
H-atty, HMI. H. r. C.tikiey. piB.id.nl.
W. W. IJoty, lecretary.
None Better.    Solid Vettibu'ed
Traina,    Palace  Dining  and
ObiervatlonCars. Meals
■ La  Carte.
Dir.ct  ...nne tion it Ht. Paul, witloat
VrSa every  Mcond ind   fourth   luea-
diy  in  eacb    month  it  7:30  P*m.  in ' .hang,   ol    defiot,  with  all    Uaiu   lar
esch  month st 7:30 I-m.   in   Minen'   Chicago,   loronto,  llontreil.   New   Yon.
Union   Hall.    0.  Behslm,    See.;    A. jand ill poinu weet aad eouth.
I .ni..   Free. I    Oloee connection tut and weit bouna
CARPKNTKRS * JOINERS' UNION-1-"""  ■»'•  Spokane   wth   trains  of   the
.Meet*   every   Friday ol  rich  w««k  it   -Spokane >alla * Northern  Railwiy.
7:30   p.m.    in   Mtn*n'   Union     llall. I    •-*■*« Spoksns dily   for   Esat  11 U
A.   Ferri,.    Pre,.;     Frank     llra.lshaw, |■»■»•
g^, Ua—, Spokane   duly  f.r  Weat 7:30
MINERS-   UNION    No.   »,    Western !"
Spokane Falls & nnneni.
Nelson &. Ft. Sheppard Ry.
Ren mountain Railway.
Tlie only ail nil rout* between sll
pointa .*a. t, weat and sunt li to K..a.las.t,
Nelion ind ill intermediita pouts' cos* '
necting   at   bpokan*    with    lh.    Uewl TyPOORAPHICAL   UNION   No.   tU-1 boundl~"traina   eonnacT'it   uTlatb    with
Northern,   Northern   Pi-tfe  asd   ti.   H
ft N   Co.
Connect! at Nilion with iteamen for
Kaalo  ind  ill  Kootenay  lake  poiata*
> oi.nr.-ta   it  Myer'e   Fill!  with   itag!
daily   for   Kepubhe,    and    connect*   it
11..,"I.org   with    stagr    diily  lor  Orand .
Forki md Greenwood.
Effective  July **.   1900.
i    Wst   hound   traina mil*   dirset  **a-
w^__?.    *.i™^SwttLaS"Z   n«l,on   ""   VicU"''*-   Vancouver.   Pert-
Wednemliy evening at 7.30 o dadt to ',_,,,   „,„  ft^,.  ,nd  „, u
Minem"   I nmn   11*11.   Frank   "o-i.l**le,  j.     j^     . *
Meeic'aiy:   Wm. irllrien,   l*r anient
During the eeuon  of  n.vig.tion   Kiaa
10:~0 i.m.
11:38 p.m.
11:40 p.m.
0:43  p.m.
10:00 p.m.
Meet* on the last Sunday ol •■*. li i.he magmbernt itcimimpi NorlhWr-t
month it the Minera' Union llall. .1 | and Northland, ef tb* Nortlwra
P. ltarkdoll, Sec.; W. Pool*, Pre*. |steitnblp company hn* operated ia asa-
J0URNEYMEN TAILORS UNION nection wilt On Ureat North*™ Halt-
No.   '."..'   M r.*t«   the   nnt   ind    third  wsy.
I .ns.! ty   ol   eicb   month  It g  p.m.  tn '    Tor   further   information,   map!,   flit-
Haatty-a Hall.   P. 0.  Uoa 114.    W.'  ers, *lc., ipply I* my if-mt of tin   *+*■
MeLeod,   I'm:  J.   Klomin,  See. kme   Fall!  ft   Northern   lUilwiy.   KaaM
OOOKfl A   WAIIKIIS'  UNION, No. 40. ft  Nona i.ailway, Kootenay Hdlwsy ft
W. I,. I'-Mct. ev.rt Situr.lav .v
enlng at t.30 o'.Vnk in Miner-' Union
llall. P. O Hog II. I E. Ourry,
Hoc.: .1. H. Sh.nid, Pre*.
Kxeeulire Hoard: ft C l>i*'r, Roes*
land; W. Ilivul*m, Sandon; M. Kane,
| (Irernwmid; H. II. Dilnnck, Miy.e.
PAINTERS' UNION, No. 40. Painter.
snd   Deconton  of   Amenea    Meet*   m
91.23 shirts    fur   05c,
at    lliil.-li'i.l    A
You cannot get a cigar in any bar in
•die city lor leas than 12 1-2 cents. Then
why not ask for i cigar that il worth
the money; a Crown Giant H 'V. B.
Drug Oonptny Moras,
Tht Roaritnd Drug oomptny has moved
fn.m its nld stand nn the in.iih side of
Columbia avenue to the conns' nf (-nltim*
Ilia avenue nnd t'ueen street, to the pretu-
iaes Vtoatod by tlie Went Kootenay Power
aiul  Light company.
Smoke   l Vown
Oraat    Cigan.    Blue
Day  Irain. Airi™.
S|K)kan. 7:3t p m.
H. i»lui.| |:0U  pm
Nelaon 8:00 f.m.
Night Train.
Spokane 7:08  »"m.
Koailind 8:30 a.m.
Qinaral   fwnjar Agent.
ft   W. RUTF,  Agenl,
Rowland    B   0       Heatty^e   llall    On   sernad   ann   Rsntt
' 'i iie-'lir   Wedneediy  of    eaah   month.
 j    W. b. Murphy, prea.; Oeo. W. Slunn.
Nf-w'sHOTS' UNION No. »-Me*U to
Miner. Union Hill on tbl tint ind
third Sitnrdiyi of each month, at I
a.m. Mike Ouydotti, IT-..; Jay lUr-
ton. See.
—Meeti aecond Sunday in each month.
Fint-elam Meepem   on  All   Tram,  Frnm I    J.  H*   1el:her,  lecretiry.
—_— j    —Ed-wnrd Iloyee, preiidenl. Butte, Mnn
Alno TOURIST'   CARD |nw.  i
nig    limine.H*   .Inn. tinn    daily   trnm   &t.
Navigation   Company,   or  to
f. i. wnriNET,
(J*aenl   I'imrngir   ind   TiekM
Agent, St.  I'aul, Misa.
li.  A.  JACKSON,
Commercial  Agist, Spokane,  *>-4*.
Canadian Pacific
Tne Fasi Line.
."'0  ALL  POINTS.
~        Saf-wt md Heat.
Solid   Veatibuled   Irani..     Eleotnc
Lighted,     lapiyt-l    -ill
Paul. Satunlaya lor Montreal and ((.-.ton,
Aloud,i}*, nnii Tl.uri.laya for I nronlo.
Momi cars pass Hevelel(.l(e une day
for your Uutirn trip i, to ice n>at your i
ticket rca.li. via
Train. De|Hirt—
8:00 For Nelson, Kaalo, Ustcadl, Grind
I'j.Sun.    Forks, UrttSWOOd, Mi.U.iv. etc.
18:00 For Nelson, Son.lon and ...a*.
Daily,     point*,   Hevelatoke,  Main  Lin*
John   F.' McDonnell,    vicepreai-
,l.nt.   Virtrinin    City    Nevada;    Jamei 0';rrT1**t*on  ■*-*     _
Maher.  .e.retarv trc.ntrer, Putle, Mon- IlUlmaa   I alae*  (in,
tana   ,P.  (I.    lioi    307.    headquarters, I rJegsnl   Otntng  fan.
Room    12.    O'r.lev    block.    Exeeutire Modern   Day   Co«the.,
Hoard: .lohn I'. Willisms.   Oraa!   Villey, -Wj""   *]<*t"?*   t>1-*,1
Idiho;  .lame,  II.  Furry,    ||„tte, Mnn- ihroe-ih   tiekfts to ill   poiats  m    lh*
tana; W. N. Hum,,   Ourav,   Colorado; I »'l*d  State* ind  Can.d*.
ISiaa.   II.   Mnyer,    Lad    Htv.    South "Eicept   S.mdiy.        Try)   onr   Wactrie
DakoU:  Chrii Foley, RoKlmd, Britiih IJghte-l
•tame,      Wilkes.      prcubnt.     Nelann;
lame,   llevine,  rce preilent,   Rowland;
K. W.  HI'H*,
Aft. R. M. Ry., Romlind, ITO.
J.   W.   1111,1.
General  Am*, Spoksne,  W-u*
Alfred   Part,  iccreUry trramrer,  Ymir.   A    •••,   CRA-WtOX
MWIIANiUb*   UNION  NO.  IM,   W.   ft     Awl. 0*n.  I'iot.  Agmt,
M.-Meeti every    Friday    evening    in Fertlud, Onftf. THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
SATURDAY   Novemba-.  17, 1000
Ue Wu Put Out by Blown, Near the. Kn.l
ui tlie Secun.l DU.iiiit, and Tbou^li
Saved by "Time," Did Not i '.wn- to fa
SursU'li for the Third,
l'he  glove  contcat   l*»t   night   bet*
Andy King aiul Jack 1. It-ion, winch wa*
i.iiic.i toi' twenty rounda, ..une to au and
when tunc Wig I..I1.-.1 1"! the ass.m.i it.un.I
■ lust   Indole thill   It.luul eiul.sl  King laindtsl
u l.-l't ou the neck and an iip|Huvut oq tin.
i.nnt ut O'Brlen'i dun which, tailed him
lo t'ne floor. The referee counted nnu-
when the timekeeper .-..lied tunc, nu.l thus
ke   nil.   sated   fag   I- no*   counted   nut   Ity
...ie acttui.t. liii.-n tints was oslled for
iiu* third nu....I. however. (iTiimi-noood
threw up llu **|*.lip., a* he WSS mini,It* to
J" on It it'll the light.
Following nie the dstoOs nf the eolllost
King wua. the tir-t to eonie min the ring,
•tiiinpuuiisl by li*. taoonda, W. Boyd ami
lithur Stark*. He was in splendid font,
and without an ounce ol niparfluoui ll. -J.
on his Issly. He Ism sphniLul biceps, line
•hu.lhl.r imistlcs.  the I .•...'.! h  of olio-n  ol
a middle-weight, and h.ikisl t'uc uli.J fight
er of his class. He wi-ighetl 120 I'.' pound*.
Ile  tnis utinnly  ivccived.
o'Hricn intend tin* Kjoarod eirdi a mo.
■lent later, and th *ii»;)i ., Htmnger, •*
given a plensa.it welcome, lie wa* ueotn
psnisd by In- MOOods, Peivy Wilkinson
sad Mr. White. OTIn... •* of less nth
letic build than King. Hin shoulders nne
■an.tomor and In* I.u ci s .■mailer, lie a ua
in -pi.-inIni trim and tt until to a* lit a con*
ditmn an it wns is—!•!.* ft a* In... tn in:
O'Brien weighed ljn poqnda.
John M* Arthur wit chosen referee, ind
J. W. Verner nrhcj.il  limakoaner, Alter
the principals hud sh.il..n li.ui.Is and
ghnoi had been fostenad on, tune wua call*
• I lot ilu  in-t i..und.
First   Ho I    lhe pugilist* s*«tin-.| for
a moment, and King Icl Ins lelt and landed lightly, and o'Hricn count, rod.   Tliey
lul.llcl,   .uul   King   landed   on   tin*   jaw.
O'Brien landed mi King's nrik with nght,
■ iiii King stilt left 'ntstk tu flee and anas
ttitiklliling |o|lou,,| .iml they eli.it tod. I hey
broke atvny .hai. .ud King luulisl n lelt
>.n the hudy nml .... the neck.    A .duir-p
rally folkiwcd, durum uluch OTlnen put
lus left mi King's neck an.l la-th did mat
ulvvor snort arm lighting. O'Hricn shuwr.1
biniself to lie fail. Imt not *i luinl li.t l.r.
King  mlmd  a  Icrrilic   left   hand  pun-"i
.inied al  the  neck  whn It.  Iu.|  It   land..I
wuuld lute put in- opi-mont uul uf luu.
ms*.   The l-w-c »s*
the midat of i hut rtl ______________
.ailed.    Al the ctuicluwon  of the nmml
the pugili***. wu. cheered lor toe really
- h tit work winch Ihry 1....I done, us the
round ,oi a fa*t one.
Second Hound- King started in a* main
a.- tbl round ..; eln-l tu put In* »i.|>oll<*l!t
oul Alter .parting tbry began to .lug.
and there ciuuco Home hut dwrt*ann I..-hi
tug. tullottisl I.y a clinch. 'I1.cn unnw
hot raliiia, in which OTlnen landt.1 aa
oflrn a. King, but hi* blow, bukrd die
■team that King - had. llic ktttfl wttn
ed Vo -molly SMSSBIS tin* distune, usl |
then to atnke out with ail tbr Put e there
m in but fierce little body, ami wihi. b.
landed he hurt. llu. opponent uwd Imi
.uhuoiiioh. and lh.tr war not s-t much
tun behind lua blow. Die 1st.,' m* ra|*il.
Andy gut in a lemfic lelt u|.|«nut ofl
Jack's jaw, mil lie WBBl down like * bnt
uo the floor.   Hm rateta soaatad NVta
befota ha hum U» iu* iwt. 1'i.tu nc « _«
dmky 0B h.s pin- and clim-JusI m* «>w «•
ItUMlhlc   to   St..id   pUllladllll.il I.      Mllg   H1W
that he had lu. advermry going, an.l lattc
Sun uu aliauoc tu motet. Ki.... rained a
aHOtadaa ol blona ui«uo lua opponent's
Ih. and n«ek, and ll.e n'.|*.m«-. wh.lr
game, »rre ineflet-tlve. O'Rnd wan |.ll!
ing d>"»pcr.»lely agunst tbe tide. I .Utlh-g
all hia strength inlu liw Iduws, lung Ui.l
ed i .tnugbt left <*i tue neck ind a awiit
lol.-etui u|i|s'i.iil nil Uie |s«nt ul Uie jaw,
md O'Brien frll lace dowu un inr Ih.w.
Rrfrrrc MeArthur counted (0 nine, wlwn
the timekeeper almutol "timr." 1 lite «ntnl
U'Hncu I rum being counted out by uu*
O'Hnen'i irmnd, picknl bun up .n.l >*ar
nrd b.m tn h» .<wnrr, I.ui when tunc waa
railed !..r thc thml ruun.l. ne wan unable
lo go un Willi tl.e lunliM. and lua w.-.u.|*
threw up the s|suig**. an.l the tight wa.
therefor* awarded to King liw k»tlrr
ws. w.rmly cuugralulatm on iu, t ni.wy.
Ilelnre thr main event th.tr wrrr a
rouple ol prrlitninnry Is.it. In thiw (ku.
Thomas .vied a. telerrr. Tlie lim -aa. to
be a thrrr round bout bclwvcn .Miatkry
and Stansway, nrwul.-y.. They «)*.nr.|
thrrr p.in.le ... -> spintrd i in.ni.rr a* tu
win ciui-nli rattle applauw.
I... la.... sad M_k I'aim-ion *|»iml a
Ihrrr round Is.ut. Thei tlul «iute very
•wirlltill" wt«*k ... Will s jaillily gnr ami
lake .tyle that it artiuwsl tbe aduiuen. id
Ihi- manly art to a high pn.*h "I enthiM
To tin* Dooton oi Yulo-Oiriboo:
[q requiting your mi|p*i»ort tO my 0U'
iliilmy for Ou* Dominion Uouho of Cotn-
lnoiiH, it in dm- to ynu tlmt I «ivc i»ul>lw
«KpTQttlon to my views *m tht1 Bin-oral
plank* o( tho |»Iutt'orni of t.io IihU'Ikii-
tlont Lftbor Party:
L Oomputeory aduoation '.-*»-*•■ boootna n
rtoognliad  Qooaadty   In imwt oountriMi
uml a* ineh  \\*M  my htMirty ontlorsouu'iil
'J.    Uv'tl work iluy, oiifht hoiiiv.
Motli'iMtf invt'iitiou hftl t'tiormoiisly  in*
< n-siM'.i tht produettvfl oomtr ot nmn tlmt
low wiuit* otn bi luppliad wHJh .» frootion
of tha t-imo and afforf hdratofora naraa*
mvty tor ili.u porpoaa,   Labor aa irall m,-^
tiipital ahouM benafit b jrtbaM   ohai«od| DINING   ROOM
For Fine Watches,
Jewelry, Etc.. Goto
Next to Postoffice.
Jeweler and Optician.
If You Have to Send Xmas Presents Out of Town, Come in
and See Our Stock. It Is the Largest and Best in the City and
the Prices Are Very Reasonable.
rionditfono. Tin* B4mur law i« •* st»iji In
tlmt   ilircvtion. nml   I  slmll  honrtily    on*
roooa any lagi-stotlon looking t«> tlmt ond,
;i. 4ioYi-mnu-ni iit-^ioition of tndoatriaa.
Undar modern aconomfa aondittom tha
m.inigamonl <■' imlnxtniJ conooraa Biun
on  rcaulOi imt   tha tntrt^toda by wntoh
thaj wt i" ba obtainad,   An ovw mp<
j'lh'l labor niiui.tt  anablaa them to tin-
\*t***v on eniployea any condltfona thaj nmy
daon nocaMUT- Protaol .v-* a nilo manna
■ ii-siKis-.il from aarviea and prababla mnl
to iln'ir httif otitw. in thoiuiii*, tlio itrong
inn nf tlio Uw about  tbow childran oE
mlafortttjna jrou uro Niinply following tha
toachinp of t-'-* mttk ond lowly   Joans,
who aaid; "Suffor tho Httla ono* i" ooma
unto Me, Por oi met) is the kiniolnni »>i
4.   Abolition of contract lo'tdem,
The abfaea tahl hnve grown up uodar
iho riiMir.ift   -iiii'in   m outHned  ni the
tirst laaoe oi the Dominion   Labor   n.i
aotte ahould convine even the hide-bound
in of the im ■'-■itv «»i" the mimwil)
■  anactmenl •»■ audi .1 U»w.
.1.   I'uMit* m\ lift -In,- ,»i' franc laea,
-i iur experience In the oontrol »i  the
poetaJ department, p-ubHo ackoole, 1
hlghwayn,   municipal   hulitmu   p'nnts  ami
n.itanmtorka .■* atUUdenl ground for die
aitenaann of the -*nmo ay-atem to militHiil*.
lolrurnph. telephone nml expraaa InnetitnH.
1 he experionea "i people In Hear /mlaml.
AoatrtUn, Qerman) and eUewhere ha»*
deeoonstnted ilmt \hr*v functionji *-.u» lo
parformed \iy t"o guwi-ntneut with n very
im*Ai fi-ivtintntfo  ti the   peofile,   nnd 1
^T"Tl^^lni;,^™,;i,1ly ,"'"M- ''•-'•'•''"•" |,M,kl,,|!
•ally when time wm j "3    p^yy^   ,„•   A.i<lti,   ^.j^tio,,
alitl  ..iluenlton.il   te-t
1 omi.-1 it  I mt b.change.
cul I tllll 1 AVB.
Best Meals iu Town 35 Cents
Ik's. La .-liik-l*. Proprietor,,,.
: Rossland Hotel:
Fine Whiskies and
. Impor'^ Cigars .
• Jerry Spellman, Proprietor
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
,.... ....
JUHN CASSADY, AntuKmenl Menager.
PROP,  DRBVPUB,   1..-I.,.I   lllrr.t.u.|
I   For the Week Beginolng Monday, Nov. 12.
• First Appeaeruce in this City
| oi •
| Chas. Reese's Comedy Cyclone
<| also cn nn: o iik-n ns n i k-111 hkovokeks
|, O'Brien,   .leiui n**-*  nnd   o'ltrici,   Reese  nnd Swan, l'he Fairbanks
ll.us..  *l nnle Jeiome,  The Kramers snd I'carl and Cas.ldy.
Second near Washington.
V. & N.'Phone 68.
•*«^>«*S>^X«<^<>«**^>^*$>4s^^^.----'-.'N'^       — •  ■*•—'-S*»*-*-'-?-»«'ttt*t»
^{s^^*^$^*^*ss><s>««^^»**«**ai»■M> *
make,     a     itrluli     gsrment.
Ths cutting and luting are
quit, a, important as lu. malarial.
IM Tour clothe, mad. ber?
snd sll three item, will be
til right.
Our price! are not too high
lor you. but the. , ju.t bigh
enougk to insure ton be beit
workmanship   snd   material.
Taylor & McQuarrle.    |
lo the ;.Hsl.:.n,e'I-*-: ■"- 0- **" »• 'g ODmMBIA AVE j |
to tlir to.il o-tntr Oral* i ^   ~ •
The -prawnce l.ere in large tiumhen. of
tin- lion .—inn! it uur rrtce ndi* t'.nailian
litis, ol it. birthright. Ktert* Mongol
i.in.i.ng apon ..... .lions  laaatBS   rather
tii.ni tnereaii-ea. 0111- popttlatloB. Tl.e while
lalmrw wh.-h lm te|daces tv.uild as a nil.-
marry and nettle among u.. uu reusing tin-
|.i|tulalion let- al le.ist 11.-is- This menn-
bO the m>r bant Ita! nxmtha to feed, and
I,-.*  bathl In .l.'t'i.*;   In the i|ts*1nr    le—
d.-iiuiid (or In. asrrieai lo the tiniia.t-.it..*
tu.u .silii|*«i!les less tntlfit. tn the dentist
laaa i-etli to Ull
lilultlinits |„ elcl
Wiuhlngto. St.
ll.e..   rropriator.
Al.L nn.  I*. 1 ;* •■ :. *  or TU. KH.ttOI..
Hot and Cold Lunches
Q. W. flcBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves-
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
;♦♦»*■♦♦>»♦♦♦»■»■»♦>»»<<>>> >♦♦»♦»<>♦> *t ttttttttttttt
»*im At the ...IK'luwxi t>( tile (suit llut
were w«rml)' a{.|.l..i.le.|. I.ael call. ner.
■md. lor (ieor.e Washington Hrown to a-•
>,n tor a Is.ut wit'n I'eriy Wilknw.n
wmll |.un» ua* ntleml, but ilrnwn ei
* t^ast hill*-.-!!, -sttntg Im- -ass out it, otitull
I.m. an.l %.. the t....t la.le.1 tn inat-walian.
nam puma oouw.
Ihe ("«e <d Silao IB.  Tuck and Other,
look I p lh' Kntiie >.tUng.
'lb. near ol Slao again* Tuck and 0th
. *. ....-reliant. ..I tha. nt)*, was ltnuight
Let.we Mr. .lustue W'alkem ti .l.-rila, and
iniSn.-d tin- it lute .4 tl.e sitting and
will not Is- tinuu.e.1 Is-tore -..ine tniM- ta.
day. The la.1. ol the ..uw are a. lolotWI
1-tla.i c'aim. that he I.night hi* st.^k in
trade in a tattle ..gar IB~p nn S],.luuie
street, jiwl tboit the II.IT h.n.se, In.m
!•», bntther, nho waa t>s> suk 1,1 attend
hm store, snd tlmt thew* gmsl. ta-ere
."iMsl Iiy Sl-enll Tllek at the in.ts.uo
ofl ...m'- merchants ..t the ..it* lm .lelti..
lor whnh n inilinneiil ha>l Isen .,ht«-i..-l
Ml th" .--....11 Dwtt ."..rt, all^tisl l» have
tts-itn due t>y Ins tu-.tlu-r and with win* h
he 1st*I u. 1 ..meorn Ilie evnlMiee (or the
l1U1nt.fi wa. taken > cater.lav -uul inen.h-d
the , t luiiiiiit.on nf Ilr .Smith nt Sjsikane,
tH». t.-st.lie,l that M.m « Im.tlwr had gone
to BpokaBt on rivh. t*. Is- attendcl hy
him a- he ti.in an ..Id m i|iinintanoe and
' n.rt bataaM tl.e dottOIS ..I lh«tlau.l were
.ulorw.r   tu   fl.*..    - - - UK      ...   Ilr
bmith put the •■■i.e
'Ilie toatnnotiy ita, m»t all given faf
tin-  turn. ..I ihr n*.ng .d Uie i".urt and
111.    i.urn-    Hill    lt...aa-|.|.'ll!Jt*    t»e   I -Ull lll'l*'!
I..Is.   'I he ...ii... I 111 the BUI are Miwars.
c  11  Hamilton tad A   ll   \us,ni f..r
plaint.II and d. (• ihI-.i.i  tlSgMl i.i.It
lomiirroic tl.re mil ls> nu tultint of
lb. court, it   Ising Nttur.lat
er lens demnnd for prolwrty. including li~s
forer for the *ntni*-:   i*. the  fanner lis*!
-ile fur prtslm-c:  to the iiettw|w|wr nt.in ]
ISIS i-i|iel-s  to he sold,  to the    pi Ml 111 I '
.mall iatiigieg.itinns, .ml t.t the l.sitl.liiik
fe«—r .hiw. lo »h.ne. Their pn-*i» c works
lajBiy  to all  hrall-'hes nf    the    WOntHUll
*v**icui. I oppoaa thsir raining Imo on the
•tame gcund. I  it-nild oppOIS Ihe lak.n-t .
• •f nunv t»*e.igers mto au o|H-n liort .1-
tea.lv loaded |» the sinking line in mid-1
Po.tu-    K-eiv Cl.11u1n.111 .ssupviugn BO-I
«.t.. 11 ... .|oiit.t*li.   nrrirs interfere, with !
lbs ...it....I lm. a* ii|>;.|tiitg to the imlu-
ttMl   I.hIv.   rtgitiitig  our    women   of ent-
l-l-ttiiiitit  n-ttumltv belonging to them lol
*...! th.t for every I3unam.in -•
rni|ih»ycd BSBMOnt't -i-t.-r or ilnught-er i.i
driven lo prostitution, etnlt-mg a
|trtrf.le.n .lc*a.nei| to bleed *e.t.s of blooil,
tad tlial will as.me day in.ii.tl.- the I ....
adian i-hcrk with a l.lixli Inr his cun
trt'. shaine.
I      Ma.lilion -if .h.M lals.r
An etononne system  tliat    drifts    tin*
• h.1'1 Irom the civile to the fa. tort I"
.*-.ni|s-te with it. .mil Miner ia certainly
tlie legitimate child of .11 ndu.tn.1l «y*-
tem hating greed for its Im-aie prnui|4e.
lae.ialtt.ou    along   line*     t.|.|sew»l   In   this
will receive mv hearlv nnpMt,
Abolition of lhe -J3SU d.|—.t
I nder i.indit.....*   it hei e all  are  tmen-
mt'lr  to  Ihe  law  and  .-.niuie  lhe lesjs.lisl
l-.l.tt ■•( defending Ihe outitrt's dag and
institution. .|| .l.oul.l bt entitle.1 alike
to .sinre t» the h.gl.is.1 |s..ili'.|i in the
(gill of their 1.n.l.lit men tiitlx.lt lielllg
la«e.l l.w Ine |mtil.-ge •<! .. doing I
I would i«te«l that I...
II.   l'.,m|Mils..rt    .itntr.lu.n.
('..Ulp.lks.rt .list.,t.oil a, applied 11.
.N.-W   /.l-ltl.tnl   hsill.s   Ut.  ....   It..*  I.oli/oll   ol
I roan—, nol .. , dream. Imt _. a |"Mi •
tt.al mellitHl o( main, ilntg tin* tainlltt-ting
■nt.nsts ..I  .ifutul   uul lti.tr. and 1, de
etllHsl,    I    think.    III    the    mat       dilute    (I
tndJM) to prci-mt ihoaa |.rio.|.cal tmlus
tnal nn aiul lend a «siintv lo all linn*
i''.**. .4 iHi.tno.. ... h a. is .in].M-nhle
under em.l.ng ..Hnliijtins. ,nd a. s.uh re*
.soles mv heallv .|M"l "i 'I
lo Ml eleeti.-fl tl.y, to Iw maale pulilli
I  .....Id aba. favo1  the (mssnge of ,, law
J making the e.ein.e of tl.e hnnihisa .**.n
* |,ii1*m.iv  for  the (olio.mg lassoaai   F.rsl
Monet  1.11 and d-s-s |.ltvl«lse the t.t-o*
ol the .It-unkittl. the «.i.tt h.« and crimi^
nal     I he tote nf the intelligent Iml indifferent  ntir.eu   would  ctuniTer lialaltte tin,
evil, ami I Is-hove it is a. much the duty
,»! eterv , .t.ren to |.ill hi. vote a. it ia
to |«tt   his taxes.   In  making this a i-iim-
|nil«nt-y d<rtv  ton  aiv min-ly oowpslllnf
limt to do In   th- Iwllot that  which he .,
• lrea.lv . *.nu"-ll,sl to do hv Ihe bullet -le
1.11.1 the institutions of hi* eonntiy.
I.1     Mailitiun   nl   the   wnnte.
I ks-k SP00 the ii|i(ier hOBSt a* a u*e*
le» and ettretin-ly annoying poVtiesl In.
ury, a. a «tuml.ling hi.sli to polities] leg-
i*lati'«n. as . home tor |»il.l.,»l iinls**ciles,
.1... *. a*m I*. hate result<*d IIk-u-mi-Ivi*, iBtt
a |s.|ii..-al .n.iumt...n. who pounce npon
every p-naaio-aiio no-iaum* thnt isi.,e, the
|.,h,-i house. I,, uul ,1 as hep-sy and pro-
cnsl to j pnioiilit e Ibl seliteil'-* ol |tntilt.-al
.liinii.it".!! apna all a* ...I'limrlv. and if any
III tie  ellolt   I   .....   .....ke  .Ml.   ivssist   in  e,
terminating thai an*|,sa*.rv In pnlltha I
can a**i.ie you ll mill lie .\... **..| With
the greatest of  pli-tvuire.
Tni'-lina  tl.tt   nn   plea. ,.n ilm st».*eml
.nlijoet. tvill   ino*t   t ..11  ttew«.  and  that
I will recite tun Mtpport. I renia.n.
('Mills  llil.K.V
•** • •• -	
Vou'wanl a Iaib'    - •**•*  an.l you want
ito 1..*i     .._...»-.'*'..
The Place to get the Seat Meal in the City
Pionipt Selfice.
Meiili* 25 Oenta snd Up,
lent! snd Up. *
Union C^o;ar.s
t>otnr*ttc Itnton L*MCiffan> ■ !*■ l"ord-e
Vrnodii. I.a Flot do Cutt*. Kl Colonial.
lm.ott*«*CuNin t'tu.iti I.n he Ki (tarn Car*
raugo. HI Corona, Afticaoa Uudra.UaloIri
The Queen Cigar Store
caow s. V..KUI- Ptoi**..
Culumtila  Avct tie.
>...: . .-—; ;..-.
.....*......-.;-..;-;-; <
ii O.K.BATHS |
Porcelain Baths
J Bridgford & Herring, t
il Columbia Ave . neatto Latomte*a       <
iThe Collins.
1 u.iii.hr. thc Bed Ili.nJ. ol
Winks, Liquors and Cigars
' Neatly lufin.lir.l mom. In connection heatd
with hoi air
' PATTEKAON A Co..   Peap... Wuhlngton SI
Windsor Hotel
First Class Accommodation
Pricks   Modkrate.
W. G. Merrymathe, Prop.
Make ■ Apcclalf) nf
Columbia  A.rnur H	
Conningliani & McDowell.^rops. I New Clothing
Your   Photographers        mm
Do nothing but thc Very Best Work Every Time
Wc carry a large line of
        at Eastern List Prices.
Crescent Dry Goods Co .,Ltd.
Gent's Furntshinjc Department.
Shoes, Shoes.
I All-Wool (targe and World suiU in
Navy Blue, lllack and Mixed, tlO.OO to
tol.OO. All-Wool Tweed auita, nobby
pattern,, fl**00 to J*"uu Good Knockabout Tweed nut., V.UO to 910.80. All-
Wool I'.nta, 92.SO to K.90. Working
1'anli, 11.00 to $2.00.
Wt   art   a'Hing   men',   ah.*-*.   \.r: .1    ,.*•!.I
Men'. Split Uathar i*i. *.,. II lo li -"■(
Man'.  Grained laeath.-r Hboea, 91..'*.. |1.(
9I.7S.     Men'.  Onined    Mailad   bbo
ri.OO, t2M.    Man's Oil Onined Nail*
Shoes,   O00.     Rs,    Wslking    BhoasJ
from 11.00 up.
105-107 Columbia Avenue
Hats, Hats.
V. & N. Telephone No. 90
< Qorget Bargains!
(hir new, erect f.4,11 W. II. and thc straight front I/i Vnln (in.ci*
hnve lm tune -st popular tlmt tie have no sale fur I'ne old lines. We must
mure thru, to luuke loom and wc will
New Overcoats
ia   WUpesrd    T—-flda,    Miltoni    ,-i*i
Heater,,   |lu SO,   912.00,   fll.OO,   11(10).
Underwear. ^^^^^^
Men'a   llibbad   Cotton,   per   suit   91.00.   C.*. *..,,. .,rv.
Men"i   Ribbed    Wool,   per  imt  11.00.   —"*"*u,jl0
Men'i   llesvy   Wool,    per   iuit   91*90.
Men'i Tin snd Htriped, per suit 93.80.
93.00.    Men's  Wool  Fleeced,  per .mt,
Men'!   Ie.l-.ra   Mat.. II M to |4 (!)    llan'.l
Guano II it-. 92*00 lo 93.10.   Mm'i M.tll
1    Hit., 92.00 to 93.80.     UUtson'i 1UU,|
13.00.     All ,tylaa.
Men'! Kiry Mine, 7V. to C.00. Man'al
I an v Miisd, 91.00 to 92-90. Men.]
Htlf Color., raaer Oollara aod WrutaJ
92J0 to 93.00. r^
I at 1 Straw, .n.l II.... Ol lh. H..s.l,u> ■ .all* and
Jumper, at eoll.
to .I.a.   (hem nut; .dl our P. ll.. 1). A A., H. (1. ("rotnpton'a and other
innki-* are oflensl  at   HAI.K PRICK.
(Ik- Koiiiitenov C.tpwts (nr    25c pair
11.(11 D. A At nnd 0   Corset* for    60c pair
91 .VI P.  ll.,  ll. A  A u OtOonttafM    rbe tmit
*2.(M P*  I>.  I). A   \    anl I    IVirseUt, for *1 on pair
I*. 10, 1*1.7.*. »4.00 ..n.l 19*90 (■>! net. for 92.50 pair
You  will   lit.-I   th.-in on   the   front   ttihle   at
Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits, J
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery aud Glassware.      X
,45 Third and Washington. Telephone 19. 1


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