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Industrial World Apr 13, 1901

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Array <&4ft*W% iMkm-        OA
A j
Vol. i. No.***
ROSSLAND, B. C, APRIL 18, 1901.
Price,  Five Cents.
Issued Weekly in the Interests of Organized Labor.
Official Organ  of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and District Union No. 6. W. F. M.
jj^ Vegetable Hair \
Stops the hair from (ailing out. It will immediately free the head from Dandruff, restore
the hair to its original color and promote the
growth oi the hair.      Sold by:::::::::::::::::::::::
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We carry
the largest
stock of
Children's   ]
In Rossland,
Prices run from 50c per
Pair up
Facts   with
Reference   to
Mr.   W.   L     McDonald     Presents
Strong   Argument   In   Favor   of
tho   Union.
•Plants fob Sale t
"«* Juet arrived another consignment of potted ^
plants in bloom        We intend to keep for*'
sal.* a large and varied assortment oi  plant
vini'!!. ferns. et>' . -mTi a*   geraniums, K.-g.
uias, fin-bias,  umbrella plants, carnation!
lillies, daisies.English ivy, palms, etc., etc.
Bee our display,
• l»>lfl< -
Misses Gum Boots
Dom th. miner! union represent   the
miners ol Rossland?   Messrs. .M.-lionul.l
fa\_-J*5 snd Kirby sa) no.   I am not in lavor of
, taking the public into the private business
Children 3 gum boots 1.50 otour«aatingt,y.Unvitw of the dis.
—*-m*m*0m**-— lorted ami garbled account  of  the   pro-
■ n .lings of the past week   presented  lo
the public by   lhe   mine   ni.tn.igci.   ive
• W.F.McNeill
Nest iloor to PottoflU e.
4   CO.
ni*. r"*-—^! ***■   -**, t*1   -m ■**aw*
■"mm       MM       MM       MM        i
i ».'-• n\ bwT-m bmwd atttfai
How about
vour new
The Daily Eyening World will
be issued on May 1, 1901.
Is will be a six-column folio
newspaper. No J pains will t>e
spared to make it a live, up-to-
date paper, devoted to the interests
of Rossland and the Kootenays.
Subscription price will be Fifty
cents per month.
think il prudent to publish a true stu'c-
im-nt oi the miners meeting and ballot.
It is better to do this than to allow the
Impression i rented among those un-
acquainted with the l.icis to ^n unrefined.
Oo Aptil 71 li, at a special meeting of
the Rossland minen union, a   resolution
sms pasted ordering the man to be called
out o( the mines in case thc   grievance
committee was unable to adiost the <hf-
f rences between the companies under
ihc control of Messrs. Macdonald and
Kirby nnd the men in their employ.
Ii.it ol a meeting of over 500 members
in g..otl standing there were but eight
votes sgainst thit resolution .
This resolution wss submitted to a secret ballot vote for ratification  on Monday, April X:h.   Tbe far', thnt it had ap-
1 part-nlly passed to unanimously the day
before caused many of its supporters   to
j believe that it was  safely assured, and
' they did not take Ihe troubls to vote at
' thc ratification vote on Monday and to
, their surprise when thc opponents polled
11 i vott .>**«iu t  the resolution it was
th6   largest  lound there wat but 7:  per cent of the
vote in favor nf ratifying  the resolution
which required 75 per cent   or   three-
H EARD & SHOULTS Mr k Ki,b> ">•» ,h» ru,« °f ihe
W.   F.   M.   requires that for  a ttrike
WEST   END   TAILUnS,        • resolution to past ll must  huve three-
Columbia Ave.      Next door to Empey's > fourths ol the resident members vote in
favor of it, or to curry in Kosshind wc
must secure 45O votes in lavor. He is
wrong. This it not the construction
placed on tbis section by the men wbo
framed it and who are at thc head of our
order. Thc rules call for a three-fourths
majority of the mcmbeis voting, thc
wor.lt "ol thc resident members" being
added to thc tcction to prevent members
who, though   they  should  be   in  goo(|
Our New -print goods arc here
and we are tillering extra va'ucs
in sll lines ol gent'emen's clothing. We make the clothes vou
want, correct In style, ot the
lir--t material, and in .1 Unities
rbsnorr. There is real distinctiveness in tbe garments we make
Our Stock is
and best assorted in
thc city.
The Strand
The Mdu Elega and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. :
A line   Line  ol   thc
Choicest Liquors & Cigars
»•»■>•»«■»•>•>• **************** ******** *******************
Is none   too   ^""tl
for our patron-.	
11. nc.'  we   provide
only tlit:	
standing iu our union, might at the same
time be workiDg in I'hocnix, or North-
port, or some other nearby camp, ami
shnuld come here and wish to vote on a
question as to whether Rossland miners
should continue work or not, which
would be evidently unjust.
These gentlemen claim this union in
a small minority of the workingmen
seeking lo control the industrial future
of Rcssliiml. The majority of our members an* citizens and twenty-fiv. per
cent arc property holdors, We have UGO
members in good standing, about 50 of
whom are employed in surrounding
camps and have not yet tieen transferred.
leaving, at Mr. Maedonald trucly save,
a resident member-hip of tlilD. Now.
beside, these, there arc HO goo! union
men who, from Isck of employment or
other misfortunes, have fallen behind ir:
tin ir tin. - In nn 1. in- in six months, but
who consider them elves good union
men .ind who will obey to s man tl.e-
rules and regulations of this union.
There ere also 130 tn»mbers of the different unions from Sandon to Ari.onia
who have been employed In Ros.-darvl
but a short time and bav. not yei
cured tlieir transfer to thit onion. The--**-
men arc as much under the jurisdiction
ot_ Rossland miner! union at if tin •
transfer had been completed.
This it BOO out of possibly lO'il) men
employed underground in the minus ot
Rossland. We bave ninety-nine pe:
cent ol the skilled miner*, and ninety pe*
cent of thc best data of shovelera, >..■-
men, etc. The other i?o arc mostly new
men with no mining experience.
Thistlattering result has not been secured by coercion or lorce, but by Irien.l-
ly persuanion and education.
Mr. Kirby goes out ol hit way lo tvit .-
i-iro ut fer using a cigur Ih.i for a b.illci
box. Now permit mc to say that b -
tbis election there was a board of election judges, who were appointed by it i
union snd paid (or their time. The bn'*-
lot boxes were opened und examined before the voting commenced and tuen
sealed. Thit wat done in lhe presence,
of (be judges ami thc officers ot
tbe union. The boxes were nor
opened again until thc vote was.
counted alter tbo polls were >-lc«d.
A correct list wat kept ol those win.
voted and Ihis list agreed nomencaU.T.
ta it must, with the number ol volts
• •art. When the volet were counted
there were three additional clerks appointed, one of whom opened and announced thc result of each ballot. Then
tl.e ballot wat laid face up on tbe U
before the other four members of thi-
board that nil might tee it hai been
properly announced. After tie- * . 1 * >■
the question was asked. "Arc there any
objections to the liallott being dcslrci -
edr" No objections were raised and ills
ballots were destroyed, sccor.ling to tlirr
rules ol the miners union. If that. gtt<-
tlltnsn would come direct to the ofllCCM
ollhc union they will rccciic more reliable information lhan th. v sre si present ret riving Irom their private dete-1: I ■
a ;cncy, the intelligence nl Which la apparently about nn a par with their honesty. Ymirs Irulv,
W.I   Mi l'.sii I..
Vice-President Kossl.m.l Miners  I'n.. 0.
Lalonde {
I A*************** ******************* ***************
The International Correspondence Schools
Offers your choice of 76IDIfferLnt Courses of Study.
2f.o,oiio   Students nnd Graduates.     Teaching under 71 d iTcrcnt flag?.
Local (Mim
cat L »ND ».. Mn.
C. M   EmHBAVaH. mAWAOirit
By    Ihc    Explosion    cl     a   Coal   Oi'
II the home had been lighted by ele.
trie light, tbit would £ot|have happened.    Hesides cosl ml 1* OOt tiy, and therr.
It the trouble ol filling lamp., taking
care ol wickl and the .breakage of chimneys. Kleetrie light re.luces the cost erf
your insurance, lessens the danger froi
lire and adds lo thc romloila of thcstn.r
and home. Kleetrie power .supplied lo-i
mining and manufacturing purposes.
Motors for rent or talc. Ksthnatet fur*
intlirl for wiring and righting. V. i-1
up 'phone 67. Rots';.*-.' ****** ,, 1
Light company. THE INDUSTR1ALW0RLD
Labor s View of Refinery.
Mr. .lames Wilke, president of 1).strict
Association No. 6, JWetfru Federation
of Miners, was interviewed by a representative of the N'elfon Miner last week
upon the present Bgltltlon, having [or
its object the eslalilishmeni of n  silver
lead refluery. Mr. Wilts expressed
hlimell an follows:
"Speaking aa president ol our district
organisation I will -.av tbat our annual
. onventlun will take plsoe in this cttv on
Tuesday, Aprils, "hen doubtless   this
important question will be fully und
thoroughly discussed from Hi tvery as-
pect, and in all iti tendenclet and bearings, und the publlt will receive in due
course of time lhe restilj ot our deliberation! upon it. Speaking personally, I
cannot see where Ihere is mom for Berime, difference of opinion a- regards the
desirability ol having our ores refined in
our own country. That tin- establish
ii.cut ol lend refineries in Cansda would
be of greet advantage to  the   Dominion
. nersl aiul the illver-lesd bt
dlttrl. ts In pellicular, and could ni -. lal I
to benefit all Interest. Involved, is. 1 Le
lieve, n mallei ul general belief, to which !
I cordially agree, alwayt p dtd tli.it
due care Is taken to secure tbeir
liihment under such  terms  and tondi-
ii.tn*. .is will afford ■ r. it mable guaran-
lee tbat tbey will be operated with prop- j
er iegard to the Interest! of the mining
industry, in the protection of which, and
idv.lm eni.nl ol the gen. •
ot our proviuoe, it  is claimed iheir es- j
lablitbmeni i- an absolute net. --ity.
■■I bsv. liiiii-ed this uuea'ion with
several ..I ihe leading in ne 11  w
tin*, district snd sm tntl lied
reprasentatioos thsl lh. ailvei  lead in-
..   ui lim ifa  ■
inu.-li under Ihe thumb sn i al tb. nieioy
Of till- .\lll   I i.Ill
,i*. ihe let t,isai tii.lt- con*
dition of affairs and elesrl)  detrimental |
to the interests of the people ol ti
..i i snads, wl... very largely depend up
oi lh.development ol the  mining in-
. protp rom
■litlou to all classM oi our commui
I am not going to champion tin- cauic
of the mine owner, oi make any plea in
In- iieb.ilf, becaaac 1    ... . onvtni
experience thst he It well able in take
care of liiiu-vlf. I jusl want 10 HI) tl at
1 do not consider this a mine on nets'
question in lh.- ordinary sens, nl ih.t
tenn; on thecontiaiy, I rcgntd it as a
live, popular issue before the a hole people, who ought lo Ih-. and who doubtlt*!
arc. -vitally Interttted In it, and  wl...-.-
belt interestt abiolutcly ile^eod   u|.c.i  a
proper solull. n and an adequate lemtdi
being found for lhe diffi. ulu whll
fronts ut.  If the prime movart .<f th..
agitation arc oul for   n  refinery   in   the
true interests of Ihe  country,  nnd   are
willing to stlopt such safeguards ai will
.. ire lair treatment rates  to the mine
•iH-iator and ample protection to llic   Inti ■ ii ol C tnadlan labor, then I am prepared   to regard   their   represent
•ulli tome degree ol lavor.    Hut  I!
mother point  win. I.   1   regaid  at  the
' *'i      -■■  Bl *iMiter in ll,
tion nl thl. Wbol. question and il is lllltt
' ml • n     n il
which   will,   without  any   cavilling    or
..lit.  give   lh.     .i.rninenl   cf
..nlrol over .in.I prevent the ..b orpt.on I
rn    try wh.n Ml .l.lisiicd by the '
American ran ii.r trust.    II th.]
ti.. . .......i • eto tl.i   *
■ .miion. then I .un wiih them heart and
ii lh. n      in .    I do not wi-h lo
: derstood u begrudging lubttanllal
ti to ihe men whotemoney «iii be
led in thit enterprise, but  '
Ihil is absolutely essential  to  the
n nf the   public   inter
. t».   But union the terms uu.l condl*
i uniicr whieh  private enterprlie
shall acquire the right to establish ibis
-try actually con*,iiiute government
ml, tin n I    innot favor Ihe sthenic.
1 will tin i. ii my  resro.iH lot   1*.
new mi the -ui.jcet.     1 q.utesgree
with J.   Roderick   Robcrlion   when   be
■ i tnl thai t ire should be exercised
i   prev.nl the refinery from charging
bin r.l tn .'mini ratei,and I assuu.e
ifa Ht* *i* Hfe* *fe *k
*»!<* »,** at-j-a e*f* *j*-i *...*
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Large line of Men*. Underwear,
shuts. Collars, Cults, Ties, Suspenders, Hosiery, Gloves, Etc,
All our IHeavy Rubbers and
Arctics at Cost.
 *    3
W~        Gents   Furnishings Department ~
»— V. X. N, Phone 107. Columbia Vvenue. -•
^iiaiiUiiiuiiUiiiUiiiiaiUiilili UUUiMiiiUUUiUiiiiUiUiUR
ol couree, thc refining company would
receive a much larger auiouut in subsidies Of course I am quite aware that
the amount of capital which would be
employed in the builneil when the refinery nets under operation would be a
ninch larger sum than the actual cost of
constitution and equipment of thc re-l
finery ilsclf. Now (he capitalists be-1
hind this project undoubtedly have large ,
capital ut their control uud if the govern ment i*. persuaded to grant a Iioiiiib
ol $s per ton all that is required of them
is to esjietnl a quarter Ol s million in the
construction...' a Minery and tecure
-tti.-it_-.it   lilver-Iead   matte   to   enable
them to refine m.ooo tons of lead per annum.     Tltt-y   will  then be entitled to | W1
draw out of tbe public   strong   box   the   ^
Ulodeitturn o! $100,000 per  aimtim   inj^**
ii-iuiiiies or .ubtlditt,    Sow 1 consider m~~-
thls a la.-ge amount ol isslstancc IndMd ***-
—% 100,000 per annum would pay inter- **--
cil at the ntte of five   per ceut on  two **-
1 of money.    The relining   cum-   ^
ptny would build art-llmry   ami.   ii   i> *^
hoped, mnke g  gl profit    In addition to **-
all thia, ti.ey would recciv. from tbe fcjj
government a tufBeient'amount per an-,-p-
iiiiin to pay me pel 1 enl interest on the
amount. t money actually expended In
tho consttuctlon of their refinery and
ilso upon a uni.mn .m.i a quarter, which
ihev might employ in ihc  enterprise   ii
lb.)  itiund it necessar)   >>ti conditi n
that they  refine  10.000 tun- ..t lead,
whi. li ii generally In III <. 1 would not Ik.
t>!t matter !••:  ihem  to accom-
plith.   The potitlon I take it this i   Tlmt
11 the government gn.-s any inch mtni
urei.f asslstane. to thit pri.tui ibc>
J retain ell introl   ov. t   n
and picclude the |
turn :. ex
al tl.e present lime.    Whal ii>> I think is
-   .i*   ii lo •  Mem:
Well, a. 11 id I* a paying
pro|.»lti >n 1 would   pi ■■• ll.e
.*-  •
He I a tl.
I believe tl e Dominion
i.m. m en uid ... her grant a lN.mii
vinci■„.■•..«..,.iiii.i.i*...... STUDIO OVER  DOMINION   EXPRESS  OFFICE
i -ne.1 wvfc...   uuimiiiui.    tArncoa   -urnoc.
or con*t. led b\ the goiernment could and
wou'.l undoubtedly proteei lhe mining " ""^-^—^—————————— -
in.lutiry and all oit.er lnt.rettt Involved,
an.l lhe people ai l-.rte would fe.1 rom-,
fortrd in the lact   that   the   Aa..
smelter trust w.n.l.l l>c powerless to ex-
i        ile blighting   tmlucnce  u|>-..i the
• of ourprovinec.
' What is my opinion of Mr. Houston's
rc-v.lutlon of governmenl ownership of
il..-   . :.!■»•. -than    r..  ••
Well, I wfll ay that I regard It ...  the*
I ..rr-vt idea and I hope tt m sd-.pl.il  bi
tl.e home, and ihat the government
...rt.ts OOt tb* implied lii.tiu ti-.nt. I
just think tbe lame ol that proportion
Ml do ol lh. rellnciy proposition—lbs j
government should either build it «r
control il. in nn opinion the three most
mif nttsnt event, lhal could 0CC0I at ll.c
thit he agrees with me that similar pro
vision should be made to protect tin.
interests ot C-tnadian labor; but I respectfully aitl.iniUhat wo can put ourselves to the trouble tu protect those interest*, in the most careful manner possible, and il the government has no cf
fectual control upon the refinery, and hai
no penalty to impose other than the
withdrawal ol the bonus for noncompliance with those terms, we will lind ourselves »t a serious disadvantage and the
remedy hns obtained utterly Inadequate
to punt t th.- public interests to the extent which -.'i» metitir. ol .i-.sist.nn e the
governm.'tit will all ml the enterprlie
WOUld     IStly  eutitie   Ils   to.      Wilt.I    1
mean by thit statement in plain listed
terms It tbli If th. government btino
itring to that bonut to prevent It. the
absorption of out refinery by tbe nolo i-
oui trust will be consummated, in my
■ al the moment wheu the
n. rival i. iho
Litter.: ni when u become! desirable oi
pi il      .   ...  ti at ci.int corporation 11
g. Li.K* li up,   Nnw I betray no it
whin I lay 111 ll 0 11 tug.in., ilion   I
at anxiout at any  otbei  Institution in
i i'si In establishing new in
it unlry   uud. i   |
condt' the same t •
silver-le.nl ludu-tr*.   it *ui   tbe   domination s.i I tonltol  ol   th.   imeltei   ti  ,t
therelore. I make bold to say thai it sm
:;ve scheme is submitted to our t on*
vention thai will, reate thii nnu h-to be
i* ui I in   .     ■ lent   it will
.-.-tlig enthntlattl. ami undivided
support ol our whole organisation.    Bul
I wi.b to qualify thii ttattment bv lay-
.: any su. 1.  scheme tl.ua   pi
in itself  beyond sll
*   ement of efl. t..   oib.
that it will
•. t to u- told th.it the ■
Iwoulillmi      t  * : *.e the tendeoc;
•     * ■;   .
|g i - •  •
euterpriti a      '■
nnuc t*. iperal • the refinery with pto|K-i
regard  for  all  the  intercut involved
there i v c.. danger >.f il *
.rnmenl Interfering with them. Ik-. ..use.
siter .il'. governments sre ptvtt) much
ltk<- indli Idualt; at least in one respect—
thsl i» to say, tl -rluiU.nl in.
deed to impose upon thtmtelftl or to
il n.-w  ..n.l    i'lilitunal   obligat. .na
an.!   : .e-mure.   1
•I lhal II this Industry I.lo rv* rive
maud Ihat it slu.;l Iw operated under
tuch con.lil.oos ai will guarantee a doe
and proper obiervauoa of tha r.ghi* of
the people; otbetwiM n» lorn... ibuuhl
be given. Nothing Is stilled until it is
settled nglit. and while «c arc at Ibis
I.u ii net. we should adopt mine n heme
which would ..bitate the necessity ol
us having to grapple  wilh  the tome
problem again in a few year., which w.  present lime lo brimi alnul   a   prospci-'
willsur I.e goictnin.nt   WIS Condition In tl.il province   are   the
does nol -tring  on  that -establishment ol   a  lead   refiner):   the1
bonut. andp    • 1 cry beyond the (building ol the i * »'• Netl Sootb.rn, ^^
ll nh ot  imd the Coait-Kootcnay railway, by the  igj,
''     iono.pi   ooitloi     Well,  government Ihr lh. peopl. .1 i»s».bie;
Ithonl who  aro jlmi .uall events under .url. condition.
;*••■! in Ihii • .       », »nul.l enable government to I
li Ihey should j|,ctusl control oier tin*liner cntr*
t ilieiiiH-i>- .*.    i n.i   or to acquire th«n by puiebate when
Your   Photographers        mMi
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;it Eastern List Prices.
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rite International
^-*%%%*'».%*%%-a%%-x-» »%%•%.%%%«%%%•%%«%.*%%'**?
na'c imlccd and mull well afford a gov*'
ernmeni conn -tic.l in
I..- ,. ui
.1 -the 	
le of  the   pro.! combinations s« Inrvhadowing li
Bmbta|ol8C<laUim.   If. ssisnow held, thrreii
ll.c p.. bite intrn   ' nch
Wc regard the recent   gheat   r..
Chnste Brown, McCormick's, Toronto
Biscuit Co's. BISCUITS
.    n.*. «
tons, and n li admitted at  lh. outset
that thc cost of .   .i.i'! .-quip-
nothing in existing law ".hai ran lie made
nppiit al. i> lo the restraint .in I regulation
ol tin- great railroad trusts, llic one  rr-
J.'ims ; i nd   Jellies }
t of a well appointed i - ap-1oourte will be poblk ..wnct.h.p.   it  li
prox'mutely  .-.';i.cwo—it  will   1-c  teen  linking -iraight to that end.   In thc 1st
ihit the amount ottubtidles the govern* I est deal, tin luthern
ment would   pay to   the   rctmiiig   00m I'at.fi. las been made   possible through
U thrt. year. WOUld prtct bt ms. l.insliom in lhe earlier lWgcs.il that
equal to the .n-l o| tsalldlng the refinery enterprise, wlm Ii WON nothing Icit lhan
and ei|iiippitig it all re.idi   l.-r  business, rol.twfy ..1 the public       And  « hen lhe
And thlt, nf course, is  without   making crisit ...met and Ihc pcp-c rue up to n«
tny allowance for the .nonne 9*M their control, these things win be
,. ,     , reincmliercd.    Boston Dally 1
hi   Ihc   pn auction   of  silver-let.)   • •
which,, confidentlyfrcdicNd Iiy the    ,,,„,.„,.,. ,llf ,wtnf r]^r, 1m, ,,,j
'ii which iase,*|t»oobsHmeol fricmhhii*.—Ilirlitt.
. .iN.-i \MI.'.   IN  M
Best and Freshest Goods Obtainable
ill E. Columbia Avenue
Situated on Twenty Mile Creek, Similkanieen River
Nickel Nate mountain is the mos: talked nboul miueral section or ihitt-.h Columbia today,
nml hundreds of peuple all over the the Northwest are preparing to g , there nt att ear ly date ,
On this mountain lien she famous Nickel Plate mines,  which   many mining men  consider
the greatest prospective mining property in Canada; here nlso llcithe great Kingnton War M orxe,
l,olla, Banner and other noted properties with wonderful targe, rii'h bodien of ore. Thousau ds o
dollars will be expended iu their development during the coming summer.       At the base of   this
i innnim u and close to all the noted mlues lies the townslte ol lledlev City.   This town is the only
Mipply point fir thr mines of this district.   Thc government is building roads   to   the   tow nsite.
Trails to the mines are being built rapidly and a large force of men   are being *einplo''4tl,     The.
iu'W lailrnud down the Slmi'kamcco will be built to Medley city at an early date, aud iu  a   very)
»hort time thisp net- wdl present n scene uf activity seldom witnessed.    Many  predict  It  will be |
the greatest mining camp in the northwest.   Lots are expected to sell at very high figures  within a few months.
It Is but a short time iigo that   Ion In  Kossland,  Oreenwood,   Nelson, Phoenix   aud   Sim don, I
which are now worth thousands of dollars, were selling at the same prices as nre now being asked
for lots in lledlev Citv. and the same thing ia certain to be repeated at this place.
Until the first day of Mny lots will be sold at Irom ♦loo to «i\non easy terms. Alter that date
ihe prices will be -it least duiibled. Lots nre selling very rapidly. The choicest husi ness lots will
-non be all gone. Intending pui'-hasers >huuld make immediate application in order to secure the
most deslrhble locations.
Maps ofthe surrounding country, plnu of townslte, location of mines, samples of ore, etc., may
OC seen at UU office.
Anyone in the city unable to call at the office aud wUihtng further inforinu'.ion, if they will
write uie, 1 will call und give the n any further information they mny require .
Hox 45*
N. B.   BERGSTROM.   Agent
Ottawa Motel, Washington street KOSSLAND, D. C.
Wz Under New Management. 3
1    BUTTE   HOTEL,    1
p ♦♦♦♦♦.♦♦ 3
* 21 MEALS $5.   ROOMS $l..-.0 UP. §
AW. am am. -*M--^^^^^^A*Ao*AmiAAWiAAnmiAWiWA^
* *
Transfer Co.
.'.i*:.i. FUNK, Manager.
The only Transfer or Express j
(company in Rossland that will 2
deliver your trunks for 25 cts. I
D each.   Three days storage free 3
Queen Cigar Store
* Telephone 39, *
Notice to Mine Superintendents
When you are in need of a competent
engineer, blacksmith, plpeman or machinist, thc Mechanics' Vnion will be
pleased to furnish you competant men.
Address W. W. Doty, Secretary.
£     1
1 * *.*n iU ol the Rouland.
*t*.r.-.4 :...*.*.*.*. 4.1* 4*.x.*.*.*.*.A.**\.*4*exa<a.*r
»•<.«.*»»» «r -  *    .       .4. ..>.C.*..... 4.4m.4.4.4 44.• .44.*.*.40.
at*. "
CAPITAL 18,000,000
llnn.t'.co. A. Cox, President.
REST. 52.000.000
II. K.Walkci  Manager.
11... been opened in connection with the Kossland llranch. Deposit!
will Ik- received from 51 upwards and interest allowed thereon at thc
4* current rate, H.alis. letters of ciedit, etc.. issued on all points, und
0W   general banking business transacted.
•R  l)B»l-?Y P. MYTTON,      Manager Kopsland Branch
Call nnd fa
Closing out Goods
Furniture, Springs.
Mattresses, bedding
Linens. Quilts. Lounges, at the lowest
prices that Rossland
has ever known.
Highest prices paid
for second hand goods
Good bought. Sold
>p tk.iiii- and First
Business You Know.
A ebort time ago the manager of one
of the big stores in this city, says a New
York correspondent to the Toledo, Ohio,
Times, found thnt a rival establishment
hsd just received a large consignment of
fine lace. Needless to say that tbe lace
was expensive. He immediately sent
one of his subordinate!, over to the rival
Htorc, with instructions to buy half a
yard of the aforesaid lace. This he bung
up in a cou*.|iii iiiniH position with a legible and reasonable price mark attached.
Then he gave some instruction! to the
girls behind the counter and returned to
await developments. Two shoppers happened along and the piice ol the lace
caught thelijattentlon,
"Isn't that just too beautiful," exclaimed one of tlieni.
The other gasped: "Look at the
In answer to their eager <|tiestione, the
shopgirl answered, nonobaltntly: "That
there lace? I don't think we've got any
more.   Wait a minute."
The Iwo women waited while the girl
OOOtulted long and seriously with one ol
her fe lows.
When it wat over, the girl  returned
and informed Ilium: "Sorry, bul we're
out of tbat lace, (iucst you can get
same over in Blunk't, though," mentioning the rival establishment. The
tivo women hurried away, fearing that
tbe supply in the other store might also
be exhausted, lt wasn't, but Ihey did
nut buy any lace, und furthermore, they
advised all tlieir Iriends to shup at
Hush's because the prices there were 10
"But," they added, "you've got ta, gel
.here early, or the nicest things will be
all sold."
Girls as Coal Heavers.
*.     m*.
onr New «
Design in
*************************   ^
All tints de Kootus
Bample Room in Connection.
O. Ilm '.'.•».
Telephone 330
let minus C. P. Railway
One llUxk from Spokane /'alls . ~ Norl/iem Ry.
The dining mom is supplied with the l>csi the market .ilTiir.ls. We cater to nothing bul the mining trade.
Special rates can be made to suit the parties, I.y the
day, week or month.
Min.t- Check, on 1* •••tinlany  tlnir aUer Until, hour*, al tlie hn.il *Wr a.
thrir t.rr value.
%%%%%% %%-%.-%-*V» -%- WW*
St. Charles Hotel j
Columbia Avf.oppoa.te y.nrt.
1 1. ..11 JII..II.
Hermann & Thompton. Props.
Finest Wines, Liquors and
Finely Furniahed Rooms.     '
•%%*%%•»• % %%*%% %*«* •». ♦
Masonic Pull for Ex-Sultan.
The Turkish Free Maiooi have sent
to King F.divurd .1 curious appeal on behalf of the unfortunate Mourad, elder
brother ol Abdul Namid, who re-
-ignf.l us tultau under thc na'iie of
Atnnrot 1 \ , Inr three monlht an.l wat
then iit*|...-cd on the around of insanity.
The appeal refers to him ts "on.- who lor
ihc lull quarter nf u century has heen
imprisoned on thc pretext of a mental
diseaie, and begs King Edward to use
bis influence to secure the freedom ol s
brother Free Mason".
MnrfirnrifrnrifPifffirifiiffrifr i nrnrnrnmmrmmmnmr \w[
S    New Potatoes,        Ripe Tomatoes,
JJ     Cauliflower, Green Onions
Electric - Laundry
You do not have to patroni/e
Chinese Laundries.
Reasonable Prices.
T.W.GRAHAM.   Prop.
Miners, Look Here!
You need not loose a shift
to get >rur check cashed
iltirinjr banking hours.
Yon can get it cashed, .ii
face value, .it all hours -it
The HOFFMAN liou.se
A widower can't even look at an unmarried woman without thc whole
neighborhood talking about it.
Persecution is not wrong because it ii
cruel, hut cruel because it ii wrong.—
I .ich hour comes with tome little
fagot of (iod'« will lastuied upon ils
back.— I nber.
To be traduced by Ignorant tongue* is
the tough brake that virtue mutl go
I'gt.itv consitls nol in possessing honors, but io the ct.nscii'titiic'-* that wc tie
«erv<- them.- Arillotie.
O. K. Baths
O. M.  POX  &
TEL,   65   AND  20
106 East Coli'mbia Avknce, RoKI wo. B. C
Porcelain   Baths
» Cutanbia Arr ,   M.I la !.»:.■*•"), I
of Writing l'.nls and
E nvelopes Why '
Because oyr goods
.mil prit es ar.- right.
We sell Moore's Non-
Leak.thl.' Fountain
p.*iis; l.csi on the market LINTON' sells
cheap.    ::::..::
Linton Bros,'
No.   •)( Columbia Avenue.
m •%%■%.•%.■%%■%  •**.%%%-■». %%%-d
Bishop Potter paints this raUltdo picture in a paper regarding his impressions
ol Japan:
"111 wcro asked to say, ol all that I
saw in Japan, what that it that lives
most vividly in mv memory, I should
probably shock my artistic reader by
saying that it waa tbe loading ol a steamship at Nagaski with coal. The huge
vessel, the Empress ol Japan, was one
morning, soon after its arrival at Nagaski, suddenly festooned, I can use no
other word, from stem to stern on each
side with a scries of hanging platforms,
tbe droiilc-st nearest the base and diminishing as tliey rose, strung together by
rop.'s, and ascending from thc sampans,
or huge bolt! in whie' -he coal has been
brought alongside the steamer,* until the
highest or narrowest platform was just
below the particul >r porthole through
which it   was   received   into  the   ship.
There wire, In etch cue; all along the
sides of tiie ship, some   four or   live   ol
these plat'ormt, one above  another, on
each nl which stoid .1 young child.    On
board the lampant men were busy lilline
11 long lint) of baskets, holding, I   should
think, each about tiro buckets of coal,
andllie-i- wen- passed up (rum lhe sampans in a continuous ami unbroken line
until tbey reached their deslination.cach
younggtrl, at the stood 00 her particular plallorm, passing, or  rather   almost
throwing, these huge baikctsful   of coal
to tin- girl above her, and she  again  lo
her mile abive her,and bo unto the end.
"The rapidity, skill, and above ail, the
rhythmic   precision  with    which,   f-r
hours, this rcullv tremendous  task   was
performed was an   achievement   which
might well lill an American athlete witb
envy and dismay.     As I moved  to   and
froou the deck above   them,   watching
tint unique scene   I took out   my  watch
In time tiu-egiiN. and  again  .mil again
I counted sixty-nine baskets—they never
fell below sixty—palled on board io thia
way in a tingle minute.    Think of it for
a moment.   The task—I ought rather to
call it an an,   -o   m-.it 1*.,  simply,   and
gracefully was it done—wai this:    Tbe
young girl ttooped lo her companion below her. seized from her uplifted bands
a huge I*:i-Im". of coal, and then, abooting
her lithe arms upward, tosted it laughingly to the girl above her in  tho  ever-
us. ending chain.     An.l   all   the while
Ihere was beard, as one  passed   along
from one to another ol these chains  ol
living  elevators.  11  clear,    rhythmic il
sound, which I euppoccl at tint to have
been produced by some bystander striking Ihc metal string of something  like a
■un.I I 11, bill which I iiu*. ov.-rcl. alter
.1 lillle, was a series of notes produced
hy the lips of these  young  coal-heavers
themselves—li.tlnct, prccite, melodious,
and stimulating.     And at tics task these
girls  continued,    uni.1lerr.1pic.lly   and
blithely, Irom 10 o'clock in thc morning
until 4 o'clock in the afternoon,  putting
on board in that lime. I wat told,  more
than one thousand ton* ol  coal.     I   am
.juitn I'n' to say that I   do   not   bellev.
that Ihere is another body ol   work-folk
in the world who could huve perform.
the eatne task in the same tunc and with
thc same etee."—Century.
Mcb Holding a Caatle.
T hen* are reliable rep..Ms of .1  icni.us
I riot latt Tueadt) .it Latnpatai, ■ itatioa
nn lhl Mexii sli ( tntral railway. 7(1 nulr
distant from Laredo. Te\. It appi..:-
Ihat tl.i. government of Mexico had sus
pu loni about a revoluliontr) oocurreoi 1
at that place and Mondaj   morning the
military stationed   there   arre**tol   lour
1,.   When they were taken te ttic
itation eo route t>> Monterey, a mob.
beaded by I tan. irrn Msranin,son of tht
lamout (.t-ncral Maratio, appeared at
the sill..,n. In tl.e. x. ilt in.-iit th.t followed one ol Ihe prisoners escaped.
When Ihe train lelt Ihe leader ol tbe
mob rt paired to General Mar.injo'
eastl.-. when they arc at present iur
rounded. At soon a* tin government
beanl of the distorbance 500 soldier'
from Monterey were dispatched to tbe
seen.' b) *pf( .al tun. THE INDfSTBIAL WORLD
The Industrial World
Vekk.in it FurrcHBR,
Bdlton and Manngtrt.
Published weekly ul the Miners
Union ball, Rossland, in the inter
est of ornani/a-'d labor in British
 . , -1 -m
Entered at the Kossland, B. C,
postoffice tor transmission through
cfie mails, November, 1899, as second . I.i-s reading mutter.
Payable Invariably in Advance.
  Si 00
     1 *S
One venr  	
isix months	
Three months. . .
tddress all   communication! to
The   Industrial   World.    Posl
558, Rosslnnd, It. C,
The Industrial World i-  ior tale lit
the following placet:
Simpson's Newt Stand.
Linton Bros.
Eottoffice Ne«s Stand.
Barr's Cigar Slore.
Canada Bool; Jt Drug Store.
Phoenix —
McRae Bros.
•Br ecu wood-
King S: Co.
5ccretaries of nil unions are authorized to receive subscriptions lor
The Industrial World.
SVriJRDAY, APRIL 1:1,   1 mi.
The attempt of Messrs. McDonald and Kirby, managers
ofthe largest mining properties of Rossland, and, judging by their words and actions,
lords of the "hill," to make
Rossland citizens and the
world at large believe that
members of Rossland Miners'
union are attempting to stir
i.p trouble or force upon the
membership something that
the majority are not in favor
of, will fall upon deaf ears.
Those who understand the
conditions existing in this city
today with reference to labor
will brand their interviews, as
published in the miner, as
We know   not   where  they
obtained the information
which they seen so anxious to
give to the public. The information is as false as has been
much more of the supposed
• information" tendered them
in the past. That they have
had hirelings to communicate
with them whenever questions
of moment arose, has been
apparent for some time. But
did it ever occur to the mine
managers that these same
men,* traitors to their fellows,
might be traitors to those
whom they are expected to
As we said last week, the
laboring element of Rossland
is a peace-loving one. They
„-. e-xepiplitied this last Monday.
But this does not set'tl'e the
question by any means. There
are grievances now as before
and these must be given attention. The mere postponement does not settle the
trouble. We know, and so
does the mine managers, that
the almighty dollar cuts a bi^
figure in things of that kiud,
but principle will prevail in
the end.
Now, as to agitators, the
mine managers know as well
as anyone else that there was
no agitating in the late difference. If there had been the
result might have been differ-
ent. b was a plain expression of opinion, in which dollars and cents cut a figure
more or less. During
the existence of Rossland union no walking delegate has attempted to interfere with anv employe in his
work, either above or below
ground. All ihe union asks
of such officer is that he see
those who are not members
while they are going or coming from work ami endeavor
to induce them to become
members. What is there
wrong in such action? In
what waj wnild this interfere
with the mines or their management? It has been repeat-
edlj slated that the walking
delegate wished to go into the
mines and other works, but it
is easy to know from what
source such talk emanated, for
it is as false as other statements that have been made.
The fact of the matter is
that the mine managers are
attempting to break up the
union. We have heard they
made that avowal when they
came here. Now why should
they do this? The union was
here before they came, and
with previous managers there
was no trouble. Everything
was moving along nicely, the
miners were happy, the business men were happy and
there was more money in circulation than now, with far
less men employed. Labor
can stand just so much. When
the limit is reached there is
going to be a kick. It was
thought that time had arrived
but it proved otherwise. Now
it behooves these men who
have been the prime cause of
this dissatisfaction to endeav-
ior to set matters right. This
th-iy cannot do I y discharging
union men just because they
are union men, giving some
other flimsy excuse for their
action, neither can they do it
by coercing a few of the many
by offers of fat positions or
larger revenue for their labor.
There are certain conditions
that must be met and it will
require 110 outlay of capital on
their part to meet them.
Members of the union are
men and must be treated as
such. They have as much
right to be members of their
union as the mine managers
or mine owners of theirs. He-
cause a man is a mine manager is no reason that all should
fall down and worship him.
He is but a man and as such
is but the equal of all others.
If the mines of Rossland cannot be operated at a living
wage then it is far better that
they be closed. Pauperism
furnishes poor sustenance for
a city.    If the same men who
at present are in charge of
these mines were asked to do
what they ask others to do
at the same wage they would
be and act just as the laborer
of Rossland is acting today.
They know this ami so do we.
Now, gentlemen tlo not run
away with the Idea that you
have sealed this question, or
that the laboring people of
Rossland arc to be lead about
by a string. The conditions
that existed previous to Monday exist today and must be
met sooner or later. Treat
your employes as you would
yourselves be treated aiul
there will be no differences.
But as long as you persist in
your tyranieal practices just
so long will labor protest.
While any attempt to raise
the w.i^es of the muckers employed in the mines at Ross
land al this time by a strike
would be ill-advised, for the
country is not in a condition
to stand a suspension of work
in any of its industrial inter-
prises; yet, wt re the owners
of the War Eagle and Centre
Star mines to suspend their
manager at Rossland, or give
him a long vacation one of
the causes of friction in that
camp would ht: removed.
Oftentimes the ill-advised actions of mine managers do a
country more harm than an
ill-advised strike. — Nelson
Officer! and Meetings.
Nelson &. F  Sheppard Ry.
The comments of the Nelson Miner anent the labor
troubles m Rossland are like
those of all monopolistic
sheets-full of much good advice to labor. Labor needs
no advice from such papers
as it is impossible for them to
do justice to labor, no matter
how much the editor may be
inclined to do so.
It has been suggested that
Mr. Kirby be asked to conduct the next balloting in the
Miners union, he having taken
such an interest in thc last,
and exhibited such knowledge of how they should
be conducted. The probabilities are that the result would
be as Kirby wished.
We hav. is much use for a
man who w iuid betray an
oath, laken for his own social
condition as well as that of
his fellows, as wt: have for a
mangy pup. A few residents
of Rossland may not like thas
but it is the way we feel, and
not us alone.
Hotel Victoria,
First class board & room
$27.50 per Month.
Earl   street  south of   Second   avenue.
Milo Muroe, Prop.
Cl H1 NC IL—Meets every second and fourth Tuesday in
each month at 7.30 1'- M., in
Miners' Union llall. President, Rupert Buhner. Address all communications to
Secretary-Treasurer, I' O,
box 784.
ERb   I'NION  -Meets every
Friday of each week at 7.
,11 p. in.   in    Miner*.'   I nion
Hall.   Adam Hay. Pres    \
R. McDonald, Sec,
Western Federation
Miners Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30, p.
111. in Miners' I'nion 11 all..
Frank Woodside, Secretary
Rupert   Bulmer.   President.
TYPOGRAPHICAL      UNION  Ni>. 335,   Meets mi the
last Sunday of eat h month
at the Miners' Union I bill.
J. Barkdoll, Sec; Win.
Poole. President
UNION N0.252.—Meets the
tirst and third Tuesday of
..ich month at s p. m. in
Beatty's Hall. P. O. Box
.',14. W. Mi Lend. President.
J.KIoman, Sec.
40. Painters and I )ei otat..rs
of America,meets in lleatty's
Hall, on second and forth
Tuesday of each month. W.
S. Murphy. Pres.; Geo. W.
Shinn. Sec".
—Meet in Miners' Union
llall on the tirst and third
Saturdays of each month,
at.1.1. m. Mike Guydotti,
Pres.;  Jay Barton, See.
UNION   No  11S.—Meet the
second    Sunday     in     the
month.    Jas.    H.   Flett her.
Sec. T. E. Abbott, Pres.
OF MINERS Edward Boyce
Pres, Butte. Montana; John
F. McDonnell, vice, president. Virginia City Nevada;
las. Mahcr; secretary-treasurer, Butte. Montana Room
l.\ Owsley block. Executive Board: John C. Williams. Grass Valley, Idaho;
Jas. B. Furey, Butte, Montana, W. N. Burns, Ourry,
Colorado; Chas. II. Moyer,
Lead City, South Dakota;
Chris Foley, Rossland B. C.
W. F. M." Jas. Wilkes, Pres.
Nelson; Rupert Bulmer.vice-
president, Rossland; Alfred'
Parr. secretary-treasurer,
W. F.  M.--Meets every  Friday evening in Batty's Hall
I).   C. Coakley. Pres. W.
W. Doty, Sec.
The only all-rail route between all
points east, west and south lo Kossland,
Nelson and all Intermediate points con
necling at Spokane with the Great
Nothern, Nothern Pacific and 0, R &
N. Co.
Connect at Nelson with steamers for
Kaslo and all Kootenay lake points.
Connect at Myers Kails with Mage*
daily for Republic, and connect at Boss-
burg with daily stage for Grand Forks
and  Greenwood.
Effective Ot
I   00,
Leave. Day Train. Arrive.
1015 a. 111. Spckane. 7:10 p.m.
11 40 a. 111. Rossland. 6 mo p.m.
g 30 .1. in. Nelion. s:'oo p. m,
Night   Train.
to •   p. in.        Spkane. , a.m.
11:000. in.        Rossland,       - \n a. m.
Ural 1 lai night tram
11. A,  |A< KSON,
Genci •   \ >*nt.
li. 1'. BROWN, Agent,
Rowland, B. C
Canadian    Paciric
First-clan Sleeper 00 All Trains From
LAN 111 NG.
Pass I l.iniiinri- Jet. daily lor St I'aul Sal
urdav for Montreal and  Boston.  Mon-
.l.U' ind riHir-.tl.iv*, foi Toronto.   Same
cars pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
for tour Kastern trip is 10 sec that your
ticket reads w.i
Trains Depart
8:00    Ex-San.    For    Nelson,   Kailo.
Catdade.lirand Forki,Greenwood, Mil
way, etc.
18:00— Daily For Nelson. Sandon and
Slocan points. Revelstoke. Main Line
ami Pacific Coast, ami via. Crow's Nest
Route for all Eastern points.
For time-tables, rates and full infoniu-
ion,  call   or    address   nearest    Local
Agent, or
A.  B. MACKENZIE. City Agt
Rossland, II. C.
A. C. McArthur. Depot Agt.
F. 1. Coyle A. G. P. A.
Vancover. It. C.
World Job
Office ....
It orepared to
do al. K.nde of
Book and
Special attention given to
work for organized labor
Miner,' Union Hall
P. O. Box 558
Suitable Spring CLOTHING
For Men and Boys
Light Top Coats, and Light Underwear
Latest block
Barrington and jj
\\ oodrow *
vfc fl
IS Footwear,
I Fancy Vests,
- —   -     -mm.  jjj Colored Shirts
fa i
Onr Spring Stock in all lines has been carefully selected throughout.
Particular attention.' has heen paid by our buyer to the
latest styles, with the result that our stock has the up-
to-date-appearance that attracts the well-dressed man.
-,,4************4**********:* *********
International Music Hal
A. KLOCKUANS, TWAjloW        A   .1/ //.VV.  1^. ,..,.1 \hr.,grr
Week ComnwncinA Mon tiny, April t$.
Fim appearance of the < hunting toobrclle
Second week and hi„- hit ol the phci.onunal female baritone
j First appearance ol the comedian
> i lar all star stock com p.i nv in  llasco'- scintillating earned-.
ADMISSION 15 AND 25C       I
Miners Union
W. & W..,?
Nohow t.t..ni,.»» »tiho»l . Moing M-Khli*
Whlehthi. sesceeath vetkiur .jw.,»; >, ,o.Mton«
3 drawers,
^^^^^^^^    attachments'	
New 5 drawer D H.
New Queen ■"3? $25
There machine* arc gieal bargain*. Do not
lad to sec them.
Taylor & McQuarrie,
A«.nl-  Sf-»   IMM,  tthttlet ta  *ar|l~i»   Ita-im-It.
tint New K •>•*,,-• nal acme ".-.chine.
Needles of all Kinds tor sale.
•We give thorough .tutruction with Otatf-W
thtt.e -wi'l.
At lite meeting *•( tba minere' union
Wednesday evening lhe attendance was
onutnalty Urge.
A rommonication from i'rcml.-nt
Boyce ot tbe Western Federation ol Miners wat read aad cased considerable
A communication «ai receleed   from
Camp McKinnc*. Union, laving that tbe
branch of the or;»o.itlon at tint place
»g« ttourl.hlnf end t  at .. new hall wat
i being erected.
Noinln.iiloi. i were made fur a dclegtie
lo the coaventson of thc Western Federation of Miners t>* Ik held in Denver,
Col., which coiamen.      M Tbe
election will take pi i e next WeJnctdty
r.ov i.i;- watt paper, all 1WI good*.
al Den .    ,er»,   ne.ir   1 tnpey
A large barge conmining five cars ol
coal and coke sank in Kootcniy lake
Monday.   The barge  bas been raised
Superintendent Chamlierlain, of tbe
Evening stir mine, was given a banquet
in the Clarendon hotel Tueiday evening by a number of admiring friends.
Nelion has alreadi had a bicycle mn
City, lias pur. baie.l a ten-diill compressor plant.
Greatest assortment of wall pa|«r ini
Itmish Colombia.   Daniels 3c Chambers.' but the coat and coke it a total lots.
near Fnpev Bros.
The Mollic Cibton mine. Nelson
camp, ie io retume operations within
three weeke.
The free milling belt near Nelson is
lo Ik adorned with a working mine on
M»> IStli, *o lays the Nelson Miner. hap, and it did not irfcct the rider.   The
Ring up V. A N.  telephone   No.  :o  conditions would be reversed if a  bi. .
! for all kinds of Job  Printing. Rubber! clut attempied to cover the  streets  of
Stamps and Sesll ' Rosslind.
The diatoveiy of ri.-h pltcer d.ggiogt, The hr,t ,inniu, ,,„„ ,,y Bamarttas En-
in Southern Washington his caused aU-mpm^i, |. o. O. F, In Mlneis' nnion
•len led ruth to that district. h4„ Moodt} cvenlng was all  that wa.
M -.Thomas Kmbleton reo-ived on promised lor it.    Tin-  attendance mi
Tuesilay news of ibe death of her eister,  Urge an.l all present voted the  tflair  a
Mrs. Robert Stoker, near Sunderland, completetucceis.
I   e
Vou can ttve moocv   hy   purcht.ing I
your wall paper aod paint, at Daniels A
.. um'ier., near loupe*. Urns.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      Pie Ro.«'ll Ih.-atrc at Ottawa, one oil	
Mrs. M. Heard will, -lose onl in-r com   tbe daaet ptayhoutet io Canada, waa da- '"'      "
plcte stock oi niiliincis «i c-st pr. . id by (in at an early hour Wi t
Now li the lime for ladies wi«b.ng j n-w  ,1.       -   „.. W.D. Biewttsr, who ■  let.   ... mtbl
spring btt to gat It tt their own price.      Tlie Fi.her Maiden   peflp,  Ofl   Four  t^i we- retSUsd Iron, e I'.' n. mtli.' term
MUtorsel    tar Silverton, has been pur  itNeltoafei ttnbetiling monej  from
• hatc.l'•-. Bpoksnc capital in I  trork the C P. R. whllt ssrving e- tgtnl tt
will lie resumed at toon a» post-Lie ; ■ dl      tgsin      U     .ie, having -
phSqairet, wh.i Intel) returned committed lor trial (or tapping the can
-*uth Alnca. ll carrying his arm in   regiiter in the HON ot I.. F. Williams a
S thngdue to a .Inlocated thouldor.    A ,' .reenwoed tt   an   ctrly   hour   Mt
fall on lhe slippery walk wai the cau-c.  morning.
Before pun lit-in,-.-I-.-where call and
Corns Out Sate.
Arr:.ng.-m.-nts lor the tn.ok.-r  lor   re
'turned South African volunteers n n..w
complete.   It will tike pltcc on the 15th
■n-t.   A miii'trel performance on a lim-
'' ited -rale will be a tenure of  the   enter-
A full line ot node-weat to be closed out.
Iitriri.ni (or e»erybo>li.
Get You Job Printing
Done at the Industrial
World Office
The base btl'. set- >i. ..;-entin ."«po'«ane
Spokane is aire..'» talking ol its annual fruit liir.
Madam Albtni tml ber eicellcotcom'.
pan*, will I. r i   bouts   n.*st
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ our stock ol wall papers ind  paints.
Theie is now to tie .1 department Hore ,.
D.ntel* .'« Chamber., near hmpc-t   l'.r..s.   .„   i.»j...^i....jti..^. fa-
trust.   Ws wonder what next.                                                                                      Wednesday evening and I hursday alter-
John Richie, a proleieed antrch.st.was | B(WBi   Tlckt.la c,n ,)e Kcure,| „  |W|,.
Tbo Evening Bur mins bt. *uipend-
ed operations due to bad roads, to they!
arreetcd tn tlu* cil*.   Mondav   while   at-
1 tempting 1 icirralite  autn bisti*-  htera-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Iturc.     should   have let him circiitte
Tbelror,   liars.*   compressor  11  MW „„„,   |t „,-,„„ h,v,.   done good   t»   1
idle, due 10 lhe shutting  dosm  of  to I far ciflMN o( RotfUnd.    ,\ lutic anar
cin.tic   sentiment  eeems  lo  be   btdly
Evening star.
Tie  Enterprise  mine.
near Mioean' needed
drug HON
HtlOhl Dal| will   return  (rom  9
' Africa tlm evening.   He will be given a
royal welcun.-.  Mr. 1 ronvn, who earn- I
■ corporal'! itripe In tbat diitant eon
try, retume J the (jre part ot Ibe   week THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD.
Here and There-
There are twelve thousand sweat shops
n New York.
Coal mined in England last year sold
or 1330,000,000, add wages received by
miners amounted to (57,500,000, or
■bout one-sixth.
Hereafter children under twelve will
not lie allowed to work in Russian lactones unless tbey huve had u common
echool education, or attend a ichool
maintained in connection with the lactory.
In a recent debate in the llritish llouie
of Commons, Ccorge White, M. 1'.,
stated lliuti.re.it Britain had spent mint*
lor war during the past two years than
she bad spent for education in 30 years.
(Inly one-tenth ol the wage earners in
the United States arc organized. Thc
nine*lentils have earned millions ol dollars annually on ticcnunt of the activity
of the union men, mil the* debt they owe
will never be paid.
The pustal savings btnks of Great
Britain, after paying.'.. per cent interest on deposits during thc year Iqoo,
which in amount exceeded those of  nuv
depository in the world—declired 1 dividend amounting to (T.xoo.ooo,
The lalior unions ..( MilSOttll have
succeeded in having 11 law passed in thit
state making tin- wages e.|iial lor men
■nd women performing like labor. For
violation nf the liw a tine of from Sio to
f loo may be imposed.
Pumping rorthe Other Follow.
In 1H74 while attending the Michigan
University  at   Ann   Arbor   I   boarded
south of tl.e court house  square  in   th-*
heart of llic cily.   All ilong  tho street
in front of the court house fanners gathered daily with  wood and   vegetables,
using thc street ai .1 market place.    At
thc side of thc street near the center of
thc block Hood an old pump from which
hundreds of farmers tnd huckster! daily
pumped water Iur their teams.     Many
complained of   the   Incessant  mil  prolonged pumping required to get   .1 pail
oi water, while the vigorous praised thc
liberality ol the city in providing a well
tn conveniently located.    In   pumping
water one day in the presence ol a  |K>-
licemsn 1 berated the city authorities fur
providing an ol 1 pump Irom which it required so much labor lo get witcr.  Tbe
policeman slid:   'Sec here, young man,"
and liking nu* to one side ol   thc pump
■bout two rods   showed   me   whit   ap
peered to be a sktlllully contrived  trap
door.   "Here," In- said, "ii a cily reservoir hnlding tillci-a thousand barrels ol
witer lor fire purpose!,    lust below the
plitform in tbe pump stock out of sight
is a vent witb pipe connecting with thii
reservoir.   Every time yon pump a gallon of water l«r yourielf you  pump   two
for the city into tbis reservoir  ami   all
olhcre do the same."     From  that time
1 pumped no more waier Irom the cily
well bul ollcn watched oli.i-r* pumping
away innocently -.nil   contentedly,   perfectly sslist'ied with the  robber system.
All through lile 1 hive pum|icd a double
than- (or the olher Irllow, my employer,
anil ill laborer    sre pumping   into   the
reservoir ol. ipit.ilism at least two dollar- while ihey pump .tie Inr Ihnnscivei.
It'l Used, you   know,   •*..   we  rant   do
olheiw.se.    I. II. Wilkinson.
The KOl  ol lill discontent i
Delicacy is to the affected  »h..l gftl e
is 10 besutv.—Degerando.
We an 1- riltet! duped >.y diffident e as
by conl.iU uce.—Cbeitcrltil.l.
Whattver is worth lining it iill is
worth doing well.—Chesterfield.
The lewir.lof oue d.llv dune is the
pnwrt tolulfillanother.— I.corge Kliot.
The feeling ol dittrutl is aiwus itie
lait which a great mind acquire*-.— Ra
w i.n. 11. is trfttimei nearer when we
stoop than when wr finer.    Wordsworth.
II thou irt   a  tn.it-tri.   be   tomrl.mes
blind, il .1 tenant, sometimes deaf.—
S30HS aaviAi noinh
S«"00 ONIH 'Q T *H±
0NVIN3Q no* *ri" '3jn 9M Jouineaoa oq) jo
S)sojo}UI oin Su;)|nsuo3 snqj u|   'dm«UDui)|JOM pajjod |o uojpnp
-.ud 0|q|SSod |s.it|»ii| oq) njounud s.-»i unni.ljip Joqiq jo ^jov. |0
noijirssan 'so)||j)s om   *sooqs pun ejoog jo ojnpBjnusui -ipqi
ii* uodn 'pojiiun '»00 9MIM "0 T 3H1 x<» p*5" si
dWVIS NOINfl ,8a3MaOM 30HS QNV 1008 WW
| Bank of Montreal „	
ifr     Capital, (all paid up) $12,000,000   Rest, $7,000,000.     jn
j£ Undivided    Profits $427,180,
i*:-i.iiiiisiu   ill? ff\
Incnrporiiteil In* ttk
bk    lit* Hon. Lord Strntlicona and Mount   Royal,   G. C. M. G„ President,   fa
ffi Hon.Ci. A. Drummond. Vice-1'res.     E. S. Clouslon, Gen. Man. m\
.1.    A Savings Bink Department in   connection  with this branch has   been   •*»
rv. opened.    Interest at current rate. Ji-J
mm*m**mm M-**^^*m ^^^^**m*t*^^^ ^^^^^Ot*^^^^ i Ml
«€€€€€€€*********€€€€€€^»1* Safety Deposit Vaults I
  1 1    ■     li *       II 11*1      1   V If J      .4.   > •%*. 1..!   /if  I'      .to  > r    ... t? rn In l-)n nor tin mim. ik\
We Bave What You W
In the way of Shirts, Collars, ('nils. .Uoves, lie-.
Mulders, Srurfs, Etc. The
new shapes in Collars are
■Iway! shown here first.
Thu swellest Tics make
tlieir appeal .nice here first.
The most fashionable and
popular Shirts reach u-
tlt-t. All goods sold ut
Bankrupt Prices.::::::-.;::::::
The Clothier-
^^•'^•^■,^■^^•^ ^ ^ ^
Rent ol Hoses from (".jo to I30 per uiinniii.
J. S. C. FRASER, Manager Rossland Branch
fa** ****** ****%*************
Closing Out.
We have removed  to   the   I'KO-    %B,
PLE'S STORE, nexi to the        if
Clifton Saloon. w
Amalgamated with thc
Men's and
Boys* Clothing
Come and see if you cannot be
be suited at CLOSING OUT
% The Economist  Store
* —
*   F'^.A.vne,nnu8Un.d.r..t       HOLSTEAD & WRIGHT fa
fa fa
Cigars and Cigars.
When you ask lor a cigar why don'l
y«u insist upon a good one ? Nine cacet
oul ol ten you will be offered a cheap
scab made cigar unlcn you name thc
kind wanted. They all cost you the
same money, good arc bad. Now whv
not get a good one. A.k for the best
Crown Grant or W. ll. You will then be
encouiaging a home Industry, too.
Think ol this the not you ask (or   "a
+4+4++*+++++*******+*,*. '♦.*♦
+ latleit deiignt in
j Wall Paper
I .'JCdlim1'!   ^'     Wl I'hlrilf   lift. *
Meat Market
You Desire
in the
Just call on
H. W. Simpson
Second Ave., near Washington St.
V. & N. Phone 68.
" Just Received       |
A Large Consignment of *y3
New Jams, Jellies, gl
Plain and Fancy Biscuits, ^
geo.agnew&co.^se; I
Fresh and
Salt Meats,
Fish, Game,
Poultry and
g. w7kerr
You  want a   Label   Cigar and you want
ihe besl?   If that is so, try our
High Grade
Union Cigars
Domestic Union Label Cigars: La Flo
dc Ycncda, La Flor dc Cuba, Ll Colonial, Imported Cuban Union Label Cigara,
LtftMgt, Ll Corona, Alricaaa Uude,
The Queen Cigar Store
Columbia   Avenue.
^■^"■^■^^•^^■^•^"♦♦■^■^ ■?▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ fa * ****
LZMITSI ^oompoopoopm******..........*******
fa fa
fa Rough & Dressed Lumber, Shingles *
Third avenue and _^
WashliHitonSt ■*■
Opp. Red Mt. e
Depot ^
fa     aaaaaaaaa***************.
At Mill «l 1'iWto Rln. Si.llti|t
Miwn. 11. C
Mouldings, and Al White Pine Lumber
Always in Stock.
Vtfdl *t RMlttrf mill Nelson.
lit.. I office nl
4f- Wc tarty KWBptttl Mon*. of Cin«t   Flooring    Ciiline.   ln*i'le   rin>h   Tiiriifil      -Af
jk.    V'otk. HaahcR ind boors. Special ordtt work will rtctiw prumpt niitiii.i n. a.
The Miners' Magazine,
Price ft.00 per Year EDWARD BOYCE. Editor.
Published bvthe W. F.M. Denver Col.
Subscript ons    Received at   this Office,   or at   The  Office ot
the  Secretary of RotalanAAiner Uon' THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD.
Paulson I
Bros.     I
%************j* **********%
p. burns &eo.
Cleaned Currants
Seeded Raisins
Valencia Ruisms
Assorted Peek
Cram berries
lir os.
Wholesale    and
Retail   Grocers.
  vw-. . .-.;
nn: hub
Formerl) Turl Ex< hangc.
I'., st Meal in Town 35 Cents
Mrs. La More.     Poprietress.
Rossland   Hotel.
*fr rit. -«^W*«9r»>' Wri.i-h*rt*jt**r ife.v#
i Wholesale ^
..Markets.. *
Ly. ay, my. tfA-
iy. iy.-my.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail,Sandon,Revelstoke,Greenwood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL   MARKETS    Rossland. Trail,   Nelsnn,  Vmir,   Katlo,
Sandon, New Denver,Silverton, Cascade City. Grand Forks,
Greenwood, Phoenix, Midway, Camp  McKinney,
Revelstoke. Ferguton ami Vancouver,
Gaiiii*  and   1'oultry  in  Season,  Sausages nfj All  Kinds.
WM. DONALD, Manager Rossland Branch
i,**** ** ***** *j***** ****** fe
Thos. Embleton,
Tin- \Yc--t I.e Roi avenue Grocer, keeps
SA£m£.-£m4m.-Zmm*.-Tm-Z.m1L.-Z.mZ.mZ.       £m itm *& Hi — -\m H.   <L i£ £* £. *C I J.
-^^■*m-*x-*m-*m-^-*m-**m^*x-*x-^-^*r- ^^^r^r^^^^^^r^^-K-
£ „    ~ a*,
Everything the Miner
Wants to Eat.*****
Fancj and Staple Groceries and Provisions at
t»esl prices. Goods delivered to any pari of thc city.
ir.e Whiskies  and
Imparted Ciya s.
JG.  W.  M< Bride,
Hardware, Miners'
5 Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
*•*    H. WALTON
•He Rink  ui ! 1       ■    - i *.  .
Ihr Im i when
you van tic! the
Best   Meals   in   the City.
i. Rot or Col   i    ■
1 hav.- taken ov.r the . ontrol of the R.-tl Star Transfer Co.'s wooil Inisiness and orders left with me at
the old statuI on Washington street will receive
prompt attention. Wall seasoned wood ..i all kimls
delivered to any pari <>l the city.
Waihington Street,
t .pim-itc  Hank of  Montrc.i
The Referendum.
Never in our short history hat any
public question arisen lo which the prin
ciple of the referendum was .so applies
ble, nor one in which it wuuld serve t
more ust ful purpose than in tin- situn
tion created by tl.e railway deal.    Gov-
eminent  by  elected   representatives   is
failing nt many pointa, nnd tome of its
wont delects are lelt io new- con-muni
ties like our*). 1'Iib lack ol well trained
nnd really representative men; local   in-
Buenos! the many and multifarious matters t . !>.' dealt with in  a   ehort  session
the growing power of corporation! and
their covert methods, thoec an lome of
the causes of failure, (he referendum is
a plaiu remedy tbat tovers them all.
N.ithcr in principle uor practice* is the
referendum cither foreign or novel loour
Theoretically we govern ourselves
throughout elected rtprsstntativet,
SL plan couplet with a wide extemiou ol
iii lhe fra.icbise which was e long Step tor-
/Iy wtrd from t11 autocratic metb idiot lor-
ijy mer timet. Thit failing ut, we by nanral
iii scipieiii.-pr. ceed to take an c .
4b* j »(the ii il' ui tin- people duct tii bi llic
fW leinliiin.    In prat lit c .   .**
jjjk    peiation   in   »ur  city   whenever  a
jfa, money In law lias to bt decided upon, a
4J\, light and function jealously guarded by
/ft [citizens.
Thc common objection taken to the
.itiuni, vial that it I- CUmbroOl,
llow aod ocitly.il thillow, .ml il.ies not
touch thc ptiiii-iplc involved. The people have a tight to the moil direct
moans thai can Ik- deviled to conduct
tbeir earn publie affairs. All measures
nl Import inoa ibould be passed upon by
popular vote ol the people directl*. and
lhe I.,.*: tii.it we hive inch a tins*, ol
in.li* t meat
siod i- : testimony to tin- band
to mtiu'li. i u   ter rn legisla
tion In general.      In    Switzerland   the
»v. rage it three to four new laws a year.
nd dsliber-
. stem -> d.. well to emulate:
ir but miilt. rational   ind   provln
. i..i. are nsVer unified without s grist
totalling   some  hundreds,  mostly   the
spoil at special   interests  sml   lawyers.
When   it   l»  clesrly understood b) the
people that tbey possess the  power  to
accept or reject sny legislation, together
with llic power ..I initiative il will ittmit-
lite an.l ..Incite them  in the dm.
---in(»to ■ degree atiuinabic b
other moans it aill gvic the mrcst
goard againit corruption, nn.l leave to
'.'ii.ienlwl.it should be   it -   prime
I function In  an  tntcltgent  community,
Lots and Acreage
Property for Sale.
* :
Those wishing to buy desirable lots in any of the
Railway Additions, or acreage near the city. Garden
Lands. Fruit Farms. Chicken Ranches. Etc.. are requested
to call at our City Office. \r V V We have some fine
residence lots which we offer at prices and terms none
can object to. >,' -*f. *f. Come and let us show you what
we have to offer.
E.CHARLES, Land Agent,
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Hail way
Cor. Third Ave. and Washington St.. Opp. Red Mountain Depot.
mm^im-m$mmm \m
mauds on the individual which are directly opposed to human nature. It is
tint human nature of the free Indian to
satisfy hunger, und not until "civiliia-
tion'a" influences are thrown around
him does be lack the means of doing it.
As soon as the red man is "civilized" ho
Is hungry. And the human nature of
the white slave prompts him to satisfy
hunger; but he can't do it -law ami the
government etand in the way. If he al-
teinpta it, the law will cast him into jail*
lie sees bread iu abund.tnco und in the
mtdtt of it all it expected to go hungry
and keep hishandsoff.   It mitten not
thai he helped raise the wheat, mill the
lloor or bake the bread—then is a gat-
ling gun for every loaf and a "Thou
■bait not steal" over all, for this bread is
private property. The worker -the toil
tiller, the miller and Ihe baker—is disinherited and must cut the bread of a
eiiniin.il or ilie.
But toppote he findl wnrk'.' Ah! if
he only limli \iork' What thin? Then
he cun procure a portion ol what he cre-
tt.-s from actpn di-l v<bu i- willing to
employ him.    He can have just  enough
to sustain life; hut even thai "boon" it*
viiiv- the transforming of ail the snarly he acquire! (rom his pittance of a
wage into more surplus which the capitalist appropriates. Meanwhile the
preacher tell*, liim t . love hit fellow men,
in tlie hope of n blessed   future   beyond
the grave—right at tbe time, too. when
his stomach i- empty nul bis employer's
It full, and when lus turn and tattered
coat prevent! him at'ending "divine"
tervict- well-groomed master
in lhe midst of them.'    I tell you thai
the more men think about these thing!,
■vn. ll  and   by-
...ii *   : . .ill  ■ ■ Ivil   il on,"
tn.l the more they tee tlie truth ol  what
* the  ni ti  win.  get
ri. It .ire not the u*.'."i   who   work,"   thc
more - • tied, md will be
lilted until wbarbaroai, inhuman
■ml nnchrltUUce a tyitem is completely
,1,-1 -lied.—.social   H.-nmcratlo   Herald.
si. thousand miner, on s-r;ke in
Wile... two thousand quarrymen on
Strike at lluxton. flic hundred laboren
on strike al Tilbury (locks, four ll.ou-ind
I'etttliyn -|Uirrvinen on strike, tn..
tl d   (ilisgow joiner-   letiltlng   i
In. lum ul wage- trom   lod
to gd per boor—each are a ir«   ol  tbe
■nation- ol   i *    ,   *        with
*l t. li the   laboring   c!..   • t
nc»   ceiiltiry. -ken
lure had to accept.. live |*er cent reduc-
mill  tl.e  iinci.i|:      I
ng larger.—I t ..ler.
Rati on "Charily "
The charity organisation, admit tl.it
there arc lliotlMlldl of "wortl
ty who toffef    •
m.i ■ try wlnlei iy can-
•     At Ibe r.-iiiu   lime
it t- admitted thai there   ire   people  in
the clothing Industry workiu
lu.urt a da) lor a bare livelihood,
nol i.n insult io talk ol charity In lhe
of inch condition?    luiiiceli what
we went; not charity)  healthy
conditions which will give all a chanee
to »orl. uid get tbe whole
iheir   luiicr  noi ibe opening 'ii  onp
kid bent   ntul   the  distribution   *
■ i.niiiiiitiii-  tl
Human  Nature  and Gcrernment.
Law and government, nn.ler im •
enl system  »(   ikimmlng  the a
and surfeiting tbe shirkers, mike de>
And   Coos  to   Prove Tiat Mun.c3.1l
Ownenhip ti Right.
Eighteen monthi tgo  Duluth, Minn.
scquircd the gi- and water works of
that cily. an.l pi.i.i (3,400,0 .0 for the two
plants, since then the pril >• ol water
hsi been cut town40percenl onl gm
hai lis.ni re df.   since being
taken nut of private hind, the plant hut
taken on mmy improvements. Itefore
the people nr.' compel *d tu drink impure and poll-ite.l enter; no*. 11 it of the
p t ami ni" t wholesome kind. On
'1      a   1         -.* htt made ■ large
ton the mv, slinert.  which g-ic to
11.. ••: Ibe debt.    They my now proposes to own .;- -.wr. eie.f     lights in.I
1.   -•
■    ••      . lidsol   ll.e   Itri!.
Ish  Empire.     H
• Rapine, murdn   iml 1 ■  .*• ti e
i a.e
'till ru *,ible
.   -
II    •
• 1 (of
IS* ,
1 Urate
ploy nn '   1 ..
■ i.re
nil. mm itei
id .*.. • * in. n
■ - - II,- n nne
and tlr.t of I ly
• lyl  tl.e
'   >     .   : It
New Raglan  Overcoats
As Designed by Mr. Daniel Edward Ryan, of New York
New Spring Syleson Sale Monday, April 1.      AVe thing
they are swell.   Give us your opinion.
a •
Mens Furnishing Dept.
Enthualaatlc   Meeting    of   Roaaland
Council Tueaday Evening.
There was a regular meeting ol Rowland Trades and Labor Council held in
Mincrt' I'nion hall Tuesday evening,
at which Ihc attendance was good, scleral new delegate! appearing lor obligation.
Tbe committee appointed to co-operate with the merchants of the city who
wished to secure an earlier hour ol closing than at present reported having
found more than thrce-lourths ol tbe
merchants in favor of thc change.
By resolution the secretary wai in-
•tructed to extend an  invitation to thc
t Inn commission to vi.il Kossland for
the purpose of se.-uriog evidence to further the endi ol restricted immigration.
John McLaren was elected to the position ol Mn-relary. Edward Qraot having
Much other business was discussed,
the meeting proiing an interesting and
instructive one.
Special Sorvlcea.
nnd wus being rented, contrary to the
fire bylaw and contrary t» right and
justice, was relerrcd to the city solicitor.
Tbe board ol work* recommended the
payment ol bill! amounting to I:i:j;.
and alio that the Vale-Columbiu Lumber
company be permitted to put in a croii-
ingol St. Paul !treet. Recommendations
w-ere concurred io.
The recommendation ol the health
and police committee, that bills amounting to t.1$l>.50 be paid, wai adopted.
Mayor Lalonde, on being questioned
by Alderman Roll, mul that an nffidav.t
had been sc. ured from Ibe smallpox
patient who had escaped quarantine and
ihat ihe matter ol collecting damages
(rom tbe Dominion would be attended
Alter adopting thc bylaw relating to
water rates tbe council adjourned. ___
Newe from Slocan City.
Last Suiithiy, being Ksilct, special
irrviccs were conducted in thc Church
ol the Sucred Heart.
Common Council.
At Ihc regular meeting ol tbe common council Tuttdty evening City Solicitor Abbott reported that in order to
secure ihc enactment o( a bylaw compelling earlier doling a petition must represented signed by il least three-
I....till ol the merchants affected.
Mr. Harp, city auditor, was Instructed
lo make inquiry as lo whether such
n-.iiiii.i r were in lavor of thc change.
A communication from John Dean,
railing attention lo tbe (ad that a |mr-
tion of tbebuikling adorning Ihc post-
office tile bad beea permitted to stand
Slocan City. April 10, luul
I ilit.tr Im.i striai. Woai.u:
Prospects lor a good summer here are
excellent. Rents are going up an.l real
estatclistcad.lv Increasing in value.
Several mlMnl claims have been .hi-
! posed ol. among which n thc Republic,
lormerlyjown.-al by Tbon.a. Motitgom
' cry antl Dave Sutherland, the eonwder.i
lion being t7n.M. cub.
The ideaol public ownership ol refiner-
lee and smelters Is firmly imbedcd in the
minds of thc resident! ol this burgh. It
is said the Prohibitionists of tlntario are
about to unite with the Socialists of that
province on thc question ol public ownership ol the liquor traffic. II they do
we expect to see a Socialist government
in Ontario after the next election.
We hope Ralph Smith will be IUCCM1'
lul in passing his initiative and referendum bill.
There are a number ol idle men here.
The mow hae all disappeared and tbe
itreeti are dotted with bicyclei.
Con* to Scotland
lames Lawlcr. managing director ol
iha llig Four group. 1$ now on hit way
t.i Scotland, having lelt tht city on Sun-
dav Intl.
Tbe object of Mr. Lawlei s vmi to tha
old .-wntry »to raw loads to work his
property on a more elaborate erale.
With tbe present shipments ol ore to
Nonhpon Irom tbe Ureal Western
mines nl th.t city, under whose control
the imcller is, it is impossible to take
care ol ihipmeols from oilier ptopcrtiee.
Tbe Trad imcller is inaccessible to Mt.
Lawler. except by long haulage by teams,
beocc he hopes to raise innnejr to construct a smeller upon ibe propettv so at
to be independent ol auy otbei company
or corporation.
It is due t>. Mr. Lawler's untiring el-
fort! that tbe llig F.mt has teached ill
present itage ol development, lew
men could bav.- accomplished as much
and we hope Ibat he will be neotttM
In his quest. Tbe miue s looking toe,
every Ion ol *t.tk done showing ihe
von lo Ih- latger and of teller value.
Mr. l-awlei rips-1* t*. bl ibtent about a
creased each day. Mr. Itrrgstmni bis
an office in the Oltawa hotel. Washing-
Ion it'eel.
Wedding Bam.
Fred Petert and Mrs. Eva Ferguson
were united in marr.ige at the home of
Mr. and Mn. lohn Henderion Wedties-
div evening. Rev. Morden of the Mrtho*
| diit eborcb officiating.
Tlie t'.nliat-ting parties are well and
favorably known throughout the city nnd
tbe c.'tcmony was performed amidst t
b.i.t aa| Inend*. Mr. and Mir. Peters
will make their luture home in l.bolt.
wh- re Mr. 1'ctt r. ia employed.
ihat when the candh   was   pulled Irom
the timber a spark dropped into the box
'ofcaps.   Both eyes   were   entirely   de-
Mr. Pearce is quite well  known  in
j Rossland, having been thc   first   secretary of the local  miueri  union.     His
. many Iricnds in this .-iiy  extend  sympathy.
Mtnee Closed
Tbr mine! ol Moyie are idle, due. It is
laid, to the laabdity ol thc compiii.ci
to di.poee of the product, Jusl bow
Imn the period <>t .Idleness will be n not
at pr.-s- *,: known.
Lot lor Sa.*
An en client residence ...n.er fol %.ift.
Buy turns. I:; down, Jin p<-r month
Apply,  i". A. Newton, 136 c»lumt<ia
Hediey City.
B. B. Beigmoa, lecal agent lor the
lledlev Cilv Townsitc company, il kept
busy these days answering i;ii<«tion« relative to ihe new mwntite and disposing
ol desirable location!. Thc new town
site has brigtt prospect, lot the lulort.
Its location is of the belt, bring in a fertile valley, aod .1 is surronndrd by
proven claims ol unquestionable mine
Many Roeeland people l.nr already io
vested there and the tinber is lining m-
All member, ol the different union! ol
lb.' W. I . of M . Kb., arr working in Il.r
||,,n ol Hn. union, arc  reqOOtttd
to leave tin 1 na..,*" it the ..It., r Ihut ae
« .re Iheir iransler,
l'.\l 11 tivi   COMIIITTI ..
Rotllin.l Miner* I nmn.
Lost Ht* Eyiilghl.
An unlnitnnitc accident occurred al
Movie on Sunday alternoon last thst
cost Fred force the sight ol both eye.
Pearce waa a miner and hi Ihe time of
the .undent was engaged in priming
lose preparatory to blasting. He hid
about finished the talk .ml had pnll'd
hi! cindlestick Irom thc limber in which
he bad stork it when he comment <-d lhe
job. Al tbn instinl tn t-splos.oo occurred, an almost full box of eaps going
ofl al ouce. Just whit rinsed tbe explosion is not known, bul it Is supposed
Wc wiih especially to call your attention this aeasnn to our immense line of
Misses' ami Children's Shoes, from the
t.nieet infant's soft ace moccasin up to
boys' and misses' shoes in great varie.y.
We will gn.it.iiit.. c tbe pr.ces to be lower
than thc name qualities of children's
•hoes anywhere else in town.
W. F. M> Skill.
Next to postoffice.
For the Sick
The doctor can do you no good
unless hii prescriptions arc
properly put up from reliable ingredients. That's where wc
render invaluable aid to the doctor. We compound prcscrip-
tioas as they should be, And
handle Ihe best of proprietary
medicines,   ::::::::::::
Rossland Drug Co.
R. E. STRONG. Mgr.
Mail Orders promptly attended to.
Phone J85.


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