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Industrial World Sep 8, 1900

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<MJ&A \wnn
Vol. 2, No. 3.
Price, Fiv.- Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. M.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kinds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges. |
Hunter Bros.
Tan Shoes
 * ***** H»MM>»
Trsuess ?
Yes, a fall
T. I. morrow, j
I Th«  Druggist.
Alena g.1.50 shoca for .... $2.25 nu.l *.2.b0
Men'!    -1.00 ahoes for    2.75
Men'!    l."..i  -li.-,--, for    3.00
Men'a   5.00 shoca for   3.60
Msn'S   5.50 ahocs for   3.75)
Man.      0.00 allocs for   1.00
Wc men's 99.00 Oxfords, now    1.50
Women s   ..50 Oxford*, now   1.75
Women'!    3.00 Oxfords, now 92 to 2.25
Women s   4.00 laced shoes, now  .. 2.75
Women'*   4.50 laced .hoc., now  .. 3.25
Women's   5.00 laced shoe., now ... 3.5U
Itcmember   these  prices   arc  for  cn.li
W.F. McNeill
Next Door to Postoffi e
j The Strand
The Most Elegant and     |
J     Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :     |
A Fine Line o( tbe *
Choicest Liquors & Cigars j
. School    Shoes
The long Jollv vacation ii naarlv at an end, and ths boya aod girli will need
acbool .hit... Bring Uiem line. We can dl the Im.y fret with (oolwear Ihat I.
made to aland the .train, tl le not high priced aboea, nothing flim.r Tbe eel
eral nl it* durability I. really no secret at all, the aboee are made ot.fealher, rea*
leaiber, and pnl log*.her lor keepe.
C. O. Lalonde,   The Reliable Shoe Dealer.
Morrison & Bryenton
Fancy Groceries, Canned Goods, Potted Mcats'and Fish,
Preserves and Marmalades, Pickles, Chow Chow and
Catsup, Fruits aud Produce, as well as a Full Stock of
Staple Groceries and Provisions.   Goods delivered free.
East Columbia Avenue, Rossland, B. C
Empey Bros.
Ai* Shooing a Very Fine Range ol
X  ^liiftc    -hi Silk  Fronts with   Linen   Bodies.
j: sJ I I 1.1 IS   Cashmeres, Linens and All Silk Ooods,
Alw a Very line King, ol
Suspenders ^ _*_ _**•
Wo have jiit opaoed op a very niee 'ine of
I ^hrfcC-*,. *^a("c ■•>' ■'■*- Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co.
Kvery pair guaranteed, or money refunded
In Men's and Boys' Clothing, we carry
the Finest Goods at the Best Prices.
|  Empey Bros.. The Furnishers.
Furnishing Goodi Department.         Cor. Columbia Ave. ind Spokane St.
Wr have a tni»htw good trade on Coffer. J
We have It. aud we hold It. Oner m «
Coffer Bu\et hete — -always one. •
Mocha and Java
Coffee that is absolutely the Best
sold in Rossland
II i-n t the be*-! today, and lhe aril beat
tomorrow. Ms the beat all the line
■ O'l the people nno bay It alt tbe time
know It. Tbl* ivceol co-flee la Ibe brat
wt a II—ll'a Ihr •+•* anyone arlU— m
matin what prkr )-ou may pay.
We have a Coffee
we sell for 25 cts
Wr mttfht nrl .toot even lj cents tor thla
Coffer, but we don't d« ll. Wr shouldn't
aetl ao much If we did , and lilt)- pound*
at a small profit la belter than two pound*
al a bit profit k*->* to figure out lan't it.'
The international Typographical Union
chartered iivc new unions in August.
The Hiibordiiiate unions now holding
charters Irom tin*, the oldest labor or-
ganiaitiori in America, now number uver
live  hundred.
.New York printers' union paid out
over  *5-.>0,000   lust   year.   One   fourth    of
this amount wus lor out-of-work   bene-
Under instructions from .Mayor .Toiiei
ut Toledo, and the city council, City
hngineer W. K. Urutvu issued it luundiite
to go into effect August Huh, thnt eight
hours -iml icoiuditute it day's work in
every department. Contractors propose
to contest in court llio eon.titutionulity
of the act.
A Detroit, Mich., man has perfected
nn invention whereby two men cau do
as much work as 27 men, with u cash
saving of 75 per rent in the moulding
und manufacturing of brass east inn*. It
is far in advance of old methods nnd
promises to di*plui*c many men ail over
the world.
Loudon, I.nn In ml. is pulling in its own
telcidiono system ut a cost of nearly |5,-
000,000, and expect* to luriiisb service lo
40,000 -ul'*, nl.ei - nt u nominal cost.
The members of the bicycle mechanics' union will vote upon the proposition
to change the name of their org.inizutii.it
to "The International Anociation of
Allied   Metal   Meehenloa."
September 13th the shareholders of the
Standard Ull comapny will draw a further dividend of **) per share.    The con-
uimen chiarfuly vote to perpetuate the
•yatam through which ihey are llceeed
tor the bent-Ill t.l trust  iii.iuituutes.
Ihe I luted llntlers have tlruek in lhe
hat foctory of Eugene V. Connett & Co.,
ri Orange, .N, J., with a view of ui.iuin>.
ing the same.
! The liii-n.nioii.il Packing company
iii- . I- -.-.I its plant at lhe (Imago itoek
yard., iiu..inm; l.11"1 men out ol employment
I lhe lluuieimilh and Hridgrmru*'
union of .Vcw York has ordered u itrike
ou llu- new Ka.t river bridge, to resist a
i eilui t ion ct uagrs.
| Hawaiian planters nre iiu|Hirting Loo-
i*i.iii.. naajiBaa t" worii Bpon their plan
i..ioui.. pnyfnf txi \.n mouth.
I.tie.I.     I....H.1   tt|   etltli.illtin   i.'lil-eil   the
reijlieal ot the building ii.nl.- council to
emph.y   umon   lalsii*   exclusively.
Several thousand vet maker, in tn-
Naw I-.rk iwaatahopa aia as .. rtgike for
lln*  pit incut ol  the M*.ile ,,|   aa..*ja**  avlcet.
prevailed a year ago, mr a ten limit* day
and lor weekly payment..
Core in.tii. lit the employ oi the Wai-
bora *-,ieo...ii     ...uipaiia     ui     Cldeago
Heights will i.-eivr fc>."8 per day. if the
di-ciaion Ot the Illinois I....ml ol arbilra-
teie ii carried oul.
lailor* have orgatui-rd new union, ai
i)avrn|M.rl and Clinton, la., ami Marietta, ii   -llu- demand lor the union label
J la growing and titomi-r- to Iwrou.e tpiite
a  i.t, i..i   iu orgauuiug   the    journeymen
' tailora.
I    Clerk.,   bookkeeper!-   and    ammtitant.
, bi Alrlbournr, Au.tr.lia, are organising
villi thr object of bnuging prewire to
bear on pjili.ini.-ni In -•-. oir re-nilalion
oi hour, of labor, wage., elc.
I At the corrnuking and •nip mould.ua
Ihop. in J'lli.bunr ».>m, n and girli are
rmpli.yrd almoit rxrlu.ivrly, nrrinng
II and S3 per week lor work that men
were paid Imm 111 lo lit lor. Ihi*
rbeaper labor power n murh preferred
Ik cause the .pint of tr-i.trnrr i. larking
and tbe ma.len ran rxplo>t to timr
bun - content.
A   letT-li-   ..iiaigumrnt.
'Ilie Miliar Dav ipeei It nl I* f. Ilol-rrt
»nn in S|.,k,in,- WM a lr.rl.il imifn*
ment o| ihr pourr. Hut br in Ihr I orur
d'Alene outragra on Ihe right. ..I thr
rlti/en«. ilr *aent ..ver Ihe trouble fmm
the hritinniwi Iru yrara ago. and in a
rousing ipeech convinced hi. hr.rrr.
Hat ihr union, -..ere not ratptmalble lor
thr dratnirtinn nf pro|ierlr. but lhal thr
.ulhonlie. were e pnn*ible fnr mint
outrage! on lhe right, of lhe people. Mr.
li..In 11.on i* a candidate fnr rnnarr...
and will rrreivr thr ■oh.I .upport of th*
labor union, of Kaitem Ui.him.-t. n
Samaritan Encampment put severul
crniltUutea through the three Camp degrees   l\ e'llli-o.l.iy   night.
KOMland laixige    No. 38,    I. 0. O.  F..
aall give a bull in .Miners' Llllon hull uu
the evening ol the 18th.
It..—I.mil Odd la'vllowi coiileired
several tlegi*ees .Muudtiy tiiiclit.
'lhe 1'jthiun* u: the city nre diseu.t.ug
the i|iiestiou ol instituting it cumpany o
tlie I nil.ai me Hunk here, lt is wry prub*
ulile thnt the -cuinpuny will be loruicu lit
.i  slturl tune.
Secretaries ot unions in the Slueuii and
Lust Kootenay report pleuty ut work,
li the ll.-uii.l.iia thing, lire u little
Ihere waa no re|>oi-l from tin- rti-k
.-■ nniiiiiee made at the l.i-t meeling ul
the .Mnielo'  I in..n.
There waa a special meeting of lite
.typographical   Luiuu    culled*  tOI   Ihurs-
d.iy afternoon, but a >iuurum baving
i.nie.t to put in an uppeurance, Ihe
meeting will  be held Ionium.av.
Tourist pnutcrs an* plentiful these
.l.ia-. lln* is lhe tune ol the year Ibo
typo louka lor u situation tu 'hold
down" Im* the winter seu*».... trade
uut being particularly good in Ku—laud
they du uul  tarry  long.
i'reaident   OTIrirn   Koeloctcd—\\ ootlsjdu
\\ nis  Out   tin-  Seeretary.
All day Wednesday it stoutly stream
ol members of the .Miners' I'nion paased
into the hall to east their ballots for
ollicers to serve tor tlie next six months.
In in.iij cases candidates had no opposition, while in others there wa. a spirited contest, i'resiilfiit liTlrien was reelected Iiy unanimous vote, while Dan
flloQUvmy Will be vice-president lor the
next term, and Frank Woodside waa
clcvled hnancuil secretary over three
other cnndidite*. llu* balloting reiulted
in the eletion ol the lullowing -t.iil ol
1'reiident—W.  O linen.
\ tee 1'reiidenl—Dan   Mcliilvery.
I in.rn, e.I   SiH-n-lary- Frank   Woodiide.
'I rcasurer—\N alter   C.   1'reston.
l(e<-ord.ng   Secretary—.Tohn   Hand.
\\ iirilrn—l-'nrt  Colr*tro.
Condurtor—Oils   Davis.
Executive Cnmmiltee—A. L. IloU'toii
•ml   Kupert   llulmrr.
'the executive committee i. rompn.r.1
of the president, vii-e pre-atlent, tiii.uiti.il
leeretary and the two clrrtive member..
1'rr.ident nUrtcn hns «crd the union
in tho ...ri.. itv oi pre»iding ortirer for
Ihe past twn in,.nili-. and ha. proved
Inm-. it a very e.iretiil, |tnin.taking ol!i*
cer, and  a deservedly popular one.
'lhe  nlwly  rlrrti-d   buancial  secretary,
probably   thr   ino-l   nn|a.artant   othrer  of
tl.r uninn.   Frank  Woodiide, ii a bright
and popular young miner, wilb a ho.1 of
... ._.■*_.    >.      H...O..*.     it,,     \*.w | friend., who .rr now romiralulating him
Al. Arthur    k      Har gsi,    the     .Vw Wo.ul-i.lr    ,.    ol
Ston-, ta lhe Place for-the n nc     o pur 1^ ^^^   IfUr(,
ehase  I... blanket.Jor lhe vuuter. ,,„,„,„ him „ , Mn.   ,,, _.„« ,0 Ro-.
.Mr.   I'aul   Hcygrau    of    tbe  l'.inter.' |""--l. «™e lour year. ago. and haa been
■   Washington Street
t Cleaning and Dyeine Works. |
^^B Opposite Martin Ira*. ^^
I ran clean or due anything In ladim and
gentlemen'* wrar tUvr me a rail and be
ii'tivim e«1 The latrat Impti s-ed machinery and procra-sra rnab'e mr loguaranler
the prompt A*H\ttyt.( all order*. Work will
be railed lot nnd drlt etedtoaoy addre-wi
niners Checks
Cashed at Full Face Value at
*      The IN.fi'in.Tn House
l in. .i dritgned and p.iiini*d Ihr banner
presented to the Netviboyi' Liuon
I ..I- i Day. It.- donated his nl...- .no
labor, at bile the orgHiiutatiuii* luriii.licit
the material lor the banner. Mr. Hey*
grau ia au artiat uf undoubted atniuv,
and bn work on the bt.yi banner i.
laoiuelhing lu be proud ul.
Did you secure any of thorn l-argain,
at thr .New Store Una week! . ou lu.itle
a  ini.l.ike  il   you   did   not,
> k.* "Angelica!."  lkiter than nest
ten nnt ciiui-      lhe)   an- Mild   |..r   live
cni. ,.i Hot. ii...... WuhingtoB itreet.
Do yuu p.iir. ni'e ■ (linir-r liundry' I
li tn do yuu have no right to kick about
ihr i liin-M- milium iu ibi. country. .,
is jtt-t •mil paopln n. ami who i-ni<>ui**-u«-
them to crnir. ,
lhe Nelson k Fort Shrppard land
aganl Will give jron MBS bargain, in lou
jii*i now. Save jtaur iimney by investing
Mr. V<nod»iilr, the newly imtallcd
MMetiry of thr Minrr' Union haa taken
up hi, work like an old nand, aud i. g.v*
.nr  univrraal  latiatartioa.
lhe I'.iHn* I'ea company ii going out
ol bonnr-M in Kowland ind i. now mII-
-ng 11 cue! or Ic.
I'hnrnix camp i. now .hipping 4.000
i*... ol ore per week.
Il.r Centre Sl.r
ha.   remmrd   .hip
lie *ure lo attend the meeling ol the
I i.t.Ir. .nil I ..bor Council Turad.y night
It you do not you will b.ve no kick
• ••tiling it thing, do not euil you.
.lodging 'i*'"1 the report, puhh-hed ...
thr dittrrrnt lalior pa|wr* RodRnd had
a Labor Hay celebration tbat beat thrm
■It. i it.e. ot a doien t ....• Hi "u; tail*
i*.| to mike .. lug a tlemon.lration.
lhe rrlnrinriit ..I Mr. William Willi..
IMl Ihr oltl.r "I Mirrtary of the
-Minrr.' I uu.n t* drrply n-grrtlrd Thrir
i. lillle doubt that hr would haa,- bBSS
.'n,.mmou.la ,Ti..-.-ri lor annthrr trim,
lull r dr. lined thr baOaf ol a rrrlnlmi.
During hi* in. uiuIh-iii a bl pr-'i'd a wm
taluable ottlcer. and a majority ol the
inrmbrr. ..I Ihr union wrrr •".., lo at*
Inm withdraw li-un the ..Hire which *. >•
t.n.lrinl him. Mr Willan e.|ar.i. !..
trltim to work tu thr minr. ut ■ Ir*.
day..    Ile i. an  (ipert .haft  man.
Oft thrir frrKrlptio*. Filled
by the
Rossland Drug
: Company :
A Full Ll.e of Hrtiythlng In Our Li.r.
Hit. I*..Call.
Bos«l IWS ll.i-.i Co . R K BT.ni.il. Mgr.
Colon.t.i. Art., neat lo Don To*.
Workmen ut I Iceland   strrl   Mill.
■Uinr   Woik   al   c.herd   Wage.
employed in Ihe mines nf the camp since.
He haa been a member of Ko.-l.tn.l
Min.m* I turn for nn**t nf thai timr.
and haa alway. proved a alurdy worker
in Ihr rausr nf unionism. He ia rarebit,
mnwrralivr, with n thoroiigli knowleilgr
nf uninn aSair.. an.l .hnuld prove a moil
villi,hie   .111  ar
For -jo beit band-made miner"! booti, ,
ge to Agnew 4 Co.   Prim rigkt.
A Valuable Asset
Men of ab lily and character
ahow lh«ir ii.dt.idualiy in ll.e*
Our eint* give tbrm that f.rii
ionable and ...b.l.nti.1 quality
.0 mu. h  .Ir ir.d
Your or.'er left w.th ui inium
ynu a madr-rght iuit.
Mew Fall Good* tow in.
Taylor & McQuarrie.
Clrvrland.  srpt    I     I Lire null, owned
by the Amnion    Steel iml Wnr   cn
f**.!.)- iu thi. ..I)  -alii.lt .err cloned d..-.n
June   I'M,   icalllnrd   BpafBllaSl  t.-l...   gt-
lllg   ' mplolltti lit    to   lift a, ten    .V.l    lit.I   !»•
mm. It ti -tile.| by tin- rmploiw. that
Ihrre hi. brrn i grneral ini in -.age*
amounting in -.no* caw* to .* high » U
per rent, and ,!••- Ihat the hum. al
labor bate brrn in.rraM-d.
Labor   I ..ntrnt.nn.
Arrangement, air no. l-nig |-rilr.le.|
Iur tailing and h--l.lt..g a .•.i.a.-nt.oti ..I
it pi. -'liUlit. - ol Ihe I.Lir Mtg.nir,
tion. of 1'ale-C.rtli.Mi Iur Ihr |.ni|.t-ar ol
pl.nng    in    mtiiuu,!.....    I    eaiulid.te   1-.
SMSH   I how   named   by   thr   l,.lart tl   and
C.n-wrraltvc |»ar1ir.. Ihr mnvrnli.tu
will |*Taibably tir held in .Nrlwin within ,
month, ll |. t<><> nil, to My whn w.ll
bS lhe .and .1,1.-. but tl.rre «rr SRBMl
mrn mentioned who would mikr goaad
rrpi-isirnlaliae. ,n.l abOIB sll. mrn wh.
would lie elected.
Ihr Central.
See our new 1.11 g,K»|. reii.i.ting ..!
Cipl., .Iieketa, Kt.ra. IIoimit .nd n «.n
rial a.warlmrnl of h.av,- winter r- B
tb.r S.naelelt.*. are eitri gno.1 value. .
h.ll h'.ur .pent with u« will br ben.br,I
tu punlia.ri.   lint.tr.d t   Vt light
lilt.   |.NUKI'1.M)I-..M    CO.S\K.NHU.S.
tumult,      ll.uli-     I ui....i*l-     ami    N-int
Itrlioiiiei.    I.ke   A.Lou.
ll.c  Independent    Lnlwi    eooventloB,
ulllill   .....    -.p.ru.l.ei    UUU   at   ,in tllll..It.I
11.11, de-idol i Ii it .1 Wool dput wSdl-
Uatr. in Hit- I.e. at tin- l,*iiut..n..ng Du*
numon >.•<■ -.   l&e louowiag  nm
Ilea aia.  ..J-i I. -1  tu .1. .it  a -• ii.-u.e ul
uig.ni..t...n rie.olelil t, i,*..u ul tl><-
liadea I taiue.l. MMaM. I .iry. lV,.g.
Mrctlitauii, Binpaon, llnr.i, oang-tcr,
Johnston, Au.t.n, Dr. Ilaigrave and li.
Wi-.iun Mliglc), -K-trlii) ul tbr cuntei.
Ibe  lollowing  pun..nn «a Mdopted:
Hnr, i lrg.-l.it.an and propurttunal rrp-
I'uliii.   uwiiri.liip  ut   ptil'ln   ItanchtM..
Single  i..»
L.gl.i b.uii   d.y.
Abubt«-ii ..I i.oill j. I -i.tim un got 1
iiiiu.ti.l   wutSi.
t ompulw.) dil-iliuli-'n in .ndu.tiidl
lu.  luiluwntg  u.g.tiiidiiun.   acre  rrp-
N. i.it-t  League
lliitliirrlH.nl ul I'd.utri. and Decora-
lot.  t mon,  .No. 3.
loiuutu i,|.«iapi...di t aim. So. tl.
intent.to.ii.i llmtlirrhuud ul lluuk-
i'. ..I..,.  Nn. .Eg.
intt iiMii.iMi ( in.oi ut I phuUtcr.,
,o. 30.
Ilu.k.n  lb-baling I tub.
I lade,  .ud   I—,,-*•.  l.uu.il.
llu.tiling   Labuiet*.    I n.on,   .Su,   2.
K. uf  I..  .No.  .-.►>..
r.aiH.tii.k.-i.    1 ii......   Nu. 31.
I el.li.l    Mi 0....I,.|    l-.i.ith   League.
St.   Joins   la-.tge.   I.   II.   U.   1.
tint Kailway Mtaptayaas* union.
Mrir,.i>|wr. and hleiliut)pen Lum,
.No. III.
-!•-...it>-)men I..:..i.   I n.on,
Ih.ii.I   -li.rl I hill...k   ( lull.
I     I'    -    . I  .    /   ..    t ■.ngt-rg.lwoal
(  hut-all
litmul.,  Ih.itiit l minx I. II.   I    t*l  1.
So*..li.t   l^dgur,  y
Wailrr.    All.d.ur ,
.MtCH,l   I'.aiteatilr   Awt-wuliuu.
' .1.1,1.   .ml   i "unity.
Mr  -I.....*-   -»iiti|*a-*.n   ...  tbr  i.H.irr ol
the  rrwdul......    'that   ...  laa ..pinion ..I
Hi.. .*..ii--nlton ITT. idvtaMa that irnlc*
|trni|rni i-a-ilti,«| a.liiii. lar Ukrn, and
111. 1 a printanrl.l i-.g4n..al..,|t !-•- I-no
rd l# atrangr leg the pu. ing t.l .and.
Lie. in Ihr brld ai .11 lutule .'.. Hon.
11.1 tbr ...gg.«l....t ... |. A I ...» II...
w«ld. ,11 lullirr rial lit.at. wrlr .||,l k
.till It'll.    nt*.|ifi-ot|    tlir   ^-^aliito..t    w,.
a.lnpii-,1. .nd appl.t. uni, to Ihe mining
lhn..i..M,n   11,, Inm*.
for Male
Il.r i,ta, I la. In.taping D.iutnn and
nuthl ...mpblr New mndrrn mrthndi.
Ioitr.i pi.-rw. r*i.,ty ,nd quitkir learn
ed. Alw onr "Ho,.I S.lvir Mn.t
tiler. A Hi*!'*" ...tllil Ca«t over
Wl. Will w-ll it i hatgaan Call nn or
or IddtVM Mamurl Mitt.n, ..rrr ■.•tpry'.
AN    ('.III I Ml M    lABihll)   KOR.
Iron  and   Mrrl   Vtor*er«  ind   l.mplnyrr.
in longt-w
IMlBH, M..h. ->pl I I kr I lord con-
leirn.r l*riwtof*n Ihr w.gr rnntm.ltee of
thr Amslg.initril Ae-wwi.linn ol Iron,
Slrel .nd I.n Workrr. an.l rrpre»nt»-
•i.i. ,, Itl.r grr.l nnn sn-l -l-r' Mmi ns
lln. puddling .nd mill aralr l-r limo. I»
gin lln. illern.-.n. An agi.'mrnt ..
looked lor Irom lhi« HufMlBIV. a. Ihr
smslgamitr<l .■MHarnlinn hi. given ill
n.inmiltrr more di-Hlrlion..)
Ihsn it had it   pfBllUM r-.ntrrriH-e.
I ig.r-   I.,
st  lit. irnt>
•u.t   thr   i.n,.,--
!'-.i. lUrr.
September 8,  1000
The Industrial World.
Semi-weekly   Edition.
Published ut tho Miner'a Union Hull,
itosolund, iu the interest of organized
labor   in   lliitiah   Columbia.
Entered at the Kossland, 11. C, post-
otticc for tntnsinisaiou rtlirough the
maila, November, 1800, as aecond-clusa
reading mutter.
_  C.  Tbotupion,  Editor   and   Manager.
Office   at   Miner's   Union   Hall.
I'ayable Invariably  iu Advance.
One year       -P °*
Six month!          • '■a
Three month!           "5
The profltlioDll men of Yale-Caribou
nuw huve u ctiuditliilc for Ilie house ut
commons   in   \\.   A.   (jalnher,   a  .Nelson
luuTi.-tt'i. )) lieu will the workingmen ol
the lou-titueiiey realise the importance
to iheiuselvcs uf having candidate! .tml
ceding them lu topmast lulior. ll is
Uiellll lo say thai u prolo-sionnl man
oau be a labor lepiesciuuliai'. It is useless to c.aini that hi will icpicsenl any
but the business ami pi'ufcs.-ioiiu! inter-
ests. All that lubor ever secured lit in
ilii-c kind ol l'e|iri'*t'Utuliae. tiui. It.l'ced
irom tliein. Their own class gets wlutt it
wants tur the asking. W lieu labor
elect- labor lueu tu repicenl lulHir, labor
I legislation will tie secured, and nut suun-
er, So lung us wurkingincn will divide
I their vulcs ul the pulls uud su long us
].i..ic -i..ii.i! politicitttis cult keep Ihuni
I divided by trying "Grit," "'lory,' "tree
! trade, "pruteetiun' ur any uther uid
thing, just su lung labur need expect
n..thing Hum their bauds. Hut so suun ua
tl.e uorkingiut-ii Will take the initiative,
dlaragarding patty .undulate* und party
pledges, select calulltliiles ot then* uuu,
ur support "i.e ut the uid party candidate* on certain speeilic pledger, iii regard to labur measures, they may expect
to huve their demands Itntvued lo, uot
The  .Nerve  of  Taylor.
ttivotatoki, Se|.i. .".. Iii tin Liberal
convention yeiteiduj -*. S, 1'aylor, Q. •'■*
pledged the nippuii ol orguiuiod laboi'
to W II. Ualbher, Iho iiotuiiieo ol tbe
lhe ibovi tli-ii.ilili lllOWl the nerve of
■ome mm.   Uecaun Uu*. man 'Taylor ut
■...nie tunc 01 other n.i* been retained as
consul tor I miner!1 union, he takes it
upon   himsell    to    speak    for    orgnui/.e.l
labor,   He aaaumn niuohi
An Excellent Edition.
The Lalior Day edition of the Km*
man's Labor Journal, Spokane, wis a
beauty. Sixteen pages, chuck lull uf
labor MWI and special articles by labor
men. The paper was cupiuusly illu.'.-M*
ted, and in this respect llritish Columbia was not overlouked. Along witb
the labor leader* across the line appears
hill toll!! ot I Im* I..lev. James Wilks.
and others. Hos'land appears in views
ol Miners' Union hall, ami . ut- of in*
purudc lasl Miners' Union day. lhe is*
•ue i» u most   creditable one.
Eric, Tl.
Nutional Now Era,   3pr^^flela, Ohio.
The People'i Paper, Snnta Barbara,
The Eagle night, Qresi.ip, Ky.
NlbtBlka Socialise, lfl5T7 Chicago
itreet, Omaha, Neb.
iledric Laundry.::
Addresi all communications to the In-
diatrial World, Postollico Box 058,
Uowland,  B.  C.
The Industrial World      lor sale at the
following   news   depu
Simpson's   Mcwa   jiaud.
H.  S.   Wallace"!  Statioacry   Store.
Linton Bros.
P. O.  News Sta^J.
Barri  Cigar  Store.
Canada  Book  ft   Drug Store.
Mcitaa   Hroi*
King ft Co.
Secretaries of all uniona arc authonx
ed to receive lubscriptioni for the
SAILUHAV, SMT. 8, 1000.
1 here are perhaps oue thou-uind lui-i
uc* ami piotessioiial men ut lalc-lurt-
btHi, about evenly divided betavecu the
Cunservtitive and Liberal parties. There
are ut the L'ou.litucncy 1I,*J0'J vuters.
The Liberal party iu the cuustitueuey,
dominated by Una numerically small
cu ., bai nuniiuatcd a caudidttte Iur th.
ciimmuua. Ihu ('un»ervativi* party will
ttlsu have luch a candidate iu the held
nt the near tuture. The interval! of the
men dounniiling these tun |urties arc
identical, und il inutlera nut whu u
elected he will In* BSpSOtSd lu repn-senl
these class ltileresti. .Neither can b.
elected except by the votes ul working-
men. W urkiiigtueti then will elect a
man to reprem-nt class lutersts which are
opposed tu the Intereets ot tlie wurkrr..
l.i t that I...ili.i. ! 1-ni m-lung yuur
cBemiei with a club tu ln-.tt ynu lo .I.-.,t.-,
with " Wheu will yuu learn better, ai.uk
iiigmt-ti ! W hen will you learn that your
v te* .tt the pull! will elect a uinn tu
represent VOl'II IM'EKKSTS initeid
ul u man tn repi-rat-nt tntereit. oppoted
to yours.    I ti.uk a little tog yuurielvei.
The lolluwing Irum the Sindon Pay*
atreak su exactly exprcasca the upiuu.ns
ot llio World on lederal poliitie* In tin-
Kootenay, that it is reprinted verbatim
and commended tu the attention ol our
readers,  und  especially  to  union   men:
With the approach u! the Dominion
electiuna the tunc ha .arrived let* llu*
people ul Hriti-.li Columbia lu see to il
that they art* represented in the next
parliament. Thi. province h.i never had
the right kind of meu at the federal
capital, and mil.-- immediate actiun i*
taken the Pacific members in the next
house "ill be no more rcpre-entativc
than llritish Columbia's aggregation ol
Ircaki in the past. The constituency ol
*a uie, ( ..mi"... and Koulcnay has heen
about ai poorly represented ai it possibly
could be. W liilc the present member
may be a very refined, educated, accomplished and high-principled gentleman,
he bai been as helpleM a* a wooden
Indian, and. to paraphrase thr Toronto
Telegram, "inherited wealth and purchased newspapers have not provided a
tuture Inr lleav.lt BeatOCk in British
Columbia politic!. '
No candidate running under the
amnio, nf the Liberal party a* tar find
It at Ottawa today could c*.mm.in.I tin*
itintiilen.-e .ft the pepole. t-auner, Tartr,
Silton ft Co. have a i.dated riuiv pnu
e.ple.    repudiated      every     pledge     and
broken every promiaa   on   which   they
vii'ic   elected,   and   their  luit   ryrar-'  ad-
mlniatration  h-,- been   one   wild -.uur
iintiii <>t robbery, iiiriuptioti .ui.l i*oitei.l
all-round rottennri. from stall   to tini-h
i mn  i. it., reaaon to hop.-   lor   .u.a
Hung tu-tter Irom the t'on-eia.Une p.itiv
und  to elect  a  cimlidato on  lhal   ticket
would ha to tndom ., new let*.* t.. tin*
gang who exploited Can ul.i tor so many
years uinler the nhle leadership ol I upper,   i.ingev.ii.   Connley,    I.u km.   Mc-
Grcevey, ct al.
li  i* .impiv .. mattei ..i ImpoMibility
for an  honael  man  win,  hope*  l,,  Inner
tin* -..minion, of Ihi country io affiliate
with cither nt the old partial I .amnion
It in-li •- ii..1 to I.e found ill the anmr
street with pridr,.|,.mil polltidana. Thrr
•rr Intereetad in tin- idvancement md
maiiiten.nrr  ol    a    molal and  rcnn*Biu-
.v-iem which i» re....n.i.-..i by every
Hunker tn in. n monumental triumph ot
injll.tlce      All   thr   law.     which    dr/mde
ini".r. .ii thr rmetment! which create
monopoly nn drentnllie wealth, ill th.
.latiitr.  .nil   privilege!    which  m.ike  the
e\|ll..|lati..ii    ol    Hi,     |tr„p|r     |io,.,|,|e    ,,,,.
thr work ol th,* |role«.i.in.il poHtleiai
To place powrr in I hnr hand- ll I..
ahnndon   srll-rr.pri-l
II I- Iron, ll.e piOpIl thrin-rlve. that
a nrn- and better government mini
.'".>■ ll .* tin nulic rank* thnt rrprr*.
rntilive. mii.i Im* chom .tml il ia Iiy
Ihe intra nl the wotk.ngmen lh.it the.-
reprewntit.vr. mutt br elrrlrd Thr
labnnng .In..,., h.ivr the cntrolling
v..t.. m ti,.. ...i.,i,i,irn.v ni Vale, ( iriboo
ind Kootennv. nnd « lobar randldltl
.hoiild Ik- rleetrd t„ rrprr.rnt Ilie inland
rmpue  ot   llriti.li   Colombia.
Actio,, «i,„iii,| ba t.ilien Immediately h.
every labor union in the Kootenay. Ths
lune i. .lurt.     Ihr  campaign  is nlrridr
•ui m every other i-nri of CSnidi.   nnd
•he anni.utirrmt.nl nf tl.e dale nf rlerlinn
ll   due   almn.l   anv   dav.    "A convention
.linuld be enlled in Hie immediate liiinn*
«nd a esndidnte whn inn command the
re.pcct of the elector, plated in Ihe
held       I here    .hnuld   hr   no   llntrrl,,.„i,
nf purnoae and  n. procraatlnation   The
wnrkingmrn   of    Hii.   grrnt   conitituenrv
n.fd but  to name their candidate now
and Ihr tight i. (hnr, lint tbry mil.I
ad in the Immediate  rrewnt. Oner per
nut   Ihr  prof onal  pnlilirinn. In get  a
bad in thr held and Ihev will divide tlm
mention of thr v..ler* with Iheir lime
-mm appeal* to irrpidiee and Iheir
hackneyed biai r.t pnrlvi.ni. nml thr
enlilrn opportunity of organizing n solid
labor p.rty in Ihr Kootennr will l,r gone
Au Oluu cungrcisiiian—Iriend of ll.uiiu
—and hii son, a i-dama-tir in the I'lulip-
luiie army, have accural by purchaie at
u ii.iuiiu.il hgurc nearly all ul llu* h.u.l
wood iuresis on the island ul Luion.
.Mills will be lent over and the deilruc
lion of the tcroests will begin it once.
.None ot the lighting soldiers Will hive
an op|»rlunity ut .earning similar holding! in that laraway land ol riohei,
wrung, and  bloud.
lluu sued tin- plutu pros via. uu lanbor
Day I lhe extra expense lor "lady"
must be au enormous.
Macliincri. n- o| eralive labur and
tn.-is are lhe geimi uf a new nvdi/atiou
thai is ju-t belore na. What will u*hcr it
l>? llu* -u. tally ii.etul ,|«.*r. that la,
tlie workers, both ui hand aud lirain, in
the larturv and un the laim must i-ouu*
tu a rca.uat'on a, lu win* tbry who pri*
duce Hit* wealth an dcuniturt. ul civiot
ii"ii arr constalilly robbed ul lli-.i,
lln-e aovially ii_.-t.il ela*«... are in the
niaurity ... lar a. number, an- n.nc-i-u-
ed, and it is only a question ol lune -,u*
til they realize thr -ouree ol the wrong
to Which Ihey .ire subjeiled, and Ibey
".II iir.du.Ut .I....IUI- contrul, through a
. l.iini-on-iioii. itolitir.l party voicing
thrir interval, .nd ..piratiun.. ..I thr
|«i«cr» of guvrrnmrut now controlled
by the rapilah.t. and their lellower..
W hen Ihey kavc control of |..|itn ,1 (*.».
er Ihey cn then return to thr prople
the tool, of pmduttnin .ud dtilributinn.
I In- w tbe Sociih.l piMgram. li i. not
an ideal plan evolved in the brlin ol
•ome dreamer, bul a nerewary rr»ult ot
rronomic force, it work in mutlvtii *..
lh,- ta-k before us at Ihe prrwnt tunc
ii   lu    urginur,   cl.n ilr    .uni    agiuie.
" "ii-in will   gi,,.   , in-operative
fraternal misty, ind give i.. mry .,ne
the lull *o,*i,i value of their libor. It
Bill remove the pmwm i-a|iit.ili.ii, el.i*.
Piletlnli.in that evt.l. I.slay lailh .,11 ,t,
brutal and dlgmdlag Itiptoitallon al
" ""ii   and   bill.*  ilnbtieii.     It  will   give
give room hn  mob an Intellectual   .**,
|...n....n a. nn age yrt ha- produced.
"Common   "iauil*hi|i     ol     lh,.   mr, I
wealth i lu in.:.    *b..ui.i i„. ii,,. battle
cry ia prirrlul onr. Itr H.r wivi of the
di.inherilrd md all t'h..»c intemted in
i.blaming a   higher  rivihmtion.
when this i« aeeomidiihad the "Story
I Mm" will nn longer be a rrronl 0I
iiiju.it,,- .uul lir.ital.ly brlnrrn human
being., but rath .timrilin, p„g„. ,„|,|,„|
to thl. hlick and h!nod stained volume
WtU be eridm.r. of thr fact that man
b»« at last bernmr mn-wiou. uf ki. exist
»ner. ami rnablr him lu atoia. and mora
m.xl.ly Uie condition .that .iirruun.l
him in oidrr lhal all hi. families mav
bv.    ample   m-on   for   furlhrr    .|. velop
■•"■*.■      'I he    pnnratn    tli.it    thr
ia.iuii.il,    t.tiiitt,   prr-nit.  t„  ua.  Snail
"•■ ''ki' idvantagg   ..i   u *   Shall   wr
HiUUIll    lh,.   )llgi-riii.,iit t.i,    ol    t.ipil.ili.,,,.
thai ern.hr. it, milium.. both pl.t.*. ..iv
an.l  menially, .nd  .,.„„„.   Ho*  rem. of
a.-ui control,   or .lull wr allow n i,
prn.eed   unrestrainnl   in   it*   .b-.tni.t,,.
 ■•*' '    "u* i« thr question Iha)  ih-
tnrnl.rlh erni.i,, prrw-nl. for an aniWBT
to the nun ill brawn ad brain who hav.
tor age. been eiplmtnl by tftr idle lew.
I.el u. hope Hint whrn ' th Ir.naitioa
rom. n. comi it miiTi it will |„. „lt|,
s* Ill 1 Iv Irirlmn a. (Ki..ihir. nnd let u«
work with tlmt md in rirw. It will re
nutrr a h.ir.1 -trugglr on the pari ..I Hu*
di.inhented. but whether it will hnng
at lib it "nir. In>m heurn ..r "1,!,.|.
from hrll" .at. wm, iaom _|,0 egfkyb,
»nd nnt thor who arr Mphrited If
they .iibmit tn Ihr t.-in.fnrtniti.in, all
wrll and good. If nnt. Hirn Malory
PMnt. with an unerring fingrr lo w|„,t
meh artin will provoke l|<* „h.i .Und*
in the way nl progr.a. mu.t ruber .te.,
Itldl or br .r..-hrd. If hr i. en *hrd it
i« evidence ..I .mnde ,„, thr pirl -f tl,,.
offender.    "Mrrely    »hli,    tnA    nothiai
Curlis in the Convention.
In the rect-ui l.iber.il cuttcntioh Hon.
Smith luitis confirmed the high opinion
lalior people hud of bun Iiy making a
.ii.oii plea tot them, lie a.ked the .*■ n
v-ciilion to Ink,* the labor unions into the
patty councils and tormulate it platttirm
which would embody their idrns. Hud
his advice been taken it is likely that a
labor candidate would not tie placed in
the Held.
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I.l.     llu HI   .Ud   go   ..I. 'lit    a .'in   la" -im -•
—they do then «»rk wutl.i yuu art- doing your.. Di. Agnttv's Liver l'llli are
ay.iem renovatora, liiuod punbera ami
builders. fcn-rj glaud and umu. in the
whole anatont) .» benefltted ami simulated IU I.i. u i* ol them. It) d..i»-! Ill a
vial,   lu  ,i.,t*.      i-uid  I.)   lloodeie  Ufc»*
si......I   lluu  ub  Death.
NottS   tukiuia.   H-i.ll.,   St-pl*   '.   U.K-I,
iliiiu.iiii.   .111   aged   mt-ditiue   mail     aud
.im 1 ol the l.iKinia tnw*, haa -beeu bru-j
tally .toned 10 iW-Blh m lu. lent hy   ...
Indian Mined MB.   He hid been .ailed
oil h)  John lo -•!)•• •..*, child, --vliii.il ua,
auk.   lie performed  the  u«iat  barbam
luni-almr. a. Iie»t he could jet lhe tbild
d..*. lhe lalla-l Hull uelll lu tin- nu.l
Kim* llinn'* tent and .toned '.tin. lu do ilia,
Death ot an Aged Minuter*
William*,  Cat.  Sept*   7.-Re*.   Ij'temo'
Muugh.   the Oldeet  Mvtl.odt.l intui.tel   ...
tb.* »oii-t. died mddenli In tha ...itoa.l
dei« hne. He -was luiiu ui Ileal \"*
giuia 111 1HU8 and enu-ivd the imni.try
IW yrar. ago.
i.a 1: 11 mu. given him. The crowd carried htm on iiu ir .boulder. 1. --... tbe railway -t.it..-ii to tb. government bouie, a
tfliiiine ol halt a mile.
1 '.-..ut   \ on Waldrracv.
Colombo, Sept. ".- Count Von Walder-
•ee, isntiniai.iti-r-iii-chi.-f of tlie allied
11.0.1m 111 China, arrived here thu morning. Alter ipendiiig a feu* hour, a.hore
tbe Count reiunted hi. voyige.
Two  Families   Wiped -Out    by    Cbiuc«
.New lurk. 1-spt. 7 -The treeing
World nutdi.lie* » de.|wt«h which My.
ne«a ol tre-h Climcr outragci have
leached Shanghai l"ao Ting Ku. Mr.
6-inn..s. "ilr id . miauonary, waa aUhbed
to death while .landing. Ian in Intnl.
i.nr the dead body of her huaband. He-
lore drallt  dosed her eye. .he uw  her|
tin., hahana Impilrl on CWneel bayooou.
Ktv. Iiank SttBiOi, with hii ».!« aai
t hi,, ilitldvt-n. were American!, ind
. na mon il my, l'a. Dr. and Mr.. C.
It. Hodge, of Philadelphia, art- alio m.i*
mired. Troopi hive .lurtcd Iruui IV
Ua to avenge thr outrage*.
Race For the Fi-lirr Cup.
Rochc.ter. N. Y.. Sept. -.-Speculation
around the i>»ui bouaea at Charlotte md
in tin- city ii nit- over lhe coming nee
between the MmoU, ol the Royal Oin-
...;...11 ^acht clui., ..( Toronto, ami the
lii-ni-i-e. of Uie Itoi-he.trr Yacht club,
lor th. Fiahcr cup, winch comnionce. tomorrow. Skip|«-r .lar,-)., of lhe Minola,
and Usvia, ol the (icnc»ec, are both rrli*
ent over the probable outcome, altI. .ugh
both men feel conlid.nl of victory.
IJoM   W.ter  Advocate..
loronto. Sept. 7— The general prohibition ii.in.nitteo ol lhe Metliiulut church
id Canada met here yeaterdiy ind refilled t.. lend out nppr.ili to the member-
.hip I.. . .pu■-» 1 tUaapproval of ihe portion taken I.y thr ll..u«- of t'ommoni
by u-ing etlorl. lo defeat all tnemberi
Mehlng reelection who are antiprohibi-
lioni.t*. Tin. applies al»o In new candi*
datea in the Held, lhe committee aim
pit-n-d r.-olutinna favoring provincial pro
hilntmn a. laid down by the Dominion
nllian. I, ll.e utlenlion of tl.e department »f militia will lie called to the
Violation of the canteen regulation* by
the committee.
A Limited Number of Troo|* to lie (Aft
in  IVkin
New   "lot*. Sept.  7. -Whit   .. hrlii-vr.1
to li.uv heen a ..Intel meting wna bsW
la.t night -ti tin* country club .in a .ub-
nil' ot  W'ti.hinBtoii. .av. ll.e W.i*l.iuaton
,..rte-|*indent of the Herald, ul... 1 ontin
ue*:   "The dominant feature of lhe forth*
i-.nun*- n-.le Iron. W ...Ininit.... .......uk the
power, a. tn China will lu- the nr. c.-itv
for i-omt-lele h.innony. It »* not intended to utiiidtiaa iiton l-i-Lui in.i Rnaain'a
view, nr,- In lx- met half w-.iy. That
i« In -wr. the prnp»*ai will It* con.id-
..e.i. and. in fact, il ia limit.I lhal a
.111:1!.•*!not I,, lhe -line elTrrl wa. einluul-
ied in Ihe reply ol I let-many. Ihat each
IK.tter reduce 11. (nrrr in Pekin to a
limited mi 101-*. „f mrn and the real of
the tmo|.a lo lie withdrawn to Tient.in.
lhe Amerit.in pn,|",«tl will, therefore, be
a mmprnnuv
lhe   AIIm*.   Can   Mu.le-   a   C..!i.i.l,*r..l.lc
Number <>f Men.
New lork. Sotd. 7.-The la.ui.lun enrre*
tjv>* nt  of the   Ir*'une myi     "A  verv
RgfCstive item <*f ( hinew new. i» that
|. ..in    -.i.* 1 ti.linu   tin*   departure   nf
lhe fourth brigade of Indian tmm» ha.
laeen cancelled, ami that the entire force
mil proceed In the far Ka.t. Twelve
hundred mnre Indian tfoopa have been
liin.led ,1! Shanghai by Enetand. te that
there ire now over 3ft*i there. Tl.e Oer*
man tr.m|>* landed al BhBngha i.-ienl.iv
an.l the Au-trin... nre tn diwniliark 1
.mall detachment, donblleai lo give moral .llp|mrt to the .illie-. i> that a powerful little iniernatiotial army i. gndutllv
lacing harmed .1 the Yangtw trealv port.
II i. |.n«*.lde thlt the loner. m!V alio
have to land a fon-e further MStb baton
long. Il.ola are Mid lu 'br frequent 11
I '.niton, and lhe .ituulion in Ihat quarter ■• by no nienn. wattled."
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
. —■
I l :" i l".   11   n /1:: • /   1
circulation of
Industrial World
Average Weekly Circulation for August,
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. C, that tells its circulation and backs it
up by  allowing  advertisers the  privilege of
examining circulation books and records.	
Tin*: WORLD'S advertising columns are liberally patronized by all of Rossland's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
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Safeal and Seat.
Solid   Vestibuled   Train*,.     k,1eotrio
Lighted.    Equipped   with
innervation  Cars,
Pullman  Palace Can,
—legant  Dining Cars,
Modern  Day  CuaoSea,
Tourist   Bleeping  Care.
Through   ticket,  to all   points la   the
Cnited  State, and  Canada.
•Except)   Sunday.       Ti*j*  onr   Klectn.
Agt. R. IC Hy., Rosalind, HjC.
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Aast. Oen.  Pa
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Deliver your Trnnki lor KstS,
each     Three dava itnraae free.
Queen Cigar Store.    ♦
TsiMtn.M   j, 4
•i mi «   .........sessss...........
Alderman Mrlaigan Dead.
Il.miltnn,  Ont.. Sept. 7.—Ki-Alderman
M. I .-K.'t.. one id Hamilton', rcpected cit*
l'en*. ll dead, ageal 77 year..
I he Canadian  Kennel dub.
loronto, Sept. 7.—The Canadian Kennel rlul. haa decided In prote.t to the
provincial government ajrum.t the inelu-
nun of re|ti*terptl dott, which Ihey claim
are a.livny, kept under control, in heavy
ligation l.ecau.c nf de*!nictinn wrought
by dug.. At a meeting yctcrday Rev. W.
Wt Klinton. Victnria, lt. ('., wa. elected
vice*|.rc»iilent. .
Are   Sending   an    Kjt|iedilion   to   Suith
New  Yotk, Sept.  7    The    .,.„.    tele-
gra|dinl from L.-Inih thai .1 unlit m el	
.litinn   a   thou.au.1   .Imng   I.   al I    to
leave Ihe lagu. for lanrrurn Mnr.|.../ hai
oauHd much -iH-uiit..... ..* t.. tl..* I'.-r
tuguev intention* in S<iuth Afro... mv*
the Ttitmne'i l»nd..n onrrv.pon.loiit.
.Many |*eople ronuect lhe l'..rtiiuue«e n-
inforcement. with an Intention to refu.e
the llnei lugilive. an a.ylum in Motam*
tuque antl the determination of the Li.bon
government lo no longer |*ermit the Dutch
force to dr.iv supplies from Dalagoa Hay.
lhe Kngli.h government la eitremely
anxious that Hm ex*Pre.ident will not
.hp through Iheir finger., and Portugal
would certainly lie itnfng rhem a good
turn if .he denied the ..1.1 man an asylum
anil .0 compelled him lo surrender to
Lord Roberts,
in. ig.  the following platform wa. adopted.  Wc  would caiu-cially commend  it t
the cniivdcralinn of the workera uf British Columbia at the present time:
1. tree  compulsory  education.
2. l/cgal working day of eight bouri
ind six day. a week.
3. Uovernmcnt inspection of all indu,-
I. The ai...l.tn.n of tlio contraot lyi-
ti-in on all public work..
b. A minimum living wige, baled on
local condition!.
0. I'.I. n- ownership of all f.a.u him*".
-.nli a* railway., p-legra|hs. wutcrwork-,
lighting, etc.
7. 'lax reltarm, by Icouing taxation
...1 industry and iiicraamig il 011 land
1 allies.
N.   Abolition of ihe I)-iminion senate.
9. Exclusion of fh.11...-.
10. 'ihe union label on manufactured
Smoke    Crown
Grant    Cigari,    Blue
lladcnl'owell in Cnpe   Town.
(ape loam. Sept. .—iladen-l'nwell ar*
riVId here this morning. In spito of the
cily   hour ol  his arrival  n  great  public
Contradicted by Ihe Earl.
New York, Sept. 7.-The Karl of Ros*
,yn ha. Written a lenglhy letter to the
editor nf the Herald from Rutin Ca.lle,
tlrent llritain. nintra.rirting and eriti-
ciaing italemenl. re.pecling the Earl in
the South .Mtie.in war, appearing in the
Herald ol July 1. over the name of Richard llnnliiig Davis, a war coiros|mnilont.
lhe peer lake, Mr. Davis severely tn task
for st.-il.-tucul, concerning the Karl's im*
pri-onniet.l   I.y  (he  Ibier* al   Pretoria,
tiik i.aiiok PLATFUHM.
At   the   Int   session   of   the   Dominion
Trades and  lAhot congrc-s Mid  in Win*
Labor Union Directory,
Officer, and Meeting..
Meeta every second and fourth iucs-
day in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
each month at 7:30 p.m. in Minera"
Union Hall. C. Schalm, Sec; A.
i-'erria,   Pres.
Mecti every Friday of each week at
7:30   p.m.    in   Minera*   Union     Hall.
'    A.   Icrrii,   Pres.;     A.   J.   McDonald,
MINERS   UNION    No.   38,    Weatern
Federation    of    Mincri—Meeti    every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock  in
Minera'   Onion    Hall.    Wm.     Willan,
I   Sec;   W. O'Brien, Sec.
M>.-i, on the last Sunday ot each
month at the Minera' Union Hull. J
P. Barkdoll, Sec.; W. Toole, Pres.
No. 252—MeeU the hrst and third
Tuesday 01 each month at 8 p.m. in
BMtty'i Hall. P. O. Box 314. W.'
Mcl.ru.1,   Prea.;   J.   hlmnan,  See.
000K8 ft WAITERS UNION, No. **,
W.  L.   U.—Meeta  every  saiurd.y  er* '
ening at I 30 o'clooh in hUneis' {luton
11.11.    P.   O.   Box  11.    I'aul   JonVr,
See.;  Oeorge Cunningham, Prea.
Executive  Hoard.    E. C. Krurr,    Ross*
land;  W.  Davidson, Sandon;  M. Kme,
1,111 navnod;   If.   II.  Diuiork. Movie.
PAINTERS'   UNION,   No.   40,   Painters!
and   Decorator!  of  America—Meet,   in ■
Heitly'e   Hall    on   Mcond   and   fourth'
'iiuiiio -.1  -oon faojd '/qilinig   q -ai
NEWSBOYS'  UNION  No. 3-Meeta in
ton, Sec.
a.m. Mike Guydotti, Prea.; Jay Har-
'I ue day Wednraday of each month,
third Saturdays of each month, at S
M'nrr.   Union  Ball on tbe first and
—Meeti second Sunday in each month.
J.  II.  Fletcher, iccretary.
—Ed-card Iloyee, president, Butte, Montana; John f*. McDonnell, vice-president, Virginia City Nevada; James
Maher, se, rotary Ireaaurer, Hulle, Mon-
Una ,1'. O. Box 307, headquarters,
Room 12, Owsley block. Executive
Hoard: John I'. Williams, Ora«s Valley,
Cal,I W. D. Haywood, Silver City,
Idaho; James II. Furey, Butte, Montana; W. N. Burni, Ouray, Colnradn;
Out.. II. Mnyor, Lead City. Soul It
Dakota; Chris Foley, Roi-dand, Britiih
.Iiiiiu-s Wilkes. pri'.ident, Nelson:
James lie, ine, vicprrailent, Roe»land;
Alfred   Parr,  accrotary treasurer,  Y'mir.
i: Grand Union
ii  --Hotel--
Mil fl!Kill:I.t) Ilk.1-    Ii.
The Finest ol Winei, l/iinor. and
11 iiiii*i.iii- and Import. -I Clgara.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
.n 1 '• • ; • ...
Vou wanl . t..b-    .     -   .ml ymi wsnl   1
th. beet.   ..t^.,i,-t   i-a    .-
I1 nion CJjrar...
None Better.    Solid Vestibuled
Trains,    Palace  Dining  and
Observation Cars   Meals
• La  Carte.
Dirsel eomMStmo at St Paul, without
change of S^wt, with all train, tor
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Mew I.u,.
and all poiut. weat and aouth.
I It.-.- • on in cl ion eut and weat luaun.t
train, at Spokane wth train, of th.
Spokane Fall, ft Northern Hallway.
lat-att-a Spokane daly for Eaat 10: U
laeavea Spokane daily far Weet 7.30
Weet bound trains make direct connection for Victoria, Vancouver, Fort-
land, San Francisco md all pointa oa
j the Sound.
During the aeaaon ol navigation East
bound traini connect at Ihiluth with
■S magnihoeot ateimioipi North Wc.-
"d North lind, of the Northerm
Steamahip company line operated in connection with the Great Northern Kan-
I way.
For further information, mape, told.
' era, etc., apply to any agent of the Spokane Falla ft Northern Hallway, haai.,
* Mo. an a.adway, Kootenay Railway ft
Navigation   I'-.ttii any,  or  to
F.  I. WHn'NEY,
Cencral   PaaMnger   and   lirket
Agenl, St.  Paul, Minn.
Commercial Agenl, Spokane,  tt-wn.
' Pacific Ky.
"Imperial Limited"
Serviia fer the year 1000 will be ram-
tneuood JUNE 10th. rtm "Impen.i
Limited" lake, j.ott actum the ton*
tinmt in lour d.y, wrtbou clnnj--
ll ii a solid vestibuled train, luiur
louily equipped with eveiy pomible
-raeential for th. comfort aad con
venience ol Pawengers. Ask your
irienda who have travelled on' n, or
addnrs. -*
E. J. COVU:, W. Y. ANDElt*. in
A. O. P. A. T. P. A ,
tancouver, B. U .Nelwn, It   1
mm Falls k lormerii.
Nelson <t Ft. Sheopard Ry.
Ben mountain Railway.
'lhe only all rail route between il
points Mlt well and xnith to K.w.1-,,- i,
Nilwo and .11 intermediate pout, too
netting .1 Spokan. with lb. Ur».t
Northern, Northern Pa do and vi 11
ft N   Co.
• mine, 1, at Nelson with ateamen lor
Ka.1.1 snd all Kootenay laks  point..
Conned! at Myer's Islla with nags
daily 1st Kepublie, an.l coaneets ai
Hnwl.urg with itige dally lor (irini
Forki aod Greenwood.
Eftective July 21,   1900.
Le«ve P..   Imm. Arrive.
lu .1) am. S|-okane 7 .** pm
11 V. p.m. Itt-Mland        SOU pm.
11:40 p.m. Nelnon g.uo pm.
Nighl Train.
»4S  pm. Spokane 7:0S Tm.
10:00 ; in llomlind « .11 im
II.  A. JACK.-iin
General  I'ajnengrr Agen'
E.  W. RUFK,   Agent
, Hoeslaod, B. C.
*+++++ **+++++** ***4****+* *,
IA Sme Thing \ I
lKimr-.Hr I'oinn f.al-rtCI«ar*s I t.« Htnr »lf
Voada, I.n Vlor dr Cntm. Kl Colutilal
ini[(ittriit'iii«n Uatoa Labtldgan Lar*
range. I I Corona, A In. an 1 Dudes, Ualrlrl
The Queen Cigar Store
CROW t\ MllRRIS. frOpI
coiumiiia Aftaoa
'.; ; . . . . ;	
X Thai   inr  Tra« aid  r..|fir«  §,**?  ihr
4y I not  1 -t  * I'd In Rom tad    Turim
I whrn lr«» and m ff r« sir j*ishrd *-i
' X hard II I* ibMfatct) 'lrvfetn'v lo hm I
4*^. a*i artUIr ol nini'iisl " . *ii.   \ mi will
4*,, fiinl ii hi if   Otaanran Rir«n«wa>.
X Pacific Tea Co.:
X ***********************
Hiners Checks
Cashed at Poll Kacc \'alnc at
The Hoffman House
Ik an.l ot-.il
(MU, HM-   V.rnl<hr*.   Il.ti.h". Will
I Inl.h   .ml   I'.lnlar,    -iirptlaa      .n.l. ..
tale. Ito I'.pafh.it.-.-i, and tleinr.tlnf
Odlt.   .ltd    -*|,..a
'dlt. .ntt -at.t.a ll.ttl, * ft L'tt.tBl'* - a
lOCl I** lol .111'**, Ala .relit IKmiiti.o., *.
:«pir«. Oa   * '.nne.    Ttlrph-ae No   1*,.    *
*********************** * THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
SATURDAY    September S, IMO
"J he Tropoeali of Smith Cul tii—Tho
Speech Hituruing Thank* for the
Nomination of W. A. Culliher.
from the product uf agriculture the company expect, tu make ils earning*!. Another class of profitable freight will be
salmon uud lobster, for the fostering of .puhj
which industries told storage wurehouiei
will be built.
Mr. K. W. Grigor returned last night
iioin litvelstoke, where lie hud been lor
ih.* niirpon oi a.tending the Liberal oon-
lenlion oi the iitie-Luril*jo eoiislilu-
nuy. lie suld Unit Oil Convention open
iii ut IU o'clock 011 Wcilue-dtiy lust* 'I here
wtie   in   attendance   al   members.      'lim
delegate! town lioaisaud were Mmn.
Smith l urtia, J Martin, Dr. simluir and
iuni-.en. t-olunei Topping! who was un
alternate   li-wii    lia.l,   i'ii'lf-eiited   Hon-
i.inil .iirect. ii..* visitor, wen- Senator
lemplerain, Mr UcLagan ot thi World,
.md ti. R, Maxwell, ine convention «"*•
preaided over by U, I . Macgregor oi
t-.ti.iu. The onier *oi bu.ineea wus attended to, a committee wai ippolnted
to t-itumine credentials nnd nlso tor or*
ganuation and resolution*.
At thi opening ... thi convention a te-l
.glum was lent by tl to Mr Hewitt
b'oetock, repreaenting tha nmnimoui turning of that body thai hi ihould again
represent the om-tiluciicy. 1 lie reply
which came in I'' afternoon thanked the
convention, but "owing 10 ciiiiim.tuni.-es
over which bl hud no control he wa,
lorcrd  to resign.'
In   (lie  nieanliuu-   the   coiuniittee    hud
pnned somt-  lit  or  1*   reeolutiona, ihe
principal Ix-iint lin- >|.ii--tii)ii ol U.e iiniwrt
iluty on   lead and ol   Uur iepie».ntulion
inr ti... diitrict, requesting three mem
I.™ lor Ail  t"ii-tiiuency  und  rep..->*..-
mtio the cabinet for Britiab Columbia.
The   Launer   guvernuu-nl   waa   endorsed
iiuauimouHiy  by   iiu-  convention.
It wai |>ro|M. ed I.y Dr. Sinclair ami
Meondad iiy 1*. J. Dean »*i Kamloopa,that
u central uiwiniiMtu.li In* fiun.cl Willi
lit ailipiurtcrs m llerel.tokv. und ill nth*
t-era to be in olliti* lor one yeur or until
.u|a*i*M*N.ion. 'I In. wai agi*eed to. The
limt pie-idcul ulipointed is W, Law*
tence ot Bevelitokaj the three vice.
j i.-ni,..:* are .lii.ncs .Mmtin ot Koaa*
laud, •*->. lleu.lcr.oii nl A.Utrult and S. S.
Taylor ol Nelion. 1-ne aecii*tary*trea»r
unr is Alex. Mcltat- ,.l  Iteveliluke.
lhe next order or bun lies, wua the
j*..m...at:.... ol ciiudiilatrs. I hen- waa
only one candidate placed in nomination
whn wus Mr. W. A. Gad.her ol Nelfon.
He wu. prupu-od by Mr. It. M . (Irmur
..mi seconded by S. S. laylur ot .Nelaon.
On tlie nomination* being closed he wis
••limed unanimously. Mr. Smith Curtis
and a number ut other*, indulged in-'
choice of tin- i-tiiit'entiiiit uud agreed to
gin- him Iheir lo artiest  .iipp..it.   .
l-i-u.it. r'l.-mplt man and 0, lt. Maxwell
a|»ke at con iderablc It-ngih, cungralti
laitng the convention at tin* happ. choice
that   it  hail   made.    Ihr  latter s|H-akcr
tank np tin Uhinen iitwation, -bowing in
the moat Intvitilc manner the |ioiitinn
that tl.e government were placed in and
how dilln nil it wa. lor Ka-teru Cattail,
to train, the line poatttOS ,<t Itrill.h
Citluml.ia. Hr 'a.I al-.. tbat tl.e I..-I lull
Mh.tii hud l-et'ii bniunght iu wa. by no
nii-aii. a hmil out-, an-l thai the gnvrrit
iii-riil -till intended, il elected by Ilia pro*
plr, to tuithrr Itgiatite in the nutter.
Mir W ilm.I Luit u-i waa ilrongly of the
opinion that a 1500 la. ..1 lax ihould be
imposrd, and u.-.i he waa willing to go
"the whole bog' in tin. matter, thinking
tbat there wu no other inlulioo. Mr.
Maxwell aUo cited instances, surh .. the
pn-lia trry ot .-.luntrral. the itmngcsl in
the Dominion, the aynml of the Church
ut   England  and  other   .Mrtboui.t  bodies
iwtriioning tor gmi'inniriit, pn.tr.ting
again-t any luilher taxation. Although
Ihr govrmmrnl uu m.... willing lo ac-
crcd in the si.hr. of llriti.h Oilumbii.
il wa. much hamperr-i ny i.nni.r public
ts.in*, and rrpiiM-ntatn-n. in the eaat.
In a speech on thr nomin.lion, Mr.
Smith Curlu urged ti|ion Ihe ronvrnlinn
th.t it, «•*.. t il tnen..*..- .nil Ihr various
Liberal a.wK-.a.n.n- ..t thr t*>n*liturncy
should . oni.-i with thr ,armus I'radee
.nd l-abor ititiiitil. throughout Ihe di.
iriit, with a view id lormulattng a plallorm at huh woulil include auch plank, i.
were lor the br»t inlcrr-ti of thr country
and of labor. 'Ihrrr wrrc art eral mrsi
lien of Ihe contention who were n-pmen
Ut.vt*. ot labor, and they rxpmwd an
opan.un that thr rhnirr nl the conven*
tuoi was a happy one an.l would meet
wilh approval by the a. t milled nprr.cn*
talnr, ol orgiiiiirrd libor. Mr. 8. 8.
laylor, (J. ('., whs i< c.tin.rl lor thr Mm
era' union of lhe Slocan, -aui thai as lar
aa hr knew. "utflr.. -.unrlhing unlorscrn
t.lined up, Mr li.ll.h.r ai...ii,| havr the
unanimous endorsalion of orgsnued labor
n Mocan.
Mr. W. A. tialliher, wbo was a dele-
lalr  from  .Srl-uin, mails    a    very   able
l*i-r. Ii.   thanking   thr  envrntinn  for itl
... in moil, support ind .!•• tiling huuirlf
strung .uppmtrr ol the l.euner govern-
wnl, and nprnly agreeing lo lurlber the
l-r-t   ml. n-,1. of the labor party.
An Intt-reating Return Presented lay  the
Honorable  the    Provincial Secretary.
From the retiuns of the Hon. Mr.
Prentice, provincial secretary, to the
house it would appear that the number
of votes cost ut the recent election were
as follows;
Ell-etnlill    I)i-tlial8— Of  Ballots.
Hiding  ol   Delta	
Hiding  ul   Chilliwack	
Hiding  ul'  Dewdney   	
Hiding of Hii-liiitiiiid	
I Ncav   Westminster city	
> \ iiiii-iiiivci* city   ,	
West   Hiding	
l-iust   Hiding	
North Hiding	
Kail   Hiding	
\\o«t   Hilling    .37
\\ e.t  K.Hiteiniy:
Hcvclslokt-   Hiding    801)
Slot uu   Hiding 1,231
.Nelson   Hiding 1,004
Hoetland Hiding 2,631
1-Ju-t Kootenay:
North Hiding    435
An Agreement Arrived ut lietn-een the
Cunipaiiics— Some Facts About the
An Igmmint WIS arrived at yesterday
between lhe Iron .MiL-k und Centre Star
couipaiiit-s by which all mutter, iu dispute ibeliweeu   the   two   . urn namei    huve
eatcd any movement to sever that friend*
Sutlcred a liclupse,
yuchec, Sept. 7.—Hon. Premier Mcr-
cliund, who took u turn for the better a
few days ugo, and was thought to have
been uul ol danger, sutfered *i relapse
yestt'lduy und is now critically ill.
Evidence  Accumulating.
Toronto, Sept. 7.—At a resumption of
the nuilest lust night on the hotly of Morris CiiildBtein, who the crown authorities
beltevl died of carbolic pouion administer-
ed by his wife, Funny llulpei* ami I mule
,, ■ accomplice   named   Siutporo,  all  of whom
been amicably settled, and lhe case- will  a„ -„ m(l||1).   (he   -llug* ,lT rf ,-e dcn(*
nut  now  come ul. iiguin In court.     The   mun ***,_, evidence to the effect that the
case, which WH the most Important that   mother of l-'imn yHtlpei had told her if-
ever  came up iii  this oamp, has already ' fer her futher'B death  that if she would
entailed great cost on both sides, aud Its
settlement will give .iitisl.ii.tlon uot only
to the cumpnines tliciuselves, but to the
tbl  work  of develop-
l iitio """'' 'll Uvm' *"
1 mint  ou Uu* Iron  Mask will  now go uu
molS steadily.
I In* can MIM up lust year nil thl 17th
ol   April   belore  Mr. Justice Mulkvin and
lulled   until   the  3rd   of  -May.  Many   of
the inusi noted mining axpertg of the
continent were employed on either side,
uud   u   judgment   wus  looked  forward  to
with grant Internet, a. the ultimate de-
a!*i..n   uould   have   been   iTgurdcil   as   a
quint (ml say nothing against Fun-
die would get some in..my in adili-
i; n to her portion in the will. Mils
Uoldltaln, however, insisted on a post
mortem  which    revealed  ilu* cium of
South   Hiding 1.0181
Cariboo     IbBI pm idcnt   iu   the   cousideralion   of  other
Cus*iur      680
Victoria  city 3,00.
North   \ icturia  29b
j South  Victoria  470
' E*ipi>intilt  410
Uowiehan  341
i Allien..  20.!
.Nanuiuii.   cily  872
North   Niitiaimii  3(11
South Niiii.iiinii  474
Cotnox  643
lhe   E.t-1   11.inks    the
I -tciosse.
case, nearly ui* entirely identical.  Aiming
tlie experta employed by the Iron Musk
iieie -nth well known men us James,
Keac*.  lliiil.li-y, Wild, Miller and Howe,
ami uu the Centre star side Dr. Raymond. Ciitit'iiii* King and Limlgr.il. Hud
the tu-e i.uiie up lor its adjuurued healing ut the lifting ul tlit- conn which i*
to begin on the I7ih of the present iiiunlb
the evidence oi noted i-xj-vt-ts like ituck*
ley   and   Key.-,   would   hate  been   taken
West  Oiii   Pliy   on the lluu .M.i-k side, nml that nl  Kin*
mou. and King l«r the* Centre Star, ihe
Mr. Thoinai P.TaU, Urriiter. ii in!"""1"*-1 '" ""' "'-' ••'''' ■*• b,''u ob"
Ibe city trout I'urunlo in i-uiinnlion with l*.'"-'"''- »> Hr.t.-li Culuinlua, Mam IS E.
tl.e Iron Maak-Centn Slar iuit. In i|wak- V. Bodwell ui t icturia and A. II. Mac-
ing ul the mining .lock market in tbe I -Neill "■ Hnaalaiid appearing for the Iron
eaat Mr. Gait slated that the feeling j-vl*.-k and UaaNS, E. P. Davis and A. C.
• moiig lhe broken brforr be left waiM'Ult Iur the Ccittn- M..r.
inure hoi-t-lttl, und lliey M-emed lo think I ,.____—___-_^
lhal there wai going lo be a betlei tuar-| -j*|,e -jy,,,  Kllj
ket.    Hit- announcement that lhe (Vutrol __
Star wa. tn n-ui hipping had a -tiniu*,    In view of the fact that the great nuiu-
luting  affect,   and   now  that    slnpuirnti ber m  minera employed at Le Koi mine
h.u.  been oommeuccd the itoek i. advanc-jand al Ihe Le Roi No. 2 have to g.. to the
ign  rapidly. illla. k  Hear in order lo go to their work
lu  sporting  ..I.....I   tin-   Neil   \\,.iniiu*| ihry havr a.spiiml Iota in that m-ighbor-
•ter I......*-.*  ie  he uul:   "It   waa a hood  and are erecting    hotisee    iu tint
great iinpn-e tlmt a wc.iern I.t. n..*e lulmili ot the city. Many homes are go-
j club ua. aide lo nuke _ ih-uii .werp uf ing up, an.l lereral have l>et-ii completed.' I
ii,,* Mat, Wh.ic it waa remgniaeil lhal 'lime in npwyrdi nl M new iwun !•
lh.*, played good Iictoms, it ws. hardly which are in course of couilruclion in'A
llbooghl tlmt tl.f.a would lirat all lh. thn part of the town which lie. welt of *
| hading iluli, ol the cutinlr,. 1 hiy have Neva.la ureet. There are ten or a doicn X
;p:a,r.| ug.tn.i  the vei>   pick ..f ihr raal,  new bonne pcn-hcl upon lhe Durham id*  •»
I like tin Capital. »i Ottawa and the o—W dittos, where a few waaka -i.uT there 3
locka ol   Munirral, and  yet  they   were wai not a ainglr Irattic building.   Within
able t»  aain.   lhe ea-trrn  leami had the a year it u rx|trt-trd there will br at leaal
ball  nrar Iheir goal., -hut   thry did   n..t  '.*». new hotiK. tu lliii -ul-uib.
Mt-ui  to  be able lo score like the New. _^^_^.^.^___
W i.tun.i*i. r   boys,   ll    ,.    a    i .1- nul
Hung    thai    they,    traveling    ai    tbey
did .MHO milr. and playing through thel i|r t\. I.. Drrylu*. eon ol 1'rolow.r
intriw heal of the holte.1 .ummer hid rmd TVrnu.. ynlmtlay received a de*
lor 00 years, snd yet lo «tu d'.p.te thn ipaUh Irom in* lather and mother lo
«-as but litilr .hurl of m.nelou. Ihev the cUect that they were quarantined in
arc not uae-d lo the hral either. I think il .. t--t.» and did nnt knuw how long they
thrrr was nol a day for orer a week'would br detained. ProfrMor .nd Mrs.
bul wbst the thermometer was ovrr 100,'Die)lu.  lelt Nan   Man™., a   tew daya
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second near Washington.
V. & N.Thone 68.
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
|^8lB<eaMMMe*ssiMWf-srf ■as>-^yTfBn^MmaOTWWW1
ii fii in We Bo
Foley Bros.' Bankrupt Stock  bought in
by the
Crescent Dry
Goods Co. Ltd.
For Spot Cash, for
a fraction of the
original cost.
The Stock consists of  Men's Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Hats and  Caps, Miners' Oil
.Slickers, Gloves,  Blankets, Towels, &c.
.................... j
Smoke . .
yii.r.nlinrd at \ ictona.
and in thr night the hr.l  smr.1  to ba
ju*t .. great.
"The Argonaut, of Toronto were in-
vitrd to -ini up a crew to Winnipeg
about a inonlh aintr, and tbe Winnipeg*
■a drlr.lrd Ibrm in .11 of Ibe races. The
W.ninl-,*.- crew Its. Ihr fulMt four on
the .'.ntinrnl, .nd if Ihry go rami neat
yaw Ihry ought to giye a good account
»f themwlvr.. ihr V*in*»r trew. which
went mrr i*. r.n. dunng Ihr ex|n.itinn,
since or \ iclons on hoard the .tram
•hip Walla Malia. .Iml what the vessel
ti quarantined lor ii not known.
r.elding   and   aPt.-is»n   Speak   it
of one hour, length  Hon.   Mr.  Palrrson
ti.iuie.l   Librral.   had   .luck   lo   the   Ol
ll.lit.x.    N.   S,   Sept.   7.- The   Hon!.
I oiilin« and Paleraon openr,! ibe l.ber.1
irai pnilliaily'lki nmTsii thai u.SstlJ_*_[!*^^„_rT_f-   ,n * ""~h
again*!   thr   .\ig"i..ul.   two    yesis    ago.
Ihr tin iiun ■HI guru ignn*t Ihr Algo* .
,....,!. that Ibey hi* by . fool. The Vr.* '"" l'u,|..rm »l  l«i ex«pl m Ihr m.t-
l-rr r.rw won in P.ri.. but did n.,t run "', "" f^"lr 'r'"m- *"'' Mun *"' ••"*
up M'lmt a .well  Englwh    cres.    Thr •"•*"-•»«• « JSS fasnwlbls lo actum
Arg,.n...l   club ms fairly «cors.l..l  ihi. ■""■"■ "     ""',' Sir   ■"""""■£ *"« •*• >_
year.  I.ui   ,r  «..uld   h.ve    done    bellrr ]«"*«»•" 1,',,,_,_J«« .«*•   hn'*-   u*
.1 it weir not lor Ibe farl that many of * *n"U '" ,un' X- _*"■ n"1 nnt l',,l""rt"
the     mrml-rn.  h.,r .put   n.smg. and '"" ■_* ^'"^ "" '"':"'"■ '" "id-
wr  wrrr ...mprllrd  t„  p„,  ,„  „rw men. «_   *•_*">   ,,h?   r,|7d'Ul7„ci*^
*Nolw,lh.l.nding th). wc did  fairly well, f** '" "" """°1"1 ■""" (>""1* 9*2.9Xi.S*9.
IslllHiugb   ihr   Winnipeg.  hr.t   u-"   Mr. ■••»"»«• »undu. «l IT.**..-*..   Alter pro*
lislt  ii pn.nl.nl or Ibe Aigoaaula. \"*nl '"r ""> '""" of "I""1"'"""- h-
________ .Iml.ui  .ap.nl tlwrgr..  the Hnancs mm*
i i.lrr said Ihe debt would be ...lu.nl by
, anTf.TTU.
Kails-ay    lu    |ai.n4.i.i(    .ml    Sir.mrr.
l-mm   Their ...  I  ,• i|-.,.|
I a .in   Montrr.l   li./rite       A.hi.r.   rr-
.raid in Mimtrr.l mi  thai lhe piojrrled
( «|*r llirton ri.lw.y mil . ..ti.trmt , line
I......   Hiwkr.il!ir>   ion_    thr    Sirail ol
I MM   lo   Imui.hurg.  «    d.*tanir    ol   111)
mil... with a In.n.h to -ad...;    li I
m added, wa. made a fa, t I.y ihr granting ..I ihr net .•.-vara i nm r**.mn by the
Irtlrt.l govrrnmel.l. I llim.trly. it i. given
...il, th.. line ..ill make a link in thr con
Irn.plaled Atlanlu l'». th. railway, lo*
grihri with Ihr Canadian Ailantl.. thr
I In at .Northern ol Canada and olher
line, which .rr already lni.lt or .n rourae
..I i.ni-drurlion The co*t of the uils.y
anil hndgr will be in the nr.ghhorhood
ol f)l.UOO,000. Con.tni.ti..n a ill liegin ..
snon a. Ihr lin.l .urvey is complt led
I hi. will probably Ih* within Ihr nett
..i wreki. Thr ioittr.it (,.r the work hu
brrn awarded.
line nf the venture, of the new project,
Which h.» laeen ,ula.|t|ir,«] In the rtiniiaint
«d S3.200 a mile, imlutl,. . line of fi.t
.tran.cn Irom la.aui.huig to Liverpool,
which will greatly le... n the di.|.uiee,
a. it ii a shorter mule than between New
Tiork and Unf-pool, A* Ihr 1/nii.burg
liail.ir il open all Ihe a. ir arouinl it hi.
"iw advantage, over ..Ihrr. of a .imilir
Jial.nr. The rnunlry ,* i.. h in inul, iron
I,re, copper and ollur mineral*, and from
tbr   development   <>f   tlu-e   ie*ounr.  and
l.n.|..i-*ii.ii oi ll.e chu.ir ol Ihe Conven
lion al Krvrl.ii.ks.
Ihrrr wa* a inert.nt ol Ihr I.iIm-i.I aa*
*-».«i.on l.-t nrn.ni .■ lh. 1-v.id o.
Ii.dr n- in- at H .11 o.|.«k M, ll
HoSgr «.. in Ihr chair Thr rr|>urt ul
Mr II W lirigor. drirgiir ol tbr mbo
etattoa ta llr.rl.lolr. .«■ Inr.lrS and
adoptrd.    lhe ..ori.tton ... nl thr i-pin
.....  lh.I   the tlniliT ol   Ihr ...nil llll..o  sa.
*   happ,   ..ur,   an.l   tl   hrailili   eadonsd
the   .a...Inl.tr   i llo-rll,    Mr.   \V     A.   li.lll-
hrr of  Nri~ui, .ml pnumv-l  him  n. ut
Ibe  Ihmwing nf lltiuqueti.
loronio. lint, Srpt   7    \r.lrnhy waa
Amerlras dsy   it   Ihr"  rxhibilion.       The
health   of   l'lr.nl.1.1   MiKll.lr)   Waa  tlnitlk
at the dim lots' Inn, In-..n, and waa re*
•poil.-l t.i Iiy i-i-loiiel ewallS. U. ta,
mt*ul in thi. city, Ind I Vol. .1. II. Wrl.b,
ol l.lr uniarraily, Imth nf whom rr
Irrred lo Ihr incrrs.ing frimllmrw lir*
Is rrn   England and   A mrn. a. ami ilr prr
SALE NOW ON.  .   .   Bargains for Everybody.
ROSSLAND, B.C. Limited
. . . Union-Made
i-t-SSaSMSSSSf MMM-»«»-i
Houses and Lots*
Pi'Rrii.,ii Moxir  mav   na   Paid
111    MllXIIIIV   IxiTAlLMtNTB.
. . . Apply to . . .
John Y. Cole!!
33 Colombia Avenue.
,»»■» 44**44* •*■»•» <*>->-»>»•»*-)•> *>£
Union Printing!
^prcUl  fatiliiirs  for  produclns the *%
*beal   MrlnllHi  (or  Trade*   I'nlnn*   and j|
Sftrri "-vHiriif    Hngra\ \nf% procured. K
Seal* and Kubbcr Slamp*. *
W.   H.  JOINES |
.6 H. Clsnbl. A... Hn..l.nl, B.C.     Jp
"•*««■ **+*+****************■
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co,, Ltd.
Wholesale Dealers In
Tel. V. and N. 17.
West Columbia Avenue
lhe International
Keeps the Choicest and
-Coolest Glass of Beer-
In thr Cily of Rowland. WHY > Brriu.r wt hive better ficiliilr. for hs.idll.iK II. ind
■ell It filter than any other bir lu town B»er,. ft., being lipped, renin. It. menu lad
Bivor for a lliulle.1 lime only. Keep tUlll mind nhe. you look for . plicr to refrr.h
i tini-r!t Cheque, of ill known mine., tnilinid.. contrictari ind burine.. men ire
c.-hed It thel, FCLl HaCi: V.l.11  In our uSce. .1 my hour dull.*** the d.y n  sight.
Family Liquor Store
Choicest Wines and Liquors for Family Use, at the
Lowest Prices.    Nething but the best kept iu stock.
,********4 »SS •>*•»< >•»•»«-«
Ss-TS V":,*V..i;,:"K: *"*• lltmclioi S«le «l lalics am! Cbildnns Wool Undent-car
.St.tier ol   motion wi. gnrn to . h.ngr ^^
Ihr n.iht  ..I   meet,,,,  imm Thul—I.y   lo     A ff       **T*'f   « WT        1
KntUy ■! eh wrrk. All J   htS        W PPtC
Mr   W    A    li.lhhrr ol  .Nelsin.  ,*  one   **^1 **" lU* " CCtL
ol thr lrad.ua lasy.r. of .Nrlwn. lie waa1
l-*.in and l.n.ughi up m llni.r county.
I hit .in. He .ludir.1 under Mr.«i.. Arab
ibald k llt.srll ol Winmprg, and «a.
called to thr bar nl Manitoba and after
ssrda lo that ol Ihe .Nnnii.r.t lerri*
lone, and llriti.h Columbia. Mr. U.lb
hrr ramr Iran thr .Niirlh-.r*t lo llrili*h
I uluml'i. a lew year, ago and ha. brrn
a i, •ol. ni in .Nelion rvrr ..nre A. .
yung man he arr-omp.nie<! lhe aspsdl
Imn up the .Nile under l-srd WoUrley in
Hot", tot lhe reliri ol Khartoum.
Attentinn, Recrrlai-ie-..
Ini. una*ion   ia wanted  of th.    whereabout, ol one "Kid Allen,'' whn was in
\ i.*|nr,  I olorsdo,  tome years    ago.    He
can learn of something In hi. ifnintage
by notifying  the (WcreLry of    Knsiland ■
M)nen>-   fnim)    !<serrtariea   will    pi.«~*
BKerlain if he i* in their fl(Tl>wrrtt.n
W.   WII.I.A.S.
Hwrebiry   lto<Mlaed   Miner.    I nion     I
Price Sale
Ladies'   Wool   \. -.-.    regular    price
I*, or 70c., reduced price         38
I  id . a    W iml    \ rwl.,   n-gular   pi n e
90, reduced  price          80
I *'i i *    Wool   \ eiti,  regular   price
$1.00, reduced price         63
I ,di. *    w ....|   \ est.,   regular  price
IIM, reduced price         7fl
lafldiea'   Wool   \ e«li,   regular   11 ■ ■■
11.40,   reduced   price       1.00
I -.do *   Wool Urawen, rrgulir price
"6c.,  reduced  price           40
l-.-tie. Moo^lltawers,  regulir  price
80c.,  i ■.lu. i ■!  price          80
I .do .'   li a k  Tighli,  regulir price
SI.80, reduced  price          1.00
Children'! Wool Veil., aiie li, reg.
price  40r„ reduced   price           30
I I..I.lien'. Wool  Veils, life 16, reg.
line  .VV.,  reduced  price          28
80,  mlurrd   price           38
Children'! Wool Veits, aiie 18, reg.
( .hildren'i Wool Veil., .ire SO, reg.
price SOc., reduced price         30
|0. W. He Bride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.     |
! ***9*9**j9*9***444444*49<******9***4*4944t49t4**$-i-9*4
..:.. ....  ...vi -i-i-i*.iA^i.$'^i*&*>W**>*>t*>-**+^?-Pi+*^
Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery aud Glassware.
Third and Washington.
Telephone 191.


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