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Industrial World Jul 21, 1900

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Array ta
VOL 1. NO,-Wt.
Devoted to the Interests of Organized Labor,       lCudorsod by the Trades and Labor Council.       Official Organ of District Union, No. 0, \V. F. M.
. >,,
' t
ItltttllHltlltlllllllWrt Bargains
Hunter Bros.
Make this place vour shopping centre.    Y-nt 11 find
nearly everything in all clast-es of raerchandiue.
The   Miners  Celebration
With banners flying proudly to
the breeze, nnd  to  the nccompiuii-
niont of music furnished by tbo Star
Ladies' Oxford Ties former- Cornet baud nnd by two bagpipes,
ly $2.50   to   $3.00.   re- the opening ceremony, that of the
duced to
W. F. McNull.
Nex'  Poor to the Pcstofflee
Tlio stoc.   is carefully selected  and only seasonable
goods offered for sale.
: •
: .
About Dispensing an I Drugs.
Dispensing of physicians preset ipt ions is nn important
feature ol our drug department uml we ta*kelusil—ible pride ill
the eminence and popularity it ban attained. The |i'iysieiiin
who writes a prescription has certain specille results in mind.
To insure the bout results nud so ui.l lhe physician In his efforts, we employ mine but the lient nud i>x|iert diniH'tineis,
whilg tlie drugs uud chemicals used are the best,
T. R, Morrow,
• •
Mini rn' union day, passed off most
creditably. It was an ideal day,
even If on oceasiou old Sol's rays
needed Ihe watering cart to temper
tho ardor of i.mill'ection for mother
earth, particularly out nt thr, bull
ground. All along the route of the
of tho |.in.ul.- there were hundreds of sightseers, and many oom*
plimentsry remarks were passed on
those wh*. marched In the ranks of
labor. Their neatness of dress, us-
oeciulh in eases where llio members, of a union were all dad alike,
elicited much fa v..ruble eoenme.it.
Il was a sight worth seeing these
800 odd icpreN'iiliitivt'h of union
labor. •«*. they proudlv marched to
J •  innpirixg n.ii-ic a long Ihe principal
• A lung, cisjl uml refreshing glass* „orpugbfari the   olty.    llu
• parade vnu well organ—ed,   Out at
■ i the   ball   grounds  the crowd wits
1 during the after-
the stores closed
al niiiin nml tho employes  went to
lln* grounds ..nd took in (he Bt—let*
Martin Salmon. Prop.        -J j io „.,,,.,,,*,. Previously to the spurts
{the   gathering listened intently to
.lln- . .ini. us ut tl,.- .lav. who came in
f i Inr a Ihil shine ol approval in their
Pacific Saloon
Cur. s.aokan* at. ft Columbia sir.
J    -p. ._, 5i grounds
• [""•./^•i "-♦* if"*       *  '"rK"'.v augmentcil
• J—**'w'V_) I a      «—/>_-•    e n.Kin, as most of
• I.n plot's
*       Smoke
: x II L L I
It wus   shortly    befor-. 10 in
the morning when  tin.   head ... the
M   «*.%-»%•%% -.-»%** %%*->*.*>•« l *.%%%%%**. -4.% **>%**,**%'._!
When yon buy e pair ol
our MKM'S --liiii - at
C gars
i i /i mn us.'
SIIBBV I II Tl ll- '
Wl   111   Ul -I -II  I*.
la Nlack, Chocolate afld tan Htaadr..
Tin.   Ilcll.ill..-   I  .....   l-'lllc-
W**%a^%.a%a% *.%*.%f.*B*.«%X ,   \l\-4.111l«tl|l-.*.<tl
Fhe Strand
The M.-.t Elegant uml Luxurious
Fitted U.u in Oansda.
A Full Line ol th* Chnirrtt
+ parade was Ural seen to atari cast
on Coliimbiit   nv.-iuie.    In   tin- |,-,id
rode the nutr-dtul. Hen Sturgeon, iu
♦ full   uniform, mounted on  u grey
* 1'hurgcr.     Immediately  following
• ■ nne tin, elandard iwarvr, Diui
M.tii.u. ry. holiilitig .il.iit nu Immense Union .lack. Then came
tl.e «t:ir Cornet band, and in order
the following unions marching in
colums of four Mews Hoys'union.
No. .t. Carpenters' and Joiners'
union. No. 1. Knsslaml Typographical uni.ni No. .'IU5, Journeymen
Tiiilnr*' ui.ion. Harbers' union,
Hr.dii.'iiiia.ni of Palntera and l ),.-..-
i-.ii.u- ol America, union No. 138,
This concluded the first half of the
I ro -esBion. Then cainu tlio two
pipers, Me«*Bi*s. Gavin llut-vej and
phalanx and prnxeiil .-i solid front
In llu.se who wish to subject them
to the will of the money power. J.
aui nol making niiy attack upon
(—.pital; 1 have no light to make With
capital. If 1 ..... lo engage in a
light with any one, it is will, tho
workingman, Because we have no
one to I.lauic for our condition, if it
-bad but ourselves. Thu work*
iiiguiaii has nu ample remedy, ami
he can apply it without force very
easily. On election tiny lie OB— register bin vote, uml that is the only
hope for lhe preservation and sul-
vation ol every country.
"I have Often stated, while addressing bodies of workiiiTiucn, (but
the la'.i.r question is broader than
any conutry, ami today the laboring people in Europe, the United
States und Canada understand
their position better now than ever,
und thoy are more logical iu their
conclusions ibun were the miners
uf the Pacific coast live or ten years
ago. Therefore. 1 sny to yuu Ibal
the labor (|ticstiiiii nr the lalior organisation, has iloiii' in it* than
anything 1 cau  mention lo ceuienl
P.: .lames Wilkes, ol Nelson, presi-i the  laboring people  of lhe entire
dent of the sixth district, W, F. M.; world."
hris.    Foley,    member   of    the ThsBpotti.
executive board of the YV. F. M. until    Mtowtng    •■■•   or.uiry   raroethe
> spurts, 1,') events, which entertained ml
.....*..*«....*.  ■• • j amUMMr| ,),e lar.-e i*ru»d ill  lh.* alter-
1*. M.   A Ino scattHl on tl.e platform  1|UOD     _,  „,,„,. „.,.,,..,,.,;„*, »its.iO
be-ide  thu speakers  were several ] .ere paid  in  t—sb.   Tlm events and
»inner, war*:
1.   Usee, 100 yds.,
tion! For Freedom is Her Nationality," "18117—Thirty-three Years
a Nation—1900." "The Friends
of the Fight-hour Law are the
True Friends of Labor." "Thn
Maple Leaf Forever," und "Eight
Hours for Labor. Right Hours for
Recreation ami Improvement and
Fight Hours for Rest." On account of (ho Stores Bod other places
not closing until noon the members
of t1 e Cooks' and Waiters' unions,
Clerks' uud Salcmun's uuiou und
the linkers' union were uot in line.
The lino of parade was from Miners'
union hall, cast ou Columbia
avenue as far its St. Paul street,
where it count.'iiiiiuelicii back on
Columbia avenue, thence) west out
io the baseball grounds.
Ou tbe arrival of the parade nt
the baseball grounds James O'Brien.
president of the Russluml Miners'
union No. .'18, mounted the platform
set directly opposite to the grand
stand und called upou those who
were down for speeches; there were
fully 1'S00 people ou tho grounds.
Uu the platform with tho local
president were Smith Curtis, M. P.
Morrison  & Byrenton
Faiitty groceries, ennncd goods, potted mints nnd fish, proserven
und iiiiiriiinliidis. pickles, id.ow chows nml catsups, frails a...I produce,
ns well ns a full stock of staple groceries aud provisions- All good*
delivered free.
T imiPiir-cflnH Pio-ire •N",""••, <»n>piaiii, sud following
l.iu_u_ui.-ami ug„rh;w,.rii„v,.r,*,,,, ,.,,.„llM.r,„*-,■., ••„„,.
ED. WATSON. Proprietor.
East Columbia A*-e.
RoHsland. B. U.
Empey   Bros.
Are showing u very line range of
lu  silk fronts with linen body. Cashmeres, linen and all silk goods
Also it very nice range of
And sashes, the very   best   English   maiiufaBlure.      YVp have just
opened up it very nice, lino of
;; Made by tho Hamilton Brown Shoe Co. Every pair guaranteed or
money refunded. In mens' and boys clolhing Wi carry tin*
finest, goods at the l>es( prlcee.
iiEMPEY BROS.. The Furnishers
lOorner Columbia At.i us and Spokane .Street.
Houses and Lots
White Bear Ground.
Puri'liase m-'iiev mav be
paid in monthly installment-.
p ly to
John Y. Cole,
ill (J hirriii,   Ave!....
land Miueri, union No. UN. Each
Ulliou Mils ili-lu •.■..i-i.. «l by n banner, which wns carried nl tie. head.
I!.-i.l.*s its own banner the Miners'
union hml B6veralothersooo—iIning
such InBorlptiona as "Conciliation,
Arbiitiiiimi, tVaos, Prosperity."
"Canada is Free!" "I'auuda is a Na-
I   14«*.   -        •   •        •   ■   •   •-•   •	
ICIobe Restaurant
I. loliirailiia A««.
I.verything   New, Clean   and
: Meals 25c and up
J. Cunniniham. Prop.
To Have and
To Hold!
We have n migh'y good trad nn
coll'ec. Wi' have it and WS bold
.1 mice a colli*c buyer here—always one.
Fur M OS-IS we have a Moohs
ami Java   tt fi" e  Ihat  is absolutely
th.* l>... i cniici* aold In Bossland,
It isn't the I..-1 tislay ami llu*
next bSBl tomorrow- It's the  Inst „„,, • umy „. to V(|,,  nly f|-„..,*;;
and (h,- people who thai  outstde of organised Isbor
buy it all ths time know il. I t|ll!ro i8 no ^ivHtiou for  the labor*
,,,is ,:"'  ,•',""'• ■■ ■■'" '•'''■, ~*» ing people,    It is not right or just
-ell    it's tin* best nny MS sells -no or .,,.„.„.,. „,,.,. , H|,ouldcumu across
mutter whai price you pay. |f|10 ,ju0  ,,,„* crili,.ifH. yoll| f((rm „,-
For2.-»  .-ents.-we  might  get .!0 government, but i  do sav that it
makes no ililferenct)  what countrv
executive nflieurs of tho other uu-.
iilUS     who     I'.u lii'ipateil     in    the
President O'Hrieu intrnducisl
Jus. Wilks, who *-]...■..- brielly uu
matters aflecting tlu* l...al union as
well us other unions iu the province' He touched upon the ru-ttlt
of the recent elections, regarding
Ilie eight hour law, and said it wasi
on the statute leaoks to stay, and
all who np|K)sed it would be relegated    to    political     obscurity.       He
dosed his address with a strong
sppeal for the memlu*rs to -t.ind
together, tiuit any danger to llioui,
as members of ihu uuiou; wiih not
so much to be feared fmui lite outside, but the inside, therefore the
absolute ii.s-cs.sity for perfect bar-
Hon. Suiitli Curtis spoke for
about 20 minutes, almost exclusively ou political questiiius iu
which labor is largely   concerned
but from the standpoint of a party! "r"',"*,, h""''hmi'° '*KOd'' t,,T"{i*li.
,,       ,.,,..,        * lt»iee.   Tin*   secon.l    iiair,   I'a.lle aud
mull.     II.-a.lt i-.-d ag.tiii-l im .'ii.-ii-    .- . ,   ,
™ ■ ■ i   " I Kent, ouly sn.. eedi'd iii piiiiiiui ihvir
de  t political iction, but ui-ke.1 the; l.I,||,|,ml, ;i :u   in.-l.e-,  sad  lhe   ••..
workers to fully discuss all political i n„,i.ey |lu, iti.t to <h* Brit pair.   Th*
Issues   so that when election dayUoosdn •>• •*«• fft.
OomOB  aron.ul they   would   know     ■■   J-*"  m >''•"•  '"r uni"n ""•"
,     , , ; onlv, llrsl prise,  limsi,  se,.inil.  »■'!"" I
which party to support nm   who ,.    „   ,    „   .   ,  „   ,.
1      * , du. Itsalae, flitl, J. W . It.iBB, Bi-e..iid.
would   protect   Iheir    interests   ill j    l0.   ■■„.,,;,., yd.., lor ttlrl u |.
pailinmi'tit,  and thnt  if they   as a' ye»rs ol *«e, llrst  prls*, l.'Vi.  second,
body endorsed a onndtdate of tb.* H0**'. Ad* yyi—tm, tint, aiiice Tram.
•Mtrty he felt sure such a mini would ' bty" ••••'""l-
El liuvce. /,f,l-i,btl of the W. F. Son' ,""'l ?? r* ■*    ''""
J      * IJO.iWi three or more lenuisi. a ..aiia|aete.
M..    was    il„.    ,,,-M   und    the   last K..tir le.ins SO tSfed,  Miners   tt.n   over
pcaker,   ami   miule   a   very   abb* I'srpriiters in first heat andovur uii.-li*
addn'sc.    Alter reviewing the l.acuI men in the tinal.
situalion he spoke  very   plainly of.    ■*    *-•—  ™  7'  •fl,,,    '•"• l"'i,',•
,i u_i    , .      , .,      ,.      i 15 00, second 12 Oo. II.   IUwIii..-,  i,rst,
the   political   aspect   of tie hilior T,     ■    ,. * '
1 ' Martin l'.gan, src'.n.l.
movement.    He said;.   "Hut as we j    I;).   |:,lnnl„g   Uo(„ ,tep ,ud   j imp.
SdVBIIOS  giii.lui.ly  iii  iiigaiii/j.lion i|.rj.00; K.I. Erla*.
wa*   must   udvauce    btellSOt—illly,      '4-    Uril iiif cuiest  lor hoys under
Ifi yiars »l   a.e.    h.-ven  uiiniiles drill.
ine    ehsniie   alte'iiBlely,    llrsl   prin,
llrst prii-i li W,
seuond *2M; litis RaSbs, Bill, J»eS
\ihu., second.
2. R*ce, 100 yd.,., (nr tin inl—r. \V.
K. ot M , first |irir.-, ITe-SI, ret'ni.al V- '.
J. \V. Il.rrs, lirst, K. Il.-nnensi, Meund,
3. line, lUOyus., up«ii,pri..!,tt) > 0;
(Ins IUaba.
I.      --.lllillile   ) ll|||l.   pll.-e,| . IU. I"'!.!-.
6. I.a.lies riri), -'iii yds., flrsl prit*,
vain* I * OU, -it 1 value 1'*! nO; (Viluu.-
...» I'miuid), liisi, N.-.l.t- .sullivan, a,-.
... Tltree-l«|i|ietl ruee I >r boys under
1-1 years ol see, t.nr.e, 19.00; ll. Itawl-
inns ami li. Stanaway.
7. ltaue, i'i yds., fur hoys under I'i
years ol aiie, lirsi )n■/-, S'J.M), soeoud
11.00; B. IUrlini   first,   It.  IUwIu.b-s,
S. Drilling contest (or buys under 12
vears ul .**.', Iir-l   prue,  IH'.C'I, sevond
•as.... Twu pslrentered, i>emu(h aud.
yonnit Fiirlanii l.-iUKlhe ttr.t who sin*-
cee.lnl in JrilliUK a lu.lt* •'. I 4 inches,
despite ll.e la. i that the drbl bruku ill
lli* Oral bole slteti.pie.l, and (lie lua. ul
(iiur ii.iurre.l in starliiin a steel iu  uu-
Try f»n-.
tl will in - tn-. to call at Kiflei lot
millinery mil l.di--.' lurnlshinvp ol ll
all (he lime
tlfiaOOMeoivl %7M;  w.  Fdrlonx,   ••
Ksy. lir.t. Mevpns  ami    laulv, seeoi.d.
1"..    I'll Uur* lh*  fh.il.   pries,  HOOD;
J. II. Mi'DdosId, tint, .1. lloUri*, iec
I ". ise.1 With* Hall.
The   diy wa*  hai.|.ik  l.t,..u*|it I > a
close Willi a ball in Miners' n.ih.ii   hall.
(ne B|. in Tons ball was (filed tvilh   ha|.|iy
toil get into, the  motley   power of -lani-eri, who, le   Ull   llraloi id   sweet
thC world is united for the purl    ~ »|SS^ ft*
lay  pounds Bt a   small of incr,,asini{ t|„.ir ,rivi,lt*i)ds aud »' •''« t""rulu..   It   wu a messsiful
day   IbraaiUOUt,   *ud     the    l( ...land
•   Miners' tjuinn is lob* OUDinlullled lor
or even .'!:"> OBUtS for  the  coflisi wu
sell nt '.'■") .'cn!-. but wi* don't do it.
WS wouldn't sell   so  much if we  the world
Morris * Crow sell high class
l.ibid cigar*. Their Cuban cigars
all lies r Ibe Spanish  union   IuImI. I"-""' '" '•*"■" r •■"'■, !•• l»«i-ii.lsi ul -_,»i,ti-ollinK tlio   pooplo of tl
a big profit.
Paulson   liros.
Hpeciivc iiutioiis if possible.   Thai Ujsnmnnsr In which everyiiiim |.a«..--i
"it a III      i       • <i,i*.
rsngasissi <ihi.'it
run*1! .a Ihs .lav
10 pfoVl I* I "i ':.. eti. ,1. n| ihuif.
fi*ll.*i   aurli r .
Easy to ngnre tbat  out, isn't It? W so, ilia tho duty of every .it- 3T«SitkS? In
I >-i ii I^-i ui    ?•!*-,!*.'    ,^»0','w^'-0'a<Jeet,lntiiei~sipec   •"•k-i >"■"
ip .■ countric
unite  nj ..in , nii'i .'ni.i: ivius11:rvi. wokliui'ia ji. moo.
IVlll'KTl    imiTlOB,
on the devilish methods  now  in
voguo,   Capitalism  bus   prndti I
(be world   sliiilg'ul. I'li'.llse.    Call   ll
go any furl her?
„ aaats-ewn ■    s ., ^ tin.,,...!.
Pallalisllfi!  II!  I,l)i> Miner*' t'liiuil Hull. Ilu-sliiiiil X.1VV llilll      llli'     pl'oviliciill     Clllll-
littheInlerealoruivatiised Isuor i.. millsh j .p-'g- js ,,v„|., ||„- ('. I'.  U.  bus (lis
■-'•""""'i:,• | covered a, route from Pentlolon to
"'" ' "' "'" l( "'" '*'   : *""> '■  Ibe cust  whioll is perfectly   I'-itsi-
imustiilssloii ilin.iiiili ilie imiils. Nnv. i......   , ,        , , ,. ,
> ble, wilh easy   grailieiits   and   no
ll-   •!'•     lid    '1.ISS HIlllilT.
solicitude on the part of the government, ura nol lot* riiiiaui. The sum
of money voted n- htniustis (o rail*
ways, totals 8:i,30iI-lrV9. The 0.|
P. It and .Tuini-cliniis rjumo in for
.I.e whole cheese,and in every case,
j the html grunted I.y tin* DoiniuiOll,
together with provincial subsidies
uml grunts, is enough t*0 build nud I
. quip ll.e lines, so Ihut tin- I'. V. H. \
...i.e—- w»—
lending up to it, is on sule at the! >.■*'*;*».--•.*'..••:'.<■.••.v.; :■:-..;. •;■- - .•:•>;.; :-•.->••:•:•:•:
ul'.Ice "I lhe seciT'lill'V  Of   tho   Mill-    '\
its' uuiou, No ill I net' iii Kussland
should thii bo secure ii copy of this
A. 0, Thompson  I'Mltor and  Manage)
Oflice al Miner*.' ! tii..11 Hull.
great nut uml  dillloultles to over,
pome.   It is said that surveys will
be   mail.- Ibis   year   run
road will bu u n.-tructiT
will got tlieir feeders and oonnuctlug
lines   for   uothtng.   Tin*   presout
iliai   theISov'rument at Ottawa ia pursuing
next sen- the "'d policy of building railways
I'.Tl.llili- Int ititlst  ill  Ail..me
'lilt yi-.tr	
Ku  llOlltll.....
Three Mi.iitl.s
;* OO
■   1   I]
•     75
sou, The rente to bo followed le
1I.111 proposed by the goveruinent
diiiiiig the bi.* oumpaign, when
pajd attorneys and ngeuts of tin*
('. I'. It. «■■ ut up and down the
kind, claiming it wus impossible to
build Ihe road, Unit the ililDuullles
in ilu- way of c instruction ...id
operation   were   insurmountable,
and  Ilia!    if   il    wiu-e   OOSBlhl
und presenting llu*iu to favorites,
which lias resulted uot iu Cuuudii
owning thn railways but In ll.c
ruihvuys owning Canada,
One i:l" tin* results ,if tlu> Ki I'liN
Immigration policy was i,;*,-,*ii ou first
avenue Ihe other inoi'iiing when a
oouple of the Importations ut-
iciiip't-il iti curve each oilier inlo
strings resembling Bplgliotll,
MP l.'MW 1111 l-U|
nuns & Co.
Wholesale Markets.
Kossland, Nelson, Trail, '-.uul ui, Revelstoko, drum wood,
Grand F 1 !;s uml Vancouver,
i *ii
The 1* ini.ui eluvium will Boon I _
In- upon ii*. inul 11 .in now-   on   the <_
F da*. ■   %
Union Printing
.'dear wnrkingmen" "tin
the earth." «.11 b(* the
Address nil ComntuulcsUoi
w.i itl  I—ainftice II0155-. Kn
-  t    .li     lllil.islri.il
.in 11.1   ll.C.
The Industrial World is fur *nle lu Kosslsml iu ' *ili.-.i ■,] v-    ..,..1
the l-'ii*ii!ti ClearSlors   llmpson's Ktvrs Bland|'..        ., ,
i time tin* steel
Hi S. Witlliici s sii.li.inery store; I'osl OITn-e
*■-..!■* siaud; Union Urns., BUtlouery 6ttire
Barr's Cixir store in.I by nt at *la.,y*.
A* Spst-lal facilities (tar protluclng (lac
oliU'l'ts   111   M   tn-iU   l'........■:   It.r   Ir.tlri   I nl.....  and
to tcudei solicitude of workers of tlm | s'-r" s"cl«'"" B"srBviB»*pr*_ii>sii,
! fl)   S**l* and Wi.bhi'r Statu,.*,
build the road   it  Ollld   never  be  Workingincii;    purty  splinters  and J*
.nude Ii) pay.    Now that  the  "Al-  grafters, will   be   appealing   lo us!-'"'  V/V.    H.    JOINES
mighty C.P.B." is going to build tt for our votes, on the strength of
alt tin-so difficulties disss pear, tlie what   their   party  has  dono   or
niiul cun bo bnlll comparatively | would huve duuo if glveu a chance,
or will do if returned to power.
However, the   workers  of Kooto*
nay  have beard   nil   ibis before
"will  pny  from tlie
is laid."   It  is uni
imu'i ei', thai tbe  ('.   P.
Ce Intnl. t iv.i Rssslindt B.C.
RETAIfi MARKETS Hoiilant,, Troll. INulion, Tndr
Kiwi'., Haudo.i, Now Dimvur, Rilverto , r.h*oad« Oily, Qraud
Forks,(ii'eeuivui.'i,  phoenix, Mldtvuy, ('amp MoKlnnoy, Ituvol*
s'l.ltc, l*'i I'gllsull lllul \' .lie..liter
Fi—li, Guise ami Poultry to Season, Sausasos of ail Kinds.
| William Dpsald Manager Rowland Branch
< '»:•>*-»:••• • •:':-:':':'>:':*:'->:->:':':':':':':'::':':-:':-:*:'V':.:'>:-:':.:C':.:':':X
pro bnbi
R, will undertake the construction aud it is doubtful if they ever can
of the  load   before It   secures a I be worked again.   No  oandidato]
jarge Dominion subsidy, which it for parliamentary tumors will be
apparently can hnve for the u-k- rotnrued for ibis constituency un-
ing, ami a  large land grunt from less he -lands on   a platform eon
ilu* province,   which may be more tabling s dear out declaration  iu
Tlio Pull nan Cafe *•
. .••_ Wa,  •■ . .
Fresh Green Vegetables,
Brussels Sprouts, Lettiice. «. elery.
String Beans
Tomatoes, Green Peas
All the delicacies ol the season
Dot amJCsH L chrs
0. M. Fox & Company,
ion Kust Columbtn We,
Telephone OS,
All cheeks in.iy ba tuiu'e paysble to
tl.e —suiger.
Those  whn <|esirea  ehSORS  in  llieir
adverti.i'inent ibould hay* the copy lor
ll.e same nl Ibis . tli.e  not
the eveui
diliii nit to obtain hut which is none favor of g. vernmeul owuurshipand | •' The plaoe to g-1 the best meal •
;: e
• •:
• •.
• *,
*   ! :■
/:-:.:•:.:•.•:•:•:•::•.•.••:•. •:•:•:• :•:
-:•:•:•:•    :•:■.*:•:•:•:..<•:•
the l.-ss certalu.   This corporation oouirol >.i uur railways,
ouu nfford to wait, until the people _L
uiilils the   road fur it und theu      ills. |
tow lung ii  will  be before
in thu City.
Meal** 2/5 ien»s and up
Bargains at O'Hearn's
BATDRDAYiJOLY 21, l'.ioo.
with every mile <>( road ouuti-olled
iy that company
Tin* diiilv press has been repro*
duaing pictures of victims of famine iu Iiiiliu. at wnioh n ilngle
gluiici- is enough to make one shudder, old men. women sud little
children are pictured sifting or lying down in various positions wilh
their rib bones plainly Impressed
against the skin of their bodies,
their eyes shrunken deeply inlo
socket— like dying embers gleaming bulb from the shadows uf some
dark cavern, their mouths ngapaJ
gasping for   breath its I bo ugh lhc\ !
hoped   to  gain  tome   tustenauccl
from  the polluted atmosphere to]
ease   Uie   hunger   pang-.    A baby
i.s seen trying '<) obtain susteuanoe
IV' iii  tho withered breasts  of it*
tiyll g mother while close I.y .-lands
nu older child imploring its motherI
for lin d ami the ngouised parent
inn only reply with a look upward
ns though beseeching beaten to
give the food sho cauuot. Ami all1
these horrors i xist under British
rule ami n privileged class ..I capitalists and nobility. This same
class which owns atid controls India exported 115,000,000 bushels ol
wheat from that couutry last year,
uud   bo far   ibis   vest
nt ihi. .'Iliee. ,,.„  later tbit.i  turns it over   lo  the   „-,„p,is   a-a   ,,,,. pnopi,. „f Cm.ud..  wake   up  to,**	
,,L''"' ,",,'L"1""",,ay-       Bin. «• »'-">• I'lve <i«»o in the past „.,.„„. al,s,„,lilv „,. liukiil;.',,..,,| —
Ug   lie-
ie,„      f -.I,. I I , , I   * t  a   -   1   •   ■- ,-l-i-l   •      '-.
'ills 01 railroads io  laud-gmbbiug -. • .    1
proiuolore i.s problemstluul, bu.   il '.
is a safe bet that ifh potlatoh policy !
is ciiiiuiu-.l forauother decade tlie i-
rising gi iit-raliou of Cami  i.itis will '.'
have in ante up tu the la:..l-..i\ niug !
i.lil'.ad coll..UTitioiis or   grl oil'   the   j
iiii going
as below'
ir S'.'o suits
"A fair day's wage for a fair
.lav's woik." is a..i the end ami
mm of labor organisations. It is
only incidental to the labor move*
mont, which ts an educational one. earth.   There will not be euougli '.
I..,bor unions are fori.nd today al- Iree la. .1 left in Canada to make ii |,
most solely to educate the workers grave, and the country  will  be so |,
nnd prepare them for ilu* time bo tar iu the hula thai it  will  not bu '|
soon lo come   when they must take  uble to gel  out   in  u   brace  inula S
up Ibe reins of government. As men   bulf .1   e.-nluii.-s.    l.i   Iho  li-eau- _
be ie educated, and are enabled j time r,„- nuliticiil elinrki, al Ottawa -
It. see that ecu under present i*,.ii. , |„,\,. H ooUVOIllonl llltMl IS of raising -
ditlons  tbey do not   receive«  l.iir, a I'.iitiiinigii lund ii.itl   tin*  ;.i.. i. rs •
proportion of the profits of their] uro ucipiiring  home   ••>• y cai   i
labor, they insist that theii  w.itc- railway   llni*s   on   ndviuiUgoour '
1 am overstoked wjth spring and stimuli r giions anil
to make prices tall, during tin* mouth of .lout
Men's line worsted suits iu blue   or  1 lack
for 113.25.
Men's flu*Scot—h tweed -nils, great value,  regular 118sails
fall' $ I.'..Oil.
Moil's tweetl suits, regular 11.1 value for 18 ">.
Boy's suits and t .1.1 pants at juat ball the re* ular price.
T.l. li
shall be incn'iisiil. Cnpltsllstic
writers then sny they are receiving
a "fair wu.'i " and with specious
arguments try to  make the toilers
terms.—l'uyr-t iv;. I;.
It'M.ks. BI itio.n.y. Toys,
l'a.i.'V Goods, tllhoo
t>* Sib ul silpplios*
BOOK STORK      —      -
—     .Hi (.' .itinii.ia Aveuua.
The Busy Store nt llio Busy Cornor.
•:•:•:•;•:•.•:•:•:-.■•-::.• . •:.•:-..-:•:•' :-.•'. :•:-.*•:•: :«'~ssss. ■;•■
(h«_.. -*-->*>/*. - L*_£'_       ' _ V '.*_. *_•:']r?
It is proposed  thai  Itisteail t.l I
rl.-lii'.li. g I. ib a- Day iu lt .--lund
believS this is the aim nnd cud ofl the uuioua chatter a train andjuiu
their lUMOciations. They will not|8pokai:euulonislsinagraud oeli*-
bclievo it, und are looking forward bration at Loon lake, or else goto
to and pressing onward to thai Nelson and aid the brothers iu
time, when idlrrs shall be workers, that city to oelebiato the day In
nud the workers shall receive the  proper style.   The idea Is being
full product oi' bis lulu r. No.
wages ur.* only incidental to till*
world-wide movement, uot its end.
favorably reoelvcd.
(.•*. their t'ri'Brriptiani
Killed bv ll.e
Rossland Drug Co.
A Fnl! 1,'neol BVcnrllltBg 111 nur Line.
Give I'll Call.
There bus been Rtnno comment
on Ibe failure of the  uomiuittee   to
Id.(Mid.'nn  invite tbe chief  magisliuic  of the
'•The (ait-ur d'Alenes," u oom*
plete bi-iury nf tlie labor trouble
in UOrthern Idaho, anil  tha   events  Ca| hia Avenue, nut  the  lluu   Tun.
KOHoU.AMil DKCi: CO,      K   B, STRI'SC. Kit
bushel s huvf lieeu opnrit-d. 'I'liink ' city to deliver an address to ....: .. __.-^^ ,_„ _  ^ -^       ,       \   I "~\ T 1 ~* C~* +
of It.   M.Iliuns  of human twinge assembletl workers ul  the nlchm-   •ill j     j" I   f"* '      /-\       } I   M ^J
Blltrvlug tO death  for tho want of tion of Miners'  Union   Hay.   Tlie j    ■*   ^—*^ **•   -** •*- -*-—       ■■—--   V L.     J.  -L—fl*^. ^
the very product of their toll which mayor was not invited because hi*
is exported ami sold Iur flu* put- appnaranc i thatoccBBioti would
pose of gorging au already overfed have  been   un   effrout  tn every
uml   pampered   privileged    class, workingman on tho grounds ami
This class,   which  poses   is lhe ad-
vim.'.' guard of civilisation i.s ac*
would   very   properly have been
resented, Tlio workers have never
The Latest in
•>   !
In our columns the advertisements of Rosciand's most successful business Firms.
Show Wisdom
The Wise.
iiuilly living today al tho expense forgot ten the b wearing iu of Hi.
of human bones blenching on the Plukertons, and that tho mayor ol*
plains of India It is enough to towed the impression to go nbroad
make every lionesl man blush with thai ilu* miners of ibis camp were
shame to thin) our ''clyitjsatlon'' dynamiters, oul throats nnd thugs,
could give rise to such hellish oon* anxious in enlarge Imaginary
ditions. At the same time that grievances by ll.c destruction of
millions arc   staving in   India mil* propcrt**, and   thnt   only   I.y   the
linns of dollars ire being i Kpended I reseni (a largo body of armed
lor du... 11nin bullets to kill oil'u mercenaries could the pence and
lew thousand semi-savages whose salety of the city be assured.
only crime is their possessing the Again we say the workers have
temerity to object to their oountry not forgotten these insults, and
being opened to the "dvUbr-ing'. it.• moreover thoy do nol propose i..
Ilucnces ef trade. Capitalism not forgot them, ami those in nhatge
patriotism is running this bloody relused to insult them by inviting
gamut. Capitalism has many Mayor Ooodevo to bo present
crimes to an iwar for when, it resorts officially,
io these means to
II A T S !
C. F.
Opposite tl.e Bunk of Toronto,
Bossland, B. C
1 Mil tMH*»lvl'»l*141»ll ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-HI ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ »♦»♦♦♦♦'»
' '     I.
Beau re loretgu
msrkots.  Slow starvation on oue
linnil:   blooilv  li.'ds on  the  oilier.
Do You.
li/11 ■ill./"
s "**— - 	
Tin-last days ol  this Dominion
parliament are busy ones for ths
nliel nil l-.vrry Suit
Such is ibe logical oiiicuie of ibis gnvernui'-ni.    private    mot—bnr".,
"devil's dance of capitalism." And lobbyist:,   and   promoters,    The
ynt Socialists are told, thai the cup- grafters aro there In full force uud
ilali.-l- lire tl nly.ai.es   who arc tbey   llilll IIO   dilliculty   in   gelling
"lit" to  rule: W.-il.   the   workers thoirmittsfltlod,   Prrweniiug gifts
will some day take possossion, and of money to favorites seem to be •
when   they do. ii  Is nol   diiil-nli the order of tlm day, sod tho rati- >
te conceive how they could Improve way oorporatlonst always objects of •
How You Look?:
If yni (,o, leave your order for
An I Tp To Date Suit at
Columbia A.ventu
: • • • -.•	
nud he will lit you.
♦"•rSJol* '■t)>,»x*HI-«o5-*1jN'.-S-a !-?-»!,
THE WORLD is read every
week by the workingmen of
Rossland who each month earn
and spend $75,000. Get your
share of this money. : : : :
Place your advertising in THE
WORLD and you'll secure custom from the people who earn
A. C. THOMPSON, Manager.
Slf-^^'W^^jjy^al^M*!^^^ TH!.'.   ^N'.l).r.STHl.VJi    W'Hl.l.l).   .HI,Y,:!i IM
A\ *.*_.
ml iffB
ritii TRiciirm ov  jcstick.
Iiy J. A. Hnrt.
Come time iiiysoiil lu hlghir notes
And solke 11 iwistsr ihjid.
The music tlint IV.nil ItiTivcn lliafttii
-Jpifl tl.e eurtll I, lieartl.
Atinsls nud men milled stand
And power Is Irtrt'ly ■riviB,
By word and deed wilh henrt uud hninl
To ni.ile our tnutli a l.t-avell.
The sorrow ind Hie bill r ruin,
Tina Uriel', and .NlUi and sistii...,
Tl.e tears that full like 111miner ralu
The HKUiiy of ilyhlir.
W'ltiit cm. lliey I.e. whit do lliey mean.
My soul, siuptisrd, IsBI—q_
This tumult wild, this i.i. flict keen,
Tl.u sons of ait., art- tusking?
lu the litid Unit lliwi with milk mid wine
Strnuii man to. (bod arc crying.
ui.l rip'—ag Kr.ii«. and fatted klae
Cl.il.Irea urt- starved tlmt ilylui*
Willi hearts of slant-, uien any "1 owu"
And si'uru ihei. helpless B*tghbor
Who asks for bread, Shall b*V* insteid
The rifll hit) nut! sfttttrr.
I set' ia ny of tv.iuiliiiiis Unlit
Shoot hu... the easlrnt heaven.
And competition's dreary eight
li.fure i.s power isilriteu;
lo "i'i i' : .ii i  ii 'a splt-i.tlId sua
J * I u nt a n as lhe t .nl'e t heaven.
Justice on .-artli ahull yfil bt- doae
A rt-ward Ua ull he rjlvca.
Men -Bull lie lariat hers, ev'rv one,
Ami ...i.tt to ...no ...tiled.
It   in toirid unto li. ,i.l rune
All wrolie ihint's , 1ml! lie lighted,
i. hasten ou that hleisad day!
He swift my sun] ,o 1*1 et-l it.
1    Adorn thyself I.l love's array
And coin.- halfway Io meet ll.
HililB lilt!  Kliil.
A ii'i.ri' li.-.iii untilipaign bullnn rends
"The People will nut vote themselves
int.)  Ihe  punrhniisc   livice."    This    IB
bewildering,   Duiht. r. publtoani mean
In n«eert that tlm people voted litem-
selves into the ..I. us..i.l poor-house al
the laal I'let-lion?
BubEorlbe for ibo World.
K.lS.-il.ANI) I.Atina ORllANlZATlONS.
-Mitels ri't'iy
ih .....ull. .tt
C W. Wlisou
Becoud and fourth   Tuesday ill t-i
7:.-a ii.in. in Miners' Calou nail.
St-t: i   1-iii. PSrUBWOrthi l'lcs.
every Prldsy ol each week at 7;.io p.ni. iii
Mines' Union Hull. 1' K McDouuld. Pre-.;
A j McDonald, .toe.
MINHSS   UNION No.  JS,  Wtstc.ll I'ctlt-rittlon
ui Miners- Meetsovery Wedns-day sveutogat
7 30 o'clock in  Miners' ir.lion. Hull.   .Jattios
Devine, St-t; A I. lljiast.au   l-res.
the hast Sun.luv ul ear i tumuli at the  Muit-i.
Union Hull j I'Hurkdoii. SteitT.ii, Mr Pools
Jlll'KNliVMI'N   TAIl.OK'S   i-VIUN*.   No   1.1-
There are   ninre   women   workera in
...ui Br 1 tlm in proportion to the p«p
tihiliiiii than iu : iu other oountry,
liiessmskeis alonenumher uver tilt. UOn.
Tl.e duck laborers iu Ghent, Belgium,
WbO lately went nut on a strike have
I ecu defeated and resumed work ul thiol.I tales.
W.th   ihe   Chisr Makers.
The I'ittarinakera report a gratifying
increase in iiieiiibcirhii.. having g.uni.1
i.lHKI rueuibers in the last six monthv,
ami Ibey (impose lo duplicate Ibe performance I nature the year ia out. Tills
is Ihe answer lo ill.' tyrannical iiijuni
lion 0 the Ftoediitan judge*. New
York aiul   I eniistlvii.ia   weak dtrtriits
nre being greatly  inengibened.   Vou
can *iil i.y .le .,.,.': ....    blue  labeled  ci'
Kuotenny honastly believe  that further
tinkering with what Ih now  kiiuwii is
the eight hour law   will only result in
sinning anew the bit kerb.ga and uulllnn-
ih.iiH that were uu harmful during lhe
veur  189(1.   The men    wh.i  made lldu j
declaration ut the polls un J nnt Bill are
British luhjrjoll whose Iniareiti in ud
in   the  pruvinue of il-itial)  OulUUlbla,
where they reside.   The will—>l ol thlle  CARPBNTBK
meu will bn respected.    No government
o.in    uCfinl   lo    overlook or    ignore
Ihem.       Hut      Ihe     wishes      of    tlie
piop e ure uul lu tb« liking uf  itu  nasn-
I'iutiun   ivhuse   membenblp   is  largely
iiii.de up ul nun wbo nre sillier ahi'iis or
idieiiB   in   tbeir sympathies   regaiiling ' Tvroi'.UKi'iiKAl.  I'nion No•,-,*,-- Meet, on
Caniida   and Cuiadiuiis.   The a«st*oia*
liun referred lo is  known »8 Uie  Mine
Owner*! nioolitlou The eiioolstlon
..Hun organlsBlluo hai taken a hind in
pnlil.i'B and I n * .r-i.ud  in every en*
oounler. It li now tiylos to ohiam by
in.iireel met buds what, could nut be u'l
laiueil by direct  metlnsl
up.<f the government is not to iis liking I
The ininieli-r nl mines, it is  feared, will I
nut   ilu I he bdiling  uf  tlie  Blluulalloil.
Sn Ilie government is tu be mule to  believe tbat a deputy minister is absolutely required, iu order that  (be dopuri-.
nielli uf mines ninth   mil   be second  In
in - jn ii i.ii.i..   to either   Ilie department
over wbiirh the   attorns;  geneisl   pre-1
hides nr tbe one hiving Iur its  lieu I  lun|
commissioner of lands and works.   Hon. I
Uirhsr.l .Mcllrideuf D.'Wdney is to have
ii deputy, .uul lltKt deputy is tu be
either Mr. John Keen, defeated candidate ol the Mine Owners' a-souiiition in
Ihe Klucsn riding ul West Knota-nay i»-
tric.i, in Mr Uudi rick Pinlayson Tolinl*
uf it ui i e. \\ n-iii gtun, who is al pre
Bent the secretary of tbe association,
ll this sebeii.e works, bow hit- it will
then be lor lln* Mine tlivnera' asanria-
tlOB will get what it wants, Tha government will uu... I.ler the wishes nf ten
—embers of ihs IsRUtlstlvs inembly
elected Ir.itn c.itis'.ituenciea in which
mining is either tba chief or an impel*
tsutluduilry, snd then ten niemier*
are pledged  to ll.e  hilt   inr  Peso* and  r»di"d elothlBg
Prosperity.—Tl.e Tribune
H'iBslttnd Auction Hume.
l'lillnuiii Cafe.
(ilohe H'H'uurant.
I'a.ulli'. S ilouii.
Hoard1., Tailoring 1'.triors.
McMillan, Tailor,
11  W. Simpson, grocer.
Columbia     [Canadian Pacific
Transfer  Company.
QlSOftaiJ 1-VNK., Mgr.
Th* Only Transfer or Utpreii Com.
pany in It issluod tint will deliver  your I
rnioka for IB eenlB each.   Three duyH,
Btorage free.
-nd tfX> little.
iMri;itiAL i,nii;n'i>
0 111 ce
Hnaim, per lb       ,ra tu 7
Broom:, each  35 to 50
Butter, per lb  SO to 88
Baoon, beat, per lb  10 to 17
Bulk Oil, per gnl  60 ],	
Biscuits, fancy, (aer lb  25 to 45 i
obw»,.*.rtb... so :daN!ELS& CHAMBERS
111. ).Iii.iii 37.
Chocolate, per   Ib  40
OoooiiOer (in  35 In (0
Meet   tlie  lust   and   third   Tue-d.. y   ol'e.Kli   Curallleal, per 101b sank  dO
mouth Blip mis Bsatryi Ball   POSoajlt   Coffee, p*r lb  20 to 50
w. Mci.ti.i, ii.-i.i.iii; j   K' ni    -.-.it-   Or(-k*i.,«odss,psrlb    10,1
Corn,per cun
1    i-i cooks a warrnas union, no *.,, w i. o— j (,„„
Meets every SnuutUy SVIUlUg 111 Siji. o'clock
in  Mulcts'  union   Bill,     I'ullox ,1.     I'aul
J .tinir, St-f; litoole Cuuiu>l|*lllitll, I'.lB
PAIINI'HK'S   UNION,   No.   ,0,   1'ah.tcr*   sn.l
Decorators oI  Autc.icu, tosats  h. Btstty'i
hull on second and linelll Wi-thtt-stluy olencli
uiiiuth. Wi si. Murphy, prc.l.teul, tco. W,
Sal*—, ner*—ry.
Following is a li.-i o( thnse who advertise in the ISlll'BTIIIM.  WUKI.11:
lu... Agnew A Co., lirocer!.
W. F. McNeill, -Shoe Store.
II..nur Ur...., general meruhandisn.
_tnpa} llros., groceries aud gents fur-
T. U. Mnrruw, druggisl.
C U. I.iiii'iid... Bliun store.
0. O. liibson  \   (Ju.,  ui nis' ulolhiug
and mil inns.
0, W. ,M Bri.li', hardware.
I.in inn llros., I. ...ks ni,.I stationery.
Cri'Bueni Dry Qoode, furnisbingB, dry
KiiBeia lo Stump Out Socialism.
1: iff ian government   is   mskirg   i.n.
other aileiiipi lu slain), mil boi'IhIibiii in
iinivei-iii.o.   nnd  ei.ilegi.-s.    Recently
Hi', sliiileiils were n-nl. iut-.I lo pri-mn j
ur in led iur restBliug arr.Bl ami having i
s.B-iabfll l.terani e in thrir p'ssee.ion.'
Hut theCtar will ltd iu bis ohj-ci «*
he hu. belore. Tne secret movement ia
reported in London a, grcwing ut a
tirmi'iiilouB rale.
A DdngeruiiB   Slep.
The Bliitcmeiil sent out lo the effect
i'n ii the window glass workers' ..Ilie ul
entered into a dt-sl will) the miiiiulau
i.i*i - by which the uniouiels are lo receive 130,1.00 in slock in (be trust is
generally condemned. The trust is, ol
course, nnt swayed by phil.tnt-opic
motives, hut intends tu hold a club
over tbe independents, who huve now
sltio organiz.*'! an u.socintion, and tlie
*Ui.*k the workers will receive is merely
« uter, which can uet.|iieexed oul when,
ever the boBseg see lit. The glass
workers will lake a dangerous step when
Ihey go into the deal suggvited, and one
they will regret.
Butle Ciurka und Site—in.
Following is a ...uimiiiiiatioii received
by  Ihu   Miners'  union   Uai   week  and
otdered piiuled in tbe World.
To Organised I.ubnr I
Greeting—Yonr altsntlon is rsepeet*
fully eslled to the faet .I.n ibe Hut*,
Cleike'   uninn, i. engiged   in a dt**per-|
a.» snuggle   iviiu   tbe  lluunessy   sl*r-|
cbinlileOn ,ol litrie, Mont,  Tulicon*l
cern li owned ,.. i oontmlled by the
AiuiiTiiiiln    An ile.un lied  Capper   Co.,
reprsiei lini *'.•'..,;on...
On muI all. i    Mir. b  I,   1900, ICOOrd-
ing t.  tbe rubs  ol   Hie   ll n|... C elks'
union al. in. ich.u't. ..I Hutu*, i xceDlIng
one con.t rn, cl.*."'I tl.eir   Itore*  »i  S p.
in. on weekdays, sxci Mb g on each .it-
unlay  and   iiii   en.-h  liny   imiui-ilialely
followed by* legal holiday, nn which
stores Hie closed  kit  day.   The  movement received Ibe endorsement nl every
lal-.r orgslltlilea., iii I be inie'inuiiniain
stale*, al... was vulnuiitrily indoiBnl by
a number il lril*rnii! sncieli.*, fie
Womci.a' club, llio Ministerial .i*«.ii-i.t
lion and l*'.thersul I be Catholic Chureli.
Tl,.* 11 lines-y Mercbiinlilu Cu. refused to ch.se lis doori si the hour named, and is now uairg iis utmost endeavor! tu defeat  the   Unite Clerks' union.
For this rea*on the HenneMT Merebaa*
lileOe i.ns been leclirsd unfair by lh
Morrison it Uryenton, groceries.
M. J. U'lle.rn, cb.Ibier and II..!ler.
I'uiiIbou Hi..--, groceries.
Taylor .'. McQnarr.e, tailon.
Paeltlo Tea Co., teaa and i-oHeei.
M. W. Simpson, news, sutiuuery nud
O. K. Baths.
Mct'.uiigie A Cu, grot-oriel.
II..ft.mm llu.,. en,) Bar.
Kuiigii Cigar -i.e.
Dyeing and   Cleaning Worki,   W»«h-
iiagii'it street.
I iniii-:* A CliKinlwrs, psiuts, oils, etc
llu'slead A W.igbt.
l:>—bll.l ll.il.-l.
Kl - ttrlo Einndry,
C. ... I>. Men. Mnket.
Tbe Intrni.tti mel
Himpnie & .i ...i'i, grocer*
Th* "Strand"
Ks;!.-s' .M.lliu.-rv «tor»
Rnnland DraeOi
(I. \|   l-'i« ** C i*.  *r.)..*r.
C.ibiml i.i Transfer Co.
Dad frolts, per nan 35 to 86
Canoed peas, per can  i-"   88
Cani.e.l nea.iB, per can         l!!'j
0 ad Bill, |. I     rick   	
Dried frniis, per Ib	
IClga, per dun   **.r, '■. -10
Flour per sack 1.86, 1.60
i.i.iiiul.iie.l -iiirnr, 1 I Hi  for  1.00
11 uni'. per lb.     , 17
Honey, comb, per cuke  25
Imperial oil, 5 gal. can         2.00
Lard, 61b pail         65
Laundry soap, per bar  A aud 6
Liverpool salt, per 501b sack,.. 00
-M..cu..iu, p. i lb    15 to 20
Muliissei per gil  75 to 11
Nuts, per Ib  25
Kolled oats, oer 101b eai'k  15
I'i. lues, mixed, per quart  20
Bice, per lb  8
Salt haeuii, per Ib          12',
Bsgo and uploos, lhio,3lha.for        25
Slock s.ill, per .'.'ilibaack  75
Syrups, per hall gal. tin  50 to 05
I'm...ii...--. per can  45
Teas, per Ib   35 to 05
Tobactn.per lb    .. ,«0 lo l,2.r>
Vinegar, per gel  60 to 65
Wheal asanas, pkgs, 20; bulk   per Ib.
Apples, per Ib  5 and G
1 led-, pel  11.  2
Can III! 'Wi'l  15
Ce!ery, per  bunch  10
Cabbage, per Ib 2,'.j lo 3
llrapes, per  basket  OB
Li'iiiuiiB, par dos     30,3a
OnionI, |*er lb      3 to 4
I'.'.ue, per   In  10
Whole,ale aud rratsU dealers iu Piih.ls, Oils.
Vnntishes. Ittuslit-s,, Wall I-Tnlsl. nnd I'niut.is-
Bunplt—    Contracts iftksii for p.pei  hsnsuij
uud   ilecurillili*       Office   '.I'd      line    USIlUll   li'
z I C'lutnls-n. Mock, ll C.i.muliiaa"t. nndiT.lloiniu-
' ou I xprt-tu tjo'.. ofltce.
. V. 'I'liiuae iS.\
Dyeinj aid Cknio^ Works.
Canadian and Kentucky
Tourbon Wbis—ies.
Railroad and Miners' Checks Cashed.
Harry Mcintosh.
Rossland Hoicl.
Fine  IVhiskii-s nml   Imported   Ci).*tirH
New I'usi Daily Service,
Opttonsl li .ni- Bait aud West h'jin Uie
Kooleiniy (' .unify,
Jr'iriU*clita.B Sleepers on ull Trains.
it: im
AilK'lU'llKAI.' ;.NI) KDulFN'AY
Tourist Cars
Pass Ilevelslnke Dally fur Bt. I'au't,
Tn.irs.l iyi far Moiitreal and 11 utou,
Tut o'.lu* inul S itnrdayi Iur Toruuiu.
For rites and luli Information add.-ew
the nearci LtK—I ••.*!.•..!, or
A. B. M.U'KeP 8IE,
Cay Ticket Ag.ni, Koislsnd,
A -lins AtciiI, ll. si-luii.l.
IV. P. AM.ia.s..v. T. p. a , Nelson.
V. J. COY—I,   A. G, P. A., Vancouver
Jerry Spellm&n, I'roprielor.
Cor. Rp>kene S'reet and CohtmbiB Ave.
u Columliin Ave., tint riunr to Ln'ondc i.
Fine Porcelain Tubs*
o;ip .Mir V iriiit llrothrrft.
I 1 in riPti or tlyr Anything In Urllc** mid
l nn r. im." ir.   Clvc mt 11 vftil unit be con
■ 1
Tltct<«tr*t »-^iiro'T*1 mftiMnv y ftwl pmcts«w
. 'iir.fis* tin.- titnmrit deHvcry ol ■
nit onlr •*   Wuik will be cnilra fur and dc.ivctcd I
Northern Pacific
Y!iI.l.ilesroNl-. PAKK  LINE.
T 1 A!.!. POINTS.
The I> niiu Obi li 'ite vti Vellowiton*
r.uli.   H di -i ami B«*t,
SOLID Vll-IIl't'l.!-: Tit wns
•   —-nipped null
Itl 1 m in I'n   • . Ci -,
I—OAS1  I'IMM. ('..-.
M'l.'l UN    I'VV   Cl.l.    ■
Tuil.l.sT St,1.1.1'ls.. C.l.ll
Declaration  of Principles
Adopted by the Kight!i AnniiilConveuti**n of the Western Feleritiou ol Miners,
■I Denver, Colo., May 16.1900.
T.. tlrgui t  I I.t .ur Hi-.111.1, oil ih..   1....I—r.1.1 Weslcrn   Felerallon n|  Miners,
iu Convention Asreuible.1, Send Greeting I
iu— nn" bellevlntt that bene-
Imnre'"."l «l!l. I'll' li 'hl.-.'U'lies. i,|  Later'*
* id Labor tusemblf 1-ht' relorm* lo IndnairlaI conditions ran  be si • nip       il onl*    ii. ■
_ ' . trh.ng..s in pre-enl iruveriunenlnl l..-i|u'i ..... tie .  aiMclully siiniinl   r...   [ollow*
ut Bolts, elnitt. ! j11|t „, „ atatamvnl ..I ibl « vital prlnclpl.. ahlob »e brllevaihnittd reoelve i'.c
Threote nml Intimidation hive been  theughtdiloouiiderallonol*ll who toil, anl govern pihticil aililu'.iuus uf ihe
Tbrt.enh llrkets to *;| point! In
lulled BUIM and CaiutUa.
None but whito help (anployed    Biearaihlptleksttto nil pane el u.a
Notify OS.    Wuciill und .l.liver  *■"'••••
Tieketi lo Chins snd Jipsn vi* Tsooms
ami S irlbiro r.u*;li • M.*»iii.!iip Co.
Train*depart from >ia* k. n :
Columbia A.vonue, iwar Footoffloe. n>i. «..-.. ,.,„t. ,i *.:,: ,.. m..d«iir.
So. 2, Ktstl. .uml. at   . :.*l it. 111., diillv.
Fur  inliiriiiT'l     lime   OSrdf,   Inn.,
■ I,.! iii k-is appiy !>.   Ilie  ..eel.is  ul  the
B. 1 ..*. v. E. W. PI! v
Ag:. i: M. By., Uusduud. B.C.
J. VT. IIM.l..
Qeneral A i.-rn, -;■■ lane, Wash,
'.    '   ' len, I'ussenger Actt.i.
Tint onr T-ftl -nd CnOVrii nre ihr CliniCK-^T
•.iiii to U-•--il-aiin1. Tmlnv. when IfM Md C I
linn ;M_-lir-l ao Iiinl. tl U ftbMltlUly DM
tmc] t>i liner mi nrticle of utia-iiu'. Bffril
II And it here, -tlauw-ic given «<*•-?
tu cuMomm,
PacifcTca Co.
freely used I.y the   llenne.sy   Mercian.-
tile Co. among  tbo  miners and  .11 her
ineiiiueisnl tlie tVesUiro Fe.letali.in ol Miners.
Co-opentinn in  Ureal Ilritian.
At A meeting ul 1. p-e*entalivni ol
the co-upcr..live sucieties ol (ireat
Britain held in Cardiff, Ibis month
there were uver 1,0 tl delegates present.
Il wa* reported lhal there were in
Crest Ilritian liial societies, with 1,780,
UDO members, which employed 79,000
workers, nr one in thirteen t>( tbe in-
di.strial population. The business
nan.acted by Ilie societies lust veur
uni.mule.I to tiOfiQQflQQ Willi £H,U00,
mm ill prolits. Forty thousand pounds
were spent in educntioiiiil and charitable work.
In I.iimb.n n cn.1 y ha* commenced the erection nl homes lor .'1,0011 member!. Co-operation has passed the experimental stage in Briluin, and the
.-...Teii.". are doing the same for the
workers that the joint slock compauies
nredoing fur the wealthier  clanes.
(st.    We Mieve Iba! Ill" wage system should be abolished and  the production
fniplaayes id the A111ifnn1UA.11 tlvaiii.tel   ,.[ laOnr ha distributed .111. In lb- c .-..peralive plan.
Copper Co.. In persu uie tlu-ui  l.i  'rain      „,      ,,. , ,  i_.._ j -1 . ,.    .,
11 21.    We are ..pp.-el tu llu- i-xpilieinn ol ..ur  national   I. uiinlirirs  (or   Ihe ac-
>'  ., I nn uf territory populated I.y oilier than the Caucasian race.
31.    We nre opposed to Imperialism nnd dem-nd lh»l civil  government   under
tlie prov ti..n-.(-ai   tolerate >nstit-ui i.i b-eiu-uded to  Puerto  Kico and other
in -.il.tr p■—1 «-i .us ol tl.e I iiiieil S-iiti-s.
••••••••••••••a***********    I
Merchaniila Co.
The fight og.itnst till* icib nntflt,
whose emplnyt-s nre scab, n( the vilest
kind, has been so aggressively waged,
Hint in order lo hoodwink the public,
an.l In en.le.tv IT lo regain the trade lost
bv being unfair, tbo llennessy M>-
chaniile Co. haa purchased the Block ef
two lu... dryg.Bid* h 11-es in It ill," and
ia advertising the aale thereof as being
made al 50c on the dollar.
We are determined tu win thla fight.
41.    W'e are npp ..e.l to ar'ulrary in-.-rl.-ren •••  hy   federal  anthorltle*  in   local
af! lira, and ,1 lally ubjvel liig.iveDi.m-ul by injiinirtiuii «s a new and highly
1.«nge».ni, fi.rm <>i opprmiou by wi.icb ledaral ju bi*-. .<• oontsmpt ..I nil law* of
ibe nnt.- Binl rightt of Us cil lens, become »l onto legislature*, judge* ami exe.
IU   I'tlllO ll-
Nelson A Kurt Bhippsrd U.iilway
lVnce and  I'ro.perty.
(In the 9!h day of June last, the people in Kootenay and Vale declared ibal
they wanted pence and prosperity.
The nine member, elected to the legislature (rom (he ridings in these, great
inland districts will obey to the letter
the will id the people as exprensed nt
the polls. They believe that majarilio!
should rule, and a large majority nl the
people  of   Yale and   K.it  and   Weal
•'••!.. We view wi.b alarm lbs evii'enl design to inrtease ibe standing army.
a—Ids lru.11 Hie i-i,. >ruiu.i« rspeose a I.me military eBtaldisiunenl imposes upon
the pro hi. era »l ilie luiwa (ill.1 ar* the actual latpayers), we know Irom Ins
toriinl hut, sml uur own experience that it is Ihe ibosen weapon of trrants, a
and are sparing nn pains ur e(f"ils to dv*,lly Lie t*i individual rights ol Ibe c....nun people and incninpalible with Iree
gain uur point and as we have never re- ii.Bliiii.inn*; therefore, we express tne hope iiat Ibe member! of ..rg.,n .■ <d labor
fused to listen tu sny appeal sent to BI   evcywhere will relrain from vubtntary enlistment 111 any .lep.rluie.it of the  fed-
,, er»l or military service,
lor »ny assistance, and have   Ireely given uur aid to those  calling lor blip on      Slh.    We believe 1 n-pri-Bentative form of government a fsiluro snd   reg»-d ill-
every occasion, we hereby call   your .1-   "__ •;K",'*«ti'«*i as Ibe first step ue.-esBHrv t , enlor,:,- I,SjWsUfS r.-lorui.  and there-
f ... I'.re ileiieiiid ihe initiative mid ri-ii-reiel'iiii   Itl  i.iukliig  all   law*,  national, state
tenlion to Mil! matter. . gud u,n,,i,:ipal.
We'aubmit to you a list of clerks who
have tailed to live  np to their  mlemn '     7,',•   Wo regard public ownership and operslion ..(  the  means nf  pro.luclion
ii-       ,      1, and li*tnr, in,, at tb • iu*i-tl , mill 111 ol Hi • in I mrisl pr dile.n ml  respecilnllv
obligatpu.B and  are eCanbing Inr H**"-1 ,,,*,e ab working people ti give tbe aul.j,*c.t fie th i.igblful ousideraliou   its ini-
nessy    Merchiulile   Co.    I'leaso  give   portaneedeserves,
this the  wideBt  publicity  possible Ind.     H'b.   TI11I a grad.Mlel lai lie levie I nn incomes and inheritances, ami proper-
voumiiy rest assured   th»t   it will  be   <V t"'* l.ev.'d »n l,nd val.u*! ril.	
'     '    ' Kill.    We .Icii,.iii-I the reli Tiiililaiiun of silver as a  m uu-y  metal ind  ill free
h.gldy appreciated. |CO n»Beat the ratio ot 16 tn I.
mtb.    We denounce Iho national banking system  ■* an institution  oBtshlishad
B'ul ...ami.lined iu the ii.lel.-'l of capital alune, nil.I inimical lo the beet  interests
1 ol ll.e producer-., and demand the system be shoHshdl nul » postal srstem lie substituted in-let I; and we further demand Hill all uwneya—gold, silver and paper —
1 Im* Issued I.y Ilm cavern.nent cl tbl Tinted Mn'e, direct ti the peopl  .
ISlb, We Hand unuitcral.ly .appose I lai the lininuiu inn of cheap 1*1. ir and
deriia-el that II," i.ri.l.ituli in. nf the Chinese exclusiuii set be extended lo Ihe
Japanese and all otber Muugulisn races.
Red Mountain   Ry.
■ -|. ■ ' - ,■ .   1 ,    S .!.
Kiflo,  K'Biteiny  I   ke nnd
un I'otnti.
Reerv ill* sar balayeen -p i
ksne, RomiiihI *r..! Selion,
. run v •iiiriv*
1,111, •   •  Bp ik ue* •   •  u IB p.m
2-I-. p.*n. ■   -   N.rih|..ri   -    r.'r'i.p.m
Irrlve ■ 10p.m. *'• n I ml Lv,  1 ■-• *,tn
Votiri Fralernally,
M.J. (leiger.
Secretary treoHiirer.
W.I.. tl,
One Year   •
Six Monthi
Did you .see thu parade Monday?
There were over 700 witgo workers
in line.   Thuy nil   rend the  ludus-
121b.    We believe that the lime bai arrive I   when  all   libor unionists should
di.cussec .mimical and political lOhJ ■•■! , With the vi. w ..I 1000 .rling  tl.e  caudi-
llial Willi.!.    COO   yuu   lllTol'd not   date lor ullloe hest calculated lo iuaugurale the reforms lor which we stand.
tu advertise ill ll l.lih.    Worpenminpnf that when a m.*n.1*-*r nf organic*"!  labor i. nvailsble lor
nobllfl ..Mice bu snotlld be advune I uud Bilppurlod in prefereuee 11 all other c*n-
1 Uli.   Wh reoomtnsfld the full and friw di'cmii'an ol al! economic *n.l politic*!
questions bs all unions of the Federation.
Qood label printing at Stnnden
I'lTlillni' OOUlpllll)"
Addieii All ( oiiimunic.ilii.ti.
Till:    INDU8TRIA.L
I     -laud.
ciri   bol a- .ti   8p     in
Tn i • ■
(lose   cniin.'. liun.   al    SelfOU    with
W'Oltl !•   sl-Btmr* for   Kailo   and   all   K.s.l.i.ay
1 He plants.
PsSMnilTI for Kettle river. Il.uin Ury
.-nu.P ..a i ll .'in un creel tonssst at
Marcus and II ".burg with   ftBge  da.I)*,
E. Wi Lin , Afjsi.t, ■WSJ
I .!
IWil .-)Ti:i U.    VVnI'l.fi,    .11 I.Y . -'I   IflUO,
-suisi^slmi, im* mmmW4*t
l.'.iited Labor.
conceal its contempt fortbe worker' SmithOnrtla over Olni. IL Mackintosh.
and its oolnmns, though the Wri- •"thil'c"MB'iuu""'-v ,1,« name ol J. s.
.   , .,    .. .*i      .1    0. BoubreauIti ol Ottawa, wus n«ed ub
tors try to hide its enmity, breathe i      ,    .        ,.   ,,..> .  ;    ,
an elecuon curd hy *.l:i.'kiiit..s|i, who re
not obtainable, but l>P»tilJJSy to organized labor.   Asa. jUM_ t0h»-eMr. BuudreHRlt take the $   T Tninn     rii.-'irQ-
itimate is here given, i prool of tliiaassertton, read the Bleu atninp in bia iavor ngiiinst nn oiii-and    %    V.I lit Ml      V, I ££ Cl I ft .
ciuiili'biie   for the Diuiininn
The trade union movement i» growing
So rapidly that ebtulutely correct anil
di itniii' lir-ui.'T are
un  approximate est
The enrollment ol ihe Ame-iciiu Fed I of the sheet for th« few months pre*loot labor
oration of Ltbor on May 1, IM), wbb 741 (,0(|jne, ,l)e Jo-fa eleottonB \<*t il I Hou8B '•" the lato '80*a. The people.
National and International Dnlbol, 11'..,j ', iJ . ,. ;'*• Is,.,..,..J however, were unaware that Mr. Km
BUI. union, and 124 city trade, conn*NM W>_*W W «* lf ,l w/',n Idretmll. denounced the sa .1 Mackinlusl'
Cili,'with an aggregate member, hip nl! not ,0!' r"6 t*'*ft*l"Rr." ll m'''m* I moet Intlerly nome time after that elec-
1,004,00.1, Tbe Knights ol Labor de-1 front members of labor orjriiniy.il- tion. The Uie made ul Mr. Bond result's
ipite the atoruiy vlooilBltudes threiigl. tions, At tllifl time thu Hewn- name by MuoklntOlh lias added nothing
which the organiz .tion has passed, slill *,„*.„ should I'eoetvO every Olieour 1 >" the Ottawa labor leader's good nam.
claims 100,001,   Tl.e great  railway bro ;  ,   ,_   ,,...:..   ,..,.,..   ,., ,,,,< in that pruvit.ee
<?<-;-?*■;■■: • •• - • r •••••••••••••• .
<J> Yoll WT.ii. a  label cigar, and you e|
£ wanl the bent,   li ibal is .-u try our j
High tirade
f -am- .ia._._._...a.,r,rw—,.--—_*as—.a—*rvw--ir.T. / a.ef'a'Vvai^a-tfv./tf-v
ngemeut In thetr li(*ht for
everyone must admit in just.
iherhoodi except lli a order of Railway
Telegraphers and order of ltailway
lisokmcn, are nul  nlliliutcd  with tht
American Federation ol Labor.  Recent Counted (hit.
reporle of (heir iifflcisll give them the . __—_
billowing member hip: ,...|(, ;-.,.,„„„,   „,   hi-tweoi. Alldv
llrollierhood ol Locomotive Kngineers, I ,.. ... ,, «,      ,
•   -,*,.   u   .r.   i     .       i    i I Ktn-r   and    lh.niiy   llriin  Monday
uil,oOu*    Brotherhood     ol    Locninotive I"  ■". J J
Kireuien,   87,100;   Unb-r ..( Udlwiy | night did not go further than the
7 Domestic   nni.in label   cigars—La
i» Klor de Vene.lu;  l.ri Flnr de Cuba;
♦ F.l   Clonial.       Iu.i.nit. al,   CuIihii
% union lui.ei  I'lgan—Larrangu I F.l
<b C.runii; Al'i'icana   Cj.deij Uilelci.
I Queen Cigar Store fj J
(!r.iw iv. Morris, l'rop».,
,l> Colniul.i.t Ave.,        - Roil.SUd 2
Aireuls Por
The Ittymoiul
New Home
Wheeler ii Wilson
Sewing Miichiiicu
Sewing    Machine    Supplies ol all kinds
|Taylor & McOuarrie
Merchant Tailors,
(Jarry  lie larj'urit nml   best  assarted Btook
nf Woolens, Serges, Tweeds  und riinling**.
Mni'liineu to Kent        |
A jolly party visited the hotel at llu*
Outlet a short time ago. Alier spend
nu; lhe night drawing tu Immature
Hushes ami looking wise tiny Went
lisiii.ii*. One of them, a noble yuui.ir
In at vi i fell nm id' ihe httai and ilruwiie.l
his sf-iO tiiBhing rod, The balance t.l ll.e
parly rUlbed lo hia rescue,  und by  Hi
V.and N
O  Itnx :!
181,       Hi Culmnbia Ave.
: Rossland.
MJ* 4*MMJ*Jt\
-♦■",Miai.*a,iri*^i  * i*n * * ■ r rr >. r /. /. _ _ _
B, C. \
Thu 111.Inst rial   World, Oitiseo
ami Country ami Bpoksne  I-'it-.--
111,ms l.alun- Journal, on
per year, if paid in a.Ivan
Conductors, 27,8001    Brotherhood  oil middle of tho fourth round, when jtimi thsy we.*e again tn ibore, ib* iske
ltailway Trainmen, L'S.iik).
There are abnul 860,000 trnilcs unionists who nre organii-.wt on independent
lines, or Ibe ""go it alano" principle,
chici among winch  is  the  liricklayers.
end Mas ms' International onion, with
41,000 men. 1.. is and tbe .join-neymeii
Plumbers' as.one*tl n with an esli-
m.'.li.l im ii.l.T -I   ,,    . I .,,1*00.
In the fur weal the Western Federation of Miners Iibb Si uniunB with an
aggregate membership uf 88,000, aud
the Wesleru Luhur union, n tradeB led-
er ti. mi, probably numbers 23,000,
The commercial leiegrapl eis employ
si by the two great telegraph cone
v-iitii— are forbidden lo orilSnlll as
tinionB, but mslnlaln a • 1 ni in ol fraternal heiii'lits and mulaal ui.l which in
King put Dean out
punch over the heart.
ray Ip.
si ill' si..truer.'<l as though it wete Jagged,
Tbl snbsiqneiil event! coiiisltdol we*
clulbea h.il) 'Ing ever it ct.uk slave,
while a imid Chiuumaii Bung ibis refrain: "Nelsnti man, dam hiulce, cum.
  iis.ii.i-. lull in   hikee, hang   him   ulotbul
SeeiT'tary ?.-.lialiii is sending out ovvl stovs, dltp in soup, boallets all ge;
notiora to the iiiiitins itfl'iliiited with ' illnnk.   Gee, Oliltl   me jump cm j.l.
the I.. - I., oouuoll, a*.kiii(- for the •,nu ~ '° 1-)"»***'. »■<*■>''"
payment uf the per capita tax, n<>w:
due.   The money  is needed justj   Xhs lumber In stands snd plsilnrms
now nnd should be sunt in at ouce.' T1'"' "".'ce!' br""°" M"",lKy' '"r "W
,1'beap.      Apply,      hecelnry,
I iu..11 ball.
The carpenters' union report ini-
tiatious every   Friday   night.
The Oregon restaurant tsrj -ood
place to yaji * ■',-,' iass 11   11
Mineral' I'nion.
their features rlosi ly (ni'at    the Wink
inga  of Ibe trades unions,   Tlm  tele*|     Take it look at   tltnei' Pt tl
grapbers number abont M.OoO, White Boar, sold by John _". C '.>.
W'iihiu the past two years a po.verlnl
and i.iiliiciitiiil .ncHi, 'iiimi 1: - an  .is!    There hn ve  beeu  ns   inilirituu-
tbe   N'.iii'n.il   Bonding Trsdea .otincil, ill   tlm   Miners' union   here  siliei
hn rom* to tbe (runt.   Il i. comptaeid  July i.t.
farcins'    ly of urgsiii/..lions ol  niechai:-
Ici in un anil.ling trii.'e.'', uioatol whom '     •'• *'
Miil-suiiiiierClearanon Sale.
We are offering tho balance of
uur stuck nf summer ^notl*, nl
grout ly reduced prices, especially
mu* lines of wrappers, shirt waists
and ski.ls. livery piece of cotton
goods nnisl bo mild out tn make
to. in fur nur fall purchases which
urn very large and nre now OU the
ll..l-ieiuli\* Wright
Central Ury ti mis Btore, Cor.
lii.-i Aiciiiie n- tl  Washiugtoii Bt.
All kinds ol lea!
Imported Direct!
Assam, 0 long, Ceylon, China and Japan,
•McGomgle & Co.,     -    Spokane St.:
»n•••••*•••••••••••*•• •••••••••*••••••••••••**••
World Agonuies.
«■ *<$•« «>-8H'^s'w*-l-<s-)s,stasri.ss«y tap*vpatafufaf ay.
The pn.l week ha. i.e. n a   great   one
t. Uinen' union    Mood iy .......
Ingospeetal mis.iug vai hehlil srbloli
* larger a anf candidates were i lltlsled i
tl.eu tlie  cu "I.     ipeeebH  and  .1
Ttii-iduy evening s ipeetal 1
held .thirl,   was address.-   I.y   I*:   .   id
iioiie.    Jas. Wilks sn.l   Jas.   I', vine.
Wednesday night at tbe r.gular inert-
Kerr an.l  bride ri>tu:.-e.f '"« ■ '•"■•''"'"»"" "' ••'"■"••"■ »" "••"•*
, ,. ,        lacled and under  "gcnl  ami  wi|..ue'
•realTiiiiiled will, the Auii-ricin leder-1 from Iheir wetldiug trip to Ullfc*.   Br0> Wi|k,   „,!„   |»v„r,d  the  union
nt.i.n ol Labor, and  with  which latter! lli:, ,his w.-el*. »„,, BU \utmtAUiM und iuilructive ad-
lioly'• Wurks in hurmnny. Tbe.Nnlloie' _ ,       dress
a! lln ullnu   I'rad.e   Cunneil   is   in  the       Till'   I'eci'iptH   at  the   celebration I'   I   ',  . .   , ,      , ,      ,
ai iiu.iuiug   ir»uiB  taonnLii   is  in me 1 Tonight Ih*general  eelrbrstlnn cum-
main  howevei, a th-feusive ImhIj*.   by  Monday were' about 18*90, It IS OX«
and lliaiu/h tthtrb uu   local Budding! pwt,.d tlmt this amount  wi" jusl
Trad,    Couucil in    ny city  ii uphelu  llU)1„       .     i/(>8 „,„, „,„,_„„,..
mid luiuinn! by tiiiBiu-i.il md in i-u.es "
ol ilrlles or Iwkouls.   An  exsmpleof;    ,Iu.«. L. Ke.inc.ueeriMiiry of (i'in
i* 1 .ic.ical woikingi is shown in tbe j Idaho. Miners'   Union, left   venter*
* .,.niio.km.1.(.hehniidiog tradei.ni,,     r„r U,W|V11. Washington,after!   Th,
pblOBSjil.    '■■■'••• n.-g  lu   the above fig-'
ue.   lhe   mt a'   enrollment   nl    Irrl.ler
ellli'e In I lose lip lid   l.llsllii r B III   1   I.n. I-
liun witb the celebration.
,a two week's sts>y tn .ossland.
. ii-iu-iai ami 1- ■..'. Notei.
at   0 .a*a    *.'j urmil
The Industrial World is f.n
at tl.e following news depots:
lii.-igti Cigar Store.
simp-niiV News Stand,
11. s Wallace's Utlonery>.tore
I.inii.n Bros.
T ii. News bland.
liun s Cigar Mure.
Canada B-mk ,t DniR Go.
('ai.iniii Itunk .<* Drug Co.
•I'll.•' Iiii
Mcltiic Itl ns.
I! reen ue... I
Kiii)' \ Co.
Seen trill, s      uf   llll    IlllinilB   BIS
aulhoriasd    to take suheoriplloiis
Iur I be  World.
•X'-?«9* »
ITlie Crescent Dry Goods Co., Ltd.
Gent's Furnishing Department.
Summer Clothing and .
Underwear |
Mem all wool aergesni:., ir.'.'aO lu IJtl    Btlhriggnn  underwear,  (ver  suit, *J
union men in 'h* Uuttad Sutler would
he «bout l.SOooOO.-Ciucininl Ku
I'he lumtH-r In the itsnds ind pis'-
form* used *t the celebration Mouday,
|u* *»le cheap. Apply, Secretary,
Miue.'s' I'nion hall.
Jas.   Wilks,   president    of tl.e     ^i,,, Cunis. M. P.P., I.U for V.,-
sixlh district iissni'iaiioii. W. I'. M.. t,„u r.ie-d*y nighl.
^tabbing Affray,
ri-iuriied toNelaouThursday moru*
ing. wilh Mrs, Wilks, uml children,
t—lOOUraging reports come from
Kelson where the Hull minessui.-l.
ler will rueiimc operntioni iu n few
diiys. and will employ about 4(h(
The l.un'.aer in aiamle nnd plsilonti*
n*isl at tb* celrluiiinii Mnndst, Im
nile eliSSD, A|.| I/, decrelli), Mu.ts'
Cuitiii lull.
I. s. l..l,*i. .ni ui.l  lime .n.-n.'-'i
Ke..Uu.i  Miner*' iiiiion, was in It —s-
land * lew day* llu* «.*-1*.   Mr   I.. ■ ,
Tucaday morning John Bm Itstti    Bsmarits-i Enoampment, 1.0. 0, Is ••»••lo busio*** at M)*rs Fails, W ssb
a native i.i sunnier climes. Imbits d f' ■ oonfcrrlug the Qoltleu Rule de- •"•',0,•• 	
MrangBtdsss along with bis b oss, K'"" "'» ■"'»"• enndidutes who had    A1, wn,wi„„ ,,„ ...*.•,,,,!„„ email.' decided there too many of bis orossad the desert n couple ofweeka BUtM ,.| ,he Miner*' union, ihould i* j
aofflnstriotsinBosshuuland wsuted ht-bre, ]pr*»eni*i-dBtiii*h«ii io.i*y.
in thin Ihem O'tl  B  little.   He be-      rn-eiilunt Ial Boyce left Tni-wlny
ipm OB his jtib and  incidentally on night tor San   Francisco, where hn
Tuny  Banetta,   whom  be met uu bj (ntwestad in a ense soon tjt come pointed llio*. 0..».*n. B.y and ll.g.-ue
Hn   avanue, Hr. Roddick sewed naRm Ibe supreme court of ths|oa ibs sick oommlitos.
ltaneiii up later in the morning. United States, concerning the men .   ,   ,
t*..il., ..... ,„,.;..., ,i  >.it h.„„t." ,-,*        , ,    •        .*        ,.        .•       r Mnndav n.glil  I hr D.l.llelh.w'* d.»re*
While the police were   At borne  to imprisoned  In   Sen QuenUn  fur ,„,„ .illPlllVr ihe n... .i.g.e -..(...
I(.i'l*etti    Bulb appeared at Boiilt-1 niie^ed participation in  the Ward. lour lattls tes, sad Ihs sseoBd oesrss np
I.t..'. l,.,-.„.   Tl.iii .,1. ,   noie„,,i.a    nml II on Hve Bn.lller* Willi   luiir   '.e.i I    ill"
ir-i's ii-vei- inuransj morning, ana ner riot s year sgo   Heupectato i,,,,,,, 0( (rieti.iship.
enjoyed themselves so Iboroughly return to li. C. this sntumn nml __„__,_,,______
|hst tlioy havo iiivcpM-d  uu  invi-will visit rlu> vurious Miner*' uuions
Al WrrlneMsy night's meeting, ul lb*
Miners'  union PnieMeol (I'ltilen «p-
I Idlel  ill
(i a! n
(in. eiii-a
II. W* Simpson,
" •>        tweed .nils, 110 lo (Is
U'l. k Tenuis suits, $4 to |.
Clash roll and vest. I'.'.'aO
Serge coat and ve»t, 11
AlpSOS Ooal and vest. II ad to ».' N
Tw.-e.i pants, .li wool. ti..auio in."sj
Perpsle thirl*, soil and stiff bwutta,
75. to 12 80
Tt in.i- iliiriB, Tac in I2.S0
r.i.glxi (l.iiiuel  kbirts, |1.30 i.i ij.-.i
♦ I t« 11.50. t
Ootloo ii'd. d nntlerwear. luit,   2 J
M -rino underwear, per lull,$2.60 i
N.ilural wool, uridetwesr, tier suit, %
f.' tn »1 •".(). J
I'ui.-y rilkitte nnderwssr, li no.   S
llil'  I.....-, ..'...ii  nnd laucy,   '."IV  ^
Slraw an I linen bus, TiOo lo fl,2"i {
s li .11,d itlfl tell hats, ll lu |S,M 2
Crescent Dry Goods Co., Ltd.
Columbia Ave., - - Rossland, B. C.
Viv N 'Phone 170
Is-.on-l Ave.
V   s   r. I. US.
'  •
International Hotel
Ki-i'i.sti.i' choicest and OOolett glass of Deer in Rossland;
inii..n to t'oine again Uonday,
in the province.
In oonvcrsB lon with nn old time
l;.. -land      Unionist      the      other
i day   the    World    learned     t!i*i
■ iIiiti* wt'n> several  iimccuraciii iu
is not often heard -     b. .-ti.rt** iu wri,1. ,,,, ,lf r,^.,,,,! Ulnars1
tlu-s.* I'....' evenings, mil ... my Won-  ,lnicl|, ,||M w,.,.k     -J,, preliminary
v. e. BOX BC.
_cwsh,vrs  Mi i.e.
"Kymilng Hpchi.    Ul Bbout—
11-1 . i-nrm.- ae
Special el.I.ntion tlivrn in Mall ftrftst-
■l.-r ibi-ri'i t    The Record has been
Stunden Printing 6o.
134 (.tilumbla flvcnue
RiiBBland, B. 12.
J W  y?   lie.' i. i- we hnve heller facilities for hindling II and sell i. taster *r
* ..an «..y o h. r bar in lown.   liter alter being Uppe.1 retaioa ii. merits and ,
* ll.v-.. lor * hmiie.1 lune only. Keep Ihil io mllll when you Imk Jor a place to •
5 rvlnsb yoorsell.  Oberqius ol sll known uniu-s, raiIraali, coutiacton »nd •
• boslBON bWB SIS SSSbsd at tbsir full  fice value iu our olllce at *..yiiuiec
• ilnring III* -lav or night X
meeting was held in Jerry Bpell-
d.diveic.1 to mlMoriberstor ROosdIs „,.,„•„ ,iinjll|, r,„„n ,„, ,i„ ,.V(., |ng
,.,    mouth,   but   paper-   cost    ;,*   ,,f Mll>. ,„   ,.-,,-_    The nuimi ufi, .
itiatlog ib" movement M *u^   lo
nosrsboys two snd one-half oen
*a,******************t*        **************************
in di.   Tbcliiv- thought  this wa.-'ty g# Ifurphv who*
X Cb.-ii—st wlnei nml llqimr* lor fninlly u**, al lowest prices.
• i>. si kept in slock.
Family Liquor Store
'■"tiling but tbe,
an inJUBtil■*.   pl.ibi   to any  in I |lp . „,i„vr*.     j*,.   _, _
■ •
idi ••
I i.*t it was iliaeiiniiiiiilii.il  against of   thl.   I>„i„t,.t-_*   uni.,,       \i     „•
Ihem. noy aakedthe maasgemenl _,g*__|,,j, „r u„.  movement ihe
i.. either -ell them the paper i.i, miMn i,„,|Kr.'nt iliilb-ulivin -..,„
the saline price  sin.*.-■ I.ers st'curoil  ,„_   ,   ,, -j,,-.   ,,1,,,.,..    .„,„,„„,.
il for, or lo  r.,i*e the  sitb-cripli.... ' Ul.,v „.„,.,. ,.v,.„ ,,,,,,,,,.1','d t„ hold n
prloS to tlmt the  buys  paid.    T hisj mw.,'1)g in .|,.ITV |.|„Wers' Inwnlit.K
the msnagemanl t-tosed to do, an.' .,„.,„., nt lh(, o_|tonila mine.   Tbs
the boys stepped selling Peoords, Ulli„n  W1UI i„Htiuitcii in Bhonp.
rjns Isiy. l.nviiiK piiid fur papers In „.„.,, r(H,n.  nl ,|„. r„nr „f Kn,,,PV
ii'.vsn.i* Is now selllog on the street, ,,,.„„_,   .lh(. lwxl mt,eung wss held
shlleevery member of the union, ■_  „., ciin,,,,.   i-Vom tiu-r,' the %pm
MlttS  30 in   iiiiml-rr    have **•••■•*■' union went   to  the  Internntional X*
linn fur iw.. week..     IbobnyHhavc w|„.r,.i|„. BMetings>-fre held until, |
a  legitimate iirgauliatloo, nml a j, ni„v,*,i  into ths Ifasgnio hull. X
H.kbI ..lie    ill  hut it   is   the   olOBBBl    11„, (l|,|,,r   m,.„,|„.rs   ,-iin   tell some   X
.-..rpuraliun in lb** lily-    Many nn-; v,,,.y   entcrl.iining   storiee   of the'
loos of older srorkingmen can tako i,ixyly (WV- 0rt|„, maatsajtlon.
ths boys its  example*  and lincoine
much better union men
The position, mi  unreasonable
one,  token by the  Becoid in   ibi-
dlspQta, sinnll as  it i*.  iB but nn-
nil., i Indication .>i it- ..tiiiu.le i«.
TIik Hmblcton
The West I.i* I-i--i  Avenue Qrocer ki-cps
Thai the miner wanl. lo psl.    V'anty and l-pll gr< eeries sud provirioni
at lowest prices     (Joed* —lllVSTSd (■• any Pail nl iheriiy.
G. W. McBride
('. .- (I. Iloiulreinll, nl OllaWl, win
gave tb* weight ol his nam* and reputation is a '.'b.r man in *id of . In km
! osh's csntlldsey' here, is now puling
ti. dcser.t.. An I'.eslem paper, a widely rant publication contain! this SOB*
ends tabor Of every description. |m.nion bll *ctlon: In Ro*il*nd lh*
Its raauaj-ciu'iJt mftkcfc n 0 iflbTt') '.abor vo!   -ostly minor?—elected Hon.'
BeHt G-iods
Best Workmanship
Prices Hipht
Summer Suits!
North Side Columbia Ave ,
Next to the U.nk BalOOB.
* Hardware   Miners' Supplies,   Stoves,
Kanaes,  Etc.. Etc
A full lin«* of tin1 1).'. t i in -
ported grodl to select from
K. I). McMillan |
7,4**.**»4 *********************** *********************
•St.-*!. ej/ r»r rfr-nV rtfjr**-J«<i«t *LittjtLs*> tit Of til •:• *t rfr ***-rtf •.:• sir. AiM
Agnew & Comoany \
Dealers in
G oceries
CvoiC* lt*ple ind f»ncjl groeerier., provision.,  Kruils ind vegeUl-leB-
1 rsnile, crockery and gls.swire.
t   Cor. Thiol Ave and W»s.,liigi. ti Stneli. Telephone 191,
.     ■   .•     •   .-.  {. aa.anyr^rirj  '*


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