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Industrial World Nov 28, 1900

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Array p
Vol. a, No.-*s24,
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week iu the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F.'M.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.   Fit 11
Stock of all kiuds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
Our Display
of Warm
for meu, women aud
children, from
60 cents
Up to |5.00
9*********************** ********4**^m^***^*+-r**************)*********************
Galliher Admits He
Signed the Petition
At hint, after la-ing driven to n point, gc*. I lankly admitted tlmt he bad .igned
win re he would liavc beta proVIS a very i the letter at the dictation of his coin-
absent minded muu. or a dclibi-into falsi-1 pany and on its behalf, there would lieve
Iht,  Mr. Qalliher admits that he signed
ittttittt tttiMitn uttttt ttttttt f tttt f f ft******"--I
• • •
• • • • TOILET CASES. • • • •
The Druggist.
|^8Sll>i*lirtt(rillllttVTtggirVTTI'Vl'tB«l-9Illlll«Sn9coe ij
*     TIME FOR
It is now the time oi year when the
weather is uncertain. Sometimes
damp, souictitues dry, sometimes
warm, sometimes cold. Be guarded
against colds and wear suitable footwear. Wc have just thc article you
want.   Prices are always right.
i*.inittniit»»i»«8i.a»a8Hnti8 8*ia8aii8.ji'U
 ..........j.. .......
to the corner of Queen
% street and Columbia Ave.
W. K. P. & L. Co's. old
X stand.
I Rossland Drug
: Company .
_ ..;.. ..... . „....*,... ......-J
| The Strand
The Most Elegant ami
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Cauada. : : :
A Pine Une of the
Choicest Liquors & Cigars
*•*■■■ *
tin' unti-eigbl  hoar petition, but eleunaj
Unit  In-  WM i t'iii[«*l!i'il tn do hu Iiy tho
Dundee Mining oonipuny, with which he lu
OOUneeted.   Thm   Mr.   (lalliher    admitted!
on thf platform m a mootingheld iu l*t*v-|
•lattice   Monday   night.   Ah  jKirt   of   thu
truth la now known, .ot us Uike uy Lhe I
i.i'» .is tlu'v apjwur: Two wivks a^o tho
liberal nrtA hi* wu charged with «igii-
iiitc an anti eijil.t hour petition. This was at
mu a denied  by his cumpeign siN-rotary,
and hiit I- denied in u t^6gnun from Mr.
(tullihcr hiinv.i! Thi- charge* wcro rotter-
atedi Uid at thf sunn-stum of .Mr. Mv*
Kline, a committee WM then appointed
to invest urate their truth, as Mr. Dick-
•on, Conaervetieo orgennWi ftgxted to fur-
niafa abeolute proof to Ua* oomnitte-j and
stalls) that. 1_. only wanted an up|Hirtu-
nily to do **•". Acmn. in a h'tt< r ovor his
own rignetnrei aAkh was md ut a Mo-
Kane meeting in tCumloopo i>y ode . t In*
auyportein, Mr Qalliher pouitivey denied
tluit lu* ever Kijnw-d mieh a petition, Tho
next etgp wm to eeouru a meeting of the
eonunittee to mnke tin impiiry, which
was held Monde) night. Thr Ubertl mem-
hn- nf that committee eptrred ■"- time
and .i-ki-il tor an adjournment
been nothing to onvil at, hut Lnatead ot"
doing s«. ha positively denied the .**hirne
until b-fl learned that intuitive proof had
been aeenred that would prove him a f.il-
atfier, ami only admitted it just pre-rloua
to  tlie Ume  it   would have been  brought
home tii liiiii.
Attain,   Mr.   GeUiherU   stutement   that
lie aigned the petition tor the compeuy
doea imt bold goodi Thia WM not a mining companies' petition, nor one from
the mine owner*. It WM a petition trom
the business men of Nelson, and Iiaa no
names of mining compnujM on it, and
from an examination of the sijmntures it
would appear that Mr. QtlUher Higne
petition   in  liis  capacity as a  NeUon
Splendid   Reception  to the  Labor Condi-
date- Mr.  It. It. Mrr Sjnakv
*_* •
yTTf*fTfTTfefffffl 9W ~"» % W *J •*. *f
You_wftnt a Ub#*  _--  n«d you want
thf Imt'   111-Ut it ro. try mil
■ i
Fancy Biscuits and Jellies  I
a*   **   **
Quality Telia and Bring* Increasing Trade
thai * 11*.» Our Trade la lls.ii drawing Ijiigrr.   A
W. data i.t-a. t.t. i,a.l a later .hlpmriil .111*1.1 l.tttn lh.
Slaruli ami l*«»n(»MI.>B.,v Co fllM* Hi*, ml. '—- ——• "*u'
el..Mil lo ha., jrou tall aai! r.asnliir.
      _ re ol Ihr Tim-mli
Jama aad  Jtlllo  wlkh wt would br   T
"a   Ala. la l'.".*   .'.<  **'-   V.I.I .t.-,
ksp IS. OM IMM."
124 East. Columbia Avenue
lK.mr-.ti. t'nfon Label CteUfl ' La Horde
Vmrdn. t.a Hot ilr Cult* It Colontal.
tmtortnlCiihan I'nion \,i\W\ v tn»i» I.n-
tange. KtOOfUUUg AfrUau.* Ihidra.Galrln
| The Queen Cigar Store
» ROW li MoKUtn. t»mp».
Columbia Av-rcnr
.;.; ..***v.-*.*.:	
. >.....;•
the        ^^^^^^^^^^^^
fiti/t'ii and botlneea num. This, however,
tan Is- matle clear al tl.e next sitttlift of
the committee, which will be held tomor
row  night.
In thin matter Mr. iial'iher now stands
convicted beftt* the |>eop|e, the people
to whom he and his friends are appealing
fot BUppUrtt n.M only of pl.vinu hmiH-ll 90
record um .•|.|->-.il to one of the main
pcnipli*. lln* ln)M>r urgauiuitiotiH of
Kootenaj atnnd for und here fought for.
hut oi attempting to evade the reeponai
giving .is bHItfi in Uw firai place hy denyng hia
eoMin Uiat Mr. tiallilur wiahed t»» ba   >'
present, .in.l that  he was m .1 pari of the
ruling where be oould  not  be reached,
and that au adjournment wa-. UeoeUMI1)
to allow him  t.< api*.tr. Tin-  wa*. grunted
aftei aerenuoua objection on the purl *»'
Mr. McKune'a reprcuaututivej who wm
preoenl und anxioua to proceed. Within .1
feu hoube ufter Iba eonunittee adjourned
its aittiiigj infonnution, poaitivu   in
OhuruOter, tended this nty that Mr. (l-il
Uhur "-i**1 ft«*t 111 Uiat pUXl of the con
Htitueney e.auiH'd hy his repri—-ir.at ivc,
and   that   he  COuM   have  been  pn scut   al
the meuting "i tl**' -committee had he n
(li-.mil ilu-. .•- iH"t all. Along with thia
111f.-r1n.1t1.111 cornea the report! one that
can Ih* retted npuUi ihut on the puhlie
piriform Mr. UalKber bud admitted the
ituih nf tin* cbargao hrnught agUnet I- •.»■
Thi** I* tin- cam m ii atunda  ul pn-ent,
and one win. li will In ar a litUe dlUTOfl
sion, with tin- ohjt-t ol hhowing in a few
lim***-  the  BlUnner Of  man  who 1-4 appval-
inn to thr irorhingmen of Rottenly f**r
nop iv..it at tin* poUa on PaueuAur 0.
Had Mi. Qultther, on brarlugoftheohut
Read The World
..and ..
Buy Your Winter
Suit or Overcoat
.. EMPEY'S..
If you will chose your
From the largest aud best  assorted JI'.WKLRY
stock in the Kootenay's give us a call.
Our premises have been enlarged aud show
to advantage our much larger stock. We are
always   ready to   show   goods   and talk of their
The  I iiuliiu* Jeweler.
it...... ..'iiiiys a cowardly metliod, tinil in
tbe net) place by trying tt *init thi it
*i -ii'iliti ..ui.l .1 milium company aith
ii Ititli In* is tiitiiiit itil. .ui'tiliv-r t*.mi.iu
The ...hi-.* followed li*. hit conunitttM
.....I iv|>i»-..*iit.i!ivi-s m iiu* oaaa li..h I..*.*..
.... |...r w.iii thai ... lluu principal. Al-
tin-  denying  il„* charge, luu    making
Phoenix, Nn». _i.  Upedal.)- ri... mnt
illlt nf I'm' l-tlsir |tally tli'l-i* li.lll^'lil wus A
ratllsilii: siuii'-s. (Jn-.tl .-illlin-viaa.it. j,r,-v,ul-
11I tliroiiitlit.ut an.I Mi-. Fi.li-y wiw t-li<t-r-
isl to the Mho as In* lune and a**-.uu
--. <>rrtl tne ..I.l la.iii.-- l.»r tlu-tr liy|HM.-rit<y
uml sIiuIIIiiik in ihr treatment ul tho
trorUngmon ol du* .i.tuiin*.
Mr. 11. II. hm, win. a*.*.un appcarri] uu
Is-halt of Mr. Callilur, luuiiil a.ii.ia.a-lf in
1111 |.xt-t>-iliii-|]y tliili.ult |sstiliun ami ul
Ins .l.-spi-mliun inatl** ailiiiissuuis, wiui-h
■ lul a unlit *l*'*il to -iifii***ilu*.| ilu* '.ui-.i
1 uf Cue Lalmr inuili.li.1.*. Mr. Ki-rr spoke,
l.<> .mi.l, ns a pingrrsaivi- 1.1., i.u ami a.I
vtit-a(--(t sts-ialislK: l.-ipslatu.ii ol the moat
radical nml a.lvanosl .liaraitrr. ITe en-
• lor-M-.l Mr. fnU-y ... .!.*!> way, an.l .lul
ull I.ui |.r.»...si. hi* vi'li- nu 11.. tion day.
In liia rrply Mr. K.-l.-y IIMipllltlj de-
i.H.li.lirtl tl»- illti.tir.il aniuni.-iils ..I Mr.
K.-rr. II.' sliumsl iiui. Iii-iu-lv tlmt Mr.
h.*rr wns not in lurmony with , iih**i the
t;tu.   uf     Mr.   (I.illilui    nl   111,*      I   l.ril
I .a ny. uml Hint V atiu.il.I. il lir drs.mi lo
lti> lakt'l. -rrtutisly g. t ...ll of llu* |jlu*nU
ranks 1...ll.will, ami five a loyal supiwrl
tn iiu* Labor parly. Mr, l*..|.*\ »a* in
a|.l.*n.li.l   lm in, nml   n a IrmiUiy ipaeeh
It.ll,•   l,..*u.i*   ti'nv    ...   tins   .atl.|*.nxn     okl
parly hm*- ihonld is* obUtatmtad and lm
ihowed ilt.it nil w..ri.u.iiiii.*i.. .v« wi-ll am
il...-.* rniiaR..1 in liun...,• and all ..tlnr
I....U..-.S, .I.....M tm i..iu Uinr hrarlv
apport, II,* .1.-.l.iiiiii.l lhal l»* waa riouk
(ai     OltaWI     as     liir   mtrrsrnlall.r     uf
.i rlass, hut ratlirr us thr irpreaeBtatet ol
all .In—.*- uf lh.* .........U...I!*.    His iw|.-
tion in fnr Hoondai-y ili-tmi had beta '■(
iii.iii-  |sr*..l.l.- tn  it-nil  Imi''' lima.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
..   .    i .I...*  I...I  ■„, iM.mi'rtl■•<•' *">**> "n rnlh.isn.stir i-liara.tw. a.. t» lapavn
■howing  lhal   u  tln->   hnu no kiuiu.isi«r,       .   .. _t -_ _   ._ ..^ 1  .».._
ul (In- truth .-I llu- Cbatgtt ihry nt least
*ii*|sst,sl ii and Irnnsl to ntsult of an
Inveitlgation. It is now two w.s-ks su.ee
tin- ...tiitiiiitt*.. waa ippototad, .uul ut tlir
iii*i.iii..' ni Mr. (inllihcr's n-pi-em-ntJlive
o.i lluit ooaunittaa nu Utltiog l.-i- been
lii-l.l nt wl... I. lln* proof of thr ili.titi.-
cuiilil Is- -nlni.iltrtl. lli..imh it was held
Ity Mr. Mi Kane's rc|-n-*cnt.iiivc. wlm lias
is-cit .him..ti. lor *i httrlng, Tlien-
certainly la laasot   :*.i    tb*   linpmaalnn
which hai g ibroad thai Mr Oalllhei*.
n iciiil. have not been wiIIuik to play fair
in '< k'-.r.l to ll.c ....titer,
TYIlHallM-IIK  \l.  I SKIN.
K.i.!-.**. 'run.. l|.ni..i...i Policy and Ttkti
I'.-lni...:  Action   Koiej    K...1..isi*.i.
Roaaland Typographical Union Inl-I u
Intemtlng nvatlng Siuulav. It is a well
k.i'.nti i.t.i ihat in tin- Ubor world the
..niit.-i-.' i* coaaidered tin- motl conaarra
(lie ul 1II||..||*. au.I l.iltti.-a! i.t'lluli ha* a|-
Wayi ts.'ti frxuii,*,) tipoQ uul |-'litn.il di*
•n-M"ii al tli.il IllialiUga, III this instance
11..--land iiuittii t.i ilftt-muiu-l t.t l.[...i',.
ana!   Iitim   11 Iit   li.ulititiiis.  and tame
..ui tqoaralj  i-u ilu* ln*dependent lals.r
I'm! ami ii, iiMldswl baarar,
lh,* i..11..uin*.- insolation ... Introduced,
lend  and   aili.pbc.l:
• •I. Thai r.   .1 in i Tyjngraphioal
I  it. Nu 935, a ml.i..-. th.* platform and
principles •*! tl.* Independent I..I*.! I'.uiy
a,i Iti.ii.li Columbia, and Is* .1 (nrthcr
lll-tal.lril.      I'll.it     III'*     Ulli,.11     plldgW    il*
nipporl t.. Clin* l*'..!.*-. th,. iu.mn 1
thi Independent lubor Party fnr (In.
riding, and I** ii furthtr
I    ' a .1.       I  ll ll      I I.a*      ll*|.l*l<  I.l] *.. *     *
he ili-lrm titl   I-i  : oi.tai.l  a i n|.y nl th.-c
rc-..iiiii..ii*. tiit.h-i *,*.,i ■•! iIh- onion  ta.
Mr.    K..lc>S   OSmptign   a-aall.tlllttlS-.
lin* gonatltaUon md fiosrtl laws ni
ii.. Internal n.i organisation furlnt poll
Uoa] action i.u du pan uf lo.nl unioni
Tnen* is. however, ,. poarfblt loopnola ...
■aetion tin nt ti..* iti'iu'i tl ia.-. wiinii al
low ii mn.ui in lake potil ...I aition if ion
salalasl   |.l    til.'   ^'"-1   of   tl.e  a-T.lft     l'l|,|.*r
tin. daUM '■ .* tboit i. -a. ut ..ii it.i. mu*
tlelleetng   tl.it   in  ndofiinitDt alone
I  i      t .1*    a   )     H ,t    I,,   show   it*   *UJ,>J...I
tu Uu* laisir oandidate, Mm anion hum
.li.ilcty n|i|*r..|.ii.ilc.| li". I...... it. In . *.i .
t.. i»* n.f.i f..i aampalgn puri-uses.
no iltuilit whale, er .a. (.. the result of the
election, nud lu- .unlKlmily ri|ss*tnl to he
l-etunnd hv a ito.-*.! air.'.l n.aj..nty. on
|i. ■. ...Iter (ll'n.
Al   ItKVKI-MiihK
UrKane ..ml tlallftaef Uo Nol iVrate tha
Sum* Impeaanoo a- i*i. i
ReveUtoke,    No. . ,.ll   The
*• I liHst.nu .,1   th.   rampaign waa hold
hue tonight by John Mt Kane    Th« audi
eiuf   was  mil   lain  ami  entirely   lacked
ciilliil-li.Mli, twti (tjlnit. tii.nh ihliarlrt.
i/.-l     the    |ti,.\,uii.   ,N.asi„i,   «lirll   (Jins
Koley iddteaeed el.s Ion hete    Mr. Mc
Kam*   ttiitl   hi*  (silly   ui   inakilial   him   ita
■taadard burs. *-t* laflansced .nr largea
Iiy   ll.c   la.t   lhal    It-   tii.   I.e.! iiy   ...
t,*i,*.|,*.| in muling ill thr larioat .amp* of
lllll.l Ita*   aa|,|. ,'.,|   |,l   \|,      |'..|ta|T  ..
... c\ii.-im-t to wham m* altaaUnn shuuhl
I-*    paid    ly   OlllUel laliet   w.*rk.ngmrn
nl..s« alhvi.ii.ic was du.* (»» (lie Coi.arii
.in.   parly (.*, .is nutetiul |>*li r.
W.   A.   (lulhh.r   was  ala» prr-ernl.     Ha
ana tasialcd i.y 11*.... Jaaaa R,**mi ..f the
North-seal Tctrilariaa, i.......t.r .,l tml.l.o
work*    Mr  llall.hrr had nu quarrel Willi
lhe   tails.r  party   (or   .1-  prtMStt   in  the
oontaat,  bat nlilmiil  lhal   Iti  intrrests
oould is* l-*i Mi...i by W-poitiag tho
giicrum. itl. wh 11, hnl j* -I il* sinisnly
i.y  farcnbli legMalioa.    Ile chaUangMl
Mr    11. ku... to -|..li.|. Hi*   ...in.i-t distflrl*.
With l.un.
Neither essdldatt htpiesaid the aui.*
. i, ,   i. i..*......i.u a. .i.i m.   Koley wl....i
heie.   who   |.p.ltil    .   it.ii. h   tittle   . hs|Ucnt
ami fur. .hie Iptlktf Hmui aie eillu-r of hu
r..i.y Mietingi
A tiiuiiliir .if th.   Mm ci.tl.ii-..T.«i* nn*
ifrying u..- goaael ..i ladependenca right
...la, tha. it.it,.*. .iml th*is* .1* pnetpla are
Is'init lipoUAdtd, latv*. inijit a ....'ttiiii^
« ■ billed *.t i..<- Ki.l.iiui...   .... i .*.. isa'
Hl-la!   nighl   ali..*lur  ..s.t.im   will  In* held
..(  the A.h.iittui.. tht iitsmw. tit.*..-  navtnit
tendered Iht mi uf Ita dining room tot
lh. -..-ii    IntM na**1.iia- w.ll <h. imi. li
.!.   |h.i-ai.l   l.al.nn*  Ts-dic', n
.*  al.l  .ii'ltini it      *-I.h |a  lltill.
'I lu* fiuu i u nl ihr late Mi     Inge    wife
•i   Robert Angua, ihpHlnli t» ■
I..- II..i V.. i nun. *. I....I plant t!**in He
I l-imily risiilc'ni.- i.si.T.lay l*h. r.* wis u
|ltrgl .illnulaii.e ..I -yii.p.ill.i/ina tneml.. THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
WEDNESDAY November 28, 1900
The Industrial World
fcx'ini-wc-l'ly   Edition.
-ftbliihed at the Miner'a Union llall,
Koaaland, in the interest of organized
labor  in  ilritiah  Columbia.
altered at the llowland, 11. C, post*
ollioe for ti*aiisinm.iiiiii Ithrough the
aiaila, -November, l.'.m, aa aeoond-claoi
leading matter.
A.  C.  Thompson,   Editor  aud   Manager
Office   at   Miner'a   Union   llall.
Payable Invariably in Advance.
Om year       9-
C-jiz  month!          1 2s
g_ee mouthi   	
Address all communication! to the In
tatrial World, l'ostoffioe liox M8,
Koaaland,  B.  C.
The Induilrial World for -nie at the
following   news    deiw   .
Simpion'i  New!   .vand.
H.   S.   Wallace'!  fcStatioaery   Slore.
linton llro!.
P. 0.  News Stand.
li&rr'i  Cigar   Store.
Canada   Hook  k   Drug Store.
Mcilae   Bros
King _ Co.
Hecrctariei of all uniona are authoru-
ad to receive aubacription! for tha
WEDNESDAY, MiVKMHKit 2». iti«(.
Tin* mamban of the labor organixationi
ol Kootena) -i" nl manj dollar!
laal     yen     in     making     the    tight
hour law .. lixtiirr. wliu-ii ii
is now nilnuiled lo Is-. Al (hi* lima, when
even in.nt* mi! is- al itake, will thtj ■- A
rj»- , .. man who waa ■ ooetrt
enemy of lhe Inw ami ol the organixalton.
and  .ilt.ifh.sl   hia   .......*  I - ..   |st.I.on   I"
the i.rnv.nei.ii government n-l*...,: lhal
ti,.. law is- no mforced, We hardly think
no. Th.y havi mnde t.s. main   sarnli..--
i.. retain tht law, ind certainly ihonld
imt sinusal for .mv office n man wlit has
nppoaad ii    las trying lb—a ol a year
ago   -tinned   Hi"      tii.ik.r-    ev... tl>     wl.
Men* tin*, friend! ind who warn not In
limt in*'ii' amyous who .b.l not suitswt
them w.re coantad again*! (hem. ll»«
thn, in (hr iiork.num.iti support Ihr
rand..Ini .ai . man who lm* I. I *• t iyi
an optn •.ml awartd ..pisineiit ..l tlu* eight
1 r h.u ..ml of all laboi hit -i.i...'.   .-
in. \|.   HoKattf    rn the thi ndldale!
the wotkeri have before Ihem  . cover!
enemy, an open aasmy, ind oaa ol then
..un number wham ihey per-. taaHy know,
ami ii ho haa uiw ai. md on >•-.•.
s.oi. proven .. t>'.*...l ind .*'......■*.....  With
llu ... facta .'early la-fore (hem lhe World
• it... n .i eliera tha freotled a|>t"-al* nf
lini nr  I'll   .|i--illi ...let* ml ...ll.iriur a
ringli worker
already .listuiicetl in (lie nice, ami Unit
even if he dOM pull his lull party vote, it
will only mean the reduction ol iiu- vols
ivliir.li would otherwise be cast lor the
Liberal candidate, uml t'hiit every vote
which ..* secured for the C'onnrvatave Ian*
iliiluli* iiietfiisi's Mr. VuTey'i* eiiuiii-i-s (iy
just two voles.
And so tlu- Dominion government i* nnw
willing In Innlil Hn' ( iw-.i kiiiilciiiiy mil-
uuy. ami Iluil nt onee. (II
oourse Mr Sifton'a itatemem tlmt ii would
tin so would imi Imp-ran anyone ns u bid
fur votea, iur tin- lailierui candidatM in
lliii-i.-ir.lil nml Yuli. kniitriiny, Mling thl
termini of thi roid would be In IhiM two
diatrioti which, by tihe wuy. would prott!
moat by the i'n io... ni th.* road.
When Clifford Silton wn- on hi*, recent
oatnpslgning (.nu* Qft-nu^h linii*ii Columbia, during uhieh  he favored  Roaaland
will, ii brief visit, he ti-uvehsl in n private
cut- iintl. ut linn-., bv h|M-.-ial (nun. It
would i.e iiiteiv.tinit t.. .. I.i.m* number nl
VOttlt I." lUlOW il lln* ilu. eminent (siys (lie
freight, it lln* »|hs-iul i*ni- nml train waa i
in It of I'ne ('.I'll . and "li i.h Clilltiivl' ue
ie|iteil.   ill   did   the   Hull     Minister  hilllis'll
blow a par! ol in* \ ukon t-lennup.
I.ct   ever.!   iii.in  gel   iii  and drill    fur
Koley, u* elect  da) li near. Poll y....r
rota for Indepeudtnce, juitioe uml   pro-
Ciirare and Cigiri.    ■>
When ]TOU u-i; for a rignr why don'l
you inai*t on a Rood one ! Hill MtM
out of ten ynu will be ulTered n client.,
arob mnde cigar unit*- you nnine the
kind Hunted. They all coat you tha
aime money, good or bad. How why not
get a (tooil one. A-d{ for tl.e best Crowd
OtaV iv V." B, Vou will !hen fc* tn-
ce.i.i'nir n home ind i.:.-»', lot "• nl
of this tl.e n.*\l lime y.iu mk foi "a
HKlllMKIt A I (iXt'K.
All  l|.iii-i<!i..|.|fi.  M...I   Refill* ... Urder
to  \ otc.
City householders are rripiirivl |„ reg
istrr at Uie ..Iv lull MCh yeir ... .,..|cr
to obtain I'ne nght to vote it lhe iiinnit i|ial
i-loTTon. .-Mtiinlui is lhe Inst d i- Kid
,.r- -lutulil not. dcl.iv oi the> may lo-e their
vote lm mayor and nl.n-reian in .1 iui.ui
Al   Home Aga.n.
W   II..te   K.a*cr. a |si|tular mrnibrr of
ihr h.      Mb       anion, returned i.-m
horn  i niHiiih's trp throagl  IVaaa
On ..1   I   .1.loin,a.     lie  als-lll
two nek- in Hu  run.......  II well as
aonii! lime in fnr iiunu.it district! of lhe
ll.. ua* ictomptnmi on i... trip )>>
it. ii Btnrgeon, who itoppid ol •>• Cbtville
on (be icli.n. 1n|. I*. serum* a lew tdiulo*
Itaplis of Ihat part nl Waahinilon, aitt
will rrarh li.-—land ... a lew da.. Mr
iSlurarnn had a rnmrri will, mm while
on the tllp, and will letorn In Ko.sl.iii.l
loaded tilth photo, ol |s.|ti|. v..ilr*]
is.nditioiin. The 8-liout- Inw is a strip in
that  diivet ion,  nnd  I hIhiII  ln'ui-tily    en-
fonae nny Itglelatton looking to that tnda
3. Qovernmtnl Inaptotlon of IndutttiM,
UndtT modtrn eoonoinit condition! thi
uuuuigtmtnt *>'' Industrial oonetnu figure
on reaauhs, not  the methods by wuuoh
they uro to lie obtaini-d.    An over eup-
plied labor market tnablM thorn to impose on employes nny oonditlont tliey may
deem ntOMttry, Protett tt a rule iiieiuw
dismissal from Hen'iee ami probible wnnt
to their liltle oiiitH. In ilu*..ttiii*^ tin. strong
arm of tlio law about tho-w ohlldrtn i4
misfortune you  nre simply  following the
teaching! of tht nwtk ..ml lowly   .lewis,
who sui.l: "Sillier the liltle ones to come
until Me. for of sin-li ia the kingdom of
•I.   Abolition of i-oi.Inn*! system.
Tlu- ulmst-H taht havi* grown up under
the  eontriu-1   system us  outlined   in tlie
lirst issue of the Dominion   Labor   Oa-
zetti- should convinc IVtn the lii.lelsiu.nl
partium of the neces-ity ..f the nccvieiity
rn' the enactment of such a law.
5.   Public ownership ol IranabiiMa
(hn* exparitnet In tha .-..utml of the
im.*i,iI department, public nchooli, pdbllo
highways, munloipel lighting p'anti and
wnu-i'ii'oi'ks is aufficitn! ground for the
extension of tl.e same sisleni lo niilmnils,
telegraph, telephone and axpreM Im-amw.
the experience nf people In Now Zetland,
Aitstmlin. (iermiiiiy nud olwwhert btt
ileiituiistritetl tluit these functions enn 1*
performed I***' thl government with a very
great advantage to ths people, and I
most heartily ondonN legislation looking
to that end,
5, Prohibition of Aaiatie eniigr.itIon
nml edu.it ona
The pre.**.*....- here in kirge niunliem of
this  nnu ■;.*«.mil iting mis-  rub-  Canadian
labor oi .1- birthright. i-.v.-rr Mongol
1.in.'rn*: ujstii our -holt* lessens rather
than IncwatM our population. The wfclta
laoorer iilu-h ht ivpl.icc*. woulil ns n rile
malty nml nettle among n*. Increaalng the
copulation by *.( Itstl thnt. This m.-nn*
to till nii-htint l.-s. mouths to feci, and
le*.  1,.1,-J . tO eh.the:   to tin tlis-tor    less
demand for Mi -.nue: ta Iha irans.-p.rt.i-
lau ipaniM h-s baffle, to the dentist
|cm i.cii. to fill: i" the moohanlc Ism
building! io .-.vet; to the real Mtatt desl*
or less demand i.t propaty, Ineludlng ItM
force tor ll.e MUM . I" lli." farmer Ic**
-ale fur produce; ta Iht iiow>*l>n|s-r man
leal |...|s*rs lo lie sold. 10 lhe proncln'r
,tmnll eongmtnt ions, and to the I.toll I id
finer .h.s- la shine. Tlnir pro-en. c w.trlia
Injury t>. iH brsnohe! ot Iha leouoinie
-istctn. I oppoae tlnir coming here on the
anine gniund* I  would oppoM the i.e. ng
nf in-.!., ju—.'iiu-**!*- Into in o|icti Istat
ready loo.lisl to llu* -inking line in mi
Pirille. Kerry Chinnni.iii .ssupy.ng n DO-
.it., it ... d..ni.-stic atriict interfeies wr '
die .... t... ..I laws ... spplying t» Uu- industrial  body.  Mblung  -.ur    women   of nn*
ploymenl naturally beiin-jing to them tn
he ..Ment that for every   Ohinaman   -1
•mployad wmaone'i -i-t.-r ..r daughler li
driven to pro-minion. IVolving a nee
■■rol.lcin <l.-«l.n.sl (<> l.ree<l sens of blood,
ind iiui w.ll mat day mtntla the Canadian .""-ok wilh n bliadi f»r bis cun*
try"! shame.
'.     \l-.'.iti.ui uf rliibl Islsr
*,,.,n*c  ...lent   (hai    drive,    (he
Iuid   It.....   lhe  cl.idlc  lo  Ihe   fa.ton'  10
..Electric Laundry..
You do not have to patronize
Chinese Laundries.
Oood Work,
Reasonable Prices.
T. W. liBAIIAII, Proprietor.
Wbolaaala and Retail
P.lnM, oil*., V«rnl5he»,  llrunbci. Wall
liniih and Malntcra' Suppllea.   Orders
taken for I'ujvi hunting and Ikcoratlnic.
Office nnd Slore: Itanie'M -Ji CIih*-*1«.ts'
niock. i\.:-iHitn.t An* under lioniinion
1 ■.;".- i ,.  -. Ofliec.   Telephone .Vo. 181.
The Ladies' Store.
I announce a Oreat   Dl.tcount on Ladle.*/
and Children's Underwear and hosiery,
Oress floods and  Oress  11 ntiniim: -..
Slumped Ooods, Ulhhons and l^aces.
Olvr nie a call and juu u III  (Ind Prices
Way Down.
Mrs. M   Heard
pita, LOOK ta!
You need not loose a shift
to eetfyour check cashed
during banking hours.
You can get it cashed, at
face value, at all huirs at
l_e loffin House
I TransferCo. \
OBOtOg I'l'NK   Malinger.
Tbe Only Tranaler or Kxnreaa
I't.ii.panv In Knealaml tbat will
DalitS! your Trunks (or L'-'.els.
eaeb     Three day! storage free.
Queen Cigar Store.    1
Tui n ii'iM   J9. J
"K*.r (he li.t day or iwo (h»* V-l-on
It.!•.mc hu. Iwen •'.owing -in.pl.....- of
llopping.'' *ai« ll.e l.ulu.ln.il World. The
World  .m.-i   not   l»*  too hard    on    Mr.
Honatoo. •**....• I.- ilacllon to (i..* l.g-
laltl.e he ha. nol known w' ere he i» al.
Ile i.in a- i I'miint al Parly man. ei|sit
ing to limt blmaall ... r.l. euvcrnmenl
paitum if elc. led ||c urpomd the men
ill... not cut..! the siiist. of ofTue Ilr
U...I i. g.cal  dbdika for Mr   Turner, and
ic«ih|..| Mr   liiiii-iiuni   a.   ,i ■onatar
li-l  Ih.i.i   intlt  .cici. heal, ami  Irll
burn*   Una   t„  aguait liimwK   wilh   ihc
elli*.c.sful   |MIII    haa   Issn   hi*   ••!."'   Ul.il
effort and ...mit. ever ......*. 'lite govini
mani «ant mir.. ami Mr Hooaton wanl*
whalrvrr hi Mfl ge tins hantls ujs.n. an.l
.. trade, tlmefois, has  leet.   eooaidtndl
within ilu* Is.uml- .a. achievement When
lb.em c to I he m.u  whom he wag el.vtel
*   - -le ,4 Iii. .ot.   and hi
0   ..j.|SK,e   )„.   wi'l   Mttk   dnsn.   and   il
will Is* 1....1I,',. tl,,*,, to phut* him Connot
the World Wlit?    N'c|«,.„ Miner
llf ruiir«r thr World .an wait. It wll
not make a partirle of diflirtSM 10 the
World or Ihr mux* it adVOIStM u hi. ll
>i t.l   the Tr.lt.ll.e Hop.
(K Ihe tmlrpendrtit LttlOt Party of llnl*
i«h ('"l.iiiil.u.
ug la iw platform adapted by
S'alaon convntlon of the Imleprn.lenl
l.tlstr Parti of lliiltsl, ('oliinil.it on wlnrh
Camlulalc ( lu.. I'olei  -piaie'v *laiit|,
I    Y'ir.1 compolaoiy ado.
-    i   . .i worldag day -4 e-ftu
-   rammenl iii«i*n-in.n of all lada*.
:*.. i
I    Abolition of conliurl a) atom on all
imldic works,
A    Pubis- ownership nf all flltlllllMI
(I.   Pn.h.lulmn  „f  Asmls*  immwrti <>ii
ami the -ro-milalton of all imnii-nalmn lly
! ">n il t—t M lo iitiliiKianf. fit*
ne-". and  the alsihl.au ,4 a'l  s|«- ul  u,
•In.ctntiil. ami pr. 11 lege* to fotv.gn imm,*
giants  (a *r(llc ... (he IK.11.11....n
*    Als.td'.n of child Ulsir ui..t.r l.'
S    Alstl.l.oii .d  Il.r tO-'ai    diiai.it    r. *
.pi.n.l I., all ...uit,I ito. for tl"* Dominion
pul".. emwfypfmf
I. <..ii.puls.aiv arlHtratinn nf all lalair
|u    I'...I.il. I,i.n nf prison l*l»u
|K.titi..n with free lal»*T.
II. All il.slio.i days In Itr made pub
lie holiday!
li.   Abolition "f |*>nuiii«n aenale.
...»e*iri*i»...... . a	
Is busy all day and ev
ery day making prompt J
delivery of
compete wilh Ita own [sAtr is certainly It
the liwitunnte .-tnl.l of an ndaatl ''■ *>-
icm having grrtd f>r il- l>i*i- pniieiple.
Iaeg..|.l...n   nhme lines    opposed  to this
will receive my hMity «utis>rt.
Abolition of <>.e I*.'.**" .Ip-i.
1 mier condltiooi where .11 in tmes-
al.'s* to ll.e law an.l assume the re.
defending Un ounti-y*" ''>-' ■''"'
...  alt  ihonld  I.
i.a tbe  highest   |«..il|..ll  in  the
•rft »f iheir eountiymsn without being
t..\e,l lor lhe pni-ihite nf no doing. 1
would rrpeiil Iluil law.
-.'    1 .•!!i|nilt«irv  ailiitislion.
Unamalnry  «il»in.n.«  a« atn>lied  in
\.w /,.1'in.l loom! up nn lhe hm*imn of
■ *• mil a* n a| r..... Imt ** a l*ne-
Ural ntr.hn.1 of nss.nciliug the .-indicting
ntcr-rsl* of ea|ulal and lata r. .ind i» de- 1 m,
-tine.1.  I  think,  In the near   fuiuro (.f,n
applied! In prrvnil thnsr prlodieal indue-1 •
Inal wars ami lend 1 acunlv In all bran
,!i„« ,.f laulnaaa nch   •• .*   Impoaaibli
1.11.I.t nbsing conditions, and a* **.*h rr
rr.ve. llll*  llrsllv npplonl.
|u. All ri.. 1 mn days la Is- madt paUit
I " ibo favor (he tuoaur nf a law
making Ilm r\--r>*i-e ..( tl.e fm iel.i*e rt«n*
j..r llu. following rr*-".!!*:   Kuwl
Money . ... A,„l .|..es nur a.e the vole.
of Ilie dnii.lni.l. Iht .w.r b..t nnd erimi-
,,il the vole nf Ihe inlrllijrnl but ind.f
ferenl nt.r.ii would .suniter-lsilnm.' Una
evu, an.l I la-lime .1 i* n. inuili Ibe duly j
•if eietr r.li.eti l» |"'ll !>>* wte aa it is
la |*«y his lain..  In miting thi* « *•■
ralaoqr dun  yoa in •...pv mmpell.ns a  ""     r      .l,:nt,c tint mill
Lias 1 • do b. 1'.- balkH lhal wi„.i, hr n a are a lew tilings mat win
alrea.lv compelled !•> do 1.v Ce bullet   sic    J   tempt    yOU    tO  OUT doOTS,
'•t i\\.:;x::7]hr' i::;;1 v-   *«u> your telephone, and
I hsili apoa lhe nin^r hniM as a nae-
teaa an.l rvtremHy annoying |s.|i|ieal lux*
uiy, aa a siuml.ling l,l,«-k I-» |siblieal log-
.•lale-li. a* a liaune bar |s.lit, wl imls-d'e*.
whn seem to li*le retired ibrnisrlves inlo
a pniiiimt laoaWtion, who ponaet ui»*n
BgfaaaW mmotir thai i*a**rs the
lower 1 ae. bland .( a. busty and pro.
.-cl lo |e*i,i,,rtiiire the senlen.-e of |siliUeal
dairmalmn u|s.n all arcnlingly. and if any
lillle ell-.ri I nan make ran a«»!*t in rt
trrminat.nl tl*nl tlfstOCTSty in tmlitin. I
can nssnrr ynu it will Ik* .xefiined with
Ihe greatest nf plcai.ure
1ru«ling tliat my slons nn the seeernl
•iilijeal. will meat y.sir view-., and lhal
1 will reieiie »„ur Nppart. I remain.
I'Ulli-.   PtllaKY.
Groceries I
to wise people Do you
buy here? If you have
uot been  doing so here
will help you in preparing breakfast:
Gcrniia, Breakfast hood,
Self Rising Buchwheat
Flour, Shredded Whole
Wheat Biscuits.
-.-tva*. »-v%^%-■».%'■*►*•*%*****■*%•%♦*
the laden ...  both  rue (..,,..,
nn.i i.il....1 pul,,.. a-%. fattingprauy Mm
Mie-M.il,,,. ti„. Ubtrali .11 mi..up.in, thai
with  proof  ..( (iullthcr'. sign.ituic I,,  that
petition then hopM ..i winning went gllhi
msring, ind Ihi Uonaarnllwm no
Hint   I'm. . Ipa *„,.  1.   n,,|   ,.,  ||„.  1, ,.,   „,|
1 "'' '    fot    ll   h;:s  ..nil    dm.,,
1 nm* number* ..i voten into ....   i
• imp.   Mini., it i* undoubtedly Iru
lhe  pru*|«*.'-   tor thl    I .......vnl.vc  I ,m|.
•lulc linvi* i!iip,m,,l  H,   the iii.rliui,
of ilu* dlatrlct, tad Uml Iht i*. n .t.*...*.
• if   lhe   Imported    lory   «|S.||lnn.*l«   have
sltJI.lietl    tm    built-   nf   the   I***
*.aiis,.|,i,,|,i,. fa.   a.Inul   lhal  Mi Kam   ■
Tn the M«-lnrii nf Vale C-ililssi
In reapu-tiiHt your supistrt  lo mi
*.   for the Dnm.ni'.n  House of (\im
iiein*. it  is dtir to ymi tlmt I give |ml.lir |
• *iprt*s*i..n   tn  inv  news   rrn   lhe  several
plrnls  of Hm  iJilfurm  irf  the  li* •
1. ('a.mpii!*"ary .-tumlion Ints ls-,„mr a
lly    in   mo.l       •   1   •
and »s Nch hn* nn- ln-arty e*ml*.r-<ni'-.l
2. tmvil *nnU day, e-ghl hour..
M'slcntc . 011nrnMt11.lv  in-
1   the   plain   ■ ,.f   m,„  (Ini)
his w-nnls .111 Is ..q,pl,i.,| witli a fr.,
of tlm lime and rffort   her.-b.fore neres*
11/ f*.i   tlul piirpn.e.    lalior as wi^l aa |
capital ahould l-enebt b ytbeaa   changed
Men's Colored Cambric
•Ma-lulu <l   mill  Soft   I'...sums.
Cuffs Attiiclicd nnd Dclntlied.
All Sl/cs    Hcttulur $1.50 nud |1.70
Choice  for 95c.
Fltst Ave. and   a*
Washington St   _
I .S\%-»»»»l\»»\%%%\*   t%\S«%«l«t«ttl%1
* P. Burns & Co.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Green- I
wood, Grand Forks and Vancouver. t
Hl-TAII,   MAKKKTS- R.iBslnn.l, Trail,  Nelaon,  Ymir,  Kaalo,  Muiulon,
New Denver, Silverton, Cascade Oily, Grand Fork!, Greenwood,
l'lioeniz, Midway, Gamp McKinney, Revelstoke,
Kt-rgusiiii and Vancouver.
I Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds
X WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch.
*++++++*++++ 44******* + ****++++++++++++
Canned Vegetables
And   l.nsttTM und   California
Canned Fruits	
Also shipments of New   Water White Honney, Figs, t
Dates, Walnuts, Almonds, [Etc. X
Finest line of Fresh Frmits aud Vegetables o.'.'hun.i.       1
SSS5J"       O. 7V\*. FOX St CO.,      ITSaVm t
..i.tlimu,,!. ItWItHWfH'H ***********
Holding Out    {
Inducements..* I
Then* are people who hold onl ♦
Inducement! lhal never malarial- f
lie.      Y>ni won't lm.I our shut* iu T
till.em.nl.   like  tluit.       The   sins** *
httld out. Is'ttt-r lhan our clalma, if t
our eiistouit*rs are to Is- believed. T
Ames-Holden X
Shoes.  •*- "*• X
This it r. k nur
I u.In., in. iil-
Wlll he
loin:.,I....   \t..uu.   ...... ..In. . u I In- CltUhlrr. Man. . sn.l I ti.nt.lirr        f
************************** * *************************T
***********eeaea**e******   ...eeeeaeeeeaeee.........
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to ".olve it.—Hartford Globe.
There Is no mystery about the
circulation of
Industrial World
Average Weekly Circulation for October,
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. C., that tells its circulation and backs it
up by  allowing  advertisers the  privilege of
examining circulation hooks and records.	
Thk WORLD'S advertising columns are liber-
llyp   atrouized by all of Rosslaud's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
see for youself. a*\sk for Rates.	
I ThoB* Embletora,
The West T„c Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Even lining the llhiier
- - Wants to Eat - -
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest
Prices.      Goods delivered to any part of the City.
*******>******>***>********4***4>t***********^ WEDNESDAY Novemlier 28,  1000
The Campaign
(Continued Irom First Page.)
Editor Induitrlal World, Rowland, ll. c.
-Sir: You have doubtless received ere
this u ivport i.l I'll.- meeting held here on
the '-MUi intta in .Mr. QtUIhir'a intereata,
nml ut which the llou. L'lillord BiltOB
was the prinepiil speaker.
My object in writing is to iniike some
criticisms of Unit portion of -Ml'. Sil'lnn's
upc.-fh in iiuieii ho til-nit with Manitoba
II.i mid, in effecti "Out of ll mtmbtta
from Manitoba and tin* Northwest Terri-
toril! nc mn claim seven. This includes
Ml*, i'liltee, who gavt liie government a
general snppuit hist muon and will tluuiil-
lin* continue to do so iu the inline.'
ll i* only ncci'si-uri* to coumiIci- Mr.
Puttee's utterance! on ihe public platform ami through the column* ol the
Voice in inul llu* iiuth—i.r luck ul irulli—
ni Mr. Sifton'i olaimi regarding tail party
ill*. I'liltee auys: "I disclaim nil tc.p.tn
mlniily lm- what lhe dally pit.— may be
pleeaed in -ay, uml hope liiat Dl) nnu
statement! of my pontion msy be taken
iu pi-clcii'iice to those ot ut'iiers. ImM
w.tiiet 1 iiii* .'.ud iii the pies, to be u
Coneervative; this time it nut) Is*, and
I...* already been mid, thai I am a Liberal.
It    I-   Onl)    lln*   net cs-.lt le.   nl   olher   ) cnpl.l
1I...1. liun* changeda 1 waa Independent
Labor laet election nm uu-* and will bt
after it.
"Ihc iiuiinnii.ni -  action    m    giving
innl> m.ik.i.imi i„ i.iiiiiai* during Ine
et*..  I ni. itrongl) iHii.icinncil
"I   am   clililtll   oppOMd   lo   the  govern
mel-  Immigration  policy.  The HOO.000
nun- -|K*i.t annually hung.* many uudoati
able people to t tnada.'
I lu-e utterancM will abow ihc bare fai
*.l clliuiiii.i ni Mi. silt.ni in claiming aa
.i.-upl oiler   n   rcpii.cnt.iliic    lino    nil
[attongl'   condemned Ihe rtry l^ialatiou
lit the "\.illllg Napn'cull nl tltt* Hi*! II
[Was  lulgcll   le*l ihh*  lul
Aii  malyai.   ut   ilu*  u-i   ...   member!
lit.ut Manitoba uml the N..unit, -i   I. in
intie* ihowi thai Mi  liiflon *tl-.. mcludM
Ml    It    I.. Iticliarilstiii. in.mis i  Hum Lis
|gor. among In- rapport, n
I'.. ..in tinn i- ooovetaant won Maitoba
Jp.-l.ti.. tl... i* simply aniu.uig
.\l.   sitiii.i hns found in- more delennin-
I nl ui p.-iieni of lus vieiou- railway lagUla
lion in tin* i.ou<s' ..i common! t..*.» W..
II.. itrenuousl) oppoiad Bilton'i Merstot
J u.u. .he granting ol blanket charter! la
I   Ilia*     I |'       K.     u.lil     1.11 lull,    aatltt'l      |.-g|.|.|
I imi. oi i like nature.
For thu* npp..*i.ib tin* ■ alii,* young ...Hi
|.-i.i     l„*  ua. it  .1 ..in nl the party, .md
declared t-, Ih- no longer *. "Inn Liberal '
A "machine-made ...nn   wn. i
ll.e  held   I.. oppoM  Inm.  -Uul   Ml.  Silton
gtamped l.isgar u. I... Intenata
i*het'unatfraUvei,reeognfadag Mi  It..!.
[.t*l«..i. - ability and (he great Misrkea inul rendered dn* weat, rtfaaad   (-i Ihefa
I.erlu.dug cftdil   to pint,- .. oaadidata m
be held, nnd Mr. Rlchaidaan st■ ■
long majority ol 383.
l'he I..II..wing extract innn Ilie Winnipeg
I'lilniiic iti racenl data (owned in    Mr
lull.nl~.nl  will shim   in   .I.aiiv   wh.it
|i« ttpiiiiitti nt Clifford Blflon i«
"Wim  llut has a -cli«c oi  bonoi   ami
*.* In !     till    pal lit .put."    111    -Ut It    a    ..III
logo  nl  gasily  hypocmy,    wbare   Uui
Libaral" miu.sler. ii hu never loat an op
^rtunitV   nil   the  Bleat   .pleat.on. allril.lig
ih.i   to  plunge h.s "mid  sln-l"  into
\e |ssn*   cttl. i- Who Irusted him. l» act
b.  .. own I ■ I'- It. organ a* the ipoalit
p.inly and  (uithiuhic-s   ll will Ih- a
teal day b.r l.tlsT.ilisin and lol the
■»i linen tin- betrayer of tba public m-
kest  .* riituel)  aiptd out.
rMBwood, li. C Nov. 2n. inoo.
hung his objections on, und could not lim)
And when Ilie writer (who wus piv-cntl
remarked lo Mr. Devil..' that the courts
Would never sustain Mich uhjci'tioim, thin
friend of labor triad U) sit un the writer,
without iiiuiai lUOCSU. Mr. McDonald then
concluded that lie hud betli.-r li'uvi- legal ud-
vice ill the matter; it would only Mtt the
government $.'■■ He sent lor Ltwytr 0- R.
Mel'iiiter. Pending Mr. MoCartar'i arrival he continued lu tint! fault; limt, it \*p *
not sworn to; Uien Mr. Foley's oceupii*
tiun was nut given; DIXt, Mr. Devine hud
not signed it, or, it he hud, in* did not
sign it right.
When Mr McCurter arrived lie at mice
declared tluit num.- of these ohjat-iiuint
would, in lus opinion, inviilidiitc the iiumi*
lialiini, and lhal the plain intent of tliq
law- was (hut the candidate aliould give
bin consent iu writing I.y 'Ilia, uiu.il sig-
n.nine to lli euoininution.
(Inr friend tt-liictiiiiUy gart uuy anal' accepted the nomination.
And to ihc oandid atatamtnt of Mr. Mc-
Carter does the Labor party of this .lira i   ..ue  Iheir candidate'! pluee on th|
tieketi without un appeal to ihe oourV lto-
i.iii*.* | lirmly believe thai bad that returning offloer gotten the faintMl Mippiiri Ii.
would   have icjettctl  the  Humiliation.    I*
tin*. Ignorant incompetence, or deliberati
■ .....I.e.lln *-
These same lu. nl- ni Lulsir nre luittiiu.
in t leu* I une apologising fur Is-ing when <
(hey uie    Fun  linn* i'in- clciliuii is men*
in.in*,I. it then, i- a Labor party nmn i\
li ill i bim k ,ilt.iv. ihey i-onim-cllcc to cringe
■in-1    IT V   lie!    ale   illicit-   Ih.i    ale
Ii is more than cootemptible ■.> attain
their action!, npolngixing for mpporting
Uallfher m one time, nml proclaimlni
their iHinplieii! in u Mon) il another.
They an idling on tha itreet tn.it tit.*
writer i» m.i ■ dttmi nml cannot vote. 11
an. then he i. .■ perjurer.
"Men  ih eutlie-l  hart no tune tu iic.ivc
fig hin*. ... clotbi ilu* naked troth."
loke, No.  it, iw«i
Mill SALE Thi building and flxtutii
>n .N|»kdtie atioct knou n na Dan Leahey'i
ild pl.t .*. Inquire tl .1. ('. Spe.lman'a.
Hu* Sandon itinera' Union hm. ilie la-st
building   in   lhe   fiti     The   opening   Kill
takt. plan* next Tfaurada)
The most fragrant and coolest
plug smoking tobacco used in
Canada to-day is	
j   It is big value for the money and gives
I   as pleasant a smoke as a man can -want.
 •• .....i*     .-.    .     1 S. *,...*- -•***;)
mm.    t\fciThmm.t^mm.1mbTTA^I^\mb\^1^1m.1m.mm.mm.lf%mm.1mm(ml
r-s-y •yW-yWlF-^WVV-V-'FiTl^WVVWVV'-'-lftjh
I Union Printing!
fa Special facilities for producing the W
fa beat   Printing   for  Trade*  Unions  and W
A Secret Societies.   Engravings procured, X
fa Seals and Rubber Stumps. W
fa V
j \A/.   H.  JOINES |
if      in P. Columbia Ar., koaaland. B.C.      S
Hoard: John U. Williama, Oraai VaaVfV
Idaho; Jamei B, Kurey, Butte, Mea-
tana; W. N. Burni, Ouray, Oolorad.;
Ub.!. il. Mnyer, Lead City, Booth
liakuta*. Okria Foley, Rowland, Britae*
.Inmes W'ilkcs, preaident, Nelaoa;
.lames Devine, vce-prradent, Roadiad;
Alfred Parr, lecretiry treasurer, Ymir.
UttlHA.NiL'K' UNION NO. M, W. T.
St.— Meets ev iy I'n.'ay evening aa
Iteatty'i ll-ill. II. C*. Coaltley, pnwi.leat,
W. VV. Doiy, seiretury.
I .    . Union-Made I
i i
tie^trtrt*****^i^s>***Ay^^^i^^ *
Tl.e   uiemla-i-hip   ..|   Ihc   BkwM   « it»
Miner.' I nion hi- psSMd <)h- 2in ligurr.
Noli..* i. berth)  liven i'....i  ia rirtm
t.t  the  A. l  ni  thr Ih.miiuui.  I'arli..mciit.
in ami IH \ iiinii.t. I napler 1(13 ami Chap*
ler lul. the in I  lis* Ai.i. l.anl-' Hank
ut Halifax mil he changed to
II   HI   Hid alt..   Ill* *n.ill.I   .1.11   ..!   .1.11. .
Iliul. K  I.  I'hANk,
Qaasnl Uamuv.
Ilahlax. l-i Soi-ember, 1100
Just Arrived.
$f$f^^^^ CANDIES
Grand Union f
| I-- Hotel - -
NI-TrKkKIKt.l) UK,is , |l,„
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year. EDWARD BOYCE, Editor.
I'uliii-ti.-d by Ihe \V. F. ML, Denver, Col.
-■I'l-.i.pii ii* Received at the office of the Industrial World, or at
The Office of the Secretary of Ko.aslrnd "lm r*' Union.
Tbe Finest ul Wines, Liquor! mul
D imeotii* ami Imported iv-me.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
Spokane Falls & KoriDeni.
Nelson <t Ft. Sheppard Ry.
Beo mountain Hallway.
The only all-rail route between a*
pointa eaat, wrat and smith te Itnaaka*,
Nelion and ill intermediate po nli to*
necting at Bpokane with th. (Jeaat
Northern, Northern Fade aad *J K
k N   Co.
Connect! at Nation with ateamen lar
Kailo and all Kootenay lake points.
Connecta at Myer'a l-'alli with itaai
daily for Hi public, and conneota al
lloisbuig with itage daily for (iraod
Fork, and Greenwood.
h'llecl.vc Ihi. JI, 11100.
Leave. Duy I'luin. Arrive.
110:35a.m, .-*-• ,.t,,,,.- 7:10 p.m.
11:40 a.m. RoMltad. '■"" p ■
0:30... m. Ntl*..n. 8:00 p.m.
Ni.ht  'Irun.
10:4.1 p. m. tyokane. 7:05 a. m.
11:00p.m. Kna..i.ind. T-Ma.m.
lalStrllM shs-jH-ni on i.i|tlit train.
II. A. .I.M Ks.iS.
General l'u**engir Agent.
II. I'. IlltllW N, Ag.nl.
Koadaad, B.C.
Canadian   Pacic
l-ii.-i ...** Nct-pcm   en  All Trnins  hr.sa
RKvauno—a and kootknay i*im
Qualifications For Voters   For|CANADIAN PACIFIC
Also TOLHISr  (Alls pane*
■ ug Dunmnre Juncli.m duly Irom ,-i.
I'aul, Saliudnya lor Montreal and Ittwlnav,
Monunys nnd Thuradiye for Inronte.
Hume cars p.* Itcvclatoke on. day
lor your Knstern trip .- to are ihut your
ticket rroila via
l-   O. BOX 8*23
Tlil.I* fiio .Mis nu
Special intention Given to Mall Order.
. .-.*-+«
Thc Knendi ol 1 -.' -r
Permit me.  Mr.  Editor, tin..ugh your
||>er. to show to tl.e people ol Una ilia*
|.t   aoiuc a,I   the nuthn.l* by which  the
In nil party nt (hi- d.slr.rt are trying to
Ifrn n*l labtt. It ha. not |s-rhupa l...l.sl
.III llu niellutll n| III,* pl-tplc 111 (III*
.viu. i.il itiling liun pi.t plot,ni* to the
t tle.lii.H. iihen ll.ilph Bmitt »...*.*h..l
n Mull..'- -theme here, nu.l while he
in   the  s|.sin   ...ntiiiuing  Ihc  imsl
lurk.  the-.,  g.s.d  friends ot  l.it h
lied  n  plot   (a. I..-(ray  thc prc-nlciil   nl
Dominion l*.i»"i* ooograai by a |.iv*
(mini iiitliiliuii.il li..... thc.r Martin all.*
hi.. nl i lul. it.-, -ng to have Ml smith
trai t * I.it elm lit* M In tth.il llc t a -II It nl
.Hegel lain.lal. but in la.t M.llili
nniliflalc uould Ih! to the .Vuii.mn Mtl
[liners should M.u tin be generally sue-
pssful. That is n sample of Ihe Inend*
|..p of ll.c l.ibrrnl outfit in (he I.-t ...in*
(' Now for lln- pre-cut one. When Mr.
uim-s Devlin- handed m i'ne nomination
it Mi. Kohl lo ll.c tool t)... t
III Ihe plnce ol  returning ..lh. er ..I  tl...
Ilislrict the papers nrrr insultingly thrown
cross tl.r table nt liiiii and he wns in*
urmed in the nl.lc.at possible manner that
lie paper- une li.i good, Hint thev ivirn
lot signed by the inmlitlntr \\"nen he
§vn. shown llu* *ign.liim* nf (' l-'i.lei ua*
II.i.hi.I   he Ihreic lhe paper* an,!  aiinin.
Iladarlng that hi did nol know whether
hat wns the tsigtinturr of Christopher l"o
ey or Collin Foley or some onr rise. Thii
cm..licit iptcbBtn ol lals-mli-m iniiile.l
Ihi'inigh the frnnclil-e net for some In•*-
|r len  nuniitrs looking for something to
Linton Bros.
■ -•**,'
Stunden Printing Qo.
BOOK M.t.M I .ICTI km:ks.
i.t'i Columbia Avenue
Rossland, B. U.
Municipal Elections For
Year 1901.
lat. Any male or fenmle. Is-ing a llrit-
ia.li si.bjiHt t.: the lul Iga i.i '.'1 tc.ij*.,
fee foi iciii'ii is nut lc-*s tl..ui live dotfalS,
nmniclpallt) for the tnvli*c montha
iinnicilinicl!    preceding   the   I-i   ..i  No*
l-einber, HM.', is it ltni*|. sllliji-ft.
tee inr which i* n*>l h**s than twi-utilicc
dollara, or,
3rd. W I... is a I. ...-sli ilder within the
twelve montha hnmedTataly preoading the.
l-t of N'..ie*til. r. I!..I. is a llnlish .iiltjiet.
nnd haa paid all iituiti ipal r.i:—., ..ml that !
the rent or nnt*. or rani value! thereof
is not less thnn -ivty .I'.ll.ui tier .iniutiii
cu h. and iias on or Wore the
1'raina I', i ait
8:00 For Nelson, h.vl.i. Cna.-a.lr, Grand
i.i.s.in.    horks. (In-nw,si.I. Midway, He.
18:00   Ka>r Nelson, Baudot and Moraa
11.->.tv.     pointa,    II Ittoka.   Main  Une
Neat It'iiite for all hinlcrn |..mt«
For tint.* ial.lt-.. rut-**, and ..II iiilnrma-
tlon, call on ■•. all..*- .i.att.l t.**ral
agent, ur
A.   II    Ul hinr ■: i .iy Agent,
A. (.   .M.Aithut.   Depot   Agent.
Itossl.ii.u. II r
W*. F". Anderson, K. J. C.ilr,
1. I'. A.. 1   ll   I'* A..
Nelion, ll.''. Vaneouver, no
= ]    FIIIM'  DAV (IK DF.i KMI1KII. |mn,
X Books, Stalioncry, Toys,
j.     Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
I Linton Bros.
N... 3A Columbia Avenue.
<♦« IHH I
Porcelain Baths
% Bridgford & Herring;, |
it C-otuMihi* A*r , lint In * nl.in.lr*
Th* Wnrlil In thormiKti1> cnnvincfd that CHRIS f-'OI.BV will t>« the next M. P.
tor Yale-C-arlhna and U willing io bet money* worth on It. Liberals and Conservative* dn nut Ayr.*- wiih the World and here I.-t an opportuulty far them to back thetr
ludffflent.   The  World will accept aubacrlptlont tor one year, payahl*
When Foley Is Elected.
It Pale)' It not rlrclrd   Ihr paper  will be sent lo llm.r  acccpllng thla oiler one year
f- ■.     I'lll In thr order hlank hclow and mall It ... i lu u arid.
MANMIliK w ""PI n   Hoseland. H.e.
i'i* ...  arnd mc Ihr INDUSTRI11  WOHI.II, (or nne year, lor which I agree lo pay
Two Ii...la, *..n thc date ot cloia Holey*, clrcttnn to thc llnuac ..I Commona.
Uoa.land. II. C.; Nov. a., .quo.
to the nsscHs.r ,,r clrrk u  itatutory  'Ic
Halation, made and milMsfliod bef     i
jllilgl*.   eli:a*tl'li:il*\*.    or   p aliee    IlL'lgisI i.it | .
jiisiiie of Uie i.'.u-t. or niilaiy pulilie.
J*'..nus of  .l..*l.iralmn   .uu  b,- obtained
None Better.    Solid Vestibu'ad
TiAins,    Palace   Dining  and
Observation Cars   Meala
a La  Carte.
Diriet eonne. lion at lit. I'aul, wittoal
.liange   ol   .i-i ..i,  with  all   ir-.iri.   (ar
riiniis nf .I..I u.iti.hi  .nu  b.- obtatne-d Ii*\~r7m    '■'.   ""•""' —    --—   -a—
nt the City .hi.-.   ,„| ti„. cit, Clerk ,     ,1'"*?'  lonnl°' -Monti-raj,  Sett   .on.
'and all p.,i.,u weat and eouth.
will ic ni In- offita fi*. in T to  0  .p.
.ut  Friday, 23rd 1 Tuaaday, 9T*hi I'n.Inv
Close connection eaat and weat bona*
traini   at   Spokane   wth   traini  of   tht
.'Kill, Inate., and Siiui.liiv, l-t Di-eemiK-r.  £"£„*V.'nr*™N^*i."   "Vi "   '
mam   i_.ii *  .      .     . i   WOttllt ralli A  .Northern  llailwiy.
I.a.    f..r    .he    pn.-,.**.*    Ol    I MIC       -„.l _,.„_, k a '
deenrntiona. ,am
WM.  McQUEBN.       . "T--. o_i„„   _,.. ,„ .-^ ..
'in   (1erk.
Labor U ion Directory,
Ofli-vra and Meeting!.
lo-ute. Spokane   daily  for   Want 7 SJ
West bound traina mike direct eea-
nection lor Victoria, Vancouver, l'oia*
land, San Kranciioo and all point! *o
the Sound.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ During the eeaaon of nirigition Ham
THADES AND LABOR COUNCII^- bound t^»'n, connect it Duluth wiUi
Meeta every second end fourth luea- the magnificent atramanip* N,.nh W.-a
day in asch month at 7:30 p.m. in ">o Northland, of tbe Norther*
each month at 7:30 p.m. in Minera' Mcamahip company line operated ia ean-
Union Hall. 0. Bohalm, Sec.; A. nection wits the Ureal Northern Ha*
Fen-ia,  1'rea. wty-
CARPENTFUIS k JOINERS' UNION- _For, ,urthr,r i-*f'»-*'lio». "-I*** [**
Merta every Friday of e.ch week at •_ ctf.'„"•''_•' *° ffi .ffi ?' °" +?
7:30   p.m.    in   Minen.'   Union     llall.   k-n.. I"*"'  *  Northern   lU.lway,   ...
A Carful Filter.
makra    a     ityliib     farment.
Thi cutting ind biting aie
quite li important M tue material.
Oet your clothci made her*?
and ill three Item! will be
til right.
Our pricea ire not too high
for you, but they'i juat high
enough to insure -foil he best
workmanship  and   material.
Taylor 6 McQuarrie,
V. O. Doi 3. 18 COLUMBIA AVE.
I'l'inl,      lirjt-l-Hli.iw,
Rossland Hotel: \ THE PULLMAN CAFE
Fine Whiskies and
_. Imported Cigars .
Washington St.
John   Uiy c,   Proprietor.
A..', iur DBUCactM or rua Si'ASOS.
A Hlocaa nailway, Kootenay Hallway k
l Navigatmn   ("omi«ny,  or  to
F. I. W-OTHir,
General    I'aaaenger   and    Tialwl
Agent, M,   I'aul,  Uo.
H.   A.   JACKSON,
(niiiniirn.ll  Agent, Bpokane,  Ka*.
Jerry Spellman. Proprietor •
Cor. Rpokaur and Columbia Ave. a
thb Cliff Dining Parlor
'IHS! x   WOOUS   S   s.,*,  Ill,   |.,„,,,i,|,„a... .
Best Home Cooking in
Board per week $5
Single Meals 25c.
Columbia Avrnur, Weal.    Near the City Hal
Make* a tpeclalty nf
Columbia Avenue
Cunningham & McDowell, Props}
Hot and Cold Lunches
The I'lact to Ret the Brut Meal in Uie City   --£
I'rompt Service.
<J> Mealr 25 Cents an.l Up. <a
<t «*^S»<«^sftA4y«KSis*a-)4>»ae>t^aS,4^$,A>to*i>
Windsor Hotel
First Class Accommodation
Pricks   MODERATE.
W. G. Merrymathe, Prop.
Formerly Tun Exchange.
COLUMBIA *.*• i .
Best Meals in Town 35 Cents
nRS. Ua rlOKB. I'roprlclorca...
A. F'errii, I'res ^^^^^^^^^^^^
MINKRi' I'MON No. 38, Weelern
Federation of Alineee—Meeta every
Wediieadiy evening at 7:30 o'clock in
Miners' Union Hall. F'tAnk Wootlsi'le,
.Sccie'niy:   Wm.   (I'llricii,   l'r iidcnt*
MceU  on   the   last   ijundny    ot    each
month it the   Mines'   Union  llnll.  .1
P.  Ilarkdoll. Sec.;  IV. Poole, Prm
No.   252—Mecte   the   firet    ind    third
Tuesday  ol   each   month  it 8  p.m.   in
Beatty'i  Hall.    P.   O.   Box 314.    W.'
Mda-.i.l,   I'r.a ;   J.  Kloman, Sec.
FJxecutive Hoard:    E. C.  I'Tai.r,    Bnw
land;  \V. Davidson, Kanilon;  M. Kane,
(Irrenivond;  If   II.  Ib'mnck, Movie.
PAINTERS' UNION, No. 10, I'ainler-
ind Dccorntora of America—Meets in
llcaiiv's   llall    on   second   and   fourth
Tneodny   Wedneaday   ol    eaeh   mnnlh. 	
W. 6. Viorpby,  prea.; Oeo. W. Sh.nn,   Obaerration Can,
Bee* Pullman   I'alare   Can.,
i.ia*gnu!   Hilling Can,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B       Modern   Day   (\-achea,
third   Satitrdaya   of  each   month,   at  I   Tnuriat   RlrcpiBg   Care,
a.m.    Mike (iuydotti, IVea.; Jay liar-      Ihroogh  ticket!  to all  pointa ia   tl*
ton,  Sec. I'nited   Sialei  md   I'anida.
AND   ASSISTANIS  UNION,  No.   11R*  Except   Sunday.        Tiy*  our   Xlsetrte
—Meet! seeond Sunday in eirh month. Ialghtr.l
J.   II.   Flc-her,  lecretiry.
Tlie Fasi line.
.**.(.at and  Hast.
Solid   Vmtibulrd    Trains.     F-leeMc
Lighted.     Equipped   will
NEWSBOYS'  UNTON   No. S-Meete in
Mine™    Union   Hall  on  thi  hint ind
—F"di!iird Iloyee, president, Butte, Montana; John I-". McDonnell, vicc-preii-
dent, Virginia City Nevada; James
Mal.or, secretarylreaanrer, Bulte, Mon-
Room 12. Owiley block. Faieculive
Una  ,1'. (i.    Box    307,   keadquarteri,
E.  tt.  RI li.
Agt.  R. M.  By., Rosalind,  110.
J.   W.   llll.I
General  Agenl, Spokane, Waah.
Aast. Qin.   I'm..   Agmt,
WEDNESDAY November 28, 1900
Hy Julin Itiisliin Walker.
Very curious have been the many ex-
prewiioiia on the subject of the trusts
during the past .veur. A quarterly dividend
el twenty million! of doLsrs lor the Standard Oil Cumpiny, and nearly forty-two
million dollars prolit for one meiiibcr of
liie steel trust—Mr. (-'iiriiegie's end of it—
fur one year, uiv I'ticlyi sutlii-jcntly surprising to nurtle even the dcuf and dumb.
Either of then fortunes oontinuod ut tins
lata woulil shortly gather to itself all thl
Wealth of the I'nited States, und shortly
iiiiTciifu-r iniglit command tlmt of Emiipo
.a well, lt is a very simple problem In
arithmetic. Nearly all sorts and coiuli-
tiona oi men unit.- in declaring tile dinger
Which be- in Ihc trust*, and the must. .I**
ligbtful auggeationa arc made regarding
tbe method if curbing then. President
Dudley  uf  Vale niggeata that ilm baadi
of the.-c  truats arc improper men, who
ahould lie -.- lull! i.*tr.i.*i7.iil. Iiui this
itlc.i   is evidently   not   fully  shared  by  all
college preaidenta.
It    I'rcsiilcnt    ll.ullcy   had   in   i iciv   the
locial oatraciiro ol Mr Carnegie and
Rockefeller, ll is quite apparent that it
would Is* difficult i" .any .nit tin- ichsmi
without the co-operation of in- distinguished v.. -laborers iii the Held "f education.
Other thinkers arc wrestling wilh tin*
problem of what will become of us if the
mists go ,iu eating up the wealth of the
country  with mch avidity;    finally   get
down to the conclusion win. It deserves to
rank with I'rcsiilcnt Dudley's. "If wc have
publicity the problem will   be   solved."
Everybody knOWl llic actual facts; tliete
is   uo   dispute   regarding   the   conditions,
nothing thai could Is- divulged oould be
autre startling lhan what  in w know;
all are agreed, and evidently some of ihcsc
gentleman huve in mind -.hai old fable of
the cat antl the llllcc.  If llic .at only had
a Udl nn her they would lu* comparatively
nfe, tiny argue. Ting cling, nling u ling.
an tl everybod) they imagine might d.slge
nut  of   the   will.   Piatty   milch   everybody
iu- been hearing t'ne ting-a-ling tor quits
a while now. and wilh no other re-nit
(in.n that, t'ne! un* compelled »» -it md be
it..1*1.1.*.I up. This gobbling pris-e*. has now
gut to a very interesting stage. It is now
up to he millioniares. The oner day -nine
uf t'ne largest capitalist* who have them-
..■Ives been ciitis|ucuinis in tin*, kind nf
work hciril the ting*a-ling. ami looking
.round diaCOVtrad that the lm-. wtlt
bearing ditwn upon ihem. at leu*' la I'm'
luiblic press gvc out at the time ol llic
Boston taitum and he *tpliv/c .li Netv
York  surface  railways.
But the gentlemen wh.. ate atntoal iqa*
ally .in i.Id between nodal ostredani and
pulili. Hy us a nnedy mr trusts, an*, na
tn*h like, simply ponlng their heads into
ih«* -.uul and kicking their heels in the
sir. 'Ihey refuse to recognise this xcienti*
lie truth, that tin- trusts aie in llu- direction of gissl orgiini/'ition. Trusts nre |
doing Iway with tlu* wasteful metlimls
that have conn- down to us I rum barlair-
ismi. They .in* taking the .ul businosH and
lh«- iron businc-e* and .1 hundred other
busin**sses and bringing then under Ul.it
IH'rt.vt nrgtinir.ition which result irom
on." o'cit bruit exercising iin|tcr.til nowtl
in the domain of eosuntf-ce, Mr. Risk,*-
feller is right. Ml. Otrntgia is right, iibcn I
they ny that the world at latgc, i* ls*nc* .
qt.sl b>- the trust*.. It is the trend of Ihe
limes, it is bringing accurate thinking :
and thorough nrg-ani/alnui to Is*...- ii|s.u '
tl«.  great   problems  of  pr-slu tion
interests;  pay them it fair price—nn extravagant price if nttd Is-, but buy Ulieiii
and turn them Into the hands uf Uit pm-
lib* to manage for the hem-tit of nil.
1 challenge any reasoning mind taking
up this subject wilihoiit regard to pust
prejudices to arrive at* any other goal tliun
public ownership. "Social ostracism,"
"publicity" they are tin- feddt cries of
children. Let us brace up und look tihe
situulioii .stpiui-ely in the face. Father it
must continue, and it is every moment
growing moil like uu uvalaiuihe, or it
must end in public ownenhip,
I-inm  Moyic.
We Understand thai a large horde of
out-i.lc politicians uiv Isung rushed into
the \ ah-Carilsio country to hinder llic
work ..I Chril. Foley. We would not
tihink it sn bail il i'iicsc ....piiilc.it trump-
did nnt iponge their way Into the country
till C.i'.lt.  pusses, but  li.t- being tilt fuel,
we wonder bow honoat workinguien can
tolciMle  sin li  iiii impo.ili'in
We ut Molle lire proud of mil* Candidate,   Chris.   Foley,   a   man   who   , iva  hii
way wiih one hundred centa on tho doi
[lar and places Mmaoll undei ligutiohi
to uo greedy corporation!
Foley's scon* here mil amount to a
whitewaah for Ins opponent!, il ii* Dim*
inick uud In- committee have bean busy,
.uul. to iixe up the -ituation. we can nfiiy
say  Unit  F'olcy  will gel  051  of '.■•* vote!
ca*t here,    lluiru'u for Koley I
Oillihtr Diil N»i Appear,
Tht committee ippointed I.y Mr .1. B,
MiArilnir i.. Investigate the charge madl
by Mr. .Mm M.K.ii.c thai Mr. W. A.
i lull.I.e.*. U.e Liberal oandidata had. despite   his   boasted   .1 input I.y   with   labur,
signed  a  petition  circulated  among  the
• Hi/ells  ,.|   Nelson   asking   the  g •M-Illlllcllt
to ul.iogate tJu* shoiir Inw, was convened
in Mr. A. II. MucNeill- office Mondl)
John F. Mt line represented Ihe I.iIm-iuI
iui.-r.st-. ..n.l laked for ... adjournment to
allow .Mr. Utllihtr lo be picciu. Ihu
wus oppo-c.l by CiisiuiH' lhik-on. who *ip-
p,.n..l lor Mr. McKinc. who argued that
the matter had remain*! uiide'ermined
loo long ulreatly.
rit.. committee decided lo adjourn i.il
Thur-duy nighl. when, ll « >- agreed, Mi
Ualbber would i«* preaent.
Will Be Given By
Rossland Miners' Union No* 38
W. F. of M
On Monday, December 31,
Notice to Mine Siij-eriiitendenti.
When you nre in need of & competent
engineer, hliukamith, pi|H*man or machinist, U.e .Mechuiiio.' Union will be
pleased to furnish you competent uien.
Addrci. W. W. Duty, Seeretiry.
Arrived   cur of 1IKI1 wall |mpcr. Daniels
cimi-iicr*. n.*\t to Bmpty"i*
Ill III ll
I* 1111
In order thai tl..- Government may bt
in pi.--i*.iitii ni demote information w.i'..
winch to mpply thcee seeking Inveetmenta
111 tin- pro!nue. I am Itlllructed to invito
particular! n thosa who havi proper-tire
iur tale, ami iilm may feel disponed u.
forward nidi particuUn tn tin* office for
tin- pnrpoae hi quoation.
In vicii  ..1 ihe propotd.ttriy reorgen*
t/atinn of tl.e Agent Qenitl'l (Hi...* in
Is...dull. Ft.gland, the dtainbllltl "I hat
mg mi lile n li-l oi latins nud oilier prop.
clttc. lol sale, with full nml an urate details,  t* obvious.    Piopntlu   nbmitted
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second near Washington.
V. & N.'Phone 68.
may unhide farms ami farm land*, indu-
Thc   ntZl   leu   .In-.   Uie   la-l     .'I    the   n .al ... loinincii nil concerns, limltt l hunt..
. iin|.aign. mil I-* io im-! "in- t"i (he  water pond-. ,.i "t'ticr asttrpriw ..ti....l
Independent  Pirn  worittn  The I'.m • lay opportuaittat for tagttnatt inttstaitnt
c.in.b.lalc   w.li.   ..He.   -pcikiug   tor  much |     |,  „ „„,   ,.,..,..._«-.|  p, NOOnUBtDd  prop*
na* eight eonaeeotivt nlghti in die Roun- tttim •*„ intending Invasion but t.> alfoixl
dury. cl,,-.* hi. ..uiiiaign itca'.... Hn* Vil.t    ihe   lull.—l   leeem   lo  H.e  .■l.i—il.c.l     b.ls
nf lleeember Bth.  The laat  nieeetng ...it   Md all availabl   inlonnntmii   ,-» dad
«.-l    Ilo-land will  l«. hchl in  S'dion. Itherewith, nad ta I'lnre emiu.rer. in i.ui. I urni.h.a ihe Ileal llrasd
Mr.  Foley's effort! IN being .iippl.mn.t    mimical 1..11 wilh (he ..wners. ,., r „
ed I.y .lame- W.Ike- h...» >- doing valliant       yin. |,,||,..t  -..m,,,!*,,, „„. required, not | WINKS, _.I_UORS AND LIC.ARS
-ii  th. lae in.* labor   rnndidntej0nlj ol the prepertiae thenurirea, luit of
atanda lor. It la bk.-K thai Un* '-.i week   ,i„. loealitiea ... which Uuy nn< -uut-.T
ot the oampaign "dl -■-• lhe north part  .,,,,1 fa eonditiaaa anVrting them      f..r
.tt   the  itiii-tlturllcy    covered    l.i     |! • ilu. parpaat  printed arlirdlllcs will,
Smith. M. P.. w-hilr P..il.-. |„,ls.t member  application, tv (..mauled to 1'iin.e
mi. ot BttMng at Iti
It   K. (i(lsNF:i.l..
S,s*nt(arv.  II.... ... ol   Provincial  liilurtiia
uu Winnipeg, w.ll ippeai al scleral |mnu«
in  tne southern  portion  "l   U .n.iitu
.-in x  hi  Mr. Koiiy'i mie.xs.ts.  All over
the dfllttl (he pot! *a...!,... ..Ir holding maettinf, and il the rarioos t«.lbn<
plans, an.l nn- Dniahing lhe «..!k ,.i the
campaign preparalorj  to Iht   battle   ol
lt.tll.lt-     "II       |1.S      U|IS*I      II        I'ltttll        ill        tlntl'
the line ...me  n.o-i  meooisging reports,
"land rneie is bllle ••! u<   lea-.n.. Inlhl
Ilie  .. ,, , .,... .
The Collins,
Neatly lurnlahrO ..>„nt. In coasri'lton heated
-HI. hot air
PATTER-ON A Co.,   Props * Waahlnglon St
Fjiqsy's (or clothing.
^*®&?*$&&<$r<$ri»}*! Jo,*.^Hj-*oj>^KjNV*.Xi- ;-i*i-&&$*&$4>®®,
A. KI.OCKMAN, Proprietor.
^      JUMN CA5SADV, *\mu*, itunl Manager. CHOI1. IH-IEYI-US, fluslcal Director.
Week of ...
..Nov. 28th.
= •%
IN NEW AND SI \k'l I.INii ,-|il\ IN.i
Boer War Views, British Naval Brigade, President Kr-iger, DrlHen
Away Under British Bsco.t. Lancers Hurd'e Jumping, The First
Canadian Contingent Leaving Quebec for the Front
--^———— And the I'sual Comic Films Interspersed	
Thc Hilarious Comedlea hy Dllrlcn & "  m
Magee's Pic Nie" and "Buffalo lill's Battle."
PAVORITB   AU.   STAR   VAUDIVI1XB  CO.-.I llrien.   Jennings  and  O'Hricn
Miinnc Jrrau.c. Pearl ami Cussiily.    l.u.i week ol Reeai ami Swan, anil
Admission Cnly 15 and 25 Cents.
*>t*n *****4ao) tattt ♦♦*>♦>♦♦♦♦ ttt< i >
 '"-.vrM-t-ir-'M-rtW!-; * i*-*n*.'.!Wxt*it»|MMI
Q. W. HcBride
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
• tlllf ♦>«*M>t*MttMMttf ItMttff >tf M^MMf-l
Faui-y'.  :'or  . !■-thing
i nt   this  lime ot   the  lesull   *
advuni.tg-.**.., thii*pi » bare now I n „„, ,,„„ n„,, ■.-„,,..   .,„ ,M. ,,„.
s„ well learned thai the evolution in »r * n„.1„iM.r ,,„. \.,i,.i*.„,Ih**,
g.un/.i'ioii   can   never  slop.   Its  lormulns \
tuns.,   be
appli.-l to every pra« i lib
until   t.hev   are   reduced   to   a   acientitn
New* un ol-s Wert- org.ilii'r.l bi   the Pak
IIUI 11 1.111*1 till-        ."...It  1*1 I"        il        ...... I ..'     | .     . ... . ,
i-eonomv. The IV-ulcnt llndlevs and tha Jf   Inl.^.tim.-I dnnn, the ,»..t week a
.nli..,.,,.* oi pulJnitv .night  as well lix  il*™*.   \    "  :   ^n..   \^*t
__■   thing  „,   thr,,*  mind!  tir-t   » last.   N-nvich. On,.. . ,nd ( ,«innali.
\\ nut   wa call the trusts an- -imply the
I.il.-.: development of orgnn.intion of the
mciii.-i* ..I production, lie ami mankind
at. large ban relu-etl lo study thaaa pi-.b*
leiiis of i.rgaiiir.it .ai and a fen* nulti ubials
have inAsti-rcd Uie sienie, t'la^se fuw individuals  are reaping all    the    hr-m-fit*.!     .,- , .      -   .
Four chut I-.!.,.- pies,*,,, tl,c,„.cKx-s..nd|      ""*   "_?___■    n   MV     V.^*1*
onlv four-                                                         ] atate eniinrtl by potailar vole an.l lhe na*
'   First.   T'he trust, are in  the d rect.on   ••""•', '•"''","1 »«' P-^"-^! m-n-wiU-
1 .hi wrrr 1-a.tli dele,id In  larsr mapin
At a reernt rlrrlion in We«l Itivrlaml.
Heamlridiiirir. tlir Roeiallsl Pens xxaa eirrl
e.1. Al llrra'aii Ihe S.irial.-ais wrrr siir*
■•r-r*ful in the rlection of tli*ct.»a f.>r ihr
la'  .ll    | Ml I .l.l-a*..!
ol seielllilic i.lg.uii/r.i.n "I the liH-tlltsls
nl iiro.ltietion.
Ueeond. Nearly all ll.e benefit* of
th»s.* magniliccnt .trgatu/uti.ms BOW go
to a lew tn.bii.biala.
Third.   It is contrary to thr W-t Inter-
c-ts of the pt.l.l ■■ and dangeroiLs to a re-
ttubbcati form id g-ivt-nimi-iil that Uiewe
profits should itiittuiiie to ac. umulate in
each anormooj ptretataaa^
Fourth. Huw arc wc going (u bring the
hrnelits of sc.entilic ..rgaii.*! .1 m„ into the
hands of the liu.nv in-tratl of the few!
A hundred lllllll—llll ol th.- Iu~>t l.i a..."
of the world t.sluv ale engagi-l on Una
problem. Most of the***.' brains arr l|.*.sc of
men who have licgun life by believing
in Uw* sy-t.-n. nf iii.l.v.tliial cimi|s-(,(i.in.
Thtrefura Ihty t.mi away from any true
aohitlon --i Um difficulty. 'l*he>' e«.4.nn«e
sn-h valu.il.le .iigg.-slf.na as thta-ac regald
ing  su.tal .istracistn  ami  |Ulbl.citv. Why*
Ilea ....'I*   till*!   a|aa   Iml   Wl*ll   K. **«•.•  tl.C   llgUI'*
of governmental coopnatlon, winch hsime
up us ihc only ban nu to utdivnluil ac-
. u.u.iMition.
Vo well informed man hi Uir l.uainrw
World today but l.'licvi-s that with lm. or
ll...*.* ln.mlt.sl ....lit..us at In- duqsiaal, a
brain a*, nlile as some ot tlu*... now i„
active careers may in turn ut-.t, k and
i rush one lending Iiu*hicsh in(«*r,-«! aller
another until Wtt Uu* mrlinnairna may
Is* gvtpl tinin tin* ti.l.I ..ml pi... d.-ally all
lhe   wealth   of   the   ...iintly    nl rita-l
in one gnat cnrt-iration.
It is lm ky ihat ilu- lir*t man to prrfrxt
a soicn.v of biisincs* ofganisttiOD tdioultl
also Is- ii man whoaa numi'sct carry bin,
in Uie .Iiii-tii.ti "t cl.i. all. n The Mine
mi-nns th.it Initlds g.eat um!-tiai!ies niight
insl a-s deftly merge the republic int.. a
monarchy. Any nne who i. nt all on the
inside ot alT.np* in New Ys.rk hn. hoiirlv
pTOol of the endless Inlliiriuf wl.i.h nionev
, ver. i.cs 0Vt| |aa.1.t.* laOt, tin- prrss. ed... a
Imnal institutions and even tin* nunstiy
il.-s.-lf. A huintn-il tl...u*.n.l n|s.ltigistw of
nu menu intrllc-ctnnl .ata.c.ty arr alwavi
..I lh,. Is-k and ..ill of a hiindf.i.1 millmps
nf tlollipt. (ogcdier tvitb a less ami ol
vtlei minds, ajtm st-uul n adv t.» tear ibttan
thr lss.1 snd n.-bb-st if by su doing Ihry
tan earn n irr.
II.-le   wc  are.   then.
Eighty ni.ll'.iiis ,.f pWbi* umler a form
o| goveinmeni which may l**s denominat
t-1 a republic tempered by lln* u«r ..I
ii.iinev at the (sills, tip ngniti-t the ipiea-
lion of lhe diatfibatlot of wealtlh. Let it
go on ii|siii presetit lines, nnd in len
years more not nil t*ie intrll'***ii *• .1 tl***
nation iiui provide a remedy. And is
there any remedy todayt (h.e only go*
eii.nicntal ownership. Buy out these great
tk-» in  tbr t-efe.en.li.in
Hig S.x has r.lMMi.le.1 llirt. lal in lu«nr
his lo Nnw Voik Sun .Inkers during Iht
past year.
Sevcrnl Sorial IVmnrrala. wlm were active in the -prni««an.U fur thr pirty.
have Wn armatnl .ml im-irrr.,le.| for 40
tn fin dnvs at 8«n Juan, Porin K.ro This
,*. ranaklaied a .MilHenlr atlrmi^ to (er-
rurirr ami il.snu* Mie Vrdrriri.i tathre
Boelal ..tn.liii.nis an- runtiniiuie i*» *p*»w
WOI a. .... tl... t-lind the n«mler of nn*
•I iii-n-a-iiig tlay I.y day.
11.5-107 Columbia Avenue ROSSLAND, B.
V. & N. Telephone No. 90
W. B. Correct Form Corset
We carry   1(1 «tybvi of thi! now popular corart in high laat,   Vnr   hurt,
nmlmm laaat. I«n« and ahort waiated.     The pnrea ale 11 2)   I1JP   fi on'
•UO and 93 cm prr pair.
«.. Iw.s- i*u.-hl mxyhm of thia high dam rarwt; the prioea we   99M, IB SO,
i>l» > 11 ami »l« >«i iwr
••LaVldaM Mralght Form Corset
The cars-H dnmtmrnl is inrjiarge of a oomprtrnt filter who will be
pl-m-,I to .Innon-aratr tn you the siiprn.tr filling quaUth* of our oor-
•»u. .-my pair » guaranteed to wear, emy wearer ia guaranteed a per-
(•**   ' ! (
We Are Noted for Having Good Things.
Your   Photographers       ,—
Do nothing but the Very Best Work Every Time
We carry a large line of
at Eastern List Prices.
A*4* -v%*fc**nfc% -v-w-t-t* -v*w^%%%%*w^-^%^«.v^v^%a*% ww
5y 3B3B3B-a
By putting X opposite his name ts shown below.   Mike no other mirk on ballot.
IOf Hie Cily of Rouland,
Of the City of Nelion,
3    Of the City of Rouland,
Mine Owner.
Gent's Furntshinjjf Department.
New Clothing Shoes, Shoes.
Hats, Hats.
Ali*W,.ol Serge and Wor.ted iuit. in
Navy nine. Hlack and Hued, glO.OO to
Iai.OO All Wool Tweed auila, nobby
uatUani, 11..... to g20.00. Oood Knock-
iliul I weed unta, I', Ui to lin.'ai. All-
Wool Panti, g2S0 to H.tW. Worlim
1'iaU, I1.1C to f2.«0.
New Overcoats
la Whltieard T**glda, Mrltoni led
Ueaveri, llnJi, tliM, gU.W, glt.OO.
Men'a   Kibbed   Cotton,   per   iuit   11.00.    -su/pntpr*;
Men'i   llibbed    Wool,    per  suit  gl.00.   *    *'•*--'' *-'
Men'i   Heavy   Wool,    per  iuit   II .-».
Men'i Tin and Htriped, per euit fl.SO,
BOO.     Men'a  Wool  Fleeced,  per euit,
Wr are eelling aien'a ihoei below eof,
Men'a Split l.caUier Hboaa, II to »l'.
Men'a Oralned Leather Htme.ll JO, W
tlilt. Men'a Orained Mailed bbM
12.00, f2M. Maa'a Oil Orained Nail,
Shora, Klun. lu* Walking Bkm
Irom 11.00 up.
Men'i Kednra Mala, |1.M to gt.00. Men
Uuano llata, 12.00 to 93.80. Men'a Bt
llatl,   H ""   lo   BJ".       Mela*.1,.   1
?'*"i.     All ilylaa.
Meni Navy Blue, 78e. lo 12 00. Men)
Fancy Mued, 11.00 to f2M. Mm 1
Half Oolora, Fancy Collar! and Wriat<|
I.' .Ml  to 1300.
Levi Strata a and lln,. nip he Road Overall., and
Jumpers at .*>•!.
■ imilMMMIMMtllll
Choice .Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery aud Glassware.
Third and Washington.
Telephone 19.


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