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Industrial World Sep 22, 1900

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JloX^u  &>*"
Vol. 2, No. 7.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6. W. F. M.
£.*$*-j«S*-*^$-$*$><$-4*><S><*S*^ ^<?><»**^*»*V»»I
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kinds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
*e&**t>******^***<t ********** *****************
Tan Shoes
Men's 83.90 sboci for .... ?■.'..'.. and 8390
..l.n'a    1.00 ihoes for    3.73
..Mina    4.90 shoes for    3.110
'Man's   9.00 sbon for   3.90
Men'i   9.90 shoe, for   3.75
Men'i      6.00 ihoei for   4.00
Wi men's 83.00 Oifordi, now    1.90
Women'!   ..90 Oxfords, now   1.79
Women"!   3.00 Oxford!, now tV to 2.M
Women'!   1.00 lacid ihoei, now  .. ..79
Women's    4.90 lien'  shoes, now .. Ml
Women'!   9.00 la.-cti shoes, now ... 3.90
Remember   thcie  price!   in for ca.lt
only. |__|   __J_I
W.F. McNeill
Next Door to Postoffiie
The    Signal     Code—'Ilie     Sick—Trades
Council Delegation.
A well attended meeting of the Mim
en' Ciiiuti tva. held Wednesday night.
It proved a ten interesting session. Much
business ul a routine character was
liati-.it lul. a large class of candidates
«us Initiated, und ...nie good uddrea.es
were listened to.
tine nl tlie tirst matten up lor consideration int. the
fropoeed ("ode of Aline Signali.
which   i. as follows:
1 bell hoist, l bell stop (if in motion).
'J hell*, lower men, 3 bells hoist men.
4 I.el I- blasting signal; engineer must
answer by ruising bucket a few feet and
letting it hack slowly. Then 1 bell hoist
men it way limn blast.
b bell, -team on, 0 bells steam off.
7 l.ell* uir on, 8 hells air oil. 3*2*2 send
down drills. 3-0.3 .end down picks.
9 bells tlungrr signal lease ol fin or
.■tier d.iiiget-l, then ring luiiul.er ol station where danger exisits. No person
shall ring tiny station bell except the station tender, except in rase uf danger,
or whrn tin- in.un abalt is being sunk.
Ktiginccrs must slow np when lui.siug
itattoni when men nil- uu tlhi cage.
Station   Hells.
****** ***************&*. f
li! The Strand!
Trsuess ?I
The  llrugil.i*
ap^. ■ i.{.i-..-.-i •--•-■ •■•••• •■• •
■•* MMM1I1I Itl****"** 4*4 • H* 11
T»*c Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
A Fine lineof tbe
No. Million
:: Chmcest Liquors & Cigars j
,....... i.
• ■'
School   Shoes.
Th* long iollv vacation ia nearlv at an end, and Ihe boyi and girli v III reed
'     Khool sboei    Bring tl.em here.   We can Hi the buiy leet with lootweat iha.Ji
made to siand the itraln.   It Is not high priced ihoee.  noting Himiy     The sei
ent ol its itnnbllity i" roally no secret at all, the ihoei are made ollleetlmr, r«a
leather, and put togeihir for keeps.
C. O. Lalonde,   The Reliable Shoe Dealer.
We have a ml.tily good trade on Coffee.
We have ll; aud we hold It Once a
Codec Buver hete-alwar. one
n hen
.•le. t.i.*  l.i-ll. are
11-.. 1
n  eon-
tilth   other
ft   . am 1- »
1 ball
1 bell to go up.
2 bell.
-0 below.
ll   stall....   1*
nf  or
> and
IsrU on lhe subject. Later the committee  1 <|.... I, .1  thul  it   11 ...llilll. 'Hi led  th.lt
the cmle be approved with the addition
of one signal. It was nece.su v Hint skip
man and engineers -I1...1I.I know when
nlasting was tuking place in tl.e sltalt
A s.gnul should be provided to notily
Ilit-iii when tiring was tinis-hed. A si4-.m1l.
1.1 lit-iii.. wsi rccmiyncnded for tin. |rur*
The report of the committee was
adopted and the code ap|u..ved with lhe
amend meu t suggested.
Ilie  Sick.
The sick committee reported a big
sick list; one of the largest in the History of the uninn. There were 19 name,
on Iho list as follows: I'. H. later..**.*, It.
Hand, tlweti lligland. .lohn Meeo3, 1-or-
enee Mattio, Carmen llruno, 1'. lliggnis,
Ijtrry McKelvey. tlm-. Ilrualey. Itiil.ert
.larvis. John ftilestrn. Rirhartl Kinnnrd,
M.Selik. (has. Mci'hee.
The   Minto   Demonstration.
The   following   letter  addressed   to  tho
pri-siileni    whs   read:
Ml nent'  I'nion. Rosslsnd, U. C.
I .1111 iiistmrted by his wursltip, the
mayor, tu thank you nn behalf »i tlir
city council lor your kind its-istancc
and co-operation m making the visit uf
lanrd und Lady Mint., to the city of
l'..--l.iii.l such a sticces*. 1 nur. Innv.
WM. MeQUEBN, t ity t lark.
I Ins letter was onlereii filed.
A claw nf 12 . ui-fi.l.ir.--* was 111.listed.
There bss been a large and steady in
nr.i-c 111 the iiieinla-rship ol tbe union,
an.l it promises to continue.
Trade.   Council   Delegates.
The term of ottin of the delegates to
the Trades snd L.l...r Couucil having
expired. President OTIrien ,i|.| ...1 m .-■!
eight in. nil.ei* to uet ill . Ii.it capai-.ty
t*i. the next six nmnlh*. Alternates will
I..' spismited irom an..tl-i-r .Intt. mi .nnt
a I sail attendance inai lie secured at any
time. The appointees are Bros. Devine,
Foley, llonibin. VToodlide, Willan. Hid-
mer. I). M.*tiilvery. .lohn Snhni. Al thi.
jstini -cvcml slinrt speeches were made
tin the ini|M.rtanre nf 11 lull and regular
attendi.u. e ol delegntcs .it the nieeling*
of the ..uni. II.
flood nf the tinier.
Coder tl.ia head several suhjcit* were
ton. iietl upon '»> numbers, Independent
political *ntmn wu* tin- t-iiief piniit a
■•.■-..1 .itteiiifau.e in tin- members at 10*
night'i meeeting waa urged.
tiik Last hitk.
tonight's Meeting.
There is every prumisi- uf a large attendance in thl in..-, meeting called tonight  lor  tlie  purpose  of organising  lor
ihe Dominion oampagln. Evrbody who is
iu sympathy with the inoc-nient is In-
vitctl In be present. The committee
placetl .11 charge of tlie work of orgnn-
izutiou has beeu working hunt, ami it
►liould result ni tin* loriiuiiiuu of a large
campaign club. A shnri eaa-iasi of the
electors of Rossland lias been made,
inul ine committee lm* melted ewiy
rnrouragveiil. Ihere appears to be a gen-
ei.il revolt against part] ism, uud now
Working side by aide in the
movement fur poUttoal independence are
to be 1 ■ .1.11.1 man w-no a lew  month* ago
wire enrolled u« conaarratim and iioer-
.Measrs. Foley, Ferris, lliilmcr, Brown-
lee MeDoimJd and Devine will be askei!
t. lake the pJatl'unit lor I., iiuuute
speeches. Any others who are 111 lavor
01 thc placing ol 1 llnid i.iii.li.l.rto in
nomination   will  alio  be asked  to speak.
A pru|Hiaitiuii to call the parly the Independent Labor Party will be udvaucrd,
together with other suggestions. All who
become niciuliers of ihc organisation and
liking luul in the meeting will undoubt-
cdlj lit- e.v|ntlei| to pledge their vole
and support to Hie tioniiiit-e uf the purl).
I here uul pioliul.lv be a move made
lo- Hie eniloi>ation ol the platform adopted by the Dominion trades Congress
laal   veil,  ii lulu   is a. follows:
1. Y'lvr . i.mpiil-01 >   education.
2. Legal working day of eight hours
und six day*, a week.
3. tioiciiimeiit .H-].c.'ti.ui ol all industries.
4. The aliolilioii of Hu- ...nli.1.1 aya-
tent on all public works.
3.   A  innuHium   living   wage,  based  on
cal conditions.
0. Public ownership nl all franchises,
such us railway*, lelegrnphs, waterworki,
lighting, etc.
7. 'lax relonii, by lessening taxation
11 industry und nicn-usuig it on land
8. Abolition 0! tht-  llnmiinon senate,
tl.   Kxelu*ii.ii  ol  Chinese.
10. Thc union luhcl un manufactured
lln [UMtloni will have 10 bl decided
It.,*   the   ijieecting,  :i-   well  .1. others   which
may arrive.    In tins mealing anyone who
will pledge hinuell to rapport the de-
ctsion reached tit- the majority will Itave
voice ..ml  vote.
■ j tender ll .muted,  ring station signal and
Mocha and .lava
Coffee that Is absolutely the Best
sold in Rossland
II i... i ihc best a-d.y. snd Ihr nisi I esl
Iur ot row. It's tic besl all He timr
snd the people who bay ll sll the lime
kiiowll. Thl. l.-cenl coflee I. the t«*l
we » -ll's the heat anyone sells-oj
BU   *■<■ .hai price yon may pay.
gllMMlllllltTlfl III' —i*»aaa*io*o***o****o*s****4
We have a Coffee
we sell for 25 cts
.1.   md  aii'Wer luck.
212 bells m rung, engineer or nation
lender doc. not undei-ljii.l. repeal signal.
In cav nf dinger nr accident, ring
station signal: station tender will reply
I hell, ring B bell".     *
One COpy of thia rode -liollhl He |Kist*
e*l on Ihe gall..*..-, frame and one belore
the engineer.
To Iw in ellei i Iroiu and ufler.. , 180 .
.1 ropy ..I tin. ode had been received
by the union for it. ...nsideratmn. ar*
ci.mpamed hv a ropiest Irom the provincial authentic. Ih.it il any amend.
minis were needed they -le.nl.I be mg-
jgcteil In* llu- union It waa nlerred to
.1 committee r,ini|tn*eil of .kip anil slisft
men.   men  wl.i. might   1 >ii-n!en-il  ex*
Funeral    Ken nr-
llf  the   I sit .*
Attending  the   Heath
I'.iltiaiil   Hughe*.
then- hnve been
.. the streets ol
nuw in sight
nine. It is slated
Morrison & Bryenton
Fancy Groceries, Canned Goods, Potted Meats and Fish,
Preserves aud Marmalades, Pickles, Chow Chow and
Catsup, Fruits and Produce, as well as a Full Stock ot
Staple Groceries and Provisions.   Goods delivered free.
East Columbia Avenue, Rossland, B. C.
itaa**********^***^^ '
 .... ■>■•• i.;-;.i.i*-i—»■•-• • ■•-'■■ ■■
As <iii.nl as the Bes*
We inigM get jo or even 15 cents for this
Coffee. Imt Wl don'l do II. We wouldn I
sell so much If we did ; sn.l filly pound*
si s antal' ptofu I* belter Ihsn Iwo tsiiini!*
.1 a 1.1a profit. Kasylo figure out: l.ni It'
There I* no ntta tor ynu
In  I....   s -Iml In
I Bel YourrnBGK casnen
Our Prices.
Are they Right ?
Examine Them
For YoursJJIf.
Clothiers.   _E7^PGY.  Clo,hiers
Agents Hamilton Brown Shoes.
l**9t*4449999994*************>4***************>ei <&*+
Washington Stroet
Cleaning and Dyeing Works.
Opp' *l>e Msttit. llio..
Tints*. Mlnet*'. Cnckl c.hed dsy or
nllhl ..l.h.tul ill*.*.unl. st
TUB Mm House.
The n i.il .eiviec- ..I the late Edward
Hughes tistk place Tinn -dm afterno m
th. isirlor. of Mi—i- I<H*khni1 4 .I.n*
tl.ti. tin- iinui-ter nlticinting being till
In v Mr. Slnckhi.tise. Ihc renin...* were
interred in Ihe new cemetery, and were
followed   lo tha grave by ..  large cortege.
Among iiiniii oilier, ti..-..- wen upward!
of .Tn iiiei.il.cis »l H.e I ..petite.*.' union.
wl... Followed the issii ..t their lata comrade   lo  H.e hist   resting  place.
Mr.   Kdw ml   ll.nll.i-.   w.i-   well   known
in the tilt*, having been ■ rr-i.l.*... here
ii.r the i-i-t ii.).-.* ve.,1* Mr.   Charles
Khier* bai talegnphad In '..« bdhnll to
Mcdis,   Pennsylvania,  tha birthplace  of
lhe ilrcou'cd. cuminm.- us lo the wnere-
abnuts of In- br-'lher and -i-lci*T who
are -oin .*-■ .1 to be m-shIcuI ill \\ ilmiiu*
ton in lhal itatl. Some little .-in-* has
tieen left, by the late Mr. Hugh.--, both
hele  and   ill   the I'licur iI'Mcncs.
A. !'. ol I.. Organi/er.
Uharlaa  Wilion,ol  tbl TnUota'  I nion.
Itos-ltilnl. nOW 1".tiled .1 lire.-liwiiiiil. H
t'. has been appointed i.rgani/.r lor the
liiiei.'.in l-'cilenilmli ni l.ilstr for the
Uonndat) eusnliy, Mr. Wilson in a
hUStlel    when*   .ng..luring    l*   eonccriit..l,
sn.l the A. K. I,. ezeentli ..id   not
v.*     *le. t...|  an abler man  for Ine |""-i*
in a.
lln   I'niiter*   Label.
I He       I l|loi*r.l|||||,   ||      |    HI.HI llbll
ii'i.oiii> ai it..* maithead ..t thi Oreen
wt.,.1 Miner Tin* libel i- tha -mly
ree.,irni/cii guarantee thai tin* article
.. .. ing ii i- tt. i rodui i ..i well paid
I labor.
Ws.hingitin Uml,
I cn rlesn ur due snylhmg in ladles' smt
ai tit-men-, .nt. tii-t meiiisll sntl he
"o.meed Thelsle.tii.pl »eit n.srhln*
say snd prnce-.es rush'. .... tn-au.latili e
ilic|>-oinpi.ltlv.'yol«ll.'r.lri< woikwi'l
l-e tilled lor and dell rr, Ho eiv sild.es.
... ....;;.;...*....i .
M '.*
Oel their Prescriptions Filled
I.y Ihe
Rosslarad Drug
: Company :
II Lineof Hvriyllilng In Onr Line.
Hive Us s Call.
Ko**i nt. Dac.iCn. R K STsnsn.Mgr.
Columhis Ave., nest to Bon Ton.
i .... •
For .ji best hand-made miner"! booti,
go to Agnew ft Oo,    Prices right.
Cm ul fitter
makes     a      slyli'l)     garment.
The cutting and lilting are
quite ss important as Ine material.
Oct your clot he* mail." I.et *
nnd all three ItlDM will be
HI right.
Our price! are tml Inn high
fm yon. lm! Ihey'* jll»l high
■noagh lo ni*ure you bo best
woikiii.iiisliip   anil   malerial.
Taylor & McQuarrie,
■a SOLtflWa AVF. P. o. box |
No. i.li.t.   Itirretl.
I In* I anadian   Triid.*. < ••>.*-..—. now   n
ie..i..n in  Ottawa, has hv    •.•mm Im
IHU     vole     lelllsetl     lepti-ettt It      to     ll.e
socialist   ...*;.....rail.Hi-     I line   .in-   ill   Hi**
Dominion -'-...-' ••" lodalial -.*. non-
Will Ii« to the I!, le. ...Inn.
li...  International Tjrpognphioal I n.on
convention   .t   Ifllwaukee   l.t.i    August
passed a resiilulinii declaring for united
polilical ii.l.oll On the pill Ol the union.
Al   this   lOtlon   ol   the   oltlcl   ami   m-.-l
t iniaeiv.ii i ..* labor oiganliatlon In Atner
ica the plnti- Incline .iIiihh-I. and >>n
the last dav of the se.ai.in. when .....ny
nf Ihe delegate* h ol lell lor home. I I-'
run'idclati..|i   was -i-illi'l  and  III.'  tesolit
titin  w.i*  Kjected.    Kmllng    thai   Uiejf
wete treated  inilaitlv. tl"*"- union- Which
were Intereeted In muring lb* pasaage
Of   lln*   ii-iiIhIiih.   have   ..pp.-nlcd   l«   tl.e
membership, ind the propoaltlon will m*
lole.l   on   be  the  whole  ll.oinliorship  next
Derciiiiii-i. when ii'i'ic i* im .l""i.i lhal
lie* proposition «.ll ci.rrv-*liv n lurge nm
jority. the western unions being ilmnit
a unif .ii thi qnntlon.
I rn.. i.il  of Mrs.   lloyd.
For  several days  |Mis
n. my   -I a  current   01
the .-amp concerning the
.ll   thl lal  Ilm  uml  it-
that   . oiin.et, hi   engineers   have   made  a
most minute Inspection of all the work-
nigs, and huve must laiiluHy ineasun-d
and cstiiuiitcil the on- in -ight, and as a
result have reported to tl.e e.ini|uiiiy's
In nl nttice in London that there ire
iioh- in sight one hundred ami hve millions ol dollars worth of orv. '1 his, of
course. Mpraaenta, In lhe cxi-erts' opinion, the gro-- value, from which must
li * deducted tbl Onal of mining and of
Might an.l treatment The n-i-orl having
been sent to England i* treated as confidential here, mu! we in Rouland, where
the mini- is opented, w.ll have to possess
i.in souls in patience until tin- Knglish
papers arrive, when it will I..* -ecu what
me, it any tha onmpany bai in...!.* ol thc
r..|s.rt. Thai the report hns ilnady been
circulated ta *..me extent across the
iic-iiit   i*  evidenced   by   the    iniinber    of
'•.'i|ii>"e- vc.l   by   local  brokers   an.l
mining men concerning it, ami ll the officials I..*..* will mn talk Hie Koaaland men
huve  I n somewhat   fiotlteied over their
n |tlic*. Komi two or lltree, nowever,
claim to have obtained -ullii lent inlonna*
tmn to enable them to tabic Ihat on a
conservative   l.a.is   the   net   value  nl   too
■ Hi' in -ight cm snfelv In* placed nl front
lilty to sixty aUiilh'Hi*. I '*.ii-i.leniig the
fait that Hie present manager Iiii* not
been  ... iiui*.'-- quite ■ year, and thai
■ luring all thla time In- has I-". ii greatly
li.imln,'l|.|.e.|    by    lhe    n.-t.illation    ..|     in
'immitse in iv p'lin!, .* mp'etily turning
the imiie a.mind, all ..I   which il -till  in
iii-ogrm I nniitii*ht il, it speaka volumes
tor the capacity m tbe Le Hoi ami the
celerity ind demtnew with which derel
opmeni in* been puihed Pnrther, If the
niini* i.in I  nnuraged ..- to make th.*
I'i.ill*    i...I    -le.nllli    tin it a-lli.'     otc   ihlp
nienis which ii lm* done of late, and
i. en hi. it. -i. tei..|.meit. o. the '.. I "f
and during tii.* completion of ilfthe un*
prnveiiient*   ill.I  ChlflgM   'e. lit ...tie.I.   what
re.nlis 111.ii In. looked ' i lietween nnw
-ind  ffm end ol the yenr. when  shif.pinr
starts on the hi.kI, ii.■.-..- ground rod thi
nunc i- running ..h.....i.ii with all th"
improvements completed The Miner, i
Inn,; tjiitenn I'ghier .1 the l..**i of lime,
ha*   nut    t.ni. Ic!   ut    thc   tiitui.*-.   pre-
H'tn.g to lnl,e im .li.iii.e-, anil Hn evening paper ha* apparent!) gom oul of ihc
mining l.ii*nie** oi late, bul when the
English papen nn-iu' it will probably tie
s* en  what   estimate   ha.   licet,   given    out
officially, in any o-r it i« snfe to predict tint llu* ris-nt-d now being made
by llriii-h Colombia, premier niine will
plan* it high tip among lhe great mine,
of the world ami mil ip Illy attract Ihe
attention ol -ill mining men lo i..e im*
iiieii*i' minei-ul restturet's of tl.e provinie,
Orgaolntfon ChmmltteSt
Th.- committee on nrynnfiAtlnn aptmint*
r.l  at  the lain.r ma**  meeting Monday
nighl mel 'rui**.la\ evening and organiz*
el for Ihe work before il. II* member.
uTv Messr*. I row ley. Korribfn, Menrert.
lluliHei-  ami   llrnw nice.      The  tiivini.att.it
wa. effected  b.    the    Flection    ol   Mi
Crowley ... chairman and  Mr, Brownlei
secret.m treaiurer ol  the committee.
The fiii.cn.l »t tbl late M.-v.  lloyd  will
ink.- place iiu* (Friday)  morning *ii   10
nelo, k Irom the Mcl.hi»li«t church.
Friend* snd iiripiaintnm i * are mpectltll-
I,   inv.led   to nttei.il.
tell   ii'lll
lent,     it
"Angelina.*' Belter thnn mn.t
cigar.. I hey are -"Id for five
Uob Hun-. VValhlngton street,
lo   nil)   lhe   time*—"Angelicas"
nt  Hvl .cul-     Iioh  Harr. THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
SATURDAY September  22,   1000
The Industrial World.
Bonii-weckly   Edition.
Published ut llu) .Miner's Union Hail,
Koaaland, in the interest of orguuized
labor   in   Uritbh   Columbia.
Entered at the lioaslaud, 11. 0., post*
olUco for tiansiuiiMiou through Ihc
mails, .Sovciubcr, 1S1ID, us hocond-class
reading matter,
A.   A   Thompson,   Editor   and   Manager.
Ullire   al   Miner's   Union   Hall.
Payable  Invariably  in  Advance.
Oae year      fi t»
Six  nioutha          IM
Three uionlhs          75
83,981 per milt' for all railway const meted
in Canada! The provincial government!
have contributed at the rati of $1,867 per
li.lal iniii-.tiii'. and lhe muni, ipalttics at
the rule ni 1838 per total 'mileage, this
iiiukcs a grand aggregate ol 8ili776 in
cash that the people have dug up for
every mile ol t-allway In blie Dominion.
When the value ol the land nibiidiei ti
calciiliiie.l iii. h i* painfully apparent
thai ilu* [nople huve more than paid for
: tin- railway! which belong to ilu* monopo-
Ititio corporations. We tlo not notice my
tlenient or pi'i-isicut reference to Iheie
tut* m Hn* ilang-whanglng campaign
in.limy nf either the liberal or the con-
■ervative ipell-blnden, Thc fact of the
iiiuiter is thai Isnh parties inv .in the
lm ii. I** ni thl corporation! the) have created, and tin- people will I.e continually
raid-decked until they take the deal away
11.nn   tin  profaeaional    polltiolana    nml
i tnkc over the management nf the game
ii.. m«ives. Liberal and cuneervattve uro
lynonymoui ternu. Tunt the isarah'light
i oi truth on thi mphiitry which constitutes Iheir plntli.nns uml bunco will be
found  between   every   lim.—Exchange.
Choice creamery butter received reg-
ul-.Jy irom the Hed Kiver Valley
t .lamary, Dlanitoba, by Agnew & Co.
Addiess all communications to I lie Industrial World, Postotlice Hox 358,
lioaslaud,   11.  C.
The Industrial World
following news dc|K.
Simpson's   News    • and.
H.   S.   Wallace's  Stationery   Store,
Linton iltos.
P.  0.   News Stand.
liarra  Cigar  Store.
Canada Hook
Mcitae llroa.
King k Co.
A   l'rug Store.
An army chaplain writes:    It  w-nulit be
a curious inquiry how many lo. k- of hair
woman'! Inur   have been buried hi their
soldier   Invert'   cottins.   Who   li*.st   biffin
it;   Whal   man,   what   nation?      iS'l.ut
hair!'   in   the   ni .pnilicent   co'lcctinn   o!
Rl man remltni nt   lorlc. among lhe clinic*
t-sr aiiti.|iiitics there i- a niperb knot of
-\uliurn   (dark,   rich,   retldi-h)    hair   cut
oft  thc head of tt    Human lady,  pirhipi
lor >uk- It the   some   llrili-h   princ-a -some   Ilntish   Es-
,   I titer relied to in- the wile ol a Roman
| pro-.on-lll. It i. Ol a maiden ol pclhap*
13 or IH years ol age. lt wna nearly per-
lect ivhcll discovered 111 a stone Collin,
lined with another of lead und tilled with
gypinm. In the knot ot hair there are
fw8 fin! pins of poltsiii'il jt-t. .No other
l.nslilh collection can ihow an beautiful
a relic. How* many similar relics of'llrit-
ish ladies or village maidens nre lying in
tne roughly iiiadi* gmves that strew thc
buiks of the Mnddcr or Uu* liigcla, the
ruggeil Bidi-s of the kopjes, or the grass-
covered mounds on the -.goutli African
Secretaries of ill uniona arc authom-
ed to receive subscription! for the
<MCIM5!1 • -"'
We   have   lie, ome  ...  accustomed   (o  Iho
rl.giou* he thai nirroundi ui thnt wr do
lint mittcc all the atiocitv. -tni.lity and
Cruelty with which thl teachings of thc
church i- permeated. We dn not notice  it, but  Children do, and  their souls
an Irrepadably maimed !>y thi* teaching.
W »* liave but cli-nrly to understand what
•tve   arc   really   doing,    when   WS    teach
children s.ttalle.l  n-liginn. iu order to I.e
appalled   by    thc   dreadlul    criiut*    tlm.
perpetrated.      A  pure, innocent, nnd yet
undeceived   ami   undeceiving  child   comes
. .   you,   lo  one   who   has  experience   ot
lite, and w'lio poSMhBM or might {losscss,
I..-I  tha knowlislge now accessible to mankind—and   inquires   about    those   fundi*
SATURDAY,  BKPTKMBKB tt,   limi).   '.menial  truths   by   which   mini  should   Iw
__________________________  cui'l.'d in lite.      And how do we answer
™ inn-, ?    Verv often, indeed, wa do not
l*he determination of Mveral typognph-  anrwer, bul antidpata hia nnastlnni. so
il .1 anions to have ihc Independent |wli-   umt he mav be provided with an incited
ltd action  reeolutlon -roted on at  its -mawar reidy for the time when hi* .pics*
....ni convention pul to the referendum tion iriMi,     Bai   tins is nol   n aaa,
"   'I ■"•   """"'  *'1"**-   tl"'   lr''"'l   >•' I lie child lias a vague idea ul Hm  -mircc
thought   in  tin*, the    tiio-l    lon.civntiv,- ,,.   „\\. ,|,,„   ,..,„.    hl. ,..,.,..,,....  n,.,,
n.t.ie. union,   llu* printen  ban ilwayi   |„ Wl   power h>- hnda  himaali,
tnen   and   -till   nc   till   leader*   Itl   ibUttlUg    .ui.l    lie    | ,.*,*.    the    clelaletl     idea    ol
polite- out of tie union rooms. That they tin* *....i. imlciiinie ami mexpreeiibli
will now rcvcru tin- nm. honored policy u, wordi, hut ol wind, hu wttele being ii
mean* much; II ihowi ilu* lenaencj euuciotii nitntal to all rational men.
.iiiiimg mii.ni men tun.id* united istlni And suddenly, inslc.id nt tin., he ia told
^t action, aad lhal undei the banner .-.t thai tin* nurce i- naught elae bul some
un     in a general wa)   union mnTVrl  ol penonal, self-willed rod dreadtul
bail   long  rocna-n.ed   lli,    t i, I   I!  ,!   uiiioii*   evil
ue  lut   pill.itito   for  the  wrongs   wlnrli   stoi
labor -lit).*.*     iii.nIn.illi.  but   s.tivly. Ihc
being   iiu* .l.ui-h ii..d    . i t   t.,1
conviction is being formed In their mind*
that the run. di   lor then wrong! b.-s in
united   |sililn*.il   ot ion     Mill.    Ul   It.lic
.■heady thrown open Iheir t dla to i«i* i
lilie.il di*. ii..ton. ...lin* hate gttiic Iur-
liter and lopomid .tsi.ilism. 'Ine
printen in i gnod batmnvtm1 nl tin* po
btical weather In union invlc*. When ;
Ih.y dcciih* npon political action lh*
time will nol be in* ..fl when is.litical
revolution will occur. Thai ihey will
adnpt the raeolution t.innni be doubted.    I ■*"
lh.   action nl  lhe tradn  oongrem  .n
refilling a.I..nn in.. t., tin- representatives
Of   the   s.niall.l.    til*.   We   ttillll*.   a    ve-v
••il-l.tki ,   In   t '.ut t.l.i    III.mv      mil.tl.
i-i* in* il- . bo i.ili-l. II. i. tofon Iiii*
unionists .m.i socialists have  worked to-
.ml   then   would  hale
been BO naaon fol I •  pleaaanl relation,,   m-
I        i.it.i..*n it.iti m.t tit. ...it.*ii.- taken
the   il'...|v i-<-I   *  'in-.*   it   did,     l*..r   man.
i <il ..I ingelhcr in Hn*
i n.i..I   Man -     finally    Ihe    Mciiliiti
were birred  from tl lunells   ol  th-
i -i.oi ,.*■ pie, Kin..- then then has bt i n
war between Ihe iwu. ami much Injur)
t. ti.** ..ni-. ... reform '.. raeulteu. why
<ImI  Un* i an.ub ui I'ongresa    repeal   tne
eiror  made  In   tin*    \    I     ,.i   I. -   |n   In;
land. New  SSaalandi   lustral i, liermany
nnd l*'i.im e. it I., it lal...i lei. m-ide gtg.llt*
ti, -trull*- in recent tea... aociallfta nml
miioiii.l.   hue    tin.u.   worked     tngelller.
Written   lor   the  Ctinitiinner.
My country "lis. ,tf tlice.
lallllll    Ot    lllIlllt.|«.|C.
Of thee   I   sing,
l-and where tin- trust, -lirvive,
Land  when,  tin-  rasc.-ils thrive,
W hen- artful knaves connive
And  shadows  IImg
Mv -trieKen country, the*.
Land ni tin*   .,,,-alle.l  free,
Thy el ame I love.
I Ion* iiu pane that kill..
I he gin ami whiskey ...ill*.
Ami everything that nil.
Our In.me. willi  woe.
Mc lotinti*,'. f,,e to thee,
Author nl ini.et i,
Tn thee  I   .mc
'•"tur may ll.e might  be right
Ami mammon*! ouned blight
ll'.l.l   even I linn;   in   .|k.|,.
And *..ti*ow* bring.
Good  label  printing at Stunden  Printing company.
Smoke   Clown    (Jrant     Cigars,    blue
Something   to  Talk   About.
Those 821.00 suits for $13.50 and 817.23
suits for $10.75 at Holsleud A Wright'i.
Morris k Crow sell high-class label
cigan. Tbeir Cuban cigars nil bear tho
Spanish union label.    Try one.
High or low cut shoes, but only high
Quality ut McNcills's.
Wo sell good clothing ohoa-p, hut will
not sell cheap clothing, liolstead t_
American  Federation  of  Labor Platform.
1. Compulsory education.
2. Direct legislation, through the initiative ami referendum.
3. A legal work day of not more than
eight hours.
4. Sanitary inipeotion of workshop,
mine mid bnme,
5. Inability of employers for injury
to health, body or life.
6. The abolition of the contract system
in all  public works.
7. 'ihe abolition of Hie sweating system.
8. The municipal ownership of itreet
cars, waterworks, gas and electric plants
for the public distribution of light, heat
and power.
0. The nationalization of thc tclegrarh,
telephone, railroads and  mines.
II). The abolition of the monopoly- system of land holding and substitution
therefor a title of occupancy and use only.
11. II.-p.-al of conspiracy and ncnnl
laws affecting seamen and other workmen incorporated in the federal and itate
law* of the United States.
12. The abolition of the monopoly
privileges of issuing money and substituting therefor a system of direct issuance
to and by the people.
l'apcn  That  Shoull   He   Head.
Wc would be pleaded to have everybody read the Industrial World, but i
you feci disposed to uo so, wc want yoj
to read some other goo.f socialist paper,
licit* is a list you can choose Irom with
His certainty of getting something good:
Appeal  to Reason, litr.ird, Kansas.
Freedom,   l-'*|ii.iluy,   Wash.
Social Democratic Herald, 120 Washington  -tr.-.-t. Chicago, I'I.
Coming Nation, Kuskiii, Wan- Co., Ga.
Class Struggle, San . rancisco, Cal., 117
Turk -tract.
Bo. til   Oospcl,   South   .lamesport.   N.V.
The   Fanners   Review,   uunhaui, Texas.
Co-opcrutor,   Hurl. y.   n lao.
Living Issues. Salt |_na* Cily, Utah,
62  1*2 Richards .licet.
Critlo, Reh Hill. Mo.
The People, re*-. Albany, Oregon.
Th.* Haverhill Bodal Democrat, „
Waahington street, lln--rfi.il. Man,
The Toiler. Tcrre Haute. Ind.
The Social Forum, noun: 311 Unity
Building, t l.icago, 111.
Light of Truth. -Mono, North Front
.tret.  I oliinilii,,.. Ohio.
'The Altruist, 2711 franklin avenue, St
Louis, Mo.
Eric, Pa.
National New Era,  Spri.-.gfiolc?, Ohie.
Thc People's Paper, Sunt* Barbara,
The Eagle night, Grosnip, Ky.
Nebraska Socialise, i.!.. 17 Chicago
itreet, Omaha, Neb.
..Electric Laundry.. J
Vint do not have to patronize
Chinese Laundries.
Good Work,
■f Reasonable Prices.
j T. W. GRAHAM, Proprietor. _
l P. Burns & Co.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks aud Vancouver.
RETAIL MARKETS-Roaalautl, Trail, Nelion, Ymir, Kaalo, Sandon,
New Denver, Silverton, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Ore nwood,
Phoenix, Midway, Camp MoKinney, KeveUtoke,
Ferguton and Vancouver.
Fish/Game antl Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kiuds
WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch.
ojs|*^*i  .* | tx5i^*J,,*8>
W whIti|ton St.
Saytflt Wnliun. I'lDpntto;.
At.!. TBI DBU6ACIM (»i   tub Si ItOKi
Hot and Cold Lunches
The 1-lscc lo get the Besl Mral in tl.r Clt.
Prompt Se.viie.
Mettls 25 Cents mil l'p.
ii '
• .1 ;......;.;.-.;;.;.;. . . . ...;
Linton Bros.
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office iS:
School Supplies.
Linton Bros.
No. 3(1 Columbia Avenue.
WtiRl.l) OF  L.MIOIi.
Ix-t  your uniiiii  be your poljtiei.
•Viiite pure water is a- bl-nk  a*  ink.
the printers of Skagway, Alaaaa, hav
With tlin.ioii  iti tbl i.i.il.* ..I  the sihisI   organized a union.
...   in   the   I mte.l   si.it.*, nothing       An   active   m.u.   walk,     in     81    tear.
hi* I n accomplished, t_n «. m.i learn   about non/nin mile..
nmethlng from the mistaken made by nor     Uolond  i.l*.ror«  of  Norwich,    (onn..
oil...     I.lll.l*?
.-■ir Wilfrid  latiiiiei  i- .1  shrewd poll'
lieian,   but
have nrganireil n Federal I-lbor union.
ll   I* stated that   the printers' union ol
Japan  bll I membership of over .1,1111.
There are more than (ion street  railway
The Central.
Just See Our Prices.
K^ '«'"::„!:: I'zentirelr cuo,ed out-but -hive cnout* m io
II Sale, n Sale, ll Sale.
j» j» jt
(JN ORDER to clear some remaining lines of
■   Summer Goods we have began an AutUXD Sale
which includes Meu's Fine Clothing, Underwear, Hals, Shirts Ties, Shoes, etc. Thc prices in
some cases have been marked down below actual cost
aud in all cases far below the regular values. Thc
goods offered are new, were well bought and of the
latest patterns.
We will cheerfully refund your money if you
find our goods not as represented.
Men's shirts reduced to 25c; Underwear 50c
per pair.
.Clumhla Avenue.
Y+ +*+++++++*+4'** ***** ♦-»♦■♦♦♦■»■♦-♦♦-»•»-♦■
;i... Fresh Green Vegetables...
"»ti«ly  Ihc  t   i.i.tnfioua taste
Met'- .Tweed, Bent and Venetian Cloih
131.00  suit  for     $1.1.10
$17.25 suit for
■.ir.'.) nnt. lor
$15.50 suit for
fl 2.1  -nit   for
$11.85   suit   lor        ....""  $ 7.-,
$10.(1)  suit  for    '.'.'.'   1J.7J
$1150  iuit   lor    .'.'.    0,20
Our .non-outs go at lhe BUM reduced
be otoaad out.
$13.75 rait for  ..,***,...,. nm..,  $8.-0
$l*..r0 suit for      $ln(W
«l..'«. suit for     $111.90
Hoys'  Tweed  and Serge Suits.
$12.1 suit for  .... $230
t*..;.". suit for mjm
-uit for   $2,111
nn  lor   SI at
-ml Ii.r    $3.25
-.  as every  piece  ot clothing   must
 n rn   I iMi-h      «*_
Iiti«t    more    in  thr ap-   wrimmtmns m tho ntntr i»l  Priin-tytvnnm.
|K"ininicni   <it   a  rotnmiiwioti   i'i  inqnin
lulu  ilu-  ( im |in-   .in   i-.   m> tr.iti*t|«r-
I'tit. atini tin- ni.ii*. i i. Ktkt '» icoon-
jiIipIi pm plain, tii.ii ii wiii .Ui.-ivi' iiii-
body. Itr l.Hiici i- ■ iw that tho
M.iri.n** «•! tbli province in la optn
nv.-it igninil hit rule, ind thai li .- nol
pi'.t-.iMi'   i  iiIm-i.iI i,iii.(ni.i(i' mil ba rt-
turned   Ihwn   Ihii   i«i"^ inn  al   tba  ap-  annually.
h'li*   nn-   iinirly     I.OnO.OOrt     nmrricil
wemon   worklna   in   the   f(irtorii»-«   in   the
I   nilr.l    St itr-
I ha  ' iiMiirn  bnUdera nml  coutra-ctow
UW  w\i'l  to ba  wtmnnif lhe ritunliy  tor
non anion mrn.
AImhii   2.1  ..ul   of pvrrr   l.ftft» POal   min*
rmplnwl  thr imrld  OTtr,   iro  killrl
|it"i« iniiif     fi.-i tiona.       Ile
rnaklni   11 o     move    be   »iiould
The   lnnhlrri   nnd    OOBtW-CtOtl   Ol    O.ik-
Inml, ^'l\)„ nrr .ihoiit  Us orjrnnizo in nnler
in,-ile four ftan ago, He evidently Ihlnka   tn oombnt thrtr omplnym.
that   hv thr timr ihr COmnUarion  tiiii-lii**
it- hibon tba e!ectloni "ill bo umt. imd
Klehard Bell* trriiimrpr nf tbe nfmart1
I niiin   ,il   -Uf-miiTr,   Ariz..  i<*  *nid  tn   nave
'fi.ii tin- worketn will bave I n heid m   ni»«rn-H|pd with nil thn nnlon'^ fundn.
line  fof  hi* (iiiKlidnlri.  hliri.iK   ri'turnrd,
and tha province Hvad i<» bim lot an*
nthcr Inur yini". hut tn thla ha i- mil
lakrn. iho diii-ii'- nt thla province an
in Japan woman worli l^ boura n dajr
n i   Ir.i  fflini«  fnr  Iii rrnt«.  A  Inhor Oom
m^winner nhoulrt dn wHI  in dnplnnd.
A  marhine  i<«  brintr intro*!nrpd  in  thi*
anetarn wnrntod  milip   which    dlaptacae
nlMiiit   one-nalf  nf  the  men  emplnved   in
Bo   candidate   MnrNedl    wan  the flu- I wool  wirtinir.
thor <»f tha eighl bour i-«, That'e fanny. The   Ririke   nf   the   Ptamibare*   I'nion
I*  we  rrineinhfi   rigbtl)   Mr.  MacNclll in Chicago,  Hi..  Imp bern declared off,
m-idr the lir*t ilnfi nt  the amendment and the man. mme 4111 In number, have
ti thl UatnUKroue UJnei tnapactionAd( retnrned to work,
now l-.ii"*ii a*, th*' eight hour law, Again, The t'nited lt.itter« nf Korth Amerlei
if we  reinlleit   rightly,  ha   wai  pud  fof hnv»* -nnni  »*2.'KW) in tho i>ji«i   two yenr*
doing it. the Mine la it  ll   had Iwn inj to advance their union  Inliel.
othrr I«*«ni  wpric.  Wa  know    tlmt   tho      Walter* and   imitraaaaa    In    l-ionflon,
amendnu-nt-t bad i" if ta-wrlttcn iftat  Kngland   have formed n nnlon df-mnnd* I
II,rr   ivm hed   he   h.tnd-   of   tbl   niriuher In*/  a   10 hour   workdnr  it   1«.   por   hour!
,it   \ntnii;i.   WV cannot   wa   how  Ml can fnr M-ffiilnr work nnd 2-1. pOT hour for nit j
claim  oredil   f«»r  doing    what    he   did lima mrr in hnura.
mt i.t. v fnr the money there a n In it. The otrikina liook laborem il tlamhiira, |
 —■ Uarmanv. lately IhOiI n nif^-Hnd tn pro*
UMordlng to tbe official yew book it- tot nininM the PMnarki mndn by Km |
nwd hy toe  Dominion govarnmonti the pcror William thnt. "that wwt fellow*
federal   trenmiry   bai   bMO   bold   Up   for   wiihout honor md without a fatherland, '
Lots of Lots
Lots and Acreage
Property for Sale,
Those wishing to buy desirable
lots in any of thc Railway Additions,
or acreage near the City, Garden
lands, Fruit Farms, Chicken ranches
etc., are requested to call at our City
We have some very fine residence
lots, which, during the next sixty
days, wc will offer at prices and terms
none can object to.
Come and let us show you what
we have.
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce.
Celery. Tomatoes. Green Peas.
\ 0. M. FOX & COMPANY, I
' 106 Kail Columbia Ave. Telephone 05. Z
j Fall Openings
I 1000 PATTERN? -
X   ITPi •>'• '•"" "*
;   \\   I-..!....-
^ 1   \ *  a'l.l lll.Ha*
■i»* lhe vinr.1 Imnntlat Wn..t..i«,
u**ii.'a rgf „..,„tiiiint ,,i team  i-.tiat.. m
' Bts-i* '""it* *.|Miir,l «l„.' , .n,|
^ l».l«n«u.l Kt hti... i.nn** t* M.!|,...a,l     -tn, iun.1 l„*t„l, ,,„. c,„ |„ .,t,.r,t*d.
♦  Ordered Clothing ia our Specialty and we Guarantee a Fit
or No Sale,
W. J. 0'Hearn,
Rossiand's Greatest • • :
Clothing Store. - :
Telephone 113.
************** Ml IMM Ml >•,♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦,, >,♦♦♦♦♦!
v. e. nrx n:i
Tl  I I  IIIOM -*  -1*1
Sprcl.il  .mention ttlv.n lo Kail Orders
Stunden Printing Co.
BOOK    .nn   k'Tiitiii-*.
1.14 •*'..liuul.i.i Avenue
Roaaland, B. 6.
E. CHARLES, Land Agent,
(or. Third Ave. md wuMiWon St. Opposite Red Mt. Depot
I " ***
Thos* Embletom,
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
I Acn Uiing: the Hi tier
- - v^ants to  [-at     =
j Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at  Lowest '
Prices.      Goods delivered to any part of the City.
♦ MMMMMMMIMMMa»««-mtM>».M-IMM*MM*» ■>■>»■»»''
Read The World SATURDAY September  22,   1900
Huw  AlaliKI!'!' WKSTFALL MET lll.S
IH* \\ us Struck on the llcnd by tlie
iSkip anil His Meek Was Fractured,
A -"I accident occiim-i! Thursday afternoon in Ihc War Eagle nunc shaft
whereby Albert \\ cattail, a newcomer in I
tbl ciiini1, mel with Ilia dfiitli. No Maine j
cun be attached1 tu the mine management
and indeed, if the unfortunate nmn Uud j
only exercised tlie most ordinary precau-|
turn,   he   wuuld   have   been   alivi   tuduy. |
l\ hUi.ii wai no tenderfoot about a mine
other, ai he wus by profmlon it dia-j
inuini iiiiii riinnt-r inul wu. employed in
Hie War I'.ugle tu Virioill udll jobs in
pipe laying iilinul tin- winkings, llc had
only been In the employ uf the company
.ii...rn a traak, bavini itarted in work on
lhe  12th liisluiil. ,
Tin- circumitanoaa ..i   tin' death  wen
.i- lollowii ll seems thai ihe mine luuii-
agament were deiliroui ..! uatug a certain ..... pocket on tin* second level on
the mine, which bad been useil when the
ine WB1 being taken out of lhe mine ut
tin* lurfaeo tunnel it ihu depth. This
nre pocket i- lituatid in tha ihaft, ur
rather behind It, entranee bcuin gained
,n ,i point in ilu* ihoft .iliniit .'.'i feet
above tbe second or 280-Ioot level. At
present ilu* ore from tin* Imver depth! li
hoiited io Hn- lurfuce, iln* i miners of
iiu* ikip paaiini clear mom the mouth
t.i iiu* chamber, Whenever oooaainn re-
qitlrei Unit the ore ... wiate si....ill nol
if brought l.eyi.nd Un- imond level all
that .* iii-tf-Mi*.! i ' i.i* done i* in remove
u couple ..i raili *.'..l plan- In their stead
I.ivo othera curving over inlo tin- chum-
In. *.. thai Uie "ki|i will tip und dis-
charga it. oontenta inlo the pocket or
it beeondng naeaanqp tn do tbli Bop-
erintandant Uavii icoompwiiad by the
foreman.    Urine   Warden,   and   Albert
\\ tali.ill, Welti to tbe sot.n.l level front
lln   mu tan-  t..  iii-iiii 1   the pluce of   nltcr-
lt     A Ognal was ".in up tn the hoist
muu tu lower the akip to the second
level. In lh.' nieunliiue Mr. IV artli-n iml
tin* deceased went together up the lad-
iler wa) .ii Hn* -nie oi the ikip way for
about tt feet   Mr- Warden than swung
hiiu.cli unlet the runners nml descend-
ed Into Un* i-ockct, where there waa
soii.e waata wlu.-h had lo lie cleared out,
bidding Wi-.tlall lo stay where be was
on the ladder way. While the lureinitii
had gone down Wcatfall, in order, no
doubt,  to gel  u elcur ibw ol  Whal   Mr.
w.ti,i.n wai doing, deliberately removed
hi* It.ll ami -link III* lir.i'l from lhe lad*
il. i wa) 'iiiiiu^li Ibl -imi* b.-tween Uie
giii.lt-   nt   lhe   -ki|i«ai   iiii.I   lln-   runner.
.uni looked down. While. In tins position down came the skip, which had been
11.1 ouilj ..i iei-'.i i > *t"l> *'i tbe iscond
level i".I lammed In- lund ..g..it.-t thl
unitienng, breaking in- ne.k .nul ruptur-
in. .iu* ..i the huge inn ..I \.*--!*i- ..i the
i i.. I..inn in lielon h.i I ll" notion
1ll.lt We.ltall wa. lo.tklt.if dUWU Ut*...
liim.  aiul  ul  ...ill*.*  thought   thai   In* i'in
|.nn,hi w.i. itanding aafaly nn tin* lad
,i,i   nn.    tie iiitnii   tin*   -kip   emniag
down -lowly, but did not realirc that
lluu* w.i- .linger to anybody, lhe skip
».i* demanding ilowiy, Innmnch as it is
the (initio* nf the liiii«l man to alow up
Hi* .kip a* soou a. it reaches within SI
:..• ... tin* point where it i. required to
■top, Ihere was no outcry whatsoever.
.Mr. Dans, -alio wss just below on the
level. In-anl nothing. Finding tbe skip
butt  Stopped at  lhe mouth of tlie pocket
• niinin .nn.* up and thus discovered
Ihe icci.trul.
II.,* .kip tender, Frederick Collins, wss
in Un riup *tt th-' Mine. He hid no notion ..| whal bad occurred till the skip
stopped, the motion was an slow that
ib. impediment ..tieie.l by th.* hand of
tl,. deceased was sullicicnt to stop its
way altis.-ell.er and bring it to a standstill, .lumping out Collins, aided by
ll.ii,t. Warden, carried tlio body down
ih. ladder nay. Warden placed his
hand upon ihe lii.-nt •■! tba dBcoaaadand
found it io i..* -mi beating; bat ii ha-1
I   I r.*   lln*   MOMd   level   wa.  gain*
ci.   Ur. liowea i*. however, ot u-** <•;■_•
inn Unit de-piti- tin- fact of fhe pulsation ol the heart thnt tlie death inii.t
have bii u in.l.ini.iiii'i'ii-* The neck wai
lhe body was taken lo the undertaking i-aili.rs of Lock hart k Jordso, and
the rallttna ot the deccsaeil coniniuin-
cated with. Orders arrived from West-
la II s brother inlaw, On in Kellogg of
I'ortland, Urn., to have the body em*
balmed 'and forwarded to 1'orUand for
'Ihc deceased csme lo this city from
Butte. .Mnntsus, snd wss a young msn
of about 'M.
Mass Meeting!
llelii'Viiig tlmt the time has come for the olei-lnrs of llritish Columbia to
tlii'uw oft the yoke of party politics, ami Unit in the coming elections independent labor candidates ahouldl bo placed in the held Wherever possible. Thlt ill
1 iili'-l'arilioo there is every prospect of electing such a candidate, pursuant to In-
Itructioni received' Irom tlio muss meeting lielil September 1(1, we call upon nil
who uro dissntisiied with present conditions to unite their efforts and secure
the election to the House of Commons ot a representative of thn maun. A
meeting tor tlio pui-poso ol organizing ,i!l in sympathy with the reform movement into a political club will bo held in Miners' union hall, Suturdhy, September 22, at 8 j). m. lt i* desired that all laisir synif utilizers Iw present, io that
they may be represented in the convention for the numinut-iiin of a cundiihtle to
contest Yiilc-lhriboo In the intereiti of the producers ot wealth.
i.      .._»..^,1»i*^t.^»»a!|^,...      -: THOMAS   HROWNI.KE,
.l_rr^^wy_cv__.__.^_J   ^_ BUl.BAK'1'   BULM—t,
.*   -- ■ •**)*-5tfgaCr*—i| TIIO.UA!-*   BEAMISH,
| t-^r-^^**-^lA^-«Miv*^o^aJ-»-r^>-l.*^al.-i.l*i . . . • .-,
$<&$<fr&$$&p<*ly&^* *-■* ■• •
fcidltor  ubwray ol the    Ntw    Denver
U-i tue   wtti*   in   tlir   tit y   In-I    \M-t'U.    iiii
mil w.i- Bomewliut oJ .1 painful naturei
he laving wrere] etroag tendi <>t decayed Ivory removed while here. Mr.
Lovrrey gave tbe Horee Editor \<* under*
■tund thai thr people of the -Silvery Slocan are connoueeun ol good whi*«kt-y,
nnd that the article furnUlied over there
don not nuit iheir teethetlc taeteti
«s to how chnngei will la* made, the wi-**
icree   have  nol   yet   Mttied   it   in  their
minds  ai  (o   .Mr.   Khcrts'   nieeOMKir,
At the present time everything 11 fin-
ing ou harmoniously in the cabinet, nul
Tiit> cloud* art' hovering in tin1 immediate
vicinity "t the parliament bulldingi, and
.n toon aa the work nf reeonitruetioo seta
ii .\ violent atorm U foretold ay politl-
i.il prop beta  Times.
Allowed  a  HciiHnnaiilc  Increase.
ih.' trainmen of tin* Pnoitio dtvision ol
the l\ I'. 11. have been endeavoring f">r
pome time pant to meet Manager White.
(l«ne! il Superintendent MarpoK- «nd
Superintendent Jhixehenny for thc pur-
in**!' ol calling their attention to eertain
conceits ions thnt they desired the company to mates The committee from the
trainmen eonetatad   of   Mnoi Stevens,
A. lt. Clabon haa returned. He   should
have telegraphed hi- frienda here eo that
thoae who arrange banoueta. bin banda .,                                      ,
,„ I organise „„"„1,- would have taktn ">"*  ',"'  -*»■■*   l-l'°nl;  J™m- 1"'""
notice ...„l governed tl„-,„-,l.,** according- •""* a">"<- •■""V ™l *• rei'rescntat.ve.
iv   Why didn't  the)   train    tha   school »   ' ""»""'■' * A- ""V mam -ind a
children   into   .inging.   ....   hi*   arrival   at pleasant talk was had over the situation.
tlie depot, Un- new nng entitled,    l!ul>* 'flM     trainmen's     eonimtttco     pre-u-nted
ber." No >l»nl.i n might revive memorial their   ilde   ol    tbe mm   ... well that
of   the   jsist. Meewa.  While nnd  Mur|.o!e saw tin- ju<*
a  *   a   *   *   * tjre of their claim, and  it waa amicably
Hurry Daniel*, so it i* laid, will likely decided that  what  they aakeil fnr should
Is-  a nmynrulty    candidate    next    year, be    granted.     Under    the    arrangement
II.my generally hgniM In nil    the    "I'in made tin- trainmen nre allowed a reas.n-
dn.ngs," and  ought   to In- as capable ns .hlr  increase in wages.
...ii...... in   running tin- iitv  into further ____________
debt, which -i i* to ba the only objective with nil tha city g"verniiients Unas-
laud   hn.  ever   luul.
....    a   •
"It  pny* to deal ll  UoodelW i< said
to bt* true in more than . une *en*e.
flay in .Sel-Hi mi Suniliy.
The Kossland Star, go to Nelson nn
Hunday tn piny tlute with the Nelson
Inlrrnit-diiitc. (iann- w.ll lie rnllr.l at
3 o'clock at the I!.*, r. .iii.ni groun.l* in
Nrlsnn. lhe teams have playe.1 iw.i
garni'-, e.nli winning one, snd thertl'-re
a great light will be put up on Sundnv
Uni often hen* twainiM men complain
as  to  i.ti.ine*.  being  quiet    abonl   ten
.Inv- altar the inonllily pny-tlnv. while at
tin -nine lime llio-e lileniii.nl- who enn
nllord il hnve a Chinaman rut their
W.....I. tin their laundry work, supply
ti.*ir vagal ti.ie- and do tbeir honsetenrlt.
bi-i.il-. other  tlniig-..  Then,   when  union
men  -imt  *m agitation  re .ting  Ihem   ,
not  lo patt-onfate thasa tl ■• team nl  '.""' .*,'lr"-'1 ner Uie raiiw.y bridge on
H.e Orient,  1'n'i   tii*"!!   ui. tl.e.r hand
Labor U^ion Directory,
Ofliccrs and Meetings.
Meets every second and fourtlt iuea-
day in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
each month at 7:90 p.m. in Miners'
Union il.ill. C. Schalm, See.; A.
Ferris,  i'res.
Mcets every* Friday of each week at
7:30 p.m. in Miners' Union Hall.
A. Ferris, l'rcs.; A. J. McDonald,
MINEKa.' UNION No. 38, Western
Federation of Miners—Meeti every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock in
Miners' Union Hall. Wm. Willan,
Seo.;   W. O'Brien, Bee.
Mcets on tho lost Sunday ot each
in..nth at the Miners' Union Mall. J
P,  Uurkdoll, Sec;  W. Poole, Pres.
No. 252—Meets the tirst and third
Tuesday oi each month at 8 p.m. in
Beatty'i  Hall.    P.   O.   Box 311.    W.'j
Mel...nl,    I'i.-. ;    J.    Kluliiun,   See.
W.   b,   I'.—Meeti  every  Saturdiy  ev*
ening at 8:30 o'clock in Miners' Union I
Hall.     P,   O.   Box   11.     Paul   Jolfner,
Sec;   George Cunningham,  Prea.
I\.tut ue Board:    E. C. Frni.-r,   Ron-|
1.1.nl;  W,  li'i-'il-"!!. s.inilnn; M. Kane,|
i.i■■■. ii«....il;   If    II.   Diimick. Movie.
l'AINTEHS' UNION, No. 40, Painter,
and Decorators of America—Meet, in
lleatty'a Hall „ second ind fourth
l in*-.I.iv Wcdneiday of each month.
W. b. iturphy, pres.; Ueo. W. Shinn,
NEWSBOYS' UNION No. 3-Meete in
Miners' Union Hsll on the Hrst snd
thin! Saturdays of esch month, st 9
s.m. Mike Uuydotti, I'res.; Jsy Har
ton, Sec.
—Meeti second Sunday in each month.
.1.  H.  Flei.-her.  aeerrtarv,
—Edtntrd Bovee, nrrsident. Butte, Mon-
tans; ,l,.hn F. McDonnell, vice-president. Virginia City Nevada: James
Mal.er. •e.rctarv-trens'.rer, Butte, Montana .1'. II. Box 307, hrsdipi.-.-ters,
Room 12. Owalev Mock. Executive
Board: John C. William!. Orssi Villcy,
Cal.: W D. Haywood, Silver City,
Idaho: .lame. II. Furey. Bulte, Montana: W. tt. Burns. Ourav, Onlnrsdn;
t!hss. II. Mnyer. I^ad tltv, Booth
Dakota! Chris Foley, Rosslsnd, British
.lami*. Wilkes. president, Nelson:
Jnmci Devine, vtof-prrsdent. Roe-land;
Alfred   Parr,  lecrelarylrea-urer,   Ymir.
I Industrial1   Mm
A Small Fire.
The  lire  liriiiade   w.i. aallad   ifslenlav
forenoon  to  put   nut   ,i  .mall  lire whieli
.*. ■  toll yon  Hi''  ii" >  - iiiii'.i    how
they ... t-.- 'i-i get dung wlthool the
.'..i.i. ir* iii-i a- msi a living on law
M**il* a dn   if you know  you have to
.'.. -tt   i simply r-in ■-■- ... ■ ii 'i'   i   il
The iiiuttr'* i'nt-1-tiiii ii, i IT nl al In*.
\l i.'.t ii.iii.iiii ifiild -1*1*111 In have moll
i-l   I.i*   !i*|iutait"ii   a*  a   -i-'.iker    P. I'.ip-
ii.   magnetic praaant f i n-ni live i"!.i
W sshlngtan  .Ircet.   The bn-.  wtiiih  ha-l
originated tn Uu- burning ..i soma brash-
WUod   ."-il    tin-   |"ier.   ol   the   Itn.lge.   lill
snioul.ler.il down Into the peaty .ml. ami
there waa "line slight danger ol It burn
mg the bridge. It.."*, i.r. the lire boys
turn..I ., boM un the blare and cttcctually
quenched It
A   Hard   W inter   Prophesied.
Mr.     lie. lor    M. K.i-    pi.-gllo.li.Mles     a
ten n.u.h  l..r him.  ll    to-    worship  bard  winter h-rcaus* he saw s chipmunk
going borne with a nail in its mouth.
would .lev.»te iii- spate wind t** liplnln
mg   -o.it-  of   the   ael.  of   Ihe  cooneil   hint ii id   likely
ot t ll|.|.-.l.
im.I  in- tune pretty  wall
Will   Ile Here  in October.
Every (v ember of
Org nized Labor
Should Subsribe
lor this Paper...
j i One year, - •
j j Six Mouths,
Address All Comma
<> Rossland,   -   -   -    B. C.
:"0 ALL  i-C'NTS.
■ ..-it and Be.t.
Solii     . oo   '—.led   Traina.     Electric
l.ig-    !.    Equipped   with
Obaervation Cars,
Pullman   Palace  Cars,
J'Jegniit  Dining  Cars,
ilodern   Day   I'tniches,
Tourist   Sleeping   Csre.
through  tickets to all   pointa ia   tha
United States and Canada.
•Except)  Sunday.       Try;  our  "-Slectrie
K.   W.  RUFF,
Agt. R. M. Ry., Rossland, II.C.
J.  W.  mu
(ienersl Agent,  Spokane,  Wa*.h.
As.l.  Gen.  Paaa. Agent,
Portland,  Oregon>
♦ ♦■♦•♦•♦♦♦•f-l
liKOBlaK PINK. M ...  *.
Union Printing
T . .*il Imnllln- lor |»f.>.lti-.inw "•«•
l-'-l 1'iinl.nw tor I rnJn I nlaflu -".I
Secret Sin telle* hofr«» ln^» procured.
Se*U atkl Uul ber Stamp*.
\A/.   H.  JOINES
*        ... I     laliniMili      ll..iilinl   III
The Only Trinsler or Express
i'nnipaiiv in Rosslsnd that will
Deliver your Trunks lor i'i els.
rich     Three days storsgn (rei*.
+ iinicK:
X    Queen Cigar Store.
4 TSI.KI-IIOM.  3.1
.♦.♦♦»*»♦»♦, ♦♦♦*>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦..  a
l Grand Union i
--Hotel--  I
•           _ j.
None Better.    Solid Vestibuled
Trains,    Palace   Dining  and
Observation Cars. Meals
a La  Carte.
Direct connection st St. Paul, without
change of depot, with all trains tor
Chicsgo, loronto, Montreal, Now lon.
and all puinu* weat and south.
Close connection cast and west bouna
traina at Spokane wth trains of ths
Spoksne Falla k Northern Railway.
I-* .i\is Spoksne daly for East 18:IS
Leaves Spokane daily for Weet 7:30
West bound trains mske direct connection for Victoria, Vsncourer, Portland, San Francisco and sll points oo
I the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect st Duluth -mm
the iu.tgnitie.-nt stesmsnips North*W e--
snd Northland, of tha Northern
Steamship company line operated in run-
ncct 11 n wilh the Urest Northern Rstl-
For further information, maps, fold-
eri, etc., apply to any agent of the S|h>-
ksne 1* .lis k Northern Railway, Ks.i-i
k Slocan ..ailway, Kootcnsy Railway 4
Navigation   Company,  or  to
t.rnrr.il   Paascngcr   and   Tielet
Agent, Bt,  Paul, Minn.
Commercial Agent, Spokane,  Wuh.
Ottawa. Sept. 20    Ihc militia
ment   has  been nnlilicd  that 500 nl  thc
't'he Bre*ti  poweta  have  deelded  (hsi
ti..... must   be dismembered.    It    thev
would rtarl   in and dlsmei r .1 fen   nl  ■'•>■   tsnad-n  contingent  in South   Al*
iii  Boaefv tbaiv mifH  bt mora nl   »
ctopirt. • Rossland Hotel:
cirl.unt!    .aliotit    the   I ..n.l grabbing   I'tt'l*
I 1. id in ■ "•fallow'   journal lhe other
,|.n   >   ..   thai   I hi    * v"    l.'rU
........ii lini.. nl.ir power ... holding
... iii.-it* skirts nt "u** dsj -■• propel iiu*
Ibe world for one v.-.r. 1 hn*w
..v., ,!.,.„. *,,ine Heurine il
. 1  .
11 .*« of it....I.....I  ...      ...*   day   would
fmeto   tiiniin*   nn   llielr   pant   ll
.ne tbeir ti'-H-.i.  . "hiii '■    ••-
lltrv      WOUld      .'tl-      .llll" "'it
t...iier   1.1   mn   llii-   War   I
If run don! betiera ii  insi
hgiire  it   -nt   for  T.nr*lf.
l-ici Will return lo Canaila within the
year of cnlisim.nt. 'lhe rcin.nn.lrr of
the r.iulingint, it 1. under*!....!, will ^*
miin until the rlo* of the War. 'lhe n-
turning heroei will probably resell Qm
bee shout ll*.' end of October.
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
> Th" Finest nl Wines, Liquors and
Homeslir and Imported Cigari.
"    Finely Furnished Rooms,    f
11.   Wisconsin   State   ie.lrrat.on   of
Laboi by a vote nl I". to 9 declared lor
ih- .tlleitne nwnrrship and o|ieruion
of all lhe mean. n( plolllitliin and .11.
• Jerry Spcllman, Proprietor •
• a
• Cor. Bpokane and CalnaMa An. • I
• s
Vou w.nl a tjib'   '.' --  aa.l vnn want   T
the beat'   i,tal.HR   l'
Imperial Limited"
Service fer the year 1M0 will be commenced JUNE 10th. The "Impanel
Limited" takes you arroaa the (on-
tinent* in lour days withou ctiaiu.*
it 1*0* solid vestibuled train, luxur
lously .>.|.ii|i|...l with every possible
eiMntisI for the comfort and convenience of Passengers. Ask yuur
Irienda who have travelled on' it, or
,    A. 1% P. A. T. P. A.,
lancouvcr, II. C. .Nelson, 11. C
Crown    Urant    Cigari,    Blur  X
...44.44..4......4444....... .................. .....
Odd  Fellow.  Dan,.
'Ihrrr   wa*.  s  well   attended    snd   «uc
.... mi ball given  1 laj evening il the
Minera' 1 mon hall b> it..- Independent
Older of Odd Fellt.w* Ih.i.* were 10]
,..;!..   |ir~*enl.   nnd   from   a   linanelnl   ll
well a- ironi a ..-nal ilandpotnl the
ni. .1 brilliant «.n .•.**•. 11»* inn-. ■
indertaken b] w.iii.-- orchestra,
an.l UN I.rogram rnvereil 21 daiii-e..
which were only llnll thNUgh Bi wppei
t.me. The imm'edinle object . f the function na. t.. prorlde hndl Iw lhe |.iir*
cttAsr ol" new* regnlia tor the cerem-mi. s
ol  the Odd   Fellows.
Wc Know
III no other way lo itidnrsc our rli.lh
inj than to put our name an.l trade mark
01 it. II* )n*l n* .1 we 'Sid "We war*
ll.llt thi* gannelll to be nil wool, sewed
with silk, made ol heller malrrinl*. and
in belter "Ivl" than vou ran get snynhete
ri.e at Ihc MWt* pilice." Inylor ti Mr
Aft aiiie.
Istlc  .le.uat.ltt-.   from    the    Tran- •
■ay nothing abonl tlen,   Huller   making •
i-i  1 more nf |lto~- ".Irniegie movement* J
to the  rear"  Pcrhnr*.    Hist    rh-.mn.iinc a,
...in..!   hi* at  llll nut in ils np|ienr.i!.." •
...... •
W bv don't thl |sdiei» efimmi-"ioni-T.
...t|i in throw moral degenerate, of
luwer Vl Pan! -drerl riding on hnr***.
I.r.t nnd in o|ien eantagM BO lhe main
•licet*. Whither inlo.irate'l nr not .*
I'erhn|t. il would not It. well to "V any-
Hung further on this question in't noar.
1.   .1   will   *win   lie   lime   for   Ine   rile   to
railed   IU quarterly  lake-ofl  fnon  Ihe.e
Palace lor the New CapiUI.
New lork, Srpl. 31. An imiH-nal d-*
ci.,* b.. been receive! here. -wv*. a IV*
km rnin-qs'iuleiit of the Herald, and
nnnniince. ll.e nrrival nf the Emperor
and Empress Dowager nt Tnv.ntifn.
Ilie decree al*o commands Ihe governor
of Sltansi province to raise money to
build a pnla.c al II iilil'u, the new in
(ended capital,
When a i!c\vs|)aper's circulation is a mystery it seldom
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
T I :': 11   I •   H 11 • '■''   I
circulation of
I Industrial World!
-H1 gh- Grade-
Union ClQ*ar.*-
IVimmttr t*Mlnn I.nl-rlCIt*!-*    I^» f% I \\M ,
Vene-ilf*. !-• V\m Ar CutM, Kl Cokmlal X
Imwm**^CMNi» t'iii<in l.nWI Ctfart I.nr* ,^
mtiRC. KlConma, Afrnann Ihidt i (ialclei («i
The Queen Cigar Store 1
caow ft mokbib. r..|..
ColumlH. Aveauc.
*. I •
Smoke * .
Spokane Falls <_ Norilp.
Nelson tt Ft. Sheppard Ry.
Ben mountain Railway.
'I he only all rail route between ail
points ea.t, weet snd miiiUi to Russia.- 1,
■Nelion snd sll intermcdisle pouts connecting st Spoksne with ths li.ct
Northern, Northern Ps it c snd U li
k N   Co.
Connects at Nelson with iteameri for
Kaalo  ind sll  Kootcnsy  lake points.
Connects st Myer's halls with stsge
dsily for Republic, snd connects st
Boi.butg with itsge daily lor linn I
Forks snd Greenwood.
Effective July 22,
Freight sii'd  .Minn*! Completed.
The  freight   shed   win. 1.  the  U,   P.   R.
t* conilrnetlng tn Un. uiy, i» -reij neat
1/ lini.hed. It should be c<im|.leled by
tin mil o( the week. Iho ( . I* I! Im
let a ...Hlltiit Iur nn e.gl.l «!all I" nn il
bottM nt NcWon. Irndii* hav.* been ask*
e>! tor s two story wowlen de[K)t lor Ihi
I. P. K* it tbe same plicc.
(i-t.'ip Rile is to the Reronstriirtinn of
lhe Cabinet —Tiwner to go In Iswidon.
Ihere are ill kinds of political rumor*
allnst )..«t now in reference lo the rerun
stnirtinn nf the eshinet, and every |mli*
tirisn un the street hs. his own theory
a. how the rhanee will be ini.le. I he
generally accepted theoiy. huwever. i*
that Hon .1, II. Turner will retire and
be made the London ngenl of the ptv.v
ince. Ihere i« lillle doubt bul thai this
ileal will go thlntlgh. and  i!  1* al*') anions
the  |..!.»ihihtic. thai   Mayor   Hayward
Will he Mkad UI lake Mr Tinner', place.
Anollier ri.ii1ei!l|ilali.l . ll ing!' i. ill 111"
alti.ri.ey general's ilefartrnenl. Nlm n li l
tlsim to be well posted Mt I Mil bll
been nrrnnge.l whereby .ludge Walkenl
will rclire fn.m the .iiprenie i...itI l.enih
ind Ihit Hon. D. M n.crl* w.ll leave
tl.e prm-incinl cabinet an.l  have the sar
Average Weekly Circulation for August,
It is the only paper published in Rpssland,
B. C, that tells its circulation and hacks it
tip by   allowing   advertisers the   privilege of
examining circulation books and records.	
Tin-: World's advertising columns arc liberally patronized by all of Rossland's successful
merchants. —— Write fur sample copies and
see for youself. —-Ask for Rates.
li ri
ll in
7:tt i' hi
n in pm.
8:00 pm.
. . . Union-Made •
Housesand Lots j
Pin. ii...k M..\it   m.)   iik   Paid J
M>.-.Tin r Is.
... A, ply In .. . :
John Y. Cole I
Day Train.
Night Trs.n.
Spoksne 7:05 a"m.
llmwland 0:30 a.m.
General   Passenger Agenl
E.   W.  RUFF, Agent.
RoMland, B. C.
; j♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Porcelain Uatlis
:; Brld^ford ft Herring,
. >
< ► ll Col.llti'.l. Avr . le \l 1*. I..lont!l*'.
I '*************************
33 Columbia Avenue.
<•- = •■<•••••••■••-•• i
*                        VMfNh nml Krlm! 4
I   I'unii   (itlvN-fnl-.hr-.   Ilrimhrs, Wall <
I ini-h   and   I'niitt. i«    Suppllr*.   Oriln* 4
tahrn (or Paprr hang ing and Itr-kfirallng. 4
fiffni-  n-ul  Mori      DMtttaft Chun- ]**>**.- 4}
ftiiKk  i-i.'iihiiiiiiin ATf andn Dominion 4
Co 1 oAc*.   Ti if-pli'inc Sq. ii , 4
BATUKDAY September 22,   1900
Interests of the Working Classes
in the hands of the
Ottawa, Sept. IH. --(Special.)—Ralph
hmiUi, the president of the trades and
labor Congress, in hia annua! address,
aaid tbat labor interests were receiving
attention at the bunds of the government. In the hrst place, there was Mr.
Mulock's lair wage resolution and the
government ibowed ll. good f.i.Ui I.y np-
pintiug Ui J. u'Dontiugli as commissioner to entoive it. Then there was the
conciliation  aud   arbitration   ait,   a   atep
in the direction ol labor relorm. Besides strike  of   the  anthracite   miners   of
tltire    waa     the   labor    Oaictte,    which   UckawanUB   and   Wyoming  valleys
I-sckitwiiniiit   valleys   is   now     complete,
the  only   mine  which   worked  the    fore
part   of  tlie week   being  closed.
"Reports    from   District   .No.   9     (the
Lower Anthracite) abowi than haa been
large accessions to the strikers' ranks,
(irent inroads li.tving been made on the
I'hiltitlelphiji   A   Heading  employes.
"The miii.tii..ii over the entire anthracite HeltlB is such that we have every
reason to lielieve Ihat in a lew days the
sugpsnslon  will  bo genera!   throughout
the  three  districts.
(Signed I "tlenjaniin James, member ol
the   Viiu.ml   Kcxccutive   Board."
For Sale
Owner! Try to Come lo Somo Agreement
Tugvl her.
Scrantnn,   Pa.,
ant    conferences
t-pt.   20.—Two   Import*
connecteil    with     the
wi.iiii contain matters of suprem' in
IKirtancc to the labor movement. Again
ihere was Uie government's bendy ap-
|.i ..il of union labor, which tho commons sup-jHirL-d, but which was de-
leated in the seiinle. For the settlement
ol labor dispute*, in llrilixh Oi.liiinl.iii the
goveii.mcnl bad mnde a good appointment in Uremiicr. The lal-or party hid
also gut tbo appointment i.t Alt Jury on
immigration work. Besilcs all these old
-tunc i|ueattniis ttml grievances that of
t l.ine-e Immigration 1....1 received some
attention. T.e tie ton ot Putt-e .tor
iv inhi;..- aa a labor representative was
s delighlttu siliit'vcincnt anil had al
r.a.ty resulted in good to thc cause,
ll.e govtrnment had olio shown its din-
p.-si-.'.itii in respect to the alien htlsir
'Ihere wai  no  bii-nies. ol  imp .nance
tin. alternoon.
teittines marking tlie fourth day nf the
stnke in this region. One of those
brought together the heads uf three big
companies, the l-ackaw.itin.i. the Delaware and Hudson nnd tin* Peliii*ylv.iiit
'.'.ml company, and ninny individual o|h-i--
atoi-s, and Uu- tiuiil etinsitlci-itiiuii ul' plans
tn force tl.e w.irking ni some of tht
-nines ut It'll*!. It is nnnuunt't-d Unit the
van..us Kuperintemtents nre nut reatly to
centralize men nt certain colltettee ;....i
operate tltcin under the ptvtectitin of the
.»»■ For ttii_uinrgi-in . Ihey have hsd
■ome 11nmItwV ol in.*n in.i.l.* deputy
sheiitt- md wamunen. The other meet-
mg of the ilay wua thai ul the district
executive hoard at striken' I.e idf|uar-
•<-r. In deal wilh lhe efTurt of the big
et m|ianie. tu mnke n working --tan.I. til
the [cstiires of -wtUt'li the.v arc inform-
»d ol, aud they ray they will be pre-
piled to oltsex it.
Carries Creek Consolidated
Evidence  In   Washington   as
the Working of Arbitration in New Zealand.
fOAl,   SI'RIKK.
Italpli  Ninth  Endorsed.
Ottawa. Sept.   111.—The Trades and Labor  cHfigreMs   Ihi-  morning  en-tor-tad   the
tauiliilature  o|   Kulph   Smith,   M.   P.   t.
Iit   Nana.ni...   ...   labor   member   of   the
Dominion |mriiamt-iit. In rt-ply Mr.
r-n.ii ii aaK) he wuuld give his sup|»rt to
any p."i act ot  either pany.
Sociab.ts   linnet!   Down.
Ottawa. Sept. 20.--(Special.)-At the
labor eungrrss this afleniott a miitmn to
.un.it rei»resi*ntati\-e*. ot the socialists
was rejected, there being only 11 votes
i'. lavor of the motion.
Trouble  l.«   Fcarcd—Dany   lixtrn
Watchmen and SfMdell
Swo.n In.
Hut   \ cry
l*eiv OollierlM
Now  Able    lo
llai-leloii. Ph., Sept, 20. Uepnrls re-
eeivad at itriki headquarters nnd el«e-
win-re from vnnou. parts of the Hnr.lc-
fon region tin. morning brought nothing
Imt good new. to tin- idle anthracite oil
miners.      The   !ir*t   informatinn   brought
Washington,  D. c, Sept.  10— ll. ll.
l.ii-i., turiuerly iticmber of parliameiii uf
.New /..-.il..n.l, was today Ix-lorc lhe industrial i-oiiiiiiiikiit.il. llc explained the
.y.U-ut ul urbilrultuii in New Zealand,
which, lie auad, had been extremely *-.tt;*-
luci.'ij. ihc system was ut Uie lurm ol
coiupui.ury aiinii.itiou aud it kad six
year*, irial. Iho i... i lhal there was
compulsory arbitration there nude buUi
cniploic* un.l .-nii*i...< i - very uait'tiil as
to the justice ol their MM bnlure they
actC't. In these cuurts ut urti.trutiuu iu
.New /.culuud, no lawyer, un- allowed lul
Labur organizations in New Zealand
are generally incorporated and they
tuitnil nu tti-jtilvuntage in sticli incurpor-
slii.it.. 1-1 srbiiration and been favored by the employe, uud luugbl I.y the
employer, bcloiu it had been enacted.
I p to last year three inih. ot alt labor
in .Sew Zealand was organized. Practical-
Tin* Irtislees of the .Miners' i'nion ire
rt.iuestcd to meet Sunday, September
'•'3, nt 3 o'clock p. ))). Business of importance to bt' transuded.
Smoke Crown lirant and W. B. cigars.
HlM label  and  home made.
I »S^*<?a**)*»'-a«'»H»i*i*S»*»^-a) | * * * |
l'erlect printing piinetuully performed
please* particular |)eo|.le. This is where
W.   II. Junes   -Inn.**-.
Whenever Youj|McGONGILE & Co.j
ben- told "I S break among the employe* | |y the scales ol wages iu New Zeulund
itl lhe Lattimar mine*, ti..* limt thst lias
taken place there during lhe strike. The
colliery was considered an invulnerable
-I-..I. and the break then* put the strikers in a good humor. The numlwr of
men who <piit wa* unite -mnl!. but the
union men nre «nti*ti.-.l that they will
make   fttrther  inroads  in  the force  there.
lisp next good  new*  received  by  thc
striker,   rattle   from   Coleraine,   and   was
arc in.nl.* by tbe labor or-guuizatii.n. for
thl men outndc uu* unions us well ss
tor tlic-c within it. The arbitration
court ul .Sew Zealand never lues the
maximum rate ot wages, it ..imply fixes
the minimum rate* ut wages that can be
paid. I lie operation! uf tilts system, he
said, do not hamper industries fur tbe
mien that in the mx years thul it has
been ill u|H.-rittiotis, the industries have
this was by sn in
crcsst- in old industries and tin- springing
up ol new ones.
Ilsrelton,     Ps.,    Sept.   30. -There   was
little sctivity ti.titiy around   the t nilad
Aline   Workers'   headi|uarters,  Irom which
I Lie the coal minen itriki i* being di-
Mo.t of Hie mil.>n ..Hi. ml- 'petit
Hie  day   in   tlie   tuiUying   tuwii*   uieeting
tne .inker, and giving them advice.   No
overtures   have   t n   .viv.ni. ttl  on  either
side snd there is al pre-ent no m.li...
liun lhal any will In pul P.iih soon, 'ine
strike olhciala sie st work getting the
men oul sud Ml they will not couk
Ihrir si tinly In thai NSpsSt until every
opsntWa in the aiillin.riti- region is lied
up. I be operator*, though badly crip-
pled sre I...I.n a. cn.l.tlenl ol sue,..*.
as they have heretofore been. The production   ut    toal   III    III.*    II./alp.11   .11-111. I
to  the elleit  (hat  the colliery  there »■« mmMuii   .'.in* tlm.I
hut   down   tight,    the   Me.Viloii  .Irikersl
ban*  Is'en  trying  for  four days to  close I
this  place,    the   Kvans  colliery  at   Beav-i
er    Mea.R.w   also   Inileil   lo   stait   work!    .MrArthur     k      Hirpcr'l,     thc     New
th*.  .inn inn*.*  U*.iii-t   i.i  lul;  nf men.  A j JStnre, is the place for the miner to pur-
lew inure iiui: went to work ill the mines. t|in.c   hi*   blankets for the  wittier.
at   Jeddn nnd (lak.lnle today thnn  work-1
..I  yesterday,    lul mine, nt   Kckley and
San ly   lluu   nre   in   full   operation   thii
morning us ti.usl.
in the
Just call on
Second near Washington.
Y. & N.'Plione 6S.
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
(rat Dry (ink (o„ Ltd.
Gent's Furntshinjr Department.
'— ■ i iSs^s^s.-•--S*T__r_i_s2r__-s__r--__5;
New Clothing Shoes, Shoes.
Hours of  lail-.n   In. ...-ol.
i'i..:.. leiphia. Pn.. Bept, 30.—tieunrs
Mnnngcr Williams, of the ctillieve* up
mated  i.y tba Pennsylvania railroad,  Ini
In*  ultinnl   statement   to  lhe  intiiii  office;
i- ...  announced thai up to noon there I
Itnd been no change of any importance in
tin- atrike.   In all ot   the 34 collieries of
'the  Bending ('..ul and  Inm company  the:
I daily   hours  ot   lalior.    ..eginiiing    today i
wen* increased from 7  1*2 lo 0.    The ob-,
I vi.hi-   pm pi.-.-   is   to   offset   the  decrease ,
in the output of coal due to collrrica be-:
tag  i.lh'*    I lien*  wa.  nn other change in
Hie   situaliuu  allecling  tin-   Beading com-
The every day low selling price of
Dry Goods continues to be the
special feature of	
All-Wool Serge and Wonted iuiti in
•Navy lllue. Black and .Mixcil, OKI,i.l i„
gAI.OO. All-Wool 'l"wc»d suits, nublt!
Battens, 113.00 in g-JU.UI. Ciod Ku.*. k
about Iweed suns, gJ.UU to llu.au. All
Wool Panla, gJ.JO to »0.30. Working
Punts, (l.tlO lo |2.00.
New Overcoats
Jn Whipcord 'fwevds, Meltons snd
Heaie...  IHUn,  si-,'50,  J14.00, 116.00.
Wr arr ,rM,n(t „„,„ , ,hor| |m>|ow ^
i. Split Ustltrr Shoe., »1 |„ gi.-sj,
tiraine.1 LSBt Iur BhoOB, 1I..VI. $!.«,-,
Men. (ir.une.l .Naileil v,-■*
92M. Men's till lira.tied Nailed
Shoes. «.on. Ku,, Walking Shoes.
I mm II OU up.
Hats, Hats.
Men's Fedora Hats. »|30 to »4.00. Men"*
Uuano Hat*, *•>.,,! to *ti,*si. Men's .-till
lint., f.' i.i I,, tci .vi. Met.,,,, s Hats,
W.UO.      All  -ni,..
M.i.'.   Kibbsd   Cotton,   per   suit   11.0(1
Men's  Kibbsd   Wool,   psr .mt  11X0.
Me... Heavy Wool, |»-r suit 11..*).
.Men's i.m ind Siripcd, per nut g2 3u.
MO, Mm* l\„„| Flee.c-d, per imt,
lien's Nan*  iiiue. He,
I*.un y    Mixed,     M i.t
Self Colors. Fancy Collin and Wrist.,
t.'.'.l  to »300.
Men .
Men 'l
Ini   -l..«. snd Hi... ..I Ihr H....I li.t tall, an.l
Ittmt-rt * a. m.t.
is i;i..wing smaller each smteeisling day. •*,,n*-'
One ul .he best proof! ol this is the re-*
port «t the superintendent of the Hatel-
inn .i.ii*i.... ni the I-ehigh Vslley railroad, which handled the cosl from sll
but ->\ tolbene- in this region. This report .hows thst tlie shipment, have 1..I-
ten oil tu I-***.- I:.an twtetlunls ul the
nunnsl   quantity,    during   the   past   four
Ihere is no denying that the inhabitant* ui lin- region tear titrable. Mo.t,
ll n-'t all ol the coal mines arc being pm*
toted Iiy ext.a watchmen. Humors are
slloat    that    the    .her.If*    ol    Luxcrne,   Opafston Aw Oppossd Coming lo 1'cnns
Join the Striker..
Shsinokin. Pn.. Sept. 2(1.~<>ne hundred
more men ul the IsOSUSt (iap c.lliery of
tn* Philadelphia ami Reading Coal and
lion company jnined th* rank, of the
.inker- this morning. Tl)* company j
claims thnt enough m*n will .lay at i
work   to   rnal.le   Ihr   big   excavators   to
,. llllllllC.
The New Store j
V. N. Phone No. 207.
I 'n.i nl .
k()**.->l..\\l). It. c.
■■ ■•'	
NO  Allllll'lt.VliO.N.
the strong advance
in Cottons we are
able to sell you
Nliuvlkill and llirlnui rnitutie-, which
a.ijn.n each other nt a pmnt two mile*
aouiii ul h.te ...1- .iiiaiiug ui deputies
ly the mine. When the shcnll* arc approached on the subject they lay tlnre
sre 11.. timililr*. a* the) uie mil looking
lor any. Certain it 1*, honcvir, that
■ lit.ei, .ue keeping a wnlehlul eye
nn  the  liluatinn  and   Unit   they  cun   It*
qUlCUy   tUttlMl   11   I ll.-.r   p..' el.if   is   lice-le I
aiiviih. re No. VI shall ul tlie l.clnuli
\ .1 1.1 Coal ron.iN.uy, east ol this city,
-it... the 1 cut re ol numrriiiis petty acta of
Stole tilling the tlay.    II.*!..re 11 o'clock
ti... morning  *■  handful   nl    Hungarian tlemenl  ol  ihe .ml,
women wanted to whip three goal   and any  other  lu mbla
Willi    Iheir   .Men.
11..11 nolteaman i.u- penuading Bnaker
Im.i* to go tu work, lhe pobci, hnw-
.... msnaged to get ...it ..1 their .Inn*
tiiin wiihout a itghi. Shortly liter ih-t
a mine worker .... In* WM ibot *il lo an
uiiknonn per*..n. bul Sol lul. while un
111.  way   Io   ll.e   -halt.     I.iter   ui   the  tkiy
au  11.1i1.111  wa-  badli   clubbed.    I'onlgbt
'      ll     the     11:  11        WOll - l      Ilit'll     U.iV
horns Iron tin* ihsit «*.*.. attacked and
bail! P..ita 11, Aside fn.iii the*e incident, quiet prsvaill tlinmgli.iut the
ISgton, Hie sli'ikiiig mm* -n-orkerl say
tbey ITS du.ng Iheir l)i'*l tn prevent dig-
In   Ibe   BbSMM  ol     l'ri.iilelit   .Milihell
lioiii     lieadqiiurter.     toilny,      Benjamin
.l.ime*.   who   is  next   in   chiirge    of    the
-Ink.*,   111   Uu-   reg......    1—iic.l   the  daily
bulletin Irom the I n.te.1 Mine Workera'
heaili|uarlen..    It   is ... folloWI.
"il.li. li"...    P....   Sold.   2U-5;4.)   p.m.—
I lie reports received at lhe heaalquart.rs
IndS) hnve li.-eii mii-t gralitying. Hnr*
wnd, f.Tfcranie ind llu* Bl IT WsshSTJ
at Auileiireid, sliul dniin this morning,
the  men   di...ling   Issl   evening  to strike
mtii  1 heir follow men,   This i- a gsin
lm*  Hie   iiime  workers.
"Al   -Infill.,    when*    Mi    .li.lin   Mark!*
II ie.I to intliicnie tie men to go back to
tittik. ihey uni iiiiol inm Light hun-
.lr.il more men nre nn strike in this di.
trie! today than 011 nny i.rcvioiis tiny
.Imng Ih* strike.
"ihe ius|iei.sii>n in tin* Wyoming ind
Philadelphia,    P..
tl.u.g quiet  and nidsrly,' la ths raport
thai nnnes 11..111 the strike region.   A lew |
in* ie   1111111*   wuikers   jnined   Hie   striker. ;
ttttiiiy, i.ui not mail!,   ihe tamper ..! the
mint- uwm-rs uu the quclum ul  iirliitru-
lloli  Is   intlii atetl   in  llltervn*!!-.* .uul   -t.ilt"
1 i* givei 1 todsy, rsry ninth au-iiit-i
ths   prop'i-miiin.     NovertbtfeM   l*..tnei-
I 'I ■ 11111.-.   came   helc Ir.nn    the    lla/t-lttui
ni:.. 11   tonight   a...I ll   with   Archbishop ■
K>.ni 111 o.iiaiiU.tii.iii <ui ilu* subject, \cry
ti. .11    ind .leal* tu hi* healt. the quick  **ei*
hi arbitral r
mean-.   Protestant
clri-gymsn   in   UsMlton   have   ai-.   taken
111 the matter snd will sndsavor to bring
tn.* 1.p..sing slsmsnts togsthsr imioably
1 onl - it. Ity 1- in-* 11' kif
nnti   although  the   Bending
mining  and  shipping,  getting
ipittl.t ui alilluai lie. .le.tier- nre lllldlllg
it   hull   l.i  gel   a*  Him h  a*  Hit*.!   lieeil. 'I lie
tonnige ol ihe other gie.it coal mining
0.111p11n.es is g.'ii.l.111II1 iliuiinishiiig. an.l
... tin* ...ti in .il order ..1 Hung- .11.i.s* me
strike is M-ltlcil will ...nn ict-e all" gethcr
lit.Ill   ihc   .li-lli.l.
HOUSE LINING at 5c p*r yird.
K.I WHITE QUILT, for gl.OO each.
8 1 WHITE SIIKKIS for 65c. cieh.
4'IN".   I'll.LOW tori'OX  for 10c yd.
41 IN. PILLOW ((iiiONs. u Me. yd.
lit ( K COTTON TOWELS it 5c. rich.
WHITE TL'BK TOWKL8 nt  10c. rich.
[very Sale carries Our ouardntee.   Your Money back il not Satislied
The New Store
>     105-107 Columbia Avenue ROSSLAND. B. C.
itirni ui     »'.    ' „
«::H; The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Lid.
King    it-   Usual \J '
Wholesale Dealers In
T^e leterwational I
keeps the Choicest aiul
-Coolest Class of Beer-
-—■ ■ ' 	
In thr CU)- of KkmIrihI WHY * IW-t nu%r wr h»vr hrtlrr fa. ilttlr* lm haildlhiK il. and
Rtll 11 fl»t«T ttlMtl nnv tilhr* l->t ftl town      Ikil.     (Iri tKltlft Upptd. irliins |U  mi :!t art-!
flivor for ■ bimtf il timr only. Kr-rp thin tn miml whra you look for ■ plnrr to -rft>r*h
MniffH Chfi|iu**! of nil known muin. miltniiU. t_ntr*dot» and blilll BM »:e
t fl-linl at lluu H ri.i Hack V.i.ii  tn our office, ni any hour <lir.Hn ihr day ot night.
Family Liquor Store
Choicest Wines and Liquors for Family t'se, at the
;■ Lowest Prices.    Nething but ihc  best kept in stock.
• —■ ■	
•   •   •   •    '   <   *   - - • -'•-.-   *
Tel. V. and N. 17.
West Columbia Avenue
A   (i.inini*!.ion  i»   Appointed   to   In.piirc
Into the Immigration ot Uhinsie.
Otliwa,   Sept.   20.-(Spccial.-i'he   Do- j
1  government hu appointed It. C. 1
Clute of Toronto, IMiiiel ,1. .Miinn ul New
\\ entminiter,  B.   C,  and   Balph   Smith, I
tt, P. P., for Manalmo, B. C, n» n com- I
1. —uni tn Investigate and report upon
lhe Chiiiem- liniiiignitinii ciucstu.it. At
ii.. 1 .si laaslon ol parlliment Sir Wilfrid
Laurtsr isiuulssd.  when  Inorssslng  the
poll  Ini  uixin  Chinciic from $.10  to  *?l(l*l
par ii.-.i'i, tn ippoint a oommlsslon to g-r
fully Into il..* whiiie nibjsct and report
whai mx is desirable, 11 any. or whether
t 'Lim-.-   iiiiiiiigr.ili.in   nhntilil   be   prohibit-
<■ 1 sltogethar,   1'hi oomnddon i» regard-
t.l   hers us  an   excellent  one.
Agnew <& Co,,
G. W. HcBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
a.    1
"'I     _
See Hie priccn Kinpey Broi. ire
men'i clothing for.
Giro caries -
Choice Staple and I-'ancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery aud Glassware.
Third and Washington.
Telephone 191.
The Miners* Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year. EDWARD BOYCE, Editor.
Publish, d by the W. P, M., Denver, Col.
>ub-i ri,!tion» Receive I nt the office of the Induilrlsl World, or at
The Office of the Secretary of Kosslrnd niners' Union.


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