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Industrial World Sep 12, 1900

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'l^^OyCi^->.    ^ts/~4
a-     .-7       ,
' /
Vol. 2, No. 4.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Laboi Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. M.
!.$•<.•^■M•*t•l•*^^*:^^^,^<^.w 1
< a
_ : ; : ^-=       , I
1 >
. I
Sec Our COLD AIR [
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kinds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
Tan Shoes
Men a*   13.50  fl me-   l..l*   ....   *f-J.'.'."i  and  J'.'.uO
Alcn'i    4.00 Ihoei for     2.78
Menl    4.50 ihoei for    3.00
Men-i    8.00 ulioea for    .1.80
Men a   5.50 il.oe! for   3.78
Men'*      6.00 ihoei for    4.00
W i men's |2.00 Uxfordi, now    1.80
Women'e   2M Oxlord., now   1.78
Wcrmen'i   3.00 Oxford*, now 92 to 2.28
Women'!   4.00 laced ihoei, now  .. 2.78
Women'.   4.80 laced aboe., now .. 3:2b
Women'!   8.00 laced ihoea, now ... 3.50
Hemeniber   thcie  pricci   are for ca*h
0Blr' .     a-i   a Lit.)
W.F. McNeill
Next Door to Postoffite
*s*v*y*y*w% -%-%*%-%-%-% 1
Investigation Needed
Trsuess ?
Yes, a full
Tb. Drsfglii.
i4i*+«+i++4-i+*4+-*-*-*+ **+****+*•-'•*■'•***+*++'■*•*■** i
****** 4**4***9******+4f -.
The Strand
The Most Elegan t and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
A Fine Line of the
: Choicest Liquors & Cigars
*#-•-. •
School   Shoes.
The long jollv vacation ii nearlv at an end, and the boya and girla will need
acbool ahoee. Bring tl.rui hare. We can St the l.uiy feet with lootwear tbat ii
made lo itind tbe .tram. It ll not high priced iboai. nothing llimiy. The eel
orat ul ill diiralti lily is really no aerret at all, Ibe aboea are made of .leather, rea*
laatbrr, in I pnt together (or knpi.
C O. Lalonde,   The Reliable Shoe Dealer.
Morrison & Bryenton II
-- . .
Fancy Groceries, Canned Goods, Potted Meats'and Fish, j I
Preserves and Marmalades, Pickles, Chow Chow and j|
Catsup, Fruits aud Produce, as well as a Full Stock of j!
Staple Groceries and Provisions.   Goods delivered free. ! j
East Columbia Avenue, Rossland, B. C.
We havr a mi.hu Rood timlr on Coffee.
Wr have tl; j ml wc Hold it Oner m
Coffee Bu)cr here—alwaya one.
For45c we have a
Mocha and Java
Coffee that is absolutely the Best
sold in Rossland
fl i«n i the brut today, and the neat betl
tomorrow. It's thr t>r»l all the time
and thr profile who buy it all thr time
know It. Thi* * .mi coffer la thr brat
wc a li it s ihr be-M anyone arlH-ni
roaitrr what price you may pay.
We have a Coffee
we sell for 25 cts
Wr might grl jo or nm 15 ccntt Tor this
Coffee, but wr don'l do It. We noutdn t
aril ao much il wr did . and fifty pound*
at a amall profit fa belter than two pounds
at a 1-1 ** profit. K*»ylo figure oul  imin
"lorn"' llliick.tock WM recently inter-
viewed nt length regarding (he Murj
Kagle ami (entro Star mint*., anil nunc
■wonder haB brrn expremed at the taunt* j
eioua exhibition made by the little man.
W ho i» -"tTTackstock » A man who once
made a lortunnte Investment and ha.
never quite got over it. .Many moon, ago
when nn obscure lawyer practi-ing in
Toronto Tom waa lucky enough tn become  a    *..n inlaw    ol    11 lei li.iin,    the
wealthy whliky maker ol that city, now
pie.ident anil chiet -t... I,Iml.1.1 of tin*
Wat* Kagle and Centre Star companiei.
i'em never attained thr dignity of even
ti nominal "O. C." in hi. protesion tn
Dutario, I province where, n. everyone
know*, they give the*e thing, away with
a pound of ten nr the like. Hii chief l.u«*
i.n*.* In life hn* hern to procure choice
in. I'.titietit* tor the approval  of If!, mil*
i lionnire father-m-la-A*. nnd where these
prove acceptable Thomas i. rewiii-ilcd
with a vk-epreidency. or mine tut-h job.
with plenty of rich picking-, iittiiched in
the way of dirtH'tor - tec, travelling and
other incidental rx|ten.e*. such ai are
covrretlup an.l imothrreil in Hie .niiiu.il
report, of all good coinpanie*. II trou-
l.leaitnie and cn-puring shareholder, ask
awkward .pietum* ut e..in|.any meeting.
I Ionia. ltln,-kNl<M-k, Y'.-q.. V. P.. doei Ihe
iu it-..in- il somewhat pecnlinr "explain-
ing"' and Ihe minority -lutrehnlders are
happy fur ever alter, ihit-ude ol limine.,
mailer. Rlackatoek haa the reputation uf
hong 11 kindly, linnet ...nn, good tn hi.
fiienil. and nnt learr.l by the cnemie* ol
Ihe large (inoderhnin taction which cen-
tic*   in  and  around    loronto.     In  finan*
. rial circle, lie ha* never been taken «er*
I ioucly, and alter Ihe interview ut unction it  i. duiil.tfiil if he ever will he.
■ It will be rhrerltil new. indeed for the
minority ihareholdera   in    (Tie   two big
1 companies that after holding office for
ll.iee  year. "We" are going  lo run   the
j properties on a "-trietlv limine* l-a.i..'"
W ho  ever  heard  of  mine -nvn-wcdlv   ut
|..ll event. tH'ing nut 111 nny other fa.li-
ion? If "Wc    1-Me and  hither inlaw 'l
I huve 1...0 i-uilti of tunning Ihr mine*
nlherw.se a Irnnk cnntr..ion ol inenm*
|. tent y  couplrtl  w-ith  a  prompt  resignn*
lion would be in order, but in-te.nl thii
. li* .1 tul -oii-in-luw lay. ull the trutit.le
- 011 tlie working miner..
Aiul ilu* ia dune ia auch a thoroughly
III. 1. U-i..n 1.111 way. Kind the learned
lawyer itdiuiti thitt "We" know uh.ol.ite*
ly nothing .ilu.nl mine, mining en* mine
management, and then proceed, to -l..t <-
the "men"—the poor men who know I
their own binuiie.—minin-p—-really only
worked a third of their time, 'lhe ret
tn uid .pent, presumably, in Btrulling
titi.'Ut uitdergruund, making atternuon
cull, maybe, or taking in ttte tte-enery.
1 lie foremen, shift bo*.e and po.wil.ly
..iiiifcger Kirby being cheerlully occupied
in trying to round up the lucky l.u.ter-
.'II.t coax them back lo do a little work
now   uud   then   for the   good ol   their
health,   und   incidentally—merely    i.n
tolly—ot  tbe mine.
llut while Hlucketoek claim, to be en*
tiiely in the li.itnl* ot "uur manager!,'
he* quickly li.llow. that by saying that
"We" luive positive prool that the men
ouly worked half their lime.'' What i*
the p xitive proof T 1* it the tiuimtgrr'
-Intrmrnt : Have ..[nr.il.i-- l-.cn
In .n.l belore the uiigmt prc.en.'< or
oh what doe. the "know nothing man
rtly. I p to tlie i-ie-eiit time the men
have not been called upnn to explain
why lhe work waa nnt done, why they
were not able to do impn«.ihlr thing*.
It la with the cowardly, untruthful
charge, again.! te miner, that the Mori.I
i, mt. i. .led. ..! liem i.e the statement,
iiuidr by mm who abotild know that tl.e
War hngle aud t'rntrr Mar arr tlie two
iiurat managed mine* in America might
r. muni untold until .itch tune a. a really
' 1*1.nip director, one who rrally did know
[ - mrtbing uf mining, nhoul.l iIincovit
I*, th the lact and thr came, tor it for
him-elf. It III.nl.-I..ri. linnet ly deirc
to li.nl nut whri't- the n..nl,I. i. and ha*
liern he will have hut little trnulilr in
making a i-otuuieiicement, tlinugb he m.ic
b,. comiH-lled to call in .*\(..*it- ... netp
bin Inter on. Ile ttill en.ily lintl etioua..
In warrant a thui-otigh iuvettg..ti..n nil*,
the initu.tgt'mrnt antl to .how him thai
tin mrn have* brrn mo.i wronglully ae
i *a **s-a*r.-%.*«.-<a^ •*%.*%.-%-a. <%,%%.
Doe it not .li il.e (hi. talkative man
tpoat .trangely that ol ull the working
mi.ic* in the camp Ihe War Kagle and
Centre Star are the only one where the
n.en worked only three houri out of
eight ? W ere the management ed thee
two big payable propel tie <_> very unfortunate to secure the aervice of al) the
loafer, in the camp J Happily for tlio
g.od name of the men ccitnnarinon. are
easy. 'Ilie relative work done on adjoining pi-operlie can readily be got at. The
lon Ma*k, No. 1, done, St. Elmo, l_>
Koi and Nickel Plat., '.re all doing aim-
ilm work lo that in piogr-e in the War
Kitglc und Centre Sir and under nxactlv
lite* aame .-..million.. I-et the Tor-'to
liwyer learn it little- while he hai tha
ihnnce, I.y making compariaona that lie
rrariy to hand and he will quickly aarer-
ii.ln he ha. tieen I...del and mi-lead kl
tn  came  and  effect.
Aa to hii own—or hi. father-in-law*!
— mine., lor the prewnt let him in.titute
a rigoroii. impure into the hiatory of the
-it.un i-ii.- Irom the C.-nlre Star to the
War Kagle plant. How much did it
.. -I tn do Ihi. work, iiirlmliiiv* the boxing
and trriiching T Why, oh, why, waa the
ant -o great ? Likely Ihr men went off
p.at ing ball anil only workrd during interval, a. usual—or i. it poMible aomi
nnr tl-,- hlundcred—a. UMial.
If the enquiry into the working of the
two mine   i. intelligently and vigoruualv
I ..led    with  it  is  more   than  likely
that -..in. intereting f.trt. may he re*
l.iie.l at thr nrxt annual meeting uf the
twn rompanie, whrn "(Iur Toni" ei-
pliini to the li«t**ning .hireholHrr.
"llnw I fnund thing, il  the minei."
'there i* but 1,11 Ir- rnntrnrt work in
pingrcs. in rithrr nf the mine. Mr.
Riarkst.vk In llirrontrarv n.,t„ nli.l.in.l
ins Ihrrr will he le*. for thi. ii only
in the nature nl an rx|tertmrnt at bet
and unle* there i. .. complete revision
"ui-l.tin," tl.r mine will again revert tn
Ihr intolrrnl.lr e-onilition Ihry were in
i.t-t Mimtner. With thr plain ei.tleti..-
nf how mini on wnrk can I* done in Ihi.
..imp all around him. III... k.toritmu.t he
blind indeed il hr dam n-.l al le.-i.t di»*
cover thai Ihr men arr not tn blame.
To   That   llntii'iii-   Kroin  Whence .
l-i-t Saturday morning lliomai Stan*
away ilied at the Si-ter.' nospital. A
liw .I.n- p.vi ioii.lv he had tieen taken
Hit-re suffering with eitleric lever. Kvery
etlort win mid.- to *ave hi. life, but the
•liioa-c wa, too .tmngly developed and
b,   rapidly   weakened   and   died.
Sunday forenoon the remains were
taken Irom .Mine.-.' I mon hall to the
.Methodist church, followed hy a large
pmccion of member, of the Mined'
t nion. Al Ihr . hoi. h the Kev. .Morden
conducted MTViom appropriate In the oc-
ta'ton. and an hour later with a lew
wnrd. from the clergyman, antl the beautiful burial -in..   „l the I mon all that
, iit,-, 1 nf    ll.. m... Stanaway wa* enn-
signed lo il. long reling place.
The deceased had lieen a resident nf
l(..«"l..nt| for 'ome year., duriiia which
time he had ben employed in lh. var
ton. minea of the romp. A lew week,
•go he became a mcmlier ol the Miner.'
Union. He wn* unmarried. Two brother..
Il.oini* and Jamca Stanaway, are ret*
dint* of the city.
Thei-iimr Convention.
In*iea«l**nf rallina ri ri.mention ol icp*
rcmntatlvm ..i lahni ...,.'...../..tion. in the
e..n«tltuency ill \.ilrl .iiilio..|o dgSldl
whclherit la deirablrto place in numin.v
tion a .irnight labnr candidate for Hi.-
Dominion Hnnm, what i. practlcall] a
plcbi«e.tr ti unioni*t* of the ronitituenc,*
"i Iho qnetinn i. I.cinn tiken. So lar n«
CSS he learned at thi. writing the 1.1111
Empey Bros.
Are Showing a Very Fine Range of
In Silk  Fronts with   Linen   Bodies.
Cashmeres, Linens and All-Silk Goods.
Alio a Very Fine Range ol
And Sashes, of the  Very
Best English Manufacture.
Wa have j-tit opened up a very nice line ol
ClU/v-ac Made by the Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co.
2__!__2i *^very Pa-r guaranteed, or money refunded
In Men's and Boys' Clothing, we carry
the Finest Goods at the Best Prices.
Empey Bros.. The FyrnSshers.
', Fnrniihing Qoodi Department. Cor. Colombia Ave. and Spokane Si.
Washington Street
Cleaning and Dyeing Works.
Opposite Martin Bro*.
I can clean nr due anything In latfirn'and
(tenlletnen-- wear, (fire mr a call and l>e
. ■ miti..il The latrmt imp*• ml machinery and proce-Bnea rnab'r me tojtuaramrr
Ihe prompt iMIvrryof all ordrnt. Work will
be called tor nnd deli rrsdtoaoy addreu.
fi tiers Checks
Cashed ai F;i*i Face Value at
The Hoffman House
Oct thrir PrrK-rtpliona Filled
by thr
Rossland Drug
: Company :
A Full Lint of Kverything In Our Line.
Oin I'i • Call.
RO.lLAl.li Duo Co, R  1: Branmi.Mar.
1 • '..itii.t. In., nnt to Bon Ten.
'      ;
A Valuable Asset
For • 1. beat band-made miner'a booti,
go to .Agnew A Co.   Prieea right.
Men of ab lily and chancier
ahow Iheir individuality In tl.ew
Our euit. give tbem that huh
i..nald. and ..ib.tanli.1 quality
10   mu, li   .!.* 11.1!
Your or.'er left with ui iniuni
yon a made-right iuit.
Mew Kail (ioodi low in.
Taylor fit McQuarrie,
turn! appe-ir. to be unanimoui in i.n .-i I
nl putting up a-labor . ai.d id. nc. and it 11
probable that a call lor a convention
Will be is*ue.l within a lew day., thee
are several men mentioned for the place,
prominent among thrm is uur own Clin,
rnley. ,1a*. W ilk. 1. alio apoken of, and
il 1. -aid thr Slocan will bave a can*
.!..-..[.- 1' ili.i .a 'the men menlionrd
in.nl.I pm up a strong luthi. ond with
thier . an.I.date* in the held there ii lit*
tir doubt that it would mull in thr
election nf a labor man. Iialhher 1.
I'M.dually unknown lo lite electorate,
and ha. nothing In recommend htm be
ton.I thr lad that he is a Liberal. The
men .p..ken nf lor Ilie candidacy in the
...t.i. :. t.f the Conservative party arc
well known, and therein lie their weak*
'.---. tor the mi--*-- have no conhdenec
in them. Taking it all together, the
pTOepeete are bright lor the luecen. of
(lie candidate named |,y thr lmlrprndrnt
Ijilmt I'irty.
The  Italian.   Won,
Kver «inee I-aluir D.i, Ihrrr haa hern
.111. li diicu.*ion of tl.r mrr.t ml the lev-
eril drilling team, ennteting that dav
for lhe champion.hip ol Ihr provinre.
lhe Italian train, Juliu. l'a.tto and
lot*rph tiur.i.cio thought Ihey were juit
about 1. good |* the next, even if Ihey
did not win tint monry • week igo. A
couple of heavy Wright I inlander, wrrr
hrm in fhnr brhrl that thry rould tint
thr lik-i.iur sli!. all hollow. A p.n-c wa.
Ii.nii; up and Satunl.v the contest took
place al tlie ..truer ..I S|iokane .trrrl and
(Ml avrnur.* Thr Italian, provrd their
piowei. by not only brating ihr linlanA-
rr». I-i.. I-ahiy antl (>u.( Mack, hut
kno«*ked Iheir own rr.-i.id all to fl.ndeni,
pulling thrir hole do-an -Vi 13 IA in. he
llurn.    and    lo-.rv   nttly   drilled     .14  11
ill. lie.     nn    l.alt.r   Illy
('.....ervative Convention.
The Conservative, of YaloCarilmn will
nu-et in rnnvenlinn nl ltevel«tokr Saturday to plaer in nomination 1 candidate
lot tbe Bonm of fommnn.. Thn.r noiv
uiintinnrd Inr Ihr plare m W, A. Mar
.(....Id, NetlOn, ..nd il.arli. Mack.ntnah,
T. Maynr Daly anil Mayor Ooqdevi of
It. —land. \la. i.ioi.i-li i. not lookrd nn
with fnvnr by thr tradinn C.in*.*nrative«
nf thr roti.titunnry a. I.e la.le.1 In rarrr
hi. own ruling in Ihe provincial eleelii.i,
ln-t .innnier, ami Holy i. hardly ronsid*
einl in Ihe rare. Thii will Invr Ihr
mutest IwlSMU (ioodeve in.I Ma. d-.n
• I.l.  with   the  ih.iii.r-   in  lavor ol   ..,..,,I
l,OI Al.   AND  t.KNKItAI..
A  (ihort   Sloiy  About—. 1
Ap|ialviitly, there uir tlitlrrent way! of
looking at   thr I Inner tpir.tion, even la
the ll.1und.1i). al Ihr lollow.ng Irom li.t
luck *   lirrrnw.-n.!   .Mim.    ir.tihe:     R.
I)    Ken   o|  llountlary   hill.,  wa.  in fhe
Hi   Monday  and   ..indentlly   thanked    a
.Muter representative Inr thr ChineM agi*
litimi,   .t.tni|t  that   .una  the   am  I hin
i*c inovrinrnt iH.mnirnir.1  thr tan liim
r.r he employ, h.d in. i.-atwd their d.ily
•aI*  nf   vegetable  I.ton ||n in  -l.\  |ter
oav.    Ilr attribute tin.  .11. rra*r  to   the
' *!-tii|t*ithy   nf   the   latin*   .<l   (•rrenwood
nnd   Anaconda   Inr    ll.e   pnof   "pprewwil
Uhlnaaa,1     Inking Into .......dri.tion thr
in.rci-e  111   I.ii.iiii'm.  ninth  Mr.  Krrr .1-
tiilnite-  to the .Miner, lu* ...ted very on-
giitrlully in not cilling al  tl... ..line end
.1 I.m 1 dung lor thr pai-.i
The adoplrd ttil.nl ilmighter of
Mr. nnd Mr. (I.n. Koley dir.1 Sunday
and   waa   I.n. nil  Monday  ultrriionu
Thr .hip iar|.eiitcr. and . milker. -A
\ ..iic.-uver   hate orgam/ed a  union.
Alex. Wai-tot |, very ill nt hi. horn •
uith   lyplu.id  lever.
lhe (hid  Fellow.' tlanee neit 'luewlay
niiiht    promise   In   be  a   very  sut'cc.lul
altnir.   'lhe prticcrd. will I* drvotrd to a
l.tiid  tor thr  pun-ha-n- of nrw  paraphi 1
nnlia fee the dearce team.
t .gar. to ...it the time— "Angelical"
at bve cents. -Ilob llarr.
New Dili.,*.* I-..   Mi...-..- I nmn.
I...-1   Salunlay   Uie   regular   rlr, lion   ol
..Itt.ci, ..t   rh'.'iit.  Mimi.-  I 1   Nn   -.
W. ft, ni Ua, «a> hrltl ul Minee lnio:i
h..ll,   u.th   the   I1dluwu.1t   le-oll
I'leidenl. .fame* Mti-hall. vie,* prr.) ■
dl-llt,   M.   II.    I.twiie;   linnu. Ill   Mtr.lali.
.It In. Kiordajt; .-...t.**i*..idnia *e.teiar),
corrr«|.mding -nrrla.v, Dougaltl McM.I
lin. lhe iimon is ite.id.ly «".»"».-. an.l
i. in a H'ani-lniiLt condition, It hn.ltrrn
drrldnl t.i paint the Irt.lll ol Ihe l.nil.|n.,i
owned bv the union, and to denuali tl..*
P. O. BOX )
I lie next Imm of the World will contain a -t.,t< unlit ol the receipt, and ex-
I.n.I.lure, of the committer in charge ol
thr   I ...I...1    lln   celebration.
It "Minrr" will sign hi. communication
1.i-.ii.I.ni- Ihr w 11 Kagle and Centre
Star companir. it may appear in th"
next issue. I hi. not neceawtnly tor publication.
Smoke "Angllicli." Ilrltor thin most
ten rent cut.ns. Ihey are sold lor live
cent,  ut   Dob  llarr*, Washington  street.
McArtbnr    ft      Harper'i,     the     New
Store, ii the place for the miner lo pur
] chase   bi,   blanket,  for   the  winter.
Did you aeenre any nf those lMtrgain,
at the .New Store thia week I You made
! a  mistake  il  you did  not.
Will Organne.
Next Tuesday evening a meeting nl the
cook, and w*aiter. of the Ifoundniy will
be held at Minrr.' I nion hall, Greenwood, for the purpoM- ol taking »(epa to
term a uninn. All intrreled arr ...piet
ei to ..li, ad. — ,
May  .Not  PsisfeSfS.
ll i. now rl.imrd that thr move tn
llrvrlit.kr in faror of Ihe p-n !•-.-■ nl
the rlrelric light ind water plant is being
enginrrrrd by Ihe prnprietnr* Ihem*
*. I\<", and Ihat Ihey nre anxi.ui- tn ills-
p..**1 ..f it. lor there will -mn be leapurrtl
a large expenditure ol mnnev lo mike
thr plant pa ydivnlrml. II thr . .11.1p.n11
ran di.po.r of it now liter would he aav*
rl thi..
Thr I'aeilic Tea NBIBSSf 1* gmng out
ol business in Koaaland and i. nuw iell-
•ng it  cent or le*.. THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
WEDNESDAY     Sept. 12,  1900
The Industrial World.
Bcmi-wcokly   Kditton.
Published at lhe .Miner*. Union Hull,
Kosalund, in the interest of organized
labor   in   lliitish   Columbia.
Entered at the Holland, IS. 0., post-
oilu'c for traiiMiiiMHiuii ilhrougli the
niiiila, November, 1800, as second-class
reading  matin.
A.   C.   -11101111"..n,   Editor   and  Manager.
OHi.-c   ul   "timer's   Union   Hall.
Payable Invariably  in Advance.
One  year        %2 00
tilx  months          1 25
Three mouths          75
Address all communications to tin- Industrial     World,    Postollice     llox    558,
Etomland, ll. C.
The luduslriul \\ orld      lor sale ut the
fallowing   news   dei>o
Simpson's   News   .-..and.
H.   S.   Wallace1!  Stationery   Store.
I .inI..ti   Hio..
P.  O.  News Stand.
Hairs   Cigar   Store.
Nelson. ' IJIJ1
Canada  Hook  ft   Drug Store.
Mciioe   Broa.
King ft Co.
Secretaries of all uniona are million.-
ed to receive lubecriptiom for the
lion for tin- Commons. Sny, Charley, w-3
can beat you eaaler tor tl..- Dominion
In use* llinn we did for the Loral LegUll-
tl,re.   You  luul   l.i-tte-i*  nut  try  it.
Thi candidacy ot Will MoOuin in
w ctiiiinsicr district i* worrying tho
l.ilict'al manage™ a jroat dial, li now
looks us if in a three-cornered Hght he
would -.land u good chance ol winning
The Silvi-rliiniiin ulreuily refer! to our
chief magistrate its ex-Mayor QoodlVl,
llu* Silvertonutu is only two and n ..nil
month! ah. ..I  of time.
The church still talks about "evidence," about ''reason,' about "trecdnm
ot conscience,' und the "liberty of
speech," and yet denounce* I hose who
ask for evidence, who appeal to ii'iis.m,
and who honestly express their thoughts.
-  iiinoi-~.il
Do you take the- World ! When other
ptipen I.nl to support ton mum nt the
tune ol trouble il wiil fearlessly speak
the Irulli tor you.
Choice creamery butter received regularly .rom the lied Kiver Valley
Creamery, Manitoba, by Agnew ft Co.
Good label printing at Stuudcn Printing company.
Smoke   Crown    li rant
Cigara.    Blue
Kometliin-j  to  Talk About.
Those r-'l.OO suit, lor $13.50 and $17.23
suits for $10.75 at Molitead ft Wright'i.
Morris ft Crow sell high class label
cigara. Their Cuban cigars all bear thu
Spanish union label.   Try one.
(SijiieKi   :-WA$
WKD-M-SDAY.   SEPT.   12,   l*-"**
Perpetrated  nl   Id-public.
The  perpetration  ol  the following  i,
Iuid ut the door ol the liepiil.lic liccot.l:
W ith upoiogie*.  lo the couiedi.in, tit, he's
not iu town:   * * * 111 ix   iii.iiue   unit Tom
I liuuth) tiinile it cull  on Priiii-t***  Miiude-,
Unite .uul Boston, and gave u t'rada Do!
II! tor a Struy Horse, ley -..iy un lu.ur-
j | ut   sliiitiiuii  up a  bona  Pine   t.fter   u
Mountain Lion with i BUck 'fail. Katie
lliiyivurd was aUnding on a Deer trail
g.if.ing al the Evening Star. Site's got
tlie- only Golden llarvt-st on the Itcacrva-
lion, ami when Sullivuit met In* Water*
lou on the gtnrioui Republic lie staked
hei to ,i Morning Olory. How uould you
III cil to lutvc Hen Hur.
Couldn't Stand the Cook.
I here WU a small strike al the I'liccu
lie.., iu lhe Slocan, the* other day. I h.r
were some- (Kl men employed in the mine
and tor aome reason or uther Ihey tell
uul with the cook. I lie management re
lu-i-il lo discharge liun uud the mvu re*
lined tu work. Ihey were out a couple
ot In.ui-. when the- trouble waa icttied
by the cook tucking in- blnukt-ti down
ll c  in.mutant.
Pleaae  Pay  Cp.
There are on onr lawks about 00 aub*
scnheri who have received tlie World
regularly lor the |w»l year and have
inter paid anything tor it. 'Ihii ii tho
l.i*l notice these dcliniiuciit* will receive,
a* on September 15th the hills will be
|n.ice! iu the hand, ot a mlicitot for collection.
Hi(fh or low cut shoes, but inly high
Quality at McNeilla'i.
We sell good clothing clien,i, but will
not sell cheap clothing. I b.l,ted ft
American federation of Labor Platform.
1. Compulsory education.
2. Direct legislation, through the initiative and referendum.
3. A legal work diy ot not more than
oight hours.
4. Sanitary inspection of workahop,
mine nnd home.
fi. Liability of employer! for injury
to health, body or life.
6. Tlie abolition of the contract system
in all public works.
7. lhe abolition of the sweating system.
8. The municipal ownership of itreet
cn,. waterworks, gas and elcctno plants
for the public distribution of light, heat
and power.
0. The i..' n.. ■ .* *n of the telegraph,
telephone, railroadi and mine.
10. The abolition of the monopoly system of land holding and aubititution
therefor a title of occupancy and uie only.
11. Itepeil of cm.piracy and penal
laws ilie. ling seamen and other workmen incorporated in the federal and itate
lau - of the United Statei.
12. 'lhe abolition of the monopoly
privilege! of inuing money and lubititut*
ing therefor i ivitem of direct iuuancc
to and by Ihe people.
'loo Bloody True.
A noticeable tiguie ut tba convention
was   thai    11    Smith   ( tirtis,    whom   the
people ol iii. -..nth relet w us "Curtii
u; Kootenay,   become Ibey »oy he i. Utc
hrst repie-eiitnlivc ot collipicuous ability
the Kootenai * an c\ot bad ill the local
iiiii-e. .in opinion in winch the inmle
country will coincide, Mr Curtis, with*
in the past ten. in* in.oie ■ peranum!
place lor hiui-.ll in tin' public lite id tin*
pioviucc.   He i* .in i..c.ii pi.iiin.il leader,
tactful, re-suiiiictul, mn*. linn, with a
wide knowledge ol men and .ilt.ur., the
kind  nl   a  leader  who  nol   onl)   m-puii
1. ultdem 1. in hi* lullouer., but nliMi their
love.     A brilliant  ipcaker,  who»c eulogy
..1 sir w..iri.l l.tuii-i al iiu- convention
llu oilier evening will not .uller by com*
pariM.it with anyting that me pa.l
ui.tsler ol orutut) hun-e-li has mid. Mi.
t.'urtis   is  nu  advanced   thinker uu econ
omit*    .|ii.*ii..ii*.    luit    practical      withal,	
Keep   ,..ur .).    I uni-;    there 1.   nol    Sweeping  ,„)„nrt„-n. hue been   i-aucd
pi.sllit.n   11.   ll.e gill     1   U.e rlccliiretc too   «,,„,„.,   ,|,,.  .t,,k,„g   cigannakc. *  ..*   Da]
big   lor   his  alulilic*.   .tn.l   lhe  i-.eeior.le 11, „. m,,,,.
itself will riH-ogui/c tin. fact  in the tn -ii _
littuie.    hi.otcn.n   .il.ul. I    In  San   Domingo,  in   the Wet   Indie,
ihe  elector*   .11    Yale Cariboo  already   Ihi    trade unionstt.   and   locian.t.   are
iccngn.'o tin* conapicnoua ability ol  Mr. .Irrttng a talwr l-arty
Curt.- 1 woald ...   plea mil to advance
loin to any p.-ii  within thru gin.   1     Last year 11 livm were   lo«t   m   the
it   Wam   lint  thai  .it   plc'Ut  he i* in bad   Ct lorndo   coal   tnme.     lln.   wa.   one   tor
tmnpeny.   A-  .. lateral ba mn   aspect mch 171 minera employed.
inn tittle. A. a labor candidate hi woull
lhe    1.11. lean     haute    matt    ob-ervci:
Everyone   know,    pist   exactly   how   1
inn .paper   .hoiil-l   be  nu.   i'i   but   very
lew are willing I., put np their money to
have it run lh.it   w..>.
I.A in il!   NOTES.
lilt'   RllOOl   Id. I.C*   llll   OtCI    Hi.      I   I..led
Htatea are tanning nnioni.
The    prOflt!    Ol    Il.r    llavellietcr    Itlga?
1111.1   111   isp-.i  «... Slm-.ti......
t..r every million inhabitants In Itu**
.10 there ii only an average ,11 ten news-
pope:. ~"*
I. I.n t l.ukr llnlpatli. the historian, ii
dead. Id- opp...eil tin- pmenl in-lii-iii.il
•> stent.
Pa pen  That  Miould  Be  Bead.
We would be pleased to hare everybody lead the industrial World, but 1
you feel disposed to uo 10, we warn yoj
10 read Mime- other gooi aocialial paper.
iioro ii a I1-1 you cau choosu trom with
the certainty of getting something good:
Appeal to Rriion, Giranl, Kanui.
11..-.!..in.   Equality,   W . !..
Social Democratic Herald, 120 Washington itreet, Chicago, i'i.
Coming Nation, Ituigin, Waic Co., Ga.
Clan* Struggle, Sau i-raneuco, Cal., 117
Turk street.
Soiiil   Gospel,   South  Jameiport,  X.Y.
The Karmeri   Itevu-w,  lionbatn, Tenia.
Co operator.  Hurley,   it am.
Living I»ue. Salt l-kc City, Utah,
0.'  11  Hi. hud. itreet.
Critic, ll.cli Hill. Mo.
The People', re**. Ai'.iny. Oregon.
Iii.. Haverhill Social Democrat, '25
IVaahlngton .tret, Haverhill Mtm.
The Toiler, Terre Haute, Ind.
The Social Eorum, 1,00m 341 Unity
Building, (Imago, 111.
Light of Truth. 30530, North Front
itreet. Columbus.. Ohio.
The Altrulit, 2711 rraukltn avenue, St.
I...111.. Mo.
Eric, Pa.
National New Era,  Springfield, Ohle.
The People's Paper, Snota Barbara,
The Eagle night, Qroaiii-p, Ky.
Nebraska Socialise, 1.1J 1*7 Chicago
itreet, Omitlia, Neb.
..Electric Laundry.. f
You do not have to patronize
Chinese Laundries.
Oood Work,
Reasonable Prices.
T. W. GRAHAM, Proprielor.
,*»»»»♦ H++444+4++4+4+++4++
P. Burns & Co.
: • • • •■•-M■s-M-M-i-l-.t-l-*{*'S'14-»»*-J
Waahiiiftton HI.
Hnya ■ Walton, Propi fetor*.
Alt.  THK  DKLIC-nClltf Ol-"  Tlta  hi AHON.
Hot and Cold Lunches
The Plicc to get the Brat Mrnl in the City
Prompt Sendee.
Meals 26 Denis and Up.
"Im : : ;■;.- ^h)i**H«l.ll.j1|.i**^
.,, i.e.. 1
. -* 1 . .   . -*; .■*■» ,
Linton Bros.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Green- t
wood, Grand" Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL  MARKETB-Ronland, Trail, Nelion, Ymir, Kailo,  Sandon,   ?
New Denver, Silverton, Oaicade City, Grand Forke, Ore nwood,
Phoenix, Midway, Camp McKinney, RevelBtoke,
Ferguion and Vancouver.
Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds X
' WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rosslsnd Branch.
■f-f-f-ff+fl ♦♦♦♦♦♦ +♦+ fff-ffff -Hmi-Hm-ill-H-t->i-K(l-H»W
If 4++++++++++4^4++++++++4+++4++++++
I... Fresh Green Vegetables...
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce.
Celery, Tomatoes, Green Peas.
■ » J
* '■  106 Ent Colunibla Ave. Telephone 68,  X
: +4*****4****444**** *4++44***4444++++++++++-+-4++-+++**:
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
: Linton Bros. I
No. 36 Colombia Avenue.
i   are now showing a Ocnrral  a»--.iinir-ni ol the rim  t  im;' ::■ !  Wor-tird*,
Twmli and S-rrgr-s.   Wc have already a Inrti-r aaaortmcut uf New  Pattern* to
. I1...1.1 imm nml rnmr ffoodn are daily  in my: nprnrd  which  Iur  J-ilenattcr and
[►r-if-n mill Hi. liticss Caiinul be Surjias«ied.    The moat fa»tidiuu> cin be Mtittied.
Crdered.Clothlng is our Specialty and we Guarantee a Fit
or No Sale,	
W. J. 0'Hearn"
Rossland's Greatest - - x
Clothing  Store.  ----- t
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     Telephone 113, *
****** tttH *************************** +++++++44***+j
The .Incltii* ..f the Sian.liM Oil tni.t
I. a.*  .lit U.n-,1   al   nrllnr  .l.v.ilen.l   of   %*,
i r -h.re. payable Heptetnber Uth.
-Ir.ke -1    niton   and  lirement   41
lie rettirnt-il tt.lhe Ih.uiiiiK-n house. Iiauil.
down. Hut a- a I.ilier.il-tti.it i* wttie*
thing ri*i\ tot loot yean tba laii.,r i**..
pie ..i n.i* province bave w.iictl lor the
I.outer uiiveininenl   t.i  ii-.leetn it. |tleilge. j___________^^^^^^^^^^h
U iii.i.-i, Colt ni  «...    tba.  will   • "'""*  Holhsd,  lartad only tbwi
wail  no longer.   Ibeir   faith   ...l.'-a.l ...  '■">• " ■ " '""* -'",,'d •l'«   ""
the...    l*..i    IU   far.   ih.     .    .,..,.al,ie.   *l'.''-"''l "l-> tl^age*.      -
wire ... power, ind they tailed topronlai ...         .,   ,.    •    , ,
anything even, ind ban alwayi bean np- ■*■ ,  h""  , V:*"1'!T" "  '"""
poeed  lo even   '»"-""   Intmded tn ae- •""""  ■_ |,J"1 •?*?! '" '". . "i'IV
,t   ii..*   workei 1    tbey    never  bad   '"   »'<•''"»■■■"    SU Iiniiaii     Lt. IW,
iuih iiiti,.,,,. Non   i.i '....it  h..|H* ,* W|""M """ """' ■SSI ssMW—d.
in Inlnr.   II  .tir   I ... 11-  would at.jure hi.
i-i.-im*iii political faith be would ...on tie
placed In the lead nl tha relorm i-.rce. of  ,    lci| s        , Qm an,, ,,, K
....I  nm,  the province,  hut m tin Do- ,,m, ,,„,. ,„ im
In Qenaany "nc   nun  m ;i|
college:    in   So.llln.l   one  in  59;   in   the
ii .* claimed tbat then ...•- imihoni ol
• -.im* «..rlh 1.1 *te in sight in the Ir
itoi, eiinugli tn I..-. |. the mine woifcinn
.i the preeent .mTi'in t.. nt year*. The
*i- in.titer ha- bean lo gnal   |.a.ns to lin.l
...it   11 gad   I**'     i   inn ii./ and smelt
ing a ton nf nre, and I he exact profit on
it At h.s Wtimata the mine slmuhl pay
in the nail "I-. \eai- ...tne ttQjXQJXt ill
profltl,     in     inete.i.e     tlie     pay      nf    lh •
muck!*!. eni|il'iM'il In lln* BUM to de. cut
naite*. clintlt-li |.t |ue ,in. wtlllhl Olll/
..It all    a    alnall    il.il.a-e    t.l    ll.e    .la.t)*    l-t-
pen-H- nf ii|tci.-iting ths mine, in »i< yean
it would imoont I' I.nt ii .piartrr of :i
million ilollar*. Y. t the m.inaii.'inent .le
clarci that I In y i.-inimt alTnnl to pay
men Sll for working eight hour, under
See our *Jt  *#
Consisting of Capes, Jackets, Furs, Hosiery and a
general  assortment of Heavy  Winter   Goods,    i
Our Flannelettes are extra good value.    A half
hour spent uith us will bo beneficial to purchasers    |
Ito the ladies
. . . The Latest in Ladies' . . .
Sailor or Walking Hats| |
In viciv in th.* a]" caching general
vlcilioii in tirc.l Itr.-.ain in which the
Koacliery gnvernmeni hope, to he su,
tnineil. thl deilai.ili.in ..I the recent eon*
venlion ol llriti.h ti-adi*. union, in
llud'ter-licld I* I'li'liii.- the Boll war is
significant .tml i. *.*.iitiig tlie gfivcrnincnt
i-i'itorial wiilei* Into I.l*. The conven
linn, in which In., and ,t hall milium
uninmst* and voter- were represented
l»y over nne thi.ii-anil delegates, condemned the war ainl the annexation ol
te two republics nt the "dictation nf
ci,imnpolitan cjipitah-l* "
'Ihii is the season when ea«tern departmental sli.tt*- l!..oil lln- seelinn with
Iheir voluminous e-itaiogiies nt i-hea-p
Irash. Intending pun h.-1'en. should tre*
memher that patronizing such eoneerni
doe* not aid in Lidding up your town.
Iml to the contrary.
So Ihe  Hon. Cturlea  .M.nkinto*li   is   ■
c.tidi.lalc   for   the   Conservative   n mim
Ilie  llallimnre „  I Him Nad  ha. t*   -i
ii e.i tin- tinier *.i ii.iiiw,n   IWagraphen
.nul will advance tvai-'*. an-l red..-r tbl
l.-.i.i* o{ the ..pei.ii.,,.
lhe   ele. tn.pl.one   i.   a   laon-lon   innovation.   Now  ll.e   ir..lr.H*il.  mav  *il  at.
tome and hear ll.e opera H prc.ct.tcd in'
leading  ll.e.tie-    llellli.n   WU   i    I I•iin.-i.
«...   he r
lu   New   (link  Mite 010 pcr-nn.
killed   an.l    m-.irlv    10,000    RtppM     .n
.1.. p-,   ti.tor.e.   an   dtn.lu.lr.nl   pnrmlt! ,
■i.  Hie year Imp.  In the war Willi Spain j
Wl   Anit-n.aii.   were    killed    and     I
In • lineland. X .1. ihoi i.<'ry a
pill ..f l.id.e.' .h.H>« were t..ii..| .....
complete in 10 minute* in.I I" •<*, on I.
Imm tht* moment the *k.n elite,e.I the
l.clnry till Ihe •hoe. were packed in nj
bnS,     l-.le.tr.i   pniee-.   wa.  ii-h-.i.
The prince of Palermo. Ihe rapit.il of
S-cily. ha* Ih-ioiii. we.illhy. owning to h'<
monopoly of -now, which i. hrought :n
a nighl Irom Ihe mountain* Ol thai
region nnd .hipped to the "tirr-Minilm r
town,   for   rctriai-rating   purp*«ca
Electricity   hag    put   been    applied   to
ti.. making ot etgarittei an.l est tnbai   i
with the le.nll Ihat lSOOfll) cigarette.
Ud MOO poll.id- ol rut tohieeo were
pr...lined in one minute. Hun Ire.I. o:
hind  WOrfcen  Will  he dt.pllced.
The  late-l   inirvrl  that   lln.  l.-ep   irnrll-
el   by   cletlrieili    ||   the   telepali!...-.
H>   means ol (hi.  in.lrument   a  drawing, I
letter,    photograph,    dlggnm    ■ r   my
drawn   ,.t   pnnled    mailer   iniy  bl  tele* |
gra|the|   to  nny    di.t.ince    over a   .ingle
Lots of Lots
Lots and Acreage
Property for Sale,
Those wishing to buy desirable
lots iu any of the Railway Additions,
or acreage near the City, Garden
lands, Fruit Farms, Chicken ranches
etc., are requested to call at our City
Wc have some very fine residence
lets, wliiih, during the next sixty
days, we will offer at prices aud terms
none cau object to.
Come and let us show you what
w< have.
E. CHARLES, Land Agent,
dr. Third Ave. md wuMWoii SI. Opposite Red Ml, Depot
X Opposite Bank of Toronto. Rosslaud, B. C. t
■►flfffffffffffff-Mff-ffffffffffffff 4* *** + ***+++++**++
v. r. box so. i iii I'lii-M > *ii
Special ntlenllon Given to Mall Order-
Stunden Printing 60.
134 Columbia Avenue
Roaaland, B. C*.
99999999*'*"*,V'*<99999999*"a*"a'**e!e)tt*l*)*l*;*******♦♦♦♦♦♦♦> A
Tho j, Embleton, *
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Every thing the miner
- - Wants to Eat - -
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at   Lowest f
Prices.      Goods delivered to any part of the City.        t
t $
»-■ ayt^t.i.i-i.i.i.i.i ............ i  . ...*.; ........: i-s.si ...-..-. . ....... .;,...
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.C0 per Year. EDWARD BOYCE, Editor.
I'ul.li-li.il by the W. F. M., Denver, Col.
Subscription! Received at the office of the Induitrlal World, or at
The Office of the Secretary of Rosslrnd "liners' Union.
Read The World WEDNESDAY     Hcpt. 12,  1900
For Sale
Carnes Creek Consolidated
Cigars to Suit the Times
The Best Five Cent Cigar Sold in Canada.   Straight Ten Cent Ofoods
Everywhere Else.
Washington Street,
Rossland, B. C.
Bob Barr's
iciii-t-   iii   e-liniiitc   the  damage   tt   the
I husiues*   and   residence   property.    The
--11 0..   Grown Grant and \\ . II. cigei-e. , un,*   ,i„ -i   Alamao   lies  upnn   the   top
lime  label aud  home  made. of  the   Mall..11   wharf aud a  big cotton
•—— I laden Knglish .learner waa dnven ashore
Sec the puce. Kmpey Hros. ire •cll'ag . Ilt    Tang    (-jtv.      Otter    vessel,    are
1... 1. -  clothing lor. aground   in  different   put-  nf   tlir  hoy,
—"—~ I   aome   hraVletidy   wrecked.     JYe«lcrday
Don't lorget the ditiv-e iu the hi" Ic.-.    ,BonijnK , \KMX KtA ch»rtered to run to
day   ingot.
'there should be I mg attendance it
tlie inciting ol the union tonight. Some
matter, of vaal Importance to the member! and to labor 111 geuciul will come up
lor action thereon. ^^^
I 1 1.1- I   ill. and nil till* the     lloU-tull     1'"*!
ciiire.|sinilent had to leave hurriedly,
llut fitMii iviiat he aaw ami heard from
sonic ol the leading luisinc.** nti-n he can
assure Die public thai the people "l
(•alveslon need immediate relief. The
object in lending to Tem City U to get
into touch with tlie oui-id.* world, and
let it know Uiat a  •Irickcn cite wi* in
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it seldon   •
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
In   \ul.ria a machine hai been invent    lni.fortiinc,  and   a-k   the  pcopl,-  ni  the
e,l   which   pres-ei  alWduit    into    In tiki. J country   to   lend     fnoil.    clotliiiig
miking a good and chtnp fuel.
t   I : * 1    I '.     I i      1   '!"*>•/    t
circulation of
The walci-wnrk.
Knglaud and Wai.-. with .t p pulation   cistern,  all   blow
ot '.-".no.'..".'.'.') ..ml i.u electorate nl ."...T.-V..   ->n  water, ao tha
returm IM memliera: Scotland, with . one of Ihe mo«t irnou. ol tlie present
population of I.HU.IH" and 681,132 vote.*, tr.iul.li-. Kuan i« everywhere. Electric
hai 71; Ireland, with a population of (.-'light and telegraph |«>l.- are nearly all
7I1.70O -nnd 76I,1D0 voter-., >en.l» 103 rrp* pnatated and the street* are littered
iftiu him -   to  parliament. 'with  tin- timber., abtte, glaa. and  every
——-— conceivable   charneler   nf   drbn*.   There
Speaking about inteiiiions hire i* _ hnn„v » *,,,h|Ulie houic in Ihe city and
aometbing worth remembering: .Thus 11Carly cveiy l.u.ine«* hnuie ha. been hadlv
y.a.!i ago there were no preawd iteel (Uni(1„r rhc .,,,1,H1, t*,iiil.l...ai-a were tin*
can  in  oiaralion  on  railroadfc^.Now a   ^.^ 1||(| |mi||v ,.„,!,„,   Kln<, r|,Urchei
,, .1
,. ii
EveiyiY ember ol
Org nized Labor
Should Subsribe
for this Paper...
One year,
Six Months,
Addreaa All Communication!
i j Rossland,   -   -   -   B. C.
Tne Fast Li.
Safeat and Beit.
Solid   Vestibuled   Traini.    I.leotric
Lighted.    Kquipped   witb
Obicrvation Can,
Pullman  Palace Can,
r'lcgiint   Dining  Can,        "'-* .
Modern  Day   CoaoBei,
'i'ouriit   Sleeping  Care.
'through  ticketa to all  poiata la   the
United Statea and  Canada.
"Eioeptt  Sunday.       Try:  our jKlectria
K.  \V. RUlr,
Agt. R. M. Hy., Roaaland, H7C.
J.   W.   Hllal.
General Agent, Spokane,  Walk.
Ant. Gen. Paaa. Agenl,
Portland, Oregon*"*
.....in ..•••••••I
a •
: Rossland Hotel:
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
; Jerry Spellman, Proprietor
Cor. Spokane ant! Colttmhin Ave.
i«Ha| Industnlal World |i;o,K.iBATHS:;
half .burn hnei own itl least 10,000 ol
I!■••*.<■ , car. **VtS a mile with each car up
•rated "■ more thnn -nice a. in U I. I
with wooden cars. Itcsidei, the la'.te.-
win* u.rncil fin by hand worken I.n;
li . Ine *lecl ears arc iiiauiil...-line I In
are in niin-. Klevalnn and trnrchotiM-i
a..* unlit for use. and tl.e electric light
plant .ml the cotton factory have col-
lapa.il. Fro... lieu...in to P itreet and
thence to thr Beach uot a vi-rttgc of a
residence ia to be aeeu.
In Ihr buainaM section of lhe city the
water wai  from  three to ten feel  deep
in   the  -tree!..   BtOSSI  of  all  kiud-,   in-
There i. no cin. ot perioni thlt hu ai  eluding   I.-o.i   atulls.    an-    total     I—•■*
Iniii*   sympathy     lor    trade,    union,    ol   While lhe Poat <-nrre.pnii.lrnt wa. in Gal*
wt-rkingmen ai the pndc-iona! cla.s. yei   .-eatim l-*turtlay night, it waa a common
Uiere i* Ml Clam nl puseu thai THa.nti.it   g^lt   („ ate WMSSn and children eoefg-
si„i, perfect traih- union- io rtbenuelvee j j*^ lr„ul ,llcir ,,„,„„ atuii _,,, we-di,,,,
at   tin-   |.role«iional  claa.,    «ayi  an  ei- Ul0 „.„„,.„ wmctiii)e» walking neck deep
Chang..    Member, of the legal prole-winn .,.„.,   .„,.,„„   ,„   ,||(,lr  _„,     Jl)r. cilJ. j,
'■•••' i.hliihed  an   ideal  tr-jtc union. _|t  ()||  .„„„■    |rom  lbo  worM   „ f„
ii„* bade union ha. issMate control of W(rc „,„,,„„,„„„•„„   u  gonea-H***!,
lh'   pr..lemon in even- curl ol liw ami
in   nearly  every   iivilu.il  country.      i*«o
Iran  tan  plead  a  ta*c   a*   an  IttomeV
without having ina.le application and '"•• """'• -« nnlhing of any of the
having been ic.c.cl Into the lawvrr.* bridge wind, bad cnnecle.l the .-land
trade union, kn.w,, la the "liar." The "itl. the mainland. Where one bridge
rower of tbii lawyer.-! trade union i. io *l'»iil>l have been a lag ocean vciacl lay
great that judge* bon iu siihiui-ion t.i slrandeil. At lexae Oity tho wharvei
itl ntlci and regulation*. The Medical were de.troye.1 and the water front for
*-".-. i.ilien, Ihe doctor.' unnm. prohibit, a mile wna litlrt-cd with ruin*. Much
any penon, lesl he he reeognied by such uf the debris had been blnwn from Gal-
trade union, prorrihing metlicinc Inr ine vcilon. At Texaa City three bid were
relief ol the afflicted. They have also es* loet
tibh-hi.t    prolessionnl    iihici   that   ire I|,c .torm  commenced  raging between
a.  binding   on  their craft   aa are    the ., ,,,„|  p, o'clock Saturday morning, ami
eihii. cf labor unions. The medical pr» hy noon  the waten from Uie gulf had
I. **i..n denounce a* "quacka* doelnn who     ,l..i.-,t  Ihr  i.lan.l. and  ••  fir inland
ignnrc the rulei ol te medical trade union ,,  Twclllh alrcet    here    in
In   -...ling   lo   T.-xa*  City  yi-*tenl.ty   the
I'o.t   c,.i-re.|«iiulrnt   uvil   a  atnmg   gli*«
Average Weekly Circulation for August,
• i.i
Porcelain Baths
None Better.    Solid Vestibuled
Trains,    Palace   Dining and
Observation Cars. Meals
a Ls  Carte.
Direct connection at Bt. Paul, without
change of depot, with all train, tor
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New kork
and all pointa weat and aouth.
close connection eaat and weat bouna
traini at Bpokane wth traini of tbe
Spokane 1'alla * Northern Railway.
* I ...it i. Spokane  daly   for   Kait  10: U
_ a.m.
Leavea Spokane daily for Weat 7.3d
Weal bound traini make direct connection for Victoria, Vancouver, I'ort-
l.md, San Francisco and all pointa oa
tbe Sound.
During the aeaaon of navigation ban
.   bound  traina  connect  at  Duluth   with
• the   lu.ign.li. cm   ateaminipa   North U ■*.-
• and    Northland,    of     tbe    Northern
# j Steamahlp company line operated in connection with tbe Oreat Northern Railway.
For further information, mapi, fold-
en, etc., a|)ply to any agent ot tha Spokane Falla k Northern l(a)lway, i*..,. .
t Slocan ..ailway, Kootenay Railway k
Navigation   Oom|.any,  or  to
General   I'aaaenger   and   Ticket
Agent, St.  I'aul, Minn.
Commercial Agent, Spokane,  Ua-h.
: t Brldgford & Herring, ;;
11 Columbia Ave., next to Lllonde'.
Pacific Ky.
4 j Service for the year  IB00 will be rem
it is^the ouly paper published in Rossland,
B. C, that tells its circulation and backs it
up by allowing advertisers the  privilege of
examitiing circulation books and records.	
The World's advertising columns are liberally patronized by all of Rossland's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies aud
see for youself. Ask for Rates.	
..      _iuniiiDm,
Ft TramsferCo,
I tii'.tiBi'.K FfNK. Kaaager.
The Ouly Trtnaler or KxpreM
Company in Rouland that will
Deliver your Trunk! lor 2b ell.
i-H.li     Three day! storaue free.
Queen Cigar Store.
it ■■   39.
nipeg. the following platform wai adopt- JOURNEYMEN TAILORS UNION
ed. We would ci|H*cially commend II l<> No. 252—Mccta the hnt and third
the . .oi- .i. i it..... of the worken ol Brit-   Tueeday ol  each month at 8 p.m. in i •;
jul a. labor unioni denounce aa "ecabe" i rrol„   _,,,,_  u,r   KdXrn   gndu.ii,
•—ia Columbia at the present time:
1. Free compulsory education.
2. lacgal   working  day  of eight   houn
and six daya a week.
3. Government impaction of all indu.*
Galveaton.' H'C
-uoikingnien who ignore the ethic, of
Inlur unioni an da "wnrkimr enrd, a diploma, must he in the paSMVtOS "> tin
medical pntctinner Itefore he cams n dollar nt hi. trade. The prnlcinnl trade,
in....ii. nve been Inr mon* .ii.*ee.sltd in
the protection  of their unit, than hate
I.   lln abolition of the contract ayi-
pioaclir.1  larthcr inland, riiang alanit  15 »<•»' o" -" Pab,ic worlu* ,
in.he, an bnur.   At 0 p. m. U.ere waa M1, •'', *   ■&_?"   llv,n«  "*»*•   l'*,"J 0n
in. he.   of   water   in   Uh-   i.Mnrm   „|   the l^-il con. ttiom.
...,,,,., ,t    I    il.    Piiblic   ownership  nf  nil   iimu-hnci.
lieiiH,,,    hotel    the h-glies    |.„„|  In    I.e telegr.t, ha, w.tterwork-,
city.   At 9 n clock the water 00  Market   .. .. .       »-.-■_
.licet   was level with the seati <>l  street
th.    I.,l...r   union.     (Mule   lalHir   hn.   been    '"'*      '"''r   ""'•    "    P»dnal||      reeled.
.l.iioiiii...I  by many good  |>eople lor.at*   '"" •*• """' "**" '>'*l>**">* ' ***■ "
tempting   to   **VtTe   Ugiatltlon   tenilteial   rmehe.1  a  leloeily  of 84 miles  en   bnur
t'.   labor,    these   pi..le—enal    gentlemen   nnd Ilirii the iiistrumenta in the govern*
lave ipnelly  ncrured  laws Ihat effectual*   mint  olwcrvatory    were    wrecked.      A.
ly prevent  "n-ihhing'' by nonunion pro-   ""in a. daylight came and  tlio lury ol
le«*ion.il  men. The  lawyer., the ilorlor..   the wind had abated, the work ol n-a-ue
(he denli.li,  the   druggisls,  have nil  «••   and   -. .nvJniig   for  the  dewl  coinmenceil.
-cured   Inws   winch   prevent   incomt-elent   in one mom there were counted    irvi-ti
p.rsnm      working    at    their, rei|>ci*tive   dead   botliea.      'The  Trcmont  Hotel   hn.
trn.lrs, ye! when a labor union attempt.   |nen made the rcndeivous lor the living,
to   ae. omplish   tli^jc   same   results   these ________
ome   prnlesional   genllenien   join   in   tho ', Married at San Joec.
«J   of    "Down    with    tyrannical   lalmr ;    At San Joee, Cal, on September 6th,
'"""""'  'Mr.  1). L. Flint of  tl,.. city and Miia
tAN.VOT   UK   KSTIMA-IF.I) J M-the Cm.airger of llerrye«, W    were
. i.„eiir.ia. | married.   Ihe  ceremony    wu  performed
I"Mill Take Several Day, to Know th.   bjr KeV" T*  **   "op-- °'   ■»    J°K-
Kxnct   Loi*.
Mr.   N ni  la well known in    thii    city
i where he wai for a time an employe in
(lalvr-lnn. Tex.. ISopf. 10—-Six hundred   (he shoe itore nf Wai. F. McNeill.  Mim
-In  one   thousand   pea-sou*   killed,  a   cily   Cmlmrger  ii  favorably   known   in   Roea-
■.i'lin**-t   ill   Inllns, ;tlte    wharf) etilirelj;   ISBd,   us   she   remained   here  nn  a   visit
gone,   every   oeenn   .loomed latranded.   (or leveral  weeka ionic month, ilnce.
•dentil   nnd   destniction   on   every   hand  "
and n nionev loss that cannot yet tie *»li-      fi("<' °"r nfw  '•■" '•''K,"    consi.ling    ol
mated,   are  the   results  of  the  appalling C,'?*■,• •>*ektUi  ■"''"■'•• ,loi""".T '"',l " *rn-
.allium.)   thai   hai befallen Galveston. *l he   "*'   !_____   "f   *__   """."   T
c.-.l   -to,,,,     |,a-  lift   her  help'es,  a,,.!  SJS ?T..    T ",\ " "itfT   Z    '«"• 1
l,„. ...l.i,— „ „,, n   i . half hour ipent with ns wi I be heneficin
her itrlcten peopl. an compel  t„ .p- ,0 |)llrehaMn<   „„,„,,,,„, 4 Wri ,„
i-al to the i,iil*i.le for nul.    An n.-ciiratc , .	
ronnl nl il„* dwd li joipooelbli now, ind| xflU LABOR PLATFORM.
II.- mil numlK-r killed in the .l.-rm will     At   lhr,  ,„t   ,„,ion  of  thp   nomininn
pi..h„l.ly   never I*  known.    No one it- Trade, and Labor congre-a held in Win-
lax  leform, by  lei.ening    tnxition
on industry and incrniing it on land
•*    Abolition of the D 'minion *cmtr.
V.   Kxclu.ion of i hm. *..*.
10. The union label un manufactured
Smoke    Crown     Grant     Cigari,
Labor Union Directory,
(ifTicen and Meeting!.
Meeta every aecond and fourth ..:.-»
day in each month at 7:30 p.m. in
each month at 7:30 p.m. in Minera'
Union Hall. C. Schalm, Sec.; A.
Ferrie,   Prea.
Mceti every Friday of each week at
7:30 p.m. in Minen' Union Hill.
A. 1-crrii, Pm.; A. J. McDonald,
MINERS* UNION No. 38, Wcalern
Federation of Minera—Meeta every
\Vc.ln.. day evening at 7:30 o'clock in
Minera' Union iiall. Wm. Willan,
Sec.; W. O'Brien, Bee.
Mccla on the la t Sunday ot cmli
month at the Minera' Union Hall. J
P. Barkdoll, Bec.j W. Poole, Pree.
Beatty'a Hall. P. 0. Bob 314. W.'
McLeod,   I'n* ■   J.   hi..man,   Sec.
W. L. U.—Mcela every Saturday evening at 8:30 o'clock in Minera' t nion
Hall. P. 0. Box 11. Paul ,1,.liner,
See.;   George Cunningham,  Prea.
Kxcuitive Board]    E. C. Fraier,    Rom-
l.iud;  W. Davidmn, Sandon; M. Kme,
Greenwood| ir  ll. Dbnoak, Movie.
PAINTERS'   UNION,   No.   |0;   PainUra
and   Dceoratori  of   America—Meet,   in
ll- ttly'i   Hull    on  Mcond   ind   fouith
'uuntci «M -o»f) !*eajd '/fudanT-jr •<-. -M
NEWSBOYS'  UNION  No. 3-Meeta in
ton, Sec.
a.m. Mike Uuydotti, Prea.; Jay Bar-
'iu.-d.-iy Wcdncaday of each month,
third Saturdaya of each month, at t
Minera'   Union  Ball on  the  first  and
—Meeti lecond Sunday in each month.
J.  H.  Fletcher, aecretary.
—Edward Iloyee, preiidcnt, Butte, Montana; John F. McDonnell, vicepreei-
dent, Virginia City Ntvn.ln; Jamci
.Maher. seeretnry Ireniiircr, llulle, Montana ,P. 0. Box 307, heidquarten,
Room 12, Owsley block. Executive
Board: John ('. Williami, Gra*s Valley,
Cal.) W. I). Haywood, Silver City,
Idaho; James II. Furey, Unite, Montana; W. N. Ilurni, Olitay. Colorado;
Clin.. II. Moyer, Lend City. South
Dakota: Chrii Foley, Hoi-land, Britiih
.lames Wilkes, presiilmi, Nelion;
James Devine, vi-e-preident, Roa-lanil:
Alfred   Parr,  iccrelnry treasurer,  Ymir,
n|| Grand Union |
- - Hotel - -
menced   JUNE   lOlh.    The "imperial
■j.       Limited"  takea  you  acroaa  tbe  I on-
♦ Unent   in   lour  daya   withou  change
T       It   ii a  aolid  veitibulcd   train,  luiur
X       louily  equipped   with   every   pouible
T       eiaential   for   the   comfort   and   con*
+        venience  of    Paaaengera.    Aik    your
♦ friendi who bave  travelled on' it, or
X      addreu
±\      A. O. P. A. T. P. A„
J, (Vancouver, B. C. Nelion, B. C.
I Spokane Fails & Nonnern.
Nelson it Ft. Sheppsrd Ry.
M mountain Railway.
The  only   all rail   route   between   ail
pointa cut, weat and south to KomI*..- i,
j |   Nelson and ill intermediate pout*   ton
,',   necting   al   Spokane     with    tho    Gre.t
..   Northern,   Northern   Pa it'c  and   O    it
;; k n Co.
,,     Connect! at Nelion  with eteamen for
>   Kailo and all  Kootenay lake pointa.
Connect!   at   Myer'a   Falla  with  atage
NI'TrKRHII'I.D IIK.l-    lli.i*
The Finest ol Winel, L'qilon and
I' nm.Hin- an.l Imported Clgiri.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
Vo.. wan! ■ !..b*   •
the tacit.'   ..I;.
-   .n.l yo.. want
.,  .   tiy nm
d.ulv for itepulibe, and connecta at
ll.isaliiirg with stage daily lor Grand
l-'orki and Greenwood.
Effective July 22,   WOO.
Leave Day Train. Arrive.
10:30 a.m. K|>okane 7:M p m.
11:35 p.m. Koaaland        SOU p m.
11:40 p.m. Nelion 8:00 p m.
Night Train.
PI."   p.m. 8pokane 7:05 a"*m.
' 10:00 p in Roaaland fl-.li a m
11.   A.  JACKSON.
General   I'aiwenger Agent.
E.   W.  RUFF, Agent.
Rouland, B. C.
U.i_:loi- Cigars
If A Sure Thing I:
X DoitirMlc t:nion I.nlttCiRRr-: r.nFlorHp
\, Vcnedn, I.a Plot Ae Ciilw.  Kl Coloniil
,J, IitifortwICut'lin DolOfl LtMl i in*r^  I.rtr-
,;-, ratigF. Kl Corona, Africatia Dude*, Tinlplei
That oiif Tpi« mil CufTm »rr tlie
litma-T n »iil In KohiIniiiI ToAft).
whtn Irm *tnl *«?fT i ■ nre punh«il po
httH It *•> lilKM>|ntrlv ntC-OMtytolHTt
nn ulli'' of tiniistml n -til. Vimi w|M
fitiil il hire.   (i'a»*warc jivcn awav.
lThe0ueenCigarStore ft Pacific Tea Co,
■CHOW l\ MORRIS. Propi.
Columbia  Ave tne
s>.j.?.;-;^ ; ; ; ; .
. ;-; 4
▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼T-▼ FTT ▼?▼▼▼▼▼▼    a.
Hiners Checks
Cashed at Full Face Value at
The Hoffman House
Whnlrsalr nnd Rrtalt #
I'ainf*. oils. Varnishes.   Ilruahea. Wall ♦
PlAUh  and  Malrttrra* SuppHea.    (Ird>ff* •
taken fnr I'aperhanKln-g and Ocinratinf. ♦
Office and Slorr     Dante*-fc Chamiir"* •
Rloch. ii C'tlnmtiia Ave   ■HQfft Dominion ♦
KlprtMCo   * Offitr.     I'rlcpll'ioe Nn. |1'. ♦ THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
WEDNESDAY     Sept. 12, 1900
Piocessio  nand   Reception—The    llnnquct
at the  Kootenay.
Monday the cily wua in gain attire in
honor ot the visit ol Lord Minto and
puis, Tho visitors arrived on tlie regular C. P. R. train at 7:10 in the evening
nnd waa met at the depot by lhe mayor,
city council, the reception committee, the
local company ot militia aud several bl
lhe labor unions. The procession of labor
uniona preceded by the Star Cornet
Band followed the party down Washington street to Second avenue, lo St. Pial
Itreet, to Columbia avenue, thence west
en Columbia avenue to the arch ut the
corner of Lincoln atreet nnd Columbia
avenue,, where the procession waa re-
.icwi-rf by the governor-general. After
Ihe review the party in carriage! went
up Columbia avenue tn the Hnnk 61 Montreal, turned hick on tlie uveuue to I.e
I'ui avenue, and to the residence nf
Ihitiles II. Mackintonh, which hail been
placed  at  the .li.pn.al   of  the  party.
Ijiter in tin- ivenin£*|l public reception
was  li.-hl  in   Minera1   I nion  hall,   where
tin- mayor made ■ brill address, present*
ing the trcedoin ot lhe city. The mayor
Ihen gave way t«» Judge Nelson, acting
city clerk, who read the following id*
ihe**: i tt)
(."ity of Kosslaiid to His Excellency,
the Right Honorable Sir Gilbert John
KlliotMurray rvynyniond, (!. C. M. G.,
Karl of Minto, Viscount Melgund, Baronet ot .Nova Scotia, Governor General of
I -in...!.—May it please your Excellency
we, the mayor, council and the citizen!
ol Kossland extend a hearty welcome to
VoUr Excellency and I-a'y Minto, and
ben to aiiure Vour Excellency that the
presentation ol thi. address is not a mere
ceremony, but an honest expression ot
our reipect for Your Excellency, both
jK-rsonally and a* the representative in
Canada of Her Gracious Majesty, the
We are not unmindful of Your Excellency'! military services to Canada when,
a*t I ..id Melituud, you so gallantly as-
•iited in the suppression of the late re-
hellion   in   the   Northwest   Terntoriei.
Your Eiceliency'i tenure of olliee hn
extended over a very happy |>criod in
the hiitory of the Dominion, a period
when general prcsperity, progrrii and
contentment prevail, and all clae-ea of
citizens entertain aentiment* of the deep-
eat loyalty and attachment to the
irown. proud to aid in upholding tbe
honor ol the Ita- anil the cause of liberty
and justice.
The existrn.e of su. h a fortunate ilate
of attain and thoae aentiment. ot loyalty
nnd painoti-m must encourage and as
•tit Your Excellency in the di*charge
of the reapomible duties of your high
and honorable otUce.
We hope that lhe viiit of Your Ex-
ii-lleney to ltntii.li ('..liiiul.i.i will afford
an opportunity to appreciate the varied
natural reiourccs of the province, which
l. .1. .lined to become a moat important
i-i.t of the Dominion and of the Empire.
Every facility will be afforded Your
Excellency to inipect the mining opera-
tioni in and about the city and to gain
an idea of the development which bai
already taken place in the lirgeit gold
mine, of Canada It will be of intemt
alao to Your Excellency to learn that
iIn- haa all been accotnpliihed within
the pait live yean, and thai tbe production of the nmn - and tbe number of
men employed will be largely increaaed
in Ihe immediate future. Aa a mult of
whit hai already been aecompliibed we
have -hipping nnnei which hive produced 500,000 ton* of ore, yielding a value
of ten million! of doi lare.
We trust that an rnipection of our
mine! wdl impn--* Your Excellency with
the great mineral reeourcei and oapebili*
tiea of the dutrict and of it! drurabiliiy
aa a held lor the profitable investment
ol capital.
We extend to Your Excellency and
i-i.lv Minto the ii.-r.inm of our cily, aod
esteem it a high honor that Your Ex-
t <ih-n. v and l.nly Minto coniented to
bet-ome our gue»t.. We regret that thia
»i-it i. not of longer duration, hut hoi*
thlt lour Excellency and Lady Minto
may bnd lime in the mar luture to
.ii-.iin viait Koailind.
Me truit tbat Your Excellency*! reii-
ilen.a* in Canada may lie a aource of
plea.ure and of gratification, and that
lour hxcellenry will ever take a deep
interest in all Ihat concern! its pro-
i**i..*.   i'i..*|K'!itt    and   development.
In concltMon, we l...pc thai the luture
of lour Excellency, Lilly Minto and
lamily nny be crowned wilh health and
l.-oasaland.   Sc|*rmhrr   10,   1000.
(In  behall of the ror|*irat.on ol  Rowland. A.  S.  liiHIIIh) K.
mm    .M.-'l hh.V Miyor.
Cily Clerk.
Lord Minto, in replying, nid he wi.
w.rry lo *iy thit hi. procession througn
I ana.I. ha. been necessarily a eonlinuou.
•urension ol apolngic. for the brief period
ol hn -in in vii-ioua cities, lie had put
in so much time in the north snd be sn
i.ou...1 to vi.ii ... many eide. in Iha
.-..■iihwest that he had really very little
time at hn dispoml. How»rer, he prom*
>«ed thit pn a future invasion ne would
pay Koailind I viiti which would be long
rr and more in harmony w.ll. it- desert* '
He l»gged to thank the mayor and th.
till/en| ol Rm.lnnd I'r the very eordiil
li.eplion llisl they had given Inm ind at
the aame time wished to congratulate
them nn the progress that they had made
in thii city. Me wai pleased tn maet it
any time the go ahead pn.hing spirit
which eharactenzrd fhe growth of all
y.ung communities which sinteetled in
getting iheid. I he meynr md relerred
to tbr ritizeni which Humland had -.nt
to the iront. Ilr only wi.hed he rould
hive gene with them. He him-cll done
a little in 1885 in the Northwest, to which
kimTfy refennce had been made, lie waa
I* •..'..! at tbe .piTu shown by Rosalind
•nd I.y Canada in general, and waa aura
I hit link! such a. theie hinted Ihe whole
hmpire inlo closer union. ll would
emerge itronger out ..| fhe wir thin it
had ever been lielore. Rnwilanil would
bate ita citizen, bark, be trailed in a
•hcrt time, oovered with the dntinrtioni
that they had gained on Ihe held nl war.
Jacrd .Minto in conclnsjnn expre*«ed hii
intention of paying thi. city „ longer
Vint on hi. return and bened
again tn thank the mayor and the ntn-en.
lol the extremely cordial rereplinn accord*
en lo bim and to Lady Minto.
Alter thii reply three little children. Helene llurrilt. Nina Le<nndc .n.l
Marjone   lot-tin,  came   to  the  front  ei*
■corted by Mrs. Goodeve, and presented
a magnificent bunch of roses and two
other choice Itorul offerings to the Count-
esi of Minto, which were graciously received. The Karl and Countess ol Minto
then held a reception, and member alter
member of the us-emblage there present
ciimc up and were presented to their Excellencies. Among them Miss Marjorie
Nelson presented another bouquet of
flowem. Aa the governor-general desired
there waa little or no ceremony attached
to the reception; the etiquette ot evening dress, of curds of presentation were
alike done ntvny with. As MOD came up
the name were asked by tbl aide dc camp
Captain Graham, and then being present*
eo by him lo their Kxcellcnetea, they
were each shaken by the hand and passed
on, giving mom to the next,
g-iilciiilly iu not culling at this oflie can.I
1 After the presentation several hundred
citizens were introduced to their excellencies. At thi eonoluiion three dheen
were given tor the vice-regal part)', and
ii was over.
i aeatgrday fovanoon ilu* mhool children
ii-scuililed at the corner ot l..,-.inibtu avenge uud M ushington street, where they
were met I.y Lord Minlo. The little pen
pie sung "Go .ISove the Queen," and lis*
tilled tu it ten minute talk from Ins lord-
ship, 'lhe singing uf Ihe iSiitiounl iiutheiii
closed  the  exercises.
1 In the evening the governor-general
was it guest at the banquet given ill hn
lit nor at the Kootenay. lhe toast list
n.i-,  us  follow!:
1 lhe dinner was followed by apcechei
on various .objects by Messrs. A. 8.
Goodeve, E. Howes, A. Dick, E. Kirby,
I*;. Dtirniil, \\ . T. Oliver, M . Nelsou, J.
•***. Clute, 11 .McRue, C. 0. I -jlonde, A.
J. .McMillan, Hon. C. II. Mackinto-1)
nud   others. .
T he   s|iet-i hei   were   inters|H-rscd    with
music,   uml at  a  late hour tin- affair,   a
most siiccfsslul one, wua over.
The party lelt for Nel-on Ibis morning.
A Thltltllll.E ACCIDENT.
Robert   Graham   hilled    in   the  Caribou
Cimp McKinney,  ll.   C,   Sept.   0.—
Shortly More noon K..ls rt Graham, a
carman in the Canlwo mine, met a terri-
; ble death by tailing down a -halt The
lupposition i. that he neglected to hook
the ore car containing steel prtqierly to
the cage prevtoui to going to the aurfici.
The vibration of the cage in the .t-. nit
cauaed the car to strike against the  tide of
; the shall, throwing him off above the
200-foot  level,  the  liody twing dashed  to
i the   iKittotn   of   ihe  shaft.  The  di-i-raacd
; waa a brother ol Stiperiiilendent Graham
ol  the Wateloo.
A Number ol Novel t'eaturea Are to Be
The performance to be given at the
opera hotiBC on F'nay evening next by the
numbers ol the Clitra Haiuner Theatre
cnmiiany tind oihers for the beneht of three
members ot the orgamatiuu who arc sick
iu the hospital, promise*, to be one oi
mure than usual merit, ll will consist
01 iitii'.ii-i comedies, singing, iluncing and
otlicr specialties. Aiming tlie leature*
will be the singing of Little Baby Morns.
This w..ml.'i lul artist hits sung in most
ol the principal cities ul the west. Several well known lucul amuteurs huve proin
i .'.I to aid in tbe ptrlurmance. Ticket,
are now on sale ut Hulls' drug store.
For Sale.
The Gray Electrotyping Dynnino and
outfit complete. New modern methods.
inlet proceas. Easily and quickly learned. Also one "Itoyul Silver" Metal
Plater. A tirst eiass outfit. Cost over
150, Will sell at a bargain. Call on or
or address Samuel Martin, over i*mpey'i
The Waterworks
The rnrlood of piling "inul hydrants ordered some time since Iiy Ilie city cngin-
eei trom       the    east,      lias      not
a* yet come tu hand. There wua sunic
iiii-l.iI.e made by the forwarders as tu the
exact description nt hydrant asked for,
which  will cause some little delay.
Delegates   .Nominated.
Trail, Sept. 8.—Tonight the Liberal
rtni*ei vutive. Iieli! a moat lucceiiful
meeting, ut which the delegate! to tbe
convention on the 18th nt Revelitoke
were nominated. I In* genera! feeling
was ut tutor of Hon. T. Mayue Daly, or,
tailing Inm, .Mayor Goodeve of Rouland.
Colorado Silver Republican! Convene.
Denver, Col., Sept. 11.—The atate convention of the silver Republican party of
t'oloTudo opened here at noun today.
Five hundred and seventy-two delegatea
are present. A full atate ticket and
preiidentiil   olection   will   be  nomimted.
Piesented  by  Miyor Goodeve and  Won
I.y Messr..  Ilurni and Leary.
I he .Uver cup presented by Mayor
Ii,.sieve f,tr llu- drilling champion-hip ol
ItlIIlt.ll   1 ..illlnl.i.i   h.l-   Iseli   limslod   by   J.
IV. spring 6 Co. It ia a very handaome
t. "i hy. ll i. mounted ...i in ehnny I sue.
There ire lour shields nn tlie l*t- for in*
uriptions. \i,.** the Im*-* ..I the cup on
each side .re i-rosaed hammer, and dull.
Une driller is wielding the aledge, another i. in lhe acl of changing th.* drill.
While a Until hgure hnkU a watch and
reprewnl. a limekee|H*r. lln lhe other
side is the itn-cription: "Drilling eonle.1,
rlialupi.in>lii|i nf llnlt.lt Chimb... Pre-
•enletl by Mayor A. H. Goodeve. September 3,  WOO."
there are two handsome handle, to
the cup, an.l lhe cover i. Mnnounled by
. crown, lhe rup m gold lined, and il
ii very handsome. The cup wai won
by Me-*!*. M.chiel Burn, and l.eery oa
1—bor Dav, whrn Ihey defeated all competitor! by drilling 34 1-4 tnobee.
I'n.ui..■  Brings More Gold.
Victoria, 11. C„ Sept. 10.—The iteimer
Danube reached hrre at midnight with
over half a million iu Klondike gold.
Of this II. Hen.v. uf the Berry II.o* .
hid a quarter of a nullum The best ■•
divided in small sums from ST.,000 to 92b,* .
000. The wharf as I hen, on which wen)
:«..i*"i leet of liiiiilat. waa burned lait
Monday. I
Victor Gilmore, who waa arrested at
Skagway a ycur ago on the charge ot
au.uggling diamonds, w.s releaaed aad tbe
•tone, returned to him, ai thr charge
rould nol be proven.
lntluenza it playing havoc with the
Indiana nn the West .'.*.-; 0f Alaska.
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second near Washington.
McGONGILE&Co.j   |
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
, ,V |-|> i+farara^r^r*I^H'*r**y*^'*r*r»r*m»r*
• I
i Smoke .. .
I*.   \\, .  ni.   the Contlngenla.
Oltawa. Sept. lU.-lSpecial.l-Pcrmii*
Hon bu been granted to the bind ol the
huh regiment ol I aiiidiau artillery, Victoria. 11. I., to vuut r.ngland in uniform
l. meet lite I anadian contlngenla there ou
tin.i return Irom South Alrica. Lieu-
iiii.iit i oioiiel Grvgoty ha. written that
the . vp.iit - will be nurae By local aub-
s-iipti.u.s. that the band will be complied of 40 pieces, nut tor purpoaea ol
discipline it ii prolulilr that the band
will be ilu. bed to a regiment in England but will go lo .1.lien nt |-.mt — to sl-
lin     l .11. oil*    , o.i. .It.
... Union-Made -
Dminrinrv Pn n rir 1
Foley Bros.' Bankrupt Stock bought in
by the
Crescent Dry
Goods Co. Ltd.
For Spot Cash, for
s fraction of the
original cost.
The Stock consists of Men's Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Hats and  Caps,  Miners' Oil
' Slickers, Gloves,  Blankets, Towels, &c.
Bargains for Everybody.
Several Candidates  Who Would   I..1.  |..
Uo to Parliament.
Ihnr is <.m-i.lrral.lc .peculation r.'. ••
ll wbo will or tbe candidate oi Ihe f.i i
eral   I un-srnativei     at   the     convent->:,
>' Im li ii lo br held at  It, i.l.it,  on ire
l.'ath   instant.    11   .,*  ue  evreral  can.l>.
I'ale. in te held.   Among how er* l'.«e .
(.*. II. Mack.nto.h. Mayor A. S. Goi.lrv.-
ind Dr. It..... ol tbl. city; John K1Im.ii.
I. inster ol Nelson.   It i- aaid that Rev
e.-luke ha. no Inv.rlle mn to put in (Tie
I   1.1.   Kulo might  have a candidal*
I t*r sleeve, but ll ihe ha. there ba* bev-i
n.   inlimalion  made ol  Ihe lad.   ll   be*
gin.  In  hstk,   however.    Ihat  a.    il   th.'
cl nice really lay between the Hirer ..•,.!,
.int. for the nomination in Ihi* city. Is.t
<i or Mackmloab hai a ndmlier >.i
I..en.I. in tht. riding, who would lile I,
-.    htm  . tt ut ...tl   lu  tht   Ik.in.mu   | .till.
lit nl in order lo comprnMte him for tht
di leal which hr lUsUir.cd in the t.-n.
enlist   tor   lhe   leal   in   Iha   •.n.nn.i.l
bouse.   Tin*   In. n.l*    ol   III/  .-   lnMl*Vr
t. ge tint it woulil Im- but a natural .ten
I t Inm tn go Irom the Miyi-t.lup to par
I. incut,   lh*.  E.   Howes,  In. fi.tii.l.  ui,
laa done  yeoman   -.una  lor  In-  patty,
in  well inhumed antl eloquent man an
n.uld mike in e.rell. nl   Dominion 'egi.
In or    The   delegates   to   lhe   Iteve .Ink.
,   ni.nli.m, bnweter, will make the uonn
biln u
1.1 lit.Ml C1IANU.
Ile ll Endowed  With  P.nreia Kljtriordi*
Maabtngton,   II.   ('.,     Sept.     10.—The '
t i.i.ie.e   minuter  has    received    an  im-'
penal edict ronlernng on l_ Hung Chang
ixlraordinary   power  for    the    complete |
settlement   of  the  Chineee  trouble.     It
given him authority to make any terse'
acrording lo hu own diacretioo without
rrlrrnng Ihem to the emperor.    Ihu ia'
iiuumuI   authnnly,  and   ia    aaid   al  thel
t tunce  legation  lo meet  all  lhe objec-
lioni  hereiotnre  raiacd aa to hia power!
lo  negotiate  for ptace.     The   edict ie
dalrd two weeka ago, but haa put been
lorwarded from Li Hung Chang.
Attention, Secretaries.
Inlnrmalioa u wanted of ibe   where-
il- uii ol one "Kid Allen," who waa in
v ni or,  (..lot i.lo,  some yean   ago.    Ile
ran Iran of eomethlag to hn aovanlage ,
by notifying Ihe ercrctary  ..f    K-M.lan.1
Minera'   I'nion    SeerHarm   will    pm**
ncertaln if he i. in Iheir irni«/-cton
HeervUry   Rn.«!and   Miners    Union.
Houses and Lots
1'' i ' lli»i    MoNBV   MAY    Bl     I'-   .■
BV   M..--T1I1 !    ImIIII.IM-.
•   •   a   Apply tO   .   a   .
John Y. Cole
33 Columbia Avenue.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Dealera In
Union Printing
j    For UNION PEOPLE    *
♦ -p..I.l   l.tllllli,   In,    >.,ri.,ln,  Ik.    •
9  w.i PHatlag lar Train t*al.»i aai  9
Z  B«rel Bwl.il.1   Bngra.lag.era.ar.1.   Z
* Wall at* RMkWr Staa.ni. *
| \J\J.   H.   JONES |
tt      l* r.. C.l.mkl. A... Ut-.il.i-al  B.C.      m
Tsl. V. snd N. 17.
West Columbia Avenue
T^g letermatSo-ial
Keeps the Choicest and
-Coolest Glass of Beer-
In IhcCllyot Bo-Mlaad. WHI'I BecauK we have Wile, fadlltle. for haDilliag II, aad
..IIII b.ui Ikaa any oitttr Wr ia ten Ban . n.r Wing lapped, retain It. mn ii. istf
lira. fo» a llmlltil iimt only. Keep lhl« In m.n.i whn you look lot • plire to itttt.k
yoaiMlf ChlqiM. ol ill known mine., iillr-aad.. coutniclorl ind bmlnr.. men irt
c .sh.d il their Ken Pica V. Let ia our gglre, at eay hour dariug Ihe d.y .. alght.
Faimyy Liquor Store
Choicest Wines and Liquors for Family Use, at the X
Lowest Prices.   Nething but the best kept iu stock. |
Ihe Wafer Might-
lhe ilaiuia of Ihe II. A. ('. md the
War tj.lt I iniii Mar Mining mnipinic.
ti certain right, to thr witer ot I..11!.
.•-heep rreek, Hock creek and Murphy
• leek, wbuh ».,. to have been heard
yesterday at lhe ..Hnr nl the gokl c.tnmis-
sinner at 11 n clock in the forenoon, have
Ixen nd join 11,.I lor Thursday next. Al
there ire .ertun other 1 (aim. made I.)
Ihe**e ro*m|tanir* along Ihe same lin*.
which will not come up tii. the Imh day
nl ...it month, it .* proba-Mr thnt there
win be another adjournment until after
that d..l. m order that all claim, may
b- heard together. ,
lllt'l.l.      I'll.ll.llgr
Julio I'oif.ii., and Joaeph liusn-it,
the men who deleited (Ins I-ahli and
Uust Mark in a rnek dr.lbiui mnte»t on
l-atiiid.v. yesterday let Inr lhe Velvet
mine, where they are employed. Heinle
Ihey .lait.,1 ihey Mated Uiat they are
willing tn meel any Iwn men ol not 01 er
Ub |.nindi in a drilling ormtct for 1
w.ger of Irom IIOl up. Ihev lurth.r
Mated Ihat they would drill Kinlandrri
wild.sil regitd lo weight. Anyone ile
.inng t.. dnll with them can hnd them
a!  the trivet mine.
I here never wis .ny greater
hlewng tn woman than the
• hut  Willi.
Iliere ne.er wi. an o)!|-oilunity
lor more plri.ing ippearance in
drew than  ..    affnided    by    the
shut wsi.t.
mere Never Wis
A more egtcn-
tensive snd
choice di-play
ol cotnfortnbls
nppnrel thnn
will be found
in our stock
Utile.•   Minnrlrtte   W'aull .11 ?J
I—..lie—* lllack Sal«-n WaiaU . ISO
-Sllark .Merrenred Sateen W...I
in spoti 100
I olorvd Sateen Wawta in Pile
lllue. (erise. ( irdrnal and
and .\avy ,21
The New Store
■ •5-107 Columbia Avenue ROSSLAND, B. C.
Q. W. flcBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
Agnew & Co,
Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits,
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery and Glassware.
Third and Washington.
Telephone 191.


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