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Industrial World Apr 7, 1900

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VOL 1. ITO. 89.
Devoted to tho interests of Organised Labor.      Endorsed by the Trades and Labor Council.      official Organ oi Dtstriot Union, No. (i, \V. K. M.
rMMMMWU innnniUtAaVutn/\A/uiaruuuutj-i*rij^^
fke Customers on our Books are a Proof that
the clothing we offer
you for Spring is not
Ready-made Clothing
as is generally understood, but
Ready Tailored
Guaranteed Gmis.
All anyone can get out of this life is coateut-
■sent, as a proof that you will lie contented with
t*_e of our Spring suits, you will find Shorty's
Guarantee Card in the pocket which says
"Satisfaction or your Money Back."
Does this appeal to you ?
All  Hut  One.
Untie, Hunt ,  April  fi li —Only
one linn now holds mil iigninsi Ilm
i Iv   otostng    umveini-nt   of   tlio
lark.' Protective union, the Hen*
i *sy .Mer.-iiiilile   rmupiiny.    This
..Til stubbornly   refuses- to comply
with the movement and in in oon«
sequence    being   ns    stubbornly
| Warred   against.     I(    in   expected
ib.n they will capitulate toon, hut
if not will be boycotted till the}' tlo
Vic ll.
W.F. McNeill,
Si X' I'-
Nn fslicv pric s, I'til the best villi,- lor
| vntir mo.ley.   We liaudle only first class
Clothing and Ktn'sTurnishingro oin.
The Big Store,
+4>++*>****o***-+*+* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*- »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»•>-»*♦♦
X VT.* have Just opened up pari ul our
omprlsiug ih • bo,t (inalitlei In
I is'e Tl.read, w... l Cashmere,
Natural wool, Au. trulian wool and
S U Misl. res.
Our spring st-M-k of
Cl.OniINO, HAT.^, SHIFTS, etc.
iu most Complete, aud prions Rio 111'.
Ewert Brothers,
! (The Strand
[EMPEY BROS.. The Furnishers;!
J Corner I'ol.imhis Avenue and Spokane8 rr. .
ran aaiiu Hfcaai ao>
Vow ami Complete Stock of
Nelt to the Kootenay Hotel.
Wbenrter v.... see a man almee rvei are
bffl.l I.e! stB|. r a* lo, Btel alio SSlkl It'mPg al
tl.nillli bo .*»i,rd ...ll tl.aa limn, you tan ib. fir
lhal he isn'l •>■ ak It. his Knife)!.
'larr lull that I...if..i.l KrrllliK or a Weak
Hick?    II ••-. don't l.esitaie.
Dr.  EL-siljays
Kilnoy   Tills
Have cured olhrrs and .ill cure )oil.
T. R. Morrow
:rnr. SROuatiT.
Best wsering. Ileal lit ling nml best looking
-*— Footwear
la ll'ii  Wmi'ni and Children's
C. O. Lalonde
Lansing & Newman,
Successor lo A. C. FRY.
Having purchased lhe A. 0, TtJ Clock of droccrie., Rh)„ «e srek lo an-
n'.unre to onr many friends, as well as those uf Mr, Fry's, Ibal ar. srs »ery
argely increasinir nur stock, Bnd from Ibis ItfflS forth will orrr I *.-h
wider viriely of (tnoils than (he old firm. In fact you will fa) .his tnskt.in
.11 st.pie and lancv groceries from US, The public arid ipiirkly dlStaSSSI that
our prices .re what they ihou'd he, ind satisfaction Is absolutely niunni. tI.
V. & N. Telephone 7.       No. 39 Columbia Avenue.
Tho .Meet Elegant ami Luxurious
Filled Har in Oanndu.
A Full Line ul lbs Chulceil
Liqueurs and Cigars
F.I>. WATSON. Proprietor.
Specials This Week.
Fntal. Finnon Muddies
CrosM A i:ia .-it weirs Pure Mult
Viuegnr, Pickled Walnut*, Onions.
Chow Chow, Mixed Pickles.
Mortou'i \a-..itcl Fickle*.
Lung's Montreal Blsoultt- .large
83 a .1. FIRST AVKNUK.
Bolatead A Wright, ooraer Fiisi
avenue nud Washinglon slreel.  to
jinaks    rdon,    are   offering   tbeir
l< iiii-i...     . ..nisi,    ladies1   elder*
(down rolicB, mil waist* am! cloth-
. ing. at greatly reduced prices. The
| balancn of our winter goods inn.I
|go lu in.ike room for our enurmoii.
spring si.i.L, which is arriving
.daily. New Hues of men'-, shirla
•for Spring are lo bun.I. nnd are well
| worth your in. portion.
Strike at W'ati'i'luwn.
Wntertown, N.Y., April 3 —The
oi'lire pliiui of the Now York Air
Hr.'ko Company is tied up ou ac-
<*. 'mt <>f a mtsundi rstandiflg exist-
in - between the oompany uml i e
liib.r-.rs    employed    there.      One
thousand   mon nrn  out of work.
It it- stated tlmt tin* company will
close   down   its   plant   for
Wealthy Immigrants.
Minera' I'nion Voted Thursday to
Accept Managers1 Proposition.
Mines Will Begin Active Operations
At Once—Great Belief,
By ballot on Thursday tlio Miners' I'nion voted lo accept the
contract system as set forth by the
proposition of ibe malingers of the
I*o Koi, War Kagle ami Centre
Star mines on Wednesday, thus
bringing to a peiicel'til issue whal
had promised to be one of tlm hard
est und most di nstrotis struggles
ever felt iu this purl ol'lh-* cotinlrv
between capital ami labor.  The
conciliatory   spirit   that   was die*
three played throughout the whole proceedings of negotiations  by the
!-t. Paul, April 4.—The largest
anil wealthiest party of settlers
that has gone to Washington Ins
single duy passed through herein-
day.   It ia -i .n tl by uieniliei'.s of
ibe parly that no I'them carried
with them less than 12,000. General Immigration agent Mott, of
ilm Northern Psolflo, sayi that the
Washington   oarty  onmbers  fioo
|H-rsoiis uml urn hy far the best
cl, ss of Amirican farmers (bat
have gone west.   Tbey go to vuti-
• ins | arts <>.' the state*, somo v. the
Vukiiiii. Valley, to engage in frail
... nthig, son*., to Aberdeen, to en
.(ago in l.nnli.'iii.g, this | iirly liuv-
i ng cmm* from not born Michigan,
when* (he limber has become ox-
Sccrt t Ijilsir Society.
A neoret society of lnb.irin;  men
b.is    been   orgauiz-d   in Cheyenne
with a membership of nearly -Hhi.
Ibo purpose of tbe society is to
i.ssi.i in ,.\rry way the Interests of
laboring iimu in (lie mailer ol
Ih in - uf labor, employ-incut and
wngi's. The members of the <>r
gauiaolion are on-lit railroad ami
-Imp men, ami ii is Intended to
apply oo-operatlve and united oo*
lion in (be so tie., ent of nil .lill'er-
cii.-,.s in which uuy brunch of labor
may bu conoeruod.
'miners during tlm pnsl two week".
in conjunction wiih their modest
ami temperate demands, must ruin
mend this hotly of United workmen
lo the greatest leaped from ill.
They have nol looked tO Iheir own
Interests alone, bul have taken into
consideration tho welfare of the
city mid country at large. Isdh of
which would have had to stiller ns
miii'h. if not more, tlinii the union
if a slrike b.uI been tie. laretl
For Iwo weeks every means pus
siblo has been resort'.1 (o, to bring
about ii settlement, but mm proposition after another v»a« met by
conlni proposals till a peaceful out
.".me began to look doubtful.
After i ii ii ii in • ruble changing, and
sittings, on Wednesday il.o mine
mauagers submitted tlie following
Statement, which they declared In
00 the Im'sI ibey ruii'il possibly do.
and was therefore limt1, ami must
either le' accepted or rejected iu
loto by the union.
Ibis 1bsi.i1 eommiiiiiciliiin wss as
Rosslaud, ll.c.. April :t. 1900.
R. ClCluU*. Fi*.. (J('.,l'„inVr:
liear Sir:—Referring (■■ (be sev-
oral eo'iiiiiiinicaliniis (bat have
pa--c.| I.    ween Messrs. M.ii'IItaiial.l
ami Rirhy, a .1 Mr. Define,and to
th. ou! e. MJ Willi yourself and
Mr. .-ninth, w    '<nve though! it well
Doubtful For Martin.
Victoria.   April  5. -Them    has
 m some very good work done by
Martin Ihe past  nth   uml be has
gained i|i.il<* a following here. Ini I
it is doubtful if begets (ho support
of lhe convention.
Fish Jubilt-u Blngers.
Thee far-fumed singers will give
vocal  oonoorta iu nt  Andrew's
Presbylerinn ('I urcli hen'on Boater
Monday ami Tuesday, i<> h ami
17th of this nioiitli. They are the
original company winch sang the
Fisk University iutii existence ami
have jnsl   returned   from  a   most
successful lour of Northern Europe,
Nine concerts were given in l.cip-
.ig. eleven in Amsterdam, nineteen
in Berlin, and fifiy in Btookbolm.
This is BawriaaoVs opportunity to
bear the songs I hut bave touched
lh" benrl of the world, sung ns only
tho Fisk .Jubilee Singers oau sing
them. Tickets ami reserved souls
at (ioodeve's drug storo.
Hon. ('. ||. Mockiutfllh, the firs!
looted lor any contract will vary
with the mine ami the existing
conditions, und is a mutter of live
arrangement with individual contractors.
7.  When,   through fault of   Ibo
companies, oontraoton find them*
selves obliged io do work not prs-
perly included in their contract,
lhe time spent iu doing such work
in BX00*S of on.) hour   will bo paid
for at the standard scale oi wngi's.
When, by special agreement, contractors assume, lhe chances of audi
occasional ex(ra work, tho price
agreed upon will be made to cover
C. Tho  companies   will   furnish
all explosives to contractors at cost
from distrihut'ngcentres, or thoy
will furnish (bis material free of
charge when agreed upon between
them nml (bo c .uii.ii'ii.i.-. iu uuy
particular work.
It. The companies will furnish all
machine drills, ton's and inn.loin -nis necessary for t io work free
of charge   to  contrai-lors.  ami   no
charge will be made to oontraoton
for drilling machines broken while
at work.
10. The companies will arrange,
as far as practicable, to have all
boles iu st,.|Hti blasted between the
hours of 1 nnd T a m., and they
will nl-o endeavor to havo all timbering done when required, ao aa
not to interfere with the work of
11. Companies will furnish uml
pay for the service of cnginoera
ami pumpmen wheu such are required.
P.'. Mucking or tho barring down
of rock will bo done by ibo contractors or the companies, its may
bo agreed upou ut the time of making contract.
It, It is BZ| ted thul the pries
agreed upon, based upon ordinary
working conditions, will cover all
delays which are iii-cpar.il.!.' from
ami incident |.< mining work.
14 11 has Is-en made clear that
it is the do-no uml intention of tlm
companies to all.i.l the contractors
every facility for carrying mil Iheir
contracts, to tl.o end that all parlies concern.*.| may be mutually
16. The fact of an employ.'.*
being a member of ilm union will
to make n Hlalement   in Writing of I' '"'"' ,,iH •'■'•I'I"--"•"■■-*  ■»-*
imr understanding of tbealtuation. \mm •"•""'■■I'''""" !'■•' -V •*■
l. That the companies an, pre- \Muim "' *" w,v "f '"'"•l"'i"u
|.i.r,*,llu„|„.uup||„.,ru.,.,..s„„d.'.   "
tlie oootraot sysi  to their Hall
oapnoity  as   mpi.lly  a*  olroum-
staiu'cs will permit,
•j Toe contract system, pulling
it g tally, provides (hat theOOn*
Iriulors are to Ih- paid  fur all   tbel
work  tbey do  am!   ll mpniiie*
pay forulUhe work done al a pi ice
agreed   upon   ami   del -inline.I   hy
both parties,
:t.  The («u simplest systems will
be   adOJ led,   Vil .   | i .  ....ulract   by
lineal foot „i bole drill.si ..mi fi,)
con trait by lineal foot of OOmpletad
4.   Ill slopes, (he iih'IIiihI of  bole
meilsiir.'.ne.il has been silceied. be-
ch.is" ..( iis extreme simplicity--
oontraoton not  being obliged to
lli. The companies    reaeive   lo
ll Selves   the   right   to employ
such men as they BBS lit. whether
tbey arc no mi., i - of it union or
17. It i- th.. policy uml intention
of the companies to Ireut their em-
pb.y ens fairly und mil lo disci.arc-o
any   employee,   whether   he  be it
member <>f the ((..in., or not, with.
....I   just  ami   sullicu-iil   cause, il
iming clearly understood ii.at membership in a union will not constitute grounds f .r discharge*
IN.    Willi      lespecl    tu    llilll I.TS
: wherein ll mploy.-.-s of III nn-
panles may consider tbemselvM
aggrieved, the companies will, at
any   reusonnble    time,   rt IvS   a
take any ohanora on the breaking
qualities of Ibe ground, the powder >'
iiTjuiiT.il,   lhe  eosl   of  im irking ur
the loss of lime from amok
sitlor the sun,'' in a fair and impartial spirit aid   endeavor to remove
8. Blasting will ba done, sxospl ""; ow-^ w,"■r,, ""-v iH {"""'1 to
when* otherwise urran.c.l. between px,Ht'
  Imiirs of I und 7 n.m.. so ti,.,.      i'-'- It j* "*p('<'*"'i [hat the union
., ,   , ,,.       ,, „   , will ill all tiiii.k use lis g.sitl iilh.'.H
11,0 l,r ''"'"-V "r l0" "f "'"" "•»* .....I eihoilSl ull c..i.eil.i.l..rv   mell,.
"Ill '"• reo I tea minimum.        ,,.|- before prrmlttinganj strike or
0. As to having all development  slopping   ,.f   work.    And  furlber,
■JOntraotS   measured   by lhe   lineal   tlmt lln-y will  llrst seek to inleifei,,
,   ,,   ,     ,.   wiih Hn* oompanics iu emnlovlua
bv the   eug b i-i i '.    *
"      or ilisi'barging emplovees ur inter-
selclion of Ilm ( onservHlive pnrly   ol boles   drilled,   it   is   understood   f,.,„ W1tli < uul rn. I. .i - '
f..r ll.,' Itosslaml titling hH«di><*liire<l ltb.it iii.Mt o( (his work   will   be let
limself   againsl   lhe    mlopliim   uf   by Ibe lineal foot,    it would not hn
paily   lines, us  Hie   proviiiee   now   satisfactory lo  coiitra.iora  or   the
needs the united  efTorls of strong   camipnnics to be coiiliued  to  fl.is
men >.f iiotn sides {or Its Industrial  method of mramHni lh« <■•..•■
I rosj.prilv. „f   «., k   done    'I In*  i_ilb.nl
Yours truly,
BDMUND it  Ki'tliY.
Ma  a -fi-.
Usinla.i'.ii    n  I    inh J's^u, THIC    INIH.STKI.-.1.    WOKI.I),    APRIL
W1BB..Y   Blall'IOS.
rabbsliril at ths Mlnsrr' I'nion Hall. Bimlianl,
1 weather; nml fully ns great a proportion  of tin*  settlements have
been r, imbed in  pleasant   Weather,
i mostly  ill the spring or summer.
If there Is any truth in the itato*
j ment, spring and summer sunshine
_________________________________   should   be  .I.mill,    welcome,   us   il
III  111- lillair.l  i-l  .i|aiii   r.l    IjIsH    II   llilll*!-. *"
coiutnbii. j ""'V tend to deoreaae any feelings
suit rn it ih. Boniiuti.it c BonofSM b lofftombatltlvenesB, thai may exist,
o...men,.it i:u. .I, i. tii. in.iti*. not. trsMi' I and restore harmony nml peace tn
a  supreme uml  unlimited reign.
Wfl believe tl.e liuijoiity of men
prefer pence tu strife, bill there
nn- times when tbe most peacalile
are driven to contest form principle, honor nnd pies, rviition, nml
at stub times il is doubtful il
reason oau be made subservient to
any outside influences, be it sunshine or anything else.
at *»■■■ ■.,,! clan nutllrr.
D.LiFlaTST   •   •   Klltor ind Manager.
Office at Minn.' I'nion Mall.
raval.tr lavatlal.tv it. A-!. .nice
On. yr«r   	
|i co
The   fi Mowing i.-j a itiiii|iio  cmn-
   pliuie.it lo orgitiii_e.il bibor uml the
fcU •"",""       '♦sicause of justice  It rcpieaeiita, l.\
't'lla.     M   7 .1 I    , .'     . i I I        11
the editor ol   lhe I 'Hi' nml   Popov-
__________________    ter, and dcinoust rated bj ibe I'ucb
lo Oourl. i    " I. il nr uiiioua are o
worse menaoe to society than nre
ii    ini-is.  They have made trusts
I a  necessity.     Tbey  have   mad.
The Independent is the name of
 — ll new labor sheet Hint appears this
Three thousand men were lately w«'<>k for "in lirsl time. It. is pub'
iiniuiiii'.etl in St. Louis nnd they lislied in Yniicouver, ami is under
will  demand the union label at the Immetllata supervision of the
Trades nnd Labor council of (but J
city.    The Wolti.ti extends  to  this
new advocate of the cause of labor,
every Stage of Ihe game.
About 0,000 ctitters, blacksmiths
and tool  sharpeners employed  in j a most cordial rivolcuuio nnd greet-1
ilm New Englaud granite quarries Ing, and wishes it a long exlstenoe|
struu!i on the 13th for sn a day ofl of prosperity and usefulness.
eight hours work. 	
  One uf th'» witnesses before t'.at*
coal   miners   of industrial Com mist ion in Chicngo
P. Burns &■ Co.
Wholesale Markets.
Kossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revott-toke, (Jrernwood,
Grand Forks and Yaiicouver.
tl I lisi.ml
inve linen I,
inked I
last wiek, says the Coiirit r, made
out aud nre now Idle because   of a|U|fl Mu.,.,m.n('(|„,i,' tl.e worlingmei
uf America put liim in mind of it
lol of overgrown hoys." l'.olciblv
he did md menu it. but he gave
lltteranOS to a gee.it truth. They
are u bit of overgrown boys or they
WOUld not sutler the indignities imposed upon tliim; but would mnke
speedy Use of their only means of
defense, ibo b.illut.
failure to reach an agreement over
the weekly pay and powder supply
t[iicsti- n.
The statement of the  minora1
lookout ut Bed  Lodge is another
iistiini-e of the oppression Inborn g
iii"ii limy expeet If Ihey don't
awake nnd secure the reins if govern Utout,
RETAIL   MARKETS—Resilant;, Troll Rilssn, Tinir
Ku-l '   Sitinliiii   Now Di'tivoj',   Siivci'lnn,  <'. sea la  Cily. Wrasd
Furks (iitciiii'. ui, phoenix, Midway, Camp MoKioosy, Rivel-
slolie, P rgOSOD mill V-nootn-r,
Fish, (iiime nml Poultry iu Season, Sausages of all Kinds.
William Porald Manager Ro sland Praneb
Addreil ill CommuBlci,ions lilac  b.dtulrill
World. 1-o.liaRitr Box s.lR. Betalin.1, S. C,
The lnilii.lliiil World ll fur ills in K ■•s'sr-.l ill
tkr Huiffn Cl|.r Slorr, Slntp-tan'. >aws SI.ml: t ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^__^_^__
M. B. W.Ulcr'B it.tloB.rj Horn 1T.I OSScr UeCOSSIiry lilt' blll.llillg together Ol
v*. ii.,„' I.lnlon Bros, Btlllonrry Store j capital for Sl'lf-| I'OtCOtlOQ. Trusts
Birr'. Ci|Bi Slorr and by nrwsboj,.
Chiongo Typographical union is
All checks may he made payable In
lh. Manager or Ihe Secrel.ry ol the
Miners' I'nion.
Thoss who dcslie i Jrhsnire in Iheir
.dve/Iliement si.mil.I bsva the ropy (or
tbe urns at this oflice mil liter thai,
tha evi'iiiii*.' In Inn* publication day.
SATURDAY,   Al'KII-   7,   1W0.
Sow profitably might the civil
arc ilisrepiilal.lt'. labor unions arc
damnable. Tru-ts threaten an era
of hardships, but lab >r uuioni create an era of despotism ami sometimes disaster and diath." lhe
reader may uot oousider  this lu
exactly the li,. In if a compliment,
but when it is explained ilmt ni
the ordinary oonrl scs-ions iii Larimer county mon than half the
cases on the docket aro suits Im
libel brought by indignant citizens
against llrullicr Tlioindyke, editor
of tbe Reporter, tl.e appareul du*
' iiiim-iiiiioii is turned iutu tnnsoeii*
; diint pr.ilss. lu tbe-e days uf un-
i tvitninty we arc ull apt to hear
more or lessof such ranting or mil-
Tim be.-i table board to be bud in
..«_..! »i.._ e„_ „ mn .___ ._. .   it It' island is ii) be got ai the Russell
negotiating for a 100 001*0   11-tot ul "
, . ,  ,      ,   ,, , hotel.    Even thing 's firatohisslii
I,md close 1.. lhe   CUV,   where il   is • h
,  ,       * , ii i     r      i*        overs respect.   Prompt and etten
liitoiidcil t",'stub t«l, u bu in lor Us        •'       ' i
out-of-work members, uml will lips'.' BOO fur the purpose.
The h'cinier Lake Iliiron is reported us having lauded fifty e >u-
iracled foreign laborers nl St. Job is
mm dity last week, pnrp -rted to be
farm hands, bound for the Northwest. This importation of aliens
is alleged to lie the work of n ay/it-
bad nations of Uie world, having a lng ,,„.,*.,,.,  *..*.,„._ uu,., glanoo i^.
desin- for tlio better .t  of the- -mv „„. MlHl,(. invariably reveals
condition of their wmking _•■*, the fiu-tUmt they an the men wilh
taken less,,., from New Zealand, L_e „x, ,., ..,...„., nm, Ul0 llllioil
the only laud where Ihe laborer pets  ,,,,,,,.,,'. |)u imlaced to bo   the   boy
anything like justice.   That bud totttru „,, ,,_.*■,
haa. as nearly as possible, answered 	
the question of bow Strikes uml
labor lioiil.'e- may lie avoided, by
adopting n system that does nut
make it nece-sarv to go to such ex-
tr-'incs to obtmifl justice, There no
person ia obliged t<i be out uf employment, as the government is
prepared, at all  limes,   lu  furnish|
work to tho Idle, at a livingstale of tUoato, formed f >r tho express pur-
wag.;, again thore is no such pose of bringing lal.q-.cis of all
monopoly of industries as is seen trades into Cumuli. There has
OU this continent mid throughout been some eroilenco given lu the
Kuropo, nor do Ibey have to con-j minor Hint thin contingent is in
tend unaided agalnte (he selfish* fccl Intended fur the mining dis-
ncsB nml gn-etl of the later day em* \ trlols of British Columbia, Ui carry
ployer, who noognlSH tho right lo I out the same object, whatever it is,
^**ive aa exclusively his own. We that the men imported from Mlnnl*
are obliged to bend the neck to a sola wefs intended to attain) but
ela-s of men who reckon lhe better- the story has met I be most om ihatlo
went of the condition ul ll inssea denial. It must sunn, however, be-
entirely from n monetaVy view; uml gin to be set. by the gov. ru.nent
who Would not for a  moment   eon-   tlllll    then   is   sou..*   necessity   of
aiders remedy for the deplorable putting :t slop iu this wholesale
social   condition, il  il  would il,*- ami entirely,   unrestricted ooutraol
crease, iu the least bia income.   Bu  importation-
long us capital remains all-powerful,. _
interpreting tu its own advantage
the  bl, He   teaching  thai   "...Uo       S",",• ,n"M '"J"*1 M*h «--lK«
him in... bath shall be given, end are ,,,,w un,f wU,U"« l,,i"  """••
from him that bath nol shall be B,,-h< be00me ~'nwln»n Mmm
lake, even that which he hall,.".so J0* ,0n« en0U-h '" J*P '" ■*'
long will I utocral eontinuo to, K"*."'"'   M»   ■'■  ,hu  ■"« "Iial
omoMwedto, grinding It form the10h-r "'" ■■"   l ■'■><"■ s«*i"*'    •■
working...,!.. I.y nil I.e bus (o give        "" <" I I'1" "" 'h" sil1" ,,f "'"
his Ini..,.-until I.e can be n,,i„,-.,i International   boundiry   that,   In
10 seek redress through the ballot.   <"'tisi,b*r..lio.. of the  proportion   of
his only sslvatloo. "'" v"''''* "r *h-States who are
————————— laborers, nud tl.e  attitude  uf  this
Strikes ami rumors of strikes candidate toward labor being what
(■milium* to hi* Ibe uidcr of the day, lit ia —ils proven friend and most
inn it is pleasing i" note a slight valiant lupporter—If tbey would
decrease in the number, owing to | drop "party" and simply itml only
numeroussottlsmentsof differentws, consider self preservation and the
which    hsvo   bud    it   tendency to j general publ'c welfare, the vicl ny
create a slightly  Increased feeling ofu labor ciiinli<liite   like   Eugene
Of confidence throughout the COUn* ' V. Debs sbuuld be signal uml coin-
try.   Tlm pnsi wack his w.i teased ' plcte.
the end ol several,  nml more nre| 	
•Mainland and British Lion Ci&lTS
Tbe Blnghampton farmers union
are showing n grinl dial of ehttr*
I rise ami presenting new ideas, in
advertiaiog, and it is ull right
Through u local paper tbey call the
itltenti. ii of tlie public to the
"uuion label ohlckei s" fur sale si
oue uf tl.e groccis in the city.
A bright youug Puerto lticic.
wbo came to New Ymk recently
has been arrested under the Alien
mt excluding tbe Importation of
contract labor; the arrest beiugal
lhe insligali' ii of un org'tui/."!' ol
ibe Federation of Labor, 1 lie firm
who contracted tlm labor threaten
to light tbe n.niter to nil cud.
In cniiseqnf*nce of the  strike  nt
! Cielifuegos, Culm, nil business there
was recently paralysed, Word has
been reocivid tluit ns the strike
malingers fa ureal government ii.ter-J
leicl.ee the strike wn.   tlecliU'eil off,
pending an Investigation hy gloom
mince composed of two merchants,
two strike Icadors, the mayor ami
Citpi.iin Barker,
St. Louis is swiftly advancing to
tlie post uf banner city of organixed
labor,     l    i   week a threatened
strike of lhe street ear einpl iyes
was happily nverled through tliplo
mncy. even u ter n meeting had
been   nailed   wherein  it wus  cx-
|.. . ie i it walk-mil would In* ordered. The affair was settled in
favor t f thu employes.
the service.
Dob-toad & Wright, comer Fii>l
avenue nnd Washington sired, In
make room, are offering their
children's routs, ladies' eider*
down robes, suit waists ant' clothing, ut gieiit'y led.iced prices. Tho
litlit'ceof our winter goods must
go to make room fur uur enormous
spring'slock,    which    i»   nrriiiiig
daily. New iiues of men's shirtn
for spring are tu hand, ami are well
worth your Inspection.
It will i iv Voll ti) call  st   Failles  tor
.tilieiry   aiul  Lidlm'   furoisbtass ol all
If yon wai.! Ihr best lunch In lie bid
• r )'.",' 'nuney in tin. ei.v u>> lo Ibl
Itu'Sel 11 .el. il.mn* in. knin .md lirri
vIjs. st I live.
Btrtiitly Firsi-( bis. Colon •"Ijrnr.
\V. K. M \  dl, .he shoe .!. u'er,  in
, la ••!   nn   his   line on   onunta-r   son..
-tl-|'- ill   l.st   al'  nm'.  *,\'es  i-(    1   i '
Oxford lice, in l.lo.'k.eb.s'.'lutr and Ian,
avli.cb   .ill   he ttlased oul at on. ball
oil e   and   less.   Come   early   aud  a* t
net chuice.
M 11;. ii i-tb
.Inst Receivtil, lh. I.atr*ie.l mi I  ll*st S leeUtl Sr.vck ul CD
Ull Bnots ul M ai Hats .LTLr."..
Hen's Fii.i* IV nl -.1 Settl In b!n. an I bla-k, great v.lite at |20; S.le
price  S 13. '.O
M-..*s Tweed Sous, world $13. |tt ind 11'.; to clear at        . . 8 75
Men's Fine Bjutoh Tar..,! Bu   •   bis; lalue SI |IS; 8a'. pries       . 12 53
I'ovs Sni-B so ! (I I       lots.! j   *t till rsitiilir prices.
KKMF.ilUKi; : K..r the n.-xl 15.lays every line io stock to loll ut ant
under •butasale prlairs,
I'll*: OliOTlllKR
tending toward an amlolble out-
I'liinc.    The Situation  IchI'- us   to
Il  would   be ui.   excellent   thing
question how much truth then,  l«|for the guod uf this world of ours il
In the assertion that the mind Is e wybody had eome little work to
iiilliienced In it great extent by Ilm "to. ju>-t enmigh to keep them oil I
state uf the weather, for Hlrifo ur of mischief Some nne with n loose
peace us the case may bo. J*W, and (milling to work it on but
Looking over miiny uf lhe differ- g<>n.*,ip. slated tlm story that Medicos, id'various natures, for tlm innea was Hiking steps to dismiss
pant live years, it would aopear Martin, but after going the rounds
that fully To percent, of the broitka oftba press, it was leurmil  tlmt il
ef harmony bave been Inaugurated t Wi,H nl1 -Imply the itory from tome
piider iiiiliivoiubli* conditions of the | ,l<'v"»l d««cipl-. ''■ Anninius.
Tho   mnrnger   uf   the    Granite
mine ami the manager of the Atlio-
hiiscii mine nml commitlees of their
in i in* worker* have uni veil nl nn
agreement and the Irotil I,* there is
over. About one hundred men relumed t > work Monday ami more
followed OU siicce-sive days (ill tils
nil furoe bus resumed work,   li th
the mine managers and their men
have acted sensibly in thus adjusting their differences. All the mines
iii the Nelson Ulstrirl are now paying the Mi ana ii slan.liii.l scale uf
This week decides far Or   i;; li nr*!
the support to be given to Joseph
Martin by tl.e Liberal party.   It
i would seem Irom the reports of Hut
VaiioUB dllilIctS sending delcgitlts
lo lln* c.mvei.tii.n that iieaily all
had I ecu instructed to give their
support   to   Martini    His  victory
will be a bard blow to tlm opposition, if I.e wins, as seems very
p..-.-il.I.- uml even probable, nnd j :!
sbuuld teach nil, both friends nud
enemies that false slander is never
a  snfe  weapon, as it invariably
injures (he wieldcr in tin, rebound.
Truth will bear its weight nt anytime, lint falsehood is an edged
tool tlmt must be very carefully
linndied or tho user may lie cut.
Viiiuiin. B.C. 2l.t March. 10(X).—In
(he matter it! in applicalim, lot a l>..pl.- I
cats   ol a I. mil. st   uf Title (u  Lotsl
Him, -.iii,*   (.11   end    thir'i- wo   (1*2) !
Blurb twenty (ti) Ita Uay A billion to I
{ KissUml (M.p Hill).    X .lice  is  hrrehi j
■liven that it is uiy intuition at tbe ex-
pii.iiiiaii nl nn. month, from  the  tint
p-ibiii it'iiai, heren', lo issue a tluiall ale '
ol lbsOart.Ao.ta ot Title lo the «i. .-.■
lands isfti.il in Cbsrles Van Nes. and J j
F. Walker, on lhe 31 day ul May, 18(17, j
•nd numbered 8M8'<
b. V  WOK. .ON, tl uistrar (i.-u'l
•«e« e« ♦>♦♦«.*« ♦♦<> .«*»♦<> tve »e m ssee-si
I   The Latest in
i H A T S !
The Strand
Tho Most Elegant and Luxurious
Filled Har in Ounndn.
A Fad Line ul Ihe Choicest
Liqueurs and Cigars
C. F.
♦    (Ipoca'te lhe Hank of Toronto. Holland. B. C.
•Jar, rl >»»♦+++»♦♦♦»♦♦+ ■»•>*>->.•>• ♦■^♦♦♦♦.-.^♦♦♦-♦■(^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦S
F.l>. WATSON, Proprietor.
I i>^«ia-»4*M-r*^»-» ♦e>»e»ee»»e«_
Horrisoo and Bryenton
Have Jtttt received 0  Consi, ii'.iont  of
Fisn, Ganned Goods, Hams and Bacon,
Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh HggS, Teas and Coffees a Specialty
Solo Agent iu;Roiwlaiid   or l*EMPRi_B TEAS.''
ri,...... nn;  i.".. i JO Columbia Ave.
f f yuu have not already done so
yyii should make ns little delay as
possible about having your naino
placed on tlm voting list.
Have you anything lo Bell? If
so, the best way aud the cheapest
to sell it, is to advertise through tho
coluuiiiB of Urn World, i
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Ofl'mo
& School supplies.
STORE      —      —
31 Columbia Avenue.
Fresli Green Vegetables.
Cauliflower.       String Beans
Brussels Sprouts, Leltuce, Celery, Toma-oes. Grceo Peas.
0. M. Fox k Company,
106 East Columbia Ave.
MII**MM4t-cH'T    I
Telephone M. Tili.  iNlH.-illUAL    WORLD,
A Fin Is sisclo Proposal.
Hy I.ccv FosiKit Madison.
ii \7OU were saying," Adelaide March-
" Yei; i luil is, I was about to remark
wh.t . late spring we're having." and
Mr. Farley nervously adjusted his
"We are, indeed," the younc lady an-
rwered a trifle wearily.
Wheu one has Riven us unich encouragement un modesty will -permit to an
nbtu»i. man who iln.-i- u.u il villi bins. I
of his privilege, one is apt lo he weary,
"I like the ipilug," cum lull- tl tlie
VOUng  nisn.    " Alter (he dieiriiu-Bi ol
winter, I"..' .-.. i v. set lltk- lhe Inn. inul
(IlillKS  WuliO  Up.       I'n '.'IIS    lu    Bir.llt   ill
.Vilure, p-iioii,: era 1.1.. into   mm   ll. tl
bras   as well.    Yon kiiOT wliHt the pom
rays " quoti.ig un -onsciously :
" * Ia the a;.i in*- a fuller ciimsoii  comes
upon Ihu robii.'a breast;
In the spriuit t'li wiuoii   Mpiviug gets
liim-.-ii snothsr.orsst.1"
The young lady's hesri boandsd, Wss
it coiiiiiig, .ill.'i . 1 ',' She listen...1 eagerly lor wluf avouhl follow, hot Mr, Farley
pan ed, evidently waiting lor her to Buy
" Let nie se>'," hi, mu-i'.l, "how does
Ihe rcBl uf ii rn, V"
'" Iu the spri'ig .  1 ve'ier iris ohaoges
nn llu* burnished dive,'
" I i the Spring—In ibe sprint,—
Whai is lhe risi ul !', Mr. Ful.-y?"
"  In lhe ipruitt a y.-ung iiibii'b fain'.,
lighllv lurnsaio thutiglile ol—nl"—Far
,        '     , ,, .,     elty wore ull, " I live y..u, live yon lei.-
ley grew hut u.uli-r  the collar  lu.   the    ,    ,      , ',, , ,
, ii.        derlv. deviilillv, hut when   I   .un   with
w.ii.Ib stuck in Ins tlir.u—' ol  g..rtlen-|        • •'
,               , ., ,    i ' ymi,  v .ur   beaul),  your   It.v-diituea   ol
ing, ' he blurt, d .-tl'.   "At leas',  mine  '     '  •       _,,        " *.
.      ...        , . ,    i character nil me with such a sense nl
,1 ..    Me il*sd : uiliuiv- liegiu tl.e garilen
i •> I my  .mn
al lhal *f.i- ii. y.iu know.
" I    Lih-'iiv,"   uni ilk.-1   th. young
Iidy dryly.
"Ofltslnly," answered lb. other demurely, arranging the inn, bine. " Any-
thing elpi V"
" Dou'l let anyone disturb me," Bsid
Farley, the "do ur die" air writien all
over htm.
Filial h ft the rnom convulsed with
mirth, to which he gave vent « bun at a
s.(e distance.
" The chump!" he gasped. I wouldn't
put uiy self on record like that for a
llnuim...! giila. Oil! but hasn't hi, g..t
it bad I" and hu went off inlo another
peal of laughter.
Left t > himself, F.trley locked the door
nnd hurriedly examined the room tu
make bu re that he was alone ami men
rtverently approached Ihelna diine.
Ofl.n In the aollllltliol hia own ilium-
Let hud i lie most id. i|iu'itt tributes of
I ve pit red lluo.igb bis lips, bat when
he hu I ttied io i x|ues,. his hopes und
'►'bib by writing, the words eluded Inni
und his ll.oughti would uot down on
Al ll s*. hero was a medium by which
bo might speak directly fi.uu bis Inn I
wiilm .1 Hn* overwhelming pretence if
hi, divinity.
Trembling wilh excitement, the
young man tuok uff his hat, laid aside
his cuat and approached the instrument.
" Adelaide," he began diffidently, "no
doubt you will b. surprised  whin you
gel this, or rather heir this, for it is an
iiuu-uia! way to talk tu a lady, but I was I
iu   .■*,.•-.   until tii iu ide. occurred to I
me    Mh.n 1  hit you ti;-  evening l|
w.is [urlun   with n .-. I  lot       I   liikl   I
idvintage ol   uy ni,-ie  nltt,   snd I II*
iog yen all tbat trash   ny hi     .   Ale I
latds," warming tu bis woik .... ths uov-
ol 1 I, 1  II,,   AMI.   Ml 1   IINl.S
Itrcond und fourth  Tu, s.l.i e in nu li   iiiiiuili at
. ":jo p.m. in Miner.- I'ttlou Hall. C. W. Wilson,
Sec ; juliii m.t.iu.ti  Pres.
every 1'ritlay ol ench week it 7;.|o p.m. In
Miners' Union Hill. P R McDouild, Prea;
A J McDonald, SBC.
MINIiRS' UNION No j\ Western l'rdrratlon
of Minn s Hcets Bvery Wednesday eveuiflf at
730 o'clock lu Minrrs Union Hull. JantBi
Devlne, Sec; A I, lloatltou, Pres.
Die last Sunday ot eici tuoitlt at the Miner*'
Union Hull J I'11,11 lil,,11, Secretary; Mr Poole,
Mi-t thr first and third Tursaliy ot e.t-h
nionlli it |p in lu Neatly! lull 1'OUix 1.14
J S Rolaisou, President; Wllli.titt 1 ,,-■. *e.re
Mtel. every Siiiird.y evsulng at ^1.10 o i-luck
in Minn.- Union Mull. P I) Box ii. (Bill
I,,ilii, I, Sec; George Cunnltigliniu   Pita
Following is a list ul those who adver
tise in the Ikdubthiai. Wnni.u:
11.: .-.-..: 1!.: ,. ■-    Unit   I   Cllllli.l
\V.ts there ever itich i\ nut ?
11b didn't deserve uuy encouragement,
.ud he should get uo more : ro Ur Fai*
ley, tin.hug (he n uiprr.iui . exceedingly
chilly, hruiight Ins enll tu bu shr ipt ler-
111 nation aud lull a. au uuuiually enly
'* Con'ou nd il," ha fumed. " WI y
an I eiii-b . blonin.ng id.nl? There
were 11 hill dos 11 ehaueel Iu speak tu
niglii, au I now the ia . IT udrd. 1 a ish
loin 11 sly »  u  I kick uie!"
1'oits inwardly raging, Farley defended the sieps nnd was walking raj idly away, when lie was anesled hy a aisp
011 the sho il.in. and a bearly voice ex
" llrllu. Bib]   How are yon?'1
" t'relty well. tin.', yeuni-h?" .ml
Fa. well lun.el I • greet A lahttda'l brother Frank, a young  (ell.tw «l nineteen.
" I., avuig «a»rly, aren't yju? Ads*
Uide in the sulks'.'''
1   .mi  a lilted.
" How d.re yuu ii-uk o( yonr liner
in ni. -I, ■ n a .net'." he exclaimed la*
Tb. ulher chuckled.
" 1 suppoie that ii hardly th. term
that one appliea when the beloved is uul
ol sorts. Tike my idvit-e, Bob. Speik
right out, .nd  Her  llighiieis will   gel
ofl    I   I'I   lit."
" 1 wish you good evening, F.aiik,"
and  Farweil turned awsy witb dignity.
" Don't bs hufly, uld man," aud
Fi..nk, whu lecrelly deipiied !..»•:
Iur lu* timidity, linketl hie inn in tlm
of It .hern. '• I only mein'l it fur yuur
good. Come up snd ate my new phono-
Wnling to he propitiated—wai it nol
uni brother?—Farley suffered lumsell
t, tie l.-l hack mi" tins h .use, aud thr
two were mon deep in 'lie uiyiteiiei id
tlie phonograph,
" Y .a lee," laid F.itnk enthusiastic-
ally, " while ... .-i uf lite fellows bnj
tbeir cylinder! already impreised, in.l
have BV ryihlng in I a,id dried (or tlieni,
I am .hung ,1 (I reully. They insrly all
get lhe ss me programmes. I nm going
tu sr-ange my own. I dou'l like operatic
luuiie, anyway. I like halladl all I j ugly thing! wilh some go lo them. 0 I
ordered clear ey hitlers an I had ihr
people 1 like lu hear, sing nnd rrcite into them, .v.iii'. lu hear uuo ol Adelaide'.   '
Without waiting (or (he assent which
l*'.irlfy reluctau.ly gave, tlie young fellow put in a cylinder, p aced ibe (unnsl
In proper position and Farley wai nil
fled I.y the strain! of "ll.nnie Jam"
ground nut In sqiiesky tones supposed tn
be Adelaide's -
" Bay, Hob, ynu don't know 'Casey at
tne Hat,' do yuu?"
" Nu," returned Farley abstractedly,
. brilliant idea   illuminating  his  mind.
"Da you know inyone lint doet?"
continued Frank, not noticing Ihr
utber'l Ihuiigbifulness. " 1 want thll.
I wouldn't h.ve minded ordering (hit
it th.v had had it by De Wolf Hopper,
"Hay, Frank," interrupted Farley, I
determination born of hii recent idea
taking possession of him. " Have you
any mors cle.n cylinders?"
" Why, yes.   Why?"
" Wonld . ten ba ol nny use to you?"
asked Farley excitedly.
" It WOUld," answered the boy arfellv,
• dawning comprehension creeping over
bim ol what the other was titter.
An X changed bands,
" Put In a clean cylinder," said barley briskly; " fix the thing properly and
I..V. me h.r. an hour.   You'd see thai
Adelaide  bears it."
only adore, and g < a ray miserable lie-
citmo I cannot |. ,.-:■. >* yuu. I have
thought sometimes lhal  you   were nut:
in.111: nt t 1 me; Hilt y.u did  care (nr
uie a little. H.iyiii.-' I im|... th. 1 I am
not mistaken, (or life without your love
would be iineieliiruhle. Il has '.. 111 laid
that ' M.in'- love ia uf in.tn'a life a thing
apart,' but believe il not, A lelaide, Iur:
il till- mv w hole existence. Sleeping or
WSklug my thoughts areuf yuu. Awuke, ■
your to. .go ia laefore me constantly;
sleep ng—in dreams il comes sweeter
than ever, (ir then y iur eyes 'luok love' I
to tune, anl your lips give hick the
kisses I press upon tliein. lie miue,
Adelaide, uiy uwu s«eet wile, and life
•hall he fur ynu one summer drmn.
Xa," crl.it K.irhy, wuxing puttie,;
"even 'the winds of heaven -hull not
M-:I lb) f ice loo roughly.' O.I, Altitude. I ew.it yuur answer iu fesr and
trembling, hut if y.u cm love mo do
nol aar ui. nay. I will-en I yuu sume
ruevs tomorrow. Wear three over yuur
hnirl if y ... v*il he mine. Ami now
'«od-uig!i', my own Adelaide. Ifoi.l111 " |
" Il ends awfully like a letter," neutered Farley, 11 .pin.- bia perspiring
■•...**., ' hut how is she tu know who ii
is irom il li iiu't signed."
Outside ths duor lie mat Fr.nk.
" Finished ."' .i-k..l that young man
calmly, ai it ihu prOSM ling were an
every day occurrence.
" Yei, Frank; yuu'll be sure ih.
hears It. Yuu won't get it mixed wiih
any of the others?'' 1 doubt Iur Ihe lint
.hue entering his mind.
Geo Agnew A Co., (Iroceri.
W. F. McNeill, .Shoe Sio-e.
Hunter line., general merchsnilise.
Km per Bros., groceries and  gents furnishings.
T. It. Morrow, druggist.
C  O L.iloridn, shoe store.
OiU Qibion A  Co.,  genu' clothing
an I notious.
U. W. II.Bride, hardware.
Linton Bros., books aud stationary.
descent Dry Goods, lurniibingi, dry
goods and clothing.
Morrison A llryenl.in, groceriei.
M. J. t i'i If am, elt.thi.'i aud Halter.
I'aulson Bros., groceriei.
Wm.   Lieij-n,   cigar    minulicturer,
; Vancouver, B. C.
Taylor A McQusrrie, tailon.
I'.i.Tli.- Tee Co., teal ind coffees.
M. W. ts.nipton, news, itatiunery and
U. K . Hulhs.
Metrnpnlitin Hotel ind Bir.
McAuliff, tailor.
8. Ul'iin, Inrnilnre.
McUonigle A Co, groc.ri.i.
Hoffman House and Bar.
r ..sign Cigar store.
Dyeiug and  Cleining Works,   Wish
ingtnn S(reet.
I' uiiels A Chamtieri, piints, oils, etc.
Il-.'.-leid A Wright.
Kwerl Hroi., jrwelen.
The Internatinail
l.sniii.v A Newman, grocers
Kmiell Hotel
Simpson A J met, grocers
Elites' Millinery sto—
li,..s'.in,I Drug Co.
0. M. Fin A Oi.iireesn
( ..I .mbia Transler Ou.
Ileans. tier Ib	
Rroomi, each	
I'.ill ler. per lh	
Ilaemi, belt, per Ib	
'* Trn.l me  for not  mixing  it," tD. ! Bulk Oil, per gal ..
iwere.1 Frank, almost lu, r.u.nuriugly, "Tssuhs, fancy, pel lb...
hut Farley did n»t o..t*iw thai. Cheese, per Ib	
"I  shan't  lorget tills,"  and   Firley Chocolate, per III	
•qiSRSsd   tne   b.y'i    baid    until    he I'acna.pcr tin	
-I ........ I.   "I'I   make il up lo ynu," Ooramssl, per 101b sack.
and wilh a louk ol hrolhuly afTuclion be 0*8—0* Pi'r
Bio 7
36lo M
:t0 to 3-5
in to it
36 tn M
36 to -10
30 to .'.>
Groceries and Provisions.
Fruits, Granite. Crockery
and Glass Ware.
CW'-fr H.llt.t, lo all parla of the illy.
ttio.-.-i; ivi.
Corner Third Ave. and Washington St.
Agnew & Co.
ti Columbia Ave., sei. door to Li'oude'i.
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
Columbia     |canadian Pacific
Transfer Company
I     MlUllUUIIiJ,
Leading Library.   I.iiest Novels.
"tlb-B Suppll.i, Etc.
The Only Transfer or Kipreii Company In Hnsslsnd that will deliver yeur
Trunk,' lor 25 oeuti each. Three day.'
■toiagB free.
Tel, pbons 87.
Tb«t our TtU «nd Coflfef. trc the CHOICHAT
s-.l'l in Ko-islaini Tnrliv wbrii U'.<| .ml cn
irr-s air puihrH mi hard, n   is ab-a.ltitrlv   ntC
rsaaiv !•■ h-vr aa arllclr . t nnstHil went
You will fu.'l it here. GUM*/are glvca "way
to cuitonier*.
Pacifc Tea Co.
Who.rKale and retatl deatera tn Palnta, Oil*,
Va uiahea, Bruahen, Wall I'mnb aad PaUtera
Huiiphea. Coutracti taken for paper hanaini
and decoraitapt. uSce md >torc I'ani.U £
CbauitK-ra Vlock, )l Co.umbla are. aader.Domltt*
oa Kxprrst.Uo •..ufli.e. ' -^
N. & V. 'I'lioao ita.
The American  Tudor and Gonta'
Furnishing Douse.
Soils Slit ll Ihlir. I'lldirli"! Ii'uml. -i
Mi. I. rim Avinui.
CO'. Fust Ave . and Bpokaae it
Rarfalaa la aecoad hand goodt.   Olrc ua a. call.
II will pay you.
Dyeing and Cleaning Works.
Oppc-«ilf Unrtln Brotkerv.
t .in i'.r*-i or dye a.vihinf la l--!ii-» aad
t*nltemen'i w*ar. Oie« ae • • and fee coa
Thelatett improved mactloa'y and proee_*a
enabte tne Ic iuara*ii*r Ike ptotiipt delivery of
all order■    Work will be ended for aad deilvcied
luauy addreaa
Canadian and Kentucky
Pourbon WhisKies.
Railroad and Miners' Checks  Cashes.
Harry Mcintosh.
Ensign   Cigar  Store(
CAI'T. RHAW Kroprislor.
Corner Columbia  are . W.lblngton It
Crs.'ker., sodii, per Ih   10, 1 -',
('on. lu.Ini neit week.
public xonci:
l.i All Whom 1: M.iv Concem:
("-a.liia.li. per li.ii k	
Dried (rui's, per Ib	
1 *•*.-. per dot	
Hour per sack	
Yotiare(ier..l'yrei|ii    ■ I lo fk. nnlice,  Orsnolstod lagsr, 14 lb lor
,ii.i you  at<* belli.t   ..ir.-..      :!is*  ,h*,   Kama, per Ib    	
rules |    .-'ii! ai- lb .*   ''n.h, petcak.	
rsgalstl    ■ »t Uh  i ,..-. .,.*i..1 Beard ol    -psrial oil, 6 asl* sea	
Ileallh re smai i.jiBr, ir.    -silliin   Ur.l, llh pail ..
Corn, p.-r. an  12'
('arined IrallS, per can  25 to .'IS
Canned peas, per can   12,-|,35
Canned beans, per can        12'...
.   I'M.?'
. v ■ i . IL
l.iffi, 1M
Oil ih"" Prescriptions
Fi led bv tb.
Rossland Dm* C).
A rail l.lato, t-trnthn*! In OBI Llll.
,.••» t'i ■ Call.
Oflc.ov.r Bias: oT,r>••...   Boiiland
I.-.M.AM) Hit 'I CO.       B   I-'   M l.o-.   Mia
,»   I'olumhti Avenue,  nm   Ibe  Bon  Ton.
. hminol  '.heciiy 01   .. -ssland, the   Laundry soap, per bir    5snd«
same h,in" a he.il.h district. As defined   Liverpool nit, per 501b lack
in inch rsa—slions, a B"..e...i v.eii.a- Masaronl, psr lb...
nun i.l  the inhibition ul  til. laid cily   Molasses per K-l
ol Koislaiul is hereby ordered.
R. lUnin.K. M.D.,
Medical lleallh Oftlcer.
W .-hit'*" .it slice., lio-slau.l, B.C.
Dr. Itedtlick will be at his office be-
Null,, |ter lb
, Rolled o.ts, ner 101b sack  ....
; I'n kl,-*.. ume I, per quirt	
Rice, per lb	
Salt bsenn, per Ih	
BsgO and lapioci, lhIO, .1 II.,. (or
U io ao
76 to |l
and 3 p.m. and  Hiock lall, per .'Hllbiack.
Iween  the  hours of  1
7 andS p.m. daily, for the  vaccination   SyrH,,Bi p*^' baUssl.tlo  ....... 50 to 66
ol all poor persons al the expense of the   Tomatoes, tier can 46
local hoard.
Il.ttnl Iliie third.Inyul K.-bnurv. 1900.
A. S.(jooi,BVB,
Cbiiiiiiin.i I. ie.il Iti.ird.
A. A. M t, a a       ii .
Jons DBAS,
Ciias. It. II mn I, s.
John H. Ci.ctb.
Teas, per lb  35 to 65
Tobacco, per Ib  90 to 1,25
Vinegar, per Ril 50 to 86
Wheat manna, pkgs, 20; hulk  per lb.
Apples, per Ib  5 snd B
Beets, perlb  2
c.t il ill,, .i .-I  16
Celery, per huncb  10
Calibans, per lh  2), to 3
Holstcnl .1: Wright,cor. First nve.»nd'Grapes, per basket  06
Washington street, are showing ladies'   I ■ toons, per dot       30, 36
spring   jackets   and  new  wrapgers—a  onions, per Ib      3 to 4
splendid  and well assorted lineof emih    |'ears, per Ih  10
Their ladles'   neckwear,  In  latin  puff   |'0tstoee, per 100 Ibl 1*26 to 1.50
shields,  Liberly Kilk and  I'olnt Esprit   Kidishei, 2hunchei lor  _
M'iu.liors .re quick sellers.    I- ..r ni.'ii'a   r-.j.-i,!., per II.      8
clothing,  their reduced price il hiving  Hweet potatoes, psr Ib  «
a clssring eflect on .the Hock. Tomatoei, psr box 1 OS
Rossland Hotel.
Fiue Whiskies md   Imported  Cigars
Jerry Sprllman, Proprietor.
Cor. rlpoksns Street and Columbia Ave.
Kcsslaad Uc Lai*
None but white help oinployed
Notify us.    We call aud deliver
Columbie Avenue, near rostoff.ee.
Specials' This Week.
Freab Finnon Muddies
Crosse c-t Btaokwall's I'uro Malt
Vinegnr, 1'ickled Walnuts, Unions,
Chow Chow, Mixed Ptokles,
Morton b AsBortcd Pickles.
Lang'a Montreal Biscuits- a large
Oo. Vesr   •
Six Month!
Aildim.All ('..mmiinicslioni
Asd SOO Line.
— o
Nsw Fait Daily Sei vise.
Oplion.l Routi Km aud Welt (rota tks
—ootenar Country.
Firit-cllll Sleepen on .11 Trilsi.
Tourist Oars
Pais Ravslitoks Diily (or 81. Ttmi,
ThurstUyi lor Mootresl and BoiIob,
Tuesdays and Saturdaji (or Toro.t*.
For rslai and full iulurea uius iJdrrn
ths Bureit Loc.l Agent, or
City Ticket Ag»nt, Rc_ils_4.
W. II. i.auk.
Acting Agent, Kossland.
W. F. Abubbsom. T. P. A., NsIssb.
'■,   J. CotLB,  A. U. P. A., Vanioss-jr.
Northern Pacific
TO ALL 1'ol.STB.
Tbs Diu.ng Oar K tats vl. Tsll.wit.B.
Park.     Salt SI sod Bast.
Kqmpped with
Pci i ua. Palacb Cabs,
. I.MIM  1'lM.tl ("us.
IIodbbb I'.t Cuicaaa.
lor an i Blbbk*. Ciki
Throaah iirkeii In all points le the
1'niirJ Sistss and Csaids.
Bisamibip ticket! to .11 pari! ol th.
Tickets i u China and Japan via Tacoass
snd Northern 1'aot.a Sleamibip Co.
Tia.i'.drpsrt Irom Bptikans:
No. 1, Wrsiltuiind, it 0:66 p. ro., dsiljr.
No. 2, KkllbouDd, .1,7 :'J.) a. ni., diilr.
For informition.* limi cardi, taipi
■n>( tlrk'.i apply lo Iba a*ente ol ths
B.r. AN. K. W. RIFF.
Agt. R. M . Ry., Rmiland. B. 0.
Gsairal Ageal, t>pokani, Wsah.
Ass'i G.n. Pssssnger Atsnt.
Nilion A Fort Bheppird Bailw.y
Red Mountain  Ry.
Th. Only Direct Knits  lo Nsltoa
Kislu, .Kooteniy.I.iki .nd
Bloc, l'oiati.
Kv.rr day ia  the »*ir  list wna St.
ksas, H-aislind and S.I, m.
"i" i'i:" as • a
8:16 l.w. ■ • Kpokiu. • • I 15 p.as
2:15 p.m. - • Northpsrt • l-VSOpm
Arrivs3.10p.rn.Ros.lBBd Lt. 11:16..-
Koeh.Bg. o( ran belwria Bpokia
and llouliod.
Tickets na ill. .11 ov.r th. werld.
Close ronna.li.aii at Nelsaa with
sinmras lor Kailo ind all loetMsf
laks po.oti.
Pimngsn lor K.ttl. river, Bouad.r*.
iiiiip ind It "iindar t crsek connwrt al
Maroni anil Boiiburg with lUfl. daily.
E. W. Rrrr, Agsnl,
Bosil.nd, B. 0.
■ It'l- A r's~in   Af -nts, Trail, B.C.|
I  A . I«rasra\„r. r i t,8,  LSI •, Wash, „....
•__    l_.Ds.ST_.IAl.    Wotl.L'.    AI'IMI.
i sue.
Cuntiiiiicil From Flrsl I'sge.
When presenting iiii* proposition to ilm union. Messrs. chili, nml
(Smith also preseuted a ootuiuuui-
cnlioii from thcmai'lvt'S, strongl*!
urging ita iiiTT'i-tiiniT' uml Belling
forth in graph lo language their
reasons for fueling that ils BOOflpI
niii'i* would be fir the best (br nil
who would in auy way be Influenced by ihe decision of the union
either for or against.
After a oareful study of the preposition uml (In* li'Mi-i- from Me.--ie.
Chile ami Smith, it was dsoldtd
to let ist aoorpianoe »r re otinb
be determined by a sennit bull..',
Unit every man might cast bis vol.-
nn lie saw lit,and nil tiny Thursday,
vtn. taken up with balloting the re-
anlt of which wus anxiously awaited by inmiy. In the two months
of inactivity Rossi. I h.nl b.-. n
enabled to see to some extent the
eta.oiitinn lulur trouble would bring tu
s mining cimp, uml lhe ihutd-iwn her.
had ulready seemed tu reach far beyond
tbe .iiniiit-iliBli- vicinity. Alremly Ihe
n..il. market and business it general
had laegun to frel thu depression, there
toro tho lesult ol the ballot was
Sigerly ti waited, anxiety as to the nsol
ihu*ing ilBtlf iu (he u, i-  of many.
The dens "ii nf tin-in i ni, a lien ail-
uouueed, carried liuspeakahle lelie', lln
iiiembfis lairly tdn.uiiiig ll.eii.celves
lo.ii.-e In their m.i' u*i i-m ii il
relief that the Ihreatciu-.l struggle 1. d
been warded idP The ii'liens recite.,
the news wilh hr..rty r, juicing! and ox*
pre te 1 the greaieil pleasure a', lhe hap.
py teiii.iniiii.ui.
A 11 .aid ol Trade meeting wn called
as soon it- lhe reaullul tbe halloiing wa>
made known and an ..ili.-iil iltteinem
ol Ibe end of the trmihle wai iclegr.iiihrti
lo the Aisocialetl Press.
Trouble has laeen BVrrlcd and there i
now promise of _rv.it uiining aciiviii
throughout the cimp. Tbe manage
menu ul lhe Urge mines bave pretlicltd
that full; 1'.500 in. n will he eu.p'uye.1 in
the camp by next winter. Men will
now lie put on in loon ll contra -li cm
he 1st and the lores increased at. tasl ss
possible, lhe mines to be woiked to lln-
lull cjpi.:iiy t| tlie uiu'ltiiieiy Ibatta
now being instilled.
llucb credit is due I.tbor t'ooiissionei
R. C. Clute and Mr, B llpb .-.uith. Pres.
ol lb. D .minion Irsdsa ami Labor Coa*
grril, (or lite ini.r.s   they  In.vu  malii-
icitrd iu th. M'i'l uuom ol ths trouble
and tha hard woik ihey have put lu iu
bring ii1 ...ii harmonious uuderilaudiig.
Boih ol iheie gi'iitisuie i bars 'wen tireless In their t Kuril to create belter Is. I
lugs mil end Ilie ii.uibl.*, ind have w <n
lh. respect ii mil as i.-ulldence of all
Men are already >>sing pu' in al the
large Uaiuis aud it is expected hy Mm
day tbat ll.io.s Mill be gstsg lull Lint.
TBAlirts AND LABOR i'i.I'mch. Ulflllviry
■ii'uml anil f.niHIt Titrsd.it is nth ttiul.tli it
"iju p.i... ii aluirs' luioB Hall. Ci W. Wllssi,
hit ;   loll,i MCI,alt., Pre..
AKI'l-iNTKU-i .1 JiiINIIRS I'NIOV -Meets
rvrry I'llilar o( lich WHk l. 7;.l- p ni. iu
Mine.a' I'nion Hall. )> K Mt.-Ua.aild, Prra;
A J Mcllou'il, k*c
.MINHUS' UNION No j',, Wtlttra Fe.lsnllBB
ol Miaen.   MciTs ivtry Wrtlneaday ivlBlagat j
7 ie o'clock iii Miners' r-iinu mil.   JibiSi
Jltvinr. Sre; A I. in niton, I irs.
TVPOORRPli] Al.   UNION •-.'•> MS-Meill on
Ihr last Sunday ul rat i ttiiislli .1 llie  Mitirt
Ui.luB Hull   J 1'H.ukdull, -nc.ci.uv. Ill l'aal',
.tlrtt Ilie ti,! Bin,I lliinl Tur-tl.v of rath
I'lotill. It • p IB In Hi ...l.t « U.U I'OBoBJM
I S Kuliiholt.   ITisl.linl. Williiuil  Culs.   *-r\r-
COOKI * WA1TKR9 I'NION, Nor. W I. I- ,
ftltetft t-vfiy r-.auntl«>   m-uuig   al Jt *,-■  ocloik
ill   MlO-MS    UlllOll   Ilttll.      I'd  id-\   41.      I'aul |
joffber, See; (korft QHoni-ihtra  Pin
Now tlint ll is universally ncknnr, le.lKt'tl
lhal   my   patent appliance!   pu.iliirly
Cures Rupture
inul are guaranteed to give
.   .1, .J......  "■!    .!-
Dyeing and Cleaning Works.
Ofprftilt Ifarlla Brttfctrs.
I c-B ctft-  or --• auYi_uiK I" ladies' aad
g* tiiirmrn h wtj«r.
TlUt' ll
."*  hi a tall a--'.1 at c_a
Tilt la leal iwv1- -*-■ ■»*--    '•'"y-l"l_l_" '•*"
I #•■ atiif Mt tO f nafaiitar  tht   jn.-n.^*   Beth -'
1 ail eriti-**    vv i - •• || |1 «■ i i ■-- '.i; at *    - .**i
' ta any iddrtll
Industrial World
<;... (hrir I'reiciiptioni
Kl I-hI bv ths
Rossland Drug Gx
.Mitasrja^-mkosrusa      Is the mec|ium
KOSSLAND DS0O CO.     B g ITSOXO, Ml.     by  Wi'lichtlie
Col imhil Aviuii., next   tbe  Bj.i  Tun.       J
Kossland Hold.
("in. Wki.Urs ind   Imported  Clg.n
reaches the
Jerrr Sprllmin. Piopriilor.
Cor.SfWksniStrs.t.ndColomM. Ave.   atld   the
That mr Teas -tvl i*«Siwia»rihrCIIO|CK-T
a*-M in RouUl ■!,   Y.h!*v   n '" n tr^i att«l   CO
f-e«»iT* Mtthed M h» •-    I   I   -I *-'.•!■   |    BCC
-*a«a-\ lekavr m  arUrl.- fi u">ia«al  inert   _-, « .-.    |( n/**iM     -10
Vmi still li'Llit Int.    .....twarc fire" away   ^« w v»     '
t<> .lie-loliiri-.
Pacifc Tea Co.
At  ill   meeliiig Thurnlsy night tht
l*..ai 1 <d Tiide iiTiiltird  Uassrs, Cluli j
and l-mitb a vole ul ihanki Iur the ■• '•
lislmce Ihey lul   III..In..I   iu BttlllS|
ths labor In uble.
At Aberdeen seven hundred j iners
hare struck work agonist . i i i -n ol I
wages (rom S\.I. |a*r hour lo Sd.   Thr- s
flinii liitve yielded 10 the men, but the,
I'. npb.yei 'a Asloristlon have decided lo
etilnr.e lhe rr.lui lion uni.   in  l.ldillon, j
rssolred not lu mr     n*i.iu lor a month.
W. F. M. Ne.il. Ihe shoe dialer, bar
placid on his bargain counter some
snips in lul re,sun's sly-i nl lultr.'
. Illold Till, in bin s,t ho, olale.ltil III',
wh.eli will I.;, closed out at one In it
pries and less. Come early snd get
llr«l choice.
LAM, in: II8TBY nl I'lUK.
V111..11M. li. (M'ist Marsh, 1000
the mailer of an application lor a Ihipl.
cil.   of  .  (eiiili. ale >.t Tide (o  Lois,
tldrly-nne   r'l)  and    Ibirly-two   (88),
Block tweet] (90), Rsllwsi Addition to
lioeiland (Map (il(ii.    Notice is hereby ,
liven thai il Is my intention at the ex-|
pirallon id one month,  fmm  Ihe first|
publi.ation hereof, lo issue a duplicate
nl ibe it-it,fii-iii'- "I Title lo tbe above
lands issued to Cbsrlrs Van Ness anil .1.,
f. Walker, on the .Id day of May, 1 .'..;,
and numbered 8618b,
.-. V. WOKTION, Kegislrar (len'l.
Ml. (ienrge's Chiirib, on Karl uul
Kn.deniy siresi.. Berflesssl BiSOs.in
II a.m.  and   7::tllp.m.   Sunday School
at 8|S0 p.m.
Tb. Melh.slist Church, Washington
slreet, (lenrsr II. .Mor.len, l'»»t..r. BsT,
vices nt 11 n.m. and 7 :'.M p.m. Blbbsth
Bsniwl and Blots ('In', si l! :'lu p.m. Kp*
worth League ul CM., Monday at H pin
..I'..« 1 !:'i -.
Ile.iis, per lh  8 lo 7
llroomi, iBub  'iii..'..
Iltilter, prr Ih  it"
Baeon, bell, (mu lb        Kilo 17
Hulk Oil, per gal  •*>
lliseiiits, iBncy, per lb  18 l" l">
Obeesr, per lh  -ii
Cbocolnte. psr lh  40
t'.tcuB.iatr lin   35to-)tl
Corn meal, per I0!b rack   10
i'. (Tee, perlb    20 lo (HI
Crackers, sotlas, per Hi      lu.
Corn.i"*rcan .          I'-",-
Canned fruits, per can    86 to 88
Canneil peas, per can I'-'',;. '•"'
Canneil hems, per cull 1-".
Oodflsb, psr hih-k	
Dried fruit., per Ib . .   in i* •>•
balgl, per dm 88 U) 40
i-i. ui pei nsk I.--.
Qraaalaled ingsr, 141 I 00
Hams, per lb    ...
II        ..                ake .. -5
Imperial nu, ', gal. can .. tJDQ
Lard, 61b pall ... 88
I.ini,dry snsp, per bar '. led •
I Ivsrpool Silt, |.t  '-Ull. .aek... '«'
Macaroni, per II. ..     :
Molasses per gnl       7.") lo 11
[folS, per Ib  I".
K.lled oats, 1st Mill, ssck   ..   . 4'.
PIckleB, mixed, prr quart  20
I'.ire, per  lb  S
-•alt bacon, |>er Ih         12',
BsgO and tsplncs, IhlO, .1 Ibs. for 25
- ... k salt, per 5i.lbssck  78
-v-r .iiii*. per hall gal. lin  50 to 115
I'omntoes, |>er can  M
Teas, per Ib  35 lo «5
Tnliscro, per Ib   IK) to 1,88
Vinegar, per gal  80 to 68
WI eat inanns, pkgl, 20; hulk  perlb.
Ap| les.perlh  fi ind H
lleeli, perlb  2
Oauliflower  15
Celery, per bunch  10
Cabbage, per II,      2.', to 8
drapes, per basket  06
Lemons, per dn*  30, 35
Onions, per lb  3 lo 4
I'pars, per lh   10
l'olaloes, per HID lbs  1.15 to 1.60
Ks.li.hes, 8 bunches lor  J
Sipis.li, per lh  I
*-*e.t |aolstoes, per Ib   S
Tomat.B. s, per box   1 00
friends by
subscribing for
The Industrial
Subscription $2.00 per Year.
Advertising Rates Furnished
on Application.
I mv Ib the very sunt canes ..I li.fiuts,
Uhlid/.n end Adults, uu tiitttlcr lioa
bad tint may br .III tie ..
I will psv your fare both ways if ynu
can torOS the Hernia doan Ui uuy poll*
linn wi'li my
New Retainer on.
Whnt Our Leading Pbysiolaus Bay;
OttSW., December 80, ISSII.
I hare liitli h pli-BSiiir in Irsi.l.il.j |a
J. L. Aiii,.|r>...g's.."ib'.v ... tl.e ...rrhiu-
ic.,1 Ire.,' unlit ut ll.-rnia ,.r liup'tni
lie I as ve*v fin .-ess ully treated patienli
of mine rsnnlbg Hi age fmui - fea
nun i:,- lo (1(1 tears u' age. M >si t.l
tl.e-e palirulB ».!.' i llll. I.-.I Villi Vert
Isige unma.us-able Her ids, whioii
Isibd In l*e rein v.-d hv all .be lru-.es
nud.   The principle ol this patent sp-
ptiauce , i-ii.a to be p.. i.e . I'lie support iB dm . lid   ll.-illll-l    lie   Bent  uf ibe
lupturs only, snd can he m udpul ,ie.l i>.
r. ...oi a. euraHt'ly. 1 linheslU n.aly re •
oiiiiio ti.l Mr. Armstro. g lu tbecunfl •
eljli'ii . I lhe pn It ari an and die piibl,. .
I'kmiv P.WSIOBT, M.D.,
10^ I' gii. S rart.
Otttiwa. December 13. 1889
J   I.  Arni.tr in.'. I, o, . (Ills*.*:
Dear Si- : In mv p-Bciier I neOt'S'Srilj
Burl »i.li iniiiy i_ari,d Herull t-i Itnp-
tin.-.   I> dug ihr ps.i nineteen  tear, I
have hoi ••cca-iiil. |o tl-e Itll'.i r uf Instil
pill. Ml-. » |.l. ..r 11*11 . | resit'.* •.l.l.lf.e.
Imn* bell sn I spring lit.saea, v r... n •.
ItT-a'l-1...Toil.       I'    III   I    In--..,.....:. '•■.'
y-aiir |*b'.*i.'' app-iai. ■••« .'j -led hi
v..in— If, all have hrrn lillle Ii iter tb-i
•ta. I.-*. I v.l.ini nilv rn ininiT.il any
oue afflicted with lleiubi luapyl) lujtai
il tinea-, nml 1 have nn d-HI'.| II..! ever,
.*.■.,.    |-h'-i. itp,   us   I.e   '-r.-eii..,.
.t\ lie   .1   JTOUr     b ll   *     ..    I'll   a    repHltc,
aid al illy  >>■>- ...... >.l  vn In I.,. pa*
debts, A. A. IL Ml. K- .\, \|  Da
4.4 Allien .—*n,l.
McGonigle & Co.
Spokane street Grocers.
Miners' siipplics, Fruits, Cigars aiul Tobaccos, staple
and Fancy Grooeries. Etc:
Orders So'icilod 'Phone 188. And Oelivered
I'.nn.lir 15, lcd>f>.
I harr ranch p'ea'me  in >e..».».ri..|-
ing lo the sitmllini id the prof-eslun a
llrrilia s,<|>*Hirl.r, ihr invention >f J   L.
Aiiislri.ig.il Ihiscny.    A'i, r lei.ts'nl
liiali "I   .he i.i-.|iii......, I on sal II .!
Iha. i. is Il.r M.o-i i ||n o i.i liit-s ,.. lhe
|) .innioii.    As lagans in.ile >'l l|>| Ilea a
lion ai il remits ii siaii.is alone m this
.n.ll.liv. run silting the prill-iple ul
lixed Snppurt, I...I Ins y pi.-.-nrr in die
llrullln nl ul helms, VecglHXOlg as II
•Inei   t|,ut     .he   r..piiai.a.   iiiesBiiie   is
afl.i.le.l l.v die ws'.l   ol   'I'.-    .1.1 n.
Yuiirs uuy,     C. H 011URCH, M.D.
I hare the privilege ol referring yi*i
lo several ol the most reliable I .die.
. nnd by my sppli ,lur«, I... in.ling lhe
wife ul a proiiiiiieiit minister of thr
(i.),|.*l     wile   of   a  prnniinritt   l.iay.-r,
wivel      I    ' .1  • no i, h i-.'s   in I ,-li.eat, in
eluding a l-ll'V 88 YClks OLD, and
in...i.e. of iuih of ...ir most prominent
nteirh.nl*. These ladies base not worn
any support from one to four years, and
i.e -I ul them three tens.
Tcslimonlili (which fill ton much
Specs] in lie elli.iriiiy.il my appliance!,
BbofS all Others, lion, Ilie (..Mowing re*
sprelable residents ol Victoria, B. C,
L. ..... d.o re. R.q., Qnrrn'i  Msrkrl,
purveyor 10 II M.'s N..vy, corner liov-
eniuie.it and .I,dins,m BtrrstS) I: Hum-
Irsy, K-.| , C. K , 3 QoebsS Sireet; J. 0.
Elliott, S-eretary 11 aar.l nl Fire fuller-
writers; II. Mansell, I—q., merebanl,
118 (iovernment Htreel; J. (iiscumbe,
miner, l*'orl Hlreet.
I nil In at lit Allan lose
MARCH 19 & 20.
J. L. Armstrong, H.S.
ond Sewing Machines
Si a. Ituj n a-
i I    ilppl       -I iti k'll U far ItUi    Mrti'hiiu'H to runt
1 V  H»*t_  ii     .11 ll|| '1
IS Cnliiin'ii Av
lor & McQuarrie,
V<rnnn   /irf Af.'s n Phone /.V/.
snua, K'silmd, It. C.                                   Sole Agents.
G. W. McBride
Hardware  Miners' Supplies Stove and
Rmaes, Etc.. Etc.
mn conns tonpim. m
Grand Easter Discount Solo Njw  On
•, - i
M  t,'. No'.' y np-t ' Isle °a'U
llaia'a N .'aby u,> to date   • b-bb, a
110.00 ti .'4 UO
M   • '• X  h'.y e.p-to  I He I't , -
12 00*.. in 01
M. b'a N blajr np lo da!,' B?m«S
I . '.tack and ten, 8880 It l'vl-0
X, • WI,... ami Colored 8 Iris,
.*- (  ..n.  SUB i:.-i ni-. ,'toc. lolSnO
M ,.'• S,i ,ni arlgh; t'pderaear
In all irailr., |.W am,, fl 0,1.. 11.'-'
Me   '. II   I    L.IIS1 Mtbr,    t.'lKlti, H.T..
M    '  II   -    - stsoe'a, »•'. uJ
M. n's Mi. kiulushe—l(ain-|.ri»l
s.,.00 «. »i-'.'■'.
Men's Alps.a in I Slk Dllihl.llal
I i.i. i p.;....)
I   -*'•
r '••
Crescent Dry Goods S;
V & N Th .no 107
Columbia Ave.
international! Music Hall.
IVKKK (IK   ll'ltll. Ilm.
Au i nlir.-ly new   lll-lrrn company beatleil Ity Ihr plirnnnu nil t'-.n.ralm
Together wilh Tho>e C.ev.r Cornelia ua
and tilt, tilenied longstress. i
New Faonsl Now Paeesl X*tw Kajei!
and the old lavorites relsiiird.
Simpson and Jones
1      GROCERS.
A Complete Stork nf Orocerias always ou Hand.    Also s Full Lies
of Fatirj Evaiiotatod Kruita joit received from Cali/sriiia.
V. & N. Telephone w.    Second Ave, Opposite 0. P. E. Dspwl.


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