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Industrial World Feb 3, 1900

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TOL 1, NO. SO.
Devoted t,o the Interests of Organised Labor.       Kudorsed by the Trades nnd Labor Council.       Official Organ of District Union, No. 0, W. F. M.
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ED. WATSON*, Proprietor.
A sad sccideiit occurred to Mr.
I T. A. UtiSBett ut the I..• Roi minion Monday, which will probably
pntve fiit.il. By a misstep he foil
lliirly Iit-i ibiwii a abaft, fracturiug
, hi. buck in throe place*. Ho was
taken to theSintora' hoepilal, where
hu ia i,mile aa comfortable an he
«Hii be. but hia recovery hi very
doubtful. Mr. I lossi-ll bn- li .-ul.-.I
iu b'o.-Intul for some year*.
Ladies' all-wool underwent, the
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IfTru.lH nml Black Lints Are Allowable, So A re Sli ikon and Boycott..
A ii article iu the Arena, on strikes,
trusts, boycotts nnd black-lists, is
IdDd for thought ou the subject of
the r ghts nl" laborers us compared
with capitalista and labor organizations against capital eon,bines
there seem to bo some acts of a
laborer that are unquestionably his
right to commit if it seems to him
tola, to hisadvautagetodoso, while
ths tame act committed by a body
of lueu is questioned aud criticised.
If a man beOOSM dissatisfied with
hiS work, wuges or treatuie.it, his
right to quit is not questioned, but
if Under like conditions several be
I'oine dissatisfied and leave at tho
same time, a cry of "conspiracy" is
inland against thorn. This word}
conspiracy, which formerly meant
simply working together, or CO-
opcruljoii, has now come to menu
criminal combine or working together to the injury of another or
others. It seems lhal if au act is
criminal when committed by an
association or combiuuliou of uieu
it must bo iii'lnw I'ul ami wrong iu
itself. But if it is nut wrong when
•-.mi in in,-,] by one individual il cun
n it be wrong -.then'committed by a
bul.y of inc..
, it Is simply suicidal for nn intli-
tfiluul lo ilcmaud a change iu be.
ci'.iililiou. while ay til-maud In in st
combined force 11 uioii is oi'ieii
"llitve men the right lo form
ibeuiselves into union*" is the
problem, aud the answer can easily
be ,1,'In. i. .1 11.un r-peuoor's "1'riu-
ciple of Equal Freedom," which
asserts that "evety iuuu ha. freedom
lo do all ihai be wills, provided be
in li i uge not the i qual freedom of
any other man."
Now. a labor union ia nn unso-
ciHliou   of   mou   engaged   iu    the
-.line ooeup.iliiiu  t,|   i IUilile  till-Ill   to
treat with their employers eolleo
tiu'iy in-if.,,i of Individually, This,
iu Us, ll. ia nut invasive of (he rights
uf others. So lung nn labor uiiiiiua
itinline ih. in-.-li. - to nou-uvasive
uction, they niive a perfect right to
existence. luvasion uecessHiily iiu-
I lies notion. A tel,,-al to work for
another man .■annul by any BIOS IIS
be considered au iuvasiou of Iiih
liberty. Neither can the agnciiii-nt
of thu luembers'of a union uol lo
work for any particular man Ik,
considered wrong, yet this is practically all that constitutes a -ii ike.
Violence and aggression may gruw
out of a strike, and these a. e wrong.
Ihii the strike Us. ll is purely a
question ol passive resistance and
is usually much mure ell, ctive wheu
unucco.npiiiiieil with violence. The
right of men to strike ia but a deduction from the right uf men to
I.live (heir employers, ami (Ilia
right is the only thing Hint separate*
the wage system from slavery.
Nearly every couutry of ibe civilized woibI has iu lis lawn some
clause ggaiuel strikes. Hut this
right to refuse to work for au individual or company in by slow degrees beginning to bo recognized h»
a right uf tho laboring classes and
the backbone of their nrgauiziifiuii.
It is un impurtu.it victory, because
it is a victory for freedom,  'losay
1 li.ll ll hod,   of   nn'I. III.IV  nol lof.me
to work fur certain employers is to
compel Uo ... to woik f-ir those
I'liiplnyccn and is the greatest viola*
tioii of ftceiloni conceivable. Il is
prucl it-ally slavery.
The qtieatiun ol boycott is exactly
s.l.ill.il        ll il  ill,,li   lias   a
have nothing to do witb that employer. He furthermore has the
right to persuade others to have
nothing to do with this man. It Is
one of the fundamental principles
of organized labor. If a manufacturer employs non-union kelp, union
men will not buy his goods. This
is the light of a man to do what he
will with his own. To deny a
man the privilege of refusing to buy
goods from another is to compel hint
to buy those goods, au,' to prohibit
him from refusing to work with
non-union men is to compel him to
work against his will.
The capitalist claims that he has
an inalienable right to sell his goods,
aud the laborer, with equal force,
claims be has an inalienable right
to refuse to purchase the productions of ibis capitalist. Both are
Everyone has a right to sell anything that be ban, provided he cau
tint! a purchaser, but it is the
height of tyranny to try to create
oue by law. To say that a man may
not refuse to purcl.nse whatever he
does not wish to buy  is to compel
It Is a BeneAcient aud Just Law —
Ought to Be Retained.
Kilitor Industrial World.
Sir: In Saturday's Reeoid there
appears a communication commenting upon the resolutions sent
by the different onions of tbe Weaten. Federation of Miners, In British
Columbia, to the Provincial government, protesting against the repeal
of the eight-hour law, io which on
invidious comparison ia drown between tbat document and Ihe One
presented by tbe miue owners'
The latter, we are toll, did not
question the honest;, or good intentions of the miners in any particular, but calmly atated the reasons,
ou legal nnd economic grounds,
why the eight-hour law should be
repealed,   aud   au   adjustment   of
him lo piirt'h.ise thiil which he dm-,   these   matters   be   I
not want, and this is iu direct violation of every principle of freedom.
But the capita list sins if laborers
cau organize unions so inn they,
only they oall them trusts. If oue
man may try to sell his goods at
the highest price be cau get for
them, a number of men uiuy eo
iiptiaic to do tho -aine thing.
Again, if (lie laborer may boycott
a iiianul'ael urer or suppli r, refusiug
to buy bis g" ds, the manufacturer
■nay refuse tu hire any man or clu.ss
of lueu he doc* nut wish lu employ,
and so establish the blacklist.
Thus we have the union ami the
trust, Ihu boycott uml thu blacklist,
so similar lhat it is impossible to
deal with oue without deal,og with
Ihe other. And we act) b ,ck where
we   beguu.      \\ lint    we all want   is
rely to
private coutract.
In reply to this it would bo pertinent to ask the writer if the government exercises o right to look
after the safety of life and limb,
would it be inconsistent to extend
the same care to tbe health of the
'•'he eight-hour Isw is simply an
extension of this principle, hocked
up by the well recognized precedent
hastening legislation along these
lines. ..        i
The unions, the writer further
soys, seeks to convey In Iheir rese>
bilious, that the mine owner* ore
seeking the miners' degradation,
socially and otherwise.
No doubt the mine owners have
not that special object in view.
But would nut a compliance  with
true  interpretation   of   "equal j *•* "'I"15"1 have that result?   Ia
freed.mi," ami when we find this
aid live by it there will lie uo more
mjiislK c, no mine aulagnliisiu snd
uo more tyrauny on either side, but
we will live and let live.
it not o fact that iguoraaoe aud
degradatiou iu soy civilised community is invariably accompanied
by bug hours of laboi?
Again, the writer aoys, there are
partly developed mine* that
have uot reached the sbippiug stage
that aro positively hindered by the
eight-hour law. If thia be the
motive for demanding the repeal of
the eight-hour law, why does nearly
all the opposition come from tbe
owners controlling dividend-paying mines? Aud if the statement
was I..muled ou facts, that should
not militate against the retention
of this law. The emancipation
procla.UHliou uf Abraham Lincoln
injured financially many comparatively in in.cell I per oils. Did that
f.ui justify the continuation of
slavery? Further, he says that
wheu a mining iuvostuioul proves ,t
failure, the investor loses hi*
money, most of which has goue iu
miners' wuges.    If ho attempts to
Sprelal lo in,<n.i,<,i Wo,i.l.
Kaniii'N, Jon. HO, IH0O.—Another
carl, ad uf ...en arrived iu -Smilon
yesieiday morning at 7 o'clock.
They were b.ought in for thu Payue
mine. Th. re w, re twenty-three iu
the lot, but live refuse I to goto
work after tho labor situation in
the Sltsan was explained to them.
These swore lo nu allidavit as to
how they were employed, where
they were from aud by whom they
w, re engaged.
They are all American citizens
from llibbing, Minn,, and were
employed bv Messrs. W. A. Wilglit
aud flout. 1) >ylc,  who in a clerk or
runner for lintel KhbIo. Their fats!reduce wages below the standard
was paid by Mr. S right, who also the union calls a halt. Host does
made arrangements with the ens-1 the writer recoucile this siatemeut
loins' officials,  so  that ibey  were | with   tbe  loriner  one,  that  these
mutters  should be  left  to  private
iieilher quarantined nor examined
iu Buy way. lliey were made lo
believe there was no trouble iu the
district, and were hired to work in
the mine, although they were uot
miners, fur which they were to
receive $3.00 per day until the lirst
of April, wheu (hey were to receive
$H.'25 per day.
contract? He also says there is uo
opportunity for iullatiou ou developed mines because th, ii value is
based upou the ore iu sight, buildings, equipment, etc., aud that can
be determined as closely as the
value of so many bushels of wl.oat.
Does anyone acquaiuied with
miue  mai.iptilati .ns  believe   that
F. A. Wood of the Last Chancel
mine is still iu Minnesota round.ug'tbe vtt|ue placed upou developed
up men and has somu already on-!mjaes depends exclusively upon
gaged. Another carload iaoxpo. tod 'the ore iu sight, buildings, ma-
to arrive at auy limo. chiuery, etc.?   Is there no pruepec
Tho live men who refused to go tivo value? Is there no other
10 work under existing conditions U)t.H|1, by which deception cou bo
aro at Kaslo, where they aro cared exercised? Does not the argument
for by members, if the turners' union.  jD that rosolutiou apply to other so
! well aa  developed   mines?  We are
f    No action has thus far been doue u>ld that the question as to whether
right to in regard to the repool of the eight-  _*^^_^, . «^_^^.„
an employer he has a right to nou |gW| I Continued on fourth Page, TIIK   INDUSTRIAL   WORLD,    FEBRUARY    3,    1000.
«,.....  l     lent!,-..
Publishes al No ii, Washlnflon alrect, Koaalaud.
lu the Interest ol organl.ed labor In llilli.h
A matter linn just been brought
to our attention by some of the busi.
ness men of Rosslnnd that should
receive careful consideration, from
all truly loyal union men, aud is a
subject to which wo feel sure ths majority  of those violating it   have
«        i.     r   .   .   Editor and Mauiger;rf*ev,,r,e?ivou wtioxn thought. These
merchants   claim   (hat   there  is   a
ottice at Miners' I'uitin Hull.
sisSscsfrTion katks
Piyibte invirllbly in Ad.'unce.
Oar year '. Ji to
Sli Moalhi  I jj
T»rs. Houilis ".      7^
Aildreai ill CDnnuunlciliotis lolhe  lntluslrlal
World, ru.l.rtxe Boi jjB, K.-liu.l. 1. C,
The itnliisit i.l World Is tor s.li lu Uoaalind In
Ihe Ki.lfn Ciz.r Store; Sluipson'. New. Stand;
H. S. Wlllice's ititionery .tore; Post OSlce
New. Stand; l.inlou lit,,, . st.tlourty Store
Birr'. Cigar Store aud by uewaboya.
All checks may he made payable to
th* Manager or Ihe Secretary o( the
Minera' Uuion.
Tho*. who desires chant', in their
•dverlieement.should have the copy (or
th* nine at Ihii cilice not later than
lb* evening before publication day.
greater demand for Hweat-nhop and
non-union manufactured clothing,
footwear, and other commodities,
than iiii-oii-iiuiile goods, chiefly because of the dilVei ciifo in cost. Thin
is certainly not as it should be
uniting a class of moil struggling for
social freedom and who have
pledged themselves to lend their
support to unionism. Every time
a union man buys an urticle produced by one of these non-union
or nuti union manufacturers, he
literally forges oue more link in
(hut chain which binds the
laborer to the heel of slavery,
and is uot only depriving union
labor of his support, but ho is assisting in tho degiadntioti of the
poor deluded mortals who art-
working for starvation wages to
produce Ihe cheap article ho de
mauds, uml udds another coin to the
wealth of the human vulture who
employs this cheap labor. And yet
we liavo no right to oiitiiise or
condemn either the manufacturer
or workman, as long an there in
a demand for sweatshop and DOS-
union made goods there must bo u
supply, and the consumer of these
goods alone cun  be justly blaiuetl
The unions liuve established a
scale of wago in every locality
which is supposed to bo suflicieut
to enable its members to live in
ooinpiiiutivc comfort, and it in expected that each lecipieut of Ihe
benefit* derived from this unionism
will assist bv his moral support, at
least, in building up the strength of
the system by which he is aided.
We must admit that we had never
considered this question severely
before, notwithstanding the flgitu-
lion that lias been g "iiig ou iu nth, r
section,, for some time in regard to
Ilie union label, but now lhal it
has been called to our attention,
each aud every oue of us should
begin, uot only to deninnd union-
made goods, but should insist thai
the 1 nilni lube) is on them iu p.ool
of their geiiuiiineHS.
Few ineu desiro to be considered
fanatics or cranks, but il is better
to be either of these thau a hypocrite. If we are going to be uuion
men and pretend i>> support oigit-
ni/eil labor, let us do it wholeheartedly nnd with au honesty of
pin pose that will nut leave those
loopholes whereby those on the
outside find just reason and cause
lo criticise and condemn us.
The evening paper has left no'pAPITAL
doubt iu the minds of (ho citizens
of Kossland, since its issue of Jan-
nary 27, as to its ail inula toward
organized labor, having clearly
established itself as the organ of
capital and anti-uiiioti promoters.
It lias left but uno-point in doubt,
namely, the powers behind tho
throne, and even this is not
entirely beyond tho knowledge of
the public. Iu the case of two of
the backers of Ihe plant, we wonder
lliey do not at once make their
names known, ns they have at least
always been fearless advocates of
capital and combines, but in thu
case of the third this concealment
of his true position in in perfect
accord with all tho acts by which
be is known. Accustomed as he
ononis always to have beeii to lending a dual life, we should naturally
expect him lo continue to support
one cause while pict ■,tiling perfect
frieiidlinsss to the other. We prophesy, however, that be will uot
always be able to throw dust in the
eyes ol the public or disguise bis
true position, but sooner or later
must stand revealed.
8ATUKD4.Y. FKRBUAKY 3, 1900.
We publish hi this issue of the
Votes a letter from Mayor Good-"
eve containing his explanation for
not signing (he petition in regard
to the repeal of the eight-hour law,
which  was   circulated   among" the
business men of Rosslaud some two
weeks ago, nnd to which the house
of Goodcve Bros, was reported to
have refused its signature. Mr.
<Joodeve   claims   that    "consider-
oble capital is being made out of
hia refnsnl to sign the meniorinl in
fsvor Of the eight-hour law, and
that on these grounds those opposed to'tiim are ifnikiug an attempt
to bovoott his place of business."
That there is some feeling iu ihe
refund  of the chit/   magistral.- to
sign  o petition   so evidently   (he
desire of tbe mass of his supporters,
or tbat tbe/*ihould express their
wonderment, is not so Very strange,
and his excuses for not assisting in
the support  of a measure which
stands *o plainly as the desire of
the people', are to us both flimsy
and insufficient.   The only reason
for a man "not signing that petition
of tbe business men of Rosslond is
that he does not believe iu it.
Mr. (ioorleve ssys he felt it his
duty to remain in an absolutely
neutral position, which is a position
we fail to see how any public man
can hold iu so important and public
a question. It is a question Hint
must needs claim every man having
on Interest iu the welfare and
prosperity of the Province on either
one side or the other. There is no
neutral ground. Every man who
has reached the years of under-
Standing, und has considered the
question st nil, is either for or
against it, and the people of Ross-
laiul, one of the camps most vitally
interested in the support i-f tho
law, are justified in expecting tho
chief magistrate of (he city to drop
down on one side of the fence.
We Would like to ask what (I I
fullest extent of (he iiiftueuce of
Mr.(loodeve'nofficial position would
be for settling tho trouble "should
the 1111I..1 lunate condition arise
which was set forth iu the preamble
to that petition?" Would he count
more than one in Milling any dispute? Hn consideration of thnt wise
old saw, "An ounce of preventative
is belter than a pound of cure," it
seems that it would be wiser for
every man to uSe his influence
for what it is worth to prevent
strife rattier than stand quietly by-
till wor is declared before taking a
stand.' •
As to the boyootf of his place of
bueln&s, Mr. Ooodeve's letter is the "pem** and tb» special coach to
first intimation we have had that carr.v tne meD to Enterprise land-
such a'movS was contemplated. As iDB"' T1,e company has not even
0 class, organized labor in Rosslnnd the Bmft11 satisfaction of having re-
has no desire to Injure anybody, i tained the baggage of the men, this
They simply ask justice, and will, Mn& I**-* ()Vor to t,lom bv ,,le
Uve pretty much to their golden otaSmbOSI officials at Silverton.
rule, "doing unto others as others Never   lIlinll!   T,,e   dancera   must
Advertise    in   the    Industhiai.
Would. It reaches the labor people.
The "Rosslaud Rifles" are talking
somo sort of entertainment or ball
to add u mite to the Mansion Uousu
At the meeting of the cily council
(his week it was decided to accede-
to tho recommendations ofjpi^
board of works and employ a. city
engin. er as SOOll as one can\ be
In a tirade against the IisntsTRiAi
World, the local evening paper
concludes bf saying that "nothing
will bo gained on cither side by
questioning the honesty and sincerity of nn opponent or calling
bad names." Thin is another form
only of saying to others, "Do as 1
say, not as I do."
The petition ol District Union,
No. 6. representing tho Western
Federation uf Miners, which comprises eleven unions, with a membership of ,1,000 strong; was presented in the house of Provincial
parliament bv the Hun. Mr. Greeno,
of Kaslo, on January -Villi. It in a
monster protest against any inter
fcrence with the eight-hour law, us
it now stands, and should carry
somo weight with it.
The Enterprise Mining Company
nre losers by their venture to the
tune of something like $1,000. The
men gave their personal notes for
transportation when Ibey engaged,
and this was advanced by the company, who must loose it. In addition to* this were some incidental
A movement is on foot to arm
and equip a troop of fifty men for
service in South Africa. Tho suggestion cainefrom Hon. C. 11 Mackintosh und sit ins to have lueu well
The cntcilain ut st the Inter
nuti,a.ul    music   hall   next   wcwk
,-iT.nn es to be the last yet.    M   -1
uf the obi oompan* of artists win
be   retained  and  some new   stars
A new map ef the cily has jusl
been issued by Mr, (!. K. Simpson
ib-aiigbi-.iii.iu   of   Rowland.     Tho
''We hoar a groat dual, nowadays," says the New Denver Ledge,
"about thu great damage that the
labor I rouble in the Slocuu has done
In the way of preventing capital
from coming into the camp. It is
true that capital does not care to
do anything wheu the blb.tr question is unsettled, but this inertia is
only temporary, (then -putters
are amicably adjusted capital will
come in freely, if the African wnr
does not interfere with its flow.
Capital is too greedy to stay away
from a rich lunch like ths Slocan.
Kven ns it is, ill iroca pilal bun been
attracted to tho Sloeuu thin yeur
than ut any time iu its history.
Tyro companies with more than
$50,000,000 at their buck are now
operntii g in this section of the
country, ami they do not say a
word against paying $8.60 for eight-
hour shifts. This will be startling
news to thu many enrpors who sit
with their hands crossed nnd sputter blue ruin from the hollo,,, ol
their rotten souls. The Odour
d'Aleues, in Idaho, bad a much
more surious labor troub'o than we
have had in the Slocan, and thin
is how W0 find in;,Iters over there:
During the first half of is.)'.), the
value of dm umoots filed for record
iu tho Coeur d'Alene district
amounted to s.'.s,; iv.8.84, nnd lor
the last half 11,486,703 So. The
increase over 1(98 was over 200
per cent. If Idaho can show such
it recto tl after its recent experience
with dyilffmite, bull pens and martial law. win re will lb,- slocan l>,-
at when the present bloodless eon-
lent ion has In conic oi ly a memory?
Echo uuswers, 'Out of sight and
still a'cliiubiug' "
Subset lb,- lor tho INIU'STRIAI.
WOULD and  support the   cause of
org.un.'.- d labor.
P. Burns & Co.
. Wholesale Markets.
Rosslaud, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revebtoke, Greenwood,
Grand Forks and Vancouver, .   .
t It ETA Ifi   MARKETS—"oxsland.  Trail.   Nelsen,   Ymlr. ■
♦ Ka.lo, Snndon. New Denver.   Silverton,  Crsoade City, Sraad • -
♦ Forks,(irecuwood,   l'hoenix, Midway, Camp MeKiunej,   Revel. . .
•e stoke, Ferguson and V  ncouver
1      jFish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of a'.l Kinds. ;•
t \*        William Ponald Manager Ko sland Branch '..
♦♦+»♦+♦+♦♦♦ t-m ■»♦* *■++♦■» »♦■» ♦+♦♦+.>+♦♦+♦♦♦•» v-i-e MHMsli
Mayoralty Contest
MR   II.Vlil.Kli'S HE \RING.
The hearing >>f Win. Ilagler. sec
rotary trf theml iwV uniuu, nt Bun-
dim, was held at Sandon Kri.l.iy,
-till. January. F. L. Christie up-
pCA'Od lor the prosecution nnd W.
A. Mucdmahl for (he defembl, t
Mr. Hand wits the first witic 8
culled, uml under tho giblincu of
Mr. I'luistie, brought out a st iry
iii the prodi-dings of the evening
ol the   llib.   when   the   unlawful
AL J. O'Hearn
Our Grand Clearance Sale started on th* 8th
and will continue till tho 1st Feb.   We will
sell all goods regardless of prices.
Men's Tweed Suits from  $3.7B up
Men's Overcoats from  6.79 Up
Men's Irish Freize Overcoats from  6.25 up
Men's U mlerwcar per suit, from  1.00 up
All Goods to be Slnughtcrcd till 1st Feb.
Call early and secure first choice.
Columbia Av. and Lincoln St.
map  shows  the original tuwnsito,  "l|iS*',lll,1.v'!'PUII>01 "t«l to have taken
the Railway, Paris Belle, Nob Hil ,
Durham and Nickle I'lnte additions, and shows all buildings and
i esi.l. n.es. except shacks and cabins
iiiilis. i iiiuiiately placed.
Ktlllor in,bolt al Wo, 1.1.
Sir: 1 understand that some capital is being in.nlc out of luy refusal
to sign the memorial to the Provincial government in favor of the
eight hour law, and that an attempt has been made by those who
aro opposed to in. to boycott my
place ol business on this ground.
I refused to sign this petition,
not because I was opposed to tho
eight-hour law. but because I felt it
my duty to rnmaiu in an absolutely
neutral position, so that should the
unI'm tuuate condition nrise which
was set forth in the preamble to
thai petition, I would be able to
,,-e to the fullest extent any influence that my official position might
give me to assist in a fair adjustment of the same.
I may sny that jus* a short time
before I refused to allow any nun
ing companies witb which I was
connected to sign the memoria
presented by the mine owners' association to the Provincial government on the same subject. The
Kenneth (Tamar&c) Mining Company, of which I am tbe president,
operating in Ymir during the past
two years witb a force of from ten
to twenty men, was urged to sign
it, but I instructed the secretary
not to do bo.
I think that with the namo fair
discussion between miners and miue
owners, nnd a willingness on the
part of both to meet each other in
a spirit of fairnese, I do not see
I l.i.--- 'I he inteiilioii of his evidence was lo prove that Hngler u-ed
abusive and threatening language.
both to himself and others present.
Cross exunined by Mr. Mneilonald
he acknowledged that be was
armed bini-df and that he saw no
armed poisons in tho party which
accompanied Mr. Huglur, and that
o„t-nl.• of being violently aim he
tbe language was uot t In eatenitig.
After hearing further evidence,
Magistrate Lilly.roservod l.i- decision till the following Saturday,
when he committed the licensed for
trial, wbii li will probably be In Id
at Nelson in May.
>57" P. S.—All Rubber Goods to be sold at cost.
Mainland and British Lion Cigars
Strlcily First-* las* Union ' Igar. n  [
Manufactured by Win. Lirtjea.   faocoutrr.  B. C.
'■i|i'     ■ ■»■
niesN (he discontented men! They
have hi.,/.-. I the pathway of civilization. They are the salt of the earth.
Poets sing of tbe joys of contentment, and the human heart yenrns
for peace and quiet and a home fur
the bidy null soul, but the hope of
the world is in the ceaseless nctive
throng, never resting, never satisfied, hoping lor and demand ng
something different, better. Their
homes dn not drcty. They keep ,
. olive the noble aspirations of a race. I
They aro leaders. Nothing is right
simply because of precedents. The
discontent- 1 mou abhor precedents.
They make then Discouteiit is
nctive; conteut.ne.it is passive.
Bless the discontented men.—Liberal (Mo.) Enterprise.
do unto them,"
expect to pay the fiddler.
Mnny ol the subscriptions to the
Iniu stiuai. Woui.o ore  now overdue sud should be paid at once.
All those who are delinquent nre
requested to leave the amount of
their  subscription  nt tho offlco or
any reason why the harmony ex-1 aeud to us ns soon  as convenient,
isting at present in  this district J Money is always in demand in the
should  not   continue   indefinitely,  newspaper busbies*, and we are no
A. 8. Uoobevk, Mayor.      exception to the rule.
DURING the past year our
business has incrcaied
rapidly, which fact in itself speaks favorably of
the treatment our many
patrons have received from ui Our.
aim is lo make this year very much
better. Von will find ui in the front
with a full line of Staple and Fancy
Groceries, Teas, Coffees, Biscuits
and Confectionery, Jams and Jellies,
Canned   Fish,   Meats,   Vegetables,
Etc Voin orders receive our
prompt attention.
124 Esst Columbia Ave.
^^^fls^^ffa^r^ THE   LNUUSPKIAL   WORLD, FEBRUAJEtY   3,    1S00-
An early closing law hsi bien pissed
In Toronto, bat sums anxiety has bean
•xpres**d that' the enforcement of the
law will not be easily oarrled oat.
Two new unions hive recently been
organised in Kris, Pa., tbe garment
workers anl tbe milk lervera. Tbe
latter started witb a charter membership of forty.
The London Printers' loclaty, tbe
itroogeit local organlntlon in the
world, v.ited in insy oat ol its treasury
to help elect n vjral o( ita uieuiberi on
the .Socialist ticket.
Tb* Socialists of I) tnniark are trying
to push a bill thrtiiuh the leKlilature
which will enable niuuicipalitiea tn loan
money ia order la construct dwellings
lor worklngmen when necewary.
Tbe Allied I'rlntlns Trade! council of
Naw York has succeeded In ahuliahimi
tbe priming Bid (holo-n pitying in
penal inalituiiuna. Their ttual victory
waa in .inning Coventor Kooievelt as
tbeir champion.
Tb* Electric Workers' union of Cleve-
land, Oblo, have * Kreater number el
taair local criluuen in their local uuion
than any other building tra is in the
city, with tbe ex option ul the plumbers
and posiihlv th* 1,there.
Vice Chsncellor Keid ol New Jersey
has rel isesl to grant an injaaetion retraining ilrikari from inducing man to
quit or refuse employment. He holds
that such linkers a,„ aeiing within
Ib.ir righla so long as th*y do not employ coercion.
Jackson, T*nn., has eight healthy
1st or unions, including hollar makers,
■ua Inning, printer*, carpenters, palm-
era, iren roiulden, retail cleraa aud
laundry Work.rs, h .aides lb. leveral
railroaliirganisiiio.il. Two yean ago
there wire but two uuioua io Jackson.
Eighty ..ix unloni io Greater New
York have indorsed tb* bill lor local
option in methods of taxation, thei*
ind .rs.iueoli are In lh* I.amis of Ihe
com .tulle, ap.-oiuli-d by ll -v. It HMev.lt
to re vis. lb. MS laws, .litcl, wdl make
iu rep ,ri tu th. UglsUiur. ibis uiouib.
Th* paint,is, caiprnlers, leather
weikrrs aud lit. allied piiuting trade*
ol Dmaha all lettirt-d au nicre.i. uf
wage, during >h. yuar, and siih but
llllle Io*S. Allogelher lh. cua. ii iu a
Sappy naie, and tbe prmpeul* lor th.
.Tomig y«ar ul lh* uiuelMOtii century
■i. bright.
A garment  workers' anion  has  I, en
organised io I bin.l.i by Al.xaudrr Kent,.
a delegate  Iroai  lb*   United l>«r., ...i
Workers of Au. erica, aud l'lesld.at Jo*. '
ol   lb*    llnuiliou   Trade*   and   Labor
• ooiicil       Mr.tr i. li tall, n A  Co ,   lh.|
largest duelers in Ibe place, kav. prom
iwd to supp .rt lb. inovriufi.l and lu ua.
lbs union label ju ll.eir iluilnng.
II lh* aiines of tbls Province cannot'
b* worked under tb* present aysteni of■
affairs the gore, umeul  had   baiter  run
litem and atop Ibis couitaot bowl about
foreign  capital,  m ■ the  N   »   li,...v.r.
i-edge.   Th* a.ountalniiu tn. list place
belong le lb* masaei, and si ns boi
le-atou why lliey should uot get Ib. profit
insUMd   ol   allowing   it  tu   go   to   th.,
pol-losl led  altars iu   Kjrup. «r   other
Miners, mine laborer! and mill men
sre hereby notified tbat tbe labor trim
blei in Welt Kootenay are not yet settled, all reports to the contrary notwith.
Stay away Irom theSsndon,Silverton,
Whitewater, Nelson, and Ymir districts
until official announcement li limed
through ihe preei of a final lettlement
bv tbe District Board ol tbe Western
Federation of Miners.
By order of the
ExscimvB Comuittib
ol the District Board  ol  tbe  Miner*'
II,.ions ol lb* W. F. M.
That Holitead A Wright'* new itore.
corner First avenue and Washington
street!, has received one hundred dosen
of tbe latest production! Id mei.'i neckwear, alio a big lineol stamped linen Infancy work. A new line of plaid abirts.
Their clothing slock il all naw and well
assorted. A complete line of staple and
laucy dry goods, clothing and furniah-
ingi.   They bav. excellent values.
J. E Clarke, the popular Washington
street Si,Idler, begs leave to call your attention to tbe fact that he hu the tineil
line ol harness and saddles in Ibe country.   Give him a call.
Everybody il fond of money, and al
could possess it if they knew bow to
economise. Everyone estimates what
bis outlay will be throughout tbe year
for clothing, shoes, blankets, etc. A
working man, lor instance, expends oo
these articles Irom |I50 lo 1200. Surely
they could gal the same stuff, and »( a
better quality, at half the money by
purchasing of ui, and Ihui lave Iron
|74 lo $100 yearly. The majority do it,
but tber. are others that do not, snd
therefor, it standi to reason that they are
foolish and will not Intra to common
sans*. Practical and smart men know,
however, the value ol money and what
good use t'ipy can put it to, and they
realise ll only whan Ibey purchase a,
lb. K ..slan.l Auction House, 4'.' K.isi
Columbia avenue, next door east ol
C. P. It. Telegraph Office, B. Bann.lt,
L-.tir Orguiut'oii if Rssiland—lasting D»ji.
second and fourth Tueaday In each month al
7:30 v in. In Miner.' UnUm hall. C. W. Wibon,
Sec - John McLaren, 1'ies
KNIGHTS OF LABOR--Rowland Assembly Nl,
tb,-, me. tsilie fii.t andthiid erldiysof each
month i.t 7:to p m. In Miners' Union hill. Ju.
Wilkes. Sec.; Win. O'Brien, Prea.
every Friday ol etch week it 7:30 p. m. In
Minera'  Union hill.   i\  K.  McDonald, l'r,
A J. McDonild, Sec.
MINHR8' UNION NO Jl, Western Federation
of Miner.—Meets every Wednesday evtvtng st
7:30 o'cloc. hi Miner.' Union hall Jas. De-
vine, Sec,, A. L. Houston. Fret.
the list Sundiy of each month at Miner.'
ll.i.m hill.    I. IV Sirktloll, Sec I R. M.llillld.
Miet the liiat lid third Tucsd.y st each
month «i .1 p. 111 In lltallyali.il. I'.u.liiii
314. J, S. kiitilsmi, prcaitfent; Wm. Coll,
—Mceta every Siturdty evening 111:30 o'clock
in Ml era' Uoinu hill. I- O Boa 41. .'ml
Joffnei. Bee.   Geo. Cuonlnghaiu, I'rei.
That our Teas aud Coffeea are the CHOICH^T
sold Id KoMland. Today, whrs teas and coffees arc pushed so h-rd, H i* absolutely ner-
raeaiy to have an article of unusual merit
Vuu will (ind it here. Glaaawarc givcu away
to custom era.
Pacific Tea Co.  v
St. Charles Hotel.
$1.00 1 Day Houis.
None but Union Help Employed.
W. Columbia Are., insl around the Blur.
l'reiident llonelly ol tb* filter national
Typographical union bai notified suhir-
.busts suiom that th* *horl*r workday
baa gone into »fWt all ov*r th. concur
without tb* .lightest Inctlou or trouble.
Thu WO* lb* result ol aa agreement between tb. ln.ernatb.oal Typographical
union and National Typolbetae, and ia
on* ol lb* most conspicuous victorli*
that orga niaiiou has to Ita credit In iur
branch ol 1n.11.slry.
Thl-ty thomand mora Auatiian
miners bav* goo* on suike, llielr employers having refuted the demand lor
higher wage* and an eight-hour day.
Tb* total number now out is 70,000, and
before Ion*} It 1* expeotad tbat 80,000
olkeri will have Joined. Tb* employers
thrsatwo dismissal and eviction withla
threw day*. Polio* precaution! hue
been taken to prevent violence. Tb*
gsml fimln* threatens to check every
breach ot Austrian industry.
Rod mill workers ar* aniinu.lv awaiting 0 leply to tb* proposal to the managers, asking an average advance ol in1,
par coat., which li designed to equalis*
tb* wag** io all th* steel and rod mill.
lo tb* combine. Cleveland district ol
tb. American Steal and Wire Company
bat* Dow tendered tbeir resignation!
to and entirely Withdrawn Irom th* rod
rollare' association beeaoi* ol their bav-
log nnyrj.jajir.n on account of tbe liberal
Vol no Hit advance In wage* which tb*
i"8JSrican Stool and Wlr* Company has
already mod*.
Folio* i.i« I* * lilt "1 il.ns. who adver
lis. lo th. I.II.U.TSIiL ffi.ii.ti:
W. F.  McNeill, St,,-, Sloe..
H-lnt.r  llro-., general   uteri hattdia.'.
K itpry llrot., gruc.rle* and gent* fur
T. K. M irrow.dniggiil.
C- I'   I. .Ion le. BhOS store.
U.U. tiibsou A lb, giuta' ilulhui,
aad notions.
Q. W. M II 1.1*. hardware.
Linton (Irm., I>. ,.ka and stationary.
ll   K men. clothing. etc.
Crescent Dry (ionds, (urolsbiags, dr.,
goods aad clothing.
Morriaon A Hryenloa, groceries.
M. J. 1,'Ile.rn, clolbi.r sod Halter.
I'anla.in  II.os ,  rr.scriea.
Wm. I.ieij-p, cigar manulaclarar,
Vancouver, B. C.
Taylor A VlcQ.arrie, tailor*.
T-i. Il-a,l.|.i.n.ra, sal.sm.
Tb* Ulob. Having* and L <in 0*.
Ulsrki and rt*l*im*n*' r.11,,,1.
Pacific Tea Co., less and coff***.
M. W. S.mpion, newt, ilalion.ry and
Job Phillips,contractor.
Dominion II itel.and Bar.
i) K. Baths.
Metropolitan Hotel and Bar.
Kot.Und Diniog ll 1,1*1.
Hatfiald il;. French, contractors and
Th* Cily Hakery.
MoAilliff, tailor.
8. Ql aan, luraltura.
W. B. and Crown Uraat clgsr*.
Kohinoor Batbi.
O.tgon It-stBUranl.
Pacific Bar, wins* tnd liquor*. J
Uuflo.r A M.(innigl., groesri**.
II .flin.n;il,iii,ijin.| Bar.
E iilgn Cigar 6lor*.
L* Kni Stable! aad Transfer.
Dysini ind UUaaiog Works, Wish
ingloa ureet.
J. 0. Il-iraet, grocer.
Dsaitll A Oh*mb*rs, paints, oils, etc
KmUaay Cigar Hlor*.
W. K. B.atlT. itnd.rlaker.
HolilMd A Wright.
Dr. A. Millny. dentin.
Ew.rt llrot., j.w.lers.
J. W. Hpring. j.wet.r.
Tb* Club Barber shop.
Dominion Hotel,
•inl-Clui Lrtiin in) Cifn.
Spscl.l aeesmmodaSss tor niliiri by ,h.
First class meals and service.
Bates 88.00 per week.
The Question
We are always questioned, how we can afford
in sell at li ,11 i.nir. six! m m4t.v Instances for
lea* than any other store in the citv? The sm
on or|i«r 11 Mac sum we don't buy In small
quantities -a the siuoii side street stores do, who
pay hiahet |ui,ri on their small iHirc'iaaiuf,and
usual gtt whai ther can, unlsaa they would have
no cash anl uo roods left Neither do we have
ouch large ctpense* as the la«ge a orea. wv have
tu make it up in high prtcea We bny mostly
banknipt, file and selling out stocks at leas than
•rocenisoa the|, have lesaet peases, actl more
good* 1 an tuanv other store* In our tine put lo-
eether, and therefore can enddoedl an a nch
cheaper.   Can you  buy claearhcre  inch ■ food
toll-., • un of clothes ao wv sell at $5. or our lir-i
o*eallsor jusnpeis we sell at la cents. Underwear, sunt-, thocs. Hlsnkrt* Ktc. toreven double ihe amount we chsrger' Of course no 1 Uet
our catalogue Our prices will aurpr.se * a. and
an It w«ll when you see and pttce our roods.
B. BANNhTT. Mgr   |. g Columbia Alt.
The  Headquarters,
Or. WaikiBgtia St. s..l rlrat Are.
W. B. HUSBAND Propletor
The Globe Savings
Mo.eyl.liin -.n real  e.,„e     llr.lf hl^o... or
repwyiblr  it. nto.lhlr Install— eul».
I BW   1.  OB00. Agra,, i* ColaainU mm.
Tana* who appreciate tb* abort hours
ke.-l by lb* ffrii at III ktoVlr b**uiw
tb*lr patroua.a on lbn*« »!• sins at 7
o'clsspk p. to., aaampl* Mm* fur mailnt
1 . ■ --ha-rs la glran bv lh*** si->r*o sum
Jay •ennltic m each w*«k aflvtr ? n'aloek.
anl-in ih* l-Mh ifearh noaib nnd da;r
pre* sw-ling a 1 ir.al h •HUfs
Washington Rlrswt.
Opposll* Hank o( Montreal ('himbsn.
Tit IIST 8I1TI 01 fill ilT II IONIHI.
JACK mi" nTIMI. Proprietor.
Dyeing and Cleaoiof Works.
Oppr.lt* M.i.in Brotkeo).
I t.. .leu or .It. tayikl.g Ui t.oi-,' iaS
I-.11.™.. , w*ir. i.i.r rae a call nS ■« raa
Th. Isle., ,—iproren mtrSiis-y IB* pmeeisBi
.l.kl. me to su.r.filte the prompt delivery ol"
ali.rSei. Woekwlllbeciilet.ror.Bd4elirere.il
..say so.lie.-   *
MRS. f.   Cl'Sa.R. rYrprletmt.
CoRtractor and Carpenter,
Besldl.ee:   Two door, toi.k of Blplhit Ch.rrb
Mir. itid once  filling., j,.bbini of ill klndt
pritsptly s,,ended ,0.   Rilitnilel famished.
*hep: Imp'tlil 1'iii.llni     r   O. Bob •-.
Wnllr. I. h.rll.y gtrBa th., tl Ihe •••< >"U«,
nl.he li'-nt- .  .mnto.l.s.r. ' f  ■■•••I."!.    S   ft
ikiand-rilirneU will spply lor  i -.is.fr. ,' sa-
1oollicenBiontkeprem.se.  klowi   a. lk«  Ce.
I.toilet Mloon. I.-I It, Slock   11. fr.™   R   I. bM
and Johi A   ,',.i>k, ,.. .,.■>   O. Owe*.
Dned 1 his ... Oar HOBtsSSt, tla*.
inoM A r.a.iB
k ;. i..m
Paulson Bros.' List of
Dried Fruits, Extra Choice California Pears, Finest Selected California Prunes, the very Finest r.
Califoruia Silver Prunes, Pitted
Plums, t boice California Black*
berries, finest Ontario Dry Apples,
Seeded Raisins, Sultana Jiainins.
Oregon Restaurant Canadian Pacific
All kinds of game and poultry in isison.
None but union help employed.
Spokane Street, bet. Columbia aad First Ave.i ,-■;
For the largest and coolest mug of
Next week we will bav* ibipm.nti ol
Ontario Dried Raspberries and Black-
Call and get onr Prices.
11 Columbia Are., next door I. Laloadt'a.
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
Metropolitan Hotel,
Canniogham tt McDowell.
First arenus. near Spooan* St.
Ui Per leal, fl lull fir «. tii str Iiitk.-fj
Pir*t-cl*s* service and good cooking a apeelally.
{Dining rooni attached lo Ottawa Hotel.
Washington street.     The Miss ftOYD*. Prop*
And union Cigars call at the
E. F. Plus A Co., Propri*t*n.
Wkoleule ind relsii dealer, la r.ints, Olll,
Virnl.hea. Iruahe., Will I'm,.I, ind r.l.t.t.
Supplies. Couti.i-ts like. Tor piper hanging
■ nd decorttlia. Office and itore ILnlrl. a
Chamber, block, il Co.umbii .-e. under Dowln-
■u Itipieu Co'., uftice.
Tke beat rimedy known for recent and chronic
coughs, bronchitis, lio.t.ene.,. lot. ot tou-c
irritability • fthe Ihroit ind ill, inll.aaed condh
tio.. ol tne long, ind ilr piuigii.
First Ave., Kossland, B. C.
Kstlsnate* given on all fcloda of Irfck Mone
and wood work. Cottagra anJ all kluda'of
dwcllinga a suectalty. ahop la reer of c>Hner ol
h.-ta.f   nnd Washington street   Ro*alaad. BC
Canadian and Kentucky
Hourbon  WhisKies.
Railroad and Miners' Checks Cashed.
Harry  Mcintosh.
Ensign   Cigar  Store,
CAPT. SHAW Proprietor.
Corner Columbia are., Washington si.
Ivn.bns Library.   Latest Nereis.
Offlo* riun;.liei, Y.vt.
The City Bakery
Washington Slrwit.
11 lb* ipot In Bad gnod   thi.gt lo •*'
at reaaooabl* price*.
Try oorgonda. aad mak* lif* *aa:*it
for your wife.
The Alhambra.
Boer, 5e.
'alt ind 'sll Bs.
*• ——_
Offlo* over Bank ol Tomato,  ll ...land
Tlie American  Tailor and  Goats'
Furnishing House.
bill Biii li .rotr. oitifuuii CimHiW
N«. I. SlrBt 1.in.1.
J. C. Heimes,
The Popular Groeer,
Cwttr arrow. Aae.ns a.d I-liotll Sli.-l.
8. ULAZAlf,
Cat 1 w.t Are   ind Spskiae SI
■irpli.a wand hand |oo4> .Ctrl a. a eall
11 win ft yw*.
For worm  Cloves,   Mm*.   Underwear,     Cent's     Furnishings,
Boots, Shi"-. Motions.
II 7.0 ki,!>,.r<hini .0 ss.l -. will > : I. SH
y...   la. I.
Bor.,n m in iiici ircnoi hit.
Monk w.aklnfts* St..c r. a. Sssek.
NoU e it hereby |ivr« lli.l Ike nidirsi|Bra
will appl, mlhe ilcenM comaiiial.iner. l.i the
City or « «c, ,1 ii.fi.- dsyi Iron, lh* dale of
Ihla .otlce. fisr a ht.e. Uceaae on (he prs—iir,
hnown .. Ihe Ureal w'.*lern Hotel atlt—tid oi
1.,1. it .nd -. hloch 1.. ce , Of B. Mla.,.|
Oa,sd,bU).,hdly istlrs'e.ibe . tSja,
n."«i»i-w     an»l.< dlnnwr trsts Uja
1  -  islSBp -. SanSiyskleks.dl.Mrlti.
IrM til Cim lllp iS^llIri
Kohinoor   Baths.
.... Das a.a s,.*r.
Mudtcitad, fl*i Hall, and Steam balhi.
Prlvit*  limlly   bath   rooms   and  ibo*
.IresBlm pirlor In nonas.-ilon .   Mai* and
l*S*l* alLntliBls.
(•-..' Sim A.eass a*4W.tklBfts* tirstt.
Nelson A Fort f-h*p| sr.l Kail way
Red Mountain  Ry.
ins 1 lair Direct Knit, lo  Nilsoa,
Ktii...  k -<tenay I aks and
Slooaa PolaU.
Ev.ty dsylo lb* y*ar b*lw**n Ppo
ki.r. It,nit 11,1 and Nilioa.
ili,l mil tilts*
BltSSata, • • Hpokan* • • 0:16 p.m.
8:1* p.m. • - N.irihp.ri • IliSUpm.
Arnse.1   hlp.ia. It iBBlsnd Ly. ,l:Sia.m.
No change of can between Spokia*
an.I Kossland.
Tickets oo sal. all ov*r lb* world.
ClOM   i.inn. in.«i    It     Nelson     with
•teamen lor   Kailo   ami   ill  Kooleniy
like p .U.U.
rsnengsrs lor Kettle river, Rnandiry
eimp and lliuodary cr**k conoert at
Mtr.'.o, a,«l It .sth.irg with   sUg* dtlly.
E. W. Rt-rr, Ag.nl,
ll'WBian.l.U   ('.
Ssm i A |)i«ii, Agents.
Trail, B. 0.
H. A.Jsrtiot.fl  P.T. A..
Spoken., Wai*i.
And 800 Line.
Imperial limited.
N*w F*it Dally Sirrios.
Firit-clau Slieperi .* all Traia*.
Tourist Cars
Pass KsTslstoke Daily for Si. Pa«l,
Thursdays lor Montreal aad Bool**,
Tuesdays and Saturdays (or T*roas*.
For rate* and loll inlormalloa ildrm
tha aesrstt Local Agent, or
City Tick*! Agtnt, Rouliad.
Acting Agent, Kosslaad.
W. F. Axdbbsos, T. P. A:, N*1*M.
E. J. Con.*, A. O. P. 1., Vbmmvsv.
Northern Pacific
Tb* Dining Oar Root* via Yellowitoa.
Park.   Haled and Hast.
Equipped with
l'i ii man PalacbCabs,
BUbOASI Dikiko Cabs,
* Moi.sss Pat CoicOn,
Todbikt Henri.. Cabs
Throngh tickets lo all pwlati In Ibo
United Slates and Canada.
8t**m*hip llrk.u to all poru .1 lb*
Ticket* lo Chin* ind Jipan vl* T******
BOd Northern I'sciflc KiMtnship 0*.
Trainadepart Irom Hpokaa*:
Nw. I, Westbound, at W:&4 p. m., dally.
No. 8. Kssihound, at 7:80 a. m., daily.
For informalion. tim* cards, map!
awd ti.k-it apply 10 th* *cenu oi Iks
8. F.AN. E. W. RUFF,
Agt. R. M. Ry., Kossland, S. 0.
(l.n.ral Ag*at, Kpokaa*, Wash.
A.'i (,sn. I'uwtei Agattt.
O-M-* tVf*-f-f4>T4*4^e*-T-e*f>TS>
Wo rid
On. Ystr   -
Sa Mealbi
A.Idiees All CrimmonirtlioBi
|R088LAND, B.C.
tlllllllllltllllllitfWi*. THE    INDUSTRIAL   WORLD, FEBRUAJO    8,    luul).
Which  Is Killing the GrOOflO That
Lays the Oolite. Kpuf.'
The petition lent into pi -liiuient  hv
the  mine  owners, dinclori and  pro
moteri of Ilrittib Columbia ii occupying
af-lirg. share of  pnhlic attention, and a I
l.w words Irom the opposing element,!
namely, tbe miners, *srs certainly nol I
inappropriate.   To come down |to plain
(acts,   the position   .,(  the  owners  ol
leading mines ls>bout si folicws:
Th. War Ksgle Mining Company commenced opeiations in this Province in
IS'.iii, first by purchaiing th* Crown
Point claim. This proving i dead letter,
lo rai'oiiip-iise themselvrs they then
bought; lha War Ksgle, paying somi-
where between $71)0,000 or |H0O,OO0, con-
snlidstiog It with a Slocan properly and
C'own Point. Neither of the lalter have
hooq worker! for it lent a year. The
burden ofTlheVe^ poor luyrilments have
all been earidled on Ibe War Eagle, and
notwithstanding th. Iscl'.lhal Ibey have
spent over 1100,000 in permsnent ini-
nrovimenti, Ibey bav* during the past
year be*n;>bl. to piy;t3l5.0O0 in dividends, or about 46 per rent, of the purchase price. Yet in the fsre •■( these
Uf tires Ihey tell m that the eight-hour
law la bankrupting them.'.
Messrs. I iuoderhau, A Illsckslork paid
lor Ihe Centre Star fS.IHXI.OOO in 18WI.
From October, at which time tbry commenced operations, they shipped no ore
till the lolluwing May, and then only in
limited quantities. From that time tbry
have ipenl and contracted lor at least
IKu.OOO lor improvements. Yet they
have Just declared a dividend ol 130,000
or 1)$ gOTOMrt. on Ihe purchase price,
and'at the same Time Isme s slat, nient
ticil miners of a number of the men
Ihey employ at a lo* icale of wage*.
Whan tbeia aame wen have become
proficient in mining these same wages
will not satisfy them, ind they will go
where they are paid according to their
ability. Then the shareholders can have
lb. pleasure ol educating a mw lot.
This may lis philanthruphy but it is
nol husiuen.
"When the punuit of wealth temple
you, my son," said Ihe sag., "remember
Ibe (able ol the In that hungered lor
seme wonderfully fine grapsa growing in
a garden, the only entran e to which
was through a bile lu the wall. It waa
bo small that be had lo (a-t three days
liefore hu could crawl through it. Alter
he had got inside and r 11.it  biniaelf he
Beans, per lb  5 to 7
Broome, each  30 to 80
Baiter, per lb...  30 to 35
Bacon, beat, per Ib  It) to I"
Bulk Oil, ner gal  60
biscuit,., fancy, per lb  26 to -I-'.
Cheese, her 11)  20
Chocolate, per  lh  4U
Cwoa.per tin  35 to III
Cornmeal, per 101b rack  4(1
0, flee, per 10  20 to Ml
Crackers, sudas, per lb  10, ISM
Corn, per can  12l{.
Canned fruits, per can  26 lo 36
Cashed peas, per can  I-1,,. 35
CanneU being, per can  igJBj
11,..Irish, per In irk > 26
Diied fruiie, per Ih  10 t. 20
wss loo large to crawl hack thruUgb Ihs  •?*** per do*..'  26 to 40
bole,   mil be  .as   compelled   to   tost I Moarpor lOek..,, .
another three days before he ouul.l
make bis escape from ihe garden. Hu
he went out as poor as he went in." ~'
"Yes," laid Iheamliitinni young mnn,
"but why didn't the tool foi take a lot
of grapei tn the bile and push them out
through it? Theu be could have oriied
away enough to keep bin, fat (or a
month."—Chicago Tnbiina.
Watch lor Pauls hi Bro*.' advertisement next week.
It will pay yon to call at Essies for
millinery and holies' fuiniahii.ga ol all
The finest brin.l ol Isdiei'wool under-
weir, at half price, at Celts. We want
to clear them out.
Paulson Bros., on First avrnne. have
a nice siock uf Iresb Inline aud celery-
fur your Sunday liini.er.
If yon want the best lunch  In he hs.l
for your  money In th. ,-iiy go tn the  H-'r.i, iter lu..
tbat tbli dividend will be repelled
monthly during the coming year. Mill
Ihey lay tint il tba eight-hour law il not
rejH-alnl.thr.v will go into the band* if
a receiver.
The 11. A. C. Compiry, owners of lh.
I-e Roi, .n.I w ho did nol receive control
of the properly until about iiiieni Ii is understood tint s new company
months ago, here expended on the lis ibout lo put a Hock ul meals, Bah
properly tn improvements many thous-|and poultry in ihe store recently occupied
andi ol dollars.   Still they ha*,  been  by the C. O. D meal maikel
(iraiiubtleil sugar, 14 Ib fur..... 1 Oil
Hams, |.er lh              , 17
Honey, comb, percake  25
Imperial oil, 6 gal, can  2 nu
Lard, Bin pail  05
ban...Ii> soap, per bur 5 and li
Liverpool salt, per 6011. sack... 00
M .ennu.i, per Ib    IB Ir 211
Molasses per gal   75 to gi
N.US, per lb  25
Rolled oats, ner 1011. sack ... 45
Pickles, mixed, per quart    - -  8l>
Kiev, per lb   h
Salt bacon, per Ib ,      "1:.",
S igo .nol lapiocs, toll). 3 Ihe. for '        25
S tick ..,11, p.-r oU.hs.it :k  76
Syiups, per ball gal. tin  50 to Oft
,'oiu.ttorB, per can  46
Te.is, per Ib   35 lo IV,
Tobacco, per Ib 80 to 1,88
Viu, gar, per gsl '.  60 to 88
Wheal luauua, pkgs, L'u . bulk   per Ib. 7
Apples,per 11,  Baud ti
Russel  Il.tel.
clsss service.
Hume cocking and first.
able lo pay dividenda uf 1260,000 for Ihe
paat year. And yet tbe management i*
afraid ol pauperising tie ahtr.-holders
through the gross injustice ul t he eight-
hour lew.
i In the (ice of their figurei Ihe mine
i.wnert caa hardly say lhal the mines
ar« not paying. The ir.iih ul the matter
tvtbis:   It is not Ihe eight-hour a d.y
Crlrry, prr bunch..
I'aob.gr, per Ib..-. ..
lira pes, per   basket.
. IXI08
The D mi.i.iion dining room il tn lie
opened up sgiin, ind Ibe new proprietors, who are uiinen and union men.
will run it strictly on union principle...
Th* Woiu i, aiihe* them lucceia aud a
lair share ul patronage.
The C. O. D Grocery Co. Iibb put in
a new, Irish slick ol gm.li al Ihe old
Lemons, per dux      30, 3
ih....ns, per lb      3 lo 4
I'eais, per  10      10
ler Ibe miner Ibey are fighting, bul the ",lld on Washington itr-ei, whe-e Ihe)
lact that Ibe legiililun baigient.d a, «'" "rrT » ooinplele n ... of Urslilass
roncwiiun to tbe worklngui.o ol tbe g«*"l'» ™d provisions. They ask all
eoontry. Any l.w mad. by pailiameul "IJ "»l..iner*. as well aa any n. w ones
.an aad Ib all probability will be used th«l »«? "• lo"kl"S '"r •*» S01 ■•■ ,0
••   ■ precedent at   soma   hour,  limr
I'olatotB, p.-, 100 lb* .   .
li ...li- In ■-, 2 bunches Iur
qnirh, per lb	
Sweet potatoes, per Ih ..
roinatwe, per Ixnt	
(limine, per Ib	
. I 25 lo 1 .'.■
1 DO
Thii law hn been pasted In benefit one
elan of laborers, ai.d tb* capitalist* ire
afraid that given one advantage the
worklngm.n will not stop till they have
tbeir Just dnn.   The feir ol a rebellion
call and  examine  their tluck  aud gel
The billowing are th- miners rr-
ol l*Wr7lh* emancipation Irom ihe long jpnrUdon the lick Hit Frldiy evening.
•sitting syilem ol slavery in iu both : K.hruiry 8: John MrPherson, Curl,I
form, lb* bomlsge ol a nominally Iree j V. Johnson, Fiils W. Smith, D>i,*ld
U*n, nth. motion which proiupis i his Maiun, Allen Camerou, Tbumai Mor
movement ou the pari ol mln* owosn. | gin, Foreit Fraiir.
E E. WI,inker.
Joseph Morrow,
Wm. Penneycook,
Sick I'oli.n.l'ler.
The capitalists ol Ibe world rsu.ee
plainly to what point. ff .in ar. drilling,
and. that 1.1- -r ii rapidly approaching
ihe point when it will be reco* nied at
III true value, namely, Ibe backbone ol
civilisation. II tbe mine owners can
driest tbe right-hour law il will, as III
ai British Columbia is concerned, mein
a postponement of  thisclimii.   It will
be leering down the work ol yean.   All Conllr.u.,1 From First Page,
th* united strength ol the Isboreil ol
lh. world  line.iledlobr.sklh.ch.in.        -^   ^ ^  M  ^  mofk -„
that have su long held llirin in srivitude, ,.
aad lb. favored lew wbo bold tbe wealth j «'(.>'* "8 «n lHn  '•«""' ™n ,K! m*>9
are loo good iirao-siti. to attempt to settled by paying  fur  the   amount
light th* whole lorn. o| unionism.    It il | S)f work done,
tbeir prn.. ipie to weakso gra.tu.Hy ihe i    jr t|iiH is the system in rOgUS in
Ir.llurnc.   ol   woikingmin,   th.   power   .,      ., .    n.    '     ,, ., _,   „	
,    ,    .   , 7    .    ,. the  Record nfl.ee and that cun mii-
whub ll llowly but mrelv making iliell, „., , ,
fell lb*, world .over.   It is nol tbe first j ">'<»«"'••  a   >«"•   specimen   of   tlio
lloiela the inniliol blitory that capital  work done Ihere, limn indeed must
hai been known to call help to kuif. the   the    ll.n r.l    he   conducted    along
ii.lerr.it ol   labor, only U fiud tb* edg. <, rsueomic lints. C'lTI/.KS.
ol   It*   *e*pon   turned agsiust lts.ll by
Ihe   inilfitrn.Tiblr   hie.il plats   ol  lb*
wotkingtii.il'. li.b lily to the  principle*
ol liberty.
Is addition In tbli, tin ,.■ ii another
fact lo which ittanlion can b* called,
• ml lhal ii thai mining labor has been
brought down to Ibe very lowral figure
in Ibis diii r ii. It ii a well-known (act
tbat th* rifk in thi Kolrnay dittrlct
li nnotuilly bard, ind lo opent* the
mines r. on...mi ally lh* Vrry ISMt ol
ability il r, quired. Al Kited before,
tb. seal* ol   wigei  ii  now uon* lo the
Hnb.Ho. ibors to the  Woai.n who
|ill'ler 111   ill)    so   nny     Iciivo     III. II
i.nun's ill Miner. (I. inn I,nil. wncn
Ibey will n-tt-ltu their im|M-r. with-
out tli'biy Siiluril.iy hIIciiiuoiiu. '
Linton   Bros.:
BiMik .tore,    .'111 foluiiihia Aw-uuo.
L9 Roi Sk,ablas.
"Citiieu" will reply to tlio Record's
challenge in next week's .80118,
Mi George'i Ohi.rrh, nn Eirl ind
Ko.Hinay it reels. Service! al 8:30a. m
II a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday School
al 2:30 p.m.
-<»ea5 *■
Heavy Transferring.
Finl-Cllis Saddle and park lloraei.
1 e;«|.h..iir No. J»,
P   (I. lb.I ID
The Methodist Church, Washington
very lowest possible figure, end if »ome ,lre,1( y^w H. Morden, Pastor. Heron, wer. lo inm. at to„lb* director! ol j ylcm „ ,i , m, ,nr| 7.30 p.m. Sabbath
<b* leading mines lo lower the pay t>r | riohool unci Bible Class a. 2:30 p.m. Ep-
•0 n.my rents, tbey would soon say wotl,, U.gui ol C.E., Moud.y al 8 p m.
ihal it would l»  il-selnle  madnesr, but 1
it lb* same lime.they will do   what   is I " ■     —
eqnlvalenl— lengthen ibe honrl snd pay
no more tban tbey have been paying.
The.msn wbo have been put io charg.
of mining properties in Ibis district are
among tha.oeal money can procure, and
Wing so ar* practical enongh to know
thit.tbe.boBl ol workingmen can prove I
In lb* and  lo be.tha most sconoroicsl. I- .	
II  the lull in.n.gemeul sere hit 111 ihe   0,,pog|.0 the   Illtcmntloi.al    HoUd
ban-lt.of th«*e:eup.rlnt*ndenli, there III
no doubt in tbe world tint there would
11 less real expci.se and therefor* greater
dlviden.li. Of curse, if lbs shsrehulderi
wish to wait two or ibrei yean to nieke
•   mine a paying proposition, they may
In lhal  time bo able to makr good prac-
Kossland I Ioicl.
rim, Whiikiu* nnd   Imported   Clears.
Jirry Spellmin, Proprietor.   .
in CoSpokine si., and Columbia Ave.
Lansing & Newman,
Successor to A. C. FRY.
Having piirchtisnd ihe A. C. Fry Stock nf tirooeries, K'c, we wish to announce to our many frienda, as well aa those ol Mr. Fry's, that w* or* very
•rgely increasing our stock, and from this lime forth will oarry a inuob
wider variety of goVSe than the old firm. Iu fact you will ha abl* to obtain
all staple and laney groceries Irom ns. The public will quickly discover that
uur prices are what Ihey shuu d be, and satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.
V. & N. Telephone 7.       No. 39 Columbia Avenue.
Industrial World
Is the medium
by which the
reaches the
and the
can Know his
friends by
subscribing for
The Industrial
Coffee: House.
KstaMiahctl iu K, ao'at.,1   u C, In • • jj>
Tr'f iilionr Nd    .9
nf hn* niy s>Np   *sir;nT.
[telii Hi Lamiry
Nono but whito help employed.
Notify us.    We call and deliver
Lunches   of   every   H,--cri|.ttoii.
Culird'utiH trenlincnt and Ibo  Iw st (londn.
the mnrkit alb nl..    Open day snd1 —
i.igl.l.    (rive US S trial. 'Columbia  Avenue, tu-nr Vostflfflce.
..-r '-" r*
McGonigle & Co.
Spokane street Grocers.
Miners' supplies, Fruits, Cigars snd Tobaccos, StspJa
nnd Fancy On esrics. Etc:
Orders Solicit, d And Delivered
Raymond Sewing Machines.
Rest  ou   lb.   Market   and   all   l.ue.i   Iiiiprov.inenle.        Easy   RaaaiBg
Drop Head.     Cannot lie Heal in Price tend Quality.
PRICE 540.00
Taylor & McQuarrie,
1ft Colnmhia Avenue, RnsiUnd, R C. S tie Af.nl*.
G. W. McBride.
Hardware  Minc'r Supplies Slaves nnd
K njres,  Ktc.  Etc.
Mens Furnishing
Crescent Dry Goods SS;
t^.v:^ /i£& c<-~:-\ f<::v;:^ ^Mii. O-Wm
Subscriptior. $2.00 per Ye.tr.
Advertising Rates Furnished
on Application^
International Music Hall.
ttl'.KK Of KKHRIMHY Brit.
The Zinn <S: Cassidy Opera Co.
In ih. Operatic 0 une Iv, In Two Act*. It .tlilMtl,
Sew and Itril iant Scent. Kff cts
8 tpwrh Oos.urn**, Kte.
140D StVK TDK qtlK.KN.
 i- -' -ah
Simpson- and Janes j
1     GROCERS.
A Compb-I,' Stuck of Oroceries always on ll.iud.    Also a Kull Lino
of l-'iin. y Kv.ipiuated Fruits just received from California,
 ———— , ^4.
V & N. Telephone 115.      Seen. ,1 \ve.. Opposite ..TR. IX-prst.
'     "


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