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Industrial World Jun 30, 1900

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VOL 1, NO. 14.
kossland,   BRITISH  Columbia,  SATURDAY,  JTJNK 30. 1900.
PRICK KI       CF.NT.-*.
Devoted to the Interests of Organized Labor.      Eudorsed by cite Trades nnd Labor Coiinoll.      Qfnolal Organ ol District Union, No. ti, \V. F. M.
if*****************•*->*">*-• **************************   I >„-.„,, •„„
I*************************************************!**, Ucirgciins
Hunter Bros.
Make this place vour shopping :entre.   V"ii 11 li ml  f;
♦♦   nearly evervlliinj:   in  all  classes ol* merchandise    r
Mnre   Nominal ions—I'reniilcnt    A.
I.. Houston RcHigiiK.
Wednesday night's  meeting nf
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the Miners' union  wiih well iitlentl-
Ladies1 Oxford Ties former- ed, and a groat deal of business
lv   $2.")0    tO    $3.00,    re-.tl'*,'"'1'<,t<!(1*     Those   present  wore
tlU''(*(l to
**   Tl.e st.ie   is carefully selected  nnd only seasonaHe
J* goods otTered for sale.
About Dispensing an 1 Drugs.    *
Dispensing Of physicians  preseiiplinnB  ia   hii   inipnrlunt      •
feature ol our drug department uml we takeluiniflable pride in •
tin* eminence nml popularity it has attained.    The pSysielan J
who writes a prescription baa certain specific results in mind. •
To insure Uib nest results and an Bid the physician Inhisef* •
furls, in* einpb.v ii.tm* but the beat inul expert dispensers,
whllg ilu* drags nu.I ohemieals used .in- ilu- best,
T. R, Morrow,
('hem i-i.
W. F. McNeill.
Next Door to the Postoffice.
tl'eilt ell
to   nn   addrsaa  from   a
in    tho htbor   war; \V. J.
Walker, of 8ookane,
Tho union appropriated 8-.'.> In
aid nf the building trades strikers
nf Ohtoago.
President Houston sen( in his
resignation, which wus accepted.
Nominations to fill vacancy were,
Win O'Brien nnd Jus. Devine.
Oi J. Gray was nominated but refused to bo a candidate, Nom
[nations will he open for two Weeks.
Additional nominations were
dim lit- lor financial secretary us
follows: A< L. Houston, Wm. W i I -
Ian, Oa J, Gray. ). Gray withdrew.    Norman I'lirlee, previously
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      iioniiniiteil ulso  witlulrew froiii the
• A long, cool and refreshing gla-gs* contest.
Pacific Saloon
•    J.  Cl«-1 111'-    vTKUUUll    •
a.       Cor. Spokan* It B Columbia Ave.        m
_^_MSI ,%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%*§
Will be the Orator Minor's Onion
Tuesday a wire was received from
K.I Huve... president of the Western
Federation of Miners, announcing
that he would be In Rossland July
10 to make nn iiiIiI.'cbm at the eel*
ebrgtion of the ufth aunlrersary of
tho    organisation    of   Rossland
Miners' I'nion Nu. 88,    Those \\ In.
huve beard the speaker will cor*
The Library - <'in Contract,    The
Italian .     N.iiniiuilioi, of Officer*,
Tuesday,* meeting of the Cm.*.-
oil, proved n verv Interesting oiiii
ti'.iui saveral point- of view, n id
soiiu* lively ill .uu.-.. ion Of liv,- tpi.-s-
tions look place,
Orgaulsatton oommittee reported
ihut a iiett anion would bo organ,
izi-.l Sun.lav.
('.'iiniiiiiiT' reported progress in
tiiiulv not miss the opportunity tol-.u,--. _l*_i__i..i
, ■',, .        Kt    _ \,    ,    •    ,| caning a provinelal convention i>.
again listen to thegreat leader, nnd
those who bave uot  will surely be
in the erowtl ut thu park on that
day, Mr. Boyuu will be followed
by local speakers, and the day will
he ouo of Instruction as well us one
of pleasure.
A gootl  programme of sports
form  a  provluolai   federation  of
A communication Irom Mr.
Bremoer, Dominion labor oommlai
sinner fm- British Columbia was
read, Several questions stfeotiug
oarpeutera and miners wore dhu
ciisssd iii relation to this commun*
with L'noil prizes bus been iirriiiii*eil i; „,i:, i -. ,    .j V'.
*     .' .... [ icuinni und it wus decided to luv
' • Liquors
er, oc.
*,-%-*.%%%%■*>*».**% s.'s.'o.iii.'ai ■•>
j You Can't
When you buy a pair of
our Men's Shoes at
Martin Salmon, Prop. J
+ > ita
•        Smoke        *,ta
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■l-t,?
Noiiiiiuitions for delegate to the
district convention to be held in
Nelson July l were A. I*. Houston
nud Jus. Devine.
W. J. Walker, editor of the
l-'rveinun's Labor Journal, Spokane,
addressed the union along straight
BOOlslistlo lines, ami the nere-.ity
uf production fnr consumption instead of production for prolit. Hu
....itiliiceil the fuel that if the shin*
* inuuiifiietiirers Operated   their  fitc-
* ories  i-ontiniiuusiy   for   one   year
+ enough .-.hoes  would   lu* mode t>>
j BUpply the world for seven years.
+ Speaking of the labor situation tu
> Spokane, Mr. Walker slated thai
il.o maater builders' association
was trying to furoe n lij*l.t for su-
premuoy with Un* hiiilili..*' trades;
toe building laborers were already
nut nil .-Ink.*   BgaiuSt   it   redlietioii
of    wages.      With   enoouragiug
words  for  liosslaud  unionists be
uud   ill-
fill', committees nn, hnr.l Bt work
and there is no doubt, given g,iod
weather, the oelebratiou will hen
big BUOCBBB.    The
Grand   Btreet   parade   by nil   Labor
then, before bim.
The much hammered al Italian
question was discussion In all its
phases, It wus recognised that
this question affected nil olastee in
>• •       .,  ...  _,._    n .    . . i'he community, hm   it  un. not
I oi....*    ol    lhe    cily.     I'lrsd*    led I •" "■*■   *•«**
by Stir Cornet   band    On   Blrlval ol   "'Ought bast to move   Rrsl   iu   llio
l-ntit I.- on lhe grounm, speeches will be i 111.liter, uud ihut the imsine*-.*   lueu
niiiile by prominent speakers,
1.   Usee,   100  y.h. .tlrst   prixe |7.50.
see uni I, 12.50.
Usee, 100 yds. lor u en.:..-.- ol W. i
through the board of trade should
lirsi take tha matter up. It was
shown, however, that there wna a
sympathetic movement.... the pari
_",„  ,'  ~ ,_™U"m *™_™__rT_™__ _* lei some mine managers to reulao.
!■ "I M., tire, nn/..., *, nil.  secmul, t-.'"
3. H ce, lOOyill,  open, pr t ■, f lo 00
4. SibiuIiii** jump, prix* (■'. (."
5. Lulles    race, oil yds., lirsi prilS,
value ('. u.i, s..'..ml value,  fj 50.
ii.   Tl.ree-leggeil   rn.e for b.>vi nntler
I'i ii lira nl *|e, priSS, li.UO
fi yd<.  rune   fir    boys   under   .2
union man, wliereevi-t* possible,
with non-union labor. The nil i-
tar will come up again.
'Hu*rn.* liiill uml John Dean cama
up for discussion, nml it   *
.i.led   to  support tbe    ii..iy. i in
i   U^ Cfronrl ,'l"*"la v,',y lntere»t,u«
J.  llC  OLldllU structlveaddress.
y ul'..*, flrsl  prW"S-»7sS_Od|,'ta    """tl""  ,h,il    l1"-     lil,,;'!'-v'
should nol   In* BBcriflced for the
Qrehall.   Itelarred lo Hpecinl com.
iiiiti.-i- tu wait on mayor .md council.   At this stage Mr. Dean • ..
in for some warm ru.i.-t-. aud II
io.   Fifty ydi. rao* for glrla umier l.levideni that Mime people are griud*
inrs ..I i.e. tint   pr'te,  *2A0, second | log   their   knives   ami   Inter will
ItMik for bis scalp.   It   a
H uo
8. Driliinu contest for boyi under
IS y.us nf i.e Hrsl prill IIU.U'.I
s. eunil nii'i), (f-'i.lH)
!l. Iwo liuiidre.l vita. rn:e for union
men ot ly, flrsl pr.-e, |IU OU second, 1'..00
..p.*.! that In* bad employed 11
Grip and Password.
The klosl Elegant and Luxurious j
Fitted Bar in Oanada,
j C. O.  LALONDE jG O. D
* The Reliable Foot-Fitter
I ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦* »♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<-♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Kossland Lodge K. of I', will initial., ii-. oflioera next Friday night,
The Installation will be public, utrl
'• i.- to he followed by n Boclal.
. . , a*,. llio local lodge of Oddfellows in*
LiqueUrSand LlgarS Ulatod  three   „ndidatea.M Isj
evening, li was decided to postpone the Installation ofofHoerj one
we.-k ami invite the Bebekah lodge
to participate. The ceremonies
u.ll In* open to tlm public and will
be followed by asocial and dauoe.
The Oddfellow degree team has
l ii organised and drilling has begun, Bro. llu.rell has charge of
' ilu* degree team,
lhe [tangles initiateil   four candidate* Thursday >•>■. m
A Full Lin-..! lln-Choicest
ED. WATSON. Proprietor.
Meat Market
An* showing a very line range of
. I ii   silk Ironf— With linen body.  ( a-lmieies. linen nml all silk (,'O.iilsi
Also ii very itiie ruiij*e of
|i Cheap for Cash
^And sashes, the very best   Bngllah  manumtitore,     YVehavejustX
Opened up n Very nice lino of
t Made by (he Hamilton Brown Shoe (.'<>.    Every pair guaranteed or
T        money refiimleil.    In mens' nnd  buys'  clothing  wi   earry tln*|
finest goods a( tin* Lost prices ^P
;EMPEY HK0S., The Furnishers
M   I'KN'TS  I'I i.'M-iiiM. hiruiniiM
ZOorBST Columbia Avenue ami Spokane Street.
*********+************* *****************************
Washington street     -   Rossland.
l IppOSite Lank ol  I!. ('.
?<$-?•'■••-•   •-•••   i-a-a   a   a.    .,   .>
I [Globe liestaiirant.
Bti.eiionborg   Expelled.
The last issue of the Typograp*
ieal Journal contains an oHlcial
notice of the (—pulsion of Gov,
Btuonenberg Irom Boise City Typographical uni.ui. f..r hi- crimes
against organised labor. Tho outcry among tho printers against his
membership became so loud that
tin' executive gnve Boise City
I printers union the choice of ex*
palling him or losing their charter
and  being ratted.
$1-0    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
11.   Seventy-five yds. lick race, fint
piii,*, !•'. i... sn uud, t-' •'*-* —I
13. Konolng  bop,  step sad jump, un city warehouse to do car-ient- r»
prixe,$500 woik,   und   insisted   on   «> I
IS.   rug ol   Wnr-Miner,   is. theI thttin 10 hour- per day.   \* I,
w.ul.I.    Might men on each side.    IV.   . .    .   t     -..    ,     . ,    ,,   -,
...    .     , III. Iistr.ll.*d Willi, hi'.l- i-.ineil "11.    I
WHO; three It-Bine or more to comnele.
14. I'lii.ing tbs shot, priss, $1000   i Ismuad If he'd  be  dictated
1'..—Drilling   cnutrit  (or   buys uo-H'.v  the  ('arprnt.**-  lluiun,   Trad.
.ier iii vears ol ant!. Seven iiiinuies and Labor ('i.iini-il. innyor or city
drilling ehsng* slisroatsly, Brit prise,L___.ii .,.   ,„ w\Mi   hl. . |,, „,.
llfiOO.ieoond, 17 50 | m chairman of tl.e I .1.
in- works."   li   ua- nh l-e i. 'I
tl. ii lie and the Mayoi had let ..
contract for excavating, the aite n •
the library without calling for tenders, allowing contra, tors to pay th.*
   laborer-.uml ul any   rate ll...  eii.i-
Bead about thesnmmer e*rt>oer' tractors bob fit.   All round ll •
ie- ll. W. Bimpson sells. rotten deal.   More people an ...
. - ,      .... sharpening their knives   inr titer.
A Pressmen .  union is Ix-in**;  or-     ■——^—^—"
ganixud here, snd a charter has
Local and Qeneral Notes.
The Bakers bave organised.
Bossland Will soon have ii euiipli*
more new uniona
been applied for.
The as, Tartar is azpeotod daily
ai Vanooaver from tha Orient with
2300 Jap- on board.
If yOlir wanl In see lln* best  ball
are others.
Nou.un.nn   n atauraul - patron-
i/.-.l I.y union men nn* hronj-hl up
nml lln   ipi   ii, ll.. r'nin—• grlei
aiue, which soon wmi...| around
I., the Italian question.
Nominations ufofllcera for com'
..f H.e season, take iu the Stanford* j ing term were made at follow
Hos-lu.iil game tomorrow. Presldenl    Kd Parusworlh har-
Don'i   fail   to   .'.um*   down   ami   l"'-    '•■  W.   bhinn   palutel       A
oast your vote today.   More may | Ferris, carpoiitorB.
4* Coll.tBt.ln Ave
B vary thing   New,  Clean   und &
Neat, %
\lcals, 25c and up |
I IV. J. ShUvock, Prop.
I tsty;■■  ■■.... I I i fjijififfifif s»»+f
One of Donnelly's (iiio-i Stories.
President Donnelly of the Internationa] Typographical union says
I... i.ui positive information that
un English syndicate oomtomplates
purchasing the largesl printing
iiiiiiis of tin* country on much the
slum* -rale us tin* liiewi'iies were
absorbed. He thinks it will he it
good tiling for the printer-an.
depend on it than you Imagino
Sandon oarponters hav.* organ*
llged uml applied fur a charter In.iii
the Carpenters and Joiners International I no...
W.J, Walker, nl'fin* Freemao'i
I.ubor Journal, Spokane, was in
Bossland a pair of .lays this week
hustling subscriptions for his paper.
A.   iM.T'ailiiiul   l.'i'i    T day
for the li..nn.liny.   He will ;.". to
win k   in   tin* I!.  C   mine.     Then*
are now 80 miner, employed III.'re.
A letter from Baker City, or.*..
Male-   that   Win.   Ityiin,   of   the
1 Miners union, lin- 1 BOO serion-ly ill
for several week-- wiih pulinonnn
Vk'capi..i,;i!eiii John Mi ! tin n,
carpontets, Thos. Thomas, tailors
St ■< ■;■•; t a r \- -1 ri-rti-. i r-.' r    11 Schwam,
SlTlialun      A.       C.       1 ii..i>.|.-'.I..
Sergl -at-atiiis —Andrew riiiilijs.
The election will be held it the
first meeting in July Additional
nomination/, may be m l- nl (ha
-:iin.* lime,
W. F. lim I.am. i l.ampion di I
of Hull.*,   Mom.. ».i-   .n   'In
yesterday en route for On ena. ■ I,
where In*  Intend ■   to dl 111 fol   ll "
purse put up there bj  tl 1.11 .
lion committee .—«♦"
r.ii:   i\" in ST HI U.   tt'ORLO.   JVKP, ho, mt.t-f,
llu...   he  diil  Tuesday  night,   uml
111.'   glliltiles   deli'gut ' «'. n'l    (Ii)   il
uuy more.
IV   I    .1 ION.
Printers in Itosahuul now Iniii
;..,>....'. .ii mo Mini'i* 1'i.i.i'i iinii. ii..**! .nd   nn eight  In mi'  il;. y.
in Ilie..il   '.-'.'. ul ..i| .ti     I  !.'..:    ,i  lt..1 .-li    WHH   lltTT'dell   t.l    III
.   I.i'l.l.lll.
Btltsrlil III In* Rollllilll n C ;ni'l. fl'.ce f
tliansiii, sion-I.n iu:!i On- tu.ills Ntiv. ].,,,.i,
■I    0 ,.',!.I   llftll 11a...'.ei.
At no tluio sinoii Ciiin ki'l il
Abel as a competitor for divine
I'.ivu:', Iiiiai* in.nu.plies nf nil kinds
liecii ho powerful us nl |in'-.iiit.
ini ih.-in al.ui.. for a  liiiv years
The   (1(111)1111(1 more ..ml iheir l,i*h| iigalllHt    oppO'
ll Iilpl.iyei- sitinu will   lit*   li. islieil.      \\\   oppO-
without dcniiir.    TllO  ty|i.i*s*i.i; hi- sitinn will tlt.'li lie clicked   off,   lllld I
nul iiniiiu in K.i---! iml i.s  hutiinatr llii'iL* will bn nn iiiiiii' appeal   from
i|i having all the   iii'HiI.eis  t.l'  llu* vvli.ilevi'i'  jificiii   lliey   may choose
oraft on ita rolls, ami all tho ollices to impqse—>ilnin there wus in the
are •'liiji'."   Sn l.in)j g  all cuifofin ihvs of oh)  ngih.gi   ih..   tribute
of Ena-
A.l".  Ti:. mi-mn   Ldliur and  Mmagei
(|Hiee si Miners' I p|qn I (all,
.; CBirriOS  KATI'.s
Pa* .TU- im ui ii i. in id  nice
!'. tl.e 'n III'.- Til.'  ■'.'"'        . • ,•    i
ill..I'll-     Hi I Villi ill .ili|.   lilillll
ami Lntli enipln; • uii|i i ||){)lnyi]e
ii'.- I..'iielille.l I.y the .-.'..nt day.
I'in..-.. are u few printers iu Ni-l-.m
Kaalo ami llu* Sli can who art* in.I
member*! of the union, These
should be
trie] spali
rubber Iniroua
.St. Qtinrga'a Cnureb, up Earl nml
1 * *.. *;; 11.. >■ Hii'tTii, Si i vices iiiKidt) u.pill a.m. ap.i v :;-io |i.iu. Sunday Sobool
.it .!::.) p.ro.
The iMeiiiudist Church, Wrjlhlngton
street, lienrtiell. Monlen, I'.tBtur. tjer
vines al 11 a tu. ami " :.'!U p.m. Sabbath
.School nn.I llilile Cla-h hi 8)1111 p.111.   I'll*
worth League of U.K., Mumlny .. 8 p.m
levlixl Ity ilu
.   '...
Already Mn, tl*0IIC,10f| of llu*
Uu-t Lalllclicbl arc (Mud with
.lend (V. ttjeg mIm. hnve made thelrlJ
last stand, The turf in uvea hpre
and there win pa the I.ui i. .1 coin
pithered lu uud a t|la inmpetitora nie inuklng (heir lusl
li..   an  ci'lit  I.onr ihu   kicks, but this  «ill . mm   l>. over.
,,ne )t.o
s.t iloulha
Tlm    ,\i  ul|
A   typo   who can....I
„ -..,,.   up ti day's  string   in  eight
hours is mil   un.di   good,  und  an
office which will uot pay tlie scale
Is tin,  mill   to   o\i-t.  -l'.iystroak.
Thin is good advice, and at  t e
v!'"'-'n<""";]"i"'' """■ ""'"*" "" sniiie liuieii .li.-trict  uuion should
•»rld, Cslufti.e lluv v*. ois.lBli I. tl C ,. ,, ....
In* l.u'iiic.l I...-nu111.| printing allairs
'""""'"* Th,*i,.ii l.-ai ilm  PltUburg union i i'i*i-ii11 \- received, should loach
I'll.ui. when  all is   ilium,
requiem   id    cumpclilii.ii
nml   the
i.s   BUIIgi
|hcKi'a***£-s.CI|*rS.ori   Blnipson's News SI u<
11. s.  Wsllace'i •tsllanrry "torv;   Host ObIci
(lews si.it.il.   Lim™   nr..*. si.,t,.„„,i  .lot,   (hr- Ivpns lu depend nm..* on lln-m
Usu's cigir Store *utt by ncv
111 checks ;nay b(J unnle pnyuble U
the   "iLni.   - . .
Those who Jcsire » chanse in tlui*
advertisement should hsve llu* eupy Im
the s.u.e nt this raffle* uot Inler thai,
the evening before publication day,
s.-.i..i.i>.','i,.iiM-:"... leoo.
: instituted.
C.!*,.'    ll|.    n
uml lln- IiihI -ii-:, 11 livnl   is   oul   of
ih.- way. we may look for a strug*
•lie to which all pu-t   Btruggles are
ta naught.   Organised capital ami
irgsnlxod labor will slaud   fune t..
face, with the Held ofaoiinu  cleared   between   them for the deitili
Who will  win?   Wail and see.
Wait ami lis leu to t .<> trusts whine
——————— .iml apologise and plead  uml ex*
Agitator! 'Ibis is a word lhal pain. Wat-ill them eriiige and
lim* beeu Ihlug around a good truckle and plead for favor to tin*
deal of late ami applied tu anybody   men they have abused,
who has tl.e manliness or independ 	
iM.cc to usk for himself or his lul
lows n wage or conditions' that will
enable them to live like oivilizd
beings:   The man or  unman   who
i\l. . -,l. l llilill'llt L...H- il ii.i.'il:^ nf ilia
i.n nl i' tit. utvinflll lii-ti-liii'iniTit .r il Mlnltlg
. ,, o.o , | ,,,,,,,,| l.liiblllty, tvlll It- iiii Iiii Mull  ll i .-Hi .  , I ....- i-..ill|'.int     .'       li.ist t ..Tlllliini
.. . nne  KiuulS'.d   li   C . ...i  M l.o  ' Its nib
ilsyol iu.   t  n   njoa .u .in. hnur tar < o'clock,
li  in    li. .   illaiil     ill.- .I.   ;...,*.il  ill   llu  tvlli'l ■ .•!  ..
o   |l   i uf llio  ns-tis ii.dns i-.Tt i.   prlvllsge
in.i :i hi in Ih. eonipsuv and inBttthorl,
il... ti.it. *.. i ..I lln- ..im.-. ..: ... consider llltl
nil, .-.'uiioi's l.i. lhe it Im i niuni'ii. .ir ieji
l.tratlit.1 ol llu t" IlltlStiy .in'   l"i   sil'Ti   Initll.-i
... ..tie i i-i i.t i.d lueu..  -  ii* ino rains 1..I..U
the .tu-. ...ti.-.
Unit it tins l.'lll  J.l.ie.   a.ix.   1.  Hs.ti-.-nl   U C
A. ItDKU. I.'.l.M.l-.
sui i torv
>; ':r:v:._^5*>>-.;i>:.-;;.;, >->->;> '!H^>.'';'^*;v^;<"^:''''>:*;':t:';'.'';''l«!-^i«^',
J. Burns k Co.
Wholesale Markets.
ItossluiK], Nelson, frail, Kunilon, Ruvelstoke, lj|*eipwooil,
Uriiuil Forks atul Vancouver,
RETAJfi   MARKET?    RossUm-;, Trail.  Nulipn, Ymlr
Kaalo, Sandon. New Denver, Hllvertoo, disouda City, Grand
Corks, (ireumvouil,   l'huenix, Midway, Cnilip MuKinury,  Revel*
stoke. Ferguson and Vinoonver,
Fish, (i)iini* and l'onitrv in Season, Sausages of a'.l Kinds,
\\ uham I ona i.n Manager Ro-slund Branch,   I
wives and lesson ll.c ex ilivc.
. ..-. . -■• :-: *)
The Pullman Cafe |
' \\:i.liii'i:l..n  a.lnt't.
ItsytaB Walton, Pmprielor*,
All the delicacies of the Beaaoi
I  Hot and Cold Lucches
• rin* place to «ct the lusl meal -r
iu th.* City.
i  i\leul- 25 ten's and up
■St-i i   ..   i   a   .......   .
• •"-• *Ki-^?-t>'>*$'*iois<,v. »*^-...-f-^-*jv*sSoja*
Do ^'()u
CARE   •^
i,,,;::;^;:-.;!.,^.! iinw \tm Look?:
[f you t!o, leave your order for
An Up To Date Suit at
•»...-1,- •■
Gov, Sniiih  of —on—ma, who.
played hand iu-haml with Stlieneil-I
berg of Idaho during tlie ' bull peu"
> honestly agitating forlhls   sin  |,,.' racy of hiaatato for dt"|e»ite | NEWS
Columliiit Avenue.-an.I he will lit volt.
-   • • ;
r * :■• • * < * * * * •*« * * - * •    ■*.- .- : *sy .,-.-• • • « • a • • • ... • • »!
■lays, has beeu turned down by the
/•X'X'X'X-X'M-xcc •:•:•:•:•:•:•»:.:.:.•.•:•-..>:-•..:■:• >:::-:«>^.:^o:^.
good compnuy, nothing less thai
tbe best uf all limes. Agitator i
a cheep aud easy sneer; thai'* th.
reusou ii i.- m> common.
to Knii-u- City.   One   by oue tlie  ■
traitors are being relegated  to the 5
Three million nf^humau  l>.ino* ThoboMett individual dare nol
have did ol starvation in  India     Judging from the tone of som  hasard a prediction as to where tl.e
since January, nnd unless relief is ,nB •***»* --••« ln "'"   1""1''- uustuiuvemciii will etn.., hut vain-
iiiiiiii ' ""'"''   meeting   Tuesday,   Aid.
given at once,  twice  thai   nhi
will i!icl.c!'..|'.'Scpteiiil:er.
live so  cheaply   iu   India   Ilia!   a
very  -mall   purl   ol   lli<-   iium.-iia-.
t'. iiiutI
.Iniii. Ileal, will hive i. warm time
ili-nl the dale ul ll.c next n.iinci
pal   election.    IL-  will Hud that
hia  seventeen   years membership
■urns already a|iciil iu ourryingou
the 8outh Africao war would have lun "'''"' ''"1""   *■"' "vml  l,i'"
-iiv.-.l :.!l ll..-t* liv.-s.   ami   relieved l,ttlp» "■* ,0   MU*M   '"  «l»****''
ull distress British statesmen 'ds msny "scabby" nets ss chair-
however, _ui|Ov sno their way to '"■'" "'•'"•'";"'' "f I1"'1'1''-"1"'
spe.ui any ^....it aiinmni of money
in savina tlio ll<*es of these black
Premier Hugh John McDonald,
,.      "r.i   ,.        i...        .•   .  of iliinitobu, has tackled the uutM*
Ruojeeta of ilu* tlueen, Lui can in.l '
tion of orohibiti n of Ihu liqui r
Let   US   givo    i.il.l   I.   Big
ly hopes il 11 so nu way will be
iiuimltiitii.il I.n ■-. ilu, wheels of
pragresa, break up tl.e im.-i-. nnd
mii.ie* them lack t<> ilm competi.
live field, which  the  busineaa .-\-
peril n f   their  prom, tors  has
tauglit nitscuilu.-iouund lulu.—
** giuaw -Xponcnt,
I ... li p.r Ihe label.
I!....ks, Stationery, Toys,
I'm rev (i*a...!s, Oili..*
\Schoal supplies.
lu ini; STORE      —     —
—     Btl Columbia Aveuns,
8 Bargains at O'Hearn's I
8 1 am ..vcrsiokeil w.ili spring and aummer goons nnd mn going 5
C; to make prices talk duriug the month of Juuc, as below !^
s '*'
• •*• Men's line worsted suits in lilne  or  blacks,  leguhtr  BUO sliils 'f
y, for j. 1 :t.'.'.V '•
.'. Jt.
v Men's line Scotch twiftl   .-nits,  great   value   r.-uiil.ir IISsuiis .t
y. for fl5.1V). ^
S Man's tweed Miits, regularf 15 value for W 7"..
v Boy's suita nud odtl pants at just half the regular price.
roi. ii.i  b
Sti'i-.i ilu- for the World.
millions io prosecute a liloodv and
.,,, Irulli.
expensive  war ut  ilu* behest ol..
,   ,,.    ,             . . Put   tiie sale t.l  alt i ii toxical inu
hull   doxen    mining    companies ™
,     ,,                  ,     .-., .            ,       t lupior.-. in ll..' ha..ils ill (he govern
Another example nl the greed aud *
power of capitalism.   Thiuk of it
•;•:-:•:•.••-:.. •:-.•;•:•:■ :•:.:•:•:..•:.:•:•:•:•:•»:•>:'»: v:-;*:
in. ni. wilh an ng. ncy in osnli town.
„liiiiiunto    ull    profit,
treating, a. d ull the evil   	
.■.I of ii. ' be ..-it-.-..    •   i
Ii >—I.tii,t will never bo a thoroughly organised town until tlie
unionists dig .bun into their
pickets nnd provide the Hlthyfor
keeping au orpin Ber ul  work -. v
oral i iihs iu tin,  year,   If tills
is done we will have fewer unions
lUlliug into Ihat stale where llu'y
ui.* oi but little advuutiigo to the
The street car -irike in St. Louis
has cos|  the cily mora in loss. -
than  i!    it..'.ilil   ii.-.vi*   COst   lo  ion
struct the system aud own it, And
--till tin* people kit.- m.t enough
sense to seo what is wrong. Uu.l
the city owned the system the nuttier of wsgea and ti'oniiueni ,,f employes would  ha\c Ib*.*ii brongh
Up ami settled iu ...uu ill moetingS,
Lul   rather   '.ban   own   ROUielhlng
themselves i!..* | pie   hav.- p*r*
inlttod the killing of :'.i> people; the
■mooting or AG men ami women ''Tho Chinese must go." Thul
ihe Injury ol 107 others, the heal i,.,il very well In say, bin tho very
Ingoro women, the -dripping in men who my ii most frequently
lhe streets of a women, tho ahtrat- keep ihem here, limy ore the
lngor8childr md the having of ,„,.,,. many ol   them   monibers ol
a   good   time   (..-in'i.tlly       IVnal,-   uu|0Ua      tt|„,     p;,|,„niw   (•)„,	
"" poly in public (ranolilse pomes laendrloa and   buy giecn   truck
high, but ('....is will have ii no mai- from theheathnn gardeners,   Home
tor the c-i.   (Le. i,......I. (irautl
Forks nml   I'h ix   rnle-puvers
should lliiuk (ui.e before th>*y
I    The Hua-.v store nt the Busy Corner.
]•!>;.;.;.;.;.;••.■>;.»»■.".".».■.•■;•>;.;.;.»•.»".;.•...... .v.  ;*r>**,*XC<*jt'
. **************************************************
Thu Lads! in
II ATS!   j
C. F. Eagles
# j
♦     Opposite the llauk ol'Toriiato.
K'.-slaml. IL C
union men   make us very   weary
'I'm'.-day   uight an   enterprising
reporter for the Minor on tin h...k
..ni for a sensation, mot a  friendly
disposed and guileless delegate to
tin* Trades Council      In   Ills   iniii.
pence, thinking all men were like
unto himself, honest, tin* delegate
opened his heart, and the reporter
j-ot bis sensation
An item appeared lu lusl week's
World, in relation to tho contract*
OrB in tl .'inliinalioii ,-liall at the
l.i- Hoi, whicll.il appear*, did m.i
do j—sties to either the men or tin-
company On Investigation it is
(..inul ih.* World was Imposed upon, (an will be taken 'l.ai this
ibn-n.il occur again,
■ mm
' "'> .. !
.;.>-4^ ■
—  '.j
STiLLcrtrrApfP --.   T.^Yais-e^r^
Going Out oi Business!
-verythlng lias to go, no ma'ter
at wliat pries. Come early wliilu
we havfl a good assort met t of
Fixtures for Sale!
A   truth's union *<   basis  is  luir-
(Mi ii decidedly mony and unity.   When .llvisiuiiH j5
ragged bit of truth,  he  builded a come an.l schisms, jealousies ami 8
great structure  of falsehood,  nml Btrirea* enter, it is no longer a trades o    SffirP f(iT  T?PVlt I
thn editorial writer taking alarm union, butl omes a trades divl '•:'   tJwl%:J •»w»   •s*~**« '
therefrom, dipped his pen In brim' lion,   plvido a unit Into two equal •'.■
stout* iindstr:ii|'l.hi:iy provce.lcil lo  purl*, of nnc-hiilf. lei llieiu !s> u-e,|   -,
burn up Bossland labor iinlonlita ngninst each other and uolliing iv  t,
with a polumn uml a   half ut' Iml   mail...
editorial.   Ilovieyer,   all   is   well —I i'jx-a . i
ngain.   A lew | pi., r.'i.il the nd-     pernio (plotter- of the Traui
itoriiil. fevver still were impressed vaal who really brought on the
by it, and little harm was .ion,.. Boer -jar, are msklag a groat ftisa
The  reportei    i-n'i    looking  for.now they  bavu k*arnod Ibal  tin    '■
any more  sensations,  the editor mines will I .pelted to pay the   •
kuowHiuore about l.-cal union men oosl ol the war . ,......„.. -.-.,;.-,, .....,.,-.,
♦ ♦♦•>♦•>•>♦♦•>♦*>♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦****4 ♦♦♦♦♦*>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ '
Morrison and Bryenton
Have pi. i received u Conslgumonl of
Fisn, (janneil  Goods,   Hams and Bacon,
Fi lits and Vegetables
Fresh H<jgs 'I °as and Coffees a Specialty
Bole Agent i ■    JBBtaod for •FMI'ltlaSS TF.AS.''
'Phone l(Mi-4*). 125Columbia Ave.
Rossland Auction
Nn. 42 Kant Colmt'bia Avenue,
Fresh Green Vegetables.
Cauliflower.        String Beans
Brussels Sproiils, Lettuce, Celery, Tomatoes, Green Peas
0. . Fox k Company,
100 Kiisl Columbia Ave Telephone 06. im: INDUSTRIAL   WORLD, JUN-!? 80, 1900,
Tu It:*' Vou-r.
yes,  vou luilc lobe liounht nn<! ynu luitr tolae
Ami yuu liulc to (at? lorcetj to pny Sliylt.rk in goftl,
Vim linte tine l.nril tiliics, b'-l you Ire lauillid tu
die yniiic,
y.nt l.nte tlttin.—lmt yon vole fur them just tlie
V.iii hale polttlcliai ulna SWBf*g6l flntl rnllt,
Vou halt, a j,-inul ileal of tin- old party emit.
you bit* * lirgs stair* ol the ticket you nnmc,
Vou ha'e It, lint vnle lot it just tlie .nine.
Yoa hate lo hecaampt'tl inn linaticliil Bay,
Ami ynu half nisnl fmnds going on day by day,
You curse 111 your soul the cm i option vou laiaiut),
Yuu curse il and vote for it jusl the same.
You long lor Rood law., and prosperous limes
And you itnut to see hoodlera sent up lor their
You wnt|t nioie reloi.nsthn.i we have space here
to Dunn'.
But you uecer vote for them ji St the same.
You hope fm a clituiRe and >nn ptijy   for irlicl,
And you smt'.'u yo., wfllbritta. pariliAU Betavaiori
io grief,
Thi-u ynu .iint.-li lo the {aolls to pill   lilo.-ltheads
to shame
1,11, ton vote tlie old lit-ltet ir-sln just i)..- ■ n
Don Utile Thinking.
"We linvi* late.) Dgorlog up tilt*
■traogth of organist— labm in thin oily,"
nys Coming Kvuiiti ul KviiiPviile, l:uI.,
"uud (in.I il a linn*: uf wuiiderful pro*
purli,nil. If urgnuli -1 labor iu tliis
iiinu'ii town don'tgSl nil lllSl is coming
iIiitii. tl.e). nu uni- is in Idniiii- hut ll.. ti
S'lves. Wh have nv.ir 4U dillarelit nil-
inns *lth a inambiriblp of well Blgh
nuti. 4,900, Tniiik nf that, won't yuu !
T.iiiili ul Whal tint in.T.iv  men cun do—
wli.lt they can B.-t i; li-li if Ihey  onl}
I,nve lhe sens.. In lin,.- l-iet-llier. Ve
cols lll.l |. du i.t ,:i-' WIlBl if Ilie.
should lake a notion tn seleet nut, nf
ll.i'ir own DU—bir congressman ... 1>
fall'.' They could .In ii .1. u.l easy, hsn.ls
down, world wlthont snd. They aoald
also do many other things lhal liny
ilun't do.'
For Pulltloal Aulloii.
Tin, Vancouver Trades anil Lnlior
Council Iuih nulled a convention foi
June87th tu orgaaile for in.ie •>..!..•
polttitial Button iu th*- i-\ 'lions,
The early bird oatobei the wuitu.
Will I',it (he Jspi Out ol IlusiiiflSB.
A iniel.iiie that will do tho work of
Motion gBUgl nn rtiilri'iula in leveling
anil liim in log Hie mail-lieil ami prescrv-
ii.u lhe  propel   width, level inul  slop..
oa Had for by tho standard cross, notion
nf tbl nml, bai heen invented I.y ('rank
l'.B.r. Ordinarily ihls work is dune hy
band labor, and it rrqutrsi ntni skill tn
ilo it correctly.   Ii is throwing the la-
ii 'iit-i. ui".. panto nil along tin. line.
BpsoS   prevent!   giving  n ..le'Tiled  dr-
■orlpiton of thli nsw ooloiial Isbor displacing lool, It i* only nioesiary to
mention thai a 80*—(la isotlon was
trim—sd with ths ear in (onr ilaya re.
ceutly, whereas ll,>* fl.imii wmk, 11 dune
iu the ■■one lime I.y hand,  wniihl   have
required tlm employment of 37S men■
As It in, the tore* required, iu a.i.ii-
nun ... Ihe  lucnui.it ive, consisted of 1
l.il.i  iTeli ,  .t      I.in-Ill 11.     Ull  I    (On.      l.iell.
Iii ii »..id il.eie is ii saving, nr displ.ir-
ineiit, u' K.", per cent iu cust  of labor.
Mult Look tu SiH-iali.m.
Miss Ireue M. A-l.l.y, of London, b
member uf die Worker.-' fi.iuii sml
the Independent I i     patty,   ivhu is
now in tins oountry   studytai  socdal
.-,ni.en.-ua, is in.1 i.ir>c a i iv.....l.le In*.
|.rrssi.iii iu New Vnrk lu'mr clreles
In as|.re.-h la-fun* the (Vnlral Federated
I'nion, site ersstsd   much .-ini.ii-i	
i.y dselsrlng that espltallstlo «i-n*n a
through imperialism, Ibo f..rmiii|t ..I
Iriists, lhe iali.slutlluii ut uii.'hi..e.i.
the forcing ol Inckouls nml s.likes is
causing the workers Ibe wnr.d uver I.,
look to tocialinu fur relief ftom the la
ranuy ol capitalism.
Nu lliillela There.
Tin (set Hist s Sji-ialist rvrnpira the
n.ayorslty rlisir in Berlin, may psr!—ps
eipllin why <hf police tirol only Mail.
ririri.lgri at Hie ilrikeri doiiog Hu- rs
cenl street ear trnuld-.in tin. city, ami
whleh irmt'-le I.i. I. en sail « cv.rily ad*
J-iSled. The Gblcag. U .k.is' 0ill
urge* Ihe St. Lulls .inker- I. "please
takoootice." Thessiue nq est in.ah.
I« nude ol worker* in other places, iu-
eluding I'.eveliinl.
A Worthy  Appeal.
The (ull..wing circular letter hns heen
.i-iii.c-... i m nd organized i.iin- trade*
in America. Toe huililing trades linvi.
nut up a In-'i- ninl lund ii;'M in ObloagO,
I and ar* now turning thalr Bttentiaan tu-
ti.n.1'1    several    luruis   ol    ■ J-nperutive
{ production! to eiuthle the   thousand! "I
.t.uker. lu Withstand  a  yi'B'B' siege  ll
asesMsry,  No building ia bslng  Ions
in lh icily!
('.. Ilie .1:11.'ers ami Members uf all
Trulei and Labor Organisations,
. Irsstlagi
Alier twenty weeks nl the most
hitler 'iacts 1 ... the annals ul trad* uniona
I in ObleagO, Ihe l.uilJing lin lea are
st.imliiig in a stili.l phalanx tl.deruiiiieil
t j resist lu the list the arbitrary no-
until I*    uf    the    I'oiitraelurV   Cntllli-il.
Fbroosb a eomplia y ..( the oontraoton
and the   dally   pre., of Chicago,  iha
' huil.ling   intluBlry  was partially psrti-
1 I>/ "I   heft.re  Hie   lockout   was  inatl.n-
: rated, su Hint  many uf   nm   uieu.l.ers
have   dons nn work  for   six in on Ihs.
. lln* tiiil.t ul the Inul.ling trades in Chi-
I cag.1 is tight of urgauiied lilair throughout mi. ouiniiy as tbs very Uie of .in*
tin lea .uu. i.   me sympathetic strike—
Is ana 11 ed.
Wlnle wa fully appreciate whin lu*
already l.een .lune, in the way ul limn-
fill BBlislatii'e, we lerl It l.u-.linliviit on
. Ul to BUB in   appeal   In   VOU.   t'-'li. i
ns   money i» abinlntely   iieosusry to
keep uur ueeilv brothers frnni deserting
nur iTiiiks ai:d luipariting uur pnittlon.
We inn*! win, .nd union wen every-
w htu'ii tnm    'i ;  u     n it.
rmstlng ini. will receivo your oirefnl
peruaal aud pionii". aoilon, we remain,
Krai   ... My,
'.i'" mu     ... ii
B, A. Davii
.• iiiiuii-'i.i Sturatary.
1' 8    Pienra- mskw nil monayi payable tu E. A. Divib, financial Ba-oretary
Hull lull* Triules Oouneil,   Kuotn I,   1.S7
Washington St, Ohioago, I'I,
Following is a hat of thoau wliu adver-
tlie In tha [kduithial Woai.o;
lie.) Agnew id On., Groceri.
W. F. McNeill, HboeSto-e.
ll.niter Bros,, general merobindiie.
Empey Hms., groceriei nnd  genla fur-
T. H. Morrow, druggist.
C l). Lulu.uie, Mime etore.
C. 0. Oibaon -v. (Jo., nenin' clothing
and uoliuiis.
(i. W. ,M l.ri.le, hnrdirare.
Liiiiun liros., buoka mid stationery.
Crescent Dry Goods,  furiiiBhiniia, ill)
guuds an I i'ii.'.liiiii*.
Morrison iv. llryrntnu, griieeriea.
M. J. i .'i ..'..in. olothier an.l Hatter,
l'atilBun II.us., groceries,
Taylor A .Mcljuiiirie, tailors,
l'lteilie Tea Co., tens mid coffees.
colu.muia    icanadian Pacific
.    Wl 1*111      I
MtTuiid ti nd (onnh  Tucsdiiv
7l_o ii.ni. in Miners' t'tiicii Hiill
Sec ; Ed, I'nriisworHi, pre*,
caki'Kntkks   $   JOINHR-   UNION- Meets
every Friday oi end. week ;ii h&q p.m. lu
Miiicts' Union  Mull.   1* K  McDonald,  1'n.s,
A j ^cDooald-aoc.
MINERS' r.vioN No. j8, Wmtero Federntlon
ni Mluera   Meeti every Weduettday eveulug *it.
7;,o o'clock in M,iters l 'liun Hull. JntilfM
Devtue, ftecj a i. Ilouitou, 1 us.
TypOOHRPHlCAl,  UNION No a33$-^ee^i ou
llio last Butulay "i each mouth .,-i ilie Miuriv
Union Hall J rUarkdoll, Scvrttiiry; Mr 1'ook',
.Meei the Hint ami third Tuesday ot eaih
mouth Ht I ji iu in neitty'i Hall   PO Box 314
\\. McI.i'Od, I'lesldelll; J, Kluiimn, btcre*
CtiOItS r-i WAITRRB UNION, No 40, \V I. r-
Mtet-every _atnrday evoiiinj- atk8i]o o'vUick
in miik-is' Union lt-nti. Po Box 41, Paul
jolThcr, Si-c; Qeorga Cunulughun, I'tts
PABNTKR'8   UNION,  No- ji»,  1'alnteni   nnd j
Dacoraton 01   Amttico, uaeta  in Baatty'i
hall on ucond and fourth Weduaday ol each
month.  \v. 8, Murphy, proildant, Geo. \v.
shinn, necretaty*
.v„. -M..i.ry Transfer Company.
in eat ti in.ni 1 it at. J. v
'INK, Mur.
I pany In Roiilanu that _.:i
! Truiika Inr L'?. i!n>its «
«   r  eeat « Oen
».i Bapreii (liun-
I deliver your
Three d.iys'
Ollliv-QUEK.N CIQAU .srol!K.
Tel.plinne 117.
Wholessleand retell tleileis iu PiIbIi, oil.,
Vari.isl.t-s. Brushes, ll'.ill l.n.sl. hu.I I'niultT.s
Buvpliei.     Cntnicls Ink...  I.ir  plplf lannuinu
and decorattn*. Office ind iton i-iuiia-l* \
Chliuben 'doclCi 31* COaUHibla a '*.-. undei iiuiiiui-
ou Bxpreu c.i's. ..iim-,
N. ft V. eiiuiio .s...
Il.iana, per lh      8 to 7
Brooms, eneh  35 to 50
Hutter, per lb  110 to 35
Baoon, best, pel II)   It) to 17
Hulk Oil, per sal  50
Hiecuitfl, lancy, pur lh  25 to -15
(Nieese, per Ib...
Clioculnte, per Ih
W. Slmpton, newt, atationery and Ooooa,par tin
Canadian and
r.ourbon  W
20 Railroad and Miners' Checks Cashed.
O. K. Hatha.
—cQouigla .v Co, groceriea.
IL,Kin.in lluuse and li..r.
Eusian 1 'ii'... Store.
Dyeing and   Cleaning Works,   Washington alrcrt.
Daniels it Chsinhers, paints, oils, etc
II" -..-nd ,>* Wright.
KoB.lali.l lloli-l.
Elcetrit: K.iuiulry.
C, ll. 1). Meat Market.
The I liter iiiiliiimtl
Simpson A J hi. s, groceri
Ei|les' Millinery store
Kossland Dr.ii* Co.
0. M   En .ti 0 l.i ameers
1' .1.un 'nn Traiisf-r Oo,
l; —Lied AtKlion II..use.
I'ullman Cale.
Glob* li. a.intrant.
I'aeili.: Sitlnon.
liesi.l's r.iil.iiin. I'.irlura.
UoM Ulan, Tailor.
H  IV. BliupsoBi graesii
35 to JO
20 to ,'i0
10, 12>_
. '1.111 nii'.il, per lilili sack ..
Coffee, per lb	
Crackers, sodaa, per lb	
Canned fruits, per can  25 to 35
Canned peas, per can  i-" .. 35
I Canned beaoi, per can       12.'..
I Codfish, per brick  25 i
Dried fruits, per lb  10 to 20
Eggg, per ilni  2.r> to 40
Ilarrv Mcintosh.
Am),800 Una.
imlLj i.Mi'i;i;i.u. J.iM.iT.li.
Blew Kiibi Dally Service.
Optional If 'Uls Iluil anil  Went (iniii tlie
Kimteiiay (' uiulry.
J.'irsl-claas Sleepers on till Trains.
Tourist Cars
fas. Itevelslnke D.ily fur Si. Pnui,
Tburadayi for Uontraal ami Doiton,
Tuesdays and Saturdays Iur Toronto,
Km Jill's .in.! (nil infirm itioti add.vu
the nearest Local ivii, or
City Ticket Aguit, Kossland.
W. II. (JAC.E,
Acting A cent, Kossland.
W. F. Ankkrhov, T. 1'. A , Nelion.
E. J. Cuvi.a,  A, Q. 1*. A., Van.-oiiver
Declaration of ?•' v;_..<..*
Uopted by lhe Eighth Aumtal C.iiiveii.inn ol Ihi
ai Denver. Colo , May II
Kluiir per sack	
Qrsnnlatsd augsr, 14 lh lor	
llaint", per lh 	
Honey, comb, pereaku	
Imperial oil, ■'. c.il. can	
Lar.!, .'.In pail	
Laundry soap, per har	
Liverpool salt, per 501b sack...
.Macaroni, per Ib	
M • 1 i .-ii--. per gal	
Nuts, per II)	
Rolled uals, ner 10!b sack	
Pickles, mixed, p. r .piart	
line, per Ib	
*<alt I.BCnn, per II.  	
Sago and tapioca, 11.10,3 Iba. fur
SiiM*k sail, per .Villi sack	
Syrups, per hall gal. lin
l''ini.1l1.es, |a-r c.in	
real, per Hi 	
TubaciTi, per II.   90
N'liii-tc ir, per .al  .VI In (.'a
.'. I1e.1l inanlia., I'k.s,  SO; bulk   perlb.
  :> and II
1 tl)
5 aud ti
IS to 201
75 to 11 '
so I
Ensign   Cigar  Store ;
CAIT. siiaw Proprietor.
Corner Columbls svs., Washington st
,11 ilienl-n Ave , nrll d.air to I_*ondr .
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
2.)   iiMliH.iT.xi> ft RKBBINO.
. BO to BB
•8  ,
uaMdI Electric Laundry
Northern Pacific
Vi*:!.'.'.y-i' 1 .';•: i'i-;.   .  , :
Die Dining Cir It une via Vell.iwilon*
Park.  Mlest nml Beet.
.-..LID VLsriltt'l.K TRAINS
Equipped mil.
I'lll.U.tS   I'll U I- I'tll-,
in. a st DixiioCass ,
Mouses Du Coapaas.
Toesnrr Bustrnra I'ma
The Keil Issue.
I'mtmsor Baaaar, who holdi the
rhiirol polltiral and *ncf*l scienr* In
Vale College, hn thmwo the esslein
pint* urtnii. int.) a rouiiiplion 111 I7 s
rfcent slateiueiil. He laid: Tha real
iisu* llut men ol the 'ulure havegnl ...
(lie*, slid i, .he bImik.Iu li'lvrin pint-
uc.acy and democracy.
Spokane Strike.
Il.iii.lim* laborer* m S-iokan* «enl
outon suite Mon.lay Burning, ind work
011 all n*w buildings in llu. rliy ii 1. *
standstill. I'niriy seven ami oi.r-hsl!
..•nis prr hour Im been paid (or Ibis
rliMol lilwr, but Ibe oimrai l.ri i.«...
. iili'io attempt*,) lorn, lb* price lo .1.
cinlf. sml (lie men slopped woik.
On* Million in lb* Treaioty.
Th* national secre.ary ol tho Amal-
giniale.1 Snciely ul CsrpSOISrS andJuin-
•rs. in hi* last reuorl, shows ■ rsih lul-
■nr* of 11 ,0M.<M6 ami a memlierihlp ot
•ai,*J.*i2, a gaiu id uver !>«' in Ihe |.,|
Austrian   Nine Hour   D,y.
Tb* Amtriin (urernmen. prapote* in
*n*cl a drastic nine-hour law lor miners.
I uder it* provisions employer* cannot
compel employes lo work nrsr.im* unlets ths Islter siree to do sn ia conference,   dinar sifeauirtls ar*   provider).
Federation of Miuer.,
tpples, perlb	
I:, els, per lu	
T-.Or.nn!*.*.! I.ibor .lirnngbout the l.tn.l—Tha Westsrn Pedsratlon ol Miners,  C.mlillower	
in Cu.rem.nn Asieiul.le.l, Send Oraatlngl | Celery, per l.iitieh .
InpriMsd with tbs rightaouioaM ol L*ih.i'«, esnss and hellevlog that bene-Iq— *."    ,   .
1 llcial teluiiii* iu iu-liiBitisI condiiiniiBian   Ih*  arc .niplislud ....iv tnronah radical I,
, ,   ,        . laaiiiniis, per tlm	
cl.sl.i*.- 11. pi.-aei.t k''<vi-rrinienialiiiBii'u'i'.iis, ie ii-s.N-i-ifuily sul.ii.it  ilu-  lollew* .,
1 log a* a Blali'.urnt 1 I llu* mm  vital principles ninth we blllaVSSl Id receive tin-   *
I li.iiielill.il i-.ii,.i<|i-r*iinn nf all wlui  iml.  anl  gnreni   polilicul   lilili ilium u( the   l'1'*"' I"* "*
uirmlHT* .-I the Wrs.trii eWsratloo ol Muieis.
I.l.   We Inliere lhal the ws.-* srilem shun Id he sbolisbed snd the pro.lu.-l i.n
ul l»lH*r lie illllriUuliil under tl.ee...operative plan.
2d.   Ws are oppessd to lbs expsnilnn nl uur nsliinal  I. .un.Urlcs for Ibe ic
luiiii'on of territory popnlstsd byothsf than lbs Osnesslsn rs. •-.
3.1.    We uie n|ipo**«l tu imperialism sn.l iieiii.iii.1 thai civil ...rernitienl  under
bepiiivi*i..iiii.li.iii l.-leral c.iuililulion !..-etleiidcl   to   1'uerlo   Kico and other,
' miliar , its nl ll.e t'liitcd Siale*.
I.l.   We are opptned lo arbitrary interference hy ted-ril *-.i'hnritiei in locil
i iflairs, and TC MpsS—Uy nl-j.-cl locnvcriniiont bf iiijiuclion us a new and highly
.|*n*ter..ii. Initti ul nppre.sltiu by which lederal j.i.lite.. it, cu.empt nl ull  In a* 0!
' lb* slate and light, til ita cllUens, Itecnme at once legislature*., judges a:..I executioner*.
.'.ib.   We view will, alarm lhe eti.lent tlesi.n to ine.i-arc Ihe Handing army.
A*i-lr hum Die cnuriii.Kis expense a  large  military eilahlishineut  lu.|.'.acs  upon
.be pr.Bl.ieersnl lhe nation (wlm are ill* aclttal  tuipiyersi, we knotv  from  his'
Iniicul !«. I-sin! .nu o» n e,|u-r..■n.e thai ills ll.e i-husen  weafHin nl Ivrauts, BI
denlly toe tu individual rights ul Ihe con..lion people ami incniiipalilile Willi  (re* |
inili.iiliun,. Ili.telore. we aaplSSS lhe hope tl.tt tbl 1ne11.l1.u- ol OrgSBlSSd labor     ' ""n   !,,n "' *''• «..a*il'l..i! |.b lai.
I every*here will relr.iti hum voluntary enlistment iu auy .leparliuvut ol the fed-1 -ne'ei'i""
ersl ur military service.
.lib.    We lielleve a reprc-entihvc forin ol e ivernnictil n failure and   rega d di-
1 r*cl legislation as the llr.l -ie|. uecii'siry t leiilnrce le.islallfS telorui,  and Hon
fore demind lb* initiative and lelerenduin  iu  .unkuii! ill liw*, niliunil, state
sml mimic.psl.
steamship tickets lu all parla of Ihe
'"  ('..linnUl   Avenue,  iie.'ir r..-t..|li.-.-.
Nun.'Inn  white help employed n2u_i,2l,.^__!}. ':1 •,oi,", in ■*■•
1 • I i.lled Males aud ( anatla.
Mot..'tu,   We call aod deliver
Tickets to China and Japan via ISSOBH
and N.irthern'l'aritic Steamship Co.
Trains depart from BptikanS!
Nt. !. Westli.iuiid.'.i <>:\; p. ,,1.. flail v.
No, I, Easlbniiinl, n 7:2)1 *. n;., dally.
Fur information.: ...ue ranis, mam
ami 11. k.-i- »j,pty to the aeentl ol the
s. F. .•* N. E. IV. KIF1,
-\_i- It.M.Ky.. K.is.laii.1. B. C.
(ieneral Aitriii, Bpokaas, W*sh.
ThatOUI Tr-a anilt'ull'^a mtr Utr CHO|CH**.T
IpM III KuMsland. Ttnjiv. when !♦**•*. -tud CO
■Vet »IT |Mi»hrfl IO har.l. il t- ali-e-iinlrly nrr
•hsi\c an arildr i-l in,n*<ii| ntrrtt
You will furl it hJRVs   lllumvn Rtvrii «w«y
tocMManH r*
Pacifc Tea Co.
I en.line Library.   Latest Novell.
. 1-0* Supplies, Etc.
Dyeing ami Cleaning Works.
o^|Mi.;ii' Martin ttrotliPM.
Tin lil-st  imprmi-fl m ict tiirtv oiti.l t-r-Mf-'i**.
nnbll iiirlo.nafi..l.*r   liw   pi |>1   .t-'nnv .*•
■til nlt-r*      'Ai.iV Mill If »it;:--! I -t ..ini   I. Itirlnl
111 -S1IJ.   Al!fltt-*t»
Th* Montana Ore rnichasing Company bas granted the miners in ils employ Iheir reipiest for BB eight-hour
workiiii- day.
The street railway conductora and
motor men ol Toronto, Can., are very
resile. 1 aud unless a raise of witrea is
granted idem at once there ii likely lo
he a itrike.
Of lh* l».'i delei-stes appointed lo select m*n In revisa lb* charter n( Ifls Angeles, Oil., flfleen were appoints,! 11 socialists and tllteen 11.
mamhsrs of the l.ilnr (tinncil. L.«
Angsles propose! lo take a lisp forwsr.l
In Ihs msrrh ol pro-ire.*
7th. We regitrd public ownership and operation nf Ihe mesns of production
snd .li,Ir di i'i hi *, Hi..- logUll *. uli .1 d in • 1 111- n . ,.r. . n ,,, | r *pe tlully
urge all working people tj give lln* buI.jtI lie lh in 'hlf.ll c .Bit I IMttOB its im-
IHiriii.ee deserves.
Bib. Tin! a graduate.! tax >«■ levie.1 on incnmvs in I .nlieritances, and proper.
ty In !'c levied on land values alone.
Olh. We .leniand the reliai.ililalinn nl silver as a money metsl and iti free
coinage at lb* ratio of 111 lo I.
I'llli. We denounce I lie national hanking system as nn institution SStSulllhSd
sud maintained in lhe interest nf capital shine, ami inimical lo t*ie best  interests
ol Ibe producers, and demand lhe system heiilaolisht.I uud n |>ost»l system lie sub-   Cohiuil.il Avenue, next   the  Bon Ton.
•tiluted instead . ind we (dither deinind i!iat.ill .11 incys—gold, silver and paper-
lie issued hy the government Of —IS I'mled State, direct t . the psopUi
llih. Wealsn.l nn.literal.ly opposed in the Immigration ol cheap 1*1.ir and
demand that the prohibitions ol the Chinese exclusion act Iw extended tu the
lapsneseand all olher Mongolian race*.
121 ti.    We Itelieve Ihat Ihe .line has srrived   when  all  laU.r  unionitl" ihoold ■■
discu., economical and political stlhjerl , -faith lhe view Of lup|iorling the candi- !
dale lorollice Ih-bI calculated to inaugurate Ihe reforms Inr which We Bland. •''"'    '' ''   ""I    Imported   <
I3lh.    We reconar.irii.l lhal when a inemht'r nl nrgaiiiocl   labor il ava ill hie for ——.
public office b* ibould Ibs idvinced nnd suppnrlcd in (.reference  lu ill other cau-
,|ii|,t,,. Jirry Bpsllnsn, rrnprletnr.
11st their Prescription*
Filled hv thn
R ossland Drug- Co.
a Full i.u.poi Rv*rythlSgloOai i.tne.
line Ull Call.
■  1. I.Hie. ,,,.       R   ,    slHi.s-i.   „,.,
Rossland Hotel.
Ass'l lipu, I'aiaelign  \. :.i.
Nels-.i, ,1. Fort Mieppird Dailwiy
Red Mountain   Ry,
The 1 lily Direct  ll wl*! It>bI* m
Kailo, K.Miteniy I ske and
Shiran I'olnls.
I verv dsy in tbl u-ir  lie.**),-,.,, -| .
line, Knesisnd ind.Nelson.
(»ne Yeir  •
six Month!
•rtii niuv ...i..s
K:|.*ia..n.   -    •   -|nl,,na •   • Sill p.m
'.'I'i |..ui. -    -   N.rlhp.rC ■
♦2.00  Arr've ; H)|..m. If is.lan.! I.v. i! :'.''■ «.m
Illb.    Ue iic'iminend the full and free ItSM        *.. of all economic and political
U'.estlnn. hj ai! .1 ns ..l.i.- fcderitiou,
Cnr. Snnkeue -itreet and Columbia Av
A.lilirss Ail (ommnn.cations
m.-.-i.AND. 111.;
Nicuin-e ot cin laelween Spnkan
ami Kossland.
Tickets on aalo ill overjth* wntld.
C.aBe inline, t...ns it Nelsnn With
.tenners Inr I.s,I., snd ill KoOteBBI
Ilk* points.
I'assingers Iur Kellle titer, ilouidsry
camp ind It .un.lary cn. k ...ntur. at
Mucus ind DeaSbBIg With   stage daily,
L. W. Uu,, Ag»ul,
I a** i.i  i    ,\M t"*- j. 1 1A I.    WOHJJi. .It Nl''. ill1,  lOOO
,*.'■ *.«_.i-.
Notice  to Mlneri,
The editor Ol The World dues  mil   hold hint,
nl Ui     p.i-.it   ■ h i  ■■■  Ihi     ' 'i    i'i.   i'1'iiii..ii c\
tii'siatn tat COtltrtbtttoIB lg tins tti'nnin.
Tie Italian (^ mniiuu.
Tbe Building Trades Council uf   Km-1
i sua Cily, Mo, iii.\-.* unanimously voted
tO lli-BTllVe,     Tl.il. HUB due to    llut    liio'cc
w.ii- waged on iiii'iu by contractor.!.
Coii.nplix, 11. C. .lune 27, lii.ii.
Editor ui Induitrlal World :
Will yoo plud.U pil 111 llll lhe    followiug
iii your paper, fur   the   lu-nelli   ol   1 ...
wurktng men in and  about   Rosiland.
(Julie, a Dumber uf duvelo|.lng un   pros
i.eetli.g uulUl., Brc  hiring   men  bi   the
Editor of Industrial'World 1 dlftereul   poiuti along  tha Clou.bin,
T'.e question   ul  impl.iylng   Italian and ut lhe uOait, to  «...k ibu different
libor liitbe Rossliud camp,hai igluted propirilei uiidor their oonui/l bee in     Tradei unlonliti relme to elect  their
and iiutaitU loo public iuiihI lu a Inrgf   H.e Liiii-.n.   Themt-nar*  dumped iff   I|W"H  '" '•■■•■"'  "'   fMt  unions; bin
extent. here nt'Oo—splix, and In nearl.t  every  lliey elwitbern to make tliflr lawi ami
rb.e plan adopted by one mine m>n.| case without means and b. v.. m  -t.it,' **■"-* '''"""> ted, •■   ihey   dvierve to
The secretary  nf  Ihu  Slnte  of  TtXIII
li.ts cine lie.I the  leimiie nf S'.HI curpaar- j
atloiil to do blutnesa in thn: itate,  >>*-
ciihi. tbey lalled tu pny the Irauulilie
lux iini.us. il by Ti-xaa,
sue-, bids  fair  lo   In* coma a tbanaua  It) I for   tin in elves.    Tin*   li ul-
In-.—('ui.!... and Countrv.
tlie eomtnunity in general,   blvllsiiilj orerk and  1'i.h   river are Itupaisai.le,
the object III  .;  .Ji.c Canadian lador l>-luR in feme  plauei .it  luet under Smith Ourtli had * hard it niggle in
by   a  i/itemum,    well   thought   nut water.   No provision li uiiue to renuin- Rosalind wilh ox•Lieu'en.ni Quvernut
ic'lim-,   To.*   prinolpl*  ..I  employing erste th* men for Ion ot time or even Maoklntosh, but  be won.   Mackintosh
une nationality to the esduilon of others to p*y for board,   lh* ti'iioolihe iltu- sn.de n itrong bid  It ibe Labor i.e.
It radically wrong     We do hot   deilre ailon from u  labur  !tanri|iului   t« ,„„ i-n tin-v ki,.-»- u.,ir t,. .n.   Ulllitui and
•ucb i lystsm In this ramp  as is prao- wry  saiil.ctoy,   postari innouncii.g Countryi
'••*- •■ others, wbsi ituu I.     ' n   le..   wauled." an* vary cm* J    T[(.      ,,,,,.,, ^7oiTi.lladolplila
lhar to obtain em-   "plcloua hy their iliseiice.   Iiin-n are , ,.,.       ,    „
inviied ll.e Hade  in.ions  lo  partiolpat.
in .. iiilr.tde tlu'lng ll.e .1. 0.   I'. Co.. ven
I •■ vnu-:it, or SI lh* Trail sundlei, where
r-'it, iiiiist be a   l.it..ve   nf   em.I.v    Itsly,
Tiiere iboold hu in. oi j action to Itallaoi
nor will there bi my, providing Brit lib
iiii.j*eiB are Boi dllcil-tnatsd agalmt,
Tne wiihy waihy 'tatement Ol Ihil
iiidn driiil lord, like lln* fuedal bitrnns ol
Die thirteenth cenn.ry, whole castles
were gu ir.led by bll mined lighters, m
lilted in-..m..  hem  the  only   way   to
p'ny even with the garni li to deuiiiid
ill expeniei  until aon.illy einoluyud,
Vuun Truly,
)'.. Slant
Hon, but up to dale every orgiiiix.tiuu
I Illsdscllntd ll..-iff.-r.   S une uf Ibe nn*
I Iodb well out of their vuty lo i.'.i.i ibe
local couiiuiii... for eueagliig a iieellnii
hull which had beeu ttulaOud by seal.
' In'ior.
and clus. S p. in.
Election nf  ll    I'.llalicilll
It Ii with l.lm wuti lied ovor like a CronJ ,  ,,    ,    ■ _,       ,. *•
'      KoB'lan.l Miner. I mon, N
nne   can   hear   Ibe   . . -u   tread   nf his
Pinkerton men, and  in their linn 's Ibe
e .Id initrumenti of destb,   bs sayi ihe
hum in and around the mines wsrsibtrk'
ing llu ir duly, nnd i villi ll'ly intended lo
l"»f, and the dtlohargihR ol B.lttih and
American Workmen bad I a dona eo
llrely on the grant '    il ineftl'Iem-y.
Thu tame argam al hai b cn idvine- —
id-In another form, hi fore, by tbia iime I   The innnagers ol n
mine manager I.
■cretin* of'    The l,r'''e   °' refilled    petroleum iu
is* will  In-   Ranis on  Uarch  1, was  l1.. oeuia a
In 11 in Mmera union hall on Saturday,, ."Hon-   The Russian «.- Is ,..,• mu suet,
.l.ii.e 80, 1000.   I'oiis will ..pen 0 a, ii..  *•r,'"l   produoers si   American.    Thai
I shows itl.al the price of ull  shnlil.l I.e ii.
Jamil Devine      lull oountry, snd whal  it  w„uld  be n
,-.,,.*,     tie' pub lie ..tvned and  Operated  lhe  lit*
iluitry and  sold   the produoti at ib.
Ictnl uf pro l .iii. in,    llui America u* are
 I til nil..      . ihing.
Slai.lord-It Is
.rl   1 ....
that the miner'i team here had lo put i        . i       y I
secure n game will the- nolo., team.
(ioial bill !■• -t-' m '.->', in I the nun a-
g.-.H ibould B.-e it..; iheir    -. ,.
Iml   not   exi«t al   Ibe oilier  mines in , predated hy p.. iked gnuiiuli  Inmnrrow,   [,B, ,.|,j„     .
Ibis camp'.'   la not every   min.ger nu-   Iur  Ihey eeiia.iily deserve nun.* return   ||a.|„n    wheal..',   i
in. ..ii nan I e atmltlee, In tructed ih,
Why dues Ihil ovglll's-d attempt In
ploying lahoi in this community suits   lor their large outlay.   The I'.e.l learn
!i,.| it is iic.'cfB.iiy, at this the eomniene-   ha.  been   siicng'hene.1    recently   in!
tnent of tbs twentieth oentnryi to blind though Stanford has a'waya been vie-
an intelligent public by such meager I torlons, there li gi—d raiion in believe
arguments with  the   King manager BI  Its leant will meet   defeat   al   Ihu   ball
...!>• judge, thai I'.in.i li.in laboi must In-   park louitiiuiruw*.
whipped into line by a people who have .
suffered   tin ler   un   Induitrlal -v.!,ii.
much more pi-ilcci ll un uur  own,  until
their mlellei lii.d snd physical ipialirlea-
lioni have been i.-.lucedloaliVi-l White   ,, „. ,„,,
By i
I    p.linlil It-    n ll,-, i     il.. >    In    .,! ,    st
every one, il iml   it,   , very   nne, ..!   Ilie
greateil   p .11.Ic il a >i   i  »eti ei ••!    I.,
la t tiliv year*, when,.,  tin,.  . „., .M|
io..nice,  ahelher   they . ft - id  Hie
tb.-y   alf.-.-i. I    re-
•  iff.cie.l  the  bad
...nl ah. Tiniile ii.siiiuion .,f slavery, ur
Willi   lUhj-Ot   Ill-V   lollcl,e,l,   Iliese   leisured   clis-e*.  tlu-.e etlnoaifd cla.i'B,
iins.* wealthy ulaaaei, thesetilled nlasser
have   h-eii   iu the   wro. ;•    tt in    I
Jllllll   K.   M.'l'.ne,    11    lllelllliel-    ..;
l,'..-s'uiul Miners union, Cell down
Typogrnphlcal Union X .. SSfi at   it- „„,„.,. ,.,....,. il( ,,.., , . ,. ,- -,-,„„.,.
Printer's Union.
Industrial World
Is the medium
by which the
roaches the
ii ha. he.'.one a ... .lacij tu this continent, and a lad rememberi. g to ll.e
•nn'a of Italy.8 hind ruled ix lusively
lay lhe plutocratic class,
tin this North   a rlean continent,
hui.'liedrr i llu nsitnusol the raglo-SBS*
I.u ram , it * mill! Wl, ur.* employed, and
tonoededbyexp.ru to be the  best snd  _„„
mi'Si i tlirmnl IB1'or, skilled ami me
■kill, 1 the w.....! hns any knowleilgn of.
We are a* ii  |.   pie grafted  spun   the '
best rl a k tl.e World ll." ever   pluduced.
To "c i. "ii an American etiisen or al
Britiih luhjeoi  Is ...i cf tbe beal 1.1 •...
day, and siiatainod very severe in* vVOrkilifiTman
m.n.i,,,,.,. mu* .....   , ui,and Ii I     Prlalsrsarealw.yigresl lab I advo-
lierUlloatstorenip1oymenl in any iv.- ™ snd for lhal reason ... exp dm
t'u is iiee.li.l id   tl.e    ., ■■ ,..    „|   lb,
onion label from iheir n.w  male wi.e-
».i- sen! o.lt Ihi* week.     I'i inlet's it'll u-
.!.!■ u.u k . I il and then go  and  hid.
leal change In In duel .>>:.•.„.   liya "••.■■•""■""■-'■'"""< vtr;nevere  In*
change    In  the   eonsiituiinn   bereifter  JirleB, Ills rlghl   leg   lu-iii*;   lirokon
he men.her wi... does nol   reoeive  u    in llil'if pliuv.     II.• ia ill the   lli.<-
ihin tix dayi work in any oi.e m. i.n. i-  nital,
exempted from all dues, ihs union even 	
paylne Mi Intethailnnal pereepila lax       R, Ii   MuMill.'ii, Hu*  tailor has
•   [_.*'*? '!"   ,""^"'1 liiSfStabliall  i,  !     ,
Cultllllbiil itvetiiie. uu.l   i.   now    l,i-
•   : • I ui. the in in. aide (if the  nve*
nil",  in xl   In    thn    Ibtnk   ml	
I lie is milking up aotu ttty   atini
mersuitsjual  now, uul   I.e put
lilt- III leII   blind tut   tin-ill.   1   u.
till    .1:
int-ll wnu are u.iisl laem-lll-d   hy  tiie ur>
I .i / .lion, the "ngulari."
Tin t'lil.u. I.iiit-I.
Newibuyi Funeral*
John Jam. s. ii 13 year -.11
line ol   life  anl ■   hentaguoue   might
well   Iwsst    . ■        !   .',..•.i, unit lit     and
t-ivil ntion hi.- Iieeu  pi niied  on even
sml  where..,:,  nee   bit.   ev, r tel   f.,1,   f*
yet   ihil   agitator   uf   lhe   capital.-i.-
ii   iba opinion ..(  u.<- •'"'" ' '' "■
Writer  be  boldl  ShOUl i!„- >:mie  posi
li-ui iu tne in lo-...: w.....! a* a  mans
gel lis the   litl-'-r deiiiagitgu.   led.I* iu 	
the world   ..I   lah.r its a leader, r-ayi     •'"' n ' '"' '• " ■■'• 1""r "''  '" w >'■
int Hi                 . systtmatlo organ lid **' ''""•'"•>l seel ..I tlie ctiy last  Sun
■yatvm ol I..sing li the cBit-e ..! di..   ' ' ■   ''"' •"    funeral  look  ,
charging   Ins   tunpliy***.   This   inn,,*1 11 •■•• Anglican Church, and was in
.-r hu reached   •  p Ini liketbi >1"""*   "'  ""   Seweboy'*   L'nlon, ul
labor demi      ibehiib*eomi whleb ihe lsd wis s member.
pitied i:.... i.i.tu.. d.
So doubt be leu   •. .-n.iis  ofrupei ind Ph* t   n n     l> m    ,- Store, Oo.
.he n.ir ..I dynamite, ...., led wuii the let ae*. and Wuhlnsloa St., la i ffatlug
■goniilng srlssel woman ind obiidran, s grest saspon llu; dollar ur. i .r BI >
i eti ul .-less bit icli'.i.. eniiiiol  long   lie  Cents, »lsu s|.|einlid lUJU   ul   wash  lies
i.e 11 .1 .. Dili portloil ..I ii..* |.ri.vu.ee. for twin y-Bt* rents.
Ills  lln* duly of the   li.iimiuoii got. m        We I avesnl'.li in. seventy-five lailh*'
me ii in take np this question   ind see I wrappers lo be .l.arnl not,   Kewtrarali
|. will pat   cn lo  rail  al   Gael 11   (n
millinery and ladle*' (urnlihiogi ot*l
im di.
and the
can Know his
ids by-
subscribing for
The Industrial
Tl ssy   in   kind.    Juat
i for quirk meals ou
warm days. I'unxpeotiHl
guoet.-i may lie banqueted on
short notloe fr.ni my Im.. ..i
canned meats, preserve*, uml
summer dulnpiclos.
1.. il   Ihil   Canadian I'll./ens   are   pin
let lul in their  right!,  and   lh* liberty
to apply tbeir laboi on OsosdlsB   s...i
ii.a.le.h'.ir to u   hy H.e tradition! ..I our
rue... and thsl  svsry   British ■uhj-oi
shall Ih< nn en    |a„iuv with anv i ire   .i
er whether be be Italian or oil er.
I he ai.aid   0   i..  ....   | i     .-I     i
trill   part   i.l  .1 . 11,..
politl ul powei t>f fit
ii*e.l in lllch   a   n.iv   a-    •
.. :.   ' I    lhe
I'' I
linn working il.it ugh
Iges, lots pi in d ni ll.in* inn.'.ita:..., tl...
treasure vaults ol this prtvinre, re-
si'iiiie* which "In,i'i and nin-t le . ,-
plotted fur Ihe laeiielil ol tbe mims,
and md tul ..ur by any cheap laboi
i l.iii.'.il.
Tbs psopls who suppiri aad light lor
Big, the common people, whose actiui.i
speak louder than the hoilow irii.iiuei.i
of uur Induitrlal lord* who preach tb*
• I >i trin. in their ".n.li.ioie.l" maiiens
si the l.itii.|'iet table, "Long live lhe
good id I, dear old I don Jack." "Brit*
Inns shall never be f lave- " at the Uml
time un ler the Mag r. wc.ciiling a race1
wbicli lots given lhe but ol bit :iian-
hood   to lltlblllh   hheriy   ti   sll  men,
nn  Individual   iiiiiinid   to dMpoliim,
Will t'oiuiive la fi'.:. li   a*  ...  ilet-rnile   Ihe
manbood and wornuhodd which has
lilvanned the world, under Ibl bll k
HagofdoMlt Slid COrrUptlOn, tho penile Iota., mors to i.*ar [rom, tbio ths
red Hag ..f insrohy. Miner.
■ i the World.
are nu   lhe way  ami  all  summer  lim-s
uoui he moved in siake i
Watch out i>.la Irom Ilie M   Ju'v.
HourrsAiiA MaiauT,
1 k j..r ilu* label
H-w. Simpson, industrial
iii r, Flour and   Feed Merchant.
.-.-...nd Ave.       V. N . T, I   BB.
♦ «♦•>*>*>->♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦»*»•"    •♦
i i;. - ,. i
♦ Bi  t W.iil .mi -.ini.
X   Pricca Piuhi
; Summer Suits!
>*^-**'^ i_*>i*_.Stll*»/N-SV  ^*--* . J
North -i I. Columlia Ave ,
Next In Ihe Bank B ...ann.
A full line of iho beat im-
portod gnodfl to select from
K. D. McMillan
♦ Subscription $2.00 per Year.
Advertising Rates Furnished
on Application.
.     . ■:•   .-   .     . .--. '■■   ■    ~-»rttt*Lttt-'.-:'.'sitjQt
Agnew & Comoanv!
Dnnler* ,n
'       '.*flsple sml   fancy  gromrir.-,  provision*,   Kruils nnd  TegStablll,    (j
I riaiiite, crockery nnd glas*w..rc. ft
1    r. Third Are ind Wishlngton Slreell. Telephone IU,   :.•
'     '    '•     •    ■    •     ••.-...■,   , ■
■srw ■/v v *• vv-srv »w»/wvvvt/wwaj
t'_» -> .w-*/-;//-.WvrJ'W-i-*7ir*;B'wW.
Agent- Por
The H lymond
] Taylor ft McOuarrie
Merchant Tailors,
New lloin:. *, ' J
VVbeelerA Wtlion     j (,a|.,v  ,1(,,        , ,|m,  ,„„,   BMOrted ,„„,,, j
baWlug tlai'lnnes        S     ,.  ,.-.     , _ , .  ,, ',
Jul woolens, serges, 1 weeds nnd Pmitings, *
Sewing    Macliino    Pu;
f plies of nli kinds        t I'  n   lijj :i
*       V. and K, Tel. 181,     18 Ooluubla Ave,       ■
"tlanViln.a In l.*..„t c J
[Rossland, ■' B.C.
Macblnca to Rout
*.>■■*■ jonoi ' -
'•••..    AAA ■-  .* J. a
All kin.ltiiif teas
o -
u   ill
Imported Direct \
A'Hiiin, (ie! nig, Cej Ion, China and Japan,
igle & Co.,
Spokane St.:
...... , • )-•-• -:r:!-.*"r:-!«u-{-!-<.
• • • • • :-s I
The Crescent Dry Goods Co., Ltd j
Gent's Furnishing Department.    |
Summer Clothing and
Mem all wool lergemlts,flS.BOtnSSO   Balbrlogin underwear, per suit,
"        tweed B.iils, *fIU lollS II  to
Dmk Tennis suits. 14 in tfi
Clash cnat sn.l vest, 12..T0
Serge coal and ve.'. * I
Alpaca CoHt and vest, 11 Ki to **? .*sO
Tw'i.l pants, sll wool, ll'.'Kl to lilaO
Cotton ribbed nn lerweai
Merino underwear, per suit, I'.'.-sti
Natural wool, underwear, per mil,
|S t.il Ml.
l-'aiuyillkatte underwear, 1- JO.
I* .r.iie ahlrti, lofl aiul etiii  h.Bimi, 11 .If how, plain snd fancy, •-'.'•
;"i.- tn 12 :.o lo '.'■'".
Tennis shirts, 7oc tn gS.SO Straw and linen bits, BOj   i 1123
hnglish flannel   ihiris, ll.'.ilo •f.'u.i —oft and stiff Ml hals, 11 to)
:; **^___-' The
Crescent Dry Goods Co.. Ltd. t
t Columbia Ave., - - Rowland, fl 0.  .
V _ N 'Phone 170
* .-.    •    •   -• -    -   ■  ».t-t->.l.l    .   .-	
International Music Hall.
5 \  M /.'nn. Maii war.
WEEK COM Ml mini; MONDAY,  .11 I U   :
A Morry'Burlcsque
\.\ Big Show! A Funny Show!;
Fourth   of  Julv Show :
  '     ' :-::-.
Ci. W. McBride
•-v Hardware    Miners' Supplies,   Stoves, ■HJ'
Ranges, Etc.. F.tc
' ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦<»*,* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Paulson Bros.
Cash Grocers, Keep
Everything I
That is pnrd to eat.   Jams and preserves a specially.


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