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Industrial World Aug 18, 1900

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Vol. i, No. •$$.
JLU61^< &™y
ROSSLAND, B. C, AUGUST 18, 1900.
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.       Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. M.
Hunter Bros.
l|    Make this place your Shopping Centre.   You will And     ,
;        nearly everything in all classes of merchandise.
.. DRY GOODS * *
Carpets, Hen's Clothing
and Furnishings, Hen's
and Women's Shoes,..
China, Crockery, Glassware, Groceries and . .
We carry the largest stock
of Children's and Infants'
Shoes in Rosslaud in Vici
Kid, Black and Colored,
Oil Grain School Shoes,
the best made. ::::::
w. f. McNeill,
Next Door to Postoffi.e
..-.:; . . . . . :.. . ..........
I'lini.111* K. Abbott, president of the
Pressmen's I'nion, wilh Mrs. Abbott, re-
lunieri Thursday from a two weeks' outing iicross thr, Coliinthin from Trail. They
report having nn excellent time, even n
they iliit not see a single white person
. *ii uver it week.
Ilie Mechanics Union report ev.T'y;liin,i
going  along smoothly  with  them.
Still the World's subscription list (trow*.
Since the lust issue an even 25 mimes
huve been added tn the city list. There
nre now iu the province hut eight peptN
; with a larger circulation than the World.
There were 11,11011 men  in  line on Miner '   Union Duy at    Iluttc,    Mont.,    lust
The r .nlr,....I* will iiive. one fair for the
rounil   trip   to   Knaiiland  for   the    I-ilior
, Day ileiuoiisti'utiuii.
j. Kveiy member of the genernl cwmnittei'
of the Trades and I.il,.n Council is re*
. 11., —r... I   to  lie  present  ut    llu    milting
I Sunday night.
The Nelson A' Fori Shepherd land agent
. is putting .uml In i- addition on the market,
and one in which the lots will be sold to
home-makers at low- prices and on very
rea.onr.ble terms.
j I) K. McMillan, thl tailor, hi.H just re-
ceiveil  a large consignment of full goods.
I If you want a suit, and you certainly tlo,
yon cannot do better tIm,, .-.ill an examine
. hi. _ooris.
The Stock is Carefully Selected, and only Seasonable   j
Goods offered for Sale.
"  "
Yes, a fall:
I <$-_>• • *>-•
The Druggl-l.
, Isbel.
Crown    Grant    Cigars,    lllue
The Strand
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : :
Choice creamery butter received reg-
! ularly .rom the Kcd lliver Valley
• I reamery, M.nitob., by Agnew k Co.
Something to T.Ik About.
|   those -vi hi -uu-. for 113.50 and f 17.35
suit, fur f. 10.75 at Holstcad & Wright's.
A Fin* Lin* ol tbe
Choicest Liquors £ Cigars
t.   a
Wc hare a mil hiy goo-! iradr on Coffe*.
Wc haw il, nnd -wc hold ll. One* ■
Offer Bu\n hctc— itlw»> » otic
Id—l.nul  I mon No. 38, W. t. M.
Mru.lH'i. ol Un«-ltinil Union No. 3S, W.
Y M., arc reque.ted to -ml tbeir due
■rill int.. the -.rvUry *t once so that
thru   .n...nnt.   may   Ih-  l.tlanee.1  on  thl
Subscribed for Luhor Day Spoil* Ally be
Added  to Largely--()tltei- Itiins.
If appe n.ui. i * go for anytlTng th re
will be n most successful Inline rietn lustration in ItuBBlauri on Sei.lemt.tr 3rd. 'lhe
linaiiee comtnitlee ot the union Int. so far
secured sonic x].--.«i from the Imul union,
nud from the liti*iucss men mid mining
compsnias, nnd than i. little doubt it
will be able to secure n couple hundred more. This sum will allow Ihe snorts
committee to hnng up big purses tor iiitiny
events. The program hn. not been decided upon and cannot be completed until
tomorrow night. It will prat—h**) include
a lull list of athletic sports and ull km,I*
of races excerpt horse races, these being
burred from Columbia avenue, Undoubted-
lv .i large purse will he put up for hose
races, mid teams from Nc'boii and Hr.-en-
wood have signified their ineritii.il of
competing for it. This should prove a
good drawing card ..ml bring many visitors to the city. It It also sugrjisted Hint
a good sized purse be offered for a ball
game lor the ehampioitflhip of llritish Columbia, between Nelson und Kossland, to
be played here the day before the celebration, Sunday. It is believed that this
event alone would bring several hundred
laoople from Nelson, who Would rome over
Sunday, nnd remain for lhe next, day as
well. This will be placed before the committee, und should be Ihonauglily can-
vr.-aied  and  given every' consideration.
Following are the committers in charger
Finance—Schalm, Wil'an, McLaren. _c
Donal.l ami  .Murphy.
I'rngrsm—'Tee., Horrilan, McLaren,
Farnsworth, Eraser, Collin. Booth. Me-
I.■»'•!. Phillip*. Thnntpsnn, Murphy An
ther. Halfpenny, Mike (iuydntti, I/ong.
II Urnn. ltnwliniis snd Barkdnll.
Hall—Schalm,   Thomas,   Shinn,   tiurney,
Horrible, Barton, Inches. Ooffin, He—uan,
Alaery,   Kreita,   Kent,   Hnlfpcnny,  Cowan
und    111; lie*.
Pre., nml Advrrt Ling-Thompson, Our-
nry snd Hitchcock.
The following is a list of Ihe subscription* secured up t0 l-Yidny noon:
H.   A.  C 1100.00
Centre S*m- nn-l  War  Eagle  10011
City ol  i;..-lii,,l 100.00
I'    Hums 4  Co	
.Miner.' I'nion	
Cnnienter.' Union	
Tailors' I nion	
stem ft Co	
Harry .M.-lnt««h	
ILrlaers'   i nion	
Intrrnatmnal  Co	
I iu.hit Urns	
Crc«oent  Dry  (io.ari. Co.
•i. W. taring	
leilger.    EiUirr bring them  to  the tact*
i      •  er ft   Petcll.
•   '.na oilier or send th'clh to him through   M—*  Frnl  Wcdlake..
■ The long jollv Tacalion i* nearlv at an end, aod lh* boy* and girls will need
Ihool shoes. Bring them her*. We can fit tb* boiy Icet with lootwe»r that is
lade toaund lh* strain. It ll nol high priced *bo*«. nothing IPm.y. Tb* 1*1
I *t ol its durability i* r**lly no secret at all, tb* ifaoea ara mad* t (.leather, rea-
lather, and put togithir tor keeps,
fc O. Lalonde,   The Reliable Shoe Dealer.
Mocha and Java
Coffee that is absolutely the Best
sold in Rossland
the pnstoHiee.
."liners Checks
Cashed at Full Face Value at
The Hoffman Mouse
'  !  '   i
II I.n I the rami today, ind Ihr aril best
I'litipimi* Ir, lhe 1-r.l ill Ihr liiBr-
a*d the peo|ilr who bay ll .11 ilr tin.
know It. TBI. .-.-crnt raSrc I, Ihr 1*,-!
w* ..ll-li a lie tml anroor sella-**
mailer whal price you may pay.
• : Smoke
We have a Coffee
we sell for 25 cts
Morrison & Bryenton
Fancy Groceries, Canned Goods, Potted Meats and Fish,
Preserves and Marmalades, Pickles, Chow Chow and
Catsup, Fruits aud Produce, as well as a Full Stock of
Staple Groceries and Provisions.   Goods delivered free.
East Columbia Avenue, Rossland, B. C
. If
*llt,«,a_..»..i*Vo»**J*.i.i.i.i a**»»********99999***499*
Wr might f rl — ot rvrn 15 cents for thl.
Coffer, tint we .lon'l do II. We wouldn t
•ell bo much If -a did . sod fitly pound,
al a small profit i. larttr 1 ihan twopotin.!*
*t a rrl* profit. Kbsy lo figure out. Isn't It *
: •
a "
a •
a •
a •
: :
Il.-trtl.-v 4 I hcir.iiiiti.il
W.   F.   Sn-ulr	
».   II.   Wilson	
T.  Paltrr-oii	
Me. i.t.in -   I'nion	
C.   II.    I   .'..,,,|.	
Linton   Bros	
«i.   Vi.   Melln.'r	
Ewrrt Bros	
.1.   S   C.   Kraner	
W. T. Oliver	
• I..Im   A.  Smith	
Henry F .Millrn	
Alearanrirr Dick	
in.t.i   Bros	
A.   S.   tronrirve.   s.lvrr
.1. M. D'Hrarn	
II. 51. Vox ft Co	
Stlin.lrn Printing Co...
laotrri. *t Cham ben,,,
laylnr ft .Mrl^narrir,..
Iltonias 'iilmrur	
W.   K.   McNeill	
Shan, # Co	
II    S.   Wnllare	
IhO..    11'.ill tile.	
.1.   !'.   Ilnnr.	
II.  W. Simpson	
ttobart   llnrr	
.M.Aithiir * Harper...
Iha..  F.  r_gle\«	
•I.   S.    II.!.,	
.1.   II.   B	
.1. V.  Mackey	
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦StSt-SSSSSSSSSSSSSw. •„■•  )*■  Mrllonal.l.
t*W*)9***44****44*4**>4**4t>Z Hrokrr
l.W   II.
Ko'.lan.l   Drug Co...
50 00
50 00
25 01
25 00
25 00
15 00
5 01
1 01
2 .VI
he NcWBhoys Will A(filiate—Council Will
Not Send Delegate Io Trades Congress.
Tucsilriv night', meeting of the council
was well nllen.led, sonic 10 delegate* being present, which is a good indication
that the work of the council is being «fs*
predated, nud tlmt renewed interest *»
being taken in the businc-a uf the mini
A cnminiinicatii.il from tbe secretary ot
Ihe Dominion Trades COngrcaB, ro tlm
convention to lar held nelt month, wtu,
..'nil, iT'ipit'.iiiii*- the council to send .. delegate therein. Alter .oiiu, riiacuBaion tlm
council riecideil that it would not srndl
a delegate, hut that the per cap ta lax to
the congress should be paid, and a warrant una drawn on thr treasurer for Ibn
purpose. <
lt wub decided lo a'cept lhe recommendations of the trem-i..I committee on
Labor Day celebration, and that tlie
course of the limineI committee in tho
mntter he approved, and that they be insl n-etetl In continue the w-nrk.
There were Iwo names added to tlio*
committee having iu charge the work of
unionising several natauranta, nnd tho
committee wa. instructed to work uitder
Ihc direction ol tlie Conks and Waiter**
union and to rviaort to him.
A delegation from the Newsboy*' union
was present and given a hearing. At tho
next meeting of the enunei! this union
will lie reprmeiited by ngulirly crerien-
I ia led ilelcgole,. Thr nrwshnya will laker
pari in lhe labor day parade anil sport*,
snd « ill on that day appear for the fin—
time wilh a gorgeous banner, pir-eulnl
to them I.y the other labor oignuixationK
o fthe city. The .drier organiir.l on. It.vo
I'Tine.l that the iicivsIh.vs will prove, a,
valuable ally, an.l have ilecidrri thai they
will make common rausr with thr little
All Ijibor Day conunilteei were in-
strtirtcl to meet in Ihr hall Sunriay. when
program ami other detail, will be decided ujaon.
It wua .Inn.I that no money, nn ac-
lonnt of the l-rls.r Dav rrlrhration lie
paid oul rirrpt on an onlfr from the *ee-
relary an-l :.r.*sirie..t.
Srvrr.il rntertninlng addreases were
hstrnrri !.. by Ihr .Mr-rates, and thrn
onr of Il.r Iw**! inert inv*. the council ever
held nd.*.turned.
ltc'ort   of   Sick     Committee- -Commitlee
tu Interview ll|aik*tork and Cnodrrham.
\l t.ltif-il.a iiinbl'. meeting ol thr Min-
.1- I ..inn at.1- ucll .itlcnilcd Bnd run-
s.derable I.u-;... ■*-  wa, n.m*.i. t. I.
The sick cmiiiuiltre i.-|..utnl tbat
llrolliets II1I1... Mdtiro.ii snd McDonald!
were in the lever wanl at the h.-i.-til.
All were improving. limit... MoPhr*
left the iii-aiilrlit ward I'm* In . 1J.1 irr.r.
r«p-rl» to Ik* out M milav. MrUu—I.l i*
in... I.  b tt. r. but i» ret very lame.
the I. ..I- - ami I-.'... IViuni-d rW**-
gatr. rrporlrd thai everything 1. in a fair
.a .a for . good demonstration on latrjor
llay. ~
Bii|M*il llulmrr ,< - ai.jK.niled bn lb*
rick Kimmitlrr 111 tin- lilac* n. J.-i.e*
Cowan, resigned.
A large claw, ol . .m litlalt 1 w.rc initat*
A ...iiiiinilrr cunar.iing of Bnlnrra
llulmrr. Preston and Will.in ».- api»i.*.l-
e.l   I..   ...tera-.i'ia    Mr_>r*.   Illirk-to ';   anil
<i In ham in ng.nd lo * i.e 1 ile of th*
s vol.I not., r. ot ni'.l'nn were filed,
an.l alter some good addrcwe. under
"good ami Bttfir,     the uiiioii arijiuined.
Houses and Lots
1 **************************
. ;.>
Eiriipey Bros.   |
Are Showing a Very Fin* Range ol
In Silk   Fronts with   Linen   Bodies.
Cashmeres, Linens and All-Silk Goods.
Alio B Very Fin* Range ol
And Sashes, of the  Very
Best English Manufacture. ] |
We have just opened np a vary nice line ot
,-  Made by the Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co.  j \
■" Every pair guaranteed, or money refunded !
In Men's and Boys' Clothing, we carry
the Finest Goods at the Best Prices.
Empey Bros.. The Furnishers.
Furnishing Goodi Depsrtmeut. Oor. Oolnmbi* Av*. »nd Spok»n* Bt.   j
Washington Street
I; Cleaning and Dyeing Works.
"1 .  ■   '■- M■■•.' ■   Bra*.
I can cl*»n nr iluranvthftiK In larlin' ■n-1
Krntlrmnr* wear. Olre mr a call and br
rom im nl The taint: impn V.-.I machin-
**tv nnd i-n-crBt-cii rnnh> tnr loanRr-ntr-r1
tlif pnimtit il'Itvet—*nfallonlrt- Wot It will
be called lor and (lelherrtJIoaay addreaa.
ft ii-  11 .-i    MoNKY   MAY    "I      TaID   '
hy Monthly Inhtallmimth.
* * . Apply to . . .
John Y. Cole
:t.1 Colombia Avaniir.
Li.k.nn       I.IW
Morrison ft   llyrenton      .' :..
1 on
2 00
The ]g
W. L. Onl.
Bo.«l.nd   Auction  House...
hrank  Shormnkrr	
Mrllor   Bro.	
W.  Row*	
llrd.l.n   ft   .I.n k.no	
M.   II.   .lone»	
ti. Levy	
Cook, ft  Waitrr.'   I'liiini.
lien.   Owens      S.flO
lieo.   ||.  lirren      BOO
Marlm   Bro.      MD
John mi..  s.no
Paulson Brns  .1.00
l-mn  ft  ll'.Nrill  ."a nil
.Mflioniglr 4  Co  fl.!*)
I    IV. Stark  A.OO
'Ihr   Clarrndnn  2>.0i)
TbS   Knotrnay  2A.00
.Irrrv Snrllman  2.1.00
Hotel Allen  liim
IBank Saloon  IS.OO
V\ imlsnr  Hotel  18.00
lirand   Union  Hotel  18.00
The Clifton  30.00
Wr-I  Knotrnay  L. ft  P. Co  30.00
Cllma Hotel  10.IW
Total 1I36M..10
Thirty   D.ty.  Not...*  S*ive,l on   thr  N'ri*
\..11cnu\1-r   Coil   Caampsny.
At the rrgulsr M.nrr-' Inmn incling
held nt Num..mi. In*. Kinlit eaemng a.
resolution wa. pa— rd 11.u g thr N. V. <\
In. thr iirmiiri  30 .lai- ii'.tu.* ..! a d.--
ui.ititi t..r ■ in ni ..in Iner**** »( wwge*.
At ll.e . \|.ii.in..11 ..1 tin time limit, it
tin ...I'-l... lory agreement Int. tirrn arrived at. lhe uni.01 Will lul*,. mt 1 , iianli i.-
ln ni ihe .iiiu*iiiniiii of order—I a .tl.kr.
Ilrnrht  Dnner.
Nrxt Kri.lav rvrning Ihe Conk, ft Wait-
r/-' union writ g.vr a SUM m M.nrra.'
I'nion hall, thr pmrreri* to In- .le,..teal
to Ihr relief ol .. -i-ter mr.nlM-r who bar*
laeen .11 It. lhe h"*pllal tot it long lllue.
Ii.krt. will l«- 1,nl> II. and thr work-
8.00jingmrn ol B'—.lanri *l>i>u'ri r.-*|-.nd IiImt-
30.m|.lly In this ap|arfll in aid nf a -uflriing
Sunday, 19th Aiagust.
Special Train,  Round T.i ip, $3 no
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦St»«»SSSSS>»SSSSI»SS»<>»»»tSSS«SrI I
Ihr  K.igle..
II..-.Iinri   I'.,-—in,-..*-  I ii.'-n.
I lit* neck *.w Il.r in-t IntfOB of R,»**f-
la.i.l Pnntiiiii l'r.'--ine..'* C.i'.n. No. Ill
I In- abetter arrived ,.t. in,,., .ml Ihr,
union ha, laren pro|arrly nlg.ni.rri, witfl
thr tolloavun .tall .al ofli.-rr-r I li.un.i.
AtitMitt. prr.irirtii. Tho*—, I '.i.iiui'a. VMS'
pn-s.rirnl; .1. 11. t'lrtchrr. »ltH<*l| lISIS
lirrr; K, S. Ih.rker. S. Sh.liaon.1. KVank
K,   McKrnna.  r.nulive committee.
Thnndiy      nighl      the
nl 1.1, It - Itelil        one
MM .il        .c*«inn*.        nnd
n       large       nttrntl.i'i
local aerie
of       Iheir
I here was
Alter thr
there wna a large ItUB-SSMi After the
regular order of bu*iii.'-** had btefl gone
thriniiih wilh. the fun wn- turned on. and
Inr r.n hour ll.e brother* rnjoveri iniiaie.
...ng.. i-ecilntion. and r.fre-iiin.nl" Tln-e
evei.ls are made nm,I. nf by thii order,
anil they have proved l most SlsSISBl fen
Ia.li.ir   In.on.   vs.   Militia.
Vsncouver, Aug. 13.—There i. a hot
tli.putc on in N'an.-ouvrr larlwrrn labor
unionist, anil Ihr militia. Prominent labor
mm rui.l tin* morning that on Kriri.v the
Trarie, and Labor I 'ounril will lakr action,
to rj|xs| all their mil.lia men mrmbrr..
iniinlieriiir* ablaut .*.*) Military ..Hirers suggest thai Ihr. wniiid br inlimlrinlmn. Th"
avlmle trouble in*, out of Ihr Slrveslou
strike, where Ihe inilitts waa onlrrr-l out.
II i- prtrpONd I" «us|H*ia.l rvrry niemlarr
of lhe Irnrie* nnri 1^1.ir nun. il that ib
ii iiuthIbt of thr niililia a* n proles*.
n-.ini-t Hi,, aettt.tt nl the aulhol.t..'* ill
ii-iiik Ihem to hilimi.l.ite white union
|.-h.'tii.'ii it. I..v..r nf .f,i| anr—. An *t-
trni|.l  will   i'*.i  In  marie nl  tliei.   inrefing
10  ...ike  i! iblt   f..r a «.lriirr lo It*
..   in I ml., r nf   ll.c    , nn.  1 THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
SATURDAY* ...August 18,  1900
The Industrial World.
■   Be—t-oVBO—y   Edition.
.Published ut tlio Miner's Union Iluil,
Iiu.-,.I.m.i, iu the —tarett of organized
labor   iu   Huii-li   Columbia.
—atlarcd at tho Kossland, 1). C, post-
-ollicc for u in-nitT-ii..ii [Uirough the
mails, Jiovcnibd', ISUO, a. nt'tninl cla-.s
rending mutter.
A.  Ci.   Thomiison,  Editor   uud   Manager,
Ollicc   ul  .Miner'.   Lnlou   llnll.
I'.i.a.iblc  —Variably   in  Advance.
■One year       »2 00
"Bur.   luonths          1 -J
1 littv  months          73
Address ull communications to tlie Industrial World, PottO—C* Box ;i,'.s.
Itosblaiid,   11.  C
Tlie  I iniii 11 ..■[ World is lor sale ut the
loll'." ii.;    news   .i. ihjIb:
Simpson's  News  Stand.
li.   S.   Wullacc's  Stationery   Store.
1—uton Bros.
P,  O.   News Stand.
Burr's  Ciijar  Store.
Canada  Hook  _   Drug  More.
t Itocnix.
MciUe  Bros.
King A Co.
.Secretaries of ill unions tre authom-
«d    to    receive    tub*criptions    for   the
definite polloy; b timidity about evorything
I Hint  iiiny tlitiT-leie or cl.tsli  willi  the in-
tersis of capital—labor can   g>»   to thi
■ "(liT.uiiiiim I.uwwt.w-s;" no veiil control
ol   the sia-i'iillt'd  ui'veiTiuiiTit   members.
Labor ni  lhe  Ballot   H>n.
' 'lhe hope oi labor in the future will
live iu ii.tit'i i-liilenl political ml nn. not
hint Hie worker will ever abandon organ*
i/ntion along trade lines, wnun hu- secured such gratifying remits, but it is be
looming mon nml mon apparent to th
thinkers insult- ihe ranki of trada unions
Hint labor inUBt unite and strike ii blow
ut the ballot box. The struggle for exist-
.-i.i'c i* iiitiT'owing down to it clear inul
ilelinitc issue; there nre only two Bides
In the oonli'uvei'sy. and there ia no neu
trui ground behwein. The buttle is u strug
g'c  of   tl.   pr.nlHeel's  wiih   the  exploiters;
tlie   inria.es   who   d'ciile   wealth   with   the
Clan  aa In,  r.l.sni'l. it.    The battle ground
liecoines more  clearly  dtflnfld  Mtoti   .In
nuti   the   Ion**   u.-e   .piiclaly   mitrshulliii
unit   lulling   into   line   fur  lhe   liniil    inul
'ilt'iT.iae ni.illlet. ll ll il struiigle of the
Mtiikei's I'm- the rigbl in nil y Ilm fruit,
ol Iheir toil on tlie one hum!, ami tlie
monopolist- ami speculators un lhe other
wl.o s.ei, tn maintain the prlvi'agea they
, hnve slitlen by .-I..-, leuialut nn from llu*
great mu-* 01*1111 t*rom—on p bptt. llreidv
I lu ie nre sign* Hull nut \niiuleil pi'o.n.'i'ity
..,." reached it.   height,   l-.u-iories   and
aa nt k*|ii..ts rue cloaing un 'tint .'Tlina ,,-i
■hort lime, nnd the next period of . I * --
i»li'""lotl .mil panto Will In- lhe ainr-c tin'
world ever knew*.
I Workingmen have got to eonsu-i- the
I powers nl the -talc; they have got tn
mnke their influence fill iu th phalli nl
legisla!inn, nml Ihey will lie lorce I t»>
[elect men front their own rank who understand their wants und a pinitio-.-, in-
.tend of political trickster., whose ehiet
ami i* to sell th.ut to the ntonev power.
I..ill..i commniiiia. the big nitijontv ot
rotes. When it riesitto. lu.tirc it ran
have il, not I.y voting for the old poli-
tiral parlie., who have betrayed it, bul
by carrying its unionism into pra"tical
pobtics and nominating and electing rep-
resentul.ves Irom it. own ranks.
The man who today can acknowledge
nllor-iun.v to cither the lirit or the Tory
party is not a innntv who nnricrattnri, the
situation or studies hi. own interests.
These parti.*, have forged tlie chains of
industrial slavery that bind the worker.,
nml the voter who supports them ia helping to strengthen the bonds tbst hind
him and hia fellows. All over Canada or
■ .m.i .1 ia waking: il is thinking aa never
before; it ia ..king ugly question.; it has
even got heron.I that and begun to act.
The time has eonir tn get together and
make a united atrike at the 1biII.iI box.
When I lti« point ia rent bed, an not until
t lion, will laln.r br IBHU—tpStnL
I In- week we print * communication I Ai llio ln»t *c-_i<>ii of the Dominion
truin ••.Mucker'' on lhe investigation made Irude*. ..ml Labor coiiarc-a Iuid in Win-
by tlie coroner into the accident in the nipeg, the following platform waa adopt-
Lar* Ilm in a—ah two men lost their lives Hi. We would c«|ac.i..lly eommciid II tn
■recently. Trum onr investigation of the Ihe con*;dcr..iiiin ,,f tl„. workers of Bril
•Ma,  nude at   thr time »f  the accident.Ilab  Columbia  Bl   the pnetnl   timer
w« think "Maekar" i- mlitaltcn m -.iei.il     I.   Iota* tnmpnlaory idncatlon,
iiut.-ii.il  point*, which he rvidrntiy lae-    '-'-   i-u'i  working .lin  nt tight  hour.
Iievi-s  to   le   Int*.    Ilowi-vir.    I.e  iw-  ■.  "'"I *'x *'')- ■. ivrvk
-Viriuvancc  just    lhe   *......-.    ll   .-   an  un-      '•}■   Uuveinuieiil  iniperliun of nil indu.*
•1oulit.il lact thai in the rush and hurry  —MS.
in gelling out ore tb.it MBibei-ing i* otten      '■   Hie  abolitmn  of  lhe cotttraet  aya
■nraglrctcri,  and   that  often   Hie    worker*", tcin ou till public work..
live*  nrr  ini|ierileil  for the sake ol   divi-'    ■••   A   ...in.mum   laving   wag.-,   I.... ,l  on
.lendI, nud it has become nolnrinu- thu   '"•'•il condition*.
the  inspection nl th* mine* of llii canip I    ••   Pub...   OWnenhip  of  all   f niulii--
ts iuflli.ini.   again,   rc|iorl*   of   acci- -">i. ..- railway*, tekigntha, ■atsrwatk*,
-lent. .1.  tl.e p.*t  -how thai  the coroner j ligjilmg. It*.
■"has lnririe  ■  nnd >i  MCOring  for  bia     "lax  reform.   I.y   Billing    t i_.it n>n
lime*  men  Who ban  BO  inn-Heal know-'"*  ....l.'-tiy nud    iiu-ri.i.ng    it   on   lund
ledge of mining, who cannot n*k an int.]
ligent <|iic*tinn of a witnc-. and who
•under no cirrum.lanee., would feel in
> -Inn il  tn inul a  tit rii. t   which would re-,
Meet  on nny mining com; any.    Again, it, good-
la  reported  lhal  ll.e componie.    of    lln-
•-■tni|. have a blacklist, that nny cmpl' y I
-orho olfen.l. one of them and is .'i-. h.ug
-ed need not hank for work in thi. camp
It thi. .- so, ami there i- much to indicate
.but   it  t*. it is another r.-n-oii avhy :rn-
t-tial   ininrrs tin no    carr   to  testily    nud^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
i.il  th* iilinle trulli nt an  lnque.1, Then-   •"•'  I—tbelk   llcgi.trr  of  Toronto,   uiing
» oartainly nr«l of reform ill this nintlrr. j"1*" label. <U oiguuixcd labor the i-m.-.u-.j.
values. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
8.   AI...I.II..I. ul the I)'iniiuon senate,
I'.viii.i.ui  ..I   Chinese. ^^^
in.    lite   union   label   on   in.iutii.i. tuu-.l
\\ iiui  ll AliatBi.
I III'     St,     Jollll.     N.        II I'l.elii.in.       .
Cthulic tveckt)-, has placed the union
lubrl al thr h-.i'i nt Hb idil.-ii.il columns,
■nd i- the unit   religious weekly, besides
—nil  it  shout.!  I..-  brought
lion ol the government.
the alien    "'*        l "'""  Ibbbi ll lhe    synonym   »l
I go,„|   work.   Non-uiiioit   labor    too    often
maani the f—tplo-r-K-H   of   iiicomiieteni
,   ,,     t> ,   11 „   bind-, ".lung to work fur any „agi's lhe
It  i. clainicd  that the  lteptibliean. «•'| tH.k.„',a.„.r g ,,„,„.„ „, „„„>. ,£,„ ou|
11m.*   I nil,-!  M.iie. me  -eniiii-ly consider-
ol   the  pinhl*  tiny  arc  making lor him.
i.     ...  . «... I"'   >"e   l'"-»"i.   !".',   ure   musing   lor   nuu.
ing    he ,r..i-.-,« .... f. idopt    In   mi Vf I.    „„,,,„,,.-„,. .,,„ .„.„.  „„,,• _„,.,,,„.,
id   the   Bo«gh   Itnl...  -I   Kl  l nne,   ..-  -    ,,.,.., In.nul.,lurcil g(*ods, .nd
.,.,„.,*■,,   -Im,.,,,  which    to,        ..,.    cn    ^   ^^ pl ■>- *
Itr-ll.   I, -a.      No doubl   I-i*    tub    »'17'||„,s.    lac ng    ll.c    , ri.it.ng    bu.in.f-.
 —t   lhe    l rinting	
imug- up a uii. tne .uivivor. •" •~|_loni scriuii. still, at timrs it mr.ns th.
,.,..r.|.r.,l u.in.rs al l-.t m.r. In, and " | „,,,„,.„„,„ „, lllv|1 ,1M,| num,.„ ,M1).„ „„.
lh.. bull pen ..I W....I.,.-.' -I.oul.l «<-o"'l ]„,,,,, „,,. dc*,-M..,nc„ of manhood and
tin,   pro|K..ition.    It   will   lie iia*ed  aa  a.thc _,,,_,,.„,,,.,,, „,  wollulI1|louj,  ,„ am
the end ol Ihe greedy employer, ll ia to
correct -nil. evil, that organiard lalmr
exist*, ami it ran correct Hum. No man,
no i•.ip..ninui, no p.mi. no government,
•rjompliiiuTil lo Col.  Boo.evclt, who coin-
mandrd  the Hough   llnler* in  the Unban
•campaign,    lie is    now    viae pr.snlcnlinl
•candidal!*. A (ew mouths ago, n* governor
■of  Nut   Vork.  I.e ordrrrd  out   the stale.-.   .„     ,       .—___    _ ,.- •    .
.. i   'can  uMntil    lo    di—PiH*    such    ursaui/ctl
triBipi  to  "hoot down   inollen-ve    work-1. .      -, ' "B*™"
tnen  at  CtotOB, "In.  went   on    strike to
...in.   tin- entorcnneiit of a ntat'- law.
During the elcTmn ..uni 'nu the ui'Tia
But, of the lament governnieiit declared
them-B-.v.-N ri- uuti-Mongolian. Ta k was
- in.t|.. ttnal the promi-r. then made was
not a whit more -table man Hie un.acini! pic t-rtist. 'lhe pre—rnl araaum wu, a
Mi'.-at opportiinr out- lot- Hie intiiniii-1 i.>n
-.1 .1 viiiomus |aoluy ilnrrtrd against Mongol.i.u lalior. The »r.s.oii ha, lacrn prolific
,n opportt—Itilt for the govrinmrnt lo .ct
.n thi* mutter in it inunni-r at once ileei*-
,'vr nu.l ... ■wot- "itl. p.pular demand.
Yet Ihey have not taken advantage ol
■ ihr opmlnft| thty have .-vn.c.d nn <le-
•irc lo redcein Huii IBll -lllllon plclgts.
t\ hutrvrr legi'lufinn on Ih'se line, has
'.... iiitiodut-nl .luring the session has
lii-rn at the haiiil, ol | rivate memliei's.
.,,i,l I.u* i...I cin,in.I'd from the liovern'
ment, the source whence, li.nl it been
ainci'te, such propnar.1 legislil.on would
huve come. It may be ilia! in Hie'r ram
'pa.gn spets'lie. they Inriulgeri ... meaning
less generalities; it tuny Ik* tha! the nt
'lorney-general was too prnfounrily im'
Tirr-»«cd with lhe four of his own llowrry
heroics anent tl.e Chinese and Hie high
ymrs. etc.; it nu.y b* thnt the iniiimt- r nl
finance is sincere in hi. rccnriltri op,mm.
U_| 1 In- i.tniieries (tm-liirilag, plesiiaiinlily.
loha for which  rurner. Ileal.an ft Co.   h*
.gei.1.)   .'..llllnt   lac   aanlkcal   pr..lil ll.lr   with
..tiler than Chine*e InlBir; however Ilr
i.H.rr thin Chinese lalvar: Innvever this
may tie, the fact remain, that the g.vcrn
incut ha« dilpliy*d, an.I i« displaying, an
•nriillerenic in ileIm.- with Ills entire
.Mongol.!IB labor aiul iinniiitrnlinn qurs
fmn  lhal  i, riinat reprelien,dale.
lhe se-amii i, dragging ihobI ruinfully
-nn, nnd so little ni'n.inplishcri by thr gov
•rrriinient.    The  rUSOM  are  obvious.  No
Called  lo Ottawa.
lhe D.amititoii goveinment |,a. mpicst-
nl Balph .-mull. M. P. P., to visit Otl.tt.
..Mm a. |Ma,sibir. Thr govern—, nl wiali-
.-. to hnve lus .dviie .Imul the br.l incth
ml*   For  tl.e enl.... ettietil   t.l   (In-   ncn   labor
legulitinni and the cmi lllnln n law. Mr.
-in.ill    ill-    eipli**e,l    hi.    ll lllili.ni -*      to
aid Ihe Ottawa uiithontir-, but *. the
Canadian Trade. Congress mrrl. in Ihe
rn.l early licit month, and as Mr. Smith
inn.I attend its st-saions, In- ha, nutdirri
Hie gntdiimcul that hr will not Ih* ablr
t i.t'.   ,«!th  it  before the    middle of
next month.
t.. P. It. .Make. Conici-ions.
On Suliiiriay the C. P. it. construction
ibp.iiitnent 1,-ticd noli.,', .altering f!.7.".
lo *2.2.*a |*rr day tor laliorrrs lo work on
the t..n kin nm ..ii* lit .1 I'i.. ler. A- the
iiini"! in scale belore the sink.* wu $1.75
tl.e amen.I.'.I .riler is somewhat in the
nature ot a eonci*-»ion, Thr imni-tiia was
to have sent a gang lo Procter, but so
lar as could lar Irnrnrtl did nol suceccd
in seturing any men.
Not to Patiom-e Chinise.
At a nu cling of Hie Onenwood Trade,
and I i "i , .mn. .1. held Monday evening,
it wu. riee.rie.1 to i-nlili li . notice in lhe
I", il I'ipcis thnt aller the 20th of August iiiia.iiii7.cil liilanr iii Cr. eutfood a-k lhe
li.i-in.«. men and public generally to
Withdraw their patronage from nil Chinese and .Japanese labor, and also a.k
them nol lo employ them in any form.
Inr the tisrnl year ending June 3(1, 1001, on the secretary of one of the labor unions I
weic presented to the legislature Monthly inul aimitod the other Union! to call tho
afternoon,   Thi    utlmiited    nvintti   is boyi oil. lu faot he wunted ihem   to !_•
si.Ttii.'-'iii'. an Incrsoii iii ii quitter nf ■ tcrcedi for him, nu.l dltoouraga the boys.
million, .iml Hi*' ci'di'liiiiit' 1..S20.H1S, The secretary gave him lint cold com-
llto n lor***, iiid'cnsc. Among the vote, tort. He reminded Hie Hccord innn Hint
art 117,400 lor schools in Elit Kootomy, for ninny monllia the paper had vilifietl
und ijtIS.7II.) fur schools in West Kootunuy. the Miners' Union und ita members, hud
I 'heir i* (30,000 appropriated to compUtO done everything in its power to injure
the court house at lioHskutd. Thl Koote- tliem, Bluiwed where the paper hud al-
niiy votes for roiid*, strcels. bridge.) and vvayi lieen nn iineompromif.iiig foe to or*
wluuves nre: ltevrlstoke, S'Jll.OOO; Slucun, gunized labor; it was nerve for him to re-
(38,8—i   Nelson,   911,200;   Bosslanri,   »"-,• .piest aid in this matter, especially when
50.    There  is 1*10,000 for  tho  agent gen-
inl'l ottice iu London.
There  are  8,100,000  telephone!  in  the
United States.
it was directed aguitiBt a labor organir-a-
tion. llrore -Mr. Ealing oto a good liig
dislt of crow, said that it was all over
and should lie forgotten. In the last few
in,ni■ I,- tho paper had let the lalior poo
pie alone, nud he thought it Rhoiild now
receive  Iheir support.    He  wua  then re
KtlMll export- about l.SOO.O O.tlOO doraii mimical tlmt  while  it was true  the puBt
egg* nnniinlly. WU   im»t,   it  was  not   forgotten,  and   it
larlinoutb,   Eiiglnnil,   gives   a   pension  WM not  t|,c intention of' the labor peo
ple to forKet it. AIiib, liotv Ihe niighly
have fnllen. The great and mighty Ilec-
or.l upp.uiing to the lalior organi/tttionB
tor protection front a "gang of kids."
Good label printing at Stunden Printing company.
•.!.-••:•:;• .;•-•-• • •■• • • 5
W.istitucti'ti St,
IliiyH -S: Wiii.tii   fi ,i[ii if i." -
Al.t. TtltS   IlKLIC.CIK- OP Till  SKAltON.      t|i
Hot and Cold lunches
The 1'lice to get the Brit M.-.il in Ihe Cil).
I'loiupt Brrvlce.
Meals 25 Oenl* and Up.
lo ugfd workmen.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Bt I.nins. M.... hns Hie lui'grst hard-
avai-e -tine  in  the world.
In Siiit/.etlnnil | telephone cun be fit-
tcri to piivute houses for 1,1 a jenr.
Thl    vnlllia    aaf    the    |>illapple      cn.|)     of
Kloridii Bill ycni anil |„. aboul BtW.OOtl,
Jl'hl tipliol.lers ol Sun l'rniic.sco, Cil.,
have formed it union nml eleotod tillitcr*.   *"
Tha plumben of rail Biver, M,!**., in   ,
nut   nil   strike   fill*   llll   illITC.lsi'   ill   wugc*.   -.'■
Ill   .New   V'OTk,   N.   V..   I II (I     bnileiTuen   ^
line organiBed a protaotin   union   ami ft
eieiii'ii offican.
Al 1*1.peming, Mnli., the I'niiii-li colony
I* iTtiluiL' exteiTolve caa-oiH-rutivo stores
und w..i'l."h..i..
I he production of iron ore in Spnin in
IS'.lll ia.i" il.III.illll Inns, as i-ninpnicil Willi
7.1117,1011 Inns in 1H9S.
Up to .Inly 30th organi-r.l lalior had
contributed the sum of a.72.uiO to the 7.1X10
striking cigiirmnkers In Nt-iv York, N. Y.
Itcprcsentativea  of  20,00(1  tin    worker,  „
and mnimlacturers arc in Bc**aion in Cleveland, Ohio,  for the pur|iose of adjusting
'lhe new trans-Atlantic tt'legra|ali cable
trout the Azores to New York va Cn-o,
Nova Scotia,  has  been o|iencd  for buri- 	
ne««. i j :........ .:. :: ;:.:.;;;
Men.I era of Kreneh Baker.' Union No. I '
7.1. San Kraneisco. Cb!.,   have   Blarted a
co iiiacralivc lutkrry  in that cily and nre
doing will.
'The threatened strike of 1,000 steam
litter, in New York, N*. Y., last week
has been i..1*1111.11. .1 lending a conferenc*
with rmployeri.
The *u|i. n i-"i - of the city end county
of San Francisco, Cal., have derided |.>
have all the rty and rounly pru.tug dnnr
by union lalior. I
Colli. P. Hunting).m intend* to erect *
11.0011.1110 atrcl null nl Newport News,
Vs., in connection with hi* ship building
plant there. I
At Yoitngatnwn. Ohio, last Saturday
the lteptil.lic iron work, summarily cln«rd
doiin il. works and threw 300 tnen out of
employment. 1
It   i.  r.l minted   that   H,r  111. llllliT-htp ll
Hie v.irinu. Iradr* uniona in Ihe state nf,
lirorgia lias inrrrasetl over 300 per cent!
snore .l.tmiary I. IP00.
In Nan- 1 ork, N. Y„ 800 shirt maker.,'
of which 100 are women, all employed by
onr linn, went on a strike last week
against a reduction of wage*.
lhe  Iron   Mnu'rietV    llii-n    of North
America  gained   '.'.713 mmdacri  in  ilunr.
I'he nniiui  «inoc January  In.,  p..-.I  1201.•
OHO in suk l«*nrlil,. and now hi- $20,000
in the «ick filiul.    loi.l ipinrtrr the B—oa
paid  *2J.7HO in  sick benefits and $16.73* j
ui  strike  to'iicht*.    The    |r,»n    Moulder.:
i-  an  up to date union and  it  i. doing;
much good.
i^^^fcifcfcfc^ ~fcfci^_fc_in-i-irfct*H-ifci-isi
Union Printing
A sp-ii«i t*clllllef for  prcduclni the
9 bttl   Printing   lor  Tradvt  I'ntont  and
Z sr.rri SikIcU#s.   Rngravlng- procures-.
(ft Seals *ti- tfubb-er mu. ii
| W.   H.  JONES I
If      at I . Columbia A,.. Konlind. B.C.     9
Linton Bros.
P. Burns & Co.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Green- t
wood, Grand Forks and Vancouver. ?
RETAIL MARKKT.S—Rosiland, Trail,  Nelion, Ymir, Kailo, Sandon, t
New Denver, Silvertun, Caicade City, Qrand Forks, Gre.nwood, +
Phoenix, Midway, Camp McKiuney, Revelstoke, X
+                                        Ferguion and Vanoouver,
I  Fish, Game and Poultry iu Season, Sausages of all kinds
« WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rosslsnd Branch.
■♦-*)")-*>»*>'lM •>♦♦♦♦♦!■> If -f«>>4»*>^*>-»'r-*>t'«)llllt*»*>t»*)f)t->»»ttt
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|... Fresh Green Vegetables... |
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce.
Celery, Tomatoes. Green Peas.
X 106 Koat Colombia Ave.
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I am ovciit-rkril with Spring ind Hummer (.(x**!-, and am going to mike
price* talk, during the month of August, u below ;
Men's Worsted Suits, i^B^ur"""' $20 Suits for $13.25 J
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t Men's Tweed Suits, Our Regular $15.00 value for $8.75
Boys's Suits aud Odd Pants at just Half Regular Price
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+*************************'*********************** *+*t
Again—Thr Itrrord.
Ihr World ha* kr|at the public fairly
aa.ll int.,!im-.l nf Ihr laartirutars of the
i.hi.Ih.i. stnkr on the Iteconl. Th*
Ivt.vi are carrying Hie war into lbs
iinma . ramp, and are intrrr-ling rnsny
oi llu- workingmen in thrir fight. ll.e
.tie. i* ot Ihi. i. evidently being felt in
the I"-- ol leader* as well s. of advertising. Inr nn one rare* tn adrrrliw* in *
I ..pel that ia nnt read. Still thr manage-
■unit n.II nol ,-on.r to any ■greenicnt f
with llir I*,!-*, taking Ihr .land that they.
Iinvr it., grirvnnrr, but yet it cannot .
allonl to have the piewnl o|.posilion eoB''
tinned. Thanday Mr. lUling, the pi-- .
pr.rtor. humbled bmselt ni—ciently to call,'
Books, Stationery, Toys, |
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
Linton Bros. 1
No. 36 Columbia Avenue.
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I Third and Washington.
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I Have Just Received a Full Line of
Worsteds, Sergas, Tweeds, etc.
R. D. McMillan
West Columbia Ave.
Next  Bank  Saloon.
♦ SM«S»»»»S»»»SSS»S»SS»»»S»SS»»S»»»»»S»SSe*-.»
■•    •-•-•'  I
T*> fa.  T\ In aid of a sister  membe, wl
Beneht Dance is ^
is very ill in the hospital.
Miners* Union Hall, August U.
-J M_.  Cooks and Waiters' Unioil BA'IT'KDAV i...August  18,   11)00
Nfly, I nm no patriot; not for nie
Always right, chief—t cause of enmity.
'litis  prejudice,  so  proud, ot    one's own
Atwcrn the iiiilimis. Were il nol for litis,
All peoples had it million years,   1 wis,
Ago, exa'liiingi.l of l.rolhcrhood tlie kiss!
Ami,  were  it  not
Had   never   flowed
blood ^^^^^^^^^
From lienrtH of immlrt'ctl heroes,
ami good!
this, how great a
of   warmest,   reddest
How* iiBiny women hearts   unbroko    had
Had "patriots'" not forgotten tiny   were
And   mui'.lere.l   Hint    Iheir    In ml    might
"gloiy" win.
l> fully, litis
O  crime,  lo
1* ihiii rem front k
Ire or wear a ln_!
lacniiM' nne * oountry')
oilier piebald ragl
l'or n.il.le  h'airta t.li.l one laud saint  >>l
All  min their brotbers,   nul  th* world
llieil'  linnie.
From   highlit   inoiiiiliiin   u*.ik     to    ocenn
Their love holds all, their b"».i is every
Their lympathy With every race In every
All   patriot ...inr-   with  Kit—I   VOic*  they
'They   lilt   no   ling,   and   sound   no   |anrty
Aifl-leave It) fool- to run in herds In die,
Insane  at   hearing,    "Foreign    foes    are
I'm- tht— there are no foreigners at  all,
No prejudice of birth, no Chine e wall,
The Union but the III—« ol Uie th—,
'They ho'd all roads sit* opeu, earth and
***.. rigliHu! duty, tax or pa*-put  b■*.
All  travelers welcome, and all  cuiittuerce
They would nil bounds were blo.lt-.d, bars
were down.
All iialuniltiir, ond Slale-t were overthrown.
Naught Irtt but huiiest in ight nrl... ,1*
Inr liiiii.-i  turn nn law,, nn government
No   inlerli-rrniv.   I.ow* .- • i   >aril nie-int,
li.icli  ni.tn'* lilr.    fortune,    a, he plraar.
U when -hall men lie tall enough  lo see
! Thai pride of country make! for .lavery,
That lie al..ne who bia no tl.._ i, ir..'
I The man without the country,   habits all;
1 Within a Hag all Limner, drape hi* wai';
Ilia  patriot   heart  hears    but    thr    wide
world', rail.
,1.   WILLIAM   1.1/1VI).
("MUttO-l IN la-Nth.
Ths World is not rr.pon-itde [or si He-
men I- ...   ..; iiiinii. made or    opinions eg-
| pre**..I I.t loiiinbtilur, lo tins i-o.umn.
K.lti.ir of Uu*   World.—I  have    a    few
words to a»y in regard to the coroner's
jury  that   investigated  Hie    a.cidcnl    by
which two men led their lives, »nd wh. n
only   by   lhe  merest   accident    the    rock
winch  crushed   the  litr out of Anderson
1 nnd  Caldwell  did  not  go cr»hmg down
to tbe nil, carrying riralb with it. Tbat
| audi ,i v< rriii l  could have been rendered
.. nol   surprising   aiiun  taking into con-
tai.lrralum thst met of tfi.* mrn who i -in-
posed   thr  jurv   wrrr   men  who  dial   nol
inn le-I .nil   the  meaning    of    Ibe    wonl
"slope." and   Ihr  many danger,    to  life
pontic.ed   with   mining,    and   rare   le-a.
XI—ir ignorance of practical    muting    is
nboll* equal to that of ihr avrr.gr minor
nboul   iii.tnipulaiiii*,*    lleck*,  Xevertlirle...
m-Ihti a minrr i. killed -.here seems to bei
no coin's tml mrn or pcraons rapabl* of
'..riniiig a correct opinion .nd reletting a
Jfai rand j..«t  ronclusion uf how he camr
It.i lu. d.nth. Inn  only mine   promoters,
l.t.ack looker., etc., ran be Mcured.
1    Hr.--*  snys:     "No one    suspected    the
Jrork   aa.ii.lii  fall  although  Ihey  kn.-iv   th*
....uu.l was bad."
Hr  meant, of  course, lhe tour .hovel
in* knew the rork was dangrrou.. It«w
lid I lira know? Where wa. Mr. Water.,
vith hi* ffl year.' experience'' Wl.v rii.l
■• not see the crack seen by Brass!
'oul.I I.e not tell th* jury? There wa, no
ia***esBity, according to the evidrnre
tnen I.y the comiany. ol hiving ■ space
if thr.v<* feet from Hmlarr to breast with-
lut timber. It i, a well known fart Ihat
.lien the whole length nf the .tope is
. .lisic,I out before there is any pretence
Itf putting in timbers, snd s, long aa tbat
l.yslnn nf mining i« followed there will
lie muckers killed.
"The rock measured 1.1 feet wide, wilh
I,  lenglh of sbout 20 feet"—from  statement by managrment.
'This proves that  there wa. no timber
.'or 20 leel Irom Ihr brra.t, because the
Mil end of the rock .truck  Mr.    Rpom.
ind hr wa. standing lacnrslh Ihe "sett"
ne.r.sl   (hr  brrn«t.  which    wu    20  feet
away. How many nun or «el sf men will
__,_—  More  a  jury  and  say  that   rverv
■thing possible had been done lo avoid the
(accident.  It  i. ..P.ui.l  lo sav that   there
I was  a   natural   faullage  nr  that  slipping
■ joint!  mused   the  accident.    The  lad   i*
Ithat  lhe ground   -an- exreptionally  good
lor it would have lallrn long brfore it did,
I during lhe linn* tl.nl rlnp.nl while taking
j out *o mnrli ground.    The fact  Ihat Ihe
; machlnr men wrre at the other end of the
I slope drmonatrates that   there   was   no
' effort made to  titnlarr  the  vacancy   The
management   admits   that   there  wss   no
work done for 22 hour..   There was absolutely  no cause  for these men  getting
killed other than pnrr ru*acri rrcklfsiness
»nd the cheapne** of human life.  Where
stop, a are SO feet wi.lr and msehnir men
nrr allowed to drill seven or eight hole.,
tilling the same with pewdir, rndangrring
thr rock nbovc for *rveral feel, and baring the ore blocked out clear arroaa the
whole  width   of  the  «lope,  oltrn   having
room for lavo art. of unifier,  from  wall
to wall before an effort i, marir lo havr
Ihe litnl.innt' put  in place, thrrr will he
men  killed.    Had   there heen a  "leading
Bet" of limber, put in place, followed lav
other lets, Ander in and Caldwell would
have been alive loday.    llut such a system  woulil  involve more or Irs.  troulilr.
"The man wilh 28 yean' axperirnrc would
not lar lablr lo drill .iieh deep ho'r. and
would not  be able  lo break    such  large
qiiniitities of ore.
As long ns the management will leave
siiiiioionl  space ns to admit ot 2iw tons
ul' ore taa lull iu one huge muss, 15 feet
Wide and 211 feet long, and then gome before tho public, and huve tlie supreme
mendacity to Wy everything had been tn
protect ll.e lives of the workmen in their
chai'iT, uud .-.. lout! as their slnteuients
nie ■minted >.* truth, that long will
human life bi lacraftotd In lhe interests
of dividends, lhe word "justice" should
no! be prostituted by applying ib to this
Inqu—t, Chief mogul, "nilcr of Ifoss'aud
and nunc owner," to use his own expression, says Hint "nothing should he Hil-oun
ill the way of the.companies," and in this
ease his lackeys have done their work
well. Tho w-hole investigation has all
the earmarks uf a iarce, pure mid simple.
The coroner said "the evirieiu-e ol" llross
did not amount to much." The other
evidence only was worthy of his consideration. I.uite right, Mr. Cnnuier. It WSI
all in litvor of lhe company. Hum.... live*
IN of lillle value and tlenil men are absolutely  worthless.
I venture to say Hint hud tl.e muckers
pi'ntested ami relused to work when I
they l.uticed thr crack in the ronf that
i.llnl liluhl lln' -Ita- iliivcr over (hem
would have discharged every riiitn <.i iIuth.
The .le-ire  to maintain  u  ...i-cnililc e_to*
line*    (''impel,    tin-    Illif.ilTllllllli'    alini-i ler
to  labor  in   silence,  uucninpl.lining y,    in
p'.i.Ts attars brutdi ihoud not i**- iiksd
to risk  thrir live..
The drnd cannot lie brought bark to
life. The living should lake wainin| fioiii
the fat* that betcll their unfortunate
In..I hers. Tbe muckers should linve more
attention pai.l to the f|ut*Btioii of their
Ufsty, now altogether nejleet- d. The
mini-is -Innilil ■** to it that ind p*ndsnl
and .lii.rleirs citi/eiiM comfsise the coroner's jtiriew which «n* to rictennine the
cause of sash del lorahlr aeei.lent. a* that
Which DM lined al thl I-r Iloi. Mine pro-
niolers and stock brokers are not .a-ablc,
ot rieteriniiiing the rniise. anil mm nf this |
cin*. have no opinions of their own, and
woulil not express them if thev hari.
The Clerk.' association in Portland,
Ore., i. keeping up the good work it has
begun. Ilunng the short time it has been
ui existence a. a union the good .1 has
ncconiphahcd is incalcuable. It ia now
agitating the subject of * working card
and i, making good headway. Ir expects
to make it universal among the unions, ss
lar as practicable, ll i, the intention to
educate tbe public up Ui the point of **k-
ing the aaJt-sim-u Ihat waita on Hutu for
ha working card.
Just Received a Large Consignment of
Foley Bros.
Bankrupt Stock
by the
bought in
Crescent Dry
Goods Co. Lti
Crown    (jrant    Cigar.,    iiiue
Labor U ion Directory.
Ollicrrs snd Meetings.
.Meet* every second and lourth iue*-
day iu each month at 7:30 p.m. in
each month at 7:30 p.m. in Miner.'
Union   Hall.    U   Schalm,    bee.;     A.
1 .1111,    Pica.
Mcct* every Friday of each week .1
7:30 p.m. in Miner.' Union 11*11.
A. rerris, I'm.; A. J. .McDonald,
UUUOtb   UNION    No.   SS.    Western
le.I....ii.ni ol Miner*—Meet* ev«rj
Wcdncsd.y evening at 7:30 o'clock in
Miner.' Union Hall. Wm. Hiilm.
See.; W. O'Brien, Bee.
Meel* oa th* Int Sunday ol caob
mom— st lb* Miner*' Union Hall, d
P. llarkdoll, Sec.; W. Poole, Pre*.
No. 252—.Meet* the lim .nd third
Tuciad.y ol each month tt 8 p.m. in
Batty'. Hall. P. a Box 311. W.
MeLeod,  Pre*.;  J.  Klonun, Dec.
W. L. I'.—Meet* every Saturday *v
ening at 8.-30 o'clock in Miner,' I nion
Hall. P. O. Box 41. Paul Joffner,
Seo.;  George Cunningham,  Pres.
I'WVIKKS' UNION, No. 40. I'ainler*
and Decorators ot America—Meets in
l'.e..iiv'« Hall on second and loutth
'luesday Wednesday of each month.
W. s. Murphy, prea.; Oeo. W. Shion,
.Miner*' Union flail on Ihs lint and
third Saturday, of each month, it t
am. Mike Uuydotti, Pre*.; Jay Barton, Sic.
—Meet* **cond Sunday in each month.
J. n.  Fletcher, secretary.
—Edward Boycr, president. Unite. Montana; John F. McDonnell, vicepre.1
denl. Virgini. Oty Nevada; Jams.
Maker, secretary treasurer, flulle, Montana .1*. O, Hoi 307. hstdqturler*,
Room 12, Owsley block. Executive
Board :.lohn I'.William., (.ram Valley.
lal ; W. I). Haywood, Silver Cily.
Idaho: .lame. II. Furry, Bull.. Mm
lana; W. N. Burns, Ouray, Coinndo;
Cli... II. Moyrr. laead City. Sooth
Dakota; Chrii Koley, Rooland, Briti.h
.Inmr. Wilkrs. president, Nfl«nn;
.latnri Dei mr. vre-prndrnt, Rowland;
Alfrcl Parr, sr-rretary treasurer, Ymir.
Kxeeiilive lloanl: E. O. Fraaer, Ro*.-
land; W. Davidson, Sandon; M. Kin*,
'Ireenwood;  If. II. Dimncki Moyie.
For Spot Cash, for
S fraction  of   the
  original cost.
The Stock consists of Men's Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Hats and  Caps, Miners' Oil
Slickers, Gloves, Blankets, Towels, &c.
Bargains for Everybody.
Every Member of
Org nized Labor
Should Subsribe
for this Paper...
One year, - - ■
Six Months, -
-  $2.00  |
Address All Communications       *
: Rossland Hotel:
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
!| ___ International I
Keeps the Choicest aiul
-Coolest Glass of Beer-
In Ihr Cily of Boulaad. WHY' Brea.se we h«vr brtler fidllllr, for handling II. ind
M-lt it Inter ih.a «oy olher bar la town Brrr., Iter taring lapi-ed. rrtai.* It. menu and
Savor for a Iimitnt lime onjy. Keep thla In mind whs* you look for . pl.cr to tefmh
in.ir*rl( Cheque, of lit .flow* amine., r.ilro.tt.. lontrsrloi. ind l.aa.tni** mrn .if
cutitd .1 llirii Kou  Inr V.it .  I* our office. .1 ..a boor during the d.y er night.
Choicest Wines aud Liquors for Family Use, at the „
Lowest Prices.    Nething but the best kept in stock. 2
Oct Iheir PrrK-rlptloo. Plllrd
| RossSamcl Drug f
:   : Company :
'   A Hull Line of Hvftr'hin* *n nur I.inr
', lalve i.s rill
',   S0MU—S BBOaOOoS K ursoa.... M-ir.
Ca.luml.la Air . nrxl I" linn  inn,
''    ••    •    •   •   '    -    > "■	
\G* W. ricBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,       j
Ranges, Etc., Etc.      j
Tiie Fast Line.
Safest and Herd.
Solid   Vestibule.!   Trains.     Lleotrio
Lighted.     Kquipped   with
Observation Cars,
i'lilliniiii   I'nlitce   Cars,
ullegant  Dining  Cars,
Modem   Dsy   CoaeJie*,
Tourist   Sleeping  Car*.
'through  ticket* to all  point* in   th*
United  States snd Canada.
•KxcepD  Sunday.       Try]  our   Electrio
K. W. RUr'r",
Agt. R. If, ltv., Rowland, ICC.
J.   W.   HILL. ~
Ceneral Agent, Spokane,  Walh.
A«st. Gen. 1'asa. Agent,
Portland, 0^cgon!,,•
J Jerry Spellman, Proprietor •
Cor. Apoknnr mttl ColutnUlii Ave
— w
Porcelain Baths
Brldgford & Herring, •
>i i'»:..mbia Ave., ncitlo Lalondr'i      ,
None Better.    Solid Vestlbuied
Trains,    Palace   Dining   and
Observation Cars. Meals
a Ls  Carte.
Direct connection at St. Paul, without
change of depot, witb all train* tor
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, INew York
and all point* west and south.
Close connection east and west bound
traina at Spokane wtb trains ol tb*
Spokane Falls k Northern Railway.
Leaves ,-*pokai_ daly for Klit 10: —
Leave* Spoken* daily for Weat 730
Weat bound train* make direct connection for Victoria, Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco and all points oa
l—e Sound.
During the season of navigation l—at
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the inagnihernt stcamsnip. North -Writ
.nd North-land-, of tha Northern
steamship company line operated in connection null the C-rcat Northern Railway.
For further information, map*, folders, etc., spply lo any agent of th* Spokane Falls ft Northern Rsllway, Kssln
k Slocan i.ailway, Kootenay Railway k
Navigation   Company,  or  to
General   Passenger   and   Ticket
Agent, St. Paul, Minn.
Commercial Agent, Spokane, Wash.
*>*>*)**>♦ ♦♦♦■>! ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦*>*
, Cain iimfoiia
I Transferee.,
CttonCK Hl'NK. Manager.
The Hnly Transfer or Kxpress
CiimpBiiv in Koaslsnd tbat will
Deliver yonr Trunks lor -'> els.
esdi     Three diys storage Iree.
Queen Cigar Store.
TKl Hi (MM   yt
canadian -)
^Pacific Ky.
"Imperial Limited"
Scrvir. for the year 1900 will be commenced JUNE 101b. The "Imperial
Limited" take* you ictom th. Continent in lour day. witbou cltloge.
It is a wild trcilibulcd train, luxuriously equipped with every poanbl.
r*wnii..l for th. comfort .nd convenience of PiBsengi-rs. Ask your
Inends nbo bar* travelled on' tt_ or
A. O. P. A. T. P. A.,
Vancouver, B. C. Ntlson, 11. C.
SpoRane Fails _ Honnero.
P. «■>. BOX SO.
Special nitentlon Give* lo Mall Orders
Stunden Printing 60.
Been, m.i.m iauti ki.ks.
134 -olumbla nventic
Roaaland, B.
.-. . ..-.-. . . . ...... . .,
Grand Union
- - Hotel - -
-1 i nn pu.i.n i.H.is . 11,..
Thos. Embleton.
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Everything: the miner ,
- - Wants to Eat - - *
Fancy and Staple Groceries aud Provisi>>ns at Lowest „:
Prices.    Goods delivered to any part of the City.
************************* I     Nel*,on A •**■ Shepperd Ry.
Ben iiMiuin Railway.
'The   only   all rail   route    betweea    a I
j point, ca-t, west .nd south lo l(o_.Iiri,
Nelson and sll inlrrmrdiale pools   toa*
i nectlng   al   Spokane    with    in-    Ureal
Northern,   Northern   1'* it e   and   <J   It
\k N   Co.
Connect, at Nelwn with ateemer* for
i Kaalo and all Kootenay like point*.
' Connect* at Myrr'e Mill with itag.
! daily for Republic, and connsota at
llossburg with stag* dally tor (inn I
! Forks and Greenwood.
Effective  July »,   IW.
Dsy Train. Arrive.
Hpokan* 7 .11 p.m.
R'-alirnl 0:0V p.m.
Nstson 1:00 p.m.
_^^^^_       Night Train.
Mlltf pm. Spokane 7:05 i~n.
, ' 10:00 | in lloatlind t:30 *.ia.
II. A.  .Ml'KSON.
General  Pawrngrr Agrnt.
E.  W.  RUFF,  Agsal.
Rowl.od, R. C.
A 5tire Thing 1 +
Tint our Tm« arrl Cofff»-B **r thr
CiifiitltiT «>'il iu Kn-aift.it'1 Tnrl»r.
when ii-ni. and colT r* arr psishrtl io
h«r»l It In ■haoliitrlynorr«*iity tnharr
• n urtlrloof unusual mrrit. Vou will
find tt lif-ri-    (;ia*i*iwaro given ■-■v.
Pacific Tea Co,
Th* Fincit ol Wines. Llnnon ami
I ...nieftie and Imported Clgara.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
>10:30 a.m.
; 11:35 p.m.
11:40 p.m.
Yon wAnt a I.ntii-I Clfar, nnd ymi want
thftnaf   irthatii-vo, trytnir
Unilon CJgars
t   Domestic L'-lon T^b-H CI*Ar« i Ijiflorde- x
VrnrdA, \.t\ Hlor do  Cttl>s.   Kl  Colonial. ',
;    Inifotlodcnhan 1 'mnn i.iit^t t igsr. |.»r ;
'    t ruigr i;i Corona, African a Dudea.Oilrlcl i
The Queen Cigar Store
CHOW ,s  MOBBIS. Pmpl.
CotombiB AveBt.e.
riincr-. Checks
Cashed at Full Face Value at
The Hoffman House
Wholoaalr and H't'ii
paint*., (Ml-. Varnlahra, Hru»h*-a. Wall
t-'lfiuti and I'alntr-ra* Supplt-*    orders
taken fpr I'arorhantine and l>ec«r*flnff.
Office and Wore      t>ante'« ,*»  Ctiamt»'s"
nti-Kh. .« CnltfrnMa Av andtl l>otn(nlon
m   PtpresaCo'a Offitr.   Trletih me Nn. i**,
.August  18,  1900
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods.
|    Fancy  and  Staple Dry  Goods
_= Every dollar's worth of the Jas. Gill & Co.' stock  bought by US at 60 cents on the dollar will be sacrificed during this week to nuke room for our new
f_   importations for Fall.     Miners, housekeepers, prospectors, hotel meu!    Visit the busy .tore and get your share of this remarkable low price sile of Dry Goods.    Note
_pT    some of our prices:
All Wool  Grey Blankets
Mian   1.1.ml., I*.   8ir.c   54x74,   spi.-i.il   price $2.00
*M.50   blankets.   Bite   58r78,   special   price    It $2.75
-..*.   iii.mkti*,   size,  58x78,  special   price -:■"
W.5d   blankets,   sise   OOxStl,   special   price *3.50
17.00  Silver lirey  blankets,    sire    02x8., special price Sl.00
Hemmed Sheets, Ready for Use
8-4 life, plain bleached, regular 00c, each 70c
1)4 size, plain bleached, regular fl.In. each 80c
10-4 size, plain bleached, regular <,l.-5. each 00c
White Bed Spreads, the $1.50 kind.    Special price,
only $1 OO.
0 pieces Art Cretonne, regular 50c, per yard 2Jc
Craah Towelling, regular  10c, psr yard do
Table Linen, regular 45c, per yard	
l.ti'l.'  Napkins,  regular  11 '-'■">.   per dozen 75o
lU-inrh Flannelette, regular ISc, per yard 10c
Fancy  Dreai,  regular   15c,  |>er yard 10c
Cream  and  Pink,    regular   15.  per yard 10c
32-inch Prints, regular 15c, per yard Ho
1 i.e.. Pique, regular 20c, per yard 10c
Ladies' Print mouses, each 1125
Ladies' Sateen lllonses, each 11.23
I...I..-'  Pique Skirts, each tl.—
Ladies'  Wrapper*, each $750
I....P.. ~' Cotton  Veats, each 20a
i....I.,-•   Ill.nk Cotton Hose, per pair , 15c
Ladiea' Cashmere Hose,  per pair sis*
White Wool Blankets
00 pairs 14.50 blankets 00x80, special price 12.50
20 pair, 14.50 blankets, our special price  , 12.75
15 pairs $5.00 blanket,, our special price...  $3.00
15 pairs -.'."" lil.nik.i-. our special price...' $3.50
'.''I pairs r-'i.'ai blauKCIs, our special price $3.75
Pillow Cases, Ready for Use
in ..n.-li   case,,   regular   30c,   s|aci-i—,   each 20c
42 inch   cases,   regular   !—-',   special,   each 25a
2U0 yard*  Pillow    Cotton,    regular    is.-.-p. u.d, per yard, 10c
100  yards   Pillow   Collon,    regular    20c, per ysrd 12 l-2o
30 doxen White Muck Towels, regular 10c, each 5o
15 doxen White lliick Towel,, regular 15c, each 10c
10  dozen  ltrotvn Turkish Towels, regular 25c, each 15c
Ladies' Kid Gloves
In Tans,  lllacks, Purple,,  Reals, Dome and Lacing, regular $1.50 and $1.75 kind,
our -p. *i.i) price per pair $1.00
Stripe and Check Skirtings
4 pieces lllue and llrown Check,, regular 15c, i, r yard lOo
0 pieces Checks and Stripes, regular 15c, |>er yard I.'.-
0 pieces Checks and Stripes, regular 18c, per yard 15c
1 piece lllue Deniiti, regular 30c, per yard 20c
1  piece Cottonade. regular 30c, per yard 30c
1  piece Drab Corduroy, regular 00c, per yard 45c
1 piece Kersey Flannel, regular 40c, per yard   , 25c
E: Tl      V,   r- nrices onlv partially convey to you a few of the many benefits gained by dealing at this store.    Why it pays us to sell you goods at these prices be-
_>~ se we bou lit the bulk of it at 6uc ou the dollar and can sell at less than cost price and yet make money.     Our stock is fresh  and  new.     Values better than the usual.
cause we boutr-t tne duik oi uiu um. __ ■...•. __..-. ---— —•—» —--•—• . _____   _..
£   We ask you to come and see for yourselves and save money in every purchase.    Remember the place.
Rossland, B.C.
105*7 Columbia Ave. 3
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
A  Csse   of    Assault    Ciion   a   Chinaman
Dealt With Severely.
At the police court yesterday morning
H. 11. Coie, who ia running the dining
room at the Ottawa Hotel on Washing
ton strrrt, was charged before Police
Magi,t rate Iloultbee with having assault
one Wing Kee, a l.mti.Iranian. Tlie atory
of Ihs complainant wa* that he had gone
lo lhe Ottawa and had asked for payment
of bis washing hill which amounted to
40 cents snd had been offered in settle
ment 25 rents only. Thi. he hsd ri-fu-r-d
to accept whereat the defendant, .11 It.
dole, had kicked him down the srtrp*
into thr street  and had  thereby caused
community feeling as Ihey do that they
arc li.—lander., and not merely sojourn-
ers in * mining camp.
AN   lAll-JHTANT   INTBRVIEW.       tloodrrliam and   llla.k.t.ack   li-t.n.d    ..(
lel.lively   to   lln*   Itlittrr-   l.raatght   lirfo"
Committee   of   the   Mmei.'   I'nion   Watt
I |«.ll Jll-_l*. (linillTlulll    - ltlacl—lock.
___— — I   The I..Honing ii taken from the Minn
liail in $4,000 Hub Been Obtained From ,,,  yctrntaa.  However, thr World could
Judge  Form.
them, ami one of thr ilrlrgation admit-
ted tbat it Waa treated most ruurtroiialy.
I-, -nne thing, thr grnllrnirn t,.*,,, I<<
nolo mquicKr.l end to the other. Ihey
wanted * wriltrn mrmorial. pulling down
ft is worth: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
On live decision of .\lagistr»te lluutl-rc For -ome tunc pa* lhe Minera" union
on Wednewiay la* to commit the era- ol her* h»» been .Bailing the *mv*l ol
F. S. Algier*. charged by the Vevet Mow-.. Goodcrham k _tt.ck.tock *o a* to
Mine, I.muled lor perjury, the counsel be able lo spprosib them wilh terUin
i.f the prisoner. Mr. J. N. C uie. lelt tne data as to lhe condition* ul work pre*
same day lor Nelson .nd mad. an appb- ruling in the War Lagle and Ccnlie.-t...
i.tiimi lor bail to Judge FVrin.Thc ..;* Willi which il wa, nol alogelber Htiiltcd,
plication l.-.« been gr.ii.tr.1 in * sum of but which it wa* unwilling to treat a. a
$4,000, of which the prisonrr was to give nutter tbat could not be discum-d. lt
bis own recognisance for $2,000 and the „ aurnnrci   Ibat Una course  was lakru
not gel ll c.illumed, and give* it lor what  thr alteration, •tiggf.ted explicitly.    1'he
him to cut  hi. eye.   He had immr.l.ale'y, remainder wu tn lac given by lour others |,y   the   union   because   It  wis  unwilling
gone   down   to  Chiel   Ingram,   who  law j in sums of $500 each.   Mr. Clute returned Xu ,,„,, a renewal ol the troubles ol ihr
rlegattoxi «-.. ptnmiar-d that the mailer*.
l-n.ii.-l.: up would iaa.it with the mo*'
tavnrsble cons drtalion po.aiblr, snl
tint 'I i way ronltl been seen of grant.tu.
Ihe exprtsaed dour, of the uniun t
-i.'i'r •■«. done.
Eaglet Eicursion.
There ii already every assurance that
the 1—glei' eicuraion lo Loon lake on
Sunday next will be * pronounced *uc-
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ers*.   With the be»t of company and lh*
that he wa. bleeding profusely Irom theI Irom his sucer— lul u.aai.m yi-lrrda,, ., r,ng in the inlcrrsls not only ot theiu-liood w*stli«r ptomi.el and wilh th* de-
eat. Ottierr Rsymer was sent to serve *|*nd hi. client has tn consequence been „.|VWi ,Ht „( x\n community at large. | ,'-hu* "»'•••.— «• to be obtained in the
summons on Cole »nd in th* course of • released, the following bondsmen taking \\ |ml t|,t „,,„., ,„„ti4.r, wcrc which wcr«iw'*Jr ** enjoyment al that pleasant sum
conversation  Cole  had  snid   that  he  had , up   lhe   requisite   l»ind«:    Ml—IS,   Alex-  i.iacusied at the inrrting between the de'
only put hi. arm around the Cbinaman'B nndcr   Dunlop,   John   *Dunlop
shoulder who hsd thereupon fallen down.'Dunn nnd Hugh Henderson
\\ illiam
'The defendant produced hi. wife and
a w.itm. at the lw.trI n. evidenrr Ihat
he   had   n»t   commit ted   the  assault   laid
lo   hi.  rhargr.      Thrno   witnesses   ton Itl, ^^^^^^^
however, only leatily to the fact that j elect to lie 11 oil undrr the summary Ju
llaey li.nl not Men the auaull committed.' risdirlmn art, in which latter cant tha
although  they were present nt the time
So dcrmon has aa yet been made by
F. 8. Algiers a. to whether he will await
his  trial  at  the  anuxe.  winch   will   not
Citation atttt Met**. Iicrodcrhain  *.  Ill.nk
•lock have not and may not brcomr pui
■ie.   A repinrntalivc ui  tlie  Minrr saw
a .tiuple oi Uie numbers ol the elccuuv.
..I  the .Miner.' union, but was mrt  "it'i
mine on Ull Oct.  16 or whether he will S,*3_ta_tSOt thsl llteic wa. nmhing lor
publication.   It i, known, however, that
lhe delegation wa, corapoiwd of two iinm-
Wholesale Dealers In
Tel. V. and N. 17.
West Columbia Avenue
of Ihe visit of the Chinaman
Tb* rn.trt hrl.l thai lhe charge had
hrrn proven, and read thr drfrndint a
lecture nn tbe naturr of the offence w th
-In. h he had been found guilty. Mr.
lloiiltlarr said thnt the mailer of sinking an inollrnsive Chinaman wa. not one
whirl, he "mill view lightly, a. it wai
a row*rdly thing to do. Thr drlrndant
■**.• thrrrupon lined $10 and ro.la win. It
amounted to $3 more. Thr monry wai
PAY Dai.
mailer   would   probably   In*  tried   before J^"'.'*,".,, executive and Uie secret-O,
Judge  hurin  al an  cry dale.
Polic* Autlioritie. to Stop lur.ou, Riding
on the St.,.I*.
lhe program ior Labor Day include,
.port* U|son the .trrct. I.ui thr occur
iciii «• of h»t*e racing ha- been prohibited
in,r i<*"ii. thrrr i, no p..*-.I..lily ol anyone .ttrniling failing lo sprnd * moil
pleasant day. 'Th* train leave* it 7:30 in
Ihe morning anil the lound trip fare I*
only IS 00; children unlet   12, ball tare
The Fight  Derlared  (Iff.
Nrtv  York, Aug. 10.—There will be no
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    light between Ihe winner of the Slurkey-
■_*if^lWi«ssWtallSI«<^IJ__,'~^ _•"■*£__-■ J"mc* J,' ft
erhan. «nd l.lackstock *t Ibe W.r K*gl. gS 3*  *'   »"*>.   ."""T.    A   \*ll
o ...    • i   l i .. _.._■   —i ..... <l,_ ,H«M* "*at Jrffnn had drudnl lo dnlim
at 8:30 o cl«k la.   _'*'._Xr ,_Ii _T •"•• »»lrn •«' " h I not think there
hie had an intc view -f*^^ "£*U*BS_  lie .ny rred.t in delcaling . m.n
o.l  for over an hour.   Among the thing. w|)    ,  d f   J fc    , ^t|r»       „.
diKiUBrrd   wa,  Ibe  question  oi  wage.  .. WMk
.Heeled  by  the  ph.e ot nving in Row*
V. lh.  PH0ME 181
P.O. B0  3
M0. 18  ■
l.nd. si.iti.li.* had been quietly collated alum .ng the standard' rale of wages
at   laoinl*   in   eastern   and   western   Cn-
by Ihr  Mayor    lhcre .re . few o   the _,,_ _.d ,,,. sulM      _       y.ncouver,
rit.fr,,. ,,, ftaqtand w ,,, .pparrntly link  „,„_,„,      ToI>,nl      Bulu    Spok_d„   ,nd
hat  ,hr prohthnion  doe. nol e.lend  to ^   ,        , • '      ^      h
tliniisrlvrs,  .nil   one  or    two    .ccidents —   ...-    „,   ,„ ___, «__   ,—._.. _,
BBsi'itnui   ot   ths mrn   tli.it   the   rale  ol
         wage.  |i*id  in Rosslsnd did not leave *
 _____ .-*-   *■••  '""""  "P" rV.-k*  -Trr).'i'«. •«•*«■ •urP*u'' •••" P-rinS 'or the nere*
•••"•»•*• w:n» ,0.1>c m  ,h,«  -^ ot l,he ,y">>at -r.es ol life than thoi -Jhich were th.
r«-  ■  ■        .  ... *hen 'ijnle .,  -mn «*r ol people are con-  „_,,,;,,,,,,   „,„   ,„   ,be     ,,_, tofJ
Vlrdnf~lay  wa, p.y day a     ho m.nr. ; gr,-gatr,| ,,.. I oluinb,. avenue, wi.b more -^ m      dj>c_^ *
snd yctrrd.y  there  »«•»"'•*.■»»»-  "»" ,hf ""'"■1 Hf"t-_B,1 _ T    ."„ refeience   l„   the   rale  ahlained   by   Ihe
.Lasting around a« over *\2b,<YO waa raid  ih.ldren.    lite   chief   of   police   has   been _„„|,.— „,  ,,     „.„„ _,     .„       ';^n.
out.   Alter thr .......I h.,..« ho d bill, -irrr , in.tmrte.1   to  prefer  charge, agatn.t   the !?__S_^L_V_? _T T _T__S
met th. bu.inr.. mm  «),„ go!  thr Urg-  culprit. »me of whom h.ve .Ire.dy br*n RA*? HK,fff *..''j, .h!r™"    .'.'
**.t .hare of the balance were Ihe dealers Iciuttoned by Magistrate Ikmltbre on the |«"~w   workmen  in  the  Slocan   are  get-
in  real   estate.   Yo.terdsy   and   the   d-ylmstler.   As the hint hss not been taken l'n*tr   "'e «_•«"•■»«■ was Ihat Ua
before   Ihrre   wrrr   quit*   t   number   of   *nd ss the lives of the weskrr member, W"k," !".''  »ura««*-l » lwPI,or- • w,'«
Iresh   purchase,   of   land   and   payments  of the community must lie protected the -n0- 1*][n">.
were  also  made  on  lota already bought  authorities h«vc decided to take * firmer ,.Ano„her P0,"1' oi-:oaae4, it i* **id, waa
upon  time.   The  minera  were the  etiiet  .land. ne   _"____  •*__?■  work  v",dfr CTr-
m^^       ^^^^^^^^^       ^^^^^^^B            ___—_—_—_ tain condition, which were prevalent in
.    .,    . the mine* under the control ol the man-
Another Accident. ag*m*nt of those who were after all, ap-
.    .,           .,    .        ..    „   .        „ „ pointed   by   Mr.    Gooderham    and   Mr.
Anotheraccident on lhe ^k«ni* Fall. BtackMoe*.    Jfj^,   co-rjitior,,   „<„   DOt
Morris * Crow *sll high clan libel
cig»r». 'llielr Cubin rlgin ill beir tba
Speni—i union label.   Try one.
buyers snd quits I large number ol
them, satisfied with the condition, pre-
vsiling in Ihr camp, sre buving residential  lot.   for   their homes,  thinking thst   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
a*   tbey   purpose   remaining   in _• -**T'A Northera rail, ly was the oau« of the  (.Me Iks SMBsTl' ttas" pjm-ta«- ibs
it  ib better  to    own * home    than    to (1(.g_ of ,h(, day inin    lnm    spok—w,  _,„,., " ™"
•"» .,t,?ll..^0r   *"."   •■"l,nm"t."T,f-iWhich  -lirmld   h»ve    arrived   here    ,t  8,    AnoU,.r   nue„jon   _   which   ,h.   _,,,.
o'clock on Wedne-lay evening but whirh  h,v.  ,,H    romewn,.  ,troI,.|j,    ».,   ^
MtisHed wilh merely purchasing th* lot..
They sre binding snd cleaning np their
pun hs~-s preparatory to doing to.
Th« movement in  itaI r.tate the hu.i
nm mrn
sign, for ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
matter how .mill their holding., ferl
thlt Ihey bare a stake in the eitv. and
are not «o apt Ira quit the enmit at the
Knit sign nf trouble. It introduce*, it il
ssid, n llrsl rlai. art of family mrn in
the ..ly who, having given ho'tagr, to
lortnne,   are   willing   lo   work   wilh   lh.
did   not   get   in   til   4   o'clock   yeatrnUy  r,„|,p,v,„rnt of work'twn who were alien,
  morning.   The ratine of the detention was  »„,* vna Bl ,(,,, -me ,j-     HTp nonmrm.
*_Z!L™-^o^".ha\i-i_ " ,I*'""|P'1 "Ti'(h, ,r"'" _ , ■**__!_: *— n( ""■ """■■■• •"<-■■ «• «•«• '««!'«"«•
th. owner, ot real ewe, a ,,lo<krd „ie tn.rk The ,|pn,,im_nl wa, cum ,,,-,, ,,0 „,„ wi|h ,,„,, _<_rtl ,„ (_,
earned hy a broken flange on one of the |,kelih<Had ..f ths mine ownrr. regarding
mm. ll.e delay wa. upwards of ten tl» mailer fr»— quite another slannpfiint
Intnl. in duration, nnd eventually Ihe pan- Rnrj that the question wa. not on*
srngrrs were brought up lo R.-sasand in w|„r|, „,„.,■ not |,p disc,,™--,* .mjcahly
ll.c raboow. |bui  ..nr width would, if treated' in thi,
 H . manner.   ..Her  an   o|a)ar,rli!n!ly   for  boiii.
r—t of the  nliren. of thrir own and  of'    lor -ie Itr.t handmade miner's boots,  B)ra)igemrnt   being  Btrived   at.   Thi.,   it
other c!a..c. in Ihe be.| inl.rr.t. „f the  go lo Agnew k Co,   Pricei rir-ait. i'i undemood, was done.   Both  Alt-us.
Second near Washington.
V. & N.'Phone 68.
To the City of Rossland.
Finest Residence
portion of the City
Adjoins the original townsite, corneringon
Thompson Ave. and Monita St.,
about five blocks from
Post Office.
0/~\   ot these elegant Lots are being offered   0/"\
Ov   at greatly reduced prices. Terms to suit   O \J
greatly reduced prices. Terms to suit
purchasers, instalments or otherwise	
28 East Columbia Ave.* Rossland


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