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Industrial World Nov 14, 1900

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•**--- ^ *r1*4AA <K\A.
V.   -—J
Vol. 2, No.-oa
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week in the Interests of Organized Labor.        Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. M.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings. Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
It has many advantages over all other Heaters. Ask
to sec the Cold Air Blast Heater.    Full
Stock of all kinds of
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
Hunter Bros.
Our Display
of Warm
for men, women and
children, from
60 cents
Up to $5.00
W.F. McNeill
*************0>* *********9Ar*A*fr*AA*4A%9*>**•**********m*********
Tvntg three .1 y» n. rt remain in «l..h thi rapport ra ..1 tha thru oudidaU* may ring tfea'r praiaea in the   hi
nl     lh.*     letenfalg    eh* tot— twenty tliiee daya dnrintr which  Y.retiirl.o,, will be madl thl kittle gm.n.l I. I ween the f r-
ON ol iiii|.!*..i,cel nirl.t ami tl.e eiiti-.iii-h.cd  wrong.     W.U'un a  few days the .li-Hn-i   mil  he  II oiled  with    laibcral    sp.-ll*
tin- Uoni rv.tlvi  petty  wll be here  tn tiy  .111,1  convive  tin*  elect..rs  that  the only
Whie this Hood of oratory is being turned loose, tlio
all  the  I .*.*  guns    uf
u|t n ti t'lein in to dbooee
propar o u m op n t • than is to dbooee lhe Con ervalive .and d .to
labor people wil le .hung a g.enl dial of quiet, ii .r.l  work,  which  wn-    vote*.    Many  chain,*.***.,  Y-***i***f*.j   t k0    Ha*"
let..re  Decembei  nth.  Boma    tlir!   are,  who lav they are i. a p.sition to know  wli.it   tluy  are  talk i.k limit, cliiiui  that
liberal    noninee,   will wtbdtau   and la r* thi rati t. Foley. Whie   lh re n-e ot'ei-H  w. o cam  tOiat
uiiie he  wll  la- will 11   i illm-nce.  and   tint   he  wil  wi'lu'raiv,  leaving tlio
Sn f.r iu. the World h * any knowledge >'f tl.e intentions of the two gentle-
slay m Ihe mo- until p I ling day, but at the same time it is t-.iiixtii-.I  that  if either gaotlenmn    W tlnlrawu
:•*•*.'-»*• -J -•'-■- • * * - -• *?-! • • • •
j.,a-i-; . »  ........ ie;.. ....
... ,XJ*;.»,Jaii.jaJ.is»KM.N»*J^.:sf.J4>*   *»
Cure Headache Caused by Powder Smoke.
Sold only by
The Druggist.
]_»-»•»; t i-i . s . ; --. .-;-. ....... ..-. • .-. ....-.;...*-*••-».. ;.... .»
tv* lo^m rrmm »in a tt rrn or-srrr-s tnnnr vrsTTrrniirrinniiiTi
It is now the time of year when the
weather is uncertain. Sometimes
damp, sometimes dry, sometimes
warm, sometimes cold. Be guarded
against colds and wear suitable footwear. We have just the article you
want.    Prices are always right.
to the corner of Queen
street and Columbia Ave.
W. K. P. & L. Co's. old
Rossland Drug
: Company :
< .(ft-t^^ye*--* +**uKi-
ie    IS    »•»!■!.     •
*****4***4&S-iri+4+i*4*9t-.' >
1 1.
liThe trand
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada. : : :
A Fine I.ine ol the
Choicest Liquors & Cigars
Ur. lialli ..1.  t' ,
Mr. MncNci I ha de* re to gi to Ottawa.
battle between lie Uberel anl labor for ees,
«-il| >t..v in the mc
fmui the mulct  lhe Other  wil not  risk eeria u and ..vrriihe'in tig de eat by staying  in  the rata, and w'I  also withdraw
allowing the Independent Labor caadidali t,, |H. started by i..*.*' ni.i'i.. *.    Tin* i, tl idy kar<-..l and   «■ na'atent    coma
i.li.i. .an I.,* ...I.M.le.l ly tl.e inanaitei*. „, |,.t|, "Id |.iilie*. T n* V .*',* s. 1 Jberal and Coneervativi ilka, hate always
claini.d they WMt lals-r's , ny frieids. „,„* n,,,t fay |m,| ,|„. |„„, ,n ,.IWI< ,„ ilu* worker* at heat Her -t. fore they
hue nol | emitted I <• iv rk r* tn hive :1„y „,, „inii, nf their nun oi t'le Kiil.j.-el. They armgntcd to them*elvi-. the riglit
(o think I'm tin wnrkir* a d to il.l-ide sAat they -il.oul.l or sold not hav*. After nnny cars tilled with broken pnan
iw-, the workers nap • el that tliey wen* not I. ing dealt h. neatly »-.ih b'y the old partite, and eownaneal to think for
thems Ins nu „ ui ry..r I i i the opinions ol oM part) lesdera. Thia rmutted in tha f rn-nti n ..f the Indepandenl
I..I.n* I'.tty.      Nnw i« a g .1. en o|a)> mu ml v  for  |.,,|,  ,,j,|   .,,,,.•„,.  ,„  |f,„,.  fa\   ti„„* prcfeeaioni „( Mend Up w re sin-
ecu au I n.t p etended,    Sow, wh 1,* tin* „*.„•• en th nk tin t st* I.-t gtrvad bv i11 ehi i.e ,,f of tlieir own num.
lei it. i.;.n*ir. ilieu in tii* c .iniiinns. -,., , ,. |,Wai |.iti |.inve fiat it siiH-ei-.lv uHshcs to sTant the worke a their denial..I.l \ withdrawing ita etndldate from tba content. H.e Oonservativi party must dolikowiae ifit wi-Awlafcortobave
any confidence ... it. If ei Jut or Ml. „i,| patty randiditei remain i. il.i uuutiai igaln t Mr. f i.i. tin. amgilrion, at
pru ni  mil groun'ed, that n it'.-r oil part) la or haa !*•*.. I. *t with lals.r will he proven to tin- «tis'n-ti..n of ihe
ivutk I- oi \ .!. l .. il. o. as tv.cll as hi all oiJi«*r -e tn.ii. o- lli • I) nu i.m whore ll.e e is a la-g- i-du tr al |opuhitinn.
What an* you g in*.- to do t'O t it, Mr. lialhli rt Do y.u. a |a1i an. pla e your inti-n-i. above lh* i te.e-ts of vour
put11 \\ hat d>. yuu i' tend t . do. leaders of lie I.l. ml |a>.-t.i* Are y.u to Is- condenineil fo ev r iu the eyes of the
Worfcinpnin ot Ousdat Mr. MacXeill. || i« DOW up to y.u. Wil you retire gracefully al thia time, or >vil' ynu reiciiu
in t | rn- and d.*rr .I.t >*• u self and you.' p.rty for all tune? IV effect will '*.* tin same, whet hi r you ire eleeteil ir
tlilinl.il Wl.ee a-e all ol labir's old tune In n.ls. who, la I nies |«.t. . la nuti thai t'ey had ... m .J. Influence witli
Iheir pirtiea that thy w*ul I t ke it on ih. iiimIii*. to in k* to libor pnmiisea 00 their li Imlf" How are t icy u«n«
then r al oi itretcndi-d ..llu nee vrith the r paMi .* Ae i,tU n-al'y friendly lolo that confideac - yiu on.-e enjoyed,
-.sure the w.il.d awal of your pnily'i candidate, and ll.en you may he n*«liwe.l lals.r' If y,,u are n e yoiu* iilluene* to
Wlu-ie are v-ni. M I'. I's from Ki«Kena>? Y.ni wire e'ev e.l hy t I ratal of tlie lalnu-ing men. Are aot now d nur
jma dnlyl Dot! y..-r duty i-on-ist iu keepng silent! Have vou not the e wane and maulincs. ft dis-an- ynin-self for
<ir a.'.iiu-t u-* laus uiun be drawn doaal) .it tin- ...nh-l, ll yon will not deelne f.r lalsir, lalor mu t isaint y.u
,gniii*t it.
♦ *'••-.—	
Tlm Cliff Dining Parlor
1I.S-I  *•    WOOOS   a    SMITH.   I*...|...al..,fi.r.
Best Home Cooking in
Board per week $5
Single Meals 25c.
loliiii't.. A.rnuc. vv a..      Nrir Ihc Cily  Nil
Bravo, t'hn- Foey.
A. I'. T:on.-,*a.i., F-aq
M> Deal s.r I nn •airly guanntet
that it mil I. .. t"i.il. lulu I r tWUhrr
hen- I*, on ..n ripuil i.wnliir of votie
wilh our "IH.I Min." A* fo- MncN'eill.
well, he ...|. y •*'•! la li »l a"*
lln- liit.r gent, .. .-.nilanul by ihe
.Iv.ii au I iri.sii'i-t niue.1 A. 8.(8)
i;,. ,|.*i,. v-islnl tiu* >.li on Oet.ber tilth
•nil delivered in addr-mi in ll.e optn
I h..u-e. and the "nli item .n Ul ap.ee1.
Worth noting wa* the farl tha'. sho.il I
. ti .-n.n.o* I* put in |> w«r sanin.
Hi.-*. ...iihl Ottla an »lt..*' in K»v.-nunenl
of iiiini-ier ol mini..
Iiui they nu*. "ill -n>li a fctf| m-a,
tion, li.t-sti.i. that all the nent day (Sun
dav i Ihev weiv »lm>*t aalisnird t.. sliow
the.oselv.-. .-U...U..I lOWn, sn.l k* f t.
the.r na.ma.
llallilM-r w-i. here ».. tl* 21-' ■■ -W
Ii-iuIm*. but d.-li»'*n-l  no «1 ee.ih.-» al.sl
fk*\, l%%%tt**«tt*AI
Fancy Biscuits and Jellies
** j» **
Quality Tell., and Rrlngs Increnslnc Trade
That's How Our Trade In Always Growing I—rg»r.
We hive )U.t received ■ l.iRr *l.i|,"
BlKitli .ml Cunlci.loiieiy Co. I'.ne Ilu
pll-ue.t lo have you ell ....I cm...Inc.
illrecl   from   the  t. t... v ul the Toronlo
i   Jam, nuil   jellies   which tie would be
... ii>   «/\tt/..    "w« Aim I" Ken,» Ihc New Customer. TrsJc .n.l
OUR MOTIO:-- •*,„, ,.„. ,,i,i *.■■
124 East, Columbia Avenue
The Miners' Magazine,
Pn.c i.1.00 per Year. EDWARD BOYCE, Editor.
I'lihll-lird by Ihe W. P. Itl., Denver, Col.
».acrlptlon» Received at the office of ihe Industrial World, or at
» Office of the Secretary ol Rosslrnd nin»rs' Union.
i ■%■%%■•*%/%-'%'% %a-,
From SI«
>'!»l. Isil   |   h.-u   HOW  lhal  t  e>   i tten I to |
h..li| s  meeling on   Ni.ie.nb r  lUth;   still I —
h. «-ini|.it.u/.*i-s aia onlv  Ink *.ami and: Kd.lor  lu I  -. ta' W. ill. BOM—td, H. C.
I..iil.K ..an.l .,1 t.... d.ik horse, the laboi !     Urnr S r am) limt!. r   An Ha e goes on
 I .1 ■!. I the  ■■ nii.t gn    .  mi|.n.ving  da ^   in  the
AltlHitish I hnve nu v.tle, i.o se lu h.   .*.u-i'>>'th'* lnde|*c..<U*i.t l.ilsir ...ndidita*.
llniHigli ..*■.  nynstfiuiK early en mgli   a ill I I'.-l   '1'i.ii-il.iv   in ill. t   I ".iiuli It.-  lialiilicr
I am tiyiiut I., make ii|. for lli * by ru-tl-
iu*. around mam and binning K.J. > for
a I I'm wrlh. and lhe e aie m-v-hiI (iroiii
ii.ei.t e i iu-ih. «• oat U - in siioii.ti in
.not ■■! ..n Oiand Oil Man. .ud are in-
\i..ii-li awaiting hia uitval I. ia t.t Inn
him *^a...l  a   *»..*  bit.
,S»  *if--l   In-1*   I.. I'hii.  and   the  . *.i.e
\.un*. I* e.l.-. ....IK . VI    K.  II.
limnd  K-.tk-.  II   i   .  V.v.  IS,
Kitsui ie  Cuiumu.e    Mectmg.
Thrte will be a meit.ng of the lb-sal in I
evisuiiM* t*.in.unite of the Indetiende it
lail.ii Pint al the .-.min tl .* r om*
llnn-.l.ti   . v.nii-g   .1   1    n'do k    slwri'.
Tilt-..*   t*   iiiimIi   1,11-1..cm. of   lUl'S.lt-IIKS-   tU
Ih* tiaiim. Ie.1. and it m desi.ed that every
iiu-mls-i   hr  ptmaM,
l\MI> IIKVI.VK. 8eenl.iv
IIIOMA.-i DltOWXUBB Cliannsui.
IHiiiiimiiiiiiiimiiiiii »♦♦t.^♦■^t'*'♦♦♦■^l><**i><^«>♦^♦♦»»■^j
, ,     .       . . < CITRON PEEL
Just Arrived. ,.\mm
WWWg?g?T?W g ?? I C*JIMS
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
*** ********* ♦■»■»♦* *** ♦♦♦♦♦ *******^^yt^r*-**>i-i m-44>****l
milling Co.. Li
. Nan Perianal i ..i .i.i. l
CAPITAL, ],000,000 Shares at 5 cents each,
Treasury Risbrvr, 600,000 Shares.
All Promoters' Stock 1400,000 Shares| is Pooled
|.|a.l.la.t.   s    W. MALI.. Sy*p.rlBU»t*Wnl I.m M.rt UM
Vlc,.Prc.ll.Dl. JOHN HT/ WILLI AST P.r.-s.n » .r Pule aai Cslr, Ms. """♦*
Tm».«. H. W. HARTUnr, ncrch.ni | v.,.i.i,.M. w. c  JAcaso-.
Illl.clor,;:   S. J. Brsll.. miner: li. J. Hsll«-ir. m..lc. mchsnii >»«' La|lc anl
Ccnlra Mir rtlas, I J. ta Civile. IH.rl.lcl a*l MkM
'.M.mtlni llli-Kl.f. .V W. MALL.
The Bonanza Mine.
The snmpany own, the Hon,ma  No. II    an.l in ne ag-' value ef »IS per t"n. 1 I.e
s full siwil mineisl claim, on tt,   I limn.-   I**••'. «bnh ■ st > deplii ol th«t| live t.-et
mountain.   Ihice  and  a  bill  in.lea  fmm   slum, nearly Iwo leil ..I 922 ore.
(lladstone  M tht ni„„  trad  Imm Bttf      *    _"_    *    mai" , h,"„ b "    P_
to work  In  tfcs    tunnel    wlUi    tne    in
lM,a ]lenti..11 ol cont.tiuiiut it right llno.i«h th.
Tin ila.m is traversed by wrral ledge* |, Imm  (LM li-et), as  t>y It", mean, U.«
ol  hee milling gold or-    On  the .ei.ti-.il  Mfl   *»ill   bt  e,|.lut»d  an.l   tonnage  de
, _ ii,    _   veliocd most ranidW.   hvery two leet ol
or   dlntTtn   ledge   a   tunnel   h„   bttn  J"**"   _,„   J,,   ,t   ,„„   om,   loot   „,
I dr.vin filly leet, in urc all tin- •» av. wln.b   ftWUti   I ar  I d.e I.a. w d nal    t>   .Ig't
nn    an    iverag'    wll-h    ol    tw>    fa-t),,.*, .>,.. work m.s leaumml.
Treasury  Shares.
!    01 the MO.OOO share, iu the iroa.uty. the |f*00 shire, ai Idles*:
dire, tors bave tieen authonted to aell 1U0,  |
40,000 Shares at 3c. and 60,000 Shares at 6c.
At the first shareholders' meeting held on October,
18, those present lubtcribed   for  22,000 shares at<
3 cents, leaving out of the first block
Only 18,000 Shares at 3 c.
Ten Thttunnil M*~M h,« since heen sold an only a.no. ,h.r.. .1 ii.nl, arc letl
I ut "h.rr.t.i lnl...m,ll.n.ppl, lo «n» illrfitttr. lo sny hrakel ar In Hm-Vtrclsr,.
N t.  A I Uight.
.Ian.,   \\ilkc.   wi*     as,id      y--l"    I.l
in.tilling | o.i th nf. polilital ae..* in Net
■on ' l*'.,|,*i - i.u.- mil .uil-.-a*' lb" «-1-1
IM.tt   It   .l.i-    I:   lu   g.|. .. luge a  vote
|Hi,|sirli...h.l* It   al  oval   I  A tilt.tiny
.« In* will in N.T- .. tlfie ia te. d id* ol
III*   ,-,- loll    In    |    l»!ge     ut.IJnt.tl,"      wa.
the  .-I'll.
In I.l forth len* in the Mu i   hall for two
booia and tin it. iitii.ti*.--*, ,u.d even than
hi. vi"1--* •*»• r. ma: L.I. I.- f r wliut hu
tinI it.*, an rat er llau »bu he sal-'..
Tl.e niiii'* .a I.-.. * ,.k i a house down
1 in.. * d ii i« -.ile to --iy tliem
nis in*, ni'.ie thai, ten la' eral. in evi*
• I. n.e in th"' hall. Tha .... einur via. nnt
n« la>«- a* Kuln'.. I.ui jus, as >■ tUnmi.M-
tie ui Uir .auw nf tie la or camiaign.
\h    OaUhar eviuasl  the  n n atten.hu.ee
..i laboma at iha lad> r.l c nvaotion on
the g1.Mll.ds  that   I.e  wa*   lot   .lire if  tl.e
..I. nr. wanted i-> be **» ■ d, Imt ohdin*
..I that ei.n .1 ti..*i ware ba .1.1 not tlunk
■ li.. (the l.lieialsi weald ba |uet'8ed la
lului.tii-ig the.., and u.u...-I.i fly wound
Op Ils I le.nk. In ie|lle 1 na lien ta. It*
fr.t.u from .i..I.',«*!hI,.iI ., inn mid t, »ii|h
pan ism in tl.i contest,     Voura,
.1. A.
Slman  (My.   II   C.   Xuv.   III.   1100.
If I'M., l.-ht  don'l » i. ... I   in   Va'e
'...!...  it   wtll   nut   h    iha  f.ull  nt  the   "
H-a*.  it,.I    In l..« I   .      M..I      Hail    |.i|>*
i*  I.n... lull ..|  le.js-f.d new.   for   ('I.n.'
.-Ie.1.....   In,   I.a I,.* „i |be <<ld |<a'tic, in
Valet   .11,..   all   a!   li.    r   all      , .   I     III*
n«l*l    Mill..    I a    I'.-h'. .1.1, nt    l«'.ur
r,.it an >.s,k.. -,... • ...e i.vu*
lar eye*»ts*ii,*i- !.. tueiu. -I'mcui'i  Inh
I>  (I. lln. Ill
.... H. W. C. Jackson I
1/.-aim. ., .nd '■
O. (.' -I
llll.iel.t    P-U.t.   ol    V e * .
Ill tlie ..It   .1   Kan'00|M liun   aiv two
Maapapem, ona 1.1, ml and "i>* OtnatP
value. K"a.T. .* r.',.gi.i/eil a* tlm oltioal
nisan *.t il* (aim in Yie >b Ifiel Tin*
UlUUIWllls on  tlie libn   < ami da e ..n the
o.*a*ion ..I lo* i.* ent visit li that |»lacc
when.*'" •      Iliilinj   TWI.l   S*!ltl
11**1.     l.I'M-ll.    «t!S    'Jta'        |ei-a.iallv       Mr.
Kolev i. ..* v •• e..i> n.n i leritaou,
but that Ms eauae U not . |tod .....*. and
argue*   in  htol   "t   I  *     "i   "f (l-alli*
i,.i   whi'i th     Man ltd,   ('•• .-et.ativ.,
.'la.me thai tin ■* nt* pi.*- Foley --nd*
fm are good, y* I dl   I noUd t    i- n I on-
I,,   „   .....   •!,. MU   vfc.   ami
argue, .tt.m.dv in 'lim if ^t .'otmii of
Mi    Ml Ne.ll
Cal ihi'- SI*. in I iy  Mefting.
Mr. Oalllhal evident!) I.a* .. t naghtttd
il..i in.-I iui|".tt.,nt nn u  an ui.l potty
t.i*l dale s   dut!.    I   e   e . }. u.lne   t   tf   a
pi,..   Hget.t.   hIm,   wh ii   n-.vany,  tan
Ml  (tings.  'I'll,'  |..-..   nl   at'e.ttl.sl tlm
l.dmal incling a* Mo .... fly Stlunlay
uight and li..lul<.ed ... . bttle dope at lb...
 id  give |-   a   wnli-u,  wh«I.  wim!i|
(•n.ve of aawa e*ai.l.*n I , the ft.lhftll in
Itusskilid and Ncl-.t.i Tin nc l . a. Is. It
\eU.n   papm*   i-aittnel   m-im* t.   of  a
m...t  .ii.te*-4ti|  mo t nr  .ii  tl liw*.1,
when, .is a nint
i.r oi la.,, while Oalhher ....*l !..- fri.n.1.
wet>- uiven a hninng, the itu-'t n.g was
-.ilttUy I.a V .ley, aid .... * I llall..*',
'|...*h''  w ts hi*.id tn leln.uk  |0 ll.e tuhdt-
<Lite tlmt le (OtWhtrl w u.I I. lueky if
In* g I a d»»<*en total III the pli-.- When
tl.e   in.s1.ug  cht.e.1   it   wa*   wita   u1 e m
f..r K..I.I. wh le the   libera]   oandHala
md |-*i fr.en.b. w. nl lu.in,* .1 •*.* tuntfe.l
nt I n... In* 'eil by -i w.*r<l in I v i of hin
i amlidaiy.
I'olei   in   (I a lOgSn.
Tin, week  ..II l>* * ent   In   tht c.nli-
date of the (Ik  *iu..i. I..I«>:   I'a t.   m tftai
Qkancfa". li >* prnbilili lhal t .- latter
pan of tin* "ell h* nil icici. (irinil
hoik*, cover t e lb. ii da y ne I week,
an.l n-.ei.  Rowland a'* ut  t e Sit'..
Suu'l.'-    |'h
io!e   iu   Valii-ontr   I  lin I   llia^.iet.
*..i;..,t-  Moan, l.i-*   I, ■ I; Smith,
1   IT    \V..' n.    (Ton, .  aliv...    H7,
tho, gin* Smith a plurality of imj votes. THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
.VlUl.Nia-U.Ar November 14, 1B0O
The Industrial World
I, \   Bemv-weeldy   Edition.
Published it the Miner's Union Uall,
Koailaiul, in the interest of organized
tabor  in   ■Uribiah  Columbia.
•Entered   at  tha   Koailind,   11.   C\,  post-
ollkw   for   transmission   ithrough   the
,    maili, November,  Wn), aa acoond-clui
nading matter.
It.   C.   Thompson,   I'.MiI.n*   and   Manager.
Office   it   Miner'.   Union   Uall.
Payable  Invariibly  iu Advance.
One year       fl 00
Bn  month!          1 28
eVhree  in..nth,           76
Addreu ill communicition! to the In
dssin.ii World, I' .*! .ih.e Hox 558,
Koaalanil,   1).   C.
Tbs Induilrial World      tor mile it the
following   newi   de|w   ,
Simpion'i  Newi  ...and.
11.   8.   Wallace'!  Stationery   Siore.
|      linton llrai.
P. 0.   News Stand.
Ilarr'i   Cigar   Store.
Canada  Ilook k   Drug  Store.
Mcitae   llroa.
King A Co.
B-KTetai.es of all unions are suthoni-
ad to receive lubecriptiona for the
World. i _.-.•
IS12IMSI'- .••''BBftfl
•v.****      ■'
One Ye.r'» Wi ik   al   Ottawa fla.uttd
Mlllllll.illl   Wage   l'.l.*<-s   11   I'l.lltl-a.t-
The fulkiw.ug l.il.i t .m.i II A. W i ke.
im-sdcnt of Uw Peine I.rat.oil of tne
Independent Libor I'aity. Imposing
eopy of a letter wnttcu by A tliui W.
I'uttce, who was re-do tid fr m the oft)
of W'iiiiih-.-. .- se f eipl.iiMi*.ri
liir In.Iii.ii.al World. RtMtwd, II. C
I   a     11.  i-   o ten   w.il  * en   Wt   a|-
|g.m.Ti a mall al-uit a liim cilMlultUe Ihut
It I. no ore t» -«-nl our nun t > the Ot
lawn  hiil.se iu* In lhe local h. ll e to re|
re*.i.t us, as he wail Is- .ibme and of no
s.->......t: nm  lu-.iw «.     tlie    government
party w|l n<»t btnaAl u- wtel<' t ere
This h.tin.g ...iih- I.t ....  BOttat, I wrole
bi the loody uni *■'  taa > t ««•» hou«e
Mi. Arthur W. I'.iUc.-.  nta-r for Win
ln|*ag, ...i.l ii .w me . 1. i *•!'*l aa.ii. fr
In. ,* I I. i  *■ ii li 'a .* i i that
lem-e dt.p.ng t)*e |*ast y.ar. a al sa to a I...I
he   had   I"   u    able   I tnltb-li   s.ngh ■
banded, ll. n,. |...el c.|-y * .- r I-v.
and  I think tu.ke- a fa r .1. w. |
v-      .   o.te null  I*  able  lo do if  In- ll-s our
tula,ail. at  I. a t   We wint iii ie watch-
Hit it at , -11....... \\ .    . .    ,,.- it uisclcd
iii ..ur I .al |.ns. (or dl—d li-u ss .am
tiaiirn  bi.ia'.ii*    Thinkl g  it   na)   I.    0
II"* to mu I   im loin ir li ig It to you
Her-',   t.*   l    n*.   u.u    h     •»,..    Y.s.r.
fn.len.ely, II     \    Wll hi -
1" ItM   K.I  ...    C  llllllltl.-e.   I.i.|c|s leletil
Uls.r Put)
I'  B<   Wc have had no wor.1 fro... Mr
1 ■* i, *..   K a - ii- i*. t.sl
t.l.   ie.*.      I  <lti||.     lie
going      We   .if   making   things   || it.
Ken...     II   1   .   Not     ,.   I  ."
l>s.     V ll..I   -!,,,•      W u.u p|     N   i     I.
Mr. II   A   W.Ik.-,   tat**, I!   I'.
Hear Mi      bum  Lit i i., I,ami Ci* ai
teni's.*.   It anaaa >»■• mu n ptaarnn to
InoI  lhal at   Kenr.   .   *.  a..    |..i I l« up a
«**"i i id.! i i I ia*. indiad.pi .1 ni Is*.i
Mu** ur laMar lurn.-lly. . • I
run i|.l.le full up Willi wnrk, aa tin* ils
I     liclc   |.   on    W'.~ltu!-al ...    .,, t|    ..*   el
gn-ci lo win. and we want y... to win
When   I   aimed   in  lltl.iw.i   n     w.u.    tits,
.lay. bafdri up .....g iha i-.d i« f-.r tie
construction .if st Amir.*.', loth near
M*.nni|wg. and 1 »*n* I" lhe tn n .ler
nnd i.tai I..I that \l is-aull.. s be t.i! in
1.. prl.-i .le wi..* * al - iii W* n tj-.
noamst t'.e ehan-e nf ni. es I in .*>tl*rm-
l.tl g.Hing the w.a-k ...I ini.tiding tn
l.rmg men fr -m the ...st. W'tia Inbl tlint
it could not I e done. I, .1 pre Wed ll, • i«.int
vigor u-li. a* .1 I.u.It new landeft were
•railed, wilh the lu iii-i nn rat.*, that .....Id
fiaid stated Ithma r.l-. w*.r.-. of t.airv,
Kpial to Hie uni...i ri'. I' . * ..*.- min
i l.r ••* ni'* i "el. aflt ii i 'I* ..'..ue I
tne a COpy oi ill*   -iur nl   w*ag • r solitmn
it ws* Intended t.. put before the partli
meni   Tin. waa,   oi    . ii ,*    reeognii'ng
the  pnncipnl   .n   Iha  St.   An li.-w',
contract  wi. i ..en  i   mt    II i g sake I
if I I would Itipport it I of oou-so sitid .More limn 2,000 persons being idle in con-
I,-., m.i.'i all my power, as tlmt was wihnt ■"■'uuencc.
I was lluu* tor. ll now applies to nil gov-' in,., national goveniment of New Zen*
eminent contracts, follows railway bm- land oonduota baths and a minituriiini nn
uses, lias alsu In en enpied by tihe Ontario
liirisaiuie, nml ll:ili*.h Columbia ha* in-
lerted it in ils municipal clauses a,.-*t.
If this is a sample of class lrg'sliitiou, it
shows tlini the l.gslutui'e cannot* do a
just tilling with ait beuitiling the whole
community, fur it ensures wag a to tho
workers, gives the oontraoton a lwsis to
figure on mid is ii blessing to the bisriiHwa
community. Will send you a cupy uf my
speech thereon.
Ue postmen's wages, 1 l.o'd that they
.ire iltogabher t.*> low
us ' to git HI inr cent on their
additional for the increased oust ui living,
I'i. an* ilu- nuin at *«,> 0 year £10 u,ud
thc man at (W0 VXI additional, when us
tine I* nei ukui iv.. - more in need of tin
iii.i. i. ilm the higher i.i .. Noiv ovary
in.ii .- sin a nm uh. ' in. 1121 ii year,
l . ...i.i ilu* ii *i a* *-i est of hung in the
it est.
The oi ■ e.unlinie clause in the CrS ■"■''
Code . ...i..l t.iles uni ul*, and il il
a hot t'n.t ii would have been left ■*> hsd
I not been watching anl had inwrtsl an
exempting lection   'lh.*   icnafe   rejaotad
llu* am n Imeul I ur lini ■*, I -tit luul to
linalli BOOept il I St..veil c'oaa t> the
propoettioti i.i i.n reuse the tax on OMncoe
to Will, and refuse! to IgTM with the
llr.tih I'ol.iinl. ii inenibcr that tu ruii-c it
in lino waa a fair dcol.
Believing In oompulaory arbitration as
they have ii in New Zealand   I objected
to the iiiiiei iitinn n t, but web* mod tho
promoter, of a lab r bureau aid e.tab-
lisluneiii ,n a hits r gnetic I is now
nc. os. .ni ilm tare ii,- lab r r 1-rosenM-
t.ves than ti witcn ill- ad tini-trit on
of this new venture.     My   a and is for
public owni   'ni. nml therefore for good,
elciiii government to m.ke pu.Iiu owner-
stup itlvwnble.
To my idea Independent l.b r demand!
that the guvcni ul l.s'k n.'** its work
to ll.e end that it . i .* be for the b.nefit
of the whole p.oo'u*, and not . '• upon
the oountry as mu p y a capital hUO divi-
dend null, l'iivisc exisise thds brevity. Tell
tt.e men to think an.l v ta •'* ihey Ui nK.
iur in llrili-li I'tdumbia a yoi M-t your
ballot you fnr.cai-t your firture. Here's to
fhrs  Kul.y;  lend  him eel. l*>atcnmuy
yuues.        AitTiirn. w. i   n__
1'. S. Mne win the only current woik
ing card in the last parKtmint. Hope
then* will lie more tin* m*x*       V. \.. 1*.
Winnipeg, November 4th
80-aore reserve iu the Hotorua dial net
where there aa-e oetabrated niiiierul waters.   The rate ia vary low.
A vote for (Julliher ia a vole lor .MucNeill.
Oohimbio lluck.y tlub.
At the third annual meeting of thl
I. X. 1.. Iloekery olub, holil lusl cviiiiug,
it was dei-ided tu chun^e tho name of
the club to the 11.1 uml. a Hockty olub.
About forty iiieinbeis of th.- olub weru
preaantt The folluni.g w.re et.oied of-
licciv. for the ensuing hoii-oii: Honorary
In tla' west tliey   president, T. M. DnJy; honorary vin'-priv**
ularieal '''0"1. *'■ &■ 0> Rtiri pres'dent, J. V7,
Sj i-inc; v.cc p.iMidnot, J. R. Il.*a; tv aa*
ui'er, J. VV, Watson; ,-ocrotauy, Goorg i A.
Llighton. 'i'Ue i-.l.u . of thl club for this
seas ui are nun*'on and w i o. The clu'i
is looking f'.iWHtd to an iner.ntn* sia
ion in which iu my inn 0 "tan: niaolui
will be plnyo I.
t+t+frr TTTT t Titimiiiittt
:j ..Electric Laundry..
-     WHITE LABOR ONLY     _
^ You do not have to patronize
Chinese Laundries.
Oood Work,
Reasonable Prices.
T. W. GRAHAM, Proprietor.
Minister of Mi. o* C nung .
Anthony J, McMillan r-turned la-t
night from a visit to \'i loria and Vancouver on i]i."iii« busi e s. tt . McMillan suites that the lt in, M. Mo Bride,
minister of osnas, int.nils to letve V.c.
' toria tt.inori*. vv for Etotmnd and Othlt
i i-oints in the Ko'tmny. It i* Mr. Mc
Bride'! wiali t<> met the mining men
when he is hen and cotnei* w th them
on public matten. Mr. Mcli ide wll
prubul.lj anivt.* in 11.•, I.ui I nb mt llll
end of thl week. lion. Mr. Wei«, m n-
ister of public wurlta. is al-o expcciel io
In. in RussLi \ towards the eml of the
Union Printing!
SpriU.   laciMtlct lor  producing the W
brut   PrlRtinc   for   Trailet   Unioni   and t
Secret Socle 11. 5    hnrravlnKA procured. $
ScalA and Kubher Stamps. -$
VA/.   H.   JONES f
16 B. Columbls Av.. Koi.l.nd, B.C.     9
—' W■ W WW'W^WWWW WWvV W^a+WWWWW******
WholcMitt- nml Rrtnil X
Palnt.t. OIU, Varnl.thc*.  Itruibea, Wall ♦
I mMi  and Painter*' Suppllea.   Orders T
taken for PaperhanKlnic and Decorating. _f
Office nnd Sloir : Dniiir'* .V Cha-Dbtn1 T
Block, iSCotuintiln Ave umU-r Dominion T
KsprCM Co.h Office.   Tfteplume No. 18/.   **r
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ fafafafafafawfawt>WW*> 4
The Ladies' Store.
I announce a (lreat   OI*count nn Ijidlea'
and Children's -Underwear and HiiAlery,
Ureas Uoods and  Dress Trimming.*.
Stamped Ooods. Rlbhnna and Laces.
Olve me a call and ynu will find Prices
Way Down.
Mrs. M   Heard
Grand Union
tUTTMFIBU) huos.. Hro«.
jniners, Look Here!
You need not loose a shift
to get your check cashed
during banking hours.
You can get it cashed, at
face value, at all hours at
The Hoffman House
I*'.i   Koley ami    ll .tcm.i.e it    O.viiiishii*
Public  own li *.i*  »i   puldi.*  f.atuhi es
haa ..* »t   >'     tal, I of i> ...'iici! iol svt
ment  uud   -■ '•* •—.   lu u   iilierv* you  w.ll
or liluMler a* *••.. ..."!    WT y. c\... in I il
monopoly I .und Canada of own, govern-
mam own. r-l.i,i »f ilu- Interoolcn «1 r.ul-
».,y i*. pronounced a aawnaai and, if ihu
■*■..!e.ninciu i   tl.i afford t» bull ih>- I
,      i. ►
I'. It. .iml inn* it ...ley t. ui n who l.o.e  , ,
.in madl en!.'-**..' foiluuM out of it. why
...u'.l they nol ai'"i '■ t- uier.uo Uie r a I
along »i I. the  Int. :..denial*   Ilie evhor*
lui.tnt f.eir'nt i.i   tl * -rii'-ly o i*i>""-
siiou lile the C. I'. It. hare J .ue m r..
I-, rstard gr..»-il. of the \\.*i than any
,,iii,*r tutor, imt tht thnt i* at bind a*an
a gorermnent i>.ui ».H |ivt i - iha r llel
needed. Tin- Inter, lontil i* r a-hing out
I  -.   ami   a    vot ■   for
l* ■ | .,•.,. , .,,.*• n ».l: • r - thing
a'.u.u   Btoean t' i"
i TransferCo.
'  Thn Kineet ol Wines, I.inilors snd J
|      Pomeltir anil Imported Cigara. X
» *
•    Finely Furnished Rooms. I
,'-i-l-S*t-t-iS*&$*S-WW^W1-4-W*~V i
The Only Transler or Kxpron
Company in Rosslaod that will
Deliver your Trunks lor 2*'i cli.
i-«i-li     Three daya Moragr free.
Queen Cigar Store.
.    . Union-Made ]
 • • ■  ■■■■■■- •■■•- y
A I.til   ... Sialyl—ug.
lb.-   liib-f I,   • r   I'arty  will   in
Ihr ooorsi ..I       ••      >' •" '"" 'luminant in
,   io.* Lbnal 0-n.e vat.v.-   r ny
has  out-'ned  ll     uselulnc -,  the Bi-luiele
Ka.nii baring payed H    •    -• mu* «>
thst tin- st'nohi      ■   John A", 2'icit
old N   I'* and tl    lip-loyalty ootdU In*
M longer any <fl. 1 00   I. 01 curs* the
fmailiaad rillaga i ' i'in. wll not rteo»
n )- lh - Tin- I 0 en.live I.ilieluls who
I. ,.i, wnrddp Uorfer, . •• very little
battel Kv,'.* In i " '' t >• hi ■*• ■*«* sir
WiHrul sn.l Hon   Mr   Mu 1..-I: hiin**'""'.!
i. i,. ... ad. ana   I   bail psrty up n mtl
let.   01      luogn*.     I     I't-"-     '""-' *•''"•
theie woold I..- m* pr espOb'a i Hal «.
bstwaan Toryiit    b I '     '-"',*
The capitalists knot wl..t they want.
Winn tliey get their c.n-I'd 1 » e'.-'icl
io ..ih... i I.. .-.t *!*hat the -int -iy*
The i'.-.|.i. Wi i iim.mii lui-.w adurt I—ty
irani. end iihe*. ''..'' get tlieir DUllUdaltl
darted t*. nili.** thty will get it. Never
te.r thai Wt • -11 liml faillrfnl -ervsnt*.;
We laivc |d.nt> -f good men in tlie rank*
..f lal or. 1,-et n* fleet ..ur own men lo
office, and Is.lh honor and self int r. at
Will prompl than   to give W inic service..
If ever)' ody us* as lotlat n>  up n tlie
llllinn   label  0*  .an. "Lite*   f"T ..llic-  there
i..ii:,| ...on In. no u n iiii o i prilling
 • ■>•
Linton Bros.!
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office &.
School Supplies.
Linton tiros.
No. .16 Columbia Avenue.
• •- • ■  -y.
Is busy all day and ev- •
cry day making prompt J
delivery of J
Good...    :
Groceries j
to wise people     Do you J
buy  here?    If you have J
uot  been  doing so here J
are a few things that will J
tempt  you  to eir doors, J
or to your telephone, and 5
will help you   in prepar- J
ing breakfast: J
Gerinia, Breakfast hood, J
Self Rising Hue hwheat J
Floor, Shredded Whole •
Wheat Biscuits. !
<-•-•-*: ■— ■-.-• •-•-  . .
Mer 's Underwear
In part wool aud cotton.    Shirts'aud drawers
90c A SUIT
.. imminent ownn dip ol pub'le nicsi-
-ides i- thl .it: l-.sh it f.r nil il i*
Worth. Tlmt will bl "ii.* of th- gUttCSl
boons f-.r tin people. \'..-e tot t. W rk
I r .'
The Regular Price $15, $16 and $7 Ready-to-wear
Clothing all priced at $10.
Thl  Ubol   ll    'll*.       ll   Mac*, lie*.   I'i, ill. e,
...* ....I   mer yi I.   (lut   ol  :i.'l ml  nil... i
.v ....!.■ -topped work owing to ■ itrika.
Holstead & Wright.::
I Central Dry Goods Store,
*   1st Ave. -and Washington
I ************************** 4************************
P. Burns & Co.
Rossland, |Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Green- '.'.
wood, Grand Forks and Vancouver. : ■
RETAIL MARKETS-Ronland, Trail, Nelion, Ymir,  Kailo, Sandon,   -■
New Denver, Silverton, Cascade Olty, Grand Fork!, Gre-nwood,
Phoenix, Midway, Oanip McKinney, Revelitoke,
Ferguwa and Vancouver.
Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kiuds ';
WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch.
'4++4+Y+4++++++++444++++++++4** * **** 4**++4+4********t
Minei-s,  ('*n*p,.|iters,  Coiitrni tm-s and men    of    whnlevcr   OOCUpation,   In   know
tlmt s|H-i*iai induoementi are being being offered to nil bujren ol Bnt clothing, luiinsliinuK. fool near .111,1 hea. near, nt ,1. II. Koluum.n's Columbia !Ve-
nue.    llnwe itutuceincnts nre lor payday und are a, follows:
. .. Clothing ...
Ilesvy Whipconl Oven-oat,, well cut well made, lun-il with heaw <f  4 •*)  rr\
firmer'i satin,    ltegular pnee. $IH7."i  s|svial  tor |v*iy ,|,iy J)   JZ.DU
Heavy Indigo Blue Beaver Oveitoah^ *dk mrn ami made up in <f f / r\(\
the  latest   ..ppnived   lanhntn,   spm-isl Iur pay dsy J> \ D.UU
Heavy Wine Cnlnrcd Krei/e I lien-.nl! With heavy wool lining, good       &Q   'JC
kniHkalM.ill   cual*,   s|Hvinl    lot    pay day JlO./D
Wt are clearing our rea Iv lo wet   «iits at  the nirlit   price,,    '.lei  nue.
We wll the best. Nnw is the tune to buy. as we will lie coni|u-llis| to advance
price, un next shipment revived OViag   tu tne .tifl rise in the pnee ut wuollene.
Gum Boots and Rubbers
We nil the oalabraled Wuonsnckel hip gum Iss.t for iii.ii.-i-*. wilh leather
bottoma and beavilj nailed. I'lns u an American made IkioI aad WS make a
s|«s.-ial price Inr js-r day,
Uur |»y day npecial price,  includes aim   Alaska Socka.   Itulinen,.    M.u ami
'•■      ol    which  we have a gtesl vsriely.   Vou get honest gisids st honest
prices  at
Columbia Avenue.
♦ ♦♦-M
W ♦ T ▼ ▼"▼ tft ttt ▼■ , >
i... Fresh Green Vegetables... I
:  •:
Cauliflower and String Beans,
Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce-
Celery, Tomatoes. Green Peas.
: 0. M. FOX & COMPANY, i
. ■ 106 Km Columbia Ave.
Telephona 66.
;•'"•' ■• •'"•••'•"•— •••• • ,...,.,., ,.,..,.,.,., „ „„j
Each occasion  has some <
special style of clothing i
appropriate for that time. ■
Those who have a desire
for dressy effects and yet
do not care to go so far
as  thc  Prince Albert or
Frock Coat will find our
Cutaways just the thing.
They have a dretsy appearance, fit perfect]) and
wear with satisfaction.
M. J.   O'HEARN.
,TM CMktor. Hsll.r sn! I SMMM
*—■  '*"*    ■>■■•■>> nit tmtg i !
p. ->. box ne. 11 11 i'iiom ** iu
Special attention Riven I. Hall Ord.ra
Stunden Printing Co.
ROOK  MIMIMi'Tl m us.
1.14 Columbia Avenue
Rosaland, ll. U.
■***+*** *■»•<»<>»<>»»
The West Lc Roi Avenue Grocer, keeps
Rvcrylhlng the PWner
- - 'VVaiUs lo Eat - -
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at Lowest   f
Goods delivered to any part of the City.        J-
t-Mttt-M-MMIM I»t»t»»l 4 Nml WmNKKDAY November II, 1900
Agents foi-
I In.tiilii.11 Brown
Agenta for*
Woodrow  St  Bex-rlngton
HATS,  a   a.
Top Coats
Dress Shoes
One Price and That a Fair One
lhe Latest
... iii «••
The Proof of the Goods
Is In the Wearing....
Our Goods and Prices With Those
of  Other   Dealers and  .ludg-e  for
Boys' Clothing
Dress Shirts
Fancy Shirts
Fancy Vests
|..-ei.u Minen.' I i.ioii No. 8 Haa-Soured   "«'ld   «t   American  Fcdeiston ol  [ate
the I'n/".. *^H II..1I.111 .rti-r-s.
ic\t  TI.un.Liy ev. n ng,  November II,
msupirradc bull w.ll be g ten at  their
J I In 11ns...x Ml. rr.' I'm n N'o. S.
! |.e|«niii»n. f»r the gsy e.ent sto
r virius ly i mi let.-. Secntsry R oris snanmng t- haie a numlier ot
nm i-*, no ban I  f r n nt  for the or-
tin, and will hue that matter settled
y or Monday.
nuinlHT of pure, have been .deiel
Ile...Inig bus in-., concern*, al follow!:
■si liulys C-.*t.im.--Onc dress pet-
Ron tbe lliinl TKendri.k enrnpauy.
|vd at |7.
-t Uenll.-ii. ni', OtKtutre One Stel-
fhat from Mornn 4 Thompson, valued
IM Su-i_.net l/idy Chancier—line
s paisaol mm M. Hclbau k CV>..
IpJ at M
Sustained   (i.iiUemsn  Chr* >r
Iv-x of dgars Imm   Hugh   McCuite.
I    st 9A.
In   Ifldy W»'t/<r-One lar.e    pholo-
jure fn-m Clark k Bnm, valued at
ll.mlem.n W.IUt One box
tgars Imm llatrv Na.h. valued nt tt.
at l.qwy line Ir.x of .nndy fn*m >ff
Ilm*. k Smiil.. valued at tl. snd ona
nl ...tl link* fmm A'cx. Henderson.
ed at fl.
ire will also he a eikewsik d •"•' >l
|w<|ue. lor wh eh   i  c- -si- will
An iui|..it.iut issifcnn. e wis held at
Washington, II. (".. nt the headquarter!
ol the Ameh.nu Keiler.ition of I*alsir.
The i-onfercni-e ivas held w th a view to
the formal ion of an inl.rmti mill metal
Hades .uwoo.it inn, composed of thc aim-.*
nanie.1 fades organi/.it on*. T. e plan!
otitlilleil nt tl.e confen-n. e n 11 be presented |n tne nut-tin*.- of r pn-*. n'ailives nf
tlw above name.) ..i.nniMli.ui- during the
meeting of ll.e An c ion. Kedeiatu n of
l..l«>r nt 1/nu.villc. Ky.. alien the organ-
.■...ito.is will be onniphlid. Another meeling of tin- cnnfcience wai held at the
!i-|or.ilio|i   beadqi site.-.
Ci«irs an.l  Cigars.   %
When you ask for a ciirar why don't
yon insist on a good one I Nine case,
out of len yoo -.ill he offered s cheap.
scab made cigar miles you name the
kind wanted. They sll cost you thq
same money, good or hs.l. N'.iw why nol
get a good one. Adc for Ihe he,t Crowd
dis-V Sf V." a You w.ll Ibtfl t,* en*
ecu*i-t'ne a home indi.I-v, I.n '1 til
nf thi* the net tune . u aik f.il "a
dear "
•lame. Smith, ni the Mireti' Union,
wlm lias lor .ome time been ill with eeia-
iii-.ii hns ki l.ir reeorerrd ai to be able
to I.* out. snd exi eats to return to work
within a wink nr Iwo.
The .-nin.1- in the niiup of the    Mer
abasia Bank ..f Half x t->   the   Royal
llai.lt . i Canada ml n ( t.,k.- pi r,  un'il
.l.inu.iti   1st. in.lea I of Dec-nib"- 1*1. II
nr-i anni umed.
The iintn.l o|c.unj I all of the Sa d n
Miners' Union wdlls. held in flu* new halt
nn ihe ci. mim ,.f Wtdnesday, Uie Ub
tii   IK-clids-l.
M.nc Prints to Hit the It-id.
F. II. Mrf'srler, of tl.e Grand Fokl
(la/ottc. i« in San K.aiici*«o purchaaitg
additional material for the I lau tie office.
Next tn -ni li he will install a Meiyanlhalt r
lyis-wttKig machine, and a few mure
Iti.s wll linie lo ht lhe trail.
A    lallg*    I  III'....
I   •   P*.,e Penelit.
|V lin'fil  .nmk-r lo l»- le deed lo
vatc John A   llae. |ir**t I snailisn eon-
|ernt in Miner. I'n.in hsll nn SaliinlaV
ting nrxt. promts s to le a gr nt anea
. A  line pmgiam  his Imoa Ultngad
I Uie oc.sstoii.
\..ii . mint cet a olgsr in any bar in
'.he city Inr less thaa 12 I? centa. Thei
why nnt ssk for a cigar that i, worth
the money; a down Grant or W. II.
lhe Sh-ran (lit* Minns' Union is stead
ill -crow-uia in slr.siglli, n*>w niinfbe. ng
ll»i member, lad nunuious s||. m.Uo t.
tsimmg in.
We Ku »
Of no other way to Indorse osr cloth*
in ■ than to put our asm. aod trade mark
oi it. It's just aa if wa aid "Wa warrant this garment to be all w.m*. aawed
wilh silk, made of better material., and
In belter etyle than you can get anywhere
else at tbe same pd.ee." Taylor 4 Mc
Notice to Mm. Supcrialcndaula.
When ymi are in need of s romp.leal
engineer, tdxksmilh, p>|»-m«n or machinist, the Mectianio.' I'ninn will 1*
pleased lo furnish you r-mteie.it men
Iddn-a. W. IV. Doty, .Secretary.
Neat Route lor all I. islam patstS
I    For time t.We-. rat**, sml all inlorma
tion,    call  on or address •caret    local
agist, or
A.   II.   McKenbe. t'.ty   Agent,
A. 0, MtAitliur.  Dtpol   Agent,
HomUn.l. IIU
tt. t, Anderson, K. J. Onyle,
'    T. P. A*, V O. P. A..
.Nelson. B.C. V.oeouvrr. H.B
li--.it.. MM. I), tt. Cnaaley, p,«deol.
m. W. Iloty, «■ irt.rj*
M,.r*  Tr ul.'e   in   P.nnsylvsni..
Tlie Pe-insiltiinis co.l n|ieta*tnr* are already hmik ng their ajrec-tnent mnde wilh
the uu.ui* three weeks ago Iiy refusing to
reduce tl.e prue of powder. Unless a com'
priuiiM- can Ih- effo tr.1 it is probable Uiat
another slr.ke will occur.
Drag 0—apsn* m
The lto.-i.oiii.I |lni( r*.m|stiit  lus motel
fmm .Is ..Id .land on  ll.e  north sole ol
1 r..|umb.a a-.eiiue In lhe <..mer uf l-nhim
ilea ...nm* and QmM *Heet. to the pn-m-1
ise, VSSStsd I.y Oh- West K.silcnay Power I
, snd  l.itdit compMiy.
A vote for Ma. Neill is a vote lo
peuate wrong.
A vote for Mac.Neill i, a vote lo |*er-
petuste wrong.
The Sipieme Couit
Ibe .'Huns of the sui ret c com! open-
in Ma* nu lull M nl.iv wuh .luslic-
llkem "n the bench It if pmbable thai
> mmaiuii w.ll last a month, ,s . venil
lilt   m n n-1  ci*'-.  will  bl  di-p *< d
*- Will Dance.
The Mtchsncs* Union.
The Mechanic*' Uni n is nnkine goad
pmgri*., ,if |H|e. TTn* union his tiken up
tlie .lii.lt and ds n-won ..f teohnc.il w.h*
)->,«,  and   these di cimsion,  are  pr nnu
I   ten    vo'llilile   feature   of   the   IlliclinC".
A lilacklsiard ha* been onlered lo be placed in the hall lo fa -dilate thi, put if
the work,
KOK 8AJ.B The buildini and Hilar-'
mi Hpokane street known a, Ihin l<*ahey'i
>ld place. Inquiif at J. C. Ppellmio'l.
Hmoke   Crown    Uraat     llgars.     Blue
A vole for flalliher is a vole lor Mtr
QMshnt, ei    th. "fl (Viok*   ,nd
sler,' l"num Kt l.'l W. I, I". nf
ws-ni,. *. II give a Iwll. for wh'c'i prep-
.lions are sbeady Wing made.
Keep  11   Up.
Slveitn Mi.ur,' I'nion to k 20 ap| li-
i.itmn* fot memlipiwhip in a I oily ie*'.itly
Irom thc E.ntrriui'C.
Mar.iis  D.iy  llisid
Marcus Dsly, thi Montana f'*n»r Kin«
ibe.I in a New Y..rk h"*"!-lul Mo* .It,
mon.in.- He hi I l.e-n ill f r .oie ti-e
and it i« *wi.| tha' his dea'h eral direct
Iv due to .l.-app i ntmoi.'t »t hi, d-fent in
t'te elniio... in Montana t w-eek a.*o.
ivhen he was d'*'ei|.~l by W A Clark for
the control of lhe elite IngM.ture.
Spokane Fails & Konneia.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry.
Ben mountain Railway.
Tb*  only  all nil   rout*   between   all
points rait, west and south la KnssiaaJ,
Nelion sad ill Intermediate pools' tea*
Dieting st Hpokane    with   tba   Uittt
Northern,   North.™   Pa-it a  aad   .1    11
* M  Co.
Connects at Nelson wHh steaaeis far
Kaalo aad all Kootenay Isks potala.
Connects   at   Myers   fall!  with   elate
daily   for   Kepobl.c,    aod    connect*   at
Hoeaburg  with    slag,    daily for Uraad
Forin aod Greenwood.
Kffectiv* July SI,
{.save Day  I mn.
1" ..i a.m. Hpokane
III* pm. It....... I
11:40 p.m. Nelwm
.NWit • r. '
Moss land
H    A    .lACKWlN.
Oeasral  Paiwenger Agent.
M. W. RUTF,  -*g»nt.
B. O.
9:45  pm.
10:00 p.m.
?:*» i-n
t:OU . **.
t-.Ot pm
7:M ia.
« *i i is.
Canadian Pacific
Kit,|.*,«. Mr.sim   on  All   Ira.n,  Fmra
utVKurro—I ami KoonorAY i.i«
Also 1(11 HIM   i ai:.- pat.
■ ng Hunmore .lunrlu-n duly Irom nt.
Paul, .-attinlay. lor Montreal ami IW-etnn,
Monday, and Thiil*«d,t, lor loioni*
Home ,ar, p«*> Ksfshtokt --n* .l.g
A I-iimi.i:
I  ur l.i«tnii trip i. to arr ,**st ■    j
luket ic-hI, ,ia
Irani! IV|*<t
8:00 For Nelson. K»»lo. UMcadt, iJi.e*!
hr"—   VMb, Uma.ood, UMtny. M
1! no   For Nel>«.n, ^a!.•|on lad  -      .
Daily,    point.,   llevetotoke,  Main  Use
Labor U inn Directory,
OCBeen sad Meetingi.
lliwta every aecood sad fourth inew
day ia -**-b moatb at 7:30 p.m. is
each mi-nth st IM pm. in Minm'
I'nion llall. a Bebalm. Hae; A.
Ferria, l*rss.
M«eU every Friday of each week at
7:30 p.m. to Miners' Union llall.
.    I.  i.      Pie..     I rank     llna-hihsw.
MINKR-b" UNION No. 3*. Wrat.ro
Federation ol M.nen-Meet, every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 a'doek ia
Minerv Cni-n Hsll. Fhuik Wo-WI*-,
,*v*rte a-y.   Wm. u lfc.cn    |'r •       i
TYl-oaRAPtltCAL UN10M Mo. 3*5-
Mnla oo tb* last Haaday ol aact
monlk at Iha Miner.- I n.on llall. .1
I'   Harkdoll, See.; W. Poala, Plaa.
No. m-Meeta lb* Brat aod third
Inradiy ol e,cb moatb at • p m. la
llMltys Hsll r. 0. Bos lit. WV
MaLaod, Prra.; J. Kkaaaa. Baa.
(MHihS A WAnWtT I NHiN. Wa V.
VV. I. r Ma.I. .vn 1.lm In <i
ni'g ,1 * t) oM'k in Miner.' Cni-n
Hall P n lln, II I K Hurry.
See.. .1. II   Xh'r-sd. I'm.
-re llo.rd F. C lYn*^*. Itos!
Und: W ll.t d»-n, IhadM) M K.n»,
llrernwnod.  If   II   Him   k    vt
I'AIVIKnif CNKIN. No to. Painter.
and Decorators of Amenna -Meet. ...
He.lty'. llall nn aaroad and Imixh
'loraday Wednesday ol taeb nmaih
W. b. Murphy, prra; Ueo. W. Hhmn,
NI*WfinoY8' UNION No. »-M*-te la
Minera   Union  Ball oa Iba flrat and
th.M Hatnrd.T. of iwh month, ll t
am. Mike lluydotli, Praa.; Jay Bar
i-*n, See.
—Meet* second Sun-lay ia each month
J. It.  r -     '*   eecretary.
—Kdward Boyce, pmidenl. Bulle. M*>n
t.n,; John F MrD-nn.ll, vie^preal'
dmt. Vinrini, Illy N'v.ds: .tame.
Msher •» rrltrr'rc-nr. Hn"e. Montana ,P i. It. aft. hesrlq-iartera.
Room 12. Os.ler block Bteeulire
Hoard: John V. Williams, lira." Valley,
Idaho: .lam" It F.ir»y. Hull". Montana; W. N. Hum., n.rsi. Clnrado;
l*-s. H. Mover. 1/sd IM-
Dtkola: iTin, l»", tlo»*l«n.|. llr.tnh
HISI 111(1   UNION  NO   I*.  W    I"   M
t\     >   a :-f. .*
.lamr*   lleiine.   v e prewlant.   It --l.nl:
Alfred   IVirr.  arerHaryltmeotrt,   Vmir.
HM II IM.V    I  MUV   \'.     .1    \V    1
M    M.»t«  iveiy    Iridsy    evening    In
meal Wipi
Nona Betttr.    Solid Vesi.bu'ed
Traina,   Palace   Dining  and
Observation Cars. Meals
• La  Carte.
Dirwt roaneitioa at Ht. Paul, wit tout
.hang*- of dct.it, with all limns ter
Chicago, loronto, Mootrral, New k.ra
and ail poinU treat aad aoutb.
Clow roonrctioa east aad west bouat
trains st .Spokane wth trains of tha
Spokane Falla A Northern Hallway.
Usirs hpokane dsly for Kast 11:11
Laavaa Spokane daily ter West 7:3*
West bound train* make direct connection lor Victoria, Vancouver, Pert*
Und, Baa Ftaadaoo and all pointa aa
the Sound.
During the eeason ol navigation ha<a
bound mini eoanact at Dululh with
tbe magnificent etramaaip. North AT ..t
and North I,ml, of tha North*—,
Mramatlp company I.n* operated ia aa.-
neclioo witb tha Crest Northern Hut-
F-r further Information, maps, feM-
era, etc , apply to any agent ol tbe Upw>
kan* Fall! A Northern Hallway, has,*.
A Klo.es i.s.lway, Kootenay Railway t,
NsvigaUon   (*nm|**ny,  or  to
F.  I.  WlinNKV.
i.»oer,I   Pamrnger   and   Twkel
Agent, M.  I'aul, Miaa.
H    A.   .IACKS0N,
lommrmal  Agent, Spokane,   -RaiSi.
ine Fast Line.
Ull.   I.l Ms.,   CAR   l:nl IK   VIA
~        Hafrat and   Hast.
Solid    Vrat.li-ulcd   Trains.     YArtArie
laghted.     rajmj^wd   witb
ltba*T**Aion  Car..
Pullman   Paiacw  Car.,
rale-rant   liming  I ara.
Modern   Dsy  OMeMe,
VwW    Rleei»ag   Cira.
lhro*agh  •ick-is  te sll  poiata ia   th*
Cnited   Ratal and   I'ansds.
"Eierpt   K.mdiy.        Tir  our   Kleetrie
K.   W    III II.
Agt. R   M   Ky, Homland.  I!<"
.1    W     llll,I
(len.ral  3a*tH,  Fpolane,  W*A.
A.I    0-u    Pw.    Aeynl.
WKDN'ESIUY Novemb r 14, MOO
Till', TRAIL MJ*.l'TlN(i.
JLis.-Aniil Speaker! V_U thi Bmeltir (Sty
and  Hold   lbdly.
owned.     Foley's   iJeciliin   wind   help   to
tiring this about
Qloaing with an HIP »'. to lh.> cl cl r*.
to vole for tin* lals.r aindidatt', tlie
speaker Hid Unit, tin* busIne « man hud
nothing to tat in c ihi int his vote for
bim, while tin- duty of thc wo.kingm.vn
ttiis clonr-"the .iindiilatt- WIS otic of their
own number. They hIu.uI.i not bs influenced by the onxtoy of t' o old party
Hjieakers, who woti'd lie im1 o ted to address th- in, and w th an e'o aent. enl>
gism on t It nuiit**. of the candidate, the
.•.jsxikc-r dosed,
II. M. Cniwlcy mis cal'e.l nn, but owinti
to tlie Ititeno-H nf the liiun* dec ine I to
H|s-nk, ..It-ev.md n foiv wotdl in pru Ke of
tl.e    ,.iiui.tl uie,  the  'man    wiih  a  plat-
t '.I||-*;| I'Kl.t
Kndeavor t<
Tuiwdny night the Trail opera houie
...» onld, but the crowd   n.sidc t wus uul.
While tin-' matting luul not U«u udveu-u**.*
aid a- well ua it might hue lien, .. gissl
......I audianoa lui.i ussmblsd wotn Uu.*
liuMslat.d coiitingeut arrived ut 8:30.
Aluxaimlur lick wus exisvled tu deliver
.Ju* pr.iu-tM.1 addreai, in tu t it wis to
hare las'li hi.-, il.-1.lll as a eiuni uiicnt-T in
ilu* interest., ol tlie In iepei.dent Uihnr
candidate. Unfortunatey h- tciiH coin-
l*.*llt*d to return to Roi land ou u bum-
ness ili-.il uf iu.gui t- u e, ..ud hi* place
ti...I  to lie  tiled  bt   other S. e.ik-is.
II. F. .It'liy p cil. .1, and in u s u I ud*
lirca  iuti.sliu.il   lhe    tiiM    speak,*.,  Mi.
Jamil De,  ner tar) of tie tndapand
enl l.ibur IVcti  cm aign cunt . i   ce.
SUP, Divine auitl lhal ne did nut come
to    Trail   to   tipiK.il   to  the   piuialolis  and
prejudice! nf rju- eleotcas,  but  to u.eir
.-t.u.muu wins*  anil  juilgllliuit      Thit  |.-ti.,.i*    luiirll
party was oon&poasd ol thinking uu-n, ami elation
ilicir platform was one which upis-alcd u.
i....sou and in*, to lu-itjuiiiis.*. I'lcctors who
-acre imt metnbeta ut tin- lailsu* imi-ty
weit nui acquainted with thaTr own needs
(mr with the quotums mod alio. I.uu
them, .t study ut the platform nl tin*
patty ivttultt i-u!iv:iiie any l-u.uiuu.ble mun
oi  the juMiic ot the demand! oi lain..*,
aud would also cuuvuice him that there
.aai t...thing to be jiopcd for liiun eiUit-r
m   the  old   party   candid..*,   who,   as  it   „
happened, wan both lawyer*.  The Musk-' ligiou, I.
er I.nelly  loilt'hi-tl  upon wen]  planks of [secretary
tin* platform, spoke nf ths aril ..t pn-m-ui'
attending th* introduction ui   neiv   ma*  |,„,|, D.D., haa taken an active part m so-
iliiniiy. iur at  pmsent   tin uuiiuuiiy ! eiirinu co-operation of tho chimin-** in tha
l...i tl..* product v.* v In* of tin- m n di**: ,-, .,,,,    \ businem masting wai held
planed, nud tin- product of tne machine | this afternoon. Tonight Governor Him*
went io clinch tin- few, in*ie.-l of t'e x,-li will preside al a public meeting, at
wholi community, Legislation ahould be I which itUrasaea mil be delivei*ed i.y Kev.
duvctcd toiiaid, sccurin*- Iur the couiinu- Dr. Tipple nf St. .latin*. M. B. church,
inly the benefits derive.I ii.im the intm- New York Cily. and liev. Clarence A.
tlu.tioii  ,.f  labor .saving  iiiiiohiue.y.     F). | Uul *,.  lin., ,,i   Kike Avenue Baptist
■lad ..i .-nt mi to the iwaat -'mi- uf il.c church, Rochester.
'■*.*!. and isiid  I....t   this pn.viii.i*  -to.ui.l
I.. ie|.n-eni.-l iti parliament by bilmr men
lo  see  thnt   inch   condition*,   ehoidd  not
be bmught about here.
The speaker declared ti.at Oriental lm-
niiirratinn was Inatimd I.y Ihe ('. I". I!
I... iit*c «l pn-. in that isir|Hiratmn i.
making an .ximi:.,] profit of tv'l.i.i.n Irom
ii.   "Khali the i c ph* of Ca.ia.lu lm |mu
period to allow this company to awcii
i. profits?" Foley did nut repnwnt dam-
.g.-gue. nor aiuin-hi-.il, but wn. Oppoaad
lo the |Te*cnt .ysteni whioh brssda aa
•*.• l.i-ta. nml  millionaints.      Foley was a
Syracuse. Nuv. 13. An Important eon-
lenliini in llu* Internet* "1 c'nuivli icilei--
ntii.n began a ino days' neaaion bare to*
lay. The eiivenii.ui i* llu* re.ult nt notion
by the Congregational state Aaeo
t Neit* York, which appointed a
committee to confer with other t-sbgioui
i....lu** **iu an endeavor to meura the lor-
iiititiuu nf a federal alliance ol ilu- evangelical launches iu New Yurk with n view
tu the promotion ol mora complete enmity
inul co-operation in the common work ol
the churches. The Bapthl State A>wo-
ciatiuii   appointed  a  committae fnr t'ne
-anie    plirpue.     lake    action     Waa    taken
bi   Mctluslit. Kpiacopal conferences,   an.l
also   b.v   Prcrtltytei nn     ami   licfunnctl   1*0*
islie*.  in   Neic   York   -tate.'     I hint   tin- national committee mi
federation   ot   chimin**, liev. K. II. Sim-
Oner in lie Appointed.
Toronto, Nuv. Kl. It .. stated in military cit-dee here ih.it Colonel Otter .- to
be Appointed commandant of the Royal
Military College,  Klntpilon, tu  succession
to Colonel Kit-ui. iti-itii hi. ii-turn frnm
-■-in'ii Anna. The rumor, however, has
im official  ...tl ti.
For Fine Watches,
Jewelry, Etc.. Go to
Net io Postoffice.
Jeweler and Optician.
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and See Our Stock. It Is the Largest and Best in the City and
the Prices Are Very Reasonable.
Formerly Turl It,change.
CU 1.1 Mill.   Alt:.
Best Meals in Town 35 Cents
flRS. I . nOKH, Proprietor.,.,.
: Rossland Hotel I
Fine Whiskies and
. Imported Cigars .
; Jerry Spellman, Proprietor j
a •
Cur. Spokane ami Columbia Ave.
i in.iu  Buffering Frnm PoUon.
Toronto,    Nor,     13.   Kev.    Hammond
....... of modnitr view., and would favor  Qraeme, wlm ma extra curate at St. Mar*
lc*.-wlatinn in llic interests ot every daarfIgarat'i Anglican church, this .iiy, tins
instead uf lie .un-c'a*. lie asked tl-el..-, f.s.n.l ... I..* toon, al .VI Kensington nve*
tors to judge ihe three candidates ..n Mi a   nos,   lata tc.tor.lat   afternoon   luffering
merit, and n.te l..r tlw une wluoli woulil
beax represent them.
I!u|- it Ituliner wits next introduced nnd
aaid that he uws put a i-nl.li. s|ieaker.
but a workingman. tie 'nail tvnrked nil
day ... the -Icwie shaft, nnd fnr the am
resiwn that he wna »|*e»kmg .., that meeting, to belter I.is condition, lie pointed
out where the |<r-i-M*nt system was wrong
in Ihat it was rapidly cresting two claaw*
in 1 an.vl.1 the ri-Ai and tlie poor. The
... I. emidnyed thc Uwtci-*, lawyer, were
lhe old |*artr .-ni.d.dat.-,. and it e.ther ol
l-hem -acre elc, tel it would mean thnt thc
■nember fmm \ale< \inls.. t\..ul.| re[*w*
«em lu. own Uttcrcst**-*, which waa the in
lere«t of the smithy, who eni|doye-l
them. (Ine grent ISSSOB why the world-
idinuld vote for tl.e 1-ab.n- mndidnlr was
llwl if lalmr tni.il.li* .hmdd occur in tin.
<l.-tiut. Yn'ex. a pituli.-al mining mall.
iindi-r.tnn.ting    tl.e    .|ui-Mi..n    fnun    tlie
standpoint ..f th.- saaaoytr ss well n.
Irom thai of the laborer, woukl I.. .Lhal ..nee l» do much to bring ahnut a set-
Ihmei.t. while either ol the other candidate*, if elected wnukl be n-lc. t.> labor,
ll not ..p|Han| to It* aide of the rarr
A mr*l itn|*Tt.ii.( ipn-tion to Ittinsn IV.
jtmihia ear Ihat nf Oriental mmmrrali.ai
Tins province ahould send independent
reprmcnt.itne. to (Hlaw. to |s-« thia
ips-t.on tilth tlie gorstUIUSnt, and to
hi the (overnment underaland Uni •'
lhe m.htw trf the elector* wss not nwt
in tni, n.att.r it ...uhl n-t ct|»it the support o| a reptvwmlatite from llr.tish (V*.
lumlna. The old patty metlu.l nf M-itling
lalmr dw|site« «w. I.y nr* uf tl.e mihtarv.
Tlw way ..f settltna th.w di|.it.-. advo-
iate.1 I.y Ihe l^lmr |wiv >., by artnlnt
linn. I.gielal.'.n "I1..11I.I be dn—- ted In
Ihat end If t'ne clcilon. an- dsmati-fi.-l
with existing Conditions they 'htsihl e\
!"■» Iheir •lla.atwfiH'lion by toliin
scatnil Uie giit.mmcnt mndidalc. and
then the (oternment smild at nn.-c «.-k
1*. iiii|*r..te mndition*. A v.»ic for Foley
wdl Ir a rebuke whi. h will be felt.
.lame* Wilks.  |—-sub-nt .rf the Ihslrsi
•Aamciatn.n,   W.   h.   M,   wn.   t'ne   next
speaker, and sn;,l thai it Iuid been claimed Ihat   Foley's candidacy wan not j.i«t.
hed.   a.   lie   w.ml.l.   if   ,|,st,,|.   n-|*o*%-nt
the   inlemts   of   the   Inlsw   rUm   alnne.
T'he   .|s,k>!   sl,„ti,*l   .learly  that   this  s.
n.a a .Im. Sniggle, that I'm- l-almr party
did  n..t   «-**k  lo array one  clan, .c-intat
Ibe .-.Iht, a. had  lieen cl.iime.| Ity lt,,th
the old  PSrtf   -irakcr.     No .*)«» toi.lli.t
was  wmte.1.     In  mich  a   Mnig.lo l.ls.
»t«*d,| .ullii  most.   The ..bl jstrty candi*
ilaLea   Im.J   i...tln..*c   to   nssmilnend   tls-m
lievond   toe   fait   th.t   i.n*   »a»   a  don*
wrvat.te and  one wa. n  Inderal    Th.lv
wa. nu diflerrm-e Iwiween Ihe »l.| part in.
on «nv im|.wtant  .pirpt.on; on the tmwt
imtH.rlnnt   qiw*t...n   of  Ch.n.*^»  i-mmi-crn*
(ton   them  wim »mlv  a  .liUcnm-—  of 930
in   Ilm   bend   la,.    Cndir   |*n^tnt   condi
lion* ....tl.... Is'tween  lals.r and capital
runstantly ..-. ur,  in  which  Ine nnn combatant   the   l.usin-rw.   man   suffer,   u.u.t.
In these t.tntlitls Is.th tsul.e. (o the di*
pule*, .rek lo pn.mote their own inleri-M.
leeanlle-w, >>f tl.e interests nf the oommn
nttv     An   arlntrati.,1   law   would   ""nis-l
both   ide.   tn   promote   the  gencrd   .ood
at   the   cntnmirnty.   lla.1   we   tunl   mun
a law a settlement of thc e g tJs.nr troll*
nie    s-s. -.    nave    Is* n    ! i-U.xsi     a. lot.it:
Inn. to tbe Insunes. j-.terea!.. Ilie Inde-
ptautn.   i-fli. r   piity   .a u .tote   is   :<tie
only .*ie whirl, -l.in.ls |.!.-bi<d to su|.port
. rotn ■',! n.y arbitia 1, n in *.-ire I.m >r
.hmdd   Is    nl'llt Pt.ti'l   l.   larlanent.    N*
Ul.ir member ha.1 ever bnuigin di. ie lit
on   h.in-w-ll   or   his   c.nn.iViriit
either fr.nn panUyaia <u ..-.nits of poison.
A*,  a  I.lie hour last  night  he wa. .till in a
condition   of   -tu.s.i* ami   noii*panlyidi.
and nothing could I*.* learned   a* to t'ne
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second near Washington.
V. & N.Thone 68.
Cartul hitter
lo.-.iu.nnd Ha. a Majority of Four.
Mm..ut...  (Int..   N-.v.   tt    r..r.e.its|  ie
turn- mt.*   llnsaimsul.   Conservative,   a
majority of only four instead tit' IVS votes
a. n*tsirtisl Wislni-aslay la.t, over Culd-
well. Libera], Official conn) takes place
tomorrow. A recount will likely in- a-kt-l
Pork   Pinu   Assigns.
Montival.   Nov.   18,    A. S.  and   W.   II.
Masleltuan.   one  ol   the  ohle-t   [*.u U   paek
inn lirina. nf this city. Ita* as*!i:iusl. lial.il-
it..*. aie i.1.1...I at between ll.*,i.i,!i nu.l
,-....■■. They l...u*;lii extsnaivsly in
Ku-tctii   and   tVSStSrn   llntaiut.
Westers  Men 1...1.1.
Hi- Kii.|.;..io* to Ij
\V.tv   ol     Help.ng
It   Cp   Mnlll-l.
sutkes     a     ityliah     garment,
Th! cutting and fitting are
quite !! lsiportant as lue ma-
terial. IJ
Uet your clothes made ber*
snd .11 three itemi will be
til right.
Our price! are not too high
lor you, but they'i just high
enough to insure you be belt
workmanship   and   material.
Taylor & Mr.Qunrrie,
P. 0. Box 3. 18 COLOMBIA AVE
tt* .* toe. ton St.
John   Hay-c,   1'ruprietor.
Al *    TllK   1*1  ■■■ •    ■!** OF  TH.  M .vis.
*- •   •	
yeaEwaat a Cube   - ---  anil you w.nt
lie    la -1-       . -l-l.   .1"      'IV o.ll
Union Clews
Hot and Cold Lunches
 • ,— '-s-lK—V—! • •  •  --■'■f-'-!-l-»******V
A. KI.OCKMAN, Proprietor. $
UIUN CA5SAUY. *iutt..*nir,ii M.n.fcr. CHOI'. IlkliVI IS. rtu.lc.l lil.r.l.,, «     Z
For the Week Beginning Monday, Nov. 12.
First Appe.eruc^.nth.sCt,    J  j|.      ||      i
Clin-,. Reese's Comedy Cyclone    11 UUU   UU   IU
ALSO I l.l.ll   O'BltlliN'S niHTII PD0V0KBR1
O'Brien,   Jenn'ng.t  snd   O'llrle.,,   Reese  and Swan, The Fairbanks
II..is., M nnle Jerninr,   Ihc Kramers and Pearl and Casildy.
.'♦at-*?-. si.i-.S-v.--f-
-J-J-'-iNi *■ -S-*****.-.^*-!***^ *■'
G. W. HcBride,
Hardware, Miners'
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
,l******+*****************9 tttttttttfft-ttttttttt tj_,
Tlie Mai* lo gel Ihe Best Me ol in the Cily
Ftos.pl -" i' i.r
M.-nl. 25 Cents and Up. *
"I always hate t-iinfulfiice in |ssi]d.'
al... -ate a little immel onl •! tl.e.r
-.Jaries," wud a pnmiinent W'.-stern mer-
.-'r.M.it. "and 1 dn what I cau to ancour-
.at' habits t.l thr.lt. 1 ci..|dny about TB
.Jerks in my e*t,U>1ishuu-ut, to whom I
pit w.-oUy sal.ilies laiik-inn i'n.Ill llll tu
Wl. Nslurslly euuugli, mure ..I *T*.iaui
get lln- (.inner lhan llu- latter ..mount.
Imt t'liei ale none the less tvort'uy mi that
a. . ..lint
"in the beginning when l amph^rsd
..nit two peonlt, I iniii j-retty cloos t"
them and I knew how Ihriftle— they
.-mild   Is-  when   they  were  nut  sncoimg*
t.l   to   do   ollietw.se.      I   ',\u\r     iliseh.trjcisl
m>*rc clerk* fur tlmt Soil *>f tlui.s than
(ur any uther cause. They s|s'itt their
-. .ties, large ur, small as miiiht be. m a
te.kl.-M la-ln-i. slid let debt itcciuiiulat"
OUitl legl.l.lh— of the right! of ' ivdttois.
A- my bnainM in. iv.i-.-'l. .....I with it my | '
profit*  and   I..1    I... f  psoptt,   I   luitliu
to if.te tl.e mallei* iii..te *lt|.|t, and 111 III.*
end.  wl   I  lelt  able lo bl 01 material IU«-
-iiaiiic iii t uauntic thrill and honesty
I pn.|seusl a tearlv ISUOghltlon to th.s.-
who w.mld save s,,mcthi..|C nut ot their
-alatie. It WSS -mall nl BlSt, hut WSS -i
■ ur.e~.iul lhal l.sl.iv I Haven't a clerk
wl... Im. iml -nm' kind nt a bank account,
and iml .un* -.-ho mllully i-cfimcs lo pny
hi. delii.. When we «el a new who nlu-i-
lo t.ke advantage .>i tha opporluniti** ..i
lonle.l tte lei bim go al the end ..1 tin*
lust yaai
lh plan i> in tloultle tin- -.itiiiip. of
all clerks who nseive IIU. III! and tlfi a
wiek. Iti add 23 |aer .rill to all »*... It
..ne Imm IM to *■.*.-! ind HI |s*r .ent l..r
thnsc OVir I'i*..    A  Hcrk  nn  II.". a   week
..r  ler cannot  -ate miiih. lull  a* a nile
that elan ol clerks have .... one I.. main
tain but themselves, and if nne CSnnol
sin* more than Iii nut nl In- ten * lalior.
.1 .• rather pleasant for him to irH *'.'.".
i'ear prolit Tu....* win. rocstvs the la.ger
amounts usually  have families  and  their
raving! an- imi large, but whatevi*! they
are Ihev f.mtfol tilbly InCNSSSd. Hue nf
mv 11.3111 a tear elerlw. wilh a tril.* sn.l
Iwo small elilltllen. s,usl IHNI last (WU*,
and m t. heck tor IITO nd.lition.il tins de-
|smiled to his',i>mint the day ..Hit New
\ ear.    A  yotmg tt*olnali  in hiiiye '•!  ■'  ol
partmsnt al won a yaai i.n* almost i_id
fur n  nice little collage    ill    the sul.itil^
l.oiiii.lt.* Tnlon 1.,1-elCll.r.- U K'orde
Vcnola. La Flor rfe Cul.s.  Kl  Colonial
I.n ort-'l'i.'-.i. I'm.a. Label Ci|[ar«: Lar-  ^,
range. Kl Corona. Af. lim. Uude,, C"..lelei   ^
; I The Queen Cigar Store
< '.a. ■>**! *i+4m*4aya*\A^)*AmA*AAAAA*
CROW )t Miik.IS. Prop..
Cululutiia At-ei ue.
Porcelain Baths
Brldgford & Herring,
aa Cbhimhtn Avr , next tu I.nlomlf'»
The Collins.
I urnlihf. lh. Ilr.l  Ili.nJa ol
Winks, Liyi'OR.s and Cigars
! Nr.il.  (urnl.hed room. In connedon h-Mtcd
with hot .Ir
I PATTEH.10N « Co..   1'r.p... Wa.hln-lon SI
Windsor Hotel
First Class Accommodation
Pricks   Modkratk.
W. G. Merrymathe, Prop.
Make, a sp-Klatty ol
Columbia   Avanur
Cunningham & McDowell. Props.
Your   Photographers        nt
Donotliiug but the \'ery Best Work Every Time
Wc carry a large line of
at Eastern List Prices.
...ut of her extra, an.l *o Ihe li-l mn-
"*'■*'"   through   ot.TV  In nm h  nl   the liu-int-.
hmith   hud   la- n   ei-sted.   lie  shioid  not  puke it a condition that all etim-nt nhli-
Ite s.-nt lo (utatm ta. larttle au.*s*i hand id .1 gatlOM  nnmt   be  met  at  the end "f  llu-
l-oh-t -I.......I iMi.imi.ili! hint    Ik. Ii old I ai     vial,   su  that   I'm*  -..linns an*  ael nal    lift
lien      .•M-o-c      in. oil., i.i       nwnelwlp I |,i..lit.    Kven   uar -ome of the clerks an-
of      railttwr*.      thocgh      the      l-ibemV i nlitlc.1 to sny extra, but    .1    this ll
adr.nc-     a     gr.-at     ar-nn. ,t     in     It,I'he r.-ult of sicki..-* I assume a pari nr
tavur Wmttt  tint*  punt   t,. th*  *...*,   bJ|*£ ol
ninninii of the lattfiolonlll.    In idrocsl
SOOWthlni  fm   mc  to do  thi". and   1
inm under nn ..bligalion to do it, ami y.tu
mg gomni-nim-nl owners'..,-, lab.r is no! an   ' '       „      ,,.,,„ ,,,„ i„.„,    , i.,„   ,,t
,.   ,,   ,,    .r                        ,  are rncht.    Hut   I have tin* I.'-I
enemv   .rf   I'e   f   l>   11.    rue interest, nf     , _   ",.   ,, :,,.   .„,|
tlw cniiitrt an- Npariot to t e 'nlerests
o," that istrj..ration, .ml Imt res', ol
Hn countrj' il maul d gtlI time .t ownership nf tnat grmt m.-'Wiv. .nd ll.e i! it-
n.i uot fol  diclant wiuii it wo   d be !.
I.rk. ... ll.e iilv. and n. a  result   I   nave
(rat Diy do* (o ..LM
Gent's Furntshinj}; Department.
New Clothing: Shoes, Shoes.
All-Wool   Serge  and   Wor.ted   euit*    In
Naw lllue,  11 lack and Allied, fl  tn
gai.OO. All-Wool Tweed suit*, nobby
psltswis, $19.00 to I."i .«i Oood Knock-
sb*ut Tweed suit!, tS.UO tn 910M. All-
Wool I'anta, fi ni to gSJO. Working
1'snU, ll.uo to r-'-O'-
New Overcoats
I. Whipcord T»g,,la, Meltooi aod
Uesven, $10.90, $13.90,  $14.00, $10.00.
Men'i Ribbed Cotton, per euit $1.00.
Men'* Kibhed Wool, ier .mt $1.00.
Men'. Ueavy Wool, per iuit $1.90.
Men'e Tan and Htriped, per euit $1.90.
gS.OO. Men's Wool l-'leeccd, per suit,
We are selling men'e ihoee below
Men'i Split l.r.ther Shoes, $1 to $1.
Men's Omlned Leather Shoe* $1_0, $1
$1.79. Men'e Orsined Nailed Mm
$3.00, $3 90. Man's Oil drained Mai
.Shoes, 1300. Hss Walking Sho
from $1.00 up.
Hats, Hats.
Men". Fadora Hals. $1 "*' to $1.00. Me
.iuaiio Hats, f200 to $3.90.   Men'i Si
i    ilu*. $2.00 lo t3 .Mi.     Stetsoo'i 11a
BJ.00.     All ,tyles.
Men'i Nivy   Blue,
to «J.0O.
to   S3 SO.
l-.-in.v     Ml.ed,     11 "I
Sell IVilors, fancy Dollar* and Wn*
$3M to $300.
I_vl si..*>■ *n.l llo„ol lh, Ro.d-Ov.r.ll, »«l
Jumper* .1 cost.
4*i**t*t*4494*99*9999t499******************9 »
Asrnew <& Co.,
the 1.-st dan of enst.....' in thi city
I lines. I dn't lose on.mull 1. tit  to nece* I
itale iiii a-mninenl at  an iinly .late." and |
Ihe   tner.l.a.,1   -liuled   Will,   n I erf . vulent     tl\x^\AW^4fAf^A*^At*T>J*^
Choice Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Fruits, |
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery and Glassware.      j
Third and Washington. Telephone 19. \
;*******4*********** *H4**444*********+**+****


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