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Industrial World May 5, 1900

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Array •
VOL 1. NO.-H.
Devoted to the Inter, cits of Organised Lnbor.       EudorHed by the Trades and Labor Coijrioll,       Official Organ of District Union, No. 0, W. P. M
. ,"
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦> *>♦*'•♦
Hunter Bros. I
Make this place vour shopping centre.    Y u 11 find   j
nearly everything  in all clas.es' of mercha dine
; ■;;«>*>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦.
Thostoc   is cat chilly selected  and only sea9onaHe   \><\<' «
goods offered for sale.     ' ** * Sllloko
No finer prior., but the beat value lor
, ,4 , yonr mouey.    We handle only first class
s [lstBBBB.
W.F. McNeill,
___ — _._-aa.-- - - s
| HATS and CAPS!
♦ Wo have opened up tlio completion of
Spring Hats in tlie Latest Shapes.
Parrinpton'F, Sackvilc's and Warefuld's Best Styles
in Bia' k, Culn. Bay, Terra and Drab
at $_..r)0. $8.00 and $3 50
(iur Man*,' I .mu- of
Peldora'p. Cirsh. hit rn and Straw Goods
Art« ol the Newest Shapes and nre Worthy of Inspection, at
.50, ,7I», ?I -■'•. $1.50, S'-'-'-'i md I3.S0 In Boys' and
Youth's llntH. Caps, Laatbsr nnd Illuo Serge Tama our
Stock ia CompleU'.
,  ^^♦♦♦♦♦♦•M--f♦♦♦♦♦♦ »♦ »♦ f f f f
I! The Strand
The Most Klegnnt and Luxurious
Fitted Bur iu Onusds.
A Full Line of tb. I'h.iiceil
Liqueurs and Cigars
il'MPEY BROS.. The Furnishers::
.1 loroer Oolumbla Avenue and Bp. kaneS.ree'. •
ED. WATSON. I'roprietor.
Abjut Dispensing an I Drugs.
Dispensing of physicians presciiptinns in an Important
feature of our d:ug department und we take justifiable pride in
tin, I'liiiiienon nnd popularity it has aiiain.-.l. 'lhe phyaiaiaii
vi In. writes it pri'-eriplinii hu*. .-.-i lain Bpooillo result, ill mind
To insure tlie bent roHiiltsi and ho nid the physician in I.is efforts, we employ noun lull the best nnd expert dispouseis,
wl.ilg the drugs nnd chemicals used uro thu bent.
t|C. O. D.
cai Market
a I
• i
a i
• | Wsshingtnu Street
Ki.—lui .1.
Opposite Bunk of R. C.
those who favored the endorsement
of Mr. Curtis. A man need not
be a. workingwitn to bo n true
friend to btlior. Look at those
staunch friends of labor (ihul-
stouc Johnston, Cobdnn nud John
Bright. They had done moro for
and proved hh true friends to labor
an had Hums, lie highly com pi i,
nit'i.tt'd .Ins. W|,kes for suhordi-
nating pei-soiinl iutereets or am-
• bilious, to the general good of hi.
class. At another time we would
be able to go into the Held wills
Bro. Wilksasour t-tniidnrd liearer
with an libs, hn.* oertniiity of election. At this time wo would be
putting bim up to sacrifice him.
He did not hesitate to en.li.i-se Mr.
Curtis, when llie.issoi'iiiii'.l boards
of trade stood agitiust labor, Mr.
Curtis did not hesitate to pluce
hiinseli' in opposition to others of
his class, and defend the eight
hour law. wheu the mine nmnii-
iigeis attempted to take labor by
the throat, Mr. Curtis Hteppcd iu
aa the workers' champion. Any
man in his position who would
take tho stand hn did would never
prove un enemy to lit bor. If the
workers endorse \|r. ' llrtis, Mackintosh will not stand a ghost ol a
ghost of a shoiv. nnd on election
day he would Iw buried bo deep uu-
yerthe d*dtigit nf ballots that he
would never he board from again
politically. Curtis wool I hnve an
overwhelming majority.
Mr. McDonald, presidunt of the
i'.ir|..*nlers would vote for a labor
man, but would not -uppiut the
majority if it endorsed Curtis.
Did not liko Martin's platform. It
did not contain a plank for prohibition of liquor traffic. Meeting
had no el.nm ou him.
Mr. Ken is mt ...In id a resolution eudorsing Mr. Curtis nml
promising him tl.e support of o-g-
ani/-.1   labor ..f Ko—l.i in I.
This was opposed by Messrs.
Beamish, McLaren. McDonald and
111. li il.Is.in: A in dioil to adj..rn
waa defeated. A motion to put
Mr. Wilkea in nominal ion wits
luted    down   and    the  resolution
Labor Voices Ita Sentiments Tuesday Night.
The general meeting of organ!*
nod labor under the auspices of the
Trade* aud lailsir Council Tuesday night, went far to show a
gnat change in sentiment among
the workers io regard to the ex-
pedieoo*. of putting up a "traight
luhii** candidate, and by its decisive
aottiin settled tho vexed question.
The result was largely due tu the
gentleman wbo had every reason
to expeot to be the candidate named
by the unions, Jas. Wilks Mr.
Wilks showed that he could (or
the general good of the workers
make personal sacrifloen, and without question agree with tbe majority, aud uae Ills influence to
promote harmony ami good will.
There waa a great unanimity of
of opinion, and but a half dozen
were opposed to tbe action  taken.
The lirsi apeaker waa jaa. lie-
vino, of tbe Miners union. He did
uot think it would be poaaiblo for
the unionists to elect their man
with three men io the field, ami an
attempt to do so would only en
sure the election of Mr. Mackintosh who waa well kuowu Tor hia
hostility to labor.
Jaa. wilks followed and gave a
very careful review of the situ t-
t','ui. Uu said that iu his opiniou
it wan not advisable at this late
day to put np a candidate, nnd
strongly adviaod against it. Ile
had every confidence Uiat Mr.
Martin would do the right thing by
labor, and thai Hon. Smith Cuitis
would ever Ihi found on the eidc of
right nnd justice. He concluded
with a p'i'A for united notion ou
the part of the workers. In another yeur «r two the labor oarty
throughout Uie whulo proviuce
would be un.led on one plan of
action and would be in a position
to put candidates iu every constil-
u.-nt-v aud iu many instances elect
them.    At present   it   would   be I*" P*8**' b>   " ol,u"Ht   unaul
nothing short of of a calamitv  to
permit the election of a nutn op-
pi.s.*.! to labor, and ho did not
consider Mr. Mackintosh a friend.
Tlum. Beamish, of tho carpenters,
vtent over ground ofien  goue over!
in..us  vote.
Mr,   Wilkes  closed the me ting
with an eloquent plea for harmony.
Ho wautod everyone of his friends
to work for their candidate.    Tin*
.crowd leit after giving three cheers
• ii
T. R. Mon
In  Tl,'.si.
Cheap for Cash
*" Best wearing, Bestfitting and best looking
t*t«t** i4
In Meu'b, Women's and Children's
C. O. Lalonde
.*♦♦«. ♦•f-f'M
IMIMMMIM ♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦«»>
Lansing & Newman,
Successor to A. 0. FRY.
Having purchased the A C. Kry Slock ol (Irnceries, Ktc„ we w'*h to announce to our many friends, ss well as those of Mr. Fry's, that we are very
argely increseiiiK our .to. k, nul from this rimn forth will carry a much
wider variety of goods than the old firm. Ir fact you trill ... able lo -hlaui
all staple an.l lancy groceries from ui thn ounlic arlll i|.ih'klv discover tint
n*jr prices sre what Ihev '     . .-Is.iu.n :, ilis..lnt-ly gnarantsad
1'IU'iSil EOflH  IND l'"!'i .('[\IaTY.
V, & i*. relep_<..  .
• .136.'
St. i.surge's Ohurcb, on K.rl and
Kootenay ilreela. Service* at 8:.10 a.m
11a.m. and 7:30p.m. Sunday School
at 2:30 p.m.
Tbe Methudiat Church, Washington
street, Oeorce H. Morden, Psstor. 8er
vice* at 11 a m. and 7:30p.m. Sabbath
School and Bible Class al 8:30 p.m. Ko*
wi.rtl. l.e.gue oi C.E., Monday a( 8 f in.
he best table board io l> • had in
Ri ssbind Ib to be gut nt the Russell
ho,el.     Ilv -.*i ythi ng is   lirsi e ass in
every respect.    Prompt  and all en-
eti   service.
D. J. K.lin.-r,  a   prominent men-
beruf the Muyie Minoia I'm m will
||i  Wm. F.-ri>ie foe tb.  Icj-islu-
'lure   .n South    East    Knot.
•   opposed t ■    i,
•   <
before, and spoke of the meeting of
week before which had declared
for independent action. II.*
thought at Uiat time they took
the right course. Redid not think
il was now iiossible to elect a labor
.'.nd late Would not endorse
Curtis; urns wus a personal frieud
uf hia. hut he cousidered him an
enemy to labor. Curtis waa aj
lawyer. Lawyer*, were tbe vultures of human society. Martin
was a friend to lab .r, hut needed
several iudepeud. nt labor men in
tbe II..us.* to keep the reins tightly drawn ou him. He would have
to be held closely, or ho would
break away and refuse to carry
out his platform.
Mackintosh the worst enemy to
labor in Canada.
Mr. Jellie, of Trail, aaid tbat
Trail workers were waiting to nee
what action Honda ml would take in
the ii alter. They were all satisfied w th Mr. Curtl-, but were
watting on their brothers here.
If an indepeudeut candidate was
run, many ol tlitun would supp .rt
him. but must of them .v.uul be
inclined to stay with Curtis,
Mr. Ferris, of tho oarpootsrs,
.said bo would like to seo Curtis
endoraed.   Those   who   advocated
and a tiger for Mr. Wilke-t.
Jams, preserves aud marmalades
aro specialties at Paulson Bros,
this week.
Manager Cronin of the St En*
goue mine, Moyie. complains uf the
scarcity of in neb ino men in thai
camp, ami says that several good
men can secure positions I lien*.
Nelson liberals have decidisl not
to run a candidate in thai ruling,
as by so doing tbey would split (he
opposition to tho c mscrvntive-
miiie-owners' association enu.lnl.itc'
Frank Fletcher.
Win. Willan recording Secretary
of tho Rosslnnd Miners union, left
III considered Wednesday night for Fast Koote-
HHy. where ho expects to spend the
summer pnm|iectiug for thu precious.
A. F. Lidtke, n Spokane journeyman bnker, was nrresled for
posting boycott stickers, uml asking union men nol to patronize
scab bakeries. Ho was lined to
and costs.
Robert Barr has completely refitted his Washington street store,
and now has a ""• nplete refresh*
ment parlor running. Everything
cool nnd refreshing for y..u au,'.
your lu'st girl.
putting a candid it < ill It • 11 -..I
were unknowingly doing nil thev
could fo. Maoklntosti
cit.     i . ■ -    .,
Tho By-law providing for nn
issue of 125,000 of rtossla.nl debenture fol building <i new Mr" hull
Bull   libi
! MBBting. -
Iaocil aud General Notes.
5 cut beer goes.
Rend Mi'(ioui_lc\s new ml.
Always demand lhe label.
Bead Paulson Bros, new AA
Don't for*-.*! Sundity's bail gain".
Trades Cmncil meeting Tuesday
Nelson now has u t,lumbers,
Ivunk Haly left for Cape Nome
Monthly uighu
Demand Ihe Dillon lab -Inn every
thing you buy.
Hon. C. H. Maekint .-li will
reach Kossland tomorrow.
Several !{..—land miners left   fir
West Australia ihi* week.
Thu Rossland Bane Kail bjatn
will play the .Vol-uin team al .Nelson on May Id.
Xinty-live miners, were killed iu
au explosion in a coal mine ul I'til-
ton, I'tib, Tuesday.
List Saturday night tho lo-itl
Carpenters uuion   trirad tl".. to
the I Klatva lire suHerei-.
C-rtifi-ntes of health nm still
required of person- rourng into
lhe province I'roin Ka*piib'ii*.
The inmates of lhe h-i.Hus of ill-
f.nni-on Line .In slivel   have   I i
notified that they mii-t  leave   thai
neighborhood by July I.
Jas. Wilks, lofl for Nelson W,*,|-
nestlay evening. lie expects sunn
to tuke it trip through the Slm-an,
and north in fur as  Revelstoke.
Cooks and Waiters I ni.ui has
Issr-n making big gains bitelv. Sa'v-
oral hotels have been u.iiuii/.-d,
und they   have several iip|il..*alioi.s
for Initiation,
It has Ibm'h sitid Hint the l.:irl...|-s
.'an skin the printers. No doubt.
But they will uevr   do   it   OU   the
diamond,   ihey wait till the*/ gel
them into ii idiiiir.
Ed. I'liinstvoilh, wlu.WHv leeeiil-
ly  burned   out   iu the   Lansing   iSi
' ' ee.
n   -,i
Everything Wenl Mis Way—Oppo- ..
nents   Full   Down.
iSUiiiding room was at n premiiiiT
Monday night nl the I-remiei*/
meeting, uml niiny warn turned
itwuy from the Miners' I'nion hall.
unable lo gain   lltllllittlllll'c.
Ohrls. Foley was iu the chair,
and iu a short address introduced
Mr. Mid tin, who s*ioko for about
two hours. 1'a.it, of the timi) was
taken up in explaining and def.nli)-
liis position ami m-.tious during tho
pnst year. The nmlienre seenusl
satisfied with them. When he
came to speak of his platform, and
i-ompnri'it with that of his Oppo*
neuts, he had the crowd wilh him,
nud it was evident that In* ha I
uuiiiy friends und supporter- in lhe
large audience. Titos. FUTatSr, lain
speaker of thu House attempted I |
reply, as did J. M. Martin, hut they
were not aide to mnke any impression on the assembled ol- clors
A disinterested observer cannot
but seo that Mr. Mat tin ina.lu
many friends lor himself nud his
pnrty, which h.lfl been evidenced
by an almust complete change iu
poblio opinion tu bis side of lhe
Hon.   Smith   Curtis,   also    id
dressed    the   meeting,   und   add ' I
largely to the good   impression   ho
had already uiado  at his   meeting
the uck before. •i tir.   iM.u;ri:iAi.
i m.i   inw*aii
tver..-i.v I'luiiiis.
fillalislltd it me Mliietf Cnl.aa. l.nli. gcaalind,
in ll|cl»l.rt:Stofiiruaiill«l llUaor in Driliih
Colli inliia,
*"tltetc.l Bt thB  flu-slnni', n. C .   loslolht-c    Co
irBtisniisiiiiB Ittroui'l. tl.e tiuiils. Nov. 1./.0,
i,.. -it  :i.11 :;>* in ui i
an* sent in to lh*a4PU.H'l.e\i'*» iunUorl-
intcly after the election, and in a
few iluyH the result is announced
by the canvassing board, ant? tabulated rel urns of the whole vote of
the 400 unions sent out to the
membership. The only expense
attached to the elections is that of
printing and distributing ballots
nnd n turns. When the system
lifts pr. ve I so sneers ful with this
great Inlm. organization, it shows
that it could be npplied very
cheaply nud easily  |o the   legis-
A. 0. Tim**.' Hi'*, K-lllor »nil Manage. | lotion of this province,
Office It Miners' I'nion Hall.
t'ayalile luvmltilily in Ail .-once.
,'ine year I» »
hi. .Hilllllll   I *5
Three Mntilha	
Aalalress ull' .„,,',i ,.,'.,  1 ■ lhe Intltistriiil
Worlal, I'oslolTice Box HA Kotslarol. B. C,
The Industrial Wot 1.1 la for sail in HaaatBltd In
fhe HnsiRii ti|ir Klu.c; Si.n|.vi..'a Ncwi Stniid
11. B. Wallace's slattmiery .lore; I'ost ntli. ,■
News Sl.tiil, 1.mt nt in-, , Stationery Mm
parr's Cigar slot- and t.y acwilaiys.
The World  has lawn    severely
orltiolsed recently for the stand 't
has taken in the present campaign.
These criticisms nre, we believe,
unjust. The World is not paitizun.
[t Stands for |liuolplns and men,
not for party. It Btnnds for men
who, if elecietl, will advance labor
inlcrests, without regard lo their
political tifliliiitioas, In Koss'an 1
riding it will support tbe candidate
endorsee! by labor, who, as it happens, is a liberal, but who is at the
i-anie time no less a labor man. In
Nelson John Houston will I.e sup-
p ib (1. Ho is a conservative, but
has always been true io tbe cutis,
of the toiler, while his opponent
Stands ns a representi.tive of everything Inbor is opposed to. In
the Slocnu it henrlilly support, lhe
candidacy of Robert Green, who is
well known for his friendship to
labor, nnd it could bb justly considered a calamity il he should be
defeated and give place to his con-
rcauuied at once During the
month past perhaps two hundred
men hnve been put to work, pud
now it is given out thnt several of
the mines will not ho in a position
to be worked extensively fur a
couple of month*.. The suspicion
is rapidly growing inf) positive belief that the mine, uiyqnrg tried
to fm eo the ui'iiei's into a long ami
costly labor war at a time when
they did nut wish to operate their
properties, and allow the workers
to e.luinsi tliemseleya in a useless
struggle, and thus  "break"  them.
WOP.i.l>i    May ft,    It'uo
■ .      . " anas-'i i-i*iawiw*a~-at
The sentiment iu favor of gov-
erumeut ownership of railroads is
growing no rapidly from one end of
Canada to the other, nnd the de
ma ml for it is growing so si mug
thul it cau uo longer be ignored by
any political party. If cither of
old parties refuse to heed this de*
mini.I and make preparations for
the change so soon to oome, it may
expect to be t-w pt from the field
and soon cense to be a factor in
in Cauadian polities. This change
in sentiment baa been brought
;il.out bv steady, persistent agitation ou the pail of lhe labor
All checks may be lun.le payable In
lhe Manager*
Thoie who desire a chance  in thrir
advertisement shoti'd hiya lhe copy lor
tha same at Ibis office not later then j aervBtive-iuiue owners' ausociation
the evening helore publication day.        | opponent.     Mr.  Green   is  a con.
-rr-Bt""*       In   Revel-toke tl.tr*
will be a fusion of forces opposed
1 lo tbe anli labor cousin vntive can-
—————— .   - —    didate.   Tha labor pontic a tttha
The World cannot but believe liberals have agreed to unite ou a
(bat under tho peculiar tdrcuui. oaiididatu, who will probably baa
p-tanoea now orevalliug tne general liberal rhls caudldata will re-
mecting of organised lab«held oatve the World's support. In
Tuesday night, looked ut tin* *)«es | South Falsi KooUuiny a working
tion of running an independent miner, Mr. Elmer, will be a cancan.lidnto in tbe right light, nud ' did ate. The Worls dues not know
tbat the proper action was taken, I what bis party affiliatioua are
Bad we congratulate tbe members Tho World'a course has been aud
(.f the la'sir organi-uttions of Ross- and will be consiblout.
land on the   wisdom   of   their de- -    " ■     I
eision. and on their tee-ignition oi I *p|l(, Invasion of Briti-h Coliim-
the lact that by graspil g for more bin bv the yellow phigiie eoiitinues,
nt this time lliey wo-ibl run a very aud every week sees hundred* of
great risk nf   losing all  they now tho degmded  foreigners lauded on
hnve.     Now  Mint  a decision   I.a- ,„u „(, -.    Are the dominion and
been reached, all personal feeling i imperial governments to ignore the
aid prejudice should disappear, I (bniunds of the workirs of this
the pleas for harmony should pre- province for justice until they are
vail, and with united Strength J compelled to adopt violent in.-.i-
nnd efforts laltor should work to ,„,.* •<, rigl,t their owu wrongs?
Bcctire Ibe election of the cand date i Are the powers that be to refuse
sjndor-ted by the meeting. Every-; tho province proteetion from the
oue Inking pnrt iu the meeting! Oriental roourgo until an estrange*
should remember that they un\ „,,.„( between province, domiuinn
lit-hl by the most binding uf all >•!.- Hnd mother country ia  caused, uf.
Chan. Wilson, the man who
thought be was the leader of the
conaervalive party in this proviuce,
has declared that it is entirely
f.sihil.ln for the province to build
and operate tbe V. V, _ E. railroad, and that if he ia returned to
power ho will pnseeed at once to
couslriiut the road, which is pnic-
tloslly ths one proposed by Premier
Martin. Another mau baa read
the handwriting ou the wall. Gov.
cr.iiii.'i.t   owuersbip    must   come.
The opinion ia frequeully ex
pressed thnt Miickintoeh will withdraw from tlie contest, aud thai
bis so pp... t will bu thr* wu to some
Strong Colleiiite   Who   will   appeal
on the scene iii a f. w days. The
cry ia mw "anything tu beat Smith
The Mackintosh crowd is getting
di .uni aged. His push now realise
that the tide of public neitliiceut
in rapidly rising aguiuHl them and
their candidate, ami that Hon. Mr.
Ma.'kiiiiosh will Is* swept into political  oblivion  next  mouth.
Don't forget tbe baseball game
at lhe park tomorrow, between the
priutei-s aud barber.. Tho pro-
ee.ils w.ll go to the relief of the
(.(taw a fire sufferers.
ligations which they Utcitly at-
sume when tbey, enter any caucus,
to support the decision of the majority, uo matter what  it may Im-;
ter which it may take years to
bring them together again. Are
uur requests to go unheeded until
possibly it  rupture   occurs which
they arc in honor bound t-do SO,l may Dsver ba healed? Dominion
and if they ilo not (hero lire no' l(m| imperiul authorities [should
wnrda iu the English language mif-! gee if tbey nre justified in Inking
liciently st,n.ug to describe iheir this risk? If it will pay them to
treason, see the present ern of good feeling
rudely broken for the friendship of
any nlher raen or nation?
A i;.)*s'antl workiugmau told the
World yesterday tbat ho believe.
Mackintosh will lie elected.
Wouldn't Ihnl bulge you I
imil ii   -Mini on
>m*H»nmi'H t »t«vrntM'»
Hull- Smith ('urns' Reply to l|,l ,\'llnU
ul the I'nions
Ths   following letter wn given  by I
Hun. Smith Ourlii, iu reply  f ■ the action of the unit-ill labor utiioni, ou their
Bering hirp llielr eudor*atiqp Tuesday
To ibe members ol tha Rossls/ii Trade*
(I,lined and affiliated Unions |
(leiiileint.il: I have put learned ol
your kind action at your meeting last
night in eodirslnit my candidature (ur
a seat Ip the I. -giaLtlv. Assembly at
the approaching election, Accept my
sincere thanks and believe u.y aasutanoe
that both the government aud niyeell
will, un all proper ocoaslooi, ihow appreciation hy upholding slid salego.id-
ing yu.r ii.teieaia I am well .ware
that lhe wise ciii.sk of the members o
the Rasslainl Miners' union in settling
earl) last month the aim- trouble* here
-re.lly atrcngtmined Uie gaveniuieoi
parly ihroiiglu.iii the eeuntry, and uo.
by yuur action—lli. aciim* ut oue ol
iheiuoigest and moat repreeeniatlv..
labor uigBii r.tiioni in the provutrr--
practical.v euilurslng the governin.iii'i
pdicy and exprt ssii.g your cut.fldeuc**
in tue ili-claraiiuns ol tbe Premier and
ids tii beagues to carry ibe same out if
au t dned altbe polls, yuu are in a great
measure, I believe, aasuriug the return
uf tlie government on the 9th ul June
..en. Tnii appreciation ami truitlul-
iieea oa y.atr put yon will Sod hy the
action -.1 the government II ia power,
aud mv nil if . I c.e.l, have not beep
misplacsd, I shall at all times be proud
io det lire myself nut only tb* government candidate, but also a* the representative ol lull ar, fur Whose wells.e,
uplifting an.l bellermeol 1 shall alway*
.'■......ie. il an honor iu work.
Again ill,ukiiig y.u l»r your si prea-
itoa ol ciithiriice, ii-ru.il me.lu aula-
*. rib.- myself,
Fraiein.dly vnurs,
SMI, 11 i U KITS.
P. Burns k Co.
Wholesale Markets.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Uree.nwoed,
Grand Forks and Yauoouvcr.
KKTAll. MARKF-T**-- Rot-slant Trail. Nelson. Tmir
Kailo, Sitiidon New Denver, Hllverton, Cascade City, Uraud
Folks,(imenwool, Pboeidx. Midway, Camp McKluney, Ksrsl-
stoke. Kerguinn ind V-noouver.
Fish, tiaui'* aud Poultry in Season, Saustgea of a'.l Kinds.
t William Donald Manager Ko sland .Iran oh
McGonigle & Co.
Spokane street Grocers.
M-tiers' rappliss, Fruits, Cigars and Tobaccos, ..'aple
and Fancy Groceries, Etc:
Orders Solicited
'Pboue 103.
Anj .(inert.
lien jib I I. tlsn X iter.
In New Jersey Qgurv* ibow (hat Uie
union men work 63 hours per week and
nun-tiiiion m. n SB. The average dally
wagea ul union iu«u u lit, that ul nut..
union man 13.19. U.nun mm at. Idle
AS days io each year, noo-uniou men I
oS. I days. Wages lor the year are .17
per cent higher (or the union men ihau
im the nun-onion men.
Tne 'iiia-tcial report ol the Root Snd ,
Hhue  Worker*'   National   Uuion  shows
that oigaiiinii' n to ba in splendid cull
Out ol 21 appointments msds by Iha
city conn, il ol Cripple Creak, Cl., ie-
cenily, 14 wire mi-nilnri ul uigau a*d
Il will pay v nu lo call at £aglea Iur
millinery and ludit-a' luinni.ii.t. ul all
kind*. i
J tut Received, I he Large*! and Rest 8 lee ted Slack ul
Fur S;>riug Trale Ever
Sbow i*i Ihi* City
Mi ii'- Fine Wt i,ie,l Suit* In blue and black, great value at |20; Hale_ ,. ..
print  f W.M
Met,'. Tweed Suits, worth $12. til and ftr.; to clear at        .        . 9 75
Men'a Fine Scotch Ta-eerl Hulls, big vain* at 118; Bala price      . 12 30
Boyi Sniia au I 01,1 I'aula at just hall ragalir prices.
KKMK tlHK.li' Kir lb* nsx. lotlayi every line iu a ock to said at sad
under wtiultwele prices,
II you want th. beet lunch In be had
lor yuur moony io lb. cily go to Ib.
Ku.se! Hitel. Home cooking snd tint-
.I.l* senile.
The Latest in
,1adie*s sailor or walking
Wt wish to draw the intention
of thoee who are tipim-ed to the initiative and referendum, ami those
who do uol believe the system
practicable, lo tho election of ofli.
pen of the Iniei national Typographical I'liion which will be held
on 16th of Ibis mouth. The mem-
Reports from Nelson of the groat
work lieing done there should stimulate R.*—I iml unionists to renewed
nelivily. Less than a year ago
there were but Iw!) unions in that
city, Ibo miners and printers.
From this smnll   beginning Nelson
hersbip   ol   this   organisation
much larger than  the electorate Of hnslx-eomeoneofthe  strongholds
llritish Columbia, and it is scatter-1 '>'. »*■■■■■;■<■'■• ■'"""    ""    '
ed from   Dawson   to  the  Danish
West Indies, from Uf,   Johns, New-
founilliind, to Honolulu, yet there
has never  lieen  any  difficulty   in
the piactieal   working  of  the sys-.
lent, and a  proposition   to go Innk
to the   old   system   would   Mt b. * »»--*"■• «P»^»*gP   r~nmiltee
considered  for   a   ...omct.      Tl.e ! * WOtk Bt onoo.    There are »»„,
svs,e„,l,..s bean   in   OperatlOU  f„r|al trndes which shmild  be brought
thirteen local union, in that town
nml two more now organizing.
Nelson unitiui-ts evidently appreciate the danger to one tradu from
the non-unionists in anuther trade.
Rossland   unicoiista     should     get
some year   aid  tin-   print ITS   huve
intuitu-  (old.      'Ihey   should  nut
had im   trouble   in
^Htaung^nd uegleol olther, to round aptboes
enacting legislation   0T in -^lUSt-  ■««•-">«««•»»   W   ir^   *\
ing     „nd   electing   their   o„,,,*,s.  ready ...'ti.uir.ed and if ptrsa.Uo get
Every line of legislation   is  voted 1 """" '••»•>  "'"  "nww-     ""M
is inuoh importance aa  tbe organ
u|K)ii by every Individual member,
nnd every member bus a vote for
a candidate for ouob office within
the gill of the international organ-
iration. The elections are carried,
...it in a far more careful manner
than nre our provincial elections.
I he returns from MOU lOOBl   nuinn
.-ail.ui of new unions.
A month lias ],a> jtI ainco the
settlert\ent of the Rosnland trouble
was efieoted. At that time the
settlement wan innde the manager,
united   in   snying  work   would be
E i.i-r World:
l.li a mining man, wonll Ilk. In
•l.t. in lh. chin n< ol your v.lmb'r
ps|Brr a lew al tuv i lea* uu *ou.l ul tbe
thing* the Western Federation ol
Miner* *bunltl do. \
The Sat great ohj'Ct of lhe Federation, in my upinion, (11011111 he to rale* a
lund hy which mining property could
be bought, 1 a' tl. bunded and operated.
In lining this union men Woul I have In
lall baa. tt and in lima it wuuld Increase the treasury.
We can lake nt her orders for exim'
pie. They build temple* and balls (rum
which lirge revenues ar. derived
Why nol we as union minera do ihe
same thing by placing uur inrplui
in "i.ey in inities.' There ii no doubt in
my mind II this could be done, and
there ii no reaeon why it 1h1.nl.I not be
dona, that in a lew short yean we like
other urib.ra will bave inve.tm.nl. that
will bring ua good dividends.
Mining is lh. ocriipalioD we (ollow,
from this source we derive onr livelihood, sml why nul Invest in a body in
the same? Tbe lund coold be raised hr
placing a. assessment ol a few cent* on
each meuilwr per month unlit these ss-
msieMOII Will be inltlcieul to atari operation!.
ll.ping thc.e tew line* will receive
your it 1 en 1 mn, 1 rcmsni your* lr»ler-
See'y Miner.' Union.
Tellutide, Colo.
Ilulstrn.l A Wright, cor Fir.1 ate. and
Washington itreet, are ahuwing ladiae';!
1 spring Jacket, and naw wrappers a 11 ;
splendid and well sssotied line ol each
Their ladiei' neckwear, in satin pnfl
shields, laheriy HMk and Point K'prit
Wlndiori are quick eellera. Fur men's
clothing, their reduced pri. e ll liaving
a clearing effect on the nock.
Ho stead & Wright, corner First
avenue and Washington street, to
mnke room, are offering their
children*' cunts, ladies' eiderdown
robe, shirt waists and clothing at
greatly reduced priona. The balance of in(r winter gtsods must go
to mnke room for our enormous
-^u.rmg stork, which is arriving
„"i!ftily. New linen of men's shirt*
for spring are to liaud and are
well w prlh your inapectiou.
C. F. Kagles
Opposite the Bank of Toronto. Ko-a-land. B. C
»*»»»*>♦♦ H 4+*+++++44+*+4+*4444444+4**4 ♦ ♦ ♦»♦♦»♦»♦♦+*>
. B.   .-LB I*— Ls—LBUlJ-e
The Contrsrtors' A.-sarinWan (Cbica-
go) recently (. orow. d IHl.OOO Imm a
Chicago banker lo carry on Iheir Sgb.
againi. lb. building trs.lss ot tbat city.
Sums ol money are a. nt by employers'
as..-. iaMi.m nt Other cltis* to  lisilt Ibl
coptracton lo th.ir fight.
Books, Stationery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office
ft. School supplier.
BOOK STORE      -      -
—      SS Colombia Avenue.
1 »s sees ♦«♦«■«*--
Morrison and Bryenton
Ilave Juat roceived a  Conaigniii.nl of
Fisn, Ganned Goods, Hams and Bacon.
Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh fc.ggs. Teas and Coffees a Specialty
Sole Agent ln.Roealand for "KMPRF.SS TKA8."
'Phoue 100-15.
120 Columbia Ave.
Fresh Green YtgetaMes.
Cauliflower.       String EJeana
Brussels Sprouts, Lettuce, leiery, Tomatoes, Greeo Peas
0. M. Fox & Company,
106 FaSat Columbia Ave.
'MiBjA-ua 0^ TU!.  IND1 S1RIAL   WORLD, MAV 5, l»O0.
A  W0Ifl611S    UflSS UOUuB.  •■* Meat presents all iha signs ol
An unmi't'tatiihlt) si. ol th. ail-
vanced "liuiBh" drinker is tbe ihm
snd nnsti-i! hotly, the ytlloiv anl wilh
eiHii lac-, (h. glassy lUttktU uy.l. She
piiM*. ■• t .ii.ii,..'. nil lhe ui.y-.-.. ol degra-
.ull.ni lo the iiales ol deaih. tStuutliiuc
slie is reui.ivcd '0 the p....rlimine huspi
ttl, and h.in.Tin.es she crawl* 10 it and
plHadaiiliu.aBlwi.il tier last bn,.lh lor
admission. I'.en v. ry soon Ibe dark
ci itnin .imp, lorever on tbe black tragedy of her wasted Ufa, und Inr poor re-
iiiuii.b, io nl'. ude i by Iriend or (..«, are
taken to the Potlar'a Field, where ihs
ib I.i id .hep .Lit,.. iu ibe vi hit bsa silence
nl the iirnv*'. "Mtuy a gill and hall
unit "kill uf "tttlisli" I lire ik ill the
.'...use ol a y. ll'," ilm aup riuten.lout
said, Blld her siatenictti was hilly boms
tint Ity ueuiral  p. I .•- i| i -ni-nn-1  uu
j the Btl.'J -Ct.
The hunt* consists ul three Hits, with
lh. kilchen on Ills ground ll sir. and
in.--iipeiiu eudeui's house ttea'tv and
set iipuliiiiatv clt-Aii. Cuiigrrgiltd muud
the ki.elicit tire acre women nl all ages,
•vim in i.in iluil ami flickering candle
lisii.t pn-tTiled a iv-ird and glioally
llpvetacU. It wi.iil.l bu .1 ■ Hi .-nit to convey iu mere words uuy noaiMSBtl in «l
ibe aw lul plimtasiuagoris if blotched
and scrtidilous luces and rolling I. dies
i i.n- in..veil to and pn in lhe dim light.
Tiiui M'K ..... m.ght have drawn it, aim
K■ ,.iii.ia mi.hi In.ve Bitggeilatl il, bu' lo
r-BproduOa a literal transcript ul th.
scene -a by.ml the pnwer of any living
or tlead write.. Old age siin.krd its
I pipe. ilrcH-e.l its lores, scru'ehed it*
j limbs, and swore volubly, youth sal
wilh a baby a tew weekl old on ill
kme*, .ui..ked a .uuy pip", and at
short n.ieit..'u hunted Ir il-is iml
ll.ciua lhe palhciic lignre in Millet's i oilier vermin. Yiung Women, bjrely n
Vat ptiltting, Bel Which has in. ids .1- Ben years, I llu.lied I,,,,, i- j .ken wilh
,'v ii Mtrkham (Binoiu throughout tine autither as they rnli.nl ihu psint
' Eng'ishsp. King world. "Tuu Man ( oft their hnggird clieeka.
th the Stick," is an ab-.ilut.ly rut u \ The superintendent courte*.mly else di-iTip-iui of Ibe loalhsoiUB corlett ui lu the upper Hits, which at
l-.itiin- in Ibe shape ol men who' one lime been dwelling tMSMM, Here
(i.lk in ths «l n lows if Ibis p.itiiul.r I we I..u.nl ibe la. its higgle de p cil.-dy
, I. .use. Wi w. r--| ii mini .-.it seven ilniiuglunit tl.e lla -, Bud are in every
ilicse "in uiatru.ia lliii.gw distnrted , way as goiHl value bb those in houses
il luul-qienchcl," liviuii off lhe hadies : wilh greater pretentions. They stand
Id souls ul the inmales id the h dgiug juakidlv bull, without sc.eenr. There
line. Iu Vie jtrgou ul the itreet, l_ a Ai.il.uni price ofl I Is-lure midnight
eie dl*caicd lypi-i .re "lui'lics," in i and SI afierwards, and 2d Iur each
i mmrhi ol Isiniles lliey ire known'child.   8 nne 50 aleepen p.iaaed through
ibe psdlocked .ales on Friday nig'u,
and lix .Ini Iren. Ih certain ol Ilia
w..turn's dura houses in the cily pries
Vary. There are i a..penny, threepenny
and lourpaony beds, and 'lie "sisiti"
j on .he (1 sir let ai Id and 2d. Ou the
Ini itreeti. Il is out BSSBMBry to ' lecentl tl ...r ..! the High BllBSl house
lllow them in ll.ri" unholy tiocliirnal ibor.ill larger and Isetlrr kept room
jtpedilioni n ir deitiriba iheir iu-.iIio.Ib j than my ot th* Other!. Ill* hare thai
i work; theic arc well kuoan lo moil tu. Bauds* religion service, are held,
eri.uii. land the   luperlntsudint   poluled   nut
Alhnglhwe reach lhe Unllhunlnnl Brtth rx-.i-al'le pride SB organ which ll
jrials ul lh. L.lgiiig. E»ttruBlly it used. Ths ll'tigitiholhani nurse* come
(as n.i nppc ro...-. I..k.n*i .v.... in the I here r-tiuday alier Sunday, and il ....
aadllil legend,'Onn.(orlal l-l-idglngs ph-ailng to loam how much ibe poor
*i W.men," and lhe dilapidated lamp unfortunate hslger* and lbs snperinlen-
} bleb ii iil.ncii al nays suspended Irom j haul sppreciite their man y acts ol kind-
he d >ui.«y. Tha place seemi to Ixlfl nee.es. It is but right here to add that
Spoil ita finis and the reputation it has the owner ol Iha place ll bv no meani a
r.piirid. Hut that il has palroniga*'callous or hardh'iirtitl man. On lhe
lire you can u.i.-r Irom lite buri'tig conlra-y, he ia credited with miny
luinil* like those from a Iteehive tilii.-h {| "• I actions, an.l lolly realises Ihe resell ui (rum vtiihin. Wo pte*i the i sponiibilillee that Hindi In him io
ck ol tlie dour, ind without any "ere-1 carrying on inch in establishment.
| nny walk in.   Tbe  eullre balding is . Women wbo sre known to work hard
By a Religious Outcast,
i.lay   night ol last  .veek   was   c.ld
wintry,   with a pitiless rn-t and
jiing   to   the   marrow   uf  ho in. less
(hirers, and ihrlekiug wilh deitUie
nlnga over the lairs where grim the
- and hopeless misery crouched like
lis of   prey Iur warintb and sheber
ll.i* dark regions which abound  In
IntUbborhoud ui the Or.iea ad Q. is-
1 let iiiys. II thu task on tii.tt par-
Par evcu'u.t! ol vlllttOM what is reck-
hy I hose ailiu are yiiiilled lo   ex*
i an opinion on ihs in' j -ut, a lypi-
• uiubiih" doae-hutiBi..
lie   p*rlii't)!ar    d Sl'hoUSS   lowards
I'll  a  Iririul  and   iny.c f   la'lit   our
|l is iff ths  High Su.'.-.' with  Ibe
i S'ei'ph- nverliinkiuB it nml a Qui.
11,.ill almost opposi'e ii.    li.w.. .
ii.ii.>ldare which li,S h-en    linn ti-I
hit puilliall Ol   a SI reel,   illlli..../ll   nm
ltd lo any  designation hut a mr-
I, leprous a .e where nines  bUUlSIl
It's art. ili-vcl.ipe.l and vice lusters an.l
|.iriatea wiithoul  let  or   blndrano*.
t o'clock had struck wli-n we enlere.l
western side ol   ibis d.ik   rt.g|.ui
fere "uur nnm"  In -I   ihellvr.   The
gtDt-ba)k|a ii ab . it N yards ta*. nl
gh   t-tret-l.     Wuilo  iruv-rsltig    llu.
Iiaii.-.e  we   itibl.el  ihuuUen  ~lih  a
|l -con-nl .;.'.  aui   won ii, 'nil'   ul
slH-i-ling   lu   lie,   in.ni I. ..(   Ihi*
, oil.ers   reclining against   wa I-
l.t sin im Im; the doot  oi Ihe does-
|ii f, ill of i'ihiu Indulging in the foul-
l 11 .iiibi'miesand obaconl ivs. A good
al has been  heaid   recently  ol  'The
Bin  with tht) 11 ie," the   man  referred
I'll:'.US   A-lll   MIIT1MOI.
TRAOKS ANIa LABOR coCNClfc-M.tts every
leOtaUO. B.ttl I'lattrltt Tiicstlay la. nn h iinaiilli at
. i ■ li ui. iii Minns' itiI.iii Hall. C. W. Wllaoa
tec ;  K.I. tonnan-mlli   I'M.
evny   . .i.l..y ol tr.ch   week at 7:30 p.m. (a
P B  Mtl.na.lil,  ere
j........   it.,..11 Hall.
A J M, lVuili'iil. Mt.
MIMtRS UNION No. JC. Wtstr.ai l'r ili-rillon
ur Miller.- Ma*!* imj Wcilnt-silij- evrlilai| at
7 jo o'clock lu Miners' union Hall. Js.no.
be-due, Bcc; A 1. llQii.too, rrfl.
llu- laat Siunliiy ot rs. 1 iiiiniili at the Miner.1
I'l.ltin Hall   j I* n-ik.tlt.ll. Secretary; Mr Poole,
Meet tlie Drat sml third Tuesday of each
inotillt at s p in lu Hctti » Hall P O Doi .114
W. Mtl.aotl. President; J. Klisai.aa, becre-
Cooks S WAITKRB UNION. No4", W I. U-
Meet. every SiturdBy rvaolui at s i„ o'clock
in Miner.' ITinm u.u. I* O 1. 1 41. Paul
Joffuer, Sec; C.eorge Cuuntuxhiut, Pill
■lilokis,"    rins det 11 Ii,iii-ni is exsr
ping  ita patience   t i-uiglil  u.iiil   the I
have   painted   themselves   and,
ads the   needlul    preparations  lor a
IcCBiilail  midnight   r.tt-l   oil drunksn
I..11 who may  Iw altuleauly  WBinlvring
Following ii a hit of those wbo advertise In the Isill'BI'HMI   WllBl.li:
Gen Agnaw A Co., Uroceri.
W. F. McNeill, Shoe 81..re.
Hunter Bros., general merchandise.
K.npey Hi.*., grocerieo .nd geuis (nr-
nishings. .
T. 11. Morrow, druggist.
0. 0. I.tlnndc. shoe store.
0. 0.1 iiliBon A Co., genu' clothing
.nd uolious.
ti. W. Id Bride, hardware.
Limou Broa., booki and itation.ry.
Orescent Dry Goods, lurnishiuga, dry
guod* and clothing.
Morrison A Bryenton, groceries.
M. J. O'llearn, clothier .nd Uatier.
Paulson Bros., groceries.
Taylor A McQuarrie, tailor*. •
Pacific Tea Co., lea* and coffees.
M. W. Sunp.,111, newa, BUtionery and
O. K. Maths.
Metropolitan Hotel and Bar.
McAuliff, Ullor.
8. Glaaen, furniture.
MtGoaigle A Co, groceries.
Huffman IIous. snd Bar.
Knfligii Cigar Store,
Dyeing .nd Cleaning Works, Washington street.
Dsnlel* A Chamber*, painU, oil*, etc.
HoVtead A Wright.
li.   -'.and Hotel.
I I.-. iru- V: mndry.
('. I) D. Meat market.
The international
'. 1. .:' ,• A New man, gruceri
11.IIS'II 11 .lei
-Simpson A Jnne*, grocri
The "Strand"
K.,..■-' Millinery itore
Rouland Drng Co.
0. M   K.ii .1 ('...gr-.-eri
I'oiun.l.i. Tranilar Co.
lleans, perlb	
' Brooms, each	
Butler, i>er Ib	
1 partial darkness.   There stems lu ho j an I are overtaken hy teniporary Illness   „ S      oer Ib
ogas. and the dim sbadjay light is! or spells ol  compulsory   i.llrnsjM  .re I _ .'. y,.     'r    (
' never   d.ivan   Irom  the door,  mould | Blp-ul„;„ncyi ^.{^
ihey   be  minui  th. Indiipeniahle •>•■' ■ cti-wa*.. ver Ib
When we quilted the place tbe sirwi
wai comparatively quiet, and the ghouls
and birds ol prey  were all on their midnight prowling expedition..
eye, "but th. man who] "1   \ f 1 1
cU » total ali.t uii-r   lor !   1—«*T f\ /~< /***\ !-*■*«_ f\   I   I
y.x ...ay  not beleiveit.     1     iHSPy I    ) A   I  1
have!  (-..ted ....... lite   ■L-'Val-iJVMUll
Tomorrow, at 3 p. m ,
at the  ii.i.-eli'i'l  park,
Admission Twenty-Five Ceois.
Itpplicd Ir tax I a 1 .vt dips. We are con
runted by tl.e wom in snperinii n l.-.n
J genial, kindly, go.) I humoured, mid
re a*;.. I Irish-woman, aud yet withal
Ivleriniiied and geniil In  her milliter.
JBsk     In r  if    llll*    1 kljlill. Illlicnt     ll    C'li-
lucte.l ".ui teetotal principals."   "Nul
, mia'.'cr," she laid,  with a merry
tinkle* n here;
in* it has been
tl years, and
(■'it not a lick
piaBg-iw Fair." She confmied that nl
hslgen drnnk heavily, 11 not ihe
lid nul , x peel lb. m lo he i here. Sum*
I' lhe "ladin." Wurked and some didn't;
now Ihey earned tha rr.puit-d l..ur peuce I
■ tbe dots ihe would uot give ui inv   n.injnp,,   or.    R.ipliBar,
|.pioiun.   I'lieie were amongit the In-; I I lUHIo   lo.   IKUUIIO
t-ittei women who at one lime occupied
I sis ill poiilloni and of independent
ue.iiis.   They  w«re now   helpless and
pelcss,   sud   indulged     In    insidious
•e-iilillllel it. the I >rni   uf   ' Il iil-.li "to
o tbe i md,less ul D.eiu.i.
"l-'iuii-li"   was takeu    hy  Ihos*  who
Ihad reached depths deeper Hull   pluni-
I met ever sounded.   There wai a Urge
I percenUg. ol rag-pickers .nd midden
I rakara in tbe houie; all these were confirmed "liniah" drinkeri.   The collection ol rani iu Glasgow is s shmewhat
Important branch ol  commerce, giving
employment to some IMO women.   Tne
rag-picker and her sister tb. midden
r.ker have their characteristics in common.   They   ire  .1 isuluie   Snd aba i
doued, they  deteii lu.uesl wurk, and
are slave! to ibe "finish" .lm«.   They
Hv. anywhere,   and   aat   almost anything— scraps nl bread,  cast-away vege
Uble* takn Irom the ashpits and  the
refine carrels nf the restaurants.   They
begin the days' work at daybreak sud
close it at nine iu lhe morning, the re
rnalndrtr being set apart lor fiulaii  h.-,».
ing.   Tbey get tbia coarse m.thylaied
spirit In tin.u"i..u*     uni    'bop* '■  • ■>•
tin '••' oh lined .. |
de--- I li
•ull, heavy, sllsoi     d   i
!l li t ie.*
.. .'-(..:
.. -w.i,. 5n
.. aOtoSn
.. 1« to 17
..   *i'. to t-r.
Chocolate, par lb  40
Crcoa.pw tin 38 to 40
Cornmeal, per 101b lack  40
Coffee, per lb    Ml...'*
Crackers, soda*, per lb   10, 1'-',
Corn, per ran        1SX
Canned li nils, per can  IS lo 36
Canned peas, prr can  I'J\,:V>
Coined Leans,  per can  12S
I'.dfi-b, per Luck  «6
Dried (mils, par Ib 10 to 30
I'rti, p.r do* SS lo 40
Klnnr per tuck l.», |J0
Granulated sugar, 14 Ih tor.... 1.00
Hams, per lb.  17
Honey, comb, per cake  26
Imperial oil, 6 gal. can        J.00
,, Lar I,.Mn pail  66
Receipts to go  to the. Unnilry i0ipi p,r b,r 5,nJ«
Ottawa   lire   BUllbrerS. i Liverpool salt, per SOIb sack... 90
i M ..Tirol,i, per Ib  IS to 20
Mulassea per gat 76 to tl
I) O'Hooligan will umpire
And the police will
be on ha d to prevent a riot,
l.t'inoiiario \v- I   bi* curved on
Krd hat*.
ci i lei - .. ■  nol i" sll .iv.-d to nnii
■ I
•  '     '    ''    i
Null, per Ib  26
llolled oats, ner 101b sack.  46
Pick lee, mixed, per quart  20
Rice.per Ib  8
Suit bacon, per lb        12S
Hagn and Upioca, IhlO, 3 lh*. for 26
Htock.alt, per 501b sack  76
Hyrupa, per ball gal. tlo  60 to 66
Tomatoes, per can  46
Teas, per Ib  36 to 66
Tobacco, per lb  tO to 1,25
Vinegar, per gal  60 lo (15
Wheat manna, pkgs, 20; hulk perlb.
Apples,perlb  5 and 6
Beets, per lo  2
Cauliflower  16
Celery, per bunch  10
OsnbsgSi I*-Ih tXtoS
QrSpSI, ia-r hs.ket  95
I "iii'ina, per de:      30,35
(ininns. per lh      3 lo 4
' |v«ro, |s*r lb |0
i,pel IW lb* i *'f. ta l.r*.
.-«*,S|l...„i',.. ' •
q I
i        .  . . C
'Tomatoes, per box. 1 00
IU.tl.aBB m
Fri'its, Oranite, Crockeby
akd Glash Ware.
Free larllter, to all parU of Ike dty.
■PllllNJ! 191.
Corner Third Ave. and rTssHUftoe St.
Agnew & Oo.
II CoiUtBMa Aire , nr.l daar to Ll'onde'B.
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
News. MoMti, Tote.
Lending Library.   Latwt Naval..
Offlca SuppllM, Eu.
The American 'tailor and (rents'
Furnishing House.
oiilistiifi ttrticr.
olliifulirt CBa-UtN*'
No. s. Klnrt A.snus.
Cor. Flrtt A-tr . noil |poka_* m.
?Urt*inai_ t-r-oonr. harnl foodt.   ChT «• < c*U.
H will »«y yon.
Dyeing and Cleaning Works.
Opposite ttl.nin BnlkBni.
I cbb cleaa or dye aaythlag la lldles' sad
ay ntleueo'i wear. CIbb ate a rail aad be coa
The l.te.1 taproved ■raBBBSll sad prociaiss
enable mr toiu.r.-.e- Ihr prompt dellrrty ul
Sll ordr.. Work will ot called lor sad tie il.eied
to asy adilrtaa.
Get Iheir I're.criplioni
Ki.le.1 bv lb.
Get thrir
Rosland D rug Go.
A mil l.la* ol Itvt—lklag la Oar i.i.e
tit.a l'. a till.
Columbia Avenue, next lb. Boo Ton.
Rossland Hotel.
Fin. Whtikiea and   Imported Cigars
Jerry Spcllmaa, Proprietor.
Cor. Hpokao* sir—t and Columbia Ave,
All kin.la of JpiuhI
All kinr?8 of Preserves !
All kinds of Marmalades !
Specials This Week.
Transfer Company.
QEORGE FVm, _j|r.
The Only Tran.fer or EipnM. Company In It ...lain! that will deliver your
Trunk* lor ti ceuta each. Three dayi'
■toiag* iran.
Tekphon. ST.
Wlinlrakl* nml rrts.il »l».ali»r» In rslntii, Ol!*.
Varnlahn. Biuahra, WftU P-tiUh ami PalntMi
S.n.plira. Contrmrtt ukrri for p-jurr hknrinj
• ml ilrcorttthiR. Offico* ♦•- tvte i-«Hi..« I!
Charabrn tlock. jtCo.QMlNa Wr% ttttdtr.DoAii*-
OQ KajMCSB kTu'a.
n.*\ v. 'riuiM ttu.
Canadian and Kentucky
r.yurbon  Whisnit'H.
Railroad and Miners' Clucks Catlu-d.
Harry Mcintosh.
Ensign  Cigar  Store,
CAPT. SHAW Proprielor.
Corner Columbia eve., Washington al
Office over lltuk oir.ir.ia*.,,    R-mliod
-.Hi Electric unhT
None but   white help  em ployed
Notify ns.   We call and deliver
Columbia Avenue, near Postoffice
Canadian Pacific
Aad MOO Line.
ti i —«- i . C i
N'.w Fait Dally Harvlos.
Optional It mti Eaii and Weil from ths
Kootenay Ouuutry,
Firit-cUii Hleaperi oo all Traioi.
Tourist Cars
Pan Revvliloke p.ily lor Bt. Pial,,
Thuradayi lor Montreal .nd Boston,
Tuetday* and Saturday* tor Toronto.
For rate* and full informatton atld.-eit
tba a>e*i*ai Local Agent, or
City Ticket Agaat, Ko*ilin4.
Acting Agent. Hosaliud.
W. P. Anna—ox, T. P. A , N'dion.
E. J. Covi.B,  A. G. P. A., Vancouver.
Thtt onr Tr_i tod i offer- arr the CHOICRST
•old ia HbBtlind. Todtjr, wKrt tra« ind Co
$tr* are pflHMM »o kard. ft U ahaoluUI/ bcc
(Uitv lb havr aa irtklt of ymiaual mnil
You frill find it here.   i.Ui«*aic ghni »waj
Pacifc Tea Co.
Northern Pacific
Tba Dining Oar K .ate via YellosdoB*
Park.    hai.Bt aud ttaat.
Kquipped with
I'ciiuiN Panel Cina,
Ki iiiini Disinu Cab.,
Moi.Bis Day Coicbbi,
Throngh tickets lo all poinU ta :!.»
I'niled MB!a ass Canada.
SlMonbtp tickaU to all parti of tbe
Ti. k.u to China and Japan via Tatiirue
and Northern Pacific.Sieanjahip Co.
Trains depart from Hrs.ksiir :
No. I, Westlwnnd, at V:U p. nt., dally.
No.], Euihouiitl. at 7:20 ». iu„daily.
For iiilormatloD.* lima cirdi, ioipi
and in k-ti.ipply to tb. arenti oi lb.
8. K. AN. E. W. RUFF.
Agt. R. M. Ry., Rosalind, B. 0.
(leaeral Agent, ti|aokane, Wiih.
Aii't Gan. Paaaangar Agsu!.
Nelson A Fort Sb.pp.rd Railway
Red Mountain Ry.
Tb. Only Direct Unite"!-- Nalsea
Kaalo, {Kootaeiy lake an*
BIocbb l'ulnti.
Ever? day la tba year bilwesa Bp.
k.B., Roa.lBnd.and N.l.on.
>:lft p.
On. Ymt  •
Si. Monlbi
Addrou'AU Commnniratloni
Kpokan. -   -  6:1* p.ta
Nortbport •   12:30 p.at
Arrival 10p.m. Ilmiland Lv. lllUt.ai
No change of rail Ulwrsa hpckaa
sod RoMland.
Tick.U oa sal* all e—ir tba>erld.
Cleaa eonnMlloa* at Nslaoa wilh
■tea—art lor Kaalo and all Kootenai-
lake point*.
I'liisngsri tor K.ttl. rlVsr, Booad.rv
caaipand h.o.diry cr»b conaaot al
Ha.cn* and bueiburg with IU|S dally.
t. W. Rr—, Aaaaf,
RaaaUod. B. ?.
!  ;•_... .kli »ib. icaatr, Trad, l.C,
ItiMMMMMUMIIIIMMII   H.A. 'ACTlimr,'".V 1 A „ RprkSBa.WBBk
*J a_
Tit I.:  IN'iif.'.viKl.vi.   WOlitVU, MAV -', I WW,
Eigh'h Annual   Convention to Meet in
Denver M.iy ll.
For the eighth time ihe Western Fed-
eniii'ii u| Miners, n'li meet in .annual
convention on Mav II the eession* to be
held in 0 Id Fallows' Hall, Denver, C do.
About 2..0 delegate* will be preBent from
UXl unions, loc.tcil in Ari^iini. Ilrilinli
I! ibinib.ii, California, Cqlora ... Idaho
Missouri, M.ittana, Nevada, N .riliwest
'I'errltory o( Canatlu, Oregon, South
li.kniR, 1'iah, Washington and Wyum
lug. 1'ne fesjuins will lift lor leu dm s
or two weeks, and uiin.h importitut bu,
ine.H, not only lo the miners hut important to all wage earners, will lie
handled hy the convention. The organization bas grown woiderlully dor-
the past twelve months, in spite of lhe
great drawback of lhe I l.ihn Inniblts.
nnd llu linnii.es me in gooil cuualitinn.
Since lhe lin I of Iha year, under lhe
directum and adltorsblp ol I'lesident
llovee. the l-\-tli>i.iiinn ha published
monthly the Miner's MagBBine. which
has already altaitel lhe rank of one ol
IbS leading labor journals ol the country snd done much good for the organ-
izition. From the moment of its birth
the Western Federation ol Minera hits
been a pover in tha west and north-
well, and neirly every mine on plnye in
lln- vast urea of country owe* hi* betterment of condition lo it. organize
lion and activity. Id.on a mass ol disorganized aud unreal.ode.I workmen
tbe miner* and mine employes huve
risen to the position of organiz ttion
aud brotherhood among them, elves ni.d
to command respect and consideration
from their em piny t ra. no matter hoa
itrong finauc uiy or iullueutial the
latter may have been, To do this bus
required courige md conviction upon
the part of oftlcen and members, but
the Western Krdern'.ion ol Miner! has
been extremely fortunate io having
within ita rank, men of lUlHcien.
cbaraiter, honesty of pn-po*-, intelligence .nd courage lo successfully
carry on the great work undaunted hy
the opposition of combined greedy
capilalisU and (heir corrupt ollicial
Like every other labor organiz it ion,
tbe Western Federation ol Miuerg ia
founded ui on tu. luudanienlal baiis ol
tbe lar.atla,-. I..... I ol man, nud while it
hai lieen charged with all ilia Crimea in
the decalogue and ill member, perse-
cutid and punished, It will march on,
growing stronger and ilrongrr a* tb.
year* pass, putil iu great uiisiiuu bai
been  lu'.hll. d.
I'uiing the patt year th. liability ol
the Federation and the fidelity of il.
member, bus been uiely put to the
le-t Ibrongh the troubles in lhe dale oi
Idaho. There, through (he t.iiiiiiv.inc-
ot Govenor Siuea.obent with lhe wealthy mine owners, * supremo t Kurt .al
made lo cruib out ot rxiiuuc lb.
Miiier.' t'liioni in Ibe Cooer U'Alen.
dUtript. Men, innocent of any i rune
or wrong doing, snlfsred lb. torture,
and indigniliei of the "bull pen" and
Ih. inquisition simply because they
were member! ol Ibe Mine*.' I nnuu—
all in tba intereit ol crushing out all
opposition to the desire of Iha mio.
o.ncr. lo cut Ib. usees of miner * and
tl<ua add to Ibe wealth pile ol Iheir bid
greed and placing ihe mlneri in a poei-
tlon of ahaolulo dlsorgaiaixtiioo, dependence and submission. Bui, thatikat"
the eternal  piitn-tple that "rig* i  will
prevail," alter several u thiol ortlcUl
investigation into tha aff.ir by   Uults.l
11 ales government, the uoo.rs and Iheir
union,  are   being vindicated and  the
purpose of Ih. mln. owners, and Ibe
devils' lie** of lh* wo,k  to cany out
b.i. h i-11 r|. .ac. aided by 11 • *i.   prince* ot
corporation tools,ii ivernor Slatinenberg I
and   i.eiiiral   Mirriim of th. roiled!
Htal*. army, It ibown firlh  io ad ita
billi'h   blscknsii.   Nil   a   union   ha.
been Insl!   The unions of Burke, Custer, I >■ Lrinir, (lem.G.libon.ville, Mil
Ian, Silver Cily aod Wardnar Hill  live
and have their being.   Tbe great army
nf (be  Federation baa been  cemented !
closer th.o beforr ami the miss ol labor
I.n.tight loreallzi llalrnecondition re].-
nve to capitalism and gove/nmenl t   So
in-irli for Ihe easiness nl  mere money
and greed'   So much  for ihe glory  ull
lhe Wialern Federation of  Miners an.
it. d-run' princi|»l of "practicing those
virtues tbat adorn society  an.l remind j
mun of his duly lo his fellow man, the
eh v.lbm ..I his |..*i11.ui snd   the  maintenance of the right! nl lhe worker."
In idvance we iilulo th. member, ol
Ihe coming convention .nd extend to
ihem tbe band ol welcome and ol
brotherhood. I."l calm deliberation,
wise counsel and good judgment guide
yon in your actions, and, arriving at
tho conclusions you deem beat lor tbe
tu'u'rs wellsr'e ..I your lellow cralume.'
•act losi'7 and fsar not" for "(hric
eirried il bw] who*, cmie is jusl!" —
Cnitin 'irginliition Mating.
A Urge and renresen.alive gathering
nl mi | ortera ol Hon Smith Curtis met
st the commlltee room. Isst nigl.i nnd
el.T-i.'.i tb. lollowlng sxecnlive com-
0. 0. Lalonde, chairman; .laniea De-
vine, 1st vice-fhaiimai. Th... Ilroa,-
kie, '.'ml  vico-chsiru.si).  A. Ferris, 3rd
vice chairman ; Henry Roy, Heclor Mc-
Phersnn, Hany Daniels, Harry Bell,
Chris Foley, I 0. Saucier, Wilsou Py
yer, O.O.Gillam, J. A McDonald, J.
S Paterson, W. I. Whiteside; R. W.
Qregor, secretary.
The executive committee will meet
tonight (K.tiurdsy) for tbe purpose ol
■electing Btib conuuiitees, snd transacting utbei IniHiii.-i,-*. It is desired thai
all ini-iuhfit- aliinil I he present,
Next Tuenlay there w II he a uuietiiui
ul  |jl mu |i|iin I era 10 ciuideit, lhe organ
Hliipil.l Nute!.
All Hickaai! ia atill in th. hospital
lURsrlBg severely with his Injured hand
It is BBhl Ihat there is very hull* hup*
for the recv.ry ol John SbuilIcb, ..i
the Miners I)mon.
Bei j Siurgeou' it miner, ie in bofpitsi
vi nh er)sl|iel..B.
L.ily llarlaiu! ia mi tally Imprivlng
and her reenverv li now ilaiirnl.
Mi An bur, who w-u Biiut by the 1 al
im, Albia, ll la a very Vrecarlona cou
diiion. Apparently his tnine has Iwei
u-jiired and lhe lower part ol hie bad]
pa rait zed.
Sunday*' Giiine.
Following is the line up ol the teem*
which will i-lay touionow.
Aid,.. I
Comes Dp Tuesdsy.
Tuesday lhe tale against Wm He.
ler, secretary of the Stntlon Mo or*'
Union, bronght by Supt. Hand, ot tin
dyne mine, couiei upat ilie Neliaonai
ar.-!. Mr. He.ler 1* charged with nn
lava lul auemblige, but 1( is believed (la-
grand jury will ifliiae to indict bim.
1st b
Sud b
3rd b
li   1. nson
*. 1.
r. 1.
c. f.
• eiicrons Csrpent.r*.
A   week   sgo   th.  loci Carpenters'
Union   wired  1100 lo lhe Ottawa fir.
suff-rera,  and   last   night ihey   rein
another    huudred   lo   Ibe Sandoo union unales.
Wrapperi !   Wrapper! !!    Wrapper!! 11
All six's. Irom S3 lo 38. We can fit
the sma lest and largest lady in town
See our while.ear: iu eveiy lire wi
hnve a splendid Hock. Our bleu*,
waiili ar* nicely aisorted, and in prino
and ready made skirta we bave the Tar)
no.-'. *..-.-i!s
Cor. In A v\ it-1.1.i*i.ii .-m. i-
I:-. |..i - I.
I wlib to notify my filradi and pa-
iron! that 1 have refilled my barber
.hop on a tIn.rough manner and will
now be pleated lo MB ill lUllomeri .t
well ai raw one*.
Agtni.    of    Ihe   m.»iv»llve-mine
■ iWiH s is. ,iT.ii..n candtdau* in lhe Si I
son i "g have o'\ (>. -I 10 Ibe ,-!.« lev
nil lhe votei-iisl ti. MB nam*-, iv-iy one
of which is b im* by a bib mau or labor -■...;..ii. .- r.
Can't Afford to I. .-n. Hun-
N.J. I.i'dinliiiiii, n miner well ki-ovn
in tli.i tSli.eiin,  writing to  the  Kerguo
E gle recently, ha«   Ibis to   any   alien
Ihe pre., ier and    Hill.   Pfflilh.   Curlis,
ui'iiisltr uf mines.
Without giving ear -ii the nihsidz..!
presa if the piuvince, 1 am sure III.'
alter Pr. ni-er M, rliu and Mlulaler.nl
Minea Ouriji bave b en peraonill'
heard throughont the province it wil
!>•) conceded that never before in ou
bisouy haa such a favorable oppnrluii
ity pieseiiit-.l ileelf to allow Bri'isl
Columbia to have an up -to -tittle nn-
progressive gi veil ment.
The presuut mini.I. r ..I mines is ... ■
whom the province caimn' iff rd i.
lose. Amin,I. thole who have tens
iicie.l business with him iu hie drpari
nent there can he no tin opini us, bn
hut he towers lar above any hi.heri,
iCTipying that po-iiii-u If imlhii t
lee, i.n, manner in which be utile
lie It sslainl   la hat) r   dif| n e  by Culm
0 Ida aid hi. i,,,., anb-nl oppuneu
md men after all was accoinp i»...
he manly way in wi.ich he vuv n.
■Hire credit tu those who assisted Id.,
ti.huut relersn.e to himielb.ll auapl
vhleni e ol the "slBlesman "
1'li.ac men have no nu.nay to hu-
newipapar*, so let no one lail lo hen
-hern if ihey should speak within »
rsu-onarals diaisnce from iheir incalliy
Bring only a Ida kemilb and ui.nn
ti.yihing that I migbi say to y, u
readers, who ku...' nit .ing nl me, coul,
'nve no • fled, hut as one of the fMOpl
I only ask all mo king.nen sud rlpaei
illy those interested in Ihe s.st.
■inesiii.iis ol Ihe day, lo arrange place
niivi i.ient lor the largest ntiinbers I
eongregale, anl then write Mr.   Ma-tii
1 Mr. Curlis to take in  y-<ur  1 call.
i. their (uur Ihrnu.b the provime
Assiiminu  Ihat    Ihey   are   bent   m
spying out Iheir  platlorm Ihey   (ll..
...tvernni.ni)  will   have   the   stronge*
pposiih.n, which cm only I. • overcom,
'.y  the iiidividiial  voier, anl  (or  lbs
esson if Ihe vinous  centre! .(  pop
'iii.ui  would so »..,.. i* ■ tu iiuli .i   ii
'he people   Irom   surioiiiuliini   .nn,,
nl neighborhoods nianv will lie ale
i* hear for ibemerlvel (slxu'd r.q.l--
"»• lent ss laelore si ale.l) i lie nl Ino w i
,111. more or less, bave io vote in i
W. W. 11. M Lues haa icceiiteii |. •
noit.il.. linn II the government canal,
dale for lhe  I ding  ol   North Nun on ...
Raymond Sewing Machines
" liest* on   lhe  Market."
fljwing mnchint) supplies nf all kin Is for aala.   M icMnes to font
hy week or month.
Taylor & McQuarrie,
rVnnw   nd /Ve's'n Phone 131.
18 Columbia Avenue, Kossland, II. 0.
Soln Amtnta.
j Canned Goods
J Pencil,.., pears, plums, ilinwherrltu, grspss, hlnelirrrles, ipplei,
e in (.ci evcitlhiug Ihul   llit   tai.iieiB   ibl   cull,   at lowest prills.
! Jams !
• Ju *i*, ni innnliidss and preserves, the lineal brands and at prices
J Uiat *ra light.
: Biscuits!
• M.Cnrniiik'a   BlKOltS.    Kverything  ihey  make I      Sodas aid.
• Ittiicy.
: McGonigle & Co.,    -    Spokane St.
J.C. Ilrowo, New \* esi.no so r. wa*
sa...i. in ss ini.o.i.,i ul finance vrllrt•
day, I'uli-r milling from the government. Mr. Hruwn will be a candidalr
lor Naw Wesim.nal.r.
Grip snd I'.t-■* ■ ..i.l
K. of P. (.i ..ml I "ile;.' will in.-'
in li..--l.ncl I. O. O. F. hnll Tor*,,
day. Wednomlny night tho vii.it-
Knightn will bo eutci taiut d with a
Int liquet.
At Thursday night* meeting of
the K.io-].-. they elected three delegates to attend tho Urnnd l.o<lge
of (he order which meet* iu Vau-
ootiver tins mouth.
Local (i.bIfelb.n h initiated a can-
ditlnte Monday night.
Typographical Union.
Them waa n good attendance nt
No. nn.'i'M regular meeting lust
Sunday. ' hapel reports bIiow the
the Mate of trade lo he fnir.
Scale .-'iiiitiit(■•.. ,,-k..<! a month.'
.•\i* ii-ii.u of time to complete its
Notice*,  to amend   and  ndd   to
loci   ' i..1-1.lull'di   WM givoil.
M.- - i Hi I.in.I. Colli- nnd Bark
doll, were .i).|...iui»,l election committee.       I le. I.OII of    lilt. . llll! i..111)1
iifliisTs will take place Mny 1C;
under the referendum nyideui of
vol ing.
Alcxni.der S. I'r Uie. a prmiii
nent memlier of Nelson Miners
Union nnd for many years .. re.i
•lent of thin citv. ia tbiiigcroiisty ill
ut New 1 .enver. Fi'srn nre iintei
tnine'l of hi. recovery, mid he muv
Imi removed lo Kslaon.
Ill another (oliiiini tvill b foui.il
it letter from a minor who I ,*1..-- a*
the liiiucrn lliems.elv.-n slum tl ow.i
aud o|» i-.ii.- iuih.■- Tin, idea 1*
errtitiuly n good win. nn*l wc lie
lieve it ia the ullinmto .— -lut uu <>i
lhe labor | roblem for tho W. r. M.
Some of tho Colomdn Miners
Union, in.- ngilatiiig the (|ueeti<ui
"i si.n iii. ■; .. .1. i.-i.-i- fund, fit the
purpose of pninecuting etrikiu, tu
fight injunctions snd M.ti lalsor
h-giilstion, nnd to euforco labor
b;i-l.ition now uu thu -l.ilnles.
■        \ Wsitsfs t'li-ii.tl oAhmn
lut-t   .".tin.day    lli|*bl:   I'reeitlilil   (i
Ifiihlh: Sierelary Fred   V,  Kinith,
Tin* union sent'it-iii*i.i'ui.iiii.i,. i
th ier Nelson brother-,. Tha pros, nl
Hi-cretary of tbe Rosaland Dl i.ui
wna the lii-t in.in tn tnlk organiz<-
lion lo tlie ciNiltn in .VI-.... ami in
iT'i.-.-.|i.--ii. - was at .....'- di •
charged from a ^.....l -iiunt....
Tin re were '-'8 delegnti-B out of
tl..- •'•.' eh.>-•.. prBBBOl at tin, labor
convention nt Vunciuver lu.t wee
to inMill..uie Iwo cm.Inlit.** lo. ii..-
(.■••at election. The mee-ing wtte
very atormy, and hu-in. -- wan in
tertupti'd by aevrral motion, to
iidjoiirn. The fidloviiug were
named from whom lhe Iwo candidate, will bo iii-iiiiii.it--I at tlie
next in.-line; li M.'1'l..-rsoi-. C.
Woodward. Oeorge Hi.tht. Fred
Fouler, N. William, II B. Uiluiour
and Harry Oowan.
'I I.ui • dm of In-' waek tbe Vancouver city council pariaed a fair
wage resolution requiring nil contractor, on city work to puy their
employees the name wage* and
work them the r-anio number nf
I...ins .i- the cily doee it.employees
nt pr. scut The tiejtt day the pros-
|ieettvo contractor-, went after the
membera of Ihe council In such a
way Ihat Friday night another
meeting wna held si which th" reso
lotion was rewinded. A. the city
rx-HT'.is t„ expend l-OO.OOO fins
summer, it in iiutiir-lly su|qa *.<l ,.
low of Ihe .-..in ilui.ui   I.,..I   II i ir
llBII'l'- gri-IIBCtl.
Industrial World
Is the medium
by which the
reaches the
and the
can Know his
friends by
subscribing for
The Industrial
G. W. McBride
Hardware  Miners' Supplies Stove and
Rirges, Etc.. Etc
SW»»*.»*»«--a^-«sl-»-a.j » S1.!^ t>^ ,
The Crescent Fry Goods Co., Ltd,
Gent's Furnishing Department.
Summer Clothing and
I .ndcrwear
M *..s a I *r s,l B'r*j.*..t:.. jr.''ii -. IM ll I •• uot nndtnraar, issr su'i,
" land -lli.•    (in   ■   »   - $1   ll, $1.5-1.
I'i. Trn< is .nils, $1 in |*i C..u..n ril.ls.l ... drricar. sub. $2
Clash toal ami vest. $i!.10 M  lino underwear, |t»r lull, $3.j0
f >i(r (Ml and vast, $1 Natural -mil, Ull leiaeir, p-jr n't,
Al  O 11 a* il to—, $1 Ml In $3 50 )'.' I . II SO.
aid I a.'.,   I  an..!. $••.*.. *.■ filoO I-'oicymkelie iindcrwe.r. I.'.VI.
!' .,   I.--hii... . |, ji„|   . ill   I... .ii,., II,If  |,„.,, |,U|n  and (nicy.   '.*>.*
7.V ...$_-r0 lu SSj.
r io i* .bir... T.*>  ... 1.50 B'raw snd lln.n hai-.-Vi  in $135
i       ... Ooiue.  ihi'.*   $1.10   .$250 Boh and -iff Mt hats, f I to $•*> &> I I
Crescent Dry Goods Co., Ltd. i
1 • luiiiiiii! Ave., R<»-slfiii(l. B. ('. j
V.v N 'Phono 170
International Music Hall.
A   M   /,.■■!.. JalBH«*er        K   Kheki„an, I'mn.      Ifi'lni WsBSOT, Sap. ,M'r
A Japanese Courtship !
A M ny   Rellielin. Ilii.le.q*ie. ll ifhl   Music! I're.ty (lirls!
Subscription $2.00 per Year. *
Advertising Rates Furnished
on Application.
list Aiiitearancc of
Dorita Cordero!
Dtiniy Ihnwr
,,ii ii.WDKN      iimmi-'ii vnr     ObARIMI   IARXIB
.Simpson and Jones
1     (.ROGERS.
A Cnmpleto Stock ofOrtMBrleS ultvnvs on Hand.    Alno n Full Line
of Fancy EvapOtatsd Kruit- jusl received from Cnlifornia,
V. & If, Tel.*|.hone U.S.       BSOO. d Ave.. OppOsltl 0, P. R. Ucpot.


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