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Industrial World Nov 7, 1900

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\^a.t^JlaJ^A    \+%4^+*~1
Vol. 2, No. T***^
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Twice-A-Week iu the Interests of Organized Labor.        Official Organ of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and of District Union No. 6, W. F. M.
Made of heavy sheet steel.
Highly finished with nickel
trimmings, Economical. Dust
proof. Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in every respect.
>    It has many advantages over all other Heaters. .Ask
\ to see the Cold Air Blast Heater.     Pull
I Stock of all kinds of
I Heaters, Stoves and Ranges.
\   Hunter Bros.
!,'a|«yw<.-.t.-..i*;.i-;*-i....-*i*.*.>-T.»;-i-.-.-.-j*. ♦♦—•  • .-.-	
Our Display
of Warm
for meu, women and
children, from
60 cents
Up to $5.00
W.F. McNeill
nrxt hook to posroppice.
•   •    •    •     .*•    •    •    .-•■-.    .
to the corner of Queen J
street aud Columbia Ave.
W. K. P. & L. Co's. old
?   4
>»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 1-i-t-f*
Cure Headache Caused by Powder Smoke.
Sold only by
The Druggist.
* *.. ;.;.;.t.; ; ; ;-.--. . .      . -
Rossland Drug f
: Company :
Today thi buttle  between   ths   two gnat political partial fur supremacy in t'liunda will ba <l.tided, iuid the pity of it
is, it is a buttle hftvi-vcn ttvo ttrnngs. In every iiistunce, in every ctinstitiii-ncy in the Duminitin, tho cuiitc.-t lK-ttvet-n the
1 'ollesrvativi and Liberal cititliilutcn will bo decided by the votes of the wnrkuignii'ii. Workingmen, bluu'lcd to their own
int. rests by |uu'tixiiii*lii|i, blinded to tluir own intcrit-ts by political hut.' fur then neighbors, ivhn-c .iitcitwts nix* iden-
tioa] With their tum, .111* tliviilctl on tlicunc puint tvluirc they should lie unitctl, und in almost every instnnce Iheir votes
will be iccurdi'il for un'ii it'no take no uit.ii-t In thir ttelftire und who only seek to serve their own purpose! iuid ptuty
'I'hcre is nn ilu.iht Hint the result of Iiii* contsat will huve a great effect on the balloting in Yule I ..rilum, und Is.th
partial in tin* constituency us waiting the result throughout tba Dominion moat ..uxii.u-.ly. Amidst thi* So^pisaaed ex*
citciiicnt, the only uuu who gn on their any unconcerned by thi general re-ult, who feel tlmt it will nol affsot th.-TO nd-
wisely no matter which way it 1* decided, ..re the workeia in the fndspsndsnl Labor Party. Their oampaigp of eduoa-
ti.m go.*- ..,..,lily on, and they iia<- .lsily gaining ni-tv recruits. With the pussingof every duy their prosscta lor sun-rss
bine been growing brighter, uiuil nnu it NSma n certainty. Indications 1*.lilting to this ure not lacking. [Iruinincnt men
in bulb old |uirties ore evincing n desire to get in out of the wet. nnd are declaring for tne Labor candidate N.*\ts|Ni]H*r*i
of ►tuiuling nnd inllueiicc. recngni/aiig that tha growing sentiment in favor ut political independence is noon to he tho
dominant ona in tin* Kootsnsys ana lulling Into line, nnd nre naloui in thsir wppert ..f the man with a platform. While
1.then  hate  bonis  I'm*  brunt   of  battle, bat.* winked night und day fur the niuveiiient  lines Ita Inception,  while they have
Iniii -l.'.iulcitil ami reviled fur .luring to have opinions and expressing them these new accedons I a'psrty areno lesawel-
cine and their t«>rk and Influence no less ipt-redatsd, and today,, ihouldar toahouMer veteraniand rsernitsaia lighting
,„ fa ,.,ii*,. ..1 unprotactsd right igalnit tha imcs of entrenched wrung.
Tha moat ■thfactory taatan ..f lhe campaign i- the reception aocordsd tha Labor candidate wherever he bus appeared,   lie i* .1 fenrh-s. logical mid original thinker, a man among men, dearly head and  sliouldets ibova   In*   opponants in
even rcopsd
Looking  ul  lh"'  .|ii.--l."ii  Imm .un  p..—il.l<* view point, there can  I.  possible doubt, let the general result be 1th.1t
II may thai ths "Man wit'n a plattmtn" will raprsasnt Yai.-fariU*. ... the it..u*c -I Commons,
| The Strand
The Most Elegant and
Luxuriously - Fitted
Bar in Canada.  : : :
"     TIME FOR
It is now the time of year when the
weather is uuccrtain. Sometimes
damp, sometimes dry, sometimes
warm, sometimes cold. Be guarded
against colds aud wear suitable footwear. Wc have just thc article you
want.    Prices are always right.
Hi:i LABI* Foil KUI.KY.
Meander Dick Will Support
l   .1..I..UI.
the   Labor
A Fine Line ol tba
I Choicest Liquors & Cigars j
Tlie Cliff Dining Parlor
IIME*  woods *% smith. i'"t"""-...m
Mr.   \lr\.iinln   |)uk,  M.K..   OM "t thel
beet  known   Gboaorvativea m Kootenay,
Iuih  deviated  tiu.  allegiance tu  iht*   Uilmi .
candidate,   in -jit intanrlei whim apgMtf*I
■ "I  in ycMerday'*# Miner,  Mr.  I#u*k gave
-■it t tin  11MS-nil fur nm following tba
l titlavl \-lll.i'   IIUIIIIIH f.
In rrn   Nit    !>nk *-im1.
\.-.    I  IpfMVvNI Of Uh* atitude of    tin*
Minrr m  lln- .iittit-t, .uul   I  .uu  heartily
. iu qrmpathy with 11_« eetrfratinua ol a
I,  woridngman to oeropj a -.it in iiu- (.ut
R   p«I    iininl.     Il     hii-tn*.  to BM   Ulttt
f    lm- i*. in   i< 1 ui-J   Aim  lhe ili'iii.^rUh   ff*
.. 1 torn d| government m tlm eon-ntee. h it
¥ nlWatxt Uh|h-t«utit t.i break away (nun
L <dd party to**, ami 1 bav* •mrtM*M,ly
a    ivoided .ui eapreooion   of   opinion up to
* il»* tl.il.  An.) 1.nly tin mi tiuw  In «how
tit.it tin* t«-tilt ol iht* electiooa tomorrow
.I..*** nnt  weigh vxntli mc in thia Jvn-uni.
"W'n-it  changea "I    pnhey do you eon-
-viler  iit-a* --.ir.  .' '
"In tin* .%*£*• ut ever-aridening, ever-ed'
Qeeuolgne, thHt. theee officera uiv unfitted
hy their mining Mid   environment    t«»
|ini|H'i*ly upprct-iaU- the tei'lniy> ut >mii
volunteere-, hence tin* unpleasant differ1
onem uaually raaulting in their treatment.
lu thnt dayi when nnny reform is 111
lln- air. it illicit  .nit In* imiM tu serimi-ly
oonddtf thi* Crotn a Oinaduui itandpoinl
'Thtn tlicrt* t*. thc qnottioa ol mm-U
rvl'oitu.     I   lirlii-vr   tlmt   ni**.U;i»l  ol   au  ap-
|t»inti~n     -i-ii.iii*   the   mcond   ohnmber
Miouhl   lie   ch-vtive.     li    in     the   1 nitod
Ktotos. Life nppointnttnl li tn old*worJ3
Idea 'mi iu ooneonenca >\ it li u (uuailian
11 ii iMi.il -pirit."
"Wluit 1110 vmir \ :.■«-, r*Npecting IIk-
eleitiuii of lnl»or ropieNtttativ-M 1
"I mu op|KMi*i| t.i (lit-s leuinlation. hut
<u inv i»t in'. 1. it \*> onlv tuir to mvn
workingnten pmiH-r reprewntation. Hie
nio-i • i>iion* authorities, eho *Tia\Y gimp
phtl wilh Ihe IaImii' pmhlein, ktt Agreed
1l.1i tfn.it \irn»\ bai ramlted from the
election In parlianten! of reoognliad iMd
em at worMngnm! Tne •oberini reapon
■HiiUty of oftir* nanaily bai a beneRcU]
pffecl "ii 1 in* roprwenteUv. hlmaalf. Wn*
viewi Hf b km dined ami toned down
wfcen  he i- enllnl  upon lo ihiil  with  the
Best Home Cooking in
Board per week S5
Single Meals 25c.
cUui-nl... At.nur. tt, .1      \, a,   ii*. cily Hstl
,   ,   , t*. •*_ fu__j. inffalt!  >.f llu ntrt   ,1   lam.*, 'lln* ttn*
 UU *••**•     '  '" ■i«l—"--"'l« }"' l "»»'"   lnlr |„ „„. ,„. „, fa :.„,. Mr   • *,.- 	
t.. i.n„i.i, .. i'..».t. oolooker.  Ths irowtn  |fa( „,„„,,  w,|n |_m_M ,,,.. *.„,,,.!,
.„   iha 1-a.n.ini.... _ ...... pared   irttt ua _,,„__ |n |1m, ^  |( n_,   o|
United m.i.- .- J« Ir.-... -.t.-i*.-i"r  ••„ vi.nr>    .,*,,„ Vilm l(riin
Br man) thia ia beliaveu^to bs^daa to the  K|    V( ,,   ,.„.M  |!n| mh __, Mmti
llanndc t'l.rnuel. lhe InKuence ...' Mr. Mn.*
Ik.nald.    tcl.o.    ttli*n belter undent i
alt-i.tt.'   ol   »   moti*   imly   luitiulial   .pint
im- 11111*1 poiaal utttti- in tin. i-apni pro
mt-* rn ilu* Hailed Mil.- .* tin* mteaaa
I .ilit..t.*ui   nl   lit*   people,   and   a   ii.ilji.lial
l-nd.*.  ttli.'h  hi* been    .ullivnt.-.l  lit   it-
.t/ii.—uiin    Who would etc. macMt the
idrM «.i k-.-.nit tn tha'oh) .mini-.* fnr   Mi
■ -lb...   t iiuuatiil  tha  Anu-nctti nt-niy *
Why i* it  iin.t-a.iy tur the nincr.il SUn-
t...in.hn.-  in I'.ui.ula tn la* wlnt.-l  ... Ilu'
Moimrland t   Kxperleoea h.* proved lo
the .«»r»  nl    Sir  Slby  Sniiih,    Hcncrnl
Ll    s>r   I'm <l   Mnl.ll.i....  uml  ticncrnl
Kitchen Requistes.
Wc do not mean Furniture or Tinware but good
pure Groceries such as wc supply daily to
housekeepers in the city making them good i
natural and happy. Our prices arc within *
the reach of every working niau.
124 Eaat, Columbia Avenue
»A\*»»m\A\****m\***4am*<» a******************************
I Hossiana Bonanza Gold tiling and
milling Co.. Liinsi
I N*. IVr.on.l l ia luu. I
CAPITAL, 1,000,000 Shares at 5 cents each,
Trkasi/ry RlSBRVB, 6ootooo  Shares.
All Pronioters' Stock |4oo,coo Shares] is Pooled
I'tr.liltnl.s     W.   I1\l I      sl,prrlnlrnjfnl   Inttl  Ml**  llfW
v ■   . -IT, siiVnl   JOHN I II /-Ml I I 11. I ..remsin Wat I »iilr ■ml CmM 9l«r tVtft*
Trnsmm* u, w. mi'iin  ilank-M . ftMfetan.H w. c. jacka
lHfcvUr»;    5. J. Hr«i|n. minrr; R. J. lUltnur. maairr mrchank War llaile and
c»mr- »ur 1l«f* . J- w* Clulf. lUrfitter ami MMtOTi
tManaflnf IHiewinf. ft. JJJ. HAU.
The Bonanza Mine.
Thr totn|Mny owna Ihr  UoMIW Nn. 3 land an i-e ad'
A lull *irrii  rmnntl rUnn, 00 M.   LbOBMi
ttiniiiil-Min,   Ihrre   ind   a   lull   nnh-i   (rom
lilriil-atorir   on  Uia  uijui   Uul   11'Hn   R0i»
The -rlniin in tmverik-d lijf trvetit le«l«ea Icliim   |l.5Wi fort),
of  ttrr  milting gold  on*.    I»n   the  «rntr.t'
or   (QaOOtfTV   lodge   a   liinnel   hn*   hern |
^^^^^^^^   ne ol $15 per t»n. Tl.e
I    ■. *hith *>«h deptli »l thirtv tiv.   i..i|
»li(.us ni.irlv Ihii leet nl $*._ ore.
.\     hra    w\     m «■ rt    hi*    b en
tg  Wort  in   th *«    tunne     with    tbe
lent ion ol oootinnlnt it n_hi thimi*_h th*
r»i-ni*-e-i| lh«' hiartl ininporl of the roiil
ma'teiW. Aa the Hi ti-h net hnt b«»en
cmiieil in the I'niletl Platen, nnd all (W
rnhniie.. nnd in In fart nr.iiiienllv lhe
liw "** Ih-'i-h Ci'ii-til.i.i. ii mav Im* mil}
tJmt Mr. UeeDonald'i Inflnenee anw world
wide W| i" Iha oaaM <>f Mr. Hurt, md
many oflier labor lanrfert who haea or
. • • i■ i*-il neeti In ilm Itnti-'n porllamenl.
The eondlHona in Oinaiti hi* nol axean
iioii.il.  ;ini|  ihe  -chi't-nn   i.f   \\nrWnttnati
t di intent    ihonld  ha anenun* ied  I *
rhoM whn fe*1 Intcreated En Mclal re
'Thr old inrtc-*. 'polnl with pnde' i"
tlw-ir iiHi** i-nveieil platforma nnd invnrl
ii. v \nw «it'n .il.inn' any 1-egiHmata it<-
gmnii baaad on " careful -imly of tocUl
eondlUoni ud calculated t-» confer ihe
hlaanlnf "f hieher clvilliaUon on man
kind-    S'lii-Jnie*.* i* then-   beaattlitg nn.
They forj-rt the laaaoni "t MttorT, tl t>
podtion to reform** during ine |i.t*t BU
wmi-. .ni-l the onward wareh ol the in
nnii'ii.mt datnooncy'. 'Pointing with
prida' tn dead lanea. and 'eiaarlng with
i' ii in* the .'ill quaatiot* -ii the tune anil
not retard ihr iiiugioM "i reform, Klfrj
fnit >iio> m "fa-* oonmered alnnwt crim
nml to adv.>, nie maaaofM nnw  accepted
.i*<   tl RUltOn   Ian   <•(   the  hind.    Manv
Dotal la vaamplei of tin- tint will ba i*aad
ly recalled hava occurred during tha Vit
inn,m et.i. Yei tn Canada both partie*
oii'in t.i hava drifted ■way From national
and **"'ial'quoatlonii « hJle pmfonon 'i
politlciana ire engaged in an unaeetnly
rtrag^e foi i'i.-!"-, power iml pelf. Mr.
I .ih \ haa dit|»lijred moderation in thi
i i-i nul mi m\ [udgmenl hii olet tion in
md a ntanaci to in)  -iTnted Uiterwt
Opera   Qouaa Crnwdiil   Wdl   C'arr>*
! «; ■ i ■ 111-.* '*. i>|Htti hiMiw wah orawdad
Monday m^iii by eleeton Intaraatad in
the campaifni Cram u inlmr ]-<m\ nt view,
Tha candidata ^ioka fm an hour and a
half, ami made a good Unpfwfon tndaadi
OonaarvnUva labor man diN-lnre that he
wtii carry tha <>t> il imt the n*ii)«.
Oandldate'a Itinerary.
Ckndldata Foley h>m u-ithin the Luit
few   •lav*-1   held     meeting  at  Arruwheud.
ifolden .iml Field, and -in-.ti.- at  Hev«<4-
■UMta  Mnti-hiy  niyhl.    He wttn Wpaetod l»»
*-i»-.ik .it Salmon Ann   laat  night,   mid
will   hv   in   kaiiiNui|-n   t-ninjtlit       A-*li-ruit
ii ill  In-  rialtadi  ulnh'  laltunet  runt (Itntnti
may be viatod by hm.
How WUI Ymi VoU ?
.\   VOU    for Chrk   Knlev   i-  a   Voto    fnfl
governnwnl nUlwaya, uMtration ol indua-
trial ili*t-iit---, uduidon of A-iitu- inuni-
gmntt) aboltlon of the Mnata and tha aa-
tahli-liineiit nf a nalmnal eitrht-hntir day.
A  V6te '"'   Mat-NVjII or d'alliher i- a VOtO
ifjatnit Foley and bia plutfumi-l'ay-
A  \\'*tl\- *>vit in Sandon.
i.-iK.ii   iM'ittiMii enthnalaam  Ea wanning
Up a little, hut neither lie l.il-i-t il DOT
t'tir ('nn*ei vativi* i»uty lui* any at ti\>'
• ■I ganlanUoOe und the u-nrk it all l-'im;
dona hy ihe [ndependenta. It it ttenerally
conceded   thai    F.-Uv   will   havi-   a   vralk-
over in Sandon( and reportn from Whiti
Water   and   Bloom   lake   iHiintt     induate
that he will Ret altnool the total vote iii
thoat plaoea,   Payatreak
thit meant  tin
'Ie-I(te   will   bi-   et|-lured   and   tonnage   de
• i    i I  moat  r.iii-IK.   Kvery two lent nl
drifting   "ill   add   at   lea*t   one   |»h>I   nt
be I die has w d nel    t>   ■ u t
i  w«-rk w.a teaiimei.
driven fit tv Irel. iu ore all the way. which
haa    an    evemg I    wilh    ot    t *- •    fe t
Treasury  Shares.
OI thr Ofn.Ono thare« in the tre,i«my. Ihr   io* -aharrt aa followt
dire* tort hate been authonced In aell \0*\ ^|	
* 40,000 Shares at 3c. and 60,000 Shares at 5c. J
_ At the first sliarflioltU-is' meeting held I'll October]
IN, those present  sulisciiluil   fnr   22,000 shares at|
\ rent*;, leaving Ottt Of the first block
Only 18,000 Shares at 3 c.
Trn Thousand 5h»r,a hn-* «intr hrrn told an nnl> «.nno *hafr* at • ctn\n are Irlt
ir..! r i nr to »he lecratary
I or Mharra or Inlnrmatlnn tppi* to any director, to anv
P.O. thii 161
ltOSM.4Nb. tl
H.W. C. Jackson!
p....ma g and I
O. HkKk.
Not  laikert nta   at   Ymir.
\t the Independent Parte rally in !Cid-
-..»i  Raturday  nnrnl.   Mr Daley <>f  Ymir,
11 (ireecnt, ind apokc at aoma h-infih.
Mr. Daly -an) that tin' urn kinsmen of
hi-* town wen* not Inkeujirin in their
-arpport of Chrii KoleVi and thi politi-
clani who Imagined Ihej were wouul
have their ejpea opened on election dav.
l*nit announcement   wai    reeatvod   with
K-i'i -.
New Cbnverta
If-   -i    Mi.l|..
Will wager ii; to 1 thai both in t'ne
1 tiitt-i Htatea and in thii Dominion! one
or Iba other mM nl aooondtoli will he
alaeted. It fot believe whal li printed
tn the newpapen onl) ragnm -in1 ninmim
f-ir nili.i' iii it-ill in.-,   Midway  \-i
VYUka m sK.\*i Kootenay,
rSaturdaj nlgiil n waa derided that the
•Id   part}   ipall   hinder*   should   OOt   hi-fi
everything Iheir own way In Baal KiMit
i-nav.   aiul   Jamefl   W 'Ik***   wa»i   m-mI   out   OH
Iheu   trail,     l.'-pnrta   reieivt-d   atnte   tlwit
he 1- Hghtlng tham lo  • rtandrtlll.
i If   North.
Candidate Poles  i" meeting w-ilh muoh
vnonnragemenl In the north i«art ol   ihe
iniiatilileiii y.   itld   e\i-i v * lu ii-   ha   troea   he
1- greeted  o»tb large   nnd   ennhonlaidti
.TowN.     Itt'lMiitioiw  potal   t'»  a  land-lidi'
111 hit fivotf along Ull main line ol tin  C
iv R.
The putt week wltneaeed Important nr*
ceaa'ona t<» the Independenl Uibor Party,
coming fmm both old partie*. The Rowland Mnnr. ilwayi a atauncfa Ubetil or-
gan, haa *■- nr ut itrantlv In miptiort of
l Mr. Kn'.y.  whle  Mr.   Uexmder    Dick,
I known far nnd wi-le .it .1 Rial Wirt C011-
tfiTati\e. haa declared iii** 'nt/nti m --f
voting Tir and wo*1ring In the Interaata
of the labor candidate ihe-- addtlona
to tin- woften <»f the party trill undoubtedly ha*e a larg" Influence «>n t'i»*
remit, and their effotii w)'. no doobt,
'> inpreriated by the put] ind will not
be  f-tt-gotten.
Greenwood Worker*.
nreenwnodi Wov   Srd, i!»""
Iii'lu-irial World,  Romland:
Our organftatlon i* now well undof* way
Mid our commit tee* ■***• getting down to
work, making a ptettj general canvaa,
and they report great buccc - from every
quarter md 0Bf Reneral MNnrnHtee an*
liMtUinic after many outidde unoinaidteo
point.**, and irom a vi-r. coneaevative aa-
tiniale   we   will     give     Mt     Mey   ■   vi-rv
auhatanUa] majoritj over both thi other
I  ran  n*!!!*"'  fOH  ll»'l  our  worker* nre
u 1 hi 1 'll r laiei Ihi work it *n
i.|e.t-imi. aa ail raeeeteful work 1- pk
.mt. Our committee rooms (the only
one open In lownl -v Utc aeeno nearly
I'niv niu'lit of great anniri-ea !" the
nli ,*,. nf v..t. pt from both old ; 1 rl
ind th- v have 1 ome to 't ty.
We are anxlooaly lool ing for* ird U>
our Mr maetina trttonever Mr Koley i in
.ome to ii*.   Vonra,    R.  T   Rvana. Heoi
WECNESDI.    November 7, 1B00
The Industrial World
\  Bemv-weeldy   Edition.
Publiabed at the Miner'a Union Hail,
Koaaland, in the interest of organised
labor  in  Uritiiah  Columbia.
■stared at tbe Komland, B. G\, poat-
ollice for tranamiiaBon ibhrough the
maila, November, 18W, aa aeoond-claaa
reading matter.
II.  C.  Tbompeon,   fcJditor  and  Manager.
Office   at   Miner'a   Union   llall.
Payable Invariably  in Advance.
Oae year       $2 00
bn  monthi          125
(Three montha           75
AddifMn all communications to the In
diwtn.il World, 1'oatoUice Box 558,
Rowland,  B.  C.
Tbe lnduatnal World     for -ale at thc
fallowing   newa   depo   .
Simpson's  Newa   .-i.ind.
U.  S.   Wallaces  Stationery   Store.
|     Iintoa Bros.
P. 0.  News Stand.
Barr'i  Cigar  Store.
Canada  Book &  Drug Store.
Mcuae   Broa.
King t Co.
Seen t.n ie* of all uniona are authorized to receive aubecriptiona for the
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 7, 190ft.
K. .1. Dcane - a na to In* k pt busy on
bin tr.ixels ni convincing the aleotora
thu tlie appointment of the lloyd Com-
miaafon to Invaitigata the qnoation ol
Oriental Immigration wim not a poLUeal
move on tha ptrt of the government,
whole columns from him appeiring 11
the oooat   pepera davo! si  to  tha'  iml.
At  the w»tni, time he has nothing I" W >'
on  .iti-.   other que-Mion.
Qallihar  and   M:h-Nh1I  arc  before    the
oin tor-* ,.u aii appsaJ to prejudice, Chrii
Foley has a i-Int form.- I'ay»tic.ik.
The   Wl-.m   Mim-'   -till  ■nOTta  over  il-
den it nn the iubi-hoiir quaatioo,   It now
hi.it-.   tint    mining   men     whn     left    Ihe
province is month* ago are now returning
and Investing money in minion bote "in
ggdte of tho evil hoar law," Burs, we told
von  they WOOld.
A newepei or   reporter   dreamed
one niidit ihut the editor had d ■• 3d
ed   to  ^<t   out   nn   edition    ihat   WM
entlrely ntiafactory to everyone.
Fiery Item thai waa broimht in
waa carried all around to diftwnl
housea and if any objactiona arera
raised   it   «a-  promptly   "kilted."
At l\ i-.ni. the |kijmt went to pros'
.- usual, and u'nen (In- patrons nn-
folded it thai ■ venfng they tound
nothing hut a blank ahect. The
editoi of tbe papei rfepl aweeUj
!■■ it night, reilhdng thai he nad
■ ', nothing to oftenH   uiyi
Hi I      tint      hi-    pS|iei     »a-    elilii    l\
aatUfai ton
ihu  on Chauncc)
There ,**i* i Immnroua feature i" con
Beetton with Ihe plenasnl nne* that •••
• ni"-I during Renator Chauneey M* !>••
pewV campaigning -it t «*»lile*kilt yeatei
da)     Senator  Dejiea   waa  rudel)   Intel
rnpted    daring I ITorts    to    make   .■
speech, hut one ol the retort a lo In- re
ni.uk- waa clevei enough to hear repot i
tion "I-*, there a man in thia crowd wlio
know- arhal lh to l meana .•" naked Ilie
senator In an of-co_r*-**there-i*-nol tone.
' Y- ' vi* the prompt reply from an old
son of Erin. "It moans you have 16
D     M  to win  In-'ni mi on four luu   New
Yot!     Ceul I       The    aennloi
gaa|M>d at the nt*''. while Tne crowd
rou. I
wtnii.n OK i.Ai'.-u:
\ 17,800^000 ti.e treat ha- been formH
in Texsa.
Railroad btackamftha of vVinn'peg navi
org ■"■•/- 'i
'The cotton trade of Mexico ia depreaa-
i*l.   Everywhere nHIa era nm on redu pj
Durum the la»d. fiscal vear Ihe T,o(rm>-
Uve  Plremen'a  I'nion gained R.700   new
A Chicago man baa invented a machine
to din dit.jim that   will ka\v Ihc lalW of
l.V men.
Ai St. koala, Mo., a union of retail
elerka waa lately ofganlssd atartfng oul
with 1'ki membeio,
Joumeymen Dakera are agitating to
secure the enforcement of a. universal
ton hour day on Mav let, tool.
Carpenter* Mil vote iii*»n the propoal
tion of removing headnuartete from
Philadelphia to [ndianapolla,
It ii itatt -l thai after aim lion f	
the Iron and rteel trusts --til combine   \
fniHt  of all  tiu-t* i*. not   itr off,
A Si I i ii, I*--*- helpo her hush ind
gnek stones In one of the street*. Sho
say** ahe would i it Int do io than u i.-h
Cloth- -.
Utiles on Which Elections Are Uonduoted,
New iuuI Useful Provisions,
i Thc Dominion elections aot of )r*-*l Marion oonaoUdated tkt law relating to election to the UoUiO of CommonSi As a general rule t-hc olauaea arc a reuniu-tmcnt of
fm: old law, but imuiy new and useful
provuioiui have been made which jnjiiplily
and Improve the procedure and tend tow*
ardrf the prevent ion of frauds at elcc-
tiont. Thc duties, of officera and othein
concerned in elections arc briclly deaorib-
i*| below, though the act imwt in till
awes be consulted by &OM interested.
i lune-* of Returning Officer.
j Ou receipt of the wtit the returning
officer is tu endorse thereon the date ot
itu receipt, and take Ixtfot'c a Justice of
the Peace the prescribed tmlh ol Oflioe,
lit* Miii.-i   then appoint in writing au elee-
tiun clerk, u> whom he ima*t admimater
Oie oath of office, Without delay he must
adiHt a poUmg booth m each eubdivution
aud   within  eight  daya of  (he  reeeipt  of
the wnt laaue a proclamation giving the
date and place for the nomination ut can*
dwhiten and the day oi eleotlon, il tneie
ia a contest, with a Iwt of the polling
places, Tho proclamation im^i he posted upon hutr oonapicuoua placea in each
city, town, village (or ward), townahip
or pariah at Isaat eight days before the
date  of   nomination.
Tne returning officer Will preside at the
nomination of candidates, which will be
from 12 till 3 p.m.; will examine and
verify thc nomination papen, and. in
ease of u content, will receive from eaeli
candidate a deposit ot $200. If one candidate only is duly nominated he will be
dclared elected, and the returning officer
ahould forthwith endorse the writ and
make the neeoayary return to the Clerk
of tbe Crown.
In Case of a Conteat.
If there is a contact thc returning officer will IsBUS a notice giving in alphabetical order t'ne names of tbo cauuulatet,
with their residence* and occupations,
'lhe notice must without delay Ih* pouted
up in the same placea aa the proclamation. He must fiii tbe necessary number of t>allot-pa|H-ra printed, using for
tbe purpose the .special paper tiinu-'ned
to biro by the Clerk of thc Crown. Kvcry
ballot -paper niitot bear thc printer's
name, and be stamped on the kick by
the returning officer with a .-lamp fur-
niabod by tbe Clerk of the Crown, 'lhe
l--ill.it papers must he bound in hooka ot
25, 50 or 100. They will he unnumbered,
, but thc studs will be numbered 'Ihc form
'ol in.- ballot-paper is new. The namca
of tbe candidates will be in alphabetical
order, and a wide, black bar will nepar-
ate the names. There will be no circular
disc after the name of the candidates, as
in Ihe 1890 election, but there will be a
dear Wnite space after each name. The
returning officer must obtain from the
printer an affidavit of tbe number of
ballot-pepera printed by him. II" will
select and appoint in writing a deputy
for each polling Hubdivirfion, who nm-.!
be a resident of the electoral district, and
furnish   each   with   a   ballot-Box,     ballot-
paper-, voters' Hal (certified by lum-win,
(•lank poll>book, forms of oattan   printed
instructions, a copy oi the ael, -lalionery
supplies and copies of tho direction* to
Two daya at least before tlie dsy ol
ehition the names <»f the deputy returning offioeu and the hoot In ul Which Ihey
are to act must tn> communiostsd t<> tue
candidates or their agent*-. Before noon
of the day prior to the election a h««t
iinL-t be exhibited in the office nt the returning officer giving the name* sud n»
Ott|)Stioni ot the deputies and poll clerk*
and their respective booth*, and free inspection of t'nc li-i itiii-*t be penulttiit.
lin ths day ot election the returning officer should, ho far -v* practicable, mi
that the election is being conducted regularly and in accordance with tha law.
Duties   of  the   Klcetion  Clerk.
The election dark, who tnu**t be a resident of thc electoral district, will, after
taking the oath  of office, do the clerical
work of the returning officer, should aae
io the poatrag up of the proclamation and
notice of election, and generally a.s-int the
returning officer In the carrying out oi
the net.
Whut Candtdatea Must Do.
No property or other qualifications for
a eandi'laie is necessary, Any person may
he nominated In writing by not less than
twst) live electors, The signature* of the
nominating electors must be verified by
i.ie oath of the witneaa nr witnsaess. The
candidate must consent in writing to ma
nomination and hi- signature must he
verified.   If the election is contested   e
deposit of $_ini miiMl lie mnde by each
candidate. At or before the lime ni
nomination every randbbite must declare
in writing to the returning oflieer the
name aud iddiesa of an agent, through
whom -dl accounts mint, be paid, and to
wnom all elaim* must be sent within I wn
montha after the election.   The returning
OfbCer inunf announce the natnea and nd*
drc-K«c-* of the ngenl*. A candidal** mav
withdraw  at   anv lime before lhe (dosing
of the poll Tiy hhng a declaration In writing,
-.gents or Bi i utlneera.
Kvcry raudidate may have two agents
at even polling booth. A written authority from the candidate i-*** nol eaaentfat,
but any person having a written authority ii to have preference over anyone not
a., provided,
Cortlfloatea may he if-wuod by ilie returning oflieer to enable deputies, their
i-oii clerks and the agents of a eandinate
to vote away from Iheir own polling
Snb-dlvlalons,   nnd   at   the   booth*   where
[they are on duty, bul nol mors than two
certificates or each oaadidate'a agent* may
In* issued  for any nne booth.
Deputy Returning Oflieer,
' Kvcry deputy returning offloer niu*l be
a resident in the electoral djltrict, After
receiving his apfioin-linnnt he should enre-
fully study the printed instruction* leaned
to him, and make himself acquainted with
jbis duties. Iff. mu/d appoint in writing
a poll clerk, nnd administer to him the
oath of offlee and hll up nnd *ign the
proper certifienTe Iherenf. nnd before f>
a. m. on  the .l.iv before ele.linii send to
the returning officer the natne .Tn.l occupation of the poll flerlc. 'Hie poll u ill he
he|.| between Ihe hour* of J' B. m     nnd D
, p. m. In good lime before the opt nil ■
of tlm poll ihe deputy returning oflieer
fdtould aee that, the polling booth i« properly rifted up iml screened, If no request
**d fifiecn mlrratea before the poll open*
, he miiif Ofl Uie demand of nnv ftgent C-OOOt
in   hia  presence   tho  number   of    ballot-
papen and permit examination. At the
hour for opening the poll the ballot-lsix
lnutst  he opened,  emptied and  (Tien  lock*
! ed up.
j    The poll clerk will keep tho poll hook.
, in which he must enter the number of
eacb voter, his name, address .occupation and Qualification, and alter each entry write "Voted," '\Swom," "Affirm-
ed," "Refused to affirm," nr "Retuaed to
answer," ua the cn.se may be. He will al
ao assist the returning officer    ullor the
| close of the poll.
How Voting Ih Carried On,
A person on attending to vote must
give las namo and occupation, und if so
[required must take the oath of qualification, l^e deputy returning officer muat
i place Ins initials ou the back of every
bul'ot paper, iuid a number m\ the back
J of the attached counterfoil,   Ths ballot
papSV ami counterfoil, after being detaeh
led from the stub, ahould be given to the
voter, w"!io, alter uiarkina the ballot
paper, should fold it so tii.it the Initials,
stamp and number i-uji be aeon, and return it  to tha deputy returning officer.
I A |wrsnn  who ha.* been  personated  ma>,
i on taking oath of identification, receive
an  ordinary  ballot \ apcr and   vote.    Ilhl-
eratea and othen unable io mark their
own ballot-papers may, on taking an oath
of Incapacity, 'nave their ballot papen
marked for them.
Making Vo Results,
(hi the close of the poll the spoilt ballot papers must be put into mi envelope
and sealed up. Tho names of voter- OU
the pollbook having been counted, a I er-
ttfioate of the total must bu written out
and signed by the deputy, alter which
he will unfold and count the ballot*, permitting full nomination of every ballot.
Every     objection     to    any    Kaiiot >papei
I muat be noted in writing and numbered
land the correapondlng number plaocd on
the bXUot-paper md initialled. After the
count has been made a -Mimmaty nl the
reault must  Is- matte, nml the ballota tor
aai h aandldate, and ihe apollad, rejected
.in,i unused ballot -papers placed In aep-
arate envelopes, sealeil ami endorsed
I The agents  nuiy also attach  their sign a
j tun's and seaJs to each package A atate-
I ment   of the  result   11111*1  be written out
j in triplicate, one copy being retained by
I the deputy returning officer nnd another
1 placed in a sealed envelope for the return
ing  officer.    A    .similar statement  must
Im- given to eacb of (he agent 1 ronuiring
it.  and a ropy afterwards sent bv regis
tend    letter    to    earn    candidate.   The
deputy  returning  Afficer and    pull  clerk
must each take the prcsrrilied oath thai
the election has boon regularly conducted,
j All the documents in tlieir proper anvel
j opea. other than  t^e statement-i of    tlis
rrHuH of the poll,    must  tnen be sealed
up  in  one  laiy**  envelope and  depodtiil
I witb    the    statement   in   the   ballot-box,
j which  must  be locked    and    -*k-aJed   and
taken to the ret limine officer.
In a ac a rate envelope the D. R. 0.
should enclo-w the accounts of 'bim-elf
and poll clerk wit.h (be bill fnr the birr
of ths 1>on|b and the re**etpt of *Sr coti>
stable, when there is one    In making out
these accounts ptrict raaerd *b*"iid be
I paid to tb«* dlreetfona given tn tbe •'•'"
ntv returning 'iffi**cr*.   if   t-hts   \*   n-t
I done t'nere will be cnn*ider*ible dele* ■
v 11mg   the   aecntint*t   pi--n'd     and     nsM.
I The oer*on who deltven near the bai' I
box mu*t  make -in nflTnla-ir in il-* fine
prescribed thai it h.t* not been tan*'er
eil witb.
Returning Officer's Rtatement,
At tfic time and place mentioned the
returning nfflrer will, if 'nc hai received
«ll the ballot boxes, open them nnd -urn-
mariaa the return- and declare olcclnd
Ilie candidate having the largest vote,
giving himself ,1 carting vote in OSSS 'J
a tie. Il«» ihnuld then return the Iwllot*
hn-m to t'tte proper authorities, and,
after the expiration of six days from the
iiuumttig up, make a return of the elee*
Hon lo lhe Clerk of rtie Crmm. witfi the
different p-i, l.a_,-s of ri»|»cr*. ilainfM, etc.
lie *hnuld also return to tin- candtdatea
the deposits made by t-ictn   nntaaa they
hare 1 e-onie forfeited, in whirh event
he *dtould ae, mini for the mnip to the
Crown. TTe should, without delav. make
np In* rieetion aceonnl etnl fnrwar.1 it
with the BCCOUntS of hi* deputies, t iknu
core to comply strictly witn the tnstrue
I ifmi-> issued to him.
In C-se of a Re-count
Wiiliiu four dsys ot the summarising
<if the vote by the returning officer any
candidate may apply for ami obtain trom
a .ludge a re.,.mil nf the Votes, nnd, OD
bring  notified,   tba  returning odwermuet
attend with tha bundlee of ballota aad
other papen before the Judge and   i»e
prfwiit while I pens tin- pam-lii   -vi.l
counts the ballot papers. If there vt a
re-count tbe leiurn is not to l»e made tO
the Clerk of the Orown until the Judge
givm his osrtificate,
Kluction  Kxfwiiaes.
Within   two  months after the  election
every agent is to lile with Ibe returning
Officer 1 detailed statemi lit nf the* ek*
tion expensca With the bill- and VOOOfe'
en, and ths returning ofTnor 1* to ad-iT
tise an abalnii-t f»f the Ststsment «t tbe
eand wis te a  expense.    Any    person     may
ilis|»eet   the   a ml,     l.i'la   .md   TOUchSH
on  payment   of  .1   nominal  fee,
Thoae wim * moot  Vote,
Among  the  peroona who are ilisquall-
fii**l   from    voting    ;M     an     etsctlt'O    aro
I Judges appointed by the Governor General, tne returning offloer (except in eaae
of 1 tie), the election dark and anv per
Iron who is rc-nciviuiz <>r hxpecti to Krefvi
I any ramnnerai lon for lervleaa   rendered
in oonneotion with the election.   Deputy
returning offioars-   poll clerks and 00a-
gtablsi may vote.
Tho provisions of t-lie net ni-i>ly geciec
ally to all elections in the different Province*, but there are ooine sptrml provi*
niouH for I'n 1 ice Kdwurd Ishiud and a
low particular conatltuenriesi
The young women of lla/ehon. I\i.,
have boycotted all t'ne men who refused
to strike and decline tii daiue wilh them.
The street car employee of Washington,
D. C, have organized and have aeeured
the recognition of Iheir omployeOfc
Bevaral hooka have   been   printed In
I London by the new procow of printing
without ink, t'ne impression being uuwle
by electricity.
Kifison's plan to cheapen electric power
by   abolishing   dynuinor*   will   throw   hundreds of mcchunics out of employment,
All  the bakers in  Madrid, Spam,  have
gong  OUl   on  strike  for liigher  wages an.I
a municipal inspection of the bake HotlSS.
'Hie  pbttnliera in the district ot Stock-
, ton-on-Tee-*,  Kngland  a it on  a stnke  for
I an  advance nf a  penny  per hour, or  4s
I Od  per week.
j Every Gennen paper in the I nit*-l
Rtatea except one in Chicago is under the
[uriadlctlon of the lypograpblcal Onion.
The Ur.dber'hiM.d   nf  Kleelri.il   WOrften
;;in* n.nv being thoroughly organlted. Thev
[have doubled their ineinbcr-hip in lhe list
nine months,
A peculiar feature of the atrike "!
electric linemen nt T-or Aneles, Cal,,   is
I.til    there  are no  ill Feellnga between   I he
cmntoyeea aud emnlayes.
The operative pbimlH>rs of T.civls, V.'--:
land,  have given  notice of a demand  for
mi advance of id per hour,   the   present
rate being s ■ 2*1 per hour.
The 'ta-ongahoremen'a Union of Osklsnd.
Cal.. have joineil the Rnlldlng Trnde-
Council nnd will refuse to handle am in 1
litials made bv unfair linns.
P. Burns & Co.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Revelstoke, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL  MAKKKl'S    li,..Hl,ui,l, Trail,  Ki.ln.in,  Ymir, Kailo,  Ssiulim,
New Denver, tSilverton, Cascade City, (irsnil Forks, Ore nwood,
4. l'lioenix, Miilwav, Camp McKinney, Revelitoke,
T Kerguion and Vanoouver.
x Fish, Game and Poultry in Season, Sausages of all kinds
\ WM. DONALD, Mgr. Rossland Branch.
Best im Cheapest Lots
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Ainu ivU-_Uj cOiu^iibbiUiN.
i_C  bueiulury    Ivt
rui iu*3ii Ui
ul    l»t'
-ill    Llilull.S
Ita    La*.,
[ilie lu.lowing is ii copy oi a letter now
( tvui  uj   u. C,  L/iuUto-   Bt*-icLury ui
; ill HU
ol    yuu i
una ui
or  ou
u. i.i- j:
..IIL.I1.      I
viiineae    OUUllUlSalUU     iu
li-".   nuu.va in tuu 1'ioiiuce.
      _    JVg   IbttVt*    iU    li_nuc.iL
1-iiuLb aim ivuoor \. iiuiiLii uuy
iriiuuiuu  tu j our  pu&buaisioiij
iu py you, uuurim upuu mo nuujcvi oi
uuteti  uuu iitipttU-tfta  1111111.^,1 .iiu>ii
trUt&u  L omnium,    lor   the   Uu_   ol
o^.u    Luiuiuis&iuu   io  emu tux*   inlo
'IIils   mtorinutiuu,   if
i ver:
l. 'ihe number of Cfatnew uml Japaowe
iloyeil iu uuy trutlu or uul un try
mi  represented   ny   your
-'.   iLite.- ol  pay.
.  i.iint-. ui tueir competition,
I,  I OUtUtions uittUT wini It  tliey Jivi
>. LfeairabUlt)  or otherwise ol min
j Ubjectiona-   U ,iu>,   t
Koasland   Carpenters Returns From the
Land of the Midnight Sun.
possible,   should
in lhe
Alex. J, McDonald, t, member <>f the
Rosaland Carpentans1 I'nion, who went
to Nome   'il>t May,   returned   Saturday
from the North and will spend the Winter
iu  Ronland.     During    the  summer  Mr.
MeDouuM   wns   engaged   in   working   at
luun- ! his trade in tlie northern eity, and Staked
gome olaimi whieh he oonaidera valuable.
Olaimi wry close to Iur have yielded
$9(J to the torn. He will return in tihe
HI wing to work them.
Mr. MeDonaltl repeat* the Bame fttory
told by alt returning Nomer-s, tiiat the
distriet is ovt-remwiled, that there nre
too many men there and that but vory
few of them OOUld hope to wiccecd.
Vou cannot get a cigar in any bar in
.he city tor less than 12 1-2 ecnta. Then
why not ask for a cigar that is worth
the money; a Crown Grant or W. B.
1'ifteen   hundred    journeymen   pIumlierH
employed by 115 nrms in Pittabutg etnioh
for uniform  wagtv and a revision of   the
mien  governing  the  tru-do.
Smoke   Urown
Uraat     Ugars.    Blue
i i.i*.-
olaas »'i
.'N'l'ar.iie report  from  everj  Trades
•u,     or   labor   orguuiy.ution,     jiliih.ih'tl
It li your i ouui'il, dealing speciticaU)
iii iiio effects oi I'ltine-e and Japaneae
mpetition in their particular trade or
lus try.
Any other Information tbat In   the
'union  nt  your Council   may  be ot  Ner*
t.i the commtaaion,
l-Yll [Spiles to tins letter ahould De
Centre Star Miner Hurt.
James Paul!, a miner employed in the
Centre Bter, w$m severely injured by s
faking rock Saturday.   He was working
in one of tii** lower levels when a rock
fell Mm) Ktmtk him. Hia leg wis broken
and   he   ►fli-tauied   other     but   lighter   in
juries,   Mr. Paul! [s a member ol Butte,
Mout.,  Minera*   I'nion,    the   ofticen  ..
have been coranvunioated with.
Returned from the .Springs
Itr. Donne, Kssnloope ud
well known member of
I'nion. who luu been
leumatiam    (br   several
from Iiui. y.m Bprings
be  went  revero!  weeks
Ilovement   Now   on   Foot   to
-story oi Alt Laoot i mons
i*ublish ii
iu t onads
will l>e remembered that ut tht
Ieetin-g ot   the Dominion Trades
ibor  t otiiuil lhe matter ot
jii of a lulior directory
it  .it   that time the
it> way clear t
^^^    uud
tin- public*
waa brought up,
uigrcHH could not
undertake  lhe
nl k.
the prominenl memben of the ion
m  endoteed  the  tdeag  and  suggested
1.it it contain sketenea of all the unions
d biographies of ull labor leader.-. Jos,
.-:«u*. .i Winnipeg printeri has under-
en  the  work, and has the matter will
hand. an.   the book,    containing I-**"
will be issued in a few daya,
It ik proposed to publish the directory
Imully, ami the price will be mole so
thai u will he i» reach   of   evety
nber of organised lalmr.
llic principal feature- ol    the annual
b be :
A   Directory   of   Oonattyan   Trades
jn..    -   with    Trade*.   UtUoDS     affiliated
|ii each Council,
A l»i"grap'nu'nl Dtreetory of labor
I lei**,   in   each   Pmvnue.
Other lalmr organiz-ittoiis. federa-
n, Knight- of Labor, etc,
lli-lot nal write upn of l-nlmr move-
,H   in  e.ieh   faovinot,  labor   legi-latioit.
will be given to each Trades
ns officera, etc., and write-
• lohn   Py.itI,    a
the local Minera1
suffering irom i'i
months,  returned
Momla\.     win re  ,__^__________________
ago. hoping that a stay there would help
hint. In this he tVM disappointed and he
returned with hi* health unimproved.
Shifts Will fhauge Sunday*.
Beginning   Pome   tinn   this   month.    Ihc
change oi sUfts in the \*t Km will iw
ntade on Sundays, am! ne* wnrk -will be
done that day A- the -IntI,-* are banged
twice monthly, thin will give all tho men
employed in the mine two HundajV m
tlie month *>  thrniaelv-M.
Fifty new unions and Ihirty-fivi
brainhes have been organized hy thi
United Brewery Workmen during thi
libit  17 months.
Formerly Iml I: .. *li«ng«.
Best Meals in Town 35 Cents
(IRS. I.i noKe, Proprielor..,..
FOK SAJ_*,—The building anil flxtun-s
Mi Bi»kano street known us Dun la-iliey ,
Jld place. Inquire at J. C. SpeMnians.
..1 sn
nml 11>.it,*- nt O.ik Hill, Ontario,
li...l ii|. lit .1 stlika >..r iiiiHiii Mill
ifiit* p.*!* i.ui. igainsl IHI n'lii- ii..\i*
•Notue tu .Mine .Siiperiiitnndeiili.
Whan you nre m ii.tJ of . oompctanl
•nginasr,   blacksmith,    pipaman or  ma*
ilitiiisl,   Uie   .M.di 11110*1'    I ilion   »ill   lie
plesssd  io iuinii.li you e. mi mem aiaa.
jtddtss! W. w. Duty, Bserstary.
.1 ,....
,i.*i-.1   t-.-iaiin-itiiii-ii.  n.i.* ni.l.i.
1.......1    ttiitv.lllll'     lll.lt    UUll.l    Uttl
.....   ill    It'   lllllltll****.
\\ I   K11 .iv
Windsor Hotel
First Class Accommodation
Prices  Moderate.
W. G: Mefrymathe, Prop.
Makes ■ aipcclslty of
Columbia Avenue
Cunningham & McDowell, Props.
The Collins.
ParalilMi thr tir.t |Biaa4i nt
Wines, Lkjcors and Cigars
Neitlly  uu in-lit.I  1.1..nt* In connection healed
« nli h«l air
PATTER-MlN ft Co.,   I'nip... W.,hlnKton Stf
♦ »»»<
Another Rossland  Miner Hurt.
A let ler f 1*0111 BHsby, Arizona, utatci.
that Henry Aiken, a member of i; .--iiii.l
.Nliner/ Union, wt\* «everely injiM-i*d tn
the topper (Jiic-cii mine at thai pine aOUM
WeeKS ago. A full of rOCk enught Inm and
he received a broken ankJc and had * i-
foot badly eruabed. He ws* unpn>riug
uiun the letter wee wriUeo.
l-'..lii* .
Hull- tl.e
■ ntUi
Ladca 1.0
lour  <
<    itu-oiigh
1 lu
\\ tKttl.l.lt*.
ll 11.
*** li
ol   III.'
\| 11.11.'
U_l.HI.   ll.c
t.|    tl
1! .minlfi   it
iiu nnlr
till' gll.ll.
Of no other may lo iniloine our cloth-1
ini thin to put our name anil 11...1. mark 1
01 it. It! ju 1 w 11 we ..id "Wl war-
rent tin* garment to be sll wool, scwci!
Willi Hilk, nuiile ot better materia!,, .nil
iu better style than you can get snyvfltere
line at the nine pdice." I iy:**r k Mc-
Linton Bros.
Then' tin-  l.Vi India rubber m niut.n I in
ei-   in   the   United   Mat ex.  employing   la.
li     operator*,  who imoduce 'Jhu.insi tons
of good-, ralued at *>lvji,t»ai per annum.
The Ladies' Store.
I ■nnnuncr a Urrat  in». mini <in Ladfra'
and Chiidrrn'd Cndrrwrar and Moalery,
llrrai (lcM»da and llrraa Trimming«.
Stamped < iiiiutv Iflhhnna and t -.r*
Itlva me a call and >ou will find Price* '
Way Do»n.
Labor U inn Directory,
Offioeta snd Meetings.
Meats every Becond snd fourth 1 ue.*
day in utu-li month at 7:30 p.m. in
esch month at 7:30 p.m. in Minen'
Union Hull. C. Boii.lm, Bee.; A.
l-'.-rrii,   1'rea.
MeeU every Friday of each week at
7:30 p.m. in Minen' Union Hall.
A. Ferris, I'ren.; Frank Biadahaw,
MINKR-V UNION No. 38, Western
Federation of Minen—Meeti every
Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock in
■Miner*' Union llnll. Frank Wootlmdc,
Necre'a.y;   Wm.   O'fWen,   Pr-sident.
•ryrooRAPHiCAii union n0. 335-
Meeta on the last Handay ot eacb
month st the Miners' Union llall. J
P. llarkdoll. See.; W. Poole, Prea.
No. '.>.'.'.> Meet* the Hrst snd third
Tuesday ot each month at 8 p.m. in
Realty"! Hall. P. O. Box SM. W.'
MeLeod,   Pre!.;   .1.   Klomsn,  Bee.
W. I*. TT.—Meet* evcrv S.tnrdnv ev*
tni'g at 8:30 o'* 1 nk in Miner-' I'nion
llall. P, 0 Ho*. II. I. B. Onrry,
S.*-.: J. If. Shna.l. Pre..
Kxei-ulive Hoard: E. C. Fra.(*r, Rn«-
land; W. Davldinn, Snndon; M. Kane,
tirei-nivond;   If   II.  Ilimnck. Movie.
PAINTERS' UNION, No. 40, I'aintei-
nnd Pecorntoni of America—Meet* in
He.itiv'* ll.ill on necond and fnurlh
'In.-.1.iv Wedneaday of each month.
W, 6. Murphy, pres.; Oo. W. Shinn.
NEWSROV8' UNION No. 8-Meeta ia
Miners' Union Hill on the Nnt an.'
third Saturdays of each month, st 9
s.m. Mike Uuydottl, Pna.; Jsy Barton, Sec.
—Meeti leeond Sunday in each month.
J.  II.  Fleliher. aecntary-
Tlie Fast Line.
Nnfi-at and Bast.
Solid   Vestibuled   Train*.     Mectrio
Lighted.    Jjaquippsd   with
Observa*tion Can,
Pullman   Paiaca  Can,
_eg»nt  Dining Can,
Modern   Day   Ooaobee,
Tourist   Bleeping   Can,
I (.rough   tick.*!,  to all  poiata ia   Iha
United  State! and  Canada.
"Excel*  Sunday.       Tryi  our  Beatria
Agt. R. M. Ry., Rowland, BTO.
J.    W.    HUal.
Henenl Agent,  Spokane,  Wash.
Asst. Gen.  Paa,. Agent,
Portland,  Oregon^**-
Mrs. M   Heard
Books, Stiitionery, Toys,
Fancy Goods, Office &
School Supplies.
Linton Bros. I
•in- pege
■uvil for
then -vill follow the name of each
lee organumtlon, with it-* president and
II i- expected the Annual Will make a
k of 100 or I'M |w»ne-a. and be bound in
tiraUle cover.
defray   lhe exi*cn-»<*-i  of  publication
Brst  edition <>f   say 4.nnn or .'>.*»•"
B,   it   is   propofM-d   Omt   ench  TtsScs
eil par $.*> per page( and each trades
.' it* Insertion*, whirh nmotmti
uittiil with copTi before ptttiU-
Atter   publlostion,     lhe   Annual
be sold   »t  l" rente n copy,   nr   in
2.1 for $2,   to  secretaries of
*. and othen*.
Iii* licinR the tirM i<wiic t»f the Annual.
he find rear "f the century, it "ill
n ine nature of n wiivcnir. and will
lustrsted with cuts of mam promin-
labor leeders, etc.
It.uk i'roiu Sandon.
K. .\. < bambere "t the tinn ol Danleh
a t hamhera, returned from Kandon Mou
<l.i\ nighti where he Iwu been lor some
time doing ihe pointing In Hunter Bros,
bn. k   butldllifi   iu   that   plueo.
A vote mr UalUhcr ia a vote lor Mae*
j.n s»l fo
l-t be remli
IU   of
1 'i Uf  I '••inpan'1   MoVeS
Ihi* K"--i ti-l |)rii)i eiimpiiin h.i» moved
from Its old stand on the north ride ui
Columbia avenue to the oonmr of t'uiuui-
Ua avenue ami t^uevn Mn*ot. to lhe prcin*
leei faceted b) tne West Kootenaj LNnrei
and l.vht company.
i      lon Returns
1.JU-   ■ mud* -t". . .  ' *l .it  I will ii d-./cn
places Insl night, where the return* from
the American etsctfcns mnw received.
From the : t 11 a -1 * .*-1 ami snthuatasm aboern
one wnuld in* jtiut to believe tu.ii aboul
one-hall of    Kosniiuid'*• population  uni'
eituvii*  ot   the KiT.it   ivpnblir.
ll !..■■.■.*.■■. H. ■ .*■ 4
Ma.nl*. fill.. VaraMMI,   ll.u.l-c.   Will _
l-'lnuh and i'«.*ti.i.  Huprlle,.  Otder. ♦
taken Inr I'.iv.h.n.*...^ ami Hc.-or.tlnf. ♦
nlc. .ml Mota     ttanl.'afk Clt.*-l*-» T
ni.al   I* Ciiltimltli Ave an.l. t |i.ittitiii*.ti T
l*:.|nr»*Co '. Office.   Tctrtili-toe \'o i* , T
* Columbia Avenue.
WfflTKRN FFaDKKATION OF MINERS  Spokane FaT *  NonhL'T*. °'
-Kdnurd Boyce. pre.ident. Butte. Mon..    i *....„.  vTl,. *.   a0"*"*4? K-""*y.
I ..Electric Laundrv.. |
—Kdwnrd Boyce, preiident, Butte, Mon
tini; ,Inhn F. McDonnell, vice-president. Virginia City Nevada; Jamea
Mil.er. .eeretarytreiiurer, Butte, Mon-
tini ,1'. O. Hox 307, headquarters,
Room 15, Owiley block. Executive
lloird: JohnC. Williama, Graai Valley.
I,Itl.... Jsmes 11. Furey, Bulte, Montana: W. tt, Burni, Ourav, Oolorado;
I'!...* II Mnyer. Lead City. South
Dakota; Chrii Foley, Rouland, Britiih
■lime. Wilke., preiident, Nelson;
.lame, llevine, vee-presdent, I! - Iml:
Alfred   l*srr,  •eci-etsry-tMaiurer,   Vroir.
Mv—Masts sv.-iv l-Vi.ls.v cvenl-.g in
lleslty'i Hill. II. U Coikley, pin.iil.-iit.
\\.  \\. Iloty, .etrelary.
None Better.    Solid Vestibuled
Trains,    Palace  Dining   and
Observation Cars. Meals
a La  Carte.
Direct connection at bt. Paul, without
change of depot, with all traina tat
Chicago, loronto, Montreal, New v*ork
and all p.mi-* west and south.
Close connection east and west bouaa
trains   at   Spokane   wth   trains   of    ths
f-ta^*! ■*-"        *	
daily  for   Waal  7:39
*,»••»•»■»»•»•»-»•»•♦•»•»•»•»•»•» »»■*.' ft
a   «•
j Rossland Hotel: _
Fine Whiskies and
• Imported Cigars .
• Jerry Spellman, Proprietor j
a a
9 Cor .Spokane ,...1 Colnmt.1* Ave.         .
• a
You do nol have lo patronize
Chinese Laundries.
<ii-.il Work.
Reasonable (Vices.
Union Printing
-ftprcUl facilities fnr producing thc
b.-»i I'-iniin-- for trad-rt t nlnn* and
*-*-* .<■( *MHlrtlc"t lit*;i»Mn-i*i procured.
ScaU and ttubbrr Sump*.
\J\J.   H.  JONES
a>      tt* I    Columbia A\.. Kovaland. B.C.
T* W. GRAHAM. Proprietor. 11 ***********************<l
Leaves Spokane daly for Kait 11:11
J—avea  Spokane 	
W.-st bound traina mak. direct e*n-
nection for Victoria, Vancouver, Portland, Baa Francino snd all points on
tha Sound.
During tba *ea»n of navigation H**t
bound traina connect at Duluth with
the magnificent stesmsflip. North-Wei*
and North-land, of tba .Northern
Mesmnhip company line operated ia as.-
nection with the Oreat Northern Railway.
For further information, mips, folders, etc., spply to any agent of tbs Mps-
ksne   Falls k   Northern   Kstlwsy,   Kama
k  Ho »s   i.ailway,  Kootenay Railway I
Navigation   Com|«ny,  or  to
Central   Passenger   and   Ticket
Agent, St. Paul, Miaa.
Commercial  Agent, S|<okane,   W .**
llotvi.t* Kiil.*l in  Kicks! Plata
Vivtelil.it .
I-iit'iy Hawick was killed i.y ..
... 1.1. it ...k-e ..t tin- Nickel lliite ye.
y. There aia sev.iml conllii liuu
* told cepcsmlm lli.- manlier in
i he i-diiic to In, death, and lhe
mn will i.i* decided l.i' tho coroners
....li: which was impannetled >.*-i.*i
and nvlswsd Ihi remains, and ex
*l   tile   KSIM   "I   tin'   .let i.lent.      Ilie
|ll'ill   I.*.1*1  another  BSSBiOn   l.»lay.     It.
.-..cl  thsl  ll.nviil*  tt*.t* not a ni.tiil-e*
.Miiier-'  I ni.in.
Sindon Miner-.' Union Hull.
The Miner.' Union bnllding will l** com
|ilei...| iijiliin :m daya,   It mil It.- tin- basl
Itiiililinu in -..inilon.
S.i.i.liiti  Miner Hurt
Silai i io-- n.i* oanghl In ■ caw at ihr
I.,i-t i bancs mins oa Bnnda) norniiMl '*.-'
l.i which he had Ua hip dlalocatad add
M.II.-I.-.I itiln-i* iiijtiri.-*. Dr. IJiintin arril
ed i-ii tin* -i.-iie at ft n.nt. nnd i*-t ll.e input*! limit .nul broaghl tha patianl lo
ihe hospital, ii'i.civ I... i* now making a
t*a|.l.|   le...iel*y.
|imi:knatiiin.m. REOPENS,
to    I lid
i .11 in
W.I...Ilie     Kxten.le-i
l.Lt.*.-.u.ti.....ii ..I-..ii.-1 liu-t nielli and
Itllen I' over IK". .i**t*...ltl.*.t to Weill..* ..I.l t.ivi.ntl.-* I.lit I* to lto*-lll.lt|.
I..lm .tn.l lVarl Chisidy ware |ivm
ntion     III.     their     .i|i|H'.U III. e,     and
in. tTinningi ami ii'iim-n wars till   With   ureal    wanntli.      Ki***.*     nml
• hi.I   the  I'.iirliank   l.n.iini**.    elul,
n». uere wall rstMiad,    rue nunc |
|m*i| by i'i..i   ih.tin*' orahastia waa
I.I..1.   In t*tit.it it wa* ill.- Mn i-i
I national psrfomianca at l.*i winter,
t ui.ile a ili-oiil Int. Ton.gl.l lhe
|*. rformanCS Will Ik- r»-j**al.-tl ami mi
iitin.1 atlr.i. la.ii nil] be tin- leiiilinu
I elactlon return* fp.m ilie Anierirnii
Tin* t. Ittfi.ti.h   operator will havi
Inatrntnanl on Hie -i.,*.-* an.l tl... bai-
* will It. it*nl an fnAt a* In. n*. en .«
^H .jd*H\
Asslsw Poatpossd.
Tlie   II..-*li....|   tumrr.   hsis  been   |*o*l*
poosd  to  nr\l   I'i .day  lie. ,iii*e of the .*.
ti-.i liun- n*.iuih.I for tin* Nelson sittings.
Tha lit it Roaaland conpiica llcaaai ind
Promina t.> I** ilmoal ... laagbl]   .- ths
Ni-I*...i .......I.
Your   Photographers _^^_
Donothing but the Very Best Work Every Tim,
We carry a larKc line of
I Grand Union *
vi i ri'Hl il I.U liKii-*   Bros.
 ——— —e*—*»»*»a».i^^»%^»***»*%^%^^*%*^^->
Canadian Pacific
Fu.1 elau Mei-pero on All Train. From
Al« Till HIM   lAi:.- paM-
ii.c lliinmore Junction duly Jrom .-!
Paul, .-aiutil.iy* lor Al--i.tt.-al and lltwlo..
Aloud iy. and ll.uit.1.1)* tor i..root*.
Nome ,ai, j a** li. i. i-i.-L,* on. dig
A I'til.MhK
lor -oar Ksstara trip ii i„
tl'l.. I   lea.li   Ms
*ec .h.i your
Th. K.n»*t ol Wine,. I. .|.iora in.I
|. .inrMif anil Importrtl Cigsn.
Finely Furnished Rooms.
i rots
l.i i...l..Iter i« a rata foi   y
at Kastcrti List Prices.
Union Cigars
i mins 11.1 a.i
[    8:1X1 lor .N.'l.on. hi-l-.. I'*ia...|.*. I.rand
i.i.-..in.   lorka. Unsrnwood, Uidway. •'
ls.iiu  For Ntlsoo, Hsadoa aad noom
i   Daily.     |*.ii,|.,    R-vahttoka,   Mam   Line
ami IV ill.  Oosst,  nil in I row'!
Ntit Route |or .it Kaatarn poiata,
K'.r lime lal- a-,  iii  -. ami nil ttitnrma*
tml..   call on nc addi ••'    i».«i
.... ..t, or
A.  li   UeKaaaia, < .iv Agent,
A. 0. HoAithar, Depot At.-nt.
i:...-:.,n.i, ll.tt.
\\. t. An.lenon, I.  •'   I ■ f I':
T. P. A , I. O. P. A.,
Nel-K.n,   ll' \.i„...ii.t.  IIC
I Spokane Falls & Noiiim.
Cm liiii'ii i   Miiiii.'i|wJit>    Mu-i    I'.-
A writ It ■- I'trti -rncl ii|*ttn Imp niuni-
.  Itirhtnond f.-r 18^031JB fur tlir
1*11 v .in.i in iHiti'iintirr >tf tin- i.'i onbm
nml    l((7   HOT • "iiiini-*ii»iic"l    oflk ri<«   nii'l
man irho *rrr> eniMiU In tht f
"wm "   Thii v .- thi iir-i cam «»f   ihu
kiml   in  lllfl  Timvinri.il intirto.
Cwnra nnd   Ciirnra.    >
I lien    you  nnk for a c'wnr why don't
insist  on  a (fnod   onr ?    Nine nyncp
of  trn   ynu   -vill  bl  Offend   n  rlirnn.
mnilc  ciifar    unlrn"  you   name    tli-B
II w-intod. They all ro«t you thn
e tnonry, good or bid, Now why not
a (rood onr. AA for tlir bott Omn*i|
n' o,' V.* B, Vou rill .hm htf tn«
ir',\*T fi liomn in-lnf-v, 100 !"! ,;il.
this  Ihe next  time f0%\  n*k   fu    '*.i
I ...|..*nl.*i*   I live  Smoker.
a it i-t- tin* i.ii.iiii-. mast Ing it-t \l--Hinei-
'.lay night, Iha Phoenix t'arpenler.' | nion
cin* a ainoker. and invited wveral Inend*
to I*- pn-aent.
Ma-.piera.le at   Plioeinv.
'in November i.*.th Phosnis Miner.'
r.it'.n will trie .1 in i-.|iier.i.lt- ball Hw
ei'l  line |.|i*a.-. will I.e Bivetl lor lnt-t ..I**
I'.IM-.    fie.
vote for Qallihir .*
City  Iletri.irilion
M   i I-—ill „f son, |,an| work on the ;
i"" *..' tlm*,. Interaated there h .,,mn „'
""ii on .,..„..,•- ti,,. worklnirmra m the \
city io g«i ot, the ,*in* rotinc ii»i   Work '
nsmm nn only register undo* the ,.,
'",M7    lojIlflcsMorj,   ind   thiy   own
J— iw .*.*.,i, year daring the „,„nth (lf
*ioi. tiihei*.
Oent'5 Furnt.shinjj: Department.
New Clothing Shoes. Shoes.
Nelson A. Ft ^heppsrd Ry.
IM-**-**!.,■ l-fitae-n l.«t-rK'irma   I^i fio? «|p  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Wnnt*.  l.i Mm   ill   Cm'-a     RI   int.-nul     «.*--_-— ■ ■
«r<---1 Red mountain liilwii.
The Queen Cij?ar Store %
dOW K   M.tK.ls   |-,,.|,.
I talttiitlaa   Aw, „a*
'■».a<*a!.!*«.>.».,.a>*«^^.a).,.alSol.« * r 11B S
A'l-W'ool Barge and Wor-tol ami, in
.Navy lllue. Illaek ind Mi.e.l. SI0.I!) ti
141.00. All Wool Tweed anils, nol.l.y
iwltcmi, $15.00 lo t".i.,i tiood Knctek-
• I'.nt l*.rr,| auita. I".... to tm.Vi. All-
Wool Pants, 12.10 to ttM. Wormn«
Pints, 11 "i to I- •
New Overcoats
is Whipoofd Tw*ds, Meltons ind
lleivers, HOW, 112.90,  f 11.00, 116 00.
Wt .re wiling men'i «hoe» below eo.1.
Men', Split Uither Sh*e.. ,| to $1.25,
.Men'i linined laeslhrr Shoes, $1 JO, $1.-_
$1 7.1. Men's Onined Nailed Mioe.,
$2.00, $2.10. Men's Oil Uraincd Ns.le.1
Bbora, $300. tba* Walking Shoes,
from $1.00 np.
Hats, Hats.
Men'i Fedora lUti. $1 S) to $4m Men*.
IJuano Hit., $2110 to $3ft0. »|.n-, s,lH
Hil«. $2f»i to $390. SteUons lists.
HOD.      All tlyk..
Men's   Kibbcd   Cotton,
Men'.   Hihbed    Wool,
MSB'S    lle,Ty    Wool,'    XWT   „„   MIM_
Men, 1»n ind -Striped, per iuit $201.
BOO.    Men's  Wool  Fleeced,  per suit
' 8S: Sweaters 	
$IJin. Mt-n* Nirr lllue.* 7.V\"*to""$2 on*""Men'i
MUM M tel. «1 ..I to $2.10 Men'!
Self tnlnrs Fancy Oollaia and Wrista,
$2a50 to $100.
A Carful Utter
vole  for  .M.ie.V ,11  ,.
lunte wrong.
SOtS  lor  Mil
vte to per-1   A sola for MaeKeOI
I ' peuate wrong.
'» • vote lo per
I -Ml SlfH-n* nml IWiaa nf |hf H<*i*tVti*\. mil* and
Jumprr-a al UK,
RO   -i imi. U. C
siakes     a     ntyli*h     garment.
lhe enllinl .nd biting ire
quite as important aa in. mv
lie! yo,ir rlothe, mule her-
and all thre. item* will be
til right.
iinr pn.r, ire not too biah
tor vou. but Ihey i put high
en-ush lo innii*- ymi |.e pe*t
workmin.hip   and   material.
The only all rail rout, between all
p.....la ea.t, Weat and south lo KomU.BJ,
Nelion .nd ill int. rmr.l.ite pout.* tsa<
netting .1 Hpokan. with th. IJraal
Northern, .Sorth.rn Pails and il K
U   Co.
i ..niit.i. at Nelion with steamer, for
Kaalo and all  Kootenay I.k.  pointa.
UmUMMI at M..i. I i.t, with itaga
daily lor Kepiil.lir, and connects al
Hoi.lturg wilh .tag. daily lor tiraaS
Forka ind Greenwood.
Kffcrtive   July 22,   1900.
I*eave Day   Train. Amva.
10:30 a.m. Hpokan. 7:30 p.m.
11:35 p.m. Komlmd        n ... pm.
11:40 p.m. Nelion 8:00 pm.
NWit Train.
9:45   p.m. 8pokans 7:W aia.
10:00 p.m. Momland «*) a.m.
It   A.  JAfKS.l\.
0«n«r»l   l'a»enger Agent.
W   tt.  1UT-T,  Agent.
Rowland, B. O.
1   '   *\S*%4\ A* AA *% *% A _-* ***a\a\ 4* 4\ 4* A A a\ A * a% *%
Taylor G Mr.Quarrii.,
'. 0. Doi 3. 18 OOUMIIIA AV
Porcelain Btttlfl
Brid^ford ft Herring, ♦
n OotemM i Ktt.t ntirt to i.»i'>i»-ir > THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
WEDNESDAY  November 7, 1900
Zealand uml Her Laws.
New Zealand is not a paradise, but it ;
is far ahead of every other nation. &!ne ;
l__i  beeu mo fajUQUA uui'ing    tne i«_-t  »i.\
yewi uccauin ui be? tuuiou uux>r likii- ;
J.Lln.li,      M'.iitilul    1/-UO    in in'.-   ftOUUie&k*l   All   ;
AUbtSftlia,  lurrOUnOOd  by water,  it  ha« a
i.iiumte .-I'liimiiii   ri-fti-iiuiiin,-  wuil ol -l.ui.i-
-New Zealand is. aa yet- a eparaoly te-t-
tied country, Having 1o4,u3_ aqiuwc miiM
ul tUTUory, eiiuai in size lu New lork !
Aod IVim-ylvunu-. and •with u population
of only 8uu,u00. rii** population is 10100*
wiutt eotmopolitan. New Zealand lia-i
eureed With landlordism, tmmpism, mil-
iKutditeifin, but sho nan heen win' enough
in  tbe [Hist  seven  yean lu leglalate tin-in
out ut evisii'inf. Six or eeveu yean ago
tranpe wen- .is numeroue * they ore in
ine United siate*-..   Today they are very
■OttlHOj the teW are tlioM.* uhu pn-tiT in
be truuipN; when tliey die the tramp will
In- no mure in tlunl luitiun, lune \\,t>
N-ben a tew great landlords owned the
gi-eaunr  part   q|    the   Itiml.     A    land   t.i\.
graduated bran two to elz per centa on
ine |..mii.!   w-tth   ui extra two oenta lov
alisenlee   liuuliujxlr-,     proved     to     lie     io
heavy that inoet 0] ihe great eeteAeswere
ollcred Iur r^tle. The guveriiment luul also enacted a graduated income tax. 1 heae
wo neeauree rteulted in driving the great
money lord* irom tim* nation. There is
not today une millionaire aiul only miu
white  man  With   halt    a  nullum   in   New
Tlie land ih lieid for actual Mtttae, who '
• re permitted to hold land    to the value'
01 #'j,_uj exempt from taxation. Beeidee
me government loans to the Mttler $100
in oaah, alhm* him n certain eum per |
■ore far during land; it wilt also provide
liun with three dayi work eadta week "t
wght hour*, per day, m building roada or
other puhhe unpcwvouMnl•*.   Thia enablea
tin   nelt ler lo Miipport lm ilm-If ami lamily
until he ..ui ndn etope, The govenunenl
ic ratmbufted tor all tin** In thr Inci-eeae
ol   population, re-Milting   iu  t'ne  larger UM ,
ot     t_iv  goveminuiil   railway*-,   telegrnpJiH, !
talaphonea, poetal lystem, etc,   While wu
liniv 111 America, With OUT imineiiM* ero-pt*.
export. obOUl  912 or let**, per eapita.  New
SSeaiand'e export awagae   -$4.".   (or every
nun.  woman and eltihl.
Ilie hind tali in .1 tax on Inul Value,
ami  al*o a utaduoted   tax.     Tne  lin-t   law
pa ted iu I-1 ■-•!■ -- to KiTi-i waa in lKiii. it 1
provided thnt not moiv fimn 890 acreo
mold In* -"Id hy a laud officer to any individual. Hut thiv did not prevent qui
individual frmu 1 my inn from another.
Nl \t eaine the lanu Uix, gun kl> toUoWNl
by the Ktu<"timted ihoome lax. Now, if a
iiuiii'h land in wnrth Iw* thnn j*\*i.ot>o n cifr-
t.un rale in | mil;  if world more Mum $.V
.'*" and h-** t inn jiu.iiNi. » higher rate ia
l*u.I aud ho OB,    The result wa<* that nueh
men i%* "TTimtj .Uuiiojf" Roblnaon, who
luul aeipuivd luo.iNMi acres, hod to aell 00,'
(Ml a. le**.
In 1894 a*. act wn* i-i-*-«-»l wit'n a-metid-
mtsiU in W nml IN. atfeh i* known m
the Induntruil t'om that ion ami Arliitre
luaii Ael. Smee thin law has been in ot*
lot, uith Ita omemlmenti,. Uiere 1mm not
Uvu a •tnke in Kaw Zealand. I'm- hiw
«aii-iiirageH the formation of trade* muona,
winch are reflatm-ed, lhe oentraJ 0OUI1
of .itluit.itu.il ha* tiH- power to enforce
Hm dn-oOiHiH. in i-aia* ol a tvtiiNil t»> obey,
a   line   up  to   -*..•.'-■o   ,.m   he   levied       I hll
-»•• -.iii-iii- Uw aaa enacted becauee organ
I's-al labor dimiandes) it. and mforoed itl
di-mantU  uith  tli-rtr VOtOB,
Thc PfcototiW A't ol UM provided tor
■the complete in«|HTtiim nf all fai'timi-a,
tho Won] "iaetnr*." moaning any pliu*e iii
n-h'i Ii lam or mure jaiiple aiv eeoplojred,
•llnldnn under  l.i   .want of   age are not
nor praittad t" aeiii En Hn-twrlai,   Tlie
law euinpi-hi nil employer* tn gmnl a naif
IhJid-iy emli ««*,-k with full |wiy. (iiaal
vmtilatjnn and mmlary (i>ihIiIioi»,
guarding o| nuirhiiu-n. hie aata|Ha. eti'.
*inr etifonttl. Hh- liall boUdayi lko pre
■raiN in Oie *A*>u-, banlo*. etc.
The  F.tni lojMttT   Liability
bmikb a iUXQ equal to !f45 for every luuai,
woman ami child in Uie nation, inue
uie no bank RUlUfttfi aio viuaniuv* guntg
lo tuuada ur boutii America,
rlhe tree echool eyatem ol -New Zeainuu
ranks high, i lie iaw uoutpell udl elm (Uvu
over seven ana uiui-er lourteai lu Ultei-il
eauool, 'i'liere are iree nigh eahoola iiani
lUdvendtlaii The raitfWayi carry ml oiuj-
divn who tive ut a distance, to aud. from
ttclnool iree.
Government -Uie insurance luw alio been
eetoblUbed, with rutee muoh less than
the private companies und it hae iiircady
become io popular • !'•■• the govemmoitt
diK-s more Inaurouoe buaineee tliau aJl t'ne
other companiee oombinod,
New Zealand has nud her trial, fcfllB
".win  plunged   in  a  cosily  .tini   bloody   war
wiUi the lavage Moon tribe   boat laated
From  l«tiM tu  ISliStl.    She hud her army ot
unemployed, her atrlkee, her tramps, her
pauperii uml n plutoorttcy, bine hae pretty
nearly pH rid o! tttiem all sunpiy by Uie
enactment oi u lew aociaiiitiG lawi. Nhe
lm.- made sweat mg dene Impoaaiblej tht
'iirly emptied her jails aiul poor-
BOd  todlj   there  Lm less einiie. Je-H
r.uiee,   leaa  poverty.   Ices  roieer).
less   paupers,     and     moiv
capita   in   New   Zealand
nation In Hie world. New
For Sale
Carnes Creek Consolidated
mt.  alii mid-
I1BI   ne
le*.   li\uii|ii
proiperlty per
t nun any ofner ^^^^^^^^
Zeiihiud   hits     not     stopped    progressing
from now on  **he    _^^^^^
more locialiatio legislation.    Her people
nre iulelligeut, more
imt ion. The numhei
read   and   wnte  in
per capita than In an
has been ^^^^
nil   enact     more  ami
...   thnn  auy  other
nt people unable to
New Zealand  is lew*
titer nation. Sue
wise in her pa-*l.   She will show
greater Win
him In the future.—Kxohange.
Uf the Independent Labor Patty of lb-it-
mh I olnuiDiu.
FoP'-wiui- iu tbe puti<-nil adopted by
the helaoo convention ol ""hi Independent
Labor party of Hrnish Columbia on which
Candidate Chris Kotov miareiy stands:
1. lite compulnr) idu-mtion.
2, l.egul  working day ol eight  hour-.
:l.   Iju\ eminent IttanecUnn ot  a.l inuna-
4. Abolition of emiti act system on all
public WOtiUi
5. I'ublir ownetsUio v>(  ill irunchise**.
tt.   L*roblbition  ot  Aaiatic  immigration
ami the regulation ot all immigration by
mi educational leet a* to immigrant a tit
nen, ami the abolition of all siannai in
duoementi nml privileges to toretgn unmi
grants lo Nttll m the  Dominion,
7.  Abolition ol ooiW !' t under 13,
H.   Abolition of the **'-i   depont   re
more   pamengeri   into   nu  open
ready loaded to the linking line
Pacific. Kvery Oliinanmn oceiipying a
position in domeatie serviivs iuterferea
with the natural laws as applying t*> the
industrial    body,    robing    our women  of
employment naturally belonging io them
to the extent Uiat fur every Chinaman
ao     employed    aomu     oiio'h   aintcr     "■
daughter ia driven t») proititutton, •toIt**
ing u race problem destined to im-ed
aeas of blood ami tliai will aome duy
mantle the Canadian cheek wilh a blush
for  hia  country's  shame.
7. Abolition of ehiUL lubor.
An   economic  syntem    thul  dtiVM   the
child from the cradle to the factory' to
comiH-'te with its own lather ia certainly
the lf_.iiiiu.it^ child of an industrial system having greetl an ita buMe princi]tlee.
l.i'gs-liitiiui ulong lima opposed to thia
will  receive   my   hearty   suppoit.
8. AboliUoa oi the V8S0 dapo-it.
Under condltiooa where ail are amen-1
utile tu the law and lUUmi the *re-,]»>u*
sihitity uf defending the country's Big
ami ius(iiul;<>iis all should be eutithd
alike  to  a-pne   U>  the   highest   pOlltlon   n'
the gilt of their eountr>meu without Ih**
Ing taxed fur the privilege of so doing,
I   wouM repeal  thai luw,
i-. Compulsory arbitration.
OompUllOry urbitratiou as .ipphel ill
New Zixiland looni* up on the horixon of
prOgriM hot aa a dream, Imt aa a prat Lv
eal method of reeoiiciling the OOnttleUng
lutereetl of lub.r and capital, and ia
deetinedj I think, iu the near future (if
applied) t.> prevent those m-riodie.tl in
duslrial warn and lend a security t. nil
i'i.in h.'-t of liu-uie-a nch iw is impon-tible
under  exi-ting  conditioiiH    ami   as   such j
Whenever You
in the
Just call on
Second uear Washington.
V. -& N.'Phonc 68.
The Miners' Magazine,
Price $1.00 per Year. EDWARD BOYCE, Editor.]
Published by the W. P. M., Denver, Col.
>i.l.siTlptli.n.* Received at the oftice of the Industrial World, or at
The Office of the 5ecre*ary of kosslrnd ."lin.iV Union.
U'»*»'»»|l*l'»ll»*l*»*l*» ■*■!♦■»»*■»■»»
qmriMl ..( nil oaadldaiea tor tha lh.min.oD j ^^.^ „}. |H,arty K(.pror|U
10. All clc.lit.ii  .lav*  tu 1». tiit'l.*  I'-.il-
all   liili.'l
li.   t'.tin|.iilMirv irbitiafioa
Id.   I'loliiliititin ol pitoa I.il•■ *t  in f.in
mil. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
11.  Ail .-liTtinu daya w l.r madl |.»b |eompalaory   lor  th
'il*   llltliti.IV.
"J.   Abolition of Dominion sonatt*.
f the Pullman cafe ! ? just Arrived ...
■ •• ..uns^xsvw*.*.*'*"*.*"!"* *
•••••■•• *»x............. • .■•>•■•.*	
To tlio Kliitoi.* ol Y.ili rnnboo:
In rei|iii-*tiiiK >-mr *.i|.|.orl  to my ran
lnl.!> y  (nr tin-  IXit.tit    II*.ii.*** "i (Inn
1 .noil.*, il i* tins to >..!i tlmt  1 line |tul>li.
inaaailini to my vieaa on tin- Nvnal
planka of Uu- t.Utf-.iiu al thu lmli-in-n
I.in l.ilur PaHfl
I 1. I't.mpul.'.l i .-.In. .il mn has la-romc a
r.*.'..iniiti'.l aaoiMlty in mo-l coinit.n.--
■in-i •■* fii.li l.i.- 111 y hearty indoiaamlnl
'.'.  l-val  work .lay, S nul'*.
M.Hli*n. itiventi .11 ha* -o oiionnoa-ly in
lie I...li.lav*       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I would ..!-.. favor the |m*.iiti* of a law
; mnkiiiK  tlie  i*\t*i*t*iM-    of    the    fntirhi**-
tbllirwinu     rt*a**.ii*
nnt—Money  i-an  an.1 iliw* pun-Ji .•*•• tin-
i*..I.*- of tin* tli-unk.ird, the ,i-wi-r Ii.hi anil
■-!iiimi.it.    thi*    vote    of    the    intelligent | <
imt   in-lillri-til     ritixen     wnuhl     i-nintiT
lialuitt*  tl... .'til.  and  I believe  r   f. ..-
miiih   the .Intv   of    aVM*/ cilineli   t-t  |«'ll
In* iota a- .1 i« I" pay hi, taxi-*. In malting thi* a r.>t»|>i.l-*n*y duty y..u art-   dimply  <*ini|*'llin.-   Inm    to do  th.t   hv  th.'
I'all..i which hi- i* already compelled   tn
.I.t I.y tl.e l.iilht   -Ifffiiil the inititutions
of hi* i*.iuiit*y.
IS,  Abolition of the Senate.
1 look apOB the U|.]..t h..ii-* sa a '.*'*-
Ie««  an.l    i'xtr.*.n.'lv    annoy.ag    |Ht|.n. .il
lu\i|iv. sa a attitulilina blivk  to i-nvt- *
*ivi»  legi-liiti.nl.   a*  a   homp for  politieal
iinltrtili*.    »ho    »eem In have    rew.l.T.1
Ihi'iii-.lu**    into  a  pnlitiral    inquwiti-.n,
who iK.ii.i-a- u|..u every prom-ettaive iw,*
u"-e Uiat |w.««i*. tho lower Imfr, lirsnil il
I aa heresy ami  proeeed to pronoiinee Ihe
jaenU-n.e of  politieal  .limitation upon sll
.-lei-onlinitly, ind if nny lillle effort I esn
WuhlnRtoa at.
John  Hiy»c,  Proprietor.
All. TllK tlKLICCIM Of TIIS SlIAMW.     ♦
Hot and Cold lunches
Tlie riser lo urt Ihp Br.! M.,l .a tht Clt»
I*..■*.•,.'. •*.:,.,.
Mealr i'i Oenti and Up.
. ^..i aaa i aia I aia«
Q. W. flcBride,
Hardware, Miners' .
Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.
; >»»♦<•>»>»»>♦♦
•-.-'•!-*•-.- •*-■*,-;-}-!N'-*;->-»-<-$-jN'f-i*> *
A ********* *Y*< w^t^w^w^w^tfp
Smoke ...
the mirki'i*. ind i-MM'ti** f«»r m imnipenee
mm lor injury*
The Worluimn'i Wniem Ael mebU»a iUh-
wtirkinen to olitnui lu-> WlfH -'I hotm
• Iter iney jw%- dm-
The Innk Aet nbolmlii-i tJie "|iluik
in     lUVM,    liim "an enneled m 1801.
lhe Woikitiifinen i* i Un Ait. ISWJ. given
priority "f i Uni   fm   u-ngm.
Thc SJnpi-iim .md Bwdm'i Ail don
for Un* Niilotx tt'imt the Fkctonn Ael
,;■-- for tin- ratal in the fictonee.
Hie WifH AMoehoml Ad pe*ed tn
lw5; pvwrarti miik-i-   below ?im * week
U-ii>r  rfll.nhi.l   for  any  debt.
Thr    I <*•**    IUbOT*       Ael      |.pi\uh**      fur
winking the nail mim*- \ntn he:Utn nm
«Mtet> to the miner*, nml |itv\enta women
«ml Ihivh ttoiu -A-orkjntt in Uie nml niBMi
The hut tM-wioii of the New /.e.il.ind
|Nirliametii jm *..«! the Old Ato* I'iiihhiiih
to all AA >eiy-*« of 'Ofe. who 'rwive hviil in
Uie nalinn for 25 ye.u-. ntid are nf fpiod
•-liAfiw-ter, aihI «_•> not ptMMH W.Tfm
worth ol |irojn«rl>. or nijiiy .in im«nne ol
|l'i   \ntr week.    'Hn*   pflMMHI    |IUIlhll   lor
wn i*t fnr.  **r •I**"" f*>r .» couple, nwn
■uul  %ife    It i* tlnmiriit Alii will Ik* in
"ivi-t'l at (lo   tn vt -t--t-.ii.il,
Ilie Mie of iniit ud ipirituooi liquon
i- 4 mttIV ot Mt ii ojnuui tin i.i.i,
ii.mevei, ntwAtM u*t MlOOHHi Iml inn
Mi'|KI* lli.i\ Mil llllOt I .1 hieu-e. ll ,|
iiuui   if   "Hue    MOT   OOtttllfl     (lOlll   000   04
tJH-«C   Hini  in   .i   "l.ite   <>1   inli.Mi.ilioii,   lite
ITojirn i<>t i-  ii 11-led  ui.l iitn-d. ind Iur u
Meand oiieti** ne tmiiit- 1m* Uoenee iur*
• MT.      llieie  H  f.HTi'l\   .iii-j   diiinkenue-ts
ui Now Xi.lI.ukI.
N«w   A i'i ml   luiill   fair  milroiulK,   emu
|.hliii(t the lir-t line in WW.    Die BUttbtt
o iuiUh non in opmtion ii nboul i.trny.
'liw* lunlditiK nf   tdie raedi mi doni di
n*«ll> by the mitjnti, ia-id the mrfcttV
**.**■', iiml -till in on mikIi uotk. an* al
Joweil to m Iii t Iheir fa email. The jmy
uli tbe railroad* avi-ragen about .'fl jmt
limt higlini* tbati tin- Wnjm "n 00T Anu-r
nan ItBtdl! and tihe li.'MI r,ii|.\.iy niiihU
have an H-hour work «kiy.    ou i an  run- .,
mil*** f«ir ten MAt-ii end Hnt*ebm ktvi
tl7e'cmu«l   the   pr-nluetive    i*.»«ei   oi     nnu | nujte   p||n   tM^t    ;„   eiterminatinjt  Uint
that  hia  wanU  can  In* aupphed  w.ti  a | ^atocniry   in   p-ditie-i  1  can  &*enin*  ynu
fiai-tion of the lime and effort heretofore ^ j(.  wjI| ^ flrrri_C(|  ^^ lho greitc* nf
llilll—IT fa th.it pun-iiM-. Ul-»r an wel|0,pM||re
Act   pmtei-U. laa capiul ah»nl»l benefit by thineiflnunti-I ,    Xnmtiiv tlwit my nleaa on Uie oereral
...mbtiona.   Thc B-hoUT law WlI ««P ^Itubjertl -mil  meet   your viewn. and that
that direction ami I "hall heartily enfom    .   wU| j^,-^ vol|r wip,iort. I remain.
I— i_i-i_.i„~   !,...i.,.,Lv  t_i  that end.       | CTIUIS FOIjBY.
any   ln-i-l.iti.ni   lo-ikitiK   to   thet
^.  (lovernmenl IntpOOtlon  nf  inilll^trie-i. |
lieler modern eoonottki ooftdlttona the
nunigement of LndnetrUl oonomi figure
on   rwnlte,    not   the  meUnuls  by  which
they ire to In- obtained. An ovennpplted
hilwir market  en-dden thett to tm|H>«* on
t*tu|d«>yi-H       nny    cntuliti'ma      they     may i
deem     neii-ttuirv.      Protttt     ni    a   rule.
inciin-a dhnwilttl frott Wffvtoe nnd pn»lift."*ile
want to their little nnw, In throwing thol
^tronu arm of the law about thews children of nilfortUM vou are Hiinndy follow |
hid the Nanhlngl Of lhe ini-rk  and  lowly
.lemni,  who  anul  r*uifT<*r the little one*i to I
oome unto me, for of audi ii the liinK«l•"'■
of heaven.
4. Abolition of contract  ayi-tem.
The abnm tlmt have jrown np under ■
thc contrart nyNteni aa outlined in Uie
firtit i»Mic of the Dominion l_nbor Oaaatte!
*houM   eon-Hnoi   even   the   hldi'bound
patiM   of    Uie  neinat.ty   of    the    en-
nctnvent of muli a taw.
b. Public ownmhlp of franentui,
Our nptrianei In tbo ooatnl of   the
t-oatal de|iartmeut, publie whooN. pablll
hitfhwnx-*. mumti|>nl li-jlitnii* plnnti and
watcrworka it eullii ient ground for the
ntMUlon of the »«iime uy«ti*m to railmail-'*.
teii'trt.q.h,  telepbone,   ami unreal bn-*i
Mean. Thc exiieiieri.-e «»f pMpll in New'
Zealand, Au-lrab.i, (iennany aud cine
where lum dttDOOltrated that them* fune-
tinna can l»c perfonned by the |iovernuienl with a very (treat advantage to the
people and I nioat heartily mdOTM [nj**"
Ilium  lookitiK to that end.
1 Problb t on of A*>iatic emigration nnd
i*ilii< lUoQll   teat.
The  preaence  here  in   urye  niiinbcrn of
ihi*" non-aaabniUtlng tjvt r»bn Oanadlin
InlNir of ita birt.hri«ht. K"*rv Motir"I
Inndtmr ptKW our shore* iMNftl ml her
thnn inercanea our papulation. The white
lalmrer which he replnccH would a-i n. rule
marry and act tie iin-n- \\h, InOMudng
the pMpulntion by nt lcA-d three. This
fnentm   lo   the  merchant     Icps  mouthn  to
Spokane Street, ROSSLAND.
Internatial Music Hall.
A. KLOCKMAN, Proprietor.
John Cassidy, Aniuscmcut Director.
Prof. Dreyfrous, Musical Director
Grand Opening Fall and Winter Seaaon, November 5.
All Star Company including the Favorites
O'Brien,  Jennings   &   O'Brien,— Eddie,   Alice  and
Anuie Mabel; Minnie Jerome ; Reese and SwatrJ
—Charles and Lottie; Pearl and Cassidy,—Mabel j
aud John ; The Kramers,—Maud and Anuie; and)
the Fairbank Brothers.
Two   Roaring  Comedies "Good Old Friends"!
and  " Election  Spasms."
 '*■"«« taiMt^l
105-107 Columbia Ave.
1%. have • -rifti.HJ H.nf. .1
New Beaver Cloths.
II..'    itlnr* aj*e Xavy,    light   and dark
drown, Km ii*. Qnam, in..... ami IHni,
tl..- .lull, i* .'.Iiniii wiilr uitli s Ititt.y
II...ail.lntli lini-'ii tli.il will imt -I*.I It
nnii.**  in   IWO  wr.ill.t-;   the  |.n.*-« titf |"
ami 1.1 |kt yard.   Thaai h»mU are  ju-t
niihl lm all union*.I ot !.....>  -I.v «lntl. a
..iii*.....i ... iir.tj-. \\. mil I** plaaaad to
display tl.t'in to >.-ti nt .ni! linn*.
When a newspaper's circulation is a mystery it scldomg
pays an advertiser to solve it.—Hartford Globe.
There is no mystery about the
circulation of
Industrial World)
Average Weekly Circulation for August,
I        The "U Vile" Slight Irani Crsel SIS""*       *: •
^m   ^
*********www*v****wwmm********wwmmw*oommmmmmmmmmwmmw    \ _
:' • • • ••*•-	
 — •   '—   '   •'   '   *»- -*.■«-,■»-. - •aa»i-*   .,.-. -I -,..*+**/*%
in n-mloreil  the  paopla,    'IT..* i.uini.il    nil    had,    an.l   lea*    lu.1;-  to  tdothl,    t." ilm
Airnew <& Co.,
l-rtdit of ftl   N-fK   Xi.iland  rnlio.id-. ;i\ct
nK"* $i2::y*."-
The   (T'tv-Tiimenf   OWM     the     Ndeirrap'*
Ami telipfconee, the ratm being abonl ■"■
m uni Im than 'onr" Western i
noBopo*!/,   HMh | >. i profit,  The war1
em enjoy tin- MlOUT div. nnd Hie  Wi
liAlf  hnlMiy.    Tlie   (fovortimmt  llio oon
rtwcti the eipfom bttdnvi tor Um bencHI
».f all  the pMpll
Poatal SiMiit'- Ranki ire i Peatnn  li
New Buhind. and vi Immeniely pontdar
AayOM may d« i-mt aunw up lo to;, OW*
At   prenetit  there  is DO  dcporft   in    tneae
doctor   lev   demand  for  hii   gcrvicm,   to
the tnunportatlon oompanlia le-n trafflri
to the dmtllt    1c*>h teeth to fill,    lo the
mecbinie \cfn bnlldingi to cn*et, to the
ml eetate dealer lm ooinasd for prop
eitv InOlttdlOS loici ftinc for tlie mine, t<»
thl fanner leii nil for ppnlmc, to tht
mwapapar   man   lOM   jmhmm-h   to   be   aold,
to tbi  pnaehir   raiallfr cimfrea.itiona,
ind lo the Iwrdbln-ik fewer ^Ii*m*-t*i*thinc.
Their pfVMIICI worki iniurv to nl! %
'■T.inehci of thc ccmiomic aywtem. I op- jp
\rfrnr their OOnlnf here on Ihc aamc
grouml«   I   would  oppoac   the   ttUog    <»f
Choice Staple aiul Fancy Groceries- Provisions, Fruits, %
and Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery aud Glassware.
Third and Washington. Telephone iq. |j
t •
It is the only paper published in Rossland,
B. Cj that tells its circulation and backs it
up by allowing  advertisers the  privilege of
examining circulation books aud records.	
TitK World's advertising columns are liber-
llyj.   atroni/.cd by all of Rowland's successful
merchants.  Write for sample copies and
see for youself. Ask for Rates.	


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