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Industrial World Mar 16, 1901

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Array o&fi
Vol. 2. No.
ROSSLAND,  B. C., MARCH lfi, igoi
Price, Five Cents.
Issued Weekly in the Interests of Organized Labor.
Official Organ  of Rossland Trades & Labor Council, and District Union No. 6. W. F. M.
Vegetable Hair j
H   Invigorator
Stops the hair from falling out. It will immediately free the head from Dandruff, restore
the hair to its original color and promote the
growth of the hair.       Sold by:::::::::::::::::::::::
imiiiniiiiiiii iniiiuii ii iiiiiuiiiiiiiiii.il iiii-aiiiiniiiiiiUUil
Finest Chocolates    *
Put up in boxes from 25c up. When
visit your best girl you should take a
of our fine candy along.  :::;-::
t Cut Flowers
We make all kinds of boqucts and designs *£
to order.   Cut  llowert always on  hand, £
#   - co.   THE BON TON J
We carry
the largest
stock of
In Rossland,
Prices run from 50c per
Pair up
Children'a Gum boots 50c
Misses Gbm Boots   $1.50
W. FTMcNeill
Next door to Postoffice.
John Hall Found Dead In Bed at the
St   Charlee Hotel
4   CO.
jj Colored
S     Shirts
Many ...en bave many minds in
llu* mailer of dresi, but il.c dictates ol lashion must lie contacted. We make the clothee you
wanl, correct in style, ol tbe
beet material, aod io a faultless
manner. There's real distinctiveness in the garments we
make. Our stock Is tbe largest
and but snorted in lhe city.
Your  patronage   ie   solicited.
Johu Hall, for several years a resident
*"•" T . .r*j-Jm   C -A.-—-1*—*-mm-UaMW-mm-m
ol Rossland and vicinity, was found dead
in bed at thc St. CharleB hotel  Tuesday
morning by a chambermaid.   His death
| was very sudden and entirely unexpected, as he had not complained nl being ill
and had retired  the   night   previous at
| about lo o'clock the same as usual.
i    The evening previous Hall had  taken
[ a walk about thc cily,  after  which he
returned to tbe St. Chailes hotel.   Ho
■ played a game or two of cards with some
companions, drank a glass of beer, after
which he bade all goodnight and went
to bed.   Another boarder  whose  room
was next lo the deceasid, r-tired at thc
same time, and noticed nothing wrong.
Loud snoring was heard during the night
from the mom occupied by the decease I,
but other than this no sound out  of tbe
ordinary wat noticeable.
An inquest was held over the remains
Wednesday and autopsy performed by
I Dra. Kenning sml Senior. Thc organs
i uf tbe body were found in a normal condition, showing no cauac for death. The
inquest was adjourned until April io to
permit nl sn analysis being msde of
Ihe stomsch for pulton.
llall was quite well known throughout
Ihc cily. He was one of the victims ol
an (verturned wii*on on September 15
last on lhe hill cverlooking thc L X. L.
mine at which time one Hu«hcs war
killed. In tliitui'ciilciil he had Buffered
a Iracturrd skull, but Ihc effects of this
hurt had entirely dissapnared at the lime
.tl hin dentil, llc had always made the
St. Charles hotrl his home alien iu the
I city, was known as a man not at all qua1*
ri-]-.nne and nol addicted to drinking
excessively. His death is shrouded in
The remaini were Interred yesterday.
Affairs    Are    in    an    Excellent
Financially    and     Numerically
Organization   la Forging
A Positive Guarantee
Columbia Ave
N. II.—Cleaning and Repairing done
on abort notice
W. J. Harvey, K. 0. M. C I.,Professor
ol Ophthalmalogy, Doctor of Optic* and
Scientific Optician, will be al K.I K.
Next door lo Empey's I N ln.tiel.lt' jewelry store. Imm the hours
ol 10 to i] and 2 to 5 o'clock every day
eicept Sunday, until Baturday, March
it, tor the purpose ol lilting spectacles
and doing general optical work. Dr.
Harvey is one of the few men In Cunsda
wbo positively guarantees every correction and your money forthwith refunded
If tbe spectacles are not as recommended.
The meeting ol the Miners union Wednesday evening was ol a moBt enthusiastic nature. A large amount ol important boabietl was transacted,and several
candidates for initiation were added to
the membership roll.
The most important item o( interest
was lhe report of the auditing committee.
This report contained much of interest
to the membership in general, snd proves
beyond doubt that Kossland union
is in a very nourishing condition.
The report gives lhe lotal receipts lor
the paat six months at ^6837.15. 01
thip amount $51150.15 was for dues. The
total expense was (5:7^88 of which
I •ir.- 81 was (or ihu relief and
care of (he sick members Thc
balance, S1554.2~, is certainly a very
(Uttering one. During lhe term
311 new nmnrs were added to thc membership roll through initiation ami otherwise.
The sick committee reported three
member! in the hospital. William Fray,
Secretary ol the Velvet ...me branch, it
suiii-riiig Irom recumalisin, Wiliiam Mc.
Kcnwn from burns received about two
weeks ago, an.l Frank Carraglio Iron,
injuries received in thc Centre Star mine
a lew days Ago.   All arc improving.
Kossland Miners' union is certainly
in excellent condition, numerically and
financially, and bids fair to continue to.
The affairs of the union are in sale
hands and prosperity cannot fail to
attend their efforts.
The Strand
The Most Elega and
Luxuriously • Fitted
Har in Canada. : : .
A I ine  Line ol  lhe
Choicest Liquors & Cigars
To   the Lad ee
Mrs. M. Heard announces her spring
an.l ■ limine, millinery opening. A line
nl muslin underwear to be closed out,
bargains lor everybody.
I**  none   too   food
for our patrons	
Hence  we   provide
only the	
1  a
n n *•**•_-m mt^ww, ****** tw.   -m, mw 1ICM fm^mt, *■*_** J«
Sight Protection
When your head aches and yuur eyes
l.i-f.ii.n* tired or sore and spots arc ecen
Hunting before them, and you 1 innot
read or if so with difficulty, or for any
error of refraction, crots eyes or defect
of vision, or Ihc tilting of *•*.•• t...*l<—
Unit are absolutely correct, consult W.
J. Harvey, F. O. M. 0. I., nt K.I K.
Mii.li.-I.l-* until Murch '.'3. Hours 10 to
12 and 2 to 5.
Death otWm. Treglone
Win. Tri-itli.lM-, sued 64 ****** ar-, died
Mi,inlay ut the home ol nf hit - m near
Ihc   Linn  hr.-w.-ry.    Dcei-a.e.l    WM    I
number »f the 0.1.1 Pillow and Form
ter - 11 ■ii'lies under   ivhusc uti-picc*. lhe
I funeral 011 urr.il Wednesday  u"- 111 ■*•
I from ('I.l Kill..h*  hull.    .Mr. Treglone
was well ..nil iav.ir-.liK known through-
out the city and tbl remains wen- ibilow-
I i*ii to the cemetery hy 1. lurge numbei
..I people.
Trades and   Labor Ball
Y The International Correspondence Schools
w w Offers your choice ot 7fi Dilfrr*.nt Courses ol Study.
1OO1OOO  Student** nnd Graduate!,      I'cu Iniii; iiinlcr 7 1 il llere.it Ragf,
Local OfflMI
Tba   forthcoming  ball by Rouland
Fradei and 1 il or Count il i« looked for-
ward to with 1 nn-l I. rable pleasure I.*.
lhe lu\iis   nf  dancing   tlir.ughout the
1 itv.    1 ii" * immittes baling thi   ■
iiiili.it.i are iparlcg no pains to make
it n fi. i.illy as  well  rl
tin.11      illy,
Ben Stout reoenily received new of
the death of his mother ami -i-mr
whit I, ...ruiri-l at Kradlord, I'.ng., the
dastbl occurring two weeks apart. THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD.
The Government Interviewed
On Mninlay at Oltawa, tlio Trades
and Laliiir,,ili-li-|{ation waited on Pre
in et I...mul snd Hon. WlllismJMulock
n trgard o tbeir annual{bl)l of grievances. There wen* along with them Pres*
.I.n* Ralph Smith and Mesirs, At Put.
i,    M. r. I ii. R, Maxwell, M. P.
The  principal   qui which  wire
brought  i el re   lhe  g. i einmi m were
lulenl granting -.1 naturalize.
t mi. i*.n.i.at**.. 11 lapancse in I that ol
i      ling.
in I.*, .nl to the iiiitnr.ii atlon 11 Jaj
I. nl   KhIiiIi   Smith   1*1 ol .*.
He like l lhal ceriili tab bi i moelled
for two yearn, as ll tvat shown in oourts
that tin were granl d Irauduli
ihat the .time for granting them '•* AA
extended Irom three to five year ; that j/i\
i.ip.iiit*.-.. -iniw their entrance certificate i jfl\
before getting naturalisation, and that a A\
Supreme court judge iirant these- ci-niti- j A\
The Union Label Scores
Another Success.       I^ing^ualit/
Tl.o " Klttf Qualitv M Shoo lm* taen   nwanlcd t.i o Gold Bled-ftl
the highMt iiv'..id at iho Pari* iCxpfmiituii. All kouiN *iuui)ud »iib
UNION'tiABKL    H» mn tnut "King Quality*1 in bmUUdon y&ur ihuM, wfauh
ni.-ai. * ptrlMl|«ftlUfftOi uni
Made by THE J. D. KING CO., Llmitod, Toronto.
i fa
Ft Havo WU Ton nut |
III (In* iv.ti   ,.[  Shirt***.   Col-
lar-,   Cunt,   lilt.i.s,   'lies,
Mufflers, S. trfs, I li. The
new shapes In Collai ■ on
iiium* -linn n here r.r-t.
Ths iwellesl Ties make
Iheir appearance lure iir*-t.
The most fashionable and
p.tpiilai Shirts- reach ns
llrst. All *;oiiils sold «t
Bankrupt I'm es. ..::::;::::::
EVERY smoker is on the look-out
for tobacco thpt smokes cool
and does not sting the tongue.
ii iEitiv
The Clothier-
»tei,indno1 tba tuition ol psace uI Jre€€€€€€€€*»*»***»*€€€€€€€tg
it present. _.__.__.__--_.___-_____________-__ __^_^___^_^^_
combines  these
of fine aroma .
qualities, be ides  being
In regard lo this, Sir Wilfrid Latiricr
-aid thul Japanese imniigrstioii hsd
pretty well slopped, it would perhaps
.suffice it precaution was taken agatust
Iraud, and Ihat all certificates obtained
fraudulently should be cancelled. He
agreed in giving power (o Supreme
court judges to grant certificates, and
not justices of peine. He did not, however, believe in extending lhe time from
tbrec to five years, as il smacked o(
• Krugerinn." A- io alien labor, which
.ilr. Smith ali-o referred to. thejpramier
ea id lhal lhe governuient hsd  Ibe   mil
ter before them.
Mr. l-'lctte, *■! Hamilton, and Mr. Put.
tee, of Winnipeg) dealt with picketing,
md liked that tbe law be imended to
permit thc use of persuasion trith work-
n not to replace men when on  -trikc
or on a lockout.
The delegation aln called the attention ol the government io the advisability of paying  (heir amploi
i ol monthly.—Independent
Qu.lp Could S i.o ZOO Tons
luilp ll in  ipleodld  ihape for
turning t in quat
•t,it. ii.ii.it. tummcr stales thit he
* .uid lake out'JIM tons daily if it could
lie hauled away, but a, he bad no place
to dump a large q..entity he il ttierclurc
inly taking out enough to keep tbe ore
bin full. (Inly about M tons can be
hauled away each week, .is there is but
one freighter on the (irand forks roe!
who will haul ore at a price that can he
paid by the company. The too (oot
shsft hss just been completed and tbe
station cut out. A smsil lorci- isengagc.l
in drifting on the too foot level. Tlie
ire ti similur to all that hai tieen cn-
countered on that level. It will average
.bout |*'-o per ton and Height leet wide.
We are going to move our store to
Phoenix next month and
offer you our
Clothing, - Shoes
and Furnishings
at half ihc priie you have to pay elsewhere.  Call and be convinced.
THE-- —	
i   -t OolnmUa Aienue.
II. Ham lit, Mgr.
More Soidio-t Wanted
"Tbrotiglu.ut lhe I inited Stall •      •> I
Captain Cliecvcr, U. S A.. "Olden have
-att.- tl..- enliitmmi ol io ragi*
ment*,. equally divided between ml mtr\
mil cavalry.     We    are   aln ml irined
(list the artillery  mon In  raited to n
holier    M II alalia!,  .a    p.....   . -  U 111. Ii   will
• ike I ie -.ears.   The inlti tn   and  • ai
alt) regimeati will l>c recruited in three
mon thl.
'Wl   hall •filial  until orders to ttop
.. ■.. -.1. The i ..rk n. isning on
rapi.il> though la. k of tunc has prevent
ed from doing much.   One man. Charles
'Sodium, vas accepted at Lewitton,
Applicants arc numerous, but (be requirement arc severe, and while many
..nue forth, few arc chosen, i, >.»l
character ud perfect pbytique arc in
.! on. The . lass ol men Wl ate
-letting ta nf a very high order.
"Each oevalry regimtnl will number
IloO mei and an infantry regiment over
1500. Two battalion • ol inl.iiitry and
lour squadron:, ol itvalr) wil likely be
-ent   to  Manila   from   each   regiment.
liattalloni were tent (rom San Pru
some day. ago. and another shipment
will .oon be made. The men will probably a«c active service,"
WOOD!       WOOD!
I have taken overfthe control of the Red Star Transfer Co.'•> wood btisini-*-. and orders left with me at
the old stand on Washington street will receive
prompt attention. Wall seasoned wood of all kinds
delivered to'atty part of the city.
Washington .Mrce(,
Opposite  Hank of   Montreal.
Ciga*s and Cigara.
When you ask for a cigar why don'l
yon insist upon a good one.' Nine cacet
out of ten yiti will lie offered a .heap
s. ah made < Igaf unlesi you name the
kind warned Thei .ill cost vou thc
same nm* ..c  bad.    Now  why
not „et a good one.       Auk lor the  best
Croirn Grant or W 11    Vou will then be
.in* .. In.i'ic induitri. Ion.
Think ol this Ihc next y.u ask lor "a
• igar."
Meat Market
Fresh and
Salt Meats,
Fish, Game,
Poultry and
You Desire
in the
Just call on
H. W. Simpson
Second Ave., near Washington St.
V. & N. Phone 68.
♦ Wit..la-tie anil
A   dints,   nil*.    V.mialie.
X  Finish .111.1 I millet- sutiiil
Bnmh'a    WkII i
Supplies.   Otilrts Ink- '
l*ap€il.*.n*il..-< ..ml Uecoiittng.
store.    Imiiiel. Si cttatnlters,
..iti'* . v*       ittt'lar I*.iniii t..n
l.lBir.   lfli*,* tl .lie   No     11/
Ask your dealer for it and refuse substitutes.
iwwwnwnwywnwwwynnw* • •••-»•••••<-.« *.
fa**** *.*** *****************
*..h.nB.on atreo, HOLSTEAD   &   WRIGHT
258-A ©FF
All   Men's  Trousers,
258 • 4 ©ff
The Economist   Slore
Frit Avenue and
a GEO.AGNEW&CO. w      |
The Leading North End Grocers and Provision Merchants, extend a cordial welcome
to those who have not yet done business
with them to call and leave .1 trial order.
***.-*.*.-*.' **f;±i ^*y*-nft*4/ y.t^'j.i.^1 j*
Dyeing and Cleaning Works,
Ladies'   and  Gentlemen's Clothes Cleaned.
Dyed and Repaired
gtcaifl f%,,tmh t^nih S& '^/%.v^^tt%7^^r%?%^5;ii*.
*»S*£T_B   VC   JI*   TE:.1L
-JJ-orlc Call**! fir
At.*.   l.*m.m-*Z*S.
. Ac 1-T. X«i-»plr-*-n.e
The Miners' Magazine,
Prce -tt.00 per Year EDWARD BOYCB, Editor.
Published bythe W. F. M. Denver Col.
Subacriptiona    Received at  thia Office,   or at   The Office of
the Secretary of RosslanMiner Uon' THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD.
I   Cleaned Currants
Seeded Raisins
I   Valencia Raisins
!   Assorted Peek
\ Paulson
Wholesale     and
Retail   Grocers.
Formerly Turl Exchange.
Best Meal in Town 35 Cents
Mrs. La More,      Poprietress.
Rossland   Hotel.
ine  Whiskies  and
Imported Cigas.
VV. H.  WALTON ihr Hud-
• IU Rock and I'n.lman t*..f« -1 ha* ir«<prttril
Ihe tiilrftinti-sti.i1 I.i* tub iVunlrr when
>ini inn Rtl Iht
Best   Meals  in   the City
whoti crdira. flol 01 CoM I   HhailUf
tat M«tti    i rcn Delicacy iht tnatkrt
iiflordii.^-'   w^ ^-"   *^^^^^^^^
Electric - Laundry
You do nol have ik patronize
Chinese Laundries.
T.W.GRAHAM,   Prop.
)^* ********** *j*********^*^-
p. burns & eo.
*&■ -rft »»-T*s"'4r**-s IV rfr-ritxksit :rti_s#
Rossland, Nelson, Trail,Sandon,Revelstoke,Green-
wood, Grand Forks and Vancouver.
RETAIL MARKETS-Ross'and. Trail,  Nelson, Ymir,  Kaslo,
Sandon, New Denver, Silverton, Cascade City, Grand Forks,
Greenwood,  Phoenix, Midway, Camp   McKinney,
Revelstoke, Ferguson and Vancouver.
|Flsh,   Game and   Poultry In Season, Sausages of. All Kinds.
WM. DONALD, Manager Rosaland Branch
*.************j* **********%
Thos. Embfetofi,
The West Le Roi avenue Grocer, keeps
Everything the Miner
Wants to Eat.*****
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Provisions at
lowest prices. Goods delivered to any part of the city.
r*AAA*^**.*t..*k.AAA1A»A*tAA*l*   ^^   AthtWAWAth WW tt.At.tt.At.Wtt.tt.ttt *%*%tt\*%At.W W
▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ ^►▼▼W ^-w **b^w^r*Ww^Www w^Wwww^a^W
\G.  W.  M< Bride,
I     Hardware. Miners'
n Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, Etc., Etc.       j
t**************************w********************* ***
Parable of the
Ten foolish Sons
(Continued from second page.)
Oflico and Yardai
Third av.nua and    _^
Washington St.        W
Opp. Red Mt. .
* Rough & Dressed Lumber, Shingles *
Mouldings, andA-1 White Pine Lumber
Always in Stock.
did you consent to labor for
the enrichment of him who
did no labor, while you who
created the riches are living
in poverty? For clearing,
fencing and cultivating the
fields, for building houses, cisterns and barns, and all other
labor you have performed, did
he not pay for it all out of the
very money that vou, by your
toil and sweat, have produced?
Why will you, and your wives,
your sons and your daughters
yield yourselves servants to
him who is but your equal? It
is indeed a strange delusion
that prompts men to reverence those who rob and oppress them. What right has
he to this opulence and power
over his brethren? Why
should he fare sumptuously
every day while ye, who have
created all that he hath, are
strangers and aliens to the
comforts of life? Let me earnestly admonish you to no
longer be slaves. Let each
and every one of us swear,
tnat by the dawn of another
day we will be a free people
and in possession of all that
is rightfully ours." And while
he was speaking some shouted: "We will fall upon him
and take his life," while others
said: "We will dispossess
him and turn him out a beggar." But the young man
cried the more, saying: "O,
foolish men, ye are beside
yourselves and know not what
you say. Be quiet, and let us
not do him any bodily harm,
nor dispossess him and leave
him and his family destitute."
Then a number of those who
were conservative, said: "We
will buy him out, giving our
notes, for wc can soon pay out
from the profits, and in this
way we can avoid   doing any
A'ter relating to him all the
words which the young man
had spoken unto them, he
said: "I pray thee have compassion on me and do no injury to my person. Howbeit,
I freely confess to you, my
brethren, that in all things I
have dealt unjustly with you.
But if you will spare my life
and that of my household I
swear that henceforth I will
in no wise mistreat or oppress
you." Then, in a fit of consternation he attempted to
take his own life.but they prevented him, saying: "Be this
far from thee and fear not,
for we are thy friends and will
do no violence to person or
property. We propose to
make of these vast possessions
a common inheritance for all.
We propose to have an economic equality hereafter, instead of the despotism of the
past. There shall be an equal
distribution of labor and of
wealth. No man shall serve
another, but each shall serve
all for the common good."
And he, being glad to escape with his life, consented
to all which they had proposed. And the heart and soul
of this people became one,and
no man counted anything his
own, because they had all
things in common. Great favor was upon them, and no
one had need ot anything, for
there was plenty for all. And
so, they abode there together,
a prosperous and happy people forever.
Will Build an Electric Plant,
J. M. Harris is applying to
the land and work's department for water rights on the
south fork and Seaton creek
branches of Carpenter creek
at Three Forks. The Sandon
Water & Light company already has privilege*- under its
charter on the north or main
fork,   which    Hows    through
V«r>l» al Rc--1.init an.l N*rl*on
Head oilier al
i Mill at l-orto Rlcn M.linj.1	
^   Nii-wi n. c. 1'*r
fa wv tMiiy it compMr ptoi-k ol C«i»*<   Floor.ni   .'.ilint.   Inai.lr Klntih. Tnrttt.1     fa-
m 1  -.-hi* -.n-ll.-—1*. H|**it«l oi.!,i -...tk mil i-nTlrr pi..m|a ^ti...».on. ^
******   *********************
M THEw~~~~
Miners, Look Here!5
You net d nol loose .1 shift
to '.t your . heck cashed
during banking hours.
You can gel it cashed, al
i.n >■ value, .it .ill hcurs at
0. K. Baths
Porcelain   Baths   I
a. Colombia Arr.,   it-It li l.»lcnii(r «
BEDS 15. 25. 35 AND 50 CTS.
injustice." But the young Sandon. It is Mr. Harris'in-
man still protested, Baying: tention to incorporate a com-
"It is indeed foolishness to pany to in-*ull an electric
think of buying that which is plant al Three Forks with
already your own. Whence 1000 hprsepower capacity,
comeththis false notion of! The station will be made to
right, this gross misconception furnish power   lor  the  H
of justice, whid, causes you to mrines '""l,'"'',im .'
, . ..I power win. 1 are i" pui
regard as unjust the  seizureU£tric   ,,„.,..v.    A  doubl,
of property thai   is rightfully hjne 0{ wire will be run, one 1 .
vour-.    Mv fellow sufferer-., the Reco mine  and inienne-
l.e not rash, nor even foolish .li.ite points and thc other to
htodo   any   of   the"'the city of   Si»>ll"»-     ''"»'' '
ese 1 ""• c'l^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*—
.-^^^^^^^^^^^^■.^.^J     will In- supplied to the Sandon
llllllUsWlll.il       \Otl ll.lVe        1l,(>-      .1 .„. 1. I     -      - ^^
I       Tl II    I Ml      NN ,1,0r     "•      '
post il.    I liis we will do:   \\ «■
~* '\ "i^.'V' ''"' "\'\ f "\* *\*V1 '1
W.it.r   -X   Light    Company
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ win n the walcr sti|.|il\   1*  iu-
will lake ami hold these pos- adequate to run   the Sai
sessions as a common inheri- plant.   The cost ol the plain
tance receiving al   the  same ■and "J8"" will be  lomel
this, thy  brother,  into ov.V.k?4°'1  ,
. *,      1 ■      1 I "ti-f I'orks n.i * many ...I
our love and   fellowship,  let- v ,,,.
king him in all   things  »harc station.    Iht   ■
equally with ns: for is thi  •       ,   inches  <>f  water avail
not enough that all may havi   able    in   th*'    South    I
plenty and to spare?"   When   ol  Carpenter,    ...    inches
in th.-   north   fork   and
Get You Job Printing
Done at thc Industrial
World Office.
they heard th.-,- words   thej  !n /"'.'":""   '"^   •'""
mm^^^^^^^^m inches in seaton creek, mak-
x'""' , a total flow of Hit,.,  i
even  as of water, sufficienl to develop
thou hast said."     And it was an   enormous   power.    Thi
all cried with one
ing:     "So let it    lie.
s>. Then ihey gathered together all the men, women
and children and  weni   unto
the In.use .if tin* wise man ami
enormous   power.
1 fall al this poinl  will pcrmil
..I a large head being gained
with  a comparatively   short
i.n .im k.    1 line Forks ;ils<>
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.las the advantage .>l   In in;* a
railed   him   forth    from   his central lot.nion, the distal
sleep, for it was  night.    But beingaboul equal to Whu.
when he had opened the dooriw:it,:V N«'w I >en ver Silverton
and beheld the crowd, his fear and the mines around SmAmi.
,. . , 1 Nearly ev.rv producing mini*
was exceeding great.insomuch m ,,„. S|„(;m is wjthinaten
that he was as weak as water I mile radius of Three Forks. ■
and his knees smote together. | Paystreak. THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD.
The Industrial World
Verkan & Flbtchbr,
Editors nnd  Managers.
Published weekly at tlie Miners
Union hall, Rosslaud, in the inter
est of organized labor In British
Entered at the Rossland, B. C,
postollice lor transmission through
the mails, November, 1899, as second class reading matter.
Payable invariably in Advance.
One vear    $2 00
-six months   1  25
Three months       75
Address all communications to
The Industrial World, Postoffice
box 558, Rossland, B. I".
The Industrial World is lor sale at
the following places:
Simpson's News Stand.
Linton Bros.
Postoffice News Stand.
Barr's Cigar Store.
Canada Book & Drug Store.
McRtte Bros.
King & Co.
Secretarial of all unions are authorized to receive lubscriptioni i.'t
The Industrial World.
chance to pay direct or at
least refuse? What a hollow
mockery it i.s! Andrew Carnegie donating to public institutions throughout the
country money that should
put bread into lhe mouths of
his workmen; money that he
does not earn, never could
possibly earn; posing as a
philantrophist while he grinds
those who earn the money
down to a mere existence.
How much more philantro-
phic would it be if Mr. Carnegie would let his charity begin at home? Why not, if he
is charitably disposed, grant a
raise of wages to his employes
in proportion to the amount
he donates annually to public institutions and for which
he is lauded to the extent of
a column or two in mono|>o-
listic papers throughout the
states? If there is aught of
charity in the keeping from a
poor man that which would
add comforts to his life and
that of his family, and giving
it to some institution from
which that man, from lack of
time and oft times inclination
brought on by such thoughts
as are here penned, has no
use. Give the working man
sufficient thai he may Uveas
God intended the human race
should live, .uni there will b.-
iio need of "public" libraries.
Each man will have a librarj
and reading room in his home,
where he nix enjej such comforts to the besl advantage
and with his family.
will become   a  better trade
unionist than most   of those
who today carry Union cards
in their pockets.—Ex.
Labor is claiming its own.
In Great Britianan eight hour
mining law has passed its second reading. The state legislature of Oregon has just
passed an eight hour law for
miners, mill men ami all
classes of labor relating to
mining. In the state of
Montana the long struggle
has been won and an eight
hour law for miners now
graces the statute books of
the copper state. In Colorado
the labor members have control of the legislature and an
eight hour law will find its
pl.i.'t among the statutes of
that state within thirty days.
Even the old Keystone state
of Pennsylvania the agitation
is being felt, and the coal
miners who struck against
starvation wages last fall may
soon be enjoying an eight
hour shift. In Ontario also
an eight hour mining law is
talked of.— Paystreak.
By the enactment <>f a compulsory arbitration act, the
loss to employer and employe
through strikes and lockouts
would be practically nil.
Whenever trouble ordisagree-
nient might arise, work could,
and in all probability would.
In- continued while the i i x
for grievance was being arbitrated. Not only would this
be to the benefit of the employer ami employe, but think
of the good Inisiness men
would derive from such an
assurance. The constant fear
..f a business man in a mining
1 amp is labor trouble. Willi
this fear eradicated, a city or
town would assume much
more stability, there would be
a much freer circulation of
earnings, ami a healthy condition would pre\ ail generally.
These are things thai should
I..- thought of.   The passing
of such an act, is one in which
all are concerned and which
all should end.-av.ir to secure.
What a noble nature this
I man Carnegie has! He gives
a pension to those in his employ who have reached the
age when nature demands a
rest. Ami ilu--- same men
have assisted in earning this
money for Mr. Carnegie Ii
is they who have done tinea ruing, but ihev have nol
been permitted to enjoy the
fruits of their labor. But
when they grow old they are
permitted to live upon the
charity of him they have made
a 11111lli1111lli.1n.1ire. Truly
tii.-re must l.e something
ically wrong. Who has a
better righl to the enjoyment
of w.-alth than the man who
earns it.' Then why this laudation of Mr. Carnegie when
he is l.ut doing al .1 ver) late
.l.i. i* hat should have been
done main yean ago and continued.
If the underground laborer* <>t Kossland were receiving
$,5.00 per day, to which we beleive ihey ate justly entitled.
Ii..w much better it would be
for the camp, and what a
change would be noticed
in tin* men doing that
class of lalior. The work
performed by underground
laborers in a western mining
camp certainly entitles them
to that wage, and in almost
. .iinp outside of Rossland he is receiving it. The
mines here are as good as
are found anywhere, and why
should not the same wage be
M..< hinists are advised  to
keep  away   from   Sault   Ste
Marie. Out., "as the brothers
are endeavoring to improve
thc conditions under which
they work."
A printing trades council is
being talked of in Ottawa.
At present the label ust d there
comes from the Typographical union.
The Miner suggests that
Andrew Carnegie be asked
for a donation for the R..**
land library, it being said that
Mr. Carnegie is in a benevolent mood at present. Why
not ask the thousands of poor
men who are starving on the
pittance Mr. Carnegie permits them to earn each day
for a donation? They are
the ones who pay it anyhow.
and  why not permit them a
Among the many things
ih.it Union men to be consistent ihould .I., are:   Pun base
onlv I fnion in.nie uoods, slant!
I.y tin- Label always; support
the local labor paper, it i. always ih.- paper that cannot be
subsidised I.y capital, speak
out in the Union meetings, il
is better to talk there than on
the street i orders; gin- the
officers of the Union all thc
support they ate entitled to,
and they are   entitled  to  the
fullest possible support so
long as they ad honestly and
conscientiously; stand up for
the Union in season  and   out
of season, he ,1 Union man
always. There are many
Ot her things that a Union man
might do. but let him observe
ilu* above  faithfully   and  he
I -w %%%%•%% %%%%•%% -** %■•
of Writing Pads and
Envelopes. Why ?
Because our goods
and prices are right.
We sell Moore's Non-
l.eakablc   Fountain
Pens; best on the market. LINTON sells
cheap.   ::::::::
Linton Bros/
No. y> Columbia Avenue.
•4.%%%%%%% •». %%%%%%.
Olliicersand Meetings.
COUNCIL—Meets every second and fourth Tuesday in
each month at 7.30 P. M„ in
Miners'Union Hall. President, Rupert Bulmer. Address all communications to
Secretary-Treasurer, P. O.
box 7S4.
CARPENTERS    &    |OlN-
ERS   UNION-Me-;ts every
Friday of each week at  7.
30 p.m.  in   Miners'  Union
Hall.   Adam Hay, Pres.; A.
R. McDonald, Sec,
Western l;ederation _,'
Miners—Meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30, p.
m. in Miners' Union Hall.,
Frank W'oodside, Secretary
Win. O'Brien, President.
TYPOGRAPHICAL      UNION  No. 335.—Meets on the
last Sunday of each month
at the Miners' Union Hall.
J. Barkdoll. Sec; Wm.
Poole, President
UNION NO/253. Meets the
first and third Tuesday of
each month at x p. in. in
Beatty's llall. P. o. Box
;i i. W. Mi l.eo.l, President.
J.KIoman, Sec. Executive
Board E.C. Eraser. Rossland, W. Davidson, Sandon
M. Kane, Greenwood; H.
II. Ilimock, Moyie.
40. Painters aiul Decorators
oi America.meetsinHeatty's
Ibill. on second and forth
Tuesday of each month. W.
S. Murphy, Pres.; Geo. W.
Shiiin. Sec.
— Meet in Miners' Union
I lall on the first and third
Saturdays of each month,
at oa. in. Mike Guydotti,
Pres.; Jay Barton, Sec.
UNION No 118.—Meet the
second     Sunday     in     the
month.   Jas.   II. Fletcher,
Sec. T. E. Abbott, Pres.
OF MINERS Edward Boyee
Pres, Htitti*. Montana; John
E. McDonnell, vice, president. Virginia Cily Neva.la;
las. Maher; secretary-treasurer. Butte, Montana Room
1-. Owsley block. Execu
live Board: John C. Williams. Crass Valley, Idaho;
Jas. B. I'urey. Butte, Montana, W. N. Burns, Ourry,
Colorado; Chas. H. Moycr,
Lead City, South Dakota;
Chris Eolcy, Rossland B. C.
W. F. M.» Jas. Wilkes. Pres.
N.lson; Jas. Devine, vice-
president. Rossland; Alfred
Parr. secretary-treasurer,
W. F,  M  -Meets every  Friday evening in Batty's Hall
D-   C. Coakley. Pres. W.
W. Doty, Sec.
Nelson & F Sheppard Ry.
The   only   all-rail route between all
points east,  west and south to Rouland,
Niton and all Intermediate points co.
nccting at Spokane with the Great
Nothern, Nothern Pacific anil l). K. St
N. Co.
Connect at Nelson with steamers lor
Kaslo and all Kootenay lake points.
Connect at Myer's Kails with stage
daily for Republic, anil connect at Iloss-
burg witli daily stage for lirand Forks
anil   Greenwood.
Effective   Oi
Leave. Day Train. Arrive.
10:35 a. in.      Spokane,      7:10 p. m.
11140 a. tn.        Rossland.        (1 ;uo p. ia.
yi.io a. 111. Nelson. 8:00 p. 111.
Night   Train.
1.1:00 p. m.       Splcane. 7:05 a. m.
11:000. 111.        Kossland.        7:10 a.m.
First-clan sleepers on night train.
General I'asenger Agent.
H. P. DROWN, Agent.
Rossland, B. C.
Canadian    Paciric
First-class Sleeper 00 All Trains From
l'.i-s Dui.inorc J.-t. daily for St. Paul s.it
util.i*. inr Montreal .nul Huston, Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto.   Same
nu- pan Revelstoke one day earlier.
lor your Eaitern trip is to see that your
ticket reads n.i
Irani*.  ! (opart
8:00 I x Sun, I „r NYi.fin, Kmlo.
1 .1 -.1.1.1.-. i.i.iii.i Porks,Greenwood, Midway. , :
18:00—Daily Fnr Nelson, Sandon and
Slocan points, Kcielstoke, Main Line
.mil Pacific Coast, and via. Crow's Nest
Route for all Elltern points.
For limc-t.ihlcs. rates and full inl'onna-
ion,  call  or    address   nearest    Local
Agent, or
A. Ii. MACKENZIE, City Agt
Kossland, 11. C.
A. l". McArthur. Depot Agt.
E. I. Coyle A. G. I'. A.
Vancover. 11. C.
Northern Paciiif,.
The Fast Line.
I'd All.  POINTS.
Safest and llest.
Solid Vestibule Trains.   Kleetrie
Lighted,    F.quppcd with
Observation Cars:
Cullman Palace Cars,
Elegant  Dining Cars,
Modern Day Coaches,
Tourist Sleeping Cars,
Through tickets to all points in   thc
United States and Canada.
F^xc.-pl Sunday.      Try our Kleetrie
Agt. R. M. Ry., Rossland' II. C.
J. \V. HILL,
General Agent, Spokane, Wash.
Asit. (len. Pais. Agent,
Music Hall....
A. ;\f. Z/A'.V.
Amuiemenl .\ftittt,£t'r
/'AW. DKfiyf-rs,
Musical Dff.lor
Week Comnwnviiifi Monday, March xS.
edna WILMA  SISTERS edith
Flrsl Une in Rossland.
Sinning, Dancing ami Arrohttic Ooraeilian.
First produi'tion of the merry musical coinedv
with the entire company in the cast.
Early Closing Question
In t.)Oo the I*: iini.ilili* Life Assurauco Society
of Ihe I'ntted SUM wrote morn new business
than in IS ,,. und the otttstsliding assurance
was nearly sixty-live millions greater thsn in
|H<W, and yet its espettsi s wcte not only less
in proportion, but absolutely less In amouu
thin in (Iqg.    	
The hquitable Life j
Assurance Society |
^ Outstanding Assurance Dec. 31.1900, $1,116,875,047.00 a
S=   New Assurance issued in 1900      207.080,243.00 ^
fc   Income       58,007.130 .o-S 3
E   Assets Dec. 31,  moo     304,598,063.41) ^
E Assurance fund and all other liabilities   238,460,803.4.^ ..
66,137,170.01 z
5**#>5-9<W*:.*>  Z
WW Surplus ..
W Paid Policy  Holders  in   1000
^ [AMES 11   HYDE, Vice-I'res. I
St Herman Allendero, Manager. Spokane. Wash,
t L. \V. Major, Special Agent, Rossland. -
•Ht   ik_ ^_ -^ A. -jL- -^L. -4^. w   j-fc  -.J***   -^   ^  ^L  j ^L ^*L ^L **^. ^L oL- ^_ ^^_ ^^. *jL *^f oL.
Millinery Opening*
Pattern Hats and Bonnets
Millinery Novelties	
SATURDAY, March 16 *
-#;       LaigfatOCkol l-iluli.ll
_^a     sad American Sailors    ITXXkJU   X  ll, I'J I   |  X    Opp. Windsor Hotel    .a
****** * *************** fa****
' MrQQ PttFTTV ColuIMbl"Av""" - fa
■     1*1100    lli Dl   I   1     <>|.p.   Wl«d...r Hotel    jl
IBank of Montreal Si
|L *^\
^     Capital, (all paid up) $12,000,000.    Rest. $7,000,000.    m\
JJJ Undivided Profits, $427,180. m
\J^    III. HOB.  Loril   Mruthrnn,)   Uid  Mount   Roml,   <I.C. M.U., President.   ^|l
.ia Mn:.. (.    V. I intuitu.....I   Vice I'i.*..     K. S. Cloilslon, Uen. Man. (f\
gil    A Savings Bank Department in  connertlnn  with this branch bits   been   my
*M opened.   Interest at current rate. _L
ik   m
jjj Safety Deposit Vaults j
ai. Rent of Boxes from $7.50 to $30 per unnam. ff\
ik   fa
^ J. S. C. FRASER, Manager Rossland Branch.
Get Your Job Work at
the Industrial World Office, Miners'Union Hall.
Mi-. Editor:
My attention has heen drawn to au
article in Ihe INDUSTRIAL Wnitiai regarding thc movement to ask the council for introducing a bylaw closing all
plates of business at 6:30 p. 111., thus
making early closing compulsory. I
would like to say a (ew words through
your paper on thw subject. Abutit three
years ago an agreement was signed by
all the prominent merclisnts of ll.n
city to close their stores at 7 o'clock.
This agreement was not adhered to Irom
the stsrt ami at lead two of our largest
dealers, while removing goods lion, the
doors, still continued to do business until such lime us their customers were
served. Now the reason these two
merchants did not close their places of
1 ni-1 in*. * was I pi-esume, because they
found it impossible to do justice to the
public and close their doors in the faces
of working men who could not get round
before that I. ur tu do tlnir buying.
We speak ol the working men, mechanic, i-tc.wI.n do not leave their work un-!
til 6 p. in Hy the time they go lo their
homes and wash, change tbeir clothing
and have tbeir supper, It is next to im-
possible for them 10 get down to the
store before 7 o'clock.
Now I think thai business houses eiist
for something more than the prolit and
convenience o( the proprietors. They
are .. necessity in any community, and
ss such should study the interests an.l
convenience of the different classes of
the community from which they derive
their patronage for instance, the dry
goods and hardware stores do little or
no business after5 p. m., nnd I have no
doubt could close at that hour without
inconveniencing their patrons to
any extent. On tbe other hand
tin* earlier < losing of mens'furnishings and shoe sloiei, Iruit stores, etc.,
would result in a very large cluss of lln*
comiiiunii vjlK-mg greatly Inconvenienced
and would |ustl(y the remark made by a
working mail lo the writer u|s.n his being loo late to get some nrcesiary ar'i-
cle which he rt .piirrd before could go to
his work the following miming. He
Mul. "\ in merchant! do not consider
anyone but your own pleasure in Ihc
mailer ol closing up your store, yet you
make a howl when wc send lo Toronto
and other places for our goods,'' and
bis rebuke was merited. Now any bylaw
«hi. h would indlx-iim.nstely close np
all kinds of business al thc bour suggested would he tnsnilcstly ..tl.itr.ir*.
and unfair, and would result in a still
greater proportion of tbe business
which legitimately belongs to us, going
to I ..-1. in cities. I would like the opin
ion of working men on this subject and
I! it Is the desire on their parts that thc
stores close at an earlier hour (hsn at
present, all well and good; bul tonn
dcrtakc such measures as are being con
sidrrcd by 11 portion ol thc business
houses, without giving an opportunity
lor an expression ol opinion by the clans
ol Ihe roiiiiniiiiitv who will be most
affected, is I think unfair and atbitrary
in Ihe extreme.
Yours Faithfully.
Asiatic Immigration
If anyone need* further deinonitralinn
of the extreme scnousncis ol tbe Aiiatu
cheap lalior problem in the province,
llic return presented to the bouse ol
commons a day or eo ago, in rc*|ionsc
to a qucition I.y Hon. Colonel Prior,
should be sullicient.
Sir Richard Carlwrighl stated tbat
during the one year last past, no fewer
thsn four thousand two hundred and
twenty Chinese, and ten thousand live
hundred and sixteen Japanese, were
added l.i the laboring population of
Canada, This nnny of cheap worker*?,
living in ojualor and upon food that
while people could not eat, spending
their unemployed hours in hovels, and
sending their accumulated earnings hack
to the Orient, lo lie lost forever to Csna-
ttlm hllllimi Mill army of enemies to
the development of an industrial population in lhl. western province of white
llriti.lt people—was not distributed over
Ihe whole of Canada by any means. It
was British Columbia thst they were received Into, and it is the workers of
Britiih Columbia who under present conditions arc forced to 8ght for existence
against lhe unfair competition thereby
Little eloquence of argument—little
additional testimony— should be required by the federal authorities to establish the urgency ind the gravity ol
the caie of British Columbia white labor
against the inrush ol these Oriental
Fifteen thousand Asiatics of the lowest class brought into competition uith
ihc limited white industrial populattou
of Ihis western province in a single year
is in itself indicative ol consequence thst
sny government must acknowledge to
be fraught with danger to tbe state.—The
Something to Think About
It requires  $1,1 $0,000,000 (o psy the
cost of maintsining the  standing armies
ol Kurofc.   This would  provide every
year   l.i $0.(100 families with a f.......
hone, giving employment to the 18,000
000 men under iirms. Which plan do
yon favor?
The number of men snd officers killed
and wounded in Ihe South Alrican war
up lo last December ia 4.j.7:S. And
-lill lhe battle rages. Thc English workingmen art--(ill putting np the price in
in. in y and blood to carry on the merry
commercial gam.* nf grab.
Tl.e capitalist class numbers -ir |u*r
cent of tl.e population uml own eighty-
three per cent of Ihc wealth.
The middle class number nineteen
per a nl of the population and own
liftcf n per cent of the wealth.
The working class number seventy-
five |«r cent of the population and own
three prr cent of thc wealth.
It is a source of comidcrable pleasure
that the working people ol ('.real Iliiiain
Ir.irn thai King l.dwar.l has given permission (o Ihc ladies to wear pearls
and diamonds at thc coronation nf the
monarch. The Ilritilb soldier in South
Africa will alio he glad to bear thc
welcome news. As they take a shot at
a lleetng burgher they can retiect that
their wives and mothers are at home
wearing pearls and diamond.*, at the
coronation services. How kind and
thoughtful of lhe new king. This act
should endear him to all his subjects —
Rehearsals hare bten held nearly
i-ien 'lay during the past week lor the
si. Patrick's entertainment in Miners'
I'nion hall. Monday evening. The pro-
gr.un is an elaborate one  and combined
with the object l»r which  tl.e  pre, I*
are Io be   devui.-d,  a large alien.lame
ahould be assured.
The moving picture entertainment*
given in Miners' I'nion hall lasl Saturday and Monday evenings proved verv
Ienjoyable, but iheattendance waa not all
thst could be desired. The amount
realised will not go far tow.irda tin- library fund.
The Union Label
The Union Label will outlive every
manufacturer or employer that opposes
it. It will stand the test of court, jury
and judge; people, producer and purchaser; plutocrat and pauper. It is
the emblem ol justice that is ever brought
in evidence of emancipation and amelioration of (he race. It represents not
individuals nor unions, not manufacturers nur factories. It represents never
dying, ever living principles of justice
and right, for the sake of right. livery
person in or out is a gainer by ils universal adoption. It means more wagea
for wage earners, more money to buy
necessities, more school houses aud
more children to occiqiy them, more
persons with competence and leas millionaires. The latlcr is the only thing
thst will decrease, and they can be
spared.—Quincy Labor News.
Minor Mention.
J. 8. Carter of Nelson, traveling representative of the C. P. R., has been in the
city during the week.
Thc School of Mines contiuues to
lurnish interesting lectures to a large
and appreciative attendance.
A vein that yields $14o0 lo the ton,
has been discovered in the Morning
(llory mine, Republic Camp.
A complimentary smoker will be tendered to Joseph Squires on Friday,
March :2nd at lhe Miners* union hall.
John Working returned on Sunday
last from a ten weeks visit in the east.
While absent he attended the funeral ol
hia mother at Augusta, III.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Godfrey
mouin thc loss of their little daughter
1.erne, which died last Saturday. The
iiiner.il occurred Monday moralng with
services at the residence, Rev. ti. II.
Morden officiating.
Whether Deuel is itisan-i or not, he
certainly managtd to keep without the
mil that both RpbertS and Kitchener
ll.n 1* heen weaving for him, and has
hsd much lo do with the continuance ol
the war.    Ile is a foxy old chap.
Tin- local aerie of tin- Fraternal 1 •rd.-r
of Eagles gave .1 stiiokini; mncert in
Miners union hall Thursday evening
in honor ol tlieir fellow Eagle, Joseph
Squill's, who returned from South Africa
lait week.
With tbe present month ends the history of the llritish American corporation. In the future n will Ih- known aa
the Rossland Q rent Western.    The Ini-
Iness will be conducted as in the pan,
the(hangabeing in lhe name iltnply.
3 [eat Market
DELL REED    Pron*
. 1   Ktsi.s .it-
One block Irom Red Mountain depot.
At terminus of C. P. R. railway
Fresh Meats and
Fish,   Butter,
Eggs, Etc.
Columb a Ave., Between Washington
..•..I spokane streets.
Both Phone*. 236.      Terms Cash.
J. I.ANDIS, Proprietor.
Finely Furnished Rooms
Finest  of Wines, Liquors and  Cigars
<  Comer Second Avenue and Washington .Street.
O. K. Baths
Porcelain    Batns
11 Cniu.ni.iB t.t., ecat to taSleade'i THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD
Parable of the
Ten Foolish Sons.
An 4xtri.fi from tin- ataamstritl uf n *mA mat
ii lcrtA.-rmiai'.frvm Ihtprnef limniiltr P. F.viini.
1 \>/>\-right loot.
Now there was a certain
man who had eleven sons,
one wise and ten foolish. And
it came to pass that the wise
son called together his ten
foolish brothers and spoke to
them privily, saying: "Behold I have discovered a forest in which there is much
wood. I desire, therefore,
that you go out the wood,
clearing up and piling the
brush as you go, that there
be nothing left standing. And
for every cord of wood cut
and ricked on the ground I
will pay three-quarters of a
dollar." And they all hark-
ened unto him, and gathered
together their axes.theirsaws,
their mauls and wedges, and
went into the forest to work
even as it had been told them.
They toiled all the day
through until late and when
the wood was counted up,
there was one cord for each
of the ten laborers. Now the
wise son had bargained with
a man to take all the wood
from thejground at one dollar
and twenty-five cents per cord.
And it was so.
After many months labor
the forest disappeared, and
there was therefore no more
wood to chop. So the ten
foolish sons, having not received more than was sufficient for a bare living, were
soon in sore need. And they
called their wise brother out.
and said unto him: "We pray
thee give us work, lest we
starve." But he answered and
said: "Wait yet awhile." But
they, being distressed for lack
of food and clothing, pressed
urgently upon him for many
days, saying: "If thou wilt
give us money wherewith to
buy food and clothing for ourselves, our wives and our children, we will be thy servants
Howbeit, when the wise -on
had taken unto himself a wife
he straightway sent for his
brethren to come before him.
and when they had come he
said: "Go ye into the woods
round about and make rails
and fence the fields you have
' leared, an.l I will give  unto
you money to buy   food   and
■ lothing for yourselves, your
wivo and your children.   For
. '. ■ ry day's work  I    will   give
each ' in- three-quarters ol a
dollar, Ami behold, when the
fields are fenced I will have
vou build me luu ses, .m.1 cisterns, and barns, and make nie
furniture for my houses." And
it was so, even as he has said.
Then In- commanded that the
fairest .me of  his  brothers'
.laughter- I.e brought unto
him for a   house   maid,   .ind
that tin- fairest son be brought
to fetch wood and water, .iml
to feed and care for the slot k.
.ind to harness and drive imt
for him and his family as required. So they sent unto
him a daughter, and a son.
even as he had commanded.
Then he put the men to break
ing the ground, seeding, cultivating and gathering the crops
into his barn.
And it came to pass, after a
few years of faithful service,
that a disease broke out
among them from which some
of the men. their wives and
children died. Whereupon
they sent a messenger unto
their wise brother, saying:
"We pray thee give us a convenient spot wherein to bury
our dead." But he answered
and said: "Go to, and bury
your dead out on the commons, for I have no land to
spare." On account of his refusal many were filled with indignation and murmured
greatly. On learning of their
disquiet the wise man said:
"They are becoming wise,
even as 1 am, and I fear lest
they do me violence and rob
me of my possessions. Lo! I
am resolved what I will do. 1
will hire men of soft words
and send them to these, my
brethren, that they may speak
into their cars and turn them
from their wrath." So the
men of soft words went
straightway unto his brethren
and did as he had bargained
witli them to do. And they
promised, saying: "We will
no longer be angry with tbis,
our brother, for if he did not
give us employment we would
starve. Is it not by reason of
his kindness that we live?"
And they returned, every man
unto his work, and remained
faithful servants for many
But as their families increased they were no more able to
supply their needs with the
small wages received. And
they were very poor, many of
them suffering from hunger
and cold. And they complained unto their brother,
saying: "We must have more
wages, else we cannot long
survive." But he explained
to them, how that if he paid
more wages he could therefore
make no profit on their labor,
in which case he could not afford to hire them. S.. they
gave heed to his words anil
returned satisfied,every man
to his work. By reason of
this tin* wise man was much
pleased and said: "Now. as I
have them pacified. I will pull
down my storehouses andl
build greater; and there 1 will
bring all my wheal and my
good tilings, and I will say tO
myself, soul' thou hast an
abundant • .>i good thingslaid
up for many years; rest, eat,
drink and enjoy thyself."
I li 1 ■••it. there aros. among
th.-m about ihis time a young
man tilled v. iih   wisdom   and
understanding, who. wh<-n he
. all. .1 them  togethei
t>. them in   this   wise
are Mind and t annol
afar off. I prav th".. luar my
wordi an.!   hark, n   unto   m>
this dav. Did noi ih.- forest,
which your brother discovered, belong unto yourselves as
much as unto him* And why
did vou imt sell for yourselves
Meat Market
Fresh Meats and
Fish,   Butter,
Eggs, Etc.
Columbia Ave., Between Washington
and Bpokane stieets.
Both Phones 2%.       Terms Cash.
Closing out Goods
Furniture, Springs.
Mattresses, bedding
Linens. Quilts. Lounges, at the lowest
prices that Rossland
has ever known.
Highest prices paid
for second hand goods
Good bought. Sold
bpokane and First
Gents Furnishings Department
*~~       *9*MAS) wM* Ma wmAf} *{\t W*MA*
1 Clothing,
| Hats,
I Furnishings
| and
1 Shoes	
W 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4*
Men's Suits...
In great variety and patterns.
Our prices are always right.
Suits from *tn to t:o.-
>.-c> mx****,
Our stock of Men's Overcoats
and Iloys' Kccfers are well made
and comprise thc latest patterns. -_
Hoys' Reefers at J3, $3.50. tt. t$ 3
and f<>.      Men's  Overcoats al "*J
tm, $12.50, Jn, and f.-n. •*.--*- -*
Large line of Men's Underwear,
Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, Ties, Suspenders, Hosiery, .Gloves,  Etc.
All our [Heavy Rubbers and 3
Arotics at Cost.
Gents  Furnishings Department
V. & N. Phone 107. Columbia Avenue, t
Your   Photographers        tm
Do nothing but the Very Best Work Every Time
We carry a large line ol
at Eastern List Prices.
St. Charles Hotel
Cotambla A*rr . r,.,*.**Hc Sfifirrv
Hermann & Thnmoton. Props.
Finest Wines, Liquors and { $k
Cigars. \ ^
Finely Furnished Rooms.
• %%%%■%.»•%%%•»•*-%%•*-••. •
You (rani 1
.abcl   Cigar and ><>ti want
If that i> hi, try our
Hi^h Grade
I 'nion Cig.'irs
> man Label Cigar*   I 1 I!..
<lc Vcncila. 1 a  1 lol .1. < ..!•... 1
ial. Iinpottc.l Cuban I'nion Lab.
i.i  lludr.
The Queen Cigar Slore
. koW .\ MORRIS, l'iops.
Columhia   Avenue.
:   Columbia
.11 .1    Kl S'K
ic onlv Transfer or   E
the wood that you cut, instead i Trancf-pr   On
of giving him a goodly  por- *   * 'c*'*l«*d    wws
lion  of  it  for his cunning?
What risjit hail he to use yon
as mere tools for h;s own
profit?   Are you nol all  one
flesh and Mood' Are not the
fields you cleared and fenced
yours as much as they are his -
Hy what process of reasoning
(Continued on seventh page.)
f roinpanv in Kosslaml that will 5
f deliver vour trunks for it cts. *
ice days >
.*■*,-. -a*, a
' deliver vour trunk* for if; . ts.
I each.   Thicc days -Mnragc free ]
C. & B, Fickles, Jams. Etc., Keeler's .Marmalade in Glass and Tins.
Oil Settlers, Vermont, Imperial, Red Cross and Hills'
The licsl line ..I I "1 I I IS antll I AS always on hand.
MORRISON & BRYENTON »**■ <»«>**> *™
► %■%%%%•%•%%%%%»%%%%%%•**%%%%%%%%. *%%%**%*
Queen Cigar Store
L Telephone v.* i I
& Harper
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods
Grand Closing Out Sacri.
fice Sale of DKY GOODS
The \i\<y Cost Price Sale is in lull swing.
Every Que of our1 well assorted stock is on
sale ai Cost Price and UNDEK Cost  Price.
$ 9.00 Costumes for
$ 7
$3.00 Melton and Lustre Skirts for $ 1.50
3.50 Black Lustre
Skirts 2.50
4.00 Black Figured
Alapaca 3.00
4.50 Serge Skirts     3.25
6.00 Fig ed Mohairs 4.00
7.00 Fig'ed Mohairs 5.00
7.50 Fancy Crepons 5.00
7.50 Serge Skirts      5.00
9.00 Worsted Skirts 5.60
10.00 Fancy Crepons 7.00
12 00     "  *       " 8."i0
13.00     '• " 9.00
Ladies Underskirts
$ j.75 M.iir.tt.-Skirts $ 2.00
3.50 Moirette Skirts 2.25
3.50 Sateen Skirts 2.50
4.00 Silk Skirls 2.75
6.00 Silk Skins ;,.;.>
13.00 Fancy Silk Skirts 9.00
15.00 I'.uii.i Silk Skirts 10.00
Sacrifice  Sale
$ .50 |apanese Silk       $ .35
,75 (Van tic Chine Silk   .50
1.25 Colored Taffeta "     .75
I.40 Figured Hengalines   •'>»
2.50 Stripe Fancies 1.75
$1 PER YD.
Tin* entire choice ranges
from $1.25 to $1.7$ per yd..
for sale at $1 per yd.
A close out of lovely values in Black Silks and Satins.
Every yard goes with a rush
at cost price just to clear ourselves.
Corsets less than Cost
P.D.s. D. & A.. Cromp-
ton's and Standard
$1.3*5 Corsets for $ .65
1.50 Corsets for .75
2.00 Corsets for 1.00
2.50 Corsets for 1.25
3.00 Corsets for 1.50
5.00 Corsets for 2.50
W. Bs at 2~> per cent off
At 2.1 per cent off.
Such as  were never   offered
tin-   public   in   Rossland.
Every piece marked
in   plain   figures
No shifting of prices.     The
goods must  be sold  and
the   prices   we   offer
them at will do it.
30c Tweeds and Serges for 15c
5ocTweeils,Serges,Caslint.r. .
and Fancy Dress Goods, 25c
75c Tweed-..Series,Cash meres
Lustres. Covert Cloths, 45c
$1.00 Crepons,Alapai as, Mixtures. Homespuns, Friezes,
etc.. at 60c per yard.
$1.50 Fancy and Plain all
Series. Tweeds, Worsteds,
• ■I. „ at 85c per v.ml.
A choice lim- ol III.n ic I'.hu \
Silk an.l Wool Crepons and
Mohan*., regular price$2.25
tu $ *, 00. sale price $1.75 per yd
33a per cent off
All the New Braids and Gimp
Trimmings,   Laces,   Linings    and    Dressmakers'  ]
Sundries, they all  go  in
our   Grand    Clean    L'p-
New Spring Prints
Muslins.Piques.India Linens, Lawns, Nainsooks,
Sateens,Mercerized Lawns
Every piece is placed on
sale at exactly Cost Price.
Vou buy them during our
Close - Out - Sale
at Manufacturers Prices.
We include in this line all
our new Table Linens,
Napkins, Quilts, Sheets,
Sheetings, Towellings,
Pillow Cottons, Cretonnes,
Art Muslins, Lace Curtains, Chenille Curtains,
Tapestry Curtains, Outing Flannels, Flannelettes,
Shakers,  Saxony, Frciu h
.ind opera Flannels,
All the latest Spring Importations bought for the
regular Beasons' business
going with this well as-
sorted stock, No Hank-
nipt stock, everything
New and Up-to-Date.
What  la Life For
or    lame   ils  chirfcit end.
I pleasure
1 Worldl.ness is out place in a world like
Life's pnrposc determines life's worth.   (hjs
I        ,» to which a man puts his life de-,    „ul „ cblracwr ,, wba|   ,*ff ,, ,„
pendi.on.iha. be thinks hit lile is '-"• | thcn lhil wotld with lti nU ,lld ..h^
Id, standard ol iitcccs-i, his   choice of
and smuggle, is tbe best ol worlds. If *>
meant, his thought ol struggle, bisatii- ,,,«„*, m, COOiU,cth noUn ,bc ,bun.
tude to circumstances, hi- cii.nista ol dancco| *.bcthl0Ri ,h„h, ,„„,„„,,,
(allure will all be according to his judg. bu, jn ^ ^^ 0, ^ |ha, ^ -^ ,„
ni.ntol lift's clncl end. The quesllon,Mnf good >nd ,ruc and |codcr ud j (or humanity it good iniMigh to be done
IS personal tO erery man, and wben he',^   and   |ov|nf Md  hc||i,u|  .„,,, j on Sunday.   "The upper class Is  will.
Socialism tha Nad Slap
Rev. O. K. Il.|t>rliiwr recent!) dcliiered
the following address <>n ' Troll',, th*
Product of Plutocracy," at bl. tieorge
hall, Toronto
Christ had said tbat the .*>»l.t.-iti was
made Inr man. aad anything that is good
ms best a man knowe thsl it i*
am.rcnie. lie mat think of life as tbe
old lime paltniit thought ol it. Ss a vapor
that .i|i|H'.irrth Inr a liltle and then van-
,.,,ell.su... l,„l he knows that whether  f0f t|u( puf|>o#t  u B0|  dc|e,|cd  bl|l
vanishing ..r abiding, ll has a P<*>'P<->'^|r..aber promoted by thc defeat, ot other
and llut success and tailors arc adjudg-1 w-1 a0(, ,b(. flux ind (mwc o( |cmf
e«l  not by life's externals and accidents,  jtairm*.
I ..t l.v ila i-.K-lili to its ori(tin..l and
supreme id.* i. To knot » hat life i> lor
is to take the lint step to life's cnduting
strong, then life Is no unmake, and ils ing to do anything foi ll.c poorer.
ilt «.lb wlii.ii be woikshe is
rol-bcd ol ahat he produce*. I nder tin
competitive e\ .tern Uie nun who owns
the tools due* not use them, while the
man »b*i uses them dos*. not own thou.
The owner .1 actual. i.i a greed for
gain, an.l Iho worker In a greed for
grub. The worker is no longer a man-
be Is onlv a 'hand.' with a nunil-et
opp..«.te his name on (lit lactorv lionk*.
Tbe io.ui who produces the wealth .• tha
I man wbo should ... t It, i.ui Ihc ...an who
What il  hie   I.n      lhal  .|ticstion  is
1 . IUS«rai N !>>ng as wc   stand
myitery and crossings and perils are B|| to get oil their back..' Is a statement of ||lul|Jf „|f „„. boUf|., Uw|„ ,btnl).
"co-operam lo an end." lithe mold-1Cou01 Tolstoi's. Mr. Itigcl.m pi. lured ( Jn,, ,hf ,.,„, „,,„,,,,., „,jr Co.,l cannot
ing of personal character ,i what lile ia j,hp *4tt~-W**m  of today  as kesping , gc( fn„llg* ,,i,,.,,,i,, ,.unh „.,„„    tt
their noses to the grindstone and doing,,,  ||a(ed ,,,„   |h<.  f#r<.0,   , ,„,   #,f|k(.
Ihc grinding thcmselvcv a-  Ihev wdl .   f5O.OOo.Ol>.,I ,t Is.ted iw.
nol use their poUtkal power and send „,„,.,.,   The .-..ncri would lose MO.OOn
Socialiits lo parliament. ■„,.,   ,, , ,„!.,,, »■»oOn.000. and   the
Ths speaker pictured the  wonderful • „„„, ,„,,,„ ,M..^.oop |, w, njl;
development ol labor vi. lag ma. hinery  |M ,hc „„„„ Ul| ,„,, , ...  „1C
dnnng the past  century, and showed  mv. ,       , ,, .i^.j^j,,,,, WJtofed
lhal under Ihc present ...ten. »nr bm ' „„, k „„ „.,„,,,    »».,, , „„|.|  bt m*
can do Ibe work loimerlr d. ,0 l.i   • , .,,. i. >!
I n
What a tragedy tben is a Ufa rich
1 only in things! Were such a III.- lo
vanish as a vapor it would be tragic,
llut II II endure, having misted ita
chance at love and goodness, i: is tragedy
beyond sll telling.   To lie rich only In
in t I.e Unci* ot hie, hustle and hear «>"> I ,hc |hing, of lhe .n.rkclpUc. oa.l in tl.e
I.    IraofUit'l  mirk,   llut every man
who W....I*'   Icttp himsell  strung, mas
tarl il, .ui.l true, mutt it limes, sit apart
1-..in Ills, unabsorbed In Its duties, un-
disturbed by its noise, unveied by Its
, Iret. It is thru, when hii tyt Is single
ami his heart Iree. Ibsl he MUM lo him
sel. md lo the truth by winch he lives.
goods which need greater barns (nr
iheir storing is, in the light ol whsl
might have been, to be poor indeed.
Life is lor chara.-ter. and in its struggle
to thc ideal, to the ximple, tender, true
character ol thc Perfect Man, it comes
to ilsell and to its own. Ih.i is worth
while; to conquer the lower self,  lhe
In .hat hour ol thought and ■udgment, j anjnla| o( gfcc<| Md hale
when conscience is nun k and experience
Iti*. witness, this Ilk* ol msn is seen to
Le motived and made (or one -..ipn-ms
end. That end is cliir.uter. I.il.- ss
men know it.. lilted lor nothing else.
Not (or nuking money, not for enjoying
pleasure, not lor winning fame—lor
1. me of these supremely wai life made.
It hi. too much uncertainty. Is loo
changftil and too chanceful, crossed by
too many accidents and subject to too
many thwarting),  to make money  or
"Working out thc beast.
And let the ape and tiger dis."
J. A. M.
Notice to Mine Superintendents
When you arc in need ol a competent
engineer, blacksmith, pipeman nr machinist, the Mechanics' Vninn will be
pleased to furnish you compctaat men.
ddrcsiW. W. Doty, Secretary.
women in knitting woolen goods
dcr the . omp*ti((Vc cistern wc uunu-
fsc lure fur profit, rather than lor use,
but socialism would change thla. Instead ol securing loicign markets l»
wars lor our surplus pro.li.ci-. wc should
. lothc and lead our own citliens. Andrew Carnegie has said <l.«.. s.n lo die
rich, and he is doing bis utmost to prevent hia employes Iron, committing tin.
t-ciahsm says even one ii entitled lo
thc piodncis ol h.s own lalt-or, and con-
lends lhal nur modern wage system i«
ceecntially a slave system. The .liillel
slave could work or get thc lash U|*on
thc citernal part ol his ho.lv, while the
wage slave can work or get lhe lash ot
starvation iu hia internal regions. The
Creator has placed us upon Ihe earth,
and this proves that no one halo monopolirc the opportunities of securing a living.   Vales, tbe worker owns
•*    ■ t'.e  fit   «tep.  and tba
flrsl Ih.n   * • apoul minds
i   ii.    want.i. and it will not ba long
btl -r wc »lull   get   tha p.ibl..   owner
eblp of atll tha tnaaas ot product! •  i
i it  i •
-n     ma  ..ami it w.ll then lie an eaiy
matter t ■ the railra
,uliei.    t'.t
Tne E«t«'*n.nat.o*i orTra-not
We bave bad all kinds o( "r
pro|Mi*«d for thc "(lanip <«i;.   bt
man.*   l.r l»t.   Card,   a.
Indians s*.nsie (rom   QlttM I
•   ■ f,   lit ll  i>*e-
patmg a bill to introduce |
..'-i.ai, ol tba leg.tlituie wl,i< >. |*r
taat irami-e shall mil be ai.uwe-i tu bll
i. un county except that ol which
they are rendi-nl. and providing a penalty for thc violation of this edict. Tl ■
"remedy,' like all others for thc extermination of tbe tramp, docs nnt take
into .oitsiiler.itiiin tbe rondiliona which
i.iskes tramps. The vagrancy laws of
tin. .tale, make poverty a tnme, and
the private ownership ol Ihc means o(
w.'tildt production make poverti for the
great Baas ol the people an absolute
• erlimti. Tl.e steps (rom the unemployed workingman to the tramp are few
aud rapid A man is (orccd ts leaie
hotna to look for work an.l en-rywhere
he Mods thc market (or labor overslock-
ed. A. rdlng to Dr. Card's law he »
then liable to imprisonment (ot vagrancy.
After a (.a arrests on thii charge he
> -   -ui.ii "   tramp,   lor
. i reason thai there Is no
other door open for mm. and a tern, in
the . ounli jail is looked upon as a rebel Ir-iti ti- -.truggii- L.r ,*- itenceon
il.ero  , m atrested
for being l.nngr*.   ..n.l  nol   having  gsll
M ,i  * • i i    liing to eat. and
also lor. a ■ agon i public highway In
Ufst.     mail      •*    ist bi
I happen t*. have money   In  his  pockets.
ivrhapi.! 111, id heen foitantte tnougb
wot.Id I.e
ml Wll     ' I  hae  ■ -en .|om-.
There --e -  .an     ..•-.   ptOulUtt  things
lb      -   ■     • mu Iht iJ.-a of
tht tramp, li ■- mnty ol whieh ht it i
nt u \*-r. I * ; .iw.tyi
been - lhata tramp a  • i ma
wiii. .ut ii        md      i man  I
'  Ifl t i.iunti he I
not tramp * t ii nie i .. • .
I .• itoni of thl   Dr.
I  a  It   I    ItH)  - ■ '    .' I ill      '.   I   '   lilt   til"
i lays tl 'ry month
.in I ptfhapi ne Would liarn a Uttlthont
Men's  Furnishing   Department
Royal Brand Slothing Tailor Made.
This Brand of Clothing, Manufactured by E, A. SMALL & CO,
Manufacturers of the celebrated "FIT REFORM CLOTHING."'
is justly entitled to your Consideration. Tkose engaged in
putting together "ROYAL BRAND CLOTHING,'* are master
hands. Much depends on the making, and ordinary tailoring
would not hold its shaplinens, nor give the wear which is de
manded of these garments.   V^V^-V^VV
"'■ New Royal Brand
Clothing now on sale NATURAL CASHMERE FOOT.
'• Boys Norfolk Suits, ^    1"^ — j          *tt% J
D B Suits t)    Kllll      3Pl
Brownee Suits —
2££L     Hunter Bros.
Hanan  Shoes-The  Best on Earth
J arr us Wilks or   Nelson Pays  Rossland a Visit
James Wilks, Kecretary-trcasurer ol
Nelaon Miners union, was in Koeeland
Wednesday evening und Thursday
Referring lo the Nelson I'nion Mr.
Wilks said it was in a good condition
financially and numerically. Tbe membership has increased to a flattering degree in the paHt nx months. Al the
l.i-t meeting officers for the ensuing six
months were elected. Tbey are as follows:
I'res.—Robt. D. Hunter
Vice-pn-f.—J. R. McPhcrson
SCC I It'll*       111:.' e Wilkx
Conductor   W. E. Davie
Warden—W. M. Jt.hneon
Trustees Frank I'hilliiis, Ed. F.
I '• ■■• ■'.' and C.co. Matbcson.
Kclcrring lo   Ihe mining   conditions
prevailing in   '.bat   vicinity  Mr.   'A ilk*
said tbe  prospects were bright.    While
tin* Silver Hill   hid   ceii'i'il  opcra'.iom
recently, the  Athal.iFt a   had resumed,,       „-040*000*********************************
, , ,       , All companies pay death claims sooner
thus making the   employed  al«.ut thc I or ]a|cr b(|t thjs ja whRt ^  K)|ui(al)|e
same as before    The Silver King is now . ],lfc Assurance of the 1 nitcd Stales did: j
t-mpl..ying RO men.   As in most western j On April  25,   i89q,  1'eler   Krikeon of.
mining camps, there arc a number nl Rowland, took oat a polity for 51,500, ]
hill-men   about   the   'ity.    Mr.   Wilks :on wh'*-'" l»" !<•"" •"■ annuiil premium ol j
had just returned from thl .oast where, I **)• W. «nd on   the   26th  of February.;
the municipality. For some time past
Ko-.s].ind has been nolicably short ol
school (acilities. and appeals to the de-
pa.tui.-nt at Victoria have secured but
little attention. Kossland, through ita
indualries pays considerable each year
inlo thc provincial treasury and none
will deny that it should be entitled to
much more consideration than it baa
received. That in the present condition
of the eystem the schools should be
turned over to the city, savors much of
what ie not right. If tbe legislature
withes Ihc cities of the province to tsk»
care of their own schools, then tliev
should certainly place them in a condition that would not require an immediate outlay of a considerable sum, or
appropriate an amount that would cover
present abtolute necessities. It is bad
enough tbat in a growing city like Roes-
land, ite educational system should have
received so little attention without
shouldering upon thc ratepayers the re>
sponsihtlity o( improvement when enough '
has already been paid to warrant tbeir!
being all that could be dciired.
on Kcli. lit, he orir.iiiii-.etl  Tcxad.1 Union,
at Viu. Ai.da.   This  union etnhiacex  in
membership the mining population ol
the city of  Von   A111I.1.   and   those employed in other mines   in   thsl   vicinity. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
(.11 Feb. Kihcalsotirgnnbeda union al [ tl..Oo was forwarded to I.. W.   Mayor,
Kamloopi,   lie left Thursday on thei,heSo "lv'* representative at Rouland,
noon train lor Surthport Where he affect-   wi;h '"i-trii. tiOM lo deliver same  tolbc
lIKIi,    Mr. l'.rikson was killed   by a pre-1
mature blast in Ihe   I.e   Koi  mine.   Thc |
proofs ol death  were  Submitted   to the
..Hi. e at Spokane on the Ind ol March.
1 Mi tin*-In  ol  March draft in  full  for ]
ed an   organltatlon uniting  the mieltcr*
tne11 of lli.it town the ciinc evening.
The  New School Act
An amendment to lhe  School  s<tit>
111.11 before the pn.viiiii.il legislature,
Which, If pallid, will place the main-
(inn in i*   ' the   ■ Iiii.iI'* practically upon
beneficiary, Mrs.   Km k-..n.    Any coin
p.niy that <*an Bhoiv a   re, onl  ol   plying'
Iheir death ' laiins  M  quickly,  particularly in tinii-s wlien   tin-  widow anil  or- i
pliant-   need  it 1110*1, i« certainly deserving of much credit.
Mutant the Rouland Dining room
are 2n< each instead af jOc, ab  -luted in ,
the Inst issue ol the World.
Roaaland Trades and  Labor Council
Do Business Tuesday   Evening
Regul.11 meeting of Kosslsnd Trades
and Lal<or Counril was held Tuesday
evening last in Miners I'nion hall. President Rupert Iliilmer ol the Miners
anion occupied the chair and called the
council to order at 7:45 o'clock.
Some 30 delegate!, representing nine
unions, responded to the call ol the roll.
Besides the regularly accredited delegates there were a number ol visitors
present Irom the various unioni.
A communication was received Irom
lhe Hoard ol Trade acknowledging the
report of a representation ofthe Trades
Council on thc numbers and occupation
of Chinese in the City of Rossland,
asked for by the Hoard of Trsde at a
("mer  meeting  of  tbe Council.
A sum of money was unanimously
voted to thc Toronto Allied Trades As
seniblv, towatd a lund for etpenses in
promoting union label legislation. A
bill has been repeatediy passed by the
Commons and tust as persistently thrown
out by thc Senate. The fight will be
proaccuted wiih vigor and there can lie
hut little doubl that lhe law makers will
iiliiiuiiely yield the recognition that organized toilers desire.
Communications were received Irom
the union broom makers ol llcrlin, Onl.,
and the union shoe workers of llsniil '
ton, asking the friends ol organized labor
to patronize union made goo Is ol all description and the ones enumerated in
particular, antl n determined effort will
be made to see that members ol organized labor in Rouland, when 11.e>• makt
purchases, di- riminatc in ||VOI ol luisi
neas linns can ying goo la  bearing  the
11111.111 labili.
A committee of leven on organisation
WM appointed and I Vigorous, persistent
campaign of nrgsiiir.ation is to be car
riedon from this time forwsrd.
A grand ball under the auspices oi
the Council is to take nlace on the evening of March 21, an.l the committee,
having thc same in charge, report tbat I
the indication for a splendid success on I
tbat occasion, both for a social and j
financial success are very promising.
Tbe nest regular meeting of the council will ba held Tuesday evening, March
26 at 7:30 p. ni.
Tha International
The International promises to give a
monster program next waek. Newcomers will be the Wilma Sisters, well
and Uioiai.lv known Irom last aeason.
A. 11. Bases an allroond comsdisn, will
make bin lirst appearance. He is said
lobe very (unny. An entirely new iur
lesqoe Is ts given entitled "The Telephone Clrls," which will give scope (or
comedy, music aod handsome cottumes
In the masquerade scene some stunning
sarpriics are promised that will least
tba eve.   Don't miss it.
Notice   to Cooka
Phoenix, It. C, March U. '■«"'■
I am instructed by this Union lo advise all cookit looking for work not to
.ome lo Phoenix, as there Is a large
number her.-unal.le to obtain employment.
T. W. DlMSMORB, Sec'y.
White Conks & Wallers I'nion No. 1:4
W. I.. V. :t
First Annual Ball
Samaritan I'm aniptncnt Nn. K, will
give its lirst annual ball on Monday,
April Hth, The members will attempt
lo make Iheir  lirst  effort  (be event of
tbe union.
Harrlaon Dead
Gin. Btnjimln liar. lion,ts-piuident
of Ihc I'niletl Statu, 11   IttleSfflin   and
niiiat ol consiileral.il. renown, died at
lit- home in Indianapolis, Ind., Wednewiay .ii'. in.■ n.
For the Sick
The doctor can do you no good
unless hie prescriptions are
properly put up Irom reliable ingredients. That's where we
render invaluable aid 10 thedoc-
lor. We compound prescriptions as they should be. And
handle thc best ol proprietary
medicines.   ;;::;*.::::::
Rossland Drug Co.,
K. E. STRONG, Mgr.
Mail (irdcrs promptly attended to.
Phone 28;.
You want a  Label Cigar and you want
ihc best?   If that is  so, try our
High Grade
Union Cigars
Domestic I'nion label Cigan I   l..i I lo
dc Vcncda, I.a Flor da Cuba, El Colonial, Imported Cuban Union Label C
Larnngt,   El   Corona.   /\liii ana  Dmlc,
The Queen Cigar Store
CROW tt MORRIS, l'(oPs.
Columbia   Avenue.


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