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Industrial World Mar 17, 1900

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\OU   1.   NO. tin .
Unvoted to tin, Inti'i'i sis of Organized Labor,      Rudorsod by tho Trades aad Labor Oounoii.      Official Organ ol District Union, No. 0, W. P. M.
The Customers on our Books are a Proof that
H(tsfv**c      ^ZrW      ^ie clothing we °Rcr
you for Spring is not
Ready-made Clothing
as is generally understood, but
J, .    Keady Tailored
Guaranteed Goods.
All anyone can get out of this life is contentment, as a proof that you will be contented with
one of our .Spring suits, you will find Shorey's
Guarantee Card in the pocket which says
"Satisfaction or your Money Back."
Docs this appeal to you?
oot wear
Chief Subject Under  Discussion nt
the Miners' I'n ion Meeting
Lost Wednesday.
A M ' NI Mi OKI l( IA 1*8 .. |'A I E M B.N I
•'ill  As-urc la-n not Guarantee ..
Minimi in Seal - „f Wages.
Ai ti meeiingofthe Minera*anion
Ion Wednesday evening, the props-
Mun's      I lenmnils     1{.•filled. — Ono i
Hundred und Sixty Uo Out.
Premier Martin Persistently   Unearthing Alleged Cause for
Polioe Protection,
NELSON, March 14.—Trouble) bus
i.guin started here, but  is coiitiiiod
to   the   Granite   nnd    Athabasca 	
mi-.'s.     Ou  Wednesday, tbe Ttb OITYOFFICIALS80UNDLYBATBD
I uot., tlie men asked tl.e manage* I
iiii-iit that tlm compromise sosle of
ivug«H now in force  in   tho  Slm-an
si.onitt a'so bu adopted ut these
properties.   Tho only difluroiioe ie
iluil I.uu..i.e.- men in tbn81ooao get     The reason fur tin, polios proteo-
18.30 hi .1 all surface and oar man li"" llia' h"A l"',>" nver *lm Wur
18.00. while hero banimer men get K.,K1"',(Vll,r" Sl,:,r  ,u"1 U  H'£
innifs I.ii- somo what over a month
oltlon.of the mining oosiponleo to $8.00 nnd laborers I3.A0 ih»b being tbmoughly aired now by
1 hereafter oorry on oprvrertons under management oave notified tbe men ■ premier Martin, to wheat sttwitfoo
Miners' I'liitui  Report Fully—Tho
Situation Fx plained.
Clothing and Men'3.Fa.ui3fri_. g room.
1 he Big Store,
• *+*^*«+*$**<,*>><ii,<l**C,+t,<+4^+*^*++*+4+*+94.++4~>+9**
Spring Suits.
Wf have ju-i t.-r.-ivi'd  n consign moitl of Men's,  Hoys' ami
$ Vi utito' liurly iSpiiugjSults. whirl, ore arc selling
I From $4.50 to $17.00.
2       These suits are marketl "Rigbt."   Not wn* 120 00, now 113.00
T   Iwnys Ilm nunc priiv. uml tl.nl iii.' l/uwissl Puaniblo,
J        Wo huvi' also reserved s.mc  of our  Spring  Bhirts, a   frnv  of
* .vliich urn -h niii iu »>.r window.
I       Wo atilic.i your iu-peuUou.   N» trouble to show k'm.iIs.
EMPEY BROS.. The Fumishei
•  '-.riier r.'.iT.iut Avenue sod Bpoketio 8 re.*..
*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ »^< ♦•♦«>♦♦♦♦*»♦ ■><>♦♦ »^*^4>»»4>4>eee*>4>4>eees>eeeo.*
tbe ciaiilracl system, was fully discussed, bin u" aooeptenoe or tiuui
notion could be taken in any way
tint I sanctioned by tbe other unions
Nut r. en Hu. through..ut the Kootenays and the
Western Federation nf Miners. The
i s'-.i.iiin'iii wus mostly against.ihi
Nofsneerri^B,hnMb#if^»slosltol*y"Miniwnl«*i HH propped, is f.r
iiiiirmn ey.    v*. c l.anille only lirtl t'lass   too  ('.'111jaliviiI,hI   anyway,  and th"
.'... .Ih.
Ewcrt Brothers,
New und Complete stock of
(IT (il.ASS
Whenever > un see a ...an »h..,e >ve. are
bright n.'l s'epriss'i... and «l,<> -a k- along las
Ihoueh he ntrned hall ...»• latvn; you can divide
that he llll'l «. vtk in Ins Knlueyi.
Uar» mn thai Languid I'eeling ir a Weak
II .ek?   li si., if. i,"i hesitate,
Dr.  Esiljay'a
Kilncy  Pills
tinvecured others and a II. mr you.
I T. R. Morrow
TllK  3RD i.iis T.
Next to tin* Kootenay Hotel.
The Strand
Tin* Mi si Elegant and Luxurious
Fitted liiir iu (li.nu.ln.
A Fall l.ii.t, ul u.e Obolosst
Liqueurs and Cigars
ED. WATSON. Proprietor.
Best wcaiing, Beetfltllng sad best looking
In Men's, Wom.-u's aii-l Children's
tml Children's
C. O. Lalonde
M. J. It'lifurn. the clnlbicr la*-
gitu .1 grand Spi Ing s.ilc of .'lolhilig
on ibe iuih Inst. Tii'- sale will
continue Bileon days and Includes
somo inn- bargains.
Tin- b.si table board lo be hod in
Kossland is to be got nt tlie Russell
hotel, Everything Is Brst class In
every respect. Prompt and attentive service.
that tl.cy cannot grant their n-.'the matter was flrot brought hy the
quest aad at noon todav  160 from M■ner'« l'"i""' "bloh, in a teie-
ti   j _...     ti       I gram, stilled the facta simiilv.    in
lhe tun mines walked .-ut.    1 hero *   ,     .,      ,,    .■ .' i  .,
irciilv Mr.   Mitrt.n requested tint
would be little odditlonslexpensej-*j,ey„)l0U|d r^y, hmi fortherin-
lu operating these two mines bod Ifoi motion, ostitis wss tbe first in.
the Inereose boon granted, as nearly ttmatlon he had of trouble In Ross-
la, ,1.   Olid  il."  union   immediately
replied as fbllowsi
"Thiol's Detective Agoneyof Vie-
all tbe drilling is by machinery.
llca.li|iinrt<rsfor Berbers, Bartenders,and Wtiii.r. c.latsiiml Aprons
The One Price Store.
Have yii SOythlng l.i sell? 11
bo, the beat way hi.iI the cheapest
tO sell it. is toodvertloe through lhe
coluiuns of tin, WtiRi.n.
jOilClt,rtiiiig,Siis|ieii(lers,rndcnvenr, I-'inc,C|ofliincf.S|,oi.H, (ilovpH,
American 'Viiiclic., (locks. Silverwiirc. Scbool Snp| li s. RtsMl v.
Holstcnd iSi Wright, corner l-'iist
avenue and Washington Street, to
make room, an* oll.oitig their
children's emits, ladies' older* j
down robes, suit waists sntl cloth-
log, ut greatly reduced prices. The
Imlnnco  of our winter goods must .
go to make room for our enormous I
spring stock,    which    is   nrriving i
dally,    New  linos of men's shirts
fin spring me lo liund. uml nre well
worth your Inspection.
lanuditioua aro entirely without
i guarantee.
The un n consider I but under certain oonditionn, and in sum- work,
it would lu-iinii'l rimposiliililv lor
tin* very ln»t workman to earn a
fair dni's wage, unless oomo guar
antes should be made by tin- companies, and must result in grevious
Ioks to the contractor. Tlie oomplb
oaHonssre varied, and the purpose
by .mn onmpsny ilu.i thoy reserve
tl.e right uf I,la-ling, is eopeol illy
Instsnoed. This work luc .nipeteu'-
'v done must surely result iii loss li,
the wiirl men, us a sel of boles mil
tvoiked to tbe depth drilled would
iiiotin wasted labor.
Tho men require a guarantee thai
tbe standard or a iniuumuni scale
.linages should be maintained tn
competent men. ami until SUoli
.ime lis tin- is done tl.i'V will lint
accept   the   ;-.   position,  UulesS   in
-tiucted by the <>ti <•.• bodies with
it iuiiii they Mrc all'.lii.lcl .
Any proposals that will tend to
bormonllO Or create a more kindly
.mil friendly feeling between lobol
ami cii'.iml will, however, l.c will
lllgly received.
A m si prominent member of the
War Fugle stall'of ..flicials in a dis-
cussinii o( ll,,* siluati'in ou I burs-
lay, stated tin.I tl.e couipauy unwilling to assure competent meu
Iheir scale of wag. s nud licit tin
rules ut Which   tiny  wan .I   I.l  tin
work would pay better than the
-.al.-. that is experienced men inul
thorough miners; but thai tiny did
tml core to kc-p on Incompetent
work.I.an. and Ibis would be a way
I., get rid of ibe.... He did noi consider thai hlsoompsny would moke
the agreement n mil lei. out', but
I Im t the price paitl for work would
virtually omouut to the same thing
lo able urn kim n.
lie further stated thai the company was m si desirous of continuing work on an iucrcuscil scale us
early ns possible, for development
work, and us toon a-i llu- new mil-
cl.iiiery cun be Installed to i tub iI.e
output of llu- mine io its fullest extent, which will mean a large in
Cieaso over UlS force formerly employed there. Of course thn propositions concerning tin* War Bogle
w.ll nppiy ns much.to the Centre
Star,as both Intend to push woik
to the fullest capacity of the properties.
The outcome of ths matter is
anxiously swatted by not only tbe
citizens of  Rossliiuil, lull lhe prov-
i    and   OOUntry   at   large,   nml
especially by miner, and nun having large Investments iu the district.
tori.i liii'.iislie.-i nun. iu charge nf ex-
Deputatlon of Rushes- Men Walt n»«uuted polbiei i. Properties nr«
. .              ...                            patrolled   like   un   armed    cnmii.
ou Lituti'iiiiut-Oovcrnor. j'^ ,    ,.)|i(.(.   Mlu,is|ri({(>
Boultb e, lies-Ian.I.    l\,i!. noosed
Victoria, March II.-A d.-putn- sirnined relatious.    L.,tU*r to fol-
tiim of business men waited on tlm. low."
hcuteiiaiil g-ivcrnor todav  protest-       At  the same  Ume the following
pig ag.ii.Mt Ilm ciaiilinuatiouof Ihe  h-tl.-r was fo,tv„r,|,..l:
Kossi.AMi. It. ('.,  Murch  S.--To
present   p  lilic.l    OOlldilionS,   Olid
asking that an election should be
belli nt the earliest possible i»*ri> .1.
to restore oonfideuoe snd revive
osmmsraial Interests.   The baukers
lion. Joseph Martin, Premier, Vic-
luriii. -^ir: we make busts to reply
as slated in telegram re the employ,
ineiii ol special policemen in tho
Raisshiiid camp. Tb.* monogen nf
the i.e Roi, Wor Eagle ....d OSutra
Ore preparing a .umilHr podti .... t0|8t>p )l:ivi. „,, , ,„, „„„,. ,,,,.„ (lM|,
be   pr- seiitcd   t-i   In-   honor.     II. ea-ioii   lhal   the   [initial   dosdng
lieiilciiaiil-govcrnur has.'issin'eil the ! >town nf their mines  wus an  ubhi.-
gnllemnn   thai    he  quite   Ondor- ,uta nrci-ssily. giving  us Iheir rea
... .,   .   .,     sons defeclivc n.aehinerv, bi'iiig be-
-i.ttnl-. 'It.-H' ni-tin,n  anil   Unit  III,'I, .    ,   . , .   •       ,    ■      ,
hind  in   deVOlOpmsmt    work,   und
11 the installation of more modern mu-
"However, soma psrsois unknown
j to us a-.' creating un Impraeeioo
Wixxiraa, March I'J. -All niem-|ll.'t  the eight   hour law  uml (lit*
lieioi'f the local Lestbi r Wo kers'' M""',v r"1"" ■"• *° ,'1'""" r"r n"
,   . .-       ,      • ,,, the runt nil.... of the ilid'uuliies
Internal..,.,:.! utiiuu an* hwked mit ,.,.„. ,,1IV(. vWtadUilemining .'.....p.
in.ui cniploymeut m il otublUh-1 wliiuti we admii is very unfortunate
mot   known   as the (ileal   West I St this ) niiicnliir litii", and which
Saddhrv oompany, ,,f which K. F.!"<• human being< I.l prevent.
HutchlngoIs manager. s.ii.. nosnu:; , '-W, ""*. *i"1",K t-pr.Hl.nv fo.-ts
'that the e'ghl-h'uir law ami tlm
Miners' Union I.nve not boSfl tho
cause of one Individual   losing bia
employment,  nor  ha- tin- anion
new legislature shall   be
before ths 80th of June.
I . .til..•>■ win-kins SiiIke.
Because Ihey orjrtuisitl a uuion
ami rofuoed t» iihiu.il ui ii ni the
cniiiHiHiiil of the msnsger, who | ub-
lei a -Us (hat Im never will
I'll.ploy a union man. Real I.e.
w.ukerr     a-o     Iherelor,,    warned
ogja nst any deaoptlana which maj
in- practised in Imluoing them tu
enitiu In  Winnipeg in answer to ail
vertleeinenta which ore now appearing  in   Eastern    Cauadiau   and
Ainciicitt, papers.
If y.ui have not   iilrcadv done so
you should moke oo little delay as
possible nli..ut having   your   inline
placed on ilm voting lift.
caused the management or the dif-
feti'.it properties any emborassment
as to whom they shall m-.-hall not
"In \ i-'w of lh-Be facts ne object
to nr.... d iii,-n patrolling the several
properties, iii camp. Individuals
a... a. e. sted on the blghtveys m.d
bysrsys nml am luterrngHtod by
those ,'ilic'uis iiml requeoted to gim
| a strict nud correct account of tbcui
" I beso specials an* visited nigbt-
lv every ti.rco luiiirs by a mounted
Pour   I>."i.ha   Result   from   I-and-  "Hi." r: are r.gitle.l iu lhe regul ilioii
Blides aud Cave-Ins,           uniform and supplied with implements ol   modem   wai lure     This
...          ■           ■,            ,        ,            action is ecil.tiiilv ol.iecli.iniibla h
I wo miners. Mieppard   and   MO-  ,. .iti/..M. ,lf lhl\ ,,,mimlmlv.  U',.
lunislnsl their lives ... a Uml -lid.- Know 0fD0 motive for such o course
at the Noble Five  mine.   There to be pursued by the mine owners.
were gome tliiilvlivc men winking   I hoy have never done usiiny hiirin.
the property at the tuns of the aecl '""'»" ^-'""i >ou,oir,we will si-
. _ I ways. I., th.* best ol .ur ability, re-
-p...! the l .wi ami oustoms of our
Iii a iauilaiali.il' thai occurred at oountry and prevent  others irom
-and.ui mi ibe llib Inst, one man. violating them If pooeible.    TheH'o
Wm. P. Mel I. u miner,   lost  his   Delcclive  Agency al  Vlctorto, lur-
liienn.l four others were mora <>r niibedthe men.  Polios Magistrate
, ., I toll 111  swore I hem in.    We a-kod
i.-ss Injured. Sll resldeuoes we,,. ,,„„„„ „,,„.,. „„„„„.,„. „„. ,„.„„„
carried owav by the slide, nil but waa taken, He evaded the question
one oi which was completely do more or lees, but oneoould rood be.
mollsbeda tween the lines tho mine owners or
Thebodv ..f Di.k Hoctcber. who V"'!1'   ••"I""-'"«-"v"'b   msde
,,.,.,, ,,   ! de.l.iriili.,... of which nature do ii.,|
h.sl bis hl„  bv n cav,-in   at   Ins  kn„w)1     ,,.•„ ,„,,„„„„ ,,„„   ,„ ,.,„
claim, on the .-"nth fork of Koala v., i,-.- Magisir.-i.-. Mr. Boultbes, it
creek, bus been reciviicd. lie sms intimated lhal ii should make
was iimlcr only about tnree f,-,-i of "" dllforoooo whether there l ns
„ .,,      , .,    '  ,    ,        special or lon.   it certaiuly does
em-lb,     but     was    pinn.-.l    down    ' ,, . ,      ,. -,*j
" w e. on sii hi litis urine <.(imporl"<l
by   n  big boulder.    It   took   eight   ,„,.„,,,..! .,iir..ns of (Ins coinmuniii.
men to remove the rook. a standing meoaea to the peace,
harmony  nml   prosperity   >.f ibis
Willi tbe  OSpltulstlon  >f HI. ill..-   mining camp, nnd Ihnl it   is estab-
fni.iein end theonuonncemcnl from lisblng s dangerous preoedcut, ami
Kroger of lenni under which be «ftalnly nol io keeping with the
, a i      ■.     .,     ethics nl lhe age.   Into this iini.orl-
would    neccpt   nsneo,   i csi.1 c    he ,. , '    .,,
1    '              *            nut matter, we hope,sir,you will
fuel Unit bia terms could nol I.e m-   |oquu- ;M„i i,lvr ,|„ liderotlon
iT'pled,  from   lb.'  demands  enter-  ami proper invi'sligHtion.    We nre,
tali .-.I in iliem, -till give- the out- sir, i S, . I.■.,
look for ,, speedy ratUsment snd U\\WLti$KJrit*m FI0N'
"J l-     l'K\ INK. -•    -r-l'V
del laiSfl'.ll of pciiee. ,. ,,. —*~—
1 lala.     ,  .'It J    U.   .      tirit.   I .*,.'-. Till      INUI STRIA I     V.
'l.i.i.     MAH.'II     li      I IWO
.praam, wi. ialltSMSW*swaa*.iws».jwat*^rs\fc-vt*..t
(ftVIBKLI   ..niriiiN.
lTii.tishiT ni tite Mine.a nil.... Hull. Roulind,
in the Interest ulnta-mii/ul lalim itt British
KntsrBil  Bt  lhe  KosIl.tiil.nC,   vriatofficr   fut
triiiisitif.sii.il through  thr in.uls,  Nov. 190a,
a. se...ml elms uiiiitti.
1). I*. Ki.vnt   •   •   K lltor anil Manager.
I'llnT* at Miners' Union Hall,
-sbirftlt'iii'd with   ini'   mora weighty tlm lieui'tlost support of the world 1 GLEANED   LABCfi   NOTES
matters, some people, with a seem* al Urge, ' 	
ingly pi'i'f-'ci disregard for iu* best
■BB) ..-arnav. _a, .
fnyuhlc InvuliBlily 111 Ait .-Mice.
til yr.r |i 00
i. Miuitlii  1
Thirc Mii.iilis	
V.l.llr- s   ill  I Tin ill  III..   .T   ■ 1 .    to Ills    lllllllstll.il
World, ruslorak-c Bui 5\K. Kosilanil. II. 0,
Thr In.lust! ul Wm t.l is fur sal. in ttosslaittl in
lhe Iln.iKU Cicnt store; Simpsun'a News stand.
It. B. Wallace's stationery store; I'ost OfSfl.
N-vt. Blind; Ui.totl Bros.. St.tionrry btuit
Sirr'l Cigir Store anil lay  ... ttslKiy,.
All checks insy lie made poyoblo I.
tbe Manager ur the Secretary ul^ th.
Miners' Uuion.
Thoee who ilpsire a chinne in thei.
B.lverliBiment sli. Til.I hive the copy lot
the lame at tins cilice nn. later thai
the evening hefure pnbllootlnn day.
BATUBDAY,    MARC1.I   1?,    I'.KXI.
Saint Patrick's Pny.
Probably never  before  hao  the
true patriotism ami loyal devotion
of tin* people of British Columbia
to province, dominion Snd empire.
Iveen no urgently in demand us nt
the present Ini"; ns never Infor.
l.o*. the provinoe been in b» un*
stiiltli* and chaotic a coalition, oi
rent bv Btich discordant elements.
It will need the suited elf .it- of ul
her faithful ami I..Mil sons to bring
ui.-.hi tlm harmony ami oonoord
necwary Iur ils c mliiiii nl gro.vt i
and prosperity.
Being so largely dependent on
the men selected to repr. -
sent the p.-.., le in Ibo new legislature,   Shortly   to   be  elected,   the
humblest nnd moot iuslgnlttoanl
voter on tlm list-, today bus u-
grcnt. If not great**r part to play in
tin* aiiiiclile srttliug of all existing
or imagined troubles ibal threaten
to engulf and overwhelm tu, thin,
tho in-. I powerful slut..sin in o
politiliou, fur be helps (•> gelool the
nu 11 who aliall mnke our laws.
Iliatory is repeating itself, nnd
we are in a measure harboring like
soci.il and political c irruptions I..
those tbat have in tho past overthrown governments ami nations.
If we would but take lessons   from
ilm experiences of the past bow
dill, rent might li.- the outcome.
It is not an out-ido fore.-, bit it..
internal enemy wo have t > fear
It is thn lilll, fox we have pro*
tcclcd under our cloaks, the camel
tO whom WO give Ilie shelter of oil*
lent", which now gnaws at our
very vitals or try*, to crush q>
against tin, wall. It Is as ins duoils
und cunning n traitor ns was the
betrsyor of .Ions Christ, mid fa.
more ndentleoo,
Liko the ancient Trojans, win
carried within   tin-   walls  of  Iheit
Impregnlbls oity   lhe   fore* ti...t
should cause their tloivnf.ill and .le
struction; we too have welcomed
and given proleclion to nn element
which now. in the height i.| it-
prosperity, betrays us rather llinn
grant He. simple jiintii-,, We have
it-ke.l. und deliberately proceeds,
in (bo face of pro'est, lo  opun   ou.
gains to iiii Invading and dustroot-
ite army.   If wo have nourished i.
viper, it behooves lit. to protect our
solves from ils deadly fangs hei ire
it is too late, and (l.o only protection   WO know   of ia  through   tb.
If our laws srs not sufficient fm
tlm prut.'.iu.n of tin, people, now
that the fact bss bnmi discovered
thero nli.iuld la, aa little de'ny ns
po--il.li* in making them protective
but before this can be sooomp.
halted o new legislntivu body   mn-l
inter.'sts, come dragging mil a
party line hobby, There may
come ii time somo day when thu
province of British Columbia can
afford to curry on a party election,
but il is not possible to do so now.
Wt, believe tlm .mo great, thing
to lie kept   constantly   ill  sight   in
The iippo'Dtiiituit of Joseph Martin as premier lias caused ft decided
change of sentiment In rainy of thu
Conservatives who voted for u
straight party oleotlon during lh.
the coming eleotlbu is the choice of rjouoomiive oonventlon at New
men, who will work for the welfare Westminster. Most people nn ilm
of the oountry, and aot for any (.llIlH, ,,ava ,..,...,.,.,, w,mt k,lI(, of (
one class. Miner,, and Worklug- mftn ,,„„ Mlll.till ., l() ,.,,„,,,..,,
inc. in general i'Ha I lie Hint their; llK,|i|1Hl< ,.,.,, ,.,.,..,, ,...,, u..,r(„, „.
prosperity dcpuids on il... pros- be Is, the majority will do alransl
perlty of the oountry, whioh Uunly anything to bring a-buiit his defeat,
to be obtained by good and wise riie decision of three of tlio most
laws.   Extremists in auy Hue haveHpopular  „ „r the party—T. 0.
never been of nny   bcel'tl to mail,  (Jetton, Charles R. Tisdoll Olid Mil-
Kind, espeoloilv on politloal llnt»i yor Qardtm, to withdraw tl
therefore we urge   again   whnt   we
have ililvisetl b.-fore. Choose wisely,!
and work for tlm  el clion   of  men
who hu vet the welfare of the   p'uv
tnce, not individuals or olossos, prl-
heir support from tlie decision of the con
volition, will surely rouse a serious
serious sp'it   in    the   party   if till
present leader, Mr. Charles Wilson,
u'lsislsin forcing party line.  Mnyoi
ninrily, at heart, aud, utu-lylnj the Garden's popularity with the pur.
needs   snd   requirements of the |8 thought tu be even gnnterthai
country, puss laws Unit shall   lie ol i,,,,,, ,„■ „,„ ..,..,.,..._ llll(1 |,„ w,|| |lav,
ilm greatest g.m I  i.i lac g.-ateslL large f lliiwliig which will be in-
number.   I ereasetl by the members > ftbe parti
! who will lie tinned by Messrs. Colli wss with a feeling of relief ton and Tisdall. If tin* lt»eocl
(hat the miners learned the stum! I,,.,- unes milch wider between llu
of the mine owners on Moiiil-tj fjuiiservntivos of thu island aud tin
morn ing, mid were thus enabled t..' miiinlaml, ai I'm may receive slip
Bud some supposed just ideation foi portlitllu droomeil of at |ivseul
lhe existence of ihe police giuini, for he has shown himself (o bo I
which has been in charge of tin man of r wniiecs, nl.lc, ngalus
■\ nr Kngle. centre Slur .....I  II A. great odds, to draw himoelf to tl.
-'. propelics ever since  their   put     fip evciv linn*,
lial suspension "f Operations.   Tile
liaclosure. however, is liiir.ll. u-
<utisfsotory os il might be, si.el. ex
trerae measures of in oil i seem
Ing quite unnroessary, us iho ih,*ii
have always showu Ihoiusulvc
be law-abiding, peaceful cltixenn
in.I in I  tlm  hlood-lhir.-ti.   iiu.n
If  railr <n.la    nm not   a   pay in
In   itnii'i... why is "%William V.i
'mi the ('. P, H
i nu cun nl of the Interim
I'   R '.'   is it simply a pini'
if  pbllnuthrophy,  ...nl he wnul
<avo the government the troubleu
iineoo?   Wolli probably nu
mob that this martial army would   . ,iu<il
lead outsiders to b llcvo.   Nor .1. ,,
•xiii'tiy.    Qnvernmi'iil   uwnersbl
we believe this display ..funn-d   „.,,        „.,,„,*   .„•  t,->lllHp .,-„„;..
men  ia  jnslilh.l.h.   in   a   peach'.    ,,„ vrl.v ,;.„ ^t,.. ,>„„., ,,„,  ,„,.,*,
..immunity   like   Rowland, as it   v ,.,„«•,,.„, ,'.u,„ ,„ .•*„...,....,.
is only nn imeutivelo violence.        J _....,„., o(- „„, D)inH.tn,S* it   is   .. ■
Our W....I y cm mpontry, the  „, *,„...,.„,*..■ „„.. the C. P. It. p-e.-
ovening paper,   kind y  in-innate-
that pree nil ion un I pollOJ   prol.-e
tion lire tplil, nei'i'Sa.try in ilealiii.
tviihii class of ...en oo closely allied.
and in a mouthy with the I'lient
d'Alene   rioters,   ami     under   th
leadership «f so advocate of vlo
.••      i.i   neither   caso   is  the
•hinder worthy of repudiation, fm
"by Iheir work, shall ye know..
litem" ami Ilm miner's union ol
R...«slnu<l Irs never justified mi.-',,
i stnleine..',.
If meu ft el the contract systura
io be anl ,_•..;.i-ln- ami demoralising
to organized labor, from experienc.
mined un l"r the m -lb si, ihcv oer
nielli -liollld divert ain'tltc,' Sll ■
pdil mini' as his roStl bus III-i.e.
mt '.,, I"-. ran.in,; in Hie  pr t  yoi.
>.. ilm mar neighborhood of tain,
miilieli dulhtn.
Many business men have lakei
•xoeptlouo to the letter publiahi'tl
Insl week, over the riginitui.
"British C.dumbiau," feeling that
ibo Wt.Kl.ii uml tho uui uis. ns a
wh'le, held ihe same view of the
mailer us did the writer of tb
letter, lu publishing auy cone
-pontleme u publication does n...
uece.s.-iirily commit it-elf oltllOl
iino< way  or  another,   si d   thii
iiiiulv sho.iiii have the privllo'gsol
rejoctlnglts Th.*,p.iei.g....tiem...,h I'etterwas published us Vould be
oiintier iu   wills tl   til!  im n   have  'n,-v  h'giliu.ate  communication OH
li-te.n d to lhe coutncl propoMlon.   i''lh''r sale of a ip.esl on of inter.-.t
and was intended to voice iidIhhIi V
-euliuients except tlm wiitcr'tf.
mil  the co..tin.led   harm my in tl nl
demonstrate ilmi polioe pr< tootl..
uf property in  tills  city  is entirely I
unnecessary aud i ailed fort There bus been Imp* In the heart.
—————— I ,if sou..* of Joseph Martin's friend.
Olio of the strong, st pleSSSgsln«l J -""I siipporlcrs Iluil the Lib *rals ul
..rgiiiii/nil labor luisalwaysIs't'ii the' Vancouver would he induced to pu
at ht ni ry measure1  thai have been | up a pari) ligi t to sustain hi.-, r,--
iidoptcd uml carried out by mm,y ,,|   election, but   tbey   have   met with
tie m ao tbey have gained strength, •"'•'"t onoouragemenl among ilm
No man, or body of men, luoreas. party in tlmt city, nml the Viotorln
popularity or creates pub lo sym-| Uberals make a still moia omphal-
; nt li v nml  SUppOli   who ni',k,* tie-: 0 icjeclion  ofthephin.     Il would
mauds loth last forthlogaud the mem thai Mr. Martin's only bout
iillest measure,   An organisation of support from the Coast oonstltu-
lo.--mil  obow  cither  w.-ikne « ..,   enei,", was alight Indeed, itnless n
tomeilty which makes tmnmwslnns ">;l1 <• feared and hated than
or overtures, nr Which overlooks I hlmsoll <un bo found to run agiiiusl
some   ostabllolied    rub',   when   Ihcjhim.
Cigars uinkers of lliivnuii nre reported to have lost their strike and
an* returning to work,
Ry a law enabled the past year
eight boms is a limit to a day's
work now allowed on   any   public
work in California.
It is reported that H7 groat railway systems, which aro amalgamating certain Interests, will du sway
vviih 18,000 lick, t ugonts. Tlmt
means ho many more to join Hu,
grand army ol trust smashers.
Deputy factory Inspectors of
iweat shops of Brooklyn, N.  V.,
•mve found childii ii suffering from
liplitlieiin and simillpnx. Is it
my  wonder (but cj iilomica break
out unexpectedly in ull quarters of
ihe i-ivili/. -d world, when such rcl.es
if hiirbiii lorn are allowed to exist.
The strike of drivers of nil kinls
f veil oles in   R o   du   .lanerio has
resulted in  some  rioting, aud Unity bus boon placed under martiiil
law.   That is nothing, however, for
hi   R issland   the  clsi-i.i)» of it few
nines has c in-oil the properties to
ic placed under sir ng  police pr>-
notion,and sue:, n thing aoariol
■r  ilUiurb tiic  of auy kiul  hat,
I0VIT been thnughl of.
Five firms lu Bulls bave been dc-
fai ed uii in r by tlm Clerks' I'rotec-
.otive I'nion beciuse tbey will not
igree to close Uielr st> res nt ii
.'clock. Tnose who have adopted
im new system .. « us enthu inotic
i>> ii.a.ni nn it its tlm   clerk.- them
wives     The  Uie, iv,*, one ol the
nun; allien who si-,,.,1 out against
l.u .iinVemeiil. bus iii.ttfii'.l the
'ni..lis lh t it Will sign tbe tlgri e-
'I In* -m I ir U ti i a hi ;'i wit i 11
H i' to gnu.I a slight increase < f
i ,g s (■> lu  ploy, en ln»<  siun-
.«•.', bus declared u dividend on it,
i'ef'IT'e.1 stock   mill   paid   lhe sum
I 81.187 to), is.lllli another d vi-
lend of I / per neilt. w.ia paid o.
Feb   loth.    "Inke  out   tlm  wnie,
(■ <k." suys tho Ciiii'inu. ti Chroii-
.ele, "uml  Ilm du iili-mls g.t bcynm!
i-n per cent., yet employees am not |
iI.Im to buy lirsl-'.'la-s meat uml gr.i-
•ori-» to keep life flickering."
Pre blent Mitchell of the United
Mine Wotkei- bas ordered that a
Itriku Ih> called at the Ju liu ., Tciu...
mines A f w W-.sk— ago U. W.
I'ltrccll went In Jellico lo oiganir..*
ilm men.   The operators ohjlt'ttd to
iirgsulsathm, ami caused Lis an si
hrmigb a federal Injunction pro-
.■ceding. He is now out mi lu>...!.
I'I.. men asserted their right to or-
gaiiiz• nnd art, in it state of high
Tiiligiii.iinii oxer Purooli'o aires..
D is feared there will be trouble. Ii
in p.ol.al.le lb.it fi.OIHI miters in,
rn)ployed ill  lhe district.
TI/+.HT ♦♦♦♦♦♦.'»■♦ ♦*»♦♦»♦♦♦»+ T»tt»t*''''.>TTT»ttt»ltt»0O
I P. Burns & Co.
t Wholesale Markets.
I Rosslaud, Kelson, Trail, Sandon, Rcvcbtoko, Ure.i.wood,
J Grand Forks and Viincouvur.
t HETAIli   MAKKETS-   "u-sla,,,;.  Trail   Nelien,   Ymlr
♦ Kasln, Sun,Inn   New Denver.   Siiveiloii,   Usseil'lt,  Oity. (Iranil
4- Forks,(irennWood,   Phosnls, Midway, Camp McKimiey,  Revel*
♦ sloke, Pi rgOSOO Slid V  ncoliver.
J Fish, (ininc nnd Poultry in Season, Bsusoges of oil Kiuda.
t William Ionald Manager Ho slat d Mranoh.
4- ♦♦44-4-4-f4'4'+4-4-4-4'4-l'44-4-4'4-l'4-l-4 ♦4-»4'4'44'4'4'4'4'4'4'4'r4 l44-4-r4-T-f*4
Mainland and British Lion Ciuari
Strictly First-' Issst'iiion ' Igar.
Special Bargains
M.J. OTIcarn h giving Special Bargains
n ;:11 Lines during ihe month of February
The  Clothier
SsV4>4>S>4>4>v>O0*>O C4>4><>ei>4S4>4>e4>4>4>4>Oee«>4>4>04>4>4) A
Is V(t rrtitiit'l-i) tion to the W. si n
run ... I? If in. ..ml .Im pHptr is of
tiso to yon or your tuute, ici.cw il
at mice.
ibji'ct »f the nause tn which th< I ■??r—?—?-?—5~S!
conces-ion i. I.. 1... mid" justify the '     The niii.unl   conventions  of the
act A Bbylnck never yet demnud* Weolorn Federation of Miners ami
•d sympathy or support, but , lbs Wosteru laolmr Union would
latetl on .nu.-h b lio is feared and Intllent. thai the two great labor
when the opportunity ooities lo . nrgsnis > ions are very oloeelv sil'.li
iny him ii is done joyfully, U .- sd, Is i„g hold in thu same city.
ihe betrayer blamed. ilm same Imildicg and on the rams
The os me holds good of a body . f'.iiv- Dei ivi t. May 14. Tlm meet-
n.e... Beosnssthey hsvs the brute Is prophesied to be a most Import*
fore.-, or united strength, to demand ant .me to labor orgaulMtlons
.ccitnii. ihiig is m, reason that throughout the west, sod many
the] should force it to so Isauo. I unions are already lusmMting their
lluu.u.. klndnerssnd gentleness are | delegates to the meetings,
ilways admirable, eopeolaily where i ———
phyt.ici.il -lieiigib isnppiirc.il. with;     'n,,.   Heeord,   like n   turtle, has
■ul Is-ing dl-pliiM-.l; nnd mi OlgSUl*  again thrust its lic.nl from ils shell
lotion Iluil  is  willing  to r.-c-gi.i/.i-  |„„genough  to chew on that well
be chosen, nnd hero cornea tbe rub I right whenever found, and  will l.-l   w„,.n pteos of clnlh   the eight-hour
At this time, when the provinco is live as well as live, will ever have' |HW.
Hoist.,11 .St Wright, corner Fiist
avenue uml Washington strnot, to
make    room,    are   otl'eiing   their
ohildren's   cunts,    louies'   older*
down rola's, soil WaifltS am' clothing, al gteutly reduced prices. 'I he
I uls.ice of our winter goods must
go b) mnke room for our en..rim.us
-pring st.M'k,   whhth   is  arriving
daily. New lines of men's shirts
fur spring are to I,nml.ami me well
worth jour Inspection,
Subscribers to the Woki.o who
prefer to do so inny leave tin ir
names ul Miners' Union hall, where
they will rcccne tbeir paperu  witb-
out delay Saturday sAernoos,
Hiiviig decided lo >,*ll out my entire Stork of
iMilliner,, Ladies' Farnisliings. Etc.!
♦ nud with the object nf S-lling t ut iik anon as pnsslUe, I will       *>
• Sell nt unheard • f prices tu get rid of the entire Block. ♦• <
50 Per Cent. DISCOUNT        l{
t UU   1U1   vXUh   A7AOWU11X |j
or, in  oilier   winds, everything gm-a ut   HALF   TRICE.        *><
C. F. Hagles
Kosrlnnd. R. C.     ♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4^4-4-4-4'44-44'4'44--f+4*'t*'4'f4-S-f'4f44-S'4'4'4-f44-4-» *
♦     Oppos'te lhe Bank of Tt ronlo.
The best table bonrd to be Inul ill
Ross'iiiiil is In be got nt tllC Russell
hotel. Everything is first class in
every respect. Prompt and attentive service.
Morrison and Brycnton
Mine just received it Cousigamut of
Fisn, Gunned Goods,  Hams and Bacon,
Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh Eggs, Teas and Coffees a Specialty
Solo Agent in Russlutid for ' RMRRIXS TF.A8."
'Phone hmj-40. ISGColumbls Avo.
Have jm ii anything to ncll?   If
so,  Ihe hesf wny nnd   the chenpesl
to sell it. is to advertise through the I
column" of the World.
Fresh Green Vegetables.
Cauliflower.        Siring Beans
Brussels Sprouts, ■ Letlace, • elery, Tomatoes, Gnei Peas.
0, M, Foi & Com
10(1 East Columbia Ave.
Telephone 66. ■J'-1'..:".
THE INDl'STRtAL WORLD, March 17, 1800,
Of a Lost Nickle.
He bad come Id Oltvelaiul  lo accept __________________________
Ihe idler ol an extensive iiiBiiiilBCliirinit    mediately a handsome nlderly lady with
home," ho naid.
The i,innl looked at him sharply.
Bomethtng about hie B|ipuarauce must
Imvf .o'leiied her heart.
"dome iu," tdte und, "and I will C0.ll
Miss Leslie    Whal name please.
"The name," replied ltiitiert,''ia of nn
consequence. Tell her a gentleman tie
sites In t-i-t- her   lor  a   liniment  in  Iwu."
And he wondered at Inn unit boldness.
The nuiid disappeared and BlmoBt im-
concern. They wanted a lint olsssobom
ill; they were altiiitl In.'niidiict eat lniv.
cxperlmenti.    Rupert  l'ralt btuTooO'
highly recommended hy B mtei u expert.
and tbey engaged him.   Il wus an ex
reliant iltuallon, with a Hue salary, nu
the certainty ol lilieral lewsrils il the
experiments he was conducting turned
out wloDOflt    lie liked his position, he
liked Ihe city, and vet he was lu.u ly
a IDOtberly lonk came into the room
"Yuu wished lo lee uiy niece?" ibe
I Inquired with a ropl-l glsnos ihatinnk
/ in ihe eni'.-.'s general sp|i*srsnoa.   Hu
pert   slightly   Hushed.    He bowed and
•'I raine 00 u inm.'ivlial pMultoi
■■rraial.''bu Btamiii>rea. "II vnitr niece
is the young Inly   I  m«v   entering  the
inul.,, a tow mtnittsi igo ihe is thu per*
Wo earnestly appeal to all labor
unions, particularly the labor unions of the W. F. M., to do all in
their power to kocp men away from
tho Ooear d'Alenes.   Tho man who
gnes into that district under existing conditions is labor's worst
enemy, and should bu branded as a
scab by all union men.
Kuwaiti) BOYOB, Pres. W.F.M.
J ah. M ah i:li,See.-TrouH,W.F.M.
Kupert l'ralt was slow at niakiig ; son I wish to see."
Iriends. ll» hid in v r nvoreume s "My Helen entered thu house a feu
tatuial shyness. In sll bis sellout e truer innmciits ngn," said the elderly lady.
lie possessed Inn .ui- a-'t..t v IrlvOiL They "hill she Is at the present time engngeil
I srd parted tlie day slier ihey l<>._ tltrit ' I infer lhal you are a stranger Can yuu
degress. I, TrsiJ Orsut had remained | tell me the nature of your huilneii."
w.lh lltipril, tiiidtr the ssttie ruid, st in "I have come madam," stammered
lug his tlii-iiglits anl irplrslloOS, 11 ! Rupert, who wag fi'tdlngthlsordaal vary
would lave Wen dilTer.Dl llul when . trying indeed, "1 have cumu lor a
Tracy l.-u him lOlpOII rl p .t-tl bark iu.o t uickel."
Ida lieimii w.ys.   IU tttldted, be ex I    "I would not infer from your appear
tjtvriaieii.rd.he usk lot g ivjlksaiul rldos    .luce,"  she   slid,   "tin.   your   circum-
llui hr in ad i- ia. b let,ils, and his bear l ■ stanees could bo so—lo stialncd."
Iiiiiueied Iur I tiiitan c uoan onsh p. Hnperl Wiped his furehesd.
Ktrly in S v-tulaer he had nccaii<iti to      "Yuu misumlerstsnil mu, madam," he
visit tin-K i.i I'aul     .' ... of the ullloe.s , said ; "I  um  nut neking charilv.    I—1
simply want to ix-ihangti nickels with
vmir oetos,"
"How veryexlrsiirdin iry,"miirinerrd
, I tl e eouipni • »as ooUVsleOO "L .',0111 ii
lung illnen aud I.e expitsBrd a desire t t
bear lhe brigl I yiuim e'leiitbl deieliho	
tflhini Ihe remits ul certain ImporlOU 11 the old lidy.
, aporineoto he lui boon modnotlng. I   'Tt lit Indeed," ssld Ripsrt,   Ami lu
ltii|n,r. I.uaiiled lhe Euclid car SI K-ie »i-lied himself lhe other eud ol Old.)
nreel late in the afternoon and luiind il , In fact, he was ji-t ahull In ls.lt
l-retl) we I filled, lie took a seat about I'an.i vh the ball deor, when with n lilt It-
Ihe mi'MIe u( tl.e uir, si ,1, drawing a satis- ot drapery, lbs ynmig wutiiin hr
I'iter lion, hll pocket, penned it will, bad see., on lhe ear came into lhe ronii).
1..cat interest. It w«a Irom Tn..:) (Irani ' S ..nohow her u;.|aeaiilinn, called bit k
I-.it. II i,gluing. In- . I'... i ha.i a.-iTin-d KupeH'H nt sing courage He paused
—.lit,.ugh |l.« it II tetee ul l.ughrh and faetd In-r with a h< w.
Iririnlt—i position 00 manager el an ex-i "Will you kindly li-ien while I . X
por.irg house. Il »■■ a hiight, cheery J plain this inlruilni.T" he asked. Tien
Inter, axl it did Kuperl giml. "Let uie he l.turidly added : 'I pal next you on
know whrn >ou lb ally Biitle down,"Ithere* ilm afternoon, lubandlnolhe
lhe wril, r saial. "Y( u irll uie you haw ] BObdui iur Uiy larr I inadvertent')' gave
mi excel'em offer from the Wo I. Have him a nickel .list 1 valua Very highly
you itcceplvd n'.' And where is ii V %'tiu It »as the ai'l n'it d.ar friend now (al
dou'l write lull enough al.iut yuttisell, awav. Tl.ia niikle the ooi-dot tor gave
deal bay.   I pa.I euln-ly asm tu km.*   )>>u in change.    I ss» and rcc-gi-ir -.1 it
whole yen nu g. u.g, bstauso mv hfir 1 o* It WI into your bond,   I bavaoonn
StOU-r hl> J tat finished college and  IB I.   here In I" g nl you In  point I   me   I , ro
reside with our nun), s. d it is possible  'I em lu"    lie  patistd and lhe  l.a.lna-
Juu »ill beeOtDS instil.in e.!--i eumtiui il" ke.l a. tail, oiher.
in.Hun drv.uiily lu lar wished." "Ilis ii lile »u est '.innlit il*y  story,"
The Mr Stopped and Rip rtwasswe.e ssl.l  ibe  (unitg  suman,  and   Rnpa-r
To All Whom It Mav Cincein :
Yuu aro hereby required tu lake DOlil'O,
and vou aro hereby Warned, iIi.h .lit
ruler; prescribed hy Beclion 51 of tin
leg.il.nt.uts ol (ho I'ruvii.cial II mid . I
ll.'iiltli ro Bittallpox uru lu luce within
Ihu limits of the cily ol It ..aland, llu
same bung a huallh iltlHiut. A • dt ti..e.l
in such  rogulutiuns, a getieial v veins
mill ul   lhe iith.ll.il nils   uf   Ilia, raid llll)
..I Ku-sliind is hereby ordered.
If   K   llilll K. M.D.,
Mwiiual II .• 1111 Offliwr.
Washington (tree', Kuealaiid, li. U.
Dr. EUddluk will be at. l.i. pffles i.e
tweeu the hours ol 1 and 3 p.m. and
7 and H p. u. daily, for the VBOSlualtOD
ol ull poor porsous al the expense ul tht
local h ...id. .
Diled.tbis third day ol Febtuiry, l'J'JO.
A. S  (iuOUBVK,
I'lmiiiii in 1. Hal 11 aard.
Jons Dims.
Oi.as  It. Hamilton.
John 8. L'LCTS.
.*.r.l her volar t..r lhe His' tlmt ; aad .
el.a.mi. g v lee it an*.
' tu-t S>hai I lemaiked," said lb-
"Ju" aim! I an  prrpnC . .admit,'
(ha( a  toting W...Uan l.sd eultt*- al.Miil.
II   looked op snd Ian I •bewasetai.il
I.IB ill il.r isl.  b. Mile l.lllt      ll   was ..tali
« I H   V  glan.i lhal he ,.ne I.e., I.  I  he
waiaaare ll.st she pusns til a lace II...I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
wai  ni.-i.g'v it ml ve, ami thai In i [said K in  I
syrs   were |erhapi the   lmlcr.it nnd        '!• ». gb>, of DOOISf, bv l.n ," Bald
brightest he hid overseen. II 'Ciontplid "the yi.'.f.g wumax.
up his letter ami quickly rising ilT-isd     ' " '"1^1.1."  iald tho thlwly lady,
l.er   hii  mi'.    She  looeptid   il  will, donl t  d'y.
tl.ii.ki.   A ui. unit liter abu had delily      "It is," ssi I   Rupert    IT* gathered
crowded up Ihe Iwo B.itnni who ocvti    liloissll U|iSgsln.   "Il yuu will lake lh.
pied tbe leal end made i.e.... I -r Super,   iroulds 10 I a.k iu yuur piltie ymi   Sill
As 1*10 pointed lo the ta-aul  place he   littd lhe pr.aif."
in.lired thai -he h.ik.d at  hi... a  life,    ' ' **;l •*•»■" " ••■'• ■"• -rm,n« w ""•"'
curionily.   It wai • lad,like .,r» ii.y,' 'Did yon s. y jour i a.ne was ou III.
bu' Rupert fuiiiid it cumuii.g. colli?
A moment Irter tho roulootor rome     ' N  ." «ii' hnperl.   Thrtc Is only i
uplbrasle.   Iluiart bisiily loll la Ills eobsllslloS"fg*i   '      "
•eockil aad  DSSSSti 001 0 i.i.kel.    Tie      B.h lu ...id
youBg WOSBSn hsiu'oil the conductor a;    "Will you bo I .red  -Mr.- Bl
duue.    That illielal ir.mpily lelnrnid   paused.. X|sclinlly.
Iur ihe nickel obleb ftupeil had J.ui;    "Pmtt,   Rupeil I'rs"." replied  lln
given Idea and whleh he n.d retained in Toi ngmsni   "Thank > "bi.I be ►.-•
Ids hand.   As it (,ll in her neally gloved <l"wn.    As ho did sit a li.hlh n , .1 u.u
pslui  Hnperl ttaried ai.d nun..I |*le. psssi.i   hrt»een   the  ladies,  and   tb.
He   rrcngn i-.l   the   roln.     ll   was his roOOBSI Lily diuppeirid.
d.arly-pria d porlil pie.e T.a.v (i ai.l "tVere was one Hull' in y ,ur tavor,"
bad given him will, ihe alleged Hindoo said lite ildtr In ly with a friendly smile,
ball u.a.k ou una tide, which m. an', ac- "-BH0, our maid, never a.lu.ils suspiv
oordil.g   lo  Tracy,   that   lhe   lailiuiau luOJ lo. king ilrangen.   The licl that
wuuld olvaVSS irsct oih.-r ruins to lhe "''« 1st >' u in ia greatly t. your credit. "
owom'b  pmket.    ' Cheii ft  il  like the K ip. rt laughed,
apple ul y.u. »ye," said   r.acy, "uull "li may he I .my credil," hoiiid, "and
yon meet lhe gul  who ii to win your' >'el 1 havo never Isetn prepared tu adiuii
love  and  on Or y. ur name—and   lhau lhal I'icre aaBlhe ilighleslsuggestionul
have it made inlo a bangle fur her with i » susp cluus characlrr iu my general Op*
Transfer Company.
Tho Only Trinitir nr Ktpreei Company in K. --Liid that will deliver yuur
I'..inks liar 25 cents each. Three days'
slo.ago free.
Ofnci-Ql'Kl-.S CIGAR STOUT..
Teh phone 87.
Il-.'.'e-i.l A Wiigl.', cur. Foilsve. and
Wit liluglun rt.eel, ate ihu*. il.g ladies'
•prUlg liar's and DOW wrappers—a
-plruilid end w li BBSurtrd line uf tad).
I'lieir iit.lt. s' nmkwooi, iu satin i mt
ddelds, Lihei.y >Sitk ind fuiut Ksprit
vVii.il.uis urr ipt en seller.. For uien'i
oltilhiug, their reduced price is bavin*
a • ino ng off cl un Ihe stuck.
It will pay yuu tu call at Ragles In
iiiili.ieiv and ladies' (uiuishlugi ulall
If you want thr host lunch to he l.id
(or yuur in.>lie)' in lhe city go to lite
It.i—'  II del.   Home cooking uu.l firtl-
Linton   Bros..
I'.ook Store,   -Id Columbia Avenue
L km Orgaiiufiii t\ Reiilsssl—Isetisg !>*-.
TH AUKS AND I.AIIOK Ct)l'NCII.-M(ili every
-. ...ml hu.1 loiinli Taenliy Ib t-stli iiuiiith it
r.f> p. tu lu Mlur..- I'.tl.ii hull. c. W. Wll.au,
brc 1 (.iiui MtT.itiiTi,  ITes
KNIllll IS OK 1. tllllK     Kiaaslitiu! Aurmbly Ns,
IB*,. me*4. lhe OtrS suUlh, tl Brldsyftof mch
litoliHi  -t , ■ .. It  III   lu Millets1 Clou hill. Jai.
W'tlkrs, Sec.; wm. o'Rrlru, Pres.
I'ARI'I'NI'l-ikS   S   JOINKBB'     I'NION    Mart.
rvrry Prlttiy of t.uh wrck it -; ti. t. nt lu
Mllirri- Dillon hall. P. B. McDonald, I'm.;
A   I   Mt'tt.iiiiilil arc.
MINHKS' UNION NO ,|S Wratrru Federation
of Mim 1 s Mirls rvrry W'rdnrldiy evcVing at
: j.. o'clock la Minera' Union hill Ju- Ur
vine, Brc , A. I.. Ilotlaton, Pros
TVPOl'.BAPIUCAI. UNION NO jij-tatrrll on
thr list -un.I.iv of t a.Ti month .1 Miner.'
Union hill. (. P. Bs kdi.ll. Bee l B. K. Iltllud.
M.rt thr 111 -t sud third liir-.Uv of rich
mouth 11 8 p. nt In B. ilty'l hil(. e. o. Box
.n. J. S. Boblsun, president; Wm Cobs,
-Marts every Saturday rvrnlsg al * t" o'clock
lu Mi era' I'liiiui hall. P O Box ,1. Paul
Joffner, Bee.   Geo. Cnnnlogliam. Prrs.
.-. Coliaaaitais Ave, next door to l..'.,ti.W's.
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
-UIX.KOBU ft llllRRINr,.
, stutierri^
Lending Library.   Latest Novell.
OfBce Supplies, file.
The American  'I'Hilor ond Oouta'
Fuiuisbiug House.
Sailuif. lo ardrr.
ejlilfllll"! Glirillrfl
No. I. First Avon.is.
Co*, l'11-i Avr.   an«t •■ p '.. mi< tit.
lUrgal-ikiu aivoutl hrniU g^*.*.   GiTcuat.call.
It wilt pay you.
Du'inj! and Cleaninff Works.
OptMfilf Martin Brothrm.
I cun cTHa or dye anything In tatllrs' ami
C* ntinnvn » vrrAr.   tint  nir a call and kr cun
I vii.n-J.
Ttif lslf«t imi*TO'r.| mn Iiui- yand procra*as
f"sl,|riurI''i|Mfi   'p-   the   plump!   «1rl|v ny nl
all ordr' s.   Work will be called for uud dcilvci ed
to auy addreaa.
Brother Tract 'b OS. t a ish-1 "
pcaarnce.   A; tin- s one time I will ac-
And brie wss this praciniis token ol a ' knowledge that I hsvo fell during lbs
David and Juiialhaii IneiaiUhip slipping I last qiurli-r ul an hour about as much
Inlo a daimy pons uf a sirange young , llk« » coi.U.lence man bb il is possible lor
woman. What could he do? He u.ubi , SO luUOCSl I ynuth ta feel."
ssk her f.ir It. Could he 111 mini 11 up Anl l,,eu lli" lr0UD« "u-nn reap-
courage?    Ho trie.'.     Ho Iramed  lhe  l>e»'ed.
words bs would use.   He moisleued his      ' ll '• ,0' b'"1'" ,1"' "1J' "'"" J""1 u"
tongue. 11 *' " • elite.ing my room my purse drop-
Then the car suddenly liBludal n cross pod 10 the llior and scsllered the colus
atreel, sud while his atl.Ii inn was mo- In SVOiy dire. I.on. Y,.ur nickel musl
meotsrllr distracted tl.e young wnmsn have hidden itself witb greit care, be-
erase aud giving him a bright look lha. «*"»» ' 'iHe'1 tu Uml it"
was io unuiisiskil.lv friendly, that ii Unpen hastily arose.
almost to, k bit hre.il, sway, alighted ! 'I'm verv lurry to hive put you to n'l
Irom the tnr-wilh tbe nickel, ol course, j ••''• B.intyaiice." he said, "aud I'm
Uupert loltly groaned. This would j «pooUllp .orry thai I have been ononis
never do. The car was lo m-tiun. i|e 110 prove ibe bouealy ol my purpoie in
baslily strode hick to lhe platlurm and , intruding upou you. flaotl afternoon."
leaped lightly li lhe pivement. When I "()u« moun ill," cried Ihe young
unreached ihecornerof the Ureal down | *°n,',D. "' haven't given it up yet. I
wbicb tbe young woman had turned he j *••■■ m"ke * more thorough aeircb, and
saw heriicendingtbeilepioitheiecoud J0" ,nu»l l'*n »S»'"*"
home, a handiome st.-ne residence on I "Come tomorrow morning, if you are
the welt side ol Ibe itreet. n"' engsgnl," said the elderly lady.
Then Rnprn'a couinge willed igiln. ' Hupert stammered thn'. il would be a
lie turned and walked up the Btrcel. Hs PlssSMO,SOd0 momcDllsler was hurry-
wheeled about and came hack. He .»l dowl> l*'e "treetio trotafa a car. He
couldu'l give up that precious nickel. 'e|1 Blrangely exhilorated. She certainly
He walked lo the house in which hi -J WM R remarkably prcliy girl. Aud
had leen tbe charming yonBg hi ly till- ; somehow the reineinbra ,ce ol her looks
appear and boldly ascei.ding the steps | floltened the oidesl  ihroiigh  which  he
pressed the hell hut'.on.  A neat serving
niBiil answered Ihe summnus.   Unpen
(ell in his piirkcis.    Uo hsdn't a c.srd
will. him.
"1 triSh lo tee tbe y > ing la ly of the
had just pasledi
He called the next evening nnd Imin.l
It ut tl.e preoloDI Oteksl aa. e' ll ilndiB-
e-.vered.    Hlsl Ltslll had Imjcii to., busy
Coitiiii'ied un Fourth I'age.
Full.mil.g ia 1 list ol those who idvrr
use 111 lhe Lsulniuni. WoBI.D:
W. K. MeNoiH, NhoeHto-e.
Hunter I'.. >-.. _-m-r.il merebsudiss.
Kuipey Bros., gtocoriei and gents Iur-
T. K. MirrnWidrilggilt.
(J. O. I. il.ui ie. .ini" store.
CO. li.biuu A Co., genii' clothing
and 1 ..in.n».
U.W. M II.ids, hardware.
Linton Urns., hsiks and stationery.
i'n ■ ' ui Inv (juods, luruisbings, dry
gii.nl* ami clothing.
Morrison A Itryenton, groceriei.
. I. J. O'llearu, clothier aud Hatter.
I'aulauu Broi., groceriei.
Wm. Lie.jm, cigir manufacturer.
Vancouver, B. C.
Taylur .V McQiarrie, lillun.
I'aciflc Tea Co., tens ind enffees.
M. W. r*impson, lien*, itationery and
0. K. Baths.
Metropulitan Hotel and Bit.
McAuliff, tailor.
>    I tla/tll,  fllllllllllB.
MiUouigle A Co, groceries.
H 1(1.111111 House and Bar.
1. .sign Cigar .-'.ire.
Dyeing and   Clesning Works,   Wish-
1ng11.11 itreet.
Daniels A Cbimbori, paints, oils, etc.
HoiltSSd A Wright.
Dr. A. Mill.iy, .lenii-i.
1 hit 1 Bros,, Jewelers.
The International
I..n.il.V ex Newman, grocer.
Bussed lintel
f-impsun A J una., groaers
The "Strand"
Eagles' Millinery store
Knsslaml I>r-i_ Od
0. M   Fob A On., grocers
Columbia Tr.nsler On.
(let their I'resciptioni
Filled hr the
Rossland Drug Co.
A Full Line of Kern thing lu Out Line
• ' .I'lmi.ti Avenue, mil   the   II m  Ton.
Rossland Hold.
I ine  Whiskies mil   ln.|K.rtcd  Cigars
Jerry Spcllmnn, Proprietor.
Cor. Hpokene Street and Oulumbla Ave.
Specials This Week.
Fresh Finnnn lladdics
Crosse A lilo.'kwnH'n l'uro Malt
Vinegar, Pickled Witlmitn, Unions,
Chow Chow, Mixed Pickles.
Morton's AsSOrtsd Pickloe.
Lang's Montreal Uiscuit— n large
Thai our Tr.. and CnfTrri l'r thr CHOICKST
Bold In Bossland Tutlny. when Ira. md coffin ire ptl,hrd so hsrd. it i- itlisiilntrlv nre-
nut v in lisve in sttt.lt- or unuiull im->t
v .ii wilt And it here. Olissware jivnt away
tu euatouirrs.
Pacifc Tea Co.
Wholesale and retnll dealers In I'smts, oils,
Varuishea. Bruahea, Wall Hinlah and 1'ainteia
f> .i i'in - Contracts laken Tor paper hanging
aud decoratiug. office *tnd tort- OanirU k.
Chambeis t-lock. *,v Cu.umbta are. undrr Pomln-
ou Kapreaa i • ■ -, office.
n A v. 'Phone i8j.
Canadian Pacific
Canadian and Kentucky
bourbon \Vli.sK:eB.
Railroad and Miners' Checks Cashed.
Harry  Mcintosh.
And SOO Line.
New Faat Daily Service.
Firit-clm Sleepers en all Traloi.
Tourist Cars
Pan Revelstoke* Dsily (or St. Paul,
Thursday! (or Montreal and Boeton,
Tuesdays and Saturday! lor TorooM.
For rilea and (ull inlnrmslion idd/eil
. the aeareit Local Agent, or
City Ticket Axoiit, Rueiland.
W. H. G.IGE,
Acting Agent, Roialansl.
W. F. Asm.iu.iao. T. P. A , NbIiod.
K   J. COYLB, A. G. P. A., Vancouver.
Ensign   Cigar   Store,
CAPT. SHAW Proprietor.
Curner Columbia nve., Washington st
Northern Pacific
The Dining Car Karate via Yellowsloae
Park.   Saleil and Belt.
8(11.11) VK.STlBt'l.E TRAINS
1 .JIHppl.l   with
I'n lvian- I'uiii' Cabs,
I'i .".fi  D.M.SQ ClKB,
Moobbn Day Coacnsa,
T..caisi.SiBiPi>.. Cms
Ofllce over Il.ink ol Toronto, Rowland
MM Electric W17
None but  whito help cniployed
Notify us.    Wc call ojid deliver
Colunibio Avenue, near Postoffloe.
Throngh tickets to si', poiots ie tbs
United States and Canada.
Steamship tickets to sll parti ol tbe
Tieketi ...Chins and Japan via Tacona
and V..thorn.I'.r.ln   Slr.BSIhtp I'n.
Train! depart Irom Hrsikine:
No. I, IVi-sll.iulid. at  !> )4S p. m., iIb(1t.
No. 2, Eailbooud. al 7~U a. m., dallr.
For information, lime cards, nap!
ind iiek-is'apply,lo the agenli ol tbe
8. F... N. E. W. RUFF,
Agt. R. M. Ry., Kns.ia.id. B. 0.
General Agent*lt.pokane, Waah*
Asa't Geo. Passenger Agent.
One Year  •
Six Month!
11 2S
Addieii.AII Communiritions
NekB.ni A Fort Nbeppard lU.l.sy
Red Mountain  Ry.
The ."uiy Direct Route to  Nelsua,
Kailo, ;K.K.trni)'tl.ake and
Slocan I'oIdIi.
Every day in Ihe year between Bp«
kane,.Rossland acd.Nilion.
I.IAVE limv abbivS
8:15s.tu. • ■ Spokme • • Silftp.a,
2ilAp.m. • • Nnrtbporl • 12:30 p m.
Arrive.1.10p.m. Roeslaod Lv. 11:26a.m.
No chinge ol can between Spokane
ind Rosiland.
Tickell on ulo'ill ..vir lln'world.
Clnsn connection! it Nslsno witb
• leaineii lor Kailo and all Kootenajr
lake p'.luii.
I'sssa iisi-t* for Kettle liver, Boundary
...mp md  It un.liry crwk ronnect al
MsrciiB mil It isiluirg.wilh  Hags daily,
E. W. Rcrr, Agent,
Rowland, B. 0.
Sin its _ DswaB, A sen is.
Trill, B. 0.
If  A .'Arss/fi, r. r T   V,
■ e.    "••.'   . THE    INIHISTKIAL    W..HI.1).    MAR   II     I'
Romance of a Lost Sill tesliiil
Cuiiiiuui'd Kit 111 First Page.
Cuutimiod from Third Page.
to mnke the sasrch. And yet li.mcii
Btayed on tbruugu the evening—and j Thu Hun. Premier lost no liino in bu-
there had never boon an evening In all. glnolug, lu luok inlo tho mailer, ami
his recollection that could compare wilh ! wired bulb the mayor und palico angle
irule for an explanation,   To Mr, Until t-
hee Im wired:
"Am surprised ui nut receiving a re*
port Irom you as io trouble
•it lhe mines. Kindly idvlse me by let*
ter in to tl... cirouuistauoei wl.loh In*
iiice.l v..u toswesrtospsolalounstables."
Atnl lo M lyur Guudeveri
"Am sorry to boar that otlnsowners
In. v.-    placed      Speolll      cin-libes    in
charge, I'in- department ba. mil nu I
Intimation uf expected trouble. The i
gOVei limeltt f. -la q 111 mpeteul tmleal
.liib any trouble.   Kindly publish this
telegram Iur Information of publlu."
In reply Ur  B JDilbse Said tbst hn ha I
•worn lu lhe men ut the rni-ifs: ul i
I..* II ii iuid War Eagle c.iinp inies.
•'It wasn t for tu,- mim • .' anion t it
any trouble was (eared. The n>il >n •
.isaivliulo a mint relpeot.ihltj body ul
men, In.I i' t well K. -1 il 10 tin* p .:.
thai iht-ro tlio even ui il... iu.-i.ti,: in
li. i'i ml (and some ol tneoi under assumed name.). men wh I I aok u pi..'..i
tieit. part in the 'ut. Lit, ir Irotibhs tu
• be C. ir d'A ene cuiiTtry. Tu*r.i were
lev.Till ul llmse people here nut tl latel. ,
hoi the. ni.ij rily ol  ll.em have iihv lofl ,
with it.    When be st trlod to go the eld
erlyludvBiiilgeBletllli.il   bo  might  like
tu   Clin'    Up   .il .1   ItlCtallapitliy    ti.i tu    lu
church; uul tho b.isblul liuport accept-
id llu- enj_.-r.iuni uiiltiiiua iiitiiuier.
(Ju thu way  bums  irom  church  on
that    uuver-lii-bo-'uriMlleii     N.voiiibei
evening the elderly lady hid suddenly
hi.nil.'.i Ktiperi by Invitlug  hiiu   tu tu
ins  Thauli-giviui dinner  nub   Uln
I.eelio and herself.
"Wekuuw you aro almn-l u strnngei
in tin- city," elm eaid lu hei unalheily
wuy, "inul it might in ike you loon homi
lick tu sh.tie olid iii id. m hi.Bpil.ilily
Wo one yuu something f ir nur IMVellei
treatment when you called the tin
time, and win. ku .wi, perhaps the
nickel will turn up by thai Hun '.'"
Aud B.i K.inert euj ayed   tno   most  dt>-
liniiiitil I'liankagiviug dinner Unit was
ever eaten—in.t lhe nickel did uul turn
Pretty soon ho  begin t*)oall wiibotii
beiug apeciilly Invited, uu I alter awhile
ceased   lu   muntiuu   Ibo nickel.    Borne*
limes In- ieli  quite iiii. -d   by   bis gnutl'
fortune, and by  the  remarkable OSSUr-j
Blu'C In' dl   pi.lt e.I  III   II   ii 1    ..■.:    it.      Y«l I
be was a shy luvor Bt ill.    II, asked  i.uhhe city.   Tl.e d.ffitront milling en npsn-
questitini: be tuuk uveryihing fur grant    lei of cu.tr..• piy thsipsel ils. so ihrru is .
ed    much as if he were living throng   a    ,...,.,    . u. ibucily." ^^__
dellghllul dream  and  feared  he Wuiiiu i     Mayor 11 ...lew'.- letter wm, x'lc.ie'y
awaken if  he moved.    Why,  it was u     titt. sa)ing ibul  In, was  lut a v«ro ..l
(act, thai he dldu'leveii kuuiv lhe luvel.i I any trouble; 111 tt be dl I 001 pu ''Is', ths
girl's lull namo.   She wai .Misu I. t-lie   Premier's telegram lor learot cresting s
to   It.in   as tu the huuieluM, and  he! wrung   impression;   that   ibe   Ipejlll
could invent uia.iy delightful  names tol*tre si...;.1,'  :i  prc.ii iinuit*y   iue.i-.ii.
call her ahen he win uot ui her n.le        and that batikert au I Independent per* . .        .    .
Oue eveuing, il might hive been rix   ioni bod concurred lu ibe nutter
weeks since tho inemurable day  I.e  lusi       |„ |,j. reply tl Uinos letleiB Mr. Mir- •
the nickel, he was with  alias  I. slie iti   tin in d Hi it t'.err were uo oi.j-ctm ta.   jjy \fj\\ ichll  6
tho liiile reception room nt  Mn. Mor-1 mining compiulesetnploytng watchmen, I
gan'i, Mm Leslie', ai.nt. Suddeiilv the  bnl armed c ii-tnMe.- were I very .tiff-r- j
iweet gnty eyes look up al lii.it. I el t matter.     II. c n.-i bred tt * I...* i.-'i
"I have louud the nickel," said Hit I hai lhe department WIS u at notified a'
ganlleil ol VotflOO. | .jnce, and said be c .nrid. ie I It the duty
'■Have yuu?'cried It u.erl, tli.-u bis ,,| the government to protect property,
voice changed. "Really," lie well on, md ih.it s 11 ug as be was attorney gen-
"1 dou'l b.lirve I'm   I.nil glud  uver lis ! . ml |,e did not intend thai the a.liniuls-
rccuvery.   Ii biuiight mo such wonder   irsttoo of jnatlot shuuld oums through
ItnrriiBll   detective   agencies.      Ile relinked ihe -njietrsej ami uranlolpsll«  WOrklllgmai'l,
lot SCt'.ni WtrhoOl alTioin.;  theg verh-
menl ill su seriuti, a  nutter,  ami being __b>
us ljalvised by ii; fnrtbsr,ho huped It «.
Industrial World
Is the medium
reaches the
lul  luck,  yuu
"Then you dout want II
queiliunvd with u blmh.
"1 am nut ai auxiutis about
il  tits
kuow, the day
she  Bid 11
tin-'.f lima ilm pn.\ ii v would call
upon armed men lo InH , oBOS ,u-l -r, in
..- th, ,t pub) c to the routh.
li M.   1' • ii    -iiitla.-y  ol tue Min
ore'onion, Mr, Martin wrote as follows:
VllTOBU, B  l'., Mnch 11  lu 0
wis," replied K,pelt. M^^^
"Thin wl.y uut give il to me'.'"
Uu pert nailed. "If I dared," I.e unit
"Dared what'.'" a-keu the young lady.
Tu Rupert's ean il sound..! liko deft*
anco' "This is iiiudiit'BS," m- iiniiuier
ed, ai be caught her baud, "will jut. !u
my wilt."'
She dropped the veiling 'a'lira ovei
tbe bright giny eyes.
"1-1 iceept the nickel," ihe Ham ; „*■ in my p„<r „ prevont  tho pubic
merad, and blunted ai ihe said tt, anu| Uom BliIunj.,r,Wndio*,u,e ,, „„i„u.   I
I dink (he i.'.."« ut lhe  oiiiie  o.u-r. ll
most Ill-advised aad very prejudicial t-
jlhe Interesti  ,1 the  suic.    Y ui may
and the
Jimp.   Dev.ue,   See']   fal.ueii'   t'.iiut, ., .   •
Kis.,,,.1.11 .i-: can Know his
Drill Si..: —Y.iuriol the 8th insl. at!
hand.    I entirely svu.pali. * ■   <i I. I  .
! ..laud luken I.y y.iur u.i.uii. and I'll ,1 .   t.. jr;i-i rjes h V
gtv.. him her other hand
A lilt e later ihe drew him towatt-V
tho mantle.
"Rupert," ibe iai.1, "you're the vie
tin. nl it mild runipiiiicy. 1 kuew yuu
thai very lint day. I knew ll.c nickel.
I told Biiuiie alio )»u were."
" Y ju kuew iur," cried ihe daxeJ Ku
"I knew ail altoul y..u Ihrnugh Traej 'i
glowing praises. 1 am I. sue li.-ii ,t,
Tracy'■ lister."
subscribing for
publish Una letter.    I b IVS the I, ...)' I .
be, sir, yuut obesianl sev ml.
ATtOSSR ♦> liM.iu
What tbe result uf Ihe  Investigation
A ill be remains in lie «een.  ll |. .here I.    \yVOi"ld.
loo duo .. I'll that Mr. Martin wlii h.»e
III tin,' "igh v aired.   M .Smith Curtis
The Industrial
"Whs. I" cried liupen, .inking i.,1,,:.   '" "'* '"  ,1- "v  ' "  "'-  »""
inlr.   'Triry'i tiller, "then you know   ll" k"" l""""*'*, """ "'' '»-«"" ""»"
, pi BSi'ilo bring order on! ol cb t >r.
chai   ^^^^
about the nickel."       ^^^^^^^^^
"I knew all u soul i'." sold I. •*!ie do*
mirelv. "Anl thru, too, we had your
phot igraph.   Look here 1"
She reached behind the clock and
tl-e* Ibe portrait iutoilghi.
Kupert gai'J ut il with s du d ex
"We'll put a frame of gold on it," be
"(In your portrait," laughed Leslie.
Ilein«. per Ib
ltrou.ui, each
Under, per Ib
, llrcn, lirst, per II,
"NJ," •... I Unpen,  sule.niil, ; .in the   "'ilk Oil, per gal
nickel? "-W. R.  Ross  in Olevslood Biscuits, fsocy, per lb.
The following are the n.inrri re
pair.ed nn lie sn k lilt Friday evening
March   111:   John   M< 1'hern.n.   Clorei   t
CheeBc, |a»r lb
I 'In i iil.i.e. 1 , r   III. . .
(' sua, |aer  lin
I'a.riiiiiral, |*er lUlh lack  ...
('.flee, per lh
t IrsOOel., s.tIb., per II.
rn.|B.r ran
25 to 4-51
N. Jobnsoo, John Hanson, \..;
•on, W. Ilintii, C I   Young.
.1. C. ll.nie.iM.
II. S  Elm.
John rah in.
In ',, IS
Ai.dtr    Cbihii.I IrnttS, larrratt
i.u.n.Tl peas, ptr csn
itiiisil heat.s, per can
C.itlHih, per hii.k
I. nd trails, i«-r II,
l.ggs, |ier dux  	
Kl.mr per sa. k .1.28, 1A0]
Grsoolalod sugar, 14 Ih (ur ...        I " I
| Hams, per Ih       171
  I Hooey, (MMtb, porosis   '-'•".
Bt, (ieorge's  Oboroh,  on   Eirl   and   Impeiial nil, •"> gal. can        200
Kootenay sirens.  BorvbeSBt 8:30 Bin    Lar.l.Mli pail   St
11a.m.  sud  Ti.lOp.m.   Suuday School   Laundry aoap, per l»r .   6 and B
Sick I'om.i.illce.
cm Ken si:kvici:s.
at 2::;n p.m.
The Methotlist Church, Washinglnn
street, (ieurae II. Mur.leu, Paatur. Ser.
vices at 11 am. ami 7:H0 p.m. Sit.hit I,
Sobool and Bible Class al 2:^0 p.u,. Bp
WOtth League ul IM'.., M unlay at S p.m.
iiita'.M Siilis-iiptit)ii $_. oo per Year.
2ft mo: ' '
Advertising Rates Furnished
on Application.
Liverpool call, per 501h ink    . HI
li uiiiuiii, |aet lb ,., ..     18 tO SO
Molsssss per gsl  To toft
Null, |arr Ib	
. Rolled ..all, tier 101b sack    .   .
' I'u kits god, |.er quail ...   .
I Hire  per  ll,    	
] •lalt i a. ■-.., per Ih	
(ot   -ago snd tapioca, i'in,:; llsa. (or
It will pny  vou ,n call  at   li.gln
millinery and  ladies'  IflrotshlufS ol sll I •*•«* ••"• P* Wb task
kin-j,, -mips, p.r hull gall, lin        .   ..BOtoOS
i "in H -. I, i-cr cat,   4ft
li you want the hesl lunch  In lie had   re..., per II. BSfoSt
(nr   ) aur  money   in lbs  city go  lo the    [ebOMO, pet Ib         '.Mini,'*''.
Bosssl ll.iel.   Uoins oooktog ond flrsl   Vinegar, nor gal WloSI
elm NtvlvSi w licit iiiBiiiti, i kg*, :ii, iittik per Ib
Now that it iB universally acknowledged
ihat.   my   puient oppltsncea   poilllvsly
Cures Rupture
mil ute giniiaiilecd 10 give
Ell Mi
I Invito the very worst osssi "f InfaulB,
Ctih1i.ii  bii.1 A lults,   ii    mall, t   bo»
had  >iiii Ull)   Ut   .I'.lu I"   .
I will pay ynnr fan both ways if you i
itii. Inioe the ll.-.;. .i i> In any i*oil-|
lion w.'li my
New Retainer on.
What Our Leading Physicians Bay:
Ottawa, Dercmher ■.'!), 1838.
I   have much pli-nsiire in testifying I"
.1. L. A tu I rung's mlildy in tl.e in. rii.iii-
icat ireatmeiil ul   Hon ia  ur   Kuptu'e*
Hi has veiy sum as..nil) treal • I pat * nt.
ul    ...Hie   rallslllg    lu    .Hi'    triuit    i    le .
luontbl  lu 110  niirs   .»   age.     M s: ol
lune patients were  ullliiid   win. very
lu.ge    uuniaiiagratile    tlenda,    which
'lli.I lu   las    rell-V.'d    by all 11,0 HUrse.
■I .1    The prinui i lo ul  lids patent a)-
,.;..,..,•.. stems i.. in perleei. I'lie sup-
pnrt Is dirt,lid itptlnit He seal ullbe
iiiptore uiily,siid uan lie miiiipulneil lo
retain ue. in . . , I unheilia lug > rt--
• ruHu.-iid Mr. A-msiiug 1.. II ei.inti.t-
. lulluu i I llu- | ml. ksiuli and ll.c > " tin .
llosoi P. Wnuiiir, M.D.,
103 Klglu B re-;.
.aiishig & Newmaiis
Sucueieor tu A. C FRY.
Hi.viin; purchased tl... A 0. FrySmok nf Grpoerles, 11 e.., wo w'bIi to un-
nnnuoe lo uur many friends, us well ai ihoie of Mr. Fry's, that we are very
nrgely increasing uiir stiii-k, and frutu ibis linn, forth will carry a luiinn
wider variety of g..nils iliitn ibo old rtrm. In (tot you will ba able tonl.lain
till attip1" and hnuiv grooeriss from in The Ollbllo will quickly diseover that
uur price! are whal they slioii d be, inul satisfaction is absolutely gtl.ir.iiitoe.l.
V. & N. Telephone 7..       No. 39 ColitmlDia Avenue.
McGonigle & Co.
Spokane street GrOQprs.
iMMicr..' supplii., Fruits, Cigars and Tobaccos, staple
snd Fancy Or. cerics. Kie:
Orders So!icit"d
Thone Ids.
And Oclivered
Raymond Sewing Machines
I'.  ll   mi   ll."   Mi-k't   uu I    til   Litest   Impriiveineiiti.        K,»y   Running
Dmp Heal.     Cannui lie Best In Prloe snd Q ulily,
PRICE $40.00
Taylor & jMcQuaiTie,
is Co'int' i, Avsnns, Rmsland, li 0. BdaAsenlo.
Ottawa, I'cremli.i IS, 18S9
I. I.. Vli.-tl Hlg, I". • • i . HI:., a    :
lleur S,    :   [ll  III \   p  lli-'ice  I  liM'.'S  "lit
HM t   v ■   ,    ||. .11 1   Ile.ill. ul   I. ..
uie.   li in j me in-' nineteen  leata 1
..id-1 .ni ..'i i.ttiti:-. ,.*•• .1 .c - * nl main
i.,t . i -  .   ;  ,  .... i, in  ni- i.i..i.tiie.i
t   m .•■ it sol > pi • .'   ir «, r g,, ver)
it -ai til 1,'lmy,     11   III   I   , nuleii
y.'.r   p il n'     .... i.       -      ■ j *>i .1    In
v nr- li, .11 I b» h . n il   li  I.,  ul III o.
-   . I t..!n .Unit'   l.-c   ill tielt I   Bit,
ti.  i i I cud « IT ll lleltil . '..  i|   it) lu ,f.n
I • n.   . .ml I have ou duU-it that  r.. ry
 Ige.  '     pi,      I      -.        a.a     lie     '■•!    I   r-
» He 'I   >T Uf    '..     IV    I I   .''He
nil gladly   einnin.a.id  ymi in >••• i •■
u.U.      '   A. A. il...•mi't-uN, M l>.
^ l  '..!-. tt .-. ni.
G. W. McBricl
Hardware Miners'Supplies St3vc and
U ' ires, Etc.. r.tc.
I...en '■   a l.'a  ISM.
I have m.'.t'l, pleasure in reeummend,
lag 'i, .he a I   nil,li   1.1   IM- p. il. sal tn a
II   ..... . Uppoll. I, il.,' ■    Ve|....|l • I  J     I.
A'll.Mr.'IIK ...   litis. Cl >.     .V'..	
'M.lls   nl   (hr  lOBlrUUielll, I .01. aa tol  .1
thai it i. tl.e 11.1*1 .iiui. 1.1 in,-in lln
I*..11111 I..1.■    A- »• g.-r-.s in- lie ..1 ipi In' .-
Ull -.lul re-i:lt-. it   ■!.. 01   ulo.n 11. this
iii'inti),  i-iiiIr. I; ii g   ihe pun -pie   ul
1 X-'l inppUii, ....'. lu B  V pi.-as.He III  (be
l.tlllllt'lit    of     tu-, III.'-.    la-iT'g.l Xng   BB .1
.IlieS   II.h.     .be    r i| it-lli-   pu sr.lle    is
e(l...Ini   I.) lln   Wall    ■••    'h"   .bil.n rn.
Yi.uir unly,    0. 1: CHURCH, - U
FOB I.ADli-S (i.Ni.Y.
I Lave lhe privi!-gr ol ti-l-.liiiu v..
10 several of tl.e mini reli bie l.. t.-
lined by mv applinues, in n: hiu the
wife of 11 p'ouiH.eiil mi.llllef ..I lhe
Ouopel, wife of a prominent lawyer,
wi,-.-. ..I tu.. m.-ri'ii ti.'e >..d ..'l.rrs, iii
eludings LADY OS YEARS OLD, and
...   in-, ol un.   ii ..ur 11...•< prutnluenl
itaet.Ti ilila.    Ttteif Lille* nave BOI wn.ll
any Support Irom ...... I . I lOI yens, and
.....it ul 1 beiii three ae.trs.
r.-'ii,.i'i.i..i-.  ;«hich nil  too u.u. 1.
spac, 1 lu lhe elluT. in) ul my appliances,
IbOVe all oil.ers, f,1.in the I'Mowing reap, liable leu.Irtits ul Yicloiia, B.C.,
I.. Qoodaerr, Btq , Oticen'i Market,
porveyor iu H. M.'a Navy, corner Uov*
ernineiil ami Johnson Blreetl. II. I loin-
frav, K'| , C K . :i 'l iobe« Mirtl; J. 0.
Billot t, S.'.'.rlaiy ll ..rd ol lire luder-
• liters; II. Ma..sell, I.-.)., meiclutut,
08 Ouvernini-iit S.re,ll J. .Iiscotnlae,
miner, Kurt Street.
tux r:-. > >     ill : i.::i>.vi'i in . in
Mens iFurnishh-m
Crescent Dy Goods 5°.
:'orr"7or\ /-ox /;„::.\ />.
I will lis at i Allan Hoase
MARCH 19 & 2ii
IiitiTiuitional Music Hall.
\m kk OK mai:  ii iSrn
I'n.t Pt.alu, iiui ill Z.I.\N A OAHIlDl '- lasnobbblo Musical Nighlniaia
. Ilm n ■ q >e a . _ tubal, hut.I let.:
All PlsvnritsS Is ihePOart,
A, "Meol.-Mi"—lii.,.v.   Seethe  "futp|m  Dnnktng  Ooetie'1   "The Mtier
I) .dm g t'lcltt ,,.'. '   t •nil.. Ctii. Co...,m....I!"..-...'.-p. lln..,
1 ir.s Appra.s...r ..I I ie BosOlllul I.l .-
III.' lUtt-euse
K'"! t" trinuQ      Wii ■" " K,ln",v """■■■ |,'T'*''
(llll    I  I   I   l\ l l Moving PrfltonS
MIS . KUTY nor-TOM, Ths ^wclisi. Nlghtjngals,
J. L. Armstrong, H.S.
Simpson and Jjnes
Ar.implci.' stock ofOrooerlssolwsjson Hand.   Also g Fall Line
ol Ouicy I',viij...i.i|.t|  I nuts, jusi  received from Cillifornia.
V .v N. l'ii.]ihon,' cs.     Beoot d Am-.. OppnoHs 0, P. It. Dspoi


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