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Industrial World Feb 24, 1900

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VOL 1. NO. 2,'l.
Devoted to the Interests of Organised Labor,        EudorBed by the Trades nnd Labor Council.       Official Orgnu of District Uniou, No. (1, \V. F. M.
The Big Store,
gcad  btiilb
Pi 0111 10 dollars
Up to 20 dollars,
Tin* Value is ever visnblo to the crowds tluil visit our Store.
In  sll    Clothing  liHinlli'd   by   us each  garment   is   (liorouglily
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\V» buy only friin (!m makers who guarantee  tlio workman-hip
vr 1 ieh is tin, II.■ 1 Ki'iTiiiiiiieiiiliitinii wi* i-uu oiler.
Tin* True  Reason For Ir u-Ui>itiid
Doors ut War Knob* Mine.
Salter Industrial Wutltl.
Sir:  Pin, Evening Record, from
illicit wi* liiid Lnipodso iiin.'b.s fins
to   be d> generating into a oiic- ugi,
pamphlet, devoted almost exclusively to publishing qaaok m,-di-
■ ino   odvertisemeBTs und  playing
Statement Repudiated  Editorial Writers Need to Exercise
More Care and Judgment in Placing Blame.
The conleinplibly untrue inter-1 down and sccept auy old thing for
pretatioD of the report of .be War ■* day's work ami nre not able to
Ifortot (' Uie spokemn.n Review.Ragle management,  as published I pi oteot themselves or their com-
The Big Store Hunter Btothers
W.F. McNeill,
Next Postoffice.
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your money. We handle only first class
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ti. .,all in....ic,1 hall •'••  ■   n    you can dertdi
thai he Isn't v , alt in hit > nlneyi
• |.v,.  ...ii ...a.  ; .■ . . .1  r%*l ax "ir a IVeak
It . kV    If so, dul.'l lo-.       I.
Dr.  Esiliay's
Kiincy   Hills
ll.vr . ure.l others and will core you.
T R Morrow
Ill Monday's i-sue we were
treated to a paragraph purporting
to bo I'.ij.iotl from the Review, in
wiiicli ;i carpenter in Spokitue is
uiaile to state that the aVur Kagle
ami 1 '.Till.' Slur mines aro putting
iu burricailes iu the shape of heavy
iron doo.s in anticipation oftrouble.
ffhsl are the fact.-? The draughts
iu both of those mines is so heavy
tbat you OSUnot keep a light burning
in many places. Six mouths ngo
light door, were put iu to remedy
(bis matter, but as lliey were cou-
iu   1111 editorial of   the   Miner  on J panics'interests  from  being plun-
riiiir.-ulav  in.lining, has met with  dared.    It also puis .he standard of
the disapproval ami repudiation,
from tl»* general public in Kossland, tbat might hnvu been expected, and instead of Injuring the
unions, as was evidently intruded,
lias added strength, Iloth u-.iuug.-rs
and miners look up..11 such statements as personal slander; anil it is
aafo to Bay if such articles are indulged in to any ext'ut, a very
dill'ereut complexion may Ihi pliic-d
011 the situation by a trim cxplaua-
tiuually   being    broken    by   men  tion
passing  in nnd  out  with  timbers |     Mr. Hall certainly deserves great
aud   tools,   heavy,   portable   iron ,.m|it |,>r  his contribution,  ami il
doors wen* substituted, iu some
places, about two months ago, and,
giving sntisfaulion, buvu been lately
put iu at nil points.
Surely it is time the people of
this city put tbeir foot 011 this disturbing newsmonger, and, ifneces-
.-*...it, furnish bin. will, a free ticket
back to where he came from, eo
tbat he may ..gain have au opportunity of indulging iu bin native
element willio it untiseatli g iute.li-
geiit people with his lillby abuse.
Consist km'Y.
last wearing. Hut fitting and best looking
In Men's, Women's and Children's |
C O. Lalonde
The Strand
The Most  I'.leg.mt  nnd Luxurious
Fitted Har in Oauadit.
A Full Line o( tbe Chniceit
Liqueurs and Cigars
ED. WATSON, Proprietor.
: It c 10 iii- the Greatest Number—
Not ll.u 1..i'ii to Any.
Throughout    the    entire    plea!
1 against (be eight hour law, small
investors nud undeveloped properties l.nve Imh'.i tt.-eil as a battering-
ram,  wliosi* ilianilvniilagit is nrgu-
! incut (list the law is harmful Hotl
injurious,  whereas, in  trnih. it is
I mil from these, but from (lie (level-
..pel nud .lii'i.len.l-|.iiyu.g iiroper-
ties 1 hni (ha real coiilention comes
(Cover yet was a  law   passed, thai
we have lieaj-d of. Unit 1 Id truth
fully be suial to be to Ibo mutual
advantage of all. Our eriminal
laws have euusetl i 11.a<.,-,-.11 men to
suffer, and our laws of taxation injure, to a more or less exlent, certain classes, Tho question is, to
whom is the greatest good, to the
mnjority or the minority? If the
smallest number nre Injured, thou
the law should be considered fair
and just. In this eight hour law
there is no question but what lhe
, majority are benefitted.
Should Receive the Support of All
Fnii-Minded Men.
There should be very lit Ho opposition to the measure tbat lias boon
|.i .-eni al to parliament, by finance
Ni.nisi"'- < 1.1 ton, to .inion.l the
-Intnl.- iu reference to couci i.u 1 m
ami arbitration. The umi-ndmciil
act really seeks to make effective an
act to Hi" same end, which was
placed n|...ii the stutu'e I. oks in
I8M, but which was so drawn,
through fiirela ssiiess or intent, tbat
either party could .Ideal its end.
by r< fusing one or bolh councils.
Tho ni'-i nl iime.idiiifiil provide,
thai there shall be ciinciliatiou and
arbitration  councils,   wheieaa  the
act of is.)! advises such bodies,
lhe hill coming, its it does, at lhe
end of a protracted and hard sting
gle between iniital ami labor,
makes a strung argument for itself,
ami just now all can see llioudvi-
is vary encouraging to sou uuu representative uf the miue managers
side of the question express bimstilf
in so fair and fearless a manner.
The  following  letters speak   for
blltll  -.ties
Sir: I read very carefully the
editorial which appea ed in Fri
.lav'.-Minor, entitled, ".-itiialiiin in
the Camp." At first I was surprised, but when (be full meitning
< f the same became apparent by
reading to the end, I was angry,
nml. at the same time, could nol
help lull be amused.  I «11 -1 not think
Intelligence of the I ,'200 honest
miners mentioned nt a very low
gunge when it says or implies they
can be led by .'100 raw ils into suoh
wrong-doing as it asserts. Such
assertions as (lie above are nol just
either to the miiio managers or
miners, and as one of the mine
managers of Rossland, I must take
exception thereto. I have been
working men iu the Rosslaud district since December, imho, nml
have never yet had any troubln in
gutting a fair diiy'H.work from the
average miner. The minute I li ml
a man that does not do ns much as
I know be should do in a particular
place, ho is at once dismissed.
I'liere nre mines in the emnp where
somo men d 1 not do as much a.
thsy could, but it is not the fault
of lhe men—the management in to
blame. When a man starts to work
iu a miue, or nui where elan—for
human nature is 111.1 eh the sumo
tbe world over —ho considers il bis
first duty to watch the bass. He
finds out from Ibe oilier boys just
what lo expect, ami if tbe boss is 0110
who understands what a full ilnv'a
Ilia- that the Miner could lie caught j work is or not   If lie  is told (bat
in such n Imp nnd   made  lo serve'no foolishness will Iw* (.ilerat.il and
the ends of people who, to screen
themselves, wished ('• I1I11111., others
I In-re in ver was an article written
fur lhe Mi> rr which quite so well
nihil the hill f 1 which it was intended by those who inspired it as
this oue. It implies that the men
iu charge of mines here have to sit
thai 11 full day's work will he de-
iiinnile.l, ho at ones .tins off to du
it. If he is iiconiiielent mtn he will
-ii.'.'ee.l anil thereby holds his job.
If not, the boss seen it and let. hint
go. Ou the other hand, if the man
liiu's the buss is not eoinp.-l.-nt nnd
Coo inu, .1 uo i ..1.1 h I'.
•lo.an    1.1st rut    Again    Feeling  ll
llc.illlifiil Flow of Lfo.
Tlie lockout ami strike which has
11 imperatively ptVOllsed all business in the   -loci,  district   for the
A   llnglil  Outlook for the Town of
New Denver.
N*W DsarVBS, Feb. 88.—The.prospective sale aaf ill. Mountain Chief
group of mines, situated 0000.1 two
past nine months is al nu end.  I In*   miles from this camp, brightens thn
setllen.c.il cannot he conside.ed a
vielury for ei.bi rsi.le, being slricllv
a compromise, in which both have
OOUOoded some points.
The   SilVcr-I .cad    Mine   Owners'
outlooks for il- no mediate Int ore an
much a-has the settlement „r ||lf)
labor trouble. The properly has
been extensively developed, showing several rich vein* and n mag
inlieeiil reserve tof aare,  which  has
BSS'H'iati.an,   iu  making  its propo
ability    of    peso fill    w-ttl, iueutsj*,,,"u' ,cfu,'e» ut'"-..*   Ion gUUtoL   *,,*.,,,. |„.r,-,.„ug., of zinc,    ll bus
rather than Itmgand unprofitable orr514l'>z,,d I'h-'r. out sgressaot lo ,,„,v 1 t dosed sutoa iv.t.i, butat
disciiiiniiale uga list il. ,|„. hstginnlng of I' e labor Iroublu
T|,. proposed M-ale is for nu eight-   (.M,| a   valuation of 190,000 pla.-.-.l
hour sh.fi. ami is ..-follows: II rs „„ it.    If th. deal for the property
in .halls.   |S60 lo f4 (ill;   machine jgm., •..,„,.„,.,, ,,„ j(   j(|  ||11JMl<.  „„;,
men   t-'i .'...;    h.iud dull, is.  I'l'.V
osi    IS 00)    laborers,   1'i.si.
strikes. The measure will force ull
disputes of employer and employee,
or mater ami man, to a count il aaf
, oncilialiou, which will endeavor lo
bring al».ul .'..mi iiilii.n; hut, if
unavailing, passes the dispute over
lo the council of nrl-ilr*ti<.li. which <"»>»'ni.eu,   Id 00   to 14.00)   engi-
irlllssskss settle nt to thesd-\nm+ IM0ViM00| hlaokamiUis,
vantagn  of tho  greatest    number. I'< •''" to « I <><..    laborer, on si.rf.t. e
There is oue thing in which great (*•«•  l""»rM' W00.    KotS-AS for-
csmmust beexe.e.s..l. an al .1  ,n,ri>-  ' ■ »«*ln| ' .usually
the  choice of the  right men   tor  *•* I,Ihc«"''  ""c|   ' "' a,r'  w,,r,•
I bese councils.    It will be necessary   ''"" *M,,,i *il" ",|,"r,,r h'^r"< w«'
-xpa'i'tv'd,   il   means   much   for the
Inn... of this place.
Nearly   All tl,. Mitiea .vtsrtiiig or
Adding lo the vV,,rl;iug Fort*..
Bamoos, It. c . Feb, 30   Otmstd-
ernble   -iiti-fu. lion   is   being   ex-
,,,.,., ... IS Ml , er shift AH right boms. I'-'"''   her- over Ihe settle,,,,.,,, of
thelT deois  unbiased sod Mr.  Ifl    T|'«   "»»•»' '»•'«»" iihroughoui,"" l«'»;r trouble, nud  though .he
lo elet'l   men who  have no interest
now oiler, iiiol.'i -111.1I11. conditions.
Defeated  the   tlovermnent—Probable    I,'. -oil
Victoria. B. ('.. Feb- L'.'t—The
redistribution bill OSOSSd the tie-
feat of (lie  government  today   by
one vote—19 to it.   it is expected
that the legislative   body   will  now
ask for a <lieoliili.ui.  and  an  elee-
Americnn Wntches, Clocks. Silverware,School Supplies,, Stationery. 1 tton   *'"  f"llow   '"  the immediale
'      .future.
Headquarters for Harbors. Bartenders, anil Waiters'!V>a(s and Aprons
The One Price Store*
C. C. Gibson & Co. "knkrai. mkrchams
Oil Clothing, KusponderH.t'ndcrwcar, Fine Clothing. BhOSSj GIOVSS,
for just decisions
It   is,   perbsps,   hurdly   to   be
hoped or expected that themosoure
will do all that is elaiiiied lor il.
but it ia hiosI certitiuly a wise, bill
and should receive hourly support.
miners bud lo accept a cut iu thn
regular sesle of wag.--. Ihey fool
justified In 80 doing  from  Ibe 1 ■
oassloos ...aile by the fllrnrLssd
..' OSOCOtoUsn in hours.
Ibo    whole   country   bus    to    bo!,l,e  ****.   *""   carefitUy   < •
scoured to secure imbiiyable men.  ",*,,,,'"« th" n.i.tter. d.eMle.l to a,-
il should be  done, and  I bus have e«l'1   t,,e   "••"<  snd thdr OOt hSS
councils upon who... an-cn depend  »,,,«  tl,u  ,",""-v  'M'provul   ol   tin -'"-mti- mi
I entire province. HlneOerns
Al   pr.-.iil   there   are  sulli. ient "OW that tllS troubls   is   over   all
men   in tbs district io work th.. bnslnsw la starting up, sod ws sra
propeities itarttng up, and thuee looking forward to a prosperous
Intending to go   there are advised and   profitable year.      Nearly all
m.t to make 100 gnat bssts the properties odjoosnl lOthl camp
Il    is   hoped    that   the    lessons ami dc|.cii.lant   upon  this town for
learned  by   both sides in Ibis long, j supplies nre either starting or add-,
is votir subscript.01. lo Hie W0BI D  h"fd '•,,n'»«1'' wiM l""v" l,",,i"K' '"" '"8 '" •''«   tbni»  SlrsS Iv al *ork,
'  ,.,    .. ... - Ibi't   111 w  all   loud   reeling will  Ih* I a id it is hoped   that    all   will   bo
run .,,,1.'    If so, and .be paper is of ^.i.    ri,rK„U(.tli   „,„,    ,,,,   ttj|| vv„, .jll(, .„„.,,,.,„,.„, ., „,„,„ M ,,,„
use to you or your cause, renew  it   W(iri( j„ |„.,|,.,t   |,aimony 1.. m.ike trails and ""ids  tn   Ibe  prapertiea
nl uiiee. ui, i..r lost time. ,1 1,1 up In Ibfl spring THE   INDUSTRIAL   WORLD,   FEBRUARY
11,    IP-tlil.
\va,«aca.v   ti.iii.; .
fublislat-il it tl.e MlBlrs' Onion ll nil. Rossland,
In the liilsieat t}|° argailllf/d  labor in British
Csiu inlaid.
Kitereil  at lhe  Kossllml. B. C .   snstuilicc   Iur
trunsiaiihSiiita thmugb  lite aaauils,  Nov. i./io,
IS   i. ..mi t'ltlls null   .
J). L. Ki.vm    •   •    I' lllor and Manuger,
, cl'u-s al Miners' Union Hall.
1'ayuble laviittlil.jy in Ail.'utas,;.
One year,. |j oi,
tot Hoe III,   ,,.,  a l>
Three Munllia      7".
Address all ComtaaBteatlOBi lathi pidiiitiiil
World. |...<ltirnce B,.« 55S. Rowland, It. C,
The Iratitasliaa.l W'oriil is lor alii, in Kotslaaitl in
the Kn-iR-n Cigar store; Simpson s New, Slaiul;
H. S. Wsllace'l slationery .tore; Post oOWe
Mews Stand; I.inloti mo... gtaUoniry Sto.-e
Barr'a Cifiir Stote and by tirwalaojs.
All checka may be msde payable to
th* Msnsiier or Ibe Secretary ol Ibe
Miners' Union.
Thots who desire a t'lianue in Iheir
advertisement ihoiihl have lhe copy (ot
the same it this 1 flicc not Inter than
the evening before publication day.
be placed with the real i-iiuso of all
lln* rest of Ibe discord, capital and
ils    mouthpieces,       Is     there     n
dearth of business?    There   may
lie in some sections; but wherever tbore is, it is this game
Source thai is lo In, 11111. keil lor ii
all, lor Ibe quietus lias been placed
on I rude by lispittll aud not by
111 boil,
One or another of those official
organs of capital, which Invariably
parade themselves under the cloak
of independent publications, are on
the exchange  list  of on •  more
newsp'opnis in every comer of the
eoiilinenl, and the result of the nil
Ibey publish ami send out must ol
necessity cause those knowing
nothing about the condition of
alliiiis here, i xoepl what limy read,
to Imagine aud believe that labor
organisutioi.s ore doing all in tin-it
power lo demoralize and ruin the
There is one thing for us to
do. nml that we can do easily and
Well-fight them with their own
weapons. Furnish every part of
the land, lufcsted by these
niiilil'i-i'i.iis gossip mongers, with
honest reports ol the existing conditions, trusting that
their bom st ring and reasousble
arguments may more than offset
these iliiusy, foundntieuless fabrications, ami .-bow up their untruthful
ftati-iueiits !'• rwlmt they ore worth.
8ATURDAY,   r'I'lU'.l'AllY    IM,   I..0.1
There is about one newspaper in
each town, city and mining camp
throughout ibis entire province—
where mure than one paper is
established-(hat bns been bought
over by capi'alists or the opposition
of organised Isbor, ns a medium fur
the venting of ita sploeu, aud the
mouthpiece of ils lulu millions.
und which is doing nil in ils
power to j n mole or upln Id
tl.e cause of ita supporters by
tl.e continiiul 1 uhlicnti.Mi of lhe
most malicious, misleading, deceiving nntl ulli g< lln r false nml Ibui dn-
tionless 11 It iclrst 111:1 gi mil-le. 111tei.de. I
to make iu.ihiil.itig readers, outsiders and foreign papers be love
tl.e situation in ibis Province much
Voile, or entirely different, from
what il really in. We would that
the Knglish tongue contained words
forcible riitiiigh. iluil by ils mean.
■ lone we 1'oiibl   express  lhe disgust
nud nausea these publications
CnubC, not only n-. but .11 who v. i.-li
to uphold i nub nml Justice
These foul hi eat bed messenger-,
which srescattered broadcast over
this uml ntlier countries, proclaim
that our government is unstable
and about to fill'; (hat Lec.ui e ..I
this same government al. lhe mines
iu the country are cessing operations: Hint because Ol the government ...nl tl losing ol the .nines
cupilul has OSSSSd l<> How into
the mining district for investment or development,; uml because of the government, the
closing of mines, tl.e emotion
uf the income and it.vie-lnn-i.t
of capiial. a general quietus has
been placed uu business of all kind.,
and lhe in..-I  np| atenl  thing  |..'t-
oeptible throughout the country Is
Ibe entire ofaoeOOS of life. Nl I ml
i.lia-d nil hall line. Ibey , col. taa-an-.
for the state of affairs, ami Ibe only
thing they can I'm.I lo I.ml tbeir
venom ai i- organised labor, which,
they claim, is tin* banding together
of a Isidy ol ignorant, Irresponsible
Inc.. I<\ a few nlloii. Komi ii. lie in ,1
criminal agitators, with several
lather pel appellations too numerous '
to mention,
Io the government about to topple?
If it i". history i- only repeating
itself, foi the beel snd most powerful  govcrnmi nl   the   woi Id   • ver
knew    was   undermine.1   by    just
such contemplated Influences n*
nre working against outs. Are all
our mines dosing, as these question-
nble sheili  tell   u -.'    ll line, arc—:
which the) ii-e not   ibe blame could
ull be HS.I ill,-,) tO the: S |.'ildi- utioii*
whose Chief business is to-tir up
discord and ngilation. Sal Capital
Ceased to collie mill the l'i uvituc.'
Hy no means. It, is ns anxiously
seeking   inv.-tineiit    in   Ibe   gold'
lined hills of  British Columbia ns
ever, notwithstanding all that has
been said lo IheiTinliaiy.  II it bad,
however, the ortdl| could  solely
On Monday night the Record
published the following srtiole Irom
the Tacoms Ledger; "The alien.pt
lo enforce the right h >ur law I.y tl.e
British Columbia miners bus re
.-.tiled in closing most aaf lhe mines
in ths district with a possibility ol
..ll,.-is following. No mall r how
much tbe mineowners may b so the
niiiiers themselves will lie the
greatest BtilTeiers." dm anything
I..- ui.i>>- rcdioulous tbau I'm a paper
to do a thing 1.1., tbat. [tie almost
certain thai a I lhe Ledger knows
..( lhe mailer, or has read about
the labor trouble in British ''■ linn-
Itin. wa-< in the columns of Ilie
Ua-cnitl. l'u. Ihcriiore. what Irulli
is there iii the stub im nt that "inosl
ef the mines in the district nre
closed as a result of the eight bom
low?" Iii tlm flrot place, most of
thn mines are not olnit down; ami
in the mxl place, we would like to
know how muiiy of tlmsu idle in
the Province have ceased Opera*
t'oni becanssof the eight-hour lawY
We have reason, nud do most siu-
ceie'v belli re, Hint ull the mines in
ihe I't.nince. .-.oi operating for the
alleged rOSSOn, can be counted twice
over tin the fingers of one band.
And some of those who have pre-
tended to shut down Iroai that
caUBO ale known lo have closed
from i mill ly hu ei jo reasons.
fought'for, and, we hope, won an  Kicky mountain region, and nlso
honest dny'B work for   nu honest (but   it  wits owing to its  embur-
dny's pay. I rassed  condition that its men were
  | not called out at the beginning of
Notices have boon published by
the various Atlantic steamship
companies tbat there will he no
reduced rates to tho public who
attend the Paris exposition. That
is right.    11 will iiinkn such a differ*
ehoe in the class of attendants at
Ibe fair.    It  la only  the rich, the
the strike last siunjiiej^.        .»
As to tho dyiindlvci'rV, *fiireir|irei'S
and agitators referred t,r, 1 would
stale that in the writer's mad desire
lo besmirch the western Federation
of Miners, be seems nol to realise
Ibo fact Hint bo is manifesting very
grave symptoms of tbe same disease
♦ ♦MtM-tttvMMMtMtTftHT»»»t»»ft'r»4tt**lTT»»rT»fj
P. Burns & Co.
Wholesale Markets.
Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Sandon, Bevelstoke, Greenwood,
Grand Forks and Vancouver.
powerful, the master, the aristocrat i ih 0 chronic Stage, and thai the law
inul the plutocrat who has a right
to enjoy life, travel nud see the
world. The c amnion ber.l should
not be permitted tq learn of tl.e
planet by seeing it, unless be walks,
nor to scale the hills tImt surround
and shut in his own little world
unless be can fly.
Slander ami   Repititlon  the Only
Form of Argument.
Stiller Industrial World.
Sir: Having a natural distaste far
controversy, it is with reluptsnoe
that 1 net k, through yuur columns,
to express my disapproval of the
methods odo| ted by tin* Record in
the present discussion of the
eight-hour law.
In the luterost of respectable
journalism, 1 would suggest to the
editor ibe advisability ol bis securing tho services of the olt)
scavenger to e'eauand fumigate hi* where
me.itul uiaohiticrv, in order that w.■'
of the survival of the fittest having
crowded hltn outarintalleotually,
graviiniii.u has allotted to him bis
natural sphere iu life, where bis
bread ami butler depends upon his
ability to rake the news' gutters and
beslime bis profnsslou by slinging
abuse at his superiors.
Hut whin we understand the
gentleman's |rtdigrcc. we can easily
realise ■ is dlposition to stir up
strife. A foreigner in origin, 0 m
ing, aa he dues, from a land where
tho knife, the shorter, tho rop
and   lite figgnt   have  been  substi
tuted for the ju 'ge mid the jury;
where, to bj clothed iu ii colored
-kin deprives a mou ol justice uml
subjects liiiii to insult after death
ai tin* hnudi u' n !.'u.ui'al uioli
that would Qotnpnre morally ami
intellectually, with the Ctl-our
d'Alene d»naniiturs as  would   lh,
i   i      ■ .mis   in   ;iti     VpJ.l.'ii "•    Htl
d.iiico will, thedelegah a ton Meih-
dis' SiiiiilavsiTiool carvayilioaa, an.I
Iguoratioc    and    auliunl
etii'itge    iloiniii.ites    limns,    and
I        RETAIL   MARKET* Rosslonci. Trail. Nslsso,   Yailr,     t
♦ Kudo.  Sandon   New Denver.   Silrorton,  rsauals  City    Qraud      ♦
♦ Porks, Q men wood,  Phoenix, Midway, Camp MoKtnosy,  Revel'
4- Stuks, Pi rgiison nnd V  ncouver.
J Fish, (iame ai.d Poultry In Season, Sausages of a'.l Kiudi.
♦ Willi \M I'ONALD Manajrcr Ro slat d R ran oh
; l
maybe able to recall to-his mind ivhe-e ngitolio.i aud strife i. tl.e
natural ord.T of thtngs_H victim
tl.e fuel i ..! ho is now living in u
civilised couimiii.itv where tin*'
quest ions ure discussed from i.
higher plane of intelligence -ban In
to Bach eiivii'oiun-nt  could hardly
h expected t.« adapt hlms >lf to the
more ctiiiIc.hu m.-lbods  in   t ,..-.-
Mainland and British Lion Cigars
Slrinlv First-* li^sTnion t ignr.
evidently occupies;  where vililioa-|matters prevalent  in  bis   pro-enl
lam is n I argument, and where a
constant rehiisb of (In, same argument, expectorated tl ty after day.
sum millings.
Bit healthy respool for British
Coliimliln law has evidently modi-
soon becomes mouolo.it.us. To illits-  Heal hi- iuht-r, nl t -iitleiiiies to apply i
lln* slut dec ami the ktiil'c, and the
Record's e ;il-rial CffllshlUS are
-imply the t inward sym, litis of S
mind chafing ..ml.'.' restraint thai'
has I'.,re tl hi... tu wa'low in his
natural element, the oe*8|Hj*ol oi
abuse, ami ci.itciit bin..'If witli
slinging .he surrounding tilth at
rcsprclab't* pep .• Cm/., n.
Irate: lie (ells us lhal tho eigl.l
hour law was hutched in a foreign
Incubator nud oa iifully uur-e-l by a
modern e nitfiii.iti ui of Unlly
Miigiiires, composed «f drunken
gainl.li'.s. bluok-h'g alien ngitutora
and   to,nr d'Alene   dymuuitt'r.|
llilll    l I, l- kl*| I .'..>..I.ll    out   of   the
country, disctjunigod t!,» electric
current ul ll.lining..m Falls, pulled
lhe pin from tl e brake I. ver in the
War I'oigle hoist, k II.-d wildcat
speculation   nnd    iiitnuluced    the
small poxa
As llll illllsll.lt oil of  la.* manner
, . , ,. One  renson, among uu.i.v 'dheiT.
iu   which   this  publication  repe.it.   .      .'
..   ,,   . . ,      „. whv Mr. Debits has the  love nud
itself   iu    Its    editorial    i Hustons.        •
.   , . n      .i   ,      i • ■ .    couhde'ice of the   laboring classes,
today   it    tells    that   tho    eight-       . . .   , ■ .    .
,      ' , ,  ,  .us few men have, is lieisiuse he for-
hour htw caused the shutdown.and .. ,    . ,      *
.,       .,       ,    ., igi'ts  self nml  w.rks for lhe ben, hi
tomorrow. Hut'   the  shutdown was"
of   III.   li'llow li-fing*.    \\-llll
Is your sub criptio i to the TVoiii.n
run in.I? If 80, and the paper is ol'
use to you or your cause,"renew il
at once.
lu the sat.ia* ism. this "cfTus'.oi
of n m i ml mid lo deceive," Buys: "It1
is idle to claim thai miners, or any!
other men,  do OS  much work   in
eight hours .is Ihey fori.ic.lv did in I
ten hours.    *     *     •*     This beau-1
tii'ul theory wns put to the test iu
lhe   JiiiiiImi    mine   wilh    the   full
knowledge of Ibe miners, who lb...
iu .11'v.'i) opportunity tooonflrm ii
i-\ exiling themselves   The result
sb< w.il lhal.   while w,,iking  eight-
hour shin- iiiet ocoompl.ohed one
seventy -.i.vlh  nine  woik   loan  in
ten-hour si Ms, Instead of one-filth
mole  a-  .be   champions  ol the
eight hour law c aim. d " How bale1
il ■ pet.(tie go distorted ths Rswr-
In.it iluil men can   do as much in
. igi.l   llUUnSI   ill I'll tO mean lluit|
i hi y . an do on.' fifth im ie? «e
arc afraid their bmlbematloal sdu
ctyflon has been mast sadly neg-
h i ted. I bey i loarly sinie. hqwever,
Iluil one nvei.lv---ixtli moru wus
done. Which We tail to seu bow they
cm. OOUstrus a- proof Ibnt (he trial
was a fniliii <>.
ie is
head and shoulders above Ihoua-
STids of (he laboring world, Intel-
lecli.ally, be knows how lo ndajat
himself to btl Surrounding*, and is
never so happy ns whl'O he Is doing
good, tin his tri[is he does nol
stop ill hlgh'prlord lioluls nut! live
• •il the (al or tin land, us many
another man would do, hut is satis-
lie.I with a plain, cheap and clean
hostelry. Nor does ho charge
union orgniiizntious 1. g prima for
i.-clin ,•-. i giving barely I'liougb lo
pny   hi*   traveling   expenses—Kx. I
Subscribe lor ths Inw-tkial
vVoBIaO and support the causa' of
ogam/ d labor.
Mayor '!'".dive bus pledged tell
nun with I7A.00 each for eiplip
iiii-ni _^for ibe British Oulutnbis
oonllngcnt lo 8 ulli Afrloo, from
Ibe WOnl  Ibing tlull call be said
truthfully ogsjusl organised mining
lubor   is  that   it   bus   di-iniinded.
ciuised    hy   tho   eight hour   Ian
Next, Unit tin* ii incoiitnicl sysiein
caused all the trouble.     And again.
il.nl it was nil a result of tl.e iitm-
oontract lystcm.
Ilie writer don't np|M*ar quite
clearly to know as to whether lhe
eight-hour law introduced the small-
pox microbe, or whether tho microbe
Introduced th. law, but seem, to
have di.-c 'Vend a family OOUUeotlon
betWOSU Mr. W.Ikes and the vermin
that should biivu oonvinoed Dr.
Red lick of the nenosslty uf vacci;
lining the monster immediately
ai'ier it. passage, and co .fining id
nearest relation iu the pesthoussto
check lhe spread ol (h>- disease
Now, iliosi) statements have been
aiisweied linn* and again, and we
an-all   well aware   "l   the fad that
li iglit hour law had  as much to
wilh  Ibe shutdown  as  brains lis I
lo do with the  Record's edilor.al
Mr. Elrby.sstatements are nearly
correct, ami it is a well-known fact
that   nearly the sous oondiUons
BXist   in   the   l.i*   Hoi.    Again,   tho
War  Kagle und centre Star havcj
been working for years Under lhe  QnOPIfllQ  Tllld WpdIt
eight-hour system.    « by did they  DjWUHUB   **"B   " W4.
uoI dllCOVer liehue (bat it  was not
i   wi-e  business propositiou?    And
il lhe l,e Roi shutdown Was raineil
lay   Iha.ujajSht-hoair IllW, wily dill IIOl
the rnauiigemeiil make a public
unmru..cement tu that utTect, and
not have   lelt   tb.  discoveiy lo Hi..
I! id's editorial safety valve?
As I , lhe King mine, the knovl-
edge has 1)000  ilium propi-rly f, r
the last two years Hint il is worked
out. ami al-.. thai il hns been running from the grass roots upon a
scale or wages twenty p,*r cent,
lower than  thai  prevailing  iu the
Fresh Finnnn Huddies
Crosse & lllackwell's I'ure Malt
Vinegar, Pickled Walnut*. Onions,
Chow Chow, Mixed Pickles.
Morion's Assorted Pickles.
Lung's Montreal ltiscuit - a
32 &.14 HKST AVKNUK,
Morrison and Bryenton
Have just received a Consignment nr
F   n, Canned Goods,  Hams and Bacon,
Fruits and Vegetables
Frtsh •r'ggs. Tear, and Coffees a Specialty
S..I.. tgent iii Rnssland (.„■ • U.MPRESS TEAS."
'Phone 100  l"a I'.'li C hi.nb a Ave.
Special Bargains
M.J. OT learn i* giv'rg Special Bargains
n all Lines during ihe month of February
The  Clothier
II iving deciileil to Sell out my entire St's-k of
Millinery, Ladies' Furiiisliiiigs, Etc.
.ml with the object of Selling < tit as soon its possible, I will
Sell at unheard > f prices lo gel rid of Ilia entire studk.
'    50 Per Cent. DISCOUNT
or, in  other   words, everything goes at  IIAI.K   PRICE.
C. F, Eagles
Opposite Ibe Hunk of Toronto.  *• llu-.-lilild. II. C.
The Industrial
World.     ■
Labor   News Gleaned  Fioui   All
England has 347 women latackpmilliH.
Twenty laren dairies in Vermont have
Imen "trusted."
St. l.nuis unions have Kartell a move
incut to l,ii a li 1 a labor temple.
Loulsvills union carpenters have secured an it.l v.i.TT. ol :in cenlB per das.
The oornsrstoni ol the Grand Rapldi
liih.tr   tempi" ia to he I.ml un l.i'.nr day.
In tin, n ivarlsn leglslstara a commit-
tee his reported (avjrsbly up an an
eight-hour bill,
Late statistics show tlint in London
mire ih.ui 800009 families Biro leas
than 7J cents each par diy.
Altitr tw a yairs ol biyootting the
primers have * a ■■.••. i ..I iu u il IJ a: /.. 11 ^
the H itf.tlo Kx.iresi.
Tokyo, Japan, has a lab ar n.svspsper,
issued semi monthly, ml labor onions
are rapidly firming thrmi-jhoiit Hie
..Six hundred operatives ul tl.e American Hide ind L„athrr eumpiiny tanneries, at Lowell, Maas., Inveilrui'k for.
Keiier.il advance.
I'res,iil«iil (iatesof the American steel
and wire trus. | .vs lhal   under   no   circuit. iltiiaMS will   his  c'rpu.it  ,,   recoaj
una, oi.-.i i • -.1 lahrir.
The TulBthi ' t.hi. ) hoard of al-lerm-n
lias iinaiiiiii'i'tsly derided lhal none Inn
union bricklayers Blasll lis empl .yeil on
loweroonitraetion in that city.
Th*striking btaekstnlthial the U. toki
Locomotive works, at Dankirk. M   V .
It, iv retilrnel to Wink, hsVtni lira n
granted au iticre.uii of 10 cents | -r day.
Tim palter a in ikers' union cf ObiCBg I
has decile.! to demand a liine-l o ir day
oltsr A anl I. I, li thought there a ill
lis little .ittis alty iu semiring thssttorler
A new la'nr paper, nsiiie I ''Orgalds .1
L;'i ai ,"•*-,, I--.I I M > Ti I'', ii.c -. o I.
llm tltird in.t. It is .osn.'.l <nt eo.,
Ir .lie I l.a- tiieiaa -ets uf lln-tla.lc lli.lotn
ol Dtp liiy.
Twrlru thou,and auean'.era ..I the
building trades anion*, in Ohlosgn, t.avr
bean looked oat* Among ih. .,.(-,....I
are tin, ('dcaiiti Bricklayers'unlun, ul
WhlaS I'.elldent .M. Ki.ley n . inriiibur.
Two ha...I.- I and (lily union rigar-
makers in lh. cinutuv nf ll inn A C -. of
lliiv.rlnwii, I'a., S'ruck ircnuly lo lorce
the ri-iia-taii-iiiriii ..( a I iciuiti win, wai
discharged   fur  BOtlvltJ in Uflioo .IT.iri.
Kleclricil workers ol I'ldlah lph a
bar*organised two unions ami .ihiiBte.i
wilh the ln.rriiBii insl ll-oiherho d ..I
I *,-. Iri.-.l Kiia-iin-rrs.   They have asked
t iu pi ivers io grant then ■„ siglit-bonr
day ind uniform waj* ichrdiil*.
The result nl lhe lit* municipal election in Italian, Mass., wss * victory Iur
the labor ami am in Hut il hruogtal
out an tav-rwheliniiiK vat* in Nvt.iI
l''lli« eig'ii-liuur .lay lor cily s,.iipl.*ye«.
M iv.ir tpiincy his ordered lh* rule to
co nun ril... i al once.
The long.xuerte-i I'ruggl. between
111. Chicago lattil.linn  iiaile. ua.i.ana arid
the sratmrten broks out int ... t. ih.
hiasin liavinK Sltemplsd In ciil.irce llielr
obnoiiuaii r.ih'l, *-hiaii were rr.l.led by
Hi. plumlarrs, and gradually lh. oihpr
tiadea hive heeo drawn into Hi- ll.'hl .
Thr contractors are tivuiv' tndssiriiy th*
unions, and, from all in.lie.tens, .he
■Tiniest will be a bitter una and may
spread to other ciliei. Thn piaaao-
workers' sink, il not yr. lo-t, is
cliiiine I by the daily pipers, eltli.iii.-h
there have been a lew drSriliuna.
The United Klatri Lihor Department
has issue I its annual cyclopedia cl fig
urrs. It reports that 1!.1iI.(I00 men lost
lii.lHiti I Kin I OOrklni days last yrsr on
account of atrikes Th. strik.ra won in
one rase eat of fire. In Hit' last five
years 60,000,000 working dsys have been
lost and wages amounting to one linn-
d'ed million dollars. These Agere, are
signiflcsnt in many rr.'arals. l-'irst,
they indicste that thn rspitBli.ls, re-
ceiving IhriT'-lonrihs or more of the
wesllh pro.liacril lay labor, lo.l th.
greatest portion. Beoondly, Ih. woik
ers really "I-st" nothing, fur II.ry had
nothing to luse, and It may lis thu. they
sired some .nr-rgy and Hun train. I in
longevity. Thirdly, Ihe flg.ir.i BXpOSS
the injustice and infamy nl an indaistrial
system io which a lew employers are
mauled to lock up Opportunities and
debar 2119,000 or more men In.in ...rking
when they choose.
Thai ilolateail & Wright's new store,
corner First avenue and Washington
streets, has received one hundred dozen
uf lhe lat.es! productions in men's neckwear, also a big lineof Btampr-d linen lor
fancy work, A new line uf plaid shirts.
Their clothing Block is all new and well
uiiBoi led. A complete line of staple and
Is icy dry goods, clothing and .inninl,
nigs.   They Iibvb excellent values.
The C. 0. I>. Grocery Co. has put in
a new, fresh sinck of gnuda at the old
aland ou Washington street, where they
will cany a complete line of Iii si-class
groceriae and pi,.visions. They ask all
old custom. rB, as will as any new ours
I lhal in >\ he lookiaiK Iur good guuds, tu
call and ex....oi.ii their Block and get
W. F. McNeill, the hIiiis dealer, is re-
j ceiving dally uuiislgiimeniB of new Bpriug
j guuds. He bus lite oiust complete assnrl-
ineiil ol children' school and tine limes
] in hn looinl uo be I'.ti ilit: cinisi. li.iuds
I uladly ahuwu.
J. 10 i"aike, lhe popular Washington
llrcei SoUdler, ben. U'uve to call i mar hi -
teniion lu the but lhal he has the lineal
line uf l.at tiers and saddles ill the country.    Give, him a call.
If you w.uit lh. heat lunch to lie had
fur your uiuus in lhe city go to Ihe
Itiissul 11.lid. Iluuiu coukuig and tlratt-
i las- service.
It will pay you iu ..ill a. Eagles fm
juilliaarry und ladies' fuiuiihu.ga of all
Following i. a list of Hans, who adver
tiae in lh. ImiI'svki ii. Woki.i.:
V. c. M N.III, Hho* Store.
Hunter Unit., general iiierchaiiilise.
Bnpe] Broi., groceries and geuia iur
I   li. Morrow, druggist.
0  0  I- il.m.le, -line store.
0 0 liilnat-  A   Co,   gents' . loih-n.
aud uo. ions.
Q  \V. M I', ide, hardwire.
I. .on Itrus., i.   ,;.. and stationery,
(.'irsiiii Dry 0 mis,  furii.Bl.ings, dn
| i..| do I.inn.
Morrison A Dryenlon, groa*.ria*s.
tl, I. ti'il lira, clothier and I latter.
Pauls ut lb.is., griweiirs.
We,    I.    j >i,   cigar    inannfacluter
Van, .uie-, it. c.
r.al.r .it UcQiirr).,tsllors.
I'acillc IV* r a,, leas and ei tfe.s.
M   \V. s inpiuu, noavi, italiouery and
D > oinioii II del and Bar.
I). K. Hatha.
Mri.-np alitin II ,1.1 snd Bar.
II. tie tl A^Kron -la,   coiilr.aclori   and
builders. ,
ItuAuliff, tailor.
S. liliiau, lurniliir*.
Il'.'l  . r A: Mciiouigle, grot-uriei.
II   It'll iia]ll-aal,r^t'.d Bar.
K i.ign Cigar Store,
l.« l( d Slab!., and Tranalrr.
Pyrin* and   Clrauing Worki,   Wash-
ington i.ml.
D.nlrls A Chambers, paint., oils, elc.
IV   It. Ilrst'y, undirtakei.
lloMsad A Wright,
Dr. A. Milloy, ilrntlat.
Eserl Brn*., Jrwrlsn.
The Club Barber shop.
Tho luteins.i..-.al
I.in.ii.. * Newman, grocen
It ass. II Hotel
.Simpaot, a Jones, grocer*
Tit.* ' * raaad"
I* tnallat... lintel
Bs|le*' Millinery nor*
It. island Drug C a.
We eanieslly appenl to all Inlmr
union-, particularly Ibe labor unions of tbe W. F. M.. to do all in
Iheir power to keep men away from
the Coeiir d'Alenes. The man who
goes Into that dislrict under existing conditions is labor's worst
Snemy, SOd Should Is, branded as a
scab by all union men.
KnwiHii BOYCS,  Prea  W.F.M.
Jas. *t\Aiii.K..su,'..Treas.W.F.M.
Tim best table board to be bud In
Rossland i« t.> be got nt the Russell
hotel.   Everything is first olass in
every  respect.    Prompt nnd attentive service,
Siihwribprs to the Woki.i. wbo
prefer to do so may leave (heir
names nt Miners'Union hall, where
Ihey will rci-eiM* (heir papers without delay Bstnrdsy aiii-moos.
Kveryhoily is fond of money, and all
could possess it if th»y knew how lo
economise. Everyone estimates what
his outlay will be throughout the year
for clothing, shoes, blankets, etc. A
working mini, tor instance, expenda on
these niTii.li'H from $lr'0 to $200. Sun-ly
they could get the same stuff, and of a
heller quality, at hall the money hy
purchasing of us, and thus save from
175 to |100 yearly. Th. majority do it,
but there are others that du not, snd
therefore it stands to reason that they are
foolish and will not listen to common
lense. Practical and smart men know,
however, the value of money and what
good use tbey can inn il to, and they
realize it only when lliey purchase at
th. li iH-liuid Auctlun House, 42 Ball
Columbia avenue, next door east ol
C. P. It. Telegraph OffltW, B. lUnnelt,
(let Iheir Presctiptiona
Killed by the
Rossland Drug Co,
A Full I.liar o' IhnrytlilBg in oaar I.bar.
lost- Cl a Call.
ROSSI ixii ORUO CO       R. K. STRONG, Mir
Colnmbii Avenue, next   the  Bon Ton
Linton   Bros.j
Honk .'•'tore,   30 Columbia Avenue
Le Roi Stables.
Heavy Transferrin}.'.
First-Clsss Saddle and pack Horses.
Til.phoni So tl, P. O. Bos 132.
Kossland Hotel.
(iur  Whiskies ind   Imported  Cigar*
Jerry Spcllman, Proprietor.
Cor. >p -krn- - .r.-t ..ieI Columbia Ave
K*!aa<li«ttet! Ib Ko.sl.od. ll i   in is,,
Wm. R. BE A IT Y
Telephone No    9
nryv inv \su  mc.ht
MM Electric Lanmlry
None but   white help  employed.
Notify us.    Wo call and deliver
<■■'liiiiil.ii Avcuue, near Postoffice.
Coffee House.
Opposite   the   lot." a.annual j lintel.
Lunelle* or every description.
OourtOOUS treatment and the ht-il
Ibo market affords. Open day nnd
night.    Oire us a trial.
ti Columbia Ave., next door to I -a'oBde's.
Fine Porcelain Tubs.
HtllHll'.lUII Si  HKRKING.
Rossland Dining Room!
::.'.f Pr-r Hi-.il, »l Knils f„r $11, J25 psr ".ulli.
First eta-is service and good cookingn specialty.
niniiii: room attnehrd lo oiuwa Hotel,
Was Iii iik ton street.      The MISS ROYDS. [Tops
urorg..i»..rrR,ui,,d-iiM.i,gD„,. Canadian Pacific
second aud fourth I'uesiluy 111 each mouth   at
7:30 p m  In Miner*' UuUn hall. C. W. Wiliou, '
Htc ; John McLaren, ITes
1 KNIGHTS OF 1, vBOR—Rossland Assembly N«,
i6J-, tin ■ I- -lilt   II   M    i.llil till   -I    ili,|,i,hnl   rgrh
tuunlh 1 ; i" p in. m .Mim. is Uulou ball, Jas.
Wilkes, Sec; Wm. u'ttricn, Fres.
every Friday of each week at 7.(0 p. m iu
Miners' Union hall. F. R. McDonald, Pres.;
A J. McDonald bee.
M1NKKS VM.iN NO 31 Western Fetleratlon
of Miners—Meets ever> Wednesday cviv ng at
7:30 o'cloc in Miner's' Uuiou ball Jcs. lie-
vine, Sec jA. L. Houston, Pres
the last MiiHl.iY of esch month ut Miner*'
Iiniou hall. |. P. Batkdoll, Sec ; R. M llllaud.
Mtet the first and third Tue»duy of each
mouth at B p. m Id lit atlv's half. i.O.Hox
314 J. ti. RobiNou, pr-rsideut; Wm Com,
COnKt « WAITHRS' UNION, No 40 W I.. V.
—Meets every Saturday evenins; at 8:30 o'clock
iu Mi> ers' Uolnu hall. I' u Box 41. Paul
JofTaer, Sec.   Geo. Cuaninghain, Pres.
Fsttmule* given on all kinds Mf Brick Stone
■ nd wuod woik. 1,'iiii-ts mi' al) kinds of
dwellings a Miecin'ty. >hop in resr of corner ot
in-t ..■!    ftuu Wiinbitigtoii atreet   Rosslaud. BC
I   "luiiuuuii)
I.e.1,lint.' I.ihrary.    Laleal  Novels.
OSes (.implies, Etc.
The City Bakery
VTssulnrrton sirvat
Is Ihe spot In Und ynod   lltiiijfs 10  ea'.
at reasoiialil* prices.
Try our goods, and mako li(**eane.l
(or vour wi(e.
The American  Tuilor nnd  (ieuts'
Fiirniohinir Ilotii-e.
Sii iei!' li srdrr. Siliditiin Ciarsslst*
ils, I. Flnl Avsnul.
Co'  First Ave   aad ftpokaoe til.
lUrsjalis. in »r«uml hand  goods.    Ol*e us a  call
It will s>ay >ou.
That our Teas and CoiTera are the CHOICEST
sold in Kn -laii.l Today, when tens and * ■ • 1
fresurepUthedsoliNrd.il U nhsulutely nec-
esaaty to have an article of unusual merit.
You will find it here. 01a.ssw.irc given away
to customers.
Pacifc Tea Co.
Wiihioiton Street.
Opnoiile Hank nl Mnnlrral Ohambars,
W. BEST S81TI Ot lilt (TT IK tOIUllll.
St. Charles Hotel.
Sl.oo o Day House.
None but Union Help Employed.
W. Coluiaabii Avr., just irouaad .he BluaT,
Wholesale and 1.1 .il dealers In Paints, Oila,
Varnishes Brushes. Wall F-uish and Painters
Supplies. Contracts, token for paper hsngiug
and di-coratiug. office *nd -tore Muni. !- \
Chumbers 'slock, iR Cu.utubia are. under Dotniu-
on F.xpretu 1.011. office.
N & V. 'Phono 181.
Canadian and Kentucky
i-ourbon  WhiBKies.
Railroad snd Miners' Checks Cashed.
Harry  Mcintosh.
Ensign   Cigar   Store,
CAPT. SHAW Proprlrlor.
Corner Columbia  are., Washington si
The Alhambra.
Beer. 5o. 'oil and all 5c.
Aad 800 Lino.
imperial limited.
New Fast Daily Service.
1' 11 --I-1 Ihss Sleepers mi all Trains.
Dr. A. MI1.L0Y,
1 ''li 1 e "Vrr   list a   ol   T..renin,   Rutsland
J. C. Ileimes,
The Popular Grocer,
Corarr ar I A.cnaat aa.l Linrola am.l
Tourist Cars
, Pass Iteveleinke Daily (or St. Paui,
riiiira.il ,yn (or Montreal and HtMlou,
Tuesdays and Saturdays lor Toronto.
For rules and lull information addrell
the neareit Local Ageut, or
Cily Ticket AK-.nl, Kossland.
A-ilin-r .Went. Roialand.
W. F. AxiaKHSON. T. P. A., Nelson.
E. J. CuYiJi,  A. G. P. A., Vanouuvir.
Northern Pacific
The Dining Car Route via Yellowitoa*
Park.   HalrBl and Beit.
Equipped srl.h
Pt'.LMAS I',1 1. i  I'll.-.
Kt .a. im D.M.va C.tii,
Mut.KKN Pat Coarmr*,
I- '■■   Slbb.'.s* Cabs
.  Tim...th ii. lets tn all  plaints  in  the
United Slates and Canaala.
Steamship lickeli 10 all parti *l lh*
Ti.krli to China ind Jspan via Tir. an
and Noithrrn I'iciflt- Sieamihip Oo.
Trainsdrpart in in Sp.kanr:
No. I, WrsilH.tinal, il 9:18 p. in., dulr.
No. 2, Ki.11...inul, it  ' :.TI a. in.,  la.;,.
For ii.l.arin .in.11. liana card., ui.ii
anal iirk-ta appiy 10 lhe eimia ol tb*
S. F. AN. E. IV. Rl'KF,
Aail. R.H.Ry., I: - sa-d. H. C.
General Aarsni, Siagkaue, Wash.
An'lGin, Paiseuitsr A*,-,.'.
Dyeing and Cleaning Works.
«pr *-'t Martin Itrother*. Nrlg.in \ Fort -Hh«pptrr| lUi!stay
I eau elea* nr dve anything in Isdles' sn-1    D r\r\        nn Anrttnin Dir
[•niirmisiwrii     .ii.e   me  a  .all  and he...     ]\6U JVI 0 11 M Icll M l\ V
\inrrd. •*
The 1ate«t ttaprtfred siirhnsv snd v ■"*♦* *
sniWr sirlcruiri'trs lhe p'.aipl drtlnry o'
•II ofde*e Woik mill Imp called (nr and dcllmed
I* aav addteas
Miners' I'nion
Dining Room
Dominion Hotel.
li.... .  Direst H>ul* to Nelson,
k«* ,.  K.Kitriuay l.ak* and
r-   nn I'oinls.
i'    -v   l.v ...  lb*  year b*tsre*n S|ao
! it.l.id and Nllion.
Only Union It- If Einplayrd.
li.'Uiilnr Board, |icr week
Heals        ...
i.iavb ii.iir .-• 'i
R:l5a.m.  •   •  Spokane*   •  S:llp.m.
2:15 p.m. •   •   Norlhpairl •    12*80 pin.
•■'•'-'•>   Airirs.t.ltlp.m. Roailand Lv. II :26 a.
*-*-♦-♦•♦♦•>•>-»•)-♦♦♦ ♦ *♦ ♦♦♦•>44-t*.>
*-<v*-*-ri ii-l-lti*-i*i>l'i't»«mw
SllnI I.H si iim'I'IHE FOR IT.
On* Y*ar "•
Six Monlki
Kirst-elsss Bar in connwlion.
Mi I.KOD  A   M.-CASKII.L,  Prop..
The  Headquarters,
Cor. Wa.talBglSB at. aad ftrsl Ave.
W. D. HUSBAND Proplelor
pTN.i n.an.-e ol c*ri| hstaeen^Spnkini
snd llo'sland.
Tirksts nn .sis all ov*r th* world.
('loss iT.iinstiioai at Nelson with
steamers lor Ksilo and all Kootenay
Ilk* |. ants.
I'ss.rnfrri (nr K*ltl* river. Ilinnlary
ramp and Itnindary cresk ronn*rt at
Marcaa snd llisshurf wilh  iiifs daily.
B  W. Rirr. Afrnl,
Kas.talld.B. C.
HlATI.B A l)l*l>,  AfBI.1.,
Trill, B.C.
H. A :;*eiioat,O.P.T, A .
Spokane, Ws.it,
A.ld.s.s All (' ammumraltoai
•>♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦-♦-♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦A******
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦mmMsrH* **'
Tilt:   IliDUSTBIAL   WORLD,   IKRRfAkY   24   ISUO.
Continued From l-'imt Page.
does nol realise what a (nil day's work
mttauB. he take advantage o( il. This
is simply human mume, lor there are
very lew of us who tvnrk heuaiiso we
lovs it. If there is any great lttnoiinl
of short work going on in any mine iu
U... hI.iu'I, it iB uot tine to any orders
Irom any secret committee of miner's
union, hut is due entirely and Biilely to
lack of competent supervision of lhe
work or crude nnaihod of doing same. It
is all rot for nny oue to say that the
miners in this t'ltiip, or any other camp,
cm lie gotten to agree to do only a certain ma.unit ol work per day, for, il th
bass I.-..,. h In. Lioness, these met
would li ■ at ..ti.'.' let nut, ami there
would never he any trouble to llll their
places. When In S camp like this the
mines    are    paying   union   w«ges   and
I duly nny manager to prove that the
union i.hh ever meddled wilh his business mill sa tie, lotion i iiken hy lhe
union un ilu, contract Byate.ni he so cun-
•■idera'd. Now lliere Ib surely two parties t a it cullt'ilct. If A (eels It it is Hut
to his uncle I to tutu int a cunt out
wilh 11, hn Im u right ti leiiiin. The
slime argument applies la bualiea as
to individual!. The owner bOSO right
to lei cum tn.- H to OOtllds pnrties, und
IIS it wullld lie BguillBl Hie best interests
of Ihe union, miners Inv a a right to
|iel't<..a le tin.-,.. people   from  Inking cuaa
iruclB. This iB a lair hiisint-BB propoBi- I)l'- Reddlok hOS bt'Oll notified
lion and Ins not been overstepped by '->' lhe Kttolo hi'illlh lall'uteri, tllAl all
the union, nor I.us there been uuy  Ogi-! |MWSang«ra from Rossland will hn\ o
The Miner takes exception to nn
eastern publication warning Hio
wholesalers not to give credit to
British Columbia merohants, hut
these outsiders un, justified, for it
is from Hindi editorials aa it pub*
lislii-d on Thursday, nnd from luoh
gull'sk the evening paper pabllshes
regularly, that the eastern public
have derived their Impreislous,
ui. ion for months  in ISVnr   ol    lngi er
i to show certificates of vauolnatiou
i wii;es, itiihoggh muoksrs here arsrs I'lndnntto haveoome fromluf.oledl
ceiviug  luwer |iiy limn prevails  In any   buildings  bfl'nri,   Ihey   will   bu   nl-
coiisideiii'ile mining, ctiuap in the R acky   UUWd to hind llu-n*.
innuiitaiu region. 	
Again we ure told, "II thn, things! R0sHlnnd Ilniulv Coons left toiluy
| are Hue, nud il the contention, u! the : for Nflson, when* they pluy tonight,
I mine ownerB art, correct," Btirely a iitiiT jl'iinirrriw    lliey   Intve   Nels. u   for
them iu Ins mind beyond the pOMIOlllty | day night nt the Auditorium.
Co min
Now that it la universally acknowledged
that  my   patuitl appliances   positively
Cures Rupture
and are guaranteed lo give
working union hours, men wit', families | mkina ,„,..,  „»„„.„,„ .„,„,,, p|a-dUg I Spokane, when* tll.'V  .Mm,,tr
would   nol   tulernli.   such non-ense Iur
one minute.
id  dniilil, deserves tb* severest crn-tire
uf this cuiiiitiiiuity.
Again, il is Oisertsd, "1'ne mn t-
.ne alluaiing itiiTii-e.v,,- io he c, ll'rolled
anal misled by au element who I live l.o
poBsiltle mil ti-si iu the caiup."
If this on bo, why ulioii11 iheir actions
lines. Such articles as that only tend | ,,„ „„„„,, „, i,v ,,, overwhelming ma
to  disrupt   .he   gootl   feeling  which   1 | Jliri,y ul. asec.el bu lul?  AgU ... I duly   loved hy all who were l.vored will. h,r
."!"...""!".'.i.1",!!"!™.lm!.!ri.^llbl,,m'ri""ul» ul"ur u',l"','J •"»*• i-ooMlotenes, end will   ,.,.   sincerely
thai there  is a aecut body di.iiiiiiBtiug   mouriicd I.y all.    The Woiu.ii joins will
lhe iuih li   ur dictu nig to the owners,'the   public   in  extemling  its hesrti.lt
fur in every case ihe rcleieii lout u iphes I avitipaihy lo the  bereaved  huabtiiid  in
Miner   makes   are continually repealed I ,.„,, ,«,„,   ,0 ,|i,.uii(m
they will   simply   tend tn aggravate tha
.Tien  and  make Ihem   Irel   that   they
might as  well   have  the game as   the
name, and then,   and then only,  will
trouble come.
I will ssy, in j iRtiee lothe men nl this
camp,  I have always been al.le to get a
I think if you look   up the ptrtirs wlm
inspired the Miner's article und studiutl
llielr motive, for same, you will he very I
much surprised to   tind   that   il is lor aa j
very different   reason   than   you    iOsji-
ptiBcd  when  Ihe  Miner   penned   those!
the companies by whom they are employed ,| There can only be one end tu
such things.     II luch accusations as the ! ,
lair day's work at all times. And 1
think, taking all circumstances ami lhe
existing condition o( onr properly int..
consideration, we are driving as mam
(ret per week as «ti caultl aha II nr
were paying i > o.i ner day iustuad of
13. .ii pur day.
Hoping, sir, thaat the Muter will, in
future, look carefully iiiio the motive
and meaning ul any.lung which lhe,
print in relation lo labor and capital,
and not print such a. lend to make
trouble, I mn, vtniri trulr,
Rusilaml, Feb. 23.
Sir: 11 wis with a feeling ol the most
extreme regret thai I read in the Mine,
the article headed, "The BllUBlioo in
The report submitted hv Mr. E It.
Kirby lu the iluckholilcra .1 .-. uot
warrant any noli mi-deilaliug HAte
incuts, anal to the writer il seems clear
tbe Miner has beeu misinformed *• lu
tbe situation or his kiiowlelue ol mining ia vrry primitive. As illustrative ol
thai (art Die  writer  tells us "that il is
is liiipusuble.
An 1 my a I vice  tt lie writer nil I utiii
ajeta  would be lu culliie Iheintielvea la
del , or, at    lean,   u t   eu.i.avor   I.
shoulder on   Ihe  iinn.it aid eigiai-hout
The ilea.h on Monday, the ID h hut.
nl Mrs. IV. J. Merry*call.er, cast a
sadness over the entire c.immunity.
Mrs. Mem weinher wss one oi lhe in.m
popular   ladies  ill   Botglsod, invaiiihly
hia -.id .• lilt, inan.
law  a   (.inn   lhal   we ate  prepared
explain along em inly did rent lines.
.-UMKIIIING   Hl.iir'!>   Ill-
Mr. F. A ti.sseu siicci.mheii to the
Injuries received in his fall ul lhe
I.e I,.-., pissing quietly away on Saturday   last.     M i    i ..;s-. It's  ,-,.,,tit   is nud,-
: doubly sad Iron, Ihe fact lhal he leaves I port if directed  against  the Beat ol lhe
a   widow   am!    Iwu   young   clollr.it
DONE   scantily provided lor.   The latnily hare
the sympathy ol the entire coma.man
I invite the very worst cases ol Infants,
Cnildren snd A lulls, no mailer bow
bad inn may be atllicted.
I will pay your fare both wiyi if you
can (nice lhe II,.una duwu iu any position wilh my
Xcw Retainer on.
What Our Leading Pbysloloni Saj;
Ottawa, December 20, 18MI.
I It iv.. iit.u-li plraaure in testifying tn
.1. L. A in-l.o.ig's .ai.ilu v ii, iiie mechanical irealuiriil ol Hernia a r Kupline.
He has veiv -u.-.e-sollv treated patients
" mine reusing iu age from a few
moitlliB lo (HI teats i.l age. Musi of
tbese patients were allli led Willi very
large iiiiaiaiiug. iil-h- II, ipin, allien
(ailed to he rrlitved by all the iruiaM
tiled. The principle ul this patent appliance stents lo  la.* t'.Tii'.T.    Tlie sup<
Lansing & Newman,
Sucoeiior lo A. C. FRY.
Having purchased the A 0. Fry 8,nek nl Omoerias, Etc., we w'sh to anil...luce lo our uiHtiv (ri.-tuls, as well as those of Mr. Fry's, that we are verv
argely increasing aaur .link, ataad Irom III in time forth will carry a much
witler variety of gtatads than lhe old la, in. Iu fact ymi will ha able to obtain
all siitpli. und lancy groceries Irom ns The uiil.llo will tiuittkly discover that
aaur priuea are what they ihuu d he, and auiislaciinu t.. absolutely guaranteed.
V. & N. Telephone 7.       No. 39 Columbia Avenue.
McGonigle & Co.
Spokane street Grocers.
Miners' supplies, Fruits, Cigars and Tol>aecos, staple
and Fancy On oeries. Etc:
Orders Solicit»d
And Dclivirid
With  Mr. J.C.Murpl.) I .i uar iumu' 'u ihr.r great 1ms,
Saleij- Money U liters lite0*n*e.
Whal uuy become an important in liter, il nut alleuded in, ha --.....„ i,-.
lu mir Blteniluii in the case id M . J. 0.
M irphy, who lot- lavcime aueulally tin-
lialunced uu Ihe money tlilaj ct. He
Ubb been a resident ol i; . ...„.:
mure lhal. iwu years, coming lo Hub
city in ii loittu place in the Stales, aiui
prior lo Ida derangement was a haid-
wtirking, wealthy i-ui/.-ii. but unite.Iiit.g
about a year ago he became insane With
Ibe idea Ibal he li.i.l iiiuiley Willi inter
ell iu the binks, and lhal il « .. o.tiu
in -pi ii .in him hy ibe ttty auiliiiiilP-B,
especially Mayor liuadive ..ml tbeciorl
ul pullce, I ..■ case Wib prroep ed lu
bu wotihip, the mayor, s .m.. i.x
mouths' ago, l.ui he relu-ed to do o,
advise anything  hi the  matter, uu ess
SI, fiforge's C.aurch, on Esrl and
Kaoieiaay Blierls. Srivne* at S:;.. a in
ll a.m.   and   7:30 pan.   Sunday Silool
lai SiS0p,m.
The  Meihtaallsl Church,  Washing.on
Btreel, laenrtie II. Monti n, Pastor,   Scr.
vncs si  11 a in. i.i.l 7 ::it. p.m.   Sabbat
School and IlibirClaalal 2:3U p.m.   I    .
woilla LeaguaaAjl O.K., \|.,a.,Uy ai S p     .
.upline only, bi d nan I.e an ampul in il lu
retain sceurately, 1 inibeBi.rt.iugiy rrv<
omiii.Tiil Mr. A mslru. g lu Hit-tonst-l
riaiiuu . i tlie pru .--ion aid Hit- i ui I c
tbe in.i.eis  would guarantee to help do
an open secret that the management ol. Uty lU(, ,X(M.nM 0, ,BuJl„g »,,,, ,u«„
the principle mines in this camp believe
that nol only hai work beeu scamped,
but that Ihe mrn nave knowingly an I
willully (ailed lu perfurm lhal Iur wbacti
they »aie paid, ami which Ihereloie
wai natural,' expected from theut. ]
Surely the. lacla do uot   warraut   inch
When a carelnt memnrandnm ■••     .
every movement, even tu the minute,11
detail, Ib credited  lor or against hint,
lor instance in a   raise, fanning on ibill -
he un.I- in- machine let up.   lie Harts I
work, and iu a lew minutes the boos   ,
apposri  anal  gives   him   instructions '
This il rrpritiil  . a vcral limn a al iy
Taa AU W'anna 1: Mar Colleen :
Ymi are hrrelay required lo lake nol ice,
ami you are bar,by warned. that Ilie
rules prrscriiied by srcliun 6.1 ol the
regulations ol Ihe Provincial II >ard a I
11-sin, re aiuillp.il are iu dree alibi,>
Ihe limits ol 'he cily ol II a--l.ua I. the
BOUSsTbl bouudary liue and" turu him I "a"> bjtn« * l,"»'«h '••it'*«t. A- •!• Unci
Hknhv P. Wbiiiiit, M.D.,
1112 Elgin S reel.
Ouawa, December is, lssn.
I J. L. Armslrong, 1'.« i., Ottawa:
Dear Sir: lo my practice I necessarily
| ii... i as in aa. lasts.ant 11el uia air Utip*
nire.    ihiriug lhe paai nineties   Veals 1
h ve I ad occasion In use it in.-, aid man,
' p Ue.n , With the u.u I retails I .....Pro
.   ui lael, ami a priug  .russes, n, v.-i
n»Blislaitoil.     C ..il  I   ret".......'.. l."i
I your   pale.it    OppllBli •**   it jo led    la)
yi.tirit-li,all i '.,•■ h -.. Utile butler .1.,..
i ttsilas-.    I Vaaltii.lA'.ly   racoiiHtii-nd  sail
: line rill.lied » til. Hell.la lu apply lo yut
nt aalii-i , at,,., I la.Ve no doailil lb il   a Vray
lolclllal-til    pi.,.<■'.an,   as   he   Wcuin,**
ss.it' 1.1 yuan . I.iltl)   ti uire   in, tutr,
will  ghdiy   lit'-.iii ii.end   Vol,   In   hie pa*
11,'UlB.       '    A. A. Ha.\|iK<t«aa\', M  l>.
SH Allien Slaeel.
Raymond Sewing Machines
It.-sl  ou   the   Mnket   ami   all   Litest   Improvements.        Easy   Running
Drop Bead,      Oannnl lie Real In Price and Qtallly.
PRICF. 540.00
Taylor & McQuarri©,
is i'o'ittii'ia Avenue, RuBSland, ll ll. Bale Alenti.
I lu luch rrgtililiuns,
[ lion ol lhe inhahtin
' ol K.inmnd is herubr • r.l -red.
loow on the other sidr-a ... ..i iiuu.au* !,u "•"• "■"""■"■i * general v,ecina-
.ml    pr.itewuriliy   act,   rarely.     IVis   l",n ul Hie iith.bti.nls ol the laid cilj
,....p .-I'.l'iii   wai    le.. ioiiipn.-.l wnh and
R. R ..in. k, M.D.,
M.-.ii .1 Health Offiter.
Washington street, Risalaod, It. U.
Dr. K dtln k will be at hn ..Ha -e I.e
t.a.n Ibe ini.ns uf 1 and 3 p.m. ind
7 and H p. in. daily, lor Hie vaocin itlon
mm linn lie baa l.o m ...■■>. i.-n oecuiuca
. angry aud nisi its Ibal  be uot only has
linking his  i.i.bI   round MM hall ho.n ,„ (|l))  ^^ X)M ^ .,„ ,„,
'Joetll before hi, gives up.
II il is lhe .liny ol a city lo care lot
number ol holes aud enters litem lo bis
credit. The next ihilt arrives and lhe
lime course is pursued.
Shift three pulls down the machine
and does Ibe shooting. Oa* man gura
tor powder, which is cl.argeal tin lo the
raise in which he wurki, while his partner makes  preparations   lor   hlasliug.
Ilie .ll.H I   was tl Hipped tin at- .       M       Mil-
phy has been nerltcily haru.leaa up lu
lite present,'auly making sonic Pal ol
a public nuisance by i sia'nu m talking
over Ins ii .a .,- i.e i aitii'ii'ii
i..a.i> Inmi whom he could gain a bearing, until now  It il   gem tg lo ne soma -
thing  mure than a nui-aucc.    He uo Jul all no ar persons al the expeuse of ibe
longer tskes il  kindly il his bearers ail- j local board.
Ditrdihii thirddar ol Fehiuiry, 19J0.
Cliaiiuian Lsaal lliard.
A. A. M.iixRszis.
Joii\ Dew.
I'iiab. 'l. Ham.i.tom,
Jo.i-r S. C..UTB.
ita reiideuli iu tbli condition, ai w*
have aea-nli to believe, the proper au-
i liiiiilii-s should I '..k alter this case with
out Itiriiier delay; or, It till no,, ihen
soineoi.e wi.o-e duly it Is to Ii mp.iriinly
atlaini   to   SOSh   mallei-    ahould   lake
IWll.bir  |5,  I-VI.
I have in trh pleasure in r. commeiid-
.i.g to lhe a.ten.ion   ul  ll.e pn lessloh a
llaarnl*supporter, thetnwmlon ul J. I..
Armstrong id ltdicliy.   Ann rep. siei.
.rials uf .he .ns.ruuaeiat, I am >» i-ln-.i
that il is Ihe imaBI rtlieirnl truss in .be
1) am..lion. As regarals mode ad application and results, it si.,, .is alone in tt.is
miintrv, rlialsadyiaag ihe principle «>l
i\ -a s'tpp-.,,, ae.i nny preasure iu the
lir.linenl ul lieui'". i.-iogininig salt
• l..e. ibal .he r>quote pleasure ir
eft aided hv.be wail ol lhe abdomen,
Yours ituly,     C. It CHURCH, M D.
The best Ulile liunnl lo hi* hud in
Kiasalaiid is lu he got ul the Husru'll
hotel.   Everything in llrst class in Uussel, wile oi ■
every reepeot    l'ro,ii|tl nuti alien-   *'*'■• "I iwu men
.    charge ul .Ins mil. I'll he cau lie n aced   tivo survive.
Th. rurind  I. charged   and   exph-ied.. lomew||,rB w|l„, „,  „,lv receive car.
One ball hour Is cnmumid in walling  Mi|   ^^.^   ,u,llllun.    r„„,   „   „„    -    - . 	
tor Ih. smoke to clear, when sn examin-  ^        |io- ,       H „,„„ ,„ „,„ comlilioD
atinn is made.    Al a rule several In.l.a
have not broke iNillom and others have
in.' exploded, necessitating a reloading
OOd Ining. Tins may have In lie rspOStod
leveral liuiel. Ill the lliellllline the leil.
llll made h.i  uiual  roiunls and llnallv
ni.iv iitii nn li .iiii.i--a. ur al whal in.
unlit and it. what place be may hecume
violent. Tb* s.i-i way la sIwbVi ibe
heal, and lor lhe public safety ibis
alll.ctt.l man should be looked liter
will..nil ■ It lav,  otherwise   It* is liable to
•sks .(ueltiom   ss  to how  many times   ^^ „„,„,„,„„„,, „*,  ,,,„„ ,„„0.
yuu   have   shut   and  how  lung   .1 ha.   ^ „ . ,„ , l„ ,., , „f., *„ |„j„„.
taken Ihe smnke to clear.    I. eh lime,
thus ple.ing his report.   If machine
be  broken,  hose  hurst,   lepaira   made,
limiie s  knocked  out ur broken,  it  Is
entered  lo   his   discredit,    '('.ese statements can be easily Verified, and surely
il scamping ia done lhe boss  know,  t  .
His position di pi nd. .-ii   the  Bill.nun  ill
work done on Ills shift, lor lhe superintendent is keeping case, on him. Hence,
il   scamping   he   dulie,    the   boss   anal
"supei" are panic, I., it.
Again, we arc Inform td, "in the U'rr
Und camp Inlay ll i- ii'serieal, i 1..inlay  the  management   ol   the   dafl rem
properties,  luit   hy the working miner-
themselves   that the work  tit  develops
inent, which Is being dun*, in the dill-a
enl properties, is directed, not Ir. in lhe
nlbce ol the management  nl tin- mines.
bul from a secret eoaoell ul the wnrking
miners, and Hist lhe orders issued there
Iron, Are intended so as to hamper nnd
delsat the intenti nn ol the owners, thai
Ihev aril' b   ' "• ■' ■.' '     >.',- to 1
MINE Silt'I  I. r\    .
I es.eal Work Mn All«|rd  to.    ant ol lhe
Hour Law.
QbISSwOOD, B. Ci Pol - I      lirst
bin mining  eompflpy in   this ilisiintt tO I
close on account .1 the  eigh'-'-nr law
was the Dominion Copper Company,
Which paid ■ ll and discharged ils lOltM
nl thiriyflve men, last Sunday, and
crated operations.
1 have lh* privilege ol referring van
lu several of the tnosl reliable ia lies
cured by my appliance!, inclinling Ihe
wile ol a proutinenl minister ol the
prominent lawyer,
tan.I in I mlirrs. in
eluding a LADY US YEARS OLD. and
oioihei of on. of nor moil pr.uniiieiii
ineti lianis. These ladles hive not wurn
inv siippoai iroia one to four yean, and
mult uf the... three yean,
G. W. McBride
Hardware  Miners' Supplies Staves an 1
K irges, Etc.. Etc.
Teslimoniils (which fill loo much
■pare) to the ellicncynl my appliauc.s,
aliove all others, Irom Ihe loilowitig rr-
-p-ftai.le res.dents ul Vicloria, B.C.,
L, Cnodarre, E q., Queen's Market,
purveyor lo II. M.'s Navy, corner llov-
erniii. nl ind Johnson Streets; K. 11 m.-
(riv, Es.| , Oi K., 3 Quebec hi reel; J. C.
Klluilt, .-Yi'tclaiy ll .ard ul lit.- I aa. 1,-r-
wrilars; II. Mausell, K-,|,, m.ichant,
U8 iiovi'iniii.Tii Streei i J, tliacombe,
miner, Kon Sire--..
IMM : i )) ' I HI (J BEDUOTIOJra l^
Mens Furnishing,
Crescent Dry Goods §
I Fill 1)8 at tie Alii iB
MARCH 15.16 •& 17
International Music Hall.
And dnri-v week (Suaaal i ix'ri i      M.'it.ee. Bator-toy a* 2:30.
S.reiaglhei, d in ll,    Y  i,lag ami ll.aintl.il I'.iini llnnna Soprauo,
And Hie l)p-riiiieC"it.rdisaa "I a II git Order,
Together with sll the   Fsvoriies,  iu the  II autlful  Stury, in Two Acts
(with a l.e-a .11 to Al'.l K'iiiiie.1,
New and Brilliant Scenic UK-Ota
Cus.llanes.  II dints. EtO.
The   following   are   Ilia   miners    re-
purled on the slok llsi Friday evsnioi, Subscription $2.00 per Year,
Hehr.uiy 2.1:   John M. Pliers.-.., I'l.arl—
w, Johnsun, John Hsneon, Allien Q,
Kru-.fr, Charles Made, 0, .1. Young.
,1  c   >l   ...-e
Simpson and Jones
4   Toierati'lM S.notr   nf''s.in..a|s,   -1-I",VH <1',   T I'ld USO   ft Fllll  LlUB
i ' '.ilil'iirniii.
u. n.,|ii.t.


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